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December 24th, 2020 • 4h 13m

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Adam: Got a box that took off the Truckee for you?
Unknown: Adam Curry,
John Dvorak, December
24 2020 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 13 106 This
is no agenda and
Adam: broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capitol of the drone star staying in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and from Northern Silicon Valley where we're into year two of COVID. And where's the crackin? And Jessie devorah
Adam: Oh, forget COVID in the crackin we got a Brexit situation going
John: down. Good. Take it
Adam: deal is done. And we have no idea. exactly what's in the deal.
John: I'm sorry. You're cracking me up.
Unknown: Yes.
Adam: I watched some of the live announcement this morning. And, and man a lot comes to mind here. But the devil will be in the details. Boris is running around like he's got like his. It's a peacock strutting his stuff. Oh, yes, we've got it done. And the first thing I read in like the first release notes is well, at least for the next five years, fish will be safe in North Sea. So this is you know exactly what's going on here. I think the EU somehow put the squeeze on Boris. And this happened in between shows. So I'm just surmising stuff that has happened in the past week. They had this very contagious new variant all of a sudden, still not captured, proven. I mean, it's very iffy as to what that is. Everyone's talking about
Unknown: me cold.
Adam: And right away. The EU locked down the UK, I thought on the eve of the Brexit negotiations ending, this had to be some kind of pressure tactic. Oh, really? You don't you want to see what it's like when when we're not friends? Watch this bitch. And they just shut it down. You could see the trucks from space. That's how many trucks were lined up trying to get across the, the channel. And then all of a sudden, it's like, Well, okay, we're gonna ease it up a little bit two days later. And then Brexit announced, tell me that's that's a coincidence. Am I just? I think not. I don't think so either.
John: It's too much of a tumor too weird of a coincidence now. Anyway, and this and this phony baloney second strand of COVID, which is the common cold.
Adam: It's a very variants, my friend. It's a variant.
John: A variant? Yeah, that's what the common cold is I
Adam: have. I have a couple of clips regarding the variants, because I think this pet seeing is how well it worked in the UK. might as well use it on the rest of the slaves of gitmo-nation. This might be a good little tool. Just tell people there's a new variant that's much more contagious and
John: be afraid to come in cold is much more contagious.
Unknown: This variant of the virus is stoking some alarm with some countries temporarily blocking travel from the UK. But so far, experts are saying it's no more lethal or transmissible than the current strain.
Adam: This is ABC World News tonight.
Unknown: So what do we need to know?
Yeah, I mean, on such a day of such optimism with the vaccine, now we're dealing with this new variant, and there is some cause for concern. And I'll give some reasons why scientists are sort of concerned about this, this particular one, this version is replacing rapidly other versions of the virus. And we've seen this rapid increase in cases in some regions of England. This variant has mutations actually 17 mutations with 70 of variants that we've seen historically. And they wait a minute
Adam: isn't a mutation, a variant? I don't understand now. Now, this variant has seven mutations of its own. That doesn't sound that sounds weird is just gobbledygook. Well, they they're really pushing a john really pushing the shit
Unknown: on the part of the viruses spike protein that is entered that use that is used for entry into the cells. So these mutations potentially are creating increased transmissibility of the virus. But there's some important caveats. One, we see variants like this emerge all the time. And the data is very early. And so it could be biased with the fact that we saw increased mobility and travel. And so maybe we're just seeing artifacts of data. And there's really no evidence that this virus is more lethal.
Adam: Okay, so this is no evidence yet. It was used in the UK and everyone got freaked out. I'm gonna go back and forth between ABC and CBS for a moment to show you some differences or similarities. That's ABC. Now we have CBS with Michael osterholm. This is the guy who I think is responsible for freaking a lot of people out early on in March, when I was on Joe Rogan show He came on right after me. And he was the guy saying it's going to be two and a half million dead. This is horrible. You have no idea what's going on and he was rewarded. He is now in the Coronavirus team for the president apparent here is talking about to this new strain. It's It's It's not just in the UK.
Unknown: I do want to ask you about this new strain of the Coronavirus
being identified in both the UK and South Africa. What does it mean for us here in the United States?
Well, first of all, let me just say that I don't speak for the Biden Harris transition team. These are my own professional. Okay, I'm very concerned about this. I think that it does represent a real challenge to us globally. And that this particular variant, which is very different than any of the previous variants we've seen,
Adam: how can we didn't hear the previous varies, we were saying hey, it looks like
John: there's a bunch of things about this guy one is just got the vote. He's got an incredible voice of authority. Oh, yeah, he's got the right tone. He doesn't stammer he's not all excited. Now he's just got a beautiful voice of authority this guy could do some damage.
Adam: This is why I like when he starts off by saying just so you know, I don't speak for the Biden Harris transition team.
John: Hold on, hold on.
Unknown: Gentlemen. Here we go. 4567
John: Same, same old same old going at moderate speed
Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Zephyr report report whereas seven is the new normal it used to be eight but we know in the mail wagon is no longer attached. Please alert the guys at Squawk Box CNBC we have a stable economy. We're running forward into the new year Bitcoin $23,212. Oh, my God. Bitcoin has kind of benefited, you might have noticed
John: a bit
Unknown: twist kicking ass, could very well substantially increase transmission of this virus. And for the fact of how the vaccines and others may protect us is really unclear at this point.
I find that interesting, because a lot of people are asking this morning, we've said that this virus is potentially 70% more contagious. What
does that actually mean? How does a virus become more contagious? Well, what
happens is a heart attack.
wasn't that good?
How does it happen? How does it work?
What does that actually mean? How does a virus become more contagious? Well, what
happens is in part, the virus actually may grow to a much higher level and an individual's throat and respiratory tract. And there's actually data from England supporting that, that the infected with this strain actually have more virus, which then might very well make them more infectious. If that's all you have to do is increase, even marginally the number of people that any one individual infects, and then you have potentially very rapid growth of the virus in the community that wouldn't have happened otherwise. And that I think, is what's actually being seen right now in England.
I'm gonna give you the whole load, baby, the
Adam: new variant gonna give you the whole load. Let's go back to ABC to dr. john Brownstein. And let's see if there's going to be a problem with the vaccines.
Unknown: I think the question on everyone's mind, you mentioned the good news about the vaccine. So could this impact the efficacy of the vaccines that have now been deployed in any way?
So so far, scientists don't believe so. We think that it takes years for these mutations to build up in a way that they would have an impact on the vaccine. Unlike monoclonal antibodies, vaccines make actually what we call polyclonal antibody response and that means that there are multiple ways that the vaccine can protect you. So a few mutations of the virus will not impact the the ability for the vaccine to prevent you from getting severe COVID disease. The bigger concern is around what we call antigenic drift and this is the
Adam: time this is what to hold on a second what do you call that anthropogenic antigenic drift? eautiful? Can I do that in my sports car?
John: And you put that down? Is it possible
Adam: Showtime Anto genic who said he said anti antigenic drift antigenic drift. This is awesome word. And I said it and I mean it. We can use this. You can pick up chicks with this word. The bigger concern is around what we call antigenic drift, but not with that voice. And this is the change in the virus over time.
Unknown: This is what the flu viruses undergo, which means that we need a new flu virus vaccine every year. And so what we're thinking more is the long term needs of vaccines and how we may need to change this vaccine over time. But their concern immediately over the existing vaccines are just not there. And we should be proceeding as we have been thinking that we're going to really have an impact on this virus with mass vaccinations over the coming months.
Adam: Right. So then you go over to CNN and Sanjay Gupta has a whole produced piece explaining kind of but he leaves A lot open again, I feel this variant or new variants or whatever they want to do is going to be used in the future against us to keep us locked down and I think to get a vaccine every year.
Unknown: mutation is a word that conjures up all kinds of images, radioactive waste, viruses, they're generally not pleasant. But the truth is, mutations aren't always dangerous. For viruses, they're actually pretty mundane. Usually, we have genetic material DNA in all of ourselves. As cells multiply and DNA gets copied, mistakes get made. In fact, your DNA mutates all the time, and you almost never notice. But sometimes those changes do matter. They can be good changes linked, for example, to lower risk of diabetes, or they can be harmful. For example, the mutations that can cause cancer, viruses mutate as well, especially those with genetic material made of RNA. RNA is one strand instead of two strands, and it mutates even more easily than DNA does. Usually, these mutations are neutral or even harmful to the virus, possibly making it less lethal. But this also explains why there's a new flu vaccine every year, flu viruses constantly change. And these changes can eventually make the virus unrecognizable to the immune system, meaning the antibodies we had from last year's flu shot, no longer really protect us. The novel Coronavirus has mutated in a way that affects it spike protein, that's a protein that allows it to enter human cells. And while this mutation may make it spread more easily from person to person, it doesn't seem to make people any sicker.
Adam: Okay, there you go. We might need a new vaccine just like the flu vaccine. But don't worry, it doesn't really seem like it makes anybody sicker. But you know what, if you have a city that needs bailing out, excuse me, if you have a stimulus relief bill on the table, possibly coming through which benefits your town your city, you know, you might just want to say this variant is here and good to go. Tonight bruisin locking down again, with more than 40 countries banning travel to and from the UK.
Unknown: This after a new potentially more contagious mutation of the virus was confirmed and is spreading rapidly.
As soon as we were briefed in in UK government on the the fast transmissibility of this new strain, we took prompt
and decisive action. What has people alarmed is how infectious this version may be. Early estimates indicate that it could be as much as 70% more contagious than who also seeing an increase in the infection rate. But scientists around the world aren't convinced yet saying more studies needed the head of operation warp speed, saying they're now awaiting more evidence. I think scientifically to date, there is no hard evidence that this virus is actually more transmissible despite dozens of countries banning flights from the UK planes are still coming into the US without government restrictions.
The authorities say they haven't found the strain here yet.
Adam: I believe intuitively it's already here. There you go. This will be used against the city of New York. New strain new variants careful stay home until we have some money. Yeah, everything is a
John: certain way I see it. There's three things going on. Okay. One you've got the ABC CBS thing we show the comparison. You see one network getting more money. Yes.
Adam: Yeah, whatever. Yep.
John: So there's there's a bad vibe involved?
Unknown: Definitely
John: trying there's normalized ad bias between the two networks. The other one is there have been a lot of articles before that been going on for about a month discussing the possibility of needing a shot a year. Yes. Because that's his money in the bank. Because he flew guys What did they do they make all the money we can have more expensive product and make it harder just aren't the
Adam: flu guys the same as the COVID guys it's the same guys So
John: guys, it's kind of I think they branched off into just specialists they just
Adam: Oh, it's actual flu guys now call the flu guys.
John: Yeah, they call the flu guys and they also will clean your chimney
Adam: for an extra fee.
John: And the other one is I think that there's there's an element of the vaccine doesn't work. In this report, that is in other words, you get the shot you get the shot, you get the vet you get do you end up getting COVID No, no, no, you got the variant.
Adam: Yeah, that's a good one. Oh, no, man, you got the variance. Sorry.
John: And back to square one to be just a backstop for, for if it fails active vaccine. Oh, it must. Wow. Okay. Now pretty good trick. It's another once you give people a shot, that's useless. Yeah. And then when they get to COVID, which is probably still low opportunity for getting it as low, especially at the end of the cycle here, there's nothing going around except for these tests. Tests indicate a lot of stuff. That's bullcrap. And so you get into getting COVID. After the vaccine, you need some they need to tell you something. Why did I spend all this Why did you watch it? Yeah.
Adam: There was there was something that a lot of our producers caught in the last show just regarding the vaccine that we need to ask questions about this was the Fauci clip with the kids where he's talking about Santa Claus. And then he went and he vaccinated them that he vaccinated Santa. But there was something he said here, which both of us missed because, you know, we were so incensed by this a whole
Unknown: line.
How did Santa
get the vaccine? And is
it safe for him to go? South? She's
Adam: answer I'm just playing this for context.
Unknown: isn't me and Coronavirus a season. But if he can go to anyone's house or near Israel, India?
Well, I have to say I took care of that for you because I was worried that you'd all be upset. So what I hit a little while ago, I took a trip up there to the North Pole. I went there and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself, I measured his level of immunity.
Adam: Right there. What's this? I measured his level of immunity. I have not heard this
John: good catch by whoever caught it,
Adam: and multiple producers, whatever was catchable and and can you give someone a vaccine fictional or not? And then I can't believe we're actually discussing this. And then check their immunity right away. Is that a thing? He's lying to children? He's lying. Lying is
John: just a lie. Well, he's lying anyway, because he never gave Santa shot, right? So just ignore that and assume he gave somebody a shot. Some real person has shot that was outside of the North Pole. Somebody who lived in the United States and maybe was a nurse, gave her a shot and then checked her level of immunity.
Adam: But how do you do that? I've
John: never heard of this bullcrap.
Adam: Okay, thank you. I'm just wanting to make sure it's concerning that Fauci would throw that out there. Maybe
John: you know what, maybe somebody does some studies early on, and as the more sore your arm is, the more painful the shot is, the more your immunity is going on. There was some guy who was getting a shot on one of these shows and he actually said that they are they said, he said all my they were discussing it the guy I got my shot this morning, the guy says, Well, how do you feel? He says, Well, my arms really sore. And the other guy, or he said one of them said, Oh, that means it's working.
Adam: The pain means is this the the severe pain means it's working. There are bad science
The science is in. vaccine is working when it hurts like crap. Well, it finally happened. We we reach stage five here in Austin, Texas. And now in California, we'd be locked down and you'd be you'd be just they'd be welding the door. Shane's welding the door shut. Now Abbott, our governor has said I'm not going to lock down the state come hell or high water. Adler our mayor has an obvious problem. He needs to virtue signal he needs to show that he's concerned. He needs to say something but not too much. Because you know, he's kind of on the ropes with his timeshare visiting Cabo where family timeshare, where he was telling everyone to shut up and stay indoors. Here's a quick report.
Unknown: hexus just reported a record high number of new Coronavirus, infections,
Adam: infections, nut cases now it's infections
Unknown: and we have reached the highest local risk level
stage five hospitalizations are spiking and Christmas spiking days away. Enhanced restrictions are recommended.
Recommended. Aha, you see, here's where it gets interesting. In the Austin Travis County area. Here's
what that means. businesses including restaurants are advised to move to a curbside pickup and delivery. Do
Adam: you see what's happening here advice, they're being asked to do something there is no mandate. He can't do it only model
John: and that's kind of what it is around here too. I disagree.
Adam: They're not telling rest. They're not giving restaurants citations. If they stay open, and the restaurants every smile I need to play the report. They're all saying yeah We'll be extra careful. They're not going to close down. They're not doing it anymore. They're not going to be destroyed this, this Christmas.
John: No, I'm just saying that's the same as the same part. That's the part that's the same as it is here is if you really look into it, these are all advisories. The fact that they shut down the restaurant is different.
Adam: But is the restaurant shut down? Is that mandatory? I thought that was mandatory in California.
John: The only thing that's mandatory is you can't have indoor dining,
Adam: right? So so they have not done any of that here. You can have it they say please do
John: it. Apparently a bunch of scofflaws. They're in Texas. There's they're risking the health as a public.
Adam: The public is okay.
John: In fact, Florida is the same way they've done nothing I've talked to Horowitz about this. They've done nothing. Everything's not wide open go to the beach. The beaches are open and
Adam: how does he feel about it?
John: Well, he's is he think it's nice? He has mixed feelings about it because he's really turned into a kind of a liberal Oh, man,
Adam: you're gonna do that again on the show at the end of the year. He's gonna kick you off that deal. It's just gonna be it's gonna be unplugged.
John: I'm gonna tell you what I'm going to let share and his sister make the final determination. But his politics are.
Adam: I pulled the clip, a classic clip from almost 10 months ago. I think this was yours. Just to remind you what we're headed into. And, and it's, it's a tad bit frustrating, where we called so many things happening and saw them so early from the PCR, which is not a test. The cycle count stayed on that for a long time. The death count remits. Oh my God, I've got a couple of the tick tock doctors on that one. But one thing we said very early on is get ready for it. Because this is where we're headed. We're going into a different place, which is a new normal,
Unknown: a new normal, normal,
the new normal,
a new normal, a new normal, embrace the new normal, the new normal,
the new normal, the new normal, the new normal, this new normal is going to look very, very different. not normal, but a new normal, the
new normal,
normal, there will be a new normal,
a new normal, new normal, a new normal, the new normal, our new normal,
this is the new normal,
this is our new normal,
our new normal, a new normal, our new normal, new normal, the new normal,
our new normal,
we will transition into the new normal, this
will be the new normal until the vaccine is developed.
Adam: And we have the vaccine and your new normal is about to show up. That's exactly what they promised us until the vaccine then we get the real new normal. And that's what it's going to be it's going to be freedom passes. It's going to be all kinds of groups pass.
Unknown: Oh yeah. Oh,
Adam: no. I have I have freedom pass stuff. Oh, yeah. Oh, it's it's coming baby.
Unknown: Oh man.
Adam: This is NBC News. With an update on that. Well, I think they call it the health pass. Don't worry. Freedom passes a better name
Unknown: proving you've been vaccinated will be vital and tech companies are designing ways to show it can test more than
with vaccines on the horizon. new health apps are springing to life. IBM and cloud apps are springing to life. Here. The tech company known for expediting security screenings at airports are both creating new apps to take in real time vaccination information, they could eventually be used for admission to concerts and live sports. So here's how it works. The app gives you a health path to show before you go into big stadiums like that to streamline the process to make it safer and faster for you to get to your seats. It'll flash green if your health information meets requirements, the stadium or venue would not see your personal health data. Everything is opt
in and you control your information.
But how much information will clear have even though the stadium may only see the green to secure identity platform,
we don't hold your health data, the LA
Adam: football club. Notice how notice how they chopped up what must have been a 20 minute interview into the most important things. Hey, listen, as you're making this report, I just want you to cut it up just also we need to have from her if she says we don't have your data, your data safe. That's I just it's the obligatory part in the report. Make it seven seconds at me only see the green to secure identity platform.
Unknown: We don't hold your health data. The LA Football
Club, a major job per team says health pass is part of their reopening plan next year. How much do you need technology like this to be able to fill these seats again,
it's going to be a must. It's an expectation of government officials that ultimately will decide when and how we can bring fans back. We also want to know that when we get up to go to a concession stand when we walk into the team store that the officer
Adam: noticed that he's saying whenever you spend money of us, we want to make sure that you're safe doing it. We want to to come back and do it again,
Unknown: when and how we can bring fans back. We also want to know that when we get up to go to a concession stand that we walk into the team store. The other people that came through the gates and are here with us are also safe.
For live events. Ticketmaster is exploring several options including a smartphone verification system for vaccination status and negative tests. The Australian Government has also said it may require proof of vaccination in the future for entry into the country. A glimpse into a vaccinated future and a new normal NBC.
Adam: We are at a new normal, the new normal baby we are in a technology pharma controlled biosecurity state. And you'll have to learn to live with it your new normal. Now, if you are on the wrong side of things, we may have to punish you with the new normal. This is Anna Navarro.
Unknown: There's something that really gets stuck I think at micron other people's people who have been enabling Donald Trump downplaying the Koch COVID virus, calling it a hoax, who have attended, spoken at encouraged, promoted and participated in so many of his reckless rallies where people have been packed like sardines, and have spoken at these rallies, knowing people are there maskless, who have attended super spreader events at the White House. I've seen, you know, so many people get infected with COVID at them. And then and then after they've been selfish, after they've been reckless after then they've been survival to Donald Trump, then they get to the line and go in front of people who are in nursing homes, and go in front of people who've been risking their lives for 10 months.
John: bigoted creep, That woman is
Adam: supported Donald Trump, no vaccine for you, we're gonna kill you. And that goes pretty much unchallenged.
John: Course now I was just gonna challenge you. I
Adam: love it. I love it. It's really good. This is a fun time to be a podcaster. It's just beautiful. This is, oh, yeah, this was a good one. And we have a real problem. We need to get 300 million people to take this vaccine. And there's some apprehension, most notably amongst our black community, it's a community people go find the zip code, let me know where it is. And they have good reason from the Tuskegee experiments. And this needs to be addressed stuff it needed to be there's a lot of stuff, but this needed to be addressed. So we roll out the Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, and he's, of course, he's a member of the black community. So he's the one to convey the message, and he does a great job.
Unknown: People talk about Tuskegee all the time. But a lot of people don't know what happened in 1932, black men who had syphilis were recruited into a government study and told they would be treated for their syphilis. Unfortunately, there was never an intent to treat these men it was intended to follow them. But what's really horrific is that 15 years into that study, they actually came up with a treatment for syphilis and effective treatment. And it was not given to these men. And this study went on for 40 years. And what people don't know is the Office of the Surgeon General, actually oversaw that study the United States Public Health Service. So every day I walk into my office, I walk past a wall of men who actually did this to people like me. And I'm sorry, it makes me a little bit emotional when I when I talk about this, but this is something that we have to acknowledge. We have to acknowledge that this has happened to people and that mistrust comes from a historical place.
Adam: I don't know if that really helped any
John: helped at all, but yours, there is a twist that they could employ if they had some sense. Okay. Which is that the thing that happened in Tuskegee, Tuskegee, which is what he mentioned, is that the is that the treatment was withheld?
Adam: Yes.
John: They weren't. They weren't experimented on like Dr. Mango.
Adam: They had zero treatment. They were told they
John: were given no treatment. So the way to play it is that Oh, it looks do we don't want to give the black community the vaccine. We want to withhold it. We want to withhold it once again. And they would demand the vaccine and they would all take it
Adam: I once I have the zip code or the area, the area zip code of the black community. I'll send you there and is it black?
Unknown: in Oakland?
Adam: No. This is white as hell these days. What are you talking about? No community in Oakland anymore. way past
John: 35th Avenue. It's all black. And it's called the black community is a sign
Adam: So the Chinese Communist Party, I mean, the world health organization that has decided to use Tick Tock a fine Chinese platform to deploy the TIC Tock doctors we've spoken about it before Newsday, Australia. I guess that's the, the the Murdoch station. There's some disdain for China in general in Australia. Did I yeah, did quite a piece on these Tick Tock doctors.
Unknown: Explaining how a vaccine works isn't easy. So these tech talking scientists have got creative, got to come.
Adam: Dancing, obviously,
Unknown: questions to allay vaccine concerns and promote confidence. That part of Team Halo, an international group of experts put together by the UN, and they've generated more than 20 million views on Tick Tock.
We've been working almost exclusively on making a comeback.
Adam: Do you think that they're popular and they've generated more than 20 million views? Or do you think the Chinese algorithm has been generating 20 million views by forcing it in front of people don't worry. In China,
John: you know, it doesn't take much more than a couple of blinks and you get 20 million. Right? But
Adam: this is the US version.
John: It's probably an algo
Adam: us and worldviews. It's an algo and it's pushing it in front of everybody,
John: as us and world is. Yeah, believe me wouldn't take much
Unknown: un and they've generated more than 20 million views By
Adam: the way, that's what Tick Tock success is. Tick Tock algo is its success it whether it's manual or not, they they pick the hits the ones that are great, and they just throw them at everybody. It's it's a very it's a very sticky algo
Unknown: on Tiktok
tear we've been working almost exclusively on making a COVID-19 vaccine manual.
Adam: Pick one of these out This is Dr. Cat we've played some of her stuff before very irritating woman from Team Halo. She's got the the big, exaggerated glasses. I think that you know read sometimes they're white, so you really know that's the crazy doctor Lady Doctor cat from the TIC tocs. Yeah. And she's gonna tell us how we're wrong wrong wrong about the death toll. It's,
Unknown: you'd have no
idea what you're talking about you idiots. Hey, Dr. Ken epidemiologist, I've been talking since the summer and in videos like this one about excess mortality and how we have more deaths than expected in 2020 versus previous years. Despite this, there are people committed to spreading the misinformation that we're actually fewer deaths in 2022 arrive at this conclusion, they're using provisional death counts. And comparing those back to final death counts from previous years. So
Adam: it's okay for everybody else to look at numbers and report them at the moment on the spot is true. But it's not true because it's provisional. And you're being dishonest. Okay.
Unknown: I talked in this video about why that is not inappropriate method. Okay. So now in 2020, it's been announced that we are on track for the first time in US history to have more than 3 million deaths in a single year. It's kind of what epidemiologists have been saying all along. I'm hoping now we can all get on board that this virus is not a hoax and that people are dying, and they're dying in greater numbers than expected. Thank
you very much. Well,
Adam: if you really look at the numbers, Dr. Cat, sure it went from 2.8 5 million to 3 million to 250,000. More we didn't take into account any population growth. Did we doctor cat? No, of course not.
John: This is also the aging population. There's a lot of things a lot
Adam: of things in here, but
John: they but they did Amy Goodman did the same thing. And the way she did I'm trying to see if I can find the clip would be labeled with a had a very similar thing she went on about this, but she Oh, 3 million dead.
Adam: Is that the one? No?
John: Yeah, That must be it. Now listen to it. The reason I clip this is because they're just they're starting to push this and that you just confirmed it with that clip with the cat clip. Mm hmm. Which, which is that they're now trying to equate the total death count of the country with COVID to confuse the public. I'll bet you if you went up to demand on the street and asked him at some point, did you hear about 3 million dead from COVID?
Adam: They'd say Oh, yeah, yes, bad. Yeah, I know. Horrible.
John: I absolutely think that's what they're trying to do here because there's no other reason to be discussing this.
Unknown: Well, the United States hit the grim milestone of the worst day yet of the coronavirus pandemic this week with 3350 COVID related deaths Tuesday alone, this comes to Mr. reports that 2020 has been the deadliest year in US history. United States is on track to top 3.2 million deaths this year with 40,000 more deaths than in 2019.
Adam: that just throwing the 3 million out there.
Unknown: Yeah.
John: Yeah. And, and this the same thing, this, there's no difference in this sort of, I would call jargon creep, or whatever you want to call it, where they changed the rules of like, all of a sudden we go from cases to infections, or test positive test positive equals cases, cases, he goes infections, test positives equals infections. Yep. They keep doing this, this sort of thing. It's just a way of from day one. It's very dishonest from day one. They've
Adam: been changing numbers, changing graphs, flatten the curve. I mean, hospitalization rates, save the NHS. You know, and I want to say something to Australia. I was talking to James Cridland he, he does pod news. By the
John: way, Merry Christmas, Australia.
Adam: Yes, indeed. Merry Christmas, Australia. And, and I said, Yeah, so how's it how's it going over there? That's actually it's not too bad. We're open everywhere. I think he said Sydney has a few problems. But here's where here's where they're at in Australia. They think that it's done that they've succeeded. They don't understand Australia, you are three months behind us. Please learn. I've been trying to warn you every step of the way. So this is what we had. This was the summer months, everyone's like, it's gonna be okay, we're letting up and then your flu season comes which is opposite ours down under two, you're going to be locked down in a couple of months. Just be ready for it or be ready to counter the bullcrap. But already, Australia has their system where wherever you go, any restaurant, any building, anywhere you enter, you have to scan a QR code, which then leaves your contact information. So it's their, their high tech version of writing down in Austin, we had that a couple times, write down your contact information. So since people obviously were falsifying that information, you now have to log into a queue called QR code anywhere you go to sit down. To which I said, congratulations, Australia, you've just reinvented Foursquare, you should gamify it. Hey, I'm the mayor, the mayor of Starbucks. But the biggest problem they have right now and again, I warn our friends down under Be careful. The biggest problem they have is there is a shortage of
Marmite. Which Oh, yeah, there's no more to do.
John: It's, it's I think it's called our shriveling up. It's
Adam: called our mate there. And the reason why is the why it's in short supplies because apparently it's made of beer dregs.
John: Which Yeah, that's what they know how to recycle their
Adam: pigs to cause question What are you eating on your bread over there?
John: Put your your dregs that is what this means.
Adam: Yes, it's what he told me. Anyway. So in a way, we want to feel hopeful and we want to look forward and the people who believe that you know, all these things will help them it will make a huge difference. But we're being scared. And and I agree with you, if you say did COVID kill 3 million people in the US people say yes. If you said, Do you know the 3 million people a year die in America? I the majority will say No way. No, you got to be kidding me. No, that can't be possible. I'm sure of it. It is gross misunderstanding, and a total lack in education. total lack. But then we've got the president apparent on his way Joe Biden, he had his holiday message, his holiday message before
Unknown: I take questions I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hold on. Let
Adam: me give him I need to spike this up a little bit. Let me give the first holiday message let's give Joe Biden some sleigh bells.
Unknown: like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. This has been a
when the toughest years that are facing as a nation and the pandemic economic crisis calls for racial justice, historic and punishing wildfires and storms. So the season of reflection carries a much deeper meaning he does. Over 320,000 lives lost to this fires. Gemini send our prayers as I'm sure all of you do to all who are facing his dark winter, with an empty seat at the dinner table, where a loved one used to sit and talk and laugh and reminisce, our hearts go out to all of you who have fallen on hard times. through no fault of your own, I made that. unable to sleep at night, way down with the worry of what tomorrow will bring for you and for your family.
Adam: Merry Christmas, Joe. The whole thing is like that. This is not a Christmas message. I'm sorry, holiday message as they positioned it. This is just horrible.
John: It guys sounds like it's a walking dead.
Adam: It's so bad. But I did realize one thing as we move towards the build back better zone and the universal great reset, which still, to me looks like the idea is let's ruin economies by killing small business. That gives us extra damage. Let's try and do it everywhere. And then we'll swoop in and But Joe Biden is saying very clearly, we're gonna get your money while you're locked down and get some more stimulus for you. And then we're gonna build back better with new industry and we'll get money to build new stuff, you know, the green new jobs, it is part of the system. And so as for Scott Adams, who doesn't listen doesn't even know the name of our show. Who says the great reset is bullshit,
John: even though he's been interviewed on it.
Adam: Who says this bullcrap the great reset is some guy says it's so what? Very, very short sighted because it's so big. He can't see it. But it's real.
Unknown: It's real.
Adam: Real. So this common live comes amongst the backdrop of something that delighted me just delighted me. And I see you have a couple clips about it. So I'm going to toss it to you in a moment. This is the COVID stimulus bill, which was, which was so completely botched on its rollout that they screwed it up to no end. The minute you hear people saying, well, we're given money to Venezuela. No stimulus is because it wasn't a stimulus bill. Four months, four months, Congress has been trying to pass you know, it's called it's the it's the funding bill you have. It's the omnibus in order to fund the government. So we don't shut down, which was quietly renewed with 24 hour periods over the last week, you have to put a huge spending bill into place for the next year. I'm delighted to see that now everybody sees what we've been seeing and looking at and talking about for 13 years. This is where all the bullshit goes. All the deals, that all goes into this, and they smother it with it by putting it into multiple multiple acts into one big spending bill. So the National Defense Authorization Act, which the President had been threatening to veto, because it did not include he feels a section 230 change or repeal, because he feels that Chinese companies or Chinese influence companies, cause it's a cause for national security concern. Obviously, we just hate Twitter and Facebook. So but that's also in here. So we have $900 billion for cell phones
John: are separate enough that he did veto the NDA.
Adam: Well, you can veto each individual one no problem. And the COVID stimulus is Section M, of the of this omnibus bill. So instead of saying here it is, they said, oh, here's this whole bill. And then everyone and all the stations, were conflating this, like, Okay, this is kind of cool, because now people see how your money is getting stolen every single day by Congress for these weird things. And the beauty of it is the total bill, which no one is really talking about, it's not $900 billion, the total bill is 2.3 trillion, of which more than 700 billion, it's just for the National Defense Authorization Act, which the President has sent back. So we'll see if they add anything. So that's almost the whole not there. And then there's all kinds of weird crap that they threw in there, which is actually quite funny to look at, and a couple we'll discuss, but what people are doing now is that calculating, saying, Wait a minute, if you get 600 bucks. So let's say that 300 million Americans, let's just do it simple math. Gets 600 bucks. That's $180 billion out of 2.3 trillion. Now people are getting mad and I'm very happy to see this. And the still president is throwing gas on the fire.
Unknown: Throughout the summer, Democrats cruelly blocked COVID relief legislation in an effort to advance their extreme left wing agenda and influence the election. Then a few months ago, Congress started negotiations on a new package to get urgently needed help to the American people. It's taken forever. However, the bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. It really is a disgrace, for example, among the more than 5000 pages in this bill, which nobody in Congress has read because of its length and complexity, Okay, I'm gonna
Adam: stop him right there. That's bullshit. And AOC said this as well. Oh, we are given just two hours to read it. And we all know that there's rules that Obama put in place that there had to be 72 hours in order for the American people to see it 72 hours online, but it's a lie. Because that's just people backpedaling. Once they saw the outrage of the of the failed rollout. These bills have been on the table for months. These have been discussed ad nauseum every single one of them. So it's a total bullcrap lie. And I did like how Alexandria ocasio Cortez tweeted, the dilemma many were dealing with was because these things weren't tied together, it made clean COVID relief, impossible. You can largely thank Mitch for that. I'm not saying this is all one party, but he's awful. And then she goes on to say,
Unknown: Okay, he's on and
Adam: then she says, anyways, the omnibus has most of the gross stuff. Anyways. It's a plague
John: as long as she doesn't say anywho.
Adam: We'll get there.
Unknown: We'll get there. It's called the COVID relief bill. No, it's not. There's almost nothing to do with COVID. This bill contains $85.5 million for assistance to Cambodia.
Adam: See, that's literally not in Section M. So he's being very disingenuous, but I think it's extremely effective.
Unknown: $134 million to Burma, $1.3 billion for Egypt, and the Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment. $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan.
Adam: This is a good one. This is either CIA black budget book, this is this is some congressman's pay, you know, kickback scheme. What the hell is that? You know, there's an NGO who's getting this money.
John: There's something really fishy about that particular thing he puts it up. I mean, he makes little comments about each one of these like he did about the Russian arm Yeah, yes. accurate. Yeah. But this one here when he when I heard it, I said this is just this is you're right. It's just some sort of a scheme or AI or CIA highlighting or crap.
Unknown: Yeah, he's highlighting it for a
John: sec. I think they weren't they even make some of these. They I think they put them together to sound like a joke. So they said wink wink in the in the in the bill itself is the use of it is to gender studies in Pakistan as Black
Adam: Ops man.
Unknown: Definitely
shady money $1.3 billion for Egypt, and the Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment. $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan. $505 million to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama $40 million for the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, which is not even open for business $1 billion dollars for the Smithsonian, and an additional $154 million for the National Gallery of Art. Likewise, these facilities are essentially not open.
Adam: And then there's another problem with the some of these elderly lawmakers in Congress who can't keep any of the money straight. They don't they can't even do math. This is republican senator john kennedy.
Unknown: Always real help. It's a trillion dollars for God's sakes.
What is that 1000 million dollars.
Adam: I'm done. I'm just done. 1000 million dollars is a billion you owe you boob That's what I mean. It's like, so I'm kind of happy that people are seeing how this works and how your money is spent. My favorite piece in this in this bill which just for effect, we will call the COVID stimulus bill, because then it sounds more like we hate it is it would make illegal streaming of copyrighted content a felony. This was a good one they shoved in their little help for it,
John: I missed out when there's a lot of stuff to shove in these things. And this is really pathetic, and just slip some of these things in there just as because they can, because they know know what there's never pass on its own. It's really important. And this is the way Congress operates
Adam: and people are starting to see it, which I see as a benefit. And I and I appreciate what Trump did. They're well
John: advised not to give this speech. He was advised a
Adam: lot of things you want to know some I have a cracking update if you want it. It's not that long. Oh,
John: let's finish this because do the COVID. The reason for having this particular long clip, and then is to follow up, but the way the network's yelled, yes. You tell them to Yes. held his feet to the hours they left all what you're hearing now. They left they wouldn't even discuss any of it. I mean, Ron Rand Paul is one of the few guys who would Yeah, is great. It just won't discuss it. No, no, no, no, we're the media. We don't want to discuss it. We don't want the public to know any. It might
Adam: be legal for you to view that citizen. Only we can look at that.
John: Yes, my old time favorite. It's finished this guy up.
Adam: Yeah, he's done. Trump is done. Oh,
John: I had it. I had the whole thing
Adam: cognize it the whole thing was long.
John: And well, you did the whole thing incorporates more stuff. And it's funny you started at the same spot.
Adam: I don't think we need to play the whole thing. I want to hear the responses more interesting.
John: Well, the reason I wanted to play the whole thing I don't we don't have to but I'll summarize because that he says a lot more afterwards about how he wants to deal with it. And the part that he says afterwards which is that they got his fix this is in a nutshell is that's all the networks play. They refuse to play any of the of the boondoggle and and poor crap that he went on and on and about, which is what his speech was really about.
Adam: Did you also see in the COVID bill, and they should have mentioned this, because there's you know, there's 80 billion for rolling out vaccines, which I thought was already pre approved and put into the budget and operation warp speed was already funded. I could be wrong. But there was no dancers. No,
John: no, it's not. They didn't mention any of that. Oh, here they are. Let's listen to the reports. And you can you can hear what they mentioned. Let's just start with Shep Smith. Miss show on msnbc. And this is Shep Smith on the COVID bill part one
Unknown: well ship a leadership a describe the mood is one of irritation and befuddlement after President Trump's 11th hour challenge to members of Congress who had already left Washington having passed the $2 trillion 5000 Plus page bill covering both government funding through September and about $900 billion in COVID. relief. Now President Trump wants to strip certain spending provisions his administration requested and increased the amount of the direct checks but neither of those is expected to move forward. I have learned from sources GOP Leader McCarthy, a key ally of Trump's is expected to object to Democrats efforts to seek unanimous support for $2,000 checks. And in response McCarthy's plan is to address President Trump's concern on spending by separating out State Department and foreign aid from the rest of government spending. Democrats are expected to objective that and we will be back again at square one. The question then becomes Will the President actually veto it? The New York Times is reporting that McCarthy told his Republican colleagues on a call this afternoon that he talked to the President who told him he hasn't decided whether or not to veto it. Now, Trump could also quietly veto it The so called pocket veto by letting 10 days left before signing it. But unemployment benefits would expire. And then government would shut down before that actually happened. Shout Qaeda. Also
Adam: before he left the president vetoed the massive defense spending bill. I was going to say the one thing that might have been interesting for them to mention was the 3.7 increase across the board and Medicare fees that was not mentioned. That's a lot of money.
John: Nope. That wasn't mentioned and they didn't mention anything. All they did was find still same old as slam Trump one way or the other. And listen to this part to about where she discusses the veto of the nd a.
Unknown: That's right. This was a separate $740 billion bill funding the military and he had long said that unless it in Included protections for the names of military monuments and stripped content protections for these big social media companies that he would veto it. And that's exactly what he did. Those are the reasons that he cited this afternoon and doing so. But some of the Republican senators who had criticized the president for trying to add some of these unrelated issues to defense spending are not backing down. Senator Jim Inhofe, who is one who ended up in Trump's crosshairs for refusing to combine specifically the tech and military issues, just today tweeting this In response, saying the NDA has become law every year for 59 years straight, because it's absolutely vital to our national security and our troops this year must not be an exception. Our men and women who volunteer to wear the uniform shouldn't be denied what they need, ever, we should know that that NDA had a veto proof majority in both chambers. And we're expecting the house to meet on December 28. to override that veto.
Adam: I just realized it struck me that the mainstream media doesn't actually know about these bills. I don't think they really, really ever read them or care about them. That's why they didn't read this one either. They're just going on whatever the top line stuff that comes off the wire, whatever the controversy of the day. Yeah, don't even look into because the President did write a four page memo about the National Defense Authorization which work and he's talking about foreign interference, also in elections and how social media needs to be held accountable for national security. It's it's not a it's not all of a stretch. If you listen to all the Russian disinformation talk, then there should be accountability.
John: And certainly understanding also another element they doesn't like about this about the end, the NDA his main bitch was section 230. No,
Adam: it's only and oh, yeah, no, there's a little more in there. That's not good. Yeah. There's a couple things in there.
John: It's his his main bitches ABOUT SECTION 230. And and the thing they did put into bill that the presser can no longer remove troops. Oh, yeah.
Adam: Yes. That he's not in charge of troop draw downs. And there was one more just one more thing that was in there
John: was I think there was the third item. And But no, no, let's listen to how NBC covers it. What do you think that they say that the reason that Trump refused it? This is the worst report of the day. This is I'm giving myself clip of the day I won't get it. But because these people on NBC are shameless and Kelly O'Donnell is the worst reporter at the network. If you listen to this, here's the setup just the COVID Ville NBC setup clip. Okay.
Unknown: Good evening. Justice has seen help was on the way to millions of Americans struggling in this COVID battered economy. President Trump tonight appears to have thrown a monkey wrench into the plan suggesting he may veto the Coronavirus relief bill agreed to by Congress this week. The President demanding bigger amounts and those direct payments to Americans than what Congress spelled out a position that Democrats are eagerly embracing Kelly Oh, Donald's houses worth.
John: Okay, so now we go to Kelly and she's gonna give us the lowdown here and she is so full of crap and so bigoted and biased. That is it's an embarrassment to listen to this because I had to produce an hour I have to listen to it again. This is the part two right
Unknown: leaving today for Christmas at his Mar a Lago club.
President Trump said nothing
about his surprise threat that could tank COVID relief for millions in need of people like 36 year old bartender and graduate students,
Nick Mott,
I do feel scared. All of my savings is gone.
much income and tips cut by more than half as diners stay home, counting on emergency aid from that massive $900 billion dollar COVID package that includes $600 direct checks $300 weekly enhanced unemployment benefits,
rental and food assistance.
I was really hoping for that I
was really hoping that that
that I could at least have a little bit of comfort
again. But in a White House made video,
President Trump injected chaos, demanding Congress increase those direct payments to $2,000.
Send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package.
Today's Speaker Pelosi put pressure on Republicans to answer the President's demand. So far, only silence
John: Yeah, only silence from the that don't want to give this poor bartenders. $600 a desert it's like God doesn't want to do that. He wants to give him 2000 and the way she makes it sound as though this is like less money. Yeah, she she starts off to report by God by making your point that he's going to Mar a Lago. Going to Mar a Lago while you're staying at home. The White House at Mar a Lago, is this, you know, his second White House, they all presidents have them. It's not like a big deal. But now let's get into the real crux of this woman. So report ties, and and her bigotry is in part three
Unknown: small businesses on the brink need a second round of loans like Denver restaurant owners,
Stephanie Bonin,
who is forced to lay off 25 employees at duo. That is a really, really frightening moment for any entrepreneur, any business owner. And tonight a separate and stunning veto of the national defense bill, the president rejecting that bipartisan measure, in part because it calls for renaming military bases that honor Confederate leaders.
Adam: That's what it was, that was so petty that Trump what a petty small little
John: man cave vetoed a $700 billion budget for the military, because of Confederate names. Were going to be taken off some military bases dad racist. Can you guys get off of it?
Adam: No, no, of course not. tw s baby, Trump Trump withdrawal syndrome, they're going to and they're gonna go after him in that Trump will be in the brig that's they will not let up and then they'll still have closed caption cameras peeking in on him to make sure they can do report on how he's doing. That's their dream. And whenever someone says, You people are assholes, and your which the liberals have been saying to conservatives, and your Nazis and you want to kill people. Remember what you said, being yourself, this is what they actually planned themselves. When does this is anyone who was an apologist meaning you have an opinion? Oh, all of this is coming to head it's going to be very interesting. And people should be aware. The only way to combat this is to look at your local politics and it's for everybody this shit is going on all over the world. Every country has a different version different names, but it's all the same stuff. And it's a power
John: eroded by the media.
Adam: They're part of the of the grab,
John: that's their thing is a scam. Yes. Now, let me I got a I got a couple more clips here. On the same thing. Here's Amy, this is Amy's version. We already we know what Trump said and what he was bitching about why one things change. But now let's hear what Amy Goodman says about the whole thing.
Unknown: President Trump threatened to thwart the $900 billion bipartisan Coronavirus relief package which he called the disgrace in a video released on Twitter Tuesday night
asking Congress to amend this bill and at ridiculously low $600 to $2,000 or $4,000. For a couple. I'm also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package. And maybe that administration will be me.
Trump did not say whether he would veto the bill which passed with a veto proof majority top democrats seized on his remarks Tuesday night to repeat their own calls for higher direct payments. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reminded Trump Republicans blocked the move. Pelosi tweeted democrats are ready to bring this to the floor this week by unanimous consent. Let's do it. And progressive Congress members Rashida to leave and Alexandria ocasio Cortez tweeted last night, they already prepared an amendment to add the $2,000 payments to the bill. Senator Schumer responded to aocs tweet, quote, I'm in what just say match.
Adam: It is so sad. What is happening here. They're tricking tricking the the public once again, into focusing on what are they going to do, it's going to be a $200 increase, or maybe they'll double it, whatever it is, even $2,000 is a joke compared to what's really going on here. And they're just too old, you should be focused on the money be focused on the money you're gonna get because you're gonna get more and I don't know if you saw Joe's holiday message, but he said right after he's in office, he will go back to Congress and ask for another stimulus bill. This is why I put money in Bitcoin. I don't care what the former New York banker says about immunized money. That's just not I don't think you can eat this much. Yes, this crazy out of control. This won't create inflation at all, not a problem. There
John: was some counterprogramming on Fox they they brought out our friend, your friend in particular. And as she actually is the only commentator in the whole group that made any common sense, this must be Tulsi told it like it is and this is the build Tulsi Gabbard on the COVID COVID. Bill
Adam: almost second. Tulsi. Does bill. Oh, first. I got it.
Unknown: So Joining me now Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman from Hawaii, she is one of two House Democrats who broke with their party and voted against the stimulus bill. And she joins us now. Congressman, great to have you here tonight. Thank you for being here. So why did you vote against the bill, because this bill is a slap in the face to the American people, people who are sitting in their cars waiting in line for hours to get free food from the food bank, people who've been without jobs for months. People who are are concerned about getting evicted from their apartments or their homes, because they haven't been able to pay their rent. To say that it's okay to give hundreds of billions of dollars to corporate special interest to foreign countries to the military industrial complex, but to the American people who are struggling and suffering and who need help the most. You get 600 bucks. It's an absolute insult the American people deserve better.
Adam: I have thoughts about Tulsi. First, her new hairdo dynamite. Dynamite she's got it's softened her look. It's given her a slightly intellectual edge. It has a little bit of what the I would say the real liberal women like which is the gray streak kind of gray she I think she stopped with a real Pincus where she was going to see this at all on
John: her on this Fox show.
Adam: Oh my goodness, dynamite new hairdo. And she you know, she's retiring from from Congress. So I believe Tulsi has financing and she's gonna make a serious run. She'd probably make a run at her Ono's spot.
John: She better take a run a lot. Her run was a moron. But it's also possible it was an embarrassment to the to the to the State of Hawaii.
Adam: No, you can say to the country, she's she's.
Unknown: I think, no, I
Adam: think she is all 50 United States as a moron. Well, she's
John: in it. She's a terrible person.
Adam: So Tulsi, I'm sure that she has something shored up maybe the senator, but she also might try again for President. I think she should go for senate because that's an easy one. And again, she
John: should go for senate and i i think we both predicted she was going to run for the Senate against her Oh, no. During the debates because she doesn't. She's not a president thing was the way she said I guess
Adam: she has a team. That's what my point is. She has a team. There's a team working on it. There's a team making good decisions. She's going on Fox when it matters. She's breaking from the herd when it matters. She's going to be very popular. Probably in the in the midterms. I think this is a good move that she's making and long
John: term come up.
Adam: I don't know if find out. I'm a fan of Tulsi. But she has she's very easy to show go along and virtue signal when necessary. We've identified this several times. So she's also she has a disingenuous bit.
John: I agree with that, too. She's kind of a phony. But let's listen to what she has to say on the NDA, which I thought was more insight, much more so than all the pundits on CNN combined.
Unknown: You know, on the defense bill, as I said, there is $7 billion in there. We heard from general Milley Chairman, the Joint Chiefs that he was very concerned about the Chinese buildup of the Navy, he feels that we are unprepared in terms of our naval ships, and he wants to put that money towards that. Do you think that that is a wise idea? And how ready Do you think we are given your own experience and your service in Iraq? Well, that's a very big topic about our defense priorities. And whether you look at the big, massive spending bill that I voted against a couple of nights ago, that's that's one area where we should be asking questions about how are taxpayer dollars being used in a responsible way that best serves the emergency that we're facing. I think you're also talking about this National Defense Authorization Act. It is I've actually voted against this bill when it came to the house floor for a couple of reasons. Number one, it is a massive, bloated spending bill. It heightens up the the new Cold War we're in with increasing tensions between the United States and Russia and China, really with serious consequences. We're talking about nuclear armed nations here. And we've got to focus on how we can best de escalate those tensions. But it also includes a provision in there that ties this president or any presidents hands as they're trying to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.
Adam: Yeah, she probably she nailed it. She got it.
John: Nobody else mentions this.
Adam: Well, no, that would be off off the reservation.
John: This is the part to what she has to say, you know,
Unknown: I know Trump vetoed this bill earlier today. And one of the main reasons he did so was because of this provision, section 230, right, this thing that has to do with giving big tech companies like Google and Facebook and Amazon, total legal immunity. And the reason why he's taking a stand on this, and I support his position on this is because Congress has failed to act in in making sure that the American people have a fair and free opportunity to the public square, and to make sure that these tech companies that are censoring people that are choosing whose voices are heard, and whose aren't taking sides in political elections, that they are not immune from lawsuits. And so I think it's a critical thing to hold Congress's feet to the fire because I've introduced legislation to fix section 230. Other people have as well, they have failed to take action. And the American people deserve to know that these big corporations don't have greater influence over their representatives in Congress than the American people do, which is unfortunately the situation that we're in right now.
John: This is a lot different than what Kelly O'Donnell told us on NBC that the whole thing that he vetoed it because of the use of a different name names for good. Yeah, right. Name afford hood, right. So this is a, I will say this. I do have one last tolsey clip where she just this is a little different one. This is she's just, I included it because I thought you'd get a kick out of this. She goes after AOC.
Unknown: Just quickly before I let you go. I know that you spoke out about the fact that some members of Congress like Alexandria ocasio Cortez was showing off her
virtue signaling
video of you know, the whole thing and it sort of rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. What do you want to say about that tonight? Okay, I
think of people like my aunt who's, you know, she's 65 years old, she has a severe underlying health condition that's compromised her immune system. She can't she has basically been imprisoned in her home. Because she knows that if she goes out she faces a very real danger of dying if she catches COVID. It is people like my aunt, it is the elderly, the most vulnerable, who should be getting this vaccine first, right alongside our first responders and, and high risk healthcare workers. Because this is this is really a matter of life and death for them. For others it my colleagues, I've called on them as members of Congress, if you are healthy if you were under the age of 65. Join me in refusing to get the vaccine at least until our seniors and elderly Americans are able to do so.
Adam: Yes, he did a little Instagram video to walk him through the woods talking about how horrible this was.
John: Yeah, she is an idiot for getting that shot. Her
Adam: Ono's term is up in 2024. So I don't know what Tulsi is going to do. She She has nothing else to run for. Is there? Who's the other senator in the state?
John: I don't, I think yeah, there's senator. I can't remember who it is. But I think they're untouchable heroes The only weak one. Hmm.
Adam: Well, the things to look out for no agenda nation to save yourself is very obvious, is to support some local politician, get them on the city council to stir we got one here we got Michelle Kelly. in Austin. She's not in my district. I supported her. And she and I don't even know what political affiliation she has. But she hated the current City Council and the mayor. And she doesn't like the camping. Let's go into so called camping. So she has my support. Now we got someone in there. Now I'm gonna go corrupt her. That's how it works. So you do that. And then when it comes to social media, find somewhere else start your own social media network, stop with your narcissism. You don't need the likes. You'll find people no agenda social calm is a good example.
John: Let me get back to COVID for a second to play a couple of contrasting clips. Yeah, a couple of contrasting clips, but this time, contrasting both contrast on the same network in the same report. Excellent. I'm always Molly's
Adam: that works best.
John: So this is nbc news again, and they're talking about the vaccine. And the first part of the report is sounds like what's going on with the vaccine. And all the people getting vaccinated is good. Okay. But then when they kick it to the reporter, everything going on is bad. And it's it's kind of a sub self-contradictory this is only a minute 30 combined. But first, let's play the beginning which is that you're gonna hear implications. You're going to feel the vaccine. What's going on is good. This is the good part.
Unknown: Despite calls to stay home some 85 million Americans are expected to travel for the holidays during fears of a new post holiday COVID surge. But there is an encouraging word from the CDC. Tonight, 1 million people in the US have now received their first doses of the COVID vaccine. And the US just cut a deal to double its Pfizer doses more now from Tom Costello. Okay, sounds good. We've
John: got a deal. Sounds good. Everything's
Adam: familiar people. This is good. Your Honor. What mil a million. Yeah. So we're on
John: our way we're on our way.
Adam: Okay. It's good. So
John: now Tom apparently didn't get the memo. And he didn't. So he's gonna play the same, he's gonna be the same information. This is the way you do stock market analysis. By the way. Whatever happens you can make it sound like it's good or bad. Either way, but yo Costello is gonna give us the same instead of the sample, he's gonna give us two grim versions. It's all within a this is all done within a one minute and 50 seconds. Period. They turn it around. Here we go.
Unknown: Tonight health experts fear a super spreader event is playing out in real time. As a million travelers a day fill airports nationwide. I don't
have any pre existing conditions and fin and I'm feeling confident if I do get COVID
I'll survive
the most travelers since the pandemic began. Despite official please to stay home to assure loved ones are alive next year too. Many people say they can't stay away from family any longer.
We haven't seen my two granddaughters and my daughter since last Christmas. And they grow so much and we see him on Skype, but it's just not the same thing. 20 states
plus DC now have trouble restrictions for new arrivals concerned about a more infectious strain of COVID in Britain, New York Mayor de Blasio today ordered
anyone arriving from the UK to self quarantine. sheriff's deputies will conduct verification visits, violators will be fined if you violate quarantine $1,000 for the first day, if you violate any day they're after
John: $1,000. each additional day
Unknown: with vaccinations continuing nationwide. The CDC reports just 1 million Americans had received the Pfizer vaccine by this morning.
Adam: Only 1 million what I expected to hear was 329 million people have not received the vaccine, we actually be the next step that would have been the best part that would have been the best way to do it.
John: But he just is just only one us no good
Adam: blown opportunity there.
John: Yeah, it was blown opportunity. But it was it was bad enough the way this report went down. But this is really, this network is really losing its ability to deliver any kind of well, it kind of consistency. Now as
Adam: we discussed before. Today's viewer today's audience is not even watching cable news. They're watching clips on YouTube and tik tok and other places. And there is no difference. No difference in the sets, the personalities between you know, a Dave Rubin show or nbc news in today's audience. It's just a different app that streaming these, this sense of authority is waning and this is a good thing. Of course, it's going to get very confusing because no one will know who to turn to except your no agenda show. Because we get it at least 50% of the time, right?
John: As good as a coin flip
Adam: as good as a coin toss. I forgot to write that one down as good as a coin toss there from the future. Excellent. Some other errands. vaccine news, the Russian scientist who was working on a new COVID-19 vaccine plummeted to his death.
Unknown: Oh, no,
Adam: Let's see enormous protests going on at Stanford hospital, carried out by staff who are enraged by the decision by hospital executives to get themselves the COVID vaccine and administrators were at home before giving it to staff. That's never a good look.
Unknown: Let's say see.
Adam: Yeah, so they're starting to give a little make a little noise about warp speed is not fast enough. So we'll have something to blame Trump on warp speed. They couldn't get enough lithium crystals. Oh yes, this was
John: die lithium.
Adam: This was dilithium your right to so we had Deborah Burks, who was busted, going to her family home for Thanksgiving, which she then lied and said, Oh, I was winterizing the home. And now she's announced.
John: Now she's gonna sell it. Now she's
Adam: announced her retirement. Yes. She says I've worked since 1980 in the federal government. And she said that it was it was very disturbing to see how her family were treated because of this mishap.
John: Oh, she she got the brunt of social media. And she took me seriously. Yep. Yeah, she's retired. You know, this is it. You don't think about this much. But those of us which includes, I would say the majority of this audience have been in computing, online and elsewhere. I mean, from the days of compuserve, where they used to have forums on compuserve and AOL used to have them to where you would get flamed? Yes. And poor, innocent little kid, you say something stupid, or you got or they even go to use net where you'd mentioned something and they just give you nothing but grief, you get kind of get hardened to. Yeah, good point where you realize that it's just a few people that make a lot of noise. Yes. And it could be 1000 people, but there's still a few 1000 Yeah, I bet it is. 1000 I
Adam: didn't call them arrogant a whole since I was 19.
John: Oh, yeah. Well, if for good reason.
Unknown: blow me divorce.
Adam: is not true. I was on television. That's why.
John: So you get you get used to this kind of thing. It's just like, Yeah, whatever. I mean, it couldn't be right. But it doesn't matter. Because you just it's just a bunch of noisy bright trolls, which she is obviously unprepared for. One little
Adam: complaint was very interesting. I had we had drinks with the former New York banker and his wife Tuesday night. And
Unknown: now I
Adam: something was going we're outside of an outdoor place with a fireplace and some of the smoke was coming into my face which didn't help but there was cedar something was going on that I am not I have no protection against. So I was dying. I wasn't I was I was a little low on energy. But I just here is nasty. It's very nasty. And the minute it was it started to get well it got better over time but yeah, there was gonna say
John: it's used if you put if you get sick and get some nice cedar and you put it in your closet. You don't have mas correct and
Adam: smells nice. It does it smells great. But when the cedar is a is oozing, or whatever it does, yes, is is not
John: toxic.
Adam: But he said two things which are interesting one and and I just wasn't getting into it with him because I was just I don't want to do this. But I knew he was trying to kick it off with me. And one is that the people complaining and saying that, you know Trump won the election. That's just Twitter's a very, very small amount of people. So just so you know that Twitter amplifies things, and it's really no one who thinks this. And the second one is, although surprising, 50% were male and ballots. Clearly, there was just a lot more people voting this year. And I would
John: be that sounds
Adam: like a lip Joe thing, and I just wouldn't take the bait. I'm like, sure. That's fine, whatever.
John: who's trying to get you going? He's trying to get you to get you all jacked up.
Adam: Yeah, but we now we have we have the the conservators from Brooklyn. They just moved to Austin.
John: Yes, you had Deb, you didn't ever give us a report?
Adam: Yeah. And I and I gotta be careful because he's a, he's a CFO of a large entertainment company. It'd be too easy to find out who he is. But they basically escaped Brooklyn after living there for 16 years, because they just were they're conservatives, and they were completely in the minority of 700 people who were in their neighborhood.
John: I think people one to
Adam: get one on one of two, and the other person may have just made a mistake. And so we went to this place called the odd duck in Austin. And it was you know, it's a nice restaurant, but the things here's what was wrong. First of all, the waiter came over he had a bald head. But you only saw really his eyes and his bald head because he had a gator. But the Gator was pushed all the way down his neck and all the way up to his nose and right under his eyes. JOHN, it looked like a crowning dickhead I'm telling you it was so weird to look at this guy.
John: It's just like, was it flesh colored and make make the effect even more obvious, that's
Adam: all that was missing. And he was going on about Okay, we're gonna use this table here. And this we got this like a serving station so we'd have to come around too close to you, so you don't have too much interaction. So we're gonna put here's the water you can pour the water We put the plates down here and you can take them you can share them over here. I'm like, okay, and as he walks away, I'm like, man, life's gonna suck to which he made some kind of sneery comment behind me. And then oh, and then those the tip the the conservatives from Brooklyn paid. To which, subsequently, everything was served normal. No one put it on the little serving table after his whole song and dance. But that wasn't the worst The worst part. I decided to have one of their featured cocktail drinks. I like I'd like I like a cute little cocktail. And it was some frozen Margarita. So like, okay, I'll have that. So I have
John: if you had a frozen Margarita,
Adam: yes, at a frozen It was a signature frozen Margarita. But they of course, this being a complete virtue signaling environment. They put a metal straw in it. Well, can I please tell you this is one of the worst ideas which I found out myself. Because you put the straw into the drink. And then when you put your lips on to the straw to suck, your lips will immediately be frozen stuck to the metal straw.
John: Like Lincoln would be good for a laugh I would they all watching you.
Adam: Yes. And I tore a piece of my lip even this. I couldn't get it off is a very dumb idea. So that's,
John: Well, a couple things. First of all, I would never ever drink from a metal straw restaurant. I
Adam: didn't really realize it just stuck it in my mouth and oh, right away,
John: man. Mainly because the How do you get the things cleaned? I mean, do they have bottle brushes that go through the I don't? I don't trust it. It should be disposable. So that's out. And the second thing is why would you drink through a margarita through a straw? Hmm.
Adam: I was there. I wanted to suck on something, john. I don't know. What's wrong with the frozen Margarita having a sip. It's not that weird.
John: Well, to a straw. I'm not I'm not. Okay. So what did you learn anything from the guests? Are they happy to be in Austin, which is a conservative was not a conservative town?
Adam: Yes. Yes. Yes. Well, it's not a completely liberal enclave. But we have a Liberal government. Yes. The main thing that we're extremely happy about his people, and they were taken back several times. Oh my god. Oh my goodness. People say Merry Christmas here. I guess they I guess they got to kind of moved away from that throughout the years and Brooklyn. Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Chinua. Whatever we got to say. Interesting. No, the main thing outside of that
John: was to say Merry Christmas here and I'm in California is that it's not like it must be worse in New York is really again, almost a Rails
Adam: worse. There must be worse there. Yes, the entertainment business. I spoke specifically with him about the Warner Brothers plan to release all of their movies in a one month period on streaming, which you can imagine now it kind of makes sense why the National Defense Authorization Act included a clause to make illegal streaming of copyrighted content a felony. Do you think the two are related? Yeah, they are. He says it could possibly kill Hollywood
John: could do Brunetti about Brunetti thinks so too? Well, actually, no, I take it back. Brunetti does not take it Oh, kill Hollywood. Well, what they had to do he thinks Hollywood's dead.
Adam: He said they had to go to the actors and pay him $10 million extra the big name actors because of the loss of income that they'll have a bit piracy without because no one points Yeah, of course that that's where you make your money on these movies is on is on your back. Yeah, I'm
John: off.
Adam: Yeah. And the directors. So now it's all Chinese money anyway, so who cares? But I don't I don't think this is a very good idea. It people are now so accustomed they. It's just another part of is the NBC News guy more more newsworthy than Tim Poole? Not really. It's all kind of the same. Except Tim pools more funny and endearing. And it's a it has less technical effects. But to most people these days. Hey, I'm getting it on my iPad. It has the same weight. So movies, man. I'm getting used to it now. I this is this is going to kill that industry.
John: Well, everything is now a home Hallmark film.
Adam: What do you mean?
John: It's on TV? It's just a TV movie made for TV.
Adam: Oh yeah.
John: Wonder Woman, whatever it is. That's 1884 is just a TV. Movie supposed to be very good? I'm gonna watch it. Yeah. Coming out tomorrow, as a matter of fact,
Adam: to see a couple things to wind up here, the PCR test is going to be replaced.
John: Oh, then we can get our numbers normalized.
Adam: Yeah, they're going to get right down to it. They're not messing around. Yes, it will be a CRISPR based test. I've been waiting for this to happen. So this this mRNA vaccine, which isn't really a traditional vaccine, it's telling your DNA to do something. I keep saying this is part of genome splicing, I keep experts tell me Shut up, you know what you're talking about. It doesn't change anything. But now the actual software, the CRISPR, which is used to splice genes will now be used that technology will be used to test for COVID-19. I'll bet you to be very, very accurate. But to tell me it's not that this mRNA vaccine is not a part of a larger genomic push is pretty hard to defend at this point. CRISPR base, when do we run away from the term CRISPR? Wherever you see it, this is not good. And my favorite story after the American Medical Medical Association had to retract their advice towards doctors regarding hydroxychloroquine. Which means that now doctors can prescribe that again. What are the chances that one of the largest pharmaceutical factories that produces the precursors for hydroxychloroquine in Taiwan has burned to the ground with
Unknown: a big explosion.
Adam: You know, what, do not do not mess with Big Pharma. They do not care who you are, what what? You want to prescribe that watch this. So I'm sure we got
John: the president. I mean, assuming that the election worked out to the benefit of Big Pharma, it was designed by Big Pharma to get Trump out. They refused to discuss they big farmers said this. We did we did not talk about the release of the vaccines until after the election. On purpose. Yeah. And they had the gall to do that. They they had the gall to admit it. No, no, we're not gonna do that. There's no discussion of the vaccine being finished and ready to go until after the election. After the election. we'll mention it. And that's just because we don't like Trump. We don't like his policies. We liked Joe Biden. We loved Obama, we gave him all that money there so he could run Big Pharma, Joe Biden, Big Pharma, this is gonna be a match made in heaven desse your investment opportunities that was burned down the competition? We do not budget gangsters. You know, I have seen gangsters Have you seen some of the CEOs of some of these big pharma companies? Oh, total Goombas they look like gangster Yeah, we're gonna take care of this. Don't worry about it. The vaccine will be out when it's out there just horrible. The gangster like guys, I got you at the front of the
Adam: list with a vaccine. I got a box that took off to Truckee for you Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. The result is that doctors are actually and I said actually, that doctors are now oblivious, shilly. I know. Doctors are by the way.
John: Got to write it down. Never mind. Just keep talking to him. I had a bitch the other day and I forgot to bring it up.
Adam: Is it about me?
Unknown: No. Okay.
Adam: Doctors are now oblivious to many of the treatments that seem to work. informatics. informatin is another one of them. hydroxychloroquine and I've been withdrawn and now it seems that it's okay. This is Dr. Merrick. He discusses what is going on now with doctors and patients then tell me this. And we talked about it a little bit before as well. The situation is becoming so much weird that it is the patient who is educating the doctor saying please give me avermectin and doctor is saying no, not at all You cannot have ever ever met and I will not what the hell is this? I'm sorry, you
Unknown: the most astonishing thing so people contact me because the doctor will prescribe ivermectin. So all I do is I send them the data and say give this to your doctor. Let him read it. And what's interesting about
half of
them, the doctors will then prescribe ivermectin. So we in this unusual situation that the general public are now teaching the doctors
how to treat COVID Is this not a complete national catastrophe that doctors are so uneducated that we have to rely on the patients to educate them
Adam: There you go. Well done everybody. Good job pharma. Good job. You know, his report came out of San Francisco. That's 670 people have died of drug overdose this year, which is three times as high as the amount of people who have died in San Francisco of COVID. Yeah. overdose deaths. 621, COVID-19 deaths 173. And that's the inflated number. Well, okay, cracking update before we take our break.
John: I'll be, you know, I want to do want to mention that I don't have them looking for a clip for it. I thought I had a clip that apparently the government's going after Walmart. Oh, for over prescribing.
Adam: Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
John: I thought that was that's great. If anything comes of it, though.
Adam: Wow. You know, with Walmart, like,
John: I mean, they're not over prescribing. They're taking in prescriptions that are questionable at best.
Adam: Yeah, they're just writing as much as they can.
John: Of course, no, not writing. They're, they're
Adam: fulfilling really filling. Yes. Fulfilling. Yeah. But we also had the Purdue company admit and get fined for cooking people on drugs, as a common as drug dealers selling to the pill Mills fully aware of what they're doing, making sure. I mean, it happened during COVID. So why would it be on television? Those are the advertisers. Yeah, they're their drug dealers. We have drug dealers at the top and drug dealers at the bottom and the people behind it I would say are the same people. We need the drug business okay,
Unknown: yeah. All right.
John: I'm cracking There we go.
Adam: I did have if you're interested ambulance driver in California boots on the ground. That's of any interest
John: I have a good election three part election break down from this guy, Robert Barnes.
Adam: What? Why don't I just do the cracking update?
John: We'll do that. But I would like to get to these three partners. This is actually just this I think puts it together better than we've done so far. By any one person.
Adam: Good. Do you mean the path forward? Because that were born as a parent? Yeah.
John: Did he breaks it down as best it can be broken down good. I am not a subscriber to this. But I have to say that he's he has the best. Okay, break down I've had and I hate it.
Adam: It's gonna be perfect. This schedule is perfect. I'll do the quick update. It's a little a little more than quick. But then I'll do the update. Then you do Barnes and then we'll be up to speed because that's exactly what we need. We start off by the backpedaling and people are dumping the president they're running away as fast as they can. They just can't stand it anymore. They're afraid whatever the deal is including Newsmax and Fox, who who have are under such pressure. That I think there's some huge liability lawsuit the many outlets have been threatened with, because this is what happened in this past week. Let's start with Newsmax when and this is all about the Dominion voting systems we've heard and seen reports there's multiple reports of how these things were Bogut IV. Here's Newsmax since Election Day, various guests, attorneys and elected officials have appeared on Newsmax and offered opinions and claims about smartmatic and dominion systems. Both companies that offer voting software in the US and Newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage and note that it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies. Okay, there are several facts our viewers and readers should be aware of Newsmax has found no evidence that either Dominion or smartmatic owns the other or has any business association with each other. We have no evidence that Dominion uses smartmatic software or vice versa. No evidence has been offered that Dominion
Matic use software or reprogram software that manipulated votes in the 2020 election, I see. stated that its software was only used in the 2020 election in Los Angeles was not used in any battleground state contested by the Trump campaign. Newsmax has no evidence to the contrary. Dominion has stated the company has no ownership relationship with the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, the clinton family, Hugo Chavez, or the government of Venezuela. Wow, I can just see this
John: list. I can see tab. I believe a dozen lawyers came in with that to read Oh no,
Adam: no, no more than a dozen. The money honey over on Fox who has been all a Fox Business who has been all over this story all over it for weeks now she won't stoop as low to do with that guy just did. Instead they did this
Unknown: welcome back in our weeks long look into election integrity. We have heard concerns about both voting machines and voting software, specifically a software company called smartmatic. This week, we reached out to Eddie Perez for insight. He is the global director of tech development at the open source election Technology Institute. His team develops open source
software for errors,
we asked him what he knew about smartmatic listen to claim some have made about that company. So they have
Adam: to just whatever the legal whatever the legal paperwork that came in that scared the bejesus out of Newsmax did the same for Fox, but they solved it in a different way, which I thought was very funny.
Unknown: Have you seen any evidence that smartmatic software was used to flip votes anywhere in the US in this election?
I have not seen any evidence that smartmatic software was used to delete, change alter, anything related to vote tabulation.
smartmatic says it software was never used outside of LA County in 2020. Do you know whether or not that's true?
That is my understanding? I am not aware of
Adam: just some dude, some random dude who works on the election software. And they're going through the whole legal disclaimer part that Newsmax just did, except they're saying, oh, here's our report. And when there's no evidence, see, we did a report and
Unknown: having any other
John: direct stock relationship. This is the difference between a professional operation even though I think they could have done a better job. All this is laughable. But yes, it's laughable, but it's it gives you an IT professional operation and some boneheads who just read from a sheet that they're told to read.
Adam: I thought this was so sad, sad for the money, honey, sad for humanity. Really, it's with election officials in the United States.
Unknown: What about smartmatic and dominion? Do you know if they're related, whether one owns the other? Whether Dominion uses smartmatic? software?
Adam: Both? How does the technology guide know all that
Unknown: Dominion of smartmatic respectively put out very clear statements from their corporate headquarters, each of them indicating they are independent companies, they are not related to each other.
Have you seen any evidence of a connection between George Soros? smartmatic
as the tech guy, Hey,
Adam: man, is Soros been logging in?
Unknown: They are independent companies, they are not related to each other?
Have you seen any evidence of a connection between George Soros and smartmatic?
I'm not aware of any direct connection between just moralistic It is my understanding that an executive at smartmatic has some sort of relationship with one of sources, foundations. That's the extent of my knowledge.
Have you seen in my knowledge of smartmatic sending us votes to be tabulated in foreign countries?
No, I'm not aware of any evidence that automatic is sending us votes to be tabulated in foreign countries, as others have pointed out, irrespective of which voting technology vendor we're talking about in the United States, the ballots that are cast in the United States are tabulated in the United States.
Are you aware of any instances in which smart maddix technology
Adam: this guy didn't even do the interview? I'm telling this guy is in the booth doing these questions after in the edit or I mean, do you have any post smartmatic
Unknown: in the United States, the ballots that are cast in the United States are tabulated in the United States.
Are you aware of any instances in which smartmatic technology was banned in the US in 2020? due to security weaknesses
or wrongdoing?
Adam: That's not a legal question at all.
Unknown: I am not. I'm not aware of any instances where smart maddix technology was banned in the US again it is my understanding that outside of one customer in Los Angeles County smartmatic has no presence in the voting technology marketplace in the United States.
So that is where we stand right now
we will keep investigating
John: those two combined clips you get a combined clip clip very interesting. I didn't catch any of that and that was dynamite. But
Adam: it's atrocious. It's atrocious
John: I think it's up somebody suing somebody is probably a major lawsuit because well here there's misinformation being pushed out there and it got onto the mainstream and then next thing you know, they targeted Fox and Newsmax and probably a few,
Adam: a few others. here's here's the here's what I'm thinking though. No They really wouldn't want a lawsuit because that would trigger discovery and all kinds of stuff could pop up in discovery. So why a good news organization wouldn't take that on. I mean, this is clearly the legal department said, holy crap, we've got to do something right now, you got to disclaim this, you can do it in this way. You know, just get someone to say I don't, to my knowledge, you know, it's completely meaningless. But it's some someone got freaked out about it. Someone's How about this, maybe some advertisers said, Okay, you got to do something. I
John: don't know. It had to be from that angle they advertised? Because? Because you're right. And if you're a news organization with deep pockets, Newsmax I will, I will say it probably just needs to read the sheet. Yeah, but Fox has deep pockets. There's a major news organization, they would love to get into discovery. That's my point with all these people. So they can just go through this papers and and develop stories and so that so they wouldn't really be sued unless had to be an advertiser.
Adam: Unless Fox also has things they don't want to come up and discovery.
John: That could be also possible, but that face reality, we advertise this enough,
Adam: advertise advertise advertising. Okay, so now we're gonna get into cracking, I won't take that long. And I believe your your clips which come after that explain the path, there is a path. The path depends on Pence, which is on January 6, and as a part of the strategy, it seems or what is left
John: is my clips do not say that depends on pence.
Adam: Well, I'll tell you, what I what I've learned, and then we'll see how it fits in. It would depend on Well, first, it would depend on a number of votes taking place, you need someone from the house, you need someone from the Senate to contest a vote and you go into two hours and you go into votes. Ultimately, pence could do quite a lot. And the question is what will pence do on January 6, to get ready for it, we have the wild protest. And the wild protest is scheduled on January 6 in DC. And this is intended to show lawmakers around the country what they'll be up against if they don't quote unquote, do the right thing. In fact, the friends have fair and honest elections DC meetup is listed on no agenda meetups calm Tuesday, January 5 at 8pm in the evening at the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue. So there's there's gitmo-nation protest,
it's it's an actual protest, no agenda, protest calm, it's on the list for later. So the idea to get a million people show show the force show machination and that the right the right things have to be done. And then there's a lot of different ways of explaining what could be done with the electors, how who's counted what's legitimate. Hopefully we have something to address that. But just to show you how. down to the wire. This is, I believe, is the big oval office meeting that was talked about. And this is the way cnn categorized some of that.
Unknown: Well, it's very clear that as President Trump continues to refuse to accept that he lost this presidential elections, the President Elect Joe Biden, the President is also still consulting aides and allies for more ways that he could possibly move to continue to contest this election or at least undermine the legitimacy of joe biden's election as the 46th President of the United States. We're told that on Friday, the President met with Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, who was pardoned by the president, despite having pled guilty to counts of lying to the FBI and his attorney Sidney Powell, who has been trafficking these deranged conspiracy theories about the 2020 election that have been roundly and thoroughly debunked. The President, nonetheless, during this meeting, apparently was talking about potentially naming Sidney Powell as a special counsel within the government to investigate voter fraud in the 2020 election, despite a total lack of evidence of any widespread voter fraud in this election. And he also discussed apparently this idea that Michael Flynn has brought up recently about using martial law to rerun the 2020 presidential election, I want you to listen to this. Okay.
Adam: So there were three people, actually for in the Oval Office from what I understand. And the reason I like these clips is because one of the four was Patrick Byrne, the former overstock CEO who according to his, his own account, has spent over a million dollars on doing all of the forensics everywhere possible on the domain and voting machines. Sidney Powell, in not what CNN reported that the person president's lawyer. She's not the President's lawyer officially. So that's just incorrect. And Patrick Byrne went all out on his many streaming shows podcast anywhere he could get her probably on Newsmax as well. Although I think he's even strayed away from that, saying a couple of things. One, he said he was there. He says he was there for four and a half hours. He did tweet a video of him walking into the into the White House on Friday night. So I believe that he was there is no reason to bullcrap. But he says in four and a half hours, there was not a single talk about any military move any martial law or anything like that. And it seems like it's really down to just a few people because the President's Advisory team is lawyers. They want him to give up and get out.
Unknown: The President Trump has been buried in lead. I was in the room when President Trump so at one point patch of baloney and one of his hissy fits, yelled at the president stood up and was yelling at the president. I almost deck this guy. He's a rude little son of a bitch. And Flynn stood up. I mean, Flynn is a real gentleman as gentlemanly as it gets. And He even took to his feet at one point at three lawyers who were screaming and I went, and then a frantic shoulder to shoulder with Flynn and facing off with these guys. There was almost a fistfight, Trump said President Trump said later, there's probably not been a meeting like this in 200 years, the Oval Office,
Adam: anyone on to explain exactly why these guys are all acting this way.
Unknown: You know why they're doing it because the signal is gone out. If you're good boys, and you get the president out on January 20. Thursday, a million and a half dollar. In fact, President Trump said to one of the people, there was one of the three lawyers it was this last night. And he was leaving that night. It was he stayed to midnight with us. But he led by President Trump said, You know why this guy's leave us You just got an offer for 10 times the salary from another law firm in DC. What's happened is all these people know that if they get the president out on January 20. There's jobs waiting for them at law firms and lobbyists for million dollars and up jobs. But if they don't get him out, and if they do, they're going to be invited to the right socialite parties in New York. A I've been to those socialite parties, yarn men missing anything. It's now it's slumming, as far as I'm concerned with a better class of people then go into hanging around that group. You're so they're being tempted with offers like that. And they're being told I'm told by people involved. They're being told if you don't get him out on January 20, all of that goes away. So these people are privately being offered massive jobs if they just get President Trump out.
Adam: Yeah, that's kind of the way it works. These days. If you can get into government, you are golden when you come out, that's the robot of Endor. Everybody loves it. This was the third and final clip. I think this is the most important one. We know that. JOHN Durham with his 1000s of sealed indictments is a special counsel special investigator, so it will be much and that'll be for the Russian collusion hoax. We'll see. This guy may never surface but at least he shouldn't or Candice. Does that your ashtray that dropped?
John: Something fell over? Sorry.
Adam: Where was I? Yes,
John: you're talking about Durham being a douchebag. And having all these indictments base especially summer Oh,
Adam: he's now a special investigator special counsel to the President. So he will carry over. And this clip from Patrick Byrne leads me to believe that, especially in light of all the news, mainstream and five news reports saying that this will be crazy it because there's no way it's rumored whatever. I think he did appoint Sidney Powell as special special counsel to the president or White House for the election. And here's Patrick Byrne. retelling recounting his experience.
Unknown: I thought President Trump cipollone the general counsel said something like if you really you don't even need me, you can just do this verbally. If you really want to appoint Sidney Powell Special Counsel, you can just say it and and, and. And after 15 more minutes of arguing. President Trump said you know what? You don't you said I don't He only said you don't even need a pencil and paper if you want to do this. But if you do that, you know this and that. And 20 minutes later, Trump said, You know what, I've made my decision. Sidney Powell, your appointed White House Special Counsel, and somebody objected, well, she doesn't need it. She needs a clearance and that's going to take x money this and that. And President Trump said you know what? I have you given the ability to give me a clearance with my word. I hereby give you a Ts SCI clearance. This is done with one we're going
Adam: to we'll see if it holds water. We'll see if it Real because we do need to find out. And eventually these things come out two, three years down the road. And this will be interesting if pence truly can affect what happens. He's got to be thinking to himself self. Do I stand next to the president and do everything I can to to change this? What have I got to lose? Does he have something to lose? Yes, if if it doesn't work, then he'll be out of politics forever. He'll be back to doing the morning radio show. Or as I've read an alternate he intends to leave right after he certifies Trump's loss and he'll leave the country
John: I love alternate there right out there
Adam: nailing it. He is scheduled to be in the Middle East so it's very possible but
John: because alternate This is where they live Joe's get them a test
Adam: why I read him alternate on this why I read
John: it. And there's one other one prove progress now. And they have been convinced that that Pence is going to be indicted and jailed
Adam: he's leaving the country to make sure that whatever happens
John: Yeah, he has to leave the country otherwise he's gonna be indicted and jailed. He sounds good goes like this. Dude. He's gonna be indicted in jail for what? Oh, yeah, well, he's a criminal. Okay, good. He is a criminal has done bad things. Yeah. And and but
Adam: what those criminal acts are we don't know yet.
John: They did did there's beyond them.
Adam: That pintscher sounded positive at the turning point USA rally.
Unknown: I don't think I have to tell you this. Overall, we've done for all we have yet to do. Stay in the fight.
Stay in the fight in our election,
stay in the fight in Georgia's election, and stay in the fight every day that follows. As our
election contest continues,
I'll make your promise.
We're gonna keep fighting until every legal vote is counted.
We're gonna keep fighting until every
illegal vote is thrown out.
Adam: As people are pretty pumped up, pretty pumped up. So this the wild middle name is George Custer. This is the January 5 and January 6 machination descends on washington dc This should make for some excellent coverage on television.
John: It won't cover they
Adam: won't cover it at all. Of course not a single thing? Of course not. Now, I'd love to hear about your clips about the legal
John: way for it. I thought this is a pretty good rundown breakdown. I have it Mm hmm. This robbers barns were bars that I have to say Where did Where did we do something like this row actually played the first clip and then I'll tell you where it ran. But he starts off does take this a long series of three clips, five minutes. It pretty much breaks it down. I'm not buying it. I don't think anything's going to happen on Jenny. I think it's going to be there'll be a few guys it'll stand up, be stand up guys and do something. And I even the business as possible. But this is the this is the way it would go if it would go. If anything's going to happen at all. And this is the end of it FX
Unknown: twist to Robert Barnes, who is joining me now from his humble abode where lots of legal thought and analysis goes down. And so he joins me now to discuss the brother could you have left that part off?
John: He left it I left it in because you mentioned his name and I did for the clip. President after I recorded it.
Adam: Okay. General Election. Robert, everybody seems focused on January 6 right now, including the President of the United States. Your take on where we're at right now. And how confident are you that January six is the day to be watching now are you watching Owens war room every day or Did someone send you this?
John: I caught it myself. Sure. Okay, Mr.
Adam: info.
John: Nobody sent it to me But yeah, I will say this. It may have been some people may have suggested it. And I normally know you know where I got it from I got it from that fake YouTube. That real YouTube whatever is called there's some alternative YouTube rumble I was rolling through crumble rumble No, no, no. No, no, no. It's called something real to view or something like that.
Unknown: Well, you know, I'm good. I'm good.
John: And they have to thank you for nothing. Now, the point is, is that I was on there looking for obscurities, because I was golden stuff I have is all network. I'm thinking I gotta have something a little off the
Adam: wall. This is your brighty arm.
John: It wasn't that Oh, but it was it was that. I'm saying I gotta find something a little different here. And so I found this. I said, this is pretty interesting. It was from info wars. Okay. All right. Let's continue busting me for that. Thanks for nothing. I was gonna be a surprise. Like, I
Adam: couldn't hear Owens voice. Well, I
John: don't know. I mean, I don't know that you listen to this all the time. Apparently.
Unknown: It definitely is. I mean, the the ultimately, the constitutional remedy for a presidential election that goes AWOL was always intended to be Congress more so than the courts, more so than the state legislatures. That's why the Congress decides whether to certify electors. If the if they do not certify 270, or more electors for any one candidate. Then under the 12th amendment, it goes to the house to vote by state delegation. So the President's legal constitutional remedy is for Congress to take up the issue on January 6, and it could take days because there could be objections to multiple states, there's anticipation of at least seven states being objected to, they're supposed to spend two hours apiece each chamber in their own on their own accord debating it, they should allow for argument and evidence to be presented in that timeframe. And it can so consequently, you could have, you know, 14 hours or more of debate time. So if we can spend two weeks on a bogus impeachment, we can spend at least a few days on a legitimate election contest. And I think that's the President's position. And it's a sound one to have. And then what he needs and what he wants is for there to be a mass audience outside so the House members and senators can witness the power of the support that Trump has for this election contest to occur. And if they if the evidence and arguments are properly heard out, then there's an excellent opportunity for the for Trump to at least succeed in the
Senate. And then there's open question in the house.
Adam: Right. Okay, that makes sense. It's kind of what I what I've learned. So hopefully, he has more in depth on this, how that how those pieces work?
John: Well, here we go to part two, this is parallel
Unknown: track for Trump. Because if he doesn't prevail, he wants it to be the case that Pelosi and Biden help steal it for by. And that's the other utility of going through this process. Not only is it the constitutional process, not only should he prevail if they actually apply the facts in the law and the Constitution, because this election was not done in a constitutionally consistent manner in a sufficient number of states to give Joe Biden any form of electoral college majority. But the other advantage is if for whatever reason, it doesn't work. If it doesn't work, because Pelosi is the obstacle in the house, but democrats having a slight edge, then it gives Trump a key talking point for the next four years. It gives conservatives and republicans a key talking point for the upcoming midterms. And Trump can rebuild and expand his populist movement going forward. So Trump's always since it's part of the deal, his mantra has been hope for the best plan for the worst. And the January six plan is both it's both the best can happen should happen. But in case it doesn't, the backup plan, it works for the backup plan, too. So it works for both. So the it's a intelligent path for the President be taking the constitutional path. It's the legal path. And the it's the only path he's been afforded effectively at this point, because the state governors refused to take action. The state secretaries of state refused to take action. These state courts in those
systems refused to take action. The state legislatures in those states could not convene. And then the federal courts have also refused to take action. And so the as the President said yesterday is his chief of staff Mark Meadows laid out the the prot the protocols to go forward on January 6, because it's the only remedy available. And he just has to overcome mitch mcconnell trying to instruct everybody in the Senate to not vote on it. But I think that ship has sailed. Senator Perdue out of Georgia said if he wins reelection, he's going to challenge it. Senator tubber. Bill's talking about challenging. Senator Paul is talking about challenging and Senator Holly's talking about challenging and Senator Cruz is now talking about challenges.
Adam: This is these are good clips. Very interesting. First, I wonder what it would be like if you're sitting in, in Congress and you've got a million people outside and you can hear them. I wonder if that does play into the psyche? I wonder that's sure it was a must. It must it must.
John: They got to be loud.
Adam: Yo that I have no doubt that it's going to be very loud and but even even then, if you Listen to these, these this two prong strategy to be able to use this for the midterm hole. Man, I'd hate to be a legislator in any of these states, it's going to get really difficult for them. There's gonna be all kinds of stones overturned for these people. This is good at the local level. I'm very happy This is going to take place one way or the other. All right. All right. So
Unknown: in any way, the other thing that's useful about this, however, it turns out, is it's going to put everybody on notice that who is a Trump loyalist and who isn't? Make him have a vote. So the know who in the house really is aborting the president? And who was done?
Adam: Have you seen chris Christie with his Goombas? This guy's making a run. Oh, yeah. Chris Christie's out telling every ball Yeah, he's making the rounds. Trump's got to get at nuke and he's got Goomba goons with him. He's gonna make a run in 2024.
Unknown: In the Senate is really supporting the president and who's not. And let's
be clear, it's not just supporting the president. It's supporting reality. Trump won this thing in a landslide. Everybody knows it. So anybody who wants to vote against it, whether it's a Democrat or Republican, they're just voting against reality.
Yeah, exactly. They're voting against the constitutional election, and they're voting against the constitutional process for resolving it constitute a contested election. So in all of this, so the what it does is it puts on notice who's who's really so deeply tied to the swamp that they're unwilling to even exercise their constitutional obligation to resolve a contested election, where the a constitutional election clearly elects the president. A it's only an unconstitutional election that elects Joe Biden. And so let's see if all of some of these would be presidents like Senator Holly and others will step up to the plate or not. And every senator and congressman who does not step up to the plate for constitutional elections and object to the electors from these states that did not conduct an unconscious that did not conduct a constitutional election, then they should be primary they should be focused on to be challenged in 2022 and 2024. So the it's a great opportunity to get a clear and clean discernment at who is with the country who is with the constitution and who Ain't
Adam: I think that's that'll be the result that that what he just said at the end there who is who was for it and who's with the country and the Constitution who isn't and that'll be a nice list to have
John: Well, we'll find out and after the six then we'll be done with this hopefully i don't i mean i don't see
Adam: what else there could be going on but I I again, I do not underestimate the American public and this this wild protest could be could have influence I don't know tears will come somewhere somewhere tears are gonna count.
John: Don't worry about it. The vaccine will be out when it's out who
Adam: understand how elections work, no matter what happens. Because we're going to go into dark times my friends dark times,
John: dark times,
Adam: the darkest days ahead of us. Hey, Merry Christmas, everybody. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage they in the morning to you and the man who put the scene in is good as a coin toss. JOHN see.
John: Well, in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry. Also in the morning all ships and sea boots on the ground, feet in the air, and sumps in the water and all the days and nights out there
Adam: in the morning to all of the trolls in the troll room. You can find them at no agenda stream calm. Let's see. Let's do a little troll count here. Hands up trolls. Let's see what we got. We have did I get anything out of it? Oh, 1555 odd is Christmas Eve. It's already Christmas. In some places. I believe Denmark celebrates on the 24th. So Merry Christmas trolls. I'll be nice to you. But thanks for showing up. Once again. They come into the troll room to listen to the live show. You can listen to lots of stuff 24 seven, we've got a stream running and you can talk about it with your other trolls. But the live shows of course are the most fun, where you can just troll troll the people doing the show what I mean what better way to contribute sometimes, there's valuable info in that. And you can ask anybody in there for an invite to no agenda get away from the programs that you are trapped in from the algorithms. It's really not worth your time or your sanity keep your amygdala at the proper size. join up at no agenda It's a federated social network without algos impeccable signal to noise, you will enjoy yourself. Certainly if you like hanging out with people from gitmo-nation Special thanks to Dred Scott for doing all the great chapter work at on the brand new podcasting 2.0 apps, you can find them at new podcast apps COMM And you'll see right now if you look at it, you'll see the artwork for Episode 1305 We titled that one. The Pailin.
Pardon and this was Fletcher Fletcher scored with the this basic. It was Santa Claus with a big red circle and stripe going over his face. What were the problem you you had things to talk about for the for this artwork? I
John: know the ones I
Adam: didn't like much personal.
John: No, you didn't like anything? Not really. you're you're you're obviously the Scrooge.
Adam: Was there nothing I liked?
John: No, there was absolutely nothing. You can't identify anything you liked?
Adam: I don't think so.
John: You were saying bah humbug. And you were did spitting a lot. I
Unknown: don't know what was what?
Adam: Oh, no, the one I liked. I like the COVID enforcement task force with the angry Santa. I like that one. Which You didn't? I wasn't I was too tired. I wasn't gonna fight you. We decided no syringes, of course. Lots of Christmassy goat stuff. You're not
John: dead. By the way. What is going on with the TV networks that are showing this syringe is being stabbed into people? Oh, this is I mean, I had to turn away from it. I can't
Adam: watch them stick in people with a needle. This is part of the agenda. They did surveys. And the best way to roll it out is to talk about getting the vaccine in your arm.
John: And part of that why are they making me cringe?
Adam: It's It's the new normal john gets used to a G It's the new normal. It's to get you used to it. It's in your arm it plunged look this showing this over and over again to put you at ease. You will feel less cringy once this is all over and you submit? Yeah, sure.
John: Well, those are the ones I really liked the ones you didn't like at all you
Adam: you like the ornament that said was a dumb ornament.
John: I didn't mind the ornament. But that wasn't what I picked. That was a Darrell piece of art. It was these ones it was the ones from Mountain J. She took old antique cards including a funny one where Stan is looking at some little girl like a pervert. Yes. Yeah, that was fun.
Adam: You're not? You're not dead. ornament. That's what you wanted.
John: No, I didn't know I wanted these two. Okay, from Mountain J. That said 1305 on him and you said they were too busy. Oh, they're too busy. They're too busy.
Adam: I think I think all of these classic Christmas looking cards are too busy at at small scale, as they're displayed on an album art they don't read. Well, I don't think so. That's my and I didn't think this one read particularly well, either. But at least it was an anti Santa's message and who doesn't love that?
John: So you were just not in the mood. That's the way I see it. I yeah, and you're right about what he just stopped showing syringes. JOHN cannon had our classic black picture from comic strip blogger
Adam: always another butt crack. Mm hmm.
John: I don't know what he's getting at what he's trolling for. But
Adam: oh, so we can make a clip using podcasting 2.0 protocols I might add and then tweet that about him being on the show. We're playing into his hand
John: and another one I liked that you hated. I don't was anything was greetings from Kovacs it Yeah, I
Adam: didn't like the right maybe I just wasn't in the mood near right. I just nothing struck me it's it's personal art is a personal choice. Nothing worked for me. But I was happy to jump on board with the we chose which was
John: one from sure effigy that says Episode 1224 artwork is on the page. Oh, really? Which is Santa getting the injection. It would have been funny if it was it. I use that for the newsletter and I would still promote it for today's show.
Adam: By the way, the newsletter. Fantastic. I love all the Santa Claus. Cigarette ads, that is fantastic.
John: It wasn't my original intention. Oh, I was gonna do some Santa Claus ads over the years. And I started seeing all these cigarette ads. And I said let's make this dramatic. There's more than enough cigarette. So this is no Santa Claus Can't Get Enough. Enough smokes. He'll smoke anything.
Adam: It's interesting how Santa has been used and abused in the past for for big programs, big advertising programs. And I think you're right. I think the maybe we should pay closer attention to Santa and vaccines. Do we have a lot of Santa being vaccinated that they should do it because that's what's out here.
John: You already hear how she signaled it right
Adam: Fauci signaled it, that he went and checked with Santa. Now please don't do this. We're not going to pick art of Santa being getting a vaccine in the armed it makes john uncomfortable.
John: I used it for that I use it on the newsletter still
Adam: makes you uncomfortable. You don't like the plunging in the arm?
John: Well, that particular one I made an exception for because it was so well done.
Adam: Well, we are effigy, we appreciate the work that all of our artists do. And what we're really doing here is critiquing you, because that's why you send it in you you want to win. If you don't win, you'd like to know why not? Well, it's because I was tired. And john has crazy ideas. And then all of a sudden, they're
John: not in control, it shows
Adam: up. That's how it works. We look forward to all of the talent and time that producers put into the production of the show, every single person who is involved in it is a producer. And we'd like to thank our it's a little bit later than usual, it's going to be a long show today I can also it's a Christmas show. So that's fine if we go a little bit overboard. We've got a lot of people who are very thankful for being a part of this grand experiment we've been running for, for working on 14 years. And we're going to thank our executive producers and associate executive producers for Episode 1306. And say in advance, these are titles that you can really use anywhere they are official. And thank you for your courage because we've got quite a list to get through today.
John: Starting with sir optimist of dogpatch in lower Slovenia,
Adam: areas is monthly.
John: And here he comes to finish the year off with tu tu tu tu Holy moly. dot 00.
Adam: Wow. And again, code we don't
John: understand is always a different amount. So we have to maybe assume there's some coding going on here. Ah. Here's his end. He always writes a very nice note. He does an informative note. This one's got a little bit of code in it so we don't know what he's talking about in a few spots. Okay, the year of the dame slash lady drive is ending and the new Dame slash lady count is dwindling as reminders and income waned under COVID. Producers consider making the year of the dame lady drive a year with a baker's dozen number of months to permit permit New Year title gifts from stimulus checks and to make 2020 the longest year on record. With chameleon Harris serving as Lady in waiting, expect her voice will support ESG and ESG limitations on trillions of dollars in investment funds only apply to us, European and developed Asian countries and companies. Many South American Asian x excluding Japan and Korea, or examples Japan and Korea, South Asian African and Middle Eastern countries and companies are excluded from ESG standard. What
Adam: is this? What is the ESG? What does it stand for?
John: Okay, I have no idea. It's like an acronym for sea of ESG meaning Yeah, I'm looking forward now. ESG standards is still qualify for investing. These non compliers often receive an international
Adam: brother, of course, environmental, social and governance. It's part of the sustainability goals for 20 2030. Right? Well, you
John: have to have when you put a board member on they have to be black or gay
Adam: or dead, or a plant or co2 plant. It could be a tree back behind would could be anything please just put something on there with an ESG stamp.
John: African male Asian countries and companies are excluded from ESG standards and still qualify for investing. Oh, these non compliance often receive international subsidies to fund compliance and their leaders abscond with the funds. Meanwhile, development is like a shaggy dog. I like this. Meanwhile, developed companies put on debt and suffer competitively in their effort to comply. So what he's saying here is that this is a scam to screw with a company. Yeah. He environmental is certainly running well and the financial cost of obedience has already moved heavy manufacturing to China, where he policies are limited. Meanwhile, US and European taxpayers agree to pay for eventual clean up. Dash the Paris accord being a super duper colossal Superfund funded by those participants to clean up China and India someday. If someone ever
Adam: says what is the Paris accord you couldn't just say, Oh, it's a super duper color. Superfund Yeah, meant to screw up
John: China and India because
Adam: to clean up India and China someday.
John: Yeah, S and G again u s and European companies will find weapons manufacturers having reduced market access. Non union us or low worker wage earners will be forced to increase wages and prices, making them less competitive board leadership will become diluted. As membership expands and internal company management concentrates its power, a common issue with expanding boards. Meanwhile, the countries that are not required to comply, continue to grow with slave labor and corrupt leadership and toxic byproducts. Professionally, US administration changes lead to higher activity and profits. This will be my ninth administration change and so far, this is better than the shift from Bush to to Obama, but not quite the Obama to Trump shift. I hope you and others benefit as well. Happy Hanukkah Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all know jingles Gautama.
Adam: Sir dogpatch of lower Slovenia via Toronto.
John: Economics. Yeah,
Adam: it's just another tip lifted of the veil as to who is truly synonymous of dogpatch and lower Slavia we cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support that you've brought us throughout. How long has he been supporting us now? Several years a number of years a number of years. always in the same format, although sometimes emailed from different places or in a over five years. Yeah. Well, Happy Hanukkah or to Nuka as we're supposed to say Smokey Robinson
John: was to say to Nuka now
Adam: Oh, you didn't see the smokey robinson bit. Oh, this hilarious.
John: No. But Chinook Are you familiar with sounds like a fish?
Adam: Are you familiar with cameo? The app cameo? So cameo, they approached me they actually courted me for a while trying to get me to sign up to this god awful service. So you Snoop Dogg is one of the main ones you you get on this app and you can pay a celebrity to do a custom video greeting for you. And you call Yes,
John: I've seen this is old. It's been around for quite a while. Yes.
Adam: I know this. But so Smokey Robinson did a cameo and he was asked to wish Happy Hanukkah to whoever was the recipient of this video. And he kept saying to Nuka
John: need a clip?
Adam: Oh my goodness. I didn't even clip this thinking that this this is now two weeks old. It was it was hilariously viral for a moment there,
John: but she still clip it. Alright,
Adam: anyway, thank you very much. Strong must have dogpatch Hello, Ursula Bowlby, we really appreciate that.
John: Cameron Dodd is next on the list from Pearland Texas and he gave his 13 $106 which is the show
Adam: the show side note show number right there.
John: So he's a Club member
Adam: a member,
John: ITM a colleague told me that the pandemic was just going to speed up things that were already progressing, it was going to be a catalyst for all things good and bad comments. Good and bad. I can see that happening on friends marriages that have ended in divorce during all of this. And again, in new relationships starting between longtime friends. And I can think of that you guys are producing the best content that you have since I've been a listener, which is where you were headed at the end of 2019. Thank you for doing the work that we so desperately needed in this country. It is much appreciated. No jingles, no karma. Thank
Adam: you very much. Thank you. We appreciate the note and certainly appreciate the club membership.
John: Now we have a person it's just a gardener. I'm not gonna say his last name because he might want to be anonymous, but I can't find a note from him. And he's in ba ba ye and he gave us $1,000 and I couldn't find anything good donation or anything note or anything by his name anyway, so some send us another note, a gardener and we will follow up. Thank you. Tony Cabrera 86183 encloses this year's final contribution from the no agenda shop. There you go awesome. Oh by listeners who stopped by to pick up some of the formula propagating March featuring art by no agenda artists who also just got their share of the profits as well. 2020 should have been an amygdala destroying year if we're not for your bi weekly dose of mainstream media deprogramming less talky more karma a Manny Bitcoin in his true porfa of law.
Adam: And thank you very much for being part of the no agenda value for value concept. Just remind you anytime artwork Use from no agenda Art on a T shirt of mogga hat etc. A split is made between the artists the show and the shop itself. We have no idea how these guys do this. There's no agreements it's just friendly and it shows up and we're super happy with it. And we appreciate you being with us throughout this rone appeared as well. No agenda shop. Tony Cabrera thank you for your courage.
Unknown: All hell is gonna
break loose and you're gonna need a Bitcoin.
You've got karma.
John: So the nonnamous lesbian picked up a pink baseball cap from this from this shop.
Unknown: Oh, from the no agenda shop.
John: Yeah. Yeah, it said no agenda or something. It had some saying or something on it. She was wearing it around Manhattan thinking it'd be kind of funny. And so I went as that was, it looks good. It's a good look in a woman's hat. It's pink. Mm hmm. And so I couldn't find it on this site. And so I sent it back I said battery so yeah, he had a really dig. There are some things they've got the why we'll give the site a little criticism here. constructive. If you got hot sellers or something like that pink hat that should be in the front, the front of the store, and you shouldn't have to dig around for it. Just
Adam: Was it a hot seller was that was it? I mean, I don't know if it
John: was it would be good. Just a dynamite looking thing and good. In anything. The anonymous anonymous lesbian is one of those people with taste. And
Adam: oh, taste one of those people. Oh, yeah,
John: there are there out there. Oh, just like to be I couldn't find the hat.
Adam: I'm so happy that we have the scanner now. So I can see the notes. I really appreciate that. It's nice to see him too. The first time I'm seeing the United Federation of Planets Starfleet Command logo on the letterhead for our next donation.
John: Yes, just Sure. We're Donald with the fire bottles kind of Eastern Washington Spokane Valley. 77777 7,000,077 77. He says, I begin my seventh year of listening to no agenda with a sack of sevens. I knew it was time to donate when again when my name came up on episode 1302. When Adam wondered if I might be affiliated with the Galactic Federation? No, my place is with the United Federation of Planets as John's noted, good. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause a space ruckus. Q insulted in several points with respect to COVID. One. Well, COVID may now arguably be the single biggest cause of death. Most deaths are caused by other things. Yeah, we know that.
Adam: No kidding.
John: Have you noticed that the news reports on COVID deaths initially often stated the age of the victim. But now it is seldom mentioned.
Unknown: Now of course we can't have that we can't have you figuring out statistics for yourself. My question to COVID fear mongers.
John: How many of these supposedly died of COVID would have been alive today? If they were no if there was no virus? probably less than half the empty chair guilt trip narrative is mostly false. I love the empty halls you're going to be an empty chair and empty chairs always an empty chair unless you don't have enough chairs.
Unknown: Don't you think?
Adam: And why? And if grandma dies, do you actually leave an empty chair open at the table?
John: With a meal in front of it. Yeah,
Adam: grandma with the place setting.
Unknown: Possible.
John: come next Thanksgiving and Christmas there will be empty chairs. But most of these empty chairs will be due to diseases other than COVID also most empty chairs caused by COVID all will be because of the virus being contracted somewhere besides the family get together Mm hmm. Family members will hear being cheated out of
Adam: out of final gathering with their know the final
John: gathering with their non now departed relatives because of the government induced fear funded by taxpayers of course and promoted by the media. Hello? Yeah. Yay, sir Donald the fire bottles count of Eastern Washington Spokane Valley. Okay, thank
Adam: you very much, sir.
John: So karma
Adam: Thank you very much.
John: Sir Mike of Mac work Kota. maquoketa. Mr. Mica, macco. Cat at night of all tradition, sent a note in it attaches a WAV file and he's got a WAV file at the end. I don't know if you got that. So here's the note greetings from Yeah, he's got a file for the pronunciation. I'm not gonna pronounce it again. After my brother Matt instant knighted man show 1301 I figured I would be using Christmas as an occasion to finish his knighthood this stuff. Along with 556 from Episode 12, eight six could get it done and let's see brokers in objection I would like him 92 sir Matt of maquoketa Knight of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I don't know if he's on the list or not. This is a note that came in through email.
Adam: I didn't get I didn't get this email so I'm I'm very confused about this. I didn't get a I didn't get a an email. I didn't get an attachment. And it's I certainly don't see Mike on the list. Okay, so I'm on the list. Okay, so it's Mike.
John: Sir Mike of Mac quote kita or Kedah. I can't I don't know. My math don't play this. Yeah,
Adam: this is your mic of Mike maquoketa
John: Night of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Okay. I'd also like to call him out is zero kilos zero kilo Bravo from his brother's November zero Papa tango tango. Keep up the great work guys. If there was an awesome title, other than best podcast in the universe, you would certainly deserve it. No jingles? No
Adam: karma. All right. Thank you very I'm sure Mike. Yes.
John: Okay, put that aside. And go on to moose.
Adam: Oh, I wanna, I wanna I want to do this one.
John: Okay, you got it.
Adam: It's a read. Wait, we can do it with some with some Jingle Bells because he made a little poem for us twice the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes of St. Nicholas soon would be there. The producers were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of deconstruction danced in their heads, and Adam and his querque for nine my cap had just settle down for a long winters nap. went out on the lawn there a row such a clatter, I sprang to my bed to see what was the matter. A way to the window I flew like a flash to open the shutters and threw up the sash. The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow gave the luster of midday to something below when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a deranged moose asking to be knighted sir spike for the wandering night. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
Unknown: You've got karma
Adam: perform levy is performed exactly as performed exactly as he instructed.
John: And I believe he's on the list. Yes,
Unknown: he is on the list. Ryan Martin in Parkland, Florida 350.
John: It is one of my neighbors is a proctologist and I marvel at the idea of his chosen profession is the ganja gathered assholes to diagnose irregularities illness, nice dawned on me that you also look at assholes to die a diagnose irregularities and illness. It's called it pretty much you are an immediate primatologist is a perspective that makes your study your study of Amy Goodman and yeah meesh doesn't short of heroic for this Christmas season my proctologist neighbor got sugar cookies, you get this donation which brings me to knighthood. Please Knight me sir be of the New Republic of florek says since Florida and Texas will soon succeed succeed succeed succeed succeed I would I want to get out in front of this thing and lay my claim it's like buying Bitcoin was $1.25 for the roundtable I simply asked for the center cut of the button you got it also a birthday for me please add me to the list for COVID 33 Day of 1221 which is 12
Adam: three three Yeah, nice. Yeah,
John: I mean to the Christmas list Christmas listeners you should check seabees on the birthday list i think is to the Christmas list is Merry Christmas to the entire no agenda family I wish you all peace health and happiness though jingles no karma. We appreciate that. Brian Martin in Parkland Florida, and he's got his accounting below for his knighthood
Adam: Yep. Then he's
John: he's there. Ready to go? Okay, good. Then we move to Brittany truus Nick, choose Nick. Looking at her name I know the pronunciation is choose Nick. Interesting now 333 99 I will be day I will be Dame I'll be a Dane with this donation. Penny please Penny
Unknown: Oh Penny Yeah, I
John: got a penny is a penny pincher penny. There it is. sounds kinda like a lead penny. I would like to be addressed as Dame Brittany of the swamps. Okay, I request frog legs and co Dean for the roundtable to celebrate the Dirty South.
Adam: Sure.
John: I don't know what this got to do the dirty.
Adam: I don't know, but I like it. frog legs.
John: dog's legs are delicious. By the way. Can I ask for the F cancer karma for an amazing woman that we lost in the 22nd? Who is both a mother figure when I needed one the most fun drinking, buddy. May she have all of the Puerto Rican cigarettes. They let her have in the better place I would. I would also like to hear the eat kale not goannas jingle to laugh at crash diet week, aka first week of January. And last but not least my husband, Baron of the Philippines wants to general purpose TPP jingle Happy Holidays everyone.
Adam: We got a lot to do.
Unknown: Not donuts,
jobs, jobs, jobs.
You've got karma
John: that came up without a hitch. Yeah. 33343 from Wailua, Hawaii, or Hawaii. Pay Pal rejected my donation. So I decided to do this odd old fashioned way. Sorry about the handwriting you can probably guess what I do for a living. Thank you, john, for your last newsletter with the A something of I can't read that
Adam: the last newsletter with the comparison of physicians versus administrators.
John: Right. I don't know if you've watched any Studio Ghibli. But this group reminds me of the I can't read
Adam: it. I don't know. I think I can. I think I can read this. I don't know if you've watched any studio six. I think that's what it is. But it's six but this growth growth reminds me of the scene where no fair grows and grows and grows in Spirited Away. Okay. Anyhow, this donation is for my husband who has requested to remain anonymous. He has previously used the alias Baluchi, his childhood nickname, childhood nickname, which means snail in Italian. This donation may bring him to knighthood but I don't know how to check. It's been years since he donated and he's been busy taking care of his family. If you're able to like to wish him a happy birthday, on your show, uh, with his alias Bob Gallucci, he turns 43 on December 27. Thank you for all you do Merry Christmas to you and your family. And yes, I checked with my husband it does indeed bring him tonight who he says and there's his email so let me just check and see if he's on the list.
John: I try to underline these things for the for the get scan so underline Happy Birthday should be on that list.
Adam: Okay, why don't you read the next one and I'll check while that's moving.
John: On we're with Andrew pot. Pon Banco Pon. Bianco is Bianca Okay, Pandit Bianco. In this way they give Hollywood stars different names. 333 33 in Peoria, Arizona. Dear john and Adam in the spirit of giving this season I'm grateful for giving you the above donation to TB PC. The best podcast See I know that is a I was made. It was made possible by loving 88 year old mom J. She presented my sister in me with an early Christmas present of a four figure check
Adam: row.
John: When handing me the check she said, Now you can go fix your teeth before I go.
Unknown: Thanks.
John: That son. I said Mom, you will be waiting a long time before that. I I later that day told her of my plans to purchase a new optic for my ArmaLite and make contributions to several charities and podcasts. Gentlemen, thanks so much for making 2020 more bearable and please extend your listener extend to your listeners the best for 2021 jingles only jobs karma for those who need a job or assistance with their small business best wishes for the holiday season
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and job.
Adam: Jen says I'll do it. I'll do one it's a long list. It's accurate. Yeah, go on to fielder's childhood Zachary from Healdsburg, California gence as the winemaker at Stewart Miller vineyards in the Alexander Valley. Pay attention john, I've been absolutely giddy with all the recent wine discussion. After hearing john talk about the Veritate tasting slash protest, I told my wife that we needed to meet these producers Amy and Chris and lo and behold, we encountered them the next day at a Christmas tree farm. Amy was supporting her no agenda had easy to identify. I knew I had to donate. Anyways, I'll send you both a few bottles of what I make from my day job and the side protect my wife and, and the side project. My wife and I recently started camp rose sellers at Camp Rose price for the working class plebs who can't afford Veritate or saarloos and sons. I'd be remiss if I didn't call out Kevin Odell as a douchebag. He's been making big claims of instant dating for well over a year. Finally, I'd like to request karma for my smokin hot wife Caitlin, who is currently vessel for our third human resource Merry Christmas. And Thanks for the info semen guys. Well, thank you as well here it is for the vessel.
Unknown: You've got karma
John: a lot of attractive no agenda hats.
Adam: Definitely.
John: So that's interesting that Amy was wearing Wouldn't it just in the same area? Oh, I see. Yes. Zachary's in Healdsburg as a wine grown area. That's where their winery is a David Michael beech wood in Southgate, Michigan 33333 he sent a note in my son informed me of your podcast a few years back I need to be deduced.
Unknown: You've been
John: juiced, listened without reciprocating sorry for waiting so long, any ways?
Unknown: What we started?
Adam: What have we done?
John: I went for any who that's what I might need. Anywhere when we want
Adam: any who said on television.
John: Your breakdown of the news is essential to all of us this kind of critical thinking you do is a positive contribution to the universe. It's just deconstruction. Thanks for the instructions. I write books under a pen name. My latest book is we sleep they live but we sleep they live. We sleep they live by David Michael Beechwood. The book is a story of how perhaps fewer than 9000 people rule our world. It's available on Amazon. I hope that you can mention this book we just read the note. It sounds like we you mentioned a book which for the most part supports your efforts. I am enclosing a check for 333 threes you also included as a card which allows one free download of the ebook which I I put it I used it and haven't started reading the book yet though. I'm sure it's outstanding. Okay, excellent. Paul Hooper $333. This donation is in honor of my love of my life. Lisa, his wife who is in the homestretch of obtaining her Dame hood, she would get there in the next couple of months. Merry Christmas, sweetie. We have been listening to the show for several years now and found out what they say is true. families that no agenda together stay together. And why wouldn't they write any ways? The best podcast in the universe should be spelled with a Z by the way. Excuse me, has been a lifesaver for us and improved our mental hygiene. Bigley. thank you john and Adam for this great show. And that you and thank you to everyone that makes up the wonderful community that is get gathered
around it. If you're able to please play smokin hot wife Lisa, a bit of ants and little girl Yay. Also a dollop of goat karma would be appreciated.
Unknown: Everybody loves it can't stay away from it.
John: Circus media in Missoula what's m y? Xu is in Montana if I'm not mistaken Yeah,
Adam: this must be a transfer issue
John: 33300 a merry Christmas john and I'm just donations to get the universe off my back with all these 33 synchronicities and return some of the great value I've received from the show I'm on the lookout for my future game so appreciation some dating karma Thanks sir cuz media
Unknown: know right ladies pay
Adam: attention. Media. You've got karma on the loose night of loose night.
Unknown: died on the loose on the loose
John: Mary Bailey Fitzgerald in the conquered township of Ohio $333 who, by the way, thank you everybody. Thanks to everybody who really came in for this show. Oh yeah, cuz nobody's listening to it because it's Christmas. Someone's listening in the morning this donation is from my husband Bruce. Bruce Wayne Fisher Bruce Wayne's you get in parents does Gerald so he can become an executive producer for Christmas is the switcheroo we got
Adam: no I got it. I've done it. It's good to go. This gift
John: that will keep on giving he hit me in the mouth last April. We are a couple that no agendas together. This is the first time donation so he definitely needs a deed dushane You got it.
Unknown: You've been
John: like the Bitcoin jingles and thanks.
Adam: Well, thank you very much. This is a beautiful thing for a wife to do for her husband and vice versa guys, all hell is gonna break loose.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Now we have a humorous note from Jacob Jacob Kitson in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 333 00. Today's donation is a birthday gift to my hunk of a hubby Tomas, he turns 36 Today 1224 is on the list for birthday can call out. He really wanted me to plug my Christmas EP and music video so why not share it with the best producers in the universe since Lithuania? was mentioned in the last two shows. I'll mention there's a Lithuanian verse on the recording. Oh, I don't remember mentioning Lithuania. But it's good to know. Songs of a distance. Just in Christmas is a street is streaming everywhere and links can be found at Jake. Jake or Jacob did this is the whole thing jaykar j That's j k t o r It's all one word. gays. Ooh, no agenda together. What's your dude turn heads at parties, especially when Rachel Maddow is there?
Adam: Are they at the Rachel Maddow parties? I apparently Oh my goodness. Hold on a second. What's this? I'm looking at this website now. And then he says
John: TDs and Tw s to the Trump derangement and Trump withdrawal syndromes are just as contagious as COVID a great cure is two shots a week and no agenda. I'm requesting cancer karma for Thomas mom
Adam: These are his songs. Oh yes. Oh yes. The rape song.
Have you seen the website? This is fantastic. He has the game the gayest jumpsuit on ever
Unknown: I know that he's got to be laughing going like Yeah, I did that on purpose. Oh this is great. Well good.
John: I'm gonna play now it's more somber cuz he's requesting cancer karma. Thomas mom she is well and now in radiation to support this community. We valued Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all this will
Adam: always make you feel good.
Armand. Thanks, Dave. And Tom.
John: Tyler Stewart and Chillicothe, Ohio to 9540 to be knighted on Christmas Eve a gift to me. From me to me. No jingles no karma. Thank you. And thank you for everything he writes that we do. Try the flat earther here I'd like to be henceforth be known as certify of God's flat earth and bear taria. Should we bear Atari? I think but okay, bear taria. I want to invite all producers this Christmas to accept the greatest gift of worlds given the eternal Son of God took on human flesh, to be born of a virgin and live a sinless life. So he could be the perfect sacrifice required by God to pay the penalty for the sing sins of all who would believe we are saved by grace alone through faith alone. Jesus Christ alone, the wages of sin are death, but Jesus offers eternal life. PS You do not have to be a flat earther to be a Christian.
Adam: I said help me. I was gonna add something. This is Pete IP. Yeah, go ahead.
John: I just finished his note. PPS, please add biscuits and piping, piping hot gravy to the roundtable shout out to oh and Benjamin and the bears.
Adam: I just love this whole the whole piece about the internal Son of God took on human flesh and I was just thinking we are saved by the grace alone. Through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. The wages of sin are death But Jesus offers eternal life and you're going to need a Bitcoin. That's What needs to be added after it? And then we're done.
John: So he good no jingles no current now. I want to there's another globe. I have two Peeves I want to get out of the way. Right in the middle of this. One is you mentioned apparently or what was it? You said it was a B is actually
Adam: caught my eye caught myself.
John: You caught it. I'm the data Prop, the one that we never really bitched about, but it used to be a classic problem on radio. And you very rarely hear but you'll start you start. I've heard it a couple times. I got irked by it, basically. Oh, yeah,
Adam: we don't do basically I don't think we've done bass. No,
John: I don't think we've done basically but I'm sure someone could find a saint. But basically
Adam: an actually it's the same stupid word is just as bad I think actually is horrible. And I catch myself and they're bad adverbs there are very bad. Very
John: now the other one, which this reminds me of because there's something I was irked about forgetting I now are reminded what the hell does piping hot mean? What is piping? You know?
Adam: Why do I want
John: this Stewart says it all the time.
Adam: I guarantee you you've had this complaint before. I remember this and you even said Martha Stewart as an example. And I think comes back to stove pipes. Now please, the expression was used as early as late medieval times referring to the steam that shot out of a sprouted tea kettle a device is used at least once ancient Mesopotamia in other words piping hot means boiling hot
John: i'm not buying it
Adam: Okay, it's That's according to The Village Voice so you're clearly homophobe. So get out of town
John: I'm gonna meet I may have to do some research on this because I don't like the word and I don't even understand where it comes from and I don't think anybody else does and why don't why keep using like the words piping hot it's piping hat this piping hot man I've never I've never done that I
Adam: should be concerned about other things in life this is not
John: a dig it No I'm my concerns in life are all trivial. Okay. But not so a dame and of gray rock from crows a Virginia crush it CR o ZT. I don't know crozet I've given up I've given up I don't care anymore. Am I pronouncing anything correctly? 250 bucks. Geez, you got a couple of jingle requests Reverend Manning you're gonna need a Bitcoin and China's asshole. Thank you for all the sanity this year looking forward to seeing some very fine people with normal sized amygdalas on Sunday at the Charlottesville meetup Can I get a sanity good karma while I keep my perpetual motion machine have an eight year old boy daughter she's eight she's still running around while resting for the next three months so her knee heels from the small fracture our tire down a two. I'm already pulling my hair out watching through the window and she jumped out of a tree
Unknown: kids
John: means nothing to her. Here's the good news. So she does a TPP jobs karma for anyone who needs it. Merry Christmas, Adam. JOHN and all the gitmo-nation Dame as Dame and of gray wolf rock.
Adam: The good news is it never ends with these kids. They stay with you forever like luggage.
Unknown: All hell is gonna
break loose and you're gonna need a Bitcoin
you've got
John: case and measure Oh, in Chelmsford, Ontario $250 he sent an email in I don't know if you got it. You did get a copy.
Unknown: I did. Okay, yep,
Adam: I use that mean you want me to look at it or
John: no, no, I don't think so. Because he's got he says starts off with the words we love to hear. No jingles no bullshit. move on with the show and clips.
Unknown: Okay,
John: is that it? No, no, no, he's got it five paid to get the right glasses to read. This isn't 6.0 great. It's 250 US dollars or 338 candidates.
Unknown: This guy moves up, bump up, bump up here to make a note Merry Christmas. And before we go on,
John: I want to okay now there we just know today I gotta do something else. Uh, the New World Order will equalize the digital dollar soon and it will be close to knighthood. I'll be able to make this donation after selling some Bitcoin shares when it hits 30 to 30,000 Canadian this Friday. Yeah, January 6 is my birthday so I can't wait for the mayhem and no agenda show on the seventh that's right we come on right the next day. That's right. Give you and given given you my time my talents and now more treasures my wife still crazy hot, less cranky than before but still hot. Stay safe slaves
Unknown: the northern
Adam: areas cranky, cranky but still still hot. We love that. And thank you very much and we have bumped you up to executive producer status we have $250 from Frogger yes main from the Erica in hilversum The Netherlands My love My buddy my rots in the grounding my really really really ridiculously good looking husband. It is time for you to take your place at the roundtable and officially also become my knight in the Shining Armor surrealist in the fool footers realm. Merry Christmas moily for to you and to Adam and john everyone else out there listening all your loved ones May our hearts be filled with warmth and trust, love from Dame of the crystal core. And she says for her husband her love the righteous flakes and glue vine at the round table so a lot of Dutch in there. But the one I like
John: verbena I By the way, Frankie's a great sounding name for IKEA
Adam: for fun. Okay, I'm sorry for oka Raka
John: Raka Get over here. Bring me another beer.
Adam: It's a Friesian name, which is very close to Welsh. But yeah, that's exactly if you encounter a Frogger in the wild. Just say give me my beer Fraga that it always works. It always works. And I like how she's talks about her husband. My rots in the brown thing which is my rock in the in the angry surf. So you can always climb onto your rock. Beautiful. All right, we'll take care of that and we've got the righteous flakes and glue wine at the roundtable
John: on word with yossef for Joseph Tyler. And he's in Canada somewhere it looks like in the morning from Soviet kaneka Stein. The cat Nuka Stan, he's in Canada. He's in Nuka Stan, I like that please start using that. I'm donating 333 is another guy again.
Adam: It's popped up Yep.
John: You gotta know to make you know this is gonna be a complicated end of show. Yeah. I'm going a 333 snow pesos in honor of my 33rd birthday and Boxing Day please de-douche me okay.
Unknown: You've been
John: converted Reaganites
Unknown: American donation. There you go.
John: And I'm hitting people in the mouth as fast as I can. Thank You for finally bringing some common sense to the airwaves. I have been reading a lot about economic we do a slick show.
Adam: We're too tight for this market. Really?
John: Yeah. I have been reading it actually. Actually basic. Basically, I have been reading a lot about economics since COVID. And discovered a book aftermaths, by James are familiar with James Rickards that predicted this pandemic three years ago and very clearly explains the global financial justification for why they would do it. Great reset. I'll leave it at that. For brevity, please call out Dr. Steve is a douchebag and sent some goat karma for my goat farming operations.
Adam: send pictures of said farming operation.
Unknown: Karma,
Adam: and I want to go name after me and john needs a goat named after him. Come on. This is an obvious
John: john the goat. I think
Adam: we should have a promotion for who gets to name the goats.
John: Dan Pinkard? Yes, definitely, definitely. Dan Pinkerton in Chula Vista, California. 23456 ITM gence This will be my 54th trip around the sun. What better way to celebrate an associate producer ship that we're finding make me a knight. One thing I have not heard clarified in my five years of listening is how to attach the accounting. Do you want a spreadsheet or list of dates with donations add Oh no. Please clarify. As recently I inherited a Harley please Knight me as sir so soft tail. Nice Night of the Southwest sunsets at at the roundtable. I'd love some cognac goombay if available. And Cubans cognac and Cubans.
Adam: You got it. I think we have Kobe.
John: COVID you want Cuban cigars. You want Napoleon cognac? I will. I will. Okay,
Adam: hold on. I have to change the order.
Unknown: I
Adam: guess. Napoleon okay.
John: good karma. Please don't even Make that much anymore. He's almost just become out of Vogue. This particular blend, but it's designed for cigar smoke. Go karma, please. Happy Christmas and merry New Year to all. And thank
Adam: you very much for your courage and see at the roundtable. You've got
John: the best notes next. Robert Bruce Oh and pink piggy pickney, Michigan 23456 Hi, john and Adam. Here's a portion of my recognition for 2020 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. No, jingles. archroma love it. Thank you, Robert Jarod Jared, Jared, soften Bach in Byron, Minnesota 204 30. Please credit this value for value contribution to my wife, Lindy. She has been on a $4 subscription plan for several years and mentioned to me a few months ago that she was only $200 away from Daimler. And so I figured I could use this information to my advantage and give her a Christmas present that would push her over the top. I would like to request a delayed deeming as the accounting needs to be certified. We'll take your word for it we'll damer today. Okay, you're talking as a dame name needs to be chosen? Oh, well, well, okay. We will
Adam: probably wait until she has a name. But she'll get the contribution today.
John: kingo request a goat says attached and a good old fashioned karma thank you for recursion and Merry Christmas.
Adam: Did we get the goat says I don't know I didn't get any I didn't get any attached. I'm sorry.
John: Just give me some girl goat.
Adam: We always got goat commerce course.
Unknown: You've got karma
John: sound effects on the same day? This is not doesn't work that well. No. Francisco but Sara in Pasadena, California. 200 bucks. My cousin Aaron Marino hit me in the mouth. A lot of shows ago. He called me a douchebag twice. And I'm finally donating a good therefore his his Christmas gift. $100 goes towards his knighthood and his and $100 towards mine. Thanks for keeping us sane especially since we live in the left coast. Merry Christmas.
Adam: Merry Christmas to you. pasadena.
John: I want to mention that note that's not on the list. $200 because it came in as a cash donation $200 in plastic money from Canada.
Adam: Oh, love that plastic money. It's in district
John: using it with a Krampus card. He sent it down a not a Christmas card but a cramp his card people know what that is cramp account or cramp is the evil gal stole his children. Thank you for the best podcast in universe and closed fined 200 Canadian plastic pesos. Seeing is how I live in what was once Upper Canada I will credit my peerage account a full 200 Yeah, okay. Is this the idea? Yeah, he's gummy nerds via account of the troll room. So he's already here. Yeah. By count he's up there. But thank you for the Krampus card. onward. Stacy to heart and Clarksville, Tennessee. 200 year old 200 Mb this donation is from my wonderful husband, Donald Hart. Lauren. Lauren, and I wanted to help you get a little closer to be getting a night. Oh, oh Lauren, and I okay. Your daughter probably. And I wanted to help you get a little closer to becoming a night. That's what she said. Michael Cox and thank you for that James. Michael Cox. I have a thing for him. I do.
Unknown: Actually,
John: Brandon Cox but as Michael Cox on this thing for some reason. He donate the name or the name. Michael Brandon Cox ITM the Christmas donation should be credited to my smokin hot wife Michelle Cox. Make a note please. This note this is donation gets switcheroo Are you there?
Adam: Yes, I'm here. Um, there's a lot of stuff I have to do today, john. So I
John: know I've just asked you there because I haven't been there for a while. I'm here connected.
Adam: Yeah, Karen I'm here and I'm listening to you. Now. You
John: got to go back to Dan Pinkerton.
Unknown: Pinkerton
John: den pitches that if I had to start reading again, I'm guessing they have to be. She has recently started listening to no agenda no doubt intrigued by your excellent a COVID analysis. I relayed minus ISOs I analysis I relay minus ISOs. Over the frequent whining and crying of our Oh, they listen over the frequent whining and crying over a three year old and three months old. Human Resources. JOHN, if you can keep the wind tips coming, Michelle would be a listener for life. Especially for cabs. A color a cab, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Can I get a karma from my wife as she starts back to work from the harder work of maternity leave? Yes.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: And that's the end of our lengthy list. I want to thank all these people 28 of them for contributing to this show. 1306 and making it possible and especially especially important cuz we really, normally in most normal years, we get very little Christmas donations, because then many times we used to take it off. For that reason we
Adam: ever really, I don't think we were hurt and we really taken Christmas off. I don't think
John: Yeah, a couple times. Really? Yeah. 13 years. Yeah. Okay,
Adam: once I can remember so there's a couple of things that would need to be addressed.
John: fell right on Christmas.
Adam: When you're doing something for your husband, I'm looking at you for Alka make sure you tell us your husband's name. So we can congratulate somebody becoming sir. For Alka Yeah. Then also there was something that came in way down below, which I think got missed. This is from Evo velten in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Hey, Adam, a john pay pills. transaction history doesn't go back more than seven years. Who knows? But I believe that with this donation of $12.34 and the upcoming monthly 1111, I'll reach knighthood in 2020. I can't think of any better way to end this eventful year. So I think this was missed because of where it came in. But he wants to be knighted sir Evo Night of the sailor was zoom. And I'm pretty sure that he made that. This is one this is someone who's been doing 11 elevens or 1234 for a long, long time.
John: So you do it for years and years, and it catches up to you.
Adam: Yeah, it's fantastic. So he goes on the list. He's on the list. I've got you listed and he wanted a foamer Boogie Boogie and some jobs karma. So we'll do that for you. No problem.
Unknown: jobs,
jobs and jobs for jobs.
Adam: Now we have a mate good from john Pacific See, who was upset that his note was not read. He was knighted on the previous show. Even though we did have it scan, I don't know how we missed it. So I will take a stab at it. He says the first check the amount of 333 33 is made on behalf of me and then my older son Patrick, who turns 16 on December 14, please add him to the birthday list. So I'm going to put him I don't even know if we did that. He's on his way to his own knighthood. I've been unknowingly hitting him and his brother in the mouth almost every school day for years and I was pleasantly surprised. One day we went for a drive and he asked indignantly why the no agenda show wasn't playing. We now listen together all the time, and many jingles have taken permanent residents or a household vocabulary Chinese asshole is a particular favorite. Given their newfound interest in all things no agenda I recently dug out Episode 420 to play the donation segment for them all right dad. And their reaction to hearing my name and letter being read was to go absolutely bananas with excitement. Get a thought I'd done something like played with Guns and Roses. Yeah, used to hang out with those guys. No big deal. No, I knew at that moment that making a donation to the show on Patrick's name would be the perfect birthday present. So he's excited and honored to be called out as a douchebag by getting de-douche And finally for his birthday, he'd like China, his asshole.
hadn't had that all set up. China's asshole and what else does he want followed by the dueling Biden and Trump triple is wrong? It's true. Oh God, I don't have those with me today. I'm gonna have to owe you that one. And the second check is a long overdue 133 33 for me and signifies my renewed commitment to support the show more consistently inspired by my son's the deep bond that has grown amongst us over our shared love with the no agenda show deserves no demands that I get my head out of my ass and make my own knighthood an urgent priority. I've been extremely fortunate to have been able to keep working amidst all the shutdown insanity. Therefore, I I plan to begin toiling towards this goal or if I'm lucky enough to receive a holiday bonus I will use it to cover the remaining ground to knighthood in one fell swoop all of them. Please give karma to any listeners who need it. And thank you very much for your courage you too are truly doing a great public service you dare you are I dare say an actual national treasure in the best sense of the word.
Unknown: You've got
John: to make good to read. Okay. This is from Eric. Sir Eric is naked. started sending Christmas cards again after a long hiatus. And by the way, we got a lot of Christmas cards and I think this Christmas cards are coming back into vogue.
Adam: I got tons I would I want to thank a couple people. I got lots of beautiful cards.
John: I think you got one from Eric might have I saw it fitting in I sent you an atom cards. My note to both you and Adam along with the hundo each are included in the cards. Apologies for the scribbling penmanship. I was day drinking hard that day. for keeping it short. Can I just request a Yoko scream to the head and dealer's choice job karma?
Adam: Yoko
John: the same as the it is the same exact same as the goat scream, right? No,
Adam: none of this is exactly the same.
John: I thought the goat scream was Yoko.
Adam: Well yeah, but that's not that's not exactly what he wants. Just got karma
Unknown: There you go.
Adam: I want to thank the Rei family for their beautiful card. I want to thank gummy nerds I want to say guys gummy nerds calling to thank you Dame Jennifer ouida thing anyway family Yep. Jennifer we to thank you also got to Craig noseley getting cooked. Got that one. Thank you. Got a nice one from Sarge and Fred. We all know Sarge. And Fred has been a supporter producer of the show for a long long time. And wish very very Merry Christmas to him his entire family and he sent he is a podcaster By the way, you should take a look at podcast Dr. Fred Dr. Fred Sargent Fred has been part of the no agenda gitmo-nation for a long time. Now I have glitter everywhere in the studio, but the one I wanted to thank is this I got a beautiful package from Craig noseley and from the whole family. It's really I mean, they apparently there's a Dutch store near them. So he got me. Yes. magnet clog magnets from that. Did you get the Dutch licorice
John: dear I got two different packages. Yes, actually. Now which ones
Adam: get Which ones did you get?
John: I got the one that's a hard candy. Yeah,
Adam: what's the name?
John: I say me Got you. I'm sure they said okay, so
Adam: you get the honing drop which is the beehives the honey
Unknown: and I
John: did not get the beehive. Did
Adam: you get this the school chalk? That's my favorite. Now you probably didn't see how I
John: did that licorice little white things with licorice.
Adam: Yeah, the white ones that look like chocolate.
John: That is delicious. The other stuff is inedible.
Adam: The school shock is my I already ate it all. It's like crack is Salmi, UK whatever.
John: Yeah, you got it. At all right? It all is done. The Hard Candy licorice is in edible I had actually i j tried it. I tried it. It's I never had a hard candy. That's ammoniated
Adam: I wonder which I'd like to know which one it is what
John: was the name of the package. I'll scan the package, I still kept the thing just a bitch about it. Oh, that's very, it's inedible. It's ammoniated candy I've never had anything like is the worst stuff ever. I'm sorry, but I had to throw it out.
Adam: Thank you very much to our executive producers and associate executive producers of Episode 1306 of the best podcast in the universe. It is our Christmas special. We really appreciate being able to thank all of you that well wishes the cards, the drawings, the sentiment in general and just for being our companions to john and i, you know, obviously we're at each other's throats all the time. So it's nice to have other people in the room with us. who send love and good cheer and good thoughts and and it's been a crazy year. We'll have more wrap up at the end of it. And of course We have the darkest days ahead of us. So a lot more great stuff. Great stuff to celebrate with the the best podcasting universe Thank you. These credits are real please mention that it is for the Christmas episode if anyone questions you want it and if you need any vouching, we are here for you. We won't stand for that these are real credits. If you'd like to participate in this grand experiment help us for our next program as we move towards 2021 please go to our website
Unknown: slash and and we
Adam: thank you for your time your talent and your treasure. The three T's the value for value model,
Unknown: our formula is this. We go
out good people in the mouth.
Adam: Again, we're going long people we're going long we are going long. Very very long.
Unknown: Okay, dokey.
John: Yes, a long segment.
Adam: It was a long segment some good
John: stuff in there. Um
Adam: What do I have here?
John: Well, this I got a couple of minor things I want to play. Okay. This is a trend I've started to notice in the mainstream, unprofessional but it seems that they like doing it. I don't know why. And I have a comment about this. This is the like I got two clips from this guy. But the one I want you to play is reporter reporter in tears over food.
Unknown: Political sparring continues, millions of Americans remain in need. My colleague Gotti Schwartz met some of them as they waited
in a long
line of cars for food in the Los Angeles area today.
during a
live report on msnbc. He's got his reaction to one couples story was one most of us could identify with
this food that you guys
are picking up today. But I guess he says that the food that they're picking up here is for for their Christmas meal.
compared to estoria grass. Yes, this is this is just one of the stories. I mean, you've got a parking lot filled with people, they're going to be picking up their meals. Picking up meals for Christmas. Sorry.
Yeah. Cheers.
Adam: It's horrible to see of course, if you see people at the food banks, yes.
John: Yeah. But I'm just talking about the reporting and I'm gonna, here's what I have to say about it. I've seen reporters go up to someone whose kid was butchered, stabbed to death shot in the head. And they're not in tears. No, no over that. It's unprofessional to go to fall into tears over somebody you know, Christmas meal, and then be dead pan serious when somebody's kid has been shot in the head by a drive by shooting. Oh, really? Surely What do you have to say? And then they have the parents on with a drive by the dude who had the kid. The parents are in tears. They're just bawling like babies and then the reporters. Okay, that's great. Back to you in the studio. Bob. I mean, what's going on here? Well,
Adam: how about this? This reporter This is a local, local report, or is this a network network doesn't really matter. The guy's local on the scene. He's making $35,000 a year he's crying because he knows he's next.
Unknown: Yeah, I'm not kidding. Yeah. Well,
John: he knows an element of truth to that. He
Adam: knows that he's just one step away. One payment.
John: They go back to Leicester and he says, Oh, yeah, everyone's can identify with this poor guy poor schlub. And so they throw it back to him a second time and they're crying reporters not crying anymore, but they do the follow up just a crying reporter follow up. And here's a follows up with more of the story. not crying as much anymore. At any given food drive. There's always someone at the front of the line. And today in Santa Monica. It was Medea and settled Mino Vegas, who showed up three hours early, like so many others that Tonino lost his job at a restaurant.
Unknown: He says they had a little bit of savings, and now they're going around and they're looking for cans and bottles to recycle. And as these lines wind all across the country inside cars or families that never thought they'd be waiting for food donations two days before Christmas, coming from
last year, going to restaurants on a regular basis and living life to the fullest. It definitely was a shock to us. The Los Angeles
Regional Food Bank has given out 120 million meals since the pandemic began. But when an estimated one in four people have been food insecure here during the pandemic, it's still not enough.
But food banks distribution is increased by 145% since the pandemic hit,
and we're not necessarily reaching everyone who needs help. And as the vehicles receive their food, they tell us what volunteers here again and again. They plan on sharing this blessing. with others in their community it needed to
Adam: well it is it is real there are people starving.
John: I agree with this and I don't know if the one is for is an accurate number but if it is beside the point and so far as the reporting is concerned, why don't they report on the fact that this shutdown didn't work and the shutdowns and all the shit that is California This is bullcrap. We put the air especially in California, we everyone does follows the rules, they mask up, they stay, it gets the support, and we're shut down. And meanwhile Florida's you know, the beaches are open.
Unknown: Mm hmm.
John: This is bullcrap. And they should, but they never cast blame on anybody. Instead of that reports, they should be directing that report at Gavin Newsome.
Adam: Well, why would they do that? They're in the same elite club.
John: Yeah, well,
Adam: he probably he might.
Unknown: He probably had to. Yeah,
well, not happy.
Adam: Your Rights is rightfully so john, rightfully so you have every now I've been telling you for years to move out of California. But you roughing it out. I have appreciation for that. You're gonna ride the value of your home all the way
John: down a podcast is do well in this.
Adam: Well, let's since we're doing Christmas reporting, we have yet another sighting of our secret santa at Walmart.
Unknown: I think it's a Christmas miracle.
It started with a brother from Walmart on December 8, that Latoya Lee didn't see coming.
Maybe that my layaway was paid off and I could come pick up my items. And I told her I said Is this a scam?
It was definitely the anonymous woman paid off her entire $233 layaway bill that was full of Christmas gifts for her daughter.
It was amazing. I couldn't believe it. I was asking Walmart associate Do you know who she is? Can I send her a thank you card? Can I get you know get her information just to say thank you. And I know other families want to do the same. There were
actually two layaway angels. Walmart tells news they wanted to pay what they could to bless other customers. Walmart says they came in on separate days with the same mission in mind. To bless others. We're honored to play a small role in these acts of kindness. And we love seeing the joy it brings to our customers this time of year. This was an Indiana
Adam: I believe this to be different. I think the strategy Walmart has applied is paying off very well this year. Typically, it's a secret Santa, who then pays off everybody's layaway. And just so you understand. For people outside of the United States, even some people inside the United States before credit cards before we ruined everybody you could save your money which was what we were encouraged to do as children or you could buy something on layaway, which meant it was put aside you can pay off an amount every month or as often as you can. So when you get to the time when you want it you can kind of plan your payments it was still kind of a reverse saving but you're basically saving up to get the product this is not this is this is not the way of the world anymore. We have to have Credit Karma and credit guru and credit up your butt and everything to new get your point you're doing great new improve your score will give you more credit more loans. That's where they want you. I believe this to be a real layaway Angel, which is the term they use. They differentiate between actual human beings doing this versus a paid for advertisement from the corporation. And I and I realized this when I got a note from Tom autonomous. We've heard from him many times before on the show, I thought I could share a personal story about the secret layaway payoffs that might prove it's not all a complete sham. When my mom was young, my grandmother would go to our local Kmart
every year and typically spend 200 to $300 paying off someone's layaway bill for Christmas. When your Kmart went out of business she started going to the local Walmart although she is currently locked up this year in a care facility due to the corona Bologna. My mom, three aunts and my two uncles for decades have continued this. They will typically spend 250 to $500 secretly paying off someone's tab for Christmas often choosing Walmart's as their store. Does Walmart use this to their advantage Surely, but as far as the term autonomous family goes, it's a very real thing. I can't wait to hit them all in the mouth. And congrats on making it into the 1300s I thought that was it's good. It is a nice thing to do. And I think this is different. This is the layaway Angel. Not the same as the Secret Santa but i i think it's a nice thing to do.
Unknown: I'm skeptical.
Adam: Well of course you're going to be skeptical,
Unknown: man.
John: Brother. All right. I do have a have a clip. Bye Can't really feel a bit mixed feelings about playing. And I do have it has to do with a feeling I have about, you know, Bill Gates.
Adam: Well, we need to hear this because you don't like him much.
Unknown: I like Bill,
Adam: I don't. Well, I
John: You're the one doesn't like him. That's correct. But I don't like what he's doing. And I don't like the fact that he's setting himself up for some issues. I mean, he could get himself he's maybe getting yourself into trouble. Because he is he is. And he doesn't know this because he doesn't pay attention to anything outside of you know, whatever, you know, the high end meetings, he's constantly and lording it over the who and whatever. But the kind of hate that is being generated, targeting him is much worse than it was when it got pied. If you recall,
Adam: goodness, this is such a long time ago.
John: Yes. I believe it was 20 years ago. Yeah. But
Adam: this is before he had the GAVI and the foundation and before he was done for his medical education.
John: Yes. Before he got his, his, his MD Yes. His Bs, MD Well, people,
Adam: people now. I mean, we Okay, before you play, whatever you're going to play throughout this pandemic, we have seen nothing but hate for Bill Gates, he's evil. It's the Bill Gates vaccine. his fingerprints are all over this key is no doubt, despised by millions at this point, let alone the children all around the world who were killed from some of his vaccine trials, which didn't turn out that well.
Unknown: Allegedly,
John: so he Yeah, allegedly. So he's, I think he's putting herself at risk because the die No, I remember that era of the pine where he got pied. He had solidly pie. What was that for playing everybody was that
Adam: because of the anti competitive nature of the browser? Probably the
John: guy was piling. This is a very famous Pie Guy that was piling and piling and piling if somebody sued and they stopped paying people, but he was doing it every chance he couldn't bill his bill is about I mean, you could see bill did take a bus, he take a cab, he was just he was not a he wasn't close. He used
Adam: to fight he used to fly coach.
John: Yeah, that was something that was
Adam: that was a big story with Microsoft. When he was still at Microsoft. He was rumored to be flying coach, so everyone else would he's I have the story behind that story, because I ran into him on a plane once. And first class, no doubt,
John: he was in first class, but he bought a coach ticket. Because at the time he would not take limos. He didn't buy a bike. He would take cabs, you do all these things. And he always flew coach he did he flew coach. But as soon as Bill Gates came on board, any flight, they moved him in that first class, they bumped somebody on it first class to get him up there. They didn't want bill and coach. So he he flew coach, kind of he bought coach tickets and flew first class. So that was a scam of a story. I mean, maybe flew a few times in coach before somebody got a clue. But this situation because he was pretty out available, easy to bump into you'd see him all the time. Before he got pied. Once he got pied. He had some security guys and I was at some event once this was again, in that timeframe some time after, and it's security guys with him. The guys are talking to their, you know, into their little lapel egg. What are you doing? And, and he became closer, they became less and less available. And I think he's so closer that he doesn't realize the kind of hate that's being generated or the minute he's putting himself at extreme risk from some nutball it's gonna maybe go after him. And he doesn't even know it. I think he's totally clueless. But let's just listen to what David Ike nice to say about Bill Gates and tell me that, you know, this is part of the problem.
Unknown: These events that are happening now and not about money. Are we do we get richer, that's a byproduct. And these people are so greedy, of course, they love all that stuff. But it's if you go to the core of the core, it's all about control.
So you have
this global web, and with a spider at the center, this inner core. And if you go to David, I've done a 16 minute animated film explaining how all this works, and how and how through this, they pulled off the pandemic it's simpler than people think would be possible. And so you have a series of people front people Elon Musk's and other one who are cover stories for bringing technology and and other things and you Funding local organizations like BLM. Which Saurus does. They appear to be individual select philanthropy and business work, but actually, they're just front people for this web. And they do what the web tells them. And so gates fine enough. I wrote 85% of the answer, which just started last October, before order, the lockdowns kicked in, in that first 85% of the book where I was pointing out what the what the plan is, well, and then in this period since what I said was the plan is kind of unfolded at a rate of knots. But the reason I mentioned this is that Bill Gates gets many mentions in the first 85% of the book including these vaccine connections before any of this lockdown kicked in and he became you know, Mr. Health Policy because he funds loads of things that not least common core education in America to program kids in Everywhere you look, he funds the media, which then interviewing with softball questions, it's everywhere gates money. Oh,
this is not news.
John: No, but this the way he treats gates in the second clip, which is just like, you know, if you're going to start demonizing people to this extreme, then persons at risk, and I the My point is that I don't think Bill knows this and just listen to this part of
Unknown: it. But he's prying a role. Among these others for this cold is the front up control of health policy, and vaccinate the world. And so he stepped down from Microsoft in March, because he knew what was coming. That's why he was predicting Oh, there's a pair debit cover. Yeah, cuz you bloody know you're orchestrating it with others. So um, so he's, he's a super super psychopath. I mean, you you have to have no empathy and no compassion in your entire being, to create the catastrophe for human life that he has, knowing that that's what he's doing. And that's what the outcome is going to be because that's what he wants, the outcome is going to be, I mean, this man is, I wouldn't even describe it as as human. Now, if you use the term humanity in being human, human traits, I would describe me even human because he doesn't, he doesn't have any of those traits. And his job is to control the World Health Organization. He controls Ted Rossi. He was the one that had him appointed Of course. And and from this central point, he's controlling Global Health Policy.
Adam: This is a this is not new from Mike. This is part of his overall I
John: just this is a new presentation. But
Adam: let me finish I'm not against it. I'm I'm actually all in. I'm not all in on Ilan in that way. I I think he's more tool of the military industrial complex was just letting him go. And, you know, lots of money somehow gets into pumping that stock beyond your wildest dreams, unbelievable. I mean, way beyond anything. The only thing that would make sense for the success that Ilan has is that he and others know that there's some free energy out there that will create electricity. So gates. Yeah, this guy has been a thorn in people's side for a long time. The Common Core was outrageous. And everyone all of a sudden was Dr. Bill, the educator now, I mean, it is part of some system that is definitely rooted in controlling the population. And Bill Gates is a he's just an idiot savant. And I think that it'd be easy to control him. That's what Melinda is there for. I mean, you yourself agree with this. She's the handler. She's the one that's controlling him. He's just a little puppet really is a sad man who can program pretty well, but not that great.
John: Well, the problem I have with this and the point of this these clips is not the bitch and moan about gays one way or the other is that when you start dehumanizing somebody, you call them not human. This is what the Nazis did did the Jews This is what the American settlers did the American Indians. This kind of thing gets you killed. Yeah. Because people always not even human, I can kill him. I'll just shoot him. And this is where Bill's headed. If he doesn't die, start paying attention to get the hell off the media.
Adam: He doesn't even leave his house or his office. He has nothing to worry about.
John: He Well, he does get out of the house and he's floating around these big meetings with all these hot shots. He got pide get remember He knows he's susceptible, but he's kind of lost his way. I think. And I don't think he's at home. I think he's not at home most of the time. I'm just I'm just saying, if something weird happens, and we hear about this assassination, you can blame all these guys who are promoting this kind of idea.
Adam: Why would I blame anybody?
John: no blame Mike. Why could
Adam: I just not rejoice?
John: What you could? Yeah. See, for me, the point I'm trying to make is that's not the idea. I understand. You don't want like what Gates is doing, either argue against him, get that much money and fight him? Or just he should? or stop listening to him? It mean, the guy's not. I mean, he's good at a couple of things that he's a good. He's good at identifying people to hire. And that's about it.
Adam: Interesting defense, or pre defense, you have a bill. I mean, I clearly do you like the guy or something? Because I really couldn't care less. I think he's evil. I won't dehumanizing me he, he has a heartbeat. But we're not even sure of that. So, no, I think that the people who I'd like to
John: know you, I, I'm just just stating my position. I'm not going to make an argument with you.
Adam: No, but I'm allowed to say whatever I want. You can say whatever the boss
John: said, I'm just saying I'm not here to argue about it. I'm just here to state my position. Got it.
Adam: And I was continuing you keep interrupting me, the people that I know.
John: I'm not interrupting you. When do I either ever interrupt I have never interrupt you in this entire 14 years.
Adam: So people also from Seattle, who should be held to account at the local level. And then we can deal with the gates of the world who are clearly out for control. And yes, I think are the problem. Here's the president of the city, Seattle City Council about the defunding the police that they've set in and here's the reasoning, I just want you to understand the Bill Gates, his fellow seattleites, how they're thinking up there, and then give you an idea of how Bill Gates what he's has in his head.
Unknown: And you know, I would have wanted to see something happen faster and more and be bigger. But at the end of the day, it would be difficult to in one budget cycle, undo 400 years of institutionalized racism and a police department, what's the
future of the Seattle Police Department in your eyes? What What should
it look like?
We have asked police to solve homelessness, affordable, affordable housing issues, mental health crisis and substance use issues and poverty. And that is not the solution policing is not the solution to those issues. And so we need to with the scalpel approach, begin the process of taking those duties and tasks away from the policing system, and put them into the proper systems that have been getting defunded for years now. So now it's time to put that script.
Adam: This young lady should take a trip and go on a couple of runs with the police at night and see what it's really like what they're doing. And she feels that all they're doing is that list of things that they've been asked to do, which to me shows a clear failing of the City Council and the city itself. And here's here's the series, the strategy,
Unknown: what we ended up looking at as a strategy is is, is first and foremost, how can we prevent the police department from continuing to grow, we reduce their hiring budget by about $6.1 million dollars in the form of transferring divisions out of the police department to make them a true civilian function. So it's a combination of cuts and transfers. That led to a 20% reduction of the police department's budget
does the rhetoric of the fund and abolish, does that kind of complicate the picture here?
I do think that it's an oversimplification of a very complex issue. defund SPD isn't just about the funding. It's about recognizing that there is value in our black and brown and indigenous neighbors and community members. It's about making sure that we remember that we have under invested in those same community members to an embarrassing degree.
Adam: Using the police to signal your virtue is what I see from that. And that's what she's saying what that is she's actually saying this is just it's so wrong,
John: said actually.
Adam: We have not discussed the second hack uncovered after the solar winds. compromise. Now we're learning that there has been a different actor or actors inside systems everywhere, possibly for months or years. Is it fun when the CIA and the NSA meet each other online and like, Hey, what are you doing here? What are you doing here?
Unknown: Oh my god. We've
Adam: been here for years I made to
John: it. This is like the time where you get the DEA and the local police to have a shootout
Adam: against each other. This is it's so obvious what is going on here. But to really understand it,
Unknown: once again, we go to Joe Biden's holiday message. The truth is this. The Trump administration failed to prioritize cybersecurity. It did
that from eliminating or downgrading cyber coordinators in both the White House and at the State Department. To firing the director of cyberspace and infrastructure security agency, to President Trump's are rational, downplaying the seriousness of this attack, knifes enough agents so much of our lives are conducted online. cyberattacks must
be treated as a serious threat by our leadership at the highest levels. To combat this go unanswered.
That means making clear and publicly who is responsible for the attacks and taking meaningful steps to hold them in account. Wait for it. Initial indications, including from Secretary Pompeo, Secretary of State and Attorney General William Barr, suggests that Russia, Russia is responsible for this breach certainly fits Russia's long history of reckless, disruptive cyber activities. But the Trump administration needs to make an official attribution. This assault happened on Donald Trump's watch. When he wasn't watching. He still has responsibility as president to defend American interests for
the next four weeks. But rest assured it even if he does not take it seriously,
Adam: will. Merry Christmas, everybody. His whole holiday message filled with horrible things and it's Russia. It's Russia. It's gonna be the worst. It's Russia. Nah. You know, there's a reason why Kamala Harris is taking the COVID shot a week later. Let's see if this guy can if we can get him to kick the bucket is still possible. He might get ill any any day now. Any day now? Well, he's acting ill, man. You see him only a year ago. He's so it's so different. Just a small year ago. It really went downhill fast with him.
Unknown: Yeah, that's true. That's true.
Adam: Um, let's see. We do have another break. We got some nice things. We've got other things to some
Unknown: knighting. We do
have a lot of nice things and birthdays. I did want to play. One quick on this came from America thought leaders always like listen to that podcast. This is Bill Gertz. He's a china analyst. We haven't bitched much about the CCP today. He has been looking through the CCP database, the one that is released has now been translated. And he has some thoughts on it. First of all, there's 93 million people in the Chinese Communist Party. So this is a relatively small percentage of their party membership. But I think what's significant is that it will allow people, researchers, investigative reporters like myself, to begin to trace some of the patterns of employment and penetrations by these places that then can be used to go and analyze how other sectors that we don't have lists for are penetrated by Chinese officials. I think that it will also help to really expose the corruption within China because a lot of the so called princelings the offspring of top party officials. They not only come to the United States, they park their money here. They send their children here to universities, they they drive around in Lamborghinis. And, and some of them even managed to get a US passport.
Adam: this is gonna be so good. We know what to look for. And China Joe is just gonna let it all happen. We can just see those princelings driving the lambos around downtown Austin. They're common.
John: You'll see it.
Adam: Yeah. Do they? Now this must be a thing in San Francisco the princelings is that what they call them princelings?
John: No, this is mostly an LA thing.
Adam: Of course, why would they have in San Francisco? Yes. Makes no sense crazy. Beverly Hills before we take our value for value break, which is how we'd like to run the show. I've been keeping my eye on Spotify and how they're progressing, trying to get you to convert to listen to podcasting on their platform exclusively. And I think the writing's on the wall. This is not working out well and I want I want your opinion as a media analyst to stories. Story number one, this is the first big announcement I've seen of a year long partnership. It's being billed as a partnership. I think it'd be better to call it a advertising deal for the Joe Rogan show that you tell me if this is the Have you heard of any announcements about big advertisers? For the Rogen show? Have you read anything about that?
John: I read the trades. No, no.
Adam: Well, big announcement cbdmd signed a one year partnership with that this has been an existing sponsor. And so they have a this is the first big sponsorship that has been announced. They already were sponsored.
John: And they were already painted foot in the building.
Adam: They were already a sponsor. So they already they came over. And also wouldn't you want like a car brand or a baby afford?
Unknown: She wants something big? Even Leo got forward for a while. I mean,
Adam: and me, hey, we've got a lavender blossoms. origami is good. As
John: far as I'm concerned.
Adam: We got a CBD sponsor. Although he's not a sponsor. I just thought that was an odd first announcement unless I missed one. But probably more concerning, is this full article about Spotify is ambition to become your most preferred audio habit. That's the title wrote this piece of the India times not tells you enough. That's India times does have some pretty good articles.
John: Yeah, yeah, there's Yeah, generally speaking better than the New York Times.
Adam: But this is what I've been. What I've been saying is that I don't see how Spotify is going to trance to convert their existing music app listeners into podcast applications. I think it's going to be hard for them. I think they will have to use the open infrastructure We'll see. But considering our history, and our history with Ron Blum, as at Poncho and meevo. Tell me that when you hear the following term, that something is not doomed to fail. I want to read the whole sentence, because I think you'll love this. Yes. So about 30% of the consumption of Spotify comes from editorial and algorithmic recommendation. So they're trying to say to people, Oh, you like listening to this song. You'll love this podcast. And they're calling it algo tutorials.
Unknown: Oh,
Adam: tell me that isn't the kiss of death right there.
John: That is totally the kiss, the kiss of ridicule. And that I mean, there is at least is something we've heard before like edge tutorial or advert or other but this is off to scale.
Adam: This is a bloom ism that is destined to fail.
John: It is a bloom ism.
Adam: Oh, good tutorial. I saw that and when I okay. This is not it's great. It's not going to work out. I've been a part of many, many of these types of terms. Has anyone ever succeeded that you can recall?
John: No edutainment we might work in a Hollywood meeting. minutes about
Adam: it. But we wish them well of course, and we wish them a very Merry Christmas everybody over there in the social justice army.
Unknown: I'm going to show my school by Jonah.
Imagine all the people who could do
Adam: Speaking of the devil, there is
John: indeed the devil.
Adam: Yes, sir. Kyle of lavender blossoms we were just
John: we were just talking Callum lavender bless right at the top of list. $172.27 Thank you. Merry Christmas. He says Merry Christmas, Eagle Scout breaths. A lot of Eagle Scouts. We should mention the listen to this show. And military types. Eagle Scout Brett in Monterey, California. 169 six.
Adam: Hold on. This is important. Adam and john have been a regular listener for four years. I am donating today due to a serious situation. My sister in law Larkin, who I hit in the mouth is going to call me out as a douchebag please de-douche me Yes. You do. Well. Eagle Scouts. Brett. Yes. surprising that you hadn't supported us for years and took your sister in law. Very nice.
John: Yeah, I'd say. Yeah. Yeah. He can field easily. Hampshire. Great Britain $100 sir Chris of Carmel by the sea didn't he just donate please added a lovely Dame Christian to the birthday list her husband sir Chris Carmel by the sea. You bet. Comes 29 he's in Walnut Creek. Jeff Phelps 100 Cooper and Lily bat sold 100
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John: yes sir hashtag no and Beverly Hills $100. Dame Patricia Worthington in Miami, Florida. 100 Sir dragonheart in Beverly Hills, another Beverly Hills, sir.
Adam: How often does that happen?
John: Not often. Not often enough. 102 Smith skis from Pleasant Grove, California 100. They all send in notes and I don't have them handy. necessary. I do have somewhere but we have so many people today to thank that. I'm going to we'll look at notes over later and or you can look them over yet. And while I'm doing the rest, game, read xerte super, super in it. Okay. There's no way that's his name. mepple yaalon all
Adam: registered souverain Yeah, it's his cert subarrays first smokin hot girlfriend Doreen padding who's celebrating her 33rd trip. Tomorrow on the list. She is gay best ship bazian in San Francisco, California. Sounds like an Armenian to me. 7999
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John: William Elliot in Hawaii. 75. Sir Rick, in Arlington, Washington. 6969. I'm sorry. 6996 he always likes to do that. Thomas beard in Tilburg Netherlands. 6944 is smoking hot,
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John: Sir Brian white night in the rainbow nations Houston, Texas. 6225 Happy birthday. Shout out. 62 coming up. David Forbes in Shakopee, Minnesota. 606 Jeff. Jeff. Kept, I guess. Parts Unknown 5678 sir abundance of caution. in Maitland, Florida 56 $56 and 5600 pages of BS he writes. Nicole Gilbert she also sent a note and saying do not mention my my guess is her boyfriend smokin hot boyfriends last name at desk because she donated 5555 and asked for a deed douchey boyfriend
This is his Christmas gift for 2020
Adam: That's nice, beautiful.
John: She used to make six figures as a DJ Yeah. Now she's just revised off measly weekly government crumbs and FEMA zone two and there's not
Adam: much DJing going on anymore. So
John: I mean, let me read this more this this Thank God my boyfriend discovered no agenda when Adam was on Jr. Now eagerly ERate await each episode by singing your jingles with a buff with joy animation. You guys are at the surgery think things? Sir Robert of suevey in Holland, Pennsylvania. 5510s. Sean desantis in Fort Pierce, Florida 5510. Matthew golian. In desk Plaines, Illinois to define 10 sir Brian Massey Baron of the Connecticut River Valley 5510 in West Hartford, sergej boy in LD Virginia 52 at Nick wagon filer feller in half poverty have degrace in Maryland, my guys 5150 Megan Carlota pertti in Galloway, Ohio, sir, for her dad's Christmas gift, Rick. He's a huge fan of the show. Yeah, you can apply to his knighthood source. Thanks, Megan for doing that for your dad. You're dead, Rick Carlotta Rick Carlotta natashia holler in Portland, Oregon 5225 5025 to $50.25 Forrest Martin 5005 Sir Andrew Ben's in Imperial Missouri 5005 and the following people or $50 donors name and location if applicable. JOHN Lawrence unknown. Lucas Deaton in Dayton, Ohio, Todd Grubb and Capek, Minnesota, Sir Patrick may come in New York City. Hey Soos Allen in Austin, Texas, Matthew Grice and the canali. Personal known Michael marmorino and cynthiana. Kentucky, a Paul country moss in Westwood, Massachusetts. Alexa Delgado in aptos, California, sir Daniel, a boy in Bath Michigan, Julian Robinson aptos. Another aptos dweller Annapolis you should get together to people as only 10
people in that town we smashing a Sir Richard Hufford in Tempe Arizona and last Kevin silvermine in Southern Maryland want to thank these folks are making show 1306 possible
Adam: and Merry Christmas to all of you. Thank you for the donations for the beautiful notes for the end, the PO Box stuff that I didn't get to half of it, the cards. Some of the gifts is really heartwarming, very, very appreciated. And just knowing that y'all have been with us throughout this many of you for over a decade, some of you just since the start of this year, but you're part of something big here you are producing this podcast. That's why it's the best one in the universe. We really appreciate these producers and those who came in under under $50. I see a couple of 4999. Today they definitely want to make sure they were anonymous, but we also have many of those monthly or bi show or sometimes even weekly programs. You can start as low as $5 you can do whatever you want. The whole point of the value for value model is whatever it's worth to you. You put it in $5 may be a lot of money to you. That's just as appreciated as anything else. And if you'd like to do it before the end of this year, we got another show coming up on Sunday John
Unknown: slash and a for everybody
Adam: a final Christmas code karma.
Unknown: You've got karma
It seems that we've
Adam: had a lot of people are celebrating birthdays in the month of November and December and today is no exception. Sir Brian white night in the rainbow nation turned 62 Jacob Kitson says Happy Birthday to hubby Thomas who turns 36 today the boys who gay together and listen no agenda together or something like that, sir Chris of Carmel by the sea. Happy birthday today and Kristen, she turns 29 today, Richard subterrane his smokin hot girlfriend during budding 33 tomorrow Thomas biard to his smokin hot wife Jocko aka Shaku turns 40 on Christmas Day, we have Sir Robert smiley saying Happy Birthday to his wife Debbie also a Christmas baby as his serve Baba nochi who turns 62 and Pinkerton will be 54 Joseph Tyler will be 33 on the 26th and finally anonymous is happy birthday to her husband Brian, aka Baba Lucci who turns 43 on the 27th Happy Birthday from everybody here at the best podcast in the universe.
John: Before you read the next thing I just thought of something I
Unknown: hit Bob Lucy twice somehow. Baba Lucci got
John: in twice is that I wonder if our boys in Provincetown, they were at the party with Rachel if everyone was messed up,
Adam: which which report which party was Rachel?
John: Did they talked about being a party with Rachel Maddow? Oh, the boy who no agenda together should do should you turn heads at parties especially when Rachel Rachel Maddow is there? And
Adam: was she there when she was supposedly home with her sick partner?
John: I'm wondering what is it now that just comes to mind
Adam: we need gaze on the ground?
John: on the ground,
Adam: boys No, seriously? All of a sudden I can't help but seeing his album come.
Unknown: You will look
Adam: it's hilarious. But before we do anything, we need to do a couple of nice things in Damon's I need a Christmas Christmas blade from you. Thank you.
Unknown: Heather Kraus.
Adam: Brittany trucks Nick. Bubble Lucy there is again, moose Tyler Stewart Brian Martin frogs husband Mark jumping up here. Dan Pinkerton, Mike and Evo Belton. All of you have or have had contributed $1,000 or more to the no agenda show this podcasting universe and therefore I'm very proud to pronounce the damn atomic ginger of pop rock. Dame Brittany of the swamp sir Baba Lucci sir spike fork the wandering Knights are tired of Gods flat earth and barracks area. Serbia the New Republic of florek says surrealist in full quarters Rome, Sir softail Night of the Southwest sunsets. Sir Mike Knight of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and sir Evo nights of the failure was zoned and for you we have hookers and blow rent boys and Chardonnay. We got some specialties we got a center cut of the mutton. We've got frog legs and coding biscuits and piping hot gravy that I just placed in boo bang, Napoleonic Napoleon, cognac and Cubans. And where else would we be without Ronnie rubenesque women and Rose a couple of bong hits and bourbon origin trail and gerbils and of course, the mutton and meat without the central cut could have already spoken for that is for you. And you have the big list please go over to no agenda slash rings and Eric The show will work very diligently to get you your room. In fact, we just put in an order for rings, I think because we got another shipment to go out. And that will be accompanied with the sealing wax and your official certificate
certificate of authenticity signed by yours and Dvorak's. Truly, and we really appreciate this. Thank you so much. It is great. It's been a crazy ass year but this is going to be a fantastic Christmas and we wish well for all and you might even want to hang out. No one.
The party commences or continues on Sunday. The 27th holy crap that's on the show. That will be as we heard earlier, the very fine people meet up in Charlotte, Virginia at three o'clock at the Trump winery. That should be a hoot. Before we round out the year there will be a December 31 New Year's small amygdala bash. It's the 719 Colorado then let me see the new year January 5 friends have fair and honest elections DC meetup. We know about that that Sir deucer for organizing on the ninth Bozeman, Montana bringing in the new year also on the new ninth the Houston raging super spreader luncheon. The na local 512 build back better battle planning got to be a part of that one. And on the 16th Durham, North Carolina their local 919 to 17th. Southwest Florida pre inauguration meet up the 24th in Philly local 76 the 30th in Melbourne and the question will be is Melbourne really free that will be down under green bay Wisconsin title town Green Bay to be exact on the 30th and the last one we've got on the calendar is February 6, the love and light winter meetup in Boston, Massachusetts. These are meetups but can easily be made into protests there where your local regulations require that go to no agenda protest calm or no agenda meetups calm find one of these meetups near you you've been locked indoors. You need some human contact you can get it and it will be safe for you. It's a place where there's no triggering just good last good time yakking about the show and it is
truly like a party if you can't find one have no agenda meetups calm please consider making one yourself no agenda
Unknown: bom bom
you want to be with everybody all right.
Adam: We have not done enough shoe ISOs yet.
John: We only have one
Adam: which you got
Unknown: a
John: B on there as ISO whoo see worst day worst day? worst day Yeah.
Adam: I have this one which I thought might be fun
Unknown: it's pretty sciency stuff
Adam: doesn't punch Forget about it.
Unknown: When does this you know murdered young countless people you can't even keep track of all of them
Adam: sorry, that's a confession not an ISO I didn't I think worst day is all of God really? Were
Unknown: stay. Yeah. Yeah,
I like it.
Adam: Yeah, I think we can do that. I think that'll work.
Unknown: It did have
Adam: to thing I'm gonna save the Chrome Developers,
John: somebody say Merry Christmas wouldn't be bad.
Adam: I don't think we have anyone. It's so unpopular to say Merry Christmas.
Unknown: Yeah,
John: worst day yet then.
Adam: I we got to wrap this up but I did want to make mention there is a song in the Netherlands which was done by unitec who is a cobra che which is old school name for stand up comic in the old world. And he wrote this song on this must be 40 years ago called fluffy and fluffy is a song about a rabbit hence the flappy flappy ears. And what happens to flappy this poor boys pet rabbit on Christmas Day. And would you believe that this song, this fluffy song has been covered by Todd Rundgren of all people. And I just want to play a little bit you can guess how it ends, but it's just so weird to have this old traditional Dutch song creepy one covered by Todd Rundgren
Unknown: because Christmas owning 1961 I recall the empty pen where my brother belonged. And my mother told me don't go in the shed and if I just behave that I'd get something you'll need later on. She also didn't know where floppy was. She said she asked my dad who was busy in the shed.
Adam: You know what happens at the end of the song right?
John: two rabbits dead Yeah, they
Adam: eat the rabbit for Christmas dinner. Yeah,
Unknown: I can't
Adam: believe Todd Rundgren covered this. Oh,
John: maybe he likes rabbit.
Adam: No. It's a horrible sad song. The kids run all over the place trying trying to find floppy floppy and he's not in the shed. Where's floppy? And then he's on the table the eight floppy
John: Yeah, it was kind of a sick. It's not horse sick.
Adam: I just found it very odd that Todd Rundgren would do that. But maybe that's Todd. Yeah,
John: I met the guy. Danny pretty normal. It's
Adam: everyone's met Todd Rundgren. He's gotten around.
John: But he's I think he lives around here somewhere that we're in.
Adam: Well ask him about it.
John: I don't think I'll ever see him. Why do you hate
Adam: rabbits? Man?
John: I don't have really anything up. Beat. I get to do I think the only happy thing is kind of old. No, it's not at present.
Adam: No, let's not do anything. It's just not a beaten. Look. I
John: have a bit about the Trump pardons
Adam: I had but I had the dead rabbit up beat
John: the dead rabbits Harley, a BBC journalist. Now we can put this off to the next show.
Adam: All right, I'm calling it we've been at it for four hours and he
John: longs too long to charge too long loop it's done. And Merry Christmas to everybody. Happy New well not happy new year because we got another show on Sunday. We're still working Christmas.
Adam: Merry Christmas everybody. Thank you so much for supporting us. I'm glad that you could hang out with us those trolls who are here they're still in there. We got a lot of trolls hanging out. And we return on Sunday, which will be 26th and seventh that'd be 28 Yeah. It's gonna be a hoot. As we take out the old year and bring in
John: the new normal seven the new 727
Adam: and be bringing in the new normal after show mixes Let me see. unprepared we got to Jesse coy Nelson. We got Greg Dolby and ser seek sitter and coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas, tema region number six on the governmental maps if you're looking forward in the morning, everybody, I'm Adam Curry.
John: If another Silicon Valley and John Dvorak random
Adam: thoughts next on no agenda we'll see you right after Christmas. everybody. Have a good one until then adios my foes and such.
Grandma got run over.
Unknown: Because we went to her house Christmas. You can say there's no such thing as cold for me and Fauci. We believe she'd been shopping not essential.
And she did where
she said she didn't want that vaccine. It's our fault for not putting her on blast. But we still shamed her at her funeral. unnecessary death. I'm sure that gunshots didn't help much.
We shot her Christmas Eve before we left.
Grandma got run over by Corona. Because we went to her house Christmas Eve, you can say there's no such thing as
we believe.
On the 12th day of Christmas no lagenda gay to me 12 years before extinction, the world
is gonna end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.
Living jingles jingles?
someone's getting cornhole today?
Knowing trunk
rotations Narcissus
mean long ties.
John: Too much small and small penis big red button. Criminal creatures reported.
Unknown: glitch glitch server
no vamos no 865
emotional support
jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.
three jobs chair squeaking
crowd day.
Merry Christmas.
Adios mopho
I'm vaccinated Santa Claus.
John: Getting not vaccinate Mrs. Claus. She doesn't
Adam: count. He's a massage.
Everyone gets two shots
Unknown: mopho
4:13:42 slash in a
worst day, yet.
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