No Agenda Stream

The No Agenda Stream is an online audio broadcast that's live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, filled with quality podcasts curated for listeners of our show. In addition to running pre-recorded podcasts, some shows are recorded live on the air (like No Agenda), in which case you can help produce the show by trolling the hosts in our Troll Room. The stream is run by Sir Bemrose.

Troll Room

The Troll Room is an IRC-based chat room. IRC is a precursor of chat apps like Slack, Discord and Twitch, but differs in a very important way, it's free from corporate control. Our chat is hosted by our very own voidzero. You can join the troll room from any IRC chat application using the following server/channel information:

Port: 6697 (TLS/SSL) or 6667 (without TLS/SSL)
Channel: #NoAgenda

Live Recordings

The No Agenda Show is recorded live on the No Agenda Stream every thursday and sunday at 6PM UTC. The show is always preceded by Darren O'Neill's Rock 'N' Roll PreShow, so make sure to get there early.

How to Register for the Troll Room

While everybody is free to troll around in our Troll Room, because we're on the internet, we do require our trolls to register a nickname to verify they're not spam bots. This section will explain how to register a nickname, which needs to happen only once, and how to identify when you connect to the chat server.

For nickname registration and identification we use a special system called 'NickServ'. You interact with it by talking to it in a private query.

Registering your Nickname

By registering your nickname, you become the owner of it. To register it, which needs to happen only once, issue the following command:

/ns register <password> <emailaddress>

Of course, <password> needs to be replaced by the password you prefer, and <emailaddress> needs to be your valid email address. Please do not actually write the < and > charachters.

The email address is only used to send a confirmation email with further instructions, and for nickname recovery in case you lose your password. It's not used for anything else.

Identifying to your Nickname

Every time you connect to the chat, you need to identify as the owner of the nickname. This is really easy. After connecting, just type the following:

/id <password>

Advanced users can also use their password as the server password (this is used with IRC clients), or even better, use SASL.

Being Allowed to Chat after Having Identified

To become unmuted ("being voiced"), all you need to do after identifying, is to supply the following command:

/cs voice #NoAgenda

If it worked, your nickname will become prefixed in #NoAgenda with a '+'-sign. If this doesn't work, something went wrong with either the registration part or the identifying part.

Getting Help

If you need more help with this stuff, no problem. Type:

/query SirBemrose (to talk with Sir Bemrose)
/query DarrenO
/query SpookyR
/query progo

and ask for help.

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