About No Agenda

Most people know us from our podcast, The No Agenda Show, but we are more than just podcasters. No Agenda is a community of people working together to provide completely independent deconstruction of the mainstream media, governments and political campaigns in the United States and around the world. We explain what we do in our mission statement.

Listening to the show is, and forever will be, free thanks to the time, talent and treasure provided by our producers who support and interact with our show. The question is simple; how much value do you get out of the show? If it's a lot, consider giving some value back with a donation. Even if you can't donate to the show, there are tons of other ways to contribute to the show through our value-for-value model.

In addition to our podcast, you can also listen to the No Agenda Stream, a 24/7 audio broadcast filled with quality content for listeners from the No Agenda community, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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