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The No Agenda Show is an award-winning podcast created by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak in 2007. Every episode of the show is jam-packed with clips, analyses, funny bits and boots-on-the-ground reporting of current events provided by producers of the show all around the world. Every episode is a unique experience worthy of the title The Best Podcast In The Universe.

Listening to the show is, and forever will be, free thanks to the time, talent and treasure provided by our producers who support and interact with our show, something we like to call the value for value model. The question is simple; how much value do you get out of the show? If it's a lot, consider giving some value back with a donation. Even if you can't donate to the show, there are tons of other ways to contribute to the show.

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Learn more about the guys behind the mic and how they ended up with their hopeless podcasting careers.

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The No Agenda Show is recorded live on the No Agenda Stream every thursday and sunday at 11AM PT / 2PM ET. Even when we're not recording, there's still plenty of quality content to enjoy.

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Don't just believe what you hear on the show, learn about the facts by reading our shownotes.

Podcasting 2.0

The podcast experience has become stale under the leadership of big corporations. The Podcasting 2.0 movement is taking podcasts to the next level with built-in support for chapters, transcripts, extra metadata and much more.


More than 1500 episodes have been recorded over the 15 years that the show is running, and they're all available in this archive for you to enjoy! Throughout the years, we've added more elements to the show's formula including unique artwork for every show, shownotes with reference material and auto-generated transcripts.

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