Producers of No Agenda

No Agenda is more than just a podcast, it's a community, and that wouldn't be possible without the work of our producers. There are tons of ways producers help us create the show and it's not because they're getting paid to do it. Producers of our show turn the value they receive from the show into value for the community through custom art, meetups, monetary contributions and much, much more. This isn't by coincidence, it's our mission.

Value 4 Value

Unlike any other broadcasts, No Agenda has decided to be a solely listener-supported production. This means the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism, something we call the value for value model. If you feel you are getting value from our show, please help us by providing your time, talent or treasure.


Listening to the show and passing the word that No Agenda is The Best Podcast In The Universe is a simple and easy way to help out. Participating in the troll room, on No Agenda Social or in meetups is also appreciated.

If you're an expert on one of the topics discussed on the show, or if you found something you think should be discussed on the show, send it to Adam or John (but definitely not both).


Our show is full of producer-created content like show art, jingles, end-of-show mixes, meetup reports, boots-on-the-ground reporting and much more. Simply let your creativity flow and never feel like a douchebag again.

Some producers have created unique experiences to propagate the formula. Did you create something for the show you'd like to show off? Let us know on No Agenda Social.


Donors contributing $50 and above will get a special mention on the show. Donors of $200 or more will become executive producer of the show while donors of $300 or more will automatically become associate executive producers.

Anyone donating $49.99 or less will automatically remain anonymous. Any donation requesting anonymity will also be respected.


Donations to the No Agenda Show can only be sent through PayPal or as a check to No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530. To donate with PayPal, visit and click the donate button.

We ask anybody who donates to the show to send a donation note via email to either Adam or John titled No Agenda Donation. While generally only notes from executive producers are read on the show because of time constraints, we read all of them.


Producers who donate $1,000 or help us produce the show in other valuable ways are granted an exclusive title as Knight of the No Agenda Roundtable. Men are given the moniker "Sir" and women are granted the title of "Dame". In addition to knighthood, producers can receive several title changes:

  • Baronet/Baronetess ($2,000)
  • Baron/Baroness ($3,000)
    You may request a territory to rule.
  • Viscount/Viscountess ($5,000)
    Additional lands within reason are granted as part of an expanded Barony.
  • Earl or Count/Countess ($7,000)
  • Duke/Duchess ($10,000)
    Additional lands within reason are granted as part of your Dukedom.
  • Arch Duke/Duchess ($20,000)
  • Grand Duke/Duchess ($33,000)
    Entire nations will be assigned to Grand Dukes until all territories of the world are accounted for.

Note that we do not keep track of which territories have been claimed. When time comes, the Dukes will have to resolve this on their own.

Producers who've achieved knighthood are awarded an exclusive signet ring they can use to hit people in the mouth.

Value for Value Lifestyle

Producers use their time, talent and treasure to keep our show running. We call this the value for value model, and it was pioneered by this very show. Using value to support your interests is a lifestyle everybody can enjoy, so don't be a douchebag and start living.

The Website

One of the projects created under the value for value model is this website. Maintaining a independent project takes time, talent and treasure, and we can't do it without your help.

Producer Projects

Some producers have gone extra lengths to provide their time and talent by creating projects expanding the No Agenda community into unknown territories. These projects are not associated with No Agenda. We have no control over their content.

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Community Code
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