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Welcome to the home of The No Agenda Show, an award-winning podcast where Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, two experts from the media industry, discuss news & politics. Twice a week they deconstruct the news cycle and give insights into the narrative of the mainstream media, governments and political campaigns.

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The No Agenda Show is recorded live on the No Agenda Stream every thursday and sunday. Participate in the show and connect with other producers by joining the Troll Room.

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Our mission is simple, deconstruct the news in an understandable manner. This is only possible thanks to support from producers like you.

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No Agenda Art Generator

Every episode of The No Agenda Show has unique artwork created by producers like you. Visit the art generator to browse the vast library of artwork created for past episodes or show your creativity by designing your own!

Animated No Agenda

No Agenda makes people laugh and it's even funnier in cartoon form. Created by Dame Jennifer, Animated No Agenda is the easiest way to hit your comrades in the mouth.

No Agenda Meetups

No Agenda is more than just a podcast, it's a community. Producers around the world organise meetups to connect with like-minded people. Find a meetup in your area or if there isn't any, organise one yourself, it's that easy!

Producer Projects

No Agenda producers have created tons of experiences for you to check out. Don't be a douchebag and start producing yourself.

Podcasting 2.0

To preserve the feed-based podcasting ecosystem, Adam started the Podcasting 2.0 initiative with a new index and a social platform where podcasters, listeners and developers can connect to create new standards for podcasts.

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