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January 7th, 2021 • 3h 27m

1310: Quiet Riot


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John: The end or the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end.
Unknown: Adam Curry, John Dvorak, January
Adam: 7 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1300 10. This
Unknown: is
no agenda picking
Adam: a color and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas, capital of the drone Star State in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and from Northern Silicon Valley where they shot the crack and in fact, it's floating dead in the bay. I'm Jesse devorah.
Adam: Well, that was rather disappointing. I have to say, I'm very happy. There's two of us on this show. Could you imagine if someone like me was partnered with me and we just been all in on this with no pushback.
John: Oh, yeah, that's the mo facts show.
Adam: Oh, okay. All right. No reason to do that. But noted.
John: I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. It's
Adam: a soft boys. Yeah, you're right. You're right. You're right. Right. Wow, man, that was something else. And you know, when it comes to production, he overproduced he over produced.
Unknown: And that's what happened.
Adam: When you over producing, you don't know what the audience is going to do. can get really ugly.
John: So
Adam: So what did you see? And I'll tell you what I saw.
John: Okay, what I saw was what I expected to see. But kind of some arm waving and oh, my God, and it's something especially to assuage the over 100 to 100 Republican Congress, people who are a lot of women who are trumpist, let's call them that. That very irked by everything and they're new. They're new. And so they and they get their moment of a little moment they get though plod and have some fun during the during the
Adam: you're talking about inside the Capitol. I'm still talking about outside the Capitol.
John: That's what did I Oh, that's what I was talking about the supposed riots. Yeah. Yeah, that okay. Well, I watched I saw two things. Mm hmm. I saw the network news. Handle ringing. Talking about the 25th amendment freaking out on the on the media, showing close ups of people being hustled around. And then I put I spent most of my time watching c span with a camera. Yeah, positioned all the time. And I've maybe I don't know, a couple of 1000 people milling around doing nothing. While people are talking about riots, I didn't see any riots. From that perspective. I saw a couple of skirmishes here and there, I thought the whole thing was, was borderline bland.
Adam: I looked at the outside, which most of what you saw was kind of a close up shot. Very few. I don't think CNN or MSNBC pulled out for a wide shot at all. Fox News did that at a certain point. And, and that was impressive to see the capital surrounded by your right people milling around. But what I really saw was Ukraine. This is this was my dad, this was this was this, this was a setup and an easy one. Easiest, so stupid how this went down, you get a whole bunch of people. And they're and they've been locked up for 10 months, and they're tired and sick and tired of everything they've been riled up. The President said he was going to join them at the Capitol, on the steps. And then all of a sudden, the whole bunch of people are led through the gates and into the Capitol, into the into the actual chambers. No, no, no, no, no, no. This is they were I think once you just like Black Lives Matter, you get someone to break the windows, and then all the people on the bottom will flow in because they just want to be there. And what I saw inside was 95% of the people going whoa,
John: I'm here what Brian they were staying within the lines to they're walking walking
Adam: in, within the rope lines.
John: Yeah, they're in a hall of art and there was nobody was defacing anything they were just looking around as though they were guests.
Adam: And they were invited in they were pretty much invited in and then shit started to go down. And I think that was manipulated.
John: I'm going to go right out of right out of my sequences and go right to a c span call and
Adam: I wonder if we have the same but it's okay we may have overlap but you got
John: a you're getting college too. Okay, well, I
Adam: have only one or two. I got one right. So
John: this is I got a bunch but including My Zoomer which is the best one. This is the this the college This is the big question about the cops,
Unknown: Pete and tarpon. Springs, Florida. What do you make of all this?
Thanks for having me on. I don't think I've ever watched Stan live. But I do watch it pretty often. You guys are a national treasure. But
you know, boy, yes. Your question. Have you? Can you imagine? Where are the Capitol Police? While people understand the Congressman, I understand that senators were taking their safe electoral ballots were preserved by watching an hour's worth of vandals walk around inside of our nation's capitol, on the Senate floor on the House floor, sitting in the speaker's chair, bang the gavel carrying podiums around rummaging through senators papers on their desk. Where are the Capitol Police? I'm going to be nice about it. I'm not saying what a billy clubs and and zip ties but where are the but let me say but kickings. This should be going on when this would happen anywhere. Resource our nation's capital.
You can do this in a football game. You can do this at the at a concert, you couldn't do this. You can do this anywhere, much less the Capitol Building.
I mean, what do you think?
I'm watching 45 minutes, where are the policemen? These people are rummaging around on the floor of the Senate.
feet? Obviously there's a lot of questions. Right now, as we wait for
more news and an after action report of how this all transpired. There's the picture of the Senate chamber, one of the protesters sitting in the chair of the Presiding Officer, let's go to George and Alabama.
Adam: All right. Just a couple of things. Just to get it out of the way. Compared to anything we've seen this year, when it comes to quote unquote, riots in the mob. To me, what I saw when people were, you know, outside of the Capitol surrounding it, and making their voices heard. I was like, yeah, that's, that's pretty good. At least it's the people's house. But then when all this went down, I mean, it's so different from from anything else. We've had tons of protests, we've had people being killed, being shot being hurt. And it's all just like, man, whatever. Now an actual law enforcement officer whose name we don't know. I heard it was actually someone from Schumer security detail. But the name is not known. That's not being blasted everywhere. The victim is not known. I mean, yeah, it's known but it's not being you know, there's no posters and no national holiday being called in remembrance. It's really I don't care if someone's black or white. And you treat the situation the same. And, and look at the difference in what really happened is this was not a full on mob or riot. But now as if nothing else ever happened is bad. It's the worst in history. Well, this has never happened before, how we can't believe it. And I spoke to a seducer, for who was there.
Unknown: And
Adam: he said, first of all, the guy in the Viking outfit, which everyone has said, Oh, that's on Tifa. He's seen this guy and almost every single Trump rally, so he doesn't think that's true, but this guy is clearly a nutjob.
Unknown: I believe he's here. Yeah, I
Adam: think I think he's sincere to now do super sad that Alex Jones was there and he was jumping up on pallets and, and chairs and tables, whatever he could do outside the Capitol, tell people stop, don't go in. And people were he said, Look, they're so amped up that once someone is I guess, just like the black lives matter. You know, once someone smashes the door of the Gucci window of the Gucci store, then then the people go in, and everyone's just like, boom, they just flooded in. And that was it. But how that can even happen. Is is very, very strange to me. And, and it was true. It was truly a whole bunch of pissed off people who were outside. He says he's not a million, I think is probably between 500 600 in total, everywhere. And the President, I think he blew it. I think he blew it. This is from his speech out there. This is the first this is just the opening.
Unknown: And after this, we're gonna walk down and I'll be there with you. We're gonna walk down. We're gonna walk down anyone you want. But I think right here, we're gonna walk down to the Capitol and we're gonna cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. Because you'll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and you have to be strong.
Adam: So that was the his message to go to the Capitol, which he never did. I don't know if that was dumb thinking if he ever planned to do it. But at the end of his speech to rile them up, man, he was over producing these people were already amped enough. And maybe if he hadn't even done a speech at all, it still would have happened, we fight like
Unknown: hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not gonna have a country anymore. Our exciting adventures and boldest endeavors have not yet begun, My fellow Americans for our movement for our children, and for our beloved country. And I say this, despite all that's happened, the best is yet to come. So we're going to, we're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania. And we're going to the Capitol, and we're going to try and give the democrats are hopeless and never voted for anything. Not even one vote. But we're going to try and give our republicans the weak ones, because the strong ones don't need any of our help, which are going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you. And God bless America. Thank you all for being here. This is incredible. Thank you very much.
Adam: Yeah, so when I say overproduced, the that was the message it just went out went out too far. And all you needed was just a couple of squads who were riling this up, which is why I say exactly like, like Ukraine. I mean, here's just a random quote from Someone in the crowd. He sounds sincere. to Trump supporters. They were dressed as Trump supporters.
Unknown: But I could tell by their conversation that they were looking to do I heard him say, we got to shake this up, so that these people look bad.
And I saw them break the window on the Capitol. I'm an emergency management coordinator in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. And these people were talking about amongst themselves, and a listener behind it, what they could do to make Trump's people look bad.
Adam: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what went down.
John: Here's a pretty sure to it makes nothing but sense. Here's the guy said, when I'm watching this thing from just from the non network perspective, right, man, right, right. It's just a bunch of people milling around, they got a lot of flags, and there's a couple guys with a bullhorn. And it's just like, the thing I witnessed in El Cerrito. I mean, it wasn't that much different. And the fact that the people started going in, and I think you're right, it's like the anything else Gucci store gets broken into people start going in, and they got they started going into the windows, and then they were there. And there's nobody to stop them. And I'm roaming around.
Adam: JOHN, did you see the video of the Capitol Police, opening the gates and letting people onto the outside of the Capitol building?
John: I did not see that.
Adam: Yeah, they just opened the gates. And there's one
John: guy like they was just scammed. And
Adam: here's a c span color, which you can interpret in many ways. It's thought this was interesting.
Unknown: Max
in Boston, Max, go ahead.
Hi, and thank you so much for giving a platform for all of us who want to share what we're thinking about right now and for taking my call. One thing I just wanted to get out there. And something that's on the mind of so many young people in this country, is how the reaction from law enforcement of this Riot differs from the reaction that was present several months ago, during the Black Lives Matter protests in reaction to you know, the killings of George Floyd.
At the time,
several months ago, folks were protesting civil rights. They were protesting police brutality. And we're met with, you know, a huge show force from the National Guard, tear gas, rubber bullets. And what we're seeing today is, is nothing in comparison to that.
And what we're seeing today is a full blown Riot that borders on a coup. And I just think that it is so horrifying to see the double standard in this country for protesting, you know, the subjugation of people of color, versus a full blown right. That's all that's all I wanted to mention. Thank you. All right, Max in Boston.
Adam: So I think he makes an excellent point. Why wasn't law enforcement beating people down like to do with black lives matter? Although he immediately makes it racial in he says, oh, law enforcement's no good really, really he's really think the Capitol Police care about what color the people are who are coming in or what team they're playing for. And and pence came out with his his note at exactly 1pm. Eastern. That's probably why Trump didn't go up there is because Pence, as you correctly predicted, didn't do anything that he could have done. And now there's this wild story by Lynn wood. And if you follow this about pants, which she started a couple of days ago and he was calling pence a traitor. He has to be he has to be shot. It's got to be shot got to be locked up. This is also from seaspan
Unknown: Harmon in Bellevue, Washington, Carmen. Hi, I'm so grateful for letting me tell you what I've been experiencing overnight. There were anarchist tweets, I kept going into these. There'd be accounts that would be talking about the end. Lynn would who's associated with Trump said Pence is in fact a trader. I have the evidence and I've interviewed the whistleblower. I am sending pence to world of the blocked he will never be released. He will spend eternity there. Okay, then he retweeted earlier or a little bit later at 5:30am. Pacific time. I'm sorry. I'm shaking because I saw this happening. And I didn't know who to tell. But Ron Watkins, who's the administrator for Q anon, he tweeted out three of three and on the very bottom. Luckily I do. But I'm gonna I'm gonna stop there.
Adam: Okay, and then this was the Jim from c span. I love hearing this
Unknown: Balkan California. Simona. Hi, in the morning, and thank you.
Adam: Go, there you go. That's what we need. Now you
John: can catch that. Yeah,
Adam: I didn't either. But a couple of people. A couple of people got it. So clearly, Trump was left with no friends around him. Everybody deserted him. And I think there's maybe something to that Penn story. How many times did we hear in the past four years that he was on board with the 25th Amendment, which now of course, is immediately in play for the last two weeks. What is that about? I mean, are they worried that
John: by the way, we do have to mention that it was Ashley Babbitt, who was gunned down,
Adam: shot in the neck is shot in the neck from the outside through the door through the window.
John: To what I saw, I saw that video.
Adam: There's a bullet hole right there.
John: The bullet hole was there but that wasn't where the shadow was. You saw the gun come out. No. doorway.
Adam: To be honest. You sent me the video and I've seen it. I've been sent to me 1000 times. I can't look at it.
John: I can't go comes out of the doorway. She's about four feet away. Shoots rageous guns are down. It's murder. Wow. Yeah, it wasn't much to the video. I mean, it wasn't that gory, because much of the bullet hitting her was actually blocked by the guy was inside the other room filming it anyway. Okay.
Adam: Well, at the very least we should know who did that. And that seems to seems to be zero and that this seems to be zero motivation to talk about that at all.
John: I find that peculiar.
Adam: There's only one reason because it was it was murder was meant to to, to stir this all up. These people don't care.
John: Anyway, so I don't buy any of that crap about pants, including what you just said. And I think this Lynwood is nuts. Pants is just what he is. He's the vice president doesn't do. He does what he's supposed to do. And he does. And he did what he did. And I fact I have the entire Arizona process recorded if anyone was interested in the mechanism,
Adam: the mechanism of Oh, as long as
John: it's one up one minute.
Adam: Definitely, let's do that.
John: The entire mechanism is right here. Okay. And by the way, ironically, this is the Arizona one, which was the first and the only one that went anywhere. It was actually Amy Klobuchar came out with the I guess she was assigned to do this come out and from the Senate and put down the Arizona presentation, and I just thought it was ironic, you
Adam: know, it was interesting, and I think I caught this from Raheem kasan or something a couple days ago. Grassley Grassley his office had made an announcement to the roll call, which is this publication of who is and isn't going to be in, in, in Congress that day, and has said, Well, I'm going to replace Mike Pence. If he's not available if he's in there. And, and that seems like they kind of were ready for something cuz pence ducked out right away everyone is sheltering in place. I have to say, knowing that really wasn't as horrible as it looked from the outside what was going on in the inside? Didn't think so at least, I got quite a bit of joy from seeing our representatives with those plastic bags over their head with the gas masks like Wow, I've never seen them come out with those things over their head. But pence ducked out immediately he was gone. So was this distraction to get him out? I didn't know he came. He came back. Nobody came back. It came back and then by then, I mean, TV wasn't even show you had to watch the span. Nothing was being shown anymore. They're just all about riots, riots, the mob Trump horrible bad. Let's listen to the Arizona.
John: Okay, I just gonna say that Amy is when it came out to make this proclamation. And it was interesting because she could not have liked mentioning Pamela's name, but but this is the process you go through to to affirm the election. And this is a moment where you can stop it. And it was stopped and they went and debated it. They would that was killed. And that was the end of the old deal. There we go.
Unknown: Mr. President,
this certificate of the electoral vote of the state of Arizona seems to be regular inform and authentic. And it appears there from that Joseph, our Biden Jr. of the state of Delaware, received 11 votes for president and Kamala D. Harris of the state of California received 11 votes for vice president.
Are there any objections to counting the certificate of vote of the state of Arizona that the teller is verified appears to be regular in form and authentic?
I Paul gozar from Arizona purpose does the gentleman from Arizona rise, I rise up both for myself and 60 of my colleagues to object to the counting of the electoral ballots from Arizona, is the objection in writing and signed by a senate yesterday. It is
an objection presented in writing and signed by both a representative and a senator complies with the law. Chapter One of title three of the United States Code. The clerk will report the objection.
objection to county the electoral votes of the state of Arizona. We are a member of the House of Representatives and a United States Senator, object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of Arizona on the grounds that they were not under all of the known circumstances regularly given are there further objections to the certificates
from the state of Arizona. The chair here is none. The two houses will withdrawn from joint session. Each house will deliberate separately on the pending objection, and report his decision back to the joint session. The Senate will now retire to its chamber. Right.
Adam: So that that wasn't actually the moment when it kicked off, though. Was it?
John: Do you mean? That was the moment when it kicked off? Yeah, there was the exact moment when it kicked off.
Adam: I guess I was watching Pelosi, she was also she was gone. She was gone right away. She was she was because I saw some representatives saying, Madam Speaker. Oh, I mean, Mr. Mr. Speaker, she just like whipped and no one knew what was happening. Now, all of this will be hashed out I'm sure by many smart people for many, many weeks. Here's what I focused on. And thanks to Neil Jones producer, Neal Jones for helping me with this. The problem that we're that we have now, and we saw this brewing is that now we have the hashtag remember, anybody who did anything, anyone who said anything positive about Trump ever in their life, they should not be forgotten. We have to remember they have to account. And here are some examples. And this is the troubling part. This is really what this has to stop what is going on now in the mainstream media and on the floor of our Congress. This is Romney. Was this douchebag
Unknown: now we gather
due to a selfish man's injured pride.
John: What happened here today was an insert that is he talking about himself.
Adam: Here we go. Listen to what he says.
Unknown: What happened here today was an insurrection. Those who choose to continue to support as a dangerous Gambit by objecting to the results of a legitimate democratic election will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack against our democracy.
Adam: And notice, by the way, how when protesters peaceful protesters and writers are burning up citizens stores and their cities that, you know, it's like, wow, yeah, as okay, but now, when the elites are threatened, holy crap. No, no, it's not just bad. It's Chuck Schumer,
Unknown: bad President Franklin Roosevelt set aside December 7 1941. As a day that will live in infamy. Unfortunately, we can now add January 6 2021, to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.
Adam: So he's comparing for those who don't know. He's comparing what happened yesterday to Pearl Harbor. This 10,000
John: Americans are desecrated a bunch of ships are blowed up.
Unknown: Its windows smashed our offices vandalized our offices world saw Americans elected officials hurriedly ushered out because they were in harm's way. The House and Senate floors were places of shelter until the evacuation is was ordered. Leaving riders to stock these hallowed halls. Lawmakers in our staffs average citizens who love their country serve it every day, feared for their lives. I understand that one woman was shot and tragically lost her life.
John: We mourn her
Unknown: and feel for her friends and family. These images are projected to the world foreign embassies cables home their capital, their home capitals to report the harrowing scenes at the very heart. aeromar
this will be a stain on our country, not so easily washed away. The final, terrible and delicate indelible legacy of the 45th President of the United States. Undoubtedly, our worst,
Adam: so perfect. We get to end the Trump presidency with this guy is an enemy of the state. his supporters will always be remembered and will you know they are terrorists. There is an insurrection. Thanks, Chuck Schumer. So we go to the TV's here's all of a sudden, up pops former CIA director john brennan.
Unknown: I think it's a stain that'll be on them for the rest of their not just their careers, but their lives. I want to bring into our conversation. john brennan, former CIA director, NBC News senior national security analyst.
You make it this scene today. How
does this de escalate?
on the call words escaped man I need to try to keep my anger in check. Because when I'm watching this footage, of the desecration of our nation's capital, the global symbol of our great Republic. And it's happening because
John: the clip says he uses the word desecration.
Adam: Thank you.
John: These people walk through the halls of the of the art that was all over the all over the Capitol Building. They did nothing. They didn't have cans of spray paint. And just within recent memory of course, there was a some sort of a protest in Washington DC where they tried to go down to Washington, they want to rid themselves to the Washington Monument. They're spray painting Jefferson tearing down George Washington do real desecration. There was no such desecration. But he uses that word.
Unknown: And even beyond that this
John: guy this guy's one of the worst people ever.
Adam: No one has a problem with getting rid of paintings of racist presidents. No one has a problem with taking down statues. Now. This is the hallowed Hall, you see. I mean, they have literally taken down busts of presidents who were slaveholders take it away can't be in the Capitol. I don't care. It's not just making this up. Yeah desecration of the hallowed halls where no citizen may walk. I think, by the way, we have the right to go in there anytime we want. But
Unknown: anyway, because when I'm watching this footage, of the desecration of our nation's capital, the global symbol of our great Republic
Adam: has is that is the capital the global symbol. No.
Unknown: And it's happening the cost in individual in the White House, who has the title of President I states. By the way, the criminal always likes to return to the scene of the crime as soon as they can, and has never fulfilled those responsibilities is the one who actually has encouraged and incited this, but I must tell you, I have never ever seen something like this. I never imagined I would see something like this in the United States of America in our capital. I also wonder, as has been said before, why has this been allowed to happen? When we saw it Lafayette Square right across the street from the White House is very aggressive and authoritarian tactics that were used against peaceful protesters was not violating, in fact, the nation's capital. And so I think there are so many questions here.
Adam: So he's doing he's putting a little a little bit extra cherry on top by saying, Oh, yes, it looks like law enforcement really helped them because they're on Trump's side. Yeah, they are on that side. That's why they'd let them all in Yeah. Oh, and, and they were white. However, for according to do suffer, and a couple other people that said there was an inordinate amount of Asian Americans who were rare and very pissed off, which I thought was an interesting observation. Now show that on TV, oh, over on CNN, Anderson Cooper kind of kind of takes the cake when it comes to bitching and moaning about someone. Even if it's 70 million people who voted for Trump, he doesn't care.
John: Can I just say we're watching these images of people, you know, some of them leaving the Capitol grounds, wandering back high fiving each other smiling, quite pleased with themselves for what they have done today. And it's truly just outrageous and pathetic. Each of these people should be shamed for what they have done today, we should look at their faces. And if I was standing on that street, look at them, they're high fiving each other for this deplorable display of completely unpatriotic completely against law in order completely unconstitutional behavior. It's stunning. They're gonna go back, you know, to the Olive Garden and to their holiday inn that they're staying at in the garden Marriott and they're gonna have some drinks and they're talking about the great day that they had in Washington and they really did something and stand up for something and they stood up for nothing other than mayhem and and a man who is you know, in the despicable waning days of a failed presidents and
Adam: there you go, you stupid Olive Garden
John: eaters mayhem
Adam: Yeah, this was not may him now,
John: cut. Well, let's interrupt your flow and go to eat. Let's go to Europe.
Unknown: Okay,
John: let's do it to deutscher Vela
Adam: Deutschland
John: gladesville. They're not that into, you know, into the into any of this that much but, but they're part of the Chinese Empire and so they're going to produce something in it. So they brought in this guy Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian Bremmer?
Adam: Ian Bremmer, do you remember Ian Bremmer, is
John: he Oh, yeah.
Adam: Ian Bremmer was the guy who had the pallets full of money in Iraq and was doling it out to everybody he was he got fired for mismanaging billions of dollars. Well,
John: now what he still hates Trump. He's part of the Eurasia group. He's the head of the Eurasia group now. Yeah, you can get there no spooks involved with that. And so here is the clip one of him. They bring him on to Doraville to talk about this horrible situation.
Unknown: Earlier,
my colleague Phil gales bowtie, Razor grich,
president and Brenna.
They got us his reaction to what was unfolding in Washington.
Originally you were going to talk about the biggest risks facing a 2021. And now we're in a situation where Trump supporters have master on and in
the USA capital. And I think number one on your list of the biggest risks facing 2021 was the Joe Biden presidency. Just explain to us why that was a big risk for the world.
The risk was 46 asterisk. It was the level of division in the United States, the most powerful country in the world, and yet by far the most dysfunctional and divided political system. And for the last week, everyone's been asking me how could you not make Coronavirus risk number one, and I think we're all seeing exactly how, in front of our eyes. Right now. This is a president of the United States who has personally done everything he can to de legitimize this election outcome to say that Joe Biden has stolen it despite the fact that that is indeed not the case. This is by far the worst election since 1876. In the US, that's the first time an American president has acted to undermine the rule of law in such a direct way. Since the founding of the Republic. It does me no good. Personally, to say this, I consider myself a patriot of what has been a great nation.
Adam: Yeah, I watched a little bit of BBC and sky as well last night, and they have people on like this Ian Bremmer, who you never see here and they they just they Talk a big game. Yeah, I don't think there's many consequences. I will just tell these Brits what's going on over here.
John: Now the second clip, which doesn't have the number seconds is BS. I think this is epitomizes to me. Your reality versus perception and grammar says something in here that is just the guy stops him and says and calls him out on it. I just thought this was this was the way I felt too about the description of this so called riot. consider myself a patriot of what has been a great nation. But this is the worst day for this country in my lifetime. I mean, it's right up there with 911. And yet this is self inflicted. That's what's so incredibly painful about what we're seeing in front of our eyes today as opposed to 911
Unknown: the worst day. I mean, it is bad and and unprecedented. But we're looking at live pictures now. And what we're seeing is hundreds of people are on and around the Capitol Building. Police are there as well.
But there appears to be no violence
putting it up there with 911 that that sounds a bit strong.
explain to us why.
Adam: Just a little bit strong probably did he explain
Unknown: why? Well, he
John: is the club tree tries to but he doesn't really because you can't because the guy had the same video feed I was looking at which is a bunch of people 100
Adam: people jumping out of windows and falling to their dead weren't
John: doing anything they were roaming around, they thought they finally got bored and left and they all left before the curfew except for a very few of them. And the meme that you keep hearing on me this guy said it. The Romney said it, Schumer said it they're all saying the same thing. worse day in my life. worst day I've ever experienced the worst thing I've ever seen always the worst thing and they're all it's almost like there's a male that came out the worst in history, I think. So let's hear what this guy's excuses for the fact that this dis correspondent is rightfully looking at the video and saying I don't see what you're talking about. First of all, a woman has already been critically injured and shot inside the Capitol Building, the Virginia National Guard is being deployed to the area, I fear you're going to see a lot more violence. But the point is not how many people die. The point is that a nearly half of the American population actually believes that this election was stolen believes that Joe Biden is not their president come January 20. And that is a lie that has been directly propagated by the President of the United States with the support of a majority of elected officials in the Republican Party in the House
Unknown: and the Senate.
Adam: And with that, the psyop is complete. That's right. You could never talk about President you can never talk about these things ever happened
John: before. By the way that's what's new. Not my idea of not my president Never heard of it.
Adam: This and, and this is the this is I mean, it's not unexpected, but from the same people who want peace and calm and love and equality and equity and justice. But if you voted for Trump you're not getting you're not afforded that you had for years now. We're gonna get ya.
Unknown: Okay, gotcha.
Adam: Here's Nora
Unknown: as a result of this mob descending, stop, stop.
John: I don't have any Nora clips. I feel bad about she was the absolute worst of the worst. She was so horrible. Yeah, I was pretty good at watching her and she is she is a horrible, horrible, horrible woman. She's a horrible woman. CBS is get rid of her immediately as a
Unknown: result of this mob descending on the Capitol after cited by the President of the United States.
Adam: It was it was not incited by the president
Unknown: after being incited by the President of the United States, his son and Rudy Giuliani has allegedly
Adam: should have said after being incited by the President of the United States, his son and Rudy Giuliani and a
Unknown: couple of podcasters incited by the President of the United States, his son and Rudy Giuliani. This has led to this extraordinarily
historic and historic is sounds like a positive word. But I don't mean that because we've just never witnessed anything like this in our life.
Adam: Please. Okay, it's, it's nothing witness nothing like this in our life. Let's go to Savannah Guthrie over on NBC.
Unknown: At this really dark moment in our country, it calls into mind, our history. And that this this democracy this only, you know, few 100 years old, is fragile as we've heard many of our leaders Today and that that notion of somebody just grabbing those electoral votes, which of course represent the will of the people and, and the voters who who came and and and exercise their precious right to vote. You know it actually it I think it really puts things into sharp relief at this extraordinary moment in our country. And, and Casey, honestly, there are probably folks tuning in here who are just living their lives. We're in the midst of a pandemic, we have an actual crisis going on health crisis in our country. And now there's this crisis that did not have to happen
Adam: well, crisis didn't what cnn was better than this. Yes,
John: you're gonna I'm gonna hit cnn was better than better than me. I have to point out something another clip I didn't get. I'm glad you got these clips because I was getting other clips. I have a clip limit when I get to a certain number of clips that fill a certain page. So I didn't go back and get the Savannah Guthrie and all these bad but I saw that stuff. It was really pathetic. But the one I may go back to get and pull it back for Sunday is was on PBS. It was Elisa Dr. Dan
Adam: levy didn't pull that one.
John: I've got it. I just didn't produce it. Mm hmm. And and, and the whole What's her name? I forgot her who is the who's the head of the news? Not me. But
Adam: Lucy. Alice.
John: Lucy. Lucy.
Adam: Now Lucy. I forget her name. Now.
John: I get to I don't know why. It's just I think she's gonna quit. She was flustered. But Lisa g these days your dad was yakking away about? And she was shook up by this. She got a hold of some Republican senator I believe. Or a congressman who blamed the entire episode. Judy. It was Judy Woodward. Yeah. Judy. Judy, already forgetting her name. She says she's fading. Yeah. This is bad sign by the way for her. So she's going to and she was shook up by the fact that this guy this this congressperson told her that it was the media, this whole thing was the media's fault. And it gets you ready to the right.
Adam: Yes, yes, yes, yes.
John: This is exactly why you're seeing them act like this. They are so scared crapless She said she was really shook up she was shaking you got Judy, after that could not I this is the clip so that you'll be looking forward to she could not get through a sentence to Baba get get a good gig. She was stumbling and fumbling and trying to collect your thoughts. She was a wreck, I think to me is the media's got to be coming to grips with the fact that this is their fault.
Adam: Well, the media is getting it. Front and front from right straight on. I mean, I saw the crowd moving back towards the cameras. And it's sad because these are likely just independent camera guys and independent producers who were stringers and doing something there. And people just walked up and just kicked their lights over kicked their cameras over just trampled over it. And this has happened everywhere at Fox News. This is Griff Jenkins.
Unknown: So it's a mixed bag bill, really on how people feel about the election and why they came out here. And then of course, the situation you're seeing, which is a totally different level of violence than what's happening out here. Or being heckled
inside that Capitol, obviously a different situation. There is. As you can see, this gentleman's yelling at me, fake news bill. And if you listen to the President's speech today,
he began that speech by going after the media by going after the media, and he talked about the media all the way through it. And now that message from the president, clearly is being reiterated by many of the supporters out here as we walk in the streets and try and tell their story. So that's
Adam: the Fox News guy. He gets off easy. But now let's see how afraid cnn was cnn really, man. They really did a good job. You already heard Cooper. Van Jones. I kind of respect Van Jones. He did add a little bit here at the end which made him sound almost human.
John: We don't know what we're looking at yet.
Unknown: Is this the end of something? What are the beginning of something
Adam: this is the death row trick. What old trick
John: till trick is the beginning, the end or the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end.
Adam: throes of something ugly in our country, desperate about to go away. And then the vision that Biden talked about is going to then rise up for the The birth pangs of a worse disorder.
Unknown: Yeah,
that's where we are right now tonight.
Adam: Did you say disorder? or disease the birth pangs of a worse disorder?
John: Worse disorder. Yeah,
Adam: disorder.
Unknown: Okay. That's where we are right now tonight.
And I think the country's got to make a decision.
I don't want to be partisan.
Adam: I understand some of these people. It's their social media feed is only showing them example after example of anecdotes about theft, statistical magical thinking that says that this election was impossible. And so they've been bombarded with that. And because of that, they're angry.
Unknown: Fine, you have a right to be angry.
Adam: You don't have a right to insurrection. You don't have a right to sedition,
John: right to break into a police officers.
Unknown: There has to be a line.
Adam: We actually do as per the constitution have that right. john king shorty from CNN,
Unknown: it's a scary scene. Plain and
Adam: simple. It is a scary scene and every American has the right to protest, even if what they're protesting is a fantasy. Guess not. Jake, Jake Tapper takes the cake. On one
John: island. Let me again. This guy was out of control. I watched him too. He was out of control. He was just he was he's no good.
Unknown: They're not protesters. They're insurrectionists. Or, I mean, for people who commit violence in the name of various political ideology, we call them terrorists. That's what we call terrorists who commit acts of violence for a political or religious cause In any case, Danna what I wanted to finish saying was Rudy Giuliani this morning at that rally called for trial by combat, Donald Trump, Jr. said to members of Congress who were not going to join this deranged attempt at a bloodless coup. Well, now it's not bloodless anymore now said quote, we're coming for you, and we're going to have a good time doing it. I suggest you choose wisely. No, I'm sure that Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump Jr. will say that they were merely speaking figuratively or they were talking about engaging in political combat. Maybe they were maybe they were not I think it's pretty clear that a lot of people took
Adam: a different message from the rally in general. Actually, it was one of the tamer ones. Over on Fox racism was on everybody's mind. For some reason. You know, Donna, Brazil, who? For a while there, she was running the DNC, she was on CNN. Then she got caught smuggling the questions to Hillary Clinton and she got fired. And then Fox hired her. Listen to her response as she comes back from Dana,
Unknown: with a lot of elation for the 80 million that voted for Biden and terrible distress for those who voted for President Trump. But again, the country was founded on ideas. It was not founded on one person or one man. And if we get back to our principles, we get back to those ideals. Remember to pray together and hold each other up. We'll be alright.
I like that message.
Thank you, Dana. Do we still Donna for one final comment?
You know, Dana.
Yeah, I'm
I'm here. Dana. So
So right.
We're resilient. I
truth wants to come out anybody.
Adam: Dana is so white. How does that happen? How do you mess up Dana? So right with Dana. So white? You gotta be thinking something like that. embarrassing. embarrassing. So white desk.
John: I'm going to give you a clip of the day for that one.
Adam: Wow, that's that's right. All right. Now we have the way
John: did you know that James Murdoch, who's the one who basically destroyed Fox for the right wingers? Cuz Of course his wife is a big supporter of Hillary. Yes. Council of Foreign Relations?
Adam: Oh, no, you don't say? Alright, two messages, one from the current president, one from the incoming president. This was President Trump after he was and this really set it all to me. When you have the social media networks, blocking the President of the United States his account for 12 hours, he's on a 12 hour timeout because of something he's tweeting and Facebook to do you understand that this is not the place for you to have conversations that this is just not I mean, this is not this is not a healthy thing. This is controlled. If they can if they'll shut the president up they'll shut anybody up.
John: Oh, yeah. Anyway, do except for somebody who's posting pictures of the for the poor. Ashley babba getting shot in the head.
Adam: Well, there's that but also So, when it comes to Silicon Valley's Tom Collins, Tim Cook is the first one out of the gate. saying that these, this is deplorable. Well, you know what, no more Apple products then come on, man. We have to remember, we must remember how this goes. We can't hear me see I have it here. Hold capital insurrectionists accountable says Apple CEO Tim Cook. Careful, Tim careful. So here's the message that the President recorded on an iPhone and they sent it out one way or the other. I know
Unknown: your pain. I know you're hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election. And everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don't want anybody hurt. It's a very tough period of time. There's never been a time like this where such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us, from me from you from our country. This was a fraudulent election. But we can't play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You're very special. You've seen what happens. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel. But go home and go home at peace dreiling the crowd up?
Adam: Here is Joe Biden. And I only got 16 seconds of what he had to say. But he is of course, the peace and calm in these troubling times.
Unknown: And America is about honor.
decency, respect, tolerance.
That's who we are.
As we've always been
the certification electric collar, the electoral college
Adam: vote. He's still doing the electric college so that we have that we have that to look forward to we go, Yeah, that'd be nice. But I'm not quite sure how many different psychological operations we're running. I certainly have a few people who I who I will no longer be speaking with or trusting and back.
John: Sounds like more than a few the way you put it earlier.
Adam: No, I always said, I said very clearly a lot of people in with intelligence connections and backgrounds have been telling me about the cracking and all this, all the tracking of the ballots and how it was all going to work and Sidney Powell and who I still respect for as a as a lawyer, but Rudy, Americas, all of this, nothing, not a single thing came through. Not a single one. It may have looked a little bit like it. But really nothing came through and we still have a lot of unexplained anomalies. You know, I'm not going to bore you with it. But now there's absolute proof. We know who changed the votes. It went through Italy, it went through a contractor with satellite systems and they know and they tracked it all Well, I'm done. I'm done it I have other thing we have actual crap going on. But this I cannot follow this anymore. It's just it's and I'm sad about it because I feel also I feel a little
John: bit Yeah, because you will be hoping that I was gonna be
Adam: no I had nothing to do with you. I was I was a
John: mason little mentioned in the last show that you hope upon hope that maybe. Maybe what? That you give me some grief for being wrong. No,
Adam: I never said that. Why it sounded like I'm gonna get the clip for me.
John: Oh, shut the fuck up.
Adam: If I if I if I intended that it would have been really clear about it. Now I'd never do that to you. And the first thing I said is I'm glad there's two of us. As this was a little this was a little bigger than Oh, I was right. You are wrong, john. So I don't think that that's what I had in mind. Whatever you heard Okay, well, that's
John: why you're not maybe but but you would have liked to have been right tell me I'm wrong.
Adam: course I would have liked to have been right but not be right against you just to be right about all the things I've been told that about you. And I will
John: say this, this was not your fault. No, thank
Unknown: you.
John: It wasn't it was you had you use it to you use sources of information to put this show together. And you somehow got hoodwinked to be honest about it. Or they got hoodwinked. And they were so sincere that they got you to believe them. The whole thing was a fiasco Hold
Adam: on, let's just separate things between believing and reporting with conviction. It's not like I'm believing anything. I'm saying this is what I'm hearing and I've been consistent. I didn't say this is true. I said, this is what I'm hearing. And yeah, we had the story which was really sketchy about two hard drives with hunter Biden. Which came through in barely legible English turned out to be true. So that's why
John: that is true. But that was repressed. Yeah. Well,
Adam: yeah, we'll have
John: that I have an essay coming up. That's the
Adam: stuff I'd like to focus on moving forward is like, let's deconstruct the New World Order that is coming in to build back better. And let's, but before we do that, I just have two clips, and I'll be done with it.
John: Because I want to get to the c span Collins, good. I
Adam: want to hear that I want
John: air is revealing, and there's deconstructing as anything we ever do. Because it comes from some sincere point of view, as people witnessed this. And so watching c span, you'd think they'd have a common perspective, but they don't.
Adam: As an aside, I do want to say that I completely believe the Dominion voting machine vote changing, I completely believe that I think I've seen sufficient evidence. I heard a really good one, which is I have no clip of that it was so sophisticated, that they would, if they needed if they needed ballots, like empty, you know, if they needed new ballots, they would look for a number of ballots, they would, they would, whoever they was, was checking the voter rolls in real time to find some names and that was spitting out these names to be added to these ballots could all be true, I don't know the domain and vote we have to get away from these stupid voting machines. That clearly is a problem. And I still think there was enough switching going on. Doesn't matter. I'm going to play these two clips. And then we're done with that until some actual proof comes. This is from the Senate run off same machines in Atlanta.
Unknown: Good morning here from DeKalb. County. Some unfortunate news to report elections officials now telling us here that it's just recently Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, that they encountered some technical glitches, which is causing some significant delays in getting those votes
we know that there's about 19,000 in person votes left to be counted. That's according to the last update, and the Secretary of State's office gave Sterling. The last update here, Chris that we got from DeKalb County 1109. They're working on a statement to give us the details of exactly what's going on behind here. The activity behind those doors has virtually come to a standstill, as we are all waiting on those returns 19,000 votes that really could change the difference in outcome of this race. I know everyone watching it very closely, Chris, now Nick, people are gonna seize on this. So let me just give you a quick follow up here. What is the best reckoning right now of how officials are explaining what the problem is and what it isn't about?
They're not just plain and simply they're not. They are giving us very limited information, just saying on the record that there are technical glitches. Now we did hear that but inside but that wasn't from an official. So I don't want to repeat these unconfirmed information. There are some rumors floating around here exactly what can happen. But we don't want to tell our viewers unconfirmed information right now, though, what officials are saying is that there are technical glitches causing delays and we're speculating as to details here in the next few minutes.
Adam: Okay, glitches all over the place. We get no getting the answers to that. yet. Oh, by the way, the mailing voting is clearly what the biggest problem was. And I'm gonna play this anyway. It's a minute 15 seconds. This is the woman who's going around saying she is positive proof. How's how the Dominion votes were changed. I just want to play as we've heard it,
Unknown: the the fact of the election was orchestrated in the row member on the on the second floor Via Veneto by an employee left on therapy Foreign Service Officer of over 20 years. He retired the day before the election to ensure he would not lose his pension unlike what happened to some of the FBI agents who betrayed our country in 2016 and did lose their pension just days before their retirement. So, Stefan sarafine coordinated with a general cloud do Graziano and Claudio Graziano, General Graziano is on the board of Leonardo, the defense contractor, Leonardo sspa, Leonardo, use their military satellite uplink, to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden. So what everybody's been saying is that we know something happened. We know something happened. The proof that was missing the very basic who did it Where did they do it? And how did they do it had been missing from all of the all of the documents sent into the courts all of that app and David's there was nothing that was helping us win in the courts.
Adam: Right? So just want to get that out there because so many people have sent it to me, I felt obliged to share. Final thing. We have a lot more to discuss, but we now have I think the following situation with political parties in our country. The whatever the Republican Party was, is going to be. So I think they're probably going to be more center of right than any idea of far right. You know, this is the working class, this is close to Democrats really no fiscal conservativeness. And who's going to run that it's destroyed. I don't think Trump can bring all that back together. But what's happening with the Democratic Party, I think we're going to see the split now taking place where we have the socialist Democratic Party, and I think the Nazi Party, I really do, I think you're gonna have this, this group of people, like you heard speaking there who are gonna go after the new Jews, which will be the Trump supporters, and they're gonna act like Nazis. So it'll probably be small, it could gain ground. So we'll have those two, pretending to look like the same socialist movement, but I really feel they've split into squat over here. And then the real a holes who've been there for a long time, they're gonna start locking people up and doing all kinds of nasty crap.
John: Well, okay, I'm not seeing it that way. But
Adam: how do you see it?
John: I think the Trump thing is a B is a real thing that Trump, Trump, Trump stirs or whatever they call them. I think it's what it's done is it's put shed a light on China's shuttle shuttle light on immigration and some internal policies and regulation. And I think it's sensible. And I think it's going to continue. And I think the democrats are going to be the democrats are fractured, they've always been fractured. I don't I think this other thing about getting rid of getting back into Trump's tours or is just the is exaggerated. And because of Biden, Biden won't let it happen. Biden is very much a you know, a anti division guy who wants to be everything could be Biden barely has imposed, what
Adam: do you Biden's not gonna do anything? Now, Biden's gonna make?
John: A lot more than you think?
Adam: Really? Yeah,
Unknown: like, what?
John: I think he's gonna do what he can to keep this, this anti Trump team from getting completely out of hand, even though he's the biggest one of them. And he's going to just calm try to calm people down, and he's gonna have to get us through the depression, which is something Democrats, you know, think they can do. And that's what's gonna happen when the economy collapses is all these theories are out the window. And that'll take place probably in the next two years be definitely before the 20 2022. midterms.
Adam: So you think Trump's going to continue to run the party on the outside?
Unknown: Yeah. Oh, man,
Adam: you're the media will love that they need that the
John: media's gonna make it happen. And you're right, they need it bad because they're gonna be out of business if they don't have Trump to kick around.
Adam: Yeah, the best thing, the best thing you could do is not help them. But because that's really the problem. I mean, you can't you can't have a country? Well, I don't know. I go back and forth. what
John: the problem is, there's a lot of discipline. I think the problems are deep root. And I think they extend to the education system. But let's do a couple of CS Collins, no shit.
There's a variety you have you have fun. You caught every one of those that you played. I didn't get that. But let's go to college. And let's start with the California libertarian.
Unknown: Oh, I charge I apologize. I
thought you were finished. Tyler in Sacramento.
Hi, there. Thank you so much for taking my call and for the coverage you're providing today, to give me the opportunity to voice my opinion. I personally consider myself an independent in California, which is a pretty rare thing. I think at least I'm a classic ron paul libertarian, and just had a few points to make getting some of the previous callers. I personally don't think it's any real surprise what's happening today. I mean, having watched a lot of the hearing, and you constantly hear this, but we're on what evidence but where's the evidence? And I think a lot of the people out there were paying attention to the hearings that were going on in Washington in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. And we saw these people that had submitted these affidavits was reported election, you know, shady things going on. And I think that those are the questions that people really want to answer. Watching Ted Cruz's speech this morning. It kind of brought to light, I think what should have happened. And, you know, he said if a member of Congress votes against an objection, a lot of voters are going to hear from that is that you don't think voter fraud fraud is real. And that's a big, that's a big deal. So in my opinion, I think that restoring election integrity is the most important thing. Hearing with constant Chicken Little syndrome, you know, the sky is falling, the sky hasn't fallen for the last four years. While Trump was in office. We've been hearing
the same thing for the past four, four years. As somebody who doesn't have a dog in this race, you know, I didn't vote for Biden, I didn't vote for Trump. I'm very much you know, always feeling disenfranchised and from my feet, so From my angle though Trump logo is not going without a fight, but he will go when it comes when it comes time to it. And, you know, there was a previous tweet that said, invoking the 25th, encouraging Mike Pence to invoke the 25th. It's my mind that that would be the quickest way to a civil war, which I really don't want to see happen. And it's scary to see how much of this and this is sort of entered into this country over my short short lifespan. I'm only 33 years old.
Adam: Yet Ilan Omar, who was who was yelling impeachment. That's not helpful. That's not healthy.
John: Well, here's the good news. You bring that up. I do have the play that just clip this is tweets from c span and they're reading tweets and this is where you get the 25th amendment and Omar, the National
Unknown: Association of Manufacturers just asked Mike Pence to quote seriously considering consider invoking the 25th amendment. That's the amendment calls for the removal of the president if he is incapacitated. This is from Chad pilgrim of Foxy tweets that democratic Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar preparing articles of impeachment for Trump and then Lisa Murkowski senator from Alaska with this tweet saying that the dangerous destructive activity at the Capitol is continuing to unfold I along with other members of the Senate are secure, but the situation is clearly not safe. It is truly mob rule.
Adam: mob rule Riot insurrection? Oh, yeah,
John: no. What doesn't good isn't noticed, at least by anyone but me is why is the National Association of Manufacturers of all things, the one the organization that pretty much took this country? to China? Yeah. And they're cut, they're coming out with this kind of thing? Why don't they just shut up? What's the National Association of Manufacturers got to do with any of this, that they should be advocating that pants invoke the 25th? amendment? What what is what is? I mean, maybe the person can say that. But why is the organization as a whole saying this? Well, you know, if I was a manufacturer, and I was a member of this organization, I'd be very irked by this.
Adam: Hold on, what's the name of this association, National Association of
John: Manufacturers and as their huge. This is not a slouch organization. Well,
Adam: could it possibly be that they? He wouldn't let me get it out. But yeah, it seems like timing must be China, China, it must be trauma, this trauma. Let's see these guys. Yeah,
John: I find it. Very, very annoying. Okay, back to the back to the clips. This isn't a poor. I got Maratha here. I think it's Maurice. I think this poor Martha
Adam: or Martha,
Unknown: Martha and Kissimmee, Florida. Martha, what is the thank you? As you watch this? What are you thinking? This is nothing more than a symptom of what's been going on for years for decades. educators have been cheated out of good school, good job, factories and other jobs locked down taken to other countries and big corporations, so getting these tax breaks. And as for those who are educated, how many people are indifferent? Who laughs when others talk to them about voting? voting needs to be made into a law where we have to do it as an obligation like they do in Australia. We pay taxes, no argument, we have to go to jury duty, no argument. We have to vote, we have to register and vote in every election. No argument. This is nothing more than a result of the displacement between our elite and privileged government and the people who have been cheated for more than 40 years. The poor getting poorer, the rich are getting richer. Who is going to step up? We need to step up and vote for the dog catcher, the president. Okay, Martha. Yeah, it
John: was heartfelt.
Adam: Yeah. Well, it's quick, but but it's true that the people you saw there the people who voted for Trump, the majority is really down.
John: Yeah, he really that was the idea. I know. It's a shame that they couldn't get direct together. Now I got to to go What? The last one is the best. But this is a terrorist one which isn't bad.
Unknown: And Clifton Park, New York. JOHN, your thoughts? Um,
I am stunned. I never thought that I could see this kind of thing happen ever
in this country
and in my lifetime. I
I don't hold A lot of hope for whatever statement has been taped by,
by Mr. Trump, because I truly believe that what he wants to do and what he wanted to do when he sent when he quote suggested that people take a walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and break into the Capitol is ever said that to watch the rest of the Reichstag burned down
when the vice president has to be the one to say people need to leave and only do it by Twitter while the president just sits and watch television the the level of disgust that I feel that is usually pretty high for this administration, but we've surpassed that today is beyond compare. I'm I'm praying that there are no fatalities. I know there's been one person who's been shot
and is in serious condition hopefully that's the last person that's going to be hurt. But it looks like the protesters are going to no they're not they're not protesters. They're there they're terrorists. Yeah, there
Adam: we are. Yes, they are. The the instigators probably were terrorists.
John: Alright, now that that's rude guy reflects the classical dip Joe kind of thing, period. He's just million of those characters out there. But now we get to listen to a Zoomer. And this Zoomer is beside herself. She is she reminds me of, of someone's relative. She is a she, she's a well educated, obviously over socialized every of these things that we've talked about over socialized under, under 100 informed. And a lot of cliches in here. She's saying what she's read or what the media has told her, the media is really the basis of this and a lot of the education system, and she can't take it. And she's, she's not well equipped in the education system has not equipped her. I can't imagine what people like this would be in World War Two, if they were if there were many of them. You are, but this is You're so right. They are not equipped, under informed, over socialized and not equipped, and not equipped. And you can hear it in her voice. And she is not just afraid of what happened in Washington as if she was there. I mean, I people live in the zone, the zone in Seattle, and they get a little freaked out. I'd seem to be more freaked out about that. But she is afraid of the world and his egos
Unknown: in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Katie, go ahead. Hi, thank you so much for taking my call. I just wanted to say like his rally today, it wasn't for anything else. And I think that generate fear. And fear is his biggest strength. It can turn into like it can just evolve as an emotion into like anger, rebellion and violence. And the people in that crowd knew that the count was going on, they knew time was running out, of course, emotions are going to run high. And he took advantage of that. It's so sad to see that this guy is getting more power, or a following by taking away hope from the American people, the people that he was sworn to protect, I think citizens need to put their faith back in humanity, not him. This man literally cut like, put violence on peace, peaceful protesters for a Bible photo opportunity, and then was slammed by the church. Like nothing, he does make sense at all. And then his video response right after the violence right at the beginning he perpetuated. But this is a rejection. And I mean, like he just caught on recording it for both in Georgia. And he's gonna be there saying, Yeah, I know you guys are fighting a good fight if he was recorded asking for votes. I'm just like, beyond disturbed. I hope everyone is safe on both sides. I just hope everyone stays safe. And I just hope it's like awful, awful display of patriotism. And that's not what it is like, saying that with air quotes and sarcasm. It's not patriotism. I hope this is a catalyst
for like, people just to like really try to get some real change. Because it's heartbreaking to know that like, this is the reality of America. We're not like the Catholic beacon on the hill, I just want to say that. It's just like, I'm in my early 20s. And like, knowing that this is kind of like what I have to deal with for the rest of my life and like, it's really like, what everyone else has to deal with what people like, remember what things are, like better, like in the good old days like this is just kind of like really, really, really shocking. I can't believe it's gotten to this point of like, violence and just like getting in Pennsylvania. I wonder
Adam: if she called in during the BLM protests. The key there is and this is something I've recognized. This is what I'll have to do. This is the world you've given me. This is this is this. I did everything right. I did all the things right. I went to school. And now this is what I have to deal with. It's reverse of what it used to be. I mean, we would say, Wow, when I was a kid, you know, we had to walk five miles for the snow. Yeah, right. True. So it's, it's Yeah, disillusionment, which I think part of it is also kind of if you look at Instagram all day, and then you look at yourself in the mirror, you're like, wow, this is this is no good.
John: Yeah, this is a point you this is actually your point that you've made since day three of the show, which is the unrealistic aspirations because of the fake Miss of everyone's life that is projected? Yeah. And it has an adverse effect on Most people, when they even though they will sometimes I've watched a lot of these people on these on Instagram and elsewhere. And they, they'll discuss it, they'll say, Well, I'm having a great time, but me and all everyone's having a great time, but me and then they kind of know it's funny, but for some reason, it still affects them adversely. And then you end up with this dis, dis dis I don't know what how to even describe this poor girl, but she is a quivering pile of jelly. freaked out, biting her nails right up to her knuckles, you could just see that and holding her top of her dress really tight. And she's a mess. She's a mess. Yeah. Yeah.
Adam: I have I have identified this as well. And, and what's the bad part? And you're truly has to come down to the educational system, because that's where a lot of these ideas, certainly in college, but I think more increasingly in in high school, this is not unique to the United States that I'm hearing the same from the Netherlands. I'm hearing the same from the UK. I mean, it's I think we'll probably talk about this later on. But just just to give you an idea of how strong the programming is, and how in control certain people are have of true institutions. You've probably heard it if you didn't, didn't you hear? You've heard about it, the daily prayer that opens up Congress, and this is the guest, chaplain Emanuel Cleaver, at the at the end of his opening prayer for the day,
Unknown: may the Lord lift up the light of His countenance
upon us
and give us peace,
peace in our families, peace across this land. and dare I ask, oh, Lord,
peace, even in this chamber.
Now and evermore we ask it in the name of the monotheistic God,
Rama and God known by many
names by many different faiths,
a man and a woman
Adam: so now to be politically correct, we take the word amen. If some illogical reason we add a woman to it.
John: Man, you should get cut by the day again, I'm
Adam: gonna have to take it because
John: that's a man and a woman.
Adam: I mean, that's where we're going, man. And of course, amen. It means so be it. That is, you
John: know, that's me. So be it doesn't mean a man. Of course
Adam: not. But but that is, and this and if you look, everything's black man's fault on Twitter, blame black men. And black women have control now of large or are being used as control for large swaths of the population. But when it gets to that I was, I mean, I'm not insulted, but I'm shocked like what is going on? I almost expected people to applaud. Oh, very good. Oh, yes. The Pope should be saying, What if the pope does it? Amen. Amen. That would be
John: clown show.
Adam: Is it? You know, there's something happened yesterday, which I'm surprised they didn't get a lot of coverage. And that it wasn't. I didn't measures weren't taken. Or maybe they were this was a interesting report.
Unknown: The chilling threat, obtained exclusively by CBS News was heard by multiple air traffic controllers on Monday afternoon in New York.
Sources tell CBS News The Pentagon and other agencies were briefed today about the digitized voice recording, and believe it was designed to suggest hitting the Capitol on the same day Congress is set to count the electoral college results. The recording refers to costume sold Money. The Iranian general killed in a US drone strike ordered by President Trump and game on the one year anniversary of his death.
Adam: I bet you heard about that.
John: Oh, it sounded like Jeff
Adam: was definitely the poop guy. You know, it's a serious report when they bring Jeff out. So you know, it is the real deal. I haven't read up on any pilot forums about that. But that's kind of disturbing. And don't worry about it. Nothing's gonna happen. Just let everyone come on down. coup. Let me see. Do I have anything else before we I think we should do? What else you got? Before we go to I think we should I do
John: have Steve's khalessi coming out. Don't do it at the beginning of the debate about these votes. Elise and the republicans came out and he's had his commentary that was pretty good, was the pro argument. But then I have a lot of it on here, and it still doesn't get to the point. And then, excuse me. The Democrats countered with double people's Zoe Lofgren, who I don't like at all. And she comes out and I said didn't like anything she had to say. And then she brings up a little interesting point, nobody talks about, which was that law that was passed in 1888. that prevented all this from going the way that all these intelligence officers always people said, and it was a lot designed to keep this from getting out of hand. And now it has to be obviously modified some more. But I never even heard about this in any of the news recovery.
Adam: Isn't that the the count act?
John: Yes. Something like that.
Adam: We've discussed it briefly.
John: Well, we've discussed it, but the news media never mentioned setup. And they just wanted to say I'm kind of in agreement with the guy who told off Lisa, Dr. Dan, this is the media's fault. They didn't give us good, didn't give us good background on any of this stuff. They just were really
Unknown: flaming on the media.
John: I am blaming it on the media. And I think the media should be blamed. They've done a piss poor job of what they're supposed to do and what they're getting paid to do. It's almost as though they're being told what to do by somebody else. It's just not. Yeah, Who could that be? I just find it to be a just a horrible day. And when we talk about the media, we're talking about mainly CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, The New York Times and The Washington Post. That's it. That's really is the media, they control that group.
Adam: Hold on, hold on, you have to add Amy Goodman in there otherwise doesn't count.
John: Yeah, what doesn't belong there? She's just a stooge of that. Yes, he is. She just quotes the same washington post that everybody else does. And I'm reminded of the time that Jerry pournelle used to discuss this case, his joke is cut during the tech era of high you know, people that wrote about tech and made money. And for now, tell me says you know, you know, john, he's funny voice. God, it was, if we put you mean me, you may have pointed out and bought five other tech journalists that were the top of the game. And we just decided to promote something. It was sell like hotcakes. It would be very easy to control the thoughts of everyone because you use the same you hear started hearing the same thing over and over this drumbeat. And that's what the media is done with this same bureau of ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, New York Times CNN, Fox and Fox Now if you've been flipped, that didn't help so so the public at large was screwed over by the media was they were told what to think
Adam: it was interesting Newsmax I watched them as well. Because they were so inexperienced today we're just shell shocked or our Yeah, like oh yeah, total amateur hour,
John: amateur hour. And one American news amateur hour news, Max. Amateur are all these is chatter all the rest of them. Just amateur. They don't know what they're doing. There's only so many professionals in the real world that can produce news. Oh, man.
Adam: Yeah. You want to play any of the Zoe Lofgren or not I mean, I'm, I don't know what else there is to discuss is boring.
John: I mean, I can play I just love you knew about the thing. Yeah, she did a good job. She presented it and then of course, I do have one other thing which is Mitch Mitch went off on the whole thing. People keep saying all Mitch is a big asshole. Mitch was not he would did a very good presentation. He wasn't like Romney. Romney is an asshole Mitch did his job. And by the way, I never thought about this because he's kind of a mumbler. But Mitch has a very sonorous voice. It's just got some quality to it. That is I don't know what it is. I
Adam: don't think that his overall worldview was maybe a little bit skewed by his in laws.
John: But it's a possibility. But I'm just saying that he presented well, and I think any any shut it down at MIT shut this whole thing down and that was the end of it that was expected.
Adam: Let's listen to him. You got to
John: just to begin this, but this is only the opening he went on for another five minutes
Adam: just this is fine.
Unknown: we're debating a step that has never been taken in American history. Whether Congress should overrule the voters and overturn a presidential election. After 36 years in the Senate. This will be the most important vote I've ever cast. President Trump claims the election was stolen. The assertions ranged from specific local allegations to constitutional arguments to sweeping conspiracy theories are supported the President's right to use the legal system does have lawsuits, received hearings and courtrooms all across our country. But over and over, the courts rejected these claims, including all star judges. And the President himself is nominated. every election, we know features some illegality and irregularity. And of course, that's unacceptable. I support strong state led voting reforms. Last year's bizarre endemic procedures must not become the new norm. But my colleagues nothing before us proves illegality anywhere near the massive scale, the massive scale that would have kept the entire election norkin public doubt alone justify a radical break. When the doubt itself was incited without any evidence. The Constitution gives us here in Congress a limited role. We cannot simply declare ourselves a national board of elections on steroids. Yes, I'll
Adam: find out. They've all got to go. Anyone who's old now has to go. I also don't want Trump back when he's 78. No. Not interested. Now. Now. Now. Now.
John: I come and we need a great
Adam: reset for our country and we need to promote some young people. And it's going to take it's not going to be two years. It's not going to be four years. This was a once in a lifetime, I think that we saw with Trump and the swamp just engulfed him and sucked him down under the undertow was too heavy. And of course, he's flawed. He's, he's great at firing people. He sucks at hiring people. And that's probably true of his business as well. But you know, in business, this
John: relies on his family. Yeah. So
Adam: because you can trust them. And no one else in the swamp. No, Mitch McConnell, you cannot be in Congress for 36 years and not be a part of some swamp swamp. Yeah. So all we need young people we've got McKenzie Kelly here who's just gotten on the the Austin City Council. Now I'm gonna see what I can do for people like that who are coming up. It has to be local. I don't want Austin to go to crap with with with Joe's build back better. And believe me, it'll be a fight. Because a lot of Bill back better people live here.
John: loaded. Although it was a couple of things. Do you when you're gonna bitch about Trump, which I it's easy to do, I would say is his huge mistake was that he first of all, he became less and less his own man as time went on. And by that I mean, he should have he should have when he first got in within the first two years and especially during the phony baloney Mueller investigation. He should have pardoned both Assange and Snowden. I think he's right off.
Adam: I think he's still going to pardon Assange.
John: Well, I hope he does. He should have been he should have a pardon. Why is he pardoning him now? He helped him get elected now. It's an idiotic thing to do. He should have pardon him right off the bat. And then he should have pardoned Snowden because Snowden knows more about what's going on in the deep state, the real intelligence deep state, and he would have had to had to have helped Trump out. And he would have been probably put the cake kibosh on a number of things that he was out and about. And if Assange was out and about it would have made a huge difference. But no, he lets him rot in jail, too. Well, one of them is rotting in Russia, but it's not running in jail. But Assange is rotting in jail. He doesn't do anything about it. I thought it was a stupid thing to do. It was a stupid approach. He was obviously talked out of doing it.
Adam: What I what I believe happened here is he played the long dangerous game.
Unknown: Oh
John: well. Sit for just went by.
Adam: Okay ladies, gentlemen, we have a Zephyr report what is the state of the economy John Dvorak nine
John: car train Paul
Adam: now crap now
John: this was this was interesting because this was the regular Zephyr going through it was late this is very late, which is the way that economic collapse is gonna take cash and it
Adam: did not have a male car it was a full on nine cars, Zephyr.
John: No. It was the regular no male car seven cars, Zephyr Yeah, with two additional cars from the same family of cars. There were there were cream colored two of them, two of them. Two added cars, private cars. One was a just a regular like a just a sleeper. And the other one was a dome car at the end. It was an observation car and I don't know what blind they were from the great night there was some I'd have to look it up. But there are two private cars and I think they're part of the same sale. So this is somebody who was super rich, super rich. Two cars, they bought two cars, put them on the Zephyr, they were celebrating the win of the super wealthy in this country are behind Biden. And that was a reflection of a goal right by my house.
Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, there's your official Zephyr economic report, we have good news for the least if you are worth over $100 million, you're going to be doing just great. If you'd like all the other slugs around here, look at Bitcoin a little bit earlier it hit $40,000
Unknown: Oh my god.
Adam: Yeah, but that sums it up, it's gonna be great for the elites, if you got tons of money, it's gonna be fabulous.
John: Yeah,
Adam: well, I mean, clearly, the dollar is, is losing value. I mean, you can say, oh, bitcoins become very valuable. Or you can say the dollars become less valuable
John: and less valuable in the international market and local markets, always, you always have to figure that when the when a currency becomes more valuable or less valuable. It has a number of effects. One, it doesn't usually affect the domestic market because you pay a buck 50 for a gallon of milk, whether the, whether the dollar is worth a lot or not. It's the same amount. So domestically, it won't make a difference and people aren't traveling. So what difference does it make if you're not going to Europe to spend your money. But internationally, where it really makes the difference is it hurts travelers. And it helps exporters because now American goods are cheaper. And that's why the international market doesn't like to see the dollar go down because it makes our our goods and we are manufacturing more thanks to Trump. It makes our goods cheaper on the international market and makes us more competitive. So it's a good thing a bad thing. It's got all kinds of issues going on. But obviously somebody's got a lot of money to be flying and flying and rolling around on this two cars. Two cars.
Adam: It's probably a dude who bought Bitcoin at five.
John: Or Yeah, what a couple days ago our audience
Adam: I'm gonna go past the borax house. Hey, Beanie Babies. My train.
John: Oh, yeah. All right. Let's
Adam: take a break. Ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank you for your courage, Mr. JOHN c. devore. I can say in the morning to you. It is indeed the man who put the C in c span. John Dvorak in the morning
John: to you and Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning all ships at sea boots on the ground feeding the assumption the water and all the names and nights out there
Adam: do and we are looking at. Oh my goodness, we are looking at 2630 today in trolls 2630. trolls are all lined up. wave at me, please. These guys have been guys and gals.
John: That numbers can't be right. This is Thursday. Let
Adam: me check it again. Make sure yeah, 2602 was went down by one. Yeah. Yeah. People want to hear what we have to say. So look sharp. You can join this troll room which is filled with with people who?
Unknown: Well, if
Adam: you're listening, you probably like him. Could you turn your speaker's just a bit, john, it's I've been trying to compensate all morning. But I think you just turn it up when I turn it down.
John: No, I don't turn it up. I haven't touched it.
Adam: I'll just turn to us a little bit.
John: You know what
Adam: the troll room is can be found at no agenda and you can hang out, listen to the live stream. There's lots of live shows taking place or there'll be something that's playing on the stream that may be pre recorded. But you can sit there talk about whatever you want. Or maybe troll the show troll the host just totally each other. We'll just talk about anything you want. And while you're in there, ask someone for an invite to no agenda. now more than ever, get away from the mainstream social media is just not going to if you're thinking of starting something Don't start it with any help from that. This is they will they have no problems D platforming. Anybody taking anybody off anywhere. This is a great thing. No agenda, social calm. It is worldwide. There's lots of other mastodon instances we're federated. And the beauty is signal to noise. It's a lot of signal. It's a lot of fun. And you don't have the outcome. The algo is not there missing. Yep. And then I'd like to thank the artist for Episode 1309. This was a man. And by the way, thank you, Dred Scott, who is flashing these images for you are on a kind of podcasting 2.0 compatible app. This was the the the cockroach caviar, which was a well rendered image. We had a lot of discussion about art for the last show. And a bit Actually, yeah, we had. Let's see, I'm scrolling through it now. See, okay, well, first of all, you'd like the dog collar was shithead. I i kibosh that
John: No, I didn't we I liked I thought it was funny, but it was nothing I was promoting. I was promoting. Actually, I was promoting either that caviar the bug thing or the liquid bugs from Martin JJ as I drink my
Adam: dogs you did like you did like that now,
John: and I liked I liked the badge that right or that Riley did I think the badge was dynamite bush is a patch that people should make it we both like that
Adam: badge. Why didn't we choose it?
John: We chose it because it wasn't because the caviar thing was so slick and subtle. And you didn't like this patch for show art but you tried to be a great pass. Great. Shop should make Yeah, totally. And I agree with that. And then also the one I liked it I was kind of pushing but I wasn't gonna push it over. The caviar was Darren O'Neill's mouthwatering, mouthwatering. mealworms
Adam: It was too busy for me.
John: Too busy. There's too much going on. And now I'm looking at this art again, I realized that we kind of are the other one that we like was p fake the COVID-19. Sailing shot, but we weren't gonna use that because we'd be deep platformed do I really sound like that? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Like my mother. P fake was one of the ones that you said now you're going to get deep platformed and you are right. Now what I'm looking at now, which I looked at after the show, and I realized it was something we kind of missed the point of I did because I would have kind of at least mentioned was Kim cheese devorah curry versus devore act take the jab. That's a mockery of a boxing poster. that neither one of us caught as neither one of us caught the humor of that
Unknown: I'm looking for which one was this the Kim she's right above the mealworms right now Oh, oh.
John: She says curry versus devoid take the jab and that that was the joke take the jab
Adam: Yeah, I do doesn't help it doesn't help if we really have to think about it. You know what you
John: the ones that worked the best for me the ones that get you the immediate way and had many of those recently but
Adam: I personally liked I liked the dry gin deodorant. I thought that was kind of cool. Yes,
John: you did use you mentioned I had found it not interesting or anything. I didn't care much for it.
Adam: Well, in general, I look at this art and go holy crap. What a great bunch of artists we have it's really it's spectacular what you're doing and I hope that no agenda shop can can work with some of you and I don't know how they we don't know anything about him really.
John: You don't know is good? What's the wallet
Adam: donation shows up and it's fine. It's all good. But there's some dynamite stuff here. Dynamite and
John: I will remind remind the artists that if you put a COVID virus image on your art as the Mr. TSN Yeah, he just gets rejected immediately.
Adam: Well, for instance, and we did talk about this the gates milks Coronavirus. We asked which was not bad I liked
John: funny
Adam: but it broke the rule the two rules had a crappy one ahead of pasted on Bill Gates which typically I don't like but he's they're milking Coronavirus, Spike protein into a bucket that says dollars. High concept. honorary mention I would say
John: honor Yes. Yeah, I agree. 100% on our mentioned, well, thank
Adam: you all very much artists and we look forward to excoriating you again on Sunday. And highlighting whoever takes the cake Tom to nail well done beautiful really appreciate it.
John: I will mention something about Tonton nails piece because we did discuss it it compared to Martin Jr. And some other pieces. It's the fact that she used to use the very used the right font for the caviar
on the caviar and she also had cockroach on there and gotcha but I'm talking about the no agenda font, no agenda font that to use that font, which is a fine. It's not the common kind of very
Adam: fine is a very fine
John: it just indicates like, it puts the moment of the caviar box into a high seriousness. I mean, it's as though this is really a product. I just found this art to be a stunning piece of work that it reflected more than taste I think of the artists just natural tasted worked out quite nicely. There
Adam: is no other podcast in the known universe that has this that it does not exist and Thank you Sir Paul, good to know. Well, thank you sir Paul couture for diligently keeping the art generator running for 100 years moving it from drew Paul to whatever the heck it is now, Ruby on Rails. And all the artists and I know you guys get a kick out of doing it. But it's it really helps to show go look at no agenda or dotnet on your mobile phone. And just take a look at how beautiful that artwork looks as it scrolls by you think you're looking at an art gallery not a not a listing of podcast, that's part of what makes us the best podcast in the universe. It is part of our value for value model. The reason we're still here, after all these years is because we don't take any corporate money. It's just impossible. You cannot do that you they're self censoring, which makes you suck or you're being told what you can and can't say or maybe you have to say stuff we decided 30 more than 13 years ago we weren't going to do that. And we asked to start this experiment where we all work together sharing our time our talent and our treasure. And we love thanking our Executive Associate executive producers for Episode 13 110 and they they brought the the treasure for us I'm going to thank him right now.
John: Yeah I still find it hard to believe there's that many people in the chat room Yes we do. We have a little top heavy but it's fine with us. I started with a demon Marie and Ron rock Texas 123456 this is actually a two part note. This is we got two checks from the same in the same envelope from two different companies. And I will right I'm going to actually read the whole note I'm going to read this I'm going to start with the second note which is we'll go house Wi l co house and Round Rock Texas This is this and this is $1,000 and there's also a check for 123456 from the same in the same envelope holy crap
Adam: to that from the same same producer.
John: Yeah,
Adam: holy crap. I'm only
John: one note came through and I'm going to read them in the back go backwards order that 1000 because it starts with $1,000 note and it's on one sheet. I can prove it's one sheet because we can do that.
Adam: That's true.
John: I bid you in the morning in order to write this off as an advertising expense please mention we'll go by house It's where you go if you need to sell a beat down house mutual friend of ours that sells be done if you need to sell a beat down house for cash in the Austin metro area
Adam: wait who do we know that sell does sales beat down houses
John: who dis ease now as a newscaster Oh any roads any roads anyways sent any rows I
Adam: introduced that any roads
John: any roads please credit this donation to my boy Angel. Okay This has to be agreed credited. I got I got you covered hitting me in the mouth back in June. I was going to give $950 and let him donate the remaining 50 to become a knight but lo that crazy bastard wouldn't get off his ass to do it. I'll get him to finish I'll get him to the finish line because he entered because the introduction and no agenda is worth it okay from him. Please call him I'll do I don't know if he's on the list but you can check sure angel of the heights. If he wants to change that queer night name he can donate and change the title.
Adam: Ah yes sir angel of the heights. Yes, he's on the list for sure.
John: Please de de-douche him.
Unknown: You've been de deuced
John: and play como some noisy made then Fauci wheeze two times, by the way. Yes, he tells me Get another I got to put up a new signup page. Give sir Angel cigars and jello shots at the roundtable
Adam: huh? breakfast of champions.
John: How old is he? Okay. And then we go back to the second note from daymond. Marie, me again, this time with another company check and this one's for me. appreciation doesn't adequately communicate my gratitude for what you do. The information is intriguing. The insight, often eye opening, and the humor is a fundamental element to the show. Many thanks, boys. Gotta say I'm really enjoying the heightened level of contention between mom and dad. We can drop that meme. The tension is compelling the friction like polyester rubbing between my thighs while running nasty, you're gonna get a shock. The slow tearing away of fresh leaves. leaves me catch a nation leaves me caught in catch a nation. Perhaps too graphic, Adam, I'm interested in getting my pilot's license. Any tips? JOHN, would you rather be a carpet beggar? Or a scallywag? Lastly, we're building a small office building in downtown Red Rock. And with the uncertainty in the office sector. I'm looking at creative ideas to get the space leased. What are your thoughts about creating a podcast studio that can be rented out by content creators?
Adam: Straight sounds like an exit strategy. No.
John: Give it to me. No, that's
Adam: no, that's stupid. No, don't do it. I know people who've done it. It didn't work out in Austin.
John: Yeah, yeah. Chef don't dim
Adam: lit. Well, it's not about the studio. It's about your fabulous content.
John: I want to hear a de-douche me porfa vor. Okay, now he got a jingle request. Another one from the early days instant nights are corndog of cornucopia is already plenty at the round table for me. And then we still have to play the form. Oh, yes, I
Adam: have that. And regarding pilot's license, yes, shoot me an email. And I'll tell you who you can talk to here in Austin. Just got to go start getting that Cessna 152 baby.
Unknown: Karma his way as well. You've got
karma. And thank you for those
John: two donations. It's already $4.56. Frank is yes. You see something in the show? Frank does oglio in Jamestown, Rhode Island 1000. And he has a short little note, which says Keep up the great work. And I appreciate the time that you and Adam put in.
Adam: Thank you and we appreciate the phenomenal value you're sharing with the show what a start to the New Year. Thank you. Thank you.
John: Now we have another note that was sent in by john pest surfacy who's been involved with he's the one who has been in the void a couple of times. Yeah, and let's Florida's $500 Happy New Year's I'm finally reaching my first knighthood and beyond. I think he's on the list, as I put it a big arrow and distinct skin.
Adam: Big arrow, big arrow.
John: Yeah. And beyond with the enclosed 500 donation to the best podcast in the universe. I'm also deeply grateful for for you reading an earlier note of mine is a make good during 1306 which made a nice Stocking Stuffer for me and my son. Although I sometimes miss John's old stints on the twit network as he often outnumbered, or was the lone voice of sanity. I stopped listening once Leo seemingly turned all his shows into this week and woke. Then again to no agenda shows the only podcast that I've always download and listened to consistently year after year and indeed is the only podcast you need. Your media insights and deconstructions are consistently excellent. And you truly helped me keep saying amongst the M five AMS, persistent and obvious gaslighting. We've gotten to two weeks to flatten occur to until we get a vaccine to vaccines may be useless in the face of the new mutant strain. The only thing missing is the CNN kyron stating breaking news. We have always been at war with East Asia.
Adam: I think it's East Eurasia.
John: That could be but I think it says East Asian. Please give karma to the no agenda nation as a whole if possible. I like club 33 Raven or Bambi call up or barring that a dealer's choice. If available. I'd like to be known as john Knight of gasparilla in the swamp and since I'm an old school 80s kid No need to add anything new to the round table. I'm perfectly content with the traditional hookers and blow very good for a better 2021 for everyone.
Unknown: He or she is
John: braven
Adam: Now, do you have a note from Carlos? Who's next on the list?
John: No. He said he sent it to you. He never sent it to me.
Adam: Well, let me double check but I don't think I even came across his name which is very odd. I don't
John: have Carlos do Did you look at the subject line donation?
Adam: Yeah, I do that frequently.
John: Well, Mike, well, he wants to de-douche and we know that do that.
Andrew, you're not here it is. I got it. I got it. I got you got it. I
Adam: got it. I just found it. I just found it. Let me see what he's got here. Okay. Longtime listener, first time donor. He just got deduced. Things are tight but got a bit of extra dough for Christmas and want to start the year right. I appreciate you both for the outstanding job and simply request Kim trails is that should have been the way to vaccinate everybody a house favorite and karma for the two of you just my voluntary bullshit back Oh, he's got his vaccination. Oh boy. Oh, and he sent he sent us proof of vaccination which is good because you know if you're not if you don't have proof of vaccination, you're not allowed to listen to the show. sorry to tell you that so yes, we get to classics for you. All hell is gonna break loose and you're gonna need a Bitcoin
Unknown: you've got karma
Adam: I did for that to arrow so it's amazing how that doesn't come through.
John: Yeah, okay. Well, I did get something that you'd be interested in hanging on the wall. Was that I don't know if you Pang stuff on the wall that says stuff like FCC license, for example. Things like that. Yeah, it is our official from the US government. Notice from the US Office of copyrights and trademarks Oh of the no agenda trademark.
Adam: Holy moly. And what? What is our class? What classification is that? Is that now trademarked? And thanks to our no agenda producer who helped us out so massively with that. Well, good, congratulations. Yeah, I'd like that. I wouldn't mind having it. And then I can do a little no agenda tattoo on my arm with a with an arm with a circle. Yeah. Cool. All right. I like it.
Unknown: Let me Andrew.
Adam: I'll take him do this. Andrew echternach echternach maybe 333 33 Thank you so much. Hey, guys.
Unknown: Hey guys.
Adam: It's my first donation and as long overdue May I receive I got hit in the mouth of my buddy Scott. This past spring. We've listened religiously ever since speaking of Scott, can you call him out as a douchebag? Anyways, are you killing me? I try to hit as many people as I can in the mouth. But so far my friend Natalie is the only person I know who continues to listen to the show. She donated for the first time a couple episodes back but never got a deducing Oh no. Can you deduce her? Yes.
Unknown: You've been de douche. Thank
Adam: you both for keeping my mykolas small it's much appreciated. No jingles, no karma and stay safe and thank you very much. Then we have Scott's Salah mango from Detroit, Michigan. 333. Thank you appreciate that value. For starters, tip of the cap to JRE for turning me on to the best podcast in the universe. This is my first donation. organ donation. So I'd like to do
just like President Elect Harris, I practice the Kwanzaa principle of qucik azula which which he so eloquently explained means be and do therefore I plan to be a no agenda night and do whatever it is nice to do while you're doing it right now. Adam, you want a dog name that can show superiority over a dog named Paul Anka. This dog discussion has sparked something that there's a lot of people who are very interested in it my sudden turn in my love for dogs. He says I've got the perfect name Chuck Norris. Ya know? I have the name so Tina can have Paul Lanka. That's fine. I'm gonna have do g it's gonna be my dog's name. What do GDOG Yeah, Gog GOG. That's gonna be my dog's name and dog is my dog's name is dog. But I pronounce it do g All right. All right. Why don't you take the next one since you clearly have nothing to say,
John: sir? I do. Not much. I mean, I keep forgetting about these two dogs. What kind of dogs are they gonna be? She talked to Jay she knows about breeds. Okay. So Dan the man in Cape Coral, Florida 333 a couple of jingle requests to mill Flavio and LG Why? Happy New Year. Please accept the donation 333 to start 2021 normally I'd have put this on the PP note. But when donating via the link on your page, the note isn't obvious and I missed it
Adam: yet. A lot of people have said this for some reason.
John: It is PayPal it says shippers it's very obvious to a lot of people because most people
Adam: are not I'd say john check mobile
John: no I don't know what it looks like Mo
Adam: Mo use mobile mobile mobile you gotta you got a mobile optimized the page Dvorak?
John: I don't know. I get nothing to do with it. When I let oh I got it. I know what to do. There is a yeah I get I have an idea. He continues when I last donated in October was to request emergency health karma from my mother in law. Sadly, no amount of karma would have worked. She passed away within 24 hours of a massive stroke to the 87 a widow and lead a full life. She was healthy up to that day and went quickly. He was probably the way she would have wanted it to go. But we miss her. We miss we miss her. Her such as life her death certificate was not listed COVID as a cause of death I checked. Well that's good. Yeah, check on the most attended just
Adam: throw it right in there. To happier
John: news the donation is on our 32nd wedding anniversary occurring on the day and I realize this show fell on our special day I knew I had to give the only thing that would have been more synergetic is if it was the 33rd anniversary
Adam: okay we'll be
John: more than anything we've been together since high school and marry well in college she's my milk by sizzling hot spouse Linda You're my everything love you mean it Oh,
Adam: anyone so jingles right maybe go
Unknown: that's one mother.
Loving mean.
You've got
John: Certain acid of the Candida avian woods and courtice Ontario 251 51 becomes a first associate executive producer he got some jingle requests. I got ants bombed them kill them once somebody think of the children pale and well met with this donation of 33333 Kanda navion we have to make a note that goes up upgraded moving up moving up
Adam: to the next good work upgraded
John: I have made it to the glorious rank of Baron I would like to be known forthwith. If the peerage committee can allow us barren Chris of the kawartha Highlands and Night of the rare encounter, approved, done. For my protectorate. I would like to request the townships of North kawartha and Trent lakes in Ontario's county of Peterborough, due to them containing the beautiful kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. Thank you for the details. I conducted a poll this week on the no agenda social asking people what they think happened to jack Ma, at the time of writing a plurality of voters 48% believe he has been locked up in a Chinese gulag, another 23% as my guest By the way, I'm on tick off the box for me. Another 23% think he fled the country and is hiding out somewhere 16% of respondents said he was executed by the CCP and remaining 14% say that nothing at all has happened to him. Who knows what the real answer is? But this was a fun experiment that I hope others take up. Thank you guys again for your time and talent and putting together this treasure of a podcast for us. Baron Chris is the carwash the Highlands and Knight of the rare encounter once known as sir acid of the Scandinavian woods
Adam: of cortis Ontario
Unknown: korkis
John: pronouncing it wrong. JOHN is korkis
I don't know if he would have had an answer. We had an invasion. I was thinking if you if you
Sir big Johnson of the Hudson Valley in Poughkeepsie to 4420 double a palindrome double have fun no genius just double hit of job karma sir big, big Johnson, myself and everyone who needs it to begin a new year on a good note. This show and community are amazing. thank you john Adam at all
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.
John: Eric Stosur of Chicago, Illinois $240. I can make him sound like Canadian too, but I won't. This is my first donation, please make it a deducing fellas, I've hit as many people in the mouth as I can. After hearing your show for the first time in early March, when my wife and I welcomed our first human resource. I even got called out as a D bag by one of the people by hitting them out a few weeks back, but I've been waiting to donate for my 40th birthday on January 13. Can you please put me on the list? You're on the list? My brother Phil hit me in the mouth after seeing Adam on Jr. He unfortunately my brother is still a douchebag oh well. He particularly wants to be called a douchebag. But he's scrounging all the pennies for his first house. So cut him some slack
Adam: out of line.
John: I just want to say thanks for all the roenick coverage has helped me stay calm during this period of unprecedented ridiculousness out over Adam, I can confirm that catching the roenick guild is a real thing since you brought it up. A few friends have contracted the Rona, all mild cases, but they all told me how upset they were with themselves. And with even no one even mentioned they cried from guilt. She could see my fish my facetious smile behind the mask when she told me and asked what's so funny. And I told her about the roenick guilt syndrome. She actually got a chuckle from it and hopefully it made her feel better about her mask failing anyway you know
Adam: this this is this is really the consequence and it makes so much sense when you see people who have just decided this thing is gonna kill you mask up them it Austin the mast up everywhere I'm sure it's the same way you are. And then when they because they're so under informed when they catch it. They think that they've done something wrong. They have been so programmed these people to think that if you do everything Fauci says everything that whatever the professional fill in the blank, that you'll be safe. No.
Unknown: It's it's
John: this programming come from Sure, Adam
Adam: from the mainstream media.
Unknown: Uh huh.
John: That note continues anyway, this is the truly the best podcast in the universe. Can I get some karma for all of us in that universe? Because shits getting wild may also have a biscuit on my birthday. Followed by an it's true.
Unknown: They always give me a biscuit on my birthday. That's true.
Adam: kamiah that's a mo fac show you're ragging on.
John: I was a ragging on.
Laura rennen camp in Philadelphia, PA 238 38. There is no note from Laura that we can find. I even went back and found a donation with a real email address and there was nothing from that.
Adam: Oh no,
John: sir Cal of lavender blossoms. Ah su 3527 we'd always we're always be in business as long as sir cows and business 23527 northville. Michigan. Happy New Year, my friends. Check us out on YouTube. You'll get an idea about our farm channel name. You ask? lavender blossom? Yeah. Cheers, sir. Cal.
Adam: Thank you very much. New Year to you. Happy New Year.
John: Sorry, ch 23456. It's been a while since donating my wife. A CT ICU nurse literally used a no agenda phrase and said I'm saving my vaccine for someone who needs it more. Good one.
Adam: It's actually I don't want to jump the line. I'm getting in the back for someone who needed some more. That's even better.
John: I don't want to jump to lunch. The kicker is she never listens to the show. I like to call her out as a douche. Oh, no, I'm sorry. I like to call out as douchebags my two Friends they know who they are.
Unknown: More
John: no jingles no karma Levin likes us or see a light to use or ch. Brian t in Miami Beach 23333
Adam: I read this one. It's a long one. Yeah, going. In the morning gentlemen, I've been a constant listener since Adam was on Joe Rogan's show early last year, which was just in time to jump, the no agenda train for COVID and the rest of 2020s insanity. This donation is long overdue, for which I humbly request a de-douche
Unknown: t deuced.
Adam: The immediate impetus for this contribution this note arises from the fact that a family friend who was a healthy fixed 56 year old obstetrician here in Miami Beach died on January 3, two weeks after taking sorry, two weeks after taking the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Whoa, you have ably deconstructed media coverage of the pandemic including recent shaming of healthcare workers who are vaccine hesitant Yes, I have some stuff coming up as well as anaplastic reactions by some who have taken the vaccine but I want to share with you the fact that our friend didn't die of anaphylaxis he was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital here in Miami Beach where he worked only three days after taking the Pfizer vaccine on December 18. He had Peter he was sitting there right Peter che red blitzboks
John: is a little kids it's it's it's tricky I think, Oh,
Adam: I'm sure I'm not pronouncing it right. So it's Oh, I see it's red blood spots on his feet and hands and his blood platelets platelet platelet casts I should never taken this one to read was zero. He was diagnosed with acute immune I'm going to give up Why don't you take it from here, john? I just this is not gonna go well. It was
John: a good one. It was diagnosed with acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura
Unknown: Wow. Nice.
John: Well, ITP we just go with it because he's gonna just you could have skipped and said I TPM like caused by the COVID vaccine and admitted to the ICU a team of expert tried to raise his platelet count for two weeks to no avail two weeks before. Two weeks before a last resort surgery. He died in minutes from a hemorrhagic stroke. Oh my god, I have sent this information in a separate email to John's email address, including the Facebook post when we are friends wife that describes what happened. She stays she always wants this information out there. So I'm sharing it that probably be banned from Facebook. Here with the citizens to get my nation I'm not a medical expert or friend was pro vaccine. And I'm not interested in spreading propaganda or fear mongering these things happen. Perhaps this was an isolated incident. Let's hope so. But this information is real and if useful to anyone. It will have served its purpose. I doubt it will be covered by him five, let me think. Thank you right now I request a heaping dose of karma for folks negatively affected by the virus to lockdowns, the vaccines and particularly for our frontline medical workers. I'll save the jingles for another time. Keep up the great work. Brian t in Miami Beach. Yes,
Adam: right. We'll throw in a goat karma for everybody.
Unknown: You've got
John: Yeah, you're gonna read this one.
Adam: I've been a listener for a while. This is Dame carolann of East hatchet ranch. 222 22 from Pueblo Colorado.
John: Yes, she is.
Adam: I thanks for confirming.
Unknown: Yes, Yes, she
Adam: is. I've been listening for a while. I became a dame during your 10th Anniversary Show. Must didn't hurt. I've been donating on a payment plan. Thank you. And I've had a few extra donations as well. I've made it to Burnett test. Whoa. I would like to be named Carol and Baron at this of hatchet ranch. No jingles no karma. But I would like to ask to see mentions Would you kindly mentioned my son Isaac's website, firearms training listeners can locate great firearm instruction in their area and class schedules. My older son Joshua was turning 42 on January 9, please put them on the birthday list. He's on it. Joshua hit Isaac in the mouth years ago and Isaac turned and hit me in the mouth in 2016. A family that listens to no agenda together likes each other a lot and gets along great. And finally three my smokin hot husband is turning 74 on January 12. Please put him on the birthday list. That's done. Thank you for all your hard work show after show bringing us the best deconstruction in the universe. Blessings of health and happiness for both of you and for all the knowledge in the nation. Caroline chase Barnett of hatchet ranch in Pueblo, Colorado. Obviously, you're smoking out husband married a much younger woman good for him.
John: Again, do this or do this Dan's do this in Avon, Ohio $210 wrapping a requesting health card for my friend sir Matt Frank's wife Jamie Frank who has had brain surgery in the past Monday to remove a tumor. Also, pronunciation of my name is do this.
Adam: You got it.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Michael mutual when Bernstein in Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the Carolinians 20102 in the morning, a few, a four part donation observation while Adams hatred towards dogs is well documented. I do believe it is interesting that John's animus toward the animal kingdom goes unreported. Ah, yes,
Unknown: yes indeed.
Adam: Let's hear it ferrets,
John: pet pythons, ants, Wall Street stockbrokers that tone deaf singing grow outside his window. None of God's creatures were left unscathed in 2020 success while a majority of people flounder no doubt another animal john despises in 2020 due to swollen amygdalas by project mutual
Adam: oh my goodness this guy this tiny
John: luxury homes guy he started his directing money and bands are now providing capital expand locations we are providing and selling to small towns turnkey shipping container houses please add renderings to the show notes no for the air b&b market to increase the town's tourism. If anyone in the no agenda community can recommend a charming but neglected small town, Port Angeles, Washington that would benefit my wife she's working on this. Get a hold of her that would benefit from modern tourism accommodations, please, we don't want a tourist Nevermind. Please email me Michael at mutual gratitude while 2020 was a very challenging year, the no agenda show provided stability, insight and humor that kept the anxiety to a manageable level. Thank you.
Adam: And he wants the answer. We already played half of that I will tag it on to the end of show mixes just for you. And if I may say I took a look because I hadn't looked at it in a while he started this I think about a year ago and and was telling us about a mutual wind calm. Have you seen these tiny homes? They're container homes? Yeah, they're stunning. Yeah, he's
John: got an architecture he's an architect or somebody knows what they're doing
Adam: stunningly beautiful. I mean, just like wow, I I think I kind of want to live there. Very, very, very pretty homes. Have some coffee. Sarah martucci for that
John: night. He needs a goat karma scream.
Unknown: Where do you see that?
John: right there at the bottom jingles and song?
Adam: Oh, I'm sorry. I missed that. Sorry, here it is. You know, I'm not going to put your renderings in the show notes now. I'm not gonna do that. Sorry. Going martucci boonsboro boonsboro Maryland please. boonsboro crease credit my smokin hot husband Scott martucci in honor of his 50th birthday on January 7 as so done. He started listening last March and hit me in the mouth over the summer please do. Our 12 year old daughter has been heard singing jingles such as douchebag and luckily we explained to her what audios mofos was before she said it to her Spanish teacher. How old is she? A 12 year old Okay, audios. mofos
John: Geno's audios both posts mean
Adam: that the kicker is it was a rick perry the governor and former governor of Texas who said it Yeah. Which makes which makes it all that much funnier. jingles we're all gonna die shut up slave. It's true. And by the way for everyone who keeps saying it's true the actual jingle Is that true? Amazing. It's kind of like a what is what is the what does that effect
John: be a Mandela mandela
Adam: effect? Exactly. That's
Unknown: what it is. Thank
Adam: you very much. Sara martucci
Unknown: you've got karma
John: Carrie Minaj Philadelphia 233 says longtime douche shout out to rob from Hawaii room owner of project prism. pal talk room no agenda chat where I reside as Philly net. All right, Carrie,
Adam: thank you.
John: Maxine Waters gravel Maxine Waters gravel. So Maxine Waters gravels sent in $200.21 and a bag of nuts nice. Now he actually has them labeled. These are selling I guess you can go to and there is He said fisting nuts I hope you both enjoy your nuts he writes they can pre pre ordered at fisting. or resist we
I think I got the resist we Munch calm nuts. Adam if you have a tie if you have a resist start that one over Adam If you have time, a tight fisted nuts, jingle and an orange karma resist we Munch Maxine Waters gravel.
Adam: Just go for john, tell us your peeve about the fisting method of eating snacks.
John: I see this on the airplane and it's very annoying and I think it will result in in fights breaking out is it just so annoying to watch? guy takes
Unknown: his bag of
John: peanuts, throws a pile of them into his palm of his hand and then he makes a fist around the nuts. And then he shakes his fist to try to bring a nut to the little hole stop.
throws a nut in his mouth from his
Unknown: you've got karma.
John: Michael and Kelly day in qwave fuquay varina North Carolina. What
Unknown: a good one.
John: I didn't spell that. Yeah. Uh, he writes in this donation for a friend of mine named David Gomez and Holly Springs, North Carolina. David and my family hang out a lot together. And he keeps telling me about these two guys who have an awesome podcast, eventually listened to a few episodes and now I'm hooked. David is a hard working entrepreneur that is constantly battling the bureaucracies in the medical field to bring several several of his inventions to the broad surgical market. He spends most of his money developing new ideas and trying to keep his enterprise alive. I asked him the other day if he had ever been deduced. And he said he can never justify the expense with so many other business expenses that he must deal with. I tried to send in a donation a few weeks ago, but I and I did but I am a technical moron. I could not figure out how to give Kim the credit for the donation. So the United Postal Service's it for me. Please forgive me as I am still new enough to the show that I might not have the lingo and the processes down. Exactly. I think this donation grants him associate producer status and a nice d deucing.
Adam: Okay, de-douche
John: if I got the process wrong, let me know. Happy birthday, David. Okay,
Adam: so hold on, hold on. Couple things here first got to put David Gomez because he's being replaced, correct?
John: Yep. Okay.
Adam: There's that. Okay. Good. No, that's not right. David Gomez. It's United States Postal Service. You said something weird. Blood. I can't remember what I say. Instead of the United States Postal Service like united. I don't know. Like you're talking about ups instead of USPS doesn't matter. It's unimportant. David Gomez.
Unknown: Okay.
John: So you get to be on the birthday list.
Adam: He's, he's, he's already on the birthday list. Just now. We have good Yeah. Now we're good. He had to have
John: somebody read this note.
Adam: You haven't sure looks like it. Okay.
John: Charles, Neil's next. 200 bucks. You only got two more left. Three more. And this is good. As long overdue. Thanks, Jen. good karma.
Adam: That's it. We can do that for you.
Unknown: You've got karma
John: Augustus Augusten lamb off in Montreal. Quebec. 200 bucks, bro. Good night here. de-douche. me.
Unknown: You've been
John: to Fletcher China. I saw Donald Trump don't trust China. Donald Trump dumps that's it.
Adam: Oh, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I didn't get these. What's the first one?
John: de-douche me Who did that? Fletcher China, China. Uh huh. Don't trust China. Yeah. Donald Trump Dotrice China. Donald Trump dumps.
Adam: You know, I can't I can't I can't even find the flusher one. This is what's odd. Fletcher, China.
John: I can pretend to be fun yeah
Adam: you can do Fletcher okay and then we need don't trust China as whoa got that one and ended arms they got
John: to make it disgusting I need to make a disgusting juice ISO.
Adam: Oh yeah that's gonna be gross yeah no it's good it's who these people are john there's nothing you can do with love
John: from the Montreal Canadiens happy to finally support the gitmo-nation gang Jcd let me do a donation segment Jcd live I don't know what that means. Okay, so I'm gonna do ready
Adam: yeah and three two
John: sorry sorry ready?
Adam: Yeah I'm ready go ahead.
John: Sorry nah don't trust China China is
Adam: wrong order. I'm sorry we have to do it again. I screwed it up. You got to do an excellent work on the China three to one turn.
John: Donald Trump don't trust China China is as Whoa.
Unknown: They did dumps They call him dumps big massive dump
Can you see that?
karma? gross
Adam: gross pretty much
John: unless you're banned is no shit last but not least in bovard Texas we got Chisholm cook, and he came in with 200 bucks in the morning. First let me say how much I appreciate what you do and you podcasters do what everyone does their all the producers, which I suppose now includes yours truly for what we do for the world. I found no agenda through the unconventional Romo pathway. after catching the first JRE from Austin where Adam talked about mo facts. Given the nature of events at the time dove into mo first. Mo and Adam changed my understanding of reality. With all the insider references and well established lore to catch up on I found no agenda to be a slow burn. But I'm now quite hopelessly addicted. I've also found no agenda to be some kind of carrier mechanism for my red pill. Much like zinc to hydroxychloroquine There you go. I took my first dose of red in 2015 but it wasn't till 2020 that the scales fully fell from my eyes. If mo was my second follow up dose of red no agenda was definitely the proverbial nail in the coffin. I will be working my way to knighthood in 2021. In the meantime, I'd like to thank you specifically for inspiring hours of discussion on my podcast justified pursuit. Forgive the shameless plug in my partner cable 15 year old bit of the radio biz, and I was sounds great. Fight for truth. rest assure that we will. We will stand alongside you guys. Moe and the rest of your intrepid cosmic warriors punching the sleepers
in the face at every opportunity once more. unto the breach. clearer dear friends. Good JD justified pursuit.
Adam: That's all I love it. Thank you very much Chisholm. Appreciate it. You've
Unknown: got karma.
Adam: I do have one note to read since this will be a knighting from Jason cutting. And he says john Adam, I've been sending $5 a week checks for a while now. According to my records $5 a week. I have surpassed the threshold for knighthood. I've been listening since 2014. Currently it's 1600 86 and 16 cents. So he would like the title of Sir salty medic Night of the Jesus freaks. And for the roundtable, pecan pie and fresh brewed iced tea. Oh, we've got a we've got a teetotaller amongst us. Okay. If you'd be willing to mention my new business and started up I'm selling stickers that express dislike for California is moving into our home states. My website address is don't see a my I have stickers for Utah, Colorado, Texas, Idaho, and Wyoming. More to come as business grows. Thank you very much, Jason. And we'll be seeing you at the roundtable later on and look forward to that. I think that's it.
John: I think that's it. I want to thank these folks for making this show possible.
Adam: Very much. So these are our executive producers, our Executive Associate producers who have expertly brought us really into the into the new year. I mean, this is fantastic. It's so appreciated that you guys have and get you guys and gals have showed up and brought your time your talent and your treasure and look forward to thanking more people who came in in our second segment, those about $50 For now though, you can take these titles you can be assured that these are real, hollywood mainstream, massive every douchebag will recognize an executive producer title or an associate executive producer title but they will be jealous No one really has one like you, I don't think. And if anyone ever questions that we'll be happy to vouch for you. Please consider helping us for the next show. It'll be on Sunday. For that go to our website, Bull slash n A. And again, thank you for your time, your time and your treasure supporting the no agenda show.
Unknown: Our formula is this. We go out.
Adam: I want to have a little love and light that I wanted to mention. When we were at the Del Rey meetup last February. If you recall, I think we talked now I'm sure we talked about the kalpa who was editor and I think I think also does a lot of the the drawings for cracked magazine. He's kind of famous guy or certainly was a famous guy for what he did to crack magazine. He gave me a beautiful cover and autographed it and sadly we got this note from his son, his wife, Crystal Adam, just want to say thank you for the Del Rey meetup. Last February, my wife crystal and I organized the meetup. My father came with us. He was recently hospitalized for a blood infection and we came to find out he actually had stage four bladder cancer. Today we had to make the difficult decision to not resuscitate. I truly believe that that meetup was one of the happiest moments for him in the past year. Just want to thank you for speaking so highly of him on the show. It meant a lot for him. And thank you for your courage. That's nice.
John: Yeah, that's not nice. Mo nice.
Unknown: Maybe you've got
Adam: We all gotta go man. But like that sucks.
John: Yes, that's a good one sucks. I'm glad to start off to COVID coverage. I have two introductory clips
Adam: karaoke.
John: As usual, of course we all Hell's breaking loose. We're all dying here. Just
Adam: California. I can't believe you're even speaking to me must be so nice. To me.
John: spitting a prayer in front of hamster running the house. COVID highest democracy now.
Unknown: Us recorded it's highly day his highest daily pandemic death toll Tuesday.
Adam: What is going on with the echo?
John: This is the way it should be presented.
Adam: Sorry. I didn't realize
Unknown: he last recorded it's highly day his highest daily pandemic death toll Tuesday as 3775 people succumb to COVID-19 hospitalizations also reached a new high while the number of confirmed COVID cases top 21 million states are calling and National Guard members training additional volunteers as part of new efforts to speed up the rate of vaccinations. And
Adam: this is how her shows.
John: Yeah, we also have the UK report if you want to get
Adam: to mine as well because I have a couple of UK things I think are relevant. So let's listen to that and Britain. Seriously, this echo was on during her entire show.
John: Well, I may have added it.
Unknown: In Britain officials are ramping up their vaccine drive this new estimate show as many as one in 50 people living in the UK of COVID-19 with that number reaching 130 in London, Britain's now in its third lockdown in an effort to stem the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus variant.
Adam: Okay, so I have a couple of UK clips just to let everybody know what's coming down. It's happening there. It'll soon happen everywhere in Europe, it's already taking place and I fully expect this to happen here. Once the Biden crime family gets in. This is a and I could have read this myself. But I kind of liked that we had a YouTuber who is doing this for us. This is the anomaly guy on YouTube read out of UK headlines regarding hospitalizations from 2012 through 2019. Remember, the National Health Systems risk it's what we have to lock down. Because of
Unknown: this hospitals folder bursting as bed shortage hits danger level 2013 hospitals scramble to prevent crisis in NHS his toughest ever winter 2014 more patients overstretched doctors is the NHS facing a winter crisis. 2015 hospital bed occupancy rates hit record high risk and care 2016 hospitals in England told to put operations on hold to free up beds 2017 NHS bosses sound alarm over hospitals already running at 99% capacity 2018 NHS Intensive Care Unit sending patients elsewhere due to lack of beds 2019 hospital beds at record low in England as NHS struggles with demands
Adam: so it's not Really something new, it's just being presented in a different way, a little bit of echo and it'll scare you, Bo Joe came out Boris Johnson to deliver the sad news, everybody is not good. This variant that we have, which I am now quite convinced is a term used so that you'll think the vaccine will work on it versus a new strain, which every movie you've seen tells you that you need a different vaccine. So they're keeping it variant for now. But because of this variant, yeah, you're gonna stay home,
Unknown: the whole United Kingdom has been engaged in a great national effort to fight COVID. And there's no doubt that in fighting the old variant of the virus, our collective efforts are working and would have continued to work. But we now have a new variant of the virus and it's been both frustrating and alarming to see the speed with which the new variant is spreading. Our scientists have confirmed this new variant is between 50 and 70%. More transmissible, that means you're much, much more likely to catch the virus, and to pass it on. As I speak to you tonight, our hospitals are under more pressure from COVID than any time since the start of the pandemic. In England alone, the number of COVID patients has increased by nearly a third last week, to almost 27,000. And that number is 14% higher than the first peak in April. On the 29th of December, more than 80,000 people tested positive for covid across the UK, and you record the number of deaths deaths up by 20% over the last week, and will sadly rise further and my thoughts are with all those who've lost loved ones.
Adam: So that's exactly a minute and 20 seconds of him telling you that you're screwed this new variant is very Oh, it's so transmissible not gonna kill you, but it's very transmissible. And I'm sorry, you got to stay. Let's just get to it.
Unknown: We've most of the country already under extreme measures, it's clear, it's time
Adam: to screw them all.
Unknown: Do we need to do more together, we need to do more together by staying apart bring this new variant under control. While our vaccines are rolled out. In England, we must therefore go into a national lockdown, which is tough enough to contain this variant. That means the government is once again instructing you to stay at home. You may only leave home for limited reasons permitted in law, such as to shop for essential oils to work if you absolutely cannot work from home, to exercise to seek medical assistance, such as getting a COVID test, or to escape domestic abuse.
Adam: Wow, thanks. Thanks, I can escape domestic abuse. This is I believe this is going to be a very very bad time for our friends in the United Kingdom. They are locked down tight and from although there's no end date in sight, from this last clip of Bo Jo,
Unknown: I think it's going to be through February today, the United Kingdom's chief medical officers have advised that the country should move to alert level five, meaning that if action is not taken, NHS capacity may be overwhelmed within 21 days.
Adam: It's really interesting how all those other headlines it was happening at that moment was overwhelmed. We got to ship people out. We can't You can't accept any new patients. And here, it could happen within 21 days, three weeks.
Unknown: Of course, there's one huge difference compared to last year. When are running out the biggest vaccination program in our history. So far, we in the UK are vaccinated more people than in the rest of Europe combined. With the arrival today of the UK own Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, the pace of vaccination is accelerating. I could share with you tonight. The NHS has realistic expectations for the vaccination program in the coming weeks. By the middle of February, if things go well, and with a fair wind in our sails, we expect to have offered the first vaccine dose to everyone in the four top priority groups identified by the Joint Committee on vaccination and immunization. That means vaccinating all residents in a care home for older adults and their carers. Everyone over the age of 70 all fronts health and social care workers and everyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable. If we succeed in vaccinating all those groups, we will have removed removed huge numbers of people from the path of the virus. And of course, that will eventually enable us to lift many of the restrictions we've endured for so long.
Adam: It sounds to me like it'll be even a lot longer than February, March, April. It's not even saying flatten the curve, just start blocked down. Wait, the vaccines coming? We'll start getting that in February for people so after that's done, we can lift the restrictions and spreading this bulstrode. Now well, so are the Scandinavians. Here's the Prime Minister
Unknown: long had some of the strongest travel
travel measures in the world. Since March. These rules have helped save lives, as new strains of COVID-19 emerge as cases skyrocket in countless countries. This is the time to double down.
Adam: I mean, what do you mean? countless countries, there's only so many countries, you can
Unknown: count them as cases skyrocket in countless countries. This is the time to double down on keeping you and your family
at home
safe starting Thursday, to be eligible to return to Canada, travelers must have a negative COVID-19 test before boarding their flight. This is in addition to the long standing mandatory two week quarantine, once people arrive, officials are reviewing travelers isolation plans. And if the plan is not up to par, the travelers will have to quarantine in a federal
Adam: Oh, yeah, federal facility sounds like fun. And the nastiness has spread to the Netherlands, my lovely daughter. Now under lockdown until January 19. Already, we're hearing that's going to last longer. That is all because of the new variant. And here's the Dutch Prime Minister. And he's going to tell you, but the good news is about when we come back from this, this is all going to be okay people, especially now, in this time of Coronavirus. It's certainly a major crisis. But it also offers us a unique opportunity, now is the time to make the changes we need to build a climate resilient worlds to increase prosperity and improve public health. But also to build back better fostering green and inclusive recovery and to achieve progress towards the 2030 sustainable development. I can hope we can seize this momentum. I hope we can take new steps to prepare the world better for the effects of climate change. And I hope that the online climate adaptation summit in January, which the Netherlands is hosting will boost those efforts. This is going to be a bonanza everybody's going to make so much money who's in government and has all this stuff on the side.
Can't wait. It's in our future people.
John: I think it's these you know that paper that came out that says there's no evidence whatsoever has been studied with millions of people. That people that don't show any symptoms and don't have the deed none. What do you What's the term? Non non symptomatic,
Adam: asymptomatic?
John: They don't pass the disease around. Right. So there's no reason for these lockdowns at all.
Unknown: Oh.
Adam: you clearly have not been watching Dr. Cat. Dr. Cat from Team Halo from the World Health Organization United Nations. She is the the the side the informer. She's epidemiologists. He tells you what's going on on the tick tock, sponsored by China.
Unknown: So if I get the COVID vaccine, can I still spread? COVID? This is a big question. So let's talk about it.
For most respiratory diseases, the nose is the portal of entry and this nasal pharynx in the back of our nose is where it likes to multiply. And that's why the PCR test has that q tip way up your nose.
So the mucosa in your nose is where the first
antibody response usually happens. The vaccine on the other hand is deep in your muscle and that is more of a body systemic antibody that is creating. So how much of that is mobilized up to the nasal mucosa? We aren't sure yet. We know it's enough to prevent symptomatic COVID and severe COVID. But whether your body can control it faster or whether the virus can replicate faster and you can spread it we still don't know.
Adam: In other words shut up stay home. I do have some pieces of information. At first I was duped the note that I got from the on the previous show from the producer, PhD and was going to sue the CDC and that turned out to be a hoax although one American news had some guy with the same story but they had is quite sad actually. They had his head blocked out you know, like oh,
John: yeah, you know, when American news guy asked you a question about this this hoax? Sure. Did you block the guy who sent it to you forever, like I would do?
Adam: No, I'm not like that. Now based on that of number of producers did go looking within the FDA and the CDC to see if there was any evidence of an isolated virus that had been used for, for knowing what it is. And here's what he came up against. So here's what here's what he found out. This is from page 40 of the CDC 2019 novel Coronavirus, real time RT PCR diagnostic panel document. So this is what was used to create the PCR test from page 40 since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019 novel Coronavirus were available for the CDC. At this time the test was developed and this study was conducted assays designed for detection of the 2019 novel Coronavirus RNA were tested with characterize stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA of known titer spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human a 549 cells and viral transport medium to minimum clinical specimen. Does that sound good to you?
John: Well, I don't think the CDC is really the operation that keeps these I would like to go to well, they maybe you might have it for Dietrich may have Johnson and Johnson is supposedly has a real vaccine. They have to base it on something they must have a sample, I guess. Russia
Adam: Russia has got a sample. So we have the virus, the vaccine damage system. If you are hurt by a vaccine, you can there is a path within the United States government to try and get some restitution is called there's VA ers. The latest data. We have it for you here. This is adverse reactions. How many adverse reactions Do you think there have been so far in the USA from the COVID-19? vaccines?
John: Is that a question for me
Adam: a question for you. Yeah, just a guess how many?
John: Okay, we've had maybe 1,000,002 million shots.
Adam: Yeah. In arms. So
John: how many adverse reactions none. Oh, wait, no, we
Adam: have at least one 140 1433. This includes 120 33 40,433. This includes three 127 deaths 769 cases of severe about abdominal pain 1400 10 cases of amnesia, dizziness, disorientation, vertigo, confusion and delirium, along with 15 131 cases of fatigue. That sounds about right, along with 11 117 cases of herpes zoster, what is the herpes zoster?
Unknown: What?
Adam: What's herpes zoster
John: you can't get herpes zoster from a shot
Adam: 1117 cases of herpes zoster,
John: that's a contamination, then.
Adam: 717 cases of headache and head injury from falls by God, along with 521 cases of influenza like illness that makes sense, along with 57 cases of blindness and deafness. Oh 175 cases of eye swelling, eye discharge,
Unknown: eye pain
Adam: is a great list. Please take a look at it's in the show notes. Thanks, Patrick, for getting that for us. So I don't I don't think we've seen that many types of adverse reactions for many vaccines? Certainly not. I
Unknown: don't know that.
Adam: I look at this various data quite a lot. Actually. Yeah. I can't recall if I had ever seen something with 40,000 adverse events, then I think I would have picked up I've been looking at the virus database for years.
John: Well, this is a scandal like the mainstream media must be reporting on this.
Adam: It can only be super painful. And this was based upon some stuff that you and I were talking about, you know, even questioning the vaccine itself would Now, just to make sure we can get enough into arms. There are some countries and certainly discussion about diluting the Pfizer vaccine, not the Madonna, but the Pfizer vaccine. So you can get six shots out of one vial and it all should go to everybody for the first time. Don't worry about it, your second shadow come in and the whole idea of this high tech vaccine being diluted at the pharmacy or inoculation level just seems a little weird, particularly because they have no problem saying I diluted some more you can get six I don't know what they're doing. But I do know what they're diluting it with because one of our producers sent it to us is sailing. Yes, you would do. Yeah. Tell me now you had an odd
John: thing.
Adam: You had an observation about your observation when we heard this this came in after the last show. He said it's possible that these Pfizer guys are all these guys are? They're such cheap asses that they're shipping us sailing when they're not but they're trying to skimp on the money by making people use their own sailing to dilute it or add to it down the line.
John: Yeah, cuz the Mandarin is one shot one vial. What Why don't take what is never everyone's for all my life all my life since I was a kid. It's always been one shot, one vial one vial one shot, I should put it. Now now all of a sudden, what is kind of a mixture in it? She pricks is what it is it decided to go into cheap.
Adam: I think so too. Now, the vaccine hesitancy appears to be a real thing. And particularly amongst the health care workers in New York, it's so bad that Governor Cuomo is coming right out and issuing threats
Unknown: in New York, the governor is threatening hospitals with $100,000 fine. If you don't use the allocation by the end of this week, you can be fined and you won't receive further allocations.
Adam: I mean, okay, so they really they don't seem to want to take it, but now you're going to be fined.
John: allocation could be given to the general public, why not.
Adam: But they're not taking that it's not that I don't know who they're supposed to give it to. But it's just sitting there unallocated. Same in San Francisco apparently.
Unknown: And back to the vaccine troubles in San Francisco officials warn if they can't give out the shots faster. The vaccines may expire before leaving the warehouse.
Adam: I don't understand what's happening. I mean, everything. Everything that we know about this says people should be lined up and happy to get it. And I I'm just not seeing it. I'm also not seeing the video you
John: might not be seeing I absolutely convinced that people want to take this shot. I'm
Adam: just saying I'm not seeing it. I
John: don't know why they're not giving it to him. Maybe they're guilt ridden. I have no idea and maybe make any sense. Maybe because their report makes no sense.
Adam: Maybe because there's 48,000 adverse reactions that people don't want to deal with. But no court word must
John: get the word gets around. Cuomo
Adam: was clear. We want those vaccines in people's arms.
Unknown: I understand the private hospitals. I understand that.
You know, this everyone has a job to do. We need them to administer the vaccines faster.
I want to get needles in the arms. And I
want to get that done as quickly as possible.
Adam: Needles and arms. That's not the agreed language.
John: Yeah, there's an ISO you just passed up.
Adam: No, I got a couple of ISOs I don't want the vaccine. In a refrigerator freezer.
Unknown: I want it in somebody's arm.
Adam: So they're doing he made a mistake. You can't say vaccines and people's arms just correct. But you can't say needles that scares
John: people as
Adam: he's wrong. He's wrong. Wrong is wrong. Fauci is out shilling as much as he can. He's, he went on the job, the job wooden show button show to appeal to the black and brown communities. And I'd say with I didn't get any clips from it. But he was brave. He went there. And it's truly time for the minority groups to step up. You got to
Unknown: do it does pick up Dr. Anthony falchi predicts the general public could get vaccinated within three months. We hope that by the time we get to the end of March, the beginning of April,
that will be at that point where the priority groups have already been vaccinated and it's what I would call Open Season.
Adam: Not quite sure what he means by Open Season. So here's msnbc health care workers are not taking the vaccine
Unknown: Healthcare workers are not the only ones getting the first vaccines in the US. People who work and live at long term care facilities across the country are also on the list. But many frontline workers in hospitals and nursing homes are refusing to get immunized. in Riverside County, California
that's southeast of Los Angeles, it's estimated that about half
of frontline workers say they will not get vaccinated. In Ohio, about 60% of nursing home staff are also refusing. Also, according to the New York Times, there are ethical concerns about how nursing homes can get consent to vaccinate people who are unable to make their own medical decisions. Screw it,
Adam: vaccines and arms. What's your sense of why
Unknown: some staff members are hesitating to get vaccinated? I think it's a combination of things. You know, there was a big push about a month or so ago to really divulge what the possible
side effects of this vaccine would
be. And, frankly, I think we scared the hell out of people. We really didn't need to do that.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. It's working. Well, work What?
John: And then I'm not buying it completely. And I'll tell you why. And I'm gonna even throw one of your old arguments back at you. First of all, the side effects are promoted on these drugs that they sell over the television and know these crazy how that
Adam: makes people want it. Yes.
John: I know. And, and and all the fear mongering, right. This was your old argument with cigarettes, you know, the horrible things that can happen to you. I'm a tough guy. Yeah. So why wouldn't that effect also apply here? I think there's something else going on. Either they don't have the vaccines that there's something wrong with these reports? Well, it's everyone I know that's a deliberate Joe type in California, they all want to line up for the shot like they always do,
Adam: but they haven't lined up. Why not? There's no place to line up. Where are you gonna line up exactly? Where do they where they haven't had their shots, their vaccine in their arm yet the needle has been plunged into their arm of the lip Joes they haven't gotten it yet.
John: They want it they both want it. They want it badly. But I'm remembering back in 2009 was it that the swine flu thing was got everyone all freaked out? We have the same skepticism then as we do now. And which was even more justified? if that's possible. And I took photos and put it on the blog of people at the Albany library. They were giving shots shots today. And there was a line that was looked like Star Wars that just opened. I mean, it was a line that I couldn't
Adam: even get to the end. Okay, but what I do not recall from that time, and I haven't researched it, but I do not recall this many healthcare workers openly refusing to take it. I don't think that happened back then. Now of course, you know, it's still a different situation. We weren't locked down. But somehow, okay, let's try this on for size. The whole so let's just listen to Cuomo. So he's threatening the hospital. If you don't use your allocation, you're gonna be fine and you won't get any more and you won't get any more vaccine which means you can go die that's really what he's saying. I find it horrible that he would say that if you believe in the vaccine, the guys are creepy, but they're the hot the men. This is a money making moment. What if a, either a they don't want to solve the problem, because this is finally their chance to get more beds, more money, more space, more power. So let's make sure the keeps going. Or maybe this thing is completely a dud dangerous. Lots of people getting hurt and they're trying to slow it down and Cuomo doesn't care. But I agree with you though. something is very wrong, and it's being blamed on the hospitals. Maybe it's Hey, hospitals. I'm Governor Cuomo, I've given you a lot of money now you got to show up for me. You got to do it. And the weirdest the weirdest priorities This is Ontario, the premier Ford
John: the story out of
Adam: he gets a question that he doesn't want to those Cuomo live conferences
Unknown: that the federal government will begin to vaccinate inmates in federal prison starting this week, even though the National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends that inmates should be offered a vaccine after residents of long term care staff, the elderly and healthcare workers as well as indigenous communities have already had their vaccines. Well, when I when I first heard it, I didn't believe it. I had to get my team to double check that they have the information right because what I understand that you know, you're getting the most dangerous criminals in the entire country. folks see the these are people that are in federal prison penitentiaries. Again, the most dangerous criminals in the entire country.
How do you square this?
How do you put them ahead of long term care
patients? How do you put them Andrew in front of all the most vulnerable and we're scraping every vaccine we
can get.
Adam: What do you think that's about?
John: And you know you got as baffled as you are I have no clue what's going on with a
Adam: strange strange story that was being presented in like an extra in the field test. Like give it to those guys
John: I'm well with that 40,000 with very few shots given by the way
Adam: Yes, a million million
John: Yeah. That we're looking at a million let's say a I don't know something's amiss in the pharmaceutical companies know what it is we need somebody deep in this we had a deep throat in the pharma business we don't know what the hell's going on. They're not going to tell us something's wrong. And I and Cuomo has been kept I bet that he was never read in so he's acting like an idiot.
Adam: I don't say I didn't listen. He has he has a status he is an award to defend so I understand why
John: he has me
Adam: he's acting the way he does. Yeah. It's very bizarre and and we're not getting the correct information. But already my daughter who was staunchly against this. I said Dad, I'm worried I think I'll have to take it to be able to go anywhere. This is what they're talking about in Holland.
John: Yeah, until I find some done she's gonna keep seeing and find some underground friends. I can write her up fake
Adam: Yes, yes, of course. JOHN. But is that really the solution moving forward where we're faking the government like now now we're now we're living in
John: not horrible.
Adam: Yeah, I'm just I'm against that we either say no and stop this or here the conditions but not like okay, I'll just
John: fake it. This is not good. And then here's the here's the other thing is kind of an anomaly. This is a democracy now report no shots for a meat Packers club.
Unknown: In Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts has come under fire after saying undocumented workers at meatpacking plants will not be eligible to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.
You're supposed to be a legal resident of the country to be able to be working in this plant so I do not expect any legal immigrants will be part of that vaccine. With that program.
workers and meatpacking plants have suffered some of the nation's worst outbreaks an estimated 14% or more of Nebraska's meatpacking workers are undocumented.
Adam: Okay, that was like three stories in one. Yeah, well,
John: firstly, I'll just put this Lance on it.
Adam: And once once Joe and Camila reopened the borders and tear down the wall as promised on day one. Will we have a caravan of people showing up to enjoy our taxi? I think we should put it at the border. Hey, come
Unknown: on in.
Yeah, he's gonna take this shot.
John: Shot. Shot.
Adam: We'll see how you do when you come through. I know we're laughing but this whole thing is so messed up.
John: Yeah, we are laughing we shouldn't be
Adam: Yeah, no, we have to we have to do you just the only thing I don't like if it was just it was okay. Do whatever you want. It's your own. It's your own decision whether you want to have the vaccine or not. But it's been twisted and turned into the same idea that Oh, I got COVID so I did something wrong. Unlike any other communicable disease, the most transmissible of which is measles. There's no stain at home. There's no lockdowns, there's no mask all over the place. It doesn't make sense. And I and I just want to keep reminding people of that because the more you lock down the more deadened your senses become to this stuff.
Unknown: Yeah, well.
Adam: Yeah, well just resist. I refuse to us that we will not resist. We will change. I'm going
Unknown: to show my little to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do Oh, yeah, that'd be fun.
John: Not my president Kamala is not my president. Caleb and holstrom. We do have a few people to thank starting with Caleb and holstrom 133 33 in West Salem, Wisconsin. a rowboat Rob roto. Bo x is 101 dot o one. And then we got an A note from Brian s in New York City. $100 and this is Note I felt like I was I had Eric highlight because I wanted to read it. Longtime listener first time donor thank you for all the exceptional coverage and analysis over the past year was helped me keep saying Well, on endless locked down into dystopian tutori Arthur Arthur oratory oratoria for Thor cherry and regime that is New York City, I would challenge all of the other listeners out there to start contributing, like real producers into 2021. It is a great feeling to support the show and the value for value model. Thanks for helping my amygdala avoid a great reset. And I
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I don't have clips yet. But I'm waiting for it. As gratitudes Betty just turned 18 years old. And if you look at some current photos of her, Yes, she's no longer the gretta cute pigtails and they are ready to move her out. We have new new faces on the scene. melotti wisin. And this is a perfect, perfect follow up for gretta. She looks like she's 12. She is in reality also 18. But here's the kicker. She has a sister who looks just like her and they're doing it together. We have double trouble
John: way more. Yeah,
Adam: yeah. This is the World Economic Forum. They've brought these two out to the front is super much better than gretta. And these, in fact, these girls are so multi culti Let me see where they're from. Yeah, Malati and Isa Bell, climate change activists. Now they're not twins, but man they look alike. In they have started youth topia, which will holy.
John: This is, you know, gretta I wrote this up in an old newsletter. years ago, granite was a clone of somebody else who also aged out.
Adam: gretta has aged out. Exactly. That's what happened. That's what
John: happened to this other woman. She stayed with the thing, but I think she was resentful. gret is not going to be happy about this.
Adam: Her parents certainly won't be
John: Oh, yeah, there goes the money. There goes the gravy train was the dough.
Adam: No, I think I think she's pretty much out. I think she's out. Er throw. Now as a Tony 18. I'm only 18.
John: How can I be through your throw? Get out?
Adam: So we've seen Hollywood. We've Oh, yeah. Well, it's all it's all show. We've seen and we followed so many of these trends over the past? well over a decade. We saw from a mile away the mac and cheese. Depression slave food coming in another food that we saw coming with bugs? bugs, bugs? Exactly. And we can't we know the name and well I thought it was entomophagy it's you pronounce it a little different? Because there is a science educator on Tick Tock. This is where we want all of you to get your scientific news. It's Hank Green. And I think he says entomophagy entomologists, he doesn't quite pronounce it. But you'll know what he means about how good this is. When you see when you hear his little tick tock video here.
Unknown: I want to eat. I want to eat
bug bugs. My dude
eat bugs, bugs are good for you.
They're a great source of nutria if you want to eat bugs, that is a fantastic new entomophagy is what it's called. Science II type person and it's extremely common. It's done in over 80% of countries something like 2 billion people have insects is a super important part of their nutrition. Do I want to eat bugs?
I don't I don't want to eat bugs. But I want to want to eat bugs. A great way to get protein with a lot less environmental impact is Angelina Jolie the bug? Because she's like, it should be done more. Good
for the world. Come for you. How does he pronounce it?
John: I couldn't get it. Quick. I will say this. This guy is the new Bill Nye.
Adam: Oh, yeah. Oh, he's
John: better than Bill Nye is out.
Adam: He's out. What do you think of this end of show? Why so I want to eat.
Unknown: Come on.
John: I got to be okay. First, I got just the gavel.
Adam: Is it called just the gavel?
John: No it's called gavel
Adam: Oh, you messed me up a gavel okay here we go
John: No no no no no
Adam: no Maxine Waters gravel will come look you up and beat you up if we do
John: get try this one this is this was this like clip from your clip this is decency. decency
Unknown: just plain simple decency I want to eat I
Adam: think anything could be bugs man
John: I can I don't have anything else
Adam: no it's okay. It's okay to lose sometimes.
John: But I do have a last last show in the show clip or two actually I got to I'm gonna skip to one the clip that everyone wants to hear, which is Trump hates birds. I'm gonna leave that one. next show. Okay. Let's start with the Assange update so we can get ready to get us used to the fact that he's a Trump let's this guy go or Trump says this is not gonna be well respected.
Unknown: And other news from the UK. The judge ruling over July Julian Assange is extradition case has just denied him now. This comes two days after the judge rejected a US bid for his extradition. The WikiLeaks founder must stay in prison while the US appeals this week's decision.
Adam: I mean, has he actually been charged anything that he can be pardoned for
John: espionage? espionage? Is
Adam: that is that a charge an indictment or conviction?
John: Yeah. Okay, yeah. Well, I our system is all three right? Now. Here's the last one that the reason that I think this is an up to upbeat clip so this can be the last I think this should be the last clip All right. You know, we're all okay, Biden's in Biden is once once Biden gets into the democrats get in control, things are gonna change and what's gonna change is what people bitch and moan about. And we have to remember what it was like. It was very mild during the Obama administration, because everyone was on kid gloves cuz he was a black president. But before Obama and during the Clinton era and everything in between. You had people protesting different things that are protesting now, this clip which is about the protests that already broke out at all. Oh, Biden's headquarters is now and this is going to you're going to hear this for the next year. demanding that he does not gonna do any of this stuff. By the way. He's just not going to do it too much of an old fart. demanding that they release the student debts. Here we go.
Unknown: And in Philadelphia activists hold a protest outside joe biden's local headquarters Monday to demand he cancel student debt when he takes office some 45 million people in the United States now a total of about $1.6 trillion in student loans. This is Lauren Horner organizer with the Pennsylvania debt collective
Adam: I couldn't hear everything she was saying.
John: I'll tell you right at the student debt is racist. Yeah, racist. It's racist and it's enslaving this their minds.
Adam: Well, education is certainly enslaving their minds. There's no doubt about that. Whatever they whatever this system is it's enslaving their minds.
John: Well, this is gonna this is gonna be a big theme for this coming year.
Adam: Well, good luck to all and to all a good night's happy a th day everybody. And we will continue to diligently find out what is going on in media land, not hard to blow apart. Everything seems to be phony. But as we prepare to build back better, we need to be more vigilant than ever. Oh, and don't be afraid of anything when you're afraid that's when they control you. Turn off the TV.
John: th
Unknown: was that was a th all time high dishes at
Adam: all time high debt.
John: Does that mean that the tides are high?
Adam: Yes, exactly. The tides are coming up. Thanks to Bill Walsh, Jessica Nelson and rxo we've got three end of show mixers that will take you oh well into three and a half hours of the show. but who's counting? We love doing it and we love to see you back here on Sunday coming to you from opportunity zone 33 in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital The Lone Star State FEMA Region number six on the governmental maps in the morning. Everybody, I'm Adam Curry.
John: I'm familiar with Silicon Valley where I'll say our name Ashley Babbage on John Dvorak,
Unknown: we
Adam: we returned on Sunday, remember us at the slash na until then adios mofos and such?
John: I don't know, if he wouldn't had an answer, we had an invasion. I was thinking if you if you desiccated a big pile of ants, and then ground into a powder, like a fine, fine grind a black pepper, we were having dinner and
Unknown: I got an
John: somehow in the meal. These things are peppery.
Unknown: They don't need a lot.
John: And then you see when you find the ones that are backed up by doing the burning trick is torture. You leave them they're the only ones that you do not torch and that's an ant that's carrying one of the dead
Unknown: ends back.
But then, you know, depending on the survey that you look at, I mean up to what half of Americans are either uncertain about or hesitant or altogether unwilling to get vaccinated. So how does this pandemic
John: ever imagine masks, social distancing, I want to say shutting down, it's worse. So I
Unknown: would imagine SOS COVID. Based on calculations and pure extrapolations, I got vaccinated today and I actually feel fine. Imagine 90% of the population vaccinated with sauze COVID.
Will the vaccine for COVID
likely the more like flu
vaccine? By that I
mean, if you take the flu vaccine each year,
sort of a guess
about whether the vaccination really will be effective.
John: Or not know that
Unknown: nobody really knows for sure. So I would imagine as more and more people get vaccinated, we have deaths that break records almost every day
we have 200,000 a day.
I believe more and more people would be convinced
protecting the community. Because like bout to get up there and start talking to me, you know, he
doesn't know anything really about anything and I say that to his face.
Those guys have got an agenda. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a pathological
Adam: He imagines he's imagining things on top of
Unknown: things he's imagined. So I would imagine how long it will last.
I just looked the other way.
People say
like God God.
Say Say Say Say Say gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.
Gray, gray, gray gray.
Guess what they don't see
the rules as they go up as they go and they think that we don't know.
They think that we don't know.
History with
Mexico Medicaid taking
a break, great, great, great, great. Thank you.
Get down and out about the media and the dirty dirty leaks in the world. You could have been getting out to the streets.
This friend brought his new girlfriend she's like, Oh my God, please send out a message to the lady over there. Crazy. Baby Give me a break. break break.
Say Say Say Say Say
Adam: mopho John
Unknown: slash n A. I want to eat
0:00 0:00