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John: We're all gonna die. Oh, you're gonna get it. Oh wear a mask.
Unknown: Adam Curry, John Dvorak,
Adam: 14 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1300 This is no agenda broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the Lone Star State. I'm Adam Curry.
John: Dan from Northern Silicon Valley where everybody's awaiting show 1313 the double lucky numbers I'm Jesse devorah.
Adam: Hey, let me start off by saying thank you to all producers once again past and present for making this podcast possible with our value for value model. These are interesting times we live in and if you were ben shapiro you might have to watch what you say. cumulus media which is home to several conservative talk radio hosts is cracking down on shows that push election fraud conspiracies the company memo tells host quote we need to induce national calm now and warns them to stop suggesting the election isn't over anyone breaking the new role can be fired? Can you imagine how tough this must be for Ben Shapiro now can you just imagine this he worked for them? Yeah, he has he has a daily radio show. Yeah.
John: what he has to say about discuss it on a show he probably is probably a little
Adam: line in the memo that says do not discuss this on on the air it wouldn't surprise me that would be the typical way it's done that would not surprise me
John: No that's the way you do it because you don't want to be blasted This is like a lot of you know companies you do any business with they have Terms of Service includes non disparagement.
Adam: Yes, and there's a morality clause all kinds of stuff like that. And man the mainstream media m five M. And I expected it to be kind of bad. The going after complications. Yes. I said it because I'm hearing for more. But the extent man, I mean, the only thing they haven't hit yet is DNS. that's gonna happen to
John: they're gonna need to go that far. It'll be
Adam: over by then. What will be over by then? This
John: bickering except except for the fact that I'm going to give you kudos on this one because I thought it was bold crap. But it does turn out if you especially my clips seem to confirm this is that they may impeach impeach Trump. which they've done the house snap impeachment. Yeah. Yeah. This is by resolution. Hell up your hands if you want to impeach Trump again. Yeah, we do. Wait isn't?
Adam: Isn't isn't impeached now.
John: Yeah, he's impeached. Yeah. And so they sent over to the Senate, which will reconvene on the 19th the day before? Yeah. But yeah, they can still have the trial after he's gone.
Adam: Oh, of course. Now, I mean, the idea is to have him as close to dead as possible. I mean, have you seen like, all the banks are saying they won't do business with them. But if you just look across the spectrum of, of D platforming from modern life, parlor, I didn't know this. They they even their lawyers quit on them. It's it's pretty bizarre. It's so bad that lots of world leaders are not. Okay. Lots of douchebags, who are the heads of state around the world are coming out and saying, Oh, this goes too far. And I know why they're sitting there going, holy. Holy crap. These guys could do that to me. And it could be the Biden crime family. Hi, it's Amazon is the worst they did. You know, it's just getting rid of everything everywhere.
John: I think they're, I think Amazon's the one the only one making a major mistake. The rest of these guys are doing this kind of thing kind of routinely, get let's play. Can I play a few people showing up for Trump? Okay, sure. I thought, well, Tom McClintock someone that all the all the right wing shows played this little speech. I have a second part of it, and none of them played. But this is McClintock standing up for Trump. And during these this this, I'd say I call the kangaroo court. I didn't like the President's speech on January 6, either. I thought he was wrong to assert that the vice president in Congress can pick and choose which electoral votes to count. He was wrong to set such a confrontational tone in a politically tense situation. But what did he actually say? Say his exact words were quote, I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard, unquote. That's impeachable. That's called freedom of speech. Now, he also threatened to oppose candidates in future elections. And by the way that was directed at republicans like me, who'd resolved to uphold the constitutional process and protect the Electoral College. Well, so what that's called politics. If we impeached, every politician who gave a fiery speech to a crowd of partisans, this capital would be deserted. That's what the President did. That is all he did. He specifically told the crowd to
protest peacefully and patriotically. And the vast majority of them did.
Adam: Yeah, and no one knows this. In at least half of the United States and probably the rest of the world. Don't knows that no one knows what actually happened.
John: No, that's just a bit kangaroo court. That whole thing is rigged. And the media is all in and the whole last week is but let's listen the second part of this which is the part nobody played, and I thought it was also good, but every movement has a lunatic fringe suppressing free speech is not the answer. Holding writers accountable for their actions is the answer. And we are and if we prosecuted BLM and and Tifa rioters across the country with the same determination these last six blows third rail this incident may not have happened at all. Now short of declaring war, the power of impeachment is the most solemn and consequential act that Congress can take to use it in this manner in the heat of the moment. With no hearings, no due process. Many members phoning in their votes after a hastily called debate. Exactly one week before a new president is to take office trivializes this power to the point of caricature. The Democrats have won everything inside the House, the Senate and the presidency. In a republic that calls for magnanimity by the victors only in a banana republic does it call for vengeance? Joe Biden's not even president
Adam: yet? And already they're screwing up the audio?
John: Oh, I noticed this. But before you get to that, which is funny. I have you know, we have our favorite Congress people.
Adam: Yes.
John: Uh, I've got a new favorite. It's a little, a little fireball woman named Lauren bovard.
Adam: Is this the Blondie?
John: No, no, she's a little brunette. Oh, she's, and she goes up there and She's shaking her fist. And I just got a kick out of it. Okay, this is only a 15 second clip. This is rapids under rap rip. Because she throws in a kind of a no agenda term,
Unknown: rather than actually helping American people. In this time. We start impeachments that further divide our country. I call bullcrap
that here the democrats?
Sadly, they are only unified and hate.
Adam: Now we'll know it's true. If in the future, she throws out a bogus div. If she does, hey, this is a bogus
John: bill. It is tough.
Adam: No, you don't I mean, we have we have reached baby. Now let's go back and forth for a second little setup. I was talking with sir Jean the other day, and we're talking about chicks as we do. And, and I said, and we were talking about how I'm just telling you the conversation how we got there as unimportant. And as that, you know, women have such an odd image of themselves. And you know, and said, Man can look at a woman's Oh baby, you look great. And the woman or look in the mirror as I look horrible. I've sat like this, like that. And we concluded that really truly men see something different and that women just had I mean, we're not seeing the same thing. It's just not possible. And add on to that that we have testosterone which chemically clouds our vision even more. So for the half of the country that hates Trump, I guess we're just gonna divided like that it seems to be about half I cannot fault them. I cannot fault them. Because what they are seeing what they are hearing is so it's it is just it's become the reality you can you can never convinced anybody otherwise ever. And just listen to just old two clips here from one from CNN. Just hear how everything is being presented. And this is really tough to sit and listen to MSNBC and CNN all day. Because just so you know, COVID now has a bigger threat. Donald Trump is more deadly than COVID there's nothing almost about COVID it's all about Trump 24 hours a day. And here's an example. CNN
Unknown: he was hard to reach. And you know why? Because it was live TV said one close Trump advisor. If it's TiVo, he just hits pause and takes the calls. If it's live TV, he watches it. And he was just watching it all unfold. watching an attack on democracy. watching people hunt the halls of Congress for his loyal Vice President Mike Pence, hoping to hang him watching people with zip ties search for Nancy Pelosi and others. What do you think the President was thinking while watching that, and not responding to send a national guard or immediately addressing his followers ordering them to stop? I mean, was he watching hoping it would continue? I was hoping the man who had just tweeted against his own vice president would be killed, was hoping Nancy Pelosi would be was he hoping this would somehow usher in a new Trump era in America? Then Ivanka could take over after that. And then Downey Jr. Hard to imagine it's possible that the President could have hoped that this actually would result in him continuing on in power or in some new form of power. But if he didn't want it to go on, then why didn't he act to stop it? Remember his first video message immediately after the worst attack? was him expressing his love for the attackers? calling them special people?
Adam: It's very fine people Anderson, mean, that kind of messaging is powerful man, this powerful with the images, the riots in the background? ABC does a good job at it too.
Unknown: Well, it's certainly not the first time that we have heard the President listen
Adam: to this mute, listen to this edit, listen, to listen to the music. ABC is put under this little, little 42 second clip?
Unknown: Well, it's certainly not the first time that we have heard the President elect not come out outright, and condemn violence and condemn riots.
in Charlottesville, when you had white supremacist marching, engaging in violence. The President said they were very fine people on both sides. And when it was his own supporters that gathered in Washington DC to stand by him when it was Ryder storming into the United States Capitol. He called them very special people. He told them that he loved them and in, politely asked them to go home.
Adam: I love the music addition. And then let's just do a little piece of CMS NBC, Ari melber,
John: you may have seen something Wednesday that looks different today, you may have seen something today that you're going to understand better in the future. All I can tell you is that in these six days, the evidence we have the independent reporting, we have the view, you saw their shot by the criminals inside their own conspiracy shows the depths of this insurrection, which was not an accident or a fringe activity as a direct consequence of what Donald Trump had been doing for four years trying to turn this country, your country into an authoritarian nation that he would lead indefinitely. It is that serious? Keep that in mind.
Adam: Now, I'm not sure how it works. By the way,
John: I'm gonna keep that in mind. I didn't realize that. That's what he was up.
Adam: Keep that in mind? Well, yeah. It's I don't know what it is that makes us immune for that. But it's clearly we've either missed a piece of the programming, or we got deprogrammed. You've probably always been this way. But I certainly, you know, to 25 years ago, I probably would have been all in Oh, my gosh, what's going on? This is crazy. America's melting down. He's trying to kill everybody couldn't do a set of this without Chris Cuomo. Of course,
Unknown: this impeachment is causing tremendous anger. I think it's causing tremendous danger to our country. Have you read my speech, and many people have done it. And I've seen it both in the papers and in the media, on television. It's been analyzed, and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate.
Not you, not me, the only people who thought it was appropriate with the members of that mob. Those would be terrorists that responded to his words by attacking our democracy. Turns out that now, even diehard Trump Wiccans are doubting their dedication.
John: For that reason I
Adam: did. So may I remind everybody with a supercut of how Democrats in the media Democratic Party, specifically politicians, how they responded to the Black Lives Matter riots.
Unknown: Now,
Adam: let's just remember Ah,
John: I'm glad you got this.
Adam: The the republicans are being I can't even say are being a saying, Hey, wait a minute, Trump. D incited this. He's been doing it for four years. Yours. He told him to go do it. Go take your country back. He tried to have overturned the election violence, insurrection domestic terrorists, we only have to look back at the past year.
Unknown: I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be. People need to start taking to the streets. This is a dictator. You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there's unrest in our lives.
enemies of the state.
Show me where it says the protests are supposed to be polite, and peaceful.
Do something about your dad's immigration
you feckless,
they go low. Week.
How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck biggest
terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized right off to the right.
I thought he should have punched him in the face. Even if you lost He insulted your wife
called Mexicans rapists and murderers. He said what do you think I said it is I think it's a function in the face and then gotten out of the race, he would have been a hero. I'd like
to punch him in the face.
I said we're in high school, I
take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of
some people in
the face rooms last time an actor assassinated the
they're still gonna have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump. And that's the fact that
his his character is stabbed to death. Where is john Wilkes Booth?
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. A Missouri
State Senator is under investigation by the Secret Service after saying she hopes President Trump is assassinated. I will go and take
Trump out tonight
from that cabinet in a restaurant
and sadly to domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
they're not going to stop before election day November and they're not going to stop after election day and that should be everyone should take note of that on both levels that this isn't they're not going to
let up and they did not
John: one left out of that a different Supercuts. Which was Cuomo Cuomo was in now
Adam: he has a lot of good bits probably.
John: Yeah, he had one going this is the way this is the way democracy works riots and then it protests and murder and mayhem and burning is the way is get over it. Yeah. Now the biggest group of phoneys that I've missed it's it's sickening to witness it to be honest about it.
Adam: Well, no, it's sickening is you know, this is who they pretend to be. Yeah. We're gonna get a lot of freedom. But also just looking at the D platforming the count freezing. Yeah, all kinds of just being dropped from media life for sure book deals or whatever stuff is happening. Yeah, the Democratic Party appears to be taking out their opponents before they're in charge. You know, it's weaken them a little bit. Let's make sure that don't have a a voice on the Twitter, the partner thing, the more I think about it, Apple's role in that specifically and Amazon's role in taking out a, like a big potential competitor. Because you know, Apple was aligned with Twitter, the Twitter app has deep integration in the iPhone.
John: Might have Tim Cook.
Adam: Oh, okay. I'm about to smash on my iPhones. I think we need to start this movement because Tim Cook. I didn't hear him speaking up or about BLM or anything like that with people who
John: might be this morning. There's an interview coming out today. Ah, okay, so what do I doubt it though? Because she's Gayle King. Oh, yeah, sure.
Adam: That'll work.
John: She's She's hardcore. So let's, let's listen to what she says.
Unknown: In an exclusive interview you will see only on CBS This Morning. We always like when that happens. We spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the aftermath of the assault on the Capitol. Apple has removed the social media app parlor, which is popular with the far right from its App Store. Tim Cook says the platform violated Apple's Terms of Service by not adequately monitoring posts that incite violence. We talked about the attack and asked him what he thinks needs to happen next.
I think it's key that
John: people be held accountable for it. This is not something that should skate. This is something that we've got to be very serious about and understand and
Unknown: and did we need to move forward
to President Trump should be held accountable for it when you said he'd be held accountable. There's a whole discussion about that, even as we sit here today.
Adam: I think no one is above the law. I mean, that's a great thing about our country, and we're rule of law country. I think everyone that had a part in it needs to be held accountable.
Unknown: Well, this
is a little kid, there are consequences to your actions. But I don't know how we just let this go.
John: I would agree. I don't think we should let it go.
Adam: I think holding people accountable is gonna work.
Unknown: And you can see more of our exclusive interview with Tim Cook tomorrow on CBS This Morning. He's Listen, we should say he didn't sit and say you know, I want to talk to CBS about this. This was an interview that was scheduled because they have a big announcement yet I want to exam tomorrow. It is not a new product. We should say it is not a new product, everybody except Yeah,
Adam: exactly. So phony. insincere. Do you need to announce a new product CES is underway and everyone's doing their announcements and he wants to do a big one. And that's it looks pretty calculated to me.
John: That was the most shallow view you can imagine.
Adam: He's an iPhone, he that's what it is.
John: iPhone eight,
Adam: iPhone, phony. phony, phony, big fat, phony,
John: bad phony,
Adam: there were a lot of people were as part of the terror campaign to prove one side over the other, which they don't have to do. This is just all reinforcement. You can never convince one side of the others visual because it's explained it's chemicals in your head. You can't can't unsee it, the way they see it or where you see it. Let's talk about how scary it was for the Congress, House of Representatives members who were there. So scary was really, really scary. And thank goodness, Eric swalwell trots back out on the stage,
Unknown: is it. Because you'll be at the inauguration, you'll obviously be back in the Capitol again doing the nation's business later today. Tomorrow morning.
Is it true that you guys were even told? You know, remember, bulletproof vests are reimbursable expenses.
Adam: Yeah, he's so afraid. Now he needs a bulletproof vest,
Unknown: we were sent an email last night that listed some of the reimbursable expenses for your Office account to protect yourself and just to, you know, not tip off these terrorists as to what we're dealing we are in security measures. And we've been advised as to how we can protect ourselves and our family. And this puppy really is to just show ourselves in the world that we can carry this off on January 20, that we're not going to be bullied or intimidated, and not perform this transfer power.
Adam: That'd be hilarious. Everyone's
John: wearing a National Guard. If the thing they have a language issue with the descriptions and has been bothering me, a terrorist by definition, is not the same as an insurgent at all, no. And they're not the same as a coup attempt a person to attempting a coup okay, but can you terrorist is very specific is to terrorize the public is not to do anything else. It's just to terrorize them to make them for political for you, and
Adam: you'd be all three at once.
John: You can't be an insert Can you be a terrorist? We could be all three. But it seems to me that they're they're isolating these terms that they if you're all three, you'd have to call this as such a thing, right? Well, terrorist insurgents, it's just nobody uses these terms interchangeably. But they are they're using them interchangeably and
Adam: well, but this is also part of our modern day parlance. Doesn't matter what it is. I'll give you an example. We went from a positive test to cases to infectious oozing citizens
John: Yes, they do that but in this case that that was a that was a march toward a march toward a term of march toward infections there's no march toward anything with these three terms Don't forget there may be a fourth in there that I'm not remembering they're just using them interchangeably for no good reason. Because they don't they're not they don't have their act together and and the other thing is they know it's bull crap Yeah, these are not terrorists. They stay within the lines they didn't steal any the paintings and spray paint the place they're not insurgents. They weren't were they gonna go into an accomplished there wasn't a coup attempt how you gonna do a coup attempt against the standing president who's behind it this is make any sense? Well, they
Adam: don't really understand the definition of the terms.
John: I don't think they care about the diet they think they know it's all bogus. That's what I'm convinced. Let's listen to some Moore's using the surgeon and and Eric swallow well, which is what they're calling on now. Boy is is it a doofus to fuss?
Adam: Let's listen to another terrorize representative, Representative tourists.
Unknown: I was in the last group to be evacuated. We ran down the halls. There's near a mob that was being held on the ground at gunpoint.
shelter for four to five hours in a room that was patched shoulder to shoulder with people.
Adding more trauma to the riot we had just survived.
For several Republican colleagues refusing to wear a mask. Oh,
Adam: that was the scariest thing.
John: They will Yes. You know, she sounds I wish we get this is impossible to get this clip. But she sounds like those two dingbat journalists from cow that were rescued from North Korea. And ding dong. Remember
Adam: those two? It's the same programming. Programming. Yeah. I think they've been heard this
John: voice before is the point I'm trying to make. Yeah.
Adam: Well, because it's, well, that's interesting, which actually sounds really traumatized more, maybe not. Now. So we've heard the very fine, he
John: sounds just traumatized as that woman that was on the c span call
Adam: the Zoomer
John: who was all shook up, but she was sitting at home by her, you know, locked down. Yeah. But she had that same voice, that same traumatized sound. I would like to know how old that what's the name of that congressman that gave that little Her name is
Adam: Torres t o. r. s.
John: And well, cheers.
Adam: And while you're looking that up. So we've heard the very fine people lie. Come back again in the news reports. So now's a nice time to start wrapping up our packages on President Trump. And let's remember, let's remind everybody of the oh so accurate story of the president wanting a moat. To remember this story.
John: Yeah, this reminds me of the gold toilet story, too.
Adam: Yeah. But it was. He was building border wall and sources. Most sources claim that first he was he said, Why can't we shoot him in the knees and just shoot him in the noise. And he said, I want a moat with alligators. This is recounted in this 18 second clip.
Unknown: Over time, President Trump has demanded modifications that have been largely rejected. He wanted to paint it black to burn the hands of those who touched it. He wanted it adorned with deadly spikes. haven wanted to surround it with an alligator filled moat. Just a little background on this wall.
Adam: That was when he went down to Alamo Texas to do a little speech at the wall. That's what the mainstream brought back for us. Thanks. Yeah.
John: No, we're calm review of bullcrap. Yeah, let's review our own bullcrap about Trump as if it's true. Yeah,
Adam: that's the best circular. It's the way you
John: get. Let me draw it to you, Jim. Okay, we got a list of things he supposedly did. Okay. getting worse by the minute. Both things we got to get. We got to make sure megan mccain. McCain gets her word in for you.
Adam: Oh, yes. Okay.
Unknown: I think we have a terrorist the way we do actual terrorists. I think we need to consider all all all possibilities. I'm not against sending these people to get my oil. And that may sound extreme. These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own Republic, they should be treated the same way we treat al Qaeda go my
John: tell them to get mo I have no
Adam: problem sending them to get mo I'm on the view. My opinion matters.
John: I have three clips from Chris Coombs. Who behind the BBs?
Adam: Oh, yes, Chris. He
John: brought up a point that I don't think we've discussed, or it hasn't been even I don't think it's been acknowledged that much. But they will. But it does explain a lot. And this is a three parter. Let's play part one. And then he gets to the part. Part two is where he talks about the about what he calls repentance. And this is really an important concept because this is what this is all about. So
Unknown: you are very familiar with your Republican colleagues. Do you think there's any chance that a Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would agree to that sort of special circumstances to speed up a trial in the Senate and just the next few days?
You know, Judy, it seems unlikely. But one of the things that was most striking to me Wednesday night was after law enforcers Spent regained control of the Capitol. And we all have to be grateful for the men and women of law enforcement, the special officers and agents who regained control of the Capitol under very tough circumstances. When we went back into the chamber, some of the strongest language about the importance of certifying this election came from Vice President Pence, Majority Leader McConnell, other senators, I rarely agree with folks like senators cotton and Lee, to me and others spoke very forcefully. They recognize how important it is for there to be truth telling to the American people, how important it is for President Trump's misled and misguided base to hear from Republican leaders that Joe Biden is the duly elected next president of the United States.
But at this point, it appears it's more likely once the house impeaches with which it appears it will do a trial would take place in the senate after President Trump leaves office. It would be when Joe Biden would then be the president. How do you see that complicating then President Biden's agenda? We just heard the reporting from you, me, Sean splitting the time every day. But is that the way Joe Biden wants to begin his administration? Well,
you know, President Elect Biden was in no small part elected because he ran on bringing our country together, on moving us forward past the divisive Presidency of Donald Trump. And in this moment, when the pandemic is raging out of control, we need the sort of leadership that Joe Biden can provide to our country we have two pandemics. One this COVID-19 public health crisis, but also a pandemic of division and distrust.
John: How's that a pandemic? We know what the definition of a pandemic? Yes,
Adam: it's I find it odd because we heard the pandemic in America was racism. I think we have a few clips even we have three
John: pandemics.
Adam: Yes, we have a COVID. We have a divisiveness and we have racism, the pandemic of racism. That's the bias.
John: Listen to the point that he I think that got my attention. Maybe get these clips is what he has to say in part two. Okay, hold
Adam: on a second. I lost my place. There we go.
Unknown: A number of my Republican colleagues have reached out to me saying that impeachment is the wrong path that it won't bring reconciliation. And as I've said, in other contexts, repentance is required before reconciliation. We need to hear and see some actions by President Trump or on your partner who have long encouraged and supported him despite his unconventional and his destructive behavior. We need to see them do an about face and recognize the harm that was done on Wednesday, and the actions that need to be taken to bring our country back together.
Adam: Yeah, so to repent is the act of expressing extreme.
John: Big forgiveness.
Adam: Yes. On your knees begging for forgiveness. Yes. So we need that first and are they gonna wait for that? Or are they trying to force not gonna
John: get they're not gonna dole out this? Any forgiveness or any of the reconciliation is a term he used? Yes, no reconciliation until there's repentance. Repentance, part this blood The last thing? He reiterates this,
Unknown: what do you see any indication that's going to happen? You had eight members of the Senate who voted who objected to Joe Biden's electoral vote when 138 members, Republicans in the House are a number. I believe that's correct. Do you expect any of them to express regret to apologize to try to change direction on where they stand right now,
Judy, there were 13 senators originally prepared to challenge the certification, roughly half of them change their mind and change their vote after they saw the tragedy of the storming of the Capitol. What I struggle with most is folks like leaders in the house McCarthy and Scully nice folks in the Senate, Senators Holly and Cruz, who are seasoned lawyers who both clerked for the Supreme Court, folks who I believe know better than to do this kind of thing. And I think all of them should be publicly speaking about how they have repented of this action and they regret and want to move past the violence and divisiveness that resulted.
John: Now, repenting, I'm gonna read one of the definitions through the repentance, a called for throughout the Bible is summoned to a personal, absolute and ultimate unconditional surrender, in this case to God. But in that case, it would be to the Democrats, right. Don't reduce the sorrow and regret. It is more than that. They're different panting one makes again, this is what Judy says she uses the word change of direction. It means a change of direction. 180 degree turn in this in the Bible towards God, but in that in their case, it's toward the democrats is towards them, you must repent, you must change your direction, flip around and see the truth is the is the opposite of Trump. We are the truth. This is really sick,
Adam: we are the truth. Well, I'm sure that they some have some of the Democrats, Republicans too, but definitely Democrats have godlike tendencies. Like they are the all mighty rulers.
John: Well, they consider it to be the case at the moment. So there's no reconciliation, none of this crap that Biden keeps ran on none of this stuff he ran on until there's repentance, what is missed that is written and people have to realize how important that is. And they This is going to be their excuse for not doing what Biden wants to do, which is to, you know, bring the country together make us all one big happy family, that's not going to happen until there's repentance. And that definition needs to be explored missing from all the reporting is
Adam: any depth of investigation or at least presenting it? Why? As they keep saying 74 moves around 74 75 million Americans are pissed off. It's you're just supposed to think well, because they were hypnotized by Trump and now they're now they're sad that they're their leader is gone. And but even if you think that way, it's that's not sufficient to to govern a country. You have to say, Okay, so what do we do for these people who I've never heard anyone say that? It's just you guys suck. You're all trumpers. And, and you don't have the truth. And until your guy repents, don't get nothing just gonna be treated the same as we treat him. That's the message.
John: Yeah, it's totally the message. They had a couple days, the foreign press was all over this door. chavalla being the worst of the group, because they're a Chinese front organization role. I can tell. They had some they had a couple of analysts on and both of them were Trump haters. And they're trying to analyze the two Trump haters. I didn't get that. Here's a look at this one. This will be the election prep one Deutsche Avella
Unknown: worry is that pro Trump supporters will try to disrupt the ceremonies that police wants to be better prepared this time. The city is in a state of emergency buses for the National Guard troops arrived around the clock.
John: different clips.
Adam: Well, can I just say something? Or do I just say something about that? Yeah. All of this noise and reports and FBI intelligence that there's going to be armed protests in all 50 states. If I ever saw something getting set up for will it's just called a false flag for something to happen with a specific outcome and reason it's this. Have you seen some of the so called fliers? it? I mean, they didn't even bother taking the anti fraud template out of it. It's It's so obvious, not like a magnet thing. It's just yeah, it's this is they're playing high stakes here.
John: Well, good luck with that. We'll see how that goes. But what the clip I wanted to play as GOP analysis is this is typical that what you'd hear if you watch Deutsche Avella
Unknown: actually, for the last four years for the history being made in the Capitol today, it's about the president. Yes, but it's also about the existential crisis of the Republican Party. Will the GOP survive after Donald Trump is history. But we have two guests tonight two political insiders to talk about that. I'm happy to welcome Reed Galan. He is with the Lincoln project that is a group of Republicans who joined forces during the presidential campaign against the re election of Donald Trump rejoins us tonight from Park City, Utah and from Washington, DC. I'm happy to welcome ativa Mondrian. He is a political analyst, author and former Deputy Executive Director of the National Black Caucus of state legislature tours. Gentlemen, it's good to have you on the program. I want us to start with the impeachment vote. We understand maybe six House Republicans plan to vote to impeach. There were no republicans in the first impeachment vote last year. Right. Let me ask you, does this portend well for the GOP moving forward, or is this bad that you've only got six who are willing to vote for impeachment? I think
it unfortunately does not support I think that what we're seeing here is that the trumpist wing of the Republican Party is assumed that it has the energy it has a lot of funding. And the establishment, unfortunately for them spent so long saying so little, or collaborating
with with this president,
that although I'm very happy to see that six republicans did stand up, I think it's indicative indicative of the fact that many Republicans do not want across Donald Trump, even as he's on his way out the door, even as he faces impeachment. And even as he you know, incited a riot and insurrection at the US Capitol, so
I don't think it portends well at all for the party.
John: Yeah, pretty much what the other guy says to so
Adam: and that that message is the same around the world as we know, European press wakes up. Actually, that they're at work. And they just have to wait a few hours. And here's the early 5am New York Times, let's just copy and paste it translate translate, you use Google Translate even better. Copy and paste it well. Here's
John: I have another one. This is the impeachment rundown of France 24. Countries away.
Unknown: Donald Trump has become the first US president to be impeached twice with 10 Republican lawmakers joining the Democrats in the House of Representatives in backing the move. The decision made exactly a week after a pro Trump mob stormed Congress, as it was confirming joe biden's electoral victory. The violent assault on the heart of us democracy, that the deaths of five people, including a police officer, more details here's a caravan gorgeous dummy frustrating force Washington correspondent.
Well, it means that indeed, there is some bipartisan support for this impeachment process much more than there was last time around and so saw these 10 republicans breaking siding with the Democrats, including the number three Republican in the house, Liz Cheney and going forward. We're gonna have to see if that holds true also in the Senate, and you have some early indication that there is a possibility that we're going to see several Republican senators vote to convict Donald Trump after that as senate trial and Senate Majority Leader the current still sitting and Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell said that while he's not going to bring back the Senate in session before it is supposed to come back to Washington on January 19. He is leaving the door open by saying that he doesn't know yet well, where he'll fall on his vote on this impeachment process. He's as also, according to several US media reports said that he will not be a whipping those votes those Republican votes, leaving Republican senators to vote their conscience, we are expecting maybe few Republicans to break ranks of whether there will be enough republicans joining Democrats to convict the president. That is a whole other question. Well, we know for sure is that Donald Trump will already be out of office once that senate trial, it begins. But the democrats are intent on going forward with it. Because if there is a vote to convict Donald Trump, even if he's out of office, that
could lead to another vote this time with just a simple majority, which could ban the president from ever running for office again,
Adam: and that would be
John: the point. And that would be what you said weeks ago, and I think that would be the point but they're not going to get that far. And I want to clear up a couple of things. The the reports over the last few days about mitch mcconnell thinks it's great, you know, he should be impeached. newsletter that was good. It was bullcrap what McConnell was saying was he what he kind of welcomed it, but he, he, I believe he welcomed it for leverage in 2022. So they can be camera, the democrats with it. Because they're not going to get this done that it looks as though six democrats from or some sort of six republicans might vote for impeachment in the Senate. They need 17 people to bail on the party and vote for him. And he's 17 for this to go through. They're not going to get 17 they're going to get about seven. And again, I think McConnell's kind of let the floodgates open. Because the idea is to expose these people.
Adam: Yes. It's all part of the plan.
John: I think it is trust the plan. So it's
Adam: not you walk away you walk right into it. Now I gotta pick it up. You walk right and let
John: me just finish with the numbers. All right, this will end 17 of the republicans to join sighs with the democrats to get this impeachment to go through so they can have that second, you know, vote to condemn him so he can't run again. They're not going to get At 17, they're going to get about seven or eight and is the usual suspects romney right at the top of the list. That guy what a great republican is. Ben sasse will be another one. And they always have Murkowski and they always list borkowsky that woman from Maine main, I think, Collins, Collins, and they are always listed at the beginning, but they never follow through, they probably won't vote that way. It's just gonna be a fiasco. It's a waste of time. And the whole thing is just going down the tubes. For them, it seems to me and it's just a setup. But I could be wrong. I'll be talking and
Adam: now you are you are. And something happened yesterday and event that I'm so happy to place. Because it will give you my colleague John Dvorak insight into what I have been listening to months since months before the election, from multiple people, really three who have been, have just always given me good insights and information. And they are intelligence community linked. And this is not about the theory itself. Well, there's a little bit of just two quick clips, you know, under a minute, which, and I'll just tell you right now, there's going to be a coup, and Donald Trump will be inaugurated president, and they're going to arrest all of these people. Now that's just in a very short order. That is what is happening. And part of this coup that has been set up includes pushing everything. And without a doubt, what we've seen is a very good exposure, they've done a great job of doing it to themselves, exposing the pharmaceuticals, the media has completely fallen flat. And many, many politicians and other douchebags galore, and we've kind of all seen everyone's shown their color by now. It's a Steve PICHETTE airman Steve. Oh, hold on, let me I know, I'm not just open your mind. This is not about what may or may not happen. I want you to hear what I have been hearing for months, and the veracity because that's why I kept saying, Look, I don't see any of this stuff happening. I've seen no cracking, I've seen no 1000s of sealed indictments, I am certainly disappointed in
all of that, because these people would talk to me in the following manner. And this is what happened yesterday, Steve pjanic, went on info wars, and laid down this plan as to what is going to happen. It was too crazy for Alex Jones. john was too crazy for Alex Jones. So this is newsworthy. What is taking place. Listen to this
Unknown: past two years. We're not talking about past weeks, we're talking about the next few days, and where we are right now. Now, I know you are not informed when I'm telling you this either one of us is wrong, but I'm not wrong. Well, let me say I mean, you can certainly get people thinking they're upside down when they're standing straight. I mean, you were the only guy that got the Camp David Accords through that. But
I mean, you've definitely done some psychological operations. But I'm just telling you in seven days, but genic tell us what's gonna who's gonna be the president, what's about to happen.
Seven days, let me repeat it again, Jones, it's going to be Trump, it will not be Biden, Biden's people will be arrested. There will be people who will be arrested Pelosi Biden, that's what's going to happen. And if I'm wrong, fine. Don't put me on your show. If I'm right, what else are you going to do? That the point of fact is either you want to believe me or not. I don't particularly care what most people say or don't say,
Adam: Now, sees botanic is either completely right. Or this is some version of implosion and self harm that is I've never witnessed before.
John: Is it possible that it's a cointelpro? operation run aimed targeting him? targeting botanic? Yeah,
Adam: yeah. Because that would Well, yes, that is a third option. So it's either a true be some weird psychological self implosion and self harm mission, or to take him out for once and for all, but one more clip, same links very short of what is going to happen, and I've never heard chetnik say, Jones. I've never heard him say that.
John: Yeah, I know. He said, I heard that too. He said, it's like we're talking we're arguing about something which we do. And then I all of a sudden say Curry, that would be weird. I mean, we've had a number of arguments on this show, but I've never done that. And
Adam: I've never said before rack divorce for now.
John: And we argue, I think we should do that.
Adam: But I think about it. Yeah. You saw the queue guys go into the capital of zip ties.
Unknown: They thought they were in a secret mission to arrest people. Alex quiet down a bit. I've never been in.
Adam: Another thing I'm gonna try and divorce I have done a little bit. Oh, you've done
John: that?
Adam: I don't think I've said it like that. I've certainly never combined the two door there. All right, quiet now
Unknown: never been in a military coup, you do not understand what that means. You do not understand how quickly we work. And how long have you been preparing for this? When I told you months ago that we were involved in this, and we were taking over all the elements of the political system because we could not trust the mitt romney's the governors, the senators, the judges, you're talking about when I said to you years ago and you still don't remember, john roberts, the Supreme Court Justice has been indicted. He was corrupt at the time that he made the Obama case into attacks. He then went to Malta, he was paid off. He will be arrested. You're talking about Obama's people where I said repeatedly, he was a CIA operative. There was nothing about him. That was real.
Adam: yeah, I think you nailed
John: this was a great one. I would have loved to have seen that.
Unknown: Oh, my goodness. And it's 45 minutes, I would watch the whole thing. Yeah,
John: you should know, because of its entertainment value. It is.
Adam: It was some of the most riveting video I've ever watched and you picked up on it immediately. But chetnik was an Alex Jones's face. Like, wow, cuz that's what I've been hearing, not just from him from others. That veracity like this is really happening. Curry. It's really happening. Curry.
John: Now, I want to play something similar. I'm not the same. But this is interesting, too. This is from Jeff rinses podcast. Hmm, yeah. And it's just which is a well known right wing. Truth podcast, truth or podcast. He there's just a little hold on hold on.
Adam: Oh, just just for, for the term sake, we we accuse people of using terms incorrectly. But truth is the only the only to talk about 911 because that's what a
John: No, No, they don't. It's just a general. It's it's like it's like our show if we were big gasp bags. Okay.
Adam: All right.
John: There's a lot of those shows out there. If you haven't noticed. They don't have they don't have clips. They don't have background they don't have. They don't have they say
Adam: they say I think a lot.
John: I think I think I think I may say that i
Adam: think i think i think
John: but there is a little gem. There's a little gem in here that I don't know if you can pick it up. But I just I heard I said oh, and it has a little bit to do with what you just played.
Unknown: But it's just however you look at it. It's Trump is guilty of creating incredible false hopes in people and that he is like yo
yos for four years. Yeah.
The fat but people are. It's like the people not to that degree but their reason why people give money to unbelievably phony televangelists like Jim and Tammy Baker Jimmy Swaggart, people like that. Okay,
John: now what was in there was this is part of the stages of grief and it's an anger is the anger and is that birthed by the fact that Trump and if you go and start making you can make a laundry list anyone can Trump promised a wall is going to be built by Mexico you're gonna do this there was that all How about the
Adam: drain the swamp that was the one drain the drain the
John: swamp and the and the all the queue stuff which you need to be working with, which I think was creating a lot of false hope. The Joe digenova is out there with their 10,000 sealed indictments coming on over and over and over again. Bill Barr was going to come in to do something the Jeff Sessions when he was in Durham, Durham, Durham. Yeah, the Durham that's all these things are brought in by the truckload. You know, Trump did this. And he did that. And all he got was a bunch of books written about Trump being a douchebag. And it's just a whole, there was nothing. I mean, this stuff that he accomplished, I think was major. And I wrote it up in one of those sub stat columns about Trump in 2028, which includes, and I think this is not trivial. He did make us aware of the immigration problem, and nobody was talking about it until he showed up. And he's aware of the China the China thing is the big deal. And that and it's a bigger deal than anyone thinks, and no one can ignore it from forevermore, and everything else. And he also propped up the economy pretty well. propaganda, which was pulled out from under him by COVID. And which was he was not mishandled the way Biden thinks, but it was just mishandled, but it's got nothing to do with Trump. You know, he accomplished a major, major things and it changed the way that republicans think about things But it was a lot of false promises. And I think the rents, guys rents and his buddy David some books, I can't
remember his name. They were saying it was four years of, you know, yeah. 10,000 sealed indictments, we talked about it ourselves.
Adam: There's, there's one more piece that is not told that that widely that I just want to share because it's gonna be the last time I can ever do this. I mean, once all of this doesn't happen, then, you know, there's my career in the toilet, you know, what am I going to go back to legislation? Because I can't I can't rely on any contacts I've built up. But the second, the second, reliable
John: This is by the way, the same thing with the producers who send us bad made happen
Adam: shot happens. So the second part is about China. And because it's and so I'm just telling you the story because I haven't memorized this easy. I've heard it enough times. So China is going to be blamed for a lot of the problems from the Coronavirus to the Biden crime family. And because it is a military coup that I've heard is there will be certain strikes on China, which pathetic is again just telling you what I heard is advising against, but check this it would be the target would be the the Three Rivers dam for two reasons one for the nuclear weapons development that is taking place underneath the Three Rivers dam in the secret caves. And the testing on down wiegers is also taking place there. But the best thing is the attack will be rods from God, which are telephone pole tungsten telephone pole sized tungsten rods that they shoot from space. And you know that they have no warhead but they hit with such veracity and they're so hot from from re entering the atmosphere that they they do a lot of damage but no nuclear fallout etc. The rods from God are coming.
John: Wow,
Adam: it's good. Isn't
John: this is good stuff. I
Adam: know. I know. Yes. The rods from God has been talked about for a long time. This
John: is just a science fiction idea that has been that can be it would work somebody else's so you can send a refrigerator down and dude pretty much do the same damage.
Adam: Yeah, but it's not as cool. But here's zero here's a fresh rods from God has a better sound and look then a fridge. Yeah, I'm gonna kill you CCP with a fridge. Yeah.
John: Well, I don't know what this guy's gonna be.
Adam: I know. I know. I
John: don't know. I mean, I feel bad about this because progenitors always had good material. But you can't say it's not in hindsight.
Adam: It's still good material. Still
John: good material, but now it's just pure science fiction.
Adam: Yeah. But I am just mentally preparing for the case. In cases true. That's all I have. No, I'm you know, I have to tell my wife, like you're hanging on by your fingernails. And no, I'm not. I'm really not. I'm really I'm really,
Unknown: I'm really Shut up you.
Adam: Shut up, Dvorak. I probably have said that. For which I repent.
John: Yeah, you're gonna have to repent.
Adam: Repent on a level
John: wait until after buying it. You're after buying in an empty stadium goes up and take the oath of office. And now they say they don't want you they want to reach their blocking here because they don't want him being booed. Have you heard down? No, no, no. I thought no matter what anybody there because they don't want to hear a bunch of people booing him.
Adam: I still I still think my prediction that we'll have to inaugurations could possibly happen. That's just how nutty it is.
John: Yeah, it could have been he did have to it. But we I mean, you can say that it's not a new idea, because they did that with Obama and the second Obama. That's right.
Adam: They had a second
John: swearing in Biden's for all we know if the gag is real lively. You know, the reason why. Here's the crock
Adam: pot now.
John: I just thrown it out there. But here's the play. This is the PBS This is the PBS analyst with some assumptions about the Trump in the future. Cynthia Miller interests helped me understand the conversation that has been had around the President's rhetoric. We saw Twitter and Facebook have taken down specific the President's ability to use those platforms arguing that he himself was inciting violence. How true do you think that is? Do you as many have lay some of the responsibility for Wednesday at the feet of the president?
Unknown: I do. I think that not just the incitement of violence in this particular case, but I think What we have seen for several years now has been a mainstreaming and a normalization of extremist ideas. And and a lot of dog whistle kinds of calls like the stand back standby statement that even if the intent isn't there, it's received the way it's received the impact. It has a lot of danger attached to it in terms of the far right mobilizing online and feeling like they've been legitimated. And so what we're seeing now is people not just the president, but other elected officials, the very people who are supposed to be trusted sources of information, helping to create and propagate a disinformation landscape that says, this election is invalid, that there's been massive voter fraud and really compelling these people to act.
Adam: Well, that last bit is, is really in a nutshell, the belief that there is that because of their hacking of the media, they've been able to propagate these lies, even though it seems highly unlikely. But just in case, let's freeze everybody's account, and let's knock them off. And let's let's make sure we put the fear of God into anybody trying to trying to spread this message the along those lines
John: as to where the show started with that was your first anecdote about poor Ben Shapiro.
Adam: Yeah. So listen to this, the National Association of Realtors have now changed their bylaws, to condemn hate speech by any of their 1.4 million members. And they are going to do pamphlets and materials that will be handed out through real estate now. I guess they can do an awareness campaign with a special number to call. If If you are for instance, how shopping and you think that your reloader use of hate speech about something then you can go in and think on them?
John: Oh, the think line
Adam: and just imagine a realtor has to talk about locations, gentrification neighborhoods. It's really easy in today's world to say something that could sound racist.
John: But here's the here's the ticket to the neck the real level here. a realtor is a salesperson. sales people say what they have to say to get the sale. That's what they do.
Adam: I can't believe he said master bedroom.
John: Yeah. You just nailed it. Yeah, you could, you can think on this real estate guy say oh, here's the master bedroom where you you and, and you're, you and you use the wrong pronoun pronoun. Yo,
Adam: my goodness. This, uh, his in her bathroom. A jack and jill. Oh, my. It's gonna come down to that.
John: No, it's coming down.
Adam: It's gonna be great.
John: It's lovely. It's gonna be so much fun. A couple more games. Well, let me get a couple more. Here's Taylor green. Now this is a Newsmax.
Adam: Yeah, my favorite channel,
John: which is like the amateur hour and remember,
Adam: they fell apart. They fell apart during the capital. kerfuffle.
John: They didn't know what do they fell apart? No, here's something where they're at least they're trying to resolve something or other with this interview with the Taylor green.
Unknown: The American Congress.
Adam: Sorry, Congresswoman. Thank you,
Unknown: the American people, we have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable. We cannot have a president of the united states that is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, foreign Chinese or Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies. So on January 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment. articles
on Joe Biden on his first full day. President.
John: I'm looking at Hunter Biden right now. So
Unknown: we're talking. Obviously, we know hunters got issues as well. How is that gonna work? You are a freshman. We are in the minority.
What will happen next? Is
this symbolic? Or can you really do something about this?
Well, like I said, I'm a big believer in having people in office that are actually willing to do the job. And I can't imagine people in this country, being so fearful of a future of abiding presidency, that they may be willing to commit violence like they did in the Capitol here in Washington, DC. We cannot have that I do not condone that violence. The American people need hope.
Adam: You know, it's interesting. A producer sent me sent me a clip, it's 39 seconds, but it had that pertinent bit in there about Biden's impeachment filing on the 21st and I couldn't play it. Because the producer just sent me this. There's no I don't know who it was. I have no idea who it was. I didn't know the source. Yeah, bad. Well, I know they can do better. That's I'm sorry. It's one
John: of these young women I had one earlier in the show, Lauren. Yeah. That young republican women that you know, and they made a big fuss when they couple of couple of rounds ago and the democrats put all these women in and they're adding in the republicans can't get any women. It's okay, we get some women. Let's put these gals in. This is what they do. Derek, kick ass. I was giving a shit. Yeah, it was just in there. And these are all American women ask these
Adam: are all American women. You're right. These are
John: Yeah, these are the tough chicks.
Adam: Yes, yes. And that's when you played the the other one earlier. I thought you were referring to her? Because I knew it was phenomenal trauma from Congress. But yeah, they are definitely they are tough. I like it more
John: than a bull crap
Adam: oh, that's what that's that's why you're all all God for
John: jacked up you are.
Adam: You're
John: here's a little list. By the way. Here's a little list that guy forget this club should have played it earlier. This is the 23 second election business backlash on PBS
Unknown: Marianne Tao and the BlueCross BlueShield Association, among others, announced they would hold donations to any lawmaker who voted against certifying the electoral college results. Ford and Microsoft will suspend all political donations until they review the events of last week. And the payment companies stripe said it will no longer process payments for the President's campaign website. Yeah.
Adam: Yep. Now this is part of the council and one of the one of the Republicans, his insurance company dropped him.
John: I mean, Oh, I didn't know that. But so people need to be put on a list.
Adam: Here's my question. Here's my question. How is this okay? But refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding is not okay.
John: Yeah, no, that's just all ideology. It's
Adam: all ideology, or I mean, it's, yeah, I think you think you can say its ideology. You can look at it and say it's hate, but it seems to be ideology, just different views of opinion. But for but for that reason, you're not going to ensure someone, the airlines are already saying that, you know, did you they
John: need to be put, you know, what no, kid put together where it's just a bit a list of people that should be you know,
Adam: Schindler's List.
John: Now, there should be somebody should put together the st. Get back to work. Let's do this. You know, they say, well, these guys are lazy Republicans, let's put a list together of target and target companies that are doing this. And don't do business with it. If half the country is a lot of people that voted for Trump. And there's a lot of people that don't any of you that didn't vote for Trump that don't like this.
Adam: Yes. And I think we will see the issue right now is it's a little bit in flux, since there's no way to start a viral campaign. And viral campaigns are squashed immediately. So there must be there needs to be some code or needs to be a way to say, hey, smash your iPhone. And I did this just because Tim Cook's iPhone, that's just my personal beef. But Amazon don't order from Amazon. And there's all kinds of just you can just go online and see how many companies have virtue signaled about this. And in the, in the infamous words of Magic Johnson, Republicans by Nikes to
John: Yes, I think that's a great quote. And I should mention the one virtue signaling trick. That was if you listen to that story closely, at the very end, they mentioned Ford. Yeah. And Microsoft. They're not they're just going to stop political donations until they research this more. So it's like, that is just virtue signaling nonsense, but I thought it was creative. They got their name in. Yeah.
Adam: Yeah, that's how you want to do it. You want it?
John: They got your name. And but you can't say Well, I'm not gonna work because either they're not going after Trump or anything. They're just, they're gonna look into it, which makes them look reasonable.
Unknown: Yeah.
John: It's ridiculous. Now, I do have one last clip in this in this whole thing. This is a short clip, another 23 second clip. This is yummy. Imagine
Adam: when you when your Miche comes on msnbc. This is probably from PBS. She is she's gotten real loose. And she I think she's going a little bit beyond her journalistic endeavors and how she speaks She's coming. I
John: think she's fishing because I think she's she shouldn't be on PBS. She's not got the she's trying to
Adam: hit her agent called listen to you miss you, me. Hey baby How you doing? Listen, it's Javi Listen, okay, you know the PBS you know this I didn't really for you Your hippie youngest, like moving a little bit with the msnbc crowd Come on, smooth up a little bit to Rachel.
John: There was a PBS on PBS Frontline frontline, which is always entertaining reporting. Yeah. And frontline did a special on Alex Jones.
Adam: Oh, this wasn't Megyn Kelly. You mean? Or it's the new ones? No,
John: this is a pretty old one. I don't know she was on this that much. But you Mitch was? Oh, yeah, Mitch was. And it was it was a it was a hit piece against Alex Jones and how he rose and fall I got a fool of himself. And they kicked him off everything. But it's a very it's very entertaining piece to watch. And emissions on their sheet crops up. I think she ruined a piece completely. She was on a couple of times. And she's going on about a lot this had to do with Alex Jones and the way he exploited 911 and some of the other and he took credit for the truth or movement and some of these other things. She comes on and started yakking about 911 as if she was either there are some knowledge of it a
Adam: family passport.
John: She was talking about one thing and I love it. So I looked into her age. She was in the eighth grade. Yeah. When 911 happened. And so she's talking like she knows about 911 from it, what she was in the eighth grade, which is in Manhattan. I mean, it was bullcrap. That's a put her on there. And I think they ruined that as a whole. But I think their credibility was took a hit personally, because I was like, very skeptical after that, whether the report was even any, any good, but they did have a lot of good stuff in there. But the image shares You mean, I don't want you to try to do the math on what the emissions have to say about how they're going to handle this impeachment.
Unknown: President Biden wants to see President Trump held accountable, but he doesn't want to see his legislative agenda
derailed. So
there are talks now that President Elect Biden has said he's talking to members of Congress to try to bifurcate the impeachment process so
that half a day would be spent on impeachment, half a day spent on confirming his cabinet secretaries
and time spent on trying to pass that COVID relief bill that Joe Biden wants to pass as soon as he gets into office
Adam: was definitely her PBS voice.
John: Now, yes, so you have a half and a half and a half. What?
Adam: another half? No,
John: there's there's another half how many hats are there in the day? Give me
Adam: I will say something about her age. Yeah, I've been very busy with podcasting. 2.0. And we're figuring out how to do a version of value for value where you're receiving mp3 and you're listening to it. And simultaneously you're sending back little bits of, of money in the form of satoshis which is a small pieces of Bitcoin. So I've been I've been working with a lot of the people in the in the Bitcoin here comms community. And it turns out Austin is somehow kind of a mini crypto capital. We have a lot of Bitcoin related companies. Yeah, I had no idea. But I kind of fall into it. Now. Here's what is interesting to me. Pretty much everybody is a millennial. And and it's male, I don't know, I have yet to meet a woman, I think in any of these meetups or anything. And they're between 26 and you know, like 30 years old. And sir Jean calls them, children with beards. And they're all good looking. They're You know, they're, they're well dressed, whatever their vibe is, but to a tee, tears, why they're doing this, I just thought this was interesting. They feel they have been so cheated. They were born. And it was during the Gulf War. And then we had 911. And then we invaded the wrong country. And then we had the Great Depression. And now we have the Roma, and they are all so removed, and they're not political at all, don't give a shit one way or the other. But who's the president? They believe Bitcoin is God. And it will save them because saving little bits of
Bitcoin will increase in value over time. And it was just eye opening to me and gave me a much better understanding because they're on a mission. And it's real. It's a real mission. And because they're on a mission, I think it's going to be stopped every single way possible, such as the European Central Bank with where FIFA guard now brains the roost. It is a speculative, it's a speculative asset, by any account. I
Unknown: mean, when you look at the most recent developments output, and now the most recent downward trend, it's for those who had assumed that it might turn into a currency terribly sorry, but this is an asset. And it's a highly speculative assets, which we just conducted some funny business and some interesting and totally reprehensible money laundering activity. I think that they are criminal investigations that have taken place that I'm sure will continue to take place that demonstrate it very clearly. And there has to be regulations. And and this has to be, this has to be applied and agreed upon, it's a matter that needs to be agreed at a global level. Because you know, if there is an escape, that escape will be used. So I think it needs to be to be, if anything, it shows that global cooperation, multilateral action is absolutely needed, whether it's initiated by the g7, moved into the G 20, and then enlarge, but it's something that needs to be to be addressed. And hottap is clearly an organization that has expanded in that respect,
Adam: I think is definitely going to shut down all kinds of ways for turning your euros into bitcoin or the other way around. And I feel bad, I feel bad for these for these young people, because they really truly believe there's only two ways forward. One is the Bitcoin life. The other one is exemplified by the most recent Experian, boost commercial. Now, Experian, Experian is a credit company, they have very much like Credit Karma, they have a credit rating, so you sign up for the app, and your credit rating, will Yeah, will determine how much they how much credit they will give you and they will offer you financial products. So instead of teaching you how to save or do anything smart, they are going to tell you to behave properly, so that we feel that you're a good person, and we will give you more credit that you can borrow against. And it's not even a FICO score. It's our own made up number and and we're kind of glossing over it, but there's an entire generation of young people who think this is a good idea.
Unknown: Now there's a new way Experian boost can raise your credit scores,
who'd have thought paying for my streaming services would help boost my credit score.
My FICO score just went up 17 points with experience.
I just heard my credit score 13 points with Experian boost,
I stream shows all the time, and now it's helping me boost my credit score. That's awesome. I can't believe paying for streaming services is going to help me boost my credit
score. Now pay for streaming can boost your credit scores.
Download the Experian app now.
Adam: So you so you are intended to link your Netflix account.
John: What you just played,
Adam: oh, it's worse than that. I believe. And I said it that this is just phase one, phase two will be either watch this to increase your score, which is money in the bank. This is how people are being thought or liked
John: or or I can't on the other side of that one.
Adam: Or I can't believe you watch that your your score just went down. You rock you watch the wrong thing. You watch the Trump documentary bad bad. This is the beginning. And it's it's a modification. It's American system. This is the beginning of the social credit score. It's how it works. You getting benefits and we're so stupid. Well actually, we're not so stupid. In China, they take away your benefits so you can't fly. And here we're doing easily like hey, you know we'll give you this cool look at your score went up you increase you're better than you were minutes ago. You're number one. Want to buy something we got credit for you. So while the young men I've seen in Austin, the crypto capital The world may be incorrect. I don't know. I'm on I'm on I'm on board with them. I sure hope they're right and not and not this other than this. This is dystopian, this is very, very bad. blinking up here so
John: you hope they're right. And Christine Lagarde is wrong?
Adam: You think you would you bet. Would you bet
John: that Christine Lagarde would lose and they'd win?
Adam: I will take that bet over time. Yes. And I have to because I'm I can't otherwise I'm I'm not a maxi I'm not a full Bitcoin I have to believe in the long run. Bitcoin will win against the guard specifically. Yeah. And that's my report.
Unknown: That's saying that all hell is
Adam: gonna break loose and you're gonna need a Bitcoin and with that, I thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in credit score john c. John Dvorak. Well,
John: let me get my divorce. Device out Oh,
Adam: your device in the morning to
John: you Mr. Adam Curry. Also in the morning all ships and sea boots on the ground, feet near subs in the water. And all the dams are nice. out there.
Adam: Yes in the morning to our trolls are trolls are available for you at no agenda and we now have since flash expired we have a regular html5 player. The hell
John: was that all about?
Adam: Oh, I knew it was gonna happen. You didn't know it. You didn't know that. Oh, yeah, no flash was gonna expire.
John: No, I knew about it because they kept flashing it on half of the things I had that are you know, functional by your laughter Yeah, January of fuck.
Adam: That's exactly what the warning was. The trolls are hanging out and no agenda Now when I say trolls, it's because it's a chat room. And it's not filled with people who chat. It's trolls. And you may feel like a troll. You may want to know what it's like to be one you may want to experience troll pneus
John: what i think i think you're glossing over this. My complaint. This Adobe After decades of making us use flash. Hmm. All of a sudden they say you know,
Adam: well, not all of a sudden this was planned a year. Okay. Yeah,
John: I spent for six months to a year they've been saying this was beside the point. They say for and I would think that the old flash install would still work. But no, no, no, there's apparently it's always been calling home. Constantly Hey, john. So he calls home doesn't work because home says no, you can't work anymore. Are you lying? I'm just saying for years and years and years Adobe kept you got to upgrade flash by the way. Do you want McAfee? Do you want to upgrade flash? Do you want McAfee? And now they just pulled the plug with no remorse. No regret no repentance.
Adam: I understand you're upset that flash no longer works on your MySpace page. I understand the problem. things do go away. Hello, geo cities. Hello Alta Vista. Yeah, things go away. How about that Microsoft Flow? Is it? nightlight super light. They had a flash alternative. What was that? I don't know. Silverlight. Silverlight. Silver.
Unknown: Short. Late, john.
Adam: You wrote the book on Oh, come on. stuff goes away. I personally loved I was too.
John: I was too
Adam: is great. I could do Rex.
John: I have little Rex in me. Oh, yeah. But you do you do have a little Rex.
Adam: Rex, here we are. All right, hands up trolls. Let's see how many we got in the room. We have 2068 trolls. Good to have you here on board for this Thursday. Now you can listen to the show live when you're at the troll room is free to join. Have fun, troll along Do whatever you want and ask anyone in there. Or Doug? For an invite to no agenda. No agenda, which is our federated social media site. It's very popular. I have. I've seen my Twitter followers go down by the 1000s. Presumably people closing their accounts. And we have seen again an uptick on no agenda big shout out to Aaron are with running that from his cave. Even in the midst of moving he continues to run everything love him for that. And you should join. That's where we where we have real conversations because we don't have algorithms to mess you up and make your witness arguments. Dark, we just kind of go away, they scroll off. They don't come back. That's the main secret. If it scrolls off, and I no one's gonna scroll down that far. And then the just kind of goes away. Unless you're actively involved, which is your own fault.
John: I have a suggestion. You please. to somebody mentioned in that matter of space. I think that I'm just suggesting this. There's no reason to keep posts more than six months, huh. I think they should be expunged.
Adam: I believe we do an expanded expunge will periodic I will find it we have to people have no
John: idea. Otherwise, you'd have just a bunch of archives that nobody there would just be building up a dead space.
Adam: It's it's terabytes. It was already terabytes when I was running it years ago. It's an unbelievable amount of data. People don't appreciate that was an unbelievable amount of data. And I'm sure we expunge and we should probably post that so people know to Aaron and will let us know. But go ahead and join no agenda it's really a great place to hang out. It's kind of like a no agenda meetup in the sky. And a big in the morning to what turns out to be such a thought provoking and not even thought provoking just an image that hit home. People love this immediately that you championed it and rightfully so Tonto nail brought us the artwork for Episode 1311. We totaled that one we titled that Woke kindergarten. And it was the Twitter bird as democrat with the blue blue and the stars with the legs of the set the donkey and the red donkey. It was split in half. It was just the whole thing was good and I love the font that she used the for Noah j is really fantastic. And I
John: have a couple pieces that I should remind people I want to remind artists don't use stolen images. And unless I'm told otherwise, the red bird with the communists sighs hammer and sickle is verboten now. It's stolen, unless you did it. Unless you did it someplace. I just because I saw a collection of images that were put together by somebody else. Maybe they stole it. But this wasn't with the no agenda logo is just standalone. So that's a possibility. Don't do. Don't do that.
Adam: very embarrassing to the show when it happens. And it has
John: Yeah, because we because there was a nice piece and you use it. The other thing is anyone who uses images that are repulsive. And I'm looking at the piece next to it by Nestle yesil hirscher, whatever his name is, I get to look at it up. Yes, so
Adam: Hirsch is a zombie.
John: Yeah, that any pictures that are repulsive, I'll just mix. They're not happening. You don't want to. And here's the here's the thinking here. You don't want an associate. You don't want an association between the show and something repulsive. Because then you start associating the show with repulsive, it's stupid, and we'd
Adam: rather we'd rather have you associate the show with jobs, jobs, jobs,
John: anything, but the point is, by the way, everything else on this image was especially the logos and the type font, everything is fine, but the image itself is repulsive. So report and that's why I don't like the Coronavirus thing as an image. So repulsive images do not get picked ever. Don't bother. Send us your
Adam: censoring, man.
John: Sam censoring answers what art directors do and that's what we are two art directors. Five minutes a day we're at art directors. There's a lot you hated. What was the NIC the rat piece with the firesale garden?
Adam: Did I did I hate it? I hate it. Did I say that?
John: Yeah. No, I
Adam: don't think so. I don't even see it. Where is it? The fire
John: is right above the piece we picked. I kind of liked it because I thought it was cute. It was an olive garden kind of rougher. Yes.
Adam: No. And I did not hate it. I said I felt it just didn't come across Now see, the part the part that is tough. And I'll
John: give you I'll give you the quote is what you said. He said I don't get all of garden out of that picture.
Adam: Exactly. And let me explain. When when we're looking at the page, if you mouse over tells you who made it, and it gives you a title. I try to never mouse over because if you had I looked at I would not have gotten all of garden out of that. Unless I'd seen the title. So I just feel that we're fooling ourselves because we have to think like people looking at this and I just don't think everyone say oh, that's funny. That's Olive Garden on fire with a coupon you cut out now Yeah, yeah.
John: Well I do the same thing you do. I did not look at the title before I
Unknown: thought well I
Adam: don't use it Olive Garden. So that's why
John: actually I did it all of garden once
Adam: and thank you Dred Scott for using our podcasting 2.0 and putting all those images in the chapter by rotating while we were talking about it it's missing It's amazing. So we thank Tom toenail who was out of the gate is that now too so far this year?
John: No was your competitor the other
Adam: Oh, wasn't I thought Thompson nailhead one
John: No, she had a nice lady j two in a row
Adam: DJ got one this year is I don't think enough. Yeah, no, I don't know. I'm sure someone will correct us on no agenda, social calm, but thank you very much time to nail we appreciate that's a great amount of value was extremely important. And that's exactly how it fits in our model time, talent or treasure, anything. If you get value of the show, give it back to us in one of those categories. And to keep us functionally functioning on the air. We do need support and we love highlighting our executive producers and associate executive producers visit came in with big numbers for Episode 1312. And we start off with was anonymous Right off the bat
John: nonnamous $1,000 from anonymous
Unknown: $1,000 so
John: nearly crap for the new Night of the roundtable on behalf of Dame Illuminati a peerage and roundtable blessing soon Hmm Okay, so not not on the list probably. I guess more information to come I'm guessing
Adam: yeah i mean i saw the the the original donation as well and that's literally what it said so Okay, well thank you very much anonymously congratulations Dame illuminata pyridium table blessing soon we would look forward to it
John: will so the knighting is in abeyance at the moment. Yeah. On on pause. Gary Ferris or Fars. I think it's f p h. AR s. I don't know how you pronounce it to be honest about it. $500 from San Diego he sent a note in handwritten ITM and Happy New Year fellows with this donation I passed the threshold of knighthood I would like to be the title of Sir my ass night of greasy Creek in southwest Missouri.
Adam: Sir my ass.
John: I believe he's on the list. I like some old Viscardi Imperial stout. At the Round Table please no jingles no karma. And then he has a little a little accounting with the word byeeeee
Adam: the opposite of Hi guys. Yeah, that's
John: that's the end do you say Hi guys, then you say bye he
Adam: here's a tip. A tip for all you producers out there. If you send me a link to a video, and I'm fine. You know you say as long we said this usually that's a warning. It's long, but you'll love it. There's plenty of clips. So if you haven't put in time codes, I'm already thinking Alright, if it starts with either Hi guys. It's an immediate deny. Or if it starts with ominous crescendoing music
Unknown: live
Adam: now it's a pass to give me time codes.
John: time codes are important to onward with Mark drink water came in from New Zealand $432 they got a note from his wife or girlfriend and his wife, Alice. And the note said, Is this the right email to send a note to and then there was no note
Adam: best
Unknown: replied I
John: said yes. He could have put it I said well, it's a little late because it was like blade. And and I guess I didn't encourage her to so she was probably sleeping because of the time change. So I got nothing to mark. There's some surprises the knighting if some sort for Mark, but again, this will be just like anonymous of dairy. Those will be in abeyance until I hear from Alice.
Adam: Make sure he's not on the birthday list. No, I just it might have been a birthday. Well anyway, so sometimes she didn't say the right address. slips through the cracks. Sometimes I do this one.
John: Yes, please. simca
Adam: funk emmalyn in for birth. 365 44 in the morning, john and Adam. Adam. Please don't read my note with a Dutch accent say that Florida, the Prime Minister. Alright, so I want to thank you both for the much needed amygdala shrinkage during these crazy days. My truly wonderful and ruggedly handsome husband. Raimi kicked me in the mouth about a year ago. In honor of his upcoming birthday, Sunday Please accept this donation that will make him a knight. He shall be known as sir stink finger. The plague from the Hague.
Unknown: Okay,
Adam: for the roundtable, he would like rice miscarries house and copper signers made spec, which is rice with curry sauce and capers with bacon. It's a Dutch delicacy. Is
John: that what that means? Because spec is actually a type of prosciutto spec.
Adam: Oh, really? Yes, spec is bacon. Hmm. Well, that's interesting.
John: Yeah, the more you know, like the high end high end prosciutto.
Adam: Okay, well, that's not if you go to Holland and ask for spec and you're thinking you're gonna get some high end prosciutto. You're gonna be disappointed.
John: Bacon.
Adam: No agenda listeners that are into stoner metal please look up his band stitch fork on face bag, which is slash stick stitch fork band, Spotify or bandcamp. And if you like, if you like it, let him know. He will love hearing from you know agenda gives our family many interesting perspectives to talk about and is keeping us even keeled. This is much needed since our three Human Resources 1113 and 14 are constantly bombarded with woken up by teachers and classmates. Smart parents boots on the ground report. Alright. oldest daughter was shown a clip of the dove commercial where collared lady took off her shirt and magically turned into a white woman. The assignment was to write a complaint to dove because this was, of course racist. The idea being that dove soaps make you white and white is better. This isn't That's crazy. I remember that campaign. And it wasn't intended that way years ago,
John: was it they don't think they got any letters of complaint.
Adam: But they stopped that and they took it off the air and it was years ago. Yeah, and it wasn't their intent. Anyway, the teacher offered a list of words to use in the letter such as white supremacy, our human resources, looked up the video online and told the teacher or human resource, looked up the video online and told the teacher that this was framing because if you watch the entire commercial, you'll see the white woman turning white woman turning into a colored woman as well. The teacher responded that it was racist anyway. But our daughter could tell that many of her classmates agree that this was BS. We are so very proud of her. Yes, you shouldn't be and you should be proud parents. That's a no agenda kid right there and a kid's payment only watch the whole commercial you douchebag Yeah, tricking me. birthdays. Please put r1 on the birthday list for January 20. She'll be 15 rameez birthday will be January 16. And he will be 48 Can I get a double goat karma and a Trump jobs to help with my recruitment agency. Much love from the lowlands were the ones courageous Dutch fighters of the seat now hide behind the curtains with their masks on semco from forbear PS it's a no it's too long. You can leave boots on the ground part out of it. No, that was a quite. That was the best part.
John: That was a part of you wanted to really like that piece.
Adam: Thank you very much. And we've got your birthdays here on the list
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.
Let's vote for job.
John: is next on the list from Fayetteville, Fayetteville, Georgia, ga 333 dot 33. I recall and attempted hit in the mouth by your longtime listener Tony Cabrera, few years ago, but it took a reminder from Joe Rogan for me to start listening.
Unknown: organ donation.
John: I have not missed the episode since Joe Rogan Who? Oh boy. Not good. We love Joe Rogan. Yeah, we do. Thank you for an amazing show. I like most of your list. I like most of your listeners. It keeps me sane. My husband and I are from the former Soviet occupied country from a from da and this will be around to a socialist.
Adam: You know how to get how to do it.
John: I guess maybe it's following them around. I guess unlike most Americans, we will be prepared to keep up. Yes, yeah. Yeah. Give him the good work. Well, I'm prepared to because I live in California. Hopefully we can get keep listening to you, even if the only way left will be via shortwave radio, like we used to do during Soviet times. Listening to American Voice of America from Washington making sure our neighbors do not hear us. headphones. I'm sure they were listening to no jingles no karma.
Adam: Well, comrades welcome. We are happy you are here. Welcome comrades,
John: David Gomez and Holly Springs North Carolina 333 33. Nice. In the morning, these you might 30 330-333-3333 333 as a follow up to being called a douche by the anonymous Kansas bound Googler in Episode 1289. He hit me back in the mouth in the mouth back in February. Recently, Mike day and his smokin hot wife from Fuqua way Varuna North Carolina gave me a and I sure I butchered that gave me a birthday donation and a douchebag in Episode 1310 Oh no. Let this serve as the first of my repentance there it is. For being that douche despite being l cafe I think my friend Mike the Googler and a few others are all founders of a veteran own and us manufactured surgical device and positioning positioning company in tinnitus medical technologies. infinitas Medical comm
Adam: rolls off the tongue
John: was it publicly traded we are continuously blessed with a growing base of customers despite the Safe Harbor third party firewalls and small niche businesses facing healthcare. No, no. No commodities here having robotic surgery Your surgeon if he uses our product if not, why not? No products do what ours do. It's all about the processes baby. Any who's john thanks for your and Adams guidance during these dark days my amygdala is slowly shrinking, but my liver might be taking a beating. Would you please plant jobs comments for me to continue to grow noodle gun jingle because it makes me laugh and i f cancer from my colleague Kelly, who is currently in hospice after a long courageous fight. yours and your families are in our prayers special shout out to my nurse and anesthesiologist. crna colleagues and all the other doctors nurses and tireless caregivers working out there COVID or otherwise don't retire. God knows I can't have reformed douche. David Gomez
Unknown: locked and loaded.
jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
John: Gu spotbot is next on the list from Syracuse, New York. It's $333 dot zero. A respectfully I have to disagree, though. According to KTLA, his initial reporting out of 52 arrests, there were six firearms recovered. More police reports have come out since then. Were these The only guns all found by Magic City spanning gun metal detectors? Or is this a fairly random sample of the people who happen to be arrested? I think the phrase will be wild was understood as a dog whistle by the whole bunch of preppers who showed up ready for Trump to say all right, let's go get these crooks. All right. You're innocent disagreement is no.
Adam: Noted. Thank you, spot. You're
John: anonymous in Charlotte, North Carolina. 333. Thank you for all that you do your work is priceless. But the shameless plug isn't to any job creators. I am an employee benefits consultant that exposes corruption in insurance. email me at for a walk a walker broker
Adam: broker broker nice anonymous.
John: What do you do with it? I don't know. No. That's I sent him a note was 333 benefits at protonmail Matthew Wilson $300 no genius no karma. We love it. I just giving 20s and Xing and singles. No Manning no goat thought you guys could use some cash to stay afloat.
Adam: Oh, it rhymes. Thank you. That's a nice No thank you. Matthew palm,
John: sir bill love in Plano, Texas. 249 44. Associate executive producer. Hey, guys. Hey, jingles prep fisting nuts. I need another job. Carmack Give me the classic since TPP. hasn't worked yet. Which is the information we need by the way. I'll share it with my buddy Chris in Florida who's currently a douchebag Oh. Only because he's been looking for an IT manager job for two years. Thank you for your courage, sir. Be below go for
Adam: your peeve about the fisting method of eating stocks.
John: I see this on the airplane and it's very annoying and I think it will result in in fights breaking out because it just so annoying to watch.
Unknown: guy takes his bag of peanuts,
John: throws a pile of them into his palm of his hand and then he makes a fist around the nuts. And then he shakes his fist to try to bring a nut to the little hole. throws a nut in his mouth from his bed he does it again. He shakes and throws and shakes and throws. It is annoying as hell
Unknown: to watch jobs,
jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
Adam: They production notice this is no longer classified as a jingle. It's an end of show mix is 46 seconds long. It's a little long, long. Unless someone wants to make an edit then I'll be happy with it's too long.
John: Sure Darren O'Neal might want to do that here. No. Gitmo kena Illinois to 2976 He's an Afghan sir and this donation of 229 76 is an honor today being the 33rd anniversary my first date with my spectacularly patient and beautiful wife, Kim. Health karma works. I requested it for my mom's double bypass and it has carried her through her bypass and subsequent calling colon cancer surgery and treat while she's doing well please send out an F cancer for both my mom and also my cousin Kevin was recently diagnosed with tonsil cancer. He wow
Unknown: I've not heard that. I never heard of it either.
John: This donation is also the Vig owed to both of you from donations my podcasts have received during the valley for value model. I would like to formally ask JC D to be a guest of Sir bemrose and mine on grumpy old Ben's as he is by far the most requested guest our producers have asked for Well, we'd love everything over we'd love to discuss any and all tech topics with the original cranky geek. In the meantime, everyone can get caught up with my shows on grumpy old Ben's dot com and rent random Do you MB thoughts calm? Sorry for the shameless plug. But podcasting is easy. Thanks for keeping us all sane. So Darren
Adam: and Darren Thank you Darren for the Darren does so much for the show including some workaholic debt guy the rock'n'roll pre show which she does she's a
John: multi talented maniac he is
Adam: it Yes, he is multi talented is quite do we even know what he does in real life?
John: I think he's just done on welfare.
Adam: Are you trying sorry are you printing something?
John: No, that's a jackhammer next door Thank you very much.
Adam: Oh my goodness sounded
John: like a you can pick it up this behind the mic it's really tough
Adam: tell you what I thought it was which is why I was I thought it was a dot matrix printer. It sounds like birds I'm like You gotta be kidding me. He's gonna die.
John: No, they still sell those things
Adam: are really we should hook one up do a printout of one of those nude pictures in ASCII art
John: in ASCII, ASCII nudes.
Adam: All he does for the days dot nudes dot ASCII.
John: I got one note on
Adam: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I gotta get
you've got to make sure that blasts out to all of Derek's peeps. Here we go.
John: Yeah, so the I'm more annoyed by that noise than you are believe me? Mm hm. And comes in from quenelle bc or Kaz Nell I'm not sure you pronounce it something bc but it's owned by spasm. 222 dot dot in the morning. This donation is on behalf of my boyfriend uhand buoy Han. Oh, I'm not sure you pronounce that. Hey, you he he and he is one of your biggest fans and aspires to be a knight one day he also talks about your podcast to anyone that might be interested in it. Nice. So for him this donation is his late birthday present and Happy Birthday uhand I'm guessing I'm guessing Tim Hershey i don't know i don't have any idea what
Adam: it was Scandinavian. Does that mean it's exact producer what's 220 to 22 canon Eva that dog?
John: dog dog dog dog
Adam: what is 222 dot 22 in Canada navy and in America it maintain the Navy and money. Alright, we'll move on that
John: would be American money. What is it becoming? Yeah.
Adam: What is it? What is it Canada avian money. Yeah. Daniel Reese.
John: Daniel reason like, okay, I don't have a note from him in Riverside, California to 1114. I don't have a note from Douglas Kuhlman in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And there was no note for this run of him here. Here it is. California, Jeff Madrazo. Now note from him. Hold
Adam: on, hold on. To 2222 is 281 31. So
John: it's not enough. That doesn't make it
Adam: still great. She's
John: Daniel Douglas and Jeff. And Jeff's in Fillmore, California. That is Kendra lamarche in East Haven, Connecticut. $200.08. And she starts off with your favorite. Hi guys. I started listening in November when my brother told me about your show. Keep up the great work. Oh, by the way, please call out my brother Jay Lamott of old Saybrook Connecticut as a douchebag. He's too cheap to donate. Wow, signed Kendra Lamott. East Haven, Connecticut and All that's missing is by Peter Egan and Golden Valley, New South Wales. 200. bucks. pants, then shoes. No jingles. No karma. Sneaky. Okay. Anonymous in Jackson, Mississippi.
Adam: Yeah. This is now it says here I will email you both directly. Keep my name my name anonymous and I believe this is the email you and I were discussing brief all you think
John: that one does that long email? I do have a
Adam: Yeah, I do. Do you
John: have a gun? It's got secret information in it that we he doesn't know. But
Adam: if it is what I'm thinking it is, you know, he starts off by saying I've tried to sit down or I'm trying to find right now. And and read this note several times in order to write this note several times. Yeah, this
John: is the China he's in China.
Adam: Yes, that the 773 words.
John: I don't know if
Adam: the keeper countered him? Oh,
John: I don't know, as long as
Adam: you want to just read a little bit from it like,
John: Well, I mean, it's something that would be nice to reprint someplace like on the cosmic weenie or something. It's a good note. There's notice it's doesn't it's not concise enough to. He just is lamenting the fact that if you live outside of US media and social media for so long really opens your eyes to the evil of these groups. As an example of two weeks of no US media, no social media and admittedly no English language conversations about politics. I had more energy and was able to rapidly learn a new language, something I'd failed that before. There was like my mind was constantly wasting time trying to make sense of the constant flow of conflicting and paradoxical statements. I think that's valuable. observation. Human beings cannot live in a paradox and that feeling you get listening to politicians speak. That is a paradoxical warning. I believe I have an idea. And it's simple enough for anyone to do get a list of all state congressional officials, not those in DC. Many of these people do not support what is happening in Washington. They will read their emails and they will read their snail mail, send them a simple request and send this to everybody regardless of their party. I would like to stay to amend all employment laws to prohibit any discrimination due to political affiliation, or assumed affiliation. We would like to state to amend all employment laws to prohibit any inquiries regarding political affiliation or assumed
affiliations. This would benefit everyone who writes, including the people who see themselves in currently favorable groups, groups shift politics change, people never win if their livelihood can be impacted, or simply existing. And it goes on with this complaint.
Adam: So I appreciate it. And we both read it. Yeah, 770 there
John: was something at the end here. Well, you
Adam: look through that now. Yeah, he
John: was I'll just read this little bit. So he says you'd like to get my hands. I'm the old fart. He says right there. He wants to prediction on 2022 and then after he's done any once you you need to something about the Oh, yes. Yeah, this is not happening. I'm gonna I'm gonna answer for Adam. Okay, this is someone who's been out of it so long doesn't realize that Adam already did this. He writes, after we're done with lockdowns and insanity, I think you need to offer a course we're building an independent Podcast Network. Not an exit strategy. I could easily be the primary to get people back into building their own tech.
Adam: Yes. Thank you. podcast. join in the fun open for all in it
John: again. Yeah. Yeah, this is a new new version. podcast is a pod show. version three.
Adam: Yeah, I don't think so. That's that's not what I'm doing.
John: That's not what we're doing. It doesn't have to be the same exact thing that we're building. We have anyone that wants a jingle. I'm always going from my favorite which is the share secret as you can find it. share
Adam: a secret. It's not tell a secret. Let's hold hands and tell a secret I think. Yes. That's why I always get it wrong.
Unknown: Oh, there's no winning. We don't like to foster a competitive atmosphere. But we laugh a lot. Now everyone can share a secret. Oh,
Adam: share a secret but the title is tell the secret. Okay. Got it.
John: Then that's where we're headed.
Adam: That's it.
John: We're writing right back on track.
Adam: Eric, sink Meyer from Michigan Fort gratiot. In the morning, from Gitmo, North stem lager, Michigan as a listener for over a decade. I used to have a very small subscription donation for a short time of when PayPal Forgot the subscription. It happens check your subscriptions people. I had three comes in one, three kids in one income. Two are now in college. Wow. Kids have grown up with us. Two are now in college. Which is good Ivy League no doubt, but I still had a little extra dollar income and I wanted to get deduced. What was he doing? I punched my smokin hot wife in the mouth this summer and while dollars is still tight, she was on board with the donation. The family that no agendas together. I'd love a jobs karma for the handyman construction side job a buddy of mine and I started during the demmick we'll do that for you once a suasana for 6969 us was on office we call the end of That's true. We got that for you and thank you so much.
Unknown: That's true jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.
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John: Yeah, that's right. I'm guessing this what happened to ko and good buy coffee.
Adam: No no stop Stop. Stop. It's good boy coffee you're already botching it.
John: I use it must have something against this point.
Adam: Let me try it. Good boy coffee Good boy coffee
John: maybe Adam should read this next part to be safe. And he just did mention this show on his own he didn't even ask. Right mentioned the show for 20% donation strong work on your cupping knowledge john thanks guys. No jingles no karma Thank you
Adam: very much. It's very kind know
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Adam: No agenda where the make goods are paid for by the marketer. I know
Unknown: what a model what a model.
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Adam: Indeed. Dame g money. Thank you so much.
John: landline, phone should be made out of Bakelite.
Unknown: You've got
Adam: how I yearn for the days of the tech grouch. Now we could do him audio. I think tech rocks would be great in audio to
John: so hard to the problem with the tech grouch. And actually the tech tech hippie too. Yeah, is that I developed these voices for him. And the tech grouch in particular was painful. Oh, it hurts
Adam: your throat. Yeah.
John: And I try to make adjustments or I did the I need to go to a voice coach to do that voice correctly, because I was doing it incorrectly. And I
Unknown: was not you went to a voice code. No. I
John: said I need to go. Oh, did you have them show me how to do that voice correctly without hurting my throat.
Adam: So all we need is like as a tech grouch saying something like I was OTG before the unit bomber was in the woods, something like that. You know, it'd be good for the show.
John: Yeah, well, you can write the material if you want. Will you perform? Most of that was ad libbed?
Adam: I, you are so talented. Yeah,
John: we could do that one of these days.
Adam: Yeah, we'll put it on the list of great projects. exit strategies galore, everybody and thank you to our executive and associate exactly Have producers you can proudly display that anywhere you wish because you are one for Episode 1312 of the no agenda show the best podcasting universe anyone doubts that look it up in the Muller report. But if someone really calls you on it challenges we'll be happy to vouch for you. And thank you for allowing us to not be ben shapiro and being told what to and what not to talk about on our very own show. And remember, we do it again with you. On Sunday go to John
Unknown: Slash and
Adam: a value for value All we need is your time your talents and your treasure. Thank you for bringing it our formula is this we go out for hit
Unknown: people in the mouth
John: to revisit this Shapiro thing. What do you think? Who, who needed what How did this get initiated in the first place? Why does anybody who's syndicating somebody really care that much about this one topic that you think it was the advertisers or pressure from the the nerds out there that that are Democrats? They bitch about these things? What do you think it was? Oh, cumulus
Adam: is a radio syndicator. I'm not sure how many stations they carry their show. But yeah, they're big. And your answer? I mean, you already gave the answer. It's because it's pre emptive against advertiser anger, which always comes up. Here's how it works. I hate Ben Shapiro. He's a Nazi.
John: He's a Jew, but
Adam: let's call him a Nazi anyway. Well, I'm gonna do platform it let me see who is advertising on his show. Ah, hey, Ford. Alright. Hello, station. Hey, man. Yo, yo, Ben Shapiro is a Nazi. And he's a racist. And Ford. Oh, I'm gonna go call Ford. That's how it goes. So they're just pre empting. They don't want the hassle. It's not even ideology. They don't want the hassle, because they know that the D platforming is underway in broad daylight. That's that's the that's the correct business decision. You have to do that. I would if I was the cumulus guy.
John: I probably would. Yeah.
Adam: course.
John: I don't know. Did we play this or not? But this is from last year. I think it was a late in the year. Dave Jackson was on the podcast Roundtable.
Adam: The show with the Dave Jackson.
John: Yeah, the Dave Jackson, the guy the podcast School of
Adam: podcasting, perhaps on financial.
Unknown: But here, Dave, I think we can pretty much trust our opinion. Now that can be controversial on its own right. Everyone says, Oh, yeah, you might have an agenda. Dave, you work at Lipson. So maybe you have an agenda when you do have podcast information, right? Yeah, that's,
Adam: I get that as soon as I've been there five years. And anytime I say anything about media hosting people like Oh, you're gonna do that because you work for Lipson, and I'm like, but two of the shows that I trust the most one is congressional dish by Brian Roget, who actually used to read all the bills that went through Congress still does and she's still almost saying and then the other one is the no agenda show with Adam Curry and John Dvorak and both these guys have extensive show notes. In fact, Jen is like look, if I say something and you think I'm wrong, bring it I'm not here to go who's wrong and who's right let's figure out what the truth is together. So it's a completely different it's not the whole I'm right, you're wrong kind of setup. But both those shows are and they they talk about stuff that you just won't hear on on regular TV, which is sad because like they just the no agenda just talked about how there was a reported news that this two month old kid died of COVID, like two months old. Okay, that new story on mainstream media forgot to mention the kid was born with its like guts on the outside of its body.
Unknown: Hey,
Adam: I can't wait to listen to that. No agenda show now.
Unknown: With guts,
Adam: I mean, thank you, dad. That's very kind. Well, since we're on that topic, the guys over at gab. They listen to the show. I've known this for a long time, and I've been using their dissenter browser. Gosh, I think maybe going on a year and a half now maybe maybe two years. I love it. It's
John: a good browser,
Adam: extremely good browser. I really do enjoy it. And he was you know, since parlay parlour has been de parlayed. gab is still one of the games in town and and I've always liked them. I like I liked a lot more when they were federating. I think it was too much for them to handle just the amount of data storage transfer. I mean, it would take too much money. I don't think that you can It's just too big, maybe, maybe over time, they can try that again. But he's also now jumping on what I'll just call the is the graph fino s bandwagon, which is what I now have installed. It seems to be the the the operating system of choice for those who want full control over it no Google crap or Apple crap in there. And he was proud of it.
Unknown: This is the prototype of the gab phone. Yes, that's not the official name. But this is the prototype of the Godfather. So we are building our own smartphone. It's based on the Android operating system. But it is totally removing anything related to Google, it will not communicate to Google whatsoever. It has hardened security and is going to come preloaded with all the gab apps and and parlour and whoever else has been banned from the App Store, by the way telegram is next, you know, they're already coming after them signal is next. They're not gonna allow any free speech on these platforms. If there's if you have free speech on your platform, you're gonna get booted from the App Store, right? So this is still in very early development. I can't say too much on it yet. But this is on that because that's where they're going next, they're going to start censoring At the hardware level. We're already 10 steps ahead. They're also going to start censoring at the browser level. The web browser level we see the chairman of Mozilla come out and say that deep platforming is not enough. Well, you know what they're going to do? They're gonna start blocking on the Mozilla Firefox browser. Mark my words. That's what's next.
Adam: I think he's right. The Mozilla browser will start blocking
John: the problem with the most Mozilla Firefox operation. The guy who founded it quit formed brave. While he
Adam: was at platform, basically, he was thrown out he was killed.
John: He was kicked out for saying, babe, or I don't
Adam: know, no, no, no,
Unknown: no,
Adam: he had donated money in the past. That's right to a group that was clearly homophobic or something like that.
John: He gave some money to a charity that was that was not woke. Yeah. And so he got driven out of his own company by the woke, folks at Mozilla. And Mozilla right now is woke. And I think you should avoid their browser and use something else use the brave browser use the gap, the gap browser, there's a lot of browsers out there. And I would avoid using Mozilla. And I would say this is a shameful company. Oh,
Adam: yes, of course, their money comes from from Google. they would they would have looked at it would have been dead if it wasn't for Google. And for for Andrew torva. Please consider putting one of our podcasts in 2.0 apps on there with a pre subscribed list. just telling you how much cooler you can make. It's the left decentralized podcasting, like podcast addict, does it play a pod? wanton new podcast and put a pre subscribed list in there with no agenda show me because I know you listened to it. And he even follows some of our philosophy.
Unknown: We launched our own browser on free speech browser, about a year and a half ago. So you can go and get that it blocks big tech trackers, and ads. By default, it has a built in free speech commenting system. So you can go to And even though they don't allow comments, you can leave comments and see what other people are saying. And there's absolutely nothing they can do to stop you. So we have a browser already. Now we're working on a phone, that's next. gab is not just the Facebook alternative, all right. It's not just a Twitter alternative. We are the Silicon Valley alternative. We are going to take these guys down. Metaphorically, of course, we're gonna win. And we're gonna win with your help. because like you said, our business model is value for value. We're treating us data service and selling you
John: value for value. There you go. I'm liking it.
Adam: Yes.
John: While we're talking about these sort of companies getting kicked off and they collude. This is an interesting clip from some attorneys. He was a when a state's attorney or some somebody who's on Fox, and this is the attorney on collusion. I thought this was interesting.
Unknown: And former assistant US Attorney Andy McCarthy, this is brand new news, and he just happened about an hour ago.
What do you make of it? They alleged there's a monopoly. You can't stifle them. What
do you think? Do
they have a case? I think, bill that this is an unusually brazen amount of what looks like collusive activity between the big tech companies in connection with this one target parlor, where when you Marshal it, it doesn't really take a rocket scientist to put this together and say, you know, they're trying to do a knockout punch on this business, which is a potential competitor of theirs in certain contexts, particularly Twitter. So I think it's surprising because you don't usually get this kind of this kind of really brazen evidence of these companies working together against this one company. Can you prove they're working together? Or is it just suggested do you think? Well,
you always need an investigation like this bill to get a look at what the internal communications are and the emails and all that stuff, but to see something you know, rat tat tat happened like this. What we usually tell juries in trials is that you don't check your common sense at the door and when things kind of fit together the way these seem to fit together it's a rational inference that people are colluding any collusion
Adam: Yeah. They are colluding and whenever Apple is in the bunch then you know it was really organized and coordinated Apple does not do anything knee jerk ever very very tightly run ship so and they are clearly anti anti free speech and just a delicious and that the whole company but the the vibe there is holier than now they're not even woke they're holier than that. We stand above all this. I'm Tim Cook. I'm here to launch my new thing, which is not a product. Do we know what he launched? By the way it was it was it something super exciting?
John: Well, my understanding in advance was it was going to be some tracking stuff for the COVID Oh,
Adam: how exciting. Time to smash your iphone iphone II. I have a few COVID things which I would like to start sharing here. And a bit of an analysis which I found interesting. Well,
John: we get I play one COVID Thank you. I
Adam: insist. I insist.
John: Well, this is the COVID that is apparently China's got some issues. They got a COVID thing going on. They got they got a report. Is it just a COVID the COVID China Oh, f from France. 24
Unknown: tried to report six first Coronavirus to Coronavirus death in eight months. Despite being the origin of COVID-19 the world's most populous nation, the tally, just 4795 fatalities to date and under 10 or 100,000 cases. Also, this Thursday, a team of scientists from the World Health Organization will start an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in bouddhanath Oh,
Adam: and the origins, please one
John: get in China.
Adam: You know the the or we all know the origins of COVID-19. And it was really spelled out perfectly by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's no longer Europe where they are now modeling their new first uniforms for the uniform services for Tex. Europe. EU has a it's not an army, but they got uniforms getting closer. So Bo Jo was in the climate without their hosting the climate, one bullcrap for climate change the precursor to the new Paris accord, whatever it is, he's all in. And we always need to remind people that COVID is because of climate change, because of our total disregard and, and, and disrespect for Mother Nature. That's why we got COVID. Or,
Unknown: obviously it's right to focus on climate change. Obviously, it's right to cut co2 emissions. But we wouldn't achieve a real balance with nature next week with our planet
unless we protect nature as well. And
Adam: one final thought,
Unknown: don't forget that
the the coronavirus pandemic was the product of a an imbalance in man's relationship with the natural world. I like the original plague that struck the the Greeks I seem to remember in Book One of the Iliad, it is a sewer notic disease, it originates from, well, whether it's bass or I'm winding up. But whether it originates from backs or pangolins, from the demented belief that if you grind up the scales of a pangolin, you will somehow become more potent, or whatever it is.
Adam: Mankind and the natural world, and we've got to stop it. And that's why I think that this summit is important. And this focus on the natural world and on biodiversity is absolutely critical. You can imagine that the CCP the Chinese Communist Party is outraged by his comments because that is clearly racist. Because we all know it's only Chinese who do such nutty things, grinding up the scales of the pangolin to produce boner pills.
John: Do you remember the other day? And back by the way, the way it's pronounced is zoonotic. Yeah. jus notic,
Adam: not zoa notic,
John: no zoonotic? Nobody.
Adam: Oh,
John: good. I mean, you think because I'm always bitching about so ologies Yeah, but that is to be true on it all day. So you know, no, it's pronounced zoo. notic hear me the other day. The British do pronounce things differently. So but
Adam: you remember the other day, I was reading the The shaming the repent message from Forbes magazine, how they were going to assume if you hired anyone from the Trump administration, you're liars. And if that person is a PR person, they're liars. They
John: will go after him.
Adam: Yeah. Do you know who owns Forbes media use it odd Republicans who own it? Yeah. Except Forbes was sold to HMA in 2017. Chinese?
John: That would make sense. Yeah, I know, Steve Forbes came out with a statement, I didn't record it, I could have put it on the show. apologizing kind of goes to advertisers gonna be, he never really got around to firing the idiot who wrote that editorial. That guy, by the way, should be on a list. I'm gonna just say it. The list we should have is a list of all these companies that have done all this stuff, you know, not gonna hire not gonna hire that gonna do this not gonna do that not gonna give any money to Republicans, put them on a list and put that guy on a list. He shouldn't be hired by anyone. He's a, he's an editor, you shouldn't hire a hipsters or put him on that list.
Adam: We heard about the dark winter. And I have some analysis of this concept of the dark winter, which I think we know that that at one point in 2014, maybe it was, it was even earlier than that. It was some kind of biological warfare exercise. And it was a tabletop or it was kind of like probably more like an event 201 type thing. Well, here's what's going to happen is that we tell the media. And we kept hearing this term crop up in the media, which is why everyone started to look further into the hole. But there's a Wikipedia page for dark winter for this exercise. Here's a quick supercut of the mainstream media and five m discussing or not discussing, using the term dark winter, we're about to go into a dark winter, a dark winter,
John: I have no plan to have a dark winter, we're still facing a very dark winter, we're entering a dark winter, my heart goes out to each of you. In this dark winter of the pandemic
Unknown: when he talked about a dark
John: winter, a dark winter, my opponent is promising a long dark winter, we are facing a very dark winter, we're still in the middle of what will be a very, very, very dark winter.
Unknown: It could be a long, dark winter
John: without better planning 2020 who would be the darkest winter in modern history?
Unknown: What are the priorities for who in getting through this dark winter,
John: we're in for a long, dark winter before a vaccine becomes broadly available. The courage and judgment to lead us through this long dark winter has been the
Unknown: winter of the pandemic and what we've all had to endure and what we're going to have to endure during this very dark winter to combat this virus and to save as many lives as we can.
I said in March it was gonna be a long dark winter. We're still
in that long dark winter, the US faces the darkest winter in modern history. Britain is braced for a duck winter as new measures are deployed to stem a surge of Coronavirus.
And more than nine months into the pandemic COVID-19 is spreading with a vengeance. It has now killed a reported 280,000 Americans according to Johns Hopkins University, record numbers of new cases and hospitalizations increased
concern that a dark winter is ahead.
All I can tell you is the truth. We're in a very dark winter, things may well get worse before they get better.
Adam: I forget who the producers name who did that. But good job. I'd like the ominous music underneath it, put some of their own fire on him. So here's an analysis of this term and how it's being used by Heiko schoening. He's vice president of the world freedom Alliance. I don't know what that is. It could be a Chinese front, I have no idea. But I liked his analysis of the term and how it relates to the COVID and what kind of situation we're in right now.
Unknown: But this mess panic one was created them by the governments and by the media was and tricks and tricks and tricks like now, Corona, Corona, Corona. And well they created a law in December 2001. And this is nearly exactly the law that happened now in Germany on the 18th of November 2020. So and this was the model state emergency powers act of the draft of December 21 2001. So it looks like that the antrix event in 2001 is like a blueprint of this Corona virus in 2020. We have a lot of our similarities and cold words. Interestingly. So we know from the anthrax Yeah, it was not foreign attack. There was a domestic is and this is official in the government of the United Say it's okay this anthrax attack was not a foreign check was a domestic attack. Because in December 2001, there was a scientific investigation. And it came out that the anthrax came out of the US Army lab 400%. There, the government admitted this. So what happened? All the mass media panic was coming from 100% down to 0%. Most of the people didn't know. I can't remember of the antrix The answer was something.
Adam: All right. So that's his setup. And I was living in Europe at the time. So the anthrax scared. Tinnitus was weird. It didn't come across. I mean, there was just, it was too confusing. The European 2001 EUROPEAN NEWS wasn't covering stuff well enough to keep her though. She was in Florida, and she remembers it was right near her in Boca where it's discovered. So this guy continues, and he ties it into something surprising.
Unknown: Well, Doc, one two was the name of the simulation in 2001. Before this viral threat happened as more in reality. Yes. And very interestingly, yes, there is a man from duck winter one of the planners who have the connection to the great reset of today. What's going on, though, the financial great reset of clouds trust,
we must not miss
this unique window of opportunity.
And is there a direct connection between dark winter and Klaus Schwab? Yes. And his name is Mr. david gergen. He was the planner of dark winter, he sat on the table with the Central Intelligence Agency with the Johns Hopkins University. And now he's sitting at the board of the Klaus Schwab foundation.
foundation forces behind or has a connection to this so called great reset. Yes,
Adam: All right. I like it. Klaus Schwab connected to the amps after the anthrax dark winter exercise. love these people. They always keep you guessing what you're gonna do now Klaus? What's he gonna do? No.
John: I think he's lost it. Klaus, I was looking at the history of the we have somebody on the no agenda social that's following this operation very closely. She came over from Twitter, I invited her Oh, nice. And spin the spin girl. And I was looking at the history of this operation did and Schwab went off the he's in his 80s he went off the rails about and I think his needs to be explored a little bit. I think we will I will for sure. About six, seven years ago, and he started having little meditation sessions and all these crazy New Age crap, started sneaking into the I was looking at a rundown. But of all places in New York Times. And there's also certain things that they did themes they had from year to year to year. And about five or six years ago, this guy lost it. And now he's producing this nutty stuff. And I think it's this guy, unfortunately, I think he's still taking seriously, we have to we have to we have to reveal what's going on here. Because this is nuts. I mean, this is where the that movie came from. We haven't really explored much. We talked about which movie The movie was. Oh, there's gonna be no more private property. Everything's gonna be
Adam: it's not a movie. it's it's a it's a World Economic Forum promo about the future where you don't owe anything. Yeah. Yeah, they love it. That's what that's their dream. Get Everybody streaming from Netflix to increase their credit score. On nothing, rent everything be in debt for all. It's the future. Don't you love it kids?
John: It needs to be discussed more than we do.
Adam: Something that we knew would be a story at least we caught one, one verse or two versions of it. See you again tomorrow night. Now
Unknown: it's time for the last word, lawrence o'donnell. Good evening, Lawrence,
Jr, Rachel. And of course, the invasion of the Capitol was also a super spreader of events, including apparently, in the safe room where they were holding members of the house
representatives. We're going to be joined tonight by All right,
Adam: so that was msnbc ABC had kind of the same idea.
Unknown: And now there's concern that last week's riot in Washington may have been a COVID Super spreader event to Congresswoman say they don't have said positive after some of their fellow lawmakers were seen not wearing a mask. Now it's
Adam: subtle. I believe that this verse for some people saying this. They are creating an invisible connection between people who are sick and spread sickness and Republicans or Trump supporters. And I truly think they're trying to make that case. And it makes sense. When you think about how a large majority of the population if they get COVID are so upset because they feel they have done something wrong.
Unknown: Yeah. And
Adam: that was something just just hit me there was something about some school I think it was the woke Elementary, maybe where they were teaching the kids that you know, to be sorry, or how to apologize because they killed grandma. Because they came home and spread it and I gotta find that it wasn't a clip on unfortunately. Anyway, I think this is a connection that's being made on purpose, and it will spill over. And you can identify these crazy horrible people easily.
Unknown: This morning. Airlines cracking down against unruly fliers following last week's Riot at unruly
Adam: fliers means republicans at Trump magga hat wearing people that's your unruly flyer
Unknown: capital at least two congressmen asking the Federal Aviation Administration to find disruptive passengers $35,000 per violation. Applause as this woman is escorted off an American Airlines flight and DC Sunday American saying she was not complying with math policies. Passengers say she was yelling about tyranny. The crackdown comes as videos emerge, showing a growing number of incidents on flights to and from DC after the riot. On this flight from Washington to Phoenix Friday, the pilot was threatening to stop midway if passengers did not follow the rules. The list of banned passengers also growing United Airlines banning 60 people for mask violations just last week, and Alaska Airlines banning 14 people on one slide alone the FAA tweeting that federal law prohibits you from physically assaulting or threatening to physically assault the crew and anyone else on an aircraft you could be subject to fines up to $35,000 and imprisonment.
Adam: I'm really sad because I saw something live which I cannot find. It wasn't on c span. I saw it for it was on msnbc for a moment. It was Chuck Schumer in New York, you know one of those tight shots where he's on the sidewalk and he has a lectern there. And he was calling for these types of people unruly people to be put on a no fly list, not not just a you know, you should be banned from your airline, oh, put them on the federal No Fly List register. So they can never fly again. And he's doing this whole thing. He's holding up the No Fly List rule book or whatever it is. And all of a sudden, an old an older Jew and probably younger than him but older Jewish woman confronts them, she gets in front of him in front of the camera, unfortunately, and she starts going on, you should be ashamed of yourself, especially for a Jew. We went through this with Hitler, you are literally making people other and less than human use and just went off and it was it was a whole minute. And Schumer just stood there like a deer in the headlights his security detail didn't know what to do. If no one was doing anything she just kept on railing at it and then they they cut away and that was it. It was not in any other network. I can't find the clip was beautiful.
John: Well maybe somebody out there can find a clip that's that sounds like a great clip but Schumer is in fact he's
Adam: other ring. He's othering that's Yeah, that's the charm
John: of the ring,
Adam: which is wrong. It's wrong. It is very wrong. ABC World News now. They're on board with helping to combat the narrative which comes from official research that asymptomatic spread is kind of bullcrap. So we have to counter that some
Unknown: gorillas at the San Diego Zoo are believed to be the first primates have their kind of test positive for COVID. So officials say eight animals are believed to have the virus and several have been coughing. It's believed that they were infected a member of the zoos wildlife care team who has been asymptomatic. They're being treated with vitamins, fluid and food.
Adam: hydroxychloroquine Yeah. So hey, just so you know, humans can split it to gorillas so they can probably spread it to you. Canada's in a new lockdown. It's pretty severe. Solicitor General Sylvia Jones who's responsible for health and security or something.
Unknown: Let me be clear. If people are found not complying with these orders, they will be subject to fines and persecution.
Adam: Nice, premier Doug Ford.
Unknown: If you love your grandparents and I know what you do if you love your parents, love your neighbors, your co workers, please follow the process follow the guidelines that we put out there. I just I just can't stress it enough. And if we don't, we're gonna see the numbers that we saw the modeling Dr. Brown showed us and if that isn't scary enough, I don't know what it is.
Adam: These lockdowns the Netherlands was promised January 15, would end their most recent lockdown that has now been renewed to February 9. And from everything I understand the Netherlands will follow Germany's example and will have a hard lockdown into April. April, my daughter called me and she she'd kind of broken down like that. It's just I know three people who have committed suicide, friends of mine losing their house, nowhere to go. It's heartbreaking. They're truly truly with bullcrap. completely unnecessary. I'm walking on free rent free man in Texas, if not more people dying, perhaps even less.
John: My column ran in substack to one
Adam: very good slow clap slow clap for the substack was was a great column.
John: Got some attention here in there. And I think I'm by confirmation clip is the one I played about China wishes they had one death. Yeah.
Adam: Can you want you want to summarize
John: just briefly? Yeah, the columns? Well, the column says that. I blame much of this unmask hysteria people. And that's we all we do is discuss the mass hysteria aspect on this show where people get the COVID they get all freaked out. Because they're hysterical from the get go, and they're expecting the worst, they're gonna die and all the rest now. And the thing that I noticed is that and at first I started comparing African nations death tolls, like Nigeria with half of our population as like four or 500. Dead, not, you know, 400,000. And why? And so I asked the question, why are we in the United States number one in the world for this, we only have 4.2% of the population and 20% of the cases, it makes no sense. China has nothing. and India with the three or four times our population has half as many of everything. And so I blamed it, I would what could cause this Ellen, the constant barrage by the media, and just never ending relentless barrage, we play clip after clip for months, about Oh, it's the worst thing ever. And oh, we're all gonna die. Oh, you're gonna get it, oh, wear a mask. And it goes on and on and on. And if you'd look at countries without mass media, like ours, and the one in the UK is got another mass media very similar, very, very hyperbolic, it is panicky, it's, it's, it did sensationalizes everything. That's what we do in this what they do. If you look at country with none of that, like China, for example, or most of
Africa, there's no the COVID numbers are way down. They just take it for granted. And they go on and on their merry way. And so I put two and two together. So there's the media that's causing this is causing people to actually have and there are responses. They're notorious, you can look it up. how people can catch make themselves sick, literally make themselves sick. And there's tons of examples of this over history by just being freaked out. And this is what's going on.
Adam: Yeah, it was a really good piece. It really was. And I love it. I love your sub stacks because usually a sub stack because I only subscribe to a couple you know about halfway through like I can't handle it. Glenn Greenwald is too much copy. Matt Taibbi please condense. I lose interest.
John: I will just pat myself on the back. Yeah. I know the limits of short form writing and do what happens with people that are in the that are being published constantly where they have the limits, because they have to they have to fill space. And this takes a while to get used to but I've been writing online for 20 years or more. So I launched hansmann no ideas. You want shorter not longer. And I've seen this before a lot of writers Oh my God, I don't have any limits. I can just go on and on and on. I don't think tayyiba is too bad. I mean, he is goes over he writes about 2000 words when he should be writing 1200 or 10,000. But great Glenn Greenwald has always needed somebody to stop him, because he'll just write for days. And
Unknown: he does. He does. Yeah,
Adam: so you got enjoyable nuggets. Okay, I got a three parter. And this is about the vaccine. And as we've shifted, we've gone from the models, the to 2.3 million people will die in America. Remember that people remember that back in February, March. We we we saw the switch the moving of the goalposts. We're now in day 390 of flattening the curve in two weeks, in case you forgot. We went through a ventilator shortage, which wasn't where's the where's that now? Why how many ventilators a big army, the big giant shifts, we had ships. We had the Javits Center where car shows boat shows are done. We had emergency hospitals around the country, not us but now now we're out of out of beds, we're out of ICU beds, we're all gonna die shut up slaves sit home and get depressed until the vaccine comes now the vaccine is coming it's like wow, you know, the vaccine he can still give it to you can still kill grandmas you get away mass, social distance. It's all not true. They have lied to you to us continuously. pushing pushing, pushing the goal. Oh, just let's do it. Come on. We're all Americans well know. The years the problem with the vaccine. I finally found someone to deconstruct it. His name is Dr. David Martin. Oh, yeah, this is good.
John: I'd before you play that I gotta say something. So they put set up a shop or shut up shop in scrim Washington, which is near Port Angeles for people to get shots, I think was an Indian reservation, they got a bunch of shots. And so they told everybody to you know, you can come in as the shots started, I think this morning. And they had all these people going to Eric around the block his report. Darren, this is cars, it's a car drive thru shot. Yeah. The cars are blocking the roads. They're going back miles. The first cars before they weren't even open. We're here. We're jacked up at 3am. there waiting. It was gonna start at 10 or something. People are just really they dynamite want this shot? There's nothing I mean, there are flocking to these shots. I just want to mention that. Yeah. Because this what we've been predicting. Because that's what people do. Because they've been told to do it by the media. And you can thank the media for that. We'll play clips like this. to no avail.
Adam: Even Christina, like, I should probably just take the shot they want. They're not gonna let us travel anywhere. And that's what it is. You break people, you break them. And then, of course, they're gonna say, Dr. Phil, give it to me. Give it to me. Dr. Bill. Dr. David Martin, it was a rather odd YouTube channel, from what I understand he's done a lot of he's a lawyer. And practices in medical field and in medical trials specifically. It's kind of weird, because he has his I guess, his wife, who is either Australian or British. And she kind of almost is sitting on his knee. And she's going Oh, yeah, you know, she's, he's like, if I didn't, I don't know the guy, but you'll bite in approach. I mean, but she's beautiful. And she just just like, does echoes, you know? Yeah, that's right. It's a sidekick. But it almost looks like she's sitting on his lap. That doesn't matter. I cut her out. I want to just hear what he has to say. So he's going to explain why the vaccine and I'm talking specifically about Madonna, and the Pfizer, these are what we've been told is this new new technology. He says it is not a vaccine by what it does or the legal definition. And it is a sense that you're in five a mainstream media is not helping you to form informed consent. You know, agenda show has to do it.
Unknown: So when Madonna was started, and if you go back and look at their SEC filings, and we've gone through all their SEC filings, they make a point of saying that their technology is a gene therapy technology, gene therapy technology, you'll notice that they don't say vaccination, and it was set up to be a cancer treatment. So this is gene therapy, chemotherapy. Now let's just stop for a minute. Let's just ask the question. If Anthony Fauci got up and said to everybody, hey, we want you to take chemotherapy for the disease that you may or may not ever have. There wouldn't be a single person raising their hand, the prophylactic chemotherapy, we wouldn't be doing it. You know why you
wouldn't be doing it
because it's a dumb idea. That's why you wouldn't be doing it. And states wouldn't be able to mandate it and employers wouldn't be able to get it. No employer would be able to mandate a chemotherapy for a disease that you don't have. That would not be a legal thing to do. But they called their technology, gene therapy technology. They made a big point of saying that this was not investigational new drugs that Gene therapy technology this belonged in the Center for Biologics, potentially even the cdrh, the Center for Devices and Radiological Health. But what they're doing is they're putting together a synthetic fragment of nucleic acid. It's not mRNA. It's not natural. It's not even a natural component of a fragment. It's a synthetic fragment. It's a technology embedded within a fat carrier. A peg carrier and and that is being introduced into the cell not to induce a immunity from infection with a SAR CMV virus. And it's not to block transmission of it. It's actually to lessen symptoms associated with the s one spike protein, not even the virus itself. The fact of the matter is, this thing is actually not a vaccination.
Adam: What I found interesting as I was doing your show prep, is the UK is about to start a large treatment trial. And they're going to be using interferon beta one a. And I remember interferon, interferon our interface that's, they use that against AIDS. It's giving people chemo. And this shot is apparently a high tech version, or maybe the medical definition of a chemotherapy, not a vaccination. Now he reviews how the CDC defines this. Why would you say
Unknown: it's not a vaccination? Well, let's look at the legal standard for what a vaccination is. And let's start with the Center for Disease control's own definitions. Two important operative definitions, community is protection from an infectious disease protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected. By definition. Neither Pfizer nor moderna even claims that to be the case, immunity, you can be exposed to a pathogen infectious disease without becoming infected. Not only is that not the case, we're going to get to this in a minute, but in their clinical trials, they specifically say they're not going to test that. And then the CDC says a vaccine is a product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity, see the definition above to a specific disease protecting the person from that disease. That's the CDC. So let's just stipulate for the sake of this conversation that the CDC his own definition, and what Pfizer and Madonna are doing, do not match,
Adam: I find this very encouraging news, because if we ever get to the point where travel is restricted, or life is restricted, because you didn't take your mandatory vaccine. Now we have some different recourse. And I think that'd be very, I don't know, there's no way to break to the mainstream. But once people figure out that you're being given chemotherapy, and not a vaccine, they may change their mind. And that was the CDC. Now he goes into the final clip the the actual legal definition. Coincidentally, he takes two states, I think, Iowa and Washington State, we're just talking about miles and miles of people are lined up lined up in their car to drive through and get some chemo
Unknown: TDC is not the law. CDC is an expression of a agency empowered by the law, but it's actually not the law. So why don't we actually look at the laws where vaccine has been defined? And it turns out, that's a much harder exercise than you would think. Because vaccine, the term is actually not a legally defined term in a normal enormous number of statutes that govern vaccines, which is actually a really interesting thing. But let's look at some examples. And I just pulled a couple examples from the Iowa codes vaccine and I'm quoting means a specially prepared antigen administered to a person for the purpose of providing immunity, immunity once again, the operative definition, which is to say that when exposed to a pathogen, you are not susceptible. That's the Iowa code. How about Washington State, you know, the state that has been absolutely tyrannical and all of its interventions around Coronavirus, allegedly the birthplace of the US experience with Coronavirus State of Washington vaccine legally defined term now this is in the statute means a preparation of a killed or attenuated living micro organism or fraction thereof vaccine means a preparation of a killed or attenuated living micro organism mRNA. synthetically developed by Madonna and Pfizer
Adam: do not meet this definition. Now we know why the vaccine menu or the manufacturers of this so called vaccine had an additional specific indemnification brought to life for them, even though manufacturers of vaccines in the United States by law are already indemnified under the biologics category.
John: This is disturbing, because it's not a biologic correct.
Adam: This is the but this does. I mean, wow, can you think of the of the lawsuits that may be possible and certainly just know, you're not gonna put chemotherapy in me know,
John: they can still have these losses are still possible because the people have been misled.
Adam: Informed consent that if
John: you're told that you're getting a vaccine, and you're getting a certificate, I got vaccinated. And even in the end, the state of Washington, which has a definition for a vaccine, you're I don't care what your indemnification is, you're not gonna be able to carry it this is like the this is like the indemnification kind of or the or the pile of money that was put together so john Mansfield could cover all this best those cancer cases. That's what's gonna be it's gonna just put everybody Yeah, you get your you get some money out of this deal, but those companies won't stay in business. Advisors putting themselves at great risk.
Adam: It's shocking. really shocking. Really? Yeah, I mean, because it's so in your
John: is a gambling going on?
Adam: I am kind of shocked. I'm gonna show my
Unknown: Imagine all the people who could do Oh, yeah, that'd be fun.
John: That's a good place to take a break and we do a few people a thank the show. 1312 Big 1313 coming up on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Mike. Mike Brewer Brewer, Brower Brewer in wattle Park, South Australia. That's nice. 14824 and I think this bumped him up. Oh, it does. It's a donation of $200 reduced credit for loopy linndrum. He is pleased credit this donation to loopy and as a result he will need a DD he got his birthday is on the 15th and we do have nonetheless. Thank you. So we have to remember that put this
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The no agenda meetups and got a written report here. Let me see a written report from the East Tennessee meetup. From dr. john Cummins. I want to report on our most excellent meetup last night at the Dandridge Brewing Company. I don't know if Adam reports this stuff or not, Yes, I do. Anyways, we had 18 all non muscled people in attendance and a great ratio 11 male seven female we had a dude named Ben even I don't know if we had any nicer days but we had 12 regular listeners to the show to newbies and for that have not listened but we'll we had a super time for four hours drinking beer, eating food getting to know each other it was it was like a potty. all agreed that we need more parties sooner rather than later. And they're going to do it in the same venue a successful meetup. Congratulations. We love that. on the calendar for let's see tomorrow. We have Kansas City Full Frontal exposure addition at six o'clock. JOHN delitos in Michigan. New on the list for the 16th that Saturday Midland Texas meetup at two o'clock at rusty buckets barbecue also on Saturday, the local 919 Durham, North Carolina at four o'clock the venue may change but for now it's kickback Jack's tiny amygdala of Anchorage, the one I wanted to go through for four o'clock 4pm Alaska time at Matanuska brewing Midtown anchorage on Sunday Sioux Falls South Dakotans of gitmo-nation the meet up at two o'clock in granite city, and on the 17th we have the Southwest Florida pre inauguration meetup at
1111. At the beach box cafe, and let me see we have on the list the 19th will be Dallas Fort Worth The 20th Quebec City 22nd, Miami 23rd. Pittsburgh, also Springfield Missouri it's like a world tour. It's like doing the doing the tour dates for for Beyonce, Quebec City. be
John: fun to hold this time of year.
Adam: Let's go. Let's go. And I sold these are the meetups for the next few few days and weeks. You can find all of the meetups at no agenda meetups calm and if you're looking at and saying hey it's really nothing nearby I'm not near Quebec City can what you can do to start one yourself it's easy no agenda meetup calm is like a party.
Unknown: Sometimes you
Adam: so since I haven't seen her in 14 months, I've decided I have to go visit my daughter probably I'm going to shoot for the around February 9 hopefully the lockup will not be continued. But it's unlikely and I've called not been in touch with the embassy because you can't travel you know I'm not allowed to travel unless you have an exemption to the Netherlands on during lockdown. And this these rules changed two days ago. However, how funny is it? That Yes, media is exempt. And as long as I get an invitation and perform some journalistic media duty which I think I can arrange
John: take a picture
Adam: no I got a radio show to do I have to report on the United States. I got friends on radio Good idea. Yeah, get me Do I know I'm gonna get an invitation from the Dutch government broadcasting organization. So now you're talking Yeah. And so I don't know if we might be able to do a meet up a clandestine meet up when I'm there. Because you know you can't nothing's gonna be open. We're just all yours you
John: send me your your you get somebody they've got a place they can. Yeah, you can work that out.
Adam: That is you should Are you kidding? You can't do that in the Netherlands. People will think on you and then we'll get arrested.
John: You can manage it. Well, the underground work during German occupation after they took the bikes away. They're working. They weren't
Adam: aware. Are those Dutch people? Exactly. Thank you. That's the spirit I'm looking for. That's okay. As long as I'll do that, as long as you can do the show without me. When I'm in the slammer,
John: I get a hold of mo
Unknown: Oh, yeah.
John: I got a couple things they finished with I got good news. Hey,
Adam: wait first. Do you have an iPhone? What are you gonna do for the end here?
John: I do have one I so it's only the only one I really have. Which is the bullcrap.
Adam: Oh yeah, this is gonna work. I can't bullcrap dynamite, no argument you're in. You're done. It's perfect. Now, I
John: do have to play this. This is the new some recall
Adam: update. Oh, yes. I believe this might be working
Unknown: a major milestone to recall Gov news. And then wait a minute.
Adam: Is this a local news report? Yeah. What kind of internet what kind of read is this? A major,
Unknown: major milestone in the push to recall Gov news and that campaign now has a million signatures. The campaign needs to get about 800,000 more by March to qualify the recall for the ballot. Organizers hope that the recall election will be held in August or September and say former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and john Cox are among the potential candidates.
John: It's gonna happen. He doesn't look good. He looks like he's very upset about this.
Adam: Oh, because he knows
John: he knows he's toast. Like could be if they get together don't get the 800 I think
Adam: they're doing do they're they're doing save Austin and recall Adler here and they're getting signatures. They're getting closer. They were even at our meetup the other day,
John: how many do you need? Oh, it's
Adam: not many. I think it's it's some low amount like 20,000 or something. It's not a lot.
John: I have some of the world updates here. We've got another number of them. The one note that I think that people like is this 18 second clip from France, France. 24. But even maybe that's South Korean woman that was the president for a while. They arrested her. Yeah. kit Park. Yeah. Well, here's the update on her.
Unknown: South Korea's Supreme Court has upheld a 20 year prison sentence. The former President Park again. Hey, the conservative leader was charged with corruption and removed from office in 2017. In total, she's set to spend 22 years behind bars, and she was also found guilty of election meddling in a separate case.
John: Wow. Yeah, I'd like to do that with Trump.
Adam: Hey, by the way, yeah, where's jack ma? No,
John: you still haven't heard?
Adam: No, not that I know of.
John: It'd be dead. Got Italy's falling apart.
Adam: You know about this. I know a lot about Italy, but I'm not sure what this refers to. Let's listen because
John: only a minute government is having issues
Unknown: with the government and Matteo Renzi has pulled up ministers from his small centrist party out of the cabinet, leaving the coalition without a majority in parliament to move threatens to throw the Euro zone's third largest economy into political chaos. At a time that's battling a surge of covid 19 cases and a deepening recession. Renzi had long been at odds with the current prime minister Giuseppe Conte. After over how billions of euros of eu Coronavirus funds would be spent, leaving Italy's ruling coalition on the brink of collapse. Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced on Wednesday that cabinet ministers from his party Italia Viva were resigning their positions in government and democracy I believe for me
is silly for me no vango Marie spitta coma
aku troppo in questo brinsea headlong threatened to quit governments complaining about Prime Minister Giuseppe contest plans for spending billions of euros promised by the EU to relaunch the economy. Despite the resignations, Renzi said his party could be open to backing a new administration led by contest it remains unclear what country or his main allies the five star movement and center left Democratic Party will do next. The coalition parties could attempt to renegotiate a new pact with Italia Viva almost certainly opening the way for a major Cabinet reshuffle
Adam: I got to talk to Willow she says everything's a mess. Everything's a mess and they're not under any lockdown most of Europe is under lockdown and they're they're kind of not
John: well it doesn't help with everything. everybody else's lockdown doesn't it's like here we got one stayed locked down South Dakota's never locked down and they're doing fine
Adam: right but Italy Italy I mean what they haven't learned how can we have a new variant and they're not locking down because we've learned they were the ones that everyone died? Italy Italy
John: now they're all dead. That's the reason i icon Go ahead. Yeah,
Adam: I was gonna say I was gonna go ahead fine. Whatever.
John: Wait, no, you go ahead. Not you go ahead please, please go ahead. I'm gonna skip this otherwise I have a bunch of people got arrested in Hong Kong that's to be expected by the Chinese. But the tumors that you want to go out
Adam: I I have a humorous clip for out.
John: Okay, I got it. My my pre humorous clip or
Adam: a humorous
John: is a humorous is the Tintin art that 10 different people out there like to collect art is the Tintin art auction.
Unknown: And finally a one of a kind original artwork of legendary comic book hero. Tintin is on sale here in Paris this Thursday. painting was supposed to be used as the cover of the 19 to 36th edition of Adventures of Tintin. In the Far East, the Blue Lotus though it was rejected, because it would have required too many colors in the printing process. If you're interested in trying to acquire it, the auction estimate is a mere 2.8 million euros.
Adam: I grew up with Tintin. Except it wasn't Tintin in Dutch because it was translated into Dutch was copia. copia. I don't think many Americans know Tintin.
John: No, they never came over here. They never ever tried to push it here.
Adam: final clip for me. And I think that should do it for us is NPR who are very busy reporting on the incoming Biden crime family and what they're going to be doing and changing and bringing into the White House and the Oval Office. And What didn't you know it I had to, I had to clip at least at least half of this two minute report out because it just consisted of barking and whining
Unknown: Donald Trump has been the first president in more than a century
without a dog. Next week, Joe Biden
restores the
tradition with two German Shepherds, major and champ. Major story in particular, is a Wags to riches tale.
had someone from the community reach out to please
Adam: note Wags, to which the riches
Unknown: to rags to Rich's tail, had
reached out to us who had a litter of German Shepherd puppies and they weren't doing well.
Patrick Carroll is
executive director to The Delaware Humane Association. He says major and his five litter mates were hospitalized for days.
They had gotten into a toxic substance, we're not sure what but
it was curable, but it just required medical care.
So we put
them into foster homes
once we got them better. One of those Foster's was Joe Biden major found his forever home. Biden fully adopted him in November of 2018. Major will be the first dog to go from a shelter to the White House, but he follows in the footprints of another rescue dog Yuki
he is the friendliest and the smartest and the most constant, and his attention of all the dogs that I've known
that's President Lyndon Johnson, whose daughter picked up the pump at a gas station in Texas. The Delaware Humane Association is holding a virtual inauguration for the first dog elect.
It's bad
John: as empty opera for sure.
Adam: That's NPR everybody.
John: Unless you're, you're on top of it. Yeah,
Adam: message.
John: Trump hates dog barking up the wrong tree when you listen to them.
Adam: Let's see up next on no agenda. Oh, the latest episode of podcasting. 2.0. Thank you very much, Darren for putting that on. Also in the show mixes Jessica Nelson Doug Longnecker. Which I will say up front. JOHN did not want me to play. I thought it was no good.
John: No, I didn't say that. I think it's disturbing.
Adam: But you said you didn't want me
John: to play it? No, I did say I didn't want you to play because I thought it was too disturbing. It's disturbing. I will
Adam: agree as the survey. So look forward to that. Like you need more disturbing stuff to listen to. And coming to you from opportunity zone 33. Here in the frontier of the capital of of Texas is the Lone Star State theme region number six and the governmental maps in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: I'm from Northern Silicon Valley, where it looks like traffic's pretty normal even though it's supposed to be shut down lockdown. I don't know what. I'm Jesse devorah.
Adam: We returned on Sunday right here on no agenda. Please remember us at devore slash na until then. Adios mofos in such
servers and bartenders sported red suspenders that stood out in the hallway decor. Wow. Three dangly white signs spelled out story.
John: They put a picture up Yeah, that was Vladimir Putin with his bare chest and then they had these three guys dreamy eyes and the thing was very gay. Bump cheeks
Unknown: like begging
John: you go up there and bump bump the
Unknown: cheek
Adam: doesn't his wife looks scary. I mean, not like ugly or anything but she looks like mean
Unknown: spirited mean spirited exactly as
John: she does she does
Adam: like to beat your head off. Her breasts were as big as my head
John: was kind of a wide bottom woman experience kind of attractive but the New York Times does not go to this event.
Adam: Watching Charlie Rose eat a salad his stomach churning demand. He like shovels that leaves into his mouth and
John: forward. That is you
Unknown: hold the fork. Yeah, well, he
holds it correctly.
John: Not like you.
Adam: We all know you hold the forky correctly.
John: And what is brokers a weatherman? Why is he there?
Adam: Because he left his dirty underwear in the White House. Biden was getting pooped on.
Joe Biden driving around in a yellow Corvette,
Unknown: because he's such a blue doofus.
Yeah, he's a doofus. That's right.
John: They were given Biden.
Adam: Biden was getting pooped on. A lot of fun to drink and get laid. If someone else is paying the bill.
Unknown: I don't notice it that
John: many people are getting laid. Oh yeah, no.
Unknown: Nancy Pelosi took a picture with the cast from House of Cards.
there's no smoking.
The drinking has changed. Reporters used to drink many bottles of scotch whiskey at every table.
Now it's a lot less drinking more wine and escalators told me a lot of food flavor drinks.
Adam: They're not drinking anymore.
John: You're not drinking anymore. This is very bad.
Adam: In the 40s, who would have multiple entertainers, including Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby of animal acts and Hollywood guess Barbra Streisand came to her first dinner in
Unknown: 1962.
The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in my world that's a celebrity
of course the society is different in some are fundamentally different. But there's a certain common ingredients that make up success, basic Liberty so citizens can think and speak freely and journalists can tell people the truth is going on
being so mean,
John: you can read that exact same sentence without the word baseless.
Unknown: Another move.
John: news today
Unknown: a little girl say Shut
up. stolen.
We got our lizard brains
believe that a secret?
John: Down to the
Unknown: needle in the baby.
What's the crack
believe that a secret
exit strategy
slash in a
bull crap
0:00 0:00