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January 31st, 2021 • 3h 8m

1317: Mutants


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John: doin pickles.
Unknown: Adam Curry,
John Dvorak,
Adam: January 31 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1317. This is
Unknown: no agenda and broadcasting live
Adam: from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where we're celebrating something. What? I don't know, the weather. I'm just
Adam: super inspired. Steve opened up the restaurants. Oh, I know. Oh, I know.
John: Oh, for outdoor dining. It's
Adam: magic. It's all magic. It's all just it's just all happened. I'm so happy.
John: Yeah, yeah. No son looked at his numbers and affected they're trying to get him kicked out. Yeah, I
Adam: think I think those are the only numbers he's been looking at. Let me see. That was watching the animated no agenda that Dame Jennifer put together. I was very short one. It was about Newsome about his well, but you know you we can't show you the data because it would confuse you have you stupid citizen. We're ready to open up everything's pointing the right direction, but we can't show it to you. And you said you mentioned the lawsuits, the insurance companies going after the states and I think that may have something to do with it as well.
John: think there's gonna be a lot of lawsuits when this thing is over.
Adam: Every sneeze comes with a lawsuit attached to it. But the same you know, not to be outdone by the West Coast, the East Coast popped into action New York City restaurants on our current trajectory, we can reopen indoor dining at 25%. On Valentine's Day, the restaurants want a period of time so they can notify workers they can get up to speed for indoor dining order supplies, etc. So we're saying indoor dining 25% on Valentine's Day. Oh, so perfect. Valentine's Day couldn't be any better. It's gonna be a bonanza.
John: Now as soon as he did, is he mentioning that all the reports coming out that apparently the the nursing home deaths are twice as much as it was reported.
Adam: I have a couple of clips on that. But first, let's just stick with the opening part. The Netherlands still locked down. I figured out a little bit more about the the nature of the rioters. You know who the most angry group of young people is in the Netherlands who are most angry about their curfew?
John: I'm old women. No, I
Adam: never guess now. It's the moped drug dealers in Holland has a very active drug system. And it's, I would say a lot of it's in hand of the Moroccans who of course, initially came to the Netherlands as immigrants. Now we're we're second third generation but there is an element of that who are very active in the drug trade and it's all done on mopeds. You know, people don't leave the houses, you have to go see a drug dealer. That's not sophisticated. We just text our guy and he rolls up on his moped. And so they have too much product, they can't unload the problem in the drug industry.
John: Ah, yeah. That's funny.
Adam: Well, no, it's not there. They're very upset. at me in Canada navia. Did we not have an email that we that we were skeptical about? Maybe two months ago that Canada was going to build containment camps or camps to put sick people in? Oh, yeah. Well,
John: yes.
Adam: Well, turns out that's kind of true. We were like, I sure will see these camps. Oh, here we go.
Unknown: We all need to do our part to keep ourselves our loved ones and our neighbors safe. That's every person, every business working together. And now, Canada's air carriers are stepping up to protect Canadians to the government and Canada's main airlines have agreed to suspend service to some destinations right away. Air Canada westjet sunwing and Air Transat this is this is this is
Adam: perhaps my favorite thing that he's doing. As you'll hear they're closing these particular flights these airlines they may not sound that familiar because their budget airlines because Canada you can't go on vacation shut up slave and stay home are canceling air service to all Caribbean destinations and Mexico
Unknown: starting this Sunday. Up until April 30. They will be making arrangements with their customers who are currently on a trip in these regions to organize their return flights. On top of these flight cancellations, we're bringing in other measures as well. Starting next week, all international passenger flights must land only at the following four airports control checkpoints, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. In addition to the pre boarding test we already acquire, as soon as possible in the coming weeks, we will be introducing mandatory PCR testing at the airport, for people returning to Canada, travelers will then have to wait for up to three days at an approved hotel, for their test results at their own expense, which is expected to be more than $2,000
with negative light and
be able to quarantine at home, under significantly increased surveillance enforcement, those with positive tests will be immediately required to quarantine in designated government facilities to make sure they're not carrying variants of potential concerns.
Adam: You will immediately be seized a hood will be overthrown will be thrown over your head and you will be taken to a government facility. Now you gotta admit, that's pretty nice.
John: It's just shorter thrown, you know, a trunk
Adam: you almost want to be, you know, want to test positive, so you don't have to pay the $2,000. I mean, geez, I just the whole idea of
John: and I don't understand we have the same that Canadians put up with this nonsense. Now
Adam: they're docile. But yet the world is opening up and you have all these we have the same variants. We have the same vaccine rollout problems as everybody although EU seems to be a little bit worse now. But how come people are locked up and we're near? We're opening up again, inconsistency cannot be lost on the global Internet. surfers? Who do I
John: gotta mention maybe get maybe Trudeau has never read in.
Adam: This is
John: today's reading from the old paperwork.
Adam: Which paperwork?
John: No, they probably have a number of mammals going right. I have to play this series of clips right to begin and to get this out of the way. Because I think it applies to all these things that we're going to discuss. And this is the little bill little this group did American frontline doctors. Ah, yes,
Adam: yes. Excellent. I saw you had these clips. I can't wait.
John: This is the group that kept bringing stuff out and get taken being taken down by YouTube is like 50,000 doctors is at least 10,000. Simone gold. She
Adam: said her name Dr. Simone gold gold. Yeah, that one. She
John: gave a very nice little presentation in front of one of their conventions and they have to put it on their own website.
Adam: Hold on What convention they have conventions. They had a meetup. Yeah.
John: big one. No big auditorium. This
Adam: is interesting, because the front America's frontline doctors were We were told we're just a bunch of crazy religious nuts in strip malls working as doctors and they were conspiracy theorists and science deniers and yet they have meetups with 60,000 What would you say? Well, I
John: think the number of in this group is like 10 10,000 bucks, maybe more. they've signed a lot of documents. They've done a lot to get back on. They got kicked off a YouTube and everything immediately. Yeah, almost immediately. And, and they're they're cropping up all over the place. It's not a small group. And they had this this convention. It's like a convention is big auditorium filled with people and a bunch of lectures coming out. And this Simone, she talked for a long time, I only picked up four clips, fairly short, but all meaningful. And she's there's nothing radical are weird about anything she has to say. He's just, in fact, this is some other clips I have all starting to do now is make our show back in March
Adam: sound like we're geniuses.
John: Yeah. Because we had all this stuff because it was all available is in the public domain. This information is not new. And let's be
Adam: honest, we are archivists at heart. That's what we do. We collect it, we share it, we categorize Well, when the pile falls over, we both die. But yeah, this is his. I like this. I don't like it because we were lied to everyone was lied to but it is usually it takes five to seven years before what we said comes out to be true. So I'd like five to seven months. I'll take those odds. That's much more fun
John: to learn. Listen to the NFL doctors. There is a link in the show notes for these clips. Yeah, but for the whole speech Actually, this is the opening.
Unknown: And I come before you on behalf of America's frontline doctors, which is a volunteer physician organization that we started, specifically to combat the serious and life threatening disinformation campaign that has really taken over America and really the entire globe. It's very, very scary stuff. I've been a doctor for a long time before me My father is a doctor. I've never seen anything like this where we have groups of physicians or scientists and government bureaucrat agencies, essentially lying to the American people and people across the world. I have many, many examples. One of one brief example I'll give you is that the National Institute of Health right now has as its policy recommendation for patients with COVID-19 stating that unless you're in the hospital requiring oxygen, there's no actual treatment available for you. That is a complete falsehood. completely false. In most of the world, non first world countries, there's plenty of treatment easily available. hydroxychloroquine ivermectin here in America, if you can find a doctor to prescribe it, you get those medicines are viewed as denied. There's there's many options. And you know, this this information is why we came public, when we started to speak out around July a little bit sooner, but we got a lot of attention starting in July. You know, we were promptly as the pastor said d platformed. And it doesn't bother me so much. I know the information that bothers me tremendously on
behalf of all of humanity, right? This is a crime against humanity. There's this there's a physician in the Netherlands who's bringing a lawsuit in The Hague calling it that calling is a crime against humanity. There was a lot of information you haven't heard there was a senate testimony about a month ago, a bunch of doctors went and testified it was I believe it was Senator Johnson as the chairman. You can find it on our website, America's frontline But the doctors testified that the vast majority of deaths in America would have been would have not never happened. Not ever happen.
Adam: Craig knows she's lying, denying science. Wow. Do we have? Do we? Do we have any disparaging clips from the mainstream about them? I'm sure we had tons but I don't remember. I don't
John: know. They actually kind of just once they got d platformed. Yeah, I thought we don't listen to them. All cut, nobody says anything. Because these none of these people that are in this group are not doctors, right? And practicing doctors, and a lot of them do a lot of research, including this woman. Let's go to part two.
Unknown: This information was apparent since the beginning. Right? We call this illness COVID-19. But its real name should be after the location from where it arose, which is Wu Han China. And if you remember it was called the Wuhan virus for a while, I don't know, a month or so. Before we discovered the Chinese Communist Party didn't like that name. They said about putting a lot of pressure on media and other you know, politicians, let's say to change it and they started calling it the Coronavirus. They called it the Coronavirus because it is actually a Coronavirus, but that became very confusing to doctors and scientists because there are seven coronaviruses this is just number seven. So we used to use the word Coronavirus sometimes on our charts. When we meant a common cold you know person would come into the ER in my case and they just had a common cold and I would sometimes write Coronavirus on the chart as the diagnosis so it was pretty confusing for doctors and scientists to call it the Coronavirus. Right so they had to change the name again. And it became known by its acronym Coronavirus, disease. 2019 COVID-19 I have to start there, because it was never a racist or, or weird thing to call it the Wuhan virus. Right? There's so many diseases that are named after the location from which they arise. There's Zika Ebola, there's Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease. I mean, the list is endless German
measles, Spanish flu, this list is endless. So you need to understand that deception was there from the very beginning. So that was the first big lie.
Adam: Oh, they're doing big lie to everyone's everyone's accusing the other being a Nazi. In a way
John: everyone's a big liar was okay, let's go there. This is a longer clip. And it brings out some very interesting things. The
Unknown: next big line. The next big popular well known line was the maligning of this common ordinary cheap, safe medication called hydroxychloroquine. Right? Those of you who have traveled abroad who've taken mission trips, for example, or anybody in the military are quite familiar with this drug. Doctors would just give it out, you know, like handy. I know that I was going to take a holiday to Africa about 20 years ago and I was a medical student at the time and they just handed me the pills. Here you go. I never asked any questions. It was a big fat, nothing burger, shaking. hydroxychloroquine. All of a sudden we started hearing as doctors even as doctors, that hydroxychloroquine is unsafe. You can't understand what's going on with the lies until you understand what an enormous lie This is. How hydroxychloroquine is over the counter and much of the world. It's taken in many African nations, they call it Sunday, Sunday medicine, because you take it every Sunday, right? That's like its name, Sunday, Sunday, people keep it in their pocket the way Americans might keep a Tylenol in their purse. It's absolutely ordinary stuff. It was over the counter, really, in any country, which had malaria, or any country that had citizens that would visit malaria countries on holiday, it was over the counter, for example, is over the counter in France, the only reason it wasn't over the counter in America is it just wasn't a consumer demand. Right. In
America, we use hydroxychloroquine. for two main reasons, that's lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and also for malaria for people going on holiday. But generally, it's lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. And for those illnesses, patients regularly see physician so they can get a prescription for it. That's why it was never over the counter here, not because it was unsafe. It's been FDA approved for 65 years, we give it to babies, we give it to children, we give it to pregnant women, we give it to nursing mothers, we give it to the elderly, and we give it to the immune compromised, those last few categories Take this medication for decades, there was never a pretense that it's not safe. That's the drug that you've been hearing about for nine months now. 10 months, telling you it's unsafe. It's incredible, live incredible proportions. Once you understand that, you will be suspicious of everything that follows. So that's where I found myself. There, I was in the emergency department, treating patients as they came in with COVID-19. And once we had the rapid test, so I can confirm the diagnosis. My first patient who I needed to give hydroxychloroquine. nz to I did it and even knowing the kind of a controversy, I really didn't think twice about it. I don't know, it was fine. I gave it to her. I actually called her the next day, she was so much better. She herself got better within about 12 hours in about 48 hours, she was essentially completely Well, this completely
matched what I had read in the scientific literature, I knew many doctors were done this, I'd read many journal articles. And it was it was completely consistent. What was really shocking and completely inconsistent was my medical director, who calls me the next day and threatens to fire me for doing this treatment. It was it was I can't even tell you to the even as I described this moment to you. It's shocking to me, I remember the case, the situation, the conversation
Adam: can take days. It might be powerful to just skip back for 55, zero seconds of Fauci back in the day.
John: Yeah, play it. I'm not so sure it should be banned. But clearly the the scientific data is really quite evident now about the lack of efficacy for it. And even the possibility that there could be not could be, but there's, you know, the likelihood that under certain circumstances might be rare, but you'd see it adverse events, particularly with regard to cardiovascular and the arrhythmia is that may be associated with it. I mean, there was suspicion of that for a while. But as data comes into becomes more clear, so I'm not so sure, you'd want to ban it, but certainly the data. Now, when it first developed the vaccine, I said right, then it goes into promoting the vaccine, which he says will be there by January, which he was right about because this is pretty much set up the way they did. That's crazy. Fauci always has. If you listen to them carefully, he always has an out the way he he, if you call him out on this now he would say, Well, I was talking about chloroquine.
Adam: Yeah, not hydroxychloroquine Yeah, exactly. He do something like that.
John: Yeah, he's, he's kind of a douchebag. Kinda like to this woman. Okay, this one, this woman, she's getting threatened to be fired by this guy. And then she finishes the story.
Unknown: And he's saying, He's going to fire me. And I said, why would you fire me over this? Well, I don't think it works. I said, Well, then don't prescribe it. You know, you haven't read the science the way I have. I know it works. You'll change your mind in a couple of months, when you know, you get a little wiser. But why would you get involved with you know, me treating a patient you do your thing, I do my thing. That's how medicine is practiced. We are licensed as individuals, it's actually against the law to have what's called a corporate practice of medicine where you know, Corporation practices for you'd have to be the individual doctors physician. That's why patients go to multiple doctors, right?
The almost the worst part of the conversation was not even that he was ignorant that the drug worked. But his reasons for saying that he was going to fire me if I did this. And the reason which he put in writing because he wasn't so smart. He said it was because the biggest payer at that hospital, which is a large insurance company that everyone here has heard of, on the West Coast Main Line, didn't want us to prescribe it, they were blocking it. So that payer insurance company was pressuring the hospital that their doctor shouldn't do it. It had nothing to do with even if he thought it was good or bad for the patient. It all had to do with money and payment, which was I honestly, I still can't believe I'm relating this story. It was really unbelievable. So he said, I could never do that. Again. I said, Well, good luck with that.
John: Yeah, and you know who that was?
Adam: Who the who the doctor was?
John: no insurance company.
Adam: Yeah. The which insurance company or what?
John: I don't you know which insurance company it might have been biggest in California, right cross blue shield? Oh,
Adam: wow. That's what they said, huh?
John: No, she never said it. She wouldn't say the name. But when she says the big insurance company in California and in California, I know which one it is. Yeah. It's Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Adam: And they do a lot.
John: So they're somehow behind the whole thing because they see the money. there's money to be made.
Adam: But we somehow Well, we know, we know that not treating people even the correct? Well, yes, there was there was much more money to be made by treating people by sticking a tube down their throat, we know that there was much more money to be made in the pharmaceutical vaccine industry versus promoting therapeutics, we understand that as well. But there was there were premiums on COVID patients for the insurance and for Medicare, there were actual premiums on get someone in for COVID. They test positive you get more gaming, a separate wing, you get more throw on event Bingo.
John: This was very well documented. And then the one time Trump brought it up, he was ridiculed by the media. Yeah. Yeah. He brought it up once. Oh, oh, crap. Yeah. The interesting thing about that clip to me, besides the fact that it keeps bringing up to dredging up the same stuff we talked about in March, is that it does one thing. It explains the fact that a country like Nigeria with half our population, 150 million people has less than 2000 deaths, and we have over 400,000
Adam: Yes. And, and the UK also has very high numbers, please mind that the numbers today are p IC, their combined numbers of pneumonia, influenza even
John: I don't care if it's a combined or not. They're too high.
Adam: Yeah. In the UK, she
John: if what she says is true that one of the big the National Institute of Medicine, whoever it was, says that Nah, there's no treatment, don't treat them. Yeah. And then they die. I mean, we get for over 400,000 dead. Why I get asked this question I've asked you before, why does the United States have the number one? Why are we wait at the top of the list for dead? When in Africa? There's countries that have like 100?
Adam: Yeah, but they've luckily they found a variant in South Africa. So that makes everybody feel like Oh, good. The Africans got it to
John: having no idea the South African desert categories not doing a lot of damage down there.
Adam: But that's what are we talking about? facts are media bullshit here. I mean, and that's, that's the entire difference. That's the crux of the show. The story is, we're all gonna die. That's just the story in the UK, they have, I think it's now up to 90,000 deaths. And if you right there on the placard right there on the sign, it says in small little letters in parentheses, all deaths, that tested COVID positive in the last 28 days. That's their death number. So it's all deaths, as long as they can show some COVID positivity, which as we know, is this show to an extreme and did the frontline doctors in this Did you watch the whole thing, the whole the whole conference?
John: I didn't watch the whole conference. But I watched most of this woman's right to see it really makes your blood boil it listen to it,
Adam: did she circle back on the bull crap PCR, that they've turned into a test?
John: I gotta remember that she circled circle back. circle back on the fact that this experimental vaccine is probably not good for kids.
Adam: Well, there's a lot changing with testing, which is, you know, someone listened to you someone listened to this show, and and carried out your wish, and I'm very confused by it.
John: You remember, that was my wish.
Adam: Do you remember the clip about people testing positive for HIV after the vaccine in Australia? And you said maybe twice or three times you said you should make everybody get a COVID and an HIV test?
John: Oh, yes. I yes. I did say that quite a few times.
Adam: Tomorrow, January 29. I'm reading this from two days ago. 10am to 2pm. There will be free COVID-19 and HIV testing in the open lot adjacent to fleet fields in Chicago. Why? Why?
John: I would ask to say why it's drive up while since we're here.
Adam: It's driven Well, it's drive up walk up COVID-19 and HIV testing, face mask and pee pee giveaway and Narcan education. It's a trifecta of epic proportions.
Unknown: Hmm.
Adam: I just thought that was rather interesting. Testing moving in new areas innovation on its way,
Unknown: no more long lines or appointments for a COVID test. Soon they will be available in a vending machine
store shopping malls, airports and subway stations.
The company wellness for humanity unveiled the first machine in New York customers purchase the $119 test online and are sent a barcode which is scanned, simply place it in front of the vending machine. seconds later the box pops out inside is a saliva test that can be done at home and shipped off to a lab. Once received results take one or two days. They're advertised to be 99% accurate. The company plans to roll out 1000 of the machines and locations across the country over the next six months.
Adam: This is rather new saliva test. I know that there's been talk of them, but I don't think any regular test and 150 bucks. Are they doing? Seems a bit much. And then we had I mean this the the Biden administration is really fun to watch. There's so much confusion, confusion. A lot of people don't know really what's going on or why things are happening. And it's it's flustering Jen Psaki is getting flustered from time to time. And and it's also contradictory. In the end the press, you know, they'll they'll ask a question, and they'll get the answer. But we don't see the Amplified. Oh, my God, this is horrible that we saw in the in the previous admitted to during the previous administration. Where's the answers are still pretty crazy sometimes.
John: When this so the examples of this? Well,
Adam: yeah, the double masking, triple masking did this confusing talk when I'm double masking? And there's been some increased discussion about that publicly? We've seen pictures of the president double masking and those around him. Is that a personal preference? Or has he been advised by medical questions?
Unknown: While you're gonna talk to the medical advisors and just the next 1530 minutes, whatever the time is, and specifically their specific CDC guidance, as you have probably seen, Dr. Fauci spoke to this, I believe a lot in the last couple days and said it was common sense or made sense. I can't remember exactly how he phrased it.
Adam: Okay. Psaki, who is always on point has every quote, you know, she was trained by Newland, she is a Hillary disciple. This is not her typical answer, where I think Fauci has now been has said this, and we must have heard him say it 50 times. It's common sense. It's just common sense. And now she's like, it's common sense or good sense. Whatever he said, it's Fauci
Unknown: spoke to this, I believe a lot in the last couple days. Instead, it was common sense or made sense. I can't remember exactly.
There hasn't been additional medical guidance given. I've been around the president where he's been wearing one mask, I think, obviously, he abides by the health and medical advice, sometimes not to get too detailed, but it looks like two masks sometimes because we put the N 95. One on, it's a little bit more comfortable to have this one on on top of it. But I would encourage all the health and medical team during the call that's coming up,
Adam: that is literally double masking. And we've seen it they put an A 95 on and then the black cloth mask over. But she's not not. Let's not she's not calling that double masking. No, no, that's not that's just
John: this concealer. And that's idiotic. But there's I've got a bunch of clips on masking.
Adam: Oh, good. Let me play this one. I want to hear yours. Because it because I picked I don't know which health official This is from the Biden administration. I'm very annoyed, I can't find out. But this was in an official capacity. This answer came about a double and triple masking high in terms of using the face cloth coverings doubling them.
Unknown: Actually, we need to be very careful about that that
may actually be counterproductive, not helped. We know and I'm not an arrow biologist, we know that in fact, they may actually impede the movement of air in and out and causing it to actually escape and the big crevices between the cloth and your face.
That's a bigger problem,
Adam: not a lesser problem than one. And I think what he was talking about was having two cloth masks. So this is the least scientific discussion I've heard during this whole thing.
John: The last show we had to talk about the marks. You have to have the marks on your face. Yes,
Adam: that's the end 95 but the double masking they haven't had a technical conversation about it's just being said by Fauci
John: but tell us about Gigi does he be wearing a mask but it seems that the consensus is the following because I was confused about this in the last show the consensus for double masking or as one person put it, triple masking young predicted is that you put the surgical mask on and because that thing is lickable it leaks I that's the one if I'm when I go into public places in California where a surgical mask is used, because it does it for the reason that it does leak. You can actually breathe can breathe
Adam: Yes. Now when you say surgical masks You mean the blue surgical mask? Yeah,
John: yeah the blue one although there's the cool black one that Amazon has been selling also bought a bunch of makes you look like a Taliban is a great looking mask it also certain colors
Adam: are just a plain No,
John: it's a surgical I got I've got one here and this is exactly the same only black obviously some gimmick and you produce those with a surgical mask and then you put a cloth mask over it to seal those those edges where it allows you to actually get air in the kind of surprise people aren't just balling down.
Adam: Carbon monoxide poisoning,
John: or just no air at all.
Adam: Exactly.
John: dumbest thing I've ever seen. But let's play this mask one mask up one on PBS. That's the main way people get sick, someone who's infected breathe out the virus and someone who's healthy breathes it in
Adam: you Dr. Lindsay Mar at Virginia Tech studies airborne transmission. And she says the Coronavirus can travel on small airborne droplets or even smaller aerosols.
Unknown: droplets are
large, visible droplets that fly out of our mouths when we're coughing or talking. aerosols are really just smaller droplets. They're microscopic, and we release hundreds of those for every one large droplet that might come out.
Adam: But according to Aaron Breaux Marsh, who researches immunology and infectious disease at UMass Dartmouth, not everyone who's infected spreads the virus the same way or in the same amounts.
Unknown: And we know that some people have a lot more virus. And it's not just twice the amount it can be 100 fold or 1000 fold more virus inside their mouth virus. And so those people were talking with singing was shouting, breathing
Adam: virus in your mouth. Who are these experts? Please tell me they're very smart people because I want to ridicule them eventually can release
Unknown: 1000 times more of those viral particles into the air.
Adam: With these new mutant strains, it's not totally clear why they're more contagious only that they are. This only reinforces the need for mask wearing. Numerous studies have now confirmed that wearing a mask can reduce the risk of transmission. But not all masks are created equally.
Unknown: So virtually any covering over your face will deal with those large droplets. You know, a handkerchief, a bandana, they all deal with those large droplets in roughly the same way. But there is a big difference between the quality of the mask being worn and the ability to both filter the small little aerosols out on the way out and filter them on the way back in.
Adam: There's still a great deal of confusion about what kinds of masks offer the best protection in 95 are considered tops. But since they're still in short supply, many say they should be left only for frontline health care workers. pF 90 for masks like these made in South Korea are considered a good substitute. And while they can be found online, there are reports of fakes and counterfeits swirling around. No. So what's the consumer to do? What bothers me about all these reports is they're not talking about mask or no mask the efficacy of any mask now it's now they've convinced us to argue about which mask and how you wear it. This is this is this this truly is that dumb. You think Yeah.
John: And the worst part is, is that now all of a sudden this the I think the with the public really finds distasteful is the contradictory information. Yes. We heard in the last show in the show before all these guys now turning to we got off, be hooked up with in 95 and get face scars. Now, this is the most recent episode here and it says well, you know, maybe the 95 should be only for the people working in the hospital, right,
Adam: which was what it was initially to
John: guess where it was, right? Yeah. And so can they make it?
Adam: Let me ask you this. So the surgical masks the blue surgical mask, these are really the surgeons were the ones and they throw them away. And what makes them blue and I know I'm talking to the right guy is PTF. He also known as polytetrafluoroethylene. Float fluor ethylene. And which I'm sure is perfectly safe to wear the mask once. But if you're if you're Hawking and breathing and sliming and snotting in this mass for a Wi Fi, please tell me your problem. Please tell me that the PT Effie might be detrimental to your health.
John: I don't know that. Okay,
Adam: it's basically Teflon, I guess.
John: Well, the idea is there's a coating on that surgical mask, which is PTF. As I said, it's not that I don't say what it is. It's designed to create electrostatic charge. Ah, so the little aerosols and anything else, they just get caught up in the webbing somehow,
Adam: wait, that's the blue stuff. That's
John: what the blue stuff is for I maybe miss something or something. Suppose that these are electrostatic masks. I thought I heard this. I don't know the details. Okay. But that's where you need to get the electrostatic that takes care of this. And then you get a boost cloth. I don't know what the whole thing is bogus, especially if he listened to the beginning of the show where this woman says, Hey, there are treatments, you catch it, you get a couple of drugs, you're good and 48 hours you go back to work can't
Unknown: have that can't have that that's not doing the business. So we have 400,000
John: dead. It's on the hands of somebody when Nigeria has like 1600 or something along those lines. Because they get the Sunday Sunday dry, biggest kid ever just taking this stuff, huh? It's there's a reason for us having so many dead. And it's not because we're got lousy medicine here. No. Let's go to part two of this.
Unknown: Unfortunately, there aren't any standards for masks right now those are coming, but it's going to be several months. In the meantime, what we know is that tightly woven cloth works better than loosely knitted cloth. two layers is better than one, three layers is even better, as long as it doesn't inhibit you from breathing easily through the fabric.
Adam: Who is this woman speaking? Who is she?
John: She's some expert from a college that's been studying aerosol dispersement.
Unknown: If you really want to upgrade your masks, the thing to do is to look for a mask with a pocket or a middle layer, where you can insert a filter, things like a high efficiency particulate air filter work very well block 99% of particles.
To use a surgical type mask, which filters really well but probably doesn't fit so well, especially around the sides. And to layer a second mask on top of that, like a tight fitting cloth mask to help improve the fit and reduce gaps. That way you get both good filtration and a good fit.
Adam: One of the things that seems I think so difficult for people is that they go to shop for a mask, and it's very hard to assess quality, or whether or not something that is a surgical mask or claims to be one is in fact one.
Unknown: So we want to look for certification seals, if we are actually buying, say surgical mastery as tm rating, one, two, and three, three is the best that you can get in regards to surgical masks. And then the FDA actually has a website that shows true from false. You have fake from from real ones.
Adam: If masks are the first layer of protection. The second one is distancing. We've heard this mantra for months, avoid crowds as much as possible. And if you're around others stay six feet apart. But six feet isn't some magical number.
Unknown: It really isn't a magic number. I mean, it's the closer you are, the more risk that you have, you know the analogy which is not perfect, but it's a it's a way that you can sort of think about it in your head is if you're standing right next to a person smoking a cigarette, you're going to be inhaling a lot of that
it's the same with the virus. So six feet
Adam: it's easy for people to visualize six feet. I love that let's compare standing next is someone with COVID as standing next to a smoker bad Hold on Hold I have a smoking clip for this. That was a gym
John: by
Adam: the way. Very good. Um, I had something about smoking
John: before. I want to mention they did comment in that report where the I says people are confused when shopping for a mask.
Adam: Honey, let's go shopping for what for shopping
John: for a mask, go
Adam: to Costco and stock up. We need all kinds of you know, while we're there, let's go to Gucci and find a mask for you girl. make you look hip and fly. He was the smoking thing. There's more fallout from the pandemic Americans are smoking again after years of declines. Were steady last year as people staying home lit up more often. Yeah Baby. Congratulations America.
John: There's one last clip in this group called mascot Saturday this can be this was actually yesterday this came out
Unknown: to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is requiring masks to be worn on all forms of public transportation starting Monday night. The order applies to passengers and crew members for all forms of public travel within the United States, but also when traveling into or out of the country. The rule also applies to transportation hubs like airports and train stations. The order follows an executive order from President Joe Biden last week that required masks on airplanes and on federal property. The mass mandate comes as on average confirmed infections, deaths and hospitalizations all continue to fall in the United States compared to two weeks ago. That's according to data compiled by the New York Times. Today Maryland became the second state to report a case of the South African Coronavirus variant. South Carolina reported the first US cases on Thursday. In a statement, Maryland's governor said quote, the individual has not traveled internationally making community transmission likely. Nearly 28 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have now been administered. According to the CDC, on average, about 1.3 million shots are being given each day.
Adam: I have some clips that I think complement this as we move into the as we move into vaccinations. So let's start with South Africa for a moment. This is ABC to people in South Carolina are the first known Americans infected with a highly contagious variant from South Africa. And and I'd like to have some consistency. In your clip they were talking about the mutant strain in South Africa and this is still I guess, deemed as the variant highly contagious variants that patients have no travel history or connection to one another. Maintaining you know, social distancing wearing the masks is now even more important.
Unknown: Because the virus mutates each time it makes copies of itself. It has a chance to mutate further,
there's no evidence that the variant causes more severe disease. But this morning one drugmakers, new data is raising concern, Novavax says its vaccine, which is in a late stage trial was nearly 90% effective during a study in England. But in South Africa, where nearly every case contains the troubling new, very troubling, Novak says its vaccine was only 49%. affected,
we have to keep an eye out on this. And we have to be able, and we are already doing it, of being able to modify for the future.
John: For the future, the vaccine so that maybe we will have to give someone a boost. To cover these new variants, I have to
Adam: give you a boost because it's so damn effective. And this is all over the place, you got to have the boost, we got to do something we got. I mean, it's a variant I'm telling you, you got to save us
John: what we know now from this study, namely, the J and J. And the Novak study that antigenic variation, ie mutations that lead to different lineage do have clinical consequences. Because as you can see, even though the long range effect in the sense of severe disease is still handled reasonably well, by the vaccines. This is a wake up call to all of us, that we will be dealing as the virus uses its devices to evade pressure, particularly immunological pressure, that we will continue to see the evolution of mutants so that we, as a government, allow all of us that are in this together, you have to be nimble to be able to just adjust readily to make versions of the vaccine that actually are specifically directed towards whatever mutation myalgia is actually prevalent at any given time.
Adam: So I guess we're gonna make a Windows CE version and have all different iOS and will have the Mac OS versions, different versions for these mutants. And, and now, I mean, when they first started rolling this out, is you get your first dose. And then after two weeks, maybe three, you get your second dose, whatever you do, do not be mixing and mingling with the Pfizer versus the Madonna. You got to have consistent which I've received so many emails from people who, who were not warned about this and almost made a mistake themselves. But now it turns out that you can just go ahead and just mix it all up. Just you know, it's like it's like, it's like a potluck, really.
Unknown: And so I'm just going to lay it out there like it is I asked experts I said, Listen, if you were looking for a vaccine, would you make the effort to get a Pfizer maternal vaccine because it is more effective? And they said absolutely. I want to Pfizer materna the numbers are better. But if I couldn't get it, I wouldn't hesitate to take Johnson and Johnson because it is also quite good. And let's take a look at the numbers that explain what they need. So when you're looking at nothing moderate to severe COVID, Johnson and Johnson 66%, effective materna and Pfizer around 95% effective that is, when you're looking at preventing severe cases, keeping people out of the hospital, keeping them out of the off of a ventilator, keeping them alive, Johnson and Johnson was 85%, effective Madonna and Pfizer 100%, or nearly 100%, effective.
So again, bottom line, if you can get Johnson and Johnson and you can't get the other to get it, you can always see about getting
that there's no reason you can't get both of them getting doesn't mean that you shouldn't, either one later on if you can,
Adam: here's here's the idea, you triple mass you triple vaccinate, it's not a problem. It's there's no reason go out, get the J and J now, you know and then get the moderna, throw in some, some Pfizer. And notice that what she's saying is not your immune, you won't catch the virus no 100% certain you won't die from it. When you get the COVID after you've had the vaccine, this is this is not a vaccine. When you get COVID. In this report, she just said you won't be that severely sick because you had the vaccine. So what is it sounds more like a treatment than a vaccine. And as you john, I have to hand it to you. You said we will see people standing in long lines. You said they'll be wrapped around the block. And once again, you're right and when you're right, you're right
John: over the past few weeks, you see video
Unknown: of long lines like this. We've seen it for COVID testing,
maybe a line to get the vaccine. This is not that
it is not all of these people are in line
waiting to get their fix of chick fil a.
The lines are insane here but you can see
from the ground. There's a scarf where I am down here waving. Zoom on out and just look on the pandemonium here was is m 50.
Adam: Shana, why does Detroit local news have this British guy doing the on the spot chick fil a news? I mean, seriously. But that's America for you, ma'am. Hey, there's a line is chick fil a,
John: there's a line, let's get
Adam: in it get it quick. Luckily, luckily, luckily, luckily, luckily, we're getting to the bottom of all of this. And this just goes back to your your first clip about the naming of the virus. We all know that it was racist to say the Wu Han flu or the China virus, because the mainstream media was told by China to tell us that. And now we luckily we have investigations going on on the ground, the World Health Organization organization finally allowed to go in and investigate the origins of this deadly flu and subsequent pandemic, the BBC reports,
John: I think one thing that's pretty crucial is there's been a bit of misunderstanding, I think as to what this team is going to do. They're not really going to be doing their own research. They're going to be examining what the Chinese scientists already have. And then looking at what's missing. I mean, how do we get to the bottom of what caused this virus? Does new research have to be commissioned or something along those lines, they'll be then putting together a report. And moving on from there. What they won't be doing is in two weeks telling us we've found out the cause of the Coronavirus of stress to us how complicated this is, it's a very difficult thing to work out. It's gonna take time, maybe even years, and frankly asked us all just to wait and see what they come up with. Are the scientists visiting the laboratories that some people say the virus might originally have escaped from? In short, no, they see the lab league theory as a conspiracy theory really, and some solid reason they say scientific reason they wanted me going down that path. What they're looking at is the origin of the virus. In other words, the question of which animal it possibly came from maybe a bat, say, into another animal and then finally into human beings, and how that could have taken place when they're even saying it could have come from a bat overseas or even a person in a country and that the virus entered uhand via somewhere else. That's a very contentious thing for them
to say, because the Chinese government has been really pushing this line that really probably came from overseas mean, one foreign ministry official even said it definitely came from overseas. And
Unknown: that definitely came from overseas. Yeah, came from Italy. Of course not.
John: America didn't come from a lab that just coincidentally as is well known since Fauci works there. A lab working on Coronavirus viruses, yes, that lab. That's one of their special wares
Adam: where people got sick and November.
John: Yeah, there's no, there's no chance of that it couldn't have been done. They're not even going down.
Adam: Don't waste our time going down that road. Yeah. So on the death numbers,
John: by the way, show me the animal.
Adam: Yes, yes, indeed, well, South Park did all that pangolin. And we know, we know exactly how it went down. People, there are people dying. No doubt, I think now that all the numbers are starting to be analyzed a little bit, we see that the majority of deaths were really over 70 years old, the majority. And I think the largest set of that was probably 80 Plus, and it was a lot of nursing homes. And a lot of places where, you know, a flu and influenza of any kind or a cold could kill residents. So this is one video and that's that you can look at the whole video in the in the show notes. This is a certified nursing assistant who works in a nursing home. So this is not a doctor, it is someone who, you know, is really there to help the patients with their everyday needs and make sure they you know, they do take their regimen of medicines, etc. And it's paid candy stripers really the way I see it, but they are certified. So they have they have credentials to do this. And this is one of them was just heartbreaking. heartbreaking what the vaccine is doing to his patience in his nursing home as a CNA who works with the residents who touched them, who talks to who pray with them, who cares for them, okay, like,
Unknown: I'm coming from this angle. I know my patients, I know when they're happy, and when they are sad and when they are frustrated. And when they are feeling good.
I know these people I'm around them for eight hours. And many people who are CNAs can testify on the same thing. We know the people that we care
for two weeks after these people receive the vaccine, particularly the Pfizer bye bye antic virus vaccine. I am seeing this pattern, this pattern of snap just side effects to the point where we had people who were once walking, who are no longer walking people who I was talking who couldn't get off.
Adam: People who are able to think, cooler longer think
Unknown: properly. delirium confused.
Our residents are dying. Our residents are dying
after they have taken this vaccine and what troubles me or troubles me. This is not even being spoken about. What bothers My heart is that it's almost like
don't talk about this. Just keep going. There you go. Okay.
Adam: I think this is happening a lot.
John: Well, let's ask the question that needs to be asked. Okay. We did a report I think was two or three shows ago were that the nursing home in Norway? I believe it was Yes. Where they gave everybody a shot and 26 people dropped dead. There was just regular side
Adam: effects, regular side effects, nothing to be worried about.
John: Nothing we were and they and then they said if you recall I sure do. We should not be giving a shot to anyone over
Unknown: 80
John: Oh, I
Adam: think it's already down to 65. Now I'm hearing.
John: Well, they said then after they killed 26 people. We should not give the shot to anyone over 80 and then we won't have this issue. And so meanwhile I showed it in the newsletter. There's Hank Aaron over 80 gets a shot dies. One person after another. I think they're just trying to kill off the old people.
Adam: While they're not succeeding with everybody.
Unknown: Congressman Stephen Lynch has tested positive for the coronavirus. His office says that he was tested after a staff member in his Boston office tested positive. This is interesting. Lynch had been vaccinated. His staff says he received a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine even before attending President Biden's inauguration. Right now Lynch is asymptomatic, and the congressman is self quarantine.
Adam: So he's not sick. But he tested positive after the after the vaccine is crazy. How does this work? I don't understand it. It doesn't seem like anything I've ever witnessed before when it comes to vaccines, it just doesn't seem to do it the right way. And since it's killing people over at bringing the military to help them out and they shouldn't be active duty troops. In
John: addition to National Guard members giving out shots the man has gotten a look at a draft agreement between the Pentagon and FEMA, calling for the military to bribe 10,000 troops to help vaccinate around 450,000 people a day.
Adam: And luckily this came up in the press briefing. Jen Psaki good.
Unknown: Oh, wait, I
promised I promised you go ahead.
Adam: FEMA has requested active duty troops via the use of vaccination centers when you get stood up across the country. Does the White House support that request?
Unknown: I did ask Our team about this, you or someone else may have asked about this the other day, and I think I have something on it here One moment. Thanks for your patience, lots to say about COVID, but not about
Adam: your question.
Unknown: So let me
let me, let me talk to our team about it. You know, I know I've seen that request from FEMA, obviously, part of our objective is ensuring that we have vaccinators on the ground. I know that's not all you're asking about, but also the ability to move materials and move vaccines. So we are tapping into any resource we can. But it's more predominantly focused on kind of a Health and Medical Corps, and that the ability to get those people into communities, but I will I will check with our team and get you something more specific.
Adam: It's impossible for her to say I'm sorry, I don't have the answer. I just can't do that she has to take a minute to flip through her tabs. Because she has no knowledge. She's a tab reader. I'm a tabber.
John: He's never not to mention it. It's a good point. She can never say I don't know if any of them ever say I don't know.
Adam: Her way of saying circle back from the Wall Street Journal, Europe's vaccine plans are unraveling amid a shortage of dosage doses. That is raising concerns about the continents ability to immunize its most vulnerable populations and reopen its economy in the near term. In the latest blow for the continent advisors to the German government warned on Thursday, that AstraZeneca as vaccine should not be given to people over the age of 64, because of a lack of data about its efficacy in this new group. Makes you just want to have it all doesn't it? Let me see what else do I have on?
John: I think it would an age barrier exists? I mean, what's the desert? 6164 whatever they said and 70. But what changes so much your retirement
Adam: age? When you stop working? I think
John: they should be given. It would take a lot of people off the dole.
Adam: Yeah, you put them in the ground helps a lot. Yeah, they
John: did save some social security. I think there's something up now
Adam: going back 10 months ago. Now even a little bit earlier than that. We all discovered that there had been a kind of like an exercise a table read what it was a multi day exercise called event 201 which included Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Medicine, the GAVI, the the gates, vaccine, guys, the World Health Organization, media partners, and they ran this scenario, pretty much exactly what we're witnessing right now. And although if I'm sure if you say that now you're crazy conspiracy nut job,
John: yeah. Crazy,
Adam: we should really be happy that they did that. Otherwise, you know, we'd all be dead. We wouldn't have even had this good. So imagine my surprise when across my podcast or desk comes the 2025 2028 spars pandemic. It's a nice PDF here. It's a beautiful folder with a new version of an ugly ass thing on the front. So they've pre drawn the virus that is going to kill us. It's called spars, SP a Rs. And this is a futuristic scenario for public health risk communications from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. And all the usual suspects are in there. They're doing the same type of exercise for this new new crisis, which will be called spars. I can't actually find a word for the acronym in the entire document, but it's really worth reading because they start off right away with how are we handling the communication and the media? And how do we get people out of the here it is possible future in 2025, the echo chamber unbridled Global Access to Information coupled with social fragmentation and self affirming views, worldviews. We're going to have to teach everybody Ogilvy is in this group. They're setting up they're setting up another one AI or at least getting ready for it with lessons learned from this exercise. So
John: let me give you the scenario that needs to be learned is if some smart lawyers get together and just sue the pants off of everyone they can this is a this is a pathetic situation.
Adam: I just want to read the scenario environment then everybody can go read this for themselves. In this is right on page two in the year 2025 The world has become simultaneously more connected yet more divided. These guys are so good. nearly universal access to wireless internet and new technology including internet accessing technology. Ay ay ay ay t, thin, flexible screens that can be. That means they've made an acronym internet accessing technology and they put in parentheses ay ay ay ay t. And here it is a refrigerator. Yeah, here it is. Ay ay ay t, thin flexible screens that can be temporarily attached to briefcases, backpacks or clothing and use to stream content from the internet.
John: What do I want?
Adam: What this is going to be in 2025. This is the scenario I want a screen on
John: my backpack so I can stream the internet.
Adam: So this has provided for the means of readily sharing news and information. However, many have chosen to self restrict the sources they turn to for information, often electing to interact only with those with whom they agree podcasters this trend has increasingly isolated clicks from one another making communication across and between these groups more and more difficult. From a government standpoint, the current administration is led by President Randal Archer, who took office in January 2025. Hey, Hey, Joe is out I guess. Another served as vice president under President Jacqueline Bennett, who served from 2020 to 2024, who did not seek a second term due to health concerns. Holy crap, these people are writing complete fiction.
John: You know, it's always risky to write fiction that's five years out.
Adam: It's not even four years out four years out, you're
John: asking for trouble. Yeah. and have it thrown in your face.
Adam: Just listen to some of this stuff. These people are completely delusional. So they're talking about how to communicate, the US Department of Health and Human Services, food and drug administration have increasingly adopted diverse range of social media technologies, including long existing platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, as well as emerging platforms like zap cue, a platform that enables users to aggregate and archive selected media content from other platforms and communicate with cloud based social groups based on common interests and current events. Wow, they should start a Silicon Valley company, they shouldn't be in the healthcare. So if you want that kind of fiction, go ahead and read the spars pandemic scenario from Johns Hopkins. Super guys good work. I mean, should we just be on the lookout for that to happen now?
John: And when the lawyers get ahold of this,
Adam: your What do you think? What do you think that lawyers can really stop anything?
John: Well, I mean, you first you have that guy in Holland. You gotta look into that guy. Who's taking it to the Hague?
Adam: Oh, yeah.
John: Stuff like I mean, it's this is this is fashionable, the useful Hague. The Hague is the Hague but it's, it's this is all this seems actionable to me. You can't do what they've done. can't shut down just arbitrarily it turns out shut down businesses and then open them up with and not show us why. Like, Newsome just did. Oh, we're opening it up. I can't say why just couldn't do it. I love it.
Adam: I love it. I love it. It'll keep us in a job for a little bit longer.
John: There's no doubt about that. I have one last COVID clip, which is the COVID 19 second clip that COVID gloss over from PBS Yeah,
Unknown: I'm more contagious version of COVID-19 from South Africa has arrived in the US with two cases confirmed in South Carolina. The nation's COVID death toll has passed 432,000 and the Attorney General in New York State reported nursing home deaths were under counted by up to 50%.
Adam: Let's do that one more time. It's only 19 seconds the most important 19 seconds in news information gathering you will receive today
Unknown: a more contagious version of COVID-19 from South Africa has arrived in the US with two cases confirmed in South Carolina. The nation's COVID death toll has passed 432,000 and the Attorney General in New York State reported nursing home deaths were under counted by up to 50%.
Adam: Ooh, by up to so how does that work? Do we have more debt? Well, we just counted the wrong people. So is it 432 plus 100,000 that we didn't count
John: or what did what did a master I forgot how many there were I think there were 10 times Big, counted dead. But what they did when it turns out they do under an investigation. And all of this because of Cuomo, who then scrubbed the history books to make it sound as though he didn't do this by pushing COVID infected people back into the nursing homes, is that if you're in a nursing home and you die in the nursing home of COVID Yeah, that's one that's a cool if you're in a nursing home and you got sick, they took you to the hospital, then you drop dead. That's two doesn't count.
Adam: Oh, really?
John: That's the first half of the deaths. Death Second,
Adam: the second style, so they took him to the hospital and then it didn't count as a nursing home death had counted as a hospital death. Yes. So we still got the writing of Karen on route. That's not an ambulance, ambulatory death. It's a hospital death. Okay. Well, it's nice to know. I mean, if you're counting dead people, well, yeah. How many people die a year in the United States? 3 million. Remember? Still out? Still 3 million die. All right. And anyway, amidst all of this, amidst multiple vaccines, amidst all of these things, people opening up. Are the schools gonna open up? I don't think so. Are they still pushing back with the with the teachers union.
John: The teachers union is keeping it from happening. But there's a lot of private schools that have opened up and there's a lot of smaller schools that have opened up their schools that have opened up here and there. It's not being tracked much because it keeps the teachers unions try to keep a lid on that. I don't know. The whole thing is befuddling to me, because here you know, they finally let the people eat outside again after do trying to put everyone out of business. And then Meanwhile, in Florida, and in Texas and your neighborhood, everyone's just as normal were last
Adam: night the keeper and I went out to dinner, little date.
John: Saturday night did you go into into an indoor restaurant?
Adam: Yes. In fact, we went to the same restaurant we went to the minute we were allowed to eat after the initial two week lockdown, which was the launch and when the launch? Yeah, April, April. Yeah, the Lonesome Dove. And now they still have less capacity of tables, I would say. But it's it's probably 75% lots of people in the restaurant. The city was buzzing. It was we didn't we've had to hunt around for parking spot the big differences. Austin is open. Now I don't think and the gay street on fourth. Holy moly. They got the lights blaring every every every every dance club is open. It's open for business. We are the super spreader city of the South. Hey.
John: The entire state of Florida has been that way for quite some time. Yeah, I think they and Horowitz grouses about it.
Adam: I'm not. I'm not. He doesn't grouse about it. He's happy to get out. I made the mistake the other day when I was talking to him saying, so you get in the vaccine. You seem like a guy. I'll get the vaccine. He's like, What do you mean?
John: Sorry? No. Oh, very defensive.
Adam: Well, he had COVID. So it doesn't need the vaccine or
John: COVID what are the vaccine after getting it? That means the vaccines no good.
Adam: Now didn't let's just switch gears. I think we've done enough on the COVID now it's nice to do an hour about this. That's all it takes really COVID debunk all this crap. Sorry.
John: COVID pays the bills.
Unknown: Now.
Adam: I think a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I've been working with a lot of these, a lot of the Bitcoin people who are predominantly men 25 to 30 years old, and I was trying to come up with a name for them, but they are pretty much the millennials. I mean, that is it is a section of millennials who are breakout. And I believe this and I and I want to help the millennials reclaim their name and turn it into a positive because when we say that millennials it's kind of derogatory
John: last night as far as I'm concerned, but if you feel that way, we they feel that way. Yeah, no, yeah.
Adam: When you save millennials, it's kind of like saying the gays it's it's just seen as like, Hey, who you know, it's like when someone calls you boomers the same thing as a boomer.
John: Now I am a common.
Adam: What's not common?
John: I've never been I think I've been called a boomer once.
Adam: You need to get out more.
John: I can get out Nick. Just not that people. Oh, there goes one. Anyway, it's not about you.
Adam: So the This group has, I think we've witnessed a historic moment kind of like an outbreak of sanity we've been now we've had many millennial producers on the show were fantastic. And some of them have been listening all throughout their all throughout their puberty into adulthood. So we know that this is not it's not really a generalized thing, but we have Over, under informed and over socialized people out there. And that moves more into the Zoomers. But now we have this, this very specific age group, which I've been delighted to be working with. And I and I know I told you about, you know why they're in Bitcoin is because they feel they've been screwed by the system since their birth, you know, mourn during the Gulf War, then 911, that must have been pretty confusing. When you're eight years old, anthrax, then we invade the wrong country, then the big 2008, where they saw their parents, everyone, you know, everyone lost jobs, lost houses, the real financial hardship, which never really was fixed, and then we fast forward, we're in the corona shutdown. So there's a group of an age group that is pissed about what what they would presume their parents or the boomers or whatever have done. And this is, I think, what has happened with this GameStop, which is not over is they've actually done the impossible. They've united themselves collectively. And united a little bit of America. I don't think there's a single person who isn't well, no, there are the
the Wall Street guys, but in general, I think the whole world is kind of thinking. Yeah, it gives a crap get those guys, would you agree? everyone's kind of liking this.
John: I, you know, I'm so detached from it. Like the least of the things I work on, or even care about is this GameStop story. And it's a To me, it's something we don't talk about much on the show anymore. It's something of the distraction of the week.
Adam: I disagree.
John: And I've, obviously
Adam: Well, I've spoken to a lot of people since our last show, and I wanted to give you my report, and let's see if we can come up with something. First, it didn't take very long, as I think we discussed on the last episode didn't take very long for the mainstream media to call them exactly what we thought they call them. The reason the market is
John: doing what is doing is people are sitting at home getting the protection of government. Okay, and this fair share is a bullshit
Adam: concept. It's just a way of attacking wealthy people.
John: And you know, I
Adam: think it's inappropriate. We're all going to work together and pumped together. That's just random CNBC. Sounds like someone's angry. Oh, they're going after rich people. Oh, no. Here's the former sec Commissioner. What's her name? Her name is Laura Unger,
Unknown: it really puts a lot of question about the integrity of the market. Right? And it really kind of everybody's scratching their heads over this. What what should happen? What what is the right thing to do to control this or stop this?
Not unlike what we saw on January 6, at the Capitol, right? If you don't have the right in there, at the right time, things go a little crazy. And that's kind of feels like what's happening with this much different, much lesser degree, it's
financial harm, not personal bodily harm.
But But certainly, that's the same kind of, you know, platform created frenzy, that that people are operating under. And these are, these are very trying times,
Adam: very trying times. So this is the same people at the capital, you know, and if you look around you, you'll stumble pretty quickly on. These are the insurrectionists these are the terrorists, these are Trump supporters, these are Nazis, they hate the Jews, you know, it's all these stories start to flow together. But there's something completely different going on. And to the to the man, I don't know any women in this, but to the man who have participated in this. They, they have kind of mean themselves into into a place where their whole media lives have influenced this moment, particularly with the memes. And I would say that most people who are involved in this game stop short and it's and it's a lot more it's the AMC, in fact, I think there's now 50 companies who may possibly be targeted for a short squeeze. They understand that as long as they don't sell, then eventually, you know, it's like the Mexican standoff. Eventually Someone has to give and you're looking at several hedge fund companies who may be, you know, down anywhere, I've heard wild estimations from 5 billion to 77 0 billion. And collectively, there may be six or 7 million of the of the millennials who are holding on to maybe Yeah, what they say I got my steamy check, I put my $600 in and they will take the loss. This is what people understand. They will never sell this they will take the loss. They they feel this is their stand. The means are everything from Braveheart. To Game
of Thrones. This was I thought this was the most explanatory meme. If you've never seen lemons or Abla Well, this song is exactly what they're talking about, go to the barricade stand, we'll never put down we'll never, we will never give up the fight. And this is the scene where they're all singing. The song of angry men. These are memes going around and my favorite is the actual instruction manual how to screw over the bankers from the 1980 film Trading Places with Eddie Murphy. margin call gentlemen. You can't expect us to know the rules of the exchange, Mr. Duke all accounts to be settled at the end of
Unknown: the day's trading. Without exception,
you know perfectly well, we don't have $394 million in cash. I'm sorry boys. Put the Duke brothers seats on the exchange up for sale at once
Adam: seize all assets of Duke Energy commodities brokers, as well as little personal holdings. Randolph and Mortimer
Unknown: were wrong.
This is an outbreak
Adam: investigation.
Unknown: You can't sell our seats. A dog has been sitting on these exchanges was 500.
John: hours. Josh
Adam: Morley brothers night Well, we better call an ambulance
Unknown: to be reopened right now. Get those burgers back in here.
Adam: I don't know the depth of how far these shorts go. But when you have hedge funds, supporting other hedge funds with billions of dollars, and you see the share price is still way above closed above $300. This is not over and they will not sell they will die on their trades. They will not get rid of this. And it's something that I don't think most people understand. And I am loving this because this is what I think it's a logical follow on from the D platforming. I think you and I have somehow been a part of this, you have made a career of demeaning corporations and their overlords. And I think a lot of these people, this millennial generation might have grown up reading a back page or two that you wrote. Could be. So I think there's influence? And if so I'm super happy about it. But they figured out the game,
John: are you happy or super happy?
Adam: I'm super happy about it. Yes. Because this is this is change. And this has changed, not driven by political party, that that kind of a political, there's not really this what I mean by United, there's not a left or a right. I think there's a lot of Bernie supporters, I'm sure there's a lot of magga people. But even some of the kids I'm closer to who are definitely not, not even Bernie, they love it, they think it's fantastic. And then they will do they'll buy $300 worth to get one share just to be a part of it. And from what I understand, the next move is going to be silver, which is also a heavily manipulated market. And they may if if if they start buying up silver and demand physical delivery, which I think is the way they're trying to move that you could get pretty ugly. So Robin Hood is in the middle of this, which you and I've been warning since 2017, that it's a piece of crap. And it's stealing what we were saying at the time, is they're stealing kids weed and skateboard money, because they're not really giving you a spot on the on the trading floor there front and running it through. In fact, one of these hedge fund companies that is in trouble right now. So Robin Hood has financial issues in a it because they have all these people holding these shares. They have no liquidity. And so now this is what we'll see on Monday, where we thought Oh, yeah, it's just just a couple of things. No, no, they're gonna go and limit 50 stocks for the Robin
Hood trading platform. Hey, well, if
Unknown: Robin Hood again, limited the amount of shares that customers can buy for certain stocks, we've got a couple new names to add to that list. Beyond meet Starbucks. gms are not the names that we've been talking about. You think of GameStop for example, there are now 50 names in total on that list. I just spoke to Robin Hood, it's not entirely clear why they're adding names like Starbucks. They did say that this has to do with market volatility. They're monitoring monitoring stocks, by the name they're looking at each stock and seeing if it fits a certain criteria. We don't have a lot of detail on exactly what that is. They say though it is a fluid situation and they are up In their blog posts, but again, the list of restricted stocks now includes 50 names.
Adam: Just for everyone who's listening and from what I see in the troll room is not about trading. It's not about a market. People are posting Well, they're gonna lose their they're gonna lose everything. Yeah, that's the point they're prepared to. It's very interesting movement. I love following this. I'm really proud of what the millennials are doing. I'm on your side. Diamond hands, baby. Go for it. It's going all the way to the White House.
Unknown: Question. Apologies if you answered this, in response to Steve's question, but I just want to be clear here is do you anticipate President Biden to address the GameStop controversy when he meets with his economic team a little bit later this morning?
No, no.
addressing it publicly, me just talking about it with his team? Well,
the focus of the meeting is about the recovery plan about the status of vehicle economic recovery about obviously, the data that we saw yesterday. I'm sure they'll cover a range of topics during that meeting. But that's not the focus, right.
I know it's a big story, but
doesn't the you know, obviously, the our focus and our big story is getting the American people back to work.
Adam: I don't know if the fact that jen sockies brother works at Citadel was a portfolio manager would have anything to do with her dismissive attitude in the answering of that question, but she should perhaps recuse herself when it comes to this. She looks pretty foolish when she does that. thing. I have one more story about this from ABC.
Unknown: Oh, this market frenzy began when amateur traders banded together an online chat forums like Reddit to boost the stock of struggling video game retailer GameStop and overthrow Wall Street hedge funds who were shorting the stock betting that GameStop would fail. The amateur traders helped for sure, please
Adam: pay attention to the words we
Unknown: present, costing the hedge funds more than $5 billion. One hedge fund had to be bailed out by other firms, billionaire investor Leon Cooperman says pumping up stock prices like this amounts to playing with fire
is not going to end well when it ends. And the bigger question is, when
Adam: does it end,
Unknown: he went on to comment on the current market conditions. And those who claim billionaires aren't paying their fair share in taxes after raking in so much cash from these companies.
John: The reason the market is doing what he's doing is people are sitting at home getting checks from the government. Okay, and this
Unknown: concept is just a way of attacking wealthy people. And, you know, I think it's inappropriate. We're
all gonna work together and pull together. But Jamie
rogas Enki, who started the Reddit page, Wall Street bets says there's a reason his page has attracted millions of small time investors
Adam: make money, right? No, no, no. You're beating them at their own game. Yeah. So this is the type of report you'll see over and over again, it's not about money. Very funny Saturday Night Live. But now it's not about people walking around with with gold, diamond studded rolexes. That's not what this is about. So I want you to know that this Gen extra with Boomer tendency rising is on the side of this. I'd love this. And I understand why you didn't why you say you said you know you're far away from it. But man, I just kind of stumbled into this. And I'm glad I did. And it's not about the trading. It's about screwing Wall Street as hard as they can. And I think we might be at that time. In the internet's evolution. It's obviously not going to be Reddit. But there's so many places the millennials have learned to organize and they're showing their teeth. This is just the beginning.
John: Well, one of the names you mentioned earlier, Braveheart?
Adam: Mm hmm.
John: We know how that ended.
Adam: Yes, but that's they're not in it to win the money. That's my point,
John: obviously. And that's the way it's gonna end. They're gonna lose their asses.
Adam: Yeah, but will they collectively? Huh? We'll see you we'll
John: just throw money away. I mean, I think that's fine. I don't know that it's a wise thing to do. There's other things to do with your time. Okay, so I've lol Z's laws about this whole thing. Yeah, you know, okay, so I've run up the stock, and I've screwed this hedge fund guy don't like, and nobody likes to hedge fund guys. And fantastic. I think if you were to put your money toward feeding the homeless, it would have been a better investment personally, but okay. Knock yourself out.
Adam: All right. I'm just identifying this as the beginning of something very big. Well, we'll see. Yes, very, very big. I'm excited about it. Because, yeah, you
John: think it's a kick? No, I
Adam: think I think this is game changing. I think it's game changing for as much as everyone bullshit and moans and groans about Wall Street and how they've been ripping us off a bunch of people a nice group decided to do something about it. And yeah, they didn't have anything better to do. They've been home for 10 months with no job. And they came out of college probably with no prospect with a piece of paper and a $30,000 job waiting for him. Yeah, yeah, I think that's what happens. Big Data giant debt. That's what Yes. I think that's what happens when when you put all those elements together, and you give them the internet and you say, look, here's a bunch of memes to hype you up. Yeah. Yeah. And here's the instruction manual. In essence, you're building your own currency over there. You know how it works. So go ahead and screw those guys. Now. We'll see time this will be my beat. And I look forward to covering and returning the millennials to their positive name. Yeah,
John: well, you need this as a spirit need couple horns on your head.
Adam: If that's what it takes, I'm in.
John: Alright, well, we'll look forward to the next report. There's some great opportunities ahead for people who want to make money.
Adam: And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the see and I don't know, I can't see it from here, John Dvorak.
John: In the morning you Mr. Adam Curry and Mrs. Ship see booster graph eat near the wall, the dames and knights out there.
Adam: Well, in the morning to the troll room, we can find you trolls at no agenda hands up trolls. What do we got in the room here today? Let's find out. 2367 It's looking good trolls are trolling along. It's very busy in there. Good to see everybody. That's know agenda where you can listen to the live shows. The stream is 24 seven to sync, you know get synced up you in the chat room, the troll room you hear the stream, it could be just a show that's already been aired. But you're talking about that you're hanging out you're trolling with your other trolls is what you do. And during the live shows, it's cool feedback loop no agenda While it's still available, go and ask for an invite to the no agenda which is still open for those of you who have an invitation. It is our federated non algo ized social network, signal to noise is still great still looking at capping that off pretty soon as we approach 10,000 people and and we need to do more Federation. So if you're interested in building out this entire experience, please consider setting up a mastadon server and federating with us. And then I'd like to thank the artists for Episode 1316. We titled that one the mark of the mask. It was interesting to see the comments on the cover art, which was done by two in a row. Lotta lean, hit it twice. Brand new out of the gate two in a row. Very impressive. She did the no agenda COVID-19 numbers for Dummies. And invariably,
people like you guessed it comics or blogger will say that they stolen art. So maybe we should remain fairly young.
John: It was a dummies book for that I really,
Adam: maybe we should you explain the Fair Use concept again?
John: Yeah, fair use fair use when you have a work and that you've modified in such a way that it is not representative of the original work. It's just a parody. Or a satire of the original work, no matter what the original work is that becomes fair use. Thank you. Stolen art is where you lift an image and use it and maybe put the no agenda logo around it. But the image itself is stolen. And such as comic strip blogger once did with a Santa Claus image that he didn't draw.
Adam: I'm sorry, I brought it up.
John: So it's fine. Yes, we were very aware. We are very aware of limitations and we check on some art that we are suspicious of. And we can tell that some artists just obviously has been taken from the template for the dummies books. Yeah. But that's been done a million times by a million different people. It's a standard joke.
Adam: And it's it's low hanging fruit. We love it. That's why we go for it.
John: Well, I was kind of pushing this one warn you
Adam: because it's low hanging fruit.
John: No, it's because you know, your rationale is that we've used this gag before. Yeah. And I think we have but I can't think of what it was. But I think we have and probably will again someday Sure.
Adam: Let's see what else we had. We had the new anal swab test and that wasn't
Unknown: really on.
Adam: We don't want to do that. A lot of anal Schwab's, um, for some reason, I don't know what people seem to like that. We had. Yeah, there wasn't anything else. I think anything else really stood out. That
John: was it was a real Right as Actually, I was initially started. It was I think the comment by me was there's about 10 pieces that are used usable was really killer.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Well, we thank these artists we thank lots of lien especially since and Dred Scott for doing all the chapters. And using many more pieces of art throughout the show, you need to podcast in 2.0 app for that. There, there's more and more coming online ever since the Big D platforming. It's possible that your favorite podcast app has added these capabilities overnight. If you want to see him new podcast And again, thank you multiline. And no agenda Art is where you can participate in this bi weekly or twice weekly competition, where we will gladly gladly review your art and tell you why we didn't pick it 10 we'll also tell people why we picked the one that we did. That's just part of our value for value model where we asked for people to evaluate how much value they get from the show, and then paid it back to us in time, your talent or your treasure. We love handing out the official titles at the beginning of the show for our top producers. In the treasure realm. Here are the executive producers and associate executive producers for Episode 1317 of the no agenda show. And before we get to that, I do want to mention that sir Harry pilgrim wants to wish his wife a happy 30th anniversary. Oh,
John: this is smokin hot redhead wife. Oh, hello. So I've met
Adam: I think I've met him and his wife. I've known
John: Fredericksburg. Yeah,
Adam: exactly. I know I met them. And on the first tour years ago gosh, it must be must be almost 11 years ago, years ago 11 years and we and we never had a fight. Love it.
John: Never had a fight. Never have fights with redheads No. Less let's thank a few people starting with Tony Cabrera. 1100 $73.41 greetings from the no agenda shop Oh another shop donation. Oh they're rolling in dough.
Adam: This is big.
John: Really big close you'll find your finder's fee for delivering the best podcast in the universe expect some fashionable no agenda double up face masks in the mail very soon. Until then, and Obama sucking in such an A Dr. Fauci wheeze is all I ask in return.
Adam: Well, that is so so little to to ask. We really appreciate it. Hold on. Let me get the weeds here. The weeds is a big one today people loving the weeds sucking in such a good one. It works. It sure does.
John: God he Tommy in Minnesota nuts. $100,000. from St. Paul. Holy moly. He wrote a note in and sent in a check encloses a donation of $1,000.01. Extra penny for the jar. Oh, thank you. And it has been running out. Yeah, we'll commence with the de deucing. You've been de deuced he would like pork chops and jalapeno poppers at the roundtable to be known henceforth and to be known henceforth as sir go low. It's a golf thing.
Adam: I didn't have that request. I got to put that in his pork chops and jalapeno poppers.
John: Yeah. Okay. Karma is much needed and greatly appreciated. I'd also love to hear Victoria Nuland say, f the EU. Thank you for your courage.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Tommy has a spectacular signature. I just thought I'd mentioned that. Get to see it. It's quite good. It's quite. It's just gorgeous. Bunch of scribbles but it looks terrific. Frank. Mont will in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 764 20. If my accounting is correct, this brings me to knighthood. Please name me sir. Broken Glass of the not so grand exit. Thanks to everyone at the Green Bay meetup.
Adam: Excellent. We'll be ready for you Frank. Yes, he did. He did the number right on the button right on the nose. Perfect.
John: Nailed it. So Dave Ferguson is heartland and they Arabian peninsula is
Adam: still locked up because he's still
John: 343 43 some code there.
Adam: 345 43
John: I'm sorry, at long last he says, assuming no further changes due to the pestilence COVID I'm heading back oh no and I stayed very short sojourn to see my dames. At this point. It has been 17 years, 437 days, 33 hours and 33 minutes exactly, since we last saw each other but who's counting? No one. How I do miss them, he writes, I shall be returning by tramp steamer, obliged to work my passage by manning the bilge pumps, by embarking Jeddah at hij port and travel northward through the Suez Canal. We stopped at Alexandria to see the wonders of the library before heading westward to the pillars of Hercules and the long sail across the winter across the Atlantic. Upon debarking, in New York City, a fleet footed steam locomotive shell conveyed me to the Heartland. I do hope that the locomotive has the majestic horn to which to listen. Or perhaps I'll fly. Terrible carrier travel karma, please await too many opportunities for de relia. Let's make this work.
Adam: Yeah. Real karma for you this time, man. It's been five times he's tried to get back in the past year and it's been quite a while since they've been separated. And oh, yeah, I hear the horn. Oh, my God.
Yeah, he will heal me. He'll make it I think this is this is the time this is the one he gets back.
John: Yeah, I think so. lawsuits and Sue, Richard Mitch Mitch 3334. I don't have a note from him. I don't have a city for him. Hi, john. And Adam. Please consider this advertising for the show. And our first producer ship. We appreciate the shout out as the best manufacturer in the universe. No jingles. But please de de-douche and past karma our way by fizz dog
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John: Reading the note.
Adam: You're welcome. We're happy to do it. Alright, deducing first as a demand
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John: JOHN walldorf. Next on the list from Harris, Minnesota 333 33. And he has no note but thank you for the donation. If you have a note. Let us know. Alex Loesch and by the way, John's written before so he could have said something man but I didn't see anything. December I think I got a note from Alex Loesch. Same thing he's written in a number of times, but not this time. $333 sir Stephen 333. In the morning, I'm donating on behalf of my sister Barb works burger. Please give her the credit. Okay, make a note of that. Yep. Line nine. Give her the credit and a deducing
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Adam: I'm just I'm stacking SATs here stacking,
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Adam: Yes, that would change things wouldn't it?
John: And by the way, when you say that to skull is actually referring to that
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capacity all year social distancing is of course a joke and just sardine can breaking even It's the new American dream I guess. Just got the news last week that there will be no raises this year. Anyway. Happy to answer a train questions if you have them. Love My new hidden hoodie and coffee mug. Am I sad that my son got me for Christmas? I presume you got from no agenda with your logo on it. Hopefully I got this note in time for Sunday show. Yes, definitely. Now what was the what I didn't have set up was trains good Blaine's bad and what's the other thing you wanted here? jobs?
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.
John: pronunciation of that little town is scrim
Adam: did I say? Did I say swim? swim squish that
John: kind of Sequim?
Adam: Well no, I started to say that and then says squib.
John: Let people say it on they say it on TV shows they getting paid actual money. And they say they'll say sequin Yeah. Well. My mother in law used to call it that.
Adam: That would be some people. Yes. I think she falls under some people.
Unknown: Moving to the nation.
Adam: We have live
John: to 4033 from Ventura, Ventura, California. Hi guys. I've been listening to every episode since Adams first Jr. appearance. I love you guys so much. Thank you for your courage and keeping my amygdala inflamed or in gorged unengaged that was or keep it from being good gorge. Okay, this is my first of many donations please de-douche me
Unknown: you've been de douche.
John: I've hit my co worker Josh in the mouth a bit back he started as a captive audience riding shotgun in the work truck and has himself become captivated in turn hitting other people in the mouth despite this he is not donated yet please call him out as a douchebag I'll keep this short. keep this short out of love and respect jingles Obama you might die little girl Yay. I've got ants and TPP jobs karma for everyone who needs it Gabriel from the beautiful Santa bueno than San Buenaventura, California by E
Adam: All right, man, we need a shorter version of answers well karma
John: I like the idea of using the I got ancing as kind of a as a bed
Adam: as an opening bed. Yeah, I tried to tell ya time that a bit
John: cute very cute. Very
Adam: cute thing too tight for the market to
John: redo it live.
Adam: That's right.
John: You haven't bloemen does it live is in Coleman's hatch East Sussex Uk 23456. I think it's enough might be blooming.
Adam: I don't think it's blow man. I think it's blooming.
John: blooming but it's spelled below man on here with a yellow e Oh. That's blooming Bowman. Probably bloemen ITM men just getting used to your lingo started listening. Yes, we have lingo lingo we got. We got lingo started listening to you after asking myself what all the fuss is about the Joe Rogan show? That was the first and last jr episode. And it launched me straight into the no agenda show. Well, that's a coincidence. He listens to Rogan once. Boom, it catches your atom boom. When Adam was on my favorite podcast THC with Greg,
Adam: the higher side chat.
John: newest it's time to send you some of my treasure. Your show is accompany me my drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and our little one across Europe as we made our long journey from Bo Joe's house arrest UK to the current more free Kingdom of meat Bali as Sweden, where she's from. Wow. She says that listening to the no agenda shows like listening to emojis for three hours. So sadly, she'll always be a douchebag.
Adam: That's not true. Stick with it.
John: Like that D douchey thing that I do.
Adam: Yeah, if you don't mind.
Unknown: You've been
John: bleep please play that woman saying that's true. I don't have a clue who she is. But she always has a calming effect on me. I hope she reads audio books somewhere. I would listen to those.
Adam: Oh my goodness. He needs an education. JOHN, this is your These are your chicks. What is the name again?
John: You know, I've finished his note first. Finally, is my birthday on Groundhog Day. 43. So please add me to the list. So today was Groundhog Day. Is that right? He doing what you're doing?
Adam: Thank you. Is that today?
John: Well, we missed an opportunity. Well,
Adam: yes. For those who are new to the program, I do have a one minute explanatory clip they are known as the angelic initiative. They speak and communicate with the higher power. River of consciousness. Yeah, and it's a mother daughter combo. And here's what it sounds like.
Unknown: You know, it's one of the really sad things about all this now. Let's see two comments that we read. It seems like people just don't care what's true or what's real. what's actually going on and they don't care at all. Because upstairs could tell them exactly what's going on. Yeah. And tell it to them in a way that's relatable and clear. Yeah, and relevant to their own personal life very relevant. And the people just wouldn't want to listen to it. They don't want to hear it. And it's such a bummer for them. I don't want to do it and you can't make me want to listen. And it's really weird it I think it's actually better this latest crew because they acknowledge that there is a God and the first crew was arguing that God's a scam, which was That's true.
Adam: There it is.
Unknown: I don't even know where you start with that. In this latest crew, they at least know there's a God I seem to be onboard that there is a higher powers, but then it all breaks down because they don't seem to care about reality. Reality matters. It does matter. Yes. Well, I'm
Adam: glad we did that. Now. You're up to speed on the riveting work of the angelic initiative, who advised us great, great fortune in 2019.
John: Yeah, I discovered them looking for the white alternative to diamond and silk. And this is the best I could do.
Adam: So yes, so if you feel calming, that's right. Because that's how it's supposed to work. That's true. Beautiful.
John: Jeffrey L. Elisha, Jeffrey Alicia. That's where I would have pronounced it. Bethlehem Pennsylvania. 225. Goat karma, please.
Unknown: You've got
John: Rachel Adler comes in from Punta Gorda, Florida. To 1120 the Frauen I have been listening since Adams Rogan episode ding ding Dee Rogan eyes I have they are very generous people they are needed deducing
Adam: that we got that
Unknown: you've been reduced. I realized
John: that the wife's favorite number combo equals 33. Eu request how selling karma and China is asshole. And that's true. Again. coincidence. And that's true for jingles. Wish I could tell you all the reasons.
Adam: Yeah, I think we know what you're talking about.
Unknown: You've got
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you know since you keep opening Pabst Blue Ribbon on the show. I figured we get a couple of
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Adam: Okay, so now I have it and it's only 30 seconds. But why? Why would you be like, Oh man, I really really want to hear Soros talking about how he loved being a Nazi as a kid.
John: It's just interesting. It's very funny.
Adam: It's a good clip
John: he wants to jobs, jobs and moving car my wife and I are both seeking alternative Alternative employment hopefully in the Houston area as we're planning on escaping the state formerly known as Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Yes.
Adam: Not allowed to say anymore. It's been changed.
John: You're gonna love it in Houston. Yeah, by trade. We're both marketers, myself forging my own portfolio as a moonlighting copywriter for the past half decade. Given John's status as an elite writer, journalist and archivist, I suspect his swipe file is a treasure the likes no one has ever known. Any chance he can share some poignant examples on no agenda social?
Adam: What is a what is the swipe file?
John: I don't know. No agenda social I it's something that they some reference to some Bakkies, marketing tourism Becky's marketing term. stuff I've collected accumulated. I used to the early days and no agenda social I used to inundate them with these posts of the craziest shit I've collected. I'll do it again once in a while. He is pen optic going on at pen optic and on the agenda social so say hi to him soon to be hopefully sure pen optic in by the end of the year. Note is already too long. Yeah. Not really. But it's not short either. Okay, thanks. People knew about this sort of I got
Adam: it here. I got it here. Listen, listen
Unknown: closely. He was actually probably the happiest years of my life. That year of German occupation. For me, it's a very positive experience. It's a strange thing. To see incredible suffering around you. And in fact, you are ever you're in considerable danger yourself. But you're 14 years old and you don't believe that it can actually touch you. You have a belief in yourself. You have belief in your father. It's a very happy making exhilarating experience. Donald loves netsy
loves Nazis.
You've got karma.
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Unknown: is this. We go out for your people in the mouth. I
Adam: got a little Lud Davos douchebags report.
John: Whoo Davos douchebag.
Adam: Yes, the Davos douchebags their week is on. It's a lot more fun
John: than previous years. That's because they've gone completely nuts.
Adam: They've gone completely nuts. They're completely virtual. So you don't no longer do you have to have CNBC on all day to catch the do an interview with one of these elites. And then you have to wait for the other stage conference. Now. It's all packaged together. It's all done on online, you can get the videos really easily and they've done something very dumb. But it's fun for us is they have hired youtubers to create the daily Davos magazine. You've got like, and I don't like I just took one example of this from the first day and I will do the next day's myself with a couple of quick clips. But yeah, so they have YouTubers and they're paying them to go Hi guys, look what's going on. Well check this out.
Unknown: The Davos daily
your go to source for the biggest highlights of the Davos agenda
Adam: for waging war on our nation and destroying our life support system.
Unknown: And actually striking back
there is a very strong awareness by people that
climate change is an issue that must be
dealt with as much priority unions already knew the process we face before the pandemic, the climate emergency historical levels of inequality driving exclusion, anger into senior
and COVID-19 be.
So we've got choices now will
people be at the forefront with their environment of a new social contract? Or will we say business as usual. So
this week is very important.
with you if you're like me, sometimes hearing all this stuff can feel overwhelming
and you don't
know what to do. But the thing is, if we come together, we can all do something. It's so important now more than ever to pay attention and to
Adam: feel like me, you found that a very unhelpful report and why in God's name, they think this is going to motivate anybody or further the Davos agenda is beyond me. So the drugs were involved? I think so. So I've broken up one of these dumb reports just to give you the quick sound bites and tell you who they are. So you get an idea of what the agenda is, as we start with the party planner himself, Klaus Schwab.
Unknown: He's saying we have to apply now on a global level. As long as everybody's vaccinated, nobody will be safe.
Adam: Okay, just so you know, the message is as as long as not as long as we don't have every single person vaccinated. Nobody is safe. And Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, he knows what's up. We're in an arms race on an arms race between vaccination and mutation. There are more mutations, they'll be more mutations in the future. This is literally all I have these people. The practice Obviously all kinds of problems with with with fake news and the press. This is on the Davos agenda.
Unknown: Two enemies here two conflicting pressures on passing this moment. It's like the two, pandemic and there's populism. populism is coming this misinformation that's driving agendas that are singular in you, when we see all of this pressure that's happening on the press, and then we compound it. There is an information bankruptcy that we're experiencing
Adam: information bankruptcy, hmm. Let's bring in the prime minister of the Netherlands market. That's not looking good for the lowlands in terms of 14 million people worldwide, I'm not sure have access to enough food is number a second. Secondly, the various crises The world is faced with not just climate change and biodiversity. So we're all gonna starve. Thanks, Mark. Let's talk to the President of the European Union, the head honcho the new lady, the Nina bring version to vandelay. And she's concerned about American technology
Unknown: companies business model of online platforms has an impact, not only on free and fair competition, but also on our democracies, our security and on the quality of our information. And that is why we need to contain the immense power of the big digital companies
Adam: to communicate only the things that we want them to communicate. How can you do a conference like this? How can you have a Davos without bringing in the old GE the big man to kick it off what it's all really about? This is not about the pandemic people, you know what it's really about, we are now seeing a transition in the political world that may come to match the transition and technologies we've seen as in renewable electricity generation. We're seeing it in other sectors. And now in the political world, we saw major new commitments by the European Union by China by Japan by South Korea, and now the world appears to be close to a new alignment is going great. And if you need some star appeal mentioned who that was Al Gore, you didn't hear that was Al Gore.
John: I know I could hear was Al Gore. But it was, I have to say this. These guys are making a huge mistake putting out such shoddy sound horrible quality. It's it's and they've got music under everything. And then they get worse makes it worse. And then
Adam: yes. And then this final one, they brought in the celebrity power. And they gave him the authoritative echo that Iron Man deserves. I give you Robert Downey Jr.
Unknown: I'm here to accelerate groundbreaking technologies that are addressing this existential crisis.
John: And I want to open
Adam: up access. I want you to feel that and I want you to participate. Never watching one of his movies here.
John: is the only place to one character nowadays.
Adam: Yeah. Well, I'm not why, but a bunch of shills. So he's
John: the worst thing they've ever done. This is gonna ruin their whole reputation. It's because they're lost. They've lost the plot? I think
Adam: so. And I don't know who's producing it. That's the question who comes up with this as, as production ideas.
John: I'm going to mention something a little anecdote pleased about was once the Media Lab in MIT, which is kind of taken down the wrong way by Joey Ito after it was busted for being kind of kind of, but during the day where Nick Negroponte was running it, I got a tour of the thing, and without having to sign off on it because it was I was going there with the Hearst Corporation. I've told this story before, but they did it. They did a presentation on it on this one fact. And I always thought it was interesting, because people that you know, up until the very end, you don't kind of get it. They they did a study on video screens and they had these video screens. And they made people judge how sharp two screens were. And one screen had it was surrounded by normal sound and not as bad as what you just played. And the other was done by super high fidelity, really sharp dynamite sound. And without exception, the screens that had the dynamite sound, were always judged as being sharper and better and contrast everything in between. Yes, and they were identical screens.
Adam: If you any television, any good television program. A producer and certainly editors will know, it's all about the audio you can have really, I mean, reality shows, you can have the crappiest video as long as the sound is good. That's that. I think that's 70% of the whole battle right there.
John: Yes. And this is fairly well known, apparently. And I said the word right to first time today, maybe not. Davos doesn't know this fact.
Adam: No, well, if you if you give if you give all your raw material to YouTubers, and you say put it together, yeah, I mean, it's the same thing as the doctor cat videos. They've got the dumb shits from the World Health Organization. They trained them at the UN. They gave him a jackets and hoodies and they said, oh, we're team Halo. And they go out there and they and they talk crap on Tick Tock. This is this is you remember back in the day one? Well, let's see when when YouTube first. Even a little bit before that, as YouTube was just coming up. I think we had I don't know when the phenomenon started. But I think I still had my, my, my, I was still at the big company, I think new ideas and clients, big clients would come up and then have meetings that Okay, here's what we want from you guys. We want a viral video.
John: Yeah. Do you remember that old joke? way back, but
Unknown: he did that. It's not a joke. It happened. People would know I'm saying
John: people actually I said that people actually did that they would ask for a viral video. Yeah. Not understanding that. You can't do that.
Adam: Well, if you're YouTube, you can I give you Kony 2012. But yeah, in general, you can't do it. I think that's why the advertising agencies got bypassed. And the big brands just went straight to YouTube and said, Give me a viral video and YouTube went okay. Don't you think?
John: I don't know, the whole idea of, it's just, it's back to Davos is, at play.
Adam: We knew that. We knew that no way did that Kony 2012 video get 100 million views over now
John: it was a fail where somebody busted the algorithm. You know, there was a
Adam: someone tracked the likes and dislikes on YouTube for the White House page. And if you look at the grass, it's fantastic. You can see that they chopped the dislikes, the guy had a computer script, it will go in every 80 seconds, he would get the number from the YouTube page of the likes versus the dislikes. And you see a typical curve of the likes much larger than the dislikes. But as the dislikes come up, all of a sudden, it's chopped down and it just goes into a sawtooth almost a flatline with a sawtooth completely inconsistent with the likes. So they are, from what I can tell if you look at the graphs, they are rigging the numbers of the dislikes on the White House YouTube page, as if somehow when they're actually when their customers say when they're on they're not their customer. But when their users say, Oh, we don't like this and they hit the thumbs down. Someone is so maniacal or we can't have that we have to stop that. It could be me maybe 2% could be thumbs down. We've got to stop it. And they do this. And people believe in these numbers. That's always the amazing thing to me. Really, that's what you think your numbers are? Who knows?
John: Yeah, well diccon Kony 22. Whatever it was 2012 was the best example of all his bullcrap. Following
Adam: on your joy Ito from the from MIT. I don't want to connect this to him. But former CBS News Executive Producer Craig Unger has been out on a couple of podcasts. And he swears that he has seen Epstein tapes from the confiscated DVDs or VHS tape or DVD. And he and why not? He claims that there's this footage I think of Trump with two young ladies and he's got a stain on his pants. It's pretty rank Have a listen. He was showing around a photo of Trump with two young girls who were half naked and there was sort of an embarrassing stain on Trump's trousers.
John: You know, that was suggestive day I got the impression we showing that photo around that there was an implicit threat, that he may have dirt on Donald Trump and he may pull the plug if necessary, but he never did
Unknown: today, even though they had videotapes of everybody they claimed the delaine and Jeffrey Epstein claimed is that potentially some of the compromise that
Russia has or
John: that begins brings up the saga of john Mark Dougan, who was in the Palm Beach Sheriff's Department when they were investigating Epstein around 2005 and one of the investigators could see the pressure coming down on the investigation. So he gave a small vault to doogan for safekeeping
Unknown: that contained googan told me 478 DVDs that were apparently a
sexual compromise.
Adam: I'm gonna miss President Trump. Why can't they find anything on somebody else? It's always
John: it's always Trump has always
Adam: been, but they have proof that tapes exist. So all
Unknown: those tapes of famous people, including possibly possibly, Donald Trump, is sitting there and in some way in Putin's orbit to the Kremlin. By the
John: way, I showed me one, and I should say it was black and white, very grainy. He I'm not gonna say the name he identified the man or shut he did not wait, stop. He identified Trump. Now he's not gonna say the name of this other person.
Adam: Oh, why do that? Why do that?
John: Not gonna say the name.
Adam: No, no, no, can't do that. No, no, that'd be wrong.
John: I'm not gonna say the name. He identified the manner Shetty did. I could not confirm that identity. But it was an executive in New York who made a lot of money but wouldn't really excited. His name wouldn't excite a lot of people.
Adam: Okay, so Putin apparently has the goods. He has the 487 tapes house Putin's relationship with the President Joe Biden. And now Putin's fifth us presidency.
Unknown: He was one of the last World leaders to acknowledge Biden won the election, as Biden vows to be tough on Russia. The two spoke for the first time since the inauguration, and were told that they discussed arms control and Ukraine and a number of other topics. But for a preview of what to expect over the next four years. Here's one quote to keep in mind in Evan Osnos is Biden biography. Biden described a meeting that he had with food and well in Russia back in 2011, quote, Mr. Prime Minister, I'm looking into your eyes, and I don't think you have a soul. And he looked back at me and he smiled, and he said, we understand one another.
John: bull crap story,
Adam: CNN, man, what are you gonna do? That's all they got. So they got so this purge is still ongoing. If you've been following. I think you were the first one to introduce us to Marjorie Taylor green.
John: Marjorie Taylor green, I believe so. And
Adam: now. So I've been seeing this, this, this story going around, which came up last night, about her claiming that the California wildfires were set by Jewish space lasers. Is this how you've heard it as well? No.
John: It's interesting.
Adam: Well, this is the headline of the Jewish space lasers. Let me see if I have a
John: really more up your alley.
Adam: Well, yeah, that's why I looked at it. And well, okay, so last night, Saturday Night Live took it to a next new level. I I didn't see it. I only got a couple pings this morning. So I just took the beginning. And it's a dumb talk show. Where What's her name? Kate McKinnon is interviewing different people from the last few weeks. And she's she's got a game A Game Stop shorter, which of course, is completely misrepresented. But she starts off with Marjorie Taylor green. And even though it's meant as humorous, if you listen to what she's saying, This is precisely what is being printed in mainstream publications and on cable news channels. And I'll read you what she's actually said. But let's hear Saturday Night Live. So it It sounds like a joke. But this is being said over everywhere in especially msnbc.
Unknown: Our first topic is government and already I have my doubts. Joining us is a Congresswoman from Georgia who has been promoting Q and on conspiracy theories.
Please welcome Marjorie Taylor green.
Thank you. I'm Congresswoman green, hard to
say those words together. What are some of the theories you believe in and have been promoting?
How much time you got for you very little.
first off, I believe the Parkland shooting was the hoax. The teachers were actors and the children were dolls. I believe 911 was a hoax. Did anyone actually see it happen? My support But they should physically murder Nancy Pelosi. She's this lady I work with. And this is a new one that just came out. I think that the California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers.
Their lasers in space that cause wildfires and the lasers identify as Jewish.
And as a real things you believe and tell other people about and you're a US representative.
You represent the US. People can Google you and it'll say shy so
Adam: you get the idea. And it wasn't very funny. You can hear people aren't really even laughing. They In fact, they cheered Pete Davidson, who showed up as the GameStop kid, which I think was the opposite of the intent. But here's what she wrote in November 17 2018. Marjorie Taylor green, who is a freshman in the House of Representatives, she's not been in office before. So this is now three years ago, 1922 two years ago. And this is what she posted. As there are now over 70 people confirmed dead and over 1000 missing the fires in California are her a horrific tragedy. I'm praying for all involved. I'm posting this in speculation because there are too many coincidences to ignore and just putting it out there for some research. I've done stemming from my curiosity over PG and E stocks, which tanked all week then rallied Thursday night after California officials announced they would not let pg&e fail. I find it very interesting that Roger Kimball, who's on the board of directors of PGE is also vice chairman of Rothschild, Inc, international investment banking firm. This it she never says Jewish but saying he's the vice chairman of Rothschild, Inc. international investment banking firm, I think is enough. I also find interesting a long history of financial contributions that pg&e has made to Jerry Brown over the years and millions spent in lobbying. What a coincidence. It must be the Governor Brown signed a bill in September of 2018, protecting pg&e
allowing pg&e to pass off its cost of five responsibility to its customers in rake heights, and through bonds. It must also be a coincidence. We've talked about this, that the fires are burning in the same projected areas as the $77 billion high speed rail project is to be built, which also happens to be governor Browns pet project. And what are the odds that Feinstein's husband Richard Blum is the contractor on the rail project Geez, with that much money, we could build three US border, Southern southern border walls, then oddly, there are all these people who have said they saw what looked like lasers or blue beams of light causing the fires and they have pictures and videos. I don't know anything about it. But I do find it really curious. That PG knees partnership with solarin is about space solar space solar generators starting back in 2009. They announced the launch into space in March 2018. And maybe even put, put them up before that space. Solar generators collect the sun's energy and then beam it back to Earth to a transmitter to convert to electricity. The idea is to make clean energy to replace coal and oil. If they're beaming the sun's energy back to Earth. I'm sure they wouldn't ever miss a transmitter receiving station, right? I mean, mistakes are never made when anything new was invented. Could that have caused the fire? I don't know. I hope not. So what she doesn't say is Jewish lasers from outer space. And this is now mainstream news and
admit and being made fun of and Saturday Night Live went as far as I can tell. She never actually said that. And okay, the space lasers, I can see where you get the
Unknown: space lasers.
Adam: But to throw in the Jewish thing. You're just an asshole. You're a fucking asshole. I'm sorry at Pitt. That makes me so mad when people do that kind of stuff. To make her an anti Semite,
Unknown: and this is the result. We're taking a very we're taking a scalpel when it comes to the resolution that we're putting forward to the onto the floor. We're gonna be very careful on what why we're saying we're asking her to be expelled.
I believe it's because of political violence. She
Adam: instigated on January 6, the direct threats to other members lines that she's done on social media, and I know it's not been during her time in office. She wasn't even in office yet. Representative Jimmy Gomez, so they've got to throw around
John: actually a ways off.
Adam: Yeah. You know, she's very, very dangerous, so dangerous. That Ilan Omar. The squad wants her booted out.
Unknown: It should be in Congress. Should the Republican Party not be the ones leading to a move?
They should be this person, as you've stated is dangerous and violent. She's not only Post, what many of us would would consider a threat against myself and many of my colleagues, but she's harassed. You know, people who have survived violence children who have survived violence and has lied about the deaths of so many children, and it's really victimizing their families. And, you know, this is not somebody that should be in office. You know, someone said yesterday, instead of being in Congress, this person needs to be on a watch list. And if the republican party and its leadership, it's not not going to do the work of removing her from Congress, we must do it.
Adam: Have you ever in your, in your life, do you Can you recall this taking place in the in the West Congress?
John: Well, the closest is Al Franken getting hounded out of his job as a senator.
Unknown: Yeah.
John: No, I can't think of any instances. I'm sure there's some that go back in history. Maybe not.
Adam: Right. But this is rampant. And that just like, like, she's like this horrible person? I don't know. I mean, she seems like a hard nose. Like she doesn't take any crap. But Geez.
John: Well, they're definitely out together. No doubt about that. I should j shed should make some at least mentioned this. The fires were in no way anywhere near where the High Speed Rail was supposed to go.
Adam: I know. We talked about that. Get that. But again, this is a post from her from 2018.
John: Yeah, let's go to three years ago. Yeah. So well, this and the stuff about Pelosi, who she didn't do that in the night in 1999, or something some way back a long time ago. What did she do? She said that Pelosi should be shot.
Adam: Yeah, that's some post. You can't just do that.
John: Well, she did it. In fact, probably for this, I have a couple old clips, just how bad day this is going to come back. By the way. What we were going to hear is going to happen again, in 1992, these eclipses in 1992. Congress was all in to an extreme on global warming. And they were going they had some conference came out of Brazil saying you have to do this, you have to do that. And it's mostly about agenda 21. And we're on board all the democrats is and it was being disrupted. And George HW Bush was president and he was kind of shining him on he wasn't really pushing back on it much. And so it got carried away. nothing came of this. But when you listen to this is enough to frighten you. This is Earth Summit 1992. This is the US Congress, from c span, that it should assume a strong leadership role and implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and
Adam: gossip. That by itself is a great little little nugget. How many times have we heard people saying that says the conspiracy theory or something like that? Yeah. And there it is right up front
Unknown: should assume a strong leadership role and implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement agenda 21
or summit agreements through domestic policy
and foreign policy by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment. And by supporting and participating in a high level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission. Pursuant to the rule, a gentleman from New York Mr. angle will be recognized for 20 minutes and the gentleman from Michigan Mr. Broomfield will be recognized for 20 minutes. Chair now recognizes the gentleman from New York.
Adam: Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume and asked leave to revise and extend my remarks. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of H Conrad's 353 expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States should assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Developing a national strategy to implement agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements to domestic policy and foreign policy by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment and by supporting and participating in a high level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission, as amended. I now yield to the gentlewoman from California, Miss Pelosi, the sponsor to explain the rest Lucian,
Unknown: the gentlewoman from California is recognized. I
thank the gentleman for yielding. And thank you Mr. Speaker. I thank the gentleman for yielding. In fact, it is a very simple resolution, which the gentleman has just mostly explained. I would Mr. Speaker like to take a moment to thank Chairman Patel and Mr. Broomfield, Mr. jatra and Mr. B Ryder, the chair and Ranking Member of the subcommittee and the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee for their assistance in expediting consideration of this legislation. The Earth Summit Environmental Leadership act, as this is known presents us with an opportunity to follow up on the important work of the Earth Summit to develop its blueprint agenda 21 for Environment Global Environmental Action. h con 353 outlines a comprehensive national strategy for sustainable development in accordance with the principles of agenda 21 to be coordinated under the leadership of a specific office and the direction of a high level government official. The resolution also urges the United States to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and to support the creation of a high level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission headed by an Undersecretary general. Third, and lastly, the President is urged to report to Congress on the progress made on the with this action h Congress 353 is supported by the administration, I have been in contact with the appropriate offices of the State Department and have incorporated their suggestions into the
resolution. The 71 co sponsors of this measure include one half the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee and all of the house delegates to the Earth Summit. It is also supported by the major United States, non governmental organizations concerned with environmental issues.
Adam: I did not know that there was so much discussion about agenda 2020 2021. And the Sustainable Development Goals in 1992. Yeah, wow. Now I'm going to give you you need a clip of the day for that. At minimum, where did you find that just out there?
John: Somebody clued me into it, and then I downloaded Nice. Yeah, this is part two, and they continue this conspiracy about agenda 21 and some of the things that were supposed to happen. And hw seems to have said, yeah, we should do all this new world order stuff.
Adam: Well, that he was the New World Order guy.
John: He was the New World Order guy. Yeah, the bushies.
Unknown: The Earth Summit presented world leaders with an opportunity that should not be lost. We must now embark on a new course that will sustain our planet, and its resources for the benefit of future generations. This resolution resolution calls on the United States to assert its leadership to achieve this goal. I urge my colleagues to support this resolution. Thanks again to the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee for the recognition of the importance and timeliness of this resolution. We make we must make the promise of Rio Rio a reality. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
John: time is expired. The gentleman from Mishra. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself this time as I need and I asked permission to revise and extend my remarks actually sort of the gentleman is recognized, Mr. Speaker, the I do support this resolution, which expresses the sense of Congress with respect to the implementing the decisions of the recent United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. And I do want to express and commend the gentlelady from California and Mrs. Pelosi for her sponsorship of this important resolution. Mr. Speaker, despite all of the criticism of the administration policy toward the HR summit, the fact is that the United States government made a very constructive contribution in Rio and in the talks that led to the meeting in Rio, largely as a result of the conference that they adopted four major items, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. The lengthy action plan referred to as agenda 21, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the non binding but authoritative principles for the management and conservation of force resources. In addition, the conference adopted the UN biodiversity convention, which the administration decided not to join at this time. And this was due to the tune to concerns about intellectual property, and also the decision making and funding mechanism. The administration has already made a good beginning in implementing the results of the conference. And during the talks
on climate, the administration pledged $75 million for related projects in developing countries, including the development of national plans, the President announced that the United States would have our own national plan on climate ready by the end of the year in order to start International consultations in January of 1993.
Adam: Geez, that's gold. Yeah, that's no gold right there, man. That's gold. I had no idea that agenda 21 2021 was was disgusting to that degree in open.
John: Yeah, you're all in and now Democrats and Republicans, you didn't hear anybody objecting to it?
Adam: No. And now if you even say agenda 21 is like a tinfoil hat man
John: will hit. It's like, just the way I see it. Yeah. Somehow the country dodged a bullet.
Adam: Yeah. Well, let's see if we can do the same with the latest from your friend Sarbanes. Who is the main sponsor introduced into the into committee? h r1. The for the people act of 2021. Have you seen this?
John: Yeah, we've both I think looked at it. I i've been reading it and realize it is not going to go anywhere. For one thing is 800 pages.
Adam: Yeah, well, that doesn't scare me. And well, no, I'm
John: saying it scares down. No one's gonna read it.
Adam: We're reading it.
John: We're not in Congress.
Adam: Well, yeah, you're right. Last time I checked.
John: I mean, you know, I can only drink so much.
Adam: here's the here's the question I have for you about so this is another one of these monster bills and whenever it's for the people act, you know, what's gonna happen is people are gonna get
John: not for the people. You're gonna get up your
Adam: ass is what you can. People hear it is. But it's it's its main sections that I've says seen so far. Is voting campaign finance and ethics. And I don't understand. they've they've written these hundreds of pages of voting rules, which I thought was, isn't that
John: completely decentralized to the States? It's supposed to be state that the states determine this. Yes. But this bill is probably unconstitutional.
Adam: That's what I was thinking. Yeah. It's like and, you know, provision of election information by electronic mail to individuals. clarification of requirement regarding esa information to show eligibility. It's like there will be you don't have to prove that you're voting. They're going to have mailing and you just wander up and vote. Yeah, you have Malin and with drop boxes all codified now into law. If anything like this would ever pass, which I don't think so. But there is fear. There is fear out there that
John: when you get to the back end of this bill, there's all this ethics stuff. They're gonna sign off on it to larious it's like you can't take a jet plane ride. You can't collect more than Oh, here's a good one that's in there. I forgot about this one. The if you cannot spend more than $50,000 of your own money on a campaign ever.
Adam: Oh, right. Okay.
John: So Bloomberg totally would have been illegal. Yeah. No, this this is this a dead? It's a dead I think it's some sort of virtue signaling or dress.
Adam: Well, they already
John: had something. Something's important about this bill, but I don't know what it is. Hmm.
Adam: Okay, well, that is alright. I like that stance. Well, we'll have to find out what is it about this bill? That's important for them not to pass it but maybe carve out one individual piece? For sure. I think they're coming after our money. How about that?
John: Oh, there's always that that's that's given
Unknown: by Joe nice to know agenda.
Imagine all the people who could do.
Adam: Oh, yeah, that'd be fun.
John: And we do have a few people to thank for show 1317 I believe
Adam: 1317
John: Mary and Roman. In New York City. 133 33. Charles Bennett and McCall Idaho 133 33. He's giving you a tip on something to look into. Sir Harry pilgrim, the bear massive
Adam: busy backing Harry's back for a double digit wide. No.
John: The other thing was is I gave him the right right right that we'd read. I read it earlier. Gotcha. But he wanted a bunch of other stuff that this is not happening. Sir JC the Schmid in Sugarloaf California 131 91. He does get some something. He needs a deducing or we can do that.
Unknown: Been de juiced.
John: He's got a white hot wife is her 30th birthday on the list. Now there's supposed to be a call out on here and I don't see it
Adam: a call out you say
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John: Craig in Glasgow, UK you want a one on one
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Adam: who is a Reaganite and says I love it. When you make fun of both sides of the political aisle. You're worth way more than $76 a year but that's all I got. No, that is your value, man.
John: So we're top value 76 is good. Yeah. Named after union 76 good gasoline is day. Nicholas brown stead in Chicago, Illinois. 6969 Jason back. Door Babcock in Henderson, Nevada. 6750 Todd edgell in Bedford, Texas. 6666. Jason Kaiser in Green Bay, Wisconsin go Packers hopes they lost a 606 he needs a de-douche he called his brother, Tim Kaiser and his wife Helga as douchebags.
Meanwhile, Alicia Keyser from also from Green Bay comes in with the same amount 606 somebody's got small boobs, and she needs to deducing. And she says thanks to my smokin hot husband Jason for punching me in the face. Nice. ish. Andrew Brown in london ontario fist 5678 Judy Schwartz and Bernie are Burn burn Texas. Love you john. She says that you 555 Bernie sir. Bernie, Bernie. Bernie, Bernie, Texas. Bernie Texas. Sir Marcus of the hinterland in subtle thinking Deutschland,
Adam: Deutschland it's dolphin tal
John: dot there's no end and there are gonna be dolphin tall.
Adam: Alpha tau i but i think it's misspelled no matter what.
John: PDA that could be. Peter Chong in Lakewood. Washington. 5510. Sir. TC, not from tietze to D 510. He's got some complaint about us.
Adam: Oh, he has his wonderful wife pickles. Who's going to so? Yeah, so we've
John: got a great nickname on the list. Yeah. How you doing pickles? Sir. laughs a lot or laugh a lot. Mary Louisiana. 5510s Gary Gregory here. dakine padova. Italy pay. Hey, but they'll love you both know homeboy. He says love You mean it? Eric voegelin mo rose Deutschland $52 regular He's gotta be he's sir Eric. Let's face it. He owns Jason Adkins 55 5050 barons for Economic Hitman in Houston videos and one cent got a birthday, sir Andy kluber. in Terre Haute, Indiana is 50 the following people are all $50 donors name and location, sir lineman of the net in Illinois rondi Rodney Rodney lillibridge in Lewiston, Idaho, Luke Newport in St. Peter's Missouri, Hugo Sal Yato. And he's in Parts Unknown Tony Lang and Castle pines, Colorado. Andy, Amy Weaver, in Fair Oaks, California, Timothy more in Arlington, Texas. And last but not least, David Schneider in Crested Butte Colorado want to thank these folks for making this show possible.
Adam: Oh, we went from potential sad puppy to doing just good. I'm so happy people heard your clarion call.
John: Yes. And for him to
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John: Here you go.
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Now that some parts of the Gitmo nation are opening up and people can get out, but even I think some people are just getting bolder in certain countries around Gitmo nation and they are just going to the meetups. You can find them and no agenda if you need to obfuscate what you're doing, you can just say that you're part of no agenda, protest calm those websites, both work. And we've had a number of reports come in from previous recent meetups. The first one is Alex, who I think is from Italy. He organized a couple of meetups around the East. His short report Hello Adama and Jelani and this is your
Unknown: Miami and New York meetup report. Well, Miami was fantastic.
We had two people plus me on WhatsApp which are a little bit long and then we decided that
nothing we just
skipped the place and New York. I was supposed to go to New York and then I decided to stick in beautiful Miami and let shoot all New York sinks. So anyhow, next Sunday, I'm gonna fly back to Europe. So I elope so when we come to Europe and enjoy life, and here we go. Thank you very much for your service. I also like to say hello to the lady in Netherlands.
Adam: All right. I'm not quite sure if he was posting this on Tinder or if it was doing a meetup report. We had the drinking in sconnie meetup. Hold up, hold up.
Unknown: We're doing a live live.
My dm Adam and john.
This is sir CB coming in
from the Dallas house in St. Croix falls, Wisconsin. Where we're drinking in Scotty
because Minnesota nuts is still locked down.
We've got a good ratio of 1234 to 123456784 to eight, so not too bad.
We have three nights on board. Very excited about that. For our first go around. I'm going to pass a phone around everybody can say hello.
I'm Katie.
I'm sir CBS wife and I'm a sugar mama so I think that does not make me a douchebag
John: This is circuitous route of the scooter clubs. Adam. I left my blade at home tonight.
Unknown: This is sir Eagle Eye camp counselor at the build back better reeducation camps. Hey, rob the reefer here
Adam: about a week ago and I'm donating tonight. So I guess I'm not a douchebag
Unknown: beater, perpetual douchebag but I threw cash.
I don't even know where I'm at. me to be here.
Hi, I'm Corey. I am at the Dallas house having an awesome time.
John: Thank you.
Unknown: I am about to clean my night in the hood of Sir plane crash.
I'm Jody and I'm a douchebag.
I'm Tracy and I'm a douchebag. But not for
douchebag. Jake here saying? Well, here you go at him. And john. I
hope you enjoyed our meetup report from the Dallas house. We got some cash on the table. We'll be sending you guys soon. And I just wanted to say Monica 3123.
Little long. Thank you, Atlanta. Come on in. Hi, this is Mark Hansen's. We're
at the local Atlanta 404 meetup.
What is the date today? Saturday
John: January 30.
Unknown: I got it. All right.
I'm gonna pass it around.
And here we go. Hi, this is Joseph my first meetup but I'm not a douchebag same Jennifer
weeded the Gypsy nation and
fuckface diapers All right, this is Randy at the hickory flat and I'm double mask.
This research by the mighty so greetings to crackpot and buzzkill. Hey guys, a Squire swan.
They say Georgia is a blue state. No, but I feel pretty good. This is
Maggie Mae and we are not wearing our sweaty snot sacks.
Adam: This is in the morning. Stay safe, john.
John: This is sir Brian Horton. And I think that's it, Atlanta for for signing out.
Unknown: Thank you very much.
Adam: Before I play the next record, you notice that the women are cussing. This is a trend. Not quite sure what to teach women
John: how to control
Adam: I know what the last report is probably the most professionally produced DC girl hosted the Arlington
Unknown: meetup. Here's a DC girl reporting from spook central Darlington up in the morning.
Lisa from Annapolis in the morning and this is
Bongo boy staying negative in the morning. This is roundy and no agendas swine
Adam: flu minute
John: Hi this is Bob from Annapolis witching the new administration lots
Unknown: This is sir Chris Abraham and I am here
I was actually here early Believe it or not
producer Carl's still a member of the feed no agenda fat boys club.
This is Sir William weapons with Turkey.
Adam: All right. I know who the spook was just from listening to their voices.
John: Well, I wasn't I wasn't trying to spot
Adam: Oh yeah. Now Chris Abrams. Totally. Totally listen listen to that. LISTEN to His VOICE listen know what Jim does swine flu minute. This is sir Chris Abraham and I spoke spoke
John: is a government.
Adam: big government issue.
John: Is that that sound? He's got government. Yes sir. Yes, sir.
Adam: He's got that spook sound.
John: Got that sound.
Adam: Here What's going on the calendar February 5, Bellingham Washington vaccination marketing conference Yes, that's what we call them these days the vaccination marketing conference that will be held at gruff brewing as we do every year when we discuss the marketing and that's at eight o'clock. Also on the fifth Houston hackers at six o'clock at noon fires Mexican Cantina Nene fosse is on the sixth of February Bozeman Belgrade Montana at bar three BBQ two o'clock MST time. Also on the six black night big loafs no agenda bash in the blast BLS z 2pm in the greater Raleigh North Carolina area. And finally on February 6, love and light winter boston massachusetts meetup at the castle Island brewery at 230 eastern time these are important for your sanity your amygdala will love you forever and as you can tell people are having a good time dare I say somehow it's a bit like a party. If you'd like to join one go to no agenda meetups calm if there's nothing near you might God woman start running yourself?
All right, got a couple of inches show ISOs want to select something here?
Unknown: Do you have anything to get nothing?
Adam: You got nothing? No. Well, I've got
John: this weird being boiled like a frog.
Adam: Get that one. I have.
Unknown: Can you clip it?
John: Okay, that one I
Adam: got that one. We'll do anything else. No idea what this is. What is this? from the from the trading places you want to click clip it just have you clip it?
John: Yeah, I think this gives as you can hear it. Yeah, clear.
Adam: I only have one left. That might be
John: we got one left which a which deserves some comments. So make sure you play yours last.
Adam: Why don't we Okay, mine. I might not play mine at all. Really? What do you got?
John: Was my it's not funny,
Adam: man. Neither is mine. Oh, I have Gina McCarthy.
John: Oh, she's always funny. She's got that brogue how long she been in the United States. Anyway. Here's a clip this is reopening. I have a question after this clip place reopening at the ACA.
Unknown: Let's look more closely now at the changes in orders. President Biden announced today in health care. As Aman avas explains the moves are designed to expand coverage and reverse some of President Trump's actions on abortion
and family planning.
Judy, a
key part of one executive order signed today will reopen enrollment for the Affordable Care Act what many call Obamacare. Mr. Biden's
other executive action will revoke the Mexico City policy often known as the global gag rule. That rule barred us funding for groups overseas that performed abortions or offer information about them.
covering all of this for The Washington Post is Paige Winfield cutting in and she joins me now. Paige, welcome to the news hour. And
thanks for being here. We reported earlier and some of the details around those executive actions. Let's talk about the impact though
on this first move reopening
enrollment for the ACA from February 15 to may 15. At People know that site does not reach every state right? So how many people and who exactly is the by the administration trying to reach with this?
Right? Well, as you say they open there are more than a dozen states that also run their own marketplaces instead of using the federal website. And most of those states have also announced that they're going to be opening their enrollment for that time period limited time period going up to may 15. And that's coming those announcements have come from California, Minnesota, many of the large states that run their own marketplaces. So really this decision is going to apply to the vast majority of people in the United States. And what's interesting about this is a pandemic is the reason that the President is signing for doing this. But I actually think the bigger impact is going to be around the timing of this for years. tax experts have actually said you could maximize enrollment in health coverage if you align to tax filing season with ACA enrollment, and that's because a lot of lower income people who might be eligible for subsidies, but might have trouble affording premiums, if you align that when they're filing their taxes and getting tax refunds back that could actually help incentivize them.
John: Yeah, that wasn't, that wasn't the clip I wanted.
Adam: That's what you asked for.
John: I know. The clip I told you to play
Adam: was is there a different one you want to play?
John: Now it's just too complicated when I do I will play this one though. Just enjoy Don't feel bad about it. This is the PBS I call it goes Hollywood and so what we have is you know those crappy videos that the you know the all these Hollywood douchebags put out where you have the pie you know they had to cut from person to person to person to person to person with a white background we
Adam: need we need to live sustainably. I am john legend like that one of those.
John: Yeah, the douchebags. So they decided PBS decides to do something similar and here's what you end up with.
Unknown: But the process of getting that shot can be difficult and overwhelming. We wanted to capture a sampling of what Americans say they're facing. My name is Nora Galena. I live in zephyrhills, Florida.
My name is Andrea Shiloh,
and I'm in Houston,
My name is Helen Marshall. I
live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
John: My name is Corinne beans, and I live in St. Louis, Missouri.
Unknown: I teach Middle School theater in St. Louis right now.
And my name is Susan Daniel and I'm in Dallas, Texas.
John: My name is Jason mon. And I'm a letter carrier from Brentwood, New York.
Unknown: I try every day multiple times a day to see if an appointment has opened
every hour basically
until I go to bed
Adam: I don't know what they were trying to do was I was terrible. That was supposed to be like we're all getting the vaccine and we're clicking on the website every minute of the day is that what that word
John: can't get? They want they all want the vaccine everybody that did this had a stupid we want the vaccine but we can't get in line we can't get an appointment. I don't know what we're gonna do. demands too high.
Adam: Oh, yeah, that's it. Yeah, okay. Yeah demands too high. Sure. People don't want your stinking vaccine. That's the problem you do anything. People give people lines to look at Oh, it's a line go stand in the line. Okay, everybody the end of yet another no agenda show. We break it all down for you. We've got the grumpy old Ben's coming up next on no agenda stream if you are, if you're listening to us in the live fashion, we've got end of show mixes from the thought doc and ma these are relatively new people to the to the stage. So we look forward to that. And we look forward to seeing you again on Thursday, where we will start over, start at the top and see how we can punch through the bullcrap. Please remember slash na coming to you from opportunity zone 33 in the capital of the Lone Star State, Austin, Texas it is FEMA Region number six on the governmental maps if you're looking for in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: And I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where Nothing's going on. I'm john.
Adam: We'll see if anything changes by Thursday till then audio smell photos and such.
Unknown: Universal wearing masks.
Adam: Universal wearing masks.
John: Common Sense.
Unknown: This should be universal wearing masks.
John: Masks now is just not a physical covering with one layer. You put another layer on it just makes common sense. Common Sense physical covering with one layer. Put another layer on it just makes common sense. Common Sense.
wears masks now. It's just not
Unknown: my brother Tony.
My brother.
My brother.
My brother Tony. My brother
my brother, Tony Fauci.
Masks quite frankly, are more important for people who are infected to prevent them from infecting someone else. When you're in the middle of an outbreak,
wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and
John: it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think.
Adam: Thank you for your participation.
We produce
John: the nurses never ever, ever, ever fail.
Unknown: beauty products
Adam: That's how he produced
Unknown: Oh my gosh. Can you see that?
Adam: mopho John
Unknown: slash n A
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