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February 14th, 2021 • 4h 2m

1321: Doctored Evidence


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Adam: Adam Curry, John Dvorak February 14 2021 award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1321 This
Unknown: is no agenda COVID
Adam: kissing broadcasting live opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the Lone Star State in the morning, everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry from Northern Silicon Valley where we just found out Trump got acquitted. I'm just
Adam: giving you just found out where are you yesterday?
John: We just found out here
Adam: in California just fine. Yeah, they
John: just told us
Adam: I was not expecting much. But when the defense started and the Goomba came out and started playing Supercuts, I was in my element.
John: You have the Supercuts?
Adam: JOHN, these were 14 minutes super cuts. Yeah, they're
Unknown: very long. And a lot of them we'd
Adam: already played in fact, I suspect perhaps some of them may
John: have been appropriated. I think the one yeah, maybe why not from I
Adam: think the other way around, honestly, I
John: think the ones I think the ones that we played are probably tighter.
Adam: Yeah. Well, the stuff that the stuff that they did so well was and I think in any trial, certainly, you know, if you present evidence, and the defense says well, you know, hey, these these something's been doctored here, and then holy crap for the first time, MSNBC and CNN. And of course, Fox played the entire very fine people clip in its entirety, all four and a half minutes. That was fantastic. Because no one knew what to do with it.
John: This is good. Yeah. Well, Trump's out so now we can play that clip. The clip that Biden ran on, I
Adam: want to play a clip and that's what and if I can just say that's what the Philly guy missed. He should have first if you're doing clips anyway do it. He should have had a couple clips of Biden saying that was the moment that made me want to run for president that guy that very fine people. That's what he should have done. But no. Anyway, no, no one saw it was just it was a personal little thing for us.
John: So I got a late I got a late clip which came in I think it'd be a good one to start with. Okay, which is the vanderlin whatever the guy's name.
Adam: Is this the is this is full interview from CBS n.
John: Yeah, no, I don't have the full interview.
Adam: Oh, okay. I have bits from that. Maybe it's the same thing we'll see. It doesn't matter.
John: No, I'm sure it's the same thing. Is this. Lana? Zack?
Adam: I don't remember who the the news model is.
John: She's disgusting.
Adam: Okay, no, yeah, it's gotta be the same one. I remember.
John: Well, I just have this segment. And then if you have some stuff that dads too, because I didn't, I could have clipped maybe three or four clips out of it. But I got to I got the one long one in the middle where she she? It's unbelievable to me that she says what she says, generally speaking, the play sorry.
Adam: Hold on a second.
Unknown: All throughout. Throughout the trial, you denied that Mr. Trump had a role in inciting the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol you argued First of all, that there was no insurrection. But during your closing arguments, you seemingly admitted that there was in fact an insurrection using that word saying that that that was not up for debate. What role you're the former president.
He didn't understand the case. I use the word give
you the opportunity to clarify, sir. Sure.
I used the word insurrection in my closing argument when quoting the charging documents. What happened at the Capitol on January 6 is absolutely horrific. But what happened at the Capitol during this trial was not too far away from that. Prosecutors in this case doctored evidence. They did not investigate this case. And when they had to come to the court of the Senate to put their case on, because they hadn't done any investigation. They doctored evidence. It was absolutely shocking, I think when when we discovered it, and we were able to expose it and put it out. I think it turned a lot of senators, the American people should not be putting up with this. They need to look at who who these house managers were and look to see whether these are the folks they want representing them. It was absolutely It was shocking to me. wouldn't have believed it.
Let's follow up with with the point that you're making right now about the house management There is, as you say, doctoring evidence and, and the argument is
yours. They didn't deny it.
What you're what you're talking about now is is a check mark. That's a verification on Twitter that that did not exist on that particular tweet 2020 that should have actually read 2021. And the selective editing you say of the tapes is that
Wait, wait, wait.
That's not enough for you. That's not enough for you. Wait, wait, wait, no, no.
I am not sure in this trial. What I'm here for our viewers is what
Adam: to do. Just to interrupt for one second. throughout this whole thing. She's talking to talk about her viewers. Lady, it's CBS n. You have no viewers. The only viewers you got is the people who were playing this for right now.
John: Stop it where you stopped it. I want to mention a couple of things before we continue. that went on in there. Yeah. One is she keeps saying you say you say you should have said you claim. And then when she's talking about the insurrection at the beginning, she said then you use the term and said it was not up for debate. He didn't call her out on that part. No. He called her on the front fender all he was doing was quoting the but he never said it was not up for debate whether it was an insurrection this woman and unfortunately, what you can't see here, she's been with CBS for almost 15 years as far as I can tell. And usually in this kind of a role, that she's smirking and she's smiling and they kept it because cbsn has no budget to speak of they have a toolbox with her on the left and him on the right and they never really cut through it.
Adam: Well, it's it's this they have no director, she has to press the pedal herself
John: and afford it. She has to press the pedal, so they can't cut away from her. So she's always on screen. Yeah, and this is a mistake, because she should be on radio cuz she's doing it. She's smirking. She's got that big grin. As though she's winning this some debate that's not existent.
Adam: For her viewers.
Unknown: For her viewers,
Adam: streaming online, isn't it? It's not a real station.
John: It can't. It's online, but you I think you can get it through some of the smaller Roku maybe it's coming on it is not being broadcast. Yes.
Adam: Yeah. It's this is not the number one choice for news
John: was the number one choice the ridicule
Adam: what what isn't explained here is a part of that evidence. There was this picture of Jamie Raskin with you know, Jamie Raskin just has that. He just,
John: he just, you know, douchebag easy. Yeah, he is.
Adam: He even brought up his
Unknown: big kid breeze. Dead kid again.
Adam: Which is sad. But you know, it's like, oh, thank you again for, you know, for all your well wishes today. What's
John: it got to do a Trump Trump's fault. But he was in front of
Adam: a computer monitor where that 2020 tweet was that was doctored and didn't doctored. I mean things that you can it's really easy to change that if you view source and then you can save it. It's kind of fun to do that with Raskin in front of this falsified evidence, that was the best part, one of the house managers and did they not just bring the weakest of the week, but we'll talk about that in a minute. Let me finish up with the doctored evidence and now we're going back to where he's calling her out for just kind of talking about that cavalierly. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
Unknown: wait, wait enough for you. That's not enough for you.
Wait, wait, wait, no.
You're in this trial.
For our viewers, is what what you're
It's not okay. Not everybody. Fully?
It is okay. Your question I
want to be clear for our viewer
Listen, what happened.
They doctored evidence,
the media has to start telling the right story in this country. The media is trying to divide this country, you are blood thirsty for ratings. And as such, you're asking questions now that are already set up with a fact pattern. I can't believe you would ask me a question indicating that it's alright. Just to doctor a little bit of evidence. There's more stuff that we uncovered that they doctored To be frank with you
Adam: what a canard on behalf of the of the house managers. That was so easy to do that. To figure out what
John: they did. Let's stop for one second, and take a look. Look at what the what our show is actually all about. I was thinking about this listening to this clip and then the whole thing is actually even better and people should go check it
Adam: out like eight minutes or so but,
John: but since with COVID I mean when they showed the phony hospitalization stuff at the beginning of this whole epidemic at the hospitals and all the ambulances, this is doctored evidence. And then the normal people from the youtubers, the youtubers went out there and showed There's nobody here and they went into the hospitals and there was nobody there. The ambulance thing was phony and biting wit and the very fine people hoax is doctored evidence is bullcrap. And the whole thing is being planned in media is all in on the whole thing. And then if you go all the way back, what happened is and what happened to an FBI lawyer, who doctored evidence when they asked us for a CIA report he got
Adam: he got laid off.
John: He got laid off. He, he doctored evidence to go after Trump and it was doctored at the level of the FBI, and this guy's out. And if we go all the way back, let's go all the way back to East Anglia and climate gate. And the fact that that was Jonathan we're doctoring evidence about climate change. This is the whole thing is doctored evidence is like though everything we get is nothing but doctored evidence. They won't give us the facts. What is going on? JOHN cedars.
Adam: Good night everybody. Great show john.
John: Hello East Anglia.
Adam: Yes, I will recount for everyone that the I believe it was the guardian. I could be wrong. But it was a major newspaper in the UK, said children will not know snow by the turn of bite. What was it 20 2012 I think at the time will not know snow by 2012. It will only be in snow globes. Ladies and gentlemen. I have 28 degrees and white stuff on the ground in Texas, Texas. Oh my goodness. There's so much to talk about on that regard. It's you know, Adam, Curtis has famous Adam Curtis documentarian has a new documentary out? Have you seen it yet? Have you heard of it?
John: No, no, I've lost track of him.
Adam: Oh my goodness, it came out two days ago. It is six hours. It's six episodes. It's it's very broad, but it kind of tracks all of these global institutions and systems and tracks it kind of parallels that we see how Mao comes up and see what's happening in the US and and I've only seen three episodes so far. But there's so much that then comes down to the problem with money in the system, the banking system, the politicians are an integral part of that. No wonder this some of these Millennials are trying to figure out what to do with Bitcoin. It's like everything is phony and fake everything and and we just got called conspiracy theorist
John: was no conspiracy theory with the with the with the notable docket, doctored evidence in the case against Trump and the guy says would probably even more says there's more. Yeah. And the funny joke in there, as he says, maybe turned a few people, because once they get the doctor, it turned one republican against Trump. He got seven votes against you.
Adam: I thought that was pretty funny, too.
John: And so and what what are the democrats doing this sitting on their hands all doctored evidence
Adam: is fine with me. Right? So but whatever this exercise was, they clearly knew that they were not going to win. That's why you put swalwell up there. That's why you put the representative from the US Virgin Islands. I mean, not only is it kind of virtue signaling, it's also just these are these are weak brothers and sisters. Just throw them up there. Let them go. Raskin. You're creepy. You be a part of this as well. I have two of those super pieces of the Supercuts that Trump's lawyer or Trump's defense team played. And this was about the use of a familiar term that also no agenda has been on from the beginning of the show or did report the summon reportedly reportedly not
Unknown: accidental. According to reports,
Adam: President Trump was reportedly who reportedly spoke to the guard was widely reported. Media reports, according to reports reported, reportedly
Unknown: as any trial lawyer will tell you reportedly is a euphemism for I have no real evidence reportedly does not the standard in any
American setting
Adam: in which any semblance of due process has afforded an accused reportedly isn't even here some circumstantial evidence. It is exactly as reliable as
Unknown: Google disk for you.
Adam: That's the news media in a nutshell. It was dynamite stuff. And it's just too bad, you know, this like, and everyone broadcasts it, and no one addresses it. And it's a huge elephant in the room.
John: You know, of course, we
Adam: already had already played a supercut of Democrats saying fight fight like hell, in hindsight, if if I were the defense team, and I was going to do something like that already, because that that was something they had already thought about, I would leak that out as a partner just to get it going. I'd get that on YouTube. These things always go viral. Yeah, I'd have someone email it to the no agenda show that those guys play it. Now, that's how I'd run that kind of strategy. So here's another one of these super cuts, as everyone's bitching about the objection to the votes for the 20 to 2020. election. And of course, the democrats did the same thing in the 2016 election.
Unknown: I have an objection because 10 of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified.
John: I object to
Adam: the votes from the state of Wisconsin, which one not should not be legally.
Unknown: Right, Mr. President, I object to the certificate from the state of Georgia on the grounds that the electoral vote,
John: no debate and I object to the certificate from the state of North Carolina,
Adam: to the 15 volts from the
Unknown: state of North Carolina.
Adam: I object. I object to the certificate from the state of Alabama, the electors were not lawfully certified. Is it signed by Senator not as of
John: yet, Mr. President, in that case, the objection cannot be entertained. The objection cannot be entertained. Not an order. Signed by America. Joint Session, no debate, no debate. 16 years
Adam: no. And it goes on you get the idea.
John: Those commissioners are all Democrats. You can even hear a few of Nervosa Jackson was in there.
Adam: No. Yeah. Sheila Jackson Lee. And really, even the the events on January 6 are not entirely unprecedented. I mean, people around and the way it looked the I think that might have been unprecedented. But one of our producers put together a little list 2008 homeless rights advocates protesting inside the Capitol Building. Only the
John: people and there was a bunch of them that invaded and Pelosi solve his climate people.
Adam: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, we don't even talk about that. With her in there. Yeah. 2009 aids protesters had to be removed. 2011 protests inside office building by Democrat groups was that 2011 was that the kids now that was a different one. 2016 protests of police shootings. They did don't shoot hands up interruption. voter rights protest 2016 2018. The Supreme Court remember they were banging on the Supreme Court door.
John: They were trying to bust you're trying
Adam: to break it down insurrection? I tell you, interaction. And then at the very last minute, oh, all cnn you saw the story. CNN spiked it Friday night. Yeah. McCarthy? Yeah, he knows that Trump. He knew about the riots and pence was in danger. And he said, No, no, no, we're not gonna do anything about it. And, and then there was the vote for witnesses. There was the vote for witnesses, which would been a perfect time to call McCarthy and a number of other people. And then I mean, I even canceled going to the meetup. I like,
John: Oh, I gotta
Adam: stay around for this if they're gonna continue with witnesses, and this is gonna be fun. And then it was gone. And and because old thing because they were gonna put Pelosi on the stand is what I what someone told me. Oh, I don't know. I don't know why that would be. It would be hilarious. That's what's so sad. Anyway.
John: Let's just let's do a show trial. You must have been the Soviet Union with the fake evidence. I mean, right there. It seems to me that just the change of the date from 2020 2020
Adam: by itself should be enough.
John: That by itself would say if I was a Democrat, I would have said, Oh, this trial, this is something this is not right. I'm done. Most everybody this should have been no votes for the impeachment after you start seeing fake evidence. I mean, that if you were in a judge in a jury in a some sort of criminal case, and they exposed that the prosecution had faked up evidence more than one piece of evidence what would you What would you vote for acquittal or not? You
Adam: would I'm not even sure that was in the Senate. It might have been in a studio somewhere. Yeah, I didn't see that coming. Did you
John: do it was all green screen. We have seen the guy with the horns on his head.
Adam: All greens, where's that guy? And let's listen to a few responses from the M five m mainstream media hacks or speak and let's see what they thought of everything. This is Andrew Mitchell on CNN
Unknown: law reporting is that Trump laid into caster or because he did so poorly, the first day of his opening arguments. So the way that he seems to have reacted and change his presentation today was to speak trumpian. To to try to please the client as much as possible, much more than the others didn't say that they didn't. I mean, the most
telling example of that is when he said that Trump is the most anti mob violence leader.
Adam: So they were really struggling to find anything to talk about
John: making stuff up. Oh, no, it's great. It's nobody knows what Trump said,
Adam: All you got to do is needle drop into the channels and you get stuff like this,
Unknown: after Trump said that initial tweet about pens attacking Pence, White House aides, including the White House press secretary and other top aides tried to convince Trump to send out a more forceful tweet. In fact, I'm told by sources that there was a general consensus behind the scenes of this is a really bad situation. We've got to do something about this. And so they tried to convince Trump to send something else out to encourage people to be peaceful. And he did. He did about 14 minutes later, when he said, Please support our Capitol Police and law enforcement, they are truly on the side of our country stay peaceful, that if it's pointed to that tweet, but here's the thing, Wolf, I'm told by sources behind the scenes, Trump did not want to add stay peaceful at the end of that tweet, he was very resistant to it. The aides telling him how bad the situation was, how we needed to intervene. And so he reluctantly begrudge the stay peaceful at the end of that tweet, but he did not initially one two, and so it's worth raising as his there on the floor, tried to, to lay out the argument that he was trying to intervene and trying to create, create calm in the midst of the violence will important point
Adam: indeed.
John: do that all the time. Before makes the whole thing. There's no evidence of this important point. Indeed, john
Adam: Roth, believable.
John: I'm gonna give you a borderline because that clip is so outrageous about mind reading. Well,
Adam: they couldn't they couldn't address it. I just would have loved to have heard someone addressed the very fine people. And it was cool. The way he showed is exactly what we do when you get a clip out of context. And it's short and you cut it off and you let it run. And then something else happens. It was it was textbook no agenda, deconstruction? No, not quite. He still he could have done better. And anyone who wants to do this kind of deconstruction in Congress, Supreme Court, could the curry devorah Consulting Group is here for you with our 1000s of producers you want Supercuts? We do Supercuts? Here's Jake Tapper. He was not happy with any of this. Here
Unknown: are two groups, Andreessen that we know, storm the Capitol that day, one is radicalized, mega supporters radicalized Trump supporters, and the other is far right groups. And the truth of the matter is that the house impeachment managers could have used video going all the way back to 2015 2016. If they wanted to talk about Trump playing footsie with these far right groups, they they only went back as far as the first debate with Joe Biden where Trump said, stand back and say goodbye to the proud boys, but he's been playing footsie with these far right groups. For years and years.
Adam: Now, this is the same Jake Jake Tapper, who on Thursday, we played a clip of him saying, Well, yeah, CNN was even used in reporting there. It's like right there. This is fantastic. CNN has the authority. And now when you super clip all that crap from CNN not so happy jakey also about canceled culture, which is what the lawyer referred to this is, this is, you know, a form of extreme political canceled culture. No, not according to Jake Tapper of CNN to end the corruption of the term canceled culture
Unknown: is incredible. I mean, like a conversation, a thorough conversation, whether or not people should be canceled. You say something stupid, or you say somebody tweeted something dumb 10 years ago, and whether or not your entire I mean, that is a conversation in a debate society should have inciting an insurrection is not about that's not what canceled culture refers to,
I think, the big
John: expert now he's like a linguist,
Adam: a linguist. He almost said direction i think i think he caught himself just in time.
John: canceled culture is some is a made up term that's recent. Yeah. And it's kind of is really not jelled into any you know, it doesn't really it means that a lot of things A lot of different people. But now how can you corrupt a term like that? It's pre corrupted.
Adam: Well, yeah, this is as I said, Jake Tapper is very, very pissed off.
John: Because all the numbers they've they're noticing the numbers and all this. Oh, yeah.
Adam: There was no, there was one. There were a couple of moments actually, where the truth just came out loud and clear. I don't know if anyone caught it. This is one of our Well, one of our producers did for sure. In the q&a session, showed her grandpa, Michelle,
John: Sharon Cruz and Marshall. Cherry Kramer submitted
Unknown: a question for the counselor for Donald Trump.
quote unquote, read it.
Just a politician raising bail for writers encourage more writing.
John: is five minutes.
Unknown: Yes.
Adam: Exactly.
Unknown: Beautiful. Yes,
Adam: that's exactly it. But then we had another superstar who was clearly put into just just as cannon fodder. Like, oh my goodness. Stacy plaskett from the US Virgin Islands, Don Don Lemon, all men. And he just he just, he really loved that she was there. And, you know, really, just her being there showed how racist Trump and his cronies and his lawyers really are. Trump's legal team engaging in all sorts of what about ism playing out of context clips, and an effort to argue the former president words inside the Capitol riders, many of those clips showing people of color, especially black women, speaking about the Black Lives Matter protests we saw this summer impeachment manager and house delegates, Stacy plaskett, noticed
Unknown: how briefly say the defense counsel's put a lot of videos out in their, in their defense playing clip, after clip of black women talking about fighting for a cause or an issue or a policy was not lost on these so many of them were people of color, and women and black women, black women like myself, who are sick and tired of being sick and tired for our children.
Your children,
our children. This summer, things happened that were violent. But there were also things that gave some of us black women, great comfort, seeing Amish people from Pennsylvania, standing up with us. Members of Congress fighting up with us. And so I thought we were past that.
I think maybe we're not.
John: Brother
Adam: Amish Lives Matter, baby. That's an interesting. Wait, wait, wait, I have a second clip to this. Because this is the superstar. This is how she went in. Your racist. She went to watch it. Just say you're racist. Okay, everybody knows it. Everybody sees it. You play these clips, you're racist. And then she went all the way to the end. She went for the mic drop. The
Unknown: point is this, too by the time we call the Calvary cavalry, not Calvary, the cavalry? Oh 1000s of supporters on January 6, and event he had invited them to he had every reason to know that they weren't armed violence and ready to fight. He knew who he was calling and the violence they were capable of. And he still gave his marching orders to go to the Capitol and, quote, fight like hell to stop the steel. How else was that going to happen? If they had stayed at the ellipse? Maybe it would have just been to violently in fight in protest with their words, but to come to the Capitol. That is why this is different. And that is why he must be convicted and acquitted.
Adam: I almost drove off the road when
John: I heard that. That was a beauty.
Adam: Just all the way to the end and now go live with that. It's like forgetting your wife when you receive the mccone Award. It's just one of those things that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Uh huh. Yeah. Oh, no, that wasn't the worst part. The fact that I had remembered to thank medicated Pete of the Howard Stern Show that was kind of the killer. I'm amazed that she wanted to be my Valentine.
John: Well, that happened to watch the actress that double, you know on the big mouse that won the Oscar one,
Adam: the one with the big mouth. Oh, Julia Roberts. No, no,
John: no, she didn't win an Oscar. You
Adam: got a big mouth.
John: Yeah, no the one that one to one that she's always getting killed in there in the movie. She was the boxer and people in the shower know who I'm talking about. You got a big giant mouth. She forgot to thank her husband and they got divorced.
Adam: And Hathaway.
Unknown: No, no.
John: You got a big one to Academy. Who is the operative word? Hilary Swank? Hilary Swank. There
Adam: we go. Of all the big mouse that she's not the first to come to mind.
John: No, but she's got a big mouth. Now. We got it. I just want to mention something here. Because we're playing a lot of these clips. You all have a lot of CNN, CNN 's Reign of Terror is over. Well, this year,
Adam: at least we can still get I mean, the more the reign of terror is over and the raiding sink, the more crazy they were, they become well, it's
John: all besides the point because when Zucker leaves which is this year, that's right. And he's quitting because he's, you know, he's who I was. When I was there. He should be in here I believe he's supposed to leave at the end of the year but I believe he will leave earlier because they always say you know, they always give a big lead time and and they get out of there when things start to sink and it's gonna bring somebody else in and they're gonna just cleaned house. These people that were that are on these shows aren't going to be on these shows much longer. Well, Fox
Adam: is already is already mixing everything up. There
John: are a lot Fox has already gone through the house cleaning.
Adam: Yeah, more or less. I think there's more to come. And last night, though, last night. SNL opens up with a fake Tucker Carlson segment. It wasn't even. I mean, I can laugh if it's really funny. You know, the Giuliani and Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz look kind of bright. But it just the writing was poor. It wasn't very funny. They should just skip it. If they can't write anything hilarious. You get an opening for SNL, the cold open, you expect something really dynamite just wasn't really there. Just Just everyone's I don't know, what are they going to do? They've got to switch their mentality. But that'll be hard, because the new cycle will continue to grasp as much as they can on on whatever Trump is doing. And there and he will stay in the news. This is a clip I've been wanting to play for over two weeks. I just wanted to have the right moment to do it. And I think we're at the right moment. Now. If we look at all the things that what you just said about the bullcrap, the doctored evidence, you and I and the, you know, the producers who produced the show, we can't be the only ones who know this. People know this. Now these things are coming out. Younger people don't watch cable news. They in the end, they're apathetic to it or just like whatever, I don't care. It's all doctor. That's all bullcrap. But also look at what's happening. politically. I think Mitch McConnell, what the hell was that yesterday? Who were you trying to appeal to? Because everybody thinks
he's a dick. Now. Did you see that speech he gave after the after the vote. And he says
John: it was unhinged,
Adam: totally unhinged. And so he he looks like a like a douchebag. for not doing that before the vote to the democrats and two Republicans. They're like, What is wrong with you, bro? there so he's been uncovered and we know his family is deep into Ken. We don't know for sure. But he I mean, it would appear that his family has his family in law has deep ties into the Chinese Communist Party. We have Gavin Newsom now with enough votes in California to be recalled.
John: We have Cuomo anyway, just before I know there's a laundry list camera, which is great. But Gavin does not look happy. We get to see him. He is just he has got a look on his face. Like I don't need to be the second governor recalled within recent memory because it's together guy disappeared off the face of the earth and I wanted to be president.
Adam: Yeah, that's exactly. And that's another thing. And when you watch this Adam Curtis documentary, one of the main things and again, I've only seen three episodes, one of the main things title, What's the title? It's called, I can't get you out of my mind.
John: Okay, and
Adam: he document Mao's wife, who was an actress, and a singer, and a dancer and an entertainer. But she, she's the one. Well, the way he portrays it, that she had all these pure thoughts of she wanted the Cultural Revolution. And that's what she was bringing. And while she thought that this would would finally complete the revolution, and the Chinese people would be free. Mao was using it. He was using the this this big movement to get rid of his political enemies for his own power inside the party. And that's what the red brigade was, you know, hey, children, don't go to school. Let's go knock on people and go grab them. very analogous to what's happening right now, both with the black lives matter. But also, look at all the commotion, the cultural change that is trying to be forced through and look at the perhaps political enemies, presidential hopefuls, mainly Gavin Newsome, and Governor Cuomo in New York. I think they both had presidential aspirations, no way and Cuomo, he might wind up going to jail, or to the electric chair. And this is no joke what this guy did.
Unknown: And yeah,
Adam: and what I'm hearing now. And he doctored evidence do you think he did he literally doctored evidence, and there's an admission on tape, that the evidence was doctored. And the reason was what didn't want to report the real numbers? Because he was afraid that Trump administration would use it against him. Yeah, most likely. But here's the thing that I understand 75% of all the nursing homes in New York are privately owned, and have investors and from one of our producers even received a note saying, because they're private, and ever since they were sold to investors, they really run it on a skimpy staff very, you know, did a skeleton crew to make as much profit as possible. So the accusation, these, the accusation is that Cuomo receives a full on block of votes, over a million votes from this very powerful lobby, who are the main investors in the nursing homes. Interestingly, it is the Hasidic Jews, which is, you know, so there's other things we can think about chromas relationship with them. And the accusation is that he put infected people into the nursing homes, into the commercial nursing homes, because that would immediately bang on, you know, six or 10 or 30 grand onto their bottom line that they would get from, you know, from the government from the federal government for each case they had in there, so it was taking him out of hospitals, where, and also, you know, just wherever more money could be made on these seizing cadavers.
John: Brother that
Adam: is going to look bad for him if that's your thing. Yeah, and it kind of now it also puts into context a little bit why the Hasidic Jews were all pissed off at him. Hey, man, you're a boy be doing yell at us to go inside. We're doing the Hava Nagila baby Get out of here. We own you. Maybe that was his pushback, or you know, to show some kind of strength, but wow. Just Wow. Okay. So anyway, so before we get into that, you have all these people being uncovered. There was a there was another, something really interesting when I was here. The Lincoln project,
John: the link in larious. Yeah, Chris knows guys have all pocketed 5 million plus, at least at least Well,
Adam: that's the way you do a gig like that. Yeah, but, but they're being taken down. That's a take down. Come on, man. That's someone's taking them down, for sure. And then, yeah, we got little, little annoying things. Stanford Children's Hospital, there's a pediatrician who's been arrested on lewd charges with his patients. He's 33, which is why it got my attention. You know, Zuckerberg tracking all of this stuff. It's all coming to light. And this, of course, is what fuels the following clip. As Dr. Steve botanic returned to info wars several weeks ago, we didn't talk about it at the time. I think it's worth a minute 30 to listen to what he was talking about. Then this was after the certification of the votes. And this is after the 20th. After after Biden was inaugurated,
Unknown: I said to you that it was a military coup and it's still in effect. What exactly is Trump doing?
You think Trump is just sitting there and waiting? You're writing a novel? What do you think is going on? Well, we're exposing the Republicans, the Democrats, we're exposing the Lincoln project. We've exposed all the senators McConnell How do you expose a guy like McConnell, if you don't allow him to come out and show what a coward he really is, and how dangerous he was, or Mitt Romney, how many times do we have to say Mitt Romney was in Bain Capital? It was correct. The only thing I'm saying to you and why I went on the show wasn't to be right or wrong. That's not what I'm about ball.
I am the son of the Republic. And in the Republic, there are people with me who believe in what we're doing. What is unfolding, I'm telling you, we're arresting different people, how long will it take? I just told you, what I do not know. And I don't want to know is the ongoing timing is this a day a week, it's a couple of months I sent you takes time, when in fact, we initiated we did this years ago to do a sting operation. That was years ago, where it was marked and people didn't believe that the the the minions were controlled or that we had a sense of what was going on on the ballot, as well as the voting machine. It turned out to be exactly what we thought we knew exactly what the timing was, when the votes came out. And they were fraud. I
Adam: just want to always make sure we give you all the information that's out there.
John: Now, diluted?
Adam: I have no opinion. I'm not a psychiatrist, or psychologist. I'm barely a disc jockey anymore. Hey, I learned something that if you had to if you couldn't go to work, because of COVID, you couldn't get up to $12,000 that you can deduct off your income tax. It's like a new thing. Yeah. If you're if you're like an independent and you don't have a
John: paycheck. Okay. Does that apply to us?
Adam: Yeah. And believe me, I already thought about it. No, because we kept working. In fact, we we should get danger pay because we never stopped working. And we probably
John: need your
Adam: pay. And we probably won't stop working until April. That's the bite. We won't take any time off till then this change your pay too much going on? Is hazardous. Let's see how we're doing in the world. My daughter, as we know is still locked down that extended the curfew it is from 930 to 11:30am. No, but I do have news and information from Down Under. Hello, Australian friends, brothers sisters, you may recall me telling you that it's just not true. And yes, right. Melbourne back and locked down here is dictated and
Unknown: we are having cases test positive. And we in rapid time we get notified of that positive test result. By the time we find that case as positive. They've already infected their close contacts, their family, people they live with people I've spent time with. That makes it incredibly difficult, incredibly difficult to do contact tracing, because there is no gap if you like between when we have the first case and their close context and potentially others that they have spent time with the whole process
because of the hyper infectivity and the speed at which this UK variant moves, the whole process has been condensed down and it is now I am sad to have to report it is the advice to me that we must assume that there are further cases in the community then
we have positive results for and that it is moving at a velocity that has not been seen anywhere in our country. Yeah,
Adam: PCR tests. That's right came from the same place that was so locked down and solid. Nothing would happen. Okay. Laughlin
John: Yes. was saying it You didn't let me you steamrolled me here. I mean, I didn't expect to switch to COVID so cool.
Adam: I'm so sorry. I thought we were done.
John: Well, yeah, you thought but you didn't ask.
Adam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What would you like to do?
John: Oh, are you gonna patronize me? Go
Adam: play your clips. No waiting for you. I'm sorry. I had no idea. I thought we
John: were just patronized me right.
Adam: That was humor and irony. woven into one and please tell me what you want to do
John: because I just saw is off kilter. Now.
Adam: Let's not do it.
John: Well, it's hard. I can't go all the way back to the election thing. If you already started on coke. We
Adam: came out came out of panic. I let spaces dropped. You didn't jump in that I moved to the next topic. That's what happened. That's that's how the show works. There's no signal we're on.
John: You're on a roll. No,
Adam: no. And I stopped I wait
John: and you said he's Wait, you went right on to round up. Oh,
Adam: I wish I could
John: All right. No, I got nothing else. All right. That's good. It'll be good on Thursday.
Adam: Well, let's go back then. I can maybe this will help us get back into it. This is a CBS about Cuomo.
Unknown: Tonight there are bipartisan calls for an investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after his top eight admitted to Democratic lawmakers that the Cuomo administration intentionally underreported the state's COVID death toll in nursing homes in recent weeks a court order and the State's Attorney General forced comos office to acknowledge that the death toll is nearly 15,000 1000s more than previously reported. The governor's aide said it was done out of fear that the Trump administration would use the numbers against Cuomo. So
John: I didn't know the numbers are that high? Yeah,
Adam: yeah. Cuz wasn't it 6000 originally, and now it's 15,000. And I, this is the cool things from the post.
John: The department What's that? What's that percentage of the total of deaths?
Adam: Didn't they have didn't New York have What 50,000? At least? Yeah. New York Post the Department of Justice investigates the Cuomo administration's refusal to turn over data on nursing home deaths. A huge conflict would arise in the case if the case were handed to the powerful Manhattan federal prosecutor. That is because Audrey Straus, the US Attorney for the Southern District, is the mother in law of top Cuomo aide, Melissa derosa. That's the person who blew the whistle on this whole thing. She's the one she's the one that admitted the Coronavirus law. No, the No, the the daughter, the daughter. Melissa de rose who works for Cuomo. And who admitted to this. She's the daughter in law of the US Attorney for the Southern District. Ah,
John: bomas got his Tinder ringer.
Adam: Well, he already had that with his little bars with his.
John: I mean, he first gets indicted after getting an Emmy.
Adam: Are we sure about that? I'm sure. So there must be some actor somewhere got indicted after getting an Emmy?
John: Well, maybe, huh. Anyway, I want to mention I don't have the clips. But I do have did listen to the whole presentation, I'll probably try to, it's hard to drag clips out of some of these people who just go on and on. And but there's a woman who comes on one of these obscure video channels and she goes through all the research is only really three papers. And she tosses them over his shoulder after she reviews them about these new variants and how dangerous they are. These are all based on rat studies. It's just bullcrap. There is no studies, there's no proof whatsoever. This is all again, concocted.
Adam: Yeah, a lot of science talking out there.
John: A lot of science, a lot of stuff. If you go to bit shoot, and a new tube and some of these other systems and they're good, you get some good A lot of it's a bit much but so you can get through the fact that they some of them are nutty. They've got solid evidence in there mixed in that which is a problem. But the presentation is a large part of it. I mean, we have I mean we put nutty stuff in this show too, for other reasons, but it's just material out there that proves that this is all a lot of it's just rigged. Well, let me
Adam: give you a couple of things so lockstep with with Australia, New Zealand is in lockdown for three days, of course. The where is it here? Yes, the latest CDC data on vaccines, which we'll talk about in a minute, 653 deaths 12,044 injuries following the receiving the so called vaccine. And just to make sure everyone feels good at home. Toronto, a retirement home removed the door handles from the residence room so they couldn't leave. Yeah, that'll contain your COVID that'll do it. And in the The Guardian reporting what they took they took the hit the door handles
John: in the back of a police car.
Adam: Yeah, kind of like that. Except it's a room. Yeah. In the UK scandal, people with learning disabilities have been given Do Not Resuscitate orders during the second wave of the pandemic, in spite of widespread condemnation of the practice last year in an urgent investigation The choir called the Care Quality Commission said in December that inappropriate Do not attempt cardiopulmonary pulmonary resuscitation notices had caused potentially avoidable deaths last year. This is your this is socialized medicine. I want to remind you this is the National Health System. And they have determined that PDF manual. Yes. And the weakest ones, if you got down syndrome, I know what learning disabilities. I mean, that's pretty broad. That could be you or I on any given day. could be anybody. Yeah. So I thought that was. That's crazy. Could
John: be Bill Gates.
Adam: I got some Bill Gates stuff for you.
John: Well, I have the Bill Gates and you have the Bill Gates clip.
Adam: I got to Bill Gates clips. But before we get to Bill Gates, let's make sure we're not missing anything has anything you wanted to do. I don't want to. Yeah, Roger.
John: Here's the C net. steamrolls. The word
Adam: let's steamrolling anything. Okay, kids back to school, CDC issuing all kinds of lame ass advice. Here's the latest trick. If it wasn't terrorizing enough for ISIS, let's do it to the kids.
Unknown: Tonight, the CDC unveiling their long awaited roadmap for getting kids back in the classroom safely. a top priority for the Biden administration.
We are also going to be guided by science. We are going to be guided by our medical experts. The CDC creating a nationwide color coded system ranging from lower risk Blue Zones up to red, the highest rate of community transmission can blue and yellow zones, full imperson instruction is recommended. But in orange and red hybrid or reduced attendance is encouraged and only with strict enforcement of six feet of distance and masks in all zones.
John: I mean, come on. Is Riddick and Ben worked with work with Woods bush.
Adam: Yeah, with the with the flights. You mean with the TSA? Yeah, it's but it's just another terror coating.
John: It's orange. They have the Oakland airport during that era. They had that actually printed sign it was permanently orange.
Adam: Yes, it didn't. It beginning you could move it. You can
John: change it but then it's just printed and posted.
Adam: Here's the poster with orange is good to go. Hi, my favorite guy. Michael osterholm. Yeah, he is professor, Professor in something very important man because he is not on the the Joe Biden COVID response team. I met him in March. On Joe Rogan, when he was predicting two and a half million people would die. He's not apologized for the switcheroo of the model or any mistake there. But now he has a podcast because it's just not good enough. He's not getting the message across to everybody. And he has a fantastic analogy as to how dangerous the situation we are in and and I hope you take it to heart. But to frame today's podcast, I share with you a quote from the late William Arthur Ward who said the pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change and the realist adjust the sails. I'm a realist. I have been all my career. And the wind seems to me to be a fitting an ongoing metaphor in relation to this pandemic. As many of you know, two weeks ago, when I was on meet the press where I said, we could think of ourselves as sitting on a beach looking out at the ocean where the sky is blue. Everything seems fine. But beyond the horizon or hurricane is approaching a hurricane of category five or more, is sitting 400 miles offshore and heading directly to our beach. But because of the bright sunshine, the blue skies and the gentle breeze, the beachgoers were not the least bit alarmed. It's two weeks later now. Now the hurricane I'll
call it COVID is 250 miles away, not 400. And as of this moment, all the forecasts are saying is still headed directly towards us.
Unknown: That's our realistic situation. That truth.
Adam: That's the truth. I find that we got to make them live by those words perfectly. Don't make anybody live by any word or hurricane COVID, please. So what is the result of all of this? This nuttiness? Well, if you haven't flown recently, and most of you probably haven't had domestic flights in the United States typically now start like this door is closed. And we have to ask you more than once to cover your nose, mouth. Put your mask on. You're not going to be rule we are not going to be nasty. We are going to simply take your seat number and your name And when we get where we going, you will either be arrested, fine, but you will also be placed on the No Fly List meaning you will not be able to fly any airline for the rest of your life. We are government officials and government property. If you choose to fly content or character on this aircraft, you will be arrested and bass players in prison and you also receive a $250,000 fine. A couple of things. We are not government property,
John: let's say government property thing.
Adam: Well, I think because she's licensed by the FAA, and she does have the right to apprehend you and other things in the sky. She feels that she is government employee. Well, and the technically I think most of the airlines are now government owned, because we're paying for it.
John: What airline was that? You know, definition one of our producers in his video I saw the video. Oh, is video okay, what airline was
Adam: united?
John: The friendly skies?
Adam: Yes. Well, I
John: would never fly in it. If I have a choice. After listening to that message, that that arrogant message? If I have a choice, I'm never going to fly united again.
Adam: Well, do you think it's going to be different on any other airline? pilot?
John: I have no proof that that's the case. And I'll skip them too. But I have no evidence and yet, I only have evidence of United united
Adam: Yeah. off the list.
John: I mean, they want customers are just gonna be guix
Adam: they don't want customers. They don't want to be working at all. I don't think the government employees Why? And you know what, there it is? You feel you're a government employee? And my goodness, you act like one, don't you? That's exactly right. There's there's the problem. There's the problem. The minute you are you've been climatized with some deputy status of a government employee. Now you have power to pigs can stand on their hind legs.
John: Now, I want to play this gates clip and, and, and discuss it. Okay. I have you probably have the same climate,
Adam: I hope not. Well, you
John: don't know is spelled gate Ws once you play this,
Unknown: nobody would have predicted that I am Dr. Fauci would be so prominent in, you know, really kind of evil theories about, you know, did we create the pandemic? Are we trying to profit from it, and on and on? And so, you know, I'm, I'm very surprised by that. I hope it goes away. I hope it doesn't hold back, you know, mask wearing or seeking out vaccines, the percentage that's really misled by these conspiracy theories, it's unclear to me. There's millions of messages out there, you know, where my name our doctor proud to stay misused. But Do people really believe that stuff? Yeah, you know, we're gonna have to get educated about this over the next year and understand, you know, what, how does it change people's behavior? How should we have minimized this?
Adam: Is this the Indian Express interview?
John: This is what I was asking, What is this? Where's this from? And how old is it?
Adam: I think it's new. And it's from The Indian Express,
John: that it took this long for bill to figure this out. I'm very disturbed. Well, this is fun. guy. I
Adam: have two other clips from this.
John: Okay, play him.
Adam: Yeah. Oh, I see that my level is low. Here. Let me just check that up a bit. So this is, this must be from the same, from the same bit. Here we go,
Unknown: you know, as technology evolves, particularly now that it's gotten into the communications realm and the delivery of news so much, but you know, government's going to be looking at you know, how do you do you stop anti vaccine misleading things from being promoted? Do you you know, have something sort of one ethnicity against another? You know, how do you how do you maybe curb that, you know, where you have, say, two religions have some tension between them? And you know, even a politician might say something that is stirring up trouble, how you moderate. allow for disgust. Well,
Adam: he's laughing about politicians and then he's talking with the minute he hits moderating his, his groin starts to tick you
John: know, in at first clip, he laughed when he said the word masks.
Adam: Interesting.
John: I mean, that's his little tail. We've noticed this he laughs when he's full of shit. Well, let's
Adam: listen to the moderating laughs then,
Unknown: you know, even a politician might say something that is stirring up trouble, how you moderate those things.
John: Is that funny? Cuz he knows it's not moderation. I
Adam: mean, he mode means deletion wiping bleach bit.
John: I don't think he knows that under surface that he's
Adam: doing this No. No, not at all. Another thing from this documentary about the eyes being the gateway to the, to the, to the brain to the soul. You're gonna love this thing. Yeah, I think subconsciously he's laughing. Or he's, he's tickled by it. Or maybe he's excited because it goes, Yeah, probably tickled her Aha, moderation.
Unknown: Something that is stirring up trouble, how you moderate? Those things will be discussed, including telling the technology companies how the country wants it handled?
Do you think Tech has a
has a role to play in making societies less polarized?
Adam: Maybe before we get to this question, maybe it's because bill is hearing this guy. And he's like, well, this guy's a tard. I'll just I'll explain it slowly all over again for him.
John: Could that be it? It's probably as you probably know, we've got the right answer. It's
Adam: a racist. That's why it's like,
John: this idea got raised as the winner
Unknown: wants to handle
has a role to play
in making societies less polarized, is that not their job at all?
It's the key job is for the government to decide what those rules are, oh, make them clear to the tech companies. But the overall thrust of what do you think about you know, inciting ethnic tensions or, you know, saying that all vaccines are bad. That's going to be a political decision again,
John: not that he left there, you
Unknown: know, hopefully it's written in there alone. Let's
Adam: enhance rotate, analyze, let's listen to what he was laughing about. Hola,
Unknown: bien. ethnic tensions or, you know, saying that all vaccines are bad. That's going to be
Adam: a big tell, all vaccines are bad.
Unknown: They really
been ethnic tensions or, you know, saying that all vaccines are bad. That's going to be a political decision. That, you know, hopefully, it's written in a clear way, so that the tech platforms know what to do.
Adam: But but we are seeing that we are we are expecting that there
Unknown: will be more government involvement now in in this area. Yeah. Well, my expertise is in vaccines nowadays. But you know that there is a hot discussion about that.
Adam: Record. Producer, Steve had an interesting observation about the reason why Bill Gates is involved in this. And you just heard him say you just heard him say about his expertise. And we'll just get that back for one second there.
Unknown: So that the tech platforms know what to do.
Adam: But what we are seeing that we are we are expecting that there will be more government involvement now in in this area?
Unknown: Yeah, well, my expertise is in vaccines nowadays, but you know, that there is a lot discussion about that.
Adam: Okay, so two things one,
John: does he have a degree in medical degree or anything, even a PhD in this field? Oh, no way. I'm sorry. He's a college dropout. Yes. Right. He quit when he's a freshman.
Adam: Dr. Bill. First of all, Dr. Bill,
John: I don't think people are saying all vaccines are bad, just yours. Okay. Just, let's just set that straight. Maybe that's why he just laughed yourself that maybe that was what he was laughing at. Could be. He was just I, he thought it was an ironic thing to say.
Adam: So let's take his expertise for a moment. And you'll have to help me with the history of this. I'm just going to summarize from producer Steve. And you know, we don't have to get into the total details. But I think more or less, he started Microsoft. With the IBM PC DOS, he reverse engineered that somehow to not be infringing on a patent. And then he gave MS DOS away to all the computer manufacturers who put that onto the, onto their computers, their personal computers. Then he did it again to IBM with Windows, which he gave away to destroy what probably OS two or whatever else they were working on at the time. Then he puts Lotus 123 WordPerfect Harvard graphics out of business when he gave away Microsoft Office.
John: He never given he's not giving away anything.
Adam: Well, the starters correct. But the what happened is he did move and I think this is where his expertise is. He moved to a subscription model for Windows for everything. He's He's the guy tasked with setting up the subscription for the vaccine
John: is never set up as such, there is no subscription model for Windows.
Adam: Oh, I for I'm pretty sure I pay a subscription for something
John: you pay subscription for, for Microsoft Office. Okay. I know you're going here and
Adam: producer Steve. And I thought it was interesting because the tech industry in general has been moving towards a subscription. And I'm just thinking, with all this talk,
John: this was developed in the 80s, when the concept of software as a service was first floated, and nobody made it work. I mean, this is almost like, it kind of parallels the way the search engines were developed. When they came out, they would dig it was kept going on and on. Again, there's no way to make money with a search engine. And it was like a useless exercise. You can't make money with a search engine. And then I think what's called go to is go, perhaps is bought by Google. And I've incorporated it. And the next thing you know, they, they showed how you can make money with a search engine, the next thing and then the next step is Google's this monster company, right? The software subscription services very similar. It took a long time for people to find the right model. I think Adobe did it first, in terms of making it work, even though you might harken back to Autodesk, I think they had some sort of a thing going on where you could do or maybe some their competitor. It was a long, it was hard fought. And Microsoft is always been copying somebody else's idea. And that starts right at the beginning. And that's the real thing. You have to look at the right bills, all you know, a good steal and embrace or whatever there is a term for race and
Adam: extend, is how is it?
John: I have the right name for it. But they change it to Yes, embrace and extend. And that's kind of I think what he's doing with the vaccines, because he's the Johnny come lately, and but he's taken over the place because he's got leverage. He knows that's what he knows how to do. Right? That's his expertise. His expertise is that in fact, since he doesn't know jack shit about vaccines, let's face it.
Adam: Well, I mean, you know, more or less than we do probably, oh, by the way, we don't
John: know anything. But here's what we know where to go get information we have short is he By the way, but his information is all designed now that the money making we don't make any money on our knowledge of vaccines, what what he is saying is that our knowledge of vaccines is wrong because it came from the internet.
Adam: That's what he's saying. I'm sure all
John: saying yeah. Thinking that
Adam: he does have a solution.
John: Or what I'll bet he does his hand.
Unknown: If you were in task build to rebuild the internet ground up,
what's the one thing you change about it? Well, the
the basic assumption that you're anonymous, you know, causes some difficulties. And some of the the inability to control the security causes some difficulties. And, you know, the internet has been unbelievable. But the the identity part and the security part, we're kind of having to layer that on, and it's it's not as natural as it should be. It's, uh huh.
John: It's not as what natural as it should be natural. Yeah, in other words, very natural in that regard. I mean, I could go out to the middle of the street and start yelling stuff, jump in my car and take off. That's pretty anonymous. I can make a phone call, you know, with a blocked number by you know, in the early days before they had caller ID. You can make a phone call anonymous phone call. And it's the same. What's that? How's that different? How's it different from the old landline days? When you could just make an anonymous phone call and tell somebody to fuck off? How's it different? Well, that
Adam: yeah, that that ended with Star 69. I think that's what that's when that joke stopped. But yeah,
John: it ended because people were sick of it. Yeah. And, and Bill's obviously sick of the anonymous stuff. And he was
Adam: on the phone used to ring and you say I would say Hi, it's Adam speaking. And the person near the end would go Hey, it's john John Dvorak. Now. Not all that was up I see, you come in like us, john, I
John: want to go back to Bill's worrying about his being seen as,
Adam: as a as a creep. Yeah,
John: as a creep. You have to build had this interesting kind of arc. Even when Bill is really making a lot of money at Microsoft and even when he first became a billionaire, he was pretty accessible. He go to users group meetings, he explained what Microsoft was up to. He was out there and
Adam: out in about Yeah, like me in the early days of podcasting. Then I withdrew
John: to know you withdrew, they stopped inviting you. Big difference.
Adam: Sponsor their conference. That's why.
John: So you wouldn't pay? They said, well, you were gonna invite you can come free. You can come with you if you pay. Here's
Adam: the sponsorship package like 10 grand. If I come, I'll speak because I want to and it's for free and it's the keynote.
John: Well, they should be paying you Hello?
Adam: Oh, no, that was that's against the whole No. Please.
John: Alright, so then bill got pide guy.
Adam: Yes. And that changed his attitude.
John: It changed him It changed him. Once he got pied he started to be all of a sudden he's and by the way you always fly coach although he never did because he always upgraded Mac me by Yeah, that was that was the that was the culture around him the mystique. Oh, he always flies cold call. Yeah, he'd fly coach and you never take a limo. He take cabs and it all change. He started taking limos he got his own private plane,
Adam: his own french toast.
John: And so got bodyguards. Even one time he was at a COMDEX, or either that our CES was late in the game after you'd already been pied and I'm married is going to be at something and I saw him for a second and then he disappeared.
Adam: I would. If I said getting pied though. He's a very violent act. everything I know about people have gotten pide is a very frightening experience. It's not just Haha, funny when it happens to you. So it's for it to affected him. I totally believe that.
John: I think so. Yeah, I believe it's also true as a violent act. Yeah. And it's I mean, that if you you know, your wife does it at the wedding pushes your head down into the cake.
Adam: Do you know we had agreements over that? That's not true. Just total lie. You
John: did not do that doctored evidence.
Unknown: Yes.
John: By witness,
Adam: I saw it. You saw, you saw nothing.
John: And so so he changed and he and he got and he's been in game he slowly became isolated. And then he built that big. This didn't help, by the way is another one of those horror was calling me out for having all kinds of weird stories on this show.
Adam: Oh, by the way, congratulations to Andrew Horowitz 700 episodes of the disciplined investor, the longest running financial advice podcast in the entire universe.
John: Yeah, not too shabby. And it's an interview show too. And he gets a lot of good guests. It's very good show people should listen to. Um, so the
Adam: big thing about your weird stories, he's no wait, this is gold baby.
John: This is Jim. Jim. So I'm an architect. I don't know why I'm here at this. I don't remember the origin, story origin. But I'm at this architect's office, about some talking about something and he's the guy designing the Bill Gates mansion. One day we're building on Lake
Adam: Washington Oh, which is what? 60,000 feet square feet.
John: So he's got an underground parking lot. They never give anybody a tour. Even though I've seen pictures. They got pictures all over the place. And I knew about what he was trying to do and didn't have to stuff he wanted to do. He never did. But I did get this story which was according to this guy. He says they had to keep replacing the front glass because the thing was just off the lake enough. We're boaters as it was being built. Just casual boaters would be rolling past the place or even they stop and didn't take potshots at the place in the windows. So the whole front of the house is bulletproof glass. There you go. That can't be relaxing thought. So Bill's a little bit paranoid. And then the fact that he's been isolated. He's isolated himself. He just now realizes that people are starting to hate him to the point where somebody might just take a pot shot at him. When I lived
Adam: in Amsterdam. We move back in the 1980s in 1999. We bought a house and the whole bottom floor was bulletproof glass and you're right. It was very odd. uncomfortable. It's a weird feeling. He couldn't open couldn't open the window in front. It is a weird feeling.
John: So So Bill is like Bill's got an issue here. He's gonna he should just you know he shouldn't just shut up.
Adam: Well, the thing is That that's all people really want to talk to him about. And that seems to be the media's job. And maybe that's his current gig is to continuously say, you know, this is all it's crazy, because he's an authority guy. Someone's got to say it. It doesn't work when politicians say it. But it doesn't it all kind of come together. If you look at it from a grander scale. And again, I'm influenced by this documentary. We've had media systems in place to doctor the evidence for decades, really, radio, great examples, but television, the whole television age, and now we're in the internet age. And somehow, we're lucky, I think, just under the wire, just as the elites are saying, well, holy crap, we just got to tamp down everything, shut it all down. I mean, there's no, there's no argument. I don't think from anybody that social media is being sanitized. And it's being squeezed down to ultimately Twitter's just going to be check marks yelling at each other all day. And I think with a little bit of luck, you know, a sufficient amount of people are squeezing out from that, just where there's no we actually have a mastodon we have you know, different types of chat things we're not we have different phones, we can use no agenda phone calm not necessarily beholden to the, to the app stores, we have Bitcoin, and all these things. I think it's only going to get worse. And and, and Bill Gates is going to be the canary in the coal mine. As long as he's Keeling
over looking weak then with that more has to be done. I think that is not squeeze, don't you think? I'm sorry. But what was I missing is that the governments around the world they just want to squeeze out dissenting voices. They're so used to having their their way or the highway. And now Well, it's not it's a this is the whole freedom of reach. And I know you don't believe it's going to catch on but it is the it is the entire idea behind what they're doing. Well, you can have a freedom of speech over there when no one cares. It's just like MTV, when I said, Do you mind if I registered because I've got this this web server thing and the gopher server, and I went that's fine. We have the AOL keyword. We don't need your silly little internet. It's the same attitude.
John: There is that it dead attitude does exist. And they are mass media and everything else is a joke.
Adam: Exactly everything else is remember it used to just be they can't pull that anymore used to be just unprofessional. Now they have someone in his basement now that everyone's broadcasting from their basement, the basement, so easy. Is it a little harder than you thought? Can you go to masking just for some Fauci updates on masking
John: Fauci?
Adam: Yes, because he's made it very confusing. One, mass two mass three masks. Well, here we go again. Let's bring in the Dream Team Savannah Guthrie from the NBC today show with Mr. Fauci.
Unknown: Let's talk about this man.
Adam: She's laughing already.
Unknown: Let's talk about this mask thing because now the CDC says, I mean, I think I was funny,
Adam: because she likely finds it annoying that she has to do this segment again about the masks thing. Why can't these a holes Republicans, shut up and wear masks? Yes, exactly. Manny, she may be a little irk that. Fauci is bumbling. He has made it confusing. No masks, yes. mask. Okay, mask wrong masks. 395 masks to mask three mask mask
Unknown: paper mask
this mask name because now the CDC says I mean, I think I've got this right. One mask is better than zero masks. Two masks is better than one mask but you don't have to have double masks. Is that right? I mean,
it is exactly the you and I had this
Adam: they all find it very funny. They started so hilarious that people are confused that there's there's misinformation at best coming out of official channel channels. It's contradictory and these aztalan laughing
John: they're laughing at the public
Adam: that's the fucking idiot public.
John: Let's just kind of dismiss this gratuitous laughing they always doing it's just an it's really an insult to the listener. I don't understand how the hardware or the the suits the suits at the network that don't call her out on to say you can't do that. Are you laughing? Why are you laughing like an idiot.
Adam: They are at the French Laundry. That's where they are
Unknown: why Talk about this mask thing, because now the CDC says, I mean, I think I've got this right. One mask is better than zero masks. Two masks is better than one mask, but you don't have to have double masks. Is that right? I mean,
it is exactly. You and I had this conversation on your show. I mean, it must have been a month or so ago because someone had said, I've seen people wear to mask why the recommendation is not that you have to wear it with the CDC is saying that the at minimum wear a mask, okay, this makes you a you wear a mask. So you wear a mask that you want it to fit better. So one of the ways you could do it, if you would like to, is put a cloth mask over, which actually here and here and here, when you could get leakage in is much better contained. That's all you're saying one mask at least. But if you want to really be sure get a tighter fit with the second man, wait
a minute, are you a double masker, Dr. Fauci.
I have in fact,
I have used it occasionally. Mostly Savannah for what the CDC is saying, The fit is better.
Adam: The fit is better. And notice how it's only about the fit. Breathing in, you're still breathing all that crap out, which is supposed to be danger. you're protecting other people. you're protecting grandma. Okay, this is another thing that irks me. Can we stop with the ageist analogies? And I'll give you one example that, that I'm just sick of it doesn't irked me that much anymore. But yeah, I'm working on podcasting. 2.0. And we're at the foundation level of getting things working. And, you know, there's, there's not a company, there's not a release schedule. There's no PR team. And, you know, and then someone will come in and test something and go, Well, I don't even know, I can't explain this to my mom. You know, this is I've heard this all my career. My mom won't be able to use it. Like what kind of a dumb mom do you have wrong with your mom? And the same with COVID? Grandma, I'm old enough to be your grandpa. But listen to how you just you just
Unknown: you're just disdained man, folks who are elderly are our moms and dads, my kids grandparents, a lot of them are getting their vaccines now. And once they're fully vaccinated, can they see their kids and they see their grandkids? Can they go to a restaurant? Can they go to Costco? I mean, once they're fully vaccinated, can they go back to their normal lives?
In essence, ultimately,
yes, you'd like to see semantic is if you have two parties vaccinated. And that's the question more often, if I'm vaccinated, and my daughter who lives in Boston comes home and she's vaccinated, can we get much more of this pulling back on restrictions and saying, we can sit down together without a mask? We can give each other a hug? And the answer ultimately is going to be yes with that. But
if we're vaccinated but grandkid isn't,
yeah, then you got to be careful because grandma could still get virus in her nasal pharynx even though the vaccine is preventing her from getting physically ill.
Adam: I want everyone to hear that one more time. This is not a vaccine. This is some kind of potion that makes the the effects of the COVID disease which you will catch. Bless. annoying. Let's hear it again.
Unknown: And you got to be careful because
Adam: the question again is grandma's vaccinated grandma has the vaccine coursing through her veins. Grandpa cool ASMR SMR grandchild has no grandchild has no vaccine. Is grandma still protected from this vaccine can give each other a hug? And the
Unknown: answer ultimately is going to be yes with that. But
if we're vaccinated but grandkid isn't,
yeah, then you got to be careful because grandma could still get virus in her nasal pharynx. Even though the vaccine is preventing her from getting physically ill she still could have virus in her nasal pharynx. And that's the reason why we say until we have the overwhelming majority of people vaccinated and the level of virus is very low. When you're vaccinated you still it would be prudent to wear a mask for those that I just mentioned. Okay. And
just really quickly because they're gonna kill me with the time but my kids grandma's listening to this, okay. Is the risk that's with that leftover virus that grandma might be emitting to the person who's not vaccinated or is the risk to Grandma,
to the person who's not vaccinated. Okay.
John: The kids who can't catch it.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. I have some personal excited
John: about mixed mixed messaging,
Adam: some personal experience. Over the weekend, we got a call from Tina's sister. She works in a clinic. And so she has had both her materna shots. And she called she was home alone. No, she was home initially. She wasn't feeling well. Her other sister who lives nearby, and these are Indiana girls. Now, this is tough chicks. So now let's go to get tested. She got tested. So she's had both vaccines. The last shot was four weeks ago. She's COVID positive. And she she was running 104 fever, because you know, the vaccine, clearly who shot doc for weeks. So don't give me any of this. It takes time to work for weeks. It's supposed to be seven to 14 days. But that's not the part that is so sad. As she was home alone, and then, you know, she just she felt her heart pounding. And she went into full blown panic attack because of the fucking fear mongering that's out there.
John: Oh, yeah. And it was and she mass hysteria.
Adam: And she's the kind of person who you know, your shot on the ground will pick up your guts shove it in and drive you you know, to the hospital, she was in a full blown panic attack. Because of just all this fear that's being bestowed upon people. What did work and props to Tina, she's like, baby 98.8% survivability rate. If you didn't have all the fear pumped into you, you just think crap, I've got a horrible flu. But you wouldn't think it after you got the vaccine, both shots and four weeks for it to do its work. So that's a personal I can out of personal experience, say the vaccine doesn't work. It's bogus. It's bunk. I hope that's
John: what did you get to get us taken off the air? You're gonna get fired?
Adam: Yeah, when they figured out how to moderate podcasts. Great.
John: You can count on work they're working on now. This is
Adam: not fun. It's not gonna happen.
John: They're bitching a lot?
Adam: Oh, of course. Well, that's that's the gatekeepers who are doing that. The gatekeepers in the UK the success of the vaccine program implement, implemented properly. could see the UK back to normal by 2022. Yeah, and I got a great note from one of our Norwegian producers, how
John: that a bunch of jerks.
Adam: How is in Norway and how looked into the adverse effects that killed 23 people in nursing home?
John: Oh, excellent. Yes.
Adam: And it's I put her his whole report from gitmo-nation. reindeer balls, as he says in the show notes, here's what he said. I thought it just give you some info from inside Norway. I'm in Norwegian living in Norway, about the deaths you mentioned in the newsletter. And previously on the show, since I mostly ignore m five M and only listen to you guys. I hadn't heard about this until you brought it up. So I googled a bit and found a lot of news stories. He speaks Norwegian, so that's helpful. The topic was from my biggest newspaper, The Bad verdens gang, which he says loosely translated is how the world turns, which I think is so proper here in America. But now he says this is dismissible for the very reason is that and so there were 3023 people reported 23 people died. It is now in fact up to 56. And they're still giving the Yeah, it's not really a big deal. Because these are the side effects that are expected and they they they sometimes kill people. So here's the kicker. The reason why it's no big deal is because on any regular day 45 people die in our nursing homes. We have a lot of sick people with underlying conditions in Norway, Norwegian nursing homes. Our health system puts people in nursing homes that most countries would put in a hospital. Another clue about socialized medicine. So it's totally normal for 45 people a day on a good day no COVID to die in the nursing homes in Norway.
John: That's where they weren't worked up about it.
Adam: Right. But did you know that one of I mean, if Denmark is the happiest place on earth, and Sweden is the way we all want to be. I mean, does Norway just get kicked to the curb? In Norway, Norway's they're supposed to be all in on that
John: on that stuff. Well, Norway's actually is an outlier, which is a very good thing to study because And out by outlier. I mean, they're not in the EU.
Adam: Oh, yes. They're not
John: in the Eurozone or none of that. They have their they have they're not in the EU for good reason is because they're sitting off of a giant pile of oil that makes them you know, as wealthy as big as Kuwait. And so whatever happens in Norway, you we don't talk about it much in this country because we don't know how to what to think of it, because they're just they're a little bit like Switzerland in that regard. Yeah.
Adam: But clearly, it's messed up.
John: Well, they still have this key. I don't know, I don't know, maybe we should get more reports out of Norway, because we're obviously
Adam: if you read his full report, it just, it seems like a big deal. It's just what it is. So that's also good. Even though those those no side effects were clearly bad enough to hurt people.
John: I hope that for example, you know, they did say something out of that. I don't know if he discussed this, which is that? Well, we shouldn't have given the vaccine to people over 80 which is something that was a one shot pronouncement that we've talked about on the show, but nobody here ever says that yet. They give Hank Aaron the shot. He's dead Two weeks later. Now, more recently, they gave Bill Russell, probably the greatest basketball player of all time. The shot, like during the Superbowl, I think, and we'll see what happens there is he's 86.
Adam: Yeah, see, I'm not I don't want you to get it. You're not gonna get a shot?
John: Why would I get the shot, just check in. I know. You might be sitting around and you have the messages to start to get to you. Although I have to say a number of people that are around me, I've gotten a shot and they I've talked to him about it. I dissuade people from getting the shot. Me too. I don't do it in any fashion. That makes me sound like a nut. But it's a mix. I'll just say this. I've said it in the newsletter. I'll say it again. The mRNA vaccine. We've talked about it a lot. It's an experimental treatment that's never been issued to a large population. We have no idea what's what's going to happen. If I was forced to take the shot by the government, they grabbed me. I would take the AstraZeneca or the Johnson and Johnson shot which is monkey fish or something that they shoot you which is supposed to do the job and I'm not taking an experiment just a genuinely experimental product that hasn't been fully tested and it hasn't been fully tested. No. So what So what can you tell people this is how I'm getting the shot anyway, just in case Yeah. Okay.
Adam: Poland, you know, they didn't do the animal trials. I still have my eye on the mink. So I'm just giving the information as it comes in Poland now saying the Coronavirus found in local mink can be transmitted to humans and vice versa. They have not called their animals yet, apparently. According to this article, the research clearly shows the virus can spread from mink to humans and vice versa. Oh, this is the country's agriculture minute minister said yesterday. Now the thing is the ministry added the virus found in Polish mink is different from the virus discovered on mink farms in Denmark. And it's also different from the mutations reported in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.
John: What about the mains found in Denmark? Does that account for the Denmark mutation?
Adam: I don't know. I mean, they they had to burn them all because they buried them. And then when they start to decompose the mink or pop into the surface, people were worried about the drinking water getting contaminated. So they torched him.
John: Go God, why? Okay, here's, here's a question. You got a million mink or 2 million whatever it was, they collected your three. They usually use this for why don't you go in with a hazmat suit. differ the animals and make them into coats and then you know, you can treat them with gamma radiation. If you're worried about anything viral in there, it'll kill everything. You can't gamma radiation is used as a form of treatment for ultra pasteurized milk. Different kinds of foodstuffs, meat and most of the world except the United States we won't use it because people don't understand what it is. It's not It's not the radiation that will kill you if you went in there because it kills all life forms but it doesn't linger. And so you could gamma radiate the entire mink population and tournament of fur coats. When they do
Adam: stuff like that. I think they should let them drink bleach and shove a UV light up there. But
John: that would work. Just don't even take In that comment series I'm
Adam: taking the comment very seriously but it to me it seems you're worried about the mink and the and the
John: cap. I'm worried about the code.
Adam: I'm saying the capital destruction that is taking place. I don't Can you can you share a mink? And is it useful from day one? Or did you have to have a mature mink or I know nothing about mink,
John: I think baby mink would be dynamite. It's gotta be very soft and fluffy. Yummy. It's not for eating. Although I would say if you're gamma radiate, the mink could be tasty. Could be
Adam: speaking of variants, Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada navia. It's a very short one, you got to pay attention. It comes at the end, but he
John: says it. Obviously we've taken significant measures to keep Canadians safe, particularly given the threat of these new variants that are being developed and
Adam: the new variants being developed junk. It's a big threat. They're developing very shaky
John: that one. Well, it's that is a jam. That's right up there with the erections.
Adam: It's pretty good, isn't it? That's right up there with
John: the erections. It is it's pretty damn good. That's a 10 pointer. Wow. Whoo. crowd goes wild. It's not a clip of the day but no, it's a 10 point clip that's dynamite. Now here's some information being developed. The guy's a doofus is is.
Adam: I didn't know the story. I don't know if you'd even heard about it. 37 seconds came up on the ABC America this morning. Morning. New claims that former President Trump was nearly forced into a medically induced coma during his battle with the Coronavirus last fall. The New York Times reports Trump was so sick in October that his oxygen levels dropped into the 80s. And doctors reportedly consider putting him on a ventilator.
Unknown: The claims about his condition appear to be a stark contradiction to what Trump's medical team said at the time.
He also experienced difficulty breathing.
John: No, no, he has not. Never did. We want
Unknown: to put people on the ventilator early on before they decompensate. So I think that's what the doctors were considering once his oxygenation levels were below that 88% threshold.
Adam: You even heard of this story?
John: No, I haven't. It's a good one, though. And I wonder how true it is. Trump had Trump had already gone through a hydroxychloroquine he's done all kinds of things to minimize exposure. He's the thing that's always ignored about Trump and all these reports. We talked about on the show, like maybe, I don't know once every 10 months. He's a germaphobe.
Adam: Right?
John: He doesn't like to shake hands. He does. He's very, you know, freaky about all kinds of things. And he's not the kind of guy that is, is gonna. It sounds more like to me they tried to kill him. You put you put Trump on a ventilator? And he's done. Yeah. Anybody we have the evidence is 85% of people that go on a ventilator never come off.
Adam: Maybe even worse. Wow. It was just an odd story. I came out of nowhere. Why now? No. question why now sources familiar with the thinking and the little here's
John: another thing that makes me question it. The New York Times The Washington Post, everybody would even they got a story on that immediately.
Adam: Yeah, so again, the question why now? Why now?
John: I'll just a, just a pile on he's a liar. The people around him are liars. So
Unknown: much material out there. Why make it so complicated? They just have to keep doing it. I don't know. It's the
John: final hope that some of it catches. I think it just develop sympathy. The guy says, Well, I'm not getting a game but got out of there.
Adam: Yeah. In fact, it strengthens his whole argument that we have treatments.
John: Yeah, not dead.
Adam: Dear crackpot, my friends and I agreed tonight that although we unconditionally support your ethical stance on not accepting outside advertising, especially as a matter of integrity, we think all no agenda listeners would be completely okay with JC D, getting some of that sweet PBR cash. We already know he likes it, and the risk of big beer corrupting your coverage would be remote. So we're not sure there's really any ethics involved at all, to be honest, just getting paid to drink lots of sweet sweet PBR. At least you could get a few free cases out of it. Who could object to that but again, we just poured douchebags in Las colinas waiting on government cheese. Thank you for your coverage.
John: Well, you know that's time for
Adam: Yes indeed.
And pour closer to the mic. There you go, huh? Oh, good. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to you, the man who put the sea in Trump's coma. John Dvorak.
John: Well into you. interview. Are you in a Happy Valentine's
Adam: Day? Yeah, I mean to you,
John: I should mention it every time I do that trick with the pouring. I get my pop filter soaked.
Adam: It wasn't close enough. You didn't hit the noise gate. But it's it's refreshing over the squeaky chair, which I no longer hear. That is a complaint I have received people are wondering if you've switched out your
John: now the chairs wrong. Anyway, this pop filter is wet now.
Adam: Thank
John: you. Everybody out there. And especially the dames and knights out there saying it this way because I got a complaint that I didn't use the old in the morning that ships is the boots on the ground and all the rest last time because we had a screw up and we did things awkwardly. And that's what that was my partner. We didn't know we didn't catch it on the show. No. But now I've decided to change that opening to what in the morning to you Adam Curry in the morning the dames and knights out there and all the supporters of the show.
Adam: And in the morning to the trolls in the troll room. It's a Sunday. So clap clap hands up. Show me what you got trolls troll count is taking place 2166 we'll take it. Thank you very much very nice. 2166 it's not a bad number. Bitcoin almost 50,000 today, things are popping up. No agenda is where you can find all the trolls. We have a live stream live for the show. I was looking at the stream earlier during Darren O'Neill does a live the live rock'n'roll pre stream. And you know, and then he hands over to me it's always seamless, fantastic. And then I play a couple of mixes that I might be playing at the end of the show and other stuff. And then you come on and we're yappin. And then we have the whole fat lady and all this stuff. And someone said, Well, how come this is not in the regular podcast. That's the beauty. This is hidden. This is where you see how the sausage is made. And that is only something trolls can handle. So join us there no agenda we're down to 1000 roughly, that we can still handle until we hit our 10 k limit of no agenda are on algo wise, federated social network. That is a great place to go have discussions with anyone and gitmo-nation but it's federated. So it works across many of the mastodon servers that have been set up. It's all open source.
John: Did you did you say we only have 1000 slots left? Yeah,
Adam: we're just about right. 9000
John: people?
Adam: Mm hmm. Yeah, we're bad baby. We're nationwide and the signal to noise is still good. And now you know, few bad people can come in through the through the Federation. So you can still address at John Dvorak at no agenda. we're at Adam at no agenda and you can follow people and it's it's growing. I'm seeing more and more people starting to do this. And it's the only way out at least for now. That doesn't seem to many be many, I
John: would question your cut off at 10,000. But do I see it I think it's fine. I think it's probably better and that's the way all these things should be social to deal with that.
Adam: That's my point. You can do that you can federate it but why do you question that? Is that the 10,000
John: question at first because why are we being limited? Why are we limiting? And then I realized that you know, it's 10,000 is probably an ideal number.
Adam: Yeah, and the rest can still come in and participate but yeah and start another one there's another no agenda mastodon site there's people have to go there but they never will.
John: Yeah, no agenda sucks. No, it's no agenda Reddit boys.
Adam: No, I think it's no agenda dot social I think that's what it is that the Reddit boys met my my phone doesn't even resolve Reddit. Sometimes I click on a link I would read it. And now Could I turn it off yet? Do I know? Like there's nothing on Reddit that I need to see so bad. Just nothing. So that's it? No agenda now you can email me for an invite. I'm not going to answer you because you need to go on your own quest to find this these people. We are we are around people ask online you'll find someone or just get an account on any other mastodon server and you can join in the fun. And in the morning to our artists for Episode 13 whoa 13 120 let me just bring this up for a second 1320 only see that we titled that one. quarantine Dodgers. Ah yes. This was the year of the bullcrap. And this is we
John: did talk about it but it was I think the day after day or two day after. Yeah. Chinese New Year.
Adam: tante Neel tante Neel Thompson nails it again.
John: Yeah Tonton nailed it with this bullcrap thing and I we looked at all the different I was the big promoter of this piece. I like two pieces. I like that one and the quarantine Dodger that had the pinstripes, by Who is this? This Lotte Leen? Lotte Leen? Lotte Leen, who was not Dutch strain Lotte Leen and not Dutch and you lost but you'd like to goat, which is also tante. Neel, which is the fetta label, which was cute, and had a lot of nice elements to it. Yes. Anything else that we liked? Yeah,
Adam: that was the original Finnish goat milk. fetta. Yeah, I like that one. No, I think that was it. That was probably it was anything else? No. It was that Regina said to me. You know, I was listening to the show on pod friend to one of our 2.0 apps. Just I also hear a car changing all the time throughout the show. See? Yeah.
So it's it's an extra dimension that delighted her I just wanted to pass that along.
John: No new pocket pretty shiny objects,
Adam: new podcast. will drop Scott gets to do fun stuff. He gets to put crazy shit in there when we're talking. It's all from the art generator. So you know, it's a good way for the art generator artists to get exposure. But he always puts it in with a great topic. So it's always funny.
John: Tyron O'Neill also had a nice he did a series of goat labels with the producer owned since 2007. Yes. And the last one, he had a very nice pretty goat head and the one he finished with but he couldn't quite convince us. The bull the bull, the Red Bull thing was a little, I would consider an off the wall pick.
Adam: Yeah.
John: Because we didn't talk about New Year at all. And it was very rare. But it was something that I think we needed to use because it wasn't going to be useful ever again. And I should mention one more thing. People on evergreen art. Know what that word evergreen refers to? I looked at I looked through the Evergreen art to there's a whole bunch of evergreen art, which show numbers. Oh, evergreen means is something that we could go look at in a pinch, maybe find something there because it could be used forever. And if it's very specific, or if it's got a show number on it, that's not evergreen, it never will be. And never will be. So we stand with evergreen means we have a
Adam: new term though a new verb. If you do something really cool, you just say, oh, man, I nailed it.
John: Nailed. Ah, and
Adam: the one other thing I wanted to mention. Just as a fun little fun little fun fact. We were looking at naming the show flu data. But we all Yes, yes, yes. But we rejected that. Because it would consist of an axon a goo, I believe. Yes. On the ugly. And that is a character that in many cases, most cases, the last time I did it, even Apple breaks the RSS feed. You can't put that unless you like escape it. And
John: actually we had a lot of debate about this because Adam was because I pushed through the art Adam was adamant about using flu data because he just thought it was so cute. And he and he was his objection was largely Well, you know, we should be the ones credited for coining it because people are going to be using it all over the place. Which which I wish didn't happen which
Adam: didn't happen.
John: Nobody used it but it's but so I finally I finally beat me down.
Adam: Oh man, you're so lame. Oh, I'm gonna record these things. Now. You should hear the titles you come up with. Goat salad is good. Come on, man.
John: But you were on I gave in I gave in. And that's when you typed it out and you didn't realize it had this accent there goo that was just I was shocked by the fact that you're not gonna you beat me up and then you didn't get to use it use the blame. I didn't win the war and
Adam: the battle fizzled. It was really sad, and especially over the word de tot. It was it was like a very, very bad day loss loss all around tante Neel Thank you very much. Great job. Thank you to all of our artists who participated in our value for value network, which is everyone who is listening. Now you're not a listener, you're a producer and you have obligation if you want the show to be better. And if you get any value from it, consider putting it back in when it's your time. You'll know when you've got talent that you can see band on the show if there's some time you can take to do something to give us information. And then there's treasure. It's the three T's of the value for value network and for the art, you can just look at our one of our new podcast apps as as, as the art swings by, or go to nogen art generator, calm look at them all. contribute as well. And let's thank our executive and associate executive producers for Episode 1321.
John: Yes, it's gonna be a long show.
Adam: Valentine's Day very
John: top heavy. And finally, this is the only Valentine's Day show that ever to fall into success.
Adam: Well, it's also on a Sunday usually is not on a Sunday. Right?
John: I think grousing about it helped
Adam: this Okay, props to you good work.
John: No, I think grace and we both grouse about it. I grossed about it in the newsletter but also grace grace about on the show. And we did maybe Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up might be
Adam: about this. Maybe people are just more appreciative of their loved ones I said it of their loved ones or their loved one after the you know the events of the past 1214 months and people are very still alive and you're right maybe Mother's Day and Father's Day will will succeed this year as as love is for all
John: Let's hope so. Love is love man because we got four toppers here each contributing $1,000
Adam: oh whoa.
John: Andrew Scott at the top of the list by kind of cheating it up a little bit and contributing $1,000.69 nice for my credit please use the name band drew Scott, first time producer I figured out and get go big Go big or go home and pay Adam back for his hand in inventing podcasting.
Unknown: Oh
John: I owe him because I run a YouTube channel called pod cast edge podcast edge why review microphones?
Adam: Oh, let me get this. Right. Let me get this straight. He's happy I created podcasting. Any any has a show called podcast edge. But it's on YouTube.
John: That it's on YouTube.
Adam: You can put that on podcast to
John: video and you just right but on podcasting 2.0
Adam: Yes, thank you.
John: I review microphones and audio gear for podcasters that's probably a nice show. I'd be interested in listening to the podcast we'll go check it out. I would not have stumbled into this hobby had Adam not invented podcasting. For marketing reasons. If anyone is looking for audio gear and needs review check podcast stitcher comm pod pod ca T. I'm sorry. Okay, let's start over P od ca STAG so you got pod cast and stage kind of jammed into this podcast page
Adam: like roughage podcast, it's just a thing. You can even taste the same.
John: I also appreciate the weekly sanity check. Lino the shows on twice a week but that's okay. As it has kept me from completely losing my mind over the last year me I'd be knighted sir mechanic. And we can have a vintage you 47 at the round table to eat.
Adam: What is the u 47?
John: Oh, that's the that's the fabulous Telefunken Oh, microphone noi, Minh Telefunken depending on which there's an era where there's they both did the same, Mike, this is Mike from I think 1947 or it's not from there, but it's it was it's the mic. Cut. Yeah, you 40 you have a youth 47 you have a mic was about if especially if it's vintage and in good shape probably around between two and $5,000
Adam: holy crap.
John: Yeah, I actually got to use one once. And I've used the clones as clones and they got to use
Adam: I've used the I haven't used one at home but I've used it a bit too. They
John: have a transistor version now That actually sounds This is
Adam: the FET so the the anointment new 47 fet which is the transistor is yes it's
John: a good sounding mic too, but the original 140 5000 $4,000
Adam: and the original that's what you want.
John: I used the original The 4000 is for the FET
Adam: yeah this new I'm looking for I'm looking anyway
John: I use one one holy crap
Adam: $10,000
John: Okay, I use one wants to make you sound like God.
Adam: And this has the tiers m seven capsule with a new VISTA adapter that fits in the V f 14 socket. Oh my god.
John: I'm slick bunch of buy it
Adam: was 10,000 999 plus $150 shipping
John: that's outrageous
Adam: that's a beautiful oh my god honey I finally know what I really want one day for Christmas one day
John: one of these so he wants it yeah to be defective he wants to get to round table to record the feast Okay, okay
Adam: well let's do that
John: no jingles no karma don't drop a u 47. No Caesar gray but and but there's all these companies that cropped up to by the way that since the days of the you 47 that make these clones that are very expensive and they've done everything they can to get the sound right and I think there's some out there that probably do sound as good Cesar gray $1,000 comes in next and he says Forgive me father for I have no jingles just relationship karma. Please Knight Mr. Gray of the order of the dude's name band.
Adam: Easy enough. You got it, sir. You've got karma seed rounds.
John: Rapid director Yeah.
Adam: Can you imagine how sad it is for those people who think that's that? That's donation segments going to skip through it? I learned something here.
John: I'm actually stunned
Adam: that I didn't know about that. Yeah, I mean, I know the anointment but I didn't know about the price of the tube. nomen That's crazy. I didn't know about that.
John: Michael reordered it reordan reordan Yes, you know, Michael rear in 1010 is a third ITM although I love you guys. Oh, this Valentine's Day shout out is from my wonderful and gorgeous wife game Monica. ha Oh, love your baby. If you remember she became Dame a few months back. I'm a little jealous hearing all the great stories in the roundtable parties and how cool the knights and dames are so please punch my card and let me in
Adam: all right
John: doors open from here on I wish to be known as sir Mike you guys are clearly the best podcast in the universe sir
Adam: thank you much sir. mics are mic See you there. I'm
John: assumed to be sir My Jozy Demeter and Dimitri Sebastian off. I'm hoping
Adam: for miles in New Jersey. My old stomping grounds Livingston, New Jersey used to live right nearby
John: $1,000 another one on a Rogen night at that.
Unknown: donation.
John: Please deed
Adam: he had a texted with Joe yesterday. Let's put it this way. He texted me and said hey, Tom, make sure you have my new number. So I'm still on the list. Yeah, I got it. I'm grandfathered in. I'm still I'm still should be. Yeah, I'm looking forward to my next invite.
John: But you're a local you're the DNR you're like the guy who should be able to get in there anytime he wants. Yeah.
Adam: When someone can't show up because I don't know snow ice
John: because of global warming. Hmm. He's been back on the on the track doing a lot of MMA.
Adam: Oh, really? He's
John: the best. You watch that? Yeah, I usually only watch it if he's doing the color because he is excellent. It's like when you watch a good boxing match and you got a good color guy there. He's telling you what, oh, he could have done this couldn't lie. He gives you just this very little bit of of insight enough. So that makes it enjoyable as some guys you found the crap out of somebody?
Adam: Well, I, I probably would have been on this week. But yeah, now we have this problem that Elon Musk lives here too. And now he runs his go to Elance a good time second slot. Yeah, he wants a carbon tax.
John: Ilan stinks.
Adam: It's in line with his business I'd say makes nothing but sense.
John: Yeah, what a scammer, that's bull crap. Anyway, let's get back to our Rogen Knight, who happens to be named Dimitri. He says I would like to be known as jack of shadows. So he's getting knighted. Yeah. sheep in human clothing and goat karma for everyone. Please. I'm Crystal head vodka. Yep. With pickles. And some hash. Hash feel appropriate? Put is this. Some hash reading this? What is he talking about?
Adam: He says some crystal head vodka with pickles and some hash appropriate for the occasion. pickles are
John: you soon? My Best regards. Okay. good karma. Table.
Unknown: Karma.
John: Tony Cabrera comes in with $127 he says oh generous holiday greetings from the no agenda shop. That's our man. For those who struggle to find that perfect gift. We have finally started adding winning show art Canvas prints to the shop. Why not wait there's more Whoa. You can personalize them with memorable info like producer credits knighting douchebag and birthday shout outs and more artists can contact us at no agenda to learn how to best contribute their art to be featured on the canvases. Let's wrap this up quickly with no jingle but a stereo goat karma poor floor and i would i would like to add to that
Adam: what this is all part of the value for value model I just want people to understand how beautiful this we have no agreements, no contracts always says yeah, just make it fair. And they work it out with the artists everyone's getting paid this is our cut 827 I don't have to do any accounting I don't have to go find out what is it's good and he's creating new products that we if we had to have a meeting about the stalking imagine that the guy
John: have a meeting right now about this drama tells Tony something Alright, first rule of marketing is that you put your top sellers right in the front you push those and you you pull back and stuff that's not really moving. There's the biggest mistake marketing guys always make it don't know what they're doing. And you're not doing this but the people the big mistake people make is oh this thing I know it's great. I don't know why people aren't buying it. Let's push it more. Now. It's not how you do it. You find out what's moving it push it more. I can't find I go into site is too deep. It's got too many layers to go down. I would like to see the top movers get pushed to the front so it's easier to find. For example, our anonymous lesbian was telling me about a pink I think it's a no agenda hatch. He had to Where's around town. And people look at it and go I was at and she doesn't say much about it. But she's a pink girls baseball cap, which always looks good on a lot of women looks good with a pink cap. I couldn't find it. I looked and looked and looked and looked in the eye. So here's your sear somewhere. Just saying. I'm just trying to help. Hmm.
Adam: That's interesting. Although when I yeah, yeah, that's hard. Although when I it's the trucker 33 hat. I think I just
John: I just maybe she's got a 33 head. I'm not sure what she's just about. I couldn't find anything
Adam: as if he just Bing it. Do you get it? If you go into the site, it's hard to find is that what you're saying?
John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you. Tony can fix that. He's got to miss it charges for and it's free. Free consulting.
Adam: Wow, that was a longer meeting than was necessary. I was happy we had no meeting.
John: Sarah Gonzalez,
Adam: I need to I need to give him the stereo camera. Oh, sorry.
Unknown: You've got
John: Sarah Gonzalez in Houston, Texas. 33333. Dear guardians of reality, I'd like to dedicate this Happy Valentine's donation another one yet to my smokin hot hubby Rolando. Ah JC de you made his day last Sunday during the live pre show when you complimented his end of show MCs and said he was good and should DJ I must tell you that he does have the turntables and a very bad ass record collection. I definitely thought him his mixing was the coolest thing ever when we first met maybe
Adam: mix it up mix the ship. Come on for a second. What was that mix sound up. Scratching,
John: scratching. Though he doesn't have much time to play around on them as he did in those days. He dedicated his talent to creating some fabulous no agenda mixes and always makes time for me and our daughters. My analysis Ah, that's sweet. That's what he's supposed to do. So I'm happy that this donation put us together to the round
Adam: a barrier to entry man
John: he actually made time for us. So I'm happy that this donation will take us together to the Round Table of the greatest podcast in the universe a county emailed I can't thank you enough for your courage and the sanity your shows the only way I can stomach the news these days. And your infotainment has brought me many laughs during the not so funny COVID era please dubbed me as Sir zaanse and dames Sara are us, I guess. Yeah, always got Doom going on. They got 2000 Okay, sir zaanse and Dame Sarah, of the flood plain housing. We'd love some chocolate. tre tres leches. Right. Tres leches. Yeah, let's easily Yeah, yeah, let me see if both their names are on that list by the way, and cold brew at the round table. It's not too much if it's not too much trouble. Yeah, I think we can already great work and lots of good karma to all and Gitmo Nation dames to be shared.
Adam: Yes, we have Sarah to be Dame Sarah and Rolando, Sir zaentz Yes, it's in there. And since they asked for just their karma, I did want to remind everybody we have different types of karma available. Got
Unknown: karma? Just
John: go. Trap 333 33 that's gonna be a long show today. Yeah, your discussion of social media is very important in your mention of clubhouse with a Gora Chinese interests in the last show led me to donate. I was really involved in a social media black chain called steam with two E's. Yes, early last year in the US based blockchain was taken over by Chinese interests led by Justin son of Tron. This was a deep EOS attack, delegated proof of stake along with a known vector and very large segment of the community engaged in a hard fork to circumvent the Chinese of attack vector, which was money money money. Yeah, there's a lot of scandal but it's very relevant geopolitically. Here's a link to read more about the show and he's got a link.
Adam: I put it in the show notes. Good Good.
John: This one year old social media blockchain is called hive can be viewed on p peaked pa k And a dozen other domains and could be used to immutably immutably immutably store the text archives for no agenda social if you if you wish. I have plenty of tokens to make this happen if someone wants to contact me, I am at a coin stand. It's like e coin and other tours jam together EC o i n. sta and T like coin instant on no agenda social. This third 33333 makes me a knight if Adam will provide the penny.
Adam: Yep, got it right there.
John: Please Knight me, sir. Go instant. Please add freedom and friendship to the roundtable. Thanks for all the value I'd
Adam: like to say something about hive. intimately familiar with this, at least with the story as our very own sir Brian of London is heavily involved not just with hive. But if you look at podcasting 2.0 he is he's very far along with creating a bridge for hive tokens and the streaming payments system that we're putting into place which the value for value payments so great. You're the second person I've heard talk. But it's it's it is an interesting story. And it is. Moreover, more. It's more funny because Facebook is involved in this in this scandal. And it was a bunch of people who said hey, screw you, China. Screw your China men. Obviously racist. So thank you very much, Alex, we appreciate that. And I'll see you at the roundtable.
John: Ross Easterling in New Braunfels, Texas. These by the way are all generally 330 333 years many shows. Really? store Yeah, Valentine's Day donations Yes, and
Adam: they're important.
John: JOHN Take a deep breath here and let me set the grill thing go from New Brownsville Texas yes and slowly I turn to my lovely wife Elizabeth Happy Valentine's Day sparkler Ah thank you john and Adam and no genius no karma producer credit to Dame sparkler I okay, we
Adam: have to made an appropriate change name sparkler. Thank you.
John: switcheroo. Courtney. Or Kelly 333 Parts Unknown Hey guys, please send me some jobs and moving camera my husband's way. There thanks for keeping me sane stay safe. Bye. He jobs,
Unknown: jobs, jobs and jobs.
John: Cara Massey is next in Arvada Colorado 333 33. Gentlemen, it's a birthday to thank you for your courage Ryan to wish my smokin hot wife Dame Valentine of the bluebird powder region. I have a birthday on 214 a show day. jingles Biden. Come on man. TPP jobs and Boogie Boogie. Come on, man.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: JOHN
Adam: Knutson, Knutson conduction.
John: I think it's Knutson okay. As opposed to Knutson in the morning 333 33. No genius. No karma. Thank you. My good friend Dean Lewin donated 120 for the no agenda set of betting on the Super Bowl last Sunday he would have lost his shirt. To honor his decision I'm crediting 124 of this donation to doubled his down payment on his knighthood. The accounting will will believe you. He's already saved at least $1,000 on Carnival cruises liquor fees over the past year. He should be a knight already getting called a douchebag by Jcd was a great joy. But it's time for me to be de de-douche
Unknown: de douche
John: I owe you much more for all the value I've received over the years thank you for all you do. JOHN can nuisance
Adam: Now does that mean that the Knutson get the the exact producer ship was that also go to
John: no no no no yes 2424 of it anyway.
Adam: All right, you're right.
John: Martin wala. In Berlin Deutschland Hallo Deutschland 330 Yes, do your Deutschland bit Hello
Adam: dawn slams
John: 333 33 I love you very much john and Adam. Thank you yet again for the great work I think it should I should be a night by now so I understood that the NA system how it works. Could you give me the title sir Martin of the Wallah got it and sucky and sushi at the round table.
Adam: Oh nice. Deutschland
John: are having sushi instead of brats while he's eaten in the suck a garden last last I would love some f cancer karma love you much the all the best Martin
Unknown: you've got karma.
John: chris chris Hubbard and Denver 333 dot 30 good news. The donation makes me a night I would like to be knighted sir GM a dis dis Yes. No roundtable requests just grateful to be there. Bad news I write this note with a heavy heart as my love of my life ended our relationship yesterday
Adam: before Valentine's Day that's that's heartless
John: Yes, it is. Nobody should do that. I do not seek pity though. In sharing this I do not wish to satin anyone on this day of love.
Adam: Oh, okay. In that case
John: I share this to express gratitude that in the hard time such as these there's a community like no agenda to turn to support support. I will be in the troll room and I will request an invite to na social go get them I hope it makes it in before the 10 k windows closed Yeah, you're good. You're good. I made the tragic mistake of letting 2020 wear me down physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually and that mistake has now cost me my own smokin hot Mimi. I will use this mistake as a learning opportunity for personal growth and development. I mean we we do on the shows try to cheer people up Yeah, sometimes with bad news but it's so cheerful. I'm so grateful to have resources like no agenda to keep my amygdala in check and aid me in keeping my head on straight during these challenging times with all the listeners whether they're single or together the happiest of Valentine's Days. I hope your your lovers stay strong and stressful in these stressful times and treat each other better than I did mine. I love you all thank you for your courage sincerely Chris to GM Odysseus no specific jingle requests but a relatable relationship and health karma for all man
Adam: Yeah, definitely. sorry to hear that. But did you know a door closes another door open?
Unknown: You've got karma
Adam: or window
John: credits cool. You can take this one.
Adam: Hey, what does he say here? He is. Yeah. Curtis cool is doublings from the US No, no town 333 I've been a constant listener since April after hearing Adam on JRE and getting hit in the mouth but almost the same time by my friend Manny. I did buy some na shop items at Christmas but I'm pretty sure I'm still a douchebag because I haven't donated so please de-douche me and accept my donation of 333. t juiced thank you both and everyone involved for all the critical information over the past year. I've wanted to donate many times but between working 15 to 18 hour days for almost five months while we literally lifted the entire company into a new remote landscape. And then during a pay cut, we'll try to procure arms and ammo. It never seemed to work out understood. As always, this is not a shaming exercise value is what its value to you. And time talent and treasure is where you hand back I'm donating with something on my heart, in addition to wanting to cease being a douchebag I hope he might share a GoFundMe site of created on behalf of my in laws in South Korea. On February 2, we learned that my wife's brother Phil, her last surviving immediate family member unexpectedly and suddenly took his own life, leaving behind a wife, 14 year old daughter and 12 year old fully disabled son, whose congenital condition I forget the name of but back in 2015, Phil described it to me as one that also means is significantly shortened lifespan. It's unlikely
he'll reach 20 years old. God bless you both what you do and thank you in advance for anyone who's able to help us ease some of their financial uncertainty in the wake of his death. Any amount will be truly and honestly appreciated. Did he also leave a didn't leave a link to the GoFundMe, did he? Do you see that anywhere? No,
John: I don't see it.
Adam: Send it to me, ma'am.
John: Send it to me and I will look at it. We'll put a link in the show notes eventually.
Adam: Yeah, we'll put it in the show notes. No problem. But his last name is lie human lion. So it's Phil. And then his last name is Li h y un mega
John: heaping dose of karma.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Mike Savelle is our last Executive Producer $308.45. He sent a little cute little note and it just says please continue to do what you to do as well. And such. No jingles no karma, no agenda. Sincerely lovely. Like so. delet Shelby Township, Michigan is where he is. Now I want to read a note in the meantime, before we get to the associate executive producers is from a woman that should be on the knighting list. Lisa Stelter, but she came in with the with the night note that we read. Okay. But the donation wouldn't qualify. It's just a round offer donation, but just note needs to be read. Because it's kind of interesting. I think a lot of people will relate to it. I finally reached Dame hood, counting below, check to make sure she's on the list. Thank you for your for the sanity. However, I do have the difficulty that many other producers do and that I'm often more stressed than I used to be by not following the universe, B party line, and NPR propaganda that all of my friends and acquaintances here in Chicagoland follow. In response to the comment Adam made a couple of shows ago, social media is not the only factor. I removed myself from social media several months ago, because I was making it was making me very anxious in general. But it only helps so much. Ever since my husband hit me in the mouth, it has gotten harder and harder to hang out, or interact with the other parents in the area, even more so in the past year. Of course, very few people have
been willing to meet in person in the past year anyway. But all of our kids have been really hurt by this and it kills me that no one seems to care much about that. Or they're in denial that there will be a long term consequence for our children. The most socialization my eldest daughter gets these days is a virtual Girl Scout meeting once a week, which she generally dislikes. I've expressed my concerns to the other parents, but most of them respond that they are more worried about the virus. And they roll their eyes at the crazy conspiracy theorists they now think I am. The people I know are mostly from the local homeschool community, who you would think would question the government more but at least I have my husband, the family that no agendas together truly does stay together. Wow.
Adam: I don't have her on any less list. Lisa Stelter.
John: Yeah. Lisa Stelter, she's a nowadays she on the birthday list. Oh,
Adam: yes, yes, but she's becoming a dame as well. Yep. And what's her name? Name?
John: I think it's just Dame Lisa and Lisa. Okay.
Adam: Cool. Nice note.
John: I'll look to see but I sent a specific note in this should be on the dame on the dame list. It's
Adam: so interesting how we first started talking about homeschooling probably show five you were once you still homeschooling, Jay when the when the when the show start. Yeah,
John: probably. Yeah.
Adam: And just look at how many people have decided that's the way to go now.
John: Yeah, I don't know if there's more to her No, or she said when she had sent her other note in talking about her birthday but She may have mentioned this something maybe one of the notes coming up mentions this. Okay. And this really disturbed me. us. It seems as if the homeschoolers, many, many of them are using the Howard Zinn book.
Adam: Oh my let's talk. Yeah. I want to have a feedback about that too. Let's talk about the Z and after the donations. Yeah, cuz it's necessary and a lot of people like that talk to.
John: Yeah, yeah, they did. john kerry's Next on the list. He's our first associate executive producer from Alpharetta, Georgia. To 3333. Happy 33rd anniversary to up 33 Yep. The love of my life. My gorgeous wife Joanne jobs coming from my son Joseph and a truly awesome, he's a truly awesome human resource mom and dad. done good. Love you guys. You too are like family
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. That's
John: it Robert comes in from right in New Hampshire to 1634 this donations on behalf of my firstborn, Shawn Roberts, who turns 34 on to 16 to 1634 Get it? Please dee doo. dee doo. He was called up by his brother Seth as a douchebag. And I know it was time to act. If you would be so kind for jingles. Donald Trump doesn't like China, China's asshole. Obama you might die. Thank you. I know Trump don't trust China. China is at home,
Adam: you might die. And I'll throw in an extra karma.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Sir Thomas of the nocturnal realm in Lohmann, New York. 215. I started out with a subscription of $4 a week after a few years I wanted to get my knighthood faster, so I bumped it up to $30 a month. That was a smart move. I was knighted a Sir Thomas of the nocturnal realm and Episode 1063. Since that time, I hit my smokin hot wife squarely in the mouth, and now she looks forward to every show. I ice the family that no agendas together stays together. The no agenda show is an island of sanity in a world of crazy bullshit. With the attached donation I have reached the level in peerage, however, I'd prefer to forget forego that for now and do the old switcheroo and bring my wife to the round table. Henceforth she may be she knows maybe Sheila. She may may she be known as Dame Sharon of the hilltop garden, however, I would prefer to forego I'm sorry, please give her credit as associate executive producer, another switch. Got it.
Adam: I did it.
John: And also the donation at 215 is appropriate since her birthday is February 15. Please give her a birthday shout out as well got it. If it's not too much trouble, please give her a bit of reverence our respect. And our two D two karma thank you both for all you do,
Adam: Sir Thomas of the nocturnal realm.
Unknown: ESP. I
You've got karma.
John: Wow. Scott, Scott Knight of the knight surname in lost wages, Nevada to 1421. I am john and Adam just Valentine donations for my smokin hot wife, Laurie. Adam at the keeper in the last Las Vegas meetup.
Adam: Yes.
John: I almost didn't attend. But when my wife heard about the meetup, she insisted we go that's how awesome she is. We're not at the bar hopping social type. So when we awkwardly showed up late to the meeting, Adam to keep her sir Marshall and his buddy quickly made conversation with us. And it was great fun. So to all the producers out there, go to your local meetup and start one or start one Can I get a boogie Boogie smokin hot wife song? That sounds pretty good. And that's true. Love you guys. Thank you for the courage and our courage this or Scott the night of the Nets or sky? Yes.
Adam: I remember it was nice meeting you guys.
John: I think that sounds pretty good.
Unknown: That's true.
John: ne Halstead, Jr. and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Would there be an Elizabeth City in North Carolina to 1421. So obviously 214 is a reference to to 1421 which was never even mentioned as a reference. Oh, no,
Adam: that is the is the reference
John: one of the don't Yes, that is The net donation for Valentine's Day, please de-douche
Unknown: me you've been reduced.
John: Credit this donation to my smokin hot wife Sarah Halstead. Happy Valentine's Day jingle requests, by the way, that's the switcheroo. I hope you have it.
Adam: Yes, sir. Happy
John: Valentine's Day jiggle request smokin hot wife milk. That's true. Kenny.
Unknown: That one mother I'd like to. That's true.
Adam: so childish. I love it. Yes, Sara with analysis sorry. Yes,
John: it does tell Tracy Bassano in Madison Alabama to 1420 my amazing has been my missing piece. JOHN Bassano. Happy Valentine's Day? No, Geno's? No karma. Thanks boys.
Adam: All right, Tracy. Nice. I'm sure he loves it.
John: Sure how it sir. In Allison Park, Pennsylvania to 1420. Valentine's Day call today's sexy. Instead of chocolates, flowers and promises I never intended to keep I thought it would be great to give you a more lasting gift. Hope our new house helps find us a more beautiful position against the beasts that surrounds us. sorority speaks in love sir, speak
Adam: in riddles.
John: That's funny. Sir David Wilson or David Wilson in Minerva, Queensland to 1420 Valentine's Day call out to Elizabeth D Becky Oh DeBakey the Becky nonnamous rancher 214 20 nonnamous rancher to Mrs. Anonymous rancher. Happy birthday on the 13th you carry our first child. Oh, here's the shows that cut off over a yearly calf check. Goats dot slash livestock karma please. Got it.
Adam: More lifestyle you've got
John: to start growing wagyu you might find it very profitable. Hannah pettah in Livermore, California. Another call out to 1420 this is first time donating my treasure. Please dee doo
Unknown: dee doo
John: Jr, e listener? Who mid Adams episode left immediately in the middle of the episode to find a no agenda podcast. Joe kept talking over Adam and I really just wanted to hear what he was talking about. You haven't missed an episode since. Thank you for what you do.
Adam: Thank you.
John: Shout out your husband Dan. Who is the Valentine target? Who will be first time listener today. Get to cut the noise and nonsense listen to Adam and john. They're what keeps your wife sane right now,
Adam: right man? We've taken care of your wife these time feed and I guess
John: we all gonna die. That's true. Left. Good night left nut bite and a whole load. Can you see the juices a lot?
Adam: I was slacking on the job. So it's all gonna die. Geez. I'm sorry. We're all gonna it's actually a good segment. I like it. Sounds good. So it's all gonna die. That's true. I got that one here. That's true. And then I left nut. Okay, where's my I had that. Good night left. Not Yes. And is there mine the whole Oh, holy crap.
John: No. Okay. And then can you see the juice?
Adam: Oh my gosh. Juice. Yeah. Oh, that should do it.
Unknown: Good night, left nut.
Adam: I gotta do this again. I'm sorry. This didn't I was not tight. There was nothing tight about it. I was trying to be slick on it didn't work. Alright. Here we go. Now now we've got the sequence.
Unknown: Good night left nut.
John: I'm gonna give you the whole load. Oh my gosh.
Adam: Can you see that juice out there? It is very satisfying. To do that.
John: Thanks, Anna. Thanks so much. You get better as it goes down. Stephen A Abbott. ABG in Baroque Wisconsin. rhymes with Baroque. I think to 1420 another one. We're on a roll. Kindles respect little girl. Yay, camera for all of the show. Never stop. Never stop. Gitmo nation needs y'all call out to my super hot wife Ashley. Happy Valentine's Day, babe. I'll love you forever. Insert advance to here. Please
Adam: don't give me the state don't read the stage direction. Joe Biden.
Unknown: That's true.
Adam: I got a queued up.
John: Let me start over to my super hot wife Ashley. Happy Valentine's Day babe. I love you forever. That's true. Please de-douche me. This is my only my second donation. Second last one being the 45 donation for Trump's COVID. And I know I've been I've been boning for at least 10 years. Oh, okay. He's Boehner, Boehner for 10. years. Boehner 10 years. Wow. Yeah.
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Adam: and thank you all so much our executive producers and associate executive producers and love birds love birds for Episode 1321 and of course I say Happy Valentine to my beautiful keeper who I love so much. JOHN, would you like to say anything?
John: Happy Valentine's Day Mimi.
Adam: And we will be thanking more people but these people get our executive producer title and credit and associate executive producer title and credit for Episode 1321 thank you again if you'd like to do more for the show to be a participant in the treasure go ahead and go to our website at full slash and a thank you all for your time your talent your treasure for the value for value model of the show our formula is this we
Unknown: go out with people in the mouth
John: I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to all the female listeners out there and all the producers do um I've got a quick news story there's a little side bit
Unknown: yeah
John: there's about the mirror Maher who into PBS hi yes
Adam: that's the that's the intro for the White
Unknown: House is warning that for note
Adam: sorry. Miramar Quinta. Here we go.
Unknown: Me and mar the general who's leading the new janta urge the public today.
Adam: Did she say junka? That's as bad as my hikma jicama,
John: not necessarily keep playing
Unknown: me and mar the general who's leading the new junto urged the public today to quote join hands with a military to achieve democracy. Instead 1000s of protesters confronted police and pro democracy demonstrations. They were the largest since the military coup nearly two weeks ago. Okay, so
John: I've got two pronunciations for punakha which has always been used in the United States as Hoon top because it's a kind of a South American thing. I remember when I was a kid that always talked about these Hoon does, and it's gonna span I think it was derived from a Spanish word, but let's play this clip, which is how to pronounce punto in American.
Adam: Oh, well,
John: uh, under pronounce.
Adam: Yes. Got it.
Unknown: Quinta.
Adam: Okay, that seems so that is to Amy's off that's that's the it's not me. I mean, nobody Amy doesn't isn't doing it. Right, Clinton.
John: That's not Amy.
Adam: I know. This is the official pronunciation Amy is not doing it right. No,
John: it's not Amy. That's our PBS good woman.
Adam: Sound like Amy. Oh, Nora. No. What's her name?
John: Not Nora.
Adam: Well, then give me your name. You don't know her name either.
John: This is great. Because now you've said you said Amy. you've locked me out her getting her name. Thanks. Her name is Tuesday. The woman who's the PBS NewsHour. Come on. I've only we only had her on the show a million times. lips. Okay,
Adam: I'm drawing a blank, man.
John: I know. Thanks, Amy. Okay, let's play pronounce punto in you in the UK. Tim.
Adam: Oh, Tim. So that's got to pronounce Judy.
John: It's Judy Judy. Judy uut
Adam: makes it better
John: be honest, that makes it better. So UT has decided that she's British
Adam: Yes. shunta however the jump to doing the jumps are in beta right now.
John: I find it offensive that we have American commentators using British pronunciation that's just fine. It was like oh, he went to university that is a British ism. Yes, it is Canadian say that too. But Americans don't say that. He say he went to the University. Right. Okay, well that just wanted to get that out. I like
Adam: I'd like it and I think it's important that we from we'll never forget her name. Now. We will always remember UD. It is Judy from PBS cuz she pronounces it Giunta then we're calling you, UT UT is at the uni.
John: ut. All right, where do we go from here? Do you want to talk about Ziff? zins in?
Adam: Well, first, I'd like to talk about China real quick. Okay, because I have a tick tock fetta an update.
John: This is not fetta
Adam: Yes, this is the viral recipe for the block of feta cheese.
John: Oh, yes. You're talking about this cheese dish that you actually made?
Adam: Yes. It's extremely tasty. You can't make it all the time, though. Um, so I've had producers all over the world looking at this. Sir Wanda Helm in Finland went searching and this thing started two years ago. And this woman is a food blogger who started this. So but and and, yes, there's been some issues with supply in Finland. But they kind of came back roaring back after two years very oddly, one of our producers Ryan did an analysis. He's a marketing marketing person. And he says what is likely happening with some of the virality is coming. I said, Hey, isn't this just the Chinese algorithm of Tick Tock just pushing this up for some reason? peers, what does come into play? The Tick Tock algorithm works really on hashtags, this is what I'm learning now. So the minute something goes to the top of the trending list, all everyone will try and use that hashtag which in this case was hashtag fetta pasta to do other things so that now all of a sudden there's a guy with a snake showing up at the top of tik tok. This is the house bull is but
John: this is Craigslist posters. But
Adam: But I did find something which is interesting. A China has just finalized an agreement with the EU. Over fetta cheese, which is an agreement on the so called gi the geographical indications, which is the same legislation is what most of the EU was doing is making sure that you can't call your drink cognac if it's not from cognac that you can't call your sprouts brussels sprouts if they're not from Brussels. And champagne kiante these things. So China has now agreed they will protect feta cheese, which there's only one feta cheese can only come from what Bulgaria I would know
John: it's a Greek it's Greek product,
Adam: so they're going to protect that. I was just thinking, maybe they were just messing around by cuz none of the stuff that you saw in these Tiktok videos was official fetta. Okay, can
John: I ask a question? Yeah. So all of this had to do with protecting that federal trademark, if you want to call it that.
Adam: I'm just saying I have no idea.
John: Well, I'm saying and that would be protected in China, a country notorious for not making cheese or eating cheese or having any experience with cheese in their entire history. And in fact, most Chinese ate cheese. That great. I'm glad we got that done. Because you know, these Chinese are going to take advantage of this fetta thing?
Adam: I don't know. I'm not claiming just saying was an interesting coincidence. That is Chinese algorithm intellectual
John: property issues with China. We
Adam: Yeah, no kidding.
John: Yeah, no kidding. Is the record. No kidding. The fact that they've gone along with the program with Windows and some of these other things for as long as they have is kind of surprising me. Right, waiting for the shoe to drop.
Adam: Yeah. Whatever you think that China is just wants to be very, very, very, very, very clear. Despite what you saw on the leaked PowerPoint presentation, China is not building a time machine. That's the big news. All the science nerds are going crazy over this. This the PowerPoint that shows
John: the time schagrin on this.
Adam: China's largest state physics lab. Somehow a PowerPoint leaked out that there's there's and the question is the Chinese government collaborating with this. With some startup that's mentioned this, I don't know exactly who that is to build to build a time machine. The thing is, there's all kinds of time related stuff in this PowerPoint, which I don't really understand. 200 million texts, it's like, they have all kinds of weird concepts. And he has all translated from Chinese. I just thought it was cute. That time magazine is now making sure you know this. Because this apparently so much confusion that they're going to be doing time travel. And I would say they probably are probably lying to us.
John: I know I've been doing it. The I got a, I got a system in my bedroom, I will go in there, there's a Big Comfy looking thing, you can lay down on it, and then you get forward in time by eight hours.
Adam: You we've been talking a lot about Bill Gates. And in fact, you just mentioned you just mentioned something about Windows. Yeah. Or about intellectual property of China's intellectual property and check,
John: you have to remember I was given this lecture when I first time first time and only time I've ever been to Russia. But one of the guys there he says, you know, you have to understand that socialist countries believe that all intellectual property belongs to the people. Yes. That's right. And don't and the Chinese are all into that. And don't think otherwise.
Unknown: Tell me This is or is not a native ad. The FBI has issued a new alert stemming from the cyber attack on a water treatment plant near Tampa, Florida. Last week, the FBI is calling on local governments and companies to stop using Microsoft Windows seven, because it could be compromised. Seeing a lack of security updates makes windows seven an easy target. Hackers trying to remotely increase the level of a dangerous chemical and the water.
John: Wow. I mean, I knew this story, but
Adam: what what outfit is still using Windows seven. I mean, you can't be operating a water plant with with outdated unsupported software. Can
John: you know they stopped supporting windows seven what two years ago while ago? Yeah. I think it's a native ad from Microsoft. Yeah. To get them to upgrade? Yeah. I thought that it was a dual Nate. Okay, here. I think it was. I don't think it was a native ad. I think a native ad is something you pay to have pay to play. Right. I think this is just a news story that Microsoft planet.
Adam: Oh, that that's good. Yeah, that would be you. Right? That's probably how they would roll. No, you're right. What am I thinking
John: cuz a native ad The funny thing desert was the earmarks of native ads. $1 a bit much. And two, they're always like 30 seconds. 60 seconds. Two minutes. They have a they have a time cut off almost as though because it's an ad that somebody paid for. Yeah. And that was like a very short piece. So no, I don't think so. Good work, though.
Adam: Yeah, you should not be using Windows seven people. That I
John: do have a couple windows seven machines.
Adam: Playing plan financial. There's so much there's kind of like this big reset. Stories are popping up everywhere. China's Belton road just you know, it's gonna be a silk road with green energy. Oh, yeah,
John: sure it is Chinese authorities to do any bowling. I've got a kit. I've got this is a story from PBS about the OTF fund. Is this UT? Yes. Is UT. ut is on here reporting about the OTF. And then she kicks it to somebody I want. And I kind of reemphasized kind of this is a story about this fund, which sounds like a CIA operation that had something like $24 million budget. And Trump's boys. You know, they said this is just throwing money away. And they're the ones who develop signal. Who was they should be licensing to people It seems to me who develop signal this OTF fund BS. I
Adam: don't know anything about Emotiv. You didn't either enjoy
John: her district court. So let's start with OTF fund one.
Unknown: Today, a small US government funded organization, the open technology fund, received money that was frozen last year, referred to as OTF. It advocates for internet freedom, the kind of freedom that was cut off last week by the Myanmar military and restricted by governments including China, which banned the BBC yesterday and Iran. Nick schifrin reports on how the battle over OTF funding was a symbol of troop administration turmoil, and how this small group wages a global war in the 21st century war
between activists and authoritarian. Protesters tried to avoid beatings, torture, and even death with the digital shields of Dimitri Vitaly Vitaly is working mission protect Bella roussy and activists from government surveillance and help them defeat Internet censorship. Vitaly, his activism was born from his father's bravery. Vitaly metalia was a journalist forced to defect from Russia after he criticized the government. He left in 1989, the year of the Berlin Wall fell Eastern Europe course with a fever for freedom encouraged for decades by the US Federal broadcaster Voice of America,
Adam: the courier ship without guns goes into battle armed with the greatest weapon the
Unknown: VOA promoted American ideals by presenting objective news
citizens around the world are being tortured, imprisoned, and even killed for their online speech.
Today VOA digital descendant is the open technology fund that promotes American ideals by maintaining internet freedom. Its budget only 20 million its budget only 20 million. Its staff only 1111. But OTS technology that became signal and signals technology now powers Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp for more than 2 billion people. OTF technology is on two thirds of the world's phones. OTF also funds Natalia.
John: Wow.
Adam: I think I think this story may be confusing some things, but Okay, I have thoughts, but I would like to hear the presentation.
John: Well, I want to hear your thoughts first.
Adam: Oh, this is internet in a suitcase.
John: I might be thinking I think it might because they do discuss that in the upcoming clips. But they have a budget of 20 million,
Adam: which is not much
John: for 11 people. Yeah, I worked for a company of 20 million bucks and 11 people No, it's not much
Adam: you gotta you gotta you gotta you have 1,000,005 payroll
John: each
Adam: test just for you. And now when we're running the show
John: and then they have they develop signal which they did they don't give that away. Do they? I thought it was a licensing time.
Adam: I don't that's the part I don't understand. I'm not well versed. But you know, the signal the WhatsApp founder left in disgust and that Moxie and then he created signals so for them to say it's the same technology i think is bogus. I don't know think it is but yeah, it
John: could be wrong. This is a she This is this has got to be a CIA
Adam: type deal. Sure.
John: And they're, you know, 11 people 20 million. Okay, I can live with that.
Adam: How about this,
John: but the way they say it, they said only 11 mil only 20 million Oh my god, only 20 million. And then later in the report, you'll see kind of the contrary, look at a lower number all they got all this money and there's no money. So let's play the second clip.
Unknown: But then arrived, Michael pack that I want to clear out the problem the problems in the agency both the mismanagement, and the bias. Last year, Pac became CEO of the US Agency for global media, which oversees federal broadcasters, including VOA and funds agencies, including OTF. He targeted the very government employees he led pushed on by President Trump. If you heard what's coming out of the Voice of America, it's disgusting. Pac fired senior aides, editors and entire boards of trustees. He kicked foreign journalists out of the country and investigated journalists for being critical of President Trump. he withheld OTS congressionally mandated budget, leaving his own soldiers on the battlefield temporarily defenseless.
It's truly not clear to me what his motivations are or who these actions benefit other than authoritarian regimes and enemies of internet freedom and freedom of expression around the world.
Laura Cunningham is the CEO of the open technology fund, Pac tried to fire her and the entire OTF board, and then try to effectively destroy ETF by borrowing it from federal funding,
support for OTF and removing support for those technologies. We are putting people who have risked their lives at even greater risk of being attacked and silenced by authoritarian regimes.
But people like NEMA. I have had to distance myself or my family quite a bit to increase their safety. thought to me is an Iranian born activist. The Iranian government considers his work such a threat. It's not safe for him to tell his family back in Iran. What he does, his software can do is OTF funded and protects Iranian demonstrators. He watched during the 2009 Green Revolution.
John: Mm hmm. Yeah, there's your connection. But as if OTF being there or not being there is disguise already on the list. I mean, what difference does it make, but Okay, so this is a very shady operation, Bruce
Adam: Schneier. Hey, Bruce Schneier is on the advisory council.
John: And that name, I should know, but
Adam: yeah, he's the he's the security guy, Bruce Schneier. He's very famous.
John: Oh, that guy? Oh, yes. Yes.
Adam: Good to say. Chad Hurley. YouTube.
John: Oh, that's Cory
Adam: Doctorow. So I just want to make sure we know who we're telling. The people are bogus.
John: Mr. copywrite Alright, let's so the end of it. They give a little interesting gratuitous slam. Well, you'll hear a play part three,
Unknown: McKinsey advise Purdue how to avoid FDA and pharmacy restrictions.
Adam: They leave or do pharmacy restrictions.
John: You're on the wrong one.
Adam: That's interesting. It's Yes, I'm sorry. It's the opioid clip. It looked just the same.
Unknown: Today a small you know,
Adam: Yes, I know. I know. I'm sorry. It's
Unknown: all out of order in last year's protests as Iran shut down the internet and persecuted protesters for their digital communications. In 2012. blogger satara machete criticized the regime. The cyber police unit arrested him he died in custody. I think like secure communication is is the step zero of any change and in any society, but he too was cut off one pack froze OTF funding,
John: America must reassert itself. In the new
Unknown: global war of ideas pack argues OTF was mismanaged and revitalized an alternate internet freedom organizations. But his real motivation according to a dozen interviews conducted by PBS news hour, might be this group. The Falun Gong opposes the Chinese Communist Party. to circumvent Beijing's Great Firewall, a funded technology called ultrasurf. It was backed by an unusual consortium of Pac and Trump allies. OTS predecessor declined to provide funding ultrasurf refused to submit to OTF betting but in November Pac signed a contract of funnnel to serve with up to $2 million dollars $2 million. In this episode, we sit down with Michael Pax and just a few days later gave an on camera interview to the Falun Gong back epic times. Michael packs such a pleasure to have you on American thought leaders.
Thank you for having me on.
But Pax era us AGM is ending ignominiously. Last month in the space of three weeks, whistleblowers accused pack of propaganda desease Attorney General accused him of illegally funneling money. And then he resigned under pressure from the Biden transition team.
John: Hmm. Well, that's
Adam: really happening. So ultra surf is a VPN service that has been running for a while mainly in regards to Iran and China. And they run servers. So if the Trump administration wanted ultrasurf What a great way to sniff out everything everyone's doing. By providing VPN. Yeah. The ot F. That's super interesting. There's a lot of names here. I recognize some Dutch people as well, who I think may be regarded quite highly. I'm gonna have ancilla Take a look at this. She knows all these people. It reminded me of the internet in a suitcase, I dug up one of our clips from oh my goodness, what is this from? This has got to be old.
John: This is why because it's a Hillary days. Yes. 2011 party with Secretary Clinton calls a venture capitalist approach to addressing the wide range of challenges to democracy, and sound familiar human rights activists face in internet repressive environments around the world.
Unknown: centralized servers like this one can easily be cut by governments. But the internet in a suitcase is designed to give dissidents a mobile web with mesh technology that runs through cell phones and other devices making it harder to cut. The founder of his own clearinghouse of confidential documents, john young worries that American suitcase servers will serve another purpose.
The suitcase
is meant to give the illusion that you can run
these electronic devices without going through national systems. And that may be true but they will they will not be outside the US system.
Yang says the suitcase is just part of so called liberation technology that has advantages for the US.
The price that you get for being empowered is that the United States gets to watch what you're doing and probably
what you're doing.
And it isn't just governments according to the hackers collective anonymous, which released 70,000 classified emails from defense contractor hbgary federal about the Roma's coin program.
Adam: I mean, it's another two minutes I know if we had to listen to it all but it's I think we know what it is sounds like the internet in a suitcase. I'm just missing USA ID in this story. And they're not a part of that yet.
John: It's odd Hmm. Well, it's something to keep an eye on but it sounds like an intelligence operation to me in every way shape and form. Yeah, yeah. And they just would this is another 20 million bucks they can you know, they've got they got to get their money where they can't because they're going to get very soon kicked out of Afghanistan, even though Biden probably won't be the one to do it.
Adam: And you've got to wonder I mean, it's it's it's almost insulting the people in Myanmar. They've got They got internet. There's hackers there. There's guys who know stuff. They can set up mesh networks. I mean, doesn't we don't always need to come in there unless we're doing something there. Because it sounds a lot like a color revolution to me. When you cut off the tears, not just the internet, they call it off television radio, the military says it's how the revolutions work now, I think they're gonna put Hillary's girl right back in place. They're gonna install her make sure everything's cool.
Unknown: That would be a nudelman
Adam: No, no, no, the sui sunsun song sings and I'm sure, yes,
John: I think there's Something's Weird About that country. Something's off.
Adam: And where is the shaming of Zuckerberg because we know that it was clearly Facebook that that got people murdered in Myanmar.
Unknown: And that
Adam: everyone was saying Facebook was responsible for this.
John: I don't know where the shaming is. It's not on the checklist. Obviously. They'd be shaming, you know, he must have knuckle under this something.
Adam: He's an he's not well loved. I don't think in Silicon Valley. I think there's seems to be some, some pushback against him.
John: No, no. Now, the other big story that no, that's not a big story. It's just a story. But the big story, which nobody's talking about, is this Indian farmers revolution. Yeah.
Adam: Yeah. There's a lot going
John: on. Soon in India. The best I could come up with is on the on a podcast called the Scandinavian. Okay. And I have three clips from them, plus a bonus clip from a different podcast. with George Galloway, he's got a podcast. So let's go Indian farmer Scandinavian. The first one,
Unknown: police in India have set up concrete barriers and laid razor wire to stop protesting farmers from entering New Delhi 10s of 1000s of farmers have demonstrated for months demanding the government
Adam: withdrawing new agricultural laws. That might be the biggest protest in human history. But to be totally honest, I only really found out about it after Rianna tweeted about it. What are the farmers protests about
Unknown: the farmers protests, it's happening in India right now is about three months old, give or take it. It kind of started in November, in Punjab as a city and it eventually became a march to Delhi, which was incredibly violent. Trudeau would speak out at one point about it in December, the situation is concerning. And we're all very
John: worried about
Unknown: family and friends. I know. That's the reality for many of you.
Let me remind you,
Canada will always be there to defend the right peaceful protest. And then it's been sitting outside Delhi for about two months, just waiting to kind of come to a deal with the government on these farmers bills. Currently, the system is known as the the Monday system just sold to a wholesaler who turns around and sells to essentially buyers. But what comes with it in most importantly, is a minimum center price, or MSP, which ensures that farmers are getting a certain fixed amount for their goods that is predictable, and sustainable, which allows them to plan for every year. So the the government is going to get rid of the MSP. So they're going to do away with essentially this just minimum pricing. And then they're also going to open up the space to corporate so that corporates can then directly engage farmers and not through the Monday system or this wholesale system. Also that corporations can start and it'll snatching up land. And then also corporations can start stockpiling produce. And so the debates on whether reform is necessary or not, it's just that this is the wrong reform. And you guys didn't use a proper process, repeal everything, we'll get back to the table.
Adam: What was that at the end? You've got to repeal everything because you're not using the proper process because you're protesting I don't quite understand.
John: No, no, there was the day of protest protesting because they ramrodded these bills through Oh, at the behest of large corporations that you know, that do the big, big style of farming. And they're going to and they know that if they get rid of the MSP the minimum price pricing, they will just blow ball everybody, ruin these farmers. That's the idea. The farmers know it. That's why they're just like a million of them protesting and they're going to be out of business. And that was that was the whole thing is rigged. You can't set up a system. I mean, yo capitalism, you got to do whatever you got to be capitalist absolutist, but you can't set up a system that works a certain way, and then pull the rug out from under it and call it capitalism. I mean, that's your just exploitation. Let's play clip two.
Adam: In November, a reported 250 million Indians held a general strike in solidarity with the farmers. As I said, this is huge. It's been happening for a while. But while some people like me may have been unaware of it all before Rihanna and Greta tunberg gunvolt Canada's Punjabi diaspora has been following it closely. I just need to give two data points Rihanna was paid one and a half million dollars to post about it. This is fact true out there. And good at the tune Betty was also either paid or told to tweet about it because she tweeted her talking points list that was given to her by sources are known. So there is question is who put them up to that?
John: Well, I don't know if you think that that was like a moment of corruption. Obviously, the there's farmers, organizations, I'm sure they had the money and they couldn't get the they couldn't get it's probably kind of a smart version of native advertising. They got no attention from anybody except some Canadians and mostly the the expats from the Punjab which apparently Canada is full of Hmm, okay. And Americans don't give a crap give you heard this story with any details No,
Adam: only related to our show. No, only here I haven't heard about anywhere else. Once in a while
John: somebody will write in. And so they had to. And so we Okay, you get Rihanna's agent, you don't talk to her. And he said, we can't get this word out. But we know of Rihanna tweets it. Maybe somebody will start paying attention like to scan the candy navy and podcast. And now we're gonna just do that sort of thing. She's not political. Really? We'll get it with $50,000 is not No, no, no. 16 No. And it goes on and on and on. But half a million now. I don't think so. 750,000 No, no, no. A million. Now. You're talking?
Adam: Yeah. Now you're getting in the ballpark. And we want you know what, give us 1,000,005 we'll throw in that kid from from Sweden.
John: Come on. That's how we do it.
Unknown: That would be right.
John: So this story is not we're gonna be reported because Trump's too important. But let's see. And it's not it's not gonna get any ratings. But let's listen to the third clip, which is George Galloway's podcast on RT,
Adam: it's a local India issue, of course. But it's a global issue, because it's a fight about the nature of agriculture agree in a capitalist system. You see, there's been so much pressure globally, George against farmers, small farmers, agricultural workers, and so on. This pressure is being borne by them. And it is coming from large corporate entities, whether it's the big agricultural firms, or it's the supply chains. In other words, you know, companies that buy the goods and want to push prices down as much as possible. There's a global appetite for basically agricultural insurrection against the supply chains against big big box stores, and so on. And I think the local issue of these three laws that the Indian farmers are fighting against has sparked interest around the world because people who are worried about who makes our food, what kind of food is it? healthy food is it you know, food that's called to sustain us? These questions have been in on people's minds and during the pandemic, even more so, as supply chains have been disrupted, as people's livelihoods have been damaged. So I feel like what's happening in India is the frontline of a global struggle between people's need to survive to eat, and the other minorities need to basically continue to make vast profits. You saw the Oxfam report, George that was released during the Davos summit. You know, the World Economic Forum dish showed that 10 of the world's largest trillionaires made, you know, half a
trillion dollars during the pandemic. This is the frontline of a global struggle, George that's how we have to see it. The Poon jab pulling upon job
John: I think this is the this is not gonna go away. It started with France, the French remember them?
Adam: You know what, not just that we've had farmer protests in the Netherlands in Germany.
John: Ah, that's right. I forgot the Netherlands is all in on this
Adam: is not just a part of the great reset, quote unquote. Maybe what I hear about a lot is food deserts food scarcity.
John: We're going to run out of filming going on for a decade. No,
Adam: I know. But I'm seeing it more now. And now you've got this is that clearly? Okay, the way I would do this Rihanna or not, I'm not quite sure how that fits into it, is we need to save the planet. Because we're all going to die. We can't produce enough food. And I'm really sorry. We have to bring it To our buddies here, the big M Monsanto. They're already responsible for half the food deserts in the world. We have to we have to industrialize I'm sorry, really got to get rid of you guys. I just don't understand why they're doing it this way.
John: Well, I'm my suspicions center around gretta. Right, that
Adam: climate change shit comes in that you know, they you know, something's up.
John: Yeah. And it's bothersome and so I don't know how to feel about the whole thing. I don't like the idea of this phony baloney, you know, this is almost capitalist fault. And that's going to be a lot of tax on capitalism, these big corporations that are acting like this. This is not representative of good old fashioned capitalism by any means. No, it's it you know, it's a it's trusts and other kinds of things gouging, slavery, low balling all the worst things you can imagine. In an unregulated,
Adam: what we know from from our few producers, who we are in contact with from India, most of these farmers have a very small plot very small. And there's already all these problems with this, you know, like Africa, lots of problems with the patented seeds, that kind of thing called a patent that sees things that does that. But in so there's another element. We have an ongoing strife between India and Pakistan, Pakistan is completely up China's but I think so you'd have to take that into consideration. It could be Chinese messaging, I'm not sure. And, you know, the fact that India has shut down PayPal right now you can't PayPal us from India. Why? What do they have Why?
John: What's the big deal?
Adam: They're going to ban Bitcoin they think but so so there's something going on. There's there's reasons for it. We haven't figured it out yet. And I and yes, the credit angle, but it bothers me. But if you've got a 1.5 as reported for Rihanna, yeah. Still that's that's and you hear the guy repeating it I didn't know about until Rianna told me till Rianna told me to ever. Yeah. Why is he saying that? Why is that? Why the emphasis on release?
John: I think it's just his way of being irked about it. Yeah. I don't think it was any more to it than that. I do have the one says you abrupt climate change. You do the one. I'm gonna do a piece on this. By the way, I'm starting to see I've already gotten Eclipse for all these climate change COVID and climate change. They're trying to hook up. Yeah, you're desperate to hook these two together, because they got everybody all freaked out in panic limits.
Adam: Let me tell you how it goes. Because we didn't take care of the earth, because we didn't take care of the climate. That's why you get all this weird stuff happening in the world. And that's how we got COVID so we need to do more against climate change. So we don't get the next COVID this is exactly what they're saying. Well, that's one
John: of the elements but that doesn't get people as freaky no as COVID done No, no COVID is I don't know what they're gonna do. But But here is the climate change means COVID clip, which is the only one I have all those plenty of clips like this
Unknown: to Cambridge have discovered a possible link between the emergence of the Coronavirus and climate change. CBS 17 Storm Team meteorologist Brian Hutton Jr. explains that possible link
like SARS and MERS COVID-19 is believed to originate from bats. And a new study published last week suggests climate change was the mechanism to allow the virus to mutate to be able to be transmitted to humans.
The study published in the journal Science of the total environment found that habitats in southern China allowed for a diverse bat population to develop. This region of China has changed as vegetation over the last century
due to effects of climate change. According to the study. they analyze vegetation and bat data from the early 20th century. And compare that to today to find upwards of 40 different species of bat may have moved into
the region, bringing around 100 new Coronavirus types to the area. Most bats carry about three Corona viruses, the majority of which cannot impact humans. But if enough of the different viruses intermingle and mutate, they can be transmitted to humans, like with COVID-19 and SARS and MERS before it. Southern
China isn't the only place impacted by climate change. Parts of Central Africa and Central and South America have also seen an increase in the bat populations.
The researchers echo calls from other studies asking for economic recovery efforts to include addressing climate change. meteorologist Brian Hutton Jr, CBS 17 News. Huh? Well
John: heard of this journal But okay, they apparently have a good PR person. One, climate change generally causes supposedly, if tightly, there's my message again, wait an hour, a climate change? Are you there? By the way?
Adam: I'm listening to you.
John: Climate change generally, because it's global warming. It has animals moving north into areas that are more temperate because it's getting too damn hot where they're from. How is it that these bats move from the colder areas down to the hotter areas that are now hotter than ever? because of climate change? Why are they going in the wrong direction? That question is not addressed. The second one is now we have all these new species. I thought climate change was making all these species go away. Killing the animals
Adam: extinct. The big extinction, the extinction event. What do they call it? extinction?
John: extinction. rebellion. Yeah, well, that's the group who was Yeah, sanction rebellion. So so the basis of this argument doesn't even make any sense based on the climate change models that they're throwing at us. I just annoys me to know and they're just trying to create this again,
Adam: but I think again, this is the point this is an opportunity. It's a packaging opportunity. We can roll up Rianna we can throw in the gratitude Berry and we can add an Al Gore I mean, the total package price two mil whatever, you get some sweet doctored evidence, doctored evidence you. Yeah, well, that and what's annoying in all this is report after report now streaming and I'm sure it's not meant to be that the lockdowns In fact, made the earth warm up a little bit, not much, but significant enough and noticeably, according to the scientists. It's everywhere. Oh, wait a minute, because we didn't have that much pollution. The sun heated up the earth more. Oh. So you know what's coming next. You know what's coming next?
John: Well, they got a book. They got a poll that? No, because they can't lock people up. If it turns out locking them up, makes them things get warmer. Bill Gates again. That's
Adam: Bill Gates, Bill Gates. Yeah, that's coming. I don't know, john, I think we're going to go through this this year will be I predict even crazier than last year in a different way. But it may be even crazier. These people are unhinged and nuts. Yeah. I was just texting with Willow this morning. You know, they just replaced their their prime minister, who's the Prime Minister. tragi the former central banker? Dude, yeah. When you put the central bankers in charge of the country's Hello. That's not gonna end well.
John: No.
Adam: You know, what else is happening? You know, do you remember this is part of the climate change. In the Netherlands, they no longer so they've told everybody no more gas for you. You can't buy a house with gas. There's no gas, electricity. It's all electricity, no gas for your heating, no gas for your cooking. No gas for your hot water. No. And it's coming here. The Verge. Now the verge will print anything for money. And they have a huge article, read this article about how we got duped into cooking with gas and they assert they assert that the that the public was duped into using this hazardous pollutant? Yes, yes. gas stove. I'm reading from the article. gas stoves actually unleashed indoor air pollutants like soot, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide. Beyond that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels like natural gas drive climate change.
John: Oh, that's a terrible by the way. I should before you continue, I want you to finish this. Washington State, especially the era that we have a house in a is all is they did this years and years ago, I think it was in the 70s they decided that no more gas. Everything's electricity because we got these dams and read and the gas we'd white put these pipes in, they're dangerous. And so they took the gas out. There's no gas, for example, in Port Angeles, Washington and most of that peninsula. It's all electricity. And it was cheap when they first did it. Of course then they took the dams out because of climate change and it's hurting the environment and the salmon can swim up river you know, doing a fine job of bypassing it and they took the dams on net. Now it costs a fortune to turn your stove on because it's a stupid electric stove that does a crappy job. This guys are nuts because Gas burns beautifully. It doesn't put so I get sweat from there. So
Adam: hold on, let me let me This is a debunking it, actually, I'm quoting unleashes indoor indoor air pollutants like soot. formaldehyde. Do you believe that to be true? No, I
John: don't believe it to be true.
Adam: Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.
John: It doesn't release carbon monoxide because you'd be dead. That's what you think. If you start a fire a barbecue in your house with charcoal, yes, nothing but carbon monoxide comes on me. So everything comes off. That's where you get your sweat and your carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and you could kill people. The barbecue inside the house that's why you don't not supposed to do it. But never the gubb clean burning gas stoves. This is
Adam: bull crap. Today gas groups listen to this from the same article. This is pot calling the kettle black. Today gas groups pay social media influencers to advertise the suppose it benefits of cooking with fossil fuel. Like you didn't get paid to structure that sentence. I'm not cooking with fossil fuel. Honey crank up the dinosaurs. A public relations representative even posed as a resident in a neighborhood to stir up backlash against building codes that would discourage natural gas hookups in new construction. Yes, of course. I live in Texas we got a lot of gas here throughout this winter, which has been not just unseasonably cold, but record breaking in some cases,
John: global warming
Adam: our monthly bill now we heat the entire downstairs from a gas fireplace. And we have gas oven and gas stove and we cook six, six days out of the week. Our monthly gas bill What do you think that is?
John: About $250 30
Adam: bucks. What Yes. Now, electricity just for keeping the upstairs heated when I'm here in the studio. And I mean, we have LED lights. So I don't know where your computers are running. Now that's that's 200 bucks a month. And that's when we're not using the air conditioner because it's not the summer it goes up a lot. But the gas is 30 bucks a month and I have the fireplace on all day. So seems like a good deal to me.
John: Now they're just trying to screw us. And it's shameful that that these these magazines, online, whatever you want to call them The Verge, The Verge would take an ad like that and run it out to just have any indication anywhere that's paid for by somebody. It's got to do that somewhere.
Adam: The Verge? Well, you know, the verge is where dudes named Ben go to test their their browser, because it's so many trackers and ads in on their pages. Let me see who wrote it here. Justine Calma. Let's see who Justine calm is. She's a science reporter at the verge, covering environment and climate change.
John: And should be ashamed of herself as a writer.
Adam: Probably.
John: No,
Adam: definitely. I don't see anything that shows any advertising at all here
John: but what about the very end? Is this anything like it contributed something?
Adam: No, it refers to this other person. A different article. Her name is LIBOR. Who is this? Maybe that's Oh, that's also Oh, that's Mother Jones, brother. Dad the gas industry is paying Instagram influencers to gush over gas stoves. This is a fight I like this we're gonna have influencers up against influencers cool.
John: Yeah, that'd be fun. I'm surprised it wasn't written default yet, but I'm doing it this way the sentence. The influencers are paid to gush over dangerous gas stoves. Yes, that's how you want to do it.
Adam: Dangerous guests though, say they're not doing just just saying suit and formaldehyde. That doesn't impress anybody. Again, again, curried group Yeah.
John: Where's the suit? I've been using gas stoves for, I don't know. 40 years and I've got a I don't turn the fan on. Usually I just turn it on the gas. I'd never seen any stuff. should they? Do they think everybody's an idiot?
Adam: Yeah. Obama
sounds like they got the old playback book back. playbook back. It's what I was gonna say. Just more suit. I don't know, man, they need to upgrade their messaging they need to do something because this is just annoying. And I'd rather rip the band aid off. Same for the farmers. Just tell the farmers you're screwed. learn to code.
John: Yes, learn to code
Adam: during the right country. I mean, they're gonna have people who know how to code there. They didn't learn to code. learn to code to
John: quickie here. Yeah, sure. This one Mimi found and on a local station there in Fort Worth, and said I should play it. So I don't know why. And then oh, I see why this is I didn't even play the whole thing. I only have six seconds. That important part. Wait, wait, stop. This is about that giant pile up. Oh, in doubt, which everybody's seen the videos of cars flying all over the place? Yeah.
Unknown: Yeah, here it goes. Yeah. And we're now looking according to officials at at least 133 vehicles that were involved.
Oh, gosh.
John: Really? Yeah. started off at 72. But somehow it got to 133.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah. 35
John: people died. That was bad. Oh, it was a mess. It was actually quite the thing to watch.
Adam: Well, I'm very used to that. In another ones, you know, back in the day, when they had all this Miss, they would have chain accidents. They call them getting blitzing. And they would be some 80 kilometers at because people just because you don't see anything because of the missed. Yeah, but
John: this was this was just because I hit the brakes. Nothing. Yeah. Good. Yeah, they were used to be there was a France that apparently had some pile up like the one you just described. Same thing. We used to have a lot of Tooley fog in the Bay Area.
Adam: Oh, they had that. That during the vacation time when everyone goes down south through France, they had several times that's happened. They want to go 100 kilometer pileups. Yeah.
John: Yeah. If you can't see five feet ahead of you. I don't know why you're even driving your car.
Adam: Well, why are you driving at full speed? Elan Musk is going to solve all of this for us. Don't go
John: away when you get in these wrecks everyone gets electrocuted. to worry about taking the bodies out.
Adam: All right, let me see if I got anything else before we do our second break here. Thanks. And people as the affiliates should note we are running long. Yeah, maybe this one is how it always starts. 60
Unknown: year old woman who died on Wednesday in the district of Vienna huddling with a woman who also died after contracting Ebola and was married to a survival the previous major outbreak. The statement said Congress health ministry has deployed a team to the area and is tracing more than 100 contacts of the two women in the health zones of BNN catwa. Ebola swept through Eastern Congo from 2018 to 2020. In an outbreak that killed more than 2200 people before it was declared over last June. It is not usually for sporadic cases to occur following a major outbreak. According to the World Health Organization, Congress equatorial forests have been a breeding ground for the Ebola virus, which causes severe vomiting and diarrhea and is spread through contact with bodily fluids. The country has experienced 11 outbreaks since the virus was first discovered near the Ebola river in the year 1976.
Adam: So another outbreak in eastern Congo, not all that Western Africa part that Obama was looking at, which is the real Ebola. We all know what Eastern Congo is. This isn't the town of butembo it's the mining town. It's the warlords has very little to do with Ebola they just scare people away by saying there's Ebola
John: yeah then we send them
Adam: we send troops in exactly now smart Are we going to fight this time?
John: Some other boneheads?
Adam: You know it? Yeah. Well, that was easy to deconstruct.
John: take anything,
Adam: don't take too hard, quick noodle gun look. KPMG UK boss has had to quit. After a telling staff that the concept of unbiased unconscious bias is quote, complete crap. Oops. That was stand. Yeah.
John: This guy's gotta be shot.
Adam: He left and said I love the firm. I'm truly Sorry that my words of cause hurt, hurt, hurt, brother, amongst my colleagues and for the impact of the events of this week have had on them.
John: Well, you'll get to stay in this vein might as well as to talk about the Japanese guy.
Adam: I don't know about the Japanese guy.
John: He was the one who said he's in the eye is part of the Japanese Olympic Committee. Oh, yeah. Oh, we can have these women in these meetings. So they chose yak, yak, yak, yak yak. It can't shut him up. All they do is talk. Is that what he said? More or less.
Unknown: The president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has resigned. yoshiro Mori had complained that women, quote, talk too much in meetings, more initially refused to go. But he gave way today under pressure from the public and from Olympic sponsors.
My inappropriate remarks caused turmoil. I'm sincerely sorry for causing troubles to many, including organizing committees, and everyone involved in this, as it has already been reported. I will resign today. I have no intention to demean women.
Adam: Locked and Loaded.
John: One more,
Adam: you know, to be fair to the guy, women do talk a lot, let's be honest.
John: But you know, this guy, Steve Becker comic who did the Confessions of a cave man, it was syndicated all over the country. All these different people doing Yes, yes, yes. Very famous. He in his act, he talks about the number of words per day that a woman puts out compared to a man and is really substantially more, it's like a third more 50% more. And he's mostly most guys when they run out of material because they just can't talk that much. I think we're the two exceptions. But we only do it twice a week. And my wife has said to me every once in a while she calls after the show says you're talked out right? Yeah, pretty much. Well, that's what guys do.
Adam: Worse with me. Like, oh, yeah, I'm talked out, but then don't challenge me on anything. Cuz I'm still in show mode. Oh, yeah. I have to say sorry. We had to. We had our teacher over last Thursday, the Austin teacher. And she was just going on about something. You know, it's like, Trump is scared. And you're in show mode. I was in show mode. and i and i and i think Tina gave me that distinction. And I said, I'm sorry, I'm still show mode. Yeah, you gotta be careful with that.
John: Yeah, well, this is what now this is the baffling cancel thing. Because why didn't this guy get fired? Why didn't he quit? I mean, if the Japanese guys just made the comment about women talking to
Adam: Oh, he didn't get fired. He just he resigned.
John: No IOC guy did but this guy didn't get fired or quit. This is the press Corp guy this duck low a bite?
Unknown: Oh, yes. Back in this country. A White House press aide was suspended for a week without pay for threatening a journalist. Deputy Press Secretary TJ duck Lowe reportedly confronted a female staffer at Politico in sexist profane terms. She had written about duck close relationship with a reporter who covered the Biden campaign and transition.
Adam: He did he issued a statement would you like to hear it?
John: I'd love to
Adam: how should I read it as a as a weenie boy or just?
John: This is a good question. Are we now we're in the direction part of this. Okay, okay. I which I think you should read it as an arrogant.
Adam: Oh, okay. arrogant. Hello?
John: Yeah. arrogant? What? East Coast liberal who can do no wrong probably.
Adam: Wow, I
John: tighten a little bit through your teeth. Can you do that
Adam: No words can express my regret, my embarrassment and my disgust about behavior. I use language that no woman should ever have to hear from anyone, especially in a situation where she was just trying to do her job. It was language that was abhorrent, disrespectful and unacceptable. I am devastated to have embarrassed and disappointed my white house colleagues and President Biden. And after discussion with white house communications leadership tonight, I resigned my position and will not be returning from administrative leave. I know this was terrible. I know. I can't take it back. But I also know I can learn from and do better. This incident is not representative of who I am as a person and I will be determined to earn back the trust of everyone. I have let down because of my intolerable actions as I now launched my podcast didn't say No, it didn't say podcast. So he did he had to grovel. What the heck did he say? Well, that
John: was pretty good. I think your voice is probably better it would use it turned into kind of a wishy washy kind of a whoops
Adam: you know my teeth were clocking I was trying to talk through the teeth and they were clocking and we were talking to your teeth not God. Okay, no words can express murder gross. become so
John: we I think playing it more as a weenie wormy guy. slimeball might be better. Ah, maybe not him. But it may be like,
Adam: Oh, well, it's no worse. Right? Yeah, yeah. Okay. Well, I'll work on I'll work on my swalwell.
John: Swallow as well.
Adam: But he did he grovelled. And he will be back. He said it right there. I have determined to earn back the trust of everyone. It is yours
John: decided to take it to the weeks free pay is
Adam: how does he break trust? Just because he yelled at somebody. But trust, because he's
John: not acting like a good little boy appropriately? He's not right. He's not acting appropriately. And they trust him that he they trust that he would have normally acted appropriately. And not be hurtful. He was hurtful.
Adam: And Who was he? Who was he having the thing that kills me? There's so many people who are married to people in news agencies who were whoa it's outrageous in in government and certainly Obama White House was filled with people, everybody. And so and, and to be honest, what's this guy's name? TJ she wasn't she wasn't worth it, bro.
John: I'm gonna show my agenda.
Unknown: Imagine all the people who could do Oh, yeah, that'd be
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Adam: Got more knights and dames and birthdays first to make good for Sarah Kolbert. 5555 on Thursday show to add Jacob to the birthday list john but his name off but he wasn't on the list. He was but I called him Jason for some reason. Apologies. also celebrating yesterday semi week says Happy Birthday to john back to center and 34 yesterday. Anonymous rancher Happy Birthday Mrs. Anonymous rancher also celebrated yesterday Lisa Stelter, it's her birthday today. Trevor Massey Happy Birthday it was smokin hot wife, Dean Valentine of the bluebird powder region again today, Chris in Portland, his little brother of Ben Bartolo says Happy Birthday to him two days Sir Thomas, happy birthday to your wife, Sharon. She celebrates tomorrow as does Michael what all Heidi Roberts Happy Birthday to her son Shawn Roberts will be 34 on the 16th Ashley Barron, her smokin hot husband Travis and Heather says Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the universe. Third, Marty Williams and Happy Birthday from everybody had the best podcast in the universe. Breathe There we go.
John: Make a change here before you finish.
Adam: Oh, regarding knights and dames because I'm ready to
John: go. Okay, Dame Lisa wants to be Dame Lisa straggler of universes.
Adam: straggler of universes well, that will require quite a blade so you better Hand it over. I
John: got one here. Ooh, yeah, that's
Adam: a nice one. With that curve. on the podium brand. Michael Jordan Dimitris Sara Gonzales, Rolando Gonzales, Alex trap Martin Wallach, Chris Hubbard, Sharon Heil Eric Ross and Lisa Stelter, all of you who don't have enough chairs all of you join the roundtable today so I'm very proud to pronounce the SIR Mike attic sir gray of the order of the dude's name Ben sir Mike Sir sebastiana name Sarah of the floodplain housing service on sir eco instance sir Martin of the dam shared at the hilltop garden Sir booja Dean Night of the freedom fighters, more music boys. We some more. There we go. And Lisa Stelter becomes Dame Lisa straggler of the universe there we go. All right, get to tears gather round we got everything for you got the hookers to blow the rent boys to Chardonnay, the vintage you 47 careful of the tube, Crystal head vodka with pickles and some hash, chocolate, cheese and cold brew freedom and friendships suck and sushi, blues and Hawaiian shirts. And we've got more classics kebab and Persian wine rubenesque Reuben and Rosie geishas and Saki Bock and vanilla bong hits and bourbon, sparkling cider ness sports ginger ale and turbos breast milk and pablum colors potato vodka, and as always, and that will be yours including your rings and your ceiling wax your certificate of authenticity. If you go to no agenda slash rings. Erica shoe is waiting for you there he's he's like the greeter at Walmart. Going to help you hook you up with your ring and
certification again, congratulations and thank you for supporting the no agenda show not for nothing. The best podcast in the universe.
No agenda meetups rage around the country. snow, sleet, rain. So we almost always on except in Texas. We weren't used to that. Here's a report we got from Let me see where this report come from. Oh, this is Nashville. Come on in Nashville.
John: This is
Unknown: the no agenda meetup report from February 9. At Nashville, Tennessee smoking thighs, the little Foushee
meetup where the organizer
did not show up. This is Philip Welch, who's been listening to the show since Adam was eating off of his plane.
This is Shan Shan Elise and I'm a newbie to the show. But
it looks like fun sounds like fun. Is this soon to be a dame fatty from the estate section of Melrose?
Adam: I'd like to just pick somebody up was like Yeah, I love the show. I think soon. Give me another drink. If you go to no agenda, meetup calm this is these are important. This is good for your brain. It's good for your soul. It's good for your just good for you. Because you are guaranteed a safe fun time. No triggering talk about whatever you want to know. It's gonna get all crazy. And that's what the meetups are all about. And you can organize it for yourself. And in fact, on Tuesday, you can go check out the Nashville and a little Fauci Ruiz Fans Club Wow, so they're gonna do that maybe it was moved because this was the Nashville release just do over I'm not sure anyway, that'll be it. Smoking thighs. That's chicken. On Wednesday, the Houston lock pickers meetup at 630 at drifts. And coming up this month the 20th backwater Wisconsin Springfield Missouri super spreader event Houston raging super spreader lunch in Nashville mandatory producers meeting flight. Oh 12 the no agenda Agoura Hills, California and then no agenda 512 local sunset valley that is a do over that's just on the 20th on the 21st the mediocre reset commission Adelaide that's down under the 25th Houston tabletop games also Charlotte North Carolina, the 26th Colorado 719 local inaugural Brisbane Ozzy's shots in the armed slave meetup also on the 26th and then the 27th Big Island protest against not having fun in Hawaii. The Super spinner Task Force rally in southeastern Wisconsin Dallas
fly fishing meetup for the first 22 contact the organizer, and finally for February on the 27th the state of Jefferson and that will be in Redding California. No agenda meetups they're great there's lots of them if by some crazy reason you can't find one near you just start one go to no agenda it's like a potty
but the only two things we didn't do which we can still rectify one will you ISO and is
John: is the gin
Adam: yes that was the other one but the ISO and to show ISO. Oh, I
John: don't have any. You got nothing. Now guys,
Adam: if you see what I
Unknown: have, he beat the bejesus out of somebody who
Adam: got that one.
Unknown: I have
Adam: I googled this for you. Got that beautiful. That's the one right. thought you would like that. Yes, Zack. I want I think we should. We can start it but we should save this for
John: a while. I'm okay I want to read then I read the passage. This did come from Lisa Stelter. Okay, Game of the universe or whatever fragmenting, you know, jumping
Adam: to straddle or she's a straddle.
John: Also thank you for the analysis about Zen debunking almost all the homeschoolers I know use the Zen books to teach your kids history. They're readily radicalizing their kids by this subtle propaganda say, yes, this concerns me because I'd like to express expose my kids to a wide variety of views. And it seems extremely biased from what I can tell. My acquaintances viewed the Zin books as a revelation and an antidote to traditional school history
Adam: class. Oh, no. an antidote. This is not good.
John: Now these people get suckered by by this is the Yeah, I know. It's just annoying as hell that people can get a clue.
Adam: Yes.
John: It was a little talk about this more in the next show. Even though you teased it.
Adam: Let me add to your T's How about this kind of add to your teeth?
John: I should not my teeth.
Adam: Oh, You teased you just you just read a tease. That was a tease? No. Okay. Okay. I'm going to I'm going to tease it with a note that irked me. This is from me well, and it's and it was about Xin, and this is how it starts off. You know, one of the things I don't like of the show is how you reduce everyone on the left to the moniker of communist just like the left does to the right by calling Everyone a fascist Zinn is
John: a communist. He was a member of the Communist Party.
Adam: If you I'm going to continue if you read the Wikipedia page, there's your red flag on Howard Zinn it clearly says that he is not a communist
John: Communist Party in this country anymore that he could be
Adam: a member of Xin came to believe that the point of view expressed in traditional history books was often limited. When biographer Martin duberman noted or noted when he was asked directly if he was a Marxist Zinn replied, Yes, I'm something of a Marxist. He especially was influenced by the liberating vision of the young Marx in overcoming alienation and dislike what he perceived to be Marx's later dogmatism. So that but you're kind of making my point. The guy starts off by saying, you reduce everyone on the left to the moniker of communist you need to wash out your ears, son. Do I call Tulsi Gabbard a communist Chuck Schumer a communist? Eric swalwell do I call him a communist?
John: You know, we've
Adam: never done that. Nancy Pelosi and may not like her but I don't call her a communist. She's not a communist. So how does a guy like this? Come up with saying not only are you bigoted, but you're not but that he's not a communist? When he was a member of the Communist Party,
John: he's a communist. Yeah. And it's obvious he's a communist and if you told him you went up to us, are you a communist? Yeah, I'm a communist. So what? And that's the right answer.
Unknown: And then you wait on it, maybe.
John: But we don't call everybody a communist except, you know, who we call communists. communists. Yeah,
Adam: exactly. So communists
John: you're kind of be proud of it. Yeah. And if Miguel's a communist, which apparently he is, because he's going on and on like this, and he's hating us hating on us. you're pointing out the obvious we don't think it's shameful to be a communist. We just think you should know it. Yeah.
Adam: So when people aren't communists we don't call them that.
John: No, we'd never be right. We never called them for lunch fortunately.
Adam: Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens people are hearing different things it's they're hearing what they want to hear.
John: These two guys are douchebags they call everyone a communist they're just what he's gonna hear. We're calling everyone a communist.
Adam: You know what I'm calling you my love of a
John: cab call me a cab
Adam: there you go
Unknown: yeah
Adam: hey, we get by coincidence which it truly is one faster Brandon Scott has a podcast which was just added to the rotation that no agenda and he donated today so he's got a good show I guess otherwise the the cats wouldn't put them up cats over there no agenda
John: podcasting it's
Adam: called a brand new says it's a brand new says. End of show mixes we've got you some Danny loose we've got you some Fletcher. And you got some lucky TV with your big daddy by request coming to you from opportunity. Zone 33 here in Austin, Texas FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody my mouth stop working. I'm Adam Curry.
John: I'm from Northern Silicon Valley, where everybody's mouth wished I wish they'd stopped working but they haven't. Um, John Dvorak. If
Adam: I was female, I could talk much longer. Hey, you know what, remember us at the slash na will talk to you on Thursday. Adios mofos and such last
Unknown: night the United States brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice.
Abu Bakar al Baghdadi, Abu Abu Bakar akar, Abu Abu Bakar, Abu
Adam: Bakar.
Unknown: United States
not searching for Baghdadi abou many years back Danny abou he died after running into a dead end tunnel. Abu Baghdadi is dead.
John: And he died in a vicious, violent way. He died like a dog or a Boo. Boo back daddy and Daddy. Daddy. Daddy, Daddy and daddy. And now he's gone back daddy.
Unknown: He died like a dog
John: daddy. Running and crying. Daddy. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy and now he's got grumble it instant salad. salad, grumble it in some salad salad crumble fetta over the pasta the pasta crumble
Adam: pasta video
John: crumble Bulgarian feather is the right kind of feather crumble it into salad salad I love feather
us a block of data for one dish
Adam: here's a great recipe
you made it we made it Yeah.
John: And you use the whole block of
grumbling instead of salad salad
Adam: real broad real fraud anyways worked our protective direction is insurrectionist
victory salute
Unknown: first of all
Adam: anyways we'll fraud
Unknown: victory soon attorneys
Adam: are protected
Unknown: first of all he didn't attempt to incite an erection worth are protected
John: federal investigations
Adam: anyways pursued investigations and the way first of all he didn't attempt to incite and arrive
wishes anyways. First of all, he didn't intend to attend
Unknown: Europe or been charged and second of all,
Adam: slash in
Unknown: my Google disk for you
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