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February 18th, 2021 • 3h 23m

1322: Dark Fate


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John: Pour my mask over my nose.
Unknown: Adam Curry,
John Dvorak,
Adam: Thursday, February 18 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 13. This
Unknown: is no agenda dark.
Adam: Winter and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas Capitol, the Lone Star State. morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: And I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where some people are finally admitting its global cooling going on. I'm Jesse devorah.
Adam: Yes, thank you for pointing that out. This is the somehow overlooked overlooked detail of what's going on here. We're in Texas people.
Well, it's been very interesting the past couple of days. Well,
John: I think everyone is listening to this show right now. Yeah. Can you hear the poop?
Adam: The poop? Yeah, the hands on story? Well, this. First of all, I'm very happy with our personal preparedness during this crisis. And I'm super happy with the performance of our house. These are things that matter, especially the house, which turns out to be so well insulated that we really were able to maintain above 50 degrees at all times. And we had, we have a gas stove and a gas fireplace. So that was super good. Having the keeper with me was like, it's like whoa, okay.
John: No one Yeah, I'm fine with the glass. But the glass almost broke.
Adam: Okay, cool. Scared me. You know, the keeper grew up in Indiana and lives in Chicago. And she's used to being without power for days on end from her time in Florida. So she's totally, totally ready. She categorizes everything. She's got, you know,
Unknown: okay, here's
Adam: our inventory. She's got labels on them. And you know, she's making sure all the faucets are dripping. Which Thank you was the smartest thing we could have done.
John: Oh, yeah, people should know that.
Adam: I've never heard of it. And they weren't mentioning that
John: you would know it because you lived in Jersey
Adam: you know never did that in Jersey also never had the pipes freeze because the house was kind of you know, built for it. But yeah, I'd never I'd never didn't think about it and man our neighbors got screwed. And the worst part we all have or most of us here have tankless water heaters which work on electricity and then when this happened either the first night or the second night a lot of people's tankless water heaters the the pipes cracked and blew with the exchange so the end you know it's like you're not going to get a plumber there's no spare parts to be
John: had all this well. There's also the plumbers are stuck in the snow and there's millions of jobs out there for them.
Adam: Yeah, this is the problem we have is we have not been able to leave the house because it's all ice you know, we're on this call sack
John: in Washington State. Usually when you have a freeze like this, which has been doesn't happen a lot does happen once in a while. And in fact, even in the Bay Area Pammi I might be wrong about this, but they always did news reports tell you about keeping the water running.
Adam: Yeah, so also the local news is very, very poor. You know, when you when your power's out the thing that you're not going to be able to do we get to television. A lot most of the streaming was down of course people
John: have one of those radios with a hand crank.
Adam: I do actually but I didn't use that I used my my Kenwood you know the the ham radio, which has great am and FM. And so I went looking around for some information, local NPR, those people that should be shut down that station. Put it in the middle of this the first morning everyone's waking up, you know, cold house. It's confusion. And NPR is just doing I'm Terry Gross. Yeah. Where's the local knows? No one had anything except for one kale. BJ did the only guys and I was getting better information from Todd and Don in the morning. And from anything else. The mayor was Mia. The governor was Mia. There was a total clusterfuck.
John: We saw the mayor a lot here.
Adam: Our mayor. Yeah. What was he saying? Because we didn't see much of whatever it was
John: he was wrong.
Adam: Well, I mean, so here's here's the problem.
John: I have I do have some clips, but the way they played your mayor was not your I'm sorry. Was your governor. They had the governor the governor. Yeah. And whenever the governor said was wrong, he was wrong. He's a liar.
Adam: Well, here's the cool thing. Because of this and because of our producers, and you know what, I'm always amazed by the the types of people who produce this show. We have. We have multiple people, but one dude named Ben, he's actually the I think he's the protector of the megawatts he works in on a trading desk for Texas energy and don't get from him and from other producers, even dogpatch was even said he has some knowledge of how these things work and atomic rod atoms, you know, there's not a lot of report, but we have two nuclear reactors and one went down as well. which added to all the problems and that does I think that's, that's about three Giga Well, they got a false signal, they got a false signal. And that in atomic rod wrote a pretty good blog posts about how that shouldn't have happened. They should not have shut it down. But, but I'd love to explain to you what I think is going on because everyone's wrong. Our governor is full of crap. AOC is also full of crap. Everyone's full of crap. Very few people who is AOC lived
John: on it.
Adam: And never she was saying she was out there tweeting. Because you don't embrace the green new deal is why this is happening in Texas. You say, can immediately start immediately, we started seeing the pictures of the giant windmill with a helicopter trying to de ice the blades. Yeah. Okay. But let me let me just talk a little bit about the experience. And then we can get into how it happened because I have documented this and it's pretty interesting. And I would say it's on the level of the pipeline's episode we once did. It's that level of chicanery that's going on. So anyway, everyone's stuck here, we can't get out because everything's ice, there's no snow plows, there's no no one can do any of that. We had icing rain, just the worst possible conditions. And what really happened with with our grid is that they just totally ran out because of a lack of responsibility for any of this on any party. So it really came down to neighbors helping each other big, big props to Baron Scott, who, you know, he organizes the meetups. And this is a good lesson for everybody. And he's just an organizer to kind of what kind of guy he is. And he had everybody from the no agenda, Texas meetup on on a telegram group and he was calling out to people they were organizing pickups and food drop offs. And one of our producers was stuck in a hotel. You know, he's from San Antonio and he had no power and no food no anything. So you know, these meetup groups can be more
important than you think they are to kind of your your friends in the in the crisis. So here's, here's the things I learned. Most people are so technologically spoiled, that they do not know you can actually light a gas stove without electricity. I had to demonstrate that I did talk to several people about this. You know, because when you turn on the gas, you turn the knob and it goes Click, click, click and it lights.
John: Most monitor stoves have a piezoelectric element which is powered by electricity in it. Click Click clicks and the next thing you know you have a bit lights it
Adam: right. And this is what people the majority of stoves still have pilot lights. No, no, but you're missing the entire point. People were not making the connection between turning on the gas with the knob and holding a match to it that they would be able to light their stove. My neighbor went for 15 hours outside on his barbecue grill. Because he didn't put two and two together because people are so so pampered with technology.
John: Well, that's pathetic.
Adam: It's it. I'm just identifying it as rampant. It was very interesting. I myself, yeah, well, I myself learned about thermopile and this was news to me. Because when when I woke up in the morning, and everything was I'm like okay, let me see if I can get the gas on and our guest is a switch on the water fireplaces a switch on the wall. blank. Well, that's gonna suck. How can we have is a pilot light there, but this gas flow control is interesting. And I'm like, holy shit. How am I going to do this math to see Is there a way to do it manually? And so just on a lark, I flipped the switch and it goes on. Like, how does this work? This is sorcery. What's going on in this house? So the way it works is you have these Thermal poles which are a little, you know, copper windings on a, like a circuit board and it generates a spike and generate a small current from a heat. It's usually used for temperature sensors and then they're routing that through that switch and it's just enough to to open the gas flow
John: those days dangerous wizardry
Adam: to me, man, I loved it. Anyway. So the ham bands complete disappointment. They're not going to save anyone when the apocalypse comes. I the what the ham bands, the ham and ban hams, hams, ham radio operators, the
John: handle bam,
Adam: the ham.
John: Ham says most of taking care of this problem.
Adam: I tuned into all the repeaters, john, I'm not kidding. The first repeater I get into is like,
Unknown: American.
Adam: There was nothing there was no coordination. Like, oh, yeah, you got power. No, I don't have any power. Okay, how about you, I got some power. How's my mic sound sounds good. completely worthless, I almost want to send my license back. That's horrible. Horrible have, we also couldn't use the end here as a fatal flaw. Of course, we couldn't use the no agenda ham network, because that runs on the internet through that, you know, backbone, I probably could have gotten something up on a dongle. But I was less than just not worried about that. So we learned how to charge everything in the car, sit in the car. And while we're charging and do a lot of stuff in the car, which is also a lot warmer with the seat warmers. And I would say that, for us has been pretty good, good neighborhood. But the horror stories are everywhere. And we got power last night. It's been on all the time so far, which is because we are in the opportunity zone, where section eight housing is
John: also another words you're in. That's interesting. Oh, yeah. I don't know what to say to that basic. So you had it. So there's still people in this never gotten their power back? Because you're in a richier area?
Adam: Well, let me tell you the sequence because there was a lot of consternation about it. So when when they decided they had to start to go to rolling blackouts where we heard that before rolling blackouts. They attempted to do it. But they attempted it with the poor neighborhoods first. So our friends in Tarrytown, Joe Rogan, they never lost power. But they so they wanted to rotate it. And you know, there's also smaller sections, probably. And I'm just saying this is what it looked like. And they couldn't roll it over. Because once they did it, they I think they've tried to get our power on briefly two hours after it went out Sunday night. And that failed. And then it was just out for 48 hours. And that made all of the east side. So they I think they decided, Hey, why don't we do the poor fuckers first? Because you know, and they don't have cares if they complain? And what we do you don't want Joe Rogan complaining? That would be no good. So they turned us off first. And then just you know, not gene, so gene doesn't live too far from here. And he he lives in single, like in a kind of a compound with single family homes. Ah, no, now we're, we're in the midst of all of these apartments, many of them section eight. And we're just kind of in this little sliver that just got turned on again. And but it was turned off for 48 hours. I mean, there were people from the apartments coming up to our place, you know, looking for would burn because there's no gas in those
apartments. It was it was pretty, pretty messed up. And you know, then you get all the reports of people, you know, doing stupid stuff, they just don't know. I mean, there was so little as his typical, you know, it would be smart to say hey, please don't burn charcoal in your home. You know, you could die is a lot of that. A lot of people taking stupid chances. And you know, there's people who froze to death in their cars. And then and then by now, you know, like, I'm looking for different kinds of information because the news is just all the same crap. And it always ends with the guy out. You know this, instead of stay safe. Now it's a stay warm. Thanks for the report. Adam. Stay warm.
John: Stay warm. Yeah, it's like layers, about here in downtown
Unknown: Austin. And
Adam: over here on the west side here downtown, we got plenty of light.
John: Hey, well, very good. Adam Curry. Thanks for your reports. Stay warm. Everywhere stay warm people on Toys R Us listen let's let's listen to the ABC rundown of this would have three clips and it's got some stupid crap in there that I just couldn't take. I couldn't take it okay. Storm Texas storm Texas
Unknown: ABC major storm now bearing down from the south right up into the Northeast tomorrow snow ice freezing rain, dangerous conditions and this storm has already slammed Texas yet again. Another night there with millions without power without heat without water and authorities acknowledging they do not know when the power will be back on grocery stores with empty shelves today bottled water sold out at least 30 people have now died in this week storms alone and this now new one. Now hitting tonight the images again this evening this 15 mile traffic jam near Hasan Arkansas multiple accidents in the snow on an icy interstate 40 freezing rain in Austin Texas adding a coat of ice to the snow a car out of control sliding down an icy Hill. Millions without power families left to wear multiple layers and huddle with one another just to get through these layers. This neighborhood in the dark and Houston frozen pipes bursting inside homes and one image seen in so many places today. This one right here icicles hanging from a fan and a Dallas apartment building. A long line for propane tanks in Houston today people waiting and freezing rain. Also waiting in line for hours for groceries. These images from Austin Texas tonight. Some families showing up at what they're calling warming centers this one open 24 hours a day in Richardson, Texas that's outside Dallas. And of course the impact on vaccinations across this country at least 34
Adam: states.
Unknown: It is
and in Texas tonight. Authorities are now facing tough questions about the power grid there and the Texas Governor and what he's now blaming for the outages critics say that's just not true. We have it all covered beginning with ABC Marcus floor leading us off from Dallas tonight.
Adam: Yeah, this is this is fantastic. This is the best political football and everybody's full of crap. And I don't think they even know what's going on and the Governor teesha go for this. It's complete complete stupidity.
John: But let's put in sorry, clip two.
Adam: All right. To have this kept going oh goodness
Unknown: unite with the nation focused on the next winter storm. The humanitarian crisis in Texas is only worse than pipes bursting in Austin water cascading out of buildings and icy roads sending vehicles sliding down the street. In Houston authorities responding to more calls for possible carbon monoxide poisoning, freezing rain and no power making travel dangerous in darkened neighborhoods. Some people are even sleeping in their cars, broken pipes causing ceilings to cave in. This is a very bad situation a one two punch here with the second ice storm by midday significantly more customers in Texas without power as there were during Hurricane Harvey. Houston, America's fourth largest city is telling residents to boil water if they even have it.
How can we buy water we don't even have power.
Our team at Alexandra kiona is in line to buy firewood
we got three kids at home.
We try to keep the babies warm and in Galveston
many without power
and water.
Everything in the refrigerator now has gone bad.
Adam: Please true john, every single thing you hear and the pipes breaking. And we have to we have to boil water to now.
John: Yeah, so here's the thing that bugs me. Yeah, please, was the last little thing this woman said because this you see, we've had situations in Washington where you have a lot of snow. Sure. How's everything in the refrigerator ruined? Why don't you take it outside and put it in the snow? It's the same
Adam: technical misunderstanding and I would say we have an education problem as the gas stove. It's the same problem.
John: And also it's your areas 18 if you actually if you took stuff out of the refrigerator and put it outside it would freeze it.
Adam: Well everyone had their stuff outside except this lady which I guess they did to embarrass Texas. But again, there's a lot of technology.
John: Well one thing I mentioned in that same regard, you know you can eat you can take like a glass of fresh snow and melt and melt and that's water.
Adam: Yeah, people water people are doing that.
John: Okay, well, it's good but they're not reporting it. Let's go to the loss of this. Hello.
Adam: Why didn't they ask?
Unknown: Everything in their refrigerator now has gone bad
supplies are dwindling. And
most people out here the biggest deal is water.
People have made some life and death
choices. Back in Houston. The lights going dark during an interview with Mayor Sylvester Turner.
We've been talking about power being restored. Now in real time you have seen power being turned off
the state's energy production and energy dependence has always been a point of pride. And as the crisis persists, the governor placing blame squarely on officials that are caught the private company that runs about 90% of the state's grid. arcot stands for electric reliability Council of Texas. And they showed that they were not reliable. Do you think or thought leadership needs to resign? Yes, Governor Abbott facing criticism for appearing to play some of the blame for the outages on frozen wind turbines or when in our solar, they got shut down. And they were collectively more than 10% of our power grid. And that thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power in a statewide basis. But at its own Energy Department reports most of the state's energy losses come from failures to winterize systems, including oil and natural gas pipelines. And now at least two federal agencies are investigating why the system failed so badly.
Adam: Oh, cool, because we're gonna tell him I had heard of arcot Do you remember I went to see those Bitcoin guys up a little bit north of here in Texas who were on the exchange point, in fact, right near where are caught operates only or katsuo offices somewhere else. And I didn't know really what the hell was going on. But I remember the guy saying, I said, How are you getting all this power here? You know, how can you sit right at this at this grid? where, you know, it's a perfect place to be for Bitcoin mining. He said, Oh, we hired this guy, who isn't insider with with or caught? And so that's the only way and if they the stories he told me is this such a weird group that they at one point, thought they were gonna have to leave and they were actually packing up machines, and then everything changed. And so I already knew something was fishy with this. Urquhart. Who are who, you know, there's blame all over. I like the green New Deal blame, which is very weak. I would say it's especially coming from the governor. And then there's the blame. I think this is from ABC from this morning.
Unknown: But many are now pointing the finger at the nonprofit organization which has controlled most of the state's energy since 2002. When Texas privatized its electric grid, the governor now calling for an investigation and demanding our current CEO stepped down
this this was a total failure by arcot. arcot stands for electric reliability Council of Texas, and they showed that they were not reliable.
Adam: Okay, thank you, Governor. Of course, we had to bring Bill Gates out to discuss the windmills. Look
Unknown: at Texas. That's my home state where I grew up. More than 4 million customers are without power after this arctic blast froze wind turbines. The Wall Street Journal today argues that this is the risk of trying to banish fossil fuels is what's happening in Texas, a sign of the limits of clean energy like wind,
basically, no,
this is if you have enough transmission, so that you know across the country, the wind is blowing somewhere and the sun is shining somewhere. If you have some degree of storage, and some sources like nuclear, that are not weather dependent, we can
grow the
tree and name reliability. Now it's not going to be easy. This is one where just looking at the price of solar alone doesn't tell you the challenge that we face. But we can get rid of those hydrocarbons for all of our electricity generation and still not freeze to death.
Yeah, but in Texas, which gets a fair portion of their energy from wind turbines, those wind turbines are frozen. And you hear energy officials in the state saying that is part of the problem.
Adam: All right. So again, I got a lot of help from our producers. Also, atomic rod, recommended a book which you can read in about four or five hours. It's written by Meredith angwin. And gwi n, she's in the shownotes. It's called shorting the grid. The hidden fragility of our electric grid was written several years ago, but incredibly timely, because I've figured out what's going on and I can at least give a general overview because it could happen in California could happen in the East Coast. could happen in Europe could happen anywhere. It happened to happen here, due to the polar vortex and john This is Enron meets Wall Street bets. It's that disgusting when you really see what's happening. First thing, windmills. Everyone's talking you know, you see the means well windmills work fine in Norway and over here and everything. It was kind of specific case because Because of the humidity, it was icing and the icing that won't stop anywhere. So you don't have those particular conditions. Wind power, by the way in Texas is completely valid in my book. Obviously not for these conditions. But man, how long have we been? We used to praise t Boone Pickens for what he did with the with the wind with a he had this whole wind farms he the the biggest I think, didn't he?
John: I don't know. Keep Boone Pickens to me was always the natural gas guy.
Adam: Oh, now he went into all the into all the windmills.
John: Anyway, we had there mostly. They weren't using advertisements all over the West Coast, but he was always promoting natural gas.
Adam: So there was a chain reaction, those went down. We already had the polar vortex coming, we knew days ahead of time was going to go down to 77 degrees. And what you'll hear the new saying is natural gas fired plants had supply problems. This is bullcrap. And this is something that I don't think I haven't seen discussed, the gas providers have their own rules and regulations. And their rule is it goes towards residential and heating above and beyond anything else, including gas fired plants. So what is Austin done very successfully for their own carbon initiatives. They have shut down decommissioned, or in some cases outright forbidden dual plants that can do oil and natural gas where they could store some of the oil. These, the natural gas generators don't store that much natural gas on site. So that's why they have supply issues. No, it didn't freeze. You know, it's they sell all kinds of misinformation. They literally were not getting it because they were sending it to people to warm their homes. coal plants, same thing, it's all kind of been shut down. And it's great, you know, virtue signal, we get green energy, blah, blah, blah. Then we had the nuclear plant that got the false signal, it's shut down. But here's the biggest problem that happened. And this is where I'd like to introduce arcot, the price per megawatt hour of energy, which is typically $25 to maybe a peak sometime in the summer of $80 per megawatt hour. Do you know what the price is, is to
at this very moment still john.
John: I don't know
Adam: $9,000 $9,000. And that's the cap, there's a regulatory cap that the energy price cannot go above $9,000 per megawatt hour. And interestingly ercot got permission to pass that on to the customers. So there's little incentive with these guys to do much about it. And if the Let me introduce our cotton and I'll tell you where the problem lies or caulk provides a central place where generation is dispatched
Unknown: out onto the grid. And where generation and load are balanced at all times, are caught is similar to an air traffic controller. It doesn't own the airplanes or the runways, but it steps back and make sure everything is flowing properly and efficiently. durka doesn't own the assets, it doesn't make electricity, but it monitors all the moving parts that keep electricity flowing, and keeps the markets that provide electricity to Texans running.
There are a number of participants in our cots market that make electricity work in Texas, starting from your home.
Your home receives electricity from a distribution company. The distribution company receives electricity from the transmission system, which is what Urquhart is managing and its control room virkon has prepared for the future in two primary ways. One to make sure its people systems and market participants have the right rules to manage a changing system.
From a technical logical perspective,
the grid operator has to be very sophisticated in order to manage the future of the electric grid.
Adam: The best thing about her
Unknown: cot is the people committed to the mission of making sure electric power will always get to the people of Texas.
Adam: Forgot your power, our promise. Yes, always nasty how those types of PR things don't age very well. So this is a an RTO a regional transmission organization and you're probably gonna be able to help me with some of this john in 1996 is when Energy Deregulation came in. And that's when a number of regions were created. Certainly not all states, I think really only maybe 18 states in total, but California has an RTO regional transmission organization. Texas has it and we we have it over our own grid. Then there's several in I think, New England, New England as a couple other ones. And the idea was that this deregulation would create a market that would drive prices down, because there were all these different ways of creating energy. And the regional transmission organizations are there to really do one thing, and that is to accept or deny bids every five minutes with the cost of energy, and then switch that. So you've got the power generators, you have people who are using natural gas, guys who are doing coal, what's left of them, it's actually quite a few, but you got the solar, you got the wind power, all of those offer up their their megawatt per hour price into the system and their bidding. And the way the clearing price or whatever price is taken is a complete black box. These regional transmission organizations often have laws that specifically forbid the press from attending their meetings. And there's all kinds of jerk offs on the boards of
these companies is really like a back room, dark alley type stuff. And they have one cardinal rule, which is you are never allowed to name the fuel. And this is, as I discovered, what got rick perry fired. Remember, he was our Energy Secretary. And then he decided he needed to go and a good buddy. He had to go and carry it yet go spend time with his family? That's because in 90 was it 2018? I think when he was still Energy Secretary, he made a public statement and said, We need to make Texas winter resilient. That's the term winter resilient, which is a an energy term, meaning typically you have oil reserves, 90 days, or coal, coal or something, because other stuff will stop and won't flow. And yes, Rick Perry,
John: got pushed out because he was telling the truth.
Adam: Yes. But the problem was not that he was telling the truth, the problem was that he specifically mentioned coal, and the N word. So and, and he and you can never mention that, because according to the regional transmission organizations, you can't have a bias because everybody knows, at the exchange itself, you can't have a bias over what kind of power that is. Everybody knows that the guys over at the, at the solar farm and the windmill farm that they get subsidies, so their actual cost is lower. You know, oil and gas has certain subsidies, nuclear has net, there's all kinds of things that go into this price. But what's amazing, is this auction. And this is where the next ercot voting video comes in.
Unknown: Or con is always coordinating the flow of electricity. But it also has important roles and managing the financial side of the energy market, collecting money from companies that consume power, and then paying the resources that produce it. So in a lot of ways, are caught. It's like the stock exchange, making sure that transactions are handled accurately
Adam: and efficiently.
Unknown: And that the right technology is available to keep those transactions flowing smoothly. virkon also provides financial and accounting services to the wholesale market under a set of market rules. So the grid can work effectively and efficiently. Your power, our promise.
Adam: It is not like the stock market. It is exactly that with all the same players. There's an entire secondary market, which no one talks about. If you go in and look at the auction bids these every five minutes. There's not, you know, 10 power generating companies. Yeah, they're in there. But there's maybe 200 parties in their bidding. And these are guys who are shorting hedging hedge funds, actual hedge funds are in this game there. But you know, you could be getting energy that has been that has been traded five times in five minutes to make more profit before it gets to you. So this is
John: mentioned as a bitches a lot of Enron people involved and
Adam: to make it worse I have in my possession documentation, which I can't give up because of course, it was given to me confidentially that they do the same trick. scheduling an outage can increase our profits when done properly. That's what Enron did. They were shutting down power generation to create a false scarcity. That's that's a part of their business model. Part of the business model. So it's exactly that Enron Wall Street bets and what happened is No one has responsibility. You can't blame traders who are in there that just trading to make a buck. None. And now you can't blame them You can't blame or caught, they're just doing what they do just getting the best price best price. No one had an incentive because of the financial, lack of financial rewards for having fuel on site. That's it. And these guys were loving the price because as the cold started to come in, they were like, Oh, fuck, this is great. Take the price there. What percentage increases that from $25 to $9,000. They were crushing it, they were killing it until started, stuff started to trip offline. Now, what I didn't really realize about the energy grid is it has to be in total balance, the demand matches the supply at all times. Otherwise, you can fry the grid or do all kinds. I mean, it's, that's some, it's probably quite simple in general. But if that's why they have to shut stuff down or bring stuff online. And you know, literally when I flip on a switch somewhere that's
getting generated, and this little trickle of extra energy is coming out. But we got completely hosed by a clearinghouse not dissimilar to Wall Street's dt, s C's dtcc. Whatever it is their central clearinghouse, people are trading futures. You're buying oil or gas powered energy that someone bought five years ago. So there's, there's there's no way to have any oversight. This is literally like NASDAQ. No one gives a shit what happens downstream.
John: Why would day?
Unknown: Well, because no sweat
John: off my balls is the old saying the way I
Adam: see it. We need Enron level hearings. Because it's the same thing. We need Enron level hearings, because it's the it's sanctioned.
John: You have to assume this end, the Enron models have permeated the entire country. Once in what Ron was broken up. Yep. All those guys scattered. I actually know one of them. In fact, I have some Enron golf balls.
Adam: You got to put those on Etsy.
John: I'm thinking about it. And they scattered around the country with this with these ideas is almost like a like a cancer. Uh huh. And, and they're ruined you, as you outlined is great. You know, you implement these ideas all over the place. It's just fabulous. So a lot of it has to do with privatization and and, and the bulk bogus, little middlemen that are put into into the system that make privatization work. A lot of these it's pretty obvious to people or not to everybody, but to a lot of people that privatization in public utilities is really not a great idea.
Adam: No, well, in reading this book, it's you really have the power grid, and then the policy grid and the the idea you get about the deregulation. What happened in 96 is kind of Orwellian. So direct deregulation, in fact, meant tons of regulations tons of all kinds of rules and advantages for this guy, that guy this that's all the politicians are all a part of this. It's not just the governor. It's not just the legislature. It's all the greedy Fox, it's the whole system, and they got caught with their pants down. This is because they believe global warming is happening and not global cooling. That's pretty much it. This this is only because of this this this this freeze that no one expected
John: this is Bill Clinton.
Adam: He got he was president when it deregulated right.
John: Yeah, he was he was the most republican of all the democratic presidents in history. So I look at the current could do things as a demo, he could do things this this is the old switcheroo. He could do this is like how only Nixon could have opened China. Right? He there are Democrats can do things that Republicans would love to do, but they can't but the democrats can and the same vice versa. The Republicans can do things that the democrats love to do but they can't right. Because people point the finger at him and so do you have this situation with Clinton who was just used every republican idea in the book and they always accused him of being exploitative I he's just doing it to exploited the voter, but no, is doing it sincerely.
Adam: That's the problem him I'm looking at the at the current prices, it's split up between Northwest South Texas and Houston. And and here's why this is a fun game anyone can play at home, you can get the ercot app and you can download it and use it or just go to their website. So right now the South Is it the the current price now it'll settle for for 9000. But the bid price is $9,004.47, which is above, above the legal limit. So the South is is not nothing's happening. It's stuck. We got Houston now it's 8990. So I guarantee you that now some power is coming online. And the same for the North. South is where we are that nothing else is going to come online until that price goes down, you can follow it to the tee. It's disgusting. They won't bring it online, because they can't make money on it. And here, here's this ercot thing that came out that was approved by the state, as noted that this order requires arcot to quote, ensure that firm load that is being shed, in this EA three which is the crisis is accounted for in our cots scarcity pricing signals. This directive is based on the Commission's observation in the order that energy prices of less than $9,000 per megawatt hour during low chip conditions are quote, inconsistent with the fundamental design of the ercot market. I mean, it's about money, they're not spinning up power until the money goes down. And they're beating outside the band so they won't get chosen or they'll get chosen at the top top top
price. People are suffering because of this. And the news media is not informing people of what's happening. And they'll never know Instead, we're all eager to see such green New Deal.
Unknown: Republican suck deregulation privatizing
John: not your best voice? Yeah,
Adam: I haven't had any television, which has been pretty damn nice. My goodness, didn't miss it at all. Anyway, this electric problem, I think that's going to pop up all over the world. And we know in the Netherlands, new homes are no longer being built with gas. Boy, hope nothing happens to that. By the way, I hope nothing happens to you up there, like happened here. You know, in the global cooling that's taking place.
John: I did have to make a correction. So people pointed out that Washington State has plenty of natural gas, except on the Olympic Peninsula where they did ban discourages use. Okay.
Adam: In Norway, in Norway, just to give you an example. electric cars, electric vehicles very popular. This is from Lawrence, one of our producers, because they're not subject to the 60 to 90%. import tax of traditional combustion engine cars. And I don't think it's unfair. I don't think they make any one of their debts. This is how it gets pushed. So 10% of all 280,000 of all 2.8 registered vehicles in Norway are 100%. Evie. So now the government is saying, you know the grid is getting a little overloaded. We'd really like people not to be charging your cars overnight. You know, you can only do it on this certain day. don't charge it in the morning due to the weather load on the electricity network. Do you see where this is headed? Do you see the problem with the dependency?
John: Man I where's my backyard nuke? If everything is all going to be electricity instead of a combination of ingredients, which includes gasoline, and coal and fossil fuel, which is cold too, but it didn't perform. If you're just gonna have everything having to funnel through the ones one point of you know that one single point of failure. The electrical grid is dumb, but what would be the point it's crazy.
Adam: Yeah, so this is this is long from over. I think they've already said that over the next few weeks, they will have to do rolling blackouts to bring everything back up. obviously depends a lot on the weather. But now now we're seeing the the crummy plumbing, which is not at all thought about, you know, for an it's I'm I'm sad because we've known in general whenever the government officials say right, and we pretty much look left and say that's probably the best solution. For some reason. It turns out that way, most of the time. We have talked about global cooling versus global warming forever on this show. And yet, still, the BBC still has the audacity to post. December just at the end of December, snowy winters could become a thing of the past, as climate change affects the UK, children will never
John: come up with this bromide. They
Adam: keep they keep doing it. And right now in the UK blanketed if someone had been honest, or whatever the hell is going on about this global warming bullcrap. And it said, Yeah, we're really we're in the start of the solar minimum or the What is this? The Marauder minimum Ice Age? What is it called? What's the exact term I
John: don't have in front of me? I didn't print that out. But yes, there is a 350 400 year cycle where the sun kind of cools down, right? Just a bit. But it cools down just enough to trigger a, an ice age and mini mini Ice Age. And that's been ongoing. It started and they think it was supposed to start in 2013 or somewhere some time recent is ongoing. We're actually we're in it. We're in it. Yeah. And and I think your example there in Texas is a good, good point. proving it, but and I just read when I was reading about this, and I had to say maybe it was you know, they were such a rush, rush, rush rush. They kept promoting the global warming kept promoting, oh, we've got only so long we got to do now there's a tipping point, a tipping point All Tomorrow's tomorrow is going to be the last chance we have. And there was this rush to promote this idea. Yes.
shows up. Yeah.
Adam: Man,
John: Texas is the tipping point. And Trump shows up and he puts it off and it takes takes us out of the Paris Climate Agreement. And he says this is bullcrap. And it throws the whole the whole calendar off by four years. No wonder they hate him. They don't know if they can recover. This is interesting.
Adam: Back in 1970 Okay, this is a great timeline. Because they got confused. The some of the same people who are yelling global warming climate change back in 1978. I picked the clip up, we've played it before, it's only a minute 20 everybody was convinced that we would witness global cooling and mini Ice Age. In fact, Dr. Spock Leonard Nimoy did an entire special in 1978. Here's a minute and 24 1977 the worst winter in a centuries, the United States
Unknown: ripped the Midwest.
Cities of the Northeast.
Desperate night in Buffalo,
eight people froze
to death. Cars emotionaler was on the road.
John: Traffic just absolutely stacked. Who was afraid of being
Unknown: stuck in the car all night long, with the cold and the wind running out of gas.
I think that if we had to go through a real
bad winter, like we
just went through.
I think we'd have to think about moving someplace else.
Adam: Where the brutal buffalo winter might become common all over the United States. Climate experts believe the next Ice Age is on its way. According to recent evidence, it could come sooner than anyone could expect.
Unknown: weather stations in the Far North. temperatures have been dropping for 30 years.
Adam: Long three of summer ice are now blocked. According to some climatologists within a lifetime, we might be living.
John: By the way, it by the way, it's Mr. Spock. Dr. Spock, that was the PD
Adam: Oh my goodness. What a foe pa I'm sorry. spotless status. Spock. Thank you for that. Thank you for that correction.
Unknown: Spock.
Adam: So how about this try this on for size. So he said you know the evidence. And then it didn't happen. Stuff start to warm up. And these people were confused because they knew that they could make a ton off of something just by saying the weather's dangerous, and then started to warm up and they said oh crap, let's switch. Mr. Spock no good bringing al gore we'll call it global warming show some polar bears. You know, do all that then j
John: more polar bears than ever by the way
Adam: Yep. And he you know in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, gave him the Oscar, all that stuff and then it starts going, going going and building up to thinking about stuff getting ready. They even got, you know, the whole stock market everything to fall apart 2008 so we're ready for carbon credits and a whole new way of valuing stuff. And then they noticed the damn polar vortex play that one more time because it's bumper Morgan who passed away in May who made that and they see these polar vortex is getting worse and worse and worse, knowing that the climate and young didn't have to come up with stuff like weather's not climate bro.
John: That didn't last that long. They kept promoting
Adam: weather is not climate, bro. And, and then the other polar vortex is getting worse. They're like, Okay, we got to ram this shit through and then you're right from came in, he stopped the Paris accord. Everything's broken, but they see it coming. And this may be the tipping point that can't get them back. Because it's too hard to claim climate change for this.
John: Well, there's a couple of things that I've noticed, besides the fact that by the way, that would account for a lot of the Trump hate.
Adam: To make sense. It's all money, man.
John: Is the and I've noticed we we started talking about this switcheroo from climate global freezing to global warming. There the list of scientists a lot of Mehrdad because this was all in the 70s. And there was hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles, front page stories in the Newsweek and elsewhere about the coming Ice Age. A lot of the guys switched over to global warming because there was more money in it, but there's there was a few a lot of them died. But there were a few laggards that still maintain that global cooling argument and I'm gonna try to find one or two of them if they're still alive and shout out, shout it out. or have them guide me to some new new literature.
Adam: wasn't one of them came back in Obama's administration. Hold a cooler cauldron. Yeah, holding them was the cooler doctor? Yeah, hold on, hold on. Hold dran Obama science advisor. Yeah, that guy was old here. john paul Holdren. Yeah, he's from 1944. I think he was the guy who was all in on global cooling and then came back in with Obama as a global warming specialist. Oh,
John: yeah. Okay, well, he wouldn't keep it he just switched to gas which is nice. It's just a one of the guys there are guys that are supposedly still promote the global cooling thing. Just a few of them left. So
Adam: you want to find the good guys now. Good luck with that.
John: Well, the guys are dead stayed the stayed the course. Not the ones just switched over to the Minister of co2 magic. carbon, carbon, carbon magic, baby.
Adam: Yeah, we went from co2 to plain old carbon pollution. Exactly. The You know, I'm
John: starting to get a little cold snap there.
Adam: No, it's okay. It's it's fascinating but it fits in with with what is taking place in front of our very eyes. And you did it you had a great rant on on the last show one of our producers made and this show makes you think you like which is all this what you call it? doctored evidence. The doctored evidence clip.
John: Yeah,
Adam: hold on. I want to play that. It's one minute. Do you mind it's you so you'll like it.
John: No problem.
Adam: No problem. Doug Longnecker did it Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
John: wait. Get that big green. You are blood thirsty for ratings. This is the whole thing is doctored evidence is everything we get is nothing but evidence to with COVID phony hospitalizations. doctored evidence.
The very fine people hope doctored evidence. Crap in media is all in on the whole thing. And if you go all the way back, there was absolutely shocking what happened an FBI lawyer, Doctor damnit.
Climate change
Unknown: is nothing but
Adam: it's an anthem, man. It's an anthem.
John: Touch. Well, doctored evidence.
Adam: So let's add the energy markets to our list of stuff we learned in the past year. That is completely messed up corrupt and not in our best interest. I'll just run down the list because I think we should keep it education teachers unions, universities, what they're teaching messed up politicians all hooked up to China like Mitch McConnell and swalwell and then there's Pelosi in all these corrupt a holes. We got a leaders who are eating out at French Laundry, we got comos killing all people who gives a crap the pharmaceutical industry pushing shit down your throat opioids, which addicted people and they lied about it Sackler for the second time around he did it with Vicodin the medical community the How about health insurance anybody that's not a scam just China, NBA Apple Nike using slave labor stock market Wall Street bets climate change central bank's Fiat White Helmets, fake news, corrupt media Hollywood Silicon Valley big tech big agriculture, which is now behind India. That is a World Economic Forum un 2030 sustainable development goals in process. I got a whole thing about it in the show knows there's they're gonna get 250 million farmers goodbye. And now Bill Gates tells us to eat processed meat.
John: here by the way, literally my rant about doctored evidence the White Helmets is a great example. Yes. What a phony deal that wasn't it was it didn't they win the Nobel Prize or were like almost dead?
Adam: prizes. I think the documentary won a prize. Yeah, exactly. It's all phony No wonder 30 year old guys like Tim Poole are popular because at all his guests come on and say hey, everything sucks ass. Government no good. This is No wonder it Bill Gates literally selling phony baloney. Does it get any better than that?
John: Why they keep Bill Gates getting on my nerves.
Adam: Bill Gates man he had checked this out this is this is like this. You know, he was on 60 minutes. I have some clips from that if we want to switch to COVID but he also did the 60 minutes over time, which you know, gosh knows that incredibly valuable airtime. We can't waste all of it. This is the promo for Bill Gates on 60 minutes overtime.
Unknown: Bill Gates advice on how to combat mistrust and science on 60 minutes Sponsored by Pfizer.
Adam: Can it get any fucking crazier? Just putting it right out there sponsored by Pfizer? Come on, come on. That's just not okay.
John: Yeah, yeah, like to switch to COVID I got a few COVID clips. People need to know cuz they did. They're not letting up. In fact, if just play this clip, just to give you the good example, Mary Bruce 2022 clip.
Unknown: Okay. And on the big question, when will life get back to normal? The administration and top health experts had said by fall, but now
by next Christmas, I think we'll be in a very different circumstance God Willing than we are today.
Dr. Fauci now predicts some quote, degree of normality by the beginning of 2022.
I want to eat
John: Jimmy last Easter.
Adam: I want to thank the clip Crusader, a clip custodian I'm sorry, Neal Jones. He sent me some really good clips about this. The guy who I think now knows what's or he's somehow setting the tone, but no one can repeat his message. Is this. This de-douche osterholm. This guy is I mean, he might just give him a sickle and and a hood. Then this guy comes along, you're about to die. Then he's in charge now and heat. No. So now we have the CDC guidelines, which no one seems to be able to communicate properly. The CDC says, Hey, teachers go back to work. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, president vice president, they're like, no, they should be prioritize. Yeah, they should kind of get vaccines first because they're still in the middle of negotiating with the teachers unions. It's so pathetically transparent, but this is what what osterholm really wants. Play do start Michael
Unknown: with that. 91% in the red zones. Nobody
wants that red
color. Do you think these CDC guidelines are enough?
Adam: I think they are enough particularly if you're looking at children from k to eighth grade. There we do see very little transmission between students or between students and teachers. When you get into the high school age, that's a bit of a different issue. But there really is a real red flag coming down the road, I think. And that is these new variants that we're talking about, particularly one from the United Kingdom, I think is going to cause such a surge in cases over the course of the next 14 weeks. And I think a lot of schools are gonna be challenged to open at all. I keep talking about this.
John: I have the variance setup. And then I have three clips on the variance from Rosemary fry, a researcher who goes through all the paperwork that showed that he had this variant thing all kicked into high gear.
Unknown: Tonight, the CDC now warning those new, more contagious variants spreading across the US could easily cause another surge and COVID cases. I know these variants are concerning. I'm talking about them today because I am concerned too. They believe that UK variant will be the dominant strain and soon it is more transmissible and new UK data showing it's likely more deadly. Tonight. The CDC is also tracking the South African variant now found in at least nine states and Washington DC. A new CDC report now shows the South African variant calls a 16 fold increase in cases in one month in Zambia. There is concern over what could happen here in the US and when it comes to masks. Tonight federal authorities have revealed they seized close to 10 million counterfeit three M and 95 masks in recent weeks, hundreds of 1000s and fake masks found at a warehouse in Western Maryland.
John: The master there's another story on the map. Let's listen to this woman who's just like laughing her ass she's on mute. It was on Vimeo you can't get this stuff on YouTube. Oh, anymore.
Adam: Now this is yours you're sucking now man. They've anything that's fun is gone.
John: There you have a cat playing the piano anymore. Fuck I'm sorry. Sorry, Lago rose fry on COVID variants.
Unknown: So I think a few minutes video about how based in reality and hard facts is the science that's being that's being thrown at us from public health officials about these new variants that are suddenly cropping up and around the world in England, in the UK and Brazil, and that they're telling us now first, they're saying well, it's going to spread a lot more quickly. And now they're telling us not only will it spread more quickly, that it's going to be causing a lot more death. And also that now Oh, before they were saying that these new variants are still going to be fine, but the vaccines are going to be are going to deal with them. And now they're saying No, that won't work either. The vaccines won't work against them. So I just wanted to take a few minutes just go through. I've written a long article that goes with this. But I want to go through some of the science that's that all of this. All these layers upon layers are built on and those studies are primarily on one mutation that's said to be in the novel Coronavirus. And that causes it's it's now it causes to be more transmissible to mean more contagious than ever. And, and those There are three main papers that the scientists and public health officials and politicians rely on to tell us that, oh, it's much more transmissible. And I've got the three papers in front of me. And one of them. And the thing is, we have to ask ourselves, where are these published? where they actually are reviewed
by other scientists to make sure they accurate before they are published? And also are they based on on human people people interacting with a virus? Or are they based on animal studies like mice with the virus or even farther removed just cells from a mouse in a petri dish? And if we look at these three studies, we'll see pretty quickly that they're very far removed unfortunately, even though the the authors say although they reflect on the the real virus in in real situations and people.
Adam: So she's saying that these are abnormal variants.
John: She says this is all ginned up in a lab. And the papers are and the papers are bogus. They're not bogus. No, the papers are real, but they're just lab stuff just like stuff people do when they want to, you know, get some money or get some attention or do spare get published and they create a variant. They date they were all here, listen to park district. Here she goes for the first two papers, you'll get the idea. The first one is
Unknown: titled
adaptations of SARS copped to involve see mice for testing vaccine efficacy. And what this is, is they took the virus, and they they put it through a few generations or a few cycles of reproducing it. And then they put it into mice as a special type of mouse and they said, Oh, well look, there's more binding, and therefore, there's more binding of the virus to cells in this little model that really was divorced from reality and therefore Words can be more contagious without actually going to that extra important step of saying, well, it is more contagious. without really Yes, they didn't do that. So then let's take the next paper. And there's similar problems. This paper is called an engineer decoyed, an engineer declared receptor for SARS, called to and broadly binds protein s sequence variance. So they taking a decoder, an engineer decoder receptor, so something that's not even real in real life, they engineered it to bind to the virus, and they're saying, oh, it binds very well, it binds a lot. So based on that, we're supposed to say, oh, that means that when we have Oh, because in there, there's a particular mutation. So they're trying to have a say that, oh, when we have something that has this particular mutation that they found, and they said, binds more closely. Oh, so therefore it's more transmissible. So we kind of just have to take their word for it, because this is just an engineered kortrijk doorco receptor. Again, it's not really showing anything
in real life, not really using printing proper antibodies.
Adam: Okay, so if I understand what she's saying is that they'll find a variant, which I like mutant better, but okay, the final variant to find a mutant, and then they'll do some tests. And then based upon those tests with a special mouse, they say, well, it's more transmissible even though they're not getting that from field evidence, just saying it in the lab. And that's what they do these people, they do that stuff all day long.
John: And then and she goes on by this is the third clip, I couldn't get into a fourth and fifth clip, where she goes after the media for just picking this stuff up, because it gets attention and all the rest we all but we already know that. Yeah. So let's listen to the third one, which actually has kind of a little a little gag in there. It's kind of funny.
Unknown: Man, we also have a third paper called Deep mutational scanning of stars Cove two receptor binding domain reveals constraints on folding and h2 binding. And so again, this is saying that we're taking a receptor binding domain. So that's just part of the virus, a little part of the virus that putting in a petri dish, and they're doing a whole bunch of steps that actually in this paper are very hard to follow. And they're saying, Oh, look, there's more binding, and therefore, the virus binds more tightly when it has this mutation, and therefore it means it's going to spread more widely. But it's very interesting. I found an article, a quotation from an article from one of the authors of this paper dp mutational binding, and in fact, from August last year, so just a few months ago, her name is Alison Berry, and she says, Well, you know, the virus as is the novel Coronavirus, without any mutations has a bias quite well to this receptor in the cells. So there's no reason to believe that going beyond that level will make it more pathogenic or transmissible. You know, it can have a bunch of mutations that won't make any difference. So here is an author of one of these papers, new papers This is Oh, it's got mutations it's going to make more transmissible it's terrible, you know, it's going to be just spread like wildfire. And yet here she was a few months earlier saying no, it can bear a lot that can be a lot of mutations. That won't make any difference.
Adam: She better be posting that on a bit. Shoot Pretty soon, pretty soon because I ain't gonna last I gotta last. Wow. You know, sir seat sitter. I'm not quite sure that he interviewed David Ike to Searcy to have a show that I should know about. Probably did. But he
John: everyone has it. Have you noticed everybody that listens to our show has a show?
Adam: Yeah, it's it's these are all sprouting from our loins, john, from our podcast, boys.
John: loin sprout something I don't want to imagine.
Adam: And I like David ickes. The guy does the work he does the research. He said a lot of things over the years that turned out to be true. A lot of things, you know, still waiting on the lizard people, but I'm kind of down with that.
John: We subscribe to the lizard people.
Adam: Here's the Ike on the non existence of the COVID virus.
Unknown: In general, you follow this through you follow this through with all the Freedom of Information Act requests that have been sent out to many and various health authorities in different countries. Asking the simple question can you give us the the paper that describes how the virus was isolated, and therefore shown to exist in and of itself, and every single one has come back saying we don't have that information.
Adam: Now the reason I played this in the next clip is in the context of of this, what's her name? The doctor wrote rose fry. I presume she's a doctor.
John: What neither No, she's a master science. She's a researcher aka pure research. She reads these papers.
Adam: What I states in this clip is the SARS cov. Two virus itself was created in the same manner as these highly transmissible variant studies were done.
Unknown: There's another doctor in America, who from early on was saying, there is no virus. And it's a man called Dr. Tom Cowen and he produced a brilliant article a few weeks ago, from a paper published on the CDC website. And it was by 20 biologists and they were describing the, quote, isolation purification, as it's called, and the biological characteristics of this so called SARS, cov. To virus and, and and and the process by which they came to these conclusions. And what they said was that they had only identified what they claimed they'd identified 37 base pairs of this alleged virus out of the approximately 30,000 that they alleged the the genome of an intact virus contains. And what they did. This is all in this paper, is they took the 37 segments of 30,000. And they put them into a computer program which filled in all the rest. And Colin, in this article describes it brilliantly when he says that it's the equivalent of this group of researchers claim they found a unicorn, because they found a piece of a hoof a hair from a tail and a snippet of a horn. They then add that information into a computer and program it to recreate the unicorn. And then they claim this computer recreation is the real unicorn. But of course, they've never actually seen a unicorn. So it's not possible that they've examined its genetic makeup to compare their samples with the actual unicorns, hair, hooves and horn. The researchers claim they decided, which is the real genome of SARS
cov. Two by consensus, sort of like a vote,
Adam: or climate change. I think that's
John: true is that that ship that thing doesn't exist long since sailed. Okay. So
Adam: he sticks to his guns. I like that. Did you know that we have names for the mutants in America? I was talking about the, you know,
John: maybe this is they're just numbered, no, baby. No,
Adam: I don't know. Maybe we don't want to get shamed. Or you know, we want to make sure that because we have the South African variant, we have the UK.
John: They want to give but they want to circumvent Yeah.
Adam: Yeah, they want to move it out of China. Now what could be funnier than the names they've come up with? cnn will tell us here's one of the worries right now. We've talked about the UK variant. The South African variant. Well, there are seven variants believed to be home grown here in the United States. This is home grown shit brother, home grown
John: slowly grown
Unknown: and grown here in the UK.
Adam: They're giving them bird named Robin one in 30 states phenomenally the Midwest. Now, you can say bird name, but when I hear Robin, I think Batman. I think it's a joke. I think they threw this in just as a joke. Hey, man, remember that bat story. We sold everybody. It's called
John: these very thought of Robin Leach.
Unknown: Ooh, it's Robin one in 30.
Adam: Robin two in 20 states predominantly in the southeast. And then there's a pelican variant that's been discovered in 13 states plus in Australia Denmark, Switzerland and India. Again it's the virus mutates that concerns doctors and I think they're, they're doing this to give it a more global feel. So you can say the Pelican virus, instead of you know, shaming one country these terms.
John: These guys are stretching. They are the Chinese News Network.
Unknown: Hello.
John: cgtn won't go this far.
Adam: They won't. Oh, it's true. This
John: is straight CNN. They're off the rails.
Adam: So there's total seven in America now this
Unknown: morning growing concerns about variants of the Coronavirus. The New York Times reports doctors have now found seven variants of the virus that originated in the US spotlighting the urgent need for better tracking of cases and mutations. All of these variants had
the same exact mutation. Now that could just be a coincidence, but some researchers are worried that could this mean that the virus is getting smarter and adapting.
Adam: The virus is getting smarter. Here it comes. It's nocturnal, you know, stay home.
Unknown: Yeah, well, we
Adam: know what this leads to. It's obvious
John: in South Africa. They were people who got infected with the original virus recovered and then got reinfected with this new variant, the South African variant, which tells us that prior infection does not protect you against reinfection. With this particular variant, somewhat good news is it looks like the vaccine is better than natural infection in preventing you from getting reinfected. Oh my god. This is just a lie.
Adam: Oh, it's not over. It's not over. Bill Gates has his eye on the prize, you
Unknown: mean that you would get a booster in addition to your first two shots, or in your next yearly set of vaccinations, you would get a totally new just like a flu shot and influenza shot changes each year.
Yeah, both of those may be necessary. If we can't eradicate it from all humans, if it's still circulating, we might need something that takes this new shape of the spike protein and is more tuned to that. So you might need a third shot this year. And then if it's still out there, we'll be looking at how your antibodies how your protection goes down over time, in deciding how often you'll need another shot, probably not yearly. But you know,
as long as it's out there, we
want you know, as many Americans as possible not can be spreading it to each other.
Adam: This man's thinking is, is contrary to human life. These people are sick.
John: That is contrary to the humans human experience is it's all new. But this new mystery thing taking place in this bullcrap tip things are working fine in places like Florida and Texas, except for your weather. Ooh,
Adam: I have a good one on that. Stephanie ruhle Stephanie ruhle. She's the former Deutsche Bank. Favorite of the trading floor boys. I'm just gonna say Goldman Sachs, I'm sorry. And she is on with Andy slavitt, who is now the chief guy, the administrator for Medicare. And she's trying to figure out the difference between California and Florida.
Unknown: Let's start with what we just saw. Contrast states like Florida and California, California, basically in lockdown, and their numbers aren't that different from Florida? Well, good morning, Stephanie.
Look, there's so much of this virus that we think we understand that we think we can predict. It's just beyond a little bit beyond our explanation, but we do know is that the more careful people are, the more they masked and social
distance. And the quicker we vaccinate, the quicker it goes away and the less it spreads. But we have got to get better visibility into variants.
We don't know what role they play
large events etc.
John: But you know, this is a as we all have learned by this time, this is a virus that continues to surprise us.
Adam: It's very hard to predict,
Unknown: and it all
around the country. We've got to continue to do a better job.
Adam: How about a non answer made
John: no sense what he said?
Adam: No, of course not. He they can answer a simple question. And it's not like she's doubling down say what do you do into the question? And you know, this vaccine is has to be stored at what's it minus 70. What is the
John: is your temperatures there? It gets fine in Austin.
Adam: Well, interesting. This very special concoction we story after story about refrigeration. We have all my freezers. This is crazy high tech baby. This is some shit. Here we are. We are tuning your system. What happens in Houston, more than 8000 COVID vaccines nearly went to waste after a storage facility lost power.
Unknown: More than 5000 of those were distributed some to Rice University. The rest saved
the vaccine supply we thought we were gonna lose in a few hours. We could actually
re refrigerate and administer it later.
Adam: I don't even rephrase my wrong we just froze it again.
John: Taking bad taking bad milk and thinking it's gonna go good if you put it back in the refrigerator.
Adam: It's trippy out Tina's playing
John: Melkor is not
Adam: we were able to rephrase it who lucky I can't put me at the front of the line for that one. That's the batch I want. Mm hmm. finger licking good. But that's not I have one.
John: I have one more clip. I want to save it for the end of the series because I do have this though. This is a 2021 flu hospitalizations clip from ABC. Okay,
Unknown: well, we could take this There was encouraging news today on the flu season here in the US, the CDC reporting the lowest rate of flu related hospitalizations since they began keeping records. 165 hospitalizations 165 between October 1 and early February compared to 400,000. In that time last year and
even vibrates like. All right,
Adam: I got some I got some humor for you. But this is let me
John: go back and reconsider what we just played. We have 128
Unknown: flu.
John: Yeah, hospitalizations compared to 400,000.
Adam: People just listen to that and go, whatever no one thinks about.
John: It glosses it over. Like there's nothing to it. Oh, look at this good news.
Adam: It doesn't surprise me. This is it. You walk around town, if you could. And you say What happened? The flu they said was really low this year was great. I mean, imagine the problems we would have been in if there was actual flow. Oh, nah. No, that's not the topper. In Melbourne, they had to move infected human resources from one COVID hotel to another COVID Hotel from the quarantine. And these are disease people and they treat them as such. I'll come back to the show on that breaking news on the evacuation of COVID
John: positive patients from Melvin's hot quarantine hotel. And just to reiterate, this is COVID positive patients being moved with garbage bags over their head out of hotel.
Unknown: Exclusively all morning, Chris. Good
John: morning to you a major operation of the way.
Unknown: Yeah, that's right. I've already seen one resident from this hot hotel, the Holiday Inn in Flinders
leave now what they're doing is they're taking the bags out. Then this resident left with a garbage bag over their head only saw them fleetingly for a couple of seconds or so, they went
off by themselves. And then that driven away with the driver in full PPA destination, the Pullman hotel, which will be the new health hotel,
Adam: john, this video of this, these poor people that putting garbage bags over their head for transportation.
John: That's what their Australian government's doing as they're calling their own people garbage. It's symbolic.
Adam: I think they didn't want to be shamed for having it. So they want it to be anonymous. This I think is the truth that they requested the garbage bags. That's even worse. This is this is very, very, very distressing to hear.
John: very distressing.
Adam: I mean, it It's funny, but oh my goodness,
John: this is not funny. Yeah, it is funny. It's pathetic. Funny. That is funny. I wanted to get back to that. I did have that little clip which kind of hinted about these fake masks. Yeah, yes. And they showed him and they were you know, they look like it didn't say and, you know, whatever it was it said em. You know, three m? Yeah. But I want to see if you can spot the little screen is to this report. This is the idiotic Face Face Mask report on ABC.
Unknown: All right. So let's get right to Stephanie, because that was concerning. How do you know if you have one of these masks stuff? And what about the ones that might have made it past those warehouses?
Well, that's the challenge being able to tell the difference between an authentic three m 95. mask or a fake one, you'll want to look for the NIOSH stab, which means it's been tested by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Also, a legit and 95 mask won't have any misspellings and it won't have ear loops. Make sure it has a head strap. Authorities say they've reached out to hospitals, medical facilities and possible victims who may have purchased the fake masks in at least 12 states.
Adam: There was a lot going on there. I got thrown off.
John: Yeah. I'll just tell you what it is. She says keeping lookout for the cause of masks because it's all printed and everything is perfect. Just look out for the nio stamp that shows that it's official. Why wouldn't they just print the nio stamp on their to the counterfeiters?
Unknown: stupidest thing I've ever heard makes no sense. It makes
John: no sense. So you're gonna print the three m logo and all the rest on there. You'd print a stamp to the fake stamp. And they'd keep an eye out for this. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Hard to take hard to take.
Adam: It's got a couple of things here. We're gonna wrap this up something we I get
John: the one I believe me. I get the one last clip. Okay. All right.
Adam: All right. All right. Jake Tapper. Weird, naughty vaccine thing was this in the health lead?
Unknown: What may be an added benefit of the COVID vaccine. Not only can it prevent a person from feeling symptoms, but now Dr. Anthony Fauci says, new studies show that the vaccine might also So slow the spread of the virus.
Adam: What kind of vaccine is this? The vaccine it's so great. It might slow the spread of the virus. Why is this news?
John: I, I've heard this all week. They're making a big deal out of this particular. Isn't vaccines supposed to stop the virus in you and that would naturally slow the spread
Adam: if it was a true vaccine. Correct.
John: But it's not a true vaccine. It's just a witch's brew. Like it.
Adam: Yeah. Just as a side note,
John: and even the one that the one that comes from the Johnson and Johnson in other words, some monkey virus or some man right
Adam: right, the monkey Yeah, the monkey version. Yeah,
John: that's Johnson he sent us shot of Monkey yet he turned a monkey up.
Adam: Jake Tapper, I can't take him seriously. Especially after I learned today. I don't know if this is doing the rounds. Someone sent it to me. T once dated Monica Lewinsky before the bill clinton scandal, but he also wrote about it when he was writing for The Washington city paper. And besides is just funny. He writes really misogynistic Lee because back in the day, it was normal to say, Well, she was kind of Zephyr XFT. She wasn't ugly. She was XFT I guess a code word for thick. chunky.
John: Yeah, just for the Yiddish softek.
Adam: Did you know that he had dated Monica?
John: I never heard this. Yeah,
Adam: any roller must have gone around and he wrote about it. But he could get canceled over this. That's the kind of stuff he canceled.
John: That's
Adam: the kind of stuff that children go and eat crap over and cancel
John: zamana
Adam: your clip is the last one I just want to stick out more the last one. It's important. Gauguin's explains what it means to get Fauci
John: navigating dating virtually is tough enough. And you've also got an all new lexicon of love to learn to,
Unknown: like it's hard.
Something that's when you use zoom to dump someone zooty call that's when you use zoom to do something else. And now there's a term first coined by the dating app, plenty of fish. falchion verb means declining to date someone because you don't feel they're taking COVID-19 seriously enough, on top of being worried about ghosting or catfishing. Now I have to worry about being Fauci.
Is this a thing is being Fauci that thing?
Yeah, what we're seeing Okay, Cupid is Yeah.
Who said they wouldn't even bother meeting up with someone who wouldn't be open to socially distancing?
Forget Cupid. The Fauci effect is in full force. The doctor himself learning about Fauci in just this week.
Fauci you.
Adam: But he so God about himself?
John: He probably loves that little term Fauci out. Oh, yeah, now the power Yeah, shot for the shot
Adam: and he got a million dollar encouragement prize for defending science. Yeah, hold on,
John: hold on, you got to hit I knows how to work it.
Adam: Well, I'll be I'll be done after this, you know, React
Unknown: of the present time they mentioned in the field of public health is Dr. Anthony Fauci. For his exceptional contribution to HIV research, for being the architect of the US president's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, saving millions of lives in the developing world, for his leadership in heading, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and in particular, for fighting for the recognition of novel approaches, such as mRNA vaccines now being given to millions worldwide, and for courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition during the challenging COVID crisis.
Adam: Well, how about that, and they have the audacity to give him credit for for HIV AIDS, where he killed people.
John: But he's still in the process of doing that looks like to me. Unbelievable.
Adam: All right. Give me your last.
John: Okay, so this is a clip that I this is the this is the thing, I really just despise this Blip. Because I have to because it's because this is the part of the battle between you and me.
Adam: We have no I have
John: no battle with you. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I do. Yeah, with the vaccine passport. And I wouldn't call it a battle. So the vaccine passport. This is interesting. This came out of France 24 because the French are resisting. Good for them. Which we're going to have to do too, but A lot of countries that are knuckling under this idea are very disappointing. I'm very disappointed in Iceland, for example, and Poland for that matter. Uh huh. But, but here we go. Here's the update on the current status of the vaccine passport.
Unknown: The debate over the ethics and practicality of so called vaccine passports is ramping up here in France, with a new online survey set to ask French people what they think of the idea. Bahrain has become the latest country to launch such a program following in the footsteps of Israel and also Iceland, but the issue continues to divide opinion across the European Union. Kara's garland explains there are two sides to the arrivals terminal in Iceland's capital, one where incoming passengers wait to be tested before self isolating, and another for the few who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Like this woman from Denmark got the vaccines you don't have to Florentine for first time in many months, so I'm happy enough. Iceland was one of the first countries to use a vaccine passport amid the pandemic. Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus and Greece have either implemented vaccine passport systems or announced plans to do so. For some countries, the goal is to facilitate travel. But others like Israel go even further. Almost 45% of the country's population has received the two injections. By the end of the month, only those vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to visit gyms, hotels, theaters and places of worship. Several Southern EU countries that rely on tourism, a calling on the blog to adopt a common policy on the issue. But with only 3% of the US population having received one dose so far, it doesn't look to happen soon. We are here to make sure
that our
citizens get the vaccines as fast as possible that these vaccines are followed up by certificates. And then for anything
that comes afterwards. It is indeed a political discussion to be had at the moment when the when the political leaders decide to do so. France, for its part has expressed reservations on the issue with health minister Olivia verhaal, saying not everyone has access to vaccines. And it's unclear if the jobs actually prevent transmission.
Adam: Nice and I
John: happen to have a vaccine passport to go to the synagogue in Israel.
Adam: It sounds said sounds like it
John: sounds like you should be ashamed of themselves. Now,
Adam: I have a red book entry from November 12. About passports for access. I'm in no way going to claim any victory because the conversation was specifically about Ticketmaster and venues of the like vaccination passports and proof of vaccination is required by has always been required by most countries, the United States immigration requires you to show that you've had a number of basic vaccinations If not, you will have to take them again and prove it and also a negative HIV test unless you're sneaking over the border then all of that that's fine. You're not important. So I can even though I disagree because it's this it's what this is which is does not warrant it. There's no passport for people coming from Ebola countries and they got some kind of vaccine for that. The problem is it's so obvious that this is where it's headed. It's another piece of the biosecurity State Farm a thing that they want to implement it just seems logical especially with these variants and extra boosters and third shot and you know it's just control how are the French resisting What are they doing?
John: The way they always do they say no bird should
Adam: put on a yellow vest yes
John: down they still stand in the street
Adam: it's very concerning like this is very concerning.
John: Well it's the resistance is you know as valid I mean venture the French are good they stay they have so data for liberties. One of the things we don't even have that in our minds our model, liberty, fraternity and equality.
Adam: What's different what's really what's going on in the background there with you?
John: That is a garbage truck.
Adam: Okay, they're backing it up extremely
John: loud. I don't know I've never heard that sound before. It sounds like it's killing a duck or
Adam: Weldon before it goes. Before we break. We might as well just say that. I'm certainly sad rush limbaugh passed away. I for some reason I kind of had a hope that maybe he would recover. Yes, that was silly. It's always
John: possible people have done it. I mean, Michael Douglas, you know is in a situation where he Yeah, he didn't tongue and throat cancer.
Adam: Sorry Yeah,
John: well we have all the all the creeps on the left came out.
Adam: Oh my goodness, Huffington Post I mean it I'm speechless about the vitriol and the vile that people were writing in eulogies these what's the opposite of of a eulogy? There's got to be Will you try to kill someone who's already dead just do it again. Oh, it was him one slip I've
John: won one sickening clip that I apologize for in advance. Mm hmm This is one of the CO creators of the Seinfeld show super rich guys loaded Larry Charles blues Larry David's partner in creating that show. And Larry Charles who looks like a bum off the street is probably worth you know two $300 million he decided to go video and post this on and I By the way, Twitter should be ashamed of itself for allowing any of this did they won't allow anything by today did all this anti rush stuff is fabulous. This is great. Let's go to jack Dorsey was was just approving it all. And this idiot thinks this is funny.
Unknown: Rush Limbaugh Oh, another white man propagating hate and lies is dead. Once he was an important man. Once he mattered. Now he's just decomposing matter.
Adam: Oh my goodness. Yeah, no, they think about it. It says something. I'm sure if there's an afterlife. Rush Limbaugh is probably looking down gone. I still matter. It's I still am bugging them even though I'm dead.
John: Yeah, yeah, that's a fact.
Adam: But forget about what I mean. He is a broadcast legend. I met him once. I was fortunate in a way but at the time didn't realize it. We had the same radio syndicators, media America, the legendary Ron Horton bomb and Gary Schoenfeld. They are an independent syndicator of radio shows, they did my top 30 hit list and a couple other things and hit line USA. And they are the ones that took rush and got him advertisers, because these were scrappy kind of outfit. And I never I wasn't into politics at the time, I was doing top 40 radio, my hair, whatever this guy rush limbaugh and I met him one time and I just felt like everyone's like just waiting for you just kissing his feet. It was unbelievable. Now he also was making at that time, I think about $100 million a year for them at a certain point. And he probably made more in the at the peak. And he did this on am radio. I mean, just as a broadcaster, anybody could should be able to appreciate that. And this format, I think,
John: well, I met him once too. And I actually have a funny irony to the rush limbaugh when he started taking off he's the one who ended up getting Leo Laporte kicked off off of the radio. Oh, I don't know this story in a talk show. Oh, sorry.
Adam: I did I don't know the story. Never heard this story. No.
John: Okay, Leo Laporte was a one of those guys who did a formulaic kind of middle of the road,
Adam: everybody it's Leo Laporte here How you doing? Good afternoon like that and
John: he was on can br I think it was one of the local stations kgl can be our cast if I'm not sure. But I used to come on the show and do this where I you know, started, but that's how
Adam: you met Leo, man. Yeah, you were on his show.
John: Yes. All right, right. Right. Right. And he got bumped off the air because they decided to go with syndicated content and they brought in rush limbaugh Leo was That was him so he was scrambling after that Yeah. And but there was a another twist to that story was that Leo and I eventually did a radio show on the one of the local stations that may have been can be our again on on computing and it was every Sunday It was a Sunday service Saturday show and and I don't know how to get somehow got a hold or somebody got hold of rush to do a promo for the show. Cool. I'm rush limbaugh no violence in check, because rush limbaugh why that's right. It used to be I think was through Mac user or something. Because rush was always with a Mac Mac
Adam: head. Yeah.
John: And he was I mean, he kept up with this stuff. So he read me in Mac user. And so I got him to do this promo. And I think we played it once on this show. And then somehow Leo lost it.
Adam: He lost it. He lost the pro loss. The cliff. You know, I have a Bart Simpson promo video too that I've lost over the years. I was nice. Oh,
John: yeah. You can lose stuff.
Adam: Animated now.
John: So but I when I met him, I met him at 21. And he was in 21 Club in New York with a restaurant. And it was a restaurant, not a club, but it's called 21. And he was a really nice guy. He was he was just after some dinner or something. He had a cigar which was not lit and he and he What surprised me about him? He wasn't that tall. He was probably about, I don't know, five, five. Maybe, but well, you know, the funny thing I did just as a reflection of that I saw some asshole. Put my height in the Wikipedia as five nine
Unknown: minus 561. Everybody, minus 570. Somebody
John: go change that.
Adam: Minus minus 517. In the Wikipedia.
John: It's cute. Yeah, this is more accurate.
Adam: Yeah. Oh, five not but also, if you have you ever looked at net worth? I'm worth a lot of money online.
John: Then did you ever see your mind ever ever see the books? Yes. bunch of them out there. People said some of them are very accurate. Most of them aren't. I've never seen anything accurate. Ever. Really, with people that are very rich, they accuracy goes up.
Adam: So how come you and Leo never continue doing a show together?
John: On computing?
Adam: Oh, just a show together.
John: Oh, we did it for quite a while I think for a couple of years. And but it was I never get any money out of it.
Adam: Oh, there you go.
John: Well, working for free. I'm not gonna keep doing that. That's because we had this producer who was this guy who just never paid paid as far as I'm concerned.
Adam: Yeah, very funny. He got a good story. Anyway, American legend. I hope he likes all the vitriol that's being spewed and these people should be ashamed of themselves. This sick sick sick people
John: know these people were dead people on the left that came off to Russia after he died is is just really
Adam: pathetic. I think it's time man. You got one ready?
John: Oh, yeah, I think so. Oh, there it is.
Adam: I didn't hear it. Well, here. Ladies, gentlemen. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in Urquhart John Dvorak.
John: When do you do into in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry into you. Yeah. Mr. Adam Curry. Also in the morning do the dames and knights
Adam: out there. Season boots on the ground. Forget this. Well in the morning to the trolls and the troll room who've been standing by diligently and I'm still connected to them on our backup systems and let's hands up their trolls. 1935 below the two k mark.
John: Thursday.
Adam: No, that's true. I don't even know what day it is so confused. That's no agenda It's a troll room. It's a chat room but it's a troll you can connect with your own IRC client if you like but just go to that no agenda dude.
John: How did you get back I did I did touch you couldn't connect to the system you're on to get back to the troll room.
Adam: No, I went to an outside server extra state SSH in and got it all done. I'm resourceful. macgyvering it Hey, trolls, thank you very much for being here. If you'd like to join them, no agenda you can listen to the show live the live stream at all times. Even if it's a previous recorded program. It's fun to troll and you will meet fine people who will help you out in a pinch and you can ask them for an invitation for no agenda. This is our algo ized completely made for you for your protection and convenience. Social Network. It is federated which means you can get to it from any other mastodon like server at John Dvorak. no agenda at Adam at no agenda we have about I think 1000 slots left before we close down the on site registration. And of course you can always follow and join in from anywhere. That's the whole point. And we need to remember that it's decentralized. That's no agenda And a big thank you to the artists for Episode 1321 Darren O'Neal, after many attempts over the past few weeks, nailed it with the no agenda, Valentine's gifts, a beautiful Valentine box with three Pabst Blue Ribbon proudly showcased inside.
John: We still haven't gotten any free beer By the way, which is just so you know.
Adam: All right, Tina, and I drank all the 2013 Verity. We had no other wine so
John: could usually have some wine in your cellar.
Adam: I don't have a cellar. What?
John: bottom of a closet usually does the trick. Yeah,
Adam: there you go. Let's take a look at this. There were a number of candidates that we discussed on the previous show.
John: Well, my favorite one which I was good pushing and pushing and pushing, but you poo pooed was tante Neel A chord chord a tie, which was a heart with a, just as a pun, because you'd bitched and moaned about not getting to pick flu data, you know, which is going to be the rage. And then you didn't know the word core. So
Adam: well, it didn't hit me. It didn't hit me. That way. It just like if it doesn't hit me, then how could it hit anybody else? We need to go for the lowest hanging fruit.
John: But didn't hit you because you said that you didn't know what the word man. Right?
Adam: Right. And what does it mean? Yeah, I
John: had to accept that that probably a lot of people do it. No, I thought everyone would know that word. It's common. And what does it mean? So? part?
Adam: Yes. I wonder how many people knew that.
John: What else doesn't matter? Because we didn't use it. No.
Adam: Oh, that's we're just to be my unity. I like that one kind of, there was another one that we thought was good.
John: What we wanted to put a heart so people don't have to realize that they are just have to realize that if it's a holiday or something like Valentine's Day that where we did very well, as opposed to today where we did, okay. We want to celebrate it in the art and so we needed a heart. And so the only heart that we both agreed on was the heart that Darren O'Neill did filled with cans of Papst, right. PBR. Right, and yeah, there were other heart. None of them were that good. Now
Adam: the heart that I liked, but kind of understood why you nixed it was the the two candy hearts. I can't Oh, yeah. Thanks, guys. And then that was also Darren O'Neill. Thanks, guys. And then he had the other one behind me, which I think is an actual heart that says
John: eat me, but I know I don't think so. I think there. If somebody can find one, I'd like to see a picture. You're not gonna be given the idea of the hearts of your little kids, passing them back and forth with the little messages on them. And you're not getting the handsome girl that heart. No, I would just wanted it on. Girls. I can hand it to you, that's for sure. Just
Adam: wanted some album art. I wasn't handing anything to little girls.
John: I'm just thinking it was it was it was just lewd enough that I didn't like
Adam: it as album art. In fact, check true they definitely come with eat me. It doesn't matter. I was not going to argue and very long with you. But I thought I think what really did it for Darren's Pabst Blue Ribbon box was also the font that he that he took for it. It was a nice
John: phone. He used it. He used that font on all of his art for that day. Yeah. He did it on to eat me one too. But yeah, he dug up some some hardy Harkey font somewhere, downloaded it. He didn't design it, I can assure you and use it. And it was it worked.
Adam: Very good. Darren, thank you and glad to have you back in the saddle. Darrin does so much for the show. It's so appreciate and time has three in a row. And I know, I know. He's good. You know, he's got his mojo back. He's got his groove back, no agenda. Our generator comm is where you can find all of the artwork that was submitted. throughout the program. Many different pieces of the art that haven't been chosen or discussed will pop up if you're using one of the new podcasting 2.0 apps, new podcast And it's all part of our value for value model where we don't take any creepy advertising money, no corporate money, nothing from China. Nothing only from you, the producers, you put the show together, you make sure it keeps going but doing for our 14th year now. And we always like to celebrate, you
John: know, we don't even have any donors in China.
Adam: Well, we have Professor JJ who does endo show mixes and stuff. donors. Yeah, but he's
John: not Chinese.
Adam: No, not that I know of no, no,
John: no, no. Chinese hate this show
Adam: lined up with the Indians. Although that's not true. We have to to listeners in India,
John: and the Indians have been cut off. So
Adam: do you think it's the the incessant playing of China's as Whoa, that might have squared scare them away? Or?
John: I'm not I don't have any control over those. But I don't play it.
Adam: We like to thank our executive and associate executive producers who came in with the with the big bucks, so to speak to help us out for 1322. And here's our list.
John: Yes, starting off with Michael Staton, statum 800, or $600. In Layton, Utah. I'm re gifting the $600 of treasure that magically showed up in my bank account to the best podcast in the universe is government money.
Adam: Yay.
John: Adam, hope to see you in the next Hot Pockets tour. You'll be happy To hear the F 16 are gone. I guess you are bitching about them noisy f 16 now 35
Adam: Yes, I know mice. I stayed. I hooked up to his house when I was there. I think I connected to his house for power.
John: He says you'll be happy to hear the F 16 are gone but now that the F 35 are there and they're louder now but what would they be louder? I thought they were stealth.
Adam: No, no, no, the F 35 is not stealth. They the F 35 are the ones that barely fly. That's why you hear
John: Yeah, I thought they were stealthy. They can shoot over the horizon, man maybe? I don't know. Can I get enough cancer from my friend who passed away in 2020 from brain cancer my father battling lung cancer now?
Adam: Yes, of course.
John: He does have cancer mac and cheese hot pockets and karma.
Unknown: mac and cheese.
You've got karma.
John: Bret Samuel this sir dark fate is Vegas by
Adam: dark fake
John: dirt. I'm sorry, red, fake, fake and said fake for some reason. For 1667 a brand band Rue Scott beat me by a week. I was going to call him out as a douchebag because he mentioned no agenda and the vfv model regularly on his podcast but only donated for the first time last week.
Adam: It's never too late now
John: I'm a douchebag. Consider this as rec comms error. compensation. This also makes me a double Knight. Don't sir dark fate.
Adam: Fate. You did it again.
John: I did it again. I look at it. I see I see is fake and I Oh, I know why. Dark fate. This is a Biden ism as in my brain. That's your future. You're infected. The dark fate. Bread happily getting the signal farm. Next Oh, this isn't that I didn't hear this. You know, cinna Farm vaccine. I
Adam: guess sinopharm never heard of it. No, I didn't know that.
John: As you know, farm would be a Chinese. I would think so. Yeah. Yes. You know, Chinese. Anyway, pigtail data has got all these documents here too.
Adam: Yeah. Well, great. Thank you. Thank you, Brett. And yeah, he's on the list for the upgrade. And let us know how you feel after the Chinese vaccine. I'd like to know more about it don't know much about that particular vaccine. We know
John: they don't tell us anything. Well, we're kept in the dark. Yeah. Chris Collins 333333 in Walnut Grove, Missouri. Thanks Rick and Morty. For the best podcast in the universe. I've been a listener since 2008. Can't Get Enough. I've got one more donation into my knighthood and I will soon be known as surrounded by idiots. And then he says f jingles and F karma. Clean.
Adam: I'll take this one youngster mom, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 333 33 greetings from the former capital of tolerance in the world. Amsterdam, where peaceful elderly are being water guns off the squares and the Prime Minister never even had a PCR test himself. I've been following your show since the beginning of the pandemic. Thank you for bringing the heavily needed reason when all other media failed. I am in the heavily hit hospitality business in Amsterdam. Yeah, no kidding. Adam, you had dinner with the big blonde Dutch podcaster in one of our restaurants in November in 2019. I believe our sommelier Midas spoiled you guys with great wines. I'm trying to remember this now. Welcome as
John: a really good one in 2019
Adam: and blonde podcast. Oh, with Robert Jensen. Now I know. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, we were spoiled with very good wine. Indeed. He's the sommelier. Thanks for reminding Well, I hope to welcome you both back in Amsterdam. When the circus is over. I'd love to I'd love to see my daughter. It's been over a year. What almost a year and a half. Anyway, please de-douche me and jobs karma for all the wonderful people who have had who've been let go due to the crisis this past year. I've hit many people in the mouth in the last year and I'm hoping Peter B and PB will not turn out to be a bunch of douchebags love to my smokin hot wife Vera, or Fira and our other two human resources. Shout out to my good friend Radu in Los Angeles. Your rogue is blocking the driveway bro. Keep up the good work, guys love from Amsterdam young stew moms
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.
John: does nice restaurant was this.
Adam: Oh goodness, I'll remember. It's a weird one off of the highway. And it has a hotel, but they have the sommelier is my buddy. Yeah, it was it was the big blonde podcaster he's friends with him and we must have had five different types of wines.
John: It wasn't remember this. I actually remember this very well, because I think he took some pictures. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And I used to be hard to be like I hit if I my response was it was hard to believe you drank that much wine? Yes. You can't drink. Oh, correct. Yes, but apparently you can in Holland.
Adam: Yep. You know what no one's looking.
John: Cheryl Cox is next on the list for $333 from Austin, Texas. This is to be counted for Josh Cox on his way to barony. And his second Christmas in Texas celebration for his editor 50% off membership to a special web hosting. But what for he it he for it? He has added a 50% of membership special to the web op, web op, just promo code and a local 512 at web hosting Co Op where you can get your own domain and email posted on the cooperative servers were considered this is an interesting I never knew about this cool idea. I
Adam: didn't know about it either. To be honest, I like it
John: we as in your neighborhood we are considering personal squirrel males Yeah, bagel Yeah. Texas Can we get a don't send your blankets and water just in cash jingle
Adam: Oh, this is very interesting. Yes, of course you can get this I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water. Just send your cash. Well, it's been a while since we played this one. And usually we play it when you can't get to your email but this stuff is so good. It never fails. Ladies and gentlemen, I present for you the best email in the world.
John: Onward with a yearly yearly. yearly why you are Li yearly filling off. Phil on off $256 in Sydney, Australia. Nice Gentlemen, thank you for your sound. I request a pinch of job karma for myself. And all the producers out there cheers yearly from Sydney did your Li or URI I
Adam: think it's IOI URI. Oh, yeah. re URI
Unknown: jobs. Jobs your job.
John: You are? Why you are I Why? Yeah, I pronounce it. URI a URI Ben purcells. Next on the list of $252 from someplace in New Brunswick, Canada.
Adam: Chris permis Crispin quispamsis quispamsis Crispin. Never heard of this place. This is
John: my first donation deed O'Shea,
Adam: you got it.
Unknown: You've been de deuced
John: he listened after Adams Jr. He appearance whilst working whilst he uses the word down in Canada. They use the word whilst working on my local grocery store. Or at my grocery store. I went and wait a minute. He's listened to the Joe Rogan show while working at the grocery store.
Adam: And donations powerful stuff man.
John: I went out and checked out these no agenda weirdos and I felt right at home. Hey, yeah, goofing off on the job. That's us. I haven't missed an episode since and I never skipped the donation segment. Well, good for you. You shouldn't because there's good information. Yeah, we always drop a few gems. At the time I had just lost my restaurant gig because of the kung fu and I was stuck in a job I hated with no money and only podcasts for refuge from the crappy department store muzak and a whole managers telling me to quote pull my mask over my nose. I would like to thank you both of you for helping me keep informed in my amygdala shrunken and for all the jobs coming which I'm sure helped me land my first well paying job after years of wage cooking. I now work for the Canadian Red Cross registering people at the quarantine hotels.
Adam: You go with the garbage bags
John: to get a good job registering people over the phone I'm still new and I'm not privy to the whole lot of the detail but I'm sure that that'll change. You'll be surprised at the amount of people who just hop on a plane with no plans and then claim refuge status when they arrive. I wonder why. Another large portion of the residents in the hotels are simply there because of the airport decided that their negative test was no good. and sent them to what Wow
Adam: Yeah, yeah, this happened this happened to the one guy flew in from Iowa with his mom, and they just said, Well, we don't know we don't know exactly what was wrong, but they said no, it's no good. And they they they took him to a a COVID Hotel wouldn't tell his family where he was. I presume they took his cell phone I as this is people being disappeared brah
John: he just hopped on a plane with no plans at all okay, goes on. I'm sorry. I lost my train of thought here another large portion of the residence. The hotels are simply there because the airport decided that negative test was no grand central to the gulags until it had another negative test all in all a waste of time and money for the general public but a nice cushy job for me working from home for jingles. I'd like to request Obama you might die. tachi wheeze and a TPP jobs karma out there for any producers who could use it. It really works your mind
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Adam: it what why don't you look at that note and I'll do Emily Whoa, okay. Yeah,
John: go get the note because over on the desk you go do that.
Adam: Emily from Richmond, Virginia here $250 Hi guys. This donation pushes me one step closer to my coveted no agenda. Dame hood nice. No agenda continues to be my saving grace in such crazy times. Adam You are my crackpot spirit animal and Jcd you're a one hot Boomer hipster. Thank you both for the weekly amygdala shrinkage. Okay, now without other way I need to get some important business to address on today's show. I'd like to call out swizzy as a douchebag swizzy time to pay up they may be forced to take more drastic measures if you don't I hear crystal reading and sage burning are all the rage and making things happen. There's some threats You've been warned. And these jingles are for you fisting nuts PBR my mind and karma
Unknown: you've got karma
Adam: ready that got me
John: off guard? Yeah, there's a $600 note was transcribed not transcribed. But I think he used OCR and put it right in there. Oh, cool. That's different. caught me off guard. Corey Getty is next on the list from floyds knobs. Ludhiana. floyds
Adam: knobs is just the best
John: Indiana's got a lot of cool town names my favorite being knob bone which I've been to $250 a which is different than floyds knobs bones. jingles backup to the backup the backup This is bullcrap, Fauci and French dog karma. I would be I'll be knighted today. I would like to be served without cheese throat. Okay, alrighty leaving for Navy boot camp next Monday and need some major karma for the security clearance, polygraph and language school or be trained to become a cryptologic linguist. Boom, cool. What is that? And he's gonna be at Monterey, the Defense Language Institute not looking forward to California lockdowns, mass mandates and virtual learning but I am looking forward to recalling Gavin Newsome couldn't pick a better time to move to California. Thank you, gentlemen. A backup and a backup to that backup and a backup to the backup to the backup
Unknown: I was gonna say
I call bullcrap
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Adam: I just love the idea of a radio talking program. What do you do? I do a radio talking program for a living. How about you? Something something better than Hello. I'm a radio talker. Now I got to work on it. Like I think about it.
Unknown: They did dumps they call them dumps big massive dump.
You've got karma.
John: Mike Brewer in wattle Park. southern Australia 247 12. South Australia. ITM crock pot buzzkill? Last week, I received some Chardonnay grapes, a winery that arrived with a pH of 3.33. A sample of Mel Beck I received a couple of days later also arrived with a pH of 3.33. I've been waiting for a third sign to donate and receive three within the last 24 hours my supermarket shopping bill was 3333 now I received a sin so sample again with a pH of 333. And my sister gave birth to a daughter weighing in at 3.33 kilograms as a result I'm sending $333.33 dollar dollar reduce your way so he gets upgraded to the executive producer does no jingles please but may I request some relationship karma? Thank you for your courage Mike Brewer.
Adam: Yeah, let me just
John: get him people whose last names are Brewer and they brew things.
Unknown: It's beautiful.
You've got karma.
John: be interested in the wine. So Cal of lavender blossoms I
Adam: do sir Cal
John: northville, Michigan in 235 dot 27. If you call your show a mental vaccine, you might make more money. Look at Pfizer. They already made over 10 billion with their scheme. run with it. Much love sir Cal.
Adam: Lavender Yes, indeed, sir. shyster destroyer of combs checking in from Moses Lake Washington. 218 21. Are you tripping over your paps cans again? Let's clean that up. In honor of my birthday, which I do not intend to celebrate in any other manner. I'm happy to donate 218 21 I apologize for the delay since by the last producer ship but I continue to receive a significant amount of value from the best podcast in the universe. A recent conversation I engaged in about objectivity and mathematics, being a construct of white supremacy reminded me of the importance of sanity. And it seems to be harder to come by these days. I also want to wish a happy belated birthday to Sir Ryan the refiner on February 11. And early birthday wishes to Jenna on three three that both on the list. Love sir shyster destroyer of combs, Moses, Lake, Washington. Yeah, that's cropped up again, this math is racist. And I have to figure out which mo fax episode it is. But the reason why it's being called racist is because 95% of all the things that that these nut jobs tell you can be debunked with math. And they don't want you to do that. So it's racist. It's like, whenever math comes into play, and it's used statistics, it's always against you. And they don't want you to know what's really going on. So math is racist, especially asking you how you arrived at your answer. And that's from Moe facts. do with it what you will.
John: There's some local oaklanders that are into this, and they're just I don't have the sheet in front of me, but they're pushing the idea that there's no right answer.
Adam: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. As long as you show your work, it doesn't matter if the answer is wrong. But you can't ask someone to show your work that you have to do it out of the goodness of your own incorrect heart.
John: And it seems to me that this is this Same group that was promoting Ebonics. There, the racists are trying to keep black kids stupid. Yeah. in Oakland. Well, so you got your Ebonics and you got your math. It doesn't make any sense. And you're good to go.
Adam: Didn't Joe Biden finding work? Didn't Joe Biden during this? I didn't see it, of course, during his town hall say that. I think he literally said minorities, and then he might even said black. They have a much harder time getting online. Did you catch any of that?
John: I don't have that clip. But it was reported that he said that I looked I couldn't find it personally. But yeah, yes, yes. Supposedly. Yeah. Those poor black people. They're so dumb. They can't get online. That's they're all online. It's just remember that time there was this thing? Well, blacks they're too dumb to get an ID driver's
Adam: license, right. They find the DM so they went
John: out on the street. Yeah. And everyone they asked about this. Every black person they asked about was extremely insulted by this. Yeah, we can get IDs. We know how to do that. We all have IDs. What are you nuts?
Adam: Yeah, well, they are nuts. They're nuts. And their content and
John: the condescending. They're condescending and patronizing creeps. And they're the same ones that went off on rush limbaugh, right. Richard garris Next on the list in Thunder Bay, Ontario $200. We have no note that I can find from him but if he has something to say you can send it later and we'll read it anonymous and Madison Wisconsin comes up next with the same $200 like she's a different 200 he says Jean goes he was donated to no agenda Gregorian chant. He likes that one webalizer tonight to 18 is my birthday please put me on the list he's on the list Thank you Adam. My present to myself as a no agenda knighthood is got accounting below. Although Dame is normal, this is a woman I'm sorry. Yes,
Adam: yes, I'm realizing that myself.
John: I really remember her note. Just although a dame is normal, I'm a woman. I prefer sir. Game is to akin to damsel away to a bunch of a time too much of a tomboy for that. Right. The name is Sir beneden Vaughn ju Madan,
Adam: from Serbia Neda farm from a mountain.
John: She's Dutch.
Adam: Yes.
John: As I'm going to laugh every time john screws it up. Ha do it again. JOHN. Yes, I'll be the butt of the joke to include the name which is my Dutch mother's maiden name and in that thread, please have a veal kokott crow can grow.
Unknown: And flock
John: crow cats owned boons via at the round law.
Adam: We gotta get a different font for you, man. It's an El
John: de la la. That doesn't make any sense to me. That's the same. That's
Adam: the nasty pudding that they slap onto your plate was not actually nasty. It's quite good to after your dinner on your dinner plate which you have cleared you get your dessert and they plop the vanilla fla and then a plop of chocolate flaw on top of it.
John: And it's like a flan.
Adam: It's like a custard though. It's like a like a thick yogurt it but it's flavored Vanilla Custard just like what's inside of Yeah, what's it you know? The creme brulee? Only It's cold. So that's land. I don't know a Flan I don't eat Flan
John: Flan is from well this is sounds like Flan to me
Adam: okay could be Flan but it's just a it comes into milk bottle and it's a goop it out and
John: he comes in a milk Bala well Flan does come in a milk bottle Okay, let's onward my childhood favorites that were the items. When I visited my alma in I moved in with my mom my
Adam: childhood. I should have done this when my childhood favorites when I visited my own mom, my grandma in a mountain.
John: One last request Hell's coming from my husband as he continues to decline from ELLs health timers, I guess als oh no als Lou Gehrig's disease loving light. And this she's got her name that we're supposed to keep anonymous.
Adam: Keep it that way. Wow.
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John: Robert Jacob jakko been in San Antonio, Texas 200 bucks no note from him either. And that rounds up rounds off our 1322 executive and associate executive producers want to thank each and every one of them to make the show possible. And thank you to
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Adam: taken care of all done. All done.
John: by us you bite and clips.
Adam: Yes. This from the town hall thingy. Yeah,
John: he looks like he was half dead. Dare I be losing confidence in my thesis that he'll lighten up
Adam: and that you said he's gonna do a lot. Do you watch Biden? I heard you say it?
John: I did. I said it because I do. I'm reminded of the story about a jack Benny and George Burns. Okay, and George Burns was like, Biden, kind of, you know, as soon as I think late 70s, early 80s just at on his feet. And his best friend was jack Benny. And George was like, no walk. He wasn't doing work. He didn't have any shows. He wasn't doing anything. There's old gone. JACK Benny gets the role the lead role in the movie god.
Adam: Oh,
John: and then he dies. And so they Oh god, what are we gonna do? We got to find somebody that's gonna be be able to play this character. And so they went up to George Burns said, Would you like to take his place and it would be honored to do so because George Benny was his best friend. And so all of a sudden he looked like reverts 10 years back livens up memorizes the whole script becomes young again and big and then lives to 100 doing his act and would show girls and everything after that.
Adam: And this. This is the basis of your theory that Biden
John: Yes. In fact, I know it sounds stupid. And it's a little crack party. By the way, I figured by liven up and get to work and he'd become all kinds of things other than what he's become, which is good. Oh, emerge. Let's listen to
Adam: emergency message. We have six Chinese producers.
John: Thank you Chinese producers. Yes.
We love all six of you. We do
it from the CCP.
Adam: Yes. Eric with a CCP.
John: Okay, but let's just a bite in gaff new WTF.
Unknown: The biggest thing though, is you remember when you and I shouldn't say it that way as you remember. But when you and I talked last we talked about this one thing that the vaccine which we didn't have when we came into office?
Adam: Wait a minute, wait. Now I have not seen this. What is your takeaway from what he just did hear why he corrected himself and said I shouldn't say that. And just my first impression, you've heard that a couple times anything or he just
John: I have no idea. What he said was, as you remember. And then he says I'm sorry, I shouldn't say that. Maybe he's been called out for making assumptions or mind reading or he's using that's an old it's an old rhetorical trick to say that. So like I'll do it. You do it. We both do it. Everybody who's in broadcasting does it which is instead of, you know, it's just to get the conversation moving. You'll say something like, well, you remember when we did bah bah bah, when you get the thing rolling. How about instead of its weight, instead of saying Do you remember when and and then stopping the flow. And so it's a trick. So but why would he correct it? I
Adam: have no idea. Is it possible that this has become a no go phrase within the administration? Because people would say to him, Mr. President, as you remember, and of course he doesn't. So they made a rule. You can't say that. Oh, I shouldn't be said no one should say that. So he's kind of implementing his own rule. I have a feeling that was the first thing that he said, wow. Is it far fetched? Let's listen to it. Listen, again. It was my first impression.
Unknown: The biggest thing though, is you remember when you and I shouldn't say it that way as you remember, but when you and I talked last, we talked about this one thing that the vaccine which we didn't have when we came into office
I don't know man.
John: I don't know just my thing. Well, the point of that clip was in that clip was he had both shots before he came into office, but now he doesn't remember that.
Adam: Oh, this was the big scandal if Fox News like boo boo I broadcast I'm hannity. Breaking News. Can you believe it? He doesn't know is the guys he doesn't even remember hit breaking news job president doesn't remember. Breaking News.
John: Okay, so here's another one. This is the I consider this one the by I call it ramble of rambles for the townhall. This is probably the best ramble I could find.
Unknown: It's estimated that if we find most economists, including Wall Street firms, as well as as as, you know, think tanks of political think tanks left, right and center, it is estimated that if we pass this bill alone, will create 7 million jobs this year, 7 million jobs this year. And so the thing we have is cloud, I'm not gonna go on because I want to hear your question. I apologize. We haven't talked about. I remember you and I talking during the campaign. And you had the former guy saying that? Well, you know, we just can open things up. And that's all we need to do. We said, No, you got to deal with the disease before you deal with the with getting the economy going. Well, the fact is that the economy now has to be dealt with and what is it Look at all the people you have over 10 million people unemployed? We need unemployment insurance.
Adam: Wow, where to start with this one. First impression on this is kind of fun. Since I didn't watch it. There's not much difference between the way President Trump would sometimes try to explain things in the way Joe Biden did least that first half, you know, like, spurts
John: he calls Trump the other guy.
Adam: I know I heard that I heard that. You know what I mean? So like spurts of words that he's trying to connect together that like little punchy stuff. Yeah.
Unknown: You hear it again. It's estimated that if we buy most economists including Wall Street firms as well as as as you know think tanks of political think tanks left right and center it is estimated that if we pass this bill alone
Adam: No I'm sorry. There's no comparison. Joe Biden President Biden is toast isn't really no comparison
John: it's pathetic now here's the other one is the other ramble is that was only a minute even though it seemed like an hour. This was only 15 seconds and this is commerce something GTO bill ramble. Are you committed to passing $1.9
Unknown: trillion bill or is that final
number still up for negotiation?
I'm committed to pass Look,
some of you probably economists, they're college professors or teachers in school.
Adam: What What was it What was the answer to the question he
John: never gives the answer he goes off the deep end
Adam: interesting. I don't know what
John: yes you can answer a question like that. Okay, here's another clip. This is him pushing to September the when we're gonna get back to normal or, or is just a comment I just clipped it is not as good as the first one but it's okay.
Unknown: Burton, but it is highly unlikely that by the beginning of next year school traditional school year in September, we are not significantly better off than we are today. But it matters. It matters whether you continue to wear that mask.
Adam: It matters. It matters.
John: Man I have two more, two more, I'm done. This is the one that again that this has got the other Fox attention and unfortunately is under night in not biting Then I'm seeing that on the clip list. And this is the big opening school controversy, which was based on something jen pisac. He said at the press conferences, so they jumped all over him because he said something different. Now we can play him in either ordering play jen passatti. First, which is what she said was triggered the question that he got, or we can play him first and then play per psyche. And I put the names on there, because I wonder, I'm gonna let you choose.
Adam: I'd like him in a B order, please. So I'd like Nitin opening score a
John: goal to open the majority of schools in your first 100 days, you're now saying that means those schools may only be open
Unknown: for at least one day a week. That's not true. That's what was reported. That's not true. That was a mistake in the communication. But why what I'm talking about, is I said opening the majority of schools in K through eighth grade, because they're the easiest to open.
Adam: Yeah, this is this is the whole confusion thing that everyone is tripping over. And and it came from something Saki said, and that's that could be correct.
Unknown: Yep. His whole that he said, is to have the majority of schools, so more than 50% open by day 100 of his presidency. And that means some teaching in classrooms, so at least one day, a week, hopefully, it's more.
Adam: There was there was something that Jen Psaki said, and I thought I had the video, I'm I'm so sure. I don't know why it didn't clip it. It was her answering something about this. This particular issue, I don't think I have it here. And she wound up by saying, Oh, my gosh, I wish I had those punch line is no, I'm certain the President thinks that thinks that way, as do I and I'm his direct supervisor is hilarious. But now I don't know what happened to it.
John: Oh, we got to dig that clip. is a good one.
Adam: Yeah, it's a really sad, I can't I know, it was a lot of stuff going on here. Just to stick it on that for a second. This. This was the whole school thing. And, and again, to me, it just looks like they're stalling to get the teachers union, whatever they want, and whatever they're waiting for in passing this $1.9 trillion bill. And now it's come down to if they have priority that I guess they want to be vaccinated first before everybody else they want to jump the line, so to speak. And I had to let me see what I have. Yes, I have here from CNN, Dr. Rochelle Wollensky and and Jake Tapper, who was very confused by the data and the numbers.
Unknown: So the CDC guidelines suggest schools could opt not to reopen an in person classes, if they're in a red zone with the high community spread that you just refer to, according to our analysis of federal data, that includes 99% of American children. But you have said the quote, there's very little transmission happening in the schools, CDC researchers just wrote, in JAMA that quote, there's been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission. So why give schools that opt not to open up
in that red zone that you're referring to and in fact, he asked many of our current counties are in that red zone are the other numbers continue to decline. But in that red zone, we advocate for hybrid elementary school, because we believe those K to five kids are a transmitting less and be really essential to have back in the classroom. And if you're in middle school or high school, we would advocate for virtual learning for that group. Or if you're able to do six feet of strict six feet of distancing in those classrooms, to open remotely in a hybrid way.
Adam: And I'm not quite sure but cnn is pushing back so hard on this. And we have to figure out why. Because for some reason, they just
John: don't know what you mean, and they're pushing back on what,
Adam: okay. So the CDC, I explained at the beginning of the show, the CDC has come out with guidance that said, you can go back to school, teachers don't need vaccinations. And now, but that was what Biden said. There was a miscommunication. We believe and miscommunication came from Saki, but the CDC guidance is clear. They don't need to have vaccines. And and the whole administration is tripped up by this and they're saying, Oh, yes, no, they didn't need preference they need to be preferences should have preference just like frontline workers. The Vice President is out saying this vide in this video. President Biden is trying to do it in the town hall. they've they've messed it up. I'm surprised you haven't noticed this. It's all over the place. Now here's and then she just who I've noticed
John: it, but that's not the only thing. Everything is all over the place.
Adam: Well, she just said, but here's my point. CNN is attacking these people. And these are administration level officials that going against President Biden, I don't know quite why. And even if she said, Oh, you have to have six feet of distancing, he's a he has a gotchu. For her as well,
Unknown: the CDC and you, in this interview, keep recommending six feet of distance between students. This is of course, one of the barriers keeping some school closed, because classrooms aren't big enough class of you know, teachers are already already overwhelmed by the number of students in their classroom. Over the summer, you suggested in a private email to the mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, that three feet of distance was, quote, quite safe if people are masked. So is six feet absolutely necessary? Or can students be safe at closer distances?
Over the summer, we were much less disease and our guidance is a bit more flexible in terms of the distancing, if you are at low rates of transmission, those rates that we were seeing over the summer. The other thing I want to just
Adam: She's not answering the question, don't worry, but they're just going after them all the time. Here's another one. This is Simone Sanders. Now she was she ran the campaign for Bernie Sanders, then she switched over to the Biden campaign. Then she kind of went a little bit in the background, and now she is the primary spokes hole for vice president Kamala Harris. And this is what she said also, again, being
Unknown: called to task by CNN. It's not a trick question. And I feel like you guys have treated it like a trick question. I think people just want to know, what the White House position is, on whether or not teachers have to be vaccinated for kids to return safely to school, the CDC director, Rochelle kolinsky, says the science is that teachers don't necessarily have to be vaccinated for kids to return. And I think people want to know what the White House position is on that.
The White House position is that and the president vice president believed that teachers should be prioritized for receiving the vaccination along with other frontline workers and
in at least 22 states in the District of Columbia. That's exactly what's happening.
prioritizes one thing, and I think there's wide agreement, they should be prioritized,
and why not?
John: Is it necessary? No,
Unknown: that's the question. It really is a yes, no
Well, john,
I think the real question, frankly,
if I can be frank,
it safe for kids to go back to school?
And the President?
Actually not in this case? That's not the question. The question is, is it safe for teachers to go back to school? And that's, that that's a very specific question in this case, and again, I'm not sure. I don't understand why it's a hard question to answer. It may be that you want every teacher to be vaccinated. It may be the answer is yes, teachers should if they can be vaccinated before they return to school, but it's not necessary.
Adam: I don't know. It feels like there's something up. And they and they want to prove that either they're that either they are against, you know that they're just as fair as they aren't any other president. Maybe that's it. Maybe there's some other force that is pushing, something's up with this. This is a constant attack. And it's only from CNN.
John: I have no idea. no meaning. I mean, I've seen some of this debate going on back and forth. The teachers and the teachers union, we have a real situation in San Francisco, where the C's actually sued the school district to get into back to open up. They can't get in yet. They can't get any movement. And teachers unions are pulling fast that they need to get a shot and they don't even want to do what they'd rather just collect money and not doing anything from the sounds of it. This is teachers unions. This is like a horrible group of people. They haven't done any any good. They're not teaching the kids. They got just unbelievable. I mean, they're just turning them into Democrats, which is what they want to do because of unions. And I don't know. Yeah, keep following it. We'll figure it'll come. It'll figure itself out.
Adam: Speaking of court cases, in the Netherlands, one of these anti anti lockdown groups. And we're sued the government in the high court for the curfew that it was unconstitutional. The court agreed with him this it was high drama. This was broadcast live, and the judge is all flustered and like well, we have to, we'll probably have to come back on Friday. We can't do a do a full hearing because the lockdown is going into place at 930. And we have to, although we're exempt, it was just a mess. So they won. The state is now suing countersuing or it's a little different. Processing levels, but they're going to the next step higher. And even though the court said there is, there's no constitutional reason it's against people's freedom of movement, you have no legal way to do it. And now the government is going to come back and they're going to meanwhile the curfew stays in place. They feel that the these are emergency procedures, and they will be reinstated and they're just going to do it. They're going to overrule the court and they're just going to do it. I'm sure there'd be five other court cases. Meanwhile, people still locked down in a curfew.
John: When government thinks they're trying to prove here
Adam: that the good little child we say,
John: Oh, yeah, what
Adam: would the good little Chinese dictators do none of this? Well, the curfew goes back to the Second World War. The last time they used it was
John: more since they're so
Adam: polarizing.
Unknown: I don't know.
Adam: It's, it's baffling to me. What is the point other than and this there's not there's no people dying, john. The numbers are completely No, that's not even discussed anymore. Just shut up. We're just locked in. Yep. I don't understand it. Other than some, you know, great reset bullcrap. Actually, Dr. Drew, had a bit on lockdown, not necessarily the same as the curfew. And he talked about the history of lockdowns, which makes total sense. Do you
Unknown: guys know the history of lockdowns, the United States there's actually a history. Do you know this? Now? Go
He was invented by a 14 year old high school student in I believe was 2000. No, this is this is factually true. The New York Times ran this history. a high school student in Albuquerque, New Mexico who built a model a computer model to reduce the spread of influenza she determined that you could close locally schools down and because influenza is transmitted by children very different than this virus. You can close down local schools and reduce the spread. Her father, who was a computer programmer at Los Alamos said that's a great idea. I bet I could build a computer a computer model for regional lockdowns in a pandemic, the Bush administration adopted it as policy no one had ever you'll not find it in a epidemiology textbook and infectious disease textbook.
It wasn't until the Chinese Communist Party did it. That it was something that anyone thought they would ever do. And it's it's not something that's ever been tested. It's not something that is in the in the lexicon the CDC never recommended it. It's really just something that has come out of nowhere without any science behind it.
Adam: Dr. Drew, good hearing you on the podcast. Sorry, you're going away.
John: Camera, is he going
Adam: to gulag they're not gonna let him talk like that.
John: Was he and was that YouTube?
Adam: on a podcast? Nobody. He's a mainstream guy to a degree. He's got no commercials
John: for as a very mainstream guy.
Adam: Yeah. He's got to be careful. Larry Kudlow, who was a CNBC guy, then he became the President's financial markets adviser. Well, he's back now. Well, he probably belongs doing financial stuff on television. And but you know, CNBC won't have him anymore. That would be a violation. So he's now at Fox, I think Fox Business to be even more insulting. And they introduced him and he had a nice little welcome from the crew. It's great to have you here, Larry. And Larry. He's, he's forgotten kind of how television works. And you know, when your co host is speaking, and she's doing the tease, or the outro, you might want to be quiet, because you know, your mic might be on I love it. And by the way, I can't
Unknown: wait to see how you cover the GameStop story to
growing retail participation in the stock market,
because I'm good with it. But they better understand what goes up can go.
That's a great point. All right. We'll be watching tonight.
glare. Thank you. Thank you.
And coming up on America reports. We'll take a look at why there could be a potential conflict of interest for one of the World Health Organization's investigative team members. Why this is raising some serious questions over the probe and at the origins of this global pandemic plus this
in many ways, we are current we're starting from scratch on something that's been raging for almost an entire year.
John: That was
Unknown: vice president Kamala Harris making some false claims about the administration.
And that is Larry Kudlow.
Adam: Nothing like yelling bullshit on a hot mess. Is there What an idiot? very unprofessional. Mr. Codd, low. Back to the minor leagues, you go badly? Do
John: you know what it seems to me? It could be wrong. But he was probably drunk.
Adam: Well, we don't know about his drinking habits, but we do know that he was quite well known for his his love of the snow back in the day.
John: Yes. And that does make you talk a lot. Oh, my, my, my.
Adam: Was this other stuff you got from me, ma'am. Because I spent most of my load on. on what's going on down here. I
John: got some international news.
Adam: I got some about that. Tell me what's going on in the world. JOHN.
John: Let's look at the divisive decision on Facebook to Facebook and oh, yeah, it's a two parter. Oh, good, harder. decision.
Adam: We were waiting for this to come down to it. And Google's in the same boat. But I don't know what's happened with them yet.
John: analyzed by the way, I'm sorry. That this is good for us to analyze, because there's all kinds of things they could do and they haven't done them yet.
Unknown: Australia's Treasurer has lashed out at Facebook saying the social media giant was wrong to block Australian Facebook users from viewing news content on their feeds. The move comes in response to new proposed legislation that would require Facebook and also Google to pay media outlets for hosting their content, and all which is expected to be approved by Parliament in the coming days. Let's take a listen now to the Australian Minister for Communications.
We've had discussions with all of the parties, all of the stakeholders, digital platforms, news media businesses, that will continue for what will also continue, this will continue with the process of legislating the code. The principle is very clear. We Google and Facebook are important parts of the digital ecosystem in Australia, they're important parts of the economy, we've made it clear that we want them to continue operating here. But we've also made it clear that if you do business in Australia, you need to comply with the lore of
France 24 Rochelle Harrison place in Sydney has more now on that divisive decision from Facebook.
Adam: I find this very interesting. I like this a lot.
John: Well, a couple of things that come to mind is that the naivete with the publishers, they're saying now you can run in reverse stuff. I mean, Facebook could do a lot more than they're doing. Facebook, for example, could say, Okay, we'll cut all your URLs are off. And if people want to pass around news stories, that's all going to be from American sources.
Adam: That's what they've already done. I believe. I think that was part of
John: passing any news around from this report. It seems like they're just cut off all news.
Adam: Now. The heart of the issue, as I understand it goes back to Google News. That that the Australian news. Whoever falls under that is being protected. The Australian Government wants to protect them from being ripped off. Not necessarily that Facebook is just a big ripoff artists. But we know from history, if you let the social media companies use your your news stories in a certain way. The advertising money pretty much goes to Facebook or Google and not to you. Is that the crux of what's going on here?
John: That's the element that they're dealing with. But fortunately, the this has been tried in Europe and Belgium, I think, yeah, yeah. And they cut them off completely. And they guys almost went broke because they didn't get any links, because most of the links are now being the funnel is a choke point. Google's a choke point, you want to get somebody to go to your site. Well, you can have your own, you know, people go to your site just naturally. But if they don't want to do that, and they go to Google, and they get a link to your site, your numbers go way up, because people do go there. And then you do get your advertising benefits, but they think it's something of a rip off involved. And it seems to me that Google well here play clip today we'll talk some more
Unknown: the threats to unfriend Australia were there and now Facebook has followed through. The Social Network has blocked Australian users and publishers from seeing or posting news. That's in response to the federal government's proposed media bargaining code, which would force internet giants to pay Australian news outlets for their content. Facebook said it came to that decision with a heavy heart. But it's a decision that's in stark contrast to the approach of Google, another tech Titan that would be affected by this contentious bargaining code. While Google threatened to shut down its search engine in Australia. Since last week. It's caught several multimillion dollar deals with some of the country's biggest media companies such as News Corp, seven West media and nine entertainment. Meanwhile, Facebook's Southern news ban has not only affected news organizations, it's also taken down Facebook pages for the web. The bureau fire and emergency services and crucially, government health services in the middle of a pandemic. Well, that's caused an outcry across the board with so many people relying on Facebook to get their news. This removes important and credible news and information at a time when health misinformation is rife on the platform. Meanwhile, the Australian treasurer, Josh frydenberg, said he had a constructive discussion with Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg this Thursday, and that they've agreed to try to find a pathway
forward. So the battle is not over just yet. Wow,
Adam: this is now fascinating.
John: They don't deserve is fascinating. But the reporting is not dead good. Google did with the three publishers, Which way did the money go? I know there's no evidence, they make it sound like oh, you gotta use our stuff, you got to pay us. But the real money should go in the other direction. I mean, this is the old the old problem that happened with cable TV where people's First they started, it was community television ctvs, or wherever you get it began to somebody bring all these, it was designed to get local television out to the fringes. And then all of a sudden they had all these, these people come in with these systems. So we'll pay it to use them. And then next thing, you know, after they get very popular, you you're not you have to pay us to carry on because people want us more than they want you. And so that money could go either way. And these because it seems is that most of the money goes to Google to get the links and stuff out and forms of advertising and just any other way they can they make money every which way. So that so I would if it was me, I would say well, let's do this. And to bypass this law, I would talk to three publishers, we're going to be exclusive. We're going to exclusively just link to you by the millions of links. And for that you're going to pay us. Yeah,
Adam: I believe that would be the deal. That would be a deal. Yeah. Well, okay. So my initial thought is, this is very much like the not knowing how to light your gas stove without electricity. There's more to the internet, then Facebook. And if Australians are really that worried really react? Well, there is a thing called a browser. It's now it might be called Safari on your iPhone. It might be called browser on your Android. But you can use this to go to websites like your news website, your you could probably make a little home, maybe you had a little homepage and your startup page, you could put it on your I mean, there's so many ways to get the information. Could it also be that this is more about the algorithms and what controlling mechanisms will be presented? I don't think it's about news or making money at all to me.
John: Well, first of all, you just contradicted yourself in terms of the meta. Okay, if people are that stupid, these publishers aren't that bright.
Adam: I'm not talking. I'm not talking about the publishers. I'm talking about. The government wants certain stories to be highlighted to control the people. Let's be honest,
John: we didn't know that they know that they can do that. Maybe Facebook has sold
Adam: them. How about does know how to light this? How about this, maybe the dispute is about the control of the algorithm. Now, the Australian government may be getting a sales pitch saying hey, you want your people to feel good about a garbage bag on their head. That's awesome. Leave it to us. We'll build it up baby. Well, we'll make sure it feels good for everybody garbage bags, it's the future.
John: Could be I mean, there's that elements in play with the sales pitches that you get from these companies. Biggest thing you know, they sell anything. they'll sell out their own people have money, there's money to be made. Now. This whole thing is gonna I don't know how it's gonna end. But it's, it's just a huge screw up. It seems to me. But back to your original thing about the about the browser? If you remember that you're sorry, the era of AOL.
Adam: I do
John: know everyone was that was it. That was the bee's knees. Key word. No agenda keyword. Yep.
Adam: I've told the story many times for those who are new, I will do one more time. I had I'd registered it didn't cost anything. There was no website, you sent the guy email. I got curry calm at the same time. just a couple of fun ones. And I went to MTV and I said, Hey, I'm doing this thing on the internet. And I have a server there wasn't even a web server. was a gopher server, and it's gonna be Is that okay? And then that was the answer. Absolutely. Don't worry, we've got the AOL keyword, not worried about your internet thing. And that is how Yeah,
John: yeah, that's it. They keyword. And everybody was all locked into that then now Facebook just I've always said Facebook was just a it was AOL on steroids
Adam: went a little further, if you remember, the World Wide Web was coming up in America Online, got a lot of pressure, people were saying, Hey, we want to be able to access the internet, the internet. And then they finally said, Okay, we're going to give you a browser, so kind of like a gateway to go look at the Internet. But disclaimer, disclaimer, I think you had to do an overall disclaimer. And then each time you went to the public Internet through the gateway, which they'd created a little browser, you had to click OK, again, that you knew that whatever was going on, it was probably scary out there. And what did it take? Nine months after that AOL was gone.
John: It was longer than that. Okay. But it was a lot longer than it should have taken.
Adam: Right. But that was that was what killed them. They let people and the internet people wanted it. They couldn't they couldn't resist.
John: Well, that's not the way I remember. Okay. How
Adam: do you remember
John: AOL was extremely popular. So much so that articles were coming out the internet was underway. I mean, the internet was always underway. But the internet, the browsing internet, the www internet, the that internet was underway, websites were underway. A couple of years went by before they caught up because in the meantime, Apple took a look at the situation. They said, Well, you know, they said, here's the internet. Here's the browser. And here's AOL. Let's we're gonna do our own system called e world. Oh, my
Adam: goodness, I forgot about that.
John: And it all their wisdom, they hopped on board with a world knowing because all the reports of all of genius researchers saying the internet's a fad is too complicated. Nobody wants to do it, because you had AOL. Everything you can do on the internet, you can do better on AOL and compuserve was long in the same in the same boat. So you had compuserve he had AOL you had he world. And he had Microsoft taken forever to get on board. Don't forget prodigy there were now we got we got CDs. We got interactive CDs. If you really want to get into something in great detail, you got to introduce CD, a CD ROM, you got information at your fingertips that took about a year to get over that idea. And it took forever to for people to get a clue.
Unknown: We had prodigy which was one that owned by Sears all prodigy, which was originally Trinitron over the name of it was Yes, it was owned by
John: Sears Yeah, prodigy, which was a butcher's A, which was a combination of IBM and two other major companies, they put prodigy out. And that was gonna kick AOL, but they didn't care about the internet.
Adam: And back in the day, we had Apple link I remember you had to have an apple link ID sure you had That's true. You had that Apple link. There was a person, Diane, my God, I'm remembering all this. Q link. Q. Was that
John: and they were BBs? Is that Yeah, yeah.
Adam: Oh compuserve. Of course, we had that
John: compuserve was a big player but and that's where the CB which you mentioned in the last show came from? Yep. Which was the first kind of open chat rooms AOL had kinds of chat rooms where they weren't quite as wild to see be and and then before that the course was the source. Oh, the source.
Adam: Oh my gosh, Genie genie
John: is Genie General Electric
Adam: to me with the source who was the who own the who did who own the source.
John: It was booked independent operation it was bought eventually by believed compuserve the digital was out of control. There was all these systems and they were all dial up. And they had all these things. It really wasn't until a networking thing really cranked up before the internet started to take off.
Adam: I would say the best the best piece of software that kind of survived in an odd way might even be seeing a revival. I don't know if it was I CQ first or then it was AOL Instant Messenger.
John: They CQ was first I pretty sure
Adam: I CQ was badass. And then they sold out a couple years like five years ago. I think they sold out to someone else. And an apple instant messenger. Isn't that receiving a revival now? Isn't that somehow that came back?
John: No, this.
Adam: Yeah. Aim, baby. All the kids were on it.
John: All right the internet was just one of many options just the way it was seen it was seen as here's the internet that's one option then you have this option that option this and all these other options are all gonna internets, but none of them do now we're doing podcasting on the internet.
Adam: And that, my friends, is the history of the internet. I'm going to show my little boy Joe nice to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do Oh Yeah, that'd be fun.
John: With a few people thank for show 1322 starting with Tomas biard. In Tilburg. Tilburg Tilburg Tilburg, yeah, he does have a yearly contract, Carnival contribution. I don't know what that means, but you do cuz he's from Holland.
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Adam: Yeah, we need we need to read this because he will be knighted today. So here we go. First, I must say the no agenda show has been invaluable to me over the last seven years of listening as it really is kept me valid. invaluable. I thought I said invaluable. I meant invaluable as it is really valid. kept me calm, although rather frustrated as the world around me devolves into work and media manipulated nonsense. As a Londoner working for one of the big four professional services firms. I've been subjected to an excessive amount of mandatory training which has which is either specifically about DNI slash racism, diversity and inclusion, or completely unrelated trainings having to be adjusted to force in the topic this Gump has good word Gump has only accelerated in the last couple of years even seeing one of our European partners tout a build back better challenge it's been rather sickening anyway. I was hitting the mouth of my dear friend sir Matthew of Greenwich big shout out and thank you and have been a devoted listener slash producer ever since actually being a rare no Romo listener. JOHN I also listened to d h unplugged but that doesn't quite fit the moniker maybe Dodo ro Ma. It's, it's getting there. I'm long overdue and claiming my knighthood is I'm closer to Burnett status for my monthly donations. But upon finding the blow article, I was wanting to simply contribute something other than some treasure and therefore two birds with one
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Unknown: sometimes you want to go hang out with
Adam: I'm looking forward to kind of getting back to normal here. So many isn't going as we speak. It was when I started Let me check.
John: Okay, yeah. No, stop snowing. Yeah, it
Adam: was snowing this morning. But it stopped snowing.
John: Let me see the temperature. You're done. It's over.
Adam: The temperature is 31. So yeah, I think I think we're accessible because I see that sir Jean. made an emergency run and dropped off some wine for us here. So I guess we're out of I guess we can get out now. So whatever happened? We're good to go.
John: I'll make sure to put change on your tires.
Unknown: Sure
John: I will. And if you have any ISOs
Adam: Yes, I was just about to say I have to thank you. I got that one. And this is a throwback clip probably too long, but I liked it. It looks just like a telephone. Can
John: you hear it? That's Frank
Adam: Zappa talking about the telephone, can you 47 now all I got is I'm going to Fauci you. That's all I got. What do you have
John: about life and death? Ooh, try this one.
Unknown: People have made some life and death choices.
Adam: That's all you got. No, I
John: got they matter. Okay.
Unknown: They matter. They matter.
That's Fauci. You
Adam: can't like the Fauci you better.
John: It's so echoey
Unknown: they matter.
Adam: Yeah, your Joe does have a better presence for you. Oh, here's one. This is what I thought would do it on the package is huge. Come on, come on. Okay,
John: that's the winner.
Adam: package is huge. I don't even know where I get these. Yeah, there's lots of stuff I want to talk about on Sunday. We've had, I think five near miss asteroids in the past two weeks. It's not really being reported, but it's out there. Have you noticed any of this?
John: I saw this stupid video. Some guy sent his video around about the near miss asteroids and missing Krakatoa. Krakatoa. You guys could comment on Krakatoa is gone. There was a Krakatoa had an eruption in 2018 2018, three years ago and a half the mountain disappeared and fell into the ocean. So this is a news. I don't believe any of that. That whole thing. That whole video i think is crap. I
Adam: have no idea what you're talking about.
John: There's a video going around about the asteroids which just missed us by just a few miles. I mean, one just shot by now. It's just bullcrap.
Adam: Hold on a second. Because I don't I'm not I have no idea what you're talking about some video. Let me just go to and get in I just look for asteroid.
Unknown: And
Adam: there's Oh, I'm back. Up office. The most intimidating asteroid is coming for a visit which scientists were prepared for. Then there was comet or asteroid
Unknown: they've got
Adam: this like four different sightings of asteroids here. Massive asteroid size of Chrysler Building to pass Earth asteroid double disaster struck Germany NASA mission will zoom by asteroid before returning sample to earth I don't know it's just seems like there's a lot of
John: light Well, let's go into another one. That's that's come out another one. It got a bunch of ink. Mm hmm. It wasn't an asteroid that he killed the dinosaurs. It was a comet Oh, you heard this one? No,
Adam: no, no No What's that what's the
John: analysis might be true it's possibly It was a comet little comet comes in and blasts us and knocks everything kills everything. I think there's a movie or something coming out. Too many of these stories are coming out all at once. We haven't you know these asteroids pass bys are not new. They happen all the time. Planet X. Yeah,
Adam: I think you're right. I think you're right. Let's take a look. Let's see. asteroid disaster movie. Let's see are we right anything coming out? I don't see anything yet. Greenland review comet disaster movie with a surprisingly Deep Impact I'm looking for the trolls the trolls should know if this is coming. Greenland it's yeah Greenland is a movie Gerard Butler it's a big enough to get this kind of promo.
John: promo is not that much. I mean I've seen better it wasn't any of the nightly news shows about the asteroids mount when he shows up a nightly news and Oh no.
Adam: There's no Bruce Willis. Oh, yeah, it is. Bruton Bruce will
John: Bruce
Adam: Willis Bruce Willis back on an asteroid people let's do something about this Shall we?
John: He's doing diehard battery commercials now.
Adam: Was he always doing those?
John: No not that I remember the diehard used to be a Sears brand that was picked up by somebody else's sold at one of the
Unknown: one of the one of the
John: one of the auto supply companies Hmm This is anyway I'm convinced there's something else going on here with this asteroid all of a sudden burst of asteroids stories could be
Adam: so other than that, other than that, I thought
John: well if you want to go back stay in space we should at least do the story on the on the on our Mars rover. Okay, you got only good coverage was on F friends 24 nobody's I mean just too much. freezing weather here to the network's to cover anything so they have to do a half and a half the show is on Texas and a half the show is on COVID vaccines. But let's listen to the new Mars rover from France. 24
Unknown: seven months after his departure from Earth. NASA's latest Mars rover perseverance is gearing up for an audacious landing attempt on the final hours of the 470 million kilometer journey to our planet's closest neighbor are famously perilous. NASA engineers say the touchdown should take place at around 10pm French This Thursday, with hopes the robot can send a first surface image of Mars shortly after.
Adam: The goal, of course, is to collect promising samples in this super clean tube. And it's analogs, of course, the ones up there, toward going towards Mars, and really collecting those samples as a first step of the most difficult missions, or one of the most difficult missions ever undertaken. It's, of course, trying to make significant progress. And answering one of the questions that has been with us for many centuries, namely, RV
Unknown: alone in the universe. Okay.
Adam: Well, disclosure, I
John: understand the point of this super clean tube, they're not sending these samples back. That would be an admission that Chinese against somebody who's gonna have to do that, and grab a bunch of Martian stuff and then ship it back. And then now it's got so much worth a lot of money.
Adam: I thought that they already had some Martian dust. I mean, isn't that something available somewhere already? How's
John: that possible? I
Adam: don't know. I thought why didn't we sample some things in something roaming around up there? We've never we've never landed on that place.
John: we've landed on there and there's things roaming around but how do you get get home to email?
Adam: Okay, maybe not. I'll tell you what, will contemplate it. And then on Sunday, we'll come back and we'll see if it's a movie or something that matters. I'm leaning towards movie I just haven't figured it out yet. Thank you all very much for producing Episode 1322 the best podcast in the universe. Coming up. We have well on the new agenda stream we have abs in a six pack that's their seek center with is a David Ike interview so you can listen to that. End of show mixes we've got Doug longenecker we've got us Professor JJ in China with a homemade ditty and we'll throw in some dark winter from a tom starkweather my Sharia law as promised, and that should take us to the end. Coming to you from opportunity zone 33 with a section eight housing is here in FEMA Region six capital the drone Star State in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: And I'm from Northern Silicon Valley, where we're all collectively surprised that your power stayed on the whole time. I'm John Dvorak, we
Adam: returned on Sunday right here on no agenda. Remember us at the slash na and until then adios mofos in such
John: a big green, you were blood thirsty for ratings. This is the whole thing is doctored evidence is like everything we get is nothing but doctored evidence COVID phony hospitalizations, doctored evidence.
The very fine people hoax, doctored evidence. bullcrap in media is all in on the whole thing. And if you go all the
Unknown: way back, it was absolutely shocking what happened an FBI
lawyer, Doctor damnit.
Back to East
John: Anglia and climate. Evidence is
Unknown: like, everything we get is nothing with
limited magnification, data schema
Adam: database
Unknown: collaboration
One was called Atlantic storm
and the other one was called dark winter, winter,
Adam: the darkest and worst days of this pandemic, unfortunately are ahead of us not winter.
Unknown: Look at it, go through all the processes and by the way, we're about to go into a
dark winter, recent dark winter exercise.
Adam: It's a very dark moment.
Unknown: By alone, you Western as well crap you're going to blow up by this.
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