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March 4th, 2021 • 3h 33m

1326: Freedom Bracelet


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John: A woman's appearance woman's appearance.
Unknown: Adam Curry
Adam: Thursday, March 4 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 13.
Unknown: This is no agenda
Adam: and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State.
John: I'm Adam Curry, and from Northern Silicon Valley where we're all waiting for Trump to be sworn in today. I'm Jesse.
Adam: Indeed, happy Inauguration Day, john.
John: Yeah, yeah.
Unknown: This is
Adam: this has gone much further than I ever expected it to do this. This March 4 thing, which is just even too nutty. For me.
John: It's pretty fun. Here's the coverage.
Adam: I got. I got two little quickies. Coverage wise. Got it. I've
John: got a couple after you're done. I
Adam: just could use this quickies from CNN, talking to a Q anon panel and families who have members in the queue. And here we go.
Unknown: Does anybody understand what is supposed to be happening on March 4?
Well, so March 4, they're thinking that Donald Trump is going to come back and he's going to be the president. Apparently, what they said is way back when it was like 1871 inauguration, they used to happen on March 4, and then Donald Trump will be back and he'll be inaugurated as either the 19th President of the United States Republic, or the first president
of some new
Adam: But wait, there's more. There's more because and by the way, producers of gitmo-nation have emailed every single one of these stories to me and I have investigated all of them. Charlotte,
Unknown: is it true that one of your sisters, does not today believe that Joe Biden is president?
Yes, she she now she tells her daughter that she thinks that
the White House is a set and that Biden isn't actually president?
Yeah. is mind boggling?
Well, the person that I started talking to anyways, that had initially got me into q&a when he was like, you know, Joe Biden's not even real. Like that's why he's wearing a mask all the time, because the fake face that he's wearing, the mouse doesn't move correctly when he talks. Yeah, so they really believe that Joe Biden is it's not even Joe Biden.
Adam: No, this is true. It's not It's not the Joe Biden, we know for sure. And his mouth is definitely out of sync with his brain. No doubt there. But he's the only thing I'm missing is the Sarah stuff. That's that's a big part of the sovereign citizen. You knows in this era, yes. In this era, the national economic security and Recovery Act that is supposed to be used in combination with the the quantum financial system and offworld sites that will be linked through XRP probably through the ripple Corporation, and that will eventually bring us back to the gold standard. At that point, we resolved the Federal Reserve to dissolve the Federal Reserve that that's the story.
John: To make sense. It's here's the long version. This is the capital attack imminent is from NPR. They're giving us lowdown.
Adam: Officials are again briefing secure beefing up security rather around the US Capitol Building amid concerns stemming from a q&a on conspiracy theory and bears. Windsor Johnston reports tomorrow's data significant to some right wing conspiracy theorists because they believe that today former President Trump will return to power. The US
Unknown: Capitol Police have obtained intelligence pointing to a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an unidentified militia group on Thursday. In a statement Capitol Police say based on the information they take immediate steps to enhance security around the Capitol Complex. The threat appears to stem from Q anon the umbrella term for a set of disproven and discredited conspiracy theories, including the false belief that former President Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the true 19th president on March 4.
Adam: This is this is kind of interesting, because they keep doing this. They keep saying that q anon stands for a set of conspiracy theories, but that's factually just not true. Which I don't understand exactly why they've why they've changed that and listen again,
Unknown: the threat appears to stem from q1 on the umbrella term for a set of disproven and discredited conspiracy theories. And
Adam: that's just not true.
John: umbrella. premise. Yeah, you're right. I didn't know Is that either
Adam: I'm not sure why they're doing that
John: other than I think I can kind of deconstruct why they might be doing it.
Adam: Well, 60 more seconds, we'll
Unknown: finish the clip, and then we'll do it, including the false belief that former President Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the true 19th. President on March 4.
John: There's another one that you got me listening a lot closer. It's not a false belief.
Adam: It's a very real belief.
John: It's a belief. Yeah. But why do they say why do they use false belief in this report?
Adam: Because these people must be deemed crazy insane and not fit for society. Don't you think? Oh, well, there's a lot of this.
John: I don't even know if they do it over. I think it's just even I think it's they do it subconsciously, I
Adam: believe Yes. But it's become one of those things just like baseless or without evidence.
John: Yeah, basis basis. But this is a little different. Because this is like a violation of English grammar.
Adam: No, please. It's a What was it? The NPR, PBS or was it NPR?
John: This is the big boys. What
Unknown: do you expect, including the false belief that former President Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the true 19th president on March 4, a number of people believed to be queuing on followers have been charged for their alleged involvement in the attack on the Capitol building
Adam: and then they then they say q anon followers as if it's a thing or a person not just the an umbrella term? I don't know It's weird.
John: What very poor poorly done
Adam: I have some data know
John: what they're talking about is the problem.
Adam: They don't do they just taking whatever has been said before. That's just kind of how it goes in the newsrooms. The
John: whole thing? Yeah, I
Adam: have a 16 second clip that ties into that one about the enhanced security that they've gotten because they've if anything, they got what they wanted, which was a day off. So everyone know what is working in the Capitol today? Because
John: Ah, oh, yeah. rated by a bunch of dishes of such nonsense of, Hey, I was watching this danda it's propaganda. It's ridiculous though. It's like so stupid. Oh, these militias are going to storm the Capitol. Who are they?
Adam: Here is the majors they wanted. They got also in Washington review of US Capitol security reportedly calls for sweeping changes in the wake of the January 6 riot. Those changes include hiring 1000 new officers and establishing a permanent fence around the capital. One estimate claims hiring those officers could cost $100 million.
John: That why not is willing to spend money. I have a clip from Ingraham. This is from a few days before they came up with the bowl crap about the invasion. But this was Ingraham. Frawley Ingraham talking to
Adam: you, it's sticking I
John: like it. I like it, too. It's very good. Talking to Glenn Greenwald, who must feel really weird only being able to go on Fox,
Adam: no kidding. Kidding.
Unknown: net of surveillance. Without any clear indication as to why they want to surveil more, more people, they won't cite any evidence. They say, Oh, we have to go behind closed doors. That's what they said yesterday. You know,
I think it's ultimately really a way of simultaneously raising fear levels, because when you put people in a state of fear, they acquiesce to authoritarian power. But also it's a signal, it's trying to make people feel threatened by them, saying, You better not challenge us in any way we are essentially militarized. We've
Adam: learned and militarized all of Washington that's called the people's house, you're supposed to be able to come and go outside of the Capitol and the fact that there was a riot on one day does not justify having the military take the nation's capital and essentially turn it into as you say, what looks like the green zone in Baghdad at the height of the Iraq war. But that is a really good way to keep the population fearful of these threats, but also fearful of the government, which is a very poor state of affairs
Unknown: and over at MSNBC. There, they're not so much concerned about that increase in domestic spying, but that it's just pointed in the right direction.
Adam: You know, during the snow COVID Armageddon here, I got to talking to my neighbor. Now I always thought his his wife or partner she was a cop and which she is but she's had an interesting career. And the first thing I learned he said you know those cars that you know the weird cars you see sometimes in front of her house I'm I guess that like someone staying with you just know that's her undercover car. So whenever you see that's just a piece of crap they get from a local dealer to go undercover. But what I learned is that she was Capitol Police Officer for many, many years in DC and she did the inauguration. This year. And I said, Well, what can you tell me? He said, I can tell you this. The Capitol Police are trained to shoot and to kill on site without hesitation at a moment's notice. And they've done it several times before in history says that should tell you enough. Now what that means exactly, I don't know. But there was for sure some either there was no threat, or it was some stand down or whatever it was, they were not going to kill these people because they pose no threat. boots on the ground.
John: less interesting. I think I forget that one woman did get shot in the face. Yeah, in the neck. Yeah,
Adam: of course. I mean, but in general, in general, nothing happened. And we and now we know. Actually nothing did happen. cop wasn't killed by a protester. There were no firearms inside the Capitol. There were weapons. If you count flagpoles, and maybe that one crazy woman with a pitchfork, not a very effective weapon, possibly,
John: yes, dumb.
Adam: But all of this came amongst, you know, hearings in in Congress about what happened on January 6, and it's mostly boring. And this one I picked up just short, but I thought it was relevant, as FBI Director Ray countering the narrative that this could have been in an Tifa false flag FBI Director Christopher rea, says the attack on the US Capitol in January was an act of domestic terrorism. In his first appearance before Congress since the attack, Ray said the FBI is focusing on the growing threat of homegrown extremists. And he denied claims that the an Tifa movement was behind the attack.
John: We have not to date seen any evidence of of anarchists violent extremists or people subscribing to an Tifa in connection with the sixth, that doesn't mean we're not looking and we'll continue to look but
Adam: I thought an Tifa wasn't real. I thought it was didn't exist.
John: No, that's just one of the congressmen who said that
Adam: it's pretty prevalent.
Unknown: At the moment, we have not seen that a large and growing number of the people that we have arrested so far in the in connection with the six are what we would call militia violent extremism, new
Adam: term, new term militia violent extremist. And, and this has to be code or something. And I think it's the trying to connect it to the Second Amendment, you know, the well armed militia. That's like because it was domestic violent extremists and now they change it to militia. And everybody was out talking about this horrible event. And as the as the hearings were going on, and never all obviously john brennan is safe to step out again and talk to his his woman there and Nicole Wallace on msnbc.
Unknown: That's how we started with Kate Katie bettors great new reporting about the investigation to police officer.
it renders, you know, at best hypocritical, at
worst, cynical and false. any notion that the republicans care about the lives and the safety of law enforcement?
Well, I must say to Claire's point, I'm increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days. There we go. I don't want I see my other white male saying, but it just shows that with the very few exceptions, like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Adam kinzinger, there are so few Republicans in Congress who value truth, honesty and integrity. And so they'll continue to guess like the country the way that Donald Trump did. And the fact that this has such security and safety implications for the American public and for the members of Congress, again, as Claire said, it is just a disgusting display of Craven politics that really should have no place in the United States in 2021.
Adam: I wonder if the next step going from domestic violent extremists to militia militia violent extremist maybe it's just male violent extremist. Why don't we just do that right away?
Unknown: white male white,
Adam: right. white male violent extremist one v. One v. All right.
John: You got to get the I think your original thing about the malicious good here play the National Guard this the National Guard guy this was when I saw this. I saw the testimony, but this is an NPR version of it. So they actually tried to jack it up a little bit. Sorry,
Unknown: yeah. To respond to
call for help from the Capitol Police during the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Meanwhile, those Guard troops were sitting just minutes away from the building under siege. A joint senate panel heard testimony today for military and national security officials to drag
Adam: Did you see the joint panel attend in testimony today? Did you see the testimony to a woman
Unknown: try to understand why it's took so long for help arrives in here congressional covered the hearing. She's
here now.
He testimony today from William Walker.
He is the commanding general of the DC National Guard and heard about some of the reasons behind the delay. What explanation did he give? Well, Walker testified that he was given orders from the Pentagon the day before January 6, to seek approval up the chain of command for any and all decisions on moving Guard troops. He said that included even moving troops, moving troops between things like traffic stops. senators were surprised to hear this including Ohio republican Rob Portman who had this exchange with Walker,
Adam: did you find that unusual? 19 years I never would I never had that before happen.
Unknown: Walker said that order meant that when the Capitol then Capitol Police Chief Stevenson called him asking for military support when the building was being breached by pro Trump riders. Walker could not dispatch what's known as a Quick Response Force that was at the ready just down the street at the DC armory. He had to get on a conference call with senior Pentagon officials and wait for approval, which he said did not come down to him until more than three hours later, after he'd made the request. I just I can't get that number out of my head three hours more than three hours.
Is there any explanation as to why the Pentagon put those restrictions on walkers?
Adam: What kind of journalists?
Unknown: Well, Walker did corroborate testimony that son gave last week that on that conference call top army officials raised concerns about the optics of sending troops to the Capitol. Walker said that he was quote stunned by those comments. As for the restrictions that had been put on him, a Pentagon official who testified Roberts Elisa said that there was concerns at the Pentagon about deploying troops after the pushback they received from the use of the guard during the spring and summer racial justice protests and they wanted more discretion over that call. Okay, so
Adam: what did we learn?
John: I found this to be peculiar. This happens the day before the breach. Exactly the day before the breach. They change the PPE, the procedures, percent of course, this was a setup.
Adam: Yeah. Welcome to Cuba
John: was to let this play out as much as they could. They knew it wasn't really dangerous. As you mentioned, the cops would have just shot everybody to Capitol Police themselves, as you mentioned with that new piece of information, so this whole thing was just a scam. It was just set up to let this kind of happen the way it did. The guys did stay between the lines between the the the record records and the ropes. Yeah. And it was a sap the whole thing was a massive scam. Trump was a sucker. The whole thing was just it was a setup to get you to get the re impeachment going to create the situation now they're milking it with the guards out in front of the place. They're still there. And there's phony baloney thing that's supposed to happen today. Does anybody in their right mind who follows the news actually think that some crazy militia is going to come in and storm the Capitol today? Because of intelligence sources? Oh, we've got intelligence and they keep saying this intelligence reports. intelligence reports. bull crap. Yeah.
Adam: You are now officially q1 on
John: nine with no q&a. So one of the things that Trump's gonna be sworn in today we
Adam: don't it's an umbrella. It's a big umbrella.
John: You don't have to throw it. Okay. Let's get back to that. Now.
Adam: You don't have to believe everything under the umbrella.
John: How does? How does this happen? This happens because you're in an editorial meeting. And somebody says, How can we best describe q anon. And nobody because they don't even know what the hell it is. They don't follow it. They don't even know what Reddit is, let alone being able to spell it. That r e a. d. So they have these meetings a bunch of dimwits. And they say what can we call it? And they say well, I think we can do this and we and they can come up with this idea. That is an umbrella.
Adam: It's great because when you have the umbrella then you can put everyone under it. So what you just said puts you under the umbrella and so there's your answer. It's to make it bigger, not just people who watch and followed q1 on on 4chan, then h n and then goo bleach and not that no, no, no, it's all this baseless without evidence. Belief wrong belief. Yeah. And this you thank you you you just put us on the cross and cross hairs by saying this was a scam that is not acceptable that answer
John: No, because it's the only real and that's how it goes. The reason I mean it's just it's just the scam is a massive scam. And I want to see where are these malicious Who are these people they got they got all this intelligence that is horrible things gonna happen because they're so damn good at this is spying on the public 24 seven and they've got all this good information. It's nonsense
Unknown: Yeah, that's correct.
Adam: So I think
John: your thought about using the word militia in there to kind of oh yeah kind of well armed militia is the exact phrase when you
Adam: have a few having a firearm in the house you are suspect, especially if you're male and white. I mean it's laid out right in front of us there's no doubt that this has taken place. And if you're a podcaster off to the Gulag for you.
John: They still don't even know that podcasting exists.
Adam: No, they know, they know. They're not very good at it, but they know. Now I need to just briefly say that we we have been freed here in Texas, freed from the Fauci flow. We are free.
John: I have more clips about this than anything.
Adam: Let me give you the quick the quick openers this morning. A surprising roll back. It is now time to open Texas 100%. Texas Governor Greg Abbott making the announcement ending the statewide mass mandate and declaring Texas businesses can fully reopen next week. And everyone celebrated with us here in Texas including joy Reid from msnbc What did she say?
Unknown: You'll get some COVID and you'll get some COVID and you'll get some COVID you'll get some COVID Thanks, joy.
Adam: We feel good about that. It's bringing some more tardes How about Beto county where I am right now. There are 280 bodies stacked up in a warehouse because there are grave diggers and not enough graves to be dug to put them in the ground. They had to set up 10 mobile workers. And that's just in my city right now is 85% Mexican American, they just
Unknown: don't care and that indifference is killing people in my
Adam: community and throughout the state of Texas. We're all racist here. We don't care about you and the nurses are flipping out a Texas ICU nurse called
Unknown: governor Greg Abbott's decision to remove the mask mandate quote, nerve wracking. Brittany smart says healthcare workers had begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel amid ongoing vaccinations and also several weeks of COVID-19 cases declining support says she's seen too many bodies stacked like firewood, adding quote, y'all don't understand or just don't care. This isn't political. These are humans and they are dying. Health experts have warned the country could see another surgeon Coronavirus cases in the coming weeks fueled by highly contagious variants.
John: What was that report from that report?
Adam: I'll tell you it was local CBS News.
John: Body stacked like firewood where'd
Adam: you mean the better one? Sorry, the Beto clip you mean or the Texas nurse clip that you just heard? Which one?
John: The one I just heard?
Adam: Yeah, that's CBS and Beto mentioned the body stacked like like firewood. No, he
John: said they were he didn't say firewood. I don't think
Adam: a stack these they were that was piling up msnbc piling up. Yeah, it's bullshit. It's
John: like firewood. I want to see the photo.
Adam: It's not true. It's not true.
John: Where's the photo? It's not true. It must be true at CBS, CBS CIA broadcasting system they have to tell the truth.
Adam: They don't care about that. They have a better message. CBS
Unknown: tonight Houston becoming the first US
city to see cases of all the reported
in California, the UK, Brazil and South Africa.
Adam: We got them all. We're collecting them all. We got all the variants and we don't care. We're Texans. We're crazy.
John: Well, that's beside the whole thing. I have the look. Here's a long report from this is from the South Dakota public broadcasting operation and they do a lot of PBS today but
Adam: it's good, it's man. They
John: went to the Austin Peay NPR people and got a report and this is
Adam: the Austin NPR people who barely even broadcast they during the worst crisis this year. They had Terry Gross fresh air running in the morning instead of giving us some information that Austin NPR
John: exactly is COVID Texas long form.
Unknown: Texas will soon be the largest state in the country without any COVID-19 restrictions on businesses. Governor Greg Abbott is ending his mask mandate and other measures. The move has drawn criticism from health officials and President Biden and his Ashley Lopez members station k UT and Austin reports. Many frontline workers are nervous
Emily Hoover says this decision is going to make running her business harder. Hoover is the store in Austin called feathers boutique vintage.
She started requiring masks in her store even before the state had its own order, which she said wasn't popular. At first, I had a really hard time as a business, getting people can comply. And a lot of people calling me messaging me telling me that, you know, I needed to get rid of it, or that they wouldn't shop with me as long as I had a mask mandate last summer. She says things got easier when Governor Greg Abbott issued a statewide order requiring people to wear masks in public spaces. But this week, Abbott announced he's rescinding the order effective next week,
people and businesses don't need the state telling them how to operate
habits as businesses can still decide on their own if they want to limit capacity or require masks. Angelina elonis has waitress at a local Mexican restaurant that's
had indoor dining for a while now.
She says even with a limited capacity. It is felt pretty unsafe. It's already
pretty crowded in there to the point where people feel like uncomfortable walking off the to go window to get there to goes because they'll be like a crowd of people not wearing masks around the doorway to get shot. satisfying by the owner percent seems
kind of overwhelming. But Eleni says if the restaurant she works at decides to open up capacity, she and her co workers will probably just have to risk it.
It's kind of like what choice do we have like if our restaurant is open and sitting like that's our job. So we have to like be willing to wait on people that are inside and sitting down.
Even restaurant owners feel like they're being put in a bind and left to fend for themselves. Michael photo j is the owner of Ola may in upscale Southern restaurant in Austin. He says state officials are lifting restrictions without providing a path for workers to get vaccinated earlier.
We need help with messaging so that we can protect ourselves instead of fighting the general public and trying to convince them that we that our lives are valuable and that they should wear a mask to
Adam: protect us. All right. I need to give you some local color on what's really going on.
John: Unless you have Yes, you know, it'd be nice because I listen to that report and sound like everybody in Austin wants to be messed up and locked down. And these these restaurants don't want to be open and everybody's worried sick that everyone's infected.
Adam: Okay, so now first just came out on Tuesday and every Twitter Austin Twitter exploded with a tard explosion fast. And you know, people wishing the governor to fall down the stairs with his wheelchair, you know, death to you. You don't care about us, you're a murderer, Hitler, blah, blah, blah, all of that. My friends who own the spin studio, we're very excited, because not so much about anything other than the capacity because, you know, they typically can pack 3035 riders into one class, and they've been restricted restricted to 12. So now I know them very well. And I know that they are not going to say anything about this. They're just going to let people do what they want to do that they're not going to take a stand because they don't feel the need to take a stand on those things. Same with black lives matter. But here's what I saw Wednesday yesterday, when I went to my ride class. Everyone was wearing a mask. The studio, even though it's not going into March 10, the the lifting of all restrictions was full. So they packed it. So all of these total total nutjob social justice warrior under informed over socialized mainly women. That's who I see most in the ride class. We're all wearing their masks right up to the bike, take it off, do the ride, get it right back on. And then they go and sit shoulder to shoulder and taking selfies to social distancing has been completely forgotten. Same with the supermarket's now, it has only come down to the mask,
which tells me this is not reality. It is not they are not afraid of anything really happening. This is purely psychosis. And part of that under informed and over socialized is that most of these younger children, they're Zoomers, so they're not the millennials mainly the Zoomers who are so aggressively angry and yelling about it. don't really understand have not been educated in the United States and what we stand for, because the governor did not say go ahead wear your mask kill everybody know the order was I'm lifting everything. Texans are responsible enough to determine their own risk both if they are acidic In going into business and a business, if they want to let citizens in, they can do whatever they want. So nothing really factually has to change. And I don't think it will I think the mass will stay on as a virtue signal. Right now, there's lists being created up, here's all the businesses that will follow the rules. And soon we'll have a list of all the businesses that say, you know, it's like, do whatever you want to do. Okay? Do you want to wear a mask, you wear a mask, the only the only problem that was so beautifully slipped into this mask business, was the idea that you have to wear it, because you might get somebody else sick with your evil germs.
John: So that was a deployment at the end of that
Adam: last play out. And and that is really an IT, we've never heard that before. You know, except for during during COVID, all of a sudden, that was important. And if the mass did, from a logical standpoint, the mask is for when you may not be able to socially distance. So
John: that was, that was the original intent.
Adam: Yeah. So and because you know, that six feet, although obviously intended to remind you of six feet under the six feet distance, was the safe distance for which you're skewing the COVID. Germs in people's faces would probably not make it. So if they're so concerned about mass, why don't you just stay six feet away from me? So that is going to be the argument, sir Jean, God bless his heart, he went straight to HGTV yesterday and went in without a mask. And no one stopped him. Of course, it's
John: gene. so damn big boy. Yeah,
Adam: you know what? I don't think we're gonna mess with that guy. We won't do that. So it's, it's complete virtue signaling on everybody's part. And and those that are really, really serious. And they believe that this is down to just a mask, you should close your business, you really should he have no idea what he's talking about. And these variants, escape the mass. This has been also been told over and over.
John: So promoting the variance, which has been debunked, at least on this show. by people who have looked at the research, which has got nothing to do with real world stuff is just a lab research into bringing it up. So you want this to continue. You like looking forward to it. What's wrong with you?
Adam: There's a lot wrong here. There's a lot wrong. I
John: have one more mask. Report again from it again,
Adam: it's maths right. It's not It's not about no one says washing your hands or
John: social why I think it's funny that when Biden says is not a political thing. Yes, it is. Yeah, it is.
Adam: It's totally
John: official NPR report from says COVID Texas mask report. Even as President Biden was excoriating Texas Governor Greg Abbott over decision to lift mask mandates. The state's republican senator john Cornyn was rushing to his defense corner and accusing the Biden administration of fearmongering saying battling Coronavirus involves more than wearing masks.
Unknown: This is not just a one dimensional problem. We
need to look at the whole thing. And I think Governor Abbott in the state of Texas
I'm proud of the work we've done
Adam: but other elected officials including San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg disagree with the decision Nierenberg telling NPR is all things considered today, easing virus restrictions right now is a bad idea. Lifting the mask mandate at this time is is a dreadful and unnecessary decision that unfortunately, will cost lives in our state. Already. More than 44,000 people have died in Texas from COVID-19, behind only California and New York. Again, this is completely unscientific. The masks are for when you can't socially distance, and they're not talking about it. So it's totally political crap. And
John: again, they've dropped that whole idea. And I remember from the very beginning that reason for the mask was because you're going to be bumping elbows.
Adam: Yeah. And the whole idea and this is what's so distressing to not distressing, but it's disappointing to me is that everyone takes this in a political manner. I mean, literally, Republicans want to kill us and this is you hear it everywhere. But it is a bait. The whole whole point is we don't need to force you Texas. You'll figure it out because that's actually how it's supposed to work according to our
John: democracy in South Dakota is never brought up in any of these conversations. And they have had this attitude since the get goes is the very beginning as a hockey know pointed out, well, if he is it's never discussed, they're going
Adam: after gnome hardcore.
John: Well, they're not going to get very far. If you want
Adam: I have a number of clips. I'd love
John: to hear a cup of the anti gnome stuff. I like to see what direction they're going to try to take because he's key looks pretty tough.
Adam: This is our clip custodian, watch the whole face the nation interview with it, which is about this topic, and they had Fauci on a cell phone. So here is kind of a setup, which takes us back to the sea pack convention. And they bring in Fauci after Yes, we know. Governor Nome said, Fauci is wrong a lot.
Unknown: I'm gonna ask you Dr. Fauci about something. One of our upcoming guests said Governor Christie, gnome of South Dakota delivered a speech to a conservative conference yesterday, and she touted her decisions. She got a standing ovation when she said she ignored the medical advice of experts and specifically you. We never focused on the case numbers. We kept our eye on hospital capacity. Now, Dr. Fauci, he told me that on my worst day, I've had 10,000 patients in the hospital. On our worst day, we had a little over 600. Now,
I don't know if you agree with me. But Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot. How much of an impediment is sentiment like that to the nation?
Adam: Instead of saying, is that true? Your numbers wrong? Instead of saying that she goes for the oil does not fuck it all up? You know, it is?
John: A No. She is this
Adam: journalism baby.
John: Terrible, terrible journalist.
Adam: Oh, CBS is all terrible network to all mainstream media is terrible. And of,
Unknown: you know, it's unfortunate, but it is not really helpful. Because sometimes you think things are going well, and just take a look at the numbers. They don't lie.
Adam: This is what I like. And she should come in and say, what she claims a different number than you, Dr. Fauci.
John: We see Margaret, what happens when you pull back prematurely. Now you're going to have individual instances of situations where people may not have and didn't see a rebound right away. Oh, really got to be careful, particularly now that we have variants in this country that seem to spread more efficiently, and maybe even more dangerous with regard to pathogenicity. So I'm sure that you know you can get by saying I'm wrong. Yeah,
Adam: the big wheeze for Fauci did not answer the question. fuddled, the numbers right there, like fucking propaganda is unbelievable, but it wasn't
John: over. And more importantly to me, is the fact that Margaret Brennan didn't ask him. What What about those numbers that she cited, she puts the numbers you put Christine Oman, to kind of ridicule. And then let's faraci go off on his merry way. She does nothing. She's a terrible, terrible journalist. Well,
Adam: in fact, she tried to rip no money
Unknown: on herself. So for your state, you have if you look at starting in July, which was after that spring peak, you have the highest death rate, cumulative COVID deaths per million in the country. The CDC says you have the eighth highest death rate per capita. Now, I'm not talking about infection rates. I know you're conservative, and you care about the sanctity of life.
Adam: So how can you justify bringing in the no abortion thing? sanctity of life? Good one, Margaret, you gotta use
Unknown: fi making decisions that put the health of your constituents at risk. You don't want to kill people. And those are questions that you should be asking every other governor in this country as well. I'm asking.
Adam: I'm asking you, madam, when you pulled the madam card. That's something chicks don't like.
Unknown: And those are questions that you should be asking every other governor in this country as well. I'm asking you today that notice in your face, I'm hearing you. I'm answering you, Margaret. I'm answering you. regionally, we have seen the virus hit the country very differently. And it hit the Midwest earlier than it did the south and now the East Coast and the West Coast. So we are still dealing with this virus in this country. South Dakota went through our highest rate of infections and implications earlier, the rest of the country is dealing with it much higher numbers today. And that's really what this means. What we should be looking at is get the mitigation measures help did mandating different actions in each of these states make a difference? Because what we're seeing is that the mandates aren't necessarily what's working it's that people have the ability the flexibility to not just look at this virus and and how it hits their health but also how does it impact their well being their Yeah, their economic well being their ability to keep their kids in school, their ability to keep up and pay their bills, that's been incredibly challenging.
Adam: Well, let's talk about that. So what do you think she brings up? What is she going to pin on gnome? Now? Everything is failed. She can't do the number she called her madam, the M word. Oh, I know, I know what we'll do. This was your fault to gnome.
Unknown: There's a $12 billion price tag that has been pegged to the impact of and fallout from that Sturgis motorcycle rally that you hosted in your state is blamed for seeding the entire Midwest outbreak that hit and that late summer through the fall? Do you take personal responsibility for that? Well, that is completely false information that is not San Diego State University study. And it is not based on facts we tracked of people that came to the rally had states report back to us cases that came from that rally. It was less than 100 cases that we could track to that and we did testing in that community and throughout the area for weeks after.
Adam: She tries that honor. And if you'd like to hear the final bit, we have to bring in someone who has has some official capacity and speaks like a like they know what they're talking so you bring in the show, the show would be Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner, Big Pharma Insider,
Unknown: I want to ask you about governor noem who spoke on this program saying she never focused. She told seatback she never focused on case number. She focused on hospital capacity. She rejected the premise that the motorcycle rally that she held in her state in August was responsible for seeding the Midwest.
John: Hold on stop. She held the rally. Did she send out the flyers? That's what she's saying.
Adam: Yeah, she held the rally
John: shows a rally and she held it.
Adam: Notice this is not a rally. This is not a rally. What is she calling a rally?
John: Well, it's not a rally. I
Adam: know it's more of a meetup. Sturgis isn't an event of epic proportions. rally is a big meetup, but you're using rally is a political term. Again, it's a Trump rally
John: loaded with kind of noise strange wording and interesting angles. She has been given the word to go. You're right. They've been given this CIA Broadcasting System. Yep. is been given a word. That's why Brennan has been cut loose. He'll be probably on one of these shows. They're I don't know they don't want gnome.
Unknown: All I can say he's a danger because she kicked her trying to cut
John: her off. Yeah, but it's a little too early in the game. By the way, Sturgis. She's more of a charmer than these people grand actually, that she has been getting physically. And I hate to say this, but like we can do stuff like this on the show. She has been getting physically ugly. Hmm. I've been watching because I've watched her most of her career. And she is literally her facade is very slowly changing because of the whatever toxins that are that she's creating for this for this bad journalism and, and maintenance. She's mean, madam and all the rest, very lopsided reporting. She is physically looking, unattractive.
Adam: It happens when you when you are beating yourself up on the inside. And I think that's, you know, no joy in her life. And she knows that there's rotten, this rotten, rotten business she's in it's rotten to the core. And she
John: is really not looking good. Anyway, that's just something again, that we'd be fired for on any other planet broadcast or anything or even mentioning. Oh, you're talking about somebody a woman's appearance woman's appearance. Oh,
Unknown: motorcycle rally that she held in her state in August was responsible for seeding the Midwest outbreak. What do you make of her defense?
Well, look, I think it is important to look at the vulnerable population second,
Adam: her defense was this bullshit. That was her defense. She said,
John: this bullshit, the numbers the numbers
Adam: are wrong. Yeah. And it was lies. I'd like to 12 billion by the way, that's a that's a typical paper that you do at a university. Well, you know, because of this bike rally $12 billion in damage was done. Okay. Well, look, I
Unknown: think it is important to look at the vulnerable population and hospital capacity and how many people are being hospitalized and dying from the infection as an important metric. But you also have to look at prevalence certainly back when we were having the first and the second and even the third wave of infection. prevalence was an important predictor of overall morbidity from the infection before we had a vaccine. If you look at post japp July 1, and the reason why I picked July 1 is because July before July 1, we really didn't know how to treat COVID. We were treating it literally with Pepcid and hydroxychloroquine. But after July 1, we really from the UK stuff
Adam: really, really, no, we weren't. How could you be literally treating it with hydroxychloroquine when it was verboten? not interesting, huh.
John: That's a real interesting flub. Hmm.
Unknown: Because you're like before July 1, we really didn't know how to treat COVID. We were treating it literally with Pepsi and hydroxychloroquine. But after July 1, we had the data from the UK study, the recovery trial that told us that dex and methadone to steroids was very effective at cutting mortality, we started to use blood thinners and
Adam: also that was also poo pooed dex and method trade whatever it is, because that was part of the whole zinc package, you put the you put a little stair that was also poo pooed by the media,
Unknown: it's very effective at cutting mortality, we started to use blood thinners on patients we were intubating less aggressively. So practice of medicine dramatically improved. After around that time period. If you look at post July 1, in terms of deaths per capita by state, South Dakota is the last Arizona is second to last Mississippi, Alabama, North Dakota, those are the states that come in less than a nation in terms of deaths per capita. Oh, so you know, I think that the states that didn't implement as stringent measures, they did pay a price for it. And I don't think that you can you can explain that away. I think it's just a fact and price. You know, they will argue that they maybe didn't take the same economic hit in states that imposed restrictions, but they did pay a price for it in terms of higher death rates.
Adam: But it's completely he's saying the opposite of what he just said. They were the lowest Okay,
John: let's let's summarize. He said that South Dakota was last in terms of Yes, yes, per capita?
Adam: Yes.
John: Does she do his last mean, they had more desperate Capita? That's the only possibility with what he said.
Adam: But then he said all the Mississippi all these states, as far as I know, we're pretty I never heard them being a problem. I know Texas was high. So you tell me South Dakota was higher than Texas. We that's why we shut down. Ooh.
John: Very confusing. Now, I
Adam: don't want everyone to get all excited about South Dakota, I have to remind you, South Dakota is also the state that brought us this public service announcement.
Unknown: I'm on math.
I'm on it, too.
So this
is not someone else's problem.
John: It's everyone in South Dakota's problem.
Adam: Yeah. And we need everyone to get on to the worst public service announcement in the state's history. I'm on it.
John: But I'm sure Christie known produced that. After after she organized the rally. The rally.
Adam: Yes, the rally now. So a lot of what is taking place is propaganda. I mean, pure, pure, pure propaganda. It really gets beautiful, when it's obvious that it's propaganda. We have had another shutdown of Auckland in New Zealand, for one person who had maybe an asymptomatic case shut down for a week. But it's okay, because this is what you're supposed to do. This is how it works. And this is New Zealand Prime Minister, he's jacinda, who's going to tell you what they've been doing.
Unknown: As we enter our second full day of alert liberal restrictions. We drum in that messaging around the dangers of COVID pretty diligently for a full two week period of sustained propaganda.
Adam: There you go. She's just saying it. Just saying it. Sustained propaganda.
John: Can you interpret context of that case, we
Unknown: into our second full day of alert level restrictions,
we drum in that messaging around the dangers of COVID pretty diligently for a full two week period of sustained propaganda.
Adam: It's about telling the slaves that that it's fair scary outside full propaganda she used proper propaganda I don't think you can interpret any differently maybe they maybe it's different in in New Zealand.
John: Because propaganda word the word is and then you look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary and get the word here I get
Adam: information, especially if biased or misleading nature used to promote or publicize the part a particular political cause or point of view
John: is misleading is the key word and within that definition, and
Adam: is this is this a flub? Or is she serious? Does she think that she could just be an idiot or is this war is peace and now propaganda is good information that could also be taking the word propaganda into something positive here.
Unknown: Hey, you
John: spin it. So did you hear about the the using the Chinese COVID vaccine?
Adam: I've heard something about it. But I don't know.
John: I got a got a clip here that was sent in by like, Yeah, one of our I don't know where he got this clip but it was apparently overheard a conversation between somebody in a buddy I guess. Yeah.
Adam: What is it called?
John: It's called Chinese COVID vaccine.
Adam: Oh, that would make sense. Hey, bro.
Unknown: I also wanted to let you know that I was in New York this weekend for the wedding and I got the vaccine, but it was the, I guess the less research to Chinese one.
John: But they said that so far they haven't seen any side effects.
Unknown: But if I see any side effects, then definitely let you know. But as of right now it did nothing that I can see don't see a side effect for these axes. We would like to get one I can make you appointment problem. hope everything is okay with you and good day. Okay, bar.
Adam: Classic, that good one. Good. Now, here is another bit of confusing information. Dr. osterholm. Dr. Death, the guy who's been talking about the it's a hurricane, it's a it's a it's a hurricane coming, it's only six weeks out, we're all gonna die. It's gonna be a spike, you have no idea what you're talking about. You are crazy. Now listen to him. We're seeing almost no viral respiratory pathogens today in our pediatric population. Wouldn't that pertain to mask wearing somehow I'm just saying if you have no viral pathogens, and all you need is masculine the problem. If you look at our hospitalization rates right now, for kids, it is dramatically below what we've seen in recent years. If you look at influenza activity, same thing way below what we would normally expect to see. Now you can't say it's just because of mitigation because frankly, we haven't done all that well with mitigation with COVID-19. Look at all the cases we've had. So if in fact it were just that you would expect to see at least some activity with flu and with the other viral respiratory pathogens. So I think there's something going on here that Mother Nature is doing across a diverse area of the world that we just don't understand. And we have to acknowledge that. Where is your science? Shut up now. That's your scientist. Mother Nature. Plot. Wow, Mother Nature. We've got to acknowledge Mother Nature's smart
John: people even on the air
Adam: because he was good at the fear mongering that this is his podcast. He's not on the air and he is in the team. He's in the Biden team. Everyone's going nuts truth coming out everywhere. Justin Trudeau pm do Canada
Unknown: sciences also ensure that our children are inheriting
a cleaner planet
it then research is important to know
it improves our lives every day. Exactly.
Exactly why we must
continue to support it.
John: Today we're taking another hysterics historic step forward.
Adam: Instead of historic he says hysteria hysteric
John: or hysterics historic step forward. Today we're taking another hysterics historic step forward.
Adam: truth comes out baby Zoo truth comes out. Well, I do I am very grateful actually, for one thing about COVID COVID Finally, this last Sunday, put the dagger into the heart of Hollywood. The Golden Globes was the biggest train wreck of the century. And
John: you know that it wasn't me. I eautiful it was Yeah, it was terrible. I turned it I turned
Adam: it off. I'm a I'm an award show whore. I turned it off the ratings. year over year. One Take a guess. I already know the numbers I really I read the trades. 60% lower than last year 1.2 rating in the demo of 1849 that's that's
John: that's cable and that's MTV does
Adam: better MTV does better. That is unbelievable. Now also, they did everything wrong. They besides the technology which is how in the world but here's what it did to me. It showed the world that without the tight scripts, the cameras the producers, whatever else you need to make Hollywood function, the actors are just numb nut dipshits. I mean, you had Katherine, what's her name or hair or whatever her name is from shits Creek with her acceptance speech, and then whoever that idiot was next to him or husband. I don't know. It could have been Robert De Niro. I don't know who that was. He's playing something on his phone. He's doing stuff. Everything was wrong about it. And then the first two awards you give are two British guys. Most people can't even understand once his mic was working. He told me God, bravo, bravo. You can't understand that in America. It was so stupid. And it showed It's over. It's done toast stick a fork in it. The This is the Wizard of Oz moment. This curtain is finally fallen. We see them for what they are. If you're laughing at that?
John: Yeah. Well, I mean, you've been making this kind of this. All it needs to do is it, it can go from zero to 100, just by bringing back into production values in the hot shots. And the guys who know what they're doing. This was it was a train wreck. Because it was, it couldn't be anything other than a train wreck this stupid idea to begin with, they everything being done, it looked like it was worse than what you get on YouTube. It was a zoom call TV show, nobody's gonna watch. It's got nothing to do attract you. I find it odd that the two hosts immediately go after the organization that hired them. They had it.
Adam: They had to do that because of the controversy. And it's the Hollywood foreign press. The Hollywood foreign press doesn't care. They do whatever you want to do. They got $60 million from NBC for this show. I think it'd be a lot of make goods for the next few months. And, but Okay, so we have a disagreement, I think that the magic has been damaged. I was that type of a celebrity at one point in my life and you there's certain things you do and you don't do and when you don't do it, it can go downhill really quickly. And the media is very happy to get you. But the the biggest problem is that the same group of people Hollywood are the ones that gave Governor Andrew Cuomo an Emmy Award.
John: And that's the Derosier humor. And and well, but
Adam: here's what's interesting. He killed is responsible for the death of 1000s of elderly in New York.
John: So is that show?
Adam: Hollywood, and I'm putting cable news in Hollywood. Yeah, they sucked up to them. They gave him the award, he was hanging out with his brother. And so then it comes out that he was a liar and a possible killer. And so what do they do? Like oh, crap, what will we've been completely complicit in sucking up to this guy? We can't let anyone see that. We didn't do any investigative. Oh, me to moment. And now it's all no one cares about the dead people? No, no, no, Me too. Me too. They really think American citizens are dumb. I don't think it's I don't think we are that dumb.
John: Not that dumb. But I do have a live tomorrow. I've got a couple other COVID things to get out.
Adam: I have some we also need to do vaccines, because that's next. So we can't just pass
John: it off with the COVID. My favorite thing is the COVID. I have a report from South Africa, which is one of the few African countries that actually has lots of cases. And it's kind of interesting, because we always talk about how black folk in the united states do they were not to ever you had that great clip with Wendy Williams Santa taking it on the history. Well, what's the reason then for the South Africans, except maybe Bill Gates, not taking their vaccine and the number of South African blacks that won't take the vaccine is pretty high here. Listen to this COVID vaccine is out to Africa. Boy, well, what do you think the number? Well, I'm not going to ask for you to guess. But hear it play the report.
Unknown: heard some of the reasons people are giving for not wanting to be vaccinated in your report. But just how widespread is this skepticism in South
This is a very wide especially considering the use of surveys that we have heard referred to major surveys here in South Africa. In fact, there are three, there's one from the global IP SOS and another one from FinTech. It found that that was in January, they found that about 50% of South Africans have said they'll resist taking the vaccine and our local university at the investment of Johannesburg also did another study where they put that figure to one third. So that is quite Quite a huge number. And obviously, this is not a small group of people at the corner there, but it's a cross Christian across religions across tradition, quite a number of people in in a lot of corners, they are saying they are not prepared to take the vaccine as yet.
Adam: You want to know why?
John: Bill Gates,
Adam: he's fucking smart. That's why they're smart people. And interestingly, producer Toby did some analysis for us on the excess death numbers, because that is something that you really can't dispute more people died last year the death. So I doubt they're faking deaths, what they died of, is something else. So what we've been taught now for over a year, is that COVID, disproportionately strikes black and brown communities and communities of color, we can all recite it black and brown, black and brown communities and communities of color, disproportionately. This is a lie. And it shows from the UK excess deaths. So this is good, because we don't have African Americans in the UK, we got lots of brown people, lots of very black people. There were 109. missing one, the excess death number 109,000. In the UK, year over year, of the death numbers 1200 100 128,077. Were COVID. related. Okay, so na, and you put I'm sorry, you said K. And you pointed out on the last episode that even though this with COVID is very wishy washy, and who the hell knows if it was responsible? Or you just you know, you just had it or you fell off your motorcycle and you had COVID? It is kind of irrelevant? Because the real question is, what is the average weighted age of all of the excess deaths?
John: I think we know the answer that
Adam: 79.47 sources Yeah. 80. So instead of the truth, which is older people are disproportionately affected by COVID that doing this racial thing, which is a lie. That's your number. 80 year olds are dying. So UK with your great social social care system. Not so great. It's all old people who died, you don't care about old people. And that is something that just don't want to admit that the whole system for elderly care is rotten throughout the whole world. No doubt. Certainly for
John: you might be, you might be wrong. Oh, I'm sorry. You said they don't care. I think they do care. They want to kill the old people.
Adam: Yeah, okay. Yes, I'm sorry. But you have to not care about the old people to care to want to kill them. So it is kind of it does cancel each other out. And you're right. It's fine. Now,
John: I think that the Democrats have been right is one way even though the baby boomers aren't in that group. They're coming up on it. And it is getting fairly apparent to me that the democrats and I'm gonna say that would like to kill off the old people because it's a burden on society. And that's what como I think como overtly did what he did. I know it doesn't make it, you know? Yeah. No,
Adam: it does it. No, wait, wait, let's go back. Because it does make sense. Because his largest lobby group is the Hasidic Jews who have large investments in the elderly care homes. And for him to send patients there was automatic money in the bank for them. It's just an accusation. I can't prove it. But that seems like a very good motivator. Especially if you're a bumbling idiot. You don't really know what's going on. Or maybe he's just evil. But yeah, throw in there. And if anyone benefited, yeah, man. They got room now for new patients. And they made extra cash on every COVID patient that was sent to the to the elderly homes. That's the accusation about Cuomo. But no, no, no. He rubbed up against somebody.
John: Not even that have after the break, I want to I have his apology and total. I'm noticing a few interesting things that stylistically that he's doing that Biden does, too. I've been tracking the Biden i'd Allah explained it later. I'm just saying that we do have the whole thing's for people to hear. I have
Adam: an important update on people who have received the vaccine. This is now leaking into the mainstream. stream local only about side effects after having the second shot and first we go to CBS Boston. I'm ready. Yeah,
Unknown: Walpole police chief john Carmichael. That wasn't bad at all got a vaccination about a month after he was sick with COVID-19. We checked back to find out how he felt in the days following the shock by
the second day, it was like I got the fever and the chills and the headache one day as he drove home that week, the pain in my lymph nodes was like radiating down my arm. It was radiating into my chest. It was something I've never felt before. So I actually pulled into the fire department
ended up in an ambulance and people who've had COVID-19 their first shot is boosting their immune response that's already there from having had the disease.
Dr. Paul Sachs is director of the infectious disease clinic at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
Younger people are getting more side effects than older people, but not always.
CDC records the I team analyzed show 19,873 Americans reporting side effects after COVID-19 vaccinations, a little more from Pfizer, 64% 36% maternal in Massachusetts 540 reported side effects including 97 ER visits and 71 hospitalizations. The records show the vast majority were women 81% men can feel sick too though so Troy regrets not keeping track of her husband. Before his fever landed him in the ER
we took the temperature and it was 105 point five this is something we need to recognize happens regularly and get to give people the chance not only to go get the vaccine but to recover from it afterwards.
Adam: What happened to might be just super painful. What's this 405.5 fever What's this my lymph nodes are burning all the way down my arms Liar Liar, Bill Gates on fire.
John: You want to limp no thing is pretty dangerous a list of side effects and
Adam: that's that could be I think that's gonna be dangerous to your health how your lymph nodes are affected. I don't know I'm not Doctor Doctor billing
John: get a lot you can get a lot of another reports coming in? is are these false positives for cancer, for cancer? Because right
Adam: now, I want to stay on on the side effects because I have a note that I need to read as well. But first, let's go to ben stein, ben stein, very, very famous for Ben Stein's money, take my money, spend money. You'll
John: be alert.
Adam: Yeah. Oh, ben stein reports back. I think he's in Israel. It looks like it I'm not sure. And I think he makes reference to it, but just listen to his side effect. He's got to
Unknown: be in the 60s. A word of warning to you, My fellow Americans or whatever you are. I had the COVID booster the moderna about four or five days ago, and I'm still feeling Wilder side effects from it. Like I had the worst flu in the world and extreme shortness of breath, a dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking. And it has just been devastating. I got sort of
Adam: a little bit bad and so not quite so glad. But it has just got to be told
Unknown: us people we people, ask people,
Adam: what does he mean us people we people you mean Jews? is a little confusing to me. We hold people, US people we do. All right, this booster isn't killer is not gonna kill you. Very, very strong. Beware. That's your bumper sticker. This booster is a killer. Hmm. It's so bad that now all this is being considered. Some doctors say we need a vaccine holiday. They want the Biden administration to establish a one time federal holiday to give people more time to get their shots. And to raise awareness and to recover to recover. You need days to recover from this. And please, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the final encore performance by Miss Dolly Parton of her career and perhaps life.
Unknown: Well, hey,
it's me. I'm finally going to get my vaccine. I'm so excited. I've been waiting a while I'm old enough to get it.
And I'm smart enough to get it. So I'm very happy that I'm going to give my
mandarina shot today. And I want to tell everybody, I think you should get out there and do it too. I
haven't changed one
of my songs. 50 occasions it goes vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine. I'm begging you please don't hesitate. vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine submitted.
Adam: I really hope she doesn't get too badly affected but it's it's inevitable. This is happening everywhere and I have an option date from bad Chad, our EMT from Colorado. And it's not good. You'll recall Chad after is bullied, bullied by his colleagues pressured and a and what the hell I'm young attitude. He had severe side effects after receiving a second shot and the mental craziness that ben stein described. A little bit of that. Yeah, he couldn't put words together. thought he was having a stroke seems like more than a little bit when you can't put words to get a quick update says says bad Chad. After my pseudo stroke last week. I have also contracted shingles.
John: Oh, I hate
Adam: I'm 42. The chickenpox virus that has been lazing around in my nerves for the past 35 years just randomly decided to wake up now. Again, no way to know whether this is vaccine related no way to ask any doctor or healthcare provider that I would have immediate access to only has their expert opinion to offer which is based on someone else's expert opinion. My doctor is not a scientist. They mostly work in an if then sort of World of diagnosis and prescription they are not equipped to deal with in hypotheticals. So that's a new term super fun. I get to look forward to four to six weeks of painful lesions, I would have preferred to take my chances with COVID-19. We're still a colleague of mine. Again, there's no way to definitely link the two but he got his second dose and then developed type one diabetes. Yeah. So this one went temporarily blind, went to the ER finds out his blood glucose level is five times normal because his pancreas stopped making insulin. So now he's being fitted with an insulin pump. And as a 30 year old gets to spend the rest of his life as a diabetic. He too has questions but no one will answer the vaccine is safe and effective. And really, what are the answers matter? He's a diabetic now. And even if it could be linked to the vaccine, there's no way to hold Madonna or Pfizer or any of them responsible. It just doesn't matter. I am embarrassed that I was bullied into this stupid shot, pissed, frustrated, but mostly
embarrassed. I knew better. This is not Chad's a friend. So I know him. He's not a guy that that is gonna whine about something. And he's a medical professional. He's been doing this all his life. This is very, very troubling and take into account from another one of our producers. Our local hospital is having a hard time staffing its er department. After the staff were all given them a journal vaccine. My wife, a nurse in another department had Pfizer and experienced no adverse effects. One of our friends who had the maternal vaccine experienced the same migraine like reaction is the list new road and then the last show. So this is troubling. It's we were definitely promised, maybe, really, really hurt. But none of this other stuff. None of it.
John: Well, they'll just say it's outliers. Most people get through the whole thing without a problem whatsoever. It Yeah. Meanwhile, of course, the Catholic Church says you can't take the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
Adam: Ah, yes,
John: yes. And I was wondering I heard about this from my daughter. She says, I suppose that all of us I did find an explanation for it. If anyone's interested in this is the CO the COVID vet. This clip is called COVID vaccine fetal cells
Unknown: protect as many Americans as possible as soon as possible. But now there may be an obstacle. Some church leaders are raising concerns about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because cell lines derived from abortions were used in its development. Joining us now is in Paris, Tom gelatin. Hi, Tom. Hey, all right. Explain which church leaders are raising these concerns. And what are they saying?
Well, that's
surprising they are. It's those that focus most on abortion, notably us catholic bishops, also some evangelicals. In both cases, we have statements that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is morally compromised because fetal cell lines were used in its development. They say that if people have a choice in vaccines, they should avoid the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. If they don't have a choice, they could go ahead and get whatever vaccine is available. And of course, as you know, right now, most people don't have that choice.
Explain what they mean when they say fetal cell lines were used in its development, like how were they used?
Well, fetal cell lines have long been used in developing vaccines not to get too technical about it, but you might as well Tales from human fetuses can be used kind of like little factories to develop viruses that then become a part of a vaccine. They can also be used during the testing process to determine the efficacy of a vaccine. In the case of the Pfizer and Madonna vaccines, that's the only way fetal cells were used. But in the Johnson and Johnson, fetal cells were used more directly. The cell line in that case came from a fetus that was aborted back in 1985. Not the fetal cells themselves, but a line that was reproduced from those cells. That's what gave rise to this concern.
Adam: So the fetal cells were also involved in the Pfizer and moderna program,
John: this seems to me if there's involved at all, you can just like well, just like you know, how much is little bit Can we go across this line? Can we cross this line? Can we cross this line?
Adam: It's just like nitpicking. If you want to know which vaccine to take, which is the best, you know, there's only one person who has the answer. And that is team cat. Team. Hello, Dr. Cat arm take talk. She knows what's going on. She can tell you what to do. Dr. Cat take it away.
Unknown: Hey, Dr. Ken, epidemiologist,
a lot of you asked me what's the best vaccine to get. So I have a tip for you. The best vaccine for you to get is the first vaccine that's available to you. Oh, all of the vaccines that are currently approved or about to be approved will keep you out of the ICU and alive, which is the goal of any vaccine program. Especially people in my comments that are saying, Well, I'm high risk. So I want to wait for Pfizer or moderna or whatever brand you think is better. You definitely are somebody as a high risk person that shouldn't be waiting and you should be getting vaccinated sooner and not later. So the best vaccine is the first one available to you. Well,
Adam: I can't wait to sue her. She deserves a lawsuit idiot. Now, what's really troubling is Israel. And I started paying attention to what's happening in Israel regarding vaccinations and Coronavirus. The minute they announced the green passport. And the green passport is the passport that will let you in will let you do things will let you have a life. Coincidentally, the European Union COVID passport is also now being branded as a green passport. I'm pointing this out, because it's not about COVID if it's green, you know what it's going to be used for in the future. It will be used maybe to track your your carbon usage or waste. Just your your physical nastiness and the planet it all go into green passport. This is a troubling, troubling, troubling development with these passports. And then you find out that Israel is pretty much a petri dish right now, and is being used as such, according to the CEO of Pfizer, Pfizer did a huge deal with Israel for their vaccine. Here's Albert Borla. Obviously, post phase three, you've continued to collect data, what have you learned about your vaccine? Is it more effective than we originally told doesn't have weaknesses that have been exposed? What have you found out and a lot of things and we are keep analyzing it and I believe Israel is has become the world's lab right now because they're using only our backs in the states and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population so we can study
both economic and health indexes. What we've seen is that the vaccine efficacy in real world data is getting higher as we speak, following the second vaccination, so seven days compared to 14 days post the second vaccination, there is a difference in efficacy. Okay, two things one, Israel is the world's lab. Okay, and two, I thought it didn't matter when you took your second shot now, the CEO of Pfizer says your second shot after seven days more effective than after 14 days. Where's this news?
John: This is unbelievable.
Adam: It gets better. So Brian of London, who lives in Israel, also very active in podcasting. 2.0 he sent me a clip of Ilana Daniels, she is member of the repair Party, which means be healthy, a brand new party they started because they were against what was happening against what was going down with Israel being turned into a lab against the deal being cut with with Pfizer and apparent forced vaccinations and she gave us a little breathy rundown of her outrage in a impromptu live session.
Unknown: They they took away the head of the parties, his medical license And a removes our platforms from Facebook. And now they won't let the media even write about us. So we want to ask all the international anywhere we can get to get to publicize what we are saying. It's a very bad situation here. They're not letting children as young as 16 to take their matriculation exams without taking this injection. They are, of course, insisting people for work. They're making this green passport, where half the population cannot get into theaters, or malls, or all sorts of things, unless they've taken the vaccination that creating a medical apartheid. They have now issued just this morning, they made it that they're allowed to send each person's private medical records to the local municipality so that they'll know who's taken the injection or not. They're making people wear
Adam: ankle bracelets security bracelet, when they come back from traveling. It's absolutely insane. Now she is very upset. And she's not entirely right on the ankle bracelet. In fact, the bracelet is a hell of a lot more
Unknown: entertaining to see behind me, it's largely deserted. There are four flights that are scheduled to arrive this afternoon. And passengers on those flights will be part and parcel of a new pilot program that is being launched today. And which is hugely controversial. And you will go one would not have imagined that we'd be in a situation now when you arrive in Israel, you have one of two choices, either you quarantine in an army hotel, or you can go home and do a home quarantine for 10 days. But now you have to go home with an electronic monitoring system. This entails wearing an electronic bracelet either around your wrist or your ankle. Now this bracelet is part of a tracking system. It's connected to a smartphone, which is connected to a sticker that is placed on one of the walls of a person's home. The company monitoring the whole system will receive some kind of signal the moment the person steps foot out of their homes as a way to try and stop people breaking home quarantine. And it's also a way for the Israelis to reopen the skies and return to some kind of normality. The company that has designed the technology says that everything is safe, and that people should not be worried. In fact, it is not as intrusive, this technology as other apps that are currently being used in Israel, a company has also stressed the point that it's not monitoring any kind of personal information. It's not recording any information. And at the same time, it's not
taking pictures. It's also said that the bracelet is to quote comfortable that it is efficient that people won't even know that they have it on them. It's very light and it's waterproof. It actually gone so far as to call it a freedom bracelet saying that it gives writing is another choice. Army hotel quarantine or a home quarantine.
Adam: No, that's not Orwellian. It's a freedom bracelet. You have the freedom to stay home,
Unknown: stay in your house,
Adam: don't move away from the sticker. This is concerning because it's a time when I get a red book entry that I'm really not happy about these passports are real and they're happening and I want to listen to this one Wall Street Journal report and then we can talk about what the passports will be because they're inevitable
Unknown: Julio Kenyatta is flying to New York, and before he can board his flight, he has to prove that he's COVID free. You download
the app on your phone, and it has all your information.
This is a okay pass a digital health passport that verifies whether someone has tested negative for the Coronavirus or gotten inoculated. It's also known as a vaccine passport and meant to be easier to use and more reliable than paper immunization cards.
Medical results often are not even printed in a way that it's
easy to. To interpret. Our system can verify health records.
Since the pandemic has devastated the travel industry, airports and Rome, Paris and Singapore as well as airlines like JetBlue and united are experimenting with similar apps. They will compete for a slice of the global market for travel health services and certifications, which a okay past estimates is worth nearly $20 billion. travel industry experts say this type of digital health certificate could be a game changer, not just for tourism, but live events and schools. So here's how digital health passports work. travelers who weren't able to take a COVID-19 test before departure at this airport in Rome can get swapped at a testing site. So By the airport. While waiting for the result, passengers can download the apk pass app and input their personal information like their birthday and email address. Within 30 minutes, the result is available. If the traveler tests negative, the app creates a unique QR code that serves as proof.
Adam: I believe this clip tells us exactly what is coming. First, there's a $20 billion industry, which is already being rolled out by making testing available at the airport, this clip had some video of it. And you see poor schmuck travelers with with the you know, in cubicles, with with sticks being jabbed into their face. They will never do a vaccine only passport, the way this is going to go down a tap into the money is it can be your vaccinated or you have a recent test that shows you are not that you are negative. And the whole idea is just like TSA frequent, you know, the the clear pass TSA Pre is if you take the vaccine, you won't have this hassle. Otherwise, you're gonna have to get a test every single time you get on an airplane. And it's going to be everywhere, and it will be domestic in the United States too. And this will naturally force people towards getting the vaccine.
John: Well, let's hope there's some really talented lawyers out there that put a stop to that. Yeah,
Adam: breaking news about the Johnson and Johnson fetal matter vaccine. And this morning, Johnson and Johnson saying they'll soon test their single shot dose on children, even newborns and pregnant women. There's something sick about putting putting newborn cells into newborns. Hmm.
John: Yeah, it's kind of ironic, okay.
Adam: This is not a vaccine people. It's a medical device. They are lying to you. It's not a vaccine to medical device that works. In a nuclear live, what do you call a Moloch? molecular level? It's disgusting.
John: Well, that was the most depressing opening for quite a while.
Adam: Well, then, let me see if I can make you feel better with these words from one of our favorite preachers. Before we get in, Let's pray. Let's pray. Heavenly Father in heaven, Heavenly Father. Nothing like someone say Heavenly Father,
Unknown: heavenly father or heart. Man.
Adam: Let me see if there's anything else we need to do on the I mean, what else do I have?
John: I have two clips.
Adam: I'm sure you've got some vaccines that
John: I want to get rid of. And this is a logo you did your local thing on Austin. I'm going to do this low. This is our local thing this keikyu at our local station on the reopenings because we're going to be reopening and you're going to hear some reporting especially in clip number two some very talented reporters,
Adam: QED local I'm sorry,
John: I'm sorry local women that work at K QED but let's here's the open.
Adam: It's important that they're local women. Is it just important if they're local or
John: local talent that talent is talent?
Unknown: Que EDS Leslie mcclurg. She spoke with afternoon host Tara Siler
and Leslie these counties can now join San Mateo and Marin, which moved from the purple to the red tier last week. reminds us of what changes we can expect under the red tier.
It's lots of fun stuff. It'll make things like shopping a lot easier because more people will be allowed inside one time with limited capacity based on the county. Some fun activities can now be available like the Ferris wheel for example, inside Golden Gate Park.
Here's a pretty formal list from James R. Williams. He's a county council in Santa Clara County
retail museums, zoos and aquariums, movie theaters, gyms and fitness centers and significantly indoor dining Whoo.
Adam: And fin shop.
John: That that's that's clip one. Okay, well then we go to clip two where we also have London breed comes in here and she talks about people wearing masks we added a mask mask mask and then we have a kind of an in depth here we have the these reporters they get paid real money and they have a limited vocabulary but it seems
Unknown: and Mayor London breed emphasize that this is really good news. Really good news.
Things are opening up. But we have to be careful to prevent you know these lockdowns from happening again
in the future.
So that means that for example, when you're at a restaurant waiting for your table, keep your mask on.
When your waiter walks up to the table,
put your mask on. When you go to the restroom, put your mask on
So Leslie, yes,
we have been here before in the red tear. What's to say that reopening won't put us right back into another search?
It's a really big, really big, really big question, Mark. I mean, I remember last
fall when we went into the yellow tear in San Francisco, and we were all thrilled that we're finally kind of out of the dark days. And it seemed like before I knew it, I was back reporting on the fact that surges, were really spiking, really spiking, really spiking. And so it really depends, really depends, really depends. And officials are really urging really urging folks to take this really seriously really seriously.
Because if viral transmission goes up, and we see spikes and cases rise, and hospitalizations rise, these openings and closings are based on data, we will shut back down. So
it all depends on how seriously and how careful we are as the public so that we won't go back to the purple tier and we move hopefully, into the orange tier instead in a few weeks.
Adam: John Dvorak, where do you find the time? The purple tear to the orange here, huh?
John: No, no purple, red to orange. You gotta get these.
Adam: I've got it all yours. Correct.
This is very, that was Yes. You have some great talent up there. Over there. Over there on the left. And with that, I feel it is time for me to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in the PCR lowered in Ontario, to 35 john c. devorah. Oh, there it is.
Everybody doesn't drink any old American beer.
I had no idea. There were so many Pabst Blue Ribbon songs in the universe. Unbelievable. This
John: morning to you. In the morning the dames and knights out there. Listen today to today's show. Yes. Dred Scott at the top of our list.
Adam: Hello. We have a lot of things to do. And you keep doing this. We've been doing it for 14 years. I'm gonna say in the morning to the troll room first.
John: Oh, in the morning to the troll room. Yeah,
Adam: that isn't no agenda where you can log in. And you can troll along in the troll room. And bam rose. Why did you do that? See now bemrose had to go do the troll count. That is just rude. That is just rude. I'm doing the troll count. trolls. Raise your hands. Okay, there you go. We got 1856 it is a Thursday. So it's reasonable. Unbelievable. just counting the trolls
John: during the height. That's really where do we have 22
Adam: now that's right when people were home. No agenda is where you can hang out with all the live shows live shows that are pre shows live shows that are shows before you after it's and then just shows that rollout because everyone loves them. There are no agenda all talk no commercials sometimes some cool commercial free music with the double O. And when you're in there, you can ask for one of the last remaining invites for no agenda social calm, which is our social network, which is federated so you can connect with any other mastodon type system pleroma works as Gitmo dot life have their own version. And we're locking it down to 10,000 to keep everything on this timeline in check, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to participate and follow and be followed. And if you'd like an invite for that, ask for it in the troll and then sign up no agenda Now we need to thank the artist for our previous episode. This was Episode 1325. We titled it leap aside. For those who celebrated their the their birthday on the wrong day on the 28th instead of the 29th the artwork was brought to us by mountain j nice piece of a missile titled diplomacy flying through the air with the curiously designed D which looks a lot like the Democratic Party in the diplomacy.
John: At that gi is the Democratic Party's new logo.
Adam: That's the logo. All right. Yeah, it was a very nice piece and I'd love to talk about the other pieces that were on on the art generator. However, sadly, and this is the downside of a value for value show. We had two problems with two of our infrastructure pieces. This past week one is no agenda show dotnet which had already been experiencing problems updating. I was Not able to get a hold of the dude named Ben producer who was doing it again, you know, Eric says searching all over the for everybody. And so we decided to make a judgment call because it had been at almost four days since an episode updated second times it happened in two weeks. So we just flipped it temporarily to no agenda so at least you can get your most recent episode. Latest word is that will be everything will be fixed and back to normal by today. However, no agenda art generator, we split up our duties on this and john, you you went looking for Sir Paul couture and what do we know about the art generators seeing as it's still our
John: generator be down for for today and for? I don't know how it may be a next show to Paul's in the wind? In the wind? i? He's in the wind.
Adam: That means he have you have we had contact with him?
John: No, it's not possible to get ahold of him. Okay, I have a pretty good idea how to get ahold of them. And I'm going to continue to try. But until we get a hold of him to sing, you'll be like this. This has happened with Paul before. Yeah. And it'll be fixed eventually. So what we are going to do today is Darren Oh, Neil has been assigned the job of creating the art because for two reasons. One, he always produces four pieces. One's always usable, and can always win in on any given show. So right, we're getting pressured
Adam: pressures on four. Hmm.
John: Well, you don't want to say that. Yeah, I do. Like, hey, Darren, don't choke.
Adam: So the choke moving moving forward, though, and this is sad. Because I love the distributed nature of the no agenda show. We rely too much on our website for it to sort of for us not to be able to do anything if it goes down. And same for the arc generator. Although we have many backups and I know people have made backups, we really need to move that into infrastructure that we can at least to tap into. And void zero said that he's very happy to to work with the, you know, bemrose and all the guys who do the the wizardry of our of everything else, certainly for the delivery of files, those things happen. Yeah,
John: these things you don't Yeah. Even when you don't have value for value. It happens. I mean, I remember the AOL update. That was done it with millions of people some years back, probably around 95.
Adam: Did that go wrong? I can't remember what happened. It went down.
John: They were down for days. Oh, gosh, I
Adam: think I do remember that. What did people did wasn't their baby boom. At that time, when that wave was nothing. They had nothing left to do at that point.
John: Actually, maybe earlier than that. It was it was in the early it was before the internet really took off and kicked, kicked their ass. But these sort of things happen. And we're sorry, but luckily, we do have enough of a meta structure is fantastic. And I know Derek Darren will come up with some pieces that don't start everyone submitting. We'll get back to normal soon. And I don't want to discourage anybody else. And the only reason is I can't we chose Darren is because he's extremely consistent. And he's always been doing this and he was hit and it's something that he can do I mean, I and it'll be good cuz he
Adam: asked me it's a it's a career moment.
John: Secure? Yes. He only designated artists in the history of the show.
Adam: And it makes it a heck of a lot harder for a Dred Scott to do our podcasting 2.0 images. So we'll see what he comes up with. A thank you to Dred Scott for doing that. And more and more podcast apps are now showing the chapters the transcripts, you can search inside of it new podcast join the revolution. Everyone else's all the cool kids are.
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Unknown: out. We hit people in the mouth.
Adam: couple of quick update and then I have a little thing I'd like to present which I think you're like, update on Texas with the fallout from now all you've heard in the mainstream is a stupid man. republicans did it. This was clearly a huge financial scam. That Yes, Texas. We got bamboozled by this deregulation. And we're seeing now multiple firms filing for bankruptcy. All because they owe tremendous amounts of money to the to Urquhart to the the exchange where they trade their electricity, because a lot of them made some pretty bad bets and they could not deliver the electricity. They had pre the energy they had pre sold. And when it's at $9,000. And you can't, you can't you can't provide it, you got to go buy it from somebody else. That's why we have which, which one is this brazos electric power cooperative $1.8 billion in the hole. They're filing for bankruptcy. There are other firms that I'm told that will be filing for multibillion dollar bank or bankruptcy protection, I should say, because we'll see what ultimately happens with him. And there was also some anomaly with an eye and it's still sketchy, but the details are dripping in sir Jean is all over this, that some of the power generators went on when they shouldn't and that was seemed like a weird bug. I'm just putting it out there. In case you hear about it between now and Sunday. But if you really want to go to to the crux of it, this one clip will explain outside of the financial incentives to basically
trade ourselves into into oblivion here during the Cold Snap Harry schlanger. Who I remember from researchgate. We played a lot of stuff from him back in the days of the early when it was still global warming before it came climate change. And the what the university that had doctored world Ford had sent emails Anglia, East Anglia about changing values which of course has been debunked. You're crazy Curry. But he kind of laid it down. Well, if you say to anyone East Anglia that they were fudging with the numbers, someone will stand up in your face and say that's been debunked.
John: That's bullcrap.
Adam: I know. I'm just saying it. That's what people say. That's how it goes them protecting us. Hey, so Harry's gonna tell us who exactly is responsible. It's a
Unknown: doozy. The idea that you privatized markets. You use the the mantra of competition with competition and markets, we can bring down the prices. But what did they really do with deregulation? They create aidid and an operation in which monopoly type swindlers can come in, drive everyone out of business. And the only ones who can stay in competition are the ones who don't do anything to upgrade or maintain their their plant and equipment, their distribution centers. And so there was no winterization no, regardless of what caused the weather, and by the way, we've had cold weather in Texas before I lived there for 30 years, and we had some freezes there. You know, all this unprecedented weather stuff is made up by these global warming Kooks, but we did have cold weather before, though we had more nuclear power and more coal were oil and gas and no damn windmills in the 80s and 90s. Now who brought in the windmills in Texas? It was Rick Perry. Under the influence of T. Boone Pickens, and the belief that we were going to soon run out of oil. So we needed another energy source. This goes into the whole derivatives question. And so you had a bunch of rich Texas oil men who gambled the ranch on windmills, at the same time, deregulating the system completely, so that in order to stay in business, companies had to cut their costs in any way possible, which means they never winterized. So you have the worst of all possible worlds. And deregulation run by
monopolists, and a green New Deal run by psychotic lunatics. The states that didn't have a problem with the cold front are the ones that didn't go so big, with windmills that still had nuclear plants to still had coal fire plants on why crush the green new deal and don't let this great reset take place, because the great reset will deregulate everything, which means that the cartels will control everything. And I think that's the lesson that comes out of Texas.
Adam: So I'm interesting that he added the great reset to his analysis. Maybe something to that.
John: And I sound like a rant. Alright. I think 70% of the power in this country is still from coal, and people don't want to talk about it. coal and gas fire,
Adam: of course, of course. But if you if you have an exchange where it's down to the margins, and people are doing derivative trading in energy, there's little incentive, which was my analysis from day one, to actually make sure you're ready for stuff, because they were too busy making money to think about anything else. So it's a number of different things.
John: Well, we've already gone through this and California came and went as the Enron people
Adam: that it can still happen again, in California, you have you have a an RTO because still happen.
John: Anyway, something really needed before it's not gonna happen. Okay, it only gets told two or three times.
Adam: For me once, twice, maybe three times but then we'll really figure it out. The clubhouse cou needs to be discussed. There was a clip and whenever there's a clip, a mall and just a clip. I'm always looking for what happened what really took place. And this is Brett Weinstein. Is it Weinstein or Weinstein? Does he prefer Weinstein? I'm not sure. Do you think is Weinstein Weinstein? Brett Weinstein,
John: I had this it's funny that you I'm glad you got this clip. It's like I felt I heard this clip when I heard it. First time. I am thinking this is a guy who is that this would happen it with his brother. His brother. I can read. The other guy is the biologist
Adam: now. This is Greg. Hello. Brett is the biologist.
John: No, I thought no. This
Adam: is the guy. This is the guy the guy. Okay. This is Brett Weinstein. I'm telling you Eric Weinstein is his brother who works for Peter teal. This is I thought
John: this was Eric the gun this clip noses sounds more like Eric and Brett.
Adam: When you take it from me that is Brett. Sure. Okay. It's Brett. And you know, right from his NPR wife who talks like this once? Well, I
John: did. It makes my story even better. If you can play the clip.
Unknown: We're not gonna we're not we're not even gonna do that. He knows exactly what we asked him. Brett, are you anti racist? Are you transphobic? Are you anti black? Like, give us the answers right now and quickly? Are
you gonna get off the stage? Sure. 100% but
let me correct something Marcy said for 100%
what are you 100%? anti black or are you 100% anti racist? What's
going on? Okay,
I am 100% sure that he had made Marcy explained what was happening when he tried No,
I just wanted to know.
Can you please stop trying to let this man wiggle out of the answering the question.
Adam: First of all, I'm
Unknown: not a classical liberal. I'm an actual liberal. Okay, far left have been my whole life. I am thoroughly anti racist by any normal definition, but I don't like him. This definition of anti racist, that doesn't make sense to me. I'm not by any stretch of the imagination, a white supremacist. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure whether I qualify as white. I'm Jewish. It's a different thing. My people are persecuted by Europeans,
who are just spicy white, we continue. Okay, fine.
I'll take that. I just don't think it's a simple issue. All right. So
Adam: tell me your impressions. And I will tell you what I think is going on here.
John: Well, first of all, I've never seen anyone handle a situation like this so poorly. And we've actually on this show discussed strategies for this sort of attack. And now that we're throwing it back at the attacker and probably throwing their privilege back at him. But this was Brett was the same guy. It was evergreen. He was the by one of the top biologists in the world regarding certain theoretical construct behavioral
Adam: know evolutionary biology.
John: Yeah, evolutionary biologist. And he was cowed out of his job because he would it did what happened at evergreen was they were going to have a, they have some all black day where the all the whites are supposed to leave the campus and the blacks get to stay there and the other people of color. And he didn't want to do it. He says, I'm not why should I what's the deal here? This is like a racist thing is so they bunch of students came in, and he started yelling and screaming at him, and they drove him out of the campus, and they got pissed off that he wouldn't play their game. And he quit the college and so did his wife who also worked there. But there is lots of tape. So we played them when they were when it happened. And it was the same thing. He just, he acts like a weasel in these situations and says, Well, I'm a I'm a classical liberal, even though I mean, the whole this it was, I felt it was cringe worthy to listen to this poor guy. Not stand up for his Nope, apparently no backbone. I said the word. No backbone. And it's it was, I thought it was, it was hard to listen to.
Adam: So I dove into this. Now I have a little bit of an advantage. I have done 69 shows with Mo Mo facts. says a lot of hours I've been we talk I you know, I'm a little. I have some bias perhaps but I've learned a lot of different things. First of all, the comment for him to say, I'm not white, I'm Jewish. Okay. Okay. If I may. This woman, Marcy is a professional. She knew what she was doing. She may be one of these trained Marxist, she did not call him a racist. She did not call him a white supremacist, white nationalist. She said, Are you a white supremacist? At no point? Did she call him a racist or a bigot or anything like that. And that is specifically because if you really and I won't get too deep in this, but the true meaning of white supremacy, is what many people still live under. It comes originally from the European families who were Supreme. They go to any country, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, there's there's kings and queens, you know, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, everyone's got a king that is the original supremacy, they were called white supremacy because that was their color that was their, their, their brand. In fact, you've heard of Venetian cruise, which was a makeup that even Queen Elizabeth the first use to make themselves look white, because a lot of these people in the families in the rich original families were not so white that came from Southern Europe, they had all of skin. So that became kind of their brand. And that's where the
term white supremacy comes from. We still I would say live under a version of supremacy. Just look at the assholes who run the show. Now when she says are you a white supremacist? She has a reason for this. And this is something I that most people don't know months ago, moe pointed out clubhouse to me months ago. And now I never downloaded the app. I had no interest. But the way the reason he told me about clubhouse he said, bro, people are leaving YouTube. They're paying content creators over at clubhouse. He says it's the blackest app in the App Store, along with cash app, the blackest app in the app store for months, and they were paying black creators to leave YouTube and go make stuff over clubhouse. And then the old switcheroo took place once they had traction and just imagine I'm putting my name by myself in in black skin for a moment. Imagine you've and it was it was black Bitcoin. It was Black entrepreneurs, of course, tons of woke BLM stuff as well. But it was a black 90 95% black. And then when they had some some critical mass going, the owners flip around and go, Oh, cool. Now let's bring in some celebrities who do they bring in the whitest of all white people you can imagine rich white guys, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan. And then you get a whole bunch of other white guys coming in with attitude, and basically taking over their app. No, I'm sure Brett Weinstein had no idea what what was going on over there. And if you hear the preamble to this braiding that
he got, which is about a minute, you can hear these, this group, including Marcy talking about, you know, what the hell is going on here. And you'll get a little bit of understanding of how they feel that their digital space was hijacked.
Unknown: I'm taking some time to notice to who's in here. Thank you to whoever do me, right. But Brett Weinstein Yeah, I'm calling you out. Somebody that they really promote on this app, right? I'm always seeing him like not even the town halls on the stage. But in the audience. He's always like having such a huge influence on this app. Right. And his sneakers mad racist. Like Mark. Mark. Mark, Brett Weinstein under fellas Felicity under exotic, so exotic and then Felicity. 30 32,000 followers, but you're talking about I'm seeing none of that. What's up, we're calling to put this in a little bit more of a
perspective on Brett Eric and, and I'll let him speak for himself. But they are kind of a part of all the
classical liberal groups or think I don't know, I don't know what to call it. But they're kind of a part of that. The intellectual, dark web.
Adam: So this is how I read the situation. We've got a complete hijack of the community. Everybody was fine, it was doing great. And then slowly, the black people on the app saw it being moved towards white promoted, you're promoting this guy, they're promoting this guy. It's all white guys. And then what we didn't hear is the three hour conversation that led up to this. Now a little bit from Brett and his wife's Podcast, where he explains what has happened. And with this context of we just got hijacked by a bunch of old, rich white guys. He's very apparent in how he describes what happened. What happened yesterday, is that Michael Tracy, the journalist started a room in when the title was approximately his clubhouse to obsessed with woke ism or something like that. Now, just imagine you've had this place. And now there's these white guys saying it's clubhouse, our clubhouse to obsessed with woke ism, whatever. In any case, I went into this room quite late. I think the discussion was well underway. Michael Tracy was, I believe, having difficulty moderating the room.
Unknown: A person
Adam: came on to the stage to speak and challenge the fact that there were by her accounting, no people of color, with moderator privileges. Michael Tracy made her a moderator. I did not see that interaction. But that's what I've been told. And then a coup took place. And everybody in the room acknowledged by the end of this discussion that it was a coup. This from a university professor to call something happened on clubhouse a coup and it was a coup and everybody agreed. C'mon Weinstein. So the person who had been given moderator privileges first kicked Michael Tracy out of the off the stage, then kicked all white people off the stage and the conversation radically shifted. And you know, so it was takeover now, at one level who cares about some takeover in some ephemeral room on clubhouse? Yes, on the stop. Exactly. My first question, why are you wasting your time there other than vanity? Why are you even going to something ephemeral, other than just just to be in the scene. It's some kind of weird FOMO it's doesn't doesn't suit you other hand, the nature of clubhouse is a discussion. And what took place in that room was stunning, not just to me, but to many people, including Peter Bogosian who was in the audience and Benjamin Boyce. Now, I would point out that Peter Bogosian, Benjamin Boyce and myself are
Unknown: three very well versed people when it comes to discussions of wokeness racial interactions, right? It would be hard to impress us and you had all three of us were impressed with what took place in this room. It was shocking.
Adam: And I think a learning moment is in place here. I can only imagine what that whole, that whole discussion was about, as they are the experts on wokeness and racism and integrations, I can understand why these people got angry. So Who the hell are you shut up and go away? No one has the context of what clubhouse was and how it's basically been destroyed. And we can just listen to what actually happened, how he actually was addressed, instead of the one clip that you heard
Unknown: was that you Marcy, who was saying something about who I am?
Yeah, I was trying to give some context to these rooms. And I don't. I wasn't here earlier. And apparently, some things were said that were insensitive. I was trying to catch up. But I was, you know, trying to explain that you have a podcast and your popular office app for your POV on woke ism and stuff like that. That's all I was trying to frame it.
Also in DC, am I mistaken?
Are you also an investor on this app as well? No, no,
Adam: no, no, I'm not an investor.
Unknown: I'm the promoter like you're
Adam: i don't i don't know that
Unknown: there's any promotion.
Adam: Do you see the issues? This is the issue. Been here a little while I did get an invite fairly early on, but I don't think there's been any promotion.
Unknown: Okay, with bated effect,
Adam: if you are anti wokeness. In the progression of black people. Do you believe in white supremacy? Do you believe in white? Are those sentiments that you stand by people who are saying that you have spewed racism across this app? So can you speak to that phobia?
Unknown: Yesterday?
I was down in the audience. What happened? Yeah,
what happened?
Can I can I ask something of you? Before I answer your questions,
did you answer those questions? Do you support white supremacy? Are you anti racist? And,
Adam: okay, I'm happy to do all these things. But I would ask you to try to listen, no,
Unknown: listen, listen.
we ask you some questions, you can answer them and you can go.
Adam: Here's the problem. You see, that's what it is. This has nothing to do specifically with race, but by a hijack of a different class. And it's just it's explained with white supremacy, because that's a class struggle, not a color struggle. And sadly, a lot of trolls think that this is about race, but it's not. It is it is about a digital. It's a digital, battlefield. Four who owns it. In the end, the people who build clubhouse are just pissed off that they got jacked. That's what that's the problem here. It's not about someone being a racist or not. And that's all I got.
John: Okay, I found the whole thing to be tedious.
Adam: Well, clubhouse is, of course, completely unnecessary in anyone's life. Who needs this?
John: But I can't use it anyway. And neither can use this. You don't use an apple?
Adam: Yeah. Now there's probably reasons for that. There's probably reasons for that, too. But ultimately, I think clubhouse did themselves no favor by building it up and then pulling the rug and changing it and promoting a bunch of intellectual white guys. I know how that looks. It's dumb.
John: Yeah. And if for some reason it reminds me of GamerGate. Well, let's get back to the news. I wanted to break down the Cuomo apology because he's crying in it. And I'm starting to notice some interesting trends in the way people in certain leaders are speaking. And this is I've so I took the apology that he did and put it into three pieces. One, two, and three. And in each one of them, at least the first to emphasize something that Joe Biden does. Let's go with policy. Part One.
Unknown: As you probably know, the Attorney General is doing an independent review, and I will fully cooperate with that review. Now, the lawyers say, I shouldn't say anything, when you have a pending review until that review is over. I understand that. I'm a lawyer too. But I want New Yorkers to hear from me directly on this First, I fully support a woman's right to come forward. And I think it should be encouraged in every way. I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly apologize for feel awful about it. And frankly, I am embarrassed by it. And that's not easy to say. But that's the truth. But this is what I want you to know. And I want you to know this from me directly. I never touched anyone, inappropriately. I never touched anyone inappropriately.
Adam: Please don't look at the dead old people.
John: Not going to death. Well, that's definitely part of this. Now he is emphasis here as he supports the woman women's rights to come forward. Is that in the Constitution, a Bill of Rights was the right to come forward.
Adam: Well, everyone is wondering, everyone has the freedom of speech. So that right is God given. So yes, it's not it's not anything special. Except he feels that he maybe he grants that right. Maybe he feels godly.
John: And then he does this thing that he does and Biden does. At the very end. Did you catch it?
Adam: I'm not sure what you're referring to.
John: He repeats himself word for word.
Adam: Oh, right. Right. A little slower than he originally.
John: Well, you can play the end again, you can hear it.
Unknown: But this is what I want you to know. And I want you to know this from me directly. I never touched anyone, inappropriately. I never touched inappropriately,
John: not slower,
Adam: not faster, you have to say. identical, you have to say it three times for it stick though.
John: Now he got a biting. So by making a collection of these to make a supercut. I only have one so far. Biden does the same. You've got to start. I got to start but you might have to play the bite in one. You can hear the example of him doing it. Okay.
Unknown: Get this a dose of hope. A dose of hope. Yeah.
John: A dose of hope, a dose of hope. So, okay, so part two of Cuomo. He does the repeating thing again, I cut her off right after he finishes it. And then we go into the last part. This is only 13 seconds before he does another repetition.
Unknown: I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable. I never knew at the time I was making anyone feel uncomfortable.
Adam: Hmm. I know where this is leading. Where I know, I know where this is leading. It's not about his intent. It's about how someone felt. Isn't that the role?
John: No. It's always the role should apology? That's the
Adam: rule. Yeah.
John: Yeah, I usually do that. But so then he does something interesting. And he did kind of twist a little bit. He does a good job of hiding it what you just described, which is the classic bullshit apology or you say, I'm sorry, if it made you feel bad.
Adam: I know. It's I apologize. Not I'm sorry.
John: I apologize. Well, he he actually says I'm sorry. As opposed to I'm by Paul, I apologize. If you felt that I did something wrong. I apologize. This throws it on the person. Yep. But he just apologized. douchebag but this is it. This is another interesting little twist he has in here. And I didn't catch it right away. But listen to this. This is the formal apology three. And I certainly never, ever meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone or cause anyone any pain. That is the last thing I would ever want to do. I asked the people of this state to wait for the facts from the Attorney General's report before forming an opinion.
Unknown: The facts please before forming an opinion and the Attorney General is doing that review. I will fully cooperated with it. And then you will have the facts and make a decision when you know the facts. I also want you to know that I have learned from what has been an incredibly difficult situation for me, as well as other people. And I've learned an important lesson. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, for whatever pain I caused anyone, I never intended it. And I will be the better for this experience
Adam: in 10, doesn't matter.
John: Now, there's another little thing he does here. He builds up to I've learned a lesson and he's about to tell you what lesson What lesson did he learn? Do we know what lesson did you learn?
Adam: I think the one I described but he doesn't say it.
John: What does he say? says I've learned a lesson and then he goes right into time. Sorry. repeating it. I'm sorry. Wait. I'm a Adam. Yeah, I learned something today.
Adam: What did you learn?
John: I'm sorry. It doesn't really make any sense.
Adam: Let me hear at the end again, hold on,
Unknown: for me, as well as other people. And I've learned an important lesson. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. For whatever pain I caused anyone. I never intended it. And I will be the better for this experience. Well,
Adam: I think he's saying that intent doesn't matter. It's how you feel. But he's not saying that's what he's
John: saying. That's the same but what is the lesson specifically?
Adam: That's the lesson he learned. The lesson he learned is that intent doesn't matter. That's the lesson that that is the only lesson It doesn't matter what you said or did if it made me feel bad. You're guilty to have Oh, that's the whole social justice warrior mantra. I'm triggered
John: it's it's this Blizzard and by the way, the beginning you couldn't hear it. But if you saw it and watched it, he was kind of faking it like crying at the end the first
Adam: week No, we heard it at the beginning we heard him do Now let me ask you what a crock. Here's what I'm saying. So the guy's an embarrassment because he not only did some things that was indirectly or maybe directly responsible for a lot of old people dying and we know in the UK I'm sure it's similar here 79 years old average age so old people were dying. That could have also been to help out some voting bloc that he appreciates we don't know that's all speculation was that may or may not come out in the wash. But he got he was embraced by Hollywood. Hollywood embraced him and with Hollywood I mean cable news to his brother, CNN. He was heralded my uncle long time long time CIA smart guy now in his 90s Oh, Cuomo is our shining star. We look forward to his his press conference every day. He really is leading us so then he got an Emmy. And then it started to get ugly because they figured out that the you know, a lot of people died and he was pretty responsible it certainly he didn't do the right thing. So then they gave him the Hollywood take down Hollywood cannot have this on their record. So that I'm sorry to say but the Hollywood way is me too is you drum up some accusations boom This is a Hollywood takedown
John: Well, you always have this theory and i've i've subscribed to it mostly which is that if you get the Emmy isn't a this is a twisted version of it. If you get the Emmy now you're like a star so that you've been built up because you did the Emmys a big deal he got me from Yep, yep. The press conferences Holy mackerel. Yep. And so the only time it's ever been done he give him an Emmy for press comes because he's so good. And so you build him up and you put them on all these shows they jokes around with his brother on CNN the whole thing that's the big build up but then one first opportunity comes along the same people will do the takedown which was should make it worse than it would have been normally. He's not getting away with anything. He murdered those people
Adam: not discussed. We'll see with the hour they like
John: to me to thing but it will be discussed is there's indictments coming up. I can't imagine the lawsuits from the family. It's gonna be out of control.
Adam: Is it sealed indictments? Do you think that that's you know what's back with this.
Unknown: Another tale of the Hollywood whackers
Adam: taking them down cool. Going down the Hollywood whackers they're gonna get him and they don't want they don't want his nasty stank on their Hollywood man on their 1.2 rating in the in the in the target demo
John: ready people who don't he can't people should understand that that rating is be dead kind of rating that they would cut the show off halfway through it puts up reruns of Toby Gillis, they would not
Adam: run the rerun on the West Coast done. They would not air.
John: Yeah, they should have been pulled from the west coast feed period. Yeah.
Adam: Insane. It is a technical thing, a tech technical report that I wanted to discuss with you, because it's the kind of thing that used to get discussed on this week in tech. And I'm sure that there'll be too busy talking about some new phone. This is a big Microsoft for lease. technology and media entities joined forces to create standards group aimed at building trust in online content.
John: Did you see this? This list, but it's been they've been talking about Trusted Computing for since the late 80s. Pretty much what does that mean? Or actually they started talking about about the mid 90s. I'm wrong? Because it was it really came into play with the internet.
Adam: And what did that mean? What was the thought behind that?
John: The idea was that, because people have been, you know, I think this may have started coming around during the heyday of the computer virus is that you can't you you can't naturally trust communications with another machine, you don't know if you're really talking to somebody, it could be somebody else. There's all these issues with the code that went from here to there and then had been hacked in between and there was no way to knowing the difference if it was hacked or not. It was it had a lot to do with, with breaches, mostly.
Adam: So it was more security. And I think HTTPS came out of that. Certainly, as we were using credit cards, we needed some kind of measure that you know, that's the little lock icon, okay, I'm safe on this website, I've got a good. That's kind of what that was for.
Unknown: Well,
Adam: this is the Coalition for content, provenance and authentic and authenticity, also known as the SI to PA, a joint development foundation between Adobe arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft, and true pic, as they form a coalition to develop end to end open standard for tracing the origin and evolution of digital content. So I read from their release, a group of influential technology and media companies have partnered to form the Coalition for content provenance and authenticity. CPAs ctpa, a joint development foundation project established to address the prevalence of disinformation misinformation, and online content fraud through developing technical standards for certifying the source and history or provenance of media content. founding members Adobe arm BBC, Intel, Microsoft and truepic seek to establish a standard of provenance solution with a goal of combating misleading content. And it's they want to trace this all the way back to the CPU level, to watermark, something that was created on your computer based upon the CPU that was in your computer at the time, which I guess gives you some kind of, you know, fingerprint, like
John: they probably have a serial number they can use. This is like what is that little thing a Mac, MAC address, the Mac? Now I've my take on this if I was going to do analysis is that this is a smokescreen to what they really want to speak is what I'll tell you why I say this. I agree. Because Adobe is involved, and Adobe is the number one they're just they just beside themselves with piracy. And this is about piracy. It's not about content. I mean, yeah, it sounds great. But in fact, if you start looking at it, you want to you want to have a CI you can have a CPU attached to a pirated copy of something and then you can track it back to somebody and go arrest them. Yeah,
Adam: Yeah, that'd be dynamite. That's what the plan is.
John: Yeah, it's about DC Microsoft is a freak about it because their stuff has been pirated constantly Adobe is really a freak about it because their stuff is being pirated these other guys I have no idea why arm is involved in processing processor. Yeah, but I think Yeah, but they're not really they don't make processors all they do is sell IP. And no, they maybe they think their IP could be I think the Chinese are probably I would guess If you're designing a processor from scratch, you have to pay arm a bunch of money to use their IP, which is the bait. It's designed for processors that are kind of like it's not open source, it's like a very specific design for a processor that you can then modify is designed to be modified this what Apple does with the processor that's in the iPad and and now in the phone, I believe they use that too. And all the Chinese get ahold of this, um, the basic code and and says you're going to be modifying that crap out of it is so it does, it's almost impossible to get busted. And, but it probably be less so if you could start tracking the CPUs where it came from and who God is or you can This is the only thing. The only reason I think arm would be involved.
Adam: I like it. I like it. And allow me to read from the from other pieces of the press release because it totally. So what you're saying is smokescreen bullcrap, of course, it would be great to track down someone who did something horrible on on the internet, and posted something horrible, that would be great to track it back. But really, it's about making sure that you're not running pirated copies of their shit, that's really what it comes down to. So the formation of the CTP a brings together founding members of the Adobe led content authenticity initiation initiative they are and the Microsoft and BBC led project origin, unifying technical specifications specifications under a single entity, there comes the CIA is building a system to provide provenance and history for digital media, giving creators a tool to claim authorship, and empowering consumers to evaluate whether what they are seeing is trustworthy. Project origin has its roots in the production and distribution of news that's a BBC and Microsoft part. The effort is focused on tackling disinformation in the digital news ecosystem. By attaching signals to a piece of content to demonstrate its integrity, and making this information available to those using it with the foundation of the ctpa technical standards will be unified. While these two entities continue to pursue adoption, prototyping and education within their respective communities. And the involvement of true pic is interesting as true
pics development on the first negative integration of hardware secured photo capture smart techniques and smartphone technology. Which I find interesting in the context of these n NF T's which are all of a sudden popping up where you can prove that you own a digital image without these assholes involved in it. Adobe Microsoft BBC could be a counter move to that to this day in the money
John: that's being made. Could be an element could be an element but this is bull crap This is what is it going to do. For example, you're going to stop reading the Gateway Pundit usually what about people that create the content themselves from scratch?
Adam: The first of all, he
John: This doesn't make it if you think about it, what they're trying to do is this is the proof stuff is bogus. It's not like it doesn't get proven by the by the community at large that jump all over every piece of phony information that floats around. Yes, something will come out quickly and become a big, like a go around as a rumor real fast and kind of just make a mega mess. But it gets cleaned up by itself. It's already gets cleaned up. This is bullcrap this whole system. This is again, I'll stay with it. I
Adam: think you're right. I think you're right. Say it again.
John: It doesn't make any sense. Yeah, and Adobe is like the number one freak out. They have been ripped off left and right and they just don't like it.
Adam: So the result will be more people moving away from these platforms. Because they're going to be tracking you whether it's for their copyright or for you know,
John: obvious getting to the point where it's getting close enough now that there are competitors to Photoshop from quite the game there are compared their art and GIMP is actually not as bad as I
Adam: is that you make it out to be
John: as I make it out to be. But there are other products that are out there that are quite good. And they're for most Photoshop uses Photoshop has also kind of featured itself into a corner with just too much crazy stuff that it does. And I mean, I just like Adobe's I liked when they started the idea of this subscription, they kind of made it work and it worked very well and it seemed like it was worth the price. But, but keep adding shares in a break. Here's another thing Adobe did, which is irksome. They they brought out a bunch of products that were outside of the of the subscription. little extra things that and I can't name them right now but there's a bunch of little sub programs a little additional programs that are outside of this subscription. So you got your subscription which supposed to cover everything and then there's This and that that is not in this subscription. So there's money out out the door.
Adam: Well, all of all of these new products, including Apple's Apple's new things, their operating system is phoning home. It's all it's all phoning home Windows has been doing that forever. And this is where Linux will start to win over and not on the Intel or arm chips. What's left?
John: I think I think Linux. As we've both we use it at this point, with some of the all the free apps that are available, and some of the utilities is very viable. Yeah, much more so than it was 10 years ago. And people were doing things like lindos
Adam: forgot about lindos Yeah, now Microsoft is trying to capture that by adding the windows Linux subsystem. And they are big investors in the Linux Foundation. They're trying to they see the they see what's going on. They're trying to weasel in on that. But even on smartphones, I I have I almost do everything exclusively on my no agenda phone now, which is running graffito. So no agenda it is unbelievably stable. Just very fast. I feel much more secure with what I'm doing. I can really see what I'm doing. It's not obfuscated. So yeah, there's lots of alternatives. I just this is just going too far that they've taken it to the next level. They really are.
John: They've gone from when this whole thing started. Small one disc book. little small book in a baggie or the whole hanging off of off of a little thing sticking out from a shelf
Adam: like a like a bag of drugs a
John: little little 40 bucks you get this are 29 bucks you get that for 19 bucks, you get something else to this mess that they've created. Yeah.
Adam: Fabulous.
John: So now and now they're trying to protect the mess. Yeah. This is what happened when this something's gonna change. It has to change pretty soon. This is the way the mini computer people tried to protect themselves from the microcomputer people.
Adam: Oh, let's let's let's understand that because history is the best predictor of the future.
John: it every time there's something new came along. This has always been the way it's been going with it. But the high tech has always been in a perpetual depression technically, because prices keep going down and power keeps going up. And so that here you have your mainframe and then the mini computer people came along and did Dec Digital Equipment Corporation
Adam: or whatnot. The mini mini computer was technically why mainframe you had a dumb terminal, what is the mini computer something like division an office division would share or how was that rolled out?
John: It would be it was it was a different architecture and that computing mechanism, the core CPU areas were pretty much as powerful as the bigger machines, but they couldn't do certain things didn't have channeling and some of these other mechanisms that made them big machines work better in certain situations. But you'd go into like when I worked at the air pollution district when I first got involved in this idea was they had an HP 3000 system which was a mini computer, and everyone and it were these terminals, distributed terminals, and they were all kind of in it in it part part and parcel of the main thing and they had some some intelligence not like later. And they the main part of it was they were a lot cheaper and you didn't have the huge IT department to deal with. You had a couple of guys. So that was all it's all becomes the old back of the napkin sales pitch where somebody is in the business. Look, if you buy our chips, it replaces these five chips, you'll save $5 per unit. And in one year, you'll pay for the changeover and blah, blah, blah. That's you know, that's that we know that this Oh, that is the sales pitch of high technology also used for ventilator sales during COVID. And so they had the mini computers pushed out, you know, marginalize the mainframe, somewhat stepped in giant corporations. And then in the end, they had the technology and the right idea to go even further down the road and do micro computers use the new
microchips. But they wouldn't do it because it would they knew they knew that numbers and they said this wood will be ruined if we do this Hmm. And so they never did. So they put it off and so they keep putting it off. And then the micro computers came in from other sides and they did run them there's no deck, nobody runs a deck 10 or any of these mini computers anymore, they got wiped out. And the mere fact that mainframes almost got wiped out but they managed to do a comeback with client server
Adam: Was there was a Wang loud was a Wang a mini computer? Yeah. Okay, the Wang system. Alright, so then I know because we had the Wang at MTV when I, when I arrived there in 1980 he had a dedicated
John: word processor, you know to buy a Wang just a dedicated word processor from Wang. Yeah. That was their main sales. It was the prompter
Adam: scripts.
John: Okay, well, that makes sense. And they were very expensive. And they were the same way they could look at you know, as soon as this little machine started coming out, which had word processing on them. And once you know, word star and things like that came along words, there's no made no sense to buy a Wang.
Adam: Can I have just a moment? I've told it before. I'll tell you my Wang MTV story. Not everyone's heard this. When I came to MTV, late 8687. The way they did teleprompter in the studio was as follows up at 1775, Broadway, a producer would write your scripts. And the scripts would then be printed on a Wang. These scripts would then be printed at the office. And it was a stack maybe two inches high because it's teleprompter printout. And it'll be sent with a car with a car service to my house to my apartment at the time in Manhattan. And it would be this big button. Meanwhile, I'm on the internet. And I was already doing gopher, when they're sending me the scripts by a community card car service. Then you go down to the studio the next day. And there's three more sets of the scripts. And one set is for the teleprompter operator. And just so you know how it worked back in the day, the teleprompter operator we had two john who was john was this kind of a blob of a guy. And then we had Christine who was a hot hot new jersey crazy chick. And they would take each page and as you're talking they would put each page on a conveyor belt, like a little sushi conveyor belt, and they had a knob and they could turn that conveyor belt forward or backward at different speeds and it would roll underneath the camera. And that camera focused on the paper and that would be shown on the television screen in the teleprompter. That is that that was MTV the hot new thing on the
block 1987
John: sounds about right.
Adam: No wonder they hated me. Coming in telling their Wang's no good. Actually, I think they facts nobody wants to hear.
John: Nobody wants to hear that their wings. No good.
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Adam: Oh yeah, that'd be fun.
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big parties taking place so many no agenda meetups, no agenda We have a couple of reports. We love it when there's short and sweet. Some are some not so the state of Jefferson meetup reports in this is the state of Jefferson meetup. And this is Sarah Mount Shasta. Laura the Marion's just passing it on to everyone else at the table here. Thanks everyone for joining us here in Redding California. Woody's for beer and food. Great.
Unknown: Soon to be named Danny nine of
Adam: the five seasons. I broke bachelor,
Unknown: Rebecca, not a dude named Ben
Mother of many of these
never heard the podcast but I'm gonna have to get on to it.
This is racist bitch. Also known as Karen
IDM. Mr. Max powers
Adam: in the morning john and Adam. And there was a big meetup in in Austin the local 512 I didn't make it to this one because the keeper and I had a lot of stuff to do. She also had the day off and it's nice we both get the day off so apparently I was missed. It's the longest report but there were a lot of people there this is Baron Scott have no agenda local
Unknown: 512 fixing it in post. Here are a few words from
the attendees of the most recent no agenda local
post post Valentine's Day meetup.
This is my second meetup. It's a nice day today. In the morning from Rachel and
Bernie on community.
And those truffles were amazing.
Adam: So Dang, my first time pretty excellent.
Unknown: Bond bonds and beer What more could you ask for?
JOHN Enjoy your
day in the morning guys is calling from Buda. Thank Scott for setting us up out here on a beautiful Saturday. Thanks.
from Dallas girls for the girls wait for the baby
Adam: in the morning.
Unknown: Hey guys in the morning. Stay safe.
This is my second meet up.
It's a nice day today.
Happy Valentine's Day love.
The truffles are amazing.
In the morning mustaches and Margarita from local 512.
Adam: I'm still douchebag sorry, Adam. Hey, this is Josh Magnussen from Austin in the morning. This is surreal Hawkins reminding you that it is a party.
John: Hey, this is Steve and this is
Unknown: my third meetup here and I think I'd be coming regularly because I only live a mile away. It's really a good time. Hey, this
is near the no agenda waitress I love no agenda. They're
so crazy and they're so great.
Adam: She is the waitress at duck's back yard. We've co opted her and she's now wearing t shirts. is a good report a lot lot of people they're really incredible. Here's what's coming up on our list. You can find it all no agenda Today we have the Montgomery Texas fans of globalism and subjugation if you're a fan, go to the B 52. brewery. Andrew will welcome you there tomorrow. Houston hackers brand new on list six o'clock at ninfa. Mexican Cantina on Saturday flight of the O 13 of the no agenda protesting the gruesome 3:33pm Brewery x in Anaheim also on Saturday big item protest against not having fun. That'll be in Hawaii noon Hawaii time. Punahou black sand beach. On Sunday the northern Arizona since don't a meet up 333 Arizona time, which will be the old Sedona Bar and Grill. Also on Sunday. You need local 76 march for the mutants In manayunk, that's in Philly. Six o'clock the union taphouse on the way let's see we have March 11 Denver. We've got the 12th Tacoma, Washington San Diego on the 13th along with Chicago land. Maricopa, Arizona on the 14th norm, North Durham, North Carolina 17th. Nashville, Tennessee, the 19th Madison Jackson, Madison, Mississippi, the 20th Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Pittsburgh, PA the 26th kawartha cottage country, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, the 27th San Francisco, also on the 27th, Florence, Montana, and then go look at ahead into April we've got Michigan local one coming up at the roller derby
otherwise nice. And also in Chicago, the stranger than fiction meetup on the 24th. That's just what's coming up a little bit of what's on the radar to really get a good understanding. There's a calendar for this. It's put together sir Neil has done that over there. No agenda You can find one there. If you can't find something. Here's an idea. Why don't you start one yourself? It's easy. No agenda meetup calm.
Just like
John: I have a report from the meetups back office that needs to be I should have done it before.
Adam: Oh, sorry. All right, what's
Unknown: up the
John: Mimi's noticing there's a lot of people doing special events that really aren't meetups but they're like something else skiing lessons or whatever it might be and they can they keep you know wondering if we can help them get your if they can put it on there they want to use it for posting all kinds of crazy things that got the site views decide to post just not used to she won't put it any of it up unless it's just straight up meetup. So and I good I suggested that we mentioned the way it works in Michigan Michigan is the first organized meet up system and the way and it works very well because they have their own mailing lists that they developed
Adam: so does and you have 512 and a local has that to local one.
John: Yeah, so you have all these people that have especially like five tells a good example. They should be developing a mailing list all the attendees so they can have their email addresses or they want to do a special event that's got really not a pure meet EPA, they just want to get people together and start collecting names and then just send them an email so we're gonna go do this this Yeah, and this is no good go kart racing or knitting. And nobody's doing this. Step one, logo one
Adam: 512 is doing this local 512 they have made a mailing list huge mailing list and telegraphy rumor Baron Scott was was doing rescue missions bringing people food and connecting people to water.
John: They got the right idea they got these other groups are all over the place and they've not made a mailing list they never thought about it and I'm just telling them to they should all be doing it.
Adam: Very good idea. That's that's a better way for sure.
Unknown: I think this has to be discussed before we leave this is Read Across America Day but there was something missing from President Biden's proclamation do not like them ham I am I do not like green eggs and ham mention of Dr. Seuss, for whom the day was originally named in 1998. Just 2% of the characters in the books are non white.
Adam: This was really an interesting thing that took place here.
John: So I actually have a substack column on this coming out next Tuesday.
Adam: Good. Do you have any clips or anything of this of
John: this? No, I have no clips but I mean I've watched the whole thing take place is ludicrous.
Adam: 4043 second clip but this will give us a little idea here this
Unknown: morning at six Dr. Seuss children's books will no longer be published because of what are being called racist and insensitive images. The publishing company saying The decision comes after months of discussion, saying these books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong. It will lead to an acknowledgment that yes, there are children's books that are both racist and sexist depictions in the books that show Asians with lions for eyes and Africans wearing grass skirts. One of the books if I ran the zoo includes a drawing of a white man with the gun standing on a cage that's propped up on the heads of what appeared to be three Asian men. It also includes dark silhouettes and what looks like a stereotypical depiction of a Middle Eastern man on a camel. Now,
Adam: I don't know if everyone Dr. Seuss is pretty good. American I don't know how well known and of course,
John: mainly because of his rhymes are very,
Adam: very hard to translate in different languages. I grew up I grew up with, with Dr. Seuss. Honestly, I never really dude liked it that much. I am okay, whatever. Red Red Fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish.
John: As for kids is 70 did your parents read to kids and show them the pictures? And is mostly animals and crazy drawings is very funny that if I ran the zoo being manned is personally bothersome. Because I use that book in a column in 1987 8888, where I went through the etymology of the word nerd. Yes, which I've discussed on the show before. And it there's a kept dollar dictionaries had it as ne'er do well, kind of compressed into the word nerd. But that's, for one thing ne'er do wells doesn't mean nerd. And it's stupid. And but that's what all the definitions have. So I did some research. And I discovered that the we used the word nerd never, never appeared in any lexicon couldn't be found before 1950. And what came out in 1950, was if I ran the zoo, and what character was in that book was a nerd. And he rd and the little character look just like one of the computer science professors at MIT, you can take a look at the drawing and figure it out. But it was a it was the character that was desktop nerd, I believe got into the lexicon of there's no, there's no proof that it came in any other way. I wrote up this column, and didn't win any awards. But it got all the dictionaries that changed the deck definition. And they did almost all of those change to recognizing this. So just to belabor the story. So I was quite pleased. When if, when Universal Studios in Orlando, opened up a second section called if I ran the zoo, with the characters in there. And as
kind of sculptures, it was very nice little kind of a mini Park. And guess what character wasn't in there? The nerd exactly, which was very disappointing. While a good story, I
Adam: think this needs some attention as to what's happening here. This every year in the United States, we have kind of one of those bowl crap things like yeah, I don't know you have different months for stuff. It read America Day, and on read America Day, that we tell all children, it's good to read. And we all read Dr. Seuss. And both Michelle Obama and President Obama both read from from Dr. Seuss books multiple times throughout the years, only this year, it had to be de platformed it had to be removed because of whatever. And the context here is a couple things. This is to me, this is a cultural attack on America, a real one. I'm not a big fan of the Dr. Seuss books. And maybe it's great to get you know, whatever it is, it's about reading and it's been used that way for decades. Yeah, this was some kind of setup. This was not a surprise. Dr. Seuss. You know, how much money the Dr. Seuss foundation made last year? 30 over 30 million. Yeah. It's a it's a huge enterprise. A lot of people making money off of this. The publishers mainly, of course, and merchandise, all kinds of stuff like that. This this is this instance, is one where I say Hold on a second. This is really not okay. They didn't replace it with anything for our read America Day. They just turned it into incredible shit show of which the children are not the benefit. And what is the deal with only a few books. That's not how canceling works. You need to cancel all the books, all the movies, all the
merchandise any actor who played in any movie. Why is that not happening? Because this is bullshit. This is a breaking of American culture on purpose by the Biden administration and I'm not gonna forgive him for this. You can do a lot of things. This was a purposeful thing. And who was the publisher of this dreck?
John: I think Harcourt brace is that who's the publisher is this was also promoted for a number of years This was didn't just began. His group in Oakland called the will kid or something like that. Surprise and they were they they base it on Couple of characters in a couple of books. But it really goes back to the drawings that Seuss made in the 20s and 30s, especially the stuff in the 30s, where the Japanese were depicted as slanting normal people. Yeah, well, we
Adam: have that history.
John: But But if you looked at the newspapers back in the day, especially after Pearl Harbor, and the whole country was using the term Jap, and nobody was really sad about the fact the New York Times wrote a very interesting story about the I just a great story about the internment camps, and how great they are, and they're gonna be people are having a lot of fun at the internment camps. This is a new york times they're all in on the internment camps. And but the New York Times is never going to get canceled for their no past grievances.
Adam: My point, this was not a cancellation. This was a direct attack on the children of America. And I and I, and I asked, I called Moe I said, Well, did you grow up with with Dr. Seuss? He said, Yeah, absolutely.
John: Why wouldn't he? Of course, the universal character, plenty to do those books were popular. There's all over the place, and everyone had a set and no one issue. All the books that were banned, they're all 1500 bucks, you get the complete set to now sign for $10,000 on the collector's market. there's money to be made. I only have one last clip, since we're on this kind of thing. Well, before you do that,
Adam: we need our ISO, what you got for all those? I only have I have smash that like button and feed the algorithm. I got that. That's no good.
John: Oh, I have no good. I have a bunch of versions of over gotten by Alex Jones.
Adam: Which one do you want?
John: Well, I want you to play him on you tell me what you're the picker. I start with over long,
Adam: it's over. It's all gone. It's all over.
John: Now that she has to show. That to me is a good ISO because it's talking about the end is the end of the show.
Unknown: It's all over.
John: That's the short one.
Adam: It's all over man. That's the one. That's the one. There's no, there's no question. Unless you got something else that
John: says the variation I have put on mask one. Or put mask on one.
Adam: I have a sea mask to hold on. To put I understand. I hear you. I'm searching. Okay. They didn't say ISO. That's why
Unknown: when you go to the restroom, put your mask on.
I see what you mean. Yeah, you're
Adam: right. Okay. You can yell at me.
John: Here's a dark day straightaway.
Adam: I've put on masks ISO to put your mask on. Kind of like, like, like no, it's it's I was one Shane was too. Yeah. This is the short one. This is half of it. Put your mask on. The other one is the full. Okay, yeah, I'll play it for you again. This is put mask on one when you go to the restroom. Put your mask on. That's why it sounds similar
John: to long. dark days. dark days.
Unknown: dark days.
ghosts. Ghosts.
dose of hope. Now,
Adam: I think I think clearly clearly. That's the winner. You can so winner.
John: It has that which brings me to the alex jones rant clip.
Adam: Okay.
John: I think it might be good to finish. He goes nuts. All right, got all
Adam: these but this is old. This is weeks ago.
John: It might be weeks ago, but it's news new to me. And we never played it on the show.
Adam: But there's reasons for that.
John: Okay, if you want to veto the clip, I won't play you can finish it up. We're gonna play it. I
Adam: mean, you're it's over. You understand? Your only shot you got is realizing that we're screwed your candy as church isn't going to do it. Your candy as Boston gonna do it. We're a trained group of monkeys in this country. We're not what Americans used to be. We're not rugged individualist. We don't stand up for the Bill of Rights and constitution. We're a joke, okay. And so they got people like Brian Stelter up there saying shut down all of his competition on TV now. He thinks he owns you. Jeff Zucker thinks he owns you. These are bad people. Okay. So I've done the best job I can. I'm not bitching at the crew or you or anybody. I'm just saying it's hard for me to get up here and do a normal show. When we have a group of corporate criminals literally gang Right, ping us. I mean, if we ever beat this thing, it'll be a history of like, these people were Hitler. I mean, this is unbelievable. It's not like oh, we're getting there. It's bad things are out of control. It's, it's, they've just begun. They're gonna take your pension funds, they're gonna bankrupt. They're gonna cut the power off the oil off. They're gonna open the borders. It's over, man. It's over. It's all gone. It's all over. They're gonna activate the boogaloos FBI, ADL terror forces. They're gonna start blowing everything up. Then they're gonna come arrest all the Patriots. The idiots will cheer and then they're gonna shut your power off. They want you starving in the street. They want to
rape your wife. They're Bolsheviks. They're Jacobins here. It's all over man. All over. Enjoy all your games. America is rotting and deserves it now. The satanist aren't good they're not God God just lets them have their way now. So all your games are over all the TV watching all the laziness all the slack joins over. It's over. You're gonna be just like a baby that six months being chopped up and it's mother's womb
Unknown: you're not a human you're not essential your gag they're gonna kill you cuz you don't care.
Adam: such a positive message from AJ I sorry
John: that I played that but no you know it was from October love that guy when he goes on it because that is something very few people can do
Adam: this performance no one like AJ to do that. That's for sure. Gotta get him up and rolling on podcast in
John: the me. Where's the Emmy for him?
Adam: Right? For sure. Here's what's coming up next on no agenda we've got Nick the rats. Oh, that's from from last night's show. You'll enjoy that. Show mixes good ones today Rolando Gonzalez Jessica Nelson Tom starkweather and Larry Morton Jr. With a killer and coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin Texas. If you're looking for on a map you can find it on the under FEMA Region number six on governmental maps. In the morning, everybody, Adam Curry
John: and for from Northern Silicon Valley on Genesee deploy,
Adam: we return on Sunday right here. Remember us at the vor slash na. We can use all the help we get don't want to turn out to be like a j there that will be not so good. Everybody
John: she says she has a girl crush on her.
She's a winner.
Unknown: Most governors shut down their state record unemployment,
community suffering and the US economy.
Now let me be clear COVID from
For those of you who don't know, South Dakota
is the only state in America that
never ordered a single business.
We never instituted a shelter in place. We
never mandated.
We never even defined what is the central
I don't know if you agree with me. But Dr. falchi is wrong.
I never thought that the decisions that I was making were going to be unique.
John: Mitt Romney Surfer's two black guys in stitches after falling this weekend and being knocked unconscious as a senator juror, I swore an oath before God, exercise impartial justice. I am profoundly religious.
Adam: Romney loaded his dog into a pet carrier and strap the carrier to the roof of the car for the entirety
John: of the 12 hour trip and they're not happy that my dog likes fresh air.
Unknown: I was doing exercises that I've been doing for many years because large rubber bands, one of them broke one way around.
is Kevin injured my
five misdemeanor charges will be filed against the brother of Senator Harry Reid. Reid is accused of hitting the trooper not wearing a seatbelt resisting arrest and driving under the influence
did not play out, but it sure hurt.
john kerry shows off his two black eyes after breaking his nose in a hockey match. Gary's office said he sustained the injury when he was hit in the face with a hockey stick during a game with friends and family over the holidays.
john mccain's emergency surgery to fix a blood clot behind his eye will impact the senate schedule to vote on a new health care bill. Well, first
of all, I want to explain my
church and I fell down and hit by
Pope Francis is sporting a black eye
he apparently bumped his head while writing the pope mobiel.
semen on your black eye.
He chose to talk about anonymous sources in particular,
he says it is a hoax,
some anonymous source and is just necessary.
It's one of those fundamentals of journalism that you have to be able to offer protection to your source if they want it. Otherwise, why would they speak? The writer never
reveal themselves never
came forward.
it to me as you're making stuff up again.
You'll see oftentimes that there are many anonymous sources used in these stories. Again, you keep saying it's possible, isn't it? Everything is possible.
Adam: But that's not journalism.
Unknown: Things the government doesn't want you to know, come out.
Thank you anonymous source.
But we don't know who they are.
Adam: We're back.
John: I wanted to let you know that John Dvorak has been haunting my dream.
The source of our success, the source of our success, because you haunter dreams that's the source of our success.
The source of our success, the source of our success as a source of our success
Adam: slash n A
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