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March 14th, 2021 • 3h 10m

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Adam: Step aside, I just want to be safe. Adam Curry Jhansi devora Sunday March 14 2021. This is your award winning chemo nation media assassination Episode 1329.
Unknown: This
is no agenda.
Adam: Cleaning in three feet and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas Capitol on the drone Star State. morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where we're all reminded to write things down. I'm john C. Dvorak
Unknown: skills.
Adam: Man, I'm a little softer than our test. I do. Yeah, that's weird. Maybe it's just my ears. I don't know. I can pump you up. It's been one of those didn't one of those days. Actually. It's been one of those weekends. All kinds of technological problems.
John: Yes, because Microsoft upgraded they're updated this important is the only time I've ever gotten this message. Microsoft Windows 10 will never work again in your lifetime if you don't upgrade
Adam: Yeah, I got that message. It was more like this is time is running out pretty soon it won't work. No mo very annoying. Very, very annoying what they did anyway, I
John: upgraded Yeah, I changed everything, including my background, I lost my the image I had from my desktop gone to go dig it up and reload it. All kinds of things didn't work. And then and then a couple of things that were really bad didn't work. And they still as far as I'm pretty sure they still don't. And then like the bottom half hour later, another upgrade showed up that gets to fix some of the crap they messed up. I don't know if you noticed that. Yeah,
Adam: I did. Actually I did.
John: One never quit. Oh, here's another one. I want Okay, I did that one.
Adam: I wonder if anyone has ever tracked the economic output. global economic output. On days when Microsoft issues an update. I have a feeling that productivity has to be down. Don't we just
John: the time you spend trying to
Adam: mess them spend time you lose hours and then on top of that, we lost an hour last night in the morning to those of you who are listening in Europe and confused. Yeah, what? what they already started What's
John: going on? Yeah.
Adam: Anyway, Austin retail is on fire. You know, we had our our state mandate listed although Mayor Adler's pretending to pretending that you know we're all locked down. Yeah, real tech guys. I've got retail on fire. People dropping hundreds of dollars on back to school and spring Bray
John: and money to spend. Yeah,
Adam: the steamy checks came through where people are booking vacations. But meanwhile, in Brooklyn, they stopped delivering the mail. Did you know about this?
John: Yeah, I haven't heard this one. He
Adam: has to go pick up your mail at the post office. Why? I don't know it's baffling is my step daughter told me says you sent me something. I got to go to the post office, which I'm sure it's fun when everyone's going to the post office because
John: when just a few people are going to the post office is lined up around the block.
Adam: Yeah, it's crazy.
John: So they have a line of mile long to pick up your mail and they didn't have to dig and dig and dig to find it because it's obviously not going to be sorted well, because there's no box that for them to put it into.
Adam: Yeah, rubber bands, the rubber band system, rubber band. I speak to a fellow traveler who has been to the post office often,
John: if they run out of rubber bands there. People in Brooklyn are screwed.
Adam: Germany declares a third wave has begun. Italy set for lockdown until past Easter. Meanwhile, Austin retail on fire. It's the craziest virus ever and late breaking this just came in this morning. We have a change. Here. Dr. Fauci is not very happy about it. But and I think there's I think I can explain the reason why this change is happening and why we're promised July 4. I think there's something up this is Fauci from this morning, late breaking clip in terms of CDC guidance, as you know, the guidance for social distancing for how far people should be. there's a there's a discrepancy. Some places some health organization say three feet or a meter is enough. But here in the United States, we say six feet. There's this new study from researchers in Massachusetts just out this week. It found no significant difference in Coronavirus spreading in schools, where there were six feet of this And sing verses three feet of distancing. But that six foot requirement. That's one of the main hurdles to reopening schools, right? Does this study suggest to you that three feet is good enough?
John: It does indeed. And that's exactly the point I'm making Chuck with the CDC wants to do is they want to accumulate.
Adam: I just heard Fauci called Jake Tapper. Chuck, I missed that on the first go around. He's so he's so befuddled by this, oh, what am I gonna say, now? He's
John: broke.
Adam: Exactly. Does this study suggest to you that three feet is good enough?
John: It does, indeed. And that's exactly the point I'm making, Chuck with CDC wants to do is they want to accumulate data. And when the data shows that there is an ability to be three feet, they will act accordingly. They have clearly noted those data, they are in fact doing studies for themselves. And when the data are just analyzed, and it's going to be soon. I mean, Jake, you're asking the right question. And the CDC is very well aware that data are accumulating, making it look more like three feet or Okay, under certain circumstances, they're analyzed in
Adam: a way at a certain point, and I had to get used to the data are, because I always thought the data is no, they said the data is instead of the data are but now he says three feet are big enough, instead of is big enough. He's completely I'm confused by the grammar at this point, he
Unknown: is very well aware that data are accumulating, making it look more like three feet are okay. Under certain circumstances, they're analyzing that and I can assure you within a reasonable period of time, quite reasonable, they will be giving guidelines according to the data that they have.
So any marriage very long, I
promise you
any mayors or governors or school district heads listening right now, if they hear you right now, and they say, Well, it sounds like Dr. Fauci thinks three feet is good enough that will enable us to open our school.
Adam: That's right.
John: Well, Jake, I don't want to get ahead of fit of official guidelines, I can tell you and promise you I talk. Every single day, she is acutely aware of the accumulation of data, and the fact that her team will be acting on the data the way they always do. Stay tuned, it's going to come and it's going to come soon. Good to be here.
Adam: Right. So that just came in so that he cannot get around it three feet, which means six feet was course crap to start off with. And we know it was based on some airplane study, they did six feet of separation, or that's how far it's spewed and an aircraft. By the way. I haven't heard anyone getting sick on an aircraft, at least it's not been in the news. So there's a push, there's a push to open this.
John: Want to stop you or your before you completely forget. The reason he said are I convinced is not it was a grammatical error on his part. He's looking at feet our foot is so he said six feet. Are you thinking? No,
Adam: he said he said six feet by six feet. I don't know what he said six feet are?
John: Yeah. It but it is six feet is because it's the whole phrase. You're dealing with it. Anyway,
Adam: the whole thing is messed up. Now there's two things going on, which I think come into play here.
John: And what's that? What's that? Chuck?
Adam: Let me tell you broth. We have this push to get the schools open. And that's what Jacob Chuck Chuck tapper focused on, is that this is about school, school school. We can openers three, three, we can open schools. So there's a push to open up schools bear that in mind. Here's the second clip I want to play
Unknown: tonight President Biden will argue that if all Americans do their part, then life could get much closer to normal by July 4, and that Americans could even gather in small groups to celebrate Independence Day.
Adam: Yes, oh, we'll be free Independence Day, but it's really not about July 4. It's about July 1. And the reason for that is every single phase two trial, primarily, of course, Pfizer, Madonna. What is the other one I have here AstraZeneca. Every single phase two trial ends July 1 2021. And at that point, the FDA has to make a recommendation whether it's approved or not. So now I'm looking at someone made a great collection of some of these posts from the pharmaceutical companies. Phase two trials of Pfizer completed 19th of June 2020, which means phase three needs to last The phase three needs to last, at the very least until 19th of June 2021, to be even considered for approval. So you have to you have to have this full year. And everybody's ready to bail on July 1, because while there seems to be some problems, Financial Times AstraZeneca, which is promised not to profit from its COVID-19 vaccine during weight during the pandemic, has the right to declare an end to the pandemic as soon as July 2021, according to an agreement with a manufacturer. So there's something up with July 1, and then Joe says all July 4, you'll be with your loved ones. But I think there's something else going on. Because the schools Oh, we got to get the schools back. Well, it's time because something I missed in the stimulus bill, it it was reported on it was in the New York Times, is an unbelievable bailout for the pension funds. And I'm not talking government pension funds. I'm
not the biggest pension funds, which I think includes teachers. I read from the language. So there's $86 billion dollars in there right away for pension funds to shore them up. And then there's an eligible plan will receive a one time special financial assistance payment from the pbgc. That's the outfit I think guarantees the pension funds. It's a government organization, within one year after its application is approved equal to the amount necessary to ensure the plan can pay all benefits do other than any adjustable benefits that were eliminated before the application. This will last through the last day of its plan year ending in 2051. So, the P b GC has guaranteed given not loan, given the guarantee, they will fund the pensions, all the big pension mixed company pension plans until 2051. This 1.9 trillion is a joke compared to that. So they got what they wanted. They got their guy in. That was all the whole union push Joe signed it joke and go die. They don't care. Now his signatures on it is good to go. And now everyone is saying Okay, you got what you wanted. Now, let's get back to school. As you even heard about this bailout?
John: No, but I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg of the weird stuff that's in that bill. How many pages is six 700 pages new just starting to go through it? Yeah. It doesn't surprise me. I mean, there's a lot of bailouts for the states that are the democrats states that are poorly managed. They throw money away. And it just proves that hey, let's throw money away. You can get bail us out.
Adam: Yeah, but this is
John: going to fail. By the way. potholes on highway 80. Still there.
Adam: That's a lot for the bailout. It's crazy. It's crazy. So you have these these warring factions that just they're at each other's throats. We've got we'll talk about the the advertising, the great marketing event. We have the you know, the politicians like Okay, we got the money coming in. Everybody shut up back in your places do as you're told. We got big pharma who has a whole whole bunch of other missives. And here's CBS n, which is their cable cable outfit. This was a four minute video, a package. I cut it down to a minute 25 Listen to this.
Unknown: When is this finally going to
end? That's the
question on everyone's minds after a full year of living through the covid 19 pandemic, the new administration does not have a clear timeline.
We are not in a place where we can predict exactly when everybody will feel normal again, one door back to normal.
I've been cautioned not to give an answer that because we don't know for sure. But some
public health experts say we do have an answer and you're not going to like it. COVID-19 is never going to end.
John: Now we've been told that this virus will disappear. But it will not. This is a virus viruses that's now part of our ecosystem. It's part of our environment. We need to control it. We need to diminish its impact, but it's going to be around hassling us for the foreseeable future. Because
Unknown: by that I mean years
pandemic is not a word to use lightly, carelessly.
Today, scientists say this pandemic
John: is on its way to the next level, and endemic disease.
Unknown: There are three words we use epidemics, where the virus can affect a very large proportion. of our national population. There's the pandemic. That's web entirely new viruses Come on the global scene. endemic means that the viruses always in our population in some form, smoldering along occasionally causing outbreaks.
Adam: Never going to end. Never going to end. I think that's that is a good end of show ISO I was considering. Well, I've
John: got one
Unknown: COVID-19 is never going to end.
Adam: And by the way, like them and by the way, screw you CBS for your MK Ultra Music. God that can be free your health.
John: The curious I think I mentioned the newsletter, one of them. SARS. And it's the same variation on the same thing SARS came and went. And so did MERS. Remember that one MERS came and went and remember, this one doesn't come and go? Well, what's the difference? Huh?
Adam: Okay. Well, I wasn't going to jump to this. There's a Dutch scientist, researcher, Dr. And I'm not entirely comfortable with what he's saying here. But key, his thesis, his name is feared from the bush. his thesis is that because of the vaccine being inadequate, and that actually a vaccine, people are shedding virus. So you're not getting sick, but you have virus, it's all over you probably and you're shedding it. You're not getting sick, but you're walking around, you're vaccinated. So I have this clip, too. Yeah.
John: Should we play it? Gert? vandenbosch. Yeah,
Adam: yeah. cleared, cleared, cleared gear. Right. So So what he's saying is, it's actually the inverse, that the variants are happening. I love this, even though we know it's alive. But okay, the variants are happening, because people are shedding this virus who
John: ended and we're breeding. We're breeding the variants, because this this crap that we're being injected with doesn't work.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. And people who have the crap injected think they're safe, but they're actually spreading it. I mean, we know the clip isn't all that great.
John: But he's no, it's a messy clip. Yeah. But he's saying it's if you can understand him, it's worth listening to your colleagues to who My name is here. falen. Bush. My background is veterinary medicine.
Unknown: I'm a certified.
Adam: I didn't like that either. A veterinary who's telling me but but okay. So
John: if you look at this credential, I know
Adam: he's worked for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He's worked everywhere, everywhere.
John: But the other thing I should mention, I could have had three or four clips from this guy, because he's on a lot of these different kind of fringe podcasts where he's, like this celebrity guy there and he's, he likes to complain a lot.
Adam: You know what, what I would prefer to do because we both had a lot of similar clips. But the minute I saw you had the heroic Mexican comedian clips, I let's go straight to that, because that's the stuff that we other
John: people got to hear. Well, he's actually an actor. I thought it was definitely a comedian when it comes to this interview
Adam: is fantastic.
John: Not it went on for a half an hour and I only clip pieces of it, because it's not. It's not that he has a twinkle in his eye. As you can tell, he's going to go after Fauci and pretend to be stupid. Kevin Fauci kind of played along, but I had to. We can play a few of these just but play the intro. And you can see what how this was this the intro, which is clip one, he discusses before he talks to Fauci how this came about in the first place. And it's kind of revealing.
Unknown: I was contacted, contacted to speak with Dr. Fauci, who is the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and also as the chief medical adviser to the President. And they contacted me to have a talk with Dr. Fauci because there's a lot of Latinas in my community. They're like, skeptical, and I was. I told them, there's a problem because I'm one of them. I'm one of those guys who Sullivan's skeptical about vaccines. is not an I'm against it. Not at all. No, no, I'm just, I have concerns. I have doubts, have questions, and they said, perfect, perfect. Because that way, you can ask Dr. Fauci all your doubts and concerns. So I think it's a great, great opportunity to ask all the questions you have guys. send your questions through here. And we can ask a lot of questions together to Dr. Fauci is going to be really, really exciting. And again, I just want you to decide I just want you I want you to to learn with me all of your concerns, so that we can decide if you like to take the vaccine or not,
Adam: shows you how arrogant his handlers are like, That's racist too. As a foreigner, he's got a stupid ACCENT.
John: Yeah, they think they got some dumb Mexicans what they're thinking, yeah. That they can that can see they can steamroll them, and then get the finally get the Latin x community, as we call it, yeah, to be on board, when in fact, this guy was was skeptical, and he was skeptical throughout and he kept and he had a look in his eye that did, actually people should go track this down. It's on Instagram. And just look at the look he's got on his face. But let's start with the clip number two, and he talks about, he catches Fauci trying to Buffalo him right away.
Unknown: So first question, which of the COVID-19 vaccines have been officially approved by the FDA, the three of them one from moderna, which is the mRNA vaccine, one from
John: Pfizer, which is another mRNA vaccine. And the other one is from Jay and Jay Johnson, and Johnson, which is a little bit different. It gives the response, but it's a little bit different. So there are three vaccines that have gotten emergency use authorization from the FDA so far, there are a couple of others that are still being tested to determine if they're safe and effective. But the three that I just mentioned, have been shown in very large clinical trials, involving anywhere from 30,000 to 44,000 people per trial was shown to be not only very efficacious, but quite safe.
Unknown: Okay, so I'm gonna play here the devil's advocate.
John: Do you understand better?
Unknown: I am, I asked the if it was approved by the FDA. But I think that it's a different thing that to an emergency use authorization than an approval. So what is the difference between an emergency use authorization and an official approval by the FDA? Yes, that's a very good question. So
an emergency use authorization is based on the criteria if the benefit clearly outweighs the risk clearly, and that you get a good degree of efficacy and safety, the full
John: licensure is when you follow it for a longer period of time. And you get more information and data.
Adam: When the science when we get the science, july first is we shut it all down boys.
John: So the guy wasn't going for that. And he and he did call pushing back. And Fauci talks like this to him because he's a foreigner. Yes, so the Latin x, because they are not too bright. But this was really pathetic. And so I give you an idea. Now I'm just some of the questions he asked. Follow cheese is kind of interesting. plague clip three, and again, the example.
Unknown: Okay, so but if the vaccines are safe and effective, why hasn't the FDA, given any of them the full official approval? Unless it's, you know, actually, you know that that is a very good question.
Adam: And a great question from time to time. Not just very good, but it needs that time.
Unknown: To not really
John: no, good. So yeah, he did both. And so yeah, so yeah, now you have this one, which is the the guy goes off on why can't we sue these if this if this stuff, what happens if it kills us or some really bad thing happens it he really harps on this? And he goes on and over and over again, if he can't seem to defend himself, this is the clip. This was the unnumbered. One it says fund for injury.
Unknown: What What is the medical and legal responsibility of the companies that are making the vaccines? But what happens if secondary effects are seen, let's say in five or 10 years, can I sue the manufacturer of the product? The pitch hurts me, or if there's long term effects years down the road? You know, there is a fun
that allows the compensation for injury.
Adam: Yeah, what he did now I learned something about this because we know that there's the vaccine. What is it called is called the V ICP, Vaccine Injury Injury Compensation Program. The Coronavirus vaccines are not in that program. They are in the si si si p, which is the corona the COVID injury fund and I'm reading from the New England Journal of Medicine. The cicp is far less generous and less accessible than the VI CP. it compensates people for only the most serious injuries has a higher burden of proof than the VI CP has a one year statute of limitations after the date of vaccination and limits awards for damages. For example, the cicp limits lost income recovery to $50,000 for each year out of work and doesn't include compensation for pain suffering, or emotional distress. Little gotcha that they didn't tell us about I'm sure Fauci didn't mention it either. No, of
John: course not. And this guy, this guy seems to be up on most of this stuff. And one of the things he does that back to what you just discussed, or I should mention, I think they can get away with some of that because normally with vaccines, you go into the you go get your vaccine, like you just go in and you get a vaccine, you get a shot. And the last one I had was I had a couple years ago Prevnar 13 shot and you go in a way and bump this up. So you leave nothing happens. When you get this COVID thing they give you paperwork.
Adam: Yes,
John: yes, they do. And the paperwork guide, I have a copy of it. I don't have it in front of me. I should buy it because I could read from it. The paperwork very clearly tells you that this is an experimental unapproved vaccine. It's all in there. eight pages of stuff to read through
Adam: I actually have the Johnson and Johnson version of that.
John: I'd be interested in that. I don't have that. Yeah,
Adam: it's in the it's in the show notes. And it's it's very similar. I can I'll read the exact. The Janssen COVID-19 are this the Janssen that's not Johnson. What is Janssen, do you even know Janssen had a vaccine that Janssen Oh Janssen is part of Johnson Johnson Of course they bought
John: Okay, so the the vaccine is that you
Adam: are being offered the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine to prevent Coronavirus disease 2019 the spec sheet contains information to help you understand the risks and benefits blahdy blahdy blah. The the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine may prevent may prevent you from getting COVID-19 there's no US Food and Drug Administration approved vaccine to prevent COVID.
John: Yep, everyone says the same thing.
Adam: The Janssen COVID-19 vaccine is administered as a single dose. The Janssen COVID-19 vaccine may not protect everyone. Now there's a certain that they do mention the emergency use authorization, then they've got all the disclaimers who should not take it. And what are the risks? Yeah, I mean, they just tell you right there, it may not work. Don't come to us go to the various database if you got a problem, right? Go to the database, it go to the database, go to the database.
John: Well, this guy goes on and he really harps on this. And let's let's play the clip five and the ruler in there. And I'll just play what happens after that.
Unknown: And sue a manufacturer but because governments around the world are taking the liability governments but I'm thinking about the manufacturer. If there's a problem, can I sue the people that need the vaccine? Now the government the people that made the vaccine because I've heard they are protected from liability?
John: What goes on? thaci? Of course, deflects Yeah. And the guy finally signee he summarizes he says, I just don't understand why why a company would bring out a vaccine like this and not be proud of what they produce and take responsibility for it. I just doesn't make sense to me goes on. And so fast he does know does know what to say. And now Fauci is as it starts to wrap up, starts to get a really mean look on his face. Like why am I talking to this guy? Yeah, someone is like,
Adam: someone fucked up.
John: Oh, yeah, someone's gonna get chewed out one of the assistants. Well, I thought it was a good idea. The guy finishes with the with my six year old get a vaccine and why kids never get the disease. And Fauci has the skirt around that it was it's actually worth if you can look it up. The guy's name is Eugenio derbez. You're busy. And you can find it on Instagram.
Adam: The full clip is in the show notes.
John: You want to Instagram
Adam: show notes as you go searching being
John: being a dad, I Oh.
Adam: All right. I'm glad you got that. So just looking at some vaccines for a second the big news and this
John: note before we do that, you can't really ignore the 10 to 10 second clip which is the code COVID weekly deaths update.
Adam: Amy Oh my goodness. Of course we need that. The US
Unknown: recorded 62,000 new Coronavirus infections and over 1500 deaths Thursday as governors continue to roll back public health measures.
Adam: My Amy she's in the in the crib now. That's going on in the Crim the Crips. Yeah. So this is part of the big great marketing scheme. And it looks like Pfizer has outspend everybody else in all of the media buys we've seen the Doctor Bill specials sponsored by Pfizer. The story of the of the Pfizer vaccine brought to you by Pfizer AstraZeneca bad AstraZeneca bad AstraZeneca bad heavily has joined several European countries temporarily suspending the use of AstraZeneca is COVID vaccine. Due to serious adverse reactions.
Unknown: The Italian Medicines Agency has banned a batch of 1 million doses nationwide. Austria has also banned a batch of vaccines after a 49 year old nurse died from a blood clot. Denmark's rollout has been paused as well for at least two weeks after one person died and three others develop serious conditions. Norwegian and Iceland. Authorities have not given a timeline for their review. The relevant batch of vaccines was sent to 17 European countries, the EU regulator has found no evidence it's unsafe, saying reports of blood clots received so far not greater than the number that would have naturally occurred in the vaccinated population.
The safety of the public will always come first. We are keeping this issue under close review. But available evidence does not confirm that the vaccine is the cause.
Adam: This is very interesting because they have 30 people. I think so far it's probably 33 just to make it better. who've had a blood clot one of them died compared to I know 900 serious adverse 900 deaths, over 900 deaths from the other vaccines. Now, clearly a distraction don't look over here at people getting shingles and the acute appendicitis and lievable don't look over here at that. And by the way, the only place you can get any kind of good information is of course from Team Halo. That's right. I'm a tick tock doctor knock tells us what's going on.
Unknown: I'm a scientist who studies COVID-19 Today is March 12. Several countries have paused rollout of the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine while they look for evidence of a causal link between the vaccine and blood clots. This is what we know so far. As of last week, over 5 million people in Europe had received the Oxford vaccine out of those 5 million people about 30 reported a blood clotting event sometime after receiving a vaccine. Currently, they're doing an analysis to see if there appears to be any increased risk of blood clotting events after vaccination compared to the rate that you would sort of just generally expect in the population right now, it does not look like the rate of observed events is much higher than you would expect in the general population. So we'll have to wait for the actual full analysis. But if there is an effect, it looks like it would be an extremely extremely rare effect pausing rollout to do this Safety Analysis is not the same thing as saying that there is a safety issue. Now we do know that actual COVID-19 the infection of the vaccine does cause you an increased risk of clotting disorders and vascular damage. And so it's going to be important to logically weigh the benefits of the vaccines against the risks of
the vaccine.
Adam: Thanks for that non inflammation,
Unknown: bro.
Adam: Hey didn't know good things. They're they're slipping. He's just doing talking points. He's not connecting it. So, you know, there's there's hesitancy, obviously, but we have to do we have to keep pushing, and people need to get it, despite what I think is happening is bad Chad, the EMT, he got back to me. We've just gone back and forth. And he says because he's at the Firehouse, he says at least one or the person who mentioned their blood glucose levels skyrocket after vaccine for about a week. Now recall from his original letter that he had done an antibody study. And originally this study was focused on first responders as like the candidate for infection and antibody response. And was found so far about 30% of those tested had at least one type of COVID antibody which is why he didn't get sick, but your body did create the antibodies for it and you have that and you know what, and now neither of us are so he's uh, he is of course a medical professional, but neither of us is a scientist and we're not Doctor Bill or tedros. We don't have that kind of goober credentials. But it seems to me that what's taking place here is very much like the test that they would not do on ferrets this time around. Where once you have the antibodies then when you when it's when the virus is introduced again to the head the antibodies from the vaccine is kind of a reverse of what what Chad is going through them when slightly different version or the virus in the wild
came, they got really sick, and they died. And I think what's happening is certainly the mRNA based vaccines seem to be, you know, kicking off immune issues and other things that may have been underlying in a long time for people. I think that's think. Yeah. You know, is
John: what that that's the problem with these experimental drugs.
Adam: Yeah. But it doesn't matter, because you were right. Partially right. People are lining up everywhere. No kidding. But really,
Unknown: how long do we think immunity lasts from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine? So when you look at all the vaccines, we have to
John: another Pfizer story?
Adam: Oh, yeah. It's the great marketing reset vaccine.
Unknown: So when you look at all the vaccines, we have to remember they they accrued about two months of clinical trial data, and then they broke that off sent that to the FDA for emergency use authorization, all vaccine developers have said they will continue to follow outcomes for at least two years. So the short answer to this question is we don't know because we're not two years don't have trial data yet. However, we can extrapolate a little bit what we know about natural immune protection from SARS, code v2 and antibodies are, you know, apparent anywhere from lasting three months to up to a year and a half and other coronaviruses a year and a half. So again, this is something we will be tracking very, very closely. It's not known whether we'll need a booster or a different formulation, all of that down the road.
Adam: Yeah, of course, it's gonna be fine. Just take the Pfizer,
Unknown: you two pregnant ladies, a volunteer and the first vaccine trial for pregnant women is now speaking out expecting mothers were excluded from earlier trials. But now 4000 pregnant women are enrolled in a study for Pfizer to make sure the company's shot is safe for both mother and baby ABCs Aereo rachet spoke exclusively to an Idaho woman enrolled in the trial.
If there's any way to get rid of this COVID it's to do these studies. And sometimes you have to be the guinea pig
to figure it out, and I'm perfectly fine with being that guinea
pig. The study will also see if there is a transfer of COVID fighting antibodies from mother to child.
Adam: Okay, well, I'm very brave. And then you know, I'd say so this is a this is I think, just one example it was a package but it was a localized package, I think was w g n something Chicago, Illinois. And this is in this case, it wasn't Madonna. So this is Madonna marketing. It was a five minute package, john under medical watch five minute package. That doesn't happen unless it's paid for and mud every single time they showed a vial or a vaccine certification. It had Madonna and by the way moderna is spelled capital M o, d e capital RNA that's new. But but it was it was full screen. And that's why caught my eyes like oh my god, so it's very recognizable Madonna RNA. very specific. And this is the type of marketing that Madonna is putting into get people to take this shot and boy, is it a doozy.
Unknown: Medical watch.
It is a ticket to freedom medical reporter
or has more on the precious paper commodity worth protecting,
and making the rounds on social media. Some are framing them as memorabilia, others keeping them close in their wallet that collect all three COVID vaccine card will help us travel and see loved ones again. That's why keeping it safe and backing it up is critical. Don't be fooled by its humble appearance.
I think it's just as important as a passport, your actual physical passport.
It may seem antiquated, but a paper trail is standard. When it comes to documenting vaccinations.
A lot of the countries in Africa will require yellow fever, and we put this on a yellow vaccination card. So that we've been doing that
they hand them out by the hundreds that innovative star on the city.
John: I have one of those yellow vaccination cards for yellow fever is interesting that they would combine the color of the disease. So another so what you're going to tell me next what they're going to say in here is that the Madonna card or the vaccine car for them is colored the color of bullshit, right? It's gonna be brown,
Adam: it's Scratch and sniff card actually
Unknown: doing that.
They hand them out by the hundreds that innovative Express care on the city's north side.
A card is really important. First, it
tells you the date that you got the vaccine type of vaccine and a large number of the vaccine. And so it's really important to have Chicago Public School Principal Vanessa
Williams Johnson has big plans for her card
will be laminated
He will travel with me wherever I go, that recipient should make a digital copy and keep it handy.
I want to make sure that I scan this so that I have it on my phone, it's in my email, and it will be anywhere. When you
Adam: know where this is going. They're totally selling freedom to you falsely, because you're still shedding. There's no reason if it works or not. But all these people like it's my golden ticket, my
Unknown: freedom pass, I can scrapbook it will be everywhere, so I can make sure that I have this with me at all times.
It's something to keep it's part of your medical records. And it's really important now because it can give you freedom. There There are going to be more and more countries requiring vaccination or documentation of vaccination, as well as work requirements. So this is an extremely important piece of paper that we have
if it gets lost.
After crying. I would
probably look into all my digital files and hope that I still had that there.
And there's a tracking system called icare. Comprehensive automating
John: what what sick operation I missed that part I think was sick operation is playing this is native ad where they come from
Adam: Illinois.
John: I mean, what was it on a TV show?
Adam: Yes, TV. It's in TV. It's the news. It's so they go medical watch. And you know, it's like the six o'clock news and they have us at a local station station Illinois and they had this five minute paid for package called medical watch. That's why they cut to a different person. The news host don't have to do it. He's got the medical model.
John: I know it's one of these locals is great. You should take it go to the bathroom.
Adam: I think it was w I can look it up
John: but I'm sure it's been playing if this playing there is playing elsewhere they probably
Adam: that's what I'm saying right all over my country well, but this this is localized and I want to see if other local stations localize it for their outfit, but we continue because it's about
John: a localized visit though they
Adam: Well, it's it's an Illinois vaccination site.
John: Okay. So they actually put in a little more work than a standard video they put in
Adam: a lot of work on this this this was this was had to be paid for this was not you're listening to all the edits,
Unknown: and hope that I still had that there.
And there's a tracking system called eye care Illinois comprehensive automated immunization registry exchange. COVID vaccination centers report your doses to the state
care system is the gold standard. gold standard for proving that you've gotten the vaccine Peyton prep principal, Melissa
rash plans to show off her card on social media
make static
it is the next step in getting back to some semblance of togetherness connection,
I will absolutely tweet it out, text it out and show it off. Absolutely
any risk sharing.
You may want to stay with it some identification of your birthday. But other than that it's a celebration that you've gotten the vaccine.
Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to those who are kind of hesitant about vaccinations that they'll see that this is worthwhile. And if not for you, it's for the safety of others. So I'm hoping that everybody
there are concerns about forgery when it comes to the cards. That's one of the reasons international airlines are working on ways to digitize the document for travelers. At the same time, several app developers are getting into game working on their own platforms to preserve the cards digitally.
Adam: There you go freedom,
Unknown: it's your ticket to freedom,
Adam: freedom,
Unknown: freedom, you
Adam: get freedom. Thank you Fauci. And it's been
John: a couple of screw ups in there if I was the producer. First of all, they didn't mention the forgery issue, which is something you should be concerned about if you want to actually take this seriously, even though there's no reason to. And then you can have a discussion of that at the same time promoting somebody tweeting pictures of their card, which then can be extracted from the tweet or the Instagram timestamp. You can cut and paste and create your own cards, although as I because I brought this up before on the show. Somebody sent me a link. I think it was Wyoming's I think was the Wyoming state health department they actually have the card online printable. You can if you're a doctor, you just go to this link and you download the card printed on some cardstock john
Adam: john you're pretty good with the GIMP exit strategy baby. Making fake fake fake vaccination cards we take Bitcoin Oh, man, everybody's out. Did you see the the former president Pushing the vaccine
John: precedent of former president
Adam: presidents presidents President Obama, President Bush and President Clinton, about Trump. Now he was not invited.
John: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no anomaly. They're trying to expunge him your there'll be some laws in the future. I can even put this in the red book, but it would take place way too deep. To get Trump off the off just get rid of them don't even need never was president.
Adam: Exactly. He never would. He would never was a president. So it doesn't really matter. Well, here's their public service announcement.
Unknown: Right now the COVID-19 vaccines are available to me as of Americans, and soon they will be available to everyone.
This vaccine means they will protect you and know
love from this dangerous and deadly disease.
I want to go back to work and I want to be able to move around and
visit with Michelle's mom to hug her and see her on her birthday. You know, I'm really looking forward to is going opening day in Texas Ranger stadium with the full stadium.
Lawson of people have
suffered enough damage
in order to get rid of this pandemic.
John: It's important for our fellow citizens to get
Unknown: vaccinated on getting vaccinated because we want this pandemic to
John: end as soon as
Unknown: possible until week six Carter
vaccinated when it's available to you
to roll up your sleeves and do your part.
This is our shot.
Now it's up to you.
John: President George HW Bush in that posthumously hit sell forehead This was planned.
Adam: So good. But of course we need Oh, well, I have to have the short matches. I'm sorry, sorry. Sorry.
John: We had this clip of one of the newscasts about three or four shows ago, going how great it is that Normally we'd have like 400,000 cases of the flu, but we only get 20 Uh huh.
Adam: Not sounds flu sounds legit. Now,
John: you know, this happened at my house. Because Jake, Casey and Jesse already had COVID to an extreme and he had to cough and everything right the early days. And she lost her sense of taste. Right. Right. Right.
Adam: The Oh, gee, oh, gee, Rona.
John: And so she, right there. Oh, gee, Rona. They had. And so, uh, but they're still thinking about getting a vaccine because you know, the millennials, and you have to do that if you're millennial. Yeah. And I'm thinking why you want it what why you had the disease, if it's if it's normal, you what it is, and if you can catch the disease, and then catch the disease again and again. And again, the vaccines, I couldn't do any good either. If a child
Adam: You're mistaking these people, for people who are sound of mine, not your kids are not aren't insane. But they've been programmed. not totally. So it's impossible to get around it now.
John: So we so we had this situation recently where they got sick again. And it was like, Oh, no, no, it's just something or other. And then Jay got sick for a couple of days on something. And she had swollen glands, and she was feverish and had the jitters in the shells in the whole thing. And she says to me, because I didn't get any of this. She says to me, yeah, maybe it was COVID or something I said, I said, Did you ever think that maybe it was the you had a mild case of the flu and the edit it not dawned on her that that was even a possibility to today's world? And that's exactly what she had. And that's what they had. There is a flu going around? It's a mild case, at least in this situation. But there's other versions obviously, and nobody even considers it anymore. No. This is really unhealthy.
Adam: I have a tip, which is important. Just want to share shared quick experience with you says producer Paul, I was traveling with my girlfriend to Puerto Rico, and we needed to get a COVID PCR test to travel to test I passed with flying colors. However, my girlfriend received a positive result, she has not been experiencing any symptoms. It was suggested by a friend to swab and clean her nose with an anti microbial antiseptic skin cleaner. We used Hibi cleanse HIV icns right before the test, we did this as instructed and sure enough, the result came back negative. Not sure if it was the anti microbial or just the fact that testing system is fraught with errors but we had a great time in San Juan. There's a little
John: boy he did mention something else in that note which is the second test was done. Right after the first test,
Adam: yes.
John: So they did a test. And then it's a ball. Oh, how positive did the test again after she swab yourself
Adam: up? You're good to go good to go.
John: This is like ludicrous. I mean, all of this evidence is just indicates this whole thing is a giant scam.
Adam: You know, it's literally what Trump said. He throw some bleach up your nose, you're cured. Think about it. I have a case I'm a case. I'm an infected human being. But now I have the Trump cure anti microbial bleach will do in a in a Jiff? Yep, snort some some bleach and do the test right away. I think this is an outstanding tip to more public service announcements that are intended to get you to get vaccinated. Let's get back to talking smack we're decided mac and cheese. Before we can safely come together.
Unknown: We need the facts on COVID-19 vaccines
to get the facts
Adam: visit get vaccine so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you whenever you throw mac and cheese with anything is good as far as I'm concerned. Appreciate that. But this one is for the youngsters and this is pretty evil.
Unknown: Oscar the Grouch here to tell you Yeah, you to wear a mask out in public around other people. Sure, it'll
keep you healthy. But more importantly,
I won't have to see your happy smiling face. And if you don't want to wear a mask, I've just got one thing to tell you. Scram, go away.
Caring for each other because
we are all in this together.
So wear a mask and have a rotten day.
Adam: Kids he won't have to see your smiling face that's bad. kids understand irony with this stuff.
John: Well, Oscar de gras you're all familiar with right? So wear a mask but did there is some fall hiring wear
Adam: a mask wear masks? You're horrible people. Let's see what else did I have on my list
John: done with COVID for today, but you must have something else. Yeah,
Adam: the only other thing Oh, yes. Burke's commander Deborah Burke's
John: Sean
Adam: stern bond Farah Deborah box. She got a nice little gig. Yep, yep. She was hired by active pure technology. A Texas based filtration company comes as it's seeking formal clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to market its air purifier for the purpose of removing Coronavirus particles. And in addition, she'll be joining the board of a Silicon Valley venture capital fund. Of course, who is conveniently invested in active pure,
John: which is what company is
Adam: active pure. Oh, you mean which VC company the VC? I don't think it says here.
John: This the most important piece of information?
Adam: Yeah. Well,
John: let me let me get weak because they all have them on a certain douchebag scale. And we want to know which one it is.
Adam: Yeah, hold on. Let me see if I can find here. We look for the word board. Now it just says versus weak. Oh, yeah. With no breaks this week join join the George W. Bush Institute where she'll work to address health disparities exacerbated by the pandemic and the Board of a bay area investment firm. Well, what the hell kind of information is that? Ah, no v No. Viva
John: you know, Viva Yeah, I'm not very familiar.
Adam: Listen to this, you know, Viva, which primarily collects royalties from certain lucrative GlaxoSmithKline medicines. This this she is unbelievable. Discussing its decision money these people is the money or horrible horrible people wars, they're they're just whores, no doors or spores. The Yeah, there's two documents, which are probably worth worth looking at. One is the this is kind of a disturbing one. It's from the CDC, as titled interim operational considerations for implementing the shielding approach to prevent COVID-19 infections in humanitarian settings because they're not expecting anything to slow down and the shielding approach is you divide people up into sectors and camps. And I know it's, it's this kind of kind of creepy
John: story and novel story that my wife's been working on while she can
Adam: copy and paste kids here. By the time
John: a book comes out, she learned the typical divorce book, the time it comes out, the story will be like, well, you're writing in a well,
Adam: that's actually a good idea. So I'll finish they're gonna have a green zone for dedicated latrine bathing facility for high risk individuals. But this is good if it's a divorce timing because we have yet another dynamite document here, which is the spars pandemic. Now, we've already talked about this. This is a it's not real, but they've already given it a name spars, a feud, and this is a futuristic scenario to facilitate medical countermeasure communication. And the spars pandemic is expected to be from 2025 to 2028. That's perfect Dvorak book publishing timing. And, but medical countermeasures, also known as mmcm, including drugs devices, biologics, which is your vaccines and remdesivir often play critical roles in curtailing the impacts of natural disease outbreaks as well as chemical biological, radiological, or nuclear tests as a whole. It's a whole communications plan on how to communicate to the people what they should be doing it during the next pandemic,
John: or ham radio operators involved in this ham radio operators.
Adam: Are they I hate to say it but no, no, they're not. No, no, there's no there's no space for the, for the for the there's no space for the hams in this now.
John: So sparse SP RS is this also going to be something coming out of the Wu Han lab? Well, I have that in there now. But I don't really bring out these details.
Adam: I do have two clips about the Wu Han lab. This was on deck that mainstream was definitely talking about it this week, which is surprising to have the Chinese controlled media doing this. Here's CBS Face the Nation shorty, Dr. Scott Gottlieb on the Wuhan lab.
Unknown: What is it that China still has here that we need to know?
A lot of data? Well, first of all, they have antibody testing on the people who worked in that Wuhan lab, they didn't make that available. So you'd want to know if they have antibodies to the Coronavirus. That would be an indication that maybe they got infected. Now those antibodies will wane over time, but you at least want to look at that data. We want to see sequencing data on retain samples from people who were admitted to the hospital in October November with viral syndromes that looked like COVID to see if this infection was spreading earlier and trying to get closer to the source of the initial outbreak. That data is certainly available. The Chinese have that. So there's a lot of data that was not made available.
Adam: NBC did a much better job of this on the nightly news and I'm still unclear as to why suddenly it's not racist to be talking about China being creeps and messing up and letting this loose accidentally or purposely.
Unknown: Tonight with still so many questions about the origins of the Coronavirus in China.
Adam: My god man, do you talk like this everywhere you go
Unknown: this revelation from a member of the World Health Organization team, who was just in Wu Han some researchers working in a Wu Han lab studying Coronavirus is did get sick studying did some researchers get sick with flu like symptoms in the fall of 2019. Occasional
illness because that's normal. There was nothing that stood
out to you remember how many researchers
it's certainly not a big, big thing.
A State Department fact sheets in January alleged several researchers inside the Wu Han Institute of virology became sick in autumn 2019 Marian koopman says China told the wh o team, the lab researchers tested negative for SARS COVID to in March April 2020s. She says the evidence does not point
to reliably really not seen any evidence of
associated case.
A 300 page World Health Organization joint report with China will soon be published. But a week ago a group of 20 scientists wrote an open letter saying the w h o team was never given proper access and has to clear its report with Chinese scientists, quote, greatly compromising the scientific validity of its findings.
What we want to see is a more independent, proper investigation of how the origin started.
Adam: I really don't understand why they're doing this now.
John: What are you talking about the bads. sound engineering?
Adam: I know why they're doing that. But why Why all of a sudden is this going after China? What's up? We're missing something. We're missing the open question. I
John: think maybe China's not coughing up enough or they're pulling back or they're acting, acting arrogant or they're not not paying their fair share.
Adam: I have just choosey the money No, not usually always. will go down under for our last sequence here and listen to the corona cast. Hello, this
Unknown: is Corona cast a daily podcast all about the Coronavirus. I'm health reporter taegan Tyler
nonphysician and journalist Dr. Norman Swan is Friday the 12th of March 2021.
And normally, one thing we keep hearing about the vaccines is that they've been developed in record time at breakneck speed and all of these sorts of really fast words. And you've got something to say about this. They actually haven't been developed as quickly as people think.
Adam: Now I appreciate this. Of course, it's on a podcast, because where else would you get this information gives you a little insight into what we were tracking years ago when the pharmaceutical industry met with the banking sector and said all this is going to be great. We can give people medicine, that they're not even sick, we'll give it to them before they need it. It's going to be great vaccines of the future.
John: Well, people I think we're indemnified
Adam: and we're indemnified. Could you believe that kind of investment opportunity?
Unknown: Well, people I think, think that these vaccines have been developed in the same year in this past year, which in fact, is not true. We just did a little bit history. Two or three years ago, an organization called the things called Coalition for epidemic preparedness and innovation.
here have effectively a competition, the competition was come up with a vaccine technology platform that could develop a vaccine to a new virus. Within 16 weeks.
It was off the back of the Ebola outbreaks in Africa where they felt like they were just chasing their tails and they needed to be on the front foot next time.
That's right. They knew another pandemic was coming. So five groups one at two or five technologies, one at the University of Queensland tick No,
Adam: hold on a second. Ebola wasn't a pandemic. They knew another pandemic was coming was Ebola pandemic that I miss it?
John: Well, I don't think it was such
Adam: No, of course, it was possible
John: but they weren't. They did develop the the you have to remember the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is from the Ebola platform as as comes up here.
Unknown: It was off the back of the Ebola outbreaks in Africa where they felt like they were just chasing their tails and they needed to be on the front foot next time. That's right. They
knew another pandemic was coming. So five groups one, two or five technologies, one at the University of Queensland technology and the mRNA technology and a couple of other technologies one it and they weren't a while ago, what happened was that these technology platforms were shovel ready in January, so much so that
Sydney University released
a show they got to shovel some bullshit to get through it. Is that what you're saying?
What happened was these technology platforms were shovel ready in January, so much so that when Eddie Holmes at Sydney University released the genome worldwide, companies like Madonna, we're on to it straight away and within a matter of weeks, had already designed effectively the first version of the vaccine. Now it's true that some of these vaccines hadn't been fully studied in humans, but they were well developed platform. Phase One studies. They were pre existing platforms that were designed to produce vaccines quickly. That's why they won the prize. Okay.
Adam: Oh, no one ever you never hear that anywhere else. We might just do it podcast, a podcast.
John: podcast. The podcast is the name of another podcast. Yes,
Unknown: pod. podcast
John: is the podcast. That's
Adam: right.
John: Oh my my mind.
Adam: So I think I think that's kind of it. I don't believe I have any other pressing information to you unless you have some as Mimi
John: would say. When you guys gonna stop talking about COVID
Adam: I am always
John: just as I say,
Adam: I'm blown away by how accurate that voices
John: always say Well, it depends on what you if you want us to continue to do the podcast.
Adam: That's it. Wow.
John: I get my Joe Biden stuff lined up for the second block. Oh, well
Adam: then perhaps you should depart yourself or something. I sorry. You should deep parch yourself.
John: Oh, yes. Yes. I was unaware of your of the wordage that you were you were implementing and then so but now I can do this.
Adam: Ah, yes. Ladies and gentlemen Blue Ribbon high bright sweet
and with that I'd like to thank you for your currency in the morning to the man who put two C's in the corona cast john C.
John: In the morning you Mr. Adam Curry in the morning all ships to see boots on the ground feet in the air subs in the water and all the dames and knights out there
Adam: in the morning trolls How y'all doing? It's good to see you there in the troll room. No agenda stream calm. Let's have a count hands up trolls. Where are y'all from? What do we got? We have 2135. Yep, yep. Yep, that's because no one wants to hear about COVID that's why there's over 10,000 people. I couldn't help myself. That's no agenda stream comm where you can troll all of the live shows. We got a live stream right on that page. And if it's not live, but a lot of the shows are, then everyone's still hearing the same thing. We're rolling out 24 hour seven of podcast. It's it's a fun place. fun place to hang out. If you're a troll.
John: I should mention before you do that. Somebody sent me a Pabst Blue Ribbon hat.
Adam: Yes, I am aware.
John: I'm aware you get one?
Adam: No, no, this was one of our producers. specifically wanted to send you one and double checked with me and say yep, yeah. And, and he tracked it in. So I think he's very happy. Are you wearing it though? right now is
John: the question. Of course.
Adam: Are you wearing it backwards? Like a hip hopper?
John: No. It's not straightforward. You're over to the side by about 30 degrees.
Adam: Very cool with a bill completely flat.
John: Right? You got to keep it straight and flat as a pancake effect. I had to flatten it. And you got the tag was naturally curved.
Adam: You got the tag still on it. Don't take the tag off.
John: Yeah, I got everything. Everything's intact. Got a sticker. Very good.
Unknown: Now.
John: I don't know who this was a sentence. You must have some access to him. I wanted to thank him.
Adam: No, I didn't leave a note.
John: No, there's no note it looks a came from some some hat manufacturing company. Huh? There's no note.
Adam: Well, that may be difficult.
John: Yeah. Now that he knows that I don't know who he is.
Adam: He can he can uncloak he can relate reveal himself. Yeah.
John: It's a funny logo.
Adam: No, it's, it's, by the way, we're
John: sorry. We should be getting cases in cases and cases we only get to do this bit a couple more times. You're the one that has
Adam: to switch you got to switch to a different different beverage in the morning to Tom to nail who nailed it with the artwork for Episode 1328. The title of that perfect white adjacent. And this was the Illuminati Queen of Hearts of hearts of hearts. Which fit right in with the queen of America attacking the Queen of England the Oprah interview. And I think that there was did you mention somewhere about the about this being that was in the newsletter about it being a Freemason work? Yeah.
John: Yes, some 32nd degree Mason send us a note. And he had all the discussions of what was going on in there including, I mean, it's in the newsletter so you can read it there but the one that I got a kick out that he spotted was that broken rows that the queen is holding up? Hmm. Which which apparently is a message to FSU to the rosicrucians
Adam: Really? No.
Unknown: Yeah. Hmm.
Adam: I think tante Neel Hold on. I think tante Neel posted something about this. Did you see that? I know she tagged you. I don't know if you if you got out early enough in here. I'm looking at it right now. Where's tante? Neel
John: Damn. Oh, she's in Holland. So she's a Dutch.
Adam: No, I don't it's is there one of them is Dutch and one of them isn't? I can't even remember anymore. Who's Who?
John: Well, I know she's in Holland. Let me see because it says so on her page on the on the
Adam: shots. Yeah, you're right says Dutch.
Unknown: Okay.
Adam: I'm looking at
John: her. She could be she could be Illuminati.
Adam: Well, they have a lot of Freemasons there for sure. Oh, here it is. I read in the newsletter you received an analysis of my art from an anonymous 32 degree Mason. Just to clarify, the breastplate is not altered by me. It's on the original Queen playing card. And that's interesting. The Broken rose doesn't mean disdain for the rosicrucianism. It depicts the English rose and it stands for the Queen for Queen Oprah's disdain For the British Royals, the all seeing eye is an image regularly used to depict woke ism. Uh huh. Yeah.
John: Funny. Now we got the Battle of the interpretations.
Adam: Yes. Hey, all art is open to interpretation. And right now if you're using a podcasting 2.0 compliant podcast app that you're seeing this as we speak, and maybe even some other images, Dred Scott throws in their new podcast apps calm. continental did a good job. And what else did we see?
John: We looked at it was really the only piece I saw these. I saw these the complete collection and there was a couple things you should note. I forgot to mention Mike Riley, for example, did a little mermaid image. We're never going to use anything that involves Disney. Probably not. No. Because Disney sues people for doing anything including parodies. Even though they're legal. A lot of parodies are legal, Disney will still go after you because they'd like to make a point that you know, you want to mess with us. I don't care what you do, you're still gonna have to go through the agony of dealing with Disney legal. So that's out Same for Nick
Adam: the Radisson LeBron James with the Mickey Mouse add on.
John: Well, I kind of got a kick out of that one. But again, you know, if any did Disney imagery is never going to be used in I would also go so far as to say it's probably unlikely they're going to use any Paramount imagery, which includes all the Star Trek ships, because pyramid does the same thing not to the extent of Disney Disney really goes after people. Now how long do you think we're using?
Adam: How long do you think one of the one of the pieces of art with the Pfizer logo and and a zombie. Next to it would like to think that would be a good question. Would that be taken down?
John: Seo? Yeah. Pfizer just changed their logo too, which is kind of funny.
Adam: I am. I'm already shadow banned. Everyone knows that. Just go ahead and look at who you follow. I'm at the bottom of your list. I'm not I'm not even showing up for my wife.
John: The we Yeah, there's a number of things we won't do. Because we don't want to get into legal entanglements and we're aware of most of the possibilities. Yeah. And luckily, was something like the public domain. Queen of Hearts card comes out with all these little images put all over it is perfect. There's absolutely nothing in there got the mask on her face, which is a nice touch of their eye is all seeing I mean, it's dynamite piece. Yeah, it's really you. You were irked that it had a yellow background.
Adam: Yeah, well, no, no, there was a lot of grumbling about that. Because you had literally just said, Dad, the only thing will take us yellow was for a product shot not for anything else. That's That's me doing you by the way. That was pretty good.
John: was just like me. Yeah. So there so that was the kind of involvement that does some of the background people, artists in particular should understand some of these things, especially about Disney images. You can if you want to make a fuss or wanna have some fun, you could use the original Mickey Mouse that with a bent arm,
Adam: Steamboat Willie,
John: a Steamboat Willie style Mickey Mouse and you can use that in art and probably win in court because that's genuinely public domain. But again, you daft this cost money to do all that it's not worth the trouble with these these eight holes. It really isn't.
Adam: Let's see, we had no agenda show tombstones. Yeah. I mean, it was it was too much yellow. was the problem and still still yellow on the day. Well, thank you very much. Congratulations, tante Neel with your well deserved a credit for the for Episode 1328. no agenda art. is where you can look at all of this artwork. But where you can upload yourself. It's really it's a value for value. No, this is what a lot of the artists do is give us this incredible value this kit. There's no radio show. Go ahead. Look at any podcast company, not individuals, but like
John: gimlet network
Adam: network, and you tell me that they have one show that changes their artwork, every single show quality, they
John: got the big dough quality, yes.
Adam: That's how valuable this work is. Besides just being fun. I mean, it's just fun. Although I found that when I critique end of show mixers, they don't like it so much.
John: And yeah, that's interesting. I think musicians are people that do that sort of thing are not the same as graphic or graphic artists are used to it. And they actually expect it and they like it because it helps them fine tune that there's nothing that guy who does and to show me there's nothing to find is over.
Unknown: Right standard? I
John: don't know, that's a funny observation.
Adam: Well, it's, it's usually on technical merits.
John: So I only have one complaint at all. But all the entire show mixes, I have one basic complaint, okay. Which is I don't think it's that artistic or interesting, or I don't even like it, or all you do is take Adam and I sang various random things and then put a musical bed underneath it.
Adam: Well, sometimes there's a story that's told, and it's funny when it's pulled out of context, but if it's not musically mixed in, if it's just rolling it over, I agree, if it's in the beat, if it's sample, it's really good. So for me, and I hear a lot of bad edits, which I'll let one or one slide, but if it's really bad, the beat gets off. And then if someone's singing and is really bad, I'm gonna say no,
John: no. And there are some bad singers.
Adam: Yeah, that Well, most are bad singers. But some sometimes it just is worse than others. I'm like, No, there's just so but
John: a lot of professionals in the audience I mean, we have
Adam: but also I'd like to say, I'm on the list where I received songs, you know, I'm one of these. Oh, it's a DJ and podcasts list. Oh, my song is out, go listen to it. Now, many of those songs I listened to that are sent to me. None zero. Exactly. What do I listen to every single end of show mix? So it should actually be a compliment. Like, well, you'd like what I did there.
John: Yeah, that was real good switcheroo.
Adam: That is our time talent. Here's the treasure portion. We always like to congratulate and profusely thank our associate, producers, associate associate executive and executive producers, who we would like to read their notes, find out what's going on in their lives. We do learn a lot in this. In this particular portion of the show. I can get I should be able to give a product tip in this particular portion of the show who Tina's going to Costco today to see if if the Kirkland 799. Bordeaux Is there any better?
John: Yeah, we're almost out here. Well, that's just just you. It takes about two weeks for it to completely disappear from any single Costco.
Adam: My own them, then we have hopefully enough time.
John: But I did. Another tip is they go to the front of the store where there's a usually where you pick up this stuff, there's a door it says, pickups here, there's a there's a desk with a computer at it. That's where the store manager sometimes is sitting there, but whoever's there, you can go up to them and ask them where this wine is in any of the other local stores and they will go onto the computer. Look up the wine, in this case, Kirkland Bordeaux superior to look it up. And they will stay will they can see the inventory and all the local stores and they'll tell you Oh is over here at the other store in the South side of town. And you can drive over there and get it there. It's very handy. I've had I've used this, this capability a number of times at the Costco in Richmond, California.
Adam: Another fantastic tip.
John: You get your money's worth with this show.
Adam: Absolutely.
John: All right. I'll skip the other product for now. And let's start with thanking a few people for contributing to the show 1329 anonymous starts as all we got a couple of anonymous is at the top $1,000 or one $1,001.11 it's not even a palindrome I don't know what 101 dot one one donation enough. I'm not a douche bag anymore as a gender bender couple Kathy and Sarah have telling me
Adam: Kelly and Sarah Kathy,
John: the gender bender couple. What did I say? He said Kathy, Kathy Wow, I think Kelly and Sarah have called me out enough Insta night today for me requested and I know what you've been called out enough I don't know why you want to be anonymous now. Okay. With Krista anonymity and night name, sir. No, why be of Calgary? I was asked by Kelly or Kathy as I have to listen to a three minute clip. He sent me the whole show. I was asked by Kelly to listen to a three minute clip. He sent me the whole show. Okay, I was pissed but love the show and haven't missed an episode since we context would be good on this. Thanks for the entertainment and the great work donation 101 dot one one us bucks even though I I'm Scandinavian. It's like $5,000 donation. Very big. Because I'm not cheap like some of the non Rogen nights and 1.11 to keep Adams Penny jar full. There you have it have 111 Yeah, don't waste. egos no karma just of denying.
Adam: Yeah, you got it. Yeah. Looking forward to them.
John: We'll leave it at that whoever he is. Yeah Alberta. Anonymous in Fortson, Georgia 800 another anonymous odd please find the 600 bucks to the final payment for my knighthood and other night. Please credit it to my account $200 to read Matthews of wax paw. I think he hall with just as many jackasses again as before you are free to say his name all you want. I think he might have donated out of spite back in February, but I can't remember and I ain't going back that check. Anyways, this gets me to knighthood and him close to the K hood, which he can own which can only help him on his never ending would have weird notes today is never ending quest of becoming a real person someday. I'm just angry people am donating this stone. They're making this donation for a variety of reasons. But let's just connected to my birthday on the 15th of March you're on the list. I've been field testing Adams questions quote. I always wonder what's next when somebody says remember Adam Curry from MTV? I quote almost exclusively when I have asked I hear in return. Okay, I hear in return, quote love whenever he asks get he gets this. Love that guy, whatever happened to him. So there's that working on sending you and Adam a couple of ducks. I should be back in the office soon and we'll get it done. Quick question after the knighthood. What's next? Well, Baronet is this hit? No is Baronet and there's Duke there's Earl. There's all kinds of things. No more donations for
me. Appreciate you and in a greatly show is immediately entertaining. And a greatly show
Adam: is immediately just immensely immensely.
John: immensely it was still a greatly show. Okay. Okay, that's another anonymous I say sounds like the same guy.
Adam: Not the same guy.
John: Sounds like the same guy. I love that guy. Whatever
Adam: happened to him love that guy. Where do you go? Where do you go? What are you 68 that's the channel between home shopping and QVC over the air baby.
John: Dame Ladybug is next and she's in San Diego California with 333 dot 33 with lots of love and gratitude from Dame Ladybug Please forgive me some relation I need some relationship karma or give me some I'd love to meet an alpha male alpha who would put up with my no agenda listening addiction well you want to find the no agenda list of meetups meetups joy fun photography adventures on weekends so she wants to find an alpha male but she wants to drag his ass out of the house.
Adam: Hold on. Hold on You misread that. It's not photography and adventure she's she would enjoy fun photography adventures on weekends photography adventures. What is this?
John: Well you're you're looking at it as some sort of lewd activity. Well, of
Adam: course
John: it says fun not nude that'd be funnier though. I would enjoy photography adventures on weekends Yeah,
Adam: well it's too bad all those hot guys can't sign up to no agenda social calm anymore. Since I was down I locked it down we got we hit 10,000 Oh
Unknown: yeah,
Adam: we'll open it up in a month we're gonna open up a few we're gonna do a purge in a month but
John: right now right after the purge we can do some Yeah, the purge. And again, the trial three in a row. By the way. Nobody asked for karma.
Adam: Yes, nothing I know. And Kevin. Bad injure from Philadelphia 333. He'd even put a note in at all.
John: No, no note. I couldn't find a note. I looked I looked and looked in nothing. So we got we got four in a row. game. Sara Coble. Yeah, we know is the wife of our Duke 320 pair. You Tennessee. Happy Anniversary my smokin hot husband Sir Patrick kobold Duke of the South 16 years with with this tan he's attended. And two amazing kids later. 16 a 16 year old 10 and a two on OC See my 10 by two 320 game Sarah another non requester Well, I
Adam: gave her a horn sit for for Sir Patrick Coble
John: five in a row. This is a record today.
Adam: Well it's over now.
John: Oh damn and of gray rock and cross it. cross it Virginia 316 1777 by the way Dame Sarah if I didn't say was 320 ITM at noodle gun please. Okay noodle gun jingle Happy Birthday to my sister Dame anonymous of colonial place in on March 16. Please give this producer credit to her. Okay, we got to switch your route to make a no please. Okay. Our 73 year old mom used to use the quote outtake the vaccine when it has FDA approval. Good for blind with their friends the other day. Devon berating her for a few weeks because she won't take it. This is the peer group that causes the lines This is terrible by the way. Yeah, you shouldn't be calling people into doing something that you don't want to do. No, he said no one had a response to her comment. And that conversation moved along. Thanks no agenda for giving our mom the answer to why won't you take the vaccine since quote? I have a severe allergy and I'm not comfortable taking it didn't work. Keep up the great work Dame and gray rock.
Adam: face with the minute
Unknown: you racist.
Adam: I got to my pasta Glocks locked in loaded now this is interesting. We had Dame Sarah tame anonymous and a third female producer in a row. This is a list of McCorkle from bullfrog, Utah 314 15. This donation should bring me to Dame hood. I've been under 3333 mothership boarding pass for a while. Yeah, and couldn't pass up this opportunity to finally become a dame in honor of Pi Day. Oh, my God. What is wrong with us? Gee, I mean, what the heck? devore? ack.
John: You know, usually I get a number of notes about Pi Day. And here we are. What is wrong? No, no, you're in my
Adam: producers are fired. fired.
John: Give them their pink slips, right
Adam: trials, Nuremberg trials. I mean that you're right. It hasn't gotten to the point where everyone is just, Oh, you guys will remember. Remember, every every year that passes, it gets worse for us.
John: No, it's not a it's not that we have we do the show. The challenge thing, which is talent.
Adam: We're
John: just talent. We're just talent. We're not you know, and we do yes, I do a newsletter and this should be in their
Adam: lap some stuff up there. But we're just talent really we're not we're not.
John: We do that with this show is the prime thing that we do. We just do the rest of it so we can make sure that we're paid to do the show, or so we can support the show. So this show can continue. But it's not like pi days on my mind. And it's only once a year it was another thing and I don't have it in the calendar. I feel terrible.
Adam: Well, ice McCorkle. I think I mispronounce her name too. Thank you for reminding us. Anyway, she said she couldn't she couldn't pass up this opportunity to finally become a dame and in honor of Pi Day and my upcoming birthday on April 3 I wanted to celebrate by donating a delicious slice of pie to you both. I love listening to the show on the no agenda community is amazing. Thank you for the dose of sanity and for being guardians of truth. I hope you never find an exit strategy. I would like to be known as Dame geek squared of the space time Neanderthals averaging over 83 is the GI with 33 is the East for the geek Of course. jingles Biden whole low Don't eat me Joe Biden. We're all gonna die. Fauci Wiese for the roundtable, please add koegel is it Coco's ring Bologna? kugels or coggles?
John: I guess probably COVID is obviously a brand of ring Bologna.
Adam: Well, it's important we got to get the right one so Coco's ring Bologna in honor of her smoking hot boyfriend. And some huli huli chicken and please officially de-douche Maison
Unknown: de deuced
John: li Holi sauce is a is a Hawaiian sauces. It's like a soy sauce. Soy sauce which uses a marinate mostly it's quite good.
Unknown: I'm gonna
John: always buy it very good.
Unknown: I'm gonna give you the whole loan today nothing
John: else is you're making a big fuss about the three women in a row there's actually four women oh no no no yeah no no yeah we go into the associate executive producer. with Jill price the women are savings I see right down the street women
Adam: are saving us
John: 233 33 and they remembered Pi Day. This is the third time I've donated in addition to my monthly donation I have yet to request the de-douche Shang will do please do.
Unknown: You've been d deuced.
John: I've been meaning to donate for over a month for my birthday. Well she's not on the list. Oh, I'm put on for my birthday and my and two of my human resources birthdays but never got around to it so today's the day because you have saved my sister's life
Adam: what
John: so we don't feel we have to get three birthdays her we got her and her to human resource.
Adam: I'm all I'm all ears
John: oh she lives in an area sir. Their sister lives in an area surrounded by people with ginormous please don't ever notice Rachel Maddow? Yeah,
Adam: yeah, that's really a bad idea.
John: With will say huge amygdalas and her husband has legitimate COVID psychosis not that he has had COVID he doesn't leave the house. He's just psycho about it. And that by the way, this is not unusual. No it's not he's just psych I think my next door neighbors are these people. Yeah, he's just cycled by and their doctors psycho about it and now is obsessed with convincing everyone to get the vaccine. My sister is about to lose your mind. I hit her in the mouth this summer but apparently not hard enough. This time I hit her with all of my mind. And she is hooked. exact quote from her quote I am dying. I'm listening to yesterday's show. Thank you for saving me I found my new sanity routine listen to no agenda and hikers ski with the dog
Adam: unquote ski with the dog
John: so is this dogs on skis are hilarious. So with all that being said, Thank you uppercase I was about to have to fly out there and be on sanity watch. So so long, but I just had to share you too are the very best please don't find your exit strategy anytime soon. Jingle requests shut up Slaven noodle Gus
Adam: I got the my pasta Glocks locked in loaded 225 from sir real estate of the north coast and he is also an associate executive producer. Let's see what this rather long note says I wanted to send a note along with my donation to give a boots on the ground report. A small group of us within the Ohio stand up organization stands up organization has been organizing group maskless Shopping events. I saw this in the communist republic of Keio who got Chi Chi Cuyahoga County where Dame Ashley Lady of the Lake and I live our county is the bluest of the blue counties in Ohio. Therefore, all in on the stupid mass requirements. Our first shopping trip was to the heart of downtown Cleveland at a shopping center called steel yard comments. About 25 to 30 beautiful bear faces had a successful excursion into Home Depot and target. Oh man. It's like It's like a swarm. A good idea. maskless swarm? This is interesting. Yeah,
John: we did have give you take 25 or 30 people. No,
Adam: it's done. What did you say here? We did have one troublemaker in the group that caused our last participants to have service refuse. But other than that it went off without a hitch. The last trip was to all the on the east side of Cleveland, which is notoriously strict on masking policies. When our group arrived about 40 this time they were six police cars and three to four police barring us from the entrance. Many descend along a video that we actually had a reporter from Breitbart with us this time, you guys Hey, easy now what should easy now remember, Adams rule. If you use the media to get a point across, it can come back and it will Boomerang and abuse you. So we had a reporter from Breitbart with us this time and our organizer was taken inside to talk to the manager after about 10 minutes of talking to men Greet letters shop as long as we did not film inside the store. While we were waiting a Karen hurried by a group with her head in her arms and said, suicide I just wanted to be safe. My Karen voice on time code while inside the store, while inside the store, there was actually a woman with what looked like a hazmat suit with its own air supply. I wish I was joking. The fear porn machine is working overtime as our Governor's keeping us at one quarter capacity for gatherings, six feet of social distancing and strict punishment and fines including closures for closures for business that allow patrons to shop maskless without an exemption. Wow,
we went to a local pub after to celebrate but half of our group was asked to leave because they were standing up without a mask on even though the first half walked in completely massless and was set without issue not to mention every patron eating and drinking were massacres. Yeah, we get the point we need to remember COVID only gets you when you're standing and after 10pm I'm so tired of it. Also it feels good to do something if anyone in the area wants to join up reach out to me at SU real estate or at Dame Ashley on na shows social and we'll get you hooked up with the next excursions I encourage everyone no matter where you are to organize groups like this. It's your only way to fight this medical tyranny we are living under it that's a very interesting idea. No jingles I would like some house buying cars I'm purchasing 11 rental properties in the next 30 days if there any any listeners that are interested in partnering up to purchase more in a great suburb of Cleveland, let me know Chris at I wish sincerely sir real estate and northcoast. That's long note but I liked it because it does show that there is opportunity to get together swarm. And and eventually people may just say Well, you know what, if you come after five or at nine, we'll just let the swarm in this this is a crack cracking the code. You know, like, like in the swimming pool where all right comes like
Unknown: all the kids out all the kids out
Adam: Adult Swim time. Adult Swim time. Remember that?
John: No. Oh,
Adam: we had a Pleasant Valley pool. Pleasant viewpoint. We had to get out of the pool pending and then it was on the adults only and they got to swim.
John: Just go and take a trip to Florida. Hey, man,
Adam: we got to look. We got to fight this. You have to fight the otherwise I'm
John: in Berkeley.
Adam: Yeah, you know. Hey, they're in Ohio.
John: Give me a break. On a fight. I just became a homeless they're exempt. They don't wear masks. They don't care. They don't wear masks. They don't get sick. It's unbelievable how they're homeless. Oh,
Adam: this is it.
John: Done
Adam: Wait, wait, wait. When you when you go shopping, just put on some, you know, scruffy clothes. And if someone asks you something, excuse me. I'm experiencing homelessness here. could work.
John: Yeah, I could. I could try that or deny but I risked it. You know, the police decided they want to practice beating me up.
Unknown: They are not really homeless. They're practicing. They're practicing.
John: You are now Don arsonist shows next Yeah, he's in your lane which is in Plano $31 Can I get a de-douche string in my first time donor
Unknown: d deuced.
John: This is a redo my first attempt to donate $201 is apparently thrown in the recycle bin at the Dvorak household. Okay, so he sent me a fantastic and I'm gonna recommend this to anybody who wants to have something cool. A fantastic kind of it's it's like a it's like a plastic thing that sticks on a Let me read the rest of the note now explain. This donation represents the value for value contribution from the edge lit rally signs that I've sold over the last year on my Etsy shop. Plus I threw in some of my cash to get the Associate Producer level when volume has been light it has been fun making these for your dedicated producer and these are no agenda signs there.
Adam: I have one I have one when it changes color and everything changes colors.
John: There's all kinds of fancy things beautiful. It is actually beautiful. Now that the no agenda shop has started reselling the signs we have added the option to personalize this is interesting. Listen carefully. We have added the option to personalize the signs with the producers title or show num ru sexy. I'm hoping that volume will pick up as these make an awesome gift for your favorite daymer night please add me to the birthday list as I completed 64 revolutions around the Sun Can I get a goat Carmine f cancer find our products that no agenda shop under edge lit signs and on Etsy at Laser crafters with a K laser crafters LLC. And we have I think we put a bill to put a link link in the show notes.
Adam: Yeah, not only that, I think I've I know I've tweeted a picture of mine before. It's really well, it's a dynamite.
John: There they run mine. I don't know about yours, but mine runs off of a USB power.
Adam: Yes. From the wall. Yeah.
John: If you want to plug it in the wall, but you can get one of these little you know, these, everybody has tons of these things, these little portable batteries. The USB battery that you can recharge, and they used as backup for your phone and you put it in your car, they're all over the place. you hook it to one of those push the button started it up, and it'll go for days on the USB. backup battery.
Adam: Oh, that's cool.
John: And that way doesn't have to be anywhere near a plug. You can put it on top of the mural. You can put it in weird places. But that's what I do.
Adam: It's a very it's a very nice piece of art. I'm very proud of mine. Really. I like it a lot.
John: Yes. So he needs to go to Carmen answer.
Unknown: You've got
John: Now we have
Unknown: Where is this?
John: Right. Yeah. This is a thing an anonymous donation.
Adam: Okay. No, it's
John: not that I didn't know that I had.
Adam: I don't have this note. Do I have this note? Oh, you don't have it says please keep my real name anonymous. No, that's that's the other one. Oh, okay. That's
John: this good. Okay, the well. Oh, no, this we already had this. Uh, I think this was an email that you got. Oh, really?
Adam: I got.
John: Yeah, you got an l i e bl? Yeah. And there's under his name. Oh, l Ah, label. Okay, well,
Adam: if I got it How come? Let me see.
John: Let me check should say it should say sees please see email today sent to Eric.
Adam: Hmm. Let's see if I can see. Yes, here it is. Don't try Oh, here it is. Hello, gents. Don't trust China pasta, Glock webalizer and Trump jobs. Thank you both for the twice weekly sanity check. If only we could get everyone to listen to no agenda and make America think again instead of being sheeple over the M five m masks and vaccines. I personally can't wait for the gates vaccine. But I can't help but wonder why you would need more than one dose of a vaccine that is supposed to modify your DNA. Shouldn't the first modification take? Are they trying to treat our chromosomes like Jenga blocks?
John: I need now you started with stop for a second I have to tell this story. So this is in Oakland. It was in one of the newsletters. You could have read it there. But I don't think a lot of people. Not everybody gets the newsletter though they don't want it. I don't know. Oakland. Couple weeks or about a week ago, the Oakland Coliseum has this big lions cars going back for miles under the freeway to get their vaccines. It turns out that for about a 24 hour period, they had these new set of needles or something and they only instead of getting three milliliters they only loaded up 2.2 milliliters Yeah. Yeah. So they gave everybody these shots. And there's hundreds of people, hundreds of people that got this shot 2.2 so they come out and they've all my guy, we've all screwed up. Do we have to get more everyone's all irked about this. And so they come up with an official announcement. 2.2 is okay, yeah, as long as you got some of the vaccine
Adam: Yeah, just a dropper to is okay. It's not what is
Unknown: this? What is this science science
Adam: science science site? It's all science. troublemaker?
John: This is so bogus science. Show Okay, we just get make sure you get the second dose. That was that was that.
Adam: All right. Al goes on to say I need to thank you for bringing sanity to my wonderful wife as well. I've hit her in the mouth for years, but she didn't start listening in earnest until COVID hit. She hasn't missed the show since March and is now reassured by the fact that not everyone practices mental gymnastics. She even surprised me recently when she made her first donation. Could you please de-douche us both.
Unknown: You've been de deuced
Adam: you didn't stand close enough together to have to do to COVID de deuced. It's like the mRNA you get two doses. With my latest donation of 333 33. I've reached knighthood. I'd like to be knighted sir Proteus due to my reading a note from September 2020. Yes,
John: I don't know what you're
Adam: reading a note. September 2020. I didn't catch it until I was like Oh, hold on a second. The note burrs off because he's an associate executive producer. He's not a 3333 rather
John: newer note,
Adam: well I have one from January 12 January 7 January now I
John: don't know what what the C note thing is. I don't have the note.
Adam: Karma he's just got to live with it.
Unknown: You've got
John: Hey, the show's done on the fly. We do a live kind of game Judy Schwartz is our last donor and she comes in from is it burner Bernie Bernie, Bernie Texas $200 flat and she says simply as she ends with the way it begins, which is no request for any craziness. A Castroville Texas banana wine donation. Is there a place called Castroville Texas? Yes, there is. In
Adam: fact there's, they make banana wine. I don't know. But they had a meet up there. And I have
John: a report later on. And she says banana wine donation love via john. boom, done.
Adam: Alright, I'll just go stand over here in the corner. Okay.
John: To give you a love you, Adam next time.
Unknown: Okay.
And that is
John: that's it. That's our group of Executive Associate executive producers for show 13 Yeah, nine we're on our way to third. We're on our way to elite
Adam: and nice. On our way to leave it we got pi but we got the lead. And thank you ladies. Nice to have all the ladies stopping by in the donation segment. Very good. We got day and night and all kinds of stuff coming up later. This is our value for value model. This is exactly how it works as you heard. Luckily we hired everybody back after we fired them for the 314 gaff. But it's time talent and treasure that the producers of Gitmo Nation provide and they've done it once again for us. We appreciate it. If you'd like to support the show for Thursday, all you have to do is go to this handy website slash and a thank you again for your time your talent your treasure for producing Episode 1329 formula
Unknown: is this. We go out for hit people in the mouth.
Adam: Alright, it's Sunday. And when it's Sunday, that means Biden
John: better we got Biden, plenty of Biden. I got I got a bunch of warm up clips. If you want to hear those
Adam: things,
John: I get the feeling he did. He did two or three
Adam: events. You can't say warm up and Biden is an oxymoron as it just doesn't make any sense. Well, I
John: think you just moron is all you need to say. But let's start before the dude even the warm up clip says through he did this big speech where he comes out with down the vile and he that was actually pretty good. It was pretty flub plus it will say he had it
Adam: Yeah. I just wanted to say coming in that long walk which Trump like to do that. But when he walked out, oh my god, he should walk backwards.
John: Because he thing Yeah, he walks like an
Adam: all he has the gate of a very old man and the hair is gone. And he's hunched over. Not a presidential Walker. Zimmer frame.
Unknown: Yeah. Cool.
Adam: Maybe you can ask his Harvey Weinstein still has one.
John: Yeah, he should just get a walker. It'd be great. Now this was the speech. This is don't mix up I have from that is this this divide in speech and noise? This clip and noise the right wing talkers like to such an extreme that it was like, man I think they make makes a good point. And this is Biden telling you that the government? Oh, yeah. Once you get fully vaccinated, the government is going to tell you what you can and cannot do, which is the way they all interpreted it. That kind of interpreted that way too. In the coming weeks.
Unknown: We will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do Once fully vaccinated, to lessen the confusion to keep people safe and encourage more people to get vaccinated. And finally, fifth, and maybe most importantly, I promise I will do everything in my power. I will not relent until we beat this virus. But I need you. The American people I need you. I need every American to do their part.
Adam: How could Creepy was at when he leaned in to say that they lean the prompter read lean in. I need you
John: It probably did.
Adam: I did I'm sure I'm sure of it. Hey, that Walker needs to have the tennis balls on the legs too.
John: Ah, absolutely. Yellow, bright yellow tennis ball.
Adam: You might as well have something hanging off of it like the football you know the the nuclear code suitcase that's just usually hanging off of it.
John: Yeah, a couple of things that may draw that up for a couple
Adam: of extra masks hanging off there you know,
John: mass gang in their motorcycle helmet. crash helmet
crash helmet he should probably wear that when he's walking with a walker. Alright, so here's the beers a little intro once before I get to the the WTF clip which is my favorite. This is Biden best this is these are all short clips. Some little mumbling thing he does and you try to figure out what he said
Adam: which one are we doing first? I'm sorry
John: Biden best and now it says no number of Biden best got it
Unknown: a child poverty and half of those within you know
Adam: I watched this thing to hold on. Let me listen to it again. Right I gotta do one year to listen to this
Unknown: child poverty and half of it within you know,
Adam: child poverty and half because what you know i think was child poverty. Think so.
John: I don't know what he said. Wow. Okay, you just go to number two number two
Unknown: it pays for many of the steps we've taken on to vaccinate America
Adam: Yes. Well
John: he's on a roll so let's go to number three
Unknown: was I said this is going to create then we have to spend this money to make sure we have economic growth
Adam: that's how it works. money printing
John: now we some of the longer ones this is the
Unknown: this is the bill into pay. This is a short one to I'm sorry. This is the bill into pieces clip. Almost every single aspect would be significant would be every if you took the piece of this bill and broken and all the pieces.
Oh, man.
Adam: He wanted to say mill like he did last time.
John: I don't know what he's saying here. But you have to play this one again. It's beautiful.
Unknown: Almost every single aspect would be significant would be every if you took the piece of this bill and broken and all the pieces.
Adam: Okay. So what he's saying is, it's just kind of stupid. Because this bill consists of smaller bills. That's how these bills work. So if you broke it into pieces, that really great stuff in there. Yeah. Yeah. Like that union bailout. You did, Joe. That's the great piece. I gave him two months. I'm calling it now. Set up.
John: He's done right down. Somebody
Adam: had to sign that bill. That bailout is done. He can die or go away or something can happen. It's It's time it's time two months. So I said this on the 13th let me just write it down. Write it down. I'm writing it down for the book to 13th Okay,
John: we really should have a betting pool. Okay, is that legal?
Adam: Is that legal for us to do? I guess all right. Can we do that?
John: I know they do it in the offices. I don't know. Well, somebody has to look into this deck he's the lawyer all right let's go with this the fair share clip fair share
Adam: and once again here we go
Unknown: wealthy people you got a great idea going well make millions of dollars that's fine. I have no problem with that. But guess what? But guess what? You got to pay your fair share. You got to pay some because guess what, but guess what folks are making on living on the edge their pain. And so again, all it's done is make those at the top richer in the past and everyone else falling behind.
John: Wow, he claims that people on the edge many people that are broke out of not employed nothing and they're somehow paying their fair share, which is nothing. So they're paying nothing which is their fair share. I I just found the whole thing to be annoying. Let's play and he keeps saying Guess what?
Adam: Oh yeah, that's
John: his thing. That is this now is when somebody says Guess what, to me. There's two things that bugged me one is you know what? And guess what? And as soon as somebody says that to me and the whole family No, I know. What no is it guess what am I supposed to guess? Is that what you do? I stop you now and guess do I get a guess? How many guesses do I get?
Adam: You guys have a interesting dynamic.
John: Or you know what, you know what? What stop. Do I know? What? I know what, just bugs me those phrases just bug me. Yeah, it's a dynamic of, you know, listen to what you're saying, Okay, this one here, this is the kidding. And this is, this is the long windows. Let me put this the next after this one Russian governors I want. This is the one where I tell me what he says here.
Unknown: I spent four or five hours a day for six months. I talked to him over 160 mayors, probably more than two or three times, every governor save one who was looking at from Alaska, Russia. Making sure that we're in a situation where we talk to everyone, but it takes the devils in the details. Wait a minute,
Adam: wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is he confused? Did he have a Sarah Palin moment? I can see Russia from my house. That's all I can wait to hear this again. Okay, hold on. Here we go.
Unknown: I spent four or five hours a day for six months. I talked to him over 160 mayors, probably more than two or three times every governor saved one who was looking at from Alaska, Russia, and making sure that we're in a situation where we talked to everyone, but it takes the devils in the details.
Adam: Is who's governor of alaska? Maybe that governor was on the way back from Russia? governor Alaska.
John: Oh, this No, no, you're trying to make sense of this. Well, this is a huge blunder when it comes to this guy. It's
Adam: Mike Dunn levy. Let's see. Mike Dunn. I'm telling you, I can I can decode this kind of stuff. Mike Dunn levy. Russia was see what he said. Let's see. Let's see. Oh, Russian pranksters get done levy on the line. What now? That was old. That's that's old. He got pranked.
Unknown: Huh.
Adam: Well, the answer remains.
John: I don't like picking on this guy in this regard. But the mainstream media doesn't do and they don't do anything. If Trump saying this stuff. They'd be all over it.
Adam: Yeah. That's why it's so much fun. That's why we do it. This is what people don't understand. We just skate counter the media. m five M. The spiders. They're streamers? Yeah, Biden.
John: This is the biting kidding. And Debbie Andy, I want you to listen carefully. And this was teased in the newsletter. Yeah, actually, the headline for the newsletter, Debbie. Who's Debbie, in this context?
Unknown: Because I think most of you and thank you already for what you did. I even call up alone. He wasn't there, though. He was on the other side of the river. We joke all the time. He's, he's in New Jersey, and Delaware. I keep reminding him Delaware owns the Delaware River up to the high water mark in New Jersey. But all kidding aside, I want to thank you all. And you know, I served a long time the United States Senate longer than anybody for I still there at the time other than Pat. And if I were still in the Senate, I'd be senator Pro Tem because I was two years ahead of Pat. But all kidding aside, we start with a lot of great majority leaders. Because what you all did with it and the refinements you made it directly address the emergency in this country. because it focuses on what people need most. Debbie and I often talked about, you got to tell people in plain simple, straightforward language. what it is you're doing to help you better be getting this money.
Adam: Debbie, is that his first one
John: your side?
Adam: Is that his first wife? No. How do you know? What was her name?
John: Pretty sure it's not Debbie. Okay, well, let's get the book knowledge. I
Adam: think we have to see where's the I haven't opened that thing in a long time. Let's see. No, that was ngulia. She was also a teeny Leah,
John: first wife of Joe. My wife is named nelia.
Adam: Yeah. No, no, no, this can't be right. This can't be right. Yes. Yeah. Here it is a book of knowledge. Do you question the book of knowledge? No, I
John: don't.
Adam: Nearly a hunter Biden. Nay Hunter. Interesting. July 28 1942. December 18 1972. was an American teacher and the first wife of then Senator elect Joe Biden.
Unknown: Huh.
Adam: Okay. Biden and Debbie. I mean, we have to we have to get Well, I have a theory.
John: Okay. That is Debbie Stabenow. Ah Hmm. But there's no reference and he all of a sudden he drops in Debbie. Oh, yeah, me and Debbie, we used to say this old saying is though it's like his old buddy, or some sort of friend or somebody, you know, they agree on some kind of way of looking at life. That's the only thing I can come up with is Debbie Stabenow, unless you want to talk about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which I don't think when Debbie is Jewish, she's from Michigan.
Adam: Wow. But it's so odd. This is Oh, yeah, Debbie. And I say it all the time. I'm just saying that last bit there because it
Unknown: focuses on what people need most. Debbie and I often talked about, you got to tell people in plain simple, straightforward language. what it is you're doing to help. You better be getting this money.
Adam: Debbie? No, no, no, no, here we go. She is. Is it Debbie? How Holland, she's the Isn't she our new? Isn't she something? Isn't she something? Yeah, yeah,
John: I bet she is.
Adam: I don't know, man. I mean, I don't know. I mean, Trump, I could kind of decode. But this is all this is all kidding aside. Yeah. All kidding aside, Debbie. What? All right.
John: All right. Now there's the last clip go on forever with these. Actually, I didn't think these were that great, although every one of them now sounds terrific. But here's the WTF clip, which I like to finish with. And this is the one where you listen to him. And you go, What is he talking about? And I want to ask you, if you can decode it, here we go. It's going
Unknown: to help people keep a roof over their heads. half million have been able to make their their mortgage payments, about to be thrown out of their apartments, to have to make up all that they owe. And those mom and pop realtors are in real trouble.
Adam: I think it's in regard to the grace period being extended for mortgage
John: repayment. First of all, mortgage, not making your mortgage payment doesn't get you thrown out of an apartment. You're not making mortgage payments on an apartment apartment.
Adam: But Joe doesn't know. Joe hasn't been in an apartment in 30 years. And so
John: he doesn't know what he's talking about there. But the thing at the very end where he says I don't even know what he's saying about the mom and pop Slava blah, blah, blah. You can play the clip again is pretty short.
Unknown: It's going to help people keep a roof over their heads. half million have been able to make their their mortgage payments, about to be thrown out of their apartments have to make up all that they owe. And those mom and pop realtors for real trouble.
Adam: Mom and Pop realtors are in real trouble. What? Mom and Pop realtors
John: literally none of their if they said filters
Adam: No. realtors?
John: Mom and Pop realtors are in real trouble.
Adam: Okay, I am reducing it to six weeks from now. A few months, six weeks Okay, six weeks deadline is happening. it's unavoidable is done is over. There'll be no he's going on the road now it road is a good place to die, or to stumble or to be incapacitated. And I take no joy in saying this. It's just obvious. Let's just get it over with and let's have the true evil show its head rear its head is Susan Rice on
John: a second. Since you brought this up and you're making a fuss a fuss? I'm going to ask you to be much more specific. One. Do you think it's going to be the 25th amendment? And by the way, I noticed nobody even though you listen to all these clips, nobody's bringing up 25th Amendment, which is where I think it's headed. I think his 25th amendment you're thinking is or are you thinking what I think you're thinking, which is that he's gonna drop dead? No,
Adam: no, I'm thinking a stroke or something that incapacitates him on the road. It would be spectacular to see it but I don't think we will. I don't think and then 25th comes in. That's it. They're not they won't. It's it's to mean to do a whole 25th procedure because well, he doesn't look so. Like he's got it all together. No, it has to be definitive. And it will, you know, when it's got to be quick, they can't drag this out. I need
John: to change. I'm gonna change my mind. Just to go out on a limb. All right. I believe If he's like something happens to them, they're gonna find some way to kill him. Because they are not going to go through the 25th amendment process because they made such a fuss about it during the Trump administration 25th amendment 25th amendment they made such a fuss about it they don't want to deal with the irony of them having to do the 25th but it's
Adam: different if you know if clearly he had you know, it's so the backstory is there the the top of his head was taken off twice, you know, you just got blood just kind of got really, really, really melt down and be like, Ah, shit or battery ran out. Luckily, we have komla and then the 25th it'll just be exciting. You just have to sign paper.
John: I'm gonna stick with my Alright, here's
Adam: what I'm gonna say this guy deserves the 25th. amendment today, for this statement put trust and faith in
Unknown: our government to fulfill its most important function, which is protecting the American people.
Adam: Bullshit, Joe. The most important thing, the most important thing any president can do, I need to remind everybody once again of what he actually swore his oath to
Unknown: please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Do solemnly swear
by Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Do solemnly swear men
Adam: even sound better than just a few months ago,
Unknown: that I will faithfully execute,
that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, first President of the United States,
and will to the best of my ability.
Well, the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of the United States.
John: So help you God.
Unknown: So help me God. And
Adam: somehow he gets from that to put trust in faith
Unknown: in our government to fulfill its most important function, which is protecting the American people? No,
Adam: no, no, no, Joe. That's no one in the government takes that oath. But he made a big mistake. And I'm surprised. I'm disappointed that you didn't have a clip of it. He made the biggest gaffe you ever could make. He promised a website will be easy to find the vaccine and schedule your appointment. How much did Obama's website cost? Which is also just a referral system?
John: Like 50 million or something?
Adam: I think it was it was close to a billion by the time they were done. billion. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you don't remember that?
John: I don't remember being a billion for a website. I mean, what the
Adam: hell's going on Obamacare website cost? Well, remember, it had to connect to all the legacy systems and
John: website not as if there's not tons of interlinked Obamacare
Adam: website cost exceeded $2 billion 2 billion. I remember we were doing a show then
John: I Well, yeah, we were doing the show. But I don't remember it being 2 billion. I guess I wanted to repress that. That's terrible.
Adam: I wonder if we have
John: didn't work by the way. Now, we should be in the website development business. No, no,
Adam: no, you don't. But that that's the whole that was the whole reason why it cost so much is because Oh, we got this great website. It's gonna be it's gonna be great. And then they just they couldn't, they couldn't get it together. And they had to bring in that the other guy who remember he just came in recently for the COVID. Team. Tell the same a Oh, go ahead, man. build another website, Joe. Yeah. What is the number one problem people are freaking out? I can't find the vaccine anywhere. Oh, I have an appointment. I can't fight not for me. And now he says don't don't worry when a website where to find the vaccine and schedule it. Good luck with that. Since when has government ever done a website that worked?
Unknown: Idiots.
All right.
Adam: We have a note from one of our Asian American producers. As you know, the the Asians racism has been popping up on both sides of the spectrum. And we got a note because I was wondering, do we have any producers who are Asian American and this one comes from wing Mei who is in fact that Chinese American I apologize in advance for the Warren Piece below. It's okay. I'm gonna skip some of it. I can't help it being from Gen Z. Thank you for playing Kenny's shoe on the last episode white adjacent. I got so excited when you mentioned inconvenient minority because I'd recently met him through the young Asian Pacific American leaders. I've yet to read his book and listen to his podcast, an inconvenient minority. I appreciate you and john discussing the Asian American perspectives on the show. And as a Gen Z female Chinese American, I only hope I can further add to that, especially after hearing your call for Asian producers to step up. Well, I have one note on culture in the Asian American diaspora that I'd like to share. One very annoying phenomenon is the rise of boba liberalism. If you heard of boba liberalism,
John: no, but it's a show title.
Adam: A Boba spelet vlba Ababa and a boba. boba liberal is usually an upper middle class east or Southeast Asian living in the West, typically in the United States or Canada, who identifies as a liberal. However, their association with liberal ideology and liberalism is simply a means to increase their proximity to whiteness, or to pretend to be white themselves. boba liberals use their Asian pneus to speak on behalf of the entire Asian population in the West using talking points created by white liberals, which has a tendency to Gaslight actual issues faced by the Asian diaspora. The Asian identity of boba liberals is very shallow since it goes directly against their goal of aspiring to whiteness, so they use surface level stereotypical Asian traits such as liking boba tea, to bolster their Asian credentials.
Unknown: But
Adam: yes, so boba tea there's a boba tea Yes, there is a boba tea let's see what boba tea means. Let me see mobile towns look
John: it up.
Adam: boba boba tea. Here types of bubble tea.
John: Oh, it's got it all.
Adam: Which has nothing Oh, I
John: know what this is. Okay, this was little little tapioca things.
Adam: Ah,
John: oh, that's Asian you get the sodas they got all kinds of stuff you got to put you know you put a lid on one of these little bubbles this little?
Adam: Oh yeah. It's like pearly stuff or whatever.
John: Yeah, that's that's the boba.
Adam: Well, there you go Bobo liberals. I have many friends who seem to fall under this definition of Bobo liberalism during the BLM social media insanity last summer good way of putting it. I frequently saw these friends amplifying posts on Asian American ally ship with BLM, including directions and advice for how Asian Americans can educate their racist parents and make them understand that black lives and solidarity matter. Although I previously considered myself a liberal, this is my turning point towards conservatism because I was insulted on behalf of my parents and disgusted by these children acting as if they know better and doesn't it just scream propaganda? Yes and Dean we may Thank you very much. I'd love to hear more from the Asian American community in gitmo-nation because you're not getting a fair shake in the M five m that's for sure.
John: Oh, cool. You can't it's not possible because it changed you can't do the narrative that they're up to which is pro socialism. It was using identity politics and racism as your basis if you've got this this this group of Asians which don't fall into line with everything all the other thinking it just doesn't there's no good so you get these Bobo liberals I love this this term now they know what it means. This is a cool Yeah. Yes. Like it's like they've just like a liberal but it's really just like a soda pop of these little pieces of chewables in there. It's dumb. It's like a dumb person is what it means.
Adam: So Moe and I did a show yesterday which guy if anyone wants to hear about the the real conspiracy and how he got from Oprah and the Queen of England to lizard people, it's worth going to mo facts calm but there was a clip in there that he played that I wanted to play today because it It explains the mechanism that the woke are using to force everyone into compliance. You know, it's so obviously it's part woke Ism kancil culture, political correctness, over socialized and under informed and it's from a black preacher who and this the clip is what is it? Oh, yes, the victim psychology. Alright, so how the victim psychology works, and he calls it he categorizes it as emotional witchcraft,
Unknown: emotional witchcraft.
Adam: But the modern term for emotional witchcraft is victim psychology. To write that down,
Unknown: if you look it up, if you look up, victim psychology, psychology is a mindset of the modern
Adam: self centered person. And
Unknown: but the spiritual understanding of emotional psychology is I mean of victim psychology is emotional witchcraft. That means someone is using their emotions to control yours.
Adam: You got what I'm saying? For we know witchcraft is
Unknown: control, basically it's control. Yeah, got that. manipulation, intimidation, and domination. Those are. That's the way witchcraft operates. witchcraft operates in manipulation to trick to intimidate, to scare and dominate the force. So emotional witchcraft
Adam: is the intimidation of manipulation or, or the forcing of your emotions. You got what I'm saying?
Unknown: And you have to understand that
Adam: this is
Unknown: how the modern person thinks.
Adam: I haven't really heard it put in that in those simple terms.
John: It's exactly what is it that it makes any sense. First of all, who is this guy? And what religion? Is he
Adam: a Christian?
John: He's a Christian, the
Adam: black church, the black church has a lot of
John: witchcraft what's what's what the black church can be?
Adam: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. What difference does it make? I'm just pointing
John: out a huge difference
Adam: and pointing out manipulation, intimidation, domination, that's what I'm pointing out. Doesn't matter who the guy is. This is true. This is exactly how it works.
John: I don't know what it means that even you mean if you lie, and you lie
Adam: about Black Lives Matter, then you intimidate by shaming people and you dominate them. That's the system. That's how the victimhood works. I understood it immediately.
John: I don't understand it at all.
Adam: Well,
John: what's it got to do with witchcraft is pointing out witchcraft. witchcraft is no name witchcraft. Okay?
Adam: He, you didn't listen to it, because he literally say, let's call it witchcraft. Doesn't matter. I'm sorry. I brought it up. Now because you you, you did.
Unknown: What?
Adam: Nevermind, you? I'm talking about the three things manipulation, intimidation and domination is what these energy vampires do. It's what they it's how the gen Z's and Millennials are operating. And they are this is their entire system. You see it over and over again, manipulate and lie about something then shame people about it, and then you dominate them.
John: We're a dead simple.
Adam: It is that simple. Well, all right. Well,
John: let's stick simplistic. Well,
Unknown: why don't you give you a thing? Why
Adam: don't you give it a shot, then it's simplicity. Don't
John: have to I got nothing to do with this.
Adam: How do you how do you not simplistic? How is it I
John: just don't think that was very valuable information? Because it doesn't tell me anything. Yeah, everybody tries to manipulate and then shame. I don't know, it's got to do with it. dominant. I guess that has moved on me. I don't know what your point is, is what I'm trying to say.
Adam: Okay, well, then I then I can't explain it any better. Okay.
John: What else we got?
Adam: Now, what is what do you got?
John: Well, you get sensitive about this. And you This is the third time, you've brought in a wacky, a wacky clip or wacky thought from your other show. It gets kind of interesting, but I think people should go to that show if they
Adam: want to hear this. That's your problem. Yeah, I forgot about
John: No, that's not my problem. Right.
Adam: I have Mike Morel. The last one.
John: The last one about john. That was ultra. Right in the middle of a COVID thing you came up with this MK Ultra triggering and I don't know what you were talking about
Adam: the MK Ultra triggering that What do you mean? No, it was talking about the Oprah and Megan Markel interview. That's what I call it this way middle
John: of our COVID discussion, you bring this in out of the blue. I don't know what it is. And then we go back to COVID afterwards I don't know what it had to do with anything I finally watched the the interview and I'm diving in agreement that was triggering MK Ultra robots. Wow. Man, you
Adam: really don't know what's going on. That's okay. That's fine. We that we can disagree on that. It used to be called second half a show stuff. So maybe I need to Thera minutes. You know what, know that something's coming that you don't have to focus on.
John: That would be good. Okay.
Adam: Mike Morel has a podcast. And if you're interested, please,
John: everybody has a podcast. This is another The complaint of mine, Eric, apparently and I'm sorry, Eric Weinstein, unbeknownst to me because I thought his brother was going to be the podcaster. He started up a podcast. But anyway, go on.
Adam: Eric Weinstein has a podcast. I didn't see that.
John: I said it to you. That's Brett.
Adam: Brett Weinstein, Dark Horse. I'm sorry, Brett Weinstein. No, Eric.
John: Eric had the podcast first.
Adam: I've been playing clips of Brett and his
Unknown: wife for weeks. Brett.
John: Okay, well, they both have podcasts.
Adam: The one you sent me with Jordan B. Peterson. Is with Brett.
John: Yes. Yeah. Bread. Eric is the one who had the podcast first.
Adam: Okay, well,
John: Eric has got his cracky crackpot crackpot podcast that he's been doing for a while now. Brett is in the act.
Adam: I'm sorry. Brett has been doing the podcast for a long time.
John: Really easy. It's been longer than Eric. Yes. Okay, well, we'll check on that. That has to be confirmed. But now we have morale. I thought morale was back in government.
Adam: I don't know if he is he has a pot. He has a podcast. Who the hell knows what he's doing? Here. Brett Weinstein has done 71 podcasts already 71 episodes. So he's been around for a while. It's just not brand new. Now I need to know. Am I am I crazy? what's the what's the Eric Weinstein podcast?
John: You've seen it actually. He's getting something he has
Adam: a deport now? The portal
John: now? Yeah, the portal
Adam: the portal. Okay. Anyway, so. Alright, so Eric has done 42 episodes. I think you have a mix up. That's not hard to do. It's easy to do. Well, here's what you want to hear the clips I have from the mike Morrell pocket. It's not it's it's really. It's really it's called intelligence matters. And he has a terrorism expert on his name is Bob Payne. And what I like is especially this being the mike Morel, former CIA guy, douchebag. operative, everything goes against the narrative of the intelligence community as this guy talks about who the violent extremist were the insurrectionists. Of which what how many 300 have been arrested, who they really were. Because what you saw is probably a good way to put it. What you saw on January 6, what did what was that what would you say was a gem? And don't give me the no agenda answer. But when you think that the the M five M and the horrified senators and Congress, men and women, what they thought they saw what kind of what type of person was this?
John: They were crazy, right wing nut Trump supporter? By what I saw, of course, was just a bunch of people milling around.
Adam: Yes, well, let's these are all short. So first, let's talk about the average age, over two thirds of the Capitol Hill insurrectionists are over the age of 30 for many on their 40s 50s. And this is very different than what we've seen in the past with political with violent extremists. So that group of right wing extremists that the FBI arrested for deadly violence 2015 to 22 thirds were under the age of 34. And that's very important when you start to think about solutions. So with past right wing, extremists say the skinheads are the proud boys. Normally what you think about as a solution is they grow up and you get them married, and they have kids and they have extra responsibilities. Well, the capital insurrectionists that's already the case. You see, so we So right off the bat, this means some normal CVE solutions here just are non starters. What do you think were these people employed unemployed? What do you think the profile was?
John: Well, yeah, okay, so this guy is I would guess they were unemployed. I would guess unemployed.
Adam: Second thing we noticed was how few were unemployed compared to the normal. Large amounts of unemployed we usually see and right wing extremists in the Capitol Hill are arrests only 9% are unemployed. And that compares to 25%. of the right wing extremists from 2015 to 2020. Well, then you certainly would expected be members of some kind of crazy right wing militia groups. They seem pretty organized, but
John: I want to back up first. What are they talking about? About these 2015? right wing extremists? Are they was there. The kind of riots that we saw in Portland
Adam: very fine people, john, very fine. People
John: are the very fine people. Okay, so that was the last question I'm going to get wrong.
Adam: Are they a member of militant groups? You'd expect these people to be trained or be meeting somewhere?
John: Well, the answer is going to be there were just a bunch of guys that showed up. That's pretty much it.
Adam: I think perhaps the most striking finding, though, of all that we found is that only 12% are coming from militant gangs and militias, like the proud boys, to be sure. 37 are proud boys or oathkeepers or three percenters? There's no doubt 37 are but that's 37 out of 290. Yeah, I think that that's the main thing there.
John: And then he has we're just different guys who showed up. Yeah. Here's the day had no guns. They were supposedly trying to take over the government. They found one guy with a gun named shooted. A because he didn't have guns, this whole thing. And now now they're trying to create some other sort of a narrative and they're using morale is gonna be the point guy to do this. Yeah, why not? He's pretty good at it.
Adam: I don't think he Morel was expecting it. And are you sure he's back in government? I don't I don't think they like him. I mean, and it's surprising because you think that this guy that he's exactly the kind of guy that would show up in a bidet administration, but I don't think he's there
John: was talk about it.
Adam: Could be, could be, oh, correction. The clubhouse skin tone. In the profile setting that I was sent a screenshot of. Thank you very much, dude. And dudettes named Ben and Bernadette, that is most likely for the tone of the emoji being used the color tone of people's emojis, as you know, you can set different color tones, I brought three is probably neutral. So that makes a lot of sense. Appreciate that. And let's see, what else do we have?
John: So you didn't there's no conclusion about this morale thing. Just to sum things up, I have the back away from you.
Adam: I do have a demo here. This is the final clip what made the Capitol Hill attack a storm where the 88% who were not part of the right wing militias, and that's why we really need to understand what's occurring in this situation. That's his point. His point is there's a purge going on. It was really a small percentage of dubious actors. And it's being blown out of proportion and everyone's just sitting by going okay, okay,
John: okay. No one cares. Yes, mainstream media is gonna pay no attention to this. He democrat warns Biden not to nominate Mike Morel Biden ways Mike mirallas, a CIA chief but a key Democrat. And his concerns here's the here's the key one. democrat concerns over morale and torture. torture, morale was involved in the torturing and they don't want anything to do with that.
Adam: bumped him out over that. Jeez.
John: Yeah, I got I'm trying to figure who this key democrat is looking.
Adam: Key Democrat,
John: Senate Democrats, including Martin Heinrich of New Mexico and pat off pat leahy. Oh, there you go. That'll do it. Pat Lee's heavyweight.
Adam: I put the before we take a break. I put the vitamin D clip in the show notes. You want to play that? Because I feel like we missed it. Yes, it's
John: important. That should have been played during the COVID. This is an interesting this is a guy this is an hour presentation. And the vitamin D Yes, we have it. We don't
Adam: have an hour to do this. We have a donation segment coming up. Yeah,
John: it's an hour. It's from an hour like cut it down to two minutes. So not bad. And, and it's a little technical for the all our techies out there that people are lab workers. I think it's interesting, but the key information is at the very end of this clip is, is something we should all know about
Unknown: now that vitamin d3 after it's produced by the sun goes to the liver and the 25 hydroxyl gets put onto it. This species here, the 25 hydroxy. Vitamin D is what we actually measure in the blood. Whether you get it from diets, or whether you get it from the sun, there's two ways of getting it. But this is how we can measure it. And that's how you're gonna see it measured and reported in the rest of this presentation is 25 hydroxy, vitamin D. This is kind of like the storage product in your body, it's fat soluble, it is stored in the fat, then when it's needed, it can either go to the immune system where it's converted into 125 dihydroxy, vitamin D, which is the active form, or it can go to the kidney, and it can be converted there to 125 dihydroxy vitamin D. Now the one in the kidney is usually used for metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and things of that nature. But there's a whole nother area. In fact, they found many vitamin D receptors in the leukocytes or the white blood cells, your immune cells in the body. Now, the other thing that you ought to know is that this 125 dihydroxy, vitamin D, which is the active form can be inactivated when they put a hydroxyl group, they being the 24 hydroxylase enzyme can inactivated by hydroxylase and 24 position can also do it here with 25 hydroxy from the kidney as well. So this is the inactive form. There is some evidence and if you want more information about this, look at COVID-19 update 83 in our med cram series, and
you'll see that high fructose corn syrup actually can accelerate this inactivation of both the 125 dihydroxy vitamin D and also the 25 hydroxy vitamin D to the inactive form. So that's not to say that other sugars with fructose couldn't do that. But that's what the study showed that we presented in update 83. So you may be supplementing, you may be out in the sun. But if you have a diet that's high in high fructose corn syrup, and I'm not talking about fructose from fruits and vegetables, but actually high fructose corn syrup, that is something that can cause problems.
Wow, like
Adam: every soft drink.
John: I just thought that that little piece of information is so valuable, it is
Adam: not just valuable. It is the clip of the day. That's useful.
John: It's very useful because it tells people to look on your labels. And make sure you don't you're not ingesting high fructose corn syrup, because it's taking the vitamin D and D. You're taking it out of service. And you wonder why you get sick.
Adam: Now, you know, the reason why it's important is poor people ingest disproportionately more high fructose corn syrup in cheap as crap food. That's what that's it. That's why you have a lot of the brown and black communities who are suffering disproportionately?
John: Yes, that's it, the fact that you brought that up, which is a great point. That's why the African populations doesn't have the same thing. And that seems to be a lot of black people there. And there's less COVID in Mexico, although I
Adam: will say this Mexican COVID is real sugar. It's real sugar, not fructose,
John: where they use and they use a lot of that that turbinado sugar, which is not even complete sugar, it's not even finalized is not even fully refined is better. But I will say this in the United States. Because I shop at Mexican grocery stores, big ones I like i'd love Mexican grocery stores, they have a lot of stuff you just can't get anyplace else. But they have high fructose corn syrup, contaminating about half the food in that place. How does that and I have to look at every label and Mexican storage of dye fruit. And I can take that.
Adam: And they all have pretty labels very, very bright. I've been to the supermercados very bright looking packaging everywhere. Well, now the question is can you combat that by taking more vitamin D? Or does it just does it not matter? Is it not one for one you take X amount of vitamin D
John: from they may be discussed further in the presentation which you've linked in the show notes. Wow, I don't think it is. But I will say this just avoid high fructose corn syrup.
Adam: Yeah. Which also is in catch up.
John: Now all ketchup.
Adam: How about the one at McDonald's? What are the chances it's Oh no,
John: that little packets of ketchup I never take because they're loaded with they're they're the worst of the worst kind of ketchup. Yeah, high fructose corn syrup. I don't understand why some ketchup. I mean, here's my favorite complaint. I go and see I go to this There's a barbecue sauce, traditional barbecue sauce, the 1880 recipe and you look at the label and it's got high fructose corn syrup in it. So how does this from 1880?
Adam: way ahead of the time those guys were? How do you even make high fructose corn syrup? How do you make it?
John: It is a refining process is like an oil refinery. And they take a corn syrup and they modify it with the hydrogen. I don't know what the process is, I'd have to look at a sketch showing how it works. But it's a it's a process that's like oil, right? It's like, comes out of like an oil refinery, little mini oil refinery that just makes this stuff. And it's made from corn. Yeah. And somehow they make this product product. It's it's, it's cheap, manufactured. It's
Adam: cheap.
Unknown: It's cheap.
John: It's cheap. It's really cheap. There's
Adam: your answer. That's why it's in everything. It's cheap. Yeah, gee, I haven't heard Fauci talk about that.
Unknown: I'm going to show my school by donation to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do Oh Yeah, that'd be fun.
John: And number of people think for today's show, it's starting with William Elliot and this is show 1329 and he's in IEA, Hawaii $244 Aloha, sir Wayne of greater Brisbane, Australia 123 21 Mike sepco in Belmar, New Jersey $100.73 73 Gabriel Chapman, Arvada Colorado $100. And there's a birthday, sir Chris Baronet of the blockchain and immune munition Munich as we'd call it in the United States Deutschland 8888. Turbo night out the frozen tundra 5678. Sir, not appeal hearing on this podcast. Rich Richland, Washington. 5678. Where's that come from? 5670 856-780-5678
Unknown: he used to be your favorite number.
John: It is as I always used to say that. But ever since this thing happened with the missing Pi Day I've been I've been burned, disheveled.
Adam: Yes. Well, it's it's
John: our third video in Escondido, California. 5510. JOHN Monaco in Highland heights, Kentucky 5510 john smith,
Adam: he has a douchebag Cala T. Scott Roy Singh, R e. r. e us IMG Roisin is a douche.
John: that's taken care of john smith and Jupiter Florida 5510 Scott reuleaux Scott roosting comes back with a douchebag call out to john Monaco now they D Dave deuced each other on the same show do they get de-douche
Adam: How does that work?
John: Well since they've done a I think they did we have to have to D do sheets because there's no way
Adam: to do that. That's for john Monica.
Unknown: You've been d deuced feeling these guys
Adam: sit that up?
John: Well, they both get the exact same amount which makes it suspicious and they're
Adam: both from Kentucky Yeah, this
John: is this is even scam Yeah,
Adam: it's poor john smith from Jupiter sandwiched in between the douche.
John: The Chris cromoly and Kingston New York. $54. A Stephen tuck knee in Littleton Colorado 50 to 80 was jobs karma put that at the end. Bowie young occur in Lake Elsinore, California 5033. And the following people are $50 donors. This is a short list today by the way for people out there is sir Brandon Savoie in Port orchard, Florida. These are $50 to elaborate of the hill country who probably loved that little presentation on high fructose corn syrup with all the dioxins Universal City, Texas 50 Brian Henderson in Indianapolis, Indiana Joanne Oh Driscoll in Ringwood Victoria, Australia Birthday Happy Birthday to her amazing husband, and he's on the list. Dame Patricia Worthington in Miami shore Kevin deals Vikon of Charlotte in huntersville, North Carolina, Robert Kerr back in Essex, real Michigan Tony Smith in Fort Worth, Texas bobbio Elvis Elvis, I think, in my moncks corner South Carolina, Daniel Galloway in Marietta Georgia wraps it up. Today's producers of the show 1329 I want to thank each and every one of them for helping us get this show off the off the ground.
Adam: And a reminder that we have plenty of people who come in under $50 for reasons of anonymity, but also these subscriptions. You heard it, we got a dame coming up who started with 3333 and just topped it off today. So a lot is possible that way and all of it is appreciated as value for value. Make sure the donation is meaningful to you. That's what it's all about. Doesn't matter how much if it's meaningful to you. Then you have done your job in producing the best podcasting universe. It's the no agenda show. Thank you for producing Episode 1329. If you'd like to help us for Thursday, go here to
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Adam: Here we are almost at the Ides of March Pi Day here are the birthdays Gabriel Chapman celebrated on the 11th today q turns 84 what q why Quincy Jones Of course, to price and or to human resources are celebrating belated but they're on the list or Proteus is happy birthday to his wonderful wife. She'll be celebrating on the 16th says he's an A man of gray rock. Just Happy Birthday to her sister Dame anonymous of colonial place celebrating on the 16th Joanne Driscoll Happy Birthday to her amazing husband Matthew Christ celebrating the 19th Alyssa McCorkle will be celebrating on April 3 and Don our snitch turned 64 Happy Birthday for everybody here the best podcast in the universe. We have title changes. No we don't we have dame's at night we have one Dame and two nights so
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Here's Judy Swartz of Bernie, Texas. We had her in the donation segment her I wonder if we had a video that she says or audio. Just we had a wonderful meetup in Castroville Texas at a small winery out in the middle of nowhere. We each bought a wine tasting round of all their wines and one port wine had a had a serious banana undertone. This triggered our John Dvorak wine tasting skills Cheers. We hit a couple of people in the mouth including an RV traveling Nomad who was in the US retired. It was an us retired Marine married to Spanish royalty, royalty. We had a great time together. Thank you no agenda for a deuce for introducing us. From Dane Kendall. From Dame Kendall county from Dame Kendall County, Judy Swartz or Bernie. And we have other C word this this is a banana
John: undertone by the way is a flaw.
Adam: It's a defective product. Yeah.
Unknown: In the morning, john and Adam. This is illuminata I'm here at San Diego meetup in protest of daylight savings. Down with that in the morning. This is Cameron
john it's tired not triggered.
This is Mike The zookeeper and john stay safe.
This is a dude named Daniel here in San Diego and not drinking PBR.
This is art, aka dude. Formerly a douchebag in the morning,
this is sir Matthew Black Knight of the ice giants. Here's
a little green a jingle for you.
Like to be anonymous police
because only three sir Craig Porter the ronin and Seven Fs and
this is Kara and john is so haunting my dreams Make it stop guys this is Dean of the crush graves hoping you guys will come visit because we need to have an inventory reduction party
ITM guys it's sir Mike having a great time here in San Diego with with a great no agenda meetup crowd
Adam: you guys got to come down enjoy the sunshine with us.
Unknown: Hi guys de mon stay safe and good night left
Adam: in the morning this is sir Brandon
Unknown: fisting my nuts. Hey, this
is honorary sir Jeff of the fire pit held hostage by the new simazine in California.
Adam: actually sent me that ISO. Not bad. Not bad. At all. Denver, Colorado
Unknown: watching the world burn at the water's edge. This
is gougeon This
is Jim from Denver in the morning. This is mountain j in the morning.
This is Andrew Jones putting beans in the chili.
Marcus from Littleton
Taylor here. ITM told the fellow gitmo-nation slaves, sir Stephen last night of Colorado,
Emily and human resource of Littleton.
This is tacos.
Circle is complete. Been a great meetup
Adam: in the morning to y'all. Here's the Maricopa meetup smallest one this week. Hey,
Unknown: this is me at the mums the word Maricopa meetup. Me and one other person that showed up but we had a great time.
Hey, Adam. Hey
John: john is Brian in Maricopa Arizona coming from Tempe Arizona. In the morning
Adam: in the morning to you Memphis, Tennessee.
Unknown: Hey guys, this is the first ever Memphis no agenda meetup
with sir nine right here in the 901
I am Luke Cumberland, and I am a douchebag pants Blue Ribbon.
And this
Adam: is Ty McMahon, former douchebag and former CNBC Producer here at hammer and ale and Memphis for the first ever no agenda meetup and we want to tell all of the dames and knights out there wish you luck. We want to say no. And Here's what's coming up on the calendar. Today we've got the local 919 meeting in Durham, California, North Carolina kicked back Jacks on Wednesday the Vax pass packed another nashville tennessee or another Tennessee Nashville Tennessee. Six o'clock at the South Side kitchen and pub on Thursday. Charlotte's thirsty Third Thursday meet up at seven o'clock Triple C brewing, and I don't even know where that is. Oh, Charlotte, okay. Friday ravelin rauzan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 4pm Saudi Arabia time. This is Sir David Fuqua. zotoh are live America's Heartland in Saudi Arabia and Solomonic Salam Salam autonomous who were organizing a meetup, RSVP of medium to no agenda meetups calm to go that's probably going to be a fun meetup for those guys. Also on Friday the Gator rodeo Jackson Madison Mississippi 730 in Georgia blue on the horizon the 20th of March Albuquerque New Mexico Burlington Ontario Kinney store Texas, Houston raging surge fourth wave super spreader lunch in Moscow, Russia on the 20th meet make sure you RSVP for that on the 21st in pittsburgh pa the 22nd in Springfield, Missouri. March 26 Karthik cottage county Peterborough, Ontario, the monthly Melbourne Australia on the 27th as is Dayton Ohio love and light and megillah management
conference that the San Francisco census for your safety masquerade, and local 406 goes to Florence, Montana, all of those on the 27th there's a lot more. You can plan out ahead in the future. It's a great place to meet people. Hey, you're looking for people that you can date. This is a place you can go You might be surprised to you go home with no agenda meetups. They're cool. They're fun if you can't find one start one yourself go ahead no agenda meetups calm just like a party.
Unknown: Sometimes you want to go hang
out with
all the nice and you would
be triggered
you wouldn't be
John: so I guess you didn't notice the insult directed at you in one of those recordings. I don't know which one was it? It was like the third one the guy says I just I put I'm putting beans in my chili. Yeah. Is it is FSU Texas,
Adam: though is it really?
John: Because Texas make a big stink about their chili never having beans in it and real chili doesn't have beans in it. Make a big fuss about
Adam: Okay, what was the problem with the damn beans?
John: Make sure it's not what that sound was.
Adam: That's my actual ar 15 let me just make sure it's not loading. Oh yeah, actually Oh, I
John: see what you're doing. Yeah, that's that's absolutely what you would get. Yeah, no shoot people. Yeah, we're putting beans in their chili. Yeah.
Unknown: No.
Adam: What you do is you shoot people who have a problem with it? Yeah, that's how it works. I have Ender show ISO which we discussed COVID-19
John: ISO which I but that wouldn't again Yeah that one you know? I'm gonna do today is
Adam: really too long.
John: You think so?
Adam: I think it's long. Yeah. What do you want? Well, each idea
John: you can I was gonna bump mine to the next show because it's really taken from something we don't have on the show. But play I hated this would be good for the end of the show. I hated that.
Unknown: God, I hated that.
Kind of like, well, I see COVID-19 is never going to end.
Adam: It's kind of a definitive Ender is long though. It's three seconds as longer than we ever do. And God I hated that. Now that's Jordan Peterson.
John: Yeah.
Unknown: I know.
Adam: Let me see what the trolls say. trolls real quick. No, but they get they get to say something once.
John: I like to hated that. But I think the other one is so good. Now even though it's long. I think we can we can take we can do to precedent breakers. I'll put mine into next week's clips.
Adam: Okay.
John: Right so that we have something to be competitive. that's never been done. And you can run the long one.
Adam: More than then what are we doing for today?
John: The long one. Oh,
Adam: the long one today. Okay. Yeah. Okay, let's just double check. COVID-19
Unknown: is never going to end. That's kind of nice.
Adam: I did have one last clip.
John: I don't know if you have anything. A bunch of stuff, but I can easily be moved. I will. I do have a kind of ironic clip that I thought was funny. Did we play it now? I'm unfortunately don't know if we played this one before. Look at my old clipless 2829
Adam: What's this?
John: China director punt? No, we played this one we
Adam: did.
John: Yeah, we play director punish.
Adam: What were they punished for?
John: This was the woman director who she said she posted something in 2013 saying you know there's a lot of lies coming out of the People's Republic. And the next thing you know she's she was completely noodle gunned. Hmm. And she's coming out with a big Marvel movie which is going to be a real problem for Disney.
Adam: I don't remember this. I don't Let's listen to it doesn't hurt.
Unknown: The Chinese regime is leading a statewide
boycott of the award winning film no mad land.
This because of a comment from its Chinese director back in 2013. And it is Dawn ma has more.
An award winning Chinese director is facing backlash in Communist China. That's for a comment she made back in 2013. critical of the regime. Chloe Joe is the director of the 2021 American movie no Matt land. Last Sunday she made history of the Golden Globe Awards with her new film, Zhao became the first Asian woman ever to win the title of Best Director Charles when was initially celebrated in China. on Chinese social media platform Weibo, her wind trended with hundreds of millions of views. Chinese state media even crowned her as the pride of China. Chinese film authorities approved the film for a domestic release in April, but Chinese internet users soon dug up and interviewed Joe had in 2013. Joe told filmmaker magazine at the time that China is, quote, a place where there are lies everywhere. A lot of info I received when I was young was not true. I went to England suddenly and relearned my history. When she was 15. Her parents sent her to study in the UK. There she studied political science in college, and that's where she learned the truth about China. Now the film's release is up in the air major Chinese online Box Office apps have removed the movies release date from their platforms, and the hashtag Nomad land is no longer searchable on Chinese social media platform Weibo. censorship in China could be a significant issue for another film zhaohua direct. It's a big budget superhero movie called The eternals by Disney's Marvel Studios. The previous Marvel movie
Avengers endgame had huge earnings in the Chinese market. It earned more than half a billion dollars there. But now jealous profit of her upcoming film is Put into question, huh?
Adam: I don't think you played that. Yeah,
John: yeah, we did. Cuz I remember mentioning I said two things I said well, maybe kancil culture really is a Chinese idea to begin with. And you kind of agreed and then I said now they got a problem with Disney because Disney is the big Chinese mavens. They get the Disney places you know, they got Disneyland and they got Disney movies and they got a Disney studio. They got everything going on in China and Marvel's owned by Disney and now they got this big budget Marvel movie that won't play in China. This is a disaster. Holy crap.
Adam: So heads got a roll and it's got to be more than just that director.
John: I think one of them they will do they'll take her name off the movie.
Adam: That's what you do they go that's easier. Happens all the time.
John: Happens all the time happens. juiciest thing you can do to some port directly we did a movie happens
Adam: it happens happens all the time. Remember the shoot man, when they had to? Why did they have to reshoot who was what movie was that? It wasn't too long ago they had to recut it all Top
John: Gun movie had a reshoot.
Adam: Well, that was because I was trying to fly out to Taiwan, Taiwanese
John: Taiwanese flag on his back and they had to take it off. They had to reshoot a scene.
Adam: No, they didn't remove the director's name from that.
John: Now this would that they can do Disney agree to remove the directors name. And she'll bitch and she'll go to the Directors Guild and bitch, and she's going to get nowhere because China is so important. She's going to lose China's asshole.
Don't trust China.
Adam: Bill Maher show on HBO was quite entertaining this weekend. I do. I do force myself to watch it? Somebody has to. And moreover, when I saw Neil I think we talked about that Neal Neal's last man, we used to do this show with Cali Lewis. Neil is married to her.
John: Yeah, Neil. Neil.
Adam: What's his last name? I can't remember Neil.
Unknown: meals.
John: I would think of him as Neil.
Adam: I followed Neil
John: on lunch with him once. Yeah, no.
Adam: I'm good acquaintances. He's a nice guy who disagreed on a lot of stuff like pretty much everything. But when I saw him tweeting, if you Bill Maher, I'm never watching you again. And I thought to myself, hey, I gotta pick up on Bill Maher. Again,
Unknown: something good going on.
Adam: We had Scott Galloway Galloway on yesterday. And I have a familiar with this guy, but I haven't really funded it.
John: You know, the name sure is familiar. I just can't think of
Adam: who he is. He's Professor Professor of Marketing at NYU. But he's a serial entrepreneur. And, you know, you probably think of George Galloway is the comment on the UK. But Scott Galloway is is you know, six foot two, the kind of big presence actually. And he's a super liberal super Democrat. But what he's what he was talking about the whole show is worth watching. You can skip the whole first bit really it was like, but when this guy came out, I just pulled one clip, although he had a number of good ones and this is a very good OTG advertisement.
Unknown: We're just coming to the realization that Facebook is not going to take care of us when we're older are concerned with the condition of our soul teen suicide is skyrocketing because of concierge bulldozer parenting where we've created this pencil for instance in the peace engine with our youth. We've also
also addicted to them to social media. There's all this talk about movements among young people whether it's GameStop or other I just movement right
because they won't take away the phone for you want to move into parents right want to movement acknowledged that the food industrial complex wants to make you fat, and vulnerable to viruses. If you want a movement realize that every social media platform is trying to divide you and enrage you, you want a movement. Instagram is trying to make you feel worse about yourself. You want a movement than rebel against addiction, divisiveness and a lack of self esteem. And it means going after these companies and holding them accountable for the damage they are doing to the Commonwealth. And to our kids, you have kids, your world at work, your world of friends, your will the kids something comes off the tracks one of your kids, your whole world shrinks down to those kids. And a lot of times in COVID it's because the brain has been rewired because of these goddamn devices.
So to say you're really
Adam: sorry for the audio quality hard to get that off. What happened? Well, YouTube, you know, you can't find anything on YouTube. You can't find anything on YouTube anymore. So when someone uploads the noticed, yeah, when someone uploads it illegally Then they, they'll do like this weird thing. So the image is flopping around and zooming in and out, and you can't really watch it, because that's so the visual algorithms can't detect it. And I even tried to filter this back to life but they they take one frequency and just jack the hell out of it. And I'm sure the algos then can't detect it because they're looking for sound signature to mass Lee I
John: get one from that clip. And that's
Adam: what I'm saying. It's a mess. But I liked what he had to say. He had a neat a number of these things and number of these things, please.
John: Yeah, well
Adam: hey, someone's got a bitch to can always be us.
John: Well, it's mostly us. Alright, although I have to save I posted this. I know agenda, socials, I probably get some clips from it eventually. Cheryl Atkinson's speech about the media being corrupted.
Adam: Oh, Tina was telling me about this.
John: Yeah, it's on no agenda. You just post on no agenda social. It's very entertaining. And she brings out another guy from NYU, another professor of journalism there who came out and wrote an op and she points it out and reads it saying that you know, this idea of objective down the middle journalism. That's bull crap. It's dumb. We should take we have a point of view. Let's express ourselves.
Adam: That's what the journalism the professor said.
John: Yeah, she's uh, she's beside herself.
Adam: That's not that guy. Is it? What's his name? No, it's
John: not that guy's not Rosen.
Adam: And Rosa Diaz, not
John: here we are. It's now Rosen. He would say the same thing. But he knows some other guy. There
Adam: are all these all NYU guys.
John: Yeah. And so is that guy you play. That's what brought this to mind. NYU is just a by hellhole of, of political correctness. It's terrible. I wouldn't. I wouldn't even trust I'm going to get a degree from there. Yeah,
Adam: they got some interesting degrees.
John: genders studies.
Adam: Exactly. All right. And to show mixes, we got some good words Tom starkweather, Fletcher, Rolando, Gonzales, Lizzie new entry, and Tommy Barnes. And that's not even half of what I received. So I'm looking forward to play more of those on the Thursday show, and appreciate everybody dropping by today. Coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the capital the drone Star State Austin, Texas, FEMA Region number six on the governmental maps if you're trying to look us up in the morning, everybody, prime Adam Curry. ever know, there's
John: delays Silicon Valley where we're counting down to take a day off the hour? Or two days off? I think Yeah. And we've got nothing in the can. Well, we do have one thing in the cab, we need more. So there's that I'm John Dvorak, we've
Adam: returned on Thursday where we're still going to be doing a show for you. You right here on no agenda. Please remember us at devore act Slash na. Everything helps make it meaningful. Your time your talent, your treasure. until Thursday, adios mopho. Such
Unknown: weddings, birthdays, graduations, their husbands, wives, sons and daughters, grandparents, friends, neighbors, young and old. millions of jobs, jobs, jobs, one.
One niche
that I need you. The American people might need you might need every American different things may get worse again, as new variants of the virus has spread. My message to you is this. Listen to Dr. Fauci.
John: I had my mask around my chin. I had taken it down. I was totally dehydrated, and I was
Unknown: drinking water. America's coming back. So right now,
John: don't worry about it. What about a month or so or two or three ago, when people were saying you don't really need to wear a mask. Sometimes it divides
Unknown: us.
John: when bad things happen? your credibility is lost
Unknown: because you downplayed something, millions of jobs.
We will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do Once fully vaccinated.
Adam: Wow, that's cool.
John: I am reminded of the 1860s 1850s.
Back in the day, there were all these different telegraph companies. They used to chop each other's poles down
Adam: All right, I forgot about that.
John: There was a bunch of American polygraph in Western Union, there's a whole slew. Right? So one company would shop the other competitors. I think a lot of the times I went to metal. There's different ways to take out of competitor wise with good, honest work. metal poles. You'll see these metal poles that go way up in the air. They're very thin,
Unknown: metal poles.
The Poles are still there.
John: I know telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, which still has the old telegraph poles from the 1800s. right down the street, people won't even notice. You'll never notice unless somebody points them out.
Adam: And then when you see me, oh, wow, that's cool. Voice zero approved. In fact, he's
Unknown: messaging around the dangers of COVID pretty diligently for a full two week period of sustained propaganda sustained propaganda
for the darkest winter and modern
Adam: rules.
Unknown: Greatest racial disparity, the
City of Milwaukee shot and killed the state propaganda
Adam: block.
Unknown: This will
shock me people are waking up, sustained propaganda, sustained propaganda, sustained propaganda, sustained, sustained, sustained, sustained, sustained propaganda, the view bamboozled,
hoodwinked, you cannot escape God not even with the mass or
sustained propaganda,
Adam: media warfare,
Unknown: psychological warfare
all the since the war for hearts,
propaganda, sustained propaganda, sustained propaganda, sustained, sustained, sustained, sustained,
sustained propaganda before you turn off your nose.
models of the models
fascism, this would not be the last
a bioterrorist attack is trying to deny
sustained propaganda, sustained propaganda sustained propaganda sustained sustained sustained sustained propaganda
as I walked through my country here in the bathroom I take a look at the new thing here is justice
been open and open for so far that all the social media is saying that my mind is gone but I
Adam: never want a mass when
Unknown: I contract it may be treated like a disease you know that's it just is to do bad or watch how you're tweeting and where you're posting or you and your homies might be getting cancer. I really hate to trip because my mind is fried. As you see a deconstruct white seriously on the kind of read that you're always wanting to be like no agenda in that night human truth not the fake news. keep
living. keep living.
As of yesterday, there are 360,000 deaths. More than 400,000
lives lost now. 100,000 lives in just the last
month. A super spreader
funeral homes in LA County are so overwhelmed,
cemeteries can keep up
COVID Super spreader bullcrap.
highly contagious variants like the virus continuing
to appear.
With these variants,
it's gone to double
Adam: rooms. People will die.
John: There's always a surge that's rising because of new COVID mutations
Unknown: Coronavirus.
A imbalance in marriage relationship with the natural world
Kadena friends, Dr. Cat I have another Facebook that we need to debunk bull crap
bull crap
None of this really is based on science.
This information was apparent since the beginning.
Take time, Major League bullshit.
Adam: mopho John
Unknown: slash
and a COVID-19 is never going to end
0:00 0:00