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John: Oh, there's a flat rock,
Unknown: Adam Curry,
John Dvorak Thursday,
March 18 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1330. This
is no agenda paintings
Adam: agreed and broadcast live from opportunity zone 33 here in here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry, and from Northern
John: Silicon Valley where there are two threes in the show number i'm john C. Dvorak
Unknown: and buzzkill.
Adam: Happy Sunday, or was it Thursday?
Unknown: I can't remember to have you know the date. Wait, you know, I
Adam: check this out. So we have a couples a couple that were couples friends with? This is the Hollywood entertainment executive who escaped to Austin from Brooklyn.
Unknown: Yes.
Adam: You know, we've been out a couple times and Tina has gone to lunch with her. And I'm like, yeah, just ask this guy. You want to go out to lunch? So now my days you know they're really strange. I don't know. I really don't sometimes don't know if it's Thursday or Sunday. It's a show day this all I know. Tina has irregular work day. Sometimes you work Saturday or Sunday, some shift is screwed up. So I really don't know where I'm at. And so we should How about that line? She says, Well, sure. That'd be great. Thursday, like, no, that's not going to work. Thanks for remembering. And so we wind up with Mike, how about drinks Friday? We'll go out to dinner. Okay. I got it. The keeper was like, What are you going on a date? I was it I guess. Because all these days flow together for me like every day is either date night or not. But Is that weird? If you if you ask. Ask a full grown man to go to dinner on Friday night. Something about Friday. I
John: think I would agree with your wife. Oh, that dice reserved for her or she has to say I didn't want you to go out with what's his name? She has to give you the Oh,
Unknown: sorry.
Adam: Probably a month ahead of time. Oh,
John: no, I didn't have to be that. Happy. Monday.
Adam: I just thought it was funny. Yeah, but that's that's what it is with. Without me the my days I really don't remember All I know is it was a year ago, more or less that we we really started reporting all this stuff a whole year ago. Over a year. Yeah, we actually started reporting it before it became a thing. And in February I believe I remember the the videos we were talking about the tick tock videos. Those are the first things to show up. Where people in one word falling down dead on the street with all of the oblique they were all staged. Yeah. So we went from that a year ago, over a year ago with which we have not taken a show off which is okay, because it was good for us to we
John: have not taken a show off through the whole COVID pandemic, we've been rewarded with a fairly decent amount of donations, because of COVID. And also because we picked up some Joe Rogan listeners who are generous of a generous sort thing but it's You're right, we've been a whole year without taking one single lone day. Not one show for any reason, including getting COVID and it's right. And
Adam: now a year later, let's assess where we're at. Here in Texas, we are free to go wherever we want. That diversity of signal in Austin has kept everything pretty much the same although the spin studio still people are still wearing masks. But
John: well exercising
Adam: no not while exercising. But but it was packed now so the occupancy is gone up to 100%. So that's all cool, but in your neck of the woods. What a difference a year makes
Unknown: Try not to scream because it's not allowed on thrill rides at Disneyland knots. And all other California theme parks. That's right, you'll have to ride roller coasters in silence. They say it's part of the proposed new COVID safety guidelines.
screaming and
shouting in public increases the risk for the virus to spread. The plan is being backed by the California attractions and parks Association.
Adam: Yes, additional information if you are recording a podcast you need to keep your window closed. If you win podcasts and you could be spewing COVID
John: Let me ask a rhetorical question. This is based on the fact that it's believed that the COVID viruses just permeates the mouth and back of the throat and so you when you when you scream, yeah, this sputum from your mouth, tongue area is go streaming into the atmosphere and it can affect somebody else you can
Adam: someone else who's behind you also screaming could catch that loogie.
John: Now, the question In my mind is if that's true, why does the testing have to involve going up the nose and down the throat, when your mouth is obviously filled with COVID viruses, or you wouldn't need these rules.
Adam: I'll make I'll do you one better on this. And I'm very, very excited about this. NASCAR just announced at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, they will be using COVID detecting dogs and I'm very excited. Because
Unknown: this is true. Okay, that's the topper.
Adam: If this is true, you win the show, then, then, if this is true, then you don't don't swap. We just have your dog sniff me that happens at the airport, I'm okay. In fact, NASCAR went so far as to say, in a bulletin sent to teams quote, these dogs have shown to be as effective as PT PCR tests in identifying an infected person, and are already being used by professional sports teams, hospitals and many other businesses, to screen employees and guests. Well, this is fantastic. And it's an exit strategy. We have nothing but dog people listening to the show, we need to start immediately go start training certifying well that that brings up and we have a distributed dog COVID sniff dog sniffing protection system, we can rent everybody's dog out.
John: This brings that brings it to the fore, which is how do you train a dog to do this?
Adam: Well, we'll get the we'll get the D zone,
John: tell the dog a dog. While you're sniffing around, which just seemed to be doing all day, it's all you do. Can you spot a COVID person? Can you let us know?
Adam: Or let's see. We'll be working. Who is that? Oh, this is NASA. We'll be working with this 360 k nine Group, a provider of specialized detection dogs that serves industries ranging from the federal government sports teams, cruise lines, hospital and other large venues. So this is already rolling out but it's not being talked about. They've worked. They've worked with the USDA since 2013. To detect viruses in plants with great operational success. So I guess you just you just take a an infected swab oozing with the COVID e and say here Phyto sniffy their newest company bio detection k nine oh, that's a that's a that's a TV
John: your exit strategy these are the guy
Unknown: that they got the name bio detection canine Oh man. Yeah, shoot.
John: So this got to be one of those deals that you we actually talked about this probably five or six years ago on the show the people that dog guys the guys got into drug detecting dogs and bomb detecting dogs and these sorts of dogs. Yeah. And they they go to like a car that they have these dogs at the ferry terminals in Seattle. So you're in line outside and kind of like a large parking lot cars lined up to go on a ferry and there's these dogs that come out and they sniffing around and every so often one just sits they sit by the usually the left front tire of a car that you sit stop sniffing they sit a music guy that guards got to be examined. And there was a we did a story about how some of these dog trainers, especially the drug dog trainers and some of these other ones, they have a signal they give to the dog
Adam: Yeah. Fake it fake it do it do it now Yeah, I had that at the border check one time. The dog like drugs, drugs, drugs. Yep. Yeah, that well that's what I'm wondering. You know what I'd rather I'd rather be picked out of a crowd because someone hates me then subject is stupid test. And we can read this two ways either this is great news. Or look how bad the PCR test does dogs can do the business
John: Oh, we know that please see our test sucks. In fact, I want to point out to somebody that because I when I was traveling around the world during the SARS, which is just a variation of this virus. Sorry, this is that was SARS Cove one yeah. And they had all the airports were equipped with these giant thermal sensors. So when you landed in Vancouver or someplace like that, they would there was there was a guy standing there and they had these these screens I actually snuck around and looked at how they operate and it looked pretty did work pretty well. So when you're walking in to check go through customs or passport control, they have these you are monitored by these these thermal cameras thermal imaging cameras if your temperature is awful, right, right, right. They pull you aside. They don't even they did. They didn't do any PCR tests or any of these other worries and it's the same basic virus they've just dreamed up and I've bitched about this in the newsletter a couple newsletters ago, they dreamed up this typhoid Mary theory. Unlike apparently all the other coffee, SARS one and the rest of them does MERS this one you can wander around like an idiot with with it and cough and cough and cough or don't cough because you have to not cough to be asymptomatic. Have no coughs you just breathing and you're passing it on to everybody. This is nonsense.
Adam: Yeah. I got a note from sir dude named Jim. Regarding cleaning, cleaning out your nose before a test. He said it reminded me of something I've been researching why the spread of COVID is so low in Japan and he came across information about the Japanese obsession of gargling to prevent colds and flu, which I did not know. One thing led to not maybe Mark sir marker de mastered could inform us
Unknown: when we used to do that.
Adam: We used to do neti pot stuff but
John: for the flute I mean in the United States, we gargling was effective Listerine. That's right.
Adam: The old Listerine matza, gargling one thing led to another and I found this medication that's been researched and proven effective in several studies for helping to prevent infection with the Rona. It's essentially beta dine made it on that is formulated for the mouth or nose. They make a spray for your mouth and swabs for the nose. I got some of it, tried it out didn't have any sort of bad reaction or anything. I think it might be a worthwhile precaution to use while traveling. Also,
John: I would say hey, the NCAA teams out there that are all locked down. This is the thing to do because you get one player that tests positive and you're out at a tournament
Adam: Halla dine Halla dine calm is where you can find out more
John: send a genuine as a favorite team get ahold the coach and tell him about Teledyne.
Unknown: Yeah, yeah.
Adam: The more you learn here on the no agenda show
John: Carla was just a word like a plethora. Meanwhile valuable information.
Adam: There are
John: was it
Adam: Teledyne Yes, h a l o di n e there are on March 20 which is what Saturday there are global freedom rally scheduled I mean in every state in every country all around the world. This is very organized. You haven't heard about it of course. Because guess what's now being scheduled for March 20 anti racist day protests from the UN is anti racist day everybody let's get out there Yeah, anti racist day. It's it's crazy in the Netherlands
Unknown: they're
Adam: beating they've been beating old people in the UK.
John: You know, people for being racist just for being just for being the old fart yeah to be beaten because you're a racist.
Adam: They have something called they have undercover cops. And these have a name the Romeo's which is an acronym for something. But the Romeo is an undercover cop and these guys that's like secret police
Unknown: coming out
people kept throwing
Adam: them on the ground, you know, tying handcuffing him at the knee to the back, pushing their head into the ground. In the UK. There was a vigil we'd even talk about it last show for a woman who was abducted and kidnapped and killed I think by a cop actually some weird sex obsession. And there was a vigil. They were beating people because it was an illegal assembly because they said no, no, you can't you can't have a peaceful vigil here. beating people
Unknown: is crazy.
John: Yeah, these globalists
Adam: Well, yeah, that's exactly what's happening is I think we also promised a year ago I might have even made the joke maybe just a couple weeks into it saying I you know, people can be so fed up in a couple of weeks. They'd be like, give me the vaccine Bill Gates. Well, now now we've we've ratcheted up now is the vaccine push and it is disgusting. Disgusting. But they're pushing they've politicized it and when I say they, I'm talking about the media. But let's start over in the UK just so we can get a a measured message from anti the BBC. They have a little Promo What happens if you don't get the COVID vaccine. Let's find out.
Unknown: The friends family. Call classmates and anyone else you come into contact with. even strangers can be put in danger. If you turn down the vaccine. It's not just a decision that affects you. It's okay to have questions about the COVID vaccine. That's normal. It's good to talk about them, though with your doctor or community leaders, or even friends and family you trust who have received the vaccine. Already, vaccines have been tested rigorously. And they've been found to be safe, and to prevent people from developing symptoms, and getting seriously ill with COVID-19. But now we're starting to see research, which suggests that a vaccine can prevent people from spreading the virus to
your vaccinated and your friends and colleagues have vaccinated that will substantially reduce the risk for everybody.
That makes sense. If you're not coughing or sneezing, then it's harder to pass the virus on. If we spread less COVID-19 fewer people get sick, and the pandemic will be over sooner. The current thinking is, if you choose to get the vaccine, you're choosing to look after yourself and everyone you come into contact with. If you don't, the new and those people won't have that protection. Scientists say they need to gather more data on this issue. Yes, more science certain that vaccines. More scientists, it turns out to be true. If too many people don't get their shot, then that makes it easier for the virus to find a way to spread, meaning more people will get ill and die. If it turns out the vaccine doesn't stop you from spreading the virus, that it's even more important that everyone gets their shots
of victory, right? In a world with a vaccine F's and vaccine f knots. The vitals itself.
John: You know, I got it. But I have a bunch of clips from Biden. Good Morning America. And I knew I'd probably had to play this one out of order. Which is this is only a part of his 34 second part of the they're talking about the vaccines and this is the pitch that Biden has this is a GM a Biden patriot COVID
Unknown: See, not an American my freedom to not doing well. Why don't you be a patriot protect other people? How
about emphasizing the positive? How is life changed for you? Since you got the vaccine? Well, I
can hook my grandkids now. They come over the house, I can see them, I'm able to be with them. I've had the vaccine. And secondly, it has changed my life in the sense that I've been able to demonstrate other people that I doubt were the people to expect me to take everything was safe to make the case that it is safe to take the vaccine. It's important to take the vaccine.
John: Yeah, you're patriot?
Adam: Yeah. patriot. Well, that's very interesting. Okay. I got to play some stuff out of order too, because the main narrative this past week on the United States, television stations was all was completely politicized. And so I think the term patriot is taking taken on purpose. As a, perhaps a hands across the border, a fig leaf towards the obvious anti vaxxers known as the Republican Party, which is, here we go. This is a CBS Evening News
Unknown: another priority for the White House making sure Americans get vaccinated while a majority plan to when it becomes available. nearly a third of Republicans say they won't ship President Trump helped promote the vaccine among skeptic, sir
did the thing that has more impact than anything Trump would say to the magga, folks, is what the local doctor, what the local preachers with the local people in the community say?
Adam: So they're pushing this and it's here's how it got picked up. Of course, Fauci had to launch it on meet the press, for instance, among Trump voters
Unknown: 47%
have said that they will not be vaccinated 30% say yes, among Biden voters 50 a 10. Among republican men, half of Republican men say they're not going to take this vaccine. You had the PSA with all the former presidents except one.
President Trump in there.
Do you think he needs to be in listed here at all to get his voters to take this vaccine?
Chuck, I hope he does. Because the numbers that you gave us so disturbing how such a large proportion of a certain group of people would not want to make would not want to get vaccinated merely because of political consideration. It makes absolutely no sense. And I've been saying that for so long. We've got to dissociate political persuasion from what's common sense, no brainer public health things. The history of vaccinology has rescued us from smallpox from polio from measles, from all of the other diseases. What is the problem here? This is a vaccine that is going to be life saving for millions of people how some groups will not want to do it for reasons that I just don't understand. I mean, I just can't comprehend what the reason for that is when you have a vaccine that's 94 to 95% effective,
John: and it is very safe. So don't get it. Yeah, just got FDA approved. By the way. He what he talked about, he had a couple things to say. And now I want to comment on one. I was talking to just coincidentally, Edwin black as I we promoted his book,
Unknown: oh, the
IBM and the Jews, IBM and the Holocaust. Uh huh.
John: So he calls me to chat. And he'd mentioned to me just in passing, that he had done a presentation at one of the colleges, about the history of vaccination. And as far as he goes on about how great it is, and he mentioned to me that the history of vaccination involved a lot of murders of people that were promoting vaccinations. And it was most of the cartoonists had cartoons, the Grim Reaper, as the vaccine. vaccinations in its early days, were just killing people left and right. Probably the I gotta have I'm gonna have to talk to him again about this having a he's got to produce paper. He has a book about this. You said he wrote a blog. Now he was a presentation. This guy's incredibly productive as a researcher, and he Oh, my goodness, we need he is unbelievable.
Adam: Well, let's just talk about efficacy for a moment because new information has come in peer reviewed study. And, and it has consequences in the numbers that Fauci is talking about. Informed Consent disclosure, to vaccine trials, subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines, results of the peer reviewed medical study COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. In other words, next time, the common cold comes around chances you're going to get greater, more severe disease if you're vaccinated compared to those who don't, in fact, and this is the British, a British Medical Journal published this. In the FDA guidelines, it says the agency has to provide an absolute risk reduction for a product not just a relative risk reduction. relative risk reduction is relative to the disease COVID, which may very well be 95%. But if you take into the account, the damage some people and the amount of people who have received damage from the vaccine, and this is not always, this is not specific to this vaccine, but could be vaccines in general. When you look at that number, the absolute risk as in the risk of you getting hurt versus the risk of getting COVID is 1%. So efficacy,
Unknown: efficacy COVID problem,
Adam: the owner is taking the COVID problem.
John: No, I'm saying that 1% is high number. I
Adam: mean, I'm sorry, it's the relative risk reduction reduction. So you go from nine
John: to risk reduction is only one
Adam: Yes, yes, I'm sorry, I didn't hear unreported absolute risk reduction measures of 0.7% and 1.1%. For the Pfizer biotech and maternal vaccines respectively, are very much lower than the reported relative risk reduction measures.
John: doesn't do anything well.
Adam: 1%. Well,
John: 9% I know you know, you haven't 99 bar in the morning probably does better than that could
Adam: be could be anyway. Everyone's acting like republicans don't want the vaccine republicans or anti vaxxers a certain group of people why wouldn't you want to take this despite those numbers you just heard and Trump won't do anything about it or did a CBS doesn't watch ABC former President Trump is joining the push to get more Americans vaccinated on Fox News, Trump was asked to
Unknown: come in getting a shot.
I would I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and
a lot of those people voted for me, frankly, but, you know, I, again, we have our freedoms, and we have to live by that. And I agree with that also, but it's a great vaccine. It's
a safe vaccine, and
it's something that works.
A recent poll found nearly half of Republicans say they haven't gotten a vaccine and don't plan to get one.
That's all you need a recent poll and then you get stories like this on CBS. We are seeing the trend line in willingness to get the vaccine going up. It's been going up over recent months and weeks. So So you've got a majority now saying that they haven't gotten it already that yes, they will get it. But there are still some who are hesitant. So I'm on the fence with maybe, and some outright No. And one of the key things we're seeing here, Margaret, is that that is related to partisanship, you've got democrats saying that they'll get most independent.
The media is making this a political issue, the media is doing it and they're gonna turn around and say you asked why it's not political, you know,
John: just as exactly what they did. They say it's not political, and they're the one politicizing it. And one of the mechanisms they're using here is that the dumb Republicans who probably maybe actually are doctors or did the research but that's beside the point. Because you promote the dumb Republicans aren't taking it. You're not a Republican. Are you? Mr. Black man on the street. You're not a Republican. Are you Mr. Latin x. You're not a Republican. Are you? White Lady from the suburbs? That's exactly why she taking the vaccine. Stupid Republicans aren't taking it and
Adam: it's only one leap from Republican to not taking the vaccine makes you racist, guaranteed Red Book, right now put it in, it's happening on write it down.
Unknown: There. Right.
Adam: Exactly. You're right, though. vaccine denial is racism, because you don't care about black and brown people.
John: This is also a lot of leverage to make sure the black community takes the vaccine.
Unknown: Yeah. How's that working out? Well,
John: I never mentioned that, by the way, this reports, half the republican males won't take it. They won't say one thing about the black community. No,
Unknown: you've got democrats saying that they'll get it you got most independence. But there is really reluctant Moroccans relatively among Republicans, and in particular, younger republicans under 65. So as they become eligible for to get the vaccine, we're really going to have to watch whether they change their minds on it. We asked them why they're still hesitant. They say, well, it's still untested. Well, they're worried about the side effects. It is. Don't trust the government or don't trust the science on it,
John: that they don't trust the science. The science is on. Is this. What you just read part of the science?
Adam: Now shut up you with your science, you're not doing it right. Yeah, this is this is the manipulation, then comes the intimidation and the domination and it's going to the young kids, we got to go after the young Republicans. Now, the guy in Denmark had the right idea he killed all the kids from the opposite party didn't like, man,
Unknown: we are seeing the trend line in willingness to get the vaccine going up. It's been going up over recent months and weeks. So you've got a majority now saying that they haven't gotten it already? that yes, they will get it. But there are still some who are hesitant. So I'm on the fence with maybe and some outright No. And one of the key things we're seeing here, Margaret, is that that is related to partisanship. You've got democrats saying that they'll get it you got most independence. But there is that more of a reluctance relatively among Republicans and in particular, younger Republicans. 65 what it was they just double that clip. I'm
Adam: sorry. Somehow that doubled. Taos familia. Forget about it. Let's go to the promotion part. Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to Blue Cross Blue Shield all part of the big setup the big money making scheme.
Unknown: They're advertising on radio. Cross Blue Shield of Michigan wants to remind you how important it is to get a COVID vaccine when you are eligible. These vaccines are safe and authorized by the FDA. So when it's time
John: these two giant speakers that are outside the city beaming this information into loudspeakers. This is one of our producers in public. This is one of our producers in public attention public take the vaccine immediately you all ordered to take the vaccine immediately. He recorded it in the car.
Unknown: Vaccines are safe and authorized by
the big speaker.
Adam: But listen, I love this. These vaccines are safe and authorized by the FDA. A emergency use authorization well they are authorized. But under emergency use authorization misleading the way there's
John: a stated
Adam: I did look it up based upon our our discussion or thread with a producer. Yeah, about the emergency use authorization. Indeed, it can only be evoked by the FDA. If there is no approved treatment.
Unknown: There's no proof treatment proof.
Adam: So that's
John: the key word Yeah.
Adam: So if you don't have an approved treatment which could be either mag hydroxy, Cora Quinn and Anything that actually worked, which is why they fought so hard against it. Because they can't, they can't have the emergency use authorization. If something out there works. That's the whole reason behind it. It wasn't it. Trump was handy for it. He was handy.
John: By the ones he said, Yeah, cuz they're just gonna push back in anything Trump said. And once you mentioned hydroxychloroquine, which is probably why Africa really does have many cases, because they use that anti malarial just by coincidence. So you end up with pushing back on Trump and then you got that out of the way. And then the ivermectin thing came up later, there's a bunch of doctors that came out then they got all kicked off a huge,
Adam: the guy pleading in the senate saying please reevaluate what you're doing here. ivermectin works. Works by just by coincidence, Burke's buddy. No, she became my I fell out of love with her very quickly. And I'm very happy that her face looks all haggard now. Because women hate that. So I just wasn't happy for her.
Unknown: She deserves that. You're dead.
Adam: That's low. I know. It's low. But I mean, it's very disappointing lady. She was on ABC, and, you know, long profile piece because you know, now that schools can be reopened with new filtration systems now that we have the COVID bill signed into law so that the schools can get money for these systems. She's now working at one of these companies that provides these systems and is on the board of a big venture capital fund that is funded the company so she's a total government aihole shill, I hate it when they do this.
John: It's just, it's corrupt. It's so it's disgusting. It's completely corrupted.
Adam: So she reminisced for a moment about the moment when Trump said you should drink bleach? How do you think about your role in that? And and how do you think it impacted the American people and
Unknown: their confidence in the science that we need to solve so many problems? Well, thank
you. And please know that science does evolve as it did during this pandemic. So we know a lot more now than I knew 14 months ago. That moment, obviously, there's a lot of tape on that you can see how extraordinarily uncomfortable I was. Unfortunately, he was not speaking to me, he was speaking to the DHS scientists who had presented the data. And then when he did turn to Me, I said, not a treatment, I, you know, I have spent almost 30 years in the military. I worked for every president from Jimmy Carter, up and up and through president bush in the military, serving them as commanders in chief. Frankly, I didn't know how to handle that episode. I still think about it every day. When I was spoken to I said, not a treatment. But I don't know. I guess some people thought I should run up on stage and interrupt this dialogue that was going on between the DHS scientist and that President, but I was just not trained in my my years of training to react that way. Maybe if someone didn't have the military training that I had, maybe they would have reacted differently.
Adam: So because she's a military trained person, she didn't know how to respond is good
Unknown: on him. It's something Dr. Fauci and I talked about all that tall.
And, of course, CDC and all of us went out and said, this was not a treatment. This was really meant
to wait for it.
What could happen at a playground, in the sunlight to the virus on the playground, you know, itself.
Adam: So what was obfuscated because of the bullshit and five m about the president saying, go drink bleach, which he didn't. It's an actual information about UV light, and playgrounds was covered up that could have had least open playgrounds.
John: That's how crazy your vitamin D connection.
Adam: That's how crazy this Yes, exactly. Now, if you want subtlety, don't go to CNN. If you want funny clips, go to CNN. This is Dr. Leanna, when she is medical correspondent for CNN. And she has a marching orders from the CDC says that site God do it and propagate the formula.
Unknown: My main concern is that we're not going to reach herd immunity because of vaccine hesitancy. And I know that's hard for a lot of people to believe, who desperately want the vaccine right now. And they're thinking, Oh, well, it's just a small percentage of people who are actually anti vaxxers. And that's true. There is the anti science anti vaxxer contingent, but I think that there are many more people, millions of people who for whatever reason, have concerns about the vaccine. saying we just don't know what's in it for them. And we need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre pandemic life. And the window to do that is really narrowing. I mean, you were mentioning first about how all these states are reopening, they're reopening at 100%. And we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status. Because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what's the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine. So that's why I think the CDC and the bond administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say, if you're vaccinated, you can do all of these things here, all these freedoms that you have. Because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. And I fear a situation of coming into the form where we never reach herd immunity. And then we get hit by the next surge of COVID-19 in the phone, something that we could have prevented if we just
got people vaccinated. Now,
Adam: southern countries secret intelligence is used to control their people. In hours, it only exists to protect their freedoms protect, there you go, protect their freedom, you can only enjoy your freedoms. If you take the vaccine, you can't have your freedom. Unless you take the vaccine. What carrot could we possibly use? She asks.
Unknown: That is diabolical.
John: It's worse than diabolical. It's
Adam: sick, it is. It really, really, really, it's just sick. That's that's pretty much the only thing you can say. So you might have seen this. And this is a call back to 2008 of this very show when we first but now is later than that. 2010 2011 I'm sorry. When we first started talking about the the big vaccine conference, the financial conference, and everybody was talking about the numbers and how great this was a Goldman Sachs I think it was a it was talking about a great the numbers were and we can't believe we're going to be giving people medication. without them being sick. This is a bonanza, we'll have vaccines against cocaine addiction, and cigarette smoking and farting and all kinds of stuff. And we saw those. We saw those vaccines talked about somewhere manufactured. None of them, as far as I know, got any approval from the FDA didn't really have the market demand. Because people like smoking, you know, they don't want to take a shot, as it turns out. So as we look forward to July 1, when the vaccine manufacturers will have to get an FDA approval, or go into a phase four trial to get the FDA approval. That's also when the US certainly us subsidies end. And I think in most countries, we know that Pfizer specifically has asked poor countries, I believe it was Venezuela for military bases as collateral for Yeah, well, we'll ship it to you and we don't trust you. So we need your your military bases as collateral. But that would be fun to
own. So of course, Pfizer is out there talking to analysts. This is Frank Amelio. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Pfizer. And he's talking about the the impact of the VAC the COVID vaccine on their quarterly results and moving forward and would you know it these quite bullish
Unknown: in and you know, not as easy. So we don't see this as a one time event, but we see this as something that's going to continue for the foreseeable future. Now in terms of pricing, let me let me see if I can hit on that.
So if you look at
how current demand and current pricing is being driven, it's clearly not being driven by what I'll call normal market conditions, normal market forces, it's really been driven by kind of the pandemic state that we've been in, and the needs of governments to really secure doses from the various vaccine suppliers. So what we believe what I believe is as we move from a pandemic state from a pandemic situation to an endemic situation, normal market forces, normal market conditions will start to kick in. And factors like efficacy, booster ability, clinical utility, will, you know, basically become very important and we view that as quite frankly a significant
opportunity for our vaccine from a demand perspective from a pricing perspective, given the clinical profile of our vaccine. So clearly, you know, more to come here. But we think as this shift from pandemic to endemic, we think there's an opportunity for us.
Adam: third shot and annual boosters when it's endemic
Unknown: there There's There's your future.
Adam: It's just a lot of money. It's just like the flu shot. Only you won't be able to have your freedom if you don't get it.
Unknown: That's what it is. Yeah,
John: like pull it out one off.
Adam: Well, they're really going to try. They're really trying to get back there, by the way,
John: so far, they're winning.
Adam: Yes. in the show notes. I have the official CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card to PDF, it's high quality, so you can print that out. And you can if you don't, you could put it on the wall or you know, some people might want to fill it out. I mean, that's up to you. But it is. It's the official preprints the official print version.
John: I wouldn't advise people counterfeiting.
Adam: I didn't say I didn't say counterfeit as I'm,
John: I would just say that. Yeah. And if you do fill it out, just to be on the safe side for you, just for your protection, make sure you take a look at somebody else's card that actually is filled out by a doctor so you can use the same format.
Unknown: Yeah, not trying to. I'm not trying to tell anyone to forge anything, but I want to
John: tell you to do that. I think just as a joke.
Adam: Yeah, it's totally a gaffe.
John: Yeah, it's just something you do for fun. Yeah,
Adam: cuz you can go Hey, look, I got a vaccine. I jumped the line and people get all pissed off and say, ha, ha, joke's on you. It's a forgery. That's a great gas. right up there
Unknown: with a fantastic gang right
Adam: up there with a whoopee cushion. This. By the way, we provide this for entertainment purposes only.
John: Same thing,
Adam: all right, little gas. From here Fauci is he's talking about going after the kids gonna vaccinate their kids kindergarten, two years old, we can go and get them kids up for
Unknown: high school students. It looks like they will be available to get vaccinated in the beginning of the fall very likely for the full term. With regard to children. We're doing an AIDS vs. An age de escalation study. Oh,
my God,
Adam: what is on his mind?
John: Why in aids were infecting the kids with AIDS. Why just say that again,
Unknown: with regard to children. We're doing an AIDS DS, an age de escalation study.
Adam: Damn, man, I, yeah, I know. I know aids age, you know, the guy is the AIDS guy didn't solve anything and killed a lot of people or he killed him. But there's a lot of accusations. So there's that just on his mind or something really going on?
Unknown: Let's continue in elementary school children from 12 to nine, nine to six, six to two and two months, six months to two years. We anticipate we'll have enough data to be able to vaccinate these younger children by the first quarter of 2022.
Adam: Yeah, well, they're you guys. You got plenty of time to move. They're going to keep the legend of Fauci alive, PBS, I think South Florida station, they produce it as a as a special on Anthony Fauci. Unfortunately, I've not been able to get a copy at at air. You know, one of these things that airs once in one market and someone has to find it, and so I'm waiting for that. The title of the promo here, which is worth listening to, it is titled Fauci virus Hunter.
Unknown: It kills in a high percentage, and it kills quickly. He's the man who's helped navigate America through several public health crisis. He is the scientist who commands the attention of leaders around the world. Dr. Fauci. Dr. Ouma here, Dr. Fauci is we can't do this. We can't do that. This is a very, very unusual virus that we can't even pretend that we know everything about it that we need to know. He is the advisor who has helped seven presidents fight humanity's most virulent enemies and drawn his fair share of critics
A young Brooklyn born doctor take over the world stage there are many things when you have outbreaks and then error of shouting. It's the unknown he tongues is the cataclysmic nature with language that people could understand, to get information out because there is a lot of fear. out it Anthony Fauci become one of the planet's most prominent infectious disease doctors. Our patient Nina Pham is free of Ebola. Join us now, as we share the inside story of America's top pandemic experts. a savior to some a polarizing and alarmist to others.
That's right, coming to a theater near you Fauci
John: News. Bye basic theory
Adam: yes because the boomerang always comes back and chop your head off when you abuse the media for your own promotion.
John: Yep, exactly. But
Adam: that will not stop the Surgeon General from proposing a National Vaccine day which would be a one time federal holiday to celebrate COVID-19 vaccinations. Yes to move the needle on adoption, some public health advocates are promoting an unorthodox incentive, a one time only federal holiday National Vaccine day, which might fall on the Friday of Labor Day weekend 2021. It would serve multiple purposes, till with London
John: days are already taken the day off Wait,
Adam: filled with live music, block parties and other in person events. It would be a mass celebration that commemorates the doctors, nurses and other essential personnel who continue to work through the pandemic and for groups that may still be reluctant to get their shot. The prospect of join the festivities might help convince skeptics and holdouts to embrace inoculation beforehand. Yeah, so vaccine day will be the day you go get vaccinated not just offer work and get the whole day off federal holiday federal holiday.
John: So I'm listening to a one of the talk shows with kind of not in a right wing or left wing talk channel but kind of one of the old fashioned neutral ones are trying to be neutral, they still lean left. And this guy's a big vaccine for more but he mentioned that he is and I'm gonna be telling this story because I don't like the idea of these amateurs giving these shots. He's as it's just as simplistic as they are. his grandma was big all I got to get the vaccine and she doesn't get the vaccine, she gets a shot. And then she gets a growth on her arm where the shot was given. That's the size they claim the size of a grapefruit is just getting bigger by the day. So she's being brought into some of the big medical research facilities here. What was happening when it turned out was she was so old lady so thin, that the the incompetent, vaccinate or stuck the needle, and he apparently got right into her bone. And once this stuff was injected, it causes the bone to start doing something they created this huge swelling, and they still haven't been able to resolve this. Another underreport has jazz. So today, there's a window vaccination, everyone goes gets vaccine, how many people are going to be how many amateurs are going to be given just shots left and right in the
Adam: well, they're also going to fly the flag at half staff on vaccine day for all the people who die.
John: Die waiting for the vaccine.
Adam: But we had lunch, early dinner with a couple friends here. And they they'd both gotten the vaccine. They both work for the city, one in parks and rec and one in water planning. And then I was saddened by it, because one half she was saying, you know, I just wanted to be free. I just want to be free. So I you know, and she's very like alternative medicine, yoga, she's a yogi.
John: She's the last person you'd exactly
Adam: like, but she's convinced she's convinced that she'll be free because she's taken the vaccine. And you know, and these are our friends and, and we don't really discuss politics or anything that much. I said, Well, but there's still all these restrictions. And before I could say, you know, because it doesn't work. The the retort was, yeah, that's just now it's just the beginning. Don't worry, it's all coming. I just feel bad. You know, it's like, No, you don't know what you're talking about. The restrictions will be forced by the people that you're not going to get levy or anything lightened from the from politicians. It's against their interest. They don't like giving up control.
Unknown: And speaking of shock, it'd be free to do what?
Adam: Yeah, go anywhere. Go anywhere, not wear a mask at private parties. Hug people. The main thing was here. Yeah, it is a peer group. And I know
John: the mask is a peer group thing. So that's got nothing to do with whether you got this shot or not. Because nobody knows whether you got the shot. So put the mask on now can mark
Adam: my stepdaughter in Brooklyn. She was so excited because she got her vaccination and her stimulus check both on the same day. It doesn't get any better.
John: This is Yes, that was interesting that are in our wide ranging influence the two of us yeah,
Adam: we have lost several members.
John: Especially in the present all the evidence you want to see.
Adam: Well okay, since since we're on that you and I may have a disagreement, because I have been in television for all of my adult life. I have. I go back to racking up four inch tape on a machine videotape I have edited a videotape with a razor blade and iron filings. You've probably done the same. I have
John: done one thing I haven't done I've never done any work with four inch tape. And by the way, you haven't either. So continue with our disagree. Excuse
Adam: me. What are you talking about? Yeah, I sure have. What are you talking? Oh, you just call me a liar. Yeah, you didn't do you know the four inch tape I'm talking about? I'm not talking about the old BCS. I'm talking about the old old ones when I first started when I was 19. videotape.
Unknown: Yeah, yeah. Why, what?
Adam: It's two inch. That's the Bcn before that it was four inch Believe me
John: the Ampex tape was two inch.
Adam: four inch videotape. quadruplex videotape. Goodbye.
John: quadruplex. videotape is two inch.
Unknown: Let me see.
Adam: I am so sure it was four inch, two inches bese BNC or Bcn. quadruplet.
John: That quadruplex tape was two inches, this stuff that is on the Ampex, there was never a four inch tape is too big.
Adam: Then I'm wrong. I stand corrected. But what was the was the BCM. Then the BCM was two inch what was the big tape? That big tape was two inch, two inches of big tape and what came
John: what is most tape is a quarter inch.
Unknown: Now that's okay, original
John: tape was two inches a big giant ampeg stuff that had the heads that splint around and vertically on the tape. Yeah, you know,
Adam: would have been nicer of you to say is instead of you having done that and make me drag it out of you what that mistake was you could say I think
John: it was I said there's no such
Adam: thing as a four inch tape after you said I'd never done that. You understand that? was okay.
John: You're right. I was snide.
Unknown: Yes.
John: But since you brought it up to some subs, you made it. You made it a competition. And you lost. You made me do that. And I know Okay.
Adam: Yes, I made you explain what the hell you're talking about. All right, here we go. The Biden green screen hoax was not a green screen hoax.
John: Don't care.
Adam: And a lot of people do. This is unbelievable. My wife. No, that's green screen. I said, Look, I've been and of course I incorrectly said four inch tape. She didn't have the wherewithal to correct me. But I said, I've done green screen one was blue screen. That's not green screen. That's some anomaly anomaly. It's lens distortion. And I even found the guy from Voice of America, which is questionable, of course, who was holding that boom. And he said absolutely, that that was that happened there. And there's a side shot where you can see a whole different scenario. But But I could not convince anyone who saw this video, they would not listen. So that was my point is even though
John: I think you're making a huge mistake in the way you approached it, as I did when I told you that. Okay, all right. But the thing was, I think people want to believe that Biden is invalid, and he can't even be asked to be on screen screening and may even be a robot because he's wearing a mask of good. Could it be a stand in which is, by the way, the stand impossible? I
Adam: mean, if someone had said that to me, like that guy isn't Joe Biden, or Look, he's dead. They've just got robotics, and that would be more believable to me. And that's and that's the thing that's funny, like everyone's
John: so defensive about it. Just who cares? Oh, okay. Well, maybe it was not a green screen, blue screen. It should By the way, that correct turn is chroma key. Yes.
It's not blue screen or green screen. It could be anything. And especially nowadays, and I don't know how a green screen would work the light green anyway, that's involved. I don't know. I didn't know one thing. If I was going to take that argument and make a big deal out of it. I would have said the following. Did you notice that when they pulled the camera back and then they had this the back of some guy's jacket so it was good covered the screen in all black, that's when they transition to the other shot, to make it look Though is a continuation shot, which was what they did in the movie 1917. If you ever watch that, movie 1917 was supposedly one shot single shot, the whole movie. No. But if you watch it with that in mind, you will see moments where somebody walks in front of the camera, and completely blanks out the screen. That's when they cut and go to another shot. So it's bullcrap. So I would have made that argument. But then again, I thought about this, thought about this, if there's going to be green screen, where it's going to be a lot of it, it's going to be coming at you faster and faster.
Adam: I guess what you said earlier was, was really the point is, is like, you want this to be fake, so bad that you just summarily dismiss someone who might know something about it. And we do that all the time, too. But in this case, person I know I do know flying. I do know, television, I know radio, those are kind of my things. I have some expertise. I'm just surprised, and people will argue incessantly, like they love it.
John: Wow, he really want this to be green screen. They want about robotic bite in here, the whole thing. And I will tell you this, and I'm sure that you watch part of it. I do have a bunch of the GMA clips. This was the most edited thing I've ever seen in my life. And I'm not I don't have quite the Add to nation that you have. You're totally attuned to these clips that are dead or edited too much. Yeah. Which is one of the reasons I do edits. I'm very careful to make to fool you.
Adam: But this listening audience be damned. As long as you're fooling only me.
John: I care about that feeling. And then I but I really care about is getting the occasional compliment. That which is that Wow, that is a great, great edit. Yeah. Which is big, because you do probably do some of the finest of I don't even know how to explain it. But after the show when we do the we have to sometimes edit something. And
Adam: yeah, like a mistake or a pickup or something like that. Yeah.
John: Something or Yeah, they said we lost the connection and he has to pick. He just is very fine tuned. He's got a nice tool though. I
Adam: didn't have Hindenburg, Hindenburg Journalist Pro. Now, I like it a lot. And
John: so he uses this tool and he can clip out. So you have somebody talking over each other. You have just a little noise and he Nick that out just barreling. I'm a totally interesting
Adam: little bugger. I need to go all the way in.
John: But actually, as most
Adam: of my clips, I would say
John: that's by the way. Yeah. Okay,
Adam: 80% of the clips I make. After it's recorded, and it's playing back and I'm looking at the waveform, I'll see a pause, and I'll do it out next. So that's important in point cut. I cut out silences just because just to speed up the show, to almost all I do that counts. Yeah, I mean, and I but I it's now second nature to me. I'm talking to someone I'm like in our ex.
John: Most of the clips that we do both of us the silences are especially the worst, the worst offenders are this Senate and House committees. Now they cannot just ask. They just looked at your silences and half of them five minutes. I will give you five minutes. I would say of the five minutes one whole minute is long. Pregnant pauses. Right? minimum
Adam: now I enjoy a totally pregnant pause when we're talking I enjoy the pitch done right Yeah,
John: because interview Dennis done it we're doing but doing it live is one thing but playing clips with a bunch of pauses in now. It's definitely a nice morning.
Adam: You did Yeah, you got to move the show along before we I want to get to bind up one last clip, which I think is pertinent because we're just winding up everything with so we may
John: have one clip on COVID left to
Adam: wait. Before I go there. Let's just stay with TV. Just for a second because everyone's forgotten about it because no one saw it the Grammy awards this year.
John: I have a clip golf.
Adam: Please. Let's do the clip. I have stuff to say about this. Okay, the Grammy Awards.
John: I want to hear what you have to say about the Grammy Awards more than anything, but so they made a big fuss. I heard it on all different talks as Oh Bill Burr, Bill Burr, Bill Burr, he insulted them, he said. So I went back and listened to the whole bill bird thing and Bill Burr came out, insulted the piano player who was before him. And then all he did was read off award winners to guy was was more lame than usual. So I clipped the built the pertinent part of Bill Burr ins All thing is only 1.8 point, oh, eight minutes, or one minute and eight seconds I'm sorry, to one minute and eight seconds of and I'm thinking, what is the first this is the best you can do. And this is got everybody in a tizzy. Just play this clip.
Unknown: Thank you, Igor, for that sublime performance. I feel like I'm in a virtual heaven. And now let's mingle and jingle with the stand up comedian who taught us on Netflix that F is for family. He's nominated for his first Grammy this year in the Best Comedy Album category. Ladies and gentlemen. Here's Bill, Bill.
Bill, Bill.
Thank you today. My warrior was the only one who wanted to kill himself during that piano solo. I bought a suit for this. I thought it was gonna be on TV. I'm such a moron. I am losing so much money right now. Alright, shout out to all the rock stars that I wanted to meet tonight who are watching at home instead. I'm talking to you, Don dokken. All right. What I'm all that was my first concert. All right, here are the next categories up for bid for
Adam: No, the reason why there's a couple of reasons one, and I think he was placed there. He was a white guy. This was not they were this was a black Grammy Awards. They were more disproportionately more black artists nominated. And it got so crazy that when what's the girl with the green hair?
Unknown: With her brother Lee? Yeah.
Adam: You're white? Why is her name now evading me because she's gonna be around for good reason.
Unknown: Billy Eilish Yeah,
Adam: so Billy Eilish one best song or best record and she was so embarrassed so embarrassed that she immediately said no no Megan the stallion This is really yours This belongs to you. I should not be up here I should not have this this is your award. You could tell it was because she was embarrassed by this, this show. Now first I got to start in the beginning. The production on this show was the best I have seen in at least a decade. There was a lot of thought went into it. They took the situation and said screw it let's not do this dominant auditorium. We're going to have the the musicians on set and watching each other play. And then you know covering up some set changes by going to pre produced packages which are also dynamite. Bruno Mars did just some fantastic stuff. The the edit everything was I'm sitting there with my mouth open like, wow, this so much money went into this. And I think you and I would both agree. Whenever you put on the television shows television, specifically, a television show. So good. So kick-ass, everything came together. It was just beautiful. No one ever watched it. The ratings were down 55% over last year.
Unknown: So about no life. So about
Adam: two thirds of the way through something happened. And it turned into a BLM Black Lives Matter. f the police fast with Beyonce and Beyonce. Clearly the Queen Beyonce saying Megan the stallion is my protege. The one point there was a band that was performing on this really weird stage. At the end it goes all the way up and it's the it's the damn Illuminati all seeing I mean, also coincidentally the CBS logo. But I mean, this was what it was an unbelievable how this was put together as a as it just progressed towards the end to say, you know what, pretty much white people don't belong here. It was mind boggling. Did you watch any of it? No, probably not.
John: I watched it. I watched it through the went through the post malone.
Unknown: Right.
Adam: He was he was also embarrassed. He was also embarrassed when he had to accept his award. Yeah, I
John: didn't see how hard it was. I just saw his satanic presentation with the skulls and all the bread and all the rest of it. Yeah, it was really bad. Yeah. And I said, I'm not going to watch this crap. And again, I just killed it. And I went back to get the bill burst of later because I wanted to see what the hell he did. It was so offensive. Yeah. And he did say bid Yeah. Word that was funny
Adam: what I liked a lot though this year they did the dead segment differently. So normally you get one song someone comes out sings a tear jerker you get the the pictures rotating boohoo, you know you're sitting there at home like I did. Oh really? I'm that guy. Oh, I miss her. This year. They took like a good 10 minutes and played multiple songs at video bytes. And of course that caused problems you know, well, why did Eddie Van Halen only get his guitar featured empty on an empty stage? And, and Kenny Rogers had Lionel Richie sing a song, you know, it's that kind of stuff. But holy crap. Anyway. I think that's probably the last award show. You'll see. They're dead. They're over. Nobody cares. There's no, there's no celebrity draw. It had nothing to do with an award show. It was just a damn good show. No one cares about it. They're not interested. They've turned to streaming during the lockdowns and it's all your own doing. People are going away from cable news in droves. And they're all coming towards podcasting. That's what's happening. Yes, it is. It is. Now a couple more things before we move on One. One. Do you remember the president of Tanzania? Who was saying hey man, this is this COVID stuff is this test is bullcrap. He tested a a kiwi and a goat or something. Remember that? Yeah, yeah, he's dead.
John: Yeah, I know he died the other day is Yeah, of hardcat attributed to him on PBS heart
Unknown: illness point about it.
Adam: He was so inconvenient. Now he had to get rid of him. But in Ireland, this is my last clip in Ireland, just like some inconvenient paperwork we heard about in Canada navia. This is a Irish Member of Parliament. And he is discussing the what is this outfit? Near they have one of those boards. The is a GE I think, which is the science advisory group who advises politicians on what to do? Well, he got some of their internal communications and decided to share that
Unknown: I want to raise the so called zero COVID proposed them today. Yeah, I should
Adam: mention that this is a something to look out for the zero COVID this is it's kind of like zero emissions. And I think it reasons. Yeah, there's reasons for that. So zero COVID is where we have to be, which means everything has to be zero, otherwise you can't get to zero. That's what Dr. Dr. Bill tells me, though, you know, if you got the COVID you gotta have to go because you can't make a zero,
Unknown: I want to raise the so called zero COVID proposed them today. A cascade here like for even this proposal for even half for lockdown measures for the remainder of the year. A report was published recently of the International correspondents and workings of the so called independent Scientific Advisory Group, which has been pushing for zero COVID. And this group has many members, many of whom are virtually household names such as the regularity of their appearances in the media. But their internal correspondence suggests that the group is not basing its positions on strict science, but in fact, has been massaging the facts to try to entice politicians into adopting zero COVID. Just four weeks ago, the group had wrote to its members asking them to and I quote, look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty and to quote go after people and not institutions, because people hurt faster than institutions. He said that ridicule is man's most powerful weapon, and that the threat of a thing is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. In other words, people should be scared into accepting zero COVID. Now this reads like something out of Saul Alinsky his Rules for Radicals maybe it is something from Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. But the social democrats appear to have bought into these proposals. Their correspondence suggests that the group has been deliberately adjusting its target for zero COVID in order to convince that
party's leadership to subscribe to the strategy. And all of this is in the public domain. And yes, incredibly, it has not been reported by RTE or independent media. So why is such a group allowed to scare monger without at least being challenged on their internal conversations that we now know of either by the politicians or the media when the medical document advocates hurting people because people hurt faster than institutions? Should that person's views be supported by our office members and reported on critically in the media? I asked.
Adam: Well, we want to talk to you about that we have a meeting scheduled in Tanzania.
Unknown: I mean, this is bad.
John: Yeah, that's just it. makes sense to me. And he's right, by the way is I've been combing over the Alinsky material and yeah, it's it's part of the ridicule is one of the things that he has in his Rules for Radicals. Right, something we do on our show, we actually following them, we thought we follow Alinsky very closely on this show. Yes, you might be surprised Yeah. don't even want to think about how close we are to we're just projecting at best. And the thing about Alinsky, which I've talked about before, and I'm going to probably do an essay for substack on him, or at least on rule four, which is the real kicker that makes things work. The what's rule thing I said, rule four is that you if you do go after your enemy, you make them follow their own rules to the end. So somebody says, Well, you can't do this. You can't do that. And then he said, Well, you're doing it. I mean, it's just it's a very interesting
Unknown: what about ism
John: makes you go look if you can do it real quick, it
Adam: No, no, I'm gonna wait for the substack and before you go any further, excellent. substack titled, understanding homeschooling, I've put a link in the show notes under OTG where it belongs. Really good. Good. substack. You did on that.
John: Thanks. Appreciate that. Now, back to the Alinsky thing. We follow Alinsky on our show. We don't know that we do. But we do. And I think we've kind of internalized how we do it, but we do it and and the thing that I was going to say initially was that a list is Rules for Radicals don't just apply to radicals there's been people have done books Alinsky using Alinsky for right wing using Alinsky for this. Right. You don't have to use Alinsky for anything but whatever you want to use him for is pretty universal. He himself promotes himself as a as a promoter or as a person who, whose rules work for the left. Do the same exact rules but no changes work fine for the right. They work fine for the middle of the road. They work fine for anybody there. They're fabulous actually. Well, and I would recommend people look at the books and you want to buy the right wing version you just buy his book and read
Adam: it. I didn't expect to get into this right now but it may be worth it. I got a note from millennial Kate the other one in Chicago. If you recall. And this is regarding the bachelor now of course you and I don't follow this oh maybe maybe you do I don't know but there was right quite the to do quite the to do over but what we know that the winner pictures appeared of her attending an antebellum party. That's why the host had to go away because he says what's this woke shit. He hadn't even seen the pictures, but he had to apologize and go would go be a monk for for a year or so before we can get back on TV. But what what happened with with this the final show? I will. But when we play I'll play the little bit first this so this was the guy with the bachelor, the black guy for it. For context. I think the girls she may be more multi culti I don't even think she's white. I'm not sure she looked a little like changes of Asian to me. I don't know, I just don't want the only clip I've ever seen of it. But he broke up with her because of this because clearly she's a racist. And you can you know, this is now coming out because the last episode aired. And it's like, oh, my God, you know, here's the here's what happened.
Unknown: I realized that
I'm really aware.
You must have been hurting. And I'm just wanting to say I'm really sorry for
not understanding that initially.
So when our questions
our relationship,
it was on the context of you, not
fully understanding
my blackness
and what it means to be a black man in America. And what it would mean for our kids, when I saw those things
that were floating around the internet,
and it broke my heart, because this is the last conversation I thought we'd be having.
Adam: And here's what millennial Kate says. So 10 minutes ago, she emailed me earlier this week, I was minding my own business cooking dinner and my roommate comes out to exclaim how she's quote, so excited to see that girl get called out for being a racist on live TV racist, followed by this is great drama. And then millennial Kate says it hit me. Not only just virtue signaling make people feel morally superior and so good about themselves, but it's also enjoyable drama. People are addicted to canceled culture for the drama. So it's not only giving them that sweet, sweet dopamine hit when they feel superior and right. But it's also great entertainment for 20 something year old women who have no lives outside of Instagram. Now, let's listen to a 20 year old woman with her reaction.
Unknown: Yeah, I think most people in America had figured out that mad had pig I'm sorry, that was a bad joke. But I like anyway, Rachel, the young lady who was involved in this because that's what because otherwise why would they be you know Getting rid of Chris and going jumping through the hoops that they were jumping through. I was surprised, though, that he actually broke up with her because of it because he originally had defended her. But I think that was probably the realest thing that I've ever seen on The Bachelor peel is in an interracial relationship and then having one side not understand now.
John: This guy, a total idiot, this whole thing was a scam.
Adam: Yeah, hold on, let's let him finish the answer. Yes,
Unknown: I think it had they been in a relationship for a longer period of time, right where there was, you know, the relationship at a bigger, longer and better foundation. I think it may have been something that they might have been able to work out. But from a reality show and not really knowing each other that well that's some tough stuff and tough luck. It played out the way it played out. I'm not surprised waited for it. And I'm sure it came as a shock to him and a shock to her. Here's what I will say though, if you look at her apology, it appears that she is willing to do the work. She understand.
Interactions he understands bad,
if she is willing to do the work and we will see and that will certainly make all the difference but so far in all of this. She has been the one who has apologized and has apologized in a way that seems sincere and that goes a long way.
Adam: Oh, you've been blessed by Donna lemon. There you go. You've been blessed. Move on.
John: This is a complete farce This was staged a course because that's what the bad reality
Unknown: show of course it's staged
John: phony baloney deal and just be suckered at the at a news anchor level like Don Lemon just exposed himself well in some ways
Unknown: more ways than one.
John: He shows What a moron he is. This is ridiculous this whole scenario now thank you for its good publicity for the show.
Adam: Hello. Obviously it broke before the final season Hello television ratings down what are we going to do we want to get renewed we don't want to have to do make goods we want to do well course it's so and he even adds a reality show people being played
John: well I think you're our our millennial producer in Chicago at least has a clue. Yeah, she is more than a clue but I bless you sent that in because it is funny that some one of her friends know
Adam: several she lives with a whole bunch of girls,
John: her friends sucker suckered in hook line and sinker by this bullshit. I'm sure they all got the vaccine the next day.
Adam: Final tears since we're just all over the map has changed yet something else in their in their entries. It's always interesting when this takes place because words do matter. will stop using slave as a noun to describe people.
Unknown: Do you know why?
John: I'm all ears because
Adam: it's dehumanizing. Instead, they will use enslaved.
John: Oh, this began remember we pointed this out on the show people were using and enslaved.
Adam: Yep. Yep. You're right. Do you have a clip of that? I think you might have had a clip.
John: It probably is. Yes. Here it
Unknown: is. Imagine being an enslaved cotton picker.
Adam: There you go. enslaved Amy. Amy driving the words.
John: She's driving the words. You know, it's
Adam: only a matter of time. Let
John: me think so if I say shut up slave, I'm demeaning someone
Adam: humanizing them not too many humans.
John: What if you want to dehumanize somebody by calling them a stupid sleigh? Well, you
Adam: are not welcome. You are not if that's what you're thinking, No, you cannot do that.
John: So it's now against the rules that do use dehumanizing speech when I when the intent is to dehumanize.
Adam: Well, if you play in Scrabble, yeah, you lose a slave is no longer it can only be an enslaved. Toby be good enslaved. It doesn't even work in slay. We need to. We need to get rid of roots. Roots is no longer progressive. I'm in the movie rose.
Unknown: Gotta go. Yeah,
Adam: because well, it should go. Definitely because it's trauma based entertainment. That's coming from my friend. But yeah, I mean this whole idea of noodle gun.
Unknown: You racist
Adam: I got the my pasta gloves locked and loaded you want to do something else you want take a little break take a break out So with that I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in the COVID canine unit john c de vora
John: Good morning to you Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning all ships to see boots on the ground feet in the air subs in the water and all the dames and knights out there
Adam: and in the morning to the trolls in the troll room that's where they like to hang out trolls I want to count you okay standstill for just a moment if you don't mind Hands up. Well let's see what we got 1718 it is a Thursday so little below the average but way below Yeah,
John: well the old average was 1600 but we got we were hitting eight teens yeah we were doing COVID crisis yeah
Adam: the crisis Yes, yes. The crisis so the variance may keep us keep us going john you never know. Yeah that's it no agenda very cool place to hang out. Which is open 24 hours a day you can go in there for the live show and there are many you can listen to it simultaneous on on the stream and then troll along they trolls every show on so many shows including th unplugged and even trolling so they're called chat room there. And if you want a longer thread of conversation, you should get yourself a mastodon account sign up wherever you can. No agenda social was it no agenda social calm you can no longer register but you can follow at John Dvorak at no agenda social calm or at Adam at no agenda social calm and we will be purging for old accounts anything over two years. In I would say this started the month and then we'll open it back up again. So we can fill up our our 10,000 limit, and I am I'm really happy. I'm really happy. But there's a lot of people like, let's do a fundraiser for the for no agenda social.
Unknown: So
Adam: we're gonna have more people registering? No, that's not the point. Do imagine, john, if we have 100,000 people on nogen And it goes down? Do you imagine what your because you know what that is your your your mailbox, your Twitter, everything is just flooded for days. Who knows? What's going on?
John: Do you know the first party I see a coffin after doing that voice. But the first part of that voice is dynamite.
Adam: Then lost it, I lost it.
John: I love to carry it.
Adam: To the socialists, I can't do it now. Now I'm not conscious of it. But you can sign up at Gitmo dot life. And I've seen a couple other people who are taking this to heart and have started their own instances for themselves and for their families. And we're learning how to integrate the timelines. There's some tricks, possibly so here's a little more Yeah, tricks. So there's more flow. But this is what decentralization is all about. And you need to break it up into pieces so that there's not one weak link in the chain. And we were and it's not a money issue. Yeah, I'm sure that we could finance the money of Aaron, I won't take any money from us. He refuses because value for value. But that's not going to solve it. It's we need this is a forceful move. I mean, to forcible we
John: sorry, that's got nothing to do with you or what you said, Oh, you keep going.
Adam: Now I want to know what were you laughing about? You're, you're watching porn. What are you doing? I'm here. I'm here making a case. And you're What do you watch? What are you laughing at? Tell me.
John: Okay, here's what's the next part of this. As you go on, you'll continue with this spiel, and then just talk about the art. And so I had opened the art generator. And you'll see what I was laughing at when you do the same thing. Okay,
Adam: well, everyone who's playing along, and if you're on a podcasting 2.0 app, you can see this appear now as that image. You mean Lotte Leen? Is that when you refer to?
John: No, you smell something?
Unknown: That's the one by Lotte Leen. Oh, yeah.
John: No. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. I'm sorry. I didn't notice the artists very funny.
Unknown: That's a winner.
John: Someone's gonna have to go along the way.
Unknown: Up, boys.
Adam: Well, let's thank Brad 1x for the album art for Episode 1329. We titled that one boba liberals. And I got several emails from Asian American producers. Thanks for weighing in. Nice to have you guys here. I knew we had my Asians out there. Can I learning a lot? Yeah.
John: Before you continue, I want to publicly apologize. Going along with this particular piece of art, I think it's offensive
Unknown: fucker.
Adam: You didn't mention any of this while we were selecting it.
John: I was kind of forced into accepting it. I now feel bad about it because this is making fun of the elderly and it is. And by I already feel bad about doing these buyten clips on every Sunday and just oh, excuse me, there's
Adam: the bus push again so I can get right under it. I want to be positioned. Well, I
John: don't know what it's got to do with you.
Adam: Look at you. Who else would force you into this? I didn't force you. We both agreed it was there was nothing better.
John: I don't know what you do. I'm just making it clear that I personally am publicly apologizing for this hard work.
Adam: Okay, that you can apologize for it. I just
John: did.
Adam: But you weren't forced into anything? No.
Unknown: Oh my gosh. That's what
Adam: I'm going to start recording our after show that because you know not now it's like I need Okay,
John: I need further apology. I apologize for I somewhat promoted this piece because it was the best of the group. And I feel bad about Okay, well, I
Unknown: don't feel bad at all.
John: Not at all. Because you can you can live with the karmic consequences. I
Adam: understand it. And by the way, I understand your apology. I am live I can live with it. Because it I am mocking the elderly abuse of Joe Biden. And I've been someone who said that from day one. I said this is elder abuse. I don't like it. You have I agree. So I am in this meta. Anyway, this was the walker force one Walker Force One. Although it did not have the requested tennis balls on each of the four,
John: which would make no sense I
Adam: would not have made any sense. And this was clearly a presidential model. Someone was telling me that it was just such a great piece of art. That I think I just slipped into the convenience of saying yeah, it's damn good. I love the mask hanging off of it, the presidential seal and the little, little pad and just everything, you know, that football may be contained in there. So we appreciate what Brad 1x has done and Brad 1x will get me well of course received the credit as the artist who brought us the artwork for Episode 1329 no agenda art generator comm is where you can see all of this. If you're using podcasting 2.0 app, then you can see these images This is catching on now. People are seeing you know, art change on their watches their smartwatches.
John: It's kind of wild.
Adam: And we and we have a wild a brand new app coming in about a week's time. So hopefully on the Thursday show in a week. We'll have some cool news to announce.
Unknown: I keep looking at
John: it's just too funny. Okay,
Adam: no agenda or none or Yes, indeed no agenda, our generator calm everybody. And thanks all this is part of our value for value model, where the idea is you give back in some meaningful way time, talent or treasure of his treasure, make the number meaningful to you, for whatever reason, it's all good with us and we'd like to celebrate our executive producers and associate executive producers right off the bat. And here we go.
John: Yes. Michael Carlin's at the top of the list with 13 $133.31 Wow. And it's appellant ED figure the palindrome out although he could have put her off to three shows and Bennett show.
Adam: Maybe he wanted to be the top guy here top dog. Well, he
John: definitely is everyone. We have actually three donations of similar amounts, which is fascinating. These except my palindrome contribution to the show, he writes in the amount of 13 3331 I need to double D Dushan. As I've been a listener since Adams appearance on Tom lycus
Adam: No no. New I've never been on Tom lycus
John: No, I'm to Tom like this guy.
Adam: Yeah, what does he say Adams appearance on Tom lycus
John: because you're now the only guy gets out of this house.
Adam: Now I guess we can do a double de-douche
John: three if you want.
Unknown: No, I'm good with two.
John: I no longer listen to like this, but I rarely Miss no agenda. The show has helped me understand the new
Adam: baby manual. Tom Woods maybe meant Tom woods. I was on the Tom Woods show.
John: And I think he met nobody just comes out but like is out of the blue. Okay, true. And I have and I was on the timeline.
Adam: A long time ago though.
John: Yeah, it was before COVID it was before Trump. Yeah. I I did a show a couple of times over the phone during the Trump era, but like as a huge Trump hater No, it's hard to so
Adam: that was the hard work
Unknown: all right.
John: I did directed two documentaries. I directed the documentaries. I hope you're more accurate with your documentaries. American federal rally about the Mexican cartels larger than life this suit suit suit.
Unknown: Suit suit next
Adam: night Suge Knight he's a knight Yes. Suge Knight
John: and I'm currently working on a film about the birth of the call. This is okay. Hold on a second
Adam: By the way, too old white guys going Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Shoot night and shoot night. We know he's is a you don't want to say I'm happy to say something bad about a politician before something say something bad about
Unknown: shooting Night Show. Good night. Yeah.
John: Anyway, let me take it. Yeah. He's currently working on a film about the birth of the Crips and the Bloods. I wrote two books with former LAPD detective Russell Poole went when he was the lead investigator on the murders of Tupac and biggie. Yeah, chaos merchants in his final word on the murders. I was a journalist. He was working at the end of his life with at the end of his I was working with at the end of his life. This week, the film city of lies is being released Johnny Depp plays Russell pool. Oh hey, ice merchants was the book we were writing in Russell's life was cut short at a meeting with the sheriff's department to reopen the cases based on our investigation. Russell died at shared chairs HQ in the meeting. I was told he suffered a heart attack and he grabbed his chest The coroner report listed the cause as a brain aneurysm The family was totally never made it into the meeting and died in the waiting room. I was told by the sheriff himself that this this at the conclusion of the meeting, Russell grabbed his chest and passed away and he was to say because of my reliance on the no agenda show I have been avoiding canoes small aircraft, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and association of the with the Clintons. I would like to be known in this show Sir Michael Douglas Carlin I would appreciate an invite from someone to the no agenda social I'm not hard to find. I get on the list are they?
Unknown: No No.
Adam: Are you kidding? Now? I got one for him I got while sending one.
John: If you're gonna follow rule four of the of the
Adam: No I'll take a purge I'll take a purge account.
John: Good. Yeah. At the knighting ceremony please add vodka and vermouth all the best Michael's a nice signature by the way I'm looking at his note Michael Caron so he said another big shot we had another Hollywood big shot
Adam: so yeah, so this is his movie house city of lies Johnny Depp holy crap that's that's not so he must have an IMDB page where his executive producer of the no agenda show will will pop up
John: yeah and be careful Michael Do not ever get become an associate executive.
Unknown: No no not like not like a Hollywood Everyone knows that. Yeah, that was bad news bad.
John: Like Miss Ella, thank you. Do we have any?
Adam: Nothing here that you wanted something there? I'm sure it didn't I was just looking at IMDb Hold on a second is worth looking at. Let's take a look. Yeah, this is to Puck movie. All right. Yeah, man. No, no you know what gender credits gonna look hot. Hot up there. Really good. He wants documentary filmmaking karma and at the knighting ceremony vodka and remove the You got it?
Unknown: You've got karma
John: Okay, this is at Blake Michigan which is no agenda social handle in Chicago 13 $130
Adam: Please don't mention my name. It's not Blake Michigan.
John: Do my ns and it was Blake Michigan. I know which is fine. Name is something I know I'm just kidding. Just being mean no I'm not a window. So I have a small note for how you know I really do feel bad about that Walker thing. small windows so I have a small note for now. Okay. Is the window you can expand by cutting and pasting into it. JOHN and Adam you have don't hit the return key though. JOHN anatomy you have directly and positively affected the lives of so many. Thank you for your courage. Well thank you for your contribution and a short note.
Adam: So I'm thinking you have some clip your some something later in the show that you're setting me up for with this Walker bit don't trust it.
John: I wish I was that good.
Adam: Tammy McLean also jumped on the 1330 and we really appreciate that I do not have a state for her but she wants Oh,
John: by the way we're gonna put all three of them including our guy at the top our our producer Mr. Michael go into 1330 Club
Adam: absolutely let's see where Am I bad jingles 3030 magic number Sharpton respect it's true. MTG I call bullcrap was that who was MTG?
John: I don't know who MTG but I know what I call bullcrap. That's the one yeah,
Adam: that's you I have that one. I know that one.
John: No, I call Booker's that woman that oh here
Unknown: oh crap. I
have Marjorie Taylor green that's what it is Marjorie Kitt.
John: That's not Marjorie Taylor green. It's not no let's do it. This is bullbar they would a woman from Colorado.
Adam: But believe me, people get it wrong all the time. Most frequently misspelled jingle doosh doosh doosh doosh is a very, very is a fact is very, very tough word for for our people. My show club donation 1330 knighthood in memory of my dad 33 has been taunting me for a little very long time. This is the first show that includes the number 33 since my dad left us last fall mostly due to effing cancer. If I could have convinced him to listen to podcasts at age 82 I know he would have been a big fan of the show. Please night him sir Gerald barber and farmer of central Kansas, yes, posthumously. Of course. I've been riding the coattails of the donations made by my incredible hubby Dave of Cuba, Cuba, Missouri, who introduced me to the show slowly over the years more like tapping me on the shoulder than giving me a smack in the mouth. We also used to watch twit but in the last year and a half I don't think I've missed a single show. You both have made a difference in me going from nearly fully woke to awake with my eyes wide open to the M five m that's a good line. I was I went from fully woke to awake. With your eyes wide open to the M five m we frequently discussed the topics on the show. Hey, you know what? That's what we do with our families too. So thank you both for your time and effort. Tom iOS, Tam, Joe's Tam, Tam, Joe's Tam, Joe's There you go. PS I just barely made it into no agenda social Well, you're lucky Tammy you you are one of the fortunate ones.
John: You can 1000
Unknown: Yeah, okay. 33. magic.
Magic number.
CT texture,
I call bullcrap.
John: Now, Mimi says to me, you know, you're reading these notes, and by the time you're in this $200 donations, you're slurring That's true. Maybe that's true.
Adam: Sometimes you won't. Sometimes if it's a long donation, I mean, I notice it I don't think in Mimi notices it but you know where your wives you know, it's like so this normal
John: till Balu in Louisville, Kentucky. 393 dot one one is next on the list.
Adam: I see we're enunciating to prove I don't know probably early
John: Sunday morning. 314 21 in honor of my two oldest children's birthdays 319 and 311. And I hope they're on the list. I have been listening since the start of the plan demick when I went down some internet rabbit holes on a trip to the Caribbean incidentally I found your website and Upon my return to the states I heard Adam on Joe Rogan. I have been hooked
Unknown: ever say you can donation perfect.
John: By truly appreciate the value you provide and hope to provide some value back to you. Okay,
Unknown: listen, my
John: paypal donation
Adam: I'd rather have you slurring at the end because we will never get to the end this
John: way. Please find my paypal donation and de-douche me okay.
Unknown: You've been d deuced.
John: Bye, guys. Phil Balu. It sir Cal of lavender blossoms is on board 358 13 from northville Michigan. Just got back from a short vacation and Ken Kuhn. We had to take a C 19 tests before coming back. nasal Schwab results within a couple of minutes sweet. That's interesting. We asked what what that company can't do that in Canada. We asked what happens if someone tests positive oh this is and the quote was sir no one gets a positive result she replied
Adam: This is what the banker told us really if you get the test yeah remember he had
John: all right because the cover oh right right. This is what you need to get out that same short has to cover 50% of the cost Exactly. Just send everyone back home. I now have a bunch of online orders waiting lots of them from no agenda folk. Thank you for all your patience and courage sir cow, which is what's the name of his website again lavender
Adam: Circle of lavender blossoms for all your best CBD products in other states. There
John: may be more. Matthew Nagy is in another state. He's in Manchester, Michigan. $350. And he is well he's not in another state. Coincidentally, he's in the same state in the morning to you Adam. C and j c. d I love what you two are doing. You both like you're like lightsabers of truth. Cutting through the disinformation and bullshit of the M five m Keep up the great work. Matt Nagy in Manchester. Okay, thank you for this short note. Erica is long when Erica Callahan.
Adam: 333 33 from Sioux weekly Pennsylvania in the morning to you both. I've been listening to no agenda for the last year I think being hit in the mouth by see Mike and his lovely wife Dane black hammer, and their 18 children. It's time I returned some I made that up. But they have a lot they got a lot of kids. It's time I return some value for value. I'm a nurse anesthetist and have worked in health care for 24 years. You're not no nonsense reporting pay attention. Your no nonsense reporting of the COVID lie has kept me sane when I'm surrounded by Kool Aid laughing co workers who have worked themselves into hysterics, despite our workplace really disproving the M five m coverage. There's so much I could say about the Rona, but time and space does not permit. For the sake of brevity, I will say that you are both absolutely 100% spot on regarding COVID. The national average hospital bed occupancy at the height of things was only around 10% as you reported, so there was never a curve to flatten. This was all about the great reset not health. And I fear it's never going away. I've resigned myself to the fact that the witness that we are witnessing the death of common sense brought to you by the real pandemic. Oversized to make doulas Yes, this is a problem. Please give a birthday shout out to the girl who made me a mommy my daughter grace bond will turn 14 this Saturday, March 20. That, by the way is anti racism debt, and she loves to listen to no agenda with me.
Hey, Grace, thank you for helping keep her amygdala in check. I've been telling you for years that our actions will be governed by reason and logic, not emotions, and no agenda has been a source of validation for this old mom. Jingle request China's asshole followed by it's true praying for you both Erica Callahan in Pennsylvania. Thank you, Erica. And I'm sure you have a fun human resource. Thank you. Thank you very much.
John: So she mentions our reporting and liking in a beef beef but I'm like in a back and forth with the FBI.
Adam: What? Yeah, you with the FBI? Yeah. What? Like the real FBI for real? They're talking to the FBI
John: in Washington DC they're talking to you? Well with formal letters.
Adam: Okay,
John: that's beside the point. What I'm doing is I'm working on my skills to get f o i as Freedom of Information Act request. Ah, okay. And I am determined that I'm not a journalist or a reporter or a part of any news organization and I might have to pay full dough. Because if you're a reporter, journalist and part of a news organization, you get to do the FOIA Ace and all you pay for are copying fees
Adam: and what I'm learning the ropes Yeah, what's the cost to full cost?
John: I don't know yet because I haven't gotten a bill cuz I haven't done a cert I mean, they've rejected all my requests. I will not gonna talk about that because they're gonna be surprised when I get them
Adam: it's gonna be a sub stack
John: Yeah, I guess so. But this is really got me God because I don't know what the charges are. They don't tell you any of this. These have checkboxes on these form letters in these check marks. And I've been determined to just be a civilian and I had to pay full bull cloth or whatever it cost to work.
Adam: Do you have a contact number or only is this all like email or resolved
John: mail back and forth mail now I don't have a person to talk right. Well, I think your neighbor we have somebody in the audience. Well,
Adam: maybe your next letter should start with Excuse me. Don't you know who I am?
John: Yeah. Do you have to request in a certain form letter form like letter anyway so we can't do a lot of there's not a lot of bending here well i i'm gonna
Adam: i'm sure that you can get some letterhead or something that will prove that your work for W small station near town because we have people who work there though okay yep we can do
John: that I can probably do something but I there's no reason why I can't get in the position I'm in with my background shouldn't be accredited by the FBI to do these these requests I think they're just I think this is maybe the dummy contract
Adam: oh that you just got to push through it and then they come through
John: Yeah, I'm thinking that might be what I'm dealing with here as a dummy contract so I didn't realize it but i divided that just came to me is now I feel a lot better okay.
Adam: I didn't realize that foria had to pay for for you if you're just a citizen I mean,
John: oh yeah, I'm absolutely convinced is not cheap because they don't want every idiot you know asking them for stuff. All right, onward. Sir. jack is next on Alyssa Turner. $33.33 no jingles no karma. Thank you, Jackie. A nice sweaty wad of value for ya. Keep doing what you do. We love him sir. Jackie.
Unknown: I'm sweaty value. sweaty values. Sir
John: Craig Porter, the ronin n seven f s n 70 threes 317 dot two one in Carlsbad, California. Jingle request karma shot for john and Adam for doing an excellent job. Thank you for your courage. It was a great meeting all the San Diego no agenda community members and looking forward to the next 173 sir Craig, the Ronan in Carlsbad. I'm not in Portland anymore. But also hello to the Oregon local 33 community. Yes. 70
Adam: threes to you November seven Fox Sierra November kita. Five alpha Charlie Charlie.
John: James foster in Belmont, North Carolina 240-942-4949. He is the Associate executive producer. And he says ITM gents I feel compelled to send you guys a chunk of my Superbowl gambling winnings. landing a new job this week after nearly six months of searching. Good North Carolina. Interesting. A good bet. By the way. Yeah, I left my finance gig at La at large finance gig at a large social media advertising agency back at the end of September. The woke tardes at the agency just became too much for me. At one point last year, some of the children were calling for the agency to stop allowing clients to spend money advertising on any platform related to Fox. Advertisers make money they do it by placing ads and getting a piece of that, too. They would what exactly they Eve they even question why we were doing business with Facebook as they believe they may help manipulate the election again. Our CEO had had a town hall meeting explaining that we could not dictate client spend and that canceling platforms would lead to people not having jobs pure insanity. Anyways, I wanted to call out Justin Houston for being a douchebag no explanation for jingles. Can I get a Kellyanne Conway money shot? Good night left nut? Rousey, Fauci Wiese and look at that juice and Alex Jones it's over. Oh, yes, you're a little bit too much, but okay, much love Rick.
Unknown: That's our show. Love money shot. Jesus.
That's a money shot.
Kellyanne Conway is a money shot. Good
night left. Oh my gosh.
Can you see that Jews over?
You've got that's actually good story.
Adam: Yeah, we all got the story.
Unknown: good story.
John: good story. As you're handy of the terrigal beach in Rambo all Ranbir all New South Wales Australia. breed 3333 Okay, this is a Yeah, he gets bumped up. As this is. Does 330 333 Aussie dollars toward Dame hood and my smokin hot girl? Kylie the keeper? who turns 47 on Saturday. Can I get a race car? Reverend, whose thanks is smokin hot wife. Please. All the best sir Andy. Yeah.
Adam: He's already in the exact category. So I mean, you want to move them higher in the list? Is that what you're saying?
John: Was he up there?
Adam: Yeah, he's he's on the executive producer. 333. Yeah, no. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
John: Well, the problem is in order because you we do it at the end.
Adam: Yeah, I got okay. It will. There's a problem that I can fix because I can do it in the mix.
Unknown: Hi, I'm
John: Dennis caffrey in West West Hampton New Jersey. Is that right?
Adam: I don't know a West Hampton
John: so um, yeah, that's what it says 233 dot 33 I first discovered no agenda after John's appearance on Who are these podcasts ago
Unknown: score, bro are these podcasts
John: do to somehow make all of this toxic, toxic, toxic toxic propaganda palatable? Much like a water treatment facility processing raw sewage means to tap water. That's not where you get your tap. But it's okay. We'll take a compliment. It's a compliment. It's always possible to compliment you to do a public service elb albeit without the fluoride. Adam, this is the best sounding podcast I have ever heard. Thank God I consider you have visionary of the truest sense of the word. your enthusiasm is contagious. JOHN, you are Oh, you're a doozy. asms contagious. Adam. JOHN, you are one of the funniest people on the planet. Yeah. douchebag call out Jason and Andrew.
Unknown: Jason is for Andrew.
John: You were lucky enough to be hit in the mouth by myself and it would only be it would only be wrong not to call him out. Okay. jingles Bong hit. Obama you might die. Shut up slave and jobs calm.
Unknown: Let me get it ready.
You might ducks.
jobs, jobs,
jobs and jobs. for jobs.
John: How long we can play that you shut up slave clip before we're deep platformed
Adam: we'll just have a new one made shut up and slaved
Unknown: shut up and
Adam: by the way we need it shut up in slave Yeah, we need that we might as well be PC.
John: Yeah. Sir Roderick of flavortown in Charlotte, North Carolina 22269. Sir Roderick in flavortown which I never knew Charlotte was flavortown but he says yeah 22269 tripple twin flame donation in honor an honor of Captain funds stuff with a 69 kicker. Just for fun, as they make my way towards barony. He just a quick note to thank you for keeping the sanity is always an A tisk tisk tisk for all the douchebags out there who have listened to the show for a decade and have a donated v four V will only survive if we keep it alive. So unless you want nothing right m 5am garbage in your future donate. I'm looking at you can Smith please throw a Job's karma to my See you next Tuesday soon to be ex wife Good riddance.
Adam: Oh man. That's an oxymoron. Karma
John: look at the juice is almost too delicious to believe Oh Keep up the good work you to sign serve Broderick as a realtor.
Adam: realtor not realtor realtor I've been given a lesson in this realtor. Oh
John: wait wait Steve you better give me the lesson.
Adam: Ah, you are if you are a member of the club you know the club that that is always trying to find out if you're a racist or not. The than your realtor. If you pay and you're a member of the of the of the Guild, whatever that's called. Otherwise, you are a real estate agent.
John: Oh yes, I knew this part. I thought was I thought you were going after my pronunciation. Oh,
Adam: no, no, no, no, no. Well, yeah, you didn't said really hurt. And
John: so I was I said real utter. Like use a nuke nucleolar
Unknown: Yeah, but it's realtor.
John: It's real true. Not realtor, right? Yeah, I've never got it. That's a habit. I don't care about Bri I don't care.
Unknown: Neither do I really?
I'm gonna get a loan today. Oh my gosh.
Can you see that juice. It's
almost too delicious to believe my friends jobs,
jobs and jobs for jobs.
John: Kevin rising ger in Louisville, Kentucky, Louisville, two to 10 Listen,
Adam: let me read this one. Okay. I've been listening for 10 years when I found the podcast from john on twit.
Unknown: Yeah,
Adam: we emptied that we emptied that audience out didn't we? Just wanted to donate because I turned 29 on the 18th which is Thursday show and considering I ushered in my 20s with your deconstruction, I would be remiss if I didn't bring more value for value before it's all over. Now technically, I haven't been a douche since then, if only for the fact that I donated via Bitcoin on March 7 2013. You guys were bashing Bitcoin, specifically Adam, who was using it? And I decided to donate 1.313 Bitcoin worth $73 at the time, and send a few emails on how to track donations along with a birthday shout out, by the way, that would have been worth about $75,000 today. Yeah.
John: It's always worth something today. But if we had kept it, we say we got it, we would have probably sold it that when it got to 400.
Unknown: Of course not. Of course, of course, but
John: it's nice to project you know, Jay sees claims that he's got to hold bitcoins lost somewhere in an old hard disk. And I think Eric mentioned something but he lost a copy of it, people lose these things. Yeah.
Adam: Now all you need to do is write down your 12 or 24 phrases and you don't need your hard drive. But sadly, anyway, I continue. And I sent a few emails on how to track donations along with a birthday shout out to my surprise in the next year I listened to Adam denounce BTC transactions and my donation and birthday shout out went unnoticed. Maybe it was because I sent it to the email in a feed Yeah. Which was mentioned in the show for missing emails or for the Bitcoin thing. Do you remember any about this any Absolutely not. That doesn't ring true to me. Anyways, it's not the value of the donation now that has weighed heavy on my heart. All this time. The fact that I never got a birthday shout out or deducing back then. Ah.
Unknown: Kevin,
John: or Kevin? Oh, Kevin. We're sorry.
Unknown: I am sorry.
John: I'm more sorry about this than I am about the the disgusting cart. That push thing that Biden pushes around.
Adam: I feel bad. I feel bad about this one.
John: Yeah, I do too.
Unknown: I really do. feel good about that. And we're on the list today. By the way, Kevin? Yes. He's
Adam: on the list for today. And I apologize. You and You were right. What did I know? And it took me seven years. Before I figured it out. Then I have you know, I'm a maximalist now, WPC seven little Fauci wheeze no real conflict. You got it.
Unknown: GCC no real contract I'm gonna
Adam: throw in a goat karma because you deserve it.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: last on the list of sure PUC of western North Carolina and flat rock $200 knees in North Carolina Flat Rock like this. Imagine somebody what are we gonna name this town bill? I don't know what it was. First thing you see. Let's call it dad. He knows what the Indian is doing the name the kids. Oh, there's a flat rock. This puts me over 2k he writes and trigger my favorite tune, titled changes to become Baronet Puck of western North Carolina. Shout out to NAS as my morning constitutional are way more relaxing compared to my Twitter face bag days. It's like a partay. And yes, I read I don't get in conversations and Twitter's stupid. On a personal note. I've been listening since well before show 200 and I just want to thank you all including all the folks in your lives that support you in doing this, like the shill. I recently got 100% off social media except LinkedIn which is a piece which is worse it's
Adam: like it's so horrible social media thing. LinkedIn. Geez,
John: well, unless you're trying to get a job, but it doesn't work for that either.
Adam: What happens? What what neither you or I know but the keeper does. There are a lot of dudes who stalk professional women on LinkedIn. It's quite annoying.
John: I believe that I believe that. I have a story to tell. Do tell. I have a fake woman. A beautiful Bye. Oh, beautiful. Yeah, is
Adam: every good story should start with I have a fake woman that's always a
John: wing woman to fake woman, beautiful fake woman that's on LinkedIn and I probably That are up. As a you know, with a good background the whole thing is just as as a honeytrap to see what kind of douchebags we come on to her. Oh,
Adam: this is you, you are the fake woman. Yeah. Oh, sweetness.
John: Yeah. And I'm telling you,
Adam: now I know what you did after you left Second Life now I know we're all dead.
John: So it's pretty embarrassing, I can see what she's talking about. And as people I know,
Unknown: I've kept it to myself, really people, you know, who have been?
John: Well, because I managed to link up with her in such a way that she got into my network. And next thing you know, she's got it got her own little network. That's pretty big. It has a lot of mic people in it. And they're hitting on her. And it's like, okay, now do you ever
Adam: know, you know what you're supposed to do? What point you're supposed to chat these guys up and then say, you know, let's do a let's do a Skype, you know, and then you don't turn your camera on. Take me out, show me what you look like. And then you got to know
John: about it. Only so sick. Go but get these guys to pull a tube in is what you're trying to tell me? Or at least expose them to? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You are correct. That's right. And you should be there with a PBR your PBR had on smiling at them if PBR has what I need.
Unknown: But are you doing Oh, no.
John: I continue this note. He says he went all in on no agenda. So I wish I wish I'd done it sooner. I just use a web interface. So no notifications. And while it's full of confirmation bias, I guess I like yes, confirmation bias toward the show. I like to think that the years I've spent listening to you, too, makes me question everything to an extent. It's just so great to have a community of like minded folks, even if there are a few fringe folks in there. You know, folks is another one. I think it's racism for justice.
Unknown: It's racist social justice.
John: I wear my night ring every day. Well, plating is gonna come off of it if you do that, and swap between the O g challenge coin and the
Unknown: coin ice
John: and I've even managed to hit more than a few people in the mouse over our decade plus together I here's to another 13 plus years. Yep. Thanks. Thanks for the donation and the note
Adam: Tina there so I think he may have he may have put something on Instagram or something Tina so maybe Twitter Tina SAW said look at this challenge coin. Say maybe you want to see all my challenge coins. He's like, No, that's okay. That's all right. It's a real chick magnet,
John: a hobo I have a box. coin. Yeah. Do it works very well.
Adam: Wow. Did he need a karma for this? Now? He did nothing else requested. I believe he will have a title
John: of green. Let's see it. Yeah. Which was a good group of people. He
Adam: does. Good notes
John: with good notes on not a lot of jingles. And when the ones that were given make sense. In other words, they tell the story. I want to thank these folks for producing this show.
Adam: Yes, it is Episode 1330 of the no agenda show best podcast in the universe. And we appreciate these people who now have titles, some can put them on their IMDb you may be able to open an IMDb with them. I don't know about that. And others like to put them on LinkedIn. It's another place we can try it.
John: If you notice the newsletter I did promote the idea. We had a couple of different things promotions, including the belated Pi Day donation Yes. of 3141314 dot 20. We've got new yet none. That didn't work at all.
Adam: No, that's not gonna work. We will be thanking more producers in our second donation segment you can tell these are not these these are funny segments. You learn something in these. And if you'd like to participate in this for our Sunday show, all you have to do is go to this website to
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much for your time, your talent and your treasure here. The best podcast in the universe. Our formula is this. We go out, hit people in the mouth.
John: I shouldn't mention that. And that pie donation I had three selections. One of them was 3000 or 3000. nobody's doing that one. The 301 nobody did that. But the $31.41 three people
Unknown: oh really
John: picked up on a three hole people including De Fuca. zotoh
Adam: Thank you. Thank you to all the all of those people.
John: Yeah.
Unknown: Oh my.
John: Okay. Well, Biden. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Biden. Biden goes on Good Morning America.
Adam: I'm happy because I did not see this interview so I'll be able to hear your edits. Well, I
John: didn't do any edits that I won't hear any
Adam: edits, but I know you will.
John: You'll hear the Edit. Oh, their edits. Oh, no. That's what I was told there. Edit. Do
Adam: I need to make a noise when I hear an edit or just
John: now that ring a bell? All right.
Unknown: All right. Okay, I'll try.
John: So they talked about get 123 now was this
Adam: build? Was this build as a as him finally speaking to the press or that this was and it
John: was plugged into it? And
Adam: this is his news conference. Just talking to ABC? Yeah, no, really?
John: No, I think he's gonna do a news conference. But this was this was promoted as this is Joe coming out and talking. And it was obvious to me because the some of the some of the edits were Joe, where he goes off the rails, and and so they caught all of his gaffes, all of them. There's no guests, except he made one little mistake and they could they didn't cut it in spot it I think I'm known was spotted on the news media would never spot it. And we'll start with that one. And this is the GMA Biden, illogic is the clip.
Unknown: Let's talk about the crisis at the border. Some heartbreaking scenes down there. Yeah, right now, and a lot of the migrants coming in saying they're coming in because you promised to make things better. It seems to be getting worse by the day. Was it a mistake not to anticipate this surge?
Well, first of all, there was a surge, the last two years and 19 and 20, there was a surge as well. It's been my doors. No. Well, it could be but here's the deal. First of all, the idea that Joe Biden said, Come because I heard the other day that they're coming because they know I'm a nice guy. And I want to
Yeah, well, here's the deal. Well, here's the deal. They're not the adults are being sent back number one. Number two, what do you do with an unaccompanied child that comes to the border? Do you repeat what Trump did? Take them from their mothers move them away, but hold them in cells, etc?
I heard and that is the end there. Well, I think Joe mood, probably. But Joe mood.
John: Let's go over that what he said, Yeah, please, GMA couldn't get rid of what do you do about unaccompanied minors? He says, Do you do what Trump did and take them away from their mothers?
Adam: in that beautiful unaccompanied minors being taken away from their mothers who are not accompanying them.
John: That's exactly what he said. Now, and I think ABC found most of these kinds of stupid follow ups and comments that are dumb like that. unaccompanied minors with their mother. But the rest of them they're all clean. And this is this the only one that got by him and nobody picked up on it. Nobody in the media said, Great. What he said that's a great cat. Well,
Adam: what they heard it, but they couldn't get rid of it. So they couldn't cut out of it. They tried cutting in with, here's the deal. Here's the deal a couple times.
Unknown: People that put that in.
Oh, okay, well, good. Well done. So he
John: kept saying, here's the deal. Here's the deal. Yeah. And look, look, look. Alright, Harry, here he is, on the this Friday, this question is I'm gonna see what your order. This is a continuation of the talk he was just giving. And this is the dumbest is this, you haven't listen to this one. And tell me what you think this is the GMA beiden asylum in place clip, we're not doing that.
Unknown: So what we're doing is we are brought in brought in HHS and also brought in FEMA, to provide for enough safe facilities for them to not to get out of the control of the Border Patrol was not designed to hold people for long periods of time, particularly children, get them out of those facilities. And most of them come with a phone number. So what we're doing is we're putting together an entire organizational structure, so that within seven days, or maybe you're getting the phone, contact that number find out whether there is a mother or father whether it is safe, whether is a secure circumstance to get the child to that adult.
It's going to take some time, though, to get those policies in place again, do you have to say quite clearly don't come?
Yes, I can say quite clearly don't come over in the process of getting set up. And it's not going to take a whole long time is to be able to apply for asylum in place. Don't leave your town or city or community. We're going to make sure We have facilities in those cities and towns, run by DHS and also access with HHS to health and human services to say, you can apply for asylum from where you are right now. Make your case we'll have people there to determine whether or not you are able to meet the requirements to qualify for asylum. That's the best way to do
Adam: I'm confused. Didn't we already have that in place? I clearly remember the Trump administration.
John: No, the Trump administration put a the asylum offices if you want to call them that. Yeah. I on the other side of the border in Mexico.
Unknown: Ah, okay.
John: Now, you haul your ass up to Mexico, and then you're good to go,
Unknown: right?
John: Well, no, you're gonna take in put American offices for DHS, and FEMA, and they're going to take our Americans and put them down in Guatemala, in all the cities in Guatemala, so your whatever city you're in, he said, in the cities, all the cities, you know, there's more than 112 you're gonna hit. You go in there, and you apply right there in the office, because there's American office right there. And this makes no sense.
Adam: Well, isn't just the devil's advocate. Isn't that exactly what embassies do?
John: embassies? Do embassies do that? Yes. I
Adam: mean, if you go to the embassy, and say I request asylum. I think they have to at least take you in and do the evaluation.
John: I believe I believe so. Okay,
Adam: so hey, I'm, I'm okay with an asylum process.
John: I'd like to don't have a problem with it either. But this to move a bunch of DHS and FEMA employees down to Guatemala to set up shop when what you said is true, which is there's an embassy downtown to
Adam: do it. The Embassy should do it. Maybe that's what maybe they're going to expand a wing of the embassy.
John: But I want the US Embassy employees diplomat so you don't use DHS and FEMA FEMA?
Adam: Well, I would say that's because they expect a lot of people to sign up.
John: I mean, it's I will note this step innopolis. Whatever he pronounces, then, yeah.
Unknown: He
John: did no follow up questions on any of this. I mean, the opportunity to say, Well, you know, especially with the taking the unaccompanied children away from their mothers would just invite a follow up or a clarification. clarification would be, but
Adam: I'm just it all depends on the criteria for asylum that we are a country that cares about people. So it but it has to be, you know, you have to qualify, but it's kind of being played by the right wing media and Tucker Carlson went off like a nutjob on this, saying, yup, so without asking the American people, you bring in more people and make us poorer and worse. Yeah, that's for people who who make it in, but just asylum and I don't think it's a big deal. Okay, so there's a lot of people want asylum and the embassy can handle it. So send a whole bunch of DHS down there. It's more a question of, are they just rubber stamping people and saying, no problem. Keep on going, here's your papers. That's what I'd like to know. I have no problem with legal immigration or asylum. It's just it's, we don't have your right Stephanopoulos did a poor job. No one's asking the actual questions. What does that mean? No.
John: They the least okay. It was scripted, let's face it, scripted and then edited down. So binded look, didn't look normal. He looked like he was he was on top of the top of his game. But here he is about leaving Afghanistan.
Unknown: President Trump reached a deal with the Taliban have all American troops leave by May 1. Are they going to leave?
I'm in the process of making that decision now as to when they'll leave. The fact is that that was not a very solidly negotiated deal that the president the former president worked out. And so we're in consultation with our allies as well as the government and that decisions gonna be it's in process now
likely to take longer.
I don't think a lot longer,
but may 1 is tough.
could happen but it is tough. Because look, one of the drawbacks. GEORGE And this kind of be like Sanskrit, people listen to you here, but it is the failure to have an orderly transition from the Trump presidency to my presidency, which usually takes place from Election Day due to time It has cost me time and consequences. For example, we didn't realize how bad things were in terms of lack of vaccines, we were not able to get access to this information. That's part of that's one of the issues we're talking about. Now.
Adam: What, first of all, what's with the Sanskrit people listening?
John: No idea why he said that.
Adam: Sanskrit that's like, does he mean is that a different word for Iranians?
John: Well, the Sanskrit only refers to Indians, as far as I know. It's just a racist comment.
Adam: indo Iranian is the Oh, is it?
John: I didn't know that. Yeah. And it Sanskrit is indo Iranian. So the Persian script derived from Sanskrit,
Adam: indo Iranian languages, arion languages, indo Iran. Yeah. I don't know anything about I'm just reading Wikipedia. That means nothing. But this, now, this is Afghanistan reply is holy? Well, the question is inadequate, as is the reply.
John: And he says, with our Allah, I'm thinking because he says, Now that you brought the indo Iranian thing Hmm, does he mean by our allies? Iran?
Adam: Let's, I tell you what, let's go back because
John: the Iranians hate to be hate the Taliban,
Unknown: a solidly negotiated deal. That sewer was president, the former president worked out. And so we're in consultation with our allies, as well as the government. And that decisions gonna be it's in process now
likely to take longer.
I don't think a lot longer,
but may 1 is tough.
could happen. But it is tough. Because look, one of the drawbacks. GEORGE And this kind of be like, Sanskrit to have people listening here, but
Adam: oh, no, he said something different. This is going to be like Sanskrit to people listening here. Does that mean that you we were too dumb to understand?
John: That's what he implies. For sure.
Unknown: Our backs. GEORGE And this kind of be like, Sanskrit. People listen to it here. But it is the failure to have an orderly transition from
Adam: cheese. That's really odd. sanskar I just know.
John: As Iran on his mind, yes. All right, going on more tomorrow. By the way,
Adam: the only reason we're there is to guard the poppy fields. Wake up. Wake up, wake up. Stephanopoulos wake up, ask about the pop, why are we protecting the poppy fields? And he should say the answer is, well, we don't want the poppies to get in the hands of people. We don't control. We like our drug cartels. That's the answer.
John: But yeah, we like it's part of the CIA's black budget.
Unknown: Yes.
John: How they make money asking for a lot more money from the taxpayers if they weren't making some money on the side. And you know, this is a pretty good idea,
Adam: little gig economy over there.
John: It's a gig economy. So let's go on with what he thinks about putting,
Adam: oh, this is also ratcheting up now This is driving
Unknown: me nuts. Director of National Intelligence came out with a report today saying that Vladimir Putin,
John: by the way, stop, stop, stop the direct this is bull crap, what he's about to say. And this was debunked by the latest Glenn Greenwald Wald column, where he just blasted the media for propagating a bunch of bullcrap, including this and here it is, right and in real time, they're propagating this nonsense about the Russian interference in the 2020 election. But people got to track down Glenn Greenwald wasn't even that long. It was only it was long enough. I
Adam: I saw it I always know what time Tina comes. comes out of her morning read in the bed by how long the grip the Glenn Greenwald the Matt Taibbi article. Okay. 10 minutes later than usual must be a long time Ed article.
Unknown: Yeah, here we go. Director of National Intelligence came out with a report today saying that Vladimir Putin authorized operations during the election to undermine denigrate you support President Trump, undermine our elections, divide our society, what price must he pay? He will pay a price
I we had a long talk. He and I we've I know relatively well. And the conversation started off I said, I know you and you know me. If I established this occurred, then be prepared.
He said he No, he doesn't have a soul.
I did say that to him. Yes. And to and his response was, we understand one another. I wouldn't mean a wise guy. I was alone with him in his office. That's how it came out. It was when?
Adam: Hold on a second. When was he in is this this is a long time ago. This is not recent. He makes it sound like he just had this talk. And then it's like, well in his office.
John: Yeah, he's full of crap. And
Adam: this is what I got arrested while trying to find a Nelson Mandela. Is that what this is? Oh, yeah. I told him you got no soul asshole in his office when no one was there?
Unknown: I did. I'm bad. And his response was, we understand one another. I wouldn't mean a wise guy was alone with him in his office. That's how it came about. It was when President Bush's said I've looked in his eyes as well. So I said, Look through your eyes. And I don't think you have a soul and look back me said we understand each other. Most important thing dealing with foreign leaders. Wow, my experience and I've dealt with an awful lot more my career is just no the other guy. So you know, Vladimir Putin,
you think he's a killer? Dude, so what price must he pay the
price he's going to pay? Well, you'll see shortly. I'm not gonna, by the way, we want to be able that old that trade expression walk and chew gum at the same time. There are places where it's in our mutual interest to work together. That's why I renewed the start agreement with him. That that occurred while he's doing this, that but that's overwhelming in the interest of humanity, that we diminish the prospect of a nuclear exchange.
Hold on a second. Wait a minute.
Adam: If there was an interview with quarterhorse software, reconcile, that's the Stephanopoulos of Russia. And Putin said, I have that soulless bastard Joe Biden. And I know what he did. He's got what's coming to him, he'll find out. We wouldn't be going apeshit we would have the giant voice systems tend drilling us every week. So my Russian isn't calling. You can't say that in an international on an international stage. I'll get back at you. You'll see what's going to happen. I'm sorry, am I am I overreacting?
John: I didn't have that reaction necessarily. Because I think Biden's senile. But you're not overreacting. The way I see it. If you think that reaction is reasonable.
Adam: Cheese. Oh, my goodness.
John: Yeah, if Putin had done the same thing and made the sites of insulting him,
Adam: Well, it's it's, he's saying the United States will strike back at him, bomb them, bomb them and bomb them again. Yeah. All right, fine. Yes, I'm sure Putin is also laughing like. Fine, Joe is good.
John: I don't know if Putin's got that much of me. He does have a some something of a sense of humor, because we've seen it exhibited. I don't think he likes this sort of thing where the President calls him a soul as a whole. And that he was gonna get to know each other. We know each other. That's bull crap.
Adam: You guys think so let's just debunk what basically what Greenwald was saying was that there was no such report. There was no report or there's the report.
John: There's a report that has apps and with admittedly, no evidence is just blather, right? being reported as something that's evidentiary when it's
Adam: not right. So the two the three stories we have this week in the United States, mainstream media, and it's the same everywhere, I'm sure in one way or the other. potent. Russia, Russia, Russia, Putin. He meddled with the 2020 election, and he'll get what's coming to him. We have republicans are the assholes. They want to kill us all because they won't vaccinate. And what is this? Oh, the third one is? They're hunting Asians.
John: Yeah, you know, I have used I had some clips about the situation in Atlanta, which is just an eye roller. But I'm gonna push those to Sunday, because there's an eye roller moment that ones especially the ones that we played on PBS, but let's finish this who get the one last one because this is the only one that got any attention. This is the one about Cuomo. And he finally kind of but didn't fully but he wanted to but he almost did. But he didn't quite throw Cuomo under the bus.
Unknown: If somebody asked you about Governor Cuomo of New York, I know you said you want the investigation to continue if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign?
Yes, I think you probably end up being prosecuted too.
But you will be. How about right now, you said you want the investigation to continue. You saw Chuck Schumer, Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, Georgia congressional delegation. Don't think he can be an effective governor. Right now. Can he sir? Well,
that's a judgment for them to make about their state where they can be effective. Here's my position. Spend my position is as the wrote the Violence Against Women Act, a woman should be presumed to telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward. Number one, but there should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true. That is going on how.
And we've been very clear if in terms of claims, he's gone.
That's what I think happens. And by the way, it may very well be that there could be a criminal prosecution that is attached to it. I just don't know. But let the investigate. And I don't know what it is. But I started with the presumption. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to come forward. The presumption is it should be taken seriously. And it should be investigated. And that's what's under why now.
Adam: Yeah, because, gosh, let's not investigate if he made bad decisions that killed a lot of old people. This was a topic.
John: Yeah, he can't get around now. Yeah, well, this
Adam: is a de Blasio the mayor of New York was on this was ABC, this is CBS Face the Nation. With a similar
Unknown: message, do you believe that he and
his administration deliberately tried to cover up the scale of nursing home deaths?
I got you.
I don't have a doubt in my mind that everything was about his public image. Everything was about his political future. It was not about what people needed. And by the way, it was about campaign contributions, the nursing home industry, the big hospital systems, they gave him millions and millions of dollars. And he went easy on him and he tried to cover up for everyone, not just him, but his donors. And I think the investigations are going to prove this more that this was a thoroughly corrupt situation. And he just needs to resign so we can actually turn the page. And look it's an optimistic time as you started out this morning. It's an optimistic time. We got to put the past behind us well and Andrew Cuomo can lead us into the future we've we've got the people the state ready to reopen, but we need to get him out of the way to do it.
Adam: CBS does that while ABC is blowing Joe? Not a single question about it. same week.
John: There was that I did. Well, this was only part of they could have another part coming. Okay. So we can say that we know for a fact that they that he didn't ask something about it, except that he should have asked something about it when he was talking about cormo in the first place. Right. You know, revisit the guy. By the way, let's go back to Wooten. I don't think that's gonna happen either.
Unknown: Go back to food. Yeah, actually, I have this this.
Adam: Oh, this is Cuomo. And Clinton, politicians past and present. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again.
Unknown: I never touched anyone, inappropriately. I never touched anyone. inappropriately.
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
Miss Lewinsky.
I never told anybody to lie. And not a single time.
John: had that same pacing.
Adam: Oh, yes. It's everything. Hello. It's, it's what you do. It's what you do when you've
John: never said that. You're a jerk. Yeah, that means you did. Hey,
Adam: I caught an interesting episode of Banyan show.
Unknown: War Room.
John: broadcasting. Oh
Adam: my god. two episodes a day. I watched y'all Yeah, it he's still doing was two hours, but it comes in as two episodes. I barely listened to it. And it's a Yeah, two hours a day. Yeah, that's a lot. And sometimes it's Saturday special. We got a special
Unknown: I can't stop talking.
Adam: By the way. He's the number one podcast in the world the most downloaded ever.
Unknown: For craft course it's bullcrap.
Adam: Hello, Banyan. But he did have a good one. And I really liked this. This is about Frank Giustra. Do you remember Frank Giustra? Nope. He's the cannon avian guy who gave huge anonymous that he basically bundled donations for the Clinton Foundation or the clinton gold global initiative. And in that was a lead pay off for Hillary getting the uranium one deal done. Well, and now and now Frank Giustra owns like a uranium mines and it's a whole tawdry mess. But Frank Giustra seems to be more important in these types of relationship with people like the Clintons than I expected. Frank Giustra.
Unknown: If you read Clinton cash he's the villain and backup all of these a penny stock operator when the most corrupt guys in Canada he's in back of the rhenium one deal he's the one doing all these companies flipping them around next thing you know they got a billion dollars of value with mining rights somewhere
he is a complete promoter stock promoter penny stock for up in Vancouver which is the Dodge City of capital markets.
It turns out that they're at his he's the billionaire who's a place she's hanging out with Archie in in in in Vancouver this guy is the clinton kid the Clinton Foundation he was the guy flour Bill Clinton of Africa promising guys billion dollars here we're gonna put all this money in nothing materialized total promoter right got the Clintons wrapped around the axle on the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Now he's got his hooks in to the Hewitt's
Adam: they're the new Clintons. They're the new the new Clintons Well, the Harry and Megan that he's saying Hewitt's because that's his real father's name James Hewitt. Yeah, the the major Hewitt was Harry's. Oh,
John: dad is the Oh yeah. Okay. Well, that's kind of obscure.
Adam: So hey, Harry, and Megan will be the new Clintons if this continues with the Giustra cash infusion and him promoting them on the international stage. Be on the lookout for it. That could be interesting.
John: Not quite as interesting as as Hillary who could do a deal with the Russians, these Kate who can't do anything?
Adam: Well, that's true. That's true. But Megan can learn a lot. You know, she could learn a lot. Now, let's just talk briefly about Atlanta. You don't have any clips on that by any chance to you?
John: I had a clip i i'd rather I'd rather put it off and talk about it some other stuff out of the way. Okay, but what do you want to talk about?
Adam: I just had some feedback from one of our Asian producers.
John: Oh, but let's play that and then I can
Adam: it's just reading it's not a playback? Well, I can hold it. You want me to hold it until
John: Yeah, I think you should hold it because we there are some interesting aspects to this.
Adam: So some
John: action plan is segment.
Adam: Okay. A wing may thanks for sending that in. It'll never get read the segments never gonna happen. This is the no agenda curse, which you've just witnessed. Okay, that's good. I will I will make a note.
John: I wanted to promote the fact that I I'm two thirds of the way done with this special that we'll be running during our hiatus or two days off.
Adam: Oh, wait, so I don't have to do one.
John: You don't have to do one in but you're gonna if you don't do one, then we're gonna have to play your stories.
Unknown: Is it any good? Oh, it's killer.
John: Let me give you some examples. Okay. I want to tease it. It's going to be in a complete two hours plus on climate change. Okay, with just nothing but clips. Wow, I have a couple. I have a couple of examples of the kinds of clips will beginning i
Adam: this is now we're going to roll this out first. This is going to be our first day
John: should be first
Adam: Yeah. Okay, cuz we're taking two shows off everybody. I know it's gonna be rough. I know it's gonna be hard. But there will be top notch entertainment for you on those two shows that we take off our first time in 15 months,
John: I have discovered we have so many clips on climate change. And there and I have had to had to actually cut some clothes, some because they weren't interesting, as most of these are. These are very, either interesting, funny, poignant or stupid. And it's it's loaded, loaded. But let's play a couple of examples. This is just like, less than a minute out of the whole segments. This this is the arrogant climate scientist is a climate scientist. She's a scientist. And she's being discussed discussing science. She's about the science of the climate, the science, here we go. geologic history.
Unknown: And even if the contribution we're making is just the one straw that breaks the camel's back, isn't that enough to get you to want to curtail our behavior?
I think that's actually a really good question. I'm glad you asked. Because people keep telling climate scientists like Oh, the climates always changed. And we're like, we know we told you that. We are essentially the people who study that. What percentage of the warming right now are humans responsible for over 100%?
Adam: Now, what's my complete OCD categorization of clips
Unknown: I I've just
John: mentioned it. I have a new search tool. Oh, and I use it any day. It's, it was the categorization as much as it was the search to only keywords.
Unknown: What's the search tool? I
John: think it's a thing called everything.
Adam: That's when we talked about it on the show. That's that's what I use. Now that's what I always use is stunner. It's the best
John: is to stutter. Yeah. But this woman, she's a scientist, and she says just out of the blue. Humans are
Unknown: 100
John: over 100% responsible,
Unknown: oh my,
John: what kind of a scientist would say something like that? Oh, yeah, we're 110%. You know, I'm 110% sure. I get this kind of thing. That's not a science. That's stupid. All right,
Adam: that's just one example. Just many. Just as an aside, I got the new q s. t magazine, you probably don't you don't support the support the A rld the ham radio organization? No, so I intend to once it's okay, so I get the message. I get one magazine. It's monthly and it's qR T, qR, Zed qR T, whatever it is.
Unknown: It's the QSTQ St.
Adam: No, no, no, it's it's the ham radio. And the cover of it is a huge sun fireball. And it says solar cycle. 25 is here.
John: It's this now. So you send it around. And
Adam: what's interesting is one of the first comments, by the way, that's why we're going to see things change because now you know, we're at the bottom, it's in the sunspot activity is about to increase and this makes ham radio operators very happy to last about seven years. 11 really from start to end. The first comment I got? Yeah, I think my dad has some of those old magazines laying around. Like this. Like, you know, and I honestly it looks when you see the wording and that cover.
John: So I saw that kind of looks like oh man, like stem from the 30 pocket mechanic.
Adam: And I'm like, yeah, that's actual science, but okay, whatever. Yeah, Aurora watches love this. Love this, this solar cycle too. Alright, more
Unknown: of luck. I get two
Adam: more. Okay, good. Another tease. We don't get a T.
John: This is Soros on this is from 2008. And this is Soros. They brought Soros on to talk about global climate change global when this 2008. And he just kind of this is what we're living through now because of this guy play.
Unknown: So let's leave him something to think about as they go home. Let them go home and say Mr. Sorrow said, Here are three things we can do simply one,
work on a better world order. We work together to resolve problems that confront humanity, like global warming. And I think I think that dealing with global warming will require a lot of investment you see, for the last 25. Economy, the murder of the world economy that has been driving it was consumption by the American consumer who has been spending. He's been saving Oh, man. All right. All right. He's been producing. So that motor is now switched off. It's finished, it's run out of can't continue. You need a new water. And we have a big problem of global warming requires big investment. And that could be the motor of the world economy in the years to come putting money in building infrastructure, converting to green technology instead of consuming beer building electricity grid and saving on energy or rewiring the houses, adjusting your lifestyle. Where energy is it's got to cost more, until it reintroduce those new things. So it will be painful, but at least we will survive and not cook.
Adam: Wow, that's good. Gosh. Golly, golly, golly, that's all in there. Also, like it's got to be painful. It's almost like Dr. Bill with a shot what for some people be super painful, but we're just gonna rewire your house. Wow. Well, you can add this one to the mix. This is not a clip that we originally played in 2018. But the clip Crusader Neal Jones threw it into my bag for the show this morning. This is Bill Gates on CBS Evening News in February of 2018.
Unknown: But I read in one of the interviews you gave him in the last week or two it was just published you said rich nation should move to 100% synthetic beef.
Yeah, unless we can make the cow Zero Mission. Which you know, I'm not sure we can. We do need to make to get rid of those emissions. And you know, it's not going to happen overnight. The scale up and Innovation still required. There's quite large, but yes, zero is a very demanding number. And it doesn't allow you to say, well, all but you know, that 6% that comes from cows.
Adam: I thought this was interesting because it does present yet another opportunity for an exit for us, which we didn't catch in 2018 bovine catalytic converters.
John: Oh, yes. Stick about the cows. But yes, yes. Yeah, that would be jack up the Platinum price. So we could do a little pre investment in Platinum futures.
Adam: Why does the Tell me about Platinum? Platinum
John: is is the catalytic converters. That's the mechanism that makes it work.
Unknown: Oh, can
John: we can we just use the word catalytic? Hmm. You have to have a catalyst and platinum is the catalyst in most of these.
Adam: So maybe just a platinum tube we can shove in the cows bush
John: shove a platinum tube up a cow's butt. Yeah. And all the millions and I don't know, maybe over a billion cows out there. I mean, the Platinum is gonna be at a premium for sure. Yeah,
Adam: I'm liking this. I'm liking this. I'm
Unknown: gonna go with that. I think I got my last
John: clip. My last teaser clip.
Adam: Oh, wait, it's the catalytic converter. Oh, hold on.
John: A little converter. You got that from the chat? Yeah, no,
Adam: I got it from a troll the crawl and the troll is Dustin in the dust in the wind.
Unknown: paddle and catalytic converter. daddle. catalytic.
Yeah, that's
that like it. That's dynamite.
John: We started getting a webpage immediately. Okay, this is the last one I'm going to play.
Adam: I expect a website by the time the show was over.
John: Okay, now this is 2017 clip This is Justin Trudeau telling it like it is
Unknown: okay. Let me be very blunt about this
whole represents perhaps the greatest challenge to Canada or to the
world not meeting its climate change targets unless we reduce coal consumption. We are not going to be able to create create catastrophic
global warming.
Adam: Now how do you how do you put that in the mix? so people don't miss it? I mean, do you repeat that?
John: But so believe me it works. It's just one clip after another clip after another clip and it's a pace and flow thing and it goes on for two hours we'll of course break it up in the middle I
Adam: see what I wanted to do is I wanted to do it best of that is all of the end of show song since COVID started so really the last year more or less
John: well why don't you do that?
Adam: I think it's going to be good because there's a lot goes with these
John: search engines we've got we can put these together pretty quickly pasture then somebody outside can do just using Yeah, we have to do that I'll do this and that's what we'll run into too and we'll put your stories into backup the merchant we do need one in the candidate is an emergency is that one
Adam: any good my stories?
Unknown: Yeah it's good.
Adam: Ah geez that's that's like like a woman saying Fine.
John: Fine. Get a good personality
Unknown: Yeah, okay.
John: Got it. Yeah know that once you do that because then we can see my stories and in the in advance Yeah, because I really honestly think that we should always have one Oh yeah. In case in case of course in case catastrophe strikes would be something like the power going out for good or who knows there's a lot of different reasons
Adam: we need a suitcase that someone knows to grab and what to do there's instructions in there if if we can't do the show
John: voice zero can do this
Adam: kind of like in the in the Netherlands Ambrose could in the UK if so the royal family dies the box with the certain songs you got to play? Yeah,
John: we can have a couple of guys podcast boy Jerome bemrose can handle they'll
Adam: take care of it. All right. sorted. All right, good. Our backup plan is clearly done. So that was it. Those are good now you had one more you said
John: those are the ones that Yeah, there's other ones I mean, there's this one here. I do have one more that but i don't i This one is or is this one. I think I may have bumped it already. Oh, this is a one I'm working on getting a fact check for that because this is bull crap. And this and there's there's counter clips that are also in this thing that says bullcrap too but I'm gonna say is bullcrap. Because this guy's claiming that nobody lives in Florida cuz you can't they won't give you insurance. This is the one of the this setup By the way, this set this whole two hours plus will have both sides of the debate and one side is hysteric and others that one side is raised But not that, that I have any bias myself but this this fact check this from 20 1420 people were hurt overnight too seriously when a South African Airways jetliner hits severe turbulence on its way to Hong Kong
Unknown: one passengers had put a hole in the overhead on the Airbus
Adam: This is fact check CBS Is that wrong? I
John: think this is a miss clip.
Unknown: It says
John: fat No, I know what it says. And I think you're playing the clip it says the play and I want I'm talking about
Adam: well, I want I want to finish it now and I
Unknown: joke of it on the Airbus A 340. The turbulence happened without warning many passengers for sleeping. turbulence is caused when two air masses move against each other. One British study predicts that this kind of turbulence will increase significantly in the future. Because of climate change.
Adam: Your head is gone. That's a good one too, though. I like that one.
John: That's a good one. But I don't remember putting it into the mix so far. I'm going to go back and dig that one up. Oh, wow. Delay me I there's so much yeah, that we've accumulated on this show for doing this show into the 14th year into the 14th year or into the 13th. We have so much material on certain topics and global warming's one of them both sides, both sides is pro and con. It's a balanced report. It'll be it shouldn't win a Pulitzer.
Unknown: I agree that at least a minimum minimum, a Webby
and amby amby. amby. And it
John: Adam does his song mix, which I think he can probably crowd out.
Adam: That's me all the way. amby amby. hen,
John: so we'll have a couple of dynamite shows that may actually be better than a normal show.
Unknown: Oh, I don't know about that. But it will it's possible. It's quite possible. Hmm. Wow. Okay.
Adam: I want to just do two quick OTG remarks. Yeah, something you should a stay away from and something I'd like to recommend. So the first is Google's nest, the next version of the nest will be able to do the following. It's called sleep sensing. And it will monitor the breathing and movement of a person sleeping near the screen without a camera or without needing to wear a device in bed. And it detects disturbances such as coughing and snoring, light and temperature changes. And this will be sold to you as something great. Because you know, Google's making sure you have a healthy night's sleep. But I'm sure I don't have to tell you why you don't want this in your home. And the next thing is I want to advocate and I started using just small pieces of this particular open source package. When I got the no agenda phone, as I was looking to completely remove myself for calendar and contacts. In fact, contacts I think was still coming from Google and calendar was Apple iCal. And I found next cloud. And I have now completely integrated next cloud into my life. And it is a dynamite product. And this is a suite It even has office, an office widget in there. And
John: I've been I had to ask you to remind me what that was because I still haven't looked at the office suite. It's called
Adam: it's called only office.
John: And I would be very interested in this looks like a tremendous project. It's an open source project. Yeah, that's a fork. It's a fork actually.
Adam: Yeah. And so what I have is now file is file management is really very well done. That's the main crux of the whole thing. But because it's open source, you can add you know, people can make these additional functionality. So of course photos, the email client and I have a rain loop with what I've chosen is a really good email client love a lightweight, web based email client. And what's great about it is it is talking to your your mail server through a map and it's pre caching stuff before you hit it with the browser. So you know, so it's very, very fast and then he has keyboard shortcuts, contacts, calendar, audio player notes, I use the notes a lot tasks as well that's kind of like an outliner it tons of stuff. It's free, you can run it on an extra machine you have at home, but even getting I think Like 500 gigabytes on a cloud server with your own instance, and a domain name is I think 10 bucks a month, and you want to share a file with someone just drag and drop, you get a link right away. And, and there's no spy. It's open source. And you can and yeah, even it's so it's endless. It's a very interesting product. And I recommend it. And I think everyone should give it a shot, you can add to many places, you can try a free account for a while.
John: Open cloud comm I believe,
Adam: oh, yeah. Are they making? Do they sell setups?
John: Is it just, I have, I'm just starting to explore and
Adam: this is an okay, and then I'll just end with this. Again, when I see Glenn Greenwald, man, it seems like all he's doing these days, which is it's becoming boring to me and I'm a Greenwald fan. Is all joy. It's all about the media and who's kicking who off at Twitter and yeah, and this and that, and in Silicon Valley and big tech. And if I could just go to every person and shake them and slap them in the face, they snap out of it. Click here, go to an alternative bid shoot. I see I see video views on bit shoot of hundreds of 1000s now there's alternatives. You don't need to be in these godforsaken hell holes that are rotting your brain like the drug they are. But this will be my swan song.
Unknown: No one cares.
John: Well, they're all getting shots around you. Oh,
Adam: yes, I finally I have freedom.
Unknown: Love that, by
Adam: the way. makes me kind of say, hey, you sent me a text message, which I didn't quite understand. yesterday. I did. Yeah. You sent me a text message about Portland having to re hire police after the defunding of the police. Yeah.
John: It was sad to hire him on an emergency basis because murders have gone up 2,000%
Adam: after they defunded the police. Yeah. Oh, wow. How's that working that defund. And I was just wondering why you texted me that you never text me.
John: I don't know what i what i i don't know what out? I don't know.
Adam: Okay. I have no idea. It doesn't matter. I do have a follow up story to that though. As Fort Worth. That's, you know, the Dallas Fort Worth area. I'm not sure if they let me just check. Did Fort Worth defund the police? Let me see. A bit that did not Woodworth, Dallas and Fort Worth, man. defunding taxes, it looks like they had proposals. It may not have happened, but it doesn't matter because they have taken the advice to heart. You know, we need to have people social workers who go in and do the police work, you know, we it was just it makes no sense to send a cop with a big scary gun and the flashy lights. We need to send people who can help resolve and can help do this, you know, civilians basically. And here's a report.
Unknown: Well,
if you call 911 to report a crime in Fort Worth, a civilian may soon respond instead of a police officer for only for certain nonviolent calls. As part of a brand new civilian Response Unit.
The first class graduates tomorrow morning, and tonight Scott Gordon takes a closer look at how the new program will work inside the Fort Worth police academy. The latest class of recruits is taking a final exam before graduating but they won't become police officers they're civilians who won't drive squad cars but Mark cars like this one respond to certain low risk police calls like abandoned cars burglaries and credit card fraud
now we won't arm and we don't have you know we never have no guns or anything like that. But we're here to give you the best you know our knowledge to provide the best service
like her eight classmates Vanessa clementina just finished six weeks of training and how to take basic police reports
Adam: I really appreciate these people I find it quite patriotic that they want to do this work but holy crap Are you kidding me for robberies? You're gonna send that when you're when you've been robbed you want to fucking cop they're making you feel better.
John: Yeah, there is that element. Like Who are you? Who are you? Oh, sure. worker that just taken out?
Adam: No, she's going to Oh, if you're traumatized. Here's the number to call. You know, that's what it's going to be.
John: Yeah, counselors. I have another another screwy thing. This one is pretty funny. Not being reported yet. Washington State sued for allowing military training and state parks. Yeah. Wait, wait re Environmental Action Group filed a lawsuit against The Washington State Parks and Rec commission taking to overturn a 20 January decision to allow Navy SEALs to train and conduct undercover surveillance on unknowing park visitors as training.
Unknown: Yeah, so I see you visiting
John: a park and there's a bunch of guys with binoculars watching you. Wow.
Unknown: Yeah, this is fantastic. I want
John: to park visitor gets too close to a seal military personnel will try to discourage the park visitor from being in the area. The decision also allows the Navy to prevent boaters from using the park waterfront is I guess they're just using the parks Is there a place to crawling around and there's I'm surprised they haven't had a like a paint ball you know and
Adam: they should use those people you know anywhere you go on the range and you have to you know and these these things pop up and you got to shoot only the bad guys and not any any innocent bystanders.
Unknown: Yes,
Adam: do this do it there with paintball paintball guns and just have the bad guys popping out from behind trees and you're shooting them and try not to hit the civilians
Unknown: Wow.
John: As if the pope we don't have enough facilities came unplugged we don't have enough military facilities in the country. We have to use the state parks to train the Navy SEALs
Adam: well the state parks is one thing but the state civilians is kind of the envoy yeah
John: using the civilians as as targets with and if you don't if you don't recall I I'm you might you remember that was probably two years ago, where the US Navy's I think it was the Navy again strafed fake strafed Miami with with with F 16. Or some jet member this don't remember that? Yeah, they came into into Miami they like fake strafe did the whole main street of Miami Beach or something like
Adam: strafe like a bomb run?
John: No, like a gun run. Like where you're shooting everybody you're strafing them?
Unknown: Really? Yeah, that's
John: remember this story. somebody out there remembers this story. Because it was a big scandal. Because you had these jets flying overhead is another kill and trying to kill everybody. This is the same thing going on in this parks. You know, they're fake shooting the park visitor. Fantastic. According to Mimi, this whole thing going on at the border between Canada, the United States and Kudo. She says to me, you think you were at war with Canada? He said, What are you talking about? She says that borders are closed off to go won't reopen him for no good reason. And there's all this weird military activity around the area where we live, which is on the border. We're on the border of Canada. Wow. Yeah, more black helicopters than ever.
Adam: She says any gunfire.
Unknown: There were some booms like bombs.
Adam: I mean, how we're making light of it, but the world is kind of shit right now.
John: We're making light of it. But because it's funny one, but the second side of it is not funny. If this. Who knows what's going on? We're not getting told anything by the mainstream media, that's for sure. So we have to rely on rumors from my wife. I haven't because we don't know anything that mainstream media has not served the public for at least
Adam: a decade. And that's why we don't take any Chinese money or creepy ads from Big Pharma a value for value is what we're all about. I'm going
Unknown: to show my mood by donating to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do Oh Yeah, that'd be fun.
John: We have a lot of people to think today, sir man of the senate at the center at the center of the center in Cincinnati, Ohio. 131 44 Aaron Ferro $111.11 from Wadsworth, Illinois. Chris Meyer in North Canton, Ohio comes in with the 107 98 with a douchebag call out to Jim Meyer. Dr. bloom in Canton, Massachusetts,
Unknown: Dr. Boom, Dr. Boom, Dr. Boom not Dr. Bloom and he wants to de douchey
you've been de deuced
John: $100 from him. Nicholas vagin feller and Harvard, the grace, Maryland. You can laugh at that pronunciation but he's in for 100 Jasmine tires $100 from Escondido, California, Danielle grossen bhaker in Mesa, Arizona 100 Aaron and Trisha in San Antonio. 99 Melissa Chastain in spanaway Washington. Hold
Adam: on. Let me just mentioned that Danielle gross and baugher marks 24/24 birthday of her son Collin and he's on the list. And
John: yes, and Melissa is a birthday tour smokin hot boyfriend and more love of her life Martin. Zachary Bailey in Saginaw, Michigan 808. Longtime Boehner he needs to de de-douching
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John: Andrew Yang in San Jose, California 808 john and Kim Watson in Aurora, Colorado 77, Tabitha, Tabitha or to be
Adam: Andrew Wang is one of our Asian American millennials. He sent a couple things yeah, they're showing themselves john they're here. They're coming there. They're here.
John: They're coming to jump comm blog john and Kim Watson in Aurora, California 77 Tabitha weeks in diamond Dale, Michigan. That's for is dedicated to her husband, amazing husband for his birthday is not on the list.
Unknown: Which one is this? Mike Boyle. Mike boils.
John: Mike boils like boils.
Adam: I'm sorry, but who says it? I got it. I got it. Okay. I'm good. Continue. I got it.
John: Sir. Rick. Our buddy in Arlington. Washington is 6996. lipped tonight. 6969. Parts Unknown Carl, Colin Colin. A new free in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Your old stomping grounds. wants a biscuit for his birthday. Justin.
Unknown: Do good.
John: That's the only way I can pronounce it. in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. 6733. And he's got a birthday. I think he's on the list for sure. He's one of the rare producers who came to the show through Gen. Brian, his podcast.
Unknown: Very nice.
John: All brainy donation. hard to grasp. You need to grasp your lingo and weird shtick. But now I agree with everything you say and feel super comfy with when mommy and daddy fight you know, this is me, mommy and daddy, were neither one of us or mommy or daddy. In the sense
Adam: No, but this is I'll just say it again. One, you do not see to people with real disagreement argue in the M five m that is real. And people just resolve and move on. You don't see that it's either endless phony baloney drama for days on end, or just a bachelor, the bachelor or just bullshit. Now there is a contingent and I do understand since you don't hear that, for many people, it is triggering. And I understand this. Because they had parents who would fight and when their parents fought that usually it can be it's traumatizing for a lot of people. So for those of you who are triggered when you hear that, seek the origins of that it's going back to you and your childhood and your parent. You're not me. It's totally your thing. Not you.
John: Yeah, them not us.
Adam: I'm just saying but it's helpful because you can become a better person when you figure out what what's triggering you it'll it will make you feel better. I'm just saying.
John: Gabriel Aragon feels better. 5656 from La Mesa, California, and he has his first time donations. He's a de de-douching
Unknown: de deuced.
John: But he's also calling out his snow packed snow, bro. As a douchebag. Everybody talks
Adam: we forgot something important on Justin. As one of the rare producers who came to the show through Alibaba, I hear so he becomes a hummingbird request ramen and Rosie for the roundtable. He becomes a night and we didn't read that part. Okay, and 38 birthday shout out for him. So yes, and so ramen and Rosie are on the list.
John: Dish just did Gabriel now we're gonna gummy nerds have I encountered the troll room in Green Bay go Packers Wisconsin 5566. Daniel Mariano in pflugerville, Texas with the 510 Dean Roker in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK 5510 sure Pipkin of the Space Coast in Frisco, Texas, at a birthday party, Richard Futter in London, UK a 5510 David Russell At 510 in Aurora, Colorado is dropping down to Anthony Thomas Zoo ski in Montebello, New York at 55 sir Brian Tobias in in Gardner, Kansas. 5333 birthdays shout out to his buddy Sean. Sir Chris sundberg Baronet of the vortex rings state in Mercer Island Washington. 51. Yep. Sir Andrew bends in Imperial Missouri 5005 and the following people are $50 donors name and location starting with Jamie Hillier didn't Newman ga 50. Julia burns in Victoria BC sir john campin antlers Oklahoma Mary Labrador. Yay, in Kennett square, Pennsylvania, Cassidy Eastwood in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with another birthday. By the way, by the way, should mention that Julia Burns was donating for Winston Smith so Winston,
Unknown: shout out, okay.
John: Jessica young in Yuba City. Philip balo belleau blue, I'm sure
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Adam: Wow, nice. It's I've loved the donations. This has been a very the notes everything's nice, very good, enjoyable. Thank you all for your courage. You are proud producers of Episode 1330 of the best podcast in the universe. You notice the no agenda show. We have no ambience, but we're still the best. And everyone who came in under 50 probably on one of our many subscriptions that are sustaining donations. If you'd like to find out more if you'd like to help please go to devore slash na handy jingle to remember it by John slash and a and before we do the birthdays Just a tip of the hat. A Love and Light rest in peace rest in peace rest in peace to Lou autons Dutch inventor of the cassette tape who passed away and for me I used his product his invention a lot and so I really appreciate it. And
John: thank you for your invention that everyone predicted wouldn't go nowhere.
Adam: Well, we're going to the birthday list as we move on down the month that being the eighth thing still volu says Happy birthday was to oldest eldest children oldest children March 9 and march 11. Subsequently conflux Happy Birthday to his brother Klaus he turned 40 on March 14. Miko well check that happy birthday to his best friend Joe g from NJ New Jersey 33. Last week, Kevin risinger 29 today TOP OF THE WEEK says Happy Birthday to her amazing husband Mike Boyles, Danielle grossen Barker Happy Birthday to her son Colin unafraid who turns 24 today and there it is calling 24. Today sir Brian Tobias and his buddy Sean in South Carolina turn 42 tomorrow, Erica Callahan Happy Birthday to the daughter grace mom those who have no agenda listener 14 on the 20th there Andy of terrigal Beach Happy birthday was smoking hot girl Kylie the keeper 47 on the 20th mark Stewart is Melissa chasteen smokin hot boyfriend he'll be 46 on the 20th she says hey, Cassidy Edwards Eastwood Happy Birthday do her best friend Dave. Jasmine tires. Congratulations to her husband sure wire of the hidden jewel turn 60 and sir Pipkin of the Space Coast is turning 30 Happy Birthday from everybody here at the
Unknown: best podcast in the universe. You
don't want to be a douchebag Yeah, sir
Adam: pockets western North Carolina is no douchebag has upped the ante to another $1,000 in support of the no agenda show and today he changes his title to a baronet's and becomes Baronet Puck of western North Carolina and we thank you for your courage very much. So we have three nice things. So I suggest we get our 1330 blades out.
Unknown: Here you go. Okay,
I'm on the podium. Please, Michael Carlin and Justin.
Adam: As a Dewey Dewey. Gentlemen, thank you very much for your support of the no agenda show the amount of $1,000 or more that gives you a well deserved spot at the Round Table of our knights and dames gives you all kinds of privileges. It gives you a name and you're on your way to higher spin. In the peerage, and I hereby am proud to pronounce an ad Sir Michael Douglas Carlin, sir Gerald Barbara and farmer of central Kansas and serve taffy and skeptic. For you gentlemen, we've got hookers and blow red poison Chardonnay vodka and vermouth, ramen and rosy ginger ale and gerbils. But I know what you really want is you want the mutton and Mead. We've got it for you know, agenda nation calm slash rings, Eric, the show will take care of you. And along with the honor along with the titles come and hand of course, the respect comes the king of the night ring, I'm sorry, the no agenda Knight ring, which is very handsome, very handsome ring with some sealing wax because it is a signet ring, and an official certification of authenticity. And thank you very much for supporting no agenda. For those of you who'd like to be in this illustrious list slash na.
We got a couple of meetup reports. This is where no agenda producers gathered together. And we have one written report from the 14th of March. And this is from Ruthie the freedom warrior who was at the Mali felt. That's where the protest took place in one of the protests in the Netherlands and they did a meet up Hey guys, David, the doomsday deniers encouraged me to give a boots on the ground report to you boys of the events last Sunday inspired by Adams enthusiasm to just start a meetup meetup I did just that. Seeing as the corona restrictions are tight here in Holland not being able to have more than one visitor per day not being able to go outside with more than one person, evening clock that's a curfew, etc. I thought the perfect place to meet is at a protest. What could possibly go wrong? I quickly realized that my naive intentions could be used against me to frame me for organizing the whole protest out of fear of legal persecution, which there is recent precedent for here in Holland took the meeting offline Better safe than sorry, fighting for freedom while meeting new Gitmo friends is great, but there are limits. Now, she does say a little bit about the Sunday protests especially important seeing as we're having elections this week in the Netherlands. Yes, the results are in seems like the European Union has their shills getting all the votes for the EU parties. Armed with my na sign and heart balloon I hit it off to The Hague epicenter of international
injustice and national oppression to make a stand and see who had joined my alternative meetup. The protest was started at two o'clock my smoking hot husband and I arrived just short of one o'clock the Molly felt was already locked down 200 protesters already on the field. So the cops would not let anyone else in because 200 was the limit. You can have 20,000 if not more at this field. Meanwhile, there was a steady influx of people from all sides to protest at the mall. liefeld anyway, it's a very long story, but I did put it into the into the show notes. She did not get beaten up, which is the good news. But that was a there was a a semi clandestine meetup in The Hague. And there was a mini meetup of a complete different structure in Charleston.
Unknown: Zephyr in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and you will never believe who's here with me. Anyways, on the road visiting all my favorite producers in the morning.
This is roundy and
while I would like to have
John Dvorak I am Alaska. pass
it over to my main man Jason.
Jason dammit.
Adam: libations were consumed no doubt very good. Damn, Jennifer. I
Unknown: would say having some fun should drunks
Adam: but this is what's good. You know, you can get drunk and not be worried. You're gonna say something that's gonna piss people off. That's what those exact that's what meetups are best for. Along with meeting other people. Castroville
Unknown: in the morning john Adam, checking in from Castroville Texas where we're making friends and killing bottles successfully hit two people in the mouth today
say this is San Antonio beach in the morning. Thanks for shrinking my amygdala. Right.
See San Antonio.
Gracias por
su valentia is valid.
This is Judy from Bernie Texas.
Well, I
gotta say, I love you, john.
I love you, john. As an older gentleman, as the United States Marine, as a patriot loves his country. These darkest times have been seen before. If the founding fathers had coward as I see my fellow citizens do We would not have a nation today. This is not the time for cowardice. This is the time for bold action. Take that x optic clip, or we will
that guy
John: call right in do something sounds exactly like Mike Pence. Not first i thought he was trying to do a mike pence. No. I think he naturally sounds like Mike Pence. We could have a lot of fun with that.
Adam: He's saying something pretty. No,
John: I like what he's saying too. But I'm just saying I do the I was distracted by the fact that he sounds like Mike Pence. Okay.
Adam: Sorry. That's all right. We'll just play is about play him out here.
Unknown: As an older gentleman, as the United States Marine, as a patriot loves his country. These darkest times have been seen before. If the founding fathers had coward as I see my fellow citizens doing, we would not have a nation today. This is not the time for cowardice. This is the time for bold action. take that action or we will all live as slaves.
I like what he said except that what he said was
John: that if if the founding fathers were like we are today we'd be Canada
Unknown: Ah
Adam: yeah. Too bad he hadn't gotten the memo that it's enslave. But okay. We got that rock Hey, Here's what's coming up on the no agenda meetup calendar. There's a lot going on and it's a great it's a good time to get out there hang it's complete. It's like the TED acts of the no agenda show. People enjoy meeting other people and you know, would have been some romances even pure looking forward after this. After this Rona. today. Charlotte's 33rd. Thursday meet up seven o'clock at Triple C brewing. We have De Fuca zotoh doing the was that? Yes, it's the rebel rauzan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Four o'clock. That is tomorrow and his buddy? Yeah. Yeah. At least one of them.
John: Yeah, that'd be more people. And he's got to have at least two or three people there at this meeting.
Adam: Well, if you're in Riyadh, then get over there. Also on Friday, the Gator rodeo in Jackson, the Jackson Madison, Mississippi. Georgia blue is the venue brand new on the calendar at the 20th and Nelson British Columbia, Canada meetup three o'clock at torchlight brewery also on Saturday 505. Albuquerque New Mexico with sidetrack brewery, Sir Geoffrey to hygge still going strong longtime supporter of the show. No agenda meetup, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Woohoo. JOHN just insulted on Saturday.
Unknown: He
called Squire I'll hear about it. Believe me
Adam: Kinney store, Texas. There'll be to step in at 630 in the Kinney store on Saturday, also Houston raging surge, fourth wave super spread and luncheon at noon, and you can join at the rodeo goat. Moscow has their meetup at depot Moscow on Saturday. Alexander serves the Northern Territory. He's also been a longtime supporter, so make sure you check that out. And Sunday the 21st Pittsburgh's best chili cook off in the universe. At 430 It's a meetups are Andrew of the unapologetic polpo males and Emma bloomer are hosting it at their house. Oh, that's a meetup I'd like to go to with
John: that was an interesting posting.
Unknown: That's a good one. I like it.
Adam: All right. Coming up in March Springfield, Missouri in the 22nd to 25th Pensacola, Florida, 26 Peterborough, Ontario 27th. Memphis, Tennessee, Melbourne, Australia, Dayton, Ohio, San Francisco local 406, Florence, Montana all on the 27th and viola, Wisconsin kicks off April to find out more where you can have fun meet up with your fellow no agenda producers and the other enslaved of gitmo-nation go to no agenda meetups calm no agenda meetups, whatever you think it is. It's like a party. times
Unknown: you want to go hang out with all day.
Adam: I have no inner show ISO so I'm counting on you, brother.
John: Do I have to I don't know that. They're good. I couldn't have that carryover from last time.
Adam: Okay, keep talking to Mike. Man. You're not hitting the noise. Good. No,
John: I'm sorry. I'm not even looking at. Try this one. Try goats.
Unknown: Goats here. Global Warming causing goats to shrink.
Adam: I mean, it's long but a goat is always favored here on the show.
John: goats. Causing goats to shrink is another one part of the series of the show I'm putting together. Okay, try this one. tenderizing tenderizing Okay.
Unknown: is global. Sorry.
Here we go. tenderizing meat
tenderizing meat.
Adam: It's kind of the beginnings cut off tenderizing meat
Unknown: is global warming
causing goats to shrink?
Adam: I mean, it's hard. That's all we got. Huh?
John: Well, there's what is the carryover from the last show? Okay, what's that? That was the one to bring you find my
Unknown: show.
John: It was both way Here it is. I hated that. Okay.
Unknown: is good.
God, I hated that. Oh, no, I
Adam: liked that one. I liked that a lot. Actually. Yeah, yeah, that's that's an end of show. I so that's Peter Scott. I
Unknown: hated that.
Adam: God I hated that. Yeah. Now that's that's how you end the show. God at that. Yeah. That's tongue in cheek. Hilarious.
Unknown: That's us, baby. That's us. Okay, we
Adam: have not come clean up some stuff here.
John: Got a kibitzer going in your office. There was something that was in there.
Adam: No, no one's in here.
John: Oh, quick. Let's try this is a clip. Gavin Newsome clip so we can catch up with what he's up to quick hit Newsome.
Adam: Yeah. This is the governor of California on the recall tip.
Unknown: in California. Organizers seeking to recall governor Gavin Newsom face a deadline today to submit 1.5 million petition signatures to get their proposal on the ballot. The Democratic Governor's popularity has fallen as some Californians remain outraged over his handling of the pandemic and
Adam: she's breathless in that what what did you say like trying to catch your breath?
Unknown: face a deadline
to submit But listen, listen to it. Listen to it.
Gavin Newsom face a deadline today to submit 1.5 million petition signatures to get their proposal on the ballot. Democratic governors popularity has fallen as some California breathing problem age over his handling of the pandemic is breathing
Adam: produce something wrong with it. Yes,
John: max your lips once in a while. She's dyed her hair. Jen Psaki red?
Adam: Oh, well, that's a problem. I have. I have a Psaki clip. It's kind of funny. It's about the immigration crisis at the border. We need a solution. Now this is only for you historical producers. For you history buffs who will get the joke as Peter doocy of Fox asked Jen Psaki, what the solution is
Unknown: his famous arrival at the border
being that the administration's deals what is happening
before is a disaster. I know that we always get into the fun of labels around here. But I would say our focus is on solutions. And this is one of the steps that the President felt would help not become a final solution but help expedite processing help ensure that
Adam: it's not the final solution. Now we know what the final solution is.
Unknown: Yeah, man.
John: You think you wouldn't even have that in your head? That phrase would be like blacked out of your brain if you are a public spokesperson.
Adam: Yes, spokes whole should not should not be advocating for genocide. It's like Oh,
Unknown: my goodness. Yeah, it's funny.
John: I got one This one was never corrected. This is the borders is under borders open in Spanish mixed messages
Unknown: at the Texas Mexico border. the administration's point woman for the border Ambassador Roberta Jacobson said in an English the border is not open, but at first in Spanish. He mistakenly said the opposite, that the border is not
less noise. Jacobson said smugglers are spreading misinformation. But she acknowledged joe biden's election may have sent a signal to those who would come North
tend to respond to hope she urged migrants not to try a journey she called dangerous. At least not now. We will have legal prophecies for people in the future. Stephen Portnoy, CBS News.
John: She sounds exactly like Kamala Harris.
Unknown: Yes. Yes, you're right. Yeah.
John: So it is this must be a male you thing because he people started selling this because they're hanging out with each other, I guess. But she said the thing in Spanish Yeah, the borders are open. Come on, up, and blames Biden. And then she never corrected the Spanish misread the MIS statement. Why would you in English, but you wouldn't do it in
Adam: Spanish. She all she's thinking of as the final solution. So when she's not about to talk when it's not the final son, that's not the final thing we got going on in the background.
Unknown: What is going on in the background? God knows why are you hearing something? No.
Adam: And this is just random. And I was paying attention to it, because I'm interested in the the Federal Reserve Board, I guess, Jay Powell, decided not to raise interest rates, although there wasn't some years and
John: years. I know.
Adam: Well, here's Yellen. She is the Secretary of the Treasury. And I just thought it was good to hear what her thoughts were because I think Powell got all the play, but y'all and not so much.
Unknown: Back in 2017. He testified that long term budget reductions should keep people awake at night, the situation is worse now federal debt expected to exceed GDP for the first time since World War Two. So are you getting any sleep?
I am getting sleep I've, my views have changed somewhat about fiscal sustainability. In part, because what we've seen all around the world is a trend toward very low interest rates. Interest rates in the United States are much lower than they were in past decades. And you see that in all developed countries around the world. And it reflects structural trends that are not going to disappear soon. And I think about when I think about the burden of debt, I think about it mainly in terms of the interest payments that the government needs to pay on those on that debt. And in spite of the fact that the debt has increased substantially on interest payments, relative to this year to the size of the economy have remained quite low. no higher than they were back in 2007. But
Adam: now, I wonder if she she's, she's okay. She rest peacefully. He says Really? It's it's kind of like 2007 wasn't that like the year that we should have known 2008 was coming.
Unknown: For some people knew, right?
Adam: But if she's saying on, it's cool, it's just like, 2007 the first thing that I don't know, I have no idea what I'm talking about, other than I hear this, and I think, but it's just like 2007 Hello. And she's talking about structural trends. Like, does that mean, we
John: had a real estate bubble?
Adam: Yeah, right. But don't we have the guest? No, we have your way of putting it? If that's no, that's what that's the first we definitely have a stock bubble
John: going on in a Bitcoin bubble. And there's a number of bubbles. Whether or not it could be a base, a new base? Is the problem with the stock market to be a new base for a big run up or really goes flying.
Unknown: Yeah. Or it could be a bubble,
John: that we're sitting on a bubble.
Unknown: Okay. Well, that's my point.
Adam: It's like, when you say that 2007 I feel good.
John: That was the wrong year for to pick if she's five, she would, if she had said 2005 the it would have been the same because I don't think it changed between does a five and 2007. That much, right? So she could have said 2005 and then just pass it off. But I was thinking as I was hurt hearing that because I didn't hear this before that she was gonna say something like 1999 or 2001.
Adam: This is what struck me is so odd. Why pay 37? Like, damir? I couldn't help it.
John: It's a hidden message. We don't know. As we know, people talk in codes. We knew sometimes. Well, yeah. But we only know amongst ourselves. We don't know what other people's code. So that's the problem with 33.
Unknown: Well,
Adam: I think she's talking about a bubble. And
John: it's probably the Wink, wink, nudge nudge. All in all, knowing why not do the cognitive senti
Adam: the Illuminati, the boulais. Baby, it's all of those people.
John: Because there's been a number of guys have come out and said, we're having a crash in April,
Adam: in April. All right. Yeah. I don't think Bitcoin is a bubble, but that's my personal opinion.
Unknown: You can think whatever you want, I'll make a difference. Just saying it.
John: I could think but that doesn't make any difference. Does that make any difference? Bubble? It's a bubble. If it's not, it's not you know, it's just, you don't know until it pops. And then the question comes out
Unknown: That's my line.
Adam: Alright, everybody. We will return on Sunday, and bring you another episode of your weekly imedia deconstruction of the Empire. We got some great end to show mixes. Chord MC Phil Jesse coy Nelson. Very happy to have him on the mix from Jesse. We got to Professor JJ and Mr. Miyagi his wild ride. Coming up next on no agenda random thoughts coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the capital, the drone Star State Austin, Texas in the morning, everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry. And from Northern Silicon Valley way knows we have another Hollywood producer, and still no bit part for me. I'm John Dvorak, we
Adam: return on Sunday right here on no agenda until then I do some more photos. and such.
Unknown: Now it's time for America's favorite game show me Matt Weinstein, or is it Weinstein?
Here's my first
clue is Weinstein has.
Everybody has
John: a podcast. This is another complaint of mine. Eric Weinstein, unbeknownst to me, because I thought his brother was going to be the podcaster. He started up a podcast. Eric Weinstein has
Adam: a podcast. I didn't see that.
Unknown: I said it to you. That's
Brett Weinstein.
Brett Weinstein.
John: No, Eric. Eric had the podcast first. Brett. Okay, well, they both have podcasts. He has a podcast Who the hell
Adam: knows what he's doing?
John: Yes. Brett Eric. Brett.
Unknown: Reports of Senator Jesse Coyne Nelson burning out in any way are nothing more than pure crack plate fabrication.
Adam: atrocious
Unknown: atrocious, atrocious. atrocious. atrocious,
atrocious, atrocious.
which wack ass be talking about burning out Hey, no burn out around here. Every Sunday
and Thursday on any social exclusive senator Jesse cornelison. before the show makes it gives me a tingly feeling whenever Ryan
be talking about burning out
Adam: atrocious.
Unknown: Sundays and Thursdays the greatest singer in the universe.
I will say my market decision when I see reports of Senator
Jesse Coyne Nelson burning out in any way are nothing more than pure cracked plate fabrication.
Adam: atrocious, atrocious.
Unknown: Over Sunday and Thursday on any social exclusive senator Jesse Coyne Nelson before the show. He is here for you. He will always be here for you.
When you're talking about burning out
Can you tell JC and
everything to get a laugh? It's all for good fund.
atrocious me a better fucking microphone specifically Have you taken a cognitive? No,
I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man. Look.
raccoon everyone. How can the Kingswood community center actually last one down? I used to work as a joke. You know where you were anyway. And they literally had to take the top of my head off. Take a sonic Put your head off. And look, man, did you watch that? Look? Come on, man.
I know what
am i chances of getting off this table and being completely normal? If he can't figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion? I don't know what the hell he's talking about. For every every procession. Every professionals are sick jokes. In good times, communities of color. still live. millions of children were sitting by the television watching that cop smash the head of George against this curve and by I shouldn't say I'm going to say some I know I probably shouldn't say as a joke.
I'm going to beat Joe Biden. wear the mask so you don't make somebody else sick. Sick.
With this guy, marriage is between a man and a woman. What's the game going on here?
If you have a problem
figuring out whether you're for mere Trump, then you ain't black. The
world's going to Hades in a handbasket. That's like saying you before you got in this program. You're taking a test where you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think? I'm gonna give you the whole load?
Come on, man.
Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe,
Joe, Joe,
Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe.
Joe, Joe, Joe.
Joe, Joe, Joe.
Joe, Joe. I am
very willing to let the American public judge my physical, physical as well as my mental fitness and to you know to make a judgement about who I am
no AstraZeneca in Spain Baxter's wall Do you
see the booklets never seen
the truth so don't confuse it.
You came to music. You gotta choose.
Music abusing
Waylon ever had Kuru.
So I'm diggin.
Madonna strikes me. You get your shot. Your shot where learn never been too short.
slash and a
god I hated that.
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