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May 6th, 2021 • 3h 52m

1344: Jabs for Jesus


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John: Tell you what, I'm gonna go do that by gum.
Adam: Adam Curry Jhansi devorah amazings 2021 This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1344
Unknown: This is no agenda
Adam: still hesitant and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State. Morning everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry from Northern Silicon Valley where it's cold and dreary. Not quite dark yet. I'm John Dvorak buzzkill
Unknown: we
Adam: did give you guys the stick a couple shows. shows ago is it raining or is it just cold and dreary is foggy? Did you got the rain you needed though? Did
John: you not plug in and windy
Adam: which is the worst the California got got what they needed the rain
John: know what took more than a half shake. But then it was reckoned to have it
Adam: written on the back end of the stick who just killed Texas man we had the hail size six inches hail
John: Yeah, but that's pretty fluffy hail is this is not a solid rock eyes.
Adam: Okay, I did not test it out. So
John: check it if it was a solid six inch blocker. I mean, there have been big vise softball size two three inch solid blocks of ice and those are the ones that dent the cars right
Adam: Right. Well there was a lot of damage a lot of damage and
John: maybe there's maybe some bass in there. It doesn't take much but reminding me of my like my IKEA lamp. Which is which I really it's just plastic on this outside this lamp is so cheesy. That is it's crumbling is literally crumbling like a like a dried up. Icing on a cake. It's what it's like exactly what it's like you can grab it and pull off little pieces and crunch it in your fingers and make a powder. Wow. Okay,
Adam: if plastic is this is it's made in China.
John: They can't eat before we start I did the morning check of the three
Adam: networks. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, three by three. What is going on? This is an eyewitness report. JOHN, what are you learning?
John: Well, first, we got three networks and let's go with one of them. NBC. Do hf flip it on. This is just a quick, quick sampling of what they're doing on those morning shows. NBC is celebrating nurses. Okay.
Adam: Well, nurses should always be celebrated.
John: So they're celebrating nurses and and they have a QR code on the screen and everything else. And what can you do to celebrate nurses?
Adam: I have a lot of ideas. None are show worthy.
John: Get a vaccine.
Adam: Oh, of course. That's how you celebrate the nurse.
John: you celebrate dinners by getting a vaccine and you can click on a QR code and it'll show you where we're all boarding go get a shot right now. Yeah,
Adam: nice. All right. This goes right along with what I thought would be in your three by three report today. Okay, celebrating nurses with the backs. Cool.
John: Okay, now it gets a little more stranger. So CBS, we slipped the CBS. We've got the teacher of the year on the National Teacher of the Year. Oh, we have a CBS host in the middle National Teacher of the Year on the left. And another famous teacher on the
Adam: right. Well, hold on. Teachers also need to be celebrated. I'm a strong proponent of teachers who teach not indoctrinate or propagandize but teach Yes. And who was the other famous? Oh, wait, let me guess. Was it Dr. Joe?
John: Yes, it was.
Number 12345678 cars Zephyr no nine.
Adam: Oh, what's going on? what's what's the final count 10 Ladies and gentlemen, I learnt the Squawk Box over at CNBC we have a 10 cars Zephyr stuff is going out of control Bitcoin 57,135
Unknown: Oh my god.
hard sell sell sell.
John: So anyway, the 10 cars Zephyr that was that's crazy
Adam: was it was it sure was an extra locomotive. No,
John: there were the two I did where I may have missed one of them locomotion. I just caught it as the wow motors 10 cars. And the last they're all the same type of car. But the last one was like a weird looking thing. I don't know what I mean wasn't like
Adam: about that. That's we've never had we ever had a 10 car Zephyr I ever think so?
John: No, it was first time in the show's history. By the way that big deal, folks. It is right back to the back to the shows. So Joe Biden's there she's nodding her head and everything is was the woman his teacher of the year national TV. talks with a cry
Unknown: students.
John: It is so great to be the Teacher of the Year. You got this horrible whining cry where she talks. She's just I can't imagine what the students are like in her classes. She dropped in a new buzz phrase. What's the key to success?
Adam: vaccine? vaccine? Well,
John: sorry. It should have been. No. The key is and Joe would agree with this that nowadays what you want is for what for your education. You want a joyous and just education?
Unknown: Hmm,
Adam: joyous and just
John: as enjoy and doesn't need to learn how to read or write or do man just have joy because that's racist. You want a joyous and just Okay, so I thought that was interesting. Oh, man, you learn a lot in just a few minutes. Okay, last is.
Adam: Can I ask you a question about about the shot? Did Dr. Jill did she look 18 feet tall on the screen?
John: Those three heads, three heads three Adam Curry. headbox. Okay. So ABC was I thought you'd be interested in this as well. I saved it for last huh? It's all about real estate. Oh, okay. And a new new trend. The new trend, which by the way, I believe that I believe the ABC report was a ope was a native ad for open door.
Adam: Oh, what's open door is that
John: yeah, that's what I said.
Adam: What's open door
John: open door open door are the is the kind of a mock competitor to and they didn't mention that these Zillow and Redfin but
Adam: this is a sell it yourself. websites or your home yourself.
John: This is for the new eye buyer.
Adam: Oh, the eye buyer. Oh god. No, when you're locked in your house, you're afraid to go out and you still want to buy a home and then you buy it online. I guess.
John: Everything is online, online online. And they describe open door as online flippers.
Adam: Online flippers.
John: I don't know what it meant either. But they did point out that that opened it opened at these guys bought somebody's house for $388,000 just sight unseen. Here's a few photos they give you here's the money, and then they flipped it for 348. Like within a week.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah, there's definitely some of that going on. Yeah,
John: so they're online slippers. And it was a big promotion of the eye buyer online only and how you can really take it's better. This is better.
Adam: Is it cheaper? Did they take a percentage as
John: I do that? Yeah, they do. They take a 5% cut five? Yeah. Wait a minute. If I'd given it away,
Adam: nobody these days I think you can get like three and a half percent for buyer and seller broker. I mean, that's negotiable. These guys are doing five and you're not even the brokers not even driving you around.
John: taking you to lunch. Yeah.
Adam: All right. Well,
John: not for me. So that's your morning rap.
Adam: Wow, a lot of promotion there. A lot of promotion. And I would have to say that I need to go straight into more promotion. Because the mainstream media has stopped pretty much all reporting and medical reporting, and they've just turned to marketing. It's all marketing 100% it's all about marketing to your potential vaccine hesitancy. And what's great about this marketing is of course, you know, a lot of it is sponsored by Pfizer not even bashful about it. And all of it is, is you know, go find out more go here, learn this, get it here. places to get the shot, get the shot, get the shot. Are you black, get the shot. Don't worry about it. Just get shot cha cha cha cha black back camera community chat chat,
Unknown: chat, chat, chat, chat, chat chat.
John: So let is a question that needs to be asked. I've been meaning to do it for weeks on end, and I've been meaning to look it up and then I start the show and then it's after the show I think about it. Okay. One of those things. How much does Pfizer get per shot from the government? Because these shots are free. They're free, but they're only free to you? Well,
Adam: all I know is that Pfizer did about $4 billion in in the first quarter, and they're projected to do $26 billion this year. So extrapolate that out you got to remove the boner pills. And then the rest is all shots I guess so. I
Unknown: don't know. I don't know the bugs that pop.
Adam: I think it may be more than that actually. Oh wait for room is weighing in there. See some $30 numbers? Huh? I don't know. All that to me All that matters is just look at the report $4 billion in the first great few guys way to go 26 billion for this year and I think they'll exceed it. They'll probably hit 30 billion Yeah. Okay. And and with with a nice assist you know from from the president who is trying to help the promotional now. So now the we're changing it up since people are no longer going to the mass vaccination sites. Now we're going to incentivize all the drugstores now they're getting in on the money to Walgreens CVS, your doctors, and now the Pfizer, the Pfizer reps finally get to go to your doctor. Hey, I got some presidents here. Yeah, let me let me give you some money on the table. Let me see it on vacation. We got to get some shots go and boys now this is the system that works. We know that when you put it into the doctors and the pharmacies and the trusted sources, people, definitely there'll be an uptake. And how do you find this? Well, there's all kinds of handy websites. Unfortunately, our president still has problems with the new technology or maybe even reading a prompter visit that's where you need to go What is wrong with this man? Listen to the whole thing.
Unknown: Is it vaccines vaccines calm or text to us? Check your zip code 23333
Adam: not quite sure what happened PRESIDENT JOE went on on the blink no it's it's all about getting it skipped still need to scare away
John: But hold on a second. I know you're on a roll but you got to stop Yeah sure. Went on the blink
Adam: Yeah. You don't know
John: that. That's a phrase from the shade.
Adam: Thank you. Yes, it's right up there with Fiddlesticks Yes. I think going on the blink maybe that maybe when
John: he said he was on his mind because I'm still convinced he's gonna drop one of these bombs. When he said diet gum he was thinking by gum by by gum. Tell you would I'm gonna go do that
Adam: by GM. It could be by GM get your vaccine shot. Well, he's got to get his word straight man. This is not good marketing. Unlike superstar Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York. Now he knows how to do it baby the groups who are targeting on the vaccination youthful and the doubtful Okay, we got to get the youthful and the doubtful What can I possibly say? That would entice them to go get a jab a poke in their arm? And there is an
Unknown: attitude that they'll be fine. Why should they take the vaccine? Maybe you will get a long haul syndrome that we're not really sure what it is yet but a
Adam: lingering consequence
Unknown: of COVID
Adam: comes or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother yeah baby now that that he would know he's the expert Dr. Dr. Granny death himself. Granny killer could say yeah, he would know Tick Tock still doing the pro stuff. Missy ngmodel is high end though man high end stuff.
Listen to that baby.
John: This is trust 5g debate the blight the undercurrent music stolen from Justin Bieber Sounders are suited waiting to happen.
Adam: Yeah, well, you know, that's, that's allowed on Tick Tock. They have the license. So you can do all that. So that's, you know, just a little demo. Remember the Dr. Fauci is the man to trust. But really, in America, I mean, you know, if you really want to get people to do something, then you got to give him something. Give them something
Unknown: that includes offering incentives to people who get the shot a chance for a new car in Memphis, free beer in New Jersey,
our new shot in a beer program to encourage eligible New Jerseyans ages 21 and over to get vaccinated.
Adam: Do you think this will really work? Like you get a free car in Memphis and in New Jersey free beer in our people really this? Easy to convince?
John: shot in a beer? Yeah.
Unknown: Well, yeah,
John: well, it's like the donut. Well,
Adam: yes, the donut. It's also beer also very healthy but a car I mean a car. That's That's pretty good. And as we know the vaccine demand is down. That's really the reason because we're never going to get where we need to be, which I'll get to in a moment, which is herd immunity, which can only be achieved by vaccines. Apparently, it's new science. So maybe we should do more on the marketing, but the battle to get shots in arms is hitting
Unknown: down time code, time code, okay. But the battle to get shots in arms is hitting speed bumps daily vaccinations are down 22% from just three weeks ago, physicians around the country like North Carolina's Dr. Karen Smith, using techniques like micro targeting to help reach individuals and key places like churches, convenience stores, and even a poultry plant.
But we're setting up a trusted health care system, which many of these individuals can last a
Adam: long time. Their main foe vaccine hesitancy, a major concern in Texas, where weekly shots fell more than 50%, the Lone Star State slated to have a surplus of half a million doses with no clinics asking for them. We should do some micro targeting. That's how we're going to get closer to the
John: micro targeting who decided to get door to door Knock knock No. Oh, that's scary, shy?
Adam: Oh, that's coming Hold on. I have it here. There is a new bill on the books, which is the testing reaching and contacting everyone Act, also known as the trace act. And this will authorize the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to award grants for testing, contact tracing, monitoring and other activities to address COVID not to go up and knock on your door. That's exactly what this is the bill numbers fun. hr 6666 Ox love that. Although they threw in an extra six for savings, I guess. CNN, doing their job bringing home this doctor Leanna when she is the carrot and the stick lady, and she's just unrelenting with her lies lies about herd immunity. To review. herd immunity is when enough people have antibodies that you did that the virus that a virus has no more chance of spreading because it just can't find enough hosts you can get you can achieve herd immunity, and thus antibodies through vaccination. Of course, people who have had the disease have antibodies, and you also reach herd immunity with dead people who just die,
Unknown: we're going to get to herd immunity through a balance of those who've had it and those who got vaccinated. So this conversation is all about how that will be balanced. And if we can get there through more vaccination, fewer people will get sick and die.
How's that? Well,
I certainly agree with you on everything you said in your intro. I also though, I'm not sure that we are going to reach herd immunity. I mean, the other scenario here is that we get a decline in the number of infections because of increasing vaccinations over the summer. That's really good. But I also fear that people are going to get complacent. They're going to see that things are returning to normal. They can go about doing things that they can that they were able to before regardless of whether they were vaccinated. And what I really worry about is that those people who are already on the fence, don't get vaccinated. We don't return immunity come the foam. And then with the winter because Coronavirus is our winter respiratory viruses, we have a big resurgence. Maybe we have variants coming in from other countries. And we could start this whole process over again and have another huge pandemic. Winter. And so that's why getting to herd immunity now as much as possible is really important. And because we don't have the incentives in place exactly. As you said, I don't know that we'll get there.
Adam: Okay, so she is just a liar because even if we stop vaccinations today, eventually we'll get to herd immunity by the other two ways everyone has had it, or most people have had it and the other people are dead. So it's just a lie. It's a medical lie that she is peddling that you can only reach herd immunity through vaccination. what
John: she is saying is that before vaccinate before vaccinations, in the 1800s, late 1800s herd immunity never existed until everybody in this planet. This is a simulation because everyone's already died of scarlet fever and tuberculosis and all these other things that kill people left and right and because there's no such thing as herd immunity before the 1800s what she said
Adam: And yes, that's what she said, you might die. But that's not really her message. She wants to market you and tell you well she wants to pull everyone together and explain how we how we can entice people is really only one way, you've got to have a carrot and a stick. You gotta have something for people to look forward to, oh, if I get the jab, then I can do all these cool things.
Unknown: So how do we close the deal?
Show you page one of the new york times today because a reporter went to Greene County, Tennessee, put that up on the screen. And here's what they found. A week here in Greene County reveals a more nuanced layered hesitancy than surveys suggest people say that politics isn't the leading driver of their vaccine attitudes. The most common reason for their apprehension is fear, fear that the vaccine was developed in haste, that long term side effects are unknown. Their decisions are also entangled in a web of views about bodily autonomy, science and authority plus a powerful, regional, somewhat romanticized self image. We don't like outsiders messing in our business. How do we reach that mindset?
Adam: Now, the what I would expect from Dr. Leanna win here is some counter information. Well, you don't have to be worried about the speed of this because x, you don't have to be worried about the trials, because this is how this was conducted. Just a medical information. Surprise.
Unknown: Yeah, that's a really good question. I think actually, there are three buckets of people who have not yet had the vaccine. And we have to regard these three groups very differently. There's a group that's truly anti Vax, they're anti science, they may not have been vaccinated their children, I actually don't think that that's the group that we should be targeting for.
Adam: Okay, okay. So that's, that's the anti vaxxers, you're off the hook.
Unknown: The group we should be targeted. First are those who actually really want the vaccine, but just haven't had it because they have other things in their lives to worry about. They have work, and maybe they're working multiple jobs that taking care of elderly parents or young kids, we need to make it really easy for them to get the vaccine. I think we should be closing mass vaccination sites, redistributing vaccines to doctors, offices, pharmacies, getting pop up clinics and churches and schools pop up clinics
Adam: and churches
Unknown: and workplaces. That's how we reach those people. Then there's that bigger middle, I think that's the group that you were referring to people who have specific concerns about the vaccine, yes, we need to address these concerns, ideally, by people in their community who change their minds.
Adam: Okay, so we need to address the concerns people have. And by the way, in the black and brown communities, they're not actual Americans are just communities. They have very specific concerns. So we need to address them. But we don't need to address them with answers. We just need to address them with people in their community who tell them to get it turns about the
Unknown: jabs for Jesus. We need to address these concerns, ideally, by people in their community, who change their minds who initially thought I'm worried about these vaccines too. But here's what changed my mind for those people to tell those stories. And now show all these pictures of people reunited with their families going about their normal lives. I think we should do just like people did the vaccine selfie. I think we need to have selfies of people now going to bars and restaurants with other vaccinated people to show what a return to 2019 pre pandemic life could really look like
Adam: this, let me get this right. The idea is to address their concerns by showing people selfies of vaccinated people at restaurants,
John: bars, bars, cigar
Unknown: bars, yes,
John: you can go get wasted now.
Adam: Now, what you need to do is you need to bring in people from the community to help them understand that they need to get jabbed let's bring in one of those people from the community. Hi, everybody. Hey,
Unknown: it's Brock. Brock, every American over the age of 16 is eligible to get the vaccine. I want to talk about you getting yours. Yeah, the vaccine is safe. It's effective. It's free. I got one. Michelle got one. People, you
Adam: know, got one. Hey, how come you didn't get two? Did you get the job?
John: I was thinking that this is the first thing came to mind.
Adam: What's that, but they only got one Are you full of crap. And now you can get one to just one. It's the only way we're gonna get back to all the things we love. The only way the only way that's just a lie
Unknown: from safely spending time with grandparents to go on to concerts and watching live sports. So get the vaccine. As soon as you can. You might die, you know,
Adam: the get the vaccine. You know, I don't go to sports and live events and my grandparents are dead. So there you go. Now what you really want to do is you want to get some real people from the community, you know, the black and brown community. So you go to the real, the ladies of the real. Now this is without a doubt a very popular show. The ladies of the real have influence. And they did a 30 minute special, which is I think only available on YouTube. It's called what's up doc It's a special segment. And it literally says on the screen at the beginning sponsored by Pfizer. Let's listen in. There are now 100 million
Unknown: people in the US who have received needless
Adam: To say every woman in this is of color
Unknown: COVID-19 vaccination. Whether or not you get vaccinated is a personal choice. But it's so important to stay informed. So today we're making sure you have the info you need. This is what's up Doc COVID-19 vaccines edition.
Adam: Good girls.
Unknown: Today we're getting all the answers to your vaccine questions straight from Pfizer's chief patient officer.
John: Money today Get hold on I have to say one thing about this pathetic. That is pathetic. By the way. I'll say it again. It's pathetic. But let's go back to the the I think it's an error. I think there was I don't know how Pfizer Lim gay would get away with it. There must have been some debate about this. I can't believe there wasn't an argument with Pfizer and this Okay, we'll go We'll let you do it. You can't start off this special, especially when it's paid for by Pfizer with the with namby pamby, it's a personal choice. You have to start it off with this is an important necessity. It's not a personal choice. It's an important or important necessity. And that's the word is they should have put it the beginning. But as you would do the way you played it with it's a personal choice, and then that you backdoor into the discussion. Pfizer paying for all this? No, no, no, no, that's not happening. There's no way you put those wordage that wordage in there. It's just
Adam: interesting. You say that because if we listen to it again, I think because this is before the opening, this may be like we do on the show, you pull something from a quote you put at the beginning. This is an intro quote, which probably stood by itself and was maybe even produced after the actual special was put it
John: very irked if I was Pfizer and what if what you say is true, I'd be very irked. Like that's for a make good. Oh, it takes it takes the wind out of the whole presentation. As far as I'm concerned. If I'm a Pfizer marketing guy,
Adam: well, let's continue with the chief patient officer. We should look that up with
John: that job. As the CTO he's also a Chief Petty Officer.
Adam: Well, it's a she and she is of color.
Unknown: Today we're getting all the answers to your vaccine questions. answers, Chief patient answers. Please welcome Dr. Dara richeson Hara Hello, everyone.
Okay, let's get straight to it. The CDC has said vaccines are safe and effective, but some people still feel hesitant to get it. I know among communities of color, especially black communities, their concerns even distress. How do you respond to that? You know what, Lonnie, you know, given the magnitude and urgency of the pandemic, we're so thankful for the efforts that have been undertaken to develop a COVID 19 vaccine in record time. But, you know, when it comes to mistrust, I think it's important to provide a bit of context here because, you know, let's face it, many underserved communities, particularly communities of color, have a well earned mistrust in our nation's health care system. You know, the truth is communities of color have not and are not always treated with the respect and dignity we deserve. I mean, the thing about historical transgressions like such a skeevy, syphilis study, the use of Henrietta Lacks a cancer cells and others and, you know, to be there still continued barriers today, systemic racism, lack of access to health care, implicit bias, and micro or even macro aggression. So it's not surprising that these unfortunate events might have a negative impact on some people of color and their confidence in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. So it's really important for us to understand and acknowledge the reasons for this mistrust. But it's equally important for us to find ways to respectfully address the concerns people have and and do
what it takes to rebuild confidence in our nation's healthcare system so that we can protect our communities from the horrific impact COVID-19 is having right now, it also eliminate the many health disparities we unfortunately continue to see in black and brown communities.
Adam: So here's here's what's going on. she's referring to the Tuskegee syphilis experiment where doctors lied to patients. In her responses, well, we have to recognize that and then she says, trust the doctors, basically, there's no reason to give no scientific fact No, no, no answers to the questions that are being asked. Just saying, well, we have to recognize that you know why we screwed black men back in the day. Like it's different now. And you know, so We won't do that, or do we just have to find people who are much I know what we'll do. We need to get some professionals in here who can really talk to black and brown communities. JOHN legend Come on in. What was your reaction when it became evident that
Unknown: COVID-19 was disproportionately and making the black community?
Adam: Well, you know, if you talk to anyone that provides health care to the black community, you'll know that there's so many reasons why, when there are health care concerns, it hits black and brown communities harder. A lot of it's built into the way our communities have experienced racism. And by the way, please pay attention to this overpaid over estimated not that impressive songstress john legend, who is going to tell you about his community and all the things he has suffered for years, whether it's environmental racism.
John: Is this in that same report? We're watching? No, no,
Adam: this is this is
John: no. Okay. You didn't make that clear.
Adam: I'm sorry. No, I have moved now to another native app.
John: Okay. No, cuz I was wondering what he was doing. I wasn't that he wouldn't be on that special. Why the music bed all of a sudden, because it's
Adam: a commercial.
John: Willing, by the way, the
Adam: music is annoying, it's very annoying. And I would like to make a personal plea to people who make clips on on Twitter and YouTube. It's there was actually there was something Dr. Simone gold of America's frontline doctors. And she had a little bit there about ivermectin that I wanted to clip and whoever made this video, there is no reason you need to put the bombastic alex jones music under it's like this like so Oh, she's an American hero flying in and a frickin Eagle stop, you're ruining the opportunity to do anything with these clips off on a bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb. Why way our communities have experienced racism for years, whether it's environmental racism, segregation, and actually being treated differently when they visit health care providers. So there's so many factors that go into us having worse health outcomes. And some of it's just the stress of racism that causes heart problems and higher blood pressure, and all these other things. So we were already vulnerable to any kind of health condition. But particularly, this, this virus which preys on people that have pre existing conditions, it has been really devastating for black and brown communities. And we're also disproportionately likely to be frontline workers, people who can't stay home people who can't zoom in to work, who have to be there. And so, so many factors were involved, but it hit our community very hard. And because of that, our community's most in need of an intervention like the
vaccines, because prevention is going to be the most important way of stopping this virus from spreading so even just the nervousness about racism makes you more susceptible to dying from COVID. This by the way, was a Walgreens add the whole thing on screen continuously Walgreens, get your shot at Walgreens, john legend, shilling for Walgreens. So, I have some specific things about the black and brown community. But first, we need to do two more promotional pieces by john oliver, the widest guy I know who I think is probably also a vasectomy victim. And just looking at him going based on your your theory. What do you think
John: was again, I'm gonna say it's not my theory it was it was proposed Pro. It was proposed and used as a youth mechanism to make you look a certain way. And it's been documented in the books, it was very popular. And it wasn't my theory. I just know that I know that what took place, then I could you can just extrapolate that the appearance that you achieved by getting a vasectomy. Yes. And see it in other people
Adam: correctly. I'm sorry, did not mean to accuse you of such an incredibly good, dream it up, did not dream it up. But basically you start to look like Rachel Maddow. That's what happens. So just john oliver did a full hour on his HBO show that john oliver also not a doctor. His wife is a doctor though which probably makes him feel that more angry about hesitancy and deniers. Yeah,
John: and which is probably the winner gave him the vasectomy is good for you.
Adam: And he called out enemy number one that really is only one enemy when it comes to that person solely responsible for None of us ever reaching herd immunity probably for the death of the country. We all know who it is
Unknown: another group you might
have heard have high hesitancy rates are republicans and that is also true. Around 30% of Republicans say they won't get it. And it's
not hard to see why. Because fears and doubts about the vaccine have flown around conservative media, with one of the most prominent super spreaders being this fucking guy.
What about this vaccine? Why are Americans being discouraged from asking simple, straightforward questions about it? Questions like, how effective are these drugs? are they safe? Do you need a reason to turn on the vaccine? And what happens if you do turn it down? We'd be allowed to fly in airplanes, or go to work or into the front doors of Madison Square Garden. Oh, now they're telling us the vaccine has a delayed response. Okay, delayed by how long? They don't say if vaccines work? Why are vaccinated people still banned from living normal lives? Honestly, what's the answer to that? So maybe it doesn't work? And they're simply not telling you that? We hate to think that especially if you've gotten two shots. But what's the other potential explanation? Okay.
It is genuinely weird to see someone hosting a show on a suppose a news network and ending every sentence with a question mark, especially when answers to most of those questions are out there for anyone who cares to know. Oh,
Adam: could you give the answers to me Johnny, for instance,
Unknown: that last complaint that the CDC still recommends wearing masks indoors when around vulnerable unvaccinated people does not mean the vaccine doesn't work. Clinical Trials found that the vaccines are spectacularly successful at preventing people from getting serious disease. Although that's
Adam: literally an admission that the vaccine doesn't work. It's just you won't have the disease that
Unknown: bad. As for whether they protect you from spreading the virus. The trials weren't designed to assess that but evidence so far indicates that they drastically reduced transmission. The reason we still see masking distancing recommendations is that the CDC is being cautious and wants to be sure that it is not spreading bushes around during a global pandemic like a frozen dinner juke with a TV show. Anyway, I hope that answers at least one of your gaping mouth bad faith wanderings Tucker, you scrunch faced fear baboon. And the problem is, when people like Tucker raised questions without bothering to answer them, there is a lot of misinformation out there for people to then stumble on,
Adam: which he in this whole hour doesn't even address no one's addressing the actual questions, which is so cool about this marketing exercise. They just jammed it in your face. And they went to NPR and said, I think maybe NPR had an internal meeting. Look, we can't really be doing too much here. But you know, maybe we can help everybody out. So you know, we're still on board with the program. So we get some of those bigger sponsorships, you know, the brought to you by Pfizer stuff, but we kind of have to spread the love. Let me think. Let's do this.
Unknown: Now Pfizer and Madonna vaccines are very similar, both based on the same technology. So switching between them is probably not that big a deal. Oh, but in the United Kingdom, researchers have begun to study whether using two completely different vaccines is as good or even better than using the same one. Technically, this is known as heterologous vaccination. But there's a more colloquial description
in the UK at the moment, we're sort of calling it mix and match.
Helen Fletcher is a professor of immunology at the London we're
Adam: sort of calling it mix sort of calling it mix and match and love this scientific stuff full
Unknown: of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She says shortages of a vaccine or concerns about side effects may induce health officials to adopt a mix and match strategy. That could mean starting with what's called the viral vector vaccine, the one made by AstraZeneca and following with an mRNA vaccine holy
Adam: crap so now that that just talking about Pfizer madana now just throw in something else, man just next door
John: Pfizer is ludicrous. This is a continuous
Unknown: health agencies in France and Germany have already begun recommending people consider doing that.
So there's a practical reason why you would want to mix two different types of vaccines you want to die there is also a scientific reason as well. Here's why.
Fletcher says basically all vaccines work by showing people's immune systems something that looks like an invading virus but really isn't. If the real virus ever comes along their immune systems will recognize it and be prepared to fight it off. Using two different vaccines is a bit like giving the immune system two pictures of the virus, maybe one face on and one and profile.
If you gave two different types of vaccine, you tend to get a better immune science. If you give the same vaccine twice.
Adam: It was only a few months ago. Don't you dare mix it make sure you don't get the modern if you had the Pfizer Oh no, don't do that. It's bad. Now do your dad do a couple things throw them together, man, it's
John: all gonna science. Still the big science advocates,
Adam: I will give you at least one reason why I believe the black community find you they're not Americans, just black communities are very hesitant about vaccines. Currently, the national average is one in 50 Boys, boys, who has gets get appears on the autism spectrum. And the correlation is that it happens right after the triple MMR which used to be three separate vaccines until Merck combined them into the MMR. And that's when the end set the schedule at 15 months. And that's when boys in particular, it's still skyrocketing. It's a hockey stick. We at one point, it was unknown autism than it was one in 10,000. And since 1992, which skyrocketed now to one and 54 black boys, that is closer to one in 15. And the main and the reason why it's happened to black boys and brown boys is the correlation between poverty is high in that community, and they get everything jammed up the schedule is, is stacked. And it's obvious that this is not very healthy for children. And when you lit up, do you remember that Robert De Niro produced a documentary for his very own film festival called vaxxed? And that he pulled the documentary from his own festival from the what's the what's his little Tribeca Tribeca Film Festival at because he has a son with autism. And he really he was pushing this he was I found a clip, but it was two and a half minutes. So we don't need to listen to Nero. But he was pushing this documentary and then he pulled it because while there are some
things that weren't quite right, whatever, De Niro, I went back and watch the whole documentary. It's on YouTube. It's about an hour and a half. And this will give you some real pause this short clip from it. Where there's a whistleblower within the CDC, who was very aware had document has documentation of the CDC never ever trying the new triple dose vaccine in a proper trial on children with a control group. And this did come out very briefly, about six or seven years ago, maybe a little bit longer, and it came out in the documentary a few years back when Bill Posey congressman from Florida, specifically requested Coleen Boyle, I think she was then the CDC director to explain what testing they had done with the MMR vaccine with children. And here's how that went.
Unknown: I wonder if the CDC has conducted or facilitated study comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children yet? Have you done that?
We have actually done a number of studies looking at the relationship between five Marisol vaccines and autism and other developmental disabilities, vaccines and their components did not increase the risk for autism
are limited here. So clearly, definitely. unequivocally you have studied, vaccinated versus unvaccinated.
We have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated
minds out there that that was the meaning of my question. You
wasted two minutes my time.
Adam: So right now we are about to allow the same companies through the FDA and the CDC to vaccinate children between 12 and 15. And there is no there's not enough time to have even done a proper study. So if you want some vaccine hesitancy from a group that is very, very suspicious, and seems to have a high rate of autism, which of course has nothing to do with vaccines. It's all discredited. It's all crap. There is a whistleblower who is forbidden, who will go to jail. If he speaks out. He would have to be subpoenaed by Congress, which Congress is not going to do for obvious reasons. And this clip from the Vax documentary explains it all explains that no agenda show take on Big Pharma. This is the producer of the doctors very famous TV show in America. It's I think it's almost daily at this point, is always been daily.
John: It's always been daily. It's pretty, pretty sure it's a daily show that competes with Dr. Oz. And he
Adam: had the story. He had audio tape, he had the documents, he had the whistleblower he had everything good to go. And then this
Unknown: fall of last year, I got a call from an inside source who told me that in two weeks, there's going to be a whistleblower from the CDC, who is going to come out and say that the CDC had committed fraud on the MMR study. And that they knew that vaccines were actually causing autism. I mean, that's a huge story, unfortunately, was a story I would not be able to tell on a medical talk show because a lot of our funding was coming from the pharmaceutical industry. And we were also very good friends with the CDC that appeared on our show many, many times. But I knew that once the story broke Two weeks later, that the mainstream news media would pick it up Fox would be on at CNN was would be on MSNBC, and we're talking about the biggest medical story in the last decade or two at least. So that two weeks came, I saw the video that was posted by Andrew Wakefield and Brian hooker. And I heard the words of William Thompson and his confession.
Oh, my God, I cannot believe we did what we did.
But we did. It's all there. It's all there. And I watched the blogosphere go crazy tweets, Facebook, social media, everybody talking about it. But not one mainstream media source went anywhere near the story. In fact, on CNN, someone put the story up on a report and CNN took it down. And in that moment, I realized, wait a minute, not only is my medical talk show being produced by the pharmaceutical industry, all of television is
John: yes. All of you might as well give yourself a clip of the day for digging that thing. Oh,
Adam: thank you. It was fun to watch an hour and a half's work clip. It was fun to watch. Again, it's in the show notes.
John: It's definitely I do have some clips from kit from Canada from a doctor up there that has been given a gag order for saying anything, I guess in Canada, it's illegal to to create vaccine hesitancy.
Adam: Oh, this show is outlawed baby. Scandinavia. Is that a real long?
John: We're not creating anything. We're just playing clips. Do you think that is discussing them?
Adam: Do you think it's a real law that Well, I mean, we could just be creating it just by being us. I mean, you could argue that in court, I guess
John: they will. I don't expect the Canadians to go after us. But you want to hear these this country, of course. And again, it's not produced by a company that did a that is like just played that's supported by the pharmaceutical industry. It was on an obscure podcast nice. up in Canada run by a couple women. And but let's this this, Charles Hoffman first clips, the long one and it discusses his story.
Unknown: We really are grateful. Dr. Hall, thank you very much for being here. We understand now that you have written a letter one of the things you start out your letter to dear Dr. Henry, which is Dr. Bonnie Henry, the first dose of the maternal vaccine has now been administered to some of my patients in the community of Latin BC. This began with the First Nations members of our community in mid January 2021 900 doses have now been administered. Will you tell me, Dr. Hoff,
what has transpired? And what brought you to such concern that you felt you needed to write an open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry?
Yes, I'll tell you. Really, the story. About a month ago, I expressed when when all the news about the blood clots from the AstraZeneca virus and that sort of thing. Were coming into the news. And there were 12 countries in Europe that had discontinued it. And I just, you know, knew that this vaccine roadblock was happening without any long term safety data. And the number of cases of anaphylaxis showed us that the the risks of it that were quoted by the pharmaceutical companies improving their safety what definitely a vast understatement. Just to enter we can see that just with anaphylaxis right off the bat. You know, listen, you know, materna quoted one and 100,000 we've had to in Lipton in the first 900 people vaccinated. So I mean, we can see clearly that they fudged their numbers basically to to prove the safety of their vaccines but but to get back to my story, I sent an email that I thought was a bit foolish to a to a group of the people involved in the vaccine rollout here and these were pharmacists, nurses, doctors, just in our in our area just I think it went to 18 people and I just said, you know with all these signs effects appearing shouldn't be perhaps just pause things for a while. Anyway, within 48 hours, I have a very stern rebuke from my superiors at the interior Health Authority, who told me that I was guilty of causing vaccine hesitancy, and they were going to be reporting me to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. And that I was forbidden
from seeing anything negative about the vaccine within our health facility.
Adam: Doesn't sound like a law yet. But it sounds like
John: but it might as well be Yeah. If you lose your your license. Yeah, it's a de facto but
Adam: I just liked that he was creating vaccine hesitancy that he was
John: eating it even though he finished reporting on he had two cases of anaphylaxis out of 900. When it's supposed to be one out of 100,000. Yeah, just to get anaphylaxis is severe, like toxic shock syndrome. So it's where you go, your body goes into like, goes nuts and
Adam: yeah. with peanuts.
John: Yeah, yeah.
Adam: If you fish.
John: Okay, let's go to part two.
Unknown: So I had been given a gag order. So initially, I was a bit intimidated because, you know, unfortunately, many doctors are because the college's hurt, hold enormous authority to literally shut down your livelihood or to give enormous fines. So I was a bit intimidated. But as the week went on, and I saw more and more people coming into my office with serious neurological problems following the and this was just the first shot of the vaccine. And we know that the second one gives much worse side effects. I became more and more angry about my gag order. And so I i was i was told when I was in my reprimand that if I had any questions about the vaccine that they needed to be addressed to the the medical health officer responsible for the vaccine rollout for our area, and that's who I needed to be speaking to. So I wrote a letter with all my questions and concerns. And of course, my questions have no answers, because this is an experiment and we don't know what the answers are. But anyway, we put them all in the letter and I sent the letter off to this doctor who's the medical health officer, and to date have received no reply, which I suppose wasn't exactly um, wasn't, wasn't surprising. So yeah, yeah, exactly. So so so after receiving no response from her, I thought, well, then I'm going to write to Dr. Bonnie Henry, who's our provincial health officer. So So I thought, because I didn't expect a response from her either, that I would make an open
letter, and that I was so angry about being shut down, basically being gagged and threatened with with punishment for speaking out about what I was seeing in my own patients, that I sent it as an open letter. And that's, I imagine what you have,
Adam: oh, that's totally how you create vaccine hesitancy open letters will not do transparency not permitted.
John: You know, I wonder how much of this is going on? Generally. And I think it's also applies to the climate scientists
Adam: see an issue. I'm sure it's
John: gonna shut down and get fired. Like, we had that clip with a guy that was a coral expert, by in Australia got kicked out of his university, because he said, there's nothing going nothing bad at the Great Barrier Reef. It's I studied, this is my reef, not yours out there. Let's go on and continue.
Unknown: So what I'm telling people about is not some theory, this is what I've seen in my own patients. I've been adopted to these patients for 28 years. And now three of them are disabled by this first vaccine. And it upsets me very much because these people did not know that they were part of an experiment.
You've seen that one person has actually died. And I believe it was, it was quite a few days after the vaccination, right?
Yes, that's correct. So so in that person's case, there's no way of proving what they died from. This was a person who had COPD, and was on one medication, which was eventually puffer they. And so this person just complained to his wife that ever since he had a shot, he was short of breath all the time. And then eventually, three weeks after the shock factor was 24 days, to be precise. He was literally sitting on the side of the bed talking to his wife and just killed over dead. So I don't know what he died from unfortunately, wasn't going to usually that week, an autopsy wasn't done. He was just buried or cremated or whatever happened to him. And so it was just odd. He had no history of heart disease or strokes or anything else. It was his only Yeah, so it's That is an unknown. I just don't know if it was the vaccine.
Adam: Man, you should do podcasts every day I received notes like this. My father in law had massive heart attack, just mowing the lawn every day. I hear these never heard about it with COVID very few. Since the vaccine role if you
John: look on it in the VA AR s database, which is only picks up maybe one out of 100, or one out of 1000 compared with 3000
Adam: people have died.
John: And they drop in is that they're always weird. It's like they guys got the shot and then he walks up the stairs and drops dead correlation is not just drops dead correlations
Adam: not caused our day.
John: Exactly. Alright, we wrap this guy up.
Unknown: The most tragic of all of them is a very dear 38 year old lady in our community, who who had her first shot of the COVID vaccine, and she was one of the people who had an anaphylactic reaction. So within 15 minutes, her tongue and her throat swelled up and she felt like she couldn't breathe properly, and she developed itchy skin. And so she was treated for her anaphylaxis. And once she recovered, she went home. And then the next day found that she was literally so exhausted that for the next three weeks, she tells me that she literally slept till five o'clock in the evening, every day for three weeks with a pounding headache. So then she started to improve a little bit after that, and then one week after her shot, she developed a Bell's palsy, which is a paralysis of half of your face, so she couldn't close her left eyes, your speech was slurred because it affects your tongue as well. It's hard to eat because you drool out of the side of your mouth. But what was most unusual is that Bell's Palsy is not usually painful. But she had pain on the side of her face where this palsy was. So that is something different that I didn't I've never ever heard of a painful Bell's palsy. So she also at the time that she got the Bell's Palsy just became severely dizzy and since and so it's she's now almost three months since her vaccine and still cannot drive. She is so dizzy all the time. With incessant headaches. The headaches aren't all the time they're there every day. But
the main thing that disable to is the dizziness and so her Bell's Palsy improved to a point that she can actually now close both eyes but when she blinks you know only one eyes sort of one eye doesn't blink properly. But but but so her you know we don't know for facial paralysis will be permanent or not. But she she she's been off work since since her shot in January, middle of January.
Adam: Just playing this creates more vaccine hesitancy I don't know why you don't want us to be allowed to broadcast in Canada navia is just going to ruin it for us. We're going to be shunned and banned and on the hit list, it doesn't matter because we won't be able to go there. See this is this is now the new bill can't but we will never be able to go even though this next clip is short clip is about Europe. And I believe it to be factually untrue. But this is now the last This is the last thing we can do. You got to take the shot man,
Unknown: Americans may be allowed to travel through Europe by the end of June. The European Union has come up with a plan that would permit travel by people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 children would also be allowed. The system as proposed is designed to be shut back down promptly if there's a disturbing growth of new cases. Greece and Iceland already allow American visitors but most of Europe remains off limits. Although central travel
Adam: I look this up. It currently is true is off limits. What they are proposing is if you can show proof of vaccination and underneath it, it says or recent test. So the government's I do not believe we're going to invoke any kind of vaccine mandates that you cannot enter a country because you have not been vaccinated. They will mandate a recent test and I'm sure the rigamarole is meant to be so annoying that you'll eventually just go Okay, I'll get the vaccine. Now that's what Europe is doing in the United States. We need to look at the new rebranded revamped sunny HostIn, have you seen sunny HostIn? She's changed her entire look. Oh, Sunny HostIn from the view. She's the the lawyer the black girl on the view. not okay.
John: I don't watch the view your view is my beat. Yeah.
Adam: But she has changed her entire look her hair. I mean, it's kind of a kind of a Beyonce look, her makeup is different. I just it's noticeable because I you know, it's my beat. So I watch this stuff. Now she wants to take a different a different approach. Almost 50%
Unknown: of Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine so we won't reach herd immunity. It's
Adam: interesting how john oliver had 30% and sunny HostIn from the view. As you know, notice this to journalistic program exit at 50%, almost
Unknown: 50% of Republicans are waiting.
John: wait to use the weasel word almost Ah, she could say almost 100%. Almost 30% is almost 100%. But 30%
Adam: is almost 52. And you're right, you're correct.
Unknown: Almost 50% of Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine. So we won't reach herd immunity because of those particular groups.
Adam: Okay, so just right there, Sunny HostIn, lie,
Unknown: lie, lie, lie, lie lie.
Adam: You will reach herd immunity if all the republicans die and the rest is vaccinated, or it has had it,
John: you're going to reach it advocating the republicans die all along? Yes. What's the bitch?
Adam: What is your take take a little longer. But once they're all dead, then you can do whatever you want,
Unknown: because of those particular groups. So I say we need to shun those that refuse to get
back. Just like now in certain states, many states I know in New York, there are signs on on storefronts on businesses all across the state, no mask no entry. I think if you have not been vaccinated, no entry, you want to get on a plane, you got to be vaccinated show proof of vaccination and those people that don't want to get vaccinated, then that's fine. That's fine for you. But then you can't spread it to other people that are that are vaccinated, you can't spread it. Rather than aren't that are also
Adam: I love that. I know, she
John: knows the logic of this. I've had this to logic with other people, some lip Joe types. Yeah. They say, Well, you know, if I'm vaccinated, I don't want anyone who's not vaccinated on the plane sitting next to me. Well, if you're vaccinated, why do you care? Because makes no logical sense. And they keep pounding it and hounding and, and beating the same drum. But if you're vaccinated, why do you care that a Republican, lousy republicans sit next to us not vaccinate? What difference does it make to you, but she's gonna try and explain it
Unknown: and stumbles everywhere and can't quite get there? Because it's by the way, she's a civil rights attorney. What?
John: She sure does she think much of civil rights. Is
Adam: she really a civil rights attorney?
John: I don't know. I don't know what kind of attorney she is a TV attorney.
Adam: I'll look it up while we're playing
Unknown: Freddie, to other people that are that are vaccinated, you can spread it to other people rather that aren't that are also not vaccinated, then you don't get those other liberties that come with immunity. It just something has to break. If that's your personal choice not to get vaccinated, you don't then get to infringe on the rights of those who have chosen to protect their fellow citizens.
Adam: You don't have that right. You don't have a right Yo, she was in the Department of Justice's antitrust division. She specialized in child sex crimes when she became a federal prosecutor. And judge and then and then she became a TV lawyer. Now, this is hesitancy stuff. And you know, Republicans and all I need to share some personal things because I am struggling with how to handle the following situation, personal situation. My dad passed away in November of 2019, just before his 80th birthday, you recall I had just been visiting my daughter and I turned around and went back because my dad passed away and what you do is you go hang out with with your family, you know, so I think I turned around and in 72 hours and flew back, just to be with everybody. And, you know, he wants to be cremated. And we were we had set up you know, he has a burial site does a curry Family Plot In in Armonk. That's where I want my plaque. I guess. There's space for every curry. And that's where his ashes were to be stolen or ceremony was to be had. And that all got canceled. Everyone had tickets, everything you know, we love coming from Italy. My sister Tiffany coming from the Netherlands. And, and a lot of other people, a lot of other curries coming from around the country. So that it clearly was postponed. And you know, we've been looking it was like, oh, maybe now now and so now we're a year and a half further up. And Tiffany is my sister Tiffany was in Holland has
always been kind of she manages this she's managed all these things that she sends out one of her beautiful family emails. And and I want to share some of that because of how it affects me and maybe you can get Some advice. So and I'll skip some things obviously How y'all doing so on the TV the other night, half of all Americans have had their shots in the life is pretty much getting back to normal. At least New York showed everything open and people in the streets. Here in the Netherlands were a bit behind the government promises everyone to be vaccinated by the first of July can hardly imagine that we try to stay positive with belief still slow at the airport, where my sister works there, try to make it as hard as possible to travel, to fly out need to test and to get back in the country, even to negative tests, you can imagine the cost. I sincerely hope it'll be possible to get to the US soon to give you all a big hug and for the ceremony. And so then the first note comes back from uncle Don and Meg. My favorite, really my favorite people. You know, Don, of course, the big, the big CIA guy. He's been very open to me. I've learned a lot from him. And they are now Meg is 91. And she was a spy for the Russia desk of the CIA and Don is 93 so they're up there. And their response is finally we were able to get appointments for the vaccine. I must say it's reassuring. As the weather warms we have had one or two people come for an afternoon drink on our deck we have dozens
of daffodils to admire in the meadow. I'm going to skip over this stuff, but we are pleased to see our children here and brief visits always cheery so helpful This is typical make I expect will be the extent of our travels this year, which is pretty much nothing we think of you also up so often always pleased to get word that we look forward to everyone gathering at the at the homestead there and in Armonk for, for j for my dad. And then comes uncle Rennie and Uncle Randy. He just throws it in there. And He is a former NASA scientist, space guy actually probably also spook, I don't know. We are doing well here in Santa Cruz. He both had the second shot so we feel safe while interacting with and dining indoors with people who are also vaccinated. We want to travel but travel is a problem Europe is out. And I even worry about domestic travel, especially keeping a safe distance while going through the security lines. Yes, I'm vaccinated, but it's less than 90% effective for my age group. We have too many people in the US who are refusing the vaccine. Hopefully they will get infected soon so we'll get to herd immunity and things will settle to the new normal whatever that is. And then my cousin chimes in great to hear all the wonderful updates I've already had my first vac so everyone's in on the vaccine train. So what do I do when I either I can show up and we can have the confrontation? Why need to communicate somehow to say I'm we are not getting vaccinated we
would love to be at my father's funeral. What are we going to do about your your issues with my so called hesitancy and i'm
John: i'm really Wait wait somebody sent a note to you saying No
Adam: no no, that's what I because clearly the the message here is people don't get vaccinated our problem are ruining for everybody else. This is a big family email
Unknown: the thread goes on. It sounds like it.
Adam: So what do I do? Do I say hey guys, Tim and I are not getting vaccinated. So see you there. You know what to do?
John: Well my advice is is is not ethical. Okay
Adam: yeah to lie.
John: And that's I have no I have that opinion because I don't you know, I'm done.
Adam: I'm done like I'm not gonna lie I'm not gonna I cannot be okay with it. You're
John: not gonna lie you're not gonna lie you're not gonna lie It's fine yeah, I'm personally if I was asked about as I've looked at what happened in Norway I'm you know, getting old I think when you're older is probably the lead when you don't want to get the vaccine even though supposed to everyone else should get the vaccine to protect the elderly. I'm gonna call myself that now. And but the elderly if you give them the shot anyone over 60 The way I see it, you're you're putting them at risk because of the nature of the shy guy and looking at what happened in Norway this this should never give to anyone over 80 ever. But they're still doing it here. So But uncle Don got a shot and he you know, should have been prohibited so I had so there's a lot of lot of bull crap did you have to deal with I don't know your your your shit out of luck. That's what I have to that's my advice. I got no good advice.
Adam: I mean, I really have the only two things I can come up with.
John: You can be seen as the family nutcase?
Adam: Oh, no. Well, I don't think that's anything new. Remember, I didn't join the agency. I didn't finish school I became a vj which is, you know, underneath curable left First on their scale, but I love my family and I really want to do business. And I really want to see them. So the only thing I can think of is say, hey, look, can we be honest, this lying is not the way to go. We're not taking the shot. We're happy to, to social distance from you, whatever you want. I mean, and then just leave it up to them how I would again,
John: bring back the point. Now that you got the one really nutty uncle that's in there saying, well, it's only 90% effective. So if you haven't had the shot, I still got 10% chance thanks to you. When the real answer should be you got vaccinate, what are you worried about? Well, I didn't have enough that's supposed to be what vaccines are for. If you're going to take the shot is still no good. Which is what you're saying. Then why do others make was I took it or not you it's bullcrap. These people,
Adam: everything. Yes, of course. I'm just saying that this is. It's like It's like thinking Trump is an okay guy. I mean, it's just as bad. It's it's on the same level. I can it's oozing off of
John: interesting that so many members of the intelligence community, hate hate hate Trump. They hate Trump. And they're, and they made it clear during his four years. And they're they're really promoted to the Democrat Party window, which is now very slowly I've got some clips if you want to play him later. I just want showing that the Democrat Party, especially company operations, like blue America, or borderline communist. So when did the CIA and I'm not jumping here now. I'm a communist infiltrated operation. No,
Adam: that's not what happened. Uncle Don who worked for Bush Senior CIA when it was still OSS when Obama became president, key switch and voted for obama twice became a I don't think he became a Democrat, but he voted for Obama. And that's because Obama was a CIA guy. And I think Don was
John: voted for Hillary.
Adam: I don't know. This. I don't know. I mean, I'm sure he did. I'm sure he did not vote for Trump. Now the only other thing I can throw this out, which is a possibility, now if I'm gonna lie, let me give you a new a new a new thinking I've got because on deck right now is this is the idea that India is just I mean, they're dying out there. They're burning people everywhere in the streets, people are falling down dead just like Busan. It's so crazy. And that is because we will not share the intellectual property for the vaccine. So my new thinking is I would like to get the vaccine but I'm waiting until there's equitable distribution to all people of the world. Yeah. And that's the only one I can do and say, I am taking a stand up
Unknown: blows.
John: dumbest thing you could possibly do. So transparently bullshit. Now, let's just go get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. It's, you know, it's probably safe as any of them and you can go see the family.
Adam: Yeah, that's right. You right after you, john, blow me. No fucking way. I'm not taking any of this crap. I'm the guy that's gonna die. I'm the guy. Look, look at me.
John: You're not gonna die. That's the joke of it. You'd be the healthiest one in the group. Five years from now. I don't know what's wrong with me.
Adam: We're talking. I think I'm almost done here. You know about how the mainstream pharmaceutical industries control the media, they produce the media, they really produce all all facets of it. Sometimes you get a Jim from a local station, a local reporter, who we probably will never hear from again. And she went to a trash heap in the Miami Dade County. And listen to what she found there.
Unknown: So many questions. Calvin cruzi. We're gonna take you up to the top of the trash heap in just a minute. We're talking about millions in these ventilators remember, those were the most necessary medical equipment for the worst of the COVID patients. So they are trashed, they're gone. They're destroyed and they're on video that's making a lot of people really angry.
A constant stream of waste, mattresses, tires, and at the top of trash mountain. With
all these ventilators,
a resident taking garbage to the south dade landfill last week stunned to see hundreds of brand new wrapped medical ventilators dumped as bulky trash
is what is going on. Brand new brand. They tell us
here that was dumped is usually plowed under within a day so those ventilators are probably gone.
Adam: The video of this is boxes and boxes and boxes of completely packaged wrapped. The bands are on it. It's clear what they are. They open them up brand new vintage laters and I haven't
John: forgotten that this was, you know, that Trump, you know, is killing people not getting ventilators and then Trump got a million ventilators. And now they are thrown on to trash heaps on open because it was all nonsense. from the get go. Of course it was as you as you recall, when we first covered this back in March of 2020, there was also a discussion of that event, and we had clips, the ventilators were just what you needed. You also needed ventilator operators, which had to be trained, and there were only a limited number of those people. So the ventilator argument was bogus, and it was created by Mario Cuomo, is a huge waste of the taxpayers money in that pile in the garbage is an example of what kind of what you get with guys like that.
Adam: It's, it's incredible. And I'm glad that at least got out. It'll be d platformed. And removed from YouTube. I have an update from India.
John: By the way, people should always when you see videos like that you should download them. Yeah, there's a number of there's a number of good utilities that let you do that I have a huge collection of YouTube videos that I've picked up over the last couple of years that you go back there, you can find these videos anymore. So you'll be the archivist for some of these videos.
Adam: A follow up from our producer who was talking to one of his guys in India, and these are the guys that show up in Silicon Valley. They work they go back and forth. And I want to share this note I will talk to one of my guys who was out for a month tending to himself and family who had COVID his dad ended up with COVID pneumonia and said they had a really hard time finding hospitals in India with available COVID beds. They ended up buying oxygen themselves and setting up a home hospital to treat his father. I asked him about ivermectin tablets and he got all excited I knew about he said that. Apparently ivermectin and the steroids were prescribed to his dad and his dad started feeling better. And his health returned to normal. We then talked about how funny it is that the US news stations were treating their cremations like they were outlandish when that's just how they deal with dead people in India. And when I read this, when I hold on a second, he purchased oxygen. I thought there was a shortage. There's no oxygen, we can't get the oxygen people dying. There's no oxygen. Look at this bed. This lady is gasping for air. There's no oxygen. So I said, Could you please ask him about that instead of burying the lede on me? He said and he replied, oh, yeah, no, I talked to him. He had to go to the black market to get oxygen since the hospitals didn't have any to spare everything now in India medic anything medical is times 20 something it used to cost one rupee is now 20
rupees. I also asked about the COVID beds. He said government order is to have 50% of beds reserved for COVID patients. But apparently hospitals are ignoring that and setting their own number which he suspects is far less than 50%. This is how they did it everywhere. And how they still do it in the United States. No more beds, no more beds, but it's the number of beds that are reserved for
John: Kojak. Yeah, it's not as though there's no beds in the hospital
Adam: and there's clearly
John: 100 beds, they reserve five for COVID and then they get filled with five rotted beds. It's incredible. And this has been going on since day one. Yep. Yep, just we've just flattened the curve.
Adam: I love I love house. Yeah, I was I was listening to CNN in the car. I have the Sirius XM. And you know, they're all he said. It goes like this science, science but trust in the science believe in the science don't science, you crazy inside science denier, and they cut to commercial and it's paid by superbeets. It's really healthy. I mean, what kind of science is the frickin superbeets it's like everything is
John: super big. The big thing is a bunch of dried bees don't
Adam: take any ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and take your super beets because that's science.
John: There is a Fishel so much better just to eat some big dumb ass.
Adam: There is a Finnish company who has received a United States Patent trademark office notice of a lot of allowance which I guess means it will be allowed for a COVID-19 drug patent. The company's name is therapeutic of Borealis oil, and they have created their own concoction a novel drug which they'd like to patent it includes appartenant hydroxychloroquine, and ivermectin all in one
John: I had I don't have didn't send you the clip. But I've been following the trials of this woman, Briana Kyler who is the new hard ass she's
Adam: been around on CNN for a while.
John: She used to weekend she used to be yes. But they bumped her up at searches. So she's getting all the good stuff. And she's taken the place of Brooke Baldwin who was who quit?
Adam: Yeah. Because men,
John: men, and so and so this new this girl's taken over and I tried to it was too long a six minute clip I was trying to code as I didn't have time to put on this show. But she's This was from like March or April last year, and she is on a rampage about hydroxychloroquine about what a root beer is gonna kill everybody really? And then she brings some stooge dr. oz all is gonna kill you if you're tricked if you take it. And it's like and then this other guy of Trump guy comes as well. You know, they've been using it for 65 years from against malaria, but it's not malaria. damnedest, hateful woman that is a, you put
Adam: this in the in the, in the newsletter, and yeah, to do What sir? What do you think should
John: Delta Gamma by the way for you women out there,
Adam: her head got a lot bigger.
John: She's been roided up. Those women who put some one pound it shows up on her face?
Adam: Well, we only be we only see that part of her during the show. So quite honestly, who knows what's going on there? Oh, my goodness.
John: She was she's a terrible, terrible person. Which is contrary to the Delta Gamma sorority, the Delta Gamma bylaws, you're supposed to be a good person is very important. So I looked at I looked, I did some research I did on her dossier. To put it together.
Adam: On this one, I'm expecting an expo say from your dossier, you're
John: not gonna get one, but at least we know what's going on.
Adam: So I just want to run a thought by you. Just rewinding the clock, which I get to do a lot these days is everything comes full circle. And it's the same bullcrap comes by every single day. So we have the, you know, the elitist Davos club with the cloud and the World Economic Forum where the great reset, which was something that was clearly plan, they were thinking about it. And if I just look at the that group, you know, central bankers, financial ministers of finance, you know, a bunch of douchebags, who are probably not that impressive, but they run they run a lot of the global financial system. Just looking in general at 2008, and how, you know, we blew everything up, and well, we'll take care of it. And of course, we, you know,
Unknown: the,
Adam: with our financial system has just been propping up the stock market by purchasing assets. And it's, it's feels pretty phony and it feels like we're in for something bad unless some intervention is made. And, you know, they can't raise rates. I'm no expert on this. But that would clearly they, they thought, you know, what, if we can do a great reset sometime, and we'll change it, and we'll give this propaganda where it's okay not to own a house, because they're too expensive. You don't really want that you don't want to own anything he just rented from Amazon. So that was in play. And that probably would have probably would have made it really bad for a lot of people. And it still will no matter what happens, then we get COVID and COVID comes during a time when Trump has already disrupted a lot of the plans that people had, you know, this was supposed to be Hillary's, Hillary's term and she was putting all of this stuff that was supposed to take place. And it didn't happen because Trump Trump got in the way and it's I think it's fair to say they all hated him. So what if Trump saw this and thought to himself, and the evidence is everywhere, that COVID-19 is supposed to be definitely supposed to flow into 2021 22 keep people locked down. The only reason why that has not happened. The only reason why we're not still all scared quaking in our books with with a lack of toilet paper is because of the vaccines and the vaccines as you which came under the
warp speed. And if you recall, many politicians, Vice President Harris even said, Well, if it's coming from Trump, I'm not taking I don't trust it.
John: Do you think she said that? Do you have a clip?
Adam: Do you think it's possible that Trump saw what was going on? And that he thought, Oh, my God, was what these aihole bankers want to do to blow stuff up. If we have everything locked down for 123 years, that's going to kill everybody the entire way. It's going to be horrific. Is it possible that he thought to himself, you know what, what I can do is I can just Scrap all these regulations blast that thread that shit through. So at least we may lose 30 of the plan. Yeah, we may lose 30% of the of the people due to crappy vaccines, but it won't be the horrific plan that they had. Do you think that's possible? That might have been something like
John: that? is a good one.
Unknown: Yeah,
I like it.
John: I'd like to think it's possible. I don't know. I you know, it's hard to say because the information is repressed, repressed, and they're still bitching about Trump's insurrection? Yeah. And coup attempt to do the President of the United States tries to make a coup attempt against himself. Makes no sense but okay. Yeah, it's a possibility. Well, he did read it definitely upset and which is one of the reasons I think, and they're still blasting him is still going after my havoc. Something I'm working on right now. That indicates some of that some of this being,
Adam: by the way, all the way and just doing the troll room is just exploding, calling me a cue and on an idiot. nutjob Adam Curry, do you think Trump's really that smart, really interesting response?
John: Well, that's because they've all done
Adam: their back. They're all they're all maxed.
John: out there. Whatever the case, you have to admit that Trump upset the applecart. He came in when Hillary was supposed to get it was she was a shoo in. They had the glass ceiling thing set up the Javits Center, there was going to be a big celebration because Hillary, Hillary Hillary, and when she didn't get in the whole timeline was upset to an extreme, it's really hard to get back on track after four years, even of the nonsense that went on, mostly from the people attacking Trump is pretty hard to get back on track. And then when this when this bag virus came along, coincidentally had just the right time out of a lab coat, you know, a pangolin
Adam: or or it could have come from Fort Dietrich, for all we know who
John: knows? Oh, well, that one theory is that it came from Fort Dietrich was it was sent through Toronto, Toronto or Alberta to some some virology places there that Korea got shipped to China. Yep. And then China picked it up and finished it and then released it. But that that's asking for too much. That's too much.
Adam: I'm just I'm just going back complicated. I'm just going back and thinking about how none of the democrats wanted this Trump vaccine. What is he doing? It's dangerous it. This is unconscionable?
John: That's a good point that actually is that you may have stumbled onto something by just that. Yeah. Because the vaccine if he could get accomplished what he did accomplish, which is get this thing done by the end of the year, which he did it all Pooh poohed it as Oh champion, it's seven years and he can years you need two years you need this year in that year, and then ramrodded it through it's screwed them up
Adam: in the greed of Pfizer took over at that point.
John: Pfizer Yes. Pfizer didn't care one way or the other. They're just happy to be alive.
Adam: I mean, anyway, it was just a thought that occurred to me.
John: That's a good thought. It's a no agenda, thought.
Adam: And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who just put the sea in coup attempt. John Dvorak, everybody
John: name is Adam Curry in the morning Gypsy booth and Rafi near 71.
Adam: The dames and knights out there in the morning to our trolls in the troll room. You heard me talking about them. I'd love No matter what they say. I just think it's always interesting how they respond. Sometimes you can find the trolls and carry and become yourself that at no agenda hands up their trolls. Let me count y'all Let me see what we we have on the we have 1764 right it's not too bad for Thursday 1764 trolls listening along and trolling in the troll room you go in there you can do all kinds of cool stuff. Like chat and listen to live shows and live there's a lot of live shows. And you can listen to podcasts at the same time it's like a listening party only with trolls and they will probably tell you that it's a good place to a good idea to check out no agenda which is our federated social network this thing is worthwhile the past three days and I just look at my own behavior I there's three things I go to I go to podcast index dot social, then I'll hit the Twitter's and then I hit no agenda. No agenda, no agenda, dot social. And I linger the longest no agenda. No agenda showed up and now I cannot remember what that fucking domain name is no agenda, Deus. I can't even remember. No agenda. Social calm. There we go. I'm confused.
John: You okay?
Adam: No, no agenda social calm the stuff that is coming in there because it floats in from the fediverse you know, it's from all devices
John: this better than Twitter. It's so much
Adam: better than Twitter.
John: Oh yeah. I mean it's really I get more memes for the newsletter from there I get some good links.
Adam: The memes are good. Definitely. The memes
John: are good Yeah, cuz the memes are meaner
Adam: and they're not thrown off you know? That's what I like. So he was really interesting how many people report other people on on no agenda social calm. He He's anti de he This is racist. This is like a lot of you are a robot knocking on each other. It's a little scary.
John: Well, you have to imagine that's what goes on Twitter. But Twitter does something about dark on each other. I know agenda social, you better realize that Adam looks at that and you're now on the enemies list.
Adam: I look at it and go I shake my head like why are you reporting that? And if it's from a different mastodon it you can block you can mute. You can do all kinds of things. If someone bothers you, I don't need I don't need you to be my moral police force. I got no time for it. I have it's funny. That's all I just got. I just
John: I have to relate a Disney management story that floats around. This is a story down in Dec came out of the Imagineering I think down in Florida. And it goes like this. And it may or may not even be a true story. But this is this is something everyone's aware of the situation occur. You have two guys working for each other or working next to each other. And one guy was just a slacker. And he was he was stealing pencils. He was just adorable employee. And so this one guy was the other guys sitting next to him was fed up. And he really listened to all his grievances about this guy screwing up, took his took it to the boss said, Look, this guy is a terrible employee, you've got to fire him. Instead, they fired the complainer. Yeah.
Adam: Yeah, that doesn't happen anymore. But
John: yeah, we don't need complainer's. And by
Adam: the way, he in a true advancement to any other big tech interface, you can mute or block someone with a time you can have a timeout after a couple of days or hours, when there's all kinds of really interesting things that you can do to protect your own sanity. Now, if you see something that's clearly spam, like a bot that comes into spam,
John: that's got to go
Adam: but the system itself reports that I mean, the system already notices if someone's spamming the same message, it'll pop up. It's just interesting how many people knock anyway. I do want everyone to check out the new podcasting 2.0 apps to keep podcasting open and free of censorship in case you hadn't noticed everything is getting cracked down on Joe Rogan has issues. It's at Spotify, and Apple doesn't even seem to work for most people anymore, that they're completely differently screwed up this, this release, it'll shake out eventually. But some people haven't even been able to access their podcast Connect interface for two weeks. And other apps are breaking. It's a mess. It's a shit show there. We had a an unfortunate, deletion animated no agenda, which Dame Jennifer did he she really took just a piece of us playing two clips. And this was about the McClintock effect. And this was the shedding or whatever it is. And in fact, we were only curious and asking questions in this clip about what is going on that people that women are having these menstrual reactions, seemingly around people who are vaccinated, especially women. And that got deleted by YouTube for medical misinformation. And today, I'd like to say hello to Curio caster, who said hold my beer, and now has the animated no agenda series as a podcast in that podcast app with video. Ready to go good for you too. And it's a web app. So you don't even have to download anything. You just go to
Curio caster calm, and you can see everything. Non de platform bubble by any Silicon Valley company. That's the kind of freedom that we're fighting for. If you want to see that app and more go to freedom fighters. Yes. Well, yes, the end. And you know what? It was interesting you say that these are the developers who are working on this They are freedom fighters. And what's interesting about software developers, what's kind of like military personnel, you know, both support the troops, I support the developers, but no one actually wants to know what you do or really gives a flying fuck about you. So people need to respect developers who do this stuff. And if something doesn't work, you have a question. Don't be like brilliant, you can be a part of the process and you can help them make it better. That's how we obtained freedom and that's how you know agenda show will stay on the air. Believe me, believe me. If we had been on any other platform, and we had that conversation we will be gone And quite frankly, I'm surprised that Apple still has this on at this point. You know, it's it's it's incredible new I
John: listen to a couple of Sofia with an F podcasts Yeah, and she's so lewd. Not dishonest the lewd or or she's like a dirty comics. He's just the material that she discusses. It's so out there that she's gonna go before we do
Adam: what she does she have a Spotify deal.
John: She does. I thought
Adam: she had a Spotify deal. I could be wrong. I could be wrong.
John: But it wouldn't surprise me. I mean, if I was Spotify, your cheese. I grow. You know what I think? I think she's a genius. Of
Adam: course you pick her.
John: Barely listen to her podcast. Because it's like it's cringy. Because she she's it's cringy. He says it is cringy is in a funny kind of a way, listen to it, you'll see what I'm talking about. I know it, I think for women is less cringy than it is for men.
Adam: Hmm. Well, let us move on and thank our artists who participated in this grand experiment. And just so you know, we're on the air and we don't take any money from the pharmaceutical industry. That's why we can produce what we want to produce. Nope, no, advertisers are certainly not creepy advertisers like that. It's all based upon the three T's for a value for value model your time, your talent, your treasure, you help us produce it. A lot of why you're laughing.
John: Because you came to me for V Ma, we have all these models and they're always involving three, three things I get V four V, dv dt, I mean, it's always three it's always the Trinity. And I find it amusing that you keep dropping these bombs constantly. It's called mind control.
Adam: It's called NLP. I'm an expert
John: backup. You get in there
Adam: artists or when you can snatch the towels from my hand it will be time for you to leave young John Dvorak we love our artists who create a just a a smorgasbord for us to choose from after every episode so artists are listening at their job at home whatever they're doing in real time. Here are the topics here what's going on select something start to make art, art some submit multiple versions and it is one of the best marketing tools for any podcast to have fresh album art that shows up and it pop it jumps out at you are you seeing the same old logos everyone's podcast is dumb, there's some well it you know you most people don't have a budget for this most people don't have the talent for this. We have chosen for a model where it's much easier for that to be created and what we received for Episode 1343 which as you know was titled The McClintock effect was done by Parker Paulie he is on quite a roll. This was the the darker
John: a guy or a girl
Adam: I don't know. Parker seems like a guy name.
John: Seems a good girl name.
Adam: I know to Parker's in Austin who are guys so I'm just okay was the guy who created the very fashionable Pfizer handbag which which was meant to show that the only hot people the in people that happened and people only people who stand in lines for iPhones got the Pfizer Shut up. Oh wow. How about that? How about that for an idea? The reason why the vaccine hesitancy or why vaccinations are tapering off is just like a new iPhone.
John: Now he I we got one of our producers sent me a note because I'm moaning about the millennial standing in line. The story I had about the one behind me as you wouldn't move forward. He only had a bottle of wine at a big cart full of stuff and she wouldn't move ahead. His his theory is that millennials have been trained to stand in line and like it and they really enjoy it. They like to be in lines and then he pointed out the iPhone line being a good example. And you can also even though it's not millennial so much but the days of the old disco where there's a line, you know if there's a line in front of the club, you would want to go get that line rather Then just go into a club that was open, which is always been the opposite the way I do things. If you can't get in the back door get right in, I'm not gonna stand in line like and just wait. I mean, I get, I'd rather not I'd rather watch TV. He's a better man, these millennia. And I think when they talk about clothes, you know, when once they had these vaccination sites with this long mile long car lines, and the media was showing these long, long lines, I think that would drew it drew people to them. They call this a long line, let's get in it.
Adam: Yes. And I and I like the addition of, it's the new iPhone, it's the Pfizer because that's the
John: the iPhone is the best example I had, there's a video on my YouTube page of, of all these videos, you have a YouTube page, I've got a lot of videos on it too. And there's I have one some some years ago where I would just took my my little video recorder was a camera. And I just walked down the entire line of an iPhone line. And you could hear people talking and chatting some people sitting down in his chairs they brought with them and it's it's I find it to be fascinating.
Adam: So that so if they really want to do this, he This is what my recommendation would be if they really want to roll it out to more people. They've got to come up with the new like the new vaccine, the new Pfizer. Everyone will start rushing out for that.
John: Well, somewhere along the lines, these Pfizer genius marketing geniuses dropped the ball with these with all of a sudden there's too much now that they had to throw it away. They had to keep it under shortage situation like an iPhone, right? And they had they had these lines these lines I think we're part of the reason it was working so well
Adam: the message what they don't want is the messaging. Well, there's plenty of supply now. No one wants that iPhone.
John: No one Exactly. Does you're gonna have to wait in an hour long line to get it to all just walk into all green.
Adam: So is the Johnson and Johnson is the Android of vaccines? Is that how we're looking at it now? Or is
John: viral vector vaccine is Android.
Adam: Thank you very much Parker. It was spot on a lot of people responded to it very positively. I'm looking through the through the there wasn't a lot of other great art that really tickled us. You know, there's some cryptic stuff like Mike Riley had devore x x, you know, when you title your art, and you need the title to understand what it is, is not working. You know, it's like a was it like a glass of wine? A knife is like, that didn't work?
John: Well, sometimes I think I had to say that. I think some of the artists just do it for their own amusement and for the amusement of the other
Adam: artists. Yes. Yeah, that's true. Well, and that's appreciated because that's funny.
John: And some people do do protest are like protesting about our previous election. I do like that. That's pretty funny. Man, man, man.
Adam: That's no agenda art generator calm. Paula Parker Polly, thank you once again for for doing that for us. And as you're listening to this in a podcasting 2.0 app, you can see these chapters rolling by there's lots of these versions of art. And I think you'd probably even click on the link and click through to them. That's the revolution that we're bringing while protecting podcasting, from the ruling classes of the media elites and the big tech screw those guys. Now, let's thank some of the people who brought the treasure to the party. We'd like to thank our executive producers and associate executive producers right up front. That's what they do. If you look at any Hollywood production, you got those credits coming up. That's what they did. They help finance it. And these people are important, and we're gonna thank them right now.
John: Yes, starting with Andy cracchiolo are crutchy Oh, I think it's cracchiolo Baron crack from Phoenix. He's actually gave us some money. last show. Sounds like 6666 to 10 he was we had botched his note or I had bosses note or sound or we didn't. I don't know. But he's got another note to tell us what we did wrong. And he says I was listening to my donation on the last show. And heard you say I wasn't in your system yet. Just a quick info to update your profile of me. Also, I am not a Bitcoin millionaire yet. But I am surely hoping to be one with a big jump in price. All right, good. Good. Good. So is Adam. Yeah, so I think I met 633332 plus a penny from Adam on show 1305 you had said it. I was in your system and you install a new Insta bear into me. So I thought this would help. I think I was barren and now vibe count. So I think USB is going to be upgrade Yeah. And wait for it. I'm donating another 666 that six six need a penny to have donated 7000 in just six months which is not bad. Not bad at all. Not bad. Could you update the region map? I'm not sure if you're still doing that. Well, it's it gets. cach, cach, cach, cach, cach, cach, cach basis if you're not. No big deal. I just think it looks rad that yes, it's very quite cute. I was also very serious about doing a meet up with you both if you have interest, you probably don't know we might.
Adam: Well What is this? Oh,
Unknown: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
Adam: what does this meet up with the two of us you speak of?
John: He wants to fly us into to think Casa Blanca.
Adam: Really? Oh, now the meetup sounds good.
John: You probably don't. But in case you do, feel free to reach out to casa. Take care you too. can take care of you too. I'm on my way to Grand Duke. Nice.
Adam: Thank you very much Andy. barren crack and anonymous from Durham, North Carolina $500 Adam and john LONG TIME ON and OFF listener first time donor. Finally showing support for what you do with my wallet as well as reaching out to the value for value community for some help. Here we go. A couple of weeks back are a mobile infant returned from his Descartes care with what we learned to be burns on his chest. Oh man, this is it. What is this note? upon deeper evaluation some questionable evidence of a head injury was also found by medical professionals. We are certain neither of these happened in our care. in part due to zero admission of an incident or fault from the daycare. The county government is now encroaching on our rights and lives accusing my wife and I and or I as the obvious abusers, all the shit we've been subjected to what we feel is massive government overreach and a lack of proper reaction to the truly responsible parties. We are in legal holding pattern that feels like purgatory and disallowed from being alone with our children what we are, This is nuts. We are scared they will push to remove our two young boys from our home and or force them into an alternative care due to our refusal of both interviewing our three year old son without our presence, as well as our refusal of a second set of full body x rays, which is 22 and senseless radiation on our infant he already had one set 22 they found nothing. While we were we've already retained a
local attorney. I'm hoping someone listening can provide additional help to get us out of this hell. This is all happening in Durham County, North Carolina, either Adam or Gianna willing to be the intermediary to connect us in order to keep this anonymous it would be greatly appreciated. Boo. Please de-douche me and give me heaps of karma and I'd love to hear al sharpton is respects anonymous in Durham. Well, that is a pickle isn't it?
John: I don't come to a let's get these kids in the daycare.
Adam: Yeah, this is this is a you hear these things happening in the UK. In particular, this happens a lot with their child protective services. And there's definitely some of that in the United States but holy crap, the best thing we can do right now is to say go to no agenda social calm, you can register anonymously. Even people in the UK started a conversate conversation there. We do have a lot of lawyers and professionals who listen to the show. I'm sure someone is very willing to help no agenda nation to the rescue. And here's what we can do.
Unknown: You've got
John: me roster Pat. The prick comes in with 440 $4.44 from shripad to prick it's been a number of years since my last donation However, this one's from my brother Michael. nickname. Lomo. About a month ago Michael passed away unexpectedly at the age of 30 we're not sure why likely a blood clot I'd hit him in the mouth three or four times on our yield he's not gonna douchebag me Poor guy. I had hit him in the mouth three or four times on our job yet another but with this too bad notes and two bad notes in a row. Yeah, are depressing notes not bad on our drive to California in january of two convincing him to move from our hometown of St. Louis. Mo. We spent our 33 hour drive Yes, it was about that long was stopped for gas laughing, arguing and having deep conversations over the show on our way to our new chat a new chapter in our life among the 1000s of other things that will remind me of Michael no agenda is now among on that list. This is likely selfish but hopefully this note will put his name further out into the universe and if it's only if it's only for people listening that hear his name that will be that might still bring some comfort and closure to me, but on the selfish part quote, I think we have already hit our goal of throwing him a three day bash in May. However, however any additional contributions no a any producers would consider making it producers may okay she's I'm sorry I'm having trouble reading this this this sentences I consider making
will go directly to the yearly scholarship for students at the University of Missouri Mizzou. There will also be a yearly sporting event to keep that scholarship going. This is a nice idea. I intend to link to no agenda meetups as well if any producers are willing to donate to his GoFundMe search Michael Vito loman lomandra teeny or Lomo Michael Vito he got that he ideal ello Ma and TINI are Lomo I can't thank you and john enough for Adam and john enough for keeping me sane all these years I'm forever grateful for the last few months I was able to spend with my brother bonding over this podcast amongst amongst all we had already had hug your loved ones and the karma for all who need it the best sir pat the prick. I will also link to the GoFundMe below. As well as you can put it on there,
Adam: you know put that in the in
John: the credits for links, as well as the scholarship notes in an email show notes, maybe GoFundMe and he's got the loan thing.
Adam: I'll put it in there. Well, that's nice man. I'm glad that the show is a part of that and that that's actually better than the money. I love hearing these things. Thank you very much.
Unknown: You've got karma.
Adam: And we have Michael perm per him. perm from Troy, Illinois. 344 10 by TMC and B. I did the math and now I am destined for knighthood. Just like the good old days I'm buying my peerage God didn't make me royalty but my treasure will shoot me. After Adam was on the Tom Woods show I made it quick 3333 donation, Tom Woods donation,
but I now know you need more treasure with 344 10 I am crossing the $1,000 mark. I wanted my executive producer for this show and also got the knighthood I will henceforth go by the title sir Mike 44, Jr, not BS. JOHN Riggins was my chosen archetype of a fullback and not mistaken for the 44th President Barry Sotero Chicago deep dish and bourbon beer please got it ordered for the roundtable This is a better use of my ammo buying sugar baby money. I would like our to dq karma and anything making fun of Bo Jaiden this will be the only time I kneel down to any man
Unknown: you've got
John: cow rank in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 344 john and Adam I love the show and love the value for value model I've been searching for something to provide in a treasure format that would be unique and original. Now that's not an excuse. I'm set up on a recurring weekly donation I did a limited one time donation of 3333 which included an official podcast license signed by Mr. Adam Curry. Although I'm still waiting for it
Adam: if I can just say that's that was never true. You got a podcast licensed at podcast licensed calm which had a certificate with an ice and with my signature on it. And all of that shit broke the database is still there but it's all broke. So I have to have someone fix it.
Unknown: I'm on it.
John: anywhere we have made that offer for years years anyway and an episode and he says anyway, which is incorrect
Adam: English now.
John: 1319 there was a report about a challenge coin being issued in celebration of shooting a man shoot shooting a man in the groin. Left nut Yes. It was also the ISO for the show good night left not in listed on in the clips as jccs best laugh ever. Both of you found this hysterical as did I and I mentioned getting your hands on one. I don't remember this. He's talking about specifically a challenge coin. Yeah,
Adam: I remember that.
John: Oh no. The challenge coin right. The challenge coin was being passed around by the police. Yeah.
Adam: shooting the guy in the left nut.
John: Well, I searched all over hoping that someone would release one and offer it for sale. No, they just did it privately. But I came up empty and after weeks of searching the only mentioned in the coin was at the original in the original news article so I decided may have never existed by the way the news people do shit like that. Yeah, to humiliate the police. So I decided to recreate it and have them custom made my donation of 344 as I present to you, we and he sent a couple of these little challenge coins it's got a guy holding his groin. making America great again one night at a time Good night left not challenge coin. Where is one for each of you? I've attached
Adam: my chairman's coin.
John: Brad and because he never gets I don't know why. Okay, I'm gonna stop right here. I am not Adams. Back Office. Please stop sending me stuff to send to Adam when you went to the trouble of dropping it off. You could send it to add him directly. He has a post office box. He gives it away freely. It's good as a note of I hate to tell you this was slight note of laziness when you giant scribers. As you said the john Egan sent it to Adam. I don't have tighten up my post office is one of these. I wouldn't say it's poorly managed. It's well managed enough that most of the mail comes through. But there's a line often at this post office I'm really and sometimes the lines a half an hour. So you're asking me to take a half an hour away from producing the show to stand in line to send Adam something that you could have sent him. Wow.
Adam: It's true though. And for some reason, an old p o box of mine is is out there and people don't check. And it's a p o box from 10 years ago. But the correct p o box is 18209 so Let's peel box 18209 Austin, Texas 78760 That's it. Anyway, will you send that one to me john because I kind of want that one really bad.
John: You want it really bad? I want a really bad baby. Yes, I will package it up and drop it in a box. Thank you. Thank you. Anyway, making America great one at a time. By the way the else Rito post office boxes for donations and cards and well and notes. There's one for each of you and it has photos in the email you saw this do you have the photo I guess? I hope you enjoyed as much as me sincerely, Kyle rank Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And then he's got some stuff we don't need we don't need to read.
Adam: Well, thank you Kyle. I can't wait to a sport this challenge coins and thank you for supporting the best podcast in the universe that does matter.
John: You can share you can openly sell them we don't need our permission correctly. Correct. Because it's about the one nut guys getting into do with us Really? That Langman comes up? Yep. Sir. surveyor, surveyor of the realm in Victoria BC 33333. And he has his nice note is one of the best ITM gentlemen thank you for your courage karma for all i think we could all use some Daniel blindman surveyor of the realm Perfect Note
Unknown: well done. You've got karma.
Adam: appears Dame Jennifer, Dame Jennifer, who contributes to this show in so many ways is still supporting us with 333 33 she's in Charleston, South Carolina. Dame Jennifer so kind in the morning gentlemen, in the morning Gentlemen, I resisted opening with my all time favorite which is Hey guys, but here I am typing it out anyway. I would really appreciate some finding new awesome clients karma as my biggest one and I are consciously uncoupling. With the divorce that is probably not my best idea financially. She is going through a divorce, but it will definitely be a great thing. For my continued mental health, I know will eventually be fine. Wild uncertainty breeds ingenuity, which leads to success, right? Please say I'm right. She says preset. Yes, you're right. My Necessity is the mother invention. Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. And these are all good. As always, oh, Holy moly. I've got Pabst Blue Ribbon. And we continue. I know it will eventually be fine wild uncertainty breeds ingenuity, which leads to success. As always, thank you both for all of the incredible produce and all the incredible producers for this amazing show and the wonderful community that has grown around it. And many thanks to the very generous donors to animated no agenda that allow me to continue to share the wealth with the best part. Odd cast in the universe. Yeah, we need to roll out some big ass jobs for Dame Jennifer. You can find your unknown agenda social
as well. And you can see her work Her work is outstanding.
John: Yeah. And he's a woman of taste and talent.
Adam: Yes. And she'll do vaccine stuff to doesn't matter. She has no shame jobs,
Unknown: jobs, jobs and jobs, for jobs.
Adam: Anything that pays the bills. Thank you damn, Jennifer.
John: Andrew Christiansen in Montgomery, Texas. 33333 Same as Dame Jennifer's my wife and I think your show is so good. How good is it? It's good. It makes normal suburban life seem boring. I'm really not understanding that sense. But Okay,
Adam: wait a minute. So the two of us never go anywhere. are at home. All dudes. We're less boring than anything. That's great.
John: I'm not sure I'm really not sure what that means. We look forward to every show. Well, that's a plus. Yeah, we please get my wife gretchin a birthday shout out she's on the list as she turns 33 and other 33 on 33 on May 14, this donation is for her. Okay, well credit her then and and make make this switch your roof please. And in order to make us square with the IRS, would you please plug her a pi n children's boutique snips and snips and snails all one word?
Unknown: snips all
John: no agenda listeners get an extra 15% off. Just send her a note no novels. And she will set up your human resources with a special occasion outfit. Thank you for what you do. And thank you to all the other producers. Can we get an old brother from john? Oh brother. Love and Light the Christiansen family Montgomery, Texas. Oh, and
Adam: I'm looking at a beautiful family. You are Christian sons. Yeah, 3030 they Well, they sell let's see, we got it for kids. It's for I'd say I know what the ages are. But it looks like six, seven a little bit older. They get the spring it's it's nice. You know, pretty frocks and shirts and pajamas and kids stuff. It's nice. And they have a monogram embroidery with all their snips and Okay, of course we will put that in there. And thank you. Cody brown from Chandler Arizona comes in with the 33333 Hello friends. I'm just Cody age 30 started listening to no agenda toward the end of 2020 hit in the mouth by Scott pickles at the farmers market. I was hoping to find a way to keep up with the craziness in the world without Dodd pickles.
Unknown: Hey, Scott.
Adam: I was hoping to find a way to keep up with the craziness in the world without needing to dedicate serious time to decipher the M five m lies. You guys have been mentioning the chip sorted so I want to share my perspective on it. Yes, this is what producers do. I work in the industrial automation world with a chip shortages shortages are hitting us everywhere. servo drives touchscreens PLCs. What's a PLC?
John: I don't know offhand.
Adam: But what is happening is that consumer demand for products is rising. But at the same time, there are massive labor shortages because of COVID restrictions. Out here in Arizona, we are also seeing tons of companies move in but the labor force has not followed yet. It's the people with money who are moving first. This is leading to a huge demand for industrial automation, which uses a lot of chips. Every individual machine builder is swamped with work. These companies are called integrators. And a lot of it is to make machines for different COVID test manufacturers.
John: The ones that really can get shit, you know, by the way, there's a chip shortage. Go get those ventilators out of the dump. Take the chips off them
Adam: as the guy down at the chip shop swears he's Elvis. Here we go. This is leading to a huge demand. They call these companies integrators and a lot of it is to make machines for different COVID test manufacturers note is already too long, but wanted to share something interesting about hail damage as well. An old friend's dad actually made a solid $100,000 plus dollar living by working only a couple weeks a year fixing hail damage. car dealerships around the country would hire him to come out after hail storms he would basically disassemble the entire interior of every car pop out the dense by hand. Quite the skill that not many people have. Every time you get the guys mentioned mutton and Mead. I want to send you a bottle. I own a small meatery in Arizona meatery in Arizona. Oh john, you mentioned he hasn't had a good meal in a long time. I don't Have not think was a metaphor but Okay,
John: yeah, no no I have not had a good meal. Yeah, I mean that was what you just have a dirty mind
Adam: do he hasn't had a good meal in a long time. So I wonder if sending a bottle to the PO Box I don't think you can send alcohol to the Bo box game
John: well you know you sent a little tip here for wanting to get me a give me a send me an email. I'll give you my address to meet you. I
Adam: want to meet up.
John: Okay, we can Yeah, we need a meet up now. Now so fast, you send it as vinegar. Or very famous importer who used to be a veterinarian used to ship wine all the time. And he told me that he sent everything out as liniment
Adam: I like pre vinegar could work too.
John: But vinegar. Can you give? Well, actually, there is always some vinegar and everyone believe it or not, with rare exceptions and there'd be some in me too. But obviously you ship it out as vinegar and then you're good to go Screw it. I
Adam: want it straight to my home. I don't want to have to walk for my Mead.
John: So any jingles or anything in there? No,
Adam: but I'm gonna give them a karma just for the meetup joke that you made.
Unknown: You've got karma
John: Julian Erickson in East Boston, Massachusetts. Let me take the next two because there's one coming up they got need to as Julian Erickson in East Boston, Massachusetts 33333 requesting big deal commerford huge contract to close in the next month customer has been dancing with us for nine months. So hoping this comment pushes him over the edge Guinea to closer please give Jeremiah Lambo a massive douchebag he has been freeloading, freeloading douchebag and deserves all the cons. consternation associated with said douchey airy loving light Julian Okay, so I guess you need a big deal karma.
Adam: We got a big deal karma right here for you.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Answer Dave. Duke De Fuca Soto Duke of America's heartland of the Arabian Peninsula from Saudi Arabia actually, even though he's headquartered in Gladstone, Missouri 33333 my annual Mother's Day donation of 111 dot one one for each of my favorite Mother's Day melody her mom, Yolanda, aka Lola, and my mom Pauline, aka Mimi, but not your Mimi. JOHN. Please don't confuse that. Oh,
Adam: no, let's not have that happen.
John: They're pretty stinking awesome. And I love them all. quick update on the latest company shenanigans. Oh bro. Okay, here we go. This This sounds like a repeat of a previous update. Something screwy about this. By the way. He says we didn't get fired on April 30th despite their having told us so now will apparently be fired on the 20th of May. To prepare as you read this, I am on a flight to Sri Lanka for two weeks.
Adam: So we got out.
John: It sounds like it because I figure they can't get their FICO material collected enough to tell us when they're going to actually fire us. I can't be bothered by sticking around until they do I'm going on holiday. If there is any Sri Lankan producers out there hit me up. Jc Jaycees best friend is the Sri Lankan curious fellows and please dole out some travel and jobs karma for all who needed especially my teammates, they've Fukumoto, Duke of America's Heartland and the Arabian Peninsula and perhaps Sri Lanka, if they'll have me
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
Adam: Yes, sir Dave, and get your ass stateside man. We want to see you here to you and the fam. guincho shimura has violated the rules. And now it's a violation of the rules is giving us a script and then saying Oh, play this jingle here and play that one there. And typically know if we would see that again, since we already said this was inappropriate, we would have rejected it. Now in this case. He went through a lot of trouble and produce stuff that we don't have six different jingles and a script. So I don't know why, but I'm going to do it. But this will never ever, ever happen again.
John: This is the last time protesting this. I
Adam: know. I know. You're protesting it.
John: Yeah, but
Adam: I know This is the co host of Canary Cry news talks are basil Night of the warmer corn and Oregon's Night of the Samurai babies. So I guess they have a podcast and this may be some of their stuff. I'm just gonna roll with it, but I'm never going to do it again. So consider this the closer itma and j basil and guns hear from the Canary Cry news talk. This donation of 333 33 is in celebration of our 330/3 podcast episode. Ever since the plan demick we increase the frequency of our shows to three times a week. And thanks the value for value model our producers have sustained this schedule for almost 200 episodes it works. We are proud to say that our new format is heavily influenced by the best podcast in the universe. Shout out to not only the wonderful producers, knights and dames with no agenda show, but also to our incredible producers of the canarium and the knights and dames of the Canary Cry Roundtable. Holy crap. Sounds like we have a replicated system that's very interesting. The value for value model work so we don't have to shill waffle makers like Ben Shapiro, everybody
Unknown: loves waffles.
Adam: And no agenda listeners with an interest in tracking the robot takeover might appreciate our flippy updates sleeping on
Unknown: fries
Adam: or perhaps tracking the beast system speaking. Of course we call out daddy Fauci is lies
Unknown: science is truth
Adam: which is which is not scientific statement track our hairy legged president hairy
Unknown: hairy legs
Adam: and keep up with what China is up to. Now almost almost did it all I failed on that one fader Here we go. And now you know why we'll never do this again. For any no agenda listeners out there who have never heard of us consider your cage rattled. Please look up Canary Cry news talk on your favorite podcasting 2.0 app. And yes, we do accept SATs currently migrating to our own Raspberry Pi lightning node love it. We try to make a habit of preaching the good news of the gospel reporting egregious, the egregious with a well rounded, biblical, biblically grounded take on world events. Thanks for all you guys do and for revealing the super economic model of the value for value. Keep up the great work no gencos no karma. God bless. And remember to think outside the cage, you know. So that's why I thought I would do this for the one last time because nothing makes me happier than seeing podcasters grasping onto something that no conference has ever asked us to come speak about no interview. No podcasting entity is given a shit about what we're doing ever. And these guys go and do it and it's successful.
John: I remember years ago, I had lunch with Jen Briony Essos getting her into this model. And she once said to me, You know, I learned more from just sitting there like with you for an hour over lunch in all these podcasting meetups, all these these conferences that were never invited, we've never I've never been invited to any of them, or even asked to attend for, you know, as a journalist did cover it. But yet they still put them on and they're always the same. They put them promote advertising and stupid ideas that are unworkable on a small scale.
Adam: Yes, where's the value for value model? If you have 1000, you can get 1000 people listening, you can probably do pretty well if you if you apply our model, which will be in our book and ends in the DVD course.
John: Yes. Doing seminars. Good. Better quick money doing some seminars? Yeah.
Adam: Can you imagine you and i doing a seminar together?
John: This would be I think you'd be surprised how good it would be.
Adam: Do you think we could you'd like to do we just we joke and do everything and then we
John: know we I take it with you that we seriously introduced the models and then we talk in between I did a thing with Leo once just to spit you know, a presentation. And you know, where you Leo. But the thing was that when we both went on stage, we turned out to be extremely entertaining, working together as two professionals that know how to work on stage. And it just worked out like it was great. But I think
Adam: you and I would be even better. Is this a possible exit strategy?
John: No, because you know these things these seminars are flashes in the pan. You could do like a series and then a good you really don't want to do it more than once or twice. I
Adam: just want to be on stage with two of those money guns. Shooting dollar bills into the crowd.
John: Stick with us get that dollar bill gun.
Adam: Well, it's a possibility if this podcast
John: were some dancing girls we had we'd have dancing girls now.
Adam: They're not exactly dancing girls maybe some close magic just for the heck of it in the hole we
John: get some closer get a close up magician Yeah, and those guys are the best but then at the airbrush would do is act
Adam: yes and then at the end at the end you know we do right at the end we all get on stage. Hey now y'all can we just get real? Do we really care about our fans? Or is this just
Unknown: another way that we love
specials about the people remember everybody
another life fan or share
John: the chorus
plenty of games out there that can sing off key. Not a problem. Yeah,
Adam: let's get social with social media.
John: Let's get social with sir Rick out of Arlington, Washington who also comes in with 33333. And he sends a actual note and physical note you can tell I have it here. But yes, you do. And he says periods change. This is a quick note to claim my new periods level of URL counting attached and he sent it like a 10 page to for counting. If permitted by the peerage committee, I would like to expand my territory to include the rest of Washington State minus Seattle, and the rest of King County. Seattle. No Good idea, though. You want to rely on response for the homeless? Someone was far more patient than I patients than I possess will have to deal with this steaming pile of dung. He's talking about human poop that yes. Thank you, San Francisco. Keep up the good work. No jingles no karma. Best
Adam: wishes, sir Rick, Earl of Washington State pending? Yes. And then he writes in handwriting you are appreciated. Yes, that will that is going to happen. Of course. We'll do that today during our second donation segment, since we're just talking about a whole bunch of things, expanding this and making something out of it. You know, we had proposition B passed in Austin, which means by May 11th. It has to be enforced homeless. There was no more camping in unapproved places, which is pretty much everywhere in Austin. So I took a drive through downtown after this property vote. And I will say that downtown a lot of tents are already gone. People are already seeing the writing on the wall However, this some group stays a real you can find it on the web. A really lame as protest is now they you know the only place you weren't allowed to pitch tents was in front of City Hall. That was the only place you couldn't camp. So now they've put all of these tents in front of City Hall with big signs and people hooting and hollering except the tents are brand new. They're all a total scam. It's like really that's what you know, homes, not handcuffs. And that smart people what is it was
John: homes that
Adam: handcuffs? Yeah, that's that's the slogan.
Unknown: I love it. Yeah. poems,
Adam: not handcuffs. Well, they're building cups. But it was interesting to see that a lot of the campers are have moved camp. So that's good. That kind of worked. Shepard. Who is in Donna fan, Missouri. 331 33. Good day, gentlemen. I'm a younger millennial with a gorgeous milk and three beautiful human resources. I've been listening to you guys for the last four years or so. Punching folks in the mouth has proven hard as my circles are socially conservative, reformed Christians and most fine your show to vulgar, vulgar or to liberal. Interesting.
John: We are there a loss?
Adam: Yes.
John: He right. And the world is vulgar. And we're not that bad.
Adam: And there's some pretty interesting stuff in the Bible that I could point two that you might want to consider. Could be seen vulgar in different words. I've been an OTG kind of guy since 2014. And I haven't had a TV since 2012. I wrote for Tucker Carlson's news website when I was younger, and got read pilled all to all the M five m bs at a young age about when I was 18. He saved after the Summer of Love last year got a little too close to my Virginia home we decided to pack up and leave the cesspool that is the Commonwealth of Virginia and move to glorious Missouri. I live 30 minutes from the nearest store and 40 minutes from a sell signal. Google doesn't even know my address. We've been here for going on five weeks now and I'd like to think we're settling in nicely. We have 60 laying hens for came with us from Virginia to hogs to cows Annabelle. three horses I had for in Virginia only took three along with us. This is getting long. Sorry john to wrap it up now shout out to all the great people I interact with on nogen. The social gray night blitzed polje hung icy grills sir keg and klaatu to name a few. Thanks for all you do gentlemen needs some work karma trying to get a new job with a very wealthy tech company so I can work hard to pay off my mortgage quickly.
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
John: There's no reason to pay your mortgage mortgage off quickly in these with these interest rates. But 60 chickens or 60 laying hens? Why are you selling eggs? Because you
Adam: better be that's a lot of hens.
John: You'll get probably you can get up to 45 from 60 unless they're professionally forced to lay a lot they still get about 40 eggs a day. easily. That's a lot of eggs. I used to they're delicious.
Adam: I used to have chickens and I thought it was so romantic. When we had the castle like Oh, go out and get some chickens for breakfast. Chickens are assholes. Man. They do not want you grabbing their eggs. They will pick you and they will fly at you. They do all kinds they do not like that.
John: Chris they don't. Luckily, they're careless and they're out of the way from the eggs a lot and you can pick them up and throw them is to do with our chickens. Oh, that's
Adam: not good.
John: Yeah, that's wrong. Just get rid Get out of here and then grab a bunch of eggs and put them in a bet basket and get out of there. Then you still have to check the eggs to make sure it's not some old egg that's been sitting there you missed. The eggs are still better. So Jim watches up on the list, Baron of Whistler and Metropolitan galra Baldy region in Whistler bc God's country to say I've skied it, I've skied Whistler 33333 very photogenic area might add barren of Western Metropolitan Garibaldi region 33333 Canadian. Okay, well then.
Adam: Stock SEC is still good.
John: Yeah, I know. But how did it get into the spreadsheet it with this amount? I was starting this note windows 10 suggested inclusion for all search to make an impact. Yesterday it was to a take a quiz about UNESCO. I see is getting ads or something as he was
Adam: windows 10 Sure.
John: What is Windows 10 sending you these sorts of things that must be an advertising via tracking
Adam: you for some reason. So that must be for that
John: night tax. My Taskbar is woke. Mine's not my clothes, my annual birthday and Cinco de Mayo pote protest donation also a happy birthday to my niece, Emma. And the adorable Yes, he had his birthday yesterday. I might mention when he was over the house had a huge party for him with spinning disco lights and lots of balloons. And so here's the story that goes from this this event. And this is true. So one of the things he's always wanted is a camera. So we had to get him a kid proof cameras are beautiful, or cameras got all kinds. It's rubberized and you can't drop it's like in a break. It's got all kinds of little filters. You can make all kinds of crazy pictures with it. Now this
Adam: does have a screen on one side so you can see the shot immediately or
John: notice this screen on one side, but not on both sides.
Adam: So you can see you can see the results. Yes,
John: it's a real camera. It's got all the features of a regular camera. It's just kid proof. I was kid proofed. So he's he grabs his camera phonies, one of his last gifts is one thing you wanted the most and he screams for joy. And then he says oh boy a camera. Now I can take selfies.
Unknown: Oh
Adam: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this.
John: We weren't with you was like what? So that was our that was the story of the day anyway.
Adam: Wow. Kids lost already.
John: I'm thinking okay, so Jim back to gym. He says also happy birthday and nice Amethi adorable. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Both Summer and Winter Olympics are scheduled in the next nine months. It's been a tough training environment for these athletes, requesting Laurie luge lose lose goat karma. And for read watts, the official Olympian have no agenda shows right? That's right. According to the molar report.
Adam: Yes, it was the lose champion.
John: These are lose guy.
Adam: Yes. Here we go. lose your way. Read.
Unknown: You've got
Adam: Nice, sir Greg birch Baron of the North Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, Washington. 255. Still here since day one girlfriend karma for my son. It's my birthday today may six. Lastly, no agenda will be on my 1965 Classic mini race car.
Unknown: Yes.
Adam: What is it?
John: You got a sticker He made us has no agenda show. Cool.
Adam: Cheers sir Greg birch Baron of the North Olympic Peninsula. Of course we got some of that. Girlfriend karma for your son. Nothing like hooking up your son. You've got karma
John: kit to make sure it's the adorables on the birthday call out list. Yeah. Sarah Schissler in Belgrade, Montana is 233 sorry, we're sorry this segments pretty long today for reasons that we can never account for ITM gentlemen, I'd like to credit this donation to my son Oh, switcheroo. I'd like to credit this donation to my smokin hot soon to be husband Alex for his birthday on May 7. He hit me in the mouth several years ago. And we've been listening to this show on our many adventures ever since life is now better than I ever thought possible. Love is lit for jingles. These these things that catch on Oh, and we only
Adam: read that once. And once I think the amount of people who now say love and lit is it's more than people used to say love and light even i mean it's it's crazy.
John: For jingles Can you watch? it's catchy. I don't know why. For jingles Can I get a Trump aroused? viden whole load and dog karma. we all appreciate all that you do.
Unknown: Absolutely. It was hard to get it aroused and it is hard to get it aroused but we got it arise. I'm
gonna give you the whole load today.
Adam: You're up? Yeah, yeah. This is Brandon ELLs before I do that. I need to have a little more details. Theodore bill of course not on the list. His birthday was yesterday. May 5 and four years old
John: cuz he's not on the list. Please all a family off the list. He hates us.
Adam: Okay, Brandon Ellsbury to 1182 we're getting to the end here but I have quite enjoyed this segment myself. jingles wacky Adventures of Biden. We don't have that one, too. No such thing no such thing. Wicked Witch of the West now we have I have a Hillary cackle that's what you're going to get you got to be very specific with these jingles. Please think of the children which is Will someone please think of the children and Obama Nana Batman that one I actually was able to find for you. And here is the note dear john Adam I need to deducing
Unknown: you spend de douche actually
Adam: says I need to de douche. There you go. I'm writing this the day before my air traffic control final exam. I donated and messaged Adam on mo fax back in October when I was driving home late at night. Well it's spring and I am very happy I chose ATC such an amazingly fun career that I should have been doing from the start. But enough about me y'all make an amazing show I was it has helped keep my amygdala shrunken and for that I thank you. Can I get final exam relationship road trip and jobs karma as I be looking for a new job come July. Well, I hope it's for air traffic control. Also, is that your second paps?
John: That was a plane falling from the sky.
Adam: Also, any new england producers I will be in the area for my road trip between June 6 and 16th. Would love to meet my fellow agenda producers please set up some meetups love to do it. Man. That's like that's the cowling just dropped out of the sky. I would love to do it myself but I don't know the area thank you in advance by by brand and keep your eye on that and also join nogen social comm that's where a lot of these things can be solved.
Unknown: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs are jobs.
John: Matt Leeroy capital L small e $208.12 Geno's request pasta Glock renewal gun full Reverend l dogs are people to if possible please toss in a ghost of John's past the john hunting bit.
Adam: I don't know what that is.
Unknown: Joe that one
John: is that one is in the morning gence I like to humbly request a makeup de-douching
Unknown: Oh, we can do that.
You spend de duced
John: donated a couple months ago and asked for one then but it was missed. This donation is to celebrate my smokin hot wife Liz Leeroy capital L small e capital ROI pronounced low ROI not Leroy for Mother's Day that's
Adam: the first actual Mother's Day donation of the day.
John: We know there's a good one up but never mentioned the mom. Oh, and food has odo had three knobs.
Adam: Are you right? or wrong? I'm wrong. You're right. I'm wrong. I'm
John: wrong. I'm wrong. I realize it is that episode early. Yes. Next episode is our Mother's Day. Special. We're offering the special producers credit for Mother's Day show Mother's Day special show. But an episode early but for good reason. We are selling our house and the open house is on Saturday. I would really appreciate some house selling goat karma. Okay, listen, I have been 30 seen 30 threes everywhere. We rented a storage unit 3300 randomly assigned. I travel for a living in my hotel room was 133 the clocks the odometers everything. We got the picture. And after they got the picture by the way she mentioned they donate $208.05 just just saying Normally, I hit my wife in the mouth a year or so ago. But it took a few months of listening with her in the car before she noticed people getting punched in the face. punched in the mouth. She said that's not how it goes. you slap me in the teeth right? Ah ha ha ha she's been listening to every episode for several months now. And this is started and she started listening to mo facts as well. She has yet to donate so please do do sure as well. What makes no sense
Adam: douchebag but we'll just follow the note.
John: The explanation behind this amount donate is only for okay do we get their explanation now? Is from my wife three daughters birth months, February, August and December. Oh 208 12 pi anywho. Mother's Day is Mother's Day, Liz. Happy Mother's Day. You mean the world to me. You've done such a wonderful job raising our daughters and I'm forever grateful. I can't wait to move out to the country. I love you. So Matt, Leroy, Leroy, Leroy, capital L small E.
Adam: All right, quite a sequence of jingles. Here you go.
Unknown: With the money,
you racist.
I got the my pasta Glocks locked in loaded
or resist?
We must. We must.
John: And we will much about that be committed
Unknown: dogs
dog day jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,
John: jobs.
Unknown: You've got
John: And that is our list of executive producers and associate executive producers for a very special show 1344 we want to thank each and every one of them. The long list of the longtime affiliates being be noted we will be running a little long today. But it was worth it worth the time spent.
Adam: I have to say that these notes in particular though, indeed a bit longer. We're good. We got good information. It was funny stuff we learned about people's personal lives. It's like the People Magazine podcast here is beautiful. Thank you for supporting the show. This is the only way it can be done. You've heard an earlier podcast, he was taking our exact model value for value. And it works you keep on the air now you're not gonna get Joe Rogan money but you're gonna stay on the air and gonna have a good time. And for me, I think for both of us, very satisfying to hear how much pleasure people get out of the community of knowledge in the nation and the show itself and if you'd like to
John: also Also loosens up the podcast because they know that they can tell it like it is or the way they think it is or the way they feel it is where they can just say what they want. They don't have to worry about the advertiser cutting them off.
Adam: That's a good point. You know,
John: any of the podcasts are better.
Adam: Yes. And any any mainstream media like even c span you don't get to say what you want to say they cut you off. Or they pre brand you as something now this is the way to go. I completely agree. If you'd like to participate in this experiment for Sunday is a very simple way to do it. You can check this website out would you remember forever once you hear the jingles
Unknown: Slash
Adam: and a thank you again to our execs and associate executive producers for supporting the show.
Unknown: Our formula is this.
We go out hit people in the mouth.
Adam: He made me self conscious about saying time talent treasure, and I bungled that closer. Thanks for supporting this. Yeah. Hey, let's just talk about noodle gun for a second. Since we had a I want to talk about some noodle gun stuff for a sec. Okay. There was a couple things actually. Here we go. First of all, I wanted to say that I watched the we work documentary, which is out on Netflix right now. Yeah. Have you seen this by any chance?
John: No. And it's something
Adam: that typically might not be that interested in. And you know, if you don't know the story behind wework it's basically a rent by the desk real estate idea that was wrapped in this in this hue of kind of Steve Jobs he and magic from the CEO, this young charismatic Israeli guy named Adam and a lot of you know, venture capital kind of swarmy hype around it and cool stuff. And baristas, you know, and the whole thing wound up being valued at $47 billion. SoftBank, put in billions of dollars, that one of the most so called sophisticated investors in the world. And it was it was Yeah, it basically they're renting buildings, then making it into desks and cubicles and cool and adding a barista and then renting out the desk. And and obviously was flawed. Be well, Funny enough, now it might have a version of it might work quite well with what's happened since COVID. But what I wanted to say about this documentary, is that the people who were in it, who worked at the company, and who were clients of the company, they pretty much millennials. And there was also a we live, so you could not just work in one of these places. They had this kind of commune type living. What it basically was, was all of these clients and people who work at the company, they were sold an Instagram dream. And you see it in the way they speak. And we were changing the world.
John: And I love that.
Adam: But it was it was it john is like and though and we're having fun, it's relaxed atmosphere. And yeah, and then in rigor, they rattle off this name names and they all got like 50 grand seed money from somewhere. So of course they all went out of business. But the whole thing was an Instagram dream. And in It's too bad, you haven't seen it. If you see this, you'll you'll recognize what I'm talking about these and I'll just call them children, for lack of a better word has been hypnotized. And was so easy to pick them up to like, Oh, yeah, this is what it is. This is cool. And look at my life and look at my workspace and look at my cool colleagues and look at my little my cubicle and look at the the barista is batch, small batch very, very sad to see what an effect the selfie culture that your grandson is now becoming a part of he has no future. He's lost already. Maybe an
Unknown: intervention loss.
Adam: Maybe we need to intervene quickly. So there was another story which I liked a lot. And it's something that you know, that you have been saying for a long time. And this is the base camp story. I'll just got a quick clip here to intro it now this base camp. Now that's a small software company trying to deal with wokeness that took a stand against politics at work. The CEO said,
Unknown: Look, we don't solve society's problems. We don't get behind one movement or another. We don't do that no politics at work. After he said that 1/3 of the workforce took a buyout package or resigned.
Adam: So Basecamp is the team that used to use it at one of our marketing clients. I think a long time ago. She's doing freelance stuff. And it's like it's like a Dropbox slack kind of product. And it's it's used by marketing firms. But what happened it really when you dig into what went down at base camp, there was a list. And the list is a funny list of customer names that has been maintained within the company for 10 years. And it's you know, it's stuff that it's juvenile stuff like I do like Mike's you know, like Susan sister, Mike hunt, you know, this kind of like, it's been Dover. So they had some clients that maybe it was, you know, holy more butts there. Yeah, see more bots, holy folk, whatever this kind of joke in a new hire came in. And at this point, the company was already in trouble because they had diversity and equity commissions, they, and this new hire came in, and and oh, my God, we have to do something about this list. And we need to have conversations and we need to. And so their internal communication just filled with all this woke talk to which the two founders, co founders say, you know what, we're done with this. This isn't, this is no longer appropriate. You're not going to post that on here. We don't want to have any more you should be tempering your political talk at work. We're here to do work very similar to what Coinbase said.
John: You're no worse no good.
Adam: And no. And so a third of them resigned, and some high level positions too. And they all had the same message, which I'd never kind of heard before. So you knew it was templated and scripted. I've left now after seven years with the company. I'm looking for new opportunities. DMS are open. I've never heard of this term DMS are open. Everyone had the same tweet, what e m. DMS, like your direct messages direct message or DMS are open and they all said the same thing. And they tell you something. They're all going to die penniless. No one will hire you. No one I won't. No, of course not. Your troublemakers. over what? over what?
John: No, you, you, you you might as well just put a big tattoo on your forehead saying you know loser or don't hire me or woke that. That's it. Whoa, whoa, tattoo woke on your foreheads and hope to get a job. You're not getting at work. You're not getting work anymore. You've decided to do creep. Creep us out.
Adam: You know? And you said from the get go and so people could take a payout or whatever. But I think the big mouths like Oh, do you ever open they took the payout to leave. You've always said that you need to identify these these people before they come into the organization because they can destroy. And I think these guys did a good job doesn't take more than one or two of them. Yeah. They're dangerous. It's actually happening in another company right now. And I think this company has lost the plot Pandora
Unknown: jewelry retailer has pledged to no longer use mined diamonds. Because of ethical concerns that tops news on the money today. The store says it will now use diamonds manufactured in laboratories. Last year, Pandora stopped using newly mined golden silver amid reports of human rights abuses at mines and factories. The company has also cited a greater demand from younger customers for sustainable materials, and Dora will sell its lab Maidstone first in the United Kingdom and expand to other markets next year.
Adam: How does this make any sense? We're no longer gonna sell real diamonds. We're just gonna sell lab and probably charge the same amount to
John: know in some cases, the lab grown is more expensive.
Adam: This is a new term.
John: Gen
Unknown: Z.
Adam: What instead of Gen Z? Gen. z Gen Z Yeah. gems.
John: So I'm wearing a diamond ring. Let's say I'm some buddy wearing a big pinky Ring. Ring pinky ring. Okay, I got a pinky ring and it's got a diamond in it. And somebody is gonna go up to me says dad, is that lab grown or diamond? bind maybe some shaved working
Adam: Blood Diamond man.
John: Nobody cares. Yeah, they I mean it's not Yeah, you should probably not blood diamonds is a different story. that's those are actually banned. But this is just a regular like gold mine because somebody there was a cave in some place. Okay, that went fine. I think there's nothing wrong with being that way. But if you're in business, yeah.
Adam: Very odd.
John: That's just, yeah, it's just as odd as that as the troublemaking employee that comes in and they're gonna see fault with everything because they get their vision of things is always skewed, though. Evil white man kind of skew? Yes. And they're not good employees. They don't like to work. You can tell already. When they say you have to work, worried about
Adam: a meeting about social issues.
John: They want to have meetings about social issues. And it's like that teacher in the early part of this show, you know, there's justice education. I mean, Ah, well, this is my one my kid did learn how to read well and fast. And this is my final story.
Adam: And just like the residents of Austin predominantly liberal, voted with think final tally 57 58%, to reinstate the camping ban in South Lake, Texas that's south of Dallas. The parents got so fed up with the woke, racist education, gender, education, all the things that really have nothing to do with what you just said, is read and read fast. And they did something really unique. They just organized, ran for school Council and kicked all of them out. said no, we're not going to have this and I hold my beer. Let me go ahead and let me just run for can they and they've kicked all of these eight holes out and taken back their school.
John: So good for them and that's
Adam: what it's gonna take. And by the way, so go South Lake. so goes the rest of America is what the republican battle cry is. Yeah, good for them. That's what needs to happen. And people always waiting for, you know, who's gonna help us who's gonna say me? We need a president that's gonna do right. No, no people, you've got to do it yourself.
John: South of Dallas. There's a woman that's a congressman down there in the 13th District of Texas. She's banned at the district was formed in 1993. This woman is black woman has banned Congresswoman from there. The Democrats have decided to primary her out. And I ran into a bunch of weird stuff on this. It's used to be a site and I thought it was always kind of a smoking gun owners called crooks and liars, which is now just a front for the Social Democrats,
Adam: crooks and liars used to I used to get clips from that it used to have really funny stuff.
John: Yeah, it was take I think it was either bought by the blue democrat or something. I don't know who Yeah, I noticed it happening because he got bought out. And so they're promoting, they're promoting that this woman is Belize going to blue democrats is the go to girl that there's going to get rid of this black woman. And she's black too. But she's a young black socialist millennial. And I just have a couple of clips I picked up because this is what you're dealing with these do modern Democrats, this is a modern Democrat. Nothing like Joe Biden. You angry irked my way or the highway. And this is Jessica Mason, the blue, the blue america's got blue American blue democrat blue America choice. For Congresswoman,
Unknown: I spent three months in the ICU. What does that say about America, the richest country in the world? How can we let black and brown children continue to suffer and nearly die of treatable diseases because they don't have adequate insurance. In South Dallas, where I'm from our children are more likely to develop severe asthma because of pollution. Our water pollution is worse than fleance blackletter dying during childbirth, and we have some of the lowest life expectancies in the state of Texas. our healthcare system places profits over people.
John: Oh, I would like to see some documentation that the South Dallas 30th District of Texas has worse water than Flint. Yeah, it has worse water than Flint. So it's loaded with lead is that were you telling me what I wanted? I want some documentation. So here she goes. Now let's just cut to the chase and listen to her rant about whatever she would they all all the blue Americans rant about
Unknown: what Texas needs is a green new deal and guaranteed federal jobs, massive investments in green infrastructure, not incentives to continue producing gas and coal powered energy energy, and further enriching the pockets of these oil executives. And with all due respect, I'm not okay with bipartisanship. And that means compromising on the rights of black, brown and immigrant people. So we really need to stop with the bipartisan propaganda and really advocate for the people of Texas 30. Our representative also failed to support Cory Bush's amendment on voting rights for incarcerated people. If she refuses to apologize for voting for the 1994 crime bill that has led zip codes in my district to have the highest incarceration rate in the state of Texas. How many black men are in jail because of how many black men are in jail because they are victims of poverty? How many black men are killed because of irresponsible and racist policy? We need to enter the privatized prison system and stop the criminalization of poverty and blackness.
Oh, yeah.
Adam: Well, she
John: was winning, guaranteed federal jobs, guaranteed. Everybody. Yeah, it's all it's all part of big government. You know, it's all part of the socialist idea. I have a contract. The clip by another black person. This is a cop, a fairly famous, outspoken police guy named Brian Tatum. And yes, yes, I've seen him before. Yeah, he's quite good. He's very erudite and he is a
Adam: which is that? Is that is that your version of? He's well spoken for a black man is that what? area no spoken
John: is one thing area dites another that he's well spoken. Yes. And he he's on one of these. Again, one of these. I think this is a I think this may be a TV show, but it needs more.
Adam: Brandon, not Brian. I think it's Brandon. Brandon.
John: Could be brand new. I don't know. We don't get names right on this shows. Genuinely, when screwed up earlier ever, ever listened to Mr. Tatum, bitch and moan in a way that is I have not heard anybody. Even nobody has really says what he's about to say. Probably we can speak
Unknown: now to Brandon Tatum, a former police officer, and founder and CEO of the officer Tatum, thank you very much for coming on the program.
Adam: My pleasure.
Unknown: So we're gonna talk about loss of the wider issues just in a moment. But first of all, just wanted to get your reaction to the conviction? Well,
Adam: first of all, I think most of what I heard on the broadcast all the way here is confusing to me. I think we're living in the twilight zone, this conviction. And my personal opinion did nothing for our country. I mean, people are living a lie. I mean, this was one police officer, one person in the community. They found him guilty. This was the swift of justice I ever seen in my life. The day after the film came out, he was arrested. He was tried liberation, he was convicted. I'm not I'm not really sure why people are acting like this. This is monumental. Also, he did not get a fair trial. And my personal opinion, there was a lot of obstruction that happened, they paid the family out 27 million before the jury could be selected. I mean, they're going to have a case in appeal. So I don't know why people are celebrating. And I don't know why this is such a big focal point other than people are making money off of the pain of people in our country.
Unknown: So
you were you're objecting firstly to some of the things that happened around the trial, which now that there is a conviction. I think we should probably park that. But secondly, you're upset that there's a amalgamation here of a wider sense of a landmark case and this one specific court case?
Adam: Yeah, this is not a landmark case. I think people are this is a political agenda. They're pushing lives in our country. policing in America is not inherently racist. We don't live in a racist country. This was an interaction between a police officer that I thought did the wrong thing. And a black man who was on drugs, high resisting arrest, and ended up being killed by that police officer. That's as simple as it can be. The President of the United States, got out and made a fool of himself trying to promote racism in a simple police encounter that the officer got convicted on. So you reject that view.
Unknown: But you reject President Biden's comments about systemic racism and it being a stain on the whole nation.
Adam: Yes, President Biden is an idiot in my personal opinion. And he's just talking because he's a politician, systemic racism. I mean, if you look at Joe Biden himself, you know, he spoke at a Ku Klux Klan members funeral and did the eulogy of Robert Byrd. I mean, he is white supremacy and racism if you if you want to want to say that is the case. And now he's the president. Yeah, of course, this aired on some obscure thing
John: here never hear this stuff
Adam: it right if you want to hear actually mode is a really good breakdown of the show of in trial mode facts Episode 62. We talked about for about four hours.
John: Which four hours what episode was it
Adam: the most recent 162 Okay. I'm going to do it right now. JOHN, you can't stop me.
I've been carrying this with me for so long. First, a little updated second half. As we are awaiting the return to Earth of some Chinese thing that is out of control, you can track it on the websites. But there's a little interesting detail about what will come crashing down to earth scientists are tracking and out of control Chinese rocket falling back to earth and could partially survive reentry into into the atmosphere. The rocket launched last week and the boosters were supposed to fall into the ocean, but they fell into Earth orbit. That means the rocket parts which are 98 feet long could fall to Earth any day now landing anywhere from New York to Beijing to New Zealand. One expert told a NASA YouTube channel that a similar mistake with a rocket last year sent debris raining down over Africa, causing serious damage. It had
Unknown: these long metal rods
like you know 15 meter long
metal rods
So we're slicing through the atmosphere while standing two buildings in these villages and Ivory Coast. Luckily no one was hurt
over like a
mile radius they found debris. That was big hardware that because damage, nothing this heavy has fallen back to Earth in more than 30 years.
Adam: I could not help but notice the rods from God that are coming be raining down from the sky, which is exactly what we talked about couple months ago as the new space weapon. Yes.
John: I'm thinking Wouldn't it be interesting if a bunch of the rods from God hit the Belgrade US Embassy?
Adam: Even though we were aiming for something else,
John: you get to get the reference Yes,
Adam: it would be interesting to see where the rods from God and up but that sounds like
John: nothing to do with us. It
Adam: was an accident. Clearly some space war stuff going on. Make no mistake now. I have an insider, an insider deep inside the Pentagon verified as much as I can. This person has been feeding me information and the most pertinent one is faces pay attention to all of the stupid propaganda that's now coming out all of this project reveal or whatever, you know, oh 204 you know, look at all the videos all of a sudden we're in the Pentagon is allowing pilots to show what they've seen the UFOs the flying Tic Tac and above all the two biggest propagators of this stuff who always invite the same entertainment guys on mind you the person you're about to hear, works and consults on movies creates entertainment products, documentaries about UFOs Tucker Carlson is always bringing this shithead on or some other guys like him. We spend some time reporting on this story, we should have spent a lot more time because this could be the most consequential thing to happen to this country to this world maybe
Unknown: ever.
In June, the United States government is set to release a public report on everything it knows about UFOs Lou Elizondo was the former head of the advanced aerospace threat identification program. He's been on the show a number of times, he just spoke to the New York Post about what that report will show according Elizondo, we will find in intelligence failure on the part of the US intel community on the level of 911.
The last time we had an intelligence failure in this country, a major one, which was 911, it took us almost three years to come up with the 911 Commission Report takes a long time.
Let's just go down the rabbit hole here for a second, let's
just assume this is some sort of adversarial or foreign technology that several decades now has managed to leapfrog us and invade all 18 members of the intelligence community despite our best human intelligence signal.
Adam: Alright, so you don't need to hear this whole guy and Joe Rogan has other guys from the same nest on all the time. I wish that this was real, I wish that these UFOs were whether there'll be landing and in June we're gonna find all and and whatever would be coming from outer space. This is bull crap. What now and here's how I think his information is trustworthy. All of these recent videos are not actually videos, their radar images, their scans, none of them. There's nothing with the humor, especially the Tic Tac one that is not a naked eye video. None of these things are. This is projection technology. It's multi sensor spoofing the pilots, they believe what they saw, because their instrument showed this. This is in fact a project which is being run by the Navy. And this is supposed to be a really big deal. I think they call it Nemesis the netted emulation of multi element signature against integrated sensors. And this is used to project naval fleets wherever they want to have them to confuse our enemies, and they can project onto any sensor anywhere in the world. And that's all that this is cloaked as some UFO stuff. They are hoaxing everybody, while rolling out this technology, which apparently is quite effective. The number of times we've heard about, well, this fleet is there and this fleet is there may not actually be all that true. They've chosen from building ships to going this route with projecting which kind of takes you back to the
Manhattan Project, projecting these fleets wherever they may be necessary.
John: I believe that technology is possible. Well, it's a great idea I would be working on it.
Adam: Yeah. And I'm sad to say that that is the Truth of this,
Unknown: but but
John: I don't necessarily think that they're connected and what is it got to do with the idiotic Chinese?
Adam: No, I'm not connecting them. That was just an updated story that's not connected. Okay, that's not good. I
John: wouldn't you didn't make it clear.
Adam: I said quite okay. I thought I made it clear, I should make it more clear. I wasn't clear to me what this is is going to be Project Blue Beam, someone will turn it into that which is to get us all to bow down to some alien force eventually it'll come to that, but it's going to be 10 years from now, so don't get too excited. In the meantime, space wars are happening. And the UFO and belief in aliens which I do, is being abused for warfare, and we're all falling for it and the biggest thing abuse the biggest dupes are Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan.
John: They're really now pooped out in well. In Washington State, I think in some Oregon to some colleges are showing up getting gutted and dried.
Adam: Yes, this is your cow segment we've all been waiting for.
John: Well, I don't have any clips or anything. It's not nearly as interesting as the tumbling rocket. But the cows again are starting to de desiccated cows have shown that one of them sitting upright. As a joke. I think aliens probably have a sense of humor, right? I hope. And it does. Nobody can explain it these days. desiccated couses dibala bloods been sucked out and their guts are gone. This is something that emerges standing there, gutted and standing there.
Adam: One of our producers even sent in a note that that happened to some of their cattle. Yeah.
Unknown: Yeah. No, I don't know.
John: That's our great segment.
Adam: That's all I got for you right now. There. I'm in.
All right. Breaking News, breaking news. Breaking News, just breaking tonight, Bill and Melinda Gates, two of the richest people
Unknown: in the world and major forces in the world of philanthropy are divorcing after almost three decades of marriage
Adam: of everything that's going on in the world. Of course, the most emailed article, Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing. And I want to say hey, you did it.
John: You sound exactly like Jeff biggest.
Adam: Oh, thank you. I've been practicing. I would like to make a statement up front. I don't. I think divorce is sad. Especially if you're a celebrity. It's a major pain in the ass. I was. I think I was Bill Gates level in a very small country for a while. Divorce, when you're famous is horrible. The things people say the jokes still continue to this day. But you know how many I've been divorced from Patricia 10 years, still continue to this day, and they're annoying, you get used to it. So it's sad. And you know, everything that's going on around that is a bunch of dickish people who are saying that. With that said, john, I'd like to hear the inside dirt because you actually know Bill Gates and his antics. And you
John: know, Bill Gates and I've met I met Melinda years ago. Now I haven't seen Bill Gates for 20 years ever since a BK quit Microsoft and became a big shot and now only hangs out. Well, you have to say, bill did his level best over the years to try to be with the people. The normal people by not flying in his private jet and flying commercial on when taking public transportation cabs now back in the day, like the idea of a limo. All that changed over time because when he once he married Melinda that, I think is I haven't seen him since he got married. This is typical with some of these guys, you know, they get married and I how are you doing that? You should be on a private plane. You got the money. So I got a copy of her book. Ooh. Which came out it's you could look up the name. I can't remember the title is unmemorable. She came out 2019
Adam: like, on my own or something.
John: No, no, no, no. No, something about women and women's empowerment.
Adam: Like leaving your man.
John: Well, there's a bunch of stuff in there but there's some revealing information. I'm gonna read the whole thing.
Adam: It's the moment of lift
John: the moment of lift Yeah, there's a there's a
Adam: how he wrote this title. How empowering women change the world.
John: Yes. And so this would get on any anybody's nerves. But she goes in she has some interesting things in there. She says For example, when when she told bill that they were she was pregnant with their first child. There was a kind of a mini spat that took place because she was thinking that not telling him these are on the trip in China, and he wanted to stop might be better Get back home and then to talk about it. But he insisted or wanted her it didn't insist because it didn't happen. But he wanted her to keep working as a Microsoft slave, you know, whatever salary, she was getting a salaried worker at Microsoft, while pregnant or no wife when she had to after she had the baby. She did work, Russia's pregnant. And I thought that was kind of odd. Like, is there some reason for this? Another little tidbit that you should note which people say, Oh, this is some sort of a scam so they can you know, to split up their money and make more money, and I don't think so. I don't think
Adam: it really is like, Oh, it's for taxes. Are you kidding me? idiotic.
John: yeah, you're dumb. You're dumb. But I think there's one thing that was eating at her and I think, by the way, I think the reason they're splitting up just to be honest about it. I think they got sick of each other. Yeah, I think that's a reason a lot of people split. Yeah, just because each other I've had it with you.
Adam: 27 and 27 years, it's the time it can happen. 27 she
John: she's gonna get a lot of money. There's there's reportedly no prenup bullshit,
Adam: but I have I have the filing right here. There is a prenup agreement. It's right into court documents and the documents have been around for a week.
John: Okay, well, I'm gonna say something. Something about that any good lawyer, that prenup is useless because after being married for 27 years with three children that prenup is useless. It's not going anywhere. So there's no she's gotten to the point I'm going to make a she's getting billions of dollars. Hold on a
Adam: second. I need some advice here. You know why married Tina, you telling me that there's a there's a limit on how much I can take from her.
John: If you if it's in a prenup,
Adam: so she makes me sign a prenup, but it's not good after a certain amount of time.
John: Now, a good lawyer can rip apart any prenup after a while because 20 I guarantee any lawyer 20 said the divorce attorney 27 years and three children that prenup doesn't mean anything. And the point I'm trying to make it I'm going to make it again. She's gonna get billions and billions of dollars. And here's what I think has something to do with it or has something that we should know. Okay, here
Adam: we go. Here we go.
John: Is that bill over the years, over and over and over again said his children are getting no inheritance.
Adam: Yes, yes. You have mentioned this.
John: Yeah, he made a big stink about this. And he did it for years. And he's, I think he stuck by it. And I think he's still sticking by it. With Melinda getting half the money, let's say or even a third of it. Whatever, billions.
Adam: The kids are going to get plenty of money now because she's getting from her. She'll give the kids the money that bill will give them. So do you think it's possible the kids were playing all kinds of games and leaking out animation and driving a wedge between their parents for their own personal gain? No, I don't think so. Okay, I like that story.
John: It's a good one. I mean, there's a lot of ways you can go with this. But I still think it's just basic, you know, two people broke up. And yeah, and one of them's gonna end up with a lot of money like Jeff Bezos, his ex wife, and she's gonna in her in her inheritance. I guarantee those kids are getting some money that bill says he's never going to give them and I think that was an element.
Adam: What it what it what it does create those an issue for Dr. Bill in his Dr. Bill roll, he can't show up for a while now.
John: Because it's just Oh, that's a plus. Yes,
Adam: it was for us, but it's not a big plus for the industry. Also, could it be related to his? His his promotion of not allowing intellectual property of vaccines going to India? Do you think maybe the timing of this is like, Oh, really? douchebag take that good. Is that is that possible?
John: I really think is not possible. I will enter one more factoid which I see one of the newspapers and one of the magazines is picking up on which is Bill's long term relationship with an Winblad. Now,
Adam: this is interesting, because I know an Winblad, I've met her Didn't we meet her together at a at like a pod show VC pitch meeting or something possible?
John: I don't remember that. But I
Adam: think you set the meeting up, because, you know, and Winblad.
Unknown: I do yeah,
Adam: I think she's very nice
John: lunch with and for a long time, but I probably should have again and I'm I could get a lunch when she's old as would
Adam: at this point, isn't she? She's 70. She's older than that. She was 70 when I met her.
John: She may have a painting in the basement that's aging or is aging and she's not well, so they're making a big fuss about and Bill's relationship because he was she was a girlfriend of bills before he you know, he's and she was more as type a petite blonde which has always been his preference. I he was the Deborah Weiss when I was editor infoworld, and she was one of my reporters. And she had things to say to that are interesting to me. Anyway, just to cut to the chase, by one time and told me that there was an agreement before bill gets married Melinda that he'd get to see and for intellectual purposes, because they they liked each other's company and they liked to talk about, you know, the industry. She was a venture capitalist. And he demanded it, I think it was, if there was a prenup that you cite, it would should have been in there according to her that they two of them two weeks out of the year, at the most, they could run off, they have some place they used to meet at or be go to a lot and just shoot the shit basically. And that was not a big deal.
Adam: They read real complicated books together. So I don't think there was anything.
John: I believe this happens and I don't think it's a big deal. No, a lot of people who are friendly with their exes have any sort wives or girlfriends and it's not a it's not a big deal. And they're making a big deal out of it is bullcrap. That's bullcrap. Yeah. I think it's very simple What happened? And I don't think there's any complexity to our bill was caught maybe hanging out with some bimbo or she's like somebody else. And it's simple. Forget it. It's not a good story. I agree. do their own thing.
Adam: I agree. Gregory, and it's kind of sad. You know, as much as I despise this guy and think he's a complete and utter douchebag and a liar. And just a horrible vaccine peddling dick.
John: I mean, how do you really feel what
Adam: I've gone through two divorces, and it's not helpful. It doesn't help anybody. And it makes other people typically who were unhappy about their own relationships, really happy to project on whatever happened there. So yeah,
John: just think about that separately. People should just think this is not a story, a real story, bullcrap story that nobody has nothing to do with anything. It will take bill out of commission for a while in terms of being an A new shows. Which is, which is a plus. We're tired of seeing him. Yes.
Adam: But the other kind of interesting story that just shows you how diabolical the media is, is, and when I say media, I mean mainstream television, cable news and social media. The The, the Supreme Court of D platforming over there at Facebook, who is made up of a stellar blue ribbon panel. All kinds of insiders and all kinds of shills whatever, decided that while Yes, it was appropriate that President Trump was banned from the platform. However, the the penalty and when he should be reinstated, which is what Facebook was hoping to hear from their commission. They they punted that back and said, No, no, you've got to determine what the what the penalty is, is that indefinite? Is that for six months? What is it? And I don't even know what the resolution is. But the funniest thing and that's what we do here, no agenda is listen to the media. This is Brian seltzer water he is the media reporter for for CNN, and just listen to the disdain that he has about certain things.
Unknown: President Trump's lies led to a bloody deadly insurrection. Why would they ever let you back on to pedal more
John: what what realize
Adam: throughout the big lie in
John: what was no what was? Oh, okay, the understanding was that of his election when Yeah,
Adam: that is branded as the big lie, branded specifically to connect to Adolphe Hitler. And the big lie, you know, this is all very important that we continue to propagate that and in a very journalistic manner, she actually says, Why should be able to peddle
Unknown: this crap? Why would they ever let him back on to peddle more of the crap?
There are a lot of members of this board that are free speech advocates, amendment absolutist in some cases, that are going to make an argument that these platforms should not be in the position of making these choices at all. If Trump is brought back on Facebook, it'll likely be for those reasons
but a lot of this has to do with the memory hole right the riot going down the memory hole that's what Fox and right wing media has been trying to do and I worry that this may be another result of that.
Adam: I can you believe it? There are free speech advocates and first amendment zealots what this will not stand these people are evil.
Unknown: Free Speech.
John: I mean, he says free speech absolutist absolutist. Yes.
Adam: absolutists
Unknown: ah.
Adam: If that's the guy is sitting there, on the basis of free speech, and the First Amendment freedom of the press, that's, that's the reason why he can sit there. You know?
John: That's the irony.
Adam: It's just It's incredible. Incredible. Anyway, I
John: know the irony of these, this is like the news media people not liking the idea of WikiLeaks.
Adam: Correct?
John: Why should I? Oh, Joe? No, they're revealing all the secret documents and all these things that would make my journalistic endeavors even easier, and it would give me some ideas for stories. I could fight through this stuff and get get somewhere. But no, no, no, it should be illegal. Nobody should go looking at it. Because these guys are all spooks and they're not allowed to look at it. If somebody says you shouldn't look at something, that if you're a journalist, you should want to look at because you want to see what's in there you want to look at but you, you tell people not to do it. They're probably a spook, because spooks aren't
Adam: allowed to go on WikiLeaks or they're just working for pharma.
John: Well, that could be working for pharma too. But generally speaking, there's aren't the guys. They're not the guys like, let's say, let me think Who can I think of that would be some guy to be categorized as a mouthpiece for maybe the intelligence community so we can get a feeling for what might be going on in the world. Oh, Richard angle. So Richard angle who goes here he goes, there he goes everywhere. And now he's in Afghanistan. So I hooked up.
Adam: The spook the spook is on the scene.
John: I want to see what the CIA thinks about what's going on in our pullout. In Afghanistan, I want you to I shouldn't make a note that I didn't I don't think I have the opening is introduction to this by the guide and B C's. What's his name to bytecode? Does?
Unknown: Lester
John: Lester Holt Lester Holt. So Lester, he makes a point of saying we're going to pull up he doesn't make the Biden comment that we played the other day where we're leaving on May 1, and we're going to be out by September 11. He doesn't say that. He says we're going to leave on September, the original idea, because nobody wants us to leave at all. I would think if you're in the agency, so let's see what let's hear what what Richard angles got to tell us at the praise beauty salon in Kabul. All the talk today is about the Taliban, and whether the Islamic fanatics will return as US troops leave and make these simple things a crime. The Taliban banned makeup and hairstyling women and girls couldn't go to school, or work. The salon owner Leon says women have now become members of society, doctors and lawyers under American protection. If the Taliban returned, it will be a disaster. She says in an undisclosed location in Kabul in hiding. I met a group of former translators for the US military who say they're marked men, they want to leave with US troops.
Unknown: This is the final stage. We have to make it now or we will never towards an hour never
John: help the US military find, fight and kill the Taliban. He received a medal from US troops when he was injured on a combat mission and kept working for five days. Do you feel like you're being left behind?
Unknown: Of course they have done this videos
for getting up to now.
Do you think you will survive?
I can't I can't stand him right here. I will try my best to be alive and go to the European country. I will I will leave my family.
John: These men say they're proud to have helped us forces they were fighting for their country to but that it could cost them everything. The US has a program to offer asylum to translators. But 1000s of interpreters here have joined a petition complaining, it's too slow. And they've been excluded. The Taliban controls about half this country now. And they're making a push as US troops leave.
Adam: No. So Oh, he told the humanity
John: By the way, those translators could barely speak English, we're going to translate that the best they can do.
Adam: The translates a bum rap man, the translators. I've met a couple when I was in rock. And you know, it's very dangerous work, at least in Iraq. Not I don't buy Afghanistan.
Unknown: But what worse,
Adam: but let's just be honest about it. As we you have pointed out in other reporting 15,000 contractors, special, just all outside forces, all on the scene protecting the poppy fields. They don't want the Taliban to come back into play not because the Taliban is going to go kill the poor translator but the Taliban burned down the poppy fields. That's why that's the only reason why.
John: Yes, the Taliban were anti Poppy, anti Poppy and read up the whole market worldwide.
Adam: You know, someone should do a little graph. I'm sure there's some data available. of the 20 years, the United States and coalition forces, we're not the only eight holes doing this have been in Afghanistan, and the increase in production of poppy and the increase of pharmaceutical sales of heroin, and I'm sorry, oxy. And does I think you correlate that you'll see a very interesting graph,
John: but should be dynamite graph.
Adam: And it's sad, but man and and we just get this bullcrap lie that still somehow related to September 11 2001. Really, really? That's why we're there. And really, it makes me mad. It makes me mad.
John: Yeah, well, now you hear the official pronouncements. That's all you know, we got to be Oh, these bastards, you know, sons of bitches. Okay, all right.
Adam: I have one story before we take, take a break here. This was predicted. I think I predicted this. Well over two years ago. This is regarding Brexit in the United Kingdom. And I said with all the things happening, this is going to be the problem. It's going to come down to it. And I hate to be right on this one. But you don't
Unknown: mess with the fish to Royal Navy patrol vessels are being sent to Jersey to monitor the situation. After a router erupted with France over post Brexit fishing rights. The French government threatened to cut off power supplies to Jersey in a dispute over a new licensing system for French fishing vessels. Robert Hall is in Jersey for us tonight. And the latest Robert
Weil news that those vessels are being deployed came following a phone call to the jersey government from number 10 from Boris Johnson, who expressed his unwavering support for jerseys position. To be fair jerseys politicians have been trying very hard for the past few days to calm things down ahead of a protest of which more in a moment. So how did we get here? Well, channel Ireland fishermen and French fishermen traditionally have worked together pretty well most of the time, but that started to go downhill after Brexit. When jersey started to reestablish its territorial waters. At the weekend, it also began to issue licenses to French boats. Those licenses cover boats that are regularly here, cover what they can catch covers the amount of time that they're in Jersey waters. And there was almost immediate pushback from the fringe communities like Granville and Carter's along the Normandy coast who said, Look, this is untenable. We haven't had enough time. There's detail here, which is just unacceptable and unworkable. And at a meeting in shurberg. Yeah, a couple of days ago. They got together with other fishing ports and said, Look, we are going to have to do something here. We're going to stop jersey boats landing. We're going to go and protest in Jersey. We that looks like going ahead. And then we had that speech in the French Parliament yesterday from the maritime minister saying it will we may use jerseys supply from our grid as a negotiating tool as I speak
around 70 boats are said to be on their way to Jersey, they're gonna anchor outside some hellyer they may well be protesting or blockading. Whether the presence of the Royal Navy will help or hinder, which we'll see in the coming days.
Adam: Conflict coming real conflict,
Unknown: brother,
I told you you can't
Adam: this fish thing is like Cujo. It's just fish. That's a pretty big deal to fish. And and and we knew this was coming and we knew it was going to be a problem. And here we are. Now we've got naval naval vessels. They're threatening to cut off power. That's how you do it with Brexit baby.
John: Did a relied on windmills and sun.
Unknown: Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna show my mood by donating to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that.
Oh yeah, that'd be fun.
John: Few people to thank for show 1344 including anonymous who came in with $134. Also john Robin a 200. Ashlyn Davis a five. Jamil Thomas 6969. And now we have the 5920 I'm sorry. What was the wh five what was the Mayday thing was 55? I don't know what 5921 is, but there's a bunch of them. That's weird. Shouldn't
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John: Oh, it was the Mother's Day. Yes. I'm sorry. Sunday. Yeah, I know. I do a wonderful job of these. emotions.
Adam: Go says you gotta read the moms here too, then.
John: Yeah, I'm gonna read the date names and locations and you're gonna say the happy to shout us to the mom. Ready? Yeah, I'm ready. Cuz you can read that and I can read this. Starting with Randy. Visiting teen in Houston, Texas. 5921.
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Adam: This is interesting. Happy Mother's Day two and here's the same name subbulakshmi. So my Sundaram. Also my wife, Erin, and my mom, Susan, sir Daniel, and I'm probably saying something horrible in like some, some dialogue.
John: That's a good gag. Like
Adam: this is the next one is not a mother's day to donation from Ben Dale 5665. He's from the UK. I wanted to read this. Also, I want
John: to mention by the way, that the Mother's Day donations consist of 12345678 Can we please make sure that mom is recognized on the Mother's Day show a little better than that?
Adam: And mom's dragged us through this past year and a half. I think that's what you got. vindale vindale 5665 ty Felix time I got myself a D douchey. You've been de douche. So here's my hard earned disability cash. After a few failed attempts I was hit in the mouth by my carer a decade long listener yet to collect his well overdue knighthood. And I've been playing no agenda clips to my smokin hot girlfriend ever since. I feel I'm in a very exclusive group group, having managed to say mask test and poke free while living in prison UK. This is only been possible as I'm quadrate quadriplegic wheelchair user after having had a stroke at age 18, which very nearly killed me but now I've completed 39 laps of our nearest star and even all the months in hospital being pumped with God knows what everything seems so clear. Everything on TV has a purpose to steer the sheeple yet I still get the stink guy went out shopping. But I do find it very amusing when people jump back and spread themselves against the supermarket shelves as I drive past occasionally turning away to save themselves from my highly infected breath with Adam's undercover earpiece voice in my head coach
Unknown: hotel we have a super spreader rolling up
Adam: I think it would be a worthy member of the vaccine free baseline volunteer program I don't have the skill to set this up myself but it seems a worthwhile task anyway. Please do not find your exit strategy yet as you're bringing much needed Sandy to our very messed up world find me at massless Wheeler UK on na social. I just thought it was hilarious that here's this poor guy, quadriplegic in his you know, in his wheelchair rolling up the aisle and people are jumping back. Oh
John: yeah, it's so movie. Like the visual. I
Adam: like the visual. Thanks for the dynamite. Thanks for the support.
John: All right onward with Zachary, Jude in Minneapolis, Minnesota 5603. You can see if there's a
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John: now we have actually Maxine's Maxie of Maxine Waters gravel is this guy I'm not gonna say his name because I don't think he wants it necessarily. But he's changing his name to vaccine waters gravel. He's got a long story we'll read some not in this note segment but he has a healthcare story that's interesting. That we will read but not right now. As long as Pfeiffer jingles and he knows that. Tyler bar Bose 5521 Frank giti in London Uk 3521 This is a made a donation or made a donation these are we had a few of these six year mark of the barren country in Barron Wisconsin 5521 Joseph Hare 5521 Lin kissing in Newark Delaware 55 to anyone that he has a happy birthday to see adorable or she does. He does. She Tim Arad are in Woodstock, Ontario. Austin others the adorable Happy Birthday 5521. Brian furley in Littleton, Colorado 5510 double nickels on the dime sir Tom dari and deforest, Wisconsin 2510 Laura Poe in viola, Wisconsin wishing Happy Anniversary to Zachary the river rat 5533 Lord Michael gates Baron of the rest of Colorado 52 at Daniel Taggart 5121 in Irvine, Irving, Irving, Calif. Texas, Casey Vaughn, he'll in Columbus, Ohio 5121. These are all 5120 ones. Quite Mayday donations, john Shaughnessy, and Paul Dalby 5121. from Colorado Springs another Colorado Springs we get listeners in Colorado Springs do a meet up. Dame Dame Jerry Dame jarius tim J. There's some fun here a dangerous dangerous dangerous dangerous of the nether
regions in Haarlem, Netherlands 5033 Muslim jobs karma at the end we'll give it to Susan Cray camp Dame for and Lady before and dacula Georgia 5021 the following people or $50 donors, including well we'll start with Michael rah rah rah rah and Powell Ohio, Nathan gray and Sebring, Florida. D douchey. is needed for Michael Williams son No.
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Adam: Let's see how we how we do on the real Mother's Day that'll be Sunday support
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Adam: we say happy birthday to Jim wants to celebrated yesterday, Shawn O'Leary is well he turned 60 sir Greg birch is celebrating his birthday today. Sarah Schissler Happy Birthday to smokin hot soon to be husband Alex's birthday. His birthday is tomorrow. Andrew Christianson Happy Birthday to his wife Gretchen should be 33 on May 14. Zachary Jude says Happy Birthday to his boys Tyler and Eric they are both turning 18 Sergio Jules Reed believe in birthday may 5, and of course we wind it up with the adorable Thea dorable who turned four years old yesterday Happy Birthday to everybody here the best podcast in the universe take a selfie for us.
Unknown: Change
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Unknown: Here you go.
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Unknown: No one.
Adam: No agenda where you can find fellow gitmo-nation producers and servants and slaves. This great ways to meet up with him everywhere. We had a lot of meetups but only one report came in but it is from Toronto. with amazing morning gentlemen.
Unknown: This is Derek aka the token. Reporting live from Christie pits. Paul is calm. All those right.
in the morning.
It's Nick the douchebag here and we're drinking in apart
the douchebag.
Gentlemen, it's
Frank douchebag. Reporting from Toronto, Canada, aka the great white North Korea. Adam, I'm
coming to Austin.
Prepare your poop scooper for me.
Adam: Great White. North Korea had not heard that one yet. Here's meetups coming your way. today. There's one in the Denver area. It's the mud season masquerade meetup at 630. Mountain Time at water's edge winery and Bistro tomorrow the low country charleston south carolina springtime meetup at five o'clock at the rooftop at the vendu Pittsburgh bring your own pizza Park meetup. That'll be at 530 in Haile Park. Sorry. Nothing. Oh, I thought you going.
John: Stretching?
Adam: Oh then don't matter. I mean, you interrupt my flow. Houston hacker six o'clock on Friday, Saturday, the Memphis bad beer protest at one o'clock at hammer and ale. Also on Saturday, Oakland County, Michigan trails and ales two o'clock and RSVP for the location for more fabulous meetups and we have quite a list all the way through may even some into June go to no agenda meetups calm. If you can't find one near you start one it's easy and it's just like a party. No agenda meetups calm.
Unknown: Sometimes you want to go hang out with
me. triggered
you wouldn't be
like a party.
Adam: All right.
John: Double things is I have one ISO but I want you to play yours first.
Unknown: Okay,
Adam: let me see. I have a number of ISOs. Actually, let me see. Where's my where's the ISO been? Good? I would ISO been here in. Okay, I have a couple of them. Here's one.
Unknown: I'm excited to eat some cicadas. Okay,
Adam: that would be interesting. We have this one, but he's got a podcast now.
Unknown: Hmm.
Adam: I got a lot of ISOs
Unknown: Oh, wow. It's all true. It is true. It absolutely is true.
Adam: I don't know why one that one has too long. This one we're caught.
Unknown: We're done. And honestly, I
Adam: think this is for me. This is the the clear winner. I don't know what you have planned. But I think I'm gonna beat your ass with this one.
Unknown: Stop pulling out your weed.
Adam: I mean, how can you be that?
John: What was it again? I was it was muttering Stop pulling
Unknown: out your weed.
John: Stop pulling out your weenie your we
Unknown: stopped pulling out your body.
John: I'm glad you liked that one. I'm not. You've done better.
Adam: Yes.
John: I have another one from the source of all good. ISOs. Unfortunately, I don't have it on this list. But you look for the word ISO and then you'll find it.
Adam: I have it. Ready? Okay.
Unknown: Let's move on. Please.
John: it was move on, please.
Unknown: I mean, I just stopped pulling out your week. And that's
Adam: just short, funny and to the point.
John: Normally, I always give you this, you know, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Do not maybe if you combine the two be even funnier because you'd have a weenie joke and then let's move on.
Unknown: or start pulling
out your weak please. Okay,
come on.
Adam: Come on that one worked. I'm glad we got that one out of the way. Anything else we need to do before we leave at this late hour? Well, I
John: do have a job. I don't have any clips. I have a bunch but I look at it for the one clip that might be good. I don't want to do the Well yeah, I got one that would might be good. That's kind of fun at now, I do have a cicadas report. But we can do that on Sunday. I mean,
Adam: they won't be launched yet. But I have cicada stuff too. We definitely need to do cicada stuff Sunday.
John: So let's do the what I consider one of the stupidest reports I've ever seen. It was on NBC. Yeah. And it was idiotic report on drone delivery.
Unknown: With so many of us relying on home
deliveries during the pandemic, we have a
glimpse tonight at the future. War tells us
about an idea that's
taking off you should quiet morning in suburban Virginia, and I'm ordering a little breakfast. I'm going to get some coffee,
Adam: get a muffin, and it says it'll be here in about five
Unknown: minutes. Not only is this my first coffee of the day, this is the first hot coffee delivered by drone in US history. And it's hot. New FAA rules allow drones to fly themselves to and fro wing an alphabet subsidiary delivers drugstore items, library books, even Girl Scout cookies from here. And for now, delivery is free. This thing weighs only 10.6 pounds, but it can carry 3.3 that's about the weight of a rotisserie chicken. It'll lower
down allow our operatives to load the package on it. And then they'll take off in a vertical column before cruising at about 180 feet to the customer's house.
The technology seems to work. But the question is what happens when the skies and the labor market are filled with these things? drone delivery could wipe out hundreds of 1000s of delivery driver jobs. But could it also subsidize businesses that can't afford a delivery company? He brews says traditional delivery fees would not work for his business. But if air delivery stays free, he thinks flying coffee could be the norm someday.
You don't have drone delivery. What?
Adam: What's wrong with you?
Unknown: I mean, it's gonna take 30 minutes to get my coffee.
Adam: We've come to expect miraculous conveniences and an exchange. We've transformed the economy. Free and nearly instantaneous air delivery could be next. checkerboard NBC News christiansburg Virginia. Wow. I mean, I could have gone to bed without hearing that what a bunch of nonsense and Hello, hello 1992
John: Well, the thing is, is that they've the idea that you're gonna get first of all coffee, coffee, coffee delivered by drones. And by the way, the way this works, it has a rope that it sends down and you hook onto the package that pulls it up and then it goes over the house and it drops the rope. And then because it drops farther than the cookie goes to the hook falls off and just pulls it up again. So it just drops off the package. It's in Kula continuing carries three pounds so that's not going to put anybody out of business a pizza weighs more than that. I'm guessing maybe I'm wrong. But this coffee guy comes on there's Yeah, this will be great because I can't afford the other delivery system. I can deliver coffee by these stupid drones.
Unknown: This is dumb. By the way, you
John: know how hard is it to make coffee?
Adam: Go Domino's has a campaign running now as well where they have this little I think it's the new o or the Neo or something. It's like a three three wheeled vehicle that delivers your pizza.
John: Oh no they had this in Berkeley this rice all I've had took photos of this thing. bouncing around pieces, you know, is a piece of shit looking thing bouncing around down the sidewalk. Yeah. And he finds your place and honks at your calls your something and then you go outside and pizza is inside of it. Yeah,
Adam: here's the gum. Here's the ideas. Here's a rare glimpse of what happens when the drone comes over my house in Texas.
I can't wait to shoot some of that stuff out of the sky. It's target practice, and it was below 500 feet. totally valid. Get out of here.
John: I was saying you know as far as I can tell, looking at the one that they're using for this. This little segment. Doesn't have cameras looking out for people gunning them down.
Adam: will eventually come visit Austin to come visit Austin. Coming up next and no agenda we have sir Billy Bones with a walk through the mind Cash for Clunkers. 2.0 that should be fun. And their show mixes Denny Dennis Rochelle Jesse Cory Nelson, Tom starkweather. And coming to you from the capital of the drone star state. In fact, I'm here in opportunity zone 33 A which is Austin, Texas, and it's in FEMA Region number six on the governmental maps in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry, and
John: I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where I remain Jhansi Dvorak
Adam: we return on Sunday, please remember slash na and remember your mom as well. It's Mother's Day. Till then audio similar photos and such. Thanks. Fax.
Unknown: That's when
Now it's your turn.
vaccination is just go away.
vaccination is just
We work in Cancun, Mexico as neighbors not as advertised. We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling every voter registration physician in the States, not as advertised. These actually do the my nostrils to make the move 1.2 billion. So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce at a store. In a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman who runs the run, breaks out into cars on a forklift, a forklift in a supermarket. They actually breathe my nostrils to make the move. And I have nurses and nurses at Walter Reed Hospital. ran down, whisper in my ear. The partnerships killed on cohesion, assuming coercion and the term I got to the Senate. 180 years Do they actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, meet this climate crisis, exacerbating the need for environmental, environmental justice sorry, as a book. But I made very clear to poor
that we're not going to seek us back to let X. Here's me. escalation. So as a bug, they actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move at 200 miles an
From from sharp acidity from Charlotte, one. Another line going from in Florida, down to Tampa. Another line if we had moved, we had that tunnel fixed in New York. Now the money was there to get it done
live his real concern at NASA tonight about a huge chunk of Chinese space Joe.
Adam: I'm here primarily to talk about
Unknown: food and nutrition security. And you may think that that is just about food and nutrition security. But in fact, it's about a lot more than that. Well, it's all
it's all true.
It is true. It absolutely is true,
you should vaccinate up to a point and you hit a certain age population where you say, okay, we're gonna pause and make sure that we then put in both money and extra supply on the global market.
Meanwhile, the social pressure is enormous friends may have informed you already that you are not welcome at their parties or
their weddings. If you haven't been vaccinated.
I think it's important first to just take a step back and remind everyone that President the President spoke about his support for this type of a waiver back during the campaign. But it we are running a process we have been running a process in the administration. That includes all stakeholders in the administration.
John: We don't know where it's gonna land. It could land anywhere as far north as New York City and as far south as New Zealand.
Unknown: mopho John
slash and a
pulling out your week, please
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