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June 17th, 2021 • 3h 7m

1356: Chest Feeding


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John: Oh no.
Adam: Adam Curry Jhansi devore ash, June 17 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1356. This is no agenda, translating flat and Joe and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone star state. In the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: came from Northern Silicon Valley where I can't watch TV anymore. I'm John Dvorak.
Unknown: buzzkill.
Adam: Do please tell me that you've had a ransomware attack on your local stations?
John: I wish.
Adam: What happened?
John: Nothing. I just got sick of it. Oh, it's unwatchable three by three this morning. And I do realize that it's impossible to deal with.
Adam: Well, I was still gonna do one.
John: Yeah, I got three bar three.
Adam: variant.
John: Alright. Yeah. Notice back pocket envelope period. As you can tell it's real because it's the real deal makes it makes that sound. Okay, we started with ABC. Yes. And they were all going on and on and on about the legal twist with Erica Jane, from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Adam: where he amidst a vaccination craze with people having adverse effects, the g7 all these things taking place. They are highlighting the woman from the real housewives.
John: Yes, the one that got tied up with this crooked lawyer.
Adam: I'm sorry. You're saying that like I should know where you're talking?
John: Yeah, well, believe me, I don't know.
Adam: Okay, she going to jail.
John: But this is all Bay. I gotta give you the background cuz I did kind of figure out what it is. Okay. There was a documentary on Hulu called the housewife and the hustler, which revealed this woman to be on a no. a hustler cheat. I'm not sure. But all I know is the lawyers quit her. And this became scandalous. So she's got no lawyer, and she's just a Blondie. And she's like, I don't know. It just some dumb so
Adam: that's a great backstory he just gave
John: me what they they clicked right out of that because I only caught half the half of that to the to like huge, like bought and paid for promotion for travel to Oregon.
Adam: Oh, really?
John: Yeah. Massive. It was a massive promotion for Oregon. That's what they do. You should go there.
Adam: That's what they're doing with their COVID money. That's what they're doing with their COVID relief money.
John: Interesting. You'd say that because it's probably true.
Adam: Yeah. Why not? Well, that's what the
John: one of the hostesses one of the hostesses says, oh, I've got to go because I've never been to Oregon.
Adam: Oh, nice, native, native, native touch. add that in there. It's called the tagline, john, in advertising. And we'd like one of the hosts to tag it by saying how much he slashy slash day slash them. We'd like to go to Oregon. Bye. The by.
John: So then I clicked over to CBS. And there's there's an old black woman on CBS although she manhole chairs but she doesn't look named Ursula Burns. And she's a book writer and she just did a book called you are not who you are. Know where you are. Or sorry, where you are is not who you are. Oh, best seller written all over it. And she was bitching and moaning about voting rights and how they're trying to screw everybody. The Republicans are out to screw everybody. And that was the message from CBS a racist. So that's obviously racist, racist Republicans. So then the best one turns out to be NBC. Where they do they I don't know how long this segment was when I tuned in, it was going on and when I tuned out, it was continuing Jenna Bush as a tribute to her granddad. And they had a big six box of all the people that were on the NBC today show is that
Adam: six o box. Six box
John: is holed up in the corner crying, wiping tears from her eyes over this story. Janet bush went out with the Golden Knights of the US Army and jumped out of an airplane to skydive in memory of the old man who used to as you recall sky died on his birthday. Yeah, and today's his birthday. Oh. So she jumps out of the plane with these guys and thanks him for saying for saving her life. She screamed. Apparently most of the way made a comment grabbing life and and going for it was was the old man saying and often was lamenting, George HW Bush's is no, the greatest guy ever because he was I guess the Republican who was the number one globalist and that's just okay with NBC and Comcast because we should all be part of some one world government. That's the way they see it. We should give up our sovereignties and become something else. And so this whole thing went on and on and on about that the interview with Jen and she's going Oh, it was engendered by the way it's got a big, giant Barry bond size head. Oh, she's been dumping steroids
Adam: bubble head type
John: deal, or a big giant head. She's got all of a sudden. And I would that's what I was kind of taking
Adam: is that one of these side effects from the Madonna or the Pfizer?
John: Was this is known to be a side effect of steroid use. Oh, interesting.
Adam: Like Jesse looked pumped up.
John: No, not at all except for the head. But that's beside the point at this big heads weren't better on TV. This
Adam: is a fact.
John: Though not Yeah, well, hers doesn't. So this was the big tribute to George HW on his birthday. And everybody is watching they pumped in a mom came in whether I forgot Laura Bush comes up and hold his crying. And the whole thing was just disgusting.
Adam: Well, good report. Now. How sick Did you feel after watching that? Which sounds like at least 20 minutes of torture?
John: Oh, well, that's why I gave up on TV. Right there. Boom. There's your reason,
Adam: unbelief. Well, this is why people flock to the no agenda show. Not only because they know that they're not going to get that drivel. They know that because they're the ones delivering the real information producers worldwide. And so the local news here not a three by three but just to bring you up to speed on what's happening here in Texas
John: this situation so diner in Texas and California, power grid operators urging residents to conserve power to avoid rolling blackouts. In Texas the alert coming just two months after a winter storm left more than 100 people dead and millions without power for days. Get
Adam: ready. Get ready for the dummy Texans. They don't know how to handle their grid. Oh, no, they don't know this stupid. And our dude named Ben protector of the gigawatts that he of course reaches out to me regularly when we get these types of situations and I already know the drill and and the reason why we have stress on the grid in Texas, can you guess?
John: It's hot in Texas? Yes,
Adam: there's one other factor though. With these he gets cold in Texas, there's no wind. There's zero and then 20% less power because the wind power is not available. But then Urquhart has decided to set a cap once again, that's our our grid operator the exchange, which just to remind you, the same with the COVID Snowmageddon Snowmageddon is what I should call it. We didn't have to shut down for any other reason than greed. There's hedge funds trading this energy, and they have a lot of control based on the futures contracts they own. And if the price is not high enough, no one will start their gas fired power plants because it takes about six hours. And let's say you know, they, they can get $45 if it goes below 40, then they can't make money. They don't start it up. So if it's if it's capped at that amount, which is now an artificial limitation. Yeah. And then they start rolling blackouts because they have to shed load. It is it is unconscionable. They should get all of these a only electric electricity producers should be on the grid. Not all these jump folks. And you've got to think that the governor is somehow complicit at this point. How can you not know Well, you're
John: here with death. Remember in California we were ahead of the curve on all this. You guys are grainy five years ago. Yeah. We had our rolling blackouts when we had the governor Gray Davis Republican. The first one of the hopefully many to be recalled. And he will hold on a second.
Adam: Oh, oh,
John: Zephyr eight. Okay,
Adam: eight well hold on a second eight slow moving fast moving just eight.
John: Medium moving.
Adam: Ladies and gentlemen alert. Squawk Box over and CNBC. Who cares what the Fed says it's all about the Zephyr economic report. We got eight cars and steady Bitcoin at a 38,731 Oh my god.
John: So great. Davis was the governor during the Enron's gam where they were giving us rolling blackouts. And, and I can still diggable news articles from that era saying, Oh, we have to put up with this forever because we were using too much energy. California is going to be forever burdened with this because we use too much energy. We don't know how to save energy, and it's going to be blackouts forever. And that was the guy and the governor got kicked out of office because of this. And
Adam: that was Enron. And it's untaped. You can hear them just pulling the plug just to mess with people for the price. It's the smartest guys in the room is the name of the air. Where were they based? anyway? Texas, Dallas, Texas, Dallas, Houston. I can't remember
John: Yeah, all those guys that worked there and learn that that scam game they ever
Adam: want to add after that. They never went away.
John: They never went away. They just spread out now they're all over the place. It's almost like you know, one of those monster movies where you kill the monster and it splits into 10.
Adam: And, and what's even wait, I don't have a clip, unfortunately. But I was in the car listening and you know, they'd have reports that went unexplicable he several gas or natural gas plants are had are not online, inexplicably. So they're not even doing any of the work. I text one dude named Ben, his name is Ben. He texts me back as What's going on? If I said give me an overview of the grid, he could give me that anything. It's just a lie. And it's incompetence. But it's, you know, that's what what they're gonna try and do that it'll probably go out we'll have some rolling
John: blackouts hit the public is what media does. The media is really in such bad shape. At this point, they can't even ask a simple question of the right person. They've never you know what happened. And I felt this way for a long time. Since this probably the 70s is that once the media became professionalized by the Columbia, journalism school and some other places, and they got to the point, because in the olden days, if your media you, you learn the hard way, by being in the business, you'd be a police reporter, you'd be at the bongs you get a shitty beat the shit beat. You'd be Yeah, but you'd learn about crime and you don't learn about the city from this police perspective and from the some real perspective of actually working it. It was the same thing with tech writing. If you didn't if you had some interesting computers, you would you know, be if he was ill. They would not even hire you at Aviation Week. If you didn't have a pilot's license, right? Oh, yeah, totally. You couldn't write for us You can't write for us you haven't got that all changed with the professionals coming in? Well, you know, you can learn you don't need to know everything about a computer to write about computers. You don't need to know about airplanes by having a pilot's was a pilot's license, got to do reporting, and all that sort of thing.
Adam: Well, let's see what's interesting. You bring that up. That's interesting. You bring that up. I wasn't planning on doing this now. But the clips are short enough. We had a an interesting thing happened on a local Fox station in Houston. Just the other day here in Texas
Unknown: outages across the region. Fox 46 reporter Ivor Hecker is live in montgomery county to take a look at that aspect. Thanks, guys. That's right. Before we get to that story, I want to let you the viewers know that fox Corp has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you, the viewers and from what I'm gathering I am not the only reporter being subjected to this I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox because it applies to you the viewers, I found a nonprofit journalism group called Project Veritas. It's going out put that out tomorrow, so tune into them. But as for this heatwave, across Texas, you can see what that was so slick.
Adam: And right back to the report about the heat way.
John: This weather girl is all bent out of shape about something. I went to Veritas yesterday, I found nothing. Now
Adam: this is what sad because I don't know what happened. But it's a typical Veritas he never quite get it right. And then it goes nowhere. Now in this case, they had reasonable recordings, but they didn't have her up on the homepage. Of course, they're no longer on social media. They're long gone from that. So they you know, they weren't getting any juice. And finally, something appeared and I'm gonna play the first 57 seconds of it. It has the three pertinent clips in it of her editor, bawling her out for everything she's doing wrong.
Unknown: Fox came at my throat for standing up against censorship, in my opinion, you Sam, as a reporter from the inside. Yes, there's a narrative. Yes, it is unspoken. But if you accidentally step outside the narrative, if you don't sense what that narrative is, and go with it, there will be grave consequences for you. It's not just about the viewers. It's about what our CEO
Adam: probably can't hear that but the her editors saying on zoom call the stories it's about what our CEO reads. It's about our owners rate or that's the stories about the viewers,
John: about what our CEO about what our GM My question is reasonable. Why are you doing this?
Unknown: It affects the viewers. That's why I'm doing this. The viewers are being deceived by a carefully crafted narrative in some stories.
I have passed on Bitcoin stories African American audience and pirates only. editorial choice that seems sort of a racially charged statement to make I want out of this narrative news telling I want out of this corruption.
Adam: I love that poor African Americans they don't care about Bitcoin. Wow. Way to go later, you should check out the Bitcoin community or Bitcoin in black America. interesting book, you might change your mind. so brave with this girl. She's young. So now she's out of a job, of course. And who knows?
John: But I still don't get it. She's the weather girl. What was it that what narrative was she trying to think?
Adam: I think she did human interest stories. Okay, so
John: she wasn't just
Adam: the weather girl. No, no, is human interest stories on location, that kind of stuff. And so she's getting bitched out, as she's writing.
John: But a couple of things I mentioned. She's right about you have to this is true in all the newspapers, and all the all the new Radio TV, you have it, she said it kind of and she said it well, but it didn't stand out. Which was you have to kind of sense as you're if you're a reporter, you have to sense what what the what the what the structure is, what the what they expect, what kind of storage they expect you to do not do? Yeah. Because they never tell you.
Adam: No, that's that's the vibe in the newsroom, I presume?
John: Yes. It's kind of well, you know, the last guy who wrote about that got fired.
Adam: That's, that's the vibe. That guy never heard from him again. Go ahead, do that story.
John: We can't really do work at ABC. We can't really do it in depth report on bad labor practices at Disney for exam, right? Yes, yes. You wouldn't. You wouldn't even have
Adam: to ask anybody. And I think everyone knows coming in that anti pharma stories are not done.
John: Well, that's probably the example of the guy got fired. Yeah. And yeah. Well, so there is that element. And it's and it's so unspoken. It's interesting to me, because I was interviewed by an ex New York Times editor who did a video series is somewhere online. I don't even know where that up but different people like myself, and it came up in a conversation. I said that. And I'm remiss for not remembering his name. But I said something along the lines of Well, a lot of reporters will uncover something because they know that probably get fired, or they just as verboten. And he said with a straight face, and I think it was sincere. He says, Well, if I knew a reporter was thinking like that they'd be out the door.
Unknown: Who was this?
John: is one of the ex he's an ex famous, famous ex editor of the New York Times. Wow. And he's actually told me that and I think it's on the tape, maybe not. But when he told me that, I said, what you have taken that call and I had to go back and call I called my old people I knew that used to work at the new R word, The New York Times and these guys fullest yet. Of course, you don't do certain stories. You just don't do them.
Adam: You have him on tape. You said? No, he taped me. This is named Epstein.
John: He was in New York. Might as well. He was sincere. He says I wouldn't put up with that. And I'm thinking and i think i think there's some naive thinking going on. It's at different levels. Because of this so called professionalism. bullcrap that doesn't work.
Adam: We've led me down an interesting past to get into our top stories today. First one I'd like to play is a clip that someone sent me not Mo. You'd think this would come from Mo, a Malcolm X talking about the media, this has to be oh my gosh, what is that? What year would this have to be? 60 days 65. Something maybe earlier than that.
John: Nice to be earlier, anytime during the 60s is all the same. Listen to what he says never let your
Adam: enemy tell you how. How, how many of you there are never let the manager against form your opinions. This is the check displayed on everyone who's oppressed. The first thing and occupation. When you have a revolution in the country, the first thing you take over the radio. And then you start telling the people everybody the war is over. They believe that thing right there. And once they take that over, they start telling you where you are and where they are. And you fall right in line is playing thought control. The majority of the American people aren't segregationist that the majority of the American people aren't imperialists. But the government is The structure is the power faction is.
Unknown: So what how the how the and all the majority go along with because those
Adam: who sit in power over the television over the radio and over the press is constantly telling those who are the masses how free they are. And how those words hold true today, where they've taken over a television, they've taken over radio. And there is some form of anti American Revolution underway. And that brings me right into three short clips from Eric Clapton. But we know that he he teamed up with Van Morrison and that he had a severe adverse reaction to his I think he got AstraZeneca he couldn't even play guitar. You know, this is big. And the guy said, I
John: don't know this. And we talked about this repressed information
Adam: role, of course. And so besides what happened to him physically, what happened to him socially, is really the story. And here he is talking about how he was really looking for anyone to support him in this quest, because he had this severe reaction, the doctor saying Shut up. It's nothing. It's not the shot. And he was just looking for somebody. He was just a coincidence. I'm saying no, this is a typical story, though.
Unknown: He was on telegram. So I contacted him. And he told me about a channel. And so I logged on to that there's a chap called Robin Menotti, who runs a channel and it's for anybody that's concern or is looking for, in my case, looking for support. For me, I felt so alone. Up until that point, I really couldn't talk to my family and my kids, my teenagers were seem like they've been brainwashed. And, and there was a lot of that kind of going on from from other protests that were happening earlier. They were really it was the first time I'd seen my kids passionate about anything. And I thought it was great. But I was being ostracized. And I can feel that everywhere. I can feel alienation because I held a different views. I was trying to keep my mouth shut. But I did. I was following the channel avidly. And bit by bit I realized that I I probably shouldn't have had the first chapter but then I was offered the second. And I thought, well, what have I got? What's the point in you know, stopping now? How I went and had the second and that and then he got really bad. And I'm within about a week I had lost, my hands didn't really work.
Adam: So Eric Clapton legend has written many fabulous songs. Let's not forget, when his son fell out of the window, he wrote Tears in Heaven, which was, you know, to this day is still a very emotional record. This man is not a douchebag he's not an idiot. For she also Laila. And he went through quite a scary period,
Unknown: you know, I'm caught this anxiety syndrome, I have it bad and, and I have it as bad as I had, maybe two or three weeks ago, when I was devoutly following the six o'clock, and the 10 O'Clock News, or talk radio or trying to get find someone who's speaking, a language that I can identify with. But now I'm stopped watching TV. One of the cartoons was a little drawing of a guy interviewing to Quakers and saying, how come none of your community is got COVID? And they said, Well, we don't watch TV.
It's so true. And there's so much of the sickness is, is in, in our heads now.
We become weak. We
Adam: Yes. And there it is. This is the success to our show. Because we just laugh at everything. But now he now he brings it all the way home in a beautiful way.
Unknown: If we're talking about freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of choice with the vaccine, for instance, then the opposite of that is what we're experiencing. If you take that away, what we're experiencing that disturbs me most is corrosion. It's it's that and to see her celebrities especially what really got me was ethnic minority celebrities, guilt tripping their own community that broke my fucking heart and made me so angry. I have a lot of friends in that part of the world and to see them preyed on like that it is easy just so they will step that's where it steps into sadism from either the photographs of the people on buses with masks on saying, don't let those sacrifice be
as bad as bad.
Adam: Exactly. And preying on the poorest communities once again. Yeah, so yeah, you will not hear that anywhere else. I don't even know if it's still on YouTube at all. Probably not. Probably not. And then I'm expecting this to be to be disappeared from YouTube. Would you one more adverse reaction clip from our buddy Jimmy Dore who we've been following Jimmy Dore, definitely not a Trump supporter. So he takes enormous red skin, not a Republican, so we can't be racist. But boy, is he a complainer?
Unknown: I'm still suffering from the effects of the COVID vaccine. I had the moderna, and I had my second shot on April 17. So now it's June what ninth today. So I'm still I have stiff neck. My stiff neck is not going away. It's sore, I still have flu like symptoms.
John: So meaning body aches, joint pains, and tiredness that comes in waves. So when I wake up in the morning, I feel mostly normal. But then in about an hour or two, if I start it start, I started feeling you know, how you feel body aches, I started feeling in my knees when I go up and down the stairs, my neck, always when I wake up my neck is always. And so now I'm working with. So by the way, I went to my primary physician, she says I'm treating five people who have exactly like you. One of them was a neurologist, one of them is a nurse, and they were afraid to talk about their symptoms. Because they didn't they didn't want to be stigmatized and ostracized, because that's the, that's the culture we're living in. Now you can't step out. Now if I criticize Dr. Fauci, they'll call me a trumper. So that's the world we're living in my cardiologist. When I went in, I told him I, I was feeling I wanted to check my heart, make sure I didn't have inflammation in my heart, which I go in tomorrow for the follow up and find out. And I told him about, you know, I'm being told that this is from the vaccine I've been having. And he just shook his head. He goes, man, I'm seeing a lot of bad reactions to these vaccine, everybody like that. That's what my cardiologist said, I then have another doctor who's on the forefront of treating people like me, who are having side effects from the vaccine. Now what is this going on two months after has not stopped and he tells me
there's 1000s and 1000s of people like me.
Adam: So I have a note from one of our producers just to add to the misery. I have reported direct experience with the majorna jab my mother in law who was at was insistent on getting the jab despite are constantly trying to get her to unplug the CNN IV drip, she was convinced that it was important to get and safe. She wrote off my opinion as fringe tinfoil hat nut job and just assume that my wife was doing what I told her to do with not getting the job for our family. Despite our feelings. My mother in law got both jobs. A few days after the second job, she had lost her balance, fell down a couple of steps and fractured her arm. Now, of course, we don't know if this was related to the job or just an unfortunate run in with the stairs. But this was just the beginning of the decline. We've noticed a huge amount of confusion and what appeared to be instant onset Alzheimer's. She has trouble knowing what date is where she is what medicines she should be taking, at what time she's left very erratic voicemails, acting as though she has no idea who we are. All of this kicked off right after the second jab. Yesterday, my wife took her to a doctor's appointment to try and figure out what's going on. The response was not only unexpected, but quite shocking. The doctor said he has a large number of his elderly patients who have had the majorna jab have this almost instantaneous cognitive decline more than norm than the exception He further stated they are not allowed
to talk about it for fear of being kicked out of the Health Network they are in and futile if they do talk about it they might run the risk of having their medical license pulled He further said they don't know of any counteractive treatment at the moment and are not sure if this is permanent damage. He is even hesitant to file a Veritas report due to the stigma attached with a doctor that quote complains this is a problem Houston
John: Wow. Wow.
Adam: That is crazy. Awesome. Awesome sauce. awesome sauce. Wow. Yeah,
John: I know you got to get the goods today. I'm giving you that. Let's do well, you know I may get one more app. I don't have clips. Okay, but I'll tell it because people can go get these clips are gonna be around for a while and there's no Sunday no agenda net social network. So jon stewart goes out unless you have Johnston. I have the clips. Okay, let me get me all set it up. Okay, set it up. JOHN Stuart goes on to cold bear show just the chatty and cold bear. And this was really the clips I would have gotten are probably not the ones who got the clips, I would have gotten our coal bears kind of pushing back and then cold bear saying, well, maybe we'll have to edit this out and cold bare ending the segment saying Well, let's see what ends up being finally broadcast in a jocular manner. But at the same time, it was pretty apparent that nobody was happy with what jon stewart had to say. And just a set of very humorless or humorless humorously, you know, get it very humorously, and he tried to be as light as he could, in his normal, sarcastic manner. And it was very, it was, it was quite the segment to see. And I think that coal bear is concerned, I'm sure it's just the way. You know, some of you have run into this. If you have strong opinions about this, people start being concerned about your mental health, I'm sure. Cold bear is very concerned about Jon Stewart's mental health,
Adam: I'm going to approach this from a different direction. I know john stewart, I know him quite well, at least way before the Comedy Central show when it was still the jon stewart show on MTV. He is an opposite for the Democratic Party. I think that's just look at his work. Although he has republican tendencies when it comes to getting screwed out of his money, I think that he was sent in to soften the blow of the changing of the narrative. Because it's, we're finding out Holy crap, this did come from a lab, there's a lot of a lot of evidence for it. Somehow that narrative changed on a dime for whatever reason, we're still not entirely clear. And this needed to be brought to the masses in a softer way so that we can all accept it, because we're not going to accept it from Ron Johnson. And it is my belief that although not scripted, per se, this was pre arranged. And Kobe was waiting for it. And all that pushback is all part of his end of the deal. Just to make it look like it was authentic.
John: I would say that's a possibility. So, but I watched it carefully. The problem I'm going to I'll express is I'll put it in the front. Cole bear is not a comedian. He says that every once in a while he makes to make sure to bring it up. He's an actor. And he's always said that even when he was doing the anti Trump stuff, he'll he'll back off and say, I'm just an actor. He was muttering under his breath with his, you know, with his hands, palms facing upward is the coin looking at kind of smirk is I'm just an actor. And he'll say that every once because he is he's a trained and very good he can do Broadway. He's done a lot. He did law and order a couple of episodes I've seen where he plays a psycho. He's a good actor. And each possible, I would premise it by saying it's possible that he's just such a good actor. He pulled it. I didn't. When I watched it. I thought he was sincere. He was laughing at Stuart in a funny way. But he felt uncomfortable. And I think he I don't think this was acting as possible. It was, but I don't believe he was part I think store just came in and did this bit. And I don't think I don't think that Colbert was read in. Jon Stewart does not appear unless it's for a big reason. It's towers and tunnels, you know, for the payments for the first responders. That's really the last time we saw him come out really, really big.
Adam: He doesn't come up big for something like this. And was there any other message he had? Was he promoting anything? was anything said Biden good? I don't recall. No, he was all about this. Well, and of course, I can be wrong. This is my impression. I would
John: say I'm gonna give you half of it. I'm not going to give you the cold bear side. Okay, well, let's
Adam: have a listen. And sometimes audio only can change how you view something because you can't view it. How do you feel about the science now? So I will say this? I and I honestly mean this? I think so. First of all, it's great when you say I honestly mean this does not typically mean I'm about to tell you a lie.
Unknown: Good point. I and I honestly mean this, I think we owe a great debt of gratitude. To science, science, has, in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic. Which was more than likely caused by science.
Adam: Great joke well constructed. He thought about that one. But his rationale is off because well, we'll discuss it after the clip. It's short. What do you mean by do you mean? There's a chance that this is created in a lab, there's investigate chance. Well, I know I evidence I'd love to hear
Unknown: novel respiratory Coronavirus, overtaking Wuhan China. What do we do? Oh, you know, we could ask the Wu Han novel respiratory Coronavirus lab.
The disease is the same name as the lab.
That's just that's just a little too weird,
don't you think? And then the actual scientists are like,
how did this so wait a minute you work at the Wuhan respiratory Coronavirus lab. How did this happen? And they're like pangolin kiss the turtle.
Adam: Okay, that's not the name of the lab. That's just not the name of the lab.
John: No, he actually changes the name of the lab twice.
Adam: And and that's really weak. So that you know, when I heard that, I'm like, why would you come out not having the facts straight and use that easily D bankable although I do it. I'm sorry.
John: There's photos. There's like a ton of photos of the front door of this lab but it doesn't see internet It doesn't say it says this virology Institute of biology Yeah,
Adam: yeah. So he takes it all the way to SARS. Which is just not true. I just felt that to be not very john Stuart like and then this was just to me was the the final bit two guys they know how to do it. They've worked together a lot. co bear plays the the dumbshit republican basically, and Stuart the the smart guy on the left, and they're going to wrap it up
Unknown: back in back at very well be and Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins down he said, like you should definitely be investigated, stop with the logic and people and things.
Adam: You say stop with the logic and people and think, wow, that's got to be just made up
Unknown: with the logic and people and things though. The disease Wait a second.
Adam: Wait a second. Wait a second. But I think it could be possible you could be right a, I'm gonna hear that again. He actually says Fauci and I guess john Stuart is also discrediting Fauci here. Let me just play that from the beginning
Unknown: that can bat could very well be and Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins down he said, like you should definitely be investigated. Stop with the logic and people and things. The disease Wait a second.
Adam: Wait a second, but I think it could be possible you could be right. It couldn't be possible that they have the lab in Wuhan to study the novel Coronavirus diseases because in Wu Han there are a lot of novel Coronavirus diseases because of the bat population there. This This sounds to me exactly like the game like they did this on a table read the
John: same script. Okay, I'm going to give you 100% on the whole thing. A coal bears in on it. He's playing it to the point where he can deliver straight lines although they're modern straight lines are not good at that.
Adam: He's good at that though. That's what he does straight
John: wells well for his old buddy. So he's not gonna do it for anyone. So he delivers the straight line about the basket so store can come back with with the comments about the bats in Austin.
Adam: Yeah. Here we go. I got it here of all Coronavirus diseases because in Wu Han there are a lot of novel Coronavirus diseases because of the bat population there. I understand. specialty and it's the only place to find bats you won't find bats.
Unknown: Austin Texas has 1000s of them that fly out of a cave every night. Every night at dusk. Is there a Coronavirus in Austin Coronavirus? The only Coronavirus we have is in Wu Han
where they have a lab called what's the lab called against
the war hand novel Coronavirus law. I believe that hotkeys and how long have you worked for Senator Ron Johnson?
Adam: That may have been an ad lib? that that that one at the end that Kobe just threw in just to make himself feel better about it but come on. They countering the narrative with exactly what someone said Kobe come as the steward comes back by the way, it's hundreds of 1000s and they're under a bridge but okay. And the crazy bat lady also did some experimentation at UT in Austin, but never mind that. That was gamed out so something is up
John: something is a we've spotted this this backing off thing when we when it first began but it's been a little slower that progress I think then we've then we've hoped for
Adam: keeps keeps us occupied. That's That's good,
John: but I'll get this was good. I this is why there's two of us. Yeah. I think that that interpretation was spot on. It was it was exactly what was going on both sides I would just throw the back I was I preface my thing that co bears an actor. And here he is he's he is acting he even got the rules might be right about the ad lib but even then a good actor it may have been in the script
Adam: he even had the full name right at the end. Oh you mean the Wu Han SARS SARS Coronavirus lab he had all that. Anyway,
John: it was it was a scam
Adam: and I'm in the same token you've got Bill Maher doing the same softening the blow he's really soft. I don't have clips, but he softening the blow for what woke culture, you know, talking back a lot of a guy against the squad and just wokeness in general. And he's getting tepid applause but you know, I think he's and he's certainly
John: you know, when you turn when you're, when you're when your audience is all in on the bull's bullshit. Yeah. And you've got to turn them back because it's not, it's harming them. They're not happy about it. And you that attempted applause would be expected. I had audience does not like to be, oh, oh, they don't like to do it. They just shouldn't be. I mean, they're like a, it's like a mob, a lynch mob. You know, they don't
Adam: turn on a dime.
John: And you can't talk them down. It's not easy, and you're gonna get tepid applause and
Adam: grumbling. And that's what Mars getting. So now we have to spread this out. Where do you want to go? Well, you would want to go to any of those shows that you watch this morning, some entertainment, or you can go straight to TMZ. And that's where we find Dr. Peter Hotez your take on what jon stewart said, because I know there have been a lot of people in your field. We're upset about this curious how you feel.
Unknown: Here's what we know. We know that. There's been the COVID-19 is the third major Coronavirus epidemic pandemic of the 21st century we had SARS that arose out of southern China and Guangdong province in 2002. We had Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome in the Arabian Peninsula in 2012. We know that there's a confluence of those forces coming out of central and southern China because of the high population density or all of the animal reservoir hosts in the wild, including bats and livestock. That's the coal bear argument and, and, and water birds. And so all of that a burger comes together and your perfect mix to explain why we see a lot of viruses arise out of China. So you have to postulate that it came out of a laboratory doesn't hold water. And in fact, the reason why laboratories deliver multiple laboratories devoted to Coronavirus is across China's because they know China's vulnerable. So right now the reality is there is no smoking gun to say that it's of laboratory origin, either accidental or deliberate. It's not impossible, but what I've been calling for many of us have been calling for is we do need to know the origins of COVID.
Adam: So he really didn't address much there and I'm I had no idea why TMZ thought he would be good except for the stupid botai. Maybe they thought he's the Bill Nye science guy of COVID po tap Hotez. And he finished it up with this. So your issue is that Jon Stewart and others who are embracing this theory are just jumping the gun. It's not that it's not possible. You're saying they're jumping the gun and and
Unknown: saying this without the evidence that That's right. And they're putting the entertainment value of this over and above. What's reality. And it costs us a lot of damage. Because a number of scientists who work on coronaviruses, including myself, feel that we're being under attack right now. Communities open to the idea that but what I object to is the fact that they they make it sound like it's fait accompli, when in fact, it's the less likely hypothesis of how COVID-19 originated. And it's tone deaf to the collateral damage that it has on scientists in the scientific community.
Adam: Oh, john stewart pissing off the scientist with bow ties.
John: Interesting.
Adam: Let's do a little incentives update to shortly
John: a couple of things which are here. Sure. First of all, there's still no explanation for the HIV gene sequence in this virus. Nope. Which was pointed out in the early days. This was like the main the main reason they thought it was lab created was this was the sequence doing in here. It doesn't make any sense. And then the French guy that Nobel Prize winning medicine French guy said is obvious to him when he looked at the sequence and I believe he's one of those guys who can just look at things and see them. I mean, I've discussed this before there are people, you're one of them. You can, you can you know with sound you have a certain kind of a natural abilities that people normal people don't have. And this guy made made mention of the HIV sequence thing, and they're maybe looking for some sort of a playing, they think they were playing around with ideas of getting HIV vaccine developed, because it's impossible to penetrate the shells of this, whatever the HIV virus looks like, they have to find some tricky way to get around maybe trying to
Adam: work over a twofer.
John: So they're trying to work some kind of mechanism out that might be somebody's going to inject somebody with like a, you know, some new technology that it would get it, it would create the antibodies.
Adam: But that's been dropped from the conversation, the whole HIV thing and didn't work out so well, when they made the vaccine in Australia, and people tested positive for HIV. So they stopped.
John: That's another little item that was
Adam: talking about, let me see. That was a short clip to
John: Where's Yeah, Dad, I forgot all about that. That's even another. So this is its fault. The wheels are coming off the cart. Coming off as fast as we'd hoped.
Adam: Here we go. And was this it? Maybe Let me see if this was the one. Nope, that's not it. They are still trying to get us jacked up on incentives. Here. The whole world is doing incentives. And I think that Paraguay if you want to, quote unquote, incentivize people to get vaccinated, these guys got to figure it out. in Paraguay, huge lines have formed
Unknown: vaccination centers. The take up there may be driven in part by the health ministry's deciding to publish on its website, the name of
every person who gets a shot.
Adam: Talking about a list. Let me just see if you're on Oh, you're not on the list. You haven't been vaccinated yet? Huh? No wonder people are lining up.
John: Is that I don't know, I think a guy in the United States would have the opposite effect. I think you don't want to be on a list.
Adam: Well, but Paraguay is not known for treating its citizens that nicely. So maybe that's something to do with it. And I have a an ad from the radio, one of those creepy ones that will go in the movie. In the pandemic movie. This is from Michigan.
Unknown: We asked people in Michigan, why they got the COVID-19 vaccine. Because I am pregnant and we wanted to protect her baby boy.
I believe in the science, protect my friends
and help our community ready to get back to somewhat normal. Don't Hug my grandma
COVID-19 vaccines are tested for safety and trusted by doctors. Find a vaccine near slash COVID vaccine. A message from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Adam: that $2 billion is being spelled spelled well, worse clip clip. Okay,
John: where he said, Oh, really, I'm sorry. It's just and the music was too I was very poorly balanced clip.
Adam: I'll try and make up for it. These are my last COVID clips. As we move towards the passports and retain receiving our freedoms back. And we first go to what is this Wisconsin and a little update to me even let me see if this includes. Let's see
John: vaccine passports remain polarizing 15 states have banned them, but rules for businesses vary. In Wisconsin, this Children's Museum requires proof of vaccination or wear a mask. An angry state lawmaker leaned into this hot tape gun history. The Gestapo
Unknown: wants to see your papers, please no business has a right to your medical information. And I stand by it.
Under a new Texas law businesses that require proof of vaccination can be denied state contracts. Still Methodist Hospital in Houston suspended dozens of nurses after they refuse to get vaccinated. A federal judge
Adam: sided with the hospital this weekend. Not exactly the same thing. But okay, that like how they bundle it all together. And
John: that was a mishmash idea was
Adam: Western Australia, you'll recall all of the UK kingdom of the United Kingdom related countries, I believe, all using the tracking QR codes. So when you go into a bar or restaurant or a supermarket, or you know, the local store, whatever it is, you are supposed to use the Australia Health app to scan the QR code so that they know that you're there and well, they know you're there because it sends GPS data, but that you have actually registered and you're all good to go. Yeah,
John: yeah. It's also by the way, very handy when they pass that data on to the insurance companies and they discover you've been in a bar too much and your insurance rates go up.
Adam: That's not all they promised. They probably promised that this would never be used for anything but contact tracing. When the government promises you, then this could happen
Unknown: in Western Australia. Police used the scanning app that you use when you go to pubs, clubs and all the rest of it the safe wi app, which is supposed to be for contact tracing. They used it to find criminals now, do I have a problem with criminals being locked up? No. But remember, they told us this is definitely not a tracking app. This is information that cannot be handed to anyone, nobody else can see where you have been for dinner. This information magically disappears after a couple of days. And the only person who can get access to it is four different people who all have to turn their key at once and they all work for the health department. Not true. They said sorry today, right? Oh, of course not. No police wrap there for all to see to say no, wait, we're fine. We're call now. Apologies from us. This was even them on the radio today. Was this a mistake? No. Because we did it lawfully. Well, you may have done it lawfully. But there was a very clear understanding in the mind of the public that this information was given for a very specific and very limited purpose. Did you sign up for the EPA? Yes,
I did. But hang on, hang on. Let's talk about what I did. Let's let's just focus on the issue at hand the
Miss and that was the public's understanding, you would agree that that was the public's understanding of how this information would be used.
John: I would agree that the premier and the deputy premier made it very clear that it's for the project tracing purpose, except it wasn't being used like that in Western Australia.
Adam: Slave There you go. And not only did they break their promise, but they told you shut up about it. Shut up. We're legal here. We do whatever we want.
John: And
Adam: while I was gonna do the final one the EU I have a
John: I have a final world wrap. Oh, good.
Adam: The EU to great fanfare released their green passport, although it's called the COVID passport. Now today we are sending in this is the President I think of Portugal because you know they need the tourism. So that's why he had they had him up, signing away.
Unknown: Today we are sending a renewed sign of confidence to our citizens that together we will overcome this pandemic. Enjoy to travel again, safely and freely across the European Union.
Today, the European digital COVID certificate reassures us of this spirit of an open Europe, a Europe without barriers, but also a Europe that is slowly but surely opening up after most difficult time the pandemia this certificate is a symbol of an open and digital Europe. We developed this certificate in record time, it will make traveling our union easier and it will give Europeans back the freedoms they value and cherish. Cherish so much.
Adam: Okay, so just take that last part first you your freedoms were taken away, they admitted and you had no freedom to start with that is up to this lady. To determine whether you can roam around free, they have totally dropped dropped the green passport moniker now as the COVID passport. And the oh and of course, you can receive this passport by showing proof of vaccination. They're very clear about it. Or antibodies having survived COVID or a test. Within 72 hours. There was some talk of it being 48. But it turns out to be 72. So it's really whatever, it's fine. The funny thing about it is this the European Union was built on two premises, same money, and no passports. That was the main thing. We all need a passport to travel anywhere.
John: Yep. It's really
Adam: really, really sad. What's happening there.
John: All predictable. Yeah.
Adam: Hey, do you know anything about ethylene oxide?
John: off the top my head? Well, why
Adam: all of these swabs they do for the test from China. I was watching a couple of Tick Tock videos. You know, I didn't bring a clip until it registered nurse. Anyway, it's all made in China and the swabs contain ethylene oxide. And according to her it's very poisonous and it should not be pushed into your nose.
John: Look it up.
Adam: Yeah, Yeah, that'd be interesting. If you could look that up anyway.
John: It's possible, but I don't know that it does contain ethylene oxide. Well, I
Adam: know she read she read the packaging. She said writing the packaging ethylene oxide.
John: Well, here's my COVID world wrap from PBS, which I don't know what to make of this clip. It's just the wrap.
Unknown: The European Union Call today for lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions on Americans, the 27. EU members have the option to comply as they see fit. Meanwhile, India's famed Taj Mahal reopened with strict safety protocols. new infections in the country have fallen sharply since peaking in April, North Korea's leader Kim Jong on his warning of extended COVID restrictions and food shortages for his people. state media says that can address the ruling Workers Party on Tuesday. He cited economic damage from the pandemic and agricultural losses from last year's typhoons.
Adam: Well, that's an interesting wrap up.
John: Yes, thanks. Yeah. ethylene oxide is it's a carcinogen they think,
Adam: oh, they think Okay, so that's why
John: it's in the it's in the National Cancer Institute is listed as a curse. It's
Adam: not something you want in your nose, maybe?
John: I wouldn't know. And then that in the mucous membranes now, I don't think so.
Adam: And there was a great report in the Daily Mail this morning. Flight MH 370. Mystery solved. Oh, and many of you may not remember this, but for CNN, for Trump, before Trump. This airplane disappeared Malaysian air and it was just gone. It was gone from the radar and just disappeared. And cnn stayed on that story for a year. A full year Don Lemon was the was the main report at a certain point they were stretching it so thin. Now the report is the American military used electronic jamming technology to make the plane disappear from radar screens before finally shooting it down after a failed bid to reroute it and seize highly sensitive electronic gear, which was on its way to China. I love this What? Yeah, this is great.
John: It's a good one.
Adam: And this is who reported this. French. Now, Florence de shanghvi. French had been reporting investigating since 2014. She wrote a book I guess, and she's been a correspondent for The Lamond. So we'll keep an eye out keep an eye on that. That's incorrect. It's much better than anything we came up with. And it kind of fits with the UFO bullcrap with the you know, the Nemesis, technology that I believe is being used. Bad to make things up here on radar screens can also probably be made to make things disappear from radar screens.
John: Well, this was the your thesis, or it was the you came up with a thesis man when they when the plane that was shot down over Ukraine?
Adam: Yes. Oh, that yes. They use the they trailed behind the other plane and made it look like it was it was a different type of aircraft. And then there was radar crap going on. Was that it?
John: Well, what you determine exactly? I do. Okay. There was a test that took place some months earlier, right? Where the all the radars of all aviation systems were blacked out for like 15 minutes. You had this thesis that it was an experiment they were trying, and they had to not let anyone in on it. So they had to do this blackout. And then they executed the experiment successfully with the shoot down of the Dutch laid in.
Adam: Yeah, whoops.
John: And then they gave the Dutch the black boxes and they never could come up with the appropriate answers to blame the Russians. The whole thing is is this a lot of ridiculous what's going yeah,
Adam: very it's very sad. Very sad how this all goes down.
John: Wonder what the gear was that they were sending to China? That could be a true story. Of course it could as screwy as it sounds.
Adam: But yeah.
John: Sorry for the passengers. This is what happened to that plane that flew over the Korean airline that was shut down by the Russian some years ago. That was flying over Russian territory by accident. Oh, Russia shut it down. I
Adam: didn't we shoot Korean. I thought we shot a Korean plane down.
John: No, the Russian shot that the green plane I'm thinking about was flow. It turns out after further research was done. It was equipped with a bunch of cameras under the fuselage to shoot two pictures as a new Russian installation of a new missile installation or some damn thing or radar. I don't know and and playing accidentally very Of course, and everybody figured, well, they're not gonna What are they gonna do shoot it down. And they shot it down and killed a bunch of people. It's like the public is at risk just being in the system. We lievable we shot down
Adam: the Iranian airline and that's what it was.
John: No, that was the go that was accidental Navy shoot. that's never been explained. He said, some bonehead sailor bogey off the left port boom fire shooting. Dude, that has never been fully explained by any of these theories.
Adam: Well, a couple things are apparent to me as we move along throughout the show, we'll pick up on them. China is definitely in the crosshairs doesn't matter which story from which side of any house you listen to China not good. And it to me, once again, it's so apparent that even as we listen to this, you know, the clips we just play in the past hour, the elite messaging system is failing. All of this stuff is coming out. And and people they pick it up and I will say kudos to Tucker Carlson, he he does a lot of a lot of very unpopular stories. least for a pharma based business, which is what all television is, and certainly television television news, but he has some kind of exemption. At this point, you almost want to think controlled opposition. I mean, he he did a big piece on the revolver news, which is another independent or as far as we know, independent from the mainstream. Who did foi requests. And it turns out that there are a lot of unindicted co conspirators on conspiracy conspirators on January 6, which, as we know, points to a typical six week cycle FBI scam of getting stuff riled up and even grant Greenwald Don't laugh. He's now saying, Oh, this is wrong. This is what they've been doing for 20 years. Okay. Well, we've actually been playing for 10 years at least since one of our producers told me about the FBI six week cycle, they have to have something happened in order to keep the budgets flowing to stay relevant. And story after story, they
get some schmuck usually with a low IQ, they tell him where to rent the van. They tell him where to get the phony baloney explosives, they give him the dumb keypad to press the number and the minute he does it, they swoop in. Crisis averted. And they're the heroes garland Texas. Remember that crazy shootout at the draw the Muhammad cartoon contest? Turns out, the FBI knew about that. And they were CIA, FBI agents said go shoot him up there in Texas. You know, so now it's it's very annoying that there's people who know about this, and it's getting out there and people are talking about it the same with with the Wu Han lab and whatever else may be coming out, the system is failing them. It's failing, then people are gone.
John: I don't. I'm glad you feel that way. Because I sure don't, oh, we
Adam: have a long way to go. But it's enough for them to not keep going full steam ahead as if nothing's happened. They've they they noticed when they have to take the L on something. I may be overthinking it. But what other reason could there be that they're starting to admit to all this stuff that was completely seen as crack pottery. And we'll also get to the they're going to stop these vaccines is coming out. It's unstoppable. This they're going to in fact, I did have I was even going to play this. But when I heard this clip, I thought, hmm, that seems also to be a little bit of a walk back on what we initially heard. What
Unknown: about boosters? Some people have been vaccinated for about five months now. When Will those start being distributed? And is there a plan for that?
Adam: Yeah, I, you know, I have to tell you, that I'm not thinking about boosters right now are these vaccines look so incredibly good and so durable? That I don't think most of the boosters, they might at some point next year? I know, we've heard from the companies that people need a booster within the year, I we've got to pay attention to the data if the data suggests that they're starting to be more breakthrough infections, and maybe, but I expect that if people were gonna get boosters, it'll be in 2022. And maybe even beyond. That's a walk back. And that's, that's on ABC. So, you know, that's, that's a message that is meant to get out there.
John: Well, I do have a distraction of the week kind of thing. From Tucker, you brought Tucker up. So that gives me the go ahead to
Adam: not really but Okay,
John: that's the way I see. I got two clips I want to play. It's just about, you know, it's a language thing. They come up with this new term they're trying to promote, which is birthing person.
Adam: Yeah.
John: Have you heard this? Yes. I have heard the birthing person thing. Yeah. And it turns out that they did bring somebody in front of Congress. She had black woman was the associate assistant budget director of the of the government. She's pushing the term. And it's birthing people. And I do have two clips. I have the birthing people clip from Tucker. And it's these are comic break from the depressing steps you played.
Adam: Sure. Thank you for doing this. But now,
John: people
Adam: know Okay, rolling it back. But now in just a few weeks, it's gone mainstream. Now. The term birthing people has the endorsement of the White House and hearing yesterday, the deputy director of joe biden's budget often explained the rule you have to be a bigot to use the term woman, the budget request $26 million to reduce maternal mortality and eliminate race based disparities and outcomes among quote birthing people. I've never heard the term before Can you explain what it means? Absolutely. There are certain
Unknown: people who do not have gender identities that apply to female or male. So we think our language needs to be more inclusive and how we deal with complex issues.
Adam: birthing people
John: I think this is starting to peak by the way I think we have I think this whole Yes. woken thing is go look
Adam: at Bill Maher he's pushing back against this really hard that's his job right now. Slow it down. People have gone out of control.
John: So a doula midwife woman comes on. She's driving around her car she does one of these classic. Twitter is probably off by now there probably
Adam: is a gram story in the car.
John: Yeah. And she comes off and she just reads these people to ride acted, I thought was a very well done. Amateur go into car blabbing away about something or other? It's a 58 second clip. She's just the doula midwife.
Unknown: I've been living under a rock you've probably heard that we're supposed to start using terms like birthing person and chest feeding and pregnant parent because terms like pregnant woman or mother or breastfeeding are not what was the term
John: chest feeding
Unknown: has been living under a rock you've probably heard that we're supposed to start using terms like birthing person and chest feeding parents, because terms like pregnant woman or mother or breastfeeding are non inclusive. But I'm a birth doula and a student midwife. And you know what I do for a living is I assist women in labor. And the things that they are doing are uniquely feminine. I just left it like I'm sitting in the car. I just left a birth where the woman was in labor for four days. She was pushing for over an hour she nearly lost her mind and was emotionally broken down by the end of this but she delivered her baby it was placed on her chest there were tears in both her and her husband's eyes and the husband leans in close and he whispers what a woman.
It was a beautiful moment and you know what would have ruined it? What a birthing person.
No, we're not about to diminish the battle that women have had to fight to be recognized as badass as and what our bodies are biologically created to do. Don't even get me started on chest feeding.
Adam: This is part of the reason why people are no longer watching television. These one minute things. Yeah, Instagram has reels. You got Tick tock, Tina and I will sit now, before we watch the news or television, whatever. And we'll do five minutes of just watching Instagram reels. And there's so much of this. Of course these get taken off pretty quick. But it's short. It's entertaining. Sometimes it's funny, he got a good dog video, boom, we're back to that. It's, it's very addictive. And I'm sure that the messaging people are beside themselves, they can't figure out how to get the message out anymore. Or at least counter this. That's my my thought.
John: I'm not gonna argue that if I'm working on a network, I'm a suit. I'm probably looking this stuff over constantly and I'm bringing different guys from different shows different producers in and I'm saying what can we do to Is there anything we can do this as lively as this because our stuffs looking a little stolid is a little stale. It's slow moving, is there. What can we do here? And there's a Bobby lot of people. Well, we can introduce a segment we can bring it in. We can do more man on the street, we can cut in tighter, we can touch the camera a little bit. And maybe that'll do it because these guys can't keep the camera straight on these things. Maybe that's what the appeal is.
Adam: I mean, it goes off the deep end can't bring themselves to lower their technical standards to where it's part of the art form. That's a part of the art form. They can't it's like, like, Yeah, what's his face with that carpool karaoke? It's professional multi cam. They can't bring themselves to do just a crappy ass someone holding One woman in the parking lot they can't do it. Oh, that's not television. Ah, now you see the problem. So these are fun changes, and I'm very happy to be alive. I'm happy to have this job. And happy to be doing it with you, john. Oh. With that, I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to you and the man who put the C in chest feeding. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. JOHN C. Dvorak
John: in the morning you Mr. Adam Curry Anna Maria sipsey booster graphene yes of the dames and knights out there.
Adam: And in the morning to our trolls in the troll room. I'd like to get account Could you please put your hands up everybody? Once again. See, they're all kind of scurrying away. Let's take a look and do a troll count. Hands up trolls Hands up. Of course. It doesn't work for me again. Why is my power taken away? Could someone please do the troll count? Oh, god, this ruins the whole bit people. Ah 1707. How is that for
John: down? 100
Adam: we need help. We help people. That's the troll room. You can go in and talk to about you. By the way I did. The Brian Brushwood podcast talks about the troll room so you guys can go watch that when it's released and feel good about yourselves. They found it odd that I called you trolls and I said Do you know what a chat room is? It's where trolls hang out. No agenda you can join it's free. Go ahead hang out.
John: Way brushwood and his party. It was weird that you call them trolls. Yeah. They
Adam: think a lot is weird.
John: Yeah, they should listen to the show brushwood.
Adam: What was very interesting. He says no agenda, these big fan of the show. And by the way, I went out to a setup out in, you know, a little bit out of Austin. He's got a nice setup, man. He's got a soundstage and everything he's got. He's got his stuff tight. But of course, Tony doesn't have enough time to listen to the show. And he says there's no agenda. Basically, you guys just go against everything. No,
John: he talking about our mission statement show. He probably never heard it. He probably never heard one episode. He has. He definitely has. I doubt it. It was but
Adam: I don't know. And he might not have
John: heard why. We go against everything. We don't go against anything. We just deconstruct news stories.
Adam: We have 40 to 50 clips every single show and you know, and then they have they both go all the way to me. You guys have so much history in the media that now you're getting it. And then add to that the producers who have actual knowledge of shit that's going on because they're in that
John: vocations named Ben named Ben.
Adam: Hello. Hello the dude's name Ben. So anyway, trolls we love you and you can join them become a troll at no agenda You can also listen live to this show and other shows the stream live continuously if not there's always some podcast from around gitmo-nation is more talk less commercials and a lot of fun. Also please follow us on our federated non algo alized social network no agenda social calm you can follow us from any mastodon server at follow at John Dvorak at no agenda social calm and at Adam at no agenda, social calm, great place in general another one of these systems that is just under the radar, but it's not small. And this is where content flows. Certainly amongst the no agenda nation servers content flows unrestricted and that's the way it should be. Now, let us thank the artists who brought us the artwork We are very proud of being one of the very few podcasts anywhere in the world to have brand new album art for every single show that is because of our fantastic artists community Parker Paulie, and you really knew I mean, it was very obvious you went I like it. It's a beautiful piece of art. It was the Wonder Bread no agenda the best podcast since sliced bread piece of artwork. And it is it's a really nice piece. What was interesting is you had a whole backstory on how Wonder Bread is made. I mean, I wanted to Tama gottschee I thought the time of god she was cute by tante Neel but when you laid into me with a hole how wonderbread
is made like
John: wow this is great. What's the reason you pick the art the the tama gottschee was unrecognizable at small sizes your main complaint generally speaking, and nobody knows what time I got. She looks like anymore. I
Adam: mean that's the worst part. That's the worst part. I realized that as well. No know what that is anymore. So tell us how was wondering.
John: When I was an air pollution inspector inspector we had a factory nearby that made a clone of wonderbread call me Fitz Kirkpatrick current can't remember the name. Somebody might remember the name of suit with a K. But it was a bread and it's and I went and inspected the facility and it's a Wonder Bread. And it's in the business. It's called balloon bread. The guy explained to me took me around and show me the whole process, which, by the way, I think most factories will do this for you. But one of the things I really enjoyed about being an air pollution inspector was touring factories. If you've never toured a lot of factories, manufacturing facilities, places that make candy, whatever, you're missing out, it's fascinating, at least to me, there's been a couple of TV shows that exploit this idea. So I go around, he says, it's called balloon bread is this very specific kind of bread? I think it was invented by the wonderbread people, and Kilpatrick his name and bread. And, and what it consists of is a very, very minutus amount of dough. That is, it's a very small, really amazingly small and small load, small load, and so they put it in there and then it gets tampered in a in these in these humidifiers, these giant humidifying ovens that puff it up to this huge sigh of love. And then it was all air it's just a blue of light as can be. And then it goes into the this you know it's a yeasted bread it goes into the ovens after this it's still a couple I don't know
how long it isn't a humidifier but it's in there for a long time it's hot and warm and it makes the bread blow up and it would dance balloon bread and then it gets quick baked and then it gets sliced with these special slicers because it's so delicate and it's just a fascinating product is probably is some people that have a low carbohydrate needs in their diets for whatever reason. I think this is probably the bread to eat. There's nothing there. Please and gentlemen,
Adam: show me a podcast anywhere in the world. That explains that to you. The more you know in the morning.
John: Beautiful Yeah, well I I'm sure I could have done it.
Adam: Here I thought you're here. I thought the reason you love being an air pollution inspector was because Barbara Boxer was hitting on you but
John: she was never hitting on me. Huh? She was hitting on the other guy. Thank
Adam: you very much Parker Pauli for bringing us the artwork. Thank you to all of our artists you can find and contribute to art at no agenda Art We really appreciate it. You can see a lot of these whipping around your podcasting 2.0 compatible app. There's a new episode of animated no agenda. And if you use a brand new app from new podcast you can help Dame Jennifer out boost her and her cohorts with a brand new animated no agenda. You can try pod friend or Curio caster pod verse. A lot of them work as video stars to enter the podcast in 2.0 realm. Now,
John: let us thank some of you first of all the spreadsheets wrong because I screwed up. And I sent a note to Eric rushing him out. And then I went back and looked at it was your fault.
Adam: Did you apologize? You just left it where it was? No, I
John: said I told her I had to tell him that. I change the amount on the on the tally even though it's not he's not going to change the spreadsheet. But for the purposes of bookkeeping, he's going to change the number which is our number one donor Sir-onimous.
Adam: Oh, yeah, I don't have them on my sheet. Indeed.
John: He's down there. You look into the day where it's not supposed to be at $310.13 Oh, oh seem done. Oh, okay. He's never given that money in his life.
Adam: No. Peace. No cheap jack.
John: So he gave us 30 $113 that's the code. Damn, he's at the top. Holy moly. Yeah, he is in a mood to show he was 13 in the
Adam: mood. He's in the mood. You said? Well, first of all, I just have to say Sir-onimous Whoa, thank you every month for how many years you've been donating?
John: I don't know
Adam: with codes that we don't understand.
John: Carol these codes love your codes. But here it is his letter which we will read with great sincerity being a woke type pronoun use toward me at our dumb shit and asshole or variations of those terms. Although recently after using John's retort to stay safe, I also became known as fuck you too. Thank you to all the producers for their continued support from the many weekly and monthly donations to clips to jingles to technology support in the me and the many success of sorry, the many unseen and unrecognizable contributions and
Adam: indeed in
John: Perhaps it was the headlines about inflation. But memories from the 70s oil embargo became fresh in my memory, I began having visions of Jimmy Carter in a sweater telling us to turn down our thermal thermometer. He said thermometer but he meant thermostat. The energy crisis began began at a time when critical resources, namely crude oil was imported into a resource rich, but under developed North American continent. Yeah, memories of the American response Mustang to Kenny,
Adam: that's interesting. Yeah.
John: Let me change.
Adam: What are you doing? You're fading.
John: Now I'm changing my glasses.
Adam: No
John: memories of the American response Mustang two, Chevy two, Chevette Pinto, Vega, Monza and the Chrysler galana. Nice weather with visions of E V's wind turbines and solar panel arrays falling into disrepair as the energy and climate crisis blurred in my mind. So I will harken back to that period to where you had that's when all these houses had these besides to do solar panel panels weren't the thing because there a way to cause
Adam: everyone everyone spent their money on a huge c band satellite dish.
John: Well, there's a little of that but yeah, I'm talking about the roof installations of keep solar heating collectors right?
Adam: Geez forgot about that.
John: So people would have a whole array of black pipes on their roof. First I had a covering it looked a lot like solar panels today from a distance. And the idea was it would heat the water. And you could use that for heating the house and using for hot water and all that kind of thing.
Adam: So your life was basically lukewarm. It's pretty bad.
John: He continues in his note, then as now the world economies we're going to ink Reek, recreate themselves and and our addiction to fossil fuels. This was true in the 70s. As the old saying goes about history, sometimes it rhymes. A few millennia ago, the whole earth spoke one language and chose to build a city and tower whose top may reach into the heavens. I have great faith, the current one world language of the build back better trying to create a world and and tower in their own graven image unto their heavens. moon and planets will also be referred to as Babel Babel perhaps under the leadership of a US president Babel. We may have that now. Yeah, language is culture and customs have an evolutionary reason to exist the survival of humankind. The earth does not have one kind of weather or terrain. Trying to make one answer fit all reduces our species ability to survive no jingles, no karma. Wow. Little lecture from the guidelines.
Adam: And later, I actually have some of the some some proof of what he says here about the Tower of Babel being built. And that's good I always appreciate Sir-onimous have dogpatch and lower slobbovia and we can complain at all about his level of support. Thank you so much. And again and you win patron he never wants to he doesn't want to title Duke Why sir? Yeah, when she was grant he can be way over that. Yeah, but he's not interested in that. Tiny Why didn't seem so thank you again very, very, very, very much.
John: Chris barrage is next on the list. I read the next 214 75 he says 1357 towards Insta night which we give them today. And 1357 show number donation so he's a Club member and $50 toward JC DS v eight supply and the rest towards the Pay Pal fees.
Adam: ut in the morning, please use my alias whose cadaver as my name that is my name and not my real name. I'd like to stay anonymous for my work. Yay in the morning, crock pot and buzzkill Adam and john thank you to all the producers of the no agenda for the outstanding entertaining amygdala shrinking experience in the form of the two weekly sanitation much appreciated Anyways, let's keep it short. Request de deucing me been de deuced and then he says China's asshole and former long overdue donation 333 and two tend to gather the donation of 1151 brand purpose associate executive producer and show 1154 goldfish invasion it brings me to knighthood name will be husa dhafer the Indian boy and he does want some Frisk hinder whiskey in its own cask and a Frisk is simple stop with now cost at the round table. Wow. Even though the note came in late, I can probably get that for you. And let's see, we'll give you the near jingoes here which you wanted. Oh my god. You've got karma. Grab this next one. I have that all lined up as well and I will add those accoutrements for you, who's to cadaver seem to be surfaced? That's just Baronet dude named Ben named Ben defender of megawatts protector of the electric grid. From Grapevine, Texas. The dude's name Ben who keep the show running everybody, Adam and john, thank you for your courage and all that you do. This donation is an honor of my 35th birthday on June 19. And my second Father's Day please give me jobsearch karma.
As the CEO of my company has decided to be a globalist COC. He has instituted a policy of othering you may return to work and not socially distance only if vaccinated. If you're unvaccinated, then you must still socially distant and wear a mask. Furthermore, the vaccinated get little stickers for their badges. The shaming continues with company gyms only being available to the vaccinated this obvious immoral policy is pushing me to look for new work. At the start of this I told my VP and my boss that a mask or a vaccine would not be conditioned in my employment so decided to stick to my moral guns and vote with my feet if possible, and make them fire me If not, and he has some jingles that he wanted. so far. My job search not only have I seen a vastly increased number of Remote Jobs, but a lot of companies are handling this the right way. While they may encourage the vaccine, they're not participating in the other thing that my company has decided to do. As a result, I would like to encourage all the other no agenda producers to vote with your feet and find a company that will treat you better. Sincerely Baronet dude named Ben named Ben defender megawatts protector of the electric grid. His sequence of jingles is here. It was hard to get it aroused that it is hard to get it aroused, but we got it or not come. Oh my gosh. Can you see that? You've got that's how you that's that'll get you a job.
John: I was looking at the garbage guys outside dicking around my garbage cans. Are
Adam: they? What are they doing, man?
John: I'm trying to figure it out trying to figure it out. Okay. All right. Let's get back to this sorry. Oh, Mike, the Baron of Old Bay is next on the list from wilmington delaware 333. And he is says from the Office of the Baron of obey alpha Charlie Tango. I'm sorry alpha. Alpha Charlie Tango India Victor alpha Tango Echo, space alpha golf echo November Tango Sierra. Clip you will obey credit in show notes the Baron of obey you will obey you will obey you will obey
Adam: no problem.
John: Sir Ronald Gardner watch what do we got here in Toronto Gardner insane da have insane Diego, banana remember that and surrounding waters and San Diego California 33333. He says the Happy Father's Day no jingles no
Unknown: karma. Very nice.
John: Randy Carlson in Pahrump, Nevada.
Adam: rump rumba bom bom
John: Bri 3333 from Pahrump where the legal hookers have returned to work fine way.
Adam: Good news.
John: That's it. That's got to say okay,
Adam: good enough.
John: It's good enough for me. Teresa zucco in Snohomish, Washington 33333. This is our our 333 This is our executive producer drive for the first six months of this year.
Adam: Yes, but so to keep us afloat, and a lot of people do and Happy Father's Day.
John: Shout outs here which is beautiful. We have that in here too. And I wouldn't keep a lookout for those. Please de-douche my husband Dale and wonderful Father of our human resources.
Adam: Go ahead. Go ahead. I was deducing him already.
John: Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead. You should go do a clean D do.
Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, a clean de-douche you've been de deuced so clean
John: He hit me in the mouth. You need a clean de-douche he hit me in the mouth last summer and your show has helped keep me sane. Through all the COVID and political hysteria. Happy Father's Day. You're a douchebag no longer Oh, sweet,
Adam: anonymous from Miami Beach. By the way, I talked about that with brushwood and Justin. And you know how this really Eric Clapton should be listening to our show. Because he would, he talked about anxiety. There's something about the way it works, that it would make everybody happy. We could inspire the next mega hit from air clap and if he listened to this show, I can dream or he could do a jingle for it. Yeah, now we're talking Exactly. Jingle anonymous Miami Beach 333 33. I'd like to credit my first donation to my smokin hot wife who shall therefore adhere to for be known as the monkey boss of Miami. And whose birthday just happens to fall on show day, June 20. Yeah, you're a little early. Nothing says love like an executive producer credit and a solid birthday deducing hell. Ben de deuced continues. I started listening to the show after hearing Adam on Joe Rogan. Rogan donation want to show and I hit the monkey boss in the mouth shortly thereafter since then, I don't think she's missed even one minute of the show. In fact, I can guarantee that she's listening to this right now with a huge smile on your on her face. Go over there and kiss that smile. To say that no agenda has kept us sane over the past 15 months would be an understatement. The show gave us the courage to vote with our feet packing up and leaving the hopeless state of New Jersey in the middle of last year after governor Murphy said he had no time for the bill of rights to travel all
over the free states of america south of American South which has been fantastic and liberating. Except for Austin, aka the skid row of the South. I'm very proud to say that we have remained COVID vaccine and stupidity free with continually shrinking and mcgillis. Throughout our journey, I'll have to remain a douchebag for just a while longer, but knowing that I am now married to an executive producer more than makes up for it. Please tell him thanks, john and Adam for everything you do and for helping to make my wife's birthday a special one. Please tell her that I love her. Anonymous loves you. And
John: so proud of it has to be anonymous. Gimme Oh,
Adam: all these guys showing up at her door. Hey, I'm anonymous. Hey, baby.
John: I'm coming over there. So wait, they've got Austin skid row of
Adam: the South sad but yes. And nothing has changed that now. The first month was the less everybody get used to it. 30 days now we're in the second 30 day started June 11. This is where they're supposed to be giving people citations and telling them where to go. And it's only gotten worse. Nothing has changed. It's not going to change.
John: No the word gets out to
Adam: it's not going to change. jingles good karma Don't eat me Bo Jaiden 33 is the magic number China's so happy to comply
John: doesn't magic the magic number you've got sir Antonio in Madrid espanya 33333 First thing first I need a big health karma for someone very close and dear to me. This is sir Antonio of Madrid Spain. This donation makes me go above the 2000 water level Mark accounting below but I refuse the title of Baronet and keep my nihalani always keep the knighthood waiting for the upcoming barony thanks for countless hours of info sane men you rock sir Antonio of Madrid.
Adam: Nice Thank you. We'd like it when we rock Yeah, we do. Hold on Hold on. He needs he needs to be health karma. You've got karma.
John: cc Searles in Berkeley. Oh 33333 Yo, john. It's your neighbor z from South Berkeley. Peace janay would like to get you the real BTC Oh gee max Kaiser to come to the UAE for a stand up rage. If so donate this dollars for drinks request play seven goat screams to break the simulation zz. Alright,
Adam: so max Kaiser is doing a an F Ilan World Tour. First stop is Austin, Texas. For some reason, he's now tagging me and all these tweets and putting me into interesting collages of pictures as a celebrity who will be attending the event on July 8.
John: And he's doing this without your permission. Oh, he
Adam: has my permission anytime he wants to do that. I'm all for it. That's hilarious. We're getting lots of juice. And he's going to light a Tesla on fire. Which I look forward to. That should be fun.
John: I don't know why, you know, this makes no sense to me.
Adam: Well, the in The Beano,
John: I'm just telling you just leave it sit there I'll catch on fire by itself
Adam: as requested seven goat screams in a row. Wow. That was a
John: change changed. The office is clean.
Adam: If only All right. Excellent. All right. Next
John: is Vikon. Sander hos Barragan in Zaandam. Oh, yeah, 33333 but I can find a note from him.
Adam: I have no note either from Vikon sounder
John: I didn't see anything that said donation from him. I don't know.
Adam: I bet it's a Happy Father's Day.
John: It seems like something could be could be. Father's Day still coming. So Sander can send us a note in the meantime,
Adam: send it to me, Sean McCall. in Bloomington, Minnesota. 333 33. An interesting note. Let me see if I can get through this. This should put me in the knighthood. Please dub me sir Sean of liberty maniacs calm. Liberty maniacs calm. It's my brother's business. But it's also my executive producer handle for Episode 1217. So let's just lean into that. Dan brother, who's also a contributor created the art on Liberty man maniacs calm for the art of 1216 that's our episode 1216 that was lifted by someone else. This is this things happen. I don't remember the specific example. I sent the donation and drunk note poorly explaining the situation for 1217 that ended up being executive producer. Here's a tighter note for sake of good podcasting. Oh, greetings, gentlemen. I truly appreciate the effort and the thoughtful conversation over the years I'd like to shout out my smoke show wife Linda, who surprised me with a small gathering of my closest friends and all no agenda listeners yesterday for my birthday June 15. And also a shout out to my brother Dan, who hit us on the mouth a few years back he actually runs the Liberty maniacs calm There you go. I just pitch ideas and help us some art direction occasionally. Check out our store if nothing else because he beat the NSA Hillary and Bernie and separate parody lawsuits all brought against him Wow. That's not easy to do. But well done. No jingles just more baby making karma for Linda and I who will be starting IVF
treatments in the next week for our first human resource hopefully of many thank you for your service love and light and some positive vibrations all around the in a multiverse. Sure, McCall of liberty maniacs calm but of course we've got some of that baby making karma.
John: Here you go. You've got karma. Young Do we ever get the art thing straightened out?
Adam: I have no idea. I think it's okay.
John: Sir David fukase. odo is next. He's the Duke of America's Heartland in the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Three earned $33.33 Thanks for the dads. Thanks for all the dads out there especially my own. And thanks to the no agenda community for all the karma. I'll spend Father's Day this year. But this is this cut off on my thing. This is my dames.
Adam: Yeah, I'll spend Father's Day this year with my dames.
John: Right this guy making it up. Maybe he's just hanging right this sipping Oh, maybe it's just hanging out with suit legs. Stella
Adam: maybe he means he's hanging out with some broads.
John: He's drinking some Stella. That's why Stella Artois and Adele is on a route to see Kansas City Missouri. Finally
Adam: Yay. is in Dallas. He's finally in the home for the holidays. Home for Father's Day. Doesn't get any money
John: omega European beer.
Adam: Hey I want so day melody. What I'd like is hopefully if it hasn't happened yet. I want one of those videos you know he comes in with his with his uniform on and surprises damy sybella and everyone cries I love those. Anyone I mean, I love those always on the news. I love that. It's a beautiful moment. Love that. And happy happy for all of you.
John: Onward with Kevin guard Guido. And there is no note as I can find using his last name as a search or donation and Sugar Hill ga 330 33 he can send us something later Kevin badfinger wow 3333 random number
Adam: theory random number theory to Kevin's back to back
John: Yeah, exactly. And both with the 333 33 Leonardo Bravo in Los Angles California sent a note card actually It simply says karma to all we're going to need it Leo Bravo nice card by the way you've got karma
Adam: I guess the back office decided I didn't need to see the front of the card it's just here's the writing just take that
John: yeah you don't need to see a nice card Your turn.
Adam: Then we have sir Julian from page Texas 333. Sir Julian checking in requesting a title change Okay, my better three quarters noticed I was inches away from reaching Duke. Normally my value for value comes in randomly and for different amounts but this one is just to put me over the line and pick up some more of that sweet sweet IMDb cred. As an in the know night I was able to spot the trends and make a move to Texas months before everyone else in the early days of COVID people that worked on it with some kind of clairvoyant. Yeah, you just listened to the no agenda show. I'll meet with sir Jean to determine the appropriate fiefdom and protectorate closer to the homestead here on bass drop. Oh, good. Bass drops a great place to be during my time at play, bass drop bass drops a great great little town. I think it's very underrated.
John: I never heard of it does that so underrated? It is
Adam: I've stayed there with the airstream. Yeah, I think it'd be been done a show from there from time to time. But you know, it's a lot of young people going out there it's very affordable still, and it's reasonably accessible, certainly from Austin. During my time at Apple, there was a tactic employed to circumvent national security letter gag orders notified by omission. You see, you can't tell people who've been compromised but you could remove language that was no longer factual from documents along these lines. I'd like to confirm that you have not been compromised. Cue the shapeshifting do jingle while I don't have evidence of shapeshifting Jews I will fight to the death for you to be able to play the jingles as sir Julian you've got karma always a winner
John: play okay we got a two in a row here and I was looking for something I can you gay skip down if you read a note down if as I
Adam: read this or stink finger How about that? This is a June 17 birthday Dame drive from my house. I was gonna start over again. And make sure I got this thing here. This is a June 17 birthday Dame drive for my face melting hot why Finca my anchor in life's ocean, my harbor in the tempest and best Mother of our three human resources. That's birthing person. Not only does she run her own recruitment agency, punting heads and trafficking humanoids. In between she finds time to organize the no agenda, lowlands business meetup with already over 33 participants. Now she's topped the point of having spent more than half of her life with me which deserves a proper de-douche ben de deuced and for that she needs a TPP She needs a sleepy Joe and an r two D two PS I keep hearing sleepy Joe. Is that a slip of the tongue referring to Joe likely being both CP Joe? I keep hearing CP Joe is that a slip of the tongue referring to Joe likely being incontinent during dealing with Li j everything was going so well with your dire note well she's on the list of course and we honor dames anywhere we go. He jobs jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Jobs you've got
John: Alright, let's jump back up to bread Samuel who did send in a note I found me he didn't use it. He didn't put donation
Adam: properly.
John: He did not follow protocol. He did not follow protocol, but I found it anyway. Good. In fact, the separator line was last night show was great. I just sent which is fine. But hard is not protocol. I just sent you the prescribed 33333 Thank you for covering world Advanced and not just COVID. But I think a lot of people are sick of COVID and to try and minimize it now,
Adam: what we're doing the departments
John: are targeting it we're targeting the reversal.
Adam: That's right.
John: We're documenting the reversal of the whole scam. Brass I'm a douche at this point, but I do feel free. do feel free to do okay, perhaps I'm a douche on this point. But do feel free to fix that. For okay just complimenting us. There's nothing to fix. All the best guys, sir. Dark fake soon to be Baron. I hope Brett
Adam: nice. All right. How about Jackie got anything for Jackie?
John: I look for Jackie Jackie Green's one of our regular donors. famous guy, and I can't find a note from him. So Jackie, thank you. He's up in orange, Vail, California. I was always hoping he could come down to one of the meetups and
Adam: Jackie green isn't Jackie green. Is he a comedian?
John: No, no, no, you're thinking that she
Adam: must be that murderer. No job. Jab. I'm doing now alright.
John: Greens are good. Really, you can look him up. He's outstanding guitarist. Oh, and I'm sure he really enjoyed listening to the to the Eric Clapton material.
Adam: All right. Jackie Greene Let me see we have undress Rodriguez, Monrovia, California to 20 to 22 associate executive producer ship first time longtime please de-douche ben de duced and he says on my way to becoming circuit breaker of Oh circuit breaker operator of the Los Angeles area. I think this may be another one of those dudes named Ben in the power business. I freeloaded for years and I'm now coughing up a fraction of the value I have received YouTube have been an invaluable pair in my life, keeping me informed and a step ahead of my peers. I tell them all to listen, but they can't stand having their belief so directly challenged COVID numbers or juice, PCR test perpetuate the myth of unprecedented asymptomatic spread, preventative and active treatments work and natural immunity exists. Thanks for all you do jobs karma Trump arouse followed by some baby making karma, please. It's hard to get it aroused and it is hard to get it aroused. But we got it around jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. That's the job. Karma.
John: You're talking about these scam ish PCR tests. So this has been affecting sports. And not Yeah, yes, yes, we had a golfer that was going to make 1,000,008 and he was kicked off the tour for the final round because he had a symptomatic vulcraft or having been vaccinated. Well, we have another case of that. Chris Paul, the point guard for this sons who are just kicking ass in the NBA playoffs, vaccinated, tested positive and now has to go on a 10 day thing he's gonna probably miss the first game a
Adam: 10 day What?
John: That's where the protocol for the NBA is that the two things you have one you go into quarantine for 10 days.
Adam: That's their protocol. That's not the generally accepted protocol is
John: their protocol. So this to me, it's that was starting to sound with the Chris Paul thing, which was Chris Paul's been playing outstanding. And he's been vaccinated. And now he's got to go into this protocol. naafi test positive twice.
Adam: Now what is what position does he play? He's the point guard.
John: He's the guy leads the team. Oh, he's
Adam: an important important guy.
John: He is the important guy. Okay.
Adam: Well, this stinks.
John: This sounds like gambling. Yes, exactly what
Adam: I was thinking what a great way to make some money.
John: Yeah, you take this guy out of the big changes the odds and maybe comes back and the I you know, you bet on the lower odds, because the odds are really gonna not favored the sons if he's not playing but then all of a sudden he starts playing gets to play for some reason. I mean, this is rigged. I am surprised actually that the The Gambler, it may have been going on a whole time that the gamblers they get a hold of somebody doing the tests. They you know, let's make sure he gets his numbers the way they did. So he's got it. He's asymptomatic. He's not sick.
Adam: I just I don't know much about sports horse betting. So sports betting is new combo. So
John: you mean a new combo You don't know anything about? Well,
Adam: I know about it, but I don't know how it works. And so my question is, so now that he's you say, you know, you could know that he was getting this test is going to change the outcome you'd think of the game, but doesn't everyone adjust their their bet accordingly before the game is actually played? Yeah.
John: And they change the shape some of the it's it's changed on To fly, but if everybody starts betting one way, and then all of a sudden he shows up
Adam: positive. You know, you don't know if he's gonna show up or not he may be able to plays what you're saying,
John: but then he may not be able to be
Adam: this great
John: Cliff handling community, the crooked gambling, gambling community.
Adam: It's right next to the black and brown community out here.
John: It's also very, not much different than a crooked stock market community. Is everything's crooked. If you can be crooked, it's crooked. Yeah. Wow. I find it to be distressing. So
Adam: what's
John: it has to do with this asymptomatic nonsense to what you're under over and the spread on the suns are over? I know I have to go look at the lines. Okay. Well, it's definitely going to affect things and not in a good way. Oh, I in a good way. If you know what you're doing if you're on the right side of it. You did and you did Andre Rodriguez. Yes, I did. I'm doing Adam Carter in Milwaukee. Okay. To 1777 I wish I had known about you dorks last year.
Adam: Why? Why? What would have changed? What How would your life have been different?
John: Please call it my brother Aaron for being a douchebag of legendary proportions. And send some goat Carmen and my smokin hot girlfriend Sarah for freeing me from douche dumb. And with that, I need a D douchey.
Adam: You've been de douche. Oh, nothing says I love you baby. Then some goats. I mean, that's just the way to do it. You've got karma.
John: Clinton is in Tucson Arizona to 1617 when I saw the show date lined up with my 33rd birthday, yet another. I took it as a sign to finally make a donation I wish I could celebrate with a 617 21 but 216 17 is what can be budgeted
Adam: for this year. Appreciate it, man. It's about making it meaningful to you is what it's all about. You're all
John: you all are doing the Lord's work in an informative and most importantly, entertaining way. I hope you never find an exit strategy.
Adam: I think he means strategy. Oh, baby. I liked it. If If insurance the Lord was a little more informative and entertaining, more people would go
John: Yeah, it's really the people interpreting the law. Yeah, there you go. Not the Lord Himself. Chris Oh, Irish in Barnegat light,
Adam: Barnegat light Barnegat light aren't to get
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John: This is Sonic wall. I'm looking into it. It's the no agenda site.
Adam: Ah, really?
John: I don't know what they're talking about.
Adam: Sonic wall what Sonic wall.
John: Sonic wall is one of those appliances that you stick in front of your servers. And it says Oh no. Because we're on some blacklist.
Adam: You What I like usually is that you can then contest it. You can do it right on that page. If you think this is an error, or you can't well that needs to be done. And he says, I just want to let you guys know okay, but I donate regularly to the YMCA. But with the permission of my keeper that money will now go to sponsor a domestic terrorist group called no agenda. Thanks, Eric constable Jacksonville, Florida. Well, thank you very much for your courage. And I'll take Joshua Odell from wheat Ridge, Colorado $200 listeners since day one first time donor de-douche, please. You've been de deuced and Joshua says Could I get some surgery karma For an elbow repair today on the 17th yes of course Yeah, yeah, it's very much out here you go. You've got karma
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Adam: Yes, karma, of course. You've got karma note on his note got triggered me because you know, let me tell ya, yeah. Closing on selling your home woman and closing on buying your new home. One week apart is rather stressful. Yeah, that's where we are. Right now. It's rather there's a whole bunch of dominoes. And if somebody trips it, they all fall down and it becomes a big mess. It's very I had to go live in a trailer pretty much and I sold that one rich Watson, King city, Ontario $200. Hey, john Adam. I've been an avid listener since Adams first appearance on the Joe Rogan experience. This is my first donation please de-douche me. You've been de douche. I'm 29 years old and live in King County, Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto. I've really appreciated the perspective and media deconstruction your show provides a I've always tried to have an open mind and your show has really helped provide a sane, objective perspective on current events with a tinge of sexism. Thanks to you both and the producers my amygdala is smaller than ever. I started a home service franchise two and a half years ago and it's been a wild ride since COVID. Started thankfully, our services focused on exterior work so we've been sparred, spit spared with Ontario's oppressive, blocked downs, and its restrictions on so many small businesses, we do exterior cleaning. So we've been really busy as people are spending so much time in their homes and realize how dirty their windows
are. For example, shout out to my beautiful fiance, Liz we got engaged last sermon or wedding was slated for this Labor Day in Vermont. But we just had to reschedule it to next sunrise. We didn't think the Canadian US border restrictions would be lifted by then and didn't want to force my Canadian guests to do our hotel quarantine upon return. What a mess up there. Liz is American and moved up here last March. she's experiencing quite the culture shock. She's been back to the US five or six times since COVID. Started most recently, the week around Memorial Day when the CDC lifted the mass mandate. Liz felt a glamour of freedom back in the US. We are still behind the Canada navion curtain here. Make Canada great again. Thanks for the show. Rich Watson. Thanks, rich. We feel real bad for y'all up there. Really do. It's kind of insane. Makes no sense. We're in the same continent in North America. How can it be so different for you? The Delta variant? What? Like Well, there's there's still locked out, man. They got restrictions in the UK. Boris Johnson delayed another week, not going to open on the 21st Now we'll revisit on the 28th people are going to become violent. The
John: Brits certainly surprised you're not violent already.
Adam: Well, there's a lot of protests and they're now at the back door of Parliament. There's large groups of people waiting for the politicians to come out. And of course, they're not because they're very, very afraid. And this clashes this, it's the British people are I remember the 70s man those he got those finance dudes up from the north from Birmingham and everything when Margaret Thatcher was was Prime Minister and they brought their literal pitchforks. They were not messing around. Now of course, they got beaten back up to the north and shut up and had you know, been living in squalor ever since. But there was some real anger. It's historical fact. Yeah, well, thank you all very much our executive and associate executive producers for Episode 1356. As nice to see a number of Father's Day shout outs in this batch as well coming up on Father's Day, people can certainly donate again or afresh if you wish. And this is a very nice a good day for us and great to see Sir-onimous as well. And looking forward to thanking all of our producers $50 or more in our second segment. If you would like to participate again for Father's Day. Just go to vo slash and thank you for participating in our value for value system with your time your talent and your treasure. Our formula is this. We go out For your people in the mouth. Shut up. Maybe time to discuss the other big event of the week.
John: You mean the Russian meeting with Putin? Yeah, man,
Adam: this was I've watched all of the coverage. I was very pleased with what I saw. As it went completely off the rails only no one knows that.
John: Cuz the media wouldn't play it.
Adam: No. Why would you do that? That would be crazy. You can't show actual news. It was fantastic.
John: This let's play. Let's play the PBS rundown. They sent a Mish l sindoor. to Switzerland.
Adam: Geneva and
John: I personally find it racist to do that. Why? Well, because it today's modern journalism requires a Mexican or a Mexican American to cover Latin America. Oh, good. I use the accents all the time. And black American to cover black events. Yeah, we put a black guy up there in front of like a you know something going on how to make it
Adam: as equitable. Mm
John: hmm. And so why do you send a Swiss woman to Switzerland?
Adam: very disappointing. A blonde a blonde Swiss woman?
John: Yeah, blonde Swiss Swiss Swiss Miss Christmas. No, no, they send a black woman
Adam: test so Switzerland so wrong.
John: Now this may be a thing like they do they pull a stray hand. Let's send the black woman to Switzerland to cover a white list or thumb it's
Adam: literally to cover the white man. I mean, I'm sure someone thought of that. JOHN, if you cannot put it past these eight holes. Well, I'm
John: I just think it was shameful. On on the part of the National Treasure called PVR public broadcasting. Okay, let's listen to his part one. This Russia summit one PBS.
Unknown: The Summit in Switzerland is over and President Biden and Russia's President Vladimir Putin are headed home tonight. As expected, there were no large breakthroughs. Instead, both sides cast the talks as business like white house correspondent yamiche alcindor reports from Geneva
historic high stakes summit between the US and Russia. It began with a handshake at the doors of an 18th century villa. on the shores of Lake Geneva, President Joe Biden spent hours with Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Biden said the meeting was instructive and that neither party made overt threats. But Mr. Biden did say he made it clear that Russian attacks on the US cyber or otherwise would lead to grave consequences.
I made it clear that we will not tolerate attempts to violate our democratic sovereignty, or destabilize our democratic elections. And we would respond to
President Putin calls a summit quote, very constructive. Still, he took no responsibility for the cyber attacks from Russian criminals that have targeted us infrastructure. And he dismissed questions about Russian military aggression in Ukraine. before the meeting, both leader said relations between the US and Russia are at a new low. But today begin with the two sounding hopeful.
Mr. President, I'd like to thank you for your initiative to meet today. I know that you've been on a long tour. Still, us and Russian relations have a lot of issues accumulated that require the highest level meet, and I hope that I hope that our meeting will be productive. As I said, outside, I think was always
President Biden referred to the US and Russia as quote, two great powers. In 2014, former President Obama notably referred to Russia only as a, quote, regional power, a dig that is stuck with Putin. I'd like to just step back one second, because
Adam: this requires some setup that is impossible to clip because you really have to have the full overview. The idea was and I felt that the media certainly cnn Ms. I watched the the trifecta switching back and forth between all the idea was Joe Biden is going to get up there with his aviators and say, Stop that hack. And Vlad. You know, I told you you have no soul. I got my to get get you. Shut up, man. Come on, man. Give me a break, man. And they kept saying, oh, we're very, you know, President Biden's going to confront Vladimir Putin. Tell First of all, the meeting last like two hours less than it was supposed to last very confusing. After a previous day where President Biden showed up three hours late. Back to CP Joe, I guess I don't know what's going on. And, you know, they were are very, very disappointed because they didn't get any of this but they still have to present it as if it was some fabulous meeting really good for America.
John: It was a dud,
Adam: it was a total dud.
John: Now, I want to do this side, because you brought it up in the last show and I start looking for it. It's true. Biden and Putin get together they're shaking hands, they're you know, patting each other the whole thing, but when you cut back to the European leaders, they are arm bumping. Elbow bumping. Yeah, they're gutless wonders. They Oh,
Adam: well, but but in, in private, they're all hugging each other too.
John: Well, the tongue kissing in private command. Whoo. All right, onward with clip two of the series.
Unknown: Today's summit was held in the same place that President Ronald Reagan and the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev held their first meeting in 1985. The two leaders began with their chief diplomats at their sides, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lazaroff. The talks then expanded to include senior officials from each side, including White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Russian state media posted this photo of the meeting, after about three hours who and Mr. Biden who included the summit that was shorter than the four to five hours that US officials had said it would go to China after two hours there we looked at each other like, Okay, what next? joint statement, the two nuclear superpowers also agreed, quote, a nuclear hot
Adam: I hadn't heard that bit. But Wow. That's just a couple hours. We were done. It was all good. Ted shaker that that's what he's saying that US officials had said it would go China after two hours there we looked at each other like, Okay, what next?
Unknown: In a striking statement, the two nuclear superpowers also agreed, quote, a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, the leader decided to hold separate press conferences. When he was pressed on the jailing and killing of his political opponents, he invoked the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol
was published immaterial. As for who was killing whom, or throwing people in jail, people came to the US with political demands. Over 400 people had criminal charges placed on them. Some people died. And one of the people that died was simply shot on the spot by the police, although they were not threatening the police with any weapons. In many countries, this same thing happens that happens in our country. I would like to stress once more, that we sympathize with what happened in the United States. But we have no desire to allow the same thing to happen in our country.
Which in his own press conference, I questioned President Biden about those very statements. He said the reason why he's cracking down on opposition leaders, is because he doesn't want something like January 6 to happen in Russia. And he also said it doesn't want to see groups formed like Black Lives Matter. What's your response to that, please?
That's ridiculous comparison. is one thing for literally criminals, to break through, coordinate FBI go into the Capitol, kill a police officer. For objective objecting marching on a capital one saying, You are not allowing me to speak freely,
Adam: is unforgivable, that he does that unforgiveable
John: that he lies, bold faced lies, where's the list of lies and Joe wash wapo Whopper Whopper. Whopper was got no list of lies and joy that nobody points this out. She doesn't say anything about it.
Adam: What was interesting in most of the reporting, is they decided that they would latch on to something where you know, the question about Alexander and avallone. That's what this that's what that whole question was about. Now yummies didn't say it, but every other report was Vladimir Putin couldn't even say the guy's name. He wouldn't even say his name. As if that's like the biggest crime that he's committed. He wouldn't say his name. He wouldn't say it. Meanwhile, he, let's hear your clips because he countered a lot of stuff, which is funny. I love listening to Vladimir.
John: Well, there's no more Vladimir on this in this clip list. But this Russia summit threes an optional play, I'd rather jump to Biden. Well, can
Adam: I just say something about the things that that Putin said just summarize. Okay, so the questions were, and there were some annoying questions. You know, this. One ABC reporter was lauded over how brave and good What a great reporter that she stood up to Putin and said, we'll we'll Why don't you just say his name Alexander Novotny, what are you afraid of? and Putin went Look, he is the answer something to the effect of, you know, I promised I would answer questions, so I'll take your shitty asked question. And then he he comes To date with exactly what you miss reported there a couple other things, though, on cyber attacks, this was the big thing that President Joe was going to shut him down. And he said, look of that. The US is the best cyber attacker there is, you know what, look at our hospital system that the US attack is at least 10 attacks in the past three months. Oops. Okay, so that wasn't reported and wasn't nothing was done with it. And what was the there was a third thing that that came back what and also Holy crap, the difference in translators from network to network, Oh, my God. CNN, had loads of very, very bright friends later. couldn't understand that guy. Fox had couldn't understand the level was off. msnbc kind of had the best to
Unknown: be completely honest. I understand the English language perfectly. But Vice President Biden does not speak clearly. I'm not a doctor, like his wife. All
Adam: right. I'm just kidding. That wasn't msnbc. But it was. Yeah. And he just stood there and just hammered back. He did 57 minutes of questions. 18 random reporter questions, including BBC ABC. And I think CNN, Biden did 27 minutes 27 in a much nicer stage, I should say he really had a compared to the hot 10th that that Putin had. That was a it was actually quite impressive. It was that bad. He had six planned questions. And he started off with this.
Unknown: I'll take your questions. And as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I'm going to call on so
Adam: yeah, so spontaneous.
John: So spontaneous. They gave me a list. Yeah, very nice. No, it was the contrast was pathetic. No. But potent does this all the time he is he's a guy can go in front of big audiences doesn't Russia. And he just takes questions. And he's, you know, any any ad libs answers, he can talk. He's a nice script.
Adam: He's a natural podcaster. Really, I mean, he would be great at it.
John: He'd be really good. podcaster. But Biden's older. And let's start. I want to start off with this. This is Jeff xlv. I think the network's and CNN would be a good example, are getting fed up with this a little bit and so that they're bitching. I don't know if this maybe xlv will be taken on to the carpet after this, this bitching of 27 seconds of complaining. But I don't know it's sounds right. But before getting on a plane, as you know, all of the really images and the narrative from this summit is that he wanted to take that off the table that we have seen President Biden do that. Personally, we've not seen him to his answer questions like that without his aides screaming at him to stop.
Unknown: I have never seen a president covering the last four of them, who is so protected by his aides in terms of often not wanting him to answer some questions.
Adam: Gee, I wonder why this guy? Wrong answer. Wrong reporting. Go sit over there with the lady who did Bitcoin for poor black people, you're off.
John: We'll see. These are one of our main correspondents. And he's complaining and so we have I saw I have some, you know, a few of the clips. I got a clip where he blows up. This is a hard clip to listen to, because it's just poorly Mike hard to hear. Yeah. So Biden's leaving and Biden is of this sort. He doesn't have a lot of mental faculties. Well, besides that, we know that what's it called control? urge control. There's some term
Adam: Tourette Well,
John: you can't control yourself, you get can't just say to yourself, I'm going into the other room.
Adam: impulse control.
John: That's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to be impulse control impulse. impulse control has no impulse control, which must drive these people crazy. So some reporter will shout something out that triggers him.
Adam: My favorite bit,
John: unfortunately, is never miked. Well, this is all like the Veritas miking, which you hate. I do. And here's an example of somebody else something mad. I'm about you know, poten didn't respond the way you thought he would. And what was the deal? What did some some reporter female reporter felt that? I think she felt gypped so she yells something at bite as he's leaving, and this is what happens.
Unknown: Why are you so confident he'll change his behavior, Mr. President? What do you do? What I said what will change their behavior is the rest of the world react to them diminishes the students. In the world, I'm not confident just stating the fact that given his past behavior has not changed. And in that press conference after sitting down with us for several hours, he denied any involvement in cyberattack. He downplayed human rights abuses. He refused to say alexina volleys. Nick. So how does that appeal to a constructive meeting as opposed? To understand that we come up with quickly.
Adam: What was her name?
John: I don't because I like to follow
Unknown: her. Follow her because she may be get kicked off the whole deal. Oh, she'll be kicked off. And but then the you heard the rousting women,
John: there's two or three of them get to go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go people, and on the roust everybody and get them out of there
Adam: on the tarmac before departing? The President said and sure there's a clip of it. I don't have it. I owe my last question or an apology. The President told reporters on the tarmac that is he ready to board Air
John: Force One debt? I'm sorry,
Adam: I shouldn't have been such a way as guy with the last answer I gave. Wow. That's Yeah, that's really interesting. I mean, that's Yeah, well, he's
John: lost his. I mean, he almost here's an example where interest 16. So these are all short clip set for one. Here's where he says he almost has Trump out of the blue. He's got Trump on his mind.
Adam: Yeah, I think I heard that
Unknown: I caught part of President Trump Putin's press conference, about the need for us to be able to have some kind of modus operandi where he dealt with making sure the Arctic was in fact, a free zone. Now, there
Adam: were a couple of good gaps, I caught this one, we don't know, we haven't had access
Unknown: to the laboratories to determine whether or not and I have not reached a conclusion because our intelligence community is not certain. Whether or not this was a consequence of a from the marketplace of bat. interfacing with, with with animals in the environment that caused this.
Adam: So scientific, a bat interfacing with animals of the
Unknown: COVID, or whether it was an experiment gone awry in a laboratory, it's important to know the
Adam: interesting, he chooses not to say something escaped from a lab accident in the lab. Now he says, an experiment gone awry. Remember, you have to listen to old people and children and drunk people.
Unknown: COVID-19 or whether it was an experiment gone awry in a laboratory. It's important to know the answer to that because we have to have access. We have to build a system whereby we can know what when we see another transparent lack of transparency, what might produce another vaccine. Another panda
Adam: can access what you await. He came so close. He wasn't the best, but at least
John: now close. They came close. Well, here is the this was something that I think this was just before the meeting with Putin, Pruitt, Putin, and he, he mixes up Syria and Libya. Now, what's weird about it is at some point he changes and realizes it's Syria that he's trying to talk about not Libya. It's got nothing to do with Russia, nothing. And so he says Syria again, and then out of the blue, he corrects his his, he corrects himself and goes back to Libya like an complete idiot.
Unknown: We can work together with Russia, for example. In Libya, we should be opening up the passes to be able to go through and provide provide food assistance and economic I mean, vital assistance to a population that's in real trouble. I think I'm going to try very hard to it is, by the way, there's places where the question we started off in negotiating and public here, but let me say it this way. Russia has engaged in activities which we believe are contrary to international norms, but they have also bitten off some real problems they're going to have trouble chewing on and for example, the rebuilding of, of Syria have
Adam: stepped on in I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Unknown: Example the rebuilding of, of Syria of, of Libya, you know, this is their their. And as long as they're there without the ability to bring about some order in either regionally you can't do that very well without providing for the basic economic needs of people. So I'm hopeful that we can find an accommodation that where we can save the lives of people in for example, and in Libya. Wow. You know, unbelievable. People.
Adam: This has been media By the way, this has to be his swan song. He's, oh, they got to lock him up after this. They cannot have this man doing any more public anything.
John: He has the faculties or Siri doesn't know what he's, it's just, it was out of control with this. And then he found Syria in the conversation and switched it back.
Adam: At the very end.
John: Wow. So here is the only one and this one is a kind of a gaffe is 11 seconds. It's a good one. Okay.
Unknown: The idea is, we hold these true self evidence that all men and women, we haven't lived up to the completely but we've always widened the ark of commitment.
Adam: We didn't lift it up. Hey, unlimited up maybe. And these truths evidence sells something, huh? You know, thing. Wow. So embarrassing. We looked like a weak cook on the international stage. Congratulations, America, you let that happen.
John: Now, as far as the American public is concerned, they don't know this happened.
Adam: Correct. There was really no reporting because it was such a fail. On every single front. That was not all you needed was a sound bite. The best sound bites were reporters asking questions. So they had a lot of that. Oh, look, I'm so brave. I'm asking this question. But nothing, it was a complete dud. Ah,
John: and the guy can't even be himself when he comes out that clip that you played, which I did not catch. Where he says, Well, I have a list of people I can ask for questions because that's what they tell me what they gave me they gave me what what is he like a baby and his mommy told him what to do or tells them what to do or, you know, feeds and spoon feeds him is like a spoon feeding kind of image I keep coming up with here. It's like this is not a precedent. Well,
Adam: something is up. And we actually were kicking each other's shins after the show. last show that we forgot to bring up what's going on with Vice President Kamala Harris. The way I see things. Joe has got to go. He was supposed to go. I think he's in there too long. Kamla can't stand it. She can't stand it. She's answering stupid ask questions about the border. Be very annoying to her. And she's on the takedown path. You want to hear this unless you have something else you want to hear the CNN takedown clip?
John: No, I think we're good with the Biden. Putin meeting? Yeah, this is.
Adam: So there's a little a little quick super caught. I think that they played of hurt not answering the question very well about going to the border. And then it's just Whoa, bend to the border. We've been remember this is cnn is supposed to be completely pro this White House, but they are anti Camelot. We've been to the border. We've been to the border. You haven't been to the border.
Unknown: And I haven't been to Europe. Listen, I had I've been to the border before I will go again. But when I'm in Guatemala,
Julie with root causes. I think we should have a conversation about what's going on in Guatemala.
Can you commit right now that you will indeed visit the US Mexico border? And will you do it soon?
Jeremy, let me tell you something. Yes, I will. And I have before I said, I'm going to go to the border. And when are you going to the border? Vice President administration has asked. I'm not finished. I've said I'm going to the border.
Just a little cringeworthy. And, and I know that her allies in the White House and elsewhere are watching it and just kind of wondering what is going on? how poorly did this go for her and her first foray onto the world stage?
Well, it certainly didn't go the way the White House wanted it to go. And, again, immigration, as you mentioned, having is a hot potato no one wants to touch and Harris has been dealt it. And so she has to handle now what Biden had to handle and he was easy, which is relationships with a northern triangle. And of course, Republicans have been trying to clump that in with the border and the border situation and attacking her on that. Now, did the trip go the way they wanted? No, in 2024 2028 whenever if she decides to run, are people going to remember this trip? I don't really think so.
Yeah, that's definitely true. This is one event. Maybe it's the first but it's one. But there are some broader questions about is this part of a pattern? I mean, even in the campaign, as she struggled with press interviews, had some major flip flops on the campaign trail? I mean, is this part of a pattern for her? And should it be troubling to her advisors and allies and people who want her to succeed that it's still happening even as Vice President,
Adam: part of a pattern? What is this? This is what is this was CNN, I think there's problems afoot?
John: I think so too. And I and I'm wondering what the real basis for it is. I did a bunch of research on her, and all the legislation, everything she was involved in. And if you start really looking into her, it was the kind of complaints that came up during the, during the debates that were brought up by Tulsi, she's a hard ass when it comes to everything. Right. She's a district attorney with a cops mentality. And, and this is not what the democrats want at this point. I mean, it should be a better off as a Republican a hard as Republicans than then a hard ass Democrat. And I think that they've decided that maybe it because Joe is getting worse. Well, from our
Adam: perspective actually hanging in much better than I thought he would be fair about it.
John: Yeah, they're handling him well now. And so they're gonna have to, I don't think they want her. She's not presentable. She's not a she's not a good face for the Democrat Party, even though she's multi culti. And she also has that background is this your parents have a slave or not a parents, but a grant, you know, whatever, by many slave owners. There's a lot of
Adam: what can they do? I mean, so you have to kill her.
John: Yeah, because I was looking at this up, you brought this in so far as the plane accident that almost happened already.
Adam: Yeah. And she had her plane had to turn around, whoops, on the way to Guatemala. That is definitely a warning. And and we actually talked about that after the show didn't bring it up on the show stupid.
John: Oh, we didn't talk about on the show to talk about after the show. And when you brought that up, I think the pilots, you know, got lucky. And I'm not advocating they should do this. I'm saying that. It's not unusual for this to have had to happen to people we talked about on the show all the time. The Economic Hitman analysis we used to do that people get killed for political purposes, and it happens all the time. Yes. And if I was here, I'd be very careful about our normal Be careful about hot tubs and yeah, small aircraft. Yes. Helicopter no
Adam: kayaking in any water around.
John: I can stay Yes. Are you what Trump did? They mean they would love to have done that to did would like to vote off Trump, but he had his own set of bodyguards. No one liked to talk about it. But he had his own set that complemented the Secret Service was very careful. She needs to be this way too. Because they I don't know what else they can do. They can find a scandal. I don't know that you can find a scandal with her. She's just a good good. Do you know religious Oakland girl? I don't think she's presentable as a candidate. But they but if Joe dies, you know that she becomes an incompetent well being different.
Adam: There's a little I'm trying to figure out how it without killing her because that's all it's a little more, a little happier thought. If Joe becomes incapacitated, then she could be the acting president. She wouldn't because
John: it comes into the picture. Yes, but let's go back to the basis the basics. They don't want her.
Adam: Right. So I'm just thinking, is there another way to get rid of her or to force her hand so they can bring in you know, Hillary, I guess? I don't know.
John: I don't know. They will bring into one they wanted originally, which is Amy Klobuchar char Wow.
Adam: Back to my favorite
John: Yeah, the old stapler thrower No, I
Adam: liked it when she they didn't bring her fork for a salad and she just grabbed a comb that as bad as Okay, well, that she's an even msnbc you know, but there's also all kinds of media even here cnn talking kind of about her team. on her side. Her fans.
John: Yeah, like she's got her own
Adam: posse, or that she's been isolated.
John: The way because the way I read that could be that could be that could be isolated. Yeah, she's been marginalized as the word we'd like to Yes, marginalized to use.
Adam: Well, they started by not letting her move into the Vice President's House. Cuz, you know, whatever some bullcrap she was, she was mad about that. There was one thing that came out of this entire ordeal was something President Biden said that he was like holy crap that I could have understood this, I could have realized what this was. And he let it slip. And there's, in fact, a fact sheet about it on, which I had missed. Let me play this little clip here.
Unknown: We also made a momentous commitment at the g7 to help meet more than $40 trillion need exists in for infrastructure in the developing world. I put forward an idea that was called we named the bill back Better World Partnership, which is we're calling to be three W's. The point is that what's happening is that China has his Belt and Road initiative. We think that there's a much more equitable way to provide for the needs of countries around the world. And so it's, it's been it's a values driven, high standard transparent financing mechanism, we're going to provide and support projects in four key or key areas climate, health, digital technology, and gender equity. That's four. And we believe that will not only just say three and a turn out to be four, standard transparent Yeah, financing mechanism, we're going to provide and support projects in four key or key for health, digital technology and gender equity. And we believe that will be good for the countries but to be good for the entire world and represent values that our democracies represent. And not autocratic lack of values.
Adam: So what we identified in October of 2020, is in fact, the B three w partnership fact sheet from the White House, President Biden and g7. Leaders launch, build back Better World Partnership, which he just said, it's not in this press release, by the way, but he just says that's our counter to the Belton road initiative. Now, that's an eye opener, and that's something that should be reported on. I like holy shit. So if you read this thing, released on June 12, the United States is rallying the world's democracies to look to deliver for our people meet the world's biggest challenges and demonstrate our shared values. Today, but okay, build back better world and affirmative initiative for meeting the tremendous infrastructure needs of low and middle income countries.
John: Without the infrastructure needs of fixing highway 80s potholes.
Adam: Well, you are a low income county said countries but President Biden and g7 partners agreed to launch the bold new global infrastructure initiative build back better world A B three w A values driven high standard and transparent infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the 44 zero plus trillion infrastructure need in the developing world which has been exacerbated by the covid 19 pandemic. And so it gets worse through btw the g7 and other like minded partners will coordinate in mobilizing private sector capital in four areas of focus and there it is climate health security, digital technology and gender equity and equality with catalytic investments from our respective development finance institutions. khelo Economic Hitman In you go this is this is really evil. It really is let me know that they spell it all out what they don't talk about interestingly. So they they break down the these these these values. So it's values driven good governance, strong standards, climate friendly, strong strategic partnerships, mobilize private capital, capital through development, finance, aha mobilized. Let me just read this. I got this is what you this is where your money is flying out the door. Status Quo funding and financing approaches are inadequate to address the tremendous infrastructure gap in low and middle income countries. We are committed to augmenting the development finance tools at our disposal to support and
catalyze a significant increase in private capital to address infrastructure needs. infrastructure investment by a responsible and market driven private sector paired with high standards and transparency and public funding is crucial for long run development. This is the theft. This is it 40 plus trillion There's your theft is going to be taken from us. Interestingly enough, nothing about equity or equality and just throw that shit in there I guess in the press release,
John: but gender gender equality. Yeah,
Adam: this is who knew they were all bullshitting us. No one was honest about it. They kept saying bill back better. He stole it. They stole it. I got it. First, we have the medleys and it turns out Oh, no, this was the plan all along the bill back Better World partnership. Well, congratulations, world.
John: beyond your freedom. That's our jingle.
Adam: Yes, it is. You know, it's so big. Can they do a proper jingle? No. Do they ever listen to us? You know, give us with Obama. with Obama. It was trains good playing sad. see something say something? We have not. We are the jingle makers to policymakers.
John: I don't get it.
Adam: sad, sad. sad, sad.
John: Well, yes, somehow Campbell is in the way. Yeah. So I'm starting to look at her in a different light. The problem with I like her, but only from a policy perspective. She's still not presentable. She's got a look on her face. And you're like
Adam: her policies? What are you talking about?
John: I think that her hard ass approach to crime is good. It's good policy. I don't have a problem with it. She's not the one that lets you go shoplift everything out of Walgreens and CVS in San Francisco. Yeah, just load up. There's videos of people just coming in with bags.
Unknown: I know. Now,
John: I know. That walking out the door is happening
Adam: here. Anything's happening in Austin, too. I saw it with my own eyes at CVS. And just let them go on whatever. Yep. That's not she wouldn't put up with that. So you'd like her policy as a prosecutor? Not I like
John: her hard ass. Law, a law and order. vision of things. Yes. And if you look at her, I mean, she did a couple of things that are pretty sketchy, a good Tulsi called her out we have the clips of her some shit that she did, which is really negative bad, it seems. But then I started thinking about the exact those exact examples and thinking, well, maybe there was a good reason at the time if you knew the other side of the story whenever which we never got. And so I don't know, I think she's just not a good Democrat in technically. And I think that's where they would like to, you know, move out of the way get put Amy in there who's who's perfect.
Adam: I think she's just power hungry and wants to be president. And I think that she will do anything she can include.
John: I see that too.
Adam: Including going Hey, Hey, Joe. Hey, Joe.
John: I can see. I think there's a possibility of that, which would be the dark side of camela. And I and I would not be surprised by either one by either. by either one. I would be not surprised. But the point is, is a mystery. And she's not somebody that the party wants in there at all. She's not presentable. She's got a look on her face. And she's got that stupid cackle. She's got a lot of problems. made pretty pretty.
Adam: Yeah, she's a problem.
John: So they're gonna do something that I'm sure there's some some something skeletons in the closet that they can dig up,
Adam: huh? No, I think you're right. I think elimination is is the way to go.
John: Yeah, I would take this see the CIA would have to hate her. Because it's not there or the FBI wanted them to there's those. Remember the FBI guys that go into that meet with that guy that were was relayed to the Sarnoff brothers. They meet him and they just shoot him in his home and then leave.
Adam: No, that's no. You do Sarnoff two
John: guys at the Boston bombers?
Adam: Oh, yes. Oh, you're in the
John: investigation of those guys. They had this meeting with some poor schlub. Yeah. And they just gunned him down
Adam: in the interrogation room. Yeah, I do remember that.
John: Was it it? No, it was at his house. No. You know what blood in the interrogation room so
Adam: good. Speaking of. I almost got it right. I knew it was coming. I got the I got the terminology wrong. I thought that the phrase that pays for the next couple of months would be the Cruel Summer Now, I didn't realize that there's actually a TV show called Cruel Summer so of course the people who write the scripts couldn't use that. So I said hey, it's gonna get hot. It's going to get bad people are going to be killing each other. They're going to call it the cruel summer I was close
Unknown: an increasing number of shootings across the country foreshadows potentially violent summer horns
John: of a violent summer who'd be heading into a violent summer
Adam: preparing for what is becoming a violent summer already I mean, we're heading into a pretty violent summer Yeah, he's correct is going to be it's going to be a violence so move on enforcement now bracing for what some are calling a long, hot, violent and bloody summer to get the details as experts warned this summer could be especially
Unknown: violence.
Adam: You know, when when the mainstream media does this, you got to look out because something's happening.
John: I think you know, they blew it. Violence summer is not a really good phrase, but bloody summer. Yes.
Adam: Well, could we come up with an even better one as the Coronavirus Consulting Group?
John: Summer of death?
Adam: Summer bloody summer,
John: bloody summer doom. I mean, there's only a few words we can throw in there.
Adam: We'll work on it. We'll talk about it the next meeting. I'm going to show my mood by donating to
John: no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that. Oh yeah, that'd
Adam: be fun.
John: We do have a few people to thank for show was 1356 56 baby. Yep. And it will start with let me move this mic to with the guy move the mic more hanging on
Adam: can move in the mic. Okay, they're
John: barely screwed on
Adam: tight, huh?
John: Yeah, that's exactly right. Okay, can What do you pronounce this?
Adam: Let's see.
John: You guys
Adam: would say LASIK. Let's check. Let's check.
John: Let's try LASIK or some Kenny boy Ken. Ken for Scottsdale. Hot hot hot in Scottsdale as we speak violent, violently hotly violent and hot. Bloody. Deborah. Deborah just Deborah in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 111 dot three three. I'm surprised she she can even get a note out. But she did. She actually wrote a little card. I'm going to read from the card. For all your hard work and dedication to the facts. Please de-douche me.
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Adam: The Yes, I've been there. I've flown there many times. Fabulous little flight.
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Adam: how many Kansan avians we have. Today, it's more than normal. It really is. Why, because we're keeping them saying they're locked up like dogs.
John: Yeah, they are as pathetic. Tom is killed bread braid Jr. in Waco.
Adam: waco. Waco, home to the stars.
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You want to be with everybody.
How about are you on the ISO front today? None None. Shoot, I always count on you at least having one that's usable. Alright, let me see I have three cars and planes are destroying the planet if you don't take the train You're a monster. Thank you too long.
John: I like it though.
Adam: Yeah, how about playing Bitcoin for everything? What? I'll play it again for you. Yeah blame Bitcoin for everything. Blame Bitcoin for everything. I think this is the one I think you'll like this one. Thank you so much, guys. I'll fight you naked. That's Brett Weinstein's wife. She says I'll fight you naked.
John: She's a fireplug that woman. Oh, really? Hi, this
Adam: is Heather plugging on podcasts constantly in academics and that's my impression of her. She's not not a fight. Just you have we've mocked her before. Oh,
John: well then I'm done. I you must change your to I guess my mock memory is not up to par. Change
Adam: your tune on that woman.
John: So I've got a clip. I wanted to just bitch about the June t holiday. Ah, okay.
Adam: That's very and politically correct. Have you?
John: I know I've gotta have my reasons. All right. In this
Unknown: country, the US Congress moved to give final approval to making June teeth of federal holiday, marking the official end of slavery. The last black slaves in Texas learn they were free on June 19 1865, Texas Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee spoke before today's vote in the US House of Representatives.
What I see here today is racial divide, crumbling, being crushed this day.
Adam: underlayment rumbling that brings together people who understand the value of freedom. And that is what Juneteenth is all about.
Unknown: In all 47 states already recognized Juneteenth. It would become the 12th federal holiday in the US once President Biden signs it into law.
Adam: Okay.
John: All right. I never heard of Juneteenth when I was in school. This is new. Yes. But then again, I looked it up. I did some research on the using the engrams. All the rest. And yeah, they tried to promote it as a as a big deal in the 60s, a little bit never caught on. And then this is nonsense. It's not the official end of slavery. It's the official day that some guys that didn't know it was over this is like the Japanese soldiers in Okinawa or did the trees and some various islands around the world thinking the war still going on? It's not the official and when you finally bring them down from the trees,
Adam: so he saying Juneteenth is really celebrating dummies who didn't know it was over?
John: I'm not I'm not usually you said
Adam: he set me up. Now. You know, I think that this came from the this modern version of this came from the 1619 project. I think that's kind of what got it going because they they rewrote a lot of history of the United States. Not that anything was necessarily untrue, but they really made it seem like these were the day the Emancipation Proclamation was signed would be the day you choose. I agree.
John: Yes. But no, it's a republican as a day, you know, Lincoln,
Adam: Lincoln. That's why I see so
John: you can associate Lincoln it's got to be something completely separate. So you take these these, you set it to dummies in Texas. Yeah. What? Now, I also think that this is being pushed because something you said that I think you may or may not have been flippant or was. I think it was your could have been anybody saying that they want to make the George Floyd holiday.
Adam: Oh, no. I, yes. This actually, Mo thought that they would take Memorial Day and try and shoehorn George Floyd into that. But it makes total sense for this to become the George Floyd Heath or whatever they're going to call it George Floyd holiday or
John: Yep. So they're going to turn this so the June t pushes that off the table, because now we are where you got your holiday and is this and is is an insult is where, you know, the man said, if they want to celebrate the end of slavery, they should celebrate the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. They already took the Lincoln's birthday away as a holiday. Yeah. So this is I don't like this holiday. I think it's a and it's not because of any racism is because it's stupid.
Adam: Yeah, it the history of it. It's it is a weird thing to celebrate. I agree. It's like why what does that what sense does that make
John: and do you did you hear about it ever hear about this? 10 years ago? No, no, no. When they came up with Martin Luther King holiday, that's because anybody knew Martin Luther King was Like some obscure event that all of a sudden came into the fore. I prefer Malcolm X's birthday. Is
Adam: it as a national holiday over?
John: Yeah, that's never gonna happen. I know. That's so that's my complaint. Now I do have a couple other little shorties if you want to hear
Adam: that was take us out on a high note.
John: A high note. Yeah. Oh man, downer shit, man.
And there's nothing there's no I note here. The C
Adam: brushwood was right. We just bitch about things just go. Here's
John: their student loans forgiven. This is another one of these dubious stories. Oh,
Adam: I didn't. I didn't know there was an update on this
Unknown: by the administration has forgiven 18,000 student loans for people who attended a now defunct for profit chain of schools. They say ITT Technical Institute made exaggerated claims about graduates finding jobs. Today's move clears half a billion dollars in debt. But more than 100,000 similar claims remain.
Adam: Hold on a second. First of all, ITT. Is this an Indian outfit?
John: No, it No. It's funny, though. No, you remember ITT, they had nothing but TV ads all over the place. They look pretty legit. It's a long time and they're gonna teach a coding and they're gonna teach you how to use a soldering iron.
Adam: Yes, they will. But they're talking 90s is a long time ago, they were still around.
John: I folded.
Adam: There was something else in here that that really irks me about this. Forgiveness. I don't know why these guys and girls get special treatment. If I hear this bit gold,
Unknown: they say ITT Technical Institute made exaggerated claims about graduates finding job everybody that's
Adam: every single university in the United States makes exaggerated
John: exaggerated claims.
Adam: So this is jurisprudence. I think this can be used. I think you anyone can go Excuse me. Here's the claims. Look at the picture of me successful. That's what they promised me but no. No. And who and what from what fun. Does that come and under what? What law or rule or how does that work?
John: Well, that's another that brings us to another clip. Okay. Under what rule is, I guess Biden shutting down offshore drilling. Here's the offshore offshore drilling update where Biden overextended his, you know, his executive order powers
Unknown: for us Interior Department is reviewing a federal court order to resume auctioning leases for oil and gas drilling offshore and on federal lands. President Biden suspended new leases in January, a judge in Louisiana ruled Tuesday that the President likely exceeded his authority.
Adam: Yeah. Well, this is unfortunately what most people think they want is they want the federal government to take care of everything. Federal Police. Federal everything. Yeah. Well, good luck trying that in Texas. Where the governor has signed as per September 1 of this year. Yep. Constitutional carry or as they as the left wing newspaper say permit permitless
John: that's your
Adam: permit? Yes. permitless carry
John: either out here we read that now you don't need a permit or trainings you buy a gun just that everywhere. That's correct. is a vending machine you pick up a Ruger
Adam: Oh my god. Great idea. I think I will get one going. That would be a great business just have a Ruger vending machine on the street, I think so to the airport, on your way out that airport. We can get those you can get the iPod you can get a you know, extra battery pack and a blow up pillow and there's a Ruger and and here's a nine mil. That's perfect. That's a good idea. All right, another exit strategies in the works. We may not even return Thursday.
John: But in case somehow I think we will
Adam: have a feeling we won't have the vending machine business set up yet, but I'll talk to the former New York banker about it. He likes it. He likes ideas like that he loves guns. And for a little bit longer, I am coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the capital, the drone Star State Austin, Texas. For those of you who are looking forward on one of those nifty governmental maps, just go to the FEMA Region map and you'll see we're in number six, where we're on the brink of a brownouts or rolling blackouts in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: Nan from Northern Silicon Valley where I remain no rolling blackouts here yet. They can't come up with a new scam to do it. I'm john C. Dvorak
Adam: editor. Show mixes from Tom starkweather Rolando Gonzalez coming up next to no agenda abs in a six pack with sir Steve center, we will gladly See you on Thursday vending machine or not Until then, remember slash na. And I do some more photos such
John: stating the facts don't understand that. Just stating the facts don't understand that. Come on quickly. Quickly. Quickly.
Unknown: I want to be clear to folks in this region for thinking about making that dangerous track to the United States Mexico border. Do not come.
Do not come.
Everybody on the stage. I do believe y'all have been holding it down. You've been doing what needs to get done. And it ain't easy. You make it look easy, but I know it's not your Kamala Harris drunk.
Adam: Do you have any plans to visit the border?
Unknown: Here in Guatemala? Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala border. border
is back up? Because here's the thing, this whole thing about the border? I understand the point you can make?
I want to be clear, I don't understand. I want to be clear. I want to be clear. I don't understand. I want to be clear. I want to be clear. What do you want to know?
Like it really is a very dangerous journey. It can be awful for the people that undertake it and you want to kind of not create an incentive structure that creates more traffic in these corridors that can be so dangerous and you haven't done it before. And I haven't been to Europe
Biden administration's immigration policy writ large, is not working. It's wrong and it's inhumane.
Adam: That's why as Campbell has gone on to be the last voice in the room. audios mopho John slash and a thank you so much, guys. I'll fight you make it
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