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June 24th, 2021 • 3h 0m

1358: Media Liescape


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John: So excited.
Adam: Adam Curry Jhansi devora June 24 2021 this is your award winning give on h media assassination Episode 1358 This is no agenda, watching the works and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas Capitol on the drone Star State in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: and from Northern Silicon Valley where well I figured I wasn't gonna get to lunch with the john McAfee anyway. i'm john C. Dvorak.
Unknown: buzzkill.
Adam: Don't you just hate that? They just hate it. Some people do anything to get out of a dinner? is a lunch. No, it was a dinner.
John: Yeah, probably wasn't dinner because it was I bought him to dinner the first time. You know how
Adam: you know how I know it was a dinner because we have the end of show mix. From the interview, Nick directed McAfee where he brought this up the word?
John: Yeah. Yeah, like I guess.
Adam: So. What do you think?
John: Well, here's the report from NPR. JOHN McAfee dead.
Adam: Oh, hold on a second. Okay,
Unknown: report software pioneer john McAfee has been found dead at 75 in a prison cell in Spain. That's according to his lawyer is NPR is Bobby Allen reports McAfee's death was reported just hours after a Spanish court approved his extradition to the USA on tax evasion charges. JOHN McAfee was best known for the antivirus software he founded bearing his name, but in recent years, he's been in legal hot water. Since last October. He's been in a Spanish prison awaiting extradition to the US on tax evasion charges. The Securities and Exchange Commission has also accused him of making millions off a pump and dump scheme using cryptocurrency. Not long after a Spanish court approved his transfer to the US to stand trial on those charges. He was found dead. His lawyer Nishi sanan says McAfee will always be remembered as a fighter saying the US government quote tried to erase him but they failed. Authorities are still investigating the cause of death.
Adam: So that the weird part was that he had just the extradition order had just been signed. That was that's what was weird. Well, why
John: was that weird?
Adam: Well, you think that if you're well, you think if you're being extradited, then either you're happy? Well, I guess why would he want to kill himself over being extradited? Well,
John: he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in an American prison. I
Adam: guess like Spain is better.
John: Well, he was I was he arrested for in Spain?
Adam: I have no idea did the recording that I think it was because an American charge. No, that's possible. Yeah. It was certainly for sec issues. Huh? It was weird because he was kind of on my radar, like a week ago. And I'm actually looking for it. I remembers, I thought it was from him. I remember seeing a tweet of something to the effect of I'm not doing so well. I'm a bit down today, which of course, I can't find anymore. And it was just one of those peripheral things. And I wasn't quite sure I wasn't quite sure if, if that I'd read that properly or not, is in Jenny's your den was tweeting about him a week ago as well.
John: But she say
Adam: she was saying he knows more. He she thinks that he and this is before he killed himself that he knows something about the FBI or the FBI did something he knows something about the or knew something about the FBI, FBI. But, you know, the thing that's always weird is when someone says hey, I'm not going to get I'm not going to suicide myself. And he got this tattoo whacked to commemorate that he was not going to suicide himself. And then of course it happens. And then you gotta wonder. Is he I didn't posted another tweet, he said, on the other hand, there's also lots of people who say these things like, I'll never kill myself, and they actually are planning to do it all along.
John: This is the problem with making that commentary.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah. So I know, what are we lost? Let's put it that way. Seriously, have we? I mean,
John: I feel a personality. person.
Adam: I feel we lost color. You know. It's one of those people, you just want to have them around. They provide color.
John: Like, they provide color, color and color commentary. Both.
Adam: Yeah. And you know, like comic strip blogger, in a
John: way. He's the guy who invent. If it wasn't for McAfee, we have to remember this part. He's always been a promoter when he he's the one who popularized and I don't think I can get my dragon away from anyone who actually followed this when it happened. He's the one who popularized viruses to the point where it made people want to develop them.
Adam: I always suspected him of being behind a few quite honestly, like a lot of
John: people that feel that he was behind a few of them but he He had this newsletter about viruses and he promoted him and he called all the news all the computer Pete journalists up and I saw I ran into him first, I was talking to him on the phone quite a bit, because he's gonna always this is gonna be the worst thing that's ever happened. And then he promoted the idea of viruses, and to the point where a lot of them I mean, in the early days, even Peter Norton said, there's no such thing they don't you know, there's no way this bullcrap and really saying, you know, Peter Norton developed and he had the good the solution, while Peter Norton said that, Hmm,
Adam: I believe so. Yeah. Because he had Norton utilities, but then later did he is he added later. Oh, interesting. Interesting.
John: Yeah, yeah.
Adam: I'll miss him. Although he got a little tedious at the end there.
John: I use always tedious.
Adam: I'd like to have that documentary where it turns out he was into poop sex. Is what he was in the poop sex. Does you remember there was that whole documentary about
John: remember that now? You just grossed me out.
Adam: So I don't want to I'm not speaking ill of the dead. He probably would have fought that very funny. Anyway. Yeah. Loving lit. Loving lit. JOHN McAfee. Who knows? Who knows, will we ever know? Should we do a quick quick trip around the horn on some COVID stuff as it's not a lot, obviously, but some stuff we need. Yeah, I only have
John: two clips, which you got my two clips are on the Delta?
Adam: Yes. Delta variant. That's what I was gonna start not
John: the Delta variant. Oh, not a Delta variant variant.
Adam: Oh, the delta plus
John: delta plus.
Adam: Can. That's what it is.
John: It sounds like some new service from Delta Airlines.
Adam: Now here it is. India's health ministry describes delta plus a new mutation of the Delta Coronavirus variant as a variant of concern. Yeah, it does sound like first class because like first class delta and and you get a real glass instead of a plastic one.
Unknown: India confirmed about 50,000 new Coronavirus infections today that is a fraction of what it was seeing at its peak last month. So it looks like the world's biggest and deadliest COVID-19 wave may now be easing. Whoa. But there is something new that can threaten that progress in India, as it appears Lauren frayer reports. All right, Lauren,
Adam: take it away.
Unknown: I got to get close to breaking news that's coming in volleying news of the delta plus variant being detected now.
A mutated new form of the Coronavirus is delta variant first discovered in India, they're calling it delta plus. Viruses mutate all the time and not all variants are worrying. But the Indian government has classified this one as a variant of concern. Its genetic sequence suggests it may be even more contagious than the original Delta variant, chosen ability Delta, some of the body's immune response. Dr. vinita, bol is an immunologist at the Indian Institute of Science, education and research in Puna. is the fear in everybody's mind
is that now there is a further mutation. And it might again, take us towards another wave,
but it's too soon to know that.
Adam: Like her, she says that that that lady says the fear is in everybody's minds. That's right. Instead of saying the danger is, etc, etc. She said, The fear is now in everybody's mind. Well, yes, mission accomplished. Yeah, delta plus. Seriously, they do need a bit of marketing help over there.
John: Part Two of that clip, I think,
Unknown: India has ramped up sequencing of Coronavirus samples. It caught this variant relatively early, only about 40 cases have been detected in India so far. But it's also turned up in nine other countries including the United States. So it's unclear where it originated, immaterial From where did it come? From the lead guard is a virologist and advisor to the Indian Council of medical research, which is like India's CDC guard says scientists are studying how effective vaccines will be against this variant, but only about 4% of Indians are fully vaccinated. Anyway. So Garg says,
we have to again go back to our basics, getting off mass and testing, treating and tracking. She says
even as lockdowns are lifted across India, people cannot let their guard down. The Indian government has advised three states in particular where delta plus has been detected to increase testing, contact tracing and vaccinations.
Adam: Yeah, so what they're really missing there is a death count, which is not compatible with the Delta variant and certainly not with the delta plus, then they speak. Sorry.
John: Yeah, I agree. There's no death count. But if you listen Just listen to the reports. It sounds like all Hell's breaking loose. We had a couple local reports I couldn't catch because they're on the regular radio, and I just was driving. And they brought somebody on saying, Oh, just just Delta variant is so deadly. It's why it then fortunately, here's the difference between the regular COVID. And the Delta variant, she says, and she goes on with the COVID, you'd have a family, like three people in a four member family would get COVID and one wouldn't. With the Delta variant, the whole family gets wiped out.
Adam: I can't believe you didn't, didn't pull over immediately and call the station and get a clip
John: telling you the whole family died out nice. We're MC, where's the death count here? Nice.
Adam: Well, we have a couple other local reports to the United States. This is NPR.
Unknown: So we've had these waves and surges over the past year, could the Delta variant cause another surge, sir? No, no, well, it's very well might
John: just out from a group called the COVID-19 site scenario modeling hub.
Adam: I didn't even bother to look these eight holes up the COVID-19 modeling hub, you just know it's something that's going to irritate me called the COBie scenario scenario modeling
John: helping the CDC figure out where they're going. And it concludes that a highly contagious variant like Delta could trigger yet another wave as soon as July wave continuing at least into November. Justin Leslie is an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins who's been helping coordinate the modeling hub. Monica
Unknown: the most part, it's a moderate resurgence. I think I characterize it as sort of a continuation of the doldrums. We're not having massive epidemics at a national level. In uation, of the virus just sticking around and keeping us on our toes.
Adam: I'll make this prediction for you. The Delta variant runs rampant through Southern republican states. I just guaranteed a guarantee that's coming next. has to be this is an ABC and we have to be careful, you know, Winter is coming
Unknown: the Delta variant giving the race to vaccinate new urgency. Experts warn if the country doesn't boost vaccinations, we could face a tough winter all over
Population immunity to stop the spread of this virus and we seem to have hit a wall. So when the winter hits, you're going to see more suffering and more hospitalization and more deaths. And because children are particularly vulnerable because they met many haven't been vaccinated. I think they will likely suffer greatly.
Adam: Yeah, greatly they will suffer. Mm hmm. And a reminder that during the summer months around July, in the United States, we get all of the new recruits from the from medical school, they come in, traditionally, more people die, just because they're new at their job. And do you remember that we did we had this whole conversation last year we
John: had a nurse or somebody wrote us a long detailed explanation for this this this blipped and takes place once a year. So we'll see that we can already be prepared for it. Everything will be assigned to COVID Hey, how
Adam: come McAfee didn't get assigned as a COVID? Death.
John: If bucked up
Adam: you heard, it's gonna be a tough winter, tough winter, or rough winter. Ah, it could be the Delta,
Unknown: you can never exclude that there'll be some new disease, new horror that we simply haven't budgeted for or accounted for. But
Adam: any politician who says hey, you know, it's gonna be okay. But there could be a new horror that we haven't budgeted for what you can never exclude
Unknown: that there'll be some new disease, new horror that we simply haven't budgeted for or account for.
John: Never budgeted that, that's Boris. It's like, new horror that we haven't budgeted for.
Unknown: Classic upper class blame brain thing for them to say yes. budgeted for or accounted for but looking at where we are looking at the efficacy of the the vaccines against all variants that we can currently see. So alpha delta, the lot of them Kappa
Adam: Kappa What is he? Is he thinking cap? Ah, wait, I think he's thinking of Kappa Phi or something Kappa whatever.
John: He's no, he's going. He's thinking of all the Greek letters of the alphabet. shaftless gotta be one of them.
Adam: Epsilon throw something out there is an Omega what a boob.
Unknown: There's, I think it's looking good. for July the 19th, to be that Terminus point, I think what the scientists are saying is that, you know, things like flu will come back this winter, you may have a rough winter for all sorts of rough winter, obviously, there are big pressures on the NHS, all the more reason to reduce the number of COVID cases now, give the NHS the breathing space, it needs to get on with dealing with all those other pressures. And we're certainly going to be putting in the investment to make sure that they can. Okay, so
Adam: a rough winter, he says could be anything, maybe something we didn't budget for. So just so you know, in one month, hopefully the Delta variant will end the plus will not be in Tokyo as we have the Olympics cranking up and they're already taking precautionary measures
Unknown: and with just about one month to go before the start of Tokyo Olympic Games. This big number catching our eye the International Olympic Committee and other parties holding live local spectators to 50% capacity at all venues a maximum of 10,000 people. And here's this Wow. Hearing the loud because of continuing Coronavirus words. I could not believe when I heard that
Adam: no cheering allowed at the Tokyo Olympic
John: hearing allowed us to snap your fingers with
Adam: jazz hands.
John: This one? Yes,
Adam: I think you're and good night, everybody. Thank you very much. It's been fun doing the show. The socialists have one. How about that, huh?
John: Oh, man. This is a comedy act. This is funnier by the minute.
Adam: Yeah. Who needs McAfee when you got the whole Japanese Government
John: cheering allowed
Adam: now? The Delta variant and all the scary stuff. Yeah, that works to a degree. But if you really want to scare parents into vaccinating children, because that's what most of this is about, I think,
John: and preparing us really get rid of that.
Adam: Yeah, we hate sending it to Africa.
John: You know, Cory
Adam: can't be doing that. Here is speaking of inventory. Here is the guy who knows exactly what the inventory is of Pfizer. He is on the board of Pfizer, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on CBS Face the Nation.
John: There was a UK studying about brain tissue. What?
Unknown: Right, so the UK does very good prospective studies of people that have a biobank where they follow people over time, and they take blood samples and do MRIs. And they basically do that over many years to be able to go back and look and say where they
Adam: say again,
John: they just I know what he's going to talk about. And but they talked about which they follow for many, many years, they do they'll follow somebody, we do it here once in a while I actually was part of a study like that it was followed for a decade. And but the disease hasn't been around but a year and they're talking about these long term studies. This is a bogus, bogus interview. Correct?
Adam: Correct. CBS Hello, CIA broadcasting systems.
Unknown: And they basically do that over many years to be able to go back and look and say, Were there things that we could have seen in an MRI or a blood test that could have predicted an outcome that someone developed five or 10 years later, a lot like our Framingham Heart Study. So they went back to that biobank, and they looked at people who had had MRI scans of their brains in the past three years, and they looked at how many developed COVID and about 300 people little over 300 people develop COVID. And when it compared those individuals who develop COVID against matched controls, people who are similar who didn't develop COVID, they saw a pretty persistent decline in certain brain tissue matters, certain areas of their brain showed a decline in actual tissue, a shrinkage of parts of their brain, it's not clear how the virus caused that it's not clear if the symptoms of the virus could have caused it or or it was a direct effect on the brain. But it's very concerning, because it does suggest that the virus could be having a direct effect on certain portions of the brain. And the parts of the brain that showed the shrinkage actually are responsible for things like taste and smell and memory, the kinds of conditions the kinds of complaints that we see COVID patients having after their recovery, they're still complaining about difficulty with smell or taste or problems with memories.
John: Yeah,
Adam: I mean, I've heard this before, and now he's just cavalierly throwing it out.
John: This is nonsense. I mean, the fact that zinc is a well known factor and taste and smell and that's what seems to be the Oh, interesting factor.
Adam: What do you say? You mean the lack of zinc or too much zinc or no lack of zinc?
John: paka
Adam: Oh, really? I didn't I didn't know this. Well,
John: that's why Yeah, that's
Adam: why that's why zinc. That's why single that's why zinc was one of the protocols.
John: So you take you take your zinc and you ever lose your taste or smell
Adam: Oh, that's good to know.
John: This was this idea is again, your righteous to frighten the public but it doesn't actually make any sense. Although It is possible that if you factor in fear and its effect on the brain, especially long term, a year's worth of just scaring the crap I go to this so I have a round this area there's a we call her the bento box lady. I want to meet her already Korean woman who runs a Japanese sushi to go place that where the sushi is actually dynamite. And they do a really good business and I see a lot of high school kids in there I feel pretty good about the by dinner was supporting this place and it went through the COVID thing pretty easily because to go. So I go in there to get some some sushi for dinner. And some guy comes in he's got to be in his 20s and he is covered head to toe with like a hoodie and he's got the mask that's almost touching his eyes. You know that big giant man? Yeah. And he's got the blue gloves on.
Adam: And now did you have a mask on? At this point? Yeah,
John: I did have a mask on but it was like it said wear a mask and outside. So some people were in there without a mask. Nobody cares. I mean, it's gotten to the point now around here where they're not wearing masks.
Adam: I knew that was gonna happen. Yeah.
John: So but this guy comes in all mashed up with the blue gloves. And then when he leaves because I'm standing kind of there and is not in his way you can get by me rather easily. But he's he he crunches his shoulders together towards his chin. You know, the way you do to get your shrink yourself. You know, you just kind of like
Adam: to make yourself small and unnoticeable.
John: Yeah. So yes. So he can get by me.
Adam: past your broad shoulders.
John: You know, I'm just standing there. And I'm thinking, wow, this guy and I'm checking check the calendar, dude. He has to bend this way the whole time.
Adam: Yeah, it's sad. It's really sad.
John: Now it's still that doesn't affect your brain. I don't know what does.
Adam: Good point. And although I don't know what they're actually measuring when it comes to brain shrinkage, of course, there's no real study. This is just thrown out there to scare us, I think worldly while the real frightening news is from the adverse events as recorded in the veirs. Not just embarrassed, but also the EU database. That's that's getting pretty interesting. The EU database has 15,472 dead from the vaccine. A 1.5 million injured of which 50% serious. And that's and there's a link in the show notes. You can see it now.
John: I'm sure it's just what vaccines are there. All the vaccines are which ones mostly?
Adam: I think it's Johnson and Johnson AstraZeneca is what they mainly have. Bu I don't think they have Pfizer moderner. I'm not sure that. But Dr. P we were talking earlier about, you know, the Gottlieb's you know what they really don't have any studies. They certainly don't have years and years of studies. But as it turns out, a lot of the mandatory protocols that you should have for any study have not even been implemented at all. And this is Dr. Peter McCullough with this program. There is no critical event committee. There is no data safety monitoring board, and there's no human ethics committee. Those structures are mandatory for all large clinical investigations. And so the word that's really used for what's going on as malfeasance is wrongdoing by those in positions of authority. And without any safety
Unknown: measures in place. You can see what's going on, we're administering the base that is the largest application of a biological product with the greatest amount of morbidity and mortality in the history of our country. We are at over 5000 deaths, as you know, I think 15,000 hospitalizations in the EU, it's over 10,000. We are working with Center for Medicaid, Medicaid services CMS data. And we have a pretty good lead that the real number is 10 fold is 10 fold. We knew from data from Harvard in 2016, that the vaccine adverse event reporting system only reports about 10% of what's really going on. So we had to get another data source than we have inside people. We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS. We have what's up to whistleblowers within the CDC. And those are being developed right now,
John: in order to get this out.
Unknown: So we're looking at 10x we think we have 50,000 debt Americans 50,000. So we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per day, then certainly the viral illness
Adam: right on schedule. How about that? And we have whistleblowers. Uh huh.
John: That's what we need some whistleblowers. When you're working in a bureaucracy like this, get up when they eat when you're part of a scam and your, you know, it's hurting people.
Adam: And now we start to move towards treatments, which obviously, were always available, but under penalty of fines and losing your license. You could not even discuss any of these treatments. But now we're moving towards it. This is good morning, America. They're a pill for COVID illness. Is this a thing? Well, listen,
Unknown: there is we always want to hit the encouraging news. And while our vaccination rates are kind of plateauing, that's about prevention. This pill under development is about treatments. So here's what you need to know about this. This would be an anti viral medication. It's currently under research and development. This ideally would be something that if someone test positive would be given immediately, early on before they develop symptoms as an outpatient, potentially you guys we could see this available by the end of this fall, which would be great. One example one trial candidate that is in late stage clinical trials right now. It's called at five to seven I'm sure it will be given another name if it does, well. It's already effective against another virus hepatitis C so they are testing to see if it works in clinical trials against Coronavirus.
Adam: So yeah, is hepatitis C Oh, it's okay. We can try that for something else. But ivermectin now Oh, wait a minute. Holy moly. Reuters reports. Oxford University explores anti parasitic drug ivermectin is COVID-19 treatment came out yesterday. Well, the University of Oxford said Wednesday it was testing anti parasitic drug ivermectin as a possible treatment. As part of a British Government back study that aims to aid recoveries in non hospital settings. ivermectin resulted in reduction of virus replication and laboratory studies, the University said, adding that a small pilot showed giving the drug early could reduce viral load and the duration of symptoms in some patients with mild COVID-19. Oh, hello.
John: Ah, boy, this was in the newsletter. Yes. And I mocked it. And because there's a bunch of studies of ivermectin has a ton of studies that have shown is very good.
Adam: It was all shot down because of that. And we need to get to the bottom of that one day someone does that bogus paper that what's the big
John: publication? It was on the Lancet?
Adam: The Lancet? Yeah, that was made by some company that appeared out of nowhere, the CEO or the CFO, like worked for some modeling agency. And it took weeks and weeks for, for the Lancet to post a correction about that. So yeah, well, that's your propaganda. Let's do a little Intermezzo.
Unknown: Well, the people 70 years of age and older, we know they are just so vulnerable to getting ill and dying from this vaccine.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah. I love it. I'd love it when that happens. Did you hear it?
John: I didn't get it didn't get it just a bit. Oh, I'm sorry. I did hear it. But I could barely hear it.
Adam: Oh, okay. Well, listen again.
Unknown: Well, the people 70 years of age and older, we know they are just so vulnerable to getting ill and dying from this vaccine.
Adam: Oh, getting ill and dying from this.
John: Yeah.
Adam: But wait. But wait, there's
John: more. The funny thing is, yeah, this is like you do the same thing. When I have find one of these even though I don't find as many as you do. It's just you don't hear it the first time?
Adam: Oh, no, it passes right by and many people don't and many people miss it, but are no agenda producers. Now they've got trained ears. And I'm sure you saw this one.
Unknown: So can I say to Australian community that you should have faith in the vaccines? That you should remember that the consequences of the vaccines are worse than any of the potential side effects?
Adam: Yes, the greatest hits album is coming soon. Everybody, I promise you, I promise you. Alright, two more. That'll do it for the COVID I think oh, I of course, I should mention that, just in time. As ivermectin is now starting to be recognized as something that might work. We get an emergency broadcast from Joe Rogan yesterday, who had Dr. Corey and Brett Weinstein on and they they really went through everything. And it was very interesting to see that this was an emergency broadcast. You know, I'm thinking that just like, just like it was okay. JOHN Stuart came in and said, Hey, bad versus lab. It's very possible depending on the pushback that he does or does not Get we'll see today that Joe Rogan was nudged into doing this emergency episode to soften the blow of ivermectin actually being something that is usable.
John: Maybe I don't
Adam: know him to do any emergency broadcasts for any other reason. That's the first I think. Anyway, you're no agenda show was talking about
John: emergency apology for something.
Adam: Yeah, that was, Well, there you go. whenever it's an emergency message, it comes from corporate. Yeah, I have no idea. No idea. Obviously. I did. Ping him. I said, Hey, man, it's good.
John: He does a show a day. What is was
Adam: there was an emergency as
John: a show every day. What is what what do you have to do what he had to do an extra show later in the day? Same Day? Yes. I don't know. I don't know. Emergency Oh, sense to me.
Adam: Well, thank goodness, this message will now reach a broader audience. That is good. And then of course,
John: we're this message, which should wait. Yeah. After the horse left the barn. Well, I mean, this is so late in the game. Who cares? Well, even the Oxford things a joke.
Adam: That's why people love listening to the Norwegian show. We had this a year
John: ago. A year a year ago, a year ago. We had the hydroxychloroquine. A year ago we had that to ivermectin came in when that go a situation occurred. And we got the sound. We didn't get a sample pack. But
Adam: we got we got a picture of it. Yeah.
John: In which, you know,
Adam: hydroxychloroquine will get his day in court to watch. It'll all happen.
John: There's actually more studies showing its effectiveness and there is ivermectin element now,
Adam: yeah. So this obviously leads down to one road for the pharmaceutical industry. And if you want to know what's going on with pharma, especially with the with Pfizer, in the vaccines, you just call up the member of the board, Scott Gottlieb on CNBC, happy to talk to you about what's coming.
Unknown: What what's the latest research just in terms of when people are going to need these boosters, shots that have been so talked?
If you if you've had this less than a year ago, boost your vaccine?
Yeah, look, I think you could feel safe through this summer. And the effectiveness of the vaccine also correlates with the prevalence of the virus. So how effective the vaccine is also correlates with how likely you are to come into contact with the virus is a combination of the protective immunity that people have through vaccination, even if it's declining over time, combined with the fact that prevalence is very low. I think people can feel reasonably assured through the summer, I think as we get into the fall, we're going to have to look at giving especially the vulnerable population boosters, I think there will be some continued discussion around that having
John: kids will get to kill them off the first time, I think this vulnerable population is going to need we got another route round. To get rid of these old farts, you know, they're a huge dairy huge burden on the public, these old people and so we've done everything we've can we rather like throwing uninfected people into the old folks home and make them take shots over 80 we wiped out a bunch of them up there in Scotland, we took care of a big group, I think we took care, I like half the population in one of these old folks home, I'm telling you, these guys that you know, they're a big burden on the economy. They're useless eaters the way we see it. And so we're going to get rid of them as best we can. So the booster shots going to be one way of doing that.
Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, the curry devorah Consulting Group is available for your elitist moves. Just give us a call here at John
Unknown: People can feel reasonably assured through the summer, I think as we get into the fall, we're gonna have to look at giving especially the vulnerable population boosters, I think there will be some continued discussion around that, particularly once we get past this July 4 deadline that the administration said I think that you're going to see more active discussion around boosters in the fall, particularly for the elderly population. And the other point here is that the variants that we're seeing 6.7 vary, and in particular, we're seeing some resurgence in the United Kingdom. That further suggests that the boosters may be important, because what we're seeing is that people who've had one dose of vaccine aren't really protected against that very Oh, you have a pretty reasonable degree of protection against that very so it suggests that the declining effectiveness of vaccines may be more of an issue for some of these variants. That may be another reason why we lean in the direction of boosters, particularly for older the older population. Yeah, you're
Adam: right, man. They're coming for granny again, empty seat at the table, empty chair.
John: Another empty chair got two empty chairs coming now they're coming.
Adam: And then the final one is from Good Morning America. We will just lay some more booster prop on you. Do we have any indication on how long vaccine immunity will continue to last? Do the trial participants still have immunity?
Unknown: answer to the first part of the question is we are following it. We think based on some published data, it might be around 12 months. But again, we're putting that together. We're extrapolating what's known from the clinical trial because those participants are still being followed. Remember, they started to be enrolled last July. An August so we're not yet at the 12 month mark for those clinical trial participants, but also in people who were naturally infected with COVID-19. So remember, those people who were vaccinated early on health care workers like myself, were at whenever you were vaccinated, remember that it's not permanent immunity, we probably are going to need a booster and when we get that word, we can expect kind of another rush to get that booster vaccinated, but we're following it.
Adam: I love her. I love how she says it's not permanent immunity. We don't know that do we?
John: know they don't know anything. But she says it like a few as you recall at least two or three shows ago we had some guy coming on saying that shot is better than natural amuse. Yeah, that's my favorite is better than natural immunity. How come it wears off in a year? Oh,
Adam: my God, I had a similar thing that you spoke about earlier, I was in the car. I had msnbc en and there's no way I could ever just find this clip online. And it's what's your face and Nicole Wallace? And in some doctors says, well, as we all know, natural immunity is better than a vaccine immunity. And it was like, nope, stop. No, I have to stop you that I have to stop you there. That is factually not true. I'm sorry. We're out of time. Just like beautiful moment. wipes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, cut the guy right off.
John: So he's the expert. She's a stupid meat puppet, reading from the prompter. And she's required to do this apparently, as part of her job.
Adam: Someone could find that I would be very, very happy. It was just beautiful.
John: But meanwhile, they surprised me now. People are out of control.
Adam: Well, people also tuning out you know, that's why I'm happy Joe did that ivermectin episode, you know, people, people will believe Joe Rogan before they believe these devices, at least starting to be that way.
John: No, I think that's been true for a while.
Adam: Meanwhile, near a peep about the young the Antion port, or very little news about it, which came back online. yesterday. However,
John: after bribes were paid after bribes
Adam: were paid. The estimate is 80 days for it to normalize. eight zero that's almost three months. How about that?
John: Explain that to me. Explain that to me.
Adam: Well, I can
John: it was shut down for a week now is 80 days. Is that working? Well.
Adam: I have I'm like, it's just from the article from container dash news. You'd think that they would be the experts. Here we go. The yanti ons terminal returned to normal operations will not instantly normalize the situation in the region according to the container shipping analysts, Lars Jensen, who said there is considerable queue of vessels waiting to be serviced and the queue can be said to be artificially short. With the many port emissions both executed and still planned into July from the carriers whatever that means. Jensen CEO of container consultancy for swooshy maritime who has previously predicted that Yanan will need more than 80 days to clear 700,000 plus t EU Queuing outside its keys to you I think it's the container unit. Though it's just the backlog. This is Justin here. Listen,
John: this Justin times is this backlog that is showing up everywhere. Coincidentally, yeah, no
Adam: coincidence.
John: This is the part one of a two I did I couldn't clip the second half. This is so these people on NPR so dreadful, but this is the Whidbey Island bs reported on NPR.
Unknown: About 30 miles north of Seattle on the Puget Sound, there's this lovely little place called Whidbey Island. Most these the tranquil sounds of rolling waves and chirping birds, we get a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. That sounds
lovely. It's like It's like a visitor's brochure. These days. The Greek from what I understand things are not so serene. Their residents have been complaining about this ruckus created by these humongous container ships that are anchored off the shore of the island. Scott Chaplin is the mayor of a town called
John: for a second. So there's a there's that actually I'm looking at the San Francisco Bay which I can see from here. And it is there's no container ships out there. There's supposedly a few South the Oakland towards San Jose, Los
Adam: Angeles the big port though is in LA the port towards la Long Beach Long Beach. Yeah.
John: But Oakland's the big port out here. And so I've driven across the bridge recently I didn't you know there's there are some ships but the Anke did at anchorage there's a bunch of spots. It's not more than I've seen before. She makes this point outside of Whidbey Island where there's a you know, to get into the I guess Seattle or wherever these container ships are sitting out there these big humongous as she describes them, container ship Making a ruckus. What kind of a ruckus? Does it tankard giant container ship made? They have a skeleton crew of maybe 15 people, Max. Yeah. Are they honking the horn or Gong? Gong? Yeah, what kind of what kind of a ruckus? Are they having parties on board at the music too loud. This is a bogus story. Now we have a couple of producers on Whidbey Island one in Langley. They might want to report back to us on the ruckus is a big ruckus because of these ships. This bullcrap this report, but continue, please.
Unknown: It's container ships that are anchored off the shore of the island. Scott Chaplin is the mayor of a town called Langley.
I've been on the islands on and off since 2008. And I never recall seeing them there. Except for maybe one last year. And this year, it's almost I think, since for the last few months, I've never not seen one.
It's rare for these massive container ships to anchor near would be Island. In fact, it's rare for them to anchor at all anywhere on the Puget Sound. Normally, they just pull right up to the port and start unloading their cargo. But the Puget Sound is chock full of container ships right now and they're like manicured
are enormous. They can be the length of multiple football fields. several stories high stacked with metal containers from Costco, apple, you name it. They can also make a lot of noise at night, which has many would be islanders kind of cranky.
They're absolutely huge. They're so tall that they appear from the shore taller than the islands behind them. So they sort of blocked the view of the island behind them.
So what's going on? Why are there all these containerships at Whidbey Island? Well, the island is getting a front row seat to a how many surge in demand for imports, imports that mostly come from East Asia through West Coast ports.
John: Alright, I have to kill it there. Now. A couple of things. One, they never tell somebody is it? 10? Is it five? Is it 100 is 1000. I don't know. Two? I have no idea. I know they're making a ruckus. He also says he's still there.
Adam: Yeah. I'm listening to you.
John: He also says that there's servicing apple and Costco, you name it. She even said, and you name it. Now there's a lot of these cargo containers go to Walgreens and I'm sure you know, Joanne's positive. You know, whatever they sell a Joanne's and places like that. I think this came I think she said that just out of the blue apples not getting cargo containers up in Seattle. I don't know why they would. But
Adam: you know what it was? here's, here's the way I analyze that. The story was someone was complaining about noise, and they built this whole thing around it.
John: Well, that's a possibility. But I'm gonna get back to her comment about Costco. There is a shipping company out of China. I think it's out of China. You can look it up and see Oh, SC Oh, and I see. I see these these cargo containers to SEO SEO containers go by all the time. Me too, on, on the tracks down below. And, and every time I see when I think of Costco, even though I know it's got nothing to do with
Adam: Costco, she probably saw that, or subliminally had that I've seen them. I've seen the Costco trains and I thought that to Costco, Costco. Yeah.
John: Yeah, co s Co. There's no there's the T is missing the T lo Exactly. It's
Adam: a Chinese outfit, Costco. Yeah, well, we got a couple of notes about shipping containers ending empty shipping containers and shipping in containers in general, which is how products and services move. And since these are producer notes, if you could we share them. First one of our producers who work for the US Air Force shipping Munitions for years, shipping containers that you buy, or five to 20,000 depending on use, and most are used and have failed their inspection for shipping. Another large part of the issue will be preparing cargo for shipping. This requires not only skilled workers, but also large amount of certified pest free treated lumber is a problem for blocking and bracing loads to prevent cargo from shifting. This lumber typically is not recycled even for reuse and shipping due to the chemicals used to treat the wood, which are semi toxic and not something you would want to use personally. So lack of skilled labor and lumber are surely making the situation worse. And I think that's probably possible. Yep. Speaking of that, one of our producers that I previously worked for a company that manufactured industrial packaging machinery before changing jobs earlier this year. That while Yes, food sold in the USA, generally does get made in the USA, the packaged material is a different story. You can't get the material to package your products, you can't sell your products every year at the pmmi conventions, packaging manufacturers
something their large selection of Chinese companies selling inexpensive packaging material. Before I left my company earlier this year, we've been constantly getting record complaints about the quality of products coming off our machines, which would only which could only be attributed to two possibilities, one, the quality of the plastic shrink film that they were using on our machines or to the quality of the mechanics they have supporting their equipment. I know this is more inferior material from China. Yeah, junk from China shrinks. lation from China. And then finally, one of our producers.
John: That was an excellent report. I think that's a good one Russia we Yeah, that's the end of the shrink wrap that gets put he goes into the machinery to be thrown around a packing Yep.
Adam: One of our producers is a truck driver my life My life is a daily trucker, I grab an empty out of our lot empty container, take it to one of our customers, mostly you line SC Johnson or Amazon, then exchange it for a loaded container, take it to one of the dozen rail yards in the south side of Chicago, drop it, grab a loaded container, bring it back to someone in southeast Wisconsin or Northern Illinois. Either they unload it or exchange it for an empty and then return home it pays well much more than any other job I've had. And it's not that hard. There are 175 of us in this terminal, another 1200 in the Chicago area and over 12,000 in the companies division nationwide that does this. However, over the last couple months, many of our empty containers are stuck in California waiting to be loaded with the Cisco Dong Fang and China shipping container contents the john talks about some warehouses were essential and some were not causing a bottleneck. But the bigger offender is Amazon. They are hoarding our containers at just about one of every one of their distribution facilities anywhere between 35 to 75 containers a day. And they're either not releasing them or being very slow to unload. Now as a company, we charge them $1,000 a day per container to keep it costs a drop in the bucket to them. And my company is making money hand over fist. But this is choking out the smaller customers who can't afford to keep a pool of containers around customers like Uline
Target or Walmart just pre pay loads and keep up to keep up and keep up with Amazon. But it forces smaller companies to either deal straight over the straight over the road companies which is more expensive and sometimes less reliable, or wait until we can get a container to them. From the Chicago area. Sometimes we have to drive a couple 100 miles to get an empty container to get to one of these customers, which of course we charge the miles to. We used to sell our scrap containers a few years ago. But considering every load brings in 10s of 1000s to hundreds of 1000s of dollars now we ain't selling shit our mechanics weld and tape every hole they can now and again. gaffer tape to the rescue. How about that though?
John: This this is well as someone who worked on a container line making these things I know how easy they are to fix. So you can get in they do. Yeah, but yeah, one of the one of the tests when you're in inspectors, they lock you in there, but they lock you into a container and you have to you have to climatized for a few minutes and then you'd look for for blue light, it looked for any form of light inside the container. That means there's a there's a point where it can leak brain work and get it right. And but you can do the same thing with the one that's used and just put your right just gaffers tape, duct tape and stuff that day. That guy that always sells
Adam: exactly what's the stuff we used to fix our mufflers With
John: what? bondo
Unknown: bondo
Adam: bondo. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen bondo that bondo fix everything broken bones bondo to the rescue.
John: It's beautiful.
Adam: Unless you have something else you'd like to do now, I do have a little presentation.
John: Unless you know, but I may get a clue you know, my presentation for today. I am going to do a presentation of Amy Goodman clips to prove that she is the worst. Please fax out she slants the new she is really a communist.
Adam: We're gonna out her as a commie. Is that the idea?
John: Well, I mean, I think she'd be proud to be one but it's just that the press it's just like one thing after another when you put them together and you play them one after another. I don't have any. I only have one that's fairly long and most emerged short. It's just like, it's shameful. It's lousy. It's lousy news reporting it's lousy book,
Adam: I did a deep dive. So we'll do that. But I'd like to, I think it's better to do this first because I did a deep dive on Black Rock. Oh, good. I would be interested in this. Everybody's talking about Black Rock. If you see anything about Black Rock, it's either they're buying up all the homes, or they own everything. And I saw very little research. And I'm particularly intrigued, actually, here's here's how it started. I was looking for a hate clip. As we talked about in the last show, I said, I would, we should do hate clips, something that we Yeah, you know, I
John: had a hate clip, and then I forgot to produce it. Yeah.
Adam: So the idea is something that you watch, and not just for the show, but just to hate what's going on, which is a good feeling in a way. I just can't believe this. Yeah, it makes me feel good. And for me, that is, without a doubt the podcast pivot. I think it comes out three times a week, which is really good for my hate listening quota. It's Kara Swisher. Sure. And Scott Galloway. And Scott Galloway is now he's a professor in what I think economics, I think he should be. But he has, he has this incredibly smug attitude about him. He's apparently I said, it's specifically that way, he is very successful at investing. And he does, he doesn't do Angel funding, but he does early stage companies. And he's always, you know, hanging out and talking about all the big boys and hedge funds. And, you know, he knows everything knows cryptos. And he knows everything, and is very smug about it. And so there was this little bit that I was going to kind of use as a hate clip. And then I realized it was it really was going to take me down a whole different road. As they started talking about ESG, the environmental, social corporate governance, often used in a sentence says ESG goals of companies, which we've heard about we've talked about, but really don't know that much about. So here's the clip that I'm sorry, gone. Here's the clip that got me started. I am from pivot
Unknown: from pivot, I have been just blown away by so investors, I've always said that it's regulation, and then in terms of importance that waiting on these companies better angels to show up as a flawed strategy that needs to be regulation. And that the second place of powerful power is to change boards, because it all starts at the board picks the CEO, the CEO picks management, compensation, schematics, etc. What I miss there is another really powerful force, it's really been incredibly influential is investors. And a lot of big investors. It's kind of strange, every we talk about concentration of big tech, the concentration of alternative investments is crazy. If you look at the fortune 502 of the three largest shareholders are one of like five companies. It's State Street, BlackRock, and I forget who the other one is Vanguard. There's another enormous one at Vanguard. So people say, well, the markets are somewhat inert, that you have the same kind of guys sitting around a table, owning every company. But what's exciting is they all seem to have rallied around this notion of sustainability and ESG. And again, a massive amount of capital now has as a an investment criteria, some sort of ESG or climate component. I think it's I think it's exciting. And I'm
Adam: now you know, why it's hatless.
John: So excited. I'm so excited. There's investing the thinking environment exciting, I'm excited. Please, buddy, get a grip. Get a Kleenex, we come in your pants, we could share
Adam: Hey, clips, I guess? Some sort of ESG or climate component? I think it's I think it's exciting. And I'm To be honest, I'm
Unknown: a little bit surprised. I'm so shocked that they are taking this stuff on and what they I think they've also seen is that companies with more diverse more diversity overperformed companies with a climate policy overperform so they have linked it to
Adam: this, I think, yes, thank you for that. When he says they overperform I think he means the stock price over performs. I don't know if the companies are over performing. Because you're right. There's no evidence or over performing because of that, or because of even what that is, is the big question,
Unknown: but he's excited about it shocked to the upside that they are taking this stuff on and what they I think they've also seen is that companies with more diverse more diversity overperformed companies with a climate policy overperform so they have linked it to that
Adam: there appears to be a congruence between link titude I hate this show so much
Unknown: with a climate policy overperform so they have linked it to that there appears to be a congruence between stakeholder value and shareholder returns.
John: But it's short
Unknown: amount of money that now says unless you are buttoned up around these issues, we are not investing.
In tech companies I've been talking to a lot of tech companies, they've been really pushing this heavily because they're already doing this Microsoft, you know, zero carb and Google's stuff like that. It's an area where they can actually slow down ladies, and they've been pushing it really hard.
Adam: Alright, so you get the idea. You cannot be successful in this unless you have ESG. And you got one of these eight holes on your board. That's what it sounded like to me. So I went wakesurfing with a former New banker yesterday, a because he invited me at V because it's a nice break from packing up our home, although Tina's doing all the work. And see, I wanted to pick his brain about this. And now you'll recall that he said BlackRock was not behind buying up all of the homes. And I confronted him. I said, Look it Look at this. Everyone's talking about it says yes, yes, you identified the narrative. But really the only company that is investing to buy up homes, away from people starting their lives, is not black rock, but black stone. And he said, and I'd looked it up and yes, Blackstone has put $6 billion into a fund to buy homes and rent them out, which is 17,000 homes. The banker said, believe me, Adam, that's really small. That's not important. $6 billion is nothing. There's that's really not the business. People are in certainly not BlackRock. So what is this business with BlackRock? Well, first let's look at and this is what this is kind of the thing that that I didn't look up and I'm kicking myself, you remember how President Obama had Goldman Sachs inside the administration running everything? We talked about that quite a bit at the time? Yeah. Well, guess what? The Biden administration, it's black rock. Okay, three names. Brian DESE de se.
He's the director of national of the National Economic Council, the President's main advisor for economic policy. Ds came from Black Rock where he was Global Head of sustainable investing. And before that held, held senior economic post under Obama, including replacing john Podesta as Senior Advisor to the President, where he worked alongside Valerie Jarrett. So that would be kind of an important guy inside the administration, key policy post as deputy treasury secretary under Yellen. So the number two and command we find Nigerian born Wally ADA, Mo. He also comes from Black Rock, where from 2017 to 2019. It was senior advisor and chief of staff to the CEO, Larry Fink. So he might have had some information and messaging after he left the Obama administration. That's when he went to work for BlackRock. His personal ties to Obama, Obama are very strong, as Obama named him the first president of the Obama foundation in 29. And then finally, we have Michael Pyle, he is the senior economic adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris. He came to Washington, from his his position as global chief investment strategist at BlackRock where he oversaw the strategy of their almost $9 trillion in funds. Interesting that he shacked up with the vice president kind of makes you wonder what what they have in store for her. So that's, that's these these bankers inside the administration inside the White House, moving policy, making policy shaping policy, maybe running it for all we know,
let's remind ourselves that the people we're talking about all come together once a year in Davos is the World Economic Forum, when we're talking about ESG, the environmental, social, corporate governance, we don't have to go back far in the archives to hear Klaus Schwab discussing this very thing finalized,
Unknown: maybe what we need is also a new mindset. It has been mentioned, we in the business world we see now, some companies who are not committed to ESG metrics to stakeholder capitalism, by just to stakeholder capitalism, is that those companies are on the wrong side of history. But it's not only companies I think we also have to ask the question how we can applies the ESG metrics, even to governments to because it's not just GDP. Its well being its prosperity.
Adam: This is the stakeholders Capitalism thing coming back again, which is always fun. And we might as well bring in Larry Fink. Now, this is him an interview about 10 months ago for the Financial Times. And he will explain what stakeholder capitalism really means the transition that we are going to be undergoing related to sustainability is a huge economic opportunity, we're going to be creating new technologies, new industries,
Unknown: as other industries are going to be become less important. But let's be clear, let's focus on society's acceptance, to create new jobs to create new technologies to move forward, we're going to eat $50 trillion investing to get to a net zero world. And so it's not a small price tag, but the opportunities can be large. So the
Adam: key there as he says, we're gonna need 55 0 trillion to get to this mythical net zero, and you're hearing a lot of things that you've heard the elites in the politicians talk about, especially new jobs, you know, it'd be good paying jobs, of course, we're going to try and move the entire economy,
John: kid good paying union jobs, bold crap.
Adam: So we're going to try and move the entire economy over to sustainable energy. This is, in fact, a part of the great reset $50 trillion will be needed. Well, you know where that's going to come from, of course from us. And what does that exactly entail? What does it mean to finance climate change, Mr. Fink,
Unknown: and the only way we're going to be able to finance this to finance, the impact of climate change on cities and in countrysides, on the physical impact of climate change is going to have to be done through a public private type of investment scheme or a scam sums of private capital damn looking to invest in these type of opportunities, we need to have a large infrastructure, a program in to prepare ourselves for, for this transition. And then every, you know, just just like the internet, how it's changed our daily personal lives and professional wise, I believe, governments worldwide are going to need to invest in the r&d of how to prepare for climate change and helping us design and build new technologies. And you know, from from battery storage and the efficiencies of batteries. If we had strong efficient, cheaply made batteries, we would have, we'd be able to transform our power grids so much more rapidly. And so there are many things we need to do. And then we need to find ways to better sequester carbon and many more things like that and planting more trees. And it's all going to be a part of a long term process, and can be done with government and with business.
Adam: So I put this clip in here, so we can all see the guy is completely full of shit. Oh, we need $50 trillion. What do we need it for trees, and better batteries? No, a whole. You want it to make yourself and your friends and your clients and although his clients are a lot of retirement funds, I probably steal that money and give it to somebody. These people are not good. And they're using this ESG as the way to nudge companies and I'm going to get into this a little bit deeper to nudge companies into playing along and we're seeing this happen. And this here is going to throw out a couple acronyms and g i looked him up like you know, journalists usually do check it out.
Unknown: In my 2020. Seo letter we asked for companies to report on TCF D and faz B. Okay.
Adam: So when you hear that tcfd and SAS B, I immediately thought Oh, yes, probably like Sarbanes Oxley or some other regulatory thing, you know, comes across as kind of like, wow, that's something official. So I looked it up. TC D stands for Task Force on climate related financial disclosures. So there's a task force on climate related financial disclosures, which some of which have objective and subjective metrics to show how green your company is. And it is brought to you by SAS B standards, which is a here we go SAS B standards, which stands for and I forget that what it stands for now, SAS B standards are maintained under the auspices of the value reporting Foundation, a global nonprofit organization that offers a comprehensive suite of resources designed to help businesses and investors develop shared understanding of enterprise value, how it's created, preserved or eroded the resources in including integrated thinking principles, the integrated reporting framework and SAS be standards can be used alone or in combination, depending on business needs. So what do you think about this SAS be nonprofit? Could it be filled with bankers? Of course. So this is what they do is all
John: this all has this sounds a lot like bankers,
Adam: totally bankers. So they've said they set up a nonprofit, they determine these goals of better batteries, more trees, I don't didn't hear him say anything else that's turned into a metric that you can then use. And the threat as we've heard from Klaus, and we're going to hear more from Larry Fink is, if you don't submit your SAS b tcfd reports in your metrics, we're not going to invest in you. And that's when you get a black rock who has $9 trillion under management. If someone pulls out, as they did recently, with coal, they no longer have any investments in coal. That hurts industries. So this is this is the engine of what Joe Biden and the green new deal was talking about. These are the guys that are actually doing it. And many companies have not moved forward. And that's what we're asking you that we're looking for better price, transparency, and how they are navigating their company. And that's what we're doing. We have not been made big, bold, changes, but we're asking for better disclosure. And I don't think there's anything wrong about asking for better disclosure across the board. And I think going forward, we're gonna, you know, we're seeing more and more companies doing that. And they're doing it because
Unknown: it's good business for them. You know, the one thing that is very clear in this COVID world that we're living in beyond the sustainability world, Joe, stakeholder capitalism is only going to become more and more important, that is companies that focus on all their stakeholders, their clients, their employees, the society where they work in operate, are going to be the companies that are going to be the winners for the future. And we do believe that these social issues really operate. And this is why we ask companies reported under SAS B, and under TCF D, so we can truly understand how they're navigating around this whole long term trend of climate change. But we believe more than ever before, Joe, that climate change is an investment risk.
Adam: Climate change is investment risk. This is how he's saying that this is a good strategy. If you think if you deconstruct that sense, it makes no sense. Of course not. It's just slogans, you throw it out there. But make no mistake, Larry Fink is proud of what he is.
Unknown: I believe in multilateralism, I remained to be a globalist, a globalist who now needs to focus more on making sure we have secure and great jobs and everywhere we are. So I think that's where we we focus more on globalization, less on the impact in parts of our economies. And so there is a reason for the Europeans and Americans to be tough on China. But we need to be tough, and making sure it's a level playing field across the board and blah, blah, blah, blah, goes on about
Adam: now. So he does this letter every single year, he does a CEO letter sends it to all of the CEOs that his company's invested in. And it's important to understand that BlackRock Bill Gates, oh, yeah, I skipped the bill get he had a Bill Gates video that I skipped, but just to show that he hangs with the same crew. So the letter A, it's important to understand that Black Rock, in general is a passive investor. So they play the market, they play industries, they bought some big ETFs. And so they really have a passive business, which means it can be invested in by politicians, for instance, or by financial news hosts because there's no agenda other than making profit over over certain sectors. But they don't, they're not they're not like Carl Icahn. They don't say we're buying up a piece this company, and we're getting I'm gonna run it exactly. Well, guess what? It's starting to look a little different. So here
Unknown: he is about his January 2020 letter. He said, I believe that the pandemic has presented such an existential crisis, such as stark reminder of our fragility, and it has driven us to confront the global threat of climate climate change more forcefully and to consider how like the pandemic it will alter our lives, then you demand a global ambitious response last year you targeted them. more coal. This year, you're asking all companies to disclose concrete plans to move towards a net zero economy by 2050. And the point about this is you're going to say you're going to hold them responsible. If they don't do this, you may vote against the board of directors with your passive fund. And with your active funds, you may disinvest.
Adam: Otherwise, he's no no better or worse than an activist like Carl Icahn. And
Unknown: I suppose the main question for you when the letter came out yesterday is what has been the response from the CEOs so far?
I will really know that response. Coming into the next AGM, I think, I think so far, the response has been very positive. I've received many, many texts and emails, thank you for moving forward. You know, the real response will be how will companies adapt to the ask, and I'm doing this for the eye, not because we, you know, I'm doing this not as an environmentalist, I'm doing this as a capitalist who truly believes climate, climate change is investment risk, and as a as a fiduciary, to all our savers. And we we manage more retirement assets than anybody in the world and the responsibility of managing that assets. It's a long term outcome. It's not a short tic toc of the day outcome, but it's a long outcome. And we see how climate change is going to impact all the society as I letter suggested, similar to how COVID has done that.
Adam: I like how he says the tick tock of the day, which means they made a killing on something with Tick tock, I'm sure. So the cats out of the bag, obviously, they're going to be very activist. They are threatening with Board of Directors changes, they're threatening all kinds of activism, you better get on board with your SAS B and tcfd. If you don't report there's going to be trouble for you. And luckily, it's my favorite clip, almost done. Joe Kernan of CNBC. does this guy have like 10 years or something of CNBC? I don't know. He might as well because he he called out Larry Fink on this whole thing. And think gets mad. And that's what I like about Larry Fink. His piece has so many tells, he'll start talking about as Joe Kernan of CNBC calls him out and says, Hey, man, so you're not so you're you are an activist, but you're not going to do anything. It's only you clearly you, you screwed call, you pull out a call, well, what's to stop you from doing that to every other industry now that you are an activist, and it was a great little back and forth. So there's some policies that you know, I'll have an input on, but when it comes to any single company, we're not involved at all, let
Unknown: me approach it from a different angle, a corporation XYZ makes a fantastic product. they
satisfy their customers needs better than their competition. They're, their employees are happy, they're they're, you know, making great strides and planning for their retirement.
There, they pay taxes to the United States government, everything is great, but the CEO doesn't feel like embracing whatever societal changes are in Vogue, at the moment that Larry Fink happens to think are in vogue. But Joe, so he doesn't want to he actually does is not going to play ball with you on what you think, which he said change, embracing change, he doesn't want you think some of these changes may not be lasting. They may be whatever the certain the side of the political spectrum decides is important at that, at that moment. Are you going to try and get him you know, outside that board and to vote your shares against and of course, first of all, first of all, you're personalizing with me, I'm not Alright, well, BlackRock. Oh, fine. Thank you. All right. Well, this is your ideas. And under whose idea is who? It's the it's BlackRock. All right. I think of you as BlackRock, which was a compliment, thank you. But it's not hopefully it's not. Not a compliment that I'm not there's more than BlackRock. Thanks, Joe, biggest money man in the world. If a company is performing really, really well, as you just suggested, and it is a beacon for its employees and all that stuff. I am very confident that engagements can be very positive. And so I think I framed the question, you framed it in a way that I don't see that being a reality. I will tell you, I have had conversations pretty close to half the CEOs that who received the letter, and I don't believe they're
sucking up to me or anything like what if what they were various things on they got to stop drilling for hydrocarbons and they got to do renewable energy because they don't because they're your framing things will let you do that. Let's say that that's not gonna happen, that we have not done that. Okay, you're framing hypotheticals that are not even the realm reality. I mean, it's nice to talk about and framing questions that are that are about Coca Cola, you tell them no more sugary drinks, we wouldn't. That's their business, their business. Is it providing?
Okay, hello.
How about Philip Morris no more tobacco products. But we will not do that either. If we're What will you then what those
are not issues type of issues if
they're going to be invest in a client, you know, we have these issues many times, if an individual is investing in an index that has Philip Morris that has Coca Cola, we're not going to be changing their business models to that way. That's their business model. So no, so we're not going to be saying get out of your business.
Adam: That's exactly what they're doing exactly what they're doing. And they will do it to any business. These guys are ruthless, the globalists, they don't care about the environment. He said himself, he's wants to make money. He's a capitalist. And this is what is driving the whole machinery. You go to every single company. And you say, all right, you got to be on board with the green New Deal, we better see some green shit everywhere. And that's why you see people posting so Oh, we've got green paper today. And we're using this and then so we have more sass, bt FC D scores. Otherwise BlackRock will not invest in you. The threat. And this is, and this is what excites Scott Galloway. Oh, it's so exciting.
John: These guys are doing a good job. It's real. So let's get this straight. Now, by the way, I thought these are good clips. And I edit is true. And it's also possible, it seems to me that you're kind of overlooking the, the kind of the sick aspect of it, where they're, they're making people there's there's putting making them do stuff that just as a joke, like dance monkey,
Adam: I do have a final clip that
John: Well, before you go into that fight. Okay, well, okay. And then after that, I want to hear an analysis of what Yes, what happened here.
Adam: Yes. And this final clip is for the s in the ESG. And it is my belief that all this wokeness that you're seeing is a part of it. And this is not discussed. Outwardly, by by finger anybody else. But I'm pretty sure that there's some part of this mission is okay, you've got to show your social corporate governance, show that you're doing critical race theory, training, or whatever it is. Otherwise, you're also going to be on the outs and of course, that has all these extra benefits of people being mind controlled. And it all comes the reason they feel that they can do this comes from a study done by PR firm
Unknown: Edelman. I mean, that was an interesting survey by Edelman when this came out people's trust companies more than politicians, I mean, some ways that might reassure you. That doesn't is another ways make you feel rather sad.
Well, I'm actually quite pleased that, you know, I'm in a group of business leaders that are that are doing the right thing. And I think that's what the enrollment survey is, is indicating that that it is being recognized? Let's be clear,
without without governments doing anything without China and America or India doing things, but nothing is going to happen. It's what you're doing makes a difference, certainly. But in the end, it's about the state.
You're right, john, what I was gonna say is, we need government's involvement, because what
Adam: I Anyway, you get the point, they got the study, corporate brands are more trusted than politicians, which is not hard to understand or believe. But they've taken that and they run with it. And they're out. I think they're out running themselves now. But so it's all it's all. It's all bunched together. These guys are forcing corporations to do things.
John: This is nothing new in corporate world. But what happened here is that you listened to this is a jumoke. On Galloway. Yes. And it irked you so much that you did this report.
Adam: Well, that and the fact that I've been reading so much about ESG and Black Rock and how they own everything and I want to know the mechanism, the mechanism is clear. They become activist investors, and they have 10% of every single company in the world. Yeah, well, they have board members. So they have board members All right. We're going to deconstruct it
John: I just did
Adam: no that's not just because of Scott Galloway Galloway
John: your clip turned into a report Yes,
Adam: that's okay. You're right. That's exactly what happened. So we just got to keep our eye on these annual you never and there's tons of interviews with this Larry Fink. He never here. We never really hear anything about it.
John: It's just Well, now it's too late for him. Because once You know, you once you identify the snakes, yeah, you can have a lot of fun just following what they have to say. And I think we had this earlier when we had you identify the snake from Pfizer. Yeah.
Adam: Yeah. godly play
John: godly you play clip after clip from him. And once you see these guys and you see that they keep cropping up over and over and they're throwing in their poison and their propaganda to promote themselves I mean this guy's not in it for anything but the money he said so himself. Yeah. And yeah, then once you see it you can then we can just put them at their regulars now on the show.
Adam: Yes. And he speaks but
John: he sees it that way these other I mean, I can't believe that they put these people on these shows. I mean, I can see it on CNBC. That makes more sense but they have the Gottlieb character floating around all these other talk shows with a vested interest that's that conflict of interest that's put it directly a conflict of interest that's you know, as big as a billboard and you put him on and let him say what he wants and you don't question
Adam: any of it except for Joe Kernan on CNBC is the oil that
John: I get again, I said that's the difference. I see. CNBC is that kind of thing I would expect Yeah. But on the other journalism shows I you don't get any of that they never push back
Adam: there was that clip with it's in the show knows all those clips. The one with canon it starts off with Andrew Ross Sorkin and he he could not have his tongue further up thinks but
John: yeah New York time sir and then and then think like reacted
Adam: with a little kind of like a like a head jerk towards something he said and he immediately backpedaled and it's a real suck up pussy boy no backbone. Tell Yeah, they're probably job
John: openings your job there Yeah, the kind of money and make it an operation like that's where you want it. Like black rice really just being this guy in a desk is going to be 10 times where he's going to get at CNBC.
Adam: So the idea is as far as I understand that this ESG your your score, your ESG goals, as determined by SAS B and tcfd. That's what will be turned into carbon credits and a true pricing on carbon and they're going to make even more money that $50 trillion that's that's the price he has his eye on. That's what he wants. He wants to get that money so screw Yeah, well, if you're right now that we've seen the snake the head of the snake is good
John: Yeah, we'll just keep highlighting it. Yeah.
Adam: Then with that I'd like to thank you for your courage say in the morning to you the man who put the sea in the corporate governance ladies and gentlemen Mr. JOHN C. rack
John: well in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry also, in the morning all ships to see boots on the ground feeding their subs in the water. And all the dames and knights out there.
Adam: And let's say in the morning to the trolls and the troll room at troll room dot i o Let's count them trolls Hands up.
All right, and let me see how am I not getting a troll counts? There we go. 1689. Is that on par for Thursday?
John: What was the number 1689?
Adam: Just under 70?
John: Down 200 from the good old days.
Adam: What happened? COVID is over. No one cares. They don't want to know about bankers Don't worry about their future.
John: No, they don't.
Adam: Well, trolls those of you that are with us. Thank you for scurrying around on the count that is troll which is part of no agenda stream where you can listen to this show live Thursdays and Sundays but there's plenty of even before we come on. Darren O'Neil does the rock and roll pre show. Nick the rats show live. The grumpy old Ben's has a ton of stuff happening and we have the chat synchronized with that. If it's not live, then you're all listening to the same thing, the same podcast, you can find it no agenda or if you just want to head straight and go to troll and you can also follow us on one of our many other fantastic services that we provide as a part of all of gitmo-nation that's a no agenda social calm where we have an active conversation we have a sadly a closed community because we just can't be running big servers but things are spreading out people are decentralizing with their own mastodon servers to follow at Adam at nogen social calm or at John Dvorak had no agenda social calm and you will not be disappointed you will find that gitmo-nation is alive and well and doing that on the mastodon Fetty verse is without algorithms it will be a nice, pleasant experience. And then I'd like to thank the artists for Episode 1357 titled quantum supremacy artwork was brought to us by Kenny Ben who I understand is female and whose name is Kendra. I learned that from no agenda social calm. And we'll just keep with
the artists moniker Kenny. Ben brought us the world's best ceding parent artwork. We did have a couple of choices. And of course, since we, we went for the quantum supremacy title instead of the artwork that kind of shut down a couple of otherwise interesting and good submissions.
John: Yeah, yeah, there was a there was a No, I think there's at least four or five pieces that we could have used. This one I kind of like always like that baseball. Look, you know, anyway, she's done some good things as she did the COVID of the dog. Maybe the dog covi?
Adam: Yes, yes, of course with the little house yet. COVID the
John: dogs, nun. She's actually got four pages of art. It's just that she didn't know one of the soup cans, not the one we picked.
Adam: Really, she has that much.
John: She's got quite a Yes, she got four pages. We'll have Fauci she's got a lot of stuff. She does a dog pee and on a on a,
Adam: you get a lot of stuff. Always a hit dog peeing on anything always hit. Let me see what else we had. What else was in consideration? So yeah, we had Kenny bended to the seating parent with little sperms and also the non birthing parents, which we just thought the seating parent was better. But what else did we see? Well, actually,
John: there's more to it than that you had made the argument that because I liked the other one a little better at first. And you made the army know that. Since that's been used for the last couple of weeks. It was kind of old.
Adam: Oh birthing parent. Yes. Yeah. The the concept of birthing parent. Yep. That was used since Mother's Day.
John: You're right. And so a seating parent, which was original. was picked.
Adam: That's why there's two of us.
John: Um, no, you do dominate these picks on these arts. Oh,
Adam: my God. Here's how it goes. What do you like john? JOHN go through it. I'll say I like this like that. And then it says, Okay, I'm good with that. That's what I always say. I don't dominate. You dominate. Don't dami bro.
John: And then it was the Nick the rats with the arrow going in the wrong direction.
Adam: Didn't even correct it. Made a U turn going back down again. That was a cool shirt. Hope no agenda. just I wouldn't mind having a quantum supremacist shirt. It's kind of funny.
John: Just as a guy, okay. And that would be that. Yes. And gratulations to Kenny Ben.
Adam: Thank you very much Kenny Ben, all the artists who participated you can see many of these pieces of art flying by as just one of the 20 enhancements to podcasting podcasting 2.0 You can find new apps which I'd like you to try one isn't there's no there's Nothing will go wrong with your old app and you can even move your subscriptions over new podcast apps calm and congratulations to pod friend at pod friend calm with a brand new release lots of features and open source so you can go and enjoy the player and then build your own if you want. And now let us thank some of the executive producers and associate executive producers for Episode 1358 who helped us in a big way to keep the show on the road and in the rails.
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Adam: Sir 3d here in the morning Adam and john 333 34 from Lottie, Lottie, Florida. I'd like to thank you both, especially john for the encouragement in Episode 1328 regarding my Bauhaus piece and other art as we remember that it made my day. That's right. It's why we do it. Your show art commentary is very valuable to all the artists. Recently there was a listener who had misheard the term sealing wax as sealing wax as in the seal, we read this note already.
John: This is the note I referred to oh but didn't get it didn't get kicked into this show. Here we
Adam: go. Recently, I heard there was a listener who misheard the term sealing wax as sealing CEI wax as in the ceiling of a room. Being a non native English speaker myself, I have always heard it this way as well. Hence I made a sealing wax art piece already in March of this year, which I guess we didn't understand what was going on at the time. But I get the joke I remember like, what what the what is the ceiling wax about what is this? Unfortunately due to time zones, it is impossible for me to listen to the show live I'm therefore limited to creating evergreen artwork, perhaps Chapter Chapter art too. I'm an industrial design and branding veteran who has worked with many top international brands I am currently open for new projects. If anyone in the no agenda community needs branding, product design or high end 3d work, please contact me. Wow,
John: you have an address for him.
Adam: Do not But sir three DS. I will find out. You have a project for him.
John: I've always got projects. I'm working on a vinegar book. Did you hear about it?
Adam: Yes, yes. I have heard about it. I would I I personally wouldn't bring it up. anymore. It's just mean I'm not like that. Like that. Sir Kevin deals Earl of North Carolina, the classic 333 33. And he says Adam on Tom woods, and he's quoting me I guess. There's this group of older millennials dot dot dot that group dot dot dot the next group of leaders. I think they've checked out and it's unstoppable. Ding the bell curry. Please karma sir Kevin hills, Earl of North Carolina. Yes. I was on the Tom Woods show.
John: Yeah, that go.
Adam: It went pretty good. Pretty well. It was good. You know, I did. Michael malice, Tom woods. And you might you remember Michael malice. The guy you called a gay sissy boy moving to Austin.
John: I never said that. You didn't want to say he was gay?
Adam: No, you're the one that said he was gay. You said he's gay. Which I don't think he is actually I don't even know. Anyway, despite despite that, or maybe because of that. He invited me on a show. That was very nice. A lot of people like that.
John: I'd never heard about this.
Adam: Yeah, did a couple I've done. I'm on a tear, man. I'm promoting everything.
John: You are on a tear and you should continue because you're great on these shows, even though there's only Yeah, Rogen and Woodson used to be the ones that have gotten us some some business.
Adam: Yes. Well, malice will do good business for us too. I'm sure this It's beautiful. We talked about that. There's such an overlap. Anyway. So Kevin deals want to do the bell and he wants a karma. Well, of course we'll give that to you. Thanks for your support, man. You've got karma.
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Adam: no grime America is the one put the they do. Ah, yes. Maybe after the move. I'll just need some tights. It's a timing issue is not It's not that I don't love them. But yes,
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Adam: it's funny you know, we're looking for some chairs for the for the new house. And tears like looking at this website and it's Canadian dollars. And this was really expensive. Hit the hit the US dollar sign boom, like Oh, these chairs are quite affordable. All of a sudden these guys are getting screwed in BC man. Yeah, look into shipping. Good point. Yeah, shipping when I'm sending this donation says anonymous for my husband who turns 48 today. He's a dedicated no agenda listener and hit me in the mouth just a few months before COVID hit perfect timing. So I owe gratitude to him as well as the show Since it is here it is one of the few things keeping me sane. And with a regular sized amygdala this past year. I'm a family doctor. Wow. Hold on a sec. Whoa. burying the lede. Oh man. So we kept the medical professionals sane and she probably took our advice. medical advice should expect I'm a family doctor. Needless to say this has been a challenging year to be in my profession, especially having the awareness of a no agenda listener. The degree of muzzling pressure, and Frank threats to those interested in asking questions has been shocking. So thanks to both of you. All the hard working producers and my husband as well for helping me stay oriented in these times more donations to come go to please have some deducing. You've been de deuced and he was asking about a jingle where some dogs in a Pink Floyd song. What do you want for your birthday? Honey? I want the
song with a dog seeing the Pink Floyd song. Okay. So I would love to hear more from anonymous from BC I'd like to know more about your experiences as a as a physician as a doctor and how you were muzzled. If you were an exactly you know what her experience was? I'd love I'd love to hear that from any of our doctor producers, by the way. Thank you very much.
John: Not good.
Adam: Now, but it'd be good to have more boots on the ground reports Thank you know we'd like reading this thing very, very sweet of you to do that for your husband. Here's some dogs doing Pink Floyd. Karma.
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Adam: I'm gonna give it a little karma for both of you though. Not requested. You've got karma. Robert McCauley. Gosh, it'd be funny if that was Bob McCauley from Anheuser Busch, but I doubt it somehow. 233 33 Pay Pal, says Shonda, but this is from Rob McCauley. Okay. In the morning, Jens here's another donation towards my knighthood as sir fat dad of be Mexicans. I really want the DMX BMX pa Mexicans the Mexicans I really want this title so I'm trying to hurried along. I would like to give a shout out to all my fellow Pelican heads. Pelican heads where Pelican heads What does that is that
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Unknown: melted together back in cheese mac and cheese mac and cheese.
Adam: mac and cheese.
Unknown: Everybody. Anyone got to eat this Meat Loaf? Dog crap. Why are you laughing? Shut up. You've got karma.
Adam: Shut off. There we go.
John: Double click the box they show up and
Adam: Excel is a beast. Mike of the rising elevator from Laguna Niguel, California to 1333 in the morning, gentlemen, I'll keep it short. I finally experienced the California sexual harassment training that john is always raving about. The one that I
John: refuse to tell I'm not raving in the positive sense,
Adam: I didn't say was positive. It was every bit of a terrible terribly produced product that can be put out for consumption to hope to never have to sit through that again. After finishing. I felt obliged to donate to the best podcast in universe thanks for what you guys do. Note equals button goat karma for everyone. Mike of the rising elevator. Yes.
Unknown: Good one. You've gotten karma?
John: Yes, when you when you get sexual harassment training, think of the no agenda show.
Adam: That's right.
John: Time to donate. Robert Ludwig in Nevada, Iowa. 202 47 first donation, the 202 part is for 2020 when my wife passed away from leukemia, just prior to the COVID early February. The 47 was her age four months before our 25th anniversary of 624 donating for I'm sorry to hear that you're donating for 26th anniversary please de-douche
Adam: me you got you've been de deuced oh sorry about that
John: get black night.
Adam: Last night the glow of the blast from Garner last North Carolina 200 now right off the bat he asked for Dwarka org slash na okay, but then I know this jingle but I need some help. What would I have titled it it's donate to
John: donate donate isn't just no no
Adam: no it's done enough to be a nice a total stop no that's not the one donate enough to be a night some day. Danny oh no agenda but what is it had a there was another part I've looked under night Sunday donate
John: haven't heard that for so long? I'd have let me think it is every
Adam: day of the week don't and and and
John: no agenda is done or like donate alternative or donate something's got to have the word donate right
Adam: in there now but it doesn't have it in there. And that's that's what pisses me off. It's not but I do remember the song. I mean, I've got the Donate. I've got the Donate. Donate Akbar. But Nah, no, it's a good one too. Because I remember the song but
John: I'm sorry. When you get fined. You're gonna have to retitle it.
Adam: Yes. Oh, thank you karma King CAG those MPs Mr.
John: Captain Obvious that's Yeah, you get a straight. Yeah, it's
Adam: really how the footsie blacknight big low for the blast has been around, isn't it? I was listening to your appearance on the Tom Woods show. Well, I noticed you said that he had calm word donation. Notice that he had said that he had quote, listened enough to no agenda to know what your stance on mass Wearing was, this means he's listening but not donating. I hate to do this to someone I admire as much as Tom but as a black knight, I must call him out as a non donating douchebag. That's right. Invite me on your show. And then my producers will call you douchebag. It's, it's perfect. And I'm sure I'll get invited. Before we get invited again and again. Also, Adam, while you often point out that there may not be many a das members of the amateur radio community, which would be American descendants of slavery, ie black community. That's not to say there aren't many a das brothers out there working skip off of HF radio CB is alive and well. Okay, if you listen to 20 7025 kilohertz, am aka the Superbowl, or 27.3 85 kilohertz on LSB, lower, lower sideband on any day, when the conditions are, you'll note the A das community owns the band. And they have the most kick ass stations out there. So maybe they figured out what I have. You don't need a ham Ticket to Work random dudes in far off places. Something I would never say in public.
John: And they all have linear amps. Yeah. And if you happen to be driving by one of them when they keep up, you're feeling like with your radio not blowing up. Your feelings hurt. My feelings? I got you got a big poster on that machine.
Adam: That's what we call it. One last thing. I'll be hosting a meetup Pool Party. For all the producers out there in Raleigh, Garner North Carolina on July 24, where beers will be drunk and amygdalas will be shrunk. RSVP. I know agenda meetup, calm loving lit Black Knight and big glow for the blast. callsign 333 North Carolina. Thanks, man. Good report. Good report.
John: Oh, I get mesmerized by that one.
Adam: By the way. Stop, stop. I did get a follow up in this genre. Here it is. Adam. This is from Chuck. I am very upset. That Jhansi Dvorak has led his amateur radio license expire as a responsible radio ham, you know that this puts him and the entire world in peril. As we all know, legally authorized radio hams will save the world in case of communications disaster. However, I found a way to motivate him to get off his butt and renew it during the two year grace period. Currently a ham license can be renewed at no cost but the FCC has announced they are going to establish a $35 licence fee I guess he's playing playing to your your routine
John: my my ability to find a good deal Yeah,
Adam: well the good deal is now I guess you got to I guess so I
John: mistaken. And again, I give you credit. This is the third reminder in a row you've given me I even
Adam: told me to remind you Oh, she won't know. That's what she said I don't care. I won't do it.
John: I don't care and last on our list is Seth Harper. 200 bucks. And he has couple of jingle requests don't trust China don't work don't Raph and nap for humanity. Dear john and Adam, please see my accounting below. I believe this $200 donation makes me a knight. Yeah, I started listening after Adams appearance on the
Adam: Adam Carolla show Holy moly, now that's got to be 12 years.
John: I think you mentioned the no agenda show and the Adam Carolla show yeah did 12 years I heard Adam went to school in West Virginia and decided to check out the show. I've been listening ever since. After several swings. I recently succeeded in hitting my mom in the mouth. And she is now an avid listener. I expect her to send a check any day now. For my night name, please dump me sir Seth. The mountain night. I humbly request in West Virginia doesn't say but I think so. Yeah. Yeah. Mountain night. Mountain near. I humbly request pepperoni rolls and Pappy Van Winkle at the round table is the number one a collected bourbon in the world. Really appreciate all the work you guys do.
Adam: Yes. I did not go to West Virginia University. I went to Salem college and right now I am wearing my proudly wearing my Salem Tigers hoodie. of 1926 which was the last time they won anything. That's where I went to school for three months. But still, it's my alma mater.
Unknown: China is asked how long put up Why are you laughing? Shut up. Shut up. You've got karma.
John: And those are executive and associate executive producers for show 1358. I want to thank each and every one of them for making this show possible today.
Adam: And we will be thanking more of our producers who came in $50 and above in the second donation segment, but right now again, a reminder that these titles are real these credits can be used anywhere credits are recognized, and you can just boldly put them on your LinkedIn, put them on your CV on your on your resume, anything you want. And by the way, unlike the phones in Hollywood, if anyone ever questioned your producer, credit, executive or social executive Bruce credit, will vouch for you believe very, and we've done that we've vouched for people for jobs, all kinds of stuff. We're happy to do it at any time. Thank you for producing Episode 1358. And if you'd like to help us out for the next one, if you want to be a part of the big game here, go to vo Slash and a and thank you all for your time, your talent, your treasure producing the best podcast in the universe. Our formula is this. We go out, we hit people in the mouth.
Did you see that? The United States government This is really quite agree Jesus took down or hijacked? Really the DNS of many Iranian news outlets,
John: including my friends the report it's and it's part of my Amy Goodman rundown,
Adam: okay, cuz this to me, I have been reading or following or maybe even getting clips from Press TV for over a decade. And now all of a sudden, oh, it's disinformation, take it down. And that's done at the DNS level. This is that this is more scary to me than anything. Thankfully,
John: I'm surprised that the media is not completely outraged. Who's to say what's disinformation? Yeah, they're Iranians probably have it. And I'm sure there's a lot of bullcrap on the bus. So what is a news outlet? According to our own constitution, the Bill of Rights, you can't do that.
Adam: But what is the mechanism? Could you do you go to? I can I mean, who do you go to to say, okay, we're from the government. We're here to help we're taking over this domain name. How does that work? That's phox.
John: Well, we need to dig into it a little bit more. And I'm sure Ben is out there. I'm
Adam: sorry. I didn't mean that was unnecessary f drop. But it's this really scares me more than anything else we've dealt with.
John: No, it's very bothersome, that could happen to us. So let's start with the demo. What's good about this little report? I'm going to do it just pointing out Amy being a lousy reporter and newsreader She's not even good news reader is that we get a lot of news out of the way
Adam: not even cute
John: so let's start with that unfortunately spell it material but it's the May oral report because this is needed we need to know this. This is the May RL report about New York New York just had a an election they're getting it looks like they're gonna put in a get on tough on crime cop into into the mayor's office, but you don't know. Right? Because they've decided to go with rank choice. What Oh, wait.
Adam: Is that in the report? What this what rank choices?
John: I don't know if they explain it? Well, but if they don't, I will. Okay, let's go with report. One.
Unknown: New Yorkers voted and it's highly anticipated primary election Tuesday. In the heated mayoral race, Brooklyn borough president former New York Police Officer Eric Adams is leaving with over 31% of the vote. But it will likely take several weeks to announce a winner with the new ranked choice voting system. civil rights attorney Maya Wiley is currently in second place with 22% of the vote, followed closely by former sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia. 2020 presidential candidate
Adam: What is wrong with her with her esophagus?
John: Well, let's just we'll stop right there. And I'll mention that throughout all these clips, she is trying not to cough and she does cough a couple of times you'll hear it as we go along.
Adam: I can almost see the white strings in her mouth. She's trying
John: to cry. They can't just hit the cough button or they can't I don't know what it is. But she can't she needs to cough badly.
Adam: Yes. What's just hearing her makes me want to cough closely.
Unknown: Yeah, take a lozenge. Girl and conditioner. Catherine Garcia 2020 present. No,
Adam: no, no, she's hammered. This is cotton mouth. I recognize it. That's what's going on. She's been smoking weed today.
Unknown: Andrew Yang has conceded after receiving less than 12% of the tally devote journalist Ross Barkin, who's written critically about Adams and other candidates said he and other reporters were barred from Adams election night party. talk show host Curtis liwa has won the Republican nomination for New York City Mayor.
Adam: Okay, now, I'm gonna ask you, first of all, Curtis liwa the guardian angels, dude, he's back. been around for a while. I've noticed from the 80s he was they were the hot 97 morning crew after being guardian angels on the subway. So I what I don't understand from the people who bring you democracy, democracies are democracies in danger. What is this ranked voting bowl crap?
John: Well, we've had in California for a number of years. In fact, we may have had a longer name one is this democracy. And what it is, is that you don't vote for someone you vote for second and third. In New York's actually you vote first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. And so the fifth place vote would get one point in the first place what we get five
Adam: like the Eurovision Song Contest, he can have a surprise ending.
John: He has stuck the ideas in some communist.
Adam: Yes. Oh, okay. All right, cool.
John: Now we start to begin to see Amy's bigotry in the second clip, which is part two of this. And this is later in the show when they start to analyze this election. And they start talking about the cop who seems to be winning. He's actually one of the council members in one of the boroughs. But he's an ex captain in the New York City Police Department and he's bitching and moaning about he's a black guy. And he he wants to crack down on crime. The woman that they mentioned is a as a I don't know she's mixed race but whatever she is, she's a communist. Oh, yes. No, I know.
Adam: Yeah, the communist who's waiting in the wings? Yes, we know for
John: the communists inside the rank choices designed to get her in somehow. Cool. We'll see. But let's listen to this because there was a little tidbit in here besides Amy's Amy's little bigotry that she throws out at the end is where she calls the guy out this this black guy for being a republican when he's not is the is the fact that the all the boroughs, the main boroughs, the ones outlying boroughs that Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, all these places vote for the black guy. And it was Manhattan. It was Manhattan, voted for the communist
Adam: Manhattan where whitey lives.
John: So I'm just beside myself with what's going on in New York is it's something's really screwed up about it. But let's play this
Unknown: and another part of Adams his political viewpoints that hasn't gotten as much coverage. He's He's a big supporter of charter schools. And he got millions of dollars in support from many billionaires who are also the charter school backwards. So that remains to be seen how if he does survive in the final count, what his policies will be toward the public school system.
And I think the interestingly, Adams work is leading and all the outer boroughs of New York City wild Catherine Garcia, the former sanitation Commissioner won the majority of the votes in Manhattan where obviously the biggest white portions of New York's population are. So this is on, it's going to be interesting to see. I
my sense is that Adams will probably prevail. But we don't know because we're in an unchartered territory when it comes to rank choice voting. Just a few years ago, Adams had described himself as a conservative Republican.
Yes. But having known Eric Adams for many years, as I've mentioned before, I think his conservative republicanism was more a matter of convenience at that time that he thought that he could get get further within the Republican Party, then the Democratic Party, because most of his policies, I would not consider them to be what we consider today republican policies on what's right. Why didn't Amy jump in? republican does that mean it's like you have scurvy?
John: Yeah. She's She's creeping that regard. Now. Maybe Garcia is not the communist is the other woman. But it's, it's beside the point. The this guy should get it. And it'll be very interesting to see him as mayor. So let's go on with some of Amy's other reports. And now we'll have some we'll have some discussion here is the 1619 project. This is an interesting story. This is about how this 1619 author who I think worked for the New York Times and she won, to wrote a book
Adam: and she's, she's the one that she's the one that was denied tenure at the university.
John: Yes. And here's the story and the way it's played is very slanted and creepy.
Unknown: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicole Hannah Jones has she will not be
Adam: there it is. You know what? She didn't have to cough bro. That's a hairball that is a certified hairball I heard that has nothing to do with slim. she's she's a she's a cat.
Unknown: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicole Hannah Jones has she will not join the faculty of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill next month. Without tenure, Anna Jones, creator of the 1619 project says, quote, political interference and influence led to the school board's decision to deny her tenure, which drew protests and sharp criticism from faculty, students, fellow academics and some donors. Okay.
Adam: Wow, is it First of all, is this live that she does? Does she do the show live?
John: I don't know.
Adam: I don't think it's live. Is it?
John: I don't know. Well, I just this is live to tape. Why
Adam: don't you just stop already and say, Sorry, I need a moment. I needed some water. Something This is bad. Hey.
Unknown: That was a good Well, here's
John: the I have the ISO cough.
Adam: Yes. Yes. Hold on. Of course. I want this this will go on em infamy. Okay.
John: So she says has drawn sharp criticism from some donors. And some, some it is drawn plenty of praise to. She puts it at the end is though, oh, this is a horrible of front. And it's drawn sharp criticism from some some Yes. Well, technically correct. But it's unbalanced. She's terrible. Okay, let's go to clip two of this sort of bad reporting, gag order bad reporting.
Unknown: An international coalition of over 200 groups is calling on the Biden administration to permanently end the so called Global gag rule, which bars nonprofits and other countries from receiving us funds if they provide abortions or even refer or counsel people on abortion. Biden rescinded the rule but it remains at risk of being reinstated in future Republican administrations.
John: Or a Democrat. Yes, or anybody? Yeah,
Adam: you're right. Yeah. Well, that's that is interesting, because it shows that the the Democratic Party machine already knows that they're going to be on the losing end in 2024. And possibly 2022.
John: Yeah, but it's the way she does that mean, but it's a it's a false report. Yeah, this is not true. What she's just making it up.
Adam: Why do you keep watching it?
John: So I can do this hate hate watch? This is a hate watch. I qualify.
Adam: Yeah, you do.
John: Okay, here's another one. This is the Hong Kong
Unknown: update. In Hong Kong news outlet. Apple Daily says it's shutting down less than a week after authorities raided its newsroom arresting editors and executives at the pro democracy paper and froze its accounts under the sweeping national security law. Meanwhile, the trial for the first person to be charged into the National Security Law started today. Talking Kitt was arrested last year after he collided with police officers while riding a motorbike and flying a flag with a popular protest slogan.
John: Does anything come to mind in that report?
Maybe she should tell us what the slogan was for
Adam: the flag. Either one would be nice.
John: Well, the flag had the popular popular slogan or what was the slogan?
Adam: I actually actually know what that slogan was.
John: I'd be interested. What was it? And
Adam: here it is. This is the full slogan Donald Trump don't trust China or China. I think that's the slogan. You walk right in there.
John: Come on. Alright, here's another one. This is a story about the Iranian media which we discussed earlier, which we're both concerned about. She's less concerned it seems but but this story, again is another example of really bad reporting.
Unknown: The United States government has seized dozens of website domains linked to Iran, including state owned press, a popular English language news site, they also shut down the m&e and a rocky channels, journalists and news host Rania khalek tweeted, quote, if a country did this, to US media outlets would be seen as an act of war.
John: China does it to us, how is that? Is it an act of war?
Adam: all the time?
John: Saudi Arabia does it to new sites, is it an act of war? But what was that thrown in at the end for and why was it always some one source overheard,
Adam: I would say that it's not completely comparable. It's one thing to have a firewall and block access. It's another to take the domain name that I don't want to say active War and nothing about that. But it's it's kind of apples to oranges
John: just saying Alright, let's go to I got two more and we're done. And I can just bitch all day. Here's a kind of I don't know this is not this is a sketchy one but this journalist bombed in Israel and when she intones she kind of implies that Israel's blowing up journalists with bombs we don't have any. There's no proof of this is possible maybe it's the Messiah we don't know. But she had to she makes you. You could hear the hint because she's really a pro Palestinian she hates Israel,
Unknown: the Committee to Protect Journalists is Israel must investigate last week's bombing of Arab Israeli journalist Hassan shorelands. Home sheerline, who writes for wide net survived the attack. The group says it's at least the third attack on an Arab Israeli journalists in less than a month.
Adam: I thought they were all worn. They all left the building beforehand. Well,
John: I don't know. I don't know the story at all. It's just shallow, bad reporting. I got one extra and this is retrained killers. Again, there's no data. I don't even know that this. This was known to such an extent. It's just as a moderate slam and maybe it's kind of an interesting pick up. But, again, I could be more information will be useful.
Unknown: The New York Times reports for the Saudi men who participated in the abduction and murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Received State Department approved paramilitary training in the US. The training was provided by the security company tier one group, which is owned by the private equity firm Subarus Capital Management.
John: from bad
Adam: you know, who runs that private equity firm to CEO? Vice President dan quayle
John: is that quails operation Yep,
Adam: yeah one of the blood guy. No, no quail is the is the server's guy I'm pretty sure sir My look into that No, no, I'm II have a little faith. Let's see service.
John: My last clip after you find that I'll keep going.
Adam: I'll okay we'll
John: play this last clip. This is the Ethiopia update. And I'm just going to suggest anyway if this is her report on Ethiopia has an updated what's going on his little battle Battle Royale. If you listen to this report, what do you learn?
Unknown: In Ethiopia Reuters reports dozens of people have been killed after an airstrike in the Tigray region. A bomb was reportedly dropped in a market Tuesday afternoon. health workers are reporting Ethiopian military blocks several ambulances from reaching the scene. 1000s of people have been killed in the Tigray region since Ethiopian military invaded last November with support from Eritrea. There's also been widespread reports of war crimes, including sexual violence aid groups warn millions in the region are at risk of famine.
Adam: I really don't know what I learned there.
John: You learn nothing.
Adam: That's what I thought. Just
John: if people want to know what's going on, there was actually a decent New York Times article called why and you can look it up just don't subscribe, just look. Put this in Google and find a copy of it. Why is Ethiopia at war with itself and it talks about? And I'll give a quick rundown. These this group this T gray People's Liberation Front, which actually began in the 70s is sort of a communist operation, representing the one ethnic minority of 6% of the country has been nothing but troublemaking. And they have they attacked a arms cache and they did they've done some stuff that they needed to be quashed. The guy who is the prime minister of Ethiopia, this Abbe, Ahmad Ali, who just got the Nobel Peace Prize, and he settled the dispute with atreya the border dispute and is kind of a peacemaker and it seems to be a good guy even though as you look at him he's got one of those funny not a food man shoe but that weird, comic book guy, little goatee and they've been trying to calm the area because there's a famine going on. She says is upcoming them know there's a famine in place as we speak. And they're trying to stabilize the place the army is and this is bullcrap her whole report sexual this it and then she uses dropping the way she put the word words the way she described the drum buck, bomb dropping sounded like the barrel bomb. By Assad, you associated with Assad. When you listen to her report. It sounded much more like Syria than this. She told us nothing
about is no details and is shameful and that the entire Democracy Now is turned into nothing more than just minor socialist propaganda I
Adam: should mention that the chief of the World Health Organization Dr. Professor hair hair tadros comes from the Ethiopian government. So I immediately when you do the story I'm looking for pipelines I'm looking
John: for but I will say this this be a mod Ali, the Prime Minister actually used to be in the tplf so he knows what's going on.
Adam: What's the tplf
John: that's the CIG grant. The okay grants the guys People's Liberation Front. Now when you have any buddy with that name, you know, this Marxist
Adam: Yes, by the way, Dan Quayle is the chairman of Subarus global.
John: Alright, okay. But he's not the CEO. He was actually I was right he was the CEO. They now have two co CEOs and Dan Quayle moved me now I'm thinking that that whole report was just a crocheted on pueo republican
Adam: Oh yeah. Could be
John: alright, I'm done with this this anyway, I was I was fed up and that was my there's my hate clips for the day.
Adam: Good job on the hate clips. Since we are deconstructing the media. I have a couple of those clips as well. After the username Heather the girl the weather girl slash human interest story reporter. Oh, yes, right. Wait, but wait. There's another one. It's catching. It's a plague.
Unknown: Good evening, and thanks for watching burrs forecast. I'm meteorologist April moss and Happy Father's Day. Today we fall temperatures above normal again topping out at 85 degrees at Metro airport. plenty of sunshine today. But all good things must come to an end. And that starts as early as tomorrow morning with showers moving in around 8am. Speaking of a brand new week, I will be sitting down this week with Project Veritas to discuss the discrimination that CBS is enforcing upon its employees tune in to Project Veritas for my full story. Now later Monday, we will see those showers continuing through late morning.
Adam: I love how these girls are doing this is like and here's the weather and by the way, I worked for a bunch of douchebags I'm blinking twice, let you know I'm held hostage. And the outcome that forecast for this weekend is beautiful. This is good. I think this could catch
John: this girl this too. If there's two there's going to be more.
Adam: Now what we have in addition, is we have her boss calling her and reaming her out for this episode. Would you like to hear it?
John: That happened? Yes. Of course it happened.
Adam: Here we go. Hey, Chuck.
John: So I saw what you did on the air yesterday. Yes. You may get terminated for that. Are you aware of that? Yes, I am. Alright, so. So you're okay with that? I understand if CBS decides to let me go, I do understand that. Why would you do that? You know, basically, that's the most selfish thing I've ever seen in all in 36 years working
Adam: there. This is great. This, you know, you and I, john, we often mess around about how it works in media companies. You're actually hearing one of these douchebags doing it. Yeah, suit his suit. And he's totally patronizing her. It's just it's headshake, without even a close second.
Unknown: Because you don't give a crap about anybody else. You know, and like, if you get terminated, which you might, and then the burden is going to place on other people,
Adam: you couldn't care less. It's just all about April loss. Well, that's not very, very unfortunate. I
Unknown: mean, I know we've had some talks, and you know, and all of that, but I didn't know that you were that kind of person. I'm not that kind of person, or April.
Adam: You are. You're all about April. And that's it. I'm April. And here's my stance, regardless of the burden This is going to put on anybody else.
Unknown: Well, I've tried to go through all of the the direct channels that what do you think going on here they get fired is going to do? Do you think that's going to change their rules? Well, it's not just CBS but it's a lot of organizations and corporations across the country that are that are enforcing unfair, unfair standards on people can't believe
John: you did that. I just can't believe it. I mean, we had again, we had some chats offline and you know, we did some texts, you know, but but to go on here and just blatantly disregard in any protocols, you know, when and again, police all of this burden on other people, you know, I'm going to recommend that you get terminated.
Adam: Recommended, I'm not going to stand up for you
John: because that was a blatant is anything I've ever seen.
Unknown: Okay, but I've I've gone through all the natural channels with HR, I've sent them documentation stating that this is against federal law
dammit, I saw all that email. So do you think that going on the air and saying something that getting fired is gonna change anything? I mean, what what could you possibly have thought what effect that would have other than you getting fired?
I was hoping that they would understand and realize that they that they're enforcing these policies on people that are against federal law is not okay.
John: So you're gonna go on the air and see that you think that they're gonna say, Oh, you know what, she's right. We're gonna go ahead and change those not because she said it on the air. You really thought that? I was hoping there would be there would be a change,
Adam: because the only change is going to be on our weekend weather person. That's the only change. Okay. We should hire her for the morning zoo.
John: You know, she she was she? I guess she I don't know what what was it federal laws there. Violet. I
Adam: will we'll know after she talks to Veritas I presume I'm very curious about that as well. And he said it sounded like he knew what federal laws she was. Yeah, he knew
John: and he didn't care. Yeah. Yeah, he was more concerned with the embarrassment. Now. I think an enlightened knows this guy. This he wasn't the station manager. Was he? I think he was. boy did he'd be the one that would just fire Why does he have to propose they fire her? Who's they
Adam: mean to me? It sounded a bit like Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Dunder Mifflin. That's what it sounded like to me. Like, okay, yes. All right, jam. That guy, that guy who
John: he has that quality now. If you were an enlightened station manager, and this happened, first of all, you probably wouldn't have gotten to this point. Because her please would have been heard somewhere along the line or at least you'd got to cover your ass memo from somebody you know, saying they're looking into it or right on Hawaii. There's a million ways of doing it then they didn't do they did not as your arrogant
Adam: I think that I'm guessing that's what he's pissed off about us because she tried it and he just ignored her and said go away. Stupid news girl. And then she pulled this one.
John: And so but I think an enlightened gout is just let it slide. Who cares what she says? Yeah.
Adam: Anyway, that was a Detroit, CBS 62 another cool little media clip I got from sir Brian of London. He sent this to me. Shark Tank was originally a British show called Dragon's Den. And if you remember, I got called by them when they were going to do the pilot, not the shark tank. But Dragon's Den. I was living there at the time. And they said, you know, we'd really love to have you be one of the dragons be on the show. I'm like, Oh, that's great. Except I have no money. So if you How does this work? Are you guys gonna put up the money? And then you know, it's real investment? No, no, no, you have to bring your own money. That Well, I'm not going to do this. It sounds like a dumb idea for me personally. So they do the show. It's highly successful. It gets spun off into the US as Shark Tank. And now one of the original dragons Rachel L. Na. is on record explaining exactly how the show works. And now for you and I, john, not so surprising, but I think even people who watch Shark Tank here in the US will go Oh, crap. Yep. Yep, that's exactly what's going on here.
Unknown: Well, the thing about Dragon's Den yet we didn't realize when we were filming it is that 95% of what was filmed ended up on the cutting room floor. And so it was so heavily edited and highly manipulated. And I realized afterwards that I was part of an education amongst the general public and in particular children about a very ruthless way of doing business which didn't reflect at all what was actually filmed and so, so this hard nosed pinstriped, ruthless cutting business people and actually that wasn't the truth of the series at all, but we were very supportive, helpful giving marketing advice and tips, all that was cut in favor of the irritable comment that you made because they would send someone in and you all wanted to go home and they'd send in some disastrous person at first. 30 just to trigger you, you know, in a really hot studio, so it was very manipulated and of course we sort of fell for it. So I yes, I do feel a little bit shame, a shame around my responsibility in creating this. This persona, this archetype of business dragons, which is not is not a true reflection of the real world of entrepreneurship.
Adam: And she'll never work in television again.
John: Well, it doesn't seem to be one Oh, she not wanting for it,
Adam: but it's always good to hear that it's a good reminder and yeah, that was good to hear. If you look at Shark Tank here
John: it's all the same these this is realities reality TV shows, as in fact, the guy who invented the whole notion which is what's his name, Trump's pal? ago does did the Vernet yeah Mark Burnett, Mark Burnett, who's kind of a weirdo if you're seeing him an interview but he really disciplined he invented the genre the entire reality TV genre
Adam: not true. It was
John: well okay it's not memorized true, but he's the one who popularized in the United States with yes Island in a couple of years. Big Show. Yeah, he had the big shows.
Adam: Yes.
John: He hated the dead Monica because whether he invented or not, is beside my point. He hated the moniker reality TV because he should he said technically it should be called unscripted drama. Yeah, because it was fiction. Yes, but it was unscripted fiction he and I you know, they were filming one over at me vo and you know they never never aired anywhere but I watched them and they would all they do is they suggest you they film what you're doing and then you exaggerate what you're doing and then they can we get it Can you do that again? Or can you
Adam: all the time all
John: you do that again? But can you throw something at the guy can you like
Adam: throw it again throw that thing instead of
John: they didn't even get anything on him You didn't even get any liquid I'm throw it again make sure this time you hit him in the chest at least Yeah, the whole thing's fake
Adam: the last media related clip comes from CNN reliable sources Brian's seltzer water and he had this woman on who is a media effect scholar I didn't know this was a practice but a media It
John: sounds so bogus man a scholar about what
Adam: media effect scholar Yes, in fact, I think we should take this title I don't think it's Stolen Valor for us to say that and and I cut off his whole intro because he was talking while attacking Carlson is doing is he's scaring his audience and it's really effective when he scares his audience second Coulson scary his audience Hello, hello, media effects scholar How does it work? Why does that work on the brain?
Unknown: You know, we've known rhetoric scholars like me have known since Aristotle that emotions are very persuasive. If you can tap into people's emotions then you can get them to do you know what you want them to do? media effects scholars talk about how fear appeals work through the television. And cognitive scientists have explained that it's actually your body's physiology. So your fight or flight response is when there's something dangerous that's in the area. your your your body's physiology floods your brain with stress hormones with adrenaline with cortisol. And those take over the rational part of your brain which hijacks your brain they call it amygdala hijacking. The amygdala
Adam: hijacking Yes. Hello pot. This is the kettle speaking. How tone deaf are these people?
John: pretty bad. CNN giving us this report. She started talking to first thing I thought it was a CNN Lister that I saw mentioned him earlier in the show. had blue gloves on walked, walked in and out of a sushi shop with this. Oh.
Adam: That's right. amygdala hijack left and right. I'm gonna show my mood by donating to no agenda. I imagine
John: all the people who could do with us. Oh, yeah, that'd be fine.
Yeah, we do a few people. Thank for show. 1358 baby 1358 and we're, we're pounding at home. Okay, let's, let's start right. I'm trying to get this spreadsheet. Yeah, sorry. That's okay. But yeah, I got it. I got it. I
Adam: got home. pounding at home,
John: pounding at home, pounding the mouse 12345 comes from Steve Sprague Parts Unknown. Mitch Decker in Cherokee, Iowa. 120 33 Ryan Abrams in Tucson Arizona. 110 11 look for some father's belated Father's Day call outs. Ian field 100 UK. Justin. King kinguser Kanga sir in Jacksonville, Florida. He's got a call out to Russell acres. He's a big King time listener and never donated. He's a douchebag called George Bruner brumaire in Seattle, Washington. 6666 visa d de-douching. d deuced. David for 606 Christine Damme of moon gate in lost wages. Nevada's 5733 This is a call out birthday donation all out. Sam van more in Amsterdam 3678. Black night, sir Mac MAGA Pio, sir Marty five
Adam: Mark Mark Mike Pio,
John: Mark sir black night Sure. Mark may Pio Parts Unknown to divide 10 double nickels on a dime David Pete in Decatur, Texas. 55 john Bolton's mustache, apparently is a donor
Adam: and says de-douche this trash I love john Bolton's mustache. deuced
John: to d3 13 from him john gainer 52 at Forest Martin 505. And then the following people are $50 donors and you'll notice this shortlist today hopefully Sunday I'll pick up even though it'd be a day short. Matthew Grice 50. Kevin Silverman in Southern Maryland pass or Patrick may calm in New York City, Robert rose, Julian Robbins in aptos. California, Daniel laboy in Bath Michigan. It was also sir Alexa Delgado in aptos, California, two people in aptos. I wonder if they know each other? Lucas Deaton in Dayton. Dayton in Dayton, everybody. by Todd grubbin Capek, Michigan Elvira Cuse net so VA in Holland, my slash must loose and this is much louder Smash, smash slash Happy birthday.
Adam: Happy birthday my Dutch husband he's turning 40 on July 3 cheers to the best man in the universe. I'm super happy that I laid my eyes on him six years ago in Egypt, please de douche my husband and his hot smoking and his hot
John: smoke smoke.
Adam: Rush Russian wife All right. You've been de douche must be
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Adam: They make good for sir Carlin. The friendly fat man. He said you'll recall he sent in a nice donation for the Father's Day special for his dad Sir Arthur. I guess this is his notes. He says Would you mind reading the following Here we go. I in the morning for sure. Calm the friendly fat man my brothers and I would like to wish our father Sir Arthur a very Happy Father's Day. Thank you for being a great dad and for setting such a powerful example of what it is to be a father and a man and a man. Happy Father's Day. Dad from Steve Collin, Connor, Shawn and Aiden Happy Father's Day to my brother in law's Kevin and Chris and my brother Steve. And Shawn. Thanks again for all you do. Thank you very much for calling. Be friendly fat man. And I was scanning down the spreadsheet this morning. And I saw a denial of course a $3.33 cent donation caught my eye from Mike sollozzo. He says today I broke my clavicle. I was being wheeled to my X ray. There was a 33 on a smoke alarm on the ceiling. I took my next dose of Advil at 333 I'm young I can't afford a full donation please send some recovery karma. If you can find it in your heart. Well, of course we can son here you go broken clavicle karma. You've got karma. We bring those
John: back because I have a note from Dame black hammer. Who says I want to verify my pension. My donation last show was to my husband, but they're keeping track of it. Also, yes, all of our nine human resources were born between January 2008 and 2019. Most of them around 18 months apart. Wow, this woman's hard work. Yes, but the first time they've had over one year gap between them Yes, I've been busy but I wouldn't trade it for anything number four as the middle name Adam. No john yet. Wow number eight our tiny princess Anastasia only lived eight months. You want to see her story you can find it on Anastasia see dot info. And when this was a heartbreaker, my husband did most of the writing for that blog his talent God bless. Also another note from Andrew cap producer Andrew. A sure future Knights are Andrew. Listening to the last week's podcast you and Adam played a clip a reporter talking about the University of Missouri working with scientists to look for COVID in wastewater and how they can detect different strains. I work at a wastewater treatment facility in Southwest Minnesota, and we have been told the same thing. We've been sending 50 milliliter samples of our F info influent water to the University of Minnesota since COVID began. In the beginning we were told that COVID transmission was possible through the water and that we had to wear full hazmat suits while cleaning. The sewer lines are so into the pandemic they changed their minds and said they were
wrong. The virus was found in the wastewater but it was dead. We could not contract it. This is more kind of bullshit we have to deal with. At the start the University of em only needed 150 milliliter sample sent out per week to conduct their study to see the levels of COVID in the water. After a few months, they decided they needed 50 samples twice a week, and a special 15 milliliter sample. A special sample once a week, they told us that the samples were used to test not only the levels, but now they were looking at the different strains of the virus. They have sent us data showing us levels in the strains a couple of times but unfortunately, that paperwork goes to my superintendents not shared. So I don't know much about it. Thanks for what we do. Okay.
Adam: All right. Thank you all very much. Thanks to these outstanding producers. As you can tell, it's not just a donation segment, there's information. There's deconstruction, there's interesting things happening in people's lives who know what they're talking about. Often professionals, that is the no agenda show gitmo-nation Produced by all the producers out in gitmo-nation. And we really appreciate it also thanks everybody who came in under 50 we typically don't read any of them because of the anonymity cut off anonymity cut off at 50 but we had to pull in the 333 today. It seems like that was okay if you want to participate if you want to be a part of the production crew for Episode 1359 please go to vo Slash and everybody it'd be good karma to finish it off. You've got karma.
lists for today. We have anonymous, congratulating her husband turning 48 we read that note earlier very nice. Michael Lumpkin says Happy Birthday to his dad who turned 61 today, Christine Diem of moongate Happy Birthday to serve Gary Sackman turned 67 and we just heard her the hot Russian fiance Elvira Christen Joba actually to her husband's oh she's the wife he turns 40 on July 3 Happy Birthday for everybody here the best podcast in the universe. No title changes today but we do have let me see we've got crazy names Let me see karass James man's some real long names I'm gonna have to be working on so give me a really long blade john.
John: Here you go the long one.
Adam: Says Harper, Stefan and Charisse Roy both of you are joining that exclusive club. The Knights and dames of the no agenda roundtable today, thanks to the amount of $1,000 or more donated by you are on your behalf and I'm proud to pronounce the ktbs sir SAS, the mountain knights and Dame Kane j FFK. Jeff the COC Queen of the Kingdom of Kent the real ales way ways and the extended cocked University oh my god for you hookers and blow rent boys and Chardonnay pepperoni rolls and Pappy Van Winkle it's collectable, you know, geishas. insock a gin driven jerboas sparkling cider escorts pocket vanilla, fourth breast milk and pablum or Yes, the mutton and Mead. That's what you really want. I know you're here for the mutton and Mead and the ceiling wax to stick on your ceiling tiles. Go to no agenda slash rings Eric The show will gladly hook you up. And that means he'll take your address for the hookup and He'll be sending you the ring your seal laying a wax and your official certification. post that on, on the mastodon posted, federate, tag me at Adam at nogen social comm we'd love to boost it.
It's gonna be a real busy summer lots of meetups taking place all around the globe. And we've got a long list to run through today. But first a report from the Tacoma Washington meetup
Unknown: it is June 18. And we are all here in Tacoma Washington at the lightning and thunder meetup. I'm here with a bunch of douchebags you to stay safe out there.
John: This is Ryan at my first meetups a lot like having a real family. Here's my smokin hot wife. Oh, thank you for making these happen. But
Adam: I'm here with a new listener, my fiance Taylor. Hi, this
Unknown: is Taylor. I'm a new listener. I tried to resist listening to your guys's show, but I finally
accepted my entire reality is crumbling around me. And now I can't stop listening. So thanks, guys. in the morning. This is Rachel and I am the winner of driving the longest to get to this meetup. So we're here at the Tiki Bar.
I have my mess cow on the ground. He pinky out in the morning boys.
Adam: In the morning to you. And here's a report from Minnesota
Unknown: producer Ryan here with a summer solstice in Minneapolis meetup report for Monday, June 21 18. Human Resources were charged up in attendance at the route 47 pub and grub in Fridley, Minnesota nuts.
This is Teresa Mike hamradio callsign November Sierra night Charlie and a sciencey in the morning in the morning, John Dvorak in the morning. Well, thank
Adam: you for your courage. Josh boom shaka laka This is blueberry can't spell the new normal without end Who? This is Bob zing and I'll fight you naked. Oh,
Unknown: hey, this is Christopher from na, na Menominee. And this is Krishna Ral originally from Idina No, john. It's
called the Dinah but now living in Germany in the morning.
This is Ryan. Thanks so Biden. This is Darrell What are you guys? Hey, Jay. Love is lit.
Don't have to be here.
Adam: This is Dean happy to be here in the morning. This is producer on. You may recognize me for me and I wanted to tell you to donate to no agenda. And this is Elliot. Good report. They're from Minnesota nuts is what's on the calendar. We got a lot happening on Saturday, the San Francisco Oakland edition meetup censored for your safety unmasked at 3:33pm You should go to the BART station john you'll be hanging out there anyway on Saturday once you
John: where's this meetup is at the BART station now
Adam: it's going to be at Arthur max tap and snack but you meet at the BART MacArthur station last Saturday as well. Salt air slaves of the Tampa Bay three o'clock at catches waterfront grill. I would presume that would be in the Florida. Saturday another one North Arizona meet up 3:33pm at Williams visit center. We have the ITM slaves and coffee alliance in Fort Worth Texas on Saturday at Arnie's pub and the club at fossil Creek. Sunday the truth wants to go out not come out but go out Franklin, Tennessee at the bunker not pig. The bunker not pig. I like that. And then on Monday, this Ann Arbor Michigan local one. We survived Monday at Anthony's gourmet pizza. Now here's what's happening in July. I'm going to run down the list. July 1 sakto, California now the second to the fourth is rice free salons in the Netherlands. This is the big government approved. It's really a weekend and you were able to book a cheap way to hotel there. I think there's between 30 or 40 people who are going to stay. It was approved by the government as a business convention when COVID still had everybody locked down. That will be raised. I think the restrictions are gone on June 30. So you're not restricted but the meetup is taking place and people are very excited about it. July 2 houston texas the third Franklin Tennessee the fourth. Ketchikan, Arkansas in greater Idaho and Dubrovnik in Croatia, go see that one I'll be fun. July 10, Montreal, Quebec, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Anchorage, Alaska, the 11th Fort Myers, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, Durham, North Carolina. It's the Carolina meetup off Victoria BC and Canada Navy on July 14, the 15th in Charlotte, North Carolina, Fredericksburg, Virginia on the 17th Houston Texas in Dallas, Texas and Chesapeake Bay all on the 17th July 18, Chicago, Illinois the 19th Santa Cruz California 23rd port Matilda in Pennsylvania, the 24th Eastern central North Carolina meet up the 24th as well Long Beach, Carolina, California, Minnesota returns on July 24. And looking at August we even see Boston lined up for August 7. This is going to be a great summer hang out with people who won't trigger you you can't trigger them it's just a good time to be had by all it's the no agenda meetups if you can't find one near you had no agenda meetups calm. Oh, what a concept. Start one yourself. No agenda meetups. They like a pod? Sometimes you want to go hang out with all the guys. When you won't be triggered? You wouldn't be right. I have the ISO you would expect from me they call it amygdala hijacking. kind of expect that one, but it's not that great. No, it's not.
John: Well, I have him.
Adam: Yeah, like it. We already know about the cough. Okay, what else you got?
John: I have fat? Do you struggle with belly fat? Where'd you pick that one up? It's just one of those. It was what you know, when you're going. I'm going on YouTube to get some clips and then they have these stupid ads.
Unknown: Mm hmm.
John: I picked it off one of those ads. I like it. And then I got pleasure. A pleasure. My pleasure.
Unknown: Huh.
Adam: I'm thinking maybe we could do something like this. Let me see if I can do this here. What if we, if we took those two Amy's because I think it's Amy right? Yep. The cough in the in the Hampshire. What if it's like
John: little Fauci in there. If you think you can pull it off. I'm all in. Okay. I
Adam: think I can when we see. It's always fun to do these. Okay, so and the first one is the ham. And then the cough is? Yeah, I think I could try. Yeah, what am I you know, what do we got to lose, man? Listen, man, Hey, man, we got listeners to lose. Okay, anything else? Before we get out of here? I certainly I do
John: have a couple of things that get you to get to Biden on gun control, which has a funny little finish to it is an 18 minute 32nd combined two of them. I also have the wrap for Brittany, which everyone's talking about.
Adam: I don't want to talk about that. Good.
John: Did it but I do have the funny clip, which is the camela poverty i think is a
Adam: gaffe was let's do Biden guns and then Kamla. Okay.
Unknown: NPR present today unveiled new steps aimed at curtailing gun violence in the US, including sweeping measures aimed at stemming the flow of firearms used in crimes emerging from a meeting with stakeholders at the White House, the President of the Justice Department to go after those who provide weapons illegally to criminals.
Adam: Yeah, this was great, nothing's working. So we're gonna talk about guns.
John: And then they have stakeholders somehow what's the stakeholder? stakeholder capital they say? They're going to stop Did you listen to this clip? It says they're going to they want to crack down on people giving guns to people or some some stupid thing they are it's already against the law
Adam: so it's the the gun show loophole or whatever they call it
John: but know that then that's bogus there is no such thing. The guy know
Adam: you guys know you can't sell from the gun show. I know. I know.
John: Now that gun shows is talking about getting people to stop selling gun I don't know what it was but it's bull crap elicits the part to where they they top it off, with with redhead coming out to say the dumbest thing she could possibly say.
Unknown: Today the department is announcing I suggested the major crackdown on stem the flow of guns. Violent crime. It's zero tolerance for gun dealers who willfully violate key existing laws and
Adam: regulations. Biden said his latest request builds on executive orders he signed in April to deal with so called ghost guns. Those are weapons assembled using unmarked parts and buying called on Congress to do more. The White House says homicides Rose 30% in gun assaults Rose 8% in large cities last year. Well, there is some there is some coded stuff in there that you may be unaware right
John: hidden it was my redhead lip.
Adam: I thought the dude was a redhead. Yeah, I'm 30 I'm not I'm not biased like he's shaky Yo, Socky. There is something going on and this new guy Over to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. I think he's reclassifying gun parts.
John: Yeah, they're trying to
Adam: kind of sketch Well, they're just trying to reclad the Rename the parts and say, Oh, no, you
John: can't have scrambling, they're scrambling, okay. I do I do it to play this clip. This is the infrastructure is only 50 seconds on how they're going to pay. They're getting close with this infrastructure bill. And then Saki comes on and says the stupidest thing I can imagine.
Adam: The White House says that is making headway in negotiations on President Biden's massive infrastructure proposal. And br is Windsor Johnson reports a group of bipartisan senators this week said they close the gaps on how to spend nearly $1 trillion bill, but they're still working on how to pay for it. President
Unknown: Biden has proposed raising the corporate tax rate to offset the cost of the spending. But Republicans have flat out rejected that lawmakers have also floated the idea of raising the gas tax. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says to the president The bottom line is clear.
The choice for him on the pay force is are you going to ask Americans we're just trying to go to work just trying to drive their cars to work drop their kids off at school to pay more through the through a gas tax, or should the wealthiest Americans pay what they owe in taxes?
John: Did you hear what she just said? Yes. As if they don't pay taxes? Well, they said, Yeah, wealthiest Americans should pay what they owe. Yeah. What are they not paying what they owe?
Adam: Well, if he implies if I may, I just want everyone to understand the talking points when they it's part of the old Warren Buffett pays less than taxes then his secretary paid. That's, maybe that's true, but he pays what he owes. She's saying that they don't even pay what they owe. And if that is true, then just like they would do to your eye they should immediately be handcuffs, arrested. Arrest them. That's right. She says
John: they're not paying what they owe. What is she talking about? This is bullcrap. Let's
Adam: listen to that last bit,
Unknown: again, to pay more through the through a gas tax, or should the wealthiest Americans pay what they owe in taxes.
Adam: But this is what they do. This is the lie. This is the lie about the guns. It's the lie about about everything. It's the lie about the racist voter suppression, anti black and brown community voting laws of Texas that they Oh my god, we're just a bunch of kkk years over here.
John: Yeah, that's another big lie. This bullcrap. And beta one is an ID is really what we want
Unknown: to hear.
John: Exactly his camella gaff is another big lie. So let's just play it and we're done as far as I'm concerned,
Unknown: the American rescue plan. And here's the drumroll. The American rescue plan will lift half of America's children out of poverty. And I'm gonna say that again. Half of America's children will be lifted out of poverty.
Adam: Does that mean that they're all in poverty yet?
John: That's what she's implying. That's
Unknown: what she said
John: that in all American children are in poverty.
Unknown: Wow. Well, I
Adam: don't think this has ever happened. But just as we're about to say goodbye, you definitely nailed that you Clemson. Good job, man.
John: That was well thank you. I'll take
Adam: it that was beautiful. And y'all are beautiful producers of the no agenda show. Y'all are so beautiful. We'll return on Sunday to one day before out man it's getting crazy and it may start to sound boomy and echoey. Here in the in the studio as everything is getting packed up. Next on no agenda we have bowl after bowl. Those guys are big on the podcast in 2.0. Make sure you get a podcast app you can boost them with their leading the charge their end of show mixes we've got audio ghosts with Dane geek squared and a beautiful duets. We've got through the shoe as promised, and we got sound guys Steve, and I'm coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the capital the drone Star State austin texas it is FEMA Region number six on the governmental maps a in the morning, everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry gan from Northern Silicon Valley, where I remain on Jhansi
Adam: devorah. We return on Sunday. Remember us at devore slash na Until then, adios mofos and such
John: knows that all about
Adam: oh, I knew it was gonna you didn't know you didn't know that. No flash is gonna expire. Hey Adobe Flash By the
John: way, good Adobe can upgrade flash
Unknown: Adobe Flash drives
Adobe Flash By the way,
John: the Adobe Flash Adobe
Unknown: Flash By the way, by the way so
I'm always wanting to bet like they're gonna make time for one more question. Okay, one more question. Last question is this do you know john see the borax is a piece of magazines apparently. Apparently you owe him a lunch
Adam: or owes me way more than the goddamn on the show right now every time he brings you up, he's like john McAfee he owns he owes me a lunch and but
John: Rob net Shan he owes me a good article. As a matter of fact.
Adam: I know you all know a lot of people may not know what COVID is. If you haven't, you'll get it. And we are committed to follow on to do some significant work including not only how we deal with the distribution, but how we're going to deal with together and mechanism to anticipate and deal with and be aware of the next the next pandemic when it comes. We have to build a system whereby we can know when we see in other there will be future pandemics. Bottom line is I was very pleased with
John: the outcome COVID-19 June was banned him in something to live and I can't explain how I feel vaccines spread from medication only by sixes shots deck to gather data Every time I sleep for six months mopho John slash n A
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