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1360: Magnetofection


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Adam: You got to train the nub. Adam Curry, John Dvorak July 1 2021 this your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1360 This is no agenda working with baling wire and gaffer tape and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country FEMA Region numbers six in the morning everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry and from Northern Silicon Valley where it's not even sunny it hasn't been sunny for days and they keep telling us and say heat wave i'm john c devorah.
Unknown: buzzkill
Adam: dome or Oh than 888 and stable eight run right
John: and right on time
Adam: ladies and gentlemen interrupt CNBC Squawk Box we have an official Zephyr economic report we have eight cars everything stable running nice Bitcoin 33,188 and that's where everything broke down. Oh my god. My touchscreen has been acting up along with everything else in the new studio.
John: Oh great.
Adam: It's not great sucks and I have to use my mouse it's unpredictable.
John: Oh god there anything but the mouse? Well, that's my jingles. You
Adam: know I pride myself on the speed of my jingles and now I have to sucks
John: nobody knows But you Hello everyone. Happy Canada Day.
Adam: There you go. Happy candidate. Candidate a very very happy Canada Day. Absolutely. Ah, well, now that we we know that we have a heatwave a heat dome it's Canada Day The studio is in shambles I've got a bit of an echo now
Unknown: it's time for a three by three. experiment by JC de comparing story
Adam: from ABC CBS the never ending that's right time for the three by three. Jc D What do you got?
John: And as everyone knows on Thursdays I look at the morning shows as a breakfast. Yes. And see what the each of them are up to? What kind of lame Let me guess
Adam: was there was there lots of good news was there lots of entertainment news? What did you What did you What are you learning?
John: Well, let's go We'll start with CBS. CBS has this thing called taco the table. They have all these gimmicky littles kind of departments that they do. And this one was on FINRA fining Robin Hood? Oh yes. $70 million
Adam: yeah for deep for screwing their customers out of meeting
John: for screw up for screwing their customers but but the story they detail they told on this to talk at the table was about the poor kid. I didn't know this story until it is depressing. But some kids some dumb kid was a customer and got a bill for $100,000 from Robin Hood and committed suicide at the family home, because he was so embarrassed by the problem. I think I remember the next day. He got to know saying I'm sorry. We made a mistake.
Adam: It was it was a margin call that he shouldn't have received I think
John: or something.
Adam: Okay, but here's what gets me about that story. Just to stick with it. 70 million in fines. Where does it go? Does it does it go to the people who lost millions of dollars because of that now this was because they didn't educate people properly specifically on how options work. I find that sketchy either, you know, either people can use these products unlicensed or not. But they didn't give that 70 million back to people who lost money I don't think doesn't just go straight into the US Treasury coffers.
John: So we get our money. Money into this coffers. I've always wondered what was money
Adam: and coffers you know what coffers actually the Dutch word of origin. coffin? No. Well,
John: golfer who costs a lot,
Adam: that's a kafir kafir. kafir k o FF er is a suitcase.
John: Oh, yeah. When did the suitcase then? Yeah. Then I go over to ABC, where they're doing a I don't know how long this went on. I caught the end of Becky warli Ah, it'll pick up in Seattle. Talking about the great smoked salmon. There were her. Her sign off was Yum, yum, yum. Which I personally thought was beneath her. But that's okay. She was up there with half the staff. They're all up in Seattle, including a story about the friendliest place in Washington. And it was just it was obviously the tourist bureau that had paid bought and paid a bunch of gave given the ABC a bunch of money to go up there. Seattle because Seattle was for years, the number one tourist attraction in the United States. For some reason people love going to Seattle. You know, they throw a fish around at Pike's market or whatever they do. And I just got to be in the toilet after the meeting. Know that bad policing and the takeover a part of the city and the bad reputation that now has, they're probably hard up for tourists. So they gave the ABC a pot load of money to bring all their people up there. So yum yum yum to was to Becky. And then so I kicked cut over to NBC and I don't know what they were doing. There was a bunch of people on top of a hill dancing called dance. And there's something that called Daybreak party daybreaker parties. Um, oh,
Adam: that sounds a lot like, what what my parents forced me to do when we were still in the Unitarian Church. We to drive for three hours go sit up on a hill, watch the sunrise listening to Cat Stevens morning has broken
John: I wouldn't be surprised if it was some part of the same system.
Adam: I still despise that song.
John: Well, I don't blame you. But they so they had this and they kept asking people by word. So what do you think think about it really couldn't understand a word of the report. And and then they never back announced it. And they had Hoda in here a little quad box and four box. Today's show. And she's dancing in the box going this is great. And they all Yeah, this is great. We don't know what it was because they never told us after the you know, they get pre announced it and then they never mentioned it. And then they cut to a commercial. I don't know what they were talking about. NBC really stinks.
Adam: Well, I've noticed a lot of ads, native ads, planned ads, all kinds of stuff taking place. The one that is on one hand, pleasant on the other hand, Oh brother is this new Pabst Blue Ribbon
Unknown: and here's what we need for July 4. Pabst Blue Ribbon known as its frat name PVR has a special case of beer. It's a 17 176 pack kill
for freedom 77 ethics and all that. The case is so big, it barely fits in a truck it equals about 10 kegs.
Adam: I love the lady at the end. Like she's ready to do a kegger like ooh 10 kegs don't count me. But the most blatant native ad which is just a stroke of genius, but man they did so many different stories is McDonald's
Unknown: Bay Area McDonald's have something extra on the menu tonight. For a limited time you can get burgers and shakes with the side of Pfizer. That's right. The Pfizer vaccine is being offered at select locations. This Vallejo McDonald's is among those serving up shots today. And 12 year old aiyana was relieved to roll up her sleeve
at a familiar place. This was really quick and easy. There wasn't a line whatsoever. You just walk in, get it and walk out. It was really fun. It's pretty easy. And I think other people who like me with anxiety is much easier.
It's all part of a statewide initiative to reach those who've had a hard time getting access to the vaccine. 70 McDonald's locations across the state will offer vaccinations in the coming weeks. One of the biggest issues that people have raised is access. I'm too busy during the day that I need to go to a clinic at night or I need the clinic to be closer to me. This is part of a series of initiatives to get clinics closer to people.
Adam: Yeah, it's just it's the poor girl, young, young young woman. It was so fun. I love it. It's really great to get my my vaccine and McDonald's. I don't understand they should do it the other way around. You should you should get a vaccine and then while you're getting the vaccine, they jam a Big Mac into your face. I think that's a much better promotion.
John: Yeah, just one of those guys has the same sort of swelling.
Adam: So I'm in the new studio. We're in the new house, john. Good. We have not named it yet. We are of course in the heart of Texas Hill Country called the house. It's the house. I have a lot of boom Enos
John: panels. I can't hear it.
Adam: Well, Tina was very kind while I was fixing my broken headphone amp power supply. By replacing it with two wires taped across a nine volt battery. She brought in she brought in a clothing rack and draped a moving blanket over it. That's what I that's that's a woman right there.
John: Just turned it into her giant closet. Dead sound Yeah.
Adam: Now I know it'll be good. I just have to get just, you just didn't have enough time. And
John: I've moved about the demos tell us about the demo.
Adam: So this house I've learned a lot now. Now the guy who built this house. We bought it from key wired everything And,
John: of course, he was a IBEW trained electrician.
Adam: No, no, no, he was not. And in fact, he, you know, he left me very nice. You know, he loves me. You know, details and there's like 20 apps, you can run the house on which I have zero desire. Oh, it's not a smart, zero desire. Well, a lot of it is. Wow.
John: So there's a lot of podcasts.
Adam: Yes. There's a lot of dimmers
John: and around making noises, all kinds of signals on the wires is all all kinds of problems.
Adam: Yeah. But I will say, you know, our move was we, so Sunday right after the show, I packed everything up, had to pack up all the studio. Monday morning, the movers came, the idea was they would pack and since you know, it's, we're well over an hour outside of Austin, and probably more if you're in a slow moving truck. You know, they would take everything to their facility, and then they would come the next the next day, for the unpack.
John: They'll say to those individuals, they go over and take a look at it, see what they're going to keep?
Adam: That was the idea. But when they came in, they said oh, oh, Mrs. Curry. You're so organized. We can do all of this in one day. She saved us a whole day of moving just by
John: the they cut the bill down. Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Adam: This is per hour. Oh, yeah. It was half the bill was half is unbelievable. But she should be in that business. Guess what I keep telling her she'd be great. Or it's called a move coordinator. A relocation consultant
John: I actually have a friend who does that. Oh really?
Adam: Can you make any money doing that? Is that it?
John: She works for one of the giant moving company so I saw an executive so I assume so. Their job is focused on giant corporations. Right? moving everything right here.
Adam: Right right now. I don't think she'd wants it. She would like to help people organize them it was just fantastic. Everything was color coded in all colors of the rainbow we got the the pride pack every room had a color it was beautiful. And it will all be fantastic for the show by by Sunday no doubt anyway, fail on the rain stick so far. I don't believe any rain has fallen in the in the Midwest. We of course we got some of the back end of the stick in Austin but we flooded Detroit we flooded Moscow power things out there any rain
John: tell you you know this suppose that heat wave we have which I suppose is hot if you go to Sacramento so heat dome via the heat dome with the heat dome is not affecting me yesterday for example, it never got above 62 and it was fogged in the whole day and ever saw the sun today. It's it is continuing the same thing. So I haven't and this is not looking well for July 4 unless it breaks up by then. It's just cold and windy and foggy. I can't you know you there's no sun. It's cold at that the heater on in the house. Well, I'd like to sorry. That's our scorching heat here. Yeah, but your global warming during snow long as I've seen. I've seen the same, the same effect every year for 2030 years in this part of the country. And I don't see any difference on an end. And by the way, the mudflats are still there on rice in the water. Well,
Adam: let me skip ahead and right away.
John: Wait, let's get back to the dimmers Who cares?
Adam: I'm done with doomers Hey, I just want to say two words. Be on the lookout for it. mega drought. mega drought that's you're going to hear this it's going to be the mega drought. This is what's going to this is
John: going to predict that ready Hmm. During the mega drought to be some huge rain storms, which will be part of the mega drought because that's what
Adam: happened. That's how it rolls man Of course it is the mega drought rainfall. We all know how that works. Since we're talking about it since we're talking about your your mud flats. I will skip ahead. We'll do COVID in a minute. skip ahead to the condo collapse in Florida as as highlighted in the newsletter.
John: I should mention that we're not going to read that note but in the newsletter there was a complete report from a from a civil engineer. That should definitely be read by everybody.
Adam: Yes, I think he was touched by the way not he just he might live in Danish. Now he works in Denmark.
John: But you think he's a Dutch guy? Yeah,
Adam: I think so voucher I said, I don't know many Danes and I could be wrong. I sent him a note and said please Are you Dr. Danger anyway? Okay, well, the condo the condo collapse, which I think you and I both agree with the assessment from our professionals. Really And also the news reports that we see about repairs that needed to be done the condo board not being able to decide it costing a lot of money and and there's some technical aspects that seemed spot on. Although sad it's not hard. It's not a directed energy weapon. It wasn't a controlled demolition or very sad, but it doesn't matter how it happened as long as we can put this crisis to good use. This is Erin Burnett over there on CNN with our Energy Secretary. Is it grant them is that heard it is how you pronounce it or Granholm.
John: granum ran ran her. She's the one she used to be that she was the failed governor of Michigan. So they gave her this job.
Adam: Okay, well, I'm gonna keep calling her grand home
John: in terms of like return home
Adam: At home is much better. Climate you brought up what's happening, what we're seeing in the Pacific Northwest.
Unknown: But we've been talking a lot about what happened in Florida, at the surf side condominium building that collapsed. We don't know exactly what happened at this point. But given what we know about the changing role, given that we've seen an increase in the so called extraordinary tides, and the impact that that can have in areas
like South Florida, do you think that climate could have played a role in that buildings collapse? Obviously, we
don't know fully, but we do know that the seas are rising. I mean, we know that we're losing inches and inches of beaches, not just in Florida, but all around really,
Adam: all around john all around, we're losing inches and inches of beach all around. Sorry, just just not true.
Unknown: I mean, we know that we're losing inches and inches of beaches, not just in Florida, but all around, you know, Lake Michigan, where I'm from they you know, we've seen the loss of beaches, because the the waters are rising. So, you know, this is a phenomenon that will continue whether it we'll have to wait to see what the analysis is for this building. But the issue about resiliency, and making sure we adapt to this changing climate, that's going to mean the levees need to be built. That means sea walls need to be built, that means infrastructure needs to be built, we need to make sure that we invest enough in clearing out the forests. So we don't have these weather events. We need to invest in hardening our transmission lines, maybe burying wires so that we can protect areas that are like tinderbox dry. There's so much investment that we need to do to protect ourselves from climate change, but also to address it and mitigate it. And hopefully these infrastructure bills, when taken together will make a huge step and allow them together again.
John: Yeah, this is how it works. This is this is together, that means they're trying to slip that second bill in that bite. Oh, yeah, this bag,
Adam: they're going for the $6 trillion. And a part of that will be the infrastructure for electric vehicles. Jen Psaki
Unknown: people across the country, people who care deeply about addressing our climate crisis know the components of what's in this package, which the President considers a down payment, not the end, a downpayment. So 500,000, electric vehicle charging stations nationwide, that's what this would help support with a focus on our highways and rural and disadvantaged communities. It would help by more than 35,000 Electric school buses.
Adam: That's what we need electric school buses. Yeah, of course, there. There's one, I think one or two reporters these days in the White House briefing room, who are starting to ask questions. It's kind of odd. And there was a follow up on this one, which I just thought it was worth playing.
Unknown: You just mentioned and Secretary Kerry mentioned the fact that the market is already heading towards electric vehicles. There's no turning back from that it's an unstoppable force. If that's the case. Why should taxpayers pay for 500,000 electronic electric vehicle charging stations?
Isn't that something that will get taken care
Adam: of by the market? And I think that's an outstanding question.
John: It's a great question. Whoa, whoa,
Adam: whoa, it's dubbed a great question. All right.
Unknown: You know, I think there's a role for government to play our view the presidency is there's a role for government to play to incentivize to ensure that there is continued movement in this direction. But there's also a great deal. A lot of the investment that's in the American Job
John: is about In short, what is it called? market interference. Yeah.
Adam: Or crony capitalism.
John: crony capitalism as the other word, yeah,
Unknown: bring that. There are industries and jobs that are created and sectors in the future to help the next generation survive and prosper. So
Adam: Hey, kids, you won't survive and prosper without 500,000 charging station. So
Unknown: yes, there is a private sector partnership here. There's a role of the private sector. But our view is there's also a role of the public sector and that this is an these are industries that are also going to create jobs, and that's part of the role we can do and I don't think I know there's been done Criticism out there are questions about how this is going to impact job creation today, right and job creation or economy, right? This isn't I should say from some some Republicans in Congress that I've read this morning seen on the twit on Twitter. But you know, the President is somebody who has created will be the first in history to create a million jobs in his first 100 days.
Adam: Oh, I like that 100 million jobs in his first 100 days. That is if the jobs report comes out the way they want it.
John: They can which is,
Adam: I'm sure I'm sure they can get it up to now the thing about these e V's and electric school buses, what the you know what they never talk about, but what is starting to crop up more and more is the following issue.
Unknown: The fire team just wrapping up a press conference about half an hour ago talking about this fire. The good thing here is that we don't have any injuries and that fire is contained to the building. The problem is is that we're dealing with lithium batteries and they're trying to figure out how to fight this fire and they might be getting some help from those who fought the rock and fire another chief says this happened at about noon when his crews arrived they had no clue what was inside of that building they would soon discover from one of the businesses employees superior batteries that they had 100,000 pounds or more of lithium batteries inside of that building all the various sizes some as small as a cell phone batteries. Now authorities here in Moore's had been asking residents to leave a two block radius and to exit the area. And that's because they are concerned about the air quality.
Adam: I wonder if if they're going to keep you know if they're going to keep on the store. This is an Illinois. I mean, this is really bad promotion for the electric vehicle market. But I think this fire 100,000 pounds of lithium ion batteries that may burn for a few days.
John: could blow
Adam: is Yeah, I guess it is. I mean, I don't know how explosive he contained.
John: That you know about this contained already. By the nature of the design of these batteries. This thing is this is not good,
Adam: man. If that thing blows. Oh, that'll be a party. Holy crap is scary. Yeah. So that's where we're at infrastructure to blow us all up,
John: blow us up, blow us up, you're putting they're putting themselves in a bind here. You know, the other thing is infrastructures. Now, you know, Biden comes out and he starts defining it as child care. That's infrastructure as far as he's concerned.
Adam: Oh, it's I can I can take you one better. This is also part of infrastructure, which is in a weird way, related to buildings, etc. But this is what's happening right now in California. I think like millions of Americans, Jalen Bailey was devastated by COVID every Shaggy, but not because
Unknown: we haven't just been living through the pandemic. We've been living through the pandemic while wondering every night when we got asleep if we're gonna have a roof over our heads the next night.
Bailey is a freelance screenwriter in an industry halted by the shutdown, left without a gig, she fell behind on rent and says she's constantly worried about being kicked out. You've looked at the camping gear in your garage. Yeah, we've talked a little shelter. Yeah, we've checked it to make sure that there's no rips and tears and that sort of thing.
In California, nearly a million renters are more than 40 $700 behind on rent. If we basically to quickly remove tenant protections, before people are able to get back
to work. We're just going to create the conditions for an eviction tsunami to stop that. A $5 billion
rescue package for renters that would pay off 100% of rent for tenants who can prove financial hardship from the pandemic and make less than 80% of the median income where they live. California's previous rent relief plan paid up to 80% of unpaid rent, but tenancy it's hard to apply and landlords say it's hard to get paid
if the owners are relying upon that money to pay mortgage and property taxes, insurance and maintenance. Our owners have to dip into other reserves to make sure those
Adam: obligations get paid. Yeah, I think the eviction tsunami is coming.
John: I agree.
Adam: So they're gonna hit $5 billion to bail people out
John: well, they're gonna bail out the Yeah, I don't know how they're gonna do it they're here to give I don't know if they're gonna go to the people they get they're gonna give it to the the
Adam: giving it to the renters is the dumbest idea ever. Why? Because they're not going to give they're not going to pay their rent with it. They're going to skip town. Grab the camping gear and go don't head towards Austin.
John: We're looking at the other way looking at you give it to the to the the who's What do you call them? The landlords? Yeah, you give it to the landlords and they won't give it to the tenants. Down doesn't work. Fine. Keep saying And that's a good time this is just a giveaway. It's just gonna be money push. They're just throwing away. Yeah. And I will you're right in both sides no matter who gets that money to this tsunami is coming
Adam: It's bad man is bad. I don't know I don't know how they're gonna do it.
John: I would blame I would blame Warren Buffett and everyone else who promoted the idea of always renting renting renting I mean there's more apartment houses being built all over the place around here it's unbelievable
Adam: yeah well it's and it's and it's on multifamily correct it's no more single family homes that's almost in part in Austin that's done with you can't build a single family home anymore. They don't want you building them not what they want is lots lots and lots and lots of multifamily dwellings. Yeah, not too high. That's only for downtown. Yeah, tenants
John: tenements, I'm sorry tenements. They want more tenements. They want to try this before By the way, it didn't work out but they're gonna try it again. Exactly. tenements, tenements. I don't
Adam: think we can avoid talking about some COVID stuff because they're ramping up Eclipse. Oh, good. Why don't I let you go first? get tons of stuff to do. We
John: can play some backups the backup stuff.
Adam: Oh, no, I
John: got it. I just, I just backup in other words, what's going on?
Adam: background? Are you mean background?
John: I said backup. Yeah, I'm using backup now to mean back background.
Adam: Okay.
John: But before that, let's listen to a little switcheroo on the word edge and unfortunately lost some, some government spokeswoman or someone let's play this clip. This is the wrong words COVID COVID wrong words.
Unknown: Scientists have been studying similar viruses and working on this type of vaccine for decades. So when this pandemic started, they already had a pandemic ready to go.
Adam: I can tell you who that is. That is the most famous doctor in the United States. I'm surprised you don't know her. That is Dr. Joe Biden.
John: Oh, that's right. I knew it. I lost track when I took that clip down. Yes. That was Joe Biden. Dr. Dr. Dr. Jill Biden, they
Adam: already had a pandemic good to go. That's
John: right. That's true. And by the way, she is talking about COVID she's talking about the pandemic. She's acting like she is an actual doctor. Yes, yes. Yes. This is like this stupid me This is she's doing more erudite talking then bill agenda then Joe? Bill. I do have some Biden clips but I don't have any really good funny ones where he screwed up a lot they can you No wonder Rep.
Adam: Honestly, I don't care about Biden screw ups anymore unless he's telling the truth in them. Yeah, I don't just the fumbling.
John: But I'm not letting up because of your bullying. Let's go.
Adam: Okay. Stand up to a bully ladies and gentlemen.
John: Democracy Now. Democracy Now gives us the rundown on COVID USA
Unknown: here in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the Delta variant now represents around one quarter of infections. Los Angeles County is advising fully vaccinated residents to continue masking indoors due to concerns over the highly transmissible variant
Adam: Yeah, hold on. I gotta throw in some variant stuff here. Because this is now gone. This is now out of control. Short This is what is this Good Morning America
Unknown: in an another headline that people were talking about? had to do with mass mass continue to be a controversy through all this in some
way or some calls or
John: at least nothing? What who stopped it Hola. Pei. Start the clip over. There was something in there that must have been hilarious. What was it?
Adam: Nothing. It's nothing. Why is he laughing? Because these people are idiots and they're supposed to be happy and Jhansi jolly in the morning. That's what you do. Good Morning America. Everybody. That's so funny. That's so funny. And then another headline that people were talking about
Unknown: as mass continue to be a controversy through all this in some way. Fusion but with at least one with who saying people vaccinated even indoors to be wearing a mask explain what we're talking about. And really, when we talk about the World Health Organization, operative word there is
world so take a look at this latest in the mass controversy. World Health Organization saying just yesterday that yes, people who are even vaccinated should wear masks
inside. Remember, they are making recommendations globally for the entire world here in the United States. We follow the CDC recommendations.
Adam: Now all of a sudden we follow the CDC and not the World Health Organization.
John: Nice. Nice Nice nice Zelo piece of propagandizing for the public at large to tell us this I probably.
Adam: But if it's not understood, we can always call in hotep Hotez, the doctor from New Jersey, the case I'm sorry, the doctor from Dallas Houston, I
John: think the case is this the the Delta variant is like nothing we've seen before
Adam: nothing. It's like hay fever. The be
Unknown: 117 variant from the UK was more transmissible than the original lineage by about 50%. This one, the delta is 50%. More than that. This is twice as infectious as anything we've seen before. So if you're not vaccinated, or if you're only partially vaccinated, there's a high likelihood you will become infected with this delta variant over the next few weeks or over the summer. Now, it's not too late now is the time to get vaccinated. And if you're a young adult or adolescent, don't listen to the anti vaccine nonsense that says if you go to the gym and eat a healthy diet, that's good enough. It's not it's not the same as virus neutralizing antibodies from the vaccine. It would
Adam: have been better if he said don't listen to podcasts. But yeah,
John: don't listen to Joe Rogan is what he said pretty much.
Adam: Yeah, and they're pushing this like one last push. I don't know if the Go ahead.
John: I'm gonna throw in a sense your last push. I do have something to say after this clip. But this is the COVID Pfizer. This is Democracy Now of all places. Again, Amy promoting Pfizer
Unknown: and medical researchers found the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Madonna may offer protection against the Coronavirus for years, patients may still need booster shots if the virus and its variants evolve significantly.
Adam: Yeah, you're right. It's a final push. And they're even trying to trying this extra strategy. And even there's an unrelated new study out of the UK about mixing vaccines. What can you tell us about this?
Unknown: That's right, Robin. So this study looked at mixing Pfizer and AstraZeneca. And it showed that mixing and matching the vaccine does work. But of course, that only applies in countries where AstraZeneca has been approved. So not here in the United States.
But this is a global pandemic. So this is really welcome news to those countries that are struggling to get enough vaccine to vaccinate their population. Robin, that's true. That's true.
John: Okay, I got one. I don't have the clip.
Adam: On one second, though, just about this clip. First of all, did Robin at the end says that's true. Like, like, she knows what the hell she's talking about is his odd,
John: good kid. But
Adam: what they're doing here is they it seems like it's about AstraZeneca but really, they're saying, hey, if you got the AstraZeneca you really need a Pfizer on top of that.
John: That's a newsie the main host on the Newseum channels like chatter when these experimenting and they said the following back and forth between the doctor and again the host this is all you know, I get they told us to get the first thing we could get this live by the way, he just lies. So I got Johnson and Johnson, which we know was the first thing you could get? No, because that came late. And he says I feel bad about getting the Johnson and Johnson shot. Can I top it off with the Pfizer
Adam: top it off yet? Top it off?
John: Top it off? And the doctor says yes, I recommend that you do that. In fact, my brother had had gotten the Johnson and Johnson and he just got the Pfizer and I felt really good about it. And I'm watching this good thinking this is terrible. These Pfizer people, if you recall, during anyone should remember this work I'm going to put together like an evergreen show just of early clips. If you remember it was no whatever you do, don't do not mix these things ever. And if you even when you take one to get the second one make sure it's within a certain timeframe. We're gonna have made me start the series over there. We're very religious about this. Yeah, so now Oh, no, I got to Johnson and Johnson. The guy says I don't feel real good about that. Can I top it off with a Pfizer? Yes. This is really the Pfizer people are are overstepping a lot. They're risking people's health. You can't if what they say is true at the beginning Why is it changed all of a sudden you just mix and match who gives a shit just take take three Pfizer shots while you're at it.
Adam: Yeah, there was a fact. That's very interesting. There's Let me see if I can find it here
John: yet.
Adam: So it's hard to tell if it's purely if it's only Pfizer marketing, or if not, moderna has no marketing as far as I'm concerned. But Johnson Johnson act, he listened to this and tell me if you think it's Johnson and Johnson or Pfizer or how it works, this is the UK talking about the AstraZeneca but I believe also about the Australian version of us. Annika, which the way I recall, it is the one they stopped producing because people started testing positive for HIV.
John: You remember that? I vaguely remember something like that. But I don't know that was from Australia.
Adam: Yeah, well, let's see what this is half of the United Kingdom's population is now fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca a pillar of its rollout. And last night national cabinet decided to make the Australian version of the jet available to everyone under 40. If you wish to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, then we would encourage you to go and have that discussion with your GP and the Commonwealth will now cover the legal costs of any adverse effects from prescribing
John: any vaccine or vaccines for all healthcare providers for all recipients
Adam: but the next messages just keep coming
Unknown: there are some people who have been asking to get AstraZeneca although the clinical advices that they should not
Adam: I mean, what what was that report even about?
John: Wow. Give me a clip of the day cuz it's such a Crazy, Stupid lousy clip. Clip. It's just does beg the question, what was that clip about? Well, I think the clip was about it was like dessert at a good restaurant. I'm going to tell this little story, okay. There used to be a place of services called mosses and it during number times it was considered the best restaurant in San Francisco for a while it was good guy came out of New York he is a famous Japanese French chef, and I ate there but the food was never that good. But the desserts were so spectacular. That that's all you remember, you always remember the last thing and this was tested again in beauty pageants. That would as the as the pageant goes by, you can you could do this and watch this yourself. As the pageant goes by. The judging gets less and less and less rigid. And so the girls who come late in the pageant get higher marks and the girls especially the number one contestant, she always gets screwed. And so whatever comes at the end is all that really matters. And that's what was proven in a restaurant review and proven in beauty pageants. And what was at the very end of that report is all that mattered. Ah, well was don't get to don't get AstraZeneca Well, this is very tricky marketing. I have to say that's high end.
Adam: So this so this theory was used in in beauty pageants.
John: No, it was it was noticed these were never these were not theories that were implemented. These always known I think it was purposely implemented at these restaurants. Because they knew they blew somebody away at the end of the meal that go away with all what a great restaurant right? Right beauty passionate thing was an observation some buddy does by using statistics.
Adam: Well explain this as your dessert then a new tonight history made at the pageant. Now for the first time, every transgender woman has been crowned Miss Nevada, USA
Unknown: and 13 Action News Anchor Jackie kostik spoke with the winner and finds out what this win means to the LGBTQ community.
It's amazing because it's Pride Month, and it's the 52nd anniversary of Stonewall. So
Adam: this is this is what it's come to. What What a sad day. What a sad day for women.
John: Women are getting screwed over by this whole and by the way,
Adam: I don't I don't care really for the beauty pageant. That's all that it is, you know, so I really don't, I really don't care. It's like, we're judging women based upon how they look. Yeah, it's a it's a it's an anachronism to the woke culture that somehow has been made relevant by changing this one aspect of it.
John: Because, you know, it's a great
Adam: beauty pageant should be completely banned. Just looking at equity and, and, and men and women. And But no, instead we're doing this too. I'm fine with that. I mean, I look at this woman,
John: women's sports should be banned. But no, no, we're gonna have many.
Adam: So I have no problem with that at all.
John: I just I will have my one complaint about this, the way women's sports have been handled is that they lost the women, you know, had a number of women's specific sports that have been somewhat either completely marginalized kicked off, or just banned from being played anymore. And one of them was, I think it's called six, six man basketball. These women played it. And it was a form of basketball. That was fascinating. That was for women. And it was played mostly in the Midwest. It's like an obscure sport now, where you had essentially an offensive team and a defensive team. So the three people would play in the frontcourt and three people in the backcourt and they would never cross over The mid line it was right in fascinating form of basketball but because it was women's, you know, and it didn't fall in title nine or whatever they're using to change things. I don't know I just a personal grudge. Can we go back to COVID? Yeah,
Adam: we'll we'll revisit this topic later. Yes. Let's go back to COVID.
John: Let's go to the Brazil update. Ooh, okay. Yes.
Adam: It's always good to bring in some something from our foreign correspondents is called sheep dipping
Unknown: in Brazil COVID-19, which is killed at least 516,000 people cause life expectancy decline an estimated 1.3 years and 2020 a stark finding in the country where the second worst death toll after the United States.
Adam: Thanks.
John: You have to have Brazil. run by this bell service.
Adam: Of course, we can't have the Trump the Trump of the South. Of course, it's no
John: good. Yeah, so yeah, they're gonna ruin him. Oh, Indonesia. Let's go there and see what's going on.
Unknown: As the Delta variant threatens to hamper COVID-19 recovery efforts around the world. The Red Cross's warning, Indonesia is on the edge of catastrophe. As health system struggled to keep up with the influx of patients. This is a nurse in Jakarta. A lot of cases were dead on arrival because of a lack of beds.
John: What can you hear that?
Adam: Wait a minute, I want to hear the end. A lot of cases were dead on arrival because of a lack of beds. So people were dead because they had no
John: beds. No, they're worse than that. Dead or dead on arrival? Yeah, because of the lack of beds. How does that work? So they came in? Nowhere, they died on the ambulance with us dead. No, no, no, I and if there were beds,
Adam: they would. I think I can't explain it. You have to be pronounced dead before you're dead. So they show up. They come into the hospital. They're waiting. They're they're dead. And then they check and say oh is dead. We didn't have a bed. So then it's lack of beds. I don't know. It's it's Amy. Why are you Why are we even talking about it?
John: It wasn't her reach her talking. It was some reporter reporter it's her reporter dead on arrival. date on arrivals dead on arrival. Right don't care what beds are no bed. Yeah. Yeah, that's the kind of reporting we get from Democracy Now.
Adam: A lot of cases were dead on arrival because of a lack of beds. I don't know what they meant, but it sounds pretty lame. Check in with Team Halo over on Tick Tock as you know the object Jen Psaki hosted Tick Tock stars at the White House for a briefing.
John: Taking a no this Yes,
Adam: taking a page from from President Trump only, you know, he got bloggers and YouTubers and maybe some podcasters. Let's see. happening soon. Jen Psaki, in meeting with internet stars for the first ever social media briefing. Hmm, yeah. Let's see. Oh, among questions about poverty reduction, immigration and making life better for teachers Misaki and the internet stars bantered about Lady Gaga. How to get kids to quit asking for expensive toys, capes and spirit animals. Wow. Wow. I have to it was it was interestingly, it wasn't on Tick Tock. They put it on YouTube. I'm gonna have to watch that. I see some of the interaction. But here's the result.
Unknown: There's an important update about the Delta that you've probably heard by now that it's 60% more transmissible than the alpha variant which means twice as transmissible as the original COVID. But new modeling shows that that's not the only reason why it was spreading so strongly in India. Turns out that even if you had COVID before, it's able to escape that immunity almost 46% of the time, compared to the vaccines, which are still showing between 80 and 80% protection versus the delta of energy. So if you're someone who's had COVID and has been relying on their natural immunity to protect them, you might want to think again and still go and get those vaccines.
Adam: Go and get those vaccines kids you might want to think about it go and get the vaccine, and they're doing this everywhere. Tonight mass confusion as a growing number of
Unknown: top doctors and now the most populous county in the nation. Los Angeles says even the vaccinated should wear a mask and keep their social distance indoors. We're flying by the seat of our pants here breaking from CDC guidance. LA County is now aligned with the wh o urging universal mask use in public spaces indoors citing the spread of the Delta variant for the new voluntary safety measure. I wanted to wear a mask today even the Illinois governor setting an example. But the backtrack on guidance just before gatherings for the Fourth of July is sending mixed messages
implementing a mask mandate in the app absence of, you know, broader spread of the virus is likely to erode the ability to implement these kinds of measures when we need them. We need to give the public a breather
gaining ground every day. The highly contagious and dangerous Delta variant now accounts for 26% of COVID cases in the US. And now a new small study says mRNA vaccines may provide protection for years with caveats. Some even suggesting those vaccinated with j&j get a booster with an mRNA vaccine.
Adam: There it is, you need a booster. Now this is what's weird. I think what's happening is they have this small study that came out. The small study shows that Hmm, the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and moderna may have protection for years and years and years. Well, that is not a message Pfizer or murderer, no one out there. So that's, I think, why they're saying but you know, if you've had the Johnson and Johnson, you might as well get this because it's years and years and years and years.
Unknown: Meanwhile, some good news, a new study suggests the Pfizer and moderna vaccines might provide long term protection, even without a booster shot. What this study adds is that our immune systems are continuing to make antibodies. That's great news immunity may last for years. But we still need to see a little bit more data about it. You know, the elderly, immunocompromised, people may need boosters, or people who were previously recovering from COVID-19. And getting vaccinated may not need boosters at all. We just have to wait and see. Health experts say people at high risk will be the first to get booster shots if they're needed.
John: So this is you hear that one little comment in there. Which one, the one that says if you actually had COVID, you will need a booster. Hold on.
Adam: So me here and again,
Unknown: we still need to see a little bit more data about the elderly, immunocompromised people, they need boosters, or people who were previously recovering from COVID-19. And getting vaccinated may not need boosters at all. We just have to wait and see.
Adam: So Oh, interesting. So if you recovered, and you're vaccinated, you won't need a booster.
John: Can you believe that? I would hope not.
Adam: But this but this is the point is that the breakthrough cases aren't exactly these people.
John: This is a problem. It's a shoot of the marketing people again, I need it has to be, first of all, as a small study, here's what's hey, here's what's gonna have to happen. And this will happen. The study will be debunked.
Adam: Yeah, yeah, it's pre print only so bad.
John: It's too small. To be the case, we're hearing stories about it. Now it's not true. And then there's going to be a second thing that I will predict is that Johnson and Johnson is going to, they're going to find a way to do a study. They'll just pay for it. Some phony baloney study that if you get their shot, it turns out to last a lot longer than they expected. How? Actually because they're not pushing the booster idea. They're just and the Johnson Johnson shot. He remembers this cheap shot. It's only 10 bucks.
Adam: Oh, really? I didn't realize that.
John: Now he did. Right brought brought him down to the Johnson and Johnson shot is $10. The Pfizer's 20 1995 or some stupid marketing price. Right. Pfizer's 20 ended murders 30? Hmm.
Adam: Well, let's hear what Dr. Fauci has to say he still is allowed to go out and do interviews and this is somehow, you know, the way he's on his legal it's, it's,
Unknown: I do want to ask you as we when we get into the fall, is there any risk of another wave or a surge in COVID? Or have we are the worst days behind us?
John: Well, what we're gonna see likely is two separate situations, Lester, okay. If you are fully vaccinated, it is extremely unlikely that you're going to see a surge. If you are unvaccinated in those pockets. If you look at the map of the country in certain states, particularly southern states, Oregon, where the level of vaccination is really Trump, I think dangerously low. As you get into the fall, you will see a countrywide surge, you'll see surges that are regional. Hmm,
Adam: yeah, no, it's regional. So they're going to focus on that. And if Lester Holt missed, missed a beat some I mean, listen to this. Tell me if you hear the same thing I'm hearing what Dr. Fauci is saying,
Unknown: is it a given in your opinion that the Delta variable become the predominant variant in this country? And what does that mean for unvaccinated people?
Well, it is very little doubt, Lester, that the that the Delta variant is not going to become the dominant every country that it has gone into.
Adam: Did you hear what he said? Yeah, I said not there's very little doubt that it's not going to become the most here again.
Unknown: Well, there's very little doubt, Lester, that the fact that delta Varian is not going to become the dominant every country that it has gone in
Adam: that desert. Truth wants to come out, or is he just confused with his negatives?
John: I think he knows that is not going to be the dominant. I
Adam: think so too. I think
John: he's he's just he's doing one of those phraseology tricks where you do put it in in such a way that people think you're saying one thing that you're saying is, and then when you're called out on it, you go back to and say, Did you hear what I said?
Adam: Didn't you listen to what I said? I don't think he's that smart. I really don't i don't think he's into words to
John: me. Like you're probably right. Well, I, you may be wrong now that I think about this guy's not a dummy. He's been doing this for years. And he's been getting away with it. Let's he's he's really good at saying oh, well, when I was talking about the mass.
Adam: He's good at that. Yeah, you're right. You're right. You say well, what I'm what it was clear at the time what I meant, exactly. Let's look at some vaccine incentives. Of course, we already had our McDonald's incentive. This is the governor of Louisiana who has a handy tip,
Unknown: you can take simple steps to prepare for hurricanes, including getting a COVID-19 vaccine.
John: syringing there ready to go.
Adam: I just want to hear it one more time, you can take simple steps to prepare for hurricanes, including getting a COVID-19 vaccine.
I love my job. Not as believable. Not as much as the governor of West Virginia loves him his job now we've been tracking we've been check tracking this Goomba this guy. Now he said do it for the baby dog. Remember, he had his Bulldog. Now I'm gonna shoot my dog. If you don't get vaccinated,
John: right? The guy talks with a courier guy can barely understand what he's talking about.
Unknown: That's the guy. Well, when you turn your back inside, I'm not doing that. All you're doing is entering the death drawing. There are six, there are six today hammies are going to be the next time we sit down. That means they're going to be on next Tuesday. I'm betting it'll be eight or nine. I mean, if I knew, and then I'll quit. If I knew for certain that there was gonna be eight or nine people die by next Tuesday. And I could be one of them. If I don't take the vaccine. What in the world do you think I would do? I mean, I would run over top of somebody. Because I don't want to take a chance when the winter wheels fans. Come up, Jim justice. I don't want to take that chance.
Adam: I think this is exactly we need to make this a game show. It's so obvious. Yeah. Because you have your contestants. All right, everybody. It's time to roll that maybe we'll wait wait. Where's my wheel? I need a wheel. Dammit. I don't have a wheel to shoot. I was ready for a wheel effect.
John: I don't know get one.
Adam: I'll work on it. Yeah. All right. Now to some of the scientific stuff, uh, just briefly, may be interesting to hear for under a minute from the inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone. He's been he's been around, I'm always looking for just a short clip so we can get right to the nucleus of, of what he's saying a lot of long podcasts. So he invented the technology has been around for a long time. He is very specific about how long it would take to know if if it's safe. And the spoiler is not. It is true that we don't know what the long term effects are going to be. And it's not just the technology and the specific chemicals that are being used for wrapping the RNA in its little FedEx package.
John: It's also we call it the payload, the thing that's expressed the protein. In this case, it's the spike protein. So don't a lot of these side effects, I suspect strongly are a consequence of what is being produced in spite wasn't the only option. It was just kind of the easy option that was chosen at first. And I suspect in the next generations, we're going to see very different things than biologically active spike. We'll see. But you're absolutely right. We can't know what the long term effects are, unless we give enough time to assess those two years after after a lot of people have been vaccinated.
Adam: Alright, so it sounds inconclusive. So far how safe it is and and in the spike proteins, the way he said he's talking about it seems almost like well, we'll just we'll just throw this shit at it. that'll probably work. I mean, none of this sounds great.
John: That's exactly what they did. He says that was the easiest way. Yeah.
Adam: And then and this blew me away because I had written it off we have this may be an end zone dance, but we'll probably have to wait a while. Magneto faction. We talked about this about the the magnetised arms.
John: Yeah, it somehow it the magnetized are somehow brass keys which aren't even magnetic. We'll stick to those arms. It's
Adam: unbelievable. Now you're making this up? I haven't seen brass keys stick to it. I have I've seen brass keys more than once. And you're not being facetious. You mean it?
John: He was you saw brass keys and on various YouTube videos. Yeah, there's one recent that was I think you've been floating around on no agenda mastered on,
Adam: then it must be true. Well, we talked about this in the context of several patents and technology that exists of controlling animals with magnetic substances that are in their brain. And you can make them very, very happy. And you know, and so of course, I took this straight to 5g, and we laughed about it. But now it turns out that Magneto faction is a real thing. It is the reason why people are seeing magnetic effects from their the area where they've received their mRNA shot. And this is Dr. What is her name? Dr. Jane something rather
Unknown: now look it up. It's real. We know it's real. There's an entire science in the literature about it. And we also know something else that's really tragic and horrific. It was intentionally added to these injections. Why you're asking me because it is a more aggressive delivery mechanism to get it into every cell in your body. It's a process called Magneto affection. And it's this all this information is readily available, you can do the research yourself. You can look at the government's website, PubMed, to look at the peer reviewed journal studies that have been published on this particular science. And what it is do is they are using magnetic fields through different chemicals to actually concentrate the RNA the mRNA into people cells. This is in alignment with everything we've been reporting for weeks now we just know what and how is behind these magnetic phenomenon where people are having these, these items or sticking to them. So what it is, is it's part of the lipid nanoparticle. And it's just it's a super delivery system. And there are there are places in your body that you know other synthetic DNA or RNA should not be going. And yet these this approach forces, the material, the mRNA encoding to force yourself, again, to make over and over again, these dangerous spike proteins all over your body. It's actually a forced gene delivery system, you're going to be hearing something more and more about something called spy ions. It's an acronym SPI o n s.
And it stands for Supra magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles where they're putting this magnetic field technology is in and around the lipid nanoparticle envelope to get this mRNA into your cells.
Adam: I love it. I have no idea full of crap or not. I have no idea.
John: This is bullshit. By the way, who is she saying? When she says we have been reporting we have been who she's talking about?
Adam: Oh, this is from some something on the equivalent of chatter. Now one of those channels so I think that's what she means. She's probably the doctor for the for we Jane Ruby, Dr. Jane, Ruby. Hold on. We could look her up. Already. Sounds like a phony baloney name, doesn't it? But I like playing these things because you never know.
John: Hey, they're out there. You can find him play him. Exactly. Like I say bullshit or I can go Oh brother. Ruby Jane, Ruby. Jane.
Adam: Okay, Jane. Ruby is a washington dc based television personality. Now is that the right one? Yes. Our new right political pundit, film producer, author of a sea of new media and has hosted several television shows such as Dr. James DC, and inside look TV magazine, a graduate of University of Rochester shows two doctoral degrees in education, psychology, two master's degrees in nursing and international health economics, and is highly published in global health economics as well as contemporary media and social issues. books and articles. Blah, blah, blah. Could be could be I don't know.
John: By the way I work, I will tell you to go in a different direction. I think it would be more interesting, because there is some evidence of this. Which is the idea because Scott Adams had a tweet. I was trying to post it on the message on account, but they wouldn't take the photo. Yeah, I know, because I had over exceeded my limit. I had a
Adam: stop. Did you get a message that said, You've exceeded your limit?
John: Yeah. Why such came up said you've exceeded your limit.
Adam: Well, why didn't you put that in your error message when you posted? Who do I complain to?
John: Is that my voice?
Adam: No, it can only try to get it. Oh, yeah, I can find time. That's your voice. Now. Yummy.
John: Daddy's comic strip blogger. Let's go back to this. Do what I was trying to post was was the Scott Adams tweet, which I thought was fascinating because it falls back into something we used to talk about, we stopped talking about Okay, which is Scott says, You know, I felt I got my Pfizer shot. Or guy. This is again, my Pfizer shot and I felt and I felt super numerated. Yeah. Right. No, it wasn't superhuman. That would that's, that's what we used to talk about this one was he felt liberated before that. He felt like he was imprisoned. Oh, wow. When he was in prison in his own home. Yes, it was a good prison to have. But I would say, you know, if he had done I mean, I never I went out during the whole beginning of this thing because I was MIDI exempt. I knew I was I looked at the I took a look at the effects for the various counties. I read them. Nobody else does this. And it said what I could do and what I couldn't do it didn't i didn't listen to the news me they're not telling me anything accurate. So I figured out what I could do what I could do, and I just went I was fine. I just wanted to did whatever I felt like doing I had to wear a mask with a lot. Well, that
Adam: was a prison to hold on. To be fair, Scott Adams has, I believe some respiratory issues. And when the fires were, were burning around to California, he didn't go out. So I think I think he has some that the guy is the guy is a mess. Medic. Well, guys.
John: Weird health issues.
Adam: Got a lot of problems. Yeah.
John: But what's the shakin to do?
Adam: Oh, but let's see. What's the term in Vince? I'm
John: gonna write. That's where we go back to now if what they're saying with this woman is saying is true. And we take it from a different perspective set of this magnetic thing and say that it it's used to calm animals and make them feel happy. Isn't this going in that direction? Where you all they got this shot? Oh, I feel so happy. Because it's actually does have this effect. Maybe there is something Wow, really? Yeah. What do you think?
Adam: I like it. This is why there's two of us. I like that a lot. Yes. Okay, no one keep our eye on that.
John: We have to go back to that.
Adam: Yes, yes. Well, the invincible you're exactly right. And people kept saying I feel so good. I call I got a rush. Like I was ready to
John: go. You know, if we thought I think at least
Adam: I did it. We thought people were just so so depressed by Beamer
John: leaves. And they you know, they felt Yes, we thought it was psychological. But is it possible that it wasn't psychological? It wasn't some bullcrap. It was real. Because of this effect, yeah. discussing here.
Adam: Oh my goodness, that's a good one. I'm gonna have to look up some of those clips for for Sunday show. We
John: got to get back to those.
Adam: Now the one thing that is really encouraging to see is the ivermectin story it's it's kind of unstoppable. Fox News is all over it. No clips, obviously. But, you know, screw Fox News. They weren't all ivermectin before because they have. You know, they've got what do you call them? Oh, yeah. Advertisers, pharmaceutical advertisers. Big problem.
John: Yeah, ivermectin we have to remember is cheap. What we like really
Adam: well, on the bill maher show, Bill Maher, I have to give it to the guy. He's he's wrong on lots of stuff. But man, sometimes he really comes through and and you won't hear much. Well, you will hear some but not much applause from his audience as he sit down with Dan Carlin, who we know is Dan from the hardcore history podcast to talk about ivermectin but also really about the censorship. Cuz that was his whole spiel before is you couldn't post about it. And Google took it down YouTube took it down. And then about Brett Weinstein, all this stuff. And here's this little bit. This is outrageous that I can't look this information up. And now they're doing it with this drug ivermectin. If you're a breadwinner winds Weinstein off YouTube are almost the he's one strike away. YouTube should not be telling me what I can see about ivermectin. ivermectin isn't a registered Republican It's a drug. I don't know if it works or not in a lot of other doctors don't either.
Unknown: This dovetails into the monopoly thing, though, if you didn't have such control over, over over, I mean searches, for example, this wouldn't be as much of an issue because if you didn't go to Google, you could go somewhere else. And you can go somewhere else. But
John: when you have a market, what is 90%? Google controls out there just yeah, I mean, at that point, this is a function of the monopolist, it becomes the word for doing it. You have a monopoly? Yes. You know, yeah. And it's like a burger.
Adam: King something. Oh. Is that true? Bill Maher.
John: Bing, bing it? Yes, Bing it. I have that
Adam: somewhere, don't I?
You had a better one. Being
John: down just being
Adam: exactly being is where you want to go being I have two more. Because just to prove the mainstream is all over ivermectin, and it's okay to talk about which can only mean that something new is coming. And I'm pretty sure that will be a revisit of ivermectin. We were hearing Pfizer's coming up with appeal. Merck might be coming up with the pill at Dr. Pierre Cory, the guy responsible for you know for D platforming was with the crypto Cougar.
Unknown: So this this boils down to money then Dr. Corey, I mean, this drug made by Merck, ivermectin is off patent, they're not making any money on it anymore. But now, Fauci says he's looking at a drug that's going to be a patented drug made by Merck aren't the underlying chemicals the same? So now they're gonna have that on patent so that they could they could make a huge profit on it?
Well, that's, I mean, that is so clearly the goal, glaring example of the system that we're in, which is that for profit medicines are favored to almost the total exclusion of nonprofit medicines. And so you see all of this money being thrown at pharmaceutical companies to develop new therapies, when we already have existing repurposed drugs that are highly effective, they will never develop a drug that is more effective than ivermectin, I find it absurd. Our government just gave, you know, committed over $4 billion in two different areas this week, to try to find an oral antiviral, early treatment therapy. We have it now. We can save so many lives. This is a treatable disease. We've identified that drug and it needs to be systematically deployed throughout the throughout the healthcare system.
Adam: Okay, that's a big change for any news network to be doing.
John: That was masked, yes. As a great clip
Adam: and wait, he takes it one step further.
Unknown: Over 100,000 patients lives would have been saved, had the creation instituted ivermectin when we presented to them in early January, if he had done what Mexico did, over 100,000 American lives would have been saved and around the world if they had followed our lead. We're talking about over a million lives based just on that paper.
Adam: How is this how's this getting through? I mean, somewhat someone said okay, I mean, Fox has pharma ends or wait, they're just gonna blame it on Fauci I guess, Fauci and more the media will take no blame but that's that's where the blame is because was a Trump thing
John: this really good has to be stopped in my tracks i'm not i'm trying to process how they're getting what's going on here there's something going on.
Adam: Is it maybe a part of the whole walk back the whole quick turnaround that we've seen I mean, it may be this issue hasn't the other boot hasn't dropped yet? The walk back
John: and by the way, he uses the term nonprofit drugs those drugs make a profit
Adam: pal Yeah. He said nonprofit he what
John: he should says non gouging drugs. Yeah, those drugs make all the all the generic drugs make a profit? Of
Adam: course they do. And in fact, the big as far as I remember, from our own reporting, the big pharma companies bought up all of the generic company so it's really the same company.
John: Yeah, there's a lot of that unfortunately, that should be illegal. Yeah. He has something's up you I think that clip is sent that those are important clips. You should put them aside we have to play them again. Not today, but I'm just saying something's up. Yeah. I but the, the thing that was thought important in that comment, by this guy was the idea that like the the number of lives that were unnecessarily long Last, yeah. Is is really going to be the kicker.
Adam: That's a big deal for now. I mean, it's it's Fox News, Business News. So believe me at this moment a lot more people are listening to this podcast, then watch that.
John: Yes, that's probably true. We give it a little boost there but Hmm. Interesting. All right. Well, let's stop me in my tracks.
Adam: Yes. Well, do you have anything else on the COVID? Or are we
John: think that I'm looking at my COVID stuff? No, I do have some of these Kevin offshoot at the COVID. Okay, sure. Because I was just thinking about as I was looking at my clipless here, which I don't have printed out because my printer doesn't work. What's wrong with the printer just just borked. I just bought it I can get it to work but you got it. She got to reboot this and that and the drivers,
Adam: it's always the drivers.
John: But I was playing we played that clip where we may play that clip again, it was pretty short, which was the clip from COVID Indonesia cases. Because it play that clip again and then want to play a follow up clip and, and tell me if maybe there's a connection
Unknown: as the Delta variant threatens to hamper COVID-19 recovery efforts around the world. The red cross this warning Indonesia's on the edge of catastrophe. As health systems struggled to keep up with the influx of patients. This is a nurse in Jakarta. A lot of cases were dead on arrival because of a lack of beds. Okay, that's still like
John: a desert. Now let's play this clip and tell me maybe there's something something else going on here play Indonesia, China, USA,
Unknown: the US and Indonesia are building a new maritime Training Center in the South China Sea. To counter the Chinese regimes increasing threat in the region.
The $3.5 million Center is located at the strategic meeting point of the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea.
Malacca Strait
is a strategically crucial choke point for global maritime trade connecting the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. The US ambassador to Indonesia, some Kim said last week that the center would strengthen security in the region. The decision to build the center comes amid rising tensions in the South China Sea. Since April, hundreds of Chinese vessels have been lingering around the Spratly Islands, the Philippines have repeatedly protested against them. And Indonesia also revealed earlier this month that it had been planning to expand its submarine fleet from four vessels to 12.
Adam: Okay, so the Chinese are killing people. Well, you make a point to make a point, maybe to make a point. I mean, the accusations are now everywhere that they you know, the Chinese, you know, they they lost control of the virus. So they said screw it, let's infect everybody. Why wouldn't they use that over and over again?
John: That's a good point. I all I know is that this seems like a coolant. Like too much of a coincidence, this idea that the and this by the way, is not being reported. That was NTD. Did you know the the Tang, new Tang Dynasty, whatever it is new Tang clan. New new one Tang. Yeah. And it's like, that's not be our mainstream media is not reporting any of this international stuff that's going on is quite a bit. That's happening.
Adam: Yeah, we'll do that. So just on that and we don't have to stick on it too long. I think this bill cosby thing was was a distraction. And it was meant to distract from a lot of things probably in particular from former President Trump going to the border and making a big splash. That was Yeah, I
John: keep hearing this too. But I'm telling you, I've got my local news. We're left wing area. Yeah, this thing was not even barely reported. That's just the opposite of what happened. Interesting. I keep hearing this. Oh, it's a big distraction. Yeah. Where's the distraction? They're talking about? Trump at the border here on the local news in the San Francisco Bay Area, but like you can see it all over. I'm not seeing as much of a distraction or john
Adam: it's a local story with local for local news. But national news, it was really all about Cosby. I made the news broke. I was monitoring every single channel Cosby cause because because because B then a follow up and then a woman who who you know
John: you tell about the network's
Adam: Yes, of course, the networks and local stories. That doesn't count. I mean, of course we got all the local stories in Austin will tell you that Austin is a shithole, but you're not going to get that on the national news. No way. No way.
John: I just don't see that. I don't think that the national news. Yeah, okay. Well, maybe the national news played up The Cosby thing a bit. No, a lot. A lot. And it was
Adam: it was there.
John: Okay, let's, let's take it from another perspective. So I'm not buying this argument. But let's take it from another perspective. Let's say the Cosby thing never happened. Are they going to come Trump I don't think so.
Adam: Okay. Yeah, fair, fair. I mean, someone would cover him.
John: Look, I don't know the national news, they put him aside and they leave. They leave him there. Because he was just convenient. It wasn't. If he wasn't if there was no copies of Cosby story there'd be no, Trump wouldn't be covered anyway, they don't like Trump.
Adam: No they Okay,
John: they're not going to cover this this thing because it's a publicity stunt. I just don't see it. Okay. That don't see Cosby being a big giant distraction. Personally,
Adam: I felt it was that's all there was on the network. So personally,
John: huge buildings.
Adam: Now they interrupted the collapse buildings for the Cosby stuff all day yesterday. That's okay. But your point is valid that it probably was not distracting from Trump. Although it did. I mean, just look at look at the news that is being plastered in our face. You yourself did the three by three this morning. Right? It's Britney Spears. It's Cosby and then condo. It's the BCC.
John: Yeah, I did a three by three and none of none of those three stories that you just mentioned. Were in the three by three what
Adam: what were the stories were they were they interesting stories about the world in general? No, they were stupid. They're always stupid. And they were promotional entertainment promotional crap. Yeah. That's why we have to do this. At least twice a week. I could do it. I could do an extra day. I'm telling you. There's so much going on.
John: Now. He couldn't I don't tempt me. So you already do two other podcasts? How many podcasts Do you want to do?
Adam: I want to do it nonstop. That's all I want to do day in day out. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to you the man who put the CD in kidfix the printer john c devorah.
John: Will in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning all ships to see boots on the ground feet near subs in the water, water and all the dames and knights out
Adam: there in the morning to the trolls and the troll room Hold on a second. skirting around how many do we have now what is supposed to be a good number for Thursday show
John: Thursday show and his peak was probably averaged around 1850 1828 today so
Adam: we're pretty good. We're doing good people are tuning in.
John: It's also wonder why? Because there's so much going on. People need why what's more going on and last Thursday,
Adam: they need the guiding light. The guide was
John: more guiding light to the need than last Thursday. Why
Adam: don't you go in the in the troll room and ask them I'm sure they'd be happy to just ask him
John: the obvious question. You something's up but they don't. There's more than usual here.
Adam: You too can join the more than usual amount of trolls by going to troll that's where you find our no agenda stream that plays long. It's it's everyone hears the same stream at the same time. And then you can chat about it. If it's a live show. It could troll that's fine too. But there's also podcasts that roll out in between the live shows and you can do it's 24 seven go in there check out the trolls troll or if you want Follow us on our mastodon federated instance you can follow at Adam and no agenda social calm or at john C. Dvorak at no agenda social calm. You can recognize John's postings by the lack of images since he's been limited. any complaint?
John: Good, man.
Adam: That's exactly right.
John: shattering me they're there. They're banished there would be a shadow banning me my images.
Adam: And we need to thank the artists for the artwork for Episode 1359. The title of that was sheep digging. And this artwork was the cornhole league brought to you by Brad 1x. Now, there were a couple things we're going to say about the art. This was this was the big cornhole the big cornhole artwork, but there were a number of things which of course you forced the cornhole as you always do now, I remember very I took notes. So you first like the I am disappointed flying saucer picture. You like that one?
John: I did.
Unknown: Yes, you did.
John: He said, Okay.
Adam: I like it. And I said, it's too sparse. It's really not and the flying saucer is going to be too small. And then we talked about
John: taking me forever to get to it. Okay, I'm here now.
Adam: You got it. Yeah. Then there was there was the two cornhole Yes.
John: Yeah, I liked Yes, I did. Yeah, I did like that flying saucer one. I just thought it was kind of I just had a certain thing to the cornhole one was the best because it's just new as well done but it wasn't funny and we both talked about this.
Adam: Yes.
John: Well, I have I have to discuss something else as we go on through this because it was the show before it was I think tante Neel had this art with the in fact let's go back to it.
Adam: Oh, okay. Do you mean the Nike the Nike stuff or what
John: no no the one before that with the house no agenda new horror budget book
Adam: No, that's two shows ago.
John: Okay. Was that two shows ago I
Adam: think so. Yeah.
John: Okay. She said yes,
Adam: yes. Yeah. orange background about the we complained about the background color
John: key says the background colors are identical on both those artworks all in fact, that card is identical the background colors the Danko nothing was changed he says it's only because of the the image change and it's dead. It gives an optical illusion of darkness. I think I call it I says bullshit.
Adam: I'm looking at it right now. Tell me Well, this is very interesting. Because I remember those to call I now I'm colorblind. So I think that I'm very susceptible you said I don't like that because I was looking at the just the logo the logo versus the Big Bend parliament building the coat of arms. And you said I liked the orange on that other one better. And when I looked at the two and they're diagonal on the page right under each other I saw a different color now that you just said this. I can't tell the difference. It looks like the background
John: color. Is this new does an old trick.
Adam: No, is this a dress dress blue silver now
John: you take you take a piece of paper and you run it across the top of that card so you only see no agenda the party says no age and you see the background color and do it on both images
Adam: at the same time.
John: Okay, did this is darker? I'm sorry. I think she screwed she screwed up and made it darker by accident.
Adam: I I can't see it.
John: Well, I've got I've got software that can make this determination. I'll do it later.
Adam: Ah, we're gonna do some forensic analysis I like this Yes.
John: All right. Yes.
Adam: Zoom enhance rotate alright. And then what happens if it turns out that she was wrong if it's off by one hex
John: dominant ridiculed her ridicule and extreme, I'm gonna revert Gaussian mode. I don't know. Nothing's gonna happen, the arts done.
Adam: We really appreciate Brad one acts. And all of the artists of course, for the outstanding work they always do. It's a part of our value for value model. You can support us financially, you can support us with information, your expertise, that can be talent time, as well as artists usually put both in and the artists are fantastic. They do this stuff during the show, just in the it's kind of like Bitcoin mining, you know that just doing it in hopes of getting that one bitcoin, which would be the equivalent of being chosen for the artwork. So there's something I think it's fulfilling for them. And I think they I think
John: the you know, it's almost like an element of knitting. You know, people knit new when there's doing stuff. Yeah. listening to this show that might knit my knit a sweater, so they're
Adam: just doing it just popped it out. They're just doing art without even like second nature, almost.
John: You're listening. And they're doing their art, because I don't know if you've ever known any artists in school, like even in grammar school people that were real. I mean, they were just natural artists. In this like in the eighth grade, there'd be one kid, just literally no matter what was going on in class. They're drawing all the time.
Adam: Yeah. Tina's on the phone. She's always doodling. She draws and doodles.
John: Yeah, there's so there's people that just draw and they draw. They never stop drawing. They're drawing all the time. And that's what it's second nature. It's like not a surprise to me that you have them doing it during the show.
Adam: But we really love it and and keep it going. These things often show up. Over at no agenda shop calm and the artists get to get a piece of that with hats, mugs, t shirts, hoodies. If you name it.
John: And of course you get your mugs. You get the world's greatest dad COVID survivor mug.
Adam: Did you was it sent to the PO box? No,
John: I don't think so. No. Why if it was sent to the peel box. Oh,
Adam: no, no, this was a while ago. This was a while back, wasn't it?
John: Yeah, like a month ago? Yeah, I
Adam: think I did. Yeah. I think so.
John: World's Greatest who sent it but I want to thank them.
Adam: Thanks to all of our artists you have if you're using a podcasting 2.0 app, you can see all of the these images flying by it's our cloud Cloud chapters as they're known, do talk about all the features of podcasting. 2.0. But President Trump said something just the other day that I want to remind everybody was the mission. One of the podcast index was to preserve podcasting as a platform of free speech. Listen to Trump,
John: you can't be censored by Amazon and by Google, and by Apple, and by all the you know, that's
Unknown: the problem. I mean, I
you saw what happened with Apollo or parlay as they sometimes call it, but you take a look at what happened to power and others, they get shut down. As soon as somebody puts something that's somewhat contrary, you know, you have to have your you have to have your own cloud, or you have to have your own means of getting it out because they'll tell as soon as you get big or powerful or you start saying anything that's somewhat conservative, they will censor you and they will take you off.
Adam: That's right. And that's part of what it is over 4 million podcasts now track no deep platforming. Candy pot platform which you can't touch. Exactly. decentralization is the way to go.
John: Yeah, let's think if you like, producers, exactly. We have quite a slew of them today, I believe, and they're all decentralized and starting with Daria are Contini in Vaughan, Ontario Canada $463.33 she's at the top of the list she actually gave us money before he got kicked back to her for some reason Oh, gee, what a better way to celebrate Canada Day and the arrival of our third human resource then and gifting myself a dame hood and I can't below nice are our baby daughter was born on June 15 and I can relate to not wanting to be called a birthing person as some kind of third person lol for the name Dame Daria is great. And and for the roundtable please add shush sashimi as that's what I missed the most during pregnancy. Yeah. And a good dry white wine. JOHN my any recommendations? Oh kissless Chardonnay. Let's do that.
Adam: Hold on a second. I got it. I got to put this in now. Kistler Chardonnay, you got it.
John: Thank you for keeping us sane with the best show in the universe. One more quick and interesting note my oldest son was referred to as in refer to an Ellard Jalan Alor geologist, our geologist, Nana says geologist allergy s specialist is what I would say, by his pediatrician. The reception is called a couple of days ago to make an appointment said that in order for the child to come by for an in person appointment, both parents have to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19, which are that's in Canada, it's illegal to do that in this country. I told her that this was not going to happen to what she replied, even by September, as the appointment will be in mid September. I said that this is a personal information that we don't have to share and that we're not going to be fully or partially vaccinated by September, that's for sure. We'll see what happens when September rolls. But if this doctor will demand parents vaccination, we will try to get that in writing. Okay, good idea.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah,
John: I guess we should give her some but
Adam: yes, but I kind of love just the whole idea that these people don't even consider that you wouldn't be vaccinated. It's like well, you maybe don't have time or something like that. It's just there's absolutely no consideration. I find that baffling from the from the from my fellow colleagues in the medical field.
John: You've got karma. Next on the list from Houston. 422 to five. I'll get this. You get the next two. Oh, yay. Please keep my last name anonymous. This Peter anonymous. This donation brings me to knighthood. Please give me Sir berzerker I request Houston Hays IPA. By the way. This is funny to me. I've noticed there's a lot of these haze beers. Have you noticed this? No. I'm not gonna go to these brew pubs. Everyone's doing haze.
Adam: What did you mean haze is in purple haze?
John: No, there. No, it's in the white haze as in protein haze in the beer that needs to either be filtered out or dis improperly brewed.
Adam: It's crap is what you're saying. is a pro. Yeah, it says
John: yes. And they could but what are we gonna do with this terrible beer it's got look at it. We can't even see through it. It looks like when it looks like a was the winner that week beer they make in German even during the hot summer months. Talking to a beer guy, you
Adam: know No, you're not really no
John: vest and heimer for something like I can't pronounce it. I can't come up with it. Somebody that in the troll room will know. But anyway that's a hazy beer has got that you can see through it. It's not like a clear like a crystal clear lager or pills. So they get all these hazy beers and now they're using it as a feature not a bug heifer by selling this beer from bison. Having to bison they they're selling this Basie beer now as though it's okay. It's like it's not okay, but okay. It's not
Adam: like a Belgian witbier
John: Yeah, I think so. They're hazy
Adam: that kind of like those. That's all right. I like I like to who knows fine,
John: but yard hills near IPA. Okay, let's go back. That's fine. It's a beer that is designed that way. It's been that way for hundreds of years. In IPA is a clear product. It's not supposed to be hazy. It's like a hazy Pilsner it means is flawed.
Adam: It's John Because I do not want to be I do not want to be forwarding all of the emails from the beer lovers who are going to go give our x RA and all they do is they email me Yo, two 4x wrong. He got us set him straight on beer. No, please email John
John: Okay, so now we'll go with please give me a D douchey. He wants some hazy. hazy Okay, let me see. I request Houston hazy defective IPA and spicy dry rubbed chicken wings at the roundtable. Please give me a D ducing. No. Or in house buying karma Thank
Adam: you spend de deuced you've got karma. Let me just let me just put his correct order in.
John: A is IPA.
Adam: Okay. Boy, this is the more you learn on this show. Yeah,
John: we have learned about prejudices. Christopher
Adam: 70 I would say 7777. He's from Canada. navia 333 dot 69 in the morning with this donation. I'm looking to be knighted sir. Seven of the Insert Coin. Here's to three more comedic years of presstitutes quiet when grandpa Dracula snaps at them. Love and loot. J and K. Oh my god. Oh, okay, jingles and karma. I got amps. We're all gonna die and some jokes.
jobs jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Jobs. I love it. It's too fun. or fly not checks in was 333 50. Gentlemen, congrats on the string of great episodes. Adam. Welcome to spicewood not in spicewood please shout out my son fly not Junior for completing his Eagle Scout project. Only a few badges remain for him. Well, let us know when. When he when he gets Eagle Scout ID. That's that's a big deal. Eagle Scout is not easy to achieve. May I request an annual de ducing goat karma and our two D two? Yes, you may. In Episode 1359. You played a clip from Rachel and na. Winter is on the James Delingpole podcast. I recommend him to others and he had great guests yesterday. Okay, so he's he's saying you should listen to that and even attach some clips for us to listen to. So yes. Daily deling pod from Jane's telling poll is is dynamite. I love listening to that a lot. And here's your request. You've been de deuced you've got kind of weird mixing the goat and our 2d to karma. But okay, go
John: on word, sir. Malinovski. And he is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And he writes a dude's been a while since my last contribution and given last Sunday showing I felt compelled to compelled to chip in Yes, it was crappy. Over the past six months or so I heard an uptick of people saying they don't agree with everything that you all talk about in their donation notes. And I had a an epiphany i think is mentally healthy to seek out and voluntarily listen to opinions that may run counter to your own absolutely do that by listening to left wing talk shows nowadays I watch
Adam: my watch MSNBC and CNN. It's hard but yeah,
John: that's that's Yeah so I'm listening to this missus one guy talking I have to think about edge probably for later in the show. people that listen to no agenda and other find alternative media outlets have a broader view of the world can see multiple facets of an issue. See the manipulation of the narrative and calm, passionately understand how other people may feel so strongly and sometimes incorrectly about something that is often objectively false. We all we get all sides of the picture, so we aren't radicalizes an epiphany. So we aren't radicalized, like people that consume only one source of information. It's like eating processed food only versus having a diverse diet of all kinds of different foods. Keep doing what you're doing no jingles just a loved one and other karma, whatever that looks like with or without our beloved goat, ITM to all producers.
Adam: Ice or melanau? ski I have one just for you. You've got karma for the joy karma. We all love one another. Yes, Jamie boosts me. I got any boost from Charlottesville, Virginia 333. Thank you for you. Executive Producer donation. Did I miss something?
John: No, I just saw the page one. Luckily, you're reading this and I'm going to go get it which is on the other desk.
Adam: So long overdue with this donation, living in Charlottesville, Virginia. And while it's not as bad as Austin, it's still bad enough to make me sad that this is even the same state I grew up in barely hanging on here after being kicked out of two bands over politics slash Facebook posts. Well, the band had no future. If that's the kind of stuff that happened within the band. I found no, I found no agenda through an old YouTube page called conspiracy scope. Back in early 2016. The guy who ran the channel used to post a bit of everything politics crackpot stuff related, he apparently passed away a while back I regret not getting to thank him for pointing me here. Like I'm thanking you right now. been planning this donation for a while now to coincide with my first meetup as well. It will be at the lazy parrot in Charlottesville on July 17, from one to 5pm. Fantastic. I wouldn't put an end time on it. Things seem to go very, very long. But you can leave after five. I'm sure. jingles and has anyone going to meet this meatloaf and we're gonna eat this meatloaf tastes like poop which is I love bugs and get out of my vagina and the goats scream. I have the trifecta for you.
John: I'm gonna eat this meatloaf. Tastes like blue. Wonder what instrument he plays?
Adam: Oh, I don't know. He didn't mention duty.
John: Now, I'm here. We could put a band together.
Adam: Oh, hell yeah.
John: We all can. Everyone plays everything.
Adam: Abel Kirby, you know, does a lot of our jingles. He's got a whole whole band that he's recording an album they're going to do it. You know, on podcasting. 2.0 was like a whole bunch of stuff going on there. Yeah, we have tons of musicians. By the way. Heavy correlation between dude's name Ben, software programmers and musicians. Various especially nerdy basis and drummers seem to do well with nerds,
John: nerds,
Adam: nerds and talents talented people by the active nurses
John: that the definition of nerds does not preclude talent but
Adam: but a nerd is.
John: It know I know what you say. I said the same thing I got into beefs about this and i given up
Adam: surveyor of the realm 321 71 he's from Canada Navy as well. So I don't know if that's just canned. Oh, that is it's a happy Canada Day donation. There you go. In the morning, happy Canada. Here's money. Thank you for your courage surveyor of the realm. Thank you very much, sir. Appreciate it.
John: So Matthew Anderson from West Roxbury, Massachusetts comes in with 300 bucks he's our last executive producer he wrote a note a card actually it's a card cute little card. Hello. Hello. He says my printer is still broken. In clothes enclosed is my donation along with my gratitude for a great show. You're always complimented complimented my. You've always complimented my penmanship. Well those days are over for a while. I cannot take good credit which is why I sent you a a noodle flex tip fountain pen. Oh, he sent a noodle flex says doodle flex tip fountain pen back in February. I wonder who sent that pen? Thank you for that pen.
Adam: Is it a good pen? I we like pens here
John: to nice pen but if you like fountain pens
Adam: oh it's it's an actual with the ink cartridge and everything.
John: Yeah, yeah was it good to ink sucker? And a nub? Yeah,
Adam: you got it you got a train the nub
John: bs supposedly, I don't know if that's true. That used to be true in like the 1910s just like saying Nope,
Adam: you like saying nub like say train the nub
John: back in February is a pin me Stay cool $300 Matthew
Adam: okay upstanding Thank you very much. Danielle and sir Jeff of the five seasons 23456 from weed California. Is there such a place?
John: Yeah, yeah, no, I got the mug from We Are you kidding me?
Adam: Didn't know it's a reel to reel place nice. Emergency Carmen please for Northern California especially weed and Mount Shasta and recalibrate the rain sticks. We got fire not rain. Thank you, Danielle and sir Jeff for the five seasons I'd say. Hold on for one more day. Rain is a common. You've got karma, the rain sticks and never fitness. And we've gotten all the back end of it so something's got to happen. Something's got to happen.
John: Tim Faust 23456 I can't find a note from him that just
Adam: look to
John: anonymous in Cleveland, Ohio to 2222 my friend Travis hit me in the mouth. I need a deducing he is still a douchebag
Adam: here's Travis. Oops. Here's Travis.
John: Heard Adam on the Tom Woods but never made the connection. Tom Woods donation. I will be adding my associate producer ship to my professional profile. Love and lit curmudgeon go please.
Adam: I just have to say that was one of the most professional things we've done. Completely unrehearsed with a almost half second delay each way. I throw in something john has no idea what's coming and he waits it out perfectly. Dynamite. Dynamite dynamite.
John: You've got karma. Tight baby tight. The pros from Dover. That's right, Joan pulse. In her Hernando Beach, Florida 213 32 and 630. She says or I think hi guys and greetings from the salt water slaves. Our first meetup last week was a huge success. 30 patrons came and the next one will be 731 another meetup. Grant me belated birthday karma as jone 30th was a big one. is June 13. was a big one is what says and I'd like a biscuit for my birthday. Thanks, Joan. They always give me a biscuit on my birthday. You've got karma. Taylor soup. Stop. Soap slpp 213. Lake Tahoe, Washington. Let me know where that is. de-douche me. You've been de deuced I'm about to marry my smokin hot fiance who introduced me to the show. You guys have really opened my eyes and man has faced and man has facing my condition. Oh, and man. Let me get this right. And man has facing my conditioning been a painful process. But I'm so grateful for the show.
Adam: Here's to truth no nice and we're gonna give you a goat karma just for that. I've got
John: one more for me Stephen Morris in Perth, Perth, but not Perth. Yes. Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 208 88 I have sent a warren peace email note to Adams. Yes. from something at Stephen Yeah, check your junk mail folder, please.
Adam: Yes, indeed. And it's kind of important because Hold on a second. Let me just stick this in here. Ah, that's what she said. Okay. Yes, it is with sadness. He writes that I must report a case of night name and night name and to pay attention peerage committee. Imagine right
John: before you even consider before you start reading that letter. I will note that night names can be duplicated. There's plenty of surge gyms and surge jacks and all the rest of us only baronies and Duke dumbs and places like that where you can't cross over Well,
Adam: let me read you his full note because he has a tough one Imagine my surprise when another sir purity was knighted several shows ago I'm sure he is a fellow port scanner named Ben in the industry and on the cybersecurity gravy train, so I won't challenge him to a duel just yet. I took it as a swift hit in the mouth and reminder to donate to the best podcast in the universe. It made me think that I can't remember of another case of overlapping night named puns and wondered if there's some register of all the no agenda noble men and women and zims ORS somewhere on the internet's? No, there isn't. And I would say you're on the right path. The best way to resolve the conflict is to become Baron searchsecurity. That is the way out but as john says,
John: one way of doing this, there's plenty of By the way, circumference, there's a number I think there's at least two of those. And there's a number of puns duplicated Pon name nice around. But there's also a lot of just simple night names that are duplicated again, you can have more than one night with the same name is the areas and other things that are a little more exclusive.
Adam: He continues I'm a Brit in Western Australia and we are beginning another three day mass mandate outside and inside do to wait for it one new case. I'm just happy to have left locked down London as we have mostly escaped the COVID madness here in Western Australia. Okay, so don't get too complacent. It's coming. Watching Australia right now is almost like a time lapse of what we've witnessed in the past year here in the Northern Hemisphere. They are not going to let you off that easy. And as it pertains to the UK. Rumors abound that they're going to do a full on lockdown for another four weeks as of July 15 as of July 15 there's like memos circulating and stuff so any since he's he sent some clips of his kid. I presume This is Nathan. Can liked it. Don't sniff me Joe Biden. Biden. Ah, so cute. Cute.
John: Yeah, very cute. Like to don't sniff me.
Adam: I'm gonna give him a little let go karma there. You've got karma. Thank you very much.
John: Onward with virol Kirkpatrick in Boise, Boise, Boise, Idaho. 205 74. My awesome wife Becca, and I love your show. My donation is for my 15th and 16th year wedding anniversary gift to my wife to recognize her as associate executive producer, okay. Becca, Becca, Becca. I give her that and get her de-douche de-douche ben de duced, who got married on July the fourth a memorable day. That's a good Good idea. On July 4 2005. And for the last 14 years, she has kept the household together with all the moves that come with me sir. Is that 14 years it's sick? No. 16 he says okay, well, I'll do it later. Yeah, I do with all the moves that come with me serving in the US Air Force. Good for you. 2023 should be our last move. And with that, I'd love to move around along. And with that, I'd like to give her a Pelosi jobs karma to help her find a job she'll be happy with. Also, please play her favorite jingle. Osama No, no, no, no, mariachi Obama, he said Osama Why did SEO somehow gaffe?
Well, I know but this is this doesn't just remind us of the gaff he used to make with Osama
Adam: Obama say Obama
John: 10 years ago.
Adam: Oh my goodness. I wonder if we still have these. Osama
John: Osama. I said Osama. Thank you for all you do and making this wedding anniversary a special one. Well, it's great. It's actually coming up on this Sunday. And let
Adam: me see I've got this for you. Okay, you know what?
Unknown: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hey, jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
Adam: Enjoy that wedding anniversary.
John: Yes, I met you you do care. Well, you're not gonna be able to stretch that. I'm gonna see if we have A note from Nicholas Ray at 200 bucks because I don't see it on here
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John: And Nick Gray's last on the list. He writes I made a $201 donation with no note attached so hoping this makes it to you for the Thursday seven 121 show? Sure. Curious he does have donation in the subject line and I and I didn't get to add Eric stuff. I've been listening since then. I don't remember seeing it so I don't know I must have screwed up since the 33 cases show last year. I stumbled across the mo facts first and then picked up no agenda. Oh, Mo Fox donation it's an it picked up no agenda shortly after both shows are excellent. This is my first donation so please de douche me.
Adam: Got it. Man, my jingle thing is busted again. d deuced. Music The mouth.
John: Side note. I work for a large wealth manager who has been in the news for their vaccine policy. I think what's missing from the recent articles is the fact that employees can simply opt for a testing to a negative test in the past 2072 hours as an alternative to being vaccinated. As a test kits are provided by the company and mail to the employees home. I mentioned this as Adam has been speaking about the fine print on the European vaccine passport language, which allows for a negative test as well my two cents is they hope people don't look into the alternative. And they panic and run out for the jab. Sorry for the long note and keep up the great work. Thanks, Nick. All right, Nick.
Adam: Nick, I do have two extra things. One, thank you all so much for helping me find the jingle. The master of the house jingle that was requested many many shows ago. It was mislabeled surprise surprise. I've relabeled it and here it is for slash donate enough to be tonight Sunday boom. Love it. Got to play that more often. And then one from way down on the list. in the morning. pod father says I donated $12.34 1234 to de-douche the six monks who listened to the show six months if you'd be so kind please play the attached monk karma which was provided by producer Ryan hunter love is lit This is from gummy nerds by count of the troll room so first a de-douche for the six monks who listen to the show. You've been de douche and the attached monk karma.
Karma I'll take it odd. I want to thank these are Executive Associate executive producers for shows 1360 as we march towards Joe 1400. Show 14 wealth the next show 1361 will be July 4 and that will be the 5000 days of no agenda since starting of the show if I'm correct.
John: Well we definitely have to do is I have to remember to put that into the newsletter as a reminder 5000 days what would be appropriate to donation that celebrate 5000 shows
Adam: 5000 satoshis
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John: Our formula is the As we go out, we hit people in the mouth. I want to play a couple of clips about the election.
Adam: Oh, the one in New York?
John: No, I know that's cut that too. But no, I know that I love that story. It's a great story. I have a clip for that too. From from Amy. It's pretty funny the way she presented. But, but no, this is the guy heard during the last Trump rally didn't put it on the not on c span as you had the ball to get the stream going. It's Dr. Frank guy. Dr. Frank has some really he he, he clarifies a number of points in this. I have three clips from him. He's a big fan that the election was rigged. And he has lots of documentation that kind of show it but nobody cares. What is the background of Dr. Frank,
Adam: what is his?
John: You know,
Adam: why is he an actual medical doctor,
John: or he's a mathematician. Okay, and he's is one of he's one of the I know, the type of person that he is. He's one of these guys who looks at at numbers and sees things that he shouldn't see. Or he sees things that you can't see, I can't see you can see him really easily. And he has and he's funny to listen to when he gives us a little speech because he he realizes that the whole election was based on some limitations of Microsoft Excel, and he can prove it. He is a psychiatrist. But he's just like a trust. And all these are numbers nut, okay, is a numbers nut. And he is just one of those. He's a hobbyist, I guess. But he does clarify a few things as why this, you know, there's orange all bent out of shape about Trump losing, and why nobody did anything about it if it was rigged or not rigged a big the big lie, and they just lie about the whole mechanism. And he explains a number of things here, I thought were very insightful. And I'd like to play these because there's one element here that is necessary to understand.
Unknown: I originally started my work working in Pennsylvania District Four for one particular candidate that we didn't understand their outcome. And at the time, we were preparing lawsuits. And we were working with the state legislature to expose the corruption. And I didn't really even understand at that point in time that it was all around the United States, it was just that one place. So we worked pretty hard on that. But after a while, I became disillusioned with the Pennsylvania State Legislature, because they weren't taking action. And they had no interest in pursuing and exploring the corruption that had taken place in their election, even though they believed all the evidence we show them and agreed, and throughout their entire state database, and hired a new company to build a new one.
Adam: And this is this is the problem with all of these audits is actual evidence popping up.
John: There's a bit of a problem. But these guys are too lazy to do anything about or they don't want to do anything about. But Danny Denny brings in another point of information that I think explains a lot of this. And it's something you just have to kind of live with. Although Trump is unfortunately still, he spends a little too much time on his speeches. pot, pounding this when he probably should back off, but let's listen to this part part two. So
Unknown: it is like there was no question of the evidence. But their behavior is where it was disappointing to me. I was expecting them to stand up and say attention, everybody. Our election was corrupted. We got to do it. We got to do it do over. But we were also preparing lawsuits and some of those lawsuits. Were going to the Supreme Court. And if you remember, the Supreme Court did not take them. There were four. So I became disillusioned with the or disappointed with the state legislature then I became disappointed with the with the supreme court because and not just the Supreme Court, all the state courts and federal courts. No, none of them would take the cases. So you'd repeatedly hear people say, Oh, well, they had they say all this have all this evidence, but it was debunked in court. No, it never made it to court. The judges wouldn't take the evidence, wouldn't bring it into court. The judges wouldn't even take the cases. There's an Andrew. I mean, Richard is probably more qualified to discuss this than me. But there's a principle known as the political question doctrine. And it works like this. Let's say you, Pastor Andrew, you you vote twice. So I take you to court and I say to the judge, here's the evidence that that Andrew Womack voted twice, and then the judge will they'll they'll evaluate the evidence and they'll either convict you or acquit you. And that's a case they will take but if I go to the court, and I say You know, this person lost
their election because the whole election process in your state is corrupt. The court will not take that case. It's called the political question doctrine. The court will say, no, that's not our jurisdiction. That's a, that's a legit legislative problem. The legislature has to fix that. And so that's why the courts aren't taking a lot of those cases. And then the Supreme Court wouldn't take the some of the cases like when Texas sued because it didn't have standing. So there are all these reasons why our information in our evidence isn't making it into into court.
Adam: Wow, do I dance in the end zone now? Or do Wait, we covered this exactly.
John: I know but we didn't know about the political that doctrine. I never heard of it. No. And we knew that all we did was make the observation we'll look at this was was going on but I saw people you know, thinking that something was gonna happen I was always of the opinion that know that if these states say yeah, that election is valid. And they say they rubber stamp it no matter how corrupt it is underneath it's good to go
Adam: I agree with that done is done.
John: And that's what happened and but there was all this going on. And it ended that's why I think there's all these legislators are making these changes even though the democrats are all bent out of shape, about it, about all these changes that they're trying to make in all these states to tighten things up, because the democrats knew this thing was a scam, too and they didn't they don't want to change it. Let's just send out ballast everybody. And I find it so incredibly disingenuous on the part of the democrats who just they're just sticking their heads in the sand about this problem because it is a serious problem. It is not for them says they are the ones doing the rigging. Anyway, he does a little follow up.
Adam: We're gonna just make two comments about this clip one. The appropriate response to this clip had I played it, you would have said Oh, yeah 1000s of sealed indictments. And to know this guy sounds like Matt tie Hebei.
John: Boy, I never picked up on that. Totally. It's
Adam: I'm thinking embryo thing.
John: Oh, that's interesting. Well play the last point. Now listen for a tiny baby.
Unknown: So step one is know the legislature's aren't stepping up and facing the corruption. Step two is the courts aren't taking it. What are we left with? We're left with we the people. We have to remember that we are the government. And we've seen to forgotten and relegated being the government to some other people. No, we have to own up. And so one of my favorite things that I learned in 2020 was politicians don't start parades. They join them so we as a people have to reclaim our government we have to bring all this evidence to light
John: Yeah, yeah, good luck. Yeah. Now Yep.
Adam: You hear TV? Yeah,
John: I do. Interesting. Good catch. I don't know what meal you that could possibly be but you might be right. There may be something going on or maybe a regional acts that he's displaying, you know, I'm not sure where he's from and where this guy's from. Alright, so let's play just with that. Just wanted to get that out of the way.
Adam: We still on this on this election thing on the voting. I just want to mention the New York mayoral race.
John: Yeah, I guess where we'd be hanging cuz I have the clip. That
Adam: we're Okay, here we go. Got it.
Unknown: The New York City mayor's race was thrown into disarray Tuesday evening after the elections board released an updated vote count for the Democratic primary. Then hours later removed the new figures from its website saying there was a discrepancy. Yesterday's new vote count had put front runner Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams just over 2% ahead of former sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia. The board later explained it accidentally counted 135,000 test ballots in its latest Tally. This is the first time rank choice voting is being used in city wide elections in New York, the city is expected to release updated results today. 124,000 absentee ballots also have yet to be added to the final result, which is expected in mid July.
Adam: I love this. And there's an update this morning. So first they said oh I'm sorry. It was 135,000 test ballots, which is highly unlikely this ballot bullshit is bullshit is what it is. And then Oh, we've eliminated those but the lead has gone. His lead has now narrowed from 16,000 before they've removed the bogus test ballots to now 14,000 because they've they've counted some more stuff and they still won't have the results for another five Five days. This is I mean, please tell me Everyone sees that this is completely corrupt. And the whole this whole ranked choice voting is intended to put mediocre people in office. If we did rank choice voting on the at the in the general election, Elizabeth Warren would be our president right now. I'm convinced of it.
John: It might be right about that
Adam: stupid again, because you get mediocre people. And and, you know, just looking at some of the reporting, many Democrats would leave off Eric Adams will tell Democrats, of course, they would leave off Eric Adams, the still front runner completely completely, and then have like Andrew Yang is number one, and have the number two to choice be who they really want. Yeah. You know, and so then, I mean, the way I understand that is you have to choose your what you have to rank them all 123456 how many they are the person who's at the bottom, their votes then get redistributed to everybody except the number one,
John: you know, is the number of people right, because I had a simplistic explanation for it. And somebody
Adam: looks like this is what democracy is.
John: Guys, he had this other explanation. I've heard explanations before and I'm not I think about I'm not absolutely sure how it works. But it doesn't work well. And it's an it's an interesting and the idea was that this guy did explain this in the note. He says it's designed to prevent run offs because run offs are expensive. Yeah, and so it so it assumes that there's going to be a run off and then that's when the rank choice comes into play. And then the run offs are automatically they take place in some you doing the runoff voting when you're doing the initial voting, but they're trying to do you know what this black this black alderman is black ex cop?
Adam: Yeah. Eric and Eric
John: Adams. Eric Adams you do not want this guy to be the the mayor of he's not
Adam: the chosen one. No, he's not the chosen one. Now he's not the only white woman who's supposed to
John: be a white woman and if she doesn't get it they'd rather give it to the socialist
Adam: Yeah, anyone but the but the ex cop black guy who wants to I don't know refund the police bad idea. Bad for New York.
John: Yeah, they're gonna they're gonna railroad him out of all he's.
Adam: I don't even think he's gonna win. I don't think they'll let him win. They won't let him win. You watch.
John: Yeah, I'm getting the impression they're not gonna let him win
Adam: it one man one vote. I'm sorry. One man five votes. It the whole thing is is? I don't know. They're trying to get us used to it. But they screwed up the previous election which was a runoff. Was that was that the congressional senatorial congressional? I guess?
John: I don't know. And then this takes a fiasco. Let's keep blowing it. Keep blown when they do a crappy job of, you know, doing corruption well is not that easy.
Adam: It takes skill. People get some skill and
John: they got no skills are dumb
Adam: if you're gonna corrupt do it right. I got a number of emails from our millennial producers. Regarding several things we've discussed, and I'd like to talk about him real quick. One, you just this is from Zach. Your discussion on the show about millennials having a thing for spitting at each other? made me think of this in an earlier NBA playoff game, a Knicks fan spit on Trey young, as true as a millennial. I can't say I've ever seen it in person. But I know usually what will happen is two people exchange heated words than one person spits and then they start flailing at each other. No, no. The first person spits the other one spits back and then they start. Then they start flailing at each other. I just want to understand if it's something that's been around for a long time, or if it's new, I don't think that was completely conclusive.
John: We've never never
Adam: I don't I don't recall spitting
John: as we don't. Yeah, I do. Actually. There is an interesting millennial observation that comes from a number of different things I've noticed is that millennials are a bunch besides being Neil lists. They really do not like and we've talked about this a little bit on the show. They do not like the success of their fellows. I
Adam: have a whole note about that. So this is when you're going to you're gonna read the note I was going to read Okay, go.
John: No, I'm not going to read any note. I don't know what you're talking about your copy. You were
Adam: copied on this email
John: on this literally See the note is, you know, what I'm going to relate is the this being visibly portrayed in the latest season of the Kaminski method? Ah, yes. On episode three, one of the girls in the acting class gets a job in a, in a drama in a TV series, procedural. And she gets this job and now every nobody will talk to her. They want to invite her anything and they just hate her guts. Now, she goes and bitches to the Michael Douglas character about this. And he just thinks it's silly. That's not true. They should be happy for you. Because you got this job. It's just you don't know what it's like she says you're wrong. I'm crap to quit the class. She's That's nonsense. And so then he goes is a very good episode. He goes and talks to the class about her and how they should act and how they should congratulate her. And did all the group is gather and he's lecturing them about how that should be because he's a New York versus a West Coast. And he's, they're trying to make it seem as old as a West Coast thing. It may not be or maybe. And as he leaves feeling very happy that he fixed everything. They all look at each other and say, What's he talking about? We hate her. And it was just kind of the way to end it. And I started thinking about this. And I just I think I'm noticing this agenda course JC brought this up. And we talked about it in the show, maybe two or three years ago,
Adam: we talked about this a week and a half ago, this exact story about the Kaminski method, we talked about this episode. And that's I don't remember. Yeah, that's that's why I have a response to it. Because you're right. And we have millennial Kate from Chicago she's written in before, she's 24. And she responds to this very thing about that, that you brought up about the Kaminski method and this success. And here it is. I graduated from a large university but a very small program about 30 or so kids, I got a design degree in a very small and competitive field. No one in my class was motivated whatsoever. And the professors had basically given up on the students long before we got there, I was the first person in my class to find a job. And exactly to John's point, classmates were pissed. This is an extreme problem among people my age, I'm 24, to make constant comparisons of yourself to others, to the point where it seems people become paralyzed to try and achieve anything real at all. This is due largely in part to social media and the constant conscious slash subconscious comparisons you make all day long as you stare blankly into your phone for hours on end, over socialization is a big part of this. People feel the need to constantly keep up a shallow appearance and praise the things they see that are acceptable by the world culture, but not actually things that make any sort of real impact or make you think for yourself. I also think the sheer
addiction to social media as well as the excess and indulgence in entertainment with streaming etc. has caused a lot of people my age to become generally unmotivated. I don't mean many people my age that have interest outside of playing on their phone to there's not even anything to be achieved in their mind at all. There's a lot of jealousy in, in general among my peers. And I think it has to do with the fact that social media can trick you to make you feel like you're doing something or contributing somehow. But when you see someone actually doing something in real life, you realize for a moment that you're not doing anything at all. I don't think they notice the time that slips away every time you open up Tick Tock for two hours, I recently have been pursuing a lot of creative hobbies and start to make a bit of side money from it. It's been very fun and fulfilling for a change. But just like getting a job or doing anything at all seems to really bother people. It's gotten so bad with the zombie like addiction to social media and consuming content. I only refer to people in their mid 20s. I can't even imagine what younger people are like. And yes, I think that this is a big part of it.
John: Well, I've got more stories, okay. I'm sorry, if I reiterate the Kaminski method. That's fine. It did trigger my what I'm trying to remember and I finally got it. And I will mention that you actually, I again go back 10 years on this show Holy crap, used to rant about these about selfies and how they have affected people's mentalities and I think there's some element of that in this. This whole thing was you'd had to get the perfect selfie and you had a whole shtick that used to do about it used to be very it was very entertaining. So now you notice we haven't had any dropouts on today's show.
Adam: Yes, this is because I've moved and obviously it was always my fault.
John: No no, it was China's fault.
Adam: Oh, Do tell.
John: To I had to sign a guy over a couple days ago.
Adam: Oh, you came to that.
John: switch out you're gonna switch out the device that brings the the fiber the fiber to the Ethernet converter thingy. Yeah, yes a little bitty device. And he was sending error messages back and it was cutting us off every so often. I mean, we're getting cut off on both sides always. But this was my this was an issue and I knew it was and they came over and it turned out that it wasn't this at all. And he went to the wire he would just guy was thorough. He went all over the place and found a small plastic connector. China made that hooked up there was just like a splice or connector for the for the optical cable. It was defective
Adam: cut just a little piece of plastic probably.
John: Well, it had some some circuit has had something going on inside. But whatever it was it was defective and it was causing intermittent breaks, especially in the winter weather got hot.
Adam: You know what? Before we left we like two weeks ago, we had the cable all of a sudden would it would be fine in the morning that cable TV the internet was okay. It would be okay in the morning. And then by the time was evening, you couldn't interestingly, the fox stations didn't work. So Fox Business Fox News. I thought that that was coincidental, but the guy came by and he said Oh no. So there's some crappy cable. He didn't say Chinese. But during the day when it gets hot, then the cable you know, the cable expands. And then by the time you're at the end of the day, and you want to watch your 100 plus degrees, the cable is so expand that it's it screws it up.
John: That doesn't surprise me. Yeah. So I'm talking to this guy. And so he says, Yeah, we got you know, we're trying to expand. Yeah, I'm talking about Sonic and their network, trying to expand but we can't hire anybody. We can't hire enough people to be the tech. Yeah, I know. And I said, Well, a lot of it has to do I think I bet you there's a lot has to do with the millennials in a work ethic they have to do worth it. work ethic is terrible amongst these people. Yes. I brought this up my daughter and she's gigantic. I have a lot of jobs on IRA while she and I see you know, one or two people and the people that listen to our show. I'm sure we have plenty of millennials that know this. And you read that note from one of them. And so and so he's told me this, and he says, Yeah, he says they're horrible, he says is unbelievable. They had a guy working at the company who just wouldn't show up. And then he'd show up and say, where's my check? And then he wouldn't show up? No, he didn't. That wasn't it. He was he was he felt and I would talk to my daughter about this, I felt that I could kind of understand his mentality because there's a noodle boy thing going on here. And it went like this. The guy and the guy was straight when he's Dr. Tommy destroys is the guy. This is what he's thinking. Look, I didn't come into work today. But what difference does it make? You're not paying me when I'm not there.
Adam: This is great.
John: That's it. That was it, though I'm not there. You're not paying me. So what difference does it make?
Adam: That's a that's an interesting way of looking at it.
John: I can I can. From some perspective, I can honestly say that I say I understand it. But it's really bad. And my daughter's commented that was that's not what jobs are all about. It's not everything's piecework, it may have to do with it in inclusion of the so called gig economy where all jobs are gig jobs. Right. Right. Right. Well, are some mentality that's been put this is the schooling Well,
Adam: hold on a second. That's a good point. Because certainly from the from the Democratic Party of the United States, it has always been about 15 bucks an hour, 15 bucks an hour, 15 bucks an hour, garner the days of, Hey, I make 50 grand a year doing this great job. And I think there's an interesting perspective here that this generation has been raised on gig economy and hourly wages instead of a career working for a for a company or working in a company or starting a company as an as an entrepreneur, and not thinking of everything as a per hour wage.
John: That could be I think there's an element of that. But there's a lot of these things they all tie together a lot of it has to do with the education system, in my opinion, all of it, I'm sure all of it because I can't see parents doing this to kids. And because our kids are fairly they're more productive. But there is a this idea of like, he didn't give me a check. I didn't get a payment when I'm not there. So why do I have to be there? I don't get it is is this is not a good thing for the society. And so the combination of this of this social media thing and the laziness and the jealousy of somebody does get a job because you quit, did you? It's not that there. Are they really jealous or are they irked by the fact that you quit the team? is when you quit the team people get mad at you. Yeah. And if you're in if the team is a bunch of losers, and you quit the team and to go to actually get a job, yeah,
Adam: yeah, exactly. Then Then you're a douche. You're the douche. douche da and you're the douche. Well, that's very interesting. So the we were at a hearing in Hill Country. There's a I'm not what is the what? Kill country Hill Country, Texas.
John: I thought you were in pflugerville. So
Adam: Schlitterbahn. So here's
John: Schlitterbahn here in Hill Country Deutschland the
Adam: Oh, yeah, totally. They have a it's kind of like a mini. It's called What does it call now Good, good grocery or healthy groceries of small to small store. Imagine you took about 1/20 of a whole foods and put it into a little store and made the service personalized? Yeah, you just had some some of the higher end products that you can't get at it like an ACB. And then a lot of supplement type stuff. And so we driven by this several times, but let's go in and take a look. And it's a cute little story. You know, I didn't really pick anything up. We were chatting was one of the employees because they're all they're all trained to ask, How can I help you something you're looking for. And we're just chatting. And he says, Well, we have a real problem with a labor shortage. And we can't get we just can't get anyone to work. And, you know, our starting salary is $13 an hour. And they do have all kinds of benefits, but people won't do it. They there they refuse to come in across town. There. We had breakfast like a diner. And there's a sign on the door, looking for waitstaff. $18 an hour plus tips can't get anybody. I mean, typically, when waiting on tables, is the bare minimum, you know, 350 an hour plus tips $4 an hour plus tip now isn't tips base of 18 an hour plus tips that I mean, that's unheard of unheard of is five times the normal the normal rate base rate, and they just can't get him up. But they know I get this note from Taylor. And I think I don't know if this is a
donation somewhere along the line. But anyway, he said he says I'm a first time donor, my smokin hot fiance said to send a pic. They're very cute couple, and they're young. And so their early 20s. listening to the show has opened my mind in so many ways in so many ways. Thank you guys for that. only downside is feeling alienated from my friends who are all brought into the main who all bought into the mainstream narrative and are unwilling to hear anything that challenges that I'm working up the courage to be fully honest with them about my views, my vaccine status, etc. But I'm scared of losing them. When I went to the Tacoma meetup it gave me hope that there are others out there who I can be real with thank you guys for being a beacon of truth in a sea of nonsense. Taylor, Taylor and cute girlfriend, cute couple. These can't be your friends. If they walk away from you. That's their problem, not yours. So being scared of losing them. Yeah, that's a problem. You got to get over because you're going to lose not all you're going to lose friends for sure. Or if you know, acquaintances, I can understand how this is very difficult for young people with all the virtue saying but it's going to a meet up clearly helps.
John: Yeah, the meetups help. I think in that in that regard, for sure you can meet and make new friends the meetups are I mean the ones they do around here this one one group, sir. I can't remember his name. The Pam ham lot of hams in there kind of dry the women away but except for that.
Adam: Other than that salient detail, the hams are good. Yes.
John: It there's a lot of people you could be you could make a circle of friends develop a new circle of friends pretty easily in these meetups of Do you have the same age groups. You have a lot of various age groups. It's a problem but I don't know what to say. I would advise them just to you know, clam up a little bit. wait it out?
Adam: No, I mean, I don't I disagree into claiming it's not worth it. It's not worth it. It's a waste. It's a waste of your life. If someone doesn't want to talk to you. They adult people, adults have adult friends. They're far from the same culture or political ideology, which we don't really have the I certainly don't. But I refuse this vaccine for sure. We have people who are big friends were vaccinated the banker, the democrats vote for Biden, they don't go around arguing about that. We just just move on and talk about other things, but
John: didn't happen with your your neurological, your brain, sir.
Adam: We're in our 50s now. I think at a certain point, people get over it, but not all of them. That's my point. Like the artist. Frick and, and the Obama bots and the horses named Professor Ghosh. He was the first time Tina and I had ever heard of white privilege. You remember that? was five years ago, I think no longer. Yeah, five years, five, six years ago. We were having dinner. It's like, well, you both have white privilege had never heard of this term. And that was from Pendleton Pendleton. The guy who wrote the performative book, who was a fan of his book. Yeah, you're
John: a big fan of the guy. And then we have the
Adam: other professor, the brain professor. I think it was his wife who hated me.
John: And he'll Yeah, she did. He Oh, he had to go along with. Okay. Yeah, they moved out of the area moved to California to be more comfortable. Yeah, it was funny or things are
Adam: beautiful. Exactly. Exactly. Another piece of feedback. We played this clip on the last show,
Unknown: Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, just speaking with Mad Money. Jim Cramer moments ago, addressing reports from two weeks ago of a cup shortage,
shortage of cops, no shortage of coffee, our supply chain in our breakfast sandwiches and some items in the bakery case, you know, they
have had to ramp up staffing. And so we've had some shortages in the bakery case, that certainly is true. But you look at what we've done over the last couple of months to really get us in a much better position. And you just think about it. When you turn turn this on so rapidly, it really tests the elasticity of the supply chain.
Adam: So we were interested in Was this something with China that bought the baked goods? What's wrong with the bakery? Can they not get people to work at the bakery the guys seem to have your story straight the CEO, and we have some of the best producers in the universe from anonymous. This is from my sources a close relative I wouldn't want to get in any trouble. After hearing the report on Starbucks. During the last outstanding episode, I went to ask my relative who works there. before I was even done repeating the interview. She was laughing and going haha Who is he trying to full referring to their CEO per store hasn't had issues with the hot cups, but frequently runs out of large size cold drink cups and have to upgrade customers to an extra large for free. That's a good tip. They also switch their free water cups from one to a Starbucks logo to the same clear plastic ones anyone can get at a grocery store. There have been times they run out of straws and sugar packets and had to run to a grocery store to get some. They will be getting in paper straws soon, but not out of any environmental thing. They just can't get plastic straws. There are a few food products they can't get either. For example, there's one flavoring syrup they've been out of for over two months. The one thing they have no shortages in bakery. about that. Interesting, but then from young vilem just heard the segment on Starbucks shortages. I might have an explanation from the
wonderful world of poffertjes. You remember poffertjes? JOHN? No, I don't remember poffertjes is the little Dutch pancakes they have on a big griddle like a rack of 10 by 10. That'd be flipping them with a fork real fast. They're about the size of a half dollar.
John: Okay, you eat it with
Adam: butter and powdered sugar. We've discussed bullfinches before I think a long time ago, a friend of mine had a quite impressive company with food trucks and bike carts selling porches door to door. I've been working there I worked a couple times. Josephine the founder of Joe Joe's poffertjes. has been trying to find all ingredients from local suppliers that worked out well except for one ingredient. flour. Flour, only available imported from China, at least in the Netherlands at this time being I didn't know China was a big exporter of flour.
John: I didn't either and I'm sure they're trans trans exporters. In other words, they get the flour from or they get the wheat from us. Yeah. And then they and then they sell it. They
Adam: process it. Yeah, they're
John: processors. I'm guessing. I don't know that there's huge wheat fields. Nothing like the United States. We're a huge wheat makers, growers that grow all kinds of different kinds of wheat nowadays.
Adam: I got an A maybe the EU has a policy of sending a wheat to the but do they even grow wheat as they grow wheat in the European Union? I guess
John: I don't know when they do they grow a lot of wheat and in Europe Yeah, first they do and EU and Russia does it. So they send it off
Adam: to China for processing and those and then we get it right back.
John: I don't know maybe I have no idea. There's some something else is going on. I have a clip. Okay, this is the Italy versus China clip. This are again from the new Tang Dynasty new Tang clan,
Unknown: Italy, that's taking a step back to re examine its relationship with China. Italy is the only g7 member that's part of Beijing's Belt and Road initiative, and its relationship with Beijing has been concerning the US.
On Monday, the Italian foreign minister said that his country's relations with the US are more important than with China. He was at a news conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He said we are a strong trade partner with China. We have a historic relationship. But it is absolutely not comparable. And it does not interfere with the alliance of values we have with the United States. And earlier this month after the g7 summit, the Italian Prime Minister said that Italy will scrutinize Beijing's Belden road initiative, he criticized Beijing as an authoritarian regime and said it does not respect rules. And not only that, according to Reuters, the prime minister also expressed his concerns over Chinese vaccines last Friday, he said the Chinese vaccine has shown itself not to be adequate. You can see that from Chile's experience of tackling the epidemic
John: I don't know anything about Chile, but I guess they use Chinese vaccine. Yeah. And they don't work.
Adam: Well, easily is pissed easily is pissed at China is just what I'm hearing from Willow. You know, kind of this idea of you know, we brought in the Belt and Road, we're gonna do the big, you know, the big 5g push. And then you came in and gave us COVID. You bastards. You killed all our old people in this one small region. It was kind of it
John: was in Italy is wiped out.
Adam: Yes. Well do have older people.
John: Yeah. Was the idea.
Adam: So there's a there's a an anti China vibe going on? Well,
John: and it is only the only part of the belt road. That's the one we've talked about this because it goes right up there into the bright up to the Adriatic and hits, goes through Venice and up a little
Adam: bit further. Yeah. And they got the port there and all kinds of fun stuff, all kinds of fun stuff. They have good news. Good, good, good news. of all of the technology that we've seen. And I would say going back to when I first brought thee and I get no credit for this, I was the first person to use the Amazon Echo, as it was known at the time. We had it on the show, we were doing fun jokes with it, we were asking the book of knowledge. I said at the time, if this thing had an apple logo on it, people would be losing their crap. This is seven years ago, seven years ago, and I got rid of everything once we discovered and you knew it from the get go, that everything is being recorded. Everything is being listened to their surveillance, everything. Everything is based on advertising. The whole surveillance is really to just sell you ads over and over again. That's why social media sucks. Facebook sucks. Twitter sucks. All technology sucks. I can't hook up something to control my thermostat because you know, then then not only do they know what my usage is, they're gonna sell me green products and probably going to try and enter me into a sweepstakes so that I can they can remotely turn up my my air conditioning at night, the whole thing blows because they chose the model. And I will look at Google mainly, they chose the model of advertising and making their users the product. And so I'm stuck with you know, a D googled Android graphene Oh, s phone, which is it great.
But you have to jump through all these hoops just to not be part of some advertising scam. It's horrible. And yeah, and this And finally, why
John: I want to stop you on this ramp. But why do you have to jump through any hoops to do that? That's the that's the problem. It's such an inconvenience. They've ruined our lives.
Adam: Ah, enter former Googlers This is the CEO of Niva and E VA. This guy's name is srid hire Rama Swami. So you know it's quality technology. And they've started something new mind boggling.
Unknown: I've signed up. I'm on board. Welcome to Niva thank you for joining 1000s of other users who are here for a better search experience. No ads, no tracking just the best results for you. I don't have to remind you how far off course mainstream search has gone today. One can barely tell her the adds in, in your search begins. What started as a well intentioned way to organize the world's information has turned into a business focusing most of its resources on monetizing clicks to support advertisers. Rather than focusing on you, I'd Neela. And with your help, we are turning that model on its head by completely reimagining search search that is ads free, private, and customizable. This all starts with flipping the traditional business model from an ad space to a subscription based service that is 100% focused on delivering the best search experience for you. That's it.
Adam: That's it. So that's their promise. You get the first four months free. And then it's $4.95 a month I'm in. I'm in and you know why I'm in because I searched for the john c Dvorak test. We all know what that is.
John: We do
Adam: what is the best weed whacker?
John: Oh, he has the old test now.
Adam: I've signed up. I love the results for best weed whacker. This thing is fast. It gives you this you can tell that it's not the weed whacker or the search and just search an E is fantastic. It's it's faster than Google without the ads. I'm going to trust them for now that they're not I read through the terms of service as you know, it seems seems okay. They're not going to share your your data. Could there be a tipping point? I, I I feel that a lot of people would be very happy. I mean, searches is the most frequently performed function for me at least. And I don't use Google if I can avoid it. But there's a lot of stuff that you know, these alternatives just don't get to and they also have ads in there and I'm always clicking on some link and like a redirect Okay, fine. counted whatever. I like this. You check it out.
John: I'm looking at it now.
Adam: Can you I don't think you can do a search without registering Can you or can I have to do it later
John: I'll give a report back I'm sure it has issues I won't like but I don't like anything so fine.
Adam: I really I don't think it's I think you will do the weed whacker
John: tests to weed you out backer Yeah.
Adam: I just to me, I know I had this like, Oh shit, I'm ready for it. I'm praying for it. Tell me someone else wants it. Someone's got to want this stuff. This, this is the beginning. This is how you start once we figure out that we can actually get the technology that we want in a fair manner. Maybe we'll figure out how to do voting in America. After work on it,
John: we had to figure it out before the end again,
Unknown: we rarely
Adam: did we really I mean, As the old saying goes, if voting was actually effective politicians would have outlawed it by now. I'm going to show
John: my mood by donating to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do Oh Yeah, that'd be fine.
In fact, we do have a few people to thank for show 1360 beginning with love dame's Zelda of the turtle realm came in with $145 nice, sir Baltimore in Irvine, California. 133 33 Michael berry a in Dublin Ireland. Nice. 125 Frank burns 103 70 in sollen, Iowa, Leo Bravo. In Los Angeles, California. 100. Michael pay 100. Neil bottomly. In Barnsley, Yorkshire in Great Britain, South Yorkshire, UK, Ezekiel Goodwin in hurricane West Virginia. They have hurricanes in West Virginia, but I had one and they named a town after it. What's all this stuff doing here? I don't know. Let's make it into a town from the hurricane this bay
Adam: into a town and by the way, the best protection against a hurricane is your COVID-19 vaccine.
John: Yeah, make sure to get one. Kevin Coburn if you're going to meet a hurricane area at least, Kevin Coburn is 75 by the way, looking back on that that was probably just a snipe at the at the Floridians who aren't getting a shot as much as we could.
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On one report, but first, a written report from Dean bananas of the colonial place, just wanting to relate the story, which shows what an amazing community all of the producers have created. I gave a lucky Jewish donation last week for my niece was it's not an 18 or it has to end in an eight or something. Forget what it is. It's like a multiple of 18. Anyway, I gave a lucky Jewish donation last week to my niece Lexi to have good luck with her j h you doctor's appointment. Not only did they leave Baltimore feeling very optimistic about things. But this morning, Eric, the show forwarded an email to me offering help. I floated on air all day, knowing that I'm part of such a friendly, welcoming and generous community. It was a wonderful reminder that what we see in here on TV is not reality. Correct. And that is why these meetups are so great. All Ages, everybody can find some beauty in this. And of course it's also free, which makes it that much better. It's just a service that you all put together. Let's listen to how it went at the Michigan local one. Hello, this
Unknown: is Michigan's local negative one. We're at a canceled meetup. But we went anyways. It's raining when we got rained on but it was glorious. We met some friends we ate some pizza. Here surrounded by
Adam: facts and wondering where the circle with is blossoms. This is Dave still. Jenny also with jobs, jobs and jobs. These meetups are so good people even go to canceled meetups. Alright, here's what's coming up today our meetup in Denver the BI weekly meetup tacos birthday at 630 at city park the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Sacramento super spreader meet up at seven o'clock at Urban roots brewing tonight tomorrow the Houston hackers at six o'clock at Memphis Mexican Cantina. The government approved no agenda lowlands business meeting at race for Islam free Islam Baba kicks off on Friday. This is now fully booked. I think there's 30 or 40 people there staying the weekend. femke has done a great job can't wait for a report from that. On Saturday. The American independence and Margarita is meetup seven o'clock in Tito's in Franklin, Tennessee. On Sunday July 4, the Oregon freedom fest at greater Idaho. f ob Forward Operating Base 11am Mecca grande de estate mult Madras Oregon. Okay. Also on Sunday the my ohci Fest in Alaska Juneau time that'll be noon, the asylum in Ketchikan Alaska I love I'd love to go to that. Also on Sunday Dubrovnik Croatia meetup six o'clock Central European Time, sir Kevin of the irrigated rice fields is handling that for the rest of July the 10th, Montreal, Quebec Bothell, Washington, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Pittsburgh, PA, Anchorage, Alaska, the 11th Fort Myers, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina Durham, North Carolina, the
bottom of the Carolinas on the 14th Victoria BC Canada navia Charlotte, North Carolina on the 15th to 17th Punta Gorda, Florida, Northeast Ohio Charlottesville, Virginia Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Fredericksburg Virginia, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Havre de grace Maryland. Do you get the idea? If you're not at one of these meetups, you're clearly a loser because this is where all the cool people hang out. But even losers are welcome to no agenda meetups, no agenda. always like a party.
John: Sometimes you want to go hang out with all the things you wouldn't be triggered
Unknown: you wouldn't be where everybody feels. All right.
Adam: pesos pesos? ISOs ISOs.
John: I got nothing.
Adam: I got no ISOs No. All right, I only have two. Hopefully one of them is good enough.
John: It's nothing to just poopoo when it almost makes your head spin.
Adam: I don't like how that was cut off when it almost makes your head spin.
John: I great. Too bad and it's
Adam: all like God, so it's gonna have to do
John: just fine. It's just that he's he's a mumble mouth. He's mush mush mouth.
Unknown: Mitch McConnell.
John: I mean, that's why you know prefer if I can get y'all get a clip from Sophia with an F because she is precise. With her language. He's clear as a bell that she's the one from call me call me daddy. Poor she was the one that was split off from call me daddy. But she's not the one who made all the money. The blonde girl that made all the money and call me daddy. Yeah,
Adam: in that crazy. Was it 60 million. Yeah, now there's now Amazon apparently is purchase some podcast crew for $80 million dollars.
John: Yeah. Right Place it right time.
Unknown: Yeah,
Adam: yeah. What are we doing wrong, bro? What are we doing wrong?
John: Everything we do is wrong. All right. Well, here's
Adam: my exit strategy. My personal exit strategy. I was so happy to hear the US Senator speaking these terms. It is US Senator Loomis, who is Loomis Liu. mm is newbie.
John: She's one of the I think she's one of the Radical Republicans,
Adam: Radical Republicans.
John: I think I don't know. I just never mind what I just said. I don't know what I'm
Adam: talking could be. It could be I'm just curious. I'm Nyberg.
John: I've heard her name. I think it's a woman.
Adam: Yes, she she's new. Cynthia Miranda.
John: The new trumpers se Trump away.
Adam: She has a former Cynthia Marie Loomis veeder spawn. Oh, stay safe, is an American politician and attorney serving as the junior United States senator from Wyoming is she's the first woman to represent Wyoming in Senate, a member of the Republican Party. She served as the US representative for oming at a large congressional district from 2009 to 2017. Okay. She's only on the Bitcoin not just for herself, but also for the state of Wyoming. I like this report.
Unknown: Senator Cynthia lemis of Wyoming is the founder of the Financial Innovation caucus in Congress. She has been a major advocate for cryptocurrencies on Capitol Hill, and I sat down with her for CNBC financial advisor summit, and she told me she envisions Bitcoin in particular becoming an important component of individual retirement portfolios. She believes it can serve as a hedge against inflation as the size of the nation's debt relative to GDP hits historic highs. I encourage people to buy and hold I encourage them to say Bitcoin for their retirement for their future. And that's because as the Congress spends trillions and trillions of dollars and is flooding our economy on the world economy with US dollars, there's no way that we cannot debase the value of US dollars and limits practices what she preaches she's an investor in Bitcoin as well. I buy bitcoin and I hold Bitcoin you buy bitcoin? Oh, yeah, you have Bitcoin? I do. How much Bitcoin do you have? Well, I only have I think five bitcoins, only five Bitcoin, but she bought them in 2013 for about $300 each, so she can now add a couple of zeros to that number. And Wyoming is in the process of setting up setting up its own crypto banking system that Loomis hopes will become a model for other states as well.
Adam: So we have El Salvador Mexico now Mexican banks now starting Paraguay and now the state of Wyoming with their
John: own and and what's wrong with gold But okay,
Adam: nothing's wrong with gold. I don't think people are against gold at all, but Okay, yeah,
John: it seems like they are.
Adam: No, the only thing different between Bitcoin and gold is it's a lot easier to pay with
John: his chip off a piece of gold. Everyone has a little scales that they had to store you the scales and just go there. Okay, boom. I have two couple stories I want to get out of here. There's one that kind of irks me So long story And it continues I didn't even put a clip the whole thing because it went on was with the I don't know that this is going on just not in the national news. They're talking about Trump they're talking about oj not oj but to Cosby. And get this to mixed up the WikiLeaks story. You know, this tell me you know, this story Wikileaks, what's going on right now?
Adam: I I'd have to hear it to know if it's all I know is that Assange, his dad and brother are doing the rounds, saying we need to get him out. So that's kind of a weak story. We
Unknown: turn now to a major development in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who the US State Department is pushing to extradite from Britain. Assange faces up to 175 years in prison if brought to the United States, where he's been indicted for violations of the Espionage Act related to the publication of classified documents, which many say, expose us war crimes. Now, one of the main witnesses in that extradition case has come forward to admit he made false claims against Assange for exchange in immunity from prosecution. The revelation came in an interview with a convicted Icelandic hacker siggy thordarson. For a detailed article published by the Icelandic bi weekly stunden. It suggests the US Justice Department collaborated with thordarson to generate the indictment for Assange that was submitted to the British courts, US prosecutors issued a new superseding indictment against Assange in June 2020. That refers to thordarson as a teenager and Iceland as NATO country one and says Assange encouraged him to among other things, quote, commit computer intrusion and steal audio recordings of phone conversations between Icelandic officials. The stunden article cites previously unpublished documents and chat logs showing how thordarson falsely presented himself as a prominent Wikileaks Representative stunden reports that in fact, quote, all indications are that thordarson was acting alone without any authorization let alone urging from anyone
inside Wikileaks unquote.
John: Okay. In other words, this the whole thing is a scam.
Adam: Which was I think, our conclusion at the time.
John: Well, we knew it from the get go, but is that no is talked about any of the details. This isn't being discussed. Well, the foundation of the expedition is is based on this kid. Yeah. Yeah. And when the kids recanted, This is nuts. Bullshit. I didn't do any of that.
Adam: And this guy is still in jail, the Norwegian hacker?
John: I don't know if he's in jail or not. Right.
Adam: He might want to avoid small aviation hot air balloons is a favorite as well. Stay away from that.
John: Did I have one other little nother Democracy Now clip, which is just the head shaker is really my last one for today. And it's not necessarily uplifting, but it's kind of revealing. Okay. This is the Afghanistan update. This is our update on getting the hell out of Afghanistan.
Unknown: The US military could be just days away from withdrawing the majority of its troops from Afghanistan two months ahead of the September and 11th deadline set by President Biden. Hundreds of troops are likely to remain in the country though assigned to securing the US embassy and airport in Kabul. The withdrawal comes as Taliban fighters have taken control of dozens of districts in recent weeks, and is the top US military general in Afghanistan says the country could be headed towards Civil War.
John: Okay, hold on. It's
Adam: good riddance to them.
John: We're there for 20 years. We've trade something like a half a million people. And we walk out and then two minutes later, there's a civil war is that with our influence was worth Are you kidding me? That's exactly the story to keep us there.
Adam: That's exactly right. And the training of half a million people. As you recall, in 2003. I was embedded with the Dutch Marines at Camp Smitty. And we often went on during that 10 day period to see some of this training that was taking place of the local Iraqi so I'm sure it's the same. No, but I was in the wrong Rockies. Oh, yes. Don't think but it's the same training. complete an otter bullcrap. First of all, they give him a decommissioned weapons to use when they're when they're doing drills. And it was literally like, dot Dad's Army about faced half of them turn left half of return, right. It's a mess. There's no real training going on. That really has not been the only training is of our own troops and CIA. Two are still trying to work out how we can continue to move the poppies from the fields in Afghanistan to wherever its process, because that's why we're there. And there's a huge, you know, the, all these bases are being shut down, there's not going to shut them all down. I think Djibouti may stay around, they've got they've got to keep something open reasonably in the area to get the harvested. They're never going to leave ever, ever, ever. And we're still gonna have what half a million. What is it called contractors?
John: was not that many, but there's quite a few. It's
Adam: it's a lot. And so that's your last clip. I will leave us today with the beginning of all of this bullshit in 2001. I'm going to take you back to the man who just died. That would be Rumsfeld. He He died peacefully surrounded by his family. I have no good words for this douchebag and neither does uncle Don I can say. But this is just a little report about Rumsfeld and the shenanigans from back in the day Pentagon.
Unknown: The day before 911 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war not on foreign terrorists, the adversary is closer to home. It's the Pentagon bureaucracy. He said money wasted by the military poses a serious threat. In fact, it could be said that it's a matter of life and death. Rumsfeld promised change. But the next day, the world changed.
And in the rush to fund the War on Terrorism, the war on waste seems to have been forgotten. My oh
Adam: three budget calls for more than $48 billion in new defense spending
Unknown: more money for the Pentagon, when its own auditors' admit the military cannot account for 25% of what it already spends. According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions 2.3 trillion with a T. That's $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America to understand how the Pentagon can lose track of trillions. Consider the case of one military accountant who tried to find out what happened to a mere 300 million. We know it's gone. But we don't know what they spent it on. Chinnery, a former Marine turned whistleblower is risking his job by speaking out for the first time about the millions he noticed were missing from one defense agencies balance sheets Minar he tried to follow the money trail, even criss crossing the country looking for records. The director looked at me and he says, Why do you care about this stuff?
John: My supervisor asked me why I care about doing a good job.
Unknown: He was reassigned and says officials then covered up the problem by just writing it off. They gotta cover it up. That's where the corruption comes in. They've got to cover up the fact
John: that they can't do the job.
Unknown: the Pentagon's inspector general partially substantiated several of mysteries allegations, but could not prove officials tried to manipulate the financial statements. 20 years ago, Pentagon employee Franklin c Spinney made headlines exposing what he calls the accounting games I've all still there in front although he does not speak for the Pentagon. He believes the problem has gotten worse. Those numbers are pie in the sky.
The books are cooked routinely year after year after year. Retired Vice Admiral jack Shanahan commanded the Navy's second fleet, the first time Donald Rumsfeld served as defense secretary
John: with good financial oversight. We could find $48 billion it was changed in that building without having to hit the taxpayer.
Adam: 20 years later. What has changed we've only added zeros to the numbers.
John: Yeah, it's a mess. It bothers me the most is is that when they say oh look at our defense spending is more than all the rest of the armies in the world that makes us so much safer. I don't know that the Chinese aren't spending their money better than we are. They may get any more they get you know more. Best Price more bang for their buck. We don't know what this money's going. It's just a big number.
Unknown: Exactly.
Adam: I don't wish the dead ill. But screw you Ramy and thanks for the aspartame. douchebag he was responsible for that too. Probably a bigger killer than the Pentagon. But that's just my opinion. We will be back with you on the Fourth of July. We're working on our independence day but we are celebrating our freedom from mainstream media. Please join us for that, too. Great way to kick off America's birthday. Happy birthday to Canada. We love you. And remember to support slash na coming to you from the part of Texas Hill Country. FEMA Region number six in the gun For mental maps, and still haven't left anywhere in the morning, everybody, I'm Adam Curry
John: from Northern Silicon Valley where I remained, and there's still no sun. i'm john C. Dvorak.
Adam: We return on Thursday for another fab episode. End of show. We've got Tom starkweather. JOHN do and Professor JJ next on no agenda that Larry show with the patriotic episode. Looking forward to July 4, get two flags away, but in the morning, everybody until then, Adios.
Unknown: And such there are known knowns there are things we know we know. We are, in a sense seeing the definition of a new battle 21st century battlefield.
Adam: We also know there are known unknowns.
Unknown: Rumsfeld once said, if you were not criticized, he may not be doing much, by that measure, did quite a lot. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we
don't know we don't very successful businessmen, but even from the private sector, as the head of GD syrup, major pharmaceutical company, it was a successful business. This is the latter category that tend to be the difficult stuff happens, Rumsfeld quickly seized almost total control of America's war on terror. airstrikes in Afghanistan in less than 30 days. And in 18 months the invasion of Iraq stuff happens.
John: There are also unknown unknowns the ones we don't know we don't
wrote on the environment. $1.9 trillion
Unknown: big leagues are heading to Austin. The American cornhole league is in town this weekend. someone's getting cornhole today. Sounds like a recipe
Adam: for success. Maybe sports record, Jeff Jones got to chat with some professionals about how the game is played.
John: I'm going to introduce the rule of 33. A lot is going on in the thought process. Like what is the score? How many bags Do I have less than the round you play
Adam: right next to your opponent. The most exciting shot in the game of hornell is called the hair mill. This slide helps the board to find the hole
John: giving you that needed edge to come
Unknown: out on top. Someone's hitting cornhole sounds like a recipe for success to me. Formal is not just a game for tailgating. More than 160 players from 15 states are confused at the best part of the game. That's
John: the rule of 33 on for one
Adam: in for three. A lot of times we hit a lot of times you don't. Today trash talk Absolutely. Yep. The juniors age group is up right now. co Ed doublestar. Just tonight at seven, the first ever American cornhole organization, Blue Ridge major tournament onto one in for three displays up the board to find the hole. The rule of 33
Unknown: sounds like a recipe for success to have the best part of the game to attract someone hitting the recipe for success. The rule of 33
Adam: mopho John slash and when it almost makes your head spin
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