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July 22nd, 2021 • 3h 51m

1366: Pingdemic


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Adam: Adam Curry Jhansi devora Thursday July 22 2021. This year award winning give our nation media assassination Episode 1366 This is no agenda embracing the pink demick and we're broadcasting live from the heart of Texas, your country. fingerings number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: from Northern Silicon Valley where we can happily say that our smoke is choking the East Coast. I'm Jesse devorah
Adam: Is this the new slogan out in Cali? The smoke is choking east. That's not just yeah,
John: I see Oregon. Yeah, you know, Oregon.
Adam: I got to note that Union Pacific is experiencing big delays once again, because they had to reroute to train lines because of the fires.
John: Union Pacific.
Adam: Yeah. What Is that weird?
John: Well, I always think of it as the defunct railway.
Adam: Well, the people work there. And people,
John: people who work is not defunct.
Adam: They're doing something. Something for sure.
John: Oh, man.
Adam: What? What a crazy time Jcd we live in in crazy times. Have you ever seen it this crazy on the media in particular? This rabid, rabid rabid I mean just rabid?
John: Probably not know
Adam: what time What What time was it kind of like if I guess we never had this kind of media. So it's just this is new territory.
John: Now the media is off the rails. I mean,
Adam: just the feedback loop with social media
John: everything to kind of panicky during the 50s and 60s I think when they're having the bomb scares now the kids jump under desk the Russians Yeah, at during the Bay of Pigs where they're going to blow it up.
Adam: And that was an actual threat. That was real man.
John: Oh, yeah. That's a little different.
Adam: Yeah, just a tad. Oh, was it though?
John: Oh, yeah. You know, I think in 1957, when Sputnik went up, I think there was a panic worldwide panic.
Adam: Yeah. Okay, that makes sense.
John: We're thinking,
Adam: boy, everyone, they must be shaking in their boots. Now that Bezos has gone up. Holy crap. Bezos is a big dick.
John: By the way, but more people make that joke.
Adam: I mean, I think that we identified that very early on.
John: No we densified it we at least had to be in the forefront but we weren't doing like speed we're watching the media and you see on some stage they were actually running the Austin Powers clips.
Adam: Oh yeah, I know. Yeah. With the with the penis rocket going up into space. I know. Yeah, the two boys crazy. That's crazy. And you see it Did you watch the the launch?
John: It was it was early in the morning and so I know I saw the rerun of it What's the big deal guy goes up and comes back down wearing a stupid cowboy hat but what is with the cowboy hat and that old woman
Adam: Okay, well hold on. I have I have some analysis and some clips because it was an honor the normal time here and I watched the whole thing a blanket in all three news networks including the one I watch in the morning CNBC because you know, they have to kind of do a little bit of work for their news even though you got to take everything with a grain of salt but the everyone broke away. There's nothing else is happening but this douche going into space. And it's like, I don't know. five year old me or however old I was saying. I remember my dad get me up in the middle of night to see these dudes walk on the moon and this is supposed to be some big deal. A very anti climax
John: that was in the 90s that was 1969
Adam: Yeah, very anticlimactic went up you know Whoo.
John: Yeah, I now hope to report at the only thing I saw also at the at the end of this escapade, Wallah basis during that what is with the cowboy,
Adam: the launches in Texas, he's bald
John: cowboy. Oh, you get your get
Adam: sunburn. So you need to carry the me. You need to carry it. Okay.
John: Here's the question that I like to have and what were the metals they got at the end, this whole thing that gets themselves medals.
Adam: The official asked me now you're an official astronaut when you get a certificate. Whereas if you flew on Virgin Galactic you were an astronaut with an Asterix asterisks.
John: Did they get medals to know that?
Adam: Yeah, they got medals, but not not really an official one because you know, you weren't in a rocket. You were in a plane.
John: Oh, hold on. Let me I'm just asking because I don't have these clips. Yeah, I might. So I'm asking questions in advance.
Adam: I don't know the answer about exactly. It's just a bush. It's just a bullshit. Pain it's like a challenge coin. Yeah challenge. Okay, there you go it's a challenge coins mean something man they do boy I tell you.
John: So now let's get so means I was there so I'm thinking this if they gave this bogus pin metal certificate and Congratulations and good healthy handshake to them because they made this does that mean everybody who spends the money to take this trip is going to get that? And is this really just a marketing gimmick? Yeah, to make people think they're gonna get a nice little pin that they could wear at the country
Adam: club. Yes, yes oh horse Of course it's nothing more than that. It's very to me very unimpressive. But let me just give you an example. Even Fox, Fox News off Stop the presses everybody.
Unknown: It's a very exciting feeling. And I heard I briefly thought I heard Jeff besos say something about it was very similar to swimming when you were weightless, it is very similar to swimming. And just the view to be so far up where you no longer see county lines and state borders and borders.
John: county lines anyway, county lines and state borders and borders between state borders
Adam: shut up for a second just listen to the fucking clips shut up
Unknown: county lines and state borders and borders between countries to just see the earth as one big blue marble in the vastness of space. And here we all are. brief moment in time. Earth had everybody here except for for people who were up there looking back at all of it. So well stated. Blue Origin takes the name because baisemeaux saw the blue planet.
Adam: Okay, so um, wait, um, no, no, no, no, no, be quiet, because I'm gonna say exactly what you want to say. But I have another clip that goes with this. Just take it easy for a second. That is the incredible lie of this entire mission. Everyone's talking about the blue marble. Oh, it's gonna be great. Oh, you see everything you see the earth What now? The old lady you're talking about is Wally funk. She was supposed to be the first woman in space, you know, but of course, men screwed her over. And so she never went. And she's been training to be or she trained to be an astronaut for decades, never went up. But she was an actual astronaut without getting the pin for going until now. And even this astronaut who was trained was been trained by NASA. Here's what she said.
Unknown: And we went right on up and I saw darkness. I thought it was going to see the world but we weren't quite high enough. And I felt great. It I felt like I was just laying down.
I was just laying
down. And I was going into space. It was it was wonderful. I want to go again fast.
Adam: weight shift. Women's what happened to this clip in that? Did she say in the clip? She says she's supposed to say I didn't see the earth that I expected. She said that. Okay, I didn't hear the beginning.
John: What she said she's expected to see something she didn't see. Yeah, no, no, but but here's another lie in there. Completely glossed over
Adam: this one. There's no there's no way. How could this astronaut think that 63 miles you're going to see that? How can she even
John: be on the moon?
Adam: I mean, you gotta be like 100,000 miles out before you can see that. It may be a moment of the dose backup
John: to another bull crap lie that was in there that you missed. Everybody stuck here on Earth except these four people that were up in 60 miles up? What about the space station is a bunch of people on that there. They're not
Adam: on the earth either. Oh, oh, that's only if you believe that? The space station is up there and the astronauts are not they believe that CGI harnesses. Yeah,
John: okay. The point is, is that they're making this out to be something is not.
Adam: So how high would you have to be to see the so called Earth 200
John: miles go at least 100,000 miles.
Adam: Yeah, no, I think you hit the firmament at 73 miles of the dome, you can't get through it. So
John: the second half of show stuff says save it.
Adam: I'm really all into the firm and the firm in theory now.
John: Notice from him in theory, but I'm sure I'll find out.
Adam: You'll hear more about it. Now Bezos. Yeah, so he's all GD but his brother went with him and then some Dutch kid the son of a hedge fund manager 18 year old kid who is now the new Flying Dutchman. Forget about mcse for stoppa who is the Flying Dutchman of the moment number 33 kicking ass in Formula One but now this kid this kid has it because his dad has money and then B's those fucked it all up. I'm sorry. I've said it twice. Now he messed it up. And I when I heard this, even I cringe and like what kind of an idiot are you? I want to thank Every Amazon employee and every amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this.
John: I heard that.
Adam: No, you did not say that. Thank you little people, you little people. Thank you little people. You did it. You're the best little people. Thank you. And then after he goes, after he goes through all that, guess what else the little people of Amazon paid for.
Unknown: So after returning from his quick trip to space, Jeff Bezos had two other big surprises in store for four people today. He made charitable donations in the amount of $100 million each, to two people to friends in this program, that
Adam: friends of friends, they are my new
Unknown: rich friends that are the monies to be used, as they see fit. Their cnn political commentator, and former Special Adviser President Obama, Van Jones, and Chef Jose Andres founder and driving force behind world central kitchen, which serve millions of meals to disaster survivors around the globe. And on this program, we've interviewed him from Houston and San Juan, and I can't even remember how many other places, but both of you have just done extraordinary work. We talked to you earlier in the day, you got the call. Was it Saturday?
Adam: Now? Here's what's interesting. So he got asking them, what are you going to do with this? 100 million dollars? Not? How did you get it? When did you get the winning phone call? When did the when to demand the man in the sky looking down on you on the little blue earth you can't leave? When did he bestowed these riches upon you paid for by the little people of Amazon, just walking, walking on a path and the phone rang and it's Jeff Bezos saying that he felt that we needed to do something to support people who are trying to bring people together across racial lines, political
Unknown: lines, and he wanted to be supportive. And then Laura and his partner said we want to give you 100 billion dollars to do it. And I literally lost the ability to speak. I'm gonna sort of burying
When did you find out?
Adam: Okay, and while the chef is not so interesting, when
John: did you find now let's, let's talk about this a little bit. What was the point of giving of all people, the communist democratic operative? Yeah, Van Jones, who is pretty much drummed out of the one of the administration's Obama's, I think, by the by the public at large that were aghast at this guy. What happened here?
Adam: Okay, I have three possible solutions. I'm sure there's more one bcos I don't know about the chef guy. Bezos actually saw some of Van Jones his posturing looking like he wants to remember when he was crying and he doesn't like to divided country and so I think it was that emotional appeal that we played clips from was a big deal. I was like, Oh, my God banjos are so sensitive and he really wants to heal the country so that's possible. That bs I was just so good. This guy's doing some good the chef guys you know doing food meals, give him 100,000,008 minutes possible
John: to 5 million it would be more than too much
Adam: to theirs tax situation that he has to publicly somehow due for some something that's happening. I think that's possible. And three, there was not enough oxygen in the capsule. And he's losing his mind.
John: This is the strangest thing about the whole episode is this 100 million dollars to Van Jones. Some guy just hanging around does not like to show the millionaire that this is an old black and white show back in the 60s or whenever it was, where some guy was like, hw tipped in some gaff got his name, and he could go around and give a million dollars to somebody. This is $100 million. This is enough to start a venture capital fund. This is a lot of money to a stooge, like Van Jones. I don't mean to sweat off my boss, by the way, I guess No,
Adam: no. How about this? How about this? This is a perfect so it's no strings attached to spend as you feel fit. Now, we don't know what the real conversation was. Because that's the only question we knew I was walking along. I want to give you $100 million. And maybe Jones is saying, you know I gotta pay some people off. So I really can't do that myself. So I'm going to give you this 100 million dollars you get 50 for yourself and here's the people eating a million bucks. thoughts.
John: So you're thinking day he just hired Van Jones to be a bag man. What?
Adam: Like Van Jones isn't a natural born bag man. Hello. He's he's a bit sharp did he in his ways.
John: So how's this then what's the who is the chef By the way, never heard of this person.
Adam: He does some meals for everybody now I don't know, I
John: want to give the million bucks to $100 million to Meals on Wheels want to give the 100 million dollars to Guide Dogs for the Blind? Why does he give the 100 million dollars for press without borders or whatever that operation is? Why does it?
Adam: Why doesn't he give $100 million to stimulate podcasting? 2.00 Why
John: don't you give $100 million to no agenda show?
Adam: Well, just a thought.
John: I mean, why does he give 100 instead of giving $20 million to like a bunch of people like 10 different groups, he gives $100 million to two people. Hey, this is just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It may raise his hand ever. So
Adam: let's just say the chef, the chef is just to even it out to make it look really good. Let's just discard the chef for a moment. I could be completely wrong. It could be that he's this book. Maybe this is to create a huge political political weapon Van Jones as a political weapon. well armed everybody knows it. Everybody knows that he's got this huge wad of cash he can he can have you killed.
John: Oh, suddenly, just pat, you know, it's possible. That Van Jones because we've watched this guy, yeah, he is an operative of some sort. Sure. And the chef, they're both fronts for the CIA to pump $200 million back into the CIA, because they're losing their ass on the poppies. And that's all
Adam: chicken scratch. $200 million in the poppy game is nothing
John: nobody's gonna nobody's gonna. No one's gonna sneeze at $200 million.
Adam: Yeah, but it's not it's other ways to do that now. And maybe maybe if he were a good guy thing, you know, if I just give someone enough rope to hang themselves, you know, it could be a whole bunch of things. That's not happening. But it's
John: it's interesting folks, and Joe's gonna buy you like a $20 million home?
Adam: Has. We both have been around extreme, not rich people but wealthy people. You know how they have that sheen. That thing? Or that you just see it in them like, okay, that guy's loaded. You don't I mean,
John: you know what to do yet all
Adam: Van Jones has that now. Take a look. Within seconds. He's like, that's right. He's got his hands together kind of neatly folded. Yeah. Good for him.
John: You know what van I hear this a prediction is going to be too far out to be followed up on but I'm going to predict it anyway. Van Jones, the kind of guy he is, is going to complain about the 100 million dollars. Your burden
Adam: is such a burden. Yes. Boom. Boom, again.
John: Don't beat ya ha sorry about the booms. But they'll get off the booms after a while. Okay, but you're nailing it. So I have to go boom. Now. He's got he's going to write a book about Oh, what are people keep asking me for money my relatives are. It's like the football pitch about your quest for the Super Bowl just said
Adam: something there. That is not a gift. It's like a lottery ticket. His life could possibly be ruined. Every day, no matter where he goes. Someone's gonna co say pitch him an idea. His family's calling. This is this is this is a punishment. This is a Punnett it is the one of the worst things when people when it's a public thing. You got a lot of money. And it was free somehow. The and the amount of people who come out of the word
John: lottery analogy is another boom. perfect analogy can't
Adam: help it. But that's exactly oh my god that Van Jones has something coming if he doesn't know it yet. Oh,
John: yeah, he's got relatives or friends. They're gonna all be hanging around. Oh, my
Adam: goodness.
John: Anyway, you're the greatest man. You're the greatest and you deserve it. And you deserve the money.
Adam: It's Jeff Bezos money he can do with it what he wants. Yeah, that's fine. Fine. Sorry. That's fine by me. Now just to wrap this up, and then we need to get to our three by three days after all Thursday. Ilan musk as much as I do not like him for personal and global reasons. He is smart.
Unknown: Next up in the billionaire Space Race. Ilan musk. His company SpaceX is planning a far more ambitious civilian space flight in September. The inspiration for mission will take more civilian passengers into orbit for three full days. 330 miles above the surface of the earth, five times higher than Bezos or Richard Branson flew all to raise money and awareness for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
Adam: So he's taking the money, not from Amazon, paste it from government, but from our taxes but SpaceX commercial. He said he's, he's not going to take the money from the little people and give it to Van Jones, which is in effect, you could also it's fungible. So You can look at it that way. He say no, I'm gonna make you real astronauts. I think being an orbit is is more of an astronomic feat than then you know, hitting the the firmament there. And, and he's giving he's given money or awareness which equals money. We might even it's tax deductible you know if you can do a deal with you can do a deal with a nonprofit and say if I do this much promotion, what does that worth to you? They'll say that's worth $100,000 you can deduct that from your from income tax up now, depending on your tax situation. So he's smart. It's great like I'm doing for the kids man, not for Van Jones. That was
John: tacked on that was the topper
Adam: that was tacked on is fantastic. To
John: get the most sensibility.
Adam: Yeah, he does today for free, three, three, experiment by comparing story from ABC. Gentlemen, he's watched the news so you don't have to what's going on on the big three networks in the United States this morning? Johnny, your three by three report? Yeah. Then he's getting the three by three report his notes somehow were left back in the in the office. Then he's back now.
John: He stepped up to the plate. back pocket.
Adam: He's like my baseball
John: announcer things I've concluded that start with CBS Mm hmm. They're doing a special on farming on with the veterans farming farmer reserve some program, the veterans former Reserve Program and it was on the Arcadia farm and they had these veterans that if they had 125 of them so far, that go on the farm and he learned how to farm because they're I don't know their life's ruined and now it's come back to life and then they the farmers it was just a it was kind of a sappy story it was it was funny. A sappy sweet but it was like you know seemed like a plug for the Arcadia farm someplace back east and it was but it was a good you know, it was at least there was some interesting information it was substantive and then they have the farm they are Katie from puts a farmers market in food deserts for the for the poor. Okay, so fresh cares to people that don't know what a carrot is.
Adam: Everybody knows what a carrot is
John: as it seems that they don't go over to ABC now they got ABCs deals and steals deals and steals deals at she which used to be really the one that was heavy with the celebrity news has gotten now most of the heavy with stuff they're selling like like a cheap websites like a it's home shopping network.
Adam: Really had interesting with is there. I mean doing that around Christmas time is today
John: and Michael stray and doing housewares.
Adam: Let's have the big ex footballer guy Let's have him do houseware
John: is by and by the way, while you're watching this segment, make sure to have your phone so you can get the QR code off the screen.
Adam: It does work. Yeah,
John: well tried it. So that's ABC has been doing a lot of that stuff. So I switched over to NBC and NBC has become really a third rate operation in almost every way imaginable. And on these morning shows. It's the big celebrity bullcrap show. Big special on Woodstock. 99 Carson Daly talking about Woodstock. 99 new documentary.
Adam: I was there I was there.
John: It was horrible. Woodstock. 99. Yes,
Adam: I was at Whistler. You know, it's
John: horrible. What was horrible about it. Tell me what was horrible about it because I'm gonna tell you what, what's horrible about it. It
Adam: was exactly like the original Woodstock. There were no toilets. It was mud everywhere. It was a it was a mess. There was no place to stay. The roads were blocked for a day. It was horrible.
John: That's not the reason. I'm sorry. To many white men, only to female performers.
Adam: Oh, brother.
John: Yeah. And so then they switch to that to some john Stamos. They bring him on to talk about his favorite quote about how you should always go forward in life. And then they kind of drifted off. I couldn't take it anymore. NBC is just the worst. Well, it makes sense then that
Adam: this is the today's show. Yeah, headline today show ratings lowest in 30 years.
John: Yeah, surprised me Ah,
Adam: they used to have six seven military woke
John: they're down there woke and sick and they're all celebrity oriented. They got no news. It's just uh, it's, it's terrible. The NBC people should all be fired they should just they should wipe that everyone that's on that show to be wiped out
Adam: What are you suggesting they should replace them all your words are violence
John: and definitely get the producers out fire them for sure the wolf producers of the NBC today show you know we've got to go the whole show could
Adam: never recover from Matt Lauer they should have gotten rid of everybody then.
John: Yeah, cuz they left him Yes, it was all it was a poison it was they were all complicit.
Adam: They all knew about it. The toxicity is there. And now everyone's I mean, they can't. I'm sure people go in and they look at the doors go. Gotta go into that building. Now. that have to be someone completely different from who I am. Is my every move is watched.
John: It's an insincere operation. They should dump the whole thing and revamp it from scratch.
Unknown: Wow.
Adam: Okay, well, that was a three by threes. Your three by three. Nothing of any important important to anybody in the world?
John: No, I would say CBS still has the best show.
Adam: Yes, sir. Jean stayed over. When he said Monday night, no, Tuesday night, he came out. He has a big truck had to bring his passport to come out to the whole country stayed overnight. And this is just something I want to share with you like I wish 10 year old Adam could have seen what happened. So we're sitting on the porch. And this whole big he's a space not you know, gene is a space not be like always send me videos are stuff. And so I'm saying you know, I'm not so sure this, you know, they only got up 63 miles. What's the big deal? We had that phony baloney moon landing. I said and we all know they couldn't. They couldn't get past the firmament in the dome. And so Jean is doing his typical thing. You're convincing me with logic and math like? And then and then. And I say, you know, I'm convinced now I know for sure gene, you are my handler. And your whole existence around me is to ensure that I still have some inkling of belief in the moon landing in space at that moment did on his watch rings. He answers in some kickstarts yafa naadam in Russian. Just imagine if I was 10 years old. And that happened. That was it was it was I had to stop for saying like, holy crap. They're calling you right away. What needs to turn the fan off so they can hear better?
Unknown: Unbelievable.
John: Who's he handling you for the FSB?
Adam: I don't know, there's a lot of competing forces. For my time. A lot of intelligence agencies who want to control me, john, come on everyone's
John: show cuz they're doing it. Definitely. There's focusing on you because I have no evidence that anybody cares.
Adam: All right, let's go around the world first for a second because it's inevitable. And by the way, people saying oh, I'm tired of COVID doing
John: this, you know, yeah, we only all we do. Let's, let's let's do a couple of things before we go around the world. Let's play this clip. This is a couple of new age chicks that have a podcast. And I use the
Adam: word Woodstock. 99. Sounds like you were one of those white guys out there. All right, one of those wise we got some podcast chicks,
John: Kappa chicks. I'm guessing they're in their 20s they got a podcast. It's kind of a wild podcast is New Agey, wicked kind of stuff. Mm hmm. And they check in on our show once in a while tos, which really surprises me, really? And where is this? What is the name of this clip? It's called work but not woke is the name of their podcast?
Unknown: Oh, no agenda is a folio tastic series. It's a podcast series series. Well, dude, dissect the media, but they played media clips. And they have a huge, huge audience of people who have expert backgrounds in all kinds of different stuff. So they get like a very wide range and wide breadth of information. And then on top of that, they're playing you the actual media they're talking about. So like we said, Today, we're not here to present you that facts, but they are they're there to present the facts that they're talking about. And they're not going to really talk about stuff that they're not backing up in some way. Like times, they'll just talk about stuff, but the stuff that's important. They have all this information out there. They have lots and lots of clips of Americans, frontline doctors and lots of scientists and doctors who've been talking about this podcast back in February they were talking about things That happened last year recently. Yeah. And the things that are coming out about Fauci and the lab that exists in China and things that are coming out right now, there are emails that are available and that fox news is talking about. I'm not afraid to say that because literally fox news is talking about it. And not that that's saying much, but like, it's, it's out there. All this information is out there, go find that no agenda is really, really great. I recommend watching them or listening to them every week. Their old stuff is great. And I
recommend going back But personally, I get a lot of value of just keeping up to date with it, because they're always producing it every week, twice a week. New information, always so.
Adam: Wow. Wow. I'm very flattered. Yeah. I mean, it's the first time in my life that my soul has been crushed by being described as one of two old white two old dude, No, do not say why. She's too old. But luckily, she didn't say white. But she was gonna
John: do but no,
Adam: no, that was soul crushing, but otherwise very flattering.
John: Yeah, the two two old dudes is doesn't bother me as much as the Bible is new. It's new for me, john, this is. I'm used to it. Yeah,
Adam: it's new. Well, obviously, I'm a new old guy. I'm not at the point where people go, Oh, he's an old guy. Just let him get away with it. Now I'm still getting Yeah.
John: That's the good point. That's where you that's your breakout. That's where you pass the dome. Your assaulting. You can you know, have a cane and lift the dress in a way.
Adam: I can't wait. When does that start? another decade at least. Ah, that actually made me feel really good. I'm that's very that's so cool. Well, you know, and these are clearly Gen Z's. I'm so happy. We have Gen Z listeners. We have millennial millennial millennial listeners. Thank goodness. Otherwise, it would just be a whole bunch of old people talking on a pod line with their listeners. They call Paul
John: producer and say 73 now the
Adam: two old ham dude's Yeah,
John: it's a ham dude. Just it's really the we thought it was a benefit. And then now we look back on it. We wonder now the these were Z's, I'm sure of it.
Adam: Yeah. Ah, well, they had they hit a lot of points. Very good. Thank you for sharing. And are they on Spotify with the huge contract these
John: two? No, not yet. No,
Adam: they're doing a good job. They should they should try podcasting. 2.0 that'd be perfect for it. All right. Now let's go around the world for a second because it's circling us now in the United States. That I again, we're going to predict lockdowns coming. Also for the United States. I think New York will maybe California will be the first to go is definitely on the horizon and is definitely desired. But around the world, it's such a variety of things that are happening. And the first one is in the United Kingdom where we had the so called Freedom Day, which was accentuated, I should probably actually play that short little clip by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. coming out with this statement. By the end of September, when all over a teams will have had that chance to be double jab. We're planning to make food vaccination, the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather. Proof of a negative test will no longer be enough. So this caused a lot of people to go very mad about this. Yes.
John: Can I interrupt your stream and you can take it after this and I want to play my version of the UK. Boris Johnson clip from PBS. This is shez COVID I don't I keep making that mistake. UK list restrictions is a zinger in here.
Unknown: All remaining pandemic restrictions ended in England today for the first time in 18 months, party goers in London ditch their facemask and flooded dance floors at midnight, Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the move, even though infections in his country are growing by 50,000 a day.
Adam: So we have to ask ourselves the question. If not now, when? And though both deaths and hospitalizations, as I say are sadly rising. These numbers are well within the margins of what our scientists predicted at the outset of the roadmap. Johnson himself has been forced to quarantine after being exposed to COVID again
John: Okay, now, Johnson had COVID
Adam: Yeah, we went through this.
John: Why is he quarantining about anything?
Adam: But we went through this on the last show, we talked about
John: why now? I'm thinking, yes. So he's quarantined. He also had the jab if I'm not mistaken.
Adam: Oh, yeah, he was. He had COVID. He was vaccinated. He was he had a hysterectomy? And it
John: was, Oh, no, it was a bola. He had his balls removed. There's no doubt about that. I think they're going it putting them aside again, getting him out of the public eye so they can give them another jolt or whatever electricity. I think they're they're putting him back on track, he fell off off the rails.
Adam: Well, the problem is why what happened for him to have to go and isolate if you recall, they had been traced as having been in contact another with another fully vaccinated politician. So the rule is, is not mandatory, but you should stay home for 10 days, and they wait, no, we're going to try this new new thing. We're texts were tested every 10 minutes, whatever, it would be fine. And he had to turn that around in two hours, because the outrage was so enormous from everybody. That no not we have to say home in 10 days voluntarily, you got to do the same thing. So you think he's just hiding from the public? Well, because they were about to roll out their next weapon. And nothing is more powerful in today's society than a notification on your phone. And the 50,000 number you heard there, I think that's incorrect. The facing, so 250 1000 is pings. So 50,000 people were alerted that they had been in proximity according to the NHS, app, proximity. This is proximity stuff. This is part of the early system that they put together. So if you if your phone was near that person's phone for amount of time, and it's gotten so bad,
Unknown: that it has a name. It's been dubbed the ping demick, the UK his truck and trace app that tells people to isolate if they have been near a COVID carrier, but it's led to hundreds of 1000s of healthy people having to miss work and stay at home. Despite calls for its sensitivity to be adjusted. The Health Department is ruling out any changes. the healthcare sector itself has become a victim of the app with a shortage of doctors and nurses leading to operations being cancelled. There have been calls from the industry to allow a special exemption for medics but the Department of Health insists the app is doing its job on reducing the Coronavirus spread. Questions have also been raised if the app is actually necessary Now, given the widespread rollout of vaccines.
Adam: Now if I were trying to start a great reset, and I wanted to screw everything up, I'd make sure that I made no exemptions not for politicians, not for doctors, if you got pinged by your phone that you were near someone who may have tested positive. This is this is not a good thing. What's going on there.
John: Can I also bring up another point? You remember from 2020? In the early going, when they had the ship that came into New York, you know, they never put everybody yes
Adam: for for all the COVID.
John: And all we get all these reports of the hospitals that are putting nurses and doctors on furlough. Yeah, at the same time there was this going on, if you recall, well, there's some people go in. And people were moaning and groaning about all these hospitals. It can't be sustained. Oh, we got a furlough. All of a sudden you go from laying off like half the staff because of everything has to be about COVID I don't it doesn't make sense to me, by the way. You think you have more people not less, and now bitching about a shortage? This is this stinks.
Adam: Yes. food shortage is now predicted food shortages because of the pings, not because someone's tested positive in a PCR test. And we have to remind us, I just got to go back for a second. We have to stop for a moment. Stop everybody stop and think just go back. And let us recall all the work that was presented about the so called PCR test Kary mullis, the inventor of the test tragically passed away just before this started in 2019. He said, Fauci is full of crap from previous episodes and encounters. PCR is not meant for as a diagnostic tool. It never was never was intended that way, it should not be used that way. And certainly if you're going to use it in any kind of diagnostic setting, you cannot count anything as a positive above 28 cycles. And I'd like to remind everybody that the testing machines and the tests are also only available under emergency use authorization. These things are by no means approved. So what we certainly do not have in the field is any form of a PCR test that can determine what variant you may have tested positive with. So what you're seeing is a complete lie. The numbers all No. Can they do that in the lab? Yeah, of course. Are there these new PCR tests within specially because it's it's so specific? Are they now available for the Delta variant? No, no, the Delta variant, it may be a variant. And it may be that people who are vaccinated are creating stronger variants. It could be a whole bunch of things. But this PCR
business has to stop. It's not a valid way of determining if someone is sick. If someone is spreading.
John: It's just not. Did you just play a clip from March 2020? Oh, no, that was you talking now. Nevermind. So let's see how many messes that so for over a year, we have been bringing this up and it's well known, right? Like is the way to
Adam: this one pay off? And then I want you to continue. Bill Gates. And George Soros just both bought a major COVID tester in the UK for $41 million. Just as a side note of what's going on here. But that brings up a question as Why? Because the testing is the key to the lock downs. The testing is the key to economic instability. 10 testing
John: is the key to the big lie.
Adam: Yes.
John: Because it was a lie. So that's been going fine. Why did they have to buy them?
Adam: I don't have the answer to that yet. Okay. But we will, you know, the America's frontline doctors filed a lawsuit against the HHS claiming that the HHS is hiding the true number of deaths from the vaccine in the United States, which they pegged at 45,000 people and in the documents that I put it in the show notes it's a very interesting read. It's not hard I mean, what they're really saying is PCR tests are bullcrap. Hold on, I have the habit actually hear. The PCR is bogus. The emergency use authorization is illegal because there are viable alternatives the lying about you know, the functioning of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc. And they also have direct from the CDC. They have documentation that says I can actually pull it up here that if you are unvaccinated by the CDC, the standard for your test will be 40 to 45 cycles. If you are vaccinated, the standard goes down to here it is 235 cycles, depending on which test you have.
John: So there's zero Central, they're
Adam: literally making it more statistically more possible for vaccinated people to not test positive with this so called test in this and of course, you know, hey, we're just old dude. What do we know? Now we've been around, we've read some stuff. Another reminder, was it 2012 the National Defense Authorization Act which nullified the capability for the American government to use propaganda on its own people the Smith mundt act it was removed taken down struck and annihilated all of this could be propaganda and completely legal. This is why you indeed should there right from that, from that podcast awake, but not what they they need to go back and listen to some of our older episodes where all of these things were discussed?
John: I did of course, I always don't recommend that.
Adam: I know. I know. I know. But it's a series we have a series of very long series
John: long series in syndication long
Adam: enough to be rich and not working john, what did we do wrong? So we
John: just need to continuously keep that name that they said no agenda should be no money.
Adam: We need to keep this in mind that that this entire Delta variant, it what is a lie is that they can give us exact numbers on how many people are testing positive with the variant. This is all lab stuff. You know, yeah, they tested in the lab. It looks more contagious. But the the media is incessant, just in its blanketing, it's, they call it flooding the zone. With this type of information, and people are pulling away from the media as we see that people going away from the today show, they don't want to hear about it. In fact, there's probably more chance that people want to listen to complete conspiracy. Crap, just to not have to hear what those people have to say,
John: Ah, there another one. I'm almost I'm not gonna do it.
Adam: It's a triple boom get handed to me. Boom.
John: I think you nailed it with that. That's a fact. Yes,
it's a hell of a lot more entertaining to listen to Alex Jones than it is to listen to NBC.
Adam: Yeah. And then and you find stuff out like, why is it why the frogs are gay to various education? Well,
John: no, she covered that joke about that. But
Adam: yes, lots of stuff. And majority of what Alex Jones has touched on in his own unique way, has has been very accurate. And certainly a lot in the right direction. Now let's see what other devastation we can create in the world
Unknown: back now with the possibility that the Tokyo Olympics could be canceled at the last minute. Men in charge of the games is not ruling it out. We learned overnight that eight new COVID cases are being linked to the games and there's been a sharp spike in cases across Tokyo in the last week. Many athletes from the US and Europe are not following social distancing rules.
John: linked to the games, there's been no games. So how are they going to be linked to the games? Well, it's
Adam: people at the training camp and of course, you know, our best competitors are not now can't compete because they tested COVID passive on the PCR
John: thing gambling.
Adam: But meanwhile, meanwhile, I don't understand why what the Fauci Brown shirts, didn't come in with their batons and crack some heads at game six of the NBA in Milwaukee. The future starts now.
65,000 people in the parking lot?
John: Yeah, I know. I saw
Adam: 5000 How come they didn't go kick their ass? I mean, that's a super spreaders event, super spreader event. But somehow it's not.
John: No, that never gets to bring brought up. But I do like the snide remark about Dr. Fauci
Adam: crashing at home. Yeah, well, now.
John: Which, by the way, I'm sure they I'm sure that a now one of the sports caster was was reprimanded for saying that, maybe, maybe? I would think so. Because this is this is making light of the crisis.
Adam: Yeah, yeah. If we were running the show, we'd have to call him in.
John: Yeah, I behind the beat right there in front of his cringing probably the two of us that have to call him in. So it'd be a minute or two against one like, hey, Bob, look, this
Adam: is not just coming from us. It's actually coming from the board and some of the shareholders. They really I
John: always bring that bullshit in right at the top, the shareholders.
Adam: We have those activist shareholders this is this is not us, man. Okay, it's not us. It's not us. And we kind of you know, we know where you're coming from. But do you like your job as your wife like the house, this is our recommendation in in Australia or New South Wales, which is where Sydney's locked down. The people are in their houses like dogs like dogs, I tell you, this is the chief health officer from New South Wales
Unknown: law studies in human nature, to engage in conversation with others to be friendly. Unfortunately, this is not the time to do that. So even if you run into your next door neighbor, in the shopping center, in the coals, washer, causeways, or Aldi or any other grocery shop, don't start up a conversation. Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others. Even if you've got a mass. Do not think that affords total protection. We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives, we do not come into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk.
Adam: So shut up. She's literally saying Shut up, don't speak. Masks. Don't work. Wear it. But don't
John: talk. What kind of sickos run that country. This has got to be cultural.
Adam: Well, so I'm in touch with the SIR Chris Wilson. Who now he says quite quite insane what's going on. But here's what you won't hear reported from the Health Minister that health. What is health? official? rats, says sir Chris, all throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. This is not the mouse play. My ham radio buddy who's also a pest dude has these guys baiting now seven days a week with the shutdown they've ceased construction work the rat population The city has exploded. Yeah, no people activity to disturb them. So they're breeding at a higher rate, the cost of rat poison is more than doubled and is in relatively short supply. We're 15 minutes from the city and have a problem here with our with a lot of our bait gone and just a couple of days, I would hang around a week or more usually would be around a week or more before they'd eaten at all. And he ends assess by saying, I guess that's what you get when you live on an island penal colony and ultimately ruled by a lizard on the other side of the pancake. Yeah, rats.
John: About a month ago they started this just started cropping up in the news mice.
Adam: Yeah, but that was real.
John: That was a that was a day show. Yes. And they showed movies of these mice norbar film of these mice.
Adam: That was not a New South Wales. This is truly rats this that was a whole day. Yeah, but
John: that's different. I mean, yeah. Devices different than rats.
Adam: Yeah, rats is neurones. Yeah. But now, that's what happens when you shut down a city. And when the rats leave, then you know, it's all over Sydney.
John: It's they've eaten everything
Adam: is really it's
John: grinding away on it as we speak, and disgusting. And you can blame the government and the health ministry in Australia for all this, this is terrible.
Adam: But just just in breaking news
Unknown: back now with the possibility that the Tokyo Olympics could be canceled at the last minute. One of the men in charge of the games is not ruling it out. We learned overnight that eight new COVID cases are being linked to the games and there's been a sharp spike in cases across Tokyo in the last week. Any athletes from the US and Europe are not following social distancing rules.
John: They having sex?
Adam: Yes. Was this what you do this? They remember they always hand out condoms at the Olympic Village. I was a big deal four years ago. Do you recall five years ago?
John: For it's always for now we
Adam: skipped a year. Oh, that's
John: right.
Adam: Yes, it's five. All right. I don't get to. It's okay. JOHN. I don't get to lift up skirts with my cane.
John: Oh,
Adam: now let's let's see what the vibe is here in the United States. We you really you really need to take this vaccine there. There's just I mean, the things that are being said there was this was fantastic. It was Monday morning. 11am. Eastern, so 10am here for almost a full hour on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. CNN had Fauci talking about the delta and the Vax Fox News had a pre taped interview, which they rolled out in segments throughout that hour with Collins Fauci, his boss, and MSNBC had Collins himself on live for almost an hour, blanketing the so called news airwaves with Delta variant vaccine talk of which we know the Delta variant numbers are bullcrap, because there's no test for the variant. And this was just an onslaught. Now, is that coordinated between these three networks? doubtful. Is it a masterful job by whoever's doing the bookings? And yes, yes, that's it that trifecta on three networks at the same time, the same slot, very impressive. And we have our politicians to help out as well. This is the current mayor of Chicago, Barry Lightfoot,
Unknown: the mayor of Chicago was warning of new restrictions if cases keep rising. I know many of you are enjoying summer in Chicago, and the return of our iconic fairs and festivals. But that doesn't mean this is a free for all. And if people can skip out on being fully vaccinated, and not following common sense guidance around gatherings.
Adam: You can't skip out on a man you can't skip out on them. So what do you do? Well, depends on who you're working for. But you have to go to tick tock. And you have to tell the people what really needs to happen because this is this. We got to stop these people who are not getting vaccinated who are taking this free ride. Gorgeous, who the who think they can get away with this, who think they can get away with this, but we know what to do. I'm sorry,
Unknown: this is what we have to do. It may seem very controversial to some people. But the reality is that we now need forced vaccinations on the unvaccinated population. If not now, at some point over the next year. We are going to have to use force to vaccinate those who would otherwise
delay and make impossible the herd immunity that we so desperately need. How do we go about forcing these people typically become vaccinated or to volunteer or to be physically held down and vaccinated? I don't know. But what I do know is we will probably need the police and the army. And the community to come together and to knock on some doors and say, Look, guys, you know, time's up, and it's time to have your job. It's not going to be pretty, but I do think it's the moral thing to do. And although some conventions prohibit it, I do think we can work through that.
John: Oh, yeah, some conventions prohibited. Who is this douche
Adam: a tick tock douche? That's what I'm saying this but this is a tick tock douche. Well, we
John: don't know now really see it from Britain. He's not from Australia. That's a British accent British. Yeah.
Adam: But it's it's in general you're getting this now. It's flowing over into whether it's planted purposeful or just influenced that way. It's, it's, this is what happens and it's create now now you're getting to a point where you're creating problems and people are standing up. There's, you know, the mandate for vaccination in schools is almost unanimous amongst I would say amongst the M five m unanimous. Well, this is just logical. But of course we got to shoot these kids, of course, super spreader events. They got a vaccination. don't gotta do it. And in Orange County, which I think is is that like a spot a blotch of red in California, Orange County.
John: So there's a couple of counties down there that are red, Real Housewives
Adam: was shot there. look pretty conservative to me. This is a mom, who is angry about the mandate, the mandate, mandating a mandate the mandating vaccines for her children, and I only clipped a minute of it. And I'll talk about the rest of that she did she mentioned but this is one way you can do it.
Unknown: rights attorney late last week, I am informed a meeting occurred between Orange County Health Officer Dr. Clayton shell and Orange County Board of Education Superintendent alma haras, during which time they apparently tried to find a way to quote sidestep and entirely remove informed parental consent for the COVID vaccine, and also turn orange county school campuses into vaccination centers. The COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental medical protocol authorized under the emergency use Authorization Act. And as such, you cannot mandate it for anyone, nor can you sidestep informed consent. There is a reason that kids cannot smoke drive, drink, have sex, vote or die for this country. And it is because the law says they lack the capacity to understand those decisions. And that applies here more than ever. Hear me loud and hear me well, we will not be morphing our school campuses into COVID vaccine centers for delivery of an experimental medical protocol that killed every damn ferret in the last animal study they did until such time they had to abandon that study. And then and then they didn't even do the study this time around because we are to study.
John: Yeah, we are this study. Yeah. She was she was one of those women.
Adam: Yeah. Well, she goes on to point out some very obvious things. And I've put some documentation. Sarah has been sending me some good backup on that to put in the producer Sarah in the in the show notes. You know, in history, we've had situations where groups of people are not allowed to go to restaurants, cafes, theaters, music halls, swimming pools, libraries, theater. And you know why that was? That was because they were afraid that they were that groups of people were spreading disease. Let me see the disease. Of course, it wasn't a COVID. But you know, that good and most prominent group of people was and who this order is for from 1942. It's Jews in France.
John: But disease were the Jews spreading in France,
Adam: none. That's the point. But because the Jews were dirty, and they were spreading disease, it's the same tack same thing, same tactic. And now we have this one, which is you probably saw this, and this was published everywhere. Dr. Brittany cobia when you spell Brittany br YT any Why? What is up with that? What is up with? Wow, Britney? I'm gonna call her Britney. Dr. Brittany cobia said Monday that all but one of her COVID patients in Alabama did not receive the vaccine. The vaccinated patients, he said just needed a little oxygen as expected to fully recover. Some of the others are dying. I'm admitting young healthy people to the hospital with a very serious COVID infections road cobia a hospitalist but as a hospitalist. Why, what is a hospitalist? Is that an administrative function? No. Anyway, I have never heard the word doc until this moment. a hospitalist as she wrote this in an emotional Facebook post on Sunday. Club it one of the last things they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine by hold their hand and tell them I'm sorry, but it's too late.
John: What a crock of crap. Dad is from the hospital this spell dry.
Adam: Hospital is where the Why? Yeah. That's crazy, man.
John: Wow, that's pretty sick. Let me read this. Just because you're, you're taking over, you're on a roll. I
Adam: got more I'm just structuring. Now you're
John: gonna you're gonna go right back to it after I read this note is my producer Michael, an average for California is at 9.5% intro bar is the average people that have have antibodies in California is 85.9% total population. I know it's based on blood donations, only a small percent, but this should be mean herd immunity already in California is because the blood banks have been taking all the blood that goes this is based on blood that goes in they tested for COVID. They've been told by the government to stop testing
Adam: Yes. And what are those tests anyway?
John: Well, they when they test the blood for a bunch of things, when you give to a blood bank, why did the Why are they stopping the testing? For obvious reasons. They can't have a number like 85 because that's way past herd immunity if 85.9% of the populations.
Adam: Sorry, I'm sorry. Did you not get the memo? herd immunity can only be achieved by vaccination, not by antibodies. What do you what do you think your doctor shut up? That's literally what's being said now, john? Not that we haven't been tracking it. Seriously, it? I think it's in one of these clips. Let me see. This is about long hauls. Let
Unknown: me see a lot of talk. We have been over the past year in the pandemic about people who have long term effects these long haul haulers. So I guess you would know if you're feeling some effects over time. But now they're actually trying to develop a test that could tell you if you're a long haul
exactly that. So as you know, in the emergency rooms the most, most often than not, I'm treating acute or new symptoms of COVID-19. But recently, there's been more and more patients that are coming in with chronic or long term symptoms associated to COVID-19. And scientists estimate that up to 30% of people who have COVID-19 continue to develop symptoms four or more weeks after their initial diagnosis. And these symptoms can be variable. They can include symptoms of fatigue, mental fogginess, difficulties with sleep, intermittent chest pain or shortness of breath, digestive problems, some patients even have changes in their menstrual cycles. And some even have intermittent fevers for reasons that we can't immediately identify. And you know, what scientists have found specific antibodies in blood testing of patients with long haul symptoms. And these types of antibodies are a little different. They actually attack normal healthy cells. And in science, we call these auto antibodies. And they're developing a test for this. It's new and it's preliminary, but it might be available and accessible as early as this winter. To help patients answer The answer the question, do I or do I not have long
Adam: haul syndrome? So now we have auto antibodies. It's strange. Some people have antibodies to try to kill yourself. Seriously, this
John: guy's ever led up with the bull crap. No, no restless report. Oh, okay.
Adam: Well, this is the whole idea of a panic is good for everybody, including the news media, because it creates engagement for their whatever they're doing. punishment. But if you take this into account, this is a vaccine Program Director, his name is David bower. And he's going to tell us about the antibodies in immunity message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine those
Unknown: who've had two doses have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies. Now these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place. And so we found that that's less for people with two doses. We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer job, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood. And perhaps most importantly, for all of us going forward is that we see that the older you are, the lower your levels are likely to be. And the time since you had your second job. As that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be. So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon,
John: especially this new kill the old stirs.
Adam: Now let's think about this logically. What he's saying is that when you get the Pfizer Omer derner he said specifically, though, I thought he said, he said Pfizer. He did not say Madonna, let's double check. This is important for Johnson and Johnson COVID. Oops, that's not the right clip. Alright, I'll take your word for it. That when you take the Pfizer vaccine, when I'm sorry, we need to stop using that term I've decided when you accept the Pfizer vaccine, you don't take anything you're forced on you You did you deny, and when you accept the Pfizer vaccine, you're it creates your antibodies, but your immune system diminishes. And so the solution to your immune system diminishing is to give you more antibodies, while at the same time, I presume diminishing your immune system even more or keeping it at low levels. How does it make sense what he's saying?
John: It doesn't make any sense at all. Thanks, guys, Google. These are evil people.
Adam: The signal has gone out john, the bad signal has gone out, it's time to get everybody pumped
Unknown: for the boosters Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is less effective against the Delta mutation compared to the original strain of the virus. That's according to New York University researchers who looked at blood samples and lab. Their study suggests people who received a single shot may need another one. The study says the vaccine is only 33% effective against the new variant.
Now this study has not been peer reviewed. J and J. month it showed its shot was effective against the Delta mutation at least eight months after it was administered.
Adam: Okay, so when we hear 33 we know it's a signal. And the signal is the boost is on even if you had j&j go get a Pfizer because whatever that stuff was, is not good enough. You need Pfizer you need some Pfizer, you know if you had anything but you know if you had to Pfizer's get a third Pfizer. The boost is on it's necessary. 33 the number has spoken msnbc let's talk to board member of Pfizer, former second director of the Food and Drug Administration responsible for approving vaccines. Dr. Scott Gottlieb,
Unknown: that might be the case that after a third booster you get a much more durable immunity, it might be the case that this becomes an annual vaccine. The length of protection is only about six months to a year from from infection, you get residual protection against hospitalizations, and more severe outcomes. But if you're going to protect against infection, that protection may not last in perpetuity.
Adam: Come on baby, bring it on boost maybe every six months, every six months
John: is an aside. We're talking a little bit about this on the D h unplugged show.
Adam: Now I haven't heard it yet.
John: And Horowitz brought up this point because it's like this. It says I'm the one promoting on that show. And here to that Pfizer's bunch of marketing geniuses because they find a way to get their name above Madonna. And it's one thing after another and they're doing all these things in schools, they want the 3/3 shot for shot and now every year. He proves a point. Why is Pfizer stock soaps doing nothing? Well,
Adam: the news Well, okay, Pfizer stock is doing nothing really?
John: Yeah, it's just flat. We have it on our game. It's pretty much just done nothing since the beginning of that whole thing is it doesn't make any sense. My my suggestion was there's something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. And then Pfizer's in trouble. Well, the
Adam: only thing i have i does not involve Oh, I'm sorry. Yes. Okay, so I have two stories. One is the story that no one gives a crap about and that is the $28 billion that the United States government wants to sue. The pharmaceutical companies want as a penalty for the pharmaceutical company's role in addicting Americans in the opioid crisis. Pfizer is not in that Johnson and Johnson is in that, and no one has talked about it. By the way, it's only $28 billion who gives a crap. And of course not no one's going to jail. You know, no doctors, no pill Mills is just as pay the fine, but this may be part of it. There's a big law firm, and this just came out. That was now it says their their networks were compromised. So they had a cyber hack. I think that they're trying to soften it somehow but saying yeah, it was ransomware but their clients are Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer, Home Depot and Exxon. And this may be something that's been known it It may be out internally, it could be that I don't know if there really wasn't ransomware because typically the reporting comes with numbers and an outrage and Bitcoin hate and Fudd and, and now it's just very much on the sly. And you know, with farmer they are basically just law companies with a chemical bins out in the back. That's all they do. Interesting and marketing of course I mean that's that's marketing is marketing is that let's go to back to a sticking with
the marketing. Let's go to Dr. Vin Gupta. Now this is no relation to Jose, although it looks the same but that's just me being an old dude and racist. He was on Shep Smith, Shep Smith, third, shift, shift, shift Smith from now on Shep Smith heard everybody.
John: Smith that's a great name Smith. Jeff.
Adam: Shep Smith heard everybody here in the morning. Let's get to that. Shep Smith are nimbin Gupta,
Unknown: Dr. These new questions about the effectiveness of j&j is vaccine against the Delta strain. This this new study you should should the nine or so million of us who got the j&j single dose mask up now and 95 style until we know more?
No, Chef good and good evening. I would I do think it shows that it's hard to believe that one dose of j&j is equivalent to two doses of Pfizer or two doses of Madonna. This is where I would like the CDC, FDA.
John: Have to start that over. Because that is ludicrous, doesn't make you blind is a totally different technology. And it's just it's not like volumetric ball, it's hard to believe you're that one is good as to when it's not, it's not even it's like comparing apples and oranges. It's like saying, Oh, it's hard to believe that one apricots is as good as two cherries. It doesn't make any sense with this guy saying the guy should be shot on the spot.
Unknown: Doctor, these new questions about the effectiveness of J and J's vaccine against the Delta strain. This this new study, you should should the nine or so million of us who got the J and J single dose mask up now and 95 style until we know more? No sepka and
good evening. I would I do think it shows us that it's hard to believe that one dose of j&j is equivalent to two doses of Pfizer or two doses of Madonna. And this is where I would like the CDC, FDA and especially the A CIP committee when they meet later this week, to at least allow one dose change aiders to get a second dose of Pfizer and Madonna if they so choose, because we know from what what's happening in April our mind doctor, you know that I
know and I will say one dose of AstraZeneca very similar to j&j when combined with Pfizer materna has it has a tremendous effect in terms of protection antibody level that are generated so it's just one shot changes should be given the opportunity while we complete our clinical trials. You had to
wait six months you want it if one of your loved ones who had co morbidities had gotten the j&j shot would you say go get a Pfizer and Madonna here's how you do it. Oh, I'm already telling my patients to do it if they can get access
John: isn't this insane? If they can get access it goes like this you go to the doctor say I get my j&j shot I want to shout to Pfizer the doctor goes hell no What are you nuts that's what a doctor should say.
Adam: But so the things that are baffling to me we went right away
John: I can't tell you because I had the news the first I saw the news the guy doing this a couple of weeks ago I talked about it but I think I should top off top off with I have a j&j shusha top off with Pfizer I can't tell you how much this disgusts me is not a gas tank because yes we're getting when they first started talking about these these vaccines they made a stink about
Adam: it has to be 100 and 100,000 degrees below zero transported in special refrigerators that we bought for several billion dollars which later turned out to be you know, we can just put it into the Yeti cooler it's okay
John: to give us that and then you can't mix and match you had to wait three weeks exactly to the day and if you went overtime, you may have to get another shot. And you can't mix this with that you can't even mix them your dot murder Madonna with the visor let alone top off but now they change it it's just with no evidence of any reason. This
Adam: is just a free for all.
John: This is outrageous. The public should be pissed off about this. I sure I just irks me to no end.
Adam: Here is Yeah.
John: Continue my friend. I am with you.
Adam: I was actually I was gonna look for something else to jump in there. Okay, we'll go now to what is this? This is a good morning america. Dr. Darian Sutton, that question that has been asked many times and this would actually be something One thing you could discuss on th unplugged.
John: Let's get some questions here from our audience, the first one up here, why do I still need a vaccine? You've already had
Unknown: COVID-19? Great question. probably get it every day. So bottom line is that if you had natural infections with COVID-19, the immune response is variable. Some people have a good robust response. others do not. And right now we don't have any good way of telling. So our recommendation is that even if you've had COVID-19 to get the vaccine to get that robust, protective immune response.
Adam: I mean, can you believe it? They're just telling us things. Well, I guess what he could have said is, you know, you've had it but with you, your immune system is healthy, we need to give you a shot so that you have antibodies, we need to suppress that immune system. Couldn't get that thing down a little bit. You're way too healthy for the next lockdown. We're gonna have you a little sickly to put you inside.
John: Well, that's what the earlier clip indicated. Yes. The one you play where the guys is where you get this shot, your immune system gets shot down, you're
Adam: screwed. I can't I can't overlook that. He said,
John: I can't believe these people.
Adam: Well, and then explain that this is one of those shot in the wild is seven seconds. It's wild TV sound, too, but you can see it was on television. And a quick news report. And I don't know if this is a gaff, or if this is actually might be an unnecessary medicine.
Unknown: And Australian biotech company has developed a new treatment it hopes will prevent people dying from COVID vaccine.
Adam: And I think about them like well, it wouldn't be a new story to say they've developed something to hope people will be dying from COVID variant. That's not a new story. That's what the vaccines are for.
John: So I think this was not, you know, we've been collecting these switcheroos Yeah, it didn't sound like for people out there where they accidentally say vaccine instead of virus. I think this was exactly what it what it said the vaccine is killing people. In fact, it numbers now that they're up to 12,000. They light latest I've been
Adam: well, this is what it was 11,990 on Sunday, I looked it up on the show. There is a story, which Alex Berenson reported and we've Alex Berenson says that I'm very inclined to believe it that that number was chopped in half on in the various database doesn't show it on what I have down to 6000 cash I wish I had the buy. We were talking about dead from the vaccine from the vaccine. Yeah, down to six to 6000 saying that, well, you know, this was this was really that that we've sifted through it. That's not right. And at the end of the day, they believe that only truly three people have died from a COVID vaccine. And Surprise, surprise, those three all had Johnson and Johnson.
John: Just great coincidence.
Adam: Not so even now everyone. Everyone's career is on the line. You got to you got to pick your party you didn't got to choose. Are you on the I on the side of the vaccine or what? The Jerome Adams, who was he was our Surgeon General under President Trump.
Unknown: He had to come out and say some former Surgeon General Jerome Adams weighing in on mask wearing tweeting the CDC guidance was premature and wrong. He added instead of vaccinate or mascot, the emerging data suggests CDC should be advising to vaccinate and mascot in areas with rising cases and positivity. Oh, he's he's just trying to keep his voice in there.
Adam: I was a good guy. I couldn't help it. I was withdrawn. And Delta very well Delta variant is raging. Somehow they knew to be on the lookout for this one
Unknown: this morning. A hospital in Houston is reporting its first case of the lamda variant of the Coronavirus strain shown to be more transmissible first discovered in Peru last summer.
John: Yeah, they're trying to push this lambda but the problem with lambda is that it's not easy to save spell or pronounce it or pronounced or say say it's not
Adam: definitely
John: not as punchy. It's not as punchy delta delta is when there's so many sororities got delta and delta alpha delta cy delta delta delta it's got a it's got a hard D and A t isn't
Adam: hard could also the the Delta Airlines was just tired of it. Come on, man. Let's do a lambda Hey, call up call up that guy Daesik over at that research firm that you know the go between for the gain of function research call that guy let's make it lambda variants. At least we can get this delta off the books. It's killing me over here.
John: Now. You're gonna continue but I want to just mention that I do have because nobody put it on the air. The complete Yes,
Adam: back going forth. That's exactly where I was going. And I'd lead you right down that path. And you
John: between Fauci and Rand Paul. Yes. If you listen to the mainstream media, you saw Rand Paul say a couple of nasty things to Fauci on the hearing, and then fascist says you're a liar.
Adam: Well, I would like to play two clips before we play that. And I'm glad you got that. So we should probably just set it up. What the in a nutshell, what is happening is Rand Paul has asked Dr. Fauci repeatedly if the if the, the NIH or specifically the NIH D ay ay ay ay ay lmnop that he is in charge of has funded gain of function research, which is very well, it's actually it can be a very broad term, but in this context, we know and we've seen, like some small number $3.7 million contract and I went to this third party, was it bioinformatics to get the name of the company
John: is mentioned in these
Adam: clips. And, and then he was doing gain of function research. And it really isn't even about where it was done, per se. But you know, the idea is that it was this gain of function research was done. And at least some of the some of it may have done in Austin, for I know, so it could be in Manitoba, but a portion of it was done in Wuhan. And that's where we might have had the lab leak. So it's truly about the gain of function. And what Fauci is, is the way I see it, he's playing word games, to say, well, NIH never funded gain of function research, which is true because it was through an intermediary, does some other trickery the way he's answering or stating things that that is, even, he may even be technically correct in the long run. But the look of this is very bad for Fauci, especially since Rand Paul has gone back now in this latest exchange, and has in effect given him the chance to get out of this lie which Fauci is holding, steadfast to. And now, Rand Paul is saying, well, I just filed papers with the Department of Justice. I want Fauci arrested because he lied to Congress. And that from a PR standpoint is is sucks if you're fancy, but listen to how the mainstream the M five M is reporting, it will start with Don Lemon Senator Rand Paul, he tried to make Dr. Anthony Fauci into his personal punching bag today, as they went head to head over the senators bogus claims at the National Institutes of Health somehow played a role in funding research
that led to the origins of the pandemic. Do you see what he's doing here? This,
John: what he does, he's
Adam: omitting the gain of function piece. He's completely beat. It's not gained to function research know, the story that they're running with his friend Paul, is he saying that Fauci funded people to do that in the lab to create a bio wet whatever they're saying, it's not what the story is claims at the National Institutes of Health somehow played a role in funding research that led to the origins of the pandemic. And Dr. Fauci Yeah, instead of financing played a role. Thank you. Good catch was definitely not having this disingenuous, dishonest Don Lemon. Doctor, okay, so we don't have to go to that. Then ABC America this morning
Unknown: heated exchange erupted on Capitol Hill between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Paul accused Fauci of lying to Congress about funding research at a lab in Wuhan, China. Dr. Fauci fired back up Did we miss
Adam: again that it was what I thought it was gain of function research. They can't bring themselves to say it. And I mean, is this seriously because it's these are scripted people. But it's that's what it's that's the level that they're they've gone cross network and said, Okay, we're dropping gain of function. We don't want to mention, the main topic of the debate is gain of function research. And we're just dropping that from our reporting.
John: And we have to remember that gain of function research was banned in the United States. And
Adam: in fact, Fauci is on record. We haven't played it, please on record in video saying, well, that got stops, we had to find other innovative ways to get around funding it. Yeah, I mean, it's, it's out in the open, it's like it's red. Now it's blue. It's red. Look at it.
John: Alright, what I want to go I want to play is the actual I have a two parter three part version of the rampaul further, okay. I've got actually the the actual testimony on both sides and the argument and debate that went back and forth in three clips and then I have a follow up where Rand Paul comes on With one of these obscure Fox shows and explains in detail what the hell's going on, good, none of this, of course is covered by the mainstream media at all. And we
Adam: take up our valuable time to show this
John: you so right. And so I decided that well, we should play the whole damn thing. And that's why I cut it into three, the whole back and forth between Fauci and Rand Paul, because it's actually educational at the same time. It shows you what a bunch of dicks that the mainstream media are, because they won't give us the facts. Let's start with new Rand versus Fauci part one, North Valjean,
Unknown: as you are aware, it is a crime to lie to Congress, section 1001 of the US Criminal Code creates a felony and a five year penalty for lying to Congress. On your last trip to our committee on May 11. You stated that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research and the Wu Han Institute of Neurology. And yet, again, a function research was done entirely in the Wu Han Institute by Dr. Sheen and was funded by the NIH. I'd like to ask unanimous consent insert into the record the Wu Han virology paper entitled discovery of a rich gene pool a bat SARS related coronaviruses Please deliver a copy of the journal article to Dr. Fauci. In this paper, Dr. sheme credits the NIH and list the actual number of the grant that she was given by the NIH. In this paper, she took to bat Coronavirus genes, Spike genes and combine them with a SARS related backbone to create new viruses that are not found in nature. These lab created viruses within two shown to replicate in humans. These experiments combined genetic information from different Corona viruses that infect animals, but not humans to create novel, artificial viruses able to infect human cells. viruses that in nature only infect animals were manipulated in the Wuhan lab to gain the function of infecting humans.
Adam: Boom, can I say it? No.
John: So he starts off with this and he goes on a little bit more before Fauci is actually allowed to grow Fauci, Fauci is visibly shocked by this, by the way,
Adam: they are very obvious. He looks a little bit younger PS, maybe some
John: getting his way got flushed. Okay. But yeah, he looks slightly nervous. And he was mad, because then Paul was not. I don't know if I mean, it wasn't like entrapment. When he when he starts off by saying, you know, it's illegal to do what you did. right at the beginning. Yeah. So that was immediately put Fauci on the defensive. So the thing continues Now, just to kind of do a little meta on this. The debate is over whether or not the NIH gave Lou Han money to fund nothing but gained a function not to make a COVID-19 virus but just do this work now. And and Fauci tries to twist it a little bit to get out of this. But Fauci is pretty adamant. I think he I don't know what he's gonna do. But let's continue.
Unknown: This research fits the definition of the research that the NIH said was subject to the pause in 2014 to 2017, a pause in funding on gain of function. But the NIH failed to recognize this defines in a way, and it never came under any scrutiny. Dr. Richard E. Bright, a molecular biologist from Rutgers described this research in Wu Han as the Wu Han lab used NIH funding to construct novel chi mirik SARS related coronaviruses able to infect human cells, and laboratory animals. This is high risk research that creates new potential pandemic pathogens, potential pandemic pathogens that exist only in the lab, not in nature. This research matches these are Dr. brights words, this research matches indeed epitomizes the definition of gain of function research done entirely in Wu Han, for which there was supposed to be a federal pause. Dr. Fauci knowing that is a crime to lie to Congress. Do you wish to retract your statement of may 11, where you claimed at the NIH never funded gain of function research and woo on?
John: My friend, Senator Paul,
Unknown: I have never lied before the Congress and I do not retract that statement. This paper that you're referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function.
So what was
let me finish a can animal virus and you increase the usability to humans, right? You're saying that's not getting a phone? Yeah, that is correct. And Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. And I want to say that officially do not know what you were talking about. Let Okay, you get an own personal read from the NHS and I am saying, this is your definition that you guys wrote.
Adam: Just love the excuse me. I'm saying this officially as a member of Starfleet Command. I'm officially reprimanding you. Doc doesn't even say no one says Dr. Rand Paul do that. Dr. Paul, no. Rand Paul, Republican republican Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci. And so now it's about a definition.
John: Pretty much what the whole thing was really about. And
Adam: what is the definition? He's saying? No, that's not gained. He literally Fauci said that's not gained a function. Yeah. That's what he says about a definite Let's all honestly,
John: what is this thing blue?
Adam: gain of function? definition, let's see if that's changed, or you're just wrong. Again, in Wikipedia, it's always good to know, gain of function, researches medical research that alters an organism or disease in a way that increases pathogenesis transmissibility, or host range, or are the types of hosts that a micro organism can infect. Yeah, so definitely,
John: definitely, definitely gaining function. And
Adam: that's according to Wikipedia. Knowledge, so you can't get out of that.
John: So Fauci is just it just denying it? No. I do not like the way Rand Paul's is flabbergasted as Fauci Do you think so?
Adam: Do you think he was really flabbergasted? I
John: don't think so. I think he was I think it was flabbergasted that Fauci had the gall to say this was not gained a function just deny it. No, no, it's not blue. It looks blue to me now. And
Adam: then he didn't just say that he said it officially,
John: officially Yes.
Unknown: It says that scientific research that increases the transmissibility of transmissibility among mammals is gain of function. They took animal viruses that only occur in animals, and they increase their transmissibility to humans. How you can say that is not gain a phone, it is not, it's a dance, and you're dancing around this because you're trying to obscure responsibility for 4 million people dying around the world from a pandemic. And let's let's send doctor, I have to Well, now you're getting into something if the point that you were making is that the vet the grant, that was funded as a sub award from eco health to Wu Han, created sauce COVID. To, that's where you are getting, let me finish. We don't know why don't wait in the lab. But all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab, you and there will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself. I totally this reason allow the witness to right totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, Senator, because if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments that were given in the annual reports that were published in the literature, it is molecularly impossible, no one's saying that it is lost it is milegi lose virus cause the pandemic what we're alleging is the gain of function research was going on in that lab, and NIH funded it that is not away from it. It meets your definition and you are obviously escaping the truth. I'm not office getting the
trigger, you're the wine is expired, but I will allow the witness to let me just finish. I want everyone to understand that if you look at those viruses, and that's judged by qualified virologists and evolutionary biologists, those viruses are molecularly impossible. The ones who are no sauce go virus was the pandemic power saying they are gain of function viruses because there were no viruses that became more transmissible in human and you funded it and you met the truth and you imply in your time has expired, and I will allow witnesses who come before this committee to respond,
Adam: and you
Unknown: are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individual I totally resent that would have been if anybody lying here, Senator, it is you. Wow.
Adam: That is senator Smith. That is so good. Because Fauci basically just convicted himself by saying you're implying that the we funded the death of millions of people No, I was just asking you for the gain of function research you went off on this crazy tangent officially.
John: He did he went nuts he was had to be very shaky when he got home he
Adam: looked shaky at the end of that he was like, almost like a trimmer. You know, like one of those
John: two more clips after this after this ran polling on an explained a little more about some things that we, I
Adam: think, guys, thank you for doing that. You're so right. And if there's any place we can take the time to listen, what was actually said and talk about it, you know, not up against the, the eight, eight minute commercial break. It's very useful to people to just be able to sit back and listen to it without a bunch of bullcrap around it and edited and commentary and short is good.
John: Yeah, no, you have to some of these things. It's lot that was six minutes. And some of these things you actually have to listen to from beginning to end, instead of listening to some commentator to his interpretation. It's not that hard to interpret. It was a straightforward back and forth. I didn't need any interpretation of what happened. I could hear it. I know for myself. I know what they said. Now, I don't think I know. Yeah. So just to make it a little further, more detailed that let's go with Rand Paul. Further explaining on Fox, this is part one
Unknown: center will point of view watching this a few times you tried to say what was going on in that lab. And from a paper you were reading, and it's defined as gain of function research. He wanted to focus on in particular a certain experiment, you're trying to say that he was not accurate may 11, when he said there was none of that financed by the NIH correct? Well, gain of function research is defined by the NIH, we read the definition to him. It's when you take an animal virus and you make it more transmissible or more dangerous, or more likely to cause a disease in humans. So we presented a paper from the Wuhan Institute by a doctor she, where she took viruses combined two viruses that were not infectious in humans and made them infectious in humans. We quoted a scientist from Rutgers University with 30 year history in cellular biology, who said that it was the epitome of gain of function research. And all Dr. falchi could do was sputter, call me a liar. But he never, at any point in time, did he address any of the facts that we laid out that the money he was giving to move on was indeed for gain of function. So the significance of this is, is American money used to finance experiments that we didn't want done in the Wuhan lab, we're seeing more and more people are agreeing with the original assessment. And Tom Cotton's original assessment, that that's where this whole pandemic started from. That's pretty significant if it's American dollars being used, and
Dr. Fauci knew about it, and is trying to get away from responsibility from it. Yeah, here's a significant conflict of interest, since he was indeed at the top of the food chain, and that he did approve funding to the NIH, to the Wu Han lab. That's that's not even contested. He knows that he approved the funding. All he's saying is, oh, well, the research now doesn't meet our definition. But when you read the NIH definition of gain of function, and you talk to other scientists, they're saying it's the epitome of gain of function. So yes, he is dancing around the truth. Why? Because it this disease came from the lab and they were funding gain of function. Guess what? There's some at the very least moral culpability he has for the beginning of the pandemic.
John: So what nobody really wants to say is that we the American public, paid for this disaster. No, that's really what it boils down to. Well, if
Adam: you extrapolate it, yeah.
John: Yeah, yeah, we pay everyone to died in this room, the COVID. And everyone who's dying from the vaccine for all practical purposes. We financed it, the American public finance this and nobody wants to really come out and just say that, let's listen to part two of this where he kind of brings in a few other little items, that little tidbits I thought were worth listening to. But if you go back to Fauci statements in 2012, he said that the research was worth it, even if a pandemic should occur, even if a leak from a lab should occur. The research was worth it. That to me shows incredibly bad judgment. Senator Rand Paul, how was
Unknown: your exchange covered today? You know, when you look at the so called objective sources of news, they played only one side, they didn't look at all but this is sort of the problem. We have Fauci controls all the funding, and the media is all on his side. And so you really nobody questioned what I had said. They just broadcast that Fauci called me a liar. So name calling became the issue of the day for the left wing media. So a lot of doctors are frustrated. The Doctor Fauci is the face of this never turned out an interview from Steph Curry's podcast to msnbc 3am show, Senator Marty mccory has been frustrated with the way this whole thing's been categorized, and was doing a study right now at Johns Hopkins on how the money's been used at the NIH 80 billion plus listen to what he told me on the radio today. The reality is I'd love to see the data, he should be ashamed of himself. By the way, the NIH last year spent $41 billion on research grants. Point 4% of that went to COVID. If he is so convinced that masks are needed, and kids, two and a half years old, why didn't he fund the study? So he's got 80 billion, he gives out 40. He keeps 41 and puts 0.4% into COVID-19 results and studies. How do you get away with that? He's been there for 40 years, probably 39 years too long, but he controls all the funding. So people are deathly afraid of them. Researchers will not speak out. Why have there not been other scientists? I get letters from scientists
all the time, you can find them. They're very distrustful of what he's saying. They don't think he's making sense. They don't think he's reading the science accurately. But they're afraid to speak out because many of them are University science, and they depend on NIH funds, and to cross him means it's the last money you'll ever get.
Adam: Yeah, we're all the heroes man. Were the heroes.
John: Hey, the heroes are tied by the fact that their deaths destitute. That's
Adam: what happens with heroes. You know, the sixth thing is there's no heroes. The sixth thing is, you know, Dr. David Martin, the USB bow tie guy. Yeah. Now, there's several good pieces of him explaining the money, because he really his knowledge and his role in this whole game is the patents and the payoffs. And they've they were collecting patent data for a long time and he's gone down the rabbit hole and followed all of the money. And he comes to a very different number, that NIH slash hair Fauci funded for gain of function research. His numbers a little bit
Unknown: higher, any Fauci has spent, listen to this number $191 billion,
not 3.7 million, not 30,000,190 $1 billion of audited funds for the bio weaponization of viruses against humanity. And it's your money that has been spent $191 billion. And do you think you can get any agency or oversight body or any politician to even take that investigation on despite the fact that we have every grant recipient,
every person, their address, their phone number, their laboratory, we literally have the entirety of where that money went. And not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look this is a bioweapons program designed to kill us
Adam: that we didn't need to have that we're already good with the numbers. But he had to throw that in
John: his
Adam: but you know, there's a good point there is like that. No one wants to speak out not you know, people speak out. You know who it is. It's the nurse in the hospital who says this is bullcrap. I don't want to get vaccinated. It was the
John: half the nurses at Mercy Hospital in Houston walked off the job because they didn't want to get vaccinated
Adam: got fired. true heroes. It's it's also some of the cops in France You know, they're not all beaten the civilians a lot of them are turning around and walking with the civilians heroes. Who are the pussy ass weak bitches is the intellectuals been but they're afraid for their own position in their own circles to speak up for their livelihood. I understand. I understand the fear of not having money not paying rent. You talk a big game about the homeless. These people are they are going they're going to shrivel up out of the loathing of themselves and die early because they're keeping all of this inside and are cowering and afraid. So save yourself. become a hero Speak up. And we you and I we can't do much more than once like the old dudes.
John: Were just too old dude. Dude. Craig Craddock playing clips,
Adam: playing clips, but it's really good. It's a series this is old is this just in just a quick break? Federal Express ups Airbnb, Delta Airlines, all reporting outages. 911 lines are down along the east coast, fidelity USDA, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines, Costco some of Amazon's websites Charles Schwab, aka my ally, discovery DraftKings, these could all be on one or two CD ends. The Olympic Games website. Amazing there, that takes out a half. That takes out half of it. Yeah. And it could all just be Akamai. So we don't know what it is. But it's an AI and most of these websites are working for me. So I don't know if this, how factual,
John: you're on the east coast. Maybe somebody in the chat room can give us a little insight. The trolls could take a look. In
Adam: fact, you know, what's a good idea while we were talking about him? Anyway, I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man that put the sea in these ways. Ladies, Gentlemen, gentlemen,
John: Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning 206 as he boots on the ground, feet in the air subs in the water at all the dames and knights out there in the
Adam: morning to the trolls and the troll room. Yes, we need to count them. Let's see how many we got. All right, the scurrying away has horrible trolls. Okay, I did not get account back from the trolls. Here we go. 1869. It's good for a Thursday here.
John: It's good. slightly up
Adam: anything? Yes. Well, of course everyone is just it was just couldn't wait to
John: zero delta, delta delta delta,
Adam: the boys are going to talk about the Delta, QA, oh, my goodness, my goodness, my goodness. Those are the trolls and the troll room, they are very important. If you think trolls are just something that you're not supposed to feed, you're wrong. trolls are very key to this operation. Because they keep me we do the show live, which is not something everybody feels like they want to do. Or maybe they're afraid of doing because it's not. We make it look pretty easy. People like to edit people like to be Phil Spector of podcasting. But when you do it in real time, you can have you know, the trolls who of course also producers, but on show days there under the bridge, they can feed back stuff, they can research stuff things, the one liners are often good and they never get credited for those. It's fantastic to have them in here. You heard how many there are
John: you can because one of the two of us steals the lines and uses them now they're
Adam: given to me as gifts as gifts. Yeah, because I pay attention to them. You keep calling the chat room, they don't hear you when you say that troll room. You can listen to the show Live Aid and when the show is not live, or our show, there could be many other shows. It's called across gitmo-nation including a podcast that roll out everyone hears them at the same time. It's very, very fun place to be. And we appreciate the work that they do troll it's free to join and you can follow us the best place and where no agenda nation lives is on mastodon it's the Federated social network. We have our own little outpost there called no agenda social calm now, even though our we're we've kept our, our membership to a certain level, which I think is that 10,000 just to be able to handle the load. You know, we're federating. And we have many other mastodon servers federating so you can follow a John Dvorak had no agenda, social calm, or Adam had no agenda, social calm, that'll open up the firehose and you'll start getting all the other stuff and and we also see it over no agenda, social and you don't get the cool address, I understand. But you are participating in something much bigger and much more important. And then we'd like to thank the the Creator, the producer of the artist for the episode artwork for Episode 1365. We titled that one vaccine poverty. And this was one of the one of the better, I'd say conceptual pieces that, I mean, it didn't have to
have a concept. It was just so obvious what was going on Darren O'Neal did this good to see Darren with a win. And it was the two waves, the COVID wave, and behind that a much bigger and all encompassing climate wave. And I have to go back and see dar was kind of strange. There was a lot of art for the last show. And for those of you who are new artists from all around gitmo-nation listened to the show live on Thursdays and Sundays. And they're coming up with artwork that reflects the show reflects some topic in the show. Sometimes it's unrelated. It just makes sense. Don't put the episode number in there because we can use them sometimes for other things. And then we publish with brand new artwork which very few if it's a handful of podcasts are able to do that. Which of course is just another one of the fabulous benefits of the value for value model and I'm trying to see there was some panda was he had the panda Karl Karl Karl Marx stuff. There was a lot of work of cola and a lot of coke jokes.
John: Which of those now they didn't like the rahmer there's a cute bomber that did this.
Adam: Oh, yes, that was a cool
John: boom did that was I liked I liked the looks of it. Yeah, I didn't quite get the gag close up. Stay woke stuff.
Adam: Well, that was all. The thing is that we just came from the story about the Brits being very concerned that their cocaine that they're buying was ethically sourced. And so of course, that's odd. Oh, I
John: get Okay. All right, but
Adam: then everyone's drawing. Okay, here's lines of coke that spell out woke.
John: You know? Yeah, no good. I also liked I did like one other piece. Well,
Adam: you'd like to tank if you'd like to frozen pangolin.
John: I did like it. But it but it was rejected because it was too small. You couldn't read anything on the box. And
Adam: the perspective on some of the lettering wasn't dynamite.
John: But I did like the frozen pangolin a lot. Was it just some funny about it?
Adam: I think that was that was kind of it was in pieces? No, that was kind of it.
John: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm drawn immediately to the piece by Darren. Darren.
Adam: The amygdala reduction record card. Yeah, that's that's not gonna work. It's too small. Also. That was it? Well, you know, once again, we had the right piece, you know, it was in there. And that's because we have the best artists in the universe and Darren O'Neal led the pack and was so appreciative that, and I would I want to say that just with everything that's going on, and the more I see of what's happening in the media, I am so happy for podcasting. 2.0, that doesn't mean me. That means Eric Mackey, it means Dave Jones, it means Dred Scott, you know, who's doing the chapters for our show to show how it's working. But it really is a place where after you get kicked off everywhere, you can still be available and be available with even better features than anyone else is offering. And eventually everyone's going to figure this out. But I'm really, really thankful that, that we're able to do this. And the artists are a big part of that. Very big part of it. Yeah. And the value for value model. Come on. You and I would have been two broke dudes A long time ago. If we if we relied on advertising.
John: Oh, yeah, we were advertising thing only good for a while. And then they also push you around, tell you what to do. We don't need
Adam: to have to have meat and we would have been dead from meetings for me forget a job. It's like, I can't take another meeting with an advertiser. Now I can't do it. And so it was a part of the value for value model. And actually, this is a good time, because these are times that I know that I'm going to remember this period of time in my life, and everybody should at least once in their life. Forget about knowing that old dude
John: in my lap kid, let me tell you
Adam: everybody in their life regardless of what it is, should at least be an executive producer have something that you're proud of. And and I see this with the people who produce the no agenda show. And of course, we have executive producers, associate executive producers who we credited up front but you know when you get people like Patrick from Patrick wheels from Weezer, putting that in you know, as an important part of his biography, in an article about the band, that's because he's proud is like, um, you know, he's done some other stuff had a different band done some songs, but you know what, I'm the Executive Producer of the no agenda show. And we have a few that we'd like to thank today who understand the importance of that not just for the show, but also for yourself moving forward in life. It's good to have one
John: and this is near the end of the month so it's time for sir anonymous sir on amis. Sorry, sir. Autonomous of dogpatch. Lower slobbovia is back. Yeah. On top of today's list nice. It was the is number for this month is 1442.
Adam: So for those who are not familiar with the autonomous dog pattern, lower slobbovia. We really don't know his his true identity. The way he said How did you send the funds today? was it was it in a check money order cash, gold doubloons.
John: It was cash from Orlando, Florida.
Adam: And he always sends it from somewhere else. And we still have yet we have yet to figure out the code in the donation amount.
John: It's different every every time around.
Adam: Don't burst my bubble like that. Mommy could be.
John: Let's see what these jokers Think about this.
Adam: And he always emails us nice notes but never addresses the code.
John: No, actually, yeah. But these are hand some actual note printed. But let's read it. Ed mu bar And oh I'm sorry Eid Eid Mubarak and thank you for so I celebration coming up and thank you for all the producers named and unnamed for doing the work and supporting independent thought speech and religion. That would be pity pyramind by our show, my Vax nudist international travel continues. He has gone around the lies around the globe proven the point that Adam has theorized a lot on this show, which is that you don't need to vaccination you can get by by just saying I'm not going to get the vaccination and then you get the test tested. And you're on your way. My Vax nudists international travel continues. He writes with countries relying on the growing PCR testing industry. There's your answer 48 hours prior,
Adam: there's your answer why Bill Gates and and what's his face? Are you bought the testing company? It's a huge industry.
John: Vaccines status seems incidental, since not all vaccines are approved in all places. This is a problem for you. Yes, that's what you couldn't get into the vaccines needed concert in New York if you had AstraZeneca. That's right. We had one of our producers bitched about that are approved in all places and vaccine cards are not true verification for obvious reasons. Yeah, they can be folded up. five star hotels, restaurants and tourist sites are far below normal levels making last minute changes easy. Countries I visited. I have some form of online form read requirement for boarding or entry I rely on my flip phone with hotspot capability and an old Windows Phone badass. Wow. This is News. I was delayed disembarking for an hour due to an international spat on a specific form from five passengers from the ongoing flights country originally was. Yeah, it was between an EU and former EU country with the former EU country
Adam: and Britain.
John: Oh, da da yes Britain. And just prior to their Euro Cup final a coincidence I think not that this was the Euro Cup deal. A bunch of fans trying to go from here to there. Gotta love American justice posts. January 6 treatment of white Christian DC protesters is similar to post 911 American Muslim treatment that included extended incarceration. The guy with the horns on his head is still in solitary confinement and suspension of habeas corpus. Which Good point, the sentence of a northern white police officer involved in the death of a black citizen look like the type of sentence for a southern black man involved in the death of a white citizen. It may not be fair, but it is the American but it is American justice to terms to watch greenwashing, the term used by Harvard Graduate Nobel laureate and Grammy winner al gore towards firms such as Exxon that are using carbon credits outside his financial sphere. In the 80s. We called it green mail. To hydro electric power, john the mudflats may grow hydroelectric power projects have projects have kept a funny projects and projects is the same projects have kept a literal ocean of water from reaching the oceans. And more projects are underway. The seismic impact from the massive weight of the new lakes and these new bodies of water slowing the Earth's rotation are ignored for carbon credits.
Unknown: Yeah, maybe.
John: Finally, by the way this the floods in China are not being reported on except Oh my god,
Adam: people drowning in the subway and asked Craig believe in him What? Oh, everything's fine. What an opportunity to say climate change. And no one's saying anything about it.
John: They can't say anything because the Chinese won't let them. But But finally dirar IRS my producer funds are just an advertising gimmick. And complete fantasy. Do not count any of my producer funds as income for john and Adam. Filthy cash anyway, not real money. Please refund the full amount of anything they may have reported from my producer advertising gimmick. JOHN and Adam, do you think that will work? Answer No. No jingles. No karma.
Adam: You know, I gotta say something.
John: He must be in Florida. He's in a good mood. He's
Adam: in a very good mood. Now. I'm talking about the moment Muslim treatment after 911 so when sir Jean was here we took a ride up the road there's the Pacific War Museum, World War Two Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg. And Admiral Nimitz, part of the museum he was, he was important in that battle. And he was born in Fredericksburg. And you know, I still have that Japanese thing I'd like to give away that my grandfather brought back the thing we don't talk about. You know, I'm talking about,
John: yeah, I know what you're talking about. So
Adam: because I'd like to donate it and so that's a good home and then it's off my books. You know, I'm just keeping this thing in the closet. It's something cool. So we decided to go look, I learned a lot and what I did not know is after Pearl Harbor you know, what is the story we heard about Japanese Americans
John: when you're in current in internment camps are rounded up were mostly in the West Coast. Yes.
Adam: They have a map and it's the exclusion zone. This was only in Washington State. California. It was all the West Coast. They've always been racist.
John: Oh, yeah. The West Coast totally.
Adam: I thought this was all around America. Nah, no. There's a map shows that oldman exclusion zone. No Japs here, pa racist, the same
John: running with the Chinese earlier on.
Adam: And the Irish but I don't know if that was also the Irish
John: East Coast
Adam: or the East Coast bigots. But I didn't know that. I thought that all of America like we rounded them up everywhere.
John: No, give us the West Coast. Interesting.
Adam: Well, thank you very much. Sir-onimous of dogpatch lower slobbovia always in good to have you in a good mood. Nice. Appreciate that. And now we have Brian Malinovski. And I don't know where Brian is from he is apparently from the United States. 1367. Now this would be Do you think this is a show donation for the next show?
John: I had might be he might be just jumped the gun because sometimes these donations come in and out? I
Adam: don't know. Well, so well. I'm gonna give it to him today. Anyway, we can always carry over for 1367 in the morning, gentlemen, I was working my way up tonight who was smaller donations, when while listening to show 1364 receive news of a windfall of sorts, and knew it was time to give back more value to the show. Just a short and sweet note with a question for each of you, john. I was watching succession for the third time and noticed the scene where Connor was talking about Piper decanting his wine. I looked it up and it's actually an aeration technique. Can you attest to whether or not Piper decanting actually helps with flavors.
John: Well, there's a couple of devices out there that error rate the wind when you pour it's like a Dickey it's I guess funnel, and it's got a little swirly thing inside and it just, it really splashes the wine and puts when you putting in a decanter air rating wine before, not all wine. But certain wines that are meant to be aged. Do benefit from aeration and breathing. It's called if you can do it why a couple of ways of doing this because it can it I'm decanting my wine and let it sit there for a couple hours and then drink it. Some wines can be set sat down for like 24 hours. Most of them don't even hang in there but some of them actually improve. I did think that device is a gimmick. And I think you want to really elevate the wine a lot. Pour it into decanter, and then put a funnel on the bottle and pour the decanter into the bottle and then drink from the bottle and you get to think it should be aerated enough using that technique.
Adam: This you know it's interesting because I recall back in the day when when we were able to you know we would do restaurant wine reviews on the show and we had the company pay for it. That was cool. Remember
John: those days? Yeah, that was working at me. VO
Adam: It was good times. It's very good times. I remember you specifically. You know, someone said OSHA decanter. I don't remember which which wine that was but I remember you specifically saying as bullcrap the decanting
John: it was the wine. There's a lot of wine most of the time it's bullcrap. Okay, and when they're taking some simple, especially a young wine or something, and they're going through a lot with young wines should be to Canada if they're high end wines, but these are just wines that you buy at a restaurant that are in the under $100 range, typically, because we never really spent a lot of money on wine. It was a waste of money. And we want to make it bigger. They can't do it. You want to do this. You want to know you've pulled a crap just put it on the table a drink from the bottle. Well, I mean, not directly but we don't need to why Don't need to go through this phony baloney rigmarole that they do it a lot of restaurants would unnecessarily so for wines that don't really deserve it.
Adam: I remember you know, you can't get anything over 80 bucks is a ripoff. But look, I've got the company credit card. I always have some good food. All right.
John: Let me do the next to
Adam: Nova. Oh wait, I have to do a a jingle there karma. Buddy. You've got karma buddy Brian. Karma for all no agenda producers Nova Fahd Lee from Oklahoma City. $1,000. I have a short note for you guys. If that's it, it's a very short note. Did you receive anything else?
John: No, I can't find anything from a note. You know, and it doesn't he's not using donation in the subject line. I don't know where this note is.
Adam: I look to I did not find it. So send it to us. Nova. Thank you very much. You may be a night or or a day. Who knows. Then we have Joseph de Veneto de vair Nero 355 34 place parts are known in the United States in the morning Adam and john. This notice bit overdue but after listening since Adams first appearance on the Joe Rogan experience I find organ donation I have finally donated enough to be a night see you counting below please Knight me sir Joey D the transplant New Yorker for the roundtable I request tortellini Alfredo with a glass of caroni you guys mo fax and DHL DHL unplugged have all helped me to keep saying in these crazy times the twice weekly sanity check in you guys provide me in you guys provide me has improved my critical thinking steals your grammars has gone backwards.
John: Yeah, critical thinking is way up.
Adam: encouraged me to get off the face bag and onto no agenda social and honestly, it helped me to improve my relationship with my parents versus when in college and under the mainstream mind controlling peer pressure from friends. Wow. That's huge. I'm sorry for bearing burying the lede, but you guys also potentially saved my life. Here we go. This is a cold read. By the way. We have no idea what's coming. I was already leery of getting the vaccine. But after john read the ingredients in the moderna vaccine, it might have been Pfizer. That was a while ago, that must have been about a year ago, don't you think? What? No, no, not a year ago
John: now that first came out, right?
Adam: Six months December. I found out that I have hereditary fructose intolerance. So I can't have fructose, sucrose or sorbitol. And when john said sucrose is an ingredient I was ecstatic. I was already nervous because back in the beginning of the scan demick when they said if you have severe allergies don't get the vaccine, which allergies and the severity of them was never defined super scientific. So after getting that info from john, I decided to reach out to my pediatrician. He said he would only recommend pediatrician. How old is Joseph? Do you think
John: he's 11? He said he would only recommend
Adam: I take the vaccine if I took a vaccine as a child with sucrose in it. And even then I should only get the COVID vaccine under strict administrative control. When I ask my physician, okay, she basically had no idea what to suggest aggrievement with my pediatricians recommendation, instead, she thinks it's fine. I don't get the vaccine. Since I'm a healthy adult with no comorbidities. I can only imagine the world where I didn't didn't listen to no agenda went got the vaccine at a CVS or something. And the administrators response was I had a reaction from the vaccine Honestly, I think it would have went into it, I would think I would have gone into a diabetic shock and probably died because they would have been unsure of what to do and never would have put two and two together with my allergy. One reason for my delay is I reached out to get my medical records from childhood and they are a joke. It does tell me which vaccines I took but what but not who the manufacturer of the vaccine was also but also my smokin hot Brazilian girlfriend moved recently. And she lives in unit 333 so I knew it was time to donate. Sorry for the long note but I'm not joking when I say you guys saved my life and then I'm just grateful Could I please have some relationship Carmen lovingly? Well, Joseph, I we can't take credit for it. You saved your own life possibly. You make your own decisions. That's the most important thing is that you no longer control of other people you
decide what you want to do and that's what it should be.
John: You've got karma but he had a couple other requests.
Adam: Oh, he had some jingles. Yes he did. He wanted afternoon delight bill and Ted 69 noodle gun cancel cannon and it goes
John: I got the my pasta Glocks locked and loaded. Yikes. I never heard that one. Which one Tim will Kim White's next Yeah 33333 and he needs to be knighted to Sir Tim of the house white. Thank you to Baron Austin of the snorri cascades and his lovely Dame Laura for hitting me in the mouth in 2017. I haven't missed an episode since. Two quick points one, packs like solar winds are partially the fault of the government preference and substantial reliance on cots software packages CRTs. Although not a hack I witnessed the USDA and Secretary Tom Vilsack spend over $500 million on a failed SAP implementation that all the dudes named Ben said was destined to fail. cots software doesn't allow the configurability and control necessary to fit the nonsensical requirements of the government or the ability to inspect source code to prevent the inclusion of subversive code like what was implanted in solar winds with solar winds. He said in if the left were smart, they would stop pushing the vaccine this that was point 1.2. If the left were smart, well, they would stop pushing the vaccine throw the gates wide open to human interaction, thus allowing all the Republicans who are unvaccinated to get infected and die off. thus increasing this has been discussed before. By the way this idea, thus increasing their stranglehold on our government. The fact that they aren't taking this approach indicates a lack of vision and or a short term focus on using COVID to spend without
regard at the taxpayers expenses kind of falls apart. Please play sleepy Joe jingle. A random Sharpton in an RTD to karma for everybody. For all the listeners love is lit.
Unknown: He would go the GOP infighting is escalating. Political says democrats are out right Judy? Happy to watch the GOP and pro forma
Adam: Let me see what do we have here? This is from Denise bar to read this one.
John: Yeah, you got a note there? I think
Adam: Yes, I do. I was hitting the mouth. This is a typed and printed note that came in which is a very nice as readable it's always
Unknown: it's always fun.
John: Yeah, the number is 33333. For her.
Adam: Yes. I was hitting the mouth by my oldest human resource Alex who was 35 back in April of 2020. And I'd like to call him out as a douchebag. That's what we do with kids around here. Absolutely. Yep. Good for you.
John: But you're gonna do
Adam: 1000 grateful thanks for guiding me through this past year and a half by the slew of despondency. You've helped me with the anger that I feel when I listened to all the corruption and lies by the lying media. My battle is rheumatoid arthritis and after listening to show 1534 I agree totally if it wasn't for edibles, this body that is turning 66 August 4 would be suffering more. Whoo we're all good with edibles. I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada navia also known as the Wild West unfortunately more and more progressive liberals are sprouting up here in the West like stinky weed. I call not here to stinky weed by the way as old folks and christian conservatives can't stand the baby face China lover communist Marxist Prime Minister we can't tolerate looking at him or hearing him talk at least with Biden you can laugh at him we laugh a lot about about your guide to please de-douche mais de duced Kansa navion dollars but we accept those and we appreciate it and then we do that with any any form of dollar reduce and she furthermore requests spooky donate donate by john coincidence, I think not and don't eat me bow Jaiden dawn, Dawn, Dawn
John: only. Now we have Margaret Margaret margaretha margaretha be dem board. This is a person in orange Vale California sent you a note hmm and while you go look for that.
Adam: I looked there is Nothing from Margarita I wish there was I you know, it's always a good idea to send a copy to notes at no agenda notes and OTS had no agenda show dotnet is just good policy.
John: And you know, just put on this one person I think did that in this particular show. dinardo another record
Adam: of seeing it. I'm encouraging safety.
John: Yes, I'm encouraged Jason, good idea.
Adam: Stay safe.
John: 333 and cedar Minnesota no note, dead find a bow from him. I'll look again. I'll continue with Steve banned a straw in Nashville, Tennessee 333. In the morning, fellows. Last week, I sent Adam an email to in regard to a show segment talking about the numerous flight cancellations in June. In the email, I made what I thought was a humorous comment about drinking flight attendants. Well, turns out that my smokin hot drinking flight attendant wife saw the email and did not appreciate my humor. So now I must make things right, please fumble, Russ fumble brewski this donation to Jessica and otherwise she's gonna get the credit. Yeah. And make her the executive producer jingle Please give her a that's true, which is her favorite. Thanks. Now,
Adam: I think first of all, when you when you make a fumble brewski like that. Executive Producer may not cut it, but we'll see. She
John: flowers is an executive for real help.
Adam: Second, that I forget who it was. Someone's very kind enough to send me that actual football play of the fumble. brewski that you were explaining on the last show. Yeah, but a dynamite play
John: is a dynamite play. They banned it.
Adam: Yeah. But it's it's it was I mean, the camera, the TV cameras didn't even catch it till like what
John: is impossible. It's such a crazy play that nobody ever catches it. It was the duty guys. And so the play goes off the football sitting there was doing all kinds of things it's supposed to be doing they think they're doing. And then somebody just picks up the ball and runs up the field. It's a hilarious play. And if you can only run it, I think when Cal Cal was the one that used it the most. And they would run it about maybe I'd have I think there was 12 games in their season, something like that. They would run it maybe three times, maybe two times a whole year. Because you can't do you can't make it so you're doing it every year because people will be on the lookout for that one guy just looking down. Then you just lose the ball. That was great. That was
Adam: great. So Jessica, this is for you. He loves you you know you know he does. Allah Versa from Charles city, Virginia to 4843. No note that we could find, sir Rocket Man Baron of the bay. This is that now this is our second associate executive producer, but you got to be one at least once in your life from St. Louis Bay. No, no,
John: you have to be an executive producer once in your life according to Brunetti associate executive producers are are looked down upon. Yeah. He said that he was he still irked by the fact that he accidentally became an associate executive producer.
Adam: Yeah, he is. It's true.
John: Okay. And he said from Hollywood is a Hollywood guy.
Adam: So sir rock man Baron of the bay is supports the show with 227 85 Happy Happy Birthday to my stunningly gorgeous wife Sarah cozy on the 22nd and our two D two karma for all and he says 70 threes. Sir Rocket Man Baron of the bay kilo golf five Zulu Foxtrot alpha 73 is Quito five alpha Charlie. Charlie. You've got
John: Adam Ziegler's next $217.22. Thanks to see Mike.
Adam: I'm sorry, Dave. I think we missed Stephen Walsh.
John: Did we? Yeah. Oh. Okay. I'll do Stephen. Yep. Stephen Walsh. Walsh. Is 2222 ITM janin add in my uncle Pete from shatta nuga hit me in the mouth. Almost a year ago now and my smokin hot fiance and I have been listening regularly. Ever since. Not only you provide an unbiased, unsponsored analysis of what's going on in the world. You do it in an incredibly entertaining, original and authentic way. You're both hilarious and have a truly incredible energy that you spread to millions Have listeners with each episode please accept this token of appreciation to tu tu tu tu tu, which also happens to be my smokin hot fiance's spirit number one, please theramin
Adam: I don't have I got to hook it up again. No,
John: no, I did not the not your sermon, the sermon clip.
Adam: Oh, you mean Oh, you mean the phony theorem and not the real deal? Of course, we got the two real theorem
John: dedication to your spirit number. All right. We're also starting a monthly sustaining donation which I highly recommend to all listeners. Yes, thank you. We are both New Orleans musicians and although most gigs here also pay as a percentage of the bar. On the west coast a call a piece of the door. A large portion of our income comes from tips. So in a sense, we are also we also
Adam: got value for value. Yes, obvious and I just make a suggestion right there. Sure. You and I think both have found that if you so a lot of bands will have a tip jar, do something different. Maybe we just put value for value on it. See what happens. I think when you tell someone Hey, give me two that's a good you're always going to get less money unless you say yeah, what was the show worth? Try it let us know try the real Okay, if
John: you're gonna start testing because we want the results.
Adam: We do want the results we do want to know if this works. Yes.
John: test that and also tested little sign in front with an arrow pointing at the tip jar and on the sign says love.
Adam: Wow, okay, that's a good test. Because donating is love
John: donating love Yes, we used to do that occasionally. I
Adam: think we have a jingle for it. Yes, we do. Oh my god, we're so good. Here we go. Your brain. Here's the jingle why because donating is great jingle Alright, sorry I interrupted
John: English Oh good. We are both New Orleans musicians that go on we also make money from the value value system which means even more shame to say that this is my first donation so I'm in desperate need of a de doop de deuced he said you also love if we give a shout out to the band and I actually looked this band up a good we're gonna read it the next month because
Adam: you guys would give a shout out for my band which would be going on tour for the next couple of weeks to Atlanta New York, Cleveland Chicago and a couple of places in between. If any listeners are in those areas and want to check out some New Orleans Jazz follow me at super Steve 95 and no agenda social calm that super Steve 95 no agenda social calm or my website. Steve Walsh music who ch D Walsh music calm to see our detailed tour schedule. It might be fun meetup to organize anyways, can I please get a heavenly fart? Oops, I forgot to bring the fart I think I got a fart here. Yep, we got the heavenly fart and goat karma peace love and light cuz love is lit. Thank you guys for all you do.
John: Before we get in, Let's pray. Let's pray. You've got always a riot. So demand is a classic New Orleans jazz band with a lot of original material and done in that style. And Walsh's a stand up bass player boom boom boom
Adam: boom, boom,
John: boom, boom, boom, boom. So I mean add him to the virtual band that we put together.
Adam: Adam Ziegler to 1722 thanks to see and and Donna where Adams from. Thanks to see Mike Dane black hammer and SIRs Matt and Mike from maquoketa I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. For the donation last show for the birth of my 11th human resource. Yes. Yes, yes. This is unbelievable. Great job. It was a great surprise. And that read from you to had us rolling. I love how you guys say Miko ki Tae Ka. It's actually Mako cutter, MAGA cutter, but your way seems better and I think it needs to stay that way. mk Okada. I was missed during the knighting ceremony. Oh no. I probably had to step out for a bit to run after a human resource sir goes to 11 has a nice ring to it. I can't wait to shine my ceilings like to request some breast milk and bottles at the roundtable. And since I plan to bring number 11 along to help my smokin hot wife Get some rest. All right, the 217 22 donations to help see Mike along back on his journey to knighthood by jingoes boogedy boogedy for my smokin hot wife mac and cheese by iron Rand and mobiliser Thanks for all you do Adam Siegler of Rock Island keto delta alpha India echo 73.
mac and cheese in the standby 3333 33 or otherwise you've got karma.
John: David Conway from Parts Unknown comes in with $203 with a very short note saying, don't be a dick Jcd
Adam: What did you do?
John: I don't know. Some
Adam: rough,
John: rough harsh desert rough,
Adam: truly harsh.
John: Alright, onward with I guess we do know that guy's name is actually Deke Deke. All right, let
Adam: me see him again. Dixon.
John: Monday. I got to know we got to know. Yeah, dig Monnet actual note. actual paper
Adam: location unimportant deck says,
John: you guys still rule? In the times I've been listening to your podcast or they're laying down with you. What does this sentence mean?
Adam: Okay. You guys still rule in the time I've been listening to your podcast, there's no doubt is no doubt the value I get is my donations. I guess it's something that comes through on the thing.
John: The value I get my donation, okay, well, I'm not sure what he's trying to get out there. But hey, I give when I can and hopefully it will be even out in the future. As I seek my knighthood and beyond I selfishly hope that none of your exit strategies are successful until such a time such a time that he gets his knighthood. So all about him. The donation of $200.33 marks my first appearance on the first donation segment. Yeah, it's true. Although there are some jingles I would like, I would rather you not read this letter and go. No, you're kidding me. I like where you put that at the end. It is cold, by the way. So you want to have some fun with us. I can do this.
Adam: Some people try to sneak in you know, their entire restaurant menu for us to read. And others just say oh, by the way, don't read this. At the
John: end. I read this letter and go straight to the to giving a douchebag as well. He's good cutting to the chase. Okay, good. We can't do anything about not reading the letter, which you're really not worried about. Give a douchebag call out to Elbert the HOMO.
Adam: Where's dick from Jersey?
John: He hit me in the mouth. Doesn't say locations unimportant. He hit me in the mouth. He says the episodes were in the five hundreds if not the four hundreds. And he has never seen fit to donate by appreciate him telling me about the show. But he's very deserving of the call out. Can you also include him on the birthday? The birthday?
Adam: Oh yeah, I get to say to Okay,
John: what am I used to Saturday's because I'm 48 years old he thinks so if you put on the list, Alberta home always 48 Yes. Yeah. Well, I didn't keep the envelope with her to have his snowboard paid from so they get jersey sounds right. Thanks. Thanks, Dick.
Adam: We have $200 from Sir Robert are the Laurel Highlands from Greenberg? Pennsylvania? I don't know if there's no nothing I see here. No, no. If you sent in a note I don't see one. And then finally our last associate executive producer from Las Vegas Nevada Steve Weiss. no stranger to the show. $200 by john Adam here is nearly the last of that sweet government cheese. Thank you. Thank you very much on our way tonight hood cases cases cases. That's all I've been hearing here in Vegas. Shout out to john as he's been on Comedy fire. These last few shows. Comedy fire. burning up the place. It is true. I mean, above all, this show really is a comedy show. I mean, let's be honest about it. We're always always been your theory, but only for each other. I don't know how to make an audience. If I can make you laugh. It's been a good show. That's how I view it.
John: Yeah, I would agree with you. Be a good show if you can do that.
Adam: That's what I mean. Ladies and gentlemen, right there. That is the comedy gold he's on fire. Thank you to these associate executive producers and executive producers for Episode 13 166 of the no agenda show. We ask for three things one of three minimum time talent treasure. You see how much goes into it. This project is right Because of you, the producers, we have the best in the world, we have more than anybody else. And I think we create a better quality product. And everything is much more evenly distributed. You don't have, you know, Adam and not john are not taken three months off in the summer to go to Sag Harbor and hang out with the elites. So I think it's an all round good system. If you'd like to participate, become an executive producer, everybody should be one at least once go to vo Slash and a thank all of you collectively for producing 1366 the no agenda show bar formula is this. We go out for hit people in the mouth.
It was interesting this morning, is you did not have a single Biden clip. Yeah. Well, I I mean, it's hard. I was surprised. Because typically, even because he would, okay, there's two, there's a couple things. First of all, the one clip which I almost forgot to even play myself. You know, we had a little disagreement on the previous episode, we have
John: that clip. So you're not quite completely accurate. You have what? I have the clip of wine talking about Facebook. I knew
Adam: that you would never you would never listen. I knew you would never concede to this. Be like, Look, man, you were right. john was wrong. He said you have no idea he will not concede
John: it just because there's no reason to concede. Okay, Lay it on me. This is the Facebook killing people clarification on PBS. And even Judy admits that Biden said that Facebook was killing people.
Adam: Was that argument? Yeah, no. That was really No, I said, Biden had a brain freeze, and what he was supposed to say he messed up. That's what I said. That's all. That's
John: all that I said. And then you had a supposition that he's actually meant something else that he didn't know, he had a moment of clarification. He had a clear mind. And he said what he said, and that's what everybody else thinks,
Adam: well, can we at least agree that he got called on the mat and had to go apologize because Facebook is more powerful than the president?
John: I would say somebody called him on the mat. And the apology was done the way he did the apology, which was kind of I believe we had I, I'm going to call this a draw. Because of the, the way he phrased the apology, the way he said it was almost as though he's admitting to having the brain freeze, but he didn't have the brain freeze. He's just kind of, I am not going to, because people have gotten Horowitz brought this up on the on the show. He says, I don't know, I kind of agree with you. But I can see there was an impasse and blah, blah, blah. And so let's play this clip. And then I'll continue the conversation.
Unknown: President Biden his tone down his claim that Facebook is killing people by letting lies about COVID-19. Stay up. He made the accusation on Friday, and the company quickly rejected it. today. The President said it's the users who are posting the false claims who are doing the damage.
Anyone listen to it is getting hurt by it. Just killing people spat information. My hope is that Facebook instead of taking it personally, that somehow I'm saying Facebook is killing people that they would do something about the misinformation.
Adam: Later, the White House said it is not in a war with Facebook but with the virus. Now may I play one clip?
John: This obviously you're not gonna you're gonna not gonna let this sit.
Adam: No, no, no,
John: I'm not saying we can't we take the draw?
Adam: No, let me fine draw. I don't give a shit. I just want to play the whole thing. It was more interesting than that. Because the apology. So he Do you remember why, what the the event was that he was speaking? And when he gave this apology? No, of course not. No one does. No, because it was a phony baloney set of always going to talk about infrastructure. And then he it was we are blah, blah infrastructure. Then the first question out of the gate is this. And he actually said I'll take some questions. Yo, what's your name? Allison. Over there your question. The companies like Facebook are killing people. Especially what I said I'm glad you asked me a question. Okay. So when he says I'm glad you asked me that question. That was the setup. The only thing
John: of course, he is admitted already. We've heard this there's a clip of I have a they tell me who to call on when to call on him day. I don't know who they are.
Adam: Right. So let's just play the whole thing. So
John: you just consider this a scam?
Adam: I think it was. Yeah, of course it is. I want I think it was more of an apology than you heard it. They're in Judy's clip. That's
Unknown: one I had just read that. On the Facebook. Facebook pointed out that it is pointed out to Facebook. Of all the misinformation. 60% of the misinformation came from 12 individuals. That's what the article said. So I was asked that question about what do i think is happening? Facebook isn't killing people, these 12 people are out there giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it just killing people spat information. My hope is that Facebook instead of taking it personally that somehow I'm saying Facebook is killing people that they would do something about the misinformation. They Oh, outrageous informant misinformation about the vaccine. That's what I meant.
Adam: So the piece that's interesting in here is about the disinformation doesn't which is exactly what I said he was talking about a drug
John: banned from Facebook page.
Adam: Draw, I don't give a shit. Let's talk about the disinformation doesn't I'm moving beyond. So this is very important to everybody about the dis information doesn't. And we read we went down the list is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He has a couple of different people.
John: That which by the way, I will say and I'll say it again, I said it before putting Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is an extreme
Adam: leftist. He's a lefty. And but he's, he's extremely thorough about his research on vaccines. It's a it's a crying shame that they would put him on on this at all. But okay, and he came into the vaccination world not as an anti vaxxer. But because of mercury, which was his original found the foundation's original mission was to get mercury out of waters not to fish. But where does this come from the dirty disinformation. This is what's interesting. So this is what the President of the United States has this. This information doesn't. And they're the ones that are killing people. Which by the way, it's pretty defamatory. I have a feeling that you might have a lawsuit, but you can't sue the president. But still, it's pretty messed up when someone's saying that, um, that this comes from a report from an outfit called the Center on countering digital hate. You'll hear it mentioned once in a while. Someone will say you mentioned that name. They are the ones that put together this report. And they are the ones that have named the 12 people who are the disinformation doesn't. And this this center on countering digital hate was started in 2018. They go after client climate change deniers, anti Semites, anti vaxxers neo nazis, it was set up and directed by Imran Ahmed, a Brit, who also happens to be on the steering committee for the commission for countering extremism, which is G an agency of the British government established by Theresa May in 2017, in
the wake of the Manchester bombing with the Ariana Grande day so what they're doing now the the United States President is taking a British document from the British government accusing American citizens and he's saying that they are killing people.
John: What up? Good find.
Adam: I mean, that's it's it's not okay.
John: No, it's not you should be defending Americans.
Unknown: Don't you think?
Adam: Yeah, you think so?
John: He should be defending America's especially against British smears.
Adam: Yeah. So the whole thing was his
John: lawsuit is right there. I mean, you can look because of the libel laws and slander laws in the UK, they're very easy to use to make money.
Adam: Oh, yeah. But you know, have you heard about the latest changes that are taking place in the UK? journalists now could face up to 14 years in prison? If they write stories that embarrass the government embarrass the government under prepare proposed changes to the Official Secrets Act which would then in effect treat them as foreign spies.
John: That's not going to go through
Unknown: Yeah, well,
Adam: I don't know. The Smith mundt act was also wipe
John: act was just a smokescreen that they took it down because they were already propagandizing the public they've been doing it for years. I've always felt the Smith mundt Act is a tempest in a teapot. It doesn't mean anything one way or the other. Yeah. Okay. They took it down. Now. They're they're lying to us. They've been lying to us as
Adam: the Gulf of Tonkin. So as an example of something that would not be allowed and could embarrass the government is the following story that ran from a funeral director in the UK. Let me see john.
John: Although when I can I guess what's going on? Can I make a guess you're sure you're finally revealing the fact that the royal family are actually reptilians. And they don't want it that this out?
Adam: No, no, no. So this is here he is as a funeral director, I commented in a COVID video comments section telling people exactly what my experience was firsthand during the pandemic. Last year, the death rate last year was totally normal. In fact, it was a little down on 2019. And towards Christmas, many of my colleagues were actually turning their fridges off because it just wasn't enough people dying. But wait for it. We began vaccinating on January 6 locally here and the death rate went through the roof and almost immediately within the same week for three months, I've never known a death rate like this in 15 years as an undertaker. So these are the kinds of stories that could be embarrassing to the government. Wow, is a great story. By the way, it's a great we need to hit I'm sure. Tell me we don't have some Undertaker's in gitmo-nation I know. I know. You're out there.
John: I know. We got at least a dozen.
Adam: We'd love to hear something from you. We can be anonymous, if you so wish. And the last thing before we do anything else. JOHN McAfee has a telegram channel which has always had its official McAfee channel. And I've been following it. And you know, we saw screenshots and then it showed up on his telegram channel when he apparently was suicided there was a countdown clock but countdown clock now in the final 24 hours in fact is about 19 hours left. And in his there's all these posts coming through like I've opened the floodgates 31 terabyte as encrypted. Epstein archive Tango down. He's just all these references to let's see. Gates pass Rylan, CIA top brass anything everything analysts, I mean, it's it's kind of like telegram all uppercase style, very weird uranium one. Rasta, Tom burisma kept Epstein Clinton, Bush Mujahideen, Alka heida. Al Qaeda, the database, Broken Arrow on all foreign CIA ages. I've no idea what this means. It may be completely nothing, if anything, a good joke for Matthew Mack McAfee from beyond the grave. But who knows the White Rabbit posted front and center.
John: So in other words, there's a Deadman switch could be which was activated?
Adam: That was the that was the thinking. Yeah.
John: And the activation will include a reveal of all kinds of horrible things that should normally go to Wikipedia. But Wikipedia has been de nutted. If you go to their web page, they got nothing going on, because they just don't have anything going on. It's been shuttered for all practical purpose. And
Adam: they're killing Julian Assange slowly.
John: Yeah, it's a slow death. And so this is okay. Well, we'll see. I think this probably nothing's gonna come of it. But I like the idea.
Adam: Yeah, I'm just reporting on it, you know, you can at least report on it. Just back to Biden for a second. There was one piece that he did a town hall with Don Lemon, yesterday. And I mean, there's, it was like shooting fish in a barrel if you want a confused old man trying to figure out what he's doing up there. Which was sad. But this 145 second clip, truth wants to come out from beginning to end of things, almost like Fauci, another old man, Fauci, the minute he's put under pressure saying, Hey, you know, did you find gain of function research? I didn't kill those people. I mean, that's basically what went down there. Right?
John: It's like, summarize better than
Adam: the kind of showing your cards there. Will Something happened with I think President Biden as well. I sometimes get myself in trouble for about to say, Okay, I sometimes get myself in trouble for what I'm about to say, I'm just gonna
John: use this. He uses this little meme every so often.
Adam: Very important that he used it in this context. I sometimes
Unknown: get myself in trouble for about to say. Not that every. As you've heard me say before, no one ever doubted me when I say the problem is I sometimes say all that I mean,
Adam: okay. So he's gonna be really truthful. Wouldn't you say? If he'd be saying that that means here comes the biggest truth or I think any psychologist would say would say, or psychiatrist. Wow, maybe a whopper of a lie. I don't know. But I it's important that he says I'm telling the truth here. And I mean, that I'm sincere. I'm Joe,
John: as opposed to all the rest of this as opposed
Adam: to all the bullshit you tell every other side,
Unknown: But all kidding aside, okay. I have faith the American people. Okay, that's good. Really do to ultimately get to the right place. And by the way, many times republicans in the right place, I don't mean to the republicans only the democratic point of view, but some of the stuff, I mean, q&a the idea that the democrats or the Biden is hiring people in sucking the blood of children and non serious that's now you may not like me and that's your right.
Adam: I mean, boys only only only only only only, so no one ever said q anon does not say we're sucking the blood out of babies. I think the bastardization of the pedophile meme was bastardized by who was afraid when Trump did that open air one of his last question and answer things. It was, it was the it was, I can't remember who was who was forced to ask him the questions. And then it was a one or two not from politicians and elites, it was Democrats, which I don't think has ever been anything. It was only the democrats now. It's never been like that now and the democrats are pedophiles, pedophiles, we've heard that. But why does Biden come out and say that Democrats or the Biden's are sucking blood out of children? What is wrong? I mean, just from a communication strategy, and then to ended up by saying, hey, you may not like me, but you know, I'm gonna go suck that baby blood. This is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard this man say. And I'd like to play it one more time without interruption just so we can take it all in. I sometimes
Unknown: get myself in trouble for about to say. Not that ever get in trouble. As you've heard me say before, no one ever doubted me when I say the problem is I sometimes say all that. I mean. But all kidding aside, I have faith the American people I really do to ultimately get to the right place. And by the way, many times republicans in the right place. I don't mean that the republicans only a democratic point of view. But some of the stuff I mean, q&a the idea that the democrats or the Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children and non serious that's now you may not like me, and that's your right. I don't know man.
Adam: I adrenochrome Yeah, by the way, if adrenochrome is true, that it's the it's the fountain of youth, the Nancy Pelosi has got a whole kindergarten in her basement. I can't believe how her face looks for her age.
John: She's had so many operations that they've accumulated all the different clippings and made another Nancy Pelosi
Adam: have some experience in in plastic surgery. And this has this is really good work if it's all plastic surgery.
John: I mean, a lot of makeup too.
Adam: Yeah, and that's true. And yeah, but still holy macaroni. So anyway that this just like wow, okay, okay, President I don't know why do why even bring that in? Why even say that? Why at all? Who cares? It all it does is conjures up. Oh, it makes it worse. Yes. That's me. Isn't that almost like a given in public speaking? You don't draw attention to something by saying I didn't kill that guy. We didn't ask you if you killed that guy. Oh, I just started bringing
John: us like, Oh, it's like they wonder we heard the other day where they were Jen Psaki goes on and on about infertility out of the blue out
Adam: of the blue. Exactly. That good point. Oh, it's a meme going around. That shows Jen a very young Jen Psaki being hugged from behind by a younger looking then I think vice president now it would probably be I don't maybe Senator Biden. But like hugging her kind of inappropriately over her breasts. It's it's, I could be photoshopped. It's creepy. But that's the kind of stuff that's going
John: around. Most men should ask about that. And we can find out whether it's photoshopped because he has to be honest, this
Adam: is talking about drinking the blood of babies. I mean, it's not an excuse me, Mr. President, thank you for letting us know you do not hide people and drink the blood of babies. But are you groping a young Gen sockies breasts in this photo, Mr. President? I mean, that's the kind of stuff that should be going on now.
John: No, no, that's never going to happen by this media. I mean, maybe do see up there from Fox might, might bring it up. That's gonna be the that's it. I don't know why that guy's in there.
Adam: That'll be surprised. That'll be it for deucey.
John: I wanted to play, I wanted to play these clips about suddenly turning on China, even though they haven't really admitted that probably everything has been going on has been China hacking because they've been hacking us forever. Hmm. So now that you get these news stories about, you know, China hacks, and I've got three clips, I want to play maybe a fourth, okay. And this is Chinese hacks on PBS, on PBS
Adam: or just PBS.
John: And so Chinese hacks PBS,
Unknown: I'm joined by Nick schefren, with a lot of reporting to them. So Nick, first on China, what it tells us what it is that the US and its allies are saying,
this is an unprecedent International naming and shaming of Chinese hacking, and Chinese espionage for the first time NATO, along with the EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, join the US and accused China of working with cyber criminals in order to conduct hacking, and they also formally accused China of that big Microsoft Exchange Server hack from earlier this year that infected more than 100,000 servers worldwide. So I talked to James Lewis, from the think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies earlier today about the scope of the challenge posed by China and also today's announcement. They're the most aggressive espionage opponent we have in the world, more aggressive than Russia. This is a huge step forward, because we've got many countries now joining the US in condemning China for its really rampant cyber espionage and the fact that you've got NATO, EU countries Australia, it's it's a significant effort that the Chinese are probably shocked to find their such consensus consensus about what they're doing. But what today's announcement did not include is any punishment on China. And I talked to a senior congressional aide about that frequent critic of China, this aid, praise the administration for getting allies on board, but said that the response was weak because it didn't include punishment, because China only listens to actions and not words in this age words, and that China would continue attacking without paying a higher price. Now, as for
administration officials, they say, look, this is a first stage and quote, no one action can change Chinese behave.
Now next separately from this you have today the Department of Justice, issuing new indictment against Chinese hackers.
Yeah, this is a grand jury indicted Chinese intelligence agents for a worldwide hacking a worldwide cyber espionage economic espionage campaign. Oh, man,
Adam: it's so late that the Miller report did the same thing.
John: It's those Yes. Yeah, I got it just has a wrap up, do Chinese hacks to to finish this report from PBS.
Unknown: The Department of Justice says it was designed to aid Chinese sponsored and Chinese owned companies inside China to give them stolen technology. So the companies themselves wouldn't have to create it themselves kind of shortcut to good technology. And this is the FBI. Notice for the for hackers. They say these hackers targeted trade secrets, intellectual property, other high value information from companies, universities, and governments across multiple sectors from the NIH, to Navy submarines to a bola research. And this was all over the world, Judy, from the US to the UK, to Cambodia, to South Africa, exactly the kind of action that the US and its allies are calling out today. Now when it comes to China, we took a look at the Chinese nationalist tabloid Global Times response, they accused the US of stirring up a new geopolitical dispute by turning cyber frictions into major conflicts.
Adam: Cyber frictions,
John: that's a new term cyber friends like it, I like it. So they did this Chinese thing did this clip was triggered by this clip, which is interesting. This is China hacks, pipelines clip. And, of course, it didn't ever make the association with that recent pipeline think Oregon, maybe they do. But it's like Russia is really being pushed aside. I'm telling you that meeting that three day meeting by john kerry, acting as Secretary of State, going to Russia as the as the czar of the climate crisis is three words something to do with all of this what Listen, what
Adam: is what was that term again, we just had to just escape my mind. The one we just like cipher, which is cyber cyber friction. I got I'm sorry. What do we have now?
John: cyber hacks pipeline, or I'm sorry, China hacks pipeline.
Unknown: The FBI is telling American pipeline operators to secure their systems against foreign threats. It says hackers working for the Chinese Communist Party access at least 13 business systems between 2011 and 23 are aiming to damage pipelines or disrupt their operations, where you meet a nation
Adam: by attacking its critical infrastructures, shutting down
John: the power grid,
Adam: shutting down oil and gas pipelines,
Unknown: the hackers targeted specific employees with fake emails and other methods to get access to the pipelines. Now the FBI wants all general IT systems to be separated from the systems that control pipeline operations. And that's going to take, you know, organizations, sizable amount of time and effort to get done.
There's also the problem of pipelines using dial up modems with little to no security or monitoring a hackers dream. That's very similar to what we saw with that legacy VPN device. That colonial pipeline, you know, kept talking about after they found out how they got hacked. Colonial pipeline, America's largest oil line was hacked and shut down in May, fuel shortages and long gas lines followed, colonial blamed a hacker group called dark side for the attack, paying a ransom of $4.4 million
provides half the fuel not just for the eastern coast of the United States for civilian purposes, for all of the military bases on the East Coast, probably wants protection for critical services to be included in the upcoming infrastructure package.
Adam: Oh, cyber infrastructure. Of course, of course,
John: it costs money. So what's really weird about this report, you didn't catch it, or you would have stopped the FBI coming in a singer, you need to do this, you need to do that. This is all based on some hacks between 2011 and 2013. Were they keeping this in their back pocket the whole time until now, eight years later, they finally come out and tell him to do something about this problem. So they just kept it under the under the under the radar. They just ignore it from 2011 to 2013. That's what they did the hacking. And so what's the FBI coming out with this now for?
Adam: I have a theory. Interestingly, I had almost the exact same PBS NewsHour clips.
John: Well, that was from Ben TD PBS never mentioned the 2011 2013. They did not
Adam: they did not. But I do have a theory. And yes, I think you're correct, john kerry's three way in Russia three way in Moscow. He was he said he was there to party. But he got something done. And I've got two clips to contribute. So this is the same type of story from Australia.
Unknown: My friend has joined an alliance of nations, including the United States, and the UK in naming and shaming China have a massive cyber attack earlier this year. Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrew says she has a very high level of confidence, the attack, launched on the Microsoft Exchange platform, the mail server in January, was the work of the Chinese Ministry of State Security. So
Adam: this is a script. And the script is naming and shaming. And it's from a playbook. And we know the playbook. And I believe john kerry, as you state that had his three way in Moscow, and he said, Okay, if you're onboard with our group, then you're good to go. You don't even have to say anything just yet. You got to shut up do as we say. And I think it's possible that that that deal can be done with Russia. They're not you know, Putin's a very powerful leader, but they do lacking some economic stuff and going up against us. And I'm going to play you a clip from but a few weeks ago, when President Biden revealed the plan, we also
Unknown: made a momentous commitment at the g7 to help meet more than $40 trillion needs that exist in for infrastructure in the developing world. I put forward an idea that was called we named Bill back Better World Partnership, which is we're calling to be three. The point is that what's happening is that China has his Belt and Road initiative. And we think that there's a much more equitable way to provide for the needs of countries around the world. And so it's, it's been as a values driven, high standard transparent financing mechanism, we're going to provide and support projects in four key or key areas climate, health, digital technology, and gender equity. And we believe that will not only be good for the countries but to be good for the entire world and represent values that our democracies represent. And not autocratic lack of values.
Adam: So it is my belief just from the facts that are presenting themselves that the build back Better World program has been initiated. Everyone turns on a dime, Russia as if they never had never even touched it. keyboard, everyone, all faces are now on China. And Russia is going to be in on it one way or the other. And we're all going after the CCP. And we're going to with this fantastic financing thing, what I think that means is when you put the words build back better screwed China financing and infrastructure, you're talking, we're gonna print the money. The United States will print it all up, everyone's gonna get their piece, we're going to put it in certain but what we're gonna do is we're gonna kick China out of everywhere. really feels like Bill Burr, you've probably heard the whole bill back better Medley for months and months, I think this show is the first to actually identify that everybody was saying it. Now it's implied it's the bill back Better World program, which is to usurp every Belt and Road initiative in every country possible. And it's pretty much all about Africa.
John: Well, I wish him well.
Adam: Your freedom.
I got to talk about it. We got the jingles after all.
John: It's like he puts an I believe if your if your theory is we can go with the gender equity and global climate change aspects of this, of this quartet of targets is bullshit.
Adam: Yes, I think so.
John: That's just puts it in there as lip service to Democrats.
Adam: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Just to get just get it through the house. If we say hey, we're gonna go screw up this other country, China, we're gonna kick them out of every word on a global scale. We're organizing it Oh, yeah. We're gonna pay for it. That doesn't work if you throw in gender equity. Okay. She mean, that's what he said gender equity. Everybody should have the same gender apologia? I don't know. I don't know. And I know I'm an old dude. I've lost the plot on this.
John: Well, there's one other little side bit I think this was done on PBS do this is this thing about because this came in after they discussed the Chinese are not the Chinese thing. But the Yeah, the Chinese hacks. This this, this operation out of Israel called NSO. Oh, yeah. Pegasus. Yes. Yeah.
Adam: Don't look at Israel. Look at China.
John: So this is like a nasty little product that's that I guess is in full play. Everyone's got I mean, except for me. I have my phone is where it belongs is in the drawer downstairs. But everybody else who has to have the phone on him all the time. Because they're so important. They're going to get a call to play this NSO group, Pegasus software clip.
Unknown: So as we mentioned, there's another hacking story today. So the question is what is Pegasus and what has a consortium of media companies uncovered here?
This is a window into technology that can turn your phone into a spying tool and the government's willing to use it. So what is Pegasus? It's a software created by an Israeli company called NSO group. And the company says it's designed to attract terrorists and other serious criminals. But the investigation reveals governments all over the world used this software to target opponents whether journalists, opposition politicians, business executives, even activists, and it is all over the world. Take a look at this map. From Mexico to Morocco, to Rwanda to the UAE, to India, this map was produced by the nonprofit forbidden stories. They're the ones who spearheaded this, alongside 17 media organizations. The technical capacity was provided by Amnesty International who Secretary General on yes calamar spoke to me earlier today,
that technology is a weapon. And we what the investigation is showing is that the spyware is misused to such an extent that we have here a weapon that is that could blow off at any moment. It is undermining democracy. It is undermining human rights. It is undermining judicial system. It is undermining fair times. It could be a threat to peace and security. It must be regulated to a complete moratorium.
In a statement NSO group called The Washington Post version of this story flimsy and said quote, NSO group's technologies have helped prevent terror attacks, gun violence, car explosions and suicide bombings. And so group is on a life saving mission, and the company will faithfully execute this mission undeterred, despite any and all continuous Attempts to discredit it on false grounds.
Adam: Oh, yeah, this has been going on for a long time. This is not even these guys are not secret. The availability of the software I don't think was super secret. I've heard of it, when there was never any news about it.
John: Yeah, now there is I have
Adam: a 23 second ABC report about this
Unknown: military grade malware was allegedly used to spy on journalists, activists and even world leaders. A group of media outlets from around the world identified more than 1000 people in 50 countries believed to be potential targets of an Israeli based group working on behalf of government clients. They say at least 37 smartphones were hacked including one belonging to the fiance of slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Adam: Remember when we just said no to phones? just said, No,
John: no, I don't remember ever saying no to phones,
Adam: you know, smartphones, you? Yeah,
John: it was before the show that I gave up on these things. That's true. I was condemned anyway. Phones a landline. And the phone should be made out of Bakelite. Yes, me,
Adam: gentlemen, the tech crowds
John: coming back. No, you're the recent convert to Oh, yeah, you became a nut. You're like a smoker who quit smoking.
Adam: And then I'm angry at everybody for that.
John: You're mad at everybody that drink that a drunk who sobers up and why
Adam: do you drink and for bad behavior, bad behavior?
John: I mean, you're a lot more OTG than I am in terms of your adequacy and and your advocacy, let's say,
Adam: well, so all the systems I use, I really, I really tried to be good. I mean,
John: you're you're as good as it gets when it comes to OTG. I mean, I'm just my mo tg is so the phone in the drawer, take it out when I need it once in a while. Keep it off. Usually, I turn it on when I need it. But I've been doing that since the beginning because I don't I don't like these phones.
Adam: They also don't really go out of the house. So it doesn't matter how much
John: I go out of the house once in a while. I don't take the phone. Usually, I very rarely take the phone.
Adam: Exactly. No, of course you don't. I mean, the track, people are going to start to figure it out. I mean, not everybody because and, man, there's still this Credit Karma thing. People are calling me such an idiot. They're not tracking you. They're helping poor people get credit. Uh huh. That sounds real good. Crap, but there's now an
John: muku condemns you for this that they're they're idiots. And
Adam: so there's a new Credit Karma ad which is running on tik tok, where is where it belongs. And they're starting to do more. So the whole point of Credit Karma is behavioral obedience. And if you do certain things if you pay certain bills at timely manner, then they will as intermediary say oh yeah, guess what? By the way,
John: this is a great ad. It almost convinces you to get Credit Karma
Adam: Oh yes. Oh yes, it does anyone know I can get a free saw. So Credit Karma either gives you free money but I think it's probably in the form of extra credit I don't have Credit Karma because in order to even test it you have to give up a lot of information. Google is an investor so you know all All the links are there they now have their own debit card and they stamped you know they broke her out credit contracts to based upon everything they know about you to other people. And as we know eventually the government wants to take over credit ratings but right now it's Credit Karma and this will become the social credit score of the future and we based around your behavior so this is the latest advertisement from Credit Karma with some with x you can get Credit Karma which means they say money but I believe it's extra credit to spend or maybe they deduct something but money if you behave in the following manner.
Unknown: What's good issue boy Vinnie knows and I'm back with a free Manny petty had walk with go to the nail salon, ask for Manny petty pay with credit karma money when Instant Karma get it for free. These little piggies went to the nail salon.
Adam: So go get a Mani pedi a manicure pedicure. And you will get money
John: you get okay. You get two free pedicure and the way I see it and the way they're dirt they're doing these commercials on television besides. And the one on TV goes like this woman walks in and she does have credit whatever they choose the car whatever and she gets a free sandwich. The sandwich is free it's a good sure karma. Oh, and there's another one where a guy goes into a hardware shop and he gets a free leaf blower Wow.
Adam: I went to the brothel got a free blowjob. Thanks Credit Karma.
John: Well, I could be too It's very I thought it was bad
Adam: behavior. Pushing it this behavioral Nante behavioral hate. There's quite a breakthrough. And I have some extra information on a story that we've been on for a long time. I would typically say up here it is now the directed energy weapon. But I think I can change my opinion on what happened with those weird Sonic rays or whatever was making embassy personnel sick and Cuba and other places. Here's NBC Nightly News
Unknown: Tonight US officials telling nbc news as many as 200 Americans have now reported possible cases of that so called Havana syndrome, mysterious neurological symptoms sometimes brain damage, first reported by diplomats at the US embassy in Havana in 2016. Then appearing in Russia and China, this year, two dozen new cases Indiana, another in Berlin. US officials say potential victims on every continent but Antarctica
we are investigating and reviewing reports of incidents from all around the world,
including personnel from the State Department, CIA and Pentagon but no proof of the cause. In 2018, NBC News reported US intelligence officials suspected Russia Russia denies it. But Mark Pena Mirabilis told me he had to quit the CIA because of symptoms that started in Moscow.
Adam: I couldn't stand up. I was falling over. I had incredible sense of nausea and ringing in my ears. I was frankly terrified.
Unknown: We sat down exclusively with Cuban investigators in 2017, who denied blame for no
John: humanism possesses technology. Cuba has never produced these types of weapons
Unknown: while searching for the cause. The Biden administration is working on devices to protect personnel, as it's considering sending diplomats back to Havana for the first time since the attack started.
Adam: I don't even know it was on all those embassies. That was news to me.
John: Well, a couple of things. You should note, one, these guys have got to be targeted. You just don't Yes, the last some poor CIA guy for no good reason. The second thing is, I believe that there's somebody out there and you can look this up, people can look it up, they can do a search, they can find it. Somebody is selling a baseball cap that is lined with a Faraday cage fabric.
Adam: Oh, I need, I need that.
John: So I said this version of the tinfoil hat, which will stop these beams. And I would say that if you have the baseball cap with the Faraday cage built in with the Faraday cage fabric, which is stuff that you find in some wallets, and some devices and some bags, it says put your phone in the bag and it can't be you know, tapped or whatever. I think that might be not a bad product to own. And if I was a CIA guy, and I was in Moscow everywhere in this baseball cap around,
Adam: if I was no agenda shop calm I'd be making him.
John: Now, here, actually, now that you mentioned it, they do make capsim as I put the lining is just like a cloth. It's an interesting, interesting material. Yeah, no agenda shop, get some of that cloth and put it in these baseball caps just sell. And you might get some books, some some takers. And it also fits into the theme of the show. No agenda cow.
Adam: I have a theory though, on what what's happening. And this is not mine. It was sent to me. And I think it's very interesting. What if they're not targeting the people inside the embassies? What if they're targeting the rooms themselves. And here's the theory. As proven by scientists at the Technical University of Munich, they developed a holographic imaging process that depicts the radiation of a Wi Fi transmitter to generate three dimensional images of the surrounding environment. industrial facility operators are considering using this to track objects as they move through the production Hall. Generating holograms with microwave radiation off of a Wi Fi transmitter requires only one fixed and one movable antenna. It now I don't know, you know, these, the some of the newer routers already work at quite high frequencies. I don't know if what if they hacked if they're hacking the routers? And some of these routers, I mean, you've seen him a 678 and whole antenna array on top. What if they have a way to tune them up? Maybe a higher frequency, but whatever they're doing, they're creating enough EMF, that it's that it's making people sick, which can happen lots of people are very sensitive to Wi Fi just as is and they can't have it in their house. How about that as an explanation?
John: Well, it's a logical that would explain the anomaly of wire these specific people being targeted. Yeah. That would take that off the table. So it's it's why not I liked it. I
Adam: liked this idea. But yet again, another thing it's like, oh my god, you can do a 3d holographic image of my house based Upon my router, it's like, get me off all grids immediately. I want the show to be in a shack, you know, three towns further up
John: in Idaho.
Adam: Yeah. No, no, I don't want to be in Idaho. No, no, thank you. No, thank you. I just thought, Wow. Okay. Very, very possible.
John: I'm not yet there's no other theories.
Adam: Now and we don't certainly don't have one yet. Now, let's talk about some supply chain stuff. People are always very happy to email me You know, that's why I had the Union Pacific news that they're that part of any supply chain that includes their routes through Oregon are going to be delayed because of because of the fires. Tina has three months left on her lease. And she has a Mazda MX five. And you know, and we want to buy a car for her. We think that's better than why lease it. And you're looking for kind of, you know, something that maybe has a couple 1000 miles on it. And obviously there's nothing available but now that we're in the books, they're all calling her all day long to get they will take her car, give her enough money to pay off the lease. And then still have $4,000 in her pocket for it for a three year old car. Can you believe that?
John: Yeah, I got cards in the mail. Everyone's trying to do that out here too.
Adam: I get gorod and I mean I'm also getting real estate agents calling me like hey, this is a carol sounds Yeah, we just want to update information about you on that we don't have you'd have any information on me on file, but the car thing is very new. And and of course the car What can you buy? He has nothing to buy?
John: No, that's the idea. I mean, they want they need cars so badly. If you you what you what would be ideal. So you only have what you call one car you have a car and she has a card. There's no third car, no, no backup car or truck or something.
Adam: Well, what I'd really like
John: this is gonna blow over the way I sitting dump your cart, your second cars or third cars. If you have them and you know, whatever Junkers or whatever car you got there, get rid of it. And hold out and just calm down and you go buy a used car for half the price.
Adam: I live an hour outside of Austin. I'll just walk. But boy, boy that $4,000 is gonna feel good when I'm doing it. Now,
John: so I guess you don't have a third car?
Adam: No, I don't have a third car. Now what else have we heard? All kinds of weird delays. Taco Bell and Starbucks are warning their customers about shortages. What are the shortage of? Well, let's see. Due to nationwide delivery delays. We're currently experiencing outages of some of our food and beverage items, which is kind of weird to us outage in that context, isn't it?
John: It's very weird. Good catch.
Adam: Let's see they did not have some hot sauce.
John: Oh no. Why do you just go to the Mexican grocers and buy a bunch of top of Tia for two bucks a bottle and use that?
Adam: Let me see what else we have in? Sure. Oh, let's see. Well, England we already talked about severe disruptions also to food because the ping the ping demick. Back to railroads. This is in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Struggling to bring crews back draw scrutiny from regulators who were already concerned about Lean operations people do not want to come back to work. The railroads cannot stripped down to bare bones operation. Did Martin Oberman chairman of the Surface Transportation Board. So there's your problem. It's stupid people.
Unknown: This one and if you order new furniture for the summer a shortage of foam is now causing delays.
Adam: shortage of foam. This foam come from the foam tree. Now this is this none of this john seems natural. I do understand the employment issue that people don't want to come back to work but that you know, I just feel that that's being stimulated by some quasi universal basic income. Austin is now moving into stage four or five. We're gonna have lockdowns and it's really going to this this time is going to hurt.
John: You're not going to be locked down in your area. No,
Adam: but I'm not concerned about me. I'm concerned about my daughter in Rotterdam in shitty ass EU. I'm concerned about my friend Michelle, who has been struggling to keep his clubs alive. And not only does he have to check everyone because you know you can go to jail if an unvaccinated person is in one of his establishments. Now he didn't have to close down again. He's going bankrupt. That's what I'm concerned about. These people are not I was
John: noticing this, even around here. There's just through this one period of lockdowns, there's all these little businesses that have shut shuttered. And it's way too many of them and some of them are kind of those businesses that you maybe don't go to that much. But you know, they're there. You can always go there and now they're gone. It's very disturbing.
Adam: And all that will be left will be boring ass big box stores I'm seeing in the hill country, Walmart now. Now I go to Walmart. Lots of people wearing masks now because Oh, the Delta Varian.
That was pretty good. I'm gonna mark that one out.
John: It sounds good. You should probably you should probably definitely. Yeah, clip it. It's not that easy to do a good shape.
Adam: It's, it's really it's not easy at all.
John: You nailed it.
Adam: Quick little climate change. We have the horrific floods in Germany, Belgium, also in the Netherlands, not not often mentioned.
John: dimension China.
Adam: Don't know we're not going to talk about China at all. But I think this was a mistake that NPR should not have aired this as edited and broadcast.
Unknown: So I know you have been out in one of the worst hit towns you spent yesterday talking to people there. What are they saying about how this happened?
Yeah, I spoke to several people yesterday in the town of Nyah. vilela people who had suffered incredible damage to their homes. Dozens of people in this town died in this disaster. And the one thing everyone was talking about was how unnatural all of this seen the rain was nothing like anyone had ever seen before. The way that the tiny creek that runs through this town, they are filled up from below a foot deep to 25 feet deep in a matter of a few hours as water rushed down into this valley. I spoke to President Martin Larson about this and he thought climate change was definitely a part of this. But he also listed other culprits behind the severity of the flooding. Here's what he said, this type of flooding is not normal. This type of rain is not normal, and the consequences are not normally. The main thing is probably infrastructure.
Now, we've probably been building everywhere hair everywhere. Here, you asphalted everything's paved. There's the river straight. Yeah, it's not bending back and forth. It's been manipulated by man throughout the years. It's nice and shallow, and it's just cozy. But when it comes high water, it's,
you know, Germany is Europe's most populous country. It's about the size of New Mexico, but it has more than 80 million people in that area. So its population is fairly dense. And there are so many towns, like the one I visited yesterday that are built along waterways that are highly engineered and urban management to prevent these extreme weather events from causing so much damage is something that German officials will likely start analyzing more closely in the aftermath of this tragedy.
Adam: So note that the German who was speaking didn't mention climate change at all. You know, you can say a million times well, it's not just climate change. You know, this guy also think not all we heard, he didn't the guy never said it's also climate change. And then he said, Look, you manipulated the river for years, the river straight now straight as an arrow, you've manipulated nature. You made it nice and shallow and pleasant. But yeah, when something goes wrong, then we drown.
John: Wasn't this the same when we hit the show released 10 years ago when they had the flooding. And it was the same kind of thing. They screwed up. I mean, they blame it on climate change, but they screwed up and I think it was Germany or Austria or someplace. It was the same thing. They took the trees out of forests used to be here and they flattened a mountain and they did this they did that. And then they had this horrible situation. Now that's not a new news story. This is like a repeat. Well, so
Adam: here's a here's something to ponder as something as sir Jean brought up as we were Sipping Some Oban. You know, in West Texas, Texas has been very strange weather. Because to say the least, we've had a lot of weird things going on in the past year. And the end, we had another outrageous thunder and lightning and rainstorm here. Was it yesterday before yesterday? So what do we have in Texas? We have an entire swath of Texas is West Texas is filled with windmills. And, and we have other swaths filled with solar arrays. And GE made a point that besides the fact that the earth should be slowing down because of these things are rotation. It did he he's of the opinion that it is already changing weather patterns, and perhaps we won't be able to change it back. Because if you all of a sudden change the way the wind works, the way the wind blows by placing enormous resistance, you're going to get a split of wind Going around. The same goes for solar arrays are, of course actually called solar collectors. So there's a lot of light that is not refracting back to the clouds or creating heat. So we are, in fact, with windmills and solar panels, creating a form of climate change that we have no idea what the consequences could be. Is that crazy to say? I thought it was a good theory.
John: I think it needs if I saw some engineering data that would indicate that these things could do it much more than nothing. In terms of the these giant named a weather system is a monster. And these are little piddly things that are sitting down there. Spinning around, not little piddly things you've seen.
Adam: If you go
John: out to the moon and look down, you won't see them. You can't
Adam: get past the dome.
John: Just saying these are little piddly things in the scheme of things. No, they're big. They're huge. But they're just a big rotating propeller and yeah, I don't even see the dead birds. And I'm just not buying I don't think there's enough to make a difference. I'd like to see some engineering members Okay.
Adam: Now I'm done with that. Absolutely.
John: If you could show me one one scintilla Oh,
Adam: I like oh you said scintilla god that's a Dan bond Gino thing. Have you been listening to Dan bungee? No, no. Strange, because it's it's catching and people are whenever you hear somehow I'm not gonna say it again. One scintilla of everything.
John: Unless, and I but I like the idea because it does make sense that you you're there is a lot of energy sucked up by the solar array that could be would normally be bouncing around and hitting the ground and warming it up and growing things. And the nonsense just gets absorbed into that that system they use gets absorbed disappears into electricity that gets used which recycles it but now
Adam: well, it doesn't really matter because a group of more than 80 House and Senate Democrats have laid out their vision for a climate jobs program called the civilian climate Corps. That is expected to be part of this. Three and a half trillion dollar reconsider the budget reconciliation bill. And this will be the Brownshirts who will be on patrol everywhere to make sure you are adhering to your footprint and they will initially not be armed. But eventually they'll have tasers you know and eventually it'll turn into something much more insidious that's both parties.
John: When we add those are because our break doing
Adam: Yeah, we should take a break right now I'm ready for it.
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Adam: Oh yeah, that'd be fun.
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guardian of the Lindbergh coast, but now I guess, non guardian of Florida coast.
Adam: Very good looking group over there over to the Netherlands right outside of the Hague where the government sits inversing IRA no agenda meet up
Unknown: in morning thank you for your time. I'm in Connecticut. Hey fairlady of the Lithuanian mascot here and I'm gonna jump into the sea right now. In the morning Dame bam bam number one recruiter from the lowland Hey guys, it's Ruthie here
we're hanging out at the beach having a great time. Thanks for your courage in the morning from crime ridden and open flooded Netherlands
I am all on time a douche bag and I've always been a douchebag and I was watching Newsmax on
John: birth having fun. This is Lucas the 19 year old bitcoiners showing an awesome afternoon with the best people in danger is coming to you live from Boston or it's like a birthday party. Testing Testing Testing Happy birthday. Happy birthday gentlemen. Very nice here at the beach in Boston are
Adam: Jonah coming from Boston today cats cats cats.
There you go. Bam Bam Bam Lady of the Lithuanian butt plug now with cyber friction. Here yay producers douchebags Knights names of the Kansas City area you are hereby invited to pay tribute to our very own. David Foucault's odo in celebration of his safe return to get mowed nation from the harsh and arid deserts of Saudi Arabia 3:33pm Saturday July 31 at Hodge park in the Northland please bring your own meet. The button shall be in great supply. RSVP had no agenda
they all love each other too. With these meetups. That's great. Welcome home party for David Fukumoto. Here's what's happening today. The freedom fest no agenda meetup at seven o'clock at Murphy's pub and grill in Rapid City South Dakota. Park City Utah dastardly daveh demands us with bastards Bonanza at devadasis in Park City. Tomorrow the full moon meet up and half moon township that is in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania at brothers pizza in storm town 6:33pm. Also on Friday, Northern Virginia rooftop meet up at seven o'clock in the news at the end hotel the fourth floor of Decker in Virginia. On Saturday, the first ever Prince Edward Island meet up noon Atlantic time international children's memorial in Freetown Prince Edward Island cool. The conspiracy therapy at noon kicks off at Christie's Pitts park in Ontario, Canada if you're allowed outside and to breathe, also on Saturday Eastern central North Carolina no agenda poolparty three o'clock it's at a private home so check no agenda meetups calm For more information, Mobile Alabama matter meetup at three o'clock at Moe's original barbecue and the flight of the no agenda 8818 another recall 313 steelcraft city of Long Beach Leo Bravo Of course organizing that one, the Minnesota outdoor enthusiast potluck at 530 in Coon cuyuna state recreation area in ironton, Montana. And finally Sunday the truth wants to go out for 30 o'clock at the bunker not pig that's in Franklin, Tennessee Joe's your organizer for that
these are the no agenda meetups you have to understand how cool that you really can't until you go visit one because there's some maybe it's just the language we use we all can say in the morning and feel comfortable and they're not all have the same opinion not all the same backgrounds, ages, creeds, colors, sexuality, we are of course all gender equity. But besides that, it's a great group. You'll have a good time no agenda if you can't find one there, here's what you do. Start one yourself. No agenda meetup calm It's easy. It's like a party.
Everybody. Okay, let me see. I think I have number of ISOs Let me see what do I have here? Nope. Are you alive?
John: Yeah, I'm right here. Oh,
Adam: I didn't know if you were with us or not. Um, do you have any ISOs? Yeah, I
John: got a bunch. Okay. There's one that may be an ISO because it says zeros zeros. A short one. Zero size. Is this. There's that.
Adam: Oh, hold on a second. There's that. Let's try this one out. There's that kind of hate that warble in there. What is that taken from? I can't remember that. Uh, probably
John: one of the pod. I think it's from the
Adam: not very punchy. Not very punchy.
John: Try friends. Friend. Okay. I've missed my friends. That's cute.
Adam: Yeah, definite contender. contender.
John: Well, in that same in that same vein, because another old woman, zoom.
Adam: I have sort of learned how to do zoom too long
John: as cube is too long. And then we have the classic old dudes.
Adam: Oh, that may be very good. Yes. To all dude's
John: too old dude. Sound good.
Adam: Well, hold on. Let me see what I have. I have this one. Stop it. You look like an idiot.
John: I like that one. That's their agenda. This one? Yeah. You do not know what you were talking about. too long.
Adam: Yeah. Okay, so what do we like here? Well, I
John: like friends. And that one that I laughed at?
Adam: Okay, that was Don Lemon. Actually, let me see if I can punch that one up. It may be usable on me. See, I gotta do some real work on that. Stop it. You look like an idiot. I like that one
John: better than my friends again, just as the competition. I've missed my friends.
Adam: It sounds better I miss my friends in a short list. Do I miss my friends? I think it's better Yeah,
John: I did. I liked the Don Lemon one. It makes me laugh but I don't like Don Lemon. So let's Yeah,
Adam: okay, well there's a reason perfect reason
John: enough.
Adam: Ah, okay. I don't think I have much left john. I think I'm all petered out. I don't even have
John: quite a few but I've got two that I think I'll finish the show.
Adam: Okay, that would be nice.
John: First, there is the stating the obvious, which is Dana Perino on one of the five or whatever that show is she's Yeah, she's on the five she's the tiny blonde and so she used to be the press secretary for bush I
Adam: think and you know, so she's so weird does not see her with that still that short hair was so Dana Perino is still weird not see her with that.
John: So here is the hurt she's wasn't I think she's Yeah, she's a she's a professional public relations person. Yeah, she's come to this crazy conclusion, which is like a real head shaker like you What am I What? This is just very no agenda. He Spotify observation. Oh, okay.
Adam: Spotify thing? What if I don't see myself as a man?
Unknown: Yes. This story about 10 staffers, yes, anonymous staffers being upset about Joe Rogan happens about every three weeks? Yeah, I'm starting to believe that it is a PR ploy. Because every time they do the executives of Spotify tell those guys that are complaining to go pound sand. Yeah, Spotify executives totally get it and they're like actually defending him. So part of me feels like maybe that's just like one of the ways that they are trying to get some good press.
Adam: Really now. Wow, there
John: you go.
Adam: Really? No.
John: publicity stunt? No, I've never heard of such a thing.
Adam: Well, she would know. She does know that. Yeah.
John: And then the second clip, which I think is a good one in the show that I think somebody at NPR might be listening to us. Okay. They did a whole ad, a promotion because they do have ads but they're This is a house ad for one of their shows. And it surrogates all centered around the idea of saying, good question. Excellent question. Good question. This is beyond me.
Adam: Good question.
John: That's a really good question. Great question. This is free therapy. Thank you for asking me that God that's such a good question. That's an interesting question. But what fresh air interviews are really about are the
Unknown: interesting answers. Listen and subscribe to fresh air from why why and NPR?
Adam: Well, I have listened to a lot of fresh air in my life and I can solidly say rarely Is there a good question
John: or a good answer?
Adam: Yeah, wow. Especially the great question that's not going to happen. Alright, affiliates once here once again, we're long Oh yeah, we got great questions all day long coming up next and no agenda stream comm you can reach it to the troll. is a walk through the mind with sir Billy Bones. There'll be mental and physical stresses. Sounds like an upbeat program. In the show mixes sir Ned, we've got Tom starkweather sound guy Steve. And I'm gonna have to leave it at that. I got a couple more, but I can save those for the Sunday broadcast, which I look forward to doing very much. We'll be tracking everything down deconstructing the news trying to tell you how we see it a we're just too old dudes. And coming to you from the heart of Texas Hill Country. FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: And I'm from Northern Silicon Valley. I'm John Dvorak, we
Adam: return on Sunday right here on no agenda show. Would you please support us? You probably might want to go to Slash and a was he on Sunday in the morning and audio some mofos. And such
Unknown: value for their values? You got a great dog. Stand by what I said. And guess what? We created more jobs in the first six months of my our administration. We're very, very, very, very, very conservative has never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever been tried? It relates to what in fact, is now needed because we're growing over 600,000 people out there sign out 6 million people signing up under check number. And guess what? How many of you have children under the age of 17? Raise your hand. As I say we're running last time and we're this these laws have been changed. In Georgia, the Georgia website here on Biden won by multiple 1000 votes. I can say we don't think it was legit of the elements, the individual elements of this plan to make sure we fix that damn bridgers going in.
John: Please get back to work. It's free to leave. This is the right thing to do. That's a smart thing.
Unknown: It might be the case that after a third booth, you get a much more durable immunity. It might be the case that this becomes an annual vaccine and has president by the hope that helps sell this plan.
Please go push.
You look at the risk benefit ratio of the vaccine versus adverse effects of the vaccine.
It just overwhelmingly falls in favor of a vaccination. A growing number of Republicans are encouraging
John: Americans to get
Unknown: vaccinated likely to have two types of American those who are vaccinated and those who are not. We're either going
to get vaccinated. In the pendant, or we are going to accept. We know that many girls have not been vaccinated because it's too confusing or too difficult or too inconvenient to get a shot. The vaccines are safe and effective.
Our new phase will focus on children between the ages of 12 and 15 years of age. If you allow the virus to continue to circulate, you're given ample opportunity to mutate
the vaccines directly to pediatricians. Easy fast and free. The push, though is having trouble finding the location or making an appointment. We're going to make it easier than there
was a man
get vaccinated. And in the pandemic, now we're gonna have to bring the vaccine to people who are less eager. If you haven't gotten vaccinated yet now's the time we can do this actions are up by more than 120% Nation. Democrats for more than 10% of new
challenges for the very difficult and
John: problematic variants referred to as the Delta variants the COVID virus
Unknown: is maintaining. Here's the deal. Now we need to go knocking on doors. That's right. Get a shot and have a beer. John slash and a miss my friends
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