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The website of The No Agenda Show was created by Tim under the value-for-value model (completely voluntarily). Originally designed as an archive of the show, the website is now a full custom-built podcast app for our show, complete with Podcasting 2.0 integration.

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The No Agenda website is custom-built for listeners of No Agenda. While most podcast websites are just a list of episodes, our website integrates transcripts, chapters and shownotes with an integrated player that remembers where you stopped listening. You can also subscribe to notifications for new episodes and the bat signal (when we go live).

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The code of this website is available for free under an open-source license. That means anybody is free to make improvements, or to use the code for their own projects. Did you find something that's not working as expected, or do you have any feedback or questions on how the website works, create an issue on GitHub or contact the website developer Coded Monkey or our system admin voidzero.

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Executive Website Producers

The following people are executive producers of the website by providing their time and talent or treasure.

And special thanks to Adam, John and the other dudes named Ben keeping No Agenda running by making this all possible.


When I started listening to No Agenda in 2014, the No Agenda website wasn't anything to write home about. Like many other podcast websites, it simply republished the podcast feed as a website. It didn't include all past episodes (the archive was hosted separately), it also didn't include shownotes since those are hosted directly on Adam's website. But Adam publishes everything for free, and has gone the extra length to make the data from his projects machine-readable so websites and apps can use the data from No Agenda. He actively encourages producers to use this data for themselves, and lots of producers do.

As a dude named Ben, I immediately wanted to build an archive for No Agenda. Another producer built, which allowed you to play No Agenda from the browser, and even started hinting at support for transcripts, when producer Clogwog started publishing transcripts of the show he generated online on and linking the transcripts to a YouTube-video. Adam heavily started promoting these websites, but unfortunately often didn't update correctly.

No Agenda Experience

My dream to create a full archive of No Agenda started by building a website that combined the shownotes, the automatically generated transcripts and an archive of the troll room during recordings into a single page. Additionaly, I created a system for producers to create their own chapters, so producers could help divide the show into topics for a potential archive.

The name of my project became No Agenda Experience. A parody on The Joe Rogan Experience, which in turn is a reference to The Jimi Hendrix Experience. No Agenda Social just launched, so I started publishing links to new episodes under the pseudonym Woodstock, allowing the project to spread in the community.

One day, Adam was talking in the show about new projects and how he saw potential for a renaissance in the podcasting community (a precursor to Podcasting 2.0). I've emailed him about my project, and he immediately asked me if I wanted it to become the official No Agenda website, and we never had a fight.

Multiple rewrites of the website later, my plans to turn this website into a No Agenda archive have turned into making a general purpose podcasting player on the web. Maintaining an archive of the troll room during recordings and a database of producer-contributed chapters proved difficult for many reasons and Podcasting 2.0 increased the bar for how a podcasting website should work. I still want to build a full No Agenda archive, but I don't have the time or treasure to do both (yet) so please donate if you want to see this come to life.

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