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Unlike any other broadcasts, No Agenda has decided to be a solely listener-supported production. This means the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism, something we call the value-for-value model. If you feel you are getting value from our show, please help us by providing your time, talent or treasure.


Listening to the show and passing the word that No Agenda is The Best Podcast In The Universe is a simple and easy way to help out. Spreading the knowledge of No Agenda is also referred to as propogating the formula or hitting people in the mouth (No Agenda is not liable in case you actually got hit in the mouth).

Participating in the troll room or joining one of our meetups is also appreciated.


If you're an expert on one of the topics discussed on the show, or if you found something you think should be discussed on the show, send it to Adam or John (but definitely not both).

Our show is full of producer-created content like show art, jingles, end-of-show mixes, meetup reports, boots-on-the-ground reporting and much more. Simply let your creativity flow and never feel like a douchebag again. Additionally, some producers have created unique experiences to propagate the formula.


Donors contributing $50 and above will get a special mention on the show. Donors of $200 or more will become associate executive producer of the show while donors of $300 or more will automatically become executive producers.

Anyone donating $49.99 or less will automatically remain anonymous. Any donation requesting anonymity will also be respected (please mention it at the top of your donation note).

Donate to the Show

Value for Value Lifestyle

Producers use their time, talent and treasure to keep our show running. We call this the value-for-value model, and it was pioneered by this very show. Using value to support your interests is a lifestyle everybody can enjoy, so don't be a douchebag and start living.

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