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January 10th, 2021 • 3h 31m

1311: Woke Kindergarten


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John: baseless, baseless, baseless.
Adam: Adam Curry, John Dvorak, Sunday, January 11 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1300 11.
Unknown: This is no agenda TV.
Adam: But still broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capitol of the drones in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and from Northern Silicon Valley where we're passing around Nancy Pelosi his laptop. Apparently she plays the wumpus a lot. And Jesse devorah.
Adam: Okay, nice one nice call back to the hunt the wumpus. All five people, no. Yes. Well, may I start by Congratulations, handing out congratulations to all producers, past and present for maintaining the security of our product. The no agenda show by supporting the value for value model with your time your talent, your treasure, treasure, especially our dudes named Ben and dudettes. Name Bernadette. We always knew the SIS admins would save the day that IT specialists were on our side. And we run on probably 95% our own infrastructure, we're not bulletproof. But can you just imagine if we were using any other platform, even if Twitter was important, if that's where we communicated? This would be quite disturbing. What would be happening right now and so far, is good. We're hanging in it. But it's really a testament to the model and and testament to everyone who's participate who continues to participate. This the platform
Unknown: I agree with that it's
John: a testament I think that the way we do it is the absolutely the only way to go. Yeah. But I don't think we'd be taken off anything. We're not that we're not a threatening operation. We just deconstruct news stories and, and mock people. Yeah, beside
Adam: the point, john, if we had advertising, that's my call
John: No. Advertising we
Adam: done years ago. But it was yes, we would have. And really, what's what's happening now? And we've been I've personally been preparing for this moment. centralized services are just not the answer. You know, Oh, wow. parlors, the solution to Twitter? No, it's not. centralized services are just not the answer. And thank goodness, we've we figured out different ways to do it. And thank you to all of our dudes and dudettes you know, everyone who's running stuff running, no agenda, social running, websites, running the servers, all of that. And even if you know, this Amazon thing, that's pretty interesting, are they it's one thing to have Apple say, Oh, we can't have this app in the App Store, because it may potentially connect you to harmful speech, which is truly what they're saying. And they did that. But that's
Unknown: pathetic. It is.
Adam: It's another for Amazon to say, well, we just can't host you on it. They're using Amazon, AWS, Amazon Web Services, s3 buckets. We were using those quite extensively up until about two months ago and Dave Jones helped me move everything off onto onto different infrastructure, but I didn't we discussed that on the show where someone had complained and Amazon sent me a note because the page that had the index to the show notes was linked to harmful content. And I guess
John: I don't recall there was some automated note
Adam: Yeah, automated note and then I replied and then it was it was over but that's the extent of DNS. If you have a no agenda domain name you're maintaining make sure that it's current with the payment DNS. They're gonna go after name services. It's guaranteed This is this every single thing that is happening now is Yep, and ready for that? knew that was gonna happen.
John: And people are the Amazon things surprises me the most.
Adam: Not at all. Really?
John: Does. You can't say I'm not surprised.
Adam: I'm not because I just told you the story where they contacted me about a complaint
John: No, I know but it still surprises me that Amazon would be political in in just doing that. All they do is it's AWS they don't it's not as though this anything like Twitter.
Adam: Yeah, but you have to understand Amazon's game. They do not want anyone stirring up crap about how evil Amazon is. So that then people start to boycott their store. They have a dog in the hunt. And if and if there's all that and if parlors a big target is not the no agenda show. I agree. parlors a big target. Do you think that they want to hit Listen to that you should not gonna take a stand on that No way. No way.
John: I'm still worked at it's not pronounced parlay.
Adam: And we got a, you know, outreach from there from parlay his Outreach Director who is married to one of our knights, like hey, you know, set you guys up on on parlor and I'll make sure you have a gold badge. And and I said, I can't speak for john but I'm, I'm really not participating in social media. I use Twitter as an inbox for what it's worth. And I'm a no agenda social. But what's happened to you guys is of course completely bullcrap. So I'll fight for
John: a girl match. I have a parlay account account. Wait
Adam: a minute, I shall grant it to you.
John: There you go. Grant me that grant me the great gold account.
Adam: Yeah, no, no, that's taken care of no problem. I don't want any badges. I don't want any of that.
John: You got no stinking badges.
Adam: So the just a quick rundown of things so we can just know the last reference. Oh, that's not a last reference note. Do you remember the actual reference was?
John: Yeah,
Adam: okay. What was it?
John: It's from a movie. It's from the treasure of the Sierra Madre?
Adam: Yeah. And that morphed into we don't need no stinking transmitters. It's an old podcasting thing too. So since everyone is emailing me a whole bunch of questions, and now we're awake.
John: Here's the list emailing your questions about what once you read a couple?
Adam: Well, I'm going to give the answers instead of the questions are all very similar. So first of all, that bs signal is always going to be better than WhatsApp or any other messaging system. Am I completely convinced it's, it's cool and private? No, no. But for right now, that's definitely something you could use. Yeah. The phone that I'm using, which now a lot of people want is a pixel which has been completely D googled and cloaked by installing graphene OS and a couple other VPN like piehole firewall stuff. And our producer had no agenda phone comm from what I understand is swamped. So we need over a no agenda social we need a couple more dudes named Ben to do these services for people because it's kind of daunting to flash your phone, you know. Find Find yourself a banner of Bernadette and if you're one of those, make yourself available set up a mastodon for your family. But don't be careful if you're getting something that's pre hosted because they're all social justice warriors. Now, I'm gonna remove your mastodon if you post something hateful, figure out Linux. Learn how to set up a little Linux box, get a podcasting 2.0 app. Here's a thought learn how to buy bitcoin figured out how to use it how to use it.
John: Let's rock gold.
Adam: Well, gold is fine. It just it's not that easy to use at the moment. I'm saying fine. I'm just saying the gold is not that hard to understand how to use Bitcoin.
John: I have a solution to was that. Put the phone in a drawer and leave it there?
Adam: That's absolutely a good idea. That's a very good idea. A lot of people don't have that luxury. You know, like podcasts are sitting at home Don't go anywhere. Get your ham radio license. You know, look at other email services proton maybe I think they're pretty good still. That's the kind of stuff that you need to do.
John: Well, proton and up to in the same bucket as Hushmail.
Adam: What do you mean good bucket.
John: Now they end up in a bite they bought by somebody else. And that's the end of it.
Adam: Did Hushmail get bought,
John: I believe Hushmail got bought that used to be the most secure of all of them.
Adam: What happened to Hushmail? I mean, obviously, what you want is you want to have a small group of people with someone who knows what they're doing. And you know, that person will run a small mail server. But the idea that we can have please stop suggesting that no agenda show do an email server for everybody.
John: Yeah, no, we're not doing that. No, that's not happening ever.
Adam: No. And nor should it, this is the whole point. And you have to get your head out of the idea of centralized services. And the only thing that is a lot of people I know are very upset about this. And the idea that big tech can do this is frightening to a lot of people and I completely understand we've been prepared. We been talking about OTG for years. For years, we've been talking about this, we know
John: that OTG canadagap
Adam: are the proto OTG, you're better than I am because you put the phone in the drawer
Unknown: and leave it there.
Adam: Now if we could help you hit the repeater nearby, you'd be perfect. And we're gonna work on that part. we've, we've been preparing for this, you have to know that you're not silent, you're not censored. The internet was built to route around bullcrap like this, Twitter and Facebook, they're bugs in the system. They're bugs.
John: They're not necessarily called the employees. The problem is, you know, if you keep these employees out of the company to begin with. I mean, if you look at a picture of jack Dorsey, the guy looks like he's beleaguered.
Adam: Well, he looks what's the word
John: bullied by your own employees and they can be very, they're bullies. The social justice warriors are just what they say they don't like they're bullies. And they bully their own company. They're just stupid employees. No offense to stupid employees, but you get a paycheck. You're not a shareholder? Well, you might be a shareholder, right? You're not a corporate executive. You're not a major shareholder. You're not running the company. But yet you run the company. Yeah. And get away with it. This is what happened with Dorsey supposedly got 350 letters, or, you know, internal memos because the company encourages this from a bunch of social justice warriors that they can't put up with this anymore. They can't have this person on the platform. They can't have Trump on the platform. And Trump is the one they wanted to get rid of. And they finally got rid of him to get rid of the President of the United States because you don't like it. You don't like him?
Adam: Yeah, but that's the this stop this is this is what is different. This is not because we don't like him. This is because he incited an insurrection and had domestic terrorists come that's the constant message.
John: surface. That's the surfer that's shallow. They don't like him. I know. I know. The.
Adam: Of course, I understand the true meaning. Most people live on the surface. all they see is pictures associated with the word domestic terrorist insurrection, incitement to violence. This is this is very, very damaging. Manual. I do have the experts on this. Brian Stelter and Anderson Cooper to give us the lowdown on exactly what what's been happening with this D platform.
John: Yeah, that's right. Well, my thinking,
Adam: you know that they're the ones who know what's happening. Brian, I
John: just gotten word that minutes ago. Apparently President Trump tried to tweet from the POTUS Twitter account. And correct me if I'm wrong, that Twitter, Twitter immediately took took it down. I mean,
Unknown: you know, the whole rule this ban is if Trump tries to go on anybody else's account, and post this ban applies to any of those accounts. Now these are the POTUS account, the White House account,
these are US government accounts.
Adam: Okay. And who's responsible? Brian?
John: I mean, this going beyond just President Trump being banned from Twitter, the tech industry as a whole seems to be kind of waking up and taking some action.
Unknown: Yes, Google has banned parler which is that newer so?
John: You think the way this would go would be just the opposite. The way it went? If you listen to it, it's like oh, they banned him. And now the tech industry is finally tape finally taking action. Like this is a good thing. Yes, they
Adam: believe this is all fantastic. This I was watching.
John: So they don't think this could happen to them. No,
Adam: no, they forget that they forget Of course they don't. First of all,
John: these guys should not you know, these guys should not be broadcasters.
Adam: They're not broadcasters, their news models. Come
Unknown: on. We
Adam: all know that. This this, this is what is alright. So
Unknown: the
Adam: big tech it controls the government that control most of the congressmen and you know, just see what the actions of the politicians, we know the media's role in this, the media's role is very obvious. They, they, they cannot or they can also not live without big tech. They need the social media flow. It's really what's kept certainly the cable news outfits not just to float but in combination with Trump has been very, very successful for them in the past couple of years. So now, big tech, you know, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, these guys these he's not the vitriolic, a hose who wants to rule the world. These are pitchmen. These are douchebags, you know it, who knows what I would presume a lot of CIA a lot of CIA money went into these organizations early on. So who knows how corrupt with the revolving door of intelligence agencies and little security firms? And do we go back and forth and we do all kinds of little deals. And, for instance, Chris Krebs, who was fired, he was the director of the sissa, the cyber infrastructure Security Administration, and he was on with Don Lemon, which you can you know, that Don Lemon will will, of course, bring you an intellectual conversation. And let's talk about how the tech industry is now going to hold people accountable.
Unknown: This genie is out of the bottle now. So
what can be done even if he gets up there and says that which
I highly doubt it, I mean, you know,
I'd like to be proven wrong, approve wrongs. But so what can be done now?
Well, today, I
think some of the social media platforms took a good first step in D platforming, the the most active purveyors of nonsense of garbage related to election claims, like like these Dominion systems that were hacked, and also, Dominion filed a pretty hefty lawsuit today against Sidney Powell. These are all the right steps that we need to take to take hold people accountable. But again, those in the Senate in the house, that that fired this up on Wednesday, they also need to come clean, and they need to denounce the objections. This is not just a federal issue, it's happening at the state halls of the legislators and elsewhere. They need to denounce these actions. We need the networks or the you know, the edge fringe networks like Newsmax and oae. And they need to denounce this and they will also be held accountable for this in courts of law. And
ultimately, the president. The President
has, if he cares about this country, if he cares about democracy, he will do what's right, and he will announce this guy and accept his defeat.
Adam: This is Chris Krebs. This is the guy who said we had the most secure election in history. He was the guy that got fired. who worked at the it was a Trump hire.
Unknown: How did he get? I love it. I'll tell
Adam: you what, here's his reward, john, his reward is in the interview. You know, you're already hearing
Unknown: the folks who have been giving the disinformation some of whom some of you some of whom you mentioned there.
Well, if you're trying to silence a certain group of people, conservatives, this is censorship, and so on. And I asked you that because your new firm is all about stopping cybersecurity
threats. These new firm,
this disinformation cesspool is now so vast that people are trying to blame the riots on an Tifa. Some far right social media users actually think that Trump's video statement yesterday is a deep fake. How long are we going to be done with the consequences of this, Chris?
So this specifically? It's a great question. And frankly,
he had steps that can be taken, and I just ticked off to ensure that there's no further bloodshed between now and the 20th. What happens over the next four years, there is some element of the republican party that clings to a nonsense lost cause narrative. I mean, look at it, you saw the Confederate flag in the Capitol building on Wednesday, they didn't get there in the 1860s. And yet, they're there now, None of this makes sense. We have to put it into it. responsible adults, responsible elected officials who care their party
John: and stop being
Unknown: intense intimidated by these these voices on the on the on the well, I used to say on the periphery, but now that is the heart of it, take back the party.
Adam: So I know you don't watch the cable news networks necessarily. But I'm a student of this and I have watched hour after hour of the message being anchored in these viewers heads that that these supporters of President Trump are dangerous. They're insurrectionist they're racist, they're Confederates and you can just keep on going down the line. And it's being anchored with images, still images. That's always the best throw in a couple of videos. I was watching CNBC and I tried to find this clip. It was, I think, a Friday afternoon and they had Barry Diller on and and I got in right where the point where Barry Diller saying hey, you know what, we don't need an impeachment 25th amendment at the at the time it says the guy's got 12 days left. Let's just this is calm. Let's get ready for the new administration. And the the news model hostess says keep it this is this is not just about what happened to capital. This is about the past four years. It doesn't he have to pay for the past four years. Oh, yeah. And this is what I said to you. We have a Nazi party now as a Nazi wing in the amongst the difference Democratic Party, the leftist the progressives, whatever you want to call it, and it's there. They're looking at people who supported President Trump, but they voted for him when it doesn't matter. I'm sure a lot of people think of me. You know, you used to be a Trump apologist. Now you're going to be a possible domestic terrorist. And in fact, they have a name as
a new name that they figured out Chris Cuomo, from CNN, always a good guy to launch a new term.
Unknown: Part of what we have to do is have leaders call out what's wrong, specifically the culprits and our new leader, President Elect Biden
John: did do that
Unknown: today.
I think the American public has a real good clear look at who they are. They're part of the big lie. The big lie, Trump said that before he ran, if you say it enough, I'm going to convince you
I'll say it enough.
The press is bad. The press is bad. The press is bad. Press is bad. It's the only one saying that that's one thing. But the
Acolytes that follow Him,
like Cruz and others, they are his responsibility is third decent people out there who actually believe these lies. Because I've heard it again and again. He's right.
Adam: But you stepped on it. Sorry. That's okay. Just hold on.
Unknown: But there are others. For Trump plugins.
Adam: Rick from plugins. Oh,
Unknown: no, no.
Adam: You think I know people are using it. I'm hearing it more and more. Let's go back to Anderson Cooper. It Okay,
John: fine. No, I'm just saying it's too stupid.
Adam: They're using it. I have other clips where they're using this stupid? Yes, of course. They're stupid. But I'm just not denying what I'm seeing in front of my face. Anderson Cooper made a huge mistake. He remember he was he was just completely unhinged about what happened. We played that clip. Now What mistake did anderson cooper made? If you recall the clip clip right? Where they're gonna go back to their, to their hotel rooms and they're gonna laugh about it? how good they were you remember that clip?
John: No. Play it again. Okay, well, let
Adam: me find it for you, then. Gosh, I thought you would have remembered it. He was the most unhinged on the last show.
John: But he's always been he's been unhinged in a lot of clips. Yeah, let me see if I can find this. Like he's panicky, he's got a what his problem is, it's weird. guys can hold it together, you're Pro.
Adam: But he he has no problem. holding it together just made a mistake. Anyway, I'll tell you what, what he did, he made the seminal mistake of not it wasn't a mistake to say, these these, these retro implicants are going to go back to their their motel six or whatever he said at the time. And he said they're going to go have begun to have dinner at the Olive Garden. And they're going to, you know, celebrate how how they, you know, helped their president. I can't find the clip offhand. There's too many Cooper names in the clip titles. But he made a huge mistake there a massive mistake which you can never make on commercial television.
John: I should have been more clear with something I said in the immediate moments after the attack as people who had broken into the capital, or simply being allowed to leave seem to just walk away,
Unknown: celebrating In fact, the criminal act that they had taken part in. I was trying to remark about the seeming casualness of the behavior that we were all witnessing at that moment after the attack the high fiving the laughing the celebratory atmosphere as if they'd actually accomplished something other than just disgraceful mayhem. I said they should be ashamed of what they did. And I believe that and I was trying to say and perhaps didn't do a good job of it. They were just going to go back to their lives that day as though they were patriots they're gonna go back to hotels and have a drink have some dinner. I named the two hotels that I could think of in the Capitol Hill in that moment in the mall area I named the Olive Garden is a restaurant they might eat at normal places as if this was just a normal day. I was actually thinking of another restaurant that area with the name Olive in it but the moment my brain froze I couldn't remember the exact name I said the Olive Garden
John: key
Adam: disparage an advertiser.
John: He had to do a Mayock he
Adam: had to do a make good for the Olive Garden because they freaked out on him. Because the Olive Garden immediately associated the olive garden with anything Trump Oh, that'd be doing me good for a while I think
John: free advertising for a year. Yeah, why not?
Unknown: Why not?
John: That's pathetic.
Adam: Oh man. This is this is what we live for john. It's going it's gonna be sad. The what's going to happen economically and epidemiologists weekly with a whole bunch of Lyall ology, but it's gonna be fun to see how these people tie themselves in knots. Trying to protect and protect their their own assets while disparaging other people. Eventually the boomerang comes around is NBC Nightly News clip about Twitter and the Twitter employees that you were talking about
Unknown: Twitter run by CEO jack Dorsey saying after close review of the President's recent tweets, it banned him due to the risk of further incitement of violence. Twitter's specifically warning quote, plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off Twitter, including a proposed secondary attack
Adam: on the limit. Did Twitter say that?
Unknown: You're armed protests of violence? Twitter specifically warning, quote, plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off Twitter.
Adam: How do they know what people are doing off Twitter? Just Just questioning including a proposal
John: called good reporting.
Unknown: We attack the US Capitol and State Capitol buildings on January 17. After the ban, the president tried to tweet from other campaign and staff accounts triggering a game of whack a mole with Twitter quickly taking down his posts.
Adam: Oh, they're such heroes on the front line,
Unknown: the Twitter people, many platforms have banned or restricted the President's accounts, including Facebook and Instagram, where he's blocked indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks because Twitter is a private company. Experts say the removal of the president for violating their rules is not a violation of the First Amendment. The ban, which many argue came too late, was also instigated in part by Twitter staffers pressuring executives to delete the President's account. One employee telling nbc news a lot of us are so happy and so proud to work for a company that did the right thing.
Adam: So proud. Yeah, I remember when conservatives used to, to try and ban liberals. I mean, it was like movie theaters, we had movie ratings. Then it kind of crossed over tipper Gore, I would say arguably was very conservative with the labeling of music. What comes around goes around any anything you set in place now is going to eventually come around and hit you right in the face. It's so stupid and short sighted. And I'm just happy that we can sit back here and be good, it's
John: stupid and short sighted but it is I have to say it is fun.
Adam: entertaining as all heck john. Let's listen to the black Information Network. Mo Kelly has something to say this is recorded directly from a from a radio so I don't have a clean recording but you'll be able to hear it
Unknown: Trump campaign lawyer Jerome
M. Marcus, no dramas not black. I wonder too. He told a federal judge that he can no longer represent the president in his frivolous Pennsylvania lawsuits saying his work was used by Donald Trump to criminally incite the Trump Akins attack on the Capitol.
Adam: Oops, did I hear that Trump Ruttenberg replikins in the wild? Yes, I
John: see as you pull a few of these clips I've been asking in a month. Okay. If you start hearing it, okay, you it will be gone by then.
Adam: Okay, possibly
Unknown: by Donald Trump to criminally incite the Trump Akins attack on the Capitol Donald Trump wasn't some unknown quantity Up until yesterday. This lies in citation and violent rhetoric. We're on public display since 2015. He was an unstable former TV game show host and you all thought that that dude was better for America than Hillary Clinton,
Adam: you all
Unknown: part to help build the proverbial bomb. And now that it's gone off, you want to tell us bombs or bad news. You did this. You don't get to escape the permanent stain of this mo killing Mr. Mo Kelly on Twitter and Instagram. And that's your Two Minute Warning on the black Information Network.
Adam: Oh, there's more. Oh, there's more. It's It's fantastic.
John: This is TNT piling on the guys out of office in 11 days. So now let's go after him.
Adam: It's not it's not but john.
John: It's not amazing heroism here we're seeing
Adam: Oh, yes. But you have to understand. This is not about Yeah, of course. It's about Trump and I'm sure they want him either impeached or 25th amendment ID so that he could no longer hold public office that may be part of it. All of that's fine. But the demonization of anyone who ever said anything positive, even, like considered listening to something that Trump said what that is the we have we are in the middle of a civil information war entirely. And that eventually spills over but this is this is disparaging of all people who who just have different thoughts than the news models of the world. And that's the part that is dangerous. This is TNT tip off. It's a basketball show.
John: Look, I
Unknown: was excited to be here to talk back Basketball but the world has dramatically changed in the last 48 hours. Tuesday all
Adam: you got to notice
John: this. Listen to what happens. I saw this. I saw it in real time.
Adam: What I love about this as I listened to I just have a little bit of it 50 seconds. Keep pretends like I just got to say something and Cue the music. They bring in the sappy music. It's completely produced completely written. Look, I
Unknown: was excited to be here to talk basketball but the world has dramatically changed in the last 48 hours. Tuesday, eyes were here on Georgia's history was made. Raphael Warnock became the first African American to win a Senate race in the state and Jon ossoff, another democrat won the state's other senate seat. These were landmark victories that both the NBA and NBA played a part in but things quickly shifted Wednesday to Washington DC were supporters of President Trump tried to disrupt the certification of the electoral college by storming the nation's capitol. It was a shocking and brazen attack on our democracy as these domestic terrorists security and invaded both the Senate and the House. Five people lost their lives, including a US Capitol policeman, as the world watched in horror.
Adam: That's the stuff that is very, very dangerous to be saying. And they should be ashamed
John: of I guess I gotta stop that clip and give you a little background. You don't understand that clip. And I'm not saying you don't understand I'm I'm all
Adam: ears. I'm all ears. But
John: on the surface, that clip is misleading. Because this was a very strange show. And nobody did. This show is normally three basketball players who are going after each other used in a goofball way with a white guy, Bernie, that's running it. And he's the guy in demand in the middle. And this is kind of a comedy show in some funny way. And out of the blue, they brought this joker in. Who is the one he the guy that was that you play that clip of? That's the guy who is the co host of Entertainment Tonight. He has absolutely nothing to do with that
Adam: show. So, so it's even worse than I thought.
John: Oh, wait, I would agree. It's actually worse than you thought. So they dropped this guy in the show the three other guys Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal, and hate to forget the third guy's name, but he's always there. Anyway, they're kind of baffled by this themselves. And at some point, this guy who's there for some reason I did miss the very, very, very beginning of the show is about a four part show that they brought, break it down over the weather pick basketball games in the middle. And so I don't know the premise at the beginning. But this guy goes over and he goes to the, to the big giant screen to point something out. He's got the Entertainment Tonight logo up there. And at some point, he he says something and Shaquille O'Neal says, Ah, ah, there's this real voice because he was used to like what you would call a puker. He's got this phone that he uses,
Adam: right? And he dropped
John: out of it for a split second he dropped right back into it. Unfortunately, I didn't even notice what the difference was. But this was a phony baloney setup and they the three guys are guys the basketball players are more than happy to talk politics and give their opinions and then they they made sure to bring the most radical opinion was it was a clip from Draymond Green of the warriors who wasn't there but they played this clip because he called them he's the one who used the coup. Oh no, he used domestic terrorists they're terrorists. And the whole thing was a setup to this is a TNT management thing of course and this it was really pathetic I think it hurt the show. To be honest about it. That's that's the
Adam: the beauty of what's happening. Especially when you do it in that forum where I think people just want to see basketball or hear about basketball or you were joking about Yeah,
John: I don't want to hear this. I
Adam: don't want to see this guy. This guy doesn't know jack about basketball. he's a he's a spokes the hole. And in the in the infamous words of Magic Johnson, Republicans by Nikes two idiots. That's where this is going at Tim Cook. Republicans and conservatives and libertarians and also whack job wing nuts. Trump apologists like myself. We buy what we used to buy iPhones. You know, this is a it's a really interesting to see. How did you see Forbes, Forbes magazine, Forbes, a whole op ed, how any I should bring it up here how any company or CEO Officer of an organization if they help Trump in any way, well, we're going to rip you apart without reporting we're going to overturn every single stone until we find out any corruption that's going on in your company. And another Pabst Blue ribbons splits open early in the morning everybody.
John: Laser cans of talking rain.
Adam: Talking rain.
John: Yeah. Huh?
Adam: Do tell what is that water
John: rain is is the water from Pacific Northwest that the grocery outlet has on sale. So you buy a guy for him swear to God, you buy a giant case of this stuff for $2.95 is the nice sparkling waters tasty.
Adam: Okay, Forbes, I have to share some of this with you, holding those who lied for Trump accountable. And this is written
John: by Forbes which used to represent the Republican Party
Adam: written by Randall lane, who his byline here I am Chief Content Officer and editor of Forbes and post on business philanthropy and food. So he got he has some standing. I just got recently this yesterday's insurrection ending yesterday's insurrection was rooted in lies that a fair election was stolen that a significant defeat was actually a landslide victory that the world's oldest democracy in genius, let I know, this is Forbes, the world's oldest democracy. Would you like to come to that point? John Dvorak professional
John: How about Greece 2000 years ago, how about Greece Iceland is a longer lived democracy than we have by a by hundreds of years before
Adam: but you think they know do they know?
John: The date? Dave, somebody to probably the collective unconscious of the original Forbes knows, but apparently this guy doesn't know. And I said apparently twice, yes. Okay. Now,
Adam: you could work for Forbes, that the world's oldest democracy ingeniously insulated via autonomous state voting regimens is a rigged system. Such lies upon lies repeatedly repeated frequently and fervently providing the kindling the spark the gasoline. Now let me go down I don't get Oh, it gets so
John: reading it. This is
Adam: great. Okay. I love reading to you. That Donald Trump devolves to Donald Trump devolve from commander in chief to liar in chief didn't surprise Forbes as we chronicled early and often
John: for all his liar in chief. Yes.
Adam: He devolved from commander in chief to liar in chief, tell me why you find that you're a journalist and a writer and a columnist. I want to know the inside humor of that.
John: It's foolish. It's an extremely fool at this is like a high schooler. It's just ludicrous that anyone would write like that, but
Adam: he writes about food.
John: All live so what i by the way, anyone can write about food.
Adam: As we've chronicled early and often for all these billions and Barnum like abilities, he has been shamelessly exaggerating and prevaricating to our faces. What's prevaricating? Me?
John: prevaricating. I know what it means in internally but I can't give you enough surface definition right now but speak or
Adam: act in a speaker speak or act in an invasive way?
John: Yeah, okay.
Adam: So he's been shamelessly exaggerating and prevaricating to our faces for almost four decades more astonishing, the number of people willing to lend credence to that obvious mendacity on his behalf in this time of transition and pain. reinvigorating democracy requires a reckoning a truth reckoning started starting with the people who
John: started with you, buddy, starting
Adam: with the people paid by the people to inform the people who would as someone in business in the business of fact, it's been especially painful to watch President Trump's press secretaries debase themselves Yes, as with their political bosses, spins and omissions and exaggerations are part of the game. But ultimately in PR core credibility is the coin of the realm. Then they go into a whole thing about how you know, Sean Spicer, Sarah, do all disparaging about Sarah, Sarah Huckabee. And we'll go past all that and get to the payoff. Also, Kaylee McInerney loosey goosey just want to say they're her successor, Stephanie Grisham over the course of a year never held a press conference even though the BS continued unabated across friendly outlets. And finally, Kaylee McInerney, Harvard Law graduate a propaganda prodigy at 32, who makes smiling falsehood and art form all of this magnified by German Too often followed an old playbook, ill prepared for an Orwellian communication era. As American democracy rebounds, we've returned to a standard of truth when it comes to how the government communicates with the governed. The easiest way to do that, from where I sit is to create repercussions for those who don't follow the Civic norms. Trump's lawyers lie gleefully to the press and public but those lies magically almost never made it into briefs and arguments, contempt, perjury, and disbarment keep the professional standards high. So what's the parallel and the dark
arts of communication simple, don't like the chronic liars cashing on their dishonesty press secretaries like Joe Lockhart, Ari Fleischer and Jay Carney who left the White House with their reputations in various stages of intact made millions taking their skills and credibility to corporate America. Trump's liars don't merit that same golden parachute that be known to the business world hire any of Trumps fellow fabulous above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie. We're going to scrutinize double check investigate with the same skepticism we'd approach a Trump tweet want to ensure the world's biggest media brand approaches you as a potential funnel of disinformation, then higher away, this isn't canceled culture. It's societal blight. There surely a nice living for each of these press secretaries on the true believer circuit. Nor is this politically motivated as Forbes pro entrepreneur pro growth worldview has generally placed it in the right of center camp over the past century. This standard needs to apply to liars from either party. It's just a realization that as Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, in a thriving democracy, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts are national reset stocks. Follow me on Twitter.
John: Just follow me on Twitter. And really
Adam: now if you want to my final, final unhinged rant, although there's other fun things, and later topics
John: is on this topic, by the way, yes. But before you do that, this guy should be fired immediately.
Adam: He's gonna get a bonus.
John: No, not if Forbes is run by the same people. I know. It used to be run by the real owners of that company. They're republicans not gonna put up with this guy. This guy's is just hurt the brand. He's hurt the magazine. He may have killed it.
Adam: I think yes. I think that's what it is that kind of threat to your actual customers who advertise pay to be in it, you know, cozy up to be a part of it.
John: I would get if I was an advertiser, I'd be out of that magazine instantly.
Adam: Do you want to hear what to instantly? Do you want to hear what teachers being told to tell their high school students?
John: Ah, do I want to hear it?
Adam: I think it's important to do. Well, I'm
John: gonna have to hear it, obviously. But I don't want to hear but I want to, but I'm going to have to hear it because you're going to tell me
Adam: and I have. I've received a copy of the original email and a PDF. As an aside. There's a lot of information coming out. A lot of things are happening. The producers of gitmo-nation are doing a very good job of digging stuff up. You have to go one step further. The vaccine adverse reaction database. Turns out that wasn't only the COVID vaccine, it was for all vaccines, which doesn't bode well, by the way. So the vaccines that we actually all think are groovier, causing 45,000 adverse reactions, we have to do a little better on the fact checking I can't fact check everything.
John: And if you're disciplined, annoyed by producers, you're sending half baked stuff really do really well. I just don't have a waste of my time. That is anything. You have
Adam: to go back and correct it. I feel like it's like a schmuck. I can't check everything some things I will take at face value. And we just have to be better if you find a cool article. Look for the article that it was stolen from go down three layers to get to the original, you'd be surprised what you find often a clip. Okay, so that's just pure, productive feedback. So this is this is an actual note to a Teachers Association. I I'm going to keep it anonymous, but at the actual text will be in the in the show notes. The siege on our assistant teachers. The siege on our nation's capitol this week wasn't a front to American democracy pure and simple. But for us as educators, it is a moment we as reckoned with as we work with students who saw something unimaginable happening in our country, an active open sedition at the temple of art. Democracy. In that vein, I want to share some helpful resources for talking with students about this week's right in Washington DC. Wednesday's actions were inexcusable both by the writers and the president who incited them, and there must be ramifications. Those who participated in the insurrection must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even this bothers me. You know, so people who are just they're just mulling around who were half a mile away, but we're basically in a crowd. Yeah. Even with less than two weeks remaining in office to President Trump must be held accountable for his words and actions, both in inciting
Wednesday's Riot really, and his baseless attacks on the outcomes of a fair election. As such, I'm sharing with you a statement earlier the
John: word baseless against is baseless is the is the key word here. You hear it? Yeah. Constantly,
Adam: but it's not baseless.
John: No. Well, you can't say there's a baseless accusation unless you've proven it one way or the other. No one's done that.
Adam: But also baseless means you have nothing to go on and there's plenty of stuff they've had to go on.
John: Yeah, dude and the everyone uses baseless baseless is the most popular word. That should be the next Merriam Webster word of the year, the way it's been going. baseless, baseless, baseless, as to what shivers and why do you use the word basis? You could just leave it out and it and the sentence makes the exact same sense. You're only using basis because it's loaded? Yeah. People who use basics especially journalists who use baseless are only using it because it's loaded. You can read that exact same sentence without the word baseless. And that sentence does not change. Even with
Adam: less than two weeks remaining in office, President Trump must be held accountable for his words and actions, both in inciting Wednesday's Riot and his attacks on the outcomes of a fair election. It's better with baseless it sounds that much cooler.
John: Like you just read. Yeah. Sounds like somebody's got their head on straight. I think the basically you took the word baseless out. Yeah. If you take the word baseless, out of all of this, he would actually have more impact.
Adam: baseless to me is it's a virtue signaling.
John: I agree. It's 100% virtue signaling. Look, I'm on the same team as you. I'm using the word baseless.
Adam: And I think it also it's a virtue signal to say, I've read into the material. A lot. I mean, really, it's baseless. Okay. I'm a teacher. As such, I am sharing with you a statement released tonight by the NEA president is at the National Education Association. Yes, President Becky Pringle of the chips. He Becky Pringle calling for the president to be removed from office. Becky, Becky, Becky.
John: That's a union by the way.
Adam: Oh, there you go. Our nation is based. It's not baseless. Our nation is based on a promise that every single person here we go black, Latino, a x, that's cool, Latino slash a slash x, nice, Asian, Native white, regardless of wealth can pursue a better tomorrow, that promise is in jeopardy because President Donald Trump and his allies refuse to accept the will of the people and have endangered Americans and American democracy.
John: How is it? How does a refer to be it just makes no sense what she just said. How is anything under threat because Trump's complaining
Adam: because he's a racist. And this is, I mean, you've seen the whole insurrection go to race based riots, you know that Be careful black people, the insurrectionists are coming to get you
John: these people, these people should be these people.
Adam: These people are a menace to society, which is a minute and
John: that's actually the funniest thing you've said for a month. They're a menace to society. These people. It's It's so simple. It's so obvious. I agree 100%. They,
Adam: they have a link to some resources. I can't I can't even it's it's so crazy. This
John: This is it. I just love that,
Adam: to protect our democracy ensure the safety of our nation. safety of our nation is at stake. I mean, this is more dangerous than COVID it bumped COVID off the map. The National Education Association is calling for the immediate removal of Donald Trump from the Office of the President. Yesterday wasn't the first heinous and anti democratic act of violence directed by the current president and his allies, and it won't be the last if he is removed from office. Now remember, he's got the new codes. He's gonna go crazy. And but our children would
John: you know, this is all the If you haven't noticed, this is almost like people who are who write stories. There's a thing, there's a ring theory of writing what you start pretty much with the exact same thing you end with. And in fact, public speakers are always told to use a ring structure. But this is the ring structure. we're witnessing everything. What you just said is, it's just one of the many elements that we pinpointed four years ago on the Trump rotation.
Adam: Oh, sure.
John: Everything on the Trump rotation is coming around and is being repeated, reiterated during this last 10 days, they can't get it out of their system. Hopefully that wraps it.
Adam: So the oh no, oh, no, this is not gonna wrap anything. This is only just beginning. So there's a resource sheet for teachers on the days after the attack on the US capital a resource? Hmm.
John: Yeah. Yeah. Anything to keep actually teaching kids how to do math? No, no,
Adam: there'll be none of that note to black teachers. I hope you have time and space to care for yourselves as you support your students.
John: I hope that you say that on there.
Adam: Yes, john. I know two black teachers on the resources page. Yes. I Ah, yeah. Wait for it. I hope that you insult. I hope that you have white colleagues who are talking about this too. So you don't have to be the only one. I hope that you can find your
John: thing. Oh, core thing. Exactly.
Adam: It's the most patronizing
John: bullshit yes,
these people should be ashamed of themselves. They're the racists pillow.
Adam: Note to white teachers of white students, is different notes. Here. You have uppercase to talk about what is happening. This is on us every time and all the time. We cannot pretend to be surprised anymore. We have to do what we said we were going to do all summer when we were reading those anti racist books and completing those anti racism checklists. Our white students are not too young to learn about this. Get him started early. You're in kindergarten you're racist. Notes a kid get off that swing you racist piece of crap. No two white teachers of students of color, especially black students, oh my goodness, what shade Please tell me what shade is it Kamala Harris black. And I'm confused as a teacher of students of color. Also known as colored students, these people are racist. Please make sure you know what you're doing before you do it. Please make sure you know how to support your black students and the other students of color if you try to have these conversations, make sure you do not do more harm by entering into these conversations without careful thought and planning ideas slash resources slash links in comments on Facebook will be updated throughout the evening on our educators group. Oh my god and it's just got me this is it's filled with stuff that would it would only make you angry when you hear this. What is this for teachers of the youngest learners? This is a great 62nd text from the wonderful woke kindergarten the wonderful woke
kindergarten hola This is something that I'm just seeing as you
John: get this from
Adam: Well, this is in the resources sheet Hold on a second let me woke kindergarten Yeah, it's on face bag.
John: I would run from that like like no tomorrow.
Adam: I see is it a video or is it just
John: bring your children to the world kindergarten
Adam: video let me let
John: me get this play can come back home and rebuke you.
Unknown: It won't kindergarten
Can you spot the difference? Okay,
Adam: that's horrible. All right. So what they're doing over there but yeah, the woke kindergarten on their Facebook page. It's a wonderful resource for your kindergarteners Don't you see? Anyway it's it's funny, but on the other hand,
Unknown: man,
Adam: what are we doing? What are we
John: you know, ARCA Mize larious is not just funny.
Adam: Now you want to hear hilarious Keith Olbermann takes the cake I think on the rant and
John: the older minutes got he's got he's got bipolar some something's wrong with him.
Adam: He's on the roof of I presume his apartment maybe Olbermann. Let's get that right. What did I say?
John: alderman
Adam: Oberman?
John: Okay, well
Unknown: I think he's been last few said
John: Yeah. He's on the ledge yelling
Adam: he's he's been removed from some of the consciousness of many. I'm not quite sure who does this videos for it may be just himself but it had 90,000 views so I figured it was worth playing.
John: This is a lot of people are big fans. Fans of his rants that they just they're actually well structured.
Adam: Well enjoy this one then
Unknown: this is Overman versus Trump. Early this morning joe biden's Electoral College victory was finally certified by Congress and bless the United States of America has survived a terrorist attack orchestrated by the President of the United States of America. This was Donald Trump's 911. He must be removed from office immediately. The 25th amendment has been demanded by House Judiciary democrats suggested by the conservative National Association of Manufacturers and reportedly discussed by Republican leadership and even in the white house itself. The 25th amendment will do for now. But sadly, this is not merely about one madman. There are Trump's terrorists who went into the Capitol who threatened state capitals. Only 52 of them were arrested as the Capitol Police some sympathetic to the terrorists utterly failed, says the hundreds of others who invaded our Capitol will have to face charges of attempting to overthrow our government. Happily their own social media feeds will be enough to convict them. However, yesterday January 6 2021, date which will live in infamy. The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the forces of Donald Trump last night with blood still figuratively in the halls of the Capitol figure. 121 republican congressmen and six Republican senators still voted to give Trump's terrorists exactly what they wanted, overturning the electoral college vote 127. Republicans all told from Senator Hawley, who just before all
the nightmares came true, had given a closed fisted salute to Trump's terrorists from him to congressman gates of Florida who insisted to the house last night that those who tried to violently overthrow the government of the United States were actually leftists in disguises. Happily, Congresswoman Cory bush is drying up a bill of expulsion for all members of Congress who helped to incite the attack on the Capitol. Be of good cheer while this will end with Joe Biden inaugurated democracy victorious, the coup dissembled, and the trader is facing trial. And now it will be up to the rest of us to end the careers of those republican collaborators. Good night. And good luck.
Adam: Thank you. You're such a freedom fighter. You're on the on the on the right side of history, Keith.
John: He's like I'm amazed a piece of propaganda the way he uses the right words. He puts him in the right place. Yeah, very well. He's an expert at this. He should if he would have been very comfortable in Nazi Germany. I work in for gerbils.
Adam: gerbils? Yes. And yes. And we're going to see companies just regular old companies being encouraged to create snitches inside their organizations.
Unknown: Meanwhile, police departments are investigating their own officers who
are in DC on Wednesday,
former FBI counterterrorism director Frank floozy,
I'd like to be able to say that we have neutralize this threat and brought it to a halt. But the reality is,
this threat will continue. And we've merely pressed
the pause button on this. And Tom joins us now from Capitol Hill to remind our viewers what charges these writers are facing election interference, obstruction of Congress sedition insurrection, conspiracy. There's a real concern here. This isn't just a riot that got out of control with five people dead.
This is an ongoing plot. sedition,
Adam: this edition is that is that really applicable here? So audition?
John: I don't think so. But let's play a couple of clips of mine. Sure. I want to get picked up. These are just informational clips. I'm going to get them out of the way. Let's do the one. This is this guide. DOJ guy that goes on and explains the 25th amendment on Fox This is Jim trusty do Jan 25th amendment so and get that out of the way. Questions to your 25th amendment were from the White House. Don't
Adam: expect that from the VP pence. You. You agree on that?
Unknown: Right? Basic sanity check for pets. I mean, the 25th amendment is about incapacitation of the President. It's literally when the President's on an operating table or he's in a coma, or there's some dramatic loss of consciousness that means the country has to be run by somebody else. It is not as I think Dana Perino said the other night. It's not a recall vote or a you know, European style, no confidence type proceeding. It's
based on literal incapacitation. And we don't have that here no matter what people think about no
Adam: headline from CNN. pence has not ruled out 25th amendment sources source says source or says
John: 25th amendment so let's get to it just just I'm want these clips to get people so they understand that this is bullshit. And so they just a big bunch of talkers. Let's listen to hit the same guy talking about impeachment.
Adam: Start with impeachment. How does this or do you see it to be real?
Unknown: Well, I think it's real that it might be coming next week. But I do think it's a real exercise in frivolity. I mean, look, the first impeachment process, I feel very strongly cheapen the process. It was a misguided effort to basically,
Adam: we got my money back on that one that
Unknown: was not good recall vote at Donald Trump's expense. And a lot of the people that watched it, as legal observers, I think, reached the same conclusion that this really did cheapen the currency because there wasn't a clear crime that was committed to start this emotion. You know, now we're in a position where 12 days out, politicians are stoking the flames of discontent by talking about impeachment, and calling it a snap impeachment. That's an oxymoron. There shouldn't be any such thing as a snap impeachment, when it's such a weighty constitutional moment. So
it may happen. I think it's another on the House side, it could happen. But to be clear, it's not going anywhere in the Senate. Right?
Well, one would think not, I mean, they're not even in session. But you know, but I think Chad's comments about the process are right, that you essentially have an immediate handoff to the Senate for trial. But the idea of rushing this together because there's anger about Donald Trump's comments or Donald Trump's reactions to the riot. It's just a terrible idea. It's
not the stuff
Adam: that's not being sold that way. What I'm hearing is, he is deranged. He has his hand on the codes. And this is every headline this morning. So what is
John: um, there's some evidence that Pelosi by asking the military to get the code the football back from the President is as an insurrection. That's an insurrection. That's a coup. And that's what one of the generals, I think Miley's told her. You're asking us to perform a coup against the president. I said, Is that what you want? Oh, well, maybe not.
Adam: What do you think? What do you think it is? JOHN, do you? Do you think they're so out of touch that they really believe that they have? They need to show this? I mean, what can it be? It's either fear, or it's extreme revenge, vitriol. I
John: think there's an element of revenge, but there is, the fear is that he's going to start letting documents out. He's going to start declassifying like a madman, right.
Adam: Well, that doesn't mean they're going to get out. Well, as we know. He's diecast.
John: NET already. I said this before I said in the last show, I don't know a couple of things. That mystified me. Why hasn't he done that already? is one of them. The other one is, why hasn't he pardoned Assange and Snowden, which he would have benefited him in the election by a lot, but he didn't do any of these things. So he's still being controlled by someone tell him No, you can't do that. Because no, no, no, you don't want to do that. You're gonna get in trouble.
Adam: What would the downside ever be? Well, I guess for the intelligence services, I guess that would really piss him off. So what? Screw this? screw these dicks? How much worse? can it get? that he had? I seem so it just seems a little unhinged, unless you have some real fear that he's going to do something. And it's being sold to the public and headline media, that he has his hands on the code. And he could blow everybody up. And what what else? Could it be? Is there something is there something we're missing? It's just
John: that there's some classified information they don't want out? Yeah. That he may have been threatening him with all along I don't know. Something we're never gonna
Adam: have Trump at any compromise on these jokes, then he would have been more successful. No, I don't think
John: I agree effective thing about a rigged election is usually doesn't go with the party coming in. It's usually the party that's established. Right. I want to play the two things, which I think are kind of, we talked about parlor parlay earlier. They had the woman that's one of the principals of the company on a header on Tucker show. I thought it was interesting. Yes. That was that was talking about why what they're up to and how it's a bad thing. And Tucker goes off the deep end with complaining about it. I also have a Tucker. I thought it's about a 10 minute Tucker editorial, but I clipped it. But a couple, couple two minute clips out of it. that I thought was one of the best things he's ever done. And that is why suddenly
Adam: I saw this. And I agree. And Tina and I were sitting there going, that's actually pretty good. What he did most of his show is just that he rarely has any interesting guests.
John: You want to play that. It's very and where he actually wraps it where it's good. He can't listen to the whole thing.
Adam: And it goes against all rules of the show.
John: Does it?
Adam: know just wanted to say it
John: all you mean? Yeah, it's funny, because all you mean, Tucker pontificating about his feelings. Yeah.
Adam: That's the kind of stuff we typically won't play on the show. Yeah, exactly.
John: Well, this is a violation of our show. But let's play the good Tucker editorial. Part One.
Unknown: The Trump protests at the Capitol yesterday is already being used as a pretext for an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties. Just in the last several hours, we have heard people in positions of power and authority, demand that those who support Donald Trump should no longer be allowed to publish books, or use the internet, or fly on airplanes, driving cars, holding jobs, staying in hotels, those will certainly be next and we're barely exaggerating. In fact, we're predicting it. To justify mind bending terrifyingly unAmerican demands like these they are, as usual, relying on lies and hysteria. What happened yesterday telling us wasn't simply that a political protest got out of hand after the president recklessly encouraged it. That is, in fact, what happened, but it's not what they're saying. Instead, they're calling it domestic terrorism. CNN describes it as an insurrection. Chuck Schumer likened it to Pearl Harbor, it was really our generations 911. And needless to say it was white supremacy. Today, today, just one small but revealing example, the Berkshire school and Massachusetts a boarding school that cost $64,000 a year to attend, send a letter to parents describing what happened yesterday as quote, these acts of violence and racism. Now, if you're a literal person, tied to outdated Western notions of linear thought, and fact, that might confuse you, racism, whatever you thought about what happened yesterday, what was racist about it?
Well, nothing. Of course, there's nothing racist about it. The Berkshire school is lying. So is everyone else on the left? Why are they doing that simple. They know that if they keep saying it, history will record it as true. They understand in other words, the power of language, and that's why they try to control language. They know that words have consequences. This is scary, in the face of it, the party that should be stepping into stop it to push back to tell the truth in the face of lies, and to protect its voters from this deception and the destruction that inevitably comes next. That party does nothing. Often, in fact, they join in this afternoon, a group of Republican staffers on Capitol Hill lawyers who work for republican elected officials texts each other and concluded that actually now that we think about it, yesterday's protest rally really was racist. Yeah, I was racist. Those are the people protecting you. With bodyguards like this 10s of millions of Americans have no chance they're about to be crushed by the ascendant left the people so I don't think they should try to fly on airplanes. What country is this?
Adam: That's that's actually true. The the flight attendants union, they came out with a statement. Our first priority in aviation safety is in aviation safety and security is to keep any problems on the ground. Some of the people who travel on our plans yet planes yesterday participated in the insurrection at the Capitol today, their violent and seditious actions at the Capitol today, create further concern about their departure from the DC area acts against our democracy, our government and the freedom we claim as Americans must deal disqualify these individuals from the freedom of flight. And they and they did they left people at the gate? They would not let them board? How would they know? that Trump had
John: Yeah, you got a trump hat on you? This is so this is so analogous to Trump, Pat, you can't fly American. This is
Adam: this is so analogous to the Reichstag fire, which happened around the election, although Hitler had already been elected, I think a month before and it was used as a predicate to go after in this case, the in that case, the Communist Party from the Luba and and and and the targets at the time, and many historians believe that was a false flag event and that was put and I happen to agree with that, that it was done to trigger a lot of things that start happening in Nazi Germany to forget the right left communist capitalist. This seems very similar in its on its face.
John: Well, these people are crazy. So let's listen to hunters just hunter Tucker.
Unknown: Got hunter on the mind by biting on the brain biting crime
John: family. Tucker's I thought he was when he said that it's language and they historians are gonna see this they're gonna make these conclusions he's not understand he's not he's not understanding how history historians
Adam: was also an elitist trust your
John: opposite would By the way, just the opposite would be the case. So let's go and then he gets actually better as you've wrapped this thing
Unknown: is people need a defender. You need a defender. Why is no one defending them the main problem problem. And this really is the main problem on the right anyway. The people who run the Republican Party don't really like their own voters. And they especially don't want the voters that Trump brought. Trump brought the party's ranks noticeably downscale from the country club to the trailer park as they often sneer, and this horrifies them. many Republicans in Washington despise the people they're supposed to represent and protect. And by the way, such as Republican leaders who feel this way, it's our entire leadership class, it's everyone in charge. You rarely hear it spoken out loud. But this is the truth. A very specific form of intro white loading is at the core of the reaction to Donald Trump. Here's what it is. Nothing is more repulsive to socially anxious white professionals than working class people who look like them. fools are their single greatest fear, they remind them of where they may have come from, or where they could be going, if things turns out. You want to understand the hatred, the real hatred, not just disagreement, but gut level loathing and fear of Trump, in say, New York or Washington or LA, you got to understand that first. It's not really Trump. It's his voters, the new money class, despises them. Trump didn't despise him. And that really was his secret. In the end. He didn't have much in some ways, but Donald Trump did not
judge his own voters. In real life, Trump actually ate McDonald's. That's true. And they knew it was true. And they were very grateful for it. And you'd be grateful for it too. If everyone else hated you. Pretty soon, like 13 days from now, these voters 10s of millions of them will not have Donald Trump to protect them, they won't have anyone unless the Republican Party decides to wake up and push back against the lies in progress and acknowledge the purpose of those lies, which is an unprecedented crackdown on the way you live. You have no chance.
If you watch a racist
or homophobic
Adam: it's not like we haven't been looking at this happening right in front of our very eyes. for quite a while now. It's it's not even political. JOHN. I think it truly is. As Tucker said, they're part of us just skin color. Which is just, that's really like what?
John: Gotcha. Well, I thought it was a it was one of his better pieces.
Adam: Tina and I both sat and you know, and I've Tina has very little patience for any kind of news. stuff anymore at all. Sorry,
John: I could Yeah, I can see beginning hooked into the kitchen. I started listening to it. And it was very it was so I like to know who wrote it because it wasn't tiger, probably not. And whoever wrote it did a tremendous job. And it would Tucker made beefed it up. So it was a little more compelling. But it was definitely nailed it. And it and I've always felt this way since the get go. When Trump came along with it, which irked everybody. They wanted Jeb Bush to be the president. Yes, yeah. It's
Adam: it's classes. It's truly, truly the elites versus the regular Joe's and I read another analysis, right, though, and this happens in societies. I think this happened in Rome, ancient Rome. We have too many elites. This in fact, this has happened in many times throughout history. There's too many people who who have a million dollars or more, you know, there's a billion now it's a billion but there's no room for the elites anymore. So they you know, everyone's fighting for that position. And they don't want to be kicked off that island down where we podcasters live.
John: Kind of nutshell. I will say this that the billionaire, the billionaire, boom, really, I got I witnessed the whole thing because when I first started working for PC Magazine in 1986, I went came over from infowar a 1986. Bill Ziff was a billionaire, right. And he was one of the few billionaires in the world I met this another billionaire when I was in Taiwan to go around evergreen shipping. He was an old Chinese guy, and he was a billionaire. And he was the number of billionaires at the time was minimal. Bill Gates, I don't even think was a billionaire at the time, there was hardly any if you did Forbes, you still have to go back and look at the old Forbes list. There was a few dozen, maybe, maybe a maximum of 20 in the world. Now there's 200 or 300.
Adam: And pretty much Every single one of them I mean, you've you've met one we hanging out somewhere. And you are with is Hearst, a billionaire? He's rich though, right? he's not
John: he's not versus a multi billionaire because of his two things. One he me he all the hurts are part of this trust and they all get a stipend. But his dad William Randolph Hearst, Jr. He took his stipend he also paid himself a salary and his publisher that some of the newspapers and wine So besides the stipend, unlike some others that he started investing his money wills worth about 10 billion. So I will inheritance.
Adam: So I can just recall, there was a retreat or something and you were there with her bloom was there bloom got into some argument with him at which is typical for bloom, but I remember, I've met billionaires, they can be total assholes. It's a lot of them just are that's how they made it in the cutthroat world. And I guess you have to be that way you should be happy. And then I've seen them be somewhat disparaging towards women and has nothing to do with their political party.
John: Or democratic
Adam: Democrats. Yes, yes. The only one the only billionaire who I think is really only just the front man for the military industrial complex. I've met him too. I didn't find him that impressive. And he has some kind of free pass is Elon Musk. Elon Musk is building an entire sky link for the for the military. Neural link is literally a military program. I have a whole series of clips for another show that I'm working on. Yeah, all of this wealth is all military. He's the front guy and he gets to say whatever he wants. He there's a lot of different guys
John: out there. The
Adam: you agree with me though, don't you that me SpaceX, it's all military front.
John: He's all military guys.
Adam: And he's a very effective one.
John: He's really good. Horowitz met jack Ma and he was similarly unimpressed. I think it was kind of a front man and even Richard Branson. According to my sources, this is the problem.
Adam: I was in a meeting with Richard Branson, we were trying to pitch virgin air on some MVNO crap. And, and we found out first of all, Virgin Virgin America, I should say. And even virgin air is run by Singapore. In Singapore Air runs it, it's just a logo. It's a freakin logo and different uniforms. And these guys are all frontman. JACK Ma. The problem is he started to smoke his own dope. He's like, watch me now. Yeah, and and then whoops, into the Gulag, or wherever he is. He's at the bottom of the
John: one die River. JACK Ma. Yeah. I don't
Adam: know where he is.
John: JACK, but no, they're smoking their own dope. Which is a is a modern way of saying we believe in your own publicity is a common trait amongst most of them. I'm sure there's one or two of them that we may or may not have known that. They're fine with it. You know, I think Bill's if was okay. Although he was he was eccentric as hell. But the rest of them. This seems like a lot of them get full of themselves. They're never really pleasant to be around. Correct?
Adam: Correct. Most of the really wealthy people I've interacted with. They're weird. And they're not always nice to be around at all. No. I have the I have a couple of clips here. This is a workplace employers. This is the clip I want to play employers using video to attract their own employees. Now it's everybody's duty to make sure you don't have any insurrectionists or any domestic terrorists working in your organization. Let's make sure everybody keep an eye out. It couldn't be the person in the cubicle next to you.
Unknown: Wednesday's violence on Capitol Hill alarmed so many Americans. But what if you noticed that one of your employees was caught on camera in the middle of that violence? Should they be fired from their jobs? It's happening already some bosses are showing the answer is yes. And they have already taken action. We'll tell you who next
Adam: That's right. I waited for that break.
Unknown: Goose head insurance that's a company based in Texas, says it has fired Paul Davis. He was an associate General Counsel at the company. In an email to employees. The insurance company said he was surprised and dismayed to learn that one of his employees had taken part in the demonstrations at the US Capitol. an Instagram account, by the way identified as Paul Davis wrote that he was peacefully demonstrating. But in most cases, employers have pretty wide latitude to fire employees even further. Conduct outside the workplace. Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano says the law is clear, saying, quote, employers may lawfully terminate employees for conduct outside the workplace if they can show that the conduct was criminal or that the conduct is likely to damage the product or service that the employer offers to its customers. And finally, Liz, if you ask well, what about the First Amendment? Yes, it does protect our right to protest but it does not provide any protection for employment as we're finding out
Adam: the news industry needed some guidance and they got some information probably from the FDA it's like wow, how do we talk about these things on television what warrants carriers john what words a proper to talk about these are his extradition insurrection domestic terrorism which one attempted coup? Hello, dot dot dot this is to the entire new staff of a Minneapolis local station. I am looking at it it here so it's not a phony. Although I've been asked to keep it anonymous since one of our producers is on that list for obvious reasons. Hello. I thought that some of you had asked about the right language to use to describe what happened and those who perpetrated the breach of the Capitol today. What started as a lawful protest quickly devolved. Those who breached the Capitol were not protesters. They were rioters extremists, an angry mob. Please avoid referring to those who breached as protesters, a term we use is often described people peacefully exercising their right to oppose a particular view or event. I'm sharing something below from the kneeland Foundation, a well respected resource for journalists, by familiar with the neilan Foundation, the kneeland Foundation,
John: and neeman kneeland kn
Adam: E, la nd nealon. No island was well respected resource for journalists. What do you know that you're a phony? Your fake journalist? Here it is journalists comma. I know many of you are not only covering the events in Washington, but also events in your own cities. Your actions at this moment can help you your community come to grips with what it means to be an American. Are you doing? What's happening now is the difference between first amendment rights and insurrection? Before I continue, what exactly is do they do they understand as the definition of insurrection. What do you think,
John: john? I don't know. I know you asked me what did what did the thing insurrection means?
Adam: Hey, what did that mean? Do they think it truly is a violent uprising against the government? Is that really what they thought it was? Like? I'll continue? I think there are incidents here. This is the difference between protests and riots. There's nothing peaceful about this violence cloud. Please avoid the false equivalency of balance and describe these events accurately. Words like illegal insurrection, and attack by a mob made up of many white supremacist groups. Wow, is that what they want to hold on a second? Please avoid false equivalency of balance and describe these events accurately. Words like illegal insurrection and attack by a mob made up of many white supremacist groups. Is that what they want them to say?
John: Yes, what it sounds like.
Adam: That's insane. Paul continue. We can tell that based upon many of the flags being flown and by the chat room discussion that led up to it, the way you described, this will tell your viewers whether it's a natural response to disagreement, or it's an illegal mob insurrection, avoid making this sound anything like normal. So that's what you're going to be hearing from your local news.
John: So that's what the yes this would be that the editor at the editors end of it to be the top of the the guys that tell you what to do your writer reporter you're sitting there, and they tell you to do it this way. And that's what you do. It's just that simple. And it's the news goes out that way. And then people blame the reporter sometimes for for some of these inaccuracies.
Adam: Rachel Maddow I had a where's this thing from her? This was kind of I made a little I made a little, little mini supercut just to help Rachel Maddow because she doesn't seem to understand the history of what political leaders have said throughout our history in these United States.
Unknown: This week, PPP released the findings of a poll of how how much americans believe in conspiracy theories. That's where we got our lizard people numbers from. We also learned that the percentage of Americans who believe that a secret power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government or New World Order. That percentage is 28%.
Adam: I wonder why, Rachel,
Unknown: the affirmative task we have now is, is to actually create a new world order.
Because the global order is changing again,
we have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and
John: for future generations,
Unknown: a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations when we are successful, and we
will be, we have a real chance
John: at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations in use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders.
Adam: It's a need for new world order.
Unknown: But it has different characteristics
Adam: in different parts of the world.
Unknown: Never before has a new world order had to
be assembled from so many different perceptions, or on so global scale, nor has any previous order had to combine the attributes of the historic balance of power system with global democratic opinion and the exploding
technology of the contemporary period after 1989, President Bush said and it's a phrase that I often use myself that we needed a new world order. So
Adam: in conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, a new world is emerging. It is a New World Order
Unknown: was significantly different, and radically new challenges.
John: And each of us has to build a new
Unknown: world order and I surely believe India will be a central actor in the New World Order.
beyond your freedom
Adam: catching on people to the magic of music. We explain exactly what's going down.
John: Well, Rachel is an idiot. Yeah, yeah.
Adam: I didn't make that up. I think that was actually said by some people.
John: Identify each one of them. How bad is this show is acting on us do like
Adam: Kissinger in the world.
John: You know, I sound exactly like Henry Kissinger, there's a there's a cough syrup.
Adam: You've mentioned this before. You've mentioned this before, I think
John: yes. called ventolin. If I take a spoon of it like before, I don't it says my vitamin D therapy. I haven't really had a cold for a decade. But if you take like a spoon of this because you have the cough, you know, and you have to go to bed and take a spoon of this the night before you wake up with Kissinger's voice and it does not go away and there's nothing you can do about it. I've said it before try
Adam: it. I want you to do I was
John: tempted to do it and then do the show. Yeah. For one thing everyone think is bullcrap. Because I I can't even get to those that voice unless I have that this this would be talking Well, I think we I think we didn't even get close to it because I can actually put volume behind me this special donation
Adam: amount to make this happen now. Do you have any more cancel clips or something? I'm sure you got some Probably.
John: Probably Well, let's listen to our heart. I got the parlay woman. Yeah, yeah. And she was on cutter, cutter cutter. nothing but trouble cutter. I love it one that might call them a hunter I call the cutter
Adam: because in your brain, you know you're not supposed to be playing his clips on the show. You understand? So your brain is revolting
John: by saying something like that, but it's actually possible. That's the reason not
Adam: mocking you. It's a seditious act. It's an insurrection OF THE SHOW YOU ARE A show terrorists that's gonna I'm
John: not gonna argue with because it's absolutely possible that my own brain because I'm the one who bitch to most of us.
Unknown: Yes.
John: to ban the clips,
Adam: no.
John: Okay, so. So now I want to before I play these clips, there's two of them are called parlay publicity one and two. I used the word publicity. I think these are native ads.
Adam: Oh, that's an interesting point. Do you think they pay
John: for hazing? Oh, you know what might be a new form of native advertising because to me, if I'm watching this show, and I'm a Tucker Carlson fan, and I listen as well, I'm getting a parlour account immediately.
Unknown: But this is coming from everywhere all of a sudden, and we're gonna unpack what we know at this hour. But we do know that over the last 24 hours, Twitter specifically, has banned a number of different conservative accounts, not just the president. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party, the ayatollah of Iran still have their accounts because they're not a threat to the ruling party here. Tonight, a competing social media service parlor, which we told you about is seeing massive and unprecedented surge in traffic. So even experienced server outage because of new users tonight, why? A couple of reasons. Mostly, this is a free speech alternative to Twitter. They don't censor, you can say what you want. The President is unpopular. And that has drawn a lot of people who realize they are being suppressed by Twitter, parlor succeeding, what happens now, of course, Silicon Valley is trying to kill it. Google has just removed parlor without any warning from its App Store. Apple and Amazon which provide services they keep power, keep services like power online, have also threatened to shut parler down and meet peacock peacock as the chief policy advisor at parlour and she joins us, Jamie, thanks so much for coming on. This seemed to come out of nowhere, how big a threat to your company is this.
I mean, this is very huge, because Apple in particular, carries our app on the App Store. And as far as I know, technically, there's no other way to deliver it. So if they choose to withdraw their services and hosting us on their store, we're toast there. And you know, most people like our app, our app is a very nicely functioning piece of software. And then in terms of Amazon. Also, raising decoding
Adam: is so exquisite of the parlor app, I'm just blown away. I think imagery, I think the icon is it just feels good, it feels smooth, I am really a lover of the app.
Unknown: And then in terms of Amazon, Amazon is also raising some problems. And I'm not sure how serious that is yet, because I've yet to speak with them, I will later today, and is that we know they provide server for us. And if they were to remove their services, then we'd be down as it is we're having you know, some difficulties now with the uptick in traffic. But if they took their service away, we'd be gone. What makes me
Adam: a little bit sad. But also, you know, that's part of why we're here is that people really no longer understand that you can use Twitter and face bag and Insta pop, and and and parlay with a web browser. If you say to someone, a lot of people say, Well, why don't you just use the web browser login, you have a lot less of the crap in the background or the app that's trying to even though you love the feel of the app, you can use a web browser. And they'll say, What do you mean? It says this thing? If that's my Google, the web browser, the web browser is now synonymous with my Google it's that's where I search for stuff that that's not a that can't get I can't get to, can I get to partner from that?
John: This is not a good if you're what you're describing. I think you're right. Yeah. Cuz I By the way, I use Twitter on. On the browser, I use, I do everything on a browser, I don't have all this crap on my phone. And it's a good reason because the phones in the drawer, and it's probably not turned on at any given time during the day. In fact, it doesn't get turned on for weeks at a time. But that's beside the point. I think it might be right that people are don't get it and they just completely. They're so stupid about they don't get computers, they don't get taught it.
Adam: I don't know what it is. I have a copy of the email communication from Amazon to parlor, which maybe happened during this interview or after, would you like to hear a little bit of it of their first reaction
Unknown: while copying. It's just it's political pressure period. Now Google when we asked why they did this, and they sent a relatively long statement, we're just going to read a snippet of it to you on the air. We're aware of continued posting in the parlor app that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the US it continues in light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat. We're suspending the apps listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues. Okay, so they're accusing you of inciting violence.
They are putting on us the responsibility for every piece of incitement that is posted there. And the nature of an open platform of free and open townsquare is that we do not take action on people until we are aware of situation it's particularly suspicion
you really quick I mean, how much of the world's kiddie porn goes through Gmail? How many Gmail accounts you've been used to order plastic explosives how many insurrections have been planned on Google?
Adam: Now, the funny thing is Gmail. It clearly states they read your email to target you with ads, they could easily legally flag any of that stuff. But I guess it's nothing because otherwise we would have heard about it. So it's not happening. Gmail was clean. From the internal or from the back and forth between Amazon and parlay. As we discussed on the phone yesterday, and this morning, we remain troubled by the repeated violations of our terms of service. And this is Amazon talking. Over the past several weeks, we've reported 98 examples to partner of posts that clearly encourage and incite violence. Here are a few examples below from the ones we've seen previously, and some images. Recently, we've seen a steady increase in this violent content on your website, all of which violate our terms, it's clear that partner does not have an effective process to comply with the AWS Terms of Service. You see, a parlor has to adhere to Amazon Web Services, Terms of Service. You should have looked at those parlor sorry, bad business decision. And if you would only call the curry devorah Consulting Group for a small exit fee of 10 million, we would have saved you a hell of a lot of trouble. It also seems that parlor is still trying to determine its position on content moderation. Did you see how crazy this is what you're hearing? Now, you remove some via some violent content when contacted by us or others, but not always with urgency? No, no, your CEO, your your CEO recently
stated publicly that quote, he doesn't feel responsible for any of this, and neither should the platform and quote, this morning, you shared that you have a plan to be more prone to more proactively moderate violent content, but plan to do so manually with volunteers, which is exactly what face bag and Twitter and everybody does. My daughter works from doing that. It's our view that this nascent plan to use volunteers to promptly identify and remove dangerous content will not work in light of the rapidly growing number of violent posts. This is further demonstrated by the fact that you still have not taken down much of the content that we've sent you. Given the unfortunate events that transpired this past week in Washington DC This is a serious risk is a serious risk. This type of content will further incite violence. AWS provides technology and services to customers across the political spectrum. And we continue to respect partners right to determine for itself what content it will allow on its site. However, we cannot provide services to a customer that is unable to effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others. Because partner cannot comply with our terms of service and poses a very real risk to public safety. We plan to suspend partners account effective Sunday, January 10 1159 PST, we will ensure that all your data is preserved for you to migrate to your own servers. And we'll work with you as best we can to
help your migration from the AWS trust and safety team. The same people who emailed me.
Unknown: There you go.
Adam: That is a company that provides bandwidth and computers.
John: Well, this is no good.
Adam: It's what's happening. It's what's happening. And we'll see some of it. We'll see some of it a little bit. You know, we have I'm sure that's something that Amazon web services that will have to be migrated I'm sure. But we've been smart about that. And we've had lots of smart people to help us with it.
John: Yeah, and they kept us out of these. This bull quagmire. Yeah, yeah, you guys.
Adam: Got any other cool stuff? I think that Well, what's this tech? 24 there's something there that we need to tell you the tech the
John: tech report from from France. 24. Mm hmm. Very funny. Good. I think it should be after the segment.
Adam: Okay.
John: I think we can do the PG p SSP. PB D should be Pb S Yes or whatever.
Adam: Yes.
John: Yes. Let's do this the rap. This is Judy, Judy on PBS Judy. This is the wrap of the riot. Just wrap it right and then wrap up with some details just play wrap of the riot
Unknown: calls for President Donald Trump to resign and plans to impeach him a second time continue today for inciting Wednesday's deadly rampage at the Capitol. The President remained at the White House with 11 days remaining until President Elect joe biden's inauguration. Mr. Trump is now banned from Twitter, his favorite social media platform. There were more arrests of members of the mob that broke into the Capitol. Among them. Derrick Evans, a Republican West Virginia state lawmaker who live streamed himself unlawfully entering the Capitol Building. He was arrested yesterday and resigned today. Arizona resident Jacob Anthony che ansley a supporter of the queue and on conspiracy theory, who were face paint and horns at the Capitol was arrested today. And Florida authorities announced today they arrested Adam Johnson who allegedly removed how speaker Nancy Pelosi is lectern and was photographed walking away with it.
Adam: Yesterday, the
Unknown: Department of Justice charged 13 people with federal crimes instead about 40. Others have been charged on lesser charges, five people died in the attack.
John: Well, now there's some details that I didn't catch anywhere else. That's in the second half of this report,
Unknown: Julia cayambe is a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security and a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School. She joined me recently to talk about the events of this week and the potential consequences for national security. Julia, what are the longer term security implications of what happened the other day? I mean, now we are hearing that Nancy Pelosi his laptop has been stolen there. Again, there might be lots of other things that are missing from different members offices.
So the long term consequences are unknown at this stage. And that's why there has to be a thorough review of why were they so ill prepared for the preparations. What happened in the building? And then what was taken for national security purposes? Or was it just,
you know, someone
wanted to take her laptop and threw it out, you know, on their way to the airport? We don't know yet. And so the idea that somehow we can have an understanding of how bad this was, is absurd. At this stage, this was a security breach of one of a co equal branch of government no different than if they had done it at the White House or at the Supreme Court. And it was not just physically threatening, it was threatening to our national security secrets, and to you know, basically continuity of government for some period of time.
Adam: You know, what the sad thing of all this reporting is, especially this report from PDP BD, is, I really didn't hear much conversation about really why people are angry. Why were they there, and I have received report after report boots on the ground about the large number of Asian Americans, Asian Americans who are fed up with being marginalized and discriminated against from Yale University as a good example. We've discussed all of that throughout the past couple of years. Why? Why are these people angry? It's a lot of people who were angry, no one seems to care. It's the only thing they can come up with is insurrectionists domestic terrorists. And if you weren't actually caught, arrested or caught on camera and are soon to be arrested, you're probably on the way because you're just a crazy nutjob. That is a huge mistake. And our public Broadcast System is doing a disservice Unless Unless they did something earlier or later in the show, where they talked about this real problem. Now they didn't. Because they're also elitist. They are elitist, serving the elites. It's and it's it's not just here, the yellow vests in France. The farmers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. It's all a classes thing is everywhere in the world right now. And the clamping down.
John: Do you think possibly that their their their own? Tom cause is sorry,
Adam: I'm just going on. I think
John: it possibly their own analysis, calling people insurrectionists and coup attempts and all the rest is really a projection of their fears. Because they are elitists, and they know they're, you know, the targets on their back.
Adam: I think that is incredibly possible. Yeah, I think they are. Well, I understand if you're a congress critter, if you're booted I see Italy, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia to leap, Congresswoman. She, there was a little bit of video of her in the in chamber. She was the look of fear on her face. I felt bad for her. And I can understand from her position, certainly why you may be worried about what was taking place outside the door, as she is also one of the people leading the impeachment articles which will be filed tomorrow. So, yes, it's okay. When peaceful protesters or angry mobs or whatever when they're burning down a piece of a city if it's businesses, but once you once you start knocking on their door, now it's a real problem. So yes, I think you are completely correct. They are they are they are indeed very scared. And the worst thing is they're identifying themselves as such. I don't think anyone's fooled why a lot of people are not fooled by this, but they're few, they are fueling something much worse than than I think that is out there right now. And the only thing we can do is route around it. We just don't need. I've got more clips from podcasts with luminaries with interesting people than mainstream, mainstream, it's useless. It's useless as an information age
John: is becoming if it's not completely useless. I do have one last clip, and then we can take a break and think Yeah, and this is just another example. And this hasn't been discussed at all really by any of the other people that have been. They talked well, bunch of people been taken off these platforms. We don't know that. I didn't know this until I saw it on Fox walkaways been taken off Facebook can do turn me now is Brandon
Unknown: struck, founder of the walkaway campaign, a grassroots movement dedicated to helping liberals walk away from the Democrat Party, Brandon, after your group was given
the boot completely
from Facebook. This is the email that you say they sent you pages that are hateful, threatening or obscene are not
allowed continued misuse of Facebook's features could result in the permanent
loss of your account. So what was hateful and threatening? on your page? Brandon,
John: I guess they found us to be threatening to the success of the Democrat Party. I mean, basically my page, the only content on the walkaway campaign page are testimonials, true stories, videos, and written testimonials coming from people all across America and across the world who have had enough of exactly the type of behavior that we've been seeing from social media in the last couple of days. Not to mention from the liberal media, not to mention from the extremist behaviors of the Democrat Party, pushing more fringe more left more socialism, more globalism, more extremity. I mean that this is what they're walking away from. But this is the only content that goes on my page are these testimonials.
Adam: And notice who they're happy to the platform. It's he's white, Brandon is white. And he's gay. And gay men are the lowest on the LGBTQIA p plus totem poles dumb. They are scum. They are gay men are really completely discriminated against in the in the community. And so now it's a double whammy, white gay guy and he's a hairstylist. I mean, please, if he ain't Pierre in France, we don't need them. And with that, I would like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who just put the sea in Qatar Tolson, john C. Dvorak
John: blend the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry. Also in the morning all ships that say boots on the ground, feed their subs in the water, and all the names
Adam: and nights out there. And a big Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, Hardy in the morning to the trolls in the troll room. Hands up trolls. What do we got? 2491 we're doing well. These days. Aren't we isn't 2491 A Dawson
John: said Thursday.
Adam: What do you mean, we dropped off since Thursday? Was was what? How much was the third? I thought it was 23. Thursday?
John: 26?
Adam: Oh, well, it's 2491. That's not bad.
John: Yeah, not bad at all.
Adam: No, no. Hey, if
John: you want to be a big Riot to get back up to the big number. Yeah,
Adam: it has right. We need some insurrection to get to get the numbers up. That's what it's all about. And that's really what it's all about, isn't it? cnn?
John: It's all about
Adam: Yeah, trolls, thank you for being here, the trolls hanging out under the bridge and in the troll room, sometimes at the same time. And you can join them, there's 1000s of them. That no agenda it's, you're not gonna get the platform. I mean, I'll kick you out once in a while. But you'll be able to come back in five minutes. It's just a friendly tap. But that's my block. You can't block in our troll room. I don't think you can. I think you're either
John: in or out of the Toronto Jeju. I'm just taking no agenda social to the troll
Adam: room is a live chat if you've never seen it, go to no agenda you can listen to all the live shows quite a number of them and the podcast, Ron gitmo-nation. It's a 24 hour stream. He could talk about that or talk about whatever you want. And you can also get an invite right there now more than ever more important than ever to know agenda our federated social network. It's an algo free so the signal to noise is very high. You can have a normal conversation, you can disagree, but no machine is going to spit that bake back in your face and draw in other people. It also works across in federated instances. So you can have other communities, other tribes who have different ideas and different opinions and you can cross over Oh, you don't have to it's all fine. And there's no one going to the platform you once you're on mastodon, you can't go any lower. Agenda is proud to be at the bottom of that. And then we say in the morning to the artists for the artwork for Episode 1310. We titled that one quiet riot, which you came up with that john It was a perfect title, especially for, for the Thursday show, Darren O'Neill with a big few to me. He, he he went back and changed his bug eating image and simplified it. And it was acceptable. Then he's got eat bugs with this worm. It's pretty it pops. It's orangey. Very happy with it. And thank you very much Darren for, for bringing us your a talent to the show we had. We had some discussion about
art we always do. I'm trying to think
John: it was very difficult to pick a piece in this in this grouping. And yeah, well, let me see I we had a number of
Adam: things. So we weren't going to do any of the memes with the with the Viking guy. We weren't going to use any of that. We also decided against the upside down flag, which is a distressed symbol, which I think is appropriate, also
John: used by the s take Mexican organization that wants to turn the country back to Mexico. Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. You see a lot of cars.
Adam: What else did we have? That was really something that we liked. I I can't remember what else we were. We were discussing. Yeah. We
John: were discussing the fact there was nothing. Except Darren's. f you. You want simple. I gave you a simple conversation we had on the show where you said that it's too busy. Too much stuff.
Unknown: I
Adam: love how you do my voice. It's not my mom and your wife. Yes, I know. I'm in fine company.
John: Don't have another voice, which is I don't know what
Adam: to say. And yes, I'm just gonna withhold any further comment. Yes, exactly. No, it was perfectly fine. It was fine. Darren, thanks. It was really good. So there you have it back in your face. in jest, though, the talent that creates artwork for us, and you don't have to be specifically necessarily very talented if you just have a good idea and to be funny, and, and often that works extremely well. We love our artists we love giving them feedback, honest feedback, which you probably don't get everywhere. You know, if you're rejected by your boss, just not I don't know, they won't really tell you what they think. So I think we make you better and you make us better at the same time. It is a part of our value for value model, which has kept us secure intact on the air for running on 14 years now. All we ask is if you get any value from this program, give it back you could do it with your with your time, by looking for things giving information with your talents such as this, some people have talent and making clips, and certainly with your treasure. And this is what has kept the show going for all this time. And we really enjoy thanking people who came in with high numbers to support us and we give them the appropriate titles of an executive producer or associate executive producer in this case for Episode 1311.
John: We have Episode 1313 coming up. Ooh. That'll be next Sunday.
Adam: Sunday, Sunday.
John: Back to Back beautiful. Well, let's think a few people start with ben jones. Okay, Joe's All right. He is sir Ben have in the simulation. And he came in with $1,000 Whoo. Well, he's already sir been in the simulation. Okay. Apparently he? Well, I mean, he does have a mentioned here of being sort of been in the simulation. Sure, why didn't get on there. In keeping with your theory that listeners turning, tuning in from JRE are generous. Here's a grant to start out 2021 the right way.
Unknown: organ donation
John: please do me a nightwish in which case I would like to adopt the name sir Ben in the simulation. See if he's on the list. I will as I circled it, put a big arrow keep reading. It's good.
Adam: I'll check it.
John: Adams comments about the Fed and the digital dollar cut my attention on Jr. He was sold me was his mind game surrounding the bomb he dropped on his second appearance. I think it was that he already knew our BG chose to retire from life and Trump would get another Supreme Court nominee. You knew this in advance According to him,
Unknown: apparently, and I said introduction to the show
John: and subsequently John's dh unplugged, which I recommend to any listeners interested in finance. were some of the reasons 2020 was a good year for my family and me Wow, that's
Adam: That's quite an endorsement. Thank you.
John: My white hot, crazy smart wife and I have been listening together since the summer of 2020 when two of the four Human Resources began deducing we knew it was time to donate to ben de douche. Thank you. As the threshold for the value for value exchange had been reached, that was apparently the threshold. Thank you for what you're doing for the community you founded we feel at home. In fact, I would like to take on a more active role with my newfound statuses in the no agenda night by launching my own value for value podcast. Okay, for the corresponding mastodon server in 2021 I think this will be necessary for my business to survive through the mediocre reset, aka the great reset mediocre reset i like that i love the audio quality of your show and plan to take up Adams advice to mirror your settings referenced on his pod father gear page and last the personal settings links all producers a no such key specific specified key does not exist error.
Adam: Ooh, well, thank you for letting me know I shall fix that right after I'm gonna write it down. I shall fix that the settings will return
John: up parently he continues with all caps. I not only am not the only one with this issue because a comment from two months ago points out the same problem. I'm happy to write a vet provided value for value Bitcoin exchange of Adam Curry, fix the links and send them to Ben that carrot stick whatever, they're gonna put an email out. In closing, we would like to request the dog karma that sounds like Elizabeth Warren on the debate stage and the build back better jingle for the roundtable a request you bring your podcast set up to stream the event for all the douchebags. Well, they vibrant. Ben, thank
Adam: you very much. And we'll see you at the roundtable indeed. And he's on the list. Yep, I'm not sure what happened to the settings, but I shall re upload them. And just so everyone knows it's pod Father And there you can find every piece of my current gear what I use all the settings, although seems like they've gone but that's easy to re upload or just export them. Thank you very much, Ben, good to have you and your wife and your de-douche kids around
Unknown: life behind your back.
John: For someone else. Thanks for requesting
Adam: that one.
John: So since we're in this dog was mentioned, yes. I would like to talk about dogs for a quick second.
Adam: You know, I was at the no agenda meetup. 512. Local yesterday. Great group. 35 people I counted and I'm sure there were more a me thing so people would ask me. Tell me about the phone you've got Tell me about signal. And do you have a dog yet? We have launched something horrible.
John: Well, Jay, who is a dog walker has a book coming out on dogs. She says whatever you do, do not get two dogs. She says this the biggest mistake new dog owners make.
Adam: I have had dogs in my life before as has my wife. I'm not a new dog owner. I'm just coming.
John: I'm just telling you what she said. I'm not gonna talk about your background and dog ownership.
Adam: Done For the past two years about how I hate him. Okay.
John: Okay, well, let me bring that up. I said she's the first thing I didn't bring the mean to bring this up. But the first thing she says to me when I said you're gonna get a couple of dogs. She says I thought he hates dogs. Oh
Adam: my god, you have tainted my reputation with this horrible liar. You're a liar, a podcast liar. I'm
John: a liar in chief. She says that new dog owners and I suppose experienced dog owners make the mistake of getting two dogs at the same time. So I can see this is the worst thing anyone can do.
Adam: I agree. I can see that being a problem.
John: She says that the dogs bond with each other and they never bond with each other.
Adam: Yep, I bet that's true. Yeah.
John: And she says you get one dog and you keep it for one year then the dog is you know part of your group.
Adam: Or you can kill the dog if you don't like it and get a new one. You could always do that. Eat it. Yeah.
John: You buy it this is for everybody out there needs to know this. You buy one dog or you get a dog somehow and you keep him for one year that by then he is like he knows you're the top dog he's like he's now he's one of these like your your henchmen. You bring in a second dog A year later, and everything goes fine. That was that well kept
Adam: Well, I would say I really appreciate that information. The more you know,
Unknown: in the morning,
Adam: I'm informed.
John: You know, I know she had other tips too, but I told her to talk to Tina Christopher Dan is on the list. 350 bucks from Brooklyn New York This is top heavy list by the way. I'm sorry I interrupted it. Brooklyn New York. No, no, no note that I can find Steve de koston colleyville Texas $333.33 he says Keep up the good work that third donation since hearing Adams first visit on Jay Z you everybody else had better step up the JRE people are taking over the show might be a knighthood. But I'll figure it out in the next donation I would have contributed more but I need to go by that no agenda phone so I can ditch this Apple iPhone. We all need some free speech karma.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Nancy Nichols in Waco, Texas. 333 33 in the morning, please accept this donation that moves me closer to the dame hood once I figured out my damn name. I'll make another donation and join the round table that occurred to me.
Adam: I think I met her yesterday. Oh, cool. Yeah, go ahead. I'm sorry.
John: This is my third donation. I never requested a deducing
Unknown: Oh, you got it.
You've been
John: thank you both and all the producers for continuing to bring us the best podcast in the universe. Adam It was nice meeting you yesterday. Ah, it was nice having a local meetup Don't forget to contact sir Don to get another to get together for some hanger talk for jingles. Please play. That's true. To get that right. And please give some karma for for all as we navigate these strange and trying times. Dawn.
Adam: I met Don when I went to go look at the Gyrocopters up north a little bit from last I just want I just drove up because I heard there was some Gyrocopters there walked right into the hangar, and you know, hung out for probably two, three hours and they took me on a flight and really super nice, super cool. So they came to the meetup yesterday. It was really nice to see them. It's it was it was quite an event actually. That's
Unknown: true.
You've got karma.
John: Thank you. He is and Shattuck and Arlington, Massachusetts. 333 33. No note from him that I could find under his last name or the word donation, and it should mention that and also sending in a note at seven in the morning the day before. On the day of the show, asking for some change is not great. Not a great way to know you're talking about
Adam: him or someone else.
John: No, I'm talking about someone else, not a song, okay. Also everything closes at midnight and pacific time. So just make a note, Dave Valentine of the bluebird powder region in Arvada, California, Colorado 333. For all US producers out there that are not tech savvy and late in the game. In switching to alternative online sources. I am seeking your sage advice, thoughts on proton mail or suggestions for alternative platforms to get away from Google and Gmail, especially for business and top suggestion for a good firewall. I'm ready to jump in the deep end and take my business along with me. So any wise advice is appreciated. Apologies if this has been discussed before. Everything's been discussed before. Please credit this donation to my sizzling hot hubby. Oh, Trevor Massey. As he works toward knighthood. I hope your bat coins arrived in the mail goat karma from I've got mine goat karma from my restaurants would be appreciated. Thank you for your courage. Dame Valentine of the blue bird powder.
Adam: Yes. And I have noted Trevor Massey as being credited with this. Here's a suggestion something I've been using for a while is called next cloud. And you can install it again on your own little server. There are providers who will give you a next cloud. It's maybe three bucks a month for you know 500 gigabytes. I don't know what it is. It's got email, calendar, file sharing chat, a whole bunch of stuff, you control it. If you install it yourself, then you totally control it. But I've been using that mainly for the calendar because it'll accept any type of calendar system regardless of what device you may be using. Use a web browser. Just another tip from the pod father over here and we will give you some code karma. Karma
John: no hopping Parts Unknown 333 note William Grantham, in Phoenix, Arizona also 333 note from him. Gus bacho in Syracuse, New York 333 333. Today he writes in Went to the capital protest to witness it. I'm not sure but the reason the police didn't put up much of a fight could have been because so many people in the crowd were surely carrying guns. Surely. And who know I wouldn't be and who knows what else in tactical bags? Not I don't
Adam: think there were that many guns it's really not really see you can't just do that. I think most people obey that.
John: I'm not so sure you're right about that. A D and E and it was you think it's not, you know, yeah, big difference. The deep state may have decided that their best move was to allow some chaos and then hype it up. And it would i would bet a chunk of money that the plan was for mega to end up shooting someone. If I'm right is astonishing. No one did
Adam: because they didn't have their guns. And please go read the Wikipedia article on the Reich's talk and you may find some familiarity in there with that situation.
John: Sir Chris Stan quist Stan with a K. In Blyton, Lincolnshire, UK $250 per associate executive producer for the day just to Trump Pelosi mix of jobs great good karma for me. I don't have the talent of the artist. My time is limited, but I do have some treasure that I will share with you. Please accept this as a token of the gratitude I have for discovering the podcast many years ago. Thank you as my friends and relatives looked at me like I was crazy over the years. They're slowly seeing the deceptions and lies. They're peddled every day by our so called leaders this as you correctly stated they've moved from deaths to cases and now to infections. But I've noticed a new trend in the UK to state the number of daily deaths these figures are smaller four to 500 usually and are and so are more comprehensible to the average person which leads to a greater impact on fear levels.
Adam: I agree. I'm hearing it in California now. So there's two ways they'll do it one is for the first time in history 4000 people died in California today and then next one is a person dies every eight minutes
John: and he continues is no they've impacted the best podcast in the universe on myself has been profound. And I believe this donation I become a bear and I know you can check on that. Yep, it's a
Adam: title change in order all cool. We
John: got your damn hands for us at the beginning your noble selves I'd like to be noticed or Kristan Baron of interesting is Kristan Baron of the free Hanseatic city of Bremen twinned with Grimsby. asik Becky Passfield next $247.16. She's in Australia. No note from her. Michael Dray. Beck follows that $222.22 for Studio City, California is under employed now. Hold on, this
Adam: is the note. He sent this in with a donation and then sent a note early this morning said, Can you just move this note to Thursday? the website's not ready yet. No, that doesn't work, you'll get lost in the shuffle, you'll never be thanked. It'll go on for weeks. So do all this now. And send me a note and I'll remind everybody on Thursday, I'd be happy to do that. We can't we can't move the donation. Our system now is not now not built for it.
John: Don't we don't that's one of the things I wanted to discuss today. We're not we do we're here to do a show. We're not here to you know, shuffle notes around and then do this and that the last minute and fix this. And I mean, that's a read this is a courtesy. It's really not what the show is about. It's just it's a courtesy. And so to complicate matters, with all kinds of strange requests, and then following up and following up, which is a lot of people do we get two or three just becomes a nightmare. I'm going to read this note and we're a small lot of people who want to people who want to help out will have a they can write down his website which is Liberty road and he repeats it Liberty road and you and it'll be up when it's up. He's been looking for a new way to pay the bill he writes and decided to best print on demand. I had no idea what it was going to print. I started writing things down and all I could think of political slogans most of which were inspired from listening to this show. I need two things I need some no agenda people to look at my wares and hopefully where am I Where's and I need an artist especially design my no worries logo. I can't go to those lib tard sites they will spit on my shirts and spam my site so artists please contact me. As for the value for value model, when this thing takes off, you guys will be my associate producers getting a piece of the backend the site's not open for business yet wasn't open then.
But hopefully, it will be shortly I have product on display at Liberty road So check that out and see what you give him and
Adam: I would Yeah, and I would recommend for anybody for anything you're talking about. Then we have other other notes where people are looking for different types of help and services. You know what? genda you're gonna find people very helpful that will really be
John: that's the best way to really be helpful. They're very helpful for everything. He says this is time sensitive apparently I'm not unique people that come out it will be on the street no worries we live in LA I'll be able to move to the beach resist we much we must.
Unknown: We must. And we will much
about that.
You've got karma,
Adam: little karma for the new business.
John: So Dave has a Laura Canada in Montreal, Quebec. That Laura Canada, I guess it is in Northern part that I can name anymore because they've got some new name used to be Northwest Territories to 2222 in Montreal, Quebec. Now that orange man is out of the way Gitmo nation can expect can expect more big tech crackdowns as the great reset. blitzkrieg commences in earnest. How lucky we are to have the no agenda network of services sir Dave? of Laura Canada. One Sharma. karma,
Adam: karma karma.
John: Karma Karma. I
Adam: forgot we had that show. Hold on a second show warm. Ah, why am I not seeing this? Is SC ah.
John: That was something else.
Adam: No. Well, I know what it is a shwarma karma. Jeez. I don't know. Um, I have to give you a regular one out to look for that. Okay.
Unknown: Sorry.
Adam: You've got karma. I'm so sure we found it. might as well give it to him while we're here. Can you go?
Unknown: You've got shawarma. worth it.
John: Aaron he's in Lewiston South Australia to 1111 hi guys keep up the great work. starting a new job on Monday would love to get some karma Can we please play the following clips Boogie Boogie, amen atlas shrugged and standard comma.
Adam: We can do that for you.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Anonymous follows up from Loma Linda $210 is that top heavy list people Greetings, anonymous roaster of beans here hopefully one day to be sir roaster of beans. I have been listening since 2013. I've only made two pitiful donations in that time. Please give me a partial d ducing if possible.
To a simple outpatient procedure would be best. Two years ago I dipped my toes into the world of specialty coffee My company is good boy coffee website good boy coffee calm. We donate a portion of proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society, which is where the name comes from. I'm slowly extricating myself from corporate Healthcare Management aka ripping off patients as much as legally possible. And I try to give back a bit more to the show. If anyone wants to buy some great coffee beans roasted in the People's Republic of Southern California please use the code. Dogs are people too. If you use this code, I will donate 20% of the cart totals back to the show nice listeners can also use code D bag to save themselves 10%
Adam: Is there a QR code for that? D bag qR
John: There you go. Although especially coffee is quickly becoming even more pretentious than wine, complete with tasting notes and tasting protocols called cupping in the business by the way cupping I've become cupping is coming interesting now it's got a sexual connotation cooking I've been observed obsessed and I'm incredibly proud of the coffee we are putting out right now. It's truly a different experience and I expect it will be right at beer guys alley. spec some Singler or origin Ethiopian washed process beans in the mail.
Adam: All right.
John: I look forward to making a no agenda blend someday no jingles no karma. Cheers and may you never find an exit strategy.
Adam: We were thinking about coffee beans but you ruined it. Yeah,
maybe podcasting.
John: Kevin in Detroit. Yay. Oh 20202 first time donor. I would appreciate a de-douche
Unknown: You've been de deuced
mogan donation
John: Mr. Rogan I convert and grateful you have to gents here is guiding my guiding lights during this wacky time I'm donating today looking for an F cancer and karma from my wife's grandma. She's having surgery to remove a cancer spot. Thank you for helping keep my sanity over the past year I've been hitting friends and family in the mouth along the way and can't shut up when I started talking about this show. Good. I'd like to call out the fault. I'm sorry. I'd like to call it the following people as douchebags. Cory Debbie Victoria. Cory, Cory, Debbie Victoria. Jimmy, I guess hard dose group comments are useful in writing these things it's
Adam: formed yes
John: commas otherwise have been one douchebag to Cory Debbie Victoria. Jimmy hardest group. Can I please get a boogie Boogie again? Amen. And a Trump How come nobody's asked for the a man a woman was my favorite and
Adam: how interesting is it that I happen to have that as an ISO? And because I mean a woman Yeah, I was fully expecting it here. It
John: is a man and a woman.
Adam: I was falling. We expecting to get it.
John: Anyway. He wants to Boogie Boogie A man and a Trump big massive dump.
Adam: Did you just say anyways? Anyways, I heard you say
John: you know,
Adam: I gotta do him again.
John: It was a massive dump. You've
Unknown: got karma.
John: Massive dump. Tom shots forward in laaser. Holland, to a one. My wife Jenny Shahs fort. Von deason is a huge fan, longtime faithful listener of your great show. Our sons calling in Evan from 11 and 10. And me also Yes, guilty. Sing along with the Gitmo nation anthem when mama listens when mama listens and knows a lot of the show jingles as you got karma China's as whole douchebag and de-douche in the morning, no agenda formula, etc. Nice, but the problem is Jenny is still a big douchebag because she did not make a donation up until now before well, wait a minute. What are we saying here? So what we are doing is
Adam: reducing her or what are we doing? I don't know. I see. She wants to surprise her but donating $200 for birthday which is today
John: ah birthday.
Adam: Yes.
John: It'll mean a lie like this surprise.
Adam: Yeah, it'll mean a lot to her when she gets a special celebration yell from Adam as she's really a big fan. Also big congratulations to her through the no agenda show from Tom Collin and Evan. We love you mom.
Unknown: Okay, so
Adam: this is Jenny and I I'm going to presume she's Dutch so Jenny from hard to cafe the stairs he the Buddha. Ooh, that's the way we do it in Holland. Yeah, we say he pulled up three times.
John: You know sitting chairs. Dame
Adam: let me let me just give her give her a little something. Something like that. Just make her feel like she's probably a fan you've got
John: our pal Dame Jennifer in Charleston
Adam: air
John: she writes in Hey guys, and then she puts hashtag sorry not sorry. That is really the absolute best episode opener ever. I don't know what she's talking about to be honest about it. I'm not tired of it is my ringtone for na producers texts. Here's the latest share of the NA N A and A donations I received lately. Animated no agenda to you newbies as right. And you can look it up on YouTube. Thank you for keeping me sane as possible during the nuttiest time of my life. I started the year by drinking flat but very fancy champagne. And now I'm hoping and I was just a moment just pause hoping the rest of the year goes from there. JOHN, where's your wine and food show this would that would have saved me. She wants super PPP jobs karma, please. While the T and the P are still in office. Mate loses of efficacy on January 20. That's an interesting theory.
Adam: It is an interesting theory. Hey, guys, that was one of our openings. A couple shows back and we both said at the same time. Hey guys,
John: you guys. Okay? That's actually a great phone ring thing. Yeah. jobs, jobs, jobs.
Unknown: Jobs. You've
Adam: got karma. Thanks, Dave. Jennifer, Dave, Jennifer always there for us.
John: So I have an anecdote she caught we didn't call we chatted. Texting we texted
Adam: What?
John: You text. Yeah, because she texted me. She had this issue with a bottle of champagne. She wanted to know if it was still, you know, if it was so good, it was gonna be good. Yeah. And I had to give her a little lecture on champagne corks. And people should all know this one reason I'm bringing it up. champagne corks are pretty much designed and can't last more than 15 years. So if you get a bottle of champagne, and it's and you say I'm gonna keep this for my 20th week because you get it at your wedding anniversary, you're going to keep it for 20 years for your 20s it's going to be flat. The champagne, the compression on a champagne cork is so great that it goes. It loses its his cell cellular structure and just dies in the bottle. And the champagne fizz shoots out of it very slowly. She believes this is beautiful, open the champagne with one of these corks and when you pull it, the cork comes right out by the way just comes right out. When the cork comes right out. You don't have to twist it and fight with it. It comes right out this champagne is probably going to be flat. Sometimes there'll be a few bubbles left. But that's because you've left this champion to long drink your champagnes about you know, it'd be you to buy a bottle of champagne. You can have it in about 10 years it'd be good to go. Now there is something called an RD champagne. So you say well I don't know a guy had a 1996 champagne the other day it was great. These are D champagnes are cold. And it
says rd on there somewhere on the label. It refers to recently disgorged that means the champagne was kept in the racks at the champagne house longer than the rest in the normal say the 96 key at 1996 Dom Perignon, which is a or no is one of the other ones. But whatever it was, it was too old 96 is one of the things I've had
Adam: 96 my way which I was phenomenal.
John: 96 is one of the great champagne here. So all of you have that have the number to have a vintage on them will be good. Okay. But it so what you'll get some say well, I just had a 96 It was delicious. And it wasn't flat. It will sometimes they'll keep these these great years they'll keep the 96 and they'll keep it so they don't discourage it and put the cork in for like 10 or 15 years so 15 years goes by is becomes the wild side. Now it's what should have been over the hill but now you'll cork it. And it'll be recently discourse usually might have the date when it was bottled after the discouragement that's important. That would be the year you really want to start your timer with that that would be the year where you can keep it for 1015 years. Anyway that's your champagne lecture for today.
Adam: I pity the 15% of people who skip this segment. That's about what it is it's only 15%
John: I pity Yeah, there's no there's there's information in these segments and that's one that's a piece of information that was valuable. And she didn't know this so she kept this thing. They opened it it was like flat and it's gonna be that way most of the time I had is this happened to me. It's really problematic with champions that are non vintage and they don't have a date on them problematic
Adam: no less hi guys problematic what is happening to you?
John: Anyways. You can't figure out when it was bottled in and out. Okay one last boring champagne thing. The British have this day believe that a champagne is not really it should be aged in the bottle for a while but not to 15 years of at least 10 and so when you pull the cork out it should still be kind of straight and not really blossom too much but it will blossom eventually. Which means it forms that little that pulls out. You look for the the wine there's a line that goes up the side of the cork and it just before it gets to the very top. That's when a Brit the Brits think this is perfect champagne and indeed if you find a champagne bottle where the cork is still in there but it comes out pretty easily and is still bubbly. And that little line of wine is up and it's just touching the top of the cork. You got it. You got a top of the middle of that mushroom part of the cork. Not that part just underneath. You got a good bottle of champagne. Anyway. Just sorry. I'm sorry did that. That's okay. Sorry, I did that. Go sneaking to landing Valley New South Wales 200 death to tyrants. No genius. Arma
Adam: I don't know what that means, but we'll keep that what it is.
John: I'll tell you that she needs to be bumped up by are he? Not sure? Because $200 American is $300 Australian?
Adam: Is that the number? No, that's crazy. Seriously? Don't you remember the last show was like something really stupid. Could be exhibit 150 get that from get that from Doug in the troll room let me know what it is we'll do it anyway Of course. All right,
John: we're good. Anonymous in Chicago 200 200
Adam: US dollars is $260 million. Okay,
John: nevermind it's bad that it was worse than that but okay. Anonymous Chicago please credit me as anonymous from Chicago. Let's easy enough. Sharing proceeds from proceed proceeds this funny sharing proceeds from my Google stock dump. I pray for you boys in the coming on slot. not worried about it. Love you mean it could I please get a deed deucing wheezing, Fauci karma and a little girl Yay.
You got it. No
Adam: problem you've got
John: Tom Johnson. South Jordan, Utah $200. A nogen has provided me with a great deal of value I've been listening for years is my first time donating please de-douche me.
Unknown: You've been
John: please provide health karma to my best pal. James the game trail. Dial Dale. I don't know. He is in rough shape in the hospital because of complications to cancer. f cancer. The other day I was speaking with a son in law, a politically misinformed a millennial. That's redundant. Who was asking who was asking Who is this Nancy Pelosi person anyway? in the other room, really well trained 11 year old son shouted out she's a freaking socialist. My good friend James would be proud. Please send karma and prayer his way no agenda is truly the best podcast universe. I look forward to providing more big massive dumps aka donations in the future. Tom Johnson South Jordan
Adam: I will say I love I love that the kid does that. But she's not she's in fact a horrible elitist capitalist. That's really where she's coming from.
Unknown: You've got karma
John: last we made it all Dame j of the angry clouds $200 so top heavy list yes all right. Fine with me. Yeah, please credit me as Dame J. Adam was right about the decentralization please use this donation to keep the lights on it no agenda socialist and amygdala shrinking port in a media driven shitstorm no jingles just sanity karma for all
Adam: sanity karma for all we need that Here comes Thank you very much.
Unknown: You've got karma.
Adam: I would like to do a shout out. We have our you know we have our back end guys but Aaron are over at no agenda who I think? I think he's only 26 or 27. And he's been hosting no agenda social for several years. You have to understand it takes dedicated machines enormous, like really enormous amounts of disk space for all of the drivel you're posting because if we save the images too and he is he is all on his own dime. So really go on no agenda and at aironet era ner and thank him thank him for what he's doing is that is he's a true hero of the social and and he really keeps that running and it the mastodon stuff at scale is hard to run Believe it or not.
John: Will people really like it? Yeah, there was some woman on the Twitter she's just beside herself with what's going on beside herself Yeah. And she says I got a parlor I got gap I got Rome or something Mills rage
Adam: mines mines is one now I think that's where the pool man is going because your mind yeah
John: And I said, Ah, these are losers just going I gave her an invite and she did it. Uh huh. And and she said was great and she killed her Twitter account completely. She's not Yeah, I tried to dm her and she was gone. Nice. no longer exists.
Adam: Outstanding. We are a virus. We are spreading. We are proud of it. Thank you to our executive and associate executive producer for Episode 1311. These credits some people don't quite understand. You don't mean you can just show Hey, I'm gonna say I'm an executive producer of the no agenda show XYZ episode. The way we can help you other than sending people to IMDb to go look at it and Marcus couches has made is maintaining an entire IMDB page of producers of the no agenda show. And there are some important and famous names on there. But if there's any other question about these titles, get in touch with us, john and i will gladly vouch for you give them a piece of our mind. And we have we have standing in this area we have these credits. We've been members of guilds so we can prove it for you. And thank you for turning your value that you receive from the show back into numbers that we can a laugh about. But also your notes and I find it frequently so informative. And it's just nice to see how everyone is getting along here and gitmo-nation Thank you. We have another show coming up on Thursday. We'd appreciate you supporting us. And maybe you get one of these credits for yourself. Go to John Slash and a thank you again for your time your talent and treasure and our value for value network. Our formula is this. We go
Unknown: out. We hit people in the mouth.
John: Man
Adam: we have a snowstorm here in Austin. We are in a snowstorm.
Unknown: cocaine.
Adam: Oh it's we have an actual snowstorm outside
John: it's snowing out
Adam: it's a snowstorm it's not just snowing. It's a snowstorm. It was. Yes, yes. Yes. Well, you know what that is warming global warming baby. We know where that comes from. The poor children will never even see snow in their future except in snow globes. The Guardian around 2008 2009 Yes, children in the UK will never know what snow looks and feels like only in snow globes.
John: To what they said. That's what they told us. Seems like they're full of shit. Yeah, so
Adam: some COVID wonder some COVID I got a couple COVID I got some.
John: I got a good one to start with. Because I don't have a lot to back anything. You're gonna have better stuff. Maybe you had the COVID man. But I do have this COVID Varian bullshit. Yeah.
Adam: And well, actually. Yeah, I want it. Let's play your clips because I've got one or two of those as well. But this is very interesting, because we have the CDC reiterating over and over. The variant is not in the United States. They are the new york times this morning, blaming Deborah Burks for launching this fake news. This false information that the variant is in the United States. I want to understand what is going on here. Every state has a different story. They're all claiming the variant. Is there. Cuomo in New York. Look, it's a it's here. It's why is the CDC not just pushing back. But throwing Burke's under the bus even though she had pretty much hung or hung herself on her own scarf for that Thanksgiving bullcrap. Or maybe it's just maybe it's to really get rid of her. I don't know, I do not understand why
John: this is already gotten rid of. So that's I don't think that can be
Adam: but the New York Times, on behalf of the CDC is blaming her for launching this fake information. But no one seems to be heating it. They continue to speak as if it's true.
John: Oh, here's a breakdown of it.
Adam: What's it called?
John: Oh, the
Adam: COVID variant. I got it.
Unknown: How much more infectious is this mutation. And they're the first variety that we encountered.
Adam: Not enough
Unknown: data for us to tell how much it is. But what we have heard from our colleagues in the UK, it's about 70%. More than we know right now.
That's what's going on.
Adam: Wow,
Unknown: that's a lot more infectious. So, so far as I understand it, and you you hinted at this. There haven't been tracing back to the UK by these cases that we've seen does that mean? The kind of mutations we've seen her were not imported, but they developed organically in the United States.
But it could have been imported and circulating here and this person got it from somebody who has been to the UK or somebody who came was in contact with somebody who has been in the UK. viruses, as I said, they do mutate. And in the United States, we need to do better genomics surveillance to know what kind of viruses are circulating here. Yeah,
Adam: I'm baffled by the CDC. On one hand reports 22 California cases of Coronavirus, first variant como warrants COVID variant discovered could shut down hospitals in New York, in Orlando. Another story I have, well, Denver, we knew about two more cases of more contagious COVID-19 variant confirmed. And yet CDC No, New York Times not. It's just not true. So I don't know what this happening. I do. Okay.
John: Especially since you mentioned is the New York Times. They're pulling this thing back, they're pulling the whole thing back. They're pulling back for Biden, get the economy back going, they gotta do something. They gotta just they're just gonna be all bullshit from here on out.
Adam: Huh? Well, that's possible.
John: You got you got people that just aren't, you know, they're not read in. I mean, you get your comas off the rails, this guy just says whatever he wants. Nobody wants to get ready in at all this, all these numbers start dropping like a rock.
Adam: But don't but okay. I mean, you would think that they would be using this to accelerate vaccinations to get past some of the hesitancy, which probably, the whole thing is weird, because the vaccine is not rolling out fast enough. Everybody's saying it. Do you think they're really holding all this back and rolling it back so they can make Joe look like a superhero? I don't think that the pharmaceutical industry gives a crap about him. They know kamaal is the real president. They want to make money. They've got vaccine promotion websites, in every community.
John: You know, COVID variant is killed and everything starts going down. They can still pump vaccines out saying you know, so it's good, close, and oh, my God, duck, the numbers are going down. Thanks to the vaccine. We got to get more people vaccinated. I don't see this being anything other than
Adam: you think that Joe comes in, and we're, we're released we're free to go. Yeah. Want to read book that
John: they'll drop like a rock once chosen.
Adam: Here is the latest confusing bit of information. We've seen the studies, we were told, again by the CDC that the asymptomatic spread seems to have been a little bit exaggerated, if not completely untrue. Now we have ABC with this doctors are warning Americans about new challenges when it comes to slowing the spread of the virus. new data suggests 59% of COVID cases are likely spread by people who are asymptomatic. Earlier,
Unknown: I spoke to Dr. Lowe Patel about why this is so important. Important and
one of the biggest take Homes is that those temperature checks and those symptom screening measures are not enough. And if the trick is really being pushed on by people who are asymptomatic or pre symptomatic, then you need every single protective measure in place. And Dr. Patel
says until most of the population is vaccinated people should assume any new contact is a potential exposure to the virus. Okay,
Adam: I have a real problem with this report. Listen to what this jumoke says here.
Unknown: why this is so important to hear
place, symptomatic or pre symptomatic pushed on by people who are asymptomatic or pre symptomatic.
Adam: We're all pre symptomatic. Hell is that we're all pre cancerous. We're all pre dead. asymptomatic or pre symptomatic. Sorry, I fall over that stuff.
John: So it's a jobs thing. Yeah. saved or created. Then we have saved or created.
Adam: Then we have CBS throwing some stuff on top. We still have three symptomatic. I mean, give me a break. We all have to be very, very, very prayer
John: Ed, by
Adam: the way. And just what I just said that we have to be very worried about the hospitals and I do not understand if we have the hospitals running out of room. Can we not turn the two ships back out? The hospital ships? Can we not rebuild rebuild the Javits Center in New York, we had emergency hospitals all over the country, including Colorado. We had the ship we had emergency hospitals big ones ready. We went as far as I know largely unused Nevada, huge hospital. We spoke to the people ourselves meetup unused. And so Oh, we have no beds. We have no beds. Well, that's not working. We're not believing it. We
Unknown: got a new one. The number of people who received their first vaccination doubled this week, 6 million as of Friday, a number though that pales in comparison to the number of people sick and suffering. philia Reynoso says she was so careful. She never expected to be gasping for breath, laboring each word. yet she's lucky hospital beds are in short supply in Los Angeles where she's being treated.
Adam: I thought they were out of beds. What's this short supply? It was it's we're out of capacity. We're gonna send people don't even pick them up, let them die at home. These people who are doing this, these are the insurrectionists these are the terrorists. This is bio pharmaceutical
Unknown: terrorism on american people on people around the world. And nationally, a record 4000 deaths were reported on Thursday. It is going to get much worse before it gets
Adam: better. And that's that Ulster home. A whole
Unknown: mobile mortuaries have already set up outside hospitals in Los Angeles where a person dies every eight minutes. Even as military teams are now helping some overwhelmed hospitals. Ellie's mayor is concerned that care will have to be rationed. If you can spare a doctor or a nurse, if you can spare anything, please send it here. We're Americans. California is one of at least eight states where the highly contagious variant of the virus has been detected. But the makers of vaccines Pfizer and Madonna report they're confident their vaccines will also protect against the new strain.
Adam: So now they're coming up with oh my gosh, we have mobile morgues. Yes, that happened in 2018 2019. We read the on the show you put it in the newsletter. I thought it was good to do that the the Guardian headlines from 2012 through 2019. When it came to the flu, these exact same headlines, mobile morgues out of hospital beds overflowing. Now this is the same story as every year. And I'm sorry to say Australia, you all thought that it was all you were all out and all cool and I said no. You're just a few months behind you have no idea prepared because they are going to lock your crap down again. today. This is the Queensland premier Anastasia palette.
Unknown: We are going to be making a very significant announcement and we are doing this to keep Queensland as safe. We know keep whatsoever. Queensland that this UK strain is highly infectious. It Wait a minute.
Adam: I thought the UK the UK strain. I thought they were blaming that on South Africa. Now it's the UK strain
Unknown: because strain is highly infectious is good 70% more infectious. And we are going to go hard and we are going to go early to do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus is incredibly contagious. I have been briefed extensively by Dr. Young. I have accepted Dr. Young's strong recommendations, and we'll be taking the follow following actions. Greater Brisbane will be entering a three day lockdown from 6pm. Friday to 6pm Monday. all residents living in those areas will be required to stay at home. Think of it as a long weekend at home. If we do not do this now. It could end up being a 30 day lockdown. Okay,
Adam: so you're going to be blamed that you did it wrong that you saw it wrong. It will be 30 days. It was I got a little motion this morning. I've been emailing with sir Chris. And he says it's starting to affect him now. I mean, there's a lot of things going on. We've seen it all. And I feel bad for our brothers and sisters down under because they were told that you know they could do it. And I think collectively most Australians believed that that really was a mistake from the security company that had the people locked up in the in the Coronavirus Hotel and they were having sex with them. No, you can't stop this virus. Whatever it is you can't stop it. I get emails from people I've been home I've been anywhere always messed up plastic bag over my head. I got it. Yes. You You cannot fight this that way. You are being hoodwinked. You're being hoodwinked. either get it or you don't. I am astounded. This has not affected me or my wife. I'm astounded I really am. It's like what are we doing? What do we do? We're
John: not getting this. She's in vitamin D. Yes. All it takes
Adam: she's in contact with people every single day.
John: I haven't got it, who I mean, I may have had it, but it would be, it would be somebody to even notice like a bump in the road or something you may have had it, I
Adam: think it's, I would have to agree it's the d3 a bump in the road, a little bit of a little bit of
John: you had this examples once in the swollen eyeball.
Adam: I did have this rolling eyeball. It was my favorite version.
John: But you know, then again, it's just like some none of it surprises me to people that are most freaked out there. This is the why the
Adam: reason why there's a new variant in in Denver was almost reported correctly.
Unknown: people receive the virus today or the vaccine for
Adam: the virus today in Colorado.
John: Man,
Adam: they'll never never never get it. Right, will they? So let's talk about this dosing of the vaccine. The what the dosage were now
John: now we're supposed to get Oh, yeah, now you can just be in the same room with the vaccine, you'll be good.
Adam: Well, the idea now is to give everybody the first shot in the arm, get the vaccine in the arm, and, and forget and not hold the quantities for people second shots, just to let them have as many people get the initial vaccine as possible is counter to everything we were told on the rollout of this vaccine, everything it's counter to the whole mission. And and i'll go ahead,
John: I have to say that it's really fun to watch this whole thing because it's as if they're trying to control everything. And they're trying to it's like an orchestra leader with a bunch of people that are completely out of control. They just happen if one country goes you know what we're gonna do. They're making enough of this stuff. Let's just give what we got to everybody, instead of stockpiling the other stuff. For the second dose, we'll just give it to every boy. That's what we want. And it's just the everything that's going on is all out of control. You could make two doses from this. Well, maybe three. I mean, it's unbelievable how nobody's paying attention that to the to the rulers. And there's this dissent amongst the leadership even
Unknown: with under 7 million vaccine doses doled out in the US tonight are about 2% of the total population. President Elect joe biden's team has announced plans to turn operation warp speed into turbo Dr. Biden supports releasing available doses immediately and believes the government should stop holding back vaccine supply
so we can get more shots in Americans arms. Now.
Let's strategy Dr. Anthony Fauci warned against last week after Britain announced it would delay second doses for up to 12 weeks, we want to do it according to the science, the idea about stretching it out so you can get more people. That's if you have not enough vaccine, and you have a lot of people lined up waiting to get a vaccine. That's not a problem. Now, Biden's transition team says by using the defense production act to supercharge supply shouldn't be a lag between shots one and two.
Adam: So what is our problem? What is our problem? Why are they rushing to even know? Why are they rushing? Why are they rushing to get go against science as Fauci just said he's they're not following the science is Joe Biden's idea. Maybe it has something to do with this from one of our producers who I'll keep anonymous because it's about his wife. I wanted to give you a boots on the ground report about the second vent vaccine shot, it is a doozy. My wife is an ICU doctor and just got her second Pfizer shot today. She's having chills, nausea, full body aches and diarrhea. Her other physician friends are having the same experience the second shot when the first shot was just a sore shoulder. Maybe is not so groovy. Maybe they don't want it too many news articles about people pooping out calm.
John: I don't think there's any reason to just shoot everybody up with the as much as you can. Now, this brings up two points. Or one point in particular, if the second is the second shot different.
Adam: No, it should be the same.
John: Well, if it's the same, then why would you have these different reactions, these horrible reactions? Well, this is the same Yeah, you can dole it out. But if it's a different shot, which seems to me but why they're so panicky about this, well, this brings us a different shot. This is something different.
Adam: And this brings us back to this brings us back and just give
John: it to everybody. This
Adam: brings us back to animal trials and other vaccines that have produced great antibodies, but then when people encountered a wild version of the virus, they died. They got really sick and died very quickly. And this happened with children with some some, I think was Gates Foundation, vaccine trials in the Philippines. well documented people are going to go to jail over that. It could be that. But it's also it's not a typical vaccine, we we really don't have enough we can never have enough data on this particular mRNA vaccination technique. Other than we were promised it would be super painful. We got that part down. But we if they had mentioned you, you have to poop all day. Like, but I'm hearing really bad diarrhea, which is also dangerous. You can talk from horrible diarrhea, you can die from that.
John: Is it? I'm just I don't know that the theorists are out there talking about this. But you get the mRNA mRNA vaccine, the first one that is supposed to develop all these spike proteins. Yeah. And it floats around. Your body's supposed to say I don't like this. You get a second shot of the fresh. That's the same. It's the same I'm gonna write that are Yeah, it should be. Yeah. You get a second dose of this. So we should wait a minute. Maybe the body just, this doesn't sound like a good idea. I think and I hate to be one out there. So don't do it. But I'm not gonna take this thing. It just doesn't sound right to me.
Adam: I was talking to Christina, who I've now not seen in 14 months. And endures. They're locked down until January 19. It appears they will have an extend and this lockdown, lockdown, like Australia, lockdown go out to exercise by yourself go out to food or to medical services. lockdown, lockdown, you're done. Yeah. And it'll probably be extended through the end of February. That's the rumor. And my daughter who was very level headed and really understand she's, you know, she listens to my daughter. She's a daddy, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take this otherwise I won't be able to go anywhere and may not be able to do certain types of work. They're going to it looks like they're gonna force that. And I can see that happening in Europe easily, much easier than here. But
John: we just stuck it fly here. No.
Unknown: They are ramping up though. Great health leaders say close to 114,000 vaccines have been administered in Arizona. The vaccination plan in Maricopa county will start moving to the next phase on Monday. This will include teachers, essential workers and adults over 75 years old. And just into our newsroom, we have learned that starting Monday State Farm stadium will be used as a massive 24 seven vaccination site.
Adam: This might work. You know the idea of you got a really long line for the vaccine. People will say oh, I gotta stand in that line. There is a velvet rope in front of that kid club. Let's go stand in the line. I think if you have a huge stadium with with throngs of people, I think that may motivate people to go. That's possibly a good idea. We'll have to see. It'll be it'll be very obvious as it doesn't work, that's for sure. Well, drone shot of no one's showing up.
John: I don't do that. No one's gonna do that. No one's gonna show that drone shot and nobody's showing up. If they have to get shills in there just to stand in line, they're gonna do that and take the drone shot of that and put that on the news. Okay.
Adam: As an aside, in the Queensland Health, has, they think this was this on? Facebook? Someone sent a screenshot? We've been getting this question a lot. The answer is yes. You must wear a mask in your vehicle.
Unknown: Yeah.
Adam: Do I need to wear a mask in my vehicle? The answer is yes. Then there's videos in the UK I think of North people out there sitting on a bench overlooking the the North Sea. It's you know, typical British kind of rainy wet, gray weather is maybe 10 people and 515 cops show up and start arresting these people for violating for violating the stay at home rule. It's insane. And my British friends are your boys real mess over there was Trump so yeah, how's your prison bitch?
John: God Yeah, that's Yeah, I think you did. That's the right answer to these people. Yeah, Trump.
Adam: So pay attention. In case you didn't notice it Bo Joe's building back better right in front of your face. enjoy that. Huh? Oh, my goodness. All right. What else do you got? You got any more COVID I
John: got no more COVID no
Adam: more COVID? No, I
John: was short on COVID I wanna hit the one clip. Because it was the one that had this. This This discussion point that's going around which Wait a minute, these things to this this various cropping up different places around the world simultaneously. That's not it's not really. If you took biology This is not the way it works, right? No, it's not genetic mutations aren't parallel. I mean, listen, I guess you can use the quantum theory of things and maybe kind of indicate that now. gonna happen. I'll
Adam: give you a little crack in update, just verbal. Cuz
John: Do I have any cracking stuff? No, I don't I gave up on that.
Adam: Well, here are the things that are possibly expected. One is I'm hearing that the President may do some kind of speech tonight. I don't know where it's going to air. But that's an all of this is just what I've heard. We still have a very major push. With affidavits coming out of Italy. And proof that this and this is a lot of Lynwood stuff, proof that this was all rigged, and they have all the trail and they did it all over again for the Georgia election. And it went through to China and to Chile and all over the place. And there's a I'm sure you can find the video if you haven't of the woman explaining that. And the judge from Italy, along with
John: a lieutenant general that is promoting this Ingraham, that guy.
Adam: It's very not not not Ingraham. It says, Mecca mcenaney mcenaney machinae. mechanistic seeks not Ingraham.
John: Like that. It was Ingraham
Adam: he's promoting at the other piece is and this got interesting yesterday, we've heard for a long time, there will be 10 days of darkness. To which I say if you turn the internet off, or the power off, you will kill more people than you have any idea of so I'm not believing that Pakistan did have a massive blackout. yesterday. 200 million people without power in the major cities. I don't know if it's back online. That was taken advantage of immediately by people showing a live camera shot, quote, unquote, of the Vatican, and the lights going out and headlines popping up Pope arrested on 80 count indictment for child trafficking fraud. So I texted Willow this morning. I said Willow. Did the Vatican go dark last night? And I won't even ask you the second part of the question. He says now, I saw I saw it going around the videos from 2015. So you're being duped there. It may be possible that the Pope was arrested and at count indictment of child trafficking but the for sure the Vatican did not go dark last night. That was a video from 2015 that you're seeing. Then we have Sidney Powell and this lawsuit for over a billion dollars by dominion. And just to show you what idiots the news readers are the news models. And by the way, thank you again Neil Jones and stek for doing some excellent clips for this show. This is w g n in Chicago.
Unknown: So Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell was spread a meme about the cracking some mythical creature and again another example of he presumes that he was an intelligent man and and
Adam: these people might even know she's a woman Holy moly.
Unknown: Such morons sample
John: This is your news media that we're you know this is what by the way this is my theme for this year you did this last newsletter if you want to read a newsletter that has my current theme for newsletters it's this it's this is reading Why are we even what these people's their credibility is shot? That you can't say that
Adam: I've made this mistake myself once. When I was into it,
John: you can make the mistake but you can't do it on
Adam: but I just wanted
John: a mistake all the time. So maybe I'm too harsh. I'll come on
Adam: Sydney period in the news business as a as a news model.
John: If you're in the news business, you don't take Sydney ism. And he's reading this on the prompter. Yes, of course
Adam: these people aren't they don't know can't Tucker Carlson also. That's all prompter. There's nothing that's not from the prompter. He may write some of that stuff himself. These people don't write it themselves. And they're idiots. They're just idiots. I have done this myself. I was interviewing Fleetwood Mac. And this is in the
John: late so you had a conversation with with that guy Steve Nicks.
Adam: No much worse. I said. So worse. Yeah, worse. I said so do you think Lindsey Buckingham will ever come back into the into the group or is she done with it? I remember Mick Fleetwood looking at me and you're saying if he's if his penis fell off, maybe
John: it was horror. I don't think it's worse. But
Adam: oh, it was from a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. Okay.
John: Well, you were that you were one of these, if it wasn't for this show. You'd be that guy.
Adam: Oh, most likely, yes. Most likely. No, I wouldn't be that guy better look into that guy, x iOS, who I didn't see that guy. So I don't know that news models are all good looking whether they're male or female. He's a news model. He's a news reader model. x. iOS is doing interesting reporting the British guy, I'm not quite sure. What motivates him to do certain stories. But in this case, they got a hold of the CEO of Dominion to talk about the Sidney Powell lawsuit, and I thought it was interesting enough to hear what he had to say our focus right
Unknown: now is on Sidney Powell. And there's a very good reason for that she is, by far in our opinion, the most egregious and prolific purveyor of the falsities against dominion, her statements have caused real damage, they're demonstrably false. In our opinion, it's extremely easy to verify that we were not created in Venezuela. You know, that's just that's just one of the many of the crazy allegations made against us. And we were originally quiet. And we sat back as a company, because our hope was that all of these claims would be filed in a process in court where procedure and evidence is important. And it's become clear to us that there is absolutely no interest to reveal this evidence. And because we know it doesn't exist, and there's no effort to actually put it in front of a court proceeding so that these allegations and all of the evidence can follow a proper process and be litigated right to the end. And because of that that's why we're filing
Adam: I'm very interested in this suit. There will be discovery which is really what's interesting. The 127 page complaint is in the shownotes if you're looking for it here's one more short clip from him
Unknown: Why not also file against for example fox news on Newsmax I know they all publish
Adam: knows because they all remember that room without going like they were reading almost legal statements on the air to protect their assets especially Newsmax and one American news. That's why they got the memo and they were already out and
John: the way the laws written if you're a news organization, you make an error. And you quickly correct the error usually is in the New York Times they do it all the time and they put those corrections in the back pages but they're still there. You're good to go.
Adam: How come they haven't sued the money honey the money honey was all over this Maria Bartiromo? Here's
John: what I think did Fox came out with a good blanket statement covered her ass here's
Adam: Newsmax with that pussy. Yes since Election Day.
John: Various guests, attorneys and elected officials have appeared on news Max
Adam: and offered opinions and claims about smartmatic and dominion systems. Both companies that offer voting software in the US and Newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage and note that it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies, you get the idea. So they got their legal statement or aired rather
Unknown: that little kind of two minute fact check, but why not file against them as well? Well, let me be clear, the
damage has been done. And in some What
Adam: news man What news person? Ask someone, why aren't you suing my competitors? Is it just me or is that is that okay? Is that normal? Because sin does tissue Sidney Powell is not a television network. Cindy Powell is not a cable.
John: She was fair.
Unknown: But why not file against them as well?
Well, let me be clear, the damage has been done. And in some cases, some media outlets are continuing to promote this damaging type of false narrative. And I also want to be clear that we're looking at everybody, that not just every actor that has made these types of false allegations about us, and the also the news media outlets that have allowed these allegations to be amplified, unfettered and unchecked. And we've got a pretty substantial legal team looking at that. And as I said, Our priority is Sidney Powell. But that legal team is going to be thorough and exhaustive
podcasters next,
John: know how this works. We've talked about this mechanism before Do tell, you go after a big target. And you get to the point where she settles out of court for any amount which could be 10 bucks. Then you can vote okay? Then you start going after the other ones and they all fall in line is this just an old trick? Silicon Valley used to do this all the time. You get one person that would licensing, you get one, especially IBM, you get one person to sign on to your bogus patent. And next thing you know, everybody has to pay their 40 grand or whatever it is, and he cumulated a lot of money this way. So city pile thing is gonna be settled. out of court, out of court, okay with the amount unknown.
Adam: You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen. It's in the red book.
Unknown: I'm going to show my smooth by Joe nice to know again, Imagine all the people who could do that. Oh, yeah, that'd be fun.
John: I'd like this of course, unless she fights it in wins.
Adam: Yes. I'd like to I'd like to start off at the meetup yesterday. Thank you very much. Marin Scott, who has who is of the armory where he wants a different name. But he organizes these five 112 512 local meetups extremely well, we did it in duck's back yard. Who loves us? This is one of the few I guess. We had three or four tables 3540 people. Mia was our server and she was all on board. She was hitting people in the mouth of other tables telling him to come over for us. It was young and old. from all over. We had some folks from Indiana, drive down from Indiana, okay, granted on his way to his brother in San Antonio, and his mom. And there were young people, many I would say in the mid to late 20s which would be called millennials who feel very proud that they're that they're not woken broke some milk and drove Oh, we had Trinidad who came up from Oh used to be in South Texas the best dress no agenda producer at the meet up at your Trinidad. His name is Trinidad. Yeah. Gordon, what did I say? What's it wolken? broke? What do I call it? woolen broke? Yes. Not bad. It was. It was really nice. I had a very good time. But unfortunately, Tina was working so she couldn't join us and she was missed. And the way Scott and his wife run everything. They have a deducing station with a QR code. And I have no idea how it works. But you saw some people donate earlier in the executive and associate executive producer category. So men Oh demento did give me one envelope with
$100. no agenda nation. And he says he wants Bulldog karma. I'll give you that at the end for a relationship my 70 year old friend. Oh, it's also relationship karma. And it's a donation for a 70 year old friend with COVID. So we'll give some health karma as well. And thank you very much men. And thank you all at the at the meetup who supported the show. However you did it, and I'm sure it shows up in some of these donations as well. That was great time really was good to see everybody and look forward to the next one.
John: Well, thank you for that. You're welcome to us now. People on the list students, including john get notice. JOHN could notice he is he came in with 133 33 from Fayetteville, New York,
Adam: and he has a douchebag call out for Brian Lee.
John: Indeed, just organizing things here hang on
Adam: as Susan Lee from Parts Unknown 12345 my smoker not husband Nate to be knighted a certain eight to nuclear Night of the bell river valley with this donation on his birthday, which are both in the list on the list. And thanks to john Adam and all the NA producers.
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Adam: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Schumacher
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Unknown: You've got
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Texas was busy with a lot of meetups this weekend. You got my report from the 512 local Houston was doing their best. This is Brian
Unknown: at the Houston raging surge super spreader. We have lots of new faces here today and I'll pass the phone around and they can introduce themselves.
I in the morning. JOHN Walker
and parks Hubbard is a douchebag
Adam: Hi guys. Peter here in Houston. Good morning. Guys. This is Paul in Houston.
Unknown: Hi, it's Mike in Houston having fun. Hey, this
Adam: is Kyle in Houston in the morning. In the morning Houstonians from the austinites and here's what's coming up in your meetup schedule. No agenda Tuesday, East Tennessee maskless meetup living on the edge of the dendrite Brewing Company pulled pork BBQ to January 15. Friday Kansas City Full Frontal exposure edition six o'clock at dawn chitose. Admission Kansas, we have the 16th so that's next Saturday, local 919 Durham, North Carolina and that is kickback jacks for now I believe also on Saturday the 16th a tiny amygdala of the anchorage four o'clock Alaska time. Matt anouska brewing in Midtown anchorage I'd love to attend that it's I've only been to Alaska specifically anchorage once had a good time. You guys had a party. Coming up in the month of January the 17th Sioux Falls South Dakotans of gitmo-nation meetup also on the 17th the Florida pre inauguration meetup, the 23rd the Springfield Missouri super spreader, flight Oh, one one of the no agenda in Anaheim, California on the 24th of January Arlington, Virginia, Philadelphia PA local 76 to 29th drinking in sconnie cuz Minnesota nuts is still locked down. And the Melbourne really free on January. It's Melbourne really free on January 30. I'm sure you're going to be cancelled for that one. And titletown Greenway Green Bay, Wisconsin also on January 30. These are all outstanding. It's fantastic to join one of these you will see people are calm, cool, collected, no triggering have opinions have
ideas. I love hanging out. We love drinking. We're good at that. It's just it's a good time bring your kids to they'll enjoy it and they'll learn something. If you can't find one that's near you have no agenda hey, here's an idea. Start one yourself. No agenda meetup calm. It's like a Patek.
Everybody knows
choices. You got anything that you bring stuff.
John: I you know, I felt bad about it when it happened. But I didn't get anything.
Adam: My. Okay, well I have choice of this one you heard already a man and a woman caught this one. combo Sweden.
John: I have this one the press is bad the press is bad. The press is bad. The press is bad. And this okay when you nail it. That's it.
Adam: The last one the press is bad. The press is bad. The press is bad. Yeah, I
John: think that's great. All right. Let me just I do have the story about camel on this stupid freedom thing. out of the way. Sure. What is Pamela also plagiarists.
Unknown: Vice President Kamala Harris has been accused of stealing an anecdote first told by Martin Luther King Jr. and passing it off as her own experience. In an interview with Elle magazine in October, Harris talks going on civil rights marches with her family in a stroller, quote, my mother tells the story about how I'm fussing. And she's like, baby, what
do you want?
What do you need? And I just look at her and
Adam: I said, freedom.
Unknown: Now some are noticing the serious similarities to a story told by the Reverend king in 1965.
I will never forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl. What do you want? The policeman asked her gruffly and the little girl answer. See them?
Adam: Now, you know, this
Unknown: would be an amazing news story. It wouldn't be the biggest story out there if if Harris was a Republican,
Adam: but she's not. I have her telling that story. From c span.
John: She's apparently stuck with the story because it was in that interview.
Adam: But what's that? was that? Was that the c span interview? Yeah, I guess so. Hold on let this
John: go. She said it was in Elle magazine. Oh, oh, two. So this is her repertoire. This a repertoire story like, like Korean pop. And my dad told me Yeah, and my mom told me the exact same thing. But it's
Adam: worth listening to it, not just for the story. But how she has an uncontrollable giggle laugh, which is really not appropriate in the, in the laugh arc of her story.
Unknown: And, and there are some funny stories. I was just sharing with someone backstage, you know, so I witnessed this, as I write about in the book, you know, from my strollers I view and there's a funny family story about how so my mother's marching with the extended family I talk about like Aunt Mary and Uncle Freddie in the book. And she would tell the story about how so they're marching. And this is back when strollers didn't really have armrest and seat belts. They're marching away and you know, shouting and, and all of that. And then I think was my uncle Freddie, you know, look down on the stroller, which was empty.
There you go. And then my mother would tell a funny story about how, like, one day she did, and I was fussing and you know, it's much cuter when she would tell the story, but she'd say So then she would look down at me and Camila What do you want? What do you want? And I look back up and I said
Adam: I'm so glad
Unknown: going to ask you because I wanted to hear you say please.
Ladies and gentlemen, your
Adam: future president of the united states of america
John: she is something's wrong with her.
Adam: You know, Spotify would reject that as a podcast with that laugh. I seriously that's there is something wrong with her. How about she's insincere under qualified and an idiot? Would that would that help?
John: Probably I'd say probably another clip.
Adam: That's a perfect for US president.
John: Since we talked about bad reporting and or dubious reporting. I thought this was one of the worst things I've ever heard being reported. This is on PBS buy. Shirts true.
Not net that guy. Tree never breathe. I can never pronounce his name unless I see it written down. This is the weekend report and tell me what you think about what you're going to hear. After you hear it. Oh, I'm sorry, I should I think
Unknown: this one in Indonesia. A plane carrying 62 people crashed into the Java Sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta this afternoon local time. The Indonesian Navy says it has pinpointed the location of the crash and is looking for survivors according to the Indian In transportation ministry, the domestic flight had been delayed at least 30 minutes due to heavy rain. It disappeared from radar four minutes after taking off the plane was a 26 year old Boeing 737 dash 524, a much older version of the Boeing 737 Max, which was pulled from service for 20 months after two crashes.
Adam: Yeah,
John: your course it's not an older version of the max. It's just a seven. It's got the same moniker to Max's. Yeah, there's some similarities. And in later models of that this is a 25 year old 737 has got nothing to do with this new plane. No, of
Adam: course not this, but what that's eat was, if you read the reports, most of the written reports, they always start off with a 26 year old airplane, which has no bearing on the safety of said aircraft. The airframe was six years old it has
John: and the relationship to the 737 Max is irrelevant. relationship is only really good name only.
Adam: Here's what I'm thinking don't fly on that airline. How about that for a thought?
John: Now how about this for an idea? This was a planted story to slam Boeing.
Adam: Well, that war is ongoing the war between Airbus and Boeing. I don't think we'll ever ever see the true winner of that one. But we will see something coming Thursday. Who knows what it'll be. But you can rest assured and know that we're on the case.
John: Yeah, it'll be impeachment. And that was just dumb. And a lot of complaining.
Adam: A lot of complaining. No, we're not complaining because we are Gitmo Nation. Jessica Nelson. And this show makes coming up we also gonna do the full We Are The World's Jeff Smith. Build back better since we gave you so many different teases of it. I'm not sure who's coming up after the show of need that in the main troll room. Somebody let me know. But I am Adam Curry coming to you from opportunity zone 33 here in the capital The Lone Star State Austin, Texas if you want to find us, we're snow covered in FEMA Region six. In the morning, everybody, I'm Adam Curry.
John: And from Northern Silicon Valley, we're in no snow covered, that's never gonna happen unless it's a different kind of snow. And it's kind of gloomy out there. For some unknown reason. I'm John Dvorak, we
Adam: return on Thursday remember us at divorce act at org slash na until then Adios. And such
Unknown: this man literally put violence on people protesters through a Bible photo opportunity and then was slammed by the church, a man and a woman
make sense at all. And then his video response right after the violence right at the beginning he perpetuated that this is a rigged election for both in Georgia, and he's gonna be there saying, Yeah, I know you guys are fighting the good fight is over.
provokes a man or a woman.
To be honest, I hope everyone is safe on both sides of everyone's face a man
awful, awful display of patriotism. And that's not what it is. I say that with air quotes and sarcasm.
People just really try to get some real change.
for breaking the reality of America. We're not like the Catholic.
Knowing that this is kind of like what I had to deal with the rest of my life. It's really
to do with what people remember what
John: Clown show
Unknown: says on your chart, you fucked
up. You talked with this bag and your shits are retarded. What I do
John: is to say
Unknown: a man and a woman
be ready be one
Bob butane a friend
John: around us pushing the side an open mind.
Unknown: burdens
John: loyalty.
Unknown: life beyond your freedom
John: slash n A the press is bad the press is bad the press is bad the press is bad
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