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February 7th, 2021 • 3h 11m

1319: Cluster Five


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John: Just see what happens. see which ones go nuts which ones grow second head.
Unknown: Adam Curry, John Dvorak,
Sunday, February
Adam: 7 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1319. This is
Unknown: no agenda placing
Adam: our bets and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State. morning, everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry from Northern Silicon Valley where we're all shocked to find out that the manatee has picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. i'm john C. Dvorak.
Adam: Have we discussed the manatee previously I didn't know the manatee was was a thing.
John: Yeah, there's some manatee somebody got and they put a drop into the tank, that the logos of the two teams in the manatee comes up and Blitz into the one that wins.
Adam: Oh, and it's the Buccaneers for for the manatee.
John: Yeah,
Adam: but no agenda social did a poll. I think it was 10% for Tampa Bay. 12% for the chiefs. And 6% for the advertisers and 79% was not going to watch didn't give a crap as
John: well. The 79% had to listen to this note that came in from one of our producers, Steve okay. No need to read this. Okay. Yeah,
Adam: here we go. Thanks, Steve.
John: But in reference to your Super Bowl piece on the newsletter, I interviewed a former moss mafia boss several years ago in the life spring podcast. Oh, he was actually involved in fixing sports events in his former life. He said virtually Mellor
Adam: this I think
John: Yeah. He said virtually all sports events are susceptible to fixing, especially the big money sports. I know that doesn't seem as a surprise to YouTube, but coming from the horse's mouth as it were. I thought you might find this mildly entertaining as always loving the show. Okay,
Adam: was that Steve do? No, that's not Steve. No. Steve. No, no, Steve. Steve Webb. Yep. Yep. Steve Webb, as Steve was the one who sent us the hoodies. You gotta Yes. That's right. my alma mater, which I was mocked for and I had to look it up. Oh, mama, you don't have to have graduated from the school for to be on.
John: Well, if you go there for one day is my alma
Adam: mater alma mater. Exactly. Thank you. I feel much better now. Well, no matter what, there is a new angle. Thanks to the Super Bowl. Thank you. m five m Thank you clip custodian. Yeah, because that's super special. Super, super bowl.
John: Super Bowl.
Adam: You know what that Supercell is gonna be
Unknown: just two days to go until the big game. Big worries tonight the Super Bowl could turn into a super spreader event.
have nobody seated in front of them. Nobody in behind them, as well as wipes and hand sanitizer and restrooms, which not only have physical distancing, but touch lists. It's the first ever cashless Super Bowl.
Adam: Whoo. Yeah, get used to it. ashless Super Bowl. Yeah, that's gonna be nice. There's more though. Oh, my goodness. We're gonna have el presidente a during the Super Bowl halftime
Unknown: and we will have more from our interview with President Biden Sunday on Face the Nation. And during the Super Bowl pregame show. That's right here on CBS.
John: Is Biden going to the game? He's gonna be on the private booth?
Adam: Definitely. No. Well, you might, you know, it would be a good move. It would be a good move for him to do that. But I don't think so. I don't think so. So here's what's going on locally around the around the stadium.
Unknown: Now you may hear behind me the parties
have started in downtown Tampa. Anyone not wearing a mask can be fined up to $500. And on Sunday, fans will receive these K and 95 masks as they walk into Raymond James Stadium.
Adam: So you gotta love it. There'll be there will be no money and you'll be wearing masks from China.
John: What is the green mask?
Adam: Okay, no, they're not from China.
John: The key 95 from Korea they may be made in China
Adam: but there is KN not K or and cayenne.
John: I thought the K and she said k k 95 k and there's two kinds of the candy and there's no K and yes there is that there is a pepper called cake.
Adam: There is a kn 95 mask and this one from China. Okay. Here we go.
Unknown: Now you may hear behind me the parties have started in downtown Tampa. Anyone not wearing a mask can be fined up to $500 and on Sunday fans will receive these K and 95 mass. Raymond James Stadium
Adam: If you look on online this thing called
John: Mozilla to Google, just a gyp is Kate left old Chinese mascot?
Adam: Yes. Yes. This is what I'm saying the Cayenne 95 is made in China, because I've seen them. I've seen them around Austin and you know, someone gave me a K 95 not putting that my face. They may all come from China, but when it says from China, no, I'm not gonna put that on my face. No way. So that's what's in there. So that's where they're giving away. Free Chinese masks. the soles of the Uyghurs are in that mask and they breathe it in the souls of the Uighur
John: Oh man.
Adam: Not a show title, but something I want on a bumper sticker. Lots of advice. Lots of advice for those of you who are planning on enjoying the Super Bowl,
Unknown: Super Bowl parties Morey, Dr. Aziz Shaw.
Adam: And I think it's really important that we don't have these large indoor gatherings.
Unknown: You also have people who are screaming nodding doors.
Adam: No, no, but the large indoor gatherings for Super Bowl parties. You see,
John: oh, yeah. have anyone to your house. No, there's
Adam: more you can do listen.
Unknown: You also have people who are screaming and yelling at the television,
Adam: the virus has a lot more efficiently when people speak loudly. You know, and that's gonna unfortunately make things worse. So you should not be yelling and screaming in your home. Dr. Farris So
John: Dr. Prayer flatly advising that it's a bad idea
Unknown: to hold a party and mix things up with people from other households.
Adam: Ooh, in the Netherlands, where snowstorm just hit a good one to the advice came pretty quickly. No snowball fights except with people in your own family and one friend. One friend, Nomar
John: puts a snowball fight got to do with the price of bread virus
Adam: virus virus virus.
John: snowball viruses have a snowball of viruses.
Adam: I have it right here. And this is not just a
John: thing. First of all you get your night. Generally speaking, if it's that bad, you're wearing gloves. Yeah. And you make your snowball with the gloves. You get the gloves on for this so there's no transference of virus to from your hands. And then if there's anything anyways frozen to kill the virus, well, maybe it won't kill it. But whatever it does, it puts it in a state of suspended animation, let's say
Adam: are you looking for some kind of rationale behind these.
John: But the point of this snowball thing is well, okay, I will
Adam: translate on the fly for you. Literally, even while you're enjoying this nice layer of snow, and even an end or a nice layer of ice, because you know they like to skate they always think they're gonna do the 11th city skating thing. We remain that you should be in contact with as few people as possible and restrict your movements and if you're gonna have a snowball fight do this only with your own family and at most one friend from the Reich's overheads is from the government
John: well here we go. This is there's there's a chink in the armor. Okay, one friend There's your There's your super spreader. Of course it is can have one friend you
Adam: have no friends. I like what they're doing in Bermuda. from one of our producers here snowball fights No, no, it's better. Out of my British cousin is in Bermuda for work after having to quarantine in a hotel for five days he was slapped with a neon orange wristband that he must wear until day 14. He said people are acting as if he has the plague when they see him with the band on. They've given you slaved bracelets, and finally the bracelets are here. It's like a clock time. It's like a club bracelet. You know the kind that you can't pull off. That gets all Natty, a nasty rag rag tag,
John: a pair of some kin shears to get it off.
Adam: And we have some other really interesting stuff that's going on. Before we get to the vaccines, oh yes. Schools and we go ABC America this morning had a report. In the meantime, more school districts are looking into whether they can make summer school mandatory as more students fall behind because of the pandemic. Virginia's governor is expected to announce its support to extend the school year through summer and Atlanta public schools are considering the summer school requirement. One official calling the drop in student performance, the COVID-19 slide, but many parents oppose the idea.
Unknown: My children have, you know, conveyed to me how difficult it is to get up and get to class on time and then you have technological issues. I think these kids need a break.
Even though COVID infections are dropping, there's
Adam: concern about new mutations. The White House is now considering I plan to mail every American a mask. Oh, is that what the White House is gonna do? Everybody gets a mask.
John: Okay, and like I said a map. I thought a mask. I'm pretty sure it's mask you're gonna send everybody a free mask.
Adam: That's what I heard. Wow, we play that in the game. Cool. Hey, here's your Chinese mask Shut up. Let's see. Even though COVID infections are dropping, there's concern about new mutations. The White House is now considering a plan to mail every American a mask. Yeah, mask. mask. That's great. Every American gets a bad get my free mass can you get a mass? mass? mass double up your mass the Hey, how come they're only sending one mask? Should
John: they should they actually Trump should have Trump 2020 on them.
Adam: I think we discussed that he blew it.
Unknown: UK report hospitals are still under pressure can emphasize that enough in the UK
John: Alfred Hitchcock is giving the report
Adam: on the wireless
Unknown: in the UK a top doctor says intensive care units are quote full to the rafters he says it is because patients are staying there for long periods of time. Even though case numbers have been going down.
Adam: Yeah, everywhere the numbers are going down but this you notice
John: this is the this is the point of inflection teams means
Adam: reflection, the team the team wars you mean
John: well know that the inflection point is the following are we going to go is the World Bank would have at least in one phony baloney memo I saw Oh, we're gonna go to 2025 with this and do an analogue of World War Two. Keeping us in this wartime situation for the for the economy perhaps? Are we gonna just drop this and make make Biden a big hero by killing the whole this whole episode right of malarkey? And the point of reflection is and they always do this in the same report that cases are going down. Yeah, but you can sir here. We're gonna
Adam: get to the mutants. I have a lot of mutant news, very excited about the mutants today. This is still about letting us out and getting out. Oh, by the way, the Netherlands. I think the prime minister said or someone in power there said that life would not return back to normal. Remember there have a curfew situation would not return back to normal until May 2022 2022. Meanwhile, in Germany, and you won't hear about this, one of our producers sent us that he sent me the German Lord
John: a
Adam: group of lawyers sued the kinda like the German CDC, which I think is called the arc AI, the Robert Koch Institute, Robert Koch Institute. And they did under freedom of information regarding the initial lockdown in March 2020. And they were able to obtain the communications between the German CDC and the Ministry of the Interior turns out the ministry was pressuring rkip and other scientists to deliver the worst possible case to justify the lockdown and also
John: to deliver Wait wait back up a little bit. This This was a memo that somebody uncovered
Adam: Well, the best part is they said that the analysis had to be a top secret document that they intended to leak to the press. So the government the Ministry of the Interior pressure the CDC which I guess would be a semi independent group to deliver the worst possible case scenario millions of dead people falling over dead in the street to justify the lockdown and and they said in these communications make it a top secret document which will then leaked to the press. So everybody knows it's gonna be horrible and they're still locked down. That's why heroines locked down because Germany's locked down they do everything the same there.
John: That's just pathetic. egregious.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. egregious. That's
Adam: right. Work word of the day. Yeah, that's all right. Because we have plenty of victims. The CDC now reports heightened COVID-19 risk for LGBTQ Americans. Look out black and brown people. The jumping the line on you. I don't even know how that works. How does sexual orientation make you at heightened risk? Serious? How does that make it I thought there
John: was no different there's a certain wet parts of the body. I thought
Adam: I thought there was no difference between men and women.
John: And well, that's a that's a mix of Men and women that LGBT yes blah blah blah
Adam: right I'm sorry when it comes to a good point. And New York Times reports coming soon the the vaccine passport. So they're promoting this and this is now also going on down under. Here's the Australian news with a report.
Unknown: Digital proof of vaccination
certificates will eventually be accessible on mobile phones under plans being finalized by the federal government. hard copies will also be made available. The document will allow simpler access to nursing homes and hospitals and potentially make it easier to cross state borders. If future lockdowns occur. Federal cabinet approval is due in coming weeks ahead of the COVID vaccine rollout
that's coming.
John: Oh, she seems so so something weird about her. I've been back and forth with a number of people we've got there's the number of the passport to the paperwork is available on PDFs around the country. The CDC document can be printed on your own LaserJet printer, they tend to be printed locally. Anyway. And you just need to do weigh the numbers are coded on there. You just needed an example of that.
Adam: That's That's correct. And I'm against all of that. I think we fight the whole idea in general, I'm not I get your
John: your as we'd have a big crowd of us. push you to the front with a red flag, red flag until you knock yourself out as we step back slowly. Okay.
Adam: That's fine. At least put it on my plaque.
John: We just pushed him to
Adam: the front of the line.
John: Take him on Adam, go get him
Adam: this whole this whole week COVID restriction. You know, the Netherlands speaks a lot the Dutch people speak a lot of English. And there's a lot of English words in the vocabulary.
John: Well, I should say this to people who want to travel five or six years from now we're allowed to again, great place to visit because not a lot of people but I would say 90% of the population speaks enough English that you can do have you it's a great country to visit for Americans who don't want to deal with foreign languages, even though most of Europe can deal with you. And if you are planning, by the time you get there, hookers will be gone.
Adam: The Amsterdam government is a shame Amsterdam government is now going to move the traditional red light district to an erotica Center, which has yet to be determined where it will be and planned in Amsterdam. That's going to be fun. The erotica center. Oh my god, talk about getting everybody compromised. Yeah, go to the erotica center. There's no microphones or cameras, no problem. But what I was going to say in the Dutch government, as it pertains to the lockdown, they've come up with a whole bunch of terms that are English terms. And just see if you can pick them up. They're talking about allowing restaurants and stores to do curbside pickup.
Unknown: We can collect
data on it.
Adam: Now you probably weren't able to hear any of the English words there.
John: I couldn't hear it anything. I can barely hear it.
Adam: So the term they they've decided to coin is click and collect. Which means you click on the website for your order and collect. Four hours later, they had a big debate over why four hours couldn't be one hour. Could it be two hours? Well, we can't have it. We have to have more time in there because otherwise people will just kick around the corner wait 15 minutes and collect and that wouldn't keep the slaves at home. can't have that. And then he said
John: how would you not keep this slaves at home? because there'll be wait. I don't know what they'd be out. 15 minutes? Yes.
Adam: Yes, yes, yes. Yes. And they said what we really want to prohibit is Finn shopper sin shopper which I think they mean fun shopping. So just shopping to shop soon shopper that has to be stopped
John: shopping The shop is what shopping is.
Adam: No that's food is shopping. By definition that is food shopper.
John: So all shopping should be floating shelves.
Adam: I've heard you say
John: oh my
Adam: Zimbabwe. We've been talking about the low numbers in Africa and one of our producers checks in and says I need to give you some information because you're really not getting the full picture. People of wealth around my family are Dying an alarming rate could be of COVID, who knows people don't get tested. So that would explain the lack of numbers. As it was a couple of weeks ago, a COVID test cost 40 us Zimbabwe dollars. And realizing that the minimum wage for a domestic worker is 85 to 100 a month, no one's getting these tests. So that's Problem number one. And then he goes on to say, so that that's why we don't see the numbers, the high numbers, but you'd expect more death numbers. Zimbabwe
John: to see the high numbers in cases this is true, but the net numbers are next to nothing. 1400 in all of Nigeria, which has a population of 200 million, well, it just it's just a bunch of they're being covered up, they're being stacked up someplace, they'd be noticed.
Adam: Zimbabwe has had a humanitarian crisis over the last few months with the South African border requiring COVID checks and serious paperwork at the few crossings. The beitbridge crossing in particular, over Christmas New Year had a three week long queue, three week, three week queue. People were dying during the wait and literally being left on the street. Generally, because they were crossing to the home countries, the ambulance would come and pronounced death and then the funeral home or family would have to come across the border to collect the bodies. Both countries to have curfews have had for months. But that but that in the case of South Africa is reasonably well known. As it happened, my keeper step mom was in South Africa and travelled home by bus which took us we understand a few days, the day after she returned, she died presumably of COVID, but could have been anything. Her children mostly in South Africa didn't get a test and fly for a funeral funeral. The rigmarole and cost was ridiculous. I guess what he's saying is it's a mess. And we
John: don't we don't like that has hot South Africa, which on the map that's available out there of countries that use hydroxychloroquine in South Africa is not one of them. South Africa is the country in Africa that has the high numbers. The rest of the countries don't. Why does South Africa have high numbers and then everybody else not? Is it because the dev tests more tests? They're not if it makes any sense to me unless you start looking at what, what the treatments are?
Adam: Yeah, no, I don't know. I feel it's important to let everybody know, just as it's important when we talk about the vaccine to let the producers know and I have certainly been incorrect about this. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is an not an attenuated vaccine. Actually, our producer sent a nice little list here, which is the whole virus in a weakened state. An inactivated vaccine, the whole dead virus. Then there's the was it how do you pronounce the giant subunit subunit subunit su Edu nit su BUIS? ubu nit subunit subunit, subunit de subunit vaccine Crikey. This may contain this is what the Johnson and Johnson is. And this may contain a part of the virus like the spike protein usually requiring the addition of an adjuvant or just the empty shell of the virus. I'll bet you they went for Agilent. That's their favorite
John: no about that. I mean, that's just a guess. I don't I'm looking at this. This is the viral vector vaccine. And that's what I thought was the Johnson and Johnson on this list uses a harmless unrelated virus, chimpanzee a dino virus in this case, to deliver the DNA COVID vaccines that that's includes the Oxford AstraZeneca Johnson and Johnson and the Sputnik five. Oh,
Adam: yes. Well, I thought our producer was very clear was a subunit vaccine, which means that only
John: vaccine where's it on this list?
Adam: It's right under inactivated vaccine. It's the third one on the list.
John: subunit vaccine. Yeah. I thought that these may contain part of the virus blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No, there's no did No, this is the app of viral Corona from Russia and some COVID vaccine. No, no, no. Which incident Johnson on his list? Yeah. Is the viral vector vaccine. Okay.
Adam: And it uses a harmless unrelated via Oh, chimpanzee. Oh, it's a dreena. Chrome.
John: No, no, not adrenal. Dino virus.
Adam: I'm sorry, right this year, right? The VA. So it's not even a part of the of the actual virus?
John: No, it's just something else. That's the way this works. I will put this list up online somewhere.
Adam: I got it in the show notes. You're absolutely right. It's in the show notes. I was incorrect. It's the same email only I categorize it neatly. So now you can see it.
John: The The idea is with this he's got 1234 How many kinds are there five, but about eight kinds of vaccines currently out there that do that work as vaccines. But the idea here is you use a harmless unrelated virus to deliver that. In other words, you attenuate or do something to some some other virus that if you can give the body will respond against that. Coincidentally, it will take out the COVID that's the way I read this.
Adam: That's what it sounds like to me too.
John: Yeah. Now,
Adam: we had the Chinese medical doctor clip on the last show and you question and I agreed with you that we didn't know the full context of him saying they did not have the the corona Coronavirus, isolated. And that was a problem. So one of our producers got me the full report from CBS. And it pertained to the who going into China into Wu Han to track down the origin of the the Coronavirus love to thing nozzle. And that's where he admitted this,
Unknown: it still is unclear whether the font on market was the source of the virus. So outside experts believe it was a starting point for the outbreak where Chinese officials took samples over a year ago. And why has the data not been shared?
An isolated the virus. That's the issue. What about live animals app?
Adam: So you heard it?
John: We didn't isolate the virus in a bat?
Adam: He says and that is the issue.
John: Yeah, but doesn't mean they haven't isolated the virus by the virus, patient and violence.
Adam: Were all over the
John: violence of the virus from a patient. That was a misleading clip and other words that that guy sent you I would refuse to take any more product from him.
Adam: I'm sure he's sorry. didn't do it.
John: He did it on purpose.
Adam: I don't think so.
John: Yeah, sure.
Adam: No, I think he picked it up somewhere and didn't do the research. By the way. While I'm on that producers and you guys are doing good work, especially our clip custodian. Jen Psaki was the spokes hole for the State Department during the Obama administration. Stop finding a video that was posted on February and sending it to me as if it's an incredible gaffe, she made these are old. Look at the damn background. We got Mike Lee asking questions and people's like, Oh my god, she's horrible. Ah, it's not new. It's at least six years old. New is Dr. cat who is striking back at the no agenda show. Dr. Cat meat.
John: I don't blame her. That has been her I know. And then the last
Adam: video she only pointed to words because she's tired of us clipping her. And now our producers went on the TIC tocs. She's trained by the World Health Organization. The United Nations is a member of Team Halo is meant to indoctrinate you with all the positive messages. I
John: thought it was team parrot,
Adam: Noah's team Halo. And so we've been honored about ivermectin and our producers have been commenting and giving a crap and she responds
Unknown: Hey, Dr. Ken epidemiologist, this is a video for all the people in the comment section of the ivermectin video I made telling people not to take horse medication. That told me I don't know what I'm talking about that I need to do my own research and that there is a lot of evidence to support its use. Yesterday, the company that manufactures ivermectin released a statement about its use in COVID-19.
Adam: Not please note in the background, she changes to the statement. Do you know who whose statement it was what pharmaceutical company is denouncing their own product?
John: Merck, Merck, Merck.
Adam: Merck has so much to gain by putting people on other things and ivermectin,
John: yeah, it costs money. for Americans like free.
Adam: Yeah. So she's like, Oh, they just they discredited it. This is not science. Now we're just believing what the manufacturer decides to say. The statement
Unknown: says there is no scientific basis for its use in COVID-19. There's no meaningful data to show efficacy clinical activity, and there is a concerning lack of safety data. Another common comment was that we're trying to push vaccines for profit and ignoring successful treatments. But that's not true. Even if we have a vaccine. We still need successful treatments. There are different parts of the treatment pathway. So please don't take horse medication.
Adam: It's not horse medication, cat.
Do like that as an ISO,
Unknown: please don't take horse medication. But that is
Adam: a good public service announcement. But it's completely full of crap because it's completely valid to take that. I'm not a doctor, don't take my word for it. Do your own research,
John: but I gotta get let's do some ISOs.
Adam: Oh, okay, I have I have a number of them today. So careful now.
John: Okay, we'll do one more, so I only have two.
Adam: Okay, I have
Unknown: good night left. Not
Wow, I scored.
John: That's the winner.
Adam: Well, let's hear yours. You
John: never know. Okay, well, I do have I have this scream.
Adam: scream. Okay. Who scream?
John: Scream? Yeah. How about this is the other one. Keep going.
Adam: How do you keep going? No, nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing.
John: And there's just night left.
Adam: There's a story to go with it too. We'll get to that. Let's Let's rock through all of this stuff. Here. I have a couple more. Couple more things as we continue to give you the best coverage of the COVID. The best coverage of the COVID. Now we are at so we got to because now. Yeah, so now we've got to start talking about variants, mutants and all kinds of issues as it pertains to the vaccine. Now just
Unknown: a day after Oxford University researchers said the AstraZeneca vaccine was effective against the variant first found in UK for pharmaceutical company says it doesn't seem as effective against the variants identified in South Africa.
Adam: Okay, so now all of a sudden breaking news, everybody
John: that keep deaths that's for the departure point, we can go either way.
Adam: Remember, we have? Well in the UK, it's not the same. But in the United States, we have team politics team democrat who want Joe to be the hero. You know, Horowitz sent me a graph this morning of the cases, the case count in the US. The exact peak when it started to come down was January 6, it's these people are so transparent. It's so obvious what they've been doing. Then we have team pharma, who want this more vaccines, boosts boosters, upgrades, new one every single year. And also let's throw in some unique treatments and vaccines and social distancing and a mask. And and then we have a team China, which seems to be the strongest they have players everywhere.
Unknown: The number of new cases is down, which is encouraging this week, we heard the Acting Commissioner of the FDA say the existing vaccines will work against these variances as you've just said, but that now is the time to prepare for a future when they might not saying we must prepare for all eventualities. Do you agree? And is enough being done right now to prepare our vaccines to make them stronger? Should we need that to be the case?
Adam: Yeah, I do agree we have to prepare for that. Look, we
Unknown: have not had the
Adam: best of luck with this pandemic. We shouldn't expect that our vaccines will always work well. And that means building new vaccines polyvalent vaccines that can work. All of that has got to get going right now. So we're ready if that eventuality comes to be so signaling again that that's going to happen. In the UK, they've done something new, which I find entertaining, certainly. And I think we can look at this as team pharma going for broke in or maybe some kind of not what's the word collusion, if companies collude together anti competitive, what do you call that?
John: There's a word for it.
Adam: I'm blanking on it. cartel? It's a word. Yeah. Well, I think there's a car to an illegal trust anti Trump anti trust, anti trust. That's what it is anti trust,
John: price fixing.
Adam: He I think something's going on where they're, they're just trying to be a conspiracy. Maybe you could call where they just tried to all get in the game. All right, we're all gonna go all out.
Unknown: Or,
Adam: or they're trying to eliminate one of their partners, also a pop probability. As you listen to what they are now doing in the United Kingdom.
Unknown: That's what's behind a new trial that's been unveiled today. The study will involve 820 volunteers, none of whom have yet had the vaccine, or will be aged 50 or older part of the group to be vaccinated in the next priority wave. The trial will run initially at eight sites across England. What we're doing here is interesting to see how well people's immune systems respond if you give first dose with one COVID vaccine second dose with another. And the reason why to do that is to build flexibility into the UK immunization schedule for COVID vaccines, and even globally, it makes it much easier to administer these vaccines. If you don't have to worry too much about always given the second dose the same as the first dose, and that also brings it brings in resilience into the immunization schedule. If there will be supply problems with one of the vaccines, then you can be then then you're protected against that by being able to immunize with the other vaccine as an alternative. Researchers believe there are good reasons to think it may work, for example, exactly this process was used in the fight against Ebola. Introducing flexibility in the vaccination program could also help should there be disruption to vaccine supplies, and it may be of huge benefit to developing countries that have yet to get vaccination programs up and running
Adam: for months. For months, we've been told, don't mix them. That's not good. That's bad. 21 days from a donor 28 days for Pfizer, then it became a four to six weeks. And now it's just Hey, we're gonna Well, you know, we told you, you couldn't do that as dangerous. We're gonna try it anyway. Let's see what happens. Come on. Now.
John: It's like a giant petri dish. You're using the public at large, exactly what's meant with their crazy ideas? Yeah, who did that lab they all got? They've all figured it out. That did, you'd list that list of the guy who sent us the various types of vaccines. They all figured out that just by calling anything a vaccine, they're now exempt from liability. Whether it's a vaccine or not just call it a vaccine. Oh, it's a vaccine. Okay, well, then you're exempt from any liability. Oh, good. Now we can just start experimenting on the public, just jabbing with this and that see what happens see which ones go nuts which ones grow second head, which ones didn't fall off? And then you just make a note and you send them over to the government. They want to get some compensation. JOHN cedars?
Adam: Yeah, guinea pigs. And didn't we have the Nuremberg Trials over this? With the Nazis pointed
John: that out? Yeah, this we're doing. We're just one giant Mengele experiment on the EU and the world public. We need Mengele when we need him. We need to be
Adam: your ISOs are nuts today, man. Where's Mengele when we need him? Well, I think we need to bring his name back into the lexicon. everyone's done Goebbels and Hitler and no one ever brings Rommel up rumble.
John: Now Ron Ito Funny thing is Rama was always seen as a good guy.
Adam: Not not only Africans,
John: not the Africans are delayed. Yes.
Adam: Now here is the piece of news I've been waiting for. According to the World Health Organization, initial observations of a new variant. The Denmark cluster five is a cool name, by the way,
John: Denmark, cluster five, here's called cluster five.
Adam: Yep, not cluster. cluster five. That is Denmark cluster five. Now they say the Denmark and then cluster five is in perenne. So it's probably cluster five. But I think DC five sounds cool. According to the World horgen World Health Organization initial observations of the variance suggests the severity and transmission are similar to that of other circulating SARS cov. Two viruses. Health officials said this variant, however, had a combination of mutations that had not been previously seen and are not as well understood. As we continue our sequencing of indicated samples, we have found a continued rise in variant currencies. And the problem with this particular variant is early data shows the strain to be stronger against antibody treatments. Where does this cluster five come from?
Unknown: minx.
Adam: There it is, I've been waiting. I've been waiting for the minks to kill us.
John: Oh, that's interesting. Ah,
Adam: yep. So they've been killing the mink all this time. And now we're going to do some research on these ranks with this search, cluster five. cluster five Sounds Sounds like something that came out of a lab if you ask me.
John: Yeah, it also sounds like they were using the maxes that breeding ground and then they had to get rid of the evidence.
Unknown: Mm hmm.
Adam: So that's something for the producers to keep their eyes on. Because it's not going to be a lot of reporting initially, probably and there'll be a lot of good stuff to get in the beginning. What I have left if you're interested, is this guy in YouTube did an interview with Bill Gates. So it's fresh, it's new, if you want to hear a couple couple of bits from him.
John: Is Bill Gates swallowing a lot
Adam: Bill Gates, Bill Gates. Well, so this is a YouTuber, it's very tasty. And I think his name was channel. And he starts and he was able to ask bill some good questions such as how does it feel to have predicted this will happen? You feel good about that.
Unknown: So how did it feel to make this prediction and then have the world essentially not listen?
Adam: made me really wet
Unknown: and not prepare? Well, there's no good feeling that comes on something like this saying, I told you so anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus, rather than a war. You know, I just think back up could have been more, bit more.
Adam: That's how he edited it, we've
Unknown: actually invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic. We're not ready for the next epidemic. How did you make such a prescient prediction? How did you know this was gonna happen? Well, there's a number of respiratory viruses, and from time to time, one will come along, that's very transmissive and causes some level of fatalities. respiratory diseases are very scary, because you're still walking around on a plane or bus when you're infectious, unlike some other diseases, like Ebola, where you're mostly in a hospital bed by the time the viral load infects other people.
Adam: So that's one, two is the question. If this is the last pandemic,
Unknown: is it possible that COVID-19 could be the last global pandemic? Well, certainly there will be more pandemics, the in ways that humans interact with other species, these viruses are coming across a species barrier, whether it's from bats or monkeys or but you don't think we can increase our preparedness to such a level that it never sort of becomes this global issue, we could increase our preparedness, so we never have a death pole. anywhere near what we have today. You know, pandemics can be worst in terms of the fatality, smallpox was over 30% mentality, you know, so a little bit, we're lucky that the fatality here is not not super high, but we can nip it in the bud. It'll still get to a lot of countries. But the number of deaths, you know, with the right system should be a 10th of what we we've seen here
Adam: guys relentless. They're never gonna give up on this. I mean, he's this is this is his retirement planning the way I see it, so it's just this is what he'll be doing forever. He loves it.
John: Can we use the term he did say in there for the next day? He mentioned 10 years. Yeah, he's this virus have been killing people for 10 years.
Adam: He's not groovy. Yeah. Can we prevent future pandemics? Dr. Bill
Unknown: and the systems that you want to put in place, so this sort of so you can nip it in the bud? Or or sort of what are the key elements that we didn't have that we should have going forward? I would divide it into two sections, there's the field based activity and that r&d activity, ad money, we need to mature mRNA so we can make it even faster and factories all over the world. Oh, have it be cheap and thermal stable. There's a lot that can go into therapeutics, including antibodies on diagnostics, having the ability to give 10 million PCR tests a day, then attract to the field. We need a lot of diagnostic machines all over the world. We need a team of epidemiologists to the investments are about equal between r&d and the field based group and information that should be constantly flowing.
Adam: What a money grab equal parts r&d, you've got to improve the mRNA What did you give us now that like the demo, the beta version? Yeah, we gotta do some new releases.
John: And that was
Adam: specially with this next question. The last one I got these guys are a whole listen to what what this is what this youtuber asks
Unknown: here, the Oxford vaccine development they were going to open source that vaccine until the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation got involved and said, No, you must partner exclusively with a big pharma company AstraZeneca for the making a safe vaccine is more complicated than say making a jet engine. People are very picky about vaccines. Ruin.
Adam: I thought it was quite a claim myself.
John: When was the first vaccine May I think it was in the 1800s the late 1800s. Catherine,
Adam: the great pioneer did
John: it. When was the first jet engine made. It was like in 4645. I mean, that's bold. crabs jet engines are extremely difficult to develop. Yeah, the original vaccines was you take a dead person is scratch, you know? Yeah, it wasn't that big of a deal. No, it's very nice try bill.
Adam: So as this goes forward, this is really important as I've as I, as I've seen in my life, if you want equity, real equity open source it, that's when everyone gets to play. So they're open, they want to open source the the Oxford vaccine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation blocked it
Unknown: in a safe vaccine is more complicated than, say making a jet engine. And people are very picky about vaccines. And I'm also picky about my jet engines. If
you don't mind
act, you could ruin the reputation of vaccines, if you're making them in factories, where the quality control at every stage is not exquisite. And you know, any mistake, you know, you can have that factory shut down literally for months, at a time when its output is needed to save millions of lives. So vaccine factories are not something that you just you know, you know, like open source code that you can take and you know, mess around with
Adam: isn't that exactly what mRNA is? Isn't that exactly open source CRISPR code, you can go in and mess around with it and then just upload it to someone in their arm. What is he he's full of shit? No, he
John: is full of shit. But I think it's for different reasons.
Unknown: And so the the limitations on how many vaccines are made, that's based on how many great capable vaccine manufacturers there are around the world. And we've made sure that the Astra Zeneca has been made in these big Indian factories and there's no royalty for that. No charge at all. Now we've had to fund that the Gates Foundation. These are companies we've been working on their factory quality for over a decade, so that there was spare capacity to make inexpensive vaccines. So Oxford University is is wonderful, but they're not capable of doing a phase three trial. And they have factories, we did tell Oxford that they needed to seek somebody with expertise. And AstraZeneca came in and we didn't control that agreement. But they came in and said, Hey, they want to do it on a nonprofit basis. And I'm impressed with how they put their best people on it and helped out. You know, the pharma companies didn't who didn't get involved. Nobody's criticizing them. So sorry for the ones that really miraculously helped me make these vaccines. Oh, yeah.
John: What
Adam: a dick.
Unknown: So okay.
Adam: The Oxford AstraZeneca I think has a real shot of being something that's the one that he blocked open source, but that's the viral vector vaccine. There's no there's no mRNA tech technology use there. Why would they want to block the viral vector vaccine, which has the chimp chimpanzee adrenal adrenal chrome? Seriously?
John: I don't know. You ask him get big. Get him on the podcast. Yeah,
Adam: well, the vaccine clips. I was gonna give you one last one just because it's a fan favorite. When it comes to vaccines. How bold these guys are. What is the first vaccine we really started analyzing way back in the day.
John: smallpox, no vaccine. smallpox.
Unknown: No. is the vaccine the Gardasil.
John: Oh, the one that Oh, that you tell us?
Adam: Yes. You and I
John: yes. The show. Oh, bitching and moaning Yeah. Gardasil. Yeah, well, that was really your you you took the kegel, or whatever you call it.
Adam: Yeah, I had that. So I took that kudzu. I swung it around, and I ate it. And it was, you know, basically three, three or four very strong strains of cervical cancer that it could stop out of the I think it's 20 Plus or so. And it was affecting a lot of girls negative. There's a lot of negative side effects. mimic some girls got Tourette's and we're walking backwards. It was it was really weird stuff. Do you remember that one did cheerleader who could only walk backwards after I heard she got her Gardasil shot? So these guys are still out there still marketing and they're relentless. We are now up to version nine of the Gardasil HPV, human papilloma virus vaccine. I missed the eight previous releases, but now
Unknown: I should pay attention. I've seen how cancer can affect the people I care about. That's why I'm helping protect myself against some cancers like certain cancers caused by HPV. For most people, HPV clears on its own, but for those who don't clear the virus, it can cause certain cancers. Gardasil nine is the only vaccine that helps protect adult through age 45 against certain diseases caused by HPV including cervical
revolver in certain head and neck cancers such as throat In fact of mouth cancers and genital warts, Gardasil nine doesn't protect everyone and does not treat cancer or HPV infection, your doctor may recommend screening for certain HPV related cancers.
Women still need routine cervical cancer screenings.
You shouldn't get Gardasil nine if you've had an allergic reaction to the vaccine ingredients or are allergic to tell your doctor if you have a weakened immune system and are pregnant or planned to be the most common side effects include injection site reactions, headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sore throat.
fainting can also happen after getting Gardasil nine. If you're an adult through age 45, who has
Adam: to get the idea. They're pushing this on 45 year old men for against cervical cancer, but now anal cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer but it was it was created for cervical cancer.
John: Yeah, it's solely for the push of genital warts and all the rest.
Adam: Yeah. And then they start to push it on young boys and now it's just men.
John: Well, they get their mark target marketing. Yeah.
Adam: Not going for it. All right, target marketing from the White House then and then I'm done.
Unknown: Hi there. I'm Joe Biden here at the White House with our two dogs champ and major for a lot of us during this pandemic, have been such a source of joy and comfort, and maybe a Barker to on a video conference. The unconditional love from a dog is one of the most beautiful things on earth and we owe it to them to keep ourselves healthy. So please keep wearing your mask. Even when you're walking your dog.
John: a dog before now it says a big dog I just had because Trump wasn't Why didn't
Adam: she say I had Dr. Jill disappointed
John: Didn't she say Dr.
Adam: Joe Biden she said No She didn't say Dr. Joe
John: will play the beginning again.
Adam: She did not say that. Okay,
Unknown: I'll play it again. She
did not Hi there. I'm Joe Biden here
your right
John: job actually almost said I'm Joe Biden.
Adam: She is
John: so a couple of things I get first I get just just just a rap word apparently the Palestinians need to shot in the Israeli should pay for it. Which is kinda like sorry, which is kind of like build the wall and Mexicans gonna pay for it.
Unknown: Oh, Coronavirus vaccinations have started a pied westbank after Israel transferred the first batch of a total of 5000 doses to inoculate frontline Palestinian health workers after coming under fire for refusing to share its vaccines with Palestinians. This is a West Bank resident commenting on the arrival of vaccines
seems good but they're only giving it to the health care workers not to the public.
the occupied territories are also expecting to receive 37,000 doses of the Pfizer biontech vaccine through the World Health Organization's Kovacs scheme in mid February. In the US freshmen, New York Congress member Jamal Bowman called on Israel to vaccinate all Palestinians he wrote quote, as a black man living in America I know the feeling of being neglected by my government and Society of feeling like a second class citizen or not a citizen at all.
Bowman said
John: this US Congressman
Unknown: Yeah.
John: Blue diktat guys gotta be so I was watching one of these I think it's called really tube or new tube or you know, one of these sites. It's got all these videos that he won't play any place else for variety of reasons. You
Adam: know, we have no agenda
John: Have you seen a great Well, we should
Adam: put some stuff up all their stuff up?
John: Well, the problem of course, is that a bandwidth hog?
Adam: No, no, no, it's web torrent. So it's uh, oh, okay,
John: let's go. Yeah. All right. So this is what was a three hour presentation on how germs, germs don't exist. And this all this is bullcrap. And but there's a lot of good stuff in here with people that are credible in this big long video, but it was very, very entertaining. took me days to watch it. But I did have this wide pulled one clip out of there. And one of the things they were promoting is the idea that the swabs themselves. I like this first came up on the Horowitz show, because apparently Sharon nonexisting good existed but character is not really on the show. So poor was his sister. She believed that the swabs had micro chips in them micro microchips. And the virus
Adam: itself I heard
John: Oh, I haven't heard that. And that wasn't in here. By the way. There's no virus in here all but the vaccine is in the in the swabs too. But this what but they shove this and she makes a point in this You'll hear it, which is if well play the clip. This is a clip from a duck. She's real. She's a little bit of a crackpot, Dr. Dr. Lorraine de,
Unknown: the test vaccinate you. So the article right here in front of me. And here's what it says, Yes, they can vaccinate us through the nasal pet swabs and target the brain. Now, here's, here's the thing. As a doctor, I said, This is crazy. Because you see, you're wearing the mask to cover your now they would hate it, they would not allow you into a store. If you just wear masks over your nose, you got to wear it over your mouth. Because supposedly the COVID-19 is in your saliva. Well, if it's in your saliva, then all they have to do is swab the inside of your mouth like they do for a DNA test. But no, they take these long q tips and they stick them all the way back almost into your brain. They stick them back to the back of the nasal sinuses, and then they twist them. Alright, here's what they're doing. First of all, there is a very thin plate of bone that covers the brain between the brain and the nasal sinus, and it's called the cribriform plate. And every doctor knows about the cribriform plate. All right now the cribriform plate has some openings in it where olfactory nursers from the nose go through that plate into the brain and bone that this kind of bone in the Korean foreign plate is porous anyway. So substances can go through it. So when they take that swab and they put it back there, and please set what they're doing is we positing things back there. This you can't see this, but this shows that they have now particles that are actually on the
ends of the cube hips that they're putting in there that can get into their brain.
Adam: I sense to me, it sounds crack potty, but I was just looking up manufacturers of FDA approved swabs for Coronavirus testing. Luckily, no China on there, but you think well actually see one in Italy one in New Jersey warning. It's all us except for the eataly one. I'm you know if I have to be test I'm bringing my own swab. Well, here's
John: the thing that comes up in the logic that she exhibits here is kind of fundamental to some of the clips that we've played, which is the clip that some people got 2000 times more Coronavirus in their mouth so when they saying so when they sing LA or when they shout The Coronavirus comes pouring out of their mouths you can't you can't laugh You can't sing You can't show so her logic is well if there's so much Coronavirus being spread from singing and shouting Why don't you just test with the saliva for the Coronavirus Why are you sticking this swab down to the brainstem? Yeah, it was it that sorry, but that that question has not been answered
Adam: that warrants re asked I don't think anyone really ever asked why do you have to jam it so far? And I guess the the response that I recall was Bob because you know you need to get everything make sure it's in the back that's all in the back. And this stuff in the front is you know that may never get into your AIR Ways and it may not infect you we have to know what's already in there mm hmm i don't know i'm i love this stuff
John: I've been sitting on this dip waiting for you to play
Adam: my apophenia right there I was like I'll connect that not for you easy now
John: like like fun is disturbing yeah did commentary anyway that was my little my contribution to the to the debate All right, do our cast coming out dirty gonna be just saliva testing is like what was the point of this other tests unless there's they're planting stuff back there. You're in the geminin there's like the aliens do when they when they grab you and they stick that transceiver up your nose. That's what they're doing.
Adam: Maybe
John: Maybe I went let's talk a little bit about this guy. This is Mark Mark Crispin Miller. Now I mentioned before I don't have the problem is this is on a on a podcast. This is a lot of people. In fact, the guy sent me this clip originally talking about telling you about the Red Scare podcast which I'm sure you've listened to.
Unknown: E Red
John: Scare podcast is part of a group of podcasts, which I like to call a giggling dipshits and they're all the same just, there's tons of them. There's tons of these podcasts. It consists of two women, usually around the same age. He kind of talking to each other in kind of different ways. Some of them were talking about sex, some talk about politics, some of them talk about, they talk about all kinds of different things. But they're giggling, constantly giggling with each other. They crack each other up constantly and giggling and this is Brett scare podcast is a version of this. Only they talk into PvP in a kind of a PvP kind of way, didn't talk a little bit slower, which brings the and because of that, it slows down the pace of the podcast. And it's extremely dull. So they bring these this guy on. If you start doing it, if you start doing your podcasts like this is gonna bore people stiff.
Adam: No. Maybe you'll get picked up by NPR will be highlighted by Apple on their homepage.
John: It could be
Unknown: we could do it. Yeah.
John: Now. So this mark Crispin Miller was the NYU professor of who gave a course for 20 years. Yeah, I
Adam: know who that is. I know who this guy is. Of course. Yeah.
John: And he started this year's course or vaccines last year's course.
Adam: It's propaganda.
John: We'll play some clips, but I have to fill in a lot. Okay, because I can't I couldn't really I couldn't get the story. by clipping just clipping and it's just, I don't know what
Adam: we love your stories. We can do it.
John: Let's go with Mark Crispin Miller one.
Unknown: Correct me if I'm wrong. You're suing NYU being the faculty for
specifically, I'm suing 19 of my department colleagues. Okay.
Adam: Okay. Thank you for warning me upfront, because I want to go on this podcast and I just want to talk like that back to her. That's what he does.
John: Cuz there's a problem with I mean, there's a lot of people that just mirror Yeah, the host. Yeah. Which you're supposed to kind of do there's a lot of rules about how to converse. And one of them is if somebody's gonna be like this and you have to be kind of be like this to get to be because if you if you start yelling and screaming, it's it just doesn't sound right. That's what Trump's blue and is one of his debates. Yes, it's unbalanced.
Adam: Okay, here we go.
Unknown: Correct me if I'm wrong, you're suing NYU being the faculty for
specifically, I'm suing 19 of my department colleagues. Okay. Maybe 20. I think 20 co signed a letter to the Dean of my school, which is the Steinhardt school at NYU, demanding that he ordered a review of my conduct, on the grounds that it's been grievous. Its brutality and lunacy. I can give you the whole backstory, because I think that's required for people to understand what they did and why I'm suing them.
Yeah, that was that was my next question. Apparently, you've been bullying and terrorizing the student body.
Well, yeah, here's my story. Yeah, I've been teaching this course on propaganda for for many years, at least 20 years. And that necessarily entails in my view, grap grappling with propaganda drives that are ongoing at the time, of course, or very recent ones. You know, propaganda is an Anglo American invention has been increasingly sophisticated and advanced over the centuries since its first huge manifestation in World War One.
Adam: is the only one. Only one host on this show,
John: though, there's to hear the other girl giggling
Adam: Oh, that was her. Okay. I like this. By the way, I like this a lot. I do. I don't know the story, but I can feel where it's going. And I'm very excited.
John: Okay, well, I'm gonna have to bring in somebody, he had an he brought him something called a COVID. propaganda.
Adam: Whoa, cancel time.
John: And he started discussing how and he said, here's the way you have to look at this look at the research and he gave him a bunch of research to read about COVID masks about masking and how is bullshit didn't mean a thing. And then how did they change how it changed and the differences and all the rest? Because part of the class it was a good study. One of the students I have to bring a lot of this in myself. One of the students tweeted as a student was 76 followers tweeted, this guy told us not to wear a mask. He should be fired.
Adam: Yep, that was
John: pretty much read expect. Yeah. And that's what happened. And then that ended and all of a sudden, they've got you know, a bunch of debates began on Twitter. She had 276 followers. Yeah, that was a key number. The big debate began on Twitter. The school decided to fire him. Wow. They sided with the girl that twit, the one tweet girl and the story and here it goes. He continues with the Story part two, NYU essentially took her side.
Unknown: First my chair, tweeted his thanks to her and said, We as a department have made this a priority and are discussing next steps. Okay, I don't know if I'm the most senior member of the department, but I've been there since 97. And I am a member in any case, and nobody from the department contacted me, other than that one call from him. And here he is publicly thanking her for demanding that I be fired and promising to take action on it, which was really, you know, I was gobsmacked by this box.
Do you have a sense for how this obscure tweet from an obscure mushroom I
Adam: just wanted to mention, do you hear how ugly that room sounds without a noise gate? I'm just being anal about it. But here's like that, like a vacuum cleaner in the background? Yeah,
John: it's just a piece of crap.
Unknown: Yeah. You know, I was gobsmacked by this.
Do you have a sense for how this obscure tweet from an obscure account
mushroomed out of control that we can get into that that's a bigger conversation, let me finish because it doesn't stop there. The next day, the dean, and there's a doctor who advises NYU on on their COVID regulations, you know, which are draconian. And the two of them emailed my other students directly without putting me on copy. First of all, making a ritual not to academic freedom, they always do that. And then sort of hinting that I'd given them dangerous misinformation, and providing a link to what they called authoritative studies from the CDC. Which, if I had had a conversation with them, the centers, I would have pointed out that the CDC until early April, echoed this consensus of the studies that I have for Dr. Fauci was on 60 minutes explicitly saying, you know, people shouldn't wear masks.
Adam: Yeah, this is great. This is really, I mean, this is the funny thing is he's giving a class on on real live propaganda going on right in front of our very eyes. And he's defenseless against against the propaganda he's
John: trying to teach. I guess that's it. Funny irony. I didn't even consider Yeah. Yeah, he's maybe should have backed it off a little bit. He did mention, I did have some other clips from him. I have. These are ancillary, they're they're about other things. But he's, it's all part of this conversation. And the one that's kind of interesting was as long as the one on new totalitarianism, which is he figures he's been a victim of, but I should mention one thing before I forget. He said specifically, and I didn't clip it, but I could get it out of there. That the word conspiracy or this phrase conspiracy theorist, yeah. We can just take a guess. Where do you think that came from?
Adam: The CIA? Oh, well, since I've been accused of being one, whereas I am actually an accredited as a as a conspiracy therapist. Yes, the CIA created this word to marginalize people who were on to them.
John: Yeah. Okay with that. Let's go for it here. Oh,
Adam: I want to say JFK. JFK assassination. Right
John: before JFK. 1960. Yeah.
Adam: Right then and there. You got papers on it? I'm sure there's so he
John: said. You know, they set up the word before JFK assassination.
Adam: Yeah, they were ready for it.
John: Yeah, it was planning.
Adam: Yes. Is what you do in a corporation you plan ahead, Catholics in action?
John: So they dropped this term conspiracy theorist into the public domain around 1961 and then it pumped it up a little bit and then they could use it against the JFK conspiracy theories right. Great. Genius. That's when they that's when they were doing that's when they were doing their work well,
Adam: that was when Uncle Dom was still there. You know he was doing doing good work and then he did that and then that whole nasty iran contra and and all get out of control. Yeah,
John: they everything falls apart after a while. Okay, let's just say that this is a longer part. I've only got two more of these. But this guy's interesting. I don't think again, it's a little just sort of presentations, a bit annoying, not really, but here we go with him on new totalitarianism,
Unknown: the method being make the enemy increasingly more in Kuwait and omnipresent. Now it's the virus, the virus.
Think about the perfect enemy, you get to absolve yourself of any kind of accusations or more, most of the accusations of like racism or xenophobia or whatever. It's just part of Prices a balls in the air. Like that sort of thing. Do you? Do you see any irony in the fact that you teach a course in propaganda, and are now kind of accused of what people might describe as propagandizing? against the official propaganda?
Adam: Wow, that's, that's that's the difference between that podcast in our podcast, we listen to the story and go, man, you lost against the very propaganda you're teaching about. She says. So is the kind of ironic that you're creating propaganda and being accused of that. That's your difference, right there producers.
Unknown: The question answers itself, doesn't it? Yeah, it's ironic.
Yeah. I mean, did it strike you? Was that something that like, immediately? You know, I think it would be amusing for me, you know,
yeah, I guess there was a sardonic chuckle or two.
But, well, that's the conspiracy theorists sort of why the smear campaign is so effective, is because, and now post COVID. Right. It's like the alt right line of thinking is that
the virus isn't real, any COVID skepticism is tantamount to Neo fascist sentiment, basically.
That's right. Talk about irony. We are now living in the the darkening shadow of a totalitarianism, the likes of which the world has never seen. And it's happening in the name of anti fascism. You know, Trump has played a crucial role in this, you know, I'm probably unwittingly because I don't think he's the sharpest tool in the, to their hand. Yeah, yeah. Because everybody has long since not everybody, but liberals, progressives, have long since bought the equation of Trump, Hitler. I think Trump is Hitler, which is ridiculous. If you know anything about either one of them. Trump is Hitler. And therefore, you know, anyone who says anything that sounds like something he would say, is like a proud boy is a supporter of his a fascist. I've had friends, some of the smartest people I know, have known them for years and years. One guy in particular, whose work I've promoted, worked closely with him in the election integrity movement, responded to something I sent my listserv, which was about the lockdowns, you know, and didn't even read what I sent. He just read my little preface it How does it feel to be on the same side as the AK 47 or worse toting thugs who he goes off on this tirade? This was insane. I
asked myself this question all the time.
Adam: Well, now, isn't it interesting that we've been doing a show that does this twice a week for going on 14 years? This is what the professor is finally figuring out. Except Wow, way to go. He's He's almost as bad as your lip Joe's only he knows it's bullcrap. But he's just like, oh, they haven't gotten to that
John: yet. They haven't gotten to the he's gotten to the point. It took him some 76 follower Twitter woman to get him to realize what is going on.
Adam: Wow. He deserved to be fired. His lessons were outdated.
John: There's some there's a there's a funny element of Yeah. It takes you this long to figure out especially when when your job is to reconstruct propaganda. Yeah. If it takes you this long to get a clue, and then you have to start suing people left and right, because your reputation has been ruined. And you probably just got your kit in the wringer now, because too late you weren't prepared. Yeah, you kind of did. There's that's, that's an element. And here's the last one. And this is the on the something as a prop prop. This This is useful because propaganda appeals to the lizard brain, doesn't matter how many, or how well educated if your buttons have been pushed successfully, if you're sufficiently terrorized. If you're in a panic
Unknown: if you're living in constant fear of a virus
and the constant fear of a virus, and you see Trump as a virus, you know, Trump's presidential virus. You first of all, you're going to want to believe what the authorities you trust tell you see, that's why these terror campaigns are so bad for democracies, they make people comply. So people trust Dr. Fauci, which if they knew anything about his background, they would never do it. Trust Bill Gates, right. just mind boggling to me. Yeah, yeah. Hello. And they will follow everything he says even if it differs from what he'd said a month ago. You know, they'll just say, Oh, yes, we have to listen to him because he's not Trump and he disagrees with Trump all
the Fauci worships the Fauci t shirts that Cuomo sexuals I don't know why we haven't gotten into the Fauci merge game, not really. I was just going down actually, because I couldn't sleep last night I went down like a kind of oral history of AIDS. And, you know, I said this on the pot before but Larry, famously, Fauci shouldn't be honored at a dinner bungling of the AIDS virus and you see how like with the others, they were making many of the same mistakes that we're making now.
Adam: Ah, she called it a pot.
John: She did. And that means
Adam: that's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's time once again for the official drink of the no agenda show. I need to have there it is. Ah, sounds so good. That's right, everybody, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. Wait until he drinks it all.
John: You know that
Adam: the pod the pod now. So I would listen to this. And I'm going to subscribe. And I'm going to listen because you have to a number of ways identified this trend in podcasting. And I would say you really really drove it home on the last show with the armie hammer clips. From the podcast. What was the name of that podcast again,
John: Sophia with Sophia,
Adam: Sophia with an F. And as you can expect the responses to that were a bit polarizing. Many people thought it was excellent. I got feedback of saying hey, I'm just a longtime producer saying I really enjoyed the hammer clips. I need to know that shit like that is going on and I wouldn't have ever known that story without John's clips. Did you get any any responses to this Sophie with an F clips the cannibalism?
John: All the response they got by email were positive, huh? I got very, very lazy I mean to me, I'm not surprised with it. I'm actually surprised that so many people didn't know that story. And then I realized that maybe the story was only really played in the trades. I read the trades. Yeah. When I
Adam: look into it. armie hammer is you got an acting career. This is no joke.
John: Oh, yeah, he's done. Well, that agent dropped according to variety recently. His agent dropped him.
Adam: He's two movies. He's offered to move on. Yeah, yeah. Well, I did get one response that I thought would be worth sharing. Because it's a little different angle on what was going on. I reviewed that piece of the show with the clips and you seem to really feel that armie hammer really is it he really is a cannibal and really does want to have sex but he has no I thought I thought you said is real cannibalism is real
John: real?
Adam: Well, here's here's an interesting note from
John: it live.
Adam: Wow, man, edibles kicking in. All right, here we go. has to remain anonymous. I'd like to make a few comments and John's clips regarding armie hammer and cannibalism. My standing on the subject. My wife is a professional dominatrix. And a while I'm not a player in the scene, I study and discuss it.
John: Hi, honey. How did it go today? camp Campbell.
Adam: cannibalism is not an uncommon kink. Remember kink shaming from the clips. A lot of people have it for the vast majority elaborate and detailed planning is enough to satisfy them. I suspect that categories where armie hammer falls, others will go as far as simulating with animal flesh. Beyond that you leave BDSM and enter mental illness. The young woman in the clips have no clue. The young women in the clips have no clue what they're talking about. It's so very typical for a young woman to claim to be into BDSM which is bondage, saddle masochism, bondage domination sadomasochism, but they but then are immediately repulsed by anything beyond rough sex or what they consider to be rough, and beginners, master slave dynamics, all of that was in their rape. fantasy is incredibly common for both men and women. So those two being disgusted by it is very telling of their ignorance. Also, more often than not, it's men who want to be dominated by a woman. So their assertion that women are the victim in smothering crushing fantasies, as if it's a power play exclusive to men is just not true. John's reaction is classic voyeurism. He's tantalize. That would be me. He's tantalized by the taboo BDSM but it's too ashamed or scared to act on it. So he watches and when he shares clips, he may be asked asking for permission from you, Adam to explore the scene in person, as it's doing so in the name of the show is rationalization.
John: Wow,
Adam: yeah, it gets better. 80% of my wife's clients are older married men who have a healthy relationship with their spouse except they are unable to share their kinks. They may be scared of their wife's reaction, or they tried it together and she just isn't into it. The other clients are younger guys who like being tickled or dominated and cannot open up with partners because young women will call them pussies. It's actually sad when you think about it. Anyway, my wife and I traveled to Silicon Valley about four times a year for her work. So if john ever wants to research for the show, dot dot dot, best best boots on the ground note ever. Hey, man, the no agenda show has producers and we have
John: lievable producers. Yes, we do. And we're gonna wait wait, the big question that wasn't answered in that letter. Does she listen to the show?
Adam: was not mentioned in the letter.
John: I don't think she listens. She's not maybe dominatrix types don't like to show
Adam: well, then she's not appropriate. She's not sure bags yakking away she's not suitable for you. Then she asked whoever you choose has to listen to the show. Otherwise she won't know the dynamics. With that I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to you the man who put the sea in homosexual ladies and gentlemen john
John: lennon morning do Mr. Adam Curry on the morning all ships to see boots in the ground feet in the air subs in the water and all the dames and knights out there
Adam: in the morning to the trolls and the troll room. Hey, how you doing hands up let me count you 2194 john above to K always good we'd love it that way. The troll room is available for you at no agenda you go to that page, right on the page, you can hop into the into the troll room, you can register get a password and everything be really cool and change your name. But at the same time, you can listen to the little player there and that's the stream that everyone who's in the troll room hears at the same time. So it's fun to troll along with live shows. We got a lot of them. Just trying to wish I need to schedule to see how many of these live shows are on we need a better schedule no matter what. So when you're there you can ask well, invitation still last to get into no agenda social calm are an algo ized as a federated social network, just call it a Twitter clone. Except it's not. There's no algorithms you can argue stuff rolls off it goes away you can end when you've reached the bottom you've already seen this Okay, I'm done. I'll check in later. This is much less addictive and you can communicate with other mastodon servers across the fediverse so it really is the way to go. More and more people are doing it some people at some of the millennial men I know now are self hosting their own mastodon server just so they can have complete control over their own little little area and then they remote subscribe to any other so if you have a mastodon account on
any server anywhere, if not blocked, because people block us because we're kkk Nazi cardrooms it's at Adam at no agenda and John Dvorak at no agenda thanking our artists thanking our artists for Episode 1318 we titled that one jab and ghosts are net Ned came in with john was John's choice right off the bat. The folks found cheese roadside Vax hunt. And I agreed. I agreed it was it was a great piece of art and we haven't had one from net net in a while. I don't think every
John: I don't remember when for some time. Which one was this? Oh, I'm
Adam: sorry. This was the it was like a punch card. Punch. Right. Right, right.
John: Yeah. Did I like it?
Adam: Yeah, it was a very good episode. I also like the cannibal sex club from Darren But hey, no. Yeah, yeah, we did. We do. Twitter's not important to us, but I do like still being able to post there. Let's see. What else do we have a couple of? I like the new European Bauhaus. I thought that was cute with the kind of Coronavirus stars and we had an actual Bauhaus who swiped my bike did kind of a Bauhaus type of design,
John: and we learn something.
Unknown: Okay.
John: We learned that comic strip blogger.
Adam: Oh, yes.
John: doesn't know what a Quonset hut is.
Adam: That's right. Because he drew a couple of Quonset huts and then we're wrong.
John: He made him into like, know, your, your, your your your, uh, your Quonset hut
Adam: know, and he put the European the EU flag on it is right where it belongs. They think that they think they're a US And they think they live in a Quonset hut so it makes sense
John: are your 11 year NET
Adam: NET NET NET thank you very much for for doing that beautiful piece of art thank you to all of our artists who upload to no agenda Art and as you are looking right now, if you're into podcasting 2.0 certified app, which you can find at new podcast you can see different artwork changing throughout the entire entire time that we're talking here. I believe podcast guru will be able to change those on your car. A cool that'd be your driving. Then of course, it's all part of my quest to never have Megyn Kelly ever have to read an ad again. And why is everyone on her show and have an urban asked yet? It seems you got Tim Dylan on.
John: Blend to the glitzy she gets her numbers up.
Adam: Her numbers are a good
John: why in a rush. With the numbers get a rush.
Adam: You're the one that's always saying you need to get out there. You need to get out there and show when
John: the show starts to get up to these numbers. Yeah, Joe Rogan go on Joe Rogan wins 11 million, not 1 million.
Adam: Well, how do you know what's 1 million from? I think Megyn Kelly might have you think
John: she's got a million? I doubt it.
Adam: It doesn't really matter to me and she's
John: floating around from show to show to show to show promoting herself.
Adam: At Megan No.
John: I'm just saying. Get on going Megan when she starts to need guests.
Adam: If you're doing Tim Dylan I think you need guests. Come on. Do you even know who Tina who he is?
John: No,
Adam: no, he's a comedian who I think is most famous for being on the Joe Rogan show. At least that's where I heard about him so now he doesn't know he does his own podcast but it's kind of the same one does
John: her own podcast many podcasts out there get a clue people you you're not good for this business.
Adam: Leave it to the business let us show how the pros do it you don't know what you're doing kids damn kids. Thank you. Thank you artists. This is all part of our value for value model where we ask you to give back any value that you got and you proceed from the show if you're listening you must get something from it $5 may be all you think it's worth $5 may be a huge amount for you. That's irrelevant value is value you give you get you take you get back and we asked you for your time, your talent, your treasure. We've got our executive producers and associate executive producers right now to thank for Episode 1319 3019 Joy teece or thiess these things peace, peace, peace.
John: He came in with he's our top donor for 940 $2 and 9090 cents he says hi guys, longtime Boehner first time donor never heard that before. Oh yeah. I've been called out on the show as a douchebag okay over the years by Ed Pash, Britain and then my brother Dylan T's after many years I'm happy to finally not be a giant douche. Please give me a DD
Unknown: you've been
John: given 150 this today, we don't do that. I'm going to try to make clear to people you do the accounting. If you want to subtract $150 of this donation give it to Dylan's knighthood fund. Just put it down on a sheet. And don't don't talk to us about it and when it gets to $1,000 into let us know when he's made his knighthood.
Adam: Yeah, it's called the honor system. Yeah, and it works fine.
John: nobody's been screwing I mean, we maybe somebody a penny once in a while. But for the most part, this is the way it works. If you want us to do it, it'll
Adam: really be a mess. What are you thinking? Do you not know us by now?
John: Anyway, he'll turn 29 and a 10th. I think he's on the birthday list and I can't think of a better way to say happy birthday than to do this on the no agenda in the show. Happy birthday. Brother is a business in Omaha Nebraska called site fixe commercial hygiene. If ik as they perform Oh cleaning and cleaning and disinfection services they got to be making out making bank setting service odor control and supplier restroom supply restroom products if you have a business in need.
Adam: Yeah, so here he is coming in with his commercial. And by the way, some of that money is for my brother and his great
John: Hey, if you have a business in need and are in the Omaha Lincoln area, please consider supporting Dilan by calling 402 90 fikes or go to the website at fixe customers specialty hygiene fikes
Adam: fikes commercial that
John: you can I think you can just Google it. No agenda is truly the best podcast in the universe. I better the right ad. Going to the Moller report. Cheers to never finding an exit strategy. Shout out to my smokin hot wife Alicia T's and my beautiful newborn baby. Kalia Kalia Kalia Kalia Kalia, Kalia, Kalia Kelly, like Camila. I love you both very much. Shout out to the listeners in the 402 and the 402 jobs karma for Dylan house karma for his wife, Helen Pash. Taylor Rawlings of Bellevue, Nebraska is a douchebag
Adam: alright jingles China's so fierce freedom I love bugs in the mac and cheese jingle. Yes. And the birthday list is taken care of. Thank you for your courage, sir.
Unknown: Freedom.
JACK and cheese jobs, jobs and jobs. That's the job.
John: Chris Johnson in Port Orange, Florida. 400 ITM thank you for gracious, gracious, gracious, graciously reading my tome in Episode 1318.
Adam: This was the long note
John: from the last a long note the long
Adam: as shaming pays off.
John: It always works. Uh huh. This donation is a portion of the treasure I've earned on tumble play. ticker T S and P. Since November it's up 7,000%. dh on plug would like to start if you haven't talked about it already. I like to apply this donation to my smoking. My smoke show. Oh, my smoke show of a wife's name hood. Not following this is read. Well, she's got me. And please deduce her.
Unknown: You've been de deuced
John: Starmie What a great name. Keep up the great work just for you. JOHN. No jingles? No karma.
Adam: I like stormy because again, a great DJ name. stormy Johnson in the afternoon everybody.
John: Tremendous DC. Johnson net. Also good name for stripper.
Adam: The things you think of?
John: I think it's my guess. Boy, you're sticking with it. Show me more. See Mike in Kansas City, Missouri. Or Kansas City, Kansas. I don't know. 345 27 smoking ends anniversary Mr. Morgan half wife's 33rd birthday.
Adam: Ding ding ding.
John: I like to make a gift to the executive producer shipping her name will do this switcheroo.
Adam: Yep. taken care of.
John: Without her I'd be a douchebag at least 33 times worse than that douchiest version of myself. I can imagine. Well,
Adam: here's the problem. Here's the problem. He doesn't give us her name.
John: But it would be I'll tell you what her name is. Okay. Mrs. Mike, Mrs. C. Mike. This is C Mike. Okay. Well, he's got he's got some anonymous thing going on here. He doesn't want to say his name or her name or
Adam: if he sends me emails encrypted typically.
John: Okay, without her I'd be a douchebag not only has she borne the brunt of just stating delivering, raising and homeschooling nice the work or nine Human Resources without question. She's been doing
Adam: it. Okay. She's been doing the work.
John: She's been doing the work. He's in Kansas City at guessing USB in the Utah
Adam: i think i think since he's been listening to the show, three of them have been born.
John: Not kidding. She has made a truly wonderful home for which I'll never be able to appropriately give her adequate thanks. As such a respectful of you given her plenty of thanks. You're written here a Tolstoy novel as such a respectively request that the peerage committee that the difference between this donation in my wife's then another switcheroo, two in a row. Oh no, this is already done. I'm sorry, this letter so long that I forgot that it was already
Adam: with the new donation.
John: And level required for Diem would be transferred from my total donations again. I'm going to bring this up I don't know how many times you have to say I've said it before on the show. You do the accounting we don't do it if you want us to do it, you're in trouble. Now having emailed the show for a ring we'll do that. Will you? For My dearly beloved It is an honor and a pleasure to give her my place at the round table there we go the aim Don't worry I'll be rejoining the roundtable very soon. Have it on the best authority of the peerage committee approves at the request of the dame black hammer. Take the title Dame black hammer to be served. parmesan crusted ribeye steak and cream soda spike with crack and rum at the roundtable. I believe there is a product called crack and
Adam: there is yes
John: i love you my dear with all my heart and for you I gladly take the place of a douchebag slave to make you happy and I have it on the best authority that she requests the following jingles Yeah, she's probably tied up in the corner from the sounds of this that's all gonna do we're all gonna die that's true goat scream without karma.
Adam: Alright.
Good old see Mike. Thank you man.
John: Matthew price comes in. Sorry, I
Adam: wanted to mention something I wrote it down because he mentioned the peerage committee. There is an official peerage website and I've been Miss identifying which one to go to. It is no agenda and that has been diligently maintained by Sir Brad Vikon of the Jersey Shore and Delaware Valley keeper of the map. So it has no agenda piers calm easy to remember
John: that the price comes in from in Indialantic Zephyr a town called India Atlantic Florida. I
Adam: think even put a little explanation there for you
John: guys got a note he wrote it in real note, there's the paper. I enjoy the show a lot. Please. de-douche me
Unknown: been de deuced
John: the explanation is how to pronounce it in the Atlantic. Okay, well, that's it. That's a very short note that kind of we like, we like we love dude. Like we do like Bob 33333 in Missouri, just old Bob. Bob from Missouri, actually, ITM he needs a deducing
Unknown: he do
John: a shout out to my wife for threatening me to donating while working late together and listening to show 1318 she looked at me and said I'm going to make a donation before you just so I can call you out as a douchebag Nope.
Adam: I just did it. I don't know why.
John: It was a
Adam: Pavlov's dog. Sorry Pavlov.
John: You ladies and gentlemen, Pavlov's dog next on the show. I had previously held off from donating for you have to de-douche and now
Adam: Yeah, I'll do it sorry.
John: I didn't mean it. I had previously held off from donating for fears of trying my credit card to a cup or Todd says tie or tie my credit card to a couple soon to be zero social credit score nut bags, meaning us but I'd rather be in a FEMA camp for the society non compliant and to have my wife out me as a douchebag right now There you go. There you go. There's a relationship. I would like to reserve my future night name sir. 10 cryptids certain credentials it
Adam: could be it could be a fight for that. 10 cryptid strategy reserving I
John: don't know. Shout out to Mike at our big dumb mouth. or big dumb Okay. Give me a hearty f cancer for my neighbor Nick sister in honor of my wife. A milk whole load and Trump it's filthy. Regards Bob.
Adam: bs he says Jen sucks I want to circle back to Kaylee.
Unknown: I'm gonna give you the whole load.
you've got karma. That's
Adam: a good one.
John: is a good one. Chris Bailey 333 33 parts a node. In the morning chance I came to energy in a family from Adams first Rogan experience I'm a regular contributor over on mo
Adam: facts just correct.
John: I'm making my first na donation so I am in need of a dee doo
Unknown: dee doo she's on
John: the birthday list for February 8 Thank you for the twice weekly media deconstruction, keeping all of us sane love and light. The sweetest Home Alabama FEMA Region for the governmental maps Chris Yo, Dame Astrid, Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands of the Japan seas 3332 to seven Do you have your email?
Adam: It's very interesting. Of course I have it but I thought that since I'd forwarded it to the back office, it would pop up and it is important we read it. So now I have to go look for it
John: to him. Will you go look for it while I read the next note okay. from Mark Carlisle $333 Archimedes, here's some treasure. Please deduce me.
Unknown: You've been reduced.
John: As a kid, I watched Adam host Headbangers ball. Decades later, I saw him on Jr. He and I thought to myself, is that the dude from Headbangers ball? It is but it was his appearance on a hotep Jesus his show in last fall, it's a little late fall last year that prompted me to check out no agenda Well there you have it wasn't JRE It was not a JRE donations. The hotep Jesus donation Yeah, I've been hooked since crackpot rocks buzz kill rolls ah best podcast the universe. Thanks Mark.
Adam: Note from Dame Astra dear john deere Adam. Just this is just to say the day mastered and sir Mark heard you and we are on it pronto. We will be creating an anti COVID electrostatic Quonset hut aka the no agenda bow house. It comes with UV lighting ceiling which automatically disinfects the interior with individual nuclear power station with integrated insect farm for Sustainable Energy food with Windows front and back for cross ventilation. Kale garden optional Love and Light tape mastered Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands in the sea. Yes, this was we called we said we need to have Bauhaus is the style Europe is going to build back better with Bauhaus there's a prize. And we need to know top Norwegian architects on the case were a shoo in.
John: So they should definitely enter that. Especially with the kale growing
Adam: your win. Guaranteed win. Give them both the good karma
Unknown: you've got
John: Cara sippin sapan are sipping their spin 333 she's in La Mesa, La Mesa, California. I wanted to let you know that John Dvorak has been haunting my dreams and reminding me to make a donation for quite a while now. I'm hoping that this donation will halt the nightly harassment and deeming no longer a douchebag Well, at least she she revealed the the source of our success. I decided 333
Adam: Stop stop this show. Because you haunt her dreams. That's the source of everybody. Oh, maybe true.
John: Dog a dog,
Unknown: dog.
John: I decided 333 dot 33 was $1. For every puzzle Look, my programmed family shoots my way while explaining my newly found no agenda knowledge on COVID in large Dimmick, Dulles, and the shit show that's our world. I've had little luck hitting people in the mouth, but I'll keep slapping anyway, no slapping is different. I hope this I hope this money goes towards your cloning so you never leave us. Thanks again. All right. Cara from La Mesa. JD more. In Jefferson, Missouri Jefferson City. 201. This second associated top heavy little bit a little bit compressed donation segment. A birthday and credit Kate. Jenny's story changed this is a Kate Jennings will be the recipient. Yes.
Adam: birthday and
John: jingles Yeah. Okay. Kiwis, Obama, you might die. That's a very good combination idea. And that's true. This is a good one. Mm hmm. gents, please credit this donation to Kate Jennings. Another switcheroo. You make a note on noted noted noted for her birthday on February 10. Thank you for keeping our amygdala small, our wit sharp and spreading the good word. A very couraging Happy Birthday from your whole JC crew.
Now, it was about you blew it. I blew what I blew it. It was Fauci wheeze Obama, you might die.
Adam: Oh, I did blow it, didn't I? Well, let's do that again. You might die. Okay, so Obama, you might die Fauci. We And then that's true. We'll do it. You might not. That's true. There we go.
John: Yeah. See the story to be told. Yes. Timothy one inch or $200.77. No note under the title of subject line donation or under his name. No, Martin. Thank you for the 277. Mark Timothy Martin zatkoff Jasmine in Halifax, Nova Scotia 200. I came across your show in October 2020. By some strange coincidence, it was mentioned at the podcast.
Adam: Yeah, hold on. First. I think it's Mieses we've been told. That was Tom woods. So we've had Rogen hotep mo facts, Tom woods. And then all the exposure you've given to the show.
John: Well, I know I'm haunting dreams. Not that easy.
Adam: I'm sorry. We are completely equal. You are so right
John: now you're three hours of media deconstruction makes me survive the insanity of our Orwellian world. Since it is a value for value it has value for value I think I waited too long to contribute these $200 dirty Saudi Arabian car money cookbooks made with pieces of my life and sanity here in the jet I think it's the
Adam: desert Yeah, that's
John: I think I'm not sure it could be. Maybe it is Jasmine, Jasmine, Saudi Arabia again, your value is definitely worth it and you deserve these worthless pieces of paper harping on this why Bitcoin or get some Saudi gold I wish you because you know, if you go to Dubai and Dubai, there's a bunch of gold shops and they and they they they have changed and all this unbelievable gold chains that are elaborate, and they weigh the gold chains and they sell it to the private the going price of gold. Wow.
Adam: But he says he could send silver I think
John: you can send gold. I wish I could send you some real money as silver and Bitcoin but I don't see you having such an option. Well, you can mail the gold but it's kind of heavy. Please de-douche me for being late to provide it to provide and please give me jobs commerce so I can find another better job where I can live with my keeper and spend the time with my two human resources more often. Okay, hold on.
Unknown: You've been?
Adam: Well, thank you. Nice note, Martin. Yeah.
John: And Martin close it from Halifax. He's not in Halifax obviously, is in the desert of Saudi Arabia. Yes. sending us. That's actually not even fee out money. I don't even know you got the money. But
Adam: anyway, that stuff is came through PayPal. Okay.
John: So I want to thank these folks for making 1319 possible is there our executive and associate executive producers,
Adam: and we thank them for the treasure. And the return right here is the official credits as executive producer or associate executive producer of the no agenda Show Episode 1319 you are making it happen. We have never taken commercial money played commercials, ads, corporate interest, none of it whatsoever. It's all you it's all the producers. We have so many people from so many areas who not only give us credible information, but they make it entertaining as well. And that's part of a value for value model. Read more about it and go support it by going to John
Slash and
Adam: once again, thank you for contributing your time your talent, your treasure chest, you know, agenda show,
Unknown: our formula is this. We go
We hit people in the mouth.
John: So so one of the producers that produce that turned me on and now you on to the Red Scare podcast. us also sent me a clip from Bernie in 2021. He is running for president. He was doing a speech in Dearborn. And he said and he did a six second clip. But here's what he said. You know I am. I get inspired. Sometimes people say Bernie, you're 33 years of age. How do you keep going?
Adam: I don't know. I don't know. It sounded edited by the way. Wouldn't the 33 sounded edited?
John: I pulled it off. It was on the ball. I could have been
Adam: listening it you know I am. I get inspired. Sometimes people say Bernie, you're 33 years of age. Now that wasn't that was good. Well, they're just saying he's a young man and he throws out a 33 because we all
John: know your job. Is 39 that's the jack Benny reference 33 out of the blue Sorry, I
Adam: didn't realize the jack Benny reference. Sorry.
John: Well, I can assure you that Bernie Sanders knows the jack Benny reference yesterday
Adam: that's probably why he made it but he screwed it up
John: or or not.
Adam: Let's stick with just for a moment with the the political scene here in the United States, which is quite interesting as we have the media is salivating over AOC MTG This is what it is, is we've got either. San Diego ocasio Cortez is horrible or it's Marjorie Taylor green, it's kind of being played off against each other. And, and you know, all of this, especially the Marjorie Taylor green all comes down to the erection. As everyone likes to call it, the insurrection and how the president needs to be needs to be confirmed as impeached in the Senate, because he incited the insurrection. And, and and do we know here I went looking for the for the Trump speech at the just before the capitals about I think was about a half hour speech, you cannot find a video easily for sure. And I looked on c span, even c span didn't even have it in the transcript. I was looking for the words fight like hell. Because I was going to play how he said that. You can't find it. I was looking for it because I have a supercut. But I was looking for that particular piece. So that seems to be hard to find. I'm sure it's there somewhere. But that those words are being taken out of the context in which he said it. And it being used to say that he cited an insurrection he is responsible for this, and something he is should go to jail for it all kinds of incredible things. Is this your understanding of what what their cases as well, john, that it's those words the fight like hell?
John: i? Well, that's I would say that's probably what they're pointing towards. And they keep playing that over and over. It's not a context. He said, You know, he, in fact, said just the opposite as the as the republicans would say, this is a show trial. It's maybe it refers back to the new taller totalitarianism we're having to that's coming upon us. It's a show trial. It's ridiculous. And it won't go anywhere, but they're going to make as much of a stink they can just to muddy the waters even further. Democrats are going to do this Schumer is going to you know, be up there waving his arms, and so we're all the other creeps.
Adam: And it will be under the guise of fight like hell supercut time, all dems in the Senate Democrats are going to fight like hell, to make this a reality.
Unknown: I want the people in Pennsylvania, the people all across this country to know that we are gonna fight
Adam: like hell to protect your vote, to secure your vote, and to make sure that your vote is counted. Well, I'll tell you, I'm confident that we're gonna fight like hell to make sure they can.
Unknown: We are going to fight like hell to make sure that everyone who wants to vote can exercise that right to vote.
Adam: This election is coming whether the President wants it or not, and we're gonna fight like hell in Congress, make sure that the mail still works.
Unknown: today. Biden's VP Kamala Harris told supporters in a fundraising note that it is time to, quote, fight like hell to protect the Supreme Court following the passing of late Justice Ginsburg, that legacy
of rights needs to be continued. I'm gonna fight like hell speaking for myself, I'm gonna fight
like hell,
John: and we're gonna fight like hell and reforms. We're going to fight, like how to get those reforms in
Unknown: all Yeah, I know, many of the senators and members of the House will fight like hell to make sure that we act and act as soon as possible. I just have one thing to say about the next day days.
John: I'm gonna fight like him.
Unknown: He is the president who went to the White House
to fight like,
John: wow, I was unaware of that. Super cut me give you a clip of the day for finding it.
Adam: Thank you. And actually, I was I sent this spy I think I found this one myself. Yes. Correct.
John: Yeah, and that's what they're accusing Trump of saying,
Adam: well, there's a lot more that comes down to this and this is the domestic violent extremist I didn't get to these clips on. On Thursday. There's just a couple of couple of good ones. January 6, not only the day when the numbers case numbers of infected pussing human beings in the United States started to drop dramatically. coincidence. This was also a day that was paid for by the public Eris. Now she paid for everything on January 6, Publix is a supermarket chain, which I think is mainly in Florida are they everywhere Publix are
John: they're mostly in the south, southeast, southeast. And they did store
Adam: and they did it for a quid pro quo.
Unknown: This isn't the first time fen Celli and Publix have been in the spotlight for their donations. In 2019 vincelli donated $25,000 to Florida's republican governor Ron De Santis. And in December last year, Publix donated $100,000 to his Pac, friends of Rhonda Santas,
so great to be here.
at Publix, that was just a month before desantis announced a state partnership with Publix pharmacies to distribute the vaccine in Florida.
I'm delighted to be here in Marion County
at Publix to make a really exciting announcement regarding COVID-19 vaccinations for our senior citizens. The timing of it all raised eyebrows. The governor's office denies the vaccine deal with Publix was any sort of quid pro quo, telling us those claims were baseless
and baseless. So Randy, how
John: many public pharmacies are offering the vaccine now?
Unknown: Just tonight, Anderson, the
governor said he's actually increasing the number of public pharmacies that will be offering it now. Total of 325 Publix pharmacies in 23 counties, but the problem is, is that Publix isn't everywhere. It's not in a lot of these low income minority counties. So a lot of people who live there don't have access to the bank, some races qualify, and they're 65. and older, they might not have means of transportation or car to get there. The state is certainly trying to help they have these mobile units going out. They have vaccination events, blah, blah,
Adam: blah. So the point is, and it's completely believable, that they donated his campaign and they get a big Vax deal with
John: all those guys have always been big republican showrunners Of course. And yesterday probably didn't get to break it back a little clarification as far as I recall, Publix because I shopped there. there and they are in lower income areas, but the pharmacy part of the formula is usually not in those areas because they get robbed I don't know.
Adam: By the lower income people that don't serve What the hell,
John: just a little clarification. Sure.
Adam: Now, we are doing a really good job in the M five m to paint this insurrection as domestic violent extremists. We need to push as hard as we can to get that extremist terrorist kind of mindset. It's no different from and I would love to hear from the good professor is no different from the mass propaganda, and NPR is all on board. They spoke with former CIA station chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan, which was in 2001. And here he is about the insurrection on January 6, NPR News,
Unknown: this is all things considered. I'm Elsa Chang, and I'm Mary Louise Kelly. Robert gornja has thoughts on how to defeat violent extremists here in the US, and he grounds them in his personal experience fighting violent extremists overseas. grinia is a former CIA counterterrorism Chief, he was the CIA station chief in Pakistan on 911. Grenade believes we may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our country. And he believes counter insurgency tactics that worked abroad could work here. Yeah, welcome. Good to speak with you.
Good to be on with you, Mary
I want to start by understanding how you see the problem as you watched events unfold at the US Capitol on January 6, what did you see?
I don't think we knew precisely what to make of it. At first. Initially, it
seemed as though these were a group of angry citizens who'd been fired up by the president and he went marching off to the Capitol.
Subsequently, what
I think we saw was that disproportionately represented among them, were a number of individuals from violent extremist groups, and they were taking advantage of the situation in order to do what they might otherwise have wanted to do in any case, and that was to upset the constitutional order.
Adam: Okay, getting closer. But did you notice that NPR also does to women shows?
John: Yes, this case it's the instead of being dubbed the giggling dipshits you can take giggling out.
Adam: Yes, correct.
Unknown: One more thing I'm curious about given your CIA experience I've mentioned you were stationed chief in Islamabad on 911 Which minute suddenly became your problem to find and kill or capture Osama bin Laden? Here we go, another senior al Qaeda leaders without comparing American citizens to al Qaeda.
Adam: Is this not called leading the witness? If you even say it's like, without comparing American citizens to al Qaeda? Could you do that for me
Unknown: and kill or capture Osama bin Laden and other senior al Qaeda leaders without comparing American citizens to al Qaeda? Are there lessons that you take from that?
Yes, and that is that, you know, even at the seeming height of the crisis and middlee, after 911, there really weren't that many members of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. And the thrust of our campaign, there was Yes, to hunt down al Qaeda, but primarily, to remove the supportive environment in which they were able to flourish. And that meant fighting the Taliban. And I think that is the heart of what we need to deal with here. hunting down people who are who are criminals. That is something that which US law enforcement is very well capable of doing and doing while preserving a fundamental civil rights. Yeah, that's in some ways, the easiest part of the problem hunting down the cold part of the problem is affecting the environment within which violent elements otherwise would be able to thrive.
John: Yeah, baby
Adam: hunting him down. We're good at that. No worries, we'll hunt them down. Nicole Wallace at MSNBC took this advice to heart. And again,
Unknown: that is a bulletin released to all law enforcement earlier this week that there is until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism carried out in the ideology and around this belief that the election was fraudulent, but the COVID restrictions are unnecessary, all of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump, but my question for you as around incitement. We had a policy and it was very controversial was carried out under the Bush years, and under the Obama years of attacking terrorism at its root of going after and killing. And in the case of Amaral, Locky and America and again, many Americans with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence inciting terrorism.
Yeah, McConnell was in the senate then he was in the senate after 911.
How does mitch mcconnell who understands that the way you root out terrorism is to take on in the case of Islamic terrorism kill those who incite it? How does he not vote to convict someone that he said on the floor of the Senate incited an insurrection?
Adam: I love this comparison Nicole Wallace there's nothing like saying we should be droning American citizens in the homeland
John: That's what she said. This brings to mind with somebody that one of the live shows told me
Adam: ah live Joe story alert.
John: I thought it was nuts because you know, and it has to do with also with the Scott Adams and they're going to get us when Wednesday when they're going to track down republicans and start killing him. He said they're going to start keep believes and I think he's getting the source this from the sources of information. There's a source that Nicole Wallace didn't dream this up. She's pretty much a person that can't even think for herself, let alone walk and chew gum. She, she read this and where somebody told her or it was written for her by the staff, of course. So somebody's coming up with this idea because it came from the lip Joe's to they're going to go after that did there's going to be a analog of the Black Panther movement, where they're going to start just killing these guys. Find him and kill him that he was Huey Newton. They killed Fred Hamptons. A good example of a guy was just basically murdered by the police where these guys did Black Panthers. Yeah. Famous Black Panther. Yes. And they started just killing these guys left and right until they all backed off. And it sounds like this is so he says this all the guys are doing it. extremists are gonna get killed.
Adam: I think I think if you're right, the memo was out because I saw this headline this morning. From Politico, Politico, very, very politically influenced headline, it's time to talk about violent Christian extremism. That's what's gonna happen here. for two decades, the US government has been engaged, engaging with faith leaders in Muslim communities at home and around the world in an attempt to stamp out extremism and prevent believers vulnerable to radicalization from going down a path that leads to violence. Now, after The dangerous q anon conspiracy theory helped to motivate the insurrection at the US Capitol with many participants touting their Christian faith. And as evangelical pastors throughout the country ache over the spread of the conspiracy theory among their flocks, and it's very real human toll is worth asking whether the time has come for a new wave of outreach to religious communities, this time aimed at evangelical Christians. That's
John: Well, I don't know how they're gonna make any of this work. No, it's
Adam: fantasy. There are bloodthirsty nut jobs. It's true. Fans nailed it. I
John: was thinking it isn't because we talked to the lip Joe's is like def fantasy is still running. It's running at full tilt. And it was pointed out in the earlier clip, I had a professor who says that he just talked about Dena lockdowns being dubious, and he got a nasty note from one of his best friends going on and on and on about how could he even say this? Like went berserk? which is again, it's a it's a fantasy perspective. So these people are really they need to see a shrink.
Adam: Well, you know, it may maybe art BDSM couple can give us some advice about the lip Joes I think that they could use with a good spanking or some use a good spanking. Good. spanking wouldn't be missed on them, I think. Yeah. And then there's always crazy stuff that, as you know, Republicans do coupons do and all police and all military, they're all crazy nuts. And then there's the challenge coin.
Unknown: Take a look at these images. They're the front and back of a special coin that officers had to celebrate shooting a man in the groin during a protest in 2017, ABC 15 investigator Dave visca being not only getting pictures of that coin, he also discovered the chief knew about it and no one was disciplined or even investigated.
And a guy just got shot with a rubber bullet.
The video went viral and the officer celebrated the shot with a challenge coin we obtained a graphic image of the front saying good night left nut and we got a picture of the back of the actual coin. It has the date and says Make America Great Again. One note at a time.
John: I want that challenge. Boy I want one collection
Adam: that's the challenge coin you want.
Unknown: Good night left not that's the
Adam: challenge coin we want to have ladies and gentlemen.
John: Wow, you know, I think a lot of our newer listeners in those probably 1000s of us know what we're talking about.
Adam: Oh challenge early
John: days of the show.
Adam: Oh my goodness. Yeah.
John: We brought up the I actually think you probably introduced the concept is you had an old challenge going used to carry with you when you
Unknown: said the challenge
Adam: coin I had that I was given when in Iraq because I was in Iraq for under two weeks. But I would bump into especially Fort Hood these guys you know the the Dutch Dutch heli battalion is here, if you bump into them and in a bar, which is unlikely at the moment. And they say a challenge coin curry if you whoever doesn't have the challenge coin has to pay for the drinks.
John: That was the rule. Yeah. And the challenge coin is a bit it's like a like an old fashioned $1 like an Eisenhower dollar size. It's big.
Adam: Well, the really the original ones have gotten pretty funky over the years.
John: Well, the ones that we so we did that no agenda. We did a slew of them. We had two or three people making challenge coins. And then we had the one official group we
Adam: had a geolocation millennial coin.
John: Yeah, we had a geolocation coin. I think those are around somewhere. But the challenge coins got kind of out of control and there's a whole slew of them. We started getting challenged coins from the CIA. We got
Adam: I got four so I have everything
John: 30 or 40 Yep, rocket launches. There's all these challenge coins and they're all based on this idea that you have to have it when you go to a bar although I don't know what happens if you have one no agenda challenge coin and then you bring out the other type
Adam: and what you want. You want a whole bunch of these for the FEMA camp that's what you want says Hey, man,
John: so but the point is that's what we're talking when we're joking around challenge coins. This challenge coin has got to be a high collectible.
Adam: Yes, of course. I
John: would say you have to pay 50 bucks to get one
Adam: Well, I don't know if I want to pay for one at all. But yeah, that's a great tip. Anyone
John: can get one. Send them to Xbox 339 l street Oh, California. No agenda shoebox 339 l street Oh, California senate there. And if there's only one just send it there. Don't worry about it.
Unknown: Yeah, you
Adam: then I have Oh yes. This is good. This is good. This is good. So we have the AOC Marjorie Taylor green thing going back and forth. Have two clips from a OC. Just to hear how the M five M is protecting her. I don't think we need to re explain what's happening or what happened. We do please give you give the synopsis
John: this woman was accused on conspiracy. No,
Adam: no, no, no a OC. We're doing a OC first.
John: Oh, what do I need to explain about her?
Adam: That's why I said no need to explain a OC. Oh, I
John: thought you meant the whole situation. Oh,
Adam: that's coming up next. The first we do. Okay, well,
John: you're confused.
Adam: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Your voyer After all, AOC claimed that she well. I'm sure she was very frightened. She made a big deal and a 45 minute livestream on Insta live, where she talked about how scary it was and
John: right and you have made the thesis and I believe it's true that she I think it was you may was a right wing talk show guy. She could have walked out there and tell people to calm down or get the hell out and they would have
Adam: no i didn't make that thesis. Somebody did you do another shows that I'm unaware of?
John: I was like, listen to the radio and I drive okay.
Adam: And she's, you know, the Capitol policeman who she thought he was one of them because he was angry and banging on the door and and then she compared it to it. Well, what she's doing is the ultimate and this comes right back to quote the millennials remember I have high regard for a lot of the millennials, particularly the ones that are switched on and doing cool stuff. But she's taken to the extreme by compounding her trauma and this is a very very very typical young woman thing to do is anything you do it's a trigger like I got triggered my past sexual or was it to attack trauma which is not expounded on doesn't matter. And to the rescue of anyone who was saying hey man, you weren't even in the same building where all this took place we've got your heroes in our the cape Crusaders Don Lemon and coma sexual
Unknown: I'd been watching you know state media and listening to conservative media all day because I you know what he
Adam: says state media What does he mean by state media Well, that's I just heard I just heard this state means
John: listening to state media
Adam: Washington Post maybe I've been watching you know state media and listening to conservative media he's been listening to watching stations
John: watching has to be network news state media I've been at CBS
Adam: you go I've been watching you know state media and listening to conservative media all day because I you know, I want to hear the other side. And I was like,
Unknown: I don't understand why this is a story
how is she supposed to know who's on the other side of the door how she's supposed to know how many people were on the other side of door i'm not i'm just say I'm not this has nothing to do with anything AOC or whatever. But how I kept trying to figure out how the people who were actually involved in that siege and all the chaos could be criticizing someone else who was involved in it because they were because she was explaining how what she thought was going on in her particular situation. It was just flat out partisanship and a distraction to Marjorie Taylor green they're going after one of the democrats because the democrats going after one of theirs telling you mister noise pollution over there at state TV and the others they want to frame the state
Adam: TV what is state he saying it to what am I missing? When did I miss the the gag?
John: Is there a podcast or video called state TV? That that I know of? I guess you mean I think it means Fox or
Adam: no I think he means fox news that's state TV but that's not state TV. Now these guys are dicks I'm
Unknown: one of those telling you mister noise pollution over there and state TV and the others. They want to frame the database a fake TV like
Fox News, mbu x me Listen again
telling you mister noise pollution over there and state TV and the others. They want a free
John: admission noise pollution bs Joe Toby hannity.
Adam: Yeah. Must be state TV. States TV.
John: Who cares? Anybody in the chat room did Here you go. They're trying.
Adam: They're all saying states. They're saying state state state. They all say Fox News.
John: Why should noise pollution be taught would be
Adam: why are we waiting for a bunch of trolls to answer us?
John: Yeah, they don't know.
Unknown: January 6, you've been leaking it out all these different ways that there's an untold story that this was a setup. It's all and then toxicity and I'll tell you what, you just heard Katey Porter say AOC was freaked out. Yeah, and let me tell you I live this situation like that. And it doesn't have to be a real
Apparently woman.
John: Did he admit that he was he was a woman.
Unknown: And let me tell you I live the situation like that. And it doesn't have to be real the threat for you to believe it's imminent.
Adam: I love this. So I lived a situation like this when I was a woman, but it wasn't real. freaked out.
Unknown: Yeah. And let me tell you, I live this situation like that. And it doesn't have to be real, the threat for you to believe it's imminent, you believe. And let me tell you something, let them do it because they look like idiots in the process. And people are on to it's no more than any other time. I hope people learn
Adam: this time. Have fun. I know. I encourage
Unknown: them continue to do it. I think people the I think the veil has been lifted. people's eyes are
open. And yes. They know what's going on. They know that it's all BS. And they know that it's partisanship. And look, they're talking about how they how the, the limited and the framing limited amount and the framing of the insurrection on Capitol Hill. Anyone can see any everybody knows what happened except for the French, right, who keep trying to, as you say, blame. I
wish they talked about the groups that attacked our Capitol and why as much as they're talking about aocs feelings about it. And I'll tell you what, and I say the new party is the GOP q shows that they actually embrace diversity because they just created another Yeah, I you know, you say GOP q i
say q o p i
Adam: like to call them the extra Trump again. But can you Yeah, you're coming, you got to pick your brand, but millions of dollars a year, millions of dollars a year for both millions. AOC came on CBS with Gayle King, and she explained how the trauma really affected her.
Unknown: Congresswoman, I want to start with you. Because that day I remember it was so upsetting and so frightening. Just watching from the privacy and safety of in my kitchen. So to hear your very terrifying account of that horrible day was in a word just terrifying to hear the details. And I wonder if it's triggered all sorts of things for you. Because I think sometimes speak about it.
Adam: You're leading the witness
Unknown: wondering what the experience has been for you. Yeah, you know, I
think one of the things that we've learned especially in, in counseling services offered to House members is that telling our stories, and retelling it, especially right after the events transpired is a really important part to healing and getting through it, once we tell that story. And this applies to survivors of trauma all over the country, telling that story as many times as possible and giving that account, allowing yourself to move through that emotion, allowing yourself to revisit that fear and process it and then move past
it is important.
But yeah, there are lots of emotions. There's fear. There's anger at folks who attacked our nation's capital. There's frustration that this could have happened. But then there's also determination for us to never allow this to happen again.
Adam: Lots of fear and trauma and it's horrible, and I feel very bad for her because she seems truly affected. Luckily, nothing really went wrong. The lie here is the timeline that I see it that lemon and Cuomo were talking about. It was a OC story first, and then everyone started ratcheting up the Marjorie Taylor green with real lies. I don't know this woman I saw her. The first time I've really seen her speak was something she did outside the Capitol just the other day. Yeah, she talks about how she's a mom a lot. And she ran a business and and she says she really hopes that the that that press conference would give the press something else to talk about or then then ad hominem attacks and lies. And the big one, just like we had very fine people go to very fine if you want to see that that was a big lie, is that she has been accused of saying or posting a lot of things. One of them is that the California wildfires were started by Jewish space lasers. You've heard it, you've seen it 1000 times Jewish space lasers. So again, I just want before I played Jake Tapper, with his with his ultimate. Again, I will read from the 2018 posts, which is referred to in the next clip as well. I'm posting this in this is from Marjorie Taylor green. I am posting this in speculation because there are too many coincidences to ignore and just putting it out there for some research. I've done stemming from my curiosity over PSG and he stocks which tanked all week then rally
Thursday night after California officials announced they would not let P and G PGD fail. I find it very interesting that Roger Kimmel on the board of directors of pg&e is also Vice Chair Government of the Rothschild Inc international investment firm. I also find interesting the long history of financial contributors international that pg&e has made to Jerry Brown over the over the years and millions spent in lobbying. What a coincidence, it must be the Governor Brown signed a bill protecting pg&e and then and allowing it to pass off its cost of the fire responsibility to its customers in rate hikes and through bonds. It also must be just a coincidence that the fires are burning in the same projected areas that the 770 $7 billion a high speed train rail project is to be built, which also happens to be Governor Brown's pet project. And what are the odds that Feinstein's husband Richard Blum is the contractor to the rail project Gee, with that much money, we could build three southern US border walls, then oddly there, all these people have said they saw would look like lasers or blue beams of light, causing the fires. And with pictures and videos, I don't know anything about that. But I do find it really curious. That Pacific grant gas and electrics partnership with solarin on space solar generators, starting in 2009, they announced the launch into space, March 2018. And maybe even put them up before that space, solar generators collect the sun's energy, then beam it
back to Earth to a transmitter to convert to electricity. So that has turned into the California wildfires, we're starting to buy Jewish space lasers, it can be this is something that we've talked about the rail line, you said that's not true. I believe you of course, that those fires were not in the exact places. The solar generate the space generators, that's real, you can look that up. But somehow, the M five m needs to add a anti semitic piece to it. And that especially growing up in the Netherlands, that is the lowest lowest thing you can do is to accuse someone of being anti semitic when they really really aren't. It starts off so much shit in these people's lives. It's happened to me. It's really it's really messed up. And Jake Tapper, I'm sorry,
John: with you is about dogs. Now. None of you hate dogs.
Adam: Yeah, I hate dogs. Jake Tapper. Here's Jake Tapper, taking it to the extreme, that he should be he should be fired over this,
Unknown: the fact that she blamed this on news media for slicing and dicing and misrepresenting what she said, when what I have seen in the news media and what we have reported here on CNN, and others have reported elsewhere are complete sections of her live streams, multiple minutes, three, four minutes, screenshots of her social media posts, where she hypothesizes in a deranged manner, that the 2018 wildfires in California that that cost dozens of lives were caused by the Jewish billionaire Rothschild family, using lasers so as to enrich other wealthy Jews, including senator senator dianne Feinstein's was Mr. Blom. I mean, these are just things that she said and things that she wrote. Nobody sliced and diced, nobody snipped. It's all there for people to see. And a fact that she would respond to these charges, based in reality, that she is a liar and conspiracy theorist with more lies and a new conspiracy theory that it's the media that has been Miss portraying her
says it all factcheck false.
John: I mean, that's a beauty he,
Adam: he refers to that actual thing I just read.
John: You know, the funny thing. Yes. The funny thing is he starts off by saying she's blaming the media, but we've looked at the snippets and clips in exactly chunks and the small small pieces of the videos that she talked, she talked for an hour, and we watched the one minute that they took off.
Adam: And yes, unbelievable, these people but the thing that got me Was he refers you here, it's specifically the 28 Toyota, he just
John: piles on with the nonsense and then
Adam: oh, to make other Jews rich. I mean, that's, that's sacrilege. That's snackable offense, man. Screw that guy. That's horrible.
John: Slow, he's low. He's very low,
Adam: low rent,
John: low rent bad person.
Adam: The The only other thing I guess. We all saw the Time magazine article, the secret Bipartisan Campaign that saved the 2020 election, nothing new for you know, agenda producers, but it's pretty solid. Grand dicing and this is Nancy Pelosi, his biographer wrote this article. Yeah, FYI.
John: Did this article is a self aggrandizing bullshit version of a column I wrote for substack two or three weeks earlier?
Adam: Yeah, but you're not in Time Magazine. And you're not and you're not a lib. tard so it doesn't count.
John: No, if I was a lib tard I'd be a lot better off. But I'd be a lib tard and I'm sorry, I said it because I told a lip Joes recently that I never used that phrase because I find it to be slightly offensive. Hmm. Now I've no I can't say that anymore. I just used it.
Adam: I thought the words were interesting. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protest and coordinated the resistance from the CEOs. The handshake between business and labor, just one component of a vast cross partisan campaign to protect the election in the extraordinary shadow effort dedicated not to winning the vote, but to ensuring it will be free and fair. Yes, in fact, they they didn't. They didn't rig it, they fortified it. And the whole thing is, is really quite grand dicing and to me it's it's admission of guilt, you know, we got them to change laws. We We We made sure everything they read wrong, everything. Yeah, everything. I find that fantastic. You just doesn't get any better than that
John: is beautiful goes back to a series of clips, which I'm going to push off to Thursday of Mary gray bar. Who wrote this book and people should read this book between now and Thursday. debunking Howard Zinn,
Adam: Howard, Howard Zinn,
John: Howard Zinn's the gaviota, People's History of America came out in 1980. It's a calm, it's a communist version of American history. And she, and it's being used by everybody, and she has the documentation. It's the waste dump book. Everybody teaches that let me play one clip from this series. Well, actually, it's hard to play without playing the whole thing. Let's play just the beginning. And then we'll play the rest on Thursday.
Adam: Is that reasonable? Yeah, this is Graber one. graver one.
Unknown: Well, Howard Zinn who
died in 2010, was quite a phenomenon. He was a celebrity radical, and incidentally, a historian and so he rode the wave of celebrity dumb he purported to be leading students on civil rights protests while he was teaching at Spelman College. And then after he was kicked out there, he went to Boston University and led them on anti Vietnam War protests, which were really protests in support of Hoshi men who, you know, Howard Zinn saw, as, you know, the exemplar of democracy. So, you know, when he wrote his book, People's History of the United States, and it came out 1980, you know, think about that,
Adam: Oh, this is the huge book, this is the big the big unabridged book is that we're talking about using a Quigley, Tom sorry,
Unknown: for 40 years ago,
he had been in the news quite a bit, he had went on a mission to North Vietnam to bring back American prisoners of war, he was at the forefront of protests, he was debating bill Buckley, he was in the news. And so he got a head start. And as I expose in my book, and it was much to my shock, as I read it, he plagiarized from a book for high school students by one of his radical anti Vietnam War pals another socialist, and took the credit for it. And you know, anytime you pick up a news article, or look at a news article about Columbus Day, you have reporters, basically quoting the Zen version, were established history. And you know, there's no question about it. So he was quite a marketing guru for the radical communist view. And as I also discovered, is that you know, his story of Christopher Columbus along with everything else he says, about American history is basically the version that has been put out by Marxists and communists from Karl Marx on down to William z Foster. But it's become accepted truth and it's what Google which is a monopoly promotes and you know, we're seeing The clampdown of the tech industries right now. And, you know, they've been at it for a while. And it's a very, very dangerous thing. And if you're sitting there, you know, someone who's an adult and knowledgeable in history, and you're starting to doubt yourself, just think about a 15 year old, who's writing a report for a class, and is googling this or has been assigned Howard
Zinn's book. And that's why you've got these young enraged people who are out on the street.
Adam: Wow. Yeah, this is very important.
John: We've talked about Howard Zinn, before this show, you still remember, and I've always thought it I've looked at this material, and it's very poorly done. And she talks about, he's the one behind even though he stole this part of the book. He's behind all this anti Columbus stuff. And I started noticing I only started noticing the anti Columbus stuff after around 1985 in the bay area where there was art at one of the Amsterdam art store that I've noticed it was up in the wall was, you know, for Columbus Day, Columbus, slavery, you know, horrible stuff about Columbus as a whole. And this all came from this guy, this guy's book became very popular in the early 80s. And it now is there's an educational project pushing the book. And it's a it's a distorted anti American view of American history. And it's read and it's very entertaining is good writer, he really makes it sound like oh, this is great. is really good as a matter of fact, good propagandist. And it's, it's, it's been a plague and it's responsible like she says her most of the actions going on the pulling down of the of the Columbus statue is all starts nothing like this was ever even dreamed of before 1980. And this is when this guy's book came out. And so she's, she's on a lot of podcasts. I picked her off of this one. I forgot the name of the podcast, and fortunately didn't write it down. And I have a bunch of clips of her talking about this.
Adam: We definitely need to do this on Thursday.
John: Yeah, that'll be a Thursday thing.
Adam: Definitely. Very good.
John: And we'll play that clip. Well, you don't have to play that again. But it's a horrible situation. And she's out there. She's on a lot of podcasts. You can look up Mary Graber, do you why
Adam: why I'm gonna wait until Thursday, what you do the work.
John: You can read the book, her book is worth reading.
Adam: I want to read Zinn's book first now I gotta I gotta read the propaganda books. Really? Look? Does she refer
John: me refers just a waste of time. Okay.
Adam: Wow, that's good. Yes, I very much look forward to that. That presentation on Thursday before we take a break.
John: OTG going?
Unknown: Back
John: OTG going Oh,
Adam: that's right. OTG off the grid. You want to join the revolution, go to no agenda if you're lucky, you can get yourself graphene OS jacked up pixel. All good. But we talk about a lot of different things in our OTG segments. And the top story for today. The reason why we have the whole segment is the New York Times New York Times, on Saturday posted an article they stormed the Capitol. Their apps tracked them. And the New York Times claims that in 2019, a source came to them originally containing a digital file of precise location and more than 12 million individual smart phones for several months between 2016 and 2017. You may remember this report. Well, they got another source who had provided another data set. This time following the smartphone of 1000s of Trump supporters rioters and passers by in Washington DC on January 6, as Donald Trump's political rally turned into a violent insurrection, and at least five people died, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So they published all this data, which they say they do under the as they use it as a journalistic tool. But this is clearly an insider from a social network who gave them everything. And then they pull one guy out, in particular, Ronnie Vincent, and they show how they can track him. we traced a phone inside the capital items of Mr. Vincent's home in Kentucky confirming his identity led us to the Facebook page. We found a few photos of him standing on the steps of the building during the siege.
John: But
Adam: yeah, so they they are showing you exactly how you're tracked.
John: Well, this is interesting, mainly because this is the kind of thing you don't want to reveal.
Adam: Well, not only did they docks this poor Ronnie Vinson guy, but they're, I mean, this is
John: are they somebody behind is one of the people that did wrote this article behind an investor behind the graphene OS
Adam: I doubt it. Let me see. I don't think so. I mean,
John: that would be the way to go. Because I mean, you already your hair stands on the back up on the back of your neck, even knowing about this. Mm hmm. And then they're bragging about it. This is not what an intelligence agency would do.
Adam: No, this is this. This is the New York Times who have just become the otic. Yeah. Well, it's the same New York Times who just fired, you know, two of their longtime top guys fought for, in context, using the N word to explain what happened in a certain situation.
John: I love this guy. By the way,
Adam: I've fired over that. What's the guy's name again?
John: I don't remember. But it was a funny story. Not for him.
Adam: Donald McNeil and Andy Mills.
John: Well, they're sending out it's almost as though they're doing counter cointelpro here.
Adam: Do you think Oh, good point. Good point. Okay, here's what's going
John: on boys, you know, read the article and get a
Adam: clue. Well, this is interesting. As we are on the Wow, hold on a second. Let me let's just let's make sure these aren't these tech writers Hold on. It's gonna be important. Who is this guy? We it's written by it's an opinion piece, of course, who is written by see if you recognize these names? Charlie Ward soul and Stuart Thompson.
Unknown: Yeah, never heard of them? No.
Adam: Well, this is on the eve of the launch of the new iPhone. So you always got to think of someone's talking about tech. And there's tech stories. In this case, it's about tracking. Well, Apple has convinced all the tech tards that it's going to be great. Witness the apple circle on YouTube given us a quick rundown about how cool the new iPhone will be. Your next
Unknown: iPhone might shut down Instagram, Facebook, Google, and many, many more. Apple is done messing around. They're taking a firm stance on privacy. And they're about to start publicly calling out some bad actors who are doing things with your best interest at heart on your phone, which is great. Now, what if that means no more Instagram, Facebook, or Google on your iPhone?
Adam: So this guy somehow believes that yes, they're going to stop some tracking? Yeah, you will be asked
John: other people's trash.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. Other people's tracking. And here's this gem in the middle, listen to Mr. Happy that they're that their security coming from Apple circle, you might have noticed, for example, in iOS 14, you
Unknown: now have the toggle to allow an app capture, okay, not all the time.
John: It's just a woman or a guy,
Adam: it's a guy.
Unknown: Okay. You might have noticed, for example, in iOS 14, that I know of, you now have the toggle to allow an app to have your location all the time, or just while you're in the app, you can give apps permission to all of your photos or just select photos, you even have a little indicator at the top of your iPhone that shows when your microphone and camera are active. Even if the app is not in the forefront. Maybe if you're on a phone call and your microphones still active and you're browsing your phone, you can still see that your microphone is on and being activated by some of the apps even if they're in the background, all great things, also done by Apple to really promote privacy. And it's just Apple trying to make sure you are in control of your data. And you know exactly what's going on at all times on your iOS device.
Adam: Oh crap. I love this guy. So you'll know if your microphone is being activated by an app in the background. That's that's protecting you. No, it's not. How about not letting it have access? What if it's in my pocket and when I see the little green light flip on when it's in my pocket. These fanboys are detrimental to your health. And the CBS Evening News has more good news about the
Unknown: iPhone 1200. Apple is warning that magnets inside its new iPhone 12 can potentially interfere with some medical devices including pacemakers and defibrillators. Apple recommends keeping cell phones and chargers at least six inches from medical devices and more than a foot apart while wirelessly charging. Uh huh. Yeah.
Adam: Yeah, this sounds great. What if you walk within a foot of someone with a pacemaker and he dies?
John: What about when we will maybe this is the reason for social distancing. It's an apple scheme, because you don't want people hugging.
Adam: What I find so incredible is how Silicon Valley collectively, globally, has said, Look, we got you. We got your customers. We will track you for COVID tracing guaranteed so easy for them to stay anonymous. Don't worry about it. We fixed it. They can't seem to fix it for other stuff. But oh yeah, no problem. We got privacy all over the place. Walk away from these platforms people walk away.
Unknown: Walk away.
Adam: is unbelievable.
John: And that's our tech segment.
Adam: And that is our that is our off the grid segment indeed.
Unknown: I'm going to show my little boy Joe nice to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that. Oh yeah,
that'd be fun.
John: We've had few people think we don't have a big list today. So we'll be out of here earlier sooner than later. Dean Lewin's at the top of the list $124 out of I don't even know in Iowa somewhere some town he but he needs a deducing he has an immediate call out to his buddy john nude son. K and UT so when as a douchebag that will give him and somebody everyone else some jobs karma at the end. ABA lash Kumar, who is I believe in India? He is the one who wrote in
Adam: Yes, yes,
John: he will stop working.
Adam: That's right. And he wound up doing a bank transfer through the switch his direct bank transfer which cost like 10 bucks. That's cheap.
John: No, not compared to pop money which is free but he's already I did manage to get it but didn't manage to get us 100
Adam: Thank you. I'd be lost. How do you pronounce it? I'd be lost. I think I'd be lush. Mr. Mr. Kumar. Thank you producer Kumar Thank you
John: couldn't work could be his first name. Yes. Really
Adam: appreciate it because I know you went through a lot of hoops to get that done and you are truly the only Indian who cares.
John: seem so like it? Thank you see. CJ schmuck, truck schmuck. In Nantucket, Massachusetts, Massachusetts. $100 is my first donation needs he needs to stay as a douchebag I'm sorry. Yep, that's right. Dave Scanlon in Milwaukee, Milwaukee. Milwaukee.
Adam: What a Dave did he have something to say Dave
John: thought he had one of those and page one
Adam: of the new we had one of those notes from the must have been something but we also have a note.
John: I got to read this note this actually has to do with a knighting I think she's on the list. Greetings from Beauvoir, Texas and close you find the accounting for night there's no no donation just a knighthood accounting. Mm hmm. And it's I see if he's on the list. Is his son knighted? As Sir Alex Frank Bob. Until further notice. At the round table, he needs huka with Apple flavored tobacco,
Adam: we got it. We got it. I even got the kid. Do you know how many how many poses we had to have attached to this thing for all the knights and dames. This thing's a monster. It's like an octopus.
John: She's good to go there. Yeah. Dave schmuck, schmuck. Arm says CJ schmuck. Dave Scanlon Yeah, and we'll walk you never heard of that don't wrestle Rhodes roads, roads. in Tallahassee, Florida. A 765. Birthday Colin coming
Adam: up or sun
John: Vikram? Yep. Ashlyn Davis at $5 Steve Webb 77 in Riverside, California.
Adam: overly wordy Welshman his first donation 7762 he says a split between no agenda and mo facts I don't know I'm not giving anything to more facts I'm keeping this money maybe he split it he maybe give that a don't give that a donation to All right. Thank you.
John: Yeah, let's try not to mix up the listen to more facts. You want to get more facts money. I think this money they don't give it to us and tell us to split it. I
Adam: think it was. I think it's confusing. I think it's fine.
John: Andrew panna Bianco. in Peoria, Arizona. 7707. Hold on. Yep. vandenhoeck close up. Yup, founder vandenhoeck you
Adam: gotta do the dip. The big the emphasis is on founder who for
John: you, Vanda Hoover $75. He's living. He says he's a Dutchman living in Deutschland? Yes. And his comment is my dog's a Democrat.
Adam: Okay, he's a lot of things are up his
John: brandy. chappals Chappelle. I'm guessing out in Port orchard, Washington. 7033 Eric Anderson and water. Water won South Dakota 60 Joe bow of Texas taxes ucits 5550 Texas juices. He's got a birthday. Sir Mike Kleckner in Ewing. No New Jersey, Jordan brown 5333.
Adam: Oh, did not didn't make it onto the birthday list back in December. All will be forgiven. They want a birthday this year.
John: You want some karma at the end? Yeah, we'll give you some
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Unknown: and a
jobs, jobs, jobs.
Jobs you've got karma.
Adam: There we are. first week of February is down and we got a birthday list for you Jordan Brown. We just talked about Jordan turns 31 on December 29, Happy belated birthday. Zack Hanzlik, happy birthday It was incredible wife was celebrated on the fifth Joe Blow of Texas Houston celebrating today see Mike to his smokin hot wife returns. 33 Abigail Heinz 33 tomorrow Chris Bailey also celebrating tomorrow. Troy T's Happy Birthday to his brother Dylan to be celebrating on the 10th Kate Jennings also on the 10th Happy Birthday from JD Moore and Russell Crowe says Happy Birthday to his son Vikram who will be celebrating on February 11. Happy Birthday from everybody here the best podcast in the universe.
Unknown: To
Adam: knighting no one night one day and that's what we got today. That's right So we need a dame blade.
John: Here we go the dame blade got
Adam: the podium. See Mike's darling beautiful wife. We'd like her here along with Alex Frank. Bob. The two of you have been bestowed to the roundtable the no agenda knights and dames, parsley by yourself, your family, your husband, your wife, but you are here and that means I get to pronounce the K d as a black hammer. And Sir Alex Frank Bob for you. We've got hookers and blow rent boys and Chardonnay. parmesan crusted ribeye steak and cream soda spike with crack and rum, hookah with Apple flavored tobacco and bourbon ginger ale and jerboas breast milk and pavlin vodka vanilla and of course, the mutton and Mead. Hey, head over to no agenda slash rings Eric The show will gladly take care of you make sure that you get your ring and your sealing wax and your official certification slash pronounced occation on paper for you to immediately post a no agenda so that everybody knows that you are part of our club. The roundtable no agenda public service proudly managed by Sir Neil over there no agenda is kicking ass. Two reports today the first one from vlas
Unknown: This is a black knight make life in the blue Last with bash checking in for the meetups in the morning in the morning. This is a guy named Ben for the meetup report.
This is Glenn ITM to the beat of the night of all things greasy sir Jheri curl.
In the morning, Harrison nobles here at the blast, it's like a party. It's pronounced fuquay varina. JOHN,
in the morning.
Adam: Just so you know, Bellingham Come on in with your report. in the morning. This is Thomas
Unknown: from Bellingham.
Adam: Thank you, john and Adam, were staying safe. Okay, Here's what's coming up on the calendar Tuesday. At Nashville. No agendas little wee little Fauci Ruiz fan club. Six o'clock at smoking thighs, man, Nashville. I'm kind of going on Saturday the 13th OKC 33 hearts breakers meetup, Oklahoma City Oklahoma two o'clock fresh your haul. Saturday, Dallas local 972 the North Dallas Fort Worth super spreader and loss of liberty celebration. Hey six o'clock. That will be at snickered billiards and bar no one under 18 sorry. Then we have the local na 512 Valentine's Eve sunset Valley Texas meetup. Um, and that'll be next Saturday. Cool man docks backyard. I hope I can make it and can't promise that one. Also next Saturday, the old post that will be in Missoula, Montana 406 reunites and on the horizon the 17th of February Houston Houston lock pickers the 20th the backwater Wisconsin, meetup Springfield, Missouri super spreader event Houston raging super spreader luncheon. New for the 20th Nashville mandatory producers meeting. It's just mandatory. Also on the 20th flight Oh 201 to have the no agenda Agoura Hills California the 21st mediocre reset commission Adelaide in AWS and it just goes on and on from there. February's going to be a very busy month a lot of meetups go take a look at them find a meetup near you know agenda if you can't find something, Oh, it's so easy. All you have to do is go ahead. You okay, there?
John: Yeah, that's just a bag of cans.
Adam: Oops, sorry.
John: I got the game spent paps.
Adam: Yes. So all you have to do is go to no agenda it's like a party. Don't you know it? Sometimes you.
You want to be with everybody.
John: So you might get out of here on time today.
Adam: Um, how we could we could let me see what else do I have here? We did the
John: Oh, just a couple. I have a couple. We got this new thing. You know that the the Brooks David Brooks can't seem to find a partner. They had a bunch of women that didn't like to work with them. I don't know what happened. And they had to find some of this as you know, as much of a democrat as he is only they pretend to be something else. So they finally decided to go with equity. This is the
Adam: this is the ongoing audition, I guess for this spot, an
John: ongoing audition. It looks like they may stick with this guy. And his name is Jonathan capehart. And I can never remember his last name. But I do know that he's an infamous or famous, famous gay guy that writes a column for The Washington Post. I can never remember his last name. So I just anybody wants to do this. You should do it. It's a funny exercise. Right in the Google search. Gay Washington Post columnist.
Adam: That must be 1515 I think
John: so that wasn't a much use but but so this guy's the new is the new is black is black and gay. So that's your checks to boxes. Hmm. And they couldn't find a woman man, He better
Adam: not get Corona, Black gammy.
John: So they just the new thing. And so here we get to hear him from this from this last show when they first I think first introduced them or maybe the second one. But this is the this this is the Brooks in john PBS and they go off and then the second clip is kind of telling
Unknown: stands out to you the most about what's happened. so far.
Fun fact that Donald Trump didn't do a lot of legislating. And so he did a lot of stuff by executive order, leaving the Paris Climate accord the Keystone pipeline, a lot of stuff on the border. And Biden is pretty much rolled back. And so what Trump signed in Biden is signing out. And to me, it's just strikes me This is mostly its standard democratic policy. Some of it, I think it's quite good. The racial equity stuff that he's put throughout the government. I was struck though, that my newspaper, my colleagues on the editorial board, which I'm not part of, wrote an editorial saying they were over relying on the executive orders, and they should ease up a little. And I noticed every single member of the Biden ministration, down to the people who opened the door, went on Twitter to argue back against the editorial. And I think they were thrilled to be accused of moving too fast. And so they wanted, they loved having that fight. That was my impression. I think, you know, as I said last week, I don't love executive orders, nobody does, because what gets signed in can get signed out. But so far, it seems they're mostly doing what any democratic president would do right now,
Jonathan, over relying on executive orders and executive actions.
I don't think so. I think, you know, President Biden made a lot of promises about what he was going to do on day 123. And now nine or 10. And he's following through I agree, 100%. With with David, what President Biden is doing is basically canceling out the executive action hours that were put in place by President Trump. But in a in a perfect world, or actually, in a functioning world. Congress would be making laws. And one of the things, one of the things I took issue with, with the New York Times editorial saying that the president should ease up on executive orders, they use the example of DACA.
Adam: And what I found interesting is that
Unknown: they didn't go the extra step of saying why President Obama use executive action in the first place. It was because years of trying to work with Congress work with Republicans in Congress to get comprehensive immigration reform done.
Adam: I love how the guy who's supposed to disagree agrees.
John: Oh, yeah. 100% format,
Unknown: format, the
John: word 100% 100% agreement, David. Brooks got what he wanted. He got a black guy, he got a gay guy. And he got a guy that agrees with him. 100% if the decision to get rid of the women. Now the DACA thing, this guy's argument is so lame, because the idea is, you don't get legislation for stuff that is really not desired. Obama wanted this he wanted that he wanted this. He wanted that, that now now we're not doing any of this stuff. That's how government works. That's what you want. You don't want to King just dictating everything you want things if the legislature doesn't want it, there's a reason. Okay. So now we're gonna get to see really what this guy's all about with clip two. And there's a little gotcha. And here's like a, it's not a whipsaw. It's just, it's like it's like an eye roll or listen to people in the
Unknown: the immigrant community, Latino community saying, hey, do something use executive use executive action, and President Obama coming back and saying, No, I can't do that. And then in 2012, doing it, and then trying to do it again in 2014. That's what got that particular ball rolling. If the House and the Senate were to actually start legislating, then chief executives, whether it's President Trump, or President Biden wouldn't have to rely to use that word on executive actions to actually do something to help the American people.
Adam: Oh my gosh, they had the house in the Senate.
John: Why he did that but besides that, how does DACA and all this this this executive orders about illegal immigrants, quote unquote, help the American people it helps the immigrants so
Adam: they make us richer as a nation. Don't you know that? culturally richer Well, I think they are this guy's
John: his, you know, he's
Adam: a dud, guys. He's a dud in there. But there's other people who I think should be tested for this position, but
John: getting rid of Brooks.
Adam: No, no, no, no.
John: Wow.
Unknown: Huh.
Adam: Well, here's some people that
John: hold on. I got another one. I'm goodness. I'm
Adam: on a roll another name.
John: Get rid of Brooks and this guy and put into
Unknown: women.
John: That's the trend. Putting giggling dipshits trend podcasting.
Adam: Yeah, it's a real successful trend. Hold on. I got breaking news.
Unknown: Breaking News lou dobbs tonight which happens to be the highest rated show on the network Fox Business.
Adam: This is the meme that I loved. The highest rated show on Fox Business. Okay, people just what we do, we do. Two higher ratings.
Fox News combined, cumulative over an entire week
Unknown: suddenly canceled. Done. Who peddled and encouraged false theories of election fraud all the way through this saga has also named
along it'll
Adam: Could it be called reporting or is it just peddled is just
Unknown: through this saga has also been named along with two other Fox hosts and a $2.7 billion election lawsuit this week. Our chief media correspondent Brian Stelter joins me now, Brian, can
you remember a network ever canceling its highest rated show?
John: bill o'reilly.
Unknown: Thank you very much for canceling its
highest rated show.
It is exceedingly rare.
John: Wait, how about Tim Allen show on ABC. Last Man Standing by, I rated one of the highest rated shows on ABC kicked right off the air because of his politics.
Unknown: This is exceeding
John: an idiot is what I'm asking you. Just kind of hypothetically,
Adam: if she wasn't an idiot, we wouldn't be playing the clip. It'd be no fun.
Unknown: This is the best true this is exceedingly rare here. And
the closest thing to it is when Fox News fired bill o'reilly
when his secret history of sexual harassment settlements was revealed Secret History. There's no sign of that with dogs. Instead it's dogs is extreme content. That is the issue and his weakness with advertisers. Of course, he
was a cigarette for President Trump one of the best boosters on TV.
And now there's less use for that. Trump issued a statement tonight praising dubs saying he is and was great. He had a large and loyal following that we'll be watching closely for his next move. And that following includes me, but you know what, Dobbs is not going to be seen anywhere anytime soon. Fox is sitting him on the bench. They're gonna pay him to stay off TV for the time being.
Adam: Yeah, well, of course. Of course. They've got a huge lawsuit. They want any more trouble?
Unknown: Yes. Let's
Adam: watch this. I got another one. From the Stelter here he continues, there's more going on. I guess this is state TV. I mentioned
Unknown: that. There were other Fox News hosts we know also included in the smartmatic voting machines lawsuit, including Jeannine Piero and Maria Bartiromo. any sense of whether this is related to their fate
that's definitely the next big question I hear no imminent indication the payroll or barter Omar next but that's the clear issue now within Fox. This is one of those cases where and where it's two plus two equals four there's a lawsuit breathing down Fox's neck another possible lawsuit imminent and the next day they fire lou dobbs. This is two plus two equals four but it's also five six and seven. troublemaker why Fox even before spreading the big lie about the election.
Adam: Brian seltzer water Pay no attention to his math. If it's just funny to see, it's just fun. It's everything's eating itself. Silicon Valley Apple was eating Facebook. You know, the Tim Cook is definitely going on Facebook. You know, we've got everybody eating themselves here. And we just sit back relax.
John: We throw stones in the drink. All right.
Adam: Do you have anything else you would do? We call it a day?
John: I think so. I think we can do that. I get good stuff for this Thursday. Yeah,
Adam: I got I got some real crackpot stuff for Thursday show as well. Very excited about that. Really excited actually. In the show mixes. Let me see we have Fletcher. We have Mad Monk. We've got sir SCO v. And we have Rolando Gonzalez, and also on no agenda Nick the rat coming up with I think is a replay of his live show from earlier this week, which is well worth it. Hang out there. circle back troll with the trolls. It's a good place to hang out. Coming to you from the capital The Lone Star State here and opportunities 3030 opportunity zone 33 of Austin, Texas FEMA Region number six and all the governmental maps in the morning, everybody.
Unknown: I'm Adam Curry
John: after northern Silicon Valley where I'm going to get out the hot dogs and watch the Super Bowl by myself. Thanks, Obama.
Adam: And your name?
John: Oh, I'm sorry. My name by the way is john C. Dvorak.
Adam: Go Chase. Remember slash na until next time, everybody. Adios.
Unknown: conversations we're gonna have we're not kink shaming at all.
Adam: shaming.
Unknown: Unbelievable.
Was it kinky right off the
bat. Yeah. 100% even women
fantasize about that too.
Right. Which sounds crazy to say right off the bat.
polluted young people's minds.
John: The actor who turns out to be a genuine cannibal who wanted to eat her ribs,
Unknown: to me made me feel
like that was on top of the world.
John: It's real.
Adam: It's real. Wow, that must really be out there.
Unknown: Are you comfortable? we dive in,
John: out there
Unknown: feeling really sexually.
Adam: behavior that always takes place just before society collapses.
Unknown: Okay.
Adam: It's very concerning, right? And I'm gonna
John: say this. Okay. And I think you've almost made the point, right?
Unknown: No people read.
John: We're really taking very seriously the potential for the influx of these types of mutants into the country. They will replicate and they will mutate. I've said it many times. And I'll close by saying it again. We have to be concerned about the mute.
We have to be concerned about
we have to be concerned about the meat.
Unknown: So we're really taking very
John: seriously the potential for the influx of these types of mutants into the country. One day, I was looking for a nice place to build a city for my children. When I spotted a mutant in the Forbidden Zone. I landed my vehicle to the zoo and destroyed this genetic freak before you can either use in the underground cage Are you friendly?
Unknown: radiation is an enemy of civilization.
John: We have to be concerned about the
we have to be concerned about
Unknown: Coronavirus.
us record is highly his highest daily pandemic
Adam: what is going on with our shows
John: this is the way it should be presented.
Adam: That goes on during your entire show.
John: This is the way
Unknown: to speed up the rate of vaccination.
John: This is the way it should be presented. Well I may have added
Unknown: Coronavirus
Adam: just going on with our show.
John: This is the way it should be presented.
Unknown: realized
John: the way it should be presented. The way it should be presented
Unknown: I guess let's dive into the SEC.
After that night, he started like introducing me to what is called
my protocol.
I show up at a certain time and I'm late like I don't get let in. I just open like my hands and knees. Wander me like tons of rules. Also he did send me Say for instance, like I do say to people like when I'm telling the story, like I'm following the rules, like try to like, do it right in
some ways, I felt like you have to change the protocol.
Completely tied up. Like Nice play like all of that.
stick to the rules. Lock downs do
not work
shouldn't be this hard. You guys is a national health emergency. To consistence. There is now a more powerful mutant strain of the virus. If you bend the rules, people will die.
I'm facing
more testing and more sequencing and more vertices. I am the oppressor. I am racists. We are at war.
People will die.
So super
easy. This world.
Adam: Exercise don't socialize businesses shuttered, lives ruined and schools closed. Wow. spaceforce
Unknown: call me sir daddy.
We have to be concerned about the news.
You're not King shaming at all.
slash and a
good night math. None.
0:00 0:00