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February 11th, 2021 • 3h 5m

1320: Quarantine Dodgers


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Unknown: daxi light
by iPhone
Adam: the new beta Adam Curry,
Unknown: John Dvorak,
Adam: Thursday, February 11 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 13. This
Unknown: is no agenda broadcasting
Adam: live live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the Lone Star State in the morning, everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry, and from Northern Silicon Valley, and since Biden's installation is President 60,000 Americans have died on his watch. He's a murderer. I'm Jhansi devorah Yeah, yeah.
Adam: That's called What about ism john? Stop with your What about isms?
John: Using his logic,
Adam: yeah. 31 degrees in Austin, Texas.
John: Oh, no wonder you could do that to the trill Ah yeah, so
Adam: um, what is going on?
John: is called Global Warming
Adam: turn off harp. Turn off heart people.
Unknown: Oh, man.
Adam: What a crazy day already crazy day. Bitcoin all time high. Which it was it was like almost 49,000 this morning.
John: You rolling in dough? Oh, yeah. Yeah,
Adam: yeah, just rolling in it. If I hadn't sold those 6510 years ago, I might be rolling in the dough.
John: Well, that was a blunder.
Adam: That was a big blunder. That's all right. I'm gonna I'm with the other students as bad as
John: both both buzzkill Jr. and the shill. Yeah, they both like I think a lot of people don't tell me
Adam: something bad happen to
John: know they both have Bitcoins. Of course, they
Adam: have bitcoins
John: on some old hard
Adam: drive. Eric told me about this. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I've done some I've done some mining a while but I think I got three or four bitcoins, but I don't know which computer it's on. I got a restore from a backup, right? Oh, my
John: God doesn't and he doesn't know where the disk is. As long gone. This is like 10 years ago.
Adam: Don't these people know what a seed is that you need to keep in your, in your safe or in your head? Hey, no,
John: talking to the wrong guy. I don't even care. I
Adam: know, I know. You don't.
John: I figured if I didn't buy 25 or 100 bitcoins when they were 25 cents or $1. What's the point now?
Adam: Well, something for a longer discussion someday. Meanwhile, we learned something. We learned that it is completely constitutional to impeach a president after he's already out of office with the fact that was quite shocking to me, I have to say is a constitutional thing.
John: I think that I think our murder in chief Barack Obama is susceptible to this.
Adam: Well, I like this a lot. Because now you know, eventually we can go back and we can get all kinds of dudes.
John: And what we end up impeaching all of them.
Adam: Well, let's get cheney because no one's talking about vice presidents. But I think cheney would be a good one too.
John: But what about bush? torture? Yeah. I think they're all susceptible. I mean, they've been called war criminals by the left. Yeah. Yeah. Actually Clinton has been too so you got first you got Reagan he's because it was still iran contra they can get go back and do that again. Yeah. Then he got Clinton. You can do the him again. And then a george HW Bush, I'm sure there's something very to puking out some guy. That's
Unknown: that's impeachable. Definitely.
Adam: But can't wait a minute. Can we impeach Joe Biden is vice president?
Unknown: Yeah.
Adam: And then he would not be able to hold office.
John: That's a good one. Yeah, I think it was, must be begun.
Adam: Must be begun. Begin to begin. He said yes. Well, I enjoyed. I didn't watch all of the trial, but I had c span radio on my hearing aids. So I heard most of it, most of it. And there were some funny bits in this. The trial is, as you noted in the newsletter, huge show trial, a
John: lot of stuff.
Adam: And you know, really, I'm disappointed. I think the level of lawyers on both sides is mediocre. Just you know, it's what are they all trying to do? Like a CBS movie of the week.
John: They're all doing auditions.
Adam: auditions. Exactly. Jamie Raskin who, from what I understand, he is a trial lawyer.
John: You'd never know it from this. Exactly.
Adam: Have the funniest moment.
John: You know, cider in chief? Well, there
Adam: were a lot there were actually a lot of funny moments. Let me see what I have. There was some some things about Bill Barr that the defense brought up. And it was interesting listening to this on c span radio, you know, c span radio, you're listening to it and they try to provide you with eyes by you know, by coming in by saying the senator from New York Chuck Schumer,
John: you know, they'll go naked, they're naked.
Adam: That's exactly Wouldn't it be cool if they did that? senator from New York Chuck Schumer has no pants on c span radio. But instead we we did get some some language which they then had to intervene on and say that c span radio was carrying this live which means that we do not censor any language it may be it may not be applicable or appropriate for some younger ear c span radio. And this was one of
Unknown: the according to a news report, Bill Barr, the highest law official of the worst MIT official in Deland told President Donald Trump to his face that his theories of election fraud were quote, bullshit.
Adam: Unquote, c span radio is caring this live We're so sorry for any nasty words you might have heard. But then you know when I'm talking about the quality of these lawyers, and are these millennials disguised as as Xers or boomers, listen
Unknown: to this 16 assistant us attorneys in the Trump administration urged the Attorney General to cease investigations because they had not seen evidence of any substantial anomalies that means they did not find any evidence
John: of real fraud.
Unknown: Attorney General Barr pursued investigations anyways and
how does that work?
Adam: How does a lawyer schooled in in the in language How does he come up with any ways
John: Come on
Adam: automatic dismissal I
John: didn't catch that at all I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you a premature borderline Tip of the Day
Adam: wow okay. Anyways get out of town get out of town
John: let's it makes me wonder whether they're just mocking the whole process.
Adam: Yeah, maybe
John: I know there's no evidence of it because they're all seemed humorless like humorless Yeah, yep. They really did possible that they were that was an act to you don't know
Adam: Well, so what was interesting to me although we've seen this more recently in in different different things in the Senate, it was really a lot of use of video and man, would you take video and then you're overlaying never before heard radio transmission of Capitol Police? I mean, yeah, it's gonna sound scary. You know, you and I can do that. Just audio. This has never been heard before. Listen, listen to these brave men and women of the Capitol Police. You know, it's like,
oh, man, that sounded really bad.
John: It was ludicrous. But they also
Adam: use a lot of M five m footage, which was interesting. And it was just so flattering for CNN, Jake Tapper got old gt was slick from from the fact that they use cnn real reporting in this trial. A lot of CNN reporting was in that presentation. CNN reporters, talking to Trump supporters, Anderson, finding out what they think is there any way that if Donald Trump loses, it's legitimate, and they say no, this is this was cnn reporting. JOHN Kelly, former White House Chief of Staff saying Donald Trump told his producer supporters what to do, and they did it. All right. They're all reported by CNN. Oh, my God, you guys are so great. CNN,
John: CNN one more time. CNN till we don't get that mixed up with anyone else. One of
Adam: the what I found kind of obvious, like how the setup works, or maybe they were working ahead, maybe they were playing 3d chess against the president. I'm not sure. One of the pieces of evidence that was introduced was the leaked call between President Trump at the time and the Georgia governor, where he was saying, Hey, man, you know, this is like, last chance. You gotta you gotta get me the votes. This is bullcrap. And
John: I'm sorry. And it has to do with the insurrection. Oh, yeah. It's okay. Things in one thing, but that some of them had to do with the insurrection. It's all about that insert. I'm sorry, I said insurrection. But that's the term they use the pros test where they walk between the the walk down the aisle between the those what is called the velvet ropes don't get outside the ropes. NPR
Adam: really took the cake for me on because you know the term insurrection seems to be difficult for certain people. We've seen anderson cooper from CNN, we've seen Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. And we've also seen democratic house bigwig, Adam Schiff all say erection instead of insurrection. And it's an it seems to be just guys that have this issue and is it a truth wants to come out? are they thinking of something different? on national pornographic radio joined the club
Unknown: things they were brought up by the house managers that we can expect the Trump lawyers to bring up one of them being a First Amendment argument? What is the first amendment argument to defend the president for its conduct? And
what is the democratic warehouse manager response? Yes, so
Trump's lawyers in this proceeding, are arguing that he is protected by the First Amendment. First of all, he didn't attempt to incite an erection in selection is charged.
Adam: Now wait, listen, the ladies are in the wait she throws a second flub right after that, which is a new twist. First of all,
Unknown: he didn't attempt to incite an erection insurrection is charged and second of all, that his words are protected. the contrary,
Holy moly,
Adam: she's got penis on the mind.
John: The COC standing across him are naked. You don't know us NPR? They won't be naked.
Adam: No idea. But man, NPR, turning up the heat.
John: Wow.
Adam: Yeah, we will. Please. People need to be aware. We do have crack crack producers. Who were all literally Yes. All over this kind of stuff. So Victor Davis Hanson from the what is he with the Brookings Institution that Hoover Hoover, Hoover Institution. He gave a pretty good summary of
John: Philly, he is a he's at the Hoover Institution a lot because he likes to talk was that the interview guy there? He's a professor of ancient history. And he's, he's extremely highly regarded as such. He's not a slouch.
Adam: Well, he's being cancelled left and right.
John: And well, they can try all they wanted these pretty good and be hard to do.
Adam: He says this is exactly what it looks like. And there's no doubt about it. We are under Communist Party of China rule.
Unknown: It's not a serious attempt to either remove Donald Trump during his tenure, or to ban him from office in his retirement. It just it's like a public shaming like the Communist Party used to make people wear dunce caps. That's what it's intended for. And so are the public confessionals. And they somebody is fired from the New York Times for a crime or thought crime 30 years ago or indiscreet expressions and they have to have this abusive apology. I didn't know what I'm doing. I was ignorant. I wasn't properly advised. What I was just mumbling to myself, keep going training that I have now I want to apologize to marginalize people with the vocabulary is even reminiscent of the Soviet or Chinese system. We same the same words privilege. Now we have a new one honor and privilege. We come up with a slogan, one of the most dangerous that appeared in the last six weeks from the left and the left wing media is it's not about free speech. It's about free reach. And they said we're not trying to counsel people's first amendment rights by barring them from Facebook or Twitter or from universities. We're just saying that you don't have a inherent constitutional right to use a platform that you don't own.
Adam: I love that. Not free speech, free reach, free reach.
John: I don't think that's going anywhere. It's like Trump Lincoln. I want to have these clips from one of these obscure I'm spending a lot of time roam around these YouTube alternatives and some wild stuff. But this lawyer Robert Barnes comes on he does a three piece piece from barter horns law,
Adam: right this is Barnes law. Yeah. Yeah.
John: I want to jump to his last clip I have I'm gonna play the I like to play the other clips too. But just to put the little background on this, he says something on this. This clip called a final analysis, which I thought was I didn't think about it until he outlined it for for me and I think this we should have this in the back of our minds as we listen to all that These clips, okay?
Unknown: And none of which could be blamed on Trump. I mean, the so in the law there and incitement is clear, and there's been plenty of precedents on it for incitement you have to have the reason why it's a First Amendment violation. And the reason why Raskin had to argue reskin couldn't meaningfully argue that the speech was unprotected by the First Amendment didn't need to be tried. But it was a very weak argument. That's why he and he couldn't argue that his wanting to use the Fifth Amendment against Trump was not doing exactly what he was doing, that his attempts to circumvent other protections of the Constitution, including due process were present. That's why he made the extraordinary statement, that the precedent they want to set with this impeachment trial is not about Trump, really, it's that there is no constitutional limitation on Congress's power to be judge, jury and executioner. If you've ever held federal office, period. In fact, they want to go a step further, they're arguing under the 14th amendment article, subsection three, that you don't even need to be an extra facial, they can start holding trials of private citizens, anywhere in the country to prohibit people from running for office ever. This is that scary parallel. So I tell my liberal friends, that the the reason why anybody on the constitutional side can no longer in good faith stay on the left is because the left is decided to burn the Constitution, they no longer care about
it. It's an inconvenience. It's an intrusion. It's an obstacle. And this is one more example of their willingness to make a mockery of it. And just going after their political adversaries to establish a precedent to go after a lot of other people.
Adam: Victor Davis Hanson followed up. And he of course, also agrees with that, but he takes it one step further, and says this is the opposite of what the left has always wanted, done and stood for. But that's entirely antithetical to the whole civil rights movement.
Unknown: I can remember in 1964, in California, there was something called the Fair Housing movement. And what it said was, if you own an apartment building, or a house, or you're the head of a community or residential homeowners association, you can't tell an African American or an Armenian American or an Asian American sorry, you can buy a house anywhere you want. The fact that we had control 99% of the houses in town is your problem, not ours, we just go out and find a house, but you're not going to have a house with us. And that was rejected by the Supreme Court, that idea. And the idea that you can borrow somebody from a private, but a public quasi shared entity, and then expect them to go out and twitter or social media when you block that alternative. And that's the argument that the left is using, which was once a racist reactionary trope.
Adam: Used to be racist and wrong.
John: That's an interest that was a very good take by him. Guys smart that did take it to the next level. Yeah, yeah, these guys are these guys. These guys are shameless. They're horrible, horrible people.
Adam: Now Alan Dershowitz who has been effectively canceled and now camps out at on one American news or is it Newsmax See I don't even know worse. I don't even know
John: I'm on something I was gonna clip is probably the clip you have hit my I don't even know what this outlet is.
Adam: It's so sad because the guy is, for decades heralded as America's constitutional constitutional lawyers
John: happened to Ray McGovern, he said this before I might as well reiterate, please, these guys who normally used to be on all these shows, including Democracy Now a lot of them Ray McGovern being the best example of a guy was on Democracy Now all the time. He said one little thing and next thing you know, he's blacklisted from everything. And Stephen Cohen, the Russian expert, another good example, who's now died, he died, but he got kicked off everything. Glenn Greenwald's another example. He was on Democracy Now all the time and they turned on him, you know. And Matt Taibbi for all practical purposes. Yeah, I mean, there's just all these guys who used to be the voices of reason began from the left from the left these are not right wingers.
Adam: No sir all left certainly not
John: even got kicked off this planet.
Adam: I think Victor Davis Hanson isn't necessarily conservative either.
Unknown: My feeling he's pretty conservative. And really,
Adam: I thought it wasn't Yeah, well, when
John: you study he's talking about we're talking ancient history we're talking about ancient history he you get conservative, okay.
Adam: So Dershowitz. Now, I had already pointed out that it was hard for me to find the line in Trump's speech the just before the the erection and the line where he said fight and we got a fight fight like hell Dershowitz. says there's he doesn't even talk about that in this clip. But he says that the mainstream media has omitted a key piece from his speech, which he says is, for all intents and purposes has been scrubbed from the internet. He says it's never in any of the pieces and he says this one part of the speech is the crux of the reason why the President cannot be found guilty. I know that everyone
Unknown: here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.
I mean, isn't it like right there, open and shut? We had Mr. Kaster on last night. He is one of the lawyers. I mean, like that's it right there.
He said it out loud. I understand. The President didn't actually say that. How do I know the President didn't say that? Because it wasn't on CNN. And it wasn't on PBS.
And it wasn't in the media. So the President obviously
couldn't have said, you just made it up. You probably just created that tape, because I believe CNN.
And cnn didn't show that. And recently
on frontline, they had a whole show on Trump, and they showed that speech, but they left out that phrase, just the way they left out the term when he talks about good people on both sides saying, I don't include neo nazis or white nationalists.
They left that out.
That kind of editing, they're doing the doctoring of tapes that's going on at CNN. I'm suing cnn for doctoring the tape of my presentation in front of the Senate, when they took out the phrase illegal or unlawful, suggesting that I thought the President can do anything you want even engage in illegal conduct. So you just can't trust some of the media To tell you the truth. Of course, when he said peaceful and patriotic,
that's the end of the case.
Adam: There you go. If it didn't, it's not on CNN, it didn't happen.
John: This is what's going on.
Adam: Yeah, exactly what's going on.
John: And Dershowitz at least he has a couple outlets, and then we can pick it up. And some other people will pick it up. But yeah, everybody should know that this is his nonsense. And it's just like a
Adam: trial. Yeah. What I understand is by Saturday, they hope to have a vote Saturday night. And it would be very surprising if they if they got this one, which would mean they'd need what 17 republicans
John: 17 of which they have to get their six turn codes. And I'm not even sure all six of those are vote for impeachment. They just likely not. Yeah, I would think for for sure. I mean, Romney will for sure. Right. I don't know what that guy's problem is. But I guess he got very insulted by Trump.
Adam: You know, what's, what's funny, though, in the in the land of stop to steal his hotel bookings for Washington, DC are up significantly for March 3 and fourth. And you're gonna love this.
John: I know this already.
Adam: It's hilarious, because that was the original Inauguration Day. The original Inauguration Day, and there's even hotel Trump hotels are three times as expensive. March 3, March 4,
John: make a few extra bucks on the second. The last I heard from the queue types, night from queue was that on March 6, Trump will be sworn in as president could be. Oh, yeah. Yeah, could be anything gonna happen to this guy? Anything?
Adam: Oh, wait, wait. We're gonna go straight to the nutjob stuff. And we do that a little bit later. I have some stuff. But why
John: don't I don't have any nutjob stuff. I just wanted to play Barnes laws guy. Oh, I'm sorry. is telling us what's going on. I also have a kind of a summary from PBS.
Adam: As long as it's not Amy, I get so much grief.
John: I got no Amy. Oh.
Adam: You heard it here. Ladies and gentlemen. He's got no ama.
John: I got no Amy. All right. What are we pulling looking up and down the list here? I don't see it. No, Amy. Well, you say PBS? clam up. Yes. I got a show. We do
Adam: what we actually kicked someone out of the out of the troll room for saying just that. Just now. Did you guru.
John: But he say he said no.
Adam: And I said Go do your own podcast kick. Ooh, I know. I'm bad. And
John: this is a Robert Barnes and what's wrong with this impeachment? And this is a three parter. It's nothing long here and it says I think he's got most of the points.
Adam: Which 1am I playing here? What is wrong should
John: be Robert Barnes. What is wrong one?
Unknown: Okay.
Technically Pelosi failed to deliver the impeachment until after Trump was out. And she did that because she wanted a different sentiment. The leader in charge. And so that creates a constitutional issue. The next constitutional issue is the is Leahy being both judging jury. Your that's a problem three the Chief Justice not being present in the case. Fourth, the fact that
Adam: historically,
Unknown: historically, they've recognized the due process clause does apply to the way they're supposed to do it. And they have internal rules about how impeachment is supposed to work. And and that included giving him a chance to be heard, giving him advanced notice producing witnesses on his behalf. All of that was denied by the house. We have never had an impeachment where this has happened before, to this degree. And and that's what happened here. They just rushed it through. So all of those and then you have problems. I mean, one of the it's the whole idea, you could have had a different jury from a person if this was a midterm issue. That part by itself wasn't necessarily a problem. That's the problem is that it was a that she did not transfer the impeachment papers while Trump was president. And so that she deliberately delayed it to change who it is that got to adjudicate it.
Adam: Oh, that's interesting.
John: And I think what that is, if you think about it, when he brings up the points that
Adam: should ready for Joe Biden, I just switched it to Trump.
John: No, I think they what he said at the that first clip that we played earlier, and what Victor Hansen Davis said, Is this was done to prove that you could do a impeachment with somebody out of office.
Adam: Right, right. Right. Right.
John: So you wait, he's out of office now you transfer the papers. And it's proving it makes it it sets a precedent that would this has been done before. Yeah. Pelosi did it. So we can do this now with when the republicans get in. You can do it Barack Obama. I think because these guys
Adam: know, john, most politicians are dumb.
John: Come on, they don't get it. This can happen to them.
Adam: They hire lawyers who say anyways, come on,
John: we watch these people. This is true. A lot anyways, oh, my God, I just get to part two, sorry. So
Unknown: you get past all of those issues, the due process issues that no chief justice issues, a judge is also a juror issues. The timing of when the transfer took place issues whether you can do this to someone who is no longer holding office, all and the Bill of attainder issues, even if you get past all those issues, you have two other big issues, which is one, the First Amendment problem that this is protected speech. What is terrifying, as Dershowitz has also recognized is that what they're the precedent they're trying to set is not only that is that there's no statute of limitations ever. That was part one, they claim, part two, that there's no first amendment application ever, to any impeachment proceeding and unrelated to their to no due process requirement ever. So they're saying the constitution that gives them the power of impeachment does not apply. No other part of the Constitution applies to the actions of impeachment.
John: That's your limitations. Hello, Brock.
Adam: Very interesting. He
John: says you're nuts.
Adam: Why are they doing this? This makes no sense.
John: They think that they belong to place now. Well, but it's only a member. I remember when they I think it was right when Obama first won in 2008. And they own the House, the Senate and they had 60 people in the in the Senate. They had the mme that made. And they were doing crazy stuff. Then they were. Luckily they get they lost their 16 members very shortly thereafter, but like within a month or two. But I remember clips where they were doing stuff like they were having a meeting and then they encumbered Republic republican wanted to talk they just cut their mic. Alright, one time they did close. They said this meeting is adjourned they turn the lights off with a bunch of Republicans sitting in Yes.
Adam: Gosh, that's nuts. Right? And it's all the same people. It's on steroids. Now. People who are in
John: Oh, yeah, now they think that they've got it made. This is a problem for them. Anyway, let's go to the last clip,
Unknown: because there's two other problems with this particular impeachment, which is one they violated their own rules, which requires that there be separate articles of impeachment for each particular item or reason. And the reason for that is you need to know what you're voting on. In order to inject you need to know which count they're voting on. Well, they stuck all the counts together within one count. And within the criminal world. They tried to do this. it's unconstitutional. They call it a multiplicity or duplicitous or duplicative indictment, but particularly multiplicity, which is basically where they have multiple counts within one count where a jury could vote for guilty But they're not actually be agreement as to which count they're voting guilty on, because they've all been shoved into one count. So that's a that's a problem and including a constitutional problem, which again, the democrats answer is let's just scratch the constitution as it applies to impeachment. And then, of course, the same problem we discussed extensively in the last impeachment debate, which is there is no allegation of a specific crime being committed. Yeah,
and there Yeah,
Adam: yeah. So this is it seems futile, unless, for some god awful reason, they decided to deploy the nuclear option, which is highly unlikely, but that would mean that they
John: option only applies to legislation that and probably
Adam: can't go for impeachment. Oh, no. That's no fun. So it's for I mean, this or they can't be serious. They really all we have to do this. So he can never hold public office again, it just seems unlikely that they were going for that. And so then, in that case, Victor Davis Hanson analysis of this is just shaming, I think is right. But what's what, what I'm worried about is once Trump has been, you know, shamed, to the degree they feel appropriate, no, come up with the right words. We can almost kind of guess what it's going to be. But I think the word trader will be in there somehow that they're gonna have something, and it will be used as a wedge against half of America. That's what I'm worried about. Once we could No, no one is trying to figure out, hey, why were all these people so mad? At what they're saying is they did this because Trump told them to, and then we'll fix that we got unity, and we can move on. Meanwhile, you have 60% of the people they tracked illegally and is now just being presented by the media as if it's the most normal thing in the world. We're in financial dire straits. I mean, they did some nice, nice fact checking on people, didn't they? Yeah.
John: So the normal Yeah, no, I'm
Adam: I this is also the CCP way this is and I'm now more convinced than ever, especially with that analysis, analysis from Hansen, is the CCP is is calling the shots than just telling us what to do.
John: Well, there are a number of articles out there long essays written by various people saying that China won this election.
Adam: Did you see the I think I sent you the article, the 30 threats?
John: No, I did not see that article yet.
Adam: Oh, my goodness, it's sorry, that's 30 to 30, tyrants tablet mag. It's a very long read. But they they really run down how the CCP took over the United States and the politics. And I'd forgotten about Dianne Feinstein when she was mayor of San Francisco. That's when China really got a hold on stuff. And of course, it made her husband wealthy who was investing in stuff.
John: And I would think interesting, as you mentioned, the Chinese connection that the main guys that came over from the House of Representatives included the Chinese shill. Yeah, the thanks that Thanks.
Adam: Yeah, yeah,
John: he's the show is he doing there?
Adam: He's the Little China girl. They put them on the stage My Little China girl. My name is swalwell.
John: Or swallow Well, it's the right likes to portray and
Adam: just a few things we'll just touch briefly on China. Reddit raised another $250 million. That is Chinese money. I want to point out, they already took $300 million from Chinese investors. And my favorite that I just learned today, you know, the hot thing that everyone's talking about the hot platform, which is clubhouse I'm sure you've heard the clubhouse vibe.
John: Oh, yeah.
Adam: So now I i've been invited to clubhouse I'm not blue. It's a platform I'm not interested in it at all. It's like find something and get kicked off. And they're making the typical mistake of wall comm listen to celebrities talk with celebrities. You learn Musk, no one's going to give a shit. If you don't stack it full of celebrities, but here's what's interesting. The technology behind clubhouse is owned by a Gora. Gora is a Chinese company. A Chinese company is hosting these chats and you're just giving them everything including your address book because you can't invite anybody unless you give them access to your address book. This is this is Chinese spying on your conversations you idiots. Stop. Stop immediately. Dude. I
John: find fascinating in all this began with Tick Tock. Yeah. Is that when did the American coders take a backseat to Chinese coders? Plenty of Tick Tock up like products before Tick Tock ever showed
Adam: or we did Yeah, absolutely. But
John: all of a sudden the guys who do it best is the is Tick Tock. Yeah, they have a huge audience a huge market and they have they have little they add a little twists to it that work to win it. When do we take a backseat to Chinese coders, American coders? Oh, we're the best. We're the best. We get the most nerds. Now, I'll
Adam: tell you what, shall I tell you what I think?
John: I uh, what do you think I believe that is
Adam: my thinking is that American coders are still too ethical. So when they put an algo in place, they have in their mind equity equality. Gotta give everyone a fair voice. The Chinese go fuck it. This guy's hilarious put him at the top all the time. In fact, I've been very encouraged by his rules to say, I'll go put him top
John: is fired right to tell
Adam: me that isn't happening. Tell me that isn't exactly what's going on. They've got a whole we have to have enough people of color on the homepage. We have to have enough women represented. Tick Tock goes there. That dude who smashes his face? That's hilarious. Play it over and over again for everybody. Yeah. How simple is that to understand. But this algo i think is being abused. And Tina and I have an argument over this. I'm telling her I'm saying this thing. This is not just a viral video. This is either the fetta cheese Council of Finland. It is some organization is making money off of this. If you have not seen it, this is just one I believe it's the original of The Tick Tock Tick Tick Tock Seta pasta viral video.
Unknown: Let's make big fetta pasta. Add your cherry tomatoes and olive oil to a baking dish. Then add some black pepper and give them a good toss into their well combined. Then you're going to add a block of cheese right in the middle. Another drizzle of olive oil and the star of the show some white wine. Make this at 400 degrees for 30 minutes until the cheese is soft and the tomatoes are juicy. Give them a good mash, stirring your pasta of choice and finish it off with some fresh basil.
Adam: So this is now there's 1000s of these replicated, and it starts Hey, guys, here's a great recipe.
Unknown: You got pasta?
John: Koshi. What was your initial and are you with Tina telling her that?
Adam: She says this is just people just going viral? I said no. This has got to be a campaign. It's
John: everywhere away. But But who did you Who did you attribute this to? You said
Adam: yes. Because that it's fair to inland? Yes, I'll tell you why. It's fetta cheese. And according to the virality of the rumor and the story. It came out of Finland. And it was so popular that Finland ran out of feta cheese
John: doesn't make fettuccine just
Adam: telling you what the story is. But it must be a distraction. But somewhere there's a federal company who's laughing their ass off and I just can't find who it is. and Tina says no, no, this is just how it works. This is people are doing this because
John: she's the PR expert. Yeah, I know that you're the viral expert. And she has this battle of the Battle of the experts. I would say that. Here's what I would say. Now I've I've kind of slowly I just switched allegiance. And I have to say at this because of this. I'm a big fan of I love fetta I go to a Russian store to get some good Bulgarian feather that comes in a little thing has got them it's the right kind of fetta and if the Fed is also is a great cheese that the Bulgarians make the best and everybody knows we just fed a nose that Bulgarian Fed has made from sheep's milk. The Bulgarians haven't got a clue how to market anything. And neither do the Greeks.
Adam: I'm just wondering, there's got to be some Federal Council.
John: Well, if there is this newly formed and they are making bad and they're great,
Adam: they're great. But anyway, don't tell me people are worried about the world in shambles. They're making Fedak.
John: By the way, here's the thing about it. I think the Finns have some right to be concerned that they like fat and they use it. Yeah, if you're using I'm gonna This is from a user perspective. Wait, wait, wait,
Adam: hold on a setter user.
John: I'm a fetta user,
Adam: did you sign the TLS? Or the U lock?
John: No, I mean, I'm grandfathered in.
Adam: Okay.
John: So the, so the using fatta, in this manner that you describe would wipe out the Fed of production for the world. Because that is as soon as you get a block of it, and you It takes a month, month, maybe two months to get rid of it, you crumble it in some salad, you put a thin slice over something. I mean, he's rare. You don't use a block of fat for one dish. You do right, we're gonna run out of data, the Fed is there.
Adam: So there you go. That was the original story Finland's out of fed up, they're running the price up calls on fetta.
John: Yeah, a call on fat. It'd be a good idea if you could do it. But so okay, I'm just gonna I'm gonna still side with Tina a bit. Because I don't see anybody behind this. I think you. I think if there if you could prove someone who was behind it, then boom, yeah.
Adam: That's why I'm bringing it to the discussion because I cannot do it. I may be wrong. I may be wrong. And
John: by the way, the best PR, the absolute best finest PR in the world, you will never find a person behind it. If it's really good. Yeah.
Adam: Somehow I don't think the Bulgarians and the Greeks
John: is give a crap as
Adam: much as I love them all.
John: But
Adam: and I will tell you, it is a quite tasty dish. We did make it.
John: You made it. We made it. Yeah. And he used a whole block of
Adam: fat whole block of fetta.
John: I know. Yeah. Yeah.
Adam: I know. It's abusive towards fetta. But yeah, the whole block,
John: it was Dee licious. You know I've made spaghetti. And with just a normal spaghetti with a with a handmade sauce in. And when I don't have parmesan or something I would normally put over to make a traditional, I will occasionally crumble fetta over the pasta. Sure. And I always get the response from the audience is too much fat in the audience. So I can't imagine what it tastes like with a block of fat.
Adam: It tastes good. It's a it's rich. It's rich. I'll tell you that. That a couple of the things just need to discuss before we move on the no agenda analysis of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash was spot on.
John: As expected,
Adam: yes. The well you know, a lot of people had other ideas, but the conclusion was the pilot feeling pressure to fly the VIPs even though we never should have left the ground. And disorientation, spatial disorientation, which is exactly what I said happened. And sad. Sad to be right. sad that it happened at all.
John: Here's what happens all the time. You said Well, yes.
Adam: Yeah, this happens all the time. But people usually IPS are a bunch of dicks. Oh, yeah. gotta hear that happens all the time. I thought, yeah, you know, it's, I don't I would not put that on Colby. I would put it on the pilot. The pilot is pressuring himself. Okay? No, no, that's that's the problem. That is what causes death is the pilot. The pilot is the one who I can do this for these guys.
John: Like as a journalist or self censor. corrector never told him to do that.
Adam: Correct. Superbowl ratings down about 10% and 15%. Which, man No wonder what a what a what a bad game. It was a terrible game was really it was like Oh, man.
John: ridiculing mahomes is the baby goat. And
Adam: well, mahomes Man, I don't know what happened. He fell apart. Just everything fell apart with that guy. Everything
John: was well I mean, this ice. Okay, that's a couple of things for betting the betting class out there. This was this always signal for people an insight because it can't tell everybody that the game is rigged. This happened when they left when the Tampa Bay team played the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders, real key offensive player was the center who was this bipolar guy that somebody got him hooked up with a hooker the night before and took him off his meds Ah, and that guy was didn't play in the game. He was there at a second backup center in the game. And this is a message that said hello. When the 40 Niners in the early days when they were playing the center. Really the first team they played with in their five, five game run where they won five. disincentive one of the Cincinnati guards or something disappeared. didn't plan the game. Some There's always something that happens that is a giveaway that well here's what I,
Adam: here's what I saw. I saw two two penalties that I felt were that'd be even look at the video replay didn't happen.
John: All right, I'm not gonna argue about the penalties but I'm still trying to get to my point of what was the giveaway. In other words, the message that went out to the gambling class Andy Reid's son who was the linebackers coach was arrested for drunk. Yes, it make it to the game.
Adam: That was that was the signal.
John: That was the good. That was one giveaway, the attitude giveaway. The other giveaways were the two tackles for the two one of all pro tackles which you need on the offensive line for the Kansas City team. We're missing it. They were one of them was injured, the other one wasn't playing. So that's number two. There was there was so many messages that bet and bet heavily on Tampa that the gambling class would have picked him up. We didn't know.
Adam: No, we didn't. We're not in
John: the gambling class. I don't bet on sports.
Adam: I don't I don't gamble on anything. I gamble on Bitcoins. Yo, gamble. I'm Bitcoin in this show, baby. That's it. I was listening to DHS unplugged. I don't know where Andrew Horowitz got the idea that the weekend paid for that. For that performance. He missed the giant Pepsi logo and the words Pepsi halftime show that he missed that somehow.
John: Apparently, I tried to correct him. I can't. I can't. There was a I know that the weekend put $7 million into the show. That's well established.
Adam: Yeah. But what did he get for it? He was not an investment already. No. Horowitz. He
John: got a lot of free PR. Please make me
Adam: laugh. This I
John: think got some people have heard it. I do. But he got PR for me. I never heard of the weekend.
Adam: He's been pretty popular. A couple Grammy Awards. He has been around.
John: I don't watch the Grammys scam. This was called The Beatles and Elvis never won a Grammy.
Adam: This was by far the best sports announcing in the game. It was also for me the highlight of the game second
Unknown: down 2503 to go someone who's run on the field. Some guy with a bra.
Adam: He's not being chased. He's running down the middle of a 40 arms in the air and a victory salute. He's pulling down his pants put up your pants, my man
Unknown: he's been changed to the 30 he breaks a tackle from a security guard down the middle of a 10
Adam: and they converge on him at the goal line.
Unknown: Pull up your pants take off the pawns be your man.
Adam: And the players with him at the other end of the field are looking at him and shaking their
John: head and saying why or why.
Adam: I thought that was so classic. Us recur
John: a streak I wish you know, watching because of these TV over the air stuff. They've been playing a lot of vintage television on different channels.
Adam: By the way, that guy truly incited an erection.
John: Yeah, yeah, well, not for me. So they've been playing a lot of these vintage and they have questions on like the old Match Game. And and the answer might be for example streaker
Adam: Oh, and no one
John: realized what the ampersand is doing is substack sad because I was I was in that era of the streaker when it was became very popular to use the a woman but sometimes the guy but usually either one. stark naked, uh, during a football game. Yeah. In the 70s and mostly in the 70s streaking across the field at high speeds naked, being chased by these fat guards. It was very funny to watch. He used to televise it and then for about a year they televised and they said we got to stop televising this because it's missing people. Yes, encourage people and so more people are doing it. And so they took it and this last one was not televised. Oh, the guy the bra I never got to see it.
Adam: Oh no, I saw it. In fact I even got an ISO pull up your pants take off the PA man
John: Well yeah, I got a similar ISO All right,
Adam: let's do ISO off.
John: This is the same very similar that sexual ISO you had this is unfortunately spell rice just supposed to be Jones but there's j o p and E. Yeah. Okay.
Unknown: I never sucked any ding dongs.
Adam: Geez, people have sent me that and I've rejected out of hand. Not me. Wow. All right. Well, hold on. I have a couple here. Now they're trying to just get rid of you got that one. I think I think this is the one you'll like. This one is here we go. Balls. Yeah.
I mean, it's even got the game show balls from family feud. The only other one I have is a science. I think balls is funny
John: balls is good. Well, let me play a dude. Just as a little interlude here in entre MMA. Let's play the alex jones ding dong clip that people sit here and you wouldn't play.
Unknown: There's no video of President Trump. Suck at a ding dong. And so one of there was, that's a lot better than world war three. Oh,
I never sucked any ding dongs. But I'll tell you they were gonna blackmail me to start world war three about one I'd say hey, I sucked a ball golf ball through a frickin garden hose. Didn't you already tell their Spiegel that now the son of a bitch walked in there. In my own office when I splattered stuff on myself. I was changing shirts. He goes, Oh, that's a good shot. Let's get your shirts. And then he goes, Hey, have some of this chicken and sausage. So technically is it Jones offered me a sausage. Yeah, give me a break the son of a bitch.
I like women, not men. And if I like man, I'd be proud of it that have a lot of but I never been in bed. Oh
man. I've been in bed with probably 300 women. And you sons of bitches sit there, and you play these games and I'm sick of it. Well, you know,
Adam: if you want to have alex jones level success, you better start talking about to Dingo
John: Alex Jones.
Adam: During the halftime, we had an interview with President Joe Biden, which was edited fluff date he had he had one sentence answers. It was an embarrassment to Norah O'Donnell. I feel that she put her her name on that it was just like, Really? I mean, please. And then of course, we've got to bring up a hunter. And Joe almost lost it.
Unknown: New tonight President Biden also discussed his son Hunter.
And you know, our bench is not a family, you know, that didn't have somebody in the family that had a drug problem, or an alcohol problem.
Hunter addresses those
problems in a new memoir,
but the honesty with which he stepped forward.
Talked about the
problem and the hope that it gave me hope reading.
I mean, it was like my boys back you know, to me.
Adam: I'm sorry. It's a personal man. It's so transparent. Someone's in trouble call up the boys over there at the PR desk at the at the agency. Right in the book.
Unknown: You got a boss?
Adam: memoir. When did he have time to write this? on the plane on the plane to China? I mean, exactly.
John: CIA writing division did Yes.
Adam: That's what it seems like to me do good work sticking with the CBS and as we transform a little bit into what's going on with the COVID the who has done their investigation of the Wu Han lab theory tonight
Unknown: investigators with health organization are shooting down the theory that the Coronavirus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. They say the virus likely jumped to humans from an animal.
Adam: Yeah, that's what they say. They talk
John: to us but they've said
Adam: they talked to Maria. Maria vancare COVID. She's the Dutch woman who was always on the Starfleet Command there when they do their video when tedros says Good morning. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello, everybody. I'm Dr. tedros. Another point of firing right there. And she talked about the investigation and you can barely hear she's Dutch I might add her English is impeccable. It's got a little slang there you can hear but I'm I'm very impressed.
Unknown: World Health Organization investigators a year after the outbreak began in China have now been allowed in to look at what happened on the ground. Is this just a show by the Chinese government? No, it's not. In fact, we have a team of 10 International scientists. You call them investigators. But indeed they're they're scientists from a number of different technical fields, as well as people from who my colleagues, and we have colleagues from FAO and Hawaii who are supporting the mission as well. And this is these are studies that are ongoing to find the virus origins and understand the intermediate hosts, you know, what were the zoonotic origins of this pandemic. And this is really, really critical from a public health perspective, so that we know when we can take steps further to prevent this from happening again. They're very good discussions that are having on the ground there are constructive exchanges between the international team from 10 different countries as well as the Chinese counterparts looking at the earliest cases looking at studies from the markets, they've had visits to hospitals they've had visits to to laboratories, including the Busan Institute of neurology, as well as visiting different levels of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control. So we're hoping for the report as soon as possible. And that will be made available as soon as it can be.
John: Lab lab like oh, by the way, you you got your little search engine there. Look for clips. Look up zoonotic.
Adam: Let's do a little pronunciation.
Unknown: zoonotic,
zoonotic, when a disease is transferred to humans from
animals. It is said to be zoonotic. And what
Adam: did she say?
Unknown: But indeed, there are scientists from a number of different technical fields, as well as people from who my colleagues, and we have colleagues from FAO and O ye who are supporting the mission as well. And this is these are studies that are ongoing to find the virus or is this just a show by the Chinese government? No, it's not. In fact, we have a team of 10 International scientists, you call them investigators, but indeed, they're they're scientists from a number of different technical fields, as well as people from who my colleagues, and we have colleagues from FAO and Hawaii horses for submission as well. And this is these are studies that are ongoing to find the virus origins and understand the intermediate hosts, you know, what were the zoonotic origins of this?
Adam: zoonotic? She says zoonotic?
Unknown: Yeah. zoonotic? So
Adam: she is in the field. And she says zoonotic, well, that's disqualifies her. You're gone. She's out now that disqualifies her get rid of her.
John: When I first saw the rest, that was so a notic.
Adam: No, we didn't. We've learned that that is not the way you pronounce it. No, it's not? Yes. We have the clip we have that we have the receipts right here,
John: then you can tell by that guy's voice that he knows how to pronounce it. Yes. And
Adam: this was a January, January, when I had made
John: that clip in January in anticipation. Yes. zoonotic Zoo
Adam: notic. Here's Scott Gottlieb. He is former FDA. Chief for I believe Obama. And he's been in Big Pharma and he's back. And what does he have to say?
Unknown: I asked the doctor about the probe underway in China. From your view, how important is it to know the origins of the first strain that we learned with COVID-19 in China?
Well, I think it's important from a political standpoint, and I think it's important from public health standpoint. So we know what the risk is.
Adam: Notice how political is more important than public health, knowing where the heck it came from. Okay.
Unknown: Future transmission,
John: back and play that again. Okay.
Unknown: Been in China?
Well, I think it's important from a political standpoint, and I think it's important from a public health standpoint, so we know what the risk is for future transmission.
Adam: Starting with the politics, I can't avoid it. Yeah. Oh, thanks. God future
Unknown: jumps from zoonotic sources into into the human population, and we kind of better understand the risk and Coronavirus is more generally, I don't think we're going to find out. And we're certainly not going to find out with any level of certainty, that's going to put to rest some of the speculation that this could have been a lab source that most people believe that this was a zoonotic source, you know, as well as I do, there's still speculation, even in the government, that it could have been from an accident in the laboratory. We know that that Wu Han laboratory was doing a lot of experimentation had a big repository of coronaviruses. I don't expect coincidence is going to firmly put that to rest, we would need access to the source strange. I suspect they're not going to get that that information. If it's available, the Chinese government would have that and so far they have not made that available. Ah,
Adam: still no source. By the way,
John: what that's a great clip. Because it points out a number of things in denial of the official word, after all was said and done by the w. h. o that there's no reason to suspect the lab, and we're not even gonna go there anymore. That's right. Yeah. And now the Chinese are trying to slip in another way because they can't find a zoonotic source because they can't find it because it doesn't exist is why they can't find it. I mean, it's just virus spreads all over the world like wildfire, but they can't find one animal with it native to the animal fat, or the or that angry low pangolin. The pangolin crazy bangle important thing to kind of pet everyone once and they can't. They can't find a source But the thing spreads like wildfire. In the human population, it makes zero sense whatsoever. So it has to be in that lab, so it's gonna make sense. Yeah. Well, so the Chinese I got a new one. There everyone's looking in the wrong place because the, because the virus actually came in to China into the market in on some frozen meat. Oh, no. From outside the country.
Adam: Oh, you know, I
John: heard the frozen meat theory.
Adam: No. But I had a I had another I found another theory. Damn it, which was, maybe we should be looking at Italy.
John: Don't blame it on me. I was an old theory. That was an older theory. They
Adam: brought it back.
John: They brought it back. Well, makes nothing but sense. Yeah.
Adam: I'd like to frozen meat.
John: Yeah, frozen meat.
Adam: Mm hmm. Perfect. Yeah, that's how viruses live. Right. And yeah,
John: they go frozen on some meat. Somebody sneezed on the meat. It's frozen. All right.
Adam: All right. So in the UK, as we now strive to get out actually may give you a little a little rundown here on what's going on around the world. angler Merkel angler. She is warning about the new mutations already present
John: in Germany. Is Merkel not Marco?
Adam: Did I say Marco?
John: Marco on the brain? what
Adam: sounded wrong? It sounded wrong. Angular Merkel. She says the mutations quote may destroy any success already achieved by a month long lockdown. I support the fact that when it comes to further openings and openings, we have decided on the basis of these new mutations not to give dates but to HIV infection rates. So they just gonna say, yeah, your infection rates too high. stay locked down. Christina is locked down mid March is just continuing. It's not gonna stop curfew. 9:30am Annie, she's in Holland, who I've said many times the Netherlands follows the Germans lockstep Chanel much Snell the government is aiming for an infection rate of 35 new infections per 100,000 people in the past seven days that will be their their number, which is now it is lower than the previous rate of 50 per 100,000, which was considered necessary to allow for contact duration to function. So they're just they got nowhere they got nothing else to do they have to do this. They're completely locked in
John: what idiots in Utah yet
Adam: another state which has decided to change the way they report the test or the way they do the tests. They reported on Monday at 15.4%. In fact, it Uzi humans, which is their version of npcr, showed something now that is the people over people method, which is only counting unique people who have tested positive Monday, the health department for the state introduce a new method, and they're now going to the test over test methods. So let's pay attention to these terms, people over people old way test over test, and lo and behold, it's 7.3% so I expect this to happen in states where they need to show this this is just a new way to show the numbers and once again, you're being hoodwinked. But the best story is something I've talked about many times on this show the 11 city skating competition the elf state of talks. In the Netherlands whenever they get a cold snap which they've had for almost a week, they they bring up the fact that there could be this 11 City canal natural ice skating competition, which has not been held and I was there the last time has not been held for 24 years. And they you know they had they have committees and every little town they have special ice measuring committees. So everyone's all giddy about it and like all we think we can do it this year because it's really in a massive coldsnap they've got and the government said no, no, no, no, no, we can't have that. No people will die. An outdoor skating event. No, not gonna happen. This this is
Britain. has now reiterated if you fail to quarantine, you will be a branded as a quarantine Dodger.
John: quarantine Dodger.
Adam: Yes, if you come from a baseball team if the quarantine Dodgers I like the quarantine Dodgers. Notice how quarantine starts with a cue. Interesting. If you if you are from a if you an immigrant, I think it's specifically immigrants but don't worry citizens. You'll get it too. You can be fined 10,000 impounds if you are a quarantine Dodger and 10 years in jail, whoo. 10 years
John: ago, man, these people are sick. Sick. Yeah.
Adam: And Joe Biden is just moving right. I'm sorry. President Biden moving right along 52 executive orders so far. Could there be one for domestic air travel?
Unknown: We want to go now to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 lead. That's Dr. Maria van kircher. She is from Geneva,
Adam: She the lady who is an expert in Zoo nautics.
Unknown: Good to have you with us. Dr.
Hi, Margaret. Thanks for having me. You're an epidemiologist, you specialize in zoonotic which means you know a lot about how these two
Adam: specializes in a john
John: zoonotic and can't pronounce it
Unknown: for having me.
John: gemist for a number of years, I do analytical chemistry.
Adam: Stop it, you turn the show into a chose to specialize
Unknown: in zoonotic, which means, you know, a lot about how these viruses jump between species like COVID did these new variants, you've described them as a combination of mutations all at the same time? What does that mean? Well, these viruses change all the time. And every time they replicate, the more they spread, the more changes that they can have. These are called mutations. These are individual changes in the genome itself, these variants have had a combination of mutations, which means a number of mutations identified at the same time. And so that means that this clustering of these, these mutations happening at the same time are quite different than individual level of mutations. And we've had three such variants being reported, actually, four such variants being reported in the last few months. The first in Denmark, the second reported from the United Kingdom, the third from the South Africa, and the fourth from Brazil.
Adam: There you go. And you know what that's going to lead towards, of course, but first, let's just keep it with the lockdown situation. British Columbia, the provincial health officer in BC. Her name is Dr. Bonnie Henry, she is doctor and she's taken calls, everyone's seen the Cuomo thing, like, yeah, just take some calls on the YouTube, but I do my thing. And I'll tell everybody what's going on? I don't know, if she realizes what she's saying here, or if she's some kind of freedom fighter in disguise, or the truth just wants to come out. But there was a question that came in. And she answered it very truthfully.
Unknown: Yes. Hi, guys, today about the varying numbers of crowd sizes that have been applied across provinces. In Canada, we're getting questions about it. Why is it five in Ontario and 50? Here? And are we looking at reducing the sizes, given that people keep breaking that? Yeah, so we have also had that discussion on our special Advisory Committee called on Sunday across the country. And you know, it really is about
right now, all gatherings are off the table, we're all in that place, where anytime we get together with more than our household members or our families, we're putting ourselves at risk, and particularly if we're going to be in contact with people who are older or more likely to have severe illness. So when when I talk about 50, that's for, you know, mass gatherings for events for things that are happening in the community. And I am reticent to go that none of these are based on on scientific evidence. There's some evidence on that some modeling that Alberta has done that shows that 18 if you have less than 18, your probability of having a case may be less, and so they went with 15. But the bottom line is, none of this really is based on science.
Adam: Okay, thanks. If I lived in British Columbia, I'd be like, Okay, I'm not gonna stay home. It's not based on science. What are you doing? It's not based on science. Right? She's right. Yeah. It can only be based on politics.
John: She's right. It's not based on science. There's no science, but any of this. Nope. That wishes that column I just wrote for the substack about science bullcrap.
Adam: Which is why everyone should read the 30 threats, because this is what the Chinese figured out. And they've been doing this the shaming, the lockdowns, all of that this is they have a lot of experience is his Chinese torture. taking us back in time, quick call back to Bill Gates. Before we had the vaccine, though, we did discuss potential side effects. I'd like to remind everybody
Unknown: know that the data showed that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.
Yeah, some of that is is not dramatic, where, you know, it's just, you know, super painful but
severe side effects.
Adam: It's just super painful. Don't worry about it. Well, it has Name
Unknown: local healthcare worker Lauren Lowe is one of many people across the country who reached out to me after my story about Nicole cap hearts reaction to the maternal vaccine. I noticed a small kind of circular rash appeared on my arm after seeing the rash on Nicole's arm, Lauren realized she wasn't alone. I'm actually heartened and sad for them
because it's a bummer.
You're in a small percentage of people who after receiving usually the maternal vaccine experienced a delayed reaction. Typically eight or more days after the shot. I noticed this circle on my arm that was about two inches, two and a half inches in diameter. And then it started growing and I got pretty anxious about it. Dr. Justin Qian and infectious disease physician at Providence Portland Medical Center says this is a known reaction 244 maternal vaccine trial participants less than 1% experienced COVID arm as it's dubbed after the first dose even less after the second COVID
Adam: arm
John: floating around about COVID
Adam: I have it but it's not really a super clear. It's
John: not a good clip. Guys too much
Adam: from that report.
John: It's not tight enough. Yeah,
Adam: no, I tried. I tried tightening it up. And it's just it was it was it was not. I have super cuts that I'm sorry, it was just not a super
John: new phenomena. I don't know you get mutations either singly, or clustered in combinations, which do have an impact, faster spread,
Adam: it takes less virus to cause an infection. This one has more mutations
Unknown: than any variant with more mutation reports.
Adam: We have an update from hair Fauci,
Unknown: we've been asked questions often, well, if you have these variants, and they seem to be eluding the vaccine a little is it really,
John: should we really be getting vaccines that we should be waiting for the next generation of vaccines? The answer is, you need to get vaccinated when it becomes available
Unknown: as quickly and as expeditiously as possible throughout the country. And the reason for that is that there is a fact that permeates virology. And that is that viruses cannot mutate, if they don't replicate. And if you stop their replication by vaccinating widely and not giving the virus an open playing field to continue to respond to the pressures that you put on it, you will not get mutations. So looking at what we have here in the United States, as well as globally, when we talk about efficiently and getting these vaccines out there and into people as quickly as we possibly can. Not only are you going to protect individuals from getting disease, not only you're going to protect them from getting infected, but you're going to prevent the emergence of variants here in our country. And when you look at the global situation, which is the reason why we want to make sure we're part of a global community. And we recently joined the Kovacs, there is a consortium to get people vaccinated throughout the world. This is that the only way we're going to completely stop mutinous is if we stopped this throughout the world.
Adam: Okay, I'm not a scientist, not a doctor a lot of what he said there sound like total bull crap to me makes like not based in science at all. He's just and he mixes up variants with mutants and does all this stuff. And the end of this of the story is the vaccine, more vaccine vaccine. And I think these guys are, are maybe even doing a psychological operation to get people comfortable with the idea that mutants will need vaccines variants need a new vaccine, vaccine variants. It's so bad that Cramer on and MSNBC. I don't even know if this guy's a gaseous a gaffer or if the truth is coming out where this
John: is all headed?
Unknown: Well, look, I think it's a worldwide, we're catching here. There's a need some more good news. We don't have it. We still want to know about stimulus, but the variance the vaccine variants that we're having trouble with, I think are very much on people's minds. vaccine variants.
I like it.
Adam: Not flu variants or virus.
John: Yet you got one you got an opposite taking place you because we've been collecting you have been collecting people saying virus for vaccine but nowadays saying vaccine for virus but he's
Adam: also saying that he saying vaccine variants, I believe that we will have variants of the vaccine.
John: The scam
Adam: is it's so bad. Well, listen, all I know is you want this vaccine you want it because now it's coming out what's really happening to people who had the COVID you should pay attention to your family. I know your kid had this. So look out for these symptoms and there's new information about The lingering effects of the Coronavirus, a study finds 20% of COVID survivors have experienced brain related problems, including memory loss and difficulty paying attention. Yeah, nice. They just throwing that out there. Just in case just just in case. That's right in
John: mind. A friend of mine is in France has pointed out to me that the French media has kind of swit flipped the script just to make just maybe as a test, he's not sure. But they are now starting. The French media is promoting hydroxychloroquine Joe suck blood out of the blue. I mean, there's a lot of African countries not catching this disease and making it go crazy down there because of that caloric element.
Adam: So they're so they're promoting that actively? Yeah, they're breaking the breaking with the they're breaking.
John: Breaking with the New World Order. What are you doing?
Adam: Yeah, Klaus will not be happy. I do have a couple of them just run down some stories here. So the main push that we're going to see now, this is from Associated Press. Biden's next fight anti vaxxers jeopardize plans to protect us against COVID. This is the next fight. This is where everyone's going to be de platformed and we started yesterday with Robert Kennedy Jr. He has been kicked off Instagram for his
John: why would Robert Kennedy Jr. Of all people one of the great experts in the field and a nice guy. get kicked off Instagram, Facebook.
Adam: I will quote from Instagram. I'm sorry A spokesman for Facebook. Quote. We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the Coronavirus or vaccines. The term debunked there is shows such horseshit from these people.
John: I love the term
Adam: you can debunk anything doesn't mean I
John: debunked you a number of times and
Adam: I felt good about it and fall off. debunked me again Big Boy, I'm digging it get off there. So that's so yeah, he's gone. He's off. But also axios reporting that Biden solid economic blueprint really only works if the vaccine Yeah, that's what it is. Yes.
John: Biden does this. And by the way, the date is that in the middle is solid economic blueprint. You get that
Adam: it's the headline. The headline from axios
John: how's it solid? It hasn't even been tested. All bites doing is signing you know, executive orders left and right.
Adam: It says Biden's solid. Economic blue is solid. Who
John: says it solid x
Adam: iOS. Hold on. I'm gonna find out for axia Oh, Lauren
John: jobs.
Adam: Yes. She says it's solid. He Exactly.
John: Got a bunch of clips about one of her other options. Yeah,
Adam: well, we're gonna have to take a break before we get to that. Well, I got a few more things.
John: We got a few more things, just to get one more thing on COVID. So you're looking around, I'm
Adam: doing vaccines. I'm doing vaccines here. I'm doing back and when I tell
John: you more important in vaccine I want to tell
Adam: you that know this to more important stories, and then you can finish up one
John: kick to the curb.
Adam: Iranian cleric has claimed people who are vaccine
John: is important story.
Adam: Yes. Yes, it is for this show. It is the people who have been Iran's regime. Ayatollah Abbas tabrizi on wrote on his telegram social media platform gear going near those who have had the COVID vaccine, they have become homosexuals. You know, Tina, and I had dinner with the official no agenda. Married gays on
John: Okay. Sounds good.
Adam: Yeah, they were in Austin at Jake and Tom. And, Dave, if you were if you recall, Jake used to be quite famous gospel singer. And he has like, pictures of him in the gayest jumpsuit ever. And we talked about this on the show when he donated a while back in December. He was very successful. And then he got outed or something. So it's like he was no longer a gospel singer. But I wish I had known this about the about the vaccine for our dinner didn't
John: write it up. And Loctite you know what it caught you know what this story this story about that till it calls for? No.
Adam: Oh, ladies and gentlemen. With that, I'd like to thank you for your courage say in the morning to the man who put the C in COVID arm Ladies and gentlemen, john c. devorah.
John: All right, we do have a few people listening for today's show.
Adam: Yes.
John: If I can get the mouse to work Hello, mouse. Give me your mouse.
Adam: The mouse is striking back at you for you know, you know why?
John: No, I don't know why because you
Adam: never want to use it. That's why it's striking back at you.
John: That's got beer all over it. All right, De Fuca sodas at the top of the list today. Oh, he wins. Dave wins today's show.
Adam: And Dave still locked down in Saudi Arabia somewhere. He's now been there for I think two life sentences if I'm
John: not mistaken, and there. He's not going.
Adam: Well, the whole family wants to move out there.
John: Well, if you get a good place, it's pretty cheap. Foreign. $28.42 gasolines cheap. I know that. Yeah. He wants to wish a happy Valentine's Day somebody does this. By the way. He's the only one I think every now there's one or two more, I
Adam: think one or two more that I saw
John: the two names melody and Isabella with a combined donation to one for 21 for each of them. How do I how I still miss them. Just a couple of days before my departure. The Kingdom does it is referred was kind enough to shut down travel to protect the country from the mutants. Yes. Fortunately, they expect the country to open up again sometime around 17th of May. Just in time for the L fitter celebrations. We all should have our next 60 day notice of termination by then as well. So that's sort of awesome. So he's getting terminated and rehired and terminated, rehired. This is something that Pacific Gas used to do. It keeps you from having to build up equity in the retirement funds. Oh, really? Now some sort of a scam. Yeah. Yeah, it's a scam. Bastards. It was a trick that pg&e came up with years ago. And I've talked to a pg&e guy about us. So I won't be gonna be back to fix it now. I'm gonna be off for a week because in a fire me I'll be rehired after that. And I said what? And he explained it. Hey, forgive my cynicism. We still have a lot to be thankful for. And I keep trying to remind myself of that. However, I think that's a terrifically terrible terrier travel karma should not actually be used for travel. Sad face emoji.
Adam: Oh, right. Because it didn't work. I guess not
John: pleased. Okay, well, we make a note we make notes on these days. We do these give my beloved bride an awesome and awesome offspring. A very special Valentine's Day goat scream and the being go boom shaka laka remix. Thank you for your courage. Dave.
Adam: Thank you very much Dave and and love and kisses go out today. Melody and Jamie sibella. Because it's been very hard for them
John: to ludicrous it is.
Adam: It is. It is ludicrous. Oh a second. I gotta get my scream. Goat scream somehow left the building. Here we go. All right.
John: You got the next note because dude, walk man who gave 334 from Parts Unknown wants you to read the note. By the way. She mentioned that we had the same situation. And we fail to recognize it because it was not on the spreadsheet for what's the it's our see Mike. See Mike and I want to apologize to see Mike and his lovely wife. smokin hot wife. Yeah,
Adam: yeah. And also, I would like to say along with that, that please realize that the notes we read are courtesy, we love it if it's extra content, if you're if you're setting up something with you know, like, like a marriage proposal and you're going to have this done on the stream. Not that that's what this was on this whatever it is. You can't count on us for that. We are notoriously horrible at doing that kind of stuff. And and often a note can get caught up in US joking around and if that's not what you intended, then it might not turn out that great. So please keep that in mind. We're here to give you the best media deconstruction we love reading your notes. They're incredibly important to us. But if you have some ulterior things You know, it's, we're just bad at it. Would that be fair that
John: what we do what we do is the show? This is a courtesy that we do here. Yes. And a tradition It's a tradition because we find there's a lot of notes that have good material in them. But some of the notes don't.
Adam: Right. Okay, so and so here the issue is that I he wants me to read this note, I got it. We saw that and but I still have to queue up all of his all of his jingles, which is why I am talking and
John: like to do it. That's why they had him Does he ever read notes on and off? Yeah. But the problem is, is that when I'm reading the notes, he's queuing up the jingle so we can move this along a little bit instead of sitting around on our butts. Yes. And so now, now I got a little service and I can't do that for him. Here we go. I can
Adam: stall. Hey guys. Biden's whole old Tourette's Guy Fauci Wiese Yoko Ono. As you read this donation my keeper and I will be knee deep in California prepping my brother in law to Cal exit due to a sudden medical condition I'm sorry to hear that. The hospital is already attempting to slow our plan of escape so we sure could use some R to D to karma on a positive note while shopping at a local Whole Foods an old tip surface deep within my fading it sober sober brain. This tip is from an old no agenda show and warrants repeating John's advice to expeditious supermarket checkout question mark find the black clerk. Yes, cool man. For those newcomers who didn't know locate that no agenda episode this would be a fun game and future no agenda donation segments drop various tips and tricks learn from the best pod pod in the universe. Anyways, hey, I'm gonna stop these violations by the way. As she the black clerk worked efficient to move products via conveyor by conveyor I deployed the next tip termed a conversation starter. asked her what she thought about bs O's and that big guy. It caught her by surprise and I wouldn't you know it the entire store stopped in lockstep as she wailed laughing, mission accomplished and took my points Don't forget my art to D to karma and by the Duke Walkman.
Unknown: I'm gonna give you the whole load.
Thank you, Chairman Nadler, Ranking Member Collins, members of the committee. First I must say I have Tourette syndrome. Sometimes I have tics and make sounds I can't control so please forgive me.
Adam: Nightmare jingles nightmare? nightmare.
John: The black clerk? Yeah. Yes, I said that on the show because it's turns out that this is true. It's true. It's
Adam: true.
John: That's so true. They seem to work faster. The Jason Bible in Austin, Texas down the street from Adam $333.33 in the morning, appreciate your dedication to breaking down to M five m shit show I originally heard crackpot on Rogen back in March of last year and having missed an episode since I do have a question.
Over the past that previous 3019 episodes one or two particular time really stands out. Yeah, go to Episode 200.5. It is I think it's I think was seven referred to there's a two here's what we did we did a to show 200 the original one was an outline of how we started the show. And then we kept updating it as 200.1 point 2.3 point 4.5 I think you can listen to any one of them. And they're all very entertaining and it's old very old. I know that your long awaited week for office coming and one of these days when it happens I need to be able to get my twice weekly fixed will give you new stuff. We do we do new shows when we take time off.
Adam: Yes,
John: we do. DERA clip shows of a sort or they somebody else puts it together, but they're all very good. And I'm working on one, a whole show of nothing but global warming clips.
Adam: Global warming bonking oh my goodness,
John: wow, that'd be that'd be bullish, but the debunking ones will be the better. I'll just take some good karma. Thank you for your courage and keep up the good work JB and a TX. Also, I
Adam: may have forgotten to thank the Duke Walkman for that 334 donation with all the jingles and I thought I said Duke Walkman at the back but just in case. And there was a request for Jcd fisting nuts jingle too long but we have shorter versions. Now.
Unknown: You've got
John: Jeff Phelps Next on the list 333 dot 33. And these are people that I hopefully joined in for the producer donation to have them all together. I'm not one to drop a line, but this is important. My wife has masterfully dodge dived in dodge my no agenda haymakers for years until now. Our family had a breakthrough and it only took a miracle the creation of vaccines in a record setting time by no less than 13 different companies. The little girl yeah, that was ready. Morin. Specifically, she is having a small meltdown fueled by the complete lack of knowledge that new ultra refrigeration units simply do not show up in hospitals and clinics unannounced until now. That's interesting, huh? This is not JT manufacturing folks, or is it? he happens to be boots on the ground in a number of facilities that receive new units without much fanfare during a time when you can't even get an effing dishwasher delivered on time. Please welcome the newbie with open arms and finally a red pill. This donation gets your one third of the way today hood and enlightenment Nice. Yeah. PS Is there a wine list? If so, please add me
Adam: there's a wine list. One
John: there's a mailing list. holliness By
Adam: the way, Josh and Jake and Tom, big fans of your wine, your wine stuff? huge fans.
John: What's Tom's
Adam: with Jake and Tom?
John: Oh, Jake and Talia. Get two buddies. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, good.
Adam: Yes. You just like the more funny cuz I
John: got one for you. I had a wine from Australia called Mrs. Q.
Adam: Really?
John: Not what this is great. This is cute. It's like Q and so I have a Cabernet Sauvignon 3014 and a half percent alcohol by the way, which is not as high isn't it? It's a little high. Yeah. And as expected he got sued exactly get hammered. You don't get hammered you get a headache. Costco
Adam: had some Pino which I haven't tried yet. It was amongst all the $25 bottles it was nine bucks. I'm like that's got to be one of those.
John: Well, what where's it from? And was it late? What was the brand?
Adam: I don't remember the brands downstairs California and it was a 2018 Yeah, it's just I just thought because it was in the middle. I thought maybe that's one of those easter eggs you're always talking about?
John: Yeah, sure.
Adam: Well, I'm sorry. I guess only you can find those.
John: No, no, it says they they usually put the they don't ditch the Easter eggs. They just they usually hide in plain sight but that was sounds like it was attempted to be ditched. Tonight and report.
Adam: I will of course I'm going to
John: share David Wilson Meanwhile, we'll get him that wine. He's in Minerva, Queensland 333. Not only would I like some relationship karma, he writes, I want to call out a Valentine. Number two. Here we go. Dear Elizabeth, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. To me. You are an absolute smoke show. And I respect and admire you a great deal. I love you regard Sir David Wilson.
Adam: Ah, there you go as beautiful. Here's a love karma for you.
Unknown: You've got karma. Doctors are
John: two we got two today. That's right. Matt litski in Tinley Park, Illinois. 330. No jingles just karma gentlemen. Good. old American drag racing is 30
Adam: Oh, we missed an opportunity. Episode 13 2013 120 feet for the drag race.
John: Yeah,
Adam: where's RuPaul when you need him?
John: I've been around racing my whole life and had to donate for this show. 330 is a criticism This is the donation would have been a winner. Yep. 330 is a quarter of 13 Oh my goodness, where one of the timers that is on a drag strip is one of them is one of the timers that would be moved up. I'm close to knighthood. Time to do some accounting. Thank you.
Adam: So I'm gonna give him a karma for that because he's definitely thinking on the ball. You've got karma.
John: Better somebody tells us in advance. Yes, sir Brian Lowe and St. Joseph Missouri $250. Now, I'm now whatever comes after night, which is a Baronet. I think it's a feminine and generally avoided Baronet. I'm not that insecure. So call me whatever, below. Anyway, my previous messages. Appreciate the use yes anyway yes my previous messages have requested relationship karma business karma job karma I'm engaged to be married I own a bar someday I close. Someday I closed accepted an offer for a new job is 100% remote i o admin job you're currently on the karma jingle Yeah, more than US balls and all those other positive for those and other positive thoughts I'm literally winning the lottery on the daily Thank you love you in the morning karma for everyone and no jingles thank you to again so much. Nice.
Unknown: Karma
Adam: donkey is another one. Let me do this one. Sir. ever have the what? From lynnwood Michigan $234 and 56 the coveted 23456 from sir ever What? Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to my bride of 40 years we never had an argument that involved weapons. WTF good is how good is it when a government government senior official says I take full responsibility in my world you resign or get fired? No jingles? No karma? I don't know why confuse that with his Valentine's message. But I'm sure it came from the heart.
John: Not sure but that's three. Chris Burnie in Austin, Texas 23432. And hey, guys, once again, please attribute this attribution to my smokin hot wife who is well on her way to Dame hood so she has to do a switchover switcheroo Kelly but he doesn't have her name. Kelly No. Okay, it says right there my smoke on live side Kelly who's right I read right over it. Well, it's my pleasure and duty as her loving husband to find her fun to her request. I personally am languishing as a douchebag I'm counting on her to save me Get your shit together babe. Also a shout out to my loving mother in law Marianne Burkett, who has a crush on Adam. Great job boys. And by he by he you know I think I had COVID I had a mother because no wait.
Adam: We both okay this is whatever you have is rubbing off on me and I don't like it. But is it we forgot to thank the troll room to talk about no agenda social forgot to thank the artist.
John: Well, let's do it right after we're done with this list,
Adam: but what's wrong with us?
John: That's your job. Oh, Christina Henry and Miss Shah WOC Indiana 213 is beside you. So we move it around a little bit.
Adam: southeast. We are never done this. No, we're not. You cannot change the format of Whole Foods overnight.
John: No, they don't they do one shelf. You see this at Costco they'll have you go there you go. There's there's where the bags are. There's where the bags are. There's the garbage bags, where the garbage bags go. Oh, they're in the back now. You have to move things around in the store otherwise rats will never
Adam: good from now on we do it that way. We don't want rats nesting around. We don't want rats we do not
John: nesting you know behind the cornmeal. Okay, let's go back to Christina. And she's in Indiana. 213 does it m john and Adam, please credit this donation of my smokin hot younger husband Charlie. He works in the snow removal business. Wow. That's his birthday Saturday. And is all it always snows on his birthday. She's in Indiana and it's okay. So is he is in serious need of a D do.
Adam: You got it?
John: You've been reduced. He'll never donate for himself unless I get the ball rolling. As he is saving up for his dream golf trip to Bandon dunes this summer. We're former Reaganites who have since upgraded to no agenda. cult status no sorry, Joe called status with code status. That's a status
Adam: real status.
John: Thank you both for keeping us sane if you could play a charlo Charlie Rose sexuality for in your DNA. And that's true for his naturali roses. The other Charlie for his birthday, it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your courage. Christina Henry in Miss Sha waka.
Adam: So we Indiana right. So we need to put that one over. So this is so that this credit goes to Charlie correct.
John: This one says
Adam: Oops, sorry. I don't want to step on what she wanted here.
John: Tell me about this sexuality. It's in your DNA. That's true.
Adam: There you go.
John: It was creepy. Hans jacquez in Miramar, Florida $202.02 Hey guys, longtime listener here. He wants the annoying youtuber voice is that your voice?
Adam: No, I think that's all you john.
John: Do I do an annoying youtuber voice? Hey guys, longtime listener here around 2009 I hit my friend Jose from the NYPD in the mouth, but he remains a douchebag Oh,
Adam: so we gotta call him out.
John: He's been listening around since March 2020 during the start of the pandemic or the plan demmick and I'm certain this show has helped a lot keeping his amygdala healthy. A May episode 13 tweet need the whole new york police department listening to this show? No kidding boys. May episode 1320 mark the Bitcoin Bull Run to $100,000 and please add this associate executive producer donation to my knighthood a jingle request goat scream followed by AJ turning the frogs gay and and he's got a little accounting thing here that we do that.
Adam: Yeah, definitely. We got that covered for us
John: an invite to note up sorry, he does need an invite to no agenda social.
Adam: Okay, we'll talk about how you could do that in just a moment.
John: Putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay huh? classic, classic indeed. Nicholas Lindsay and aloha Oregon 200 please get this done. Another switcheroo Oh my goodness. This is three of them. And
Adam: it's nice that these got to be also kind of Valentine's Day related feels like
John: please credit credit doesn't say though. Please credit this donation. My cousin Joshua Reid, who hit me in the mouth right before the vid that broke loose. This donation is for his birthday on February 10. What's vid the COVID Oh, the vid Oh, I see. COVID vid Ah, I could use that. The donation is for his birthday. We got him on the list at this point because I'm a bit late. He's turned 33 and another one. Anyways, please send all the karma you got your you got our way as we have to hope dictator brown won't shut Oregon back down after her two week trial run of opening back up. Thank you for all you do.
Adam: That's that is in fact a Chinese torture strategy. I was this is in the it's in the 30 threads. Yeah, you let people out give a little taste and you pull them back in. And they're extra compliant the second time around. Nice. Okay, so it needs a bit of karma. Yes, we got that.
Unknown: You've got karma. And we
Adam: have another change on the next line. I see.
John: Scott Ryan Hart in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. 200 even this donation is a Valentine's gift. Ah, that's number four. For my smokin hot wife Carla. We aren't even Valentine's Day yet. That Sunday's Valentine's Day is Sunday. Doing great. I don't want to be a douchebag I can live I can live with it for myself for now. Being a douchebag we were hit in the mouth by George and Chris Thiessen. Yes. Whom I believe to be douchebags. Well, no, I don't know. I mean, I've heard their names. Yes.
Adam: I don't want to douche anyone if it's not warranted.
John: You said you you believe them to be douchebags you have to know that.
Adam: You can't just like world a douchebag. If but we'll give the credit
John: to your wife.
Adam: Yes, done. Carla. She's getting it.
John: You get the whole load and she's getting the whole load. Dame nurse Caitlin, by the way in Goldsboro, North Carolina. 200 bucks. She's great. She writes that I think she's the one who writes us notes when someone does she does teaching us that scoop giving us the giving us the boots on the ground guys. Game nurse Kayla Caitlin checking in to report this crazy bs survey that was sent to us at Orange works he attached I don't have it. I work at a local I'll go look it up. I work at a local hospital connected to a much larger body here in North Carolina. But I couldn't believe this The world is losing its collective minds. But thankfully you all help me. Keep mine in check. I can't repay you enough PS I'm eligible for a title upgrade. I've surpassed the 2000 Baronet tests huh?
Adam: Yes, she's on the list. I believe.
John: She appears to be yes, I remain nurse Caitlin with whatever title is now appropriate. Thanks, boys. PSR COVID unit in my hospital currently only has 16 patients just for your information rise surprise.
It's pretty common summers empty. Mickey and the lucky dogs is last on our list to $200 I remember nicking the lucky dogs. I want to remind all listeners Stress kills a stay in a lucky dog sanctuary sanctuary vacation rental might save your life and definitely help save pets lives at lucky dog. We have a lot of pets and we have no agenda visit us at Lj canine with a number nine Lj That's Lj Canada number Thanks, health karma would be appreciated.
Adam: Nikki and the lucky dog. Here you go. You've got karma.
John: And that is our group of, of donate chores and well wishers Executive Associate executive producers. And now we can talk about the art.
Adam: No. First I would like to say in the morning to the troll room, who were the ones that reminded me that we had skipped the art. So in the morning there trolls Hands up. I hope you didn't leave after you didn't get counted. Let's see what we got there today. Yep, I was afraid of it. 1676, down, down, they
John: left way down. And you know what that number represents? Yeah,
Adam: me not thanking them on time. And they all left.
John: It represents what the pre COVID numbers?
Adam: No, no, no, I wish this will see. I think they got pissed off and left. That's what trolls do that they don't get the chance they leave. Well anyway, for those trolls who are there, enjoy more people coming in because they can go to no agenda and you can log right in you control along with everybody doing the live shows as a live stream to listen to, which also has repeats of shows and podcasts that galore. And if you want to get that coveted no agenda invite that's the place to do it. But don't ask me No, no, go to no agenda. ask them there or you can hit up people on the street, go to meetup, say I want an invite for no agenda, social outcome and they will give it to you while stocks last because we are going to die.
John: That's true. That's a good point. This is actually while stocks left,
Adam: you're gonna close 10 Grand 10,000.
John: And unless somebody quits go to get in,
Adam: or if you kill somebody, then I guess you could move in and take their place. Yeah, it's just a thought. And that is our non algo eyes federated social network, where you can get high signal to noise ratio in conversations and it's a good place people love hanging out there. Adam and john also hang out there Adam at no agenda. John Dvorak had no agenda social calm. And now we get to the artist part two, we thank the artists who brought us the artwork for Episode 1300 19. We call that cluster five and this was social silencer who, who brought us just a humorous little thing related to the show was the food shopper. The food shopper. Then we talked about shopping. Yeah, fin shopper. Fun shopping? Well, they kind of did a social silencer did a version of that. And that was the Dutch forbidding food shopper. This is a thing now, the guy said to me, hey, what can we go food shopping here in Austin? Really? Was there anything else that we that we looked at? I thought there was some other art?
John: I can't know. Yeah.
Adam: Let me take a look what we had. So we had the food shopper.
John: He had
Adam: really had Jesus or a lot of Super Bowl stuff, which we didn't really feel like.
John: Yeah, we would if we had, we didn't, I don't know what didn't feel like
Adam: yeah, it wasn't enough of an item really. And that we didn't talk about now. And it just was
John: a number of variations of fun shopping. There's a couple of the missing balls. Yeah. Which was in a kind of mood. It was funny. But
Adam: you know what this is, you know what this is, you know, this is pre COVID art.
John: It's pre COVID art.
Adam: You just coined it. So I'm just gonna run with it. We're going pre COVID if you want to see some of the art that we're discussing, and I have a fine list of chapters that you can jump around or go back to if you want to learn something you could do with any of these podcasting 2.0 certified apps, you can find a bit new podcast And thank you, Dr. Scott for doing these chapters. As a side note, if you want to participate if you want to create chapters and upload funny artwork. You can do that. Just get the app hyper catcher typer catcher calm. I think it's iOS only, but then you can right there while you listen. You can say oh, this would be cool. And you hit a button and it uploads and Dred Scott takes care of the rest.
John: It's good. I want to make a comment. There's new artists that come in and they try to get in here and I and there's two of them in particular that already submitted Okay, and you can't To use extremely small type this art has to be readable so you have to be shouldn't really have there's two art pieces on here. quarantine Dodger being one of them. And the other one being the I don't know what it's called core. Both of them are called quarantine Dodger. And they got they got lettering on it. I can't see too small. Yeah, too small.
Adam: So the the artwork that you see on the page at nogen art generator, not when you go into it, not when you go large into see the individual image. But those smaller ones. That's pretty much what it is. on phones can be smaller. Yeah, exactly.
John: So you got to have your it's got to be readable. Yes. If especially if it's a joke.
Adam: Yeah. And often that just doesn't work at all. But we want to thank social silencer once again, I believe this was social silencers. First when I'm looking at other things. No, I don't think we use he's got no didn't see anything else too close. Yeah, but it was good. It's good. No agenda, Art Any artists can participate. You just go there, you upload it, select the template if you want to. And, and YouTube can be a contestant in this mad race to be criticized by Adam and john. fantastic to be slammed. And that's all part of our value for value system we that the show is produced by you. This is the big thing that everyone's missing if they ever invited us to a conference to say how do you do it? Without ads? We say well, you start by deputizing everybody and giving them the responsibility of being a producer. There's no other way to do it whatsoever.
John: And and people get to be like they get to pretend to be real commercial artists and have somebody just condemned their work.
Adam: It's not even pretend.
John: We're not pretending
Adam: I'm not pretending. This is it's the way a real business works. And maybe this is the business of the future. So we require only three things time, talent or treasure. And again, thank you to the executive producers for today's episodes and associate executive producers titles, you can now display proudly that you produce that episode 1320 of the best podcast in the universe. Everybody can do this participate. You can do it you can just join us if you want to do it for Sunday go to this web address John Slash and a again, thanks to all for your time, your talent, your treasure producing the no agenda show our formula
Unknown: is this. We go out. We hit people in the mouth.
Adam: And I did want to mention that I believe it is today that we celebrate the first anniversary of flattening the curve for two weeks.
John: It was oh that oh so we can all be off and back to normal on Easter. Yes, yes.
Adam: Little did we know it would be a fluid tots that came in to grab us. biosecurity or
John: Easter I guess maybe they meant Easter of this year. I do have one COVID clip I want to get out of the way, which is important always is the double mask and it's from yesterday.
Unknown: On the pandemic, the CDC now says that wearing to face masks, or one tightly fitted mask is more effective in blocking COVID-19. New research released today show that exposure can be reduced by 95%. more than twice what a single mask achieves
this let's see hold
John: on let play. I'm just I made a mistake.
Unknown: What as a single mask achieves the CDC head Dr. Rochelle Wollensky spoke at a virtual briefing.
The science is clear. I don't
think so.
Everyone needs to be wearing a mask when they're in public or when they're when they are in their own home but with people who do not live in their household. This is especially true with our ongoing concern about new variants spreading in the United States. The new
advice came on math came as the nationwide death toll from COVID-19 past 470,000.
Adam: Again, okay, well but before this is I wanted to say something about this because they spend so much time on this double masking bull triple masking bullcrap.
John: I
Adam: cannot find a single instance of a health professional that people are supposed to trust any official anywhere worldwide, who has said In addition, I'm fine with that in addition to strapping pieces of cloth on your face and tying it up with masking tape, like an idiot. Here are some other things you can do to strengthen your immunity. Never, never, ever, ever have they done it not once tell you to, to exercise, eat the right kinds of foods, vitamin d3, none of that never ever, ever, because they want you to be a sick, sick, infested human that they pump full with their money making crap
John: before you Who else pokin. Now, you got to go back and read it or you got to go back and kind of hear what they said in that clip. Because now it's like what are you talking about? She said that the double mass, according to the new research was made it 95% effective twice as effective as one mass, which means the mass is only 42.5% effective.
Adam: Why don't they make masks that work? Well.
John: Wait a minute, they said one mask is only 40. What is effective? Then I say
Adam: to people with masks? You're not they're not saying that you're? You're what she said exactly. No, you're extrapolating that she said to mass or 95%? You didn't say it's double? Yes. Okay, let
Unknown: me hear it again. On the pandemic. The CDC now says that wearing to face masks, or one tightly fitted mask is more effective and blocking COVID-19. New research released today show that exposure can be reduced by 95%. more than twice what a single mask achieved.
Adam: You're right. Well, why why do they recommend these crop masks?
John: They're defective. Twice as effective me they're not at these 42.5% is not very effective.
Adam: No, but I don't understand it. Can't we have masks that are just effective. Why
John: is 95 tightly fit and now this Oh, you want to get your next I just saw the members coming out. You're gonna have to wear gaffers tape across the nose and mouth.
Adam: Here's the report regarding this
Unknown: hospitals in Washington state are scrambling to pull hundreds
of 1000s of potentially counterfeit and 95 masks out of circulation. The Maker of the real mask is three M, which alerted Homeland
Security after finding the fakes. The company says it's hard to tell the real ones from the fake ones.
If you look closely at the writing on the mask, it says three and as a Nancy, the quality of the inside of the mask
is not as good as the authorized
respirator mask
John: was my knees are hilarious.
Adam: It was right next to the channel bag and, and the Rolex watches Rolex.
Who, who procured that at the hospitals what I want to know who you
John: are. There's an older there's an old joke that went around in the 60s when we made in Japan was a it was a song made in Japan. Everything was supposed to be shoddy like early Chinese stuff shiny. And current some of the current stuff to Sure. And so somebody supposedly changed the name of a Japanese town to to boosa
Adam: oosa he hasn't USA oosa
John: OSA and they would still they would put made in oosa Mm hmm. And they've there's a bunch of products are supposedly flying around the United States that were made in EU said it was a big scandal. I think it's just bullcrap story, but no, it's re and I don't know, maybe
Adam: it wasn't when was it changed?
John: The Chinese have changed it to OSA when
Adam: was this oosa story.
John: Do you remember? In the 60s?
Adam: You sure it wasn't the 17th? I'll tell you, I'll tell you why. Because you said that you said that. And I've in my head I heard my father make a joke to my mom when I was a kid. So it must have been either late late 60s or early 70s and it was about made in oosa
John: it could be same could be the early 70s
Adam: kind of the same story about the maid and it wasn't
John: what I remember but it had it had to be during for it to work. It had to be during the era where Japanese products were shoddy. And that was pre it was pre the pre domination of Toyota and some of it when the Japanese finally started kicking it up a notch or sending us good product. Yeah, it was it was when there's just a toys and crap are coming from Japan that were junk.
Adam: made an EU So
John: okay, Russia, what the Chinese can take up take a page out of the Japanese playbook.
Adam: Well from the Japanese playbook I'd like to go back to the Chinese playbook because that's Is what cnn the Chinese news network is doing. And Jake Tapper, we've got to look into Jake Tapper. Man. How did he get so incredibly compromised? Is he like, Is he really on an actual payroll the way he's going? I mean, it's crazy here here is expensive excoriating Trump supporters today, one month in one day after the attack after that storm hit the Capitol. We are again warning if there is no accountability and no attempt by the republican party to stop these insane lies that have taken root in their party witnessed the support this week by the House Republicans for bigot and conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor green, the Congresswoman from Georgia, if there's no effort at accountability, this is not going to be the end of mega terrorism. Hey, the beginning.
John: Terrorism
Adam: told you to go on after everybody who supported Trump, everybody who says anything negative about vaccines, and they know where you are and who you are. We talked about the New York Times, having been given exfiltrated data from one of these prime suspect social media companies. They gave personal identifying information to the New York Times with location information so that they could track and docs and identify people who were there. And it's now being used shamelessly by by the mainstream media. According to The New York Times opinion piece, about 40% of the phones tracked near the rally stage on the National Mall during the speeches, were also found in and around the Capitol during the siege, quote, a clear link between those who live
John: on clear lanes and
Unknown: intent his allies and then marched on the building.
Adam: Now this this is this is not over, when Trump goes is not going to be over I think that's when the the true hunt will be on. And just since we're going to draw I'm going to draw parallels between the Chinese Communist Party and our current administration to a degree certainly CNN. I'm quite convinced that they are on the take. no proof but that'll all pop out. And why don't we just look ahead in the future
John: is proof by is proof by example. yes no
Adam: proof proof? proof by example. Yes, proof by example. And here's the example that will be set by the social media networks already we know. Even if you're Robert F Kennedy Jr. You're your your understanding your analysis of vaccines are not valid, they're debunked offhand. And so Off you go the epic times who know hate hate the Chinese Communist Party, but they report on the next step which is being taken and which I think we can expect here the Chinese Communist Party has further tightened its control over speech, information and public opinion by announcing restrictions on what is allowed on Chinese social media. The country's social media platforms recently issued notices to users requiring them to obtain internet news information service licenses,
Unknown: otherwise,
Adam: they will be banned from commenting on politics, economics, and military diplomacy and other major news. According to these notices, if a user does not have a license, they are advised not to compile, publish, comment or interpret any information on current affairs. The notices from internet service companies so who and Baidu are more forceful, they clearly state that users are now required not to post or share such information without approval and claimed the purpose is to discipline unregulated online commentators and no to Epic times. If you ever want to jazz up your media presentations let us know
John: now this this is you know, the epic times or epoch is the way I like to pronounce it i'd
Adam: like saying epoch two yeah
John: I like epoch better but yes, did go through all this trouble they get all this money and they put together a newspapers actually working and they've got all these press. Then they put out the lamest lamest presentations, find a professional or a pretty girl with a nice voice. You know, put her on. I mean, there's a million things you can do but you put some good on there. It just
Adam: doesn't work. I even had to had to take out a couple of things. It was so so lame. It's bad.
John: So the unit is our model. By the way, the model our model, Adam and I have a motto. Don't be lame.
Adam: It is a model that we stuck to. You can be a lot of things Things
Unknown: don't work. Don't be late it works.
Adam: Now let's look at some a US clamp down that's taking place, we know that there is one and we've got everything under control. The way I see it, we got Twitter, you know, Twitter kicked off, the President of United States is making sure you can't post anything about vaccines or about variants or anything really. Political or, or medical. He just you just kicked off. I don't have a Facebook account. But I think it's pretty much the same. And we know that what happened with Instagram. And this is really one one place left that for some reason, you know, they can't control it's becoming very, very annoying. To those that control the the speech, pro publica. Journalists, I say that with some emphasis, emphasis, emphasis, Lydia de pilis wrote quite an article about the evilness of podcasting. That's what you and I, yes, yes, podcasting, because they can't control it. There is no social control over what these damn podcasters are saying,
John: oh,
Adam: and this is a problem. And Apple is not being cooperative.
Unknown: So how can it be that this kind of junk is allowed on Apple's podcast app? Right, but not on Twitter? Not on YouTube? What's the difference here?
Yeah, well, in America, we have this policy where we allowed to platforms to make their own rules as to what content they will allow. And what a crazy
Adam: country Can you believe that? We have this, these weird rules in America, we let people decide what they want to do. And they're not like China, where this woman clearly takes her cues from the government tells everybody we got rules and regs.
Unknown: Yeah, well, in America, we have this policy where we allow tech platforms to make their own rules as to what content they will allow. And the thing with podcasts is that it's a little bit different in that a company like Apple can say we just list podcasts that we essentially run a directory, we don't host them. So that content is actually housed somewhere else, but we allow people to access it through our platform. So there's a little bit of a Dodge that they do there. But they do have a terms of service that says here's what we will and won't allow it's just very, very loose. And so a company like YouTube, which is Google or Twitter has actually established pretty proactive policies on in terms of election misinformation, which Apple just simply doesn't do at all
Adam: well it's not doing it so yeah, this is the trying to go after Apple very very light touch. Because you know, dad, like my iPhone and I wanted peace anybody get the new beta? Cuz that's how these a whole thing but the worst part of this The worst part of this woman is what comes next. And I'll just say this woman, I say with disdain, let's let's back
John: up again. Give us Who is this woman again?
Adam: Lydia de pilis. From pro publica, which is a pro publica person. Yeah, pro publica person. Oh, they get a lot of airtime. The Pro publica it's just
John: like a group of idealist journalists.
Adam: You'll remember that David Korn launched the whole PP tape Russian collusion dossier on pro publica.
John: Okay, yeah, okay. All right. I think that did it that that summarizes
Adam: so all of all the things that she's, yeah.
John: So we got another situation here where journalists are bitching and moaning about free speech? Is the same journalists that journalists that don't like Wikileaks because it reveals too many secret documents, which they should be happy to see. Or they're the same ones as slamming Snowden are the same journalists? I'm thinking of Richard England this case who doesn't want to see that? The release CIA torture memo? Yes, types of people. So pro publica is the anti. You're anti journalist journalists,
Adam: nice to see them. She's advocating for shutting down speech that she doesn't agree with. That is her whole article. And, and you know, to say, well, Apple has a Dodge here because they're Jonathan amdocs, but not following all that. But what blows me away is this journalist who I'm going to presume as a technology journalist, what she says Next is the biggest pile of horse crap in the world.
Unknown: There's obviously been so much discussion particularly I think you're seeing it on the conservative side discussion about canceled culture D platforming, right, whereas free speech, etc. It seems like as you report it may just be a matter of time before there was a buildup of like alternative streaming universes, ones that don't depend On these tech giants at all, how hard is that though, to actually start happening? Or how likely is it? Well, at the moment, it's
very difficult.
the landscape of tech platforms at the moment is pretty consolidated and that most people consume content through means that are supported by companies like Amazon through its Amazon Web Services product, or through Apple through his iPhone or through Google through its browser. So in order to build up a tech ecosystem that is free of all those where you could broadcast whatever content you like, and then it's, it's, it's the kind of infrastructure that doesn't really exist right now. It's like gab are really straining under the weight of new traffic that they're receiving.
Adam: So this uninformed under informed over socialized twat is telling us the infrastructure doesn't really exist to setup alternatives. Because you know, you're really beholden to the app store, and Amazon Web Services. I challenge you
John: to a debate punk nonsense.
Adam: Look at us. We
John: are literally five major five major video sources out there now.
Adam: Thank you know what agendas mean? No agenda
John: Agenda tube, which is I wouldn't put into the top five, but it's there. And then there's the obviously the Federated and other chat systems. And then there's things as signals light and Telegraph, the only things are out there, you know, which people are condemning Then how about podcasts.,
Adam: which is talking about podcasts in the podcast index,
John: by the way, which is your baby. And it's the last album since you, you can toot your own horn, but as far as I'm concerned out to it, it's out. This is the alternative of alternatives that will prevent the future demise of podcasting. And it's something you recognize about a year or two ago, probably because of this show, of course. And you decided to go ahead with this, this podcasting 2.0 which is taken off quite nicely, and eventually will be absorbed by absorbed into this grace. Yeah, she's full of crap. But I will say this, the pathetic thing is that that she's got a she's got a voice in there, people are asking her, why is she even around?
Adam: Well, you know what she she is the new wave. This is the same type of person who's at the New York Times. And the same same type of person who is a member of this group. This is a letter of intent from publishing professionals of the United States. Have you seen this letter yet? I'm surprised your your your agent, Danny. Oh, they're on the coast didn't give it to you. I probably
John: have seen this letter. I didn't think but I don't. I don't know. I go I just continue and I'll realize whether, as of
Adam: February 9 2020 593, authors, editors, agents, and all other publishing professionals in the US have signed this letter. We all love book publishing, but we have to be honest, our country is where it is, in part because publishing is chased the money and notoriety of some pretty sketchy people, and has granted those same people both the employment, parameter of respectability and a lot of money through sweetheart book deals. As members of the writing and publishing community, like the Obama book deal, that would be the one, both of them. As members of the writing and publishing community in the United States. We affirm the participation in the administration of Donald Trump must be considered a uniquely mitigating criterion for publishing houses when considering book deals. Consequently, we believe no participant in an administration that caged children performed involuntary surgeries on captive women and scoffed at science as millions were infected with a deadly virus should be enriched by the almost wrote large jest of a big book deal, and no one who incited suborned instigated or otherwise supported the January 6 2021 coup attempt should have their philosophies, remunerated and disseminated through our beloved publishing houses. Son of Sam laws exist to prevent criminals from benefiting financially from writing about their crimes hunter Biden memoir, in that spirit, those who enabled promulgated and covered up crimes against the
American people should not be enriched through the coffers of publishing. We are writers, editors, journalists, agents and professionals in multiple forms of publishing. We believe in the power of words. We've used some cool ones here, and we try we're tired of the industry. We love enriching the monsters among us and we will do whatever is in our power. Stop it.
John: Yeah, this is actually kind of old. This. This is a, I think, and I've seen this. Everyone's scrambling right now for something else, which is the 150 names of the New York Times writers who signed off on getting that poor guy fired the science writer who had to talk about the N word. Yeah. And they, their names are available, the names of the people that signed that document, you just read, which is disgusting. I
Adam: have him in the show notes. I
John: left them all in here. They're all there. And they're up there for everyone to see in the names of the people. I was looking for the names of the 150 NYT, New York Times reporters who signed the complaint letter to the editor, they worked there and they wanted it well, fellow union members, somebody pointed out a fellow union member fired, you know, when the management took the and said, well, you're a union member we'll make we're gonna go easy on you, but the the members themselves, this is terrible. This is the kind This is Chinese communist kind of stuff. And we need these names. These names need to be in a database, you know, you can turn to books on everybody else and say, well, we're gonna go out and get everybody and shame him and make him wear. You know, Trump, Trump, shame, Pat's and dunce caps and the rest. But that's put these other guys names in the database while we're at it, and maybe that'll come you'd become useful someday? Well, people should all be put in a name. You can turn the tables on this Chinese communist idea. You got your name out there, okay, you're in the database. Now, the other one.
Adam: It's so bad that French politicians, prominent intellectuals and academics are voicing concern that the out of control leftism and canceled culture from the United States is threatening French identity
John: to this destination, when
Adam: the French start bitching about your culture,
John: you got a problem with the French.
Adam: You got it. I got some cool social justice warrior stories just to run through real quick stuff that can and cannot happen, I think the best noodle gun we put a little noodle gun. I think the best noodle gun that I've heard so far has got to be Bruce Springsteen.
The Jeep has pulled his Superbowl ad following a revelation that he was arrested for a DWI in New Jersey last year. So they've pulled his ad, which, quite honestly, the whole I mean, I'll never look at a Jeep again. Bruce Springsteen's the guy who said if Trump wins again, I'm moving to Australia. Hey, Mr. Jersey. blow me. guy. I'm glad you lost that deal. What an idiot. Such a disappointment that men disappointment. Nurses, nurses in hospitals. Now this is a problem in the United Kingdom are no longer to use words such as breastfeeding and breast milk. Instead, the National Health Service Trust has requested they use human milk or chest milk. Because, you know, men can breastfeed to
John: do you see, like get some of that chest milk?
Adam: Right, coming right up. Coming right up for you. See, what else did we have? Oh, this is kind of cool. The cops in Beverly Hills, they're tired of citizens instagramming them at every single videotaping them but every single traffic stop or anything they make and particularly in Beverly Hills. You know, there's a lot of Karen's running around. So they've they figured out a way to thwart this. When someone shows up and they start filming them. They immediately throw on some music and start playing the music loudly through their speaker to their phone speaker and the reason why is if it's a hit song, the YouTube and Instagram algorithms will delete the video because of the music royalty genius isn't not a good one.
Unknown: Yes
Adam: I got the my pasta Glock locked and loaded.
Unknown: Take that noodle boy
John: wanted to play my Mary Graber clips.
Adam: All right.
John: This was the she's the one who did the book debunking. There's that word again? debunking Xin which is our peoples history of Israel. And she had a bunch of that we played one clip, I believe was the mayor gray bar one, which was long clip. So let's go. And that was about how the dizin book is very inaccurate, and it's become very popular to read.
Adam: Can you just explain this in book for people who this is called the
John: People's History of America, it's it's pushed pushed hard in the schools that came out in 1980. And it gives an alternative History of the United States showing and it was kind of LinkedIn slightly with the 1619 project. It is a it relates to American history with specific instances of how we're a bunch of bastards. And all our of our great leaders are a bunch of creeps. And the whole United States is a bunch of losers. And it's it's well written in Somebody said, Well, you said it yourself was wrote, what did I mean? well written, I mean, by that I meant it was easy to read, and people could easily read it and, and become, I saw it when it first run the time it first came out, and I thought it was very poorly sourced and, and very questionable, she found that there was instances where he was and she researched, re re engineered the book backwards and found instances where he would literally do a ellipses, quote, this is where you see it, you see a quote, and then you see, and then the guy said, dot dot, dot urine, a whole Oh, so taking the context out of the quote, well, not only in his case, there would be a dip when the ellipses showed up, there'd be 10 pages missing. She found one with 30 pages between the first part and that last part says,
Adam: well, it's valid, three dots, three dots, 10 pages.
John: With this, anyway, so this book has become a plague. Now somebody wrote me saying this goes way back. In fact, I started looking into it too. And I think the Zen book came out at a time to validate which I recall in the late 60s was a socialist movement, underground socialist movement that took place during the the era of the hippies, and the name, the name just on looking into and people should go back to this because it crops up again. In fact, he's the guy who invented the form of sociology called critical theory, which is evolved into critical race theory. And the name of the guy, and because I remember it very clearly, because they're all the girls at Cal. Ah, they're all like, they had some crush on this character. And his name was Herbert Mark kusa. And oh, any old timer out there that's listening. They're all Herbert macusa. Yeah, that guy. He's part of a huge School of German. I would call them Neo Marxist. But they weren't communist, but they were communist, but they weren't communist, a NEO Marxist movement that took place, which became the new left in the 60s and 70s. And it's been, it's never gone away. And it's pretty much was taken over at the moment, said, we have been able to push it back much. But the zenbook comes out in 1980. And that just can't, it can't. It just is it's just seals the deal has got every little thing you need in there, to convince people that we're just a bunch of bad people, nice United States, and our history should be
ignored. Which reminds me of the saying, you know, no country, no nation will survive when the children are taught to hate their country, which is what's going on what this book was about. And that's what the book was about. So she's, she does this other book now. That's the bait the background. So let's play some of her clips. So you can hear some of the let's try this one. This is this is Graber on race, racism. And as in communists,
Unknown: America is the least racist nation in all of history that we basically invented racist.
Yeah, Howard Zinn promotes that view. And again, that is the communist project when the Communist Party USA, was set up in the United States in New York City in 1919. That was one of their first objectives, they saw racism, which there was in segregation as the weak point in American society. And of course, there has been racism and prejudice and VENA phobia, you know, throughout history everywhere. And it was in the United States among different groups, as well as the Irish and the Italians. And, you know, they're always group conflicts. But the communists saw this as opportunity for exploitation. And that's what Howard Zinn does. Now the communists presented themselves to many black Americans as offering a way out of their oppression. And of course, they presented communism as a way to overcome racism and prejudice. And that, of course, was not the case at all what the communists were doing was exploiting blacks, and often to the point of death. And, for the most part, African Americans socked through this, I mean, they didn't fall for it. But Howard Zinn promotes that message. So he presents a few people who were dupes of the communists and presents them as these pathbreaking heroes black heroes, when in fact they weren't.
Adam: Wow. So he was from the Frankfurt School.
John: Yes, you're looking at
Adam: Yo, I just want to read it. Just to give your your sequence here a little more. The Frankfort theorists proposed that social theory was inadequate for explaining the turbulent political factionalism and reactionary politics, critical of capitalism and of Marxism. leninism leninism that was so what I want to read here is the Frankfurt School perspective of critical investigation is based on Freud Ian Marxist and had galleon premises of idealist philosophy. Oh my god. These guys came straight out of wine bar.
John: Exactly. At Bauhaus.
Adam: Yes. straight out of the old the new Compton straightener why mob baby.
John: So let's listen to her little commentary about the 1619 project. I like this is my favorite clip in the group,
Unknown: wait, expand a little bit on this 1619 project. This is a complete juxtaposition of dates. 1776 now is going to evaporate and 1619 is going to become the date that's prevalent in everybody's mind is going to be predominant. That's the idea, right?
reframing of American history of the founding? Yes.
And you're writing a book on debunking this project?
Yeah. So the 1619 project was a special issue of the New York Times magazine that came out in August of 2019. And the creator of that is a New York Times writer, named Nicole Hannah Jones. And she presumably thought up this thing, and she wrote the lead essay. And so the issue contains her essay, which has a number of gross distortions of history, just like Howard Zinn does. It also contains other articles and poems, and photographs. And the argument behind it is that the first arrival of slaves here who stayed is really the founding of the country, and that the words in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution really had no meaning until, you know, black Americans led the way and showed white America how to really implement those ideals and make them real, which is a term that she is is that also is a Marxist view. She has expressed her admiration for Fidel Castro. A lot of what she writes and tweets is Marxist in orientation.
Adam: Yeah. Ideally, I'd like this clip. Mo and I've done a whole episode on the 1619 project, but I really just too bad she says, or the guy says, you're going to debunk this. We just went through excoriating people for using that word. There needs to be a better word for what she's doing. disprove perhaps discredited.
John: She uses debunking her title so it's hard to I don't like it. That never bothers me. Um, there's a couple more clips you want to listen to? Yes. Yeah, I'm interested. She is on Columbus. It's kind of interesting.
Adam: Oh, yes, Columbus.
John: And by the way that the writer is a producer sent bitching to me about using any of her stuff because it was just predated material that's better. I still see the Zen book as the one that's most coincident with the Columbus hatred. Because I don't remember when I was Kid
Adam: No, no.
John: There is no Columbus hate
Adam: this is something of the past 1015 years. This is, I think
John: it started in 1980. It's 40 years ago. Shoot, man,
Adam: I know. I mean, what I was in New York, all the way up through 2000. And I don't, I live near Columbus Circle. So it just it will be for the West Coast, it could be,
John: I still remember seeing anti Columbus art at Amsterdam art in Berkeley, and I can almost I'm trying, I can't quite get the date. When I saw
Adam: your own little time capsule up there, I'm sure. Anyway, um, let's hear what she has to say. Because this is this is such a touchy, Judge bunk. In my own lab
Unknown: explorations, I ran across the phrase, they would make fine servants talking about the Indians with 50 men, we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want. I read that over and over again, before I ever knew about Howard Zinn, before I ever saw your book before I ever saw your article on the web. And so you see this over and over again. And you think, Wow, is this really what Christopher Columbus wrote in his log? That's pretty damning.
Yeah, well, you know, that's where you've got the ellipses. And ellipses, you know, is, if you can remember from your writing courses is those three or four dots, and we know that they're there, if you just simply want to shorten a quotation, and the words that you leave out, do not change the fundamental meaning. And at the most, you know, if you have those four ellipses, it's, you know, a sentence or two, well, what Howard Zinn leaves out is pages of two days worth of log entries between those ellipses. And so he's leaving out critical information and passages that say, I believe that we can convert them to our Christian faith more by love than by force. You know, Howard Zinn doesn't want the reader to know that Christopher Columbus wanted to convert by love, that would upset the propaganda stick line that he is promoting. So he deceptively quotes that way, and people will still I mean, it's very sad. They will quote, Howard Zinn, quoting Columbus, and they will say, See, this is right from his log, you know, I got into a debate with a columnist at the New Haven, newspaper, and even when I told him, that what he was, quote, you know, he had just discovered Howard Zinn, and wrote this column for Columbus Day. I said, Look, you know, this is what he left out. He didn't believe me. He said, No, this is what Christopher Columbus wrote. So deceptive.
Adam: He also was responsible for another term we're using these days, this guy's very influential when you hear this. Howard Zinn described himself as quote, something of an anarchist, something of a socialist, perhaps more a democratic socialist. Yeah. I didn't know that. Why is he the father of democratic socialism? Or the DSA? Do they study his book at the democratic socialists of America party?
John: Disgusting as two more clips,
Adam: yeah, sure, let's do it's good.
John: This is a gray bar on zins advice, zins advice.
Unknown: And when he talks about the civil war, he claims that, you know, Abraham Lincoln was not the great emancipator, he, you know, didn't care about blacks that he didn't care about slavery. And he presents this view of America as basically that blacks are still enslaved, that nothing really nothing has freed blacks that the civil rights movement did no good emancipation did no good. That there is cause, you know, so he's writing, you know, post 60s, there's cause for rioting. And he's always presenting the idea of socialism as the cure for, you know, racial discrepancies and so he presents his very hopeless situation in his messages. You cannot get ahead in the American system because it is so racist and so corrupt, that it will keep beating you down. Which, of course is absolutely the wrong message you want to give to young people, especially if they're struggling. You know, I mean, the message is don't even try, the system is going to beat you down. Instead of trying working hard. Studying the messages go out into the streets and revolt
Adam: flow this should have this guy on T shirts
John: and vote Democrat.
Unknown: Yeah.
John: Oh my
Adam: and I love this guy's like, you can't make it in racist America said the old white dude.
John: dead now he's dead. But still,
Adam: he's still the old white dude, who was very successful. This.
John: So this is the last the scariest clip because this is going on as we speak.
Adam: And how does that work with Obama as president and Kamala Harris is vice president, how does that work with this unsuccessful and you can't do it if you're is because America is so racist. And I'm just trying to understand the logic.
John: Now ask them.
Unknown: This is the Zinn educational program. This is the part that's disturbing. His influence is not waning at all. And I want you to talk a little bit about the Zen educational project, because this is taking Zinn and multiplying them all over the world.
Oh, yeah. So the Zen education project was started by one of his adoring students at Boston University. And this man, ironically, went out and made a lot of money in the tech industry and decided to, as he set it, give back and donated money to start this in Education Project. And it's a place where teachers can go get free downloadable lessons. They're all very political. They're based on Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States and other books that he's written. They have exercises for discussing current events, you know, such as the election, they have demonized President Trump and everyone who supports him, they are overtly political, overtly revolutionary. And so they are spreading the poison of Howard Zinn's history, they're doing it for free. And one of the latest things that's going on is in Mississippi, the governor has, I don't know if they've already allocated this, but he's implementing or wants to implement a history education that would be truthful that would discuss the founders and American history in the non Marxist way, you know, and patriotically. And so one of the campaigns at the Zen Education Project is on and they do this every time anyone wants to reform education, is they appeal to teachers, they send out free copies of Howard Zinn's book, they have these letter writing campaigns. And so they not only produce these classroom materials, but they produce these campaigns. And when I spoke at the White House Conference, they went and
attacked me. They didn't address at all what I said about Howard Zinn's book in my book, they simply called me someone who was out there attacking Howard Zinn, as if you know, I was just attacking him personally.
Adam: Wow, this is very interesting, especially the Xin Education Project. Yeah, that's
John: the one that concerns me. I mean, this is really not a good thing. You if you notice, by the way, somebody mentioned this and it was she actually talks about this, I didn't clip it. But in goodwill hunting, Matt Damon, Matt Damon movie, he, they, the Robin Williams character pulls out or one of them pulls out the Howard Zinn book from the shelf. It says, you want to learn American history. This will open your eyes bright and then
Adam: oh my goodness,
John: that's the way it turns out that Matt Damon was the next door neighbor of gin when he was like 1011 when he's a kid, little kid, doing a solid
Adam: so so while we were listening to that, I did a little bit of a little bit of research. So you have the Howard Zinn Education Project, and I was looking at their website, Gen. Ed Yeah, didn't seem like match their meal. There are a lot about the cares act. And so clearly some Democrats in this but it's, here's what I was like to look at is the address. So I look up the same address as the Xin Education Project. And I find the teaching for change at the exact same address, which is here we go this looks pretty big building social justice starting in the classroom. So this is the same people. Yeah, let me see was on the board. So I'm just the first time just going through this a lot of university folks. I'm going to look at this because I, I'm curious to see where the where the entities are behind this. You know, who are the partners? Let's see what vendor partners that could be interesting. Oh, my goodness, oh, well, here we go. Here are just a few of the organizations that teaching for change partners within our work. Africa access American, African American Civil War Memorial, and museum. open book Foundation, Black Lives Matter at school week of action, Black communities for schools for just schools fund. Oh, my goodness, social justice. It is it isn't Baltimore. But this is where so this is good thing to look into. This is where a lot of this crap comes from, that these poor children have been mis educated. They've been mis
educated. That's it mis education. You've depressed? You depress me a little bit with this. I am sad to hear this. Yeah.
John: It's not good news.
Adam: Well, then let me let me brighten it. Can we just brighten up before we thank some more people and just move away from this sadness? Go.
Unknown: I'd love your assessment, Brittany, of the Saki era thus far, regular briefings are great, but there have been a few times where the White
House has seemed to step in it. Well, Brian, it's been really refreshing to have briefings every day and to even know who the senior officials talking to Biden are we we're not getting that in any of the Trump years, especially in those waning days of the Mac Mini briefings and it is refreshing I do kind of a put it towards like having a really bad ex boyfriend. We were getting essentially abused by Kaylee for so long, or at least she was calling us fake news and inciting her followers and followers of the president to not only harass us online, but obviously go to deadly ends for some people with death threats. Now we have Jen and the entire Biden team. It's very refreshing. But it's important to remember that the bar has literally been left on the floor, and just being able to show up and clear it isn't enough.
Adam: That's just the setup. Here's the payoff of that great new spokes hole for the White House. She's doing a great job. This one's for you, Johnny ball.
Unknown: I will have to circle back on that one. That's an excellent question. I don't have any information in front of me. It's an excellent question. It's an excellent question. Those are excellent questions. Those are excellent questions. That's such a good question. That's a good question. This is a good question. Oh, obviously, this is a good question, which is a very good question. It's a great question. And that sounds like a great question. That's a great question. Great question. This is a great question. It's a great question. Katie. That's a great question. It's a great question. It is very important question. It's a really important question. That's an important question. It's an interesting question. We all love the mailman and mail woman a popular and good question. And
John: that's a summary. It's a summary isn't reasonable,
Adam: but for sure. None of those are great questions. I'm going to show my son, Jonah. Imagine all the people who could do Oh, yeah, that'd be fun.
John: In fact, we have a few people to thank for show 1320 indeed, as we move along, Philip Lyon Smith on top of the list from Oakville, Ontario, Canada 133 33. I know they had folks up there. Usually towns with the name oak in the town name like oak land, or towns filled with oaks
Adam: or like Seven Oaks in the United Kingdom, which only has six.
John: Well, most of the folks in Oakland have gone they rip them out. Only Maria Cole $102.11 she's next she's needs to deducing he got a birthday coming up. We got her on the list, Rob Van dichondra or her blammo Earl of Georgian sugar, Sugar Hill, GA ao eight. a busy guy. He's got some note says I. Oh yeah. Oh God, I'll read this. I heard John's comment about stormy being a great stripper name actually dated a girl named stormy that eventually worked as a stripper. But when on stage by the name of Lisa,
Adam: no way wrong is that
John: that's what I think, sir skip logic and Spring Hill Tennessee 6633 Phillip Sanders in Ewing, New Jersey, six t 111 and is a birthday list. Sarah Sarah co Gar in spring branch Texas 35 dot 55 This is your first smokin hot hubby Jacob for his birthday, Baron Bob of high point North Carolina 5532 and quote saying in kongsberg Norway, I'm sure it's pronounced differently. Also a birthday call out and he boyfriend needs of reducing you we
Adam: got that.
Unknown: You've been reduced.
John: Crespin, Steve Sprague and Kennewick Washington 50. This is a short list today is a very short donation. day for us for Thursday, especially but here's our $50 donors name and location starting with Steve sprog in Kennewick Washington, sir He moves to the Piedmont province in mooresville, North Carolina sir Donald Winkler in Berlin Deutschland and I got a birthday call for somebody. Jesse Hall and friendswood Texas Christie Schmitz and St. Francis Wisconsin, Gerald Howard in Montclair, New Jersey, and Don's on the list Stephen Schumacher in Xenia, Ohio Ross and Tosh cough in London, UK. Rebecca Peckham in Atlanta, Georgia, Kimberly Redmond in Toronto, Ontario, Robert deccani. Sir Robert in Fairfax, Virginia. Alba Dandridge in Charleston, South Carolina.
Adam: Just read this for a second because I think that this came in late for the cut off. Alba says I know this email is late here we go to make the Oh 207 show but I want to wish my beloved husband Kevin Dandridge a happy birthday on Monday the eighth Happy birthday, my love the $50 the 50 bucks cut bucks and does not reflect his age but almost as I decided donating a couple bucks extra to no agenda. He's a loyal listener has been so since 2009. I also became one by osmosis. And lately I've been following no agenda post on telegram. We truly appreciate the work and time y'all dedicate to no agenda. So please keep it strong. Thank you very much album very sweet that you did that for your hubby. Yeah, it'll be
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Adam: Yes, yes. And it's what all of you do. These are producers, producers who do what they can also pretty people have produced under $50. Many for anonymity and a lot of you are just on whatever you can, whatever value you can put out, which is, you know, we've got great subscriptions many ways to support the show. There's really always a way for someone to support it with your time your talents or your treasure. If you'd like to learn more about it, we have a donation page. It's easy to remember just sing along John Slash and just to make sure everybody gets what they need.
Unknown: You've got
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I got a couple of meetup reports. The first one is from Houston. They
John: do nice things today.
Adam: No knighting zero zip nada. No nice things. Nope, nope. Hmm. No, I know. Well, the list was weird. Can I before I go on with the with the meetups, do you is that we've noticed there's something going on. After the Super Bowl. The Monday after the Sunday. I noticed and it's been this way up until today. I've said it several times to Tina. I have much less posts on Twitter. I have less email that came in significantly, like probably 40 less than I usually see. We have at least three or 400 people less in the troll room. We have less donations, less checks,
less checks. I'm thinking something happened. We went through a wormhole
John: last or ass on that Super Bowl.
Adam: And I think I think we lost people going through a wormhole or something. We lost that. I think that people are gone.
John: Well, maybe some fish came in.
Adam: Alright, here's the first one report from the Houston hackers
Unknown: meetup is Brian at the Houston hacker meetup. We have lots of new people
Adam: here and I'll pass the phone around and they can introduce themselves. Hi, this
Unknown: is Andrew first meetup in the morning.
Hi, Genevieve. First meetup.
John: Chris Baker
Unknown: first meetup.
Also I came from Austin.
Margaret first meetup.
John: I'm a douchebag. Also, first meetup was also a douchebag.
Unknown: This is evergreen low again
for a Canary Cry. Nice
talk in the morning.
Adam: I like the hacker marathon where the hacker meet up where girls are showing up. That's kind of cool. And then Boston's red 33 Red 33 I'm not sure that this is the report they intended. It sounds like something went wrong in the mix. But I'll just play it just in case is this guess what you guys intended.
Unknown: Lady butters of Narragansett Bay. This is sustainer.
Adam: In the
Unknown: in the morning, insert knives are the Providence Plantations.
Adam: Meet in the morning. In the morning
Unknown: in the morning, JJ from Cape Cod in the
John: morning, Sassoon. JOHN, thank you so much.
Adam: I think something went very wrong. Whatever they were trying to do there, you might want to try a reset without the music track blaring underneath. I'm not quite sure what happened. Here is the list of meetups, these are gatherings you can go to no agenda schedule one yourself find one easy to do no charged, you get to hang out with cool people. With people in general you can just talk to living breathing human beings who might even want to talk to you without a mask on. And there's a brand new entry today last minute that Denver arbitrary rulemaking summit that'll be at six o'clock today at kinkos lounge tomorrow, or Saturday and the 13th the OKC 33 Heartbreakers meet up in Oklahoma City at two o'clock at fresh fast your hall. Then we have the Dallas local 972 Dallas Fort Worth super spreader and loss of liberty celebration also on Saturday six o'clock at snookered Billiards in bar no under 18 sorry, then a special no agenda local 512 Valentine's Eve, sunset Valley, Texas that is for all intents and purposes Austin and Doc's backyard. That is sir Scott and his lovely wife, the Barony of the no agenda army and for couples coming to the meetup. They have 25 sets of homemade truffles in four different flavors. They are packaging for you as a special gift if you show up, and also on Saturday 406 reunites Missoula Montana everybody's welcome at 3:33pm at the old post on the horizon the 16th Nashville no agenda little Fauci Wiese
Fans Club. Didn't know he had a fan club on the 17th A Houston lock pickers on the 20th backwater Wisconsin Springfield Missouri super spreader event. Houston raging super spreader lunch in Nashville mandatory producers meeting flight Oh 12 of the no agenda Agoura Hills, California and it goes on from there. There's a big List goes all the way into March has a lot of meetups a lot of people want to hang out. Go to no agenda find one near you go hang out with people if you can't find one make one it's easy. No agenda meetup calm just like a potty. Day
John: is like a
Adam: joke.
John: a news item
Unknown: you do now.
John: I want you to listen to this news item and tell me if this is the way you remember that the way things are okay, I suppose peculiar to Larry, I, we don't do obits on this show much.
Adam: Well, I do I Miss Mary Wilson and Supremes passed away and the person you're talking about who I think is quite an important guy, actually,
John: he was but listen to this report and tell me if the odd details match up with your memories.
Unknown: And Larry Flynt, who found it hustler magazine has died, Flint built a pornography Empire partly on images of violence against women, and fought several first amendment battles. During one case in 1978, he was shot by a gunman and left partially paralyzed. In 1988, he won a US Supreme Court fight with the Reverend Jerry Falwell, who had sued him over a parody. Larry Flynt was 78 years old.
John: Well Island's against women.
Adam: Yeah, I don't remember any of that.
John: I don't remember that. I
Unknown: remember. Here's
John: what I remember. I remember when that magazine first came out, a friend of mine was actually one of the editors there, who ended up at the infoworld when I was at infoworld. He was the managing editor. infoworld he had a lot of Flint stories. He in there, you know, it was interesting. But there's playboy shows up on the scene and guests of 50s and they exploit the situation becomes a huge popular success. And he uses it to leverage his feelings about sexual liberation, all the rest. And then penthouse comes out, which is more of a kind of more hardcore ish looking women and then hustler.
Adam: What, almost up the specific difference between playboy and penthouse was pubic hair.
John: And yes, that was the main difference. And then I thought it was taken the pubic hair thing was taken to the max with more gross depictions of pubic hair and you know, and bodily parts in in hustler. Yes. And kind of just scum. You're looking women. What was the violence against women? I don't remember that.
Adam: Now. In fact, quite the opposite. Larry Flynt should be heralded as someone who said free speech is free speech, and I'll show you what that means. Even if it's something that you find disgusting. Let me just hear the report again to make sure what this and
Unknown: Larry
Adam: even that even that and Larry Flynt shows disdain, disdain woman
Unknown: and Larry Flynt, who founded hustler magazine has
John: always stopped back it up. She not only does what you but you express, but then she gives a very subtle but obvious. Yeah,
Adam: like, oh, that guy that douchebag glad
Unknown: we're rid of him. And Larry Flynt, who founded hustler magazine has died. Flint built a pornography Empire partly on images of violence against women.
Adam: That is not the Larry Flynt story. There was an actual story in a movie that Tom Cruise played in
John: the note the Empire on violence against women is what she said that is CBS today. Yeah, this is your PBS your your natural net natural your natural treasure.
Adam: Your natural treasures
John: disgusting.
Adam: And that is the reason why you should consider what you do with your media money very wisely if you want to support something truly free and independent of creepy Chinese influences corporate money advertisers a don't play
John: us out yet. We can't go out without the global warming that's taking place the global warming report in Europe.
Adam: I'm sorry I was done. I was ready. But yeah, if you've got a breaking story we have
Unknown: to play crossings at the southern border has been growing for months and Border Patrol facilities are filling up across Europe. A cold Wave kept much of the continent in the Deep Freeze today. In Paris layers of snow covered much of the city disrupting travel in sub zero weather and off the Normandy coast of fame tidal Island mult semi shell was surrounded by snow and ice are rarity.
John: This was never gonna happen again.
Adam: They would never see snow only in snow globes now after 24 years. They're talking about the natural ice skating competition in Holland. Global warming climate change. And by the way, no skating for you You silly slaves. That virus likes ice.
John: Anyway, likes to come out after can.
Adam: nocturnal indeed. please consider supporting this program with your media money. If you got to spend it on something, spend it where you know it's getting put to good use and it's honest. That is the no agenda show. And I am one of the hosts. I'm coming to you from opportunity zone 33 at the frontier of Austin, Texas that is the capital of the Lone Star State. Last time I checked we're still in CB FEMA Region number six until they start to read districts in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: from Northern Silicon Valley will reaction the question Joe Biden how many more people have to die on your watch?
Adam: Has a podcast he'll be up next on no agenda that sir gene speaks and of show mixes Andre Coleman and sir Dave and dimension B. We'll be back on Sunday. Until then, remember C. slash na and adios
stop this show because you haunt her dreams. That's the source. Maybe true.
John: haunting dreams.
Adam: You're so right.
John: You make a note unnoted Saudi Arabian money get some Saudi gold,
Adam: silver
John: and gold you can mail the gold
Adam: and we thank them for the treasure.
John: Turn Me On and now you on the no agenda show as producers
Adam: and
John: believable producers. Yes, we do. The she listened to the show. I don't think she listens. Maybe dominatrix types don't like the show. But the white girl can't. No.
Adam: Nope. Not even a color thing. I don't think
John: you do the accounting. We don't do it.
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