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May 20th, 2021 • 3h 14m

1348: Belching Freon


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John: lockdown lockdown stay at home order.
Unknown: Adam Curry
Adam: Jhansi devora may 20 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1348
Unknown: This is no agenda
Adam: backing up combat broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State. Good morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry from Northern Silicon
John: Valley where all hell is breaking loose. I'm Jhansi devorah
Unknown: buzzkill.
Adam: Wait a minute, I have not been notified What's going on? What's happening? Why is all hell breaking loose?
John: We can help What's going on? Well, they're taking the scaffolding off the front of the house. Oh, gosh, guys are going back and forth. Cars are getting jammed up.
Adam: Oh, it's gonna. It's gonna suck for the show. You mean? We're
John: gonna have noise masks? everywhere. They're messed up. But I did it. I did my duty today and watch the three shows in the morning.
Unknown: support the show.
Send your cash. You will obey. I'm sorry,
Adam: it's a three by three.
John: is not the right.
Adam: Not the right jingle. Hola. Let's do the correct 133. There you go. All right, you scan the three networks. What did you learn in broth?
John: Well, channel, NBC and the today show. Oh, big. It's called the vaccination vacation.
Adam: Baby. Oh, how does that work? Oh,
John: it's a big giant split into the whole thing and people roaming around with their masks on and if you're if you get fully vaccinated, you're going to get your freedom. That's right. That's correct freedom to travel your freedom to make sure that you get it, you won't be able to go anywhere else that you vaccination card. So you bring your card with you. And you still need you need the card to prove you're vaccinated to go into Europe, there is what's going on, let's go to Europe, you need your card, then you need a test. You still need a COVID test and I got the card
Adam: and I just correct you on that. In Europe, the green passport is either or you do not need a vaccination proof of vaccination, you can do a test.
John: That's not what NBC says, Oh,
Adam: I know. I know. But I've read the documents from the EU.
John: That doesn't mean that's what they're gonna do. documents from the EU may not apply at the airport. Okay. But you want to be fully vaccinated for Memorial Day. And it's going to be with vaccination, you know, it means according to them. vaccination equals a lot more freedom.
Adam: Yes, I have clips of this phenomenon. But let's go to
John: Liberty fraternity got a yes. That's with a card. So you have a card.
Adam: Sure.
John: All right. Now we went to skipped over to ABC. Good Morning America. And they were just wrapping i was i was enthralled with this other reports. I probably missed most of this but it was a big investigation. Big, big hot investigation about Princess Diana. Hmm. She was troubled. She was troubled.
Adam: Did anything new come to light Did we? She was really, gosh, this is crazy. This is very informative. Well, what network
John: was this? This is your a good morning america and a bombshell
really knocked it out of the park. And then they were then they were going to a commercial they're going to a break. So here's something I may have talked to you about this. I've talked to somebody about this, but I get the biggest kick out of this. They got this big black football player that used to Oh, yeah. Michael straight Michael straight hand. Right. So anything that has to do with transgender or gay give it to the big black guy, they give it to him. So as they were going to them over reminded me was because they were going to the break with teasing. Upcoming the upcoming teaser was an upcoming story on Billy Porter and his 15 year bout with AIDS. Michael stray hand will be taking it. That story. Oh my goodness.
So then I started a bunch of research skipped over to CBS. Now CBS had some screwball new segment. This was the morning show with Gail and Anthony says Sure. Sure. Israeli guy.
Adam: Yes.
John: So they got this. This guy. He's a black hipster. They get the three of them around the table and this guy is standing by himself about about 10 feet away with it with the background saying what to watch. And he's doing news items. It's got nothing to do with what to watch. Watch. And the guy's wearing a tight fitting, kind of a pale blue. Short real short suit and a beige pork pie hat. Yummy. And he's standing there reading this black guy. And he's standing there reading to these and Eric was in the room when he comes. He says, We want to get this guy chair, right? This poor guy. Anyway, wrapped up with him doing a thing on Oh, this is big news, by the way. Oh, Spotify has got a new prep playlist playlist, a new playlist feature for your plants. Wow. Yeah. This was not a native ad versions of the
Adam: Yeah, this was not a native ad, was it?
Unknown: You think?
Adam: Wow. And who did the ad Who did? You should? That's what I would have wanted to hear.
John: No, it wasn't an ad. It was just who this guy the black guy is talking about he was talking it was a it was a native ad it was right into the in the copy. Spotify has a they actually three different playlists for your houseplants Oh, for different types
Adam: of plants or different moods or if you want them
John: I was getting sick to my stomach. So I don't remember the details. It was obviously a promotion for Spotify. Fabulous programming skills. Excellent. Hmm. I always thought that the Spotify playlists were for plants all the time. I think most people that listen this bottom. Yeah,
Adam: it's interesting. You say that because there's a lot of you know, we did they just had the big upfront for well for podcasting, but also for real, real life. Yeah. podcasting as upfront. You didn't know that? Oh, yeah. The IAB puts it on it's not called an upfront is called something else. It's even stupider. Hold on, IAB up for the C interactive age Interactive Advertising, bureau or something? Yeah, let's see the podcast upfront. To call it something else. IAB podcast upfront. 2020 is called Listen up. We missed it already. Dammit. We miss it. So you can get out you can get in front of everybody else and buy your ads now, is it? There's so much inventory on podcasts. It's only only about 20% ever gets filled. Time. So
John: what why creating that's hard to believe Adam bogies that you would know because you have an index that you doing baccharis index is probably most if not all, not all, but most of the podcasts out there. And what is the number? What is the number of podcasts out there? Like 100,000? Maybe that many that would be that would cause a lot of excess inventory.
Adam: Well, there's like three and a half million
Unknown: what
Adam: of which in the past 60 days only 400,000 they've updated.
John: So you know, let's say the last update was 600,000 they're falling off.
Adam: Well, it's it's a sliding scale, obviously. Yeah. Yeah, it's not a lot. Anyway, the reason I brought it up was NBC Universal had their upfront and they're and they're doing something which I think is really tone deaf to what's happening with celebrities. They're now really pushing the celebrities as the as the native ad pitchmen for their advertisers. What they call it
John: What was that? What's that call? was they calling the podcast called the host? host host read a host read host to host Yeah, yeah this is like this is a am radio we're back to am radio and Hollywood has gotten to the point where they have to get their a list stars to do reads is that they are they that hard up That's terrible.
Adam: Yes. Comcast unit is pitching broad partnerships with stars during this year's TV ad buying ritual hoping its pull with talent helps it strike bigger deals. Examples Kelly Clarkson with wayfair you know that's the company that ships children in in cabinets. That's me sponsoring that should be doing the native ads. Yeah, this is this is the i think it's it's not going to work. I mean, no one cares. Celebrities died during COVID I mean, not literally, but they might as well have no one cares anymore. Yeah, the influencers are the idiots on tik tok.
John: Yeah,
Adam: yeah, hey, hey, hey, you celebrity dance for me. Dance to a little ditty I know from Tick Tock. That may be a listen to what you have to say. Well, that's a good report john rather distressing but at least Oh is I expected to always be distressing. This is What we do we deconstruct media here on the nogen the show if you're brand new, and we're going to do a little round robin, we are going back to the mask the big masturbate. huge, massive debate. As the CDC said, Yes, okay, you're vaccinated. Don't worry about it. Everyone was Oh, but well, Republicans conservatives are liars. Oh, they're gonna be Oh my God. That's that's exactly what the media said this past week. And then now let's see what the leaders are doing. Let's go to New York first tonight, the one time COVID Epicenter is breathing a little easier.
Unknown: It's really nice to be walking around on a beautiful day with no mask. It's awesome
things God has gone back to normal New York officially on its mask and social distancing mandates for fully vaccinated people. Many large events, including Broadway in the New York City Marathon are roaring back later
this year. The bottom line is if you're vaccinated, you have more freedom. That is
Adam: a de Blasio blow me
John: was the exact phrase that was used on the on the three by three I did this morning. Sure. If you're vaccinated, you have more freedom.
Adam: Yeah, exactly.
John: So this is, this is a meme. We cut that really early, by the way. Yep. Yep, that phrase, but that's a phrase
Adam: it is. And it will come back many times in the next couple of weeks, I'm sure. But don't worry, citizen. Rich, anybody? Sorry.
John: Does anybody know how the constitution works?
Unknown: Don't have to trust your fellow American.
Adam: You only have to trust the science trust the science trust the science. Let's look at some science. Let's go to California. Now they were really caught flat footed in California with this. But what we're not right, we have to prepare for this massive change of people not putting on a mask.
Unknown: We need more time that to wear a mask or not wear a mask. That is the question William Shakespeare and even though the CDC has updated its guidelines for that for vaccinated people. It's not the law of the land that's still up to the States. And right now California standing Pat,
Adam: yo standing Pat, I
Unknown: always say that they're following the science. And I do believe that they should then
follow the science right now. According to the state, the science is telling them to wait until June 15 for more people and businesses have enough time to prepare to fully open without mass restriction.
Adam: This is science tells California something different than New York that that's the worst.
John: No the wrong. The science or whatever the site says June 15. It actually has a date. Yes. Is it like the magic eight ball? Yes,
Adam: yes. It said, the science says, Oh, we need to that's what we need. We need a magic eight ball. Kind of Jingo. Whoo, the science says. And then we can just fill in the blank. And we can just say what does the science say?
John: PBS had a had a bunch of the PBS NewsHour had a whole bunch of stuff about these, this mask and they're all they're all. They don't know what to make of it. But this this guy, this is this guy. They brought in Larry Gostin, some professor at Georgetown, of course, Georgetown, spook city, about the right to mask and this is under covi. Right to mask. First,
Unknown: I know you have in the past been supportive of this idea of some kind of proof of vaccination make the case? Yeah, I
mean, a lot of people worry about, you know, people's rights. And of course Maddie has a right to make their own decision about their own health and well being. But they don't have the right to be unmasked and unvaccinated in a crowded place and spread infection. Oh, wow.
John: You don't have the right to not wear a mask. Who
Adam: was that? Who said that?
John: This guy Larry Gostin. Gio STI is his deal.
Adam: He needs to be avoided at all costs.
John: They don't have the right to not wear a mask. You don't have the right to not be vaccinated. Where do they get these people from the University of California system? I guess? Less guys at Georgetown.
Adam: Oh, I'm sorry, Georgia, well, then you know where they get them from? Well, let's go back to California. Let's find out exactly what the parameters are of this new situation.
Unknown: You know, people have so many questions and they want to know, why can't they take their mask off. Now? Here's the latest reasoning. The state is saying they want to get their vaccination levels higher the virus rate lower and also give businesses a chance to get the vaccine credit ready when you come into a business and make sure that you have that vaccine verification.
Adam: Now I was little I was a little confused by this clip. Because she said vaccine credit Do you think she meant accreditation or credential? Or does she mean credit card?
John: Let's play it again.
Adam: Because that would be the way to go. By the way, a vaccine credit card you can only pay with a credit card that proves you've been vaccinated. Think about that.
Unknown: The state is saying they want to get their vaccination levels higher the virus rate lower and also give businesses a chance to get the vaccine credit ready when you come into a business and make sure that you have that vaccine verification?
Adam: What? Maybe she meant QR code. She just misread it
John: xe credit ready,
Adam: get your vaccine credit ready,
John: I think she's just confused. She's a confused woman,
Unknown: likely,
John: that are the businesses, you're going to get some extra money from the government if they only if they keep people out. I don't know,
Adam: I still think it's a good idea to do a credit card. And it'd be like no Corona card accepted here. And you're only only allowed to purchase with that approved credit card which has a verification you've been vaccinated. Come on MasterCard, this is a great idea. Visa. Now,
Unknown: I think
Adam: mastercards a little bit more than little. Yeah, I think they're more into that stuff. But I could be wrong. So let's go back to the businesses one more time for
Unknown: can a business legally ask a guest their vaccination status?
Adam: Oh, yeah, this is a good this is a good little clip. Because, you know, what is HIPAA? Who's allowed to ask what what are the parameters in this? They tried to explain it in this little
Unknown: bit? Or can a business legally ask a guest their vaccination status? Well, the answer to that is yes, they can legally ask them but the guest doesn't have to tell them. Allow me to break it down for you. So here's the thing. HIPAA directly prevents health professionals like your doctor from sharing your health information without your permission. But when it comes to the average business, the HIPAA rules do not apply, meaning they can legally ask if you're vaccinated. Now, like I said, you do have the right not to answer but just know if you don't answer. They have the right to not let you go inside. But once again, while back you're at the Starbucks, not many people are mass going in and the associates are not asking them.
Wow. I mean, CDC says California says another some businesses say they have the mass and businesses don't. So it's like so randomly
made in mid June decides I'm
Adam: a mouth breather, no mouth breathing, headline reader,
Unknown: I don't know.
John: Kind of good voice
Unknown: like you.
Adam: Let's see we need to just and we need to mix it up a little bit and make it a little more fun a little more applicable to today's social issues. So we send you a Mish Hamish, who worked for PBS and MSNBC from time to time often appears in NPR she is the zero appears on the various progressive websites. Yes, she is to be taken very seriously always has very serious questions. And she asked this of Jen sucky,
Unknown: twisted COVID. The largest
National Nurses union saying that the CDC guidelines on math is putting frontline workers and especially people of color at risk.
And that they're they're calling for the CDC to reverse that. What's the
White House's stance on that
union in particular thing that their their members and people of color,
Adam: so it's racist, this whole thing don't even need to hear what Zaki said, Just let me just throw some race in there because that's my job. Why don't think you've heard the Michael strain bid. Why don't they give her all the gay and trans trans stories to do and like Michael, Shane Shea and ask something in the press conference?
John: I mean, I can tell you a million reasons. Well,
Adam: yes, of course. I'm just saying that come on. Let's this is this is race baiting if I've ever heard it, but let's get it straight from the horse's mouth. Let's get straight from the horse's mouth. The doctor will Lenski who is the director of the CDC, she will explain it one more time real quick, cuz
Unknown: our guidance changed on Thursday. There's no need for everybody to start ripping off their math.
Adam: See, she's walking it back a little bit like take your time giving California there now they need a little thick, try to figure it all out. Let's find out what a doctor's leave
John: leave before you leave wilensky. I do have to play this.
Adam: This is I know I have it too. It's the best clip. This is the best clip.
John: You have to listen to it carefully to realize why it's the best clip.
Adam: And that is you have to preface it by saying it is from the White House. His own website
John: is from the White House website is produced. So they have like a question written on the screen. And then she says something is a question on the screen that she says something. This is kind of the end of it. We're which is the best part and I don't know, do they have people over there that actually listen to these things to say what Whoa, whoa, maybe we should shouldn't put it that way, we can rephrase that, can't we nothing
Adam: of anybody that can do that. The current devora Consulting Group is still available before we achieve our final exit strategy. We would not allow this to go on the white the White House website as produced,
Unknown: we have no reason to believe that getting vaccinated should change your menstrual cycle or make your periods any heavier. There have been decades and decades of research in mRNA technology that have led to the science that allowed us to meet this moment to create the life saving vaccines. in clinical trials, these vaccines were studied in 10s of 1000s of people, and we have administered over 250 million doses
without any concerns for safety. Now, did
Adam: everybody catch it? We should probably wait just the last little bit one more time 250 million
Unknown: doses without
any concerns for safety?
Adam: There you go.
John: Can you believe that?
Adam: We've tested all of this without any concerns for safety?
John: That's, I mean, if anything, that's the most unbelievable thing that ever came out of the White House. And I expected this is just the beginning of the Biden administration, we're going to get nothing but tons of this stuff. But how stupid are they to say something like that? We don't have any concern for safety. No. Well,
Adam: you have to
John: do I think we have to assume that they meant there was no concern, because there was no safety issues.
Adam: Well, you know, I'm just not that forgiving anymore. Why wouldn't I just take him at face value?
John: Yeah, we've been trained to do that with with Trump. So why not do it? Why not? Because exactly been trained. You're right. We've been trained to do this.
Adam: There is a couple of interesting updates regarding the pressure for vaccination. OSHA, which is the office for what is the office it's the
John: officer safety Health Administration. Thank
Adam: you very much, which makes sure you're safe while you're at your job. And they have imposed new guidance for employer required COVID-19 vaccines. And they reiterate, they iterate reiterate that if you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment work related reasons than any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work related. It's recordable under, then they have a law there. And the company could be liable for that.
John: This is an interesting storyline because they've been playing this both ways. I mean, the media has been trying to play it as if there's no Well, you know, the good is covered. No, we're trying to dissuade anyone from discussing this, like you just did. Um, I, and there's a there's a number of hybrid, looking at some articles about how it's actually illegal to do this requirement in the first place. So I think it's gone beyond liability. I think you're criminally liable, besides just financially live, I think can get thrown into jail if somebody knows digs up the right law.
Adam: Now, I was watching. I was watching Was it the five yesterday afternoon was on Fox, and they're all so happy. Just so you understand how big the pharmaceutical power is, they're all so happy about the Ohio incentive program, where five people win $1 million if they get vaccinated, so you know, you show up and then I think we had a clip and it's actually from COVID Relief Fund, so we're paying for that. And they're so excited because it's working. Hundreds of 1000s of people are lining up to get vaccinated and all the jokes I should have clipped something of it all the jokes across the spectrum are all like Wow, this is great. The incentives are working people really you know they're going out is fantastic way and all I could think
John: of me says is to get destroyed the incentive is is for all practical purposes a 50 cent lottery ticket, correct? Yeah,
Adam: okay. And, and I thought, I mean, no one said the following. Holy crap. The people in Ohio are so destitute so close to the bottom with no money all the factories gone jobs are you know, they, I mean, I can't speak for the job market because apparently people do want to show up but no one ever considered that like this is desperation desk. These people are desperate for the 50 cent lottery ticket. Give me that So now we'll probably see that spread out across more states New York is already considering it. You believe that? That's just I mean, I can't see it any other way.
John: You said the five the fox show the five they're all giddy about Yeah,
Adam: well, they're all pro Vax. They have to be pro vaccine. They can't be answered. They're on fire, right.
John: Tucker Tucker's even mentioned farm it pharma as a as a effluence. We
Adam: have no problem violating our trademark by saying Laura Logan, no agenda. And no problem with that.
Unknown: I'm gonna sue them. We have to talk about
Adam: let's call Manny on the coast. We'll get that fixed right up. I get a lot of emails about that. All right. Now, let us move on because there's a lot more to discuss. remdesivir do we remember rim disappear? remdesivir, just as To summarize, was the out of the blue screwball drug that was probably dangerous, if not unhealthy to use under any circumstances that was brought in as a as a foil to any discussion about hydroxychloroquine. That is an accurate description. And it was brought in as an antiviral against COVID-19 and all kinds of tests and all well, we saw a point oh, three improvement of people who were already dead. something to that effect if I recall. Well, the World Health Organization has removed ram disappear from its list of COVID-19 medicines. Yeah.
John: Thanks mainstream media good work on that
Adam: one. It's off the list. Yeah, you gotta love it. Gotta love it. That won't get a lot of a lot of play in the media, I'm sure. Now let's see vaccine hesitancy? Yes. This is this is still a thing. You know, there's a there's a flyer going around from the Ad Council, not a flyer PDF that they put together. I think it was done upon request of the CDC, in something called the COVID. Collaborative.
John: scarier is a public service thing. Yeah.
Adam: Yeah. Well, it's the giving this to doctors, nurses, anyone who might who might happen to wander into a black and brown community, you know, these are the zip codes that they always talk about. And and if it's your job to convince a black or brown person, in fact, I'm sorry, this is only for black audiences. Sorry, brown people. You're not in this one. The do's and don'ts which I thought was kind of interesting to run through. So they they say do say here do address questions address address frequently asked questions, for example, about pre existing conditions, ie hypertension, diabetes, obesity, lupus, and the vaccines information needs to be clear, honest and presented in plain language, facts about safety are important. What you should not do is say, just say the science is solid. I mean, this is this is really, again showing you how little disease these agencies think of Americans do share that researchers made sure that the clinical trials included adults of diverse backgrounds, races ethnicities don't indicate that black people were not included in clinical trials really simply say black Americans have higher rates of hesitancy without explaining why or imply that vaccination uptake rests entirely on their shoulders. I mean, this is like this whole like, here's the children. This is the color you can identify them by and go out and and and make sure you speak to him the right way. Is this typical?
John: not news to me.
Adam: I put the whole thing in the show notes is worth a read. It's really pretty pathetic. Oh, my goodness.
John: Just put an ad in jet magazine
Adam: now the Lancet, the Lancet but now the Lancet supposed to be a proper journal correct? That's,
John: it was until that scandal. There's a scandal I think,
Adam: the hydroxychloroquine scandal where they published the bogus study from the bogus
John: modeling. They call it a bogus study, and they probably published more than a few. So I as far as I'm concerned. I'm I'm skeptical. Well, he may have lost his reputation with me.
Adam: Well, they published COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness the elephant in parentheses, not in the room. And they talk about the rrr what they're really doing here saying how how, how effective are these vaccines based upon the minute percentage that you will get COVID at all, and then taking their own, you know, 95 or 85% efficacy into into the calculation. So you come up with the absolute risk reduction versus the relative risk reduction. Does that make sense?
John: Yeah, it kind of makes sense, I guess, find some statistician who can do those, that kind of calculation.
Adam: So non trivial this No. So here's the the actual efficacy of these vaccines, the absolute risk reduction. So how much does it really
John: risk reduction is not the same as efficacy.
Adam: Yes, but it's it's how much it reduces your risk from getting COVID.
John: Okay, my risk right now is 90, the dying thing or the right, I know what the risk of getting COVID is?
Adam: Well, the AstraZeneca vaccine will only reduce that by 1.3%.
Unknown: Let's
Adam: Yes, Pfizer will reduce your risk by zero point 84%. Madonna, surprisingly 1.2 and Johnson and Johnson with 1.2. And the Sputnik. Is it comes in? Well, the same as Pfizer was zero point 84. That's the absolute risk reduction you receive from them? It doesn't seem worth it to me.
John: We have to look at this paper. Yeah, that's that's that's a blockbuster of true,
Adam: both, and they put it right.
John: What they're saying is it doesn't really do much. Count?
Adam: Yes. Well, that's why they say the COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness the elephant not in the room is because everyone sees it. Everybody knows it. But they just maybe they're trying to make good with with somebody like a
John: million. Okay. I yes, I think I think everyone's starting to backtracking idea.
I believe we talked about a little bit in the last show, which I think is they're not going to get approval. And I would and you know, they're gonna back off. Well, you know, we don't need approval now. Anyway, this one I think is going to disagree my prediction about how they're going to try to do this. They're going to say, first of all, they're not going to get approval. But how are they going to get out of well, he just gave digital 300 million people, the United States is vaccine that's not approved, there's never going to be approved. What do you Well, you know, what we're going to do? We, we, we did it ourselves, we've taken it out of trials ourselves. It's not going to get approved because we don't care anymore, because we have version two that we're putting through the trials instead.
Adam: Yeah. And the booster? No, forget the booster.
John: We have a new squad that will be in part of the boost part of part of it's going to be a do so we did like everyone's already taken the vaccine, who cares whether it's approved or not. I'm going to be the PR guy for I worked for Pfizer. Look, what's the point of getting going? It's costing, you have no idea how much money Adam? Yes, you have no idea how much money it costs to get this thing approved. And it's costing and everyone's already taken the vaccine there was
Adam: no so what So what's our What's our potential upside by going for approval? Is that really an only an additional 10%? I'm
John: not gonna do anything, because we've got another vaccine in the pipeline. Yes. Would you rather spend your money on that it's more effective?
Adam: Yes. Can you tell me? Would we be billing this as the variants variant? This,
John: this new one will take care of all the variants because it takes a slightly different look at the protein. It creates a different spike protein that we'll take that pretty much all the variants have. And we say that out, can we
Adam: say now with new and improved spike?
John: Well, that would be cute. But we're not going to go that far. Because we're not we're not trying to bamboozle the public in any way anymore. We're just gonna tell you what we're gonna do right now
Adam: bamboozling the public. Okay. Well, since we're talking about the clinical trials, we now have approved under emergency use authorization to shoot up children between 12 and 15. Let's go to Dr. Jenn over there on Good Morning America.
Unknown: Let's get right into it. Now this is based on the clinical trial data in this age group 12 to 15 years old with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 78% the most tired complaint or side effect tired the next day that fatigue 76% headache, then you go on to other things like chills, almost 50% muscle pain 42% long term data. Obviously this is unknown. We don't have 1020 years of data on these vaccines yet, but in the clinical trials, there have been zero serious side effects. Math is really important when parents and pediatricians ask about the risks of this vaccine.
Adam: This to me was totally Orwellian. Here's all this shit these kids are feeling. We don't have any data. So we really don't know about five or 10. Girls, you don't know, about 10 months, you don't even know 10 weeks worth of data stop.
John: I always thought the data on the kids is always just redesigned from data on the adults in the first place. I am wondering about this whole report. But that was the weirdest report. Yes. First a list all these horrible things that happened to you. And then they said nothing happens to you. Then. How did they get how did they pull that off? That was very well structured. I
Adam: think this report will one day go down as a war crime.
John: It's, it's already a war crime,
Adam: war crime.
Unknown: Let's play that again.
Adam: I know. It's well done. It's and and she does it was such a and she's cute. And Dr. Jen does she does it was such a just, she's reading the prompter boom. applause applause applause
Unknown: let's get right into it. Based on the clinical trial data in this age group, 12 to 15 years old with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 78% the most tired complaint or side effects tired the next day that fatigue 76% headache, then you go on to other things like chills, almost 50% muscle pain. 42%
Adam: is almost reading this, like it's a bad list. There's something very interesting about it. You can like do muscle pain, it's a 50% headache. And then it just
Unknown: muscle pain 42% long term data. Obviously, this is unknown. We don't have 1020 years of data on these vaccines yet. But in the clinical trials, there have been zero serious side effects. And that is really important when parents and pediatricians ask about the risks of this vaccine is so well done.
John: really well. What she talked about 10 or 20 years. I
Adam: mean, I mean, give me 10 months. And these are. These are pre pubescent teens,
John: man, and it was good to not be taking this.
Adam: You get them early. You get them right on time.
John: Well, we have that woman that you brought up. I'm pretty sure I've got this clip. The woman in Texas, the pediatrician who comes
Adam: Oh, the one who spoke in the senate? Yeah, yeah. Angelina.
John: Angelina for vuela. Uh huh. I have her testimony here. It's it's an eye opener. Alright, let's do it. This is Texas Senate Angelina for Willa. Welcome. Introduce yourself.
Unknown: Thanks for having me this morning. My name is Dr. Angelina farella. And I am a pediatrician and Webster, Texas independent solo physician,
Adam: oh, conspiracy theorist.
Unknown: I have come here today really to protect our children of Texas. This is a very scary situation that we're in right now. I just want to kind of touch on a few things, some history. Never in history before have we given medications that were not FDA approved to people that were not initially studied in the trial. There were no trial patients that were under the age of 18. There were no trial patients that were previously exposed or had COVID. These are two very important points with this. The other issue is safety. I'm kind of a safety freak. I'm a pediatrician. I've been a pediatrician for over 25 years, I find myself a vaccine expert. I've given 10s of 1000s of vaccines in my office, I am not an anti vaxxer. I'm a very pro Vax, actually, except when it comes to this COVID vaccine. Yeah,
Adam: that's what they all say,
Unknown: if we can call it that. The one of the big issues is the safety profile, the safety and the adverse events, recommendations through the ACI p which is the Advisory Committee of immune Immunization Practices. They have made some recommendations in regards to the COVID-19 vaccine. One of the things that is extremely troubling, and it's on their ACP guideline for the Pfizer vaccine in particular, that recommendations about safety and adverse events will come out after authorization. After authorization. This is a very scary issue. We find out data on safety before we subject our patient population to this. We are currently allowing children 1617 years old to get this vaccine. And they were never studied in this in this trial.
Don't have to trust your fellow American. You only have to trust the science
Adam: trust the science girl. Wow. So we get that after the fact. That's cool. That's cool. Now that's a that's a war cry. I'm just gonna start writing them down.
John: Wow. Good. A lot of war crimes. Yeah,
Adam: I love it.
John: She continues.
Unknown: We now have early effect. To outpatient treatment for COVID we've had it for a long time. As a pediatrician, I stepped up to the plate in Texas to help Texans, adults, because doctors in my community, shut their doors, lock their doors and refuse to treat patients. I've seen hundreds of adults, active COVID I've also treated post vaccine problems in adults. This is
Adam: Oh, I'm sorry, that may be to fuck you want to be playing to you? Well, let me restart it just in case
Unknown: they're extrapolating the data from adults down to children, adolescents. This is not acceptable. Children are not little adults. Not acceptable at all. Children have a 99.997% survivability from the COVID 99.997%. Let me repeat that for you want to understand, and there's evidence that these children are actually a buffer. What that means is that these children actually for some reason do not spread the disease. Children are not super spreader. So what we're doing to our kids right now is actually criminal. We are we are isolating them, we were putting them in masks, which is also clinically dangerous. We are also telling them that psychologically telling them that if they bring COVID home, they're going to kill grandma granddad, and Uncle mom and dad. That is a horrible, horrible situation to put on our kids. Let me go back to the rotavirus vaccine of 1999. I've been in practice long enough that I actually was giving rotavirus back in 1999. And it was pulled off the market then because of 15 cases of intussusception. intussusception is where the gut telescope's on itself. interception is not necessarily life threatening. It sometimes self reduces, but the rotavirus vaccine was actually pulled immediately. And we stopped giving it to our kids. And what has happened with this particular vaccine is appalling to me. We have in excess of 4000 deaths, and this thing has not been pulled yet. This is absolutely unacceptable. The on top of that, you
know, a few years ago, maybe some of you don't understand that we had a flu epidemic pandemic in 2017. And it killed 95,000 Americans in 95,000 Americans died despite the fact that we have early, effective antiviral treatment for the flu.
Adam: Wow, that's an interesting accusation. So we didn't treat anyone for flu either. It's like just get your mouse. Yeah,
John: I think the point she's trying to shoot, this is a cheap. She's trying to make the point out that with it with the know, what she's saying is that we had 95,000 dead because we had early treatment. And otherwise, it would have been a lot more. Yes. That one was a was a killer could have gotten 500,000. And we had no early treatment, or we had it for COVID. But we didn't use it. And so then we had with 500,000 could have been right, which is a number that's questionable anyway, but it's probably at least three and she called that
Adam: criminal. Yeah, it's interesting, because I was just reading this Hold on. It's the frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance, which has a very professional looking website. And they are well they're thinking about several lawsuits, but they have a statement on irregular actions of public health agencies and widespread disinformation campaign against ivermectin. And they've got they've got the receipts, they got some proof about how ivermectin was was some summarily just dismissed as any type of treatment. This will eventually something
John: just can't go on. Yeah,
Adam: something's gonna come out in the wash.
John: I mean, if we, the two of us if we, if we could have been on this case since March of last year.
Adam: We're dopey and sleepy from the Seven Dwarfs
John: a couple of guys.
Adam: We figured it out. We saw it happen in real time.
John: So let's Let her finish this. As you see she's still on this clip.
Adam: Right now. This is the third clip now.
Unknown: We now have early, effective outpatient treatment for COVID. We've had it for a long time. As a pediatrician, I stepped up to the plate in Texas to help Texans adults, because doctors in my community shut their doors, lock their doors and refuse to treat patients. I've seen hundreds of adults active COVID I've also treated post vaccine problems in adults. This is again me stepping up to the plate I'm becoming very vulnerable because as a pediatrician, this is not my wheelhouse, but I my wheelhouse is infectious disease. I see lots of little kids. They are petri dishes, the reason why they're above is exactly that reason, they have something called the thymus. The thymus helps them with T cell immunity. So that's another point for you to understand. Thank you for allowing me to speak.
John: Yeah, we forgot about the thymus kids. Yes.
Adam: Damn those kids with their thymus.
John: That's why I recommend eating sweetbreads every so often. And you get little thumbnails dead famous in you.
Adam: Another tip from your no agenda show. Anyway,
John: so these are another tip.
Adam: I'd like to take this track, because she's talking about being criminal. We're talking about war crimes. And since the mainstream media will not do it, I'd like to rewind the clock 30 years ago, and I studied the AIDS epidemic very closely. A friend of mine died. I have all the books have I've been pretty vocal about most of my thoughts, but 30 years ago. There was Dr. Let me think was his name, Robert.
Unknown: last second, what was his name?
Adam: willner. That's it. Dr. Robert willner. spoke of a true genocide of gay people, gay men, mainly in the United States. As the very same people who are bringing you this, you'll hear the names Burke's is the only one that isn't on his list. The very same people he accuses them of killing them with a deadly drug, which was AZT. And of course, the promise was we're going to find we're going to find a cure, we'll have a vaccine against AIDS and never materialized and the crisis just kind of went away. We have a pill that somehow it works is not the cure for AIDS, but all very suspicious, considering what the accusations that were thrown by Dr. Robert willner. Back 30 years ago,
Unknown: we're talking about probably the most horrible scandal and scam ever perpetrated, not only in the name of science, but in humanity and in all history. And I will put the light for the individuals of the NIH, particularly Gallo and Fousey and Hazeltine and the rest of these scoundrels of the worst order criminals guilty of genocide. Without a doubt, I invite them to take me to court. I wish Burroughs wellcome would take me to court because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly. Because in a court of law, I would have the opportunity to provide the absolute proof and evidence as I have in my book, deadly deception. Now, I'm not alone in what I'm doing here today. How does the press escape such obvious truths? Why would the finest virologist in the world the most noted biologist, member of our National Academy of Sciences, Peter Duesberg, why would he put his entire career on the line? What did he have to
Adam: do back then we didn't have social media, so he couldn't cancel someone. You couldn't say, oh, you're a nutjob. You shouldn't even be a doctor and then just cancel them or
John: put it that way. He's talking about Duisburg was a professor at the University of California. Yes. And he was suspicious of this from the beginning, because he said that for one thing, he said AZT was just going to do the opposite. It was supposed to do that for sure. But he was very skeptical about the AIDS virus as a retrovirus because according to him, and I think he's stuck by this right through the thick of it. And it did ruin his reputation as a virologist and a professor. Yeah, he said that retroviruses just can't do what he said doesn't
Adam: make any sense. His main claim was HIV. That's the virus does not cause AIDS. That was his main thing. And yes, and he stuck by that. Absolutely, man. There's some papers that you know, the Gallo guy, there's a couple people who said they found some stuff, but it was so sketchy. And no one dies anymore after they stopped giving them AZT. So and he noticed he says, What's wrong with the media? Well, hello. It's big pharma, who runs it? Let's go. Sorry,
John: what was the year we hit what we have to decide for the basis of our show? We have to determine the exact date that it was allowable for Big Pharma to advertise on television. Ooh, that's
Adam: a good one. I I don't it may not have ever even have been forbidden.
John: No, it was forbidden. Oh, really? It was it was least a gentlemen's agreement or something was it was about it was sketchy. When the first ad showed up. I there was a guy we had a clip of this clip was about 678 years ago, where the guy who came up with the idea of Advertising heavily at some just obscure drug heavily on television, did an interview and he went on I can't remember it more or less than you're not going to be able to find it by looking it up. I don't think
Adam: I haven't tried this NPR drug prices in ADS. No, that's the reason behind advertising. Maybe Maybe, than
John: what you why you're looking, I'm going to explain what he said. He said, even people at the drug company thought it was just a waste of money. And then when their sales went up by a factor of 10x. Yeah. They said, oh, we're onto something here. And that was the beginning.
Adam: Yeah, we should figure out when that started.
John: It has to be we have to have the exact date because it you'll start to see Osia
Unknown: I hate to use this phrase, a sea change. Before and after that date. And so far as the media is concerned, no doubt. That's why I laugh when people still use the old anti semitic trope that the Jews run the media. No, they don't. The pharmaceutical companies in China run the media. And they probably run Dr. J Bhattacharya as well. If you look at the Pfizer trial, the on the on the arm that had the vaccine, there were five or six serious adverse events, no deaths, but serious adverse events out of 1000 kids that were in the on that arm, on the on the other arm, the placebo arm, I think they had 16 cases of COVID. But their cases were completely asymptomatic or very, very mild in basically every single instance. So what you're trading is a cold or less for a potential serious adverse event where the I mean, both are rare. 16 out of 1005 out of 1000, it's it doesn't seem like it's a major thing to have to try to force parents to do they don't want to do. And actually, I think it's actually in some sense, it's the wrong question. We should be using those doses to protect the elderly, in Asia, in Africa, in South America with
a lot of elderly, vulnerable
1000 doses
of vaccinating children to get the same number of live status as just vaccinating a single 80 year old. Let's send those doses where they really will do some good save some lives. And so they're trying to force parents to make this decision on the on the basis of it. I mean, I mean, what good does it do? I'm
John: not I'm not really sure from a public health point of view. Now, this this point was is made is being made by the left wing media. Yep, yep. Constantly. Why are we dosing our kids who don't need it when we can send the drug, the same vaccines to Africa or Asia or something to service them? Because Africa, which has a very low incidence of the disease compared to us, in terms of their per capita? is almost nothing. Yeah, they they don't have any vaccine. vaccine.
Adam: You're correct old here. This is part of this is very left wing media who, who follow this, this line of thinking, and the only thing I can see is that this is about you're not sharing the world needs to be a global place. We need to give up the IP the intellectual properties they can make their own. I think that's part of it.
John: It probably is probably because the lefties are the ones who get the VAC, they're lining up for the vaccine. And they're really
Adam: and they're also now so they're also now starting to bitch about how many billionaires there are now because of the vaccine. They're pointing out the CEO of Madonna, saying, Hey, man, and of course we know Madonna. The whole company is not even a science companies like it was almost a house back. It's like a vaccine spec. It's vaccine spec. And I just threw it together. Sorry. So now people are pissed. Like, Hey, wait a minute. How come? How come these eight holes get to be rich? That's not okay. Here nine new billionaires. Yeah, the common forum. profits from the COVID-19 jabs have helped at least nine people become billionaires.
John: Yeah, so yeah, heads on sticks.
Adam: Yeah, they're coming after him
John: the old fashioned way.
Adam: Oh, quick in between one of our producers Clayton. He now he showed me all the evidence of this. He He came. He has the vials, closed vials of Janssen Janssen, that's the Johnson and Johnson Pfizer moderna and the diluent which you mixed with the Pfizer and he did a test and he has sent us videos and none of them are either a magnetized or affected by a household magnet. So when it goes in your arm, it probably is not magnetic.
John: Oh wow, Stop the presses. Well,
Adam: hey, you know, it's one of these things, people are still talking about it. Still talking about it. And what your no agenda show is talking about is another new story on the mink. Denmark is now racing to dig up millions of dead mink.
John: Yes, going on with Denmark.
Adam: Well, so you know, last year Danish officials reported minks were infecting humans with a mutated COVID-19 strain, which led to harsh containment measures, ie calling Denmark's entire 17 million mink population. I'd say that's rather harsh. They did have one of the largest meat industries in the world, that's probably just part of the great reset.
John: I have a problem with this the whole way they handled this and I the minks are worth money because of the for why couldn't there that so they had to kill I don't know what they guess you I would say once you put a hazmat suit on and run the mink through a gamma radiation sterilizing system Oh, that's hot. It would kill the me, Brian, all the bacteria in the mink, fry all the viruses. Yeah,
Adam: how about just the direct
John: would come out pristine at the other end and it could be gutted and used prefer to have
Adam: a just a direct with a weapon just frying
John: that later on the show. No gamma radiation device used for for ultra pasteurization and other mechanisms that it has does not leave any residual radiation is just, it's just like x rays just kills What's there in the in the box, and they can run it through an assembly line system where they have like a thing going like two inch, every mean goes through dead. I don't understand why they didn't do that.
Adam: Well, let's try. Okay, let's try this out for size. So first of all, they the animals were called illegally, which even led to the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture. And there were calls for the entire government to resign I didn't know this. So then they buried them in mass graves. Now, you may also admit it's also possible as we know from most, as far as we know from all Coronavirus trials that have been eventually tried on animals. And with that it's not the lab mice, no, it should be ferrets or mink. But ferrets is typical, that when they got the vaccine, ie the first virus or a version of the virus, whenever they got the second one, they would just die in the most horrific way. I to this day think that the culling was because they knew that these poor mink were going to just you know just die in a horrible way. And you can't hide that when you see them on the ground like so they had to like chop all their heads off, we got no time for devore ex idea. Then they threw him into the ground, but they threw him in a shallow grave and they started popping up like zombies because of the gases released from the decaying bodies. So then they had to bury him again. And now everyone's draw, it might pollute the local groundwater. So now they have to dig him up again. This this really needs more explanation. It really does. It's
John: like a nightmare. Something is something
Adam: is up with those guys. So Dr. Wollensky from the CDC, she did appear. What does this on I think Meet the Press. question a lot of people have as well. What do you do if you're immunocompromised? If you have a compromised immune system, many people's immune system is compromised. Do you get the jab? Do you take the Poke? Do you match for the rest of your life? Is there any good and if you're immunocompromised and fully vaccinated, what would you recommend? Oh, okay, so you're fully vaccinated in immunocompromised? Okay. All right. Thanks, Chuck.
Unknown: Thank you very much for that question. certainly know that.
Adam: You know what that was? That was a setup question. That's why she said yes, so late. He can't he can't even read the word immune Mina. And if you're immunocompromised and fully vaccinated, what would you recommend?
Unknown: Thank you very much for that question. Certainly, we know that and there are emerging data to suggest that if you don't have a fully competent immune system, from chemotherapy, from transplants from other immune modulating agents that the vaccine may not have worked as well for you. So please, before you take off your mask, consult your physician
John: consult your why even take the vaccine. I got two more here. mixed messages all these science nuts. Yeah, you know, it's unbelievable. You should the local news around here. They keep putting these different doctors on every one of these radio stations do the news break. Yeah. And then We all say different things. Nobody's on the same page.
Adam: I wasn't even going to play this. But since you brought up different doctors, Greg gutfeld has a show on Fox, which is unwatchable. But one of our producers did and sent me a clip of Dr. Drew who we do like and respect and he, he had his little, his two cents about masks and backs follow science, you are vaccinated, you
Unknown: not only cannot get significant disease,
you can't transmit right vaccinated. So the only people have to worry are people that choose not to be vaccinated and they wear a mask to protect themselves or not. Yes,
do what it's not we us wearing a mask after having been vaccinated does follow the science, nothing.
This is the same guy that said we didn't need to wear masks. Yeah. And then we did need to wear masks. And I guess that was because we didn't have enough mass, although everyone I see is wearing homemade masks. Right. And now we don't. And once you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear one. Yeah. And so this has been the person that is single handedly driven all the confusion. Yeah. And has never really followed the science as we develop it. So I mean, I was told over the weekend by someone that I don't trust anything the government says, and I'm starting to sort of believe we all need to
Adam: as he's talking about 5g, but notice they're all in the vaccines. It's all good. No One No One over there. It says, I don't even know about these vaccines have given them to kids. None of that.
John: It's pathetic. So we've lost Fox,
Adam: guff. We never had fox is always always from the
John: day from the day we started this show. You always thought that Biden run by Democrats? Yeah, of course. And I've given the example locally, we have a bunch of we have a right wing station. We have left wing stations we have. And there was a moment that I think is continues where the left wing station and the right wing station is both had the exact same program director. Same guy, he's one.
Adam: I remember that. Yeah, yeah. Now let's talk about your freedom. Because you don't have your freedom till you get the job. No freedom. Uh huh. This is? Oh, yes. Okay, so you know, Amazon is vying to be a big healthcare provider. And the way Amazon does it is it very typical style for them just like AWS and their Amazon Web Services, they use the stuff themselves internally first, and then they see if they can make money off of it by selling it to someone so that they're taking the same strategy with their healthcare. So their tele medicine, app and service, they first gave it to all the employees and the employees. So not only do you piss in the bottle, you're also like in the Amazon medical test. Okay, we're just gonna go ahead, this is now your new healthcare. So now, with the mask, not mask, Amazon has come up with their own little union stare idea, as they have a green sticker, a green sticker that allows you to go anywhere without your mass within Amazon. And this was discussed with the Jim Jordan of Ohio, and I'm sure this is Fox.
Unknown: I want to circle back now to Amazon. And I don't know if we have this green circle back. But these are some These are images were sent to me today of how Amazon is announcing this to their employees and some HR documents announcing the idea of this green sticker. But they also are asking their employees when they log in to a weekly check in whether or not they have been vaccinated. And again, I don't know if we have that image right now. We had a little bit earlier. There's a list of of choices for Amazon employees to say whether they have been vaccinated, whether or not they're just have received their first shot, not yet their second shot, whether or not they're going to get vaccinated, or a fourth choice, whether or not they choose not to be vaccinated. How is this not a HIPAA violation for a company to be asking their employees their vaccination status? Yeah,
I don't know. It's something that we need to need to look at. But we also need to push back on this I know Governor desantis is pushing back on this kind of maneuvers this kind of action in his state. We have an elective office need to push back on this. I mean, it's about your fundamental liberties. It's about respecting the Constitution, respecting the common sense. And most importantly, like we've said several times, respecting this science for goodness sake. Hey, dude, once
Adam: you go run something, these people all annoy me now.
John: A Jordan is getting on my nerves.
Adam: Oh, what does he do anything except appear on fox news
John: to any of these people? He's, he's very annoying. He's annoying. And by the way, I should mention something By the way, what what you're just described about these little stickers that they're using an Amazon when I was at the meetup. A couple of the women there work in Cal Berkeley, every meetup I go to there's always people from Cal Berkeley, but they work at them. on the campus. They're doing the same thing. They're making them worse, these green and yellow stickers. As they roam around. I said once you make it a yellow yellow star,
Adam: yes, the stars is the way to go. Yeah, and then and you should tattoo your vaccine lot number on your
John: the number should be yes. It should be on your forearm. Yes. On the bottom part the bottom.
Adam: That's right. Yes, yes. Go Google those pictures for historical context. Now in Australia, they're pitting Australians against each other. Now here. We haven't really had an my guess that's not true. New Jersey, New York did have a you're coming from out of state you got a quarantine rule, although I don't think they ever had armed guards at the bridges and tunnels. But that was a general rule. This is Scott Morrison in a conversation about the states in Australia and how you know, vaccine passports might be a way to go for them that would require state premiers to have the power to stop people crossing their borders who hadn't been vaccinated Wouldn't it would have to be down in concert with the state and territories who actually prevent Australians moving from one state now they're consistent with their public health orders. Those public health orders that are done at the state level, are the instrument that is used legally to prevent Australians moving from one state to another pretty big reason to get vaccinated.
Unknown: I think it is. I think it is
Adam: bad. These people are all evil is a good reason to get vaccinated so you can travel across state lines to good reason. That's a good reason that your 50 cent scratch off card mate. But that's that's only the smallest problem. That's the smallest problem Australia has pivoting away for a moment, pivoting out of the COVID I could not believe this is going on in New South Wales in Australia. I want Where are our producers? Where is the evidence? Where is the video? Where is the outrage? Where is the fear
Unknown: of the mice look closer to home this mice plague is reaching horrific proportions. psychologists are now saying the mental health impact of statewide infestation is comparable to a natural disaster like a bushfire or a flood. One family said quote they've moved into my studio, they've moved into a house that moved into our walls. other families report mice getting into the sheets and the linen baits and traps a scarce supermarket and hardware shelves across Canberra are empty. Although people in the bushes spending 1000s of dollars on mice traps and baits many can't get a full night's sleep without waking up to the sound of mice scurrying through their homes, in their beds in their wardrobes. Many of these people have been through a drought and bushfire but this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. The stress from all this is awful. Worse than that farmers lost a fortune in price grain. There is literally economic havoc. I must stress this is affecting children when 11 year old and Warren said he goes into their shed, and there are 1000s of them. The hay bales turned into mush mice running across your feet. And there's no relief to the children's school. Warrens St. Mary's Primary School has 140 children and staff. mice have infested classrooms and the school yards. They set mouse traps that are constantly going off around everyone. The mice chew through pencils and books and paperwork. As I said the bushes face drought flood, and now
mice. People thought if they got rain, everything might be over. But there seems to be no evidence of that. Families have to change bedsheets every other day. The mice are actually in their beds.
Adam: I've been through one of these places a kid. It's terrifying. This is fantastic. And you should see the video. It's just 1000s of mice in the climbing up against walls on top of each other and
John: where you saw video. Yeah.
Adam: This is Alan Jones a whole seven minute report.
John: I can recognize his voice but where is this in us in New South Wales New
Adam: South Wales. Yeah.
John: What it any specific town? Is that the whole state? No, he
Adam: said is 500 miles across it's it's insane.
John: The 500 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. My solid mice? No.
Adam: But that's the plague is is felt across 500 miles. Yes. So yeah, maybe kind of like the ants in California. You don't really see it. But it's there. This is and he said that he's been through. So this is not a new thing. This is something that's happened before. Now I know in Australia. They call the kangaroo for the very same reason because they are rodents. And and all
John: they do is they're marsupial's they're not rodents. Now
Adam: trust me, they're rodents. I mean, I never rode and now they're rodents. That just hippity hoppity rodents, this 40 million of them and they and they they humped like crazy to they have to call them and people get paid. They get paid for room
John: time for the kangaroo meat room meat as I like to call it for it. Shit. I thought it was good. Yeah,
Adam: no, it's tough. You've tried it? Yes. At the end of it, it's tough. It was just toughen
John: more than maybe it wasn't cooked right. You know, I
Adam: still had in Australia from an Australian How
John: could I go wrong? Are Australians known for their great cooking abilities? on the barbie they are on the Barbie. That's probably what they're doing wrong. I've had the EMU egg That was delicious. Oh, that's got to be good. You get an emu eggs is supposed to be delicious too. I haven't yet to have one now. emu omelet is dynamite huh goose eggs are good.
Adam: Yep, goose eggs.
John: goose egg is like it's like people I don't want to get off track you know that this goose egg is like what this is better two thirds or two thirds maybe three quarters yoke it's huge it's like a giant yoke and has very little white oh it's delicious. It's perfect for a for cakes and pastries. Oh, anyway yeah.
Adam: What do you do against a mice plague? What do you do
Unknown: poison them
Adam: you have but this if it's if it's a vast just a sea of mice? I mean, you just gonna poison a hell of a lot of other things if you just poison it because you know, other things eat the mice. I mean, I huh?
John: The SEO recently y'all will he reported you shouldn't break most of the animals when I eat a dead mouse, right.
Adam: All right back to the COVID this is this is the next
John: get onto this my store from
Adam: Australia. I was in Australia with the COVID crossing the lines and then I had to break for mice. Okay, and then now this this is the news. This is this is from NPR. So you're going to be hearing this. It's coming and wow this is just a setup. Scientists say they have discovered you already know it's true. Scientists say
Unknown: scientists say they have discovered a new Coronavirus in Malaysia that can infect people as amperes michaelia duclair reports. There is no evidence that this virus can spread from person to person.
This Coronavirus has never been seen before and is different than SARS causes. COVID-19 Dr. Gregory gray and his colleagues at Duke University detected the virus in samples taken from pneumonia patients at a hospital. They tested about 300 samples and found signs of a new virus in eight of them.
Adam: That's a pretty high prevalence of viruses You know, I think 2.7% or something that we're you know positive. That is remarkable the virus
Unknown: likely comes from dogs. So far it has been found only in one part of Malaysia
called Sarawak. The findings appear in the journal clinical infectious diseases coming for
Adam: your pads that come in.
John: It's gonna your assertion all along. It's
Adam: gonna jump from a dog to a human that's setting it up. Why else this story? Oh, we have a new Coronavirus. They can't transfer to humans yet. It happens in dogs never near humans.
Unknown: Ah
Adam: It's a beautiful setup. Maybe it's just just a backup just in case in case we need a new one.
John: Yeah, well, so what do you think it is? vestigation is beginning maybe the keep Pfizer from marketing yet another vaccine?
Adam: Well, so this this is the question Where does everyone move from here? So I am convinced that vaccine passports will be a thing. But it will be optional. You can also take a test show a test do a do a couple of tests. I'm not for border crossings. I'm not too worried about that. I I am seeing total push towards making businesses and private industry mandate this. But I think you're right it's it's over. It's done with they had to chop it all off immediately. Everyone's freaking out what Okay, it's effective. Now tonight don't need a man winding
John: down fast, very fast, very, very fast. So only the people that in fact if you don't notice this, or if you see it in your local news coverage, or anyone out there and they're not winding it down, they never got the memo. Right? They're gonna be called up eventually say hey, look, we got nothing to worry they're gonna have to do they're gonna crank up some more. It's gonna wind down it's going to buy it by mando by July 4 through July 4. We're going to go slow but after that it's going to be it's not going to be more case. I think it is already I think the thing is past bias months ago, Oh,
Adam: yes. Well, and you know, the the guy who did I'll get it for for Sunday. Top virologist is now the French guy. So I'd have to read it to you while he's speaking. But it has subtitles. He's saying these variance is from vaccinating peoples is every immunized immunologist, every virologist, everyone knows you do not you do not repeat do not vaccinate during the pandemic. He says the variants come from people who are vaccinated.
John: Yes, a lot of a lot of these guys have asserted this.
Adam: And you know, so Oh, my goodness, thank God, there's podcasts and stuff. I mean, so at least we feel like we feel like we're in a world where it makes more sense is man, it ain't out there. It's not on cable. It's not over the air. It's not in the newspapers, and it's really not on the web. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to you the man who put two C's in the COVID child abuse john c. devorah. What are we drinking today?
John: Today
Adam: I am dragging and moved on its tab. It's tab isn't it? I can tell a Nokia
John: v eight sparkling energy. Orange pineapple drink.
Adam: So why wouldn't you just I don't know. Eat an orange and a pineapple.
John: Because this has got energy.
Adam: Does it say? Tell me about the energy.
John: Energy. Let me sip it. Let me see.
Adam: You know, I felt you've been pretty energetic today. So maybe there's something
John: we got up early. some reason?
Adam: Okay, that's good. We like it when you get your
John: energy drink. Whoo. Yeah, baby. Excellent.
Adam: Well, the VA let's even get a deal with them. I wouldn't mind having a little bit of VA juice in the morning.
John: They may be amenable. We haven't gotten a deal from anybody else. Canadians haven't coughed up. Look wha
Adam: na liqua also loses its its carbonation very quickly I've noticed.
John: No. Yeah, yeah.
Adam: Because not
John: me This is gvh sparkling energy and it's got no it's got no vegetables and then when it's cold it's just a brand
Adam: isn't I thought v eight had eight vegetables that's what I did. It came in the little cans my parents
John: this stuff this is a clear drink says got no clear
Adam: is a clear drink.
John: Yes. Clear to clear drink. like orange tint.
Adam: You're being duped man. You're drinking chemicals. What is in that?
John: caffeine. Now you're talking. It looks like about as much caffeine and more caffeine and a cola. More as much caffeine as a red but it's a Red Bull amount of caffeine. Oh
Adam: have to. That's great.
Unknown: No.
Adam: That's definitely fluoride in there. Any other ingredients? Hey, in the morning.
John: What is MDMA? That's on the list here.
Adam: Do you want to say in the morning to anybody?
John: Yeah in the morning to you anymore and all ships to see boots on the ground feet in the air subs in the lung the dames and knights out there.
Adam: Yes, in the morning to our trolls. Let's do a little troll call. All right, hands up their trolls they are at no agenda stream calm, we're gonna count them. It is a Thursday 1713 1713 trolls listening along many in the troll room. Again, no agenda stream comm where you can log in, and you can listen to the live show. But you can also hear other live shows. And in fact, we have many podcasts that run is it's a stream 24 seven and you have a coordinated chat you're in there everyone's listening to the same thing or not. And you're all trolling around and doing your thing. It's a free for all and somehow it works over a decade. The troll room has been there for all and many of them you will find on no agenda which is our federated social network is it's part of the mastodon Federation. So you can follow at John Dvorak had no agenda social comm or at Adam at no agenda from any mastodon server and I since it is impossible to maintain anything above the 10,000 members that we have now again, you can still participate we've decided decided no more registrations. We want people to federate themselves and we welcome the brand new mastodon instance, ITM You know, it's okay, maybe you can't get your name here at no agenda, social calm, but I myself I probably want to go get an Adam at ITM slaves calm. And there's also Gitmo dot life. So these are places where you can participate. So check that out, please.
Unknown: That's right.
Adam: And now, we want to thank the artist for Episode 1347. The title of that was big caffeine. And Mike Riley brought us the artwork, which there was it was Mike Riley is good. let's just let's just put that up front. And is he a cartoonist by by trade or is he is He must be.
John: He is a professional. I don't know. He may have. You may do other things by No, he's a professional cartoonist.
Adam: Well, he did a Magneto genetics art piece of art. For that, what is it a rat
John: dies mouse.
Adam: With the with the magnet. There's it's just funny. You just look at that piece and you can't help it crack up. I think it's the look on the mouse's face. And see what else did we consider? No, we're not going to put Rachel Maddow on our album art.
John: No. Yeah, we told you before one of the things we won't do, we don't have any offensive images. Anything ugly. Because we don't want to associate it with the show. So if you want if you run a piece of snakes on I remember some years ago so I did some toothless picks that they got from their nest guys no teeth they look like you know, no, that's not going on. On the art. So Rachel Maddow mad I was in that category. Yeah. Hello, Tony.
Adam: CIA tube cute, but now. You use the pandemic's for dummies in the in the newsletter, didn't you? Yeah, I liked that. Make your own pandemic. Did we have one like that already?
John: But we've used it twice before?
Adam: Was there anything else that we can say? Oh, you kind of like the rewire by mountain j with a matter the it kind of bordered on you know Coronavirus art.
John: Oh, I don't remember the problem. Yeah, let's see what else was I was kind of tuned into Riley's piece from them.
Adam: Yeah. And was there also the mask forever with the skull with a mask on it? I think we looked at that, but we thought you know.
John: It's not really like you'd put necessarily I Well, yeah. Depends on the skull. But am I showing gold depends on the skull. Some skulls are funny.
Adam: Yeah. Now these were not funny. These were kind of dead, like real skulls. Like it's a skull. You probably if you have a podcast in 2.0 compatible podcast app, which you must try today whatever you're using now. Stop using it unless it already is podcasting. 2.0 compatible. Go to new podcast apps comm you can see the this artwork flying by. There's links in the chapters. We have transcripts, you can search in the transcript. How about that? Oh, what did they say on that i can do is i knew was that episode, but where was it, you can click and you can go right in and you can search for stuff. I recommend today you try out antenna pod if you use Android, it's been around for a long time. They've been very successful app and they know as well are connected to podcast as a part of podcasting two point out. And we really appreciate that. Now let's thank some of our producers, we'd like to thank the executive producers and the associate executive producers upfront as part of our value for value model, which is very simple. You listen to the show, there's no cost for you to listen to it. There's no paywalls no hoops to jump through. There's no registration, you can do whatever you want. You can copy it, you can burn it to CDs, you could anything. All we ask is if you found any value in this, why don't you return that value and put in a numbers and then often a donation and make that number meaningful to you. That's all that we ask. And that is how the
experiment has continued to function for the winter. 14th year now the no agenda show not for nothing, the best podcast in the universe.
John: And we said I should mention before I mentioned k brew, which you have to follow up with. Yep. That Zephyr did go by ah. on time, more or less, it was an eight car Zephyr with two additional cars that were put on the end that were private cars, two of them. And I've seen these two private cars before they're beautiful. It's a two car set. I think they sold as a as a combination. It they're cream colored. They looked like I don't know where they're from or what the train was. I found I have found them on the internet. It's like a cream color dining car followed by a cream colored observation car with a dome on it. And they're just gorgeous looking cars for some rich guy. Hey, there's a big party going on and they're on the Zephyr heading to Chicago
Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, that's your official Zephyr economic report alert everybody over at Squawk Box CNBC because when you have two private cars strapped onto his effort, you know things are on the up and up ladies and gentlemen Bitcoin just over $40,000
Unknown: Oh my god. Okay,
John: That's the report and we k brew LLC came in with 20 $333.33 and this is a screwy donation Why? Because
Adam: Adam because it was sent to my PO box which is very confusing. And I don't know why it was sent to my PO box but it was sent to my PO Box.
John: How often do you go to that PO
Adam: Box once every two weeks maybe?
John: Yeah twice a month twice and I go to my PO box or the official no agenda PO Box twice a week
Adam: was part of part of the gig. You know,
John: he sent in money and then he sent you a note
Adam: well I sent me product.
John: Oh product yes
Adam: product. You're crackpot and buzzkill. Now this is from Kay brew LLC. The two gentlemen who were brothers did not put their names in here, but I'll read. Thank you for many years of quality media deconstruction, you've kept us sane in this clown world. We are two brothers who roast coffee in Tennessee. And this year, we finally launched our ultimate passion project. No agenda Again, part of our model has been Yeah, whatever. Fine. Just send them some money if you make anything. Did you get a licensing agreement from them on this job? Did you sign off on this?
John: I didn't get a licensing agreement. I got to two small bags of coffee.
Unknown: Oh you got you got coffee too. Oh, good.
John: Well, let me finish I got to jide when the in the morning record. Let
Adam: me finish. Let me finish before we do a review. Our first two specialty coffees, a blend and a single origin are available to buy now on the site. They are no agenda themed and 20% of every sale goes to the show. This is our small way of contributing to the NA metaverse for any producer who loves drinking coffee while listening to the best podcast in the universe. Check out no agenda we ship our coffee fresh twice per week with a full money back guarantee. And then he says now in ben shapiro style please repeat no agenda five more times thanks guys. And please Knight me is Sir spro and night my brother as sir been Brewer of the South requesting lattes and locks bagels at the roundtable and please give an R to D to karma for all the producers so before we do that, I did try the coffee. Have you tried any?
John: Yes we tried the in the morning coffee. I have not gone to this Super GT. Oh no. I
Adam: tried the outright gt which shot right jetty. Which by the way I'm reading from the bag here is from Gitmo Jungle lands FEMA Region 233 and tasting notes are kale chem trails and Aunt pepper. How does the FDA let them do this?
John: And on the back this is the product is is fabulous and coffee is regulated by the FDA for one thing the FTC might get annoyed by certain things It's not food
Adam: 97% of all scientists agree that this is the best coffee in the world value for value Don't be a douchebag slash na and it has a little star and outstanding product and it says proudly roasted by your fellow Knights in Tennessee and then it has the gitmo-nation National Anthem on the back to the lyrics
John: Oh nice. And then yeah, I didn't notice that. Yeah, well yes, we had the in the morning coffee. It's quite good. It's very tasty. It's got a nice professionally blended flavor. Yep, it's got there's nothing to object to about it.
Adam: It was actually I really had this yesterday the outright GD I could do with the way that I wrote GD and in the morning no I'm not no I think I had in the morning right.
Unknown: Right GD
Adam: No, I went because this was medium roast I'd like a dark roast personally. I think
John: you're right Judy's a dark no
Adam: no light light roast. Oh, and the let's see the dark the in the morning blend tasting notes are mutton and mead mac and cheese and cricket protein. So you know that's good drinking right there. Yes. So we look forward to knighting these two gentlemen and thank you so much very excited for your venture and hope everyone loves the coffee another no agenda venture with no LLC we're so smart oh and our to do to karma sorry.
Unknown: You've got
Adam: Thank you brothers.
John: onward. I don't know how he got this wrong. But sure animus came in with 1442. Oh, which he was similar to his 1440 I think it's 1444. Last time is 1442. And he says a note when I have the note here and you can tell I have the note because I can hear it that Make some noise.
Adam: I have a note here too. It's a different note. Yeah, but
John: your note is a copy of this note that thank you for all the producers for their ongoing very short note today. Thanks for all the producers for their ongoing so I guess he's not traveling that's my guess. Right with their ongoing efforts to make this program and infrastructure infrastructure robust, useful and informative. My donation is late breed, but I would like I would like but I would like to I wish everyone a belated IED Mubarak. Okay, you just got an extra word in there for some reason. Okay. I read it because you never know it's it could be good could be code. Little new. I continued to travel as a Kovacs nudist
Adam: Yeah, relying on PCR tests to board international flight so he's not dead and had the vaccine Yes, he's he has sent me private messaging on how best to travel the way he does. And you can do it you can travel around the world with tests without a vaccine.
John: A PCR test to board international flights and existing and improving therapeutics Should I contract as weapon of mass is there another reason Scott is ivermectin with him? Yeah. I'm guessing he is smart. I am looking forward to election posturing over the next 18 months with the M five m piping stories for clicks and profit. on with the show. No jingles no karma?
Adam: No. Obvious Sir-onimous of randomness lower slobbovia everybody, man
John: or randomness in a net zero Lippa nights Next on the list with $963.69 from Utah. And he says, what does he say? Happy Wednesday. Gentlemen, thank you both for your service. Sir. Sir lip night white night. That's a nice note and I short note and love that. So we go on with Sir-onimous Baron of app Arapahoe county and the A DFC in Aurora, Colorado. 369 99. And he has a little note I believe this is his
Adam: he put it on a on a hotel list stationary.
John: Yeah, from 1893 the hotel Colorado. A short note from Colorado. Please credit me as sir anonymous blah, blah, blah. We can do we did that. Thanks to you and all the producers for my continued sanity. Karma, please.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Again, as we're on a roll here, Amanda Veselin in Farmington, Minnesota 348 33. The dude named Ben in my in my life, Matthew shock. His quick wit and sometimes brutal truths have enriched my existence image in measurably Oh, please give him a big dose of karma for his new build and add him to the birthday list credits go to him. We have
Adam: got the switcheroos done
John: switcheroo. Please add Matthew shock to the beat a list may 20. On his 35th birthday. The executive producer credit goes to him to reiterate. Thank you for all you do. We'd be adrift in the sea of stupidity. Without john you love is lit.
Adam: Fantastic. Thanks,
John: AJ. All right now you've got this next one. I
Adam: do sir rock taster. Sir rock tasters third 337 37 from Fairbanks, Alaska. That's one of the upper upper states. I used a random generator to output a three digit integer which is my donation of 337. I hope it helps the the cause proud to be a hopefully co executive producer for show 1348 Well, you are taking a cue from Adam This is completely contrary to the actual situation. But Hush Hush. Because the borders somewhat open and the state is open for business. things really suck up here in Alaska. There are so many blue staters and woke blue checkmark thugs moving in it's impossible for a local to find a place to hang his or her hat. It's hotter than it's ever been in the interior. Soon all the forest will be on fire the sea is washing away with many of our communities. If COVID-19 doesn't kill you first, there's a bear or an eagle poised to strike behind every dumpster. Also migratory birds are back flying around squawking and pooping all over the place. Just like the M five m we are all definitely going to die. Don't need to come up here with your RV or set sail on a cruise just send us cash. But I think that's very clear how he feels about that. But my better three quarters and I need some potentially belated house buying slash selling karma just closed on new home Yesterday which is perfect for our family of four. With a good water well a small Hobby Farm and a chicken coop gives me a bit of a feeling of security that we'll be able to better
weather an emergency of some sort. It'd be anomalous, it feels like it was a pretty good deal. It's a bit of a fixer upper but it's in more than livable condition just needs upkeep and retrofits got it for 3% under the asking price and had to kick in 1.5% cash over appraisal so feel like it was removed from some of so feel like it was removed from some of the craziness and speculation which is driven by what I'm told the Air Force and their VA loans houses are not an investment but an asset and a liability gotta have a roof over your head and Alaska I don't know what that means I've been looking at that now we will be selling our small starter home need our equity out so we don't feel so cash poor so hoping for a quick simple deal low closing costs and low to no Commission's your supporter sir rock taster oh yes and john proton mail always comes through with your newsletter worth every penny and there is a VPN option. And ciroc Thank you very much I know the feeling I know the buying and selling in the same in the same situation to get it all working smoothly. Here's the karma you need it's on its way to you. You've got karma.
John: Daniel and Zelda and Zelda and Zelda but you think
Adam: and and Zelda in Daniel and Zelda Zelda
John: doula from Carmel, Indiana, Carmel, Carmel, Indiana 333. He writes back with Adam after all these years after seeing him on Rogen replayed
Adam: organ donation was worth the Rogen donation finger
John: and after all these years Okay, I'm donating 333433 3k Bitcoin in 2021 and value for value he's gonna need a deed dishing out one day
Unknown: you've been d deuced.
John: And he needs to jingles he needs a China's asshole and you're gonna need a Bitcoin
Unknown: that's ended all hell is gonna break loose and you're gonna need a Bitcoin.
Adam: Hell yeah. The cheap could him now.
John: Kurt Butler is next on a list of becomes our first associate executive producer at $250 from South Bend, Indiana. Thanks for all that you do educational and entertaining karma for non listeners to get them on the right track. And for employers to find workers. Yes, workers
Unknown: you've got karma.
Adam: Deborah Reese from Pittsboro North Carolina to 4823 I met my smokin hot boyfriend Christopher Michael after posting a dating site profile saying quote, mask free atheist libertarian preppers seek same to partner in doing whatever it takes to subvert the tyranny of masks, mandatory vaccines, the great reset and the New World Order. Bonus points if you listen to no agenda. Let's see how that turned out. He responded in the morning and the rest is history. This is beautiful. Christopher I love you madly Happy 48th birthday on May 23rd. But I must call you out as a douchebag for all the happy couples no agenda brings together and keeps together. Thank you Please play the boogity boogity boogity jingle song.
Unknown: Ah, that's
Adam: so sweet. And I totally believe that. No, I
John: did this very funny. I do too. It sounds like something that would happen. Yeah, there's more people that listen to our show than we'd like to imagine you
Adam: really need a dating service.
John: Alexander J. Myers in Mount Sterling, Ohio $211.09 by dm john and Adam this donation is from my grandmother, Jackie Sisson. And should all credits go to her another switcheroo got it. Go to her and all the F cancer karma and anything else you can spare 11 nine is her birthday. I'll try to send an email as well. Thank you both.
Adam: All right.
Unknown: You've got karma.
John: Daniel Haggerty, yes. And I own you know, I own this is this is a tie I you know and when you're in key or your local As always, you know pronounce the words there all those crazy little towns in their state. Yeah. This is the only one that I'm never sure of. Is it I own or Ione?
Unknown: Nah, it's tough.
John: I know all the other ones but this one every time I see I
Adam: mean we have local we have people say Guadalupe and others say Guadalupe
John: Well, it's I own in today's show, and $200.33 by ATM john and Adam outstanding keeper and I recently attended the San Francisco meetup and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Upon hearing John's mention of the beautiful women in one particular knockout of a woman. I knew he could only be referring to Mike gorgeous head of Human Resources Ashley? course he did. Of course I told her this must be the same. The case and she graciously graciously accepted the flattery. Saturday will mark the 10th year of our marriage and our love is ever expanding. We have three human resources. Nine, six and Saturday our son drew turns one. He's on the birthday list I think I believe thank you for the great show. Gentlemen. Daniel Haggerty.
Adam: Thank you, Daniel. Yeah, very nice.
John: Camera dopps $200 as the best note of the day. Thanks, guys. Thank you camera. Yes. Forrest Martin $200. Hey, john and Adam. This is my yearly birthday donation for the 19th. Maybe next year. I'll claim my knighthood but I'm being too lazy to figure out the accounting at this moment. No jingles just jobs, karma for anyone who needs it. Forest. jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.
Adam: You're up at Tim powers Washington, Oklahoma, Washington, Oklahoma. I'd like to start by thanking both of you for all the work you do for all of us twice a week, and especially those D bags who don't donate, but enjoy the benefits everywhere anyway. So let's get to that. First, I would like to call out JT who might hit in the mouth as a douchebag. And RG who hit me in the mouth as a douchebag. You know who you are, and you know what you need to do. I want to tell all the listeners out there to donate. This is the best source of sanity in news that's available anywhere and we are the sustainers of that. So if you don't donate start today by signed up for $4 a week value for value plan back in late 2017. And chipped in larger donations about once a year for special occasions like Adam's wedding or John's birthday. I'm only $155 from becoming a night so I've sent in $200 to become an associate executive producer and become a night both things that are so super cool. I'd like to be known as Sir mcgillicutty that's the crazy nickname my dad gave me as a kid for some reason Night of the Sooner State If it pleases the peerage committee I think we're okay with that you guys are the best no jingles no karma THANK YOU TIM.
Unknown: That's a nice
John: note very excited for it sir Rd mcgillicutty
Adam: Oh I'm sorry I missed it sir Rd mcgillicutty. Okay,
John: yeah, got it. Some nicknames that's it that's our group of associate executive producers and executive producers for show 1348
Adam: Yes, indeed. And we appreciate what you've done Do you have once again dragged us through another episode you keep us going and keeping the lights on it is part of the the value for value system it's the best way to go if you listen to what do we not well over an hour and a half but you certainly the first hour the stuff we discussed you're not going to find that anywhere else. And it's because we don't have ads that's really an idea and we have nothing to lose. We have we have no careers no dignity or anything like that. So you know it's it's a perfect combination. You guys support it. We'll continue to do it. I'm gonna die spitting in this mic. I tell you if you want to learn how to contribute go to John Slash
Unknown: and a thank you again for your
Adam: time your talent your treasure producing Episode 1348 formula is
Unknown: this we go out we hit people in the mouth.
Adam: Do you want a quick little Austin update before we launch into something else? Yes, no. So on the 11th of May.
John: I will stop you before you do that. I should mention that people should relish these because we will not be getting them in a month.
Adam: That's correct. We are moving out of town we
John: are moving towards to get the Waco report this year. Useless Yes,
Adam: we're moving to waco.
Unknown: Done.
Adam: That's funny in so many different ways. The waco report. No, this is the Austin report. We had a referendum of sorts. We had a an off year election where we had a proposition put on the ballot to reinstate the camping ban. And since the camping ban has been instated the the city of Austin has done absolutely nothing. In fact, the first that we have a 60 day transition period, which has now been determined by the City Council, instead of saying, hey, the law is now in place, you got to go away and here's some places you could go. Instead the first 30 months community service will be out with the unhoused along with the police, the police will be handing out pamphlets, letting them know that in 30 days, they'll be back and in 30 days to come back and then they will maybe hand out some tickets and only after 60 days maybe after 60 days. Will they start to remove people now? The Of course this being liberal Austin
Unknown: well what are we going to do with these people?
Adam: We have to have a spot for them. But right now they have surrounded City Hall This is fantastic the keeper and I were we went out we drove downtown last night for our second anniversary dinner I love you darling thank you for saying yes thank you for making me legit
John: photos
Adam: yes there's photos she posted some photo on the Instagram but have no photos of the tents. That's what
John: I wanted and I'll tell you
Adam: why it's dangerous. There are so these to the tents now which you are never allowed to camp in front of City Hall. Now it's all around City Hall all the way up Second Street and there's a BLM boss and there's unruly characters now like big dudes who are in these tents, something is brewing and it's going to come to a head there's going to be fighting and it's going to be at City Hall I guarantee you these are these characters are up to no good. They should be removed from City Hall immediately. It has never been allowed there. But okay, and it, john, it's it's I can't I have no words. How trash that's where I lived two years ago. We live there now you cannot walk on the sidewalk. It's It's crazy. So what has the city controller now done? He said, Well, I know what we'll do. We'll just designate city parks. In different in everyone. Everyone has some city parks in their in their district. And we'll have 45 different places which will now be city parks, which have to be a minimum of two acres for his preferred will be transformed into camping sites. As you can imagine, this is not going over very well.
Unknown: Today the city of Austin released a list of 45 potential sites that could become designated homeless encampments
exams Jacqueline pal is live for us at Givens Park, which is one of the spots on the list Jacqueline.
A lot of options on the list are city parks like this or recreation centers, places with a lot of space to put everything that people need to stay there. Now the city of Austin wants any designated camping spot to at least have about two acres or more. And also to have room for plenty of things like tents shelter any restrooms, showers people might need. So today I went homeless outreach resource team as they gave out these flyers and went around educating people who are camping about what the move might look like. Eventually, given their first look at the city's lists so far for areas that could transform into something like this. council members had mixed reactions. I'm right now not confident about the ones that are on this list right now. But I hope that we can get our heads together concerns about wildfire and flooding risk in some spots, and policing the homeless in busy parks.
The city manager stressed council members will play a role in looking for other potential properties. We're going to be following up with each of you individually to look at other potential sites in your district. Those may not be city owned properties, but maybe you have a relationship with a private landowner.
city staff did mentioned today that of the 70 places originally city properties that is originally identified as potential spots, they are still vetting some of them. So this list of 45 you could see some of those still added to this list. But again, council members seem to take a lot of issue with some of the locations in their briefing today. So they are really stressing that this list is in no way final and that it may even be possible that none of the spots on this list are eventually picked.
Adam: You can imagine people not wanting the park in their neighborhood to become a filthy campground. Many of them next Did I hear them say that they
John: want the city council to do site. Check To find places
Adam: how Yeah, they're insane these people. How about you're not allowed to camp in the city of Austin Bob by? No, no, no. No. And guess where there's no no can't no camp schedule? Carrie town Clarksville 7870 for the seekest zip code nah nothing plan there with the rich people live
Unknown: ah
John: Wow, that's a mess you I mean you we have a situation in the San Francisco area San Francisco. The Walgreens made an announcement yesterday they're pulling all the Walgreens out there's like 19 of them. And those Yeah,
Adam: because they just keep getting robbed right?
John: Yes, the shoplifting is out of control because this the socialist district attorney of San Francisco is a socialist. He's like was raised by Bill errors, I believe.
Adam: was with Obama together. They were brothers.
John: I believe he was taking it I think it was an orphan or something. He was just socialist. And he's down he will he's the one who adopted the anything under $1,000 not worth we do police shouldn't be bothered Yeah, so if you get your window broken too bad if you if somebody goes into your store and steals that 90 buck dress yeah two big deal nothing to it same is gonna happen here.
Adam: It's exactly the same not in Waco and we won't stand for that shit in Waco and awake.
Unknown: awake now.
Adam: So while we're on just the crazy and remember these these there are people here in Austin we played the clips before this vote Who said I really I really want this to pass but I'm going to vote against because I feel so horrible for these people. And now they're interviewing the unhoused and they're showing well look at all the crazy some of them are crazy like I look at all these knives I got here's my machete you know the show them all drugged out. They're not from Austin. They are not our neighbors they moved in because it was easy to just not from Austin. But Austin is
John: Austin is welcoming.
Adam: Austin is stupid. And here here's you have always said when we first discussed the noodle boy phenomenon, which how many years ago when did we first identify this whiny noodle boy Maya was about seven may be long. My employer is not fair doesn't mean tells
John: us what to do. It's all wrong. Yeah, this guy's thinks he's the boss because he owns the place.
Adam: So you have been very clear you cannot let these types of figures into your organization. Oh, if only juice land had listened
Unknown: for Austin area juice land shops are closed one is running on limited operations in Austin amid an ongoing strike and Instagram account launch Sunday called juice land workers rights, the details and ongoing dispute over wages and allegations of racism and sexism. Jews LAN told kicks in on Saturday, it would increase wages to a guaranteed $15 an hour starting Sunday. The company also started drafting a diversity, equity and inclusion plan is large, and will create additional ways for employees to offer feedback.
Adam: You know what the problem is, is not even the $15 an hour you can get how you could probably pay him $20 an hour. They're so desperate for people to work. The problem is you run out racism, the equity, and there was a specific complaint about bathrooms. They want to trans bathroom so they've closed down five juice lands because of these demands. They can't get anyone to work.
John: Well, that's what you get when you hire these folk. You're busy buying yourself a ticket out of business. Well,
Adam: let's listen to some more noodle gun stuff. freshmen
Unknown: may soon be a thing of the past. At Penn State, the school is considering eliminating gender and binary terms. Instead, students would be known as first, second, third or fourth year students to be more inclusive. The terms under an upperclassmen may also be eliminated. So you can't say
Adam: freshmen and freshmen because it has the word men in it
Unknown: as a sophomore Got it?
Adam: Well, no, they took it out. It's first, second, third, fourth year how boring Tom, Oxford though Oxford holy crap. They're taking it to a whole new level.
Unknown: And look, I know this absurd story emerging from Oxford University, that they're going to teach students that Imperial measurements including the mile inch yard pound and outs are, quote, tied deeply to the idea of Empire. The right Oxford University is going to decolonize Imperial measurements and introduce a new curriculum to teach quote, The history of modern measurement as Mark Latham and I keep telling you, this is everywhere this stuff. There is a new Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson, who wants to decolonize the teaching at Oxford, whatever that means. science students this summer will conduct research to determine how science teaching can be made less Eurocentric, unquote. It's the same old stuff. In a letter signed by 35 College principals last June it said, quote, The university has, as Britain does a history that's marked by colonialism and imperialism, unquote. The Vice Chancellor said quite many departments in the social sciences have begun work to make their curriculum more inclusive and adding diverse voices unquote well of course they have Wow.
Adam: So Imperial measurements now are colonial.
John: Well, this is gonna bring me to my series of clips. Okay,
Adam: so do i do the noodle gun now or do I wait for it?
John: I would play more noodle gun and then let me go to the scope of this what I what I have here are clips from the University of California Berkeley department of the health department's though their school of public health, the School of Public Health, commencement, which they stupidly put on on line, one of our producers in Bad idea bad.
Adam: Alright, I'll lead you into it. We have with us. We just need to talk about three stories. Maddie in the morning, you know Matt Segal?
John: No, don't. Oh, well.
Adam: He's in kiss 108 in in Boston. He's been on Boston radio for 40 years. He's pretty much gone now. Because he was talking about Demi Lovato coming out as being intersexual. intersex, which I'm not Yeah,
John: they don't not find no no non binary. She can binary Yeah, she came out as being non non binary pan sex intersex. Yeah.
Adam: But she's non binary. And he was a he was saying, well, this is dumb. And the kids want to wait is now owned by iheart radio and they said no, no, you can't talk about that. So you can't say that's dumb. No, you can't do that. Bob Garfield Bob Garfield, co host of on the media for two decades. In w NYC
John: fired find the media guide. Yes, yes. Was Brooke whatever.
Adam: Gladstone exactly? Yes. Why he's been fired for a newsreader? No. No. Bob Garfield longtime co host of W NYC his popular program on the media has been fired after two separate investigations found he had violated an anti bullying policy. He apparently yelled in two meetings. Let me tell you something about about media is like when shit doesn't go right. And it gets heated and whether it's on the floor whether it's what is it? Do we have a Larry O'Donnell I mean, that's a great great example. When you when you get married. Oh, she played a clip. Yeah. Which one? What was it what
John: was under Larry? Oh, Donaldson. Do I stop the hammering? I yes. I didn't play the longer version of that. Okay. Let me see if I have to be under lawrence o'donnell.
Unknown: I have
Adam: this is I think
Unknown: let me just say I've not talked about it publicly. I don't know how but let me just say this that.
Adam: I don't know. That's That's him talking about where the hell is that?
John: I mean, I have given her hammering. Well, I have I have
Adam: stopped the hammering but it's only the it's only this
John: hour we can start hammering
Adam: anyway you get the idea is you get heated people yell.
John: Bill O'Reilly you got the bill o'reilly? We'll do it live as another example.
Adam: Yeah. No, he was really mad.
John: I'm curious. We don't have these. Continue. Okay, they're here.
Unknown: Listen, fucking doing live.
I could go write it and we'll do it live.
fucking thing. So that's tomorrow. And that is it for us today. I'm
Bill O'Reilly. Thanks
Adam: again for watching. By the way, just before the camera or goes on or the mic crack. It's very typical for someone to be fucking awesome. I can't believe you suck so much. And it's time for the news now on Wi
John: Fi. It's an old joke. It's just sitcoms. They'll do the true happens all the time.
Adam: And then so he
John: got fired for being angry in a meeting.
Adam: Yes. And then the CEO of the Audubon Society has stepped down amid internal turmoil.
John: That's for the birds.
Adam: Yeah, well, the Nash Here it is. That's a funny one, john. You know, they were trying to unionize. Oops. And the guy apparently was racist. Now that's what the word he's racist. It's just racist. Get rid of you racist.
Unknown: racist.
Adam: I got the my pasta Glocks locked in Louis, very careful who you hire people very, very careful, it's a plague. They're gonna have to get better they're gonna have to, you're gonna have to be better. But until then don't hire these people, they will ruin your organization and your life.
John: All right, let's
Adam: let's listen to some of the speeches to the new people who are going to ruin your life who are on their way out of college, ready to go ruin some business.
John: All right, I'm trying to figure out which is the first of these clips there must be it's not HBM one that's we're talking about something else. There is the need of a divorce. That was the actually the best one. It should be the last one of the longer ones.
Adam: hpm one is 154. Yeah,
John: I don't know if that's it. But let's, let's Okay, so there we had the School of Public Health. They had the D, the Associate Dean Come on, who's a very screwy looking woman. And then they brought the dean on and the deemed wasn't much better. him he's like a Asian asian guy. And, well, let's start with hpm one. Okay.
Unknown: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the 2021 Berkeley public health virtual commencement. Miss Quinn Hussey, I use the pronouns she her. Assistant Dean for students always start.
John: Like, this is Quinn. Hi, see, we can start this over. And I want to I should I should say this in advance of this clip and maybe a couple others because she's kind of dull. I sweetened it a little bit so we could understand what was going on. Okay, with some side, side note, it's always risky.
Adam: If you overdo it, you got to be careful on the swing. I never
John: overdo it.
Unknown: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the 2021 Berkeley public health virtual commencement. My name is Quinn Hussey, I use the pronouns she heard assistant dean for students, and have the honor of serving as your emcee for our event today. Before we begin our event, I would like to take a few moments to do a land acknowledgement. acknowledgement. This acknowledgement was written by the American Indian graduate program in the office of graduate diversity. We recognize that UC Berkeley sits on the territory of cuccia in the original landscape of the Chinese speaking aloni people. The successors of the sovereign Verona band of Alameda County, this region continues to be of great importance to them awake Maloney tribe and other familial descendants of the Verona ban. We recognize that every member of the Berkeley community has and continues to benefit from the use and occupation of occupation, occupation occupation of this land. Since the institution's founding in 1868, consistent with our values of community inclusion and diversity, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and make visible the university's relationship to native peoples. As members of the Berkeley community. It is vitally important that we not only recognize the history of the land on which we stand, but also we recognize that the movement aloni people are alive and flourishing members of the birth occupation ugly and broader Bay Area communities today.
Next, I would like to offer a minute of silence for the following to honor all black and brown lives that have been lost to police violence and brutality. Oh
Adam: my goodness Wow,
Unknown: wow.
Adam: Wow, okay, boys, your name Queen Hussey.
Unknown: Why don't you just come on when Queen Hussey Hi
Adam: I'm Queen hussy I suck that's
John: a she she's got a one of these it's like a mohawk haircut.
Unknown: No, no, I have to go look at her.
John: And she has a she's wearing all the garb that they had but instead just the Guardian that kind of dead vestment that the you wear these commencements Oh yeah, he's got a bow tie on it. I've never seen that before some goofy goofy looking bow tie. So she comes on and she does this. Quinn is named Quinn. Dean comes on after that. But before to go to the dean. I want to skip to the undergrad. With speaker who comes on and this is Gene introduced, this is a guy who was born and raised in California some little town in california but he goes on a bus or she goes on about his Nigerian heritage as though California is part of Nigeria. And and he goes on with the kind of the same thing which which which will bring me to a point after you play this clip this is the the UC, a BSP h undergrad speaker.
Unknown: We have our undergraduate speaker to go the a MAGA to go to go see I was born and raised in Oakland, California and is proud of his Nigerian heritage. During his time at Cal he served as the co founder and president of ATP at Berkeley, an organization for pre physical therapists, nurse practitioners and physician's assistants. I know
Adam: that guy actually know that guy. He sent me an email.
Unknown: She goes here currently serves as the CO senator for equity and inclusion in the region's and Chancellor scholars Association, and is honored to have been a regents and Chancellor scholar himself. I'm pleased to introduce our undergraduate speaker, she goes a multitude school.
Before starting this discourse, I would like to acknowledge that this land we are on is a territory of the Omani people. It is on this land, recognize injustice and undeserved privilege and undeserved privilege and undeserved privilege. And it is also on their land that each of us is able to earn our degrees from the esteemed UC Berkeley School of Public Health.
Adam: Hold on a second. How many people are claiming this land?
John: No, no, they're not claim you're missing the point. You're not from California. You don't know what you're doing. You have no idea. What they're doing is they're thanking these Indians for the use of the land and
Adam: occupy understand how many tribes belong to this land
John: 1000
Adam: That's what I mean. It's like it was the Bukit Yuki and now it's the new guys
John: Hama Hama has in addition to that, and if they don't have a casino that we have to thank him even more because they should have a casino they got ripped off somehow
Adam: how they not get a casino is not part of the deal. The only
John: casino I know is the one I'm a San Pablo and that's a specific tribe that used to have some land there and the grill road area when I remember when they were there, they were living there and what is the rail says Okay,
Adam: so what do you think in your estimation since you live there? You've lived there a long time what is the point of this this thanking for clearly occupying and having kicked them off their land? What is it to rub it in their faces every time
John: it's what it sounds like to me? I
Unknown: think it's an insult I guess like hey, thanks. Haha suck. I'm
John: looking for land you dummies.
Adam: Look at look at this cool cap I got on. I'm graduating college idiots.
John: I think the university just give the land back to the Indians if they feel this way right
Adam: away.
John: Yeah, right now. Yes. What is the point of you said is occupied. This woman said her eyes were occupied.
Adam: occupiers like the Israelis occupying Palestine. I mean, it's Yeah, get out occupation. Get out,
John: get out. So I don't get it. But the other thing is that you're going to hear with the rest of these clips, is what is the scoop? I have been very annoyed by the health department's of the entire country. They're you're lording it over doctors, very few of them have medical degrees. They're all they all have Masters of Public Health, which like a Masters of Business Administration. They're lording it over everybody because they can because of this virus, they've taken advantage of it. There are a bunch of social justice warriors, many of them and I would say everybody I saw in this video could only be described as misfits haha goofy looking want to be Hitler's Hold up.
Adam: So let me just understand, because they are the at the health school. And they have these impressive papers. They get to talk a lot on television tell everyone how it's going to go and what we should do. Is that is that what you're saying that that's the power they've
John: read? What's going on?
Adam: I've seen it so it's like, like the nerd who got a really big key chain. And guess keys to all the doors.
John: key chain? Yes,
Adam: that's the one. Yes. Okay.
John: I got it can jump around that. But let's first go to the dean of the school. Some some character who I just played this one minute clip from the dean says 13 and out then you're going to hear what a real complaint of mine thank Good afternoon, everyone.
Unknown: And congratulations, a huge congratulations to our graduating class of 2021. Let me also take a moment to extend my congratulations to all of you out there.
on our graduates Today, as you've done every step of the way, families and friends, spouses and partners, parents and grandparents, siblings and loved ones, without whom our graduates would not be here today, graduation is a time for gratitude. So for all the ways you've supported our graduates, emotionally and financially, for all the time to proof read, babysat, and stood by their side, even when you weren't quite sure what what do you what the public health degree for all the encouragement you gave, and all the sacrifices you've made? On behalf of the graduating class of 2021? I just want to say, thank you. You did good.
John: You did well. This guy's a dean of a unit of a college at the University of California and he says You did good.
Adam: Did he also throw in any ways?
John: He might as well have you did well is the way it should be put if you're an academician at a university at that level, but no, no, not at this school. You did good. You did good. I
Adam: really enjoy you on this new VA juice. It's a new you kids jacked up.
John: Yes. That's go.
Adam: I love that I love those kinds of but language is flexible john language.
John: So they got they had Fauci on this thing. They have the guy who is the they have this redeem character, the guy who is the new Surgeon General. Oh, that was the VAC vac vacuum rice at the how this guy became a vice admiral in the Navy. I'd like to know, to the graduate just an honorary degree you get when you're the Surgeon General.
Adam: I'm gonna take Well, yes, probably, but I'm gonna
John: take a look at a background. This guy is very. And I don't know if I can use this word correctly. But he's very fe
Adam: Yes, yes. Yes. He's like a worse.
John: Amazon. And he has a couple he has a little gem to drop drop on us. And this is him. He comes on to give a little talk for two or three minutes in his areas where the VAC Murthy does his pronouns
Adam: before he starts or
John: No, no. I was irked by the fact that one person gave her pronouns that nobody else did very lamps not
Adam: on board with the program. Alright, yeah, there we go back
Unknown: to the graduates the class of 2021 It's truly an honor to be with you. All of you graduating today had been on quite a journey together. And a lot of it has been unexpected. You may not have expected to find the close friends and mentors you found here. I'm guessing you didn't expect to consume so much boba tea or coffee.
Adam: So this because the health services used to be a part of the military that's why he has a title of a rank of Vice Admiral but it's not in the Navy. It's in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps which yeah is pretty much yeah, you get the job you get the outfit.
John: boba tea.
Adam: Well, he's he's part Indian Part A British. So of course we want to take advice from him like all of our people in Hollywood.
John: Alright, I thought that was lame. Well, now you start to hear that now what you find out from these these schools especially at Cal is this kind of activism they're not the worst of public health got to do with so far what have you heard that has anything to do with public health? It's all about activism, moving things around, listen to a couple of different people. Here's the guy I think I believe this guy's either one of the professors. This is baldness, Environmental Health Sciences. There's a
Unknown: he's, he's, I believe is one of the professors that teaches Environmental Health Sciences. Just listen to this short little clip what he has to say, I especially want to commend your commitment to environmental and social justice, and advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion in our program. You have made our EHS program better. And I know you will take this commitment and advocacy with you to make the world better as well.
Adam: You done good
John: advocacy?
Adam: Yes.
John: Did you listen to what he said carefully? Yes,
Unknown: let's play it again so everyone can hear. I especially want to commend your commitment to environmental and social justice, and advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion in our program. You have made our EHS program better. And I know you will take this commitment and advocacy with you to make the world better as well
Adam: as almost like the CEO of juice land saying hey, thanks, everybody. Thanks. Thanks for shutting us down until you got your bathrooms.
John: Well, this guy wasn't shut down by any means or being more encouraged. But this that this idea that these people are graduating with a master's degree in Public Health to go out and do advocacy and social justice use the word social justice. Yeah. And women at the meetup mentioned that they're always adding this new words you may be showing up in our conversation. You In other words, you want equity, social justice, blah, blah, blah, and belonging. Ooh. And it seems to have a lot of a lot of people bent out of shape.
Adam: What What does that mean?
John: That I don't know, belonging? It's all communists talk.
Unknown: is
John: so it is. So this guy. This guy's pretty. Here's another one. This is from the health public. I think the health PUBLIC MANAGEMENT PROGRAM or some This is hpm impact Listen to this.
Unknown: To our HP m graduates, we are so excited to see how you will use what you gained in the program. As you're making change maker level impact, change maker rebel
Adam: impact Level,
John: Level maker level impacts that you're coming out of the school. You're coming out of the school as an activist don't hire people from the University of California School of Public Health. They're gonna come in there to change things
Adam: but what what do public health officials do? They just like? Just like the admiral just sit there and tell you?
John: Yeah, they don't well, until the COVID thing they didn't do jack shit. They just sat around and they inspected restaurants. You got a rat problem here, Bill. Oh, we got some rat droppings. You guys said here's the 72 hour notice that good clean up your mess
Adam: so now their job is hey mask on is that their job? Is that what they graduate?
John: But they want to know they're good. Well, that was more than mask on his mask on lets you get your some freedoms if you listen to me. It just a whole thing.
Adam: Yeah, these people need to be hunted down.
John: Riley could they just give her the award out to this guy and they're gonna listen to this character Lee, I think he's, he's either teaches there or he's got some I lost track of what these people do. But listen to this one Li rally. And he when he's talking about fintru Now it's my turn to congratulate
Unknown: the infectious disease students. So we all went through a very difficult year, as we all know, and and now you guys are graduating. And this word congratulations means a lot more than it did in the past. And so for the ID students, you got to learn and witnessed in real time what a pandemic does, and also learn that public health is the only thing standing between some sort of semblance of normal life, a complete collapse of the world order. Well hope you also recognize that now we can't just go back to the normal life we had pre pandemic, we can't go back to the normal life, that unquestioningly accepted the kind of public health system that was totally unprepared to address the pandemic. And we can't go back to life as usual, that engender all the health despair of disparities that were unmasked in full force by the pandemic. So please don't go back to your pre pandemic normal life, create a different movie life. Again, congratulations. And best of luck and stay in touch.
Adam: This, I want a list of all the names we need to avoid these people there that's so arrogant. Like you think like really without us, you know, you'd be dead. You need us. And I would like to point out that neither the admiral the rear admiral under Trump or the the rear admiral, Vice Admiral under Biden, neither one have said, here's what you can do for a healthy immune system. It's a good idea to drink some v eight, even that I would accept they've done nothing of the sort.
John: You're not got this is the point. They're not doctors. They're bureaucrats. They're hired to be a beer in a bureaucratic agency. And one of the when they didn't get does that all the clips I have and I could accept another dozen things. But they're bureaucrats they don't they have no care about doctoring or anybody's real health is about public health. In other words, let's make sure that there's no rats at the restaurant. And make sure the vaccines are well now that we've got this COVID thing going on and we can lord it over everybody and that's what they've been doing. They've been the health department has been dominating the conversation and all the counties. Oh, the Health Department says you can't stay at home. In one of the clips which I don't have. I don't have this clip. They were bragging about the guy who became alumni of the year was the guy who did the first shutdown to first live down and is a great thing because now we get a little dictator. Oh, lock it down lock down stay at home order first stay at home order alumni of the year from the health from this School of Public Health. Ah he's the guy said he was in San Francisco at the time.
Adam: Now has this was on YouTube. Yeah, whatever you were there our the likes and dislikes. Were there more dislikes. You got to look at
John: stuff. It was a lot of likes. Man.
Adam: My advice get out. What are you waiting for? Thank you get out of California.
Unknown: They're gonna come for your bass. They're gonna come for you. Please come for anybody
Adam: be there at the door. They'll they'll get it they'll get lowered by that car that j has parked in the driveway. Oh pretty hard car and they'll come up your driveway and they come up the steps.
John: Now they see the art car I'm exempt.
Adam: That Eric finally sent me he sent me a picture of thank you john. That car is beautiful.
John: Isn't it
Adam: and she hand painted that.
John: The output pictures in the next newsletter.
Adam: I wish she had paid it took her about a month. I would like to propose something with the car. I would like to make that car it would only be we can we can we could just need a small addition. Just a little sticker. I'd like to make it the official vehicle of the no agenda morning.
Unknown: You're listening to the no agenda morning. On get mo radio.
Adam: Now we are so excited about our exit strategy to turn the show into the morning Zoo that we are doing a pilot pilot that john is is producing. We are still in the middle of casting we we have not yet shored up deals with Dame Jennifer as our lewd news lady, nor have we shored up a deal with mo to be our community service director and sports guy. And we're still auditioning for our entertainment reporter and we had a we had a very specific spec we want gay sounding and it should be a gay one could we can't you know this is Hollywood rules. If you're gonna sound gay, you got to be gay.
John: And we have a script. We can't just have you sounding this does no good. We like wearing blackface doesn't work
Adam: it does not work. And we have we have a script which will be in the show notes also posting it to no agenda social. I will say interest is high. I've many of our gay male producers have have raised their hand and are very excited. Even to have our official no agenda transexuals have thrown their hat into the ring. So I mean, we could get bonus points for having the morning Zoo with with a trans entertainment reporter but I maybe
John: I personally think we stick off the model it's off
Adam: its off the model and I think we stick with the with the with the overly gay entertainment reporter but we should probably consider adding an intern who's on the spectrum. That could be Yeah, he's just so just comes in and goes.
John: Yeah, and never does any work.
Adam: It never does any work. does everything wrong?
Unknown: We now got about it without
Adam: asking. We already received one audition tape
John: would you allow but just that this is not on this is not a scripted one. And and of course with the scripted ones, the one we're going to consider but this is definitely worth listening to.
Unknown: in the morning.
This is clay that gay done again.
Because if I've been done once, I'll be done again.
I just have to say that I am so upset that ariana grande de decided to get married without telling any of us that this means I'm gonna have to have a private ceremony of my own for her with all of my cats. And to keep this short and sweet like my ex boyfriend. I have to say if you're holding her is anywhere near as big as your glasses were in the 80s
Oh my god, Kellyanne,
let me jump right on that. And I could just imagine that Adam Curry is fro below is as equally quaffed as the hair on top of his head.
Thank you guys for your time in the morning.
Adam: Now, what did you think of this audition?
John: Well, it was I think had the right rhythm
Adam: was a little slow between stories or meaning that sound effect we all like it use a little
John: sound effects. Sound Effects? Yeah, yeah, little boy. Yeah.
Adam: I think you're in charge of that. That's your department. I'd
Unknown: be in the future. Food if
you sue.
Adam: I thought the jokes were good. So jokes
John: were good. And we expect that person to do that that gets the job to have a or to win the addiction audition, who has a sense of humor and can beef up the script? And fourth that I submitted which will be linked in the show notes is fairly vanilla.
Adam: Unfortunately, this this audition is null and void. This person cannot participate.
John: Yes, we Yes. Because he's not gay. Yes. Thank
Unknown: you for your consideration. I've been john Fletcher.
John: Yes, Fletcher Fletcher. If
Adam: he hadn't told if he hadn't put that on there. I never would have known.
John: I didn't know he did such a good guy.
Adam: He's got out he's got great guy.
John: And he's got the shouting voice. He's got he's, and he's got a nice deep voice to he's got a terrific range of voices.
Adam: Yes. Maybe he could do the whole show. Just give him the script and
John: the whole thing via relative Phil Hendry. Anyone know,
Adam: Henry does nothing for me. No idea.
John: Yeah, Phil Hendry is a DJ or now I'm sorry. He's a talk show host. And he shows up in different markets and he only stays there for virtual you should look him up. He only stays there for we've actually played Phil Hendry clips on this show. He goes in there and he plays a whole show. He is the guy that's doing the interview. And then he's the guy being interviewed. And he uses two different mics and he's a little switch with some noise in it. So he's like, and so then what do you think about that? Well, I don't go over circle growth. And so he'll he'll, he'll dream up these characters who are extremely offensive guests nice. And then he starts taking calls and his people that are just pissed off at this guest and then the guest and the caller will go at it and the whole thing is a charade and the whole thing's of fake except for the call ends and so he he'll go into a market for about six months to almost his stance with some markets. He has to get out and he
Adam: has to get out.
John: Yeah, cuz he's, he's done because everyone Oh, that guy douche. Phil Hendry look him up. something of a genius if you if you've never heard him before, no, I swear he was interviewing somebody but it's no it's just him.
Adam: Troll room asking if they identify as gay is that? I think we might. That's Fletcher actually that may be a good point where you have to identify as gay all the time. Because it's not just a one and done
John: on the show. Yes. No, you can't just part time identifying is not going to cut a man
Adam: is an entertainment product. That can't be fake. Okay.
John: Yeah, no fakery.
Adam: No fakery on this show. It's got to be real. Hey, so is this a big deal this at&t Warner media discovery is that is that a big deal this merger?
John: We talked about it on the DSM play.
Adam: I haven't heard it and so on. I mean, Jeff,
John: is another is another exit yet another example of at&t buying into media properties and then they don't know how to run on the or what they're doing and they just go out of business. I mean, they bought was when they buy AOL. They bought a property from Ziff Davis once that was a loser. It was an online system in the early days of the internet and it was like going to be competitive with the world and the app Oh my god,
Adam: he world I forgot about he world
John: knows if had one of these things and at&t bought it for I thought it was a joke, but they bought it for like $500 million. It was worth nothing. And it's just folded it. at&t is incompetent with these properties. That means Discovery's done.
Adam: Caitlyn Well, I guess they haven't done much better with they own CNN and that's kind of that's and so Jeff Zucker may be the is he going to be the CEO of the whole shebang?
John: Oh, that'd be great. I think that's they'll be out of business in no time.
Adam: I think that's the idea. I think he's supposed to be the CEO. He had kind of gotten screwed the last time around he's shot now he's ready to go
Unknown: yeah
John: well it'll linger linger wasting money for two or three years and then they'll just be shuttered
Adam: yeah so much for Shark Week
John: yet
Adam: he's gonna get destroyed. Shark Week with Oh
John: shark Well, the shark we go yeah,
Adam: shark weekend Nazis. Isn't that what Discovery Channel shark weekend?
John: Shark Week and Nazis? Yeah,
Adam: that's exactly what it is. Okay, now Well, speaking of the media they're doing everything they can to keep Trump in the news
Unknown: and with
Adam: a little assist from the attorney general or see the issue the the he the Attorney General for New York. What's her name? New York. Yeah. So they've they have a headline but let's really deconstruct what's being said here
Unknown: tonight new legal trouble for former President Trump legal trouble. New York Attorney General Letitia James announcing we are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan da. The original investigation was sparked by Mr. Cohen, who claimed Mr. Trump deliberately provided incorrect valuations of assets in official documents. Tonight, the former president slamming the investment.
Adam: So wait a minute, let me get this straight. So now there, we have a headline deteriorated. The Attorney General of New York is going after Trump criminal criminal was originally suggested by his attorney. That's where the story starts to fall apart. That means you bring that jumoke in. And then as he falsified the valuation of property on official documents, Oh, you mean when he went in for a loan or when he valued his taxes? You can value your real estate in many different ways, but this is now going to be made criminal. I don't know much about the real estate business. But I remember this accusation. We laughed about it the first time around and now they're back. Here's
Unknown: ABC, we begin with the breaking news. The investigation into former President Trump's company the Trump Organization has taken a serious neuter,
neutered investigation by the New York Attorney General's office is now looking into potential criminal charges. The attorney general has been investigating possible violations over the way the company valued its holdings to get loans and tax benefits. A
G's office says it's informed the Trump Organization that the case is no longer purely civil. It's now being investigated in a criminal capacity along with a Manhattan district attorney who's conducting a similar investigation. There's been no comment from the Trump Organization, but Trump has previously criticized the investigations as politically motivated. Yeah,
Adam: bombshell. bombshell.
John: I, you know, the thing is, this is the kind of crap coverage we get from the media. The first question I'm asking to myself is, is he overvaluing the property to get more money? Or is he undervaluing the property? To get less taxes? It's one or the other. You're either over valuing. Get a bigger loan, yeah. But then your taxes are higher, right? Or your undervaluing to get a smaller loan means you're not ripping off the banks like he always supposedly does, and to get lower taxes. And I don't know about you or anybody else. Michael Dell, by the way in Texas has been fighting with the Texas State Government forever about the valuation of his house in Austin. That's right. And we have the bright we have you know, we have property, and they come in all of a sudden with some weird assessment. And by the way, it's the county assessor's assessment, I
Adam: had to sue my CFO item, the minute we purchased this house, they immediately came in with an assessment of $100,000 more than we paid for it. Yeah. And you fight it, and the only people who win this is the lawyers.
John: Well, that's besides the point, their long term view everyone wins. But you do this sort of thing if you're in that business, and what are they thinking these these idiots from? What are they trying to do? I think this is just a ginned up story is bullcrap.
Adam: It's a story that was already a story. We already heard this accusation. Yeah, it's true. And it's right is contradictory. It's one or the other.
John: But why don't they find out which it is. But there's there the news people, I would like to know if he's overvaluing or undervaluing, I like to just have a number. They're just throwing out generalities and this is not reporting.
Adam: Did you mistake it for news? I'm sorry. This is you think that that was a news report. Big mistake. Well, let's stay with the Trump paid for a moment. The Maricopa County recount continues. And the Arizona election administrator Rachel Maddow had this piece. No matter what's happening there. It's being discredited. And they may be on to the biggest scandal in the world, but I doubt we'll ever know with this kind of reporting. I have been accused of inserting fake ballots delivered from a South Korean plane. More recently. I have been accused used of deleting entire databases, even though I participated in the transference of all databases to the Senate have seen them with my own eyes. And even though I still have access to the current fully functional voting database, it is enough supervisor Hickman has even been accused of feeding ballots to hundreds of 1000s of chickens at his farm, and then purposefully incinerating them
Unknown: incinerating the chickens to cover up the evidence that the chickens ate the ballots, because you wouldn't just incinerate the ballots. You'd want them to pass through a chicken first and then got to get rid of the chicken. See, come on. Don't think we don't know how to play this game without a chicken in the middle of the incineration process can all be reverse engineered, then Joe Biden would be president.
Adam: so it's not being taken seriously. Obviously.
John: heard about the chicken before ridiculing all she does here
Adam: heard the chicken one myself. But the what's a little more serious, and I would task any of our producers preferably. And now there's not a lot of people that watch it. In fact, it had an Asterix the other day, or an attic as a, as our as rev l would say, I would like someone to create a little supercut of Nicole Wallace on deadline Whitehouse I think it is in the afternoon on msnbc. Just that the amount of time she cavalierly says, Well, you know, the insurrection? It was the most horrible event is going to do it again. The big lie I mean, it's just continuously as if there was this horrible thing that took place on January 6, when there is there is no everything. In fact, there's counter evidence that this was a violent coup, a violent takeover is the gun five people were murdered. None of it is true. But they keep repeating that over and over again. Which is why of course it's fun when you accuse someone else of the big lie because you are in fact propagating the lie. I'd love to have a little supercut of how many times they say this shit and to make it real, to make it real, and this will go down is real. Because there's no stopping the train, the media reports history. We now we need a 911 style commission because clearly this is exactly the same, we need to have the same type of
John: same as 911. Same
Adam: terror, same fear same shitty report because the 911 report excluded 28 pages which implicated the true nature of the attacks, which or at least the attackers, which was Saudi Arabia, that was obfuscated, 28 pages go look it up, you can find them. Why if it was denied, even at first that there were any extra pages, and then finally came on out under the Trump administration and and also went nowhere but the whole 911 commission is discredited. The whole report is discredited if not only by the fact that they omitted that and did not focus at all on Saudi Arabia where the attackers came from. So doesn't matter. We want one of those for January six
Unknown: Lester, the house just voted to create a 911 style commission to study the events of January 6 here at the Capitol. 35 republicans joined all democrats in voting for this a significant break with Republican leadership, including Kevin McCarthy and former President Trump who oppose the commission, but now faces an uncertain future in the senate where Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said today he opposes the commission as well. That vote could come up as early as next week.
Adam: I don't know if that's going to get through the Senate
John: Hmm, seems unlikely they're the smart money even what is
Adam: the point is it only to just solidify that this was a horrible event. That's that has to be the point right?
John: To prove that Trump's a bad person should not be running the Republican Party. This is like a like a McCain like a cheney those people that I think a lot of Republicans who want this commission so they can get regained control of the party and get rid of people like Laura Laura bobert and, and Marjorie Rahn, whatever it is they hate those Marjorie.
Adam: It's Marjorie Taylor green, but I think Marjorie and is her new name.
John: Marjorie. What ever Yeah,
Unknown: I like her.
Adam: I saw her on Tucker and i and i like no,
John: I like her too.
Adam: I like boy I like misjudged I misjudged her. I thought she was a idiot. The first time you played a clip when she was all jacked up. But then I saw here like, Oh, I kind of like her. She's a and she, she is she's a CrossFit. She a CrossFit trainer. She could, she can lift you she can Oh yeah. 300 pounds. She can lift three she can bench 300 pounds.
John: Now well she could lift half the people in the, in the, in the house
Adam: if she could, yes,
John: she definitely Pelosi now she could get throw Pelosi
Adam: she could lift all of the graduating class of the University of California Berkeley public health school.
Unknown: I'm going to show my mood by donation to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do with us. Oh yeah, that'd be fine.
John: Curiously, we have a few people to thank for show 1348 as we head toward 1350 was not sent over and starting with Aaron feral in wodsworth, Illinois $111.11 Kevin Irwin, in Midland, Texas 100. j. Cut it Jeannie got it Jenny Kota cine in Austin, Texas. Sir herbal and $100 her her Blam. $80.08 from Sugar Hill, Georgia. He needs some house buying karma. We'll give him that at the end. You bet. JOHN and Kim Watson in Aurora, Colorado 77. Anonymous from FEMA Region 369 69. Get some sort of a note or something. Oh, this is the I think is the guy who make good note. That was he sent in as a copy of the note that he sent in.
Unknown: Oh, hold on. I
John: have it here. We may have to read it because it's 330.
Adam: In the last show, yes. A non from FEMA Region three. Not sure if your emails but I know money will get your attention. That's what we're talking about. Right. I wanted to weigh in on Viagra being advertised to millennial slash Zoomers? Yes, this was a good note. I'm a younger millennial 30 from 99. He was also a gamer. Oh, this is sad. I don't think most of the viagara use in my cohort is as a party drug. It's much more pernicious and sad. I believe excessive masturbation from early pubescent is caused early onset erectile dysfunction you know that's what they always told me by the way, so it's true. Are you going blind as well? When you were blind when you were growing up in the Stone Age? What did you guys have? Hey, easy, a playboy mag under the covers or in John's case? pinup girls Yes. Varga girls on World War Two airplanes. Imagine having a phone or a PSP for me that is in your room when you find out how your your dick works. You're doing homework you get distracted by porn get ready for bed and Damn that porn again. Wake up in the morning ready to go and wham bam porn TLDR porn addiction is real and causes Ed depression, self loathing from my experience. It's much harder to kick than cigarettes. Wow, we need some experts to weigh in on this. I did not know that. Excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction.
John: I heard that it causes up hair on the palms.
Adam: It's clearly not it's clearly pretty serious. And Pfizer is playing right into it these these young boys might have trouble you know and this is not healthy. It's not healthy. None of this is healthy.
John: So now what you're saying is Pfizer's behind the porn. Yeah, guys, your marketing genius.
Adam: These guys are great. Pfizer porn, huh? Guys are poor. Hey, if you and I were running the show
John: that Yeah, like control. Okay, onward with Greg. Here doc. Dac in padova. Italy. Wow. patois patois 6363
Unknown: motor, gutsy.
John: Motor guts motor drugs. Surgery Jake the it bowgun from more. morayfield Queensland, 6060 Baronet loud pipes in Charlotte, North Carolina 606 small tits. Lynn wingert in Maplewood, Minnesota, 60 Jeffrey Sewell in Wilmington, Delaware. 5678. We're all over UAW people used to be Todd Rath camp and ripping, ripping, constant ripping. ripping ba Baron Bob of high point in high point North Carolina 5532. We have a lot of North Carolinians and we do we do. Sir john Knight of St. St. Patrick, patron saint of engineers in Heber Springs, Arkansas. What's up Heber springs Grove into Heber springs. I word Jura sir kill gore trout in with Stuck Ontario 5510 Daniel, Maren Mariano Mariano in pflugerville. right near waco. is right I muted you actually living in
Adam: pflugerville is new. Yes. Straight from pflugerville
John: Yes, yeah sure Dean Roker in East Grinstead, West Sussex Uk 5510. And then Jason
Unknown: yeah I need all room.
John: This was actually this was actually the hills Burg Pennsylvania 5333. Yeah, what did you get? Yes sir.
Adam: Well, this was a mate good. He sent us the 333 donation on the previous show and he actually he needed de-douche. d do so he's donating again because we didn't have his notes. It was also his 49th birthday was his fourth birthday on the 17th. We
John: put him on this list and we put them on this list.
Adam: And the main thing was he has he wanted to let us know that he has the great ri T's dot com. And although we may have mentioned that we certainly did mention if you go to the great raetihi so it's the great r e t Or re T's works as well. If you use the promo code ITM nogen produced to get 13 point 33% off any shirt and he says Keep up the good work future serie room of Berg of deals. So we look forward to that and success with your venture. Jason, thank you.
John: Yeah, and some people had trouble getting their notes in Trent Larrabee in Manchester, New Hampshire. By the way, somebody sent a note in and they thought they follow the wizard complaining and I went back and looked at they had donation misspelled and the subject line it was de ON.
Adam: You can also as a backup. send a copy to notes at no agenda show dotnet
John: Trent Lera B's next on list from Manchester New Hampshire 5033 in the following people our $50 donors name and location where applicable. Kevin O'Brien in chicago illinois Scott lavender Scott in Montgomery Texas, Jessica young in Yuba City, California sir Dwight night in Burlington Ontario birthday for him or someone or his niece, Eleanor Marie labrie err in Kennett square, Pennsylvania, anonymous in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. Andrew caver is a Kiva er cover in St. Louis, Missouri. Andrew gusik. Sir Andrew in Greensboro, North Carolina. Now the North Carolinian Robert case in mill spring, North Carolina and other North Carolinian Jeffrey Chadwick in Ogden, Utah. Paul Dubois in Kerr hongxin New York,
Adam: correct croxon You're right,
Unknown: Polk.
John: Adrian Mueller in Atascadero, California and Alexander wells wraps it up from Elmhurst, Illinois. I want to thank all these folks are making it possible to even do this show. By their contributions to show 1348
Adam: Yes, and I also want that we have a anonymous night note who will be knighted momentarily came in with $20 today but I do want to read the note about finally reached knighthood after listening since the summer of 2016. Something that brings me as much join as it does pride. The no agenda show has not only educated and entertained me all these years but it is also showing me the intrinsic value of supporting a product that I cherish to all those who listened but don't donate I'd recommend trying it in whatever amount you can afford. It's no exaggeration to say that you will feel better for it. And he senses accounting and he wants the title anonymous Esquire of the upper Midwest Of course. Then a quick thanks to hold on a second. I got the card here this is because I did go to the to the P o box the vibe count of this here mountain m Andruw Jones who sent me a beautiful, huge button due to an underlying health condition I cannot wear a mask or face covering thank you for your understanding. Here in Texas we call that a target. He sent me a $1 bill with the serial number 696969 and he sent me a Magic the Gathering card of the pangolin
John: yes I have also received the same thing I simply didn't get the button that I know of. But I did get the my dollar bill had a oh eight or something along those lines. Cool. And and I got the magic card to which
Adam: also a pangolin
John: Yeah, Jay looked it up as he was a valuable card but no.
Adam: And a Zen say, Alexis, the offering CD, thank you very much. It's appreciated. And I did proof I do go to there once in a while and thank all of these producers for supporting the best podcasting universe. We do not read anything under $50. So people can be sure that there's anonymity involved, but that's where people also show up with 3333 2020 1111 1212. There's a lot of different things you can support the show without an ongoing contribution basis. If you'd like to learn more go to John
Unknown: Slash
Adam: and a and the karma as requested with a little twist of guts. You've got
a rather long list. Surprisingly, here's the birthdays as we go down the list or Dwight tonight's his Happy Birthday to his niece Eleanor, who celebrate on the 17th Jason horam turned 549 on the 17th as well Forrest Martin celebrated yesterday. Amanda Boland says Happy Birthday to Matthew Schock. He'll be 35 today Daniel Haggerty, happy birthday to his son Drew, who turns one on the 22nd sir Jake's dad Jeff Kenyon turns 60 on the 22nd. On the 23rd Deborah Reese congratulates her smokin hot boyfriend Christopher Michael, who turns 48 Alexander Meyers Happy Birthday to his grandmother, Jackie Sisson. She'll be celebrating November 9, we're well on time for that. And Kevin Irwin Happy Birthday to his douchebag good buddy Dan, who was turning 40 Happy Birthday from everybody here at the best podcast in the universe. So we have 1233 anonymous is anonymized, three anonymized to tonight and and one known entity so we might as well get the that anonymous. Oh yeah, that's the one we want. Alright, anonymous, anonymous anonymous up on the podium. And Tim powers all of you join me here. Thank you so much for supporting the no agenda showing the amount of $1,000 or more even if you did it with coffee money we really do appreciate it and I'm proud to pronounce the as anonymous as flyer of the upper Midwest sir sprawl and serve bean Brook south and finally sir rd, mcgillicuddy. Gentlemen, for you. We've got hookers, we've got blow, but we've got rent boys and Chardonnay, we
got lattes and lox bagels, we got cookies and vodka, warm beer and cold women diet soda and video games. We got back in vanilla bar hits and bourbon sparkling cider ness scores gene driven jerboas breast milk and pablum. Yeah, I know what you want mutton and mead is here of course the mutton and mead is always ready to go. And if you would take yourself over to no agenda slash rings Eric the shield will be waiting for you and He will gladly take your measurements so you can get your nogen the night ring out with your sealing wax and your official certificate and thank you again for being a part of the experiment and for your invaluable production work on the no agenda show.
No agenda meetups no agenda is where you can figure out where everybody is where the cool kids are hanging out and join them because you are by definition also a cool kid when you dream when you attend a no agenda meetup. Let's see how some of the cool Leo's did at the Philly 76 toast in the attic meetup. Hi,
Unknown: Adam. Hi john. This
is Shawn here Philly local 76
at attic brewing. We are having a good time it's just for plus me.
A fellow's keep arguing keep the millennials uncomfortable.
Oh, hello mommy mama here. Another lovely day with some lovely people. Oh, hi. This is unhappy New York and Philadelphia for the day. Yay. in the morning.
starkweather here rounding out my East Coast tour for this week of meetups
Adam: rowdy group. I'm starkweather man getting around New York jersey, Philly. He's everywhere. Now we go to Alexandria.
Unknown: Yeah john anatomy
This is Sir William of weapons with Turkey at the Alexandria meetup.
Trains good plains bad. Hey,
it's DC girl. Second meetup in a week in the morning.
in the morning. It's the most eligible bachelor in podcasting, Abell Kirby in the morning and spa from Annapolis and just a shout out to all the stuff in the water. swamp creature here with my smokin hot wife and our human resource in the morning.
Non douchebag Leland from DC.
No jingles? No
karma. Jason from Fairfax ITM is a dude named Adrian first. No agenda meetup.
Hi, this
is roundy my pronouns are an E. Hi,
this is Bongo boy.
I couldn't think of anything funny to say so I'm not gonna say anything funny. in the morning. Hi, this
is Geneva. I went my husband Lee With our human resource, Caroline right. That
Adam: was a big meetup Alexandria. Nice.
We got a couple on the list. In fact today, several you can go to the Denver area city park, sunshine junkies meetup at 630. At the city park that's the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, or Charlotte's Thursday Third Thursday monthly meetup seven o'clock at Ed's Tavern on Saturday, the stranger than fiction decompression sessions in Chicago at one o'clock at Reggie's rooftop. Also on Saturday flight of the no agenda 106 in Long Beach at 3:33pm at Steele craft, Kansas City, Missouri meetup St. Joe Redux are below returns 3:33pm at Felix pub, and Springfield, Missouri meetup at Lindbergh's at 8pm. At Lindbergh's Tavern and of course the Poplar Bluff, Missouri meetup the last drink before the human resource two o'clock at the marked then we have something special going on in the Netherlands. The the group there that is organizing the gitmo-nation lowlands meetup has procured a hotel a no agenda friendly hotel who will deem this a business event and and will you be able to run around naked? anywhere? Anything you want to do apparently will be all cool. They're so excited about this and you do have you do need to RSVP in order to attend you have to do that before the 26th of May. They're so excited. They created a promo
Unknown: Oh yeah, gitmo-nation
no lands. This is the time to shake those kings and get out of government control. Get yourself to the freezing countryside. For the first ever no agenda business meeting.
take you out on the Patreon
we'll even throw in the barbecue.
first weekend of July is sanctioned by the government.
Adam: We'll even throw in the barbecue so Dutch for the rest of May the 23rd Sioux Falls South Dakota Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee on the 27th Santa Ynez on the 28th Knoxville, Tennessee in the 28th Rhode Island 29th Houston, 29th Amarillo, Texas 29th in Brisbane, Australia. On the 30th of May. These are the no agenda meetups, it's a place where you can meet people from all around gitmo-nation they will not look like you. They will not be from the same background. By the whole you're gonna have a fabulous time. No triggering just some laughs just some drinks. No agenda it is just like a potty.
Unknown: Sometimes you want to go out with all the knights and you wouldn't be when you won't be triggered. You want to be where everybody feels?
Yo a
John: lot of meetups coming up.
Adam: Yeah. And they're good. Man meetups are fun. Hey, oh, ISO, ISO, ISO, ISO ISO. ISO.
John: I have some ISOs I went to the well. That would be Sofia with an F.
Adam: Yes. Yes. Okay.
John: But I don't think these are all from her. Let's try a few of them over this one is for sure. Shut up.
Unknown: Oh, yes, I
see it. Here we go.
Adam: Oh, man, you could have at least clipped it.
John: I did. You know you did
Adam: not do a good job. Hello. It sounded good
John: to me. And I don't know why that little blip got in there
Adam: was faulty work. But okay. I can think I
John: would. I think it's a function of audacity personally. That's it.
Unknown: That is it for this week.
Adam: too long, too many syllables.
John: Okay, what mean?
Unknown: What does that mean?
Adam: Okay, so far shut up is the best. Okay, how
John: about that?
Unknown: Oh, hold on. Thanks.
Thanks, john.
Who's that?
John: I can't remember. It was from the from the health school. They brought this guy john and he came up. Yeah, yeah. So they said, thanks, john. I thought that would be a cute ending to the show because it would be just
Adam: about me. So I have
Unknown: you acquire a really dope class.
That's no,
that was too long. too long.
Adam: All right. I agree.
Unknown: I agree. It doesn't exist.
Adam: Here's the only he's the only contender I have.
Unknown: I call this penis politics. I
Adam: thought that was that might perfect I give you when penis politics. It is
John: Thank you as we actually tried penis politics was shut up.
Adam: Oh to fit it's gonna be a little long I can give it a shot but I think it's gonna be too long on lunch. Here we go all right
Unknown: I call this penis politics shot
Adam: I can't I can't get that Blippi out man it recorded it'll be great for the next episode recut out right next and usually we use a real editing package audacity you cheap bastard just because this
John: frame he bashes product it's
Adam: it's okay but not one is giving you this kind of result?
John: Well, I should have bloated I should have blowed up the waveform and find that glitch. Hey,
Adam: you know we're struggling to figure out what's going on in Israel because we don't get anything from Israel we don't understand. You know we get a lot of mixed messages everyone has an agenda. Everyone has a different view. I figure if you want to know what's going on in Israel, we might as well go to the source, the Ben Shapiro. And what's great about Ben Shapiro, he can explain the entire Israeli problem in 15 seconds.
Unknown: This whole thing was started by Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party Mahmoud Abbas cancelled elections at the end of April. And then because he canceled elections because he thought Hamas was going to win he decided he was going to launch a round of violence and Hamas not wanting to be one upped by Fatah decided to get involved by firing hundreds of rockets at Israel.
Adam: Good. I'm glad we cleared that up. Now. At least we know what's going on.
John: Okay, this is good as an explanation as good as anything else I've
Unknown: heard.
Adam: Thanks, Ben.
John: I have two clips to finish off with all right. The first one I noticed I should do the funnier one. They're both actually kind of odd. But let's start with this one. This is somebody sent this to me So one of our producers says Look at this. This is a the Norman Lear group at work. Throwing in bullcrap dialogue that's got nothing to do with this story. It's got nothing to do with moving the story along which is a violation of storytelling 101 but that's okay. So we have and this is a little slip in here on global warming from the show New Amsterdam.
Unknown: God gets hotter every year I can't believe it's not even
consumed. What is the world going to be like when you're growing up? Because it is a slow moving train wreck right now.
And nobody is doing anything to speak up. I
can't hear you over the turbines belching Freon into the air well. Alright, I
turn on the low flow nozzle in the shower. I compost I I turn off the faucet whenever I'm brushing my teeth. Okay, every time I have like 60 of those reusable cloth shopping bags.
Yeah, so you won't mind if I turn this off just just a second longer because
it's making her uncomfortable.
Which makes you comfortable. Everyone talks a good game about sacrifice right up into the second it threatens
Adam: their comfort. Including you max Wow, no wonder people don't want to watch this garbage
John: is probably one of the reasons Oh my air conditioner belching Freon into the atmosphere right.
Adam: That's all man that was when we had the hole in the ozone.
John: That was 20 they haven't had Freon in an air conditioner for at least 20 years. Probably 30 bogus. So this and it doesn't end the air conditioner doesn't belch Freon it belges cold air freons not pouring out of it. Because the nurses, the guys who are doing these assignments, they're supposed to be helping the writers you know put slip stuff in. But you can't do a vicious bull crap. Just lies to get a lousy job.
Adam: All right. I have my last clip.
John: with you. I got one more if you want to. If your last clip is funny.
Adam: Oh no, it's not funny. You got a funny last clip.
John: I don't think it's funny but it's just bring it brings in a new, a new buzzword they're trying to push it to try to make this happen. You know, it's like belonging. Maybe it's just like one of these things they want to you know, do want to catch on. Because racism is not doing the trick. It's losing its booth. So they've come up with colorism. Oh, that's been around. Yeah, but they're pushing it now on PBS or their whole special on it.
Adam: But colorism is racist, racist black people against lesser black people brown or people different shades and it includes the brown people who are also racist against their own people. And but we can't call them racist. You got to call it a color as
Unknown: I don't know. But I do have a short clip about it because they're all they're all in a tizzy about it. whiteness is The global beauty standard. It's reinforced in marketing by the multibillion dollar business of skin lightening products, hundreds of obscure brands, and some very well known ones as well. As Fair and Lovely is one of the most recognizable brands across South Asia and parts of Africa. It's made by Unilever, that are known in America for dove caress and dozens of other household products. sociologist Margaret hunter has studied colorism globally.
In some countries, the names are very overt.
White in beautiful white dream
introducing new Olay whitening body wash.
In other countries, including the United States,
we use a little bit
more coded language but they are selling the same set of values.
Skin creams have long been marketed to black and brown Americans. But when a dough arrived here at 19, she discovered that as an immigrant, she was part of a specific targeted audience.
That's not only limited to the Somalis, but also the Asian communities the Hmong community, and the Latin x communities.
Armed with a master's degree in Public Health, she started a group called beauty well, creating an awareness campaign with the Minnesota Department of Health that warned about skin lightening creams that were tested and found to contain mercury.
John: Now I, I have to make some comments. First of all they start this is one of those weird mixed messages is almost like the the woody allen joke words somebody bitches and moans about the food at the restaurant being so crummy, it's horrible. It's an edible. And the other woman says, Yeah, and the portions are so small.
Adam: That that is kind of what this piece was about. Because they're bitching and moaning about the whole thing being a, you know, an insult to humanity. And then they go into this and it's toxic. It's got mercury in it. And so they switch gears and go on and on about the quality of the products. I mean, if make your mind up? Well, it's very misguided and shame on PBS. We'll have to watch this if anyone wants to complete deconstruction of colorism. I suggest listening to mo facts with Adam Curry episode number nine. The whole episode was about colorism and it's been around for a long time. And did you know this will just be my little ask john, that there was something called the brown paper bag test at
John: all. Yeah, that was discussed our diverse guests in great detail and some early sitcoms that were done by the guy there was just one show and I can't remember the name of it was produced by a black guy was a comic. And he he also played a character in the show is the writer and they talked about the brown paper bag test you could
Adam: not be darker than then a brown paper bag and you were not allowed into the black college. And there's a lot of colorism amongst brown and black people it's a very interesting topic. Turns out everybody's just racist or maybe everyone's just a human being
John: to just people.
Adam: Alright, I'm not going to play my last clip because it's I like ending on this. Let's end on a social note john equities Yeah, social
John: justice is our name equity
Adam: for all baby Adam Curry with the ease and
John: longing yes longing
Adam: I seek belonging. We've got a cool k tel ad coming up. Which will remind you some great goodies, our end of show mixes Tom starkweather checks in and sound guy Steve all end of show. We got a lot of them. And we always appreciate what our end of show mixers do. And until we hit pflugerville coming to you from the Capitol, the drone Star State opportunity zone 33 In fact, here in Austin, Texas, to region number six in the governmental maps if you're looking for me in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: and from Northern Silicon Valley where I remain I'm Jhansi Dvorak we've returned
Adam: on Sunday with another edition of the no agenda show we've got a bowl after bowl coming up next on no agenda boost those guys on a podcasting 2.0 app until Sunday. Adios mo photos and such.
Unknown: k tel presents no agenda hits a great new album with the original hits and parodies ain't no rest for the trigger.
bomb them again.
And bomb them again.
We must
we must
watch it by
the end of the day
we came we saw he died. He saw
he died
and all the Obama hits like okay da da da da. sucking in.
No no no.
If we fall for the Okey doke
magical shapeshifting Jews
this way
let's get social.
Rolling again some
got in
my way. A drone
Naturally bing bing bong bong, bong,
bing bing
bing bing
bing bing bing,
quadruple platinum.
I got it.
I got ants. Again
no agenda
you do when you wear masks?
Isn't that theater
now? Here we go again with the theater. Let's get down to the facts. The heart
nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war thing to do when you wear a mask? What a mask. What
do you wear a mask with? What a man what a man what a man. People see me indoors without a mask. I mean, before the CDC made the recommendation change. I didn't want to look like I was giving mixed signals.
The unvaccinated get vaccinated. They will protect themselves and other unvaccinated people around them. There's a scene on Air Force One and you have to get home.
Down there. 33% of the state is fully vaccinated. Just 33% I am now much more comfortable in people seeing me indoors without a mask. I
mean, I would think you'd have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap and be here together.
Tonight, I come to talk about 2 million women. We can't stop thinking 2 million women. 2 million, 2 million women.
It's not right.
I think climate change I think too many women. Let's make that permanent. 1,003,000 2 million women. That's all I'm asking. America's on fire. We have to dominate. You all know, I just want to be clear. Let's get to work. I'd like to meet 2 million women. That's all I'm asking. We should let's argue. Let's debate. I can say there's still more work to do. 100,100% 100,000 now, just want to be clear.
In America, we do our part.
We all know 2,000,006% I don't know about you, but I didn't ever think I see that 40,716 116 million. Now. Let's argue. Let's debate
mopho John
slash n A.
I call this keenness politics.
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