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June 10th, 2021 • 3h 22m

1354: FAQs 4 Hacks


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John: Eat a cicada. I want you to put in your mouth. Okay, you get that bell you get to film it. Adam Curry
Adam: Jhansi devora June 10 2021 this is your award winning give our nation media assassination Episode 1354 This is no agenda, fighting all variants and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State in the morning, everybody.
John: I'm Adam Curry, and from Northern Silicon Valley where it's sunny and cold. I'm Jhansi.
Unknown: buzzkill.
Adam: Well, there's nothing like a short weather report to get the day started.
John: So I do that's as creative as I can get at the beginning of the show.
Adam: All right, did you do a three by three?
John: I did as a matter of comparing story from ABC.
Adam: That's right, everybody three by three where we check in with the real news of the day as John Dvorak takes time out of his busy morning morning to look at what's going on so
John: NBC is hopeless it's all ads. Now that when they go to today's show, it's all ads. I go by go to CBS there's content I go to ABC there's content go to NBC its ads I go to ABC there's more content a CBS more content, NBC more ads. Then NBC cuts to the show, which is a box a six by six box. box it's a big box package everyone's working from home. They're not working from home and ABC they're not working from home at CBS but they're working from home and NBC that's why it's all ads. And so the next day you go to NBC Friday come up with some content and it's just some previews of what's coming and then a cut to the local weather and then they come back as previews of what's coming and then they cut away more ads yc is just the worst we're gonna watch the today show what
Adam: kind of ads Was there anything of note pharma and just junk ads
John: Good Morning America. I go to their they get the deals segment that NBC by the way what is that they have a segment like this but they never showed it to me. Deals just a bunch of stuff they're selling with codes and all the rest of them they get a piece of the action this is
Adam: okay like a call to action stuff.
John: Yeah. Hey, hey look with these great headphones. Oh, these headphones are on sale.
Adam: You mean if you'd like a discount and get to my pillows?
John: Yeah. So they had what the thing I was watching for him and it was a great because it's Father's Day coming up? Yeah. And there's got a great deal another deal on Omaha Steaks you've heard of them? Yes.
Adam: Yeah.
John: Oh steaks 50% off awesome deals. To give saying use the
Adam: word awesome. Really? Oh, man.
John: Okay, yes. Yeah. Okay, we go it's just a bunch of people that were working. Or they went to school and there's some program to get them home. It's called I don't know what it's called go home. And then they cut away from that as quick as they could do a whole segment and a special promotion of the new Space Jam movie with LeBron James.
Adam: Wait and that was CBS.
John: Yeah, CBS has more entertainment news then Good Morning America. Who
Adam: whose movie is it?
John: LeBron James? I don't know. I have no idea probably Warner's I'm not sure who's doing Space Jam but it's the do this franchise with their whatever new players around they can bring him in. They turned him into a cartoon
Adam: I'm just wondering if it's a house at CBS. Tony they got here we go Let me see
John: could have been okay let me
Adam: see what you keep on going and I'll
John: see like Wow, that's pretty much it that's all there was. Oh, they they did back to NBC. They did have a quick cut to the velocity caster the love some some roller coaster, the Lhasa coaster, which is a big deal. They're opening it up somewhere in Florida
Adam: velocity coaster. Yeah, nice.
John: It was these these shows are dreck.
Adam: Of course, they're dreck. What did you expect? Geez. Well, luckily, there's a lot going on a lot for us to talk about. And, and I'll get my own little three by three, which is a one by one. The Academy of Country Music Awards had their award show last night nobody knew. I didn't know. I didn't know. And I like country. I'd like my country. Oh,
John: you like award shows? Yeah. Big fan. You're a big you're a major, major major junkie. Yeah. You didn't know about it?
Adam: No. And that makes sense. Because head is 0.8 rating in the demo 0.8 the demographic
John: asterisk and get it over with
Adam: you know, they've got to stop Thinking that celebrities are important. Keith Urban love the guy. But having him host the show these people are we've been through this so many times they have no influence, get some Tick Tock children up there, you want to see some ratings? Tick Tock kids, that's what you want to do idiots. There's so much going on. And I'm thinking, you know, we obviously a lot of people are COVID reporting tired. I think we're tired of it. And to me, although I, we can certainly go into it. There's so much now about the bat versus the lab theory. It's just a distraction. It's just to keep you not looking from what's happening with the New World Order the globalist the g7 proposes global tax rates, the globalists are coming out on television and talking about things and how powerful they are. And it's, it's a mess. But what we what I think we should do for COVID is address the one thing that is now being used in anything connected to the British Empire, the UK, that India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and that is the D variant, the Delta variant which is just a rename for the B 117. And it's like b 117. A much better name of course it is my sister in law call me yo Adam, what's up with the Delta variant there she never asked me about the B 117. So it's a great name. And maybe just to catch everybody up on the past four days of mainstream media here in the United States the M five m we have a housemaid super cut by the clip
custodian Neal Jones himself
Unknown: tonight Houston becoming the first US city to see cases of all the reported various
the Delta Varian fueled a surge in India and is now the dominant strain in the UK. This variant of the virus is stoking some alarm and in that Coronavirus, emergency new fears about a double Newton variant.
What's your level of concern about this new variant, these new variants, you've described them as a combination of mutations all at the same time,
Adam: I want to ask you about a mutation within these mutations. It's I guess,
John: nickname a
Unknown: mutation. There is a new variant of this virus. You have said that we have to assume it's already inside this country as well. But what we're likely to see is regionalised epidemics with this new variant. East and West Coast punch of new COVID
Adam: variants has now been reinfected with the South African variant appear to have discovered a new highly contagious variant who combines the British variant and the Indian variant. What we know about this new variant is that it is more contagious. How long will it take us to get the booster shots? That is a summary. And it's working in the in the Royal countries in the old country. Looks like UK is going to continue their restrictions for another week. Yeah, Canada navia. From and actually, someone reminded me of remember that whistle blower leak from Canada and we were laughing about it. But then everything turned out to be true.
John: Oh, yes. Why was the one mostly laughing? You were taking semis.
Adam: It was one of those notes where I say you know, this could be completely nuts but we need to read it no matter what. Yeah, well, it was red. There was red and you know, it's pretty much right down to where we are now. Second quarter of 2021. I have the the highlights of the of the whistleblower email slash document. Transition everyone into basic universal income or universal basic income. That is what should be happening just about now. As people are breaking, they have no money you know, the it's it's breaking, everything is breaking. And as you and I are free men more or less or the you have to wear a diaper or how's that doing in California with the masks is that become less services still full on?
John: If you go on a story, everyone wears masks. If you are floating around now I'm seeing less and less masks on bicyclists. You shouldn't have seen him in the first place. I got some people over at the moment cleaning up the yard and they're not nobody's wearing a mask.
Adam: Yeah, of course. They're Mexicans. They're smart. Yeah, they're
John: smart.
Adam: So okay, well, here it's it's done. I'd say 40% still wearing masks outside as well. If you look at all the man on the street interviews, most of it is to make other people feel comfortable. You know, that kind of thing. But otherwise, now we're open. I really love that. I have two quick clips from ABC. It
John: is the numbers They said follow that.
Adam: Oh yeah, no
John: more if for example, we'll go back to the three by three earlier they when they did that little report onto the Lhasa coaster. They had three people three correspondents in the field with microphones all right next to each other in Florida. And they looked like the happiest people that had ever worked at NBC.
Adam: Well, the variance word is fantastic. And it's going to crop up a couple times today. variance is just it's a new buzzword and two quick clips with from ABC
Unknown: Delta Varian fueled a surge in India surge our dominant strain in the UK spreading rapidly among 12 to 20 year olds, President Biden and medical experts say it's an urgent reason for young people to get vaccinated.
Adam: Now everywhere in the UK or on British YouTube, you see even some politician saying, Well, yeah, it's spreading real fast as variant but look at the numbers. There's there's no hospitalizations. This is just asymptomatic spread, and they're being tested. tested that does it.
John: I have a clip here that I wanted to play, which is from NPR. I have some more COVID stuff than I wanted. This COVID This is a similar similar report, but this from South America. And this is the COVID South America report. And this is same thing. They don't even there's no numbers. They just they just jet. I think this is still all to scare the Americans.
Adam: Absolutely. And the Brits but it's working
John: dire warning on the COVID-19. outlier. Much of the region new infections are at the highest levels now anytime during the pandemic. Here's mprs will stone the picture throughout much of Latin America is bleak. Four of the five countries with the highest death counts in the world last week were in the region in Central America, Panama and Guatemala are seeing big increases much of South America no numbers sir. Argentina percentages. Dr Qureshi and director of the Pan American Health Organization says even with the doubling or tripling of hospital beds across the continent,
Unknown: ICU beds are full oxygen is running low, and health workers are overwhelmed.
Adam: Yes, perfect.
John: Number one, dead to dead 1000 10,000. No,
Adam: I have something with percentages, which is another short one.
John: Why even percentages is better than hard numbers. They give us no numbers. They're just trying to scare the public. This is shameful. Listen to this.
Unknown: Right now. The Delta variant makes up 6% of samples tested in the US. Dr. falchi. Warning. The US is not in the clear. We cannot let that happen in the United States. If
John: you had your first dose, make sure you get that second dose.
Unknown: He says it's critical to get fully vaccinated. The Pfizer vaccine was 88% effective against the Delta variant after the second dose, but only 33% effective after just one dose. Oh 33%
Adam: effective after just one dose. These people are so blatant about their signaling 33 33% Give me a break. Um, well. We can move on from here to incentives.
John: You got it. You got this segment cuz I didn't have any new incentives. I think a new incentive
Unknown: incentives all over the place next COVID vaccination rates could hit a new high thanks to this idea.
The shot officials in Washington state are allowing licensed marijuana dealers to Yeah, that's right. give out free joints to anyone who gets a job. A similar event 1000 people vaccinated.
Adam: So now they're using the jabs because of course it's alliteration with joins haha. But I found even more disgusting pung filled report. As an I'll give the reporter credit for going to a weed shop and saying Hey, is this working? Are people coming here in droves? Spoiler alert, no. But listen to this.
Unknown: It takes medical marijuana to a higher level, the humble joint now being used in a war in support of drugs. Do you think many people are going to be interested in this? Yeah, it's Washington State.
How much interest in the joints for jabs campaign is still in question. Only three dispensaries in the entire state formerly asked the state about the program including hikes in Seattle. And now there's another sticking point when it comes to the program.
I think the hardest part right now is being able to find somebody who can administer the vaccinations on like
breweries and bars that ran similar tonight as their own pop up clinics and find qualified people to actually come administer the shots before anybody gets their free weed. You only need to show proof of vaccination to get a free beer. Do you think this might dissuade people from coming down and getting their shot?
I think the hype of it might slow down a little bit and I talked for a week so yeah I think there could be a fear of losing some interest just come in, provide their proof of vaccination and be able to receive their joint and go. That would make it a lot easier.
only make it much easier.
The State Liquor and cannabis board says customers have to actually get the shot at the pot shop to discourage them from traveling from store to store to get a free joint.
Adam: That's the part that I love. hadn't even thought about that. If you just have a vaccination card, you can keep going into bars, go to the next bar, get a free drink. I like that I think that's good. In order to stimulate the black community of America, we had Dr. Joe Biden, along with the anthem Dr. Anthony Fauci, go to Harlem
Unknown: at a vaccination drive and and tell everybody to get vaccinated because you know, if you don't Vax, you ain't black. This morning. The campaign for vaccines hits the road. The President's top COVID advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, visiting a vaccination clinic set up at a Harlem church Sunday afternoon trying to encourage people to get the vaccine we're gonna end this outbreak and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination.
Less than 1 million doses of the vaccine are being administered a day according to the CDC. That is down about 70% from the peak in April, when the country was averaging about 3.3 million a day. The slowdown could put the president July 4 goal in jeopardy. The deadline he set for 70% of adults to be at least partially vaccinated. The President declaring June a month of action right now about 63% have gotten at least one dose 300 million vaccine doses have been administered in total.
Adam: So you better hurry up, you know, and if you don't get vaccinated, you could be like the loser. The big loser who didn't get vaccinated in time. That's right. The big golfer loser
Unknown: the PGA a reminder this weekend that the fight is not over golf or john ROM a folding over with disappointment as he was told that he had tested positive for covid force to withdraw from the memorial tournament. Rom was leading by six strokes when he got the news, the PGA saying he was subject to contact tracing protocols as he had come into close contact with a person who was COVID positive. Rom is asymptomatic the golfer now in isolation.
Adam: They locked him up
John: oh screwed over because nothing knows symptoms. He probably doesn't have it. No.
Adam: It's It's incredible.
John: The fact that everyone's not up in arms about this is beyond me. Well, we're
Adam: up in arms.
John: Well, okay,
Adam: I guess it's kind of kind of up in arms. The bear system came back online, the adverse event reporting system for vaccinations. Although still not updated past May 28. We did see a major change in the mortality figures. You know how it was like 300 dead from Johnson and Johnson and the and over 2000 for each Madonna and Pfizer that kind of the same numbers. Well, that's changed now.
John: Bring him back at the zombie apocalypse upon us.
Adam: Johnson and Johnson is now over 1000 deaths and Pfizer and Madonna have gone down a little bit. They moved him over. Alright. Hey, how come those guys don't have a higher number? Remember, they were down for the whole weekend. That's I guess that's what they were doing is getting it all set up.
John: They hand pruned it. I got a series of disgusted clips.
Adam: We love disgusting clips on this show.
John: Vivek Murthy Murphy. Oh
Adam: my god. You got this. This is great.
John: from NPR. Yeah, was on NPR. That doing a q&a. These are pretty short. The first one the intros a little longer. And he is, you know, that clip was McCollum and they go into the black churches and the black church guy said, you know, we knew the government was lying all along, right?
Adam: Yes.
John: Here's an example of the government just blatantly lying to you. And this vet character is really shameful. He's the worst. He's the Surgeon General of the United States. He should be ashamed of himself. But let's play this. Again.
Adam: Repeating he is the Surgeon General of the United States. It is his his his office's job to communicate good health to the American people. I don't think is any other job that he has but to communicate good behavior, and he knows he's a
John: I this I say a cheerleader for good health and yes, amongst Americans, yes. So he's lying to me. Buddy with his ideas. Let's listen to clip one where they introduce him.
Unknown: Here are some numbers to get excited about in the US more than half the eligible population that's people 12 and older, are fully vaccinated and new
Coronavirus, infections to fall into their lowest point since the pandemic began under 14,000 a day, but we know you still have a lot of unanswered questions. For example, how long does vaccine protection last? Will there be booster shots available? When can young children get vaccinated? Are they carriers? And what is the US doing to prevent this? Well, this
Adam: is an interesting thing they're doing I've never heard NPR do this. Instead of just reading these questions they splice them in.
John: There's two people there.
Adam: This is they're doing this online. Let me listen
Unknown: to that. Again, a lot of unanswered questions. For example, how long does vaccine protection last? Will there be booster shots available?
Adam: When can young Oh, that's edited in That's it? That's there's a whole different background sound on that. That's nuts. Nuts, it's
John: just a little I okay, well, just assume that you're right on this. Probably you probably are because you have the ear for it. This In other words, what they've done here to bring this guy on, they've actually pre produced they produce Yes. A segment instead of just reading some copies.
Adam: Hey, boy, I gotta go. Yeah.
Unknown: Mom, does vaccine protection last? Will there be booster shots available? When can young children get vaccinated? Are they carriers? And what is the US doing to prevent the spread of variance when
the Americans feel safe in terms of international travel and global pandemic management?
And what is the US doing to prevent the spread of variance? So when we got the chance to do an interview with the US Surgeon General this week, we got answers. We did that on Twitter spaces, a social media platform for live audio conversations. And that's what you're about to hear. Dr. Vivek Murthy, in front of a virtual audience. And the first question, how exactly does the Biden administration plan to meet its goal of getting 70% of adults vaccinated? Independence Day, with the rate of vaccination life slowing?
We're gonna have to work really hard to make sure that there are more and more ways to access the vaccine, from you know, extended hours at pharmacies to getting it into doctor's office system, free rides with Uber and Lyft. And free childcare as well. Man, I'm optimistic that we'll make the 70% but it's not going to be easy. It's going to take all of us.
Adam: Can we get a voucher for that? For the free ride? That is that we're pretty cool.
John: Yeah, you get free rights,
Adam: free rides, free joint free drink, I mean, Vax me all day long, baby, I can live like this.
John: Yeah, I like it. So they asked him a few questions. Here's question number two, is clip number two with question or the question.
Unknown: You've talked about the idea of the issues being access as a problem, right? Then there's also of, I guess, confidence, people who basically say, look, this fact was developed too fast. And I've got my reservation. So I'm going to wait, that's not uncommon thing to hear. It's a great question.
I would say that there are three buckets of reasons why people are not getting vaccinated, that we're really focused on one is access as we spoke about, and for many people time off from work, getting a ride to get a vaccine. But these are all actually important logistical barriers that they need help overcoming. The second bucket, though, has to do with mobilization, we know that there are a number of people who aren't sure if they still need the vaccine, they see cases coming down or they think, well, I'm young and healthy him at low risk, do I really need to get back standing by them? Are they wrong? No, this is a great question. Yes, it is important to get back in it. And I'll go into why in just a second. But the third bucket actually has to do with exactly what you brought up, which is information. We know that about two thirds of people who are not vaccinated right now, either believe some of the commonly held myths that are out there or think they might be true, they're not sure. And some of those myths include, for example, number one that you don't need to get the COVID vaccine if you've already had COVID
Adam: Oh, okay. Yeah, this is this is the clip that I had this. What comes next, I think. Wow, wow.
John: Doctors are now coming out of the woodwork. I don't have I didn't take any of these newest clips coming out out of the woodwork from health. From medical schools and everywhere, because this is bullshit. First of all, it would this guy he doesn't answer the question about the person who would she initiates the person who says Well, I don't know. It seems like they rushed the vaccine. Is that weird technology? I don't want to take it. I'm not quite sure why take a chance. Um, He never says anything about that. So I guess that's still valid. You can be that way but if you think that just because you had it You're saying it's a good idea is your your moon,
Unknown: you can't couldn't be more wrong. Here we go. And some of those myths include, for example, a number one that you don't need to get the COVID vaccine. If you've already answered you actually absolutely do because the immunity that you get from natural infection is not nearly as robust, especially against the new variant as the immunity you get from the vaccine.
Adam: Wow. What a liar. That's not science.
John: She should have as a as a reporter for NPR said, Jim, what documentation do you have for this assertion? Yeah. Wow, he's just lying. He has. This is our Surgeon General appointed by Joe Biden. Bald face lying.
Adam: Yeah, yeah, no one. There's a lot of that going on, by the way. is there's quite a bit of lying everywhere. That's disappointing. There you go. Science
John: is good, except for. Okay.
Unknown: But in a way we know what the myths are. I think what we don't know is what's the script you're giving to providers to countdowns?
Adam: What's the script? Baby? Yeah,
Unknown: they need a script. Because what you guys have right now is like a regional problem. Right? You have right? A lot of southern states where they're less than 40% of people vaccinate, I would just saying republicans needed in Mississippi, that number is 33. Why are we looking at a political problem, a red state problem versus as
we've learned in the last many months, is that the key to getting people vaccinated is for them to hear from people they trust. And we're big, diverse country, and the people we trust and listen to aren't always the same. And that's one of the reasons we're even working so closely with faith leaders, with World clinics and rural hospitals, teachers, and educators or doctors and nurses. But that's really going to be the key to ensuring that we lift vaccination rates in all parts of the country.
Adam: Well, to be fair, he has a quota 70 million, and I'm sure someone said, bro, it's gonna be your head. Your job?
John: You got to get it done. Yeah, well, that's their data element probably is in play. But there's no, that's element has absolutely nothing to do with the next and last lie that I have here. Okay, which is just another thing that's just deplorable. This guy, this guy really makes you lose faith in the government. I think maybe that's the idea. They want us to hate our own government. But let's play clip five.
Unknown: The surgeon general is going to take one or two questions from that batch now. Hi, my name is Christine stern 47 of Paso Robles, California. Last week, our public school board announced masks were not required for grades TK through second ages four to eight, that being only kids 12. And up can be vaccinated. I feel like younger children are sitting ducks. What is the real risk of this age group in school without a mask? Can they transmit the virus?
Guys is the data of young kids to and my kids are four and three, and they don't have a vaccine that's available to them. You know, kids under 12 right now. And so we do have to take steps to be cautious. What we've seen is that in schools, where masking is actually implemented, we've seen that you're able to actually keep infection rates quite low. And so that's what we've got to do. I think removing the requirement for masks for children who were were expecting to go to school mean close proximity to other children. And when they don't have a vaccine available, then it's not consistent with what everything that we've learned from a public health and medical perspective about COVID-19.
Adam: That's the opposite of everything we learned. Oh my. Well, yeah, I'm glad we're around man. People need to decode Well, let's talk to some of the globalists about vaccinating their children.
John: I'll tell you what, before we do that, can we just play one more clip, which is of course just a counter clip to this and you have to ask yourself, why is this happening? And what are these nurses know that window? No. And this is in your neck of the woods,
Adam: Texas baby?
John: Yeah, we don't the Houston nurse nurses that went out on strike and they're just not going to take the job. This is COVID Houston nurses suspended for two
Unknown: weeks without pay and then face that termination. But Jennifer bridges the nurse she says she's willing to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. And by the looks of it today. They have a number of folks backing them up.
We support their right to choose and we're not gonna put up with it. We're gonna fight back. A large group of people gathered
outside Baytown Methodist Monday night supporting several dozen employees who refuse to take the mandatory COVID-19 shot By June 7, because it doesn't have full FDA approval, we shouldn't be allowed to make our own decisions. Jennifer bridges is the registered nurse who first spoke out created a petition and now spearheading a lawsuit against the hospital, just under 200 employees have signed on to sue as well. Several other employees also standing their ground. I'm not willing to risk my life to save my job.
But I do love what I do. I love Houston Methodist, and it's unfortunate that they're willing to let us go over something like this instead of giving us more time. Houston Methodist has also stood firm when it comes to its mandatory policy. Part of their latest statement says that almost 100% of his 26,000 employees have complied, also saying we have faith that our employees will continue putting our patients first. It is unfortunate that today's milestone of Houston method is becoming the safest hospital system in the country is being overshadowed by a few disgruntled employees.
John: Right now,
Adam: I'm very proud of these Texas nurses. Very, very, very good.
John: Now, I would like to mention point out one thing that came up in the early in that report, which is the catchphrase which the democrats and liberals and progressive has you have used for the last 20 years right to choose?
Adam: Yes, exactly.
John: And it's so ironic that they're the ones that demand you get the job. Yeah, well, you
Adam: need to shut up because that's science. And I know,
John: I know.
Adam: I hope we should we should be supporting him. I don't know how are they? Are they picking a clip? And are they pick any good? Like, send them some pizzas? You know, go hang out, something's not that far, couple hours. You have to support people like this. I think that this is an important tipping point. Because when you get a 200 professionals, it may be more maybe 2000. For all we know, when you get that, like people pay attention to it, and it's on the news. So before I go to the globalists, a couple points of note,
John: by the way, it's on the local news that that
Adam: Oh yeah, no, you're right, of course as well. That's not true, because I thought I had a network clip. Let me see.
John: Yeah, I got that from the Houston local station. Here's ABC America this morning,
Unknown: nurses in Houston are protesting their hospitals requirement that they get vaccinated. The nurses have filed a lawsuit against Methodist Hospital and could be fired for resisting the shots and then
Adam: it goes into the we don't stop this now and do
Unknown: some climate change. Everybody's just gonna tackle it's going to create a domino effect. Everybody across the nation is gonna be forced to get things into their body that they don't want. And that's not right.
Adam: That's a pretty good clip for network show. Like that clip is good. All right, couple things that you should know. Both the FDA and GAVI, which is the gates vaccine Alliance, have posted very important papers why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19. Even though that is exactly what is saving India. Oh, yeah. Here's the FDA. Why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID. And right there on the front, they got a nurse with a horse, I guess implying that it's horse medication. Oh,
John: horse woman. Oh, yeah.
Adam: Yeah. What you need to know. Let me see. I think there was ivermectin products for animals are different from ivermectin products for people. So don't take horse drugs, people. That's what they're saying. And then GAVI, which is, I mean, they are a vaccine Alliance. That's this is what they do is promote vaccination initiative. It's called Alliance. It's GAVI, the vaccine Alliance. That's what it's called. Okay. It's not an initiative.
John: They they that GAVI stood for gates vaccine initiative. The vaccine Alliance.
Adam: These guys they buy and sell. They're in the in the business of trading
John: vaccines, the vaccine urges brokers? Yes.
Adam: It's a big part of what they do. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Now, here's their post. Well, brother ivermectin, why a potential COVID treatment isn't recommended for use. Hmm. The anti parasitic drug was thought to be a potential treatment for COVID-19. But there isn't sufficient evidence to recommend its use despite widespread support online
John: polls, a website that has hundreds of papers on this showing that it's effective. I know.
Adam: Now, there's one other thing and this was this is kind of reminiscent of the 60s. From what I know when we had missiles and ballistic missiles and anti everything was a missile anti this year nuke, anti nuke all these different things. Now we have anti CRISPR proteins which are naturally occurring. And if you take the anti CRISPR CRISPR is the gene editing tool that this mRNA is built with? It's like a software programming tool. And so from the research that is now coming out, you can take anti CRISPR proteins that have to be injected. And that stops gene editing. So we can now tell
John: I'd like to talk to the woman who invented CRISPR. about this.
Adam: Yeah, being even possible. Well, this is from the chemical and engineering news website. So it's it's kind of look looks like it has a some credibility to it. But do you know her Do you know the lady who invented CRISPR?
John: I know her name. I don't know her. I've never encountered her. But she's, she's around and about. She does give interviews. Yeah.
Adam: Let's look at the globalists because we had the g7 meeting and Biden's over in Europe. And so of course, we had some shills come out of the Woodworks in the UK, specifically since the event was in London, here is former prime minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, the guy who saw who broke the Bank of England here is Gordon Brown. So when it comes to vaccines, and people realize the benefit for the whole world, but particularly also the benefit to Britain, people actually 79% want us to pay our fair share. So I think you've got to look at these overseas aid cuts and think, what if you're pulling away the vaccine or the injection needle? Okay, maybe I should wait, wait, wait, wait context?
Unknown: Yes, I'm gonna ask because immediately, it's talking about one thing and then somehow associated with getting vaccinated. Let me give you some context. This is about sharing the vaccine with the world. This is Joe Biden's 80 million vaccine, which because
John: we got too much, we got to get rid of it. So we don't take a bath. The shits expiring,
Adam: it's literally Yes. It's expiring. You got to get
John: rid of this like bad buttermilk. Holy Gods so much time.
Adam: Bad. Bad buttermilk. Oh, I think I had the clip Time is running out for a big batch of AstraZeneca vaccines in Ontario 14 that was in Ontario. I thought we had one. Oh, yeah. This is from America. Here we go.
Unknown: Meanwhile, millions of vaccine doses are set to expire this month. Because of falling demand across the country.
Adam: Yes, send them to Africa.
John: What we do is our best one of the things we do it's a very common process America's us. We dump our expiring goods actually old drugs and everything else we sent them to Africa.
Adam: So again, Gordon Brown talking about the the globalists and this is on the agenda besides the the 15% floor for corporate tax global. We need to share the vaccines we can't have disparity, we need to get the whole world vaccinated. This is really Bill Gates his job to say this, but since he's temporarily indisposed, the elites themselves come out. So when it comes to vaccines, and people realize the benefit for the whole world, but particularly also the benefit to Britain, people actually 79% want us to pay our fair share. So I think you've got to look at these overseas Ed cuts and think if you're pulling away the vaccine, or the injection needle from children and adults who need vaccinated and putting their lives at risk, then that's not a good thing. And there is not public support for that. And on Friday at the g7 we will decide effectively who lives and who dies who is to be vaccinated and is therefore safe and who is not to be vaccinated and therefore is at risk. Do you think if it gets hard when he says that shit? We
John: really should be I mean I can see how revolutions took place in the past and a hating people like this
Adam: and when what what arrogance we effectively determine whether whether people live or when they die. That's just so you know, I have that power. And that power for me that again. Love that guy. Where do you go? Anyway,
John: I lost back under a rock. Yeah,
Adam: here's a the the question about vaccinating his own children from this reporter. Let's see if he answers or kind of dances around it.
Unknown: How you feeling about vaccinations for kids in the UK? Remember me? I can't remember how old your children I know that they're always toddlers when I think about them, but are you happy for them to have their vaccinations?
Yes, of course. And they're the teenagers and if the medical advice is that the teenagers and young children have got to be vaccinated, then we should do so. But I do say there is enough potential for producing vaccine around the world. So you don't have to make a choice between vaccinating the 12 year old and vaccine Meeting older people and nurses and health workers and other countries, we've got to be able to do both. And that's the importance of having a plan and I've set out a plan. Norway and south south africa have put this plan forward as well, that the g7 can make sure that everybody is vaccinated by making a decision on Friday, not not just hoping through door sharing, but funding it to make sure it actually happens. And I don't think there's a family in this country who will say that children and adults in other countries who need it should not have vaccines who heartstrings but he didn't really say he's gonna vaccinate his kids. He just you know, of course, yeah.
Adam: Tony Blair is the other and he's the massive globalist. He has the Tony Blair Institute for global change. And earlier this week, the TBI FGC Tony re Institute for global change released a white paper, white paper, less risk, more freedom regarding the reduction of restrictions for the vaccinated and reopening travel. And before we listen to Tony Blair, I'd like to tell you who the partners are of the Blair Institute for global change. I will just pick a few out the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Microsoft philanthropies and the Lawrence Ellison Foundation, ie Oracle. And then we'll throw in the Rockefellers and a couple other things. So it feels to me like there's some technology partners in here, which would be Microsoft and Oracle. They're well represented. And let's have Tony Blair, tell us exactly about this important paper that he is now released.
Unknown: Mr. Blair, you've been advising ministers in public, and then private, looking at all the data you can see, do you think we're going to open up on the 21st of June? I think it's uncertain at the moment. And the paper we're putting out today is is the same, we should really distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. So both here at home, if we if we do have to adjust some of the freedoms because of the
Adam: Adjust your freedoms,
Unknown: that's my favorite, adjust your freedoms at home. If we if we do have to adjust some of the freedoms because of the rising pressure from New variants, then it's important, at least to ensure that those people who are vaccinated have the maximum freedom they can. And I think that could also be done for travel as well. Is it acceptable to turn down a vaccine? Do you think? Unless you've got a good medical reason? My view very clearly is no. And I think that's why to give people a real incentive to get vaccinated, because if you are vaccinated, the evidence is absolutely clear. It reduces the risk of transmission, and it reduces the risk of hospitalization or death. So would you make the mandatory and if you can make them mandatory, but I think that this is what we're suggesting today. I'm making it clear that for example, if you are vaccinated, if you're double vaccinated double that is much easier to come in and out in the country. And indeed, around the world, I think you will find that countries start to distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. So in Europe, for example, they're going to allow you to travel freely within Europe if you're double vaccinated. The trouble is this does create us it not a two tier society between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated looking at your own paper so that if you haven't been vaccinated, you won't be able to go to nightclubs and theaters and big sporting events in many other places. So you
will be discriminated against you. But I think you know, the word discrimination
Adam: is good. Now, he even addresses the the actual term discrimination,
John: discrimination. I find
Unknown: it between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated looking at your own paper says if you haven't been vaccinated, you won't be able to go to nightclubs and theaters and big sporting events and many other places. So you will be just good against you. But I think you know, the word discrimination is a very loaded meeting in the in the English language now. But really, when it comes to risk management, it's all about discrimination. So the reason we vaccinate elderly people first is they're more at risk. And the reason why we we ensure that people are vaccinated is because it then reduces the risk of transmission not merely of you getting ill yourself. But if you passing on the disease, so I think it since everybody is going to be able to get the vaccination, other than those, as I say who for medical reasons can, then I think it really is important that people get encouraged to get vaccinated. And we also make suggestions as to how we can make sure you get proper proof of vaccination in actually the NHS x people have done a good job in the NHS app, but we got to make that interoperable with other systems so that you can use this as proof of vaccination throughout the world. That's what it's about.
Adam: I don't think I pulled it off. But
Unknown: yeah, but of course not. But the thing is, because there's still the gotcha here's the clip on the EU COVID passports and listen carefully Really, because something you identified early on is right in there. European Union is signed off on a new Coronavirus travel certificate aimed at opening up the 27 nation block for summer travel. Currently traveling across the EU is difficult for tourists, airlines and authorities because of different regulations. beginning July 1, eu nations will have to recognize the vaccine certificate, which can take paper or digital form, the free passes will certify a person has either been vaccinated against the virus recently tested negative or recovered from the disease.
Adam: Yeah. But they're adding a twist. So indeed, all of these vaccine freedom passports will also work if you have proof of a negative test. What they're doing now is they're tightening the timeframe up, it has to be within 48 hours was within 72 hours. So now people traveling by car for instance. You know, they may have to get tested multiple times, depending on how long their journey is, or even if you're transferring from one flight to the other. So they're gonna keep squeezing that but they will leave it open. They'll leave it open. But Tony Blair, I think he's serious. He really wants a global, a global system, which I don't think that he's a fascist prick. And we've known that for years. But the testing company so now in the UK, if you open up the newspaper, you'll see they have packages, you can buy testing packages. And you know that you get one to your house or you know, it's all set up but expensive, like 100 125 pounds. So they're trying to you know, now we've got the the testing companies Abbott and those guys, they're coming in, and they're coming up with all kinds of new way to be
John: low balling soon.
Adam: Of course, of course, it's as long as we can keep selling something doesn't matter to them. So that's on the horizon. Now back to the variance, the variance. Everything is about a variant, this variant that but it's not just about COVID.
Unknown: Good afternoon, everyone. Today, the FBI successfully sees criminal proceeds from a bitcoin wallet, that dark side ransomware actors used to collect a cyber ransom payment from a victim. Since last year, we've been pursuing an investigation into dark side, a Russia based cybercrime group. The Dark Side ransomware variant is one of more than 100 ransomware variants that the FBI
Adam: is currently investigating. Sorry about the one channel only. So now, all of a sudden they're using variants for ransomware. Isn't that interesting?
John: I've heard about podcasting. 2.0 variants. Yes,
Adam: it's very contagious. And what is it?
John: 2.1?
Adam: And what does it remind you of when you hear
John: variants? Yeah, it's one of those things is this trigger is a trigger word,
Adam: because and improve our preparedness for potential cyber pandemic, their potential cyber pandemic, this is running here we go. No, this this is this is exactly what they want. Yeah,
John: you, you know, my thinking on this, this, this joker, the PR guy for the World Economic Forum who created it, is that he doesn't even this reminds me of an old, practical jarbo April Fool's game I did about drunk driving on the information superhighway. I don't know that he even understands what he's trying to say. He is so dumb.
Adam: Oh, of course. But I think what he's an old marketing guy, I think he's good at that. He understands these terms. And he's in the position where you can say, okay, we're going to call this a pandemic. And we'll end we go from the covid 19 pandemic, to the cyber pandemic. And we know that all the ransomware is already in place. It's in every single system. We've had too many hacks, the whole, everything is open. It's just sitting there waiting to go for the right moment. They could do them all in dominoes, they could do it. Bit by bit, of course, you want to hit the main points, you want to get infrastructure for power, because you know, Texas is stupid, we need to have a national grid, you need to get the meat because you know, meat is bad. Anyway,
John: I have to stop you again and reiterate the idea of a net instead of just this local dumb Texas getting hit hard by the we want to have a national grid. Yes. So the whole country goes down at once.
Adam: That wouldn't be part of the plan. Yeah,
John: this logic is this. Well, why do people promote the idea of a giant National Grid?
Adam: I would say the main reason is because they have no idea what they're talking about. They're stupid. And I'm going to take you through a few quick very short clips of CBS 60 minutes talking to the talking to hear more Mike Chrisman maybe the intros tells us who he is. And this is about ransomware. And there's so much wrong in this. The FBI is Mike Chrisman says cyber crooks, no governments and hospitals are likely to pay because they can't afford not to. Until a promotion. Chrisman was in charge of the FBI
John: Cyber Crime Unit
Adam: until the promotion.
John: Oh, this is a good I saw this. And I was I didn't clip it. I'm glad you did.
Adam: Props to the clip custodian. He's the guy that sits and watches this crap all day. You're waiting for the day that somebody says we have the 911 system held hostage in a major city and we need $10 million today. I hope that day never comes. But I think we should prepare for that possibility. I bear pandemic, everybody's cyber pandemic, let's get let's remind you, it's a pandemic.
John: But the joke of this one particular commentary is 911 goes down all around the country all the time. It's like half the time it does your work. And in or somebody is really careless. And somebody gets blowed up because there was no nobody ever showed up. I didn't get the address. Right. I mean, come on. This is not a good example. in Austin,
Adam: they don't even answer. Hold as part of the defunding they took the 911 system away from the police department. It's now within the city government. And it's, you know, it's not, it's not quite up to snuff yet. Now, back to the pandemic, pandemic, very afraid cyber pandemic, let's remind you with some trigger words,
Unknown: I'm aware of one ransomware variant that affected all 50 states that had some $30 million in losses, and over $6 million in ransom payments, I would tell you that the losses are very significant and easily approach $100 million or more just in the United States. That ransomware variant he's talking
John: about is Okay, stop a second. Now, first of all, I mean, this is now I'm getting annoyed that you sent you pointed this out, it's gonna create a huge amongst the audience, myself included. This idea that the very the word variant is just a code word for to get people jacked up. Yeah. The idea of a ransomware variant is like a word processing very ransomware is a category of software. Yeah. No variants. You can have different coding versions, different versions. You can have a versions be versioning. That version. So so this is a misuse of the word from the get go and that Dennis should and Steve are Pelley. Scott Pelley. Scott. Scott Pelley. Yes, Steve Scott Pelley now on Steve Telly believes now Steve. Steve Pelley should be ashamed of himself for being such a lousy journalist to let this happen. Because it's a category of software. It's not something it's not a software. You know, it's just unbelievable to me that this is this is the best we can do at CBS and under top news show 60 minutes. Remember, this
Adam: is the FBI themselves who are using this word. So they're the ones probably that propagated it. Maybe, yeah, we'll go back later, but
John: we don't over $10 or more. By the way, stop again, if it was the FBI to propagate it should be Steve peles job to call him out on it. Night go. Okay, whatever.
Adam: What do you think he is a podcaster. He's a professional journalist. That's not how it works. Johnson how journalism works. Okay,
John: I'll shut up.
Unknown: I would tell you that the losses are very significant, and easily approach $100 million or more just in the United States.
No ransomware variant he's talking about is the one that held Hancock hospital hostage. It's called Sam Sam, after one of its file names. Experts told Steve long Sam Sam is unbreakable. There was nothing that we could do to unlock those files
that our only choice was to wipe the system and hope that we had backups or to purchase the decryption keys to pay the rent. Indeed, that is exactly what that means.
But Sam Sam had infected the hospital's backup files. The FBI advised long not to pay but after two days after his staff filled out 10,000 pieces of paper. He paid the ransom the crooks demanded digital money known as Bitcoin ransomware is possible only because Bitcoin is so difficult to trace.
Adam: Okay. Stop right there. This is the one thing that our producers need to understand. Many of them do. Bitcoin is in fact, completely easy to trace the whole point of Bitcoin is that all that information is out there and available. So if you read the FBI the affidavit that was actually the warrant, that was the filing for the warrant, may say, Hey, you know, it's like, we were in there, we were there with the company they paid. So of course, the FBI was in on it, that's already suspicious point number one. And we could track that payment, and then a little piece of that about 2022, Bitcoin went to one wallet, and then 73 went to went to a custodial wallet, which is likely since it was in San Francisco, likely Coinbase, or one of these other companies. And for one, if you're that stupid, as a Bitcoin, or you put it on exchange, you've got to know that, of course, the FBI can just get those keys. In fact, the warrant says the private keys for that bitcoin wallet that address are in our possession. Of course, they had that. So you really have to think is this even more like a six week cycle in this case? And and so now that we know that Jay, JBS paid $11 million ransom in Bitcoin? Let's see if the genius FBI is able to get that as well. I suspect they might. Because the way they're doing it is they, I mean, if I were if it's a six week cycle inside job FBI doing this for relevance, which by the way, kind of goes against the narrative, and I'd set it up that way. You
know, pay us and then we pay the hackers who actually do all the you know, the, whatever the Russian based guys give them their vague and get the rest and look like heroes Haha, we can do it all. But to say that it's so hard or this is it's so good for anonymity. No, the opposite is true. But okay. That's the message Tom pace runs
Unknown: net rise, a cybersecurity firm based in Austin, Texas. Yeah, so this isn't a crook sitting in front of a desktop breaking a sweat trying to break into somebody's system. This is something they unleash that's automated, and they sit back and drink coffee until they get the results. That certainly appears to be the rule not the exception to making the coffee. Maybe the hard part is he showed us a website that offers ransomware for rent, and attacker can use one of many illicit products here. And the website takes a cut if ransom is paid. And something else that's
interesting here is they actually provide you with basically a chat room where you can ask questions to the people who maintain this architecture for you frequently asked questions for criminals. Exactly. So Tom paste logged on to the site and used it to encrypt a network of his own. So all of the files that are on this system, have now been successfully encrypted.
So this took you just slightly over five minutes, and you didn't write a single line of code, correct off the shelf
Adam: off the shelf cyber pandemic, everybody. It's coming.
John: It's coming out. You know, I think he kind of passed up a good one. Okay. He says frequently asked questions for criminals. He could have said, facts for hacks.
Adam: Are you writing that one down? Are you writing it down and you're writing it down?
John: I like it bags for hack backs
Adam: for hacks. I like that a lot. It's something that we got very little coverage for the vastness of the of what this was. I just have to play 34 seconds because it may be related when it comes to let's just say the FBI. This wasn't a six week cycle we're doing in ourselves. How would they come across some information about a password to an account that held a private key? Well, this little story
Unknown: now worldwide high tech sting led by the FBI and involving New Zealand police has dealt a huge blow to criminals both here and across the globe. Operation Trojan shield included big international players, America's FBI, the DEA or Drug Enforcement Agency, Europol the US crime fighting agency, Australian and New Zealand police and other partners more than a dozen countries. And one of the world's biggest organized crime operations, underworld figures and crime gangs were tricked into communicating using an encrypted app developed by the FBI. This included planning executions, drug smuggling and money laundering.
Adam: You gotta love it. It was those phones that they were still how dumb are these criminals?
John: Well, that whole that whole ransomware for lease website could be FBI, it could be a giant honeypot. Remember, he
Adam: can hire the talent to do it. Cyber pandemic. I'm just saying if if that was the mission, then they're doing things right. Let's listen to another quick dis information clip from ABC. A new
Unknown: task force at the Justice Department appears to have scored a rare win against ransomware hackers.
Adam: I really don't know who this is, but I'm really Oh, it's bye Yeah, IKEA Jaci, like a joke. He
Unknown: talks like this when he's doing his voiceovers. The Department says it's now recovered most of the ransom paid to hackers who disrupted the nation's largest gas pipeline last month.
Today, we deprived a cyber criminal enterprise of the object of their activity, their financial proceeds and funding.
Rescue based hackers are shutting down the colonial pipeline, which supplies 45% of all fuel to the east coast to regain control their systems colonial paid more than $4 million in Bitcoin. On Monday, the Justice Department said it seized 63.7 bitcoins, which is the equivalent of $2.3 million more than half the ransom payment.
Adam: So that's I just pointed this out because Bitcoin went down since since it was paid, so that's why it's less than the original payment, but didn't make them make mention of that.
Unknown: More than half the ransom payment Bitcoin was designed to be Let's be able to put it to put it easily it's untraceable. It's designed to be untraceable.
Adam: Oh, you can read the white paper that is a lie. It was not designed to be untraceable.
John: The opposite? I think this is your next your next pet the never ending pet peeve. Very similar to the one where well My job is to protect the American public.
Adam: Yes, my my top job, I took an oath to protect my children.
Unknown: This is Bitcoin was designed not to be traceable, the blatant lie cryptocurrency is favored by cyber criminals because it allows for direct online payments regardless of location. But in this case, FBI agents obtained the private key or password for the cyber no
Adam: private key is not it's not a password or password for the cyber criminals cryptocurrency wallet. This is a first, as far as I know how they did it, I think is I think they're keeping very close to the chest so to speak. Yeah, well, we know they have two possible, maybe many more, but it could have been part of that massive sting operation, which we have not, we don't know who got arrested, we just have some top line Stein getting
John: more you play this, you know, because I heard this show. And I've heard all this. There's nothing new in these in these clips. What's new is the introduction of the concept that this all is a giant FBI scam. Once you brought the six week cycle up, well, maybe more than that, maybe everything we're witnessing here, because it accomplishes so much. It blames Russia. And I wonder whether Biden's read in and if he was, I wonder if he remembered being read in front of Putin about this important is gonna, I don't know what Putin's gonna do. But this is going to be too funny to if you wish were a fly on the wall. But and could speak Russian. This is really now I'm getting very suspicious about all of this, including the entire ransomware. Because what ransomware was like a thing some time back, and most of these antiviral and anti malware software systems will stop it if there's something that even remotely looks like it. It's very hard, I don't know if anybody's gotten and now all of a sudden is popping up all over the place with this very elaborate scheme and his website, which now they've discovered which has the ransomware for lease and they're using the word variant,
Adam: this is very suspicious all around. In talking to several dudes named Ben who don't sleep well at night, thinking about these things, individuals, you're right, that's is most of the saw even most computers themselves. They could be pretty well protected even IT environment is when you have a Windows network Exchange Server. Once you get into the windows domain, and someone has an admin account, it's all over, you can get anywhere and and and again, the the concept is there in there in everywhere, all they need to do is just push buttons, just push buttons, whatever you want. And here is some of the desired result we want. So remember when this first happened, it's about infrastructure. It's about stupid Texans who need a global grid. It's about Bitcoin being untraceable only for cyber criminals and for illicit activity. And it's about global warming and Russia. And you threw that in and so it's really four pieces. It's a beautiful, beautiful system. And let's talk to you and and,
John: and it uses the word variant to make sure you're triggered about the COVID vaccine.
Adam: That is the connector. Yep. And the cyber pandemic. Remember, it's, it's been, they've been saying this cyber pandemic. None of this was happening until long after Klaus recorded that video. Here's our Energy Secretary. Do you
Unknown: think that adversaries of the United States have the capability right now to shut down the power grid? Yeah, they do. I mean, I think that there are are very malign actors who are
Adam: when I heard maligned to me that's almost like another infectious type thing like you have malignant tumor and maligned or am I am I reading too much into it now?
John: Yeah, you're probably reading too much into it, but I can see it. I guess you can see you being triggered. Yeah,
Unknown: yeah, they do.
I mean, I think that there are very malign actors who are trying even as we speak, there are 1000s of attacks on all aspects of the energy sector and the private sector generally, I'm in the meat plant for example. We it's happening all the time. And this is why the private sector
John: I was just gonna say, do you remember it was about 25 years ago there was this product you could buy I knew the people that made it there it's a little thing it was an add on it would show you all the attacks that were going after your system called Becky only thing comes to mind is AutoZone but that's not the name of this. If somebody in the in the troll room knows what I'm talking about was a little system you could buy in your you know, it was showed that you're being zonealarm zonealarm Thank you troll. So it was kinda it was just bang bang bang, you're in for like, hundreds of times an hour. You were there some system was Yep. Random being trying to penetrate every machine out there. This is not new.
Adam: Yeah, but that's it sounds good. Sounds this
John: woman makes it sound like some new thing Russian based. And this is this has been going on with the network
Adam: for forever, forever. TCP. Oh, he was invented today to
John: wrap this up pretty soon because I'm gonna start busting things. Mister throwing, met the monitor,
Adam: literally affiliates, ladies and gentlemen.
Unknown: Shawn's gonna break his mic. We know, it's happening all the time. And this private sector and the public sector have to work together. And this is what the President is doing. He's working with our allies. He's working with countries around the world because other countries, even Russia, they don't want to see their sectors attacked by malign actors, by rogue non state actors, not to mention state actors. So working with other countries, working with the private sector working inside of our own government, the President has issued these executive orders to make sure that our own house is in order, making sure that citizens are able to protect themselves. My mother is 86 years old, got two weeks ago, got a cyber, you know, not a ransomware but she you know, was was hacked.
Adam: My grandmother was hacked.
John: The hack grandmother was hacked.
Adam: It was it wasn't ransomware but you know, proof she was she wasn't she wasn't hacked. I know exactly what happened. She got an email that said, I saw what you do I access your computer's camera. I have the video unless you send me one bitcoin. I'm going to show all your nasty video. Okay, so that is infrastructure. Now let's go. So we've had, we have this the pandemic link with variant we have Russia, we have the infrastructure, let's go to global warming. And all of a sudden out of the woodwork latest gentlemen, there she is, is Elizabeth Warren is back.
Unknown: It's about we've talked a lot today about the dangers that cryptocurrencies pose to our economy. We've talked about the rip offs, the instability, the extent to which they're used to help criminals with cyber attacks, like the attack on colonial pipeline, and JBS that there's another piece to the adverse environmental impacts of the shooting activity used to MIT, many of these digital currencies in the first place. Bitcoin consumes more energy than entire countries. And it is projected to consume as much energy as all the data centers in the whole world this year.
Adam: Just let that sink in.
John: Yeah, here's here's
Adam: just where's the proof of this? Oh, in fact, the proof is quite the opposite. Bitcoin consumes 1/10 of 1% of the global energy, which is like 140.
John: Where does this come from? Where does this myth come from?
Adam: This comes from Elan musk. When he when he
John: was trying to get everyone to bail out this yes or no, no, he's virtue signaling. It's by lying.
Adam: Yes. And this comes back to signaling by lying. And this comes back to the ESG the environmental sustainability goals, which will be your carbon tax metric that's coming. Oh, yeah. And then, you know, so then, Ilan, as started with the micro strategies guy. Oh, we're gonna we're gonna tag Bitcoin it was made with hydropower. renewables are with dirty coal. There's very little coal energy powering Bitcoin anymore. Most of the Chinese stuff is Hydro and it hasn't been banned. It's moved to they're not allowed to use coal in Texas, crazy industry with people going with containers to the gas fields using the methane gas, which actually reduces carbon emission. But it doesn't matter that these these metrics, these lies are out there and you will hear them for forever.
Unknown: It is projected to consume as much energy as all the data centers in the whole world. This year, this year, one Bitcoin transaction, a single purchase sale or transfer. This is my favorite, uses the same amount of electricity as the typical us household uses in more than a month.
Adam: Yeah, okay, shirtless. So, yeah,
John: this is the stupidity of a US Senator, senior, senior senior US Senator in the United States of America, one of our legit one of the leaders of this country.
Adam: While she has a mission though, she's just blathering
John: bullcrap.
Adam: And what she did this with, with experts, it was a 10 thing. I got 10 minute video of her asking experts these experts were quite annoyed by her questioning as well, but they were answering her truthfully. But this is not the experts talking. This is her metrics in a month. So don't
Unknown: say that, again. I was a single Bitcoin transaction. That's one purchase, or one sale or one trans one pizza uses the same amount of electricity as the typical us household using doesn't even make
John: sense. 53 days.
Adam: It's a lie. It's a complete lie. What she's referring to is the metric for mining a Bitcoin. One single coin for each block. That's not a single transaction doesn't matter. I mean, we could we could there's enough Bitcoin pod besides
John: that point. Yeah, it is nonsense. That makes no sense. And she's yak, yak yak about it? To what end? coin?
Adam: Yes. Here it is. I'm going to give it to you the second clip. So besides being you know, pulling out the this is she's just using this as a crutch for her mission mission. You recall at the beginning of COVID, that first democrat bill which had everything all the social justice warrior crap in there, remember, that was like $2 trillion. And then it got shot down. And then they had all the green New Deal stuff was in there. You remember that bill?
John: Oh, yeah. It was it was a bill with us for infrastructure. Was this the infrastructure pre infrastructure that whatever it was, it had nothing to do with what it said it was about correct. It was a it was an omnibus crap bill,
Adam: one of the main points in there, sponsored by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Sandy Cortez, ocasio Cortez, was the digital dollar. And we need that for the universal basic income. And for all other reasons, you know, that racist on between digital dollars and countries and you know, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are looking at this course they have to, this is what Warren is doing. She's pushing this and here's how
Unknown: from the research you and your colleagues at MIT have done? Is it possible to design a central bank digital currency, that does not require miners to perform random number generation puzzles? Yes, it is. And could you design it wouldn't consume more energy than the middle sized country? Yes, you can have a central bank digital currency that doesn't exacerbate the climate crisis and undermine environmental justice. You could build a central bank digital currency, which does not consume vast amounts of energy. Yes. I'm glad to hear this look, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are terrible for the environment. And that would be true regardless of whether we were getting anything productive out of that energy usage or not. The fact that we're not makes it even more scandalous. One of the easiest and least disruptive things we can do to address the climate crisis is crackdown on environmentally wasteful crypto currencies. And now is the time to do it.
Adam: Get yourself your cbdc your central bank digital coin, it's
John: a comment and she's full of crap this woman. Oh, yeah. So really pathetic. I mean, I'm still remember remembering when she was making a big fuss about robo calls. pava have wells that stopped thanks to her.
Adam: Because that was one of your pet peeves. It never stopped.
John: Now it got worse I still got I got like yesterday got like for one of them from I got this Marriott Hotel one for three, Mikey day and I got I got the bad purchase from Amazon it has to be stopped it was somebody bought something in Texas or someplace else. And I was like, did I approve it? They got to talk to me about it and walk me through the website they got and a couple other ones
Adam: I get is you're not in Google's business directory listing.
John: I got that one. I got that one. I still get. I got they took my social security number away. That's my favorite. Yeah,
Adam: that's a good one. No, I got Of course my car. My extended warranty is expired. All the warranty
John: is your last chance. By the way. Your last chance. Here's the one been trying to get ahold of
Adam: you. Here's the one I really hate. Because it feels like it's really good. But every single time I hang up because it's it just feels like a scam. Maybe some of our producers can help me. You get your answer. And it's a local number. Hello, and then you hear you have the gate close and you're waiting. Hey, hello, is this Adam than real person? It's always a guy with a heavy voice. And yes, well we're doing a fundraiser for the police something rather nice. And now this is not tax deductible above. And you know, I don't know what that is. But it smells like a scam. I don't like that one. And and I've gone pretty far listening to him like you know, because they pushing, pushing pushing. So Well, once you send me some information. Yeah, well, why don't we take your credit card now and save some information?
John: Okay, I work I will make edgers an admission. It's not a big deal. I worked in a boiler room. Oh, what draws much doing that scam? For which products? Fire local fire departments. Awesome.
Adam: So you tell me so you can tell me good?
John: If semi legit, they get some money. The boiler room gets most of it. And you can just tell them that no, I'm not interested in hanging up on them. I mean, they the way they do with the police department ones, which is run through the same kind of operations was they they try to guilt you into thinking that if you don't contribute you're gonna get pulled over. Yeah. Leave your house and get a ticket. Yeah. And the cops are gonna hate you. It's not No, it's not the way it works. Just sound No. You save given before and you weren't happy to do what you used to do it. I hate Wales. Say I hate the police. That goes over?
Adam: No, here's the answer. No, I'm all for defunding the police and it starts here.
John: You could do that. Yeah. But then you just get on a different list and they'd be calling you about something else. Now it's hopeless. These things
Adam: before I close this out with two humorous clips, an interesting alert, cross my desk from the Office of the private sector, a liaison information report. It's an official government institution, the Office of the private sector, I didn't know it existed. And I think this is a troll and I think it's hilarious. The FBI and this I have the actual document and so I'll put it in the show notes. People can take a look at it. The FBI is Washington field office in coordination with the FBI office of private sector and the United States Postal Inspection Service developed this Li er liaison information report to inform private sector partners about recently mailed extortion threats targeting companies in emerging technology and the pharmaceutical industry. I thought that was interesting. In April 2021, the FBI became aware of a number of extortion threat letters, which were sent primarily to senior level executives of publicly traded technology and pharmaceutical companies. The letters provide the recipient with the options to earn their freedom by providing company stock information, or this is my favorite or purchase their freedom at the cost of $1 million in stable coin. State us DC stable coin. This has to be a joke. usdc stable coin is on Coinbase. You can get it on Coinbase. So it's a completely open open system. The FBI can walk right in and find out who you are, unless this is a huge troll. Well, hold on a sec, or the FBI again.
John: There you go. And the FBI has the ability to actually have that kind of insight information because there was traditionally the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover became a blackmailing guy. Brace yeah never ended. So now you're dealing with a blackmailing operation and
Adam: but in stable coin is laughable. You might as well just say, you know, pay me and here's my address, come and get me.
John: It's my post office box I feel safe because it's a post office by
Adam: I don't know
John: if that's a drill refine me because I'm using a post office box.
Adam: I like the idea. This is all just the SBI it fits so perfectly. Anyway, let's finish this up with some more cyber pandemic fear. And we saw the fastly CDN go down, again proving my point that we need to decentralize away from all this bullcrap no agenda show didn't go down. No agenda website didn't go down. No agenda, mp3 didn't go down. No agenda social didn't go down. Why? Because we're decentralized for most of this stuff. And if not, then we can make very quick changes if necessary. Here is the man you want to talk to you when it comes to internet outages, or glitches. Brian seltzer water from CNN, you know, he's the guy to go to it might be largely over now. But what's the collateral damage here?
Unknown: Well, if it feels like this is happening more often, that's because it is happening more often. This was one of the most widespread outages we've ever seen, because it took down everything from Hulu, and HBO, Max to Spotify, and CNN and the BBC. And as you're saying, even government websites. And this is also notable because it was not restricted to one part of the world. This was affecting users in Europe, in the United States and parts of Asia and Africa, all at the same time. Essentially, what happened is fastly installed a bad software update, and it's bad software update then spread and had that ripple effect. You know, originally, the reason why you have these content delivery networks like fastly, that are close physically to people's homes and access point is to speed up the internet is to make webpages and in songs and everything play faster on your phones and computers. But when it goes down, it goes down hard. And that's what we saw earlier today. It's a reminder that there are only a small number of these cloud computing firms that are keeping essentially the entire internet online.
Adam: That may be your internal internet seltzer water, not our internet.
Unknown: When I say that, I mean the entire consumer. Oh, of course, there's lots of redundancies lots of different parts of the internet. But when you think about these major players, whether it's Hulu or Spotify or red and all these big companies, they rely on the same handful of firms. So in the words of recode, it's it's both the scale today and the frequency of these outages. That is what's worrisome.
Adam: And this did come on the heels of me wishing wishing that television networks will get ransomware wasn't ransomware. But at least we had a little a little blip, a little feeling of what it would be like to not have any television. And finally, Brian seltzer water technology expert techno expert introduces a new term to replace the overused glitch, even though he's an A hole and a horrible journalist. He may not even have the title journalist, at least he's trying
Unknown: to absolutely point beyond everything you couldn't get done right. This didn't affect the vaccine rollout in the UK, and that is something that people just can't afford, especially given what's going on right now. unequivocably I'd say I'm sure you'd have noticed
Adam: notice a little call back again to the pandemic. You know, we've got two auto disrupting the one pandemics disrupting the other
Unknown: on right now. Now unequivocably? I'd say I'm sure you'd agree this proves the internet is infrastructure, not really safeguarded nearly as well as it shouldn't be right. In this case, there's
no evidence this was a cyber attack a case of ransomware. This seems to have just been a company that made with a big hiccup dig out everybody that heard the louder. It makes me nervous. Brian, doesn't it make you nervous? You said it was like an update? Yes. Because because of all the scrambling in so many corners here at CNN, we started trying to figure out how do we get news onto the website? How do we share it on social media? You know, you had newsrooms scrambling, you had consumer entertainment companies scrambling and governments scrambling, because scrambling when your website suddenly goes down the viewers at home, you know, we have no idea what's going wrong. You have to wait to actually find out. Sometimes you might assume the worst in this case seems like it was not the worst case scenario. But it is a reminder of how vulnerable this infrastructure is
Adam: a vulnerable the infrastructure. It's all in there. Every single piece they want is in there. I like hiccup that's new. Instead of saying glitch, a hiccup. It was only an hour. It was an hour. So I think I think it's appropriate to call it a hiccup. Yeah, so Well, the next one be I can't wait. We're going to see more. It's going to be super duper fun. Super duper fun. Yeah,
John: it stick was super duper, super duper super duper fun.
Adam: And with that. I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to you the man who put the sea in cyber pandemic. Ladies and gentlemen, dr. john See devorah
John: in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning ostrich he wasn't around in the air swims in the water, and all the dames and knights out there
Adam: and we and we'd like to say in the morning to all the trolls trolls Raise your hands time for a troll count if they want. And they scurry away. They scurry away. Okay, I'm not able to do a troll count. For some reason. I've been removed my powers. Somebody. Somebody give me a troll here on
John: the regular network. Are
Adam: you on now? I don't know what's going on. I mean, maybe because I had to change networks or something.
John: Alright,
Adam: well, if there's no troll count, I can't do account there's no way 233 2233 we're going to count on that and see if that's it. Now if you want to also not have a troll count. Go to no agenda stream though. Actually
John: is Thursday. I'm sorry.
Adam: I know. It's gonna be 1900
John: numbers more like at 1855
Adam: Let me see. Oh, second. Maybe I can do it over here. Oh, 1675 whoops.
John: 1675 that's no, it's
Adam: low normally is 18 on post 18 year right.
John: Now we're way off. We're losing our audience.
Adam: This is because of the COVID The COVID are killing.
John: Troll say Oh, you're doing too much. COVID we stopped doing COVID and they go there. Let's go find something else.
Adam: Listen to Tim Poole. I know that's what they do. No agenda you can check in there you can draw along. He couldn't hang out with the hundreds sometimes 1000s of people listening to all of the live shows we do have a live stream no agenda you will not regret checking that out free for all have enjoy yourself or follow us on our non algo eyes federated network, well federated website social website, which has no agenda, social COMM And you can't register but because we federate with mastodon, everything else that connects to that the so called fediverse. You can indeed where's
John: the central location for the Federation to take place? There is no central location. Is there some place where you can ping to make sure you can go find the other guys?
Adam: Yeah, all you have to do is follow one person at Adam at nogen social calm or at John Dvorak at nogen the social calm and the instance that you are on will start to bring in into the Federated timeline. We'll start to bring stuff in and you can follow people from other other servers as well you can follow us and then so then before you know it, stuff just starts flowing over I know because like we have no agenda, social comm I also have podcast index dot social, which is really for the development of podcasting 2.0. And that overlap is so seamless sometimes I don't know if I'm answering someone on one side or the other. And he's really, I'm very impressed with how well that works. And we do have a couple other things Gitmo dot life, not Gitmo, and Gitmo dot life is at least one and ITM slaves or in the morning slave calm and we're looking for many many more. And then we shall say in the morning to the artists who brought us the artwork for episodes 1353 we titled it lousy hummus and we had a hit I would say people really like the Amazon Prime we delivery package that was expertly done by TSN TSN had any any artwork chosen before I can't really PSN
John: did that wanted to know agenda, Papst labels ANOVA was chosen. He did a nice obey. I'm looking at his stuff. He's got a good collection of he may have had a couple of things picked here and there because He's good. He's not he's not a slouch. And he's done a lot of he's done enough pieces whereas there's more than one page of them.
Adam: There were a lot of different Amazon weed things we had common. lager had was a little too blatant. Just the big, big weed. I mean, it means it was beautiful. The Prime weed it had all the
John: data comment I thought comic strip bloggers was the first one that got my attention. And I thought he's had a winner there and then when I saw the bag, yeah, it just had more to it. It had little stickers and stuff. It was just a well thought out great piece of art and then the the competition of course with the bats a
Adam: lot of bats. I'd used one bat for the pre show art
John: and that the bat you use was the cutest of the bunch and you were hindering using it again. It was so cute.
Adam: Yeah. And and you said now I want to use that for a newsletter.
John: Did you know I ended? I did. But I did use another p another piece for the newsletter from the same guy networks seems to have like a knack for creating. I consider some of the great newsletter, artworks and I think I've used this stuff for the last three or four newsletters in a row. And I still have my eye on a number of other ones he's done. He did the cow with the mass. Oh,
Adam: that was Yeah, that was that was good too. He's
John: he wants to pretty yeah the the cricket with the wineglass. He's got a lot of really good pieces. People should look at his stuff.
Adam: At least we didn't get any more tante Neel Allah submissions with the evolution of man. You can see all of this, all of this artwork in any podcasting 2.0 compatible app. And I would like to point out for those of you that are very disappointed with Apple's most recent upgrade of their podcast app, in fact, I just was helping out Dan Carlin. He's back with his hardcore history as another series people very excited and I saw him posting on Twitter saying that has anyone seen this show up in the Apple App? No. It shit. They broke it. They don't care. They want you to just do subscriptions open podcasting is no longer their business. With with a podcasting 2.0 app, the time it takes from publish to showing up in an app is 40 seconds.
John: That is but but but but but that's with 3.2 million podcasts. What happens when there's 30 million podcasts? Will it maybe take 5060 seconds? It might take four?
Adam: I think we can keep it under a minute. We'll do our best. Please try one out today. There's all kinds of new features that you don't get on Apple or Spotify new podcast And now let us thank our executive producers and associate executive producers who brought it home for us with one of the tiers of your time, talent and treasure of our value for value model. And we will thank them right now.
John: Yeah, and it does make a difference after after last. Sunday's miserable showing. Yeah, we did pretty well today with 30 this show 13 5400 tops and top it officer Kilgore trout of the dude's name man retired in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. 1211 $120.27 which is nice. And he's short note listen to the horn rebel lizer and our two D two karma to the no agenda universe.
Adam: That didn't happen. We don't know what that number signifies this 112027 can't really I don't know. can't really figure it out. Well, thank you very much. Sir Kilgore trout have the dude's name Ben retired. Oh my god. In the Hangout, my
John: standby 3333 33 out. You've got karma. Remind me to mention I give a rundown of I went to the Walnut Creek meetup.
Adam: Oh, yes. I definitely want to hear about that. And I want to talk about it now. real briefly.
John: Well, yeah, there's a lot of hams there It seems like the guy running this this meetup he's gonna do one in Oakland shortly.
Adam: Oh, I heard I heard you had not brought your rig so I forgot to
John: bring my little rig he's gonna get but he did give me a new high high output antenna to hook to it. Oh cool. And he did these runs I him or somebody at the meet at Bruns that Mount Diablo repeater which he says is quite busy is I don't know if I can hit from my house because I got a hill behind me. Oh,
Adam: that antenna. Maybe
John: you get that new. Maybe we'll see. But it is drawing a lot more hams to the meetup and you can see the differences. As more hams come in. The lady starts very slowly. You see less
pretty obvious. Okay.
Adam: It's a real repellent I know. I know.
John: It's like an issue. Hammer. Ah, Amy, Amy from the very day wine operation was there and they're going to have a meet up wine country meet up because she tells me that because there winery was mentioned on our show, and we did that when I'm here with Brunetti and, right, this is a big turns out to be a bunch of winemakers up in this Sonoma Ned Napa areas that are no agenda people. So they all contacted her so we're gonna have a meet up with some heavy duty wines I guess. Up there is probably go to that because of some particular wine that she made might open that I have something you have your eye on
Adam: over
John: there. I need the wine I've never tasted and I feel remiss. Yeah. And somebody came with a pile of COVID cards. Pre printed
Adam: nice oh with numbers or just no
John: no numbers, but there was a guy I guess I messed up missed him because he left who had a rubber stamp and some blue stickers and things and he could fix the code. card so it looks like authentic. He was there. So we have a little illegal activity going on. And then the guy who does these meetups, he took the old zombie book that the CDC produced. He reproduced it in comic book style. Yes. And he was giving us this is dynamite product at the store should be selling Yes,
Adam: he he contacted me and I gave my PO Box he sent one to me I'm very excited about it
John: is a dynamite dynamite product. So it was a great meet up for and it was out in Walnut Creek. There was nobody in the whole town wearing masks,
Adam: nobody caught. That's intercept to servers. A bunch of Republicans out there I guess.
John: Yeah, there's there are Republicans out there
Adam: as well. I we had a mini a very mini meetup of source I did want to mention before we continue, we had dinner. I forget which time it was now two nights ago with new Austin resident David Sutcliffe. If you remember, he his was Rory, his dad from the Gilmore Girls when we met him at the at the Las Vegas meetup very famous actor who was turned away It turned his back mainly to acting and as moved here in Austin and he's figuring his life out and I gotta tell you, yeah, handsome man walking around in Austin. been attached as far as I know. For the ladies.
John: That's good.
Adam: You don't remember who he is. You have no idea.
John: I never met him. I wasn't that to get to me that well,
Adam: we talked about and we didn't we named the show. We
John: did talk about it. Yeah. Anyway.
Adam: Good to have them in Austin, just as we're leaving.
John: But I also want to thank Heather for giving me a jar of some some she works at the pot shop.
Adam: Oh, you got some pot shop
John: chain that may be something worth investing in actually. Really? All right. So let's continue with the thank yous. Joseph Delaney is next on the list and he came in with $1,000 and he sent a note in which I have in before me on the email. She's dear john Adam day I always envisioned my first donation as being short and sweet. Thank you for everything. But it wasn't meant to be I apologize in advance for the length. Okay. Two recent life events fast track my buddy gave 1000 bucks so I think yeah, this course fast track my first ever donation as such I feel compelled to quickly report and analyze having learned so much from you both ever since. Joe Rogan's first appearance, oh, first person Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan. weeks ago my wife called me while shopping let me know that if an injury her father has sustained while playing tennis, the injury ultimately resulted in him being hospitalized. And when I asked what happened, I was told he badly injured his Achilles. And then about a day later, he developed a blood cut clot, which caused severe bruising, swelling, etc in his leg. While in the hospital. He was as it was assured that the blood clot was clot was caused by injury to the Achilles, and that this was actually common. He is home now with some shiny new blood thinners, he will be taken for one to two years. Wow about a week later asked my wife how he's doing and she responded by saying better. He was up and about going about his routine. I asked
how that was given. He must be hampered by his Achilles and his injury when she replied saying that it was actually just a pulled calf muscle, not an injury to his Achilles. The initial injury probe was overstated. My father in law received the COVID vaccine within the last month or so. No connection, no
Adam: connection whatsoever, not possible.
John: event number two, I was informed of an open position aligns with my skill set and it was headed from a headhunter I've worked in this group in the past before letting me know who the company was, she stated to stated that they have essentially doubled in size overnight and are planning continued growth. The upfront incentives are substantial. Who you might ask a question mark. Good old Madonna.
Adam: Nice.
John: Now it's just number one. I've been playing and watching sports for most of my 32 years, I certainly would not describe a pulled muscle followed by a blood clot as a common occurrence. No. And as is number two in business school, they always reinforced the notion that the most successful entrepreneurs create solutions to problems that did not know they needed Yes. Right. Last history I'm attorneys doing great. No agenda feels like home. Thank you both to each and every producer for making it so
Adam: thank you very much. Appreciate it.
John: Onward with Christopher Dugan in Bristol Rhode Island 400. Donate donate, donate no jingles, no karma. Moving right along with Daniel Taggart, who also mailed in to know this one. Good. I had to look She didn't use the word donation in the blind so oh for
Adam: violation
John: ITM I was looking for a nose that genda social compatible app for my new phone when it really struck me how grateful I am for no agenda social and podcasting. 2.0 Nice. The monetization guys really screwed the potential of the internet and you are all fighting the move to move it back into the writer You're lucky this email came through because you use the F word. And my filters will block that how Now how
Adam: did it not block it? That's weird.
John: That's a good question. A great question. Move it back to the right direction. Thank you for it and I want to make my support. Clearly tangible demand celebrates the upcoming birthday of the dude named Ben named Ben. All right, punch me in the mouth back. You need to put this on the list I guess. Okay,
Adam: I was from, from Danielle.
John: Okay. To the dude named Ben named Ben. Okay. The dude named Ben named Ben was at the meetup too. And when it's when it's a lot of dude, when it's his birthday. The amount celebrates the dough. Okay, it will be part of the mount so it would be 350 oh 216996969 Okay. I need to be 350 oh two though, please. Can Adam kick in a penny? Yeah, I
Adam: got one of those.
John: There you go. Please play trumper Rouse is just the best one ever. She all rock sincerely, Dame Taggart Thank you Dana wasn't ready for that
Adam: just Trump arouse that's all she wanted.
John: Yeah, just trip her eyes get it aroused you know you get aroused to try to get
Adam: her to get aroused and we and we and we got it aroused was
John: really hard to get it aroused and it is hard to get it aroused. But we got it arise.
Adam: Now there's a new one that people have now. People have now latched on to this. You saw it
John: Yeah, the back and forth with the with with Trump cow camel is on one side and Trump's on the other Come on. I
Adam: got to play it's too funny. You know? I'm gonna come dirty bastards dirty people here is terrible.
John: He knows that I'm not the one who put that in no no no, sir data ops the Wisconsin millennial 33369 in Madison, Wisconsin, sir data ops to Wisconsin millennial 33rd got another 33rd birthday donation June 9. jingles 33 is his magic number dogs are people to relationship goat comma. Thank you for the value love is lit. 33 that's the magic. The magic number. Dogs. Sure Daniel Mariano in pflugerville. Texas.
Adam: pflugerville.
John: Now, I believe I should have noted real note,
Adam: you can tell because there's the actual note nice. Now he
John: writes this donation brings me to Baronet status please, to the attached account in which he's attached. I would like TPP karma if possible. No title change needed. Okay, okay. Oh, well, I put them on the title change list. Then Then there's a huge blank area and then at the very bottom says sincerely, sir Daniel Mariano, Mariano. I'm sorry in pflugerville Texas. Now we this is your neighbor or gonna be your neighbor I believe there's secret writing on this paper.
Adam: Oh, have you like a lemon lemon water lemon ink you can hold it above the slate and that
John: I'm not sure what quite to do because I see no evidence of it if you look at the paper which means it's really good
Adam: do you have a flame you can hold it up put it
John: aside and work on it okay. And there's a message in there somewhere it
Adam: might be a Bitcoin private key Yeah, you might want to check that thing out now that I think about it
John: yeah, not you mentioned that sir Daniel Marais Okay, that was for Daniel this go to anonymous. 33333 ITM john and Adam, please keep me anonymous. Okay, on did that done, done? Okay, Kirk, James and Madison, Alabama. Oh,
Adam: wait, I'm sorry. I'll take a look. I forgot to do the TPP jobs karma for Oh, is
John: it okay for Daniel jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. You've got karma.
Adam: We'll make sure we do
John: a Paintless Dent we had an honestly had Curt James. I don't have a letter from him. But I'll look while you read the next extremely long
Adam: note from sir Rob Knight of the philanthropic shareholders Federation in Leiden, the Netherlands 333 33. In the morning in the morning, ITM john Adam classic jingle requests fierce freedom shut up slave to the head you will obey and a portion of how selling karma got it. I'm an avid listener to the show and try it and I will try to keep this note short. Fail. No one genda provides great value in these dire times dire as I am the only non vaccinated family member at the moment. Even when I point out that they have nothing to fear because they are vaccinated, they still keep droning on that I should do it for the others. Facts are useless partly because the scientific literature and links from the no agenda show notes are in English, and they don't bother to spend the effort. The other part is because the Dutch m five M and government propaganda have done a great job in managing the slaves here and Gitmo lowlands. I have to face it, I've become a VIP. I'm experiencing more and more social pressure to get the job Luckily, the no agenda show was offered me coping strategies like others need more need more urgently than I do. I can wait. This often results in getting nods of approval except from family members. A little bit of boots on the ground from getting old old lands on board of Dutch trains. The masks are mandatory except when you're eating so nearly half the travelers are wearing their mask as a chin diaper with some beverage or snack in front of them. Yes, it
works so well. The conductor's on the train except this even when the bottles are empty. Same on the platforms and station buildings. in supermarkets masks are mandatory as well. We recently started doing a grocery shopping without masks. To our surprise. We have received no foul looks from other shoppers. Yes, this is the big revelation you'll find in most places. Also staff members either fail to see it or just don't care. Half a year ago people nearly fainted when I one step into the supermarket and it's simply forgotten to put on that muzzle things seem to be changing. Thanks for your work thanks to all Philip producers john stay safe Heil Hitler. Sure. Rob Knight of the philanthropic shareholders Federation, Leiden, the Netherlands. And Yep, that's that's the message when you just go ahead and do it. These days. No one's gonna stop you and that seems to be true worldwide.
Unknown: There is freedom. subjugation is liberation. contradiction is true. Those are the facts of this world. And you will surrender to them
John: will obey you will obey you will obey. You've got karma to our next door here sounds like a stage name for a stripper. Yeah, salty ketchup. And here she is salty ketchup in Manchester, New Hampshire in New Hampshire. Love it. 333 salty ketchup, salty ketchup. Thank you for making a very unfunny time in our lives more bearable with your wit and factual commentary. Could I get some RTD to karma with Trump dumps? and john creepily saying donate god bless all salted ketchup in match Vegas. New Hampshire New Hampshire. I guess they put some casinos in there, man. Sure Vegas. Nice.
Adam: Alright, you go first.
John: Go now donate donate dumps. They call them dumps big massive dumps. You've got karma.
Adam: Donate. Tammy altar from Naples, Florida. 333. Thank you for your courage. She says I'm writing you from the beloved Free State of Florida. Please accept this donation it is way overdue as I'm embarrassed to say it is my first donation since I started listening during the 26 President presidential election so please de-douche me. D do oddly enough. It was my college age daughter Mary who hit me in the mouth and for this she deserves all of the goat karma in the world. I couldn't believe it when she mentioned Adam Curry a blast from my 80s past. But now I must admit, I don't know which if you I love more Adam keeps me pumped up. And john brings me back to reality. We are in fact the perfect husband together. Anywho thank you for keeping my amygdala small I would like to ask for a jobs comment from my son Ethan and can I have a stuttering Obama stuttering ifs Oh, hold on a second. Yes, stuttering ifs a Don't eat me Bo Jaiden and Fauci Wiese I got a Fauci we use here somewhere and uh, you might die. And of course the the karma so I can do all of these if we if we fall for me. You've got karma.
John: Amy aquas Next on the list from Healdsburg. She's the winery girl who got into a discussion about percentages of what grape is in what wine and Bordeaux
Adam: I feel bad for her. Is she now She is
John: she's she dropped out say right now at this moment in time she drinks more high end wines than anyone I know but does
Adam: she know more than you? She knows
John: at least as much and maybe more in some instances very
Adam: nice okay
John: yeah she's she's it depends on you I mean I have to go back and look in Jane answers book on Bordeaux to get some numbers here to throw back at her But
Adam: yeah, yeah, let me know how that how that turns out. Oh, yeah.
John: Nothing but fun nothing but fun. Very exciting. So she wrote a note. ITM john and Adam, jingles get mon nation national anthem dedicated to Jeff and David for organizing one hell of a meetup. She came down from Healdsburg to Walnut Creek, which is something of a long haul. Only no agenda producers can advertise his supper shedding zombie apocalypse prepper meetup and experience a turnout of 25 plus people. Jeff and David let their creative flags fly. headshots of john and Adam adore Oh yes, every seat had a popsicle stick with a take home. Every Yeah, I signed a few.
Adam: Nice. You also, I saw you signing rigs, battery packs and stuff.
John: Yes. Somebody will help me do that. So that became a thing.
Adam: What used to be what used to be back in the MTV days. Hey, could you sign my bra? Could you sign my chest and now
John: I was signing spattered portable radios
Adam: battery packs
John: okay they didn't want the battery side they wanted the radio side
Adam: got it got it
John: because I said I was saying the battery no no no no good
Adam: oh good man. No it's got to be full on the full deal but
John: anyway claiming seats for no agenda producers There was even a zombie raffle john Can you elaborate if you already did Yep. My amygdala thanks to the no agenda producers that I had the pleasure of meeting my Oh okay. Let me read that again. My amygdala Thanks. No agenda producers that I had the pleasure of meeting until the next time ITM Dame damy Okay,
Adam: ladies and gentlemen, please rise might as well do it everybody rise and sing along with human resources down there to distract
programming notes we play that one during donation segment once a year do not request it.
John: Yes, absolutely. All right. So let's go with john mC mC pherson. And he says he wrote in a thing that with the donation as the as the as the subject line, but that's not true. Okay. I will mention something Did you find Did you find it It
Adam: didn't say no, I didn't
John: think but it's just this payment received I don't don't have anything from him under his name under john. And so he gets the I don't know what to tell you. But I will say this a number of people have written in using the the idea that you put donation on your subject line, and they've misspelled donation.
Adam: How else do you spell donation?
John: d n o is one way I've seen it denote it No I saw d i saw d o n. So it can be done cool. onward. We can he would shine as its cert tell us later
Adam: sir Brian Tobias and Gardner, Kansas 288 82. In the morning gentlemen, I'll be listening to this episode while traveling to Louisville, Kentucky but she from Kansas City to pick up some bourbon at the Maker's Mark distillery and will likely hit many others to my smokin hot wife is traveling with me even though she drinks vodka and rum not bourbon. I'd like to wish there Spencer wolf of Kansas City a happy birthday on six nine yesterday with this donation I become a Baron I'd like to change my title to serve Baron Tobias and Baron of Chiefs Kingdom when that will be done. Lastly, my business is growing tremendously. And I've hired an advertising slash marketing lady and now I need an assistant to holy crap. That's That's pretty good. Sounds good to me. So can I get some jobs Carmen please. Also a Spanish ITM for my lovely Latina wife, which of course would be Latin x. And don't enslave me Camila. I didn't have that one lined up. I don't think you have a don't in sleeve
John: sorry about there's no way you're lining that one up again I mentioned somebody I there's a like a subtlety to that clip and I never thought about it before but camela was called out because your parents were huge slave owners in the in the day.
Adam: Right? Was she? I think our data are on the Jamaican side I guess so yeah, the Jamaican side Okay, so we have a donor slave me comma because it cracks me up every time like even tremendous work. Thanks to you guys. My thanks to you guys. My immediate family didn't go crazy during COVID but we watch the extended family go nuts. Yes, this is very sad how that goes. He says in the morning sir Brian Tobias
Unknown: and you've got karma actually had to be jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. That's our job.
John: There we go. Joe Thomas is up from Astoria, Oregon 276 10 in the morning, Adam and john requesting our 2d to karma I am donating in honor of our 27th wedding anniversary and they never had a fight never had a fight. Thank you for my amazing husband Doug Thomas. for 27 years together please credit this donation towards his knighthood they will do that and you still gonna get the executive or associate executive producer? You've got karma and you do the accounting. Dr. Boom in Canton, Massachusetts 250 33 ritm from Dr. Boom at Dr. boomin in a socialist brings me halfway to knighthood. Whoo whoo. Please appreciate some jobs karma with a site of goat for all those who need it. Love is lit stay safe. Dr. Boom in Canton, Massachusetts. jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. Let's go for jobs.
Adam: Well, here's a nice one. From our very own Dame Jennifer from Charleston, South Carolina to 3333 Hey guys, she starts here's your latest share of the very generous cookbooks donations I've received in the last month for animated no agenda. is so sweet. I'm always speechless when i when i read these types of things. My birthday spurred a lot of love it gave me all the fields when we love hearing that I have had to neglect my all time favorite hobby for the last few weeks because of major work changes and projects but I am back on track for one animated no agenda per week again LG y by the way also all available in podcasting 2.0 apps with video. Thank you both as always, for all you do for this incredible show and community. No agenda karma works please hand out a generous portion of all purpose karma for everyone out there who needs it. Echo Echo Dame Jennifer Echo, Echo back out your name Jennifer.
John: You've got karma that gets ya. Taylor County counter Taylor counter. To 15 I went to the Bernie meetup and burn burned
Adam: my burning it's burning. You had it right.
John: Bernie Texas, Bernie Texas meetup last week and cannot thank you enough for the amazing community that both of you promote we do. Your influence brings people from all walks of life together and we as listeners appreciate and producers that appreciate the hard work you do to produce the show that meetup was full of some of the most kind and wonderful people I've ever met in a while. But I shouldn't be surprised as those are the kinds of people you attract with the good work you do. Please de douche my boyfriend Logan de deuced and then give Pelosi jobs Kermit the and I'm also new to Texas. I'm a swim coach for the Air Force Special Warfare Wow.
Adam: Special Warfare cool.
John: Yeah, that's that's that swim faster.
Adam: Getting this mud and breathe.
John: As a longtime division one swimmer and former division one swim coach. I have experienced teaching people of all abilities how to swim through private and group lessons. Since I'm new to the area, could you please mention my website? www dot Taylor. reds. Oh no. Taylor read swim Taylor. Take note. Yeah, okay. No, it's no it's not
Adam: your handler Taylor Ed swim,
John: tailor add to but it looks like red but it's tailor Ed for For more details and my email I Teach swim lessons for kids three and up to probably pretty damn good. Faster kid. As a two year old swimming faster than you adults who are learning you are
Adam: you are you are such a good parent
John: work or people of all levels learning to perfect their technique as the Special Forces coach I can coach water confidence tactics for those preparing to enter any form of Special Forces seals AF Special Warfare Rangers marine retcon etc sorry for the wrong note but thank you for all you do love is lit love and lit
Adam: All right. I want to listen from this guy.
John: I'd love a girl Taylor.
Adam: How do you not Taylor is a very very Oh my boyfriend log. It's a girl. It's a girl Mrs. Walker. Sorry, it's
John: a female tailor swim coach Taylor
Adam: is also often a male name certainly a nice mature
John: since Taylor Swift but yes, true. Yeah, it's really trying a couple of tailors that are guys which is a mistake anyone can make but
Adam: I'm but I should have seen de-douche my boyfriend Logan, so I'm going to reach out. I don't know where you aren't sure where she is in Texas. I know.
John: She was near Bernie so it's around there somewhere.
Adam: That's right. I know a couple people who who would adults who would benefit from this I wouldn't mind having a lesson. So Special Forces swimming. When you learn how to swim with a knife in your teeth or swimming. Underwater
John: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. He got the blade in backwards doofus. I can't hear you.
Adam: I spit on my screen. Sir Christopher Barron of brown car county in Green Bay Wisconsin. 20202 bad john adams. You are wonderful. I love you keep up the great work producers your beautiful douchebags. Thank you for listening. Hashtag love is lit. Would you please play the wildly amusing producer created song while devore acts chair gently squeaks Well, we will not play the whole thing but we do have an excerpt
for share. World I've heard your chair squeaking a while now to think about it
John: is a squeak in the other day a lot and you mentioned it nice. I was after the show.
Adam: Oh, okay. All right. Not during the show.
John: Now. Bradley carrier in Lexington, Minnesota. Michigan. I'm sorry. $200.33 Can I get an F cancer karma for my dad. Okay. We'll be finding out how bad it is around this time on Thursday. Show back when it posts
Adam: okay. Never too late for that. You've got karma
John: carousel sir, in Lagrange. Kentucky. Could be the garage. 200 ITM guys, thank you for keeping us sane. Their donation is dedicated to my smokin hot husband, sir Brad. Ah, one xcell sir, for his 55th birthday on June 10. Today thanks for being the best husband and father love you. biscuit for his birthday and our two D two karma. They always give me a biscuit on my birthday. You you've got karma. Rachel Epperson $200 in Parts Unknown. Do you guys have Pope up?
Adam: Well, in general now, that really,
John: it is a natural optimism and huge sense of humor that allow you to do it, but is it okay, let me restart reading again. Do you guys have hope? Is it natural optimism and huge senses of humor that allows you to do this job. I really don't understand how you do it. Some good karma for you are indomitable Sherpas.
Adam: I would say I'm very optimistic but I think in general the reason why we can do this show is edibles. I think that's the main that's the main
John: by the way Heather gives me this stuff he has got it some salt but as a half and half sold and I talked to her about towards the pot shop there's a
Adam: chain Oh half THC half CBD
John: yeah and i since she and I said well you know a lot of the pot shop old timers say that did CBD doesn't work at all unless
Adam: you have half THC gotta have some THC and
John: that's why she said half and half by the old timers. She says yes, I've heard that and that is
Adam: what a lot of people believe to be true. And I think that a lot it because the one that is it supposedly is pure CBD is the lavender blossoms. Which does wonders for for me and all kinds of stuff. But it doesn't have THC. And so he says so he's well
John: me. Well, it's possible that the solves are different than the edibles for maybe I'm just so filled with THC, this Oh, yeah. Run through your system.
Adam: We need to do a good karma for you. You've got karma.
John: A lot of people ask us how we managed to do this show. Well, at the meetup somebody says to me, how do you guys it was one of the women she says how do you do this show? Well, let's
Adam: address
John: dresses. Listen to all this news is it's just baffling walked off, let's
Adam: address it. Why don't you answer it, then I'll answer it. How do you? I mean, it's not so much how the production but how do we do it by doing it and doing it with such vigor and enthusiasm? We're both Angry Men. That's all you need to know.
John: It's just a version of shouting at the television.
Adam: I don't think I have anything left to say. I think I think you nailed it. Good job.
John: Finally is
Adam: to be Johnson Johnson. Brooklyn, New York. $200. You guys truly make the best podcast in the universe. Thank you. And thanks to all the producers. I would say that is a big part of it. Producers do a lot of work. Help us out steer us in the right direction. Send us links time talent treasure, no jingles just the best dose of business karma you have for my husband. Thanks, Petey confetti. Alright, heady confetti. You got it. You've got karma. I do have Missy got two other quickies that came in? Second
John: one make good note. There were no I have.
Adam: wouldn't know what do I have here? No, that's coming up. But I have Baron AJ rice stat. I'm driving out to the democratic Democratic People's Republic of California with my daughter Katie's eighth grade graduation on Thursday. Considering that I was in a three car accident last Saturday driving to get a new kitten for the same human resource m r to D to karma would be greatly appreciated. He's a Baron. So we break for barons. You've got karma. And I just picked this one up because the donation came to my email as well from Brian Taylor. He says you know, and he actually fought to get a new automatic payments set up for no agenda. So he would not get mentioned because it's a monthly donation. He says I'm going to be a knight someday I'm closing on a new build house for next week, I'm a bit stressed, I know my donations are under the threshold and wanted to drop your line express my appreciation for the positive impact you've had on my life. And that is, to me more important than the donation number. So I just wanted to mention I'm Thank you very much. And thanks to these fabulous executive producers and associate executive producers who came in with big help for us and appreciate it because it was rough last week. We know we can always count on you and it's not just that it's the time the talent and the treasure. You really are the producers of the show and you know it and if you'd like to learn about some of these sustaining donations or any other support for
the show, go to John slash and a once again our humble thanks for all of you producing Episode 1354 our formula is this. We go out we hit people in the mouth.
John: Let's see got a little Medley as somebody sent in. I think they got medleys not quite the same as a supercut
Adam: What is the difference between a med Medley is musical and a supercut. is a
John: super cool as the way I see it a medley is less hectic. This is the stay safe medley. One of the Yeah, I think it's an msnbc host and this is what she does. As a matter of course, and again, I'm reminded of people reminding people that this think of Heil Hitler when you hear this Medley this heliborne.
Unknown: Well, thank you so much for being here. And please stay safe. Congressman Adam Schiff, thank you so much for being here tonight. And please stay safe. Colorado's Secretary of State Jenna Grizz. Well, thank you so much for being here tonight. Please stay safe. NBC News correspondent Priscilla Thompson, thank you so much for being here tonight. And please stay safe. Lee Merritt, thank you so much for your time tonight. Please stay safe. Timothy O'Brien thank you so much for being here tonight. Please stay safe. State Representative Jeremy gray. I want to thank you for your time tonight. And please stay safe man
Adam: edibles are getting to you. We played this two shows ago I think.
John: Well, I don't remember.
Adam: That's what I'm saying. I didn't I couldn't remember either. But then when I heard that she was filling in for what? He's
John: an idiot. Yes.
Adam: Well, now she's a rookie. She's a rookie. She does she's not doing it. Right. Well, actually, she is doing it right. She's just a little overzealous with the police today safe stuff. Too much. Now
John: I guy you have a cicada report. If you want to get that out of the way. I'd love to cicada one and two, I get to have them in a long awaited massive
Unknown: invasion of potatoes. He's now swarming large areas of the East and Midwest and these little bugs can be deafening.
That's what they sound like. But if they're anywhere near you, we don't have to tell you that this group of insects is called brood 10 and it emerges from the ground every 17 years. The swarms are so big in the Baltimore Washington area that they show up on National Weather Service radar. Good news is they won't stick around much longer. Ben Tracy shows us what the bugs are doing while they're here. And how the rest of us are coping.
in the backyard of Jessica Helms, Maryland home, they were getting over 2000 a day. It is peak cicadas season. by her six year old Olivia started counting them.
We found many bugs by quickly
ran out of fingers and then buckets where we're stepping cicada shells cover the ground and hanging from the trees. And while all of this may terrify many adults, you think I'm kind of lame? Yes, I do. Bolivia is now invested in these insects, giving the cicadas names and rides on all of her toys.
Adam: She's what network was this? Well, you'll
John: get a clue when you play Part Two or what network it was and who is who you'll see.
Unknown: These odd looking insects are inspiring art, fashion, and music. brewery in Virginia created a cicada beer
Adam: brewed x no skaters were harmed in the making of this beer.
Unknown: Which is perfect for washing down a crunchy cicada taco. You'd expect the guy wearing this to enjoy eating that. But at this restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia. They're selling 30 orders of cicada tacos every day.
John: About 50% of those that come in
Unknown: order a second round of tacos to buy his pot ivano is the chef look tasty. If you see little cicada eyes looking at me. Yeah, they're gonna look at you though. They'll
judge you. And then it was time for my first one appetit. bug bite. Crunchy,
nutty. That's pretty good. So our anchor Gayle King really wants to eat some cicadas. Okay, can you send her a couple of these?
Adam: This is I'm so tired of this. I worked at MTV and this was the kind of stuff you know we had extreme sports you know I would do the mogul skiing waterskiing or snowboarding. I never I refuse to jump out of airplanes but you know it's always something extreme and Wow, this is so cool. And now every single station it What?
John: You're the producer you're not on the air. Got these Meat Puppets? Yep. Okay, I want you to eat a taco on the air. Eat a cicada. I want you to put it in your mouth. Okay, you get that mail you get to film it. Sure. Yep. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's what you wouldn't you do the same thing to the poor bastard field.
Adam: Isn't it interesting though, that amongst all of the horrible things our world is going through with increased veracity velocity of storms and and extreme weather. But yet the cicadas right on time no problem. Yeah, no issue. No issue. What?
John: Yeah, and eat a bug. Yeah, we eat. You eat. Nothing nice.
Adam: I have an economic indicator that I thought might be kind of interesting. always interested. We're not have as effort today Do we? That's only Sunday
John: I missed it might may or may not have gone by.
Adam: Well, the keeper texted me very, very excited with a picture. And this means that the economy is coming this booming back. The Onion grinder is back at Costco. Once again, you have a condiment station and tables and the onion grinder. That must mean that we are opening up
John: only in Texas. We don't have the onion grinder here and they won't even give us they've gotten to the point where the local Costco when you buy the hot dog eat what Adams talking about is this machine that has a bunch of chopped onions in it. And the grind looks like a grind. They come out and they land on the hot dog.
Adam: It's kind of gross.
John: It's very gross and unsanitary but they still have they used to have one with the sauerkraut but then they stopped that one. The they won't even give you the little containers to sauerkraut out anymore. Oh
Adam: no. They weren't even giving out ketchup only mustard before they even they stopped with I know most people say you shouldn't put ketchup on a hot dog. Well, I'm just saying you shouldn't
John: I'm one of those people. Yeah. Even though my daughter does it.
Adam: Do you? Are you also against pineapple on a pizza?
John: I love pineapple on me Sue.
Adam: I love it. You know I have a new one. It's pineapple pepperoni and black olives.
John: When I was asked when we do is pineapple and spinach tea. black olives are always good. But there's a big debate about this. But here's what happened with the pineapple. I never always always have the cider a ba ba pineapple a yuck, you're sick. And so it This was at me vo this is only a few years ago.
Adam: That was actually quite a while ago, like 10 years ago, okay,
John: it's more like 15 actually, okay, they still about 15 years ago, they had they keep bringing these ameche pizzas in and they brought in a pineapple pizza, it was the pineapple and ham which
Adam: I don't like that. But now I don't like that.
John: I agree. So they brought it in us and I'll try this. I tasted it and I realized that the pineapple and the tomato sauce and their cheese and everything was absolutely stunning. It was a perfect match made in heaven. It's called to other people and it's called a Hawaiian Hawaiian pizza. It's really good. I would recommend people to give it a shot. Tina is
Adam: from Chicago and she says it's almost grounds for divorce.
John: Yes, she will. She's never had it. Oh no, she's had it. She doesn't know she's doing it. She's is something's wrong.
Adam: There's nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with her care river River. Wow, man. Thanks. Nice anyway. And here. Where are we? Well, I have a meme that I don't have a recording of I want everyone to be on the lookout. This is one of those things that's going to be
John: a way we lost half our audience would that pineapple on a pizza thing? I think so. This is your like Darrell like Tina.
Adam: There's a whole conversation in the troll room about it now. No, we have not lost. They're very annoyed by us engagement. Now it's super engaging.
John: But is engaging
Adam: here is a meme alert. I'm hearing it. I'm hearing more of it. warm weather and more violent crime. Cruel Summer. Be on the lookout for it. I want recordings. Cruel Summer is going to be a Cruel Summer. I've heard it two times already. I haven't recorded it. But I've heard it. So I just want people to be on the lookout. Right. whenever that happens, you know.
John: Joe Biden gave up talk. Yes. He goes to England and goes to the Air Force Base or military base there. Yeah. I have some clips. Good. Now, the NPR covered this. I have a pre clip of the NPR Biden when I don't want to play that. NPR. Well, I can skip it. Here it is Biden trip a rundown. NPR President Biden has arrived in the United Kingdom on his first overseas trip as President Biden taking part in an eight day swing that will also include an appearance at a g7 summit. Biden is looking to reassert the US onto the world stage. We'll also be presenting the message the West can compete economically with China and other countries. President arrived at rmaf Milton hall where he outlined his agenda the US forces station there
Unknown: is my first overseas trip as treasure United States. I'm heading to the g7 then to the NATO ministerial and then to meet with Mr. Putin to let him know what I want him to know.
John: By to meet one on one with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and visit Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, you will meet in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of the trip. All right. So they managed to find that one little clip in their door. Biden was succinct.
Adam: When people cheered him.
John: They cheered him alive. He had a he had a booster audience that was behind him good. And they were it was like a bunch of Army guys and and they were or Marines maybe and they were you have to imagine the guy that's got it they all have masks on the guy is holding two small American flags in front of him and then waving him maniacally like, like a little girl at a at a parade. It was I don't know, what was it what the damage was not good. Okay, but let's listen. Here's a Biden maillet medley,
Adam: another male medleys, a two
Unknown: Medley show everybody quote another Iris protista, the world's changed changed utterly terrible beauty has been born. Where the global commons the seas, the air, the space and space remain open and accessible for the benefit of all. We must all commit to an ambitious climate action. You know, when I went over the tank and the kind of guy when I first was elected vice president with President Obama, military status down to let us know what the greatest threats facing America were. The greatest physical threat is
Adam: white people.
Unknown: This is not a joke. You know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest threat facing America was global warming. Then put a man in the moon flew a helicopter on Mars.
Adam: I liked that. he sneezed there was that what that was a cough. Oh, sounds like a sneeze.
John: Now I got two other clips. I didn't get a lot. But this one here was interesting. Because if you just listen to it as a six second clip, it was very much at the end and he says give. He says the clip is called give my word play it committed from the bottom of my heart. I
Adam: give you my word. Thank you all for what you do. I give you my word. What's wrong with that? He's peace.
John: I give you my let me say it to you. Adam, yes. I give you my word. Thank you. Stay safe.
Adam: Oh, the word is Thank you. I give you my word. Thank you. It's two words.
John: I don't know what what is give you my gonna say this time I give you my word. doesn't mean you're gonna do something.
Adam: But I don't know what he said before. Did he say it?
John: Believe me has disconnected to what he said before we just trying to wrap it he goes I give you my word.
Adam: Thank you. Thank you for being here. He's just and he's just ending it up and and I give you my word. Stay safe. Thank you. Stay safe.
John: Actually, death would be something easier. But the only grill? I think the funniest bit is his nine second clip. This is Biden dictators. I think this is a gem
Unknown: craft expose is false. The narrative that decrees of dictators can match the speed and scale the 21st challenges.
Adam: What? What does that even mean? Like don't
John: play it again. It's only nine seconds try to figure out what he said.
Unknown: Correct expose is false. The narrative that decrees of dictators can match the speed and scale the 21st challenges.
Adam: So something about Trump I'm sure. The dictators that can move as fast as the 21st century challenges
John: he never said century just the 21st
Adam: I'd like to I'd like to teach you some German blight bleibt car that stay safe in German it sounds better. Bribe see her? Okay, like see her?
John: Again, try life's what I get can't. Okay, blind bl
Adam: e IB blind. blind. Yeah, blind. See her? So it's seeker only with a seeker blind see her? Blind seeker close enough. I think we should use that instead of stay safe. Stay safe. Yeah. Good internationalize a little bit.
John: Doesn't sound did any German eyes. It doesn't sound like you can't say this Heil Hitler.
Adam: Not good enough. I'm sorry. I tried.
John: Not Hitler enough. All right.
Adam: I have a couple things to just run through New World Order stuff. It seems like we're we're globally we're trying to let the slaves know that. We've got to normalize everything. The rich are assholes. So we have these secret IRS files that came out through pro publica, a known leak. You know, they're known to leak stuff.
John: Papers, a lot of theories about what's going on with that.
Adam: Well, the reason why I say that is because we have the the secret IRS files also Germany has is now ranking their ultra rich but there's a number of It's not just us. I guess what I'm saying is they're trying to be trying to make all the rich people look like douchebags. What's the reason? What else have you heard?
John: Well, the reason I heard listen to some other right wingers, they said that when they were going to do the taxing on for the pay for the next bill of infrastructure bill, they kind of backed off on on gouging the rich. Yes, maybe that campaign and so they so this comes out saying, Look, they don't pay any taxes anyway. So I mean, you might while we gouge them. So this seems to be some political motivation. Everything is political,
Adam: everything. Oh, my God. Oh, back to Biden. You know, I had a different take than most people on this communist thing, which, from what I can read, actually, a lot of democrats are really unhappy with her. I mean, I'm seeing articles was this way
John: we will back up because you What do you mean, what? I don't know what the background is. I'll play
Adam: this clip. Do you have any plans to visit the border? I'm here in Guatemala today. At some point.
Unknown: We are going to the border we've been to the border. So this whole this whole this whole thing about the border we've been to the border. We've been to the border you haven't been to the border. And I haven't been to Europe. And
John: I don't understand the point that you're making
Adam: now. How did you interpret that and I haven't been to Europe
John: Well, I interpreted the way I put it in the newsletter which was that she wanted to go to Europe and know she you know but knows Biden's headed over there with with his wife and we didn't take her because she's using odd man in the back that standing there like you know, lifeless in the back brown as he speaks,
Adam: I think at night listened to this several times. I read that it I think that was my initial reaction as well. But now that I listened to it, it's different. What What, what I think she's saying is, why don't why didn't you ask Joe that shitty asked questions about him going to Europe? Why are you picking on me? And he was picking on her because he I mean, that is very on NBC like to go You didn't go to the border. And and she knows it and and if you listen again, with that in mind, it sounds more like she's saying, Well, I'm letting go to Europe either. Like how come you didn't talk to Joe? Why don't you put this to the president you shit. We've been to the border, you haven't been to the border. And I haven't been to Europe. And I think that's that's more likely that that's why she said she has such disdain for Joe that she has to stand in the shadows. And then she gets all the heat for the crap job.
John: I'm not gonna say your interpretation is wrong. at all, because quite likely, because there was no reason to drop that you're a mom in there. No, out of the blue. Chicago, maybe maybe she says irql Joe and maybe she's under fire marginalizes the vice president she's being cut out she's well she's under doesn't
Adam: look happy. She's under fire. The Chicago Tribune had a column please God, please. Biden must endure until 2024. They don't want her to be present. They think she's what what she is. They think she's horrible. These are Democrats. They, they they are I think they may even be afraid of her to some degree.
John: I you know, I've every time I look at her, I think if she ever became president, were screws would be interesting. Because she's like, just looks like she's a fascist.
Adam: I think there's a pretty good troll site, this whole trolling mission is happening. And a number of producers have sent me this and said, Oh, it Trump's new social network. It's coming. It's coming. Trump's new social network is called the trumpet. And this was announced and I'd like you to go to this website if you can pop up a browser there. Okay, the office 45 number 40 The Office 40 this is I believe this to be a huge troll site. And people are signing up. This this is this is built by jokesters or someone who wants to sign up on number 45. Yes, the office 45 calm. But people are sending this like, Oh, it's called the by the way. Isn't that a big clue? When it's called the trumpet? You know, that's not what he's going to call his social network, but they're signing up for the email announcements. People are forwarding me the emails. I think you're being had peeps. This is not this is not Trump.
John: I don't think it is either. And I'll tell you why. I don't think it's Trump.
Adam: I have a number of reasons but go ahead.
John: Well, my first initial reason is the photo the black and white photo. mug. Exactly. never remember that use never,
Adam: never. Never.
John: So That's how
Adam: I like to contact us. This is this is what tipped me off under contact us. So they have sign up for trumpet. Soon real americans will have a voice on the trumpet you'll be able to interact with the real Donald Trump from his genius brain directly to the American people. But this platform will be for true American patriots only many people are predicting it will be bigger than Twitter and Facebook combined. And then below that, better yet see us in person. Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump enjoy hearing from the American people but they really like it when real americans visit them at their beautiful home at Mar a Lago. Use the password Hold on one at the gate so that security knows you're a real treat.
John: This is the same as the gag that's floating around about you to get the real good COVID test is the Canadian gag. Yeah, it's in the newsletter. When you get it, you get a good COVID test. Take a stool sample and mail it to Liberal Party. Canada.
Adam: Yeah. I wonder if these this is
John: bullcrap from the get go, but it's obviously bullcrap nobody's falling for this or they
Adam: know plenty of people are falling for it.
John: But then there they need to rethink themselves. This has got all the earmarks of a scam. And as a mailing list collector, yes.
Adam: So I wonder what the second shoe is when it drops? Once they have
John: everybody on some mailing list for the rest of party.
Adam: Right. Note from
John: and by the way, you know what the other big major giveaway is? What colors the background?
Adam: Yes, that's not even a good orange. It's completely as orange it's not right. so obvious note from one of our producers, I heard you and Horowitz talking about the the prices we've talked about it to about these prices going out of control, which are I think we both agree that they're artificially inflated, by the way. I got to go Poupon, the former New York bankers you see the announcement about BlackRock that BlackRock is buying up as many homes as they can 20% over price pieces. No, that's not true. Fuck, it's true. These guys are buying up everything taken away from the children.
John: People are definitely bitching about this problem now.
Adam: Quick report from the field of automotive automobile manufacturing. While the chip shortage has threatened a few of our and other suppliers. It's really the resin. That seems to be the biggest challenge for most suppliers. As you well know much of what goes into cars is plastic. The BMW plant here in South Carolina is the largest BMW manufacturing facility in the world. As far as numbers are concerned. This is why with the best podcast and university we have the best producers. We're in a situation right now where BMW global will shut down other facilities just to keep this one running. Most of the ancillary and sillery and sillery suppliers are also doing the same thing. Just soleri ancillary Thank you are doing the same thing just to keep this plant online. So as for the company I work for many of our facilities in North America have already shut down for extended periods due to manufacturers like Ford and Chevy shutting down production for weeks or months while they wait on ships and plastic to be available. plastic. Isn't that what Dustin Hoffman is still doing? Since? Yeah, since the graduate plastics,
John: plastics.
Adam: So we only get plastic from China. We don't make any plastic I guess not Oh,
John: is it? No, the greatest plastic operations are all out of Taiwan. I'm told when I was in one year, I was there and I was told that the Taiwanese are the number one in the world experts at injection molding. Right? If you can, if you haven't, you can dream something up. They can make an injection molding of it and nobody else can do it. They say but I think a lot of plastic comes from finished plastics. I think we make plastic and we get refineries comes out of there. The resins? I don't know the substance fishy about it. So I know. I think
Adam: we get don't we get new numbers today. New inflation numbers today or tomorrow.
John: Yeah, tomorrow probably Friday's it's a big day for
Adam: the 4.2 last time. What do we think it is now? I think it'll go above five.
John: No, they lie. If you don't say it, it won't be true. So I have a long clip if you want to hear it. Sure. Because this is kind of this was on a podcast. I just kept the podcast right because it couldn't take him. But this guy's a writer worked in China. Cameron Pascha. He's worked on a lot of different shows. And he worked in China and he came up with a with a it looks like the divorce between Hollywood and China is underway. Oh really caught it because there was a lot article in The Hollywood Reporter large articles, I miss discussing how the relationship got started, how it started to fall apart. And how it seems now that everybody is bailing from the Chinese relationship except Disney, who stuck there because they have two amusement parks. Yeah,
Adam: I got, oh, wow.
John: And But meanwhile, they're being told how to present this is a two minute clip two and a half minute clip of this guy, I think he summarizes things is a little I'd had to cut some stuff out. But it's fascinating because I think he's right. And then later in the podcast, he discussed what's what's going to slowly evolve, which is Hollywood going after China in their storytelling. And we haven't seen that yet. But that's coming. It's like,
Adam: we've seen quite the opposite. We've seen exactly the opposite
John: is over, if you listen to this, it's over listen to this,
Unknown: Hollywood, for all of its talk of idealism has always been about one thing, and one thing only, which is money, right that at the end of day, it says what it says in order to get PR, you know, which is again about money. If you if you can sound morally righteous, then people will come and support your products and watch your movies and watch your television shows. And so that's the goal of it. And so, the problem the Chinese, the Chinese and partly the problem that China presented that at least the Chinese Communist Party presented was that it was the source of money, at least that was what was being, you know, held up as, as a character, we're going to be a source of tremendous money for Hollywood. But when you're not going to be able to bring morality into the conversation if you want our money, and you're not able to critique our policies. I mean, we had years, we had movies like, you know, seven years, Tibet and all that. And suddenly, all that stopped all the Tibet used to be a big, you know, hollywood political thing, raise money for Tibet, the Dalai Lama is a celebrity, right? And then suddenly, all the free Tibet stuff stopped real fast. The when, when China became at least the the anticipated source of money. But then the problem and I think the article goes into it is that China made one mistake is that if you're going to blackmail someone, you actually have to follow through with it. So if you're going to use money as the way to leverage power
over Hollywood, you actually have to make Hollywood invested in getting that money. But the problem with an authoritarian government, like the Chinese Communist Party, is that they, they aren't able to think that way. They're used to just doing, you know, ordering people to do things and people obey. And so they did not see that all the restrictions they placed on how Hollywood can make money on it would actually sour the relationship. Right. It was a Chinese Communist Party's greed and power hunger that took away his ability to actually use Hollywood as a propaganda piece. Because once Hollywood realize we're not making money on this, then why did why are we shackled to this do what annoyed Hollywood is, oh, we thought we were gonna make billions of dollars off of you. But you're keeping most of the revenue for yourself, both in terms of movies in terms like these Disney Parks? Well, then what's in it for us? You want us to be your propaganda arm, but what are we getting out of it? And that was the mistake the Chinese Communist Party made is they overplayed their hand and could and could not consider the actual point of bribery, which is we actually have to pay the money to bribe someone.
Adam: Hmm. That's interesting. Do you think that's part of the reason why Biden reverse the TIC Tock ban? To give them a little olive branch personal entertainment, and also Hollywood left Hollywood, it's now Amazon and Netflix. And, and they're not in China. As far as I know. Those guys don't stream in China,
John: but nobody's gonna be in China shortly. Good. They're bailing out the whole thing, which was, I think three years ago on this show, we were lamenting the big studios are being built in China on behalf of you know, various so what's uh, what
Adam: is it? What Why, why this change of heart?
John: Because, like he said, they never got the money they were promised. They're shiny
Unknown: sheep.
Adam: There's a couple things you can you can say ops and MK Ultra Americans all day long. You don't pay us shit happens.
John: Where's all this money we were promised. Wow.
Adam: That's a good one. I like that.
John: Yeah, I didn't know this was going on. But it's pretty funny. The new year now they're gonna turn on chatting with the storylines because they can do whatever they want. China's like, the Fast and Furious movie. I didn't take the clip of this but john cena is now like a just consider that worst person ever.
Adam: Yeah, because of his apology,
John: because he apologized in Mandarin to the Chinese for even suggesting that Taiwan was a country. Yeah. And now he's, you know, he's pretty much black. listed by everybody both sides of the of the ocean and the Chinese won't go see Fast and Furious again this guy explains that if the chain if the Chinese people get a hint that they they might be tracked as under social monitoring system for going to see Fast and Furious nine because the Chinese don't like john cena wow that they won't go to the movie because they don't want to get that black mark on their little numbering system. So the movies a huge flop in China when it should be a big success.
Adam: Cool.
John: Yeah. All Hell's breaking loose.
Adam: This is a bad time. Yeah, I like it. Excellent. Oh, well, they screwed it up. You don't need China. If you want to keep playing us. You got it. You got it. You got to pay to play baby. That's the market. That's actually the Hollywood way. Yeah, New York Times had a very interesting article that caught my eye. And this is regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan. And it's so confirms our theory that the only reason we're there is to continue the the endless supply chain the ratlines of the poppies for the pharmaceutical yes and for the CIA for their for their illegal drugs slash weapons trade. So here's the headline, CIA scrambles for new approach in Afghanistan. And here's the problem, there's they won't have a base, they need a base that can handle large transport planes that is not too far from the poppy fields. And they're now in Pakistan doesn't want them anymore. You know, after we got that, we got the phony bin lot in there. And so they're even going so far as Kurdistan, trying to get a base there and trying to try to use other countries bases, they're flipping out. They don't know what to do is we need to base we need to load these planes. Not something to keep our eye on as they try. They're gonna have to every running debt.
John: That's what since the New York Times is a some sort of a psyop for the CIA. We had to kind of deconstruct a Why do you think that article is running in the New York Times in the first place? Is this like a message? Hey, is like here's our problem. We can't do this anymore. Here is anybody out there can help us just let us know. Possibly. It's got to be a cycle one add possibly
one little old a couple of things here. I got a couple of mysterious things. I got you. JOHN Kirby at the State Department for
Adam: the Pentagon was the wincing john Kirby. Yes.
John: I've got a couple of clips here that are interesting. Yeah. First of all, this will be I got three colors but China challenge first clip first US, let's do Kirby challenge of China. They're talking about China first use
Adam: is this. Sorry,
John: the first use of a term is
Adam: that the task force's work with you want first use? I'm sorry? That's the one. Okay.
John: Yeah. When I first use not first,
Adam: Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Here we go.
Unknown: And I think you also saw today, the Secretary issued a directive to the force that initiate several major department wide efforts to better address the security challenges posed by China as the United States number one pacing challenge challenge these initiatives, some of which will remain classified, are designed to focus departmental processes and procedures, and better help department leaders contribute to whole of government efforts to address the challenge of China.
Adam: whole of government. Okay, well,
John: the terminators pacing.
Adam: Yes, I gotcha. You know
John: about this? No, I don't either play this. I got two other clips. This is Kirby secrets pacing challenge. first clip
Unknown: is that the task force's work was sort of a down in in look at the way the department is organized, the way it's structured. And the way we think about the broader issues of China from a security perspective, it wasn't meant to be an up and outlook. So it's not a strategy that is produced here. Really, it's it's an assessment of how the department's doing with respect to truly treating China as the number one pacing challenge in the task force found some some gaps in themes, some things that we could be doing better. And back to your question. The directive issued by the Secretary lays out some some initiatives and efforts that were recommended recommended by the task force that he wants the department to adopt.
Adam: Hmm pacing challenge.
John: And here's the last clip where uses pacing challenge. Back to your
Unknown: question. The directive issued by the Secretary lays out some some initiative gives an efforts that were recommended, recommended by the task force that he wants the department to adopt, so that we can improve the way we think the way we plan the way we the way we structure and organize ourselves to truly deal with China as the number one pacing challenge. I think what the Secretary's concern was it that he didn't want to just say this, he wanted to make sure we were actually acting on it.
Adam: Well, this is driving me nuts. I'm looking, I'm looking at article after article where this this phrase comes up and what the hell does it mean?
John: That's what I'd like to know,
Adam: pacing challenge.
John: Do we have to have some military guys tell us this? Because we don't know. There's got to be somebody listening to the show saying, I know what I mean, I can understand kind of what it might be referring to, which is, which is the fact that China is like, you know, moving as economy and its social structure and all these things they had, and we have to keep pace with them. In so far as the military or whatever, I don't know. But I mean, it's got something to do with that. It's got to,
Adam: well, some of the initiatives will remain classified. defense officials told reporters that the effort puts new organizational structures in place to better prioritize competition with China. And to make sure the challenges in the indo Pacific Pacific region are, quote, gaining the attention they deserve. Maybe it's a friendly way of saying we're we're gonna beat you up.
John: It's gotta be friendly.
Adam: Yeah, this is I agree. We need some military military, maybe some intelligence. I was gonna say military spook term.
John: Yes, so called dooky term MST, he he did one of the thing in his press briefing, his most recent one that I thought was like another head shaker. This is Kirby on the Arctic Arctic center.
Unknown: On to other news, the Secretary is proud to announce today the establishment of a sixth Defense Department Regional Center. This will be the ted stevens center for Arctic security studies. The ted stevens center will provide a new venue to collaborate across the US government and with our allies and partners to advance shared interests for a peaceful and prosperous Arctic. The Defense Department regional centers are international academic venues for bilateral and multilateral research, communication and training with the goal of building strong, sustainable international networks of security leaders.
Adam: Well, now that is interesting as well, the ted stevens center didn't didn't wasn't the guy that died in a in a weird plane crash in that get murdered. Yes. So this is like a gimme, like, Oh, we murdered him. But now Hang on, and he was in Alaska. So that would kind of make maybe he was involved in something with the Arctic, there's a lot of mysterious stuff up there.
John: You know, I this whole thing was suspicious to me. The naming and everything in between?
Adam: Well, you know, if you if you listen to the alternative, the alternative to the alternative information circuits, the military is is not the Austin is not in control of the military at all. He's only there to do, you know, critical race theory type comments and social justice stuff, and that the military, in fact, still is loyal to Trump. And that the August timeline is in play for him to be reinstated. I just have to mention this. Yeah, I know you do. It's a big belief. And Michael Flynn is definitely pushing this. And the term is and the gloves are off. It's our turn now and the gloves are off. So what is wrong with your mic? are you falling off the stand there? Or what's going on?
John: Why
Adam: your mic is noise? sunrice. Noisy, noisy? This is you?
John: Oh, you know what i think i think what is the noise screen is banging into it? Ah, okay.
Adam: You split screen. So one brief clip, then seeing as critical race theory is it I'm not going to play any of these clips of parents that you can look them up anywhere at school meetings, and some of them very articulate, very good putting these people in their place telling they work for us, not the other way around. They don't want critical race theory there overturning school boards, the American people are rising up. And it's not just republicans or red states. It's everywhere. And so when that happens, you got to roll out
Unknown: the big guns, you would think with all the public policy debates that are taking place right now that, you know the republican party would be engaged in a significant debate about how are we going to deal with the economy and what are we going to do about climate change and what are we going to do about it? Lo and behold the the single most important issue to them currently right now is critical race theory. Who knew that? That was the threat to our republic? Wow, man,
Adam: they really had to send them out to that, didn't they?
John: Well, the economy is booming for all practical purposes, according to everybody. So why is anyone going to be discussing that? global climate change? You know that I think that's beaten to death? What it does is make Why did they bring this guy, he's, he's a socialist communist, I'm convinced of it now.
Adam: We were doing our really odd, but Tina, Tina is so organized. I love that woman. Like, okay, we're now we're doing our will. I don't want to think about that. Now, we're doing our will. It's very smart. You know, you should do that. We got all kinds of stuff and you know, history and kids. And, you know, the last thing actually, we want everyone to fight. So we're trying to make it as as crazy as possible. But the the lawyer, and we were on a zoom call. And she's talking about certain things you can do to protect. It's all about estate taxes, where if you die, then how much will the state take away from your children? And she said, I'm just gonna get political for a moment here. Hope you don't mind. And like, she's in Texas. So I knew what was coming. She said, you know, when I read, when I read Marx said, it's very obvious what's going to happen here, and that they're going to lower the threshold of 11 point 2 million, I think it's $11.7 million. You can give away untaxed when you die. Like that's not going to be a problem for me. But she says it'll probably go down to one and a half to 2 million, which you know, you have a house and a couple cars. And by that time, you know, inflation. That's really quite, quite interesting how they're pushing all of this. The critical race theory, the elites shouldn't be making all that money, although they are and they will continue to do so. We need universal basic income, we need to get ready to tax tax that you can't you
can't leave anything to your children. That's not fair. isn't interesting how you can inherit the evil white supremacy from your ancestors, multiple generations, but you can't inherit money from your parents. Isn't that interesting how that works.
John: It's fascinating, by the way that this critical race theory thing is being brought up everywhere. Yeah, or not happy about No,
Adam: and they shouldn't be as horrible. It's racist is racist,
John: was besides that it's Marxist. Yeah, well, there's talked about before it comes back. But it comes out of the 60s during that era of Marxism as a failed idea. Out of critical theory by Herbert Mark kusa and the boys out of the Frankfurt School, the whole thing is a communist idea. It's just a way to subvert the country, to make it weak, which is what they're trying to do, and with the people that they have in the office, including AOC, and Bernie Sanders, and all of that's
Adam: part of succeeding is succeeding that part. It's Yeah, it's
John: kind of succeeding. But I think this critical race theory, which is a subset of critical theory, is gone too far. This is worse than the stupid common core thing. Nobody like that either. Is that you know, when it comes to messing with the kids, you know, they're asking for trouble. But most parents, a lot of parents all know, they're all in
Adam: whatever. I don't know. It seems like a lot of parents.
John: Let them listen to whatever they want.
Adam: needing the kids. And then finally, before we take a break, I watched the apple developer conference. presentation.
John: Yeah. Which one? Yeah, WWDC?
Adam: Yeah. Which I like watching because they tell you a lot more about about what's coming in the features. I don't have to what did you think by the way, when you saw it, did you I'm sure you watch some of it, didn't you? Did you watch it?
John: I watched a few minutes of it. I liked the emojis in the audience, which is pretty much I couldn't tell the difference. Oh, geez, yeah, the same to me. And it was too rushed. I thought was rushed and I thought that there was no it was just all incremental crap. Yeah, probably some your big time old time Apple user. I mean, it did kick me off the platform years ago and I've never really gone but
Adam: I mean, I have used
John: an iPhone. I haven't used to voluntarily left.
Adam: Yes, I left a several years ago. I just looking at this. I have to say two things. One, the what they're making is beautiful. It is so slicks that all the lead is incremental, but it's all these little things, all these little features. It's just It is a beautiful, soft marshmallow world. And increasingly, it is clear to me, if you stick with this platform, they will own you and make you stupid. It It is a complete lock in they're locking you in on everything and content No longer will flow. They're going it's all in the cards they've got it all set up it's going to say
John: emotions day one make it real pretty and attractive and suck you in and then and pat you a lot on the head so don't worry don't worry we can do it. Yeah,
Adam: and we can do it together and then you become an apple person. But it's it's worse now you it's just everything is inside the apple ecosystem and they have a big ass firewall around you and they determine what is okay for you to have.
John: Yeah. You agree to it.
Adam: But people don't know they don't know what's coming. like well I can't get to that can't get that information. Now you watch no agenda social calm will soon be unavailable on Apple devices. I can cook me can see like comments surprise me. It's coming right down. Which is why we all need a flip phone. I'm going to
Unknown: show my little by donation to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that. Oh yeah, that'd be fine.
John: We do have a few people to thank for show
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John: douchebag what way in Kartini in Torrington, Connecticut. 100. Rob Van Dyke you know, Rob, sir Rob, I think 100 Steven little in Inglewood, Inglewood,
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Adam: I think there's
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John: I can't read it.
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Adam: Nope, must have been missed. So why don't you continue? I'll fill in his details
John: that that's what he was making Michaels or Michael Ray Reyes.
Adam: Now he says he says you could name me sir. Whatever you want to name me in quotes.
John: Okay, well then that's what
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Adam: I think that's what he wants.
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Andre Pierre Zhu, though this is an Hollander, so he's in. He's in res Vic veeck. Right. His name is Andre Picchu.
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Adam: case as soon as we have our Vax passports, we must go to Holland. JOHN. We must we must we must we must answer Jason deluzy aadsas Chadds Ford Pennsylvania is last want to thank all these folks for making show 1350 for the winner that it is indeed Thank you all and thanks everybody who came in under that? That $50 level which we do keep for reasons of anonymity, but we see you and it's very much appreciated. We do have a note from Mark Kudrow ski who will be knighted today I'm officially no agenda night I wish to be dubbed sir plane crash because I was a pilot in one injuries too long to list. I'll just say that I almost died in a coma for a month have a prosthetic fused other ankle brain injury, brain bleed, partial paralysis, etc. Perfect no agenda producer material, no jingles and nothing added to the roundtable mutton and mead hookers and blow for everybody. My knighting is very much overdue. I reached it at the end of 2019 I very much value deconstruction and I'm on a 33 $33 a month plan. I've been listening for nine years and it's put into words things that I've been skeptical about all along to forex superpower is putting things in a historical perspective. Curry superpower, the way you run the damn show you a Tourette's. And he goes on to say I refuse to get the jab. I think if you're in a plane crash and you have all that you don't need, I mean, you could take 20 jobs, your your your bulletproof, my friend, I refused to get the job. My sister and brother
in law refused to see me because of that case, and discussions that I was not part of with my parents. And then my brother in law said, Well, he's responsible for the killing of his kids. They're 1013 and 16 years old, horribly insensitive and awful to say the least. Not to mention the fact that if they are unlikely enough to get it as it's almost 100% survival rate for kids under 18. And then I realized he is a tenured professor at the University of Minnesota. He works in the biomedical field and he most definitely talks to Professor Oh, stir home. My brother in law's about the same status as he is and works in a loosely related field. I get a perverse kick out of oastler home, even though I'm vaccinated, I don't want to breathe the air of people who are not just goes to show how entitled and elitist they really are in collegiate America. Stay safe. Stay safe, he says Well, thank you very much mark, and you are on the list. Thanks again to all of the producers. Great show everybody. We're gonna wrap it up with a couple of fun things before we go reminder that you can support us for the Sunday show. slash and a listen everybody with a bit of jobs, cars, jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
Here is our list as complete as we have it for today sir data ops 33 yesterday's there Brian Tobias says Happy Birthday Mr. Spencer wolf of Kansas City. also celebrated on the ninth Karen sells her happy birthday to her smokin hot husband Brad seltzer turns 55. Today, Robert Willie 66 tomorrow. Chris Webb caplets Happy Birthday to his nephew Eli, the mighty guy who turns four tomorrow. Daniel Taggart. Happy birthday to dude named Ben named Ben celebrated yesterday. And that's our birthday list. Happy Birthday for everybody here out the best podcast in the universe. Change I
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No One written report today from the actually say spontaneous meetup but just wanted to mention it wasn't an official one from anonymous, just ran into produce from Tennessee at the gas station in Hamilton, Alabama, Alabama. As per usual, I was listening while ferrying my smokin hot wife to and from work 20 minutes each way. That's the easiest way for me to consume no agenda and she also gets a kick out of it anyways, I left the show playing with the door open while I got gas the guy at the opposite pump said he was listening to the same show made my day I have to apologize we didn't swap names but we are both anonymous and was nice meeting him. Now on our calendar here's what's going on in meetup land is the no agenda meetups people come together. It's one of the few places you can still have the same conversation anymore. That isn't all about your status as Baxter unboxed. And tomorrow. Charleston South Carolina has a five week cycle at 5pm at Bay Street beer garden. On Saturday the Houston masked off super spreader luncheon at noon at the rodeo goat. Also on Saturday the Lisbon slave brawl six o'clock Western European time, sir Kevin of the irrigated rice fields will be organizing. Also on Saturday Springfield, Missouri This was rescheduled the meetup at eight o'clock at Lindbergh's patio and the boots on the pegs hang off and hang out ride with a guide. This is an honorable mention that will be in Massachusetts in New Hampshire. It's a bike ride. It's on the
calendar. Go take a look at that I'm not sure exactly what that is. And coming Sunday the Brandon Ellsbury Boston event at 230 at Castle Island brewery. Coming up the rest of the month the Memphis Tennessee meet up on the 17th Charlotte, North Carolina on the 18th to come to Washington Denver, Colorado, Peterborough, Ontario, Missoula, Montana as on the 19th sunset Valley Texas the 19 Chicago South Bend a South Dublin Ireland Long Beach, California Barcelona Spain on the 19th are you getting the picture people these meetups are important and people like him and you'd like it to go to no agenda meetups calm take a look find some find a meetup near you can find one no problem. Create one yourself no agenda meetups calm it's like a pot at times you want to go hang out with all the knights and you won't be triggered. You would have
not got a crap of people are taking to this ISO thing is like the way they used to do end of show mixes. In fact, I've gotten less end of show mixes now. And more ISOs which is interesting. I like it because I know people will listen all the way to the end. Kind of like that part. And I'll play some I'll play my ISOs or play in mind and we'll play yours. It's
John: very dangerous.
Adam: That's one finally dark once and for all what is the answer to I don't know what that is that doesn't even belong in there. But this one that's wrong. That one and that's all I got. I thought I had more. That's all I got. You must have something better, I hope.
John: I don't know. I got get excited. Here we go. Get excited about okay.
Unknown: I have Watch. Watch. Watch where we're stepping
Adam: down stepping away from the cicada clip.
John: I like it. Yeah. And then Wrong. Wrong.
Adam: I like watch where you're stepping. That's kind of cute. Yeah. And then I have one clip. I know you'll have you always have a gun with the end this. I have. If you're going into the show notes, you can see that in the bat vs lab. I think there's 10 clips if you want to go through it. There's Fauci. You know, the science is under attack. There's a 2018 nih Advisory Council meeting where he's literally talking about gain of function research loophole. Even 2016 Peter datsik of eco Health Alliance, talking about sequencing the spike protein, and it's all in there. But instead of playing that, I will play just a short bit, which I thought was funny. Senator Joe Kennedy, and the guy is just he's just a mean fest.
Unknown: Sean, every time I've asked I'm asked about Dr. couch asked say the same thing I know Dr. Fauci I'm like Dr. Fauci. I respect Dr. Fauci.
But Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap. This isn't about Dr. Fauci. It's not about his feelings, and I'm sorry if his feelings were hurt. No, maybe he ought to ban emotional support pony. But we're not debating dance moves on tik tok. Here, we're talking about millions of human lives. And here's what we know. Dr. Fauci gave a lot of us taxpayer money to the Wu Han lab for Chinese scientists to research bat coronaviruses
Adam: just like him, these ads are just as all these different things. All these hip terms you throw in there I think he's very with it this guy. Kennedy, I was first name isn't a joke. Joke isn't a joke. isn't a john john john. It's a john. Yeah. He's not related, as far as I know. No. To say the least. He's not one of the good Kennedys, quote, unquote, Kennedy. He's not a Kennedy. Alright, he was here.
John: I'll play it one thing I got my continuation of the call in show. Oh, on c span we got here's a Collins. This is all one word Collins and isn't some one weirdo?
Adam: Sorry, one weirdo.
John: Yeah, Collins opposed one weirdo.
Adam: Oh, I see. Yeah, I got it. Florida. you oppose. Good
John: morning. I absolutely oppose. First off,
Unknown: I want to give thanks to the King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie II, who is the king of kings. Secondly, Joe Biden, and the democrats are trying to replace black people with Hispanic people, because black people are gonna eventually get off the damn reservation in the slave things that they are making them live under. And are gonna get smart. And both them send the bitches out. Wow, they
Adam: let that whole thing stay in there. Good. I was surprised. very surprised. That's it. That's the one we're playing. That's the last one.
John: I can also do one more. One call his anti Biden drunk.
Unknown: LLC. Bob, why don't you tell us why I oppose it all because as far as immigration goes, years ago, we came in this country I did learning
John: learn English and learn our our country and everything else. But now they turned it all the way around. And if you don't know anything about the Spanish and you don't want to learn Spanish, you're guilty. That's country's gone to hell in a handbag nobody's Want to resolve this problem until everything stopped and said, Okay, this is no more coming in. Don't nobody come in in this country unless they do it the right way. Bob, Bob, what do you think about the
Unknown: Congress here and its efforts or, or lack thereof depending on who's calling in this morning on on this issue over over the years, but what would you say to them?
I said, No, don't waste your time because Congress is going to do what they want to do. Nobody's going to change cameras. You can tell them what to do. They know it all. Except this country's going down the toilet.
Adam: I like hell in a handbag. I'm going to use that one. It's going to hell in a handbag and it's a Gucci. We're Birkin. Crew. Okay, here's what we have coming up. I know agenda behind the schemes Episode 48. Shoe rock punk with blueberry and lavish. I've never heard that. And your show mixes Rolando Gonzales, Londo Gonzales, clip custodian, Neal Jones and Tidewater architects with a long one but a good one to about four and a half minutes total. And I am coming to you still from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas Capitol the drone Star State is still FEMA Region number six in the governmental maps. We'll be out of here in a couple of weeks after the hill country of Texas, because you're going to pflugerville in the morning, everybody I'm Adam Curry,
John: and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where there's no pflugerville or hill country. We have real mountains, we're not fooling around, and Jhansi divorce
Adam: we return on Sunday. Please remember us at divorce act at org slash na. Until then, stay safe everybody. Adios mofos and such.
Unknown: We're going to continue encouraging people to get vaccinated with incentives and fun rewards. The state of new thanks to the creative ideas and government for holding the vaccination vaccine lottery
announced that they're going to give away $1 million each week to someone who gets vaccinated with one of their pharmacies. NVA NBA NHL NASCAR, NASCAR tracks that are offering vaccine vaccines, outside playoff games in the races. Major League Baseball we offer you free tickets to people get vaccinated. To top it off Anheuser Busch announced in Arizona, the fourth That's right, get a shot and have a beer. free beer for everyone. 21 years are over to celebrate the independence from the virus.
John: Get on the system tonight
Unknown: Houston becoming the first US city to see cases of all the reported various
the Delta Varian fueled a surge in India and is now the dominant strain in the UK. This variant of the virus is stoking some alarm and in that Coronavirus, emergency new fears about a double Newton
variant. What's your level of concern about this new variant, these new variants you've described them as a combination of mutations all at the same time,
I want to ask you about a mutation within these mutations. It's
Adam: a guess, nicknamed the EAC mutation, there is a new variant of this virus. You have said
Unknown: that we have to assume it's already inside this country as well. But what we're likely to see is regionalised epidemics with this new variants. East and West Coast punch of new COVID variants has now
Adam: been reinfected with the South African variant appear to have discovered a new highly contagious variant who combines the British variant and the Indian variant. What we know about this new variant is that it is more contagious. How long will it take us to get the booster shots?
John: Very game. Get a shot and have a bear race to reach the hesitant
Unknown: close he did on the goal to partially vaccinate 70% of all adults by July 4. Tonight we may be closer to know when the fully inoculated kidney that booster shot. reached the hesitate.
Adam: Closing in on
Unknown: the goal to partially vaccinating 70% of all adults by July 4. We may be closer to now with the fully inoculated booster shot.
John: You're not necessarily hesitant to say no. Can you just say no does that mean your head I'm going to do is I'm going to go and I'm gonna start walking in that direction but I'm not gonna go too fast as opposed to No, hell no,
Unknown: a booster shot will likely be needed eight to 12 months after the second shot. A booster shot will likely be needed eight to 12 months after the second shot. No, no. A booster shot will likely be needed eight to 12 months after the second shot. A booster shot will likely be needed eight to 12 months after the second shot. No need for a booster shot with booster shots. No, hell no.
Adam: There's going to be a need for booster shots. But there will be a need for booster no hell
Unknown: no threat of COVID-19 gatherings with family and friends in private homes and yards are prohibited. travel between regions should be avoided and traveling is forbidden. It's forbidden to leave your home between 9:30pm and 5am. between 9:30pm and 5am all the rules all the time. No exceptions. It means
Adam: there might be a need for a booster shot. The need for booster no Hell no.
Unknown: We don't know what the exact point number of the percentage of people who are vaccinated What did he say? I don't know what the exact number other percentage of people who are vaccinated. The need for a booster shot with a need for
Adam: there might be a need for a booster shot but there might be a need for a booster get a shot and have a barrier here. Day.
Very Bill Gates of Hell. Oh
Unknown: thank you Dr. Rochelle Wolinsky for all that you and everyone at the CDC does to protect our safety and security mopho John slash and watch where we're stepping
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