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August 1st, 2021 • 3h 16m

1369: COVID Roulette


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John: Have more kids have more kids? Adam Curry
Adam: Jhansi devora Sunday August 1 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1369. This is no agenda. Bunny, bunny rabbit rabbit and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country. FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry.
John: And I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where the Delta variant exists and thrives. I'm just
Adam: killed. I guess you got it there, huh? It's all over the Delta.
John: Delta has landed delta delta delta.
Adam: ag, I'd like to make an observation to start to show off. The vaccines do not work. And instead of Pfizer saying and the Big Pharma saying hey, you know, they don't work. We got to figure this out. Instead, let's just blame it on the unvaccinated which of course are trumpers which of course live in the red states which of course, douchebags and should be eliminated and purged. Am I kind of getting close?
John: Well, there's obviously some element of that or that we wouldn't be hearing so much about it. The vaccines Well, I don't know if I want to start off with the this series of clips but I heard on NPR. The Delta wacky these is wacky. Probably the most. I wish we had more doctors that listen to this show. I want to hear some feedback about the screw is theory I've ever heard on public broadcasting. Anything is the science writer goes on on off about this. You want to play these? Yeah. You know, I'm teasing the hell out of it. The first clip is the tease tunes. And it's Delta wacky one in this words are Delta wagons combined.
Unknown: Health officials around the world are adjusting their plans for combating the coronavirus pandemic, in light of the more infectious Delta variant and concern that even vaccinated people can spread it. Here in the United States, for example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is once again recommending that everyone, including those who are vaccinated wear masks indoors in high risk areas. We wondered why the Delta variant is causing problems that other variants haven't. So we asked NPR science correspondent Joe palca, to help explain that. Hi, Joe.
Adam: And we should probably also mention and what a great catch you had in the newsletter. There's a large chance the term chickenpox may show up in every single report we played today.
John: I know I caught it early. You
Adam: got to tell everybody about that. Because that was I mean, I looked at when Oh, this was this. This was a CDC memo that supposedly leaked. Did you know that it was leaked? No. Yes. No, of course we don't buy that for what what you discover. Go ahead, say it Tell everybody It was great.
John: Everybody isn't a newsletter, everybody who, on all the news, all the news channels and I'm waiting for the Super cut to come out. They're all equating the Delta variant with the chickenpox. It says. The quote is, is this contagious as the chicken pox.
Adam: Here's the 22nd example growing urgency
Unknown: behind President Biden's new vaccination push. Yesterday he announced that federal workers must be vaccinated or you have to get regular testing. And now the Washington Post reports that leaked internal CDC documents suggests that this delta variant which is the dominant strain in America, made me spread as easily as chickenpox
John: leaked my ass. So they're all saying that
Adam: and the point is, is is that was that really wraps it up.
John: Think about your is another point that wasn't made in the newsletter. They should. I mean, the the main point was well think of the children because you associate chickenpox with children. Children can't get the vaccine.
Adam: Well, they they're getting ready to get children are getting vaccinated, but they want more they want more than younger.
John: Yeah, you want to get the under 12. Kids, you want
Adam: to get babies get the embryos just shoot it right through the pregnant mother's stomach.
John: Might as well yeah. Alright, so they bring this guy on the Science Guy. Now I want you to listen to this and tell me what you think I got. These are all short there. Five of them said the number four is a little long, but let's go with Delta wacky number two
Unknown: high kind of thing. So what is it about the Delta variant that's causing all of these problems? How are people who are vaccinated supposed to think about this?
Well, the first thing they should know is that the vaccines work and what they're supposed to do is prevent you from getting extremely sick or winding up in the hospital or dying So that's the first thing. Keep that in mind. But vaccines give you systemic immunity, meaning all the inner organs of your body like the lung and the kidney and the liver are protected, but doesn't give you local immunity that is in the nose and throat, and that's where the virus gets in. What?
Adam: No, doctor, for what is this local immunity in your nose all of a sudden?
John: Okay. Just getting started. Wait, do
Adam: we have a name for this douche?
John: Yeah, his name is and I also left it in the outro. So you
Adam: know, this is great. I'm excited. Okay, we
Unknown: got three. Now it turns out the Delta variant is particularly good at replicating in the nose and throat so it can take hold there even if a vaccinated even though a vaccinated person will be protected from serious disease.
So what you're saying is the current vaccines, the ones that people are getting right now are not really designed to prevent the Coronavirus from infecting the nose and throat.
Not specifically. But I talked with Francis Lund, who's Chair of the Department of microbiology at the University of Birmingham in Alabama, about that. And she says, if you have a really, I'm sorry, it's the University of Alabama in Birmingham. And she says if you have a really strong immune response after getting vaccinated, then you might be protected in both the lungs and the upper airway, such as the nose and throat from infection. On the other hand, if your vaccine response is not super duper, or it's starting to wane a little bit, and you have a virus that can replicate really
fast, then yeah, you will end up with some limited period of time where that virus is replicating even in the vaccinated people.
Adam: What happened there? This guy's talking and then they go to a clip so quick. Was that someone else in the room?
John: I didn't understand what I was. That's the doctor from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Now, okay, okay. He doesn't confirm his crackpot theory at all, that you can have a localized version of the disease in your throat,
Adam: doesn't go anywhere else, just in my nose,
John: or just in your nose, which makes no sense whatsoever. She just talks about that people, some people can get to very, you know, mild version if they didn't get. And she's also reiterating the idea that if you get sick as a dog from the vaccine, that means is working, which has been a common theme. My favorite. Yeah,
Adam: if you get sick
John: theme of the show. Yeah. Oh, she almost died from the shot. Working. Yeah, it's working. Notice as with any other vaccine I've ever gotten, I mean, I had I've had yellow fever shots. I had I had the breadwinner recently. I've never had near death experience from the shot. That means it's working all this working. Hey, I'm sick as a dog Doc, I just got this shot. All it means is working and come on. So now we have this localized, you just get you get COVID in one spot to your body. And it doesn't. This is crazy. Crazy. Yeah. So let's go to clip. I think we're on the floor for I believe. No, I think we're three.
Adam: Yeah, sorry about that.
Unknown: Three, it is how it turns out the Delta variant is particularly good at replicating in the nose. And I
Adam: think we just played this. We just played this. Okay.
John: That's funny. What happened to two? Okay, well,
Adam: we played teaser, and then two was the first okay, right, right. Okay,
John: let's go to.
Unknown: So take a nasal swab from that person, and yes, they'd be infected. But the key is that for someone who is vaccinated, the virus might not be able to maintain its foothold in someone's nose. If you'll forgive the Wow.
In other words, they might be infectious for a day or two, somebody who's not vaccinated, it'll be a week or more that they could be transmitting the virus. So what determines whether someone who does have the virus in their nose will transmit it to other people? Do we know?
Well, not specifically. But it's this idea that every time you cough or sneeze or even if you're breathing heavily, and you happen to be standing near someone, the more viruses there is in the nose, the more likely the sneezes and coughs will contain virus particles that can infect someone.
And what does this mean about you know, in terms of those breakthrough infections among vaccinated people that we're hearing so much about right now,
the Delta variant may be slightly slightly more likely to cause a breakthrough infection. That's not certain. But since it's spreading now, and it since it's the main virus out there, if you're going to have any kind of breakthrough infection, it's going to be with the Delta variant.
So since we know all of this is anybody working on a vaccine that would block the virus from infecting those cells in the nose and throat in the first place?
Yes, these are vaccines that are administered by as a nasal spray and they have something like that for the flu vaccine. Francis Lund says there are seven different COVID-19 vaccines being studied in human subjects and it's early days. For those studies, and it's not clear whether any of them work because creating nasal vaccines against the Coronavirus virus is something researchers are just learning to do
Adam: this, it feels like the advertiser called up and said, Okay, guys, we got poisoned Tylenol, you gotta run some interference, really figure it out.
John: It sounds a little like that. And when you can kind of spot it by the way, he's doing this reporting. He's talking about they bring him Nate. And it's like a script that she's reading from the script. He's got the same script. They they bring up the nasal vaccines, and then he just jumps to, oh, we're working on seven different kinds of new other vaccines.
Adam: That's Pfizer, then this got to be a Pfizer shill.
John: This guy? Yeah. No, he's a regular guy. He's their science guy.
Adam: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay. Sure. I'm
John: not maybe I don't think so he's
Adam: all in, he'll be he'll be all
John: the whole companies all in. That's the deal. You just do what you're told, you know, but this guy, he's drug talks about the nasal vaccine, because that's the way to do it, to get rid of this localized version of the COVID. localized, jumps to the seven, the seven vaccines he's talking about, He never says that even one of them is a nasal vaccine. But he kind of this is an example of that conflation idea where you're kind of talking about two things at the same time. And hopefully, people will ignore the fact that what you're saying is, is nonsense, because you're talking about one thing and then talking about another thing that's not really confirming anything you're talking about Originally, I would like to play the end of that, again, if you can, if you can find that spot.
Adam: And of course, new problem, I think around here, but in the first place.
Unknown: Yes, these are vaccines that are administered by as a nasal spray, and they have something like that for the flu vaccine. Francis Lund says there are seven different COVID-19 vaccines being studied in human subjects. And it's early days for those studies. And it's not clear whether any of them work because creating nasal vaccines against the Coronavirus virus is something researchers are just learning to do.
John: So at no point does He say any of those seven vaccines or nasal vaccines, but he in he implies that all seven of them are. So this is the kind of really bad note
Adam: it also could be you know, I know a version of this type of journalist it's the music journalist. And what happens is the music journalist gets invited to come into the studio when they lay in the last tracks down or doing the mixing. And and you're so involved in that process, in that case, the creative process, so I'm sure that a science journalists would be very enamored with the with the incredible Space Age moonshot of
John: science journalists, photography journalists that are given these junkets by Kodak in the day old days. Look over all German real estate journalists, which are considered the worst. What I want to do is promote real estate.
Adam: What I like most about you is when you went on a junket, you would take the junket and then write a shitty review.
John: I had this theory,
Adam: which was great journalists
John: this I said, Yes, it's a conflict of interest to go on these junkets, but not if you're honest, go on the junket and tell it like it is. Even if it's a very negative thing. These people are not your friends. You'll find that out, by the way, like I found out after I'm out of the business. Yeah, none of these people, your friends, your D platformed.
Adam: Before it was on Vogue, man.
John: And you can you can blast the hell out of the junket to the people putting on the junket, because to be honest about it, once you go on the junket, you're not going on it again. If you write a good review, you've done your job, they're not inviting you back. If you write a bad review, they're not inviting you back. They're not inviting you back. So just just, you know, if you if it's worth a blast, or you want to write something critical, don't worry about it. And if you ever went took that advice, and these junkets would be, they'd be structured a little differently. I mean, there's some junk so just poorly structured. It's long stories, but it's beside the point, let's get to this delta variant fight this maniac in this ended Eclipse.
Unknown: So seven different vaccine candidates being studied. That's a lot but that you, like you said, can take a while. What can people do if they don't want to transmit the virus to others while they're waiting?
Well, they could lock themselves in a closet and not interact with anybody, but that's probably the bad plan. A much better plan is to wear a mask. That's what health officials have been saying. A lot of the time you don't know when you're sick. That's the devious thing about this virus, but you can still be infectious so mask is the safest thing to do when you're in a place where you could possibly infect other people.
Adam: That was NPR science correspondent Joe palca. Joe thanks for joining us. Show. Joe. Just
John: to reiterate What you started the show off with vaccines don't work. I think these clips prove it. Yeah. As much as they're trying not to prove it. But the idea that you're gonna get COVID in your nose and throat, but nowhere else in your body and you're going to transmit it and then it's going to go is crazy talk. I would like to I could be wrong. I'm not a doctor your job? No, No, I'm kidding. Have you ever heard of such a thing? No,
Adam: no, of course not.
John: Oh, this guy. Yeah, he's got he's got a temporary I don't know what he would even call this I would like to have some positions. respond and some emails in the next few weeks about this nonsense. I mean, it just doesn't make sense. But we always have to remember
Adam: scientists. These are experts if science continues to change. Science has changed. The war is changing. Let's just take one quick second, just to laugh and then we can get back to these vaccines. What isn't working on what is happening? This is the the up and coming spokes hole for the White House carrying john Pierre. There's not many people I really look at and dislike when when the mouth opened, but she's one of them. And I really started with msnbc where she was oh, I
John: don't know any of this. Yeah, this is this new.
Adam: Yeah, she was born in Martinique. So she's actually a frog. She's French. But I think she grew up in Haiti. really tiny, tiny little woman. I'm sure you've seen her.
John: I probably have but give me her name. So I can look at her Corinne
Adam: k r i n e. JOHN Pierre, hyphenated. You'll see you go like Oh, this one watch. Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom. Karine, john, I, why are you? Are you looking at all? Yeah, you remember? Now, if you look at her Wikipedia, it actually listed she's an activist. And she was an activist pundit on msnbc. She's from Haiti. You said, Well, she grew up she was born in Martinique. And I believe she grew up in Haiti, because she was even named one of the most important he's going to
John: be great as the Oh, yeah. Shakira? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Adam: Let's start with a little fun with her.
Unknown: The way we see this is that we have the tools in our tool belt to fight this, this, this variant to fight this vaccine.
Adam: And we come on john Wakey, wakey. You didn't hear it? Did you?
John: Know I, here we go. Hold on, hold on.
Adam: Here we go.
Unknown: The way we see this is that we have the tools in our tool belt to fight this, this, this variant to fight this vaccine. And
Adam: this, she's fighting the vaccine, because, you know, why not? In fact, maybe I should play that since since we're gonna have fun with her as you said. This is a question that came up during the briefing. This has got to be a fox news journalist. I don't know who asked the question. But it was quite a simple question. How do you test for the Delta variant? Is there is the test? Does everyone have the test come to Is it is it what we were asking on the last show? Is it possible to actually go to CVS and find out if I have the Delta variant? Or how does that go up into the CDC? And how do they know? How do they know it's different? That's a good question. The answer not so that is
Unknown: the dominant strain in the area with the bulldogettes has whether they're COVID. We don't we don't we don't. We don't
know how scientists and they tell us that is the Delta variant. Before that, I don't even understand why would they explain their process of how they're determining the Delta? I mean, that's what they are telling us. I laid out what why they I laid out how contagious it was. And I laid out why, why we needed to act on the Delta variant, I laid out a lot of why the answers we get is because they think though, without a lot what they're the experts. It's not it's not just data. These are scientists. These are experts. I just said that. Hold on one second. Hold on one second. I just said the doctor winsky said just recently, in her 20 year career, she had never seen a variant that was so contagious. So this is 20 years of her career. This is absolutely absolutely a major, major problem that we are trying to deal with. That's why we heard from the President yesterday. That's what we keep talking about. People need to get vaccinated. So that is that is the that is the way that we're trying to move in this administration, making sure that we are protecting people here making sure that we're dealing with this pandemic in a way that is effective. And that's how we're going to move forward. I'll take another question,
Adam: because she was really baffled by the question. I don't understand why you asking this because the scientists told us that. And this this this woman, what's her name Lewinsky. She's taking her 20 year career on it, huh? I don't care.
John: She said that in her 20 years she's never seen such a such a contagious variant COVID hasn't been around for 20 years COVID-19 SARS two Okay, okay I just quickly I looked into this a little bit more and I think I found out what how this is done how they get come up with this idea that the deltas dominant Okay, before I do that I want to this woman this this new spokes hole
Adam: is dumb. Yes, she's dummy. She cannot watch what you really appreciate Zaki who learned it from nudelman is Saki can be talking looking you right in the face and flip into the right tab. She looks down. She's got her line and she continues this john Pierre. She doesn't have that capability. She can't and she's,
John: she's she's a dummy. She looks like tell by listening to her. And she looks like deer
Adam: in the head. Already. flustered. She looks like deer in the headlights winds. If you see the
John: press is going to have a field day.
Adam: Yes. And they're starting to do what they used to do with Trump. They're starting to yell and shout over each other and yell through her. She does not have control of the room. But we know sockies leaving so I know she's she's it? I mean, I don't want anyone to fail at their job. But it'd be fun to watch.
John: No. Yeah, but sometimes it's for benefits. Okay. So what I understand now is that the health departments of the various areas in the country, they do a once a month, they do an assay of a sampling of the people that are infected for the genetic differences. And once a month, they come up with their numbers of how many wood variants are what, and there's about eight of them. And they they track them once a month. And they put out our monthly report about which is which and right now the Delta various in California that the only ones I've looked at is just overwhelming. It's like 90% of all of all Coronavirus cases are Delta. And that would probably be because of the high vaccination rate in California. Possibly that's a possibility. So I don't have to read it. Since I think you kind of summarize it. We have a dude named Ben,
Adam: who actually is a consultant in the commercial lab industry. And he's seen the machines and he confirms it doesn't have it. He's more confirming the technology than the monthly upload what you're saying I think that makes total sense. I'd still like to see the logistics of it. It has to be a sampling. It can't be every test done. And are they excluding people retesting, and we know that that's not happening?
John: This guy is really they're just looking at they pick their sample, maybe 1000? Maybe probably more like 100. Yeah. And then they look at the numbers and they say, Oh, this is this thing. They said 100 is actually not bad. And you see Well, 98% of them are this and the tour this one is this. But again, but there's eight of them. So it's probably it's not you can see I looked at the charts and the delta is just it is that everyone's if you get it, you're getting Delta,
Adam: right. If you're getting Delta in the UK, we get a note from sir Jacob guardian of the Lindbergh coast. And he sent me a variant of concern briefing, which is an official document. And if you look at page 1314, shows Delta variant deaths separates the unvaccinated from the vaccinated it's small sample 50 deaths for the vaccinated 44 for the unvaccinated. Whoa.
John: That news isn't being pushed around. I'll tell you the litany on this, at least on the west coast is that for every 50 dead, the 4040 to 46 or 4046 46 are unvaccinated and four are vaccinated. So that is just contrary to what we're what we're being told by the media.
Adam: Well, there was a lot Well, there's a lot of interesting reports, and I think the one from them. I see Do I have that here? The Massachusetts area? I'll get to that hold on. Let's you know, got a little off track. Let me bring it back. Just so we understand because now we're already deep into variants and, and leaky vaccines. That seems to be the term leaky it used to be you had a breakthrough infection. And which to me, actually is quite stupid. from a marketing perspective. Why would you change something that everyone understands it's a breakthrough, which sounds like I mean, you can interpret it as if it sounds positive, but it can also be broke through this wall. You know, so it was a breakthrough, but it didn't. Didn't you don't think about the vaccine When you talk about breakthrough infection, when you say leaky vaccine out, you know, that gives, I mean, that gives me a visual I don't even like. So I don't know how that I don't know how they're allowing that to happen. You know what I mean? leaky vaccine like it's my arm is oozing and dripping. I don't know. But yeah, Doctor,
John: what's wrong?
Adam: We've talked a lot about ADP, which is antibody dependent, dependent enhancement, which is what this appears to be. And I have a couple of clips to back that up. But one of our producers, we do have the best producers in the universe reminded me of a clip we played on episode 1300s of 69 episodes ago. So what is this December, December of last year. And in hindsight, when you hear this, and I forget these things, man, there's so much stuff we've done throughout the years, even 1300. couldn't remember, this was Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And it's a little, a little longer clip, but good to the last drop. And he kind of explained where this all might be headed back in December. Yes, I've been trying for almost 30
Unknown: years to develop a Coronavirus vaccine, and it's been unsuccessful. Beginning in 2002, there were three outbreaks of Coronavirus
column SARS at that point and merged and
the first SARS was a natural illness from a bat to human beings. A second were lab created that escaped and infected human beings. And the governments of China and a consortium of Western governments all got together and put millions and millions of dollars into an effort to develop a Coronavirus vaccine. And between 2002 and 2012 to 2014. They work very hard to do that. And what happened is they developed about 35 vaccines. Four of them were really promising they chose the four most promising and they gave them two ferrets, which are which is the animal that is most analogous to human beings when it comes to upper respiratory infections. The ferrets had a brilliant robust and durable antibody response, but
then something horrible happened. And those ferrets are challenged when they were exposed to the wild virus. They got horribly sick, they got inflammation throughout their bodies, and they died.
Less scientists remembered at something very similar had happened in the 1960s where there was where they
hadn't developed the vaccine for RSV, which is very similar to Coronavirus, his upper respiratory infection ailment.
They had skipped the animals and given them directly 35 children. And the children again had developed a very
robust antibody response when those children were exposed to the wild virus. He got very, very sick, much sicker than unvaccinated children to those kids.
It was a scandal. And they realized when the same thing happened with a ferrets that there was something that they called enhanced immune response. It's also called pathogenic priming. And what it
means is that
when you get the vaccine, it appears that you have an antibody response. But when you actually encounter the wild virus, you become much sicker. And it actually creates a pathway that that virus hurts you a lot more than with unvaccinated people. So
this was 2012 2014. And I aged under Fauci of Alba, dengue, a vaccine, which had some signals in it that towards pathogenic priming, in other words, in the clinical trials is awesome signs.
You could get an antibody response, but getting much sick or when you were exposed, ignored them, gave it to the Philippines. And if hundreds of 1000s of children This is accurate. And when the dengie came around, those children became horribly ill and 600 of them died.
John: And in the Philippines today, people
Adam: are being criminally prosecuted.
Unknown: So the danger with the Coronavirus with vaccine is that you really need to have on animals first, to make sure whatever the vaccine is that we don't get that,
you know, that really great immune response followed by lethal infections.
And it's very, very strange to me and seems almost criminally reckless that Anthony Fauci is allowing these companies to skip animal trials and to go directly to human trials.
Adam: I'm sorry, that was that was still in the clip from the old show. So that was, I need to remind everybody that Robert F Kennedy Jr. is number two The disinfo doesn't list so you should listen to him Holy crap, this guy should not listen to him. Now let's move forward to it. I'm sorry. So
John: this explains to me if this is if this is something that's a possibility and and based on those British numbers that you just cited that contradicted numbers that were told by our media, which is more people that are having breakthroughs that are more people are having breakthrough infections and people are having normal infections. This is the reason for telling everyone who's if you're vaccinated mask up?
Adam: Well, let's let's not go so fast. I mean, this is very irritating about these breakthroughs. breakthroughs are now leaky vaccines. That would be something that would probably be tracked by the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC stopped providing public information on total breakthrough infections in late April when the tally hit 10,000 instead, and only posted data when they lead to hospitalization or death. So nbc news reached out to all 50 states 38 responded, we found more than 125,000 fully vaccinated Americans have tested positive for covid. According to a CDC internal document, there are now roughly 35,000 breakthrough infections per week. So they just stopped track. Yeah,
John: you get that clip?
Adam: This NBC Nightly News, as
John: I sure missed that one. Well,
Adam: this is the clip custodian, the clip custodian has given his life twice a week to watch us just watch this shit. Yeah. Well, but this is go ahead.
John: I would read something triggered me a thought in there as he was yakking away this this post? Well, and I,
Adam: here's here's here's the problem I have with with now these series of clips. So now the vaccinating children. They want to vaccinate even younger children. And God forbid children start dying in the fall. Because they might get the virus in the wild. It's going to be unvaccinated people's fault. It will create real issues. When children start dying. Pfizer's not going to say sorry. They're all going to blame red states, Republicans trumpers insurrectionists It's very,
John: they're gonna do their best but it's not gonna work. It's already failing. And I think that the some of the there's too much information. It's just I don't know, you're not gonna be able to pull it off.
Adam: I hope so. I hope you're right.
John: You can't pull it off. It's too late.
Adam: Let's go to 2021 antibody dependent enhancement, that there was an interesting panel on the the banyan War Room podcast. And Dr. Malone had this to say so this is the the great fear that all vaccine ologists have. This is the one thing that scares us all the most
John: in a cropped up in the 1960s with the development of the pediatric vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus vaccines are known can cause enhanced disease. Some vaccines make disease worse. The classic example of this phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement in which the antibodies actually make it possible for the virus to infect cells that it wouldn't otherwise In fact, the classic example is dengie when we get dengie the first time there's four different strains and degi there enough different that if you get the second strain that's different, it will cause dengie hemorrhagic fever that's what kills you. This phenomenon was also seen with the dengue vaccine.
Adam: So yeah, I'm just backing him up. I mean, I think he is an actual medical doctor on like the disinfo doesn't number two with a bullet so let's go over to the authoritative voices which no doubt in these troubling times includes cn ns very own pose a Gupta unvaccinated Why do I need to wear a mask
Unknown: right well, so first of all for you Jake, you know, if you look at that map, we can put that map back up again. What we're what we're talking about here is is areas where the virus is spreading in higher substantial ways where you are as it turns out, DC it's it's moderate. So this is maybe going to confuse people even more but technically speaking according to this new guidance Jake in DC, that wouldn't apply for vaccine and people in public indoor spaces. Okay, so but you're in the red right here in Atlanta. So why do you need to run the risk? Why do I need to work so this is this is what they're saying? And that the new thing here? Wow,
Adam: I've never heard good to do that. Repeat the question to give himself time to answer it. Did you? Did you did you catch that?
John: Yeah,
Adam: I've never heard him do that. He's always so assured.
John: Somewhat flustered. Yeah. So he's nice. Yeah, that's why he's also making he's stammering a little bit.
Adam: This is why I pick the clip. You're in the red right here in Atlanta. So why do you need to run the risk?
Unknown: Why do I need to wear it? So this is this is what they're saying. And the new thing here, we've known for some time that vaccination rates aren't where they should be. We've known for some time that the Delta variant has become dominant. We already knew that. So what changed? Now is your question, what the new the new data that the CDC is talking about basically states that someone who is a vaccinated person who develops an infection, a so called breakthrough infection, could be carrying the same viral load the same amount of virus in their nose or mouth as someone who is an unvaccinated, infected individual. So vaccinated, infected, unvaccinated infected, they may carry the same amount of virus, it does not mean that that vaccinated person is getting sick, it does not necessarily mean that that anything else is sort of different in terms of how the vaccines work, it still works really well, keeping that person from getting sick. But could they still transmit? That is what Dr. Wollensky is talking about this idea that it's possible. It's rare because the breakthrough infections aren't that common in the first place. So what we're talking about is not something that would happen frequently. But I think as the curves go up, and we're going into the fall, I think they've decided that they want to introduce this indoor vaccinated masking again, to try and get control of this.
Adam: So what he's saying is, it's really just a psychological maneuver to get you ready for what's happening in the fall. He didn't really answer the question otherwise. And CNN has gone insane. They're doing packaged bits. Now, check this,
Unknown: you know, I've been trying to write a vaccination theme song for a while, you know, get people to actually get the shot. But not many words rhyme with vaccinate, maybe perpetuate, perpetuate the struggle of vaccinated enough Americans against the Coronavirus in order to achieve herd immunity has produced frustration, anger and a whole lot of people doing things directly against their best interests when it comes to their health, maybe the most upside down, muster up my neck bit of reality that's emerged from the politicization of what should be a public health issue.
Thanks Donald Trump.
Is this the people at the most risk? I
Adam: just have to stop it there. That is so just unbelievable to me, thanks to the politicization and then he politicizes the thing right there right in front of right,
John: yeah, thanks Donald Trump and Donald Trump's The one who pushed the vaccinate. Yes, he's the one who made the thing happen. He's like a factor. He got a vaccine after having had COVID. But you know, what's, what's Trump got to do with it? Because just the opposite,
Adam: because Trump has to be blamed for the failure.
John: To me. The guy who pushed the vaccine push the is still
Adam: pushing ratio telling
John: people to get back on track or some
Adam: warp speed,
John: warp speed, he does the operation worse. He has COVID he gets COVID he gets hospitalized. Then he gets the vaccine after having COVID, which is stupid, but he did it anyway. And so it's his fault.
Adam: No, it's not his fault, obviously. But this is to set you up to get you ready to blame the deaths on the Republicans. Come on, they're racist. They are anti vaxxer a hopeless, oh, it gets better
Unknown: their best interest when it goes better, maybe the most upside down, muster up my neck bit of reality that's emerged from the politicization of what should be a public health issue. Thanks, Donald Trump is this. The people at the most risk of being infected with the Delta variant of the virus are the least concerned about getting it by July CBS News yougov poll paints a stark picture of this remarkable disconnect asked whether they were concerned about the Delta variant the domino.
John: Who is this guy and why do we care what he thinks or says
Adam: I'm just giving you an Oh, I have one more clip and over? No, I don't I don't have that on that thing for one hand. I don't know. He sounds like a Bill. Bill Nye the Science Guy type. type of person, by the way, I heard is actually very high in in the Illuminati circles.
John: I think he's high but Illuminati
Adam: circles on Freemasons and stuff. He's like the high priest.
Unknown: Alright, let's continue about getting a July CBS News yougov poll paints a stark picture of this remarkable disconnect as whether they were concerned about the Delta variant, the dominant strain of COVID-19, the United States and the one that has led to a major surge in cases almost three and four vaccinated people 72% said they were worried about it. Less than half 48% of unvaccinated people said the same, which is and this is a technical science term bonkers because well, science.
Adam: Thanks for the ISO By the way, wokers this, this is two this is how cnn thinks People are stupid. We need to educate them. Bill Nye is doing a great job with climate change. Let's do this. And then just end with bonkers science and just shut you up, shut up, shut up slave. And here's the last one from CNN short. But just to give you a feeling of of the what they're trying to do, would you say won't happen? I'm happy that you feel that way.
Unknown: But up first today, for chilling words, the war has changed. The war has changed. That's the rethink everything takeaway from a brand new alarming CDC document that says the Delta COVID variant is as infectious as chickenpox, and that because of that, new precautions are urgently needed. Think about this just days ago, scientists put the Delta variants on par with the common cold, leaving each infected person transmit the virus to maybe two other people on average, the new CDC analysis says no, each infected person on average, is actually infecting eight or nine others.
Adam: Okay? Does that mean we have an n are not of eight.
John: Each person or the mean I have got to put this, this this thing together. Remember the meme that came out around March, February of 2020, where they said one COVID will infect five and five will infect any at 25 and then everybody's infected. So they're reintroducing an old meme, the one will infect X number. Oh, yeah,
Adam: they're really, you know, they're doing a lot of the same thing such as all of a sudden numbers in Florida spike. And if you go look and turns out, you know, they bundle all of their reports and they ship it off on a Friday.
John: I remember they used to do that once. Yeah, three months. Yeah. Yeah. So
Adam: that is huge numbers of that's in play again. Exactly. Now, rising up the disinfo doesn't chart with a bullet Coming in at number five. He's almost off of Twitter has another his third week long strike Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter who has been on the cutting edge of the disinfo. And you know that we know from the data in the UK, and in Israel, that more more people who are vaccinated are dying than not. And even if you adjust for age, and you adjust for the fact that people are vaccinated or sicker in general and older, you don't get numbers of you know, preventing infection and serious infection that or anything like anything like what was promised. So that's one issue. A second issue is this issue of the fact that because the vaccines are leaky, that's what they're they're known as they're not sterilizing vaccines, they don't protect you 100%. There are going to be a lot of people out there who are carriers. And in some cases, it appears that those people have very high viral loads, and don't know it so they can pass the vaccine on both the other people who are vaccinated and people who are not.
John: Now here's a you've got to have the Joe Biden Give me the whole load by the by the side because
Adam: you missed it. There was another gaff,
John: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm missing the gaps because I'm looking at this. They're not
Adam: easy. Standby. There are going to be a lot of people out there who are carriers and in some cases, it appears that those people have very high viral loads and don't know it so they can pass the vaccine on that the other people were vaccinated. Not that hard to slide now the thing is, when I watched that I was on Tucker Carlson. I watched that. And, and my bias didn't make it as funny as Korean jump here. I just have to put that out there. It's like when, when Korean john Pierre does it I'm like, ah, when Alex Berenson does it I go. Oh, crap, man. How could you screw that up? It's like I'm totally biased. your
John: your your bias?
Adam: I'm biased. I'm biased. I admit it.
John: Meanwhile, was screws it up. I think we probably have.
Adam: We have ourselves probably now. We still have to have the positive message and Kanda navia is doing a really good job. This is a Canadian doctor. Remember how everybody the trend is again, the script is restarting. They don't have a secondary script. They didn't really prepare for this. That was never in event 201 the vaccine would just work or no would get the get the passports all that stuff was already set up. But we we we started off with the superhuman strength, how good we feel when we get the vaccine and now they're just starting it over again. Okay.
Unknown: Oh my gosh, I'm so happy to be fully vaccinated. Oh, what a relief and actually it was so focused on taking the video and actually capturing it. But I didn't even notice the needle going in. You know, the big question is going to be how am I going to feel later today but I kind of don't care because if I get symptoms, it just means that my immune system is actually working and doing what it's supposed to billing antibodies. In two weeks. I'm gonna have all those antibodies give me them all. Okay.
John: Okay, wait a minute stop. Yeah, I actually clipped one of these two. I don't know which one it is just being mixed in. But I didn't pick up on, you know, maybe show up as we play clips. But now that you play that with with the with with the kind of the wraparound idea. I didn't notice it. But yes, I've been picking it now that you mentioned it. I haven't seen these people. Oh, I got the shot. It feels so much better about life. rerun of
Adam: the script, baby. It's exactly
John: the same script.
Adam: Oh, yeah. Oh, this is fantastic.
John: They had no backup. So everything was going according to plan. Yes. But the funny thing was, if you had looked at the 1918 pandemic, as I mentioned in a couple newsletters ago, did they have an overlay to the sci
Adam: fi the same? But I'd like to know the overlay of the news. I mean, of course, it's gonna be a lot harder to track down, probably.
John: But well, I didn't get most of those old newspapers. But the problem is, is that back in that day, it was truly distributed information. Yeah. I mean, the Baltimore paper was writing one thing, the New York papers writing another beat down to actually report local reporters that actually reported even though that your accuracy doesn't necessarily mean this any better. But well, let's say you're looking for the Fauci. I'm just looking for the 5g. Let's Yes,
Adam: just a quick detour. And let's just go back to the media to be reminded, and a lot of this is, again, CNN, but also some of our Actually, let's listen to our president first.
John: This is American tragedy. People are dying and will die, who don't have to die. Throughout their
Unknown: unvaccinated,
you don't have to die.
Adam: Now you can read this two ways. One is you don't have to die from COVID or you're unvaccinated. We're coming for you. You don't have to die. We don't have to kill you.
John: You can read it a third way. Which is that you're there. I mean, everyone dies eventually it at 90 100 years old, except for that Russian guy who got cold and came out of the hospital? 102?
Adam: Well, I he
John: said he's actually making the claim that you're never going to die. No, see, it's okay.
Adam: Yeah, I think he mean, I think he means you don't have to die by us killing you for not vaccinating. And here is some proof if in fact, you're unvaccinated. You present a problem to yourself, to your family. And to those with whom you work, you present a problem. That's pretty harsh coming from the President of the United States.
John: Yeah, that's the one who claims that you won't get sick
Adam: kind of thing kind of threatening. Now, let's go back to CNN for a second, just to get a little bit of the vibe of how cnn looks at what I mean. They clearly aren't looking at the ratings because this cannot enhance the overall audience size. Except for me, I'm always going to be there for Don Lemon as a hate watch. This is his little cross talk just a bit. You know, when he hands over to when Chris Cuomo hands over to him. Now here's what to Don Lemon had to say CNN,
Unknown: don't get the vaccine. You can't go to the supermarket, don't have the vaccine, you know, show it can't go to the ballgame. Don't have the vaccine can't go to work. You don't have the vaccine. Can't come here. No shirt, no shoes, no service.
That's what I think we should be right now. Because we continue to waste our breath and people who are just not going to change their you know, the circular logic. They just keep going back and saying, well, it's my freedom. It's whatever.
Adam: I mean, what is wrong with these people? You know what's coming next. Moe always says this separate drinking fountains. That's what he's waiting for. He's waiting for the reboot of that script. sad because yeah. Jim Crow.
John: found that works. That's kind of the irony.
Adam: final, final cnn clip from Dr. Lena Leanna when she is the former Planned Parenthood director who got kicked out. They hated her. She probably wouldn't. Okay, I'm not gonna she got kicked out of Planned Parenthood. And now she is the medical pundit for CNN.
Unknown: So the two questions, right policy be tougher on masks again, more restrictive on mass again, and are they communicating clearly?
Mostly the right policy? Terrible communication? I'm confused. And I think many people are very confused about what exactly happened and why. Here's what I think the Biden ministration should have said. They should have said the issue is not with the vaccinated The issue is with the unvaccinated. The reason why we're having to go back to mask mandates endorse is that the unvaccinated didn't abide by the honor system. The honor code didn't work. And so the reason we're doing this now is we want to protect the unvaccinated from spreading to one another That's why if there's no proof of vaccination if there are vaccinated and unvaccinated people mixing in indoor spaces, that's why we need mass requirements. In addition, there are some individuals who may be living at home, who, even if they're vaccinated themselves may be living at home with unvaccinated family members or immunocompromised family members, those individuals should take additional precautions. But right now, the messaging is so confused from the CDC that it sounds like there's something wrong with the vaccine, or there's something wrong with the vaccinated, that's neither of those things are true. The vaccines are still really effective at protecting you.
Adam: Can't stop
John: that. Again, it brings you back down to the simple logic of well, if you're vaccinated and so protected, what are you worried about?
Adam: And she mentioned, people being confused by the messaging and that's interesting. This is one of the first times I've heard Well, maybe not she's probably sincere. She works for CNN. So when she says the messaging is not good, that means you're not you're not threat frightening people enough. You're not doing it right CDC, but people are confused. They don't know which end is up anymore. There's a show in the United States on NPR called Wait, wait, don't tell me I think it's on Saturday or Sunday. And it's it's actually fun to listen to because it's with a live studio audience. And they bring their people on and unfortunately, I don't know who this is. It doesn't matter. But they they they quiz people on headlines in the news, and they you know, they leave the keyword blank and then you have to say what that actual headline is about and this happened this past weekend.
John: Okay, maybe this is for the game fill in the blank on Monday, Pfizer and Madonna both announced Peter Segal vaccine effects. I'm sorry to Peter Siegel.
Adam: But I don't know who she is. She's the she's the one that will be listening to who's answering these.
John: She's just one of the Colin's I think she's there. Actually,
Adam: she's I think she's on site. Okay, maybe
Unknown: this is for the game fill in the blank on Monday, Pfizer and Madonna both announced they were testing their vaccine effects on
John: blacks. injections on children this week. A state lawmaker pulls it off. Oh, no, that's good. That's good. Good. I just remembered
Adam: so she her immediate reaction is That's terrible. They're experimenting on Oh, wait, no, no, that's good. I just remembered boiling.
John: boiling. It was an interview recently with this seagull character on NPR. And he is the unbelievable Trump hater. That is just seething and he's on his show. He's a comedian so on that show you're picking the clip from it he seems like a light hearted nice guy and the show is a meet semi amusing and I used to listen to it because it was playing at the exact same time on Saturdays that I would go get the mail for the show
Adam: checks or it is on Saturdays Yeah, I like the live show always sounds fun. Just there's something about Yeah,
John: it says live show sounds great. So So I listened to and it was you know always Kwazii entertaining and but this guy was interview Wow, what a left these unbelievable. So I'm not I'm not a fan anymore. I mean, I don't like guys who are phony if he's going to be a Trump hating left wing phony I mean, you know, is to express yourself. Yeah. I have a bunch of I have some some of these clips. Okay, yeah, it mostly wraps.
Adam: Okay, well, I have more. Couple other things, but we can you want to go ahead and
John: get a new term I want to I think possible show title COVID COVID roulette.
Unknown: unvaccinated Americans playing COVID roulette with a mix of realize and define. And in places like New Orleans, the dominant Delta variant has pounced.
It's more aggressive. It's deadly. And it is in our community.
Adam: New COVID cases have spiked almost 50% rises in all 50 states and 90% of us jurisdictions if you can, please got him vaccinated.
Unknown: ominously week to week COVID hospitalizations and deaths both jumped together. We're past the tipping point we're in trouble
trouble because of deserted vaccination clinics like this. Everyone has freedom of choice, even when it becomes your problem.
I've done all I know how to do
Adam: it Ivy's problem in Alabama. Crap, I want that ISO. That's okay. First of all artists. This is a likely show title. Please do not make COVID roulette art. Would that be fair to say john?
John: Well, you know, we never know because there's other potential show titles but it's a real show. Good.
Adam: It is so good.
John: Yeah, it's really funny. Hey,
Adam: I have a question for you. Have you come across any conversation, any discussion about herd immunity with this incredibly fast spreading variant that infected one person infects eight, according to CNN, aren't we just gonna be at herd immunity like within a heartbeat?
John: No, but it was did is being mentioned less than less than one number that keeps coming up as the font or the numbers. I think I in my clips, there's probably one or two mentions of this particular number 49% according to one of these reports, 49% of all Americans are fully vaccinated. That to me means there's at least 20% more of all Americans that are half vaccinated.
Adam: Yes, I can give you a number
John: of people who have recovered from COVID is over 100 million. So if we're not at herd immunity already
Adam: in Glasgow, what in Gillespie County, we live in Gillespie County. I think it's 11,000 people are fully vaccinated. 21,000 are partially vaccinated. There's only 26,000 people in the county. So the majority of people here have at least had some kind of vaccination, which makes me want to stay away from everybody right now.
John: Yeah, exosomes? Yeah. But and that doesn't include the people who have had COVID and natural antibodies, which is the way to go, even though they keep wanting them to get vaccinated, which I think is part of that big number of the unvaccinated includes people that have had the disease. What is the point? I, you know, this is still beyond me why they keep pushing vaccinations on people who have had the disease.
Adam: Because it would suck if if only people died who had the vaccine? I don't know. They don't want none of us knows I want to be obvious and paid. That's what they tell us. Just listen to the White House. That's what they tell us. If 20 years experience it crazy. Who are you to question that? COVID your friend candidate the
John: rule that was there. I think the funnier clips are in the local rap one and two, if I'm not mistaken. We can go back to roulette two and three, if you want to do that. new cases here up 766%
Adam: in the last month
Unknown: in a red state with one of America's lowest vaccination rates both supposed to have common sense, but it's time for to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It's the unvaccinated folks that let the state take Kentucky since March 1 95% of all COVID cases 92% of all hospitalizations, and 89% of deaths were among unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people were more afraid of anything. And that would have been my case if I had gotten
the vaccine Coronavirus. Move on flu doesn't kill you. And media.
John: Now do whatever the government tells you to do.
Adam: Okay. Lips number three.
John: Yeah go. vaccination rates in the next few weeks may define this fourth phase of the virus.
Unknown: How I saw my parents struggling to breathe. It took me two hours to watch my parents suffer.
Adam: And there's new vaccine pressure. The NFL warned this week that outbreaks among unvaccinated players could lead to forfeited games and paychecks
Unknown: and more universities and employers have started to impose vaccine mandates vaccines are how we end the pandemic how we protect our communities and we how we retire our masks for good
Adam: but for now masking is back. Okay so now we're getting into the mandates just have a few short clips to play on that could all kind of blends together whatever they're planning in the United States, they are now they can they pale in comparison to British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada naviance man they've got it down. They know how to let you know that you are really safe
Unknown: but bc Health Authority is apologizing after a vaccine clinic handed out yellow stars to people getting their second COVID vaccine. They were made aware of the issue from this tweet yesterday Andrea Kotaku wrote a yellow star for double vaccination really. Vancouver coastal health said it has no knowledge of the stars being handed out but said We apologize profusely for any inadvertent distribute. Have this sticker. It noted that the use of yellow stars carries a heavy and tragic history. Jews were forced to wear the yellow star in Nazi occupied Europe as identification.
Adam: Now what I love about this is that what
John: anybody in the audience anyone in BC Can you get me one of the yellow stars, please send it to the post office box attention. No
Adam: agenda shop do not make this premium item did not. What I liked though, is they're not giving the yellow star to the unvaccinated see the infected human resources? No, they gave them to the vaccinated that's that's the part that's genius. Even I could not have come up with that one. Yeah, so the opposite. But anyway, that's a version of a passport. And these stickers are popping up in, in businesses and, you know, businesses themselves and when you say there's no vaccine mandate, this is a 10. second clip, tell me that this is not a government vaccine mandate for millions of people. If you want to do business with the federal government, get pure workers vaccinate.
Unknown: The new rules will apply to about 4 million federal contractors and federal workers.
Adam: That's a mandate. That's just a mandate. Can't say it's not a mandate. And it's 1% of the country is now mandated because they happen to work for a contractor, which is all of the DC metro area. Will more becoming CBS News wanting to know
Unknown: this just in actually President Biden was just asked by our Weezer's Yang if Americans should expect more COVID restrictions. And he said quote in all probabilities, another element there.
Adam: So of course, if we don't know if you were at a control, they really are out of control. So let me see we have on the
John: here play play more some some more of these open local coverage, play the local coverage. Wrap is local one shots
Unknown: are now urging local health authorities even in areas without high or substantial transmission to consider additional mitigation measures. That includes universal masking in some settings. The pace of new cases in the US has nearly doubled in the last two weeks, and the Delta variant is largely to blame. Earlier this week, the head of the CDC said hospitalizations have surged past level seen a year ago. Meanwhile, the pace of first dose vaccinations is continuing to climb. Scientists say that while the shots may not prevent infection or transmission 100% of the time, they do quote prevent more than 90% of severe disease. Michael Jordan leadoff our coverage asks went
back on in Disneyland yesterday for anyone vaccinated or not, who steps indoors at the amusement park. Walmart, the nation's largest employer is taking it a step further, requiring employees to wear masks in high infection areas, regardless of their vaccination status. And the President laid yesterday told reporters there's likely more to come. in all probability,
by the way, we had a good day yesterday, almost a million people got vaccinated. About half a million of those people for the first time I've heard a second
Adam: shot. And so I'm hopeful that people are beginning to realize how essential it is. That's what Dolores Armenta did, she got the shot. It was hard for me to decide as well. And Ruben Chavez
John: got the shot to this week. Mentally I feel like better, but even the vaccinated need to be careful.
Adam: You know, this was this loss of these local stories. And we had one here from the Austin local station. And it works like this. You've probably if you are in the United States, you've probably seen this but it may be done everywhere in the world. There's a woman lying in hospital bed. Now she doesn't doesn't have oxygen. She's able to talk she is obese. Obviously very obese. And the reporter is standing, interviewing her she doesn't have her mask on. He doesn't have her mask on, but he has the microphone on a 10 foot pole. Because you know, God forbid you know she's talking some spittle enter his nose. And the and the moral of the story is always I really I'm mad at myself. I did. It's unbelievable.
John: In these within these clips, we had one of those that would but it was old black man. Yeah.
Adam: Well, let's just look at what's going on. Well, let's
John: place part two. What are these clips guys? zinger in it? Okay,
Adam: because it's really repetitive. What these stations are doing, man it's like it's and I don't mean repetitive, repetitive from the last time they had this script. That's what I'm talking about new cases here up 766% I'm sorry, that's not the right wrap. Here we go.
Unknown: Dr. Anthony Fauci delivered more sobering news yet. yesterday that vaccinated people who do have a breakthrough infection are clearly capable of transmitting the infection to an uninfected person. And with the fast spreading Delta variant, the risk of getting sick is playing out
John: loud. Every single force in this crowd
Unknown: at this weekend's Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago masks rang not mandatory, but proof of vaccinations or a negative COVID test are required.
The mayor is letting the show go
on. despite warnings it could easily be a super spreader event. For example, more than 1000
COVID cases were reportedly linked to a Dutch Music Festival this month, about 20,000 people attended with protocols similar to Lollapalooza.
Adam: Ah, blame it on the Dutch, Dutch, all of their confessionals have been cancelled. So I'm not sure exactly which one he's referring to.
John: I like the fact that Eric Clapton has says he refused to refuse to play in any venue where they discriminate choir
Adam: that discriminates. So millions of people went out all over France protesting the past sanitaire, which is in effect as of August 9, the same Chicago we were just listening to. A lot of the bars are now only serving the vaccinated not a negative test. It's not just say Now show me the vaccination, otherwise you don't get in. In in worst, this Pakistan, this sins, si MDH. Government, they've got a really cool way of doing it. So they give you four basic warnings if you violate the vaccination rule. So if you don't get vaccinated, when you get the first notice, you get a warning that your mobile SIM card will be blocked. second phase, you will do it, you will be blocked of social media, including Facebook and WhatsApp. The third time that you don't get vaccinated, all of your outgoing calls will be blocked. And the fourth time complete sim blockage until vaccinated and those guys know how to do it.
John: That's actually that would work
Adam: in a heartbeat everyone. Oh, shit, man, come on my phone. No, no, no,
John: you can't go back in the United States, just the Facebook banning loan, which
Adam: by the way, I think would be a really good way to at least start controlling some of the flow of illegal activity coming into the United States is to just say, Yeah, okay, if you show up, it's okay. But we're going to jab you with Pfizer, one with Pfizer to and we're going to top it up with a j&j and just for good measure, we'll give you the Pfizer booster then then then then we'll talk to you, man, people would not become they'd be sitting in Mexico. Did you see the Mexican president? He did a speech, I think Friday now and he and he said we have to be very cautious about the pharmaceutical industry. Certainly what they want to do with children. I mean, that guy's cruisin for death. Death I tell you here Mexican president What does he say? Exactly? The President of Mexico in a press conference said we need to be careful with Big Pharma because they want to keep selling more doses and the health Secretary saying there's no scientific evidence to recommend those vaccines to children got this got a lot of traction in the medical press but not in the probably not in the
John: know of course now you can't play that. Would you do that? Now now just I do have a clip of the France right update. No Good, good, which is, which has if you notice the kicker on there, which is kind of the key to this clip. bogus. Demonstrators in Frisco CBS sorry, TBS, demonstrators in France, Italy and Australia
Adam: took to the streets this weekend. protesting against vaccination passes and new lockdown measures. Elizabeth Palmer has the latest from London.
Unknown: Good morning. The idea of vaccine passports is gaining traction in Europe, six countries now have some version of them. And France has the strictest rules there, they'll be necessary to even enter many public places. And that kicked off violent demonstrations in Paris. Riot police tussle with protesters on Saturday, which was dramatic, but actually a sideshow because most people have accepted the new rules for the Eiffel Tower. Some showed barcodes, others hard copies and there was even on site COVID testing, so anyone without a passport could get into.
Adam: It was just a sideshow. What
John: and hold on a second and this to prove it she goes to the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a tourist trap. Where the French versions don't go to the Eiffel Tower.
Adam: I spit on that Eiffel Tower.
John: I'm not going into it.
Adam: I spit on that. It is crazy.
John: To think that that's bogus. I have two more clips if you want to hear him. These are the clip is more riots more bs coverage. Part One.
Unknown: There were also demonstrations this weekend in Australia. Police in Sydney Dr. flowerpots hurled by protesters furious about a new lockdown. Australia had kept COVID at bay by closing its borders but the virus sneaked in anyway. And infections are on the rise. In Brazil. 1000s of demonstrators hit the streets, but they're demanding more vaccinations and blame president Jair bolsonaro was bungled. COVID responds on one of the highest death rates anywhere. No currently Argentina's is even higher.
Adam: I love how they just took the script pulled out Trump put in balsa narrow for the bungled line. Let's repurpose in
John: kicker in there that was part of it. But the real kicker in there is if you listen to the to the end, she said Argentina's higher death rates. Oh, hold on a second. We have been told over and over and over again that Brazil is number two to us because of balsan arrows botching the job he's the Brazil is number one they're number one that phone finger and then at the next the next thing you hear it to NC kicks in Argentina is a little higher
Adam: is death rates anywhere? No currently Argentina Wow, hold on. He actually says that on
Unknown: cons from one of the highest death rates anywhere. No, currently Argentina's is even higher.
Adam: Good catch.
John: I was stunned by that bullcrap. So they're feeding us a bunch of nonsense and then are they do Dutch ignored? Because it's again, balsa narrows Trump, they got to get rid of them, same stroke. So here's part two of the same more bs coverage and, and it's actually sickening. Asia is also hard hit.
Unknown: The Olympics got underway in Tokyo with virtually no spectators, and dozens of athletes have had to pull out after testing positive. Indonesia is overtaking India as the current Asian hotspot. in Jakarta families queued in the streets to buy oxygen and with ICU beds full victims often fall ill and die at home. But there are stories of remarkable COVID recoveries. How about 102 year old Nick MAGA from Moscow, a world war two veteran who left hospital this week, bursting with pride to
Adam: battle the virus. And one where was this from? Again?
John: This is from CBS good that CBS week? Whatever it is with john Dickerson there are usually the other woman was the head of that thing. That woman who runs that usually.
Adam: I want to
John: just just as an aside the they prop up this old man. And then she says he left hot she said he left hospital.
Adam: Yeah, that's I heard I
John: think it's just an American doing a reporter Is this a Brit? Now she didn't sound
Adam: American.
John: Elizabeth Palmer she's
Adam: she better? Listen, Madonna also has that stupid ACCENT and she's from Detroit. That's what you do when you're when you're in the middle year. Emily, you want to stay with the with Australia for a second with Sydney specifically, we have a lot of contact with producers in Canada navia. In the United Kingdom, in Europe and in Australia, certainly
Unknown: New South Wales Police have prohibited taxi and rideshare services from conveying passages passengers to the CBD from now until 3pm. However, police do say that essential workers anyone requiring medical treatment will be able to make their way to their destinations. And now companies or transport companies will fail to comply with the notice risk a maximum penalty of $500,000 while individuals face fines of up to $100,000.
Adam: Which is people nuts. Well, I'd like to apologize to Australia, I made a mistake. I've made an error. I was convinced and I even berated Australia on a previous episode, that they're six months behind us, so you knew what was coming you could get ready for this nonsense. Here's my error. This is our future. They're ahead of us six months when we hit the cold season like that rain right now. And you get the flu going on. Which by the way, this is something that came across the transom. You know the so that RT PCR tests the CDC withdrew it and said You know, we're looking for looking for something else that can distinguish between influenza and COVID. But from the FDA document here, from, the original PCR assay the document is titled The CDC 2019 novel Coronavirus. Real Time RT PCR diagnostic panel. And here's how it starts. Listen carefully, since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019 and Cove were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed. And this study conducted essays designed for detection of the 2019 RNA were tested with characterize stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA of known titter spiked into a designer. Now, we heard no we are you tired? Are you? Right? And no, I like to sing tator known tighter spiked into a diluent diluent consisting of a suspension of human a 549 cells and viral transport medium, blah, blah, blah, to what, what? And this has been deconstructed, and I have it in the show notes. What
they in fact did is they took sequencing from influenza, and then put in other pieces of genetic material that they found that they deemed to be part of COVID. So now that test is going away, but it sounds like there was a lot wrong in the first place.
John: Well, the test itself,
Unknown: yes, well, of course, every
John: course. So there were a lot wrong and dimensionally wrong and every which was
Adam: Ah, man, you don't let me do anything I have.
John: I'm just saying I'm saying that. What are you gonna do for the second half? You'll have nothing left. That's what I'm thinking. But the only the only reasons I've been looking for this one. You'll hear when you hear it. Nevermind, gone. Finish.
Adam: Go ahead. Um, no, I'm waiting. Because I'm gonna I'm gonna move.
John: No, I just said though, this has to be the, this has to be the last clip before we take a break. So um, wow. setup,
Adam: big setup. Okay. Yeah. All right. The next thing I've learned. Now, this is explained in great detail, which I cannot do. It's about the s one spike proteins and the monocot to the monocytes, whatever they're called. It's how the function and so the COVID but the way I understand it, the virus itself is not really the problem. It's the spike proteins. And in particular, I think the s one spike protein. So I put this whole long thing into the show notes. I'd love as you asked earlier for some doctors to look at it. But they have a TLDR too long didn't read, don't read don't want to read at the bottom. Buy some ivermectin and nicotine lozenges, and you can survive COVID-19 without a vaccine or any side effects. It is nicotine. And we talked about this a year and a half ago remembered Yes. Do you remember the AC line vaguely
John: remember that all hottie about why smoke so I'm never gonna get it?
Adam: Yes, exactly how I said it. No, I said I vape I vape. Nicotine.
John: Yeah. And you felt that this was a this was the key to success be based on some information that we had back in the day,
Adam: and now there's a
John: debt by the way I shouldn't met let me finish that information, just poof disappeared off the face of the earth?
Adam: Well, of course it did. It has to it has to disappear. But and just as a side note, I read a new story on the last show about Altria slash Philip Morris, the cigarette people were rolling out the I cos you know, we had to get rid of all the vapes. But you know that they also acquired a couple other companies, they acquired victora so they have a new slogan beyond nicotine. victora actually makes medical devices inhalers and they're also acquiring a nicotine gum maker. I mean, before you know what these guys could give Pfizer a run for their money. If if it turns out to be true that nicotine clearly can keep doesn't. There's no reason I haven't received this, john. There's no reason that I haven't gotten COVID I am promoting your reasons. I always have sniffles it's always happening to me. Now, I think you know, Tina's always complaining about my vape you know, wafting through her nose. I think I'm saving her life.
John: Yeah, but you also are d3 afficionado, which doesn't hurt
Adam: Doesn't, but that doesn't affect the s one spike. So that's that's the difference there. Okay,
John: I don't know. I mean, the best one spike is on the virus of the d3 prevents the virus from doing anything.
Adam: Well, that if you read through it again, I'm not going to debate it because I have no place doing it. Nor do you probably, but someone will look at the show notes under nicotine, and will tell us if there's any validity to it. I wind up then since I don't have it.
John: I think wishful thinking on your part.
Adam: Maybe? I don't care. I mean,
John: but if I don't, I thought that I thought your Yeah, not I think about your original.
Adam: But there wasn't. But there were stories about old smoking Asian dudes who weren't getting it. And no, I'm
John: not gonna deny that there was. This was all it was all in the documentation. And then it disappeared. Just poof, gone.
Adam: So I just like to have to see these are pretty quick. These are 32nd ads. I just like to remind us of the promotion of the vaccinations. These are all Pfizer I believe they're all Pfizer commercials. How we how this was sold to us because as as a as media consumers, we look I can't even remember we played 69 episodes on this show. People don't remember what they saw what they heard what they learned, and certainly not how they were marketed to
Unknown: COVID-19 has changed how we thought the yard and filled the beat. Now it's time to take the first step that lets us get back to strolling instead of scrolling. Before we can safely come together, we need the facts. As COVID-19 vaccines become available. You may have questions, Is it safe?
John: Should I get it? Is it free?
Unknown: It's okay to have questions. Now get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines that get vaccine answers. So you can make an informed decision for yourself and for your family.
Adam: So you know exactly what was it get vaccine
Unknown: it's been difficult because I hadn't been able to see my grandchildren. I can't wait to get back to filter for my school not having to think about putting on a mass. I really can't wait to get back to life. Really.
Adam: I miss all my friends. I miss taking pictures in school and expressing on someone's face when you do something nice for them. COVID-19 vaccines are available, and they're the first step to safely getting back to things we miss most visit give vaccine you can make an informed decision about COVID-19 vaccines, these blanketed the airwaves. And this is clearly these are targeted at Black and Brown Americans. Obviously, can
John: I there's something one of the kids says I miss my friends and I miss taking pictures at school.
Adam: who misses taking pictures at school, all kids. That's what that's what these are. These are very human resources today have an appendage and that is a smartphone.
John: It should take the phone away from when they show up in the class to more
Unknown: the COVID-19 vaccines can be our chance to get back to our plans. who we are, what we miss, to get back to each other
to live.
But it's okay to have questions. Like how are the vaccines tested in rigorous clinical trials among adults of diverse backgrounds?
Can the vaccines give you COVID-19? You cannot get COVID-19 from a vaccine.
Why should I get vaccinated? protecting yourself also helps protect the people around you.
Adam: So these were the promises that were made? Very, very clear from Big Pharma. Find the latest information and get vaccine So these were the promises I can hug granny again don't have to wear a mask finally get back to normal and yes, I can take pictures at school again. But there's more questions. You won't
John: have to take your shoes off at the train station.
Adam: And that wasn't a part of this particular exercise, but it's just a search and replace in the script. I agree. COVID-19 vaccines can be our chance for big pharmaceutical companies to clean up without any risk of liability on the downside. We've been conditioned to just go along with it all is not pointless to question anything. Bus. Children's purse may not have yet been crushed. And they will have questions like Oh, you're going to die. Eventually,
John: we will all die. From COVID-19 we are more likely to die
Adam: of rice approval alcohol poisoning, and using too much hand sanitizer are I prevent my amygdala from exploding mainstream media and listened to no agenda. You can also listen to Nick
John: direct when you're old enough.
Unknown: Is it okay to steal the tangled blob the government building would TNT? Yes.
Adam: in Minecraft? find answers to these questions and many others that you may have.
Not. So Chris is back in case you had noticed he's locked down. It's got nothing to do. No gigs. Yeah, might as well do something
John: to the show. Australia lockdown. You okay? Yes, yes,
Adam: yes. All right.
John: I'm sorry. COVID says now
Adam: I do have one. I'm sorry. I have one final clip. But I don't have to play the whole thing. Before you go for your absolute kicker. And this is Dr. Drew, had a number of clips. But you know, we're so already so long. So I'm not going to play them all. You can find them. We'll put them in the show notes. Dr. Drew was very angry about the medical discussion being censored. He's you know, by the way, in Australia, the fit the various the vaccine adverse event reaction group 64,000 members close by face bag, of course. Oh, actually, I'm sorry, I shouldn't I need to play that one. That one piece. This just came out this morning. It's RT, but I've heard the story before and it checks out
Unknown: who pays the paycheck. So the fact checkers, the vaccine fact, who claimed to be independent, are funded by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stocks in a vaccine company and is run by a former director of the Centers for Disease Control.
The fact checking account responded to the accusations by making clear its funding sources. the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is one of the benefactors and old's billions in Johnson and Johnson stopped the foundation CEO is Richard besser, who was a former Acting Director of the Center for Disease Control know that lens has no interference in its editorial decisions, and the foundation's views aren't necessarily reflected in his decisions. But author and liberal studies experts Michael rectum vault believes such connections pose risks to the public. And this is absolute collusion on the part of vaccine manufacturers having funding the fact checkers on social media. So we're actually getting to the point where people's lives are being endangered. We've lost all confidence in the social media and our mainstream media entirely. Anything that comes into contradiction with the leftist agenda is deemed misinformation. People are now not able to get information about what's best for their health, including the detriments of the vaccine, any collusion
John: that checks
Adam: out those that influence on which of course is is
John: every x CDC director become a board member of one of the big pharma company saw guests so yes,
Adam: or you become a high ranking officer within the poll is not
John: as this guy not get on the air more Scott Gottlieb seems to own a spot on CBS.
Adam: He does. p o he owns that channel right now. They're going to do wait for it $33 billion this year, Pfizer. That's their report. 33 ci. They're trying to tell me something. But here's one adverse reaction I had not heard of. It's from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. And it was told by Dr. Drew the TV doctor, so he probably belongs in the dirty disinfo doesn't website,
Unknown: I worry about it. And to your point about the unnecessary medical procedures. I mean, the two ethic problems we've had in this country now are a lack of informed consent, and then be unnecessary medical procedures of which I was a subject of unnecessary medical procedure. I took the JJ vaccine so I even though I knew my antibodies were through the roof that I'm checking them again on Wednesday. And and I had a terrible reaction, including Kelly, tell you what happened to me when I got the j&j. Did I? Yeah, I know. You're horrible. No, no, I woke there is so the so for people out there. The dreaded complication is a consumptive coagulopathy, your platelets aggregate and you end up in a clot in the skull called the transverse sinus. And, and headache and vision changes are sort of part of the deal. But one of the other almost pathognomonic features is a spontaneous blackeye, which I woke up with two days after the vaccine. And I thought, Oh, crap, and
I just had an eyelash sign I thought he had he was just being sympathetic. She goes
looks like you're wearing mascara. Look in the mirror. I'm like, I have a full raccoons eye. And it's like, yeah, I felt fine. It may have been fine. We sort of let it go. But man, that could have been something who that was already scary. And that was because of an unnecessary medical procedure that I took in order to get on an airplane, which is part of the deal these days.
Adam: So how about that black guy?
John: Well, there's another one that came up in the conversation over dinner. Because both Judd buzzkill Jr. and Jesse had had COVID. And it's called COVID. Poop.
Adam: I'm on, I'm on it. All right. How does it work?
John: It's like a spongiform kind of poop. And you have it for days on end spongiform? Yeah, it's just like a kind of a, it's a different it's a different is a description for it. Except it's like a gooey, spongy, goose poop. And there's also COVID tau, which is well documented.
Adam: What is COVID total look like just
John: that when you can go on google and type in COVID? tau? Gross, you'll see millions of pictures of COVID toe. And it's like it's a horrible looking thing where your feet turn blue sometimes are all yeah, that bad. So I didn't hear about the black guys a new one. That's good. And that's from the vaccine, not from COVID.
Adam: Oh, you get ready for your clip.
John: The I get to is a two part that's good. You can do two parter. Hold
Adam: on. I just want to say I have from the legal front. Because we've gotten a lot of questions from our producers. What can I do my workplace wants to mandate. Now we heard from OSHA previously now the EEOC the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The body responsible for enforcing federal laws that prohibit job discrimination and harassment has issued guidance regarding workplace policies created in response to the covid 19 pandemic. Here is the basic answer. My question is May my employer required me to be vaccinated before returning to work? Yes, the EEOC has provided guidance indicating that employers can require their employees to receive the COVID vac 919 vaccine before returning to work in person. However, employers must still comply with title seven of the Civil Rights Act. The American with Disabilities Act and the Ohio civil rights act in this case from this lawyer, which may exempt employees from prior vaccination vaccine vaccination mandates if they held if I gotta read this right. Which may exempt employees from employer vaccination mandates if they have a sincerely held religious belief or a disability that would prohibit vaccination. So notice that little little line in their words matter. They sincerely held religious belief. Wow, how do you determine that?
John: You don't just claim it.
Adam: Now, but but it seems that legally you will have to prove that you are
John: one of our producers review this in one of the show notes. I think you can look it up with one of these search engines. One of the people going in with a hard core religious exemption forms and they'll bow
Adam: Oh, yes, yes, yes. I got those forms. It's like yes. Oh, my goodness, I think I saved those. I'll see if I can put them in the show notes. Because there were three different forms for exemption and they
John: were legal hold this organization and they'll back you up.
Adam: Yeah, they were. Yeah. Gotcha.
John: So you have to go through all this trouble seems to me to be your sincere. So this is the thing. I think it's
Adam: easy to go through the trouble of downloading some word or podcast website. If you're doing that you're sincere. You believe in soap. Well, okay. Damn it. I was not planning on doing this one. Science as religion. Dr. Malone again, this is a this is the real problem. This is what has happened. I think, in this case, forget about what Pfizer's doing and virus, but people have given up on belief systems on traditional religion. People apparently need to believe in something and many have turned to science
John: you're dead on and other people really bad people actual thinkers have been pointing this out from the social science side is that science has a tendency to go towards a religion. And we're seeing the consequences of that type of true believer, groupthink that has been propagated in an amazing way across the whole world. Because of this interface between public policy, the interests of Big Pharma, and mass media, mainstream media and big tech are all forcing this big lie this this groupthink on everybody all across the world. It's amazing. What we got to do is get back to emphasizing treating patients as All right.
Adam: So it is a it's a religious experience for people they love believing in it. They love believing in their Jesus's they're both their Pope's like Fauci, their apostles, the doctors. I mean, it's it's all there and it's very unjust and I don't blame anybody. I'm not mad at anybody for thinking I'm stupid for not getting vaccinated. I understand you, brother. Yeah, yeah,
John: I think we've talked about science as a religion and global warming is a religion. It's also science scales, you're off the
Adam: sciences in the sciences in Exactly.
John: It's just okay. Well, let's wrap this COVID segment with a couple of NPR reports, as it's called, it's under, it's actually separated here, but one's COVID at COVID. In arc one, NPR.
Unknown: Hutchinson has been taking this message to town halls across the state begging our Kansans to get the shot. The state has one of the country's lowest vaccination rates. A few weeks back, Hutchinson set a modest goal of getting at least 50% vaccinated by the end of July. But the state is falling short of that goal by more than 100,000 people. There are plenty of vaccines available in the state, and plenty of folks who don't want them. I have grandchildren. I'm not going to take the bag thing. This is Debbie Reynolds. She's a local in Heber springs. It's a lakeside retirement and a resort city and the Ozark foothills. She went to a town hall this week and found it super frustrating. The How can I spread something to a person who's been vaccinated? They think we're that stupid. They treat you like you're you're just too dumb to make good decisions for your family.
How many people do you see laying around on the sidewalks and in their yards? Donna COVID
nowhere, people are dying in the hospitals and the virus is spreading. Health officials are working hard to change people's minds with science.
Adam: I'm glad you got this because I saw the articles. headlines about Arkansas big problem Arkansas. So you'd like to
John: Arkansas sent back 80,000 doses that expired? Oh, there's your problem.
Adam: There's your problem.
John: And so they sent me back and sent
Adam: the product back. Oh, that's brought it back.
John: So this is kind of this Arkansas thing is it's interesting. But so here's the here's to me is the kicker This is COVID in Arkansas, too, and I think this will be a good way to end it.
Unknown: They're out there sharing data about how masks and vaccines protect people from COVID. And about the looming shortage and hospital beds. Colonel Robert, ater leads the state's vaccine Distribution Program.
Adam: What started out is being a logistics and distribution, kind of an exercise is turned out to be psychology
Unknown: aider says demand for the vaccines has actually gone up over 60% in the past three weeks. He says the governor's town hall meetings are encouraging people and the Delta variant is scaring them. But he worries that it may not be enough 89% of the new fires cases are sequence to the Delta variant. And so we have to get out there and my biggest concern is we're going to be a month too late and we're gonna have a lot of people suffer because of
it. So here's your vaccination card. You're getting Pfizer today. Back in Dumas at the Dumas family pharmacy owner Cheryl Stimson is giving out shots you'll come back August 17 for your second vaccine
Adam: alright they said a second shot of being in New Zealand here it may or may not both ways. Michael Hans says he's been feeling fine but he's not taking any chances. Oh man this is getting pretty rough around here now so I just came in just get a vaccine is your life gonna change after you get a vaccine about yeah you once you get fully vaccinated get a $200 scratch you're fine.
Unknown: wants a chance at winning the lottery.
Adam: I love the contrast of the First Lady going I think we're doing this guy Oh, that's so it's so mean. These are also Americans You evil shits in Arkansas.
John: Geez well this is NPR they're the ones who had pilot I mean they're doing this you're bored journalist you find some get yet like I always said they did an old theory he go down if you're a northerner you're NPR you know some sort of a lead and you go down in this report in the south you find people that sound well I'm gonna get I'm not a dumb shit like that say and you find those people and then you put them on the air because this just makes you feel good. Yeah, so you find a dumb woman in a vending a black guy who just wants to scratch off free scratch and then you put him on the air and that guy's got you know they don't even sound legit. They sound like they're very uneducated on believable. But that's what you do.
Adam: Damn. With that. I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you The man who put the C in the COVID toe ladies and gentlemen john c devorah. Back
John: well in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry OSA in the morning Illa ships to see boots on the ground, feet in the air subs in the water and all the dames and knights out there
Adam: and in the morning to all of the trolls in the troll room you can find them at troll hands up trolls hands. How many there are there scurrying? They are skirt? Well, I think the coverage is appreciated 20 to 38 we're rocking it. We're like 238 above above Standard Time.
John: Yeah, yeah, it's about the same as it was Thursday. Thursday was the breakthrough number.
Adam: Dynamite Well, those are the trolls and they do a lot they well of course their main job is to live under a bridge and eat trash and troll the show. But they troll many shows. This is the no agenda stream no agenda is 24 seven there's lots of live shows. Like Nick the rack you heard you heard that earlier. From sir Chris and Fie the By the way, sir Chris, son sir Felix is the star to sound like a man now I don't know that cute voice anymore. does kind of there. That's troll We we operate as more kids have more kids have more kids. We operate on the Federated network. That's how we like to communicate where there's no D platforming, no algorithms. It's just you and us, baby. You can follow john and john C. Dvorak at no agenda. that's a mastodon fediverse server. And I'm Adam at no agenda social calm once you follow us. A couple of postings happen the fediverse does its business and you'll be in like Flynn. And we'd like to thank correct a record for bringing us the artwork for Episode 1368 we titled that one heat map. Hands down the winner the Biden wipes. I think this is this could have been a Babylon B. That's how good it was.
John: Oh, yes, absolutely. It
Adam: was top notch. Now there was a lot of good stuff as usual. But a couple of things that just heads now, I think in general, if you do appeal of hydroxychloroquine and Pfizer, you know, that's just asking for trouble. It wasn't it also wasn't hilariously funny. Um, what else do we have there was a lot of stuff that Oh, I remember loaded with usable Kenny Benz Kenny Benz triple threat we liked a lot and we discussed which is first page down the bottom left, which was the the globe
John: Oh, yes. That was the correct piece would have easily won if, if he had the Triple Threat he should have been gun violence instead of pandemic
Adam: we were missing gun violence
John: or gun violence is that it? COVID so you have to have the triple threat. They were different but Dwayne has it with pandemic and COVID same thing where's the triple threat? It's only two but the piece was dynamite it would have been a winner
Adam: Yeah.
John: If he had put in gun violence which because that because all our clips indicated that this was what was you know, they're trying to push together climate change and gun violence and COVID into the same bucket. Yeah.
Adam: What else was there a heat map I thought the CDC flip flops was cute on the next page but didn't we both agreed it was not quite for the for the album art but holy crap artists you really bring the bring the value every single show anyone can check out all of this art at no agenda art generator, calm is well worth it. A lot of this also goes on to pieces over no agenda they split the money with the artist and they donate to the show. So it's otherwise completely independent, which we love. Keep it going that way. We have no meetings. And anyone can participate and we critique you with with great love. And you could see these flipping by in our chapters thanks to Dred Scott who always does that for the no agenda show does about 30 different chapters uses different art from from anywhere and everywhere but a lot from the art generator. Excuse me.
John: COVID sound terrible cough button
Adam: on the floor and there is a new iOS podcasting 2.0 app available, which I want I wonder who's on iOS. It's in the actual app store. This is big one john for podcasting. 2.0 it's very difficult to get through Apple's the fountain app, you can find or directly in the iOS App Store and congratulations to the team over there, which is all about two guys. I love that and bringing new experiences to podcasting, particularly this one. Now let's thank some of our executive producers and associate executive producers for Episode 1369. Who brought us the treasure of the three T's Yeah, we started off with a check that came in the mail from Kim Vasher Ron. Oh, who should will be daymond Nice.
John: And she's in Foxborough, Massachusetts,
Adam: right where they were 74% of all vaccinated people are have COVID Is this true? 74% is a tree Yeah, there's a cluster is a cluster that everyone's flipping out about.
John: I didn't know that breakthrough cluster.
Adam: Yeah, it is. That's I think that's even what they call it a breakthrough cluster.
John: Great clusters in Foxborough in the morning jonadab she writes thank you for keeping me sane through this pathetic COVID days. Your excellent deconstruction is a blessing to my amygdala and ultimately to those around me. It has been a while since my last donation. So in honor of my upcoming fifth 33rd 3333 wedding anniversary on August 13, and
Adam: they never had a fight.
John: On August 8 is the Mimi and eyes 33rd wedding anniversary
Adam: Really? Wow, what do you guys gonna do? I think you should call it quits. 33 is a great great Good job.
John: Okay, I'll go with that with your suggestion with her and she would she says call
Adam: it quits. Why not? This is a good run everybody.
John: I think it's only appropriate for my husband to be able to say he is more he's now married to a dame Yeah, I'm in closing this donation of $750 check the blah blah blah. To make up for my douchebaggery of my douchebaggery of late and to finally treat myself to a seat at the round table. I'd like to work some I would like to put some dark chocolate and filthy Hendrix Martini filthy filthy.
Adam: That's dirtier than dirty I guess.
John: with blue chip by the way if you like Hendrix try tank 10 from tank hurry. Tank 10 you'll love it. If you like Hendrix would love tank 10 with blue cheese all those and please call me Dame Kim, a warrior for truth in Massachusetts. I know she's listed as warrior for truth in Massachusetts that's on the list. Lastly, yes, it would be much appreciated if you would pay 33 is the magic number because it is truly been magical being married to my amazing husband for 33 years. And also throw in our two D two karma or our three fantastic adult sons who always keep their amygdala small thanks to the best podcast in the universe. Thank you again, love and lit. Kim basher.
Unknown: The magic number. The magic number. You've got
John: karma. And by the way think Kim bash runs a great name for a fictional character.
Adam: As svelte as ever, Kim Vash Ron entered the room or smoking hot figure silhouetted against the bear lightbulb. 550-550-5555 by five anonymous sends us this. And I haven't donated for a while I'm one of the original Rogan podcast converts and I haven't missed an episode of the show. So I figured it was time to donate with some recent proceeds from a cash out refinance, or one of my investment properties which is tax free, by the way. No jingles no karma. I figured it would give you a boots on the ground report. I work in the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico and have been for the past years now. That's a tough job. That's no joke offshore.
John: We get paid well,
Adam: you get extremely well. That's why people do it. We recently had an outbreak of COVID or flu on the platform I work on some people randomly started coming down with the normal flu like symptoms after being offshore for over a week. Every day. We'd have to send someone in with some flu like symptoms and when they got home, they would test positive one of them was vaccinated. I'm 29 I run and I run every day and take care of myself when I got home I started experiencing some light congestion and figured it would go I would go and buy a quick Do It Yourself Walmart test and tested positive but I only ever had some minor head congestion. So I just upped my vitamin D and zinc, which are already taken eventually went away. By the way I texted my cousin who was a doctor and asked what should I take And he just said, take vitamin C, D zinc, and you'll be fine. Fast forward two weeks, and it's time to go back to work. And we start back testing again, we used to test every time before coming to work with a 15 minute new swab test, but nobody ever tested positive, even last year at the height of the fearmongering. So management decided to stop it because it was running up an insane tab and every week, every week to test a bunch of people. Well, this time we went with a company that does the PCR test, PCR test. Well, I ended up testing positive, along with a couple other people all with no symptoms. So it had to turn around and go home after explaining to my
supervisor, that is no way I'm sick since I ran 27 miles a day before he went off the CDC guidelines which says you can be around others after 10 days after being sick or after 24 hours and no fever and come back to work in a couple of days. Today everyone is going to get the vaccine or everybody's going to get sick. I work with a lot of Republicans since I work in the apparent racist south. Yep. And they and they all were first in line to get the shot, which I was actually surprised by I absolutely refuse to get the shot. But I suspect we won't be doing this testing much longer tends to cost over $200 for each test, and you have to pay $600 for their mobile lab and the guys doing the nasal swabs get paid $75 an hour. My company spent over 16,000 for one day testing. It's a complete scam. JOHN, sorry for the long note. Guys,
John: this was a long note, but it was a good note. Well
Adam: worth it. Yes. Well, we
John: have another good note coming up. That he's noticing genius. No
Adam: no jingles
John: no comme de Fuca is Oh, yay, he's back reunited, and it feels so 34567 my first donation says my trumpet triumphant repatriation to the heartland My apologies for the delay. It's been a it's been lovely reconnecting with the family. Last though. I had troubling dreams last Monday night dreams of fever and chills and COVID and Oh, great. Now I have to tell all those friends I was hanging out with that I exposed myself to them. And then also with the COVID and worst of all I have to tell Spencer, I can't make the meetup,
Adam: which is probably which was in his honor. It was it was a meetup
John: goto meeting we have
Adam: we have a meetup report with with the Duke himself coming up at the
John: we do the meetups. skip forward to today when I got my positive COVID test back dreams Really do come true sad face emoji. So it looks like the great no agenda meetup celebrating my Thorin oakenshield like return my fellow l ot are nerds get it will be a virtual event for me and my dame's as I managed by the way to catch one of the ultra rare rare probably never going to happen to us. So get your shot breakthrough cases of COVID I got the Pfizer jab back in January. Yeah, in anticipation one of the many thwarted attempts to get home so I guess I'm another data point for the six months of protection as rare my survivor survivor survivor hope my survival renders a booster unnecessary and glad I didn't dream that I was that I didn't dream that I was a ferret. Anyhow, some health karma please for me, my folks, my mill, my
Adam: mother in law,
John: mother in law. And of course my lovely dames and to reminisce on the previous we're all going to die diseases. Ah, can I please request in a bola jingle and the extended dance mix aka long form of Zika Zika Zika all these we forgotten about my now COVID gets to zero stars don't get any on you. Cheers and thank you for your courage.
Adam: Yeah. And I listened to that meet up report. He sounds pretty sick. I mean, just really congested. Like he has the flu. But yeah, so that was very sad. Everyone was ready for him and we got I got an email way too late that they want it. He was Skyping in or something and they want to get you or me or both of us on. I missed it unfortunately. But feel better. Dave sir Dave Fuqua, zotoh, Duke of America's Heartland and the Arabian Peninsula.
Baby will be here with a baby with us.
John: They're gonna have to make a little head you watch? Yeah.
Adam: Where's the $1.9 billion? Yeah, where's the money? Let's have it now. Sika Sika Sika Yes.
John: Where's the money? Smaller heads are coming in to do it you watch karma
Adam: remember that when there was such billions of dollars and that threat was chosen and being born with small heads? Where did the small headed people go? Where did they go? No
John: idea. Poof
Adam: just gone. Sir kobato the bike path in the bike path gorbel I'm sorry sir. kobato the bike path gorbel in Lake Forest Park Washington 333 dot 3433 and 1/3 dollars for the last 100 shows. No note just jingles. Oh he wants to just jingles he wants a OC the revolution and fear is freedom. And Obama a team? Oh Crikey. I haven't heard that one in a while. Okay, let's roll these out. That is a cabal of the bikepath gorbel Lake Forest Park Washington is
Unknown: ready for the revolution. Freedom, subjugation is liberation contradiction in this world, and you will render to them for rescue mission when the world is threatened. The world needs help the calls on America and that's the story.
John: I got oldie but goodie is totally I love it. manuelle Obando is next on the list from Miami Lakes, Florida. 33333 says, ITM check your email for note which of course we couldn't put the note because you've got this in there. But there's no note with Obando didn't find it with manuelle. And there's no notice as donation from a manual ovando. I would like to I would like to take you must have got to No, no
Adam: I didn't, I looked, I would like to take a moment to reiterate that we do have some communication protocols in general. And over the past three weeks, my email inbox has gotten extremely full, it's about three times what it typically was before we moved. So whatever. And it's also a lot of people are sending in their own experiences, notes, and information. The subject line is extremely important. If you if you're if you see something funny on Twitter, you can just do Adam Curry, and maybe you'll have a comment, which is helpful. But it's really it's just click a link and see what it is with email. You are ruining my day when you say check it out. And then just have a link to some Twitter thing like what a waste of my time and your time quite honestly, please be descriptive in your subject line, particularly for coming down to donations put in the term donation. It's sad that we still have to remind people to do this. But my goodness, do you get this? This is one lines the one word subject and wow. And I'm supposed to open the
John: way I want to point this out. You have been complaining about this specific topic, not about the donation Part No. This specific topic for at least eight years.
Adam: Yes.
John: And I'll add something you think is going to do any good to continue this complaining?
Adam: Yes, it helps. It's not complaining. Thank you. It's a reminder, it's just a reset. And I will say one other thing. If you think oh, he's probably already This is so this is the opposite of a different side of it. He probably already had this, I don't need to send it to him, that his death of the show. If there's something you feel needs to be sent send it.
John: If you think that we've seen it, you might be wrong. As you listen to today's show, there's a two or three items that Adam brought up. I knew nothing.
Adam: So and if you if you do the subject line appropriately, then I probably won't have to open your your message if I already know what the story is. But I usually do anyway. But let's just it's just it's all worked together. It's just a producer note.
John: So when you're getting so much email that you're inundated,
Adam: it's three times as much usually, after all my filtering, you know I've got all I filter out a lot of stuff is because you moved. No, no, that's just the timeline. That's just when I recognize that I think because of what the bull crap that's going on in the world. This is we have lawyers, doctors, lab technicians, we have a lot of people reaching out to us. We have very interesting people who produce this this podcast, so I need to read everything they're saying but it just seems like it's more than a no it's it is three times as much. Sir Duke, sir mark, Duke of Japan, the Japan sea and all the disputed islands and the magic numbers of 333 33. Good to hear from sir mark. As you Adam and john along with good times and good laughs there have to be some sad times too. We are just in one of those moments as Dame Astrid we all know this is the the famous duo our producers from Japan for marking day mastered Dame Astra just as architects. Yes, Dame Astrid has just lost her wonderful father Klaus. Thankfully she was with him in Italy at the time, as you can imagine he was a great man is going to be missed by many, especially on Lago maggiore, where it was a sailing legend and at the Ferrari Club, which he drove to only a few weeks ago to watch in Formula One race, his spirit lives on an asteroid and rather than sending flowers, I thought it'd be much more appropriate to send a donation to you which I know will put a big smile on her face. We will miss you Mr. Klein,
we will all pass on your good wishes to you. Like you pass them on to us after every phone call you made today mastered no genius, just a few moments of reflection then lots of karma love and lit sir Mark Dooku Japan, Japan sea and all the disputed islands. And by the way, he is also an actual MBE in the United Kingdom. I'm very sorry to hear that day mastered but I'm very happy that she was there to be with her father and a family. You've got karma.
John: Yes. Our condolences ox Richard cone egg in Waukegan, Illinois 33333. During my 33rd year another 33 year with the company they decided to move operations from Illinois to North Carolina later this year. a better place to live on my dad but depends on where you are. Where's the word Keegan? South Carolina is probably more fun. No offense to producers in North Carolina but I've decided to stay here. I'm going to need the executive producer credit to pad my resume. Hey, there's
Adam: nothing wrong with a smart
John: move. Yeah, I agree. Ideal jobs karma to be nice birthday. Shout out to me on Monday, August 2. Chin goes live in the mac and cheese live. Hello. Hello kettle. This is the pot calling and real new. mac and cheese my mac and cheese.
Unknown: Hello, kettle.
Adam: This is the pot calling. Back to jobs, jobs and jobs. Let's vote for job. Karma. You do this one, john. Get the next one. It Carlos
John: graer. Guru guru. Gay. Guerrero. That's it. Carlos Guerrero. That 316 oh eight. bought a house in Missouri. The kids needed a backyard in case the simulation decides to do another lockdown. Job karma please needed.
Adam: We got it for you. jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. For job.
John: Karma. be finished within with the words a short note equals love. Yes,
Adam: yes. Christopher Flynn 282 dot 21 our first associate executive producer for today's episode from Oakdale Connecticut, and he wants Obama to words predator drones or Biden's ISIS in America. I in the morning Adam john fellow producers and slaves are gitmo-nation I'm making this donation in celebration of my daughter's second birthday Clara Jane is truly a joy and a blessing to be your father. I swear I will give everything I have an I am to protect you from true diseases which ale all this which ailed his world? Any amount of discomfort and sacrifice is worth ensuring your ability to grow from the wonderful little girl you are into the remarkable woman I know you're destined to become happy birthday booger bear. Can I please get some good birthday party weather karma and for jingoes as he just discussed, as a straight white male with dissident politics, I've been identified as the nation's greatest threat. However, I don't feel equipped to fulfill my designated role of white supremacy terrorists without my spook furnish Toyota Hilux if the feds listening could speed up delivery. We can take this show on the road. Thanks and thanks and john, stay safe. That's from Christopher Flynn.
John: I have two words for you. predator drones you will never see it coming. We will follow them to the gate. You've got karma. James Neff in Hanover Pennsylvania $249 switcheroo please credit my hot A f wife aka the redheaded Brewer on no agenda social No.
Adam: Oh, that's a no agenda social. Got it. I got it. I got Yep.
John: With the associate executive producer ship and add her to the Birthday list for August 1, that's today. No jingles but our to D to karma please today the first Today's the first bunny bunny rabbit rabbit Why? No jingles but our 2d to karma please 70 threes in three j L
Adam: and it's supposedly Good luck to say rabbit rabbit or bunny bunny on the first day of the month.
John: In what world?
Adam: I've been doing this on the show for 13 maybe 14 years.
John: I'm glad I finally picked up on it. You've got rabbit rabbit bunny bunny knows
Adam: it's either. I grew up saying bunny bunny. That's what my mom taught me but I've heard pretty the British colonies I think say rabbit rabbit. Ronald j Rao are a you from Port St. Lucie Florida about
John: Raymond about Raymond grill. I'm just skipping over him
Adam: is so much yellow here. That's
John: why I couldn't differentiate it happens to me to
Adam: Raymond grill tu tu tu tu dot 69 from Dover Florida what what are the chances to Florida's above each other thanks for all you do had to donate as I was going to a meet up and want to make sure I wasn't a douchebag Do you do Shane poor levar might Yes, exactly. My donation is my birthday which is two to 269 Okay, oh that's not the numbers just it's your birthday. Got it. Please give me the birthday list. You're on it you to keep me sane in this insane world looking forward to becoming a night and please just give karma for all you've got karma.
John: last on the list is Ronald J. Rao. In ports Port St. Lucie, Florida. As as mentioned, birthday donation for my smokin hot wife Robin on 731. She is my sunshine and my everything please de de-douche her youth ben de deuced. Coincidence? I think this is what he wants for jingles. Coincidence? I think not f cancer normal karma. We love the show. Thank you. Ron. Raul rhymes with cow. Coincidence? I think not jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. That's the job. Karma. If cancer in your
Adam: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I took a jobs for well, reset. You've got karma? I corrected it with a goat. think that'll be okay. Ah, probably a goat correction is always, always good. Always good.
John: Well, we want to thank all these folks breeding Executive Associate executive producers for show 1369 Indeed, it is funny, I'm looking down the list is only one person that came was 6969 as a donation.
Adam: Really? We could have thought of that ourselves. Well,
John: we already had things going on. We do.
Adam: Thank you to these producers, executive producers and associate executive producers. These are real credits. You heard it. It's used to I would say pad the resume. I mean, that's something you could actually top the resume off with. It's quite impressive people like that. It works and if there's any question by the way, you can always contact us we will gladly vouch for you if you're looking for if you're looking for employment and there's questions about your ability of your producer ship, but also look on IMDB. There's lots of real official producers who have these credits and we appreciate it will be thanking more people at the during our second break and want to remind you that anybody can participate in producing this show especially this portion is quite easy. Please go to vo slash and a thank you again for your time your talent and treasure for producing Episode 1369. Our formula is this. We go out for hit people in the mouth. No, I ran into an interesting interview with Sridhar Ramaswamy. Sridhar Ramaswamy was I think it was the chief Revenue Officer at Google for search and for YouTube. And the reason why I was listening to this interview is because he's the guy that left Google and has started this search engine called Neo Va and E. va. md And you pay for it now you get the first three months free, whatever. But it's 495 a month. And he
John: was the one you like. Yes.
Adam: Yeah. And you know, so whenever this guy's popping up, I mean, I, I I'm not going to start trusting people right away. I mean, I really want to see how they, how they operate, how they function, but also the search engine. I like a lot because there's not gamed like Google, you can actually find a list of the best weed whackers, which would be your test. Did you do that test with Niva ever?
John: No, I did not I should have should do that.
Adam: So now, of course, he was on the sway podcast from the New York Times, which was added bonus for me because I wanted to hear the guy and it was also a hatless and at the same time for Kara Swisher but it I can't really hate her on this show. The one was Scott Scott Galloway is different. But because we just did our donations, the value for value model that we pioneered, we did for very specific reasons. And I would say the top of our list 14 almost 14 years ago that we did not want to do advertisements. is we hate meetings with advertisers. Would you say that's fair? That was one of the main we both
John: have different reasons. My I have my reasons and you have your reasons. They just happen to coincide.
Adam: Did I lose your
John: reason is the meeting as you used to I'm going to say we used to always say I hate giving blowjobs to advertisers. Like your exact quote, yes.
Adam: Well, I was trying to clean it up and call it a meeting. But okay. If it's just because it's a meeting behind the gas station. Yes, I don't like that. But also you can't, you can't really discuss the things that we discuss. And I have asserted since the so called canceled culture started which you know, as you've probably heard, canceled culture doesn't exist. And shit. Right, exactly. But this particular piece, this two minute piece of this guy shows that the thesis that canceling D platforming D monetizing, has was has been, and always will be for Google, about the advertisers. Now has this mechanism being leveraged by political parties and and people who want to get their way? Yes, totally. And it's very easy to do. You just get a whole bunch of people together, you only need a whole bunch, maybe 10. And you all start posting on Twitter and Facebook that this is a show is I'll give you an example. Joe Rogan's a horrible podcast, he's fascist, he's racist, he's transphobic, you got to get him off the air. And if he had advertisements running next to YouTube, which he did back in the day, YouTube would be very quickly inclined to remove the advertiser from the equation that's called D platforming, to own D monetize the monetary model. But here's the interesting thing. It's actually not D monetizing the pot, the YouTuber, it's protecting the advertiser. And if it gets really too bad, then you know, all we got to get you off. And that's where the political
this, this mechanism with the advertising has been leveraged to the hilt. And that's why everyone's in this in this quagmire kind of in this in irons. And we can't go left, we can't go right. So this guy talks about why he left Google about the advertising. And I think it's very eye opening to hear someone from Google speak like this, about what's really going on.
Unknown: So you left shortly after the 2017 controversy where YouTube videos of Exploited Children are running alongside ads. Was there something
that happened? Is the timing a coincidence? Or did that inspire your exit? Do you do just go enough of this? I'm making nuclear weapons and I don't want it or whatever, right? You know what I mean? There's a lot of people that have those moments. When moment for you
Adam: just just let it go. She's, she's Yeah, I know, well, she calls it loose. Just let it just let it flow
Unknown: over. You just go enough of this. I'm making nuclear weapons and I don't want it or whatever. Right. You know what I mean? There's a lot of people that have those moments. Was there a moment for you?
For me, 100%. Those were the things that first of all, convinced me that I didn't want to work on ads anymore. When we did ads on Google search, or even when I was running the display ad ecosystem, we were very clear that being able to run ads on these platforms was a privilege. For example, we had a controversy around substance abuse treatments where Google's search app, you know, wasn't able to tell who good players versus not so good players was he just withdrew from the area and said we need to figure this out. We're just not going to show any ads and search was big enough and powerful enough that we could make a decision like this and actually move forward without a massive controversy on what foundationally different about the YouTube ecosystem was the role that creators play. For the longest time you took this attitude of should be able to say whatever you felt like on YouTube, it was an open platform. So they gave the illusion like a lot of social media platforms do that content expression on them was akin to free speech that literally anyone could say anything didn't really see a platform responsibility for themselves. And so what ended up happening was YouTube leadership was caught between a rock and a hard position, where they had a set of very vocal creators that genuinely believed that putting up content on YouTube, that getting the content monetized was something like a free speech. Right.
And I was dumbfounded by this, I was like, really, like your ability to monetize content on a platform is akin to the government guaranteeing free speech for you. But that's the world that Google existed in on this may change very hard. We had a set of advertisers that said, I want no part of being next to bad content on YouTube, near a set of creators that went, What do you mean, we can say whatever we feel like just because you find it objectionable, should
we not be able to say, it became an impossible problem to solve.
And that was part of the contract for advertising, because we were seen as supporting all kinds of actors, some of whom are very disreputable. And to be the head of the team that was supporting monetization was just not something that I was comfortable with. That combined with the fact that I had been there for 15 years just made me say, Okay, time to press the reset button. Time to start over.
Adam: advertising is censorship. There it is. I found that very enlightening to hear that from him.
John: Yeah. Well, he's still he's not back to he's still not. Yeah, he's doing a search engine.
Adam: Yeah. But he's doing a search engine that you pay for. There's no no tracking, or no sale of your data, no. advertising, just none of that. And it's, it feels good. I mean, I'm not completely 100% convinced yet, but it feels pretty good. It's the results are great. I'm just saying you feel about what what am I really not being tracked? I'm looking at all kinds of stuff. So
John: yeah, it's hard to believe but but there
Adam: it is, you know, they didn't care. Google didn't care what you said until the advertisers cared. And that's the problem. That is the entire problem.
John: It's called brand safe.
Adam: Oh, my God, I forgot, we tell you to talk about that all the time.
John: Yeah, we had a PC Magazine, we had peels to brand it brand of the audience was brand specifiers. And so it was a little different. Because you you could tell the the advertiser that because the advertiser was actually the customer, and we're selling always brand specifiers to the to them. And they were the ones that you want these guys to brand, specify it. A lot of people that never been in the magazine business don't understand some of the specifics of doing special interest publishing, and one of the things is you don't you want to, you want to create a very targeted, very, very specific audience that you can identify almost like, you know them as an individual person. So it'd be always some newbie that would come into the offices, some new new guys, even in soccer, soccer, come in, and they suggest that why don't we have more articles for beginners? and
Adam: get him out of here?
John: Pretty much.
Adam: What I found super interesting, this guy's still not really the, by the way, this is exactly how they think within Silicon Valley. You heard him say, these creators think they are that they get to monetize who they think you are, that you are literally this guy's an ex Googler. And he still is smoking the crack pipe. And he's saying, you know, you really are here the good graces of us are shut up.
John: Well, I'm, I, I understand that completely. Because if you're running the platform, you are giving them free. I mean, video is ci is not cheap to produce and distribute on your own. So you're giving somebody Okay, we're gonna give you this platform, it's going to be free to you. In fact, you can even make money by putting your stuff onto our platform. It's, it's pretty much you know, if you're the guy sent making that statement and somebody Okay, I'll do that. And it puts it there. You can see the relationships a little skewed right off right at the start.
Adam: And even when we were completely open about it at pod show slash meevo. He was always an issue. It was always a problem who's getting the advertising who's who's not getting the advertising? Oh, you're monetizing my show. And just as a never ending story, because the independent nature of podcasting was always independent. And so then the rules doesn't work. It doesn't work that
John: way. planing is built in.
Adam: Yes, it's built built into the model.
John: Yeah, built in. And if you're a podcast or you're a complainer I have a couple of job I want that got the Joe Biden clip that went around, everyone's talking about, okay. This is the Joe Biden pandemic comments.
Unknown: Now, in a lot of ways, the vaccines feel like a miracle. And they were rolled out in record time, you know, and, and they've worked much better than we'd hoped. But still, and I'm sure a lot of you hear this. There's a lot of misinformation out there. And people have a lot of questions. And a lot of times, and maybe this has happened to you people come up to you, and they ask you like, Hey, Joe, Is it safe? You know, was it created too fast? Was it tested enough? Now as a teacher and as a mom, and as a Nana, you know, I wanted to be able to give people the best answers I could. So I asked some of the experts like you, I mean, you guys are the experts. And I was surprised to learn that, you know, while these vaccines might be new, the technology behind them really isn't new at all. You know, scientists have been studying similar viruses and working on this type of vaccine for decades, and many of you probably already know this. So when this pandemic started, they already had a pandemic, ready to go.
Adam: This has been around though this clip hasn't or is it is it resurfacing.
John: I don't know if that's a surface thing is resurfacing. Yeah. But it's a that was in context. And she ended if you listen to the I get the end of 15 second and kicker to it to show that she never it wasn't a it wasn't a
Adam: flub, no, it's they had a pandemic ready to go.
Unknown: They already had a pandemic ready to go. So I'm here today. Ask all the people who can hear my voice who can see my face to get your shot.
Adam: What did she also mentioned in these 20 years that scientists have been studying these types of vaccines, as she said, about the 600 people in the Philippines, the children who died did she mentioned that at any point that that was part of the study?
John: You know, maybe somewhere? I didn't hear it. Right. She also mentioned or Did anyone ask her or saying he or she ever been asked about the fact that what, which Biden, you know, Joe mentioned to about 220? All it's been we've been doing this for 20 years? Okay, you've been doing it for 20 years? How come? You can't get this FDA approved? Then? After 20 years? You can't get it FDA approved? According to you're still stalling on it. By the way. Dr. Malone says it's never gonna happen. I hey, I said it's never gonna happen.
Adam: Yeah, I know. Which are you Dr. devorah. And dog. Hair I listened to stay safe had Dr. Yes. Well, you know, there's Dr. Joe Biden, I trust her. So
John: now I have a couple of blips from the archives.
Adam: Well, I can we wait them because I got some other current stuff before we start going back?
John: Okay, I'm fine with that. In case I lose, my machine crashed out on me.
Adam: Oh, shoot. We able to fix it on a different machine. Now when I'm on
John: a demo on the backup machine, which turns out to have a bunch of archives on it.
Adam: It's like, it's like finding a sandwich. Like, oh, I'm finally got something to eat.
John: I find my 2017 photos.
Adam: Oh, that's no, that's actually kind of cool. Like that. Yeah, there's, there's there was something really big happening. And I had been following this a little bit. But it really came to a head yesterday started on Friday. And this is the eviction moratorium.
John: Oh, yes. This is actually good.
Adam: And I dove into this. I went pretty deep. But here is the the basic new story. Everyone kind of repeated this. And it's the AOC tried to get in on it. But she didn't really get any traction, but Cory Bush, she really got all the media attention and will continue. I believe she's sleeping on the steps of the Capitol. And here's a report from ABC Nightly News. And then I'll see if I can deconstruct what's going on tonight.
Unknown: Millions of Americans are facing possible eviction with a federal moratorium is set to expire at midnight. The house failed to pass an extension of the CDCs eviction freeze. I see the tears in your eyes. This is a person this is personal for you. Yes,
yes. First off with me I lived in a car. I lived out of a car with two babies and my partner and know what that's like.
Congresswoman Cory bush camping out on the steps of the Capitol to make her point. But lawmakers now on a six week recess, House Democrats are now hoping for a miracle in the Senate, which is still in session.
We are only hours away from a fully preventable housing crisis.
Congress has already set aside $47 billion to help tenants and landlords but only 3 billion has been doled out the backlog frustrating for people like Jessica in Illinois.
My application has been named, but it needs to be fastest. I'm still at risk of the eviction, which is the scary part.
So much at stake here. Let's get back to Alex prosze on Capitol Hill and Alex, congresswomen, Bush and others, now calling on colleagues to come back to Washington and take action. But what if anything can be done at this late hour? Wait, Democrats are rallying behind me here on the hill to raise awareness. But the short answer is right now with the house already gone? Not much. The White House does support the CDC expanding this eviction moratorium but says a recent Supreme Court decision has tied its hands. Oh, yeah.
John: Oh, shit.
Adam: No, no, that it?
John: Okay, well, good. I do want to say something before I'm gonna let you go. But by now, California has extended it to infinity from what I can tell. So just by our state or state, you're
Adam: picking up the tab. Let me just tell you what, what happened. So first of all, we locked down people got checks, and that was to cover to cover rent and food, in essence, and hopefully you had a little bit of savings most people didn't. That's when the moratorium started. Now, the legality of the moratorium, which as you heard there is from the Centers for Disease Control, what kind of power do they have? Well, if they say that it is important to keep people housed, because if they're evicted, then they may help spread a communicable disease. That is where the CDC has the power, they can say, ah, we're calling a moratorium, because if these people are homeless, if they're out on the street, they'll be spreading COVID. Now why they don't do a moratorium at the border, I don't know. But that's a different story. So these a lot of people have not been paying rent. And then the number of people ranges from 4 million to 8 million to 11 million, but each one of them probably owes about 30 $800 in back rent. Now, this was going to be solved by the previous $1.5 trillion package that was put together and passed. And $40 billion was not only set aside, but it was, and let me tell you, it was set aside for landlords. So the landlords, they had the relief coming. You, you fill out your paperwork, and you say, here's what I've lost on people who operate under the moratorium Give me my money. But this was not handled by the federal government. They sent it to the states
and the city center, or the state sent it to the cities. Right now, less than 2% of this money has been claimed. Two reasons why. The first one is, if the landlords want to take this money, they have to fill out all kinds of financial information, all kinds of information about the organization, about you know how big a lot of privacy issues is discussed. But also they would not be allowed to evict that person. After they got the money and after the moratorium expires, and you just you'd have to keep them in their home. So if you had a shitty tenant, who was just shitty because tenants can be shitty, or if a non payer, then you were basically you'd get your money and be stuck with someone who wasn't paying who you then couldn't evict. And I think the second reason, and this is this is where I think the story will I hope the story will go there. But the story of probably go to evil landlords is that this is all money that's been stolen. This is exactly what happens with this middle layer of douchebags. And by the way, a lot of them are from the poor communities who have risen up now. They're above everybody. And they're either making it difficult for people to get this money, or they're giving it to their buddies who have big rental situations going on it as it truly has nothing to do with the federal government anymore. But it's not being represented that way. Everyone's Oh, Congress, they went on vacation. It's gonna be Trump's fault soon, I'm sure. Yeah. So
it's very, very baffling to me. where the money went. And now
John: you start sending the money to the cities. That's when it's when it gets stolen. They're stuck there, which didn't you know where it went got stolen? Yeah, yeah, to do that. Exactly the money
Adam: Exactly. And I hope people figure that out because holy crap that's not how they probably want you right? It's nuts I got a client Oh, let's Olympics. Do you have anything on the Olympics? Everything in the Olympics?
John: I was thinking about Simone beat Beals I think
Adam: 33 second clip if you want to
Unknown: Yeah, play tonight, Simone Biles pulling out of two more gymnastics finals, the vault and uneven bars. The superstar posting then deleting these practice videos from Tokyo on Instagram falling hard on her back. Revealing she's still suffering from what dimness called the twisties she wrote literally cannot tell up from down it's the craziest feeling ever, not having an inch of control over your body. Now mckaela Skinner who plays fourth and qualifying moving into vials a spot in the vault tweeting doing this for us Simone Biles All right.
Adam: Your thoughts?
John: I think? I think it's great that she's there to cheer on her roommates I think she's definitely lost lost it whatever it is out of the blue and I think she knew that this was the case before she went to Tokyo she would needed to play the idea of a free trip to Tokyo. I don't want to be cruel about it. Did she do some routines where she did well or did she not she did a couple of things and fell on her ass kind of you know, I saw what she tried to do and it was like this wasn't her I think she might be also might be injured and she's not talking about it she I don't want to be crude about suggesting anything that she just wanted wanted to get to the point of the trip to Tokyo to get the
Adam: challenge coin so she could at least get the challenge coin
John: but she get she I think she's great and she's been cheering everybody on and when that new woman the the the Hmong she good girl won the bet all around and this like what? I didn't know you know, I should a guy I go to the farmers bar we have two Hmong stalls at the farmers market in Elsa read what is wrong What is wrong? The Hmong or is it Cambodia? It's like a tribe that's within the in the Southeast Asian area that a very famous ethnic group called the Hmong do they look like mom
Adam: is there is there a particular head shape or something
John: actually do look a little different than typical Southeast Asians their little stockier i think is a good way to put the stocky but they're the great they're absolutely fantastic they have great great personalities they fought with American troops and we we lifted most of them out of this Southeast Asia and moved to the United States where they've taken on all kinds of positions including farming in the case of the two stalls and they produce all kinds of terrific stuff. I really liked them long anyway I was happy to see that this girl one
Adam: if you if you do a search on mom head shape it's like like to have a bump on the back of their head with the with the with like extra brains
John: do that but
Adam: I'm looking at the wrong shoe mo and I'm looking at something really bad don't look at m o n g headshake no it's something well this world the the sad the sad sad part of of this young young woman not helped by the way by the US women's soccer team boo face away from the American flag and and took a knee during the anthem and with the whole point is to represent your country at the Olympics.
John: Yes makes no sense. I
Adam: think that I think that hurt. I think that hurt the the ratings. And so then there is bad news. viewership is down 42% from the 2016. Summer gains games across all NBC outlets and since the opening ceremony, NBC has been negotiating with advertisers offering ways to make up for the good for the last No, no, I'm reading from Bloomberg. haggling over make good isn't unusual in TV. But the discussion show that NBC is ambitious Olympic effort from Tokyo was drawing a smaller audience in the broadcast or advertisers expected. Check this out. They sold $1.25 billion in commercials for this year's Olympics. Do you know how much they paid for the broadcast rights? 1.1 billion, well, they're gonna lose they're gonna lose their ass on this. And I
John: got a couple of things. I also think that producers of this particular Olympia because I've been watching it on and off. I agree really have done a piss poor job, but I agree. I agree. For example, we don't really need to watch the entire 1500 meter swim event from beginning to end because it's nothing in the be in the middle and it goes on for 10 minutes although I longer I
Adam: do like the meters per second that they're doing that follows few gimmicks and it's kind of cool.
John: I mean, the the short races are fine but to follow from beginning to end every lap like well you nailed
Adam: it but john, you nailed it. It's boring. You know why it's boring because boring because the world is boring. You don't have any of the Olympic Village profiles you can really make exciting you know, the athletes going around town doing fun stuff. We got a note from producer Matt, who works at an English daily in Tokyo covering the Olympics. In the office people are very much into the games and several pages per day are dedicated to its coverage when a Japanese athlete wins a gold many people clap and cheer it's very interesting experience but outside of the office, it's as if there's no Olympics in the capital. Tokyo is under so called state of emergency restaurants have to close by eight o'clock no alcohol can be served. The whole city is dull with medical establishment Boomer age un bootlicking bureaucracy at the helm. Hey, you should try writing. Oh he does. Many bars are flouting the ban and in certain areas you can find people lining up without mass to go to go down some drinks. I saw a woman puking in the gutter there once you go there's no Olympic fever in the rebel holdouts outside of those holdouts where where people are masked up in 33 degree weather that centigrade and on the trains and subways I would say 99% of the passengers are gazing away at the dumb crap on their phones. With neriah care about the Olympics. How many people can care about a trampoline bronze medal when fear porn is being shoved into their brains? 24 seven with all this
COVID-19 crap. I agree. I agree to all of Tokyo was boring. So it may just be hard to really get anything out at all. That isn't just board good.
John: If you're a high end guy, you should be able to make your site.
Adam: Yeah, I would agree. Man. Yeah, you're right. You're right.
John: All right, uh, go to some old clips, which are kind of reminiscent of some stuff in the past that you might want to listen to. I picked up off the computer.
Adam: It's it's unfortunate happenstance. I feel so lucky.
John: I just did the two clips. I only have two. And they they harken back to a time that we've looked this long since forgotten. Okay, let's play last news ISIS.
Adam: ISIS
Unknown: night a troubling new development just one month after the terror attacks in Paris. You'll remember this image authorities say one of the alleged suicide bombers using this fake passport to slip into Europe among the Syrian refugees. Tonight a chilling new warning ISIS now has its hands on at least one official passport printing machine. ABCs chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the concerned those fake passports could be used here.
With the US and other countries on high alert tonight for ISIS attacks. American authorities are warning
Adam: the terror group may have infiltrated followers into this country
Unknown: with authentic looking passports. It has printed itself almost impossible to detect
if ISIS has been able to acquire legitimate passports or machines that create legitimate passports. This would represent a major security risks the United States.
Adam: I have something that that goes right with that. Whatever happened to that story? Well, we went to war. We spent Billy trillions of dollars fighting people in Sandy areas. That's the story. That's why ISIS remember ISIS was cutting off people's heads in those high Hey, the guys from ISIS did better job on the head chopping videos in the Olympics. Remember those videos?
John: Oh, they were making CGI.
Adam: They got all kinds of cool stuff going on. So I think something like ISIS and this was what do remember what year this was? 2017. You said 2015 2015. I think something else is at play. And I've been keeping my eye on this. It's just a short clip. The United States is as has his so called moving out of Afghanistan. There's no way the war machine is going to stop war. And I think there's a new target.
Unknown: South Africa sending its troops to Mozambique nearly 1500 military personnel are going there to battle Jihad terror. They'll be fighting alongside troops from Rwanda, Botswana, and 13 other African nations. They've all promised military assistance to Mozambique the enemy is Al Shabaab outfit linked to the sonic state that plans to establish a caliphate in southern Africa.
Adam: So now they're pulling the old al Shabaab the joke
John: it's amusing since I had an Al Shabaab clip I was gonna incorporate into this too, because that's another thing that's been revitalized recently.
Adam: But I think I think something else is
John: just the same playbook again. But
Adam: watch out. I think Mozambique is just a little bit up. I think they're going to the Horn of Africa. And I think we're going to find al Shabaab or something in I'll name the countries now put it in the red book, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea. I think that this is where the American military will be sent next to fight some kind of thing for the sad people of Africa.
John: Could be Yeah, we don't like going there. But it's possible. We'd like war the democrats to demaria we do but the democrats don't like going to Africa. They just don't
Adam: know what they like going to Syria. Yeah. Africa
John: isn't like the black man.
Adam: Oh, is that the racist? Okay, got it.
John: Okay, here's the other one. This is another Whatever happened to these stories. Last News 2015. Hackers,
Unknown: a vulnerable to a cyber attack. The FDA warning hospitals be on alert for hackers. Here's ABC a DD ROI. hospitals across the country receiving an unprecedented warning by the FDA tonight that a commonly used medical device may be at risk of getting hacked. Device Hospira syndic infusion pump is used to deliver medications like painkillers and cancer treatments to patients through an IV. In its warning, the FDA says an unauthorized user with malicious intent could access the pump remotely and modify the dosage it delivers. So every hospital should assume that its devices if connected to the internet can be attacked. So this it's an important morning. This is not an isolated incident. Hospira says it deployed an update to provide customers with an extra layer of security until the pump is completely off the market in a few months. A move already in the works before this warning, this new worry over health care hacks, comes just after a Fiat Chrysler issued a voluntary recall of 1.4 million vehicles to install software to prevent hacking commands in a vulnerability seen in this demonstration video, when hackers took control of this Jeep these two cases showing how the rewards of technology also come with risks. And the FDA says there was no specific hacking attempt that morning, but still says there's a very real possibility Cecilia, this could happen. Scary possibility to add Thank you, and a manufactured
John: story.
Adam: I remember this. And yeah, and I think the way we deconstructed it is that they wanted to get some kind of medical device classification that would involve some higher security level it was it was a move by by one of the manufacturers of these devices to get some kind of what I remember some kind of higher level FDA approval as
John: it was involved with that stoop member that there was a whole like a six month period where they kept hacking cars. Your engine, like I can't, I can't control my car. I'm turning left. I don't mean to
Adam: well, they don't have to worry about that. Because if you look at Australia, Elon Musk batteries just keep burning up. You see that fire? No, no, they've got he is the Tesla battery factory in Australia as a 13 ton cell caught fire and they're still trying to put it out of the factory caught fire. Well, the cells that were in so they have a whole like rows and rows of these containers and
John: those things start to go You can't
Adam: 13 ton cell. I mean, it's not like one big battery. It's millions of little pen double double A's. Yeah, that's
John: what they
Adam: Yeah. Oh, my goodness. It was worried about that. When people are worried about a snapchat being down for two hours. That was hilarious. People were freaking out. I'm leaving you Snapchat. Hey, man, bring it back. I was arguing with someone. Theories theories. Okay. news from the past. You probably have heard about the damn Texas democrat state representative democrats who fled to slay to stay fled the state god COVID on their private plane where they flew without masks, and are hiding out in God knows where. So they didn't have to and this is a complete 100% political, they did not want to because they're in the minority and not want to vote on our vote roof on our voting reform laws
John: when they wanted to make sure there's no quorum so that Republicans couldn't just ram a vote through
Adam: this has happened before and It's interesting that no one has told you that.
John: It happened before in California
Adam: in 2003. Republicans, what was the law at the time? It was it was I'm sure it was it wasn't as quite as racially motivated. But you had 50 democrats who fled over the border into Oklahoma and we're staying at the Holiday Inn for the exact same reason. The exact same thing, this is what they do, bro, we're going to news. Republicans do one negotiate it. And then they go and run away and they run away. They'll be solved the same way. Texas democrat Yeah, there'll be solved the same way with special sessions and then eventually the they'll just lose out to it. And they keep doing rallies and Beto shows up Beto Beto running for governor of Texas. Better and professional signs. And this poll, I saw an entire crowd of people in the newspaper in front of the state capitol with professional signs. Voting isn't just for white people, it was all white people holding the signs. No black people that I saw in the pictures at least.
John: Can somebody get me one of those signs?
Adam: Oh, my God.
John: I keep asking first, I do get some stuff once in a while you get it? Sure. And once in a while, roll up in a tube, mail it to the post office. And it goes into the archive. Your novel being written about it. Are you going?
Adam: Yes, that's true. And it'll be quite a good one. I can't wait for it to come out. I'm very excited about that. Yeah, one more before we thanks for more people. This is the level of news reporting. This is Fox, a fox five reporter on spy we've always had some issues with the T drop important. Now. Can you drop the T just did we ever figure out if there's rules to this? What you can draw because we have
John: the example of Sophia with an F. dropping one t then dropping the different T and then dropping both T's? Well, this is some moody thing. I don't know. It's important. It's important.
Adam: Well, listen, listen for the T droppage. In this short clip about dog groomers.
Unknown: Hey guys, it's Fox by reporter Sierra Fox right now I am here with Abby and Lucy. They're outside of happy grooming just got beautiful and they feel good. their tails are wagging today my stories about how pet groomers don't have to have any sort of licensing or regulations to some pet owners after hearing that that's concerning. So I'll have more details for you about this. Coming up at four, five and six. Hi guys.
Adam: Since when can you say pet owners?
John: pet owners? She's a pet owners. She said details quite clearly. But she said nicer. I don't think you can do the. I don't think you can drop the two with details. I think you do have to say it. Deals doesn't work.
Adam: Let's listen again to things. That part now
Unknown: I am here with Abby and luthy they're outside of happy grooming just got beautiful and they feel good. their tails are wagging today my stories about how pet groomers don't have any sort of licensing or regulations to some pet owners. pet owners What
Adam: is that? owners?
John: pet owners?
Adam: owners?
John: Ah that's very unusual. Yeah. But it falls into play. It falls into place with nimble.
Adam: I think if you say Hi guys, if you say hi guys at the beginning of your report on television, you can say whatever you want. Are you good with me? I'm going to show my school by donation to no agenda
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while the meetups aren't going gangbusters everywhere around the world, I'm so proud of what the producers have done this is I mean, this is so beyond what any podcast is doing, where people are meeting up. Sometimes every day of the week somewhere else in the world that is astounding. You can look at this list at no agenda meetups calm and we have two reports today. The first one is from that fateful Casey meetup where sir De Fuca xojo unfortunately could not attend because of his COVID tau. And he sent in part of the report himself, please rars for the
Unknown: Juco America and the Arabian Peninsula. In the morning, this is your day because I had a great time virtually hearing the grievances of my loyal heart lenders sipping a tepid spindrift, grapefruit sparkling water, and watching producers from all around the Kansas City area. Enjoy the huge spread of delicious Chow while I was quarantined in my home, thanks to Spencer and Searcy, Mike for setting up the video connection so I could attend the meetup without contaminating anyone with my pestilence. Thank you for your courage
from North Kansas City where it may sound like a PBS studio. But I promise you we're actually out of the park. This is Matt it's there. Spencer. You know, the folks over at Google scrambled the location to our meetup and they gave our dupe the coup. But we still had a great time and a great feast for the roundtable damn DeLorean here. There are damn near 33 human resources at the KC meetup. We are making babies. This is Seth the Batman been
Adam: named dude named Ben named Ben that no I messed it up and I'm triggered. Anyway in the morning. This is sir Baronet john Helmer at the
John: KC meetup. JOHN, would you please renew your ham license?
Unknown: Hey, john. Madam This is Searcy Mike it is an absolutely wonderful day here. Even the Human Resources all Avon are being well behaved and the weather's been
I'm reclaiming his time. Black hammer here. Gracias por su by La La me.
Adam: from Omaha. I made the right direction this time and didn't go three hours north to Sioux Falls. This Chris Johnson in the morning. J from Lake kawana. Stay safe. Hi, this is Liz the ROI formerly of Wichita in the morning, Jim, this is Matt Leroy formerly from Wichita and now out in the country. Not a douchebag I think we're all out of cookies. We're all gonna die. Very creative. Like that. And then
John: just kids to send us some some ISOs Yeah,
Adam: some new ones. No, they
John: got to get the guy that kid the two of them in there a guy heard I think they're different have great voices for that.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. But what are they What do you want them to say? I'm just whatever they say. Whatever. It's funny
John: to do the writing to I mean, no, no, no. Just have the kids had lip stuff.
Adam: Just have fun. Exactly. But that but those were good. I agree that were punchy. Well recorded. Nice and focus. Oh, and I liked it. Port port port. dukey. sounded pretty pretty rough there.
John: And it's fine. Well,
Adam: I'm sure he will be fine, but great. I'm so happy he's back with the family. Good meetup report. There was one more. This was not quite as big as I'd hoped it would be for them. I wish I could have attended. I've been to the Calgary Stampede once and we had a meet up there post event.
Unknown: Good morning Adam john. This is Frank's or CRO waddles here reporting from the post Stampede meetup in Calgary, Alberta. I guess everybody's kind of still hung over from the stampede that we only had two people show up and I'll pass them right over to you. Here's john as john
aka Melvin Gibbs Steen contradiction is truth you pigs in human clothing in the morning, guys.
Adam: Thanks for all you do. Keep cracking pots and killing buzzes. Cheers guys. Thanks for the show. We love you. Thanks for the report. Appreciate it. Here's what's coming up on the calendar for today the impromptu Buffalo, a Western New York meetup 3pm. That will be at the Raymond Klimek veterans park at the CBS Memorial. Also today Michigan local one, the live broadcast listening and gun shooting. Oh, this is important. This is very important to learn a second. As they say in this note, as soon as Adam says Adios, mofos that's the end of the show. That's when the shooting will start at the Linden sportsman club So get out there. Get out there soon. It's gonna be happening pretty soon. Wait until I say at the end of the show. For Monday, the kung fu hustle is on at six o'clock in the dojo that's Bandera Texas. And coming up in the next week or so we have our will be due August 6 and seventh on the sixth Phil of Philadelphia PA Peterborough, Ontario, Healdsburg, California, Nashville, Tennessee, Kaizen long term the Rhineland faults in Germany, Brisbane, Australia, Boston and Phoenix Arizona also we have one in Switzerland coming up and on the eighth one week from now arlington virginia, Nashville Tennessee and there's one every single day for the rest of the week go to no agenda meetups calm to see where these are taking place. It's a free to attend. everybody's welcome. You'll find it a very, very relaxed atmosphere. And people from all walks of life come
together are not triggered, not offended. And we just hang out and have a good time. No agenda if you can't find one, start one yourself. It's like a party.
John: With all day you won't be triggered. You want to be everybody.
Unknown: Yay.
Adam: I suppose.
John: Yeah, I had little trouble getting some good. I
Adam: know you're coming here. Your machine crashed right? Yeah.
John: Try a couple. Okay. We believe we believe we believe journalism should never stop asking questions.
Adam: Yes, a little long for an end of show ISO it has music under it.
John: Answer to answer two. We answer to no one, but you.
Adam: I like it. I like it. But I think I may have you beat. Okay. Okay. Well, I have the one you heard already bonkers to like, what is this and it's a bit worse than I expected. And I also have this one
John: that made my make to a ping, ping, ping. Kinda like
Adam: the amygdala ping, ping, ping. And maybe this is the one you've been abused, bro. I think that that kind of works for me.
John: Where'd that come from?
Adam: That's a one Schrier.
John: I like that one. But bonkers is so good.
Adam: Yeah, it is kind of bonkers. Isn't it? I mean, really, there's really is no, we should just go with it. The lowbrow stuff always works quick, dirty to the point you which we do best? I think that's that's well worth it.
John: I have one last clip. But I want it to be the last clip because it's this last clip. Even though it's an it's a kind of a house ad that I found on NPR. It tells us something's going on that it's Do you know agenda we'll be the first time you've even heard about this. Ever. And then you're going to start hearing about it within the next year or two.
Adam: Well, I have nothing else. I say let's go for it. Yeah, go for it, man. Okay, we're ending we're ending with this.
John: We can just do want to go right to the theme. No, wait for a second because Oh, wait. Okay, so let's just play this and then tell me if you noticed the little hint about something going on.
Adam: But what am I playing? Oh, I'm sorry.
John: tidbit tidbit. Or kid tidbit? t ID it it's titter.
Unknown: Tap the play button below to hear about the innovations taking place and mobility and electrification in the state of Michigan, including a self driving vehicle corridor.
Adam: Wait, let me just hear this. Let me
Unknown: tap the play button below to hear about the innovations taking place and mobility and electrification in the state of Michigan including a self driving vehicle corridor,
Adam: self driving vehicle corridor. So is that like a special road that kind of like a luge or like a bobsled track is like the hyper we can find we can bounce off the walls.
John: I mean, it's this has never been suggested by anybody. In fact, it's always been complained about the promise self driving cars in the past I've tried to do them but you need a special road with a little stripe down the middle and you needed Yeah, this and that. I thought that was dropped. Because these self driving cars that have been recently invented that are supposed to be so great. They all know they could drive around with any car there's just drive on the freeway and they can do this they can do that but the Google Maps you can come home and you could park in the driveway and you know find yourself in a park itself. But now we're here this
Adam: they need the equivalent of a Disney Disney ride. Yeah, with the with the bumpers on the side. Like Pirates of the Caribbean you never get off the track you just kind of boom boom boom going left and right. So I
John: believe that that somewhere along the line this this got out and got into this Pete This is NPR
Adam: something went wrong
John: for this from the Michigan station. And it's ended talk about self driving car corridor. So there's going to be a special You know, there right now in the Bay Area. They've set up these fast track speed lanes, you know in Texas, I've had them for you. Yeah, we have a freeway,
Adam: which is dynamic pricing. Did you know that do you have that too? So you driving
John: is that? Well? Yeah, there's must be a semi dynamic pricing because they do it on the bridge. They change it from $4 to $6. Oh, this is gonna be from Oh, this is crazy. No, no,
Adam: we have fractions so it's if you hit the toll they'll be a big silence is taking the toll right now cost $4.17 it goes up I've seen it as as high as nine or 10. Oh, yes. It's a total Jip. Total
John: Jess total just so anyway, show these corridors. I just keep an eye out. You're gonna start hearing about him.
Adam: I love it. Was that your last last clip? That was it. That's my clip. Well, that's a lot to think about. corridors. Okay, another
John: thing we don't need No, definitely not.
Adam: Definitely don't need that. That's our deconstruction for today. We look forward to returning with you on Thursday. No doubt a lot will happen. But for sure we'll be here. Even if we can't leave our house. Or if we can, we'll still be here. And get ready over there at your shoot up. It's coming. And we have our end of show mixes from Tom starkweather. Also from Fletcher and Blaney. Can we got the grumpy old Ben's coming up next? No agenda coming to you from the heart of Texas Hill Country, the meridian number six in the governmental maps in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry. And I'm from Northern Silicon Valley.
John: Where's Delta, Delta, Delta.
Adam: And Jessie. We'll see you again here on Thursday. Remember, slash na until then, Adios, mofos.
And such scientists, these are experts and the science continues to change. Whatever this is an incredibly, incredibly contagious version of virus. It's almost a different virus worse than I expected, or mass.
Unknown: Public to scientifically tell us that. These are scientists, these are experts. The science continues to change.
The governor said that they will, you know take drastic action if needed. vaccinated people may be able to transmitted as easily as those who are unvaccinated. I don't think that dyslexia is ready to use elderberry is spreading much faster than previously thought. The government will be wrestling we are planning right now. These are scientists these are experts I know science continues to change. Whatever.
John: Icelanders have this tremendous rule from these weird Rastafarian sheep and their wool is naturally waterproof. That's just dynamite
Adam: I'm just gonna leave that one hanging in
John: the air. Thanks for that visual. The Chinese must be laughing their asses off
Adam: Do you have any products?
John: Oh yeah, I bought two or three sweaters and a blanket on that okay, I want these all please No, first of all No, no,
Adam: this is a humongous scam.
John: Oh crap
Adam: Wow, wow. Wow we are insane insane. I freaking love this show. Please love numerology. We'll get a lot of a lot of play in the media
John: loves something funny.
Adam: You gotta love it.
John: Gotta love your hearts in the right place. Beautiful. Love is. Love is love and life and love, love and thunder. Yeah, baby.
Adam: mofo
Unknown: slash bonkers
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