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August 1st, 2021 • 3h 16m

1369: COVID Roulette


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Freedom Passport and Lockdowns
Mistake! Australia is actually leading for our fall and winter
Millions protest in France
Sindh government imposes a lockdown in the second largest province of Pakistan from tomorrow, asks the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) to block SIM cards and social media accounts of unvaccinated people.
Landlord denies housing to unvaccinated in rural Michigan
Here in a rural town in Michigan my friend during the signing of their lease was denied housing at the last minute because they were not vaccinated. Literally during the signing the landlord asked "I assume you are vaccinated" my friend probably should have lied but she said she was not, and just like that, the deal was canceled.
Pandemic of the Unvaccinated
Spectrum news obese woman sorry she didn't get the shot
10 foot pope microphone
Greg Abbott's outrageous Covid order to scapegoat immigrants in Texas
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bizarre, vaguely worded executive order on Wednesday that he says is aimed at lowering Covid-19 infections.
In a statement about the order, he said: "The dramatic rise in unlawful border crossings has also led to a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases among unlawful migrants who have made their way into our state, and we must do more to protect Texans from this virus and reduce the burden on our communities."
Mexican President says be carful of Big Pharma
The President of Mexico in a press conference saying we need to be careful with Big Pharma because they want to keep selling more Doses and the Health Secretary saying there's no scientific evidence to recommended those vaccines to children
the source: a local news report 3 minutes
Big Pharma
Big Pharma Insurance winning too
You mention them in the last show. Keep in mind they would always want to minimize their cost. My guess, to give another example is that someone who goes to hospital with COVID diagnosis, regardless of the real condition, the the government pays the facility and my guess is the insurance company pays little.
This is United’ market price. Clearly investor think things are great.
Pfizer projects (33) billion in Covid vax revenue
Oz VAERS FB group deleted 64k members
Leaky Vaccines
Vaccines don't work, lets get some data on other vaccines, like MMR - ADE anyone?
Big Pharma's Track Record - Can it be Trusted?
We begin with the Johnson & Johnson Company of New Jersey. On July 21, 2021 J&J and three other smaller drug makers agreed to pay a staggering $26 billion damages to a group of US states for their role in causing America’s opioid epidemic. Of that J&J will pay $5 billion. The CDC estimates that use of the highly-addictive opioids as painkillers caused at least 500,000 deaths between 1999 and 2019. Johnson & Johnson is accused of pushing the deadly painkillers for excessive use and downplaying their addiction risks. They knew better.
The same J&J is in a huge legal battle for knowingly using a carcinogen in its famous baby powder. A 2018 Reuters investigation found J&J knew for decades that asbestos, a known carcinogen, lurked in its baby powder and other cosmetic talc products. The company is reportedly considering legally splitting its baby powder division into a small separate company that would then declare bankruptcy to avoid large payouts. The J&J covid vaccine, unlike that from Pfizer and Moderna, does not use mRNA genetic alteration.
The two global covid vaccine makers which have by far the largest market to date are the two being personally promoted by Fauci. These are from Pfizer in alliance with the tiny German BioNTech company under the name Comirnaty, and from the US biotech Moderna.
Pfizer, one of the world’s largest vaccine makers by sales, was founded in 1849 in the USA. It also has one of the most criminal records of fraud, corruption, falsification and proven damage. A 2010 Canadian study noted, “Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.” That’s serious. Note that Pfizer has yet to make fully public details of its covid vaccine studies for external examination.
The list of Pfizer crimes has gotten longer since 2010. It is currently engaged in lawsuits related to charges its Zantac heartburn medication is contaminated with a cancer-causing substance. As well, Pfizer received the biggest drug-related fine in US history in 2009 as part of a $2.3 Billion plea deal for mis-promoting medicines Bextra and Celebrex and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors. Pfizer pleaded guilty to the felony of marketing four drugs including Bextra “with the intent to defraud or mislead.” They were forced to withdraw their arthritis painkiller Bextra in the USA and EU for causing heart attacks, strokes, and serious skin disease.
Clearly in a move to boost revenue, Pfizer illegally paid doctors kickbacks for “off-label” use of more than one of its drug which resulted in patients being injured or killed. Among them were Bextra (valdecoxib); Geodon (ziprasidone HCl), an atypical antipsychotic; Zyvox (linezolid), an antibiotic; Lyrica (pregabalin), a seizure medication; its famous Viagra (sildenafil), an erectile dysfunction drug; and Lipitor (atorvastatin), a cholesterol drug.
In another court trial, Pfizer subsidiaries were forced to pay $142 million and release company documents that showed it was illegally marketing gabapentin for off-label use. “Data revealed in a string of U.S. lawsuits indicates the drug was promoted by the drug company as a treatment for pain, migraines and bipolar disorder – even though it wasn’t effective in treating these conditions and was actually toxic in certain cases, according to the Therapeutics Initiative, an independent drug research group at the University of British Columbia. The trials forced the company to release all of its studies on the drug, including the ones it kept hidden.”
In 2004 Pfizer subsidiary Warner-Lambert was forced to pay $430 to settle criminal charges and civil liability arising from its fraudulent marketing practices with respect to Neurontin, its brand for the drug gabapentin. Originally developed for the treatment of epilepsy, Neurontin was illegally promoted off-label for the treatment of neurological pain, and in particular for migraine and bipolar disorder – even though it wasn’t effective in treating these conditions and was actually toxic in some cases. Neurontin for unapproved uses made up some 90% of the $2.7 billion in sales in 2003.
A New York Times report disclosed in 2010 that Pfizer “…paid about $20 million to 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals in the United States for consulting and speaking on its behalf in the last six months of 2009.” It paid another $15.3 million to 250 academic medical centers and other research groups for clinical trials. In the US legal practice it is seldom that corporate executives actually doing the criminal deeds are prosecuted. The result is that court fines can be treated as “business costs” in this cynical milieu. In eight years of repeated malfeasance through 2009, Pfizer accumulated just under $3 billion in fines and civil penalties, about a third of one year’s net revenues.
In 2020 as its covid vaccine was in development, Pfizer paid $13,150,000 in lobbying Congress and officials in Washington among others. Also notable is the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation own shares of both Pfizer and their partner in the leading mRNA vaccine, BioNTech of Germany.
The third covid vaccine producer today with FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is Moderna of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has yet to be sued for illegal practices unlike J&J or Pfizer. But that fact is likely only because before its EUA for its mRNA experimental vaccine, in its ten years existence since 2010 it had failed to get FDA approval to market a single medicine, despite repeated failed attempts. However Moderna has a red neon sign that reads “conflict of interest” that should give pause.
Moderna and Fauci’s NIAID have collaborated on development of vaccines using Moderna’s mRNA platform and NIAID of Fauci on coronaviruses including MERS, since at least November, 2015. On January 13, 2020, before the first case of a supposed Wuhan, China “novel coronavirus” was even detected in the United States, Fauci’s NIAID and Moderna signed an updated cooperation agreement which described them as co-owners of a mRNA based coronavirus and that they had finalized a sequence for mRNA-1273, the vaccine now being given to millions for supposedly averting the novel coronavirus. That means that Fauci’s NIAID and perhaps Fauci personally (it’s allowed in the US) stood to reap huge financial benefits from emergency approval of the Moderna jab, yet Fauci has never admitted to the conflict publicly when he was Trump corona adviser, nor as Biden’s.
Ten days later on January 23, 2020 Moderna announced it was granted funding by CEPI, a vaccine fund created by Bill Gates’ foundation along with Davos WEF among others, to develop an mRNA vaccine for the Wuhan virus.
Moderna was created by a venture capitalist, Noubar Afeyan along with Harvard professor Timothy A. Springer, and others. In 2011 Afeyan recruited French businessman and former Eli Lilly executive Stephane Bancel as CEO of the new Moderna. Despite having no medical or science degree nor any experience running a drug development operation, Bancel lists himself as co-patent holder for a hundred patents of Moderna tied to the different vaccines. Beginning in 2013 the tiny Moderna was receiving grants from the Pentagon to develop its mRNA technology. As of 2020 just prior to its receiving emergency use authorization from the US Government FDA, fully 89% of Moderna revenues were from US Government grants. This is hardly an experienced company yet it holds the fate of millions in its hands. As Fauci says, “Trust the Science.”
In February 2016, an editorial in Nature magazine criticized Moderna for not publishing any peer-reviewed papers on its technology, unlike most other emerging and established biotech companies. The company remains ultra-secretive. That same year, 2016 Moderna got $20 million from the Gates Foundation for vaccine development using mRNA.
Up to its receiving EUA approval for its covid mRNA product in December 2020 Moderna had only made losses since its founding. Then curiously, following a March 2020 personal meeting with then-President Trump where Bancel told the president Moderna could have a vaccine ready in a matter of months Moderna luck changed.
On May 15, Trump announced creation of Operation Warp Seed to rollout a COVID-19 vaccine by December. The head of the Presidential group was a 30-year R&D veteran of the large UK drug firm GSK, Moncef Slaoui. In 2017 Slaoui had resigned from GSK and joined the board of none other than Moderna. Under Slaoui’s Warp Speed, some $22 billion of US taxpayer money was thrown at different vaccine makers. Moderna was a prime recipient, a brazen conflict of interest but nobody seemed to care. Slaoui funneled some $2 billion in government funds to his old company, Moderna, to develop the mRNA covid vaccine. Only under public criticism did Slaoui sell his stock in Moderna, making millions in profit from Moderna’s role as a covid vaccine leading candidate. Shortly after resigning at the end of the Trump presidency, Slaoui was fired by his old firm GSK from a company subsidiary following charges of sexual harassment of a female employee.
In February 2020 Trump Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, invoked the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) to exempt Moderna, Pfizer, J&J and any future covid makers from any and all liability arising from damage or death caused by their vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus. The legal protection lasts until 2024. If the vaccines are so good and safe, why is such a measure needed? Azar was former head of the US drug giant Eli Lilly. There are some serious questions that must be raised openly regarding the vaccine makers who are now pushing experimental highly controversial gene-edited formulations in human experiments.
F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”
Sir Jacob variants study in the UK
In the morning Adam, this is Sir Jacob Guardian of the Limburg Coast giving you a great study we won’t hear about.
This was brought up the other day on the Propaganda Report podcast who give No Agenda props quite a bit.
Pay close attention to page 13 and 14 where it shows delta variant deaths and separates the unvaccinated and the 2 jabs crowd. 50 deaths for the vaccinated and 44 for the unvaccinated.
Another bonus I discovered is the case fatality broken down to the numerous variants.
Page 8, the alpha variant (the OG Rona) has a case fatality rate of 1.9% while the delta has a meager 0.3%.
I will bring you some more goodies soon. Can you give me any advice on the best app or program to capture good sound bytes for you? I have some long videos that I can gather some good show material for ya.
-Sir Jacob
John Hopkins EU variants List of names
Dude named Ben on variant testing
Hi Adam,
It is not often that I have to turn off The Best Podcast In The Universe to type an email, but this is third time since 2009 that I’ve needed to provide information.
I am a Dude Name Ben who is a consultant in the commercial lab industry and have seen how many of the machines work.
I can confirm when a Covid test specimen is received in a large commercial facility, it is processed and then run through the PCR machine. If the PCR machine says the sample is positive, then the remains of the original specimen can be can be run through a genetic sequencer to determine the strain/variant of the specimen. Some of the massive facilities have genetic sequencing capabilities onsite while other facilities need to send the specimens to a facility with a sequencer to be processed. For smaller hospital labs that are participating in the sequencing work, the specimens related to a positive PCR result can either be sent to a commercial (reference) lab that operates a genetic sequencer or the specimen can be sent to a state operated public health laboratory where the sequencing of the virus takes place and the data is fed directly to a state computer system. Eventually the data produced by all the labs makes it way to the national level where it can be used by Health and Human Services, but the biggest downfall in all of this data is that it takes days for it to hit state and federal servers for analysis to be performed. Consequently, it is hard to notice the early stages of a trend because of the lag for information to make its way through all of the system.
So, in short, you have a producer who can verify this technology exists and there are teams of data analysts taking the information to determine the spread of the variant over a given region.
Note: I also saw a high volume of posts from people on message boards around the web claiming they worked in hospital labs and they had no proof of any variants and no lab had the capability to determine variants. It just seems weird all of these posts and letters are appearing with the Delta Variant this week and the identification of strains has been a part of this testing for the last 8 months. It is like there is an organized misinformation campaign taking place to convince people the virus strains are not real.
As always, this is purely anonymous.
Dude Named Ben
Protease inhibitors
S1 spike proteins & monocytes - nicotine!!!!
COVID-19 is a virus that contains two spike proteins, S1 and S2. The virus itself does some harm, which is different than than the damage the spike proteins do.
So, lets talk about the virus first. The virus functions similar to malaria mechanical function inside the blood. It rips the hemes off of your hemoglobin, making your blood not be able to transport oxygen to your organs. This is why COVID causes organ failure, and low oxygen levels. This is also why Hydroxychloroquine works against it, it prevents your hemes from being torn off your hemoglobin. When your hemoglobin is ripped apart, you end up with free floating hemes that are toxic as well as radical Iron particles in your blood that your liver must remove, and when your liver gets overloaded, it is processed in the lungs, resulting in lungs becoming inflamed and filled with fluid. This is also why ventilators don't work, people are breathing fine, they are low on oxygen because they are low on hemoglobin, and no amount of mechanical breathing can increase the amount of oxygen the blood can absorb without hemoglobin.
Now, on to the spike proteins. When you get infected with COVID, the spike proteins go around infecting certain cells and injecting viral RNA (set of temporary instructions) and duplicating the virus. It takes about 1 week for your body to recognize the virus is bad and evoke a immune response. When your body does this, it sends a bunch of monocytes to kill the infected cells. The spike proteins are eaten by the Classical Monocytes and SHOULD be destroyed inside of them, and then the monocyte will undergo apoptosis (die). This is working for the S2 protein, but not the S1. The S1 protein is being eaten by Classical Monocytes, but it is making the Monocytes change into Intermediate, and Non-Classical monocytes, and the S1 protein is NOT BEING DESTROYED in them, so they are refusing to undergo apoptosis. A monocyte should only live for 1 day to 1 week, but the Non-Classical Monocytes with the S1 protein in them are not dying for up to 15 months or more. Dr. Bruce Patterson is leading the research on this.[Open]
So, even after your body has killed off COVID-19 inside of you, you have a bunch of monocytes presenting the S1 protein. These monocytes with the S1 protein can pass through the blood-brain barrier, and go anywhere in your body. They are causing vasodilation (increased size of blood vessels) throughout peoples body, inflammation of blood vessels, and nano clotting, especially in the capillaries. These nano clots and inflammation can cause heart attacks, fatigue, and all sorts of other problems. This is what is called Long Haul COVID.
So, remember, what the virus does, and what the spike proteins do are 2 different things. But, your body only responds by creating antibodies that will recognize and destroy the spike proteins (which neutralizes COVID's ability to replicate within the body, thus killing COVID). But the spike protein symptoms (vasodilation, inflammation, and nanoclotting) are not what the virus does (destroying hemoglobin).
NOW, to the vaccine. The vaccine injects either an adenovirus, or graphene oxide (toxic to humans in high doses, but processed by an enzyme from the lungs in 2-3 weeks usually) into your body.
The vaccine either had spike proteins in it (Pfizer and Moderna) or causes your cells to begin producing spike proteins via mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astrazeneca, all of them but Novavax). This causes your body to have an immediate immune response and begin producing antibodies against the spike proteins. This does make your body effectively immune to COVID if it worked properly. But it doesn't for 1 reason. The S1 spike proteins being eaten by your Classical Monocytes are being turned into Non-Classical monocytes (which should die in 1 week or less normally) that are not undergoing apoptosis, and therefore never dying. These S1 presenting monocytes are going throughout the body and causing serious damage, and hurting your immune system.
IF YOU COULD FORCE YOUR NON-CLASSICAL MONOCYTES TO UNDERGO APOPTOSIS, the vaccine would work properly. Bruce Patterson suggests using several drugs in his protocol to achieve the goals. Ivermectin kills the virus, Statins prevent the S1 protein presenting Monocytes from attaching to your cells, and several drugs (including nicotine) can induce monocyte apoptosis. When the S1 presenting Non-Classical monocytes undergo apoptosis, the S1 protein is destroyed, and the nano clotting, inflammation, etc. go away. This is also why smokers have been shown to test positive for COVID symptoms 80% less than the general population, the nicotine effectively renders them immune to the effects of the S1 protein, and thus most of COVID's symptoms.
So, now, does the vaccine work, and why is COVID and its variants killing people still? Simply put, as your body is introduced to more and more COVID virus (or vaccines) your body begins building a larger and larger reservoir of very harmful S1 presenting Non-Classical Monocytes, that will eventually kill you. So, if you had COVID, you have a reservoir already. If you get the vax, now you have even more. If you get a second vax, or encounter people with COVID, you get even more and more, until you die, unless you do something to induce apoptosis in your Non-Classical Monocytes.
So yes, the vaccine is not useless, it does immunize people against COVID, but it destroys their immune system by creating a reservoir of S1 protein presenting Non-Classical Monocytes that reduce the body's ability to produce antibodies to fight off future COVID infection. If you induce apoptosis in your monocytes, then the vaccine works, and is not overly dangerous. As it is right now, the vaccine is immunizing people against COVID, but then putting their body in a state that it can't fight off COVID, as well as many other pathogens. In addition, the vaccine can kill you, either immediately (via blood clotting), or long term via your reservoir of S1 presenting Monocytes. But COVID can do the latter if you are exposed to enough viral load, even over months or years.
TL;DR Buy some Ivermectin and Nicotine Lozenges and you can survive COVID-19 without vaxx or any side effects.
Matt Olympics BOTG Report
Hi Adam,
I work at an English daily in Tokyo, and we are covering the Olympics.
In the office, people are very much into the Games and several pages per day are dedicated to its coverage. When a Japanese athlete wins a gold, many people clap and cheer. It's an interesting experience.
BUT -- outside of the office, it's as though there are no Olympics in the capital. Tokyo is under a so-called State of Emergency, and the restaurants have to close by 8pm and no alcohol can be served. The whole city is dull with the medical establishment/boomer-age U.N. bootlicking bureaucracy at the helm. Many bars are flouting the ban and in certain areas you can find people lining up without masks to go down some drinks. I saw a woman puking in the gutter there once. There is no Olympic fever in the rebel holdouts.
Outside of those holdouts, however, people are masked up in 33 degree weather, and on the trains/subways, I would say 99 percent of the passengers are gazing away at the dumb crap on their phones with nary a care about the Olympics.
How many people can care about a trampoline bronze medal when fear porn is being shoved into their brains 24/7 with all of this COVID-19 crap?
The government is trying to get the youth to take the jabs, even though only 9 people under the age of 20 have died of COVID-19 since this balony kicked off March 2020. And I received an email at work asking everyone to stop drinking alcohol in general. WTF. Time to crack a beer, I suppose.
Here is a jingle I sent in last year, and it still holds true.
Build Back Better World Partnership
Supply Chains
Alcohol supply chains explained
Gentlemen keep me anonymous,
I work for a large, multistate alcohol distributor. I am in the corporate office, so I work for and in all states we service. Since the reopen we have been running volume we only have traditionally seen during Thanksgiving to Christmas season. We have occasional out of stocks, but nothing I would consider a shortage. The states you mentioned have a special situation that makes spirits prone to shortages, not wine or beer. All 3 states are ABC control states. We can not distribute spirits in these states, by law. We are still running large volumes of wine and beer in these states straight to the On Premise (bar, restaurants, etc) that are making the reopen so large. People are having trouble finding certain spirits because the state can't get the liquor from the distillers. ABC Control states have a central buyer and warehouse that orders from the distillers. The distillers are having to decide where the limited quantity is delivered first. For most, this is not much of a choice. Most distillers are contracted to a supplier who supply distributors around the nation. The suppliers are more concerned with fulfilling orders from Glassiers, Southern Wine and Spirits, Empire Distributors, Republic Beverages, etc than single states. They supply the large distributors and then what is left goes to the states with ABC stores.
Alcohol distribution minimap - Distiller (Jack Daniels, Hennessy, Makers Mark, etc.) --> Supplier (Kobrand, Diageo, etc) --> Distributors (Glassiers, Republic, etc) --> Retailers (Package Store, Restaurant, etc)
If you use this information on the show, please keep me anonymous. Don't use my name.
Always happy to help when I am able.
My butts been whiped is really 'i trust my wife"
Climate Change
Correction of California PC restrictions
Sorry Adam, but you got duped by someone. Or all you saw was the headlines. There is a restriction in those 5 states for power consumption, when those computers are ASLEEP, STANBY, HIBERNATING or OFF. It has nothing at all to do with them while being used. Find the article again and read through it. You will find a chart that shows what the restrictions are. So much wattage use allowed per hour while in SLEEP STATE, ETC. Essentially no machine is barred from those states seeing as you can unplug it while not in use. Its all about power usage when not in use.
Just another example of dipshit tech writers that don't know what they are talking about, and click bait headlines. I'm surprised you got caught in it!
Love is Lit!
Keto Vitae!
Dr Bob
African Spring
Obama had set the Arab Spring in motion, Biden is starting the Horn of Africa spring
The U.S. is withdrawing from Afghanistan because another war zone is being ripened by Joe Biden and his coterie of warmongers. We are talking about the strategically located Horn of Africa here. Countries of the Horn of Africa, namely Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and Eritrea suddenly find themselves in the midst of heated conflicts and tensions, either domestically, or with each other. At the heart of the inevitable devastation which is bound to descend upon the Horn of Africa is the unending want of Democrats for wars, which keeps the military-industrial complex in America flush with cash.
Earthquake Machine
Alaska Quake BOTG
Since there’ll be buzz about the 8.2 earthquake on the Alaska Peninsula— I’m about 300 miles north
from the earthquake epicenter, in Homer Alaska. It was an eerie long roll, like swaying on a boat,
my bathroom door saw the most action as it waved to me from my bed. No damage here or elsewhere
from what I have gathered.
A tsunami alert went out just after and stayed in place until about 1am, small “tsunami” hit in a
town close to the epicenter (I’ve heard it was up to 8 or so inches in height). Mass panic as the
sirens blared through town for a few hours. All is good as of now, heightened risk of sketchy
aftershocks but that’s about it.
Additional information I found interesting, a local village sent out their VID assessment on recent
infections and they note 65% vaccinated among those who tested positive. Granted, it’s a relatively
low amount of people in general but the village’s population is about 200 people or so.
Snapchat down, with 100,000+ outages reported and frantic users scrambling to reboot app
Patience was apparently a big ask for many, however, as hordes of Snapchat users fled to Twitter to gripe about the errors, one sharing a clip of the app repeatedly crashing.“Hurry up, I was arguing with someone,” one urged the site’s support crew.
Noodle Gun
I kept waiting for you guys to bring this up, but nobody has.
This article from 2003 when Texas Democrat's did the same thing they're doing now.
This is Democrat's playbook

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