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August 5th, 2021 • 3h 10m

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Adam: Adam Curry Jhansi devore ashes Thursday August 5 2021, this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1370.
Unknown: This is no agenda,
Adam: no papers to show but still broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country here in FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: from Northern Silicon Valley where everything is coming up delta and John Dvorak.
Adam: Of course, everything comes up Delta. That's all that we have. It's all delta, delta delta delta delta delta. Except, except except Newsweek, Newsweek, cover of Newsweek. I mean, do they even publish a cover anymore? Is Newsweek an actual magazine? I
John: don't know what they're talking. They're faking the coast cover.
Adam: They fake the cover, and they have
John: date on it. Here.
Adam: It is here to Doomsday variant. And, yes, COVID keeps mutating into scary new threats. How worried should we be about the lambda Varian? Yeah, listen to this. So you know, your delta back backwards, they're too soon to say whether lambda will turn out to be the next big bad thing that COVID-19 unleashes on us. But it's a good time to wonder. Just how destructive can these variants get? Well, future variants expand their attack from the lungs to the brain, the heart and the other organs? Will they take a page from HIV and trick people into thinking they're recovered only to make them sick later, by the way, that's historically messed up? Why is there a doomsday variant out there that shrugs off vaccine spreads like wildfire and leaves more of it victims much sicker than anything we've seen yet? We can only hope. So. That's the kind of stuff that we're being smothered with.
John: Yeah. Unless the idea is you want to show though, if it bleeds, it leads. Oh,
Adam: I know. But if we can just get episodes from a year and a half ago and start replaying them pitch the same thing, with the only difference being painted looks like the vaccines don't work, at least keeping you from getting COVID we all know the line is still they prevent you from getting seriously ill. Okay. No measurement there. So this is gonna scare everybody into submission once again, scary into submission. And I'm very curious to see if that is some of the things you picked up as it is a Thursday morning the first Thursday of the week. And that means that means it's time for now it's time for a three by three. experiment by JC D. Comparing story from ABC, CBS. three by three. Three by three. Okay, john, you've been looking at all of the networks this morning. Please tell us what is going
John: on. As I do. I'm sipping on a smoothie. No. Till I started off, of course this by the way, this takes longer than it should because you get to watch like a half an hour of ads to get like one
Adam: little bit of content. Yeah.
John: So CBS was doing a big piece on with some doctors. They're very serious about a j&j recipient should not take supplemental shots.
Adam: Oh, really? No.
John: Yeah, it was like almost like a warning.
Adam: That's interesting, because I will come back to it later. But I've got such contrary information. As usual.
John: I think this is the contrary information is what triggered this. Okay, the I think a lot of it has to do with the top off idea. You know, you've got your j&j Have I ever Pfizer while you're reading, all contradictory to what we talked about in 2020, where don't mix the shots, whatever you do, but don't miss the shots and get your second shot within a day or two when you're supposed to.
Adam: It's literally in San Francisco that they're doing this according to CNBC,
John: San Francisco. Yeah, there's a lot of stories where San Francisco has been encouraging top offs. Yeah.
Adam: I think that's probably why they're in many, many interpretations.
John: Hello.
Adam: I'm just waking up. It's Thursday. Yeah.
John: So and then they went from that story, they went right into with Anthony Mason, they went right into discussing full approval. This is the big story, by the way. I mean, you haven't quite 100% picked up on it when it first started. But it's a super meme. And it's like, oh, the FDA is going to approve the Pfizer vaccine on September 1 or vice September 1, or around September 1. Oh, and keep an eye out as Pfizer is going to get approved by Pfizer to be approved before Madonna is beyond me. But okay, well,
Adam: I did pick something up that very short like 38 second clip that explains the only thing we're waiting for, which was news to me about the FDA approval. It'll blow you away if you want to hear it. Now, I don't want to interrupt. You're
John: going to hear it now go.
Unknown: The American people want to hear from the FDA that the vaccines authorized here are safe, and they need to hear that loud and clear. And that's what full approval messages to them when they cite the emergency use authorization and confuse that with experimental that's a major barrier. Ironically, one of the greatest reasons for bad vaccine hesitancy is the US federal government creating a total mixed message with this urging everyone to get vaccinated. And the reason it's held up is because of stability testing. It has nothing to do with safety. It has to do with figuring out the expiration date beyond the current expiration date in the UAE.
Adam: If true, holy crap. So Dr. Marty says the only reason why wait, yeah.
John: What do you mean is you said did you says it's true? I said, if you look, I said, Listen to this. And that's what it is. I
Adam: said if true. If true. I have no reason to doubt, Dr. Marty, when he says the only the only reason it's being held up is to find out when it expires, which is in the next week or two. Coincidentally. So if even if that's not what the I mean, that's disappointing, just waiting to see how long this stuff stays good.
John: What do they are they talking about? I didn't hear that they're specifically talking about product expiration as opposed to emergency use expiration.
Adam: Now what he said is the only thing that's holding back the FDA approval is the stability of the vaccines. So how long it how long it lasts until it's no no good. I'm just telling you what Dr. Marty said. Oh, Dr. Martin, Marty.
John: I go to the NBC. You got more Olympics crap. They switched to a huge promotion of NBC streaming. Well watch that it's the peacock, the peacock peacock network or whatever the hell it is. Yeah, I have a car I have that I'm one of my on all my
Adam: cars. I think the peacock is free unless you want to get mad at us. That's the free part. That's the freemium model we're applying here.
John: Okay, so then then we go to Good Morning America. And as you can imagine what they had and it was on for a long time, and in fact, it was it was on and I liked it and I watched it, okay. steals and deals with the barcode on the screen, use your phone and change the barcode and take a look at these deals and deals and I started actually watching it seriously, there's some pretty good deals
Adam: Wait a minute, so they've gone full on home shopping now on in the in the third?
John: Last time I watched that. I mean, they did what scanning around I did catch the and then they went to commercials and I had to switch around the end of some one of their old classics where they had that dead kind of breezy girl talking about some movie. So then I go Okay, well, that's more I Good Morning America as best talking about movies. You know, don't watch TV, get off this network and go to a movie and then steals and deals so that was it. It was bad. I thought today's rundown was not not revealing of anything. New steals and deals I think is pretty good.
Adam: Well, that does say something a couple
John: things I wanted to
Adam: buy. What what what item we're gonna get on this morning, john calling from Burke lakes. Hi, john. Hello. Do they have Collins like home shopping?
John: I loved or no book deals? gray. It was so cheap. I could buy anything like that even a target.
Adam: Yeah, you're perfect. You're perfect for the role. Excellent. All right, three by three. I've only looked at mechanisms for today's show. I mean, COVID is what it is delta is what it is. We have lots of information now on how it's being tested as delta variant, mainly 750 samples they do once a week. So it doesn't matter. It's if it's Delta, it's lambda. And the the issue at hand is is this going to be used? Or how is it going to be used? I think the demand slash passports we'll get to that in a minute papers please. But the lockdowns are still on everybody's mind and we're not doing a very good job here in America. We're rolling out to Fauci, his boss once again, France, Dr. Francis Collins, the man in charge of the entire NIH on Good Morning America and we just have to ask him about the lockdowns, you know, what's on our minds.
John: They've heard Dr. Fauci say yesterday on this week that things are gonna get worse before they get better, but he doesn't think that lockdowns are going to be needed. How do you see the fall playing out?
Unknown: Well, I agree. We want to avoid lockdowns at all costs bought means we're gonna have to do some other things that won't necessarily be welcomed by people, such as the new recommendation of wearing masks and indoor gatherings, even if you're vaccinated. Because we learned from that outbreak in Massachusetts that vaccinated people can probably transmit this even though they are very well protected against severe disease. It will mean schools really need to have kids massed so that they're protected from being the source of spreading as well. And that's not popular with kids or parents. But if we want to avoid a more severe outcome that might lead to have more extreme measures like lockdowns, we know what to do, we just need to do it. And oh my goodness, it would be so good if we could have that conversation about the data and the evidence and the public health arguments and get politics out of it. Unfortunately, not where we are at the present time in the United States of America.
Adam: So did I just understand that we could be headed for drastic measures like lockdowns If only we could get the politics out of it is that is that what we need to do
John: is almost what he said. I mean, was what he meant but
Adam: it's the way it came out in what he said and the politics we that was the mainstream media themselves who started that doesn't matter.
John: I agree. But I haven't clipped it kind of backs it up. Okay. Just they're continuing it. You know what the real problem is? Yeah,
Adam: the vaccine doesn't work. That's the real problem. Oh, I'm
John: sorry. It's leaky. leaky. leaky. Gonna get us kicked off the air. All right. Go to play this clip. COVID, Texas, Florida, Florida and Texas lead the nation in new cases. owners have pushed back against restrictions, calling them ineffective intrusions, because you're inclined to help at least get out of the way
Unknown: that people are trying to do the right thing.
Republican governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas says he now regrets outlawing mass mandates for schools. Everything has changed now. And yes, in hindsight, I wish that had not become law doesn't spoke against a proposed masked mandate in St. Louis 100% of the people that get covered in St. Louis County survive. Why would we mandate a cover for our faces?
Adam: Yeah, it's the red states we all know. We all know the problem is damn the end of the republican states that just political about it all the time to look at the science. The Alabama we had the Alabama nurse who turns out that she pretty much would have seen maybe maybe three people as she was a hospitalist at the time as we deconstructed the hospital, but the hospitalist Now remember, I
John: can we didn't use that as a show title.
Adam: I think we came close to it. There was something else that took place. Also a hospitalist is is a thing you know a hospitalist is is really the person who repu represents your general practitioner in the hospital. We didn't know what it was but we got a lot of messages but I don't know this is you know, you're no longer does your doctor come and check on you. The hospitalist checks out
John: Yeah, this is like admitted I just go on a little aside here. This is like the social workers.
Adam: I'm sure the hospitalist will love emailing John
John: Dvorak data org to social workers at the hospital. Yeah, because this happened to me when my luckily I had a lawyer when my mother was in the hospital dying and and luckily two things Luckily, and people should note this. Luckily I had a family attorney that knew about this bullcrap. And luckily I had the benefit package in front of me with a big book saying what the what the Kaiser Permanente owed, the social worker comes down to call you by the way, which is in direct contradiction to what a doctor might tell you if you get the whole one of the doctors Oh all your mother or she should be in at home and as one of these little you can go today give us a give you a listen. Go look at these homes that you can put her in and and you know they do every their social worker does nothing but one thing get you to say yes to anything that you gets the patient out. There. Yeah. And off the out off the billing cycle. Yes. That's all they do. And so if you resist by saying no. Pie blue, looking at the package, you're used to have to keep care of her for at least another six months. Yeah. Okay, and then they stopped calling after a while. That's what the social worker does. They're just this is a salesman.
Adam: All right, well, that fits because we had the hospitalist from Alabama, us as a vaccine salesman. And her job was to propagate this meme that people who were dying their last dying breath as she held their hand as they were slipping away. Was I wish I had taken the vaccine. Oh,
John: that was a beauty. Yeah, what is that one but
Adam: this has propagated because now I have the local Austin and San Antonio stations have the the local it's everywhere now. The local reporter. You'll hear it you hear about look reported goes up pay. How are you doing? I'm sick in the hospital. Oh, well, how do you feel I feel angry at myself for not taking the vaccine. This is a standard
John: local story. And every router crash. We have it here. Yes. Yes.
Adam: So here's Oprah Winfrey jumping in
John: on it. Hi, everybody. Hi, Chelsea. This story of this past week from Dr. Brittany cobia from Alabama. She says she has to tell her unvaccinated COVID patients while they're on their deathbed begging vaccine, I'm sorry, it's too late. Because at that point, there's nothing she can do but prepare them to be intubated. Now Alabama happens to be the state with the lowest vaccination rate in the nation at 33.7%. So I'm asking you my fellow citizens red states blue states purple states and everybody else in between what are we doing with ourselves and to each other as a country
Unknown: we have to do better we have to do more we we can't afford to go backward in this battle against COVID we can't afford to be locked down again because we never reached herd immunity locked down
Adam: again a lockdown again.
John: Oh, messaging oh nine in there let me write that for you. Do you want that? Oh, I can read that I'm a pro
Adam: that's it locked down again. You got it now I came to the realization a week a week or two ago that Australia and New Zealand but mainly Australia is not trailing us they are lead is they're leading the way they are leading the way and now that sky will sky Australia is back on YouTube but they were off for a week whoa whoa so they get to market about yeah whoa boom boom center censorship scars are put on them to get to do all that it's basically Fox News down under but the channel 10 these guys now this is this is a whole new level they are producing packages that lead into topics so one is the this the one I'm going to play now as the lockdown is another one later on about passports. But these are two minute packages that john you just have to imagine the visual. This is some good ass shit that these people are making to scare the bejesus out of the population.
John: The news no Victorian wanted and that is a Victoria will have
Adam: to lock down again for seven days. From 8pm tonight after I should probably say Victoria so Neo Sydney is New South Wales. They're still in their four week lockdown Victoria which includes Melbourne that has just gone into its six lockdown and this is once again for a week so it's the sixth time the sixth time they've been locked down but this will make you want to stay home.
John: The news no Victorian wanted and that is a Victoria will have to
Adam: lock down again for seven days.
John: From 8pm. Tonight, after recording eight local cases in 24 hours or three under investigation. Daniel Andrews is wasting no time shutting down his state we only get one chance to act fast we only get one chance. So make difficult decisions that are the right decisions. Nobody wants to get this. Nobody can afford to ignore this. No government can refuse to accept advice and act to do what's right. Following Queensland's lead where today there were 16 new cases. Sounds good. Encouraging that all of these cases again can directly linked a glimmer of hope for the lockdown se let's see if we can lift those restrictions on Sunday but in Sydney, there's no no end in sight. New South Wales recording its worst day in both cases.
Unknown: Unfortunately, we did have 262 cases of community transmission at least 45 of those were infectious in the community and deaths. And I do also sadly want to report that five people lost their lives.
John: fion greatest Sydney the hunter region is now an area of concern.
Unknown: There have been some cases in that region. We now think that the source originated from a gathering on blacksmith beach on Friday night. As a result, there will be a one week lockdown in the hunter and the hunter region, the state receiving a boost in vaccines, New South Wales will be receiving an extra 185
from other states or territories, those doses to go back to the region's Pfizer jobs were taken from the vaccinate HSC students. So I'm very relieved about that as the premier pushes vaccination is absolutely key to our way out of this.
And the pm insists the primary tool to end the lockdown in Sydney is the success of the lockdown incidents, a refreshing call for unity. This is not a Victorian issue. This is an Australian issue. And in fact, it's a global issue.
John: So we've got to get out there. We've got to do the right thing.
Unknown: Professor Mr. McBride is an infectious diseases physician and epidemiologist at James Cook University and she joins us now. Professor hard and fast. She's the new lockdown mantra. And has Victoria made the right decision here. Well, sadly, I think yes, it has.
I've been outspoken against lock downs in the past. But this is a different situation. Delta is different from the original strain. So unfortunately, hard, fast and hopefully short. That's the new rule. Yes.
Adam: That I mean, it's too bad. You don't have the visuals to go with it. But that is a mind control right there. Just blasting in into your brain, follow it up with the hours against the lockdowns. But you know, as a doctor, as you can see by my lab coat, I think we've made the right decision here with this delta variant with 16 people 616 cases. I mean, holy crap.
John: Yeah, they should have long ago, got back to high school and required people to take statistics. Yeah. Which they used to do. In the olden days, kids in high school would learn how to deal with numbers and what they mean. 16 out of the entire population.
Adam: Yeah. Well, they have a zero COVID policy, and they mean it.
John: Zero or flu deaths than that. Zero flu death, Paul,
Adam: oh, that's coming. That's coming. People are sending me pictures of the other doctors offices, particularly in the NHS, just the UK. And it says you know, flu can flu can spread, even if you're not symptomatic. Oh, yeah, that's the new that's the new one now. He can kill granny with the flu buddies typhoid Mary's right. Now I have the clip. I don't it's too long. I don't want to play it. But you know, the restrictions in Alberta, Canada were lifted, apparently said it purposely. No man,
John: been looking around for some details on this. And I saw this same thing. Yeah, this is the original play the clip is because there's nothing in the clip.
Adam: Well, let me just let me just explain what Patrick King says, Patrick King was fined for being outside whatever, he violated some COVID rule. And he took the state to court. And he said, Well, if you can only show me the isolated virus, that you can actually find me for something that's real, then I'd be willing to pay the fine. And they kept canceling his court case. And so the implication is that they could not produce the evidence. And the timing of removal of some restrictions is now seen. I mean, the Albertans who are sending this like that's right bitch we did it. We've we've proven it's all fake. I'm not so sure. So what did you come up with john in your research?
John: I couldn't come up with that anything or I mean, they would premise for that clip which was on bitch shoot, by the way.
Adam: They were I was looking for some other source material, but
John: that seemed to be it. Well, and I don't want to do on the side right now, but I think I will. Okay, I listened when I get on bitch shoot, it's a real problem for me. Because it goes from one thing to another to another and they're all nuts. And so I do have complaint. This was a COVID vaccine. I want to play this. This is the transhuman clip, which I picked up on bit shoot, which I think followed the clip that you're talking about a very possible Yes, hour and 25 minutes I have a small piece of the clip they kept showing people with the one guy Magnetic effect this is the
Adam: hammer 5g is going to
John: alternate 5g a hammer the guy had a hammer sticking to him, you know. I mean, it was one thing after another and it was mostly music with just visuals and that was for an hour and a half by the way, I
Adam: only watch good man stuff is good. And I wait a minute. Wait, it wasn't bid shoot. It was rumble. I'm sorry. I think you're wrong. He was rumble.
John: I think I'm right and it was bit shoot.
Adam: Okay, rums. I
John: didn't believe me when I go to rumble I'm very aware of being there. Okay. All right. This is bit shoot. So I'm what Evers doesn't make because I
Adam: come on, man. Come on, man. Are you discrediting the content by the domain name is
John: is so I did get a little of the voice over that comes in. And this is an example of what you get on bitch shoot.
Unknown: I don't think most of you understand what's going on. And a lot of you think this is funny. This is not funny. This is they have changed your electromagnetic field of your body. I don't think you really are understanding or understanding how serious this is.
You have been turned into a transmitter. You were actually shedding synthetic pig proteins. You are a GMO human now. You are not. I don't think this is considered human anymore. You no longer have a natural human electromagnetic field. You're not producing that anymore. You are a receiver for the systems that they're putting in place. 5g is a military weapon. They're connecting you DARPA Does that ring a bell? You no longer have a natural electromagnetic field around you. It's all synthetic. You are not human anymore. This isn't funny. This is sick. What's happening to you? You need to wake up. This is not okay.
Adam: Wow, well done. I love this. That's that's almost no, this person whoever produced this has a career at Channel 10 in Australia. It's the same urgency people fall for both. I think
John: that you know what unfortunate brings to mind. Whatever happened to the amazing Polly
Adam: now she's still around. She still does her YouTubes I've seen her seen her. Oh, yeah, yeah. Now I've still seen her do some stuff.
John: It's the kind of thing you get on these fringe video, which is fine. It's very entertaining, except that they're too long. They're, I mean, it sounds Yeah, she is nuts. And
Adam: well, the graphene Okay, so the graphene oxide, which supposedly is, is part of the lipids. That's covering the nanoparticle but it but is not on the patent because of course, it's trade secret. Therefore, they had to hide it. This is where it breaks down. That's supposedly in the vaccine. And that's why there's no magnetic and of course, the vaccine goes everywhere into your brain. And that's why the 5g will interact. But this started with David Ike two years ago. David, I started with the 5g. And first as you know, David ickes has been in write about a lot of things and he's very consistent about this interact. I don't think he's really on the on the graphene oxide tip, but he's very clear about 5g. And, um, I don't know how if these vaccines actually would ever interact with that, but for sure you're not owned by Monsanto. I mean, that's obvious. The seeds that Monsanto bakes are theirs and so these vaccines, whoever owns the patent, probably that Collins guy, he probably owns us
John: you know, I didn't get the vaccine so why am I owned
Adam: I'm not old either. But we're going to be in big trouble in big trouble this now I can't find the Red Book currently because it's still in a box somewhere that I have not unpacked and it's okay. But I am quite sure that I said Hey, man, we're going to get vaccine passports to get
John: you know you can you generally just ad lib what you think you put in the red book, but I'm going to give you this you have early on made and I poo pooed it and I still poopoo it because this doesn't exist. But you have been early on predicting
Adam: what's what doesn't exist.
John: There's no passport passport for vaccines.
Adam: Oh, vaccination passport in New York required I mean that no, no positive no care. What you mean you don't care
John: New York's nuts I'm not David we're shut down lockdown. They're crazy in New York now they're having protests over this hold on New York's a nightmare. I I'm not going to New York to go to a play if I have to how I know.
Adam: But but let's just but let's just listen to what they're doing. And how this is being played because it's going to come everywhere. It's not just yet. Okay? Allow me to present please, it won't take long. Here's the mayor, current mayor of New York. So
Unknown: today I announced a new approach, which we're calling the key to NYC pass the key to New York City. When you hear those words, I want you to imagine the notion that because someone's vaccinated, they can do all the amazing things available in the city. This is a miraculous place for
John: you in the corner, pick up poop, what what's the amazing things you can do that
Adam: let's not distract from from this his message
Unknown: that are available in this city. This is a miraculous place for literally full of wonders. And if you're vaccinated ball that's going to open up to you You'll have the key, you can open the door. But if you're unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate many things. That's the point we're trying to get across. It's time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary to living a good and full and healthy life.
Adam: This, okay, so he doesn't he does expand on the full things of New York City you can enjoy, which is more than poop on the street and pay NP. And he talked about it on CBS talked about mandates. So you're going to mandate vaccines for folks going indoors? How does this affect kids, by the way who aren't eligible for vaccinations?
John: We welcome kids, of course, to restaurants and hold on a second stop. So I think this is interesting what they did here that he never mandated anything. Random,
Adam: right?
John: Correct. Correct. But they slip it in CBS slips into Word mandate, as if it's a mandate to get the public used to the idea, correct?
Adam: Oh, yeah. They're very tricky. They're still doing it wrong. But you know, we'll hear well, they're not doing it. Right. I mean, they need the courage of where I consulting group if they really want to do it, but let's listen to that. Figure it out. Let's talk about mandates. So you're going to mandate vaccines for folks going indoors? How does this affect kids, by the way, who aren't eligible for a vaccine question?
John: Wait, stop, stop. It's even worse than I thought. He says you're gonna mandate vaccine for people going indoors, you can't even go into your own house. Now. What is that? What is he implying? He said, you're going to mandate vaccines for people going in doors. That means going into your own house.
Adam: Whereas Can I ask you a question? Where is door to door? vaccine squad? What happened to that? way? They're lying. They're lying about everything. Just lie these people total the here let's Okay, let's see if we can get through the first three seconds this time. I'm sorry. So you're going to mandate vaccines for folks going indoors? How does this affect kids, by the way
Unknown: who aren't eligible for vaccinations, we welcome kids, of course, a car to restaurants and
Adam: because we'd like to drink their blood,
Unknown: movie theaters, etc. wear a mask, that's a smart thing to do. And hopefully sooner five to 11 year olds will be eligible for vaccination on top of that, but we don't want to separate families want families to enjoy stuff together, but in a safe environment, for the folks who work in restaurants, gyms, etc. And for the car. Here's what I love about it. You go into an environment, you know, everyone's in the same place. You know, everyone's vaccinated, everyone's safe. I know it gives I know, someone who lives in
John: the city would give me peace of mind and I'm going in the gym, everyone's vaccinated. Go into the restaurant, everyone's vaccinated. But do you think it could affect tourism? No, first of all,
Adam: I No, no, no, listen, if these answers beautiful ones vaccinated,
Unknown: do you think it could affect tourism? No, no. First of all, we're in a city right now. 5 million people who have gotten at least one dose of plenty of New Yorkers ready to go suburbs, even higher levels of vaccination tourists, the people coming here, more likely that they are vaccinated as well from all of our studies. Look, at the end, let's learn to use the safety of everyone involved. And it's also going to encourage a lot of people just take that next step follow suit. Especially look young people need I can say to 20 somethings. Sometimes young people need a little encouragement. They want to go to restaurants and bars and concerts that you're in right now. They need a little encouragement repeatedly.
John: Yes, amen. Amen.
Adam: So the Blasio has done he's put together this key to NYC which is a an over bridging system that recognizes all the others such as the Excelsior pass which these are not negative test passes. These are purely for vaccination, they really mean it. And in fact de Blasio accentuated
Unknown: that we tried voluntary, well, we could not have been more kind and compassionate as a country free testing. everywhere you turn incentives, friendly, warm embrace the vault Phase is over.
Adam: The voluntary phase is over. Now before we go to the pros in Australia I have a hate clip
Yes. And it's on this very topic and I was thought I was going to be very disappointed that my favorite hate listen the pivot podcast with Kara Swisher and Professor Scott Galloway I thought it would suck when he was on vacation. But instead oh my oh my my hate trough was filled to the brim when Stephanie ruhle msnbc host former favorite of the boys at the trading desk at Deutsche Bank came on to discuss mandatory vaccines now these are the liberal intellectual elites. And it's very important that we listen to what they have to say and what their thinking is because I'm sorry I'm believable. What's unbelievable
John: it that these are the liberal one time liberal intellectual elites promoting fascist policies.
Adam: Whoa, wait for it.
Unknown: The newest trend in corporate America is vaccine mandates Walmart, Disney, Facebook, Google are acquiring some or all of their employees to be vaccinated to come to work. Walmart and Disney are two of the country's largest private employers. Here's a list of companies that are requiring some or all of their employees to be vaccinated to come to work Netflix, Saks Fifth Avenue BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, delta and United Airlines for new employees only, by the way, Morgan Stanley, The Washington Post, which was a surprise to me, Lyft Uber Twitter. What What do you think it's not just employees, restaurants and Broadway shows are starting to require ticketholders indoor to unders to show proof of vaccination, will this work or produce a backlash? Stephanie?
Who cares if it produces a backlash they damn well should write in France every day, we could turn on the TV and say, well look at the protesters. What are their 1000 protesters 10,000 protesters the first week, Emmanuel Macron put the mandate in place. Almost 4 million people in France got vaccinated it works. And I guess I'm angry, because for all the noise corporate america gives us about, you know, wanting to do the right thing and being leaders for social justice and writing letters for voting rights. Here's something they absolutely can do, to protect our country to protect our employees to also pay back the government who just bailed out businesses big and small to the tune of billions of dollars. Yeah. And now do your part. Businesses have that giant carrot, that you're always gonna have anti vaxxers over here, right there. But in the middle, are all of these people, especially young ish, people who are like I'm healthy, I don't really need it. But if you say to that person, great. Well, you can't go to work, can't go to a bar can't go to the gym, it can't go to your favorite sporting event. They're going to run out and get vaccinated. And I like it's super selfish and short sighted that businesses remember when we first got the vaccines. We kept hearing. People who are fully vaccinated were able to go to this store without our mask on when was the last time anyone asked you your vaccination status. When you walked in a store when I'm in a store and I
see people with masks on, they don't seem to be people who aren't vaccinated more likely, there are people who are being extra cautious extra costs. This will be the next big wave of people getting vaccinated. And I think when it goes when the vaccines go from
Adam: approval, it's almost it's almost Oh,
John: no, no, you got to back it up a little bit. Okay. This is sounding like Kara Swisher seems like she's the audience in a in a black church.
Adam: She's doing That's right. Preach. Uh huh. Yeah, the woman goes on
John: and on with her rant. Cara's going yeah, that's right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, he's in the background, making all these these blurbs. It's like it's just pathetic, but I'm so bad at me. So you can hear a little of that. Okay. Back it up a little bit here.
Unknown: Oh, payback. The government who just bailed out businesses big and small to the tune of billions of dollars? Yeah, do your part. Businesses have that giant spirit?
Adam: You're always gonna have anti vaxxers over here. But in the middle, are all of these people? And especially What the hell was that song she made there anyway? anti vaxxers Yeah, and
Unknown: now do your part. Businesses have that giant carrot that you're always gonna have anti vaxxers over here.
Adam: Very interesting sound you made that Karen. You're always gonna have anti vaxxers over here.
Unknown: But in the middle are all of these people and especially young ish people who are like I'm nosy. I don't really need it. But If you say to that person Great, well, you can't go to work, can't go to a bar can't go to the gym, it can't go to your favorite sporting event. They're going to run out and get vaccinated. And I like it's super selfish, short sighted businesses. Remember when we first got the vaccines, we kept hearing, people who are fully vaccinated were able to go to this store without her mask on. When was the last time anyone asked you your vaccination status. When you walked in a store when I'm in a store and I see people with masks on, they don't seem to be people who are vaccinated more likely, there are people who are being extra cautious. This will be the next big wave of people getting vaccinated. And I think we've got when the vaccines go from emergency approval to full approval, you'll see a lot more businesses doing freedom contradiction in this world, and you will
Adam: come on man that those people want it. I was reminded of a book we talked about years ago called in the garden of the beast. Yes. And this is a US diplomat and he writes about himself and his findings and experiences and his family
John: experience of his daughter who was dating the head of the Gestapo
Adam: yes and while and and how the German people got to the point where they were like, yeah, you know what Jews and and that only took a few years. And I
John: did long and I
Adam: just want to in the garden of the beast, very interesting book,
John: and an excellent book. And I watched the
Adam: bestseller. I want to remind Stephanie ruhle and Kara Swisher what we did to the collaborators after the war, we shaved their heads and marched them through the streets Be prepared I mean that I really do. I think enemies these people okay, you can solve these are the people my enemies just like wow, I mean yeah, so that's that's what it comes down to how well cuz
John: you're done. No thought that goes into any of this. There's no skepticism. There's just vicious lockstep obedience. It's it's borderline pathetic.
Adam: And that's, that's the Vox media property. But Kara Swisher is New York Times. She's a part of this system. I find that really, really disturbing that these people are so cavalier about it. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Just force them. You can't have a job kid. So yeah, they're enemies. But again, they're not doing it right. And then we can stop with the with the passports But again, it's channel 10. On Australia's date, they know what they're doing over there. You want to scare the people. Here's what's coming to the United States in six months from now,
John: there are a few things that symbolize the loss of freedom caused by COVID more than empty airport, an endless rows of mothballed passenger planes. The plans are in motion for a return to quarantine free international travel. With the introduction of vaccine passports in the form of a QR code you can download from the Vax certificate on your my gov account and keep in a digital wallet. It's a simple enough idea, but there are some big questions about how this will work in the real world.
Unknown: At this stage, there isn't a common standard. But there is an organization working on that called the COVID credentialing initiative. So they'll need to have that common standard so that we can share information doesn't matter where you get vaccinated. Because once we open the borders for global travel, especially international students to Australia, we need to be able to verify those details no matter where they come from in the world. Michael Mar already operates a
service that allows workers in heavily regulated industries like medicine and disability care to store their Vax records qualified police checks in a secure and police checks and for employers. I missed out the first time
Adam: Zacks records and police checks oh my
John: goodness labs workers in heavily regulated industries like medicine and disability care to store their Vax records qualifications and police checks nice secure cloud based system for employers to access
Unknown: cash with multiple government departments of both state and federal levels. They move at different speeds. It's very frustrating. They're not coordinating at this stage. And so we have different discussions with education versus health versus aged
John: care. Another potential hurdle is that different countries are using different vaccines. AstraZeneca hasn't been approved in the US and China's cinovec hasn't been approved here. I think Australians need to get used to the click Share.
Unknown: Prices for travel, maybe even attending school picking them up for childcare is the new reality for all of us. new reality? Well,
John: most Aussies are ok with the idea of a vaccine possible travel. A small majority is cool with providing that same proof to enter a concert bar or restaurant that there are concerns about the security of our private health information and the fact that the car vaccine certificates can be easily forged or documented with so many details yet to be ironed out when the government has a working system ready in time to reward those who get their shots. It's a pickle, isn't it? It is a pickle.
Adam: That's the lead into these two jabroni who got their first words? Well, that's a pickle. That's cool. It's called a pickle. Will they be able to get it in time to reward those who jabbed clicked and shared? jab click share as a jingle their jab, like a share, chat. Drone, Jab, Jab,
John: I click Share.
Unknown: I gotta work me.
John: Well, let's play the COVID was travel restrictions clip that I have here, which brings up a number of interesting issues. Okay.
Adam: Which one is it?
John: COVID restrictions travel something like that.
Adam: Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Oh, I see. I'm sorry. Yeah, yeah, at it.
John: The Biden administration is taking steps to eventually require all foreign visitors to show proof that they've been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. us restrictions on travel to certain countries during the pandemic remain in effect. Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the US is ready to deal with a massive surge in COVID cases
Unknown: we also at the same time are prepared if the FDA decides that they are going to recommend a booster. That is why we ordered the number of doses we did order several months ago. Because we are like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and always want to be prepared.
Adam: Oh, it's not the Girl Scouts marching Sean's the Boy Scouts marching song.
John: But you want to be like a Girl Scout if you're a girl. Okay, so So how does this rule apply to the border crossings of hundreds of 1000s of people and they don't test for anything. But yet if you fly in on an airliner, you come in over the Canadian border, whatever. How are we going to get to the United States? You have to have proof of vaccination. Do all the people coming in from the southern border out there proof of vaccination? No.
Adam: I think I suggested I'm they're
John: exempt. What makes them exempt? What makes them so special?
Adam: They're not Americans, they get treated with pref preference?
John: No, you're right. It's not Americans. They get preferential treatment and they get to vote Democrat. Yeah,
Adam: I've said for a while now and this is the Abbott is not doing enough. All these governors it got then only have big talk. Really. It's all sad. It's just all sad. But to your point. There's something going on in the UK that needs to be discussed that even the brilliant Dr. Collins can't answer.
John: You know, one of the things we've seen in England is that huge drop in cases in the last couple of weeks even as they've they've opened up and they were so worried about the surge earlier this summer. How do you explain it? Should we expect that as well?
Unknown: It's kind of puzzling, George.
Adam: Let me see. So they completely lifted everything and said screw it. Just go ahead. We're gonna let it run run rampant. We'll see where we wind up. What about the science was kind of puzzling, George.
Unknown: It's kind of puzzling. George. Most of us were expecting to see that is that because this variant is so wildly contagious, that you've actually seen the point arrive where most people have gotten infected, or at least enough anyway, that you're starting to get to herd immunity from natural infection. That's not something we want to see happen because that's going to cost a lot of lives.
John: Okay, he,
Adam: he wait, he theorizes you know, listen to what he's saying he theorizes here, by asking it in a question because you know, science, is that because it's so contagious, that people just, it just ran rampant, and everyone's got it. We don't want that here because that cost people's lives except it didn't in the UK.
John: Yeah. So the guy self contradictory, in the same sense analysis totally sucks. Yes. Seems it's gonna cost lives. Why didn't it cost lives that cost lives there.
Unknown: Where most people have gotten infected, or at least enough anyway, that you're starting to get to herd immunity from natural infection. That's not something we want to see happen, because that's going to cost a lot of lives.
Adam: I can't believe any doctor would even say such a thing.
John: But yet, there it is. But it's interesting to see that drop and there are people say whatever you want interest him saying that's going to happen here too. I think he's in the minority.
Adam: I think most of why laugh aihole What's so funny. What's funny?
Unknown: Are people like Scott Gottlieb, saying that's going to happen here too. I think he's in the minority. I think most of the projection
Adam: was with Trump. We're in for a
John: really tough August.
Adam: Oh, okay. We're in for a really tough August, September. job or get ready for it. We're not gonna get into no herd immunity now,
Unknown: the best thing we can do to try to mute that very steady rise in the curve is to get more people vaccinated as quickly as possible. So if somebody is listening has been on the fence, listen to that story from the guy in the ICU wished he'd gotten vaccinated. Today is the 39 years next to his wife was I should have gotten the damn vaccine. Come on, folks. We have enough evidence now not to question the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. There is no more Yeah,
John: no feminists Not
Adam: exactly, no. But this is the point that guy rolls out the damn talking point again, which was on every local station with a local patient guy, patient local guy with a 10 foot Mike pole. But but the restrictions in the UK they've been lifted.
Unknown: Starting tomorrow, American travelers and indeed visitors from most of Europe can finally come back to the UK without the need for self isolation upon arrival, as long as they have proof of a full dose of vaccinations approved by either the FDA or the European Medicines Agency. Visitors will also need to take COVID test before and after their trip as part of the new rules. It's hoped that this will allow not just for more tourist trips to Britain, but also there's a lot of business travelers travelers that haven't come across the pond for months since before the second wave. Meanwhile, over in Paris, mass protests against vaccine passports are now entered the third week, police in full riot gear deployed to the streets to keep order among the 1000s of people very angry at government plans for a vaccine parts that will soon be needed to enter restaurants and other venues.
Adam: There you go. Now, talking about your mom earlier, there's a report that came out and in the thing was the Telegraph and official NHS National Health System document that's the British health system shows that NHS staff were told respiratory depressing drugs, quote should not be withheld due to inappropriate concerns about using them to treat COVID-19. And this drug is my dad, my dad's a lamb which is used in old old folks. facilities to help people die.
John: Yeah, it's a it's a drug to kill you.
Adam: Yes. And so they were administering that pretty much under order. segue you should just give them give them this and you know there's a Do Not Resuscitate. Give them a little bit of my dazzle lamb. Let you get that story from the telegraph. I'm looking at it right here and moly. Yeah.
John: Good.
Adam: Yeah. What do you think that could have happened anywhere else? reminder?
John: Yeah, New York City.
Adam: Yes. Andrew Cuomo, the governor. Those charges have been dropped. There's no investigation. There's no investigation into
John: that I you know, I knew you're gonna bring this I have a bunch of coke Cuomo clips, we'll get to when we're done with COVID. Okay, good. But I knew you'd bring that up. And I'm gonna just mention something. Al Capone ended up spending the rest of his life in
Adam: jail on taxes. This is true, this is true. But it's kind of sad.
John: It's a shame that he did that. Yes. It's a shame that Cuomo wasn't arrested and in jail right now and maybe put on death row for killing 13,000 people in old folks homes. But now that's not going to happen. That investigation has been dropped by the want to be Supreme Court Justice, Gary garland or whatever his
Adam: name is Merrick Garland Merrick Garland now?
John: Well, let's know they're getting him on something.
Adam: Well, let's look at the other end of the spectrum. Let's look at the unborn and pregnant women. We need some official information. If you've been wondering and you are pregnant, and you're concerned should you accept this or reject this vaccination? Dr. Jen Ashton from Good Morning America. I was three tells you it's all okay.
Unknown: A cog, the American College of ob gyn now strongly recommending that all eligible women get vaccinated. This includes women who are pregnant in any trimester and or women who are breastfeeding. Why did they finally make this sweeping recommendation? Now they have enough data 10s of 1000s of women who were pregnant and received the vaccine, establishing the safety profile of these COVID-19 authorized vaccines. And because the risk is so high pregnant women are at increased risk of hospitalization, complications and death due to this virus
Adam: and people certainly know your board certified ob gyn. What else jumps out at you now that pregnant women need to keep in mind?
Unknown: Well, a lot of moving parts here. So for a woman who is pregnant and hearing this news or considering being pregnant, you don't need a pregnancy test prior to getting the COVID-19 vaccine. All three authorized vaccines cannot I repeat cannot change our DNA or cause miscarriage. So that should reassure cannot cause miscarriage in terms of the benefits, there is early published data that suggests that antibodies that a woman makes after receiving the vaccine can be passed to the fetus and the babies. No.
Adam: Ah, so I mean, don't you feel good about that? That's no problem now. Just go for it all gonna be Go.
John: Go for it is the theme. Go for it. What what's it gonna do call a few people who cares i want it if you
Adam: only have two more things here that I need to do
John: have one left.
Adam: Go ahead one. Whatever you got this one right. This one
John: I thought was weird because it came in out of the blue. And it's something that they just report goes on a lot longer than this clip. But this is the COVID versus to our SV versus the nurses are SP
Unknown: the symptoms are familiar fever, runny nose, coughing, trouble breathing, but we're not talking about COVID doctors in many states are seeing an unexpected spike in children contracting another respiratory virus. It's called RSV, and it normally emerges in colder months, which makes its presence this summer. troubling. Oklahoma is one of the states that seen a big rise in pediatric RSV cases. And Dr. Cameron manter is Chief Medical Officer of Oklahoma Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City. Welcome to all things considered. Thank you. I'm glad to be here. Does this look like what you would expect to see in the winter? Is it worse than that? I mean, paint a picture for us. So no, it's fairly similar to what we see in the winter. We have patients that are in the hospital, particularly young children who can get quite ill be in the ICU be on a ventilator have a true respiratory failure from this virus. Currently, when we look at the recent spikes, it's not quite to the percent positive that we have seen at our highest peaks in the winter times, but it's getting very close. I know it's been a grueling 18 months of the pandemic, do you have the nursing and medical staff to attend to this spike in pediatric patients? It is a concern staffing is unquestionably a concern. There days when we can't fill all of our physical beds because we simply do not have enough nurses. There are days when we have had to transfer patients away from our emergency room, even out of
state. It happens very rarely. But it's taking constant diligence. And there's no question that nursing staffing is a concern of ours right now.
Adam: Oh my god, this is it's just another version of 2019 2020. What's happening now is people are entering the hospital system with all kinds of severe syndromes. They're being tested, Oh, you got COVID boom, COVID. Market down is COVID. But they're overrun with people who have all these other issues they've been waiting to get taken care of. And there's and there's evidence of this. There's a new website, the it's called the C 19 vaccine reactions. And now that there's the official CDC database, you pretty much know you can't get into it's a mess. People just post it. All the Facebook groups are being shut down. So people are posting their own experiences on on websites where doctors etc, are getting together and they're decentralizing away from Silicon Valley. And I just wanted the top one is they have stories and videos. This is a nurse, and you can see, you know, it's blurred, it's dark background, they've changed her voice. But what she has to say rings pretty true across all of the testimonials on this website, my health care worker
Unknown: for a smaller community hospital on the east coast. I worked at my hospital for well over 15 years now. And I've noticed an unbelievable increase in the census of patients that we are getting admitted to the hospital following the vaccine rollout. When the vaccines rolled out, our hospitals census kind of skyrocketed. And it's been that way ever since. Most of our hospitals are at critical capacity on an everyday basis. Now, even in the middle of summer. We are seeing a huge uptick in strokes, or heart attacks, things like that. blood clots are big. We see a lot of pulmonary ambalaj and deep vein thrombosis. It's really it's really interesting that it correlates with the vaccine rollout. And all of these, you know, these conditions that I'm talking about are in people who have been vaccinated. I do my daily census that I have. Probably 90% of my patients are vaccinated, and so many of them are on their third fourth admission since their vaccination with medical problem after medical problem. That was this, you know, is this just a coincidence, which is what a lot of people say or is there truly some correlation? I don't know. But it's interesting. You can't even really talk about it. You can't even really bring it up. If you bring up the possibility that it's correlated in any way to the vaccine. You're, you know, ridiculed, laughed at made fun of top being told you're EVAP, an anti vaxxer causing vaccine hesitancy, all kinds of
Adam: I believe it. I totally believes this.
John: But there's incredible yes for the voice.
Adam: And so the aka the Occam's razor razor portion is a vaccine, it's it's antibody dependency dependent dependency enhancement. People are getting sick from vaccinations in general, you know, the blood clots are not uncommon with any vaccination, but we've never really paid any attention to it. We didn't you know, like we didn't really pay attention to HPV shots and what was going on there? Well, we did. So people are coming in with all kinds of vaccine related issues which you can't talk about as a medical professional, but they're the ones clogging up the system but but it's in essence, the vaccines don't work. And they have batch after batch expiring this month, they need the FDA approval to to be able to utilize that and to unload and ship more. And and I think that just like shitless let's do one last push and they're going to get an I'm changing my mind. It's going to get approved by the FDA. These people are sick and maniacal and they are sick. And Allianz involved in what's happening with bonuses, but if you if you read like the the Atlantic, which I do not read often. But you know, this is the Laurene Powell Jobs funded operations. You know, they used to have a great reputation. But when you get headlines like unvaccinated people need to bear the burden. And unvaccinated people should just not be allowed to even go out on the street. It's a really, really, really ramping this up. And they do and again back to 2019 2020. When we pulled apart the whole PCR
bullcrap test in the first place, this is a follow up to that, how it has changed, met the medical terms that have been in place for for centuries, maybe this is a this is a podcast, Alison Morrow, but she has on Julia Bach, who's a senior associate scientist at Amgen. And she explains in this clip how PCR which was, according to its inventor, never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool is changing the definition of sick.
Unknown: Do you think the PCR test is the gold standard for COVID? diagnosis? Well, let's think about how we used to practice medicine before this all started, you know what would happen you would feel sick, you'd have some symptoms, you'd go see your doctor, maybe your doctor would do a rapid tests in their office, which is usually not a PCR test, usually that's an antigen test, it's something that's it will turn a color or something like that if the antigen that they're looking for is present. That's different from a PCR test, then, so let's say you thought you had strep. So maybe they do a rapid strep test in the office, you first you'd have the symptoms, right? And your doctor would say yes, I think I should test you for this. And then they would say, you know, but let's send it out for culture. You remember maybe hearing that? Well, then they would take a sample and they would send it to a laboratory that would grow it in their lab for a few days and say, Yep, this is definitely strep or Nope, this is definitely not strep, your your rapid test is wrong. So really, they're like three things there that would need to happen before they would say you have strep. The doctor would check your symptoms, he do a rapid test, and they send a test out for culture. So sending a test out for culture confirms that not only is the micro organism presence, that causes that illness, but that it's actually active, it's growing. So a PCR test can tell you whether a virus is present or
absent, because like I said, the gene I'm looking for is either present or it's absent, but it can't tell you what condition that particular gene or micro organism is in. So you can have a bit of genomic material that's there. And maybe it'll register in the PCR test. But it's not actually replicating. So we've even changed the definition of sick infected. And I know the guy from the FDA says this is the gold standard. Well, the gold standard in terms of what it's the gold standard, maybe in terms of sure it's a it's a fancy test. It's very accurate tests in terms of Yes, the virus is present. No, it's not present, but it does actually tell you whether the virus is actually active. So really a cell based assay in my opinion would be the gold standard because then it tells you Yes, it's present. And yes, it's active.
Adam: Guess guess what's not gonna happen? I'm gonna have any the T cell based assay. anytime soon numbers should be too low.
John: We need those numbers.
Adam: Well, they do need an it's, you don't know where the commercialism stops in the ideology begins unfortunately. Because you know, Collins and and Collins especially he's on the Vatican special Starfleet Command board. He's the one that has been telling the pope It's okay, you know, even if you're Catholic, it's cool. You can have this vaccination, no problem. No problem. You know, you don't really know where the against the marketing and and what is necessary. I don't think anything, any of it's necessary. These people in Australia may not even be really sick, they just have a PCR test. That's positive. It's crazy. The I got one clip here, about you know, science is clearly some kind of religion for many people, now that they have no other nothing else to believe in. And COVID has a lot of very interesting analogs with religious behaviors. This is, again from from a podcast, I thought you'd like to hear it.
Unknown: Let me if you'll permit me Father, I want to lay this out to you, as I've been thinking about it, and I want you to correct me as as, as I've been watching this whole thing unfold with the with the weird dancing clergy, which I think is part of the Liturgy of the anti church, alongside the, you know, six feet apart, they've got their sacramentals, which is, you know, the face covering designed to mask the magnificence of your human face created in the image of God, the hand sanitizer is their new sacramental as well as substitutes out for for holy water. I think you can go line by line, you know, the, the experimental gene therapy is their sacrament. It's a baptism. It's derived from their high sacrament of abortion, which is their Eucharist. I think there's a linkage. I think they're mocking us. I think Satan is mocking us. And unfortunately, so many people have fallen into it. At the outset, am I crazy?
Adam: I love the god casters these days, a lot of interesting discussions, especially when it comes to revelations. Pretty good to revelations. You know, this is something that we've always talked about. I know I've brought it up from the beginning of our shows like The Mark of the Beast, which comes from Revelation 1316. And he causes all the small and the great and the rich and the poor and the freemen and the slave to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. But I've never really read past that because you know, the mark of the beast 666 are the vaccine, it's the chip, it's whatever it is. So let's say the vaccine is the mark of the beast. Verse 17, is what I didn't realize that revelation because 16 continues on the right hand or on their forehead, he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. And that's, I can see where people equate that to, you know, papers. Okay, I have the mark. I've got the beast now I can buy and sell stuff in a restaurant. I can eat something. I get it.
John: Well, that's sick, but okay.
Adam: But I mean, it's sick and people who think that revelations, you can go
John: nuts with revelation. Of
Adam: course you can. Of course.
John: I advise avoiding it. I do have a little letter from a guy though.
Adam: What do you advise avoiding revelations? Yes. That's a good Catholic boy. You are john.
John: revelation from the Catholic. Okay. On Sunday show you talked about the exemption from the vaccine mandates that those have his sincerely held religious beliefs. Yeah, I can verify that for Catholics. At least it's very possible. My daughter attends a private Catholic University that is mandating that COVID-19 vaccine for students next fall, but they allow religious exemptions, especially the Catholic ones. And here's what she used, quote, as a Catholic and in accordance with the instruct instruction. Dignitas personaje Yes, correct. I object to the COVID-19 vaccines on the ground that they perpetuate the disregard for the dignity of human life by developing and testing using cells derived from aborted fetuses, which is a fact I have a moral duty to avoid such passive material cooperation, and I will not take part
Adam: as quote. And so I know so there's a couple things going on with this because I received many emails from people asking me, what is that? What does that line? What is that line? They all found it. The first thing that's happening is employers are doing something very sneaky. They're asking employees to a test their vaccination status, saying Could you please attest to your vaccine, which is not asking you if you are vaccinated, it's asking you to a test voluntarily give up this information, which I think is surely some legal trap. So that, you know, they can say oh, well, and I'm not so sure that the hospitals are going to let a personnel out on a religious exemption. In fact, I'm seeing evidence they're not. There is well, you know, we've
John: played a clip earlier about the shortage of nurses and we had meanwhile half the nursing staff of the hospital hired Houston, Texas walked by her job because they wouldn't get to the jab. And you want in there's no nurse, there's a nursing shortage. I mean, these guys got to make up their mind and whether they want to service the public are they going to just go along?
Adam: Oh my god, it's only good if they if they if they have less nurse, nursing staff more stories about how the hospitals are full more money for them. I think it's good. These people have no shame. By the way, there is an out for for everybody. And several lawyers have looked at this. Now if you're a vegan, and you can prove that you're vegan, you can probably be exempt. But most importantly, if you can claim you're an ethical vegan, this is important. spokesman for Lewis silken a law firm said ethical vegans can disagree with vaccinations on the basis that they will inevitably have been tested on animals. Ethical veganism has previously been found to be an employment a to amount to a belief capable of being protected. And that's kind of a cool conundrum. Because you can say, look, it's ethical. And they've, you know, they may have been tested on animals, they can't say, well, they weren't tested on animals because everyone says they were even though they weren't really so ethical vegan may be a way out, but quite honestly, we shouldn't be pussies about it, which just say Screw you. You shouldn't be forced me to do that. And people are gonna
John: have to podcast or working from home.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. I understand the problem. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, someone sent me a screenshot that just a contractor. They don't even work in the school, went to the library website, which you have to log into as a contractor doing whatever this person is doing. thing being being UW Madison does not have a record of your COVID-19 vaccine. And right there it says submit vaccine records get vaccinated before you can log in Come on. just crazy. It's crazy. Crazy.
John: These University people have gone off the deep end
Adam: you know, Mark I couldn't get any good clips from Mark Dice the comedian he went out and I guess he does this in Santa Monica or somewhere
John: and he had the same problem with that Mark Dice bit
Adam: it's there's no there's no The answers are really good but without the subtitles. You don't know what's going on. But he asked people to sign a petition to arrest the unvaccinated and a surprising amount everyone signed no no no that he had he had many people saying screw off you a whole but we don't know the ratio because that's not how these guys the trick the trick man on the street but there were definitely people going yes I'm yep they Yeah, they should be arrested scary garden of the beasts stuff. That's the kind of stuff
John: Yeah, garden it the beast is good garden of the beast.
Adam: I think that's I said everything we had. Oh, yeah. The only thing is left is the boosters which I think is interesting for a few reasons. I know a couple people who in fact most of my friends have been vaccinated and none of my friends who have been vaccinated will want to get a booster at all whatsoever including our mutual friend.
John: That By the way, yes, this is true. Except I hate to say it but talk is cheap. Wow. Got the vaccine in the first place. Get the booster. Here's I would bet I would bet that two thirds of them that say they won't get the booster will get the booster including our mutual friend.
Adam: Oh, wow. Really? I don't think so. I don't think he's gonna do much. Well, maybe this Well, here's the problem. They don't know how to market it. They're doing a very poor job. here's the here's the guy himself, the board member of Pfizer. posing as a former FDA Commissioner, what she was at Dr. Scott Gottlieb
Unknown: said, Is this speed up the need for boosters? What these new findings that are that are showing the break through cases should that speed up their thinking about boosters here?
Well, I certainly think so for the elderly and vulnerable population. And one of the one of the pieces of data that was in that CDC data set, they looked at an outbreak in nursing homes, and they found the vaccines in that setting in this outbreak was 61% effective at preventing infection, it was still 85% effective at preventing severe disease. So the initial premise is still intact, that they're preventing people from getting very sick. But if you see some decline, their ability to protect particularly older individuals, vulnerable individuals from any infection at all, that suggested that eventually you're going to see the infection break through in more cases in those individuals and start causing symptomatic illness.
Adam: That's another fancy way of saying shit don't work. To keep pumping you full until it does. Let's continue with CBS Face the Nation,
Unknown: I have to explain that the decision to make a booster shot available is a combination of two first is really the evidence of what we think is weighting of unity. And the difference between the infection rates between those who were vaccinated early on, and those who were vaccinated later, but also the evidence that we have increased severe in critical condition. In hospitalization with severe and critical conditions among the 60 and above population were fully immunized. And that's together with the fact that we are seeing lack of lack of response to the vaccine over time, has led us to suggest to people or actually allow them to be vaccinated a third time.
Adam: In Israel, they're actually starting it. They're doing the booster shots, but the mistake is booster. I think they're really dumb. If yes,
John: I'm not good. I hate to interrupt astronauts. Okay. It's really, actually great that Israel has taken the approach they have because it turns into a giant petri dish that we can all study.
Adam: And as it turns out, the vaccines are now about at 40% efficacy after six months.
John: Yeah. This is great.
Adam: Yeah, well, it's not great because they're
John: not all doing great for people who think that it worked, but it also creates this other conundrum, which is like a New York where they obviously not paying much attention what's going on in Israel by opening Broadway and nightclubs and bars and restaurants that to the vaccinated who had the vaccine card. Did There's your There's your super spreader events. Yeah,
Adam: they need a third Vax.
John: They're gonna third Vax. Yeah, they got the card. They're all in there mingling and a lot of them have it or have COVID again, and they're really doing what they shouldn't be doing and the people who are unvaccinated wearing the masks and not going to these things because you darn loud are the ones that are gonna get off scot free I believe to be true.
Adam: I think they should market it more by brand name and should do to take something from Silicon Valley like how about instead of booster? How about Pfizer? xcell? No,
John: that would work or use the word enhancer set a booster
Adam: habit. What does Apple do they just increment x XXL do x x L. Johnson and Johnson could do J and J VISTA? Yeah, they have to do I think what they should I think they have a plus plus plus as the winner Yes.
John: Pfizer plus people using that. Yeah. Now what they should do if you really wanted to do it correctly, is they would make a minor in even a meaningless modification. Yeah, and then you could use Pfizer enhance or upgrade or upgrade and upgrade or yeah 2.0
Adam: Can we do two point Tuesday patch Pfizer Patch Tuesday
John: LET'S FACE doing absolutely nothing isn't making a minor change and saying it's Delta you know work delta into it. I mean, there's ways of doing it other than just boosters sounds. It sounds like a kid thing a booster like a booster chair and it boosters no good. You're right. It's bad. It's old fashioned. It's
Adam: not good. Yeah, exactly. It gives a very old fashion to it. And that's because the people running this this scam are old fashioned. Look at it. Fauci Collins, by the way, Fauci man, the guys at He has got to have the purest adrenochrome on the planet. guy looks great for ad and he's just dog ID
John: yes and he to save the human exhale say do that He never says the same thing hannity I have to say we don't necessarily like his show because he can't stop talking but he had a collection of Fauci contradictory Fauci clips. Oh yeah, that went on for 10 minutes It was dynamite I would like to it's like a super clip that they did in house beautiful
Adam: yeah the only I someone put together an even better super clip of all the politicians saying they the same people that being of course Biden, Harris Cuomo, everybody saying no, no vaccine. Oh no, you can't i can't trust everything. Do these people wonder why people don't trust them anymore? I mean, they were all in on that.
John: Yeah, and guess what do you actually have the short super clip there to play if you want well you have the short super clip no you do you have it? No,
Adam: I have the long I have this this new one I have. Oh well play it hold on a second. It's super clip super cut. I think it is. Is this the one
Unknown: No.
Adam: Shoot me I don't have it at the ready I had it at the ready but what I was gonna play instead and I'll see if I can find it. Is all of a sudden out of the blue. Well, all of this is taking place where people are going to the hospital with breakthrough infections, whatever you do, wg MTV and Chicago does not want you to think that hydroxychloroquine can it could be any any type of solace for you
Unknown: red flags for a once touted COVID treatment early hope for hydroxychloroquine prompted doctors to try the medication on severely ill COVID patients. went after taking,
Adam: which of course is is bullcrap. Because you're supposed to take it, just as you get it not when you're severely,
John: yes. Is this more of a prophylactic preventative than it is for someone's on their deathbed. You don't give it to them. But they keep doing this and they keep trying to pull that stunt. That was the original bullcrap. And they're doing
Unknown: it again to date in this week, and this week, it's crazy patients. While there were some signs of improvement after taking hydroxychloroquine larger COVID patient studies called the efficacy into question. Now long term research shows the drug is toxic to cells. USC Keck School of Medicine researchers say they found DNA damaging and mutagenic effects of taking hydroxychloroquine in the commonly prescribed doses,
Adam: DNA damage really the vaccines don't do anything to your DNA, but hydroxychloroquine DNA damage
Unknown: medication was originally used to treat malaria and rheumatoid arthritis. Now the researchers say they didn't test.
Adam: This, by the way not originally was still is.
John: This is another use of it when this has been used. And it's continually in use to this day. What do they mean used to be? Yeah, this is a really sick, slanted report. These people should be ashamed of themselves. This is a journalist. This isn't really
Adam: this is a script I'm sure this exact story ran and other independent stations someone will find and
John: read the script better commonly prescribed.
Unknown: The medication was originally used to treat malaria and rheumatoid arthritis. Now the researchers say they didn't test how well hydroxychloroquine worked on COVID. But they say now they really need to raise the red flag because of the toxic risks. You know, we're learning more and more. Okay, thank you, Dana.
Adam: We're learning more and more. Yeah, we're learning more. I found this learning more. And I found that
John: forget I put that in
Adam: as our normal pattern. We're learning. Oh, we need a couple things. We're learning more and more. This preventable illness. This is another good one. why people don't get vaccinated for this preventable illness. This is another favorite of mine that they're using preventable illness. So this supercut I think is put together by the republican machine, the GOP, which is funny because they talk a big game by making the democrats look like assholes. But really do I see any republicans really do anything? Anyone? Anyone representing the people? Not really? No, of course not. Really. There are there are policies no one's no one's really going to do anything. Just in case. It turns out. I'm wrong. No background, not the Santas a little bit. I think it's just more like to send more than most, but Abbott Hmm, yeah, I'm happy that they outlawed the mask mandates and the vaccine mandates in the States but still, Alright, so here's this ad put together by the republicans quite effective. I would say I think it's going to be a very skeptical American public about taking effect. Seen and they should read,
Unknown: we can't trust the president and take his word and take a vaccine that might cause harm to us.
If and when the vaccine comes in, it's not likely to go through all the tests that needs to be entered trials that are needed to be done.
Let's just say there's a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election, would you get it?
John: Well, I think that's going to be an issue for all of us, when we finally do God willing, get a vaccine, who's gonna take the shot, who's gonna
Adam: take the shot, we will need to have access to the vaccine results so we can make our independent assessment to make sure that Donald Trump's fingerprints are not on it. You're gonna be the first one to say put me sign me up. They now say it's okay. Is the vaccine safe? Frankly, I'm not going to trust the federal government's opinion. And I wouldn't recommend to New Yorkers based on the federal government's opinion, and the question of whether it's real when it's there, that requires enormous transparency.
Unknown: Would you trust that vaccine? There's very little that we can trust that comes out of Donald Trump as well, we cannot take for granted this process will be free of political influence.
Adam: I don't trust the president. And I don't trust the FDA, Donald Trump can give answers and administration can't give answers to these questions.
John: The American people
Adam: should not have confidence, your understanding the American people now, here's a vaccine, it was no, it was done quickly. But trust this federal administration and their health administration, that it's safe. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump.
John: They How confident are you in the approval process of the FDA right
Adam: now? How confident am I? I'm not that confident? Yes, I would be hesitant, but I'm gonna ask a lot of questions.
Unknown: You're going to need someone other than this FDA. And this CDC saying it's safe, you got to make all of it available to other experts across the nation. So they can look and see if there's consensus, this is a safe vaccine.
What I'm worried about is that there's some sort of october surprise and that there is a pressure put on the decision makers here to announce
a vaccine in October of 2020.
Adam: We're going to put together our own group of doctors and medical experts to review the vaccine and the efficacy and the protocol.
Unknown: And if they say it's safe, then I'll go to the people of New York and I will say it safe, but if Donald Trump tells us I should take it I'm not taking it.
Adam: Very effective. Not very original but effective. Now effective.
John: That's your eyes a little longer. It's got more stuff. Yeah, it's got more still the same, but it's the same three bozos is all Kool Moe Biden and Harris and there's nobody else in there.
Adam: Yeah. Ilan Omar was in there. Ariana Presley was in their squad squad stuff. But yeah, what a great, great Republicans. Cool. What are you doing now? You're out there saying the same thing. Take the vaccine. They're all saying the same thing. Yeah, accept, accept or reject? Well, anyway, I think I think that's kind of the overview unless you have something else.
John: No, I only had a couple of things. I'm surprised to get that much out of it.
Adam: Well, the only other thing I have, which I am tracking is, again, a lot of stories about nicotine protect, reprove having some kind of prophylactic effect on on COVID. And I'm I'm a heavy vapor of nicotine and aroma. Someone reminded me that a British American Tobacco in early 2020. They were talking about how they were going to use tobacco plants to make a COVID vaccine and we haven't seen anything come out of them yet. But now, I don't know. The
John: other tobacco information come in is seems pretty solid.
Adam: You remember john has who has the dune buggy golf cart business?
John: He actually Yes, I do. Remember,
Adam: he does something. Well, he's, you know, he's at the skunkworks man. He works on a very advanced aircraft. And he sent me a note he says my wife and I live in a Luxury RV, which I know because I've visited them and their Luxury RV about 400 square feet. I had COVID in December. She did not we wondered why she vapes nicotine by john dune buggy golf cart. So no, no, no, that doesn't explain why. You know, Tina has not gotten the Cuf she doesn't she doesn't secondhand smoke. Secondhand vape secondhand vapor. Although sometimes you get that vape out of my face.
John: But not everybody gets true. I mean, it's still a small number of people that get COVID Yeah.
Unknown: Not everybody who gets it. That's where this but she but she is out amongst the public a lot. So now I'm happy. Yeah.
John: Let's go back to the original like Yan is just reminds me I got to put this this show together that sounds like a sub some of the early clips where the guy had a long discussion of how you can catch it and you really have to be standing within range of somebody with it for a good 1520 minutes unless she's if she's just hanging out with somebody who has it which seems unlikely
Adam: and we know it doesn't yet and we know it doesn't stick on surfaces and there was so
John: that was bull crap.
Adam: Oh my goodness.
John: That's where the My favorite is still the image of the guy wearing double masks, face shield and those
Adam: with that I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in the jab click Share, please and gentlemen john c. devorah.
John: Well, in the morning you Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning Oh ships he wasn't graphique near subs in the water. The dames and knights out there.
Adam: Yes, a very big in the morning to the trolls and the troll room. You can find him at troll. hands up trolls. How many trolls do we have in there today? It is a Thursday we have 2052 which I think is good. Right? That's over the over the 2k for a Thursday. Isn't that anything over two can Thursday's good. Loving that very good. Well, trolls Good to have you here the trolls. There's been a lot of activity in the troll room. There's troll rooms mad at each other. It's crazy. It's been for three days, I've been seeing the same conversation going on in the troll room about someone I'm not even going to repeat it but
John: who can know what it is? No,
Adam: no, it's it's gonna make people angry. It's okay, so Harry hamster got banned for life. Some hotel room? Yeah. And it was like for lifetime bands. I don't think or why the way trolls roll. trolls got to
John: have the feeling changes handle and get a VPN it can be right back in there.
Adam: That's pride, man. This is troll pride. You can't just like spoof your way back in the old price. We're all pride baby. This is. Anyway, I think it's settled. It was amazing to watch it because we're very open community.
John: You know, it's
Adam: like, we don't I mean, I mean, I can kick someone off for like five minutes or something. If it's more of a joke like Kai, you horrible troll, stop saying shit to me. I do kick and throw them off and they can come back a couple couple of minutes. That's fun. But it's not like lifetime bands.
John: They get a lifetime ban. Does somebody do it?
Adam: Yeah. Yeah.
John: Yeah.
Adam: It's from what I understand. I'm not really Susan.
John: there's a there's a V. IP address lifetime ban list.
Adam: This? I don't know. I don't know exactly the way you do it. There's
John: no other way of doing it.
Adam: Yeah, well, you do have to register at the troll room. If you want your Nic to be saved. Yeah, yeah. If not, you just go away. You can't get back. You know, you can come in as anonymous from somewhere else. Sure. But that's again, troll pride is what it's all about. It's bigger than Olympic pride. It's like a fever. Can't live without troll pride. That's what these people do. Anyway, this is what Joe Rogan incorrectly calls fans, these are trolls and their producers Above all, now they produce troll stuff, but that's part of the joy of a live show and you can join them any Thursday or Sunday when we do the show live at troll and you can listen live while that's taking place and of course as other live shows that you can listen to and if not then it's a podcast everyone hears the same thing. We just go in there and just bitch and moan about the lifetime ban you don't even have to listen to what's going on troll or if you want to, you know have a little more depth to the conversation go follow myself and john no agenda social calm. I'm Adam at no agenda, social calm. And John Dvorak no agenda social calm if you do that from any mastodon account across the fediverse. Eventually, you will which to me by the way, we have all these metaverse comparisons today of you know Facebook is going to build the meta metaverse, which is antithetical to the concept of the metaverse if anyone read the books, no crash, but the what the Fed ever did you reach no
crash at any point in your life? Probably Did you know long ago, I
John: don't even remember it.
Adam: What it's at some point in this virtual world. There's the freedom raft, and the raft is all these, you know, groups that just kind of all attached to each other and they're, they're trying to get away from the evil control of the metaverse and that's what the fediverse feels like. All of these mastodon servers kind of bolted on to each other. I don't know. I reminded
John: of the valley in that in the and random book wherever.
Adam: Golf Gulch. Yeah, where's john Galt
John: built, built.
Adam: Oh, There's some of that to that probably. Anyway, that's no agenda.
Unknown: Sorry for that.
Adam: No, no, that's okay. Now let's thank some of the artists and the artists who brought us the artwork for Episode 1369. We titled it COVID roulette. And the and now this was a dynamite piece. We saw it we like yeah this really correct direct isn't correct record. Yes came in with the the COVID victim with a black eye and tante Neel is a tante Neel How cool is this correct to record this? I'm sorry. I had to refresh not to refresh. tante Neel says that they're properly no tante Neel and cleverly hidden a little yellow unvaccinated star with very subtle I think that really that really clinched the deal for us.
John: But it's very funny. to us. It was bad guys get to purple doesn't look right. Did I know she did she used? She had a kind of a certain percentage and she blurted that little spray can button on your eyeball on it. let it fill out. Yeah. And then the yellow star you were concerned about the yellow star. And I said it's only got five points. Yes. Okay. It's like a sheriff's badge. Yeah, it does. Look, it's a nice piece. Just just got it. It's just the beauty. The black guy is a killer. Yes. Very good.
Adam: Let me see what else there was it? Well, there was a couple Kenny bended the leaky vaccine barrel. Cool.
John: I like the Africa one, which you didn't recognize is Africa. And that was the target was in the wrong spot. Yeah,
Adam: that was interesting. So we were talking about Africa being the new African spring, the new Arab Spring. And the African map. Now I have colorblindness issues regardless. But when I looked at this map, Africa didn't it didn't punch out of me. I do only when you said I kind of like the Africa map like I saw the target. But I don't I don't remember seeing the map of Africa. And so that alone kind of disqualified it somehow. And it has something to do with the cammo. Background I made to Mike Riley piece. Mike is very good. But it didn't work for me. And yeah, the target was instead of it being in East Africa. He was in West Africa. So that that was a deal killer right there.
John: Yeah, it was. It was it cuz conceptually, it was a nice piece.
Adam: Yeah. Now,
John: there's a lot of other stuff that was well, thank
Adam: you to Darren O'Neil. Darren always does a piece for us, just for us privately. And he did the advertising meetings in the rear.
John: Yes, I'm never gonna get in a million years, but it was fun.
Adam: COVID toe by ness works. Not bad. Not bad. It was it was close.
John: Where was COVID tobuy networks?
Adam: It's the it's the footprint, the ink footprint of COVID. Toe blue kind of blue striped background. It's down from the advertising meeting is further down. It's above 20. It's right above.
John: Oh, there it is. Oh, yes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's a nice, that's a good piece. It is a good piece. Yeah, I would say the broad problem that you have with that piece is that COVID toe, the writing the write up of COVID. Toe on there doesn't contrast enough with the blueish. backwards, he's got blue on blue, agreed, agreed. And if he brought that out with some, like, if that was in black, or yellow or red, ideally red, because red would indicate a problem. Symbolically, that would have been a better piece, but it still was gonna have a hard time beating the black guy.
Adam: Well, we are very fortunate to have the best producers in the universe. And that includes the best artists in the universe. There's, to my knowledge, not a single podcast anywhere that has this level of refreshing art. There are some who also not
John: even close to not only that, but it's competitive. And not only that, his most recent submissions, there's at least five we could have used. Yeah,
Adam: yeah. The end. And that's why and with podcasting 2.0 right now, throughout the show, in fact, you're seeing the album art change, we call that cloud chapters. If you want to try that for yourself, go to new podcast apps calm so none of this goes to waste. Most of its gets showed and it even flips in the car if you're if you're watching, you know, you're driving along like boom, new topic. new art pops up, and it'll work with CarPlay. Within the first we've got the first app in the App Store, which is fountain is very cool. has all of that in there. The transcripts and the transcript is a problem. This AI is bugging the crap out of me. Do I use to do transcripts which also has a podcast in 2.0 feature and no matter what I do, no matter how many times I train it, it always The opening is like I'm Adam Curry. I'm john C. Dvorak and it spells Jhansi Dvorak, j a, h, en si. Is there anyone in the world whose name is john c like that? JOHN, I'm
John: surprised it doesn't put Chauncey
Adam: Chauncey more sense that would make more sense to know, so I've given up on changing it. So if you see Jhansi, John Dvorak, I'm sorry, Your
John: john C.
Adam: JOHN C. Dvorak. He was Jose Gupta. Alright, that's thank you again, artists no agenda, our generator calm is where you can look at all of the art if you want to check it all out. If you want to contribute, you can do it there as well. Part of our time talent treasure asked for the value for value network, the value for value system, all we ask is that you determine what the value of this show is to you. Now, if you want to upload artwork, which would be easily a $500 job for some of these artists. That's okay. We appreciate that. Some people can't do that. And they'd like to support us with some of their hard earned treasure. And we're going to thank the executive producers and associate executive producers, because this is just the way Hollywood works. Producers put the money in. We don't have all the cool things you can get in Hollywood Yeah, bang and actors and actresses but no drugs. We can give you real titles and these are valid everywhere titles are recognized including IMDb and we start off with our executive producer, Zoe Hannon. From Parts Unknown now is this this coming as a check? Is that white gray here?
John: I don't have mine is in gray. Oh, could just be mean, it could be
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John: Oh,
Adam: not sure if you caught from Thursday, john Pierre. She means Korean jump here actually used wilensky his voice when she was quoting her then switched back to her normal voice. No, I did not catch that. That's nice. That's interesting. I'll have to go and check that they're trying to emulate emulate the most annoying public speaking voices of all time. Angela Davis. Yeah, Angela Davis, man, she does have a weird way of speaking.
John: Then she's been doing it for so long.
Adam: Yeah, but and she So does some of this stuff in that.
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John: out for hit people in the mouth.
me read a last note from executive producer Marie Marie Denon jobs karma he says for my 3333 donation worked like a charm. It took only three days versus 11 months of hardcore searching. I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you. Versus we can't explain these phenomenons nice to the media is reporting that the non vaccinated are the spreaders. Yet the vaccinate are the ones in the hospitals. Or maybe the vaccinate or the spreaders just a thought. Three, the PCR test scandal drives me nuts. We need a viral shredding test instead shedding viral shedding or shredding. Very poor science is being done right now around the whole COVID thing very disappointed in science. Not a joke. Marie from Los Gatos the cats.
Adam: Oh, speaking of not a joke, kudos and commendations to you good sir. As once again, you predict the future we are from the future often. You were complaining and you had a little you had a nice little ditty you put together of Biden's weird not a joke isms. And we It was a nice little mashup, but this is this is bleeding over and it's obvious David Axelrod since he's a podcaster himself these days. And he ran Obama's entire campaign. He's listening to our show. David,
Unknown: David, could you pass the word to the White House that he shouldn't say not a joke so many times?
Adam: If that were a drinking game, we all would have been plastered by the end of the of the broadcast. The thing is, it's always after something like 600,000 people have died. Not a joke. It's like No, I don't think there's any confusion about the Joker. You don't have to clarify that. Get your own material. Maxwell rod. There you go.
John: Yeah, well, I'm sure this is a very sounds like a very exciting podcast. I
Adam: super.
John: I do want to do read one more clarification. Okay. Is from Tony Levin light Tony the $5 peasant of San Diego. There's something I wanted to share with you regarding this Simone Biles actions at the Olympic
Adam: high Yes, I think I saw this note.
John: Yeah, you have this to my wife is a gymnastics nut. And her close friend is even bigger fanatic, who's young daughters on the path for competing at this level one day. The consensus of her orbit of gymnastics is that one. This is part of a retaliation plan. This is in other words, what c mon did this is part of retaliation plan for the iocs rule changes that change the scoring value for her routine. Simone, plan this with her coach before leaving the US by pulling out of the individual events within 48 hours of set event. The US team is able to choose the alternative who will go in her place. But as she picked good alternatives Who won?
Adam: She won silver right? This Sunni Sunni Okay,
John: there's two there's two events in a team thing is where they got the silver at the beginning of the US team would not have had that same luxury if she had pulled out entirely at the beginning. In other words, not within 48 hours. The team would not have had that luxury. So she she pulled a stunt
Adam: Well, it was it was an ask it was a calculate a calculated move in a competitive sports and not really the the essence of the Olympics. But okay.
John: Works. In the gymnastics community orbit our friend is in. Our friend is in. They all see Simone's action as calculated and generous was elected. Yeah, well, it was generous because it got these other girls in. Especially the one the one I think she was on the parallel or so there's one girl that did very well.
Adam: Yes. Her name is Sunni, I think
John: no Sunni Lee that's the one who won the overall okay. No, it's another as a different girl, an older girl who won an award she wouldn't have been right? Yes, she's 32 or something crazy. Yes. This was your last shot she won. Selected members who didn't make our make the cut prior are getting second chances and winning medals. Yes, the twin twisting is totally a thing and may still be in play for Simone. Although she did the balanced being which is like the twist these would really get you there. Yes. Well,
Adam: did you see you're on the balance beam? disappointing.
John: Yeah, but she got she got another award. So she tied for most. She got a bronze.
Adam: We're both like really Cavalier. But meanwhile, it seems like we're both watching.
John: Somebody. Somebody's writing is still conjecture at this point. But I wanted to at least share the discussion happening in the US gymnastic scene that were loosely tied to love and light.
Adam: Yeah, that's the one I like there's another one going around, which seems to be stronger and not so much from the inside. I don't know if you've heard this one.
John: Yeah, I know which one it is
Adam: about them. Ritalin.
John: Yes. Okay. I don't believe that one. Well,
Adam: let me read it. Let me read it. And I think Joe also talked about Joe Rogan talked about this on on his podcast, as I understand it, and Biles had a doctor's note for her Ritalin in past competitions. Apparently Japan's regulatory preferences Trump those of any of the Olympic regulatory bodies, this story is incredibly underreported. You know, I don't buy this either. I don't think any Olympian can be on Ritalin while while at the Olympics, can they?
John: That's meth. I have no idea. But this story does not ring as true as the insiders. I agree. I agree, especially with the 48 hours thing and all the little details seems
Adam: like this was this redolent story is maybe even designed to just keep people not thinking about what you just said. Which I mean, I don't know is that I am So on one hand, yeah, it's great. She gave the other kids the other teammates an opportunity. But is it? I mean, is it really in the sportsmanship like vein of what the Olympics is supposed to be? Or is it really badly who gets exposure for the Nike contract afterwards? I mean, let's just be let's just look at it objectively doesn't seem like a very sportsman like thing to do to throw the match to let other team members in because you're angry
John: to notice that she was angry in that in that note, but no,
Adam: the reason why she did is because they changed the scoring for her type of Yes, that's true. So is that not that she's doing a
John: bunch of spite? Hey, anyone in high level sports? This this is the part of the game. I mean, let's not be naive about any of this. Right But then it's like they're talking about this in baseball about cheating. You know, these guys put
Adam: 100 years the Olympics. It's supposed you're supposed to Okay, they changed the rules. I'm gonna do even better and still win. That's what I'm looking for. Yeah, I'm just my storage. Otherwise, man. Does she have some white eye white eye whites? I mean, yeah, there's no one on the team whose eyes really
John: it's called play died. It's just like it's hypnotic. It's not black Africans from Africa always have these red eye whites. Yeah. From I don't know what it is.
Adam: Yeah, that's not that's not this. This though she is she eating the talcum that that she puts on her hands because this is unbelievable white. It's enchanting, you know, because they all have makeup on and everything you just look at like, Oh my God, your eyes girl. And in general, that's so weird. When you see the athletes on the podium, and they you know, they can only unmask for 30 seconds for pictures, but then they're there during their anthem. Their mask is on and you just see the eyes and now you're seeing people's eyes darting back and forth and an extreme close up. It's a little unnerving. I mean, it's like, back off. I don't want to see that.
John: I have I lose sight here. I have an ask Adam. Oh, everybody. Okay,
Adam: do I need
John: to separate the two you make sure you look at the short question and answer I need to get an ask. I
Adam: have an ask Adam jingle somewhere here and don't I got a couple of jingles here. Let's try this one. No, oh, really? Well, I don't know. I see two clips. I see Adam podcasting and ask Adam answer podcasting. Okay, so the short one comes first I guess. Yep. Okay, and ask Adam It's been a while. I'm excited. There's about to be a new voice in podcasting.
John: Okay, and that's your keys.
Adam: Yeah, I know
John: the West know about I do know, your father.
Adam: I do know about this. Oh, I do. I mean, I can guess because i've i've seen the news. I've now had I not been doing podcasting 2.0 and had I not been you know, incessantly reading all podcasting news to see if we scored anything then I probably would not have known. This is of course the I forget who's doing it. It's not really a new podcast. I think it's a redhead. Lucille Ball.
John: Yes.
Adam: Yeah, it's about to be a new voice in podcasting.
Unknown: Welcome to Let's talk to Lucy starring Lucille Ball. Yes, that Lucille Ball.
Adam: Lucille Ball during her lifetime was the queen of all media. She was big in TV. She was a Hollywood producer, and she even hosted a series of short radio interviews for CBS Most haven't been heard publicly in decades. But tomorrow, those old recordings find new life as a pop up channel on satellite radio and later as a podcast Believe it or not my guest today is Mr. Frank Sinatra. Yes, and apologies. I also heard their marketing is pretty good. I also heard about this when I was listening in the car to the seriously Sinatra chat channel that I think there was an ad for it. I'm sorry, you didn't get to stump me. I
John: love to have it. Well, no, I Love Lucy. of the of the quizzes to see see if you know and you did these What do you get a point there? Now that this sounds like the dog who cares about the TV Land plays old Johnny Carson shows I watch
Adam: those sometimes, too.
John: I watched those and they're fascinating, but it's not podcast worthy and it's not really a podcast. Have you put it into that as a podcast?
Adam: No,
John: it's just a read to read.
Adam: It's a rehash. I think that who cares about an interview with Frank Sinatra by the Lucy I mean who cares I'll listen. I'll listen because I like both of them. But what they should have again they did not I'm telling you what what they did wrong they should have said coming soon pop up channels Sirius XM and on the blockchain sees now people would pay attention. Just saying it's a podcast is not going to cut it anymore. And it's also I mean, I will I will subscribe. Listen to it, I'm sure. Okay, but I won't.
John: Now you want to move to Andrew Cuomo. I've got two series, I got a clip and a series of clips. What was your train of ask Adam?
Adam: Yes, I'd like to lead you into creepy with it with another creepy with Bill Gates, who returned to the airwaves is that he was he was with Anderson Cooper. And Cooper says boy, so so gates goes on pooper. And, and the whole point of this is of course to set the record straight and let everyone know that everything's okay. Because you know, he's got a test. He does, unfortunately doesn't sell his new newly purchased test in this segment. But bill has to get back into the public eye and here's a feeble attempt on Monday. This week the divorce was finalized. On a personal level. How are you doing? Are you doing? Definitely a very sad milestone SAML milestone a great kind of milestone,
John: my
Adam: divorce a mile. We really weren't admire. We work towards this milestone. And when we got there, man, we were sad. And we were so sad. But it was it was a milestone guys.
Unknown: Monday, same this week the divorce was finalized. Just on a personal level. How are you doing?
That's definitely a very sad milestone. In a Melinda's, a great person, and that partnership that we had coming to an end is a source of great personal sadness. We are
communicating and working at the foundation. And so that partnership, we're going to try and continue. Try
John: the foundation said that there's going to be like a two year trial period to see that if you two can continue to work together. That is that's your hope that you can Yeah, the
Unknown: the Melinda has incredible strengths that she brings that helped the foundation me better. We always enjoyed our work together. You know, two of us can go out and work with leaders and help build the organization. So you know, that would be definitely the best thing for the foundation.
There's a couple of things in reporting that have been out there I want to ask you about and I think it's no one's business, what happens in a person's marriage. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal both reported in recent months, that Melinda was concerned about a relationship you had with Jeffrey Epstein, who at the time you met him in 2011, had been already convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor. The Times reported she hired Divorce Attorneys around the time in October 2019. When that contact with Epstein became public. Can you explain your relationship with Epstein? Did you have any concerns? Was there ever any concerns you had about it? Well, certainly. You know, I had several dinners with them.
John: You know, hoping that
Unknown: what he said about getting billions of philanthropy for global health through contacts that he had, might emerge, you know, when it looked like that wasn't a real thing. That relationship ended, but it was a huge mistake. To spend time with him to give him the credibility of you know, being there. There are lots of others in that same situation. Ah, I made a mistake.
Adam: Oh, yeah. Lovely. So first of all, he admits he's a money grubbing whore. He's willing to sit down with a and convicted child prostitution trafficker for billions of dollars, hopefully to save the world. And by Anyway, it wasn't just me. It was lots of other people. That's the giveaway right there. Lots of people.
John: It's hard to not. Yeah, I know it sounds like a sore thumb does
Adam: for Billy Boy. But I think that, you know, they'll they'll let him in.
John: Probably let him back in. He will he plays apart. He plays. He's got money. He's gonna you know, he controls a lot of money.
Adam: He does. Alright, so that's, that's creepy one now let's go to your creep.
John: Well, I have a couple of series I got a series of clips. But I want to start with the best report which was from CBS, which had kind of wraps up in it. It's kind of it has the lurid details. And then I'm going to switch over to NPR which has some interesting little factoids behind the behind what's going to happen to Cuomo. But he's he's looks to be toast, but let's play the CBS port first major Good evening. Those
Unknown: four district attorneys are now looking at whether criminal charges against Governor Cuomo are warranted. legal experts tell us those charges could be forcible touching or sex abuse in the third degree both misdemeanors. Tonight Governor Andrew Cuomo is fighting for his political life.
Adam: My father used to say God rest his soul that politics is an ugly business.
Unknown: The embattled three term governor is flatly rejecting calls from across the political spectrum and his accusers to resign. And New York lawmakers now say they have the votes to impeach. It comes one day after an explosive report by the State Attorney General's Office concluded the Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women, most of whom were current and former New York State Employees by unwelcome touching and suggestive comments. The report details a litany of complaints, including how Cuomo inappropriately touched and kissed a female state trooper he hired into a security detail even though she didn't meet the required three years of experience with the state police and did a series of other incidents Cuomo grabbed a woman identified as executive assistant number one buy her private parts, including the butt and the breast.
Adam: Let me be clear,
Unknown: that never happened. The 63 year old said his intentions had been misinterpreted and blamed cultural and generational differences. Putting your hand up a woman's shirt and touching their breast is not generational. Among cromoz accusers is a former aide Charlotte Bennett she spoke to Norah O'Donnell about the governor's response publicly. He would rather play dumb privately. He knows that he sexually harassed staffers. Now four district attorneys have launched criminal probes requesting documents from the Attorney General's investigation. Another accuser Lindsey Boylan said today she plans to sue for retaliatory actions taken by the governor and top aides to discredit her, but the bar remains high for criminal prosecution.
Adam: Yeah, that's a pretty good wrap up Can I can I ask you two points on style choices this report had? Yeah,
John: yes. Do that. But first, I want to mention that Boylan I think has a has a case in may indicate other people because she did get she got is that it's going to it's going to bring in some of the staffers who we're helping Cuomo do this, as you know.
Adam: Enabling enablers
John: enabling is the word and I think conspiracy is afoot because they should start looking at that
Adam: conspiracy theory. I like it.
John: No conspiracy. Legal conspiracy.
Adam: Yes. So this is a we have a theory that there's a conspiracy
John: theory that is against a stylistic
Adam: choice. And I heard this on every news broadcast. When I was growing up as a young journalist, a young cub, we would never say but we would always say Botox. This seems to be a a choice difference in today's journalism, today's reporting,
John: but she was reading from the Attorney General's report. Right directly and they they threw it up on the screen and then the word but was on there. Okay. All right. So it wasn't her choice to say but I gotcha. Okay. But you might be right but it's a lot more I mean, I'm Cox is funnier, but ah, yeah, cuz then he grabbed her by the buttocks. Yes. Botox
Adam: is much it's a it's a friendlier word. It sounds like just a couple of things just pop, you know, but it's like, oh,
John: it's got too hard consonants, which is always funny.
Adam: So again, as as is typical in America, whether you're subject to CIA meddling, FBI investigations, or if you actually were just killing old people during during the COVID lockdown, directly or indirectly, again, it's where you put your penis in America that matters. It's all about the penis. We have. We are obsessed with penis. That's the theory. First that is my theory. Yes.
John: That's how I apply to Al Capone. So I just bring that back up. Let's play a couple of clips from NPR. And I do have that this is another kind of a quasi ask Adam and this is the Cuomo quiz.
Adam: What do we need? Uh, we'll have something or like is
John: Click, click, click Well, how about this?
Adam: Okay, there's my wheel.
John: So we did a real quiz part is this first part A and then I'll ask you to quit.
Unknown: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is refusing to resign after yesterday's explosive report from the State's Attorney General. It detailed multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Cuomo but he could still be forced from office before his term is up next year. Democratic leaders in New York State Legislature say they will move forward quickly with impeachment proceedings. And Perez Bryan Mann has covered New York politics for a long time and we've asked him to talk us through how this impeachment process might unfold. Hi, Brian.
John: I
Unknown: just start with the basics under New York's constitution do these allegations amount to impeachable offenses?
Adam: And there's your question, do these offenses mount to allegations allegations allegations? Well, impeachment wouldn't would include a hearing for impeachment correct? Or would it just be your impeach? I mean, they
John: know they know they process is outlined in these clips. And what it amounts to is they first they decide whether it could be impeached by this is almost the same as the federal version that
Adam: I would say, I would say this is impeachable.
John: You think so?
Adam: I think so because it's women, or its employees in the workplace. It's a workplace issue.
John: Okay, play,
Unknown: do these allegations amount to impeachable offenses? You know, it's interesting. All right, there really are no standards for what qualifies as an impeachable offense with the New York Governor. So this is largely a political question, you know, do these lawmakers believe Cuomo crossed lines that warrant removal from office, the state assembly is going to take this up, and if a simple majority of those lawmakers vote to impeach the process, then moves to a second vote by state senators and judges. If two thirds of those officials vote to remove Cuomo, he would be stripped of office. You know, we don't really have a timeline yet. But the process appears to really be accelerating. The chair of the assembly's judiciary committee says he and a group of lawyers are already doing an intensive analysis of that Ag Report. Okay.
John: So the answer is no. Well, there's no there's no there's no you can just decide to impeach the guy you don't like his looks?
Adam: Well, isn't that how impeachment works in America? So the answer is yes, you can impeach him for just the way he looks. You don't like him? You can impeach him.
John: Let's continue with this. This is the educational part of the show. So let's go to clip see.
Unknown: And as you read through this long report with an eye on possible impeachment, like what do you see in the investigation and its findings, any new takeaways? It's pretty astonishing. Really. This report describes incredibly personal questions posed to these women by Cuomo about their sexual lives. The report describes one bizarre incident where Cuomo allegedly ordered a young woman on his staff to do push ups while he watched document shows some of these 11 women believe they were being groomed by Cuomo. Interesting here. The documents also show a fight among Cuomo staff over how to contain these revelations and spin news coverage. These internal emails that we've been looking at show staff members debating whether Cuomo should try to sound contrite about his behavior or whether he should attack these women and media outlets that were raising the allegations. And I should say prosecutors in four New York counties now say they've opened their own probes into cromoz alleged misconduct to the office of District Attorney Cyrus Vance in Manhattan, released a letter saying his office is asking the state attorney general for more information on what he describes as the unnamed victims of potential sex crimes. Many of the lawmakers who will decide cromoz fate have been his close allies for years How is that likely to affect the process?
Adam: What's interesting about this is if andrew cuomo were not the governor of New York, if he were jamie diamond, the CEO of Citibank, he would be out on his ass so fast with this with this amount of allegations against him. Any CEO would be out I would say so
John: well. They This is well Cuomo was resisting a and a CEO can't resist when the board just kicks him out. But they usually resign you know with a big jamie diamond a big difference here is jamie diamond would have been out you're right but he would have had a deal a netting him about $100 million.
Adam: Right like the guy for Viacom or CBS, I mean, all these member that was like four guys in a row. Moonves Yeah. Moonves a lot of money. Sure. So you know, so you're saying the differences is, is forget about who serving who that this guy is supposed to be serving the public the differences, we can't give them a big enough send off package. Thinking Yeah, okay. Well, what will it take home? If it's that let's, let's skip all the women just what do you want? 50 million ago? I mean, you already got the me. You got the book deal. I mean, he can write his own ticket, he can buy a house on Martha's Vineyard next to the Obamas for all I could get in that I couldn't get a Netflix
John: deal. Maybe Maybe, but what? He already has the Emmy. So he's got some credit.
Adam: The beacon start a podcast network.
John: What's interesting, they bring this up in the last clip, which is clip D is the fact that this is all Democrats. There's this funny how the democrats will turn on one of their own when the guy is an out and out embarrassment. Because what the democrats normally wouldn't do this. They did stick up for the guy, but now is at the point and they should have already kicked him out. But it's now it's at the point where he's he's smear is basically smudging all the other democrats because it makes him look like a douchebag. And they all Democrats, the democrats state. So they got to get him out of there as fast as they can, because it's embarrassing. But let's play the last clip and we'll figure this out.
Unknown: You know, until the ag report was released yesterday, there was a sense that a lot of his allies were sticking with Andrew Cuomo and that this impeachment process, which had already begun, was sort of being slow walked in Albany. But as I mentioned in the last day, we've seen many of those same allies call for Cuomo to step down. Assembly Speaker Carl hasty, the democrat who's really driving this impeachment process issued this fiercely worded statements saying Cuomo can no longer remain in office, and hasty himself has promised this process will be swift. New York is such a democratic state. What role if any will republicans play? You know, Republicans have played a role highlighting these allegations against the governor. But really, Ari, this is a democratic state and the GOP is pretty powerless here. So this is going to be decided the fate of Andrew Cuomo will be decided by his fellow Democrats. Does anybody think he can survive this? You know, his support has cratered, but Cuomo is part of one of the country's biggest political dynasties. He became a national figure during the pandemic year with those daily briefings. He's also known as a brutal and really stubborn political fighter who's shown no interest in resigning. So he's in this for a fight, but it's hard to see a path forward right now for andrew cuomo.
Adam: I love how he had a slideshow, showing him being really friendly and hugging and kissing with world leaders and his family. I'm just a hugger, man. It's like, it's like, this is the funny thing is Biden does exactly the same.
John: He hasn't been doing it recently.
Adam: Now. Well, they have the guy under lock and key. Yeah, like out back in here. He has handlers. He has handlers who will yell at him, and you've seen it. Hey, yeah, come over. Come back. Don't talk to them. Oh, that's hilarious. I have to follow on clips unless you have more on underlying
John: uomo bit which is just to educate people on what's going to happen.
Adam: Yeah. So I just have the color around it, then. This is the mayor of New York while he's still Mayor de Blasio. He's happy to jump on and for his future political career, if
Unknown: any luck his statement was laughable. His attempt to show pictures of him with family members as a defense was an insult to these women, insulted the whole notion that a public servant is held to a high standard, he should resign if he won't resign. He should be impeached as quickly as possible by the state legislature. He can't govern. He can't govern. And well, this was one investigation. There's a whole separate series of issues around the nursing home scandal. Whether the facts all those deaths in the nursing homes due to COVID was covered up. There's a scandal around the book he wrote with the help of state employees. There's a scandal around giving out vaccine to political supporters and withholding vaccine supplies from opponents I mean, this guy is past the point of no return. He can't govern. He just has to go to de Blasio
Adam: pulling out all the stops there all the other stuff up so maybe so that does give credence to your Al Capone theory that don't get him on this. But maybe it's the Blasio his job or he's taken upon himself to make sure everybody knows what's really going on.
John: Yeah, I think there's some element but
Adam: it's different. It's sad that they just can't nail them for the for the end. The same with Michigan. And the same with Washington State. I think those governors have something to account for how that went with it. Folks home. We don't care about or you don't want to get old and alone in any country not in the UK. We put you to sleep. Sniff this granny. Ah, they put you to sleep in here they just you know, I don't know.
John: effect Yeah. Yeah. For the good get good numbers.
Adam: Oh. We are living with maniacal, maniacal human beings. I have one more clip is short here on the Cuomo investigation from ABC
Unknown: Aaron the Attorney General describes what she calls a disturbing and clear picture painted by this investigation. Walk us through some of these key findings.
She called it conduct by Governor Cuomo that corrodes the very fabric and character of state government. Diane over the last four months investigators that she appointed found that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women including nine current or former state employees. These women interacted with Governor Cuomo in a number of different circumstances they also interacted investigators said with a state police trooper who acted as cromoz driver and he is named in this report as well. This investigation found non consensual touching and suggestive comments that created what James called a toxic work environment
Adam: I didn't understand that now. It was the state trooper he
John: now that's a mistake does she is a woman
Adam: that's that's what I was led to understand attractive
John: woman attractive she put into
Adam: all of these women are attractive.
John: Yes, they're very knockout. Yeah, they're attractive. So But no, he saw this one she didn't have the experience for the job but he demanded they put her in that job, though um, it's just I don't know what that guy's the he thing is screwed screwed up to simple report. Yeah, there's no he, in this deal.
Adam: I was I was tracking the the eviction moratorium, which was extended. And this is very, I don't really have clips to play on it. But it's very interesting. What what took place here.
John: Were at a couple of clips. I didn't put them in
Adam: now. I mean, everyone was yapping away. But the thing that you don't hear about is that the there was there's $40 billion that's been dispersed to states. And the money hasn't gotten to landlords, no one, Noah and this is what's so disappointing. Not a single report and everyone had their airtime. Everyone got me, especially Cory bush is he was almost regularly live on CNN. No one talks about why it's at the state level. And it's not getting to landlords. And we know why is because the same people that are always screwing the poor people. And the middle class of the United States are the people who have risen up into those positions these middle level. And it's really it's like Lightfoot from Chicago type people just nincompoops whose level up into something. And their whole job is to not help you. Except maybe they're their cronies. So when you hear that, only 2% has been dispersed of this 40 billion. I'm no one's looking into who got that? Well, probably the big landlords, not the small people who then had to sign off on the voice, the voice, the friendly, friendly system.
John: I have an example. Across the street from my place in Port Angeles. There's a house that's always rented out. And so was the landlord with that one house there. And the people that were living there, who are moving out and moving to Oregon, because they, according to them, and according to everybody, they think they pulled one over on the landlord because they didn't have to pay the rent for the last year. The money they saved with the free money they got and not paying the rent. They've taken it on the lam and there they have now enough money for a down payment on a home in Oregon. Yes. And the guide, the landlord is now just screwed.
Adam: Now, just so we understand. And this is what's interesting about this particular topic.
John: And by the way, they were gloating about this this maneuver.
Adam: Oh, I'm sure many are. Yeah. But so why. So that so yes, that'll happen. People didn't have to pay rent, then people couldn't pay rent or never make the back pay. So in one of these multi trillion dollar bills, $40 billion was set aside and sent to the states for the landlords and a lot of landlords said, we can't take the deal because you basically pay me now but I can't evict this person even if they stopped paying rent for another year. So that's a deal breaker, but it's different per state. And it's just what happens if all of that always get stuck and stolen and God knows where the money is. But all of the represented They are like, well, Congress has to come back, you have to do this, we have to have a vote, we are saved by it and do it. Like what the money was sent, go to the where the problem is no. Instead, they go to this whole rigmarole, which means really only to increase power they want, which is ridiculous. And just for the background, the CDC issued this under a regulation that they can do if eviction would result in more transmission of COVID, then they can apparently they can change this edict where you don't have to pay in a private contract, which is what it is, is what we're talking about. Landlords would along with it, they were promised money. And then the money came it had too many strings. And God knows if the money's even there. And then they they actually looked at the issue. Could the CDC do this? Is it legal for
them to extend this moratorium which have been extended twice already? The Supreme Court of the United States said no. And, and the President, the United States, Joe Biden even said, Well, you know, I probably would, this probably won't be constitutional, but I'm gonna let CDC do it. And so now that you've added another 60 days to the moratorium, only so we can have more of this crap coming up in the fall, and it'll be more of the same. This this is a it's tragic, what's happening here. And if if the President is willing to bend the rules on on with the Supreme Court on this, how does that work? If the Supreme Court says no, you can't do it, it's not constitutional. And the President allows it to happen anyway. What is the next step in in
John: impeach the president is what they shouldn't you mean,
Adam: what is the act? Is that the step that is supposed to be taken?
John: But what is the violated the law blade? Right?
Adam: So how so what is the only recourse is his impeachment? You can't have the military go in and arrest him and then unseal the 1000s of sealed indictments? And then let's be over with it and have Trump back as president before the end of August. Yeah,
John: that's not happening. If the Congress is doing their job, which they're not because they and they're all it's just the Democrats, this is this is this is the way they operate. What am I gonna say?
Adam: What No, I'm asking the technical procedure when the President violates the law in blaeu.
John: He should be impeached. Damn, Gina Well, I'll tell you this it when 2022 comes around the opportunity to impeach the president is going to be a lot higher. Yeah. If the Republicans can take over
Adam: I mean, you just wonder is like, Okay, if that was deemed by the by the US Supreme Court as unconstitutional, you know, what's stopping him from breaking any other law? Hey, come in with your gun. Now shut up. Yeah, that kind of stuff. Yeah.
John: Well, it means that we're just one step away from that.
Adam: So this brings us to pissed off people. This brings us to the insurrection as the purge continues. Seriously, this weird stuff? So this is the narrative. This is the narrative from media in general. Bill Maher from his real time show I No, no, I i've been when I hear that. That date January six. To me. It falls right in line with December 7, September 11, November 22. dates, you don't have to tell me or a sophisticated audience that we don't have to explain that. We know what those numbers mean. I don't think half the country sees it that way. I don't think they see January six as that kind of date where I do now. I put them right together. Like they a dark horrible day in American history. Unbelievable. People really see in a different movie. And the idea that there's, you know, people fighting with with cops outside. Sure. But was it really an insurrection? Were they really going to stop the ratification of the vote no weapons by the way,
John: let's make this.
Adam: They forgot their pitchforks. They didn't have any of that with them. So yeah, it was ugly. It was not it was definitely not a good look is the worst things ever happened to the Capitol? Absolutely not. But the real tragedy, the real tragedy of January six, is this count and increasing count that is just brushed aside as well. There you go.
Unknown: More police officers who responded to the January 6 attack on the Capitol have died by suicide. Do you see police say Metro Police Officer Gunther harshita was found dead in his home last Thursday. He'd been on the force since 2003. The department also reported another officer Kyle de Frey Tad also died by suicide last month. Now we don't know the exact circumstance Answers surrounding either of their deaths but what we do know in total is for officers who responded to the attack have died by suicide.
Adam: Okay, another stylistic question. Growing up when I was a young cub reporter for the tribune I we would say committed suicide What is this died by suicide shit all of a sudden.
John: Oh, I didn't even notice that. The whole
Adam: thing is he did they've died. So now we have four Capitol Police officers who have died by suicide as they say not committed suicide died by suicide. Leaving no note no reason for listen to the style again of this report
Unknown: to more police officers who responded to the January 6 attack on the Capitol have died by suicide. Did you see police say Metro Police Officer Gunther harshita was found dead in his home last Thursday. He'd been on the force since 2003. The department also reported another officer Kyle D Frey tag also died by suicide last month now we don't know the exact circumstances surrounding either of their deaths but what we do know in total is for officers who responded to the attack have died by suicide
Adam: find that incredibly bizarre
John: well the report not to bring up the died by suicide suicide is a death
Adam: yes sure. But
John: that's died by suicide that's like died by death yeah. Oh yeah. He died by death Yeah, you would die by death that's what you would do yeah. So died by suicide. Suicide is a death so died by death. So there's something screwy about that that's a good catch by the way and and and the fact that there's four of them and no wood no notes and it's just for you know, I mean, I would tend to think suicided for some reason, they wouldn't go along with something I don't know it's very fishy and is narrow and because it's DC as remember by the Seth Rich investigation, nothing will come of it. No one will investigate this properly. There's something wrong in DC. And then yet they want to make it a state Are you nuts?
Adam: And then yesterday, was it yesterday or the day before the Pentagon? The Pentagon shut down and a lockdown and a guard was stabbed to death?
John: Yeah, any news net or sketchy story? We don't know any? Come
Adam: on. What's going on? This is no one curious. All we do is just COVID COVID COVID death destruction lockdown vaccine password COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID turn it off people.
John: Not that this has anything to do with what you just did. But I do have a couple of legacy clips.
Adam: Oh, we love the legs.
John: Yeah, here's one this is the this is a clip from the view which I think I saved up because I believe it to be the epitome of the view one of the women came on I think was a guest and she's hiding her hand in this she holds up the fact that she's got an engagement ring on her on her finger
Adam: and she says
John: hilarity ensues here we go lady but also he's
Unknown: he's very happy because he's happy for me because I just got a
John: wow I was sitting here like going to go we're going like I don't know what I'm saying. You kept walking with your hand down like this yellow Sapphire and I want to tell
Unknown: you how it happened but yeah, Do I have time?
Adam: Ah well that was that woke me up yeah, that's so this is how guys do it on the no agenda show. Yeah, Master marry me.
Now this here's what I've learned recently. There's you know, you might have heard me say before, if you this is a thing women are doing now to each other to show that you that you're engaged and you've got your your you got a man. You flash your hand up you go ice Do you flash up the hand with a ring? or ice?
John: Who does this?
Adam: Bro get with the program? You gotta be watching the TIC tocs in the real baby ice. This is a this is a thing. This is a thing, but I mean it's no different than this nuttiness
John: oh they went nuts here this is like this is supposed to be people watch this for some news analysis please watching this we're
Adam: not gonna get all high and mighty about this being a new show now are you?
John: Well, I don't know why me What's this supposed to be? I don't know just a bunch of gaggle of I don't know I can't say I did do something else from the archives. Okay, I found the entire let's get social clip which I don't think we've ever played completely
Adam: the whole thing gonna play four minutes No, I'm
John: not playing and I but I took up one minute slice out of it. Actually. Oh, okay, interesting if you can hear the lyrics because the lyrics are quite quite disturbing but wow
Adam: you're really reaching back into the archives for the show when
John: I found the whole thing I sing Oh, I didn't realize like the whole thing. But the one minute mini clip is educational but the whole thing I wanted to put it into the files because if you ever short of after show
Adam: Ah I see I
John: see end of show material which is not today. No, you have the whole thing to play and believe me the whole thing is worth end of show.
Adam: This is Maria McCormack isn't
John: my karmic Mary mcquire McGuire something Yeah,
Adam: I think is so this is from a social media conference. That was one of the one of the early ones is a while ago and this is
John: this was obviously never played in its entirety on the show because I'm the one who collected it and it needed to really spend about 10 minutes equalizing and bringing up the crap and and compressing to get it so as playable so the whole long was actually pretty good but it little short thing I thought would be a good little internet. So I mean, we'd also played at the in the second the third. No,
Adam: no, I'm paying there's always always time for getting social.
Video, and we posted soon. Facebook hashtag Oh, baby. There we go.
With social media.
John: I'm gonna show my mood by donation to no agenda. Imagine all the people who can do Oh Yeah, that'd be fun.
Yeah, we do have a few people to thank for show 1370 beginning with
Adam: By the way, best best transition to donation segment ever is good. Yeah. Like
John: you do something like that. You always brag about it.
Adam: No, but I'm no I'm no, no, I'm talking about you bring in that clip. I mean, that's what I'm talking about. Oh, the clip clip was just a beautiful, beautiful way to leave reality and get social with each other. Yeah, I was just posted on the gram. We have special donations today for your upcoming 33rd magic number. Everybody's 33rd anniversary. This Sunday, right on the day, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and it's the eighth Sunday at 888. So I just want to make sure people realize that we celebrate that every year.
John: And it's coming up. Jennifer Dorney meanwhile from St. Augustine, Florida 133 33 and she says thank you for everything you do. Laura Martin $100.33 john Robin $100 Baron Lampkin, $100. Michael Gaston $100 in Pittsfield, William Bullock in Buckeye, Arizona. $100 Rick and Tisch in Brighton, Michigan $100 the following people are 188 88 pre donors to the Sunday show where I it's the Anniversary Show. Yeah. Archie brand and are just gonna name the name is Lloyd there's enough here to do this. Archie brentano thank you to rainwater in Waukegan. Thanks, sir Craig Porter. Sir Craig Porter the ronin in Carlsbad. Chef Rob Rob McHugh. I haven't heard from him.
Adam: He's in New York chef
John: is in New York chef. He says I could no longer live in myself need to shed my news douchebaggery David Miller 8888 zinco Brynn Wow. Bring
Adam: Karen key cue Aaron cue. A scene from er y
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Adam: you see what William is a dog or delegate? I don't know what it is. He said congrats john and Mimi had a funny thought the other night Why hasn't someone yet said Circle Circle dot dot now you've had a COVID shot? Is that a thing? Circle Circle dot dot
John: dot.
Adam: Now you have a COVID shot.
John: I don't know. Okay, I
Adam: just want to just notice it. Maybe it's the thing I don't know about.
John: Are they circle circle and put in I don't know. Gary Gibson. I think of that. I'm thinking of the last episode of Kill Bill. pokes the guy. Circle Circle dot drop dead. Yeah. Gary Gibson, sir Bebop the night of the frozen tundra, Joseph or Neela or Nellis or net or Nellis? I think Allison Hamill, Jesse Smith. And last on this little list is Robert patch. Want to thank all these people for giving us a well wishing I would more on Sunday. I hope Ashlyn Davis meanwhile at $5 to herb lamda Duke of the Deep South 808 Dame me out the sun.
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Adam: He's got a birthday and he also adds the shapeshifting Jews is not anti semitic. I'm proud of the proud Torah observant Hebrew calling us commies. my homies to de-douche ponies armies
John: calling my phone Mr. D. Okay, fine. Yeah, there's always one there is Gregory kiradech in padova. Italy, oh, a patois in the way we call it. In patois. That's nice. 6543 we don't have too many Italians that listen to our show.
Adam: disturbing though is just by the way my wife calls you guys. The two crazy goats.
John: Two crazy goats.
Adam: Hey, Gregory. How did the two crazy goat something like that?
John: Yeah. Daniel Mora in Jacksonville. 5770. Chris Bailey 5556 max fluid in swim Washington. 5533. JOHN Fitzpatrick Heber Springs, Arkansas. 5510. Andrew Andrew. Acton. I could or knock your neck
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Adam: wrote this huge know what she's I'm reading what she sent is an update from the meetup. And just one quick thing and I actually have a Bernie or a bandeira meetup report, but she says the reason is the $50 instead To sense they are there they actually are. They the group uses the magic number 72 and they asked everyone to donate $7.20 and there is something magical about 72 that everyone should look into. So that's the There you go. numerology people
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Adam: All right. Well, hold on a second. You've been de deuced.
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John: Don't want to be the douchebag
Adam: one title change for today. That is sir Keith McAlpin who becomes a bearer net that's ba ma ba r o n e t No, no little Baron not with double T. And thank you very much, sir Keith, now known as Baronet, Keith McKelvin, thank you for supporting the no agenda show again in the amount of $1,000 or more anyone can do this. You can people have done this for years and years. It's fun to get your titles really to have the full benefits of being a knight or a dame Which includes a very handsome ring and wax to seal your envelopes with and use the signet ring and, and an official certification. However, No One No One qualified today. No knights, no names.
John: It's weird.
Adam: It's kind of wells. Everything's been a little bit short today. Okay, we're still boost. You're doing the best darn deconstruction we can and we've got places for you to travel to and join in the fun.
I think we are one of the few podcasts anywhere that have these meetups and have it organized by the producers themselves. All around the world. People get together sometimes on a daily basis just to hang out and have a place where you know it's going to be diverse. It's going to be interesting. Not everyone will agree but it's going to be civil fun. And usually drink and have a good time and we have some reports from right down the road. Bandera Texas.
Unknown: Hey, this is Laura Allen. I organized this Kung flu. And I'm here with my smokin hot husband who named
John: Kyle Allen here. The bender meetup total success. And thank you guys for what you do in the morning. This is GT and I love you john Taylor County here where there's a serious debate on which beer is better shiner Bock or loanstar Logan here it's Lonestar. And this is Russ Kyle's brother from brother to the certain podcast and yes, the meetup was great success and thank you guys so much for your podcast and keep us all sane.
Adam: I gotta say I liked the produce bits. That was nicely done thank you very much salt water slaves in Florida. Come on in.
Unknown: I'm putting the salt air slaves and I want you to know this is a douchebag free zone. And with that being said, john, please turn your speakers down.
And with that being said, stay
John: Hey, john, and Adam. This is Jake from Tampa here hopefully not douchebag for too long and he can meet up in the morning.
Unknown: Hi guys. Jones just let you know that the Tampa Bay area so it's air slaves meeting it's been fabulous. It's our second meeting. I'm so happy to let you know that my social credit score is now is 333
in the morning, this is Maria again from the salty slaves in Florida having a great time here at our meetup. Y'all have a great day.
John: This is right my first meetup and I'm not a douchebag as of yesterday, this is surdo give the copper lines for that hell are we were catchers in Florida
Unknown: and just love you guys. Thanks so much for the ideas and thinking keeping my amygdala small We love you guys. This is john wayne Carlson. I'm here at the salt water slaves meet up meeting up with some old friends again. This is great it is Sir baltra checking in. I'm waiting on my handler Adam to play my sharpened trigger clip. So this is Heather in the morning,
Adam: john This is Kevin second meet up happy to be here. Stay safe. I am happy to report john C. Dvorak. We've had a good time here in the meetup and thank you guys so much for what you do. Alright, so water slaves nice to hear a kind of a 5050 mix there with the ratio of seating persons to birthing persons. It's nice. It used to be just dudes. Dudes getting together like Okay, I'm gonna podcast. Here's what's on the calendar for the next few days Friday the miscreants of culture beer and art meetup in Philly. Pa six o'clock at the Cherry Street pier that is your, your local 76 doing that. Also on Saturday, Peterborough, Ontario, the Canada cottage country meet up at 633 at Riley's. On Saturday, the fine wine with good people and Healdsburg, California. This is not something that says if you RSVP early and not received a reply, something got messed up. What happened? What happened? What happened? Explain what happened?
John: Well, this is the meetup in Healdsburg at the is
Adam: Yeah, this is the winery This is the one we're going to go to.
John: I'm going to this meet. Oh
Adam: good. Okay,
John: I might take me if she gets you know here in time. Oh,
Adam: which you should do? Well, that's your that's your your anniversary is on Monday.
John: Is it not? Sunday? It's on the show. Oh,
Adam: how come it says August 7 then for Oh, I'm sorry. That's my mistake. I'll shut up. Yes, Saturday is the meetup. I gotcha.
John: So here's what happened. So suddenly got a you know, Amy or got posted awkwardly Mimi posted it and she did something to make it so all the rsvps went to her and Mimi sees a bunch of stuff coming out that she just throws it away until she realizes what she's been doing and she way she's got to read emails so there's not that she has a purge tank that you can go back to fix known as trash. So she goes purge tank, and so she's Ah, I must have thrown away 10 The rsvps and the RSVP included the directions to get to the house where the meetup is no, it's a winery house. And so anyone who doesn't get their confirmation they should re re RSVP and it'll be taken care of.
Adam: Okay, well it sounds like it's gonna be a good time.
John: It might be a little jail gonna be a lot of people a lot more than they anticipated I can it be dynamite
Adam: All right, we expect to report then also on Saturday, the Grand Prix next to Nashville, Tennessee speed and smoke weekend at 10 o'clock we start early there at Music City Grand Prix. Those who are interested should read the post. Okay. On Saturday the seventh as well the Deutsche bags meetup number three had Kaiser's loud time run out files Germany two o'clock and lb carton Shao Kaiser's loud turn and that is in Rhino faults in Germany before the lockdown, better get it in quick. Leo sun fun in the sun red 33 Red 33 Boston meetup at 230 on Saturday at Hennessey's on Union Street The Valley of the relentless fr nice Sunday fr nine meetup five o'clock Phoenix time that'll be it. What is this Brenda's Inferno formerly armadillo grill. We have the love is lit meet up in Switzerland to six o'clock at Perper Sade fest fouse sayde feltz tasa noin in Zurich, Swiss, great time. Now it's only been a few people each time but I think they are growing. They're at this the Swiss media,
John: they gotta get it together. On Sunday, jump on the train the High Speed Rail boom, you're in Zurich.
Adam: On Sunday, the sponsor spook meetup in Arlington, Virginia at Dudley sport and Al also the national pitstop meet up at 1230 at the southern grist brewing. And on Monday, the ninth the base bowling at the boardwalk bowl in Santa Cruz, California, six o'clock, that'll be at the boardwalk bowl and I see stuff on the calendar all the way through August into September. And I think August 22, New Braunfels, Texas I think we also I think there's another gotta be another Austin meetup I'd have to go to a meet up pretty soon or hopefully to get one before I leave to go see my daughter at the end of the month.
John: If they don't lock you out. Don't
Adam: Don't even say that. Please don't say that. And
John: then I did a report I had they don't have it as a clip but there's people are flying someplace and they cancel half the flights on the way
Adam: back they get stuck. There may be a meetup at the airport. You never know. These. These are the meetups for through the through the next show. If you want to find out where there's a meetup taking place near you go to no agenda meetup calm if you can't find one near you. Oh, here's an idea. Start one yourself. They are just like a party times you
John: want to go hang out with all the nights that
Unknown: you wouldn't be when you won't be triggered.
John: You wouldn't be
Adam: all right, we should look at some ISO wij
John: I have a few.
Adam: Okay, hold on a second we get rid of this. tube tube. Okay. And what do you have ISO wise? Okay, I've
John: got DARPA to Okay, here we go. DARPA. Does that ring a bell? Okay. Okay, that's no good. If not, I hear it.
Adam: You hear too?
John: Well, she never never that never happened.
Adam: I mean, I can I can pump that up. Let me let me try got three see if there's anything here that you like. Hit me with a voicemail. Oh, yeah. I just kind of like that one. Hit me with a voicemail. Here's a and then donate. thought that might be good for the Who? I
John: liked that one.
Adam: How about this one? That's wacky. Ah, that's that's kind of the winner, isn't it? Yeah. I thought you'd like that. All right. Anything else that we need to discuss before we go back to checking everything see what the hell they've come up with now?
John: I don't I have a couple of leftover clips. I can there's one I want to play which is the Canadian strike WTF clip? Okay.
Adam: Any set up or just go into it? Do it.
John: This is about you know, the Border Patrol is going to go on strike. Oh, I didn't know that Canada. Yeah, I think we talked about it once and They're going to go on strike and they're and there's some aspect to this report that is kind of what are you taught what why isn't this Border Services agents that issued a strike notice as Dan Karpen shot reports, they're preparing to walk off the job on Friday.
Adam: Unless averted, the action will come just days before Canada is set to open the border to fully vaccinated Americans and permanent residents. Travelers could expect long lineups and delays at border crossings in airports 9000 border service agency workers have been without a contract for more than three years. Their union says if no deal is reached by 6am. Friday, its members will begin what it calls a series of actions at airports, land borders, commercial shipping ports and postal facilities. Services will continue since 90% of the workers have been identified as essential at issue or better protections for staff and a union claim of a toxic workplace culture. Now does this shut down all trade with Canada as well or open it up? So no one cares, you can just walk over?
John: Did you listen to the end of that report? I did. 90% of all these people are essential. So they're not walking off nothing. So they're losing 10% of their workforce. And this is like a big deal. Yeah. That's the WTF part of the clip. What's the big deal? So you got 10% of your workforce force leaving the other guys just do a little overtime? They're probably happy.
Adam: I didn't know it was only 10%. It was what what is the why they signaled? Why is this 10%? Special?
John: No, they're the 10% that I guess are not considered essential. Get the variances 90%? Or?
Adam: I see.
John: So the artists and Shawn, what are they do? I don't know. Stay home is like some sort of a bogus story.
Adam: I'm just weird. You know, before we go, there was one, there were a couple of emails that came in about supply chains. We've been kind of looking at those. And so just just I want to run out a few things. And then and then ask you about one particular topic. So one we got here from a freight broker, that the load boards have been having glitches over the past, it literally says glitches having over the past couple of weeks. These are systems that are industry wide, kind of like you know, airline scheduling in a way. And so there's they have probably, microservices architecture problems. The shipping containers continues to be an issue of the actual availability of shipping containers containers, which now has a term container dislocation. Because they don't actually know where the containers are.
John: They all do okay.
Adam: Yeah, I believe that's true. I think that's true as well. Now we're actually we're building some shelves in the garage for some of my shit. No my boxes it's I would call it my stuff and Tina closet my shit. lumber prices have gone down 40% here two by four is now four bucks. It was like almost eight or over eight I think it was. So that's just my own personal experience. Then we had this morning a freight train carrying Ford f150 pickups derailed in Missouri, this f150 is all over the place three trucks.
Some of them don't look so good anymore, which is a bummer because you know, that's that people are waiting for cars. But then this email was I'll just read a little piece from an anonymous producer and Eagle Scout so that always gets some credence. He started off by saying you know, I've been putting this off but you successfully pushed me over the edge with the sandy Cortez clip about inflation not having enough ports and chips and he says it's it's really quite simple what happened and he reminds us of the massive monsoon that hit Thailand in 2011 Do you remember that and what happened? What got really expensive
John: is your the whole reason
Adam: you were the one that brought it up hard disks hard drives because it wiped out the entire manufacturing operations for one of the factories was wiped out right and then the you may you were tracking the price of hard drives remember it was like some like $400 all of a sudden it was going to some outrageous prices.
John: There are overpriced time Yeah.
Adam: So this producer says this is exactly the same people you know who have it are hoarding it others who got it. I mean look it's like the toilet paper all over again. There was no actual shortage of toilet paper where there might have been a blip but people start going crazy and it's no different he says with the with the chip supply chain and you know the sheets being priced $7 Wi Fi module is now going for $70 so it all just it just has to settle down. And I think that's true and it's it will settle down there's gonna be lots of bumps but even the housing market this this this, we might have sold our house just in time
John: you sold your house right on the money on the AP Yeah, that's fine by the way. Yeah. Don't ever expect that to happen to get in your entire life.
Adam: Well, you know, that's good news because this is feed first out, man. I'm dying spitting in this microphone right here. dimmer buzz and all. I'm done moving. I'm done moving. All right, let me see what we have coming up next on no agenda stream at troll bowl after bowl, sir Spencer and Dame lorien and that should be dynamite in the show mixes sound guy Steve Tom starkweather. And since you triggered me earlier with a little bit of madness, I'm going to put some posh master in there with the baggy cut up just to get it out of my system. And I am coming to you from the heart of Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas Hill, Texas Hill Country. FEMA Region number six in the governmental maps in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley, where we're experiencing Delta mania. I'm John Dvorak, we return on
Adam: Sunday right here with another 231 how many hours you need of media, media deconstruction. Until then, adios mofos remember us at the slash na and such.
John: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls Step right up for the COVID Delta sucks. I don't think people should be frightened. The risk right now is really relatively low. But that could change.
Unknown: Tonight new findings from the CDC says the war has changed in the battle against coke. The
John: CDC makes recommendations based on data because it's a science based organization. CDC monitors breakthrough infections in numerous ways we're seeing it start to creep up. surge because surge means you get a really high increased
Unknown: rate. We have a virus out there now this variant this spreads really quite efficiently. The CDC says that the war has changed and it's because of the Delta variant we
get asked all the time. Should we be doubled mast is nothing wrong. With people wearing
masks alarming new data from the CDC, the new studies played a key role in the agency changing its mass guidance earlier in the week. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,
Adam: did you think that there would be another wave?
Unknown: I honestly did. Tonight another major turning point in the pandemic is aces sort of thing for we're gonna see lockdown.
John: So where do we go from here? Is this a temporary setback? Right generally, I think what we're going to be seeing and I know you're going to be sticking to the guideline, the CDC fragmentation is alarming in many ways. Let's get down to the facts.
Unknown: as delta Varian continued to tear through the country, things are going to get worse, America's COVID recovery is slipping away. This is going to be a big deal,
John: and showing how American science and technology, American business and academia and our government can all work together believe if you're not vaccinated, only five
Adam: minutes of exposure.
Unknown: In fact, you will enjoy everything great in this summer of New York City, go get vaccinated, it will do for you so many things will make your life better that will make our lives better.
John: I want a pill that blocks a specific viral function.
Adam: It commands our whole attention absorbs our very being. We're not selling them
John: when a person who's vaccinated gets a breakthrough infection which is the natural thing to see because no vaccine is 100% effective. Good morning, everyone. This is who we are. This is what we do. I want it to be low in toxicity. Stay tuned. We're looking at all options. We're not selling
Adam: slash and it's wacky
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