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August 15th, 2021 • 3h 5m

1373: Mass Formation


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Adam: Abby. Adam Curry Jhansi devore August 15 2021 this year award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1373. This is no agenda, feeling inspired and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country with FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
John: and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where I'm getting out of Afghanistan. Sweet. I'm Jhansi, Dvorak. buzzkill. Man, it's
Adam: deja vu all over again. This is it's I'm sorry. Yes. We're both flabbergasted. I know, please. It's unbelievable. We've been doing the show for 14 years. It's just restarting.
John: The thing that I can't get any any clips from while this is going on while we're running out of Afghanistan, like maniacs like our hair's on fire? Thank you Pentagon for the great job you've done? Yeah, of course. They blame everybody. Oh, you should have kept people there. Yeah. Okay. Is that why are we bombing Somalia? All of a sudden? Nobody's covering this bombing.
Adam: Isn't there a I'm so certain there's a pipe. I've looked at this. I think this is pipeline deal going down there. Oh,
John: yeah, it makes sense. But there's got to be some reason. Well, I mean, okay, well, why do I want to do that? Can we do a little housekeeping before we restart?
Adam: Yeah, of course. Yes. I have some other stuff. We can do all kinds of things. Right.
John: We have housekeeping. housekeeping. I've got a bunch of stuff. But housekeeping is important. One is so we, I don't know where this. We got this information about the mercola and having his information taken off of the Wayback Machine. Yeah.
John: Well, this was done. Because mercola wanted it done. It had nothing to do with the archive. Oh, really? We just merged them?
Adam: Well, it was I mean, if you don't look if you if you look for a URL on our on the And it says nothing available at this URL, and there's no other information. Well, yeah.
John: The never takes anything down except at the copyright holders request. Ah, okay. All right. And I guess mercola got a letter from the FDA. warning letter.
Adam: Yeah, about winning products, right. I
John: think it's just products that would be as a product and his and his claims is mostly as claims about the products. It was almost, you know, this is what happened alex jones pretty soon. And so he freaked out and took his whole website, stuff down and they took everything off the archives. And he talked to it. What did you talk to Brewster rooster kale. Now Brewster is on vacation. I talked to the guy who runs archive. Mark Graham. Type they haven't heard from me. I knew him from years ago. He used to be involved with Fido net.
Adam: Oh, my goodness. Fido. net. My head just exploded. Yeah, store and forward, baby.
John: He is also involved with the well during a certain period of his era.
Adam: Yes, I have. I have a copy of the Final Edition print.
John: And so Mark's an old pro and he he's runs And he denied that but he turned me on to a bunch of stuff they're doing and what's up and stop mushing. They have their 25th anniversary this year. I'm going to write it up in mice Give
Adam: me one of the istana Just give me a lift up the veil a little on one of these astonishing things they're doing
John: this every 78 record ever produce real archived and available for listening. Hmm, it makes them Library of Congress collection of old record and look sad. It's pathetic. They have for example, not to belabor this, but they have you don't even know this guy is but I do. They have every route. It seems as if they may have may not have everyone but they have most of all the recordings by Smith Balu, who is a famous tenor from 1929 to about 1935.
Adam: And more importantly, do they have the entire archive of the no agenda show? I don't know Do they? Didn't you didn't ask you comparing this car guy. You're comparing this to the Library of Congress. I want to be in there. I want to make sure
John: I'm sure But it's unbelievable. What they've got it. And my comeback complained to him this well, you know, I can't find anything there because it's very difficult to
Adam: Yeah, there's their search, search search doesn't work links and their search does not work like Google and the way you expect it to.
John: Right? It's a different a different way of doing things. And so he sent me a couple of master links that I just spoke, okay, I'll put them in this column when I write it up. But anyway, so they were he wasn't too upset, but he did get a hold of me cuz he got some notes from our some people grousing about you bastards. You took down this and now you're supposed to be archived. And he said, No, that's not what happened. So okay. So that's that. The other thing is I got a note from our our Hollywood producer Brunetti.
Adam: I think I should read Oh, we've got we've got information from the M five m ladies and gentlemen. burnetii on the case.
John: This is I'll be sending a donation soon, probably for next Thursday. So I have time to write you guys and have tender was read my Warren Piece. Okay, now, this is where it this is the interesting part. It's not that much. That guy in Idaho who is living on his land in an RV with his wife and kids? Yeah, is nuts.
Adam: He's going against the airstream life now.
John: He says even with the two air streams, me and Alex broke up every other week.
Adam: And that was purely because of the air streams.
John: No is because when you do everyone I've known who've tried this project, they got move out onto some land, live with their wife and kids in a trailer and build a house. They always get divorced. The house I'm living in this is proof of this theory is one of those houses. If we say we got displaced to the song because they built this house, to big houses, you know, and they we got it for a song relatively speaking. And but it was this couple that decided to build a house did the same kind of thing. And then they couldn't take each other and got divorced afterwards. It's his class house. He lived there alone. Not Eric. Eric built a house. Yes. And he moved a trailer out there. But he left his wife and kids at the other house and he stayed but he lived like a hermit out by himself smart
Adam: man. He still hasn't really recovered.
John: yet. Well, that's just Eric Hampton. Not true. Tell him No. Tell him to live there. I don't I mean, it would lovingly kill him till Brunetti continues, tell him to live there alone and have them come visit on the weekends or something. They should go live with the relatives until the house is done.
Adam: Oh, man. Okay, so that's good info spurred Yes. Another great tip from your no agenda show a great marital tip.
John: Yeah, and he had the two areas. So I was always assuming that two air spheres would do the trick because I knew this problem existed. But I guess even two air air streams doesn't do it. No. So there you go. There's your tip. Now.
Adam: I've been following up on your mass hysteria theory. And I've come across something really interesting. But before we do all that, I'd actually just looking at the titles of your COVID clips. Because we Afghanistan, I think, you know, is a whole thing by itself. This just to understand what's happening right now where we're in this master stereo thing. I like it a lot. And I found something I think that you might be interested in. However, just to show how the matrix has restarted, how this like this glitches take? And I'm saying that purposely this glitch has taken us back 10 years. And producers who have a lot of time on their hands have been scouring through the archives. I need to take you back to 2010 Episode 228. How long ago was that? 11. A
John: while ago that was after the deuce club specials Episode 200.
Adam: You would remember that, wouldn't you? Yes. The Deuce club special. Exactly. So this is the Eric constable found this and just listen to what we were talking about. In 2010. Just finish up because, you know,
John: we bring out the last depressing piece of information you'd dug up this week. Okay,
Adam: well, no, this is just staying on this vaccine stuff. So the superbug that was found in the United Kingdom due to medical tourism. Oh, yeah, I
John: forgot about that. Whatever happened to that guy?
Adam: Well, no, it's it's now spread to Canada. Oh, so now it's been found in Canada in someone who actually had some medical work done in, in India. So you know, this is you got to stay here. And you got to The insurance companies have to Soucie here and you can't go again go anywhere else, it's got to all happen here. And in Wales, news now leaks out that the Welsh Government was so worried about the pandemic, that they had actually prepared mass graves for 40,000 people, but they, they essentially expected or actually have the number 37,074 victims of the Welsh population to die of swine flu. As we know, that was a big scam. And, you know, there was all kinds of insider stuff that the who who had links to the pharmaceutical companies
John: how dumb are some of these governments? No wonder that. Yeah, I think the will should re evaluate their leadership. It also
Adam: suggested local joinery firms could be commissioned to construct simple coffins in the event of a coffin shortage. Or if the event is extreme body bags could be used instead
John: of in the Canadian Indian reservation, I
Adam: would just some hefty bags, man just throw the slaves
John: in the bags is
Adam: so but that it's not like the plan is still there? Because you know, obviously, obviously it can it can come back at the drop of a hat. Can I in any moment now? Danny named? Yeah,
John: we're working on them. They're working on a better version of that bug now in a lab someplace. Oh, yeah. Well, they're
Adam: mixing it with.
Dude, I'm telling you this if you forget about what what we were bullcrapping, about 10 years ago. But is it any different really, except for it? You know, now we've gone into this massive stereo mode. And we know we didn't lock down back then. And just everywhere, everything
John: is like a test run for the next worst case scenario. I mean, they're gonna examine what happened this time and said, Well, how can we make this easier? Can we do it even better? Yes. I don't know how they're gonna beat this one. This is pretty tough. This is a good one. This is like a very nicely done. I have to say. Nice.
Adam: Let's do your COVID clips.
John: Sure. See what we've got. By having, I think a couple of themed automatic clips. Yeah, this is kind of interesting. I think there's a for one thing, I think there are, of course, I've been saying this for about a month. They're trying to wind this thing down. They're trying to push it back. And so I ran into this series of clips on one of the bald guys that hosts on on CNN, which is most of them is
Adam: either Smerconish or seltzer water.
John: I think this is Rick Odisha. And you'll hear his voice and you can tell I don't watch the COVID they're backing Deb trying to back something off and his ncns part of it COVID Vax no vaccine and without the number this beginning,
Unknown: the recent Wall Street Journal piece called the power of natural immunity. Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Martin makari says we should be including survivors among the immune writing, some 80 to 85% of American adults are immune to the virus, more than 64% have received at least one vaccine dose, and of those who haven't roughly half have natural immunity from prior infection. McQuarrie cites a recent study by the Cleveland Clinic of 1359 people previously infected with COVID, who were unvaccinated. Quote, none of the subjects subsequently became infected, leading researchers to conclude that individuals who've had SARS COVID to infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination. McQuarrie his point being that the people who've had COVID should be counted among those who have immunity. But these recent restrictions suggest otherwise. It's impossible to know how many people who have had COVID have also gotten vaccinated because the CDC doesn't track those numbers. The closest thing that we could find to an estimate comes from the Kaiser Family Foundation, it survey from May of 2021 found 59% of those who say they have tested positive for COVID-19. At some point, I've also received at least one dose. This is similar to the share who have not tested positive who said they've gotten at least one dose 63% shouldn't those millions who didn't get vaccinated but have immunity as COVID survivors? get to see the Foo Fighters? Yeah, man, this
Adam: is one of the most frequently received emails I've been getting to shorts, one from the healthcare community, but one from people who were saying what f i have to take a vaccine even though I had COVID it Yeah, there but formics really formnext
John: Well, the problem they've run into I think, I think I think they're backing off on this, that this word, the passport fails. Unless you can get these people on the passport and you can't. There's no way Too late. And this is the mistake that mistake they'll correct in the future that 10 years from now, they'll do better.
Adam: Yes. When we're on episode 6000. For when we talked about that back in now, what do I need? 2020s? I tell ya in the 20s.
John: Now, the, the, the bad The reason I think they're backing off on this is because we always have to remember an old phrase, which is the business of America is business. Yep. And if you start segregating people say, No, you can't do this, you can't spend money. You can't spend money on my product. You can't because of this or that. No, no, no American business, American businesses not putting up with that. I don't like the idea of losing money because of your stupid games. So this was backing off. So here we go. Part two is it's starting to pile on now.
Unknown: Joining me now is Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University, a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, he co authored a piece on this subject for Smerconish calm, titled The beauty of vaccine and natural immunity Thunderbird a chariot make the case, why should someone who's had COVID, but not vaccinated get to see the Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden.
The key thing is that if you've had COVID, you have very, very complete protection against severe disease and bad outcomes from just like the same way with the vaccine. You're protected in exactly the similar way. So why discriminate against people who have had COVID and recovered they they're, they're protected, just like the vaccine is in many ways. The other thing that's important to remember, Michael, is that if the COVID hasn't hit randomly in the population, it's had this sort of a almost discriminatory effect. It's it's minorities and poor populations. They've been harder by COVID, in some ways, and they're also the long way seen hesitant parts of the population in some cases. So instance would like discriminating against people who are sort of on the on the margins, but with absolutely no public health reason behind it.
Adam: Now they're going to use racism to back out I love it.
John: I do too.
Adam: It's such a handy thing that racism, gosh, I love that.
John: This is going to get grow in in the public psyche. Part Two, part three,
Unknown: you wrote that for my website. As a matter of fact, you said businesses that exclude the unvaccinated are in effect discriminating against the working class and the poor, who have already suffered through the disease. Okay, how would this work in practical terms?
I mean, I mean, I can tell you one, one, on one side, like I think a lot of these venues would, they could ask for antibody or have some sort of if you had an antibody level, for instance, also, if you have the had COVID, presumably you saw a doctor and learned about it or had a positive PCR test before that should actually be enough. Because if you've had COVID recovered, then you're then you're immune. In this again, in the same way the vaccine. So I think just asking for, like a doctor's note, I think could be enough. I mean, that would just like the same way you asked for a vaccine card is essentially a doctor's note,
doctor about a chariot, maybe a naive question for me lacking your expertise. But what if I've had COVID and don't necessarily show anybody's
I mean, that doesn't mean that you don't are protected that quite the opposite. antibody levels do fade. But there's other mechanisms, immune protection, T cells and other mechanisms and protection, that lasts much longer than antibodies. So even though the antibody levels, you know, may be turned negative after a few months, still, you're protected, again, in the same way as antibody antibodies against COVID. From the vaccine. The mechanisms of immunity are that are actually quite similar from the vaccine and national infection. So why are we
Adam: discriminating between the two? Oh, wow, good catch. This is a walk back. Probably after
John: I went to
Adam: you know, there's, I'm sorry,
John: I've just just that analyze the walk back and, and they're gonna have to keep this up, because they can't think this has gone too far. They, when doing again, let's go back to the future and say, in 10 years, you're going to have to fix this issue, because this is a problem. This really gave invites the next time around invites more careful tracking of people.
Adam: Yes, yes, yes. Yes. And I was reading Actually, I want to jump into this. Because you say the business of America, his business. In local story, Austin, I think we talked about it last, maybe last show, two businesses had against the mandate. And I guess the executive order of the governor of Texas, has declared that if you wanted to eat in their restaurant, you had to show proof of vaccination. So they quit and I've been to the I've been to laundrette so That's a total total communist outfit. Everybody in there's like I anti fog or communist good food though. And so they decided that they would take the hit. Now it's a small place, I think they maybe only have 20 tables. So they probably not it's hard to it's hard to get a reservation even on you know, it used to be just on regular days without COVID. So they decided, Well, you know, we'll be fine, we're just going to virtue signal like this. But even they have their limits when it comes to the business of America, a pair of Austin restaurants just pulled their new rules requiring customers to prove COVID-19 vaccination. After getting a call from the Texas alcoholic beverage commission.
Unknown: We told you how laundrette and fusses announced they wanted to make the change turns out they cannot do so based on a Texas law passed in the legislative session. The T ABC told them they would violate the law from Senate Bill 968. The COVID law banned vaccine passports in Texas, and it made it so if any business did try to require one, state agencies could pull their permits such as a liquor license if necessary. The T ABC telling us they don't want to do that and
Adam: would rather educate business owners before having to go that far. So these restaurants capitulated right away because they'd like to virtue signal but not for the most profitable part of their business. Not gonna do that. Now, regarding the passports, I completely agree with you that they have messed this up. And in 10 years, they're not only going to have to take natural immunity into consideration. But now listen to the language because there's something very specific about this. How can you have a passport if you're not fully vaccinated, and a full vaccination will require a third dose because the immunocompromised may not get the same level of protection from two doses of Pfizer or Madonna,
Unknown: they would be eligible for a third dose of either vaccine, though it's recommended they stay with the same manufacturer. There was no decision for those given Johnson and Johnson because there's not enough data love that. By the way, the CDC pointing to studies that show 40% of hospitalized breakthrough cases involve those with weak immune systems. But the agency is not calling the third dose of booster very clear
the CDC is labeling this a third dose as appropriate because the first two doses were not adequate enough to get the full potential of immunity very different from a booster dose
Adam: as hospitals face of crushing wave of E COVID cases experts say boosters for the fully vaccinated are likely a matter of when not if so you're going to get a third dose and boosters. So how can they the system is not in place to as you point out record post infection people have natural immunity the system is also not in place to add on extra vaccinations they just don't have I'm sure of it. I'm sure the card click card
John: has room for about five spots
Adam: right but if you've already sent it in you have your digital passport or something like you know the Oh
John: yeah, no once you get right like once
Adam: you go through all that then then it's going to be pretty much impossible. Right? Do you have another COVID clip here? Yeah,
John: got a couple more. Okay. Go Okay, this one here is just a classic NPR bs clip that they haven't gotten them in yet on the water and they're walking back
Adam: home. We haven't heard the gun receive the walk
John: back just as just begun. So I don't expect NPR is going to be last to hear about it. Because they're on their own to do their own thing. But let's listen to this. This COVID bs NPR. This is the story about Asheville in Nashville Vanderbilt University Medical Center declared itself completely full on Friday, meaning there are many transfers often from out of state Methodist levana and Memphis which serves residents of Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee had just three ICU beds open with no sign that hospitalizations will slow down. Dr. shailesh Patel says vaccinations are the key if we do not take action now. We're going to be in a lot of trouble. We're not going to have the ability to care for people Patel says at his hospital 96% of COVID-19 deaths since June 1 have been among those who weren't vaccinated for NPR News. I'm Blake farmer in Nashville
Adam: their way by that little
John: crap in the end are way behind. They're way behind and then here's another visit Alaska had this the booster I call this clip and this is the booster creep which is kind of what you just addressed which is the idea that these vaccines don't work and they need a lot of boosters they're gonna probably need them forever. If you expect the vaccine work by the time that they ever do work they will be the virus will be gone but booster creep is what I like to refer to as this ball again, you need another shot Maybe two more. Let's play this
Unknown: Santa Clara County is now allowing people with compromised immune systems to get a third vaccination shot in the hopes of boosting protection from COVID-19. This comes days after us regulators announced transplant recipients, cancer patients, and others could get an extra dose of the Pfizer or majorna vaccines. Dr. Jennifer Tung is the Associate Chief Medical Officer for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, we wanted to be ready to offer this as soon as it was approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC, because we knew that this population was the highest risk, even when they've done everything that we probably never
John: killed them yet.
Adam: I love how this is for people who have weak immune systems where I think it's been clinically proven how this works. These mRNA vaccines actually are intended to weaken your immune system temporarily.
John: Well, the other thing is there's there's counter programming that that does a local report. But there's counter programming saying, Well, if you're over a certain age, because you have a weakened immune system to shut under. And so you hear those reports and you hear this reporter, you need a booster you need a booster. And then you have what you just pointed out, which is you have the counter program between the use of the term booster and third shot, or I mean, these get this out of control or at this point, it's a mess.
Adam: I should have mentioned that the state of Illinois is now or has been using Experian, the credit reporting company as their identity verification provider. So when you send in your card for your vaccination pass your digital pass they check your ID against Experian. Isn't that cool? I wonder how long it'll be until Credit Karma starts to give you extra karma points if you are triple vaccinated. And
John: around the corner, ever meeting as we speak, these are things you really don't want to be involved in.
Adam: So the VAC the vaccines is one thing but there's something else I'm going to come back to this mass hysteria. Because I think you call that correctly and we also hearing terms like dictatorship and I think totalitarian regime is the is the most overused or most of us. Oh, it's totalitarian. Let's just do a quick trip around the world. This is a quick report from Roland Los Angeles. Now we know no movie no restaurant without proof of vaccination. In Germany, Roland says the government has overwritten the vaccination committee's recommendation to not go all out and vaccinate kids some schools are doing field trips to vaccination sites. Guess what they're doing? They're getting the kids vaccinated. Additionally, the rhetoric in private and public forums is getting more evil by the minute people who don't want to get vaccinated are called vermin. Some even want to put them in camps. Yeah,
John: Joe Germany, I don't labor.
Adam: Lastly, he says in San Francisco, I can't go to a restaurant, bar gym or club many more starting on the 24th of the month. San Francisco jazz just announced on Thursday. They will also only admit fully vaccinated people 12 years and older, you can bet the symphony opera and theater will follow their lead.
John: symphonies already done that because Jane has went to the symphony with a boyfriend and he had to have a Vax card.
Adam: Meanwhile, the EU was pondering to admit only visitors who were fully vaccinated. I hope I slip in under the wire by the way. I'm not very excited about the pace of all this it's more days or nine more days. Now what is happening in Australia is kind of off the hook. And I'm getting you know I'm completely tapped in sir Chris Wilson is locked up like a dog he's been making great indoor show mixes he's he's passing on all the information every the resistance. There is a true resistance happening. But here is just a short report, not even a report. This is New South Wales with their new measures for COVID and who they're for and what to do. I'm also told the New South Wales Government will be requesting from the Commonwealth, more troops and more members of the Australian Defence Force to try and police these orders because simply as it stands right now, Lizzy, it is not working what we're doing. The police commissioner and the police minister put their heads together, and they're trying to fix it themselves.
Unknown: And this is all happening now. But any idea of when we might see these changes, I'm told 48 hours they've been given that the New South Wales Police Force their legal team to redraft these public health orders essentially to make the health orders work for the police rather than work for the public
because at the moment the public in a way the people who are ensuring that we act this lockdown is continuing a small group of people continually breaking the public health orders. Police don't believe they have the tools or have the ability to be able to stamp it out. That is now what they're chasing. Yeah, I'm sorry. That actually was the report and here she is
government areas including deployment of specialized commands, and including a riot squad Highway Patrol and increased presence more broadly. from Monday there'll be 500 extra Australian Defence officers on the following your quest by New South Wales Police. There'll be enhanced random checkpoints at key roads, with accompanying electronic warning signs that said that police have every ability, with that increased presence to clamp down on people doing the wrong thing. from Monday, the help orders will be formally enforced from midnight, however, between now and then police will still be able to impose these additional fines, even though the health orders kick in on Monday morning after midnight, between now and then if police have evidence that you're doing the wrong thing in any of these categories, these additional funds will apply. So $5,000 from the spot breach of home quarantine, which is currently $1,000 $5,000 on the spot for lying on a permit, which is already a criminal offense $5,000 on the spot fine for lying to a contact tracer, which is already a criminal offense $3,000 on the spot fine for breaching the two person exercise rule in any way. $3,000 on the spot fine for breaching rules going into regional New South Wales in Greater Sydney and other lockdown areas. But not the local government areas of concern the 10 kilometer rule we'll come down to five kilometers so you can obviously do activity within your local government area but instead of
five or 10 kilometers from your home, it will be five kilometers from your home and that's for all of Greater Sydney all those areas which aren't the local government areas of concern will now be have imposed on them the five kilometer wait there's more kilometers and affected local government areas we want to stress that exercise means only exercise and supervision of children. So the word recreation will not leave any doubt that word is taken out in terms of those local government areas of concern.
Adam: I mean, this this is really quite severe. We've we've chained we take in other words, recreation only exercise, you better be doing jumping jacks you shit. You plab It's, it's, it seems insane. So
John: I want to point out, and I have one clip in this regard, too, which is the French riots. Oh, let's do that. Let's do that. But I want to point out that this is so under reported in the US media. There's nothing in fact, the French clip, which is in the US media, you can see how they downplayed where everyone's writing was no big deal. They won't even talk about the Australians. I have never seen a report on this. On the Australian situation in American media, that that's that goes into it.
Adam: There's no reporting on no real reporting on what's happening in the European Union, multiple countries, no reporting on what's happening when it comes to protest the UK, with all of Australia is it's just it's completely absent. There's also no reporting on hunter Biden, you know,
John: just so you know, there's a lot of things that are going unreported. But this stuff is just off the rails, and the fact that it's not being reported. I'd like to know what's wrong with the marriage. And I will say this done in defense of the American journalists, even though I'm wouldn't consider myself an American journalist at this point. But I know there's a bunch of people working for these news organizations that would love to report on that hunter Biden thing because it's juicy. It's fun. It's hilarious. It's the editors of these crapping major corporate news operation is the editors who are preventing it. They're preventing it and I'm sure that they Well, maybe some of my analysis and a bit we'll explain what's going on with them as well. Good. Well,
Adam: let's do the French. The French thing. I want to hear the French Right.
John: Yeah. Here's the French report that I think came off NPR,
Unknown: where the 200,000 people amassed across France today for a fifth round of demonstrations against the so called health pass law. As Rebecca Rossman reports the law took full effect earlier this week.
Led by the far right patriot party leader Florian Filippo,
demonstrators in Paris shouted mokona we don't want your pass while carrying signs that said liberate us and Corona madness. France's health pass requires people to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test to enter bars, restaurants, cafes, or to board a train or plane. But recent polls show that despite the vocal opposition, the majority of France is 76 million people support the health pass. government data shows nearly two thirds of the eligible population is now fully vaccinated. And the government says it expects to reach its target of vaccinating 50 million people by the end of August. For NPR news on Rebecca Rossmann in Paris.
Adam: If they say 200,000, you can bet it was probably closer to 2 million.
John: Yeah, I'm sure it was close. They always low
Adam: belt ball, that kind of stuff.
John: But then a bit backed it off, you know, just a bunch of George golf. Yeah, most people are now everybody's real happy. Well,
Adam: they're not. And we all know it. Because all you need to do is take a look at Twitter and see the hate and the just real vile back and forth. You only have to look at the world. I look at all the emails coming in families. This is one great, not a great, it's a sad video of some Australian guy whose wife who also works in health care, had him arrested for a so called mental breakdown because he refused to take the to accept the vaccine into his life. And they had him Yes, yes. And they put him in a in a, like a detention center for the mentally ill. Then he's doing he's doing
John: videos from Larry now Australian woman.
Adam: Yeah. But there's there's I get lots of emails from producers whose spouse is pressuring them? or spouse, excepted vaccine spouse sick, what do I do now? And all these kinds of things? It's, it's, there's
John: Yes. I would love you to reread the note that you had. You don't have to do it now. But I but if you could it be great to know that you had from one of our producers, who happens to be a Duke, whose mother in law kept pressuring him and his wife to get this shot. And then when she got the shot, she was it ruined her. And now she's a babbling idiot because of the nature of the shot and the old women.
Adam: That was a couple shows ago, that'd be hard for me to find.
John: Yeah, it was is more than a couple shows ago, actually. But it was a it was an example of this. And then she got the shot. And she had, I guess there was some syndrome that does happen occasionally somebody where you just go mentally ill, yeah, and people just go nuts. And you go bad, and you have to be locked up
Adam: from the shot. But this, what is happening is I think, you know, you and I, and all the producers of the no agenda show started at the beginning. And we're we were in fact, it's interesting that the, you know, the, the government says, Well, you know, these, these anti vaxxers these deniers, you know, they have, they look at a lot of data, those crazy people. So we were looking a lot of data and like, this is bold, this is 10. Look, we have the experience, even though we couldn't really consciously bring it up. We have the experience of this exact same situation, we know to be very skeptical, because that's what it's been in the past, including what we played 10 years ago,
John: 10 years ago slang so so
Adam: so you know, when it comes to our amygdala or whatever, whatever it is, inside our brains, we're not getting we're not slipping into the trap of being all in and, and, and we can recognize people who are all in on what I think we would consider to be at least partial, if not faulty information. So what is happening? You mentioned mass hysteria, we have people talking about totalitarianism. dictatorship. Ronnie Reiner, former, you remember him? He's the lawyer who's suing the World Health Organization. He's got hundreds of lawyers and doctors and they're building their case. The good? No, well, I mean, he's good, like, well, I totally agree. But the way he's doing it he's doing basically depositions online. And he has, I mean, the one I got was his deposition number 63. So you know, he's been doing a lot of this. And he has three other lawyers in the room, and even have kind of those deposition mics that are on the table, the little, little pointy, and the little stick mics that went up. So it has a hole, it truly comes across. But it's on zoom. And so they bring in people from all over the world. And, and this next guy, I think, nails it. He was surprised himself. His name is Mathias desmet. He's from the University of Kent in Belgium. And He is a professor in I think, clinical psychology with a master's in statistics. And here's his credentials, just a minute to kind of get into his voice. It takes a little bit, but I think you I think you'll be okay. I
won't be okay with understanding what he has to say. I'm a professor in clinical psychology at the Ghent University. And I'm also I also have a master's degree in statistics. But in this crisis I've been taking sorry.
John: I said everybody can get into it because they've heard this voice a million times. This is your voice.
Adam: Your point you're pointing it out. Very good. Okay, so we know exactly how to listen to him. This is great.
Unknown: In this crisis, I've been taking the perspective of mass psychology. Yes, indeed. In the beginning of the crisis, I have been studying the statistics and the numbers. And actually, I noticed that they were often blatantly wrong. And and at the same time, people continue to believe in it and to go along with, with, with the mainstream narrative.
Adam: And that was why I started to do to study it rather from from the perspective of mass psychology, because I knew that mass formation has huge, huge impact on individuals intelligence and cognitive functioning. And if I had the feeling that this was the only thing that could explain why highly intelligent people started to believe, and and unattractive and the numbers that were, in many respects, utterly absurd. So this guy had my attention. You know, as a statistician, he was looking at the same numbers we were we saw the switcheroos, we saw the models we saw, and we said, Now, we don't have to be statisticians only to master to see that they're fooling around with the numbers. And then he switched to his his true expertise, which is mass or psychology. And so he uses a term called mass formation, and that you will hear that again, another clipped mass formation is mass hysteria, or mass hypnosis can also be a term being used. To get into the state of mass hysteria,
Unknown: you need four elements, four things need to be need to exist or need to be in place if you want large scale mass phenomena to emerge. And the first thing is that there needs to be a lot of socially isolated people, people who experience a lack of social bond. The second one is that the need to be a lot of people who experience a lack of sense making in life in life. And the third and the fourth condition is that there needs to be a lot of free floating anxiety, and a lot of free floating psychological discontent. If you have these four things, lack of social bonds, lack of sensemaking, free floating anxiety and free floating psychological discontent,
suicide society is highly at risk for the emergence of mass phenomenon. And these four conditions existed. Shortly before the corona crisis, there was like an epidemic of burnout. Over 40 to 70% of the people experienced their jobs as completely senseless. This is described in the book, bullshit jobs.
Adam: And then, and then if you look at the use of psycho pharmaceuticals, it was huge. And then you that this shows how much discontent there was in our society. So we had an interesting timing of events here with a society that was disconnected, depressed about their future bullcrap jobs.
John: Yes, like a couple of things that also I just to point out, that come to mind immediately, by quarantining the healthy instead of the sick, which would just exacerbate item number one, you just know you're separating everybody's making any net and the iidx, including one I think I put in a newsletter a picture of it. No talking. Yes, exactly.
Adam: Exactly. Don't talk to your neighbor,
Unknown: wear a mask and no talking. So he talks about these free floating anxieties. Here's what that means. free floating anxiety is the most painful psychological phenomena someone can experience. So it's extremely painful, that leads up to panic attacks to all kinds of extremely painful psychological experiences. So what people want in this situation is something to connect their anxiety to, they're looking for an explanation for the anxiety. And now, if this free floating anxiety is highly present in a population, and the media provide a narrative, which indicates an object of anxiety, and at the same time, describe a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety. Then all the anxiety connects to this object. And people are willing to follow the strategy to deal with this object, no matter what the ghost is, that is what happens in the beginning of mass formation. Then, in a second step, people start a collective and heroic battle with this object of anxiety. And then that way, a new kind of social bond emerges and in And a new kind of sense making suddenly, life is all directed at battling the object of anxiety. And in this way, establishing a new connection with other people.
Adam: Hello, Twitter.
John: So the New York Times Yes,
Adam: yes, I get to the high standard NBC, CBS, NPR, all of them. And this is turns out that this is very, very dangerous when this takes place. So we have this, this mist on complete lack of understanding of what is going on, why is it happening? I'm isolated, quote unquote, from from other people or even from your family. I don't know what's going on, then all sudden, it's the COVID we all have to attack the COVID. And we do that with wearing masks, and we do with vaccines. And the crowd now goes from complete isolation to a complete sense of community and belonging and collectiveness. And that the sudden switch
Unknown: of a negative state, or radical lack of social connection to the opposite to the massive social connection that is experienced in a crowd, this sudden switch leads to a sort of mental intoxication. And that's why this makes mass formation or cloud formation, the exact equivalent of hypnosis. So, all people who have been describing where I've been studying mouse formation sets such as Mustafa bone, for instance, McDonnell Canetti have remarked that mass formation is not similar to hypnosis, that mass formation is exactly equal to hypnosis. Mass formation is a sort of hypnosis.
Adam: Okay, now, go ahead.
John: A couple of things come to mind. One, by the way, this is a clip of the day when you're done is it's funny that Scott Adams the vaccine Yes, is the master hypnotist is a master in spotting this sort of thing. He You know, he did note my mass hysteria column even though he said I didn't, he didn't quite believe my it. Although it was kind of written with guys like him in mind. But he he noted it, it didn't i didn't clip this particular bit at all in the show. And most people go check it out.
Adam: He said that it took him six months this this professor, he said, I didn't understand what was happening. And after six months, I slowed. Because someone said, you know, could this be your colleagues who have been paid to do this and create this? says no, no, I don't think most of them are aware. So I wasn't even aware that it was actually taking place. And once you're in that state, which he which according to the there is anybody is caught happened
John: to everybody go overboard on our show, for sure.
Adam: They're gone, for sure. But when you get into the state of mass formation, or mass Hypnosis is a lot of crazy stuff can be done to you. So what happens is that
Unknown: I don't know moment, when people experience this mental intoxication, it doesn't matter anymore. Whether the narrative is correct or wrong, even blatantly wrong. What matters is that it leads to this mental intoxication. And that's why they continue to go along with the narrative, even if they could know by thinking for one second, that it is wrong. Because for people, it doesn't matter when the narrative is wrong, and what we all try to do, as we all try to show constantly that the narrative is wrong. But for people, that's not what it is all about. It's all about this, the fact that they don't want to go back to this painful state of free floating anxiety. I'm so on board with this. I completely believe that's what's taking place. It's so it
John: makes nothing but sense. But let me add another little element, which I would try I forgotten the last segment. When he talks about the news, the new community that forms, you know, under this mass hypnosis state, and it's like, oh, we're relieved a little bit of this. That's the community. That's where the worthy stay safe. Yes, we hit the Germans were in a community all you know, Heil Hitler, io Hitler, and the other one, which is, are you vaccinated?
Adam: Yes. Are you?
John: Did you join the party? Which are you vaccinated is the same as if you had the training and yes, was a cult. Yeah. You had the training. Have you had the training? Oh, yes, I have. Okay, you're a member of our group. Are you have you been vaccinated? Oh
Adam: good, you're a member of our group we can be happy together, it's very sick at this point sick, it is so sick that this state that people are in can make them completely since they're all they want to do is not go back to the pain of the isolation and the misunderstanding in the unknown, that you can actually inflict pain on them and they won't even know it as a consequence of masturbation people do not get egoistic at all, rather than to the contrary. masturbation focuses your attention so much on one point that you can take everything away of people their psychological and physical well being their, their material, well being you can take it away and they will even not notice it. And that's one of the of the major consequences of mass formation. And it's exactly the same as hypnosis as classical hypnosis. When a hidden when a when a hypnotist when when during hypnosis, someone's attention is focused on one point, you can you can get in his flesh, the person will not notice it. And that is what happens all the time. When hypnosis is used as a kind of an anesthesia to during during a surgical operations, rather simple hypnotic procedure is sufficient to make people completely insensitive to pain. And I think that we're beyond that state, we're in the next phase. And this is where he got he got my attention, as he equates this mass hypnosis, this mass formation with totalitarianism, which is not what you might think it is. Another consequence, that is very
typical for totalitarian states is that people become radically intolerant for dissonant voices. So whereas if
Unknown: someone tells another story of if someone claims that the official story is wrong, then this person threatens to wake the people up. And they will get angry because we are they are confronted with the initial anxiety and the initial psychological discontent. And so they direct all that aggression, and these dissonant voices as the other voices. And at the same time, they are radically tolerant for their leaders for the people who who pronounce the mainstream narrative. These people can actually cheat and lie and manipulate and do everything they want. But they will always be forgiven by the crowd. Because the crowd seems to think that they do it for their own sake, and that's, that's,
also part of the mechanism of mass formation.
Adam: So of course, they get completely radicalized. They hate you, they hate you, if you go against the narrative.
John: A lot of people they say I don't this is not my friend anymore.
Adam: Yeah. Oh, yeah, they did. I won't say you're dead to me, all of that stuff. Family members, it doesn't matter. And it's not and I think, well, I only have one more clip and we can discuss it.
Unknown: But here's the here's the kicker of the situation we are in right now. Is this a medical tyranny Is this a bio security state perhaps for when it comes to our leaders, this is the most interesting thing if there is one difference between mass formation and totalitarianism because the two are almost identical on the one hand, and classical hypnosis on the other hand, then it is that while in classical hypnosis, hypnosis, the the one who hypnotizes is only his field of attention is not narrowed down in mass formation and incorporate arianism the field of attention of the leaders of the masses of the totalitarian leaders is usually even narrower than the field of attention of the population. What doesn't take that meaning that the totalitarian leaders and the leaders of the masses usually really believe in the ideology, according to which they try to organize society. So they are convinced for instance, of transhumanism they are convinced of mechanistic materialism and so on. They are convinced of the ideology, they are convinced that this ideology will bring people in a kind of artificial paradise because that's something that is common to all kinds of totalitarianism. The leaders of the masses and totalitarian leaders. Usually not usually always said rooster flobo cetana aren't really deeply convinced of the ideology. We are asked
John: Big time all we know, I've known this for decades.
Adam: I know I'm just waking up to it. So with with our with our quote unquote
John: very good, this is the top. This is the kind of stuff of course our listeners and producers mainly brought the iPhone as a producer. except a few out there. Our producers are where we've kept them from falling into the abyss. Yes, I mean, at least I've only saying that, not based on what I think I'm saying it based on what they write in. Yes. And they keep telling us this. And so we have to assume this is true. And I just want to make sure that everyone recognizes the fact that we're on top of it.
Adam: So his whole talk is interesting, very hard to pull the short enough clip this was much longer than than typical, I think it was
John: worth more than I could listen to more of
Adam: it. But what he says is that, okay, so we cannot what doesn't work with with it with the mass formation is got it is a fact facts in from it didn't none of that works. He says, first, you everyone needs to embrace these people who are so afraid of the pain of going back to where we were, you know that that the free floating anxiety. We have to understand that and embrace that. And he says the second thing, and then he and he completely went on a whole rant about Hitler, Germany, World War Two. He says, The most important thing is everybody has to keep speaking you have to keep speaking your truth when that shuts down, and it's, you know, it's happening on Twitter that no
John: matter mainstream media was shut down is shut down on Twitter shouted down, and now it's being censored. And so
Adam: that is why it's so critical that we continue speaking our own truth, as long as that as long as we still make noise, we still have a chance his words the professor. But Whoa, this is this is we're in a pickle, we're in a real pickle.
John: But and by the way, this is a if once the COVID thing blows over, you got climate change to fall back on and climate change is the exact same mechanism. Oh, it's and it's already started the connectors there.
Adam: Did you catch it? I'm sure you caught it. Which one? Here's the connector. Here it is. We're fine. It's from this is a report from the Bay Area NBC
Unknown: we had a record number of spare the air days last year, and we're told to stay inside. Outside we were told to wear n 95 masks to protect ourselves from that toxic smoke. And that was study shows that COVID infection rates actually spiked during those high smoke days in 2020. And it was a correlation between particulate matter and positivity rates. It is an observational study at this point by the Journal of exposure science and environmental epidemiology, but it's something to look at, as the authors say it shows that pollution makes people more susceptible to infection. So a reminder of what you can do people most successfully
Adam: here what is going on here. So because of the wildfires because of climate change, more people got sick with COVID. And this is not just the local NBC, The Washington Post headline new study says wildfire smoke linked to increased COVID cases and deaths axios excess COVID cases deaths linked to wildfire smoke in new study. And it is indeed it's it's a preprint it's not peer reviewed. But this is okay. Oh, we got to push this one. This is this has got to be it misses it. Here we go. We got it. They got the link. And what do you do when you have climate change, which creates fires, which makes people more people get sick with COVID? You put them inside? I'm gonna take my clip or the day before I forget, by the way. Oh, yeah. Don't forget. Yeah. I mean, they are actually quite a few and far between these days. Take it out.
John: yeah, it makes sense. But
Adam: I'm a little concerned about it. Somewhat. Well, here's what I'm what I'm really concerned about is the collapse of the health care system, which at this point, I'm thinking it's almost intentional. Which would be perfect for universal health care. By the way, I'm sure that's still on deck. I have
John: report roots on the right and you and I will reiterate my position, which is it's counter and it's counter to universal health care. It makes you because the elements that are collapsing AR AR would be part of universal health care. I I just do not see how they can pull this off. They're screwing it up.
Adam: Oh, okay. Well, that's possible. But there is a crisis manufactured or not. And it's all staffing related all of these reports, because you'll see a report by in, in Oregon hospital beds almost full of ICU units, there are COVID cases. And the main reason is that they can't get the staff. They laid off a whole bunch of staff the first through the first cycle of this
John: which was never fully explained. No. First of all, let's go back to this go back to the olden days. February, March of 2020. COVID is bad to have the two mercy ships coming into dock and then New York Harbor with unused, Javits Center filled to the gills with beds unused. The hospitals they show reports of all the ambulances, but then every blogger in the world went by with their cameras found nothing going on. In the meantime, deploy hospitals are supposed to be stocked full of people and it gets one was, which was the kind of the test case and then they lay off a bunch of people because they just laid off a bunch of people everywhere. What was the point of laying off people whether because they weren't COVID specialists. None of it made any sense.
Adam: So just a few headlines and a few quick boots on the ground reports. Shenandoah Valley some nurses choose termination over getting the vaccine. Tennessee's is one of our producers. A lot of people just quit, just quit. They're just tired of it. They're tired of of the stress because they're understaffed, Phoenix, mandatory hospital. vaccines for hospital workers are spreading with Phoenix Children's Hospital now requiring the job by October 1. I had lunch with a friend whose wife is a surgical manager at the hospital and the employee staged a walkout over the new requirements. According to her roughly 40% of the surgical staff is not vaccinated and as reported no intention of getting the jab. Hospital leadership is concerned. This is the best? And
John: of course, of course, the question as to why they're not getting the job is never addressed. Now why
Adam: would you? There's AM. i o n is a staffing scheduling program used by hospital and urgent care facilities nationwide. My wife works for Sutter in Northern California this week, it's been discovered that schedule shifts for physicians seem to be disappearing from Am I on? Am I on of course links to Apple and Google calendars and most people have a sense of when they're working. But they check before they show up for their er or UC shifts. No. Am I on shift they assume they're not on the schedule and don't show up result, an artificial shortage of medical staff to deal with the worsening pandemic leading to longer delays and wait for it. overflowing emergency rooms. You're waiting rooms. Look out for new stories about the pandemic overwhelming ers in the next week or two. They will either not mention the problem with scheduling or they will simply mention a staffing shortage just as the crisis goes. Ooh. And he says I know no agenda tip. I note that Sutter did not say Am I on had been hacked? Just that shifts are mysteriously disappearing. I don't know man, this could be intentional stuff, I don't know could be intentional. And then you get all of the this is globally. You get people who work in government. And they're now also forced into vaccination in in Canada, the Transport Minister out algabra says yeah, the vaccine will be mandatory for federal employees and those working in some federally regulated industries, airlines, railways, banking,
broadcasting telecommunication, this is not a recommendation. This is a mandatory requirement to work in a federal workplace or work in the Government of Canada. So you know, but when it comes to the health care system, it's let me ask you this. in aviation, the pilot and co pilot never have the same meal for very simple reason. If one of them is bad, then you know, the other one probably won't get sick and can probably still fly the aircraft. How does that work? if everyone's vaccinated in the hospital and something's wrong? Who takes over then who flies the plane?
John: goes down, man.
Adam: Yeah, yeah, man, it goes down. I'm concerned about this.
John: Well, I don't know. I mean, the whole thing it's, I mean, all we can do is deconstruct the news.
Adam: Oh, yeah, of course. No, that's that's that's all. I don't know. We want to do
John: this. That's a fact. Nothing else I want to do. We want to do we don't want to deal with this crap.
Adam: Let me see. Do I have anything else I want
John: to mention a couple things. Also back to that guys, Louis talk. When he talked about the book bullshit jobs, yeah. Which I was unfamiliar with. But he said that, you know, he talked about the lead up to this whole thing. And then the jobs thing where people were dissatisfied the jobs, they've been brainwashed, another brainwashing thing we don't discuss much is the brainwashing about jobs than about a job, then the kids have been brainwashed, don't do anything that you don't you're not passionate about as a mainstream thing. When I was a kid, I did. I just did anything to make money. And I'd always go for the most, you know, I'd go work a union job or something, doing some lousy a job is not much fun, but it's a lot of money. And we that used to be an attitude of my group. And the baby boomers we used to do Oh, yeah, go working on an assembly line. I hate it. But I'll do it because it's pays well. But over the years, it's been, you know, they've been convicted, we've been convinced and don't do anything unless you really love it. But there's very few jobs in your life that you're ever going to really love. And I mean, hobbies or you want you want to love something, take up a hobby, photographer, start podcasting. They do podcasting everywhere. There's over 4.5 million people that tried to do podcasting go for peeps. And so and that's, you can love doing that or not. I mean, you might get sick of it, most people would like you that's mentioned in all
the stats, they do five podcasts, and then they quit. Because not as easy as it looks, especially when you do this many. So So this idea has created this dis dissatisfaction, and bullshit jobs is, you know, just a reflection of and that's really accounting for these people that aren't going back to work. I think a lot of you know, the republicans all blaming, oh, well, you're getting free money from the government, you're never going to go back to work No,
Adam: the humans have today. And this is where I think in 10 years, when they wrote rolled the Newton a new new script, they'll have to adjust. They had too much communications, they had too much time to think no hardship, really of getting food, let's make a note of that we've got to make food a little harder, because they were not concentrating on the basic necessities that much. They were concentrating on evaluating their life and like, Hey, we know I can do with a little less money. And I can do something else and have more fun instead of being a slave for that aihole. In New York now, young people are advised not to take any job, even if you're one two years out of college for less than $72,000. That's how they talk amongst themselves. What Yes, yep.
John: That's how, you know everybody thinks this is the party. By the way. Let's add another element to this the self esteem movement. self worth is way out of proportion of what their real worth is. That's not worth $72,000 a year for not knowing anything and having zero experience. It's just No,
Adam: no. And and the narrative now is, oh, it's a workers market. Yeah, they can sit there and just demand more higher wages.
John: Sure. Tell that to the robots who are taking over your job. Yeah, no
Adam: kidding. I hate that at hcb. When I walk I know, I had to get some barbecue stuff for the grill. And I had maybe eight items, you know, small carrying in my arms. I just go through the self checkout. And as I'm standing I'm like, this is this is it, man. It's no more kids no longer needed it before packing bags is not needed. Soon, you'll just throw it into a into a trough and there's a little pack come out the other end packed. Yeah, tap your tap your wrist with your with a chip.
John: It's like the book publishing businesses now. You can actually print one book because it's all automated.
Adam: Yeah. publish on demand.
John: The prints are in for a rude awakening, especially when the economy collapses. And they wish that they had some act that developed some experience at a low pay. Well, no,
Adam: they will all be thanking me that I invented podcasting. 2.00 Yeah,
John: that was 100 million podcast. possibility. We're trying to value for value. Yeah, man. Exactly.
Adam: Exactly. Hey, if two old dudes couldn't do it, who can't? I'm saying. This is where you go. Yeah, anybody can do it.
John: Anybody can do it. And with that, I'd like to
Adam: thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the seas in the COVID climate link Ladies and gentlemen, john
John: c. devorah. Les in the morning new Mr. Adam Curry. In the morning all ships to see boots on the ground feet in the air subs in the water. The dames and knights out there
Adam: and in the morning to the trolls in our channel. Roll room all lined up looking pretty good to go. We like to count them just to make sure we got enough to make it worth us. worth our efforts. Here we go. Okay, let's go there scurrying away. Oh, okay. 2285 is that a topper? Are we Five Below? Was it 20? None
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Adam: Oh, well you wrote it down.
John: I have it here. My glasses. Okay.
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blogger came a fabulous piece of art fabulous in multiple ways certainly in its simplicity. We had boy Robin with the US three had boy Robin with the with the pride colored font. And it in Yeah, I went looking and there is indeed a picture of boy Robin, that is that picture. I mean,
John: oh no. Yes, that's you mean comic strip blogger. took a photo for someplace else. He didn't actually make that photo himself. Exactly. Mike god that's not one of his photos.
Adam: Yeah, exactly. Let me see what what we were also looking a lot of other things. A lot of butts. Too many butts too many buzzers
John: one good buy I liked it. But let me go I didn't
Adam: want you like networks but and
John: networks, but this was pretty good. But there. Yeah, we didn't we decided no buts
Adam: about it. We didn't know didn't do but what else was there? We did. I thought Fletcher's was very creative. Just a black background and it's not clip art was the title of it. So I was very good. The no agenda. FDA vigilant sacrifice. Cute. Cute.
John: There was a number of kind of quasi evergreen pieces that were you like, you know, one that you liked? And it was like, I didn't like trust
Adam: the protocol.
John: Yes. Trust the protocol.
Adam: by Darren. Yeah,
John: it was just it was boring.
Adam: Right. Okay. I mean, it was hypnotic. And I kind of maybe I just fell into my hypnotic state. Boy, yeah, was a problem. This is that's what there's two of us. Yes, exactly. And there was someone else that that was kind of it. I think,
John: you know, there's I don't think it was that good of a collection.
Adam: No, it was a tough show to draw it for this is. This is awesome. But you know, stuff like Pfizer pussy vaccine. And that's just not gonna happen. No agenda fart away anti fart oral vaccine. I mean, no. Oh, yeah.
John: No fart fart and dick jokes. This was calling the trade. Okay. Yeah. is not something we want to go toward.
Adam: Trying to stay away from that. Well, thank you very much comic strip blogger. Appreciate the the artwork and all of comics. Your blogger, of course has been around for oh my goodness, man.
John: He's been around before the show. Oh, you're right. He's around. Yeah, yeah. No agenda yogen about his whole orientation in life was to bitch about us personally, and bitch about the show. Yes. That was his thing. Now that He's still kind of just, that
Adam: is his thing. It's nothing's changed. And he draws cartoons
John: like the consistency of it.
Adam: He draws cartoons and he has a podcast about artificial intelligence.
John: I didn't know that. Did you? Yeah. I did not know that. Yeah. Hello, agenda.
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Adam: So they had a meetup, the spooktacular meetup and they sent in a meetup report, which you'll hear later. I'm telling you, there was not a single spook in there. There were maybe six and you can hear it. These guys like oh, spook, there's so many spooks in that it's insane. I mean, you laugh your butt off when you hear it. Like oh, spook another guy spook yet, but that's what we love about it. The spook community is welcome here, no agenda. As long as the amygdalas are correctly sized, everybody can participate. Thank you very well, I
John: think the spooks are they added dimension to this. to us. That
Adam: is important dimension, very important,
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John: Mike Robinson at 202 15 comes in next and he's in Salem. Don't inhale them. Oregon. 202 15 equals $200 plus $2.15 I'm a no agenda. I'm no agenda tithing. 33% my recent bonus for working through the scam demick and kicking my $2.15 cent Google Plus settlement up to the best podcast in the
Adam: universe. Settlement
John: wow settlement as part of the class action class. At least at least $2 more than most people get in these things. Yeah, no kidding. Forced vaccination is getting pushed hard here. Oregon law prohibits mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers but Kaiser Permanente and others are mandating it anyway. Wow. Can I get an r two D two and jobs camera and a Biden? No I'm serious. For we robots slaves ITM sir fury with for Fury with anger of fury. I'm sorry. Sir, for furry with fur and fury with anger kill. I'm serious. Think about it. jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. Let's vote for jobs. When did that become I pick up? The Biden that, you
Adam: know, I? It's interesting you asked that because I didn't I've never seen this as a request. And I went into my system and to searches and No, I'm serious. Think about it. It's one of your clips. And usually, when it's one of your clips, I mean, I'm just, I'm just saying, I'm just gonna go ahead and say Usually, it's hard to find because of some of the misspellings. And this, this was spelled properly, although the be the I in the D of Biden were uppercase,
John: which is interestingly how hBh but No,
Adam: I'm not. No, interestingly, I was gonna say something. This is how I remember things. If I so if I do a search for a certain type of jingle, it's often the misspelling, or the uppercase things that draw my eye to it.
John: That's my journalistic background.
Adam: So I remember a lot of these
John: things wrong, so you can find them.
Adam: It works. I, I'm telling you a lot of these I find visually, not just by the title, but Oh, I remember kind of these words grouped together. I don't know. I'm autistic. Or can I say, Rachel Epperson? pitching it you? $200. Guys, I love you. You're a hefty slice of comfort pie. Today's question, can you think of one particular event in your young lives that set you on the path to becoming the creators of the best podcast in the universe? That's a good question.
John: You can't think of a CD that you don't think was I mean, that was a paper boy, maybe. Really, when I was a paper boy, yeah. I can't remember. clear as day. It was a Sunday and the Sunday papers are big, giant things back in the day, huge. And on the back of my bike, I took a paper and I thought I was good at portraying the papers. I had a good arm, and I'd push paper but pushing to Sunday's papers was something of a challenge. You really had to heave and it kind of threw the bike off kilter. Because this is a big, so I heave the Sunday paper. I'm way off on the shot. Tony hits right in the middle of a giant plate glass window of the front room, and didn't shatter. No, it bounced off the window landed perfectly on the porch. And from that day on, I said, I'm going to do a podcast.
Adam: There it is. Okay, very good. I remember a story I remembered very well, there's a picture of it. I have the picture somewhere. I believe. I was five years old. I was sitting in the closet. Hold your joked I was sitting in the closet with it with a naked light bulb above me. And I was pretending to I was speaking into the microphone of my one of my dad's old. I'm talking old old 1960 this must have been 69 or 70. reel to reel tape machines. Which wasn't you me it was used for dictation or somebody was big one. It was big and gray and clunky I remember and I had the microphone in my hand. And what I remember is that my mom took the picture and why I remember this probably because the pictures around and she said your grandfather would be so proud of you and my grandfather was in the communications corps landed at Normandy beach on Tom
John: I thought he was a collaborator the way he made it sound
Adam: Okay, thanks for just linking that to one of my cherished childhood memories. And it was at that point that I thought I'm gonna be a podcaster
John: Okay, it's as good as my story. Or better actually, because it has pictures of and I have no picture of mine or proof that you weren't in a closet so
Adam: I wasn't See I wasn't a clue do just a few years ago. I have nice things have not changed for me. I'm still I'm still spitting in a mic in a closet.
John: Asked Next on the list is Asda. I don't know can you think you can maybe a closer to this pronunciation and I can I
Adam: can try? asta Strauss guide
John: it's a stress guide erwinia Yes, yeah. Whoever says we brought up Lithuania they're quick enough to Lithuania.
Adam: peepers, half Lithuanian.
John: Greetings us that's interesting because she looks at I'm sure I've known many Lithuanian women. Greetings from Vilnius, Lithuania me and my husband have been listening since Adam second appearance on JRE already played the jingle. So this donation is long overdue, please de-douche
Adam: we've got a stuck douche. You spent deuced
John: recently my husband who works in the film industry lost a gig in Norway due to quarantine requirements for the unvaccinated, which include his stay in a quarantine prison for up to 10 days. Wow a job a jobs karma would be greatly appreciated during Soviet occupation of the Baltic states, which will never hear the end of, Lithuania's would secretly tune into broadcasting and operation Voice of America to escape communist propaganda or being propaganda. Yeah, today as he is right. Today, as we're being occupied by COVID totalitarianism, we listened to no agenda to cut through the Orwellian bs surrounding us everywhere, as we discussed earlier in the show, coincidentally, thanks for all you do you guys rock PS, all Lithuania is listening and never donating you are douchebags. Yours truly astir.
Adam: These are two people who know what totalitarianism is who had to sneak listen to the voice of America. And then I feel bad that maintain their sanity. Exactly, to maintain some bit of sanity. And here we are again, and they use the word. So happy to have you as associate executive producers. Thank you jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs.
John: That ends a shortlist of executive and associate executive producers for show 70 1373
Adam: Yes, and we very much appreciate that everyone should try to at least be an executive producer once in their life. And these people certainly have qualified. We'll be thinking more people later on in the broadcast. This is part of our value for value model. It's, it's up, it's down. It's all over the place. We're still doing it. So the experiment works, everyone is producing. And if you'd like to join in on that, go to vo Slash and do it all over again on Thursday. Thank you very much for producing 1373 our formula is this. We go out for hit people in the mouth.
You want to do Afghanistan?
John: Yeah, let's do Afghanistan. I only have two clips, but they're pretty. I think actually, I
Adam: think I've just you know, I have a couple.
John: I got a couple I have. I have the Afghanistan rundown. But let's do the wrap, which I think is the best. This is on NPR. Okay, hold
Adam: on a sec. Oh, this
John: is actually gotcha. three clips. I got a Taliban rap in PR and then two and then what then their little connection to China, which is going to become a huge humiliation for China. I think if people get globalists or with Taliban, Taliban or Taliban in recent days, the Taliban have captured huge
Unknown: territory in Afghanistan, including many of the country's largest and most important cities. President Biden issued a statement reaffirming his decision for a US withdrawal and explaining the steps he has taken. But the situation is dire. The UN estimates that since Maine, nearly a quarter of a million people had been forced from their homes due to the conflict.
And there were reports of Afghans fleeing to the Capitol cobble desperate to find a way out of the country. This surge defied all predictions, forcing players to reassess as they try to figure out what could happen next. For a look at the possibilities. We're joined by NPR national security correspondent, Greg myrie. Hi, Greg. Hi, Don. What's happening today,
the Taliban claimed another big prize on the battlefield today they seize the important northern city of Massara Sharif. This was one of the last big cities the government had. The Taliban now control virtually all the northern southern and western parts of Afghanistan. The Associated Press is reporting the Taliban appear to be within 10 miles of Kabul. President Ashraf Ghani just has the capital in some other parts of eastern Afghanistan. He gave a recorded speech that was televised, he said he would prevent further instability, hard to imagine that that would reassure anyone. There's no sign that his government is capable of stopping this Taliban surge. So given that what options does the government have, they are shrinking by the day. They can rally and put up a fight to defend Kabul they do have resources, but it's really not clear that they have the will. They could try to negotiate with the Taliban. But power sharing isn't realistic right now. would be more perhaps about the terms of surrender, which has happened in other cities in recent days. And a third possibility is just a total collapse at the government and the troops will will simply flee.
Adam: What is the other thing? I don't understand, but maybe you maybe get to it. Why is the military industrial complex? allowing this pullout? Is this the the non pullout? Is that exactly what is going on here and user get, they're
John: not going to, they're not
Adam: going to pull out at all right?
John: They're gonna have a lot of explaining to do. The day put us I mean, the Pentagon, the Pentagon is gonna have a lot of explaining to do, because they wouldn't let anyone leave. And if you remember, I don't know if you remember this, but this is about two or three years ago, we played a bunch of clips, they somebody went in, did an investigation on our involvement in Afghanistan, and they went in there with the tape recorder, and they record all these generals in their opinions. And this is Oh, this is just before Trump got elected when this took place. And it was played during the Trump administration. That's when General Flynn was the one who kind of blew the whistle on this whole thing being a giant sparse,
Adam: like a big money suck.
John: Yeah, it was a big forest. And he was the only general who came out and said so. And
Adam: that was around the Afghanistan papers.
John: Yes, that's right. That's
Adam: right. Right. Right, which was showed just trillions of dollars going everywhere.
John: Just farce, a scam. And it was a bad news. And Flynn was the only one who said it ever was recorded saying it. And that put a target on his back. And you saw what happened to him? No. But so there is an I believe there was a direct connection between what Flynn had to say about Afghanistan. And what happened to Flynn. I wasn't it wasn't a team player.
Adam: No, he wasn't there. He was embarrassing, everybody.
John: Yeah, you're not a team player. He's what happens to you. Yeah. And so he ended up getting screwed over. And but this whole thing is a fiasco from the get go. It was a fiasco during the it was fiasco. And bush didn't go. Bush didn't follow the lead of his dad of doing something quick and easy. get in and get out. I mean, that Oh, man at least knew that much. He got in and stayed in. And then he got stuck in there. And this Obama ran it for presidency. If you remember, you take it to the bank, as a matter of fact that he's going to get out. Yep. He never got out. So Obama was in for eight years with Biden and then never got out. So What was that all about? So then Trump gets this is we're getting out, and then they wouldn't let him get out. So he didn't get out either. And so Biden now gets us out. And Biden's already I don't have a clip and there was a bunch of new you can hear Biden's blaming Trump. So it's all Trump's fault. Well, you know, the historical Biden clip is the one that's so funny, though.
Adam: Yeah, yeah, you
John: have it.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I think I do, actually.
Unknown: Yeah, President Biden today publicly silent about the Taliban is accelerating takeover of Afghanistan, privately consulting with the secretaries of state and defense, as well as his national security adviser. The rapidly deteriorating situation following the President's decision to withdraw US troops from a war he believes is lasted too long, and cost too many lives sparking fierce criticism. Well, it's a disgrace. And it's a national humiliation. It's didn't have to be this way. The President's aides today standing by his comments from just 72 hours ago, we're gonna continue to keep our commitment, but I do not regret my decision. But now many you're questioning the execution of that plan. He owns this now completely. It isn't.
Donald Trump's Afghan policy is Joe Biden's rush to remove Americans now drawing comparisons to the chaotic us evacuation from Vietnam more than 45 years ago,
despite the President's promise, otherwise, there's gonna be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the United States from Afghanistan. Still, for those who served and sacrifice disbelief and sadness. I'm really upset. I'm angry with with what's going on right now. But tired Army Ranger Tama
Adam: meant so what I'd like to ask you before we continue, is that moment the the withdrawal was it like Saigon and was that the the embassy with the helicopter on Saigon? Yeah. You were older than I. I was then. So what was that like? And was it a feeling of defeat? Was it similar to now? Was it the same like what the hell did we do?
John: You know, I don't think that the American public ever saw any of these things as defeat they, I believe because I think I can reflect this. I think the American public saw these things as fiascos they never went into the war seriously. They were always police actions. And we got rousted because we just did. We didn't have our heart wasn't in if you really if our heart was in We are dropped a bombs on these people. But it was just like a fiasco. The same thing with the Korean War a fiasco. This was a fiasco. This is a fiasco. Our rock was these are fiascos run by our military and intelligence
Adam: and intelligence.
John: And our intelligence agency squandering money, baby doing us a favor, we don't know. Because they always like to say, well, you If you only knew what was going on, you'd be so happy to be proven. You'd be happy. And you'd be say, Wow, you guys are the best. But instead is a lot of money squandered and, and I probably wouldn't be happy. If someone would finally, somehow audit the Pentagon and see where this money is going. Mm hmm.
Adam: It's not gonna happen. We had the we had the Afghanistan papers. We didn't know what do you even really investigated that? No, please, not publicly not with?
John: No, there's no question. It's just a bunch of corruption as far as I can tell, unless somebody proves me wrong.
Unknown: So let's go on to clip two of the rundown. Reflecting on these fast moving events, President Biden put out a statement earlier today detailing the steps that he's taking. But what sort of recalculations is he making? Yeah, he's summarized a lot of what he's done and talked about working with his national security team to bring this military mission to an end. One thing that really caught our eye, he said that 5000 troops will be in in Afghanistan for an orderly and safe withdrawal. Now, this number is even higher than the Pentagon has been saying in the past couple days. And we've we've now understand that the President talked about 4000 new troops that are going to Kabul as plus 1000 that are already there. Some of these new troops have been arriving and should mostly or all be in place. By the end of the weekend. They'll be at the Kabul airport to secure the departure of US diplomats and Afghans who have worked with the US. And now he says this will all be completed by the end of the month of President Biden it is, but that really feels like a long way off right now. And the US plans have already changed. There was this plan to keep a sizable embassy operation going to support the Afghan government. But NPR obtained an embassy memo yesterday that talked about emergency preparations for leaving it called for destroying sensitive documents and desktop computers. The Biden administration really needs a plan now for a possible Taliban takeover.
Adam: Oh man and his 5000 troops is that a is that a reinsertion?
John: They're gonna say it's not I don't know whether it is or not what
Adam: they're gonna say. Just so just know, just the tip.
John: The Japanese are also pulling all their people out of their embassies in which is only reported on the Japanese news, but I guess everybody's put everyone's leaving. Is that the Chinese? next clip? Oh, okay. And I want to mention that because of the nature of the TV, news, talk shows and the corporate media, especially the stuff on television, because I was watching Meet the Press, and the other couple morning shows this morning. I didn't clip them. I make up for the next show. They're good. They have a bunch of intelligence agencies Stooges, as we know and military Stooges that are now commentators and they just own the place. I have
Adam: one I have a
John: clip in a minute when you're but you had good because the one I heard today that was a beauty. Yeah, I was. I don't understand why we're leaving. It's stupid. We have they say because of lost American lives. Are you kidding me? We're hat. And here's the here's the meme. We had more deaths today by COVID. at all last year in Afghanistan, you want to hear one day more Americans died of COVID. You want to hear more spook clip? Yeah, here are the spook clip before I go to China. Well,
Adam: it's CBS two, what kind of spooked do we get?
John: We get top spokes Yeah, top
Adam: spooks CIA Broadcast System. Now, when you want a pundit when you want a pundit, you can't have Brennan. He's NBC. CBS has Mike morale, of course, morale, the Taliban seems to
Unknown: be retaking Afghanistan faster than anyone predicted How were they able to do it? Without the US military there? the capabilities of the Afghan security forces to fight has been significantly degraded. But the bigger issue is the willingness to fight Wait,
John: wait evaporated? How just once we leave, how is their ability degraded? Was I'm glad you're asking this. I'm
Adam: glad you asked. I will tell you my version and Mike Morel will then tell you his version. My version is I was in Iraq in 2003. With the Dutch Marines, the US Marines and forces were in charge. But we went around to all different bases all across southern Iraq in the middle of Iraq, a nurse from our province, and I saw many of the Iraqi forces being trained by the Allied forces, mainly Americans, but they're also some, some Dutch and I think maybe a couple French or Japanese even doesn't matter. I saw the training. It was ridiculous. These guys that they're they don't know what they're doing. They're dumb. They don't understand no one understands each other. They say about face half turns left half turns, right. The other half is like doesn't know what's going on. There was never any training and it was all under the Wink, wink, nudge nudge. Yeah, we know, but you know, it's like, and the money is really you go to train them. But while the troops were being trained by the local training officer, in the back in the tent, they're drinking their tea, which is the, you know, tons of men jammed into a glass with hot water, sitting around counting out the piles of money. Because that was always a money drop. And I mean, I'm stacks, stacks and stacks, racks and stacks of cash. So for this village, and for that tribe, but for that tribe, so all of this training was really just a money drop. That's all I ever saw. It was despicable. So I cannot imagine that
Afghanistan was any different. Mike Morrell, gives his version of why the Taliban seems to
Unknown: be retaking Afghanistan faster than anyone predicted, how were they able to do it? Without the US military there, the capabilities of the Afghan security forces to fight has been significantly degraded. But the bigger issue is the willingness to fight evaporated
John: when President Biden made the announcement that we were leaving, after 20
Unknown: years of work from the US hundreds of billions of dollars more than 2000 American lives. Why are the folks that we allied with and trained walking off the job, because the will the fight is more important than the capability. And because the Afghan government is one of the most corrupt in the world. Now we have 3000 troops going back in the lead elements are already there on the ground, what concerns you most tonight about their safety, suicide attacks from the Taliban. And the main issue there is will the Taliban see the new troops coming in? Not as there to protect the people being evacuated, but as the first set of troops in a reinvasion of the country? Right, that's a real danger.
John: And then the other concern that I have is there are many Afghan security forces who are deeply angry at the United States and a green on blue attack,
Unknown: right where an Afghan, a member of the Afghan security force, takes out their weapon, and starts killing Americans is not something we can is something we have to focus on.
Adam: Did you hear what he was gonna say is not something we can tolerate. But let's hear it again and starts killing Americans is not something we can is something we have to focus on. Has the Taliban won this war? Absolutely. Mike morale. Thank you very much. You're welcome. So Mike, morale feels clearly this is probably not a good idea. We need five sorry, he's
John: part of the contingent coming out of the Pentagon and Intel agencies that believes we should just be there forever. Like, and I can I could probably get get on board with that thinking by saying stuff like this. Hey, we've had troops. We still have troops. We have more troops in Germany. Then we have we had in Afghanistan. We have more troops. Right now. We have more troops.
Adam: Trump did close a lot of South Korea, Trump did close a lot
John: more troops to South Korea than we had in Afghanistan. So what what is the point of leaving? Well,
Adam: there's another reason why we can't leave and Mike Morel would know personally, because his agency is a part of the big annual report that came out. It's always coincidental the timing of these reports and these things that are happening. This is the United Nations Office of drug and crime annual opium report,
Unknown: the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime released together with the National Statistical Office of a foreigner Stan nsta, the results of the 2020 option serving in Afghanistan, despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic in 2020, this is a demonstration on how
John: is that Zsa Zsa Gabor?
Adam: No,
John: no, it's actually okay. I'm sorry, I
Adam: think she's not sure what nationality is. But listen to her Glee about the opium report.
Unknown: Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic in 2020. This is a demonstration on how nsaa together with UN ODC we were able to find innovative solutions and to overcome the challenges and still present with international community. The results of a survey showing a 37% increase in opium cultivation The production of your MAGA 6300 lateral.
It is in the spirit of respecting the impartiality of official statistics, and producing high quality statistics that we share with nsaa. We present together all the 2020
Adam: I mean, it's like she's doing the Eurovision Song Contest. It's up 37% 63,000 metric tons lot. This is good, everybody. We're very proud to present the numbers to you despite COVID We're so
John: far from one of our producers talking about how they had somebody one of their family members, somebody said, not a surprise that no agenda show that they were bitching about being over there and guarding the poppy fields and but the farmers were the ones that are the most irked because according to him, before we arrived, the poppies were still growing and the Taliban would just steal them steal the crop, they wouldn't pay the farmers, we paid the farmers Hmm. They get paid by us. They don't get right by the Taliban. Right, right. So this is a problem. But if you remember that propaganda before this whole war began is the Taliban were supposed to be burning down the poppy fields because they hated the idea of poppies. But I have to reevaluate that thing. They only burned down the poppy fields for the farmers who wouldn't comply. So there's something for these guys are bad news, but let's play what to happen which the Chinese are doing so I get my last clip.
Unknown: It was quite the photo op, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi wearing a gray suit and stern face, posing with nearly a dozen senior members of the Taliban, including as chief negotiator and top political leader Mullah abdulghani, Badar. This very public very sort of overt engagement is definitely a first Medea assault is with a Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, although there have been a formal backroom talks between the Chinese and the Taliban over the years, I've saw says this is the first time they were held so openly, which she says is a boon for the militant group, basically, you know, it was maybe the the most significant stage that brother has received the Taliban has received in terms of international legitimacy in terms of sort of how the Chinese Foreign Minister interacted, even the things that were said Foreign Minister Wang Yi, called the Taliban, a pivotal military and political force, and urge them to hold high the banner of peace talks. All this while militants are capturing territory and Afghanistan and remain disengaged from the peace talks. Roger Baker is with strap for rain, a risk intelligence company and has been monitoring Afghanistan for decades. He says China doesn't trust the Taliban, but is hedging its bets.
They still claim they don't pick sides. So they'll work with whoever claims to be the government of Afghanistan, so long as it keeps their interest stable.
Baker says China's overriding concern in Afghanistan is security, in part to help protect its economic and investment interests in the region, including a massive infrastructure program known as the Belt and Road initiative.
Adam: Weymouth to the Chinese are really really raring to go without us protection. They're ready to go in and and they think the Russians couldn't do it. The Americans couldn't do it. China can do it
John: was a bit Chinese not fighting them.
Adam: No, no, but they want to rape them of their minerals, minerals and their puppies.
John: The puppies, I'm sure part of the deal. But the puppy thing again, there's another little aspect of this, which is keeps being thrown in my face, which is why do we care about the puppies anymore with fentanyl in play, which is a cheaper alternative to heroin, and it does pretty much has the same effect as it's the you know, artificial heroin is
Adam: what it amounts to. So maybe that's what the war is we've got the CIA going, Hey, hey, hey, hey, this is this is our pipeline. We're still the old g poppy heroin guys. And meanwhile, back in Washington and was like yo, bro, fent is where it's at. We're getting out, we got the fentanyl
John: something's up. And the Chinese so the Chinese wouldn't be interested in the heroin because the Chinese are the source of the fentanyl. I mean, it comes up to this country through Mexico, but the Chinese are the ones who produce most of it.
Adam: But I still can't believe that and in fact, sometimes
John: we just Okay, let's I'm just want to say this. So we go on the record. There's missing information. Yes.
Adam: But to me, just analyzing what is happening, there was a promise this is the continuation of the Obama promise. This is this is Biden. Now. Here's what I'm really worried about. I'm Worried about another some kind of event some kind of terrorism? Because even though the the story, the lead of the story focuses on something else, what's really in the details of what the Department of Homeland Security put out that the other day that is quite interesting. So I'll just play these two quick clips of what DHS published a new terror alert has been issued by Homeland Security tonight. Pete Williams is here. Pete What do we know about this? Well, DHS says this new terrorism advisory is
Unknown: not based on any actual threats or plots, but it says there's a rise in anti government rhetoric some
Adam: of his opposition to COVID public health rules like mask and vaccine measures. Some calls for violent action are based on claims of election fraud or a belief that Donald Trump can be reinstated. voyage memory. Tell me about that. Oh, yeah. About the reinstatement. I mean, I wasn't even reporting on it. These Yahoo's are using it. And DHS
Unknown: says the coming 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks and religious holidays later this year, could be catalyst for violence. The last terror advisory was issued in May it expired today. This new one says domestic extremism remains a threat priority, Lester.
Adam: Alright, so I leave the domestic extremism for a moment because I think that's the red herring if I look at the actual summary that DHS sent out. This is actually I'll read this because it's just the opening paragraph is really what matters. The Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a new national terrorist terrorism advisory system bulletin regarding the current heightened threat environment across the United States. The homeland continues to face a diverse and challenging threat environment leading up to and following the 20th anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks. As well religious holidays we assess could serve as a catalyst for acts of targeted violence. These threats include those posed by domestic terrorist individuals and groups engaged in grievance based violence and those inspired or motivated by foreign terrorist and other malign foreign influences. These actors are increasingly exploiting online forums and podcast to influence kidding online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity. such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions. So they lead here on NBC with owes to domestic domestic terror, domestic terror, or anti government, but also September 11. And the actual lead that's Homeland Security puts out is about September 11. And this was the the giveaway to me
further in this memo, additionally, leading up to the anniversary. Are you ready for it? Here's the tell. Additionally, leading up to the anniversary of the 911 attacks. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula recently re released its first English language copy of inspire magazine in over four years, which demonstrates that foreign terrorist organizations continue efforts to inspire us based individuals susceptible to violent extremist influences. This is another rerun of the script. They brought out the old Adobe CT publishing. Man, they got inspired magazine, they're going to be publishing PDFs again.
John: Yeah, yeah, that's where that pressure cooker bomb came from.
Adam: Pressure Cooker bomb. Oh, yeah. So they're just we didn't see any of this in four years of Trump zero.
John: Yeah, no, zero years of Trump. There was none of this now all of a sudden, it's back and the magazines back. The bank is enqueued could have been back during Trump. No, because the magazine is not produced by anybody but somebody in our government.
Adam: Now let's listen to how the mainstream is playing it because the mainstream has their own agenda. The M five m what what they're really interested in is they're interested in the in the domestic beside of it, so they kind of like that domestic is good. But they're lying. To me this CBS 20 seconds is a lie.
Unknown: A Homeland Security issued a national terrorism alert, warning that violent extremists could take advantage of the easing of pandemic restrictions to conduct attacks. Now this update the alert issued but
Adam: that is literally a lie. It says the document itself says the opposite. It says because of tightening government measures and COVID measures not easing
John: to I don't know what just she's a liar.
Adam: She's a terrible person must be must be. But ABC. I think they really took the cake with this story. Because if if we're going to have any kind of if we're going to create any kind of visual for you about who these crazy people are, this story does. It
Unknown: gets more In a tragic murder case highlighting the danger of wild conspiracy theories spreading online, federal authorities claim a California father fatally stabbed his children because he followed a keyword on conspiracy theory that made him believe his two year old son and 10 month old daughter were turning into monsters. The suspect 40 year old Matthew Taylor Coleman and his wife owned a surf school in Santa Barbara. The pictures on their website show a happy family. But on Saturday, Coleman's wife reported her husband and children missing. According to a federal criminal complaint. She told police the family was planning a trip, but then her husband took the kids not telling her where he was going. Good people that she puts up. Two days later official say a ranch worker in Mexico found the bodies of the children your Mexico's Baja California coast. Officials say Coleman confessed and claimed he's enlightened by q anon and Illuminati conspiracy theories, which made him believe his wife had passed her serpent DNA to their children. an apparent reference to the so called lizard people theory, which claims reptilian aliens have taken over powerful positions in US politics, banking and entertainment. The same theory allegedly inspired Amanda set off a bomb in Nashville last Christmas, injuring eight people and damaging dozens of buildings. As for Coleman, authorities released this surveillance camera footage showing him checking into a hotel
with his kids, then leaving without them. He was arrested trying to re enter the US.
Adam: I mean, seriously. They got it down though. Man. They got it down. They got it down to lizard.
John: Good bit. The lizard was the guy going to Mexico to begin with? What is the deal with this blue David Ike thing? Well, I
Adam: mean, there's I mean, I think we all agree that there's lizard people, but I don't know if you know, the past nine years. Yeah, but their lizard CG or children, I
John: usually pay well.
Adam: Anyway, the Department of Homeland Security will be responding by evaluating calls for violence, including online activity associated with the spread of disinformation, conspiracy theories and false narratives by known or suspected threat actors and provide updated information as necessary. So conspiracy theory, is the theory. And you're not allowed to happen. And they're going to be calling us they'll be calling me. I mean, how long could it last until someone says you should call that guy?
John: Yeah. Yeah, I'm the buzzkill. I'm not a conspiracy theorist at all. I just call you out for being
Adam: so maybe I won't get a call
John: when they could No, no, call me and say you have Adams phone number.
Adam: And you'll give it to them gladly.
John: Oh, sure. Yeah. Right away right here. Right away, or actually, well, do I do what I asked, you know, just email the guy. We understand he doesn't answer his email. No. Oh, yeah. I've heard that. He doesn't answer his emails. Well, I don't know. I don't really have his number. I actually don't. What have I have yourself? That's true. Your old old old cell number which I messaged you with? Yeah, I can give him that.
Adam: I haven't seen this front line. But apparently a new frontline documentary. Details the Liberty City city seven. If you recall, that was that was the guys who were going to bring down Sears Tower after 911.
John: Oh, yeah. Turns out it was I haven't seen it either. But I'm sure it's a gem
Adam: most big. They expose the FBI is as it being, you know, the six week cycle? Yeah, FBI completely set up these schmucks. Yeah, dummies. It was the most high profile case right after 911. Yeah. When are we going to learn
John: whenever you have to continuously listen to this show? Yes, the show is like, it's like we become the addiction.
Adam: I'm telling you, it's it's crazy. And then of all of all the things that happens is we get this. We get a an earthquake in Haiti. Oh, yes. I
John: think I have a clip for this couldn't
Adam: couldn't, couldn't be any more like 2010 2012. Actually, not 10 years ago, nine years ago.
John: Yeah, everything is repeating. This is fun to watch. Okay, you got a couple. A couple off the walk. But
Adam: do you ever go to Haiti clip?
John: I thought I did. But I don't see it.
Adam: Well, I guess we should just note that the Biden administration is of course going to organize, is going to organize help
John: you organize a concert?
Adam: Oh, no. That's common. That's common. We'll have probably a whole bunch of ex presidents you know setting up a foundation I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water just send your cash just send your cash for Haiti will take care of it Don't worry, Clinton Foundation maybe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation possibly but you know who the bidet administration has appointed to to lead the this effort from the USA ID I'm game Samantha Power
John: oh yes I did say she's been on she's got that hang dog oh god I feel so bad about everything in life is terrible look on her face constantly. He's depressing to look at the I saw in a press conference and yeah, he's got something to do with something I don't know. I can't stand her.
Adam: There are producers who track all the earthquakes man is if you look if you were to look at them and just look at the seven point twos anything over 7.0 we've had five in two weeks and it's North North Pole south pole is basically if you if you look at the globe of the flat earth on the top would be you have a big Epicenter the bottom and then on each of the sides it's like the whole earth is ready for some this a lot of tectonic shift going on. Seems like that's not good.
John: Okay, here's news is not being covered in the United States. This is the new Canadian elections got
Adam: a bit we have we both had the same clips. Okay, yeah, go ahead. Good.
John: Mine came from CTV I remember when my came from. Okay, we'll play.
Unknown: Well, Robin on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will walk across the grounds that
Adam: listen to my clip.
Unknown: Well, Robin on Sunday morning. That's why there's two of us. robbing on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will walk across the grounds at Rideau Hall to ask Mary Simon the new governor general to dissolve Parliament triggering the 2021 federal election. Constitutional experts say that the Governor General will grant Troodos request. That's because there has not been an election in recent months, and no other party is trying to form government. The campaign will be 36 days the shortest time allowed under federal law. That put a puts Election Day on Monday, September 20. And while this is a snap election, it's hardly a surprise. The Prime Minister had openly stated 2021 would be an election year, even while denying that it would be his party that would trigger Canadians going to the polls. The Prime Minister's decision to launch a campaign means he has decided now is the liberals best chance of getting a majority. Justin Trudeau had to run a political calculation here, go now and risk voters wrath for triggering an election in a fourth wave. And when COVID-19 numbers are growing, but the liberals have good and not great numbers, or wait and potentially lose control of the narrative, handing timing of the election to the opposition and running the risk of the public mood and economy souring. The liberals will likely frame this campaign as needing to seek a mandate from Canadians to spend more money and manage the challenges that
they will argue were unforeseen in a pre pandemic world.
Adam: The only thing I've never understood about this system is this. What are the we have every two years we have a midterm every four years we have a general election? What how does it work with these with the UK or with the England related countries with the snap elections? I don't understand the mechanism. Why? Well, how does this happen?
John: Well, the ruling government can call an election pretty much anytime they want.
Adam: But why would you call an election if you're in power?
John: Because you think this has happened to if you remember this happened to the British when Cameron was running things? And he did a or no is what's her name, the horrible woman that was the Prime Minister. She called an election thinking Theresa. Theresa May the reason you do it is because you were so overconfident that you think you're going to get more people on your site. And you're going to have such a dominant you're going to be so dominant in the in the house and understood understood.
Adam: But is there is there a term limit so you have to call an election within a certain amount of years?
John: I don't know that part.
Adam: That's what confuses me is like, if you got everything anyway, then.
John: Well, they think they can get more I understand that part.
Adam: Yes, that's a stupid part. Well, unless you've got everything set up, right, which I presume is why this is happening.
John: Well, whatever the case where you have an election coming up to September, and we'll see it could change everything that if the Canadians have any sense, although after listening to your hypnotic guy, talking about mass hysteria, I don't think they can Ever prayer they're all gonna Okay. Yes, we love this idiot. Trudeau is a an idiot. He just, and he annoys me more than any date. We've had a lot of bad prime ministers, but he's just a creep. He's a creep. He's
Adam: a true technocrat. He's He's perfect for the job. He's an animatronic.
John: So they're gonna probably, you know, gay for him. Hopefully, they won't, but they the way things are going, I don't see any course then again, Theresa May made a mistake, too. Anyway, here's part two of that, because it does have some information.
Unknown: Is there any sense for cities that what the liberals will focus on as everyone on board in that party with calling an election? So while we haven't seen the liberal platform, we can take a few things that we know from recent spending announcements, the spring budget and the decision to go to an election now, childcare and social programs will likely feature prominently, but the ballot box question the liberals want is who Canadians trust to govern through the pandemic and an endorsement for their pandemic recovery plans. typically going to the polls during a time of crisis favors the incumbent. But some senior liberals are worried about potential voter blowback. This will be a hot, hard fought election no matter what Robin with about a dozen key ridings for only one to two points could decide racist, getting out the vote will matter. But starting on Sunday, the prime minister will have to answer the question of why this is in Canadians interests and not just the liberal parties.
Adam: As the key I think I have a piece of information that is from this same piece that tells us why this is happening right now.
Unknown: Experts say mail in ballots may become the safest and most popular Elections Canada anticipates 5 million people will vote this way versus just 54,000 in 2019. We may not know the final results of the election on election night.
Adam: Oh where have we heard that before?
John: Somebody's got a clue. Yeah, look what we did here in the United States we got this idiot Joe Biden to be president. What do you think we can do for you guys is smaller easier to control on mail in ballots? which everyone knows is a bad idea, but Okay, yeah, let's
Unknown: do that. No, yeah.
John: The COVID still going on? Let's keep people in their house and do mail in ballots. That would be great.
Adam: You have interesting he's kind of like a Bobby's world voice you got there. Yeah, you have the ability to do some voice I can do this voice when I have to break up alright. Let me see.
John: Oh, by the way, just before you go and go into that I do have a Turkey's got a big flood. Yeah, just being covered and as a bunch of floods and you're nobody except NHK is covering the fact that Japan is pretty much underwater. Yeah. And I have seen no no media coverage of this flood in Japan. NHK Well, no one's allowed
Adam: in so why would they let anything out?
John: That's weird. play this turkey clip if you want to hear it. In Turkey The death toll from floods and mudslides. Hello. Wait stop before you played me I set it up a little better. It's like this is NPR modern NPR. Yeah, we you know this is what Amy Goodman has been trying to do forever and and NPR is now just doing it. So they give us a little report which could ended with the report. Here's what happened. But now No, no, no, no. And when you listen to the end, you'll see what I'm talking about.
Unknown: In Turkey. The death toll from floods and mudslides along the country's Black Sea coast has climbed to at least 55 torrential rains Wednesday caused flooding the demolished homes damaged at least five bridges and swept away cars and left numerous roads and passable. The Turkish disaster agency says eight people remain hospitalized. Rescue teams are working to locate those listed as missing 1000s were evacuated somebody airlift off their roofs. This is climate change leads to more extreme weather events as the world warms because of the burning of coal, oil and natural gas.
Adam: It's just curious to me that you're not I mean, yes, it's being covered with that angle. But they could do so much more. I mean, we have floods in China. They could do a lot but they're really not using it for the climate change angle as much as I think they could be.
John: I don't know what I kind of agree with you. They seems half hearted as to what's going on in Japan is unbelievable compared to Turkey. And yeah, they could but they just do this and they get to a little bit at the end of it. And by the way, these floods are caused by burning fossil fuel. Nice, try You know what the problem is? Probably.
Adam: There's no real money behind it at the moment. There's no real advertiser, there's no push, you know, the big oil and gas companies or Pfizer of climate change. Thank you. Well, that's maybe why they're trying to connect it, you know, connected to COVID. And maybe we'll get some, some Pfizer bucks in there. Some Pfizer fun coupons to play with. I don't know. I don't know free trips. But this is this is all political. And there's a lot of business going on. And the people be damned, they're in a hypnotic state, let them go. You can't tell them anything different. Anyway. Remember how weird it was when people had to take off their mask the next day?
John: I freaked them. I
Adam: think that was that that was part of some kind of psychological operation. Watch this. Now tell them to do this now. Tell them to go back. Yeah, it's good. And then slip in all kinds of information about red states and republicans and Trump returning. I mean, we may have walking time bombs zombies around soon. Don't know just our heads are filled with hate and not even hate fear. I have to say correctly. fear of going back in these people that would cause it. So must eliminate those people. Got to be careful people with what you're doing.
John: Which is why I think they're trying to back it off.
Adam: Yeah, maybe they've maybe they've noticed it. But the people who were on TV doing that they're they're all into their hyper focused. I love it. All right. I have two Cuomo clips. Since this is Oh, okay. He's kind of an interesting thing that's taken place and there's a little hidden gem in the second one. This is Uh, oh, yes. No, he did an exit interview with Vanity Fair. I think you know, it's what you do. I'm exiting when do my big one exit interview
Unknown: this morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was speaking out for the first time since announcing his resignation. In an interview with New York Magazine. Cuomo says I feel like I did the right thing. I did the right thing for the state. It is a stunning fall from grace after a State Attorney General's report found sexual harassment allegations against him credible. But with just days to go before leaving office, Cuomo remains defiant telling the magazine he would win any impeachment case, saying he would have made the state legislature look like a ship of fools. But he didn't want to put the state through that ordeal adding
Adam: I feel good. I'm not a martyr. It's just I saw the options, Option A, option B. Okay, so I would have won if I hadn't, you know, if I, if I hadn't quit the fight would have won should have seen the other guy. So that's his side of the story. And after, you know, this whole thing happened, his secretary resigned quietly she's the one that covered up the data for the dead citizens, the elderly. 1000s, maybe 10 15,000. We may never know. That investigation in New York and in Michigan and in Washington state were all stopped Department of Justice stop those investigations just stopped. Yeah. And now when it comes to this impeachment. Are we going to have any follow up will they be in any investigation three days after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation over sexual harassment allegations state assembly leaders said they will suspend their investigation. They concluded they did not have the authority to impeach Cuomo once he leaves office. All right, done. No investigation. That's it. It's done people. People when we get a clue. Okay. That's it.
John: Get him out of the way.
Adam: He'll get a Netflix special in five years. It'll be fine. I get
John: a contract, wouldn't it? Yes.
Adam: It'll be fine. Yeah. Well, speaking of speaking of douchebag elites I become because it was Martin Short and Steve Martin who are on the bill maher show over what's it called overtime now? Whatever Bill Maher show on HBO, I tuned in. I kind of like those two guys. I wanted to see where their heads were at. But it was the opening monologue that was quite surprising the way Bill Maher handled the Obama let them eat cake episode which man everyone was all over brock obama New York Times wrote an opinion piece about it being he's being Marie Antoinette Tish. So it's kind of tough when when you're Barack Obama, now you getting slammed by your own your own paper. You know, the one that that brought you to victory. The New York Times is a lot of anger about the visuals. And Bill Maher. Well, I don't know if he was invited or not. But his response is interesting. The other scandal that the democrats are facing, even though I don't think it's a scandal at all, but Obama had a big birthday party. Yes. Is he successfully 60 Does America want to punish success?
Unknown: No, we don't anyway, but yes, it's true in the pandemic with everything going on the optics were terrible. And they should have known that the deejay they hired was named tone deaf.
Adam: But and it was Whoa, what are you talking about an A list crowd. Oh my gosh, Jay Z and Beyonce Spielberg, Don Cheadle Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper john legend. This is a swanky party. A lot of them were tipping the valet in Bitcoin. It's just like, he really he really protected Obama on that one.
John: Yeah, it surprises me.
Adam: To me to tap sometimes I've read I'm thinking Oh, man, you you you had the right weed and sometimes like, Man, you gotta lay off that stuff. That can be really weird. Very weird.
John: Yeah, that event in which we didn't cover on our show, because it was like, yeah, who cares? incidental. Yeah, I did get some clips from late July, but I'd had to pick them up because there's a bunch of rants in here against Texas.
Adam: Okay, now that you've worn me down for two and a half hours, you're going to try and get me with your rant.
John: won't be able to do a very good job of it. But this is Gavin Newsome.
Adam: Oh boy.
John: At a press conference. I sent this to my work to Mimi and she comes in she says he's drunk. And I didn't even think of it. Really. But Newsome is drunk as a skunk doing a press conference.
Adam: Oh, I've seen this one. Yes, I think I think she's right.
John: Yeah, I didn't think about it. I don't know why I didn't think about it. He's sitting there. And he's, he's like a mean drunk. And he's sitting there with an angry look on his face. The visuals are fabulous of this guy with his look on his face. And here's just a nine second clip of how it goes. This is new. Some home grown team is our our angry is.
Adam: I'm sorry, I had the other one.
John: We'll get to that.
Adam: Yeah, here we go.
Unknown: We're number one. In all those categories. It'd be damn nice. If our homegrown team started focusing on what's right. Do you? I mean,
Adam: did you see a known drinker?
John: Well, he owns part of a winery. Oh, and he's partners with the guy was Ebell bowl cafe and some other winery. I think he's a big owner of one of the big wineries up in the Napa Valley, a part owner. I think plumpjack it might be it. And he is Yeah, I think he is a big drinker UC San Franciscan, you know? Yeah, of course he is. San Francisco politicians are all bunch of drawings.
Adam: Okay. I was was wondering Okay, yeah, good. Thanks. Got it.
John: Yeah, so I'm gonna see him being any different. Yeah, but I never thought about it because you just don't think about it. Now. Here he is with his rant number one. And he keeps mentioning Florida and Texas is though is like some competition.
Unknown: Governor California has the nation's highest housing costs, bias, gasoline prices, and highest utilities. wage growth has been spectacular in the Silicon Valley, but not so
much for areas along the coast and in some inland areas. In a very real sense. The California dream is more like a mirage for people grinding it out day after
day. How do you make the case that you as governor can deliver the California dream to all Californians?
Adam: Well, let's talk about what we all saw number one and Stephanie and guys forgive me I know I'm a little pointed today but I've been taking a lot from few folks shots for a lot of months. So it's nice to be able to express myself to deep pride in the state of California not as a I'm a future ex governor could happen a few weeks could happen a few years. But I love this damn state. We're number one in job creation, tentpole the American economy. 559,000 jobs, eat your heart out of Texas, Florida. We're number one in the Bloomberg index of innovation and entrepreneurial ism. We dominated yet again in venture capital. That's not just for fancy folks in Silicon Valley. Yeah, it is. It's pushing out the boundary discovery and opportunity. Advantages each and every one of us 53% journeys spaced out,
Unknown: over 100 Damn, IPOs year to date, mistake. billion dollar budget surplus 80 plus billion not that 76 billion. We had another $3.9
Adam: billion
Unknown: in new cash.
Adam: We have better health outcomes in Florida and Texas and better economic outcomes. Our economy contracted at a more modest rate than Florida and Texas. Wow, that guy's delusional.
John: Oh, he goes on about something I didn't clip and Mimi pointed out to me. His comment that we'd never won in lumber. We're number 10 or something. We're not even close. But he's talking again. She just gave me the stats on it. It's like no, we're not even trying hard lumber. Compared to Oregon's number two and Washington's number was
Adam: like IPOs and venture capital, you know, that helps leave we had 110 IPOs
John: so far this year? I think
Adam: number there's been 110 IPOs. On on Wall Street, not all from California.
John: No, I believe that's true. Yeah. Well, he goes in just one more little minute at this. And we have the
Adam: excuse me one more thing. I thought California had a deficit. Is this because they got COVID money that they now had that they have a surplus?
John: cooking the books? Oh,
Adam: sorry. Yes, I gotcha.
John: at points. Did we have that highest personal income tax in the country? Because we can't bring our deficit down? Or we were broken this Yeah. There's some cooking the books methodology us use that to make it sound? Oh, I know. We got plenty of
Adam: No, you don't. And he found another 3.9 billion in the couch.
John: He's happy about that. But he has a blast Texas one more time. Oh, good.
Adam: Do you know, Stephanie,
Unknown: that middle class families in Texas paid more taxes and middle class? California.
Adam: look that up? That's a fact. Oh, okay. I don't know why that doesn't get more damn attention. I care about working folks. That's a fact. Fact. I'm also proud of the fact that this state has almost tripled to turn on income tax credit to a lot of working families to keep more with their money. I'm proud of the fact that three quarters of tax filers are getting a tax rebate, the largest in American history, $12 billion. I'm proud of the fact that small businesses are getting $4 billion in grants, not loans. I'm proud of the fact that paid 100% of background 100% going back to April last year 100% through September 30. This year. Hi. Oh, yeah, just use me. Where's the where's the landlord's bailout? Where's that stick in representing your back utilities and back water bills? Because you're right, those bills have stacked up. I'm proud of the fact you didn't mention it, Stephanie, that most electric bills are lower in the state, even though our per unit costs are higher, which you're right to note. But you didn't mention the bills, which are lower because their energy efficiency and our low carbon green growth plants. So the kind of drunk that he is here is I think the like to Martini lunch where you're feeling good. I'm ready. I'm ready for this. I'm ready for the press. And then you go to your office and it's like crap, I'm hammered.
John: That could be but he got started and it was unstoppable. bitching and moaning Yeah.
Adam: And he was sweating and he was ready to he was sweaty.
John: Yeah, he was sweaty and he was and he had that he had that look on his face of a guy who saw him at a bar you don't want to say even say hello. He just had that once to get into a fight Look, he was in a fight or flight mode and it was in fight. When the fight he was going to call out these reporters who have made his life miserable for the last month. He pretty much you know, he's digging his own grave here for his MP is recall. But in the steps stay off the sauce. Yeah. He did a good bit though I have decided to do I don't even want to play it actually. But his body's fire. The fire is all a fires, we got all these fires. He makes the point that is the US Forest Service, which he seems to be afraid of, of dissing. I rarely use that word. Because they have a completely different fires, suppression method, methodology and theory. And I saw that guys, the head of the US Forest Service recently talking about this. They don't seem to want to do control burns, or if they do it's like really weird, which is the biggest problem. They have a huge issue with the way they handle things. And and Newsome kindly call them out on it. And this is kind of in a different part of the discussion if you want to play Asher, I thought it was entertaining.
Adam: Mara will be asking the bind administration specific things access to more contracted DC tense, access to more technology cutting more permanent access to satellite technology through the Pentagon. We're asking for more for service personnel for the firehouse. And I'm previewing it, we're asking that the US Forest Service get paid more. But here's the final point. And here's the substantive answer your question. And we're asking the US Forest Service get more serious about fire suppression. And I say that because the Tamarack fire, which I visited it yesterday with Gov syslog. Where you guys let me out of the state for the first time in two years, and I was with Governor slack. And we both expressed public frustration not private, that this fire could have been suppressed before it became a 68,000 acre fire was under federal land wasn't under his jurisdiction or mind. US Forest Service has a different approach to suppression, and we're going to bring that up with President tomorrow. That's a tough conversation to have. I love those guys. We all love The US Forest Service, they've had a cultural difference of approach. In many of these large scale fires, vast majority are initiated in federal forest lands. And then they become joining sending commands. And I get I'm tattooed with every damn one of my own. This is as close as I think Newson will ever get to pulling a Brittany in this is kind of meltdown mode.
John: Yeah,
Adam: I'm a I'm a former governor no matter what eventually is now, how does this work? So you have the recall is that when is that coming up soon?
John: is September about the same time as Trudeau gets?
Adam: Okay, September and then, but the way it works, I understand is they can recall them and then immediately vote for the person they want to replace him.
John: The ballot shows two boxes one do you want to recall the governor? And you vote yes or no? Okay. And then there's a dinner I already have the samples. And then the other one is a list of all these bozos that the republican party which is in disarray in California and has been for decades. The Republican Party won't endorse anybody.
Adam: Everyone is talking about Larry elder though that's that's what everyone saw. Yeah.
John: Larry elder and then the guy who ran for governor last time Cox is a real loser. And there's a couple there's one guy, I can't remember his name, we're gonna have to dig it up. I think it's Hank Lee or something like there's a state Assemblyman, and he's really sharp, but he's very young. He's like 30, but he's like the sharpest of the group. And then there's another guy who says, I'm going to repeal the state personal income tax, which I vote for him.
Adam: Right away.
John: So
Adam: free pony and a free pony. Show. I
John: think what's going to happen is they're not going to get enough people. And I don't know how that maybe just to go get the most votes becomes the next governor, at least until the next election. But I think Newsome has a good shot to get voted out. And I think it's I think it's over 50% chance he's going to get voted out and he keeps condemning everybody. They have ads, local ads, should collect a couple of Elizabeth, he can't get many Republicans to come and back him up are Democrats. I'm sorry. He can't get any Democrats to come and back him up. Except one. And, and she has all the Pelosi as all the as her. No, no, she can't get Pelosi. Oh, Elizabeth Warren. So you have Pocahontas on here. And now you got to vote these damn Republicans. They they're trying to screw this poor governor of yours. And so she's doing her thing with her ads. And I look at him going well, how is this helping
Adam: Bill Maher is also doing he's also that's the stupidest thing we could ever do in California.
John: Oh, yeah. Bill Maher is a big fan of Newsome. So yes, stupid. And so all the democrats are either in denial like Bill Maher, and they're not going to come out and vote the real fear. And I think Newsome knows this is that all his supporters? could probably none of them even because it's going to be male. And it's not even going to be to the polls. They're not even going to end they've already scraped by the way. Here's a good thing. They've already screwed this up. They've sent two mailings out so far. And I thought both were ballots. Oh, first of all, is just your first mailing. It was official mailing old again. You're gonna
Adam: throw the third one out.
John: And I got it. I looked at the ballots came I told you say j the ballots came, we got a vote. And they say stayed on the tail for a while. So I opened it up to what the ballots they were saying a balance coming. Just a question. Wait. Dennis second. The ballot did good. Then another one comes a big giant thing. So this is it. This is the ballot. We had a vote. No, it wasn't a ballot. It was a sample ballot.
Adam: I just want to understand, so the mail comes and you go j Yay. The ballots are here. I mean,
John: do I say I want to remind because I get the impression she probably wouldn't. Oh, yeah.
Adam: Right. You're leading by example. Let's vote. Did you get involved in person? You
John: seem good. Good yet?
Adam: Yeah. You should vote in person. It's the full good,
John: but they don't have no no it's not an option.
Adam: Oh, you can't.
John: Now this is a male in the arch. Okay. All right. But they're gonna end up the email in or not mail in this the big vote is you want to get rid of our your governor, and it's not Newsome, who's going into the republican recall?
Unknown: This is there's plenty of democrats that don't like him, either. All I know is to impeachments four years of Trump. And these two guys resign.
Adam: kind of tell you something about statistics. I'm going to show my school by donation to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that. Oh yeah, that'd be fun.
John: We do have a few people to thank for show 1373 starting with Gunter vabre you know, Weber in Odessa, Florida 150 and he has a note because it's got a call out Yes. nation's long overdue after hearing the challenge for Martin from Tampa to donate $1 in episode I had to donate this one 150 is for $1 for each episode I've listened to we started at 1222 Thank you for everything you guys do, please call out Eric as a douchebag. Eric I know who Eric is not our Eric knows about. Lucas Williams in Roswell, New Mexico. $100 Scott Smith in Noblesville, Indiana. 100 Christopher dexterous that the 678 Tiffany Johnson 5510 Stuart eichert the D 333. Kimberly Lewis in Davis, California 5150.
Adam: And since since it's short I can say requesting anniversary weekend shout out to surreptitious Night of the Marin Headlands from day money Penny
John: and that takes us right to our $50 donors very shortlist today, every which way. And we'll read the names name and location $50 donation from Kevin dills in huntersville, North Carolina Brandon Savoie in Port orchard, Washington. Sir Brandon obviously, Jamie Hilliard in Newman or Noonan I'm
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John: Sarah Gordon, Tucson Tony Smith Fort Worth Texas north. Fort Worth. Chris Lewinsky sir in Sherwood Park, Alberta, in Sloane in attadale. Washington attadale Attaboy Dame Trisha Worthington in Miami. She's a Baroness I think, Nathan Kane in Frazier's bottom West Virginia. Your old stomping ground
Adam: right there.
John: You're stomping the bottom a mall up in the bottom albio Elvis in moncks moncks corner South Carolina. Philip Balu in Louisville, Kentucky. Hendrick delink in
Unknown: heard here, your deal here. Oh,
John: I'm sorry. Actually, let me I'm sorry. Okay, Fred,
Adam: Hendrick hinda rush in the hands at Hendrick hinderaker Inc yelling
John: yelling in hair done.
Adam: Here the
John: heater down here.
Adam: And by the way, he also wants to deducing first time donor Rogan I learned about no agenda when I saw Adam on the Jensen show with Robert Jensen. Thanks for keeping me sane. You've been de deuced
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Adam: That was for the dc dc girl Dame drive. Who's celebrating her birthday and they had the big spook meetup. And so everyone was there supporting her getting and getting her onto the podium, which will she will be there today. Was there any other make goods we had? No, I think we're good. We got all of those. Yes. Thank you all so much for supporting your no agenda show. We read a little bit more than we typically do. But it was short today. And anything under $50 that is for either reasons of anonymity, or people have some of these cool subscriptions that they get on board with 11 1112 1230 threes, there's 42 you can make one up yourself actually. For more information go to full slash and a little bit ago karma no one's requested it so far today. You've got karma
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All right. Pay attention spot the spook in the DC spook meetup read up reports. JOHN Adam Hey, this is Sir William of West pennsyltucky at the Arlington meetup DC girl named Dr. ITM john adams. tyrolia Crystal Palace. Definitely not. Am I hey, DC girl in the morning.
Unknown: The infamous HL CAD men representing ITM industries and my fly chain. Brian at the Arlington meetup
they're not a douchebag that the Arlington meet up with my gold 33 David from Albemarle County.
Roger the extremely long time douchebag will donate $33 to two DC girls birthday drive. So yeah, de-douche
John: me when you get the time Justin calling from Arlington, Virginia where it's so very spooky. I am able Kirby you can definitely trust me sir Wags in the morning.
Unknown: This is Bongo boy coming to you from the communist state of Maryland. In the double communist county of montgomery county where we have new math mandates all of a sudden, but no one else does. in the morning.
This is Jacob Forgive me father pod father for I've been a douchebag in the Morning Sir Nicholas outside sir Jeff, Senator Duncan,
this is Glenn and this is my first no agenda meetup and I just found out that your sex religion and politics should be treated with pruriens
abstinence and vigilance
Adam: I heard at least five spooks for sure anybody could have all been when they do this like hey, I'm Brian like hey, I'm Bobby like huh? You hear those voices? were that were those were those a pickle factory voices or what?
John: They sound like it Yeah, they had a voice had the right voice like
Adam: you guys had a good time I told you you always hang out with with great people. You'll have no problem. Now everyone has a vow of silence over there. Here's the fine wine with good people meet up report. No. Is this thing on? Oh, yeah, this is Healdsburg, California, right? This is the long awaited Healdsburg meetup report.
John: No Is this thing on? Hello Is this thing on? i'm john.
Unknown: This is the meetup in Healdsburg, fine wine for good people. There's more good people then fine wine. This is Chris
Adam: in the morning. Hi. This is bareness Sarah Rupert, and sector baby violet. dude named Ben named Ben Baron of SF. This is Karen
Unknown: coming from Yosemite. Christy from Morrisville, stoked to be here with good people. This is Emily from Santa Lena. Really happy to be here. Hi, this is Dave from Santa Rosa. I know my wife and my two human resources and Thailand. Jim and maloo from Cameron Park Jerry converts. This is Matthew
Adam: in the morning. This is Justin Healdsburg loving it is live from Daly City. Hi, john Stacy. Sir pepper otzi from the East Bay and shocked by the wine
Unknown: that's here. This is Darren from Windsor and I haven't had fun pills marker donation while where's the guy? This is Marty St. Cross and I came here for a de-douche thing and now I'm all sticky. Yikes. That's true. Any final words? Oh, nope.
Adam: Very good. No agenda meetups, they are global Stuttgart Germany. Come on in
Unknown: sir Kevin. They are gay ricefields checking in from Stuttgart meetup one having a great time. Minneapolis people from Cape Town and Munich just having a blast. So I'm all scarred a Swedish guy. Thank you for Avaya. This is Stefan from suebi in the morning,
how are you john and Adam and all the producers in Vulcan valic must be he has Alec Yes. Okay, great.
David Scott is here once again with Dame Dame in the making Dylan she's gonna be a
editor second meetup in six weeks here so here we go. This is Laura from Stuttgart.
Adam: This is Andre from Stuttgart. Third meetup now having a blast chicken fucking nuggets on my face. Oh, okay. I wasn't expecting that Orlando, Florida. I don't know what's happening there. They seem to be in a very crowded room with poor miking conditions. Luckily only 26 seconds will go again. Morning.
That actually sounded so much like old CB radio. He listened to the static
John: Florida Yeah.
Adam: Everyone blasting over each other.
John: Just have more fun in Florida. I guess. That's what some Gavin Newsome won't address.
Adam: We got Chicago with a written report jazz and Linkin Park, I decided to reinstate the Adam and john had cut outs from the old days. Nice to have you gentlemen join us as there's sir Tony in Chicago. It was very nice. These were these small heads. They were like Zika heads of us but we were there in spirit. And from Edmonton our first meetup in Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta, where the money used to be in over three years was a smashing success. We had a night a dame who drove nearly two hours to be there. Multiple Dutch speakers accused human resource trap baby, and at least 16 awesome producers of all shapes and sizes who enjoyed the opportunity to speak freely without fear of cancellation. Nice. There was a solid interest in making it a semi regular event. So we've already tentatively planned the next meetup for a few months from now. We share our sincere thanks for your promotion of the meetup idea and helping us all make some local connections who might have differing opinions but are willing to find what we do share in common and not let our differences ruin relationships. Yes, don't be hypnotized. Thank you for your courage Levi and sir Eric, who will code for coffee puff. Thank you very much. Sounds like a great report. Here's what's coming up this week, the 18th on Wednesday, the Human Resources kids meet up at six o'clock in Israel bill park in Redlands, California. Then on Thursday showed a Charlotte's Thursday Third Thursday month meetup seven
o'clock at Ed's tavern, and then just looking ahead for the next couple of weeks. But the next Yeah, actually a couple of weeks. I'll do the rest of August 21 Rhode Island's Charleston, South Carolina, Sao Paulo, Brazil Malmo, Punta Gorda, Florida New Braunfels, Texas Adelaide, in Australia, South Australia on the 23rd, Philly 28th Long Beach, California Nelson, British Columbia, Portland, Oregon, San Antonio, Texas and then the 29th of lowlands and Amsterdam. And finally for rounding out August Knoxville, Tennessee on the 30th these are the no agenda meetups these are completely producer organized we do have a great website no agenda meetups calm where you can coordinate it. Everything we're talking about don't get hypnotized. Don't fall into it. Make sure you keep talking with everybody and it can be from all walks of life you'll see it at no agenda meetups calm if you can't find one, start yourself.
John: Sometimes you want to go hang out with all the nice won't be triggered. You wouldn't be like
Adam: my mouth is giving up on me. Like to cite yourself. You can't talk anymore. Your mouth,
John: your mouth, my mouth.
Adam: My mouth has given out amazing and if you can't start one starts to start yourself losing coherence. Help me Jim. Do some ISOs I'll give you my two upfront I only have to look that up. That's a fact. That's Newsome. And this I think is my favorite.
John: Live now.
Adam: dilator Jim Acosta does a nice one.
John: Well, I have look it up. You have
Adam: the same one yet. Yeah, look that up. That's a fact. Okay, so that would seem almost like it's a shoo in. Gotcha. And I actually have Newsome, your heart out in Texas, Florida. No, no, I like this one better. look that up. That's a fact. Yeah, that's kind of that's kind of right there, man. look that up as a fact.
John: Yeah, I wish it was clearer. I mean, there wasn't Mike that press conference poorly miked. You know, it was pathetic. She
Adam: was drunk.
John: Yeah, now she mentioned it that he was obviously drunk. I
Adam: mean, that's what's that's what's going on. I wanted to mention for today's end of show mixes, we have sir Chris Wilson locked down like a dog in Australia. But with a time peace that he created for this time that we're living in. All of these mixes are now starting to become very, I think might be important historical pieces of work in the future. Tom starkweather did a great piece was he titled his flash drive dependent enhancement. And then sound guy Steve came in with some vaccination, proper propagation, no propagation. He says vaccination propagation, okay. Really, you listen to these, like, holy crap, so much has been jammed. And it's amazing that we're still standing, that our MC glows haven't exploded in fiery gust of goo. That's why there's two of us, thank goodness, being I think to take us home.
John: Well, I do have the George Bernard Shaw, I took a clip from him years and years ago, where he was advocating This is during the era of eugenics and the rest of it, he was advocating that people would have to prove their worth to society or should be killed.
Adam: Okay.
John: Yeah. It's hard to hear him because he's his old. It's an old old clip from one user
Adam: explained everyone who George Bernard Shaw, Bernard Shaw is
John: one of the great man of letters. Who wrote it. You know, it's just a playwright. He was a novelist. He was everything. He was the great genius of guy who's considered one of the high end, one of the high end thinkers, the a Shakespeare of
Adam: the era.
John: No, I wouldn't call it but he was very, very important person. Okay. Obviously a douchebag when he lists
Unknown: a number of people who might want to kill and not in any unkind person, but it must be evident to all of you. You must all know half a dozen people at least for our new use in this world for more trouble than they are worth and I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed by Justice, he might come before the income tax commissioners and see every five years or every seven years. Just put him there and see sir or madam. Now we'll be kind enough to justify your things. This is.
Adam: This reminds me ups one of our producers sent me a link to an episode of Seth MacFarlane. Star Trek kind of takeoff Odyssey or something.
John: It whatever it was called.
Adam: I never watched it. But this
John: actually, I watched about five episodes. Did you see one of them was a complete rip off of the Black Mirror episode.
Adam: Yes, that's the one that's the one but it was what was interesting about it, is they go down to earth. And there's the master feed, which of course, you know, resembles Twitter with with a downvotes and upvotes. And everyone has a badge on and and after, you know if you get X amount of downvotes. Or if you do something that people then stream onto the end is accepted to the master feed and they think you're bad. And then everyone start now it's a total spin with the with the television shows, then you have to go as a as a tribunal, you have to do a an apology tour. And during the apology tour, if you can stick within your apology tour under 10 million downvotes. Then you don't have to go to the reprogramming brain fry center. And it's very similar to that and just let have people on television determine if you should be reprogrammed or not. We could that could totally happen here.
John: It's happening now.
Adam: Sadly, I think you're right. Except it's not happening to individuals on a mass scale. Don't let it happen to you keep listening to the no agenda show turn off your television. It's kryptonite for you. We can handle this. We're professionals. Don't try this at home. I think I'm next on no agenda. The Adventures of Nick the rats think that was from earlier this week. Always fun. He doesn't live I think Wednesday nights at least maybe Saturday nights too. wouldn't surprise me guys all over the place. Damn rat. As said end of show mixes sir Chris Wilson Tom starkweather sound guy Steve and I am coming to you from the heart of Texas Hill Country. We are located smack dab in the middle of FEMA Region number six. In the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
John: here from Northern Silicon Valley where I didn't know about us getting f freeing Julian Assange. Where's the news on that poor bastard I'm Jhansi divorce
Adam: we return on Thursday with another edition of your twice a week media deconstruction, please remember us at divorce slash na until Thursday. Ha ha, adios mofos. And such
Australians or should Sha raps life goes with long for free, locked inside homes
John: and flats because the politicians and elites and multi billion
Unknown: have profited from our demise by van stray.
We gave it with our
strike. Now, I know you got to PolitiFact this and I know you gotta find something and go run with it. Literature, this course all of that is in a flash drive that we've presented to you has been given to the Secretary
John: of vaccine appointments available for you? Well, it's not preventing the transmission and still get the virus. If you vaccinate, you can still spread the virus if you're vaccinated. And I have to choose between that career that I've committed to or putting in an experimental
Unknown: drug that I don't know what it's gonna do to me in my body, you need to know the condition is called antibody mediated viral enhancement, because you're mounting antibodies and those antibodies are able to neutralize the
virus. But at the same time, what we are doing is we are putting the virus under tremendous in use selection selection coloration
that it was not until mid December 2020. That variants measurably different behavior emerge. Now, I wonder what took place in December of 2020.
Freedom people who have the vaccine are still able to be infected by this virus, and that virus is still able to replicate inside the data. That's a fact. No vaccine prevents you from getting infection. You get infected you shed pathogen. This is especially true of viral respiratory pathogens.
Adam: Have you wondered about the health effects of forcing kids to breathe through sweat and spin and dirt soap soap drags every single day Coronavirus and
Unknown: all other respiratory viruses they are spread by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through every mass. This is the statement you make. When you think that whatever comes from
the corporate press, the mainstream public health experts his gospel, no one can make this virus go away. Do you know what it's called? When you force your children's wear masks for fear of a virus that poses almost no threat to them? It's called childhood because you want to look up a disease look up Munchausen by proxy, I don't know why that doesn't get more damn attention, and then ask yourself back to normal.
Put simply, propaganda is the dissemination of ideas intended to convince people to think and act in a particular way and for a particular purpose.
New Zealand reporting shows there's been a sharp decline in vaccination ads on television.
The COVID-19 vaccines have been proven safe and effective as a lot of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. So it's critical that you get the facts from sources you can trust. The fact is, the vaccines are safe and effective for sickness and death across our nation. a campaign of shock and awe has begun. It's all of our responsibility to slow the spread of the coronavirus. People you know
and trust are getting vaccinated. The most effective are black women, black women, black women, black women, everyone has to keep everyone else safe.
The vaccines have opened through unmet the necessary safety and quality standards now that every American over the age of 16 is eligible to get the vaccine. I want to talk about you getting yours yet. A vaccine can protect not only you,
but your loved one is safe, safe.
John: COVID vaccines are safe and effective as effective as effect. It's easy, it's free and it cannot change your DNA. The next step on the journey is yours. Our health is worth a shot.
Unknown: I beg the public to take this virus more seriously the ultimate end game of all this is slash and a
John: look that up. That's a fact.
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