Cover for No Agenda Show 1409: Viral Blizzard
December 19th, 2021 • 2h 57m

1409: Viral Blizzard


Every new episode of No Agenda is accompanied by a comprehensive list of shownotes curated by Adam while preparing for the show. Clips played by the hosts during the show can also be found here.

Clips & Documents

Audio Clips
ABC GMA - anchor Victor Oquendo - 3-5 million test a day by Jan-Feb.mp3
ABC GMA3 - anchor Dr Jen Ashton - mild to the individual doesnt mean mild to the population.mp3
ABC GMA3 - anchor T.J. Holmes - Dr Jen Ashton double masking for omicron.mp3
ABC News Live Prime - anchor Deirdre Bolton - Dr Alok Patel some PCR test dont detect the variant.mp3
abortion pill.mp3
Aertists in Afghanistan.mp3
Appeals court backs mandates.mp3
Arirang [SK] - anchor Choi Won-jong - unvaccinated cannot be in groups -eating alone only option.mp3
Artists in Cuba.mp3
BBC Dutch Christmas lockdown.mp3
Biden admin [Nuland] wants to boot Russia out of SWIFT - Bloomberg.mp3
Brits COULD be hit by miserable Xmas lockdown warns Sajid Javid despite PM ruling out restrictions.mp3
Chris Noth allegations.mp3
CNN Smerconish (1) covid for our lifetime -Biden winter of death.mp3
CNN Smerconish (2) De Blasio no recognition of natural immunity.mp3
COVID classic.mp3
COVID test to stay.mp3
Dale Ho vs Kennedy dAD GEN.mp3
Dead migrants story NPR.mp3
HOAX tic tok schools threat.mp3
Holmes update SS.mp3
ISO jerked around.mp3
ISO tahnk you.mp3
JP Morgan ironic fine.mp3
Kenya CitizenTV - anchor Rachael Muigai - omicron symptoms not like delta symptoms.mp3
Kirby on Afghanistan drone attack MSNBC.mp3
M5M report on Kamala Charlemagne whos president dust up.mp3
Maxwell closing 1.mp3
NPR Taliban redux - Would not look at the woman.mp3
Omicron NPR 3 UK.mp3
Omicron NPR 4 EU.mp3
Omicron NPR 5 NYC NPR.mp3
Omicron NPR bad 2.mp3
Omicron NPR bad One.mp3
Osterholem Update - we will see a viral blizzard decend upon the world.mp3
Paid in crypto 2 Tax.mp3
Paid in crypto SS.mp3
Police say smashed jewelry cases mistaken for gunshots at Barton Creek Mall.mp3
Pre holiday Omicron Fear Prn San Diego.mp3
Professor Anne Traum vs Kennedy.mp3
Rob Stine from NPR being optimistic and pessimistic about Omicron MODELS.mp3
Science Friday NPR viagra reduces alzheimers - Causation much.mp3
Scools learning virtually.mp3
Scott Adams -1- Mass Formation - McCullough Exception Ivermectin.mp3
Scott Adams -2- Mass Formation - Its bullshit and I'm an expert.mp3
Scott Adams -3- Mass Formation - The Nazi Tell.mp3
Scott Adams -4- Mass Formation - [1] Social Isolation.mp3
Scott Adams -5- Mass Formation - [2] Depression senseless - ssris bad jobs.mp3
Scott Adams -6- Mass Formation - [3] Free Floating Anxiety MUST be there.mp3
Scott Adams -7- Mass Formation - All wrong HITLER did it Not Mass Formation.mp3
Staffer tries to Save VP Harris from Charlemagne.mp3
Starlink update NPR.mp3
TV -FOX Family Guy Covid PSA - side effects -why do i have to get the vaccine.mp3
TV -HBO And Just Like That - what can I as a straight cis male do....mp3
Viral Blizzard ISO.mp3
Vqaccine three dose 5 year olds.mp3
Woke Teacher Tells Class She's Lesbian.mp3
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