No Agenda Shownotes

The shownotes of No Agenda offer a unique perspective into the current events of every episode, with articles, videos, boots-on-the-ground reports and important documents collected by our producers and curated by Adam before the show starts. They're used by teachers, students and researchers all around the world as a source of information for their work. If you think a piece of media or report needs to be mentioned in the shownotes, send it to Adam.

Throughout the show's lifetime, No Agenda has evolved from being a simple podcast with no ads, no jingles and no agenda, into a community-supported platform for media deconstruction. No Agenda doesn't rely on fancy creator tools like the millennials you see on social media, however, we do rely on a team of tech experts who've created unique tools to make our show possible. One of these tools is the Freedom Controller.

The Freedom Controller was created by Dave Jones at Adam's request as a way to collect and publish the shownotes alongside an episode as an OPML-file. This makes the shownotes not only readable by human resources, but also by machines. Publishing the shownotes in a machine-readable format is an important aspect of our formula as it allows apps to read and use our shownotes for their own experiences, like this website and the search engines made specifically for our shownotes: No Agenda Query, No Agenda Quest and Noagendle. These tools have replaced the Freedom Controller as the primary way to access the shownotes, but have made it an even more important part of our technology stack.

The first episode with shownotes from the Freedom Controller, show 577, was published in December 2013. A full list of shownotes is available at

Lost Shownotes

There were shownotes for older episodes of the show, but those have unfortunately been lost to time and Silicon Valley shutdowns. That's why we stopped depending on big corporations to run our show and fully rely on the value-for-value model.

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