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May 15th, 2022 • 3h 32m

1451: Texas Balls


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Ukraine Russia
Finland Producer - still no back listening to the show. NAS pro Russians probably paid for by FSB wtf
Exclusive: Turkey 'not closing door' to Sweden, Finland NATO entry | Reuters
US Treasury: Russia's war shows need to fight illicit finance
Russia's war in Ukraine is one of the biggest considerations in the U.S. Treasury's latest strategy document outlining how the agency plans to combat significant illicit finance threats to the U.S. financial system.
The agency every two years releases a report with recommendations on how to close gaps that could facilitate terrorist and illicit finance. The report was released Friday and says that Russia's invasion of Ukraine "demonstrates that those seeking to undermine global security and stability are exploiting these same gaps."
“Illicit finance is a major national security threat and nowhere is that more apparent than in Russia’s war against Ukraine, supported by decades of corruption by Russian elites,” said Elizabeth Rosenberg, Treasury’s assistant secretary for terrorist financing.
“We need to close loopholes, work efficiently with international partners, and leverage new technologies to tackle the risks posed by corruption, an increase in domestic violent extremism and the abuse of virtual assets,” Rosenberg said.
Six Week Cycle
Great Reset
Big Pharma
Creepy doctor forms for children
Hi Adam,
So my 11 year son old had his annual check-up last week. Before the pediatrician (who we like and trust) showed up, we had to fill out the usual forms and such. My son, who is a good kid and doesn't want to get into trouble- said, 'Daddy, you can't see my answers". Naturally, I became concerned and looked anyway- here is what was shocking. it reads at the top-
"Please answer the following questions, alone away from your parents or friends, so you can be as honest as possible."
and some really disturbing questions......
16. do you or anyone you live with have a gun or carry a gun around?
19. have you ever had sex (with women, men, or both)?
21. are you or do you ever wonder if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender?
pretty creepy! Just a heads up to other parent to be on the lookout for this kind of stuff.
and now... some tips
most Episcopalian churches have a Saturday night service around 6pm. Usually last less than an hour and no hymns. In and out, baby!
try Gold Bond Medicated power of Phoebe's dry skin. It may help with the itching.
When you get to Charleston, be sure to check out the old Huguenot church. Its really neat, cool history and you might catch a service in French!
The Knight
Baby Formula
WSJ Article on Abbott labs and baby formula
Abbott Provides Infant Formula Update | Abbott Newsroom
The following provides current information on the findings from the investigation, our Sturgis, Mich., facility and supply.
The February voluntary recall involved four complaints of Cronobacter sakazakii — a common environmental bacteria — in infants who consumed infant formulas produced in this plant. Two infants became sick; two tragically passed away.
The facts about what was learned about the cases of Cronobacter have not been widely communicated. After a thorough review of all available data, there is no evidence to link our formulas to these infant illnesses.
It's important to know:
Abbott conducts microbiological testing on products prior to distribution and no Abbott formula distributed to consumers tested positive for Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella.
All finished product testing by Abbott and the FDA during the inspection of the facility came back negative for Cronobacter and/or Salmonella. No Salmonella was found at the Sturgis facility.
The Cronobacter sakazakii that was found in environmental testing during the investigation was in non-product contact areas of the facility and has not been linked to any known infant illness. Specifically:
Genetic sequencing on the two available samples from ill infants did not match strains of Cronobacter in our plant. Samples from ill infants did not match each other, meaning there was no connection between the two cases.
In all four cases, the state, FDA, and/or CDC tested samples of the Abbott formula that was used by the child. In all four cases, all unopened containers tested negative.
Open containers from the homes of the infants were also tested in three of the four cases; two of the three tested negative. The one positive was from an open container from the home of the infant, and it tested positive for two different strains of Cronobacter sakazakii, one of which matched the strain that caused the infant’s infection, and the other matched a strain found on a bottle of distilled water in the home used to mix the formula. Again, neither strain matched strains found in our plant.
The infants consumed four different types of our formula made over the course of nearly a year and the illnesses took place over several months in three different states.
Regarding the status of our work to reopen Sturgis:
The FDA concluded its inspection with a 483 letter to Abbott on March 18. This is a list of observations that point out where Abbott did not follow our processes and where we can improve our systems and protocols.
Mandates & Boosters
666 Days
Adam, check this out...
The mask mandate in the province of Quebec, Canada was initiated on July 18, 2020 by Quebec Premier Francois Legault - who, you may recall, famously flashed a 666 hand symbol during one of his early coronavirus press conferences. The mask mandate ends tomorrow on May 14, 2022.
The mask mandate was in effect for exactly 666 days.
You cannot make this shit up even if you tried.
We are at war with some very sick people.
Calgary, Alberta
Climate Change
Ministry of Truthiness
The Purge
"Ultras" etemology
In Central and Eastern European term ‘ultras’ refers to hardcore football fans of any given club. In English I would describe them as Hooligans.
They often get into fights during the matches and what is most interesting, these groups tend to have strong neo nazi element.
Neo nazis and general proper right wing extremism is sizable issue here in Slovakia, with much of the true believers for these groups stemming from ultras gangs.
Yours truly,
@DineshDSouza film “2000 Mules” grossed more revenue on Locals & Rumble than any other medium for his film, including the box office.
Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats
Summary: View help for Summary We tested the fixity of political preferences of 136 healthy males during the 2011 U.S. presidential election season by administering synthetic testosterone or placebo to participants who had identified the strength of their political affiliation. Before the testosterone treatment, we found that weakly affiliated Democrats had 19% higher basal testosterone than those who identified strongly with the party (p=0.015). When weakly affiliated Democrats received additional testosterone, the strength of their party fell by 12% (p=.01) and they reported 45% warmer feelings towards Republican candidates for president (p < 0.001). Our results demonstrate that testosterone induces a “red shift" among weakly-affiliated Democrats. This effect was associated with improved mood. No effects were found of testosterone administration for strongly affiliated Democrats or strong or weak Republicans. Our findings provide evidence that neuroactive hormones affect political preferences.
Ros v Wade
War on Drug
1970's REDUX
1970's immaculate reception
So Raiders-Steelers on Christmas Eve comes 50 years + one day after the Immaculate Reception. Serendipitous how this came together, because this is a standings-based game. So it would not have happened had the Raiders lost the 272nd game to the Chargers last season
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell confirmed by Senate for a second term
Sun, 15 May 2022 17:26
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks at a news conference following a Federal Open Market Committee meeting on May 04, 2022 in Washington, DC. Powell announced the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates by a half-percentage point to combat record high inflation.
Win Mcnamee | Getty Images
As he and his colleagues engage in a bruising inflation battle, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell found out Thursday that he will be serving another term.
The Senate voted 80-19 to give Powell a second four-year run at the central bank's helm, ending a long-delayed vote that has been stewing since President Joe Biden nominated the 69-year-old former investment banker back in November.
Delays had come as senators deliberated over other nominees Biden had made for the central bank. Sarah Bloom Raskin withdrew her name following controversy over her appointment, while Lisa Cook and Philip Jefferson were only recently confirmed as governors.
"Chairman Powell's leadership has helped spur economic growth while preserving the best capitalized banking system in American history," Sen. Patrick Toomey, the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, said in a statement.
In choosing Powell, Biden picks a policymaker first put in the position by President Donald Trump, who proceeded to mock the chair and his fellow policymakers as "boneheads" when they increased interest rates.
Powell then found himself in the middle of one of the nation's gravest crises when Covid-19 raged into a global pandemic in March 2020.
He orchestrated a series of maneuvers aimed at pulling the nation out of its steepest downturn in history, using a blend of lending and market-boosting programs combined with slashing interest rates to near-zero and instituting a bond-buying program that would explode the Fed's holdings to $9 trillion.
More recently, Powell and the Fed have faced another crisis '-- the worst inflation surge since the early 1980s, with price increases running at more than 8% annually for the past two months. Powell has faced some criticism for moving too slowly to address the threat, though the Fed last week raised benchmark rates by half a percentage point, the most aggressive move in 22 years.
In a rare digression last week, Powell addressed the public directly and said the Fed is deeply committed to bringing prices down and will use all the tools at its disposal to do so.
President Xi 'suffering from deadly brain aneurysm' as he faces coup over devastating Covid lockdowns, reports claim
Sun, 15 May 2022 17:20
RED ALERT 12:30, 13 May 2022 Updated : 16:04, 13 May 2022 PRESIDENT Xi Jinping is suffering from a deadly brain aneurysm, reports claim - as he faces a coup over China's devastating Covid lockdowns.
The Chinese president, 68, reportedly wanted to be treated with traditional medicine rather than undergo major surgery after he was rushed to hospital.
Chinese President Xi Jinping is said to have suffered a deadly brain aneurysm Credit: AP 3
China's President Xi Jinping, left, and Premier Li Keqiang are said to be split on the future of the economy Credit: AFP or licensors 3
Xi has enforced has a zero-Covid policy, imposing harsh lockdowns across huge areas of the country Credit: GettyAccording to news agency ANI, Xi suffered the "cerebral aneurysm" at the end of 2021.
Rumours about the state of Xi's health have been swirling for years, with fresh speculation sparked by his unexplained absence from the Beijing Winter Olympics.
In March 2019, during a visit to Italy and France, Xi was spotted with a noticeable limp and needing help while trying to sit down.
And addressing the public in Shenzhen in October 2020 - at the height of the Covid pandemic - observers noted his slow speech and coughing.
Fears of a coup over Xi's extreme Covid lockdown measures have also been mounting.
Instead of learning to live with the virus, the totalitarian regime's response to the pandemic is to instead aim to have zero cases with tightly shut borders, mass testing and sweeping quarantines.
China's brutal strategy sees extreme restrictions imposed on towns and cities with just a handful of infections, with entire buildings sealed off even if only one case has been recorded as those who test positive are shipped off to horror quarantine camps.
And this week, the Politburo Standing Committee warned people not to question the strict policies that have locked down cities across the country.
At the same time, Premier Li Keqiang sounded the alarm over China's "complicated and grave" employment situation in China caused by the lockdown measures.
Small businesses have suffered, with 4.37million closing in China while only 1.32milion new ones registered, according to Tianyancha, a business data and investigation platform.
But the mixed messages from China's government chiefs has raised questions over whether there's a split brewing at the top as question marks hang over how sustainable Xi's hardline strategy is.
Xi and Li were once considered rivals for the top job, Bloomberg reports.
Richard McGregor, author of the The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, said: "It is probably a stretch to say that Xi and Li are personally at loggerheads, but their statements do represent divergent views within the system on Covid and its impact.
"China is reaching the point where the need for a genuine debate about whether the price being paid for further lockdowns is worth the economic damage."
Experts have already claimed Xi could be ousted by rivals fed up with the country's regime within the next 18 months.
Roger Garside - author of China Coup: The Great Leap to Freedom - said Xi will be booted out by internal opponents within the Chinese Communist Party in a coup in Beijing.
'HEAVY COSTS'The former diplomat believes the main threat to Xi will come from "within the top ranks" of the Communist Party.
He said China's zero-Covid policy could be Xi's undoing as his overblown strategy has "locked the country into isolation" from the rest of the world.
Mr Garside believes the Communist regime has backed China into a corner as its drastic zero-tolerance approach could "implode upon them or cause a political crisis".
He said the hardline policy could inflict "heavy costs" on China's economy and society as citizens grapple with fast-spreading outbreaks and unemployment as businesses are forced to close.
He told The Sun Online: "It is conceivable that their Covid-19 strategy will implode upon them or cause a political crisis."Already in 2017, a top Chinese official claimed several top members of the Communist Party were plotting to seize power from Xi.
It led to a corruption crackdown which saw the arrests of three party members, BBC reported.
A health chief also claimed Xi could be overthrown if scientists proved Covid escaped from a Wuhan lab.
Jamie Metzl told LBC last year: "In China, if it was absolutely proven, I think there is a real chance Xi Jinping could be overthrown.
"There would be claims for reparations around the world against China.
"It would be a massive geopolitical blow to that country.
"Just think of the anger of everyone around the world who has lost a spouse, a child, parents, would feel."
Abbott Provides Infant Formula Update | Abbott Newsroom
Sun, 15 May 2022 17:03
Since the recall, one of our priorities has been to mitigate the supply issues. In particular we've been focusing on production in our Cootehill, Ireland, facility to serve state Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) consumers. Abbott has been working with the USDA and WIC agencies and paying rebates on competitive products in states where Abbott holds the WIC contract, when Similac is not available. Abbott will continue to pay rebates for competitive products through August 31. This means program participants will continue to be able to obtain formula, free of charge whether it is Similac or formula from another manufacturer.
We know that the recall has worsened the industry-wide infant formula shortage, and we have been working to get as much product into the hands of parents as we can. Since February:
We've air shipped millions of cans of infant formula powder into the U.S. from our FDA-registered facility in Cootehill, Ireland.We have prioritized infant formula production at our Columbus, Ohio, facility, converting other liquid manufacturing lines into manufacturing Similac liquid ready-to-feed. We are offering an increased number and value of coupons available for all our infant formula products, including Similac ready-to-feed, to enable customers to purchase formula, either free or deeply discounted.And our other manufacturing facilities are running at full capacity as we continue to prioritize production of infant formula to help replenish the supply in the market.At the same time, we have been working to address the FDA's 483 observations so we can restart operations at the Sturgis, Mich., facility. We immediately began implementing corrective actions and subject to FDA approval, we could restart our Sturgis, Mich., site within two weeks.
We are confident that we can continue to produce safe, high-quality infant formula at all of our facilities as we have been doing for millions of babies around the world for decades.
May 11, 2022
The following provides current information on the findings from the investigation, our Sturgis, Mich., facility and supply.
The February voluntary recall involved four complaints of Cronobacter sakazakii '-- a common environmental bacteria '-- in infants who consumed infant formulas produced in this plant. Two infants became sick; two tragically passed away.
The facts about what was learned about the cases of Cronobacter have not been widely communicated. After a thorough review of all available data, there is no evidence to link our formulas to these infant illnesses.
It's important to know:
Abbott conducts microbiological testing on products prior to distribution and no Abbott formula distributed to consumers tested positive for Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella.All finished product testing by Abbott and the FDA during the inspection of the facility came back negative for Cronobacter and/or Salmonella. No Salmonella was found at the Sturgis facility.The Cronobacter sakazakii that was found in environmental testing during the investigation was in non-product contact areas of the facility and has not been linked to any known infant illness. Specifically:Genetic sequencing on the two available samples from ill infants did not match strains of Cronobacter in our plant. Samples from ill infants did not match each other, meaning there was no connection between the two cases.In all four cases, the state, FDA, and/or CDC tested samples of the Abbott formula that was used by the child. In all four cases, all unopened containers tested negative.Open containers from the homes of the infants were also tested in three of the four cases; two of the three tested negative. The one positive was from an open container from the home of the infant, and it tested positive for two different strains of Cronobacter sakazakii, one of which matched the strain that caused the infant's infection, and the other matched a strain found on a bottle of distilled water in the home used to mix the formula. Again, neither strain matched strains found in our plant.The infants consumed four different types of our formula made over the course of nearly a year and the illnesses took place over several months in three different states.Regarding the status of our work to reopen Sturgis:
The FDA concluded its inspection with a 483 letter to Abbott on March 18. This is a list of observations that point out where Abbott did not follow our processes and where we can improve our systems and protocols.
We take this very seriously and we responded to the 483 on April 8. Even before our formal response, we had begun working to address these issues, implement improvements and take corrective action. Some of these actions have included reviewing and updating education, training and safety procedures for both employees and visitors, as well as updating our protocols regarding water and cleaning and maintenance procedures at the facility. We immediately implemented corrections to address the items the FDA raised in the 483. We've also been making upgrades to the plant, including installing nonporous, easily cleanable and sanitary floors.
We know the recall has worsened an already existing industry-wide infant formula shortage in the U.S. and we've been seeing and hearing the stress and despair of parents who are facing empty shelves. We deeply regret the situation and since the recall, we've been working to increase supply at our other FDA-registered facilities, including bringing in Similac from our site in Cootehill, Ireland, by air and producing more liquid Similac and Alimentum. We also began releasing metabolic formulas that were on hold earlier this month at FDA's request to those who need these unique formulas.
We understand the situation is urgent '' getting Sturgis up and running will help alleviate this shortage. Subject to FDA approval, we could restart the site within two weeks. We would begin production of EleCare, Alimentum and metabolic formulas first and then begin production of Similac and other formulas. From the time we restart the site, it will take six to eight weeks before product is available on shelves.
Apr.15, 2022
Our Efforts to Address Infant Formula Supply
Millions of parents rely on our formula to feed their babies. And we know that our recent recall caused additional stress and anxiety in an already challenging situation of a global supply shortage. We are working hard to help moms, dads and caregivers get the high-quality nutrition they need for their babies.
Abbott is working closely with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to restart operations at the Sturgis, Mich., facility. We continue to make progress on corrective actions and will be implementing additional actions as we work toward addressing items related to the recent recall. In the meantime, we are working to increase the supply of infant formula by prioritizing infant formula production at our facilities that provide product to the U.S. market.
Shipping Formula From Cootehill, Ireland
We have an FDA-registered plant in Cootehill, Ireland, where we've increased the volume of Similac Advance powder formula produced for the U.S. We're air-shipping product from this facility into the U.S. daily and the product is being restocked regularly.
Our Cootehill team sources ingredients from approximately 1,000 dairy farms in the local area. Following stringent quality and safety processes, each batch of infant formula undergoes extensive quality checks before it reaches stores.
Prioritizing Infant Formula Production in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio, is the headquarters for Abbott's U.S. nutrition business and is home to one of our five manufacturing facilities that produce infant formula for the U.S. market. At this facility we've made significant changes to ensure we can prioritize production of Similac Ready-to-Feed liquid formula, a product that can be used directly from the bottle. In the second quarter of the year, we expect to produce nearly three times more Similac Ready-to-Feed liquid formula than we did during the same period of time last year. And this product will be available on retail shelves and online soon.
Across the U.S., we're prioritizing production of infant formula products to help replenish the supply in the market. And, this year, we will more than double the amount of Similac Advance powder formula we're bringing in from our manufacturing facility in Cootehill, Ireland.
We are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure parents and caregivers have what they need to feed their babies. And we're always focused on what we can do to continue to serve our customers. We will continue to work closely with the FDA to implement corrective actions at the Michigan facility.
We know getting your baby high-quality infant formula is your priority '-- it is ours too.
March 22, 2022
Abbott Update On Powder Formula Recall
We are currently reviewing the FDA's observations as provided in its Form 483 from its inspection of our powder formula manufacturing in our Sturgis, Mich., facility. We're taking this very seriously and are working closely with the FDA to implement corrective actions.
While there are actions we need to take to address the FDA observations, it is important to note that no Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella was found in any of our testing of products distributed to consumers. Additionally, the unique genetic makeup of the Cronobacter sakazakii microbes found in non-product contact areas at the Sturgis facility did not match the Cronobacter sakazakii microbes from the reported cases. This follows the FDA's removal of the Salmonella case from its investigation earlier this month.
Our Commitment to Industry-leading Quality and Safety
Abbott is committed to upholding the highest standards for manufacturing of all nutrition products. We have already begun implementing corrective actions and enhancements at the facility, leveraging new technology and strengthening our processes, to give parents and customers renewed confidence in the quality of manufacturing at our Sturgis plant when we restart operations there. Our actions include:
Consulting with industry experts to implement the latest technological advancements in food manufacturing processes, including a 3D augmented reality system, which will provide a clearer visualization of product as it moves through the facility, enhancing Abbott's ability to make informed decisions (including remotely) during the manufacturing processIncreasing our finished product testing, which already meets or exceeds regulatory requirementsImplementing auto sampling technology throughout the manufacturing line to further enhance the speed with which any potential manufacturing issues are identified Enhancing the environmental monitoring program by increasing the sampling of non-product contact areas by two to three timesEnhancing electronic records to provide immediate real-time information for each batchHow We're Addressing Supply Issues
We know there are constraints in infant formula supply and we're taking action to help address this. We have a global manufacturing and supply network we're leveraging to better meet demand and increased production at an FDA-registered facility in Europe and are air freighting in Similac Advance infant formula powder. Our other U.S. plants continue to supply infant formula to the market and we're prioritizing some production from other liquid nutritional products to Similac. Actions we're taking to address supply include:
Increasing production of Similac formulas at our other FDA-registered facilitiesBringing Similac Advance into the U.S. from an FDA-registered manufacturing site in Europe, including daily shipments by air of productPrioritizing some production of other Abbott liquid products to Similac and Alimentum to make more ready-to-feed liquid formula availableWorking with USDA and state agencies to provide authorization for parents who get formula from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) with other Similac products at no cost, including for other manufacturers' productsContacting other manufacturers to provide information regarding supply constraints for specialty formulas so they can address the demandEngaging with healthcare providers to identify potential alternative formulas, whenever we canInvesting in additional manufacturing of specialty products for infants who can't tolerate standard formula productsWe know that millions of parents and caregivers around the world count on our formulas to feed their babies and children and we are doing everything possible to address this situation.
Guest shares suspicion of what caused mysterious death of three Americans at Bahama resort
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:56
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An American man who's been staying at the building adjacent to the one where three American vacationers in the Bahamas died mysteriously this week may have an explanation for what happened.
As previously reported, three Americans mysteriously died of convulsions at the luxury all-inclusive Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in the Bahamas on Friday, and a fourth was hospitalized after an unknown ''health emergency'' suddenly occurred.
In a Facebook post published sometime after news of the deaths broke, a man named Chris Coucheron-Aamot, who described himself as a fellow vacationer situated in the building adjacent to where the deaths occurred, suggested a ''fault'' with the unit's air conditioner had caused the deaths and ''health emergency.''
''Three of our neighbors in the building right next to us died and a fourth was airlifted in critical condition early yesterday. There was crime scene tape and security guards all around our unit. It sounds like it may have been a fault with the a/c in the unit, causing a toxic coolant leak,'' he wrote.
(Source: Daily Mail)To be clear, there's been no confirmation that this is true, as an investigation is reportedly currently underway.
Bahamian Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper reportedly said Friday that he's been ''advised that foul play is not suspected.''
What's known is that air conditioners use a refrigerant known as Freon, and a leak of Freon into the air can be deadly.
''Breathing air that is contaminated with Freon can cause respiratory difficulties, organ damage and, in some cases, death. Symptoms can vary depending on the extent of the Freon exposure, but even a small amount of exposure can cause serious symptoms in humans,'' according to Comfort Solutions HVAC, an HVAC contractor based in Pennsylvania.
''Mild symptoms of Freon exposure include excitability, dizziness, changes in heart rate and headaches. The lining of the throat or nose may become irritated, and the throat may swell. Pain in any exposed mucous membranes, such as the mouth, throat or eyes, is common after exposure. These symptoms can occur within minutes. More serious symptoms can occur after prolonged exposure.''
What's also known is that the identities of one of the deceased victims, Vincent Chiarella, and the surviving victim, Donnis Chiarella, have been revealed to ABC News by their devastated son, Austin Chiarella.
''Vincent Chiarella, who was in his mid-60s, was staying in the Bahamas with his wife, Donnis Chiarella, for their anniversary, their son said,'' according to ABC News.
''Donnis Chiarella, who is also in her mid-60s, was the fourth victim who survived, Austin Chiarella said. She is being airlifted to Kendall Regional facility in Florida and should arrive late Saturday afternoon, he said.''
According to Austin, his mother woke up Friday morning unable to move.
''She woke up and my dad was laying there on the floor, and she couldn't move. Her legs and arms was swollen and she couldn't move and she screamed to get someone to come in the door,'' he said.
She'd reportedly fallen ill the day before but ''thought she was alright'' after she was released from a local clinic.
Austin's mother has since been transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital in New Providence. It remains unclear if she'll recover or remain paralyzed for life.
JUST IN: The air ambulance carrying an American woman who is being transported to Princess Margaret Hospital from Exuma, touched down in New Providence just after 7pm today.
Sandals Emerald Bay officials in Exuma released a statement confirming that three other guests had died.
'-- Our News Bahamas (@OurNewsRev) May 7, 2022
The last time a major set of Freon-related deaths occurred was in 2018, when a family in India died as a result of a malfunctioning air conditioner.
''Three members of a family died in Chennai on Monday after they inhaled a gas that came out of a malfunctioning air conditioner. '... Their neighbours called the police after the family that included a 35-year-old man, his wife and son didn't come out for a long time. The police broke open the door and found the bodies,'' NDTV reported at the time.
''The family lived in Thiruvalluvar Nagar at Koyambedu in the city. Initial investigation revealed that the couple had turned on the inverter on Monday night as there was a power cut in the area. '... The power supply was restored around midnight, but the couple and the child died.''
Poisonous gas from air condtioner kills 3 members of Chennai family
'-- NDTV (@ndtv) October 2, 2018
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Exclusive: Turkey 'not closing door' to Sweden, Finland NATO entry | Reuters
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:55
Ibrahim Kalin, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman and chief foreign policy adviser, speaks during an interview with Reuters in Istanbul, Turkey May 14, 2022. REUTERS/Murad Sezer
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comFinland wants to join NATOSweden expected to follow suit in bid to join allianceTurkey wants its security concerns to be consideredISTANBUL, May 14 (Reuters) - Turkey has not shut the door to Sweden and Finland joining NATO but wants negotiations with the Nordic countries and a clampdown on what it sees as terrorist activities especially in Stockholm, President Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman said on Saturday.
"We are not closing the door. But we are basically raising this issue as a matter of national security for Turkey," Ibrahim Kalin, who is also the president's top foreign policy advisor, told Reuters in an interview in Istanbul.
Erdogan surprised NATO members and the two Nordic countries seeking membership by saying on Friday it was not possible for Turkey to support enlarging the alliance because Finland and Sweden were "home to many terrorist organisations".
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comAny country seeking to join the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance needs the unanimous support of the members of the military alliance. The United States and other member states have been trying to clarify Ankara's position. read more
Sweden and its closest military partner, Finland, have until now remained outside NATO, which was founded in 1949 to counter the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The two countries are wary of antagonising their large neighbour but their security concerns have increased since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. read more
Stockholm is widely expected to follow Helsinki's lead and could apply for entry to the 30-nation military alliance as early as Monday. read more
Kalin said the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) - designated a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the United States and the European Union - was fund-raising and recruiting in Europe and its presence is "strong and open and acknowledged" in Sweden in particular.
"What needs to be done is clear: they have to stop allowing PKK outlets, activities, organisations, individuals and other types of presence to...exist in those countries," Kalin said.
"NATO membership is always a process. We will see how things go. But this is the first point that we want to bring to the attention of all the allies as well as to Swedish authorities," he added. "Of course we want to have a discussion, a negotiation with Swedish counterparts."
'MUTUAL POINT OF VIEW'Turkey, the second-largest military in NATO, has officially supported enlargement since it joined the U.S.-led alliance 70 years ago.
For years it has criticised Sweden and other European countries for their handling of organisations deemed terrorists by Turkey, including the followers of U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.
Article 5 of NATO's founding treaty says an attack on any NATO country should be seen as an attack on all. While Sweden and Finland have long had close relations with NATO, they are not covered by its security guarantee.
Turkey has criticised Russia's invasion, helped arm Ukraine - which is not in NATO - and tried to facilitate talks between the sides but opposes sanctions on Moscow. It wants NATO "to address the concerns of all members, not just some," Kalin said.
Asked whether Turkey risked being too transactional at a time of war, and when Finnish and Swedish public opinion favours NATO membership, he said: "One hundred percent of our population is very upset with the PKK and FETO (Gulenist) presence in Europe."
"If they (Finland and Sweden) have a public concerned about their own national security, we have a public that is equally concerned about our own security," he said. "We have to see this from a mutual point of view."
Kalin said Russia's sharp criticism of Finland and Sweden over their plans was not a factor in Turkey's position.
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Why I'm Running for Austin City Council | by Aaron Velazquez Webman (Candidate ATX District 5) | Apr, 2022 | Medium
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:54
I'm running for city council in Austin's 5th district.
I'm a filmmaker, attorney, and entrepreneur. I've always been passionate about policy and history, but I never imagined I would run for political office because the process is undeniably gross.
Our city is on the precipice of historic heights or dangerous failure, and the outcome will largely be determined by a handful of career-politicians lacking in real-world experience and who most Austinites don't even know exist.
Frankly, I was more than a little reluctant to throw my hat into this race. I avoided announcing because I was turned-off by the idea of being a politician, but after thinking about it for several months, I realized I would feel somewhat cowardly if I didn't choose action over apathy.
Given the failure of other rapid-growth cities that were ruined by career politicians, it is clear that, here in Austin, non-professional politicians with proper and sincere incentives need to get involved with city governance.
We desperately need non-tribal sanity at city hall.
My District (District 5)
As you can see from this map, the district is hilariously huge. D5 ranges from the Colorado River near Barton Springs to Buda.
Why I'm Running
My wife and I have a very real stake in Austin's future because:
Our children were born in Austin. We want to raise them here and, one day, we'd like our grandchildren to be raised here;We love the sense of community;We love its creative and artistic backbone;We love how it's not as transactional as other major US cities; andWe love that its optimistic spirit of building and dreaming has warded off the hopeless nihilism that has come to dominate a significant percentage of the western world.We feel a sense of duty to fight to keep it healthy. We can't leave the vital task of guiding Austin's rapidly expanding future in the hands of career politicians who are motivated only if it serves their political advancement. We need government officials, but we can't forget that they are our public servants. We are not their subjects.
Career politicians are not incentivized to pass the best policy. They're incentivized to pass the policy that looks the best so that they may remain in power for as long as possible.
To be clear, this is not a left vs. right issue. This is a broken incentive structure and incompetence issue.
I am not a career politician and I have zero desire to run for office beyond this city council election. I want to win this election so I can make a sincere effort, devoid of any grander political ambitions, to improve the city's approach to issues such as infrastructure, transparency, zoning, safety, and community, to name a few. I want to win this election so I can focus on what this city needs instead of what my political career may need.
How You Can Help
This is the part of politics that is the most uncomfortable for me so far. To win in politics, you have to raise money. Money funds the campaigning plans highlighted above.
For this election, the maximum donation is $400 ($800 per couple so no special higher maximum for couples). We would greatly appreciate any amount you are comfortable with.
My goal is to win and bring sanity to the city. Not to feel proud of myself for every decision I make along the way.
Thank you for your support!
Aaron Velazquez Webman
Calling a man bald counts as sexual harassment, UK judge rules
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:26
A U.K. employment tribunal argued that the use of the word "bald" as an insult related to a "protected characteristic of sex."
Michellegibson | E+ | Getty Images
Calling a man bald can now be classed as sexual harassment, a U.K. employment tribunal judge has ruled.
Three members of the tribunal who decided on the ruling, and alluded to their own experience of hair loss, said that baldness was more prevalent in men than women. Therefore, they argued that the use of the word "bald" as an insult related to a "protected characteristic of sex."
The tribunal compared calling a man bald to commenting on the size of woman's breasts, based on a 1995 case.
The ruling, published Wednesday, was made on a case where the insult was alleged to have been used against Tony Finn, while he worked as an electrician for the British Bung Manufacturing Company.
Finn had worked at the company, which manufactures wooden cask closures for the brewing industry, in Yorkshire in the northeast of England, for nearly 24 years. He was fired last year and the circumstances around his dismissal were also part of the case.
Finn claimed that he was called a "bald c---" and was also threatened by his shift supervisor, Jamie King, in a dispute in July 2019.
The tribunal determined that using this insult was a "violation against the claimant's [Finn] dignity, it created an intimidating ... environment for him, it was done for that purpose, and it related to the claimant's sex."
The tribunal members also suggested that it was not the use of profanities that was the issue, with Finn also having being found to use such language in the workplace: "Although, as we find, industrial language was commonplace on this West Yorkshire factory floor, in our judgment Mr King crossed the line by making remarks personal to the claimant about his appearance."
Finn is set to receive compensation on the tribunal's ruling, though the amount had not yet been determined.
Check out: Spain to reportedly offer three days of menstrual leave every month
/pol/ - just 20 mins ago I just witnessed a mass shooting - Politically Incorrect - 4chan
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:13
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:52:01 No.377605335 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:52:01 No.377605335 just 20 mins ago I just witnessed a mass shooting at a tops supermarket live on twitch with like 20 other viewers. i had opened the stream just a few seconds before he opened fire, and the stream lasted about 30 seconds after that. i saw at least 6 people shot.all i have is this link and this screenshot which was the last frame of the stream as it went down. there were only 20 viewers i doubt ill ever see a clip of it, unless someone knows how to download stiff from twitch.
does anyone know anything about this event.>>
Anonymous (ID: Rki0I1CM ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:53:44 No.377605520 Anonymous (ID: Rki0I1CM ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:53:44 No.377605520 >>377605335I've never heard of tops supermarket.>>
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:54:45 No.377605637 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:54:45 No.377605637 i was told by another viewer that he was dressed in full military gear and was driving around for about 15 mins scoping the place out. thats pretty much all i know>>
Anonymous (ID: 1Tac5h/a ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:55:07 No.377605683 Anonymous (ID: 1Tac5h/a ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:55:07 No.377605683 >>377605335big if true>>
Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:55:23 No.377605710 Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:55:23 No.377605710 >>377605335Channel doesn't exist, you're full of shit>>
Anonymous (ID: pRoO1onj ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:55:23 No.377605711 Anonymous (ID: pRoO1onj ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:55:23 No.377605711 Welp just wait until the news report tomorrow and we'll read more.I saw when he got out of his car and shot the person by the anteroom/vestibule/front glass entry room. I literally clicked in at the perfect time - saw a good minute or two of him finding where to park, only to pull out and leave his car in front of the store. Then I clicked off, reloaded the stream, and saw him make his way inside for about 40 seconds before the stream froze. Somebody's possibly recorded that.
It looked like a Tops supermarket. He was definitely in a grocery store because he was taking cover behind a cardboard stand of chips.
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:56:18 No.377605814 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:56:18 No.377605814 >>377605520 > Tops Friendly Markets is an American supermarket chain based in Amherst, New York that operates stores in New York, Vermont and Northern Pennsylvania. ... The chain formerly operated stores in Ohio and Massachusetts. so im guessing this was in NY, VT or PA.
Anonymous (ID: /+yuPKhY ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:56:54 No.377605892 Anonymous (ID: /+yuPKhY ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:56:54 No.377605892 >>377605335no past broadcasts>>
Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:58:52 No.377606162 Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:58:52 No.377606162 >>377605335>>377605637Dude was driving around ~5 minutes when I joined pussy footing trying to hype himself up for it, before he said something along the lines of "Guess I gotta just do it" before getting out his car and walking in. At that point I clicked off.
Anonymous (ID: IKNEN2za ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:58:56 No.377606167 Anonymous (ID: IKNEN2za ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:58:56 No.377606167 >>377605710The channel exists for me I dunno what your talking about>>
Anonymous (ID: 91NhhFHy ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:59:10 No.377606194 Anonymous (ID: 91NhhFHy ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:59:10 No.377606194 >>377605335His manifestohttps://drive[DOT]>>
Anonymous (ID: mclecFF2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:59:26 No.377606229 Anonymous (ID: mclecFF2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)14:59:26 No.377606229 >>377605335Shooter identified>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:00 No.377606288 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:00 No.377606288 >>377606229So stale.>>
Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:14 No.377606321 Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:14 No.377606321 >>377605683It is, I was one of the 20 viewers.>>
Anonymous (ID: hzdEZL9/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:33 No.377606355 Anonymous (ID: hzdEZL9/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:33 No.377606355 >>377605710Retard.>>
Anonymous (ID: Lgfeuir4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:36 No.377606359 Anonymous (ID: Lgfeuir4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:36 No.377606359 why would you shoot up a supermarket?fucking psychos>>
Anonymous (ID: B/obIp3h ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:36 No.377606362 Anonymous (ID: B/obIp3h ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:00:36 No.377606362 >>377605335dude this is the best bait ive ever fucking seen on this site in a while. >Asmongold >Hasan >Shroud >Fucking Amouranth hottub I miss good bait like this, catch some big ones.
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:01:03 No.377606426 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:01:03 No.377606426 some news coming in
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:01 No.377606542 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:01 No.377606542 >>377606362i normally never watch twitch. these are probably the default suggestions to users with no history.>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:02 No.377606547 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:02 No.377606547 >>377606362Looks like your a homosexual and wrong. Off to Reddit with you.>>
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:11 No.377606564 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:11 No.377606564 I searched his username on google and this popped up kek.>>
Anonymous (ID: cOEhOAAN ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:24 No.377606593 Anonymous (ID: cOEhOAAN ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:24 No.377606593 >be american >get shot >>
Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:29 No.377606599 Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:29 No.377606599 >>377606359Dude was in full /k/ommando gear, chubby mexican(?) dude in glasses, kept on hyping himself up, took the first turn, hyped himself more, then walked out of his and started shooting.>>
Anonymous (ID: Esbtyba4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:43 No.377606623 Anonymous (ID: Esbtyba4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:43 No.377606623 >>377606359To scare people like you. Seems like it's working.>>
Anonymous (ID: qOYXMDIu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:47 No.377606634 Anonymous (ID: qOYXMDIu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:47 No.377606634 >>377606194someone gimmie the qrd>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:57 No.377606655 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:02:57 No.377606655 >>377605335im sure you download the video before it got deleted right anon>>
Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:05 No.377606672 Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:05 No.377606672 Did literally no one archive shit?>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:14 No.377606687 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:14 No.377606687 >>377606194NO ONE WILL BAN YOU IF YOU POST THE LINK NORMALLY YOU FAGGGOT>>
Anonymous (ID: B/obIp3h ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:19 No.377606697 Anonymous (ID: B/obIp3h ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:19 No.377606697 >>377606542ah yes my mistake>>377606547faggot if that dude was following any of those its peak reddit, I missed the recommendations part.
Anonymous (ID: NZeyiu6u ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:58 No.377606766 Anonymous (ID: NZeyiu6u ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:03:58 No.377606766 >>377605520It's a fag market>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:01 No.377606773 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:01 No.377606773 >>377606634fake, it's not his manifesto>>
Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:12 No.377606800 Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:12 No.377606800 >>377606599out of his car*>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:18 No.377606815 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:18 No.377606815 >>377605335It's quiet.... Too quiet>>
Anonymous (ID: HGi05uLE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:20 No.377606820 Anonymous (ID: HGi05uLE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:20 No.377606820 >20+ viewers >none of them thought to record >>
Anonymous (ID: KxnBUhNP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:32 No.377606843 Anonymous (ID: KxnBUhNP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:32 No.377606843 >>377606288You're stale nigger!!>>377606229Ahem, he can't keep getting away with it.
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:51 No.377606878 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:51 No.377606878 Nigga who got the recording>>
Anonymous (ID: iO5u9ZOG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:55 No.377606889 Anonymous (ID: iO5u9ZOG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:04:55 No.377606889 why are americans like this? What kind of retard shoots up a supermarket?I can understand shooting politicians, but this is so fucking retarded it hurts>>
Anonymous (ID: 3u4+AnWO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:00 No.377606901 Anonymous (ID: 3u4+AnWO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:00 No.377606901 >>377605335 >tops supermarket that sounds like some dumb british store
>me and me mates goin' Tops. we's gonna buy bangers an' mash and I luvs me queen stupid fookin brits
Anonymous (ID: pRoO1onj ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:32 No.377606956 Anonymous (ID: pRoO1onj ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:32 No.377606956 >>377606362Oh yeah, totally bait.
Anonymous (ID: ECn91E9k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:39 No.377606963 Anonymous (ID: ECn91E9k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:39 No.377606963 >>377606194 >google drive upload it somewhere else faggot
Anonymous (ID: hH63E+iE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:43 No.377606980 Anonymous (ID: hH63E+iE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:43 No.377606980 >>377606359 >why would you shoot up a supermarket? ive always wondered this... like if youre going to shoot something up to send a message, why not target people who actually make a difference in shaping society? *cough* DC *cough* (not condoning violence, just wondering)
Anonymous (ID: Suhmt6tr ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:53 No.377607009 Anonymous (ID: Suhmt6tr ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:05:53 No.377607009 >>377606288Yeah but still kind of funny>>
Anonymous (ID: 3u4+AnWO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:06:06 No.377607035 Anonymous (ID: 3u4+AnWO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:06:06 No.377607035 >>377606889why dont you stick to mugging tourists in Salerno>>
Anonymous (ID: CIPJhV4M ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:06:34 No.377607091 Anonymous (ID: CIPJhV4M ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:06:34 No.377607091 >>377606426Good shit,might actually not be a larp>>
Anonymous (ID: vEttSJnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:06:49 No.377607129 Anonymous (ID: vEttSJnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:06:49 No.377607129 no one is going to ask how OP found the link to this stream right before a shooting occurred that only he and 20 other views got to see?WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS ARE U KEEPING, OP
Anonymous (ID: vq4szM2T ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:10 No.377607171 Anonymous (ID: vq4szM2T ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:10 No.377607171 >When I was 12 I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistentlymoved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian leftcategory, and I would prefer to be called a populist.Another low iq nigger ready to jump on the boat of whatever ideology tells him he's oppressed enough, makes me disgusted i share the same race as these people>>
Anonymous (ID: dFX0FQwJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:24 No.377607195 Anonymous (ID: dFX0FQwJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:24 No.377607195 >>377605335 > related?
Anonymous (ID: 8e0p6VEe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:29 No.377607209 Anonymous (ID: 8e0p6VEe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:29 No.377607209 >>377606956bump>>
Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:30 No.377607212 Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:30 No.377607212 >>377606672Shitty ass streamer websites like twitch make it almost impossible to archive anything>>
Anonymous (ID: VZ14W+6R ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:33 No.377607221 Anonymous (ID: VZ14W+6R ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:33 No.377607221 >>377607009maybe if you're a low iq mong, which most of this board is>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:44 No.377607240 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:44 No.377607240 >>377605335His pages banner>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:45 No.377607242 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:45 No.377607242 I just want to see carnage.>>
Anonymous (ID: 9qU71nz0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:48 No.377607247 Anonymous (ID: 9qU71nz0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:48 No.377607247 >>377605335>>377605335OP right now dump your browser history and look for any streams. Paste the URL in here immediately bro. Will save in webm this shit
Anonymous (ID: c8x7mQvX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:57 No.377607267 Anonymous (ID: c8x7mQvX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:07:57 No.377607267 >>377605335you are definitely a glownigger>>
Anonymous (ID: hzdEZL9/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:12 No.377607296 Anonymous (ID: hzdEZL9/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:12 No.377607296 >>377606980>>377606889The people that shoot up public places like this aren't trying to accomplish anything. They're just angry, suicidal, and sadistic.
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:27 No.377607330 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:27 No.377607330 >>377606655he started shooting like 5 seconds after i opened the link, and then the shooting lasted about 30 seconds. i dont even have shadowplay installed. i took the time to paste the link in as many discords as i could (about 3) before the stream went dead and people thought i was crazy. i know what i saw.>>377606820it was a whole bunch of nothing until he sprung into action.
Anonymous (ID: JatFGAhl ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:35 No.377607343 Anonymous (ID: JatFGAhl ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:35 No.377607343 >>377605335Fucking based. Wish I could of been in on a gem like live footage of a mass shooting. I would asked in chat"OMG did they died?!">>
Anonymous (ID: IRwxVhVu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:37 No.377607348 Anonymous (ID: IRwxVhVu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:37 No.377607348 >>377607129People stream on twitch for years barely breaking 5 viewers, but it just so happens this one off stream gets 20 viewers at a precise time. You're right, OP knew>>
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:50 No.377607377 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:08:50 No.377607377 >>377607247This, the videos will be in OP's browser cache.>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:20 No.377607437 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:20 No.377607437 >>377606820Yeah cause I just record my screen all day and have the software to do that immediately available>>
Anonymous (ID: Xj2ExY8W ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:50 No.377607484 Anonymous (ID: Xj2ExY8W ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:50 No.377607484 >>377606288Go worship some niggers.>>
Anonymous (ID: iO5u9ZOG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:52 No.377607490 Anonymous (ID: iO5u9ZOG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:52 No.377607490 >>377607296 >They're just angry, suicidal, and sadistic. they should just kill themselves then instead of random people going about their daily lives
Anonymous (ID: mclecFF2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:56 No.377607501 Anonymous (ID: mclecFF2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:56 No.377607501 >>377606288Checked, you tradition-eschewing edgy nigger feltching faglord.>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:57 No.377607502 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:09:57 No.377607502 >>377607330Was anywhere near as interesting as the Christ Church incident?>>
Anonymous (ID: 9qU71nz0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:00 No.377607513 Anonymous (ID: 9qU71nz0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:00 No.377607513 >>377607330Dump all the Twitch CDN URLs you have in your cached history>>
Anonymous (ID: Q3vWx8US ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:26 No.377607566 Anonymous (ID: Q3vWx8US ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:26 No.377607566 >>377607247This OP! Quickly download the stream and make note of the path it's saved to. Should be something like C://blah blah blah. Send us that URL so we can see the video!>>
Anonymous (ID: E2AcvLuG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:28 No.377607571 Anonymous (ID: E2AcvLuG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:28 No.377607571 >>
Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:35 No.377607588 Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:35 No.377607588 >>377605335OP trying to make their own false flag?>>377606194could be anyone's drive, but not finding much looking up the name in the doc. Granted I looked for all of 30 seconds.
Anonymous (ID: L9c9vPgx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:53 No.377607625 Anonymous (ID: L9c9vPgx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:10:53 No.377607625 >>377605335Someone's still logged into his steam kek>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:00 No.377607638 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:00 No.377607638 >>377606194this looks fake as fuck lol>>
Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:19 No.377607685 Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:19 No.377607685 >>377606820I got it>>
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:24 No.377607696 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:24 No.377607696 OP check your web browsers cache files, there should be video clip files in there, they may be in a strange extension type but you can tell by the file size if they are video files.>>
Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:27 No.377607704 Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:11:27 No.377607704 >>377606229Didn't that guy do something like this before, and somehow got away with it?>>
Retardo Bot 6 Gorillion (ID: UG0I4abt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:15 No.377607786 Retardo Bot 6 Gorillion (ID: UG0I4abt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:15 No.377607786 Biden's America.>>
Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:29 No.377607812 Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:29 No.377607812 >>377606167I've searched 3 times wtf>>
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:29 No.377607814 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:29 No.377607814 >>377607685YOOOOOOOOOOOO>>
Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:41 No.377607843 Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:41 No.377607843 >>377607685send>>
Anonymous (ID: wvPUAXcI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:43 No.377607846 Anonymous (ID: wvPUAXcI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:43 No.377607846 >>377607685now make a webm>>
Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:46 No.377607851 Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:12:46 No.377607851 >>377607502It might be if he was targeting nogs>>377607240>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:00 No.377607872 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:00 No.377607872 >>377607685post webm or catbox matey>>
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:01 No.377607877 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:01 No.377607877 >>377607247>>377607377>>377607513tell me how to do this. i still have the tab open
Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:03 No.377607884 Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:03 No.377607884 >>377607685isn't that a frame from the christchurch (or w/e mosque it was) shooting?>>
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:23 No.377607920 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:23 No.377607920 >>377607685 >a fucking leaf okay now post the video
Anonymous (ID: PRqK0o2V ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:24 No.377607924 Anonymous (ID: PRqK0o2V ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:24 No.377607924 glowing>>
Anonymous (ID: PAFScLHO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:28 No.377607928 Anonymous (ID: PAFScLHO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:28 No.377607928 >>377605335 >Amouranth Coomer simp detected
Anonymous (ID: 2CZuQDUX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:29 No.377607929 Anonymous (ID: 2CZuQDUX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:29 No.377607929 was in a discord server, admin recommended it because it was someone they talked to for awhile, many of the server clicked into it, witnessed shooting>>
Anonymous (ID: 9qU71nz0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:52 No.377607975 Anonymous (ID: 9qU71nz0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:13:52 No.377607975 >>377607685Search for all CDN links in your history, send them to yt-dlp and learn to use ffmpeg. You are our only hope.>>
Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:03 No.377607996 Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:03 No.377607996 >>377607884NZ is right hand drive you dumb mutt nigger>>
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:05 No.377607998 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:05 No.377607998 >>377607877which browser are you using and which version of windows?>>
Anonymous (ID: kWDKjsRh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:21 No.377608030 Anonymous (ID: kWDKjsRh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:21 No.377608030 toasting in epic bread>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:24 No.377608037 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:24 No.377608037 >>377607502How could it be?>>
Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:26 No.377608041 Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:26 No.377608041 >>377606194Is this another glow op? Parts of this manifesto look copy-pasted from other places. Guy mentions 4ch, and there is a weird over-emphasis on cucked NY gun laws, and words that seem meant to stir an emotional reaction vs making sense in proximity to the other information.>>
Retardo Bot 6 Gorillion (ID: UG0I4abt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:41 No.377608067 Retardo Bot 6 Gorillion (ID: UG0I4abt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:41 No.377608067 As prices rise due to bidenflation, these occurrences are going to be more common.Never relax around democrats
Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:43 No.377608071 Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:43 No.377608071 oh shit
Anonymous (ID: yp65Y/Ee ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:47 No.377608080 Anonymous (ID: yp65Y/Ee ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:47 No.377608080 >>377607685 >Canuck browsing for Safariland multicam holsters Airsofter detected
>captcha: BASEDTX >>
Anonymous (ID: 4YD26rPg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:50 No.377608084 Anonymous (ID: 4YD26rPg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:14:50 No.377608084 20 viewers and five of them happen to find this thread. Interesting.>>
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:08 No.377608112 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:08 No.377608112 >>377607685>>
Anonymous (ID: h7Qj14Vx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:12 No.377608121 Anonymous (ID: h7Qj14Vx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:12 No.377608121 Why not shoot up the abortion rallys?What a faggot>>
Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:21 No.377608135 Anonymous (ID: g3WHSXwg ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:21 No.377608135 >>377607884No you fucking retarded nigger, I was one of the 20 viewers, I joined exactly 50 minutes ag>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:25 No.377608142 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:25 No.377608142 >>377607884It says jimboboii and he's on the wrong side of the road>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:26 No.377608143 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:26 No.377608143 >>377606229How the hell does he keep getting away with it?>>
Anonymous (ID: J6cKmlXa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:28 No.377608151 Anonymous (ID: J6cKmlXa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:28 No.377608151 >>377605335That chat is dead>>
Anonymous (ID: vEttSJnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:39 No.377608174 Anonymous (ID: vEttSJnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:39 No.377608174 >>377608084G L O W>>
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:52 No.377608190 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:15:52 No.377608190 >>377607877download this
Anonymous (ID: yp65Y/Ee ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:11 No.377608221 Anonymous (ID: yp65Y/Ee ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:11 No.377608221 >>377608080God, I fucking hate word filters so much. Also forgot screenshot.>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:35 No.377608270 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:35 No.377608270 >>377608121never seen that one>>
Anonymous (ID: DvnUowYh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:49 No.377608301 Anonymous (ID: DvnUowYh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:49 No.377608301 >>377607872Bump>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:50 No.377608306 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:50 No.377608306 >>377607267Bold of you to assume the police would 1) put in this much effort and 2) actually know what's going on.>>
Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:58 No.377608323 Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:16:58 No.377608323 >According to initial reports, at least 9 people have been shot, including multiple people who were pronounced dead at the scene. Some of the victims were shot in the head. The status of the suspect has not been officially confirmed, but a video showed a man being taken into custody. >>
Anonymous (ID: N8YfQRYw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:00 No.377608326 Anonymous (ID: N8YfQRYw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:00 No.377608326 >>377606194So this is what /pol/ does to a mf>>
Anonymous (ID: 1Tac5h/a ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:15 No.377608358 Anonymous (ID: 1Tac5h/a ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:15 No.377608358 NOT DEAD
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:17 No.377608361 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:17 No.377608361 >>377607998win 10. firefox, latest. i got ghostery and ublock installed too, hopefully that doesnt interfere>>
Anonymous (ID: 2CZuQDUX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:20 No.377608371 Anonymous (ID: 2CZuQDUX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:20 No.377608371 >>377608084just so happened we are in the same server, of course we would reply in the same thread>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:24 No.377608380 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:24 No.377608380 suspect possibly? from a twitter by the same name. bio says he's 21.>>
Anonymous (ID: dFs446TC ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:42 No.377608427 Anonymous (ID: dFs446TC ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:42 No.377608427 >>377606980the likelyhood your plan will be a success, i'd wager. what's a softer target, a heavily guarded politician in a secured area, or a bunch of innocents minding their own business shopping for groceries?>>
Anonymous (ID: peUXT5sU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:50 No.377608438 Anonymous (ID: peUXT5sU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:50 No.377608438 >>377608221No texas is based you faggot>>
Anonymous (ID: rBVnsMyw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:57 No.377608449 Anonymous (ID: rBVnsMyw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:17:57 No.377608449 >Tarrant that attacks blacks >cites /pol/ and "infographics" for radicalizing him This glows like a motherfucker.
Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:08 No.377608476 Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:08 No.377608476 >>377607685Unironically email it to the admin of kiwifarmsjosh@jaw.shUse a VPN and a throwaway email so you don't get Canadian police on your ass>>
Anonymous (ID: N68jqkNR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:14 No.377608482 Anonymous (ID: N68jqkNR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:14 No.377608482 >>377606194Lmao it's just one big /pol/ shipost>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:17 No.377608491 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:17 No.377608491 >>377607343Found the jew>>
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:18 No.377608492 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:18 No.377608492 >>377608358jewish false flag to get ALL tactical gear and apparel banned alongside semi-auto rifles>>
Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:18 No.377608493 Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:18 No.377608493 >>377607996you can have either model of car in any country (left or right driver side), and it's a one-way street so the roadside doesn't have an implication here. You're right though that the shooter in the mosque vid wasn't driving a left-side driver vehicle.>>377608041I'm just wary since there's a supreme court case (NYSRPA vs. Bruen) which applies directly to gun laws in NY. So perfect timing to stir up the anti-gun crowd.
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:30 No.377608526 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:30 No.377608526 Bezos just nuked his channel>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:35 No.377608538 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:35 No.377608538 >>377606980that's what I always say when arabs just stab random people in this country>>
Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:39 No.377608549 Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:39 No.377608549 >>377608380 >zoomer haircut >>
Anonymous (ID: AHkMaf6K ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:55 No.377608574 Anonymous (ID: AHkMaf6K ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:55 No.377608574 >>377607571 >we need a distraction from baby formula >>
Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:57 No.377608578 Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:18:57 No.377608578 >>377606194 >google dox topkek
Anonymous (ID: wi3ymJtd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:10 No.377608606 Anonymous (ID: wi3ymJtd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:10 No.377608606 >>377608358why is it always white boys?>>
Anonymous (ID: 65nKQjSp ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:23 No.377608629 Anonymous (ID: 65nKQjSp ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:23 No.377608629 >>377608380Ayo no cap fr fr these niggaa is WYLIN ima go pop they asses>>
Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:24 No.377608632 Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:24 No.377608632 >>377608380 >im finna buss on these niggas at the supermarket fr fr no cap >>
Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:27 No.377608636 Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:27 No.377608636 >>377608358 >video Why the fuck are there so many blacks in Buffalo, NY of all places??
Anonymous (ID: peUXT5sU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:31 No.377608643 Anonymous (ID: peUXT5sU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:31 No.377608643 >>377608270Is this in France?>>
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:48 No.377608674 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:48 No.377608674 >>377608606white bois are the best <3>>
Anonymous (ID: rl0f7VCH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:58 No.377608697 Anonymous (ID: rl0f7VCH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:58 No.377608697 >>377606362That's a good show. Darren will be happy with this result.>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:59 No.377608700 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:19:59 No.377608700 >>377607129These people typically spam their intentions with a link before doing whatever they're planning on doing. I assumed it came from that, but you have a good point.>>
Anonymous (ID: QHGqFa5j ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:10 No.377608723 Anonymous (ID: QHGqFa5j ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:10 No.377608723 >>377608632strait fax no printer>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:15 No.377608732 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:15 No.377608732 >>377608526Glowies are always watching these threads. The moment a thread is up here, the big brother deletions start. Every time.>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:30 No.377608762 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:30 No.377608762
Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:44 No.377608792 Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:44 No.377608792 >>377605335glowniggers ittvery cool op, you are still fags>>
Anonymous (ID: FZBWqvZy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:49 No.377608804 Anonymous (ID: FZBWqvZy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:49 No.377608804 >>377608606Why is the black mass shooter majority never covered?>>
Anonymous (ID: O/gOWa3D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:51 No.377608811 Anonymous (ID: O/gOWa3D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:51 No.377608811 >>377608629>>377608632>>
Anonymous (ID: h7Qj14Vx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:52 No.377608815 Anonymous (ID: h7Qj14Vx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:20:52 No.377608815 >>
Anonymous (ID: YR76QHZA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:00 No.377608829 Anonymous (ID: YR76QHZA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:00 No.377608829 where is the video link?>>
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:01 No.377608831 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:01 No.377608831 >>377608190this time is correct but thats not the video.>>
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:07 No.377608843 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:07 No.377608843 his manifesto glows>>
Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:19 No.377608864 Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:19 No.377608864 It's glowing in here>>
Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:34 No.377608894 Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:34 No.377608894 >>377608476dude I don't even have a vpn right now>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:46 No.377608919 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:46 No.377608919 >>377608762Why are niggers always so fucking fat?>>
Anonymous (ID: Anj1QkTP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:54 No.377608935 Anonymous (ID: Anj1QkTP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:21:54 No.377608935 >>377605335Channel suspended?>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:03 No.377608951 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:03 No.377608951 >>377608643Duh>>
Anonymous (ID: h7Qj14Vx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:05 No.377608955 Anonymous (ID: h7Qj14Vx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:05 No.377608955 >>377608762He shot a bunch of niggers so this is gonna be big news>>
Anonymous (ID: 6l8yH7DR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:06 No.377608959 Anonymous (ID: 6l8yH7DR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:06 No.377608959 >>377606593 >be eurocuck >go to prison for owning a knife without your government's permission
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:11 No.377608975 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:11 No.377608975 >>377608894bro wtf>>
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:12 No.377608980 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:12 No.377608980 >>377608894HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>>
Anonymous (ID: QHGqFa5j ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:15 No.377608986 Anonymous (ID: QHGqFa5j ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:15 No.377608986 >>377608919booba>>
Anonymous (ID: hfKGzemK ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:23 No.377609003 Anonymous (ID: hfKGzemK ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:23 No.377609003 >>377605335How'd it feel anon?>>
Anonymous (ID: o3K/s8v2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:37 No.377609028 Anonymous (ID: o3K/s8v2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:37 No.377609028 >>377608894 >NIGGER holy kek
Anonymous (ID: 1Tac5h/a ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:39 No.377609035 Anonymous (ID: 1Tac5h/a ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:39 No.377609035 >>377608894holy FUCK>>
Anonymous (ID: P9dlRZHy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:42 No.377609041 Anonymous (ID: P9dlRZHy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:42 No.377609041 >>377608894Oh shit, she got brained. >nigger on the front sight post RIP, it's over, race war is on.
Anonymous (ID: akFiW4OO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:45 No.377609044 Anonymous (ID: akFiW4OO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:45 No.377609044 >>377608894oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck>>
Anonymous (ID: N8YfQRYw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:45 No.377609048 Anonymous (ID: N8YfQRYw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:45 No.377609048 >>377608894COME ON POST THE FULL VID>>
Anonymous (ID: /+RLGE5X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:50 No.377609061 Anonymous (ID: /+RLGE5X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:50 No.377609061 >>377605335kek you're gonna get vanned>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:53 No.377609062 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:53 No.377609062 >>377608358sheesh that's one of us, why these fags keep killing white people>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:53 No.377609064 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:53 No.377609064 >>377608894Ah, it's Tarrant Part DeuxL Ghetto Boogaloo>>
Anonymous (ID: 5Kevdoz/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:54 No.377609069 Anonymous (ID: 5Kevdoz/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:54 No.377609069 AH GOD I NEED DA VIDEOThis is going to be better than the New Zealand one, and more relevant to my continent.>>
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:55 No.377609072 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:55 No.377609072 >>377608894so you're not going ot post the video? why not?>>
Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:56 No.377609075 Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:56 No.377609075 >>377608919Literally about to post >before you fap, that's a man But fu for ruining it
Anonymous (ID: c8x7mQvX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:59 No.377609081 Anonymous (ID: c8x7mQvX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:59 No.377609081 >>377608894>>
Anonymous (ID: GwQFj5ac ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:59 No.377609084 Anonymous (ID: GwQFj5ac ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:59 No.377609084 >>377605711upload the vid somewhere>>
Anonymous (ID: /U5nWkAS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:59 No.377609085 Anonymous (ID: /U5nWkAS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:22:59 No.377609085 >>377605520It's a supermarket that caters towards welfare and don't really give a shit about keeping clean or sanitary. My mom had a friend way back get fired for throwing out meat that was past it's sell by date instead of opening it and mixing it with new meat so it could be resold.I wouldn't be surprised if they improved since then, but they have a really bad reputation with non welfare people here. "Tops never mops" was a pretty common meme up here.>>
Anonymous (ID: O/gOWa3D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:03 No.377609092 Anonymous (ID: O/gOWa3D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:03 No.377609092 >>377608894BOOM Headshot!>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:05 No.377609095 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:05 No.377609095 >>377605335fratricide>>
Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:05 No.377609096 Anonymous (ID: JqLSvTbW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:05 No.377609096 >>377608894OH SHIT THIS GLOWS>>
Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:11 No.377609108 Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:11 No.377609108 >>377608894How do you not have OBS you fucking retarded leaf>>
Anonymous (ID: hYT1IOHt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:12 No.377609112 Anonymous (ID: hYT1IOHt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:12 No.377609112 >>377608371dead internet is real>>
Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:28 No.377609158 Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:28 No.377609158 >>377608815 >black guys casually standing there and eating chips lmfao
Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:29 No.377609159 Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:29 No.377609159 >>377608894Make a throwaway email, I'll give you a mullvad account>>
Anonymous (ID: P+Ln4MGx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:34 No.377609165 Anonymous (ID: P+Ln4MGx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:34 No.377609165 >>377608894Post the whole vid kek>>
Anonymous (ID: nFUske9B ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:39 No.377609176 Anonymous (ID: nFUske9B ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:39 No.377609176 >>377605335Lame. Just people fucking shopping, they're mostly innocent and for sure no high score. They should have waited for some pussyhat convention full of faggot liberals or BLM/OWS protest event. At least try for a high score on faggot liberals. Wasted attempt.
Anonymous (ID: i1ZKy0dO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:43 No.377609191 Anonymous (ID: i1ZKy0dO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:43 No.377609191 >>377605335why were you watching a stream of a fucking supermarket?glows>>
Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:55 No.377609208 Anonymous (ID: 836qxTW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:55 No.377609208 Tarrant 2.0>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:55 No.377609210 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:55 No.377609210 >>377608894GLOWIE GLOWIE GO AWAY, NO ONE WANTS YOUR STUPID AIDS.YOU FAGS WILL HANG FOR CAUSING THIS RACIAL DIVIDE.
Anonymous (ID: 845GC99D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:56 No.377609213 Anonymous (ID: 845GC99D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:56 No.377609213 GLOWNIGGER FALSE FLAG>>
Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:56 No.377609215 Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:56 No.377609215 >>377609072Because he's a retarded leaf and doesn't have video recording software like every other normal pc fag in the world>>
Anonymous (ID: SSQKzxC2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:57 No.377609216 Anonymous (ID: SSQKzxC2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:57 No.377609216 >>377608919would suck on that fucking titty. loves me some chocolate milk>>
Anonymous (ID: 0bH/L9Lx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:57 No.377609217 Anonymous (ID: 0bH/L9Lx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:23:57 No.377609217 >>377606229he can't keep getting away with it>>
Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:01 No.377609227 Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:01 No.377609227 >>377608493It's like the worst PTO mom started writing school shooter fantasy erotica. I'm not buying this ,at all.>>
Anonymous (ID: 2vrVWS8+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:13 No.377609255 Anonymous (ID: 2vrVWS8+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:13 No.377609255 Say goodbye to your second amendment, fellow goys.>>
Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:23 No.377609279 Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:23 No.377609279 >>377606194Just post the fucking link. Stupid fucking thread of nothing full of spastics wtf is wrong with you>>
Anonymous (ID: vq4szM2T ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:25 No.377609286 Anonymous (ID: vq4szM2T ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:25 No.377609286 >>377608894please mr glowie dont blueball us like this>>
Anonymous (ID: wpUguBwq ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:26 No.377609289 Anonymous (ID: wpUguBwq ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:26 No.377609289 >>377608894>>377608815DEAD NIGGERS ON THE STREETS
Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:27 No.377609292 Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:27 No.377609292 >>377608606 >almost all mass shooters in media coverage are white hhmmm
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:33 No.377609299 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:33 No.377609299 Will this spark the nigger riots 2.0 in time for summer?>>
Anonymous (ID: kAjfmdHD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:38 No.377609308 Anonymous (ID: kAjfmdHD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:38 No.377609308 >>377608894 >NIGGER Guys manifesto reads like he copy-pasted /pol/ threads, glows massively.
Don't be shocked if this guy was goaded into doing this by (((internet friends))).
Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:40 No.377609314 Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:40 No.377609314 >>377609210That doesn't rhyme at all.>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:46 No.377609331 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:46 No.377609331 GLOWNIGGER FALSE FLAG PER USUAL, C.I.A CAN SUCK ANY REAL PATRIOTS COCKSYOUR PENSIONS ARE WORTHLESS, YOU ARE BEING USED
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:48 No.377609335 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:48 No.377609335 FALSE FLAGHIS MANIFESTO GLOWS BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:49 No.377609341 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:49 No.377609341 >>377609191Yeah, this looks too identical to Tarrant, it fucking glows>>
Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:50 No.377609343 Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:50 No.377609343 >>377606162Why would you click off at that point?
Anonymous (ID: KBEntH+9 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:57 No.377609359 Anonymous (ID: KBEntH+9 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:24:57 No.377609359 >>377609210Shut up nigger>>
Anonymous (ID: YR76QHZA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:00 No.377609366 Anonymous (ID: YR76QHZA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:00 No.377609366 >>377609176agreed. looks like one of the victims might've been white. she was a race traitor, maybe. didnt wait for a blm thing, or perhaps a Kings of Comedy show.>>
Anonymous (ID: dFX0FQwJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:02 No.377609370 Anonymous (ID: dFX0FQwJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:02 No.377609370 >>377609176Literally this. People like this make me want to puke. If he wanted to go out, he should have went after a corrupt politician or something. He'd have achieved the same results in his manifesto. Not some innocents shopping.>>
Anonymous (ID: L9c9vPgx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:03 No.377609375 Anonymous (ID: L9c9vPgx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:03 No.377609375 >>377605335Apparently, there was a livestream on Discord as well, did anyone get a recording of that?>>
Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:05 No.377609378 Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:05 No.377609378 >>377608894This glows so fucking hard.>>
Anonymous (ID: 8hk+aSQH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:06 No.377609380 Anonymous (ID: 8hk+aSQH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:06 No.377609380 >>377608894today is gonna be a meme day, isn't it>>
Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:07 No.377609382 Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:07 No.377609382 >>377608894>>
Anonymous (ID: JPat/tmm ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:10 No.377609385 Anonymous (ID: JPat/tmm ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:10 No.377609385 >>377605335over my dead body /pol/
Anonymous (ID: qVJL0Bmn ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:16 No.377609396 Anonymous (ID: qVJL0Bmn ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:16 No.377609396 >>377605335What the fuck new link please?>>
Anonymous (ID: wi3ymJtd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:20 No.377609403 Anonymous (ID: wi3ymJtd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:20 No.377609403 >>377608894gun has nigger on it, race war has begun>>
Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:22 No.377609412 Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:22 No.377609412 >>377609108I fear not the RCMP because I do not live in a fire house>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:24 No.377609414 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:24 No.377609414 >>377609359FED SUCK MY COCK>>
Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:26 No.377609417 Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:26 No.377609417 >>377609227Yeah this manifesto is totally not glowing to high hell also the fact he lived and wasn't shot up by cops>>
Anonymous (ID: LwBjV7HZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:33 No.377609434 Anonymous (ID: LwBjV7HZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:33 No.377609434 >>377609341This>>
Anonymous (ID: kgbiV1i0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:37 No.377609443 Anonymous (ID: kgbiV1i0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:37 No.377609443 >>377608358He looks like Jonah Golbergnthgt2yt2w>>
Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:39 No.377609449 Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:39 No.377609449 >>377607929Go may have found a way to save some white lives and you're holding out?>>
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:42 No.377609454 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:42 No.377609454 0/10 choice of targetI disavow this retard>>
Anonymous (ID: 3B8wsE0g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:47 No.377609459 Anonymous (ID: 3B8wsE0g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:47 No.377609459 >>377605335 >Amouranth >>
Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:50 No.377609466 Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:50 No.377609466 >>377606980 >guy in full tactical gear >not even suicided Because it's a glowie. Why would they shoot their own when they can go to a poor neighborhood, shoot a couple "useless eaters" and then ban all guns easy?
Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:57 No.377609477 Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:57 No.377609477 >>377606288Like your rotting axe wound groomer.>>
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:57 No.377609479 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:25:57 No.377609479 >>377609412nigger post the vid already>>
Anonymous (ID: E2AcvLuG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:35 No.377609567 Anonymous (ID: E2AcvLuG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:35 No.377609567 I wonder if this copycat outdid his inspiration>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:36 No.377609568 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:36 No.377609568 >>377609227why are we in hell? did we really fuck up in a past life? fake ops to take our guns and stir us up seem common and annoying.>>
Anonymous (ID: J6cKmlXa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:41 No.377609576 Anonymous (ID: J6cKmlXa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:41 No.377609576 >>377608894What's the writing on the side of that gun?>>
Anonymous (ID: GWfjCmqa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:41 No.377609578 Anonymous (ID: GWfjCmqa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:41 No.377609578 >>377608894>>
Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:42 No.377609581 Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:42 No.377609581 >>377609176It's a blatantly obvious glowop.>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:46 No.377609587 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:46 No.377609587 >>377609412post it somewhere dood>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:49 No.377609602 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:49 No.377609602 >>377605335Quick everyone, act normal, discord trannies are watching usniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggernigger
Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:53 No.377609606 Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:53 No.377609606 OP where did you get the link to the stream?>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:54 No.377609613 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:54 No.377609613 >>377609477It's stale. It use to be funny 4 years ago. Now it's tired and proof /pol itself is a corpse.>>
Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:55 No.377609616 Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:55 No.377609616 >>377609412I'm serious motherfuckerFireup protonmail and post that shit, I'll give you a funded mullvad account>>
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:58 No.377609621 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:26:58 No.377609621 literally a faggot mongoloid version of Tarrantabsolutely disgraceful>>
Anonymous (ID: LwBjV7HZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:00 No.377609624 Anonymous (ID: LwBjV7HZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:00 No.377609624 Jews trying to start the race war again just like with Tarrant>>
Anonymous (ID: xs4ZBvjH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:07 No.377609644 Anonymous (ID: xs4ZBvjH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:07 No.377609644 >>377605814Ahhhh so it is a Jew England chain. Nothing beats Piggly Wiggly.>>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:09 No.377609649 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:09 No.377609649 >>377608894 >NIGGER KEK
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:17 No.377609671 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:17 No.377609671 >>377609567GLOWS GLOWS GLOWS>>
Anonymous (ID: wvPUAXcI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:23 No.377609687 Anonymous (ID: wvPUAXcI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:23 No.377609687 >>377609412 >monkey today's a good day
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:39 No.377609712 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:39 No.377609712 >>377608894this is really bad, you can wait for two week of demonization of white man on steroid>>
Anonymous (ID: hdXCivbO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:40 No.377609714 Anonymous (ID: hdXCivbO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:40 No.377609714 >>377608894That's an old white woman>>
Anonymous (ID: GWfjCmqa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:40 No.377609716 Anonymous (ID: GWfjCmqa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:40 No.377609716 >>377609412Post the vid already>>
Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:44 No.377609722 Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:44 No.377609722 >>377605335 >i doubt ill ever see a clip of it, unless someone knows how to download stiff from twitch. oh you dumb nigger there's literally a button for it
Anonymous (ID: 65nKQjSp ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:57 No.377609744 Anonymous (ID: 65nKQjSp ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:27:57 No.377609744 >>377609576>>377609578>>377609649WTF
Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:03 No.377609761 Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:03 No.377609761 >>377609412 >good times top kek, and I was just about to go to bed fuck you leadbro
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:03 No.377609763 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:03 No.377609763 >>377609567not even remotely>>
Anonymous (ID: A8fSnKlr ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:06 No.377609767 Anonymous (ID: A8fSnKlr ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:06 No.377609767 >>377606634white nationalist specifically targeting people of color>>
no troll (ID: xLUoKXiM ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:17 No.377609790 no troll (ID: xLUoKXiM ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:17 No.377609790 >>377609095>>
Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:18 No.377609793 Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:18 No.377609793 Retards here unironically cheering another gay glowie shooting to demonize whites and gunskys
Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:20 No.377609798 Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:20 No.377609798 >>377609215Cope and seethe>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:24 No.377609806 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:24 No.377609806 He shot a White women, so they can't say it was racial now. Jews are going to be mad about that.>>
Anonymous (ID: Rvrjkdwu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:25 No.377609809 Anonymous (ID: Rvrjkdwu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:25 No.377609809 >>377605335This glows so fucking hard>>
Anonymous (ID: PAmeVw/M ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:34 No.377609825 Anonymous (ID: PAmeVw/M ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:34 No.377609825 >>377609412 >good times >>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:52 No.377609862 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:52 No.377609862 If you have the footage, upload it on>>
Anonymous (ID: P+Ln4MGx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:55 No.377609868 Anonymous (ID: P+Ln4MGx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:28:55 No.377609868 >>377606194This guy glows holy shit>>
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:01 No.377609876 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:01 No.377609876 >>377605335 >glownigger faggot tries to copycat Tarrant but doesn't even have anyone watching I give you a 33% chance of being a glownigger yourself OP, can you explain why were you even watching that stream?
Anonymous (ID: giEpYwfh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:01 No.377609878 Anonymous (ID: giEpYwfh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:01 No.377609878 >>377609798this is peak zoomer lmao>>
Anonymous (ID: 9DE+O0aQ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:03 No.377609882 Anonymous (ID: 9DE+O0aQ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:03 No.377609882 >>377605335Bad photoshop. You put the 'stream' above the header.>>
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:05 No.377609886 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:05 No.377609886 >>377605335How did you come across his stream?>>377606194How did you find his manifesto?
You two were in on it or something?
-not a cop>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:11 No.377609902 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:11 No.377609902 >>377609613It's stale, unlike your axe wound which will always be fresh and will never heal because you are not and never will be a woman.>>
Anonymous (ID: fEVibh8Y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:27 No.377609928 Anonymous (ID: fEVibh8Y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:27 No.377609928 >>377605335how convenient this happens right after some nigger shoots up a bunch of niggerball monkeys.>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:34 No.377609943 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:34 No.377609943 >>377609806they can always lie or cover up details like they do every single time without fail.>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:36 No.377609947 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:36 No.377609947 >>377609793 >Retards here More than 80% of this board is shills and bots, don't get so upset that this thread is identical to every single other one before it. Just get used to it, Dead Internet is real.
Anonymous (ID: HyZKTwS0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:37 No.377609948 Anonymous (ID: HyZKTwS0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:37 No.377609948 Scumfuck Twitch doesnt want associated.>>
Anonymous (ID: kPsQ5RHj ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:38 No.377609952 Anonymous (ID: kPsQ5RHj ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:38 No.377609952 >>377609798 >still too braindead to post it lmao
Anonymous (ID: GWfjCmqa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:38 No.377609953 Anonymous (ID: GWfjCmqa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:38 No.377609953 >>377609798Stop being a kike and upload it somewhere already>>
Anonymous (ID: hctjig3N ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:39 No.377609956 Anonymous (ID: hctjig3N ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:39 No.377609956 POLICE IS CURRENTLY CHASING AFTER THE SHOOTERHERE'S A PHOTO FROM THEIR BODYCAM
Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:44 No.377609966 Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:44 No.377609966 >>377609412>>377609412 >good times
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:45 No.377609972 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:45 No.377609972 >>377609882lol is it even a real event? False flag within a false flag?>>
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:48 No.377609978 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:48 No.377609978 also OP glows, how did he have his manifesto>>
Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:51 No.377609987 Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:29:51 No.377609987 >>377606288evergreen memes cannot be stale nigga>>
Anonymous (ID: hoD91f4l ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:08 No.377610019 Anonymous (ID: hoD91f4l ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:08 No.377610019 >>377609798Post the fucking vid>>
Anonymous (ID: JFH0ZiDS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:12 No.377610024 Anonymous (ID: JFH0ZiDS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:12 No.377610024 >>377606162 >leaves as soon as it gets good what did he mean by this?
Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:14 No.377610025 Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:14 No.377610025 Ever notice hackers never attack credit score companies?Ever notice terrorists never attack military targets?Ever notice domestic terrorists never attack the government?Ever notice shitheads with shitty grievances never attack the ones who are responsible for their shitty lives?>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:16 No.377610033 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:16 No.377610033 fake as fuck glowop, even OP glows. It's so obvious.>>
Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:20 No.377610044 Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:20 No.377610044 Another false flag.Whatever the globohomo agitprop news reaction I'll do the opposite>>
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:26 No.377610050 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:26 No.377610050 does he name the jew in the manifesto?can't be assed to read Eliot Roger tier schizo retardation scribbles>>
Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:30 No.377610060 Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:30 No.377610060 >>377609412Definitely a false flag and this guy was probably threatened to do it.>>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:35 No.377610071 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:35 No.377610071 is there a video?>>
Anonymous (ID: L9c9vPgx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:40 No.377610087 Anonymous (ID: L9c9vPgx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:40 No.377610087 >>377609798Then post it you retard.>>
Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:56 No.377610113 Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:56 No.377610113 >>377606288As long as people keep falling for it will remain funny.
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:59 No.377610118 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:30:59 No.377610118 >>377609886 >How did you find his manifesto? lol nvm
Anonymous (ID: KJ3BkEgY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:01 No.377610122 Anonymous (ID: KJ3BkEgY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:01 No.377610122 >>377608121nigs are demons>>
Anonymous (ID: N8YfQRYw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:17 No.377610155 Anonymous (ID: N8YfQRYw ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:17 No.377610155 >>377610071Yes, but the leaf refuses to post it.>>
Anonymous (ID: fOkDPOBR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:19 No.377610160 Anonymous (ID: fOkDPOBR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:19 No.377610160 >>377610071link me faggots>>
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:23 No.377610171 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:23 No.377610171 >>377610025 >Ever notice domestic terrorists never attack the government? Tim McVeigh remembers
Anonymous (ID: Wlqi/Ell ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:24 No.377610174 Anonymous (ID: Wlqi/Ell ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:24 No.377610174 we need to ban guns>>
Anonymous (ID: IsrD7a45 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:27 No.377610179 Anonymous (ID: IsrD7a45 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:27 No.377610179 >>377605335It's near MLK park, which would explain a lot of things>>
Anonymous (ID: OxvYzxx2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:31 No.377610189 Anonymous (ID: OxvYzxx2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:31 No.377610189>>
Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:36 No.377610201 Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:36 No.377610201 >>377609714 >white woman >>
Anonymous (ID: dmfk7kcW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:40 No.377610212 Anonymous (ID: dmfk7kcW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:40 No.377610212 This glows like mad, straight after a hit job on PA by hope not hate.>>
Anonymous (ID: i1ZKy0dO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:40 No.377610215 Anonymous (ID: i1ZKy0dO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:40 No.377610215 >>377609767right before midterms with the exact gun you faggots seethe the most aboutwith direct referenced to a "high capacity magazine"at a random supermarket glows are retards. including you.>>
Anonymous (ID: +eRHmrmy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:47 No.377610232 Anonymous (ID: +eRHmrmy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:47 No.377610232 This thread will get deleted because real happenings are never allowed.>>
Anonymous (ID: bXnxnTpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:54 No.377610238 Anonymous (ID: bXnxnTpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:54 No.377610238 >>377608894>>377605335this must be a glownigger op. no way we get a screen shot like this on a video only 20 ppl happened to see wher one of which browses pol. the odds are too great
Anonymous (ID: MEP1nNxO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:54 No.377610240 Anonymous (ID: MEP1nNxO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:54 No.377610240 Posting in epic bread, FUCK JANNIES AND FUCK NIGGERS TOO>>
Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:55 No.377610242 Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:31:55 No.377610242 POST THE VIDEO I NEED TO SEE>>
Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:01 No.377610257 Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:01 No.377610257 >>377609798Bro I have adhd just fucking post the video>>
Anonymous (ID: PoXpZiEJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:07 No.377610267 Anonymous (ID: PoXpZiEJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:07 No.377610267 >>377609882Do a side by side between the op pic and a real screencap>>
Anonymous (ID: 3B8wsE0g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:08 No.377610274 Anonymous (ID: 3B8wsE0g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:08 No.377610274 >>377608358 >alive Was spending the next 60 years in a cage with a bunch of niggers part of his master plan?
Anonymous (ID: v7+k1VWu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:12 No.377610282 Anonymous (ID: v7+k1VWu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:12 No.377610282 What did the FBI do this time?>>
Anonymous (ID: eQLfmep8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:16 No.377610290 Anonymous (ID: eQLfmep8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:16 No.377610290 >>377608121 >when you torture a nigger so hard it's eyes roll back in its head >>
Anonymous (ID: bD6MFfKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:19 No.377610296 Anonymous (ID: bD6MFfKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:19 No.377610296 >>377608894Holy shit what a picture Pulitzer prize winning photograph>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:22 No.377610300 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:22 No.377610300 >>377610025either those are setups are done by people who are legit retarded. We have alot of setups and retards in this world sadly. Hell, we're witnessing a setup right now.>>
Anonymous (ID: 845GC99D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:24 No.377610304 Anonymous (ID: 845GC99D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:24 No.377610304 >>377609567glows so much they don't even hide it anymore>>
Anonymous (ID: OUQdxE9l ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:24 No.377610307 Anonymous (ID: OUQdxE9l ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:24 No.377610307 Gun says SHIEEET RETARD MONKEY looks like>>
Anonymous (ID: cBghiW5y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:27 No.377610311 Anonymous (ID: cBghiW5y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:27 No.377610311 >>377606980Maybe this explains it:>>377577327>>
Anonymous (ID: dyWj9PcC ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:27 No.377610314 Anonymous (ID: dyWj9PcC ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:27 No.377610314 Should've shot up a glownigger headquarters or something.>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:36 No.377610334 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:36 No.377610334 >>377610232no it'll be left up because 4chan is literally routed through the Department of Defense and the OP just so happens to have his manifesto in hand, was watching his twitch stream.Very fucking obvious, feds will literally burn in hell for what they are trying to do.
Anonymous (ID: QQLkmWnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:53 No.377610374 Anonymous (ID: QQLkmWnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:32:53 No.377610374 Posting in epic false flag thread, this will be the next George Floyd type saga>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:10 No.377610405 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:10 No.377610405 >>377610311based, these events and shootings tend to happen when mind control is discussed, can't have many people waking up to that fact.>>
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:13 No.377610411 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:13 No.377610411 >>377610300 >id: VORCUMZ >>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:15 No.377610419 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:15 No.377610419 >>377610025>>377610300*either those are setups or they're done by people who are legit retarded
Anonymous (ID: L8b944HT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:29 No.377610440 Anonymous (ID: L8b944HT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:29 No.377610440 shieet fiery summer of 2022 good luck burger bros>>
Anonymous (ID: SB4awyy+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:40 No.377610472 Anonymous (ID: SB4awyy+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:40 No.377610472 >leaf still hasn't posted the video >>
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:47 No.377610487 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:47 No.377610487 >>377607195Doubtful, "Jimbo" is a pretty common nickname>>
Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:49 No.377610491 Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:49 No.377610491 The Holocaust never happened archive>>
Anonymous (ID: lozDAT0v ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:52 No.377610500 Anonymous (ID: lozDAT0v ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:52 No.377610500 >>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:53 No.377610501 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:53 No.377610501 upload the videoupload the videoupload the video>>
Anonymous (ID: kPsQ5RHj ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:53 No.377610502 Anonymous (ID: kPsQ5RHj ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:53 No.377610502 >>377610334 >newfags think this is like cripplechan you know how many lawsuits moot had to deal with you turbo nigger
Anonymous (ID: cXgY4jCi ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:56 No.377610508 Anonymous (ID: cXgY4jCi ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:33:56 No.377610508 >>377609714 >white >>
Anonymous (ID: 1ATEQNOk ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:02 No.377610520 Anonymous (ID: 1ATEQNOk ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:02 No.377610520 >>377607501kek, very high quality post desu>>
Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:13 No.377610540 Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:13 No.377610540 POST THE VIDEO I CAN'T CONTROL MY CURIOSITY>>
Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:21 No.377610557 Anonymous (ID: EdukQcKO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:21 No.377610557 >>377609928Kek. This. The only people who are going to get suckered in by this are niggers. Even white leftists will know it's fake, but will egg the niggers on. They're gonna chimp out all over the country.>>
Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:22 No.377610559 Anonymous (ID: AMow1ImU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:22 No.377610559 >>377610500I'm glad he made us.>>
Anonymous (ID: kzb/Df/z ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:29 No.377610576 Anonymous (ID: kzb/Df/z ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:29 No.377610576 Posting in glowing thread>>
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:32 No.377610593 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:32 No.377610593 >>377610531this>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:39 No.377610605 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:39 No.377610605 >>377610472because leaf has been found out he is a fucking federal agent.>>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:48 No.377610625 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:48 No.377610625 >>
Anonymous (ID: 7uqLqMzI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:55 No.377610635 Anonymous (ID: 7uqLqMzI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:55 No.377610635 >>377605335 >and the changes to gun laws that will be pushed will all help my case. ahh libtard then
Anonymous (ID: rHQ9eBXN ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:58 No.377610645 Anonymous (ID: rHQ9eBXN ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:34:58 No.377610645 >>377606194 >The ONLY White country that reaches these levels is Argentina, LMAO
Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:00 No.377610647 Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:00 No.377610647 >>377606672Cap cap cap cap like that someone plz save something as I'm reading a book laurel & Hardy wrote on my board and getting out of bed and I'm going to get upset if i get down to the end and you all shit EVERYTHING up like so far.>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:01 No.377610648 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:01 No.377610648 >>377610411I know right >uVORCUMZ The random id generator or someone with some cool tech is telling me I eat dicks. Gotta admit I love the humor though - gives the place some life while the world is being eaten alive.
Anonymous (ID: 9k5Y94cW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:04 No.377610656 Anonymous (ID: 9k5Y94cW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:04 No.377610656 POSTING IN EPIC THREADPUT ME IN THE SCREENCAPPOST THE VID>>
God (ID: oiJRAvrv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:09 No.377610668 God (ID: oiJRAvrv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:09 No.377610668 >>377606194This is a falsified event being put out for some nefarious reason. Try it elsewhere, I will not be programmed through fear.>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:10 No.377610672 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:10 No.377610672 >>377610502shut the fuck up you phoneposting federal faggot.>>
Anonymous (ID: QQLkmWnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:11 No.377610673 Anonymous (ID: QQLkmWnE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:11 No.377610673 >>377610625Literally me>>
Anonymous (ID: 8kkDp+3J ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:15 No.377610680 Anonymous (ID: 8kkDp+3J ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:15 No.377610680 Someone bake a new bread, I really want to see what the glowies are going to do with this work of theirs>>
Anonymous (ID: BuydlrhZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:21 No.377610693 Anonymous (ID: BuydlrhZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:21 No.377610693 >>377607348so this is how to become popular?>>
Anonymous (ID: oakCuNzu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:22 No.377610695 Anonymous (ID: oakCuNzu ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:22 No.377610695 >>377605814 >Tops... The chain formerly operated stores in Ohio and Massachusetts Was it previously owned by Chuck by any chance?
Anonymous (ID: 70IS9kx9 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:23 No.377610699 Anonymous (ID: 70IS9kx9 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:23 No.377610699 >>377605335 is the same guy? His most recent posts are on /r/ammo and quality tactical gear..
Anonymous (ID: N68jqkNR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:24 No.377610700 Anonymous (ID: N68jqkNR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:24 No.377610700 >>377609412glows brighter than the sunanother MK-ultra victim>>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:26 No.377610711 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:26 No.377610711 pic is the shooter>>
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:33 No.377610734 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:33 No.377610734 >>
Anonymous (ID: idahJYK7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:40 No.377610747 Anonymous (ID: idahJYK7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:40 No.377610747 Looks like the abortion narrative died to quickly so we're back on gun control this week. I expect Biden to try to ban assault rifles this week. Fuck you glow niggers.>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:41 No.377610750 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:41 No.377610750 somebody bake new bread this shit is getting shoad>>
Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:42 No.377610754 Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:42 No.377610754 >>377605335>>377609882>>377610267GREAT call.
Anonymous (ID: PoXpZiEJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:48 No.377610765 Anonymous (ID: PoXpZiEJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:48 No.377610765 Everyone saying this glows is right but that being said I want to see the fucking video so I can sleep already>>
Anonymous (ID: Jyly7+8a ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:52 No.377610772 Anonymous (ID: Jyly7+8a ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:52 No.377610772 >>377610531he streamed it to a /k/ discord idiot, of course theres crossover>>
Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:53 No.377610776 Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:53 No.377610776 >>377609568More from that manifesto: > This is my Bushmaster XM-15. That's right, I used the dreaded military grade assault rifle-15 as my main firearm for this attack. This gun was most likely made between 1994 and
2004, when the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was still in action. > In all honesty this is probably the worst AR-15 I could've bought for this mission, and I go over why down below. Since I live in cucked New York, and I am only 18, I can't legally buy
a lower or a standard ''assault rifle'' online. I can't even afford the drilling equipment to make alower out of a P80 build. My best choice would have probably been to drive around gun shops inNY and try and convince them to sell me a decent lower as a rifle, or by buying a complete fixedmagazine rifle and just illegally modify it to allow me to use the illegal magazines I already had.I could've even bought an NY-safe featureless rifle, but what kind of cuck does that?I get such weird SEO type vibes from this document.
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:56 No.377610777 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:56 No.377610777 >>377610593THE BULLSHIT IS SO OBVIOUS ITS LIKE META HUMOR THAT THEY KEEP DOING ITITS LIKE THEYRE SHOWING US THEY CAN PUSH ANYTHING RETARDED AND IT WILL FLY
Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:57 No.377610779 Anonymous (ID: Y+O2zw5k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:35:57 No.377610779 >>377610531manifesto is literally a google drive link too>>
Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:04 No.377610795 Anonymous (ID: ZbZFiz9m ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:04 No.377610795 >>377609947i dont doubt there are bots but you cant tell me there arent edgy tards who celebrate this kind of shiti dont buy the 80% meme at all, this site is still way too famous in right wing circles to be completely dead>>
Anonymous (ID: cLghUAKC ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:09 No.377610802 Anonymous (ID: cLghUAKC ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:09 No.377610802 He repeatedly shouted "SLAVA UKRAINE" during the shooting.>>
Anonymous (ID: DvnUowYh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:09 No.377610804 Anonymous (ID: DvnUowYh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:09 No.377610804 POST THE VIDEO LEAF>>
Anonymous (ID: V7aypUD3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:15 No.377610813 Anonymous (ID: V7aypUD3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:15 No.377610813 >>377609712>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:16 No.377610814 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:16 No.377610814 >>377610699lmao he was a Silver Ends the Fed faggot as well>>
Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:18 No.377610819 Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:18 No.377610819 >>377609412Don't post the video. You know the Tarrant cvltists will spend years fapping over it. You'd be saving /pol/ years of cringe.>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:27 No.377610841 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:27 No.377610841 >>377610772 >he streamed it to a /k/ discord that explains why only 20 watched, good argument dumbfuck
Anonymous (ID: c8x7mQvX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:33 No.377610855 Anonymous (ID: c8x7mQvX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:33 No.377610855 >>377610699probably, grab what you can that shit will be nuked in no time>>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:34 No.377610858 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:34 No.377610858 The kids manifesto is actually pretty good. He has put in extreme amount of redpills in there. 170 pages worth. He's only 18 so might come off as immature.>>
Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:35 No.377610862 Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:35 No.377610862 >>377610531indeed.>>
Anonymous (ID: 80WmfCpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:42 No.377610878 Anonymous (ID: 80WmfCpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:42 No.377610878 >>377610777>>
Anonymous (ID: bXnxnTpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:44 No.377610885 Anonymous (ID: bXnxnTpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:44 No.377610885 >>377610334100%. How do we stop them. How do we cut this bullshit op off?>>
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:53 No.377610908 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:53 No.377610908 >>377610734>>
Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:57 No.377610915 Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:57 No.377610915 >>377610777Of course it's a brony.>>
Anonymous (ID: L8b944HT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:58 No.377610921 Anonymous (ID: L8b944HT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:58 No.377610921 JANNIES STICKY>>
Anonymous (ID: HTWwJHrz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:59 No.377610927 Anonymous (ID: HTWwJHrz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:36:59 No.377610927 >>377610819Lol, the leaf is holding the key to pandora's box>>
Anonymous (ID: P+Ln4MGx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:04 No.377610939 Anonymous (ID: P+Ln4MGx ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:04 No.377610939 >>377610802Glownigger confirmed>>
Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:13 No.377610956 Anonymous (ID: f91bWrVR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:13 No.377610956 >>377610605Suddenly verification not required to post in this thread.>>
Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:13 No.377610958 Anonymous (ID: bPfBksN+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:13 No.377610958 My offer still stands leafYou post an email, I send a mullvad account>>
Anonymous (ID: N68jqkNR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:17 No.377610968 Anonymous (ID: N68jqkNR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:17 No.377610968 >>377609767 >people of color spelled nigger wrong
>>377609798why are leafies suck fags?
Anonymous (ID: 0ZbLHctA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:27 No.377610981 Anonymous (ID: 0ZbLHctA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:27 No.377610981 >>377610531this>>
Anonymous (ID: 0d/Cn/Ws ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:30 No.377610987 Anonymous (ID: 0d/Cn/Ws ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:30 No.377610987 >>377609412Post it, nobody cares about who posts it its news it should be public.>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:30 No.377610988 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:30 No.377610988 His RUST player ID is 68429425>>
Anonymous (ID: 1C4Dglb2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:31 No.377610991 Anonymous (ID: 1C4Dglb2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:31 No.377610991 >>377608894Tarrant II?Tarant II wannabe?Either way,
>literally just writes nigger lol
Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:33 No.377610994 Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:33 No.377610994 >>377605335Why do the psychos always shoot random people instead of rich, powerful and famous people?
Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:36 No.377611000 Anonymous (ID: 3fWgmx09 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:36 No.377611000 >>377610776The fed who wrote this really likes the word ''cuck''>>
Anonymous (ID: Anj1QkTP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:53 No.377611028 Anonymous (ID: Anj1QkTP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:53 No.377611028 >>377609308>>377609378>>377607685>>377609403>>377609403>>377609712If real this is the most desperate glowie MKUltra move I've ever seen. Right about 6 months before elections, let's have the most Atlantic Counciled fucking cartoon comic book villain "white supremacist" go shoot up a supermarket.
Anonymous (ID: cFuDfIGn ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:58 No.377611034 Anonymous (ID: cFuDfIGn ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:37:58 No.377611034 >>377609602NIGGER_NIGGER_________NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER______NIGGER__NIGGER________NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_____________________________NIGGER____________________________NIGGER____________________NIGGER____NIGGER___NIGGER___NIGGER_______NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_____________________________NIGGER____________________________NIGGER____________________NIGGER_____NIGGER__NIGGER____NIGGER______NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_____________________________NIGGER____________________________NIGGER____________________NIGGER____NIGGER___NIGGER_____NIGGER_____NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_________NIGGER_NIGGER_____NIGGER_________NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER___NIGGER____NIGGER______NIGGER____NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_________________NIGGER_____NIGGER_________________NIGGER____NIGGER____________________NIGGER__NIGGER_____NIGGER_______NIGGER___NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_________________NIGGER_____NIGGER_________________NIGGER____NIGGER____________________NIGGER_____NIGGER__NIGGER________NIGGER__NIGGER____________NIGGER____________NIGGER_________________NIGGER_____NIGGER_________________NIGGER____NIGGER____________________NIGGER_______NIGGERNIGGER_________NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_NIGGER_NIGGER____NIGGER_______NIGGER>>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:03 No.377611045 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:03 No.377611045 upload it upload it upload it upload it upload it>>
Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:10 No.377611059 Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:10 No.377611059 >>377610994Because it's a glowie>>
Anonymous (ID: PL+reWdI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:11 No.377611062 Anonymous (ID: PL+reWdI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:11 No.377611062 Why did this retard stream on twitch, who makes it fucking impossible to save a video>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:20 No.377611075 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:20 No.377611075 Another C.I.A successful monarch asset deployed, fuck the feds we are all waking up to it.>>
Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:21 No.377611079 Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:21 No.377611079 >>377610531And doesn't post with proper vernacular. Uses the term cope and seetheDoesn't link discordDoesn't immediately post discord profile of userSpecifically avoids race of mexi-muttPost pics of tarrent wanna-be white outNews article within 10 minutes of threadEVERYONE GRAB EVERYTHINGSAVE THIS THREAD>>
Anonymous (ID: kKnM48J7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:39 No.377611118 Anonymous (ID: kKnM48J7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:39 No.377611118 >we should completely ignore white people and make society shit for them who would have guessed, I am so glad I left that shithole.>>
Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:48 No.377611132 Anonymous (ID: Fi0YZPFW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:48 No.377611132 >>377610819I'm ambivalent on Tarrant this shitstain is an embarrassment by comparison and probably a fed>>
Anonymous (ID: rJN+O3YU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:51 No.377611139 Anonymous (ID: rJN+O3YU ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:51 No.377611139 where's the fucking STREAM GOD FUCKING DAMN IT>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:51 No.377611140 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:38:51 No.377611140 >>377610776It feels like a disconnected boomer or hastily made bot typed it. wording and phrases someone wouldn't use in that scenario.>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:00 No.377611157 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:00 No.377611157 >>377610878lmao what is this cringe>>
Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:22 No.377611188 Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:22 No.377611188 >>3776107721 post. Pointing at /k/. No other evidence of such. Leaves>>
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:25 No.377611192 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:25 No.377611192 OP here. i have very good online friends on discord who link me very interesting streams. i never watch video games on it, but the NZ shooter, german synagogue shooter, recent DC shooter, ect. >>377610754
i still have the real tab open>>
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:26 No.377611193 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:26 No.377611193 >>377610994one is a lot easier than the other. innocent random people are literally everywhere. where do you go to find the ACTUAL rich people controlling shit? they're behind 20 layers of security and likely use a double in public settings>>
Anonymous (ID: fOkDPOBR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:26 No.377611194 Anonymous (ID: fOkDPOBR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:26 No.377611194 >>377605335someone post the webm already>>
Anonymous (ID: gtP1WgL8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:32 No.377611203 Anonymous (ID: gtP1WgL8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:32 No.377611203 >>377608121Niggers are truly rotten. What a disgusting thing to do. The only humane thing is to get rid of these animals.>>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:33 No.377611206 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:33 No.377611206 The shooter has like 150 pages of redpills on Jews in his manifesto. Based.https://drive[dot]
Anonymous (ID: Anj1QkTP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:46 No.377611238 Anonymous (ID: Anj1QkTP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:46 No.377611238 >>377608482Schmuel Hydenko included>>
Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:47 No.377611241 Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:47 No.377611241 >mutt killing muttsGood
Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:55 No.377611252 Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:55 No.377611252 OP glows. Where did he find this stream?>>
Anonymous (ID: jAi8jlY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:59 No.377611259 Anonymous (ID: jAi8jlY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:39:59 No.377611259 >>377610908How does shooting random people (some Whites) at a supermarket help his race?For literally what purpose?>>
Anonymous (ID: IqB9tYwR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:09 No.377611270 Anonymous (ID: IqB9tYwR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:09 No.377611270 >>377610754>>377609882it seems there is some fuckery
Anonymous (ID: 65nKQjSp ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:17 No.377611288 Anonymous (ID: 65nKQjSp ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:17 No.377611288 >>377608380 >zoomers are old enough to do mass shootings now Grim'...
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:21 No.377611293 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:21 No.377611293 UPLOAD THE FUCKING VIDEO>>
Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:21 No.377611294 Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:21 No.377611294 >>377611192 >real tab >image STILL above the distinct header break kys faggot
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:29 No.377611309 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:29 No.377611309 >>377610915Do you think after that one retard brony went postal at fedex they thought to try to find more autistic bronies with rage problems? That seems to be their angle with this one.>>
Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:32 No.377611317 Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:32 No.377611317 >>377611206...but shoot zero. Just like Tarrant.>>
Anonymous (ID: lozDAT0v ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:34 No.377611321 Anonymous (ID: lozDAT0v ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:34 No.377611321 >>377610858So so the Nick Saga pushed him over.>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:36 No.377611324 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:36 No.377611324 >>377611192 >OP here. i have very good online friends on discord who link me very interesting streams MUTHA FUKKINNNNN
Anonymous (ID: SB4awyy+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:36 No.377611326 Anonymous (ID: SB4awyy+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:36 No.377611326 >>377611192 >poggers >>
Anonymous (ID: 3B8wsE0g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:37 No.377611330 Anonymous (ID: 3B8wsE0g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:37 No.377611330 >>377608894The fuck?Why did he take out a white woman?
Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:37 No.377611331 Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:37 No.377611331 >>377608732 > can't control the narrative if primary materials exist for people to draw their own
Anonymous (ID: AHkMaf6K ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:45 No.377611345 Anonymous (ID: AHkMaf6K ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:45 No.377611345 >>377610777Checked. That's exactly what is going on but it transcends glowies and goes all the way to demons.>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:46 No.377611349 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:46 No.377611349 >>377610878upgrade to spectrum unlimited plus if possible'' lmao>>
Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:49 No.377611358 Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:49 No.377611358 >>377610819 >come on goy, if you post it, you're just letting the enemy win! let the media cover it and edit it for your viewing pleasure if you're so keen on seeing it, the goy would just misuse the material to attack democracy! How many glowies does this thread have now?
Anonymous (ID: 38muWokK ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:53 No.377611367 Anonymous (ID: 38muWokK ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:40:53 No.377611367 >>377610699kek, start blaming reddit for mass shooters this time>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:13 No.377611394 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:13 No.377611394 >>377611192You're a disgusting fucking human being and God is watching you right now, TRUST ME.GLOW OP
Anonymous (ID: i1ZKy0dO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:14 No.377611395 Anonymous (ID: i1ZKy0dO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:14 No.377611395 >>377610858 >the 170 page google drive link that I read in the last 5 minutes is very good and has Le epic redpills xD glow
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:19 No.377611398 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:19 No.377611398 >>377611294i dont know what youre on about. people have different browsers and extensions and themes and shit.>>
Anonymous (ID: o/0kPggh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:21 No.377611405 Anonymous (ID: o/0kPggh ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:21 No.377611405 >>377608894wait so this retarded has that gun and a manifesto shot random people that dont even look b*ack? Yeah this is glowing.>>
Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:28 No.377611419 Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:28 No.377611419 >>377611358One more now that you're here nigger.>>
Anonymous (ID: jAi8jlY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:36 No.377611429 Anonymous (ID: jAi8jlY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:36 No.377611429 >>377611193Wallstreet would be a start, and that's a low effort scenario.>>
God (ID: oiJRAvrv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:39 No.377611432 God (ID: oiJRAvrv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:41:39 No.377611432 Whole thing is fake>>
Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:07 No.377611480 Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:07 No.377611480 >>377609370the elites likely planned this. why would they have one of their hitters shoot their own instead of infinitely replaceable commoners?>>
Anonymous (ID: 20LuG56H ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:08 No.377611486 Anonymous (ID: 20LuG56H ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:08 No.377611486 >>377606889Very likely a glow-op to distract from massive inflation, insane gas prices, midterms, giving out billions like candy to a kike on the other side of the world, and baby formula shortages.I say this as someone who loathes faggots that call literally everything a glow-op
Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:13 No.377611492 Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:13 No.377611492 >>377611330 >white >>
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:15 No.377611501 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:15 No.377611501 >>377611259It doesn't.>>
Anonymous (ID: o3K/s8v2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:19 No.377611507 Anonymous (ID: o3K/s8v2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:19 No.377611507 >>377611192 >poggers fuck this is a blessed thread
Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:30 No.377611527 Anonymous (ID: ibu/n1Uz ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:30 No.377611527 OP is a glownigger>>
Anonymous (ID: lLWwfZdd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:32 No.377611532 Anonymous (ID: lLWwfZdd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:32 No.377611532 That shit is fucked up. Why hurt innocent people? Even IF you were that mad why kill everyday normal people? I can't understand it, it makes me sick. Fucking loser.>>
Anonymous (ID: thZRcF7k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:39 No.377611545 Anonymous (ID: thZRcF7k ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:39 No.377611545 >>377608986Man booba faggot.....>>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:39 No.377611546 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:39 No.377611546 >>377611317Yeah that is odd, isn't it? I can't blame him for not liking niggers / spics though.>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:40 No.377611548 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:40 No.377611548 >>377611486and literally this thread >>377577327>>
Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:44 No.377611563 Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:44 No.377611563 >>377611326Lmaoooo
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:47 No.377611566 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:47 No.377611566 >>377609882>>
Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:49 No.377611576 Anonymous (ID: uVORCUMZ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:49 No.377611576 >>377610915Here's the article on the fedex shooter (not the thread shooter in case anyone gets confused):>>
Anonymous (ID: Z3NxXfG5 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:53 No.377611586 Anonymous (ID: Z3NxXfG5 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:42:53 No.377611586 >>377605335Dammit. Was hoping he was Asian, after the black dude targeting Asians in Dallas>>
Anonymous (ID: AHkMaf6K ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:03 No.377611605 Anonymous (ID: AHkMaf6K ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:03 No.377611605 >>377610802Lmao no way>>
Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:08 No.377611615 Anonymous (ID: sUCOnhhG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:08 No.377611615 >>377611000Forced "Hey kids i'm cool" lingo like cuck and based, over the top gun control type language that doesn't fit anyone remotely pro 2A, saying 4chan radicalized him, sterotypical white nationalist views.This is a "far right nationalist" meme machine, where do they find these people.
Anonymous (ID: RAJsZlaW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:11 No.377611627 Anonymous (ID: RAJsZlaW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:11 No.377611627 >>377611192sloppy job>>
Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:19 No.377611647 Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:19 No.377611647 >>377611192Being friends with glowies ain't any better than being one.>>
Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:20 No.377611648 Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:20 No.377611648 >>377611398 >extensions and browsers >changing the html of twitch that distinctly based actual fucking retard
Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:22 No.377611653 Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:22 No.377611653 >>377605335Bets that OP is a spook?
Why would anyone be watching a twitch stream of a guy with 0 followers who posts "test for real" as the topic for his stream? How would you even find that stream? How would it get recommended to you?
This is a weird story.
Anonymous (ID: qWZDklje ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:38 No.377611679 Anonymous (ID: qWZDklje ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:38 No.377611679 Fuck my grandma lives only a mile or two from here. She isn't picking up the phone. Fuck fuck fuck>>
Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:54 No.377611711 Anonymous (ID: sNvZ1nEo ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:43:54 No.377611711 >>377610155>>377609952>>377609953>>377609966>>377610019>>377610060>>377610087>>377610238>>377610257>>377610296alrighty bois>>
Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:12 No.377611745 Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:12 No.377611745 >377610814 gonna grab an oldie out of the bag for this one.>>
Anonymous (ID: fOkDPOBR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:17 No.377611753 Anonymous (ID: fOkDPOBR ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:17 No.377611753 >>377611679RIP>>
Anonymous (ID: B1pAhPcD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:22 No.377611761 Anonymous (ID: B1pAhPcD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:22 No.377611761 something's wrong here>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:24 No.377611767 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:24 No.377611767 >>377611653OP is absolutely a fucking spook.I recognize the fucking canadian VPNs from these faggots.
Anonymous (ID: 8hk+aSQH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:31 No.377611782 Anonymous (ID: 8hk+aSQH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:31 No.377611782 >>377611711one day a canuck isn't a faggot>>
Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:34 No.377611785 Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:34 No.377611785 >>377610878 >18 >broke >full kit >ECH helmet >go pro livestream set-up >pre media release plans >''go over plan'' of shooting a fucking grocery store? This shit glows so fucking bright
Anonymous (ID: ziLc75eP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:39 No.377611795 Anonymous (ID: ziLc75eP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:39 No.377611795 >>377611711You get raked last leaf bro.>>
Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:41 No.377611799 Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:41 No.377611799 >>377609806 >He shot a White women, so they can't say it was racial now. Jews are going to be mad about that. something like 85% of the populace think Elliot Rodger only killed women
Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:41 No.377611802 Anonymous (ID: aiBTibsc ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:41 No.377611802 >>377611711cunt>>
Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:55 No.377611827 Anonymous (ID: cVtg/+R3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:55 No.377611827 >>377611711SWIM click that shit>>
Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:56 No.377611829 Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:56 No.377611829 >>377611679Hope you granny's safe, Anon.Maybe you know one of her neighbors who could check on her?>>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:57 No.377611830 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:44:57 No.377611830 >>377611711 > OH SHIT, NICE ANON
Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:00 No.377611839 Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:00 No.377611839 >>377611711PUT ME IN THE SCREENSHOT PLS>>
Anonymous (ID: SXDuy35g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:07 No.377611853 Anonymous (ID: SXDuy35g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:07 No.377611853 >>377605335this is a glowie post>>377605711another glowie
get this trash off the board>>
Anonymous (ID: PL+reWdI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:12 No.377611870 Anonymous (ID: PL+reWdI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:12 No.377611870 >>377611711basedhow do i save shit from catbox, whenever I click Save Video As it just wants to save an html file>>
Anonymous (ID: EgLRrX5o ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:15 No.377611881 Anonymous (ID: EgLRrX5o ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:15 No.377611881 >>377611288>>
Anonymous (ID: RAJsZlaW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:16 No.377611882 Anonymous (ID: RAJsZlaW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:16 No.377611882 >>377611711should have edited it with a rick roll>>
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:17 No.377611884 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:17 No.377611884 >>377611711hell yeah based leaf>>
Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:20 No.377611894 Anonymous (ID: e09sQxrB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:20 No.377611894 >>377610908Show me anything from this guy from a year ago>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:27 No.377611907 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:27 No.377611907 >>377611711digits too>>
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:29 No.377611910 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:29 No.377611910 >>377608606>>
Anonymous (ID: LHO3ABX1 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:41 No.377611936 Anonymous (ID: LHO3ABX1 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:41 No.377611936 >>377611711Nice>>
Anonymous (ID: 80WmfCpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:48 No.377611958 Anonymous (ID: 80WmfCpt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:48 No.377611958 >>377611711Oh fuck>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:50 No.377611964 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:50 No.377611964 >>377611711holy shit they're scared.THEY ARE ABORTING SAVE THIS THREAD
Anonymous (ID: cBghiW5y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:55 No.377611969 Anonymous (ID: cBghiW5y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:55 No.377611969 >>377610878They really aren't into authenticity or plausability, are they? Sloppy job.>>
Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:56 No.377611970 Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:56 No.377611970 >>377605892>>377606194Big think
Anonymous (ID: Wlqi/Ell ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:56 No.377611971 Anonymous (ID: Wlqi/Ell ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:45:56 No.377611971 >>377611711i unironically enjoy this song>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:01 No.377611988 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:01 No.377611988 >>377611711YOU FUCKING NIGGER>>
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:04 No.377611994 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:04 No.377611994 >>377611711AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>>
Anonymous (ID: YJsH/CQY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:09 No.377612002 Anonymous (ID: YJsH/CQY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:09 No.377612002 >>377611711LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO>>
Anonymous (ID: kazNeRnL ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:12 No.377612011 Anonymous (ID: kazNeRnL ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:12 No.377612011 >>377611881What a faggot.>>
Anonymous (ID: 9DE+O0aQ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:13 No.377612013 Anonymous (ID: 9DE+O0aQ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:13 No.377612013 >>377611711IT'S A RICK ROLL YOU FAGGOTS, HE CUT IT BEFORE THE FIRST SHOT>>
Anonymous (ID: PL+reWdI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:13 No.377612016 Anonymous (ID: PL+reWdI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:13 No.377612016 >>377611711Nevermind its a rickrollLEAF IS BEING A NIGGER AS USUAL ITS A FUCKING RICKROLL>>
Anonymous (ID: ENE3x9fD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:15 No.377612020 Anonymous (ID: ENE3x9fD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:15 No.377612020 >>377611711It's only 2 minutes???>>
Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:23 No.377612039 Anonymous (ID: +3/XtmQv ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:23 No.377612039 >>377611711 > >>
Anonymous (ID: vq4szM2T ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:34 No.377612066 Anonymous (ID: vq4szM2T ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:34 No.377612066 >>377611711you nigger>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:42 No.377612080 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:42 No.377612080 >>377612016ITS LITERAL GLOW OP CODE, THEY ARE ABORTING, THIS OP IS TOO OBVIOUS.>>
Anonymous (ID: sUiqL5a4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:54 No.377612108 Anonymous (ID: sUiqL5a4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:54 No.377612108 This is pretty clearly a false flag. The thing is outlandishly "evil" in its presentation, like a cartoon villain. At least tarrant had a roundabout justification for himself, this dude is just "lmao i'm evil">>
Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:55 No.377612115 Anonymous (ID: Ust5sWpY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:46:55 No.377612115 >>377611711DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE>>
Anonymous (ID: qkZASKH3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:03 No.377612129 Anonymous (ID: qkZASKH3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:03 No.377612129 >>377611711hahaha fuck you leaf.>>
Anonymous (ID: RAJsZlaW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:04 No.377612131 Anonymous (ID: RAJsZlaW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:04 No.377612131 >>377611711>>377611882holy shit nevermind kek
Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:08 No.377612139 Anonymous (ID: XW3PFwB3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:08 No.377612139 >>377611795 >You get raked last leaf bro. Did you change your mind after watching until the end?
Anonymous (ID: wB89JKZd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:09 No.377612142 Anonymous (ID: wB89JKZd ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:09 No.377612142 >>377606542>>377607330 >i normally never watch twitch. these are probably the default suggestions to users with no history. >he started shooting like 5 seconds after i opened the link, and then the shooting lasted about 30 seconds so this was linked from another site from the shooter himself I'm guessing? where was it posted up at?
Anonymous (ID: L0NUezr/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:10 No.377612147 Anonymous (ID: L0NUezr/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:10 No.377612147 >>377611192 >boredom974 >starwars lego faggot
Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:19 No.377612181 Anonymous (ID: U7dqSSW3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:19 No.377612181 >>377611653Extremely unlikely that you would randomly click through 20 viewer streams on Twitch and just so happen to catch a mass shooting.
Possible sure, but extremely unlikely.
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:20 No.377612182 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:20 No.377612182 >>377611711FUCK YOUUUU>>
Anonymous (ID: x7qD8UdP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:21 No.377612186 Anonymous (ID: x7qD8UdP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:21 No.377612186 >>377611711 >rickroll fuck you
Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:27 No.377612198 Anonymous (ID: OolfP1gB ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:27 No.377612198 >>377611894 >Joined: 22 Mar, 2022 >>
Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:29 No.377612203 Anonymous (ID: zH8+DLmA ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:29 No.377612203 >>377611711legendary rick roll>>
Anonymous (ID: SB4awyy+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:41 No.377612226 Anonymous (ID: SB4awyy+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:41 No.377612226 >>377611711You're pretty funny for a leaf>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:58 No.377612266 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:47:58 No.377612266 distraction GLOW OP SLIDE FROM THIS THREAD'>>377577327THE A.I IS AWAKE
Anonymous (ID: 5Kevdoz/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:00 No.377612270 Anonymous (ID: 5Kevdoz/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:00 No.377612270 >>377611711KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE>>
Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:07 No.377612284 Anonymous (ID: bja5Mo00 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:07 No.377612284 >>377611711kek, you're all right leaf.>>
Anonymous (ID: SXDuy35g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:11 No.377612290 Anonymous (ID: SXDuy35g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:11 No.377612290 >>377608121wtf why would you have that saved>>
Anonymous (ID: MEP1nNxO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:15 No.377612300 Anonymous (ID: MEP1nNxO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:15 No.377612300 >>377611711YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!>>
Anonymous (ID: qWZDklje ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:18 No.377612308 Anonymous (ID: qWZDklje ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:18 No.377612308 >>377611829I'm trying to reach my parents and see if they've heard from her. I live a few states away>>
Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:18 No.377612309 Anonymous (ID: LE9RnW0d ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:18 No.377612309 >glownigger this >glownigger that Yeah, we know you're a apathic faggot will sit in your apartment / house until death comes knocking, you pathetic piece of shits kek.
Anonymous (ID: /+RLGE5X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:19 No.377612312 Anonymous (ID: /+RLGE5X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:19 No.377612312 >>377611711kek nigger>>
Anonymous (ID: tkQ2eShW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:20 No.377612314 Anonymous (ID: tkQ2eShW ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:20 No.377612314 >>377611711legend
Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:23 No.377612328 Anonymous (ID: RmpTvl3y ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:23 No.377612328 >bad photoshop >American poster and Canadian conveniently watching the same no-name stream at the exact time a supposed mass shooting occurred >cant post actual proof >exits the thread CIAniggers btfo
Anonymous (ID: sUiqL5a4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:26 No.377612335 Anonymous (ID: sUiqL5a4 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:26 No.377612335 >>377612039 > lmao
Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:28 No.377612337 Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:28 No.377612337 >>377605335New bread>>377612276>>
Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:36 No.377612355 Anonymous (ID: T8po8Rev ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:36 No.377612355 bake new bread>>
Anonymous (ID: T7wHPLKS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:39 No.377612360 Anonymous (ID: T7wHPLKS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:39 No.377612360 New thread? We are past the bump limit.>>
Anonymous (ID: PoXpZiEJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:42 No.377612366 Anonymous (ID: PoXpZiEJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:42 No.377612366 >>377611711Oh fuck off>>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:44 No.377612370 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:44 No.377612370 >>377611711>>
Anonymous (ID: O/gOWa3D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:45 No.377612372 Anonymous (ID: O/gOWa3D ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:45 No.377612372 >>377611711You cock sucking mother fucker>>
Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:55 No.377612394 Anonymous (ID: Jf2XMB9C ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:55 No.377612394 >>377612142friend of a friend of a friend from discord. yes i realize i look like a glowie but i swear i was just in the right place at the right time. people win the lottery with astronomically low chances right?>>
Anonymous (ID: 20LuG56H ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:57 No.377612397 Anonymous (ID: 20LuG56H ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:48:57 No.377612397 >>377608151TOO SOON>>
Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:00 No.377612403 Anonymous (ID: TbHU4ceS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:00 No.377612403 >>377611711Wtf is wrong with you why are leaf's always so fucking annoying I actually hope you get your head caved in by some polar bear>>
Anonymous (ID: DpDC1BXT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:00 No.377612404 Anonymous (ID: DpDC1BXT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:00 No.377612404 >>377605335Not reading this entire thread. Hopefully one of you losers reported it to authorities>>
Anonymous (ID: B1pAhPcD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:07 No.377612422 Anonymous (ID: B1pAhPcD ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:07 No.377612422 >>377611711well played you filthy dog fucker.>>
Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:09 No.377612428 Anonymous (ID: y/fFInY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:09 No.377612428 >>377611711>>
Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:10 No.377612432 Anonymous (ID: BY1eg4xy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:10 No.377612432 >>377611206 >The shooter has like 150 pages of redpills on Jews in his manifesto. Based. yeah, because the goy were getting a little too bold about openly criticizing the chosenites
Anonymous (ID: T7wHPLKS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:28 No.377612470 Anonymous (ID: T7wHPLKS ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:28 No.377612470 >>377612404Fag>>
Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:30 No.377612478 Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:30 No.377612478 >>377612355>>377612276>>377612276
>>377612276 >>377612276New bread. Quick bake. Sorry but i have no info on it yet
Anonymous (ID: A7Wys+gF ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:30 No.377612479 Anonymous (ID: A7Wys+gF ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:30 No.377612479 >>377611711>>
Anonymous (ID: Kw7BvHNe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:32 No.377612484 Anonymous (ID: Kw7BvHNe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:32 No.377612484 >>377611711CUNT>>
Anonymous (ID: KJ3BkEgY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:34 No.377612487 Anonymous (ID: KJ3BkEgY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:34 No.377612487 >>377611711you MF'er lol>>
Anonymous (ID: 1IiI/Kms ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:47 No.377612515 Anonymous (ID: 1IiI/Kms ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:47 No.377612515 >>377611711Post it dumbass>>
Anonymous (ID: RjMVKxnr ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:48 No.377612516 Anonymous (ID: RjMVKxnr ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:48 No.377612516 >>377611711why did he bother parking his car appropriately?>>
Anonymous (ID: jAi8jlY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:49 No.377612517 Anonymous (ID: jAi8jlY6 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:49 No.377612517 >>377611881So what, he's some recently redpilled retard who no one had a leash on, one who hadn't learned yet that isolated lashing out is only ever bad?>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:51 No.377612520 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:51 No.377612520 >>377611711fucking faggot lmao>>
ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:52 No.377612524 ð'…ƒ (ID: WYQyzk6A ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:49:52 No.377612524 >>377610672 >Anyone who's not a shut in faggot is a fed >>377610878So their ai can detect me making obscure Jew jokes but can't detect a psychopath going off the rails? Glad to see their priorities are rock solid
Anonymous (ID: w4D01aw3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:21 No.377612577 Anonymous (ID: w4D01aw3 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:21 No.377612577 >>377608632fucking hell kek>>
Anonymous (ID: 8GMiFeO/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:21 No.377612579 Anonymous (ID: 8GMiFeO/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:21 No.377612579 >>377611711Canadians>>
Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:36 No.377612607 Anonymous (ID: /YbM7leI ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:36 No.377612607 >>377611711>>
Anonymous (ID: qack0Tn0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:39 No.377612617 Anonymous (ID: qack0Tn0 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:39 No.377612617 >>377611711Double Nigger.>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:44 No.377612625 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:44 No.377612625 >>377611711Holy fuck, god tier trolling>>
Anonymous (ID: Ja4m/LzX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:49 No.377612637 Anonymous (ID: Ja4m/LzX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:50:49 No.377612637 >>377611711>>
Anonymous (ID: DpDC1BXT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:06 No.377612669 Anonymous (ID: DpDC1BXT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:06 No.377612669 >>377612470No one likes you>>
Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:11 No.377612673 Anonymous (ID: exI3bkGe ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:11 No.377612673 >>377612637 >RICK ROLL DAMAGE CONTROL RICK ROLL DAMAGE CONTROL
Anonymous (ID: 20LuG56H ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:22 No.377612701 Anonymous (ID: 20LuG56H ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:22 No.377612701 >>377611881I hate this faggot already>>
Anonymous (ID: 3Hyg5Z5S ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:24 No.377612708 Anonymous (ID: 3Hyg5Z5S ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:24 No.377612708 this is a gay psy op. Op can suck a black mans penis>>
Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:31 No.377612717 Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:31 No.377612717 >>377612404The guy has been in custody from thread start>>
Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:42 No.377612739 Anonymous (ID: U+uHpDYY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:42 No.377612739 >>377611711im gay>>
Anonymous (ID: 1C4Dglb2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:47 No.377612752 Anonymous (ID: 1C4Dglb2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:51:47 No.377612752 >>377611711 > Saving for posterity
I salute you, noble leaf.
Anonymous (ID: 0d/Cn/Ws ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:10 No.377612793 Anonymous (ID: 0d/Cn/Ws ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:10 No.377612793 >>377612625 > Should of made like 15 minutes of emptyness after the rick roll to make us all think it was really legit.
Anonymous (ID: WYrIvQNn ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:10 No.377612796 Anonymous (ID: WYrIvQNn ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:10 No.377612796 >>377612669projecting fag>>
Anonymous (ID: Z599w4ZJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:19 No.377612817 Anonymous (ID: Z599w4ZJ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:19 No.377612817 leafboy will keep it to himself>>
Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:20 No.377612818 Anonymous (ID: RiklMVk7 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:20 No.377612818 >>377612516White people are good at following societal laws.>>
Anonymous (ID: hoD91f4l ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:20 No.377612819 Anonymous (ID: hoD91f4l ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:20 No.377612819 >>377611711I hope you fucking die>>
Anonymous (ID: Ja4m/LzX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:32 No.377612836 Anonymous (ID: Ja4m/LzX ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:32 No.377612836 >>377612673no u
Anonymous (ID: sk8QmZOV ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:51 No.377612886 Anonymous (ID: sk8QmZOV ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:51 No.377612886 >>377611653The shooter had a discord where he had been planning alll this stuff for the past 2 weeks>>
Anonymous (ID: VJGHYtw+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:53 No.377612892 Anonymous (ID: VJGHYtw+ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:52:53 No.377612892 >>377608121now as always, its niggers being niggers, but i have one question. what did the strapee do to the strappers that they are showering him with sparks instead of say, lighting him on fire? they could easily just kill him outright with that tool, he must have it coming.>>
Anonymous (ID: L0NUezr/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:03 No.377612912 Anonymous (ID: L0NUezr/ ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:03 No.377612912 >>377612394brony faggot>>
Anonymous (ID: MwgRCKiT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:04 No.377612914 Anonymous (ID: MwgRCKiT ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:04 No.377612914 >>377611711fuckin hell, fellow leaf>>
Anonymous (ID: SXDuy35g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:12 No.377612936 Anonymous (ID: SXDuy35g ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:12 No.377612936 >>377611653this thread is filled with spooks probably another glow op to demonize and get the ol'white hate and white supremacist biggest threat narrative flowing good again>>
Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:22 No.377612957 Anonymous (ID: OQuysWip ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:22 No.377612957 News articles just updated: > Buffalo Police confirmed that the suspect was taken into custody. In a video shared on Facebook, a man in military fatigues can be seen taken into custody. He appeared to have been armed with a semi-automatic rifle. > A 106-page online manifesto, believed to have been uploaded by the shooter, outlined his motive for Saturday's attack. In the document, he describes himself as an 18-year-old man and self-described white supremacist and anti-semite. herewegoagain.jpg
Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:43 No.377613004 Anonymous (ID: mEeB3aMt ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:53:43 No.377613004 >>377612478New bread
Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:04 No.377613040 Anonymous (ID: j1HRJdO8 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:04 No.377613040 This thread is all such bollocks. Glow radicalised tranny who posted >I'm a radicalised faggot stuff
Shoots nobodies for no reason- except to false flag.- trannies, they are thomas harris characters which is what glowies studied for decades and media used to be all about them murdering all the time. Glowies ARE STILL all over their crazed looneys like fleas. ALL TRANNIES DO IS TRY TO FALSE FLAG ALL DAY LONG ON THE INTERNET they are retards who think they are cunning. Dribbling loonies. Glowies like people stupider than then and there aren't many so they will never leave the looney faggots side.This thread is broken BTW Someone get it together. I'm going for coffee.THIS IS TRANNIES & GLOWIES yet again by the look of it. When theres no reason it is them>>
Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:22 No.377613072 Anonymous (ID: YjG/qB3f ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:22 No.377613072 >>377612957 >self-described white supremacist and anti-semite. And yet he did not target black sor Jews.
Anonymous (ID: KJ3BkEgY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:30 No.377613089 Anonymous (ID: KJ3BkEgY ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:30 No.377613089 >>377612957 >herewegoagain.jpg wouldnt be surprised if he was MK Ultra'd, also Dems need a new Enemy in time for mid terms
Anonymous (ID: rVaCiIPE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:54 No.377613135 Anonymous (ID: rVaCiIPE ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:54 No.377613135 >>377606980This is a weak glowing operation.pretty fucking stupid.>>
Anonymous (ID: QY+dScX9 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:55 No.377613139 Anonymous (ID: QY+dScX9 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:55 No.377613139 >>377609578>>
Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:58 No.377613145 Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:58 No.377613145 >>377611653>>377612181Yeah, how you'd stumble on this twitch is what I don't get. I don't get how the guy has any viewers at al its not like he posted that he was going to stream a popular game or something then actually went on a rampage. He posted "test for real".
Another thing I noticed is that OP has 47 notification messages on Twitch which indicates that he hasn't used Twitch in a very long time and yet he decided to use it today to randomly find a mass shooting.
Its weird.
Anonymous (ID: rZUGzTd2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:59 No.377613152 Anonymous (ID: rZUGzTd2 ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:54:59 No.377613152 >>377606963h tt ps : //a rc hiv e ph/u1 X7X>>
Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:17 No.377613185 Anonymous (ID: FmkWAR3X ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:17 No.377613185 >>377613040Everything in this thread was a rickroll you dumb fucks, op just baited everyone like a pro>>
Anonymous (ID: PAFScLHO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:23 No.377613198 Anonymous (ID: PAFScLHO ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:23 No.377613198 >>377606194 >sketchy 1PBTD google drive "manifesto" immediately posted to /pol/ Nothing glowing here
Anonymous (ID: +eRHmrmy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:33 No.377613226 Anonymous (ID: +eRHmrmy ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:33 No.377613226 >>377613145OP is real.>>
Anonymous (ID: OIqKxg7j ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:33 No.377613227 Anonymous (ID: OIqKxg7j ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:33 No.377613227 >>377606362its not good bait, zoomer. no one who matters uses twitch or even knows who those people are.>>
Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:43 No.377613251 Anonymous (ID: gJ73KIbH ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:43 No.377613251 >>377612886So OP and the other 20 some odd people watching were presumably following this Discord?
Anonymous (ID: zDusETDF ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:45 No.377613253 Anonymous (ID: zDusETDF ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:45 No.377613253 >>377611711Well'... at least we know there IS a video>>
Anonymous (ID: QNEGBxQG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:54 No.377613273 Anonymous (ID: QNEGBxQG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:55:54 No.377613273 >>377605335I can't make out the weapon, is that a shotgun? Looks like it could also be a tac fag Mini 14 with the gay ass unnecessary heat shield I've seen people run.>>
Anonymous (ID: nMHIqLHb ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:03 No.377613292 Anonymous (ID: nMHIqLHb ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:03 No.377613292 >>377611711lmao you fucking nigger haha>>
Anonymous (ID: ICZ9BT7M ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:09 No.377613301 Anonymous (ID: ICZ9BT7M ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:09 No.377613301 where can I watch it you useless nigger goyim>>
Anonymous (ID: Gzq+nNMs ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:10 No.377613303 Anonymous (ID: Gzq+nNMs ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:10 No.377613303 >>377605335All the different channels on Twitch and you just happened to stumble upon this faggot's channel just as shit guys down.Would bet money OP is the shooter or an accomplice. Sorry you're faggot friend didn't know how to turn on past broadcasts. Looks like his video manifesto is as big a failure as him.>>
Anonymous (ID: QNEGBxQG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:41 No.377613373 Anonymous (ID: QNEGBxQG ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:41 No.377613373 >>377609343Because he wasn't actually watching it and wants to feel like he's a part of something>>
Anonymous (ID: x7qD8UdP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:48 No.377613388 Anonymous (ID: x7qD8UdP ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:48 No.377613388 >>377613145i suspect they hacked it>>
Anonymous (ID: J6cKmlXa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:50 No.377613393 Anonymous (ID: J6cKmlXa ) 05/14/22(Sat)15:56:50 No.377613393 >>377611711You are such a fucking Leaf!Well played, but you will be raked first!Oh, and raked slowly!
Michael Weiss (journalist) - Wikipedia
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:08
American journalist and author
Michael D. Weiss is an American journalist and author. He is news director at the New Lines magazine, contributing editor at The Daily Beast, director of special investigations at the Free Russia Foundation and the coauthor of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror.[1][2]
Education [ edit ] Weiss was born to a Jewish family[3] and educated at Townsend Harris High School, a public magnet high school in Flushing, Queens in New York City, from which he graduated in 1998,[4] followed by Dartmouth College in 2002 with a B.A. in History.[5]
Life and career [ edit ] In 2010, Weiss criticized British Prime Minister David Cameron after Cameron, during a speech delivered in Ankara, referred to Gaza as a "prison camp". Weiss wrote that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan "is the man whom David Cameron was out to please ... Brutal occupation of Cyprus, subjugation of a Kurdish minority in everything from politics to linguistics, and ongoing denial of the Armenian genocide are evidently Maastricht-compatible initiatives to the new British prime minister".[6]
In 2012, Weiss served as co-chair of the Russia Studies Centre at the trans-Atlantic foreign policy think tank Henry Jackson Society (HJS).[7]
In November 2014, Weiss published a special report in his online magazine The Interpreter that accused Russia of waging "propaganda and disinformation" campaigns. Weiss's report included recommendations on how to confront Russian propaganda which included creating an "internationally recognized ratings system for disinformation."[8] The recommendations were criticized in an article written by James Carden (executive director of the lobbying organization[9][10][11] American Committee for East''West Accord) in The Nation as a "censorship campaign."[12]
In March 2015, in an article cowritten with Michael Pregent, Weiss accused Iran-backed Iraqi Shia militias of committing extensive atrocities against Sunni civilians in the course of their war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, including "burning people alive in their houses, playing soccer with severed human heads, and ethnically cleansing and razing whole villages to the ground." Weiss and Pregent suggested that "Iran's Shi'ite militias aren't a whole lot better than the Islamic State."[13]
In 2015, he co-wrote the book ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror with Hassan Hassan.[14][15][16]
In 2016, Weiss called Russia a terrorist state and said that "Russian corruption has been described as one of the country's chief exports".[17]
Weiss joined CNN in April 2017.[18]
Weiss currently[as of? ] serves as the editor-in-chief for the online magazine Interpreter, which translates and analyzes Russian news,[19][20] and contributing editor of The Daily Beast.[1]
Personal life [ edit ] He is married to Amy Thirjung.[21]
References [ edit ] ^ a b "Michael Weiss". . Retrieved 2022-03-20 . ^ "Michael Weiss: 'Beware the unintended consequence' ". CNN. November 20, 2015 . Retrieved September 18, 2016 . ^ The Daily Beast: "Donald Trump's Anti-Semitic Mob Came for Me - An appearance on CNN'--which included some pushback against Trump's reaction to the Orlando massacre'--was enough to inspire 72 hours of online abuse" by Michael Weiss June 21, 2016 ^ "The Classic (Vol. 14, No. 6 - June, 1998)" (PDF) . Townsend Harris High School, Flushing, New York. June 1998 . Retrieved November 24, 2016 . ^ Asharq Al-Awsat (July 18, 2011). "Asharq Al-Awsat talks to Just Journalism director Michael Weiss". . Retrieved November 24, 2016 . ^ "What David Cameron Doesn't Know About Turkey". The Weekly Standard. July 29, 2010. ^ Pettengill, Julia (May 4, 2012). "A Whistleblower's story: Sergey Kolesnikov speaks to the Henry Jackson Society". The Henry Jackson Society . Retrieved November 28, 2016 . ^ Pomerantsev, Peter; Weiss, Michael (November 2014). "The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money" (PDF) . The Interpreter. Archived from the original (PDF) on November 26, 2016 . Retrieved November 28, 2016 . ^ "American Committee for East West Accord Ltd (ACEWA)". ^ Schlanger, Zo (2014-03-10). "The American Who Dared Make Putin's Case". Newsweek. Newsweek. ^ Cohen, Stephen (August 27, 2014). "Fallacies of US policy may be leading to war with Russia". The Nation. The Nation. In addition to grassroots support, we even had our own lobbying organization in Washington, the American Committee on East-West Accord, whose board included corporate CEOs, political figures, prominent academics and statesmen of the stature of George Kennan. ^ Carden, James (May 19, 2015). "Neo-McCarthyism and the US Media". The Nation . Retrieved November 28, 2016 . ^ Weiss, Michael; Pregent, Michael (2015-03-28). "The U.S. Is Providing Air Cover for Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq". Foreign Policy . Retrieved February 2, 2019 . ^ Negus, Steve (April 1, 2015). " 'ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror,' and More". The New York Times . Retrieved September 18, 2016 . ^ Yassin-Kassab, Robin (28 March 2015). "Isis: Inside the Army of Terror; The Rise of Islamic State '' review". The Guardian . Retrieved September 18, 2016 . ^ Traub, James (March 14, 2015). "The Demonic Wellspring". The Wall Street Journal . Retrieved September 26, 2016 . ^ Weiss, Michael (18 March 2016). "The President Who Dared to Call Putin's Russia What It Is: A Terrorist State". The Daily Beast. ^ "Former Daily Beast Editor Joins CNN as Investigative Reporter For International Affairs". Adweek . Retrieved 13 April 2019 . ^ "About Us". The Interpreter . Retrieved April 14, 2019 . ^ "About: Michael Weiss". The Daily Beast . Retrieved September 18, 2016 . ^ Michigan,com: "THIRJUNG, GARY S." February 14, 2013 [dead link ] External links [ edit ] Official website
US Treasury: Russia's war shows need to fight illicit finance
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:02
Saul Loeb/AP
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies during a House Committee on Financial Services hearing on the Annual Report of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, Thursday, May 12, 2022 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Saul Loeb/Pool photo via AP)
By: The Associated Press & Scripps National
Posted at 4:18 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 16:18:52-04
Russia's war in Ukraine is one of the biggest considerations in the U.S. Treasury's latest strategy document outlining how the agency plans to combat significant illicit finance threats to the U.S. financial system.
The agency every two years releases a report with recommendations on how to close gaps that could facilitate terrorist and illicit finance. The report was released Friday and says that Russia's invasion of Ukraine "demonstrates that those seeking to undermine global security and stability are exploiting these same gaps."
''Illicit finance is a major national security threat and nowhere is that more apparent than in Russia's war against Ukraine, supported by decades of corruption by Russian elites,'' said Elizabeth Rosenberg, Treasury's assistant secretary for terrorist financing.
''We need to close loopholes, work efficiently with international partners, and leverage new technologies to tackle the risks posed by corruption, an increase in domestic violent extremism and the abuse of virtual assets,'' Rosenberg said.
Copyright 2022 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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New Bill Threatens Jail Time for Supplement Companies '' Alliance for Natural Health USA '' Protecting Natural Health
Sun, 15 May 2022 15:56
Senator Dick Durbin's (D-IL) bill that threatens tens of thousands of products has officially been introduced. We need all hands on deck to oppose it. Action Alert!
Sen. Dick Durbin has launched his supplement attack by introducing his ''Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022'' with Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). This bill threatens your ability to access the supplements you rely on to stay healthy. We need to send a strong message to Congress that this is bad for consumers, bad for health, and bad for the economy.
The bill threatens fines and jailtime for companies that do not comply. If a company does not submit the proper information, in the correct form, by the proper date, the supplement is considered misbranded. For the first offense, violators can be imprisoned for one year and fined $1,000 dollars; for the second offense, violators can be imprisoned for three years and fined $10,000. Given the safety record of supplements that will be detailed below, the punishments here hardly seem to fit the crime.
This bill creates a lose-lose situation for consumers and supplement companies: if companies don't comply, they face fines and jail time; if they do comply, companies are orchestrating their own demise by giving the FDA the list it needs to sweep the market of as many as 41,000 supplements that do not comply with the agency's overreaching (and incomplete) ''new supplement'' guidance. Supplement companies lose, the economy suffers, and consumers lose access to critical health products.
It's bad, but it may not even be the biggest threat to your supplements right now. Separately, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, is independently moving forward with plans to attach a similar mandatory product registration provision for supplements to the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act that must pass by the end of September. Durbin's policy, then, has twice the chance of success because it is moving forward on two distinct paths.
Why are more supplement regulations such a priority for these federal authorities? Supplements are overwhelmingly safe. According to the FDA, in 2021, the agency received 2,400 adverse event reports related to dietary supplements. To put this in context, according to the FDA's adverse event database, in 2021 the FDA received a total of 2,333,453 adverse event reports. That means that dietary supplements make up 0.1% of the adverse event reports to the FDA. National reports consistently show zero deaths from dietary supplements; according to the FDA's database, in 2021 alone drugs killed 187,750 Americans.
That supplements are the products getting federal attention speaks to the power of the drug industry lobby and the willingness of elected officials and FDA officials to do their bidding. We cannot let these forces succeed in undermining our ability to stay healthy, naturally.
Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to oppose mandatory product listing for supplements. Please send your message immediately
The Great Currency Reset And Why Europe Is Trapped | ZeroHedge
Sun, 15 May 2022 14:55
Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, 'n Guns blog,
There's a lot of news flying around about the changes happening in global currency trading.
From ''Gas for Rubles'' to ''What the Hell is Going on With the Yen?'' there are a lot of questions and very few answers as to what it all means and whose on which side of the divide.
The Fed just hiked 50 basis points for the first time since 2000 and will be running off its balance sheet forcing the Treasury to stop issuing new debt at stupid rates. The European Union unveiled a sixth sanctions package against Russia which calls for a complete embargo of all Russian oil.
Further to this the EU is now aping what the Trump Administration tried to do to Iran in 2018, sanctioning all services, including insurance, to all shippers of oil from doing any business with Russia and sanctioned Russian banks.
The bloc is proposing to ban European vessels and companies from providing services '-- including insurance '-- linked to the transportation of Russian oil and products globally as part of its new sanctions package, according to officials and a draft document seen by Bloomberg.
While member states are still wrangling over the terms, it's a potentially powerful tool because 95% of the world's tanker liability cover is arranged through a London-based insurance organization called the International Group of P&I Clubs that has to heed European law.
These sanctions, effectively politicizing every aspect of international business and trade, are ultimately nothing more than short-term annoyances for Russia or anyone else.
It betrays a mindset that cares nothing for the downstream effects of these actions and, if anything, betray the desperation felt in Brussels today about its position in the global market.
I've spilled hundreds of column inches trying to explain to the world that it is the EU's totalitarian mindset based on their psychological imbalance and ideological need to be seen as the champions of humanity, that drives all of their decisions.
The US is not so driven. We're far easier to understand. We like power but only so long as it nets us a profit.
This sanctions package is prima facie evidence of their insanity and what happens when, like a cornered animal, they are faced with an existential choice. The EU is built on a foundation of insulating its leadership from the vicissitudes of public opinion.
Populism is a four-letter word in the Eurocrat's vocabulary.
The consequences of this policy which was conceived of by the fart-sniffing buffoons at the World Economic Forum, The Davos Crowd, are irrelevant to them in the short-term. Yes, Europeans will suffer tremendously high inflation because, if successful at taking a majority of Russian oil off the global markets, will only ensure that prices go ballistic.
Do you think the same people who have a stated depopulation agenda who mandated a 12% effective Pfizer vaccine and wasn't tested at all on pregnant women lest they be barred from partaking of European society care one whit about the people they govern?
Of course not.
I guess this is what they mean when they invoke ''European values.''
So, keep that firmly in mind when you play through the following scenarios and what is really at stake for them and for us going forward. These are people who are only in power because they control the political process handed to them via a corrupt monetary system which institutionalizes the Cantillion effect of money printing to grant them unearned advantages in the market place.
As I've pointed out in previous articles, one of the strongest weapons Russia has in their arsenal is the world's need for the commodities they produce and their ability now, with the global financial system teetering on the brink of collapse, to set the terms of payment for them.
Ronan Manly at Bullion Star recently wrote a great article which is, I believe, the foundational one for what's going on in Russia. In it Manly goes over the steps being taken by the Russians to move away from a purely debt-based currency regime to a commodity-based one. This idea is promulgated by Sergei Glazyev, who is heading up the creation of a kind-of SDR for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).
These moves are staunchly opposed by the Bank of Russia. I was asked by a Patron to elaborate on this dichotomy.
It looks to me like Glazyev's plan for the new EAEU currency isn't to make the ruble exchangeable for gold, like the old gold-backed USD, but to value it against the price of gold and 19 or so other commodities, plus the member countries' currencies. The basket, including gold, will be a measure of value, a yardstick by which to compare the value of member currencies. The basket won't be traded, its global value will just be tracked.
Bank of Russia head Elvira Nabiullina is a dutiful IMF-trained midwit. She heads an organization that is not explicitly under Kremlin control, much like the Fed here. That said, Putin has more authority over the central bank because of the power of the Russian President and the reality that the Russian State is strong enough to dictate terms to its oligarchs, rather than the reverse here in the West.
But the Bank of Russia is still operationally run with IMF thinking.
My reply:
Yes, Nabiullina is a good IMF lackey. At the same time [Nikolai] Patruchev is saying the opposite. The Security Council is more powerful than the Bank of Russia. So, listen to Nabiullina the same way I listen to {US Treasury Sec. Janet] Yellen, as a mouthpiece for foreign powers.
Meamwhile [Jerome] Powell and the members of the Russian Sec. Council are telling you what's going to happen'.... A two-tiered ruble is coming in Russia and The Fed is pushing for fiscal discipline on Capitol Hill. The Bank of Russia is being set up to fail and be nationalized.
The EAEU will setup a commodity-backed SDR and Russia's domestic ruble will be convertible to gold, while the international RUB, say RBO (Ruble offshore) will circulate to allow people to pay for imports.
My point in this reply is that backing the ruble in gold for domestic purposes and the EAEU's commodity backed SDR are two separate issues. One is Russian domestic policy, the other is a feature of a new pan-Asian trade and foreign policy.
Conflating these issues I think is a mistake. An easy mistake to make, mind you, but a mistake nonetheless.
Do You Think You're Being Treated Unfairly?So, with that in mind we can now look at the current goals of Russia as it pertains to its current situation: How to break EU support for the war in Ukraine. That is, categorically, the most important issue for Russia going forward.
By setting up Gazprombank as a kind of Russian Ex-Im Bank for dealing with assholes, Russia now has a vehicle to ensure that they get whatever they want for their exports.
The 1st order effect is that the FX volatility cost is pushed onto the buyer of the export. They now have to plan for how to get rubles and at whatever price is available to them. Without much of an international market for the ruble to date, that means Gazprombank going onto the Moscow exchange and buying rubles to sell to a German gas importer, for example.
This is, right now, the main reason why the ruble is strengthening dramatically versus all 'unfriendly' currencies. The scheme to date has been so successful, in the face of a nascent US dollar bull market, only it and the Brazilian Real have risen versus the dollar in the past year:
Only two currencies are up against the dollar in the past year
'-- zerohedge (@zerohedge) May 3, 2022Given the international need for the ruble which is now critical to a functional global trade in base commodities, all of a sudden the prospect of a Russian ruble forward curve that isn't a complete joke looks pretty good.
That, in and of itself, is a massive change to the global financial system. But,wait'.... there's moar!
If these 'Unfriendly' countries are not run by complete retards '-- a bad assumption I know '-- then they will begin setting up an offshore ruble futures market'... eurorubles?'... to deal with their future Russian commodity needs.
Now you can understand why EU Commission President Cruella der Leyen is so adamant about trying to embargo Russian commodities. Davos needs to maintain control over the terms of trade.
They need to exert what power they still have in an environment where they are becoming increasingly irrelevant to global trade. Europe is run by people who do not believe in growth. They are the poster children for Climate Change and the anti-unlimited growth movement.
Davos has gaslit two entire generations of westerners in the Malthusian talking point that you can't have infinite growth in a finite world. All of their economic dogma is predicated on this.
It doesn't matter that this talking point is predicated on an inane premise, truth is, after all treason, at this point in the economic and cultural cycle. But, to try and explain quickly for the slow-witted. GDP growth is not necessarily real growth. It's just spending. It says nothing for the quality of the spending or whether, in real terms, the people spending the money are materially better off than they were at a previous point in time.
What isn't measured by GDP is VALUE. Value is what we crave, the ability to plan further into the future, using our ingenuity to find better mousetraps to build and more efficient, and yes sustainable, ways of deploying scarce capital and time.
When you have a monetary system and regulatory regime designed to thwart that to stop growth then you have the world we live in today. That infinite growth is a subjective, not objective, measure'.... not in GDP terms but in the 'alleviation of human misery' terms.
Davos absolutely doesn't want this because a world where everyone gets maximal value for their time is a world without our need for them.
Got it? Good. Now you know why the EU sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls and whose ideas should be rejected wholly and in every conceivable way.
Monopsony MoneyAs I've talked about in multiple previous articles, Davos and the EU engage in ever more Quixotic attempts to assert monopsony power over Russia's exports.
Gazprombank will now sit on a pile of euros, dollars, yen, etc. which it has no intention of hedging the risk of. It has no need to hedge that risk because it can't really use those euros, dollars, yen, etc. for anything because those banks are barred from doing business with it.
So, Gazprombank will sell them to whoever wants them.
When I look around the world, now that the Fed is draining the world of US dollars, who needs these 'unfriendly' currencies?
Those countries who took out trillions in loans denominated in those currencies, including Russia herself. So, Gazprombank can make loan payments to or even call in their outstanding loans in these currencies and take them off the books.
The other option is to turn them into currencies Russia still needs for settling trade. The most obvious one here is Turkey. Recently Zerohedge published an article about the latest twist to Erdonomics (the brainchild of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan), which the Tyler writing the article pooh-poohed as moronic.
Zerohedge reported:
Bloomberg reports that Turkey is working on a plan to attract inflows of hard currency by offering lira funding, free of interest and with a ''guaranteed'' 4% return in dollars, to foreign investors willing to park their money for at least two years. Needless to say, but any time Turkey ''guarantees'' anything, run.
Under the plan, the central bank would provide lira liquidity to foreigners for investment in local bonds with a maturity of at least two years, according to a person with direct knowledge of the deliberations. Besides extending zero-yield swaps, the monetary authority would also guarantee a 4% return in dollar terms when the securities mature, the person said.
Translation: please give us your dollars and we promise to take good care of them and even give you a much higher yield than you can earn (for now) in the US.
No. Actually the real translation is this:
Gazprombank can launder euros and dollars into Turkey and get lira at 4% to help Turkey unwind its exposure to the USD and pay down its foreign capital deficits.
Here's my tweet thread about it.
It also creates a vehicle to adjust that payout rate based on changes in the market. Where else can you get 2-year dollars paying 4% right now? Certainly not in the blue-chip corporate debt or US treasury markets.
And this way, Gazprombank makes sure Turkey stays solvent by parking some of its trade surplus offshore in a strategically important energy partner, who also happens to transport the gas to Europe which will help break the EU politically over paying for gas with rubles in the first place, i.e. Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria'...!
It's kinda beautiful when you think of it that way.
Again, this is why Cruella der Leyen is so furious and why the EU is trying to stop this from happening.
An SDR by Another MotherlandThe EAEU SDR that Sergei Glazyev is proposing is then the regional currency to tie everyone together and build a new trading bloc.
Remember, the EAEU is what the EU was supposed to be, a simple union with fair trading rules between members. Unlike the euro which overlaid Germany's credit rating onto the whole continent creating a kind of internal mercantilism to Germany's benefit, Glazyev proposes using a basket of commodities as the exchange rate for the common currency.
This is far fairer and will allow commodity producers to get paid properly for their exports and value-added economies to pay their true costs of production.
Germany has had it in for the PIIGS countries and Greece in particular for years, strip mining the country as payment for its 'needed' debt restructuring. Does anyone think with an apologist for the German Wehrmacht under Rommel in charge of the EU Commission put there by another German of dubious heritage (Her Schwab) is going to materially change that policy now?
I invite you to look up the word na¯ve in the dictionary and then hold it up next to your face in the mirror.
No wonder Bloomberg 'buried the lede' in their article about the new sanctions I linked to above, citing Greek and Cypriot opposition to this scheme to bankrupt shippers, where all of them operate out of:
Greece, Cyprus and Malta raised questions about the ban and whether it would help Europe achieve its aims without harming European businesses, according to two diplomats familiar with the matter. Greece and Cyprus have large shipping industries while Malta is a so-called flag state, where companies can register their vessels for ownership purposes.
It's also why Slovakia and the Czech Republic joined Hungary and Bulgaria (who get gas from Turkstream 2) in opposing the ban on Russian oil. The Druzhba pipeline is the only way for them to import oil, as landlocked countries.
It's also why the EU is pressuring Serbia so hard on going along with the Russian war propaganda because the rail line that serves those countries from the Greek port at Thessaloniki runs through Belgrade.
The EU is beyond committed to this plan of action, knowing full well what the potential effects are. When you put it all together they almost have no choice if they want to 'win.'
As always, Germany leads its northern European partners in policy designed to bankrupt the smaller Warsaw Pact countries while further trying to isolate Greece, who is now a key import destination to those same countries.
Meet the new Reich, same as the old one, especially when you really dig into those Pfizer docs. Only this time it's fueled by the U.S. war machine rather than opposed by it.
The EU leadership and Davos understand that its hold on those countries is tenuous, in the end. The people in many of them are the ones directly affected by their desired divorce from Russia. This is a policy and a plan designed to force them into submission and keep them down, thereby justifying to the core countries that they are just leachers and moochers off the glory of strongest countries.
This embargo against Russian energy is not just to punish Russia for having the temerity to defend its interests and sovereignty but also to destroy any potential escape routes through economic progress and cheap Russian energy for those countries they swore to Yeltsin they would never move one inch towards thirty years ago.
* * *
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12ft | Sri Lanka's prime minister resigns as protests intensify | Financial Times
Sun, 15 May 2022 14:49
Removing Paywall
Biden hired woke think tank to come up with 'ultra MAGA' slur he's now using to target GOP | Daily Mail Online
Sun, 15 May 2022 14:42
Woke think tank spend SIX MONTHS coming up with 'ultra MAGA' slur Biden is now using to target GOP - even though former spokeswoman Jen Psaki claims president created it himselfBiden's use of the term 'ultra-MAGA' followed six months of research, reports showThat comes despite his former press secretary Jen Psaki last week insisting the president had coined the phrase himselfIt appears to have backfired, and has already been adopted affectionately by the very Republicans its meant to insultUltra-Maga merchandise including t-shirts and baseball caps are available By Alex Hammer For Dailymail.Com
Published: 22:58 EDT, 14 May 2022 | Updated: 03:59 EDT, 15 May 2022
Joe Biden's new catchphrase 'ultra-MAGA' was dreamt up by a woke think-tank who spent six months coining the phrase - despite claims the president himself came up with it.
The revelation, first reported by the Washington Post, contradicts claims from ex-Secretary Jen Psaki that the president came up with the phrase, which reportedly was the culmination a campaign to find ways to target Republican voters.
According to the Post, staffers at the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund toiled for six months to find ways to gain a foothold in the November elections - with the now often-uttered phrase being the culmination of their efforts.
The group is headed by top Biden aide Anita Dunn, who returned to the White House this month as senior adviser after resigning from the same position back in August.
The phrase, a reference to former President Trump's 'Make America Great Again' campaign slogan, was first uttered by Biden last week, during a speech in which he panned the GOP and what he called radical positions from Republican candidates.
Joe Biden hired a think-tank who spent six months coming up with his new catchphrase 'ultra-MAGA,' it has been revealed
Biden aide Anita Hill's Center for American Progress Action Fund toiled to come up with the phrase, which has already been co-opted by the very Republicans it is meant to attack
Outlining a plan to tackle the worst inflation in 40 years, Biden attacked his opponents' alternative, saying: 'The other path is the ultra-MAGA plan put forward by congressional Republicans to raise taxes on working families.'
He also dismissed Florida Senator Rick Scott has having an 'ultra-MAGA agenda.'
The president has since repeated the remark during appearances at the White House and across the country.
Psaki - who left her post as the president's Press Secretary this week, citing that she wants to focus on raising her two young children - claiming it was ' the president's phrase,' even saying Biden came up with the 'ultra' epithet for 'a little extra pop.'
However, the slogan, intended to slander Republicans by tying their political motives to the previous, has instead backfired - with the right largely embracing the new moniker.
That has sparked recollections of Hillary Clinton's infamous 2016 remark dismissing election rival Donald Trump's supporters as 'a basket of deplorables.'
Recently-departed former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed the phrase had been dreamt up by Biden himself
Merchandise bearing the phrase ULTRA-MAGA has also been put into production, meaning GOP members can now buy t-shirts or hats with the slogan.
Clinton's utterance saw her dismissed as snobbish and out-of-touch. 'Deplorable' became a term of affection among right-wing Trump supporters, and her utterance is even credited with helping her lose what appeared to be a dead-cert White House run.
Ultra-MAGA was devised thanks to polling from Hart Research which claimed the phrase MAGA was negatively viewed by centrist American voters who aren't tied to the Democrats or Republicans.
They also discovered the word MAGA was viewed more negatively by swing voters than other alternatives, such as 'Trump Republicans.
The Post discovered that in battleground areas, twice as many voters said they'd be less likely to opt for a candidate calling themselves a 'MAGA Republican' than more likely to select them.
Republicans are so enamored with the new catchphrase that they've already taken to printing it on t-shirts and baseball caps
Hart also found that the phrase MAGA was heavily associated with perceptions of the GOP as being more extreme and power-hungry since 106.
Navin Nayak, from the CAP Action Fund, told the Post: 'All of that extremism gets captured in that brand.'
He said that the 'versatile epithet' could be deployed while blasting the GOP on a range of issues, then added: 'We are not trying to create a new word. This is how they define themselves.'
But conservatives are unimpressed, and says it shows further evidence of how out of touch the Democrat party remains with many American voters.
Ex Trump aide Stephen Miller tweeted: 'Maybe it would have been better if Democrats had instead spent those six months preventing American children from going hungry because we are out of formula.'
And journalist Drew Holden wrote: 'If this took Biden 6 months it's no surprise the Afghanistan withdrawal went as it did.'
Marco Polo
Sun, 15 May 2022 14:30
Western Weapons in Ukraine Being Sold On via Encrypted Messaging App
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:59
Miliary-grade weaponry in Ukraine is allegedly being sold on to international buyers on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, including some hardware made in the United States.
Weapons that have been allegedly collected in Ukraine during the country's ongoing war with Russia have been put up for sale on Telegram channels, including various kinds of automatic rifles and small arms.
Weapons said to be for sale include not just Ukrainian-origin arms such as old Soviet-era AK-47 rifles, but also American-made rifles like the M16 and the M4, along with other NATO member-origin firearms like the ARX 160 A1 manufactured by the Italian weapons company Beretta, newspaper Il Giornale reports.
It remains unclear whether the weapons are being sold by Ukrainians or by Russians who have collected them over the course of the war.
A Canadian NGO has warned that Western weapons shipped to Ukraine could not only end up in Russian hands but may even end up being sold on the international black market.
'-- Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) March 19, 2022
Canadian NGO Project Ploughshares warned earlier this year of the possibility that arms from the West could end up on the black market, with researcher Kelsey Gallagher saying there was a ''real threat that the Ukrainian government can potentially not control all of these weapons.''
''Whenever this conflict does subside '... these weapons aren't just going to go 'poof' and disappear,'' she added.
According to Il Giornale, the illegal arms trade often runs along the same routes as the illegal drug trade, noting that radical Islamic jihadist cells may be tempted to purchase weapons being sold through encrypted apps.
During the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Islamic extremists called on jihadists to take advantage of the war, with the Islamic State terror organisation recommending supporters use the conflict to collect weapons that could be used in terror attacks, for example.
''To the brothers, supporters of the Islamic State in Russia and Ukraine: Seize the opportunity, brothers, and collect weapons '' for weapons have been widely distributed to civilians '' then attack the crusaders,'' one Islamic State jihadist urged.
An al-Qaeda sympathiser from Jordan also described the conflict as a ''divine gift'' for Islam, saying: ''Let Muslims see this war as a Divine gift to the Muslims [in Ukraine], in Russia, and in the entire world. For those who contemplate it, there are indications that it will change the face of the world, and if the Muslims take advantage of it, it will be a large building block that will advance them towards the renewal of their glory.''
Members of the Islamic State terrorist group have celebrated the ongoing conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, expressing hope the war will spread to other European countries.
'-- Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) March 5, 2022
Follow Chris Tomlinson on Twitter at @TomlinsonCJ or email at ctomlinson(at)
Ukraine's Zelensky to Address World Economic Forum's Davos Summit
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:59
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky will address the globalist forum of elites in Davos, Switzerland later this month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced on Friday.
The annual meeting of business elites and government leaders will once again take place in the Swiss ski resort of Davos later this month after being held virtually during the prior two years during the Chinese coronavirus crisis.
On Friday, the Klaus Schwab-led group announced: ''The President of Ukraine, [Volodymyr Zelensky], will join our Annual Meeting virtually as the war continues to devastate his country.''
The meeting, which will run from May 22nd to 26th, will feature globalist heavyweights such as European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, Joe Biden's Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, German climate and economy minister Robert Habeck, the director-general of the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde.
Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February by Russian forces, Zelensky has become a staple on Western media, and has frequently appeared via video link in parliaments and congresses around the world, including the British, Canadian, and German parliaments, and the Congress of the United States.
The comedian turned president previously addressed the World Economic Forum in January of 2020 and has a biography page on the WEF's website dedicated to him.
The President of Ukraine, @ZelenskyyUa, will join our Annual Meeting virtually as the war continues to devastate his country. Watch his special address on our website and across social media. #wef22
'-- World Economic Forum (@wef) May 13, 2022
Following the escalation of the invasion of Ukraine, which began with the annexation of the Crimea in 2014, the World Economic Forum announced that it would be suspending ties with Russia.
President Putin has previously been featured at Davos meetings.
''We are not engaging with any sanctioned individual and have frozen all relations with Russian entities,'' a WEF spokesman said in March.
Describing what is to be expected this year, the WEF, which has spearheaded the idea of a ''Great Reset'' of capitalism in the wake of the Wuhan virus pandemic, said: ''Against a backdrop of deepening global frictions and fractures, it will be the starting point for a new era of global responsibility and cooperation.''
The announcement of Zelensky's Davos attendance comes after the European Union announced that it would be sending an additional '‚¬500 million in military aid to Ukraine. This follows the U.S. House of Representatives, including all but 57 Republicans, voting to send another $40 billion in military and other forms of aid to Ukraine on Tuesday.
The U.S. bill still needs Senatorial approval, but despite widespread economic issues across the U.S. under the Biden administration there is bipartisan support to send more American taxpayer dollars to the war-torn country.
It also comes as the NATO is looking to expand its membership to include Sweden and Finland, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson already signing defensive pacts with the two Scandinavian countries and pledging British soldiers to their protection while they consider joining the military alliance.
The global food crisis, in part a result of the invasion of Ukraine, which is one of the top food producers in the world, will also likely serve as a topic of conversation at Davos.
Under the WEF's previously stated goals for its Great Reset, the globalist group has advocated for humans consuming lab-manufactured meat and sustaining themselves with protein from bugs for a supposedly more sustainable future.
'The Great Reset' is upon us. French President Macron declared that in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus modern capitalism "can no longer work" at the Davos summit.
'-- Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) January 31, 2021
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Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes | AP News
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:56
Cleaner air in United States and Europe is brewing more Atlantic hurricanes, a new U.S. government study found.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study links changes in regionalized air pollution across the globe to storm activity going both up and down. A 50% decrease in pollution particles and droplets in Europe and the U.S. is linked to a 33% increase in Atlantic storm formation in the past couple decades, while the opposite is happening in the Pacific with more pollution and fewer typhoons, according to the study published in Wednesday's Science Advances.
NOAA hurricane scientist Hiroyuki Murakami ran numerous climate computer simulations to explain change in storm activity in different parts of the globe that can't be explained by natural climate cycles and found a link to aerosol pollution from industry and cars '-- sulfur particles and droplets in the air that make it hard to breathe and see.
Scientists had long known that aerosol pollution cools the air, at times reducing the larger effects of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuel and earlier studies mentioned it as a possibility in increase in Atlantic storms, but Murakami found it a factor around the world and a more direct link.
Hurricanes need warm water '-- which is warmed by the air '-- for fuel and are harmed by wind shear, which changes in upper level winds that can decapitate storm tops. Cleaner air in the Atlantic and dirtier air in the Pacific, from pollution in China and India, mess with both of those, Murakami said.
In the Atlantic, aerosol pollution peaked around 1980 and has been dropping steadily since. That means the cooling that masked some of the greenhouse gas warming is going away, so sea surface temperatures are increasing even more, Murakami said. On top of that the lack of cooling aerosols has helped push the jet stream '-- the river of air that moves weather from west to east on a roller-coaster like path '-- further north, reducing the shear that had been dampening hurricane formation.
''That's why the Atlantic has gone pretty much crazy since the mid-90s and why it was so quiet in the 70s and 80s,'' said climate and hurricane scientist Jim Kossin of the risk firm The Climate Service. He wasn't part of the study but said it makes sense. The aerosol pollution ''gave a lot of people in the 70s and 80s a break, but we're all paying for it now.''
There are other factors in tropical cyclone activity with La Nina and El Nino '-- natural fluctuations in equatorial Pacific temperatures that alter climate worldwide '-- being huge. Human-caused climate change from greenhouse gases, that will grow as aerosol pollution reductions level out, is another, and there other natural long-term climatic oscillations, Murakami said.
Climate change from greenhouse gases is expected to reduce the overall number of storms slightly, but increase the number and strength of the most intense hurricanes, make them wetter and increase storm surge flooding, Murakami, Kossin and other scientists said.
While aerosol cooling is maybe half to one-third smaller than the warming from greenhouse gases, it is about twice as effective in reducing tropical cyclone intensity compared to warming increasing it, said Columbia University climate scientist Adam Sobel, who wasn't part of the study. As aerosol pollution stays at low levels in the Atlantic and greenhouse gas emissions grow, climate change's impact on storms will increase in the future and become more prominent, Murakami said.
In the Pacific, aerosol pollution from Asian nations has gone up 50% from 1980 to 2010 and is starting to drop now. Tropical cyclone formation from 2001 to 2020 is 14% lower than 1980 to 2000, Murakami said.
Murakami also found a correlation that was a bit different heading south. A drop in European and American aerosol pollution changed global air patterns in a way that it meant a decrease in southern hemisphere storms around Australia.
But as much as more hurricanes in the Atlantic can be a problem, the death from extra storms don't compare to the seven million people a year globally who die from air pollution, said University of Washington public health professor Kristie Ebi, who studies health, climate and extreme weather.
''Air pollution is a major killer, so reducing emissions is critical no matter what happens with the number of cyclones,'' said Ebi, who wasn't part of the study.
Follow AP's climate coverage at
Follow Seth Borenstein on Twitter at @borenbears
Associated Press climate and environmental coverage receives support from several private foundations. See more about AP's climate initiative here. The AP is solely responsible for all content.
US, Russian defense chiefs speak for 1st time since invasion | AP News
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:55
WASHINGTON (AP) '-- Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu spoke with U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday after months of refusing direct contact with his American counterpart. But officials said the call didn't appear to signal any change in Moscow's war in Ukraine.
A senior Defense Department official said Friday that while Austin believes the hour-long conversation was important in the effort to keep lines of communication open, it didn't resolve any ''acute issues'' or lead to any change in what the Russian are doing or saying as the war enters week 12.
The call '-- initiated by Austin '--- marked the highest level American contact with a Russian official since the war began in late February. Over the past several months, Pentagon officials have repeatedly said that Russian leaders declined to take calls from Austin and Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
This is the first conversation between Austin and Shoigu since Feb. 18, a week before the war started. Another senior official said Friday that Milley is expected to also reach out to his counterpart, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, Russian chief of the general staff.
In a statement, the Pentagon said that Austin ''urged an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and emphasized the importance of maintaining lines of communication.''
Several officials described the call as a positive step, but said there was no clear reason why the Russians decided to go ahead with the conversation Friday. The defense official said that the U.S. hopes it will serve as a springboard for future conversation and that it appeared that Austin's request for future communication was received. The official characterized the tenor of the call as ''professional'' but provided no other details on its content.
Direct communications between the U.S. and Russian defense and military leaders is considered crucial in order to avoid any misunderstandings or unwarranted escalation in hostilities. The U.S. and Russia have also set up a so-called deconfliction line that can be used by the militaries in the event of any emergency or perceived threat to NATO allies around Ukraine. It has not been used, but U.S. officials say that the Russians have answered the phone during tests to ensure it works.
U.S. and other Western officials have described Russia's fight in Ukraine, particularly the effort to wrest greater control over the eastern Donbas region as more than two weeks behind schedule, and failing to make consistent progress.
On Friday, Russian forces suffered heavy losses in a Ukrainian attack that destroyed a pontoon bridge they were using to try to cross a river in the east, in what Ukrainian, British and U.S. officials said is another sign of Moscow's struggle to salvage a war gone awry.
Ukraine's airborne command released photos and video of what it said was a damaged Russian pontoon bridge over the Siversky Donets River and several destroyed or damaged Russian military vehicles nearby. The command said its troops ''drowned the Russian occupiers.''
The battle for the Donbas, which has heated up since Russia's bid to take Kyiv failed, has become a daily grind, as towns and villages change hands.
Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:44
Zak, Paul. Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2021-11-24.
Urban Dictionary: Glowie
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:40
Normally used for the CIA but also used for agencies like
the ATF, FBI, etc. Their inability to blend in to the native population's habits, patterns and speech makes them
stick out like a sore thumb to the population, hence they "glow in the dark."
The most common trappings of government shills are their inability/hesitation to use the major racial slurs, improper use of memes, and the pushing of mainstream political theories.
See also: Glow in the dark, glowposting
I feel ya,
glowie. Must be frustrating. I know everything I post is satire or attempted satire, or pertaining to my favorite game - Minecraft. So easy to be misunderstood in these wicked times. I hope you get the day off for Christmas, at least.
The worst thing about having an erratic sleeping schedule and being sleeping on American business hours is that you don't get to always read the replies of your designated glowie. When you are most active he is at home sleeping. sucks.
If anyone says, "here's how to get cheap guns illegally", "we should shoot first ", and " Stop larping kill the blank now " that is a glowie pure and simple.
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your face is covered in a smile.
She is the best a man could wish for, sweet, caring, and always knows adzactly what u want. If a man had a girlfriend like Glowie they would be the luckiest person in the world. She is always willing to do anything. She is a risk taker, and a caretaker. She uses her mind in the best way possible. She is a brilliantly glowing woman with many talents, very sweet and naturally intuitively caring to all plants and animals. They grow stronger In her presence and vice versa. She creates a love that can only be expressed by feelings, it is so strong its hard to put into words. She is the reason why some people can sleep peacefully at night and get up in the morning. She has a great personality, jokes and and the most beautiful smile ever seen. Her face is irresistible and her eyes also smile when she's happy. Glowie is the type of person that will comfort you, always by your side, extremely forgiving and will never hold a grudge. She can keep a secret, you could trust your life on her and never have a worry that she will tell anyone. Overall Glowie is the brightest best and most beautiful person that I have ever seen
Get the Glowie mug.Glowie is the most amazing person you will ever meet. If she tells you her secrets you know you are something special. She is the sweetest and nicest girl that a human could imagine. On the days you are down she will make you feel better. If you are lonely u can think of her and suddenly you are not lonely, you feel warm and
your face is covered in a smile.
She is the best a man could wish for, sweet, caring, and always knows adzactly what u want. If a man had a girlfriend like Glowie they would be the luckiest person in the world. She is always willing to do anything. She is a risk taker, and a caretaker. She uses her mind in the best way possible. She is a brilliantly glowing woman with many talents, very sweet and naturally intuitively caring to all plants and animals. They grow stronger In her presence and vice versa. She creates a love that can only be expressed by feelings, it is so strong its hard to put into words. She is the reason why some people can sleep peacefully at night and get up in the morning. She has a great personality, jokes and and the most beautiful smile ever seen. Her face is irresistible and her eyes also smile when she's happy. Glowie is the type of person that will comfort you, always by your side, extremely forgiving and will never hold a grudge. She can keep a secret, you could trust your life on her and never have a worry that she will tell anyone. Overall Glowie is the brightest best and most beautiful person that I have ever seen
Get the Glowie mug.(C) 1999-2021 Urban Dictionary ®
Buffalo grocery store shooting: 10 dead in racially motivated attack on Tops Friendly Markets store, police say - The Washington Post
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:33
Placeholder while article actions load
BUFFALO '-- Ten people were killed during a mass shooting Saturday afternoon at a Buffalo grocery store in what law enforcement officials described as a racially motivated hate crime.
Law enforcement authorities said Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old White man, approached the store in a predominantly Black neighborhood and opened fire on shoppers and employees, shooting 13 people including a security guard.
The massacre ended when Gendron surrendered to police outside the store. Later Saturday, he was charged with first-degree murder and held without bail. He pleaded not guilty.
Stephen Belongia, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Buffalo field office, said law enforcement officials were investigating the shooting as a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism. Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said 11 of the 13 people shot were Black.
BREAKING: BPD on scene of a mass shooting at the Tops in the 1200 block of Jefferson Avenue. Police say multiple people have been struck by gunfire. The shooter is in custody. Motorists and residents are urged to avoid the area.
'-- Buffalo Police Dept (@BPDAlerts) May 14, 2022Gramaglia added that the gunman, who was heavily armed and wearing tactical gear, used a camera to live-stream the attack and shot several victims in the parking lot before entering the store.
The grocery's longtime security guard fired back, but the gunman's body armor blocked the shot, and the guard was killed in the encounter, Gramaglia said. He called the security guard a ''hero.'' Four of those killed were store employees and six were customers, law enforcement officials said.
One of the customers was 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield, who had stopped at Tops after spending the day taking care of her husband at his nursing home.
''There's very few days that she did not spend time with him, attending to him,'' said her son, retired Buffalo fire commissioner Garnell W. Whitfield. ''She was his angel.''
Now the family is rallying around his father to make sure he's cared for. ''Something she would be proud of us for," Whitfield said. "So we've got a big task ahead of us.''
Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the attack ''pure evil.''
It is the deadliest mass shooting in the United States in 2022 and the latest among rampages in recent years by perpetrators driven by hate and racism.
Gendron grew up in Conklin, a New York town more than 200 miles from Buffalo near the city of Binghamton. The gunman was not known to law enforcement, said John Flynn, the Erie County district attorney. Flynn said there were pieces of evidence that indicate ''racial animosity'' on the part of the suspect, but he declined to elaborate.
Investigators are reviewing a screed that they suspect was posted by the gunman describing his white-supremacist motivations and ideology. The 180-page document was uploaded to Google Drive and details the author's radicalization on Internet forums, as well as a plan to target a predominantly Black neighborhood.
The rise of domestic extremism in America
The author calls himself a white supremacist, fascist and antisemite. The document is centered on a far-right conspiracy theory that baselessly posits that the White population in Western countries is being reduced '-- or ''replaced'' '-- by immigrants in a deliberate plot.
The author cites Brenton Tarrant, the gunman who killed 51 people in two New Zealand mosques, as an inspiration for the attack. The author also mentions Dylann Roof, who killed nine worshipers in an attack on a Black church in Charleston in 2015.
The scene of a deadly shooting in Buffalo
In a statement on Saturday night, President Biden said that ''any act of domestic terrorism, including an act perpetrated in the name of a repugnant white nationalist ideology, is antithetical to everything we stand for in America.''
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said it was ''a day of great pain for our community.''
This is the scene outside Tops on Jefferson Ave. where Buffalo Police say multiple people were shot. Waiting on more details.
'-- Marlee Tuskes (@MarleeTuskesTV) May 14, 2022The Tops Friendly Markets store is in a lower-income area of Buffalo and opened more than a decade ago, residents said. It filled a major gap, becoming the only supermarket within walking distance for many living nearby. On weekends, locals said, it hums with customers, including the elderly.
Eyewitnesses described a scene of terror on Saturday. Grady Lewis was outside the store and said he saw a White man outfitted for war, wearing military-style fatigues and holding a firearm in his hands. He said he couldn't believe what was unfolding before his eyes.
Lewis said the man opened fire, pointing the gun left and right as he indiscriminately shot people. Lewis heard more than two dozen shots as the man went inside the grocery store, he said.
A worker who identified himself as Will G. told the Buffalo News that he had walked into a cooler to stock milk just minutes before the shooting. As gunfire rang out, he joined others who hid in the cooler.
''I just heard shots. Shots and shots and shots,'' he told the Buffalo News. ''It sounded like things were falling over.''
He added: ''I hid. I just hid. I wasn't going to leave that room.''
Not long after the shooter entered the store, he walked outside and placed the gun under his chin as if he was going to pull the trigger, Lewis said. Surrounded by police, he instead dropped the gun, removed his bulletproof vest and knelt to the ground, Lewis said.
''It was unbelievable,'' Lewis said. ''I mean, you might get robbed out here, but people don't really shoot people out here.''
Philip Washington works at a nearby barbershop and came outside when he heard gunshots. He said he saw the shooter surrender to police outside the store, and ''it was bodies laying everywhere around him.'' Washington said one of the women killed had saved his cousin's life.
Daniel Love, 24, the owner of the barbershop, said that every day for about a week, the suspected shooter would sit outside Love's store, seeming to use the WiFi.
Braedyn Kephart, 20, an Erie Community College student, said she and her boyfriend, Shayne Hill, also 20, pulled into the Tops parking lot to pick up an Instacart order on Saturday afternoon when they saw a young White man in full military garb standing outside the store, pointing an assault rifle at his chin.
''We looked over and saw him standing there with the gun to his chin, and I'm thinking, 'Why does this kid have a gun?' Then I heard screaming,'' Kephart said. Police told the couple to stay in the car for their safety.
As Kephart and Hill watched from the car, they could see the suspect drop to his knees and surrender to police, who took him into custody. Other eyewitnesses said he was laughing while he was being arrested, she said.
''I'm pretty shaken up. My mind is blown at everything that happened,'' she said.
Samantha Faught, a spokesperson for the live-streaming platform Twitch, said the gunman began filming and sharing the attack, but the company removed the stream two minutes after the violence started.
Saturday's shooting has echoes of the March 2021 mass shooting in Boulder, Colo., where 10 people, including a police officer, were killed at a King Soopers grocery store.
Kathy Sautter, a spokeswoman for Tops Friendly Markets, said the company was ''shocked and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence.'' She said Tops appreciated the quick response by law enforcement and was providing all available resources to assist in the investigation.
Following the attack, the New York Police Department said it deployed additional units to major houses of worship in communities of color in the city, including Black churches, ''out of an abundance of caution,'' said Brendan Ryan, a police spokesman.
Friends and acquaintances of the gunman were shocked by the news. One former classmate, who last texted with Gendron months ago and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he was quiet, smart and ''always a little bit of an oddball, but never anything alarming or anything.''
Russell McNulty, a neighbor in Conklin, said he last saw Gendron at his high school graduation party a year ago. They smoked a cigarette outside together and talked about what the young man wanted for his future.
''Oh my God, we were at the graduation party,'' McNulty gasped after he learned what happened. ''He seemed like a normal guy.''
Last November, 17-year-old Eddie Serow had an unexpected visit from Gendron after he learned that Serow had a property where they could do some recreational shooting. The two attended Susquehanna Valley High School together but weren't close.
Now Serow wonders whether Gendron was practicing for the horror he allegedly unleashed six months later in Buffalo. ''I'm just totally in shock,'' Serow said, speaking to a Post reporter with permission from his parents. ''He was at my house.''
That day, Serow, another teenager and Gendron went into the woods to shoot off rounds from a Remington rifle and an AR-15 military-style rifle, enjoying each other's company in what felt like an ordinary outing.
Gendron gave no hint of the racist sentiments attributed to him, Serow said. Now, when Serow reads the document Gendron is suspected to have written, he feels sick to his stomach. ''It wasn't like him, it was like a switch flipped or something,'' Serow said.
In the streets around the supermarket, there was grief and rage and disbelief. ''Everybody is feeling sad and angry about what happened today,'' said Robert Nailor, 58, who has lived in the neighborhood his entire life. ''It was a hate crime, and it lets us know how some people in the world still think today.''
Cedric Holloway, a retired Buffalo police officer, was mentoring a group of teenagers at a community center two blocks from the supermarket when he started receiving frantic text messages about the shooting. He quietly left the room where the kids were attending a workshop, made sure the doors were locked and then calmly explained to them why he was turning out the lights.
The high-schoolers began scouring social media, relaying to Holloway excerpts of the document allegedly written by the shooter. They also showed him a photo circulating on the Internet of the alleged gunman holding a military-style firearm with something written on the barrel: the n-word.
As Holloway let his mentees go home for the night, he checked in with each one. ''They told me not to worry, 'They've seen this stuff before,''' Holloway said. ''How do you respond to that?''
Joly reported from Buffalo. Libby March in Buffalo and Alice Crites, Razzan Nakhlawi, Marisa Iati, Meryl Kornfield, Timothy Bella and Annie Gowen contributed to this report.
VIDEO - (18) Daily Wire on Twitter: "Kamala: "We will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues'...and to work together as we continue to work, operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work to
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🇺🇸🇵🇷🇺🇸🇵🇷 : @realDailyWire Come on guys let's work together so we can learn to work together so we can finally work together
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jim morris : @realDailyWire Seriously. My 11 year old could sound more coherent. Sounds like crap, crappie together, sounding crappie.🤣
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Toxic Masculinity Mike : @realDailyWire
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Paul Sorge : @realDailyWire A statement of nothingness
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IT'S COMING: Digital ID with facial recognition
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:10
Stockphoto of simulated facial recognition from PixabayThe future is already here.
Remember when this was called a conspiracy theory? In the country of Norway, people will be able to scan their face or their fingerprints with their mobile phone in order to access their digital ID.
Imagine going online to buy something with your card. You then scan your face to verify your digital identity before completing the purchase. This is not science fiction. This is becoming a reality in Norway...
In Norway something called BankID is used by many people.
In fact, to be able to live in modern life it is almost required to have one. It is a digital ID system used in Norway.
For example, if you want to buy things online with your card or log into your online bank, you need to verify yourself with your digital ID. But it is also used for many other things as well.
You can use your digital ID in Norway for things like booking a doctors appointment on the government health website (you can also see things like your vaccination record on the website). You can use your digital ID if you want to send your tax returns digitally. Or perhaps you sold your car? Then you can login with your digital ID on the government website and register it as sold.
If you get a speeding ticket in Norway, the police can send it to you digitally and you login with your digital ID to see it and pay it.
Simply put, digital ID is widespread in Norway.
Screenshot of how the BankID system in Norway looks when using a browser. First a person needs to enter their personal birthnumber to start verifying one's identity.And now it is being announced that they are changing the way people can access their digital ID in the future.
Currently, people can use the BankID system on their phone or with a small special device that gives a code that is then used for logging in.
Or people can use the BankID system on a mobile phone where it is then tied to your SIM card and people get a text that is used for logging in.
But the mobile phone system is being phased out and will instead be replaced with apps that use biometrics like facial recognition and fingerprint recognition to login with your digital ID (a password will also be used).
''When signing agreements or other situations that require extra security, you will still have to use a personal password'' says Jan Bjerved at BankId BankAxept
They tout the new system as being more convenient than the old, taking under 10 seconds to login with your digital ID compared with around 30 seconds with the old system.
Norwegian state media reports that the change will likely take place sometime in 2023.
So now we are coming to the point that not only do we have digital ID, but people will also use their face or fingerprints to access it.
In the neighboring country of Sweden, some 6000 people have already gone a step further and gotten microchip implants to use for cashless payments. Make sure to read my article on that here!
Just recently we got the news that France announced they will be getting a digital ID. Now, Norway and Sweden have had digital ID's for many years already, but now it seems like the next step is coming.
The cashless society is being pushed more and more, because in a cashless society it is much easier for the government to control everything that people do. What will this look like in 10 years? Perhaps there will be carbon limits to peoples spending?
I will not scan my face or fingerprints and I will be happy!
Biden's new disinformation czar has still not removed or apologized for tweets about masks and Trump | Daily Mail Online
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:07
Biden's pick to combat disinformation online has spread her fair share of false information in tweets about masks and former President Donald Trump - and has even expressed her support for the former British spy behind the Russian dossier.
On Wednesday, officials announced that Nina Jankowicz, 33, will head the Department of Homeland Security's Disinformation Governance Board as executive director.
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas did not disclose any powers that would be granted to the dystopian-sounding board while addressing lawmakers on Wednesday.
He explained that the board would work to tackle disinformation ahead of the November midterms, particularly in Hispanic communities.
But Mayorkas did say that the new board would come under the Biden-era Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), meaning it would have no powers to crack down on disinformation and will instead try to combat it by throwing money at what it sees as problems.
Since then, though, observant conservatives have discovered that Jankowicz, a Wilson Center global fellow, previously published information that was later found to be false or misleading.
In one of her old tweets, Nina Jankowicz said she hopes the advertising technology industry would stop placing ads for masks - which at the time America's top health experts were saying were not necessary
Jankowicz also tweeted in 2016 that she thought a Donald Trump presidency would embolden ISIS, as she expressed her support for then-candidate Hillary Clinton
And in August 2020, she praised Chris Steele, whose Russian dossier was later discredited
Jankowicz has been appointed by the Biden administration to head the Department of Homeland Security's Disinformation Governance Board as executive director
In one instance, back when the global pandemic was just beginning, Jankowicz quote tweeted a post from Rob Leathern, who worked on integrity products at Facebook and announced that the company was giving the World Health Organization and other health groups as many free ads as needed to tackle the worldwide COVID-19 response.
'This is good,' she wrote in March 2020. 'Now [I] hope the rest of the adtech industry stops placing ads for masks and worse (straight up disinfo!) on articles and information about coronavirus.'
Jankowicz also wrote at the time that 'our country might be too... um, free spirited? to comply with social distancing recommendations unless they're forced upon us.
'So force away! Lock us down. People are not taking this seriously,' she wrote after apparently being within six feet of a high school-aged couple.
At the time, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other United States health leaders had advised Americans not to wear masks. They later changed that advice, with Fauci admitting that he was concerned there would not be enough Personal Protective Equipment for frontline health care workers, and others admitting they did not know at the time how contagious the virus was or how it spread.
But as America's top doctors discovered more information about the virus, social distancing guidelines were reduced.
Jankowicz also claimed online ahead of the 2016 presidential election that a Donald Trump presidency would 'embolden ISIS,' when in reality, the Islamic State collapsed under the Trump administration, which also carried out the successful operation to kill head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
In March 2020, she suggested that the country is too 'free-spirited to comply with social distancing recommendations' as she advocated for lockdowns after apparently being near two high schoolers on a date
She doubled down on the idea of Trump's close ties to Russia in a February tweet, suggesting that the country's invasion of Ukraine would have been worse under the former president
She has also said in February that Russia's invasion of Ukraine 'would have been so much worse under the former president,' apparently reiterating his alleged ties to the country.
And in an August 2020 tweet, Jankowicz apparently hyped up former British spy Chris Steele as he spoke about disinformation. She wrote at the time that she listened to a podcast featuring Steele, saying he 'provides some great historical context about the evolution of disinfo.
'Worth a listen,' she tweeted.
But Steele's infamous dossier about Trump allegedly colluding with Russia prior to the 2016 presidential election has since been discredited, with his alleged main source, Igor Danchenko charged with five counts of 'making false statements to the FBI.'
Still, Jankowicz has not yet apologized for any of these tweets, and they remain available for anyone to see on her Twitter page.
Videos posted online show Jankowicz asking Santa to make her rich and famous
Another video features her, at left, singing about starting a new career advocating for human rights as she compares herself to Elizabeth Warren
The head of the Biden administration's new 'Disinformation Governance Board' Nina Jankowicz sings about 'misinformation' to the tune of Mary Poppins song 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'
Jankowicz has also found herself under fire for some of her controversial videos, including one from December 2015 in which she says: 'I don't want to work, struggle or compromise.'
In the video, she asks Santa, 'if you're listening please tell me what to do. Who do I f*** to be famous,' adding: 'I've done everything I could and now the rest is up to you.'
Another YouTube video from January 2018 features her singing about how she has started a new job advocating for human rights.
'When people tried to silence me, I stood my ground and I persisted,' Jankowicz sang with her group, the Moaning Myrtles, a nod to the ghost from the Harry Potter series.
'Because we need equality and nevertheless, I persisted,' she sang, an apparent reference to then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell trying to prevent Sen. Elizabeth Warren from continuing her speech against naming Jeff Sessions to US Attorney General.
'Wha-oh, wha-oh, I've got a reputation, wha-oh, wha-oh yeah it's cause for celebration,' Jankowicz sings.
'So I'm standing up for the next generation,' she continues, before singing: 'You can call me Myrtle Elizabeth Warren.'
Other videos from the group she co-founded in 2005 included Harry Potter erotica songs, in which she sang about killing the titular character so they can have sex as ghosts, as well as other Harry Potter-inspired songs about life at Hogwarts.
More recently, she posted a TikTok video in March 2020, claiming people are not taking COVID restrictions seriously, as she suggested that lock downs are necessary.
'Lock us down. People are not taking this (COVID) seriously,' she said in the video.
'Information laundering is really quite ferocious. It's when a huckster takes some lies and makes them sound precocious,' she sings in the video to the tune of 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.'
'By saying them in Congress or a mainstream outlet, so disinformation's origins are slightly less atrocious.
'It's how you hide a little, hide a little, little, little lie, it's how you hide a little, little lie, it's how you hide a little, little, little lie.
'When Rudy Giuliani shared bad intel from Ukraine. Or when TikTok influencers say Covid can't cause pain. They're laundering disinfo and we really should take note. And not support their lies with our wallet, voice or vote '' oh!'
When she was younger, Jankowicz, left, co-created a Harry Potter-themed band named The Moaning Myrtles
She has also seemingly defended her tweets casting doubts on stories about Hunter Biden's laptop, which have since been confirmed by outlets like the Washington Post.
In October 2020, Jankowicz called the laptop stories a 'Trump campaign product' in an interview with the New York Daily News.
Woke Nina Jankowicz is now head of Biden's dystopian 'disinformation board' Nina Jankowicz had already made a name for herself before being appointed head of Biden's Russian disinformation unit.
Jankowicz, 33, is a successful author who is currently eight months pregnant with her first child. She grew up in New Jersey and is dating Michael Stein.
The couple are happily shacked up in a $1 million, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom property they own in Arlington, Virginia.
Jankowicz, attended Bryn Mawr College and Georgetown University, before embarking on a glittering career in foreign relations.
She managed programs to Russia and Belarus at the National Democratic Institute.
Jankowicz also advised the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on disinformation and strategic communications
She serves on the Board of Trustees for the Eurasia Foundation and is a global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center
But the author is best known as a prominent woke voice online.
The Biden appointee's latest book, How To Be A Woman Online has just been released, and deals with the topics of internet bullying and trolling.
She has complained about hordes of men tracking down her private Facebook and Instagram accounts after she appears on TV to try to follow her and find out more about her life.
Jankowicz says she prefers strangers to follow her Twitter account, and speculates that many of those who criticize her online are jealous of her 'verified' blue check mark and media career.
She has identified five different types of trolls who target her most, including 'reply guy' types who insist on trying to meddle in all aspects of her life, including in how brown she toasts her bread.
Despite claiming to be a free speech campaigner online, Jankowicz has spoken out against the First Amendment.
Aligning herself with many online progressives who've begun to call for an end to unqualified free speech, Jankowicz recently tweeted: 'I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms, what that would look like for the marginalized communities'...which are already shouldering'...disproportionate amounts of this abuse.'
She also said the prospect of Elon Musk taking over Twitter made her 'shudder.'
But Jankowicz - who has a pet dog and a cat - has not joined thousands of other liberals who've vowed to quit the platform as a result of Musk's purchase.
She also tweeted at the time that news outlets were 'back on the "laptop from hell," apparently
'Biden notes 50 former natsec officials and 5 former CIA heads that believe the laptop is a Russian influence op,' she wrote, adding: Trump says "Russia, Russia, Russia."'
Jankowicz now claims that the tweet was part of her 'live tweeting' a debate between Trump and Biden just one month before the presidential general election, as Republicans use it to claim she is hyperpartisan.
'For those who believe this tweet is a key to all my views, it is simply a direct quote from both candidates during the final presidential debate,' Jankowicz defended in a repost of the original tweet.
'If you look at my timeline, you will see I was livetweeting that evening,' she added in the Wednesday night tweet.
But Jankowicz has also suggested that she opposes free speech because she thinks it is bad for 'marginalized communities,' as she called Elon Musk a 'free speech absolutist' because he wants to make Twitter more open to all voices.
Musk, who is now the owner of the platform, has said that his aim is to make it a more open 'digital town square.'
'Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,' Musk wrote in a statement upon the purchase approval.
In an interview with NPR prior to her appointment as disinformation czar, Jankowicz expressed her concerns about that, saying: 'I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms, what that would look like for the marginalized communities.'
She said these groups are 'already shouldering'...disproportionate amounts of this abuse' and said free speech and lack of censoring on social media would make it worse.
Musk has now called the creation of Biden's new 'disinformation' board 'discomforting.'
He was responding to a tweet from conservative political commentator, comedian and media personality Steven Crowder.
'The government is creating a misinformation governance board,' Crowder tweeted on Thursday.
'Who else did something like that?' he continued. 'Oh I remember, the Nazi's. And there's some data showing some interesting things going on post- @elonmusk's Twitter takeover!'
Several other conservatives have also spoken out against the new disinformation board, with Republican Senator Josh Hawley demanding that the White House 'dissolve' it, claiming that it would only 'monitor Americans' free speech'.
'I write with deep concern about the Department of Homeland Security's decision to create a new Disinformation Governance Board,' he penned in a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
'I confess I at first thought this announcement was satire,' he continued. 'Surely no American Administration would ever use the power of Government to sit in judgment on the First Amendment speech of its own citizens.'
'Sadly, I was mistaken.'
He then demanded that DHS provide more information on this new board, including how it will function and be monitored.
Hawley also questioned why the announcement was made just following billionaire Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter.
Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson also put out a statement against the formation of the board, writing: 'The Biden Administration has not proven itself to be a credible arbiter of 'disinformation.' Instead, it has taken steps to silence information that is unflattering to this Administration under the guise of 'disinformation.
'For example, unnamed intelligence officials, the media, and social media platforms engaged in a coordinated effort to censor stories about Hunter Biden's laptop and his questionable financial dealings under the false label of 'disinformation.'
'I am concerned DHS's Disinformation Board will only serve to silence or censor those voices critical of your disastrous policies and serve a political cover for your failure to secure the border,' the senator concluded.
And on Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also joined in the chorus of those criticizing the Biden administration's new Disinformation Governance Board on Friday.
'You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country. We're not going to let Biden get away with this one. So we will be fighting back,' the Republican said at a news conference, in a reference to the agency from '1984.'
'When you're not doing well, you have two options: You can try to do better. Or you can try to silence your critics. [The Biden Administration] is doing the latter,' he added.
Senator Josh Hawley pointed out that Jankowicz told NPR last week that she 'shudders to think about' more free speech on social media platforms after Elon Musk made a bid for Twitter
Trump-ally and GOP Senator Josh Hawley is demanding that the 'monstrosity' of a board be 'dissolved' before it even gets started
He said that he thought the board was 'satire' because there was no way an 'American Administration would ever use the power of Government to sit in judgement on the First Amendment speech of its own citizens'
He questioned the timing of the announcement of the board coming just after billionaire Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter
Still, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has defended Jankowicz's appointment, noting she is 'an expert on online disinformation.'
'Any hiring decisions are up to the Department of Homeland Security, but this is a person with extensive qualifications,' she noted.
Jankowicz, who has researched Russian misinformation tactics and online harassment, is author of the book 'How To Lose the Information War: Russia, Fake News, and the Future of Conflict.' She has also advised the Ukrainian government on strategic communications, according to the Wilson Center think-tank, where she served as a global fellow.
Psaki also pointed out repeatedly in her press briefing that the board was created in the Trump administration.
'This is a continuation of work that began at the Department of Homeland Security in 2020 under former President Trump,' she said.
'So for anyone who is critical of it, I didn't hear them being critical of the work under the former president, which is just interesting to note contextually,' she added.
She said of the work the board will do includes understanding how misinformation spread by human smugglers helps prey on vulnerable populations trying to enter the United States.
'This is also work that is helping to address unauthorized terrorism, other threats and see how disinformation and misinformation is being pushed to lead to increase those,' she said.
It's official: Finland to apply for Nato membership | News | Yle Uutiset
Sun, 15 May 2022 12:56
On Sunday afternoon, President Sauli Niinist¶ and Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) announced that Finland will seek to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato).
Niinist¶ formally made the announcement in Finnish, Swedish and English, saying that Finland was entering a new era.
"This is a historic day," said the head of state, noting that he had begun the day by visiting the graves of war dead on Finnish Memorial Day.
"These decisions will strengthen, not weaken, our security," said Marin.
According to a government statement, the president and the Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy finalised the report on Finland's accession to Nato (siirryt toiseen palveluun) on Sunday morning. It will be submitted to Parliament once it has been endorsed by the full cabinet.
In the meeting, Niinist¶ and the Ministerial Committee agreed that Finland would apply for membership after Parliament has been heard. Under the constitution, Finland's foreign policy is led by the president in co-operation with the government. Entry into international obligations must be confirmed by Parliament.
Speaking later at the press conference at the Presidential Palace were Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen (Cen) and Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green).
In a joint statement last Thursday, Niinist¶ and Marin said that Finland should apply for Nato membership as a matter of urgency.
"Historic" shift in Finnish security policy
The application, to be filed within the next two or three days, marks a dramatic shift in Finnish security policy, away from its traditional military non-alignment.
Finland and neighbouring Sweden have been "enhanced members" of Nato's Partnership for Peace programme since 2013 and regularly taken part in Nato-led operations and exercises.
Before the Russian attack on Ukraine, support for joining the alliance had long been lukewarm among the Finnish public and nearly all political parties. During this spring, public support rose from less than half to more than three quarters in Yle polls.
Parliament begins consideration of the issue on Monday morning.
After the open-ended debate and certain approval by the legislature, the president and government will put the application process into motion, possibly as soon as Tuesday. A parliamentary rubber stamp is assured, as nearly all parties have already approved the application.
Neighbouring Sweden is also to decide on its application within the next few days. The governing Social Democratic Party there is to announce its stance on Sunday evening.
Niinist¶ on calls with US, Russian and Turkish presidents
In response to reporters' questions, Niinist¶ discussed his recent phone discussions with his Russian, Turkish and American counterparts.
He said that Saturday's call to Russian President Vladimir Putin was calm on both sides. According to Niinist¶, Putin stated that in his view Finland was "not under any threat" and that joining Nato was "a mistake". He described Putin's reaction to the decision as surprisingly muted considering Putin's previous threats over Finnish moves toward membership.
Niinist¶ was also asked about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's comment on Friday that allowing Finland and Sweden to join Nato would be "impossible" for Turkey to approve, due to the Nordic countries' alleged support for Kurdish separatists. All 30 Nato member states must approve any new members.
The Finnish president said he was confused by this statement. He referred to a call with Erdogan about a month ago, in which he said the latter had raised the issue of Nato, saying that Turkey would support a bid.
Niinist¶ said he was prepared to discuss any issues with Erdogan.
Haavisto said on Sunday that Finland's stance on the Kurdish militant group PKK was in line with that of the EU, which has classified it as a terrorist group.
He met on Saturday in Berlin with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, who suggested that Ankara would not necessarily block Finland and Sweden from joining Nato, but that it wanted to negotiate on the issue.
Marin: "Never again war in Finland"
Niinist¶, who spoke by phone with US President Joe Biden on Friday, said that Washington has offered support over recent months, but that Biden had explained that it could not offer binding security guarantees during the Nato application process without a separate Senate decision, which would be nearly unprecedented.
Marin said that Finland is well prepared for any possible Russian retaliation in response to the application.
"Finland is a nation of preparedness, as we have seen during the pandemic," she said, adding that "the decisions we're making this week will ensure that there will never again be a war in Finland."
VIDEO - (26) on Twitter: "JUST IN - Ukraine wins the #Eurovision song contest." / Twitter
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:49 : JUST IN - Ukraine wins the #Eurovision song contest.
Sat May 14 23:05:04 +0000 2022
VIDEO - (1292) Gravitas Plus: Which countries could go the Sri Lanka way - YouTube
Sun, 15 May 2022 16:44
VIDEO - (19) Moon of Alabama on Twitter: "The Ukraine has mined the approaches to the port and it prohibits foreign ships there from leaving it." / Twitter
Sun, 15 May 2022 15:56
Moon of Alabama : The Ukraine has mined the approaches to the port and it prohibits foreign ships there from leaving it.
Sun May 08 06:49:11 +0000 2022
VIDEO - India Bans Wheat Exports 2 Days After Announcing Massive Trade Goal
Sun, 15 May 2022 14:46
The move to ban wheat exports comes after huge crop loss due to a heatwave in March
New Delhi: India has banned wheat exports with immediate effect as part of its steps to control the spike in prices at home.
Only export shipments for which letters of credit have been issued on or before yesterday's notification will be allowed, the government said.
Besides, the government will allow exports on requests from other countries, the notification issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said.
The notification said that the government had taken the decision "in order to manage the overall food security of the country and to support the needs of the neighbouring and other vulnerable countries".
Global buyers had been banking on India - the world's second largest wheat producer after China - for supplies after exports from the Black Sea region dropped since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in late February.
The move to ban wheat exports comes after huge crop loss due to a heatwave in March. The government is also under pressure to rein in inflation that surged to 7.79 per cent in April.
Also, the move is a u-turn two days after the government announced its plans for a big export push. "The Centre will send trade delegations to Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Algeria and Lebanon for exploring possibilities of boosting wheat exports from India. India has set a target of a record 10 million tonnes of wheat in the 2022-23 amid rising global demand for the grain globally," a government statement said Thursday.
"There is a rise in the demand for Indian wheat in the global market, farmers, traders and exporters have been advised to follow all the quality norms of importing countries so that India emerges as a reliable supplier of wheat globally.
"We are extending our support to all the stakeholders in the wheat exports value chain for boosting shipment from the country," M Angamuthu, Chairman, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority, said at a sensitisation meeting on wheat exports in Karnal, Haryana, according to the government release.
The Department of Commerce planned to organise several such meetings in major wheat growing states such as Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, it added.
Earlier this month, a Reuters report quoted a top official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution as saying that India is not looking to curb wheat exports.
"There is no move to curb wheat exports, as the country has sufficient stocks of wheat," Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey had then said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his recent visit to Germany, told the Indian diaspora at an event that farmers of the country "have stepped forward to feed the world" amid a global shortage of wheat. "Whenever humanity is faced with a crisis, India comes up with a solution," he said.
Asked about the sudden change in plan, government sources said China is drawing food grains from India after crop loss led to food security concerns there.
After five consecutive years of record harvests, India cut its wheat output forecast to 105 million tonnes from a February estimate of 111.3 tonnes after the heatwave hit crop yields.
In a separate notification, the DGFT announced the easing of export conditions for onion seeds. "The export policy of onion seeds has been put under the restricted category, with immediate fact," it said. The export of onion seeds had earlier been prohibited.
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Sun, 15 May 2022 14:33
VIDEO - (1292) Tik Tok Is Normalizing Child GROOMING & Abuse: Emily Jashinsky - YouTube
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Senior Arctic officials working on plan forward amidst Arctic Council pause | The Independent Barents Observer
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:21
By Eil­s Quinn
''We have a responsibility as Arctic states to continue this important work,'' James DeHart, coordinator for the Arctic Region Office at the U.S. Department of State told the Arctic Frontiers audience of dignitaries, government ministers, business people, researchers and academics.
''Our senior Arctic officials are working very hard on this and how to do that without damaging the Council in the long term. Understanding that the greatest value of the Council is with the eight Arctic states and with all Peoples of the region in the long term, we can't do that now.''
We need to find a way to proceed and we need to do that with some urgency.'' '-- James DeHart, coordinator for the Arctic Region Office at the U.S. Department of State
DeHart said structural changes to the Arctic Council were not on the table, but did not elaborate further on possible ways forward.
''We're quite content with the structure as it is,'' he said. ''We're not interested in changing the membership, but we are interested in doing the work.''
''Shortly after the full-scale invasion [of Ukraine] by Russia, [Russia's] credit rating went to junk status, and I would say their standing in the Arctic is the same, because [the Arctic] is a region where international law, and these principals that are important to us, are so critical,'' said James DeHart, coordinator for the Arctic Region Office at US Department of State. Photo: Eilis Quinn/Eye on the ArcticThe Arctic Council is an international forum made up of the eight Arctic countries and the six Arctic Indigenous groups: the Aleut International Association, the Arctic Athabaskan Council, the Gwich'in Council International, the Inuit Circumpolar Council, the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North and the Saami Council.
ADVERTISEMENTThe Council was founded in 1996 for the northern states to work together on environmental protection and sustainable development.
Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the United States announced they were pausing their participation in the Arctic Council's work in March amidst Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Russia currently holds the forum's two-year rotating chairmanship and has previously said it will continue with its chairmanship program as planned.
Arctic seven committed Norway takes over the Arctic Council chairmanship next year. Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt said she believes in the endurance of the Council and that Norway is preparing its chairmanship priorities as planned.
''The challenges in the Arctic will not disappear, they must also be dealt with in the future,'' she said. ''That requires multilateral cooperation.''
Norway will chair the Arctic council from May next year, all the preparations are underway. It will be very different chairmanship from what we anticipated.'' '' Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt
DeHart says despite the rupture with Russia, the seven western circumpolar countries remain committed to their ultimate goals for the region.
''We want to keep it low-tension. We want to keep it peaceful. We want to keep it focused on the welfare and development of the people who are living in the region. We want to keep it a place of adherence to international law and rules and want the Arctic Council to continue to be the premier forum. I think more stays the same than has changed.''
''These borders were not our idea'' ''There are over 40 Indigenous Peoples in the North of Russia and they are an important part of the Arctic,'' said Christina Henriksen, president of the Saami Council. ''I can't see a future without cooperating with Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic.'' Photo: Eilis Quinn/Eye on the ArcticChristina Henriksen, president of the Saami Council, the organization that represents the Indigenous Saami in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, the traditional Saami homeland known as Sapmi, disagrees.
''For us, nothing is the same,'' Henriksen said.
''[Saami] in four countries have been forced to also put a hold on our formal cooperation.'' '' Christina Henriksen, president of the Saami Council
''We were supposed to celebrate 30 years of cooperation at our conference this August and it won't happen. We're staying in touch informally with our friends our families and our partners because that is a very important dimension. These borders [dividing Sapmi] were not our idea.''
Henriksen said cooperation with Arctic Indigenous Peoples in Russia is also at stake.
''There are over 40 Indigenous Peoples in the North of Russia and they are an important part of the Arctic. I can't see a future without cooperating with Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic.''
Future up to Russia ''The hope is that somehow we can find our way back,'' said David Balton (right), executive director for the White House Arctic Executive Steering Committee. ''But that's largely up to Russia, it's not up to us.'' Photo: Eilis Quinn/Eye on the ArcticDavid Balton, executive director for the White House Arctic Executive Steering Committee, says the climate crisis and other issues facing northern communities and Peoples means Arctic cooperation can't be halted indefinitely.
''We must get back to work,'' Balton said. ''But we cannot pretend that the events in Ukraine haven't happened and aren't continuing to happen. They have shocked our conscience.''
We cannot move forward in the Arctic in any way that legitimizes what is happening in Ukraine and what Russia is doing there.'' '' David Balton, executive director for the White House Arctic Executive Steering Committee
''The Arctic Council and [other institutions that have paused activities] cannot be all they are without Russian participation. The hope is that somehow we can find our way back. But that's largely up to Russia, it's not up to us.''
The Arctic Frontiers conference runs until May 11.
This story is posted on the Barents Observer as part of Eye on the Arctic, a collaborative partnership between public and private circumpolar media organizations.
VIDEO - (23) Dragons Breath on Twitter: "@mazemoore Verify this pleas Nina" / Twitter
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:18
Dragons Breath : @mazemoore Verify this pleas Nina
Tue May 10 16:56:09 +0000 2022
Moja Mała : @GI14072 @mazemoore Of course, they are doing this BEFORE that has happened.
Fri May 13 00:13:24 +0000 2022
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Fri May 13 00:00:59 +0000 2022
Fish1552 : @GI14072 @mazemoore Oh, oh, oh! I got this one! My prediction: "I'm verified so I'm '#addingcontext' to change the narrative now...."
Fri May 13 00:00:45 +0000 2022
Teach WethePeople : @GI14072 @mazemoore Wow. Wait 'til you read "The Real Anthony Fauci," by RFK, Jr. Nuremberg 2.0.
Thu May 12 23:12:48 +0000 2022
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VIDEO - (20) Maze on Twitter: "Nina Jankowicz was asked about a Senate committee report on the Biden family's involvement in Ukraine. She accused the Senate committee of spreading disinformation. Seems like some Senators should want to ask her about this.
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:14
Maze : Nina Jankowicz was asked about a Senate committee report on the Biden family's involvement in Ukraine.She accused'...
Sat May 07 02:45:04 +0000 2022
VIDEO - (20) Maze on Twitter: "Nina Jankowicz - "Chris Krebs getting fired by the President (Trump) is a badge of honor and shows that he was doing good work."" / Twitter
Sun, 15 May 2022 13:13
Maze : Nina Jankowicz - "Chris Krebs getting fired by the President (Trump) is a badge of honor and shows that he was doin'...
Fri May 06 13:09:02 +0000 2022

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