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No Agenda is a real podcast available in most podcast apps available online. Episodes are distributed from our own infrastructure for free to ensure anybody can listen and enjoy our show, a staple of the value for value model.


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Podcast Feed

Use the podcast feed URL to manually add the show to a podcast app or an app supporting RSS feeds. Our feed is available at:

Podcast Apps

Podcast apps make it easier for frequent podcast listeners to find recent episodes of their favorite shows by aggregating podcasts they're subscribed to, with a user interface optimized for podcast playback. Subscribing to No Agenda through apps is easy, but not every app is allowed to play episodes of our show.

Apps Allowed to Play our Show

All podcast apps supporting the open podcasting ecosystem can play No Agenda. Either search for "No Agenda" from within the app or add the podcast feed shown above directly to your list of podcasts. If you can't subscribe to a podcast feed from the app, it's likely not built with the podcasting ecosystem in mind.

Apps Not Allowed to Play our Show

Big media platforms like Spotify and YouTube have created podcast-like experiences in their apps but use their infrastructure to republish existing podcasts while filling them with advertisements and trackers. Meanwhile, they're getting stricter about which content is allowed on their platforms every day. No Agenda does not support this practice, as it goes against the nature of the open podcasting ecosystem, one of the few remaining media platforms not controlled by big corporations. That's why we forbid these platforms from publishing our show to their audience. Read more about who we are and what we do in our mission statement.

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