No Agenda Peerage


Producers who donate $1,000 or help us produce the show in other valuable ways are granted an exclusive title as Knight of the No Agenda Roundtable. Men are given the moniker "Sir" and women are granted the title of "Dame". In addition to knighthood, producers can receive several title changes:

  • Sir/Dame ($1,000)
    You become member of the No Agenda Roundtable with special consideration by the show hosts. This entails a special ceremony. All upgrades to this title receive mention when requested.
  • Baronet/Baronetess ($2,000)
  • Baron/Baroness ($3,000)
    You may request a territory to rule.Once you achieve this level and the territory is approved, the Baron(ess) may assign the honorary titles such as Sheriff and Magistrate.
  • Viscount/Viscountess ($5,000)
    Additional lands within reason are granted as part of an expanded Barony.
  • Earl or Count/Countess ($7,000)
  • Duke/Duchess ($10,000)
    Additional lands within reason are granted as part of your Dukedom. Dukedoms will overlap Baronies.
  • Arch Duke/Duchess ($20,000)
  • Grand Duke/Duchess ($33,000)
    Entire nations will be assigned to Grand Dukes until all territories of the world are accounted for.

All the above titles are granted upon request and accounting done by the individual.

Knight rings

Producers who've achieved knighthood are awarded an exclusive signet ring they can use to hit people in the mouth. Go to to order your knight ring.

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