Troll Room

The Troll Room is an IRC-based chat room. IRC is a precursor of chat apps like Slack, Discord and Twitch, but differs in a very important way, it's free from corporate control. Our chat is hosted by our very own voidzero. You can join the troll room from any IRC chat application using the following server/channel information:

Port: 6697 (TLS/SSL) or 6667 (without TLS/SSL)
Channel: #NoAgenda

or use our web-based IRC client on Find an IRC application


In addition to our main channel #NoAgenda, there are other channels available on the Troll Room based on other communities, like other podcasts that also record live on the No Agenda Stream. You can get a full list of channels by typing /list into your IRC application, here are some of them to get you started:

Register your Nickname

Since the Troll Room is publicly available we get a lot of spam. To prevent spam bots from ruining our trolling experience, you're required to register a nickname with an email address before you can speak in the Troll Room.

How to Register for the Troll Room

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