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Excuse the show's pessimistic nature, because as far as news goes, Dvorak has seen it all. With 40 years of media experience under his belt he has taken his nickname Buzzkill to heart by telling his comrades everything that's wrong with their ideas. There's a reason he hasn't found an exit strategy yet, so he happily keeps chugging along with the show until he does. Throughout his career, John C. Dvorak has worked for many media outlets, including PC Magazine, InfoWorld, TWiT and many more.

John lives in the amazing weather-free San Francisco Bay Area, where his office window overlooks the flat bays, making climate change a real and serious danger to his housing situation. His pronouns are him/his and he's married to his partner Mimi. Now that Dvorak isn't allowed to appear on any corporation-supported media channels anymore thanks to the vow of poverty he and his co-host Adam have taken by continuing with the show for over 15 years, he lives on being a humble podcaster thanks to the contributions from our producers. Besides No Agenda, you can hear him in the DH Unplugged podcast together with his friend Andrew Horowitz.

One of the oft-repeated quotes from John as a tech journalist is his opinion on the reveal of the first consumer mouse by Apple in 1984, saying “There is no evidence that people want to use these things.” This was obviously wrong in a time when computers were used exclusively by nerds. Those who disagreed with him back then still use a mouse to control their smartphone, just to prove him wrong. It's true.

Podcasting isn't the only thing keeping John busy, he's also in the process of writing multiple books, like the one about vinegar. Maybe he'll publish one of them someday. Until then, you can use one of the links below to pester him about it.

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