Cover for No Agenda Show 1045: Pseudo-Addiction
June 24th, 2018 • 3h 8m

1045: Pseudo-Addiction



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Patrick Seymour, Peter Tangstrom, Grand Duke Thomas Nussbaum, Sir Able Kirby, Sir Slot Car, Ryan Little, Sir Christophe, Baron of Buckeye, Sir Nubbn of the 500, Kevin, Sir Vive of the Virtual Reality Baronet Work of the OTG Slaves, 3:33AM, Chris Grill, Kenneth Beare, Sir Phillip the Black, Baron of Oslo, Sir Dan Protector of Underwater Criminal Investigators, Donald Richards

Associate Executive Producers

Charles Couch, Richard Unterberger Sir Chard of Tiny Cars, Anonymous, Sir Johnny the Swamp Knight, Sean McLellan, Sir Upper Decker, Sharon Cheshire

Cover Artist

Mark G


Episode "1045: Pseudo-Addiction" was recorded on June 24th, 2018.

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