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August 8th, 2021 • 3h 43m

1371: Bald Nancy


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John: Yeah Jeffrey cube is gonna be on a zoom call via might get lucky.
Adam: Adam Curry, John Dvorak, Sunday, August 8 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1371. This is no agenda killing, grannies smacking fan ease and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country with FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry from Northern
John: Silicon Valley where we're celebrating the 88 some John Dvorak
Unknown: was killed.
Adam: Yeah, baby. There you go.
Well, Happy 33rd anniversary.
John: Welcome to big meetup in Healdsburg. They gave us a big 33rd birthday cake a 33rd birthday. 33rd anniversary cake.
Adam: Oh, wow. That's so you were up there at the meetup. That's nice. Yeah, it's fantastic.
John: I'd say $8,000 for the wine on the table.
Adam: Man high roller. That's a podcast or life for you right there. Beautiful. Did Mimi make it out? Did she make it out to the horse? So cool, man. 33 years together, ladies and gentlemen. And as you know, they never had a fight.
John: Ever. Exactly. Yes. Oh, good.
Adam: This has become an annual occurrence here on the no agenda show we celebrate the 8888.
John: Yeah, we have for celebration of two birthdays to anniversaries. I think yours is differently about your anniversary. It's always different.
Adam: I was just about to say, we shouldn't be celebrating a whole bunch of anniversaries throughout the years. I know. You can never pin pin it down when it says versary Yes. 519. That is more magic numbers. Oh, good. I'm very happy. Very happy. She made it out very happy. Went to the meetup.
John: And I got some I got some free gifts, including one that I'll was discussing some later show once I figure out how to use it completely.
Adam: She wanted to lift a little, little bit of the veil there and let us know what this is. Interesting.
John: No, because to me Good. Good story behind it. Okay, good.
Adam: Well, I think that we have been around long enough to identify trends. And I'm going to come back to one of your theories. We are now in mass hysteria mode.
John: And we are I think we're massive mass hysteria mode for a while
Adam: well, but I've been doing a lot of investigation and googling, basically researching mass hysteria. How? How mind control works when it's government coercion. You know, there's and I actually was spurred on by an email from one of our producers, who said, you know, if you want to know how the government gets mandates in with coercion, Now, first of all, fear is the perfect weapon, right? So we have the fear of the trend that we've seen here is the perfect weapon. We saw the, you know, the ramp up in 2019 2020. And then the lockdowns and everything kind of subsided, then after the summer started to go up a little bit, and then, you know, start to get more worried. And then, of course, we had the winter and the hospitals, they were putting people in, in freezer trucks and everything was overflowing, and then the fridge came down a little bit. And so now we've had the summer the you know, everything's looking good. We got a new president and that we're vaccinating July 4. And now, it turns out that, oh, you know, we've got some massive fear going on, things are happening, you know, people are dying. This is more, you know, it's it's like chicken pox. So this is a wave that continuously goes up a wave pattern. That is how, you know, how governments and media together create complete, complete mass hysteria. And I have a couple of really scary examples. Let me see. Yeah,
John: before you wrap this, by the way, I do have something to back you up on a lot of this only it's a little more. I have probably more sinister clips and I'm sure you're gonna come up with
Adam: but you want to you want to put something in here now. It's kind of a backgrounder. So I can go deeper on that.
John: Well, we can talk about the nudge. Okay. The nudge operation out of the UK?
Adam: Ah, yes, yes. Well, this is part of the marketing.
John: If you want to call it marketing,
Adam: Yeah, I do. Yes, because well, I know Sure what your clip is, do you have a clip of the
John: nudge I there's four as a force here is this there's a forklift by Laura Dodsworth, who came out with a book unfortunately titled, state of fear.
Adam: Oh, boy, it's a good thing. Our boy is dead so we can't go suing them.
John: No, you can't go Sue. You can't go Sue over titles. All right, you can have it you can write the Sun Also Rises. this funny thing about copyright law titles are not copyrightable.
Adam: Yeah. isn't an interesting little known fact. Isn't that interesting.
John: But she, but she did say to furnish a book about this that you're talking about.
Adam: Okay. Now, the reason the reason why I say marketing is and I don't know if this is part of it, but 10 Downing Street just announced they're going to enlist Tick Tock stars, to push teams to get vaccinated. Yeah, we know, this is what team Halo was trained to do. But now they're just saying they're doing it.
John: That they don't have there's Dave, no qualms?
Adam: None at all.
John: Just you don't have to have qualms. It's almost like they always talk about the great football team is we're going to show you what we're going to do, then we're going to do it. And you can stop us. Maybe these would be good in advance.
Adam: Sounds good. Yeah, this
John: is go Laura dodge. We're a state of fear. nudge one,
Adam: oma, nudge one. Got it.
Unknown: I just wrote a feature for the telegraph about the nudges we'll see during the rest of the epidemic. And I checked in with one of my anonymous sources who advises in government,
John: except for a second. You started over this woman has got such a. She's got the modern British accent. Yes, yes. But you really have to bear down to understand a modern Brit, when they're going at full tilt. It's like, say, first learning Spanish and then running into a good Mexican radio station can understand. Which always sounds a little bit, though. Alright. Sorry.
Unknown: I just wrote a feature for the telegraph about the nudges we'll see during the rest of the epidemic. And I checked in with one of my anonymous sources, who advises in government, who told me that there is skipping in Whitehall, and they're skipping through the corridors, they've had a very good epidemic. And one of the big learnings is that the British people have been sheepish, and there's lots more knowledge coming, it's worth Why would they not do it again? If you've read the book, guys, if you've read the book, you might remember how the chapter on spy be starts. And something that just chilled my blood was when I spoke to one of the psychologists who sits on that advisory panel to ask if they'd been tasked with thinking about how to get the British population back to normal. And he seemed shocked that I asked. And if I could paraphrase is something like normal what normal? You know, we've we're now facing climate change. And we've made great gains on carbon carbon emissions, and we can't go back to normal. And I think you can already see a segue into using some of the same tools to perhaps encourage behavior change that will be needed to meet net zero targets. I've seen a very scary ad produced by net zero Scotland already.
Adam: Know, no, this is interesting. I like this. So
John: they there is actually a an office of manipulation in the Great Britain, Great Britain that that puts these programs together.
Adam: What's it called, is called the Office of manipulation of that just call it BBC,
John: that's what I'm calling Behavioral Sciences is the Office of Behavioral Sciences or something like that. She she mentioned the name, I think maybe in clip two? Well, the is something Francis and I talked about, we did an episode where him and I were talking about this and the fact that this is now part of the toolbox that can be produced for other perceived threats is something that people should be very worried about, I think. But in terms of the methodology, tell everybody you use your reference nudge, which most of us understand, but some people may be less familiar with. What is nudge theory, and how has it been used in particular for this pandemic, but also previously, because I think it was Cameron who really first started talking about it, maybe it was even used being before. Tell everybody a little bit about that?
Unknown: Yeah, sure. So the nudge unit is the colloquial term for the behavioral Insights Team, which was set up under the David Cameron governments. And that's now legally and operationally separate to the government. It's a limited company. Britain's terribly good at behavioral psychology, we actually have a science we export it all around the world. They have offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others. So a nudge is implicit, which means you won't really be aware of it. It affects your choices without being a mandate and nudge is just one tool in the behavioral science toolbox. So there's the pay for Insights Team. And they've been doing some things that look kind of innocuous in terms of making people pay their tax returns on time or worse. I don't know if they work on that. But that that might be the good. That's the kind of five people plastic
bag. Yeah,
exactly. It's choice architecture is giving you a choice and trying to nudge you into the, or the one that makes your model citizen, the one that some Western clever people in a clever room have decided that you not so clever people should be doing. Yeah.
John: Behavioral Sciences team and choice architecture. Now, this doesn't come straight out of 1984. I don't know what does.
Adam: Well, we have the same everywhere, I'm sure. But the I don't think we actually have a name for it. It's just a lot of those offices at the State Department, the Pentagon, McLean, Virginia,
John: I think is something like 5000 or more public relations, people are all part of the public relations team. And I think that they do this kind of thing there. But let's go to clip three ages on a couple more than we're done.
Unknown: There isn't just a paper that I Insights Team, there's spy B, which we've already referred to. Now, that's a voluntary Group of advisors. And they don't just work on the COVID epidemic, they also advise the government on other risks on other things are on the national risk register. But what we found fascinating, but disturbing in the course of research, who looks at Burke was how many brick walls I hit when I was trying to find out more about behavioral science and government. But what became clear to me is how much the government does rely on behavioral science. There are behavioral scientists in I think probably every government departments, also within the NHS, also within Public Health England. There are also units which are set up to manage the flow of information, manage counter disinformation. You might call some of it propaganda, you might call some of it behavioral psychology, what they do is a little bit opaque. That's the counter disinformation unit. And it's the research information communication unit, this gch cue. That's the 77th Brigade, which is part of the army.
Adam: You know, where America's best behavioral scientists work. Where Facebook, Twitter
John: face Yeah, that's for sure. Now, I want to mention something here. It didn't mention that a lot of the behavioral scientists stuff came from I started with the camera. But if you recall, probably a decade ago on this show, we played a clip from a Tony Blair x. I think one of the executives within the Tony Blair administration who discussed on one of the shows about how the entire question Prime Minister question our that they have
Adam: always all scripted.
John: It's all scripted from the get go. Everything that they both sides say is scripted in No. Time. Yeah. And so it's just like, this is just theater to an extreme and then there then was manipulation added. It's just really sickening. But let's play the last sickening part for
Unknown: and how many have been surprised at how easily manipulated it seems a British public have been? I certainly have I found it shocking.
I don't know. I've gone through all kinds of different emotions about this. The thing is, epidemics are really frightening. I might not have thought lockdown was a good idea. But I was also frightened about the epidemic at the beginning. Remember stocking up on tinned food in case I got my kids would have to cook on their own. You know. It's It's normal. It's hard baked into us to be frightened. I think fear was an open door. And that's that's the point. It was really easy for the government to leverage it because fear was was already there. And behavioral science works. I mean, it's advertising. It's the bakery in the supermarket. It's all around us all the time. I don't know if the British people have been especially sheepish. That's what the advisors view was. I quoted them in this this telegraph feature. I don't know. Because I haven't done enough comparison of attitudes in different countries to be sure. It might just be that it was wielded a lot more heavily on us.
John: Hmm,
Adam: yeah. I don't think so. I think it's we have this heavily everywhere.
John: I agree.
Adam: Well, that's really interesting. And this is the fact that she has a book coming out who's who is what imprint is this? She's doing this on Amazon. Do it yourself, press on your book. Who the hell is going to release that?
John: Oh, I should publishers to do that book. Again. It's like one of those situations where it's like, Hey, we're doing this you can talk about it, because it's not gonna stop us and it's not gonna have any effect. It's like our show how many you know, we do have a lot of people that like to show and they, maybe it helps them get through the day. But is it having a profound effect on the overall thing they're trying to pull now? And then none whatsoever? The book won't either. So neither were those clips.
Adam: So in this master stereo, which is created by nudging, that's one of the many ways and yeah, behavioral scientists, this is why it's so fun to see Mark Zuckerberg with a, you know, with important parts redacted email that we could read about, Oh, don't worry, we'll do this. And black stripes will we'll get this black Mars Rover, but yeah, behavioral scientists, and it's all to get you to take the vaccine. And there's but it's going so far now. Arkansas health, the state health department, branded healthy Arkansas has this commercial out. And I just want you to listen to it. I'll describe it for you. It's African American guy. He's outside sitting on the hood of his car, American made car, think? Well, that was the impression I got. And he's just talking and he's telling you about why he needs to get the vaccine because of his vocation. Now you tell me after this 30 seconds, what job does this guy do?
Unknown: Well, during the pandemic, my lifestyle drastically changed. My income came to a screeching halt. yet understand I'm a hustler. I'm a legit entrepreneur, I sell things. I come in contact with people all the time, I have to stay safe. I didn't have a choice but to trust the vaccine. If you live the type of lifestyle that I live you out here in the streets, when you're an entrepreneur like me, why not do it safely. So I want everybody to take this seriously. Take a shot of Stan Hillman get the vaccine.
John: All right, I'd say from his pattern, I don't want to sound like a racist here. But from his pattern ran what he said he's either a pimp or a drug dealer. Exactly. And you're not a racist, that's meant to be insulting to the community are supposed to trigger them to go and pay attention. I think the black community which is still way behind and some of the discussion about their their small businesses, which are going to be pretty much shut down by Bill deblasio. Because you can't go anywhere near a vaccine card. And it's a race, it turns out to be a kind of a racist thing that you're going to get in trouble for. I think that I think that if you're a behavioral scientist, the black community is is the pinnacle is is the Mount Everest that you want to conquer. You want to get the whole group, all of them just take the shot because they're so skeptical. This must be just a fun time to try to persuade the black community and I keep using the word community to persuade the blacks to get the shot even though they don't want to. And there's a good reason, by the way.
Adam: Well, there's there's one thing the President has done. Since you just use the word yourself multiple times I'm I'm a, as you know, I'm not a proponent of saying the black and brown community because it's horse crap. The same for the LGBT community community is not a community. But listen to our president.
Unknown: This is a very different variant than what we've dealt with previously. It's moving like wildfire through the unvaccinated community, as heartbreaking
John: because it's preventable.
Adam: The unvaccinated community Yeah. Now, yes, funny. Now you can just lump everybody in together. Because now we're just all unvaccinated black, white, brown. You know, you're just against it. This is interesting. 4chan has what? Yeah.
John: So just to stay on that for one second. I wonder if it's if the behavioral scientists would think it was a good idea to use the word community in regards to the unvaccinated because it makes them sound like I mean, if I'm, if you're part of a community that supposedly that should make you feel like secure in some way and maybe it's it's it's the wrong term to use maybe you shouldn't be using that term.
Adam: Well, that's a good question. I don't know we need a behavioral scientist to pipe in hopefully one of them believe we sure we have we have plenty but on on 4chan, they're running an interesting operation hashtag asked me why. And it's showing black Americans you know, like sitting under a bridge on the aina gutter, and the headline is, I can't go to the grocery store. I can't eat today. And underneath it says, you know, vaccine passports, vaccine identification is racist, and they put logos on it from Black Lives Matter anti defamation league human rights now and it's very effective people have been sending it to me like Wow, look at this look in here say Dude, this is this is an operation from 4chan is really good. Because that's exactly the truth. It's it's completely ridiculous. When you If you have the audacity to say, Oh, we have to go after the black and brown community, but they don't ever recognize that they're the most vaccine hesitant, and I think that mainstream media is they have their issues now too. They're sick and tired of promoting this and they want more money. This they've been on this story for running on almost two years now. well over a year and a half. You don't see many as well, this I don't think there's any ads anymore. This advertorial content. But I saw this segment where they brought in cn ns doctor, they're nice lady, I forget what her name is. And she's a salesperson, by her nature. She goes on there to sell
pharmaceutical products with a little segments. But now she got roped into do a two minute pitch, two minute pitch to get big pharma to advertise more on CNN. Tell me I'm wrong.
Unknown: As of this morning, more than 30% of Americans who are eligible for the vaccine have not gotten the shot. But new cnn reporting shows there's been a sharp decline in vaccination ads on television, CNN SENIOR medical correspondent,
Elizabeth Cohen,
Adam: that right there said, hey, there's a sharp decline in ADS. We just heard from the sales guys, there's a sharp decline in ads for vaccinations. Hello.
Unknown: With us now on this story. Why are we seeing this decline? Elizabeth? Brianna, it's so interesting. With nearly a third of Americans opting not to get vaccinated, you would hope that the ads would increase.
John: Shameless shameless. They are supposed to be supposed to be doing this one on one. They're not supposed to be trying to humiliate and embarrass the industry. Oh, my God, it goes so far.
Adam: This one it is it's they even do test ads on my guy. Oh, wait until you hear the whole thing.
Unknown: It's so interesting. With nearly a third of Americans opting not to get vaccinated, you would hope that the ads would increase educating people letting people know the correct information, rather than all the misinformation that's circulating on social media. But let's take a look at a graph. This is from the folks that I spot. They're a company that tracks advertising. And what they found is that the number of COVID-19 vaccine ads viewed on TV peaked in May, and then went down steadily. I mean, that decline is really quite dramatic. Now, one of the reasons is that TV viewing naturally always goes down in the summer, people are watching TV less. But still, that is a decline, right at the time that you don't want a decline because there are so many people who need to hear this message. Let's take a look at the people need to hear this message. The people
Adam: who need to hear this message Hello advertisers, the people who need to hear this message they need to hear this message. Are you listening
Unknown: want declined because there are so many people who need to hear this message. Let's take a look at the people who need to hear this message most. The Kaiser Family Foundation in a recent poll said that people who say they definitely won't get the vaccine. 15% of Democrats say they definitely won't get it 58% of Republicans say they definitely won't get it. So there needs to be ads, obviously, that really are geared towards republicans since 58% of them say they definitely won't get a vaccine, Brianna.
Adam: Okay, but wait, but wait. But wait, there's more. I mean, you've just given us the facts. What do we do? What do we do? We got more republicans than Democrats. This is the only thing that counts with vaccinations? Not if you want or not, not if you're white, black, brown, red, yellow, no, only only only if your Republicans
Unknown: have been looking at Republicans, does the ad matter? Are there some ads that appear to be working better with folks who are more reticent to get the vaccine, the ads matter very much. So I swapped put together panels of people of various political stripes and colors. And what they found was that there was they read these ads resonated differently with different groups. So let's take a look at an ad that didn't resonate so well with Republicans. So
Adam: doing test results from ads on the air with Oh, this didn't work well. But listen, guys, you got to do a better job produce better commercials,
Unknown: an ad where presidents came on US presidents came on and said, I got vaccinated, I got vaccinated, I got vaccinated and you would think here's Obama, they also had bush they had all of the living former presidents, you would think one of those presidents might resonate with Republicans or with with with these folks, but apparently not they were not so thrilled with this ad. Now let's take a look at an ad that did resonate better with Republicans and that that's an ad that shows FedEx folks going forward shows people going full bore people going backwards, just people going forwards and backwards. The
Adam: message boards
Unknown: get vaccinated, our lives can move forward, the economy can move forward. That one did better with the Republicans.
Adam: I mean, am I crazy or are these people just pitching blatantly blame
John: Well, you don't do first of all, let's accept the fact that you don't do this. Unless you're really hard out. Yeah. This is way b, this is beyond a fourth wall, or whatever you want to call it. This is this is beyond the four walls through the basement is pathetic, that they have to do that's how hard to see an end is failing. Yes. And I'm surprised have they keep this duck Zucker guy in is beyond me.
Adam: Because because they just had the big mergers come in, you know, they want to keep everything stable. They want to move people in and up. There's a lot of politicking going on internally, I think.
John: But everything you said is true. And yeah, it was a good cat. That's a great catch. By the way, I find this this ridiculous. And and they also you know it, if you're really doing this as a journalistic piece, which is not so obvious, just what you said. Wouldn't you say something like, was interesting to republicans or taking the shot? But wasn't it interesting that the democrats all said all the Big Shot democrats Biden in the restaurants that they wouldn't take the shot themselves into dirt during the republican administration? Maybe it's just the republicans thinking the same way?
Adam: Well, I think CNN has a strategy for their, for their sales call on the pharmaceutical industry is very clear. The message is, you need to advertise on our channel. They need to advertise to Republicans. That's what they're saying. And to accentuate now, this, this is where the evilness comes in, to accentuate what they're talking about that whole channel and I just picked up just one. One example, is filled with hate towards republicans in regard to vaccinations everything well, I but that's the point. It's if you're talking about creating a master Steria, or maybe we should call it meant aside, because that's what I think is going on here. You know, you need to show that there's an enemy that there's really really bad people and it's the mechanism for Trump is still there. Never it hasn't gone magically. So you, you can say Trump is the reason and people will flip out, but you know, that's whatever they will call baseless or without evidence. In fact, quite the contrary. So then now, it's just republicans and it triggers the same thing. Here's Jim Acosta. Now he's just reading a script, but I'm sure he wrote it. Listen to how he politicizes this shit.
Unknown: As the Delta variant is raging across the US the nation remains divided between states fighting the virus and states fighting the science states led by politicians who know better. Case in point, Florida, Florida's republican governor Ron De Santis is barring school districts in the state from enacting mask mandates. Nevermind that conservatives tend to support local control over their schools. That's only part of the problem. The problem is that Florida has been one of the leaders in the US and COVID cases just as kids too young to be vaccinated are heading back to the classroom. The Delta variant is slamming states where vaccination rates are lagging behind much of the country. The map is very clear there. One of those Delta hotspots is Missouri where senator Josh Holley has been going after the Biden administration for requiring vaccinations for federal employees. He seemed okay with fear and intimidation on January 6, oh, trigger Holly understand the origins of the vaccine he's already gotten his the big reason for vaccines for federal employees, of course, is that vaccination rates are too low to end the pandemic in this country. We are now dealing with the consequences of our actions. The virus mutated into the Delta variant, which is now unleashing misery all over the US hospitals are filling up the number of Dead Rising again. So yes, governments corporations, they're requiring vaccinations and yes, some local leaders are calling
on masks to return so kids can safely go back to school so we can prevent more lockdowns. As this pandemic grinds on our top scientists warned the virus could mutate into other variants. Dr. Anthony Fauci says the next variant could be more contagious and more lethal.
Adam: So it just continues. So this is this is not going to convince any anyone to to now accept this vaccination, but it builds on the fear. NBC is subtle, and it's and I had to listen to this clip three times before I figured out how subtle It really is. This is Lester Holt. 56% of grownups have gotten that one shot.
John: grown
Adam: up. Exactly, exactly. Tonight, if you really if you really, really want to talk wrestling publican and freedom loving Americans and if you want to give a real good example of the kinds of people who are super spreading there is nothing quite like the Sturgis biker rally my friends. Let's go back to last year 2020 This is the report from CBS
Unknown: there is a $12 billion price tag that has been pegged to the impact of and fallout from that Sturgis motorcycle rally that you hosted in your state in August. It is blamed for seeding the entire Midwest outbreak that hit not late summer through the fall. Do you take personal responsibility for that?
Well, that is completely false information that is not San Diego State University study San Diego. And it is not based on facts. We tracked. The people that came to the rally had states report back to us cases that came from that rally. It was less than 100 cases that we could track to that and we did testing in that community and throughout the area for weeks after.
Adam: So that was the big super spreader event to Sturgis Valley in rally. And now in 2021. Even cnn can't lie the way that lie was just portrayed. Here's their report of what happened in 2020 after Sturgis
Unknown: about 460,000 people hailing from all corners of the US attended last year's rally. In a recent study, CDC researchers said at least 463 primary cases, including one death were recorded within two weeks of the 10 day tradition and another 186 were identified as secondary contact cases were reported as far as Florida and Maine
Adam: contacts. Okay, so wasn't all that bad, but that doesn't stop CBS this year.
Unknown: More than half a million bikers are expected to ride into the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota over the next
10 days as the Delta variant rips through the nation. Besides the bikes and veers most are here for something many Americans can probably relate. tired of living in, stayed at home and we're ready to
Adam: mark and Jackie bow Goodbye, well
John: may find exactly what they're looking for here. No mass requirements, no vaccination requirements, hardly any signs that the country is still battling a pandemic.
Unknown: They are coming from pretty much every state in the nation and this virus does not discriminate. You're setting the stage for something like a super spreader event. Yeah, who
Adam: cares? That guy just some guy. It doesn't matter who that guy is. In fact, it
John: doesn't matter. This is the this is the best by the way. And you as you continue these clips. Everyone should note this day they're slamming Hallie because he did the from Missouri because he's outspoken anything's Biden's a dipshit. And they're slamming Florida because de Santos is a potential candidate for president and they got us a small
Adam: particle. It's all pointless and yeah,
John: and they're slamming Texas, for reasons unknown to me, because I think they're trying to turn Texas blue. And they want to get that idiot bayto back in the play, as so.
Adam: They're serious.
John: They got nothing on that. And that woman, Governor gnome, she is Teflon. And so they just say try to throw stuff at her. They just keep her out of the mix. So it's Florida, Missouri and Texas. And they never mentioned South Dakota.
Adam: No. And I believe that today there's a rally in South Dakota with my pillow guy and he's gonna do he has more to show of his cyber team, his cyber monkey works. And the audit Nah. Hey, it's a lot of people are going to be there. I'm reliably informed. But now back to this back to the Sturgis rally. And you said Oh, Who was that guy? It doesn't matter. CBS will literally put anyone on the air. And he's back. Dr. Michael osterholm, the guy who started all and you know your favorite. Well, I forgot to mention this. But you know, he was on the show that I was on the first time with Rogan. That was March of 2020. And he and I met him and I smelled I smelled something right away. Spooky is what I thought. But I didn't know really what his deal was, until I saw that interview later. But Joe told me that Dana White from was at UFC that he had called Joe after the OSHA home episode aired, and he said, Oh my god, that guy did more harm for for any type of public gathering than anyone has any idea. And that was when he was touting two and a half million people are going to die. So CBS keeps this guy it just keeps coming back. I mean Sturgis Bay call a poster home.
Unknown: Joining us now is Dr. Michael Michael osterholm, Director for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. Dr. It's good to see you again.
John: Morning. Thank you. It's good to be with you.
Unknown: So let me ask you about what happening there in South Dakota, more than half a million people are expected to attend. What are your concerns? Well,
Adam: anytime we bring a group of people like that together, they are going to spend time indoors, it's just a matter whether in the bar is a tattoo parlors or the casinos. And as we saw last year was churches, we actually had a substantial number of cases tied to surges within were brought to their states. And then we saw more transmission in those states, from the people who came back from surges. So we have every reason to believe is going to be just as bad if not worse. And on top of it right now, as you know, people are really feeling pretty well done with this virus in many locations of the country. The fact of the matter is the viruses and done with us. We have state fairs that are about to be held that will bring in 2 million people to various locations, we have lots of festivals that are being held this year. So this is the month I think right now these events that are going to unfortunately occur at the same time that this virus is surging. So this is this guy. You know, he was on the transition team for President Biden. And a question was raised about something else you said, which I don't have a clip of about masks, also on CBS. And this came up in the White House press briefing,
Unknown: using a few things there. But let me first say that osterholm is not an adviser to the president to the administration to the White House. He doesn't work here. He's a private citizen and a medical public health expert. But a lot of public health experts are out there speaking and good for them.
I will say that we are going to continue to rely on the advice of medical experts in the federal government.
Adam: So he's out. He's not even if she's very clear, that kind of blew your theory up, but didn't blow mine. Who's he working for? He's working for somebody who's in
John: the intelligence agencies. Behavioral Sciences.
Adam: There you go. He's on CBS This Morning. And he loves creating linkages. We've heard him talk about the tsunami. We're in a hurricane. We're in the monsters mouth. What will he come up with next?
Unknown: He said something the other day that got my attention. These are your words, this virus will find you. It will infect you eventually. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck because
John: you said certainties. Can you elaborate a little bit on that and why it's so really scary for children
Unknown: and why? Why are you what I mean? Who is this guy that you take that from him Gail? Well, Gail is you know, this virus has only continued to become more and more transmissible or more infectious. Over the course of the last 18 months we've had these mutations occur. And each one of them unfortunately, related to transmission has only made the virus more infectious. Now we have a situation where as you're seeing, you can go for money. What do you say there on a second, what do you say how these mutations occur? And each one of them unfortunate transmissible, or more infectious, here we go. Well, Gail, as you know, this virus has only continued to become more and more transmissible or more infectious. Over the course of the last 18 months, we've had these mutations occur. And each one of them unfortunately, related to transmission has only made the virus more infectious. Now we have a situation where as you're seeing, you can go for months in a given location with little activity. And then you see these big surges occur and what happens people feel like they're out of the woods, you know, I keep telling people don't think you can run out the game clock is not going to happen. Ultimately, this virus will keep circulating until it finds you and I think the story that you had on just before this one on the forest fire is basically a one of those great similarities of these fires fire will find that those trees at Forest to burn eventually, that's what this virus is
going to do with us as humans. And that is frightening. It's a visual. Yeah, it
John: is indeed. Dr. Michael osterholm. Thank you, sir. Appreciate it.
Adam: You just heard for junior behavioral scientists at work right there in that clip. Ah, that's a scary visual. This, this is really taking place in our lifetime. I could not be happier. This is this is the best time of my life. This shows. I'm happy right now one more from this jabroni
Unknown: Let me ask you about the button administration's plan to prioritize authorizing a booster shot for immunocompromised individuals,
John: people wonder when they're going to be able to get their shots. How soon do you think this should happen?
Unknown: Well, we have a conflict going on right now that is normal, natural and unfortunate. And what I mean by that is that just two days ago, the World Health Organization put out a plea for a moratorium on any booster shots around the world. Because of the fact countries like ours that have had two doses available for virtually everyone. Whereas of the 6.4 billion people living in low and middle income countries, less than one to 2% have had access to vaccine at all. And so the world is asking us not to do booster shots inside the car. tree, those of those individuals who are still susceptible, because they haven't had an adequate response to the first two shots are begging for their booster shot. So we've got this tension going on, I'm not sure how it will ultimately be decided. Someday there's no question in my mind boosters will be given. And the question is just how soon that's gonna happen.
John: So catch what he's really up to there. Yeah, promoting his daughter this now. Now she played that clip. But this whole the narrative is the same on all the networks and including democracy now. Oh, the boys should not be giving booster shots to our citizens because the rest of the world hasn't gotten this. Yes,
Adam: yes, yes, yes, this is the one.
John: And now it creates, oh my god, I if I have a chance to get a booster, I'm going to get one because they're going to give all the shots of these these these screw balls in Africa. I don't want to Africans getting this shot. I want to get this I'm going to get Oh, I get a booster all Ganga booster before they send it to Africa. Or who knows where this is that create a fake shortage. There's no shortage. There's no shortage. Well, there was an 80,000 doses expired is some area that recently I mean, there's tons of shots out there.
Adam: This is just to create a panic to get boosters so they get another shot into people. This is terrible. poster home is he served on the committee on biomedical research of the public of scientific affairs board the Task Force on biological weapons, and the taskforce on antibiotic resistance, a frequent consultant to the World Health Organization, the National Institute of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Defense, and the CDC. He's a fellow of the American College of epidemiology. But what he broaches there is absolutely right, enter the globalist AND gates is back. He's back in the picture. He's on CNN, he's with his buddy Anderson Cooper. And he is giving us not just a bleak view of the future, but he's telling us what it really should be like. And once again, we were right,
Unknown: how important you think it is to understand how this happened, how it started? I mean, is that critical in terms of preventing in the future?
No, that source isn't going to change can't have the need for masks and vaccines and the need to have a very different regimen. So that,
you know, all countries could get on top of the cases very quickly and be more like Australia than Europe or the United States ended up being. And so, you know, I'm involved in a lot of discussion about breakthroughs in diagnostics and therapeutics, the healing of factories, and that less than six months eradicating flu, you know, we need to resource the preparedness for the next pandemic. And we can get a lot of benefits out of that
people don't like flu in the common cold. And, you know, we can build tools that over time, we'll get rid of those as well.
Adam: Oh, yeah, he's not done. He's not done. No, no, no, no.
John: Just a couple is back to network executive mode. Yes. Is this guy good television? Why are they keep putting him on?
Adam: He's Anderson Cooper, good television. I mean, no, you know the answer to that, or it's not. There's all they're doing is whatever promotion they're asked to at this point, and and the the advertisers are having none of it. And so they're pressuring the advertisers. You're right. It's a mess. It's a mess over there.
John: It's like It's like a turd swirling around the bowl ready to go down? That's what cnn is. Now. It's, there's a visual there. Why don't they just have to been interviewed Bill Gates, I think that would be funnier.
Adam: I'm with you on that. I mean, if you and I were running the show over there,
John: it would have been for sure. On a zoom call. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, dad, jeffrey toobin is gonna be on a zoom call via might get lucky.
Adam: Part Two, from a justice standpoint, or just a moral standpoint. Do you want to know how this started? Yeah, it's the, you know,
Unknown: I wouldn't I would continue that investigation. The last paper I saw showed evidence against the lab leak. But, you know, yes, we should investigate these things. But it's not directly tied to the particular actions to save lives. This point. Yeah.
Adam: I did like that little laugh in the beginning. Did you hear his little chuckle? Listen to chuckle or just a moral standpoint. Do you want to know how this started? Yeah, it's the, you know, I wouldn't, I would continue that investigation. Right sauce can't do that. Yeah. All right. So NBC. See that? You know being the rapist television network can't really be siding up to Bill Gates at this moment you know with all kinds of stuff hanging in the air. So they go through a backdoor to Kovacs, which is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded and run coalition of vaccine manufacturers
Unknown: an international pandemic requires an international response. And that was the idea behind kovax. a multi billion dollar Alliance launched to ensure that poor countries would get access to the Life Saving vaccines. It hasn't entirely worked out that way. Now nearly 18 months into the pandemic kovax has delivered vaccine to 138 countries, but still only about 15% of the world's population is fully vaccinated. With the highest numbers found in the world's richest countries.
The greatest threat to our vaccination effort at home is our failure to invest adequately in vaccination abroad. The Delta variant that we are suffering now is a byproduct of the virus spreading unchecked abroad
in March we were given exclusive access to the rollout of nearly 900,000 Kovacs vaccines in Uganda enough to fully vaccinate about 1% of the population distribution is time consuming and expensive, which we saw as a UNICEF team delivered 40 precious doses to the buma Islands. It's wonderful to have this and yet it's a much smaller amount than you'd hoped. Dr. Larry Brilliant helped to eradicate smallpox, he says we cannot wait to vaccinate the rest of the world.
We really have a stark choice in front of us, either we export vaccine, manufacturing factories, or we will import from those same countries and others variance.
Adam: So, more vaccine sales This is just more vaccine sales. That's all that this is. It's political. It's vaccines and now now the government now they know now they've kind of got a grip on Okay, everyone's teetering on the edge. You know, I'll tell you how. I know we're teetering on the edge. I was interviewed yesterday by I'm sorry, Friday by Guy Kawasaki.
John: No
Adam: good old guy. Yeah. And got a Guy Kawasaki. Just give me the background on Guy Kawasaki. once before.
John: Guy Kawasaki is a best call is a classic Apple Maven. He was one of the first evangelists there. And he's he did a lot of writing. And he's always been around. He's been he's, he's, he's a pure personality, Silicon Valley personality type. And he's a nice enough guy. But he's, he's curious. Because here's an example. I was giving me some presentations at Apple Mac event. And Guy Kawasaki was up on the stage with me. And so we're yakking away, and I and I said, you know, guy, the two of us we both have one thing in common. And he says what? And I said conflict of interest. And he had the most blank look on his face I've ever seen on anybody. I mean, he was completely oblivious to this joke. And okay. And it's really I haven't really talked to him much after that.
Adam: I think I met him years ago when we were raising money for pod show slash mijo. And of all places, I think I met him in who was the other CEO of Apple, the guy who who change jobs came back and kicked him out as scaly, scaly, scaly,
John: scaly, was long gone by the time jobs came back, right. So it was it was Shonda Spindler, and that guy from National Assembly can't
Adam: wait. Maybe it was the French guy, man. It was Gil Amelio, john Dewey guess a guy say that's who it was. Guess say okay, too. Anyway, so that's the one time I met him and he has a podcast called remarkable people. And he asked if I actually was one of our producers badgering him on Twitter. Well done. Well done everybody.
John: Thank you.
Adam: Thank you because people will say bush I interviewed next on my show Megyn Kelly does this all the time all the time
John: because we forget that this is the reason you don't i don't want to get
Adam: out please go Say it. People need
John: to understand this. You don't want to do an interview show if you're going to get into podcasting find some other mechanism tell tell stories do true crime, do anything but to do interview after interview because I've done it for years. I did it with the real computing show. Show for a hard talk I did. We had is such a system at the cranky gigs. Silicon spin. It's a nightmare. You have to have a full time book or as she struggles and they can't get people and then people will show up or they stiff you they're not there. They're not there on time or they can't do it when you're actually doing the show is out and out night and then you're pestered by every public relations woman in the world put my boss on my boss's genius. My boss, can I now, you know, usually the CEOs can talk very well. I'll tell them and she'll say, Oh, no, no, no, no, this guy. Oh, he Oh, no. Now with Billy jack jack jack. He can't stop him from talking. Put him on the air never says a word. I mean, it's a nightmare to do. I can go on.
Adam: The best way to do it is to become friends with someone who has a high profile talk show, and then just wait for the call. That's the best way. That's the Adam Curry system. The also known as the Regis Philbin, and Tony Randall system. So back to Guy Kawasaki. And I'm well prepared for this. Um, you know, because he's a sharp guy. He's been around and I've listened to one or two bits of his show, like, okay, it's just a conversation with guy. And so I was well prepared that we had this hour long talk, you know, he won't know a lot about MTV. Of course, it was MTV his 40th birthday. We forgot to say happy birthday, MTV, thanks for 40 years and 14 years of music. That's the funny meme going around. And so we it's like an hour. And then at the very end, as we're wrapping it up. He says, you know, he says, okay, so you you're moved out of Austin, you're in the hill country. Are you vaccinated?
John: Oh, play at the
Adam: very end, and, and I have all the preparation I had done. I didn't expect that. And what came out of my mouth was never ever expected that now. And what came out of my mouth,
John: by the way, is extremely lame to do what he did. Lame. It has some to do with what you're talking about.
Adam: Well, it was right at the end. And I said, No, no, I might consider it when it's FDA approved. But no, I'm not vaccinated. And I was. And that was almost the end of the interview. I was like, What the fuck? That is rude. It is irrelevant. And I guess he lives in California. That To be honest, the wait now here's how it came about. He said, Ah, man, it's hard for me to remember all of this. You know, I'm in California. We are we're water rationing. I said, Well, that's what he said, say, well, you can
John: cut back. It's a case of 15% voluntary cut back. That's not the same.
Adam: But he seems to be an extreme leftist. And when he hears 15%, cut back, he immediately goes out and is the victim of rationing. I don't want to slam the guy, but I was so disappointed by that. And I really didn't want to end it and say goodbye, but I was like, holy crap, man. That was so weird. But this is this is now becoming a thing. And I'll give you an example. One of our friends. Her father is in his 90s. And he wasn't doing too well. I think he may already already has some dementia or Alzheimer's. And so we got a text from raw my dad's not doing well. He has COVID he's in the he's in the intensive care. They think they're gonna have to intubate him, but he's double vaccinated, but one of the nurses was unvaccinated.
John: So what what's that got to do with his vaccination?
Adam: Nothing. But that's the point. The point is that now we can blame people, we can blame the community of the unvaccinated
John: bastards,
Adam: because he or she's in pain her dad, even though she realizes that, you know, the end was near regardless, she's in pain, and it's very natural to want to lash out and blame something or someone. But the what came out was a nurse was unvaccinated isn't that the nurse was unvaccinated and had COVID you know, she's
John: just unvaccinated just a nurse who probably healthy as anybody. And this is where
Adam: she gave it to him. And this is the sweet spot of mind control. And here's here's an example of the confusion that puts everyone's brain into a stand and of course, completely messes with your amygdala. This is our CDC director
Unknown: a week and a half ago. Our data from the CDC today suggests, you know that that vaccinated people do not carry the virus don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials, but
it's also in real world data. And here she is, this week, our vaccines are working exceptionally well. They continue to work well for delta with regard to severe illness and death they prevented but what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission.
Adam: Oh, okay. And so of course, you know, we don't have we have all kinds of measures about the, you know, 4000 times the, in your nose and whatever Fauci was saying, we have zero information on it prevents you from getting seriously ill and being hospitalized Well, the hospitalized part we know is not true, because there are lots of people in hot in the hospital who have who have been vaccinated, but the confusion has been sold. And this is why you get these types of responses. And it's very easy to manipulate someone because the next step from it was someone who was unvaccinated is it was a Republican. That's the next step. That's what they're aiming for. It's all political. This is from Tick tock, just a creative little ditty from from a young woman on Tick tock, and you'll understand what's going on in society. Because you get the vaccine.
Unknown: No, why? Why didn't you get what if you catch COVID? The vaccine doesn't stop you from catching COVID. Why are you being so selfish? What if you catch it and give it to me? But you've been vaccinated? yet, but you can still give it to me?
What's the vaccine for then
it will stop you from getting really sick and dying if you catch it.
So if I catch it and give it to you, but you've already had the vaccine, it'll still stop you from getting really sick and dying. Exactly. That's why you should get it. That's why I should get it. But you got it already. But if you catch it, you could get sick and die. So by not getting the vaccine, the only person I'm putting at risk is myself, are getting sick and dying. No, you're putting me at risk. Didn't you already get the vaccine so you won't get sick and die even if I gave it to you. But you could give it to someone who can't be vaccinated. But so could someone who's been vaccinated because the vaccine doesn't stop you from getting COVID Just do it. Okay. It's the right thing.
John: That Wow, that's clip of the day. Oh, nice catch.
Adam: Thank you very much. That was brand new David Foley sent me that one.
John: That was a beauty. Really must be bored. That is a dead absolute gem.
Adam: So but what you get now is stories like Jennifer Aniston claps back at criticism over cutting non vaccinated people out of her life. The banned offspring, kicked one of their band members out for refusing the COVID vaccine on doctor's orders because he had COVID and his natural immunity. This is this is this is worse. This is much worse than Trump. Much worse than my dad voted for Trump. My parents watch Fox News. This is this is
John: disgusting. Yes. Are those guys that dumb? Boy?
Adam: Well, yes. What am I thinking when you have when you have the behavioral scientists, and you know, this change, which is very poorly explained. All of a sudden the vaccine it goes against the narrative with the President himself said get the shot, you won't need to wear the mask. So people are confused. And no one just comes out and says hey, it does not work the way we expected. So maybe we need to stop vaccinating because that might be creating variants. But who am I I'm just, I'm not good enough to be in the disinfo doesn't, but cnn certainly loves to highlight it. This is the number one number one on the list. right ahead of number two, which is Robert F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr. Number two on the hit list a list. A list of people you need to be afraid of and who are wrong and bad is Dr. mercola. And this should go so far. That the Wayback Machine has removed all of mercola sites all is no allied.
John: Yes,
Adam: sir.
John: If you way back, I got it. I've got runs I'm gonna have to find out what that's all about. If you go to the you must be under tremendous pressure.
Adam: The guy or macola or
John: or guy?
Adam: I've never I've never heard of doing that. That's that's news to me. Anyway, let's listen to how cnn does this. And they had a nine minute hit piece they went to his office and everything this is just the intro he's the ultimate super spreader and out of the done I mean that's it is the ultimate super spreader. He is in fact responsible for death. The way this is being positioned.
Unknown: He is the ultimate super spreader, not of the Coronavirus, experts say but of misinformation about COVID-19 His name is Dr. Joseph mercola.
It is very likely that most people in America if not you know the vast majority people in America have seen misinformation that has originated with this super spreader of lies and misinformation.
That's exactly why the Center for countering digital hate a nonprofit tracking misinformation about COVID online. Put Dr. mercola, an osteopathic physician at the top of its disinformation doesn't. A list of 12 people The group says Where the source for sharing 65% of all anti vaccine messaging on Facebook and Twitter from February 1 through mid March in a positive way.
John: missing? Yeah. Good to develop that figure. We're always getting these figures 97.5 this and that there's always a 50% 60%, who developed I've never seen a report developing that figure that these 12 people are responsible for whatever percentage Exactly. Was monitoring. Yes,
Adam: yeah, hold on a second, I need to remind you, the reason you hear a British guy from this outfit the the Center for Digital hate. You'll recall that as a British nonprofit funded majority by the British government, this is a British Government. employee, indirectly contractor telling us that this doctor of sciences, she's probably this is probably what he is a list of 12 people, the group says, We're the source for sharing. Let me give you the name of that group, because that's important
Unknown: 65% of all anti vaccine messaging on Facebook and Twitter, from February 1 through mid March,
in a pandemic, misinformation that has a life that has a cost that's paid in the lives,
we tried to track down Dr. mercola, to ask him about the misinformation he's been posting.
Adam: So I should probably get the name of that place. I don't know what his name is. His name is Dr. Joseph mercola. It is very likely, the guy will just find out what his name what his organization
Unknown: is. majority people in America have seen misinformation that has originated with this super spreader of lies and misinformation. That's exactly why the Center for countering digital hate
Adam: the Center for countering digital hate, we talked about a couple shows ago, they're the ones that have put together this dirty disinfo, I have looked at their website have looked at their PDFs, I also have not seen any calculation. They just said, you know, here's here's, here's the 12. And here's why. And here's what they're saying. So now we move on to the next piece, which is the mandates and I have to say one out of every five emails I've received in the past week has been someone who has to make a decision or they or their company, and have you received a lot of emails like this for their companies as well as poor people. I
John: feel bad about it.
Adam: Yeah, it's like, you know, in in six weeks where I know, whatever, two weeks, we're gonna have to be mandated or we don't have a job. And
John: this is just yourself a favor and don't get the Pfizer.
Adam: No, I mean, but young people, people are taking a stand, you know, they're saying, you know, what, screw that job. It's hard for medical workers. That's probably the hardest. But I was gonna say that this, it's, you know, this is partially the government's doing. And, and, and this coercion is taking place throughout the corporate sector. And I have one example from a producer who works at a
John: media and don't forget, they're being curated on by the media.
Adam: Oh, yeah. And, and, and this producer, who has to go anonymously, works at, I think, maybe a co owner of a meat processing factory. So very long email just highlighted a couple things coercion, they know people will ignore any state or local lockdown. So they leave it up to the federal government to mandate their rotten agenda, they will control by coercing private businesses by threatening to pull licensing funding and screaming about how much those companies to get took in PPP money, of which of course, there's no stipulation to follow. So what's happening now is in the meat processing business, they're getting notices that you are not in, in compliance with EF s. I S, which is the it's the Food Safety Inspection Services, who demand that the workplace they go into to, to inspect past to adhere to the COVID rules, which is, you know, at least all masked, all mashed up vaccinations, you know, they're talking about that. That's how they do it. That's how the government coerces businesses into these mandates in there and it's to do that. And by the way, people who are all on board with this, you just wait to just if they pull this off, and all these mandates, all these corporations jump on board, you'll it'll be your turn, eventually. You're gonna have some other shots that you're not going to want and then you're gonna have to shut up and take it if we let this go on.
John: Well, I think there's even there's a teacher litigation volunteer to the government and and the vaccine companies. It's not like a gun company, they really are not responsible because they've been made. You can't sue the vaccine company for damage. But you could sue your companies, I think a lot of corporations, you can get sued if something occurs down the road. That's a result of this vaccine that you forced your employee to take. The only thing is very risky.
Adam: the only the only immunity this vaccine gives us to the vaccine manufacturers.
John: Yeah, just smart money. smart guy.
Adam: That's the only immunity your portfolio
John: and take a look at their take a look at your wallet, take a look at theirs and see who's gonna win in this thing.
Adam: So now we're at a point where everyone is worried. The seeding infected unvaccinated? Clearly Republicans, this is why Guy Kawasaki says oh Hill Country, you moved out of Austin, you vaccinated up there. By the way, Gillespie county as about 26,000 people which 11,000 are fully vaccinated 13,000 partially, so it's pretty damn close. But okay, we're a bunch of idiots up here. And that's going to risk going to so ruin that interview, if he leaves that in, people are going to hate me, oh, you're not vaccinated, you're part of the problem. This is what's going on. It's really going to get evil. So now we need to have identity and Zero Hedge reported that. If you are, first of all, if you are fired, because you don't accept the vaccination regime, you are probably not eligible for unemployment benefits.
John: I don't believe that
Adam: only at still you, you still would have to go for religious, sincere religious beliefs or medical belief. But this you know, there are lawyers who are looking at this and saying, oh, it might actually be harder than you think.
John: I have a good way I got a good letter of baby posting it somewhere by maybe in a newsletter, where the guy use it as a Catholic, using the same methodologies that are a little different. To answer the questions about religious beliefs is just dynamite. In terms of its vaguer,
Adam: yeah, please do post that new post. So vaccine passports now we're way behind the European Union. The labor minister in France man, she said employees suspended because they didn't have a health pass will not be entitled to unemployment benefits. Boom. That's France. The vaccine passports being implemented everywhere. Yes. In most cases, a 48 hour test will suffice. But you really want what is categorized in this again, CBS report you really want the goods man you want the golden ticket
Unknown: want to see inside the Colosseum for how about this Sistine Chapel, not without a COVID Pass. As of today, it's Italy's golden ticket for most indoor venues for movies and museums to pizzerias. Brad Carlson is a Texas tourist visiting just before the new rules took effect, and without getting vaccinated. How would you get into restaurants and things like that, without your vaccination here in Italy, I wouldn't be able to be tested. The negative result from the past 48 hours would also do the trick. For the vaccinated your CDC card is just as good.
I think it's a good idea really, actually because it makes the people who have been vaccinated feel a little safer.
For Italians, some have taken to the streets, so he had a violation of civil liberties. But for the vast majority, it's a way to ensure Italy once the epicenter of the pandemic never returns to the hell of last year when they ran out of space to bury the dead. Indeed, vaccination rates have tripled in some regions shortly after the new rules were rolled out this after a slow vaccination start in Europe but today, more people are getting vaccinated in the EU than in the US. Oh,
Adam: yes. Foam finger number one.
John: Why did you hit a line in there?
Adam: Once multiple lies?
John: Well, this was my favorite. It. Having the card makes the people who have been vaccinated feel safer? Yeah.
Adam: Oh, yeah. It's a lot of work. And that is true that work? Well. I'll tell you how it works. Because the feeling is real. People feel safer. But are these apps really worth their salt? As you know, we had the Excelsior pass in New York. Excelsior literally means above your above all the other losers who don't have Your Excelsior piles. By the way, that's a Trump name. Trump uses Excelsior on stuff. I can't believe that New York City did that. And then Cuomo introduced I'm sorry, de Blasio introduced the keys to the city. Yes, your very own version of the golden ticket with the COVID safe app.
Unknown: And let's see how well that works. surveillance technology oversight project founder and executive director Albert Foxconn, read NYC COVID safes, terms and conditions and found the city's app internet enabled to document one's IP address every time they open it. He also uploaded a photo of Mickey Mouse in place of his vaccine cards, and the app approved Mickey with three green checkmarks even con confused as to why the city developed its own app at all. I think this is just more proof of the dysfunction between City Hall and Albany more than 3 million New Yorkers have downloaded the state's Excelsior past. They haven't actually had her use it much lately.
And the governor announced Excelsior plus on Thursday allowing New Yorkers to use Excelsior at select locations around the world. But Khan also worried for that app security, hacking it with a user's permission in just 11 minutes.
Adam: There you go. So it's it's a mess
John: as typical of the De Blasio New York City COVID report that might be
Adam: yes, I think it will be
Unknown: York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is announced the city will soon require proof of vaccination to dine indoors, go to the gym or attend indoor entertainment events.
Adam: Hmm. So that does not include an option for
John: that you need this straight, straight up black communities and one's going to suffer because they're going to restaurants Of course they are starve
Adam: them out. But But you know, they it's not like they don't know that. So I mean, again, I can only come back to I mass hysteria that creating this on purpose to control people with the fear they have
John: i i'm not buying that. They don't know it. I'm convinced they know it. I'm not I'm sorry. I'm not buying that they know it. I'm convinced that they're so stupid that they don't know it. But that's okay. Well, I'll take analysis in mind.
Adam: I'll take take it. I'll take that.
John: I mean, I know that here's another Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, me too, is republican COVID report on democracy now.
Adam: Oh, there you go.
Unknown: Here in the United States, Florida republican governor Rhonda Santas is rejecting calls to impose a masked mandate as the state set a new record with over 11,500 hospitalized COVID patients. Doctors say 95% of the patients are unvaccinated. Louisiana has reinstated an indoor map. Its hospitals also struggled to treat a record number of COVID patients. The acat American Academy of Pediatrics reports 72,000 children in the United States tested positive for COVID last week and 85% increase over the previous week. The Academy estimates less than 2% of children infected require hospitalization. Yes, do
John: you know what kids are doing around the country?
Adam: Yes, I do. They're faking COVID kid they're faking the test with the with the soft drink is not
John: Coca Cola. Coca Cola. Yeah, so you take the home test and you apparently orange juice does this too. But wait, I
Adam: thought this was only in the UK with the lateral flow test. I didn't think this was happening. I
John: understand this. Everyone has the home kit the home kit okay. And so the kiddo get to COVID and then he can stay home from stay home and goof around on a good video game. I mean, you know this was gonna go on right? Once they discovered this. Oh, yeah. Well, the
Adam: word is out of word is out. Of course kids. I mean, we're late to the party. Probably I'm not knowledge.
John: But this is here's an is another this is another one that report this kind of offbeat This is the boat. This is Boris Johnson. The Bo Joe new group. Another new report. This guy. This guy's under a lot of pressure. It seems
Unknown: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is at the center of yet another Coronavirus controversy. Vickie Barker reports from London he survived a serious case of COVID-19 and has been double jabbed since, but Boris Johnson is still subject to the same quarantine rules as other Brits after a member of the Prime Minister's team tested positive during his recent tour of Scotland. He initially said Johnson never had close contact with the person so did not need to quarantine it's now being reported. The two were actually side by side on several occasions. No no spokesman so far in June when health Secretary Sajid Javid was diagnosed with a Coronavirus. One day after meeting with Johnson aids initially said the Prime Minister would forego quarantining in lieu of daily testing
Adam: but then quickly backed down after Public uproar. This is this is another one of the problems. And you're right there. They're dumb, because people get really pissed off when you seem to have more privileged than them. In fact, I think that that's what happened this weekend. You know, President Obama had his big 60th birthday celebration, the big bash was planned star studded celebrities, 500 people, 200 staff as reporters, as reported, and then you
John: get a trap for yourself and they had What? You set a trap for yourself.
Adam: And so they had to scale that back down to just friend close friends and family that a lot of people were disappointed because, you know, the Michelle was supposed to do a gender reveal. So it's like,
John: wow, okay, a
Adam: long way to go for that.
John: What happened to Joan Rivers? And she said, Yes, she
Adam: got killed. Okay, just Santas. And unless you have something else unwinded up here pretty soon, but you got more. Okay.
John: Yeah, I got two more. Go ahead. Go ahead. Good. I wanted one is this one is around about which should take us to the next thing, which is a COVID to Cuomo.
Adam: Because, oh, wait, let me let me just say that before you get to chromo.
John: Before we do that I want to play. This is a very long clip that really didn't cut it down. I could have cut it down because it's only interesting at the beginning. You can just stop it. But this is an interesting little thing going on as most people aren't asking for vaccine cars. He's looking for vaccine affirmations affirmation, an affirmation? I mean, all this in the clip. In other words, you say did you get a vaccine? Yes, I got the vaccine. This is me me at the meetup By the way, telling everyone just lie telling everybody I just tell them you get the vaccine, who gives a shit? Who cares? Nobody cares. Nobody's gonna check. But this is in California, it seems to be what what they are doing mostly because the lack of the cars people lose the cars. There's no central database they never planned to turn it into this massive thing they're trying to do is to lay they This is part of the when they break this down in a couple of years, they're gonna look back and say, Well, here's what we did wrong,
Adam: the post mortem on this one,
John: and they're gonna have a good time with it. But listen to this. This is an interesting report you can play for as long as you want.
Unknown: The divisions over vaccines are creating challenges for people trying to ensure workplace safety. Some employers are asking workers to show proof of vaccination, and some, including the federal government are asking instead for employees to attest to their vaccination status. And PR consumer health correspondent Yuki Noguchi is here to explain how Yuki Hyori explain what has means exactly and how it's different from showing proof.
Well, a testing is basically self reporting, saying you're vaccinated or you're not. You've probably seen apps or forums that ask you your vaccine status before you travel on a plane or drop a kid off at camp. And that's basically what we're talking about. event. Lee is an advisor at the Society for human resource management. She calls it an honor system, except some employers will also likely ask workers to sign pledges saying they're telling the truth. And that gives these policies teeth in case a worker is caught lying. If an employee lies about their vaccination. There are employers that are taking disciplinary actions. What was this NPR?
John: What is this? Yes. Okay.
Unknown: And ra just this week, CNN fired three employees for lying on their station and coming to work under that. How is attestation different from a man
Adam: see, I don't care if the clip is 10 minutes. If that talk like this, I can listen for a long time, a long time?
Unknown: Well, it is because a mandate is a requirement and add a station is just giving your word. So the employer can also ask to verify that you're telling the truth. But in this case, verification can be hard, you know, people lose those vaccination cards or could fake them. And there's no national database out there tracking every person who's received vaccines. So that's why Lindsey Wiley, who directs the Health Law and Policy Program at American University says relying on workers word is kind of a quick and dirty alternative at the station sidesteps
the verification process unless the employer which the federal government has so far indicated, it's not going to do collect additional information that it can use to cross check.
It seems like a lot hinges on the question of honesty here like how do we know if our co workers or employees are lying? How well do on our systems like this actually worked?
Adam: So this is where that hole and we caught that we caught that attestation thing you're right. That's what this is what all these companies are saying, say you please attest that you have had been vaccinated. And their idea. They're not asking for proof. You don't have to show it. But I'm against that personally.
John: No, I just came up in a conversation with me Yeah, you you're one of these. I won't go into it. But yes, I think your position is valid.
Adam: It's very bad anniversary top. It's
John: gonna be in the in the box car on your way.
Adam: It's a bad anniversary topic.
John: You go. Yeah, those curry in the boxcar where's he going out on now? All right,
Adam: seriously, I mean that I'm so against this, but obviously it can be done. But man, this is just the beginning if we if we let him get away with it and it was like okay, it's it's, it's a bullcrap thing. And so yeah,
John: it depends on what you would the status of the system is. If you believe the system is honest and fair, and everybody's on the up and up and there's no corruption. Yeah, then then your position is absolutely valid. Yes,
Unknown: well, you can compare it to honor codes at colleges where students are asked to attest that they won't cheat or plagiarize. Christian Miller studies honesty as a philosophy professor at Wake Forest University. He says these honor codes can make a big difference. 28% of college students asked schools without honor code reported helping another person on a test. Whereas only 9% did at schools with nonaka. That's 28% versus 9%. And Miller says this is why it matters to us. We care about being able to think of ourselves as long as people. And he cites another study where students were given the opportunity to lie about how they did on a test. They can self report their own scores, and they were paid for each correct answer. You would have gotten away with this. So there was a real concrete monetary incentive to cheat. And yet when students were reminded of the Honor Code RA, they did not lie.
Alright, so research suggests that honor codes can reduce the amount of lying when it comes to vaccination and protecting people in a workplace is reducing that risk enough to keep people safe.
Well, this is about managing risks, not eliminating them. So yes, there's some risk of unvaccinated workers lying on their station and then coming to work anyway. But those people also bear the risk from lying, they could end up losing their jobs. Now employers have to prove you're vaccinated or you're fired, then they risk losing employees. And so that's the trade off. Kavita Patel is a physician at St. Mary's Center in Washington, DC. She sees people lie when they attest to things whether it's about smoking or if they have COVID symptoms. So she'd prefer a vaccine mandate at her workplace. But she also knows that that could alienate some of her staff. We can't afford to fire them. We can't afford to suspend them. That's just unfortunate the job market. And that's frankly, the dilemma for many employers.
Adam: And prsu kena. Gucci, thank you. Wow, yes,
John: surprise, you got to that whole clip? No,
Adam: I was able to do that. But this is going to, you know, these golden tickets, these these passports, where not everyone is going to lie. In fact, I hope a lot of people don't lie. But it's it's going to hurt business. As really long email that I put in the show notes are
John: definitely going to hurt business. One of our producers talked about
Adam: the real issues behind your Spirit Airlines basically melted down. You know, they couldn't they couldn't fly this. And every airline is experiencing this. And most of it is just because they don't have enough staff. They just don't have the staff and then what Spirit Airlines and this happens to be a dude named Ben. They also really didn't have the, what they call the SOC, the systems operation Control Center. They had one in Fort Lauderdale, they moved it to Nashville. I mean, this is this is scheduling resources, and particularly flight crews when they have deadheads, and they you know, if a crew has a flight from Miami in the morning, but they can only get to the you know, they can only get to LaGuardia, in the evening before you know they're not gonna be able to fly the next day. And so it's messing everything up. It's a nightmare. It really is. Although, you know, Berkshire Hathaway operating earnings up 21% all that train stuff doing real good for them. Real good for that real good for them. And just remember, we had a mandate, it could put kids in danger that we need to mandate kids who could be in danger. And then the kicker for me, was this final clip that I've got on this on this stuff. There's more but it's is Fauci Murray, you know, he's now starting to promote the Pfizer machten which is, which is the the new name for the drug that we came up with for them. So it's ivermectin only, it's not really so we can patent it. It's Pfizer machten.
It's something completely new. But is it
John: we're looking at an orally administered maybe seven to 10 days, given to person who is early on in the course of their infection before You get to the cascade of events that lead to the aberrant activation, inflammatory response that kills people. Because we know now from a lot of experience with the care of these individuals, that if you can keep that virus from going to the upper airway, to going down into the lung and other organ systems, you can change what could be a devastating disease and make it an upper airway, common cold type approach, which is really what we need to do, we only need to knock out that virus for about seven to 10 days, rather than a lifelong with we have to do with HIV.
Adam: Now, that puzzled me to no end, I think he's talking about an ivermectin type solution, which seems to be effective. There's been a lot of studies, but okay. The mainstream likes to highlight just one. But here he all of a sudden he equates it to what I believe is he's equating it to prep for HIV, which is, you know, these we see this advertised on TV quite a bit like it, it lowers your chances of getting infected with HIV. But you have to take that every day. Why does he bring that up in in this context of this Pfizer? machten and I'll play the last few seconds,
John: which is really what we need to do, we only need to knock out that virus for about seven to 10 days, rather than lifelong with we have to do with HIV.
Adam: So is it going to be prep? Is it going to be like
John: no with this this was this was a a answering a question in advance of the question being asked, it's all
Adam: Oh, I see what you're saying. Well, I guess what he can say is that's because you know, we never got a vaccine
John: some smart ass reporters gonna ask him well, you said the similar very similar things but I blogged about AIDS and and it's like, and he's gonna have to answer this way did he? This is just a preemptive strike that's all it was that it had nothing to do with the type of drug I'm sure of it. That's what he the guy's been. Well, I guys probably the number one media expert in the world. Yeah. is poisoned time.
Adam: Yes. What do we call them again? behavioral site behavioral psychology. Hey,
John: bro scientists, I
Adam: Well, the only other thing I could I could take away from it is you know that we never had a vaccine for AIDS. So the we solved AIDS is this prep, which you can take? And that's the only thing that Fauci can stand for after I think 400 billions and billions of dollars for AIDS research. Maybe he knows that that's the way out is it we're going to solve this just the way we solved AIDS. Which of course HIV and AIDS two different things, but that will be the headline. We're going to do it the same way. It's a miracle PrEP is a miracle drug. This is the miracle drug. Pfizer Mexican is the miracle drug for the for the pandemics. Yeah, I'm
John: just sure my my analysis is absolutely correct.
Adam: Well, I'm glad it is. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage and your expert analysis and say in the morning to you the man who put the C in mental side, ladies and gentlemen, john seed
John: to you Mr. Adam Curry in the morning those ships at sea boots on the ground and feet in the air also, subs or something or other and all the dames and knights out there that was close to get Raven on the
Adam: stage. Kinda kind of like that. Morning too. Well, hey, there's the trolls. Let's count the trolls here for a second hands up trolls. All right. All right. scurrying around. Ugly trolls. ugly. 2314. JOHN, up again, man. We're up again. I'm loving us putting
John: that down as the record to what did I just say it
Adam: was 23342 314. That is the record for a but make sure you put down Sunday.
John: That's the Sunday record. Is that to date? The two days are different for records. Definitely. Okay. Definitely. For sure.
Adam: Yeah, for reals. All right. Okay, well, the trolls are there in the troll room. And they are trolling around. They do that during our live shows that are there all the time. 24 seven, you can find that a troll and they party together and they troll and they get good information and it's it's very, they don't sound like that. trolls don't sing like that. But that's more like it. Troll you can listen live to nogen which has this show and other shows live and if not, they're rolling out many podcasts from all across a gitmo-nation make sure you boost them often and boost them a lot. Then we also have a good place for you to follow us and man I'm so close to being really off the grid I mean Twitter is almost I'm down to maybe checking it twice a day because I'm on no agenda social which you can follow both john and i there and you please get an account anywhere any mastodon instance, if you follow adam at no agenda social calm or Jhansi Dvorak or both had no agenda social calm, you'll start seeing stuff flowing through. That's how it works. It's beautiful, it's decentralized. There's no canceling. There's no algorithms, just pure unadulterated fun from no agenda social calm. And we also like to thank the artist for the artwork for episodes 1370 which we titled jab, click Share, and a reminder that no agenda art generators where anyone can upload art they think is, is good enough for the album.
John: Original or original enough.
Adam: Yeah, or adheres to what do we call it? Fair Use adheres to fair use.
John: If you don't know how to do that, don't even try
Adam: we like we like original original art. And we had quite a conversation what we wound up choosing is networks. The Marlboro anti wood didn't doesn't say Marlboro, but says antivax cigarettes. Better than a jab.
John: There were some other cigarettes that were actually is funny or better executed by Jordan 33 is one of them. Let me see which I like the Jordan 33 piece except for the fact that it never said no agenda.
Adam: Yeah, we discussed that. Yeah,
John: he did. It may have said it someplace where
Adam: it's unwrecked. No, no, this was the Kovacs lights if you're playing along at home or if you're using a podcasting to pretty pretty peak rate piece but yeah, there's no branding. I mean, you forgot the
John: name Yeah, hello.
Adam: Let's see what else what else did we like? Well, you liked the highlight a lot if you'd like to too crazy dope in the first of all, you'd like died by death. That was the first one died by dead Yeah, but we have. We've had graves tombstones I like died by death. Now.
John: Yeah, tombstones are to me. Always funny. And then I love a lot of the two screaming goats you did by Mike Riley, Mike Riley, Mike or anybody read a note or something? Not from him, but from somebody that relates to him. I'll do that later. You see,
Adam: did you see Mike Riley has a whole commercial for his book and your mic and you're quoted you're quoted as as an endorser of this guy endorses.
First we did I was like where's my indoor screaming goats? There was no endorsement for I did I get to endorse him?
John: Well, he'll do you can endorse him down. I'm wide open for endorsements. Me mentioned it did just something. I've always fun. It's always weird when you do something, say hey, can you give me a quote or a blurb? You know, you just remember this, you know, let me read it. And then never give you the quote a bunch of idiots. And so my former agent and friend, john Bach, john Bachman. Rockman Brockman. I know I'm thinking Bachman. Oh, it's some sausages. Bachman Turner overdrive. So john Brockman said to me once he was good friends with Alan Watts, the philosopher Zen guy. And he says that Alan Watts would do a blurb at the drop of a hat for anybody. Oh, he says he just that was his policy because it was good publicity and nobody cares about the blurbs Anyway, you know call you and hey, you said that was a good book, but it turned out to be crap. That has never happened
Adam: with you they would have done it believe me. And now they've
John: blurbed a lot of stuff that is borderline and but not Riley stuff. His stuff is good, but I liked it too. Screaming ghosts because it's like represents the two of us in the in the painting the scream and only scream you guys thought it was funny. It wasn't one I liked a lot I have to mention Oh yeah. cromoz book of hand magic does this piece and I looked at it all is arch I think it's on the second page. This piece I use it for the newsletter to get the newsletter you'd see this thing there. Where is it? The hand magic piece? Yeah, I got it right here. Where is it?
Adam: So it says the principles and techniques to disappear seniors cool most book of hand magic It was a very good piece but I didn't I felt it was a little too understated for album art because it just didn't really jump out.
John: Now you didn't like it.
Adam: I like it. I just know I'm too certain. You know, I'm
John: just you know, the one I like like and the one I like like something
Adam: I'd say I didn't like it I said it wasn't appropriate for the album art and then we both said is good for the newsletter. The one I liked the most. The one I wanted but couldn't even let myself do it was from ness works was the Vax me baby. That's the one I wanted. oh
John: no that's me baby which was a piece of cheesecake.
Adam: I almost use it this morning is for the free stuff the cheesecake art, which
John: is a girl It looks like a horror or something. Yes, yes, she's like a hooker
Adam: dominating? Oh, she's a dominatrix nurse.
John: Okay, well, whatever she is, it was the kind of cheesecake art that that Darren O'Neill has been trying and trying and trying to accomplish. But he doesn't have the I don't want to say he doesn't have he didn't have the right attitude. That's what it is. And he
Adam: definitely has an attitude problem.
John: He's got an attitude problem is a pro that can do this sort of thing. So that piece we debated and debated we debated but it was good. It was just not gonna
Adam: lie. I do want this piece printed out and framed. It's a beautiful piece. It's everything the sheen in her hair. Everything is just the font. Everything's good about it.
John: Yeah, the other one I liked was the love Gov. Man I thought was a good piece. You really like the tanta Neil's jab click Share that's was your favorite wearing Let me see where
Adam: that was
John: on page two near the top.
Adam: Yeah, well, but we had kind of reserve that for the title.
John: Yeah, then that's what eliminated that piece but that pieces well structured it was very pretty. I don't want to go on and on to an extreme Why not? But I will say that I'm going to go back to the get the the Cuomo hand if I could find it. There it is. The como Han I want to mention this because this artist is fairly new is called capitalist agenda. And he just started doing art in permanent look. So he's
Adam: given him a little Attaboy. I like it.
John: I July 4, and I'll tell you why he does a type of art is it's borderline. It's like modernist. It's a little bit of Bauhaus. It's got some it's got some old fashioned Germanic expressionist style, which this piece did in spades. He's got he uses textures and shades like none of the other artists do. I mean, it looks like it put too much effort into stuff. And this piece in particular, because he's got that background that book. He's got it's got it is both textured, it's shaded is got an overlay of some sort. It's just a dynamite piece of his real. It's up there is the kind of stuff that's high end, and he's got a couple other pieces in his portfolio that looks pretty good to whether he's going to ever win one of these things. I'm not sure. I'll say this with that piece of wood, you would have eliminated because of the little blurb at the underside of the unreacted cat unreadable, it's unreadable. Yeah, it's funny. So it's on read. Well, this
Adam: is he's on the chart with a bullet moolah. We'll keep an eye out for him.
John: And I definitely put him on the newsletter because I just liked this piece. But the piece is actually maybe even two. Two is it might be too much.
Adam: You're really blown away by this guy. I can tell you well,
John: I don't know if he's a pro. But he's well,
Adam: he's got all the elements and we do congratulate networks with with the album art for Episode 1370. Now you can go to no agenda art generator calm and take a look at all of this or just try out a new podcast app new podcast apps calm you can see it rotating. As we talk about it. It right there in your app. It's magic. Now let's think some of the contributors we are a completely audience produced show we have no listeners, zero listeners, we only have producers, we ask that you come to the table with time, talent or treasure when you can. And well, that was some definite talent and time that was spent on the art now for our executive producers and associate executive producers just like Hollywood. These credits are real go look on IMDB. If you've never been an executive producer, you should try that at least once in your life because it does look good. And it's great for dating. It's a great opener.
John: Yeah, you put on your business card. Business Card take this out. Hey man,
Adam: I'm an executive producer. If only I could find an unknown
John: Can I get a job? No.
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John: Yeah, it is life saver created save to create Um, so it replaces with the title stoner Boehner
Adam: Well, he's here you know, we saved him that's I'm happy about that.
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Adam: I'm consulting the book of knowledge as we speak.
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you go look at Boogie three times.
John: totally sucks.
Adam: What is your problem? What
John: do you not like about it's blurry? It's it's a funny term for audio but it's true. is blurry. It just sucks. Things it makes me it irks me I can tell I think a lot of people I just noticing You're right. This is a terrible thing. Yes. Mr. Lips is next on the list from Boyd's Maryland. 460 bucks and 46 cents. And he says my first donation is long overdue. You guys are doing God's work and deserve more than I could ever give thanks for putting a spotlight on all the lies and gaslighting that were subject to on a daily basis. And thanks for keeping me sane. I hate long donation letter so that's it no jingles or karma I would play that stupid Boogie Boogie thing three times because Johnny hates it, but I probably hate it more than he does. Side Mr. Lips, so I guess we don't play
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John: Nashua, New Hampshire comes in with 350 we have a long list today. So we're happy. But as long please credit my donation to Lieutenant winters. He got a switcheroo. Got it. Please make a note done. Number seven. I've donated to this show before but had to bump this contribution up to executive producer level because of the tremendous value and actual comfort you've provided to me and my wife over the past months. The most recent example was last week I worked for a large software company on the east on the east coast. And there have been rumblings that the company was going to make the experimental jab mandatory. Last week on an all hands call with 1000s of employees on the line. Oh god. Yeah, the CEO stated his intention to make it mandatory. He then went on to state how the only reason why We're having problems with delta is because of these unvaccinated people that are allowing it a place to grow and mutate this
Adam: this is this is it. This is the mind control. This is the program and this is and this is CEO, evil, evil shit man.
John: CEO, the guy should know to have some common sense. He's CEO and that's a top of the top. These guys you overpaid The buck stops there on Yeah. He said it makes him angry to think about how they are hurting us all the unvaccinated community. Yes.
Adam: You went and vaccinated community,
John: the unvaccinated community. It doesn't bother him one bit if people love their job because this is interesting. Because if they refuse to do the right thing, where it doesn't matter if they love their job, if they refuse to do the right thing, this is again a sickness. If you love your job, you think that's an employee you want to get a drink of tea. We were listening to no agenda after taking all that in. And you read a letter from one of the other producers where they refused to fill out a survey on a vaccination status. The letter close with the great message about how they didn't think it was worth compromising over a corporate job that pays in in rapidly depreciating fee. Yes, yeah. Okay. The message was perfectly time to help solidify our resolve to not get the vaccine a guess there's a group of people at this company. Yes. That listen to the show. Yes. We're gonna end up on that list.
Adam: We have to make it the third thing we do is
John: deconstruct the news. anyone listening? I want to be on that list. That's a great list to be on to be on anybody. Thank you for all the great Envisat best podcast in the universe list.
Adam: Yeah,
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Adam: you're welcome. Didn't weren't the podcast awards just the other day that you mentioned best podcast in the universe? Did we win anything?
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Adam: sir. Surrounded by idiots
John: surrounded that is a good idea. And that is excellent. Yeah, that we haven't heard that one yet. Sushi and Vika for me at the round table. Sorry for the delay. I've been listening since before Obama was elected. That's early early. Yeah. And I loved the show. Sorry. It took me so long but I'm here at last my beautiful wife kameez birthday tomorrow. So please, please put her on the birthday list for eight nine, which I believe she's on. I am a long haul truck drivers, and she's out here with me for eight years now. It's a hard life, but she does it magnificently and makes it worth it. I love you baby. I wouldn't want to do it without you. Thank you for the best podcast in the universe. Smile taste kittens. No jingles no karma. Chris Collins.
Adam: Once you get the next one. Under the longer one,
John: yes, yeah, this one is coming up. It's a little bit much a dude named Ralph. By the way I think at the meetup Yes, in Healdsburg, the dude named Ben named Ben was there. There was another cool there's crawling all over the place to me. I think if you name your kid Ben is going to be a dude named Ben. It through 3333 dear Mimi and john Congratulations on your wedding anniversary john and Adam thank you for the best podcast in the universe. No jingles no karma dude named Ralph.
Adam: Now you're talking sir wire of the hidden jewel no stranger to executive producer ship 330 3033 from Escondido California. Please accept and here he goes. It's numerology This is beautiful the value for value model these numbers are meaningful to him and to us please accept 8888 plus 244 45 is 330-330-3333 33 in honor of today's wedding anniversaries we Dame jazzy and sir wire also share our wedding anniversary eight eight with Mimi and john we are celebrating our 23rd year eight and they never had a fight. I am the luckiest dude named Jim on the planet. And we have been blessed with our own human resources three children and three grandkids hmm 33 he says thank you john and Adam for your courage and your brilliant minds both of you are gifted with a skill almost extinct in our country critical thinking is that our skill is that it is that our skill critical thinking
John: it's an element. I thought it just doesn't take much like comedy. I
Adam: was like you are very you are great comedians, that's what I want to hear. Thank you for saving our sanity with the best podcast in the universe. Keep it going producers please and Carmen to my dame jazzy with eight eight smokin hot matriarch and a double jolt for john and Mimi, get your ham license for new john and i hope Adam got the Motu up and running. Yes, I have a report on that later. OTG segment. silencer wire of the hidden jewel aka James pyres. Escondido and Peoria please play 33 is the magic number. Human Resource time to stand time to sit nutrition is needed now. Do you have any idea what that jingle is?
Unknown: nutritious?
Adam: Was there a jingle about that?
John: I have no idea.
Adam: I don't have time to sit time to stand.
John: I really don't need a song somebody did. Yeah. To jingle Okay.
Adam: Then he wants just take your medicine slave and you will obey from john well of course we have all that.
John: That's the magic. The magic number.
You will obey you will obey you will obey. You've got karma.
Adam: Good enough for me.
John: Matthew Wilson 33333 and he is in Buley Florida, by tam gence. I believe this donation may reserve a seat for me at the roundtable sia company accounting below. Would it be possible to be knighted as served 12,000 miles?
Adam: Why not? I don't know. I think so.
John: Okay to me good to me. Much love and appreciation for all you to do no jingles but in need of some health karma and some serious house buying karma as we are headed for a multi acreage property in Tennessee in the coming weeks. There was
Adam: no there's here in the hill country. Its people are escaping. And there's you know, most of the hill country a lot of its vineyards, etc. But there are some parcels and people putting up for sale. And there was this one, I guess they call it a ranch and they divided it up and so there were five acres 10 acres and 20 acres. Maybe there was 10 lots ball total this weekend 750 people stood in line for what took for the opportunity to look at and buy that land.
John: Was it an auction or no? No, it
Adam: was just oh, you know, open house like come on in this weekend. Take a look at the property with the seven but in line john 750 people.
John: That's outrageous.
Adam: Fantastic. Cynthia solta 3333 33 says please see email and I have looked for her email. I do not have her email. Do you have her email?
John: I just look now and there's nothing Okay, well,
Adam: something went wrong. Cynthia, remember you can send it to notes at no agenda show dotnet if all else fails,
John: sir tmo Sir deltaic Okay, go ahead. Sir Timothy tunnels the Baron of the goat Island, which I've always wanted to visit to six, six and by the way, goat Island used to be the name for Yerba Buena here and where where is goat Island in San Francisco Bay it's the island at the Bay Bridge goes through the I knows to be Treasure Island.
Adam: Yes Treasure Island that's how I know it. Sure. Yeah, the island didn't some techno guy or something. Do start something wanted to start some commute community, community, goat Island community. Maybe could be wrong.
John: I think it'd be a great place for a casino to 6664 aloha gence there are probably quite a few donations today so I'll keep this brief. Thank you. I Happy Anniversary to john and now unblock me on Twitter. Tim of the tunnels apparent of Rhode Island
Adam: I'm blocked that man john I'm blocking
John: even use Twitter anymore and
Adam: yeah, yeah, well, because you don't see anything because you blocked everybody. Maxwell Reeves checks in associate executive producer ship from Lancaster Pennsylvania. I've been there been Lancaster 200 It's a quite a drive from New Jersey $250 please de-douche mi. D do also if you could have me on the birthday list for today as I turn 27 as a millennial producer I will always tune in twice a week to hear with the crackpot and buzzkill have to say thanks for creating the best podcast in the universe Keep up the good work and stay safe out there john no jingles no karma. Maxwell Reis Lancaster pa another life saved or created john another life suck it up saved or created
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Adam: too. Okay, all right. No, what is what the books about the wonder what the book is about I'm
John: very curious might be fiction might be nonfiction curious. Or it might be a directory or it could be a bit blank book. One of those joke books it
Adam: could be anything will source in pi 233 33. First off, he says please de-douche make. Use ben de duced says it's been a while since I've put in a solid payment for services Not to mention the Baron title has been calling my name. As for this whole mess with sincerely held religious beliefs for workplace vaccine exempt exemptions. I won't get preachy, but listen, if you're a Christian, bring a Bible into work and point your employer to john one. Verse 12. And ask them if simply believing in Christ is good enough for God to give us eternal salvation? What more must you provide to your company? That'll shut him up real quick deliver
John: better a better will to
Adam: Don't let these clowns intimidate you bring the fight to them catch me on no agenda social calm at sur Sen pie se NP AI where I will break down everything you need to fight this fight karma for all please yes that's a great service sir. sandpile no agenda social calm you've got karma.
John: Sir William of West pencil tunc pencil tucky 233 This is a Sir William of West pencil tucky and this is the seed donation for the DC girl Dame drive. Oh II see girl will have her 30th birthday on August 18. And I will match donations between now and August 19 and the August 19 show that are noted as DC girl Dame drives.
Adam: There you go. Nice, very kind and DC girl congratulations with that. Sir paid snakes to 20 to 22 from the lowlands from the crime ridden country of the Netherlands. He says in the morning john and Adam here's my top off. Everyone everyone is also on board with the latest. The latest lingo here's my top off to the title of Vi count and a birthday donation for the elevens jingles healthy news diet mastodon and the train geek which I think it means the foamer Please give me some entrepreneurial goat karma for the value for value pros love is lit. Paid and we thank you as always for paying. If you wake up with the
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John: Vega Thomas 218 11 here's the nine. Uniquely flavored yours for our anniversary not only do you get guacamole you also get d deuced. You've been de deuced I love you so much the couple who know agendas together stays together please de douche. My smokin hot babe Matt you've been de deuced both Kadena yeah
Adam: that was it. Oh it could you do this I'm still I'm still bringing up the jingles actually.
John: I heard God do it. I do it sir combat rock up in Idaho Highlands 20202020202. Sir combat Brock of the Idaho Highlands if he wants to whole load you might die camela cackle almost too good to believe my friends ITM Adam and john. Today's show is special to me as 1371 was my Military Occupational Specialty 1371 in the Marine Corps and other marine, Semper Fi Marine, otherwise known as combat engineers, we are the jack of all trades in the battlefield. We clear minds and hop instructions, breach doors and walls construct combat fortifications and much more and
Adam: that's just on weekends.
John: During the week is worse. Please include your strongest goat karma as my wife and I are dealing with the stress of selling our home moving our two kids into RVs on our newly purchased property. Oh, well, we build our dream home. Okay.
Adam: This is a this is a reality show in the making ladies and gentlemen. Oh beautiful. Where are they? Where are they?
John: and Idaho.
Adam: Where are they going to?
John: I don't know but let's continue that distress is palpable Yes
Adam: No shit
John: I know number of people that have attempted what you're trying to do. And it
Adam: just as they usually wind up killing the children, don't they?
John: No, they kill each other children go on and they're feral. Raised by dogs. Lassie, myself and two douchebags will be in Lockhart, Texas the first weekend of October 1234. us Moto GP and Circuit of the Americas. And I want to have a meet up somewhere local to the area. Curry if you show up. The Oban will be on the will be on me. The widow but what year one? mega mega Harrison.
Adam: Yeah, y'all drink any I'll drink any Oban.
John: He likes the old band. Any producers wanting to help plan the meetup contact me at combat rock combat rock under no agenda social.
Adam: Well it would have to be it would have to be Semper Fi. It would have to be a Saturday these. The Moto GP is always on a Sunday. I'll try to come Of course we have but we have a lot of meetups coming up in the Texas area. I think the place to be it seems these days is Bernie everybody everybody's rave you know who lives in Burnie Cheryl Ladd lives in Bernie
John: I'll tell you the only the only person I know that successfully built a house under the circumstances where you live in the RV. Yeah. Is our Hollywood producer friend.
Adam: I was just gonna say How's he doing up there is
John: pretty much it The house is done but the trick he had and I hate to do this yeah, he had
Adam: $250,000 worth of Airstream
John: two of them. Yeah, that's why that's the key. She had her Airstream. He had his Airstream and they still have a house in Hollywood. So that worked out yeah, that's somebody else gets into big fights because
Adam: of these situations. So I don't understand why people don't just become executive producers of the agenda show that's when you get brains
John: could be serious the jingles there I think you've got him.
Adam: Oh yes. What do you want here whole load Obama you might die. Now he says camela koco comma koco. The comma cockle does not exist. We have the only caco we have is Hillary is really her. But I do have cammo Kamala Harris insane laugh so we'll take that with a test to go. I'm gonna give you the whole load today. You might Whoa, her laughing the goat was the same.
John: In the same key and key.
Adam: Now we have anonymous anonymous executive producer. And now he sent several notes, but this is the one he finally wound up with very short if the opportunity presents itself, but it's appropriate. a mention of the crowdfunding campaign will be great. Instead of credit. And he's putting a book together. Let's see, and you can find it at its book. dotnet itsp Okay. dotnet Let me take a look right now. Oh, this is no, this is Mike Riley's book.
John: Yeah, this is a non is crazy anonymous producer who could that promoting Mike Riley's book?
Adam: Hold on a second. We played this he said even video for centuries, humankind is combined image and look, it's Darren O'Neill doing the voiceover explore the profound mysteries of our existence. At least this cave painting to a cutting looks good actually, what I want to wait for your quote is forever hilarious.
John: Is your
Adam: quote the collective imagination soaring towards somewhere here
John: at vistas of understanding and insight where
Adam: the blurbs this book really doesn't do that. But it does collect. Emmy nominated director named cast Ray when I thought yours is coming here and he dumber Mike Riley showed me
Unknown: what an idiot I was. The Jhansi Dvorak calls this a terrific book. Riley is one of the most creative and inventive humorous of the era.
collection should be on everyone's bookshelf for a knowledge
Adam: your great blurb guy you're my go to
John: believe me my blurbs are top notch your master Alan Watts.
Adam: Yeah, not top notch for sure. Okay, well, it's book dotnet. Then we have Lawrence Pettit ta Pella ta
John: get this one because the next one is a long one you might read Did you get an email or Laurent neurons? Da Vinci from somewhere in the United States? It probably speaks to the French accent sending email the John from Okay, I don't know if I got that. I'll see. I'll see if I can find it. You can keep reading now look for his email.
Adam: Okay, so we move on to the next one from Lindsay Fox from Fort Wisconsin. $200 We're almost there. In the morning Adam and john who knew all we had to do was donate for an associate executive producer credit 1361 Varian factors de-douche ourselves and request jobs karma to fill a position that we've had open at knowledge x meet since mid March pa it was that simple. We have a new team member joining our business on Tuesday so another donation is an order oh this is the no agenda jobs program that do you want it if I remember Lindsay correctly, she needed to have people come and work for her. So it was a reverse kind of jobs karma I would like to credit this one to Chad knowledge check for introducing me to the no agenda nation all the great conversation that ensues during the many hours we spend together at our family business knowledge checks meets in Thorpe Wisconsin making the best ham bacon and sausage in the universe we are living the dream and grateful for all the support over the past 69 years and then some jingles coincidence I think not climate gate and some are 2d to karma and winds it up by saying thank you for your courage and I'm going to have a fantastic week coincidence
John: I think not to the gate to the gate to the claim that you've got
Unknown: karma
John: I want to add something that led by the way I could not find a note with that exact email anywhere. So I'm sorry, but Noah check n o l e ch ek which could be pronounced no chick which I would think it might be pronounced no chick. It's good. People should look it up and they do a bratwurst and I'm telling you I don't have that. I'm going to try their bratwurst. They do have a mail system that you can order online you can order some of their stuff and they get looks like they have tremendous bratwurst and bacon yum. And Wisconsin brat bratwurst made in Wisconsin is so alien to any bratwurst you get you know in your local butcher shop in Southern California or in German Texas or any well the German Texas that might be interesting but but the specific Brach you get out of Wisconsin are the ones you want
Adam: really okay I'm ordering.
John: They are just dynamite. They have a there's just some quality to them. When I first discovered him, it was, I think in the Milwaukee airport, they in the airport, they have a bread stand. And I've had other Milwaukee based breads and they're just, they're I think they're better than what they eat than even the Brach you find in Germany.
Adam: Don't hold back man. These brats have got your love Your heart is in the browser. These
John: guys might be onto something. Okay, that was a brat man. So we got what one two left.
Adam: Three left. We got Kevin mickleton Keith, I'm sorry. Do you have a note note sent to john you got a note from him? No. Sir Jean Oh, look at this.
John: Look again for the note from Keith.
Adam: Good sir Jean Duke of Texas. My juicer Jean the Duke of Texas my old neighbor who has been out to the to the hills to come and visit he was one of the first ones to stay stay overnight made a good time went to the museum in Fredericksburg. And he donates $200 this is I'm very happy to hear surging back on our list. Let's get some mac and cheese by Ayan ran gig work karma for all the gangsters out there. The Duke of Texas Yes, indeed. Everyone who's doing gig work consultants. Yes, we'll help you.
John: mac and cheese mac and cheese by ein Rand. You've got karma. Okay, I do have a note from Keith and I thought it was forwarded but I guess it wasn't because he did the right thing it says donation note on the subject line. Gentlemen, this is Baronet k Mack a who was issued my title change last show along with a put down over my supposed misunderstanding of how to spell my new title. This is the bare net discussion we had Ah, got it. Yeah, my notes simply said that when I hear barren net, it makes me think of a little barren because of how the word sounds. Not that it makes me forget how to spell. So as I sit here at my dinette adjacent to my kitchen net, reading the local Gazette, it dawned on me that this whole thing was likely just a ploy to get me to donate again. Many good humors No, please don't just take it that way. I sent him a note back saying yeah, that's exactly what how it works.
Adam: And it works. Jerry is. This is a pay attention. podcasters you're getting these lessons in real
John: time. Yeah, and they're free. That's right,
Adam: completely free or value for value. Your choice. All right, then the final one we have is Lorcan Byrne from Dublin Ireland Lorcan. $200. In the morning john and Adam and Mimi and the unified producer ship. I like that the unified producer ship, I sent a related $200 group donation and I hope to align it with the attached meetup report from the excellent crew who attended the recent Germany meetup in kaisers. lantern Wow, get around. I hope these are appropriately aligned. Our illustrious colleagues include a dame anonymous goddess former douchebag Ryan and Linux from South Dakota and God helped me I'm too drunk to remember his name, but he's a great lad from Germany possibly from kishin bow, London. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your courage and please play the trains good plains band jingle bell. Thank you. Lorcan. Lord can Lorcan? I'm glad you guys had a good time thanks for the report all about our trains. Planes ban and then finally breaking for a night sir Humphrey sent a note and he said a very appreciate very much appreciate a mention of the peaceful passing of my mother a Viva on Friday she lived a full and amazing life and just celebrated her 94th the power of kind thoughts of many 1000s should surely whisker onto the next dimension with great speed and comfort. Her funeral be on Sunday show day? Yeah, absolutely. And I think he sent in a donation as well
John: as Sir Yes, yes sir a
Adam: second. Associate executive producers for show 1371 I want to thank each and every one of them for making the show possible. Indeed, and you can be proud and display that. That this this act of love by claiming your very own executive producer or associate executive producer title and you can do that learn all about it by going to our fab website a vo
Unknown: Slash and
Adam: a thank you for producing Episode 1371 of the no agenda show. Our formula is this. We go out. We hit people in the mouth
Yes, I can do an OTG. If if you'd like, Oh, yes,
John: please, please, please. Oh,
Adam: it's not the one I wanted to tie. Today's Teddy K, he's an OTG kind of God. I'd like this one too.
That's right. We're off the grid, everybody. So I was looking at all the companies that are forcing employees to get vaccinated. So I'm like, I'm gonna boycott as many of these as I can. Amazon is high on the list. I think they're doing it. But Microsoft too. I'm like, I'm so sick of Microsoft. And I'm so sick of them breaking stuff. Anyone? And I know now they have Windows 11. I don't know if you've been following this. But you can just see this nightmare coming down Broadway when they stood when they fought it. I mean, it's no wonder Microsoft wants to force vaccinations because they force upgrades and everybody all the time. Always forcing it on you. And I mean, Windows 11 looks just like the fourth layer on top of dos. Am I wrong? It's just it's and they got advertising. And now they want to sell. They don't really want you to have a computer. Just have the habit in the cloud.
John: In your desktop, kind of push it for that? Yeah, they're trying to be chrome to the second coming of Chrome.
Adam: Didn't we go?
John: I mean, the thing you got that you locked down was the operating system on most of the computers in the world. And now you want to go to Chrome make it your your operating system in the cloud, a Chromebook? Everything. Chromebook? Are you nuts?
Adam: Yeah. I mean, they're, you know, this is I can see where total cost of was a TC Oh,
John: I'm telling you. But you know, first of all, before we go into this, let's mention it. You just did a nice install of mint. Yeah, well, this is what I want to talk about.
Adam: is still not the meat itself. This is our dish or once annual conversation, and I'll kick it off this time. So I still you know, I was like, Yeah, I really want to because I was using basically the show laptop locked down but still windows for everything. If I wasn't using my graphene, OS D Google phone, no agenda phone calm. And I was like, I really want to just be completely free from Microsoft. So I cracked out the old surface go. And the surface go is is I love it because it really small screen is very lightweight, very portable, as good battery life, I have the SSD drive I've gotten to the max ram were like eight Meg's or whatever you could get in it. And, or eight gigs, I'm sorry. And like, but it's kind of slow. It's clunky. And it's windows incising. I wonder how Mint is doing. And I and I was I was blown away. Not only did it install almost flawlessly, there's one thing on the surface go you have to, you know, copy one file to make the Wi Fi function. But that was it. This touchscreen scrolling on the touchscreen, zooming all of that works, the controls work, everything on the thing works. And it's at least twice as fast as it was with Windows. And it's comfortable. Because everything is kind of in the same place. It is a seamless transition. And then I got the bug john. Now I'm like, I'm going to do it, I'm going to make the no agenda show studio run on Linux. And I got very, very close. Because with the new Linux, it's true, I can plug in
my mark of the unicorn USB device. And I get eight channels in eight channels out. That's fantastic. Here's my problem with the way you manage that device is through a web browser. But the device itself doesn't have a little web server in there. No, when you plug it when you install the software, it installs a little web server on your Windows machine. And that's what you're talking to. So I've been trying, you know, are you familiar with wine?
John: very familiar with wine. So wine
Adam: has gotten pretty good. And I can get
John: wine is good enough now that you can want run Photoshop on a Linux box.
Adam: Right? So I'm trying to get that little server up and running with wine and I've got it to the point where it actually it has it opens up the port and you can make a connection but it just sits there it doesn't get anything so that something is stuck some permission. But if I can do that,
John: if I can this you have we have at least 1000 Linux nuts that listen to the show.
Adam: Yeah, I mean that
John: and and one of them will be happy to help
Adam: you. Well that's why I bring it up because they already have Found out already worked on the, you know, the mixer that I use that works in wine perfect no problem. So I could become this whole show could be for the first time, a live podcast like that with all the process and could be run on Linux. I'm very excited about it. But anyway,
John: well, I'd like to see that happen. Yes. Good.
Adam: Yeah. And you know what we do then we'd make it a distro?
John: Oh, a podcasting district. Yeah,
Adam: make it the no agenda podcasting distro. And anyone can download it illegal with the with Yes, of course, of course is fantastic. Now, the thing I want to talk about briefly, is Apple scanning emails for child pornography. You follow the story?
John: I have not, I'm unfamiliar with what you're about to discuss.
Adam: Apple announced that, let me see if I can get a line from the okay. So Apple announced that it is going to now the way it was announced. And then there's a technical bit, they announced that they are going to scan every single iMessage. And I think email as well, but let's just if not, email is certainly coming. But I message for child pornography photos. So whether you are sending one or receiving one that's going to be scanned, and then they will take action. Now that by itself is, you know, it's a very difficult thing to announce, if you're in the apple PR department, and you have to explain exactly what you're doing. Because the way they're doing it is even more interesting. There is the CSA M. database, see Sam, which is child something, I forget what it's called. It's a Silicon Valley database. And all the social networks and I'm sure Google all contribute to it. And what they've done is they've so they've decided all these images and what images are out there that are deemed child pornography, and they hash that entire database. So the idea is that Apple won't actually be looking at because you know, when you send an iMessage, your message and the image is encrypted. So they while Apple can't necessarily decrypt it, they can run a hash on it. And if this if the hash and the way it hash works is, I'll just try and explain it simply, if you have a file, you can run a hash program, it spits back a long character string. And that will be that will be
unique for every single version of that photo, as long as it hasn't been altered. I think even Yes,
John: similar to a virus signature.
Adam: Yes. And so that's how they're going to do it. So what they're saying is, well, don't worry about it. Because we we actually can't see it. We're not looking at anything else you're doing. We're just scanning for these patches. But oh, man it did they just they pulled up the drawbridge and they filled up the moat with this one. Not now you're locked in now you're going to see what's going to happen. It'd be why wouldn't. I mean, the government now participates in this in this in the CSA m database. So why wouldn't it First of all, you can send something nasty to somebody and it'll get scanned, and they'll get flagged. So it can be outside of your of your own purview, if someone sent you something. But maybe they just throw some leaked documents or stuff that, you know, just throw something else in there, hash it, and see if someone's passing around documents that have the same hash. I mean, this could be abused for any number of things. A tool in the behavioral scientists toolbox. There you go. It's the theme of the show. So I think that this is, this is very disappointing that Apple has decided to go this way. But to me, it just solidifies. That's it. We're done. You if you want to be a good doobie, go with Apple. But be careful, because what you think is bad today, which is child pornography, it can be something else tomorrow could be anti government rhetoric. That's
John: just the foot in the door, huh? Yeah. And but you know, especially this how you do it.
Adam: And how about gay adults? Or you know, if you're, I mean, do you is every single dick pic hashed if it's offensive? You know, I mean, it could be a whole bunch of things. It just seems like what do they call it? the slippery slope?
John: Yeah. Well, obviously, everything's a slippery slope nowadays. Yeah, they're just trying to you know
Adam: what, you know what's next? Well, how come you running Linux? What are you hiding? Yeah, yeah, can't happen. Oh, As I as I sit here is going to
John: happen. You're going to be running Linux for what what's the point is you're probably wondering what's wrong with
Adam: you, and Windows is fine. Why are you doing that?
John: Why are you doing that?
Adam: So that's
John: why don't you do Mr. Curry? Don't you do a segment on this? What is this a podcast? No agenda show on on off the grid telling people how to avoid being monitored. Because what are you doing wrong? What do you what sin Are you committing? You're so fearful that you have to be doing this segment week after week you do weekly, or monthly or I don't know how often this show runs. But you probably do it daily. When you do it. It seems to me that you're awfully suspicious.
Adam: These are the questions that are going to come. Absolutely. The way we're headed.
John: Welcome to China.
Adam: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. The way we're headed. It's not good. I'm very pleased to see people standing up and this is I have to play this report. Jeff, the gays. I mean, he got so excited during this. During this report about the January six wild man in the wild man pleaded guilty so now they have two people. And by the way, the wild man
John: guy, they locked up in solitary confinement for a couple of months. Now, I think guilty Hmm, what
Adam: a shocker. Right. Now there is video of him beating up on cops. So, you know, yeah, that's a problem. He took the plea deal for, I think obvious reasons, didn't want to go through some drawn out process. But I think journalistically, I would like to say that I think it is wrong for any journalist to just blatantly call these people insurrectionists or to call January six, the insurrection because that's, you know, that's what a you know, some kind of commission or committee would be able to determine, but it's such a fait accompli, it's just like, that's it. It was an insurrection. It's now you know, January 6, Bill Maher's like that. But it's up there with 911. I'll never forget it. This is mind control. This is mind control. And I think it's journalistically wrong Unless Unless you disagree that journalists can just blatantly call it the insurrection.
John: No, technically, technically, you would never be able to do that. And you never should be able to do that. But there's some new things coming down. I don't have clips. But a couple of the publications at CNN, I think started it where it's now supposed to the okay for journalists to be opinionated in their reporting. Not in their in their opinion pieces. In the reporting. Yeah, in their reporting. This will be coming up in a future show. We'll have some disqualifies. Wow, it's sick. You know,
Adam: before I play that, Joe, so
John: Jeff piggies is pretty straight. And you know, he was told to do this their style guides in these all these journalists. Suppose that these news organizations decide I haven't news,
Adam: let me play the big ace. Yeah, play that I want. Yeah, just because he gets so excited that I mean, he is really pinching out that last low for the end man is like the guy is just he's good to go on
Unknown: January 6, got fairly I'm seeing here in camouflage was right in the middle of the mob that attacked the capital. Capital,
verbally assaulting Capital Officers,
then striking on on his helm. Erlang would later claim that he didn't assault officers that he was trying to help.
Investigators allege that Fairlane is a brawler by nature. They highlight his days as a mixed martial arts fighter whose nickname in the so called ring of combat was wild man. To date, investigators have arrested more than 550 people involved in the insurrection, including an increasing number of suspects who assaulted officers, their lamb along with 28 year old Devlin Thompson from Seattle, Washington, who also pleaded guilty today are now the first two rioters to plead guilty to assaulting police on January 6, your legal analyst Harry Lippmann, and you're going to see from here on in not just other perpetrators of violence, but they are going to be making their move up the ladder toward the actual co conspirators who plotted this and came to do violence. Yeah,
Adam: Jeff, go ahead, man. Good job. No, need to get that one, too. There it is. The insurrection. And of course this is more mainstream media. Mind shaping in the only videos you'll ever see of this is that, you know is is the violence. Of course there was violence. People need to be punished for violence, but that you just can't call it insurrection.
John: I agree. Just one guy had a gun, no guns. His first insurrection is a weapon. No guns. It's irksome. I mean to your to an Tifa thing you get they get, they get machetes.
Adam: Okay. I saw this morning there's like some religious group was doing a prayer outside in the park with a little damp little pa setup. And they're all social distance. And now they're doing this thing. And a bunch of these and Tifa guys show up and gals, and they just start getting in everyone's face and breaking the PA system. What is going on with this? Is this an Tifa? Or the LARPing kids in black? As a problem?
John: Yeah, something's gotta be done. So I picked up I was watching the Ken Burns documentary on Hemingway.
Adam: Three parter. Yes, I want to
John: see and everybody should watch it. Yeah, it's very interesting. But Hemingway was definitely probably undiagnosed bipolar. He's a nutcase. He treated his women very poorly. But he was also a womanizer. And he had had so many traumatic traumatic head injuries that he had to suffer from the same disease. That's a lot of football players suffer from where they you have this what's called TC or some TBI,
Adam: TBI, traumatic brain injury.
John: Yeah, and so this was definitely the case with him, especially after his two, two in a row, concussions and head injuries after two airplane crashes in a row.
Adam: That's a day record man.
John: Africa. The second one, it turned out not only gave him a bad concussion, but also cracked his skull cam. So this guy was a wreck. By the time he took a shotgun and shot himself in the head because he had a shooting straight, he had issues. And so I have a clip. It's just a summary of a couple of his things. This is the Hemingway backdrop. This is from the PBS report. And it's just a few of the little elements. And I have a few more to add. Before we play the media report of his death,
Unknown: psychotic depression. She began again to speak of killing himself, but refused to go to a psychiatric hospital. He
wanted it hidden. He wouldn't go to any kind of psychiatric place, which would have been a better place. He went to the Mayo Clinic. The story went out that he was there getting treated for high blood pressure. He registered
under an assumed name because he said he didn't want the world to think I was losing my marbles. But soon he had a sign hung on his door saying former writer Do Not Disturb Hemingway's doctors repeatedly administered the standard treatment for severe depression, electroshock therapy aect you could see the impulse to treat him with shock therapy, which is a great therapy if all you have is major depression with psychotic features.
Certainly had depression certainly had psychosis. But they were just manifestations of a larger illness.
Hemingway had also survived several concussions, which may have permanently injured his brain, altering his personality and corrupting his reasoning. No, man
John: What a mess. So he had like a lot of like, at least three rounds, maybe more of electroshock therapy would can't scan be good for you, especially if you're a creative type. So he had all these issues in these so he finally couldn't take it anymore. And this is kind of against the narrative that I remember hearing when I was a kid when these they finally discovered he shot himself they did that was not the original report though. The news media made just pretty much made up a report and I want to play that this is but let me let me say first that when I was a kid, I heard that he was just he lost some of his virility or something as they get man. He was a typical classic. Oh, he's you know, he's a toxic male. And he did couldn't do what he wanted to do. So he killed himself as a loser. But But the more interesting thing is in this particular documentary, for one thing, they blamed alcohol probably more than they should, which is typical. And they and then you had to report that came from one of the great news readers of the of the era Ed Newman. This beautiful mellifluous voice and I'm, I have some theories about this, about this voice. And the way news was presented back in the in the day and this is 1961 This is before the disgrace This is bc before curry. This is this is before CIA.
Adam: Yes.
John: According to Ron Paul took over the country but already the news media was no good. And if you listen to this report, you get nothing you get. You don't know jack and they make up how he died. Listen to this death report
Unknown: or evening. novelist Ernest Hemingway is dead. The reports from his home and Ketchum, Idaho are sparse and not very clear. But we know that he killed himself, the sheriff says accidentally
with a 12 gauge shotgun.
I mean, why only last week was discharged from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he had been treated for high blood pressure. This morning, a Nobel Prize winning novelist was alone in his room preparing to go hunting on the fatal accident occurred. Oh, he
Adam: was cleaning his shotgun. And it went off. Yeah. Wow, that's this. Whoa. Okay. So that is, and that is the majority of elites in power. Still today, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, who are some, some old republicans is a shitload of them. That's the era they're from and you use you made up a PR release a news release that went out on the wire on the transom. And then you did maybe a little little interview with CBS for you know, the evening news. And that was it. And it was the truth. And it was good. And we liked it that way.
John: And it was bullshit. It was the same thing with it with during the whole Kennedy era when he was you know, he apparently had said parently twice now. Okay. I had a he had a different kinds of places where he could go and shack up with different women. It was not none of it was reported. But everybody knew about it. And the same with this. Everyone seemed to know what was really going on, but they're not going to report it. They're just going to read from the press release and the news media. That's all they've been doing. And so I started thinking about this. When TV news came in, and it took over from the newspapers, everyone already always knew that they just stole from the New York Times and a couple of these other papers, and they brought these reports together and new made up made, you know, bright red, there's newsreaders called tear and read or something that has termed for it. And but I think these definitive male voices, like Ed Newman's was was like, very just Walter Cronkite, they had these these voices that were just authoritative. Tom Brokaw. Tom Brokaw started breaking the authoritativeness because he had that that strange speech impediment. Yeah. But
Adam: it sounded authoritative somehow, regardless, it
John: managed and it's like, there's some site these British women who report on the on the Royals, they always have this weird Lisp. I've started listening to some of these things on PBS is this strange upper class list, you know,
Adam: who had a surprising list by may have told you this? Steve Jobs?
John: Yes, Steve Jobs didn't have a lisp
Adam: very, you wouldn't notice unless you're face to face talking with him very apparent
Unknown: when he was relaxed, anyway, the
John: point is, is that we're moving away from those voices because we've gone to a more casual style of presentation have and I think it's creating cracks in the in the, in the, in the fortifications, and that people are starting to get suspicious because just hearing some squeaky asked guy who's typical now, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang gang gang, is enough to make you think, well, maybe this guy's full of crap. Well,
Adam: yes and no, because we still have the new style, which we even heard earlier of the Hummer. And I think that is taken very seriously example.
John: You know, obviously, I read I read the New York Times, like all day long, mainly on my iPad.
Adam: That's seen as authoritative. Is it? No, of course not. But it gets your attention because you want to just tear you want to slap Harriers you want to your ears off your skull. And when you hear
John: that, but I wanted to point out two things. One is the authoritative voice which is disappearing, because nobody wants to hire a guy like that anymore. I mean, the last one is probably Darren O'Neill. Oh, yeah. And now so you you don't want that anymore. And and I think it's a big mistake. And the second thing I wanted to point out this was 1961.
Adam: You just crushed you just crushed Darrin O'Neill like and just stepped over the corpse in three seconds. No, I
John: didn't. He's got authoritative voices. No one
Adam: wants to hire him. You just said
John: Well, no. Anyway, so sorry. 1961 61. A dynamic sorry, darn. Everyone wants to hire you. It's just that you're in an area where nobody hires anybody
Adam: in a wasteland to get a disc jockey wasteland. So
John: it so this predates everything again, it probably the Not in other words the I may go back to yellow journalism which was highly criticized during the 30s and a dip these news to the mainstream news media what we're doing on this show we could have been doing it 40 years ago and I think if stone was doing it with a newsletter and George sell this was doing it with a newsletter was wasn't a podcast but it's
Adam: but in order to deconstruct it we would have to you know, sit in an office with naked bulbs and green visors on the phone talking to sources with a notepad we have the tools now man that's that's
John: what the you mugs get on the phone.
Unknown: That's what the somebody
John: listened in on this call.
Adam: Oh, my God. Yes, yes. Yes. All these things all gone all history. No one knows what it is anymore. No one knows.
John: But the point is, is the BS has been there and is still there. And we're just there's nothing and it's and it's point is this is nothing new. No, except the CIA's just
Adam: has experienced now. And then you add in a fresh dose of behavioral scientists whip it up in his social media stew and you're good to go. That's how that's how it's working to get your way. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Especially the the feedback loop with with cable news. It's really fantastic. Now and everything again being used for political means. And they're really doing everything they can with desantis Governor desantis of Florida. There was the president and he are going back and forth trading barbs and and here's an ABC World News Tonight report. Florida
Unknown: has more kids hospitalized with COVID than any other state in the country. But the governor today doubling down on his ban of mask mandates in schools. What are the harmful effects
of putting a kindergartener in a mask for seven hours? Have they talked about the emotional the academic the physiological President Biden this week criticizing states for banning mask mandates? The governor firing back saying I'm not going anywhere are Stephanie Ramos today pressing the White House on desantis. His comments wherever first the president as a power hungry tyrant. What is your response to the governor's administration's response to Governor today the White House pointing to Florida's COVID numbers
that 25% of hospitalizations in the country are in Florida. It is also a fact that the governor has taken steps that are counter counter to public health recommendations. late today the President asked about the Florida governor, Governor.
Adam: He said governor who? That's real that's that's the best insult you can do. Oh, I don't know that guy. I'd never heard of him. Which people
John: always used to a sincere I loved it when
Adam: when I was first I didn't love it when I was first on TV in the Netherlands. And it was Yeah, to understand half the country watch only two channels on of TV. So it was there's no other place for them.
John: Still famous there.
Adam: Yeah, because of it. And when I was very highly recognizable, and you know, there would be a waiter or someone in a shop. And then you know, they'd be given me change and then just say, just you know, I don't know who you are. I don't watch a TV. That's the kind of stupid shit people will say. And that's kind of similar reminded me of that. By the Netherlands. So as I'm reading about massive Britain,
John: you know,
Adam: yes. Various, Ah, wait, there had something about the crime ridden country of the Netherlands? Yes. Where is it here that the Netherlands is now one of the top vaccine manufacturing countries. That was a headline in the Dutch newspaper.
John: How did that happen? Well,
Adam: you will win, you know, first of all, that, you know, this contracts that Pfizer was sending out that got leaked. So you know, with all the different countries so the company that is actually doing that is Pfizer export bV. And the bV is a Dutch company companies structure. And so what they're doing is there's they're exporting and they're selling through the the old Dutch Irish reach around rusty trombone. And so they pay in almost no income taxes because they're considering the sale to be royalties just like a just like a record or a movie. That's why the Rolling Stones have five huge homes in on one canal and it's all their life, all their royalties and licensing to anyway. It makes total sense to me. And the Netherlands is the crime ridden drug capital of the world. We you want ecstasy all comes all those pills with the Flintstones is all the Netherlands. So now they're just doing the there extra bit for globalism pazar stay safe. So anyways, I'm reading about the about coercion and government mind control and creating this mass hysteria. The one thing that seems to have worked throughout history with any truly authoritarian government is in fact exactly what the democrats in the media did. Trump is ridicule. ridicule seems to really have an effect in and of course, we have a lot of great ridicule now online with memes. And as I think about it, you know, it's like, you were kind of doing that we, we ridicule people, certainly. figures of authority.
John: And no agenda ridicule show.
Adam: Yeah. And you know, our favorite ways is to take something has changed, changed their names. So we've got watermelon head carry. And we've got Well, we were first with Pocahontas years before Trump.
John: Yes, we were. We initiated Pocahontas.
Adam: And so I got a clip here, one of our producers sent in about Rhonda Santas. I, you know, I think we need to be fair to everybody. We should ridicule everybody whenever we can, because the Santas also has his flaws. Go take a look at the actual no mandatory vaccine law that he signed seems pretty possible for it to become mandatory. So we caught this,
Unknown: Florida accounts for more than 21% of all new Delta Varian cases in the country. And while state health officials say students returning to the classroom should wear masks, Governor Randy Santas says school districts cannot require them.
Adam: Did you hear it?
John: No, I missed up clued me into Tisha told me there was going to be a switcher room. Well,
Adam: well, this is one of our producers did a Jhansi Dvorak mix
Unknown: Florida accounts for more than 21% of all new Delta variant cases in the country. And while state health officials say students returning to the classroom should wear masks, Governor Ron de Santos governor Ron De Santis governor Randy Santas, school districts cannot
Adam: require them. Randy, he's now Randy Santas.
John: I like Randy,
Adam: I liked it a lot. I thought Dale Randy Santas. That's good when you keep that? Yes. Finally and reports or reports. a horrible report about Dr. fouch. Cheese agency. As the agency used $424,455 in taxpayer dollars, this is a headline to support University of Georgia researchers who performed experimental drug tests on 28 beagles after infecting them with parasites. documents obtained by the white coat waste project showed that some of the dogs quote vocalized in pain upon being injected with an experimental vaccine. The beagles were reportedly set to be euthanized in June, but it's unclear whether that happened. Newsweek reported the experiments were related to disease called lymphatic filler filler asis. And the vaccine in question had already been tested on other animals. So you know if you want to this, this is the key. If you want to get people riled up, this is the story you need. So here's the headline, which I thought was good peek into Fauci his closet reveals horrific experiments on beagles tests left dogs in obvious pain. This is, this is the stuff we need to be putting out in the headlines. And it's sad beagles Why? Why not take it out? What a useless dog. If we have to test on dogs Anyway, what and why do we have to test on dogs? Are they cheap?
John: No, it's because you want to torture the dogs, you're sick.
Adam: hope somebody weighs in on that. I've been following this infrastructure bill here in the United States. There's a big to do about we're gonna fix bridges and roads, roads, and we're gonna fix nothing. But we're gonna we're fixing nothing coming with an infrastructure and jobs
John: thanks to gender studies programs and make sure all the universities have it.
Adam: Well, and so I want to talk about this for a second because there's two things that are on deck. And and one is a three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation bill. And what's in there? You don't hear any reports on it. Have you heard any reports of what's actually in the three and a half trillion dollar bill
John: every so often, if
Adam: Rand Paul shows up on a talk show, he starts listening and he's the he's the last bastion of guys who listen to stupidities, that are written into these laws. So instead these bills, so well, that Over there and and it's like one of these bills almost like at the end of the year, where both Republicans and Democrats go? Well, I mean, we have to, this is the this is bipartisan reconciliate, whatever, I don't even know reconciliation bills that mean, like, we were pissed off all year long now everyone's gonna lump their shit into one thing everyone kind of gets the same amount of pork and benefits and whatever crazy is in there, and we won't really talk about it because we're just gonna agree we won't discuss it isn't is that kind of what a reconciliation bill is?
John: No reconciliation bills, a technicality a way to pass a bill without having to worry about the 60 vote in the Senate. It's just some technical way of getting a bill through. So
Adam: that's great. It's great marketing, and because it fooled me. Alright, so there's that no one talks about it. First rule of reconciliations, we don't talk about reconciliation. So then we have the infrastructure bill. And I It is my belief that this is not intended to pass that they're making this big deal and all and the republicans do want this and we're coming to the table and we grew it by half a billion now it's a trillion is virtue
John: is a form of virtue signaling by the by this guy so they can run on it when they go back home. Well, I Well,
Adam: I don't think yeah. Oh, yeah. They'll run on that. But I think that it's I don't think it's going to pass I think they do. And the reason why is there's the shit that's in this bill is crazy. I mean, this is the and I think it's in there purposely, do you recall, right way back, when we were expecting a $1 billion, it was like $1 billion, or a couple billion dollars, that was going to be needed for nothing. And then of course, it, you know, it would be Oh, we need a lot more. And then the democrats had some bill that was, you know, trillions of dollars had all the crazy shit in there, including central bank, digital currency, it had, you know, all the woke agenda, all that stuff in there. And that was also clearly not intended to pass it was just signaling what they were doing and then the actual legislative the actual bill wound up being something completely different. I think this is the same thing, because when they put in there, we'd have more surveillance systems on the street surveillance systems in your car. By the way, your no agenda show has been talking about this for 14 years. When we first started talking about the odb s interface and and and all the spying that was that started to crop up in the new cars before 2010. Yeah, I
John: had this thesis that they even when you get your car smog, eventually it'll be smogged and then ticketed.
Adam: And what did we say when back in the day we said, Oh, you watch your insurance will depend on it. Well, we're already there. Except now it's just I just have the app in the car, which is perfectly fine. Another way to track to me that they've talked about breathalyzers in cars so this is all crazy shit a breathalyzer
John: in the car is a bit much Oh, diminishing the bail. You're right. And the and I was watching a Commonwealth club thing. They're just recent with some debts that was the head of it. Dead talking to these other all these experts on transportation in California. And they basically want to put this tracking devices in the car so you can charge you because with electric cars taking over in California, supposedly by 2050 or whatever it is, they they can't get gas taxes anymore. This is a big problem with somebody even wrote in I think one of our I think Beth Foley wrote in mentioning about the what I'm going to do, we didn't have to taxes you know, you billions and billions of dollars in gas taxes, gasoline taxes are going to be lost. So they have a use tax they want to do and they're gonna
Adam: they've been wanting to do it forever. They were
John: wanting to do it. And the way they want to do it, it seems to me is with all the
Adam: electric charging stations, they'll know exactly where you are. You're charged up
John: no Wi Fi as you drive by. Yeah, 5g this, yeah, 5g got your car all geared up for this. You drive buying it in a state and it's just a random station says, Oh, this guy he apparently last week you went too fast in it. He was in a 65 mile an hour zone and he went to 70. We're giving him a ticket. And we have to stop your car automatically should
Adam: under the one and then there's that these it's called the strengthening mobility and revolutionising transportation initiative. states and urban planners. Now this is only for testing, testing. Yet today, testing how data gathering devices and new vehicles can improve transportation efficiency and safety. The bill sponsors are this is your self driving corridor that you picked up on the other day.
John: Yes, perfect.
Adam: That's what this is. That's why they're talking about
John: our boot boot mini being tested checked out every week. Just
Adam: everyone gets the same ugly ass General Motors bumper car. It's You know, it's basically just a box and it has rubber on the sides and your screw Ilan Musk, you just drive on to the self driving tunnel the path and just like in in an amusement park. just bump against the sides as you go to work. I'm telling you that what a great solution Elan Musk is stupid. He should take that door. I
John: still think Ilan Musk is behind a lot of this.
Adam: You know he's he's now threatening to bore a tunnel from the airport to downtown Austin.
John: Well, you know, Texas is interesting in that regard. You know, we Texas has got a chalk base and most of the state that is very easy to drill tunnels into.
Adam: Yeah, I know. Everyone's calling a wimp to go find something hard to do.
John: They had the Super Collider in Texas, if you recall. The Super Collider. I didn't Was it a massive underground tunnel
Adam: was big. It was bigger than CERN. Where was it? Where was the Super Collider
John: is around rocket Texas. If you go nowhere rocket is in this huge tunnel. And it was being built by it was it was I actually visited it.
Adam: And well, they never built it. Apparently.
John: No, they built most of it. And it was the way they were do going as fast as they could and I was told by walk Sachi
Adam: walks, Texas.
John: Yeah, I have a hat a supercollider hat they gave me which I should auction so they had that ring just like they have for CERN. And in my big giant ringers under Texas, it was gonna produce a massive amount of jobs and everything else. And he was put down there by are started by bush Texan. And he knew about the subsoil there that was just as chalky, just like, easy to drill. So they could drill this big giant round hole or edge circular hole. And as soon as Clinton got an office, and I was told this, you know, before it I think I visited there. Well, Bush was still President, I was told that they were drilling as fast as they can. Because once you get you can't you know, once you're over half pregnant, they can't stop the funding. They were fearful that if bush got out, and it was bush one, Bush got out, they they would never be able to. They never would get any good. He was right. He was correct. And just just continued the whole thing.
Adam: Wow, this is very interesting. I never knew it was the superconducting supercollider.
John: Yeah, it was a dynamite project. Well, the race was there, but it's dead
Adam: was it's obvious what to see. So the Large Hadron Collider in cern is really the one that took over. But the reason why they couldn't do this in Texas, I mean, or just in general, it was too early. Is the Stargate was supposed to be opened by Obama, not by bush. I can't have that, too. Anyway. So what what all What? And here's I think I'm not we can take this clue either way. So what we know about the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill, is that Joe Biden said early on, yeah, we have to have both. I'm not going to pass just one. Nancy Pelosi reiterated, no, no, we're gonna have to pass it all. So I think that one of the two is going to have to fail to get a pass to get to get a bill passed. Yeah,
John: you're probably right. And if I know if I know a politician so much, yes. Wanted to pass either. Because if
Adam: I find no politicians, they will all no matter what it is the go for the three and a half trillion dollars over one and a half trillion, but they can't pass the same time. And and I just had, and when I heard this, I'm like, Okay, this either solidifies it or could solidify the exact opposite, depending how you look at it. But again, three and a half trillion versus one and a half trillion. Here's Nancy.
Unknown: No, I said very clearly, this is Bill back better. The President has said he has a vision. And we share that vision. And it's about building back better. So whatever you can achieve in a bipartisan way, bravo. We salute it, we applaud it, we hope that it will pass soon. But at the same time, we're not going forward with leaving people behind. And that's why the human the physical infrastructure of our country, gets a D from the DEA in some places a C minus and others for from the American associates, society, civil engineers, so we have to, it's, it's a safety issue, as well as an economic issue to create jobs. But we cannot be in the past. We have to go into the future. If you build back better to build not only the physical infrastructure, but the personal infrastructure, so that you build back better with Women you have childcare you have an N men dads need the childcare too. But overwhelmingly women more in the workplace with home health care workers respected so that people can leave home because their family member whether person with a disability child or older person is cared for, whether it's early universal pre K, which I love, which is which is family and medical leave
Adam: universal pre K, which I love. Okay, so this woman is now insane. I believe by the way, I think that's a wig she's wearing.
John: I'm sorry, guys. Oh, yeah, of course it is. Can you imagine what her hair looks like?
Adam: But it was her hair had slipped back on her head. So you saw this like, little bit of flashy hair like that. And then it was almost bald behind it and then her hair started.
John: Yeah, she's bald.
Adam: Bald Nancy that's what the bald bald Nancy alright gotta keep track of this bald Nancy. Now the way I understood it. She the infrastructure bill is just yeah, that's important. But what's really important is build back better and to me it sounded like the three and a half trillion dollar bill. Is the bill back better bill not the infrastructure bill.
John: I'm sure it is but it's not going to go anywhere. I want a patch back better. We get this potholes. We don't need to build back better. We need to patch back
Adam: No, no, they need a complete campaign from the curry devorah Consulting Group which coincidentally comes with its own jingle package for a better life behind your back.
John: For someone else
Adam: that thing would be in the pocket, man. Roll that stuff out. roll that out on Radio Podcast everywhere.
John: Yeah, well,
Adam: people will be all in all into it all into it.
John: We'd be cooked we'd be we'd be the cat's ass.
Adam: cat's ass.
John: That's an old phrase. I'm sorry used it. So let's go or at least play a little bit of uomo so we can keep up with him.
Adam: Yes, yes. This is Yeah, to clearly killing who Caitlin grannies and smacking Fannie's.
John: You said earlier
Adam: Yeah, that was my opening of the show. Yes.
John: COVID to let's go with the COVID. Dave Did you finish up with COVID and a DRS is right to Cuomo and now you play the Cuomo clip
Adam: COVID to Cuomo. Okay.
Unknown: The New York Times reports the Food and Drug Administration is moving towards fully approving the Pfizer biotech vaccine by September. Meanwhile, former president brock obama has announced plans to significantly scaled down his 60th birthday bash this weekend at the family's $12 million state in Martha's Vineyard due to the spread of the Delta variant. President Biden and the entire Democratic Congressional delegation of New York is calling on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after an independent investigation concluded Cuomo had violated state and federal law by sexually harassing 11 women, including nine current or former government employees. On Tuesday, New York State Attorney General Letitia James released her 165 page report after conducting a five month probe. The independent investigation found that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, many of whom were young women by engaging in unwanted groping, kisses, hugging and by making inappropriate comments. On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo defended himself against the allegations and rejected calls to resign. Members of the New York State Assembly are now moving ahead with plans to draft articles of impeachment. The governor of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island also issued a joint statement calling for Cuomo to resign.
John: Wow,
Adam: he's not going No, I don't think he's dug his heels in.
John: Yeah, this
Adam: is great. Now does he? Does he have power?
John: Actually, once the impeachment process begins? The the state the attorney general I think no not to turn to the other one they did. Lieutenant lieutenant governor. Lieutenant wants to impeachment begins
Adam: tasties
John: already immediately takes over.
Adam: Right But does he Yes. Okay. But does he use But does he have the juice does he have the way the back room juice?
John: It's I mean, he thinks he does. So we'll find out but let's here's the current the latest. This is from NPR. The Cuomo report. They're going after him for criminal.
Unknown: The Albany County Sheriff is promising a comprehensive investigation into whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo committed a crime Sheriff Craig Apple says his office received a complaint this week against the governor. That was sexual in nature.
John: Right now. I would say that our investigation is involving criminal conduct. I believe that the attorney general was given their investigative powers were steered more towards civil investigation. Our investigation is more towards a criminal investigation. The New York Attorney General's Office has released a report detailing several allegations of sexual misconduct. Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing.
Adam: Man, I really want him out.
John: Yeah, something's up. And so it also Chris Cuomo, his brother.
Adam: Yeah, he went on a long planned vacation.
John: Well, Fredo was caught writing press releases, with the with the team, the team emergency response and an old story. I
Adam: thought we knew that like, no, no. Maybe it's the same.
John: I plant. It may be it may be an old story, but they it's been cropping up a lot more that says Chrome has been in, you know, in this in the mess that he's in. Right. And so Chris is supposed is a conflict of interest in every way for him as a journalist be writing press releases that he would be the one reading but he doesn't report it on his brother at all on his own show. And he's done. I hope
Adam: No, he's not done. Oh, no.
John: They gotta get Zucker out of there.
Adam: Not gonna happen.
John: CNN is it is a business is a tainted operation. It is in the in the crapper.
Adam: Yeah, it's still it's still a tremendous asset for at&t.
John: They don't own CNN. I thought it is owned by Time Warner.
Adam: Right. So Time Warner owns CNN.
John: Yeah, right. But I thought at&t First he owns msnbc.
Adam: No,
John: that's You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. msnbc is owned by Comcast. Yeah,
Adam: no, I'm talking to you. I
John: get I get them. I get them mixed up with at&t. I'm sorry. I
Adam: think that's that's what I think Zucker I think in a weird way he's looking for the at&t spot. There's there's there's always
John: not that good. He's in Cabo. Okay.
Adam: Remember we talked earlier about CEOs the guys running the show? They really aren't always that good. Typically stupid.
John: Yeah, well, that's becoming the unfortunately the case. It should be. By donation to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do with us Oh Yeah, that'd be fine.
Sorry about that didn't didn't match. Okay, we feel fresher. Thank ya. We're gonna go with starting with Steven Draper 160 16 is someplace in the army. Double boob donation for a smokin hot wife Sarah 3030 or 33rd birthday on August 8. A lot of people are 33 the magic number tjr 133 dot 33 Parts Unknown and this got a call out we got to mention Happy Birthday to her mom again August 9 or sons t Jr. This is two thirds of a $200 donation because I wouldn't I don't read on show blah blah blah donate. Okay. I still listen to caught j okay. J this j still listens. But he doesn't donate to call him out as a douchebag a Dalton perreault in Denver, Colorado. 11233 Sir bubblehead of Arkansas in Lafayette or Fayetteville? Sorry, Arkansas. $100 and
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John: j&j
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Welcome to the roundtable.
One of the most successful programs we do absolutely nothing for the no agenda meetups. It's a fantastic part of the whole package, which was as you know, everything's produced by the producer. So are the meetups. We have a producer run no agenda meetups comm site where you can schedule them and people love telling us how the meetups were so we kick it off today. We go to read 3333 this on Boston. nogen meetup counting live from
John: Massachusetts. Maybe maybe maybe. Happy Anniversary john brennan get ready for lockdown to catch in first timer. Thank you, sir Brett Mahoney in the morning. Paul, thank you for your courage. They're terrorists by counter Greater Boston Dr. Boom I'm not the spoon. Adam and john This is serenades in the Miller foster I want to say that this is a one in 100 year event. You just got to set the New World Order. We are eternal souls in these vessels and the only thing that can ever defeat us is to be afraid so fear no death fear no evil and thank you to no agenda for making that possible.
Adam: such a blessing these meetups, just the greatest topics are discussed fear no evil Do not fear fear. Love it. Let's go to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada navia.
Unknown: Hannah madonn it Sir Richard Knight of the coworth is here in beautiful Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. We are having a lovely time with our no agenda meetup. Hey, kids Ferren, Chris of the court the Highlands and Have the rare encounter.
Adam: Hey, it's Paul from Pickering. Just want to say john, can you turn your speaker's down?
Unknown: And thanks guys appreciate everything you do.
Sir Moulton cheese here shout out to yesterday's Toronto meetup crew and the Pittsburgh Meetup group is Joe Connor is Mary I guys.
Adam: I can't remember if it was the Ontario Meetup group and someone posted a group picture I know agenda social. And like this camp, they mean these were good looking people. I wonder if that was if that was the one. We do have one more report. This is the local 76 their Cherry Street pier meetup.
Unknown: What's shakin, Gitmo nation? This is Shawn here in Philly on the Delaware River Cherry Street pier with the gang having a great time successful meetup. Everybody's happy the weather's killer. Hey, this is Dorian pronouns.
He him might remember me for my website
during this this is Jason reporting from Delaware River and
John: a no agenda nation. Hi guys. This is future Lady of the Philadelphia Badlands.
Unknown: Bye.
John: Hey guys, Mike from Mount Laurel.
Unknown: I don't mind a brother with Tourette syndrome. So I understand what you deal with sometimes. Josh mouth and Maryland john, can you stop clicking your pan? Mommy papa.
So how's karma works? So anyone that's curious about it should definitely give it a shot. Hey, mommy mama here checking in.
John: Hey, it's Jeremy from Chester County. Keep doing your thing, guys. Hey, john and Adam. love your show. This is Cheryl. Hey, this is Marissa the proud mama of a dude named Ben. Hey, this is Steven from Phoenixville. And john turn your speaker sound
Adam: how these reports are so interesting. That's that sounds out of phase to me. That was really God. I love it though. The production you guys are learning doing very good. Good producers. Great meetups. Today there's a couple of meetups one is the spot the spook meetup in Arlington, Virginia. That's definitely where you want to be on the lookout for the spook. That's
John: real spooky.
Adam: That's Dudley sports
John: non spooky.
Adam: Exactly find the normie. Dudley sport and Al Sir William of West pennsyltucky will be helping you spot the spooks. Nashville. The pitstop meet up 1230. So that's already well underway the southern grease Brewing Company. On Monday the bass bowling at the boardwalk bowl in Santa Cruz California kicks off at six o'clock and boardwalk bowl. On Wednesday the Orlando road trip meet up the beat the hourglass brewing on curry Ford road. And Thursday the next show de dog days of Denver, Denver dissonant meetup 630 Mountain Time at the city park Denver Museum of Nature and Science coming up in the month of August the 13th Chicago, 14 Stuttgart Germany, sunset Valley, Texas that's the 512 meetup. I hope to be at that one or the next one. Edmonton area on the 18th Redlands California the 19th Charlotte, North Carolina, the 21st Rhode Island Charlotte Charleston, South Carolina San Paolo, Brazil Punta Gorda, Florida, New Braunfels, Texas that's going to be a good one. Adelaide, South Australia, Oregon local 23 the Philly area on August 28, Long Beach Nelson bc Portland Oregon, the 29th another lowlands meetup in in the Netherlands, and on the 30th Knoxville, Tennessee. It is pandemonium with the meetups. This is so good I'm so happy that people are doing that. Go to no agenda meetups calm if you can't find one near you then just start one yourself. It's easy no agenda meetups calm. They are like a party. Sometimes you want to go hang
John: out with all the knights and
Unknown: you wouldn't be where you won't be triggered.
John: You wouldn't be where everybody feels like Well, do you hate me? Amy will be producing the no agenda Healdsburg meetup eventually you'll get it.
Adam: Oh, the meetup report. Yeah, we need to read our report.
John: Yeah, it was a good meetup. I have to say there was another good looking group of people. And Sarah and her baby. One and a half year olds violet. who seems to be a show fan good ones Rhonda has is the one I call the trap baby a sucker babies.
Adam: The trap babies with explain trap baby again.
John: That's a baby that is so sweet, pleasant, pretty amenable, dress properly. Everything you use as a woman to trick other women into having babies wrapped. If you aren't going to be like this baby I've run into to trap babies at meetups. There's this this violence the best she's one and a half she speaks clearly she's got a nice enunciation to loves the Shona I guess wanders around the house singing jingles when the show is on adorbs it's just totally adorable. And she's pretty, and she's a cute little one and a half. She's gonna be too soon, maybe in a month. And there was another one that was at one of the other meetups I went to there's another baby, that was just the same ridiculous and you look at babies is like good luck. Good. Having good luck having one like that never happens. It's also sometimes it tricks the family itself. Just a lot of stories about oh, this baby's Great. Let's have more. And then they get right
Adam: when you get a terrorist, which most babies are around to bad seed. Oh my goodness, my parents used to call me that. You were Oh, no. If you did something, it was
John: more than makes sense. It's from a movie, you know?
Adam: Well, hold on. I want to hear it. It was more in the context of Oh, that mark red Merkin. Yeah, he's a bad seed. So what movie does it come from?
John: There's a movie and I popularized the term which I think was floating around just in general but it's called the bad seed. And it's a terrific film is about this little girl who's sweet as can be little blonde girls the sweetest can be and she liked it always trying to burn the house down and yeah, the parents and she ends up killing everybody.
Adam: Oh my goodness, I got it.
John: And then at the end somebody takes her in because she's now an old poor orphan and she's just so sad about being an orphan. She feel so bad about it. And she takes a you know, she's taken in by another family and she gives that I think at the end if she didn't she should or she gets a look to the camera like more victims. Know? Yeah, it's a great film if you want to get it nice. 1956 Yeah, it's all movie all black and wife. Yeah.
Adam: Okay, anyway, I'll put it in the show notes. I might watch that. Like it winds up killing everybody. Yes, bad seed. All right. I only have one ISO I don't even remember what it is. But I'll play my my candidates. Come on. That's dropped the mic moment. Oh.
John: Yeah. Nice. You I like it. That's gonna probably beat mine, which is no relaxation.
Adam: Really? Really? Wow. I didn't expect that. Let's see a vaccination of the unvaccinated what the hell did the President just say? A vaccination of the unvaccinated? Did he seriously say that a vaccination of the unvaccinated? That would have been a funny clip to play. It's not a great Do you
John: have the full clip? I have the whole clip. This is the Biden WTF backson vaccine clip but he makes about three mistakes uses that phrase vaccination which is a show show title there was Yeah. I'm not write it down because it just is the worst. I mean, I wanted to finish the show with it. I mean, there's a couple of things I wouldn't mind doing another clip or two before it gets Biden clip. I'm just letting you know
Adam: that we're gonna finish and you know what you're gonna say?
John: Yeah, shows too long. Yeah. All right. Well, let's just play I just want to keep us up with the eviction update is
Adam: Oh, yes. Thank you for doing that. The eviction
John: do that. And we'll go to Biden okay.
Adam: eviction update. Here we go
Unknown: by the administration's issued a new two month moratorium on evictions covering much of the country. After facing intense pressure from progressive lawmakers led by Congress member Cory bush. The new CDC moratorium will cover areas of the United States where there's substantial or high spread of the Coronavirus and nationwide moratorium on evictions expired Saturday after Democratic lawmakers failed to pass a bill to protect millions of people who could be forced from their homes. On Friday night democratic congress member Cory Bush, who was once unhoused herself, camping out on the steps of the Capitol and protest. She stayed on the steps until Tuesday's announcement. In a tweet, Bush wrote on Friday night, I came to the Capitol with my chair. I refuse to accept that Congress could leave for vacation while 11 million people faced eviction. for five days. We've been out here demanding that our government acts to save lives. Today our movement moved mountains. She said during an interview on CNN bush responded to the temporary moratorium extension.
I'm elated and I'm overwhelmed. You know, because just the thought that so many people right now millions of people, you know, will not be forced out on the streets.
Meanwhile, demmick Credit Congress member rasheeda to leave is calling on House Democrats to return recent contributions from real estate tycoon George Marcus, who recently donated $1 million to the House Majority Pac just weeks before Democratic lawmakers failed to extend the eviction moratorium
John: is they get returned?
Adam: Well, I have a little update on that first, multiple producers sent in some good information that the ruling the Supreme Court made was a procedural caveat. They did not rule on the constitutionality of the mandate from the CDC. They just denied the landlord's request for emergency relief and to remind everybody $40 billion went to the states to be distributed to landlords, and only 2% is actually being given out. I have an update on that. Kavanaugh supreme justice Cavanaugh did give an opinion after the fact after the ruling. He said he agreed with the district court's ruling that the CDC had exceeded its authority by issuing a nationwide eviction moratorium. But he said that because the moratorium would expire in only a few weeks, he would deny the application to lift the state. So it still would have to go to Congress to have a bill created and passed for this. So what has happened this extension of 60 days is still wrong. But let's go to the to the base into the root cause as the vice president would say, Why is this not getting from the states to the landlords, and we have a dude named Ben with a boots on the ground from Georgia says consider how one thing leads to another and he works on the call systems for the state. You can't administer assistance without a call center. You can't run a call center when that bracket of workers is being paid to stay home and you can't build a call center without chips and wait for it ask john That's right.
hard drives. But seriously, in a state where the counties get funds to distribute I am watching this in real time in it division where the pandemic pushed many top members to quit or take new and higher pay plus a lack of goods to build an outfit a call center just recently getting staff to show up for jobs to take calls. The lines are long, the boards are overloading and stuff is broke. JOHN they did not have anything ready for this money. And the states are nincompoop new thing seriously, does every everything have to have a whole new division and has to all all new stuff has to be set up or they're just borrowing broken crap from some other division. This is this is a local issue. Everyone's focusing on the on the washington dc politicians but this is local and something it's in shambles. shambles and I guess it's everywhere. Florida check Florida also only 2% one more cap. Sorry.
John: Yeah, no, it's just obvious there's they're incompetent.
Adam: Yeah, it's like Occam's razor. You know, I'm looking for all these cronyism. Now, they just stupidly incompetent. But Cory Bush, and if you haven't heard this clip, it's 27 seconds of pure goodness. So she gets called out for, you know, she's part of the squad, defund the police. And she gets called out for having hired $70,000 worth of private security. And here's how she addressed it.
Unknown: I won't let them get that off. You can't get that off. I'm going to make sure I have security because I know I have had attempts on my life. And I have too much work to do. There are too many people that need help right now for me to to allow that. So if I end up spending 200,000 if I spend 10 1010 more dollars on it, you know what? I get to be here to do the work. So suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. We need to defend the police and put that money into social safety nets.
Adam: Now, how does that work?
John: What Gaul that woman has
Adam: is she has private security it
John: funded police so you don't get any protection but I'm going to just I got I'm going to spend text and by the way when she says that just taxpayers money she's not paying it out. Of course.
Adam: Now she's paying it from her reelection fund I believe, which I don't think is legal, but okay.
John: Yeah, it could be illegal.
Adam: But just the goal of it. what she's saying is I'm special. I'm doing the work I'm out here I need to be protected. I am your leader obey Shut up. You got to get real with a default horrible person. She had a horrible, horrible person.
John: Why did she get voted in? Ah, the machine?
Adam: That is a question for next time. I think we should play my biting clip before I'm so out. I'm sorry, I completely forgot. I forgot about it. Do you know much about it? Forget it. You just sit there and clip your toenails. I got a lot to do here
John: again, no. nails are clipped.
Adam: Alright, Biden, here we go. Okay, this is
John: great. I'm gonna set it up. A few minutes left,
Adam: before we hit the next top of the hour.
John: This is this is one of the classes because he makes so many errors in his assertions, plus this stupid, whatever he said vac vaccines something or other vaccines that vaccinations. Yeah, vaccination. So let's go
Unknown: vaccination effort, this new Delta variant wave of COVID-19 will be very different be able to deal with than the one that under that we under what was was underway when I took office. And yes, cases are going to go up before they come back down. It's the pandemic of the unvaccinated and now I've said that constantly and others have as well. The vaccination of the unvaccinated, you know, needless taking a needless toll on our country. You know, we have roughly 350 million people vaccinated United States and billions around the world. And no one's died because of that vaccination. Oh, my
John: goodness. Okay. 50 million vaccinated.
Adam: Yeah. 350 million Americans are vaccinated. I think I think I would wear if it was the right design. A t shirt that said vaccination of the unvaccinated I think I would wear one. Maybe it's a movie title, you know, as well. It's maybe it's a kind of like a movie promo t shirt. Coming soon to a theater near you vaccination of the unvaccinated.
John: I think vaccination of the index, they would be even better.
Adam: Is that what he said? vaccination? Yeah. The communists have one, john. It's all over. It's all over. You said vaccination, vaccination even better. Well, that's the T shirt. I would wear vaccination of the unvaccinated What is that? Oh, you don't know. We know what you are.
John: publican.
Adam: Up, Republican. Alright, that's it. We will return on Thursday. There will be plenty to do and plenty to discuss. Good job, everybody. I'm producing today's show. Thank you for your courage. And thank you for your clips. Thank you for your creativity coming to you from the heart of Texas Hill Country. Still in FEMA Region number six in the governmental maps, where we're at 95% vaccination rates in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry, and I'm
John: from Northern Silicon Valley where I don't know where I think we got 96% vaccination rate and looking forward to 97 97.5 of Jhansi Dvorak
Adam: coming up after the no agenda show on the stream we've got the double o top 10 sir Rhino the bearded end of show mixes sir Chris Wilson, who is back, Tom starkweather. And Rolando Gonzales will talk to you on Thursday until then, adios mofos and such
Unknown: Whoa, yes. On the base. That I troll. Much too much. Surely going. Whoa, yes. shitposting I'm playing the game. Trigger. to shame. You can block you crazy.
Adam: To real, what I feel what the truth conference? Yes, on the base. Society breaks down.
Unknown: I mean, what I see so easily surrounded by them
Adam: and I live in a world full of clouds This is so important these mass, you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations This is insane. So people who are vaccinated you can still get COVID we should expect 10s of 1000s perhaps of breakthrough infections this year okay, getting these third booster shots, our vaccines are working exceptionally well. Their Boogeyman is on vaccinated people. So they're doing this Donald tells us that we stick it on not taking distributions should never ever be considerations this
Unknown: Well, I guess I'm not surprised that Biden doesn't remember me. I guess the question is, is what
else has he forgotten this session can trust the
Adam: will number where you can trust the scientists? Well, I think that's gonna be an issue for all of us. This
Unknown: likes to go through all the testing needs to be and and trials that are needing to be done. All of us who got two shots, so we might need after five or six months, a third shot
John: this is brain,
Unknown: we are just beginning to surge to this point seven is surgery is going to happen is not unusual bill is going to happen. It's going to help at least get out of the way.
Adam: No mass, mass mass double massive
Unknown: speed up the need for boosters. Eventually, you're going to see the confection breakthrough in more cases in those individuals who start
causing symptomatic illness. At the outset, am I crazy? We need to get more vaccine now.
And that's the key message right now. Florida in Texas lead the nation in new cases,
denying that there's not going to help us we're walking into the mouth of this virus monster as if somehow we don't know its cure. We are just beginning this.
We're seeing 60% of the people who are infected right now are vaccinated, vaccinated individuals.
Adam: We got to get more vaccine out to more people. We are seeing diminished protection especially for people who have been vaccinated on your mass because I can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in my community we are just beginning mocking Masson unfortunately so many people were falling into it. You know, we are just the youngest
mopho John
Unknown: slash and a
Come on. Let's drop the mic moment.
0:00 0:00