Cover for No Agenda Show 1371: Bald Nancy
August 8th, 2021 • 3h 43m

1371: Bald Nancy


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Mass Hysteria
Menticide Definition & Meaning |
Parallel Structures
Pavel explained ridicule is a powerful weapon
Multi prong approach is needed
Mind control friend's father nurse unvaxxed
4Chan Op with some truth
How Government Coercion works
You started Thursday’s show talking about what scaring people into submission is going to look like this time. Well, here is an example of how they’re going to do it. Coercion. They know people will ignore any state and/or local lockdowns, so they’ll leave it up to the Federal government to mandate their rotten agenda. They will control by coercing private businesses by threatening to pull licensing, funding, and screaming about how they took PPP money. Of which, there was no stipulation to follow any covid guideline bullshit going forward. I personally did the paperwork and I know.
A little background on USDA inspection in meat plants or slaughterhouses. For a product to bear the mark of federal inspection it must be processed in a facility that is USDA inspected. The mark of inspection is the little round circle (aka ‘bug’) with the phrase ‘U.S. inspected and passed by department of agriculture’ and an establishment number you find on packaging.
To be awarded a Federal Grant of Inspection, the USDA requires a validated and verified HACCP program that covers all processes, along with supporting programs (sanitation, recall policy, listeria sampling, etc.). We obtained our full grant of inspection in July 2017 and are considered a very small processor with 9 team members. Prior to that, our business was state inspected. The difference between the two types is that when a plant is federally inspected, they can wholesale their products interstate; whereas a plant that is state inspected can only wholesale inside of the respective state. Regardless of a plant’s status, there is an inspector in charge that is assigned to each facility, and they are present Monday-Friday, at some point, during allotted inspection hours. If slaughter is involved, an inspector is always on the kill floor throughout the process.
According to the CDC, we are in a ‘substantial’ community COVID-19 transmission area and it is being communicated to the powers that be that we have told our inspector in charge, ‘no thank you’ to us wearing masks in our facility. When our state mask mandate ended, our team decided that it was to be left to the discretion of the individual whether they want to mask.
We don’t know what the ramifications will be if we refuse to wear masks in the presence of our inspector and as you will read, they have no plan in place for non-compliance. If it is determined that it is not safe for our inspector to be in a facility where we are not wearing masks, we will not be able to produce our product with the mark of federal inspection. I’m reminded of the final sentence of the quote by Pastor Martin Niemöller, ‘Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.’
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your time. Love is lit and thank you for your courage, gentlemen.
Pfizer Marketing
CDC Director’s husband scored $5 million in HHS grants
Syndicated radio talk show host Howie Carr told Red State that Walensky’s husband Loren Walensky has managed to enrich himself as scientific co-founder and member of the Board of Directors at a company called Lytica Therapeutics, described as “an early-stage biotechnology company working on an innovative platform for developing next-generation antimicrobials.”
That became very lucrative for the Walenskys, who became affiliated with the company in October 2019. Only four months later, the company managed to receive a grant in the amount of $16.9 million from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in order to “develop antibacterial peptides with broad activity against multidrug-resistant bacteria.”
Information shows that only $5.3 million of that money was initially disbursed to the company, while the remaining $11.6 million is to be disbursed upon the achievement of “certain development milestones.”
UK to use TikTok influencers to urge teens to get jab
Downing Street will enlist TikTok stars to push teens to get vaccinated, even as critics note that the committee behind the decision to expand the inoculation drive has admitted it had sparse evidence for doing so.
The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced on Thursday that the first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine will be offered to all 16- and 17-year-olds without needing the consent of their parents, reversing its own recommendation from just two weeks ago.
The independent panel of experts, which advises the UK government on immunisation, had earlier said that the jab should not be given to minors unless they were over 12 and suffered from medical conditions that would make them vulnerable to Covid-19, or lived with someone deemed high-risk. JCVI said it will issue a recommendation about when the second dose should be administered at a later date.
The NHS is now gearing up to give the shot to about 1.4 million children. To help with the effort, the government plans to assemble an army of Instagram and TikTok stars, as well as a fleet of ‘vaccine buses’ to drum up enthusiasm for the jab and make it easy for teens to get, iNews reported.
DNA companies not advertising since da rona
4Chan Op with some truth
Criminal Country of the Netherlands now in LEGAL drugs
Freedom Passports
Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne was clear:
employees suspended because without a health pass will not be entitled to unemployment benefits
Australian Covid Camps
Mercola purged from
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Freedom Pass vs Voter ID
Voter ID hasn’t been a recent topic, but it’s interesting that states are willing togo to the
creepy extent of collecting biometric data on people to get necessary government services, but to
ask a voter to present an ID is racist.
Alternative - home test with internet verification coming!
Guy K interview last vaxx question
The only immunity the vaxx provides is for the manufacturers
Far Right MAGAs are Finding Themselves Doxxed and Unemployable, Making Their Lives Difficult
1 out of 5 emails is about mandates
Hey Adam
Well here in LA covid mandates are at the front gate. In fact we got a memo about how mandates are on its way, non vaxxed need to test twice a week, but wear a mask no matter what because vaxxed or not you can get and spread cv.
I talked to my manager and told him how it doesn’t make sense only the unvaxxed need to get tested if everyone can get it. He plainly said it’s about making unvaxxed life annoying
Obama 60th Michelle gender reveal
A friend of mine got some grim news today.
The hospital systems in Lexington,KY (both University of KY and Baptiste Health) are requiring all employees and contractors to get a vaccine in 6 weeks or lose their job. they have also said that religious exemptions are not a valid excuse and will not be accepted.
They're mandating this because the systems have reached 75% vaccination among all employees. It's my belief that once they get 75% of the entire population of the US, we'll all be forced to get it, or not be able to work.
This is the first time I've been legitimately scared through all this pandemic. I'm 28 and want to have kids.... I'm also a contractor for the military. Just praying that the rest of the country holds the line. My friend is not sure what he's going to do...
All the best,
If your employer fires you because you won’t get the COVID vaccine, don’t expect to collect unemployment - MarketWatch
“This often means that they are let go due to a lack of work,” said Alana Ackels, a labor and employment lawyer at Bell Nunnally, a Dallas-based law firm.
“Typically, an employee who is terminated for failing to comply with company policies is not eligible for unemployment benefits, which would include refusing to comply with a company’s COVID-19 prevention policies, masking requirements or vaccine requirements,” Ackels told MarketWatch.
But an employee who has proof of a medical exemption or religious objection to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine may still be eligible to collect unemployment benefits if fired, said Rebecca Dixon, executive director at the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit that advocates for worker’s rights.
Otherwise, refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine, if your employer requires one, “is akin to an employee’s refusal to submit to permissible drug tests or participate in safety trainings,” said Ronald Zambrano, employment law chair at West Coast Trial Lawyers, a Los Angeles–based law firm. That is, such an employee, when terminated, would not qualify for unemployment benefits, Zambrano said.
Apple scanning emails for pr0n
Have you heard about this scheme of Apples. Strictly for child protection (they say), for now.
Though it doesn't seem to protect the children, anywhere in the world, that are being sexually
exploited, in real time. Just going after anyone who happens to come across a photo of a sexually
abused child. Whether they were looking for that, or not.
Here's the more complicated explanation by Ars Technica. Which forgets to mention that the NCMEC
comes to kick down doors, after Apple finks on its customers.
I hope you could understand that, better than I could. A lot of technical word soup, to me.
Nothing is said about the age limit, that NCMEC decides on. Or any sexual lifestyle exceptions. Are
gay adults and children exempt, I wonder? Are the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, and rich Democrats,
And if Apple can use this system to hide a hash list database of sexual explicit photos, on users'
devices. Why couldn't Apple also hide some of the actual photos, on there, too? To finger anyone
they don't like, politically. Just burn anyone, for any reason, whenever it suits them. And the
NCMEC and left wing press will do the rest.
John Hopkins Univ. confirms my suspicions.
The public will never suspect (nor would the M5M allow them to), that anyone accused of having
child abuse photos, was falsely set up. And I don't buy the idea that hashes can never coincide for
more than one photo. There's just no way they can prove it can't happen. Nor prove, how seldom it
can happen. And I don't buy that they can hash photos, so no alterations or flips, don't change the
hash value.
It sounds like comparing partial fingerprints, to full print records. And saying they never accuse
the wrong person, of a crime, from just 50% (or less) of their fingerprints. But this has actually
happened. Some people can have almost the same fingerprints, living thousands of miles apart.
And if Apple can hide a hash list of the CSAM images. What's to stop the Feds from hiding a hash
list of sensitive documents, they're looking out for, on such devices? No more whistle blowers.
I wonder when Microsoft will decide to build this into another version of Windows? At some point,
the police might just come to arrest all the OTG people, running Linux. Because they're obviously
hiding child porn. Right?
The centralized email racket is getting worse
Linux Mint Studio progress
Arab Spring
Podcasting 2.0
Why does Glenn Greenwald have to build a network
Supply Chains
Spirit Airlines Meltdown BOTG
Still a couple of shows behind, but here's what is going on with Spirit as to why they are cancelling when there is no apparent weather event. This is too long for the show, but I thought you would be interested.
This is the worst operational collapse I've ever seen, and is probably the worst ever in terms of the % of flights cancelled. American's problems are a much much much smaller % of the airline. Spirit has cancelled over 50% virtually every day since Monday and today will be close as well. Normally it is well under 1%.
The FAA limits pilots to 100 flight hours per month, but 1000 per year. Crew scheduling is done on a monthly basis as a result, but not the exact calendar month. Crews bid their flights, called Lines, while junior crews don't bid lines (They are called Reserves) and are assigned flights. Less desirable lines (lots of wasted time in places crews don't want to be) don't get picked up by senior crew and go into "Open Time". Reserves are used both for Open Time and to cover operational disruptions. Because July is the most peak month of the entire year for travel it is very hard to staff because the airline flies as many flights as possible in the best month for selling it is very hard to hire pilots now because there has been an ongoing shortage as a result of a shortsited govt policy that changed after Colgan Airlines crashed in 2007. Finally the airlines are disincentivized from hiring extra pilots they won't need for a while after peak passes because with COVID who knows what is coming next.
In a normal month a pilot flies 70-80 hours, but in July it always gets very close to the legal 100 hour cap. Middle July had an unusually high number of operational delays from weather and airport staff shortages, and Spirit drained their reserves which were already bare bones because of the issues above. When it got toward the end of the crew month (which was around Aug 4) not only did they not have any crews to cover operational problems, they didn't have crews to cover Open Time and started cancelling en masse. There were also very few senior crews able to accept overtime because they were already close to 100 hours, plus it's Summer and overtime is optional so nobody wants to work more.
The cancellations became so heavy that new problems started to develop. A lot of crew "dead-head" which means they commute to the crew base because they live in another city, or are simply scheduled as a deadhead for operational reasons. When you cancel 50% of your flights your own crew can't get to their own flight and it starts a cascade effect. At this point the software systems run on the cheap to support a low cost airline couldn't handle the pressure and also went offline. The crew scheduling system requires 45 minutes to reboot and continually crashed due to being overloaded, as did the airline's website.
Finally, the airline announced pre-COVID that it would move its System Operations Control (SOC) from Ft. Lauderdale to Nashville, SOC runs the airline on a day to day basis. It is like a trading floor with monitors showing airplane locations and delays, plus available reserve resources like crew and such, as well as handling passengers getting arrested, etc. The different groups (crew, station ops, maintenance, etc) yell out typically at each other to grab a resource to fix a problem. The move to Nashville was needed to deal with the growth of the airline and past evacuations of their SOC for hurricanes. During COVID they elected instead of moving to the new SOC, to a) have people work from home remotely, b) not move the SOC to Nashville, and c) open a second smaller SOC facility in Orlando with the facility split between locations. This proved to be disastrous as it was fine during COVID when planes were empty and pressure was low, but this Summer when things were bursting at the seams it became totally dysfunctional. Additionally, a lot of key people left either because of the upcoming move or the aborted move. The cancellations that continue to take place since the crew month ended earlier in the week are largely a result of the failure of a Zoom call-esque work environment in a teamwork driven area that can't function like that, but it is a stew filled with ingredients.
Berkshire Hathaway’s operating earnings jump 21% as recovering economy boosts railroad, energy units
Berkshire Hathaway’s operating income continued to rebound as its myriad of businesses from energy to railroads benefited from the economic reopening.
The conglomerate reported operating earnings of $6.69 billion in the second quarter, up 21% from $5.51 billion in the same period a year ago, according to its earnings report released on Saturday.
Overall earnings, which reflect Berkshire’s fluctuating equity investments, increased 6.8% year over year to $28 billion in the second quarter.
More than covid
North Texas pediatricians being overwhelmed with sick children
"We're seeing increase winter levels of RSV, significant outbreak of hand foot and mouth virus, rhinovirus and even some summer flu," he said.
And all of this is happening before school starts.
"Quite the perfect storm, in my opinion," the doctor said.
Build Back Better
Infrastructure Bill Would Invest $500 Million in “Smart City” Surveillance Tech
BURIED IN THE Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill is a grant program that would distribute $500 million to cities to experiment with sensors, autonomous vehicles, drones, and other technologies intended to improve urban living standards.
Under the $1.2 trillion Senate infrastructure bill’s “Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation” initiative, state and urban planners would test how data-gathering devices and new vehicles can improve “transportation efficiency and safety.” The bill’s sponsors are especially interested in reducing traffic, enhancing access to jobs and health care, lowering pollution, and incentivizing private sector investments by working with communication service providers.
But some are worried these technologies will only enable more government surveillance.
Eviction Moratorium
BOTG Renter / Landlord assistance
From Georgia. Consider how one thing leads to another. You can't administer assistance without a call center. You can't run a call center when that bracket of workers is being paid to stay at home. And you can't build a call center without chips and, wait for it ... ask John. That's right, hard drives. But seriously in a state where the counties get the funds to distribute i am watching this in action. An IT division where the pandemic pushed many top members to quit or take new and higher pay, plus a lack of goods to build outfit a call center, and just recently getting staff to show up for jobs to take calls. The lines are long. The boards are over loaded and stuffs broke.
Eviction Moratorium ruling explained
I believe this covers, with links to rulings to from previous rulings, the events and rulings around the moratorium.
Ultimately its a procedural caveat. The court didn't rule on the constitutionality of the mandate from the CDC. It simply denied the landlord's request for emergency relief.
Kavanaugh did give an opinion after the fact:
He said he agreed with the Friedrich's district court's ruling that the CDC had exceeded its authority by issuing a nationwide eviction moratorium. But he said that because the moratorium would expire in "only a few weeks" he would deny the application to lift the stay.
"In my view," he added, "clear and specific congressional authorization (via new legislation) would be necessary for the CDC to extend the moratorium past July 31."
So it requires the court to be petitioned for a ruling on the mandate.
Dogs are People Too
Peek Into Fauci's Closet Reveals Horrific Experiments on Beagles, Tests Left Dogs in Obvious Pain
The agency used $424,455 in taxpayer dollars to support University of Georgia researchers who performed experimental drug tests on 28 beagles after infecting them with parasites, according to the Daily Caller.
Documents obtained by the White Coat Waste Project showed that some of the dogs “vocalized in pain” upon being injected with an experimental vaccine.
The beagles were reportedly set to be euthanized in June, but it is unclear whether that happened.
Newsweek reported that the experiments were related to a disease called lymphatic filariasis and that the vaccine in question had already been tested on other animals.
Pharmacies and Ivermectin
Just sharing our experience with C19 this week in Florida. Wife got it but mild case we were self treating with herbal tinctures but her doctor is one of few that will prescribe Ivermectin. Both of the major pharmacies here, CVS and Walgreens, refused to fill this script as a Covid treatment. We found a small independent pharmacy located inside the “black community” that would fill it for us. Totally disgusting that these corporations are interfering with Doctor’s ability to off-label prescribe.
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