1382: super-mutation

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 23m
September 16th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Sir Jack of the Heartland, Per Ingvarsson, Anouschka Wardy, corey harrison, Sir Dude Named Jeff, Sir Euchre, Kris Vox, Anonymous, Donny Fraser in the Fraser Valley, Sir Addison CEO of Shitposts, Sir Cal of Lavender Blossoms

Associate Executive Producers: Yuriy Filonov, Kate Marengo, David Fugazzotto, Duke of America's Heartland and the Arabian Peninsula, Gregory DiBernardo, James Storey, Phillip Jordan, Wesley Olsen, Gabriel Adams, Corey Chase, Christopher Pagels

Cover Artist: Paulie Parker


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M5M is Dying
MTV butt awards. Highly sexualized
AGA finds interesting tax credits for journalists
Mandates and Marketing
People like living by the numbers, but don't know how to interpret them
Nazis never left our country
Data emerge showing more differences between COVID vaccines
Recent data suggests that Moderna's coronavirus vaccine may maintain a higher effectiveness over time than Pfizer's.
Between the lines: Pfizer was the first vaccine authorized for use in the U.S. and began being administered several weeks before the Moderna vaccine.
"Because of the way the rollouts happened, the oldest and most vulnerable and sickest people, like nursing home residents, got Pfizer," said Cornell virologist John Moore.
That means it's possible that some of the effectiveness gap showing up in some studies is a result of Pfizer being administered earlier and in more vulnerable populations.
However, the large CDC study that found a significant difference in the vaccines' effectiveness found that Moderna's was higher across all ages.
Possible reasons for the difference include that Moderna has a much higher dosing regimen than Pfizer, and the second shot is given after a slightly longer interval.
And, while the vaccines are both made using mRNA technology, they have structural differences.
Minaj black balls tweet
"They want you to get vaccinated for the Met. if I get vaccinated it won’t for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now. In the meantime my loves, be safe. Wear the mask with 2 strings that grips your head & face. Not that loose one," she tweeted afterward.
Minaj added that her cousin's account of his friend getting vaccinated had also influenced her decision to not get inoculated.
"My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied," she tweeted.
Queensland BOTG
Just listened to your segment about covid in Australia. Thought I would give you an update, I am living in the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane, I believe there have been about 10 covid cases in total, and maybe 1 or 2 deaths, not sure as I can't find regional data.
Queensland has had a total of 7 deaths with Covid.
Queensland, has one of the most extreme reactions to covid, almost on par with New Zealand. In the south east we currently have a mask mandate for everyone over 12 who is inside public spaces, except if your eating or drinking. And the boarder is completely closed even to Queensland residents, non-queenslad residents cannot enter the state. Queensland residents can entre by plane, and need to do 14 days hotel quarantine. These current restrictions came from 4 or 5 cases, I cannot imagine what they would do if we had hundreds of cases daily.
In Australia the Federal liberal (Republican) government is fighting the states to keep them open. Queensland has a Labor government, similar to your Democrat. So Queensland has the communist government, NSW, who are deploying the military onto the streets to enforce crazy restrictions have a Liberal government. Victoria is Labor, so they are all fucked. The really crazy part is that the Qld policies are actually popular with allot of people here, not sure how bad things will need to get before people wake up and smell the horse shit.
The sunshine coast had a person with covid, in their life, wandering around going to every place you can imagine, and there were no cases as a result. There has not been a single locally acquired case in over a year but we are still required to mask up. Everyone I know is either fully vaccinated or getting vaccinated.
I believe that the fear generated by the threat of Covid without any contact with it is more potent and even more divisive.
Hope this is interesting to you
Sir Captain Morgan
Sir Jobiwan company questionnaire unvaccinated
Berenson Booster FDA Data
The FDA just released its briefing book for Pfizer’s request for a third dose of Comirnaty (or is that BNT162b2? No matter! It’s approved either way, sorta).
It is every bit the mess we all expected.
Let’s go to the highlights:
Pfizer basically hasn’t bothered to test the booster AT ALL in the people actually at risk - it conducted a single “Phase 1” trial that covered 12 people over 65. The main Phase 2/3 booster trial (beware efforts to cover multiple “phases” of drug research at once, you want it bad you get it bad) included no one over 55.
No one.
As in NONE.
Which makes total sense - why test the booster in people who actually need it because they’re at high risk from the ro? Nothing good can come of that.
So that’s our trial design.
Now safety:
Of the 300 people who received the booster, one had a heart attack two months later. No worries, Pfizer concluded it wasn’t related. Yay!
Five percent of recipients had enlarged lymph nodes.
How about effectiveness?
Well, we don’t have enough data - or any data, really - telling us how well the booster will work.
But the FDA made Pfizer go back and review its data from the pivotal clinical trial from last year. Pfizer compared people who received the vaccine with those who received the placebo and THEN the vaccine (the best we can do at this point, since Pfizer blew up the trial by giving placebo subjects the vaccine, double-yay!)
Pfizer concluded that your annual risk of getting Covid-19 IF YOU ARE VACCINATED is about 7 percent.
“An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2 at the start of the analysis period.”
But don’t worry, Uncle Joe already told you you can get your booster on September 20. If it’s good enough for our fearless leader, it should be good enough for the FDA, amirite?
Social Sentinel spying on the kids
Here in Chesterfield County Va, every kids is issued a chrome book, the school has software on these chromebooks which tracks all of their activity. Which I don’t care about because it is their property and they can do what they want. HOWEVER!!!!! When they kids connect their phones to the chromebook via a USB charging cable (to charge their phones) the software scans their phones and checks up on all of their phone data. I told my son to let his phone completely discharge if you must, but under no circumstance should he attach his phone to the chrome book.
Healthcare Collapse
Travelling Nurses
You guys have talked about the nursing shortage a little bit and I just wanted to offer some insight that I don't think has been brought up yet. My spouse is an ER doctor at a hospital in the south and tells me the nursing shortage is due to nurses being offered more to be traveling nurses than to work regularly at one main hospital. She showed me a screenshot from a group chat where nurses were being offered $8300/wk (housing stipend, per diem, $1100 before tax deduction). This kinda irked her because she said some traveling nurses are earning more than doctors. And to qualify as a traveling nurse you only have to be 50 miles outside of your home area. So an Austin nurse can go to Killeen or Waco and earn big bucks. At the hospital she works at, she's constantly complaining about not having enough nurses, and this doesn't account for any mandatory vax issues they're dealing with (she's vaxxed, had C-19 before the shot).
Another note is that at this particular hospital, she says they don't pay the in-town nurses enough so they leave, but to make up for the staffing shortfall they bring in traveling nurses and pay them the higher rate, which doesn't make financial sense to me.
Healthcare Professional Responds to doctors suck
Hippocratic oath: Yes - we say a truncated form of the oath upon graduation from medical school. The entire version is long and makes references to not charging for education (ha! doesn't quite work out for the average medical student who has an educational debt around $250,000)
Please stop saying that doctors suck and nurses are what are saving healthcare! A doctor has a minimum of 11 years of training during which time they are going into debt, then earning minimum wage, giving up their prime partying, reproductive, and earning years to take care of people. Being a doctor is no longer the lucrative profession it was and you have a far greater chance of being well off as an RN than an MD if you calculate debt to earning timing and ratio. Ex. certain specialty nurses in Portland make more than the average hospitalist physician, are part of a union, only require 2-4 years total of schooling, get regular breaks, may work 3 days a week, average maybe 45k in debt, and are ready to work in their 20s. I'll stop there as RNs are VALUABLE team members, but in no way is their role similar to physicians - is no way is their training similar - and is in no way do they have nearly as much "skin in the game".
There is an important caveat to above - John's beloved Indian physicians whom he often refers to as his doc of choice. India is the biggest exporter of physicians, has an entirely corrupt and mismanaged education system, is well known for bribery, and is viewed as a profession rather than a calling. I'll leave it at that as I have some great Indian colleagues and some not-so-great BS'ing, short-cutting, wouldn't want my loved ones cared for by them colleagues.
Missed public health opportunity of enormous magnitude: You can draw a linear graph correlating someone's BMI/obesity with probability of developing severe COVID. There is a direct correlation with diabetes and the chance of developing severe COVID. This is what needs to be told to the American public!
State Dep - Blinken
Military - Milley
Fauci - COVID
USAG - USOC and FBI for Gymnasts
Biden - For being dead
Instagram bad for girls - Also a Mueller FBI takedown
Would you let your child he a child star?
Is this CIA??
Ivermectin etc
Grotesque conflicts of interest on NIH ivermectin non-recommendation
However, NIH has gone to extreme efforts to avoid stating whether a vote was held to endorse the ivermectin non-recommendation. This includes fighting a Freedom of Information Act request in federal court. A deceptive non-vote would constitute an atrocity. NIH has also been secretive about the composition of the working group that proposed the ivermectin non-recommendation. The names of those individuals were redacted by the NIH from a document obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request for the agenda of a meeting considering ivermectin.
However, the group responsible for the ivermectin non-recommendation has been discovered through a FOIA request to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The FOIA response shows that the working group has nine members. Three members of the working group, Adaora Adimora, Roger Bedimo, and David V. Glidden, have disclosed a financial relationship with Merck. Merck has campaigned against the use of ivermectin in COVID-19. A fourth member, Susanna Naggie, had an extraordinary potential conflict of interest. She received a $155 million grant for the study of ivermectin following the non-recommendation. Funding for the study would have been difficult to justify if the drug was recommended for use in COVID-19. It is not known, however, if the panelist was aware of that opportunity or was planning to apply for that grant at the time of the deliberations on ivermectin.
The Biden Administration is metering how many doses of Regeneron are sent to Texas
While we were preparing for our emergency response to Hurricane Nicholas yesterday, I received some news that not only disappointed me but to be brutally honest it infuriated me. 
For over a month Montgomery County has been hosting a regional monoclonal antibodies infusion center. Successfully doing over 2,000 infusions. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients have received infusions at this facility. All of our patients to my knowledge have successfully gone on to beat COVID without complications or the need for hospitalization.
All of this came to a halt yesterday. As of yesterday the Biden Administration is metering how many doses of Regeneron are sent to Texas and thus limiting how many are sent to the Montgomery County location. Telling Texas to reduce its use of the therapeutic treatment that has literally been saving lives and reducing hospitalizations.
Now I’d like to think this is because of a supply issue and it will be temporary at best. But it’s not. The manufacturer has confirmed supplies are ample but due to the Defense Production Act, the White House and it’s agencies are the only entities who can purchase and distribute this treatment.
So less than a week after the president tells us his patience is wearing thin and he is mandating vaccines to millions of Americans his administration limits and all but removes a non-controversial and highly successful treatment from our war chest of combating this virus.
I have repeatedly said that I am pro vaccine choice and support your individual rights to determine whether the vaccine is right for you. I believe the unconstitutional mandate will be struck down in federal court but while we wait for those cases to make their way through the system we can’t just stop treating people vaccinated or not with a proven therapeutic. Mr. Biden has gone from dangling the proverbial carrot, with his so called national strategy to combat the virus, to throwing out the carrot and favoring the stick instead.
I will not stand for this and no one in Montgomery County or Texas for that matter should either. I will be reaching out to our federal congressional delegation in the coming days to seek their help at reversing this deadly position in favor of keeping every tool in the war chest available for use for every citizen not just the presidentially favored vaccinated ones.
Supply Chains
Stolen cars up 30% and catalytic converters up to $500
State of the Auto Industry
The Purge
Climate Change
Get Ready for the Blackouts - WSJ
Three things are weakening the grid. One is the rush to add renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, which depend on amenable weather to function. Second, over the past few years, numerous coal and nuclear plants that provide baseload power and help keep the grid stable have closed. Third, regional transmission organizations such as Ercot in Texas and Caiso in California are mismanaging the system. They are not providing enough incentives to ensure reliability such as providing payments to generators that have on-site fuel storage.
Renewable energy promoters don’t want to admit that wind and solar are undermining the grid. But the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a nonprofit trade group, said in a report last month that “changing resource mix” is the most urgent challenge for reliability. The group says America’s electric generation capacity “is increasingly characterized as one that is sensitive to extreme, widespread, and long duration temperatures as well as wind and solar droughts.”
The decline in reliability is especially important because President Biden has said he wants to “decarbonize” the power industry by 2035, a move that will likely require retiring all coal- and gas-fired generators in the country. In addition, activists are demanding more reliance on renewables and “electrifying everything,” including industry and transportation. Yet the grid is struggling even under existing loads.
AOC will look good with a shaven head
I'm concerned M5M will die before we do


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  • 0:00
    John: They're still testing aspirin.
  • 0:02
    Adam: Adam Curry John C. Dvorak Thursday, September 16 2021. This year award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1382. This is no agenda. We're one in 500 and broadcasting live from th heart of Texas Hill Country here in FEMA Region numbers in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
  • 0:23
    John: and from Northern Silicon Valley, where I'm gonna sit here and wait for the Zephyr I'm John C. Dvorak
  • 0:30
    Unknown: buzzkill.
  • 0:32
    Adam: Yes, I'm expecting it to show up last Thursday was a very slow moving like 18 cars
  • 0:40
    John: even further back than the Zephyr maybe there was a slow mover recently. That was a full one. But
  • 0:51
    Adam: yeah. Which that was the one we talked about. You should Oh, don't worry about it's moving slow. That was the most important part of the report. Yeah,
  • 1:02
    John: I guess I was what was not did not Don't worry about if you're on the tracks. I mean, one thing not to worry about a slow moving Zephyr No. I
  • 1:09
    Adam: mean, that means the economy is slow moving.
  • 1:13
    John: Forward. I got up this morning. I'm here I'd say in the morning. And there's one of those monster freight trains going by with 1000 containers.
  • 1:25
    Adam: I think we've also reorg to things the US imported some crazy amount of like $600 billion worth of stuff from China in in quarter one I was reading like, that's a lot a
  • 1:37
    John: lot. Believe me, I see it coming in.
  • 1:39
    Adam: We have a trade deficit. You know, the excess of 250. It's crazy. Before you give us the three by three, and I know it's Thursday, so everyone's highly excited about
  • 1:49
    John: Oh, they're all
  • 1:49
    Adam: jacked. Everyone's always anticipating I did watch the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • 1:56
    John: A bit of that, well, I
  • 1:58
    Adam: You and I are the only ones
  • 2:02
    John: I only got like 10 minutes.
  • 2:04
    Adam: My point is you and I are the only ones you and you and I are the only reason is thinks they had barely cracked a million viewers on MTV itself. Now that's down 31% from last year, which was 1.3 million, just a few years ago, they were looking at 10 12 million. And then you know, they're broadcasted everywhere on The CW was the probably the biggest place where they would get ratings after that 0.6 rating so they're close to Asterix land there. And you're right it was boring and despite this is why I was interested in it despite that they had full crowds everyone cheering it wasn't one of those award shows where it was the artists just looking into a dead audience with you know with puppets or some crap like that. m five M is dying puppets e m five M is dying people aren't watching any more than not watching the news they're not watching the network's I mean it's really down you missed it
  • 3:07
    John: I don't believe I single Digi was a sucky show that's why nobody watched it not because the M five M is dying. It's
  • 3:15
    Adam: is Yes it is. It's because no one they are doing whatever they can but no one cares anymore.
  • 3:23
    John: They're doing a crappy job. I think his demand is you don't even have your foot people
  • 3:30
    Adam: don't have cable the cord cutting is complete. I'm just worried that the M five m will die before we do we'll have nothing left to deconstruct.
  • 3:41
    John: Well, that's not going to happen and just take a look at the stock price of Charter Communications if
  • 3:45
    Adam: you believe that what you just said that's all stock buybacks I'm on to those guys I know how it works
  • 3:54
    John: well the show was dreadful.
  • 3:58
    Adam: Even though I really like Jota Mio the director now he used to be an assistant producer not associate but assistant and he directed it but yeah, it was filled with Illuminati crap Of course.
  • 4:13
    John: Oh yeah do ridiculous Illuminati crap
  • 4:16
    Adam: I was the butter Ward's everyone's but everyone's but
  • 4:20
    John: the black girl
  • 4:22
    Adam: there were a whole bunch of Yeah, Chloe. There are a whole bunch of button girls
  • 4:25
    John: what I watch Chloe show her butt off. This is not even that good of an attractive button
  • 4:31
    Adam: that Madonna had had a bbl. Brazilian bucketlist is very, very, very sad. What's going on? She's 63 What happened? Maddie, we liked you with your old butt too. We didn't have to go through all that. Highly sexualized. I
  • 4:49
    John: missed that part. That must have been. That was the opening like a grant Granny's butt lift.
  • 4:55
    Adam: Yeah, that gbl that's what we're gonna call it from now on. Everybody
  • 5:10
    right every single Thursday Jcd goes takes looks at the top three morning shows give us a rundown on a three by three tell us what's really happening in the world of M five M, which he still claims is not dying. Let's see if that's true. What are they doing john?
  • 5:24
    John: Well, NBC was all jacked up. They had one one thing after another and they were they were going through it, they started off and I end up watching like, a little longer than I should have. Because every time I went back and I managed to get this out of the way, every time I went back to ABC, which would not normally have well, they were doing a lot of sales.
  • 5:47
    Adam: sales. Are they selling sales but
  • 5:49
    John: not today? It was it was a wall to wall coverage of the new I guess is coming out in a couple of days of the what's the name of the degenerate morning show?
  • 6:06
    Adam: Jennifer
  • 6:08
    John: Zephyr 1234 by 678 is the normal Zephyr going by the normal speed
  • 6:14
    Adam: ladies and gentlemen alert the boys and girls and squad SC NBC nothing to worry about normal Zephyr just go and buy bitcoin currently 47,749 Oh my god. Rare three by three Zephyr report combo are people lucky who were tuned in today or
  • 6:34
    John: did they should be thankful? Yes. So this is the morning show whatever it's called that the Apple TV ads
  • 6:41
    Adam: in the new season nobody watches Oh I love that show. Yeah, I'm
  • 6:45
    John: just saying it's not on any it's not on cable is not on anything you
  • 6:51
    Adam: got to get that you got to be you have to get the call. No you don't you can watch it on Roku but you'd need to join the cult you need to pay for it.
  • 6:59
    John: I'm not paying for it.
  • 7:02
    Adam: I'd like to first episode The first series I thought it was pretty good.
  • 7:05
    John: I thought it was excellent.
  • 7:08
    Adam: Well someone's about you we've watched it someone was watching
  • 7:13
    John: Yeah, but it's like why is ABC promoting it? Oh wait a minute. Oh whoops. Apple Disney once again your shareholder in both companies.
  • 7:28
    Adam: How does that phone call go? No. I mean it's like hey, yeah, we got it we got to do it I'll do it the ABC guy
  • 7:37
    John: I'll be no no no I'm not gonna be low read job set up the ABC guy. Yeah. Hey, ABC
  • 7:45
    Adam: man this Lauren power and Raj are power jobs.
  • 7:49
    John: Surely you've heard all miss jobs all miss jobs dad. Yeah. Good to hear from ya.
  • 7:53
    Adam: Surely you've heard me I we have this a fantastic job of asking good friend, friend of the friend of the company. And with that, we really need to do a little bit of promotion. Can I count on you for the next board meeting with? I'm on the compensation committee? As you know, yes. Okay. Thanks. Bye. So I just saw television
  • 8:14
    John: in so I go from ABC to NBC. I go from ABC to see if nothing I can't get away from it. That's all they're doing. And they have Jennifer Aniston on there talking about her acting chops. And oh, how much work she had to do on this show. With her good friend Reese, and how they was like something was great to work with Reese because she's been friends for a long time. And then they get to reveal their inner selves as they say. And you know, and you know, last season was so good. We felt it was going to be impossible to top there was no way but yet we did it.
  • 8:55
    Adam: It's crazy. We pulled it off somehow in the midst of a callback COVID how hard it was to shoot during COVID they
  • 9:02
    John: brought it in? Yes. Oh, Joe COVID took it off. No. COVID
  • 9:10
    Adam: Alright, so that was ABC back to screw abs. ABC those guys is
  • 9:16
    John: the future of work. They're predicting $19 an hour. And they're and then they get cut from that and because he missed the beginning of that segment, they cut to the new weather woman Dylan, who's is pregnant as a house. So she's so it's kind of like a throwback to the original Al Roker.
  • 9:36
    Adam: Okay, that's one way of
  • 9:38
    John: looking at it. The old old Al Roker. Yeah. Before he had the staples. Yes. So then they go into they bring in what's his name? The guy who does Carson Daly is the gay showbiz course show because he does a pop pop start lists. And they took the Detroit Hall of Fame to go into that and then they quickly quit. Jump to the classic bought a classic scam. The Rolling Stones new 500 Greatest Songs ever. Wait, was this the stones
  • 10:13
    Adam: or was this
  • 10:14
    John: metallic Rolling Stone magazine?
  • 10:17
    Adam: Because Metallica just did this? They did an album
  • 10:20
    John: does Rolling Stone magazine. Oh, okay. I gotcha. The 500
  • 10:24
    Adam: goes just it's just a list. It's not an actual collection. Okay, I got it.
  • 10:28
    John: Yeah. No, it's no collection. Just a list. So everything at the top 500 all 500 Road tests on 500 500
  • 10:39
    Adam: Can you name 10?
  • 10:44
    John: The top three okay.
  • 10:48
    Adam: Brown sugar.
  • 10:51
    John: No, these are all problematic. These are all songs this is a this is the woke This is the woke
  • 10:57
    Adam: 500 500 everybody here we go. Number three.
  • 11:03
    John: Number three is change is gonna come by. By What's his name? Sam Cooke. That's the number three song of 500
  • 11:14
    Adam: Okay.
  • 11:15
    John: Yeah
  • 11:17
    Unknown: that's the Yes. Yeah.
  • 11:19
    Adam: Okay. All right. Well, I'm ready for number I can't wait for I gonna guess number one. What's number two? What's number two? Oh, you'll never guess it's I think number two is cheating. You know I'm not cheating. Number two is it's raining men.
  • 11:34
    John: FIGHT the power. Which my Public Enemy really
  • 11:40
    Adam: tall man. Yeah, fight
  • 11:43
    John: is woke.
  • 11:44
    Adam: It's very woke. Now let me think about number one. Number one.
  • 11:51
    John: I mean, if you get this, I'd be stunned. He just idiotic?
  • 11:56
    Adam: Is there any hints you can give me without totally giving it away? Because this is such a vast, you know, going from public enemy to Sam Cooke. I mean, that's hard.
  • 12:08
    John: Okay, I'll give you a one. It's a female singer.
  • 12:15
    Adam: That would be then it has to be. Ella Fitzgerald.
  • 12:22
    John: jerrells. Not even on the list.
  • 12:25
    Adam: Whitney Houston. She
  • 12:26
    John: be a Houston a great Ella Fitzgerald be part of 500
  • 12:30
    Adam: Okay, Risa Franklin with respect.
  • 12:34
    John: Yeah, you got it. Really? Cujo?
  • 12:36
    Adam: Yeah. Okay, and no one no one clued me off. No one clued me off.
  • 12:40
    John: Well, you got it it's respect is the number one file of 500 great songs of all time by the way this is includes Mozart well
  • 12:51
    Adam: hey, let's just let's just listen to it one more time. ESP ICT Yes. Wow. Okay, way to go Rolling Stone. Wow,
  • 13:08
    John: work five talking about these lists. I've been involved in them and they're done to get attention and they got they're gonna get a lot of attention because this list is idiotic. Wow. And that was still
  • 13:17
    Adam: we're still on NBC now.
  • 13:20
    John: That's NBI that's the end of NBC and then we already did ABC. CBS I'm sorry we did was ACC is a stupid thing. Okay, now Oh, by the way, they The last thing that NBC had to do say this they did get one plus one more plug. They really jammed it in today. One more plug for a new movie coming out that I didn't know about. And I had another movie so why are you doing this movie? Steven Spielberg is doing West Side Story.
  • 13:50
    Adam: Oh yeah. No, I this is a yes and there was a big controversy over that because they couldn't they were trying to put non Hispanic Latin x actors into the gang this will not stand
  • 14:07
    John: I don't even want to discuss this but let's go to ABC now I'm sorry that CBS
  • 14:13
    Adam: Central Intelligence broadcast systems what were they?
  • 14:16
    John: This is bad this guy Tony de coupla whatever his name one of the hosts all I saw on here until they did cut away from this but this guy apologizing on the air and given grief by to what's her name the black woman that can't remember name ever. It was Gail Gail shale. Gale who's just a worst. He's apologizing and going on and on and reading mean tweets about this about he left her freezer door open at the house as thought out a month's worth of his wives. Milk that was breastfeeding clothes.
  • 15:01
    Adam: Whoops
  • 15:03
    John: and so now she would have all the woman that the mom was pissed and everybody that jumped all your are horrible man and they talked about killing him one person after another yes your you have your right you hit your in your right to kill him.
  • 15:19
    Adam: No. You're not serious about it. Above I
  • 15:24
    John: did. I'm just he just reading the tweets I don't know it just it was horrible. So then they cut to dinner it cut to some promotion for some woman who is doing a cookbook on old recipes. Hello, Mimi, what are you doing this weekend? Mimi's got been trying to do. She's doing her egg book but she's getting millions of old recipes. Every now it's all about Baltimore cooking and they
  • 15:53
    Adam: were going back to old school. That's what's happening.
  • 15:56
    John: And they go Oh, we got this Oh, and they got old recipes from and she this woman's made a collection. A huge collection. This is just a millennial, a huge collection of 200 cookbooks, old cookbooks. My wife has got 1000 cookbooks. After watching this segment I we have a gratuitous bookshelf in the dining room that just has a bookshelf of just random cookbooks, that I that's there basically for decoration. And I've got 75 cookbooks in that bookshelf. I mean, this, this is like you said you sound
  • 16:30
    Adam: on the one hand flabbergasted. This is taking place in the other hand, a little, maybe a little inverse. I was gonna say animation vs. I know when my envious, because you guys should have a book in that collection. You should be on CBS plug in the book.
  • 16:46
    John: We have better chops than this. That's what I'm saying. Of course, you know, it's a millennia can't have anyone over 50 on these shows anymore. So forget it. that's beside the point. It was just like a funding thing. And then, and then the woman herself admits she can't cook. The worst part is,
  • 17:04
    Adam: I think Mimi should just do an egg substack egg.substack.com?
  • 17:10
    John: Could
  • 17:10
    Adam: you make a lot more money do a recipe every day?
  • 17:14
    John: That's not a bad idea. Yeah. I doubt pass it on. It will please do so. So that's your three by three. And it was like,
  • 17:22
    Adam: and you tell me that mainstream media is not dying after that rundown
  • 17:28
    John: definitely scrambling,
  • 17:31
    Adam: kind of in line with the M five M. Before we get into some of the other news, I got a note from the anonymous gay accountant, high end California accounting from him. Yeah. And he texts me from time to time. And he said he found a bill which I believe is going to be slipped into the three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation bill. And it is hr 3940, known as the local journalism sustainability act. Oh, they're going to do what they did in Canada, they're going to pay them. And here's how it works. It is payroll credit for compensation of local news journalists. And this is, is really quite phenomenal. So they have definitions of what is a law. What is local? What is actually here locally?
  • 18:23
    John: Can I guess it the definition? Or at least part of
  • 18:26
    Adam: it local news journalists, give me the definition according to the law that is now in writing, not law, but the proposed law. a democrat? Yes. That's exactly what it says. For purposes of the term local news journalists means any individual who regularly gathers collects photographs, records, rights, or reports, news or information that concerns local events or other matters of local public interest. Now, the term regular Yeah, I mean, the term regularly is the one that is now and I think this may actually now that you say that may be aimed at a lot of the Silicon Valley kind of news companies in California that got so screwed by the gig rule. They had to you know, they couldn't write X amount of of articles without being on the payroll. So I think this is a way to get them on the payroll and it's a doozy because per employee, you may deduct from payroll taxes from payroll taxes, so not regular payroll, you may deduct deduct up to 12 and a half $1,000 per quarter per employee who qualifies as a local news journalist. That's a pretty nice little do Hickey there.
  • 19:47
    John: That's interesting,
  • 19:49
    Adam: huh? Now can we take advantage of this Can you can you be local to local, your local you report regularly is a problem. We don't have enough pay Roll. That's dammit. We have payroll. We can't we can't participate, I guess. But isn't that interesting? Isn't that interesting? And people say, well, but it's good to stimulate local journalism, it's in trouble. Yeah. The problem is, once everybody's in everyone's counting on this tax credit, then you know, it's easy for the government to come around and say, you know, change this for your district or your state, because you haven't really been on board with the program. And that's what you'd expect to happen. It's just isn't that just fundamentally wrong? The government should not be funding that unless you're a state run organization, and you stated upfront, or all of these journalists should say, Yeah, my part of my compensation is brought to you by the Democrat Party of America.
  • 20:53
    John: Great catch. Well, greatly IPS on any other show podcast in broadcast. It's not gonna be on NBC Nightly News. You know,
  • 21:01
    Adam: that's what that's what our producers are. They are the best producers in the universe, the hga strikes again. Well, the ag a condemning the gbl.
  • 21:14
    John: He talks in riddles.
  • 21:15
    Adam: Yes. So we have I really only have one category for COVID, which is mandates and marketing. I think that's kind of where we're at, at this moment. But maybe we started off with a little reminder from now Dr. Peter McCullough, we still both like him. Right? We think he's still on the up and up. This guy's the real deal.
  • 21:37
    John: Yeah, I think so.
  • 21:39
    Adam: Okay, good. I have no reason to believe otherwise, when he's, he's the one that's been most reliable. He has the most credentials. I mean, he's right out front. And this is him talking about the vaccines and how they are duds. And this needs to be a reminder for everybody. They are duds, you're probably not going to die early from having having accepted the vaccine into your life.
  • 22:02
    Unknown: But you're not protected. It's a dud. And you're probably well aware of this in Israel, far more than 80% of people who are developing COVID-19 are fully vaccinated. The Delta peak in Israel is just as big as the pre vaccinated peak. It's obvious the vaccine is not stopping Delta, almost everybody has at 90% 100% Delta, go over to Singapore. Same thing, go over to Iceland, same thing. Gibraltar, same thing. Go up to the UK, now we're talking about probably 50% of those with Delta are fully vaccinated. And of those who are dying in the UK. It's about 65% fully vaccinated, okay 65% and their death rates among those hospitalized. With Delta in the UK as well as the United States the death rates are higher than compared to unvaccinated. So a paper by farenthold in Houston studied these individuals, and they were the one to break the news that a fully vaccinated person could get delta contracted and pass it to another vaccinated person. venkata Krishnan started studying this and found that the Delta variant, the spike protein had a changes conformation where the antibodies from Pfizer cannot hit it so that the antibodies from Pfizer now are useless. Even in high concentrations, they can't seem to hit Delta adequately. And then this whole thing blew open last week with a report out of Oxford, they Tropical Medicine unit located in hoji, Minh city, Vietnam. They were fully vaccinated workers with AstraZeneca, about two months after being vaccinated. So as good as you're gonna get, and they started to develop Delta. It was a very well done studies published in Lancet. And then that bombshell finding was that the viral loads in the mouth and nose of those vaccinated were 251 times that from the the previous unvaccinated era. So as we sit here today, the vaccinated are it appears to be super spreaders carrying large amounts of virus and then passing it to the unvaccinated.
  • 23:52
    Adam: I mean, this seems right. The numbers show it numbers, man, everyone's trying to live by the damn numbers. People don't understand numbers. They really don't they have no idea how I mean, and we really wanted it's encouraged in mainly by Silicon Valley. How many hours did you sleep restful last night? How many steps did you take? You know, the new the new Apple Watch is everything's like how long did it take how many strokes before it's like everything is is calculated and it's supposed to make you feel like you're in control of your body.
  • 24:27
    John: But then the name of that was a little fad that was popular was self and had a term self
  • 24:33
    Adam: care. self care?
  • 24:34
    John: No, no, that's a number of things. But the chatroom might know this is what you do wired yourself up to all these get all this gear and you knew exactly what your ever your blood pressure was to the minute and all this other stuff transhumanism. No that's another thing that's different bio hacking.
  • 24:55
    It was no but it's your close your bio. Bio is something like bio someday. But what's your Natalie?
  • 25:03
    Adam: Well Conti
  • 25:05
    John: deli duck formerly named del Conte was into this to an extreme quantified
  • 25:10
    Adam: self quantified self.
  • 25:13
    John: Yes,
  • 25:14
    Adam: there you go. Thanks. Oh,
  • 25:16
    John: room room. Yeah, the she was a quote and there's all these quantified self people and they're out there. But meanwhile just you just played you played that clip. I have a clip that kind of that's part of that. And then you have a note I have to read. Okay, that refers to a guy. What can
  • 25:31
    Adam: I play this 15 second clip to set your clip up?
  • 25:35
    John: If you think it will set it up.
  • 25:36
    Adam: No shit, I don't know what you want to play. So I'm afraid now let's just play your clip. He's got me freaked out.
  • 25:42
    John: This is a long clip this Tick Tock girl. I don't know if you've seen this clip. But she's the one who's got some and I looked at her ailment and is a true genuine ailment. But she talks about something going on, which we've talked about a number of times, and then we discussed during the exosome discussion.
  • 26:03
    Adam: Yes, this is the virus does not exist. It's all exosomes.
  • 26:07
    John: No, there's a virus but the exosomes may be causing illness in certain types of people. You want to play this?
  • 26:13
    Adam: Yeah, sure.
  • 26:14
    Unknown: Hey, tick tock, and you don't know me. But this is a video about my medical experiences with the pointy thing that people are getting nowadays. I haven't taken it. But I'm going to tell you something about it that I know medically. This isn't misinformation. This is my own personal experience. And my doctors agree with this experience. So I have a disorder called SIRs c IR s if you choose to Google it, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, inflammation in response to toxins. My body, my immune system makes inflammation and overreact in response to toxins. I'm a walking toxicity meter. I walk into buildings, I walk by anything poisonous. And I can tell you that it's poisonous because within seconds I get sick. I produce my body produces inflammation, just like someone with a peanut allergy can get sick from 10 feet away. If there's something poisonous, I can sense it from 10 feet away. mold is primarily what I react to because little Did you know or most people don't know mold is highly poisonous. It's not just allergens. It's not just spores. It releases poisonous gases to defend itself. So poisonous there. 10 eight of the 10 deadly is biochemical weapons in the world. Our moles, toxins. It's not harm harmless. It's not some innocent fuzzy stuff. But I digress. I also react to toxic bacteria. I react to heavy metal toxins and more. Well, there's a new toxin I'm reacting to. And it's vaccinated people. Oh, yeah. Conspiracy Theory. Every time I'm around vaccinated people, I get sick. I can't go into public anymore without getting sick. I have to to survive. But I get sick. I get a cough. I get brain fog. I get headaches, I get in trouble thinking trouble with my memory, my body starts to ache and my skin burns. Every inch of my skin starts burning like it's on fire. And after a few hours, I get so sick, so sick just by being out in the public. out in fresh air out at a park around other people where I didn't used to get sick. I
  • 28:18
    get sick now. grocery stores that even if they don't have mold, I didn't used to get sick there. I get sick now. And it's growing and growing and growing this last year the more people get vaccinated, and I don't get sick around unvaccinated people. When I'm around friends who have not been vaccinated, I don't get sick. But if I'm with friends who have been vaccinated, I get sick. There's a lot of studies that the news isn't telling you about about the spike proteins. They messed up the spike proteins that the COVID vaccine makes and tells your DNA to make they're poisonous. So what do you think happens when they tell someone's DNA to manufacture these spike proteins that are poisonous? They build up and build up and build up. I can smell them on people's breath. And it makes me sick. I react quickly to poison but what do you think is gonna happen in a few years? To everyone else?
  • 29:07
    Adam: Alright, quick, quick response one I wish he would say what she got really really sick. What does that mean? I mean, she didn't really explain that. Or that is something like a peanut allergy to the troll room was vicious during that clip. I mean, vicious. Like first the most frequently posted comment this is psychosomatic to. You should go kill yourself. This is really quite dynamite. what's what's going on trolls. She's full of crap. She's total whack job. pulled her down and vaxxer so she dies sooner. I mean, these are really this is I've never seen this. I've never seen this.
  • 29:46
    John: Yes it group.
  • 29:48
    Adam: Yeah, well, they're trolls. Yeah, it was now I'm hearing around the hill country. There's a lot of particular women who are becoming somewhat nervous based upon This news that a lot of people are getting sick from the vaccinated and now there's like I don't really want vaccinated around me.
  • 30:08
    John: We have a lot of discussion that comes in, we don't do it. I have not gotten sick around the vaccinated. But there's a lot of people that have sent us notes about you know, they've been hanging out with some dude a friend of theirs to get vaccinated, and they had, you know, erotic dreams.
  • 30:25
    Adam: Or the guy, the guy, the guy who he was with his girlfriend, which is a short relationship, but after she got vaccine, he had erectile dysfunction. And he said, I've never had that. And after they broke up because of said erectile dysfunction, I'm presuming. Because it went away. Yeah.
  • 30:45
    John: Yeah, well, that could be psychosomatic too. But of course. But yeah, and the discussion of the exosomes is a valid one that we went into great detail on in some show a month or two ago. So there's something to it. And there are people out there that do get inflammatory responses and mold is the is the best example of that. Tell me about it. That's that's my that's my jam right there in the mold.
  • 31:15
    Adam: That's why that's why I have a corseted.
  • 31:20
    John: Yeah, so you could be you could maybe get riled up by someone if hanging out with someone who's faxed backstop?
  • 31:27
    Adam: No, I have to pay attention to see if I start tingling anywhere. Yeah, excuse me. Are you vaccinated cuz I'm tingling? See what's going on here?
  • 31:36
    John: The new Come on.
  • 31:39
    Adam: here's here's the new scare tactic, which I love
  • 31:42
    Unknown: and shocking new statistics. Hopkins University. One in every 500 Americans has died from COVID-19. The latest death toll reported yesterday show 662,899 deaths.
  • 31:58
    Adam: Now this was a big talking point one in 501 and 500. And please pay attention to taking all the all the COVID deaths that has been counted and saying now all of them have died from COVID. Not with but from COVID, which I think is a lie. And that's a demonstrable lie,
  • 32:19
    John: demonstrably dying from a hangnail if you want to do that do it that way too much. He had a hangnail Oh. hangnail caused his death.
  • 32:28
    Adam: Yeah. Split head. Yeah.
  • 32:31
    John: Is the but also,
  • 32:33
    Adam: but also this headline. What is the percentage of one in 500 0.2%? No, no. Even if all those deaths were were from COVID. I mean, I think there's there's higher numbers of other things. Yeah, it doesn't seem like it's you know, one in 500 Armada hunker down. Have
  • 33:01
    John: you ever is very dubious of
  • 33:05
    Adam: it? No, it's a lie. Because there's no way there's no way No way. No way. But that's
  • 33:12
    John: pointing out is that the death rate is pretty low. It's like less than USB one point naught point two, but probably no point. oh five
  • 33:23
    Adam: was not the case fatality rate, which would be even. Probably even much smaller number. Or it should be much smaller number.
  • 33:31
    John: They like to lie with statistics. We know that.
  • 33:34
    Adam: So there's some big problems in life to talk to the topic. I
  • 33:39
    John: want to read this note. Oh, yes. This is from the nurse shortage. And it brings in a point that you made with one of the clips is producer Andre. You guys have talked about the nursing shortage a little bit and what I wanted to offer some insight that I don't think has been brought out yet. My girlfriend's an ER doctor. And then he says Where? and tells me the nursing shortage is due to nurses offered more to be traveling nurses than to work regularly at umaine hospitals is a big deal. Big deal that no one's talking about. Were talking about. She showed me a screenshot from a group chat. Nurses are being a group chat to the group chat nurses. I'm gonna just look into
  • 34:30
    Adam: a group chat of the nurses
  • 34:32
    John: chat where nurses webinars were being offered at $300 a week. Housing stipend per diem 111 $100 before tax deductions. This kind of irked her because she she has it and let me I'm gonna have to, because she did I cut this off in their IRA. Some she said gnosis I'm traveling nurses are earning more than doctors. To a near home air show in Austin nors. Hey,
  • 35:04
    Adam: hold on. I got it here. I think you're missing
  • 35:06
    John: out. Yeah, cuz I'm cut something right somebody just got cut off into
  • 35:09
    Adam: qualify as a traveling nurse, you only have to be 50 miles outside of your home area. So an example not where she is an Austin nurse can go to Killeen or waco and earn big bucks. At the hospital she works at she's constantly This is his girlfriend again. She's constantly complaining about not having enough nurses. And this doesn't account for any mandatory vaccine issues they're dealing with. Another note is at this particular hospital, they don't pay the intown nurses enough to leave. So they leave but to make up for the staffing shortfall, they bring in the traveling nurses pay them the higher rate. So that means you're literally seeing nurses traveling 50 miles down the road to make twice as much if not more, and this is the whole thing has been completely messed up. Now, since we're doing notes. I was gonna do the healthcare cloud.
  • 36:00
    John: Stop there. The reason I wanted to read this note, because she makes the claim that she's had 50 people in the ER Wait, he talks about the number of people to make it short. There are all the people that are in the hospital sick are all vaccinated, which he questions vaccinator on
  • 36:21
    Adam: vaccines. She says 85% vaccinated. Yeah.
  • 36:27
    John: That's what he says is bullshit. He says is bullshit. But she says that's the fact, too. We have the doctor that says 85% are vaccinated. Oh,
  • 36:41
    Adam: I got a note from one of our health care professionals. Five Points. And I thought it was interesting because we've been talking about what is wrong with our health care system. One Hippocratic oath, we read this whole thing. Turns out now they don't really do the Hippocratic Oath anymore. Johns Hopkins has an adapted version and this professional says yes, we do a truncated form of the oath upon graduation from medical school. The entire version is long and makes references to never charging for education. So that's omitted since you probably graduate with a quarter million dollars in debt. Then the professional says, and this this was interesting. Please stop saying doctors suck. And nurses are what saving healthcare. I'm pretty sure neither of us ever said either of those things. I just want to check with you every ever said
  • 37:37
    John: doctor suck. I've never said doctors suck but a lot of doctors do suck.
  • 37:43
    Adam: Yeah, and nurses are what saving healthcare constantly
  • 37:46
    John: implied that nurses save everyone's lives not
  • 37:48
    Adam: healthcare, not healthcare,
  • 37:50
    John: but people's lives. It's about people Yeah, but health care.
  • 37:54
    Adam: Well, the art totally blows. Our professional was angry about this, or whatever. Whatever he she heard. A doctor has a minimum of 1111 years of training during which time they are going into debt than earning minimum wage giving up their prime partying reproductive and earning years to take care of people. Being a doctor is no longer than lucrative profession it was and you have a far greater chance of being well off as a registered nurse nurse than a medical doctor. If you calculate the debt to earning timing and ratio. Example certain speciality nurses in Portland make more than the average hospital physician or part of a union only require two to four years of schooling, get regular breaks may work three days a week average maybe 45k in debt and are ready to work and they're in their 20s. I'll stop there as our as our valuable team members, but in no way is their role similar to physicians in no way is their training similar and in no way Do they have nearly as much skin in the game. So without going into your points, that system is F capital F. So don't get mad at me. f capital F Yes, F with a capital F.
  • 39:02
    John: Oh, I thought it was no okay
  • 39:03
    Adam: F with an important caveat to above John's beloved Indian physician whom we often say I'm doing the voice. This is how it happens. There's no context in text from doing the voice now. There is an important caveat to above John's beloved Indian physician to be often referred to as his doc of choice. racist, adding that India is the biggest exporter of physicians has an entirely corrupt and mismanaged education system talking
  • 39:31
    John: about my favorite,
  • 39:33
    Adam: do you this is what happens. It's more important, I think for us to listen to the grievances and not understand this and this we did nothing wrong. This isn't just nuts. But there's this there's truth in here. So, the exporting of the Indian doctors is frowned upon by this particular medical professional. Because you know, because now they get screwed. root here and they bring into cheap labor. Hello,
  • 40:02
    John: yes, it's frowned upon by me.
  • 40:05
    Adam: Miss public health opportunity of enormous magnitude. Here comes something that we've been talking about from day one. You can draw a linear graph correlating someone's body body mass index slash obesity, with the probability of developing severe COVID. There's a direct correlation with diabetes and the chance of developing severe COVID. This is what needs to be told to the American public. Yes. And you'd expect your surgeon general to do it. And they don't do it here. They don't do it in the Netherlands. They don't do it in France. They don't do it in Germany. Get a clue. I get
  • 40:38
    John: out while you can. fat shaming,
  • 40:41
    Adam: fat shaming, yes. The David Geffen School of Medicine. This is part of the Hippocratic oath. I want to I want
  • 40:50
    John: to share this. I wanted to get back to this guy's note. What's he talking about? My Indian doctor? Is this guy just listen to every other word. What What is he? How does he come to these conclusions?
  • 41:03
    Adam: I think my point is don't take it. Personally, because we didn't say any of this. But this is how someone is listening who is extremely who's, who should self diagnose the amygdala because it's near and trouble fixed. As By the way, I think it's a she
  • 41:21
    John: and and Okay, well, then we recognize the women are the woke women that listen to this show. And there's a few
  • 41:28
    Adam: that Whoa, whoa, no, no, you're taking this the wrong bit does you get
  • 41:36
    John: climate change? No, she's
  • 41:38
    Adam: mad about her profession, not us even ends with love. You guys don't ever change. Thanks for all the research has nothing. It has nothing to do with us. This is someone who sees the bull crap in their industry and is and doesn't know where to go with it. So let's email a podcaster. That's, that's that's
  • 42:04
    John: got your grievances, email, a podcast,
  • 42:07
    Adam: here's a podcast or you could email I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong.
  • 42:12
    Unknown: I was wrong. I've encouraged all my overweight friends to get vaccinated, at least most of them. I just I was about to take the vaccine myself. I was allocated the UFC allocated a bunch of vaccines. And I showed up to get vaccinated. And there was a mistake and they said the way the CDC has it, you have to actually go to the hospital. And I said, I can't do that right now. But I'll be back in two weeks. Can we do it? Then? They said Yes, fine. And so then in between that two weeks time, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which is the one that DFC had allocated got pulled, because people were getting blood clot, right? Hey, and so then I started looking into it. And then two people that I know had like severe side effects of getting vaccinated. just random, because I know a lot of people it's fairly safe. If you look at the numbers, like the people that have adverse side effects, versus the people that don't it's a small, it's not even 1% it's a very small percentage of people that have adverse side effects. So Joe
  • 43:09
    Adam: never got Vax. That makes him a very dangerous man. He's a living zombie. He should not be alive right now. Especially after the horse paste. What are they going to do with him now?
  • 43:22
    John: This is a couple of things going on that I've noticed that are I don't know what they're gonna do and what they're doing with them nothing. They're gonna it's gonna be like you're just you know, let's ignore him. A couple other
  • 43:33
    Adam: celebrity stories so don't go too far off the track.
  • 43:38
    John: Okay, no, cuz I want to talk about the boosters No,
  • 43:40
    Adam: no, no, you're moving way too fast. No, we have we have one more celebrities thing and then we have mandates. We have to talk mandates before you go to boosters. To hold the boosters. I'll give you boosters. Nicki Minaj stirred up quite a ruckus. Did you follow any
  • 44:00
    John: of this and you see this thing from the beginning to the end. I was gonna do a report on it. But then I decided Damn, and I'll let it slide. But it was covered by everybody but they wouldn't cover her actual tweets. No one would read the tweet. She has some tremendously funny tweets yet she aimed at at joy. Mother
  • 44:25
    Adam: what's your face the Meghan McCain I think she had some
  • 44:31
    John: tolerate a fuck herself.
  • 44:33
    Adam: So, but this is really important because Nicki Minaj is, I mean, she has a call to me here this. This, by the way is the cult. Nicki Minaj called outside the CDC in Atlanta. And sadly, this is exactly what the media doesn't want you to see. These are African Americans, a das mainly. And what are they saying? You know, Fauci is lying Nicki Minaj is right so this is a problem so the reason why she started this is hey they want me to get vaccinated for the met the big Met Gala. I'm not going to get vaccinated for the Met if I if I'll do it when I feel I've had an it's actually it was quite a normal thing that she said it was a calm reasonable tweet. It'll be a read it it'll be once I feel I've done enough research. I'm working on that. Now. In the meantime, I love to be safe wear the mask with two strings, the grip your head and face. Not that loose one. And then she added my cousin and and this is this was a No, I mean it. No agenda listeners and producers must have been triggered by this one. My cousin in Trinidad won't get the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent. his testicles became swollen. His friends, his friend was weeks away from getting married. Now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it. And make sure you're comfortable with your decision not bullied. Didn't we have a note from a producer who talked about the black balls?
  • 46:05
    John: Yeah, his balls roll up and turn black.
  • 46:09
    Adam: So that sounded pretty, pretty reasonable to me that that actually happened.
  • 46:14
    John: I thought her tweet was reasonable. And then I know you have the
  • 46:18
    Adam: the joy you have the joy that there was a couple of joy read clips, but I have this is the initial response to her, which is interesting because she's talking about her community. This is what the problem it's the it's the marketing of to the black and brown community, the most hesitant group in the world. And Moe and I talked about in the most least most recent mo facts if you want to hear a little bit more besides the Tuskegee experiment behind that, but neither Nicki Minaj or joy Reid are American descendants of slavery that just think it's funny that they're talking about their community
  • 46:48
    Unknown: and people like Nicki Minaj, I have to say this, you have a platform sister, that is 22 million followers. Okay, I have 2 million followers. You have 22 million followers on Twitter, for you to use your platform to encourage our community to not protect themselves and save their lives. But God says do you could do better than that you got that plaque from you. It's it's a blessing. It's a blessing that you got that that people listen to you and they listen to you when they listen to me. For you to use your platform to put people in the position of dying from a disease they don't have to die from oh my god as a fan as a hip hop fan as somebody was your fan. I'm so sad that you did that. So sad that you did that sister. Oh my God. Oh,
  • 47:33
    Adam: my clutch my pearls. I mean, that response is not warranted on any channel. Any new anything that calls itself news. That's not even opinion. That's just sister talk. What was the hell about?
  • 47:51
    John: I don't know. I thought she was off the rails totally off the rails for and it was incredibly. It was it was just sick. That woman is why is this woman have a show?
  • 48:03
    Adam: She's woke. Uber woke course. Alright, so
  • 48:09
    John: now Minaj sent a tweet back together kicked off a Twitter.
  • 48:14
    Adam: Oh, yeah. Yeah, for a week.
  • 48:17
    John: People should go look it up. But the point is very funny. Very funny stuff
  • 48:21
    Adam: coming with us coming apart at the seams and not not able to hold it together. And now we've got the mandates. This is on deck. A short supercop reminding you that this would never
  • 48:32
    Unknown: happen. We cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That's just not what we can do.
  • 48:38
    Needless to say, the right of women
  • 48:41
    to make decisions about their own bodies is not negotiable.
  • 48:45
    No, definitely not. You don't want to mandate and try and force anyone to take a vaccine. We've never done that. Our interest is very simple from the federal government, which is Americans privacy and rights should be protected. It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn't.
  • 49:01
    We don't want to be mandating from the federal government to the general population. It would be unenforceable and not appropriate. Perhaps the federal government should step in and issue mandates and if not, are you putting the needs of unvaccinated people ahead of the needs of vaccinated?
  • 49:17
    I think the question here when that's not the role of the federal government? No, I don't think it should be mandatory. I
  • 49:23
    Adam: wouldn't demand to be mandatory. First. We must increase VIP Sorry about that. So there you go. It was never going to be mandatory. And now it is through a backdoor. Lots of people been talking about it. What does it really mean? We finally got an answer from the constitutional lawyer, the one we always believe in who cannot get a second on air anymore. So he's now on Newsmax. This is the constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Sean Shang from democratic society, Shang from the parties on Martha's Vineyard. He is now between you 67 and use 69 on the Newsmax channel to discuss the constitutional legality of the mandates.
  • 50:09
    Unknown: joining us to discuss constitutional attorney professor emeritus of Harvard Law School. Alan Dershowitz, also the author of the book on your screen guilt by accusation. Professor, thanks
  • 50:18
    for coming on today. Before we get to the Surgeon General's comments, I guess I'll ask you about this mandate from the president, when it comes to not only federal employees, contractors, but then also there's private businesses. Is it legal?
  • 50:33
    Well, I just just finished writing a book on this subject called the case for vaccine mandates where I analyzed all the constitutional issues. There are three constitutional issues. Number one, does the federal government have authority over this? And the answer is yes, because it's Interstate and COVID doesn't recognize boundaries. Number two, what a properly drafted legislatively enacted mandate requiring vaccination be upheld by the courts? Probably yes. But the third is the hardest question. And that is, can the president through the Labor Department do this alone without legislative authority through OSHA? That's a hard question. And nobody knows how the courts will decide that. Anybody who tells you that the constitutional issues are crystal clear, is exaggerating. We just don't know, probably constitutional, but not certainly constitutional. But this is a vaccine that does help prevent the transmission of the illness to other people, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. That's what makes it a much closer constitutional question. And nobody should say for sure that they know the absolute answer to this. It's it's a work in progress. We've never had this issue before. There is a Supreme Court decision in 1905. But it's a state case $5, fine. smallpox, this is very different. Will the Supreme Court follow that precedent? Probably, but not certainly.
  • 51:57
    Adam: So the way I read that from him or the way I understood it is not through this path.
  • 52:06
    John: And it won't go the other way. Because the the they just won't get the support.
  • 52:11
    Adam: But what's happening in the meantime, corporate america and i have, at this point, hundreds of emails to show and I'm saving them all, because it's going to be I'm going to publish it one day and let me letters from the unvaccinated seedings, pus oozing human resources of the corona crisis. It's so sad, this is ripping people apart in offices, families relationships. In and the show comes into into play. I've got emails from people saying that we've always listened to the show together, but my spouse wants to know, feels that they should get vaccinated and then you know, then all of a sudden, the show's fault. But people need to need these crutches. That's okay. I understand it. But it sucks. I mean, this is really, very This is the worst thing of this entire crisis is how everything is being pulled apart now in North Carolina
  • 53:12
    John: is the continuation of the Trump pulling people apart,
  • 53:15
    Adam: right? Oh, no, Pete, everyone was primed for this. People were super primed. And now it's just like, they took a huge samurai sword, my shot now will blow all the way through. And of course, all the reporting is 100% political, it's all politics. It's all the Trump people. It's all the republicans is the southern states. And so then you're right, and this just activates everyone's already overactive amygdala and people flipping out but it's sad. I mean, relationships.
  • 53:54
    John: Well, you know, it just shows you that I don't know what it shows you It didn't show you
  • 53:59
    Adam: know, it shows you Well, I mean, I just can't step over that easily. I'm sorry. Anyway, if you're being d platformed. From your job, no agenda careers.com just popped up out of nowhere no idea who did it. But thank you. Looks like a good job posting board. Here's the kind of stuff that people are getting from their from their work. Did you travel internationally in the last seven days? This is for someone to do as a contractor to come on site. And here's the question that I love. Did you or an unvaccinated person who you share the same living space with travel in the last 14 days and use public and or shared transportation they're asking you to talk about people you live with on questionnaires. And in particular, unvaccinated this shits not right bear with us very
  • 54:58
    John: near I used to go into Canada actually. Have you remember one time he said you do you have guns, you know? And the guy at the border says you have guns? I said no. Do you bring guns with you? No. You have guns at home? No. Do you know anyone who has a gun?
  • 55:15
    Adam: Really? Yes, that's not raised to that's an outrage. They'll be asking that. I'm sure just you want to come into New York and the only one who has guns. quick one. Australia. I got a good boots on the ground report because there are some differences. I've spoken to a couple other people in Australia over the past week. And this is sir Captain Morgan said just listen to your segment. I want to give you an update. I'm living in the Sunshine Coast that's north of Brisbane. I believe there have been about 10 COVID cases in total, maybe one or two deaths. Not sure I can't find any regional data. So this is Queensland. Queensland has had a total of seven deaths with COVID. Queensland has one of the most extreme reactions to COVID almost on par with New Zealand in the southeast. We currently have mass mandate for everyone over 12 who's inside public spaces except if you're eating or drinking. And the border is completely closed even to Queensland residents. Yeah, this is like a iron curtain. You can't get into Queensland from your own country. Not Queensland residents cannot enter the state easily
  • 56:21
    John: wanted to
  • 56:22
    Adam: do that with Washington doesn't surprise me. Queensland residents can enter by plane and need to do 14 days hotel quarantine. The current restrictions came from four or five cases I cannot imagine what they would do if we had hundreds. Now in Australia, the Federal liberal that means Republican in this case. Government is fighting the stakes.
  • 56:40
    John: No, the Liberal Party is the democrats
  • 56:43
    Adam: piece. I'm reading him verbatim in Australia, the Federal Liberal government he says the federal liberal in parentheses republican government. I don't know why he would say that. I don't
  • 56:54
    John: either makes no sense.
  • 56:56
    Adam: is fighting the states to keep them open. Queensland is a Labour government similar to your democrat? Maybe that Okay,
  • 57:03
    John: all right. I'm sorry. No, I'm real late labor. Okay. He's
  • 57:06
    Adam: right. Correct. You can also just say to Britt, so Queensland has the communist government, New South Wales who were deploying the military onto the streets to end that Sydney to enforce crazy restrictions have a Liberal government, Victoria is labor. So they are all messed up, he says after the really crazy part is that the old policies are actually popular with a lot of people here not sure how bad things will need to get before people wake up and smell the horse manure. The Sunshine Coast had a person with COVID in their life wondering I'm going to every place you can imagine there was no cases as a result, not been a single locally acquired case in over a year. But we are still required to mask up everyone I know is either fully vaccinated or getting vaccinated. I believe the fear generated by threat of COVID without any contact is more potent and ever more divisive. Yes. So the point is that it's it's kind of like the United States, they have states that are completely crazy. All in passports, shut up, stay at home. And they have states that are much looser, like Texas as an example. But this is not the end of what's going on. Down Under we had a very interesting conversation that was recorded. Clive Palmer who is what he runs the crazy board party does he run? He's one of the richest guys in Australia, Clive Palmer. Anyway, he is he's always he's always come popping up. I'm sure he would be a far right person. The way we would consider it is what it is. I'm trying to think what is his party?
  • 58:38
    John: I never heard of this guy.
  • 58:39
    Adam: Yeah, you we've always played many clips of him. He's a businessman. Yeah, one, two, I think he was at once. He won't at one point. mp when he ran he is the Palmer United Party. Yeah, he makes a lot of noise. He makes a lot of noise. And it's, you know, there is an election coming up in Australia. So he's out campaigning. And, you know, he's more like a Trump type politician to the presses. And then he he lays this bombshell out over the New South Wales Premier, Premier, Gladys, Lady Gladys, listen to this previous telling you that the only way to double tap and
  • 59:16
    Unknown: that's what I'd say the premier is lying to them. I'd say that she's under an ipecac inquiry that a particular lobbyist in Sydney controls the Liberal Party in Sydney has told her that the only way she gets out of that inquiries if she pushes the double jab, and his clients are eskers Annika these clients advisors,
  • 59:34
    Adam: business owner
  • 59:36
    John: doors until he doubled let me answer your question I'll answer.
  • 59:40
    Adam: Do you think that the premier of New South Wales wants to destroy business? I do. And why would you
  • 59:44
    John: do that? Because
  • 59:46
    Unknown: the pushy as I tried to explain to you that she's being directed by a lobbyist in Sydney is being paid by Oscars and M by Pfizer 10s of millions of dollars to get these policies through to make sure the vaccine is is poor. That's why you asked the question. I gave you the answer. And that's my personal knowledge. I'm happy to make a statement here to police or to anyone if they want to know what's going on.
  • 1:00:10
    Adam: That's quite the accusation behind telling you the truth, I could barely understand what he said you have to translate. He said that the premier of New South Wales is being paid 10s of millions of dollars I presume he means Australian, which is not that much 10s of millions of Australian dollars to promote Pfizer and AstraZeneca from lobbyists he says that it's that he basically said he can prove it. He says he's happy to talk to the police to anyone about it. She's on the take and that's why she's putting these policies in place for the for the double jab and subsequent possible booster.
  • 1:00:47
    John: Well, let him prove it. Yeah,
  • 1:00:51
    Adam: I'd love to hear that. I mean, those aquas that's a that's a sewable that's slander if if not true
  • 1:00:58
    John: thing is it's a public figure. It's necessarily slander. It's harder to do slander and slander laws are different
  • 1:01:06
    Adam: Oh yeah.
  • 1:01:08
    John: Let's go with let's play this good. This is another thing from Australia since you're there is the if you heard this a we played this and we did the COVID crisis actor clip
  • 1:01:19
    Adam: no in fact a lot of people sent it to me Nat ignored it because I thought the audio was shit maybe you got a better better quality and I'd give it a shot I
  • 1:01:27
    John: do it good. Not gonna be much worse the last one
  • 1:01:31
    Unknown: I really picked on your family. You're not able to look at your kids at the moment.
  • 1:01:39
    Adam: If you don't see the video, there's no context you got a
  • 1:01:43
    John: few things at the beginning of the guys report is the guy toys Report. I'm
  • 1:01:47
    Adam: sorry. I didn't hear that. I've only seen the stupid crisis actors. Crazy. Hello, very welcome to me watch and that was single mom remoter when a 700 COVID patients hospitalized in Australia at the end of last month, along with two others in Sydney's Concord hospital was keen to warn people of the dangers of COVID by sharing heartbreaking stories about their illness from their hospital beds
  • 1:02:15
    Unknown: before something attacking
  • 1:02:20
    Adam: the land use harsh footage of those patients identified only by their first names, was recorded by Dr. Lucy Morgan and released by New South Wales health and made it onto all the major networks including abc news. 10 news first, then Seven News. But soon people on social media but wondering if the New South Wales health video was actually a fake. And among the skeptics was the former one nation Senator Rob Carson, whose posts received 1000s of likes, and another former Senator David Lyon helm, and one interviewed Tick Tock who went digging was able to reveal I found all three actors now How can this be coincidental? Yes, all three, including Ramona was supposedly paid crisis actors who did not have COVID at all. And another internet sleuth then set out to prove it renamed Concord hospital to show that Ramona core It was not a patient there. Concord hospital. john kerry, I'm looking for my wife. Sherry Well, bingo video, which Tick Tock only removed today had nearly 800,000 views. Yeah, yeah, this stuff is coming apart. And the less people watch the mainstream, the more that getting turned on to this and then that don't trust it anymore. They
  • 1:03:47
    John: run believable because we have had example after example, on our show that we believe to be fake. Oh, sure. The and it was done on it's all done by NBC ABC. CBS is done by the big boys. Yeah.
  • 1:04:00
    Adam: And who was this done by?
  • 1:04:02
    John: Well, this was done by ABC, Australia. I mean, the guy cited the three news organizations. The Big Three the big three networks in Australia played this clip from this hospital that was rigged. It was phony up.
  • 1:04:16
    Adam: Yeah, they're taking the same playbook
  • 1:04:18
    John: is and this brings me to my comments about all of a sudden the Lancet and all these sources are coming out with a booster anti boost. Ah, you don't need a booster. You don't need a booster. You don't need a booster. I'm in Eclipse, but there's a lot of reports about well, we're thinking twice about the booster and then and then it Fauci No, no, can
  • 1:04:38
    Adam: I give you some data on the booster from Alex bearish? You would Alex Berenson on his substack which I highly recommend. He says the FDA just released its briefing book for Pfizer's request for a third dose of I'm not gonna say Qunari because I think it's a spell. It's every bit the mess we all expected highlights Pfizer base hasn't bothered to test the booster at all in the people actually at risk. It conducted a single phase one trial that covered 12 people over 65 the main phase which is to three booster trial beware efforts to cover multiple phases of drug use research at once you when you want to bad you get a bad included no one over 55 so they didn't even test anyone in the third booster trial over 55 no one he says as in none, which makes total sense. Which makes total sense. Why test the booster and people who actually need it because they're at high risk. What else do we have here? That was kind of damning enough? Yep. So right there, it's that the data is no good. Now we have a an FDA advisory panel. And from what I understand, they kicked it back to the FDA and said you know, you guys gotta get some doctors. We're not going to sign off on it. That's that's kind of how I understand the situation to be that there's no data.
  • 1:06:06
    John: Well, I think they're backing on and I've seen all kinds of stuff come out but the boosters and whether they work or not, I think they're backing off because I think it's caught I think the discussion of the boosters this happened once before in January, February, we talked about it on the show. The all the discussion about the boosters had has made more people hesitant and I think is making people wait a minute. I thought I needed two shots. Now you're already I haven't even had my two shots. And you're already telling me I need to reach shots now. There was this I think is a it's a public relations nightmare.
  • 1:06:45
    Adam: Well, there was another little problem that cropped up. This was fun. This is the marketing nightmare. Who wrote this this is from was Yahoo. So you know it's true.
  • 1:06:57
    John: Yeah, he's the worst data
  • 1:06:59
    Adam: emerges showing more differences between the COVID vaccines Here comes recent data suggests that modernos Coronavirus vaccine may maintain a higher effectiveness over time than Pfizer's between the lines Pfizer was the first vaccine authorized for use in the US and began administering several weeks before the maternal vaccine. Because the way the rollout has happened, the oldest the most vulnerable and sickest people like nursing home residents got Pfizer, the Cornell virologist john Moore said that's means it's possible some of the effectiveness gaps showing up in some studies as a result of Pfizer being administered earlier and more vulnerable populations. However, the large CDC study that found a significant difference in the vaccines effectiveness found that moderner was higher across all ages. possible reasons for the difference include that Madonna has a much higher dose regimen than Pfizer, and the second shot is given after a slightly longer interval. Now what's interesting about this story which puts Madonna Pfizer in a bad light is the millennial texted us yesterday with a with a screenshot of course why send a link we don't do that anymore with a screenshot of an article that that's literally the headline said research shows majorna less effective than Pfizer and she had gotten Madonna to that's how how evil this stuff is the actual report comes out and it's turned around on a dime and they found some way to scare people saying your vaccine was no good because that was Madonna. I mean those guys are good they flip that on a dime and I and we're sending this article is like no no this is something weird like I don't know where you get that from but this is something different they think we're stupid. They think no one looks at anything we don't look at any more people are more than ever of our than more than ever are more than ever. You got any clips on that on the on the boosters.
  • 1:09:00
    John: No, I said I had no clips I said I just made this I was very I do have two more clips on ivermectin is and then I have a note to ever be read, which is about from a from one of our Uber drivers who picked up a Pfizer guy
  • 1:09:14
    Adam: or girl Uber drivers are back. The best spies.
  • 1:09:18
    John: The guy could be a girl he doesn't say they're not gonna he's
  • 1:09:21
    Adam: not gonna say if he's a girl. Way to go.
  • 1:09:24
    John: And so he writes I read this notice Actually, it's kind of interesting. Um, doo doo doo doo doo have the right note here. No, hang on. Okay, I'm going to play my play my let's do the ivermectin I'll read the note after that. Sorry. ivermectin, is Chicago kerfluffle. And I am is a two parter because the second part is as though they're doing this ivermectin promotion and they have to pull back from it. It's almost like the There's just a weirdest report just play this
  • 1:10:02
    Unknown: center of a battle over her treatment for COVID-19 has done Veronica wolski was being treated at a Northwest hospital that received heyfield phone calls for refusing to give her a drug that the Food and Drug Administration says is not safe for COVID patients. W Jen's jewel Hillary live in Jefferson park with his story jewel.
  • 1:10:23
    Hi, good afternoon, you all right now we're across from the Kennedy Expressway. It's a location where Veronica wolski also known as the bridge lady spent lots of her time spreading her anti vaccination and anti mass message.
  • 1:10:38
    Hello brothers and sisters Welcome
  • 1:10:41
    John: to the people's bridge. glorious day out.
  • 1:10:44
    Unknown: The messages and reports on social media about the death of Veronica wolf ski are seemingly endless. wolski passed away early Monday morning in the ICU at Amita health resurrection Medical Center. w gn confirmed with the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office that the 64 year old died of natural causes from pneumonia due to covid 19 infection and hypothyroidism as a contributing factor. In a request for additional information we reached out to resurrection Medical Center. A representative from the hospital says we will not be providing any additional comment about this patient for topic. In recent weeks. wolski supporters surrounded the hospital demanding wolski receive ivermectin according to the FDA, the drug is approved to treat parasites and livestock and sometimes humans. The CDC reports there's been a significant increase in filling ivermectin prescriptions during the pandemic. During the week of august 13 of this year, more than 88,000 prescriptions were dispensed compared to about 3600 prescriptions between March 2019 and march 2020.
  • 1:11:55
    Adam: Didn't they sue over that? Didn't they sued?
  • 1:11:59
    John: There's this has been going on all over the country. So there was a lawsuit in one of these hospitals that could have been this one because it got the most attention. You know, I get a kick out of the fact that these newsreaders always mentioned the horse horse warming and Oh
  • 1:12:10
    Adam: yeah, no, you're not completely.
  • 1:12:12
    John: But they never mentioned that. What it What did it win the Nobel Prize for river blindness with river blindness. And then it's a cure for rosacea, which are very common river blindness isn't big rosacea. Sure, yeah. I got on a tree but wait before you before you go to your site. I had to play the second part of this clip, where you know, they said we got to pull back on this report because I you're going to pull back and apart we have the perfect way of ending the report planted
  • 1:12:42
    Unknown: during the week of august 13 of this year, more than 88,000 prescriptions were dispensed compared to about 3600 prescriptions between March 2019 and march 2020.
  • 1:12:53
    John: I have never once one a mass. I have called the police and people
  • 1:12:59
    Unknown: have tried to make me wear masks. Now although ivermectin is not advised to treat COVID patients, people across the country have sued hospitals to get their hands on the drug. Live in Jefferson Park.
  • 1:13:12
    Adam: Yeah, that's interesting. I'm seeing local stories. Well, wait,
  • 1:13:16
    John: wait, you kind of missed the point I'm trying to make here which is they brought in the same woman the bridge woman who's now ranting about never wearing a mask and calling them okay. Yeah, and she's calls the police. She's nuts. Yeah. So So let's do the report kind of be soft pedal the ivermectin sir, but we can't really approve the idea. So let's just make it clear that not so lady in there. She was a nut lady. I got it. damages. Just to point that was that this is the mainstream media report. Even though it's wg and local station, Chicago World's Greatest newspapers what that stands for, used to be owned by the Chicago Tribune. It is still toeing the line anyway. I'm sorry.
  • 1:14:05
    Adam: No, no, the that wasn't clear. Because I didn't know that was the same lady coming back. The visual the visual was like yeah,
  • 1:14:12
    John: we lose a lot on the show. Um,
  • 1:14:18
    Adam: oh, yes. I'm gonna say that this local stories, a lot of this. Okay, XC n and I didn't clip it. They had a local pharmacist, who's the guy that I guess can sell ivermectin if he's asked, and he stated 300 prescriptions a day. He's filling in Austin in Austin.
  • 1:14:36
    John: That's unusual because most of the pharmacies around the Bay Area will not sell it. Yeah. Now, what's their reason? Because the FDA doesn't approve it for COVID. I asked the pharmacists about this and this is what I heard. The FDA won't approve in for COVID. But off label use is very common