1384: Code Red

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 25m
September 23rd, 2021
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Winery Wednesday
Becker Vineyards
Dolcetto Reserve 2018
Space Force
Australia Covid Down Under
FB shutting down livestreams in Australia
Melbourne BOTG
Ok, it is difficult to send much right now, in terms of audio, but I’m being overwhelmed with information to the extent I’m delayed in what I can clip for you.
For now, I’ve attached a series of screenshots showing an article in the Herald Sun covering a story where the Victorian Government and Victoria Police attempted institute a temporary restricted airspace order over Melbourne’s CBD for the next four days, and ban all live streaming.
Today was day 4 of the mass protests. Dictator Dan has successfully managed to get Facebook, Instagram, etc to blanket ban all live streaming. If you weren’t in Melbourne today, you couldn’t get any vision at all. This is being challenged legally, but I’m not sure how that’s going as I type this.
I’ll send another email shortly with some more background info - apologies for the long winded emails, but we’re going to have to rely on the podcast world to get the information out now Adam.
We are in a state of complete tyranny here now. Things are getting desperate for our democracy - if it even exists any more.
Australia now has Army arresting people on the streets
Tim's ESG scam
Spotted the old monkey bars al qaeida footage
Healthcare Metdown
The unvaccinated in hospital scam
Less than 2 weeks after 2nd VAX, you are unvaxxed
Biden Tightens Intl Travel Rules for Americans
Headlines were all about allowing in vaccinated Europeans, but this change for Americans is a big deal. A 24 hour test is very risky timing-wise. Of course no change to the land border which will continue to be a disaster.
>>>Biden will also tighten testing rules for unvaccinated American citizens, who will need to be tested within a day before returning to the U.S., as well as after they arrive home. Zients said there would be no immediate changes to the U.S. land border policies…
Remote workers mandatory vax
Freedom Papers
BLM NYC Vax Pass = Racists
BLM THREATENS NEW YORK CITY with a 'george floyd' like 'uprising' after declaring the vaccine mandates are racist and a 'passport' to racism. 72% of blacks in NYC from ages 18 to 44 are unvaccinated.
Pfizer Marketing
Liverpool Protocol
Midazolam and Circumcision from Nurse Ruthie
Just finished listening to episode 1384 and have a couple of medical/ nursing remarks. I am A BScN (nurse) and have worked in hospitals and in last 18 years in homecare. I was also part of a specialized homecare team that gave hospital and terminal care at home. I want to remark on 2 things: Midazolam and circumcision.
1) Midazolam
You have played clips from doctors, family and undertakers insinuating that old people have potentially passed quicker then intended with the use of Midazolam and withholding fluid and food. Many issues are being brought forth here that need a bit of perspective as these are not black and white situations.
To start off, death is an intense life event where emotions can run high and information can easily get lost as there is a lot happening and getting processed. Communication is key and problems often happen in this area (2 way street between health care professionals and family). Death is a natural process, sometimes very serene and sometimes a fight. When death is rough, as a result of pain or other complications, doctors will often turn to sedation (Liverpool protocol) after they have done everything in their power to reduce the issue at hand. This is where things get tricky and people can start to have different views on the situation, causing double grief. The choice to start sedation is always made with the family and the doctor.
Furthermore, as people progess in their death process, energy drops and the need for food and water reduces as the body is literally shutting down. The patient and family often have a hard time accepting this process as we are used to showing our Love and giving attention to each other through food. At a certain point, eating and drinking will literally make the dying person sick. Giving intravenous fluids is also a life extending procedure that does not improve the quality of a persons life, something that not all medical professionals agree with. And there you have it, you need context and at the end of the day we do not all agree.
The great tragedy in this Covid time is that families have not always been given the chance to be with their family members as they died with or from covid. A situation that really makes my stomach turn as it goes against every everything I stand for as a nurse.
PS, Health care professionals do not leave vials of Midazolam beside the bed of patients, it is administered in a pump or by injection and the vials and syringes are not left floating around a room!
2) Circumcision
If the foreskin of the penis is too tight and it can no longer be retracted over the gland of the penis head then, Houston, we have a problem! All kidding aside, this is not a great situation and can lead to all kinds of nasty situations as you might beable to imagine, thus the need for circumcision! See short google results 😉
Your friendly homecare nurse Ruthie!
Friendly Home Care Nurse Ruthie on killing old people
Just finished listening to episode 1384 and have a couple of medical/ nursing remarks. I am A BScN (nurse) and have worked in hospitals and in last 18 years in homecare. I was also part of a specialized homecare team that gave hospital and terminal care at home. I want to remark on 2 things: Midazolam and circumcision.
1) Midazolam
You have played clips from doctors, family and undertakers insinuating that old people have potentially passed quicker then intended with the use of Midazolam and withholding fluid and food. Many issues are being brought forth here that need a bit of perspective as these are not black and white situations.
To start off, death is an intense life event where emotions can run high and information can easily get lost as there is a lot happening and getting processed. Communication is key and problems often happen in this area (2 way street between health care professionals and family). Death is a natural process, sometimes very serene and sometimes a fight. When death is rough, as a result of pain or other complications, doctors will often turn to sedation (Liverpool protocol) after they have done everything in their power to reduce the issue at hand. This is where things get tricky and people can start to have different views on the situation, causing double grief. The choice to start sedation is always made with the family and the doctor.
Furthermore, as people progess in their death process, energy drops and the need for food and water reduces as the body is literally shutting down. The patient and family often have a hard time accepting this process as we are used to showing our Love and giving attention to each other through food. At a certain point, eating and drinking will literally make the dying person sick. Giving intravenous fluids is also a life extending procedure that does not improve the quality of a persons life, something that not all medical professionals agree with. And there you have it, you need context and at the end of the day we do not all agree.
The great tragedy in this Covid time is that families have not always been given the chance to be with their family members as they died with or from covid. A situation that really makes my stomach turn as it goes against every everything I stand for as a nurse.
PS, Health care professionals do not leave vials of Midazolam beside the bed of patients, it is administered in a pump or by injection and the vials and syringes are not left floating around a room!
2) Circumcision
If the foreskin of the penis is too tight and it can no longer be retracted over the gland of the penis head then, Houston, we have a problem! All kidding aside, this is not a great situation and can lead to all kinds of nasty situations as you might beable to imagine, thus the need for circumcision! See short google results 😉
Your friendly homecare nurse Ruthie!
John O’Looney suspended from funeral directors Society 17 Sept 2021
Re examine Logan stance on media. They want you to
Climate Change
Build the Wall
He swung his whip menacingly
Biden UN
Biden in 14 mins
The Purge
Supply Chains
Brake Drum supplies running out
In the Chicago area we are running out of brake drums for semi trucks. Trucks need 6 of them and trailers use 4. The suppliers have a 6-8 week lead time. We used to keep about 2,000 in stock and ran out last week. We only received 300 today and won’t get anymore until next week. This is in addition to all the other parts trucks are waiting for
Thank you for your courage
RN Feedback 'slouch'
Hey Adam,
Thank you & John for your digging and analysis of current event, including COVID. Couple of comments/thoughts from one of your MD listeners.
VAERS: I had only vaguely heard of VAERS prior to your show. I'm "no slouch" as John likes to put it - I've been in practice over a decade, graduated from a top medical school, and have numerous scientific publications to my name. This may give you some additional insight into how often VAERS is likely being used by physicians in general.
Biden cough: Not sure what is causing it, but since you guys mentioned it - from my distant viewpoint (camera shots of Biden walking, talking, and standing), I can say with fair certainty that he has Parkinsons. Technically speaking Parkinson's is a clinical diagnosis. What this means is that a doctor can diagnose it without scans or labs. It is diagnosed based on observation of movement and several movement exercises/tests. There are more sophisticated ways of diagnosing and exploring that can be done by a neurologist, however, and Internist such as myself is qualified to make this diagnosis & YES - he has Parkinson's. Truthfully, any decent doc knows this, it's just another example of media censorship
**More specific nerdy details: Shaking (resting tremor) is certainly one aspect of Parkinson's - however early signs include reduced arm swing when walking, shuffling gait, stiffness, slow movement, difficulty initiating movement, etc.
COVID: Love the clips, keep them coming, especially data from Israel whom has unfortunately volunteered to be a national drug trial. I'm muscling through the 8 hour FDA 167th meeting of the vaccines and related biological products due to the fascinating clips you included. I like how they had the woman with the thick accent handle the disclosures and conflicts of which I understood almost nothing .
Case Filed Against COVID-19 Vaccines in International Criminal Court, Rising Infections in Vaccinated - Vision Times
On April 28, the ICC acknowledged the request and assigned the pair a case number. Since then, Mayne and McCallum have been collecting evidence to prove their claims. On Aug. 17, a press release from the two attorneys stated that they had received sworn affidavits from experts around the world, including Nobel Laureate virologist Professor Luc A. Montagnier, nuclear cardiologist Dr. Richarm M. Fleming, and neuroscientist Dr. Kevin W. McCairn.
The pair said they now have “compelling evidence” that COVID-19 and the vaccines are “deliberately engineered bioweapons” that have been released in two phases on the “unsuspecting people of the world.”
The attorneys have asked the ICC to examine the “genocide of the elderly” that took place in hospitals and care homes. An investigation into the “inappropriate use” of morphine and midazolam has also been requested. A team of lawyers and experts who conducted another inquiry on the issue sent a letter to the UK Government and officials such as Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty, warning that if they did not provide satisfactory answers, a private criminal prosecution case would be launched against them.
Another HIV vaccine fails, highlighting longstanding challenges in the field
Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine was only 25% effective at preventing disease, a level too low for trial to continue
HIV has bested another vaccine.
After promising results in earlier rounds of testing, Johnson & Johnson’s experimental HIV vaccine failed in Phase 2 trials in women in Africa. The failure is the latest in the so-far fruitless effort to create a vaccine to prevent HIV infection, the leading cause of infectious death in the world.
The results were particularly gutting, says April Randhawa, an infectious disease scientist with the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, because the J&J vaccine was the first one developed to encompass the broad variability of the virus, rather than to focus on one strain.
“It’s devastating. We had a lot of high hopes for this vaccine,” Randhawa says. “For the clinical trial sites and study participants, I think it’s probably the hardest for them.”
Developing a successful HIV vaccine will require overcoming technological and societal hurdles, Randhawa and other scientists say. Some vaccine candidates, like J&J’s, use a more traditional approach to coax a protective immune response from the body. Others—like Moderna’s mRNA-based HIV vaccine, which just began Phase 1 trials—try to convince the body to release a special kind of antibody far sooner than it normally would.
'Tough' to meet climate finance targets ahead of COP26, Johnson says
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 14:17
September 19, 2021: Prime Minister Boris Johnson boards RAF Voyager at Stansted Airport ahead of a visit to the United States.
Stefan Rousseau - PA Images | PA Images | Getty Images
There is a six out of 10 chance an agreement on climate finance will be reached before the forthcoming COP26 climate change summit, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.
In remarks made to the media while traveling to New York over the weekend, Johnson was asked about securing commitments related to climate finance and, according to the BBC, environmental targets over the next few days.
"Getting it all done this week is going to be a stretch," he is reported to have said. "But I think getting it all done by COP, six out of 10. It's going to be tough, but people need to understand that this is crucial for the world."Discussions around finance are set to play a key role at COP26, which will be hosted by the U.K. in the Scottish city of Glasgow between Oct. 31 and Nov. 12.
According to the U.N., developed nations have previously said they would "jointly mobilize $100 billion per year by 2020 in support of climate action in developing countries."
This target is proving to be a challenge. Last week, the OECD said climate finance provided and mobilized by developed countries amounted to $79.6 billion in 2019. This represents a rise compared to the figure of $78.3 billion in 2018 but still falls short of the $100 billion.
"The limited progress in overall climate finance volumes between 2018 and 2019 is disappointing, particularly ahead of COP26," Mathias Cormann, the OECD's secretary-general, said in a statement reacting to the numbers.
"While appropriately verified data for 2020 will not be available until early next year it is clear that climate finance will remain well short of its target," Cormann said. "More needs to be done."
Johnson's remarks were published by a number of outlets and on Monday morning the BBC broadcast an excerpt of the discussion. Johnson said while the U.K. had made a "big, big pledge" and "greatly reduced our CO2," it needed other countries to step up to the plate.
"We've been emitting for centuries and these newly industrialized countries say 'well, why should we pay such a big price?' So the $100 billion a year that we need to raise is to support those countries [to] make the transition."The U.K.'s official website for COP26 states it will "bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change."
Described by the United Nations as a legally-binding international treaty on climate change, the Paris Agreement aims to "limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels."
Monday will see Johnson and U.N. Secretary-General Ant"nio Guterres hold what's being described as an "informal leaders roundtable on climate action."
Inquiry launched into European Commission chief's refusal to hand over text messages she exchanged with Pfizer CEO '-- RT World News
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:56
The European Ombudsman has demanded that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen explain how she lost text messages that she exchanged with the CEO of Pfizer during talks about vaccine procurement.
European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly, the EU's top accountability and governance officer, launched an inquiry into the European Commission's refusal to hand over the contents of communications between von der Leyen and a CEO of an unnamed pharmaceutical company about a Covid-19 vaccine contract.
As a first step, O'Reilly asked the Commission to explain its policy on keeping records of von der Leyen's text messages. ''The Commission has an obligation to record instant messages relating to important policy or political matters, such as the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines,'' O'Reilly's office wrote in a statement about the case.
In April, the New York Times reported that von der Leyen had been exchanging texts and calls with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla for a month as part of negotiations about vaccine procurement for the bloc. The paper wrote at the time that personal diplomacy played a big role in securing the vaccine deal.
O'Reilly requested that the Commission hand over the text messages, but the Commission claimed that ''no record had been kept of any such messages,'' according to the ombudsman's office.
The office has previously warned about the importance of record-keeping within EU institutions amid an increased amount of remote work in the Covid era. ''EU administration is required by EU law to draw up and retain documentation pertaining to its activities, as far as possible and in a non-arbitrary and predictable manner,'' the watchdog said in June.
Also on rt.com BioNTech 'preparing production' of Covid-19 vaccine for children under 12, which may be approved in Europe next month '' media Pfizer remains one of the EU's major vaccine suppliers after sealing several deals with Brussels. The delays in shipments earlier this year frustrated EU leaders, including von der Leyen herself. ''Europe invested billions to help develop the world's first Covid-19 vaccines,'' she said in January. ''And now, the companies must deliver. They must honor their obligations.''
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Michigan Gov. Whitmer announces in-road wireless EV charging project
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:13
PONTIAC, Mich. '-- Tuesday, at the opening ceremony for Motor Bella, the outdoor event serving as a placeholder for the Detroit Auto Show, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that Michigan would be the first state to deploy wireless electric vehicle charging on the road. This would allow EVs to charge while driving, without having to stop to plug in at a charging station.
Whitmer said the state is looking for partners to help develop and deploy the technology. According to a press release from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Inductive Vehicle Charging Pilot will cover a one-mile stretch of road in either Wayne, Oakland or Macomb county. The Michigan Department of Transportation will release a Request for Proposal on September 28 to design, fund and implement the test road.
"Michigan was home to the first mile of paved road, and now we're paving the way for the roads of tomorrow with innovative infrastructure the will support the economy and the environment, helping us achieve our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050,'' said Whitmer. "This project reinforces my commitment to accelerating the deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure in Michigan and will create new opportunities for businesses and high-tech jobs amidst the transition to electric vehicles."
Despite the claim that Michigan would be the first to deploy such technology, the Indiana Department of Transportation announced earlier this summer that it would be working with Purdue and with German firm Magment to test in-road wireless charging. Magment's technology uses a concrete medium filled with magnetic particles to wirelessly transmit energy to electric vehicles on the move.
Utah State University is also working on in-road wireless charging, with induction coils in the pavement transmitting energy to coils in equipped electric vehicles.
In-road wireless charging could help solve problems with range anxiety, as well as the headache of finding a working DC fast charger.
We're curious to see what Michigan's program will entail, and we'll update you when we know more about the initiative.
Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester | Evie Magazine
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:11
The June 2021 study called ''Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons'' purports to study the effects that the Covid vaccine has on pregnancies, including miscarriages, stillbirths, anomalies, and live births.
One particular finding '' that related to miscarriages '' has been disturbingly overlooked (and perhaps even intentionally hidden, as some claim, since corrections were made to the report). But first, it's important to keep in mind that miscarriages are defined as ''the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week.'' The general rate of miscarriages in the U.S. ranges from as low as 10% to as high as 26%, depending on the medical publication.
The study tracked 3,958 women who received the vaccine before and during pregnancy (the group was a mix of Pfizer''BioNTech and Moderna recipients). Among the women, 92 participants (2.3%) had received the vaccine before conception, 1132 (28.6%) received the vaccine in the first trimester, 1714 (43.3%) in the second trimester, and 1019 (25.7%) in the third trimester.
This is what the study found: ''Among 827 participants who had a completed pregnancy, the pregnancy resulted in a live birth in 712 (86.1%), in a spontaneous abortion in 104 (12.6%), in stillbirth in 1 (0.1%), and in other outcomes (induced abortion and ectopic pregnancy) in 10 (1.2%). A total of 96 of 104 spontaneous abortions (92.3%) occurred before 13 weeks of gestation (Table 4), and 700 of 712 pregnancies that resulted in a live birth (98.3%) were among persons who received their first eligible vaccine dose in the third trimester.''
Okay, what do these statistics mean? Firstly, 827 women completed their pregnancy during the study, and 712 of them successfully gave birth. 700 of those 712 women who gave birth received their Covid vaccine in the third trimester.
Secondly, 104 of those 827 women experienced ''spontaneous abortions,'' i.e. miscarriages, with 96 happening in the first trimester. Now, initially, that looks like 1 in 8 women, which is 12.5% '' which fits within the general miscarriage rate in the U.S. However, we have to remember that miscarriages, by definition, occur before the 20-week gestation mark. This means that all 700 women who received the vaccine in the third trimester must be excluded from the calculation because they were already past being able to have a technical miscarriage! So really, 104 out of 127 women experienced a miscarriage. This means the miscarriage rate of women who received the vaccine in the first or second trimester is actually 81.8%, or 8 out of 10 women '' way, way above the national average.
Another thing to note is that this study is still ongoing, as 3,131 participants had not completed their pregnancy yet at time of publication, so these preliminary statistics are likely to change '' hopefully for the better.
That being said, the study seems to overlook the miscarriage rate and focus on the positive rates of third-trimester vaccination, concluding that ''Early data...do not indicate any obvious safety signals with respect to pregnancy or neonatal outcomes associated with Covid-19 vaccination in the third trimester of pregnancy.''
Since pregnant women were excluded from the trials of the experimental vaccine, they have been left to make their own best decision about which to risk '' Covid or the vaccine. It's hardly pro-woman not to make statistics like these transparent and public.
Case Filed Against COVID-19 Vaccines in International Criminal Court, Rising Infections in Vaccinated - Vision Times
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:05
On April 20, UK-based attorneys Melinda C. Mayne and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page ''Request for Investigation'' to the International Criminal Court (ICC). In the request, the duo accused members of the UK government and its advisors of being complicit in crimes against humanity, genocide, and breach of the Nuremberg Code in the name of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines.
On April 28, the ICC acknowledged the request and assigned the pair a case number. Since then, Mayne and McCallum have been collecting evidence to prove their claims. On Aug. 17, a press release from the two attorneys stated that they had received sworn affidavits from experts around the world, including Nobel Laureate virologist Professor Luc A. Montagnier, nuclear cardiologist Dr. Richarm M. Fleming, and neuroscientist Dr. Kevin W. McCairn.
The pair said they now have ''compelling evidence'' that COVID-19 and the vaccines are ''deliberately engineered bioweapons'' that have been released in two phases on the ''unsuspecting people of the world.''
The attorneys have asked the ICC to examine the ''genocide of the elderly'' that took place in hospitals and care homes. An investigation into the ''inappropriate use'' of morphine and midazolam has also been requested. A team of lawyers and experts who conducted another inquiry on the issue sent a letter to the UK Government and officials such as Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty, warning that if they did not provide satisfactory answers, a private criminal prosecution case would be launched against them.
Mayne and McCallum were joined by lawyers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and France to file a joint claim, asking the ICC for a moratorium on ''the entire COVID-19 vaccine program'' in all four nations, as well as ending the testing of asymptomatic people.
''Given the extremely serious nature of the situation that pertains in all four of our countries with regards to escalating medical apartheid, the loss of basic freedoms and rights and the ever-increasing, very high number of deaths and serious adverse events suffered by recipients of COVID-19 'vaccines', we have brought to the attention of the ICC the urgent need for the Court to act swiftly and without further delay,'' states the press release.
One of the experts cited by the duo, Montagnier, is famous for winning the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work researching HIV. In April last year, he said that the novel coronavirus responsible for the pandemic could have been created in a lab.
In an interview with Hold-Up Media in May, Montagnier blamed vaccines for triggering the creation of COVID-19 variants. The French virologist called the mass COVID-19 vaccination program an ''unacceptable mistake,'' and a ''scientific error as well as a medical error.'' He said that antibodies created by the vaccine force the SARS-CoV-2 virus to mutate into new variants.
''What does the virus do? Does it die or find another solution? It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination,'' Montagnier said. He added that the trend can be seen in ''each country'' where the ''curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.''
Vaccines, infections, and deathsThe issue of rising COVID-19 infections after vaccination was raised back in February by a group of medical doctors. In an open letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the doctors highlighted numerous reports of ''care homes being struck by COVID-19 within days of vaccination of residents.'' The doctors stated that they were concerned about the issue and that there is not much scrutiny regarding the matter.
''We question whether cardinal issues regarding the safety of the vaccines were adequately addressed prior to their approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA),'' the letter stated.
According to a Sept. 15 report published by Dr. Joseph Mercola, New York Times bestselling author and recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health, vaccinated patients are flooding hospitals around the world.
On Aug. 1, Israel's director of Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, revealed that 50 percent of COVID-19 infections were among fully vaccinated individuals. Data from Scotland shows that 87 percent of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave of the pandemic, which began in July, were inoculated.
Among citizens above 50 years of age in the UK, vaccinated people account for 68 percent of hospitalizations and 70 percent of deaths. In Iceland, where more than 82 percent of the population has received vaccines, 77 percent of new COVID-19 cases have been in fully vaccinated people. Between July 6 and 24, 74 percent of those diagnosed with COVID-19 and 80 percent of those hospitalized in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, had received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines.
A British study published in mid-August found that fully vaccinated individuals who contract COVID-19 have a higher viral load in their nasal passages than unvaccinated individuals who are infected. The same was found in a study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
In addition, a new study published on medRxiv showed that healthy boys who received mRNA COVID-19 shots were more at risk of developing heart inflammation after vaccination than being hospitalized for COVID-19. For boys aged 12 to 17 who did not have underlying medical conditions. The cardiac adverse events (CAE) observed occurred a median of two days after vaccination, and 91.9% occurred within five days.
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan loves talking politics, economics and philosophy. He carries unique perspectives on everything making him a rather odd mix of liberal-conservative with a streak of independent Austrian thought.
Lithuania Recommends Throwing Away Chinese Phones 'as Fast as Reasonably Possible' | PCMag
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 11:40
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The country's Defense Ministry discovered censorship controls included on Xiaomi phones.
The Defense Ministry of Lithuania is recommending that smartphones from Chinese brands be thrown away as quickly as possible following the discovery of built-in censorship on some handsets.
As Reuters reports, the recommendation was made by Defense Deputy Minister Margiris Abukevicius, who said, "Our recommendation is to not buy new Chinese phones, and to get rid of those already purchased as fast as reasonably possible." It follows the discovery of "censorship capabilities" on phones offered by Xiaomi.
In particular, the Xiomi Mi 10T 5G contains software that detects and censors terms including "Free Tibet", "Long live Taiwan independence," and "democracy movement." The software is present, but disabled on phones sold in the European Union, but the Defense Ministry's National Cyber Security Centre believes the software can be enabled remotely at any time.
The censorship controls can be used by any of the default system apps included on Xiaomi phones, including the default browser. A report released by the National Cyber Security Centre says there are 449 terms in Chinese that will be censored, but that the list is regularly updated by the company. Huawei was also flagged for a security flaw discovered on its P40 5G phone, but the company has responded, stating user data is not shared with others. Notably, OnePlus did not feature in the report.
Recommended by Our EditorsXiaomi was added to a US blacklist back in January, but by May the company had been removed from the list. This discovery in Lithuania could push the Department of Defense to take another look at Xiaomi to see if the same disabled censorship controls are included on phones sold in the US. Huawei, of course, has already been banned from the US market.
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Take a look at the record-breaking port congestion from 10,000 feet above, as 70 hulking cargo ships park off the LA coast
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 11:39
(C) Associated Press Associated Press Every day last week key ports in Southern California hit a new record backlog of cargo ships. An aerial view shows how the coast has turned into a parking lot for container ships. Prior to the pandemic, the ports typically had zero to one ships waiting to dock and unload. See more stories on Insider's business page. From above they may look like colorful specks in the distance, but the cargo ships floating off the coast of Southern California represent a massive bottle neck for the global supply chain.
On Monday, 97 hulking cargo ships were at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. At the time, 70 of the container ships were at anchor or in drift areas waiting for space to open up in the port, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California.
On Sunday, when Sam Kirschner snapped a photo from his plane window - over 10,000 feet above the shore - the Southern California ports had just finished a week where they had hit a new ship-backlog record every day, as the queue lengthened by 10 ships.
(C) Courtesy of Sam Kirschner A photo of the Southern California coast taken from a plane Courtesy of Sam Kirschner The aerial view of the scene from Sunday captures the enormity of the situation, as ships wait over a week to dock and unload, turning the coast into a type of parking lot for vessels that can be worth over $100 million and weigh over 200,000 tonnes.
Prior to the pandemic, the ports typically had zero to one ships waiting to dock, according to Kip Louttit, the executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California
Earlier this year, Louttit told Insider the sheer enormity of the ships has only made the issue worse.
Gallery: The fascinating past and present of the Panama Canal (StarsInsider)
"Part of the problem is the ships are double or triple the size of the ships we were seeing 10 or 15 years ago," Louttit told Insider. "They take longer to unload. You need more trucks, more trains, more warehouses to put the cargo."
Another Twitter user also took a photo of the scene from above.
-Q (@quinnjmiller) September 20, 2021The massive backlog has become a spectacle of sorts in California. Insider's Brittany Chang captured images of the port congestion in April, when 21 boats waited to dock.
At the time, the cargo boats were readily visible from the shore.
(C) Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images About 20 containers wait to be unloaded in Southern California. Surfers are just hanging out. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images In April, the backlog was already wreaking havoc on the global supply chain, but it was nowhere near the levels of congestion the port is seeing today.
Earlier this year, the backlog showed signs of abating, after hitting a record high in February of 2020, when the onset of the pandemic and panic-buying wreaked havoc on global supply chains. But, last month the ports began to beat out February's record, as COVID-19 shutdowns and a labor shortage met a boom in demand from shopping for remote work to preparing for the holiday shopping season.
Several Twitter users have also captured photos of the recent congestion from nearby beaches.
Longitudinal Trends in Body Mass Index Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Persons Aged 2''19 Years '-- United States, 2018''2020 | MMWR
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 18:24
Please note:. This report has been corrected. An erratum will be published.
Samantha J. Lange, MPH1; Lyudmyla Kompaniyets, PhD1; David S. Freedman, PhD1; Emily M. Kraus, PhD2; Renee Porter; DNP3; Heidi M. Blanck, PhD1; Alyson B. Goodman, MD1 (View author affiliations)
View suggested citationSummaryWhat is already known about this topic?
The COVID-19 pandemic led to school closures, disrupted routines, increased stress, and less opportunity for physical activity and proper nutrition, leading to weight gain among children and adolescents.
What is added by this report?
Among a cohort of 432,302 persons aged 2''19 years, the rate of body mass index (BMI) increase approximately doubled during the pandemic compared to a prepandemic period. Persons with prepandemic overweight or obesity and younger school-aged children experienced the largest increases.
What are the implications for public health practice?
Obesity prevention and management efforts during and following the COVID-19 pandemic could include health care provider screening for BMI, food security, and social determinants of health, and increased access to evidence-based pediatric weight management programs and food assistance resources.
Altmetric: Citations: Views: Views equals page views plus PDF downloads
Obesity is a serious health concern in the United States, affecting more than one in six children (1) and putting their long-term health and quality of life at risk.* During the COVID-19 pandemic, children and adolescents spent more time than usual away from structured school settings, and families who were already disproportionally affected by obesity risk factors might have had additional disruptions in income, food, and other social determinants of health.' As a result, children and adolescents might have experienced circumstances that accelerated weight gain, including increased stress, irregular mealtimes, less access to nutritious foods, increased screen time, and fewer opportunities for physical activity (e.g., no recreational sports) (2,3). CDC used data from IQVIA's Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records database to compare longitudinal trends in body mass index (BMI, kg/m2) among a cohort of 432,302 persons aged 2''19 years before and during the COVID-19 pandemic (January 1, 2018''February 29, 2020 and March 1, 2020''November 30, 2020, respectively). Between the prepandemic and pandemic periods, the rate of BMI increase approximately doubled, from 0.052 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.051''0.052 to 0.100 (95% CI = 0.098''0.101) kg/m2/month (ratio = 1.93 [95% CI = 1.90''1.96]). Persons aged 2''19 years with overweight or obesity during the prepandemic period experienced significantly higher rates of BMI increase during the pandemic period than did those with healthy weight. These findings underscore the importance of efforts to prevent excess weight gain during and following the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as during future public health emergencies, including increased access to efforts that promote healthy behaviors. These efforts could include screening by health care providers for BMI, food security, and social determinants of health, increased access to evidence-based pediatric weight management programs and food assistance resources, and state, community, and school resources to facilitate healthy eating, physical activity, and chronic disease prevention.
Data were obtained from IQVIA's Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records database,§ which contains deidentified information recorded during outpatient encounters for a geographically diverse U.S. patient population. BMI was calculated from height and weight measurements¶ and categorized based on sex-specific CDC BMI-for-age percentiles.** To be included, persons had to be aged 2''19 years at their initial BMI measurement and have two or more BMI measurements before the COVID-19 pandemic (with at least one during the year immediately preceding the pandemic, March 1, 2019''February 29, 2020) and one or more BMI measurements after the initial 3 months of the pandemic (June 1, 2020''November 30, 2020).' ' The longitudinal cohort included 432,302 persons who had a total of 2.5 million BMI measurements collected from January 1, 2018 through November 30, 2020.
Linear mixed-effects regression models were used to examine differences in the average monthly rate of change in BMI before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Models accounted for all BMI measurements for each child during the study period and included random intercepts to account for individual-level heterogeneity. Models included a linear time trend (from the start of the pandemic on March 1, 2020), a dichotomous variable designating BMI measurements to the period before or after the start of the pandemic on March 1, 2020, the interaction between the linear time trend and pandemic variable, sex (male or female), age (on March 1, 2020), race and ethnicity (White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, other, or unknown), and initial BMI category (underweight, healthy weight, overweight, moderate obesity, or severe obesity). Models were run on the full cohort and stratified by age group during the pandemic (3''5, 6''11, 12''17, and 18''20 years). Models were also calculated with weight change (pounds per month) and obesity status (BMI '‰¥95th percentile) as the outcomes.§§
To determine changes between the prepandemic and pandemic periods, CDC calculated rate differences as the pandemic slope minus prepandemic slope and rate ratios as the pandemic slope divided by prepandemic slope. Data were analyzed using SAS (version 9.4; SAS Institute Inc.) and Stata (version 15.1; StataCorp); statistical significance was defined as p<0.05. This activity was reviewed by CDC and conducted consistent with applicable federal law and CDC policy.¶¶
Among 432,302 persons aged 2''19 years in the longitudinal cohort, 50.7% were male and 65.7% were White (Table 1). The cohort included 45.7% persons from the South, 21.2% from the Midwest, 19.0% from the West, and 14.0% from the Northeast U.S. Census regions.*** Based on initial BMI, obesity prevalence was start highlight 16.0% end highlight , including 4.8% with severe obesity. Overall, the monthly rate of BMI increase nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic period compared with that during the prepandemic period (0.100 versus 0.052 kg/m2; ratio = 1.93) (Table 2). Similarly, the rate of change in the proportion of persons with obesity was 5.3 times as high during the pandemic (0.37 percentage points per month) than before the pandemic (0.07); for example, in this cohort, the estimated proportion of persons aged 2''19 years with obesity was 19.3% (95% CI = 19.1''19.4) in August 2019 and 22.4% (95% CI = 22.3''22.6) in August 2020.
Persons aged 2''19 years in all BMI categories except underweight experienced significant increases in their rate of BMI change during the pandemic (Table 2). Among persons with overweight, moderate obesity, and severe obesity, pandemic rates of BMI increase more than doubled, compared with prepandemic rates (ratios = 2.13, 2.34, and 2.00; differences = 0.06, 0.09, and 0.09, respectively); similar effects were observed for weight change. In contrast, those with healthy weight had a rate of BMI change that increased 0.03 kg/m2/month during the pandemic (ratio = 1.78).
Compared with other age groups, children aged 6''11 years experienced the largest increase in their rate of BMI change (0.09 kg/m2/month), with a pandemic rate of change that was 2.50 times as high as the prepandemic rate. Age-stratified analyses revealed that among children aged 3''5 and 6''11 years, the difference in the rate of BMI change increased with increasing BMI category. For example, among children aged 3''5 years, those with healthy weight had an increase in their rate of BMI change of 0.03 kg/m2/month, whereas those with overweight, moderate obesity, or severe obesity had increases of 0.06, 0.10, and 0.18 kg/m2/month, respectively (Figure).
DiscussionIn a longitudinal cohort of 432,302 persons aged 2''19 years with outpatient visits, the monthly rate of increase in BMI nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with a prepandemic period. The estimated proportion of persons aged 2''19 years with obesity in this care-seeking cohort also increased during the pandemic; for example, 19.3% of persons had obesity in August 2019 compared with 22.4% 1 year later. These findings are consistent with a recent study of Kaiser Permanente data that reported significant weight gain and increased obesity prevalence during the pandemic among children and adolescents aged 5''17 years in Southern California (4). The present study is the largest and first geographically diverse analysis to assess the association of the COVID-19 pandemic with BMI and the first to show results by initial BMI category.
Persons aged 2''19 years with moderate or severe obesity before the pandemic experienced significantly higher rates of increase in BMI, which translates to weight gain, compared with those with prepandemic healthy weight. During March''November 2020, persons with moderate or severe obesity gained on average 1.0 and 1.2 pounds per month, respectively. Weight gain at this rate over 6 months is estimated to result in 6.1 and start highlight 7.3 end highlight pounds, respectively, compared with 2.7 pounds in a person with healthy weight. Accelerated weight gain, especially among children with overweight or obesity, can cause long-lasting metabolic changes that put children at risk for serious and costly co-occurring conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and depression (5,6).
In response to pandemic-related concerns and because of the critical role that pediatricians serve in maintenance of healthy child weight (7), the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that pediatricians assess all children for the onset of obesity-related risk factors during the pandemic and provide tailored counseling, including screening for patient and family stress, disordered eating, and social determinants of health.' ' ' The large increases in BMI and weight detailed in this report provide additional support for the need for such comprehensive screening and counseling.
Consistent with previous studies (4,8), this analysis found that preschool and school-aged children, particularly those with obesity, had larger pandemic-associated increases in BMI than did adolescents. During the pandemic, many early child care and education settings§§§ and schools¶¶¶ experienced closures, leading to online or hybrid learning environments. This might have reduced the ability for some children to engage in structured physical activity and receive healthy meals. As venues serving youth reopen, it is important to acknowledge the potential indirect consequences of the pandemic and provide children, adolescents, and families with ample opportunities for proper nutrition and regular physical activity.
The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations. First, although the longitudinal cohort included a geographically diverse sample of persons with clinically measured BMI data, IQVIA data are not nationally representative; this analysis should be replicated with other data sets, particularly those that are population-based. Second, IQVIA lacks detailed data on race and ethnicity because information was optionally reported in a single composite variable; therefore, ability to assess outcomes by racial and ethnic subpopulations was limited. Third, the number of health care visits with measured BMI was substantially lower during the beginning of the pandemic (March''May 2020) than during comparable months in 2018 and 2019, suggesting potential selection bias for persons who sought health care in 2020; to minimize bias, persons were required to have a BMI measurement during June''November 2020, when health care''seeking behavior began to normalize, to be included in the cohort. Fourth, the observed associations might represent an over- or underestimation if persons who gained weight during the pandemic were more or less likely to see a doctor because of health status or social determinants of health, such as access to care. Finally, the findings could be attributed to other factors that coincided with the pandemic dates selected for this study.
In this large, longitudinal cohort of persons aged 2''19 years, sharp increases in BMI rates occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic; those with overweight or obesity and younger school-aged children experienced the largest increases. These findings underscore the importance of obesity prevention and management efforts during and following the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as during future public health emergencies, including increased access to efforts that promote healthy behaviors. These efforts could include screening for BMI, food security, and other social determinants of health by health care providers; increased access to evidence-based pediatric weight management programs and food assistance resources; and state, community, and school efforts to facilitate healthy eating, physical activity, and chronic disease prevention.****
AcknowledgmentsCorinna Koebnick, Margo Sidell, Kaiser Permanente; Kenneth Resnicow, University of Michigan; Ihuoma Eneli, Jinyu Xu, Nationwide Children's Hospital; Chris Economos, Kenneth Chui, Tufts University.
Corresponding author: Samantha J. Lange, nya7@cdc.gov.
1Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC; 2Public Health Informatics Institute, Atlanta, Georgia; 3McKing Consulting Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia.
ReferencesFryar CD, Carroll MD, Afful J. Prevalence of overweight, obesity, and severe obesity among children and adolescents aged 2''19 years: United States, 1963''1965 through 2017''2018. Health E-Stats. Atlanta, GA: US Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, National Center for Health Statistics; 2020. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hestat/obesity-child-17-18/overweight-obesity-child-H.pdf pdf icon Rundle AG, Park Y, Herbstman JB, Kinsey EW, Wang YC. COVID-19-related school closings and risk of weight gain among children. Obesity (Silver Spring) 2020;28:1008''9. https://doi.org/10.1002/oby.22813 external icon PMID:32227671 external icon Franckle R, Adler R, Davison K. Accelerated weight gain among children during summer versus school year and related racial/ethnic disparities: a systematic review. Prev Chronic Dis 2014;11:E101. https://doi.org/10.5888/pcd11.130355 external icon PMID:24921899 external icon Woolford SJ, Sidell M, Li X, et al. Changes in body mass index among children and adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic. JAMA 2021. Epub August 27, 2021. https://doi.org/10.1001/jama.2021.15036 external icon PMID:34448817 external icon Bacha F, Gidding SS. Cardiac abnormalities in youth with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Curr Diab Rep 2016;16:62. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11892-016-0750-6 external icon PMID:27168062 external icon Morrison KM, Shin S, Tarnopolsky M, Taylor VH. Association of depression & health related quality of life with body composition in children and youth with obesity. J Affect Disord 2015;172:18''23. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jad.2014.09.014 external icon PMID:25451390 external icon Daniels SR, Hassink SG; Committee on Nutrition. The role of the pediatrician in primary prevention of obesity. Pediatrics 2015;136:e275''92. https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2015-1558 external icon PMID:26122812 external icon Jenssen BP, Kelly MK, Powell M, Bouchelle Z, Mayne SL, Fiks AG. COVID-19 and changes in child obesity. Pediatrics 2021;147:e2021050123. https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2021-050123 external icon PMID:33653879 external icon Top
TABLE 1. Characteristics of the longitudinal cohort* of persons aged 2''20 years (N = 432,302) and those with at least one body mass index measurement in the year preceding the COVID-19 pandemic but not during the pandemic '-- IQVIA Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records Database, United States, January 2018'--November 2020CharacteristicNo. (%)Persons aged 2''20 years in the IQVIA longitudinal cohort*Persons aged 2''20 years in the IQVIA database with '‰¥1 BMI measurement in the year preceding but not during the pandemicTotal432,302 (100.0)1,419,796 (100.0)SexFemale213,303 (49.3)717,568 (50.5)Male218,999 (50.7)702,228 (49.5)Race/Ethnicity' White283,915 (65.7)840,906 (59.2)Black41,466 (9.6)135,758 (9.6)Asian12,427 (2.9)39,186 (2.8)Hispanic4,203 (1.0)18,001 (1.3)Unknown72,010 (16.7)325,809 (22.9)Other18,281 (4.2)60,136 (4.2)Age group, yrs§2''5106,944 (24.7)284,872 (20.1)6''11155,389 (35.9)407,720 (28.7)12''17144,302 (33.4)487,031 (34.3)18''2025,667 (5.9)240,173 (16.9)Initial BMI category¶Underweight18,293 (4.2)58,801 (4.1)Healthy weight279,351 (64.6)877,775 (61.8)Overweight65,281 (15.1)221,749 (15.6)Obesity69,377 (16.0)261,471 (18.4)Moderate48,715 (11.3)172,206 (12.1)Severe20,662 (4.8)89,265 (6.3)Geographic region**,' ' South197,639 (45.7)696,998 (49.1)Northeast60,677 (14.0)158,036 (11.1)Midwest91,704 (21.2)275,896 (19.4)West82,173 (19.0)288,244 (20.3)Abbreviation: BMI = body mass index.*The longitudinal cohort included persons aged 2''19 years at initial BMI measurement, with '‰¥2 BMI measurements before the pandemic (with '‰¥1 measurement during the year immediately preceding the pandemic) and '‰¥1 BMI measurement after the initial 3 months of the pandemic.' Race and ethnicity categories are mutually exclusive. IQVIA's Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records database lacks additional information on race and ethnicity because of information being optionally reported in a single composite variable in the electronic health record.§ Based on age in years on March 1, 2020 (the start of the COVID-19 pandemic period for this analysis). Persons were aged 2''19 years at their initial BMI measurement and aged 3''20 years by March 1, 2020.¶ Based on initial BMI measurement. BMI categories were defined as underweight (<5th percentile), healthy weight ('‰¥5th to <85th percentile), overweight ('‰¥85th to <95th percentile), moderate obesity ('‰¥95th percentile to <120% of the 95th percentile), and severe obesity ('‰¥120% of the 95th percentile). Moderate obesity and severe obesity are mutually exclusive.** A total of 109 persons in the longitudinal cohort and 622 persons with one or more BMI measurements in the year preceding but not during the pandemic were missing information on geographic region.' ' U.S. Census regions: Northeast: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont; Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin; South: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia; West: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
TABLE 2. Monthly rate of change in the body mass index and weight of persons aged 2''19 years before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, overall and by body mass index category and age group '-- IQVIA Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records Database, United States, January 2018'--November 2020CharacteristicPrepandemicPandemicPandemic versus prepandemicSlope* (95% CI)Slope (95% CI)Difference' (95% CI)Ratio§ (95% CI)BMI (kg/m2)Overall0.052 (0.051 to 0.052)0.100 (0.098 to 0.101)0.05 (0.05 to 0.05)1.93 (1.90 to 1.96)Initial BMI category¶Underweight0.046 (0.044 to 0.047)0.051 (0.044 to 0.058)0.01 (0.00 to 0.01)1.12 (0.96 to 1.28)Healthy weight0.044 (0.044 to 0.044)0.078 (0.076 to 0.080)0.03 (0.03 to 0.04)1.78 (1.73 to 1.82)Overweight0.057 (0.056 to 0.058)0.121 (0.117 to 0.125)0.06 (0.06 to 0.07)2.13 (2.06 to 2.20)Moderate obesity0.070 (0.069 to 0.071)0.164 (0.160 to 0.168)0.09 (0.09 to 0.10)2.34 (2.28 to 2.40)Severe obesity0.089 (0.088 to 0.090)0.179 (0.173 to 0.185)0.09 (0.08 to 0.10)2.00 (1.93 to 2.07)Age group, yrs**3''5''0.002 (''0.003 to ''0.002)0.040 (0.037 to 0.043)0.04 (0.04 to 0.05)'--' ' 6''110.059 (0.059 to 0.060)0.148 (0.145 to 0.150)0.09 (0.09 to 0.09)2.50 (2.45 to 2.54)12''170.072 (0.071 to 0.072)0.106 (0.104 to 0.109)0.03 (0.03 to 0.04)1.48 (1.44 to 1.51)18''200.045 (0.044 to 0.046)0.032 (0.027 to 0.037)''0.01 (''0.02 to ''0.01)0.70 (0.59 to 0.82)Weight, lbsOverall0.356 (0.354 to 0.358)0.595 (0.588 to 0.603)0.24 (0.23 to 0.25)1.67 (1.65 to 1.69)Initial BMI categoryUnderweight0.212 (0.205 to 0.218)0.289 (0.252 to 0.325)0.08 (0.04 to 0.11)1.36 (1.19 to 1.54)Healthy weight0.282 (0.280 to 0.284)0.447 (0.438 to 0.457)0.17 (0.16 to 0.18)1.59 (1.55 to 1.62)Overweight0.409 (0.405 to 0.412)0.725 (0.706 to 0.744)0.32 (0.30 to 0.34)1.78 (1.73 to 1.82)Moderate obesity0.544 (0.541 to 0.548)1.010 (0.989 to 1.032)0.47 (0.44 to 0.49)1.86 (1.81 to 1.90)Severe obesity0.736 (0.730 to 0.741)1.217 (1.187 to 1.248)0.48 (0.45 to 0.51)1.65 (1.61 to 1.70)Age group, yrs3''50.379 (0.374 to 0.383)0.469 (0.453 to 0.485)0.09 (0.07 to 0.11)1.24 (1.20 to 1.28)6''110.365 (0.362 to 0.367)0.737 (0.724 to 0.750)0.37 (0.36 to 0.39)2.02 (1.98 to 2.06)12''170.393 (0.391 to 0.396)0.623 (0.609 to 0.636)0.23 (0.22 to 0.24)1.58 (1.55 to 1.62)18''200.277 (0.272 to 0.282)0.202 (0.174 to 0.229)''0.08 (''0.10 to ''0.05)0.73 (0.63 to 0.83)Abbreviations: BMI = body mass index; CI = confidence interval.* Measured in kg/m2/month for BMI analysis, pounds per month for weight analysis.' Calculated as the pandemic slope minus prepandemic slope. Units are kg/m2 per month; 95% CIs for differences that exclude the null value of 0 are statistically significant.§ Calculated as the pandemic slope divided by prepandemic slope; 95% CIs for ratios that exclude the null value of 1 are statistically significant.¶ Based on initial BMI measurement. BMI categories were defined as underweight (<5th percentile), healthy weight ('‰¥5th to <85th percentile), overweight ('‰¥85th to <95th percentile), moderate obesity ('‰¥95th percentile to <120% of the 95th percentile), and severe obesity ('‰¥120% of the 95th percentile). Mixed-effects model included sex, race and ethnicity, age in years on March 1, 2020, and threeway interaction among linear time trend, pandemic indicator variable, and BMI category. Model for weight in pounds also included height in inches and height squared.** Based on age in years on March 1, 2020, which was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for this analysis. Persons were aged 2''19 years at their initial BMI measurement and aged 3''20 years by March 1, 2020. Mixed-effects model included sex, race and ethnicity, age in years on March 1, 2020, initial BMI category, and threeway interaction among linear time trend, pandemic indicator variable, and age group. Model for weight in pounds also included height in inches and height squared.' ' Ratio was not calculated because of a prepandemic slope that was negative and very close to zero.
FIGURE. Estimated body mass index before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, by initial body mass index category, stratified by age group '-- IQVIA Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records Database, United States, start highlight January 2018''November 2020 end highlight Abbreviation: BMI = body mass index.
Suggested citation for this article: Lange SJ, Kompaniyets L, Freedman DS, et al. Longitudinal Trends in Body Mass Index Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Persons Aged 2''19 Years '-- United States, 2018''2020. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021;70:1278''1283. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15585/mmwr.mm7037a3 external icon .
MMWR and Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report are service marks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Use of trade names and commercial sources is for identification only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. References to non-CDC sites on the Internet are provided as a service to MMWR readers and do not constitute or imply endorsement of these organizations or their programs by CDC or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. CDC is not responsible for the content of pages found at these sites. URL addresses listed in MMWR were current as of the date of publication.
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Questions or messages regarding errors in formatting should be addressed to mmwrq@cdc.gov.
Over 2,000 workers at Catholic Health Mercy Hospital in New York plan strike | Healthcare Dive
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 18:20
Dive Brief: Some 2,500 nurses, technologists, clerical staff and other service workers at Catholic Health System's Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, New York, plan go on strike Oct. 1 if the union and hospital management are unable to reach a deal on a new contract by that date. The current contract expires Sept. 30, and 97% of members represented by the Communications Workers of America have voted in favor of authorizing a strike. They share nearly universal concerns over staffing, threats to patient care, supply shortages, high turnover and low pay they want addressed in the next contract, according to the union. The hospital's bargaining team is working to settle a fair contract and avert a strike, though it has a strike contingency plan in place that includes bringing in contract labor, according to a release from the hospital. Mercy has also filed unfair labor practice claims against CWA with the National Labor Relations Board for engaging in bad faith, surface and regressive bargaining, according to the hospital. Dive Insight: Labor unions representing nurses and other healthcare workers in particular are leveraging their experiences during the pandemic to get better contracts, especially as burnout continues exacerbating turnover.
And while unions sometimes authorize a strike without setting a date, workers at Mercy Hospital are ready to strike in less than two weeks if they're unable to nab a new contract with the measures they say are necessary to attract and retain staff.
In a survey conducted among 500 staff members across Catholic Health's Kenmore Mercy, Mercy and St. Joseph's hospitals, 97% of respondents said their hospital is struggling to retain staff. Most cited concerns over quality of care, staffing shortages, low pay and working conditions, according to the union.
"There is not a shortage of nurses '-- I want to be clear with that '-- there is a shortage of nurses that are willing to work under these conditions and under these unsafe ratios," Tina Knop, a critical care registered nurse at Mercy Hospital who has worked there for about 10 years said during a Tuesday press conference.
Nurses in the ICU typically care for one or two patients depending on acuity, but throughout the pandemic have been assigned up to four or five patients at a time, Knop said.
In recent weeks six nurses in the ICU at Mercy Hospital put in their two weeks notice, including Knop. "I can no longer do it, I can no longer work under these conditions," she said.
That comes as healthcare workers, following a brief reprieve this spring, are now dealing with renewed surges of COVID-19 patients with the delta variant and a fast approaching winter and flu season.
A month ago, Catholic Health's census of COVID-19 patients was down to one or two per day, but is rising and hit 40 patients across the system as of Thursday, according to a letter 25 elected officials from the Buffalo region wrote to hospital management.
The letter shares concerns the legislators and councilmembers have heard from staff, namely that the hospital's operations haven't recovered from the worst of the pandemic and have consistently stretched workers to their breaking points.
"The result is overwhelming stress and demoralization among the workforce, and workers voting with their feet by quitting as soon as another opportunity is available," the letter says.
Workers also believe there is a crisis of leadership and their concerns aren't being taken seriously, as hundreds of staff positions remain unfilled, according to the elected officials.
The letter notes hospital management's proposal for a new contract wouldn't help attract the staff they need, as meager wage increases would be offset by large increases in healthcare costs.
"Hundreds of new hires are needed to ensure safe staffing levels, leaving the remaining staff exhausted and increasingly concerned over their ability to provide adequate patient care as COVID-19 cases increase in Erie County," the union said in a release.
It is unclear how long the strike would last if the two sides are unable to reach a deal by Oct. 1.
How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:27
A little privacy goes a long way.
Privacy Please is an ongoing series exploring the ways privacy is violated in the modern world, and what can be done about it.
Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well. What that peek reveals may be more than you've bargained for '-- think views into bedroom windows, potential fodder for stalkers, and more.
Thankfully, there is something you can do about it. Specifically, you can ask Google to permanently blur your house out '-- leaving only a smeared suggestion of a building in its place. The entire process is surprisingly easy.
As the name would suggest, Street View, launched in 2007, provides a street-level view of many cities and towns around the world. Captured by roving vehicles and individual photographers equipped with camera-laden backpacks, the service has been controversial from the start '-- both in the ways you might imagine, and ways you might not.
In 2008, the Minnesota suburb of North Oaks decided it didn't want pictures of it up on Google's service, and threatened to cite Google for trespassing. Google pulled the images down.
In 2009, the lobbying organization Privacy International filed a formal complaint to the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) alleging that Google failed to properly de-identify the people it captured. As a BBC report at the time noted, that type of failure could have serious repercussions.
"Among them were a woman who had moved house to escape a violent partner but who was recognisable outside her new home on Street View," read the article, describing complaints made to Privacy International. "Also complaining were two colleagues pictured in an apparently compromising position who suffered embarrassment when the image was circulated at their workplace."
Staying cool in Brooklyn. Credit: Screenshot / street view
And that's just the obvious stuff.
Google has never exactly been a steward of anyones' privacy. In 2010, the company admitted that its Street View vehicles '-- the ones endlessly circling neighborhoods around the world '-- had secretly been collecting information from unencrypted WiFi networks they drove past for years.
So maybe you're worried about an online stalker, maybe you don't want strangers peering in your windows, or maybe you value privacy for its own sake and simply don't think Google should have indexed and digitized photos of your home available for all to see. Whatever the reason, it's relatively easy to request Google blur out the image of your home or apartment on Google Street View.
Here's what you do:
1. Go to Google Maps and enter your home address
2. Enter into Street View mode by dragging the small yellow human-shaped icon, found in the bottom-right corner of the screen, onto the map in front of your house
3. With your house in view, click "Report a problem" in the bottom-right corner of the screen
4. Center the red box on your home, and select "My home" in the "Request blurring" field
Google's San Francisco office. Credit: screenshot / google
5. Write in the provided field why you want the image blurred (for example, you may be concerned about safety issues)
6. Enter in your email address, and click "Submit"
Importantly, be sure it's what you want. Google warns you that once it has blurred your house on Street View "it is permanent."
Don't forget, though, you live in the place. If you ever need to be reminded of what it looks like, presumably you can go outside and see for yourself.
After you hit "submit," you should receive an email from Google noting that it's "reviewing the image you reported and will email you when your request is resolved." The company may follow up, via email, and ask you to be more specific about the area you want blurred. If so, you will need to do the entire process again '-- clearly detailing the specific area of the picture you want blurred.
That's it.
SEE ALSO: 7 Google privacy settings you should enable now
It's not clear exactly how long Google takes to process the requests, so you might as well get started now. And, when you're done with that, do the same thing on Bing Maps (the process is surprisingly similar) '-- it's not like Microsoft should get any special treatment, after all.
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White House revokes foreign travel ban; vaccinations required
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:14
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will also require airlines to collect contact information from international travelers to facilitate tracing. Photo courtesy Transportation Security AdministrationWASHINGTON (AP) '-- The U.S. will ease foreign travel restrictions to the country beginning in November, allowing foreigners in if they have proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test, the White House said Monday.
The new rules will replace a hodgepodge of restrictions that had barred non-citizens who had been in Europe, much of Asia and certain other countries in the prior 14 days from entering the U.S. The changes will allow families and others who have been separated by the travel restrictions for 18 months to plan for long-awaited reunifications.
White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients announced the new policies, which still will require all foreign travelers flying to the U.S. to demonstrate proof of vaccination before boarding, as well as proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of flight. Biden will also tighten testing rules for unvaccinated American citizens, who will need to be tested within a day before returning to the U.S., as well as after they arrive home.
Fully vaccinated passengers will not be required to quarantine, Zients said.
The new policy will replace the patchwork of travel bans first instituted by President Donald Trump last year and tightened by Biden that restrict travel by non-citizens who have in the prior 14 days been in the United Kingdom, European Union, China, India, Iran, Republic of Ireland, Brazil and South Africa.
Those travel bans had become the source of growing geopolitical frustration, particularly among allies in the UK and EU where virus cases are far lower than the U.S. The easing comes ahead of Biden meeting with some European leaders on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly this week.
''This is based on individuals rather than a country-based approach, so it's a stronger system,'' Zients said.
The EU and UK had previously moved to allow vaccinated U.S. travelers into their territories without quarantines, in an effort to boost business and tourism travel. But the EU recommended last month that some travel restrictions be reimposed on U.S. travelers to the bloc because of the rampant spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus in America.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will also require airlines to collect contact information from international travelers to facilitate tracing, Zients said.
It was not immediately clear which vaccines would be acceptable under the U.S.-system and whether those unapproved in the U.S. could be used. Zients said that decision would be up to the CDC.
Zients said there would be no immediate changes to the U.S. land border policies, which continue to restrict much cross-border travel with Mexico and Canada.
The announcement was met with cheers by the air travel industry, which has lost significant revenues from the pandemic-related declines in international travel.
''We applaud the Biden Administration for establishing a path to re-opening international travel to the U.S.,'' said Delta Air Lines spokesman Morgan Durrant. ''Science tells us that vaccinations coupled with testing is the safest way to re-open travel and we are optimistic this important decision will allow for the continued economic recovery both in the U.S. and abroad and the reunification of families who have been separated for more than 18 months.''
Worldwide, air travel is still down more than half from pre-pandemic levels, and the decline is much sharper for cross-border flying. By July, domestic travel had recovered to 84% of 2019 numbers, but international travel was just 26% of the same month two years ago, according to figures released this month by the airline industry's main global trade group, the International Air Transport Association.
The numbers are similar but not quite as stark for the U.S., where international travel in August was 46% of that in August 2019, according to Airlines for America. Arrivals by non-U.S. citizens were only 36% of the 2019 normal.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that he was ''delighted'' by the news. He said: ''It's a fantastic boost for business and trade, and great that family and friends on both sides of the pond can be reunited once again.''
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss tweeted that the move was ''excellent news for travelers from the UK to the US. Important for out economic recovery, families and trade.''
Britain scrapped quarantines for fully vaccinated travelers from the U.S. and the European Union in early August, and has been pushing for Washington to ease its rules. But Johnson said Sunday that he did not expect the change to come this week.
Airlines hailed the U.S. decision as a lifeline for the struggling industry. Tim Alderslade, chief executive of industry body Airlines U.K. said it was ''a major breakthrough.''
Shai Weiss, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, said it was ''a major milestone to the reopening of travel at scale, allowing consumers and businesses to book travel to the U.S. with confidence.''
''The U.K. will now be able to strengthen ties with our most important economic partner, the U.S., boosting trade and tourism as well as reuniting friends, families and business colleagues,'' Weiss said.
French entrepreneur Stephane Le Breton, 45, expressed joy that he will finally be able to book his trip to New York city that had been put on hold over the virus restrictions.
''I felt frustrated that I couldn't go to the U.S. as I had planned. It just didn't make sense that authorities weren't letting in vaccinated EU citizens.''
Le Breton, who lives in the Boulogne suburb of Paris, said he feels that the U.S. lifting the restrictions is a sign that the world is heading to a new, better phase of the coronavirus pandemic.
''It's a happy day. Big Apple, here I come!''
The new air travel policy will take effect in ''early November,'' Zients said, to allow airlines and travel partners time to prepare to implement the new protocols.
Dystopia watch
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:20
Marty's ɃentThis attack vector on civil liberties is only going to increase.
Marty BentEditor in Chief and Creative Director of TFTC; home of Marty's Ƀent, Tales from the Crypt, and Rabbit Hole Recap.
More posts by Marty Bent.
Marty Bent 21 Sep 2021 ' 2 min read
Here is something to keep an eye on as calls for "climate action" and pressure to meet arbitrary "ESG standards" heat up; credit cards with a carbon limit. In 2019 Mastercard rolled out the "Doconomy card" in an effort to provide carbon impact conscious individuals with a credit card that would prevent them from spending money if they went over a predetermined "carbon limit" calculated by adding up the "carbon impact" of the goods purchased using the credit card over a specific period of time.Well, it looks like Mastercard is beginning to position Doconomy as a proof of concept that could set a "global standard for carbon calculations" to be adopted by others. Here's a brief video of someone highlighting how this is a clear cut way to usher in a social credit system under the guise of environmentalism.
Dont say you weren't warned pic.twitter.com/JVMMQp6BfN
'-- Phil Stone (@philosopherssto) September 17, 2021This is how the social credit scoring system will be Trojan Horse'd into society. At first it starts off as a way for individuals to signal their virtue. Then it turns into a standard that others can leverage to offer their customers. And eventually it ends up as a mandatory prerequisite for issuing credit cards or using a Central Bank Digital Cuck Buck wallet. Obviously, we are not at the full on implementation of this type of potential standard via a central bank digital cuck buck and it may never get there, but it is always important to recognize how these dystopian systems can arise from a social and technical standpoint.The normalization of "carbon impact" is being rolled out slowly but surely at this current juncture. Here's a screenshot from a freak that was sent to me last week highlighting how Google Flights is beginning their normalization efforts.
via Bbask24This attack vector on civil liberties is only going to increase. I urge you freaks to resist the social pressure to give in to the pandering to individuals' respect for the environment by recognizing that this type of carbon shaming won't do anything to actually affect positive change for the environment and certainly not for humanity. Those who will control this social credit scoring system will in no way be subjected to the same standards it thrusts on the Common Man. And the forced transition to unreliable energy sources will make humans worse off. Particularly the poor.Luckily we have Bitcoin which provides individuals with a monetary and payments network that - if its users work to make it sufficiently distributed and robust - cannot implement the type of dystopian standards that the Cantillionaires are currently attempting to force on the Common Man.
Final thought...My wife needs to do her hair.
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Strictly Come Dancing 'sees third professional dancer refuse Covid vaccine' | Daily Mail Online
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:45
Strictly Come Dancing has reportedly seen a third professional dancer refuse the Covid vaccination.
Sources claim the star has already been paired with a celebrity and it is well-known among the cast that they have refused the jab, sparking resentment behind the scenes.
The reports come just days after it was claimed that two professional dancers had refused the Covid vaccine, sparking fears from bosses the show could be hit by another outbreak.
Drama: Strictly Come Dancing has reportedly seen a third professional dancer refuse the Covid vaccination (Giovanni Pernice and Oti Mabuse are pictured)
The pro, who has not been named, does not have to disclose whether they've been vaccinated to BBC bosses, because it is a private medical matter.
A source told The Sun: 'Producers are dreading an outbreak of Covid on the new series, which is a crucial part of the autumn schedule.
'They are taking every possible precaution to make the set as safe as possible, particularly as the studio audience is returning.'
Scare: Sources claim the star has already been paired with a celebrity and it is well-known among the cast that they have refused the jab (Karen Hauer and Gorka Marquez pictured)
A Strictly spokesperson told MailOnline: 'We do not comment on speculation of somebody's COVID vaccination status.
'Strictly Come Dancing production has, and will, continue to follow strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of all on the show.'
This year's Strictly has once again seen stars and their professional dancers required to adhere to strict Covid safety measures, including being tested multiple times a week, and forming bubbles to perform and train safely.
Saturday's launch show, which was recorded earlier this month, saw this year's celebrity contestants discover their professional partners, with the 15 couples set to perform in the first live show this weekend.
Worries: On Saturday it was reported that two of the show's professional dancers had refused to get Covid jabs (Giovanni is pictured getting a Covid test)
On Saturday it was reported that two of the show's professional dancers had refused to get Covid jabs, ahead of the launch show being broadcast.
The identity of the dancers was not revealed and BBC bosses were said to be fearful that there could be a larger outbreak among those participating in the show.
A source told The Sun that if a 'proper outbreak' led to 'half the cast' contracting Covid-19, it would be 'curtains' for the show.
They added: 'Strictly already has to jump through hoops just to be able to broadcast. The dancers who won't get vaccinated have been a topic of conversation among cast and crew for weeks '-- even before the positive test.
'There were vocal protests from celebrities that they didn't want to be paired with them. It's a headache for bosses but employers cannot force workers to get jabbed.'
Reacting, ex-Strictly contestant Dr Ranj Singh said: 'I think, you know vaccination is not mandatory, it's an offer, and I think we should all be playing our part and doing whatever we can to try and keep everybody safe. Not just ourselves but those around us.
'There may be legitimate reasons for those people to not be able to have the jab and we've got to understand that, but I think we've all got a part to play to be as safe as possible.
'And that's not just about vaccination, that's about being careful around hand hygiene, trying to distance, wear a mask in enclosed spaces, and all those other things that we should be doing well.'
Worries: The identity of the dancers was not revealed and BBC bosses were said to be fearful that there could be a larger outbreak among those participating in the show
It came just three days after it emerged that one professional dancer has tested positive for Covid-19. The unidentified dancer was forced to isolate for ten days, but their celebrity partner tested negative.
Strictly judge Motsi Mabuse told Good Morning Britain in response to the news of the positive test that 'it is still a pandemic, we cannot ignore the fact as much as we want our lives back.'
She added: 'We will all be there and we will all be healthy and all keep on dancing - that's what I can say.'
Speaking of the two dancers' refusal to get vaccinated, the source added to The Sun: 'There were vocal protests from celebrities that they didn't want to be paired with them.'
As part of the measures in place to lessen the risk posed by the virus, dancers are tested multiple times a week.
Judge Motsi said on Friday: 'There are still issues here and the BBC is doing the upmost to keep everybody safe.
'We are being tested and we are trying to isolate as much as we can, but things can happen and we should be able to go through that, and everyone should be responsible and take care of themselves.
'But we can't plan these things so we just have to react, and hope that everybody stays healthy.'
Show bosses are reportedly still enforcing Covid-19 bubbles for its professional dancers, despite lockdown restrictions easing.
Wanting to minimise all potential risks, Strictly bosses have requested the show's dancers all stay at a London hotel in 'bubbles', according to The Sun.
Such bubbles were put into practice for last year's Strictly series amid lockdown, while the show's professionals have been busy pre-recording group dances ahead of this year's launch.
As well as forming bubbles ahead of the series, the professional dancers filmed most of their group routines in advance and only a limited number of guests will be allowed in the studio audience.
Fans, along with friends and family of the celebrity contestants, will be allowed back into Elstree studios to watch the live shows, but only in small numbers.
Last year, Strictly bosses brought bubbles and close contact cohorts into play in order to ensure the safety of the contestants, dancers and crew during filming.
Each dancing couple formed an exclusive support bubble - meaning one half of the bubble was a single adult household living alone and the other could remain with their household, allowing them to have close contact with one another.
Concerns: It came just three days after it emerged that one professional dancer has tested positive for Covid-19 (Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman are pictured)
Close contact cohorts were also introduced and work similarly to support bubbles, but included regular and routine testing for coronavirus. Each couple was put into a close contact cohort and could not form a cohort with anyone else during the competition.
Despite the measures in place, Covid still wreaked havoc with the series, as same-sex couple Katya Jones and Nicola Adams were forced to leave the competition, after Katya tested positive for the virus.
The series was won by Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse, with EastEnders star Maisie Smith, singer HRVY and Jamie Laing all finishing as runners-up.
Producers have also reportedly put a kissing ban on contestants in a bid to stop Covid causing havoc again for the new series.
Producers are said to have told this year's stars 'one snog and you're out' after last series celebs Maisie Smith and HRVY allegedly broke social distancing rules because of a brief romance.
An insider told The Sun: 'Although the pandemic has eased since last year's series, the BBC aren't taking any chances.
'This kissing ban is likely to be part of a package of measures introduced by producers to make the show as safe as possible.
Celebrity's Age: 36
Profession: McFly musician
Tom says: 'I'm so pleased the news is out it's been so hard keeping it secret. Equal parts excited and terrified.'
Fun fact: Tom's McFly bandmate Harry Judd won Strictly Come Dancing in 2011. Tom's wife Giovanna Fletcher is the reigning champion of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Celebrity's Age: 48
Profession: Actor and comedian
Robert says: 'It's very exciting but with a slight undertone of quivering terror.'
Fun Fact: Robert squeezed into a shiny leotard to take the title of Let's Dance For Comic Relief in 2009, performing What A Feeling from '80s film Flashdance, beating the likes of Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness to the title.
Celebrity's Age: 27
Profession: CBBC presenter
Rhys says: 'I have dreamt about being on this show, and I know for a fact that it is going to exceed every expectation'
Fun fact: Rhys has been an actor since the age of ten, performing alongside Matt Smith and Hugh Bonneville.
Celebrity's Age: 28
Profession: Actress
Katie says: 'I'm really not a dancer, but I'm so excited to learn a new skill on this crazy journey and cannot wait to slip into some sequins along the way.'
Fun fact: Katie, who played Sinead Tinker in Corrie, won a NTA for Best Serial Drama Performance in 2020.
Celebrity's Age: 19
Profession: CBBC presenter
Tilly says: 'I'm going to put my heart and soul into this and can't wait to get my dancing shoes on!'
Fun fact: Tilly's father is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and the pair often star in dancing TikTok videos.
Celebrity's Age: 52
Profession: Actress
Nina says: 'I think I should do this before I'm too old and can't walk anymore. I just want to grab life by the horns and just enjoy it.'
Fun fact: Nina is a JDRF Ambassador and was awarded an OBE in the 2021 New Year's Honours List.
Celebrity's Age: 26
Profession: Athlete
Adam says: 'I'm really looking forward to doing something totally different and challenging myself away from the pool.'
Fun fact: Adam becoming the first British swimmer to defend an Olympic title at Tokyo 2020.
Celebrity's Age: 38
Profession: Rugby player and sports pundit
Ugo says: 'What a dream come true! Strictly is the biggest entertainment show on TV and I can't wait to show everyone I've got more than just dad dancing moves.
Fun fact: Beginning his rugby career at Harlequins in 2002, Ugo went on to make 241 appearances for the club where he scored 89 tries, won a Premiership and made his England debut in 2008.
Celebrity's Age: 33
Profession: TV presenter
AJ says: 'I think it's going to be really challenging. I can't wait for the sequins, the wigs, the glitz and the glamour.'
Fun Fact: Apocalypse Wow hosts AJ has featured on a whopping 14 TV shows this year, competing in the likes oF Cooking With The Stars and Celebrity Karaoke Club. She has appeared as a panelist on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two in the past, too.
Celebrity's Age: 33
Profession : Great British Bake Off Winner and TV chef
John says: 'I'm so grateful, excited, and nervous to be joining the Strictly 2021 family... I've been wearing sequins and jazzy attire since I was three years old and can't wait to hurl myself, full throttle, around the most glamorous dance floor on earth'
Fun Fact : The duo are the first ever all-male partnering - the first in 17 years of the show.
Celebrity's Age: 37
Profession: Businesswoman
Sara says : ' I'm really nervous because so far the producers keep asking me if I can dance... Truth be told '' I haven't got a clue! I've not danced since I did ballet lessons when I was little.'
Fun fact: Sara was the youngest ever dragon on BBC show Dragons' Den.
Celebrity's Age: 44
Profession: Journalist
Dan says : 'I'm enjoying the experience when it starts of learning to dance. I'll be honest I'm not making room on any shelves in my house for the glitterball.'
Fun fact: Dan recently quit Football Focus after 12 years at the helm and has been covering Tokyo Olympics.
Celebrity's Age: 55
Profession: Actor
Greg says: 'It's about being out there and exposing yourself as someone who can't dance, and learning.'
Fun fact: Greg is married to the actress Emma Thompson who he met while filming Sense and Sensibility.
Celebrity's Age: 30
Profession: Actress
Rose says: 'I hope I will do the deaf community proud and break down more barriers. I am also very excited to learn an incredible new skill.'
Fun fact: Rose will make history as Strictly's first deaf contestant.
Celebrity's Age: 41
Profession: Comedienne
Judi says: 'I'm truly looking forward to pushing myself in something that I could have only dreamed of doing and now it's actually coming true!'
Fun fact: Judi began comedy when she performed a set in front of her class for a degree module.
About '' Doconomy
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:34
Through our alliances with …landsbanken, the UNFCCC and MasterCard, we're able to raise global awareness, disseminate knowledge to the many and bring evidence of what utilising the power of banking, leading climate expertise, and global payment technology at scale can achieve.
Together, we can bring about structural change by rewiring the financial system. It is our genuine belief that becoming conscious of the impact of our consumption can build a foundation for a new way of thinking. What if there was a way we could rewrite the rules of finance by promoting responsibility and accountability, and fostering direct action?
ISCAP Releases | National Archives
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:31
The Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP, or ''the Panel'') provides the public and users of the classification system with a forum for further review of classification decisions.Section 5.3(b)(4) of Executive Order 13526, ''Classified National Security Information,'' (the Order) requires that the ISCAP ''appropriately inform senior agency officials and the public of final Panel decisions on appeals under sections 1.8 and 3.5 of this order.'' This function is important for two reasons. First, the documents decided upon by the Panel for classification challenges and mandatory declassification review appeals may be of historical interest to the public, not just the appellants. Second, section 3.1(i) of the order states that ''When making decisions under sections 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5 of this order [these are the sections concerning automatic, systematic, and mandatory declassification], agencies shall consider the final decisions of the Panel.'' Distribution of electronic versions of declassified documents on a publicly available web site is the most efficient way for the ISCAP to fulfill this function.
This online collection includes documents decided upon by the ISCAP starting in Fiscal Year 2012. The documents include records from the Presidential Library system of the National Archives, the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, the Department of Defense, and other agencies. The quality of the images is dependent on the quality of the original records used to create the copies provided to the Panel.
In some appeals, the ISCAP affirms the classification decision of the responsible agency. For these appeals, the documents at issue will not be posted on this site, and only a notification of that affirmed decision will be posted.
*Please note the table headers are clickable, sort the table by the clicked column header.
Sidney Gottlieb, 80, Dies; Took LSD to C.I.A. - The New York Times
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:18
See the article in its original context from
March 10, 1999
Section C,
Buy ReprintsTimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers.
Sidney Gottlieb, who presided over the Central Intelligence Agency's cold-war efforts to control the human mind and provided the agency poisons to kill Fidel Castro, died on Sunday in Washington, Va. He was 80 and had spent his later years caring for dying patients, trying to run a commune, folk dancing, consciousness-raising and fighting lawsuits from survivors of his secret tests.
Friends and enemies alike say Mr. Gottlieb was a kind of genius, striving to explore the frontiers of the human mind for his country, while searching for religious and spiritual meaning in his life. But he will always be remembered as the Government chemist who dosed Americans with psychedelics in the name of national security, the man who brought LSD to the C.I.A.
In the 1950's and early 1960's, the agency gave mind-altering drugs to hundreds of unsuspecting Americans in an effort to explore the possibilities of controlling human consciousness. Many of the human guinea pigs were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes -- ''people who could not fight back,'' as one agency officer put it. In one case, a mental patient in Kentucky was dosed with LSD continuously for 174 days.
Other experiments involved agency employees, military officers and college students, who had varying degrees of knowledge about the tests. In all, the agency conducted 149 separate mind-control experiments, and as many as 25 involved unwitting subjects. First-hand testimony, fragmentary Government documents and court records show that at least one participant died, others went mad, and still others suffered psychological damage after participating in the project, known as MK Ultra. The experiments were useless, Mr. Gottlieb concluded in 1972, shortly before he retired.
The C.I.A. awarded Mr. Gottlieb the Distinguished Intelligence Medal and deliberately destroyed most of the MKUltra records in 1973.
John Gittinger, a C.I.A. psychologist who vetted Mr. Gottlieb -- ''one of the most brilliant men I've ever known'' -- and worked with him for 22 years, said the agency began the tests because it was gripped by ''a great fear'' in the cold war. It was afraid that the Soviet Union would corner the market on LSD and use it as a chemical weapon or that China would perfect the black art of brainwashing, Mr. Gittinger said.
The agency and Mr. Gottlieb believed the United States had to fight by any means necessary.
''We were in a World War II mode,'' Mr. Gittinger said. ''The war never really ended for us.''
John Marks, author of the definitive book on the experiments, ''The Search for the 'Manchurian Candidate' '' (Times Books, 1979) said Mr. Gottlieb was ''unquestionably a patriot, a man of great ingenuity.''
''Gottlieb never did what he did for inhumane reasons,'' Mr. Marks said. ''He thought he was doing exactly what was needed. And in the context of the time, who would argue? But with his experiments on unwitting subjects, he clearly violated the Nuremburg standards -- the standards under which, after World War II, we executed Nazi doctors for crimes against humanity.''
Sidney Gottlieb was born in New York City on Aug. 3, 1918, the son of immigrants from Hungary. His parents were orthodox Jews, but he did not embrace the faith. Mr. Gottlieb ''had had a real problem to find a spiritual focus, having gone away from Jewishness,'' Mr. Gittinger said, and he experimented with everything from agnosticism to Zen Buddhism all his life.
He left the City College of New York, first for the Arkansas Polytechnic Institute, then for the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated, magna cum laude, with a chemistry degree in 1940. He earned a doctorate in biochemistry from the California Institute of Technology, where in 1942 he married Margaret Moore, the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries who served in India, where she was born. A clubfoot kept him from military service in World War II, and he was always bitter that he missed the war, Mr. Gittinger said.
Mr. Gottlieb joined the C.I.A. in 1951, although not before telling Mr. Gittinger, his interviewer, that he had been a socialist in his youth.
Two years later, the agency established MKUltra and Mr. Gottlieb was running it. As chief of the agency's technical services division, he served two decades as the senior scientist presiding over some of the C.I.A.'s darkest secrets.
The first of these were the LSD experiments. Mr. Gottlieb was fascinated by the drug, and, a family friend said, he took it hundreds of times.
''He was the most curious man I ever knew,'' Mr. Gittinger said. ''He was willing to try anything to discover something.''
Mr. Gottlieb was also involved in the C.I.A.'s assassination plots. In the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations, Mr. Gottlieb, always under orders from the Director of Central Intelligence or his chief spymaster, developed a poison handkerchief to kill an Iraqi colonel, an array of toxic gifts to be delivered to Fidel Castro, and a poison dart to kill a leftist leader in the Congo. None of the plans succeeded.
After he left the C.I.A., Mr. Gottlieb and his wife went to India, where he ran a leper hospital for 18 months. A lifelong stutterer, he pursued a master's degree in speech therapy. He bought land with an old log cabin outside a small Virginia town, Boston, where he practiced two of his lifelong hobbies, folk dancing and herding goats.
''He bought that old house and the land with the idea of setting up a communal home, with several families living together,'' said Mr. Gittinger, a lifelong friend. At least one other couple stayed for years.
Mr. Gottlieb spent his last years in Washington, Va., a pretty village in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, working in a hospice, tending to the dying.
He is survived by his wife and four children, Penny Gottlieb Chesluk, Rachel Gottlieb Samoff, Peter Gottlieb and Steven Gottlieb. Cleaving to old habits of secrecy, his wife declined to disclose the cause of Mr. Gottlieb's death.
Biden to Take COVID-19 Booster Jab on Camera: White House
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:13
President Joe Biden will take a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine on camera, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.
Psaki was responding to a question about how soon Biden, 78, would get his booster shot, which would be the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA-based vaccine.
''He will do so, and he will do so on camera. I don't have a date for you exactly,'' she said at a press briefing at the White House.
''It's important to note'--just to take a slight step back'--that there are still a couple of additional steps in the process,'' Psaki added.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration 's vaccine advisory panel voted on Sept. 17 to endorse the Pfizer booster for individuals who are aged 65 and older and for those who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.
That vote came after the same advisory panel on the same day voted 16''3 to recommend against boosters for everyone over the age of 16, saying that data is required to determine whether booster doses are safe and effective.
The FDA has yet to follow through with the recommendation. It is not obliged to follow the guidance of an advisory panel, but it usually does.
The role of the FDA is to approve or authorize vaccines, whereas the role of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is to recommend whether and how the vaccines are used.
Psaki said that ACIP is now ''planning to meet.'' The meeting about how to distribute boosters across the country is scheduled next week.
''Based on their recommendation, we're, of course, prepared to operationalize on the plan,'' Psaki said. ''And that includes having the president get his booster shot as well.''
The president and First Lady Jill Biden received their first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 21, 2020, and their second doses on Jan. 11.
Biden administration officials had in mid-August announced in a joint statement that boosters would likely be available by Sept. 20. At the time, Biden said that the plan was for every adult to get a booster shot eight months after they received their second shot.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Sept. 19 that fully vaccinated Americans should not get a third shot of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine if they are not over 65 or not at high risk, and to wait until they are in a category that is recommended to take the shot.
He said in an interview with CNN that there is ''always a theoretical risk'' if people go ahead and take the shot without following government guidance ''because the studies have not been done to look at the safety and the immunogenicity of doing that right now for everyone.''
''Theoretically, if you look at things, it is very unlikely that there's going to be a risk there, but scientifically you don't want to go by 'unlikely.' You want to have some scientific proof,'' Fauci said. ''And that's the reason why right now we recommend that people go by the guidelines, according to the FDA approval and the CDC recommendations.''
Mimi Nguyen Ly is a reporter based in Australia. She covers world news with a focus on U.S. news. Contact her at mimi.nl[at]epochtimes.com.
(22) Justin #GetTheVax Jones on Twitter: "The specific language of the resolution is below. '¬‡¸ https://t.co/urCFew7gwF https://t.co/RswqZeUEhD" / Twitter
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:07
Justin #GetTheVax Jones : The specific language of the resolution is below. '¬‡¸ https://t.co/urCFew7gwF https://t.co/RswqZeUEhD
Tue Sep 21 22:06:58 +0000 2021
Catturd's Commie Cousin HIPTURD : @JustinJonesNV Petty tyrant
Wed Sep 22 13:52:50 +0000 2021
🤯THOUGHTCRIMINAL🇺🇸 : @JustinJonesNV What happens when the county (the state) are the ones spreading misinformation? Who SPECIFICALLY dec'... https://t.co/55N4EYEIKr
Wed Sep 22 13:10:53 +0000 2021
Latausha Pitchford : @JustinJonesNV cause more infected people and deaths.
Wed Sep 22 12:38:32 +0000 2021
Latausha Pitchford : @JustinJonesNV treatments and vaccines they choose to use, what are the true numbers? What is the % of people they'... https://t.co/VeS361W4Z3
Wed Sep 22 12:37:42 +0000 2021
Latausha Pitchford : @JustinJonesNV As a person that has loss her grandmother and uncle to covid which they both were vaccinated and now'... https://t.co/Ycw46wqbxV
Wed Sep 22 12:36:58 +0000 2021
Sandy : @JustinJonesNV What BS. I'll speak the way I want to about Covid and its garbage "vaccine".
Wed Sep 22 12:14:33 +0000 2021
Lisa Mayo-DeRiso : @JustinJonesNV https://t.co/CbXxQbIvCt
Wed Sep 22 11:57:24 +0000 2021
'10 For The Big Guy': Politico Confirms Hunter Biden's China, Ukraine Emails Are Legit | ZeroHedge
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:57
Several emails from Hunter Biden's laptop have been confirmed as legitimate, according to Politico, citing claims in a new book, along with emails released by a Swedish government agency.
Ben Schreckinger's ''The Bidens: Inside the First Family's Fifty-Year Rise to Power,'' out today, finds evidence that some of the purported HUNTER BIDEN laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October's controversy.
A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden's emails confirmed he did receive a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the chance to meet Joe Biden. The same goes for a 2017 email in which a proposed equity breakdown of a venture with Chinese energy executives includes the line, ''10 held by H for the big guy?'' (This person recalled seeing both emails, but was not in a position to compare the leaked emails word-for-word to the originals.)
MORE: Emails released by a Swedish government agency also match emails in the leaked cache, and two people who corresponded with Hunter Biden confirmed emails from the cache were genuine. -Politico
Recall that news of Hunter Biden's laptop was broken by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 election - resulting in a multi-week Twitter ban on the outlet, and a baseless claim spread throughout the MSM and by notable Democrats including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) that it was Russian disinformation.
Murphy notably received nearly 70,000 'likes' for his tweet calling it "likely Russian propaganda" - claiming he'd "seen the intel."
Joe Biden - and all of us - SHOULD be furious that media outlets are spreading what is very likely Russian propaganda.1/ I've seen the intel. The mainstreaming of misinformation is Russia's 2020 goal. Here's what we know, and why we can't take it lying down.
'-- Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) October 17, 2020On CNN, Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff says New York Post Hunter Biden story 'comes from the Kremlin.' Anchor seems to agree. Would be more persuasive if they provided evidence that 1) story is false, and 2) it 'comes from the Kremlin.' pic.twitter.com/JBILBs3YT3
'-- Byron York (@ByronYork) October 17, 2020More:
They were all wrong. They all lied. And they'll never apologize for it.
'-- Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) September 21, 2021Taxpayer-funded NPR refused to even cover the story.
It's time to defund @NPR. This is appalling. #DefundNPR https://t.co/wFbY5lGGTG
'-- Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) October 22, 2020This story is very simple '' Hunter Biden dropped off three computers with liquid damage at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019. The owner, John Mac Issac, examined the three and determined that one was beyond recovery, one was okay and the data on the harddrive of the third could be recovered. Hunter signed the service ticket and John Paul Mac Issac repaired the hard drive and down loaded the data. During this process he saw some disturbing images and a number of emails that concerned Ukraine, Burisma, China and other issues. With the work completed, Mr. Mac Issac prepared an invoice, sent it to Hunter Biden and notified him that the computer was ready to be retrieved. Hunter did not respond. In the ensuing four months (May, June, July and August), Mr. Mac Issac made repeated efforts to contact Hunter Biden. Biden never answered and never responded. More importantly, Biden stiffed John Paul Mac Issac''i.e., he did not pay the bill.
When the manufactured Ukraine crisis surfaced in August 2019, John Paul realized he was sitting on radioactive material that might be relevant to the investigation. After conferring with his father, Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mac walked into the Albuquerque FBI office and spoke with an agent who refused to give his name. Mac explained the material he had, but was rebuffed by the FBI. He was told basically, get lost. This was mid-September 2019.
Two months passed and then, out of the blue, the FBI contacted John Paul Mac Issac. Two FBI agents from the Wilmington FBI office''Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak''came to John Paul's business. He offered immediately to give them the hard drive, no strings attached. Agents Williams and Dzielak declined to take the device.
The laptop - while allegedly containing inappropriate photographs of underage girls - revealed that President Biden lied when he said that he had no knowledge of Hunter's business dealings - and was in fact involved with them.
In the final months of the heated 2020 presidential race, The Post revealed a trove of emails from Hunter Biden's laptop that raised questions about his then-candidate father's ties to his son's foreign business ventures, including Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company linked to corruption.
The emails revealed that the younger Biden introduced a top Burisma executive to his father, then vice president, less than a year before the elder Biden admittedly pressured Ukrainian officials into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.
The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, a Burisma board adviser, sent Hunter on April 17, 2015. -New York Post
The laptop, which was protected by the password "Hunter02" according to the Daily Mail, was considered a national security nightmare.
And according to Rudy Giuliani, there were disturbing, underage photographs of young girls found on Hunter's laptop which were turned over to police in New Castle County, Delaware. The laptop also contained videos of Hunter smoking crack and engaging in sex acts with an unidentified woman.
Unpacking this monumental election meddling is journalist Glenn Greenwald:
I have a copy of Schreckinger's important book and will write about it shortly. 2 points:1) Kudos to him, as a young journalist, for reporting facts most in the corporate media don't want to hear.
2) Big Tech/Dem censorship of this story before the election was a grave assault
'-- Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 2021One last reminder: @TheIntercept -- founded in 2014, before the current editors arrived, to be *adversarial* to CIA/security state -- used an ex-NYT reporter to mindlessly endorse the CIA lie that the Hunter docs were "Russian disinformation" out of desperation to help Biden win. pic.twitter.com/sDJuuOiMjW
'-- Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 2021It's so easy to recognize and denounce the censorship, repression and propaganda in distant countries we're taught from childhood to hate (Russia). It's more more difficult -- and more important -- to recognize it in our own. Pre-election censorship of this story was a disgrace.
'-- Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 2021Amazingly, Facebook and @andymstone -- having interfered in our elections by suppressing a story that the CIA, the Intercept and other media outlets lied about by claiming it was Russia disinformation -- now refuses to answer questions about the outcome of that "fact-check." 👇 pic.twitter.com/9Zl6s1qJiv
'-- Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 2021One interesting aspect of the fact that it's a POLITICO reporter with a new book confirming the authenticity of the Hunter docs:It was POLITICO -- through the co-Queen of Russiagate frauds, @NatashaBertrand -- who first used CIA to dismiss the docs as "Russian disinformation." pic.twitter.com/eL17sAayHJ
'-- Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 20212) CNN's @camanpour -- the week before the election -- explicitly refusing to discuss the reporting on the Biden family by claiming that it's not the media's job to determine if the documents are or are not authentic. Watch this shit:pic.twitter.com/mkI4Jtd4SN
'-- Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 2021
New bill would limit unemployment benefits for those fired for refusing vaccine | The Times of Israel
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:51
A new bill circulated by the Finance Ministry on Monday seeks to strip some unemployment benefits from employees fired for refusing to get vaccinated.
According to the draft legislation, if an employee is fired for refusing the vaccine or to carry out regular tests as required in order to receive the Green Pass, they will be deemed to have resigned on their own accord and will only be eligible for unemployment benefits 90 days after leaving their jobs.
Under Israeli law people who are fired are entitled to 90 days compensation from employers, while people resigning forgo the benefit.
''In light of the Health Ministry's determination that in workplaces where there is a multiplicity of risk-increasing risk factors both for the workers themselves as well as those with whom they come in contact, there is an epidemiological justification for applying a Green Pass to reduce these risks,'' a version of the bill obtained by the Globes business daily reads.
The draft explains that part of the legislation's goal is to avoid incentivizing anyone considering not getting vaccinated in order to receive unemployment benefits.
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termsThose who are placed on unpaid leave will be considered to have attained that status of their own volition, thereby limiting the benefits they're eligible to receive, the bill also states.
The bill was circulated hours before the start of the Sukkot holiday on Monday evening in an apparent attempt to minimize blowback.
A client seeks work at an unemployment office in Jerusalem (Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash90)
The timing was similar to legislation expanding the authorities of the Shin Bet security service in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. A draft of that law was circulated on the eve of the Shavuot holiday last spring and faced significant public outcry.
Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman has pushed for sweeping changes to the existing unemployment model in order to push people '-- particularly the young '-- to return to work.
Benefits had been significantly expanded to help deal with the disruptions caused by the pandemic and frequent lockdowns.
Figures from the National Insurance Institute published in July showed that Israel has paid out more than NIS 39 billion ($12 billion) in unemployment benefits since the start of the COVID outbreak. The benefits were paid out to 1.2 million Israelis who lost their income due to the pandemic.
The unemployment model enacted in March 2020 came to an end after the Knesset voted in July to update the program and significantly cut back on benefits.
According to the National Insurance Institute, anyone who became unemployed after July 1 will be assessed according to the standard unemployment laws that existed pre-COVID. But the period of time an employee must have worked before being able to claim unemployment was lowered from 12 months to six months.
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U.S. Is Losing the Global Race on Digital Currency | Time
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:10
I n cities across China, the country's central bank has begun rolling out the e-renminbi'--an all-digital version of its paper currency that can be accessed and accepted by merchants and consumers without an internet connection, credit or even a bank account.
Already having conducted more than $5 billion in e-renminbi transactions, China has opened its digital currency up to foreigners. Next year, when Beijing hosts the Winter Olympic Games, authorities are expecting to let the world test drive its technological achievement.
The U.S., by contrast, is having trouble even concluding its multi-year exploration into the possibility of an e-dollar. In fact, an upcoming Federal Reserve paper on a potential U.S. digital currency won't take a position on whether the central bank of the United States will, or even should, create one.
Instead, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said in recent testimony to Congress, this paper will ''begin a major public consultation on central bank digital currencies'...'' (Once planned for July, the paper's release has since been moved to September.)
Once the world leader in digital payments and technological innovation, the U.S. is being outpaced by its top global adversary as well as much of the industrialized and the developing world.
The Bahamas recently announced the integration of its digital Sand Dollar into a stock exchange, while Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa are moving forward with the world's first cross-border central bank digital currency exchange program led by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is known as the central bank of central banks.
Such developments have been somewhat outshined by El Salvador's recent decision to make bitcoin a legally accepted currency, which few expect to make significant impact in the payment space. But outside of the cryptocurrency space, nations around the globe are making significant strides in the development of the digital future of money '-- supported by governments and backed by powerful central banks.
Leadership in this space will have implications for more than just payments: geopolitical ambitions, economic growth, financial inclusion and the very nature of money could all be dictated by who leads the charge and how.
''"I don't think the U.S. is aware there is a race"
Digital currencies are the next wave in the ''evolution of the nature of money in the digital economy,'' Hyun Song Shin, economic adviser and co-leader of the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements, tells TIME.
As more of our world migrates from physical brick-and-mortar to wireless and cloud-based, the way we pay for things is changing as well. A central bank digital currency would operate just like cash, but instead of having to carry it in a physical wallet or put it into a bank account, it would be stored and accessed digitally. Not only could U.S.-backed digital currency facilitate easier, modern banking, it could prove vital in protecting American international influence.
Late to the party, the U.S. is ''stepping up its research and public engagement'' on digital currencies, the Federal Reserve says, including forming working groups on cryptocurrency and other kinds of digital money, and experimenting with technology that would be central to producing a digital dollar. The Fed's regional Boston branch is overseeing these efforts with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on what's known as Project Hamilton.
But the path towards a digital U.S. dollar has met many challenges, skeptics and outright opponents. All while China, and other countries, push forward.
Lagging behind the worldJust how far behind is the U.S. in the development of a central bank-issued digital currency (CBDC)? According to global accounting firm PwC's inaugural CBDC global index, which tracks various CBDCs' project status from research to development and production, the U.S. ranks 18th in the world. America's potential efforts trail countries like Sweden, South Korea and China but also countries like the Bahamas, Ecuador, Eastern Caribbean and Turkey.
China, with its government's hyperfocus on maintaining control and overseeing data, has been working to develop a CBDC for almost a decade.
And the U.S. is probably not close to catching up. Analysts like Harvard economics professor Kenneth Rogoff, who study monetary policy and digital currencies, estimate that the U.S. could be at least a decade away from issuing a digital dollar backed by the Fed. In that time, Rogoff argued in an op-ed earlier this year, the modernization of China's financial markets and reduction or removal of its currency controls ''could deal the dollar's status a painful blow.''
Read More: How China's Digital Currency Could Challenge the Almighty Dollar
China has already largely moved away from coin and paper currency; Chinese consumers have racked up more than $41 trillion in mobile transactions, according to a recent research paper from the Brookings Institution, with the lion's share (92%) going through digital payment processors WeChat Pay and Alipay.
''The reason you could say the U.S. is behind in the digital currency race is I don't think the U.S. is aware there is a race,'' Yaya Fanusie, an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, and a former CIA analyst, tells TIME in an interview. ''A lot of policymakers are looking at it and concerned'...but even with that I just don't think there's this sense of urgency because the risk from China is not an immediate threat.''
Not only is the U.S. running significantly behind in the development of a CBDC, we are trailing the rest of the world in digital payments broadly.
Kenya, for example, has almost fully digitized its economy through its digital currency and payment system MPESA, making transactions free and almost instantaneous. India's Unified Payments Interface (UPI) allows users to transfer money instantly between bank accounts with no cost. Brazil's PIX facilitates the transfer of money between people and companies in up to 10 seconds.
All of these programs work through and are overseen by the countries' central banks rather than commercial banks or other private companies.
What's holding the U.S. back?Critics argue CBDCs are simply a solution in search of a problem and potentially harmful. Many see support from the banking sector as vital to the success of a digital U.S. dollar, however commercial banks in the U.S. have taken a largely adversarial stance.
''The proposed benefits of CBDCs to international competitiveness and financial inclusion are theoretical, difficult to measure and may be elusive,'' the American Bankers Association said in a statement at a recent congressional hearing on digital currencies. ''While the negative consequences for monetary policy, financial stability, financial intermediation, the payments system, and the customers and communities that banks serve could be severe.''
The Bank Policy Institute, which lobbies on behalf of the country's largest banks, went so far as to argue that neither the Fed nor the U.S. Treasury even has the constitutional authority to issue a digital currency.
Commercial banks dominate the U.S. financial system to such a degree that unraveling them would be ostensibly impossible, experts say, they also would be a powerful adversary. Former Goldman Sachs managing director Nomi Prins notes banks have clearly seen the writing on the wall.
''Banks are centralized middlemen with respect to financial transactions,'' Prins, author of Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged The World, tells TIME. ''The more popular cryptocurrency or digital currency becomes, the fewer profits the banking system can reap from traditional services and verification methods that allow them to hold, take or use their customers' money, and the more financial power they stand to lose as a result.''
Even disruptive financial technologies like PayPal, Venmo and Zelle work through the banking system, rather than around it, thanks in large part to the banks' power.
Central bankers also generally have concluded that commercial banks are a necessary piece of a potential CBDC ecosystem, thanks to their pre-existing regulatory guardrails and ability to move money.
Read More: How Jay Powell's Coronavirus Response Is Changing the Fed Forever
Top policymakers at the Fed, including influential Vice Chair for Supervision Randal Quarles, have joined the banking industry in arguing that a digital dollar ''could pose significant and concrete risks'' and that the potential benefits ''are unclear.''
Fed Governor Christopher Waller said in August he was ''skeptical that a Federal Reserve CBDC would solve any major problem confronting the U.S. payment system,'' in a recent speech he titled ''CBDC: A Solution in Search of a Problem?''
Further, there's no central U.S. authority with direct oversight or responsibility for any of this.
In addition to the Fed, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Thrift Supervision, Financial Stability Oversight Council, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and the Office of Financial Research would all have some stake in the development of a digital currency backed by the central bank, to say nothing of state and regional authorities.
''The U.S. has an active congressional debate, which is beneficial and very important,'' Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard tells TIME in an interview. ''But the U.S. also has a diffusion of regulatory responsibility with no single payments regulator at the federal level, which is not as helpful. That diffusion of responsibility is part of what creates the lags that our system is working through.''
None of this exists in China where the Chinese Communist Party oversees the central bank, commercial banks and their regulators and is unconcerned with privacy.
How a downgraded dollar could hamstring U.S. influenceAn American CBDC could have lasting geopolitical impact and curb a longstanding international effort to reduce reliance on the mighty U.S. dollar.
''Why we should care about this is that the U.S. financial system is not intrinsically dominant,'' Fanusie says. ''Other countries, both allies and adversaries, are sincerely interested in finding ways to decrease their dependence on the dollar.''
With the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve and primary funding currency, the U.S. can restrict access to funding from financial markets, limit countries' ability to sell their natural resources and hinder or block individuals' access to the banking sector.
''''Other countries, both allies and adversaries, are sincerely interested in finding ways to decrease their dependence on the dollar''
While dollar dominance has rankled much of the world for decades, there has been no suitable replacement for the U.S., with its massive economy, sophisticated banking system and sprawling international presence.
China is in the midst of a long-term push to simultaneously grow its financial markets and internationalize its currency. Both have the end goal of allowing China and its allies to limit the ability of the U.S. to enforce its will through economic actions like sanctions.
Fanusie wrote in a January report that being the first major economy to roll out a digital currency is ''part of China's geopolitical ambitions.''
However, the renminbi will not become the world's reserve currency '-- at least, not any time soon. But what China has done by being in the forefront of CBDC development is put itself in position to take the lead on development and implementation of rules and regulations for digital currencies on a global scale.
''While America led the global revolution in payments half a century ago with magnetic striped credit and debit cards, China is leading the new revolution in digital payments,'' writes Brookings' economic studies fellow Aaron Klein.
Why should central banks offer digital currencies?Over the past decade, digital currencies, including cryptocurrency and ''stablecoins,'' have sprung up like weeds. Some purport to be just as safe as dollars, but are backed by questionable assets. In a crisis regulators worry they could fluctuate wildly in value or lose their value altogether.
Having central banks, which are responsible for the printing and circulation of coins and paper money, issue digital currencies is in part a reaction to this private sector activity, Shin says, ''accelerated by the potential encroachment of private digital currencies, and the need to preserve the role of money as a public good.''
''''The status quo is not an option"
Notably, a U.S. digital currency could provide benefits to everyday people. It could increase financial inclusion and fix flaws in current payments systems, Shin adds, citing findings of a recent BIS study.
For example, transferring money between U.S.-based bank accounts, even those held by the same person, can take days. The process can be even longer when crossing international borders. Credit and debit card transactions similarly don't settle for days and come with significant fees for merchants, who sometimes pass them on to customers.
CBDCs could grant universal access to the banking sector and quickly facilitate the distribution of paychecks and government funds, reducing the need for costly bank workarounds like check cashing and payday loans.
Championing CBDCsBrainard has been pushing the Fed to move on a digital currency for years, but there was little urgency from others at the Fed or in Congress. Companies developing their own currencies, consumers investing in cryptocurrency and the COVID-19 pandemic making paper notes anathema to many Americans changed that.
Before COVID-19, Facebook's Libra project (now known as Diem) showed lawmakers and central bankers the potential for a private company to step in and fill the void by effectively minting its own currency that could be spent by users around the world.
''The status quo is not an option,'' Diem co-creator David Marcus said at the International Monetary Fund's 2019 fall meeting. ''Whether it's Libra or something else, the world is going to change in a profound way.''
Brainard, for one, has taken notice.
''My own thinking is that stablecoins and related private sector initiatives are moving very rapidly, which makes it incumbent on us to move more rapidly,'' she tells TIME. ''That is why I have been pushing to advance outreach, cross-border engagement, and policy and technology research for several years now.''
So-called stablecoins '-- unregulated digital currencies created by private companies that purport to represent dollars but are completely unregulated '-- have become a significant worry for lawmakers and shown the importance of considering tying currency to a central bank.
''It's getting harder and harder for community banks to compete for new customers when big tech companies can afford to spend billions on marketing and technology,'' Sen. Sherrod Brown, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee, tells TIME. ''But many of these new 'fintech' products don't come with the consumer protections, federal backing or customer service and relationships with the community that small banks and credit unions provide.''
During a hearing on digital currencies in June, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, compared stablecoins to worthless ''wildcat notes'' that were issued by speculators in the 19th century.
Her expert at that hearing, Lev Menand, an Academic Fellow and Lecturer in Law at Columbia Law School, went further in his testimony, calling stablecoins ''dangerous to both their users and '... to the broader financial system.''
With private companies pushing deeper into the digital currency space, rival countries seeking to seize leadership and a public that is moving further away from physical currency, the U.S. is facing a world in which it may not control or even lead the world's payment systems.
That would make the future of money look very different from the past.
Contact us at letters@time.com.
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Government shutdown: House passes funding, debt ceiling bill
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 03:52
Published Tue, Sep 21 2021 8:44 PM EDTUpdated 3 Hours Ago
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The House passed a bill Tuesday that would temporarily fund the government and suspend the debt limit. The legislation could fail in the Senate, as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans will vote against raising the debt ceiling. The government would shut down on Oct. 1 and the U.S. would be unable to pay its bills sometime in October if Congress does not pass legislation addressing both issues. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) leaves after holding her weekly press conference at the U.S. Capitol on August 25, 2021 in Washington, DC.
Kevin Dietsch | Getty Images
The House passed a bill Tuesday that would both prevent a government shutdown and suspend the debt limit in a step toward preventing possible economic calamity.
The chamber approved the plan in a 220-211 vote. All Democrats voted for it and all Republicans opposed it.
As the bill heads to the Senate, Republicans are threatening to block it, which could leave Democrats scrambling to find another way to avoid a federal funding lapse '-- or even a first-ever default on U.S. debt. Worries about a looming default and the economic damage it would cause contributed to a U.S. stock market drubbing on Monday.
Congress has to pass a funding plan by Sept. 30 to prevent a shutdown. Separately, the U.S. will exhaust all of its options to keep paying its bills sometime in October, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has told congressional leaders.
The House-passed plan would keep the government running through Dec. 3. It would also suspend the debt ceiling into Dec. 2022.
The bill would put $28.6 billion toward natural disaster relief and $6.3 billion toward resettlement of Afghan refugees.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said Republicans will vote for a standalone funding bill but not legislation with a debt limit suspension attached.
While Democrats have pointed out that the GOP signed off on huge emergency coronavirus relief bills since the last debt ceiling suspension, Republicans have said their counterparts should move to prevent default on their own as they prepare to pass a mammoth spending bill without the GOP.
Ahead of the House vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., warned Republicans that failure to raise the debt ceiling could wreak havoc on the economy and critical government benefits such as Social Security.
"This is playing with fire. Playing games with the debt ceiling is playing with fire and putting it on the back of the American people," he said Tuesday.
It is unclear how Democrats would proceed if the legislation fails in the Senate.
They could attach a debt ceiling suspension to their $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. Doing so would add more steps to an already chaotic and time-consuming process.
The proposal, the centerpiece of President Joe Biden's domestic agenda, would make massive investments in the social safety net and climate policy. Republicans want Democrats to tie the debt limit suspension to the sprawling bill, which Democrats want to pay for through tax increases on corporations and the wealthy.
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Boris Johnson confirms he has six children - The Washington Post
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 03:50
You wonder: Why we didn't know that? The answer is the British prime minister has dodged the question for years.
Various publications have gone with five, six or seven offspring. Seems simple, but not. The Guardian explained that Johnson has been ''previously coy .'‰.'‰. about his notoriously complex family life.''
How many children does Boris Johnson have? The British prime minister won't say.
On Tuesday, speaking with NBC's ''Today'' show from the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, in a discussion about fatherhood, the thrice married Johnson was asked if he had six children '-- and he replied, rather quickly, ''yes.''
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The 57-year-old British leader has four grown children with second wife Marina Wheeler, a barrister, from whom he separated in 2018. And with his current wife, the former Conservative Party media officer Carrie Johnson, 33, nee Symonds, he has a 16-month-old son, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. The couple revealed in July that another baby is due around Christmas.
The question about the full tally followed a mention of the baby on its way. But the British media in their write-ups suggested he was not counting the one in utero but instead confirming a longtime assumption that he has a daughter from a previous affair.
Johnson said in the interview that he absolutely loved having a baby at 10 Downing Street, but it has involved a lot work. ''I change a lot of nappies,'' the prime minister said.
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The revelation of six offspring was a top story on news sites and broadcasts in Britain.
Gimson said Johnson's affairs and marriages haven't hurt the politician, or not much, ''because he's not a hypocrite. He's never preached about marriage.''
The biographer told The Post that some Britons may disapprove of having a child out-of-wedlock. Others see his refusal to answer the question as evidence of his slippery nature. ''But I think quite a lot of people find it a relief that he is so fallible,'' Gimson said.
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The prime minister has found himself on the griddle about his personal life. Back in 2004, he denied to the tabloids that he had an affair. Johnson called the story ''complete balderdash'' and ''an inverted pyramid of piffle.'' As it turns out, it was true, and he lost a party leadership post over the deception.
In an interview with LBC radio in 2019, during his election campaign, a caller challenged Johnson over a 1995 article he'd written for Spectator magazine, in which he blamed single mothers for ''a generation of ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate children.''
Johnson said he shouldn't be judged by old things he had written '-- and refused to say how many children he had.
''I love my children very much, but they are not standing at this election. I'm not therefore going to comment on them,'' he said.
No Vaccine Rules for Big U.N. Meeting: Free Pass for World Leaders
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:27
The U.N. General Assembly will ignore vaccine requirements for attendees at next week's big meeting in New York, snubbing NYC rules for convention centers and public gatherings.
Presidents, premiers, monarchs, dignitaries, diplomats and their traveling staff members have been told by organizers they won't have to show coronavirus vaccination passports or other proof of inoculation on arrival at U.N. headquarters on Turtle Bay, Manhattan.
Instead attendees plus their staff will be waved through and allowed admission free of any checks with more than 100 heads of state and government and over 20 foreign ministers signed up to speak in person.
An honor system '-- and only an honor system '' means dignitaries won't have to show vaccination cards or other proof of inoculation as they'll simply attest to it by swiping their ID badges at the assembly hall.
The freedom from regulation follows a precedent first set at the G7 meeting in the UK earlier this year.
When they're posing for one of their staged photographs the G7 elite all pretend, for propaganda purposes, that they are Covid regulation compliant. But look at what they got up to later'... https://t.co/086ApEYCWJ
'-- Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) June 12, 2021
The decision to ignore the rules as applied to the general public in NYC came after Russia challenged an earlier proof of vaccination requirement on the grounds it was an infringement on personal liberties.
''We strongly object that only people with a proof of vaccination should be admitted to the GA hall,'' Russia's ambassador Vassily Nebenzia wrote in protest to U.N. officials.
He described it as ''a clearly discriminatory measure'', adding that preventing delegates access to the hall was a ''clear violation of the U.N. charter.''
Rules are for the little people. https://t.co/SH1Tg6K07M
'-- Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) December 9, 2020
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for one isn't vaccinated and reiterated Thursday he has no plans to get the coronavirus shot anytime soon, AP reports.
''Why take the vaccine? To have antibodies, isn't that right? My antibody levels are way up high,'' Bolsonaro said in a live broadcast on social media Thursday night. ''After everybody in Brazil is vaccinated, I'll decide.''
The AP report said a message sent to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's office wasn't immediately returned. He has previously maintained the city's aim is to protect both assembly attendees and New Yorkers from the virus.
U.S. President Joe Biden is on the speaker list.
And Some Were More Equal Than Others: MPs Exempt from Vaccine Passports in Commons https://t.co/mzmbMxgOiH
'-- Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) July 21, 2021
The prime ministers of Japan, India and the United Kingdom will also be at U.N. headquarters to deliver their country's speech to the 193-member assembly, along with Israel's new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Another 23 foreign ministers are slated to speak in person as well, according to the list obtained by AP.
The 76th session of the general assembly starts on Tuesday and finishes the following Monday.
The Associated Press contributed to this story
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'For the next pandemic, we'll have gigantic mRNA factories in India' - Times of India
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:02
Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , says the Delta variant will make it difficult for the world to end the pandemic by 2022, missing his last year's estimate. In a telephone interview to TOI+, Gates spoke on a range of issues, from vaccinating the elderly to creating factory capacities large enough to supply vaccines for the entire world within 200 days. Excerpts: Last year, you talked about the possibility of ending the coronavirus pandemic by 2022. Do you still think it's possible? Everyone has been surprised by the Delta variant and how transmissive it is. India was the first place where there was, tragically, explosive growth in cases. The number of cases has come down from that peak, but we have to get these vaccines out far more broadly than we have done so far.
I'd say Delta was the worst variant that anyone ever expected, and so we probably will have cases into part of 2022, and the importance of getting the vaccine coverage up, very high, is even more clear now. My prediction, based on Delta, is that we'll miss that goal somewhat.
In this year's Goalkeepers Report you highlight the innovations that Covid-19 has triggered. Which are the ones that hold potential? Now that the world understands its vulnerability to a pandemic, there will be a huge amount of research and invention of new tools. The diagnostics '' we could scale that up much faster. The therapeutics we could do a lot better. We should have a goal that we have so much factory capacity that, even within 200 days, we could make enough vaccines for the entire world.
Will this work, to be ready for the next pandemic, and will it have benefits beyond the pandemic preparedness? The answer is absolutely yes. The
mRNA platform, we're working with that German company, BioNTech, to do an HIV vaccine using their mRNA technology. We have a malaria vaccine. We think that we can do a very low-cost flu vaccine and bring the worldwide level of flu down dramatically.
Ideally, we would eradicate some of these respiratory viruses because they actually create quite a significant health burden even in normal years, and of course, they can mutate into a form that could cause the next pandemic. I'm hoping that all countries will increase their research in these areas. We're working with the United States, Europe and the UK on increasing their research budgets. I would hope that India would join in that as well.
What is your view about the way vaccine-making has progressed in India? Most low-cost vaccines in the world are made in India, and that has saved literally millions of lives because of the partnership we have with those three companies (Serum, BioE, Bharat Biotech). It's kind of natural that, in the spring of 2020, as the pandemic came along, we talked with Serum about both AstraZeneca and Novavax, and we hoped that they'd do a great job making AstraZeneca, and they will be making Novavax.
Over the years, Gates Foundation has partnered with the government of India and with Indian vaccine manufacturers in the development of affordable, high-quality vaccines '' for India and for the rest of the world. It is encouraging to see India step up during the Covid-19 pandemic and develop safe and cost-effective vaccines that will save millions of lives.
What should be done to fix the problem in India's healthcare system in the short term and what are the long-term steps? India should invest even more in its primary healthcare system to make sure that primary healthcare centres are well-staffed, the people are well trained.
Overall, the health conditions in India over the last decade have improved. We've got vaccine coverage up. We're not as high as we should be. We've got the birth attendant quality '' delivering in a facility '' we've got those numbers up, and so maternal-infant mortality has gone down.
Our foundation has focused in particular on Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for health in general. When it came to building oxygen centres for
Covid, and special interventions for Covid, we were able to draw on the strong relationships we had in participating there. Although the pandemic is tragic, it highlights the importance of primary healthcare with the need to invest more, both financially and in the quality of primary healthcare.
If you look at the overall spending on primary healthcare, it has not gone up as much as it should. India is a democracy and there will be a debate about that as an increased priority.
Coronavirus live updates The challenge has changed from vaccine availability to vaccine hesitancy. How can governments address it more effectively? Politicians are speaking out clearly and then setting examples by getting vaccinated themselves, and constantly repeating that message, and making sure that the trust networks '' whether it's religious leaders or people in villages that people look up to and trust '' are always delivering positive messages, and whatever negative rumour comes out doesn't fester on social media in such a way that people are worried.
Every country has had vaccine hesitancy. I'm not that expert on India, but if I look at the numbers, some of the numbers look good. Do we get to 100% of healthcare workers? I'm told that it's about 70% right now.
The people who are the priority, of course, are the elderly, and I guess, in India, about 65% got their first dose. We should pick that up to 100% for the second dose. The benefit of the vaccine to the elderly is very, very high, and that's how you get your deaths down. The leadership on the positive message about the vaccine, from what I know, has been quite good in India. It hasn't turned into one party likes it and another party doesn't like it.
This is a case where the US has not done the best job, but every country has to really work on this every single day to get every percentage point increase. Right now, you're not in a big wave but there could be a future wave. So, we have to maintain this as a super-high priority.
There's a lot of vaccine wastage in several advanced economies. What should be done to prevent this and ensure global cooperation? It's been somewhat inequitable. We keep a spreadsheet of where all the doses of the world are, and where they should be given. We weren't ready, the world wasn't ready for this pandemic. And so, as we look back on Covax, where the foundation has been very involved, there are some lessons. We could have done some things better, but the key has been the supply, which no one was funding in the spring of 2020 other than the US government.
We got full cooperation between the Western inventors and the Indian manufacturers. The mRNA, sadly, is different enough that there was no capacity for that particular type of vaccine outside the rich countries. Even there, it was completely new.
For the next pandemic, we will make sure we have gigantic mRNA
factories in India and the rest of the developing world to achieve our 100-day goal of being able to make vaccines for everyone.
The pandemic has also widened the digital divide. What are the solutions? A lot of students should have access to at least a mobile phone. And some learning around maths and reading and writing can be done on the mobile phone.
Obviously, when the classroom shut down, in India, a lot of kids simply didn't learn. And so, there's a deficit there. Sadly, the education quality in India isn't quite as strong as you'd like it to be. If I had to say what's the other thing besides health that, both in terms of resources and quality, should be an increased focus to invest in India's future, I'd put health number one, maybe because that's where I work, and education number two.
2021 Jul-Dec - Google Drive
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:51
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Pelosi faces internal Democratic strife as key deadline could sink Biden agenda - CNNPolitics
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:21
By Lauren Fox and Manu Raju, CNN
Updated 7:00 AM EDT, Mon September 20, 2021
(CNN) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing a major dilemma: September 27 -- the day she promised a vote on a trillion-dollar infrastructure deal that passed the Senate last month -- is fast approaching.
But no matter how she maneuvers from now until then, a new problem emerges. If, by that date, the House and Senate have not approved a separate, $3.5 trillion package to expand the social safety net, progressives have vowed to sink the infrastructure bill crafted by a bipartisan group of centrists.
Yet there is little chance both chambers can reconcile their vast intraparty differences to pass the $3.5 trillion package within the next eight days, especially given the constraints of shepherding a bill of this magnitude through the legislative process, according to multiple senior Democrats.
"There's always a possibility that the vote would get delayed. But the question is, are we going to work to get to our goal for September 27? Yes. We are going to work hard to reach that goal," Democratic House Whip Jim Clyburn, the No. 3 House Democrat, said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday. "Sometimes you have to kind of stop the clock to get to the goal. We'll do what's necessary to get there."
Top Democrats, however, have reassured House members that they are still committed to holding the vote on the 27th, sources with knowledge of the matter tell CNN.
On top of the September 27 deadline for the infrastructure package vote, Pelosi has to decide whether to wait until moderate Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema sign off on what they can accept in the sweeping spending package, which the party plans to pass with only Democratic votes, or if she should ignore their demands and try to ram through the House a bill that is backed by liberals.
If she does go along with the progressives on the size and scope of that social spending package, known as the "Build Back Better Act," she risks forcing moderates to cast a vote on a bill that could ultimately be pared back and changed dramatically in the Senate, effectively forcing them to cast a vote on an array of contentious tax-and-spending provisions that could become liabilities on the campaign trail next year.
"She knows how dangerous it is for our frontliners," one moderate Democrat said of her party's most vulnerable members. "Nancy is in a hell of a bind. But it's her bind."
'Why would you have people walk the plank for the sake of it?' Indeed, the next several days will test Democratic leaders and President Joe Biden's legislative muscle as Washington Democrats settle in for a tedious and complicated negotiation that will force the party to agree on not just policy, but also navigate a delicate timeline that could be upset by any one faction of their party.
While it's still possible one faction in the caucus will ultimately back down, both moderates and progressives are posturing to get leadership to cater to their demands. And how leadership ultimately responds remains to be seen.
"There is a strong argument for making as much progress as possible," said Rep. Tom Malinowski, a Democrat from New Jersey whose seat is targeted by the GOP in next year's midterms. "I completely understand the desire among some of my colleagues to make progress in parallel on the reconciliation bill," he said, referring to the spending package that is moving through what's known as the budget reconciliation process. "But I also don't think given the progress, holding infrastructure hostage would be justified."
Last week, key House panels completed their work in passing the $3.5 trillion bill out of committee, a sweeping plan that would expand Obamacare, boost the country's paid family leave policy, extend the child tax credit and raise taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals in the country. By using the reconciliation process, Democrats can bypass a filibuster in the Senate and therefore pass it with just a simple majority of 51 votes.
But the expectation is it will still need to be changed significantly to pass muster with all 50 Senate Democrats and to win over the votes in the House, where Pelosi only has a narrow margin. For moderates in the House facing reelection in tough districts, the prospect of voting on anything that doesn't have the blessing of the entire Senate is too risky.
Many Democrats recall the vote Pelosi forced them to cast in 2009 on cap-and-trade legislation to combat global warming -- a controversial bill that became a major attack line on the campaign trial even though it never was considered by the Senate.
One moderate Democratic member who agreed to talk to CNN on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal party dynamics told CNN they are confident that Pelosi won't force a vote on the sweeping spending package that will be vastly different than the Senate's package, knowing that repeating the cap-and-trade drama would be an unforced error.
"Why would you make people vote on something when we have a four-seat majority? Why would you have people walk the plank for the sake of it? Pelosi shrewdly recognized that and made that commitment," the member said, adding that other leaders have also suggested that wouldn't happen.
What Pelosi pledged in August was that she'd hold a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill by September 27, just days before federal highway funding runs out. That deadline could help win over skeptical progressives, whose voters may be moved by the expiration of funding. She also pledged to "work with House and Senate Democrats to reach agreement in order for the House to vote on a Build Back Better Act that will pass the Senate."
The differences that remainDespite the House finishing their committee work last week, the series of markups revealed some of the schisms that still remain among House Democrats. In the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Florida was the sole Democrat to vote against the committee's text, saying some of the provisions gave her "pause," as did the overall process.
In the Energy and Commerce Committee, three Democrats voted against a provision that would have lowered the cost the US government pays for certain prescription drugs. The provision is seen as a huge revenue raiser for Democrats' proposal, but has faced an uphill battle in both the House and Senate where members who have large pharmaceutical companies in their districts and states have argued the provision goes too far and would have a negative impact on innovation.
With no Republicans expected to back the larger spending package, Democrats cannot afford to lose more than three votes in the narrowly divided House. And prescription drugs is just one issue that could lead to Democratic defections.
The disagreements over how much to increase taxes on businesses and the wealthy are also expected to be a bruising fight.
Behind the scenes, House Democrats from high-tax states have also been deeply engaged with their Senate counterparts on their effort to repeal the cap on the State and Local Tax deduction that was passed in the GOP's 2017 tax bill. That cap only allows Americans to deduct up to $10,000 in state and local taxes on their federal returns.
For several House Democrats from high-tax states, the SALT issue has been the one area that they say would cause them to vote "no" on their party's sweeping economic bill. However, many progressives, who argue the wealthy should be taxed at a higher rate to cover the cost of the bill, have push back on efforts to do away with the cap. They argue that doing so would be a boon to wealthy Americans who would then be able to deduct more from their federal taxes.
The negotiations are still taking shape in many places. In the Senate, aides tell CNN that the caucus is still laying out where members stand. And while the White House has been deeply engaged for months with Manchin and Sinema on the package, there is little indication the President has been able to change their minds on issues like how much the bill should cost.
Instead, the next week will be a crucial indication of just how much Biden can accomplish in a narrowly held House and Senate, and it will be complicated by a set of deadlines to fund the government by the end of the month and raise the debt ceiling sometime this fall.
U.S. to Lift Travel Ban on Vaccinated Visitors - The New York Times
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:13
Politics | The Biden administration will lift restrictions on fully vaccinated international travelers in November. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/20/us/politics/us-travel-ban.html Travelers exiting a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport in May. Credit... Frederic J. Brown/Agence France-Presse '-- Getty Images Sept. 20, 2021 Updated 10:44 a.m. ET The Biden administration will lift travel restrictions starting in November on those from abroad who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, ending a travel ban implemented to limit the spread of disease and reopening the United States to relatives who have been separated from families and employees from businesses.
Foreign travelers who provide proof that they are fully vaccinated before boarding a flight will be able to fly to the United States starting in ''early November,'' Jeff Zients, the White House pandemic coordinator, said Monday.
''International travel is critical to connecting families and friends, to fueling small and large businesses, to promoting the open exchange ideas and culture,'' Mr. Zients said. ''That's why, with science and public health as our guide, we have developed a new international air travel system that both enhances the safety of Americans here at home and enhances the safety of international air travel.''
The administration has restricted travel for foreigners looking to fly to the United States from a group of European countries, Iran and China for more than a year. Fully vaccinated travelers will also need to show proof of a negative test for the coronavirus within three days before coming to the United States, Mr. Zients said.
Unvaccinated Americans overseas aiming to travel home will have to clear stricter testing requirements. They will need to test negative for the coronavirus one day before traveling to the United States and will need to be tested again after arriving, Mr. Zients said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will also soon issue an order directing airlines to collect phone numbers and email addresses of travelers for a new contact-tracing system. Authorities will then follow up with the travelers after arrival to ask whether they are experiencing symptoms of the virus.
The administration's action came on the eve of a visit by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was expected to press Mr. Biden to lift the ban. British officials had hoped the president would announce a relaxation of restrictions when he came to Cornwall, England, in June for the Group of 7 summit meeting and were disappointed when he did not. Their frustration has only deepened since then.
British officials note that the United States had not imposed a similar ban on people from Caribbean nations, which had a higher rate of infection than Britain, or from Argentina, which had lower percentage of its population vaccinated. About 82 percent of people in Britain above the age of 16 have had two shots.
The European Union and Britain both allowed fully vaccinated people from the United States to travel without quarantining and officials there were annoyed when the United States did not reciprocate.
The ban, European officials point out, has kept families separated since March 2020, when former President Donald J. Trump first announced it, as the coronavirus was erupting across Europe. European countries have weathered a third wave of infections propelled by the Delta variant. But in several countries, including Britain, infection rates have begun to level off and even decline.
Stephen Castle contributed reporting from London.
Cable News Ratings Thursday, September 16: MSNBC Almost Doubles CNN in Primetime Total Viewers
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:03
By Mediaite Staff Sep 17th, 2021, 5:06 pm
Fox News continued to dominate in the cable news ratings Thursday, but between the other two big networks, MSNBC almost doubled CNN in total viewers in primetime.
CNN was third in primetime with 885,000 total viewers, while MSNBC took second with 1.7 million. Fox News took first overall with 3 million.
CNN did narrowly beat out MSNBC in the 25-54 viewer demographic in primetime, 196,000 to 185,000. Fox again took the top spot with 476,000.
MSNBC's highest-rated show continued to be Rachel Maddow at 9 pm, with 2.23 million total viewers and 259,000 in the demo. The 9 pm hour on CNN garnered 910,000 total viewers and 194,000 in the demo.
Here is a full breakdown of Wednesday's cable news ratings by show:
Total Viewers (thousands)
Total viewers:
Fox News: 1.75 million
MSNBC: 958,000
CNN: 635,000
25-54 Demo:
Fox News: 267,000
CNN: 132,000
MSNBC: 108,000
Here are the prime time averages'-- encompassing shows which air from 8-11 p.m. '-- in total viewers and the 25-54 demo.
Total viewers:
Fox News: 3 million
MSNBC: 1.7 million
CNN: 885,000
25-54 Demo:
Fox News: 476,000
CNN: 196,000
MSNBC: 185,000
For more ratings information and analysis go to ShowBuzz Daily.
Have a tip we should know? tips@mediaite.com
Stock market today: Dow sheds 500 points amid growing risks, on pace for its worst sell-off since July
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 14:17
A trader works on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., August 20, 2021.
Andrew Kelly | Reuters
U.S. stocks began the week deeply in the red as investors continued to move to the sidelines in September amid several emerging risks for the market.
The Dow Jones Industrial average lost 500 points, or 1.4%, set for its biggest one day drop since July 19. The blue-chip Dow pared back some of the losses soon after the open when it dropped nearly 600 points. The S&P 500 fell 1.5%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite dropped 1.8%.
There were a number of reasons for the sell-off:
Investors fear a contagion sweeping financial markets from the troubled China property market. Hong Kong equities saw a big sell-off during the Asia trading session on Monday. The benchmark Hang Seng index plunged 4% with embattled developer China Evergrande Group on the brink of default.The Federal Reserve begins a two-day meeting Tuesday and investors are worried the central bank will signal it's ready to start pulling away monetary stimulus amid surging inflation and improvement in the job market.Covid cases because of the delta variant remain at January levels as colder weather approaches in North America.September has the worst track record of any month, averaging a 0.4% decline, according to the Stock Trader's Almanac. History shows the selling tends to pick up in the back half of the month.Investors are also concerned about brinkmanship in DC as the deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches. Congress returned to Washington from recess rushing to pass funding bills to avoid a government shutdown.Stocks linked to global growth were down the most Monday. Ford and Carrier Global lost more than 3%. General Motors and Boeing fell about 2% each. Nucor steel shed 2.8%
Energy stocks tumbled as WTI crude oil fell 2% on concerns about the global economy. Occidental Petroleum, Hess and Devon Energy were among the biggest losers.
Bond prices gained as investors sought safety. The move pushed the 10-year Treasury yield down by 5 basis points to 1.325%.
Big bank stocks took a hit as the falling rates may crimp profits. Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase were each down more than 2%.
"We think the mid-cycle transition will end with the rolling correction finally hitting the S&P 500," wrote Mike Wilson, Morgan Stanley's chief U.S. equity strategist. "We point to downside risk to earnings revisions, consumer confidence and PMIs."
Wilson said he believes a "destructive outcome" is looking more likely that results in a pullback of 20% or more. On Friday, University of Michigan's September consumer sentiment index came in at 71, just slightly above the August level that was the lowest in 9 years.
The Cboe Volatility index, Wall Street's fear gauge, jumped above the 26 level on Monday, the highest since May.
Amid Monday's sell-off, a number of classic defensive stocks provided the broader market with some support. Pfizer, Walmart, Procter & Gamble and Merck all traded in the green.
Stocks have struggled so far in September in line with historical trends. For the month, the Dow is off 3.3%. The S&P 500 is lower by 3.2% and the Nasdaq Composite is lower by 2.9%.
On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average turned in three straight weeks of losses for the first time since September 2020. The S&P 500 saw its biggest trading volume Friday since July 19, more than doubling its 30-day average volume.
Friday coincided with the expiration of stock options, index options, stock futures and index futures '-- a quarterly event known as "quadruple witching." History shows volatility tends to pick up around this event.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell will hold a press conference Wednesday at the conclusion of the two-day meeting. Powell has said the so-called tapering could occur this year, but investors are waiting for more specifics, particularly after mixed economic data released since Powell's last comments.
Some investors believe this is just normal market action that can occur in September.
"The reasons for drop this morning are the same as last week: China concerns (Evergrande, regulation, COVID), Fed tapering and possible tax hikes, but nothing new occurred this weekend to justify this mornings' declines," Tom Essaye, founder of Sevens Report, said in a note.
Other risky assets declined on Monday. Bitcoin lost as much as 10% to below $43,000.
Most commodities were in the red. Gold was among the few assets in the green, adding 0.5% to $1,760.
Stock picks and investing trends from CNBC Pro:
Nurse claims fully vaccinated Covid-19 patients are being treated with Ivermectin whilst the unvaccinated are being put on ventilators | Truth11.com
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 13:51
Focus ArticlesTHE COVID-19 SCAMDEMICWe have hundreds of articles on Truth11.com exposing the truth about COVID-19 and all measures taken in response to it. Here is an 11 point summary of the big picture and some key focus articles.
1) COVID-19 CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITYSince flu was renamed Covid-19, and other diseases and deaths have been re branded covid last year, unprecedented harm was inflicted on countless millions of people. Western mass media, health professionals, organizations and governments world wide are complicit in the greatest ever public health crime against humanity. They should all be prosecuted and held accountable for their endless mass deception campaign. Read Article Here
The Covid Outbreak: ''Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.'' Report by 1500 Health Professionals. Read article here
There have been several requests of information that have been replied to and they clearly state there has been no isolation of ''Covid-19'' The virus does not exist. You can read one of the Freedom Of Information Requests from Canada here
Another freedom of information request from the UK asked how many people have died from covid-19 alone, not counting those who had other reasons for their death. The answer was NONE. View the request here
Mask Test Showing Carbon Dioxide Levels + Mask Test Showing Oxygen Levels = DO NOT WEAR MASKS Read Article HereHazardous Mask Wearing, read article HereMandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code, Read article hereSTUDY: Long term mask use breeds microbes that infiltrate the lungs and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer Read Article Here6) LOCKDOWNS CAUSE HARM AND PROVIDE NO BENEFIT
Lockdowns Are Based On Fraud, read article hereLockdowns Motivated By Occult Doctrine. Read article hereDoctors Questions Lockdowns, read article hereA study of 10 million found that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 did not occur at all, thus undermining the need for lockdowns, read article here7) DEADLY COVID-19 VACCINES ARE NOT EVEN VACCINES THEY ARE GENE THERAPY AND MUST BE AVOIDED
100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine Read Article HereWhy People Will Start Dying a Few Months After the First Covid-19 MRNA Vaccination. Professor Delores Cahill: Watch HereLarge Scale COVID-19 Vaccination Injuries and Deaths, read article here8) NO STATE OF EMERGENCY EXISTS
Each country has its own declaration of emergency guidelines. Here is the Canada-Wide Declarations of Emergency For Covid-19| Understanding how the Declarations of Emergency have never existed, read article here
Each country has its own constitution and charter of rights and freedoms. Here is the Canadian Charter Rights for Individuals | Empower Yourself '' Know Your Rights! | Understanding how COVID-19 measures violate your Charter Rights, read article here
Each country has its own constitution and charter of rights and freedoms for businesses. Here is the Canadian Charter Rights for Businesses | Understanding how COVID-19 measures violate YOUR Charter Rights AND Understanding how COVID-19 measures YOU ENFORCE violate Your Employee's and Patron's Charter Rights, read article here
11) THE NUREMBERG CODE RELATING TO COVID-19The Nuremberg Code as it applies to masks, the Covid vaccines and covid tests. read article here
There Is No Covid-19 VirusNo record of ''COVID-19 virus'' (SARS-COV-2) isolation by anyone, anywhere on the planet
Freedom Of Information response from Canada's National Research Council: No record of ''COVID-19 virus'' (SARS-COV-2) isolation by anyone, anywhere on the planet. Read Article here___________DR Andrew Kaufman: There is no pandemic, the governments are faking the death counts (simply placing all deaths in the fabricated COVID category), all the governments are using a fraudulent RT-PCR machine to mark healthy people as infected (therefore driving a fear based case-demic of people who aren't ill) plus the vaccine is designed to kill, cripple and/or cause infertility. Read Article Here__________Top Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Tells Alberta Government COVID Is ''The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public'' | Masks don't protect, social distancing does nothing, tests are also uselessRead Article Here
Brave TV Reporter Goes Off Script And Reveals Truth About Covid-19___________
Doctors Around The World Issue Dire Warning:DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE
In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines about to be mass injected into the unsuspecting public assisted by military forces around the world.
What could possibly motivate these doctors, nurses, scientists, and other health professionals to make such an impassioned plea? What do they have to gain by taking the time to educate the public on the hidden dangers of a new class of vaccine about to be inflicted upon the citizens of countries around the world?
They have NOTHING TO GAIN, and much to lose, including their careers, and possibly even their lives. Read article here___________100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccineThe vaccine is now set to kill and cripple the seniors and the uninformed in the first wave of genocide, their vaccine induced deaths and disease states will be used as the excuse to force the vaccine on everyone else, as the evil media and corrupt government will simply re-label the medical genocide as COVID-19 or something more deadly than COVID. This has been the plan the entire time. Read Article Here
___________Why People Will Start Dying a Few Months After the First Covid-19 MRNA Vaccination.Professor Delores Cahill: Watch Here
___________Robert F. Kennedy Jr: 'New COVID Vaccine Should Be Avoided At All Cost'Read Article here
The Covid-19 Pandemic Fraud Is Deeper Than You Think
Dr Andrew Kaufman presentation to the red pill expo. An excellent explanation of the big picture of this global scam. Watch above or here
Planned Chaos Video and Article Series
This past year has offered a great opportunity for most of humanity to consider their world and what might be important to them. Prepare For Change have put together an excellent documentary and article series called Planned Chaos which questions the madness we are experiencing and its purpose in our lives as a result of this mess.
4 Video Documentary: Video 1 | Media: Tell A Vision + Predictive ProgrammingVideo 2 | CV19: Plan, Scam & Resulting OrderVideo 3 | Racial Divide = Civil WarVideo 4 | No Ordinary Election
9 Part Article VersionPart 1 | MediaPart 2 | COVID-19: Plan, Scam + Resulting OrderPart 3 | Racial Divide = Civil WarPart 4 | No Ordinary ElectionPart 5 | Swamp Draining Is Real and Global Part 6 | Arson and Eco TerrorismPart 7 | Financial War: Power, CorruptionPart 8 | The Spiritual Connection Of QPart 9 | Darkness Drives The Madness
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Castro (Trudeau) Complicit In American Election Fraud
Communist China also gave the Canadian Dominion voting machine company a $400 million financial boost through a Swiss bank account, belonging to the Chinese government. As for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his role in the massive US election fraud, was to harbor the George Soros linked criminal election rigging Dominion voting machine company and let them commit criminal activity, across the US border, which could pretty much be considered as Canada committing an act of war on American independence and democracy, along with China. Read Article Here
The Association des Officiers De R(C)serve (Association of Army Reserve Officers) spent 50 days investigating issues related to the 2020 ''pandemic''. The report has been prohibited from disclosure for the time being. However, in view of the urgency and seriousness of the situation, we have chosen nevertheless to communicate it to civil society.
In order to propose a prevention protocol and to provide information on therapeutic approaches, it is necessary to establish the parameters of the pathogenic agent, which has revealed serious inconsistencies in the official version.
These inconsistencies have led to the identification of obvious corruption and an agenda contrary to public welfare, culminating in criminal and genocidal intent, and the implementation of a totalitarian state, which are reported in our conclusions.
Read article and download full report here
Freedom Parade Berlin: 1,300,000 People Protest Covid Pandemic
The video of this peaceful protest was Banned on you tube. The video was removed because it showed a peaceful protest with over 1,300,000 people not social distancing, not wearing masks and saying they don't believe the lie of Covid-19.
This is a real protest. The protest that we should have done as a global population, but was robbed of us by BLM Antifa fake Soros backed violent attacks and pointless destruction by design.
This is a true protest that calls out the lies of the COVID-19 scam and makes the statement that TODAY MARKS THE END OF THE PANDEMIC!.
They are not social distancing, not wearing masks, see the video for yourself, this is not thousands, this is over a million people. Protesters chant ''We are the people. We are fed up. Stop with the lies. Today marks the end of the pandemic''
''Our demand is to go back to democracy. Away with these laws that have been imposed on us, away with the masks that make us slave!'' Read article here
The QAnon global patriot movement has a plan to fight the evil few. United we stand. United we can overcome the satanic few that have enslaved us. QAnon are a very important group of people, globally fighting and standing up for humanity!. Have faith in humanity!. WWG1WGA! Where We Go One We Go All!
Q Anon | Welcome To The Great Awakening
In the fall of 2017, posts began appearing on anonymous online forums from a mysterious ''Q Clearance Patriot'' '' someone within the U.S. government with top-secret access. These posts have since become ''the biggest 'inside' 'approved' [information] dump in American history,'' giving we, the people unprecedented insight into a far-reaching shadow war between patriots (within and outside of the government and military) and an evil international cabal intent on destroying America and quashing its founding principles. We are witnessing '' in real time '' the exposure of past and present crimes of this cabal, actions to bring them to justice, and the ushering in of a great, global awakening.
This site is an aggregator of these posts as they happen. WWG1WGA!
https://qposts.onlineArticle explaining Q Anon also an amazing documentary. Here
The Fall Of The Cabal
This is a very important film by Janet Ossebaard. It connects many dots that needed to be connected and brings us to the point of horrific truth, that needs to be publicly known. Once known all of humanity will revolt against this evil. We are fighting pure evil. Please watch this film, it is disturbing but the truth is disturbing and warrants our immediate response. The Fall Of the Cabal is exactly what it sounds like. The horrific truth that will spark a global revolution to bring these satanists down. The world is about to change. Watch Film Here or click above Image
Corona Debunked By Biochemistry
This excellent video explains the truth about viruses and how germ theory is still just a theory and has never been proven. The Rothschild's hijacked the medical industry with their more profitable germ theory framework and have perverted medical direction that promotes fake science.
This video proves you cannot catch the corona virus or any cold for that matter from a sick person. They discuss experiments showing after hundreds of attempts they could not infect a healthy person with a cold virus. There is no such thing as an external virus entering the body. The body is simply having a biological response to your body being not at ease, dis-ease due to certain deficiency's such as Potassium deficiency which is fully explained in this video. The reason for this response is also explained and the simple solutions to bring your body back to health. A must see and share. Watch above or in the article here
Dr. Andrew Kaufman: There Is No VirusAnd Now They Want To Genetically Modify Us With The COVID-19 Vaccine
Spiro and Dr. Kaufman discuss the expanding curtailment of basic civil liberties being normalized under the false pretext of a global health emergency.
Doctor Kaufman lays his reputation and his career on the line as he blows the whistle on what he describes as a manufactured crisis to carry out a planned agenda to facilitate global governance and population control.
Doctor Kaufman is a well-educated medical professional who convincingly illustrates, using the CDC's own technical data, how the public has been manipulated on the grandest scale. Watch below and read article and watch two other Kaufman/Spiro interviews covering Reuters (Rothschild's) fake fact checking and if masks should be worn. (they should not) Here
The real revolution that is needed is being hijacked by the corrupt few, the elite, the satanic cabal, the 1% that have funded fake revolutionary groups.
Trading one group of 'few people over another group of few people is not the revolution we need. The real revolution that this planet needs is the global population, uniting and demanding the reversal of the control pyramid. The masses must unite in a global voice and build our utopia that benefits the many, not the few.
This is the perfect time to break free from the same old bullshit that promotes genocide, war, famine, the 1% satanists stealing 800,000 kids per year for their Adrenocrome addiction. It is time for a real revolution away from the sick few controlling billions of people.
We need to scrap all forms of control by any few.
If the many were in control they would choose what benefits themselves, therefore what benefits the interests of the many, not only the few. This is the solution = UNITY
A simple connection of every person on the planet. A unity of our global voice. Where we can all ask ourselves life changing questions for the benefit of the human race and every species on this planet and beyond. And vote on them to be implemented.
THIS IS THE KEY SOLUTION: We must invert the control pyramid to take the power of the few away. And that means ANY FEW. No small group of people should control the many, ever.
Welcome the True Global Revolution: UNITY = The rise of the 99%. Read article here
Rose and Icke will discuss:Who is really benefiting from the protests, the wider political agenda behind the funding of Black Lives Matter and why George Soros and other multinational technology companies are involved. Watch on London Real here or if is not available there it can be viewed here
Huge Victory For Humanity As Khazarian Mafia's Long-planned 666 Offensive Was Stopped Dead In Its Tracks
The forces of light scored a huge victory against the Khazarian Satanists as their long-planned 2020/06/06/06 offensive was stopped dead in its tracks, multiple sources agree. Instead of massive bloodshed involving armed demonstrators (million man occupation of the white house) and the U.S. military, there was a small, peaceful march against racism. This was because the armed saboteurs and their financial backers were all rounded up before their planned climax of mayhem, Pentagon sources say.
The plan that was stopped, aimed to use massive bloodshed to replace the Republic of the United States with a draconian totalitarian government. As Rothschild front man George Soros, told Bild Magazine in September 2014:
''I'm going to bring down the U.S. by funding black hate groups. We'll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.''
Note: attempts to label this quote as fake appear at the top of internet searches such as ''Lead Stories'' but NSA sources say it's real.
The plan nearly worked as the death of African American George Floyd triggered huge, coordinated acts of looting and vandalism all over the United States.
U.S. military intelligence says the rioting was stopped only after over a thousand armed looters were shot. In addition, U.S. and Russian Special Forces teams went around hunting down and killing the financiers and Khazarian agents stoking the flames. Also, on June 5th U.S. military White Hats found and disarmed three nuclear devices, seized countless pipe-bombs, and arrested two snipers,'' according to NSA sources. Read article here
We Need A Revolution, But These Riots are an Anti-Revolution By Design
''When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system's game. The establishment will irritate you'--pull your beard, flick your face'--to make you fight. Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you.'''--John Lennon
There is something being concocted in the dens of power, far beyond the public eye, and it doesn't bode well for the future of this country. (and many others)
Anytime you have entire nations so mesmerized by political theater and public spectacle that they are oblivious to all else, you'd better beware.
And anytime you have a government that operates in the shadows, speaks in a language of force, and rules by fiat, you'd better beware.
What is unfolding before us is not a revolution. The looting, the burning, the rioting, the violence: Is an anti-revolution.
The protesters are playing right into the government's hands, because the powers-that-be want this. They want an excuse to lockdown the nation and throw the switch to all-out martial law. They want a reason to make the police state stronger. Read Article Here
Mandatory Testing'... of what?
Authorities claim that testing is important for public health officials to assess if their mitigation efforts '' ''shelter in place'' and ''social distancing'' and ''wearing a mask'' '' are making a difference to ''flatten the curve.'' Officials also claim that testing is necessary to know how many persons are infected within a community and to understand the nature of how coronaviruses spread.
Are these reasons sufficient to give up our health freedom and our personal rights, being tested and shamed in public? The answer is no.
Across the nation, police are being told to not apprehend criminals but instead, to arrest parents at playgrounds, to arrest lone surfers on public beaches, to fine ministers and congregation members sitting in their cars listening to a service on the radio, and to restrict movement by creating one-way sidewalks.
People have had enough. They are beginning to see the huge scam that has been perpetrated on the entire world over a viral infection with a global death rate of 1.4% (meaning, 1.4% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 have a fatal outcome, while 98.6% recover). This is far fewer deaths than a severe flu season.
While they shut us down and held us hostage in our homes, they changed our society, our lives, our world.
I am not willing to accept this is the ''new normal.''I won't submit to testing.I will refuse mandatory vaccination.I will stop wearing a mask.I will not be afraid of standing next to a friend or family member and will not obey the concept of ''social distancing.''I will understand that an asymptomatic carrier is a normal, healthy person and I will not buy into the fear that I might ''catch something'' from a normal, healthy person.Be brave. Be bold. It's time for us to resist with non-violent civil disobedience. Read article here
Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: Latest Important Scientific Paper
Conclusion: Wireless devices are ''harmful to human health'...For now, wireless technologies must be avoided as much as possible'...People should be made aware that the EMR from using day to day cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices are harmful to human health.'' Read paper here
Rockerfeller Foundation Plan For Militarized Control Of The PopulationNational Covid-19 Testing Action Plan
The Rockefeller Foundation has presented the ''National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan'', indicating the ''pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities''. However, it is not simply a matter of health measures as it appears from the title.
The Plan '' that some of the most prestigious universities have contributed to (Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins and others) '' prefigures a real hierarchical and militarized social model.
The plan calls for 3 million US citizens to be Covid-19 tested weekly, and the number should be raised to 30 million per week within six months. The goal is to achieve the ability to Covid-19 test 30 million people a day, which is to be realized within a year.
The plan the Rockefeller Foundation wants to implement in the United States and beyond. If it were even partially implemented, there would be further concentration of economic and political power in the hands of an even narrower elite sector to the detriment of a growing majority that would be deprived of fundamental democratic rights.
The operation is carried out in the name of ''Covid-19 control'', whose mortality rate has so far been less than 0.03% of the US population according to official data. In the Rockefeller Foundation Plan the virus is used as a real weapon, more dangerous than Covid-19 itself. Read article here
666 The Mark Of The BeastSatanists And Their Genocidal Agenda
The number 666 is displayed proudly on the satanic control and genocidal plan orchestrated by the Satanic Khazarian Mafia, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and other satanists such as Bill Gates.
The mark of the beast, a chip that will connect to the cloud and your cryptocurrency account, that is to be put in a mandatory, harmful, destructive and deadly vaccine, designed to interact with your body and send and receive data from the cloud.
Satanist Bill Gates has the patent for the technology from your body-to chip-to cloud to-cryptocurrency, and its name is WO2020060606 '' CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. Read article here
Bill H.R. 6666 which will allow the government to enter your home, say you have covid-19 a fake diagnosis as the virus is a fake. Force you or a family member to be removed from your home and quarantined or when becomes mandatory, forcibly vaccinated. Read article here
The Hidden History Of The Satanic Khazarian Mafia | Rothschilds
This evil is trying to use COVID-19 Scamdemic to carry out satanic genocide. It is time to expose this evil, the greatest evil the world has ever experienced. It is time for the world to work together to eradicate this problem now and forever. Read article here
An excellent film by StrangerThanFiction.com. Explaining the current planned scam event COVID-19. A must watch. 5G exposed as the true threat. Excellent critical thinking explanation of the situation that is upon us all. Lots of information that has been released by whistle blowers, doctors, nurses, and people around the world. A great film documenting this current genocidal attempt by the elite. Watch film (click above video) or here
4 Video Interviews By Brian Rose of LondonReal.tv that are banned as the Elite few don't want the truth out there. These are a must see in this time where the new world order agenda is in as they call it ''Warp Speed'' mode. We must stand up to this tyranny. Watch all 4 videos to really know what is going on with this COVID-19 plandemic.
COV ''ID''-19 84 Global PsyopThe New World Order Plandemic
World Khazarian Zionist Parasite controlled Vatican operated Government Corporations including United States declares war on Humanity. Their goal is 90% depopulation of the human race using deadly vaccines and 5G Weapons.
The World is in a Global War between the Khazarian Luciferian Roman cult and their sycophants v All of Humnanity. We are at war with a Luciferian cult that has taken control of all aspects of world Society and all so called Governments.
America was couped by the khazarian Roman Cult in the 1860s and through proxies, its agents have been destroying America from within every since.
Their strategy over the last 150 years was to dumb down Americans and to convert Americans in to Socialists through Psycological Warfare techniques, including endless propoganda/fake news. The intention was to get the people to call for and demand a New World Order Global Governance System [Problem '' Reaction '' Solution]. The trigger was the planned collapse of the current Central Banking System which was always intended to be destroyed by the Luciferian cult to trigger their New World Order Slave Planet System.
This brings us up to the ongoing Plandemic World Wide shutdown which has been achived in Fake News, Fake science and a global psycological Warfare through CIA Mockingbird Media which is pumping out 24/7 fear porn.
We are witnessing the deliberate collapse of this system and a move toward The New World Order End Game.
The people must organize to ensure that what emerges from the current Plandemic False Flag serves the people and not the cabal that have been running the world from the Shadows for millennia! Read article here
Vaccine TruthNo documents exist proving saftey or effectiveness of any vaccine
The US Department of Health and Human Services and all vaccine makers have been deceiving the American people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.
Government funding was pulled from Gates Foundation, WHO and CDC (Centre for Disease Control). U.S. Government lost a Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit.
Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed vaccine documentary, 'VAXXED' and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory.
They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years '-- and there were NONE!
LIABILITY: All government officials who have passed laws legalizing vaccine fraud at the state, national, or international level, or otherwise aided and abetted this vaccine fraud can now be charged with vaccine fraud, criminal malfeasance and in some cases, war crimes under the Nuremberg Code.
Bill Gates needs to be brought to the Military Tribunal. Read artilce here
Truth11 Films | Wireless GenocideMicrowave RadiationPart of the Depopulation Agenda
Truth11 Films 13th release. This film explains the big picture of microwave radiation. Cell phones, Smart meters, Wifi, Cell towers and their connection to chemtrails. From who invented microwave radiation, how it has developed, and the big picture view of exactly what its doing to us all, by whom, why they are doing it and how they are getting away with it, and what we can do about it.
Microwave radiation threatens the continued existence of the human race.
Please share this film freely.
D is for a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy
Our losses are mounting with every passing day.
Free speech, the right to protest, the right to challenge government wrongdoing, due process, a presumption of innocence, the right to self-defense, accountability and transparency in government, privacy, press, sovereignty, assembly, bodily integrity, representative government: all of these and more have become casualties in the government's war on the American people.
The American people have been treated like enemy combatants, to be spied on, tracked, scanned, frisked, searched, subjected to all manner of intrusions, intimidated, invaded, raided, manhandled, censored, silenced, shot at, locked up, and denied due process.
None of these dangers have dissipated.
They have merely disappeared from our televised news streams.
The new boss has proven to be the same as the old boss, and the American people, the permanent underclass in America, has allowed itself to be so distracted and divided that they have failed to notice the building blocks of tyranny being laid down right under their noses by the architects of the Deep State. Read article here
5G Depopulation Agenda
Current multiple threats to humanity, from chemtrails to fluoridation to vaccines to glyphosphates to 5G. These attacks are a coordinated attempt to depopulate 90% of humanity.
Their accelerating program towards the culling of billions of human beings from this planet, SERCO is the lynch pin which implicates the Crown as perpetrator of this well-planned genocide. 5G is key to their plan and must be stopped. Read Article Here
5G Apocalypse ''The Extinction Event''
The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Chieftains decide that it is time to use America to complete their final take-down and occupation of the Whole World by instituting a major False-Flag attack inside America to blame on the Islamics whom they want America to wrongly attack on their behalf:
So the Khazarian Mafia Chieftains use their top Israeli-American ''Israeli-first'' dual citizens living in America (aka, the PNACers and top NeoCon Cutouts) to plan a major nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01.
Bibi Netanyahu, the operational head of the KM, deployed the Mossad and these Dual Citizens to set up and institute this attack on America which was to be blamed by the CMMM on Muslims.
They informed their top Rabbis and ''Friends of World Zionism'' not to fly on that day and to stay out of NYC, as did ''Larry Silverfish'', one of the primary men involved in the operation.
They used their main cutout in the DOD to lure the Able Danger investigators to the Pentagon Naval Intel meeting room, where they would be assassinated by a Tomahawk cruise missile that was fired from an Israeli Dolphin class Diesel submarine bought from Germany.
Thirty-five of the Able Danger investigators who were investigating and tracking the Israeli theft of 350 decommissioned W-54 Davy Crockett nuclear pits out of the backdoor at Pantex in Texas were murdered by this Tomahawk hit, which was timed with the detonation of bombs pre-planted in the Naval Intel wing, which was newly hardened to no avail. This footage shows the the Pentagon being hit by a missile, that was never shown to public.
The Israeli Mossad front company, Urban Moving Systems, was used to transport the mini-nukes made from the stolen W-54 nuclear pits from Pantex (and originally made at the Hanford processing plant), where they were stored in the Israeli Embassy in NYC and transported to the Twin Towers for detonation on 9-11-01. Read more here
9/11 + The CIA
A former US government intelligence agent who worked for the CIA during attacks on September 11th, 2001, has given a sworn affidavit stating that 9/11 was an inside job. The ex-CIA agent, who's also an experienced commercial airline pilot, has blown the whistle on the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings, claiming that the three towers were actually brought down by controlled demolitions, and not by passenger planes that were flown by amateur pilots.
Former CIA agent John Lear has not only given a sworn statement as an expert witness, but he has also produced conclusive evidence that disproves the official narrative that the towers were destroyed by airplanes that were highjacked and flown by terrorists. Read more here
No Planes on 9/11
We are as a planet mostly all aware that 9/11 was a controlled demolition that resulted in 3 buildings collapse. We understand that this was planned and carried out by the US government as a false flag event to enable the police state and fake perpetual war on terror. We know that no plane hit the Pentagon or building 7, but what about the planes that we have all seen footage of hitting the twin towers. After closer inspection you can see that no planes were present in those towers either. Read more here
This footage shows an non edited timeline showing the second explosion without a plane.
Our latest film TRUTH11 FILMS | WIRELESS GENOCIDE | Microwave Radiation Part of the Depopulation agenda, will be released soon.
This film is 2 hours and 45 mins long, and explains the big picture of microwave radiation. From who invented it, how it has developed, and the big picture view of exactly what its doing to us all, by whom, why they are doing it and how they are getting away with it, and what we can do about it.
We are releasing the film transcript. Simply because its ready now and can be read by many to inform them of the dangers so they can do something about it. The film will be released soon, date to be announced. Read the transcript HERE
World Health OrganizationSetting The Standard For A Wireless World Of Harm
Radiofrequency/microwave radiation is everywhere'--constantly and increasingly emanating from cell phones, WiFi routers, cell towers and telecommunications satellites. It is proliferating unchecked and people are suffering and dying because of it. Via its International EMF Project, WHO is supposed to be protecting us from the harmful effects of this radiation'--radiation that we cannot see, smell or taste, even though it penetrates and affects every cell of our electromagnetic bodies.
WHO is failing to protect its global citizens from this pervasive pollutant in four key ways:
1. industry infiltration2. intentional ignorance3. denial of the science4. disregard for humanity.
This document provides details of these inexcusable failures and what urgently needs to be done to address them. It also outlines what WHO must do to reverse this destructive course'--for itself and for the global citizens it is supposed to protect. Read article and download document here. Download document here
Microwave Weapons Designed To Kill Us= Cell Phones, WiFi, Cell Towers, Smart Meters'... All Part of the Depopulation Agenda
Physicist Blows Whistle on Microwave WeaponryExposes Assaults on Populations Everywhere''We are irreparably damaging the very fabric of life''
The age of wireless technology, ubiquitous microwave transmissions and countless cellphone towers have transformed the planet in profound and fundamental ways. Especially where it concerns human health and environmental integrity, the effects of these various frequency assaults have been nothing short of catastrophic.
If the people of the world truly understood the deleterious effects of these unseen and unfelt frequencies, they would have abandoned their cell phones and bluetooths decades ago. It has been proven beyond any doubt by the best science available that certain types of electromagnetic radiation can have highly damaging effects on the human body. Likewise, when animals and plants are exposed to these fields of harmful EMR, they too suffer great consequences. Read Article here
There is now 10 billion times more radiation in our environment than there was in the 1960s.If current trends continue, 50% of the population in Austria, California, England, Ireland, Germany and Sweden will be feeling the effects of electromagnetic radiation by 2017. Canada will be no different.Swisscom, the Swiss telecommunications company, says non-thermal wireless radiation ''has a genotoxic effect'', causing ''clear damage to hereditary material [DNA]'' and an ''increased cancer risk''.EMR adversely affects the blood cells of ALL individuals, whether they feel the effects or not.EMR damages cell membranes, causing them to leak calcium and create many health issues, such as altered brain function, autism, infertility, EHS, hypocalcaemia, DNA damage, thyroid problems, osteoporosis, endocrine imbalances, early dementia, asthma, neurological disorders and multiple chemical sensitivities.Autism in children is doubling every five years, paralleling the rise of EMR, and there is now a 1-in-50 chance of a child developing or being born with autism in North America.Almost every grade in every elementary school in North America has at least one child with autism'--a disorder that was nearly unheard of a generation ago.Electromagnetic radiation breaks down the all-important blood''brain barrier, causing the death of neurons, which can result in early dementia and Alzheimer's disease.Just 5 minutes of Wi-Fi exposure can cause cell mutation, oxidation and rouleaux'-- all of which are associated with illness and disease.The average cumulative whole-body exposure from a Smart meter at 3 feet is about 100 times more than that from a cell phone.How The CIA Made Google
As our governments push to increase their powers, Insurge Intelligence can now reveal the vast extent to which the US intelligence community is implicated in nurturing the web platforms we know today, for the precise purpose of utilizing the technology as a mechanism to fight global 'information war''Š'--'Ša war to legitimize the power of the few over the rest of us. The lynchpin of this story is the corporation that in many ways defines the 21st century with its unobtrusive omnipresence: Google.
Google styles itself as a friendly, funky, user-friendly tech firm that rose to prominence through a combination of skill, luck, and genuine innovation. This is true. But it is a mere fragment of the story. In reality, Google is a smokescreen behind which lurks the US military-industrial complex.
The inside story of Google's rise, revealed here for the first time, opens a can of worms that goes far beyond Google, unexpectedly shining a light on the existence of a parasitical network driving the evolution of the US national security apparatus, and profiting obscenely from its operation. Read Article Here
We Are Right In The Middle Of A Fucking Reptile Zoo
Raoul Duke:
I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo, and somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things. Won't be long now before they tear us to shreds.
Hunter S Thompson
Blue blood lines, vampires, lizard people, consuming blood daily to keep their shape shifting appearance in the public eye. Red Cross has been there on the front lines collecting blood from war carnage, and we donate to them openly, the Queen and the rest of the reptile blood line that have been running our world for thousands of years must be exposed and stopped. Time and time again children have gone missing in many countries and the public are aware of the sinister blood bath ring that surrounds these lizard people. The truth is being realized and with the help of so many cameras and video they can't seem to keep up the shape shifting 100% of the time and we are seeing proof of their true identities. Read Article Here
Putin Announces The Worlds Ruling Class Are Reptilians
The Russian president said that ''95% of the world's ruling class are not even human,'' but are ''cold-blooded hybrids'' who are ''members of an ancient cult.'' Read article here
From the Royal Website ''Earlier this week the Queen was seen by thousands of people in a form they are not acquainted with. We seek to reassure the public that the Queen is still the Queen, and remains the respected and loved figure they have always known. While she may not be human, she is a devoted leader and Monarch and she believes her subjects will grow to accept her and her family for what they are.'' Read article here
Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job
Possibly the biggest and most public 9/11 story to date.
The Top Of The Pyramid
The United States Is A Corporation
Human Status Of A Corporation = Enfranchisement Vs Natural Person
Living in todays nazi fascist police state, understanding the corrupt system they use to control us cattle is of great importance. Read article here
Everything Is Fake | 40 Things You May Have Thought Were Real
The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. The idea that virtually everything is fake can be empowering rather than depressing. Fake News, Fake Journalism, Fake Entertainment, Fake PR and Advertising, Fake Medicine, Fake Scientific Research, Fake Acquired Immunity, Fake Food, Fake Water, Fake Choice, Fake Money, Fake Economy, Fake Free Markets, Fake Free Trade Agreements, Fake Accounting, Fake Welfare, Fake Government, Fake Republic, Fake Democracy, Fake Elections, Fake National Security, Fake Defence, Fake Education, Fake Law, Fake Rights, Fake Consent, Fake Morality, Fake Spirituality, Fake Clouds, Fake Lone Nutter Killers, Fake Boogeymen, Fake False Flag Attacks, Fake Crisis Actors, Fake Pandemics, Fake Moon Landing, Fake International Space Station, Fake Space Walks, Fake History, Fake Authority and Fake Universe. Read Article here.
Why Are There No Real Photos Of The Complete Earth? = NASA Has Never Been Into Space
In nearly 60 years of alleged space exploration NASA has never been able to offer us a single genuine photograph of the Earth from space'--NOT ONE! Even though we've had good, high-resolution cameras for nearly 100 years, NASA has never taken a true photograph of the Earth
By their own admission, all of the pictures we see are composites, paintings or computer-generated images. Why is this? Could the answer be, horror of horrors, that NASA has never been into space'--or at least, not far enough from the Earth to get the whole planet in the frame? Read Article Here
War Is A Global Economic and Control Phenomenon
Definition: Phenomenon: | fÉËn¤mÉˌn¤n , -nÉn | noun ( pl. phenomena | -nÉ | ) F act or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.
War is a global economic and control phenomenon that exists in our reality not as a constant of human behaviour, but a manufactured situation that is forced upon us by bankers, the royal family and the other Bilderberg NWO Nazi cronies. Bankers and elite globally without borders have control of apposing countries and forces and they play a game of risk, the board game of global domination. They don't care who wins, because they win on both sides. They supply the money for the arms and sell the arms to both sides. They control the population by creating a world wide situation that no one can avoid. All are called to duty, all forget the current reality and focus on the new world war reality. 120 Countries now in war games. ..Peaceful global revolution can avoid WW3 | No More Business As Usual. Read article here
Weaponized Cell Towers
A microwave oven's internal magnetron, which is virtually the same as that of a radar- or cell phone tower, transforms that electrical energy into microwaves. The magnetron inside a microwave oven an be easily adapted into a very lethal ray gun '' A typical cell phone tower, ''A giant microwave oven on a stick,'' capable of releasing 3,000,000 watts (3 megawatts) of output power to the tower's magnetron '' or even more megawatts, if there is an amplifier at the top.
To put this into perspective, one (1) watt from your cell phone can go 25 miles to the nearest cell phone tower, to relay your call's signal to the person on the other end of the line. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits the amount of energy that a cell phone tower can release to 400 watts.
These megawatts of extra power are NOT for data transfer '' nothing close to that amount of energy is required for data transfer '' which is an important point, because this suggests that cell phone towers are easily capable of being switched to Weaponized Mode.
That cell phone towers are wired with the capability to release millions of watts of microwave radiation makes them veritable of ''towers of death'', the perfect weapons against an ''invasion'' '' or the mega-slaughter of the domestic population.
Virtually all towns, all over the world have the amount of towers necessary to fry the populations in their vicinity. Read Article Here
No Planes Were Used To Bring Down Any Towers On 911
We are as a planet mostly all aware that 9/11 was a controlled demolition that resulted in 3 buildings collapse. We understand that this was planned and carried out by the US government as a false flag event to enable the police state and fake perpetual war on terror. We know that no plane hit the Pentagon or building 7, but what about the planes that we have all seen footage of hitting the twin towers. After closer inspection you can see that no planes were present in those towers either.
This footage shows an non edited timeline showing the second explosion without a plane.
''Official'' 9/11 story destroyed! Irrefutable un-doctored photographic and scientific evidence, whistleblower videos, expert testimony and undeniable truths. Read full article here
UFO Clear Footage
Secret UFO Footage Released and several other clear videos showing UFO's
View article with all videos here
Welcome To The Global Revolution
'–½ Self Government System '–½
Global daily tyranny of the few must end, this we all know. Replacing one lizard bastard with another is not the answer. The top down pyramid control system of the few, favours those at the top. The few can make decisions for the many for the benefit of the few. This control system needs to be inverted. Invert the pyramid and have the control be given to the many. The many will choose whats best for the many, not the few. We cannot implement this structure within the current system. We cannot continue to support the current system with our taxes, time and effort as it fuels the few, war, starvation, poverty, and despair.
The Solution:
No More Business As Usual
Stop what you are contributing to the system and spend your time focused on breaking up their control grid, becoming self sufficient and unifying with fellow humans.
Replace the corrupt government of the few with a global system
where the many decide what is good for the many.
Invert the control pyramid
United We Stand '–½ United We Decide '–½ United We Thrive
Self Government System
Join the Global Self Government Revolution
UNITY11 is a division of Truth11.com
UNITY11 goal is to organize and empower the truth movement. Informed, organized and connected using a system of self government with the goals of world peace and prosperity for everyone. Read more here
111 Articles On Wireless Pollution
190 scientists from 38 nations have submitted the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk from this rapidly increasing environmental pollutant. The scientists who have signed the Appeal have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation. It was submitted on 11 may 2015 to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Dr. Margaret Chan, MD, Director General of the World Health Organization, and to the United Nations Member States. Read article here
Facebook = CIA
Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockefellers grandson. Fucking Nazi lizard bastards.
Harnessing Black Holes:
The Large Hadron Collider, Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Destruction
The stakes are the highest they have ever been. The Large Hadron Collider is a dangerous instrument wielded by men and women seeking ultimate knowledge and power. The start-up April 5 has initiated a more reckless use of LHC's capabilities, endangering all life including our universe.
Spouses and family members of the CERN scientists, energy companies supplying electricity to this facility, environmental and spiritual organizations, and citizens in every country '' we must shut this project down now. Read article here
CERN To Attempt 'Big Bang', Stephen Hawking Issues Warning; 'God particle' found by CERN ''could destroy the universe''
Fukushima Radiation Is Part Of The Depopulation Agenda
Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD, confirms that Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, is employing Russian HAARP to lay an electromagnetic fence around Russia to keep out plumes filled with Fukushima radiation, thereby protecting the Russian people from depopulation. Putin is also constructing BRICS, a banking model to protect against collapse of world financial system, built on U$dollar Rothschild-dominated private debt-based fiat-currency as a prison for humanity.
The U.S. Government and Jesuit controlled sections of the HAARP environmental weapons system, under President Barack Obama in coordination with monarchies and Zionist banking networks, are creating polar vortex and nuclear typhoons filled with Fukushima radiation that is then dropped on the northern hemisphere populations, especially targeting the United States people with depopulating radiation. Read article here
The Fall of the Nazizionists
7 Articles from Benjamin Fulford
G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run | Pentagon ready to take action as US Nazionist rogue regime now totally isolated | Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say | First the evil Pope, then the dumb Secretary of Defense, now Netanyahu, next the Bush clan | Torture Report Paves Way For Arrest Of Top Nazionists | US regime under unprecedented attack, black swan event imminent| Read articles here
Top 5 Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal:
1. Police Unions, 2. Private Pensions, 3. Alcohol and Beer Companies, 4. Pharmaceutical Corporations, and 5. Prison Guard Unions. Read Article here
Truth11 Films
WARNING: Global Extermination In Full Effect
Our 12th film is called; WARNING: Global Extermination In Full Effect. This film is a big picture understanding of the plans that are being carried out around the world to cull the population. The global elite, nazi, sabbetean mafia who have been running our world for thousands of years, are currently carrying out plans to exterminate 95% of the worlds population. When you look at each way they are killing us daily, many feel there is no larger agenda. This film ties in all areas of attack and shows if you look at the big picture for what it is; a global extermination plan, you will see the truth. The film also provides solutions to this problem and explains what is necessary to stop this extermination process, Total Global Revolution. Watch film here
#Trending?, why not spark a revolution: #NoMoreBusinessAsUsual = The Revolution Solution.
Read article here
Ebola: Biological Warfare By US Government, The Master Criminal Of Our Time
Experts have brought to the public's attention that ebola is a genetically modified organism developed in US biowarfare laboratories in Africa. Read article here
Nuclear Experimentation | Year 69 Of A 100,000 Year Wast Cycle
On 16th July 1945, 69 years ago, the United States Army set off the Trinity detonation in New Mexico, the beginning of the infamous Manhattan Project.
69 years later, nuclear experimentation has proven to be a failed experiment at every step, and the inextricable nuclear fuel and nuclear war cycles to be a deadly chain of meltdowns, bombings and denials. And still nuclear experimentation industrialists tout the 'safety' and 'cleanliness' of nuclear energy, when the facts of its commercial and wartime destruction tell us nothing could be farther from the truth.
In reality, the same destructive energy that powers one, powers the other. Nothing on our planet is more deadly and volatile than nuclear. The entropy caused by nuclear experimentation of both kinds permeates the elements and rattles all life at an atomic level, negatively altering our biological heritage, our land, and our health '' everything we value.
Meanwhile, alternative energy technologies are systematically suppressed while the threat of nuclear warfare continues to escalate '' both for the benefit of the oligarchy. Read article here
Tokyo Contaminated From Fukushima; Not Fit for Habitation
The policies of the WHO, the IAEA or the Japanese government cannot be trusted.'' and ''if the power to save our citizens and future generations exists somewhere, it does not lie within the government or any academic association.
Dr. Mita states that all 23 districts of Tokyo are contaminated, with the eastern area worst affected '-- up to 4 000 Bq/kg. (The becquerel is a unit of radioactivity. One Bq is the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.) These findings confirm what the nuclear physicist Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Nuclear Education found in 2012, when he picked up five random soil samples in Tokyo from between paving stones, in parks and playgrounds. The levels of contamination were up to 7 000 Bq/kg; in the US, anything registering these levels would be considered nuclear waste.
Independent science & independent reporting in Japan outlawed
In December 2013, the Japanese parliament passed a bill whereby public officials and private citizens could face ten years in prison for divulging ''special state secrets'', and journalists, five years, for seeking to obtain classified information. The bill is widely interpreted as a way of preventing sensitive information about Fukushima (among other topics) reaching the Japanese public and by extension the rest of the world. Read article here
What is going on, has been going on and the power within us all
The purpose of this video is to expose the secrets, lies, suppressed information and illicit facts that most of the people in positions of authority would much rather keep you ignorant of and most everyone else doesn't even know exists. It's about challenging the comfortable world of official versions and established thinking by giving you access to the knowledge and information that will make the most powerful people, whether they are in government, business, academia, military, the judiciary, media, or the established church uncomfortable at the very least.It is designed for those seeking ''The TRUTH'' in this world of lies. This includes the truth about our unbelievably amazing ancient history, the truth about who/what has been behind most all of the atrocities committed against mankind and everything else on this planet as well as the truth about what God/spirituality/enlightenment actually is and our intimate connection to the field. Watch film here
Thrive Documentary
THRIVE is an documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream '-- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Watch film here.
Army Preparing To Use Lethal Force Against Unarmed American Civilians
A document released by the U.S. Army details preparations for ''full scale riots'' within the United States during which troops may be forced to engage in a ''lethal response'' to deal with unruly crowds of demonstrators. The 132-page document, titled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances (PDF), was written in April 2014 and recently obtained by Public Intelligence. The document makes it clear that the techniques detailed therein are to be applied both outside and inside the ''continental United States (CONUS)'' in the event of ''unruly and violent crowds'' where it is ''necessary to quell riots and restore public order.'' The most shocking aspect of the document is the fact that it describes the deployment of a ''lethal response'' directed against ''unarmed civilians,'' including ''sniper response'' and ''small arms direct fire.'' Under the heading ''sniper response,'' the document states, ''Ensure that target leaders or troublemakers are targeted,'' in addition to a passage which states, ''Exploit the psychological effect of an attack.'' Read article here
GMO Golden Rice | The Scourge Of Asia
Asia's dependency on rice cultivation for both subsidence and income is intuitively understood. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates the agricultural population of lowland rice cultivation in Asia to be over 470 million '' larger than the entire population of the United States. Improvements in rice cultivation would stand to lift hundreds of millions from debt and poverty. Conversely, the disruption of rice cultivation would threaten to mire hundreds of millions in deeper debt, inescapable destitution, and all of the negative socioeconomic implications that follow. Read article here
Transhumanism | The Road To Singularity
Scientists from all over the world are warning that robots and artificial intelligence could eliminate humanity
A haunting sculpture of a humanoid robotic figure crawling through water is featured at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK.
The site of the secretive 2013 Bilderberg meeting. The Grove hotel hosted Google's annual Zeitgeist conference just a few short days prior to Bilderberg's gathering. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt, who currently employs top transhumanist Ray Kurzweil as director of engineering, must have felt a kindred spirit at the Grove and its metallic humanoid sculptures.
Transhumanists embrace the idea of radical human evolution aided by technology. Some see an entirely new species emerging when revolutionary technologies begin to be applied to the human race. Technologies for the improvement of human performance are at the center of transhumanist thought. Most of these technologies begin with military applications, and only after a period of use by the military or black operations are they unveiled to the general public. Read article here
Truth11 Films | Goodbye Blue Sky
Chemtrails, Ignored Genocide From Above
Truth11 Films 13th film release; s a look at the global problem we all face in Chemtrails or geoengineering.
The film explains the difference between contrails and chemtrails, who is spraying us and why. What it is doing to our health and what you can do to prevent the planned global genocide that the elite is attempting.
Chemtrails are part of the global culling of the masses. Yet this obvious pollutant from above is largely ignored.
Hidden in plain sight, most don't understand the dangers that are falling from the sky.
The film enables us to understand what is going on and what to do about it. See film here
Documentary: The Great Culling
The Great Culling of the human race already has begun. Covertly, insidiously, mercilessly, a global depopulation agenda has been launched. It is being done through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe '' chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan. See film here
Water Control: Another Part Of The Culling Of The Human Herd
The globalist agenda '' thinning the human herd down from near seven billion currently to as low as just half a billion. That means 13 out of 14 of us alive today according to their diabolical oligarch plan simply must die within the next few years. And what better way to rapidly kill off the human population than taking full ownership and control over the earth's limited diminishing water supply. Read article here
NDAA Indefinite Detention
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Sections 1021 and 1022, authorizes the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person, including an American citizen, and applies the ''Law of War,'' to U.S. soil, making the United States legally a battlefield. Read article here.
Cannabis Cures Cancer | High Potency Hemp Oil
The Holy Grail of Natural Medicine has been found. It is High Potency Hemp Oil' grown from selected varieties of Cannabis Sativa (the same species that produces marijuana) specifically selected and bred (through natural, not GMO methods) to have very low THCs (the get-you-high compounds) and very high CBDs (the get-you-well compounds).
Hemp has been illegal to grow in the US since 1933, creating a sort of legislative Reefer Madness, despite the fact that it has been cultivated for at last 9,000 years for fiber, food and remedy. And although legislation has recently been proposed to amend the hemp-hostile laws, growing it remains legal in several states but illegal at the Federal level.
Hemp oil as a treatment for cancer and a host of other diseases and conditions was largely popularized by the efforts of Canadian Rick Simpson who cured his own cancer and tried to share the wonders of his discovery without seeking a patent or other compensation. Although hemp can legally be grown in Canada under strict controls (e.g., farmers must obtain only permitted low THC seed), hemp oil is not a legal substance and Simpson found himself eye-to-eye with the might of the Canadian government. He migrated to Europe where he could pursue his miracle. Read article here
See also
97% Of The Time Chemotherapy Does not Work
Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make money from it. That's the only reason chemotherapy is still used. Not because it's effective, decreases morbidity, mortality or diminishes any specific cancer rates. In fact, it does the opposite. Chemotherapy boosts cancer growth and long-term mortality rates. Most chemotherapy patients either die or are plagued with illness within 10-15 years after treatment. It destroys their immune system, increases neuro-cognitive decline, disrupts endocrine functioning and causes organ and metabolic toxicities. Patients basically live in a permanent state of disease until their death. The cancer industry marginalizes safe and effective cures while promoting their patented, expensive, and toxic remedies whose risks far exceed any benefit. This is what they do best, and they do it because it makes money, plain and simple. Read article here
Truth11 Films | Fukushima 3/11 HAARP and Nuclear Attack on the World
Truth11 Films 12th Film release: Looks at the Events of 3/11/2011 and how it changed the world forever.
The Japan earthquake and ''accidents'' at the Fukushima's 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 Were deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan, and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
This short film is a synopsis of the entire situation, who, why, how, when, and what it means to you. This essential short film informs you of the dangers that are present to you and your family and provides solutions and recommendations for you and your family. The film condenses articles and research from three days prior to the event to present day. It also has information from interviews by Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 9, 2011, with independent scientist Leuren Moret.
This situation affects us all. Please share this film. See film here
Truth11 Films | The Cost Of WiFi and Cellular Technology
Truth11 Films 11th film discusses EHS ElectroHyper-Sensitivity and the growing issue of wireless pollution from WiFi and Cellular sources. Something that affects us all and poses a serious threat to our health and sanity. The film also looks at the role wireless technology plays in our privacy and freedom. Watch the short film here or above.
Typhoon Haiyan | An Act Of Weather Warfare
The strongest typhoon ever to hit land, leaving destruction and death in its path, is conveniently attributed to climate change by the mainstream media but that is not the case. In the past week, independent weatherman 'Dutchsinse' shot several YouTube videos dissecting the typhoon system passing through the Philippines, believing it to be produced by weather manipulation, specifically microwave pulse technology. This is an act of weather warfare using HAARP. Read article here
'In a United States Department of Defense transcript from April, 28th 1997, then Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, shocked the public by admitting that weaponized weather has been created through the use of ''electromagnetic waves.'' The Weather Modification Association has admitted that governments have been altering the weather since at least 1950.
The HAARP project (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) is an integral part of the attempt to ''own the weather'' HAARP has the potential to jam global communication systems, change weather patterns over large areas, interfere with wildlife migration patterns and negatively affect human health. It is also capable of triggering targeted floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. Read more articles on HAARP in its category on Truth11 or here
EHS Electro-Hypersensitivity
Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a condition that has been known about since 1932 and has been called various names in different countries around the world (particularly in Europe, Canada and the former Soviet Union). The labels include Microwave Sickness, Radio Wave Syndrome, EMF Intolerance Syndrome and Rapid Aging Syndrome. Whatever you call it, the condition is real and has been known to exist for over 80 years.
The typical EHS symptoms are headaches (tension along the sides of the head), heart palpitations/pressure in the chest, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), fatigue, skin rashes (particularly on the face), memory & concentration difficulties, irritability and sleep disturbance. Approximately 300,000 people in Sweden (a country that officially acknowledges EHS as a functional impairment) are affected. Millions of people throughout the world are likely affected, yet most do not realize that microwave radiation and electrical pollution are the cause of their symptoms.
EHS is analogous to an allergy and once the body becomes sensitized to sources of EMF pollution, the only known treatment is to significantly reduce exposure. This can have a dramatic impact on one's life, with some electro-sensitive people giving up their career, their home, social networks and sometimes even their family because it is difficult to live in
our modern environment that is now filled with electrical pollution and microwave radiation. There have been multiple suicides around the world related to severe cases of EHS. Thus, the condition can have devastating effects on individuals and families. Read article; 11 Articles On EHS | Living With Electrohypersensitivity | A Survival Guide here
SHADE the Motion Picture
SHADE the Motion Picture exposes the true power structure embedded in our global reality, showing the true controllers their plans to Geo-engineer our planet and control the populace. Watch full movie here
The Fed Is The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In The History Of The World
The value of the U.S. dollar has declined by more than 95 percent since the Federal Reserve was created nearly 100 years ago. As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Fed, it is absolutely imperative that we get the American people to understand that the Fed is at the very heart of our economic problems. It is a system of money that was created by the bankers and that operates for the benefit of the bankers. The Fed is the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world, and if the American people truly understood how it really works, they would be screaming for it to be abolished immediately. Read article here
Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Are Criminals
The worse threat every American faces comes from his/her own government.
At the federal level the threat is a seventh war (Syria) in 12 years, leading on to the eighth and ninth (Iran and Lebanon) and then on to nuclear war with Russia and China. The criminal psychopaths in Washington have squandered trillions of dollars on their wars, killing and dispossessing millions of Muslims while millions of American citizens have been dispossessed of their homes and careers. Now the entire social safety net is on the chopping bloc so that Washington can finance more wars.
At the state and local level every American faces brutal, armed psychopaths known as the police. The ''law and order'' conservatives and the ''compassionate'' liberals stand silent while police psychopaths brutalize children and grandmothers, murder double amputees in wheel chairs, break into the wrong homes, murder the family dogs, and terrify the occupants, pointing their automatic assault weapons in the faces of small children.
The American police perform no positive function. They pose a much larger threat to citizens than do the criminals who operate without a police badge. Americans would be safer if the police forces were abolished.
The police have been militarized and largely federalized by the Pentagon and the gestapo Homeland Security. The role of the federal government in equipping state and local police with military weapons, including tanks, and training in their use has essentially removed the police from state and local control. No matter how brutal any police officer, it is rare that any suffer more than a few months suspension, usually with full pay, while a report is concocted that clears them of any wrong doing.
In America today, police murder with impunity. All the psychopaths have to say is, ''I thought his wallet was a gun,'' or ''we had to taser the unconscious guy we found lying on the ground, because he wouldn't obey our commands to get up.'' Read article here
War Is A Racket
In the 1930s, an outstanding Major General of the Marine Corps, Smedley Butler, went public with information that he was approached by powerful industrialists to be involved in a plot to overthrow the United States government. Led by powerful business magnates with the intention of ousting President Roosevelt and installing a Fascist dictatorship ruled by business magnates and a private army of half a million US soldiers, this coup was disrupted by Butler's integrity and willingness to be one of the military industrial complex's first whistleblowers.
These events led Butler to publish a short book that today still gives us a realistic and truthful picture of the forces keeping this nation in a perpetual state of emergency, involving us in war after war against other nations, and diverting so much of our wealth and resources to military buildup. War Is A Racket. Read article here.
With All The Extreme Government Corruption, Why Are People Still Supporting The System With Money?
Freedom Is Possible |Extreme Government Corruption Does Not Have To Be Our Reality | We Need To Look At Iceland's Example
The Benghazi murders. TSA groping at the airport. NSA spying on innocent Americans. Unlabeled genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Illegal wars in the Middle East. Unlimited printing of fiat currency by the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank. Everywhere you look these days, the federal occupying powers are flagrantly displaying their authoritarian intentions against us all while simultaneously trampling the U.S. Constitution without shame. And yet this tyranny is all being made possible by a compliant populace that continues to dutifully pay federal income taxes.
We the People, who are supposed to be represented by a government structure designed to protect our liberties, have become enslaved to ruthless tyrants that have infiltrated the system's highest ranks. From local officials all the way up to the office of the presidency, corruption has encroached virtually every crevice of the civil structure, and yet there is no conjoined or unified effort by the populace at large to do anything about this travesty.
In places like Iceland, the people have shown their willingness to rise up and rid their government structures of all the scoundrels, which is precisely what occurred during the most recent and ongoing global economic crisis. According to a Forbes.com article from earlier this year, the systemic failure of Iceland's banking system back in 2008, which was the direct result of the same globalist takeover that has already taken place in the U.S. and throughout much of Europe, led to an eventual revolt where Icelanders indicted those responsible and basically kicked them out of all levels of power.
Today, Iceland is one of the freest nations on earth, thanks in large part to the solidarity of its people, who have proven that they value freedom and independence over blind complacency. Read article here and see the Icelandic President discuss choosing democracy and human rights over the banks here
The Genocide Of The American People | Food As A Weapon
We've reached the point that any person with critical thinking skills can no longer deny that we are being deliberately poisoned. Nearly everything that is reasonably priced to eat or drink is actually toxic. The glowing health claims and the stamps of approval from the EPA, the FDA, and USDA, are fraudulent smoke and mirrors '' people are actually being deceived into spending money to purchase the substances that will lead to disease and demise.
A chemical warfare has been declared on us. The battlefields are our homes, the grocery stores, the pharmacies. This is genocide, and we are the intended victims. As early as 1974 food became the top weapon of the United Nations in a stealthy war waged on the citizens of the world. Read article here.
Obama Threatens Humanity
He represents the worst of rogue governance. He does so lawlessly. He serves monied interests. They own him. Whatever they want they get. He violates core rule of law principles. He mocks democratic rule. He's waging multiple imperial wars. He's doing so on humanity. He plans others. He looted the nation's wealth. He handed it to Wall Street, war profiteers, and other corporate crooks. He wrecked the economy. He lets popular needs go begging. He ignores growing poverty, unemployment, hunger, homelessness and despair. He governs by diktat. He permits lawless torture. Global renditions persist on his watch. He institutionalized tyranny. He authorized indefinitely detaining anyone called a national security threat without charge or trial (including US citizens). He heads America's Murder, Inc. agenda. He prioritizes targeted assassinations anywhere. He authorized killing US citizens abroad. He deployed special forces death squads globally. They operate covertly in 120 or more countries. He destroyed hard won labor rights. He's commodifying education. He wants it made another business profit center. He's waging war on freedom. He wants it destroyed on his watch. He targets Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, environmental activists, animal rights defenders, truth-tellers and whistleblowers. He pronounced Bradley Manning guilty by accusation. Doing so assures conviction. Read article here
Truth11 Films | Drones, Assassination WIthout Trial, Nazis In Power
Truth11's latest short film discusses the purpose of the drone program and the actions of the US Government. Obamas drone program is CIA murder of innocent people and drones must be abolished. Here or Watch Below
Agenda 21 + The Gulf Oil Spill Depopulation Event
The US government and the Chinese government are engaged in an motivated plot to relocate rural and suburban residents to more densely populated urban centers to live in overcrowded conditions where a person's every movement and every activity is monitored. The previously described policies are proving effective in moving populations into densely populated urban centers in accordance with Agenda 21 policy. However, the process is not as speedy as the globalists had hoped. The global elite needed a game-changing event in the United States. In order to speed things up, the elite bankers at Goldman Sachs masterminded the Gulf oil spill to this end. The Gulf Oil Spill Is a Depopulation Event of Epic Proportions. Read article here
Solving World Hunger With 8 Days Of Peace
It has been calculated that it would cost $30 billion per year to eradicate world hunger. To put that into perspective for you, the US military spent $737 billion on 'military defense' in 2012, $30 billion of which is about 8 days of such an expenditure. 8 days of peace per year could fund the analyzation of world hunger. Imagine what 365 days per year of peace could do. Read article here
Canada Being Assimilated into a US Dominated North American Security Perimeter
Canada's prime minister recently addressed the CFR. The U.S. and Canada are now further advancing this agenda through the Beyond the Border agreement. Both countries are increasing bilateral border transportation and infrastructure coordination. The perimeter security deal is being sold as vital to improving the flow of trade and travel across the border. In order to appease U.S. fears, Canada has made numerous concessions with no guarantees that it will lessen border restrictions. As part of a North American security perimeter, Canada will always be at the mercy of any new U.S. security measures, regardless of the dangers they may pose to privacy and civil liberties. Read article here
The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death
In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people then to control a million people. '' Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group).
The evidence demonstrates that the primary purpose of the public nuisance of Geoengineering is to cause bodily injury and premature death with malice aforethought. The Geoengineers are well aware of the consequences of spraying tiny particles aluminum, barium, and other dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. Secondary purposes of Geoengineering include controlling the climate/weather for warfare and profits, and destroying the natural world while furthering the transhumanist/synthetic biology agenda.
The evidence indicates that Geoengineering is an essential element of the elite's Endgame move to depopulate the planet. The pubic must be educated and the stratospheric spraying stopped immediately. Read article here.
Main Core: 8 Million+ Americans On The List
Are you on the list? Are you one of the millions of Americans that have been designated a threat to national security by the U.S. government? Will you be subject to detention when martial law is imposed during a major national emergency? There is a list that contains the names of at least 8 million Americans known as Main Core that the U.S. intelligence community has been compiling since the 1980s. If you have ever been publicly critical of the government, there is a very good chance that you are on that list. Read article here
Truth11 Films lastest film The Enemy Within. The camps are built, the drills have been run. The police state is secured. Its time to wake up. Don't get on the bus to the camps, if your on the Main Core list get off the grid. View on Vimeo
Bradley Manning Court-Martial: Secrecy and Injustice on Trial
America honors its worst. It persecutes its best. Manning is heroic. He risked great personal harm. He did so to reveal vital truths. People have a right to know. Washington has no right to conceal them. Secrecy, lawlessness, and contempt for humanity define US policy. Evidence vital to Manning's defense is prohibited. Information refuting charges of ''aiding the enemy'' is barred from trial proceedings. Claiming it's not relevant or harmful to national security doesn't wash. Excluding it reflects police state justice. On June 3, United States v. Bradley Manning court-martial proceedings began. Pre-trial, Obama pronounced him guilty by accusation. Doing so denies any possibility of judicial fairness. His word is final. ''We are a nation of laws,'' he claimed. ''We don't let individuals make decisions about how the law operates. (Manning) broke the law.'' No nation spurns inviolable laws more egregiously than America. Obama reflects the worst of US governance. He rules by diktat authority. He does so secretly. He's waging war on humanity. He does so at home and abroad. With a stroke of his pen he could free Manning. Pronouncing guilt by accusation assures his conviction. Doing so publicly leaves no doubt. So do secret trial proceedings. They violate constitutional law. Read 11 Articles on Bradley Manning here
US Suspends Constitution In Permanent World War On Terror
Two disturbing developments have occurred in the last couple of days that have gone relatively unnoticed. First, the senate is debating an expansion of the already broad powers of the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) so the U.S. can essentially engage any area in the world in the war on terror, including America. Which brings us to the second development: the Pentagon has recently granted itself police powers on American soil.
'It is hard to resist the conclusion that this war has no purpose other than its own eternal perpetuation. This war is not a means to any end but rather is the end in itself. Not only is it the end itself, but it is also its own fuel: it is precisely this endless war '' justified in the name of stopping the threat of terrorism '' that is the single greatest cause of that threat.'
A self-perpetuating permanent war against a shadowy undefinable enemy appears to be the future of American foreign policy. How convenient for the war machine and tyrants who claim surveillance is safety.
But perhaps most disturbing of all of this is the military's authority to police American streets as if it was in civil war. For all those still in denial that America is a militarized police state, this should be the ultimate cure to your delusion. Read Article Here
Truth11 Films Perpetual War
We have been tricked into fighting perpetual wars of mass genocide for pointless profit. There is no enemy. The enemy is within the US government. All exterior enemies are created to justify the advancing military industrial complex.
There is only one way war will end. The masses must rise up, unite, and demand world peace.
Chemtrail Budget Exceeds Billions
A select group of diabolic oligarch globalists and their puppet cronies embedded within the United States government are heavily involved in crimes against humanity. These tyrants will stop at nothing to usher their hush, hush global aerosol agenda into full swing.According to a report prepared for the Air Force titled ''Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the WeatherBy 2025 the U.S. Air Force wants to fully control the weather on earth by the year 2025.Far surpassing even the most horrific act of terror (real or staged), posing as literal gods, these globalists will stop at nothing to control the world by not only controlling the fraudulent banking systems but by owning the weather through a process (blanket term) called Geoengineering. It looks as if members of the government's upper echelon and even members of the Senate will go to extreme lengths to suppress this vital information from reaching the American people. In regards to aerosol spraying into the earth's atmosphere, a recent update to data assembled by The Carnicom Institute reveals the chemicals used and their respective levels of concentration. The toxic levels that are being used in these aerosols goes beyond shocking '' it would appear that these levels are indeed criminal by EPA Standards; These figures indicate how many times they are over the allowable toxic limit:
Aluminum: 15.8Antimony: 63.3Arsenic: 418Barium: 5.3Cadmium: 6.0Chromium: 6.4Copper: 9.0Iron: 43.5Lead: 15.7Manganese: 513.8Nickel: 10.7Zinc: 7.5 Read article here___________
Google '' Bilderberg Merger = Planned-Opolis
This years agenda: Domestic Spying, Diffusing Social Protests, War On Syria and Iran + Lots More'...
Google's CEO Eric Schmidt is a regular Bilderberg attendee. his company is ''merging'' with Bilderberg. Google's annual Zeitgeist conference, which has been based at the Grove since 2007, immediately precedes the Bilderberg Group conference by a matter of days.'' Bilderberg's ''being recast as 'Google-Berg' '' partly because of efforts on behalf of activists to tear away the veil of Bilderberg's much cherished secrecy, and partly as a means of re-branding authoritarian, undemocratic secret gatherings of elites as trendy, liberal, feel-good philanthropic-style forums like Google Zeitgeist and TED. Eric Schmidt thinks ''privacy is a relic of the past,'' He ''plans to turn Google into the ultimate Big Brother.'' He and Bilderberg members share a common agenda. In part, it reflects a ''collectivist, permanently networked world (without) individuality and privacy.'' Bilderberg's grand design is one-world government comprised of rulers and serfs. It wants total unchallenged global control. June issues for discussion:
destroying Iran's nuclear facilities within three years; prolonging war on Syria by arming anti-Assad elements; the threat of a global pandemic; controlling 3D printing;Internet control through ''cyber resilience;''smart cities for mass surveillance;diffusing austerity induced social protests;preventing Britain from leaving the EU;propping up the euro to keep the Eurozone intact;minimal 2013 economic growth;increasing central bank power;transferring more wealth from ordinary people to corporations and super-rich elitesestablishing a ministry of truth; Orwell explained its mission and more, saying:''The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.''''These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.''
In joining with Bilderberg, Google is preparing to enter this ''Hybrid Age'' of advancing technology and rapidly changing geopolitical landscapes with its hands gripped tightly on the reigns of power. With this merger, the world is set to be shaped into a highly surveilled and planned system at the direction of unelected elitists. This is the backdrop to the Google-Berg merger. Governments are going broke. Globalist influences have broken down national borders. Tax exempt foundations and mega corporations are filling the gap. These groups are essentially hijacking national government's policies and advancing a top down, authoritarian system of control. Read article here
The Vaccine Hoax Is Over!
Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have
1. Known the vaccines don't work2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent3. Known they are a hazard to children4. Colluded to lie to the public5. Worked to prevent safety studies
Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US. Read article here
Israel and US Lawless Aggression
Israel and America are longstanding imperial partners. They spurn international laws. They do so repeatedly. They ignore their own. They jointly plan and wage wars. Israel's attack on Syria was a joint US/Israeli provocation.
Lawless Aggression | Peace is Law Not War
In August 1928, America, Germany France, Britain, Italy, Japan, and nine other nations signed on and promised wars would no longer resolve ''disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them.'' Violators ''should be denied the benefits furnished by this treaty.'' Article 8 of the 1933 Montevideo Convention of Rights and Duties says ''No state has the right to intervene in the internal or external affairs of another.'' Under Article 10, differences between states ''should be settled by recognized pacific methods.'' Article 11 calls sovereign state territory ''inviolable'....'' The 1950 Nuremberg Principles defined crimes against peace to include: ''(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances; (and) (ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).'' On June 26, 1945, the UN Charter was signed. On October 24, it became effective. It failed ''to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war'....'' Fundamental principles have been ignored. They require all Members to ''settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.'' ''All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.'' Article 51 permits armed force only in self-defense against externally generated aggression until the Security Council acts. It has final say. Under no circumstances may one nation, or combination thereof, intervene against another without lawful Security Council authorization. Doing so is lawless aggression.
Belligerents like America and Israel put their own priorities above international laws. They ignore their own as it suits them. Wars rage without end. New ones are planned. Washington wages permanent ones. Peace is a four-letter word. Israel's a longstanding imperial partner. Attacking Syria is their latest provocation. They acted without justification. Doing so reflects naked aggression. Expect Washington, rogue NATO allies, and regional partners to take full advantage. Read article here.
Obama's SS Is Here Now
The name which struck terror into the German people who still believed in freedom and wanted their nation to remain a peaceful, respectable member within the international community. Nazi Germany's SS was a force for terror and intimidation, creating an aura of fear within the citizenry and horror for the remainder of the world watching the spectacle of a police state far more brutal than any in human history up to that time.Apparently this lesson has not been lost on the dictators of the world since that era as the communist leaders and rulers around the world learned that building an effective domestic spying and military police apparatus was the key to remaining in power. Welcome to modern America my friends, as Obama's SS is here now. Read article here
Cell Phone Tower Hell On Apartment Roofs Springing Up Everywhere
Corrupt cell phone companies cowardly hiding their towers of hell on the roof of rental units. Corrupt property companies cashing in by selling out the health of their unit holders with no disclosure. Corrupt fascist government ignoring countless health studies and reports claiming their levels are safe, which are 6000 times less stringent than European standards. Thousands sick, and the number is growing. A massive nation wide scam that is affecting us all. Clinics are set up to treat the symptoms of exposure, medical industry acknowledges the health issues, while Canadian and US governments are ignoring them. Read article here | New Study Links Over 7000 Cancer Deaths To Cell Phone Towers. Read article here | Also read 11 Articles On RF Exposure here
Liberty Was Attacked In Boston By the Nazis In Control
Ron Paul '' Forced lockdown of a city. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down.
These were not the scenes from a military coup in a far off banana republic, but rather the scenes just over a week ago in Boston as the United States got a taste of martial law. The ostensible reason for the military-style takeover of parts of Boston was that the accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on the loose. The Boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city. This unprecedented move should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself.
Sadly, we have been conditioned to believe that the job of the government is to keep us safe, but in reality the job of the government is to protect our liberties. Once the government decides that its role is to keep us safe, whether economically or physically, they can only do so by taking away our liberties. That is what happened in Boston.
This is unprecedented and is very dangerous. We must educate ourselves and others about our precious civil liberties to ensure that we never accept demands that we give up our Constitution so that the government can pretend to protect us. Read article here
America is being absolutely consumed by fear, stress, anger and depression; by design
Most Americans live lives of ''quiet desperation'' that are punctuated by moments of great crisis. We spend our prime years working for others (making them rich) in order to pay off debts that we have foolishly accumulated (thus making the banks even wealthier). When most Americans reach the end of their lives, they look back and wonder what they actually accomplished. '.... Jobs are modern-day slavery. We are paid just enough to live and not more. You are punished if you ask for more'... The government gets up to 50% of your paycheck and then 10-20% of that goes to kill people on other parts of the planet'.... Read article here
Controlled Economic Slavery
Throughout human history, most slavery has been enforced physically '-- with whips and chains. You either did what you were told or they beat you into submission.
Most modern people mistakenly believe slavery has been largely eradicated across our world. They don't see people shackled in chains or being ordered what to do by their owners. Modern culture no longer accepts overt slavery, right? '...Or does it?
As it turns out, slavery is alive and well on our planet, and its shackles are made of numbers, not steel. Read article here
11 Years of US Illegal Wars Of Aggression Against Muslim People
Our government told us for eleven years that we blew trillions of dollars on wars to protect Americans from al-Qaeda, endangering Social Security, Medicare, the social safety net, the dollar's exchange value, the credit rating of the US Treasury, and our civil liberties in order to save America from al-Qaeda terrorists. So why is Washington now supporting al-Qaeda's overthrow of the secular, non-Islamist government in Syria which has never ever done anything whatsoever to Americans!? Read article here
False flag attack, kill one patsy, nab another patsy, ship him off to Guantanamo and have a martial law training exercise
= Textbook Nazi Bullshit
Martial law has been declared in Boston to hunt for another patsy. One suspect dead, another kid has been nabbed and is being treated as a terrorist so no trial, straight to Guantanamo with him. Fucking bullshit it was this kid and not the trained mercenaries photographed with back packs with skulls depicting a stupid motto justifying in their pathetic minds the carnage they were about to ensue. False flag with cover up, resulting in martial law exercise. Textbook Nazi Bullshit.! read article here
Fukushima | A Continuing Nuclear Disaster
Massive radiation releases continue to spread in Japan and globally via the atmosphere, ocean, precipitation, contaminated food & manufactured goods. Calling for a global understanding of how to protect yourself and detoxify yourself from the harmful radiation that now affects us all. Life is not going to be the same, we must learn to fix any problems due to this nuclear fall out. Read article here
Chemtrials: Daily Global Geoengineering
Even as the mainstream media and a television-obsessed American public refuse to admit the existence of chemtrails and government sponsored weather modification programs, the evidence continues to mount with ever-incresaing speed that not only do these programs exist, but they are also effective and wide spread. Daily global efforts with an aim to dominate the weather completely while dumping disease causing chemicals on us daily. In addition to the recent study published in Environmental Research Letters entitled, Cost Analysis of Stratospheric Albedo Modification Delivery Systems, a 2010 study undertaken on behalf of the Belfort Group, a Belgian ''environmental watchdog'' organization, also corroborates much of the information compiled by citizens and activists the world over regarding the existence of chemtrails and stratospheric weather modification programs.
The study entitled, ''Contrail Science, Its Impact On Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted By the United States and Its Allies'', seeks to highlight the specific problems associated with contrails emitted by aircraft, the manipulation for defence purposes of some of these by the United States government and the subsequent effect on quality of life. Read article here
In Amerika Law No Longer Exists
In the 21st century Americans have experienced an extraordinary collapse in the rule of law and in their constitutional protections. Today American citizens, once a free people protected by law, can be assassinated and detained in prison indefinitely without any evidence being presented to a court of their guilt, and they can be sentenced to prison on the basis of secret testimony by anonymous witnesses not subject to cross examination. The US ''justice system'' has been transformed by the Bush/Obama regime into the ''justice system'' of Gestapo Germany and Stalinist Russia. There is no difference. Read article here
Have you ever wondered why most major municipal water utilities across America continue to artificially fluoridate public water supplies when inexpensive fluoride toothpastes are readily available for those who choose to use them? Or why governments and medical groups continue to force fluoridated tap water on the public in spite of the fact that it has many known and proven health risks? These and many other pertinent questions find their answers in the hard-hitting documentary Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy, one of the most powerful documentaries ever made about the fluoride fraud.
A sordid narrative that recaps the dirty history of fluoride and how it came to be an officially recommended water additive, Fluoridegate delves deep into the completely unscientific and blatantly corrupt process by which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) forced fluoride onto the public via the National Program for Water Fluoridation. The film also exposes how Dr. William Marcus, a now-retired senior scientist at the EPA, was targeted and fired for leaking critical information back in the 1990s about the many dangers of fluoride, none of which were being publicly shared in accordance with the EPA's mission and purpose. Watch movie here
11 Years 0f Torture
January 11, 2013, marked the 11th year that the infamous Guantanamo prison has been in operation by the United States. President Obama ensured the continued operation of Guantanamo for another year by signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, and refused to challenge the Congressional mandated ban on transfers from Guantnamo to the federal court and prison system in the United States. Read article here
The Gun Control Issue = Freedom From Government Tyranny
It would be nice to think that the reason behind the gun control debate was the safety of the population. Although great lengths are taken to ensure the population are swayed by the news of horrible events, mass shootings, real, staged or provoked it is not the reason the guns are wanted out of our hands. It is simply the ease of martial law take over. In reality they are after our guns so we are defenceless against them. Even if they get a large chunk of law abiding citizens to hand in their guns it would be that many people that would not rise up against them armed when the hammer falls.
The definition of the Second Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Read article here
BAN GMO | Stop The Elites Global Domination Of The Food Supply
Hidden agendas, divide and conquer, controlling the narrative, and problem-reaction-solution. These are certainly time-honored and effective strategies for the political elites. To get simpler, we could just say lie-cheat-steal-kill.
A powerful elite group first forms a goal, an objective. It clarifies that goal. For example: domination of the global food supply.
With that goal in mind, and with the technology to genetically modify food crops, huge corporations like Monsanto, along with their politicians firmly in their pockets, decide to patent every kind of food seed possible.
Soon, they own food. They license/sell food seeds. They expand the number of GMO food crops.
But they also realize they have to deal with opposition. Read article here.
2013 NDAA Expands Power of Military to Detain Citizens
In response to widespread outrage over the National Defense Authorization Act passed last year, Congress is said to be working on a more Constitution friendly version of the legislation. The latest version was overwhelmingly approved by the House Armed Services Committee on May 8 and introduced the following week.
The new statute actually states that persons lawfully in the U.S. can be detained under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force [AUMF]. The original (the statute we are fighting in court) never went that far. ''Therefore, under the guise of supposedly adding protection to Americans, the new statute actually expands the AUMF to civilians in the U.S.'' Read article here
The Gates Of Wrath And Sorrow Open Wide Again In Gaza
Hell is coming. Hell is near. Thousands upon thousands of troops are massing for the ground invasion of a small patch of land crammed full with human beings trapped without any defense against the steel that will destroy them. Several children have already died in the preliminaries. Many, many more will die when the real feast of death begins. Read article here
The Reality Of The Lesser Of Two Evils
Obama has won reelection, and his supporters think that somehow things are going to be different. Fat chance.
While evil continues to envelop America, the public is focused on CIA director General Petraeus' resignation. The FBI spied on him and found that he was having an affair with his biographer, a woman 20 years younger than his 60 years.
What is it with Americans and sex? Why is an illicit affair the ONLY reason for removing someone from political office? Why is it that government officials, presidents and vice presidents included, can violate US statutory law and torture people, spy on Americans without the necessary warrants, murder US citizens without due process, confine US citizens to dungeons for life without evidence and due process of law, start multi-trillion dollar wars on the basis of contrived allegations that have no basis in fact, murder civilians in seven countries, overthrow legitimate governments, and all of these massive crimes against humanity can be accepted as long as no one in Washington gets any sex out of it?
Why does Washington want hegemony over the world? Why does Washington want this hegemony so badly that Washington is willing to murder women, children, aid workers, husbands and fathers, village elders, anyone on earth including its own American heroes?
What is the evil that drives Washington? How can the evil that drives Washington be contained, stamped out, prevented from destroying the human race? What does the world do when it confronts unbridled evil, which is what Washington is? Read article here
Real history: Vaccines not responsible for halting infectious diseases of 20th century
A common misconception about vaccines purports that they are the primary reason why infectious disease rates saw a rapid and steady decline throughout the early-to-mid 20th century. But an honest look at the figures reveals that diseases like polio, typhoid, measles, and tuberculosis were already in significant decline long before vaccines were ever even invented, this being the result of improved hygiene and diet. Read article here
New Euphemism For State Murder:
Obama Administration's ongoing effort to expand, entrench and ''codify'' the practice of murder and terrorism by the United States government. The avowed, deliberate intent of these sinister machinations is to embed the use of death squads and drone terror attacks into the policy apparatus of future administrations, so that the killing of human beings outside all pretense of legal process will go on, year after year after year, even when the Nobel Peace Laureate has left office.
The new ''counterterrorism matrix'' is ''designed to go beyond existing kill lists, mapping plans for the 'disposition' of suspects beyond the reach of American drones,''
The sickening nature of this perpetual-motion death-machine '-- and the husk-like inhumanity of those who operate it and the sycophants who applaud it '-- are all too plain. These butchers '-- our bipartisan elites, our whole respectable, self-righteous establishment '-- have trapped us all in an Age of Hell. Read article here
11th Anniversary of 9/11
Fascism and the Fake War On Terror Remain Due To The Masses Living In Denial
We arrive at the 11th anniversary of the false flag attack that changed the world as we know it. The tactic was nothing new. The purpose clear: The false enemy, fake war on terror, enables the establishment to reign fascist terror upon the planet, and it has gone 11 years with no justice or main stream acceptance of the truth.
Many ask me why I still crusade for 9/11 truth. 11 years is no reason to stop fighting fascist propaganda. We must continue to educate and awaken the masses. For those still living in an 11 year bubble of denial.. WAKE THE FUCK UP!
Perpetual war, genocide, and fascist rule continue because the masses live with the assumption that if they ignore the fact that their government is against them, that it will not affect them. Well it does and it affects millions around the world. You cannot sit in denial any more. We have great strength in numbers and we must all rise up and resist this fascist government. A time comes when silence is betrayal. '-- Martin Luther King Jr. Read article here
What In The World Are They Spraying?
The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Cover-Up Revealed
This is a groundbreaking documentary discusses the reality behind the crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. The documentary discusses the developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water. See documentary here
Propaganda'... In The Grocery Store?!
Food Rating Systems Discourage Consumer Empowerment
We have been hearing a lot about genetically modified food lately. Stories are coming out about their environmental impacts and the role they play in a war waged on our health and the health of our children. We have also been hearing a lot of other stories about our food '' antibiotics and growth hormones in meat or radiation and chemicals in fish from the sea. From the news sources to which I subscribe the truth is clear and simple: we need to consume nutritious, whole foods that are grown organically. Our future and our family is worth it. It is a choice between weakness and strength for our bodies and our minds, an issue of black vs. white. We do not get the newspaper at my house, but I have been known to snag the occasional grocery store flyer from the recycling and have a look. The other day something was in there that made me think. Join me as I pick apart this PROPAGANDA TRASH which has been designed to make us blindly ingest without using our brains. Read article here
V Is For Victory When We Stand United Against The New World Order
The film V for Vendetta is a shining example of what we are facing and how we can overcome a fight against a corrupt fascist government.
For many this seems such a daunting task they would rather live in denial at the cost of their own health, freedom and economic situation.
Living in denial allows a perpetual state of war. Genocide that fuels the military industrial complex and advances the fascist government that plagues the US, Canada, The UK and Australia and so on..
The first rule of the elite was and is; to 'Divide and Concur'. As the film V is For Vendetta illustrates we have great strength in unity. We must simply organize ourselves. The film shows a symbolic organization and unification of the populous to rise up at once to take control. This is what is required. But we cant stop there.
The same problem can occur when the new ones in control become corrupt. So the solution therefore is in unity we must stay. Not just for one event but to act in unison as a collective making decisions for the collective. Not anarchy, that is where individuals rule themselves without concern for others. I am talking about the individual making a decision that will benefit themselves and in turn everyone else. Read article here
The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the transition from cold steel to firearms, or from conventional weapons to nuclear weapons.
Located on an United States Air Force site near Gakona, Alaska, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is the world's largest and most functional ionospheric heater.
Construction began in 1993. Today, HAARP can generate super high powered beams of directed energy. HAARP is designed to shoot these energy beams 200 kilometers up into the sky; affecting an area known as earth's ionosphere. In doing this, HAARP can perform a number of functions. The known uses of HAARP are: weather modification, power beaming, earth tomography (mapping of our planet's interior), Star Wars-type defense capabilities, enhanced communications, communication disruptions, creating earthquakes and mind control. This mobile HAARP ship was used to trigger the March 2011 magnitude 9.0 Japan earthquake. Read article here
CFR + Google (This can't be good)
Google will meet this Wednesday with the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss ways that they can use their dominant search engine to penetrate and disrupt international crime. Under the cloak of doing good by fighting international crime, Google will likely be given full reign to not only monitor but infiltrate people and organizations that the DoD, DEA, CFR and other alphabet agencies desire. Furthermore, many refer to the CFR as an international criminal gang due to their support for violent regime change, among other questionable behavior. If history is any indicator, the agents of the CFR will use Google as a tool to eliminate competition to their interests. Read article here
Truth11 Films The Enemy Within
Truth11 Films lastest film The Enemy Within discusses the fascist police state that surrounds us and is a wake up call for some to realize we are controlled by the same people who funded Hitler. The camps are built, the drills have been run. The police state is secured. Its time to wake up. Don't get on the bus to the camps, resist Nazi Fascist control. We have great strength in numbers. We must unite and organize ourselves with self government through internet automation. See film Here
War Pigs
As Americans mindlessly celebrate another Memorial Day with cookouts, beer and burgers, the U.S. war machine keeps churning. As we brutally enforce our will on foreign countries, we create more people that hate us. They don't hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we have invaded and occupied their countries. They hate us because we kill innocent people with predator drones. They hate us for our hypocrisy regarding democracy and freedom. Just when we had the opportunity to make a sensible decision by leaving Iraq and exiting the Middle East quagmire, Obama made the abysmal choice to casually sacrifice more troops in the Afghan shithole. We have thrown over $1.3 trillion down Middle East rat holes over the last 11 years with no discernible benefit to the citizens of the United States. George Bush and Barack Obama did this to prove they were true statesmen. The Soviet Union killed over 1 million Afghans, while driving another 5 million out of the country and retreated as a bankrupted and defeated shell after ten years. Young Americans continue to die, for whom and for what? Our foreign policy during the last eleven years can be summed up in one military term, SNAFU '' Situation Normal All Fucked Up. These endless foreign interventions under the guise of a War on Terror are a smoke screen for what is really going on in this country. When a government has unsolvable domestic problems, they try to distract the willfully ignorant masses by proactively creating foreign conflicts based upon false pretenses. General Douglas MacArthur understood this danger to our liberty. ''I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.'' Read article here
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld convicted of war crimes by international Tribunal
In the first verdict of its kind since former President George W. Bush left office, he and several members of his administration have been successfully convicted in absentia of war crimes in Malaysia.
A five panel tribunal delivered a unanimous guilty verdict after a week long trial that, unsurprisingly, was not covered by American media. The witnesses included several ex-Guantanamo detainees that gave testimony on the conditions and human rights violations that were systematically carried out under orders of the Bush administration.
Former President Bush, Former Vice-President Dick Cheney, Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo that crafted the legal 'justification' for torture that basically said, 'we can if we want to even if it's illegal' were the defendants. None were present, of course, but international war crime trials do not require the presence of the accused. The trial was run according to the standards set by the Nuremberg Trials to convict war criminals after World War II. Read article here
Leaked U.S Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America
A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for ''political activists'' to be pacified by ''PSYOP officers'' into developing an ''appreciation of U.S. policies'' while detained in prison camps inside the United States. Read article here.
Stellar Wind
A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world's communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks'....Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails'--parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital ''pocket litter.'''... The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013.'' In other words, in just over 1 year, virtually anything one communicatesthrough any traceable medium, or any record of one's existence in the electronic medium, which these days is everything, will unofficially be property of the US government to deal with as it sees fit. The codename of the project: Stellar Wind. Read article here
Radioactive Water One Year After The 3/11 Fukushima Attack
A few days after the one year anniversary of the Fukushima 3/11 attacks on Japan. The worlds largest man made ecological disaster continues to unfold. From ASR, a global coastal and marine consulting firm, The Radioactive Seawater Impact Map. Read article here
New World Order: Blueprint Of Madmen
A new documentary from Alex Jones definitively declares war against the attempts to control the population through a fear of false dangers. The facts are in'' terrorism as a mass threat is a hoax. It is government, and the elite who control it, that pose the real threat to humanity. This new film will serve as evidence to the fact that government is history's greatest killer'' with various regimes claiming more than 262,000,000 unnatural deaths in the 20th Century alone. Now, a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill not mere millions but billions'' through their superweapons, central banking warfare model and eugenics mindset. See movie here.
Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete
The United States of America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every single day. In fact, the Nazification of America is almost complete. The parallels between Nazi Germany and the United States of today are going to absolutely shock many of you. Most Americans simply have never learned what life was really like back in Nazi Germany. Under Adolf Hitler, Germany was a Big Brother totalitarian police state that ruthlessly repressed freedom and individual liberty. Read article showing 25 signs that Americas Nazification is almost complete here.
The Copyright Office Is A Corrupt Raceteering Operation For Censorship
It is a known fact that the Copyright Office has been a fraud, does nothing to protect the original content creators, and has deprived America of it's true creativity. When facts and informational material in newspapers can be copyrighted and lead to copyright infringement lawsuits the copyright office is a known corrupt fascist front for the giant mega corporations and mega banks. Copyrights are suppose to only apply to creative material in nature as Judge Philip Pro believes posting an entire article is Fair Use for non commercial entities online since copyright should only apply to content creative in nature and facts cannot be copyrighted. '...The copyright office wants alternative media websites to disappear into a black hole. They are the biotch of the large Mega Corporations that put out propaganda for the Council of 300, the Bilderberg Group, and global power brokers. They know piracy is not the real reason for newspapers losing traffic and losing advertisement money. It is because they lie, distort, and omit the facts. The newspapers lie for the U.S. Government and banksters that really rule America and the rest of the world. Read article here
A Noble Lie: A New Film Exposing The Truth Of The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
Noble Lie: A myth or untruth knowingly told by the elite to maintain social harmony, or the social position of the elite. '' The Republic, Plato The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. One hundred sixty-eight people were killed, including nineteen children. For those watching the nightly news, terrorism had come home. For years following the bombing, countless victims' family members, survivors, rescuers and ordinary Americans have questioned the official accounts about that fateful day. Hoping to shed light on answers long ignored and censored, both by prominent media outlets and the U.S. government, A Noble Lie peels back what we thought we knew about the bombing and its perpetrators. This film exposes information never before examined or brought to the attention of the American public. See here
Model For Colonizing Nations (National Destruction) Banksters Handbook
Steps 1-8 from the handbook of the evil corrupt few that are running the planet. Their model; Force and Hypocrisy, used to destroy whole countries in the name of ''freedom'', ''democracy'', ''human rights'' and ''free trade''. They use utmost force and violence to achieve their ends. ''What did you say'...? That you don't want to be liberated and democratized?'' ''Then take this Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, Berlin, Dresden, Bagdad, and Basra'...'' ''Take that Vietnam, Tokyo, Gaza, Kabul, Pakistan, Tripoli, Belgrade, Egypt, El Salvador and Grenada'...'' ''And that, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Somalia, Africa'...'' Always bombing people to smithereens'... Of course, always in the name of ''freedom'', ''democracy'', ''human rights'' and ''free trade''. Read article and watch video from ex-IMF Economic hit man John Perkins here
Truth11 Films | Armed WithThe Truth, United We Stand
Truth11 Films latest release documents the reasons the 99% have risen. It outlines the subjects that need to be discussed, the areas of corruption and areas of government tyranny. Set to Famine, by Opeth. See the film here
11/11/11 Unite For World Peace
November 11 1918 was supposed to be the end of all war. Instead the propaganda machine continued and with its perseverance the concept of peace was lost as being normal. Perpetual war was created immediately as war was outlawed. By refusing to enforce the ban of the concept of war, perpetual war was born. All war is illegal murder. '... November 11th was not made a holiday in order to celebrate war, support troops, or cheer in the 11th year of occupying Afghanistan. This day was made a holiday in order to celebrate an armistice that ended what was up until that point, in 1918, on of the worst things our species had thus far done to itself, namely World War I. '..... This November 11th 2011 is one where the truth is known by more people than ever before, 1500 plus cities are in protest and the world is awaking to the reality that we can choose world peace. We can choose prosperity. 11/11/11 Unite for world peace. Read article here
Rex 84 Vs. Globalist Shutdown
For many years the globalists, through the federal agencies they control, have treasonously planned to use devastating orchestrated events to suspend constitutional rights and implement martial law. The best-known plan for martial law/continuity of government is called REX 84. Despite their planning efforts, technology, and billions of dollars spent on martial law training, a handful of activists can utilize simple yet powerful tools to ensure martial law is never implemented. This plan is known as Globalist Shutdown. Read article here
From the creators of Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica , UNGRIP penetrates the illusions and delusions of the legal system with direct relation to the psychology of humanity. See movie here
The Pole Shift In Global Financial Power Is Almost Complete
The process of removing the cabal that has controlled most of the world for the past 300 years is almost complete, according to sources directly involved in the takedown. The takedown is being done by the world's military, police and intelligence agencies. The group being taken down is the Thule Society, Skull&Bones Nazi conglomerate headed by George Bush Senior. This group was trying to start world war 3 in order to reduce the world's population by 85% and start a fascist world government. Instead, they will be bankrupted and put in jail. Evidence of the takedown is now becoming visible for all to see. For example the IMF, supposedly the world's lender of last resort, is saying they have no money to help the Euro. This is publicly available evidence that the post war power structure is ending. Read article here
The Rise Of The 9/11 Truth Movement and The Second Western Enlightenment
The growth of the 9/11 truth and justice movement throughout the world is unstoppable. The psychopathic elite and their moronic puppets in governments and media institutions cannot prevent the natural progress of freedom, peace, knowledge, truth, and love'... All the establishment sources of information and news, whether television or print, are losing credibility and public trust by the day. They are beyond redemption. Their complicity in war crimes and crimes against democracy will never be forgotten. If they are not in the gutter of history already, they soon will be when 9/11 truth reaches critical mass. '...9/11 truthers and conspiracy theorists are the vanguard of freedom of speech in the West and represent the intellectual resistance to the global totalitarian corporate state that got its big boost after the false flag 9/11 attacks. Read article here
Ten Years After 9/11
10 years after 9/11 the masses are still living in denial and their action of inaction continues to enable mass murder. This must end. We can not allow the masses to stay in their false reality bubble at the cost of millions of lives. We must all act upon the truth. Ten years ago to the day we were attacked by our own government. On September 11, 2001 the US government plans of pre-meditated mass murder were carried out on its own people. With the intent to enlist the population into perpetual wars of mass murder. And to further enslave the human population deeper into the fascist police state. An ever controlled life of servitude, enslaved to the same people who put Hitler in power. The same people put Bush and Obama into office and thus the Nazi rule still persists to this day. Read article here
Gandhi On Ending Injustice
US injustice in major policies will end when enough Americans speak the truth. The injustice is literal: US government policies with war and economics are in Orwellian violation of basic laws. The annual costs are millions of human lives, billions damned to suffer, and trillions of dollars looted. Anyone with intellectual integrity and moral courage can see and say these facts. Read article here
Open proposal for US revolution:
End unlawful wars, parasitic/criminal economics and expose corporate media as propaganda
Revolution is from the Latin, revolutio, a ''turn around'' of political power. The US public would revolt and end unlawful US wars and banksters' rigged-casino fraud if they understood and embraced the central facts of these issues. This four-part series of articles provides the central facts, invites passionate public response, and proposes specific revolutionary public action. Read article here
The King family's civil trial found the US government guilty of Dr. King's assassination
US Corporate media refused to cover the trial or interview Dr. King's wife. His family's opinion is that the US government murdered Dr. King to end his protests against unlawful US wars and his call to end poverty. Read article here
Over 250 million human beings slaughtered by governments in war
The century within which we were all born witnessed over 250 million human beings slaughtered by governments in war and atrocities. War is used as a continuous ''foreign policy,'' with the US in present egregious and unlawful abuse of their superpower status. History will judge when Americans developed the education competence to evolve beyond endless wars. Read article here
Controlled Economic Collapse
Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net Worth, As The Economic Elite Make Off WIth $46 Trillion
The American public has sustained intensive economic attacks across broad segments of the population. While the attacks have been increasingly severe in scale over the past four years, they have been implemented with technocratic precision. They have been incrementally applied thus far, successfully keeping the population passive and avoiding any large-scale civilian unrest, while effectively reducing living standards for the majority of the population. Read article here
The Riots Of England Are Exactly What The Establishment Want = Don't Play Into Their Hands = Riots Are Not The Solution
It then comes to a point in time when it is in the best interests of the powers that are in control to let the ponzi scheme they have created collapse. The math makes no sense any more, they need it to fail so they can start the next one hundred year pyramid scheme of fractional reserve banking. We are at 100% of GDP to service the debt. Income tax would have to be raised to 80% to cover the debt. Baby boomers are retiring in mass with nothing to show for their years in the slave system. The elite know its going down and they respond by furiously further robbing us blind, transferring even more wealth back to them in fast forward. Foreclosing on houses and taking vast land ownership, crashing markets and daily gouging the lemmings in the stock market corrupt trading system. When it all collapses you will not even have your house to hold up in'... and thats their plan. Its not enough they want to enslave us and kill and rob us blind, they want to control us with a tight police state. So they instil riots and the masses cry for martial law and beg for a police state. We must not fall for this. Read article here.
9/11 International Hearings To Be Held In Toronto
A decade after the events of September 11, 2001, which resulted in the immediate deaths of nearly 3,000 people on American soil, countless victims from toxic dust, and hundreds of thousands of deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, international hearings on this pivotal event will begin in Toronto in September. The events of September 11 provided a pretext for a War on Terror that has led to military invasions and occupations, and attacks upon civil and human rights throughout the world. The credibility of the official investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, carried out by the U.S. Government between 2003 and 2005, has been questioned by millions of citizens in the United States and abroad, including victim family members, expert witnesses and international legal experts. Read article here
There is no freedom, no democracy, and no government accountability in Amerika, a fascist state
Americans are a doomed people for many reasons. One reason is that they are disunited and at one another's throats and, thus, cannot stand up the tyranny issuing from Washington. Read Article here.
A World Overwhelmed By Western Hypocrisy
As the second decade of the 21st century opens, those who oppose US hegemony and the evil that emanates from Washington risk being declared to be ''terrorists'' If they are American citizens, they can be assassinated. If they are foreign leaders, their country can be invaded. '... And the American sheeple think that they have ''freedom and democracy.'' '.... There is nothing left of the American character. Only a people who have lost their soul could tolerate the evil that emanates from Washington. Read article here
The Government Has Ordered The Media Not To Cover 9/11
The Pentagon Papers have finally been released by the government. Yet the statements from Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg about 9/11 have not been covered by the corporate media; what else is new. Read article here
Truth11 Films | Perpetual War
We have been tricked into fighting perpetual wars of mass genocide for pointless profit. There is no enemy. The enemy is within the US government. All exterior enemies are created to justify the advancing military industrial complex. There is only one way war will end. The masses must rise up, unite, and demand world peace. Here is Truth11 Films latest short film set to The Lotus Eater by Opeth. Perpetual War; See film here
Plans For A Permanent War Against Terror | A War Against A Fake Terror Al-CIA-da
By declaring a global war against nameless individuals, organizations and nations 'associated' with the Taliban and al Qaeda, as well as those playing a supporting role in their efforts, the Detainee Security Act would appear to grant the president near unfettered authority to initiate military action around the world without further congressional approval. Read articles here and here
Manufactured Reality + A Politically Constructed History
The American people are prisoners of state terror and victims of totalitarian propaganda. The American mind has been under a government and media siege ever since September 11, 2001 when the Bush administration committed the deadliest terrorist attack against America in U.S. history. But there are no cages, or military guards on the streets to signify that America is imprisoned. Guns are not needed to secure an illegitimate reign when people self-police their thoughts and police others by calling them conspiracy theorists if they champion a view of reality that is in stark contrast to the one that the men in power profess and the official ministers of propaganda publicize day and night. Read article here
Al Qaeda: A CIA Database | Not A Terrorist Group
Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that ''Al Qaeda'' is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Read article here
Bilderberg Meeting 2011 '' Swiss National Councillors Letter About This Corrupt Group
This Group unites a kind of European and global elite of Bankers, Industrialists, Diplomats, US and European NATO Brass, crowned heads, Media groups, their Moguls and Editors, as well as Heads of States, whether retired or not, which coordinates, exchanges, organizes and structures, out of all democratic control, the major guidelines towards economic globalization. Considering that the notions of sovereignty and independence are obsolete, if not hindrances to an open Market, this discreet Group develops an ultra-liberal, Free Trade society model, with a (unique) world currency and the IMF as Treasurer. Read article here
New Madrid fault line attack underway, 15 nuclear reactors targeted
The ''once in 500 year'' flooding of the Mississippi river over the New Madrid fault line is part of a campaign directed against the American people, according to multiple intelligence agency (MI6, CIA, FSB, Japan Security police) sources. The HAARP caused flooding is expected to be followed by an earthquake and then a ''nuclear emergency'' involving the 15 nuclear reactors located in the region. This will be a pretext for mass evacuations into FEMA camps, the sources say. The best way to derail this plan, apart from arresting the criminal cabal in Washington D.C., is to widely announce and denounce these plans in advance. Read article here
Fake Death Of Bin Laden + The War On Terror False Flag Operation
By now, you are probably worn out from all the speculation about the actual events in Pakistan that claim the death of the public enemy No 1. No photos of a dead Osama bin Laden, burial at sea, instant DNA results and changing versions with every new news report gets old quickly. Capturing him alive for interrogation would maximize the intelligence quest, if that were the real goal. If any significance should be assigned to this account, now is the time to re-evaluate the entire nature of the War on Terror that has destroyed America more in the last ten years than any attack on home soil. Read article here
The Collapse Of Our Modern World + The Birth Of A Better One
The root cause of most these problems that are bringing down our world right now is bad government. It is bad government (Big Government) that approved the GMOs. Bad government enforced the medical monopoly and allowed the pesticides to kill the honeybees. Bad government drove us into inescapable debt and costly foreign wars. Bad government outlawed health freedom and protected the monopolistic practices of the food companies, drug companies and chemical companies. The downfall of modern human civilization is, as you probably guessed, also the downfall of the very idea that Big Government creates a better society. Because if there's one idea that needs to stay dead after the collapse, it's the idea that We the People somehow need another group of people (government workers) to live off our hard work while hounding us with their false authority, directing every little detail of our lives. What we need in our world isn't more government, but more freedom. If we had freedom, integrity and personal responsibility, we wouldn't even be facing the global collapse that has already begun. Read article here.
The Global Economy's Corporate Crime Wave
The world is drowning in corporate fraud, and the problems are probably greatest in rich countries '' those with supposedly ''good governance.'' Poor-country governments probably accept more bribes and commit more offenses, but it is rich countries that host the global companies that carry out the largest offenses. Money talks, and it is corrupting politics and markets all over the world. Read article here
Sociapitalism: How the Government Became the Next Bubble | When This Bubble Bursts America Will Be Changed Forever
In the last thirteen years, a new financial order replaced capitalism in America. With cat-like tread, this transformation has caught most Americans unaware, let alone some of country's best financial minds (many of them fascist anyway). This new order constitutes the socializing of risk. Read article here
Quantum Physics + Mind Over Matter
Quantum physics has proven that all matter at the subatomic level exists in wave form, and that matter only appears solid when we, as the observer, use our senses to decode and perceive the wave patterns in space and time. Significantly, thoughts, especially concentrated thoughts, also form measurable wave patterns. And thought waves have proven to affect observable matter in the physical world. Read article here
5 Words Used To Control + Enslave Us
These 5 words are the keys to casting the spell in the attorneys' legal jargon trickery. All commercial transactions / contracts have been designed to remove the men and women from the equation and replace with a legal fictional entity in the matrix system. Read article here
Centralized government identity program dismissed as being too draconian for Communist China
Gets go ahead in United States
A new program being touted by the Obama administration as a solution to online identity theft actually increases the risk of identity theft while providing the government with a national ID system through the backdoor, paving the way for a world wide web in which users will need government permission to access the Internet. Read article here
Destroy The Globalists, One Fat Cat Corporations At A Time
Many may ask, ''How exactly can we boycott the globalists when they control everything?'' The answer is by systematically boycotting and replacing them with local alternatives. You can actually start today, by boycotting corporations you may not have even considered part of this nefarious agenda and corporations you not only can certainly live without, but would be better off for it. It requires absolutely no money at all, in fact, it will save you money in the long run and if you decide to replace them, you may learn a valuable skill-set in the process. Read article here
Suppressing Truth and Promoting War: A New York Times Tradition
During and since WW II alone, America killed millions of mostly civilian Japanese, Germans, Italians, Koreans, Southeast Asians, Central Americans, Africans, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, and now Libyans. Read how the New York Times is party to genocide. Just like the rest of the mass media circus. Here
Flying Saucer Technology Released
Nuclear Engineer, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, has come forward as being the developer of the technology being used in Iran's new ''flying saucer.'' His technology is claimed to harness magnetism and gravity to allow travel throughout the solar system and beyond. Read article here
Legalizing War With Secret Memos
Justice Department memos''legalizing'' the crime of aggressive war were secret. Now they're published quickly, and there's a new one out on Libya (PDF). It begins:''The President had the constitutional authority to direct the use of military force in Libya because he could reasonably determine that such use of force was in the national interest. Prior congressional approval was not constitutionally required to use military force in the limited operations under consideration. April 1, 2011.'' read article here
Obama's Position On Assassinations
The Democrat in office has taken a position on unilateral murder so extreme as to be ''profoundly troubling'' in its legal reach and potential for future use. Read article here
9/11 Stand Down Orders
The 9/11 attacks have directly led to a dangerous interventionist US foreign policy based on preemptive military action that has transcended administrations and political paradigms. The key to understanding how 9/11 was possible can be found in a single government document, presented in context by Ventura in stunning detail. Just two short months prior to 9/11, then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld oversaw a significant change to DoD procedures for dealing with hijacked aircraft, making it the personal responsibility of the Defense Secretary to issue intercept orders. Of course, on 9/11 no such intercept orders were issued to NORAD, and three of four hijacked airliners were able to hit their targets with precision accuracy, paving the way for literal modern military crusade into the middle east, and now into Africa. Read article here
Jesse Ventura's New book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read, blows the lid off top secret black ops
Libya: Another War, Another Pack of Lies
The United States, Britain and NATO don't care about bombing civilians to contain rebellion. Their militaries bomb civilians every day without mercy. They have destroyed most of the community infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan before turning their sights on Libya. Read 11 Articles on Libya in 1 here
''Support The Troops'' Is One Of The Most Cruel Hoaxes In History
Support the troops'' is a clever PR slogan that causes Americans to turn a blind eye to the brutal exploitation of our soldiers and military families for profit and for an evil ideology. Our soldiers and military families are paying for the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neocon wars with lives, limbs, post-traumatic stress, suicides, broken marriages, children without fathers, wives without husbands, and parents without sons and daughters. Read article here.
Japan Earthquake + Tsunami Caused By HAARP and Nukes In the Seabed
The horrific earthquake weapon attack on Japan, resulting in 10 meter tsunamis along much of Japan's coast line came from rogue elements of the U.S. government located in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada, according to pentagon and CIA sources. Read articles here and here and a video explanation here
Rothschild Bankers Looting Nations Through World Bank/IMF
The World Bank/IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild & Sons plus 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take over the planet through money. The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired in 2000. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank forced their way into ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and some even broke out in riots. Read article here
The Connection Between Military Dominance + Planned Economic Crisis
The book Global Economic Crisis carefully ties militarization with the planned economic meltdown.The New World Order's systematic destruction of the planet's middle classes so as to concentrate wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer families. While global uprisings now threaten global governance under a single currency, scheming rulers have long anticipated this reaction. In The Global Economic Crisis, we learn exactly how a planet-wide military dictatorship plans to enforce its feudal vision. Read article here
Truth11 Films | Techno Revolution + Self-Government System
Truth11 films latest short film is a call to action for peaceful instant global techno revolution, followed by a system that is already in place for global self-government. We are highly connected, we are highly equipped to unite. United we stand for self-government over new world order tyranny. Watch here
Eliminating The Entire Federal Government Structure Is The Answer
The entire rationalization for the War of Terror against the American people rests upon the willful surrender of our most precious natural rights to a corrupt government. The Geheime Staatspolizei secret state police spawn the Homeland Security society. The criminal acts of the TSA are an affront to every citizen. In this new century, irrevocably harmed is caused by the phony domestic terror phobia. America is a mere shell of herself. Pile on the forced tax to fund socialized medicine over the intense opposition of regular people and you have a perfect storm. How can reform be a practical option when faced with such a perverse political system? The only sensible path for sincere and courageous souls is to work towards a replacement of the central government model of governance. Eliminating the entire Federal Government structure may seem to be impossible. However, aided in this task are the very actions of an evil system! All empires collapse. The United States is no more a monolithic union than the nations of the world are a global brotherhood. The myth that citizens owe an allegiance to a failed federation is absurd. Read Article here
Revolution Without Violence
The American power structure has been set reeling by something that is simply outside the boundaries of their mental universe: a non-violent, non-sectarian, non-ideological, leaderless revolution by ordinary people. Read article here
Self Sufficiency | Food Production
There are many gardening techniques that can produce an abundance of food for you and your family without requiring a lot of space, money or equipment. Read article here.
Self-Sufficiency: a universal solution to the globalist problem
Self-sufficiency and the harassing of technology in the hands of the people are the greatest fears of the global oligarchy '' fears that oligarchs throughout the centuries have harbored. Simply boycotting the globalists' corporations and replacing them with local solutions is something everyone can afford to do starting today. Read article here
Techno Revolution
United We Stand, Connected, Organized + Armed With The Truth
The ability of the social networks to organize a protest almost overnight, because people of similar beliefs and commitments are in close communication with others, has completely changed the nature of political resistance and revolution. This system of revolution toppled a middle eastern dictatorship in less than a month. It threatens to topple two more before the end of February: Yemen and Egypt. We have entered into a new period political resistance. Read Article Here
Thirty Little Known Facts About America
IRS, IMF, UN, US Treasury, FCC, CIA, FBI, NSA and Executive Orders'... Read article here
Deconstructing The Sovereign United States
We the people are viewed as the greatest threat to a malevolent government and its partnering corporations and the expansion of what is becoming a full blown police state. The security the government desires is not from foreign terrorists, but rather, from us. Read Article Here
''[T]he occupier, by seeing this sign (V), always the same, infinitely repeated, [would] understand that he is surrounded, encircled by an immense crowd of citizens eagerly awaiting his first moment of weakness, watching for his first failure.'' Read Article Here
The Council of Foreign Relations figured out how many news stations, radio stations and publications it would take to control the majority of opinion. They purchased them and put an editor in place in every one. See movie explaining how this elite group has controlled the big picture with propaganda from so many angles it has brainwashed a nation here.
The Collective Evolution
'The Collective Evolution' is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. Watch Movie Here
Zeitgeist Moving Forward
''The world is going bankrupt, (whatever the hell that means), because of this idea called debt, which doesn't even exist in the physical reality. Its only part of a game we have invented, yet the well-being of billions of people is now being compromised. Extreme lay-offs, tent cities, accelerating poverty, austerity measures imposted, schools shutting down, child hunger,and other levels familiar deprivation all because of this elaborate fiction'...what are we fucking stupid'' See the first 3 movies here, Read Truth11's review of the movie: there are some mixed reviews of this movie, and for good reason. Don't let the message get lost due to corruption of even the purest ideas and watch the New movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward here
Obama Is CIA
After eight brutal years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the nation was ready for any change. Unfortunately, the CIA, through LOOKING GLASS, MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKE, PANDORA, and other behavioral science programs were ready to answer the call. The CIA answered the call with Obama and most of us bought him and his ''Hope and Change'' propaganda fecundity ''nurtured'' by CIA programs going back some sixty years. Read article here
Lets Reclaim History
This is not an American government at all. It is a gang.
The deceitful and manipulative leaders in the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon are the most destructive force in the world, and pose the greatest existential threat to human civilization, and world peace. Read article here
10 New Year's Re-Solutions For Non-Violent Rebellion
Because our representative democracy has become a fraud, and the media and courts are clearly shills for the oligarchs, our only action appears to be non-violent rebellion; one person and community at a time. We can expose the crimes and immorality of the corporate state through civil disobedience and conscientious objection. We can punish multinational companies who commit flagrant fouls on humanity and the environment by boycotting them. Additionally, we can peacefully regain our liberty by becoming less dependent on the system for our basic needs. Read article here
9/11 Billboards | We Need More Of These
If you are going to donate any money to truth organizations, may we suggest putting money into billboards. We need more of these. In what may be the first of it's kind in the nation, a group of 9/11 Truth activists organized, designed and paid for a commercial billboard in which 1,200 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth invite the public to ''Examine the Evidence.'' Read article here
Big Brother Watches You But You Are Not Allowed To Know Its Secrets
One of the hallmarks of an authoritarian government is its fixation on hiding everything it does behind a wall of secrecy while simultaneously monitoring, invading and collecting files on everything its citizenry does. Based on the Francis Bacon aphorism that ''knowledge is power,'' this is the extreme imbalance that renders the ruling class omnipotent and citizens powerless. Read article here
Secret Underground Shelters | Denver International Airport
Built by the Masonic New World Airport Commission. The Denver International Airport covers the US largest secret underground shelter. It is adorned with disturbing graphic images of burning bushes, people in coffins, children crying, and a soldier with an AK47 and sword killing the dove of peace. Images you would not expect to find in an airport. Put there to illustrate the purpose of the facility. Read article and watch documentaries here
Jesse Ventura | Conspiracy Theory | Seasons 1 and 2
Episodes covering; 2012, Secret Societies, HAARP, Big Brother, Plum Island, Area 51, Wall St, FEMA Camp | Police State, JFK Assassination, 911 / Pentagon, Manchurian Candidate, World Wide Water Conspiracy, Gulf Oil Spill, Global Warming and the Great Lakes. Watch the episodes here
The Rand Corporation: A top secret think tank has been pulling the strings of American government for at least 60 years
''We're all the bastard children of RAND and we don't even know it,'' RAND started off as an organization centered around building new weapons for the military but ultimately expanded into politics, science, history and economics and was closely allied with the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. RAND was instrumental in developing the strategy behind the use of nuclear weapons, and how they actively promoting nuking the entirety of Eastern Europe as well as China in case of problems in Western Europe, a policy that could easily have sparked off a catastrophic nuclear holocaust. RAND researchers believed that as long as 10 million Americans survived a nuclear war, the war was won. Read article here
To Question The Official 9/11 Story Is Simply And Fundamentally Revolutionary
To question the government story about 9/11 is to question the very foundations of our entire modern belief system regarding our government, our country and our way of life'...Bring on the revolution | Pentagon whistleblowers call for a new 9/11 investigation Read article here
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
This is a very good film showing the systematic approach the government has taken to dumb down America. Covering the education system, poisoning of citizens, fluoridation, and over medication of the population. See movie here
Let The Banks Collapse and Free Us All From Slavery
The peoples of Ireland, Portugal, Spain etc. are looking at Iceland and realizing its is better for a country to allow banks to collapse that it is to take on generations of debt slavery. Ireland is now expected to be the first country to leave the Euro. They will not be the last. Read article here
Fly The US Governments True Flag and Judge Their Actions Accordingly
Look at the actions of the US government over the past 70+ years, and judge each action with the governments true flag flying. You will see the forest for the trees. Read Article Here
In America today, there are approximately five unemployed workers for every single job opening
The truth is that there are not nearly enough jobs out there for everyone that wants one. In fact, it isn't even close. Read article here
Is WikiLeaks Going To Help The Government Kill The First Amendment and The Bill Of Rights?
Is This The Excuse They Need To Shut Down The Internet?
In order to convert the United States into a third world slave gulag with a high-tech police state overlay, the ruling elite will target and attempt to liquidate alternative media. Eventually extraditing and prosecuting Julian Assange as an enemy of the state is an important element in the effort to kill the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. Read articles here and here and here.
The Chemtrail Cover-Up
Clandestine NASA-military programs are poisoning the environment. Read article here
The Big Picture Truth About The Global Warming Scam
Enough is enough of this complete bullshit
Several years ago, the sun was unusually active and all the planets in our solar system experienced a time of ''global warming''. That is a fact which many global warming alarmists just conveniently ignore. If man was the primary cause of ''global warming'' then why were all of the other planets in our solar system experiencing increased temperatures as well? The green agenda is becoming increasingly linked to the population control agenda. Today there are literally millions of people who actually believe that we need to dramatically reduce the number of humans on the planet for the good of the earth. Read article here
Nazis, Eugenics, Floride and The Rockefeller Foundation
Depopulation programs forged by the Rockefeller foundation in association with the Nazis were the basis of modern day incarnations of eugenics like fluoride poisoning and vaccinations.
Blaylock explains how the eugenics movement began in America through Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie funding and what originated as The Science of Man project, which was an effort to socially engineer humanity to weed out those deemed ''undesirable'' to the elite. ''Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.''- Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992 The history of forcing fluoride on humans through the fluoridation of drinking water is wrought with lies, greed and deception. Governments that add fluoride to drinking water supplies insist that it is safe, beneficial and necessary, however, scientific evidence shows that fluoride is not safe to ingest and areas that fluoridate their drinking water supplies have higher rates of cavities, cancer, dental fluorosis, osteoporosis and other health problems. Read articles Here + Here
Manufacturing Consent
Here is an excellent movie by Noam Chomsky on the subject of using media to control the population. See movie here
Pol Pot Genocide of 2 Million Cambodian People in 1975
This movie also covers atrocities such as Pol Pot masacre of Cambodian people in 1975. Something the US Government and global media was complicit in.
The Game Is Simple | All Economies Will Fail + The IMF Will Enslave Us All
The current economic control system is a pyramid scheme that is coming to the end of its cycle globally. No surprises, just built to fail from inception. The false solution is to roll into a new pyramid scheme by the IMF. As each country falls the IMF steps in and when they do the country suffers to no end. Natural resources are sold off and the country works eternally to pay the debt. Read article on the latest countries for the math to fail here.
The Big Picture When It Comes To Naked Body + Behavior Scanners
Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano admitted yesterday that body scanners would eventually find their way into U.S. public transportation, trains and boats, but Big Sis is already beta-testing technology that goes even further, by forcing Americans to undergo a behavioral interrogation before they are allowed to enter sports events, rock concerts and shopping malls. '... The use of such technology is not only a complete violation of the Fourth Amendment, it also eviscerates the notion of innocent until proven guilty, and therefore totally undermines everything America stands for. Read article here
Revolution Baby
Voting '... is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens
The past has shown us when faced with tyranny and corruption, there is only one way for the masses to regain freedom : Rise up, resist, revolt, strike, defy and do it in mass. We have great strength in unity. United we stand. Read article here. See also this article on Europe rising up here
Marijuana Prohibition Is The Cornerstone Of The Police State
The simple truth about America's marijuana prohibition: any law that allows the easy incarceration of any citizen any time those in power want to do it is the ultimate enemy of democracy. With 800,000 annual arrests over an herb used by tens of millions of Americans, it is the cornerstone of a police state. Read article here
Pearl Harbor Was An Inside Job
Robert Stinnett published his book ''Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor''in 1999. Stinnett, a decorated WWII veteran and author, requested files about the attack, and the events preceding it, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He discovered that FDR not only knew about the attack in advance, but that his administration did everything it could to cause a Japanese attack on America. Read article here
Words Of Truth From System Of A Down
The percentage of Americans in the prison system prison system, has doubled since 1985 | Why don't presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor? | Modern globalization, Coupled with condemnations, Unnecessary death, Matador corporations, Puppeting your frustrations, With the blinded flag, Manufacturing consent, Is the name of the game, The bottom line is money, Nobody gives a fuck. 4000 hungry children die per hour, from starvation, while billions spent on bombs, creating death showers. | Read article here
Governments are the great mass-murderers of our world
Throughout human history, more human beings have been maimed, tortured and murdered by governments than by any other type of organization on the planet. And virtually all of that activity has been justified under the excuse that they were working to ''make the world a better place.'' Read article here
9/11 Truth Report in ''Focus Money''
On 2010-09-08 Focus Money, an weekly mainly economic magazine, did a special take on 9/11 truth. This is a major breaktrough, as Focus Money is the second in the market for ecomomic magazines by numbers, edition about 140.000, views probably 50% more. This is the second time Focus Money printed an article about 9/11 truth, after a 5-page article back in January. The old one was titled ''We don't believe you'' Read article here
9/11 Pictures
The 911 pictures article has also been recently updated with new photos. Here
Eisenhower's Warned Us Of The Military Industrial Complex
We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations. We must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. See speech and read article here
De-classified Vietnam-era Transcripts Show Senators Knew Gulf Of Tonkin Was A Staged False Flag Event
Aug. 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, where US warships were apparently attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats '' an incident that kicked off US involvement in the Vietnam war '' was a staged event that never actually took place. Read article here.
Fluoridation is straight from the Nazi handbook | It must be stopped
Despite damning evidence on fluoride toxicity, bureaucracies and multinationals continue to pollute our drinking water and mess with our physical and mental health. Read article here | Also more articles in the Fluoridation category (right)
Toronto G20
20 corrupt leaders planning global taxes, austerity, global government and expansion of government tyranny. Nazi police tactics, martial law, police in disguise and paid provocateurs = the black block; hijacking the peaceful protests, that were suspiciously left alone by police. Bait cars, illegal searches, torture and beating peaceful protestors and journalists. Welcome to the Toronto G20. New world order in full effect in police state Toronto. Read article and see photos and videos here. Update article here
Black Bloc'... Paid Provocateurs And Police In Disguise
To justify the spending, a false flag attack by police and paid vandals aid the new world order agenda. See article and watch video here
A Right Is Not A Right If They Can Take It Away
Suspension of rights in Toronto for the G2o, If they get away with this, they will do it again. See call to action article here
Toronto G20 Update
Police violating rights, lying, beating, abducting, raping and torturing protestors. Fascist Police State. Multiple update articles in one here.
Truth11 Films
Toronto G20 Video By Truth11 Films | Fuck Everything You Stand For | Watch here
New Bill Gives Obama Kill Switch To Shut Down the Internet
The federal government is desperate to seize control of the Internet because the establishment is petrified at the fact that alternative and independent media outlets are now eclipsing corporate media outlets in terms of audience share, trust, and influence. Read article here.
Bill Approved | Obama can shut down the internet for 4 months under new emergency powers.. Read article here
Food and Depopulation
Since the Rockefeller family came to power (especially after gaining a monopoly with Standard Oil) they have manipulated our government into ruining our financial system by way of the Federal Reserve, energy through oil dependency and food with GMOs (Genetically Engineered Organisms). The intention is to rob us blind and kill us. It's time to wake up. Read article here
Austerity fascism is the realization of the global elite's agenda for a ''post-industrial revolution''
Top historians, social and financial analysts are warning that the draconian austerity measures currently being prepared by governments in the west will cause riots and even revolutions as people react with fury in response to their jobs, savings, basic public services, pensions and welfare money being seized by the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place. Read article here
Bilderbergers Have Failed and now are trying to activate plan B
The participants at the just ended Bilderberger meeting in Spain are scared they are going to be identified and eventually hunted down, according to an inside source at the meeting. For now Clinton, Bush, Baker and the other Bilderberg Nazi's are trying to cut a deal with China that will allow them access to large amounts of funds which they plan to hide and use to re-assert their power after the current political storm blows over, the source says. Unfortunately for them, this is one storm that is not going to blow over to and allow them to resume their plans for world fascist dictatorship. Article, 2010 agenda, list of attendees and coverage videos here
The Truth About Alternative Energy and The Real Reason For the Iraq War'... Oil
One of the world's leading experts on trend forecasting says that producing our own energy for our homes and cars (called ''micro generation'') will become ahuge trend in the next couple of decades.
'...Alan Greenspan, John McCain, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, ahigh-level National Security Council officer and others all say that the Iraq war was really about oil. Read article here
The writing is on the wall for the new world order
'...The solution is really quite simple to reach now that the nightmarish Satanic plan to enslave humanity is coming to an end: live and let live. If you look at the situation objectively you will see there is no reason for conflict between these groups, all the fighting and strife between them has been artificially engineered. Read article here
Continuity Of Government | Suspension Of The US Constitution
The National Emergencies Act, one of the post-Watergate reforms that Vice-President Cheney so abhorred, specifies that: ''Not later than six months after a national emergency is declared, and not later than the end of each six-month period thereafter that such emergency continues, each House of Congress shall meet to consider a vote on a joint resolution to determine whether that emergency shall be terminated'' (50 U.S.C. 1622, 2002). Yet in nine years Congress has not once met to discuss the State of Emergency declared by George W. Bush in response to 9/11, a State of Emergency that remains in effect today. Read article here
Hunter S. Thompson | Multiple Quotes Of Truth: Life, Corrupt Politicians and Stupid Wars
''We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear'--fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a Terrorist sympathizer.'' Hunter S. Thompson. Article Here.
Satanists On The Run | Revolution Is Coming
Satanists who have participated in the plot to enslave humanity are worried and are starting to run. With 40% of Greece's population revolting, the satanists are realizing we have great strength in unity. The masses are becoming aware and revolution is coming. Their plan was to kill at least 4 billion people and permanently enslave the rest of humanity. There is so much evidence for this now that only the fools still relying on Satanic corporate propaganda do not realize it yet. The plan involved a fake alien invasion, germ warfare, starvation, atomic war and artificially generated disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. Read Article Here
Overpopulation Is A Myth
As these videos demonstrate, overpopulation is a myth. Globalists and their eugenic minions have misrepresented population statistics for decades in order to justify their agenda to wipe out large portions of the population. See article here
Police State Toronto and The G20 Summit
Events such as the G20 have become a testing ground for new police state measures and a trial run for a military style occupation. In June Toronto will be on lockdown with rights and liberties severely restricted. Article Here See Video Here
Understanding Deep Politics
Definition of deep politics: It refers to government in which two dimensions of action always coexist: Overt and covert, or benign and utterly ruthless. Ten distinguished speakers headlining the ''Understanding Deep Politics'' Conference in Santa Cruz this May 14-16'--trace the era of deep politics to JFK's assassination; to the aftermath of World War II, Hitler, Lenin, Weishaupt, or Machiavelli, from there to ancient secret societies, and even back to the dawn of human governance itself. We can trace it forward too; the ways of deceptive government did not end with the ascent of Obama. Quite the opposite. Read article here
Regime Change By Plane Crash
Nearly a month ago amateur footage was released ostensibly showing a Russian clean-up crew at the crash site killing off the few survivors of the Polish presidential plane crash. See video and read article here
Two Words Brought Down Building 7; ''Pull It''
World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein, who collected nearly $500 million dollars in insurance on the basis that the collapse of building 7 was accidental, a 47-story structure that was not hit by a plane but collapsed within seven seconds on September 11; Was on the phone to his insurance carrier attempting to convince them that the building should be brought down via controlled demolition. How did Silverstein expect to demolish the building safely when such a process takes weeks or even months to properly set up. How could explosives have been correctly placed on such short notice inside a burning building that had already been evacuated '' unless the explosives were already in place? Read article here.
Police State 4 | The Rise Of FEMA | Alex Jones
Another excellent documentary by Alex Jones. Extensively covering FEMA, and FEMA camps, executive orders and the growing police state. Watch movie Here or download at infowars.com
Jason Burmas New Movie | Invisible Empire | A New World Order Defined
This is a comprehensive guide to the new world order and should be watched by everyone. If anyone doubted the truth movement, after watching this movie I think the only skeptics that will remain are the liars who run or benefit from the system and those choosing to live in denial. This is the final frontier, take the truth pill. Watch The Full Movie Here Or download it from InfoWars.com
What The 9/11 Commission l Really Think
If you still don't know what to believe about 9/11 or doubt the 9/11 truth movement and believe the official story, then please listen to the people that were on the 9/11 commission. This article should spark a doubt in the official story. Enough to have you look into it further, and when you do, you will find great truth. Read here
The Digital Economy Bill
A draconian Internet censorship bill that has been long looming on the horizon finally passed the house of commons in the UK yesterday, legislating for government powers to restrict and filter any website that is deemed to be undesirable for public consumption. Read article here.
Top Nazis Planned EU-Sytle Fourth Reich
US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128, also known as The Red House Report, which details how top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 and, knowing Germany was on the brink of military defeat, conspired to create a Fourth Reich '' a pan-European economic empire based around a European common market. Read Article here
Benjamin Fulford Articles
AIDS and SARS are bio-engineered weapons designed to reduce the African (''Black'') and Asian populations.
The 9/11 terrorist attacks were an ''inside job'' carried out by the US government as a false flag attack to bring about new imperial mobilization.
The Pentagon, the oil industry, banking elite, and the pharmaceutical industry suppress inventions including free-energy and anti-gravity technology to maintain power.
The US government, using a secret military program HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has been altering the climate, and using high power microwave energy inducing earthquakes including the Asian Tsunami (2004) and earthquakes in Japan (1995), China (2008), Haiti (2010), Chile (2010).
Haiti Video here | Articles by Benjamin Fulford here, | Articles on HAARP + Induced Earthquakes here
HAARP US Military Weapon That Can Cause Earthquakes and Alter The Climate
13 reasons to suspect HAARP caused the Haiti earthquake here
The Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It
Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it. Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk of being branded ''anti-American,'' ''anti-semite'' or ''conspiracy theorist.'' Truth is an inconvenience for government and for the interest groups whose campaign contributions control government. Truth is an inconvenience for prosecutors who want convictions, not the discovery of innocence or guilt. Read article here
Pictures Worth A Thousand Words
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to the truth, these pictures speak volumes. From 9/11 truth, to the new world order police state. Each picture says it all. They show your fellow citizens voicing the truth. Evidence of the Truth and graphical representations of examples of truth. See all the pictures Here
Bill Gates, Rockefeller Foundation, Neo-Eugenics, Vaccines and GMO for Population Reduction
In plain English, one of the most powerful men in the world states clearly that he expects vaccines to be used to reduce population growth.
The vaccine industry has been repeatedly caught dumping dangerous unsafe, untested or proven harmful'--vaccines onto unwitting Third World populations when they cannot get rid of the vaccines in the West. The true aim of the vaccinations is to make people sicker and even more susceptible to disease and premature death. Read article here
Alex Jones Sticking it to the Propaganda Machine
The last time Alex Jones challenged Heraldo on 9/11 heraldos response was to give him the finger, twice. This time he has to respond to Alex Jones on TV . Alex rips into him and the establishments bullshit.. See video here
Wall Streets Bailout Hustle
The biggest robbery in history. The wall street bailout con jobs, outlined in detail in this Rolling Stone article. 1. The Swoop and Squat, 2. The Dollar Store, 3. The Pig in the Poke, 4. The Rumanian Box, 5. The Big Mitt, 6. The Wire, 7. The Reaload. Read article here.
Executive Orders: The Hallmarks Of Fascistic Tryanny
When a president tries to effect one of his Executive Orders into being a national law, he is attempting to circumvent congress, and contravene our Constitution, and move us closer to being a country ruled by men rather than a nation ruled by laws'.... '...In order to maintain the illusion of a democracy, we are still allowed a presidential election every four years; and no one president can serve more than two four year terms. But, it's not any one president who has become a dictator, it is the Office of the Presidency, and those faceless autocrats who control the presidency that has become dictatorial, without many of us ever knowing it. No, we are hardly a democracy. Our beloved United States of America has become a fascist dictatorship, and will remain so, until the majority of Americans come to realize the sad state of our ship of state. Read article here.
US Government Abdicates
On February 3 2010, Dennis Blair, director of National Intelligence told the House Intelligence Committee that it was now ''defined policy'' that the U.S. government can murder its own citizens on the sole basis of someone in the government's judgment that an American is a threat. No arrest, no trial, no conviction, just execution on suspicion of being a threat. Read article here.
Obama Declares He Will Rule By Authoritarian Decree
The Obama administration has announced it will now rule by fascist decree and ignore Congress and the American people. Read article here
Refuse To Pay Government Debt Incurred For Unlawful And Oppressive Purposes
In international law, odious debt is a legal theory which holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, such as wars of aggression, should not be enforceable. Such debts are thus considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. Read article here
Conspiracy Theory VS Conspiracy Fact
Those who conspire for war, profit, and evil, cry conspiracy theory when their actions are questioned; The masses hear conspiracy theory and regurgitate it upon cue. Its time the masses stopped spewing the term conspiracy theorist and actually looked into the facts, if they did they would find conspiracy fact. Article here
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Have now reached 1000 professional members, further legitimizing calls for a new investigation into the September 11th attacks based upon physical evidence and analysis that is completely inconsistent with the official story. Article here
New Arial Photos Released From 9/11
These clouds of dust were the result of pulverized concrete and thermite explosives. The bogus official pancake story would not do this. Take a look at these photos and see if you think this was a collapse layer by layer, on top of the other, compressing the damage, or buildings literally blown to particles of dust. See photos here
Fake wars, fake war on drugs, drugs peddled by hypocritical government, the military industrial complex set to kill and invasions continue
Whether it's under Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, or Obama, the policies have remained the same and the damage to our bottom line has been mountainous. It's time to ditch the policies we have come to tolerate for decades before they consume what is left of our moral core. Read article here
120 Years Of US Invasions here
Common themes of US Invasions here
13 Lies: An Abbreviated History Of U.S. Presidents Leading Us To War
Those of you who long ago figured out that George Bush lied about, and twisted, 9-11, the role of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Osama, and WMDs to justify the invasions of Afghanistan, and Iraq, and to create the War on Terror, will not be surprised to learn that our prior Presidents, and their complicit henchmen, have lied us into every war since our Revolution. Read article here
Obama Administration Orders World Bank To Keep Third World In Poverty
By preventing poor nations from becoming self-sufficient in blocking them from producing their own energy, the Obama administration is ensuring that millions more will die from starvation and lack of access to hospitals and medical treatment. Read article here
9/11 Truth From Mos Def and Immortal Technique
Man, you hear this bullshit they be talkin', Every day, man, It's like these motherfuckers is just like professional liars'...YouknowwhatI'msayin? It's wild'... Listen'.... | Lyrics and song Here
William Melvin Hicks Speaking Pure Truth
''Its just a ride, and we can change it any time we want, its only a choice, no effort, no work no job, job, no savings of money, a choice right now between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, and buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Heres what we can do to change the world right now to a better ride; Take all that money we spend on weapons and defence each year and instead spend it on feeding clothing and educating the poor of the world which it would many times over, not one human being excluded and we can explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.''
Video of the quote Here | Bill Hicks on The Global Elite Here | and more quotes and vidoes of Bills here
Fuck You I Wont Do What You Tell Me!'.....
It hast to start somwhere, it has to start somehow, what better place than here, what better time than now? All hell can't stop us now!,,,,
Rage Against The Machine Quotes of truth here
Truth11 Films | Propaganda vs Truth In Advertising
watch video here
1. The Hyperreality of a Failing Corporate Media System | 2. Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex and 3. Hope Fades for End of the American Empire under Obama
1. Hyperreality is the inability to distinguish between what is real and what is not.Corporate media, Fox in particular, offers news that creates a hyperreality of real world problems and issues. Consumers of corporate television news''especially those whose understandings are framed primarily from that medium alone''are embedded in a state of excited delirium and knowinglessness'.....
2. Among the most important corporate media censored news stories of the past decade, one must be that over one million people have died because of the United States military invasion and occupation of Iraq.
3. There are still a large number of Obama supporters who are basing their opinion of him solely from his campaign promises. Others simply hear what he says and base their opininon on that. In order to properly asses Obama you must look at his actions. There are numerous articles on Truth11 discussing his actions. In two speeches at the close of the decade, the Nobel Peace Prize winner affirmed that peace was no longer peace, but rather a permanent war that 'extends well beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan-- to 'disorderly regions and diffuse enemies--. He called this 'global security-- and invited our gratitude. Read all three articles here
False flag attack to usher in less rights
The general consensus from the corporate media is, if we want to travel, we have to just put up with our rights being violated. The government puts a man on a plane with no passport and a fire cracker in his shorts and we are supposed to put up with nazi style interrogation. Just another addition to the long list of diminishing human rights.
Evidence clearly indicates staged attack on Detroit flight. Article here
lluminati Vowed in 1969: ''Travel Will Be More Difficult''
Like sheep, humanity had better adjust to constant harassment as long as it tolerates Illuminati control of all important government and social institutions. Read article here
Project Hostile Intent
Mind Scanners the next step if we accept naked body scanners. Under project hostile intent, everyone is remotely screened by passive scanners that pick up brain waves in order to to determine whether they intend to commit violent or terroristic acts. Article here
Environment, Eugenics and Quotes
''A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible.'' '' United Nations, Global Biodiversity Assessment
''A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.'' '' Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major UN donor
Everyday I encounter people who doubt the plain truth that stares them in the face. The problems is they either can't see the forest for the tress or they do not want to see. Many automatically doubt that big organizations like the Federal Reserve or United Nations could be involved in corruption or conspiracy, and they do it without looking into it at all. They blindly belive they are doing good things. Well for those people this article is for you. It is quotes from the people running those organizations, words from their own mouths, telling you the evil they are planning to do and are doing to you right now. Article here. See also bilderberg quotes here. See also the quote category here.
War Is Over | If you want it
John Lennon forwarded the peace movement by paying for billboards that spread a message of truth. ''War Is Over!, if you want it''. The government did not like the truth being told to the masses. The add campaign was really starting to cause problems, so they killed him. Read article and watch the movie The US vs John Lennon here
President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech
'...we are apposed around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy,
'...I am asking for your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. Confident with your help man will be what he was born to be, free and independent. Speech recording and transcript here
For years many scientists have been challenging the numbers put out by the Gore climate propaganda machine. Recently emails have been released outlining the deceit, conspiriacy and corruption. See the Climateate category here
Copenhagen, fake global warming propaganda, the Trilateral Commission, CFR and one world government
'...''The philosophical underpinnings of the Trilateral Commission are pro-Marxist and pro-socialist. They are solidly set against the concept of the nation-state and in particular, the Constitution of the United States.
'...''If the Council on Foreign Relations could be said to be a spawning ground for the concepts of one-world idealism, then the Trilateral Commission was the 'task force' assembled to assault the beachheads. Already the Commission had placed its members in the top posts the U.S. had to offer,''
'...''A former science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher [Lord Christopher Monckton] says the real purpose of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Dec. 7-18 is to use global warming hype as a pretext to lay the foundation for a one-world government,'' Read article here | See also this article
The Fed Is Running Scared
Bernanke's Fed has meticulously sabotaged the economy in order to create a crisis in classic Hegelian fashion. The corporate media tells us the crisis is the result of ineptitude and mismanagement at the Federal Reserve. Au contraire. Like the Great Depression, the even Greater Depression now on the horizon was scientifically created.
The Fed is the primary instrument the bankers are now using to destroy the middle class, hand over all public assets and resources to them, implement a crushing austerity, usher in a new era of global corporatist feudalism and build a sprawling planet-wide slave plantation based on China's totalitarian model.
It is the ultimate dream of the banking cartel. It will be used as the foundation to build world government. Destroying the dollar as the world's reserve currency is only the beginning. Read article here
A brief history lesson and the economic crisis
The United States does not control its own destiny. Rather it is controlled by an international financial elite, of which the American branch works out of big New York banks like J.P. Morgan Chase, Wall Street investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, and the Federal Reserve System. They in turn control the White House, Congress, the military, the mass media, the intelligence agencies, both political parties, the universities, etc. No one can rise to the top in any of these institutions without the elite's stamp of approval. Read article here |
A real solution to the financial crisis
Truth11'²s suggested solution to the financial crisis 100% Guaranteed to work, first time. here
Evidence that George W. Bush had prior knowledge of 911
He states in these two videos that he watched the first plane hit on TV. There was no live coverage of the first plane hitting, there was no coverage on TV of the first plane until a video surfaced that evening. He had a private live video feed. The only way for that to be possible is prior knowledge. Read article and watch the video clips here.
Microbiologist speaks out:H1NI vaccine is actually a bio-weapon
Joseph Moshe is a microbiologist who had called a radio station, and stated that the H1NI vaccine is actually a bio-weapon, and is the DEPLOYMENT OF A PLAGUE. The official propaganda line is that he had threatened the President, although there is no evidence that this is true. The following day his car was disabled with a magnetic pulse and surrounded by tanks, robots, and a virtual army of Secret Service and FBI agents. Then bombarded with massive amounts of gas. Read article and watch here.
Media as enablers of Government Lies
If Americans wish to retain the remnants of their liberty, they cannot trust the media to warn them about government tyranny. In order to recognize government deceit, there is no substitute for more citizens to make more effort to find the truth for themselves. Read article here
George Bush Telling The Truth For A Change
This speech is created from clips of several speeches to tell us all what bush really thinks. Thanks to creators for allowing us to hear the truth for a change from this guy. Click here for the video
William Patrick Corgan | The Smashing Pumpkins
Flu Pandemic is Propaganda
If you follow some of the links I have been supplying as of late, you'll notice many are focused on the propaganda build up to our day of reckoning with the Swine Flu virus. I say 'propaganda' because, in my heart, there is something mighty suspicious about declaring an emergency for something that has yet to show itself to be a grand pandemic. Our American President Obama has declared a national emergency about this virus, which he in his own words said was, at this point, a preventative measure. So, why declare an emergency if there isn't one? Read article here
Truth Advertising Campaign
Truth11 photography exhibit here
Change'... What Change?
The combined US troop deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan have now reached a higher level than existed at any time under the presidency of George W. Bush. This surge past the record set by its predecessor marks another grim milestone in the Obama administration's escalation of American militarism. Read Article here
What Is Money?
Article here
Truth11 Films | 911 Truth to Ticks and Leeches by Tool
Watch here
Government Propaganda To Infest Network TV Shows
An insidious brainwashing program set to be launched next week will ''organically'' weave the government's political propaganda into prime time network television shows, with positive talking points about Obama's environmental, bailout, health care and ''servitude'' agenda being seamlessly integrated into the content of dramas, reality shows and comedies. Read article here
One Mainframe to Rule Them All
One Mainframe To Rule Them All is a breathtaking rundown of the human microchipping agenda. Concise and effective, it breaks down the coming global information control grid in all its horrifying detail. Watch the movie here
End the Fed'... The IMF and the rest!
We cannot let the End of the Fed victory be a false one. We can not let the efforts of Ron Paul and many others go to waste, by simply replacing evil with the same evil and a different logo. We cannot allow the IMF to take the place of the Fed. They are the same thing. The same people in control, the same effect on the human population. Read article 300 members of the house support audit the fedhere
Martial Law
A private security force whose biggest role is helping the U.S. government to ''combat terrorism'' is now patrolling the streets of a town in Montana, acting as law enforcement but accountable to nobody and operating completely outside the limitations of the U.S. constitution in a chilling throwback to the brownshirts of Nazi Germany. Read article here See also these articles here and here
National Guard, police, and other military units attacked American citizens with tear gas and deployed sound cannons today in response to an ''unpermitted protest'' as bedlam hit the streets on the first day of the G20 summit in downtown Pittsburgh. Read article here
The First Amendment is officially dead in the United States. If this isn't martial law then we don't know what is.
United We Stand
2 million march on ending government tyranny | The largest protest in US history | Downplayed by the propaganda machine
The last thing the government wants is for the masses to rise up together and realize their power of strength in numbers. Thats why the corporate media reported the latest T.E.A. Party only had tens of thousands of participants. The actual number was the largest in US history, over 2 million. If the corporate media was really on the side of the people they would have reported the significance of the largest protest ever. Read article here | Watch time lapse video here
Charlie Sheen's Video Message To Obama here
Charlie Sheen has confronted the president on public record about 9/11 truth and for going back on his campaign promises.
The transcript of that conversation is here
Stop The 9/11 Cover up
On the anniversary of the false flag attacks by our own government, the truth movement is stronger than ever. Polls, petitions and protests show that people know the truth and do not accept the governments ridiculous cover up story. Read article here
Lots of articles and movies on 9/11 truth here or in the categories section >right>
Documentary on the controlled demolition of the world trade centre on 9/11. Watch it here
Pancake theory? Would leave a steel core'...
Lots more 9/11 pictures and links to articles below'... scroll down
And tons of 9/11 articles here
Obama, Fairey and Propaganda
The Obama ''Hope'' campaign successfully detached the reality of who Obama is and what he stands for and bundled him up as a neat little answer to our problems; what most people hoped would be the deliverance from the countries empirical aims.
'....As is taught in Buddhism; Suffering is ended by the light of awareness. So too is the influencing effects of propaganda'... After all, what is propaganda; but a ploy to persuade through sensationalism and emotional triggers rather than logic and contextual insight? Read article here
Global Currency
The United Nations has called for the establishment of a new global reserve currency to be overseen by a bank of the world in an effort to reduce the role of the Dollar in international trade. Read article here.
Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama
Alex Jones latest documentary lays out in precise detail the long-running plot by a cabal of global elitists to take over the world and deliver humanity into grinding slavery and usher in a new Dark Age. It spells out how the elite have worked tirelessly to bankrupt a once proud, industrious, and self-reliant nation through financial terrorism. Fall of the Republic warns what is in store for us if we do not wake up and take back our country and restore its once cherished tradition of liberty and limited government. Read article here Watch movie here or download or order a copy at infowars.com, or prisonplanet.com
Click here for a large version
Big Brother Is Watching
UK has more CCTV cameras than China. Read article here
UK Government to install surveillance cameras in private homes. Read article here
Resist the New World Order
Click here to watch the Apple Commercial that aired only twice
New World Order Organizational Chart and the Pyramid of Power HERE
Global Power and Global Government
Part 1 | Evolution and revolution of the central banking system
Part 2 | Origins of the American empire: Revolution, World wars and World Order
Part 3 | Controlling the global economy: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve
Scams and Bailouts Are The Cause Of World Depression
This is a great article summarizing all that has and is causing our current global economic crisis. Read article here
Understanding Law and the lies they tell us we must follow | Know your true rights | Article here
31 Questions and answers the IRS does not want you to know | Article here
North American Union
President Obama will attend the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper next month, it has been revealed. Read article here.
Resisting the new world order
9/11 activists at a July 4th parade. Read article here
One Global Currency
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a ''united future world currency.'' Read article here
NAFTA Superhighway and the North American Union
The Trans-Texas Corridor, part of the NAFTA Superhighway projected to link the United States with Canada and Mexico as an integral cog of the North American Union, is back on the agenda after Texas Governor Rick Perry lied in claiming that the proposal was dead earlier this year. Read article Here
Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder
Read article here
Do Not Get The Swine Flu Vaccine
Lots of articles on this subject in the biological false flag attack category here
Congressman: Obama Could Use Pandemic To Declare Martial Law
Georgia Congressman Paul Broun warned attendees of a town hall event Tuesday that the Obama administration was planning to use a pandemic or a natural disaster to implement martial law in the United States. Read article here
D-Day, Obama and Hitler
Without the financial support of Bush, the Wall Street bankers, and multinational corporations Hitler would have remained an obscure former Gefreiter in the German army and hyperventilating leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party that would have fizzled out, as did so many other parties in the tumultuous years of the Wiemar Republic. Minus Hitler and his bankster and industrialist backers, 160,000 troops would not have landed on the beaches of Normandy and 10,000 American, British, and Canadian troops would not have died. Bush, Ford, General Electric, IBM, and the Wall Street bankers are responsible for more than 70 million people slaughtered during the Second World War, including about 12 million war-related famine deaths in China, Indonesia, French Indochina and India. Read whole article here
Also see the article Bush and Nazis here
See also
The Anatomy of Blue State Fascism | Explaing the link of Hitler, Bush and Obama. Nazi Rule has been in place since ww2 | Read article here
For lots of excellent Truth Documentaries click here
Co-operation vs. competition / Competition is enslaving us all / Economics, slavery and the financial crisis
The human spirit will thrive with co-operation: far more than with competition. So why is our society based upon competition and not co-operation? The current economic system is based upon the masses competing with each-other for limited resources. For one reason, to keep them enslaved to the system. '... The current economic crisis is being caused by the end of a pyramid scheme by the Federal Reserve Bank called the Fractional Reserve Banking System. Read article here
9/11 was an inside job
The top 40 reasons to doubt then challenge the governments official story of the events of September 11th 2001
Read article and watch Truth11 short film: ''Ticks and leaches'' here
Molten steel and thermite that burns much hotter than airplane fuel can burn being extracted weeks after 9-11
Cut columns are not caused by planes
9/11 was a Nazi false flag attack by our own Nazi government
Some excellent pictures from the Movie Loose change watch here
Plane hitting the pentagon?
IFC New World Order 2009 Documentary
From the Kennedy assassination, to waco and 911. Documentary covering the New World Order, The Bilderberg group and the truth movement and its crusaders. See movie here
I am as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!
This speech and several others in the movie Network (1976) holds as true today as it did back then. See the article, clips and the full movie here
2012 | Pole Shifts | Planet X
Lots of articles and books on this subject that may or may not face us all. The key is if you believe it or not, it doesn't hurt to be very prepared for anything.
2012 Survival Guide here
Survival Guides here
Pole Shift Information here
2012 Information here
Books and further resources here
Articles that feel 2012 will not bring any changes to our planet here
My thoughts on the subject here
Cybersecurity Is Framework For Total Government Regulation & Control Of Our Lives
The Obama administration's new Cybersecurity system will only make the Internet more vulnerable to attack, while creating the framework for a massively upgraded government surveillance grid that will control and regulate every aspect of our daily lives through the implementation of ''smart'' technology. Read Whole Article Here
Projects to ''master the internet'' in full swing on both sides of the pond
The legislation would allow the federal government to tap into any digital aspect of every citizen's information without a warrant. Banking, business and medical records would be wide open to inspection, as well as personal instant message and e mail communications. Read Whole Article Here
New World Order Definition and the US Dollar Explained here
One Giant Leap For Mankind | The Moon Explained
Read article here
Bail Out Pictures
G20 Protestor
Protesting the New World Order
G20 Protestors
Abolish Money
Abolish Economics
Abolish Slavery
Today we are all prisoners in the USA
As of today, June 1, 2009, even U.S. citizens are officially prisoners in the USA, or exiles barred from entering our own country without the government's permission. Read More Here
John F. Kennedy | Shadow Government Speech
JFK addressing the American people about the shadow government that operates behind the scenes. He asks for the help of every citizen to expose the truth. This was his last speech before being assassinated by the CIA. Specifically ordered by George H. W. Bush.
Read speech here
Read about the George H.W. Bush connection to Kennedy's assassination here
US to relax EU and UK travel restrictions for vaccinated passengers
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 13:40
Coronavirus pandemicBiden administration to announce new travel policy effective from NovemberThe new rules are part of a broader policy for international travel being developed by the Biden administration, a person familiar with the matter said (C) Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesSeptember 20, 2021 1:15 pm byKiran Stacey in Washington Vaccinated passengers will be able to travel to the US from the EU and UK from November onwards, the Biden administration will announce on Monday, in a major diplomatic victory for Brussels and London.
The White House will announce a new travel policy on Monday morning, marking the end of the 18-month blanket ban on travel imposed by Donald Trump, the former US president, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic that was maintained by Joe Biden.
Three people with knowledge of the policy told the Financial Times that Monday's announcement will mean that fully vaccinated passengers will be able to travel once the ban is lifted within weeks. Those involved in clinical trials for vaccines that are not yet approved in the UK will also be allowed to enter the US, a policy which will apply to around 40,000 people.
One person added that the policy is part of a wider framework the Biden administration is developing to cover all international travel, which is intended to replace the patchwork system of bans and restrictions that apply to different parts of the world.
Under the current policy, only American citizens, their immediate families, green card holders and those with national interest exemptions can travel to the US if they have been in the UK or EU in the previous 14 days.
The White House's change of direction comes at the start of the UN General Assembly in New York and marks the culmination of weeks of intense diplomacy between Washington, London and Brussels.
CopyrightThe Financial Times Limited . All rights reserved. Please don't copy articles from FT.com and redistribute by email or post to the web.
Chess Trailblazer Nona Gaprindashvili Is Suing Netflix Over 'The Queen's Gambit' : NPR
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:35
Georgian chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili plays at the International Chess Congress in London on Dec. 30, 1964. She is suing Netflix for defamation and invasion of privacy over its series The Queen's Gambit. Stanley Sherman/Getty Images hide caption
toggle caption Stanley Sherman/Getty Images Georgian chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili plays at the International Chess Congress in London on Dec. 30, 1964. She is suing Netflix for defamation and invasion of privacy over its series The Queen's Gambit.
Stanley Sherman/Getty Images The Queen's Gambit on Netflix won over tens of millions of viewers last year, triggering a national run on chess sets and making an instant icon out of its fictional protagonist.
And that's not all it did, according to one real-life champion. Georgian chess legend Nona Gaprindashvili '-- who made history as the world's first female grandmaster '-- alleges the show belittled her career and damaged her reputation with a single sentence.
Gaprindashvili is now suing Netflix for defamation and invasion of privacy, according to a 25-page complaint filed in a federal district court in California on Thursday. The case focuses on a scene toward the end of the show's final episode.
In it, brainy heroine Beth Harmon is facing off against a Russian grandmaster at the Moscow International (both characters are fictional). A radio commentator remarks that she is not considered an important player by her male competitors:
"The only unusual thing about her, really, is her sex. And even that's not unique in Russia. There's Nona Gaprindashvili, but she's the female world champion and has never faced men," he says, as the camera passes briefly over a female audience member watching the chess match.
The real Gaprindashvili, now 80, and her legal team call this line "manifestly false ... grossly sexist and belittling." They write in the complaint that by 1968, the year in which this episode is set, she had competed against at least 59 male chess players '-- including 28 of them simultaneously in one game.
Also, they note, Gaprindashvili is Georgian, not Russian '-- a misrepresentation they say is made worse by the fact that Georgians suffered "under Russian domination" during and after the Soviet Union era.
The complaint accuses Netflix of disparaging Gaprindashvili's achievements to make for a more dramatic story and dismissing her earlier allegation of defamation without issuing a public apology or retraction.
It seeks at least $5 million in damages, arguing that the false statement caused Gaprindashvili "personal humiliation, distress, and anguish, as well as damages to her profits and earnings, and her ongoing capacity to engage in her professional livelihood in the world of chess."
"We think it's a very shabby thing of them to have done," Alexander Rufus-Isaacs, one of Gaprindashvili's attorneys, told NPR in a phone interview. "This whole program, The Queen's Gambit, is aimed to show that women can succeed, and how their heroine overcame prejudice. But in doing so, they trashed the real person who had really been the trailblazer."
Gaprindashvili declined to comment through her attorneys in Georgia.
Netflix said in a written statement that it believes her case is without a legal basis. "Netflix has only the utmost respect for Ms. Gaprindashvili and her illustrious career, but we believe this claim has no merit and will vigorously defend the case," wrote a spokesperson.
Who is Nona Gaprindashvili?Gaprindashvili has made a career of breaking barriers in the male-dominated world of chess.
She was born in 1941 in the Republic of Georgia ("where chess is a very big deal," Rufus-Isaacs says) and started playing professionally at the age of 13. She became female world champion at age 20 and held that title until 1978.
Over the decades, she has picked up 25 Chess Olympiad medals, held positions in Georgia's parliament and received the Georgia Order of Excellence. The Tbilisi Chess Palace is dedicated to her, the complaint notes. And she continues to participate in senior tournaments, winning the world championship title among players 65 and up as recently as 2019.
Gaprindashvili started competing against (and defeating) men in 1962, and has spoken and written about the difficulties she faced in countering the stereotype that female chess players were inferior to men.
"She overcame a great deal of prejudice," Rufus-Isaacs said. "The male players in the '60s were not the most progressive bunch of guys, and they took it very personally when they were being competed against by a young girl. And Nona found that a lot of them ... would go to great lengths to avoid the embarrassment they saw as being beaten by a woman."
Gaprindashvili was known for her aggressive style. The complaint mentions one legendary tournament in which she and her opponent only agreed to a draw when there were "virtually no pieces left on the board." The Soviet Chess Federation later declared the match the best chess game of the year, and the complaint says it took such a psychological toll on Gaprindashvili's opponent that he did not participate in tournaments for the next year.
The case and its allegationsGaprindashvili's accomplishments made headlines during the 20th century, the complaint says, and many social media users and news organizations took issue with Netflix's framing of her career after The Queen's Gambit came out last October.
Gaprindashvili had reached out to Netflix to communicate her concerns through a previous legal team, according to Rufus-Isaacs. He said Netflix dismissed the line in question as "innocuous," rather than offering acknowledgement or a remedy.
The television series is based on a 1983 novel by Walter Tevis, which references Gaprindashvili but says she had "met all these Russian Grandmasters many times before."
Rufus-Isaacs said Netflix should have preserved the novel's original wording or used a fictional name.
A spokesperson for the company has not responded to an email asking for comment on specific aspects of the complaint.
Netflix said 62 million households had streamed the seven-episode series within a month of its release. It went on to become the first series in history to top Nielsen's streaming rankings for three straight weeks and is up for 18 Emmy awards on Sunday.
Kabul Airport suicide attacker was freed by Taliban after four years in CIA custody for New Delhi terror plot
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:33
Abdul Rehman, a former engineering student with roots in Afghanistan's Logar province and the son of a merchant who frequently visited New Delhi on business, was freed from Bagram prison on 15 August
The Islamic State suicide bomber who killed at least 169 Afghan civilians and 13 United States soldiers outside Kabul airport last month was incarcerated in Afghanistan's notorious Bagram prison for the past four years, thanks to Indian efforts, Firstpost has learnt through credible intelligence sources.
Senior Indian intelligence sources familiar with the case have told Firstpost that he was handed over to the United States' Central Intelligence Agency by the Research and Analysis Wing in September 2017. However, the jihadist walked free on 15 August along with thousands of other dangerous terrorists held in the high-security prison, taking advantage of the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the United State's hurried exit and the Taliban's swift takeover of the entire country.
Identified as Abdul Rehman, the jihadist was a former student of an engineering college in India and hailed from Afghanistan's Logar province. He was the son of an Afghan merchant who frequently visited India for business.
His arrest had led to the termination of a plot by the Islamic State of Khurasan Province (IS-K) -- the Islamic State's regional wing in Afghanistan -- to stage suicide bombings in New Delhi and other cities across the region, probably on the behest of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI).
"America's disorganised retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly-competent and highly-committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups," one officer who worked on the Abdul Rehman case said.
"Literally a decade's work on counter-terrorism has been undone by the US' failure to secure key prisoners in Bagram," he said adding that the consequences of this failure will be "very far-reaching."
The Islamic State's South Asia magazine, Sawt al-Hind (or Voice of the Indian Subcontinent) also confirmed in this weekend's edition that the suicide bomber had earlier been arrested in New Delhi, in the course of a failed suicide-bombing plot.
The said plot was first brought into the public domain by The Indian Express in 2018 and was first detected in mid-2017 by the CIA, which had picked up intelligence from communications of IS leadership in Afghanistan and their financial support networks in Dubai.
Rehman was selected to lead the plot because of his familiarity with New Delhi, which the jihadist had visited on several occasions in connections with his family business.
Rehman, the sources said, arrived in India under cover of studying at an engineering institute in Noida. After staying in the institute's hostel for some weeks, he moved to a flat in New Delhi's Lajpat Nagar neighbourhood. Intercepted communications allowed RAW to insert an agent posing as a jihadist in Rehman's circle, who pretended to be furthering the plot by sourcing explosive devices and recruiting personnel.
Sources said that the Delhi Police's counter-terrorism unit, which was led by now-Deputy Commissioner of Police Pramod Kushwaha, had conducted on-ground surveillance against Rehman for several weeks before his arrest.
RAW's agent, the sources said, persuaded Rehman that he had recruited multiple suicide attackers and sourced enough explosives to conduct the attacks. This generated a lot of chatter in the extremists' network and caused multiple communication between the Afghan jihadist and his commanders, which the CIA was able to exploit.
Instead of prosecuting Rehman in India, the sources said, a decision was taken to extradite him to Kabul on a special flight, to facilitate the CIA's investigation. In Bagram, he was questioned by the CIA and Afghanistan's intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security. The questioning led to the elimination of multiple Islamic State leaders in United States drone strikes till 2019.
"There's no clarity on what happened to Abdul Rehman between his escape from Bagram and the suicide attack," one intelligence official said. "It is possible he wanted revenge, or that he was persuaded by his old jihadist friends to atone for his role in the killings of his associates in this manner."
The New Delhi suicide-bombing plot, the sources said, had begun to take shape in the summer of 2016, soon after the Islamic State's military shura, or council, picked jihad commander Aslam Faruqi to lead the organisation. A 1977-born ethnic Pashtun from Bara, in Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Faruqi had joined the Lashkar-e-Taiba, and operated with its units alongside the Taliban from 2007 to 2014, before leaving for Syria to join the Islamic State.
According to Antonio Giuztozzi's writings, Faruqi returned to Pakistan in 2016 and was later appointed as the leader of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, as a ''result of contacts with the Pakistani ISI, which hinted to IS-K the possibility of a trade-off: the appointment of a leader linked to the ISI and the cessation of attacks against Pakistani government targets, in return for access to safe havens in Pakistan."
The Islamic State's rapprochement with the ISI was brokered by Azizullah Haqqani, the leader of an Islamic State unit that in turn had close links to Sirajuddin Haqqani, the head of a Taliban terrorist network responsible for multiple, lethal suicide attacks across Afghanistan and who is now the interior minister of the country.
Immediate command of the New Delhi suicide operation, the sources said, rested with Amir Sultan, an ethnic-Punjabi jihadist also known by the alias Huzaifa al-Bakistani. Amir Sultan was given charge of a unit within the Islamic State, which was responsible for recruiting operatives in India, particularly in Kashmir, and for motivating them to carry out attacks in the region.
Amir Sultan's unit included several Indian nationals, among them the only citizens of the country to stage suicide attacks overseas were dentist Ijas Kallukettiya Purayil, who was killed in a bid to storm a prison in Jalalabad last year, and his fellow Kerala resident, Muhammad Muhsin.
Last month, Firstpost had revealed that Aijaz Ahanger, Amir Sultan's father-in-law and an ethnic Kashmiri jihadist with a long record of terror activities in Kashmir, had also escaped from Bagram prison.
Gottlieb: 'Nobody knows' origins of six-foot social-distancing recommendation | TheHill
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:31
(C) getty: Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb
Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Scott Gottlieb said on Sunday that "nobody knows" the origins of the six-foot social-distancing recommendation.
During an appearance on CBS's ''Face The Nation,'' Gottlieb told host Margaret Brennan that the recommendation was arbitrary, saying that the Biden administration asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to change its guidelines from six feet to three feet in an effort to re-open schools last spring.
''Nobody knows where it came from. Most people assume that the six feet of distance, the recommendation for keeping six feet apart, comes out of some old studies related to flu, where droplets don't travel more than six feet,'' Gottlieb told Brennan.
Former FDA commissioner @ScottGottliebMD calls CDC's six-foot distancing recommendation ''arbitrary'' and ''a perfect example of sort of the lack of rigor around how CDC made recommendations.'' pic.twitter.com/2Xf4vrz6Ec
'-- Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) September 19, 2021 Gottlieb also said that the CDC's initial social-distancing recommendation was 10 feet.
''So the compromise was around six feet. Now imagine if that detail had leaked out. Everyone would have said, 'This is the White House politically interfering with the CDC's judgment.' The CDC said 10 feet, it should be 10 feet, but 10 feet was no more right than six feet and ultimately became three feet,'' Gottlieb said.
''But when it became three feet, the basis for the CDC's decision to ultimately revise it from six to three feet was a study that they conducted the prior fall. So they changed it in the spring.''
198 Methods of Nonviolent Action '' Albert Einstein Institution
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:25
198 Methods of Nonviolent Action (PDF version)
Practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of ''nonviolent weapons'' at their disposal. Listed below are 198 of them, classified into three broad categories: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation (social, economic, and political), and nonviolent intervention. A description and historical examples of each can be found in volume two of The Politics of Nonviolent Action, by Gene Sharp.
THE METHODS OF NONVIOLENT PROTEST AND PERSUASION Formal Statements 1. Public Speeches 2. Letters of opposition or support 3. Declarations by organizations and institutions 4. Signed public statements 5. Declarations of indictment and intention 6. Group or mass petitions
Communications with a Wider Audience 7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols 8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications 9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books 10. Newspapers and journals 11. Records, radio, and television 12. Skywriting and earthwriting
Group Representations 13. Deputations 14. Mock awards 15. Group lobbying 16. Picketing 17. Mock elections
Symbolic Public Acts 18. Displays of flags and symbolic colors 19. Wearing of symbols 20. Prayer and worship 21. Delivering symbolic objects 22. Protest disrobings 23. Destruction of own property 24. Symbolic lights 25. Displays of portraits 26. Paint as protest 27. New signs and names 28. Symbolic sounds 29. Symbolic reclamations 30. Rude gestures
Pressures on Individuals 31. ''Haunting'' officials 32. Taunting officials 33. Fraternization 34. Vigils
Drama and Music 35. Humorous skits and pranks 36. Performances of plays and music 37. Singing
Processions 38. Marches 39. Parades 40. Religious processions 41. Pilgrimages 42. Motorcades
Honoring the Dead 43. Political mourning 44. Mock funerals 45. Demonstrative funerals 46. Homage at burial places
Public Assemblies 47. Assemblies of protest or support 48. Protest meetings 49. Camouflaged meetings of protest 50. Teach-ins
Withdrawal and Renunciation 51. Walk-outs 52. Silence 53. Renouncing honors 54. Turning one's back
Ostracism of Persons 55. Social boycott 56. Selective social boycott 57. Lysistratic nonaction 58. Excommunication 59. Interdict
Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and Institutions 60. Suspension of social and sports activities 61. Boycott of social affairs 62. Student strike 63. Social disobedience 64. Withdrawal from social institutions
Withdrawal from the Social System 65. Stay-at-home 66. Total personal noncooperation 67. ''Flight'' of workers 68. Sanctuary 69. Collective disappearance 70. Protest emigration (hijrat)
Actions by Consumers 71. Consumers' boycott 72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods 73. Policy of austerity 74. Rent withholding 75. Refusal to rent 76. National consumers' boycott 77. International consumers' boycott
Action by Workers and Producers 78. Workmen's boycott 79. Producers' boycott
Action by Middlemen 80. Suppliers' and handlers' boycott
Action by Owners and Management 81. Traders' boycott 82. Refusal to let or sell property 83. Lockout 84. Refusal of industrial assistance 85. Merchants' ''general strike''
Action by Holders of Financial Resources 86. Withdrawal of bank deposits 87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments 88. Refusal to pay debts or interest 89. Severance of funds and credit 90. Revenue refusal 91. Refusal of a government's money
Action by Governments 92. Domestic embargo 93. Blacklisting of traders 94. International sellers' embargo 95. International buyers' embargo 96. International trade embargo
Symbolic Strikes 97. Protest strike 98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)
Agricultural Strikes 99. Peasant strike 100. Farm Workers' strike
Strikes by Special Groups 101. Refusal of impressed labor 102. Prisoners' strike 103. Craft strike 104. Professional strike
Ordinary Industrial Strikes 105. Establishment strike 106. Industry strike 107. Sympathetic strike
Restricted Strikes 108. Detailed strike 109. Bumper strike 110. Slowdown strike 111. Working-to-rule strike 112. Reporting ''sick'' (sick-in) 113. Strike by resignation 114. Limited strike 115. Selective strike
Multi-Industry Strikes
116. Generalized strike
117. General strike
Combination of Strikes and Economic Closures
118. Hartal
119. Economic shutdown
Rejection of Authority 120. Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance 121. Refusal of public support 122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance
Citizens' Noncooperation with Government 123. Boycott of legislative bodies 124. Boycott of elections 125. Boycott of government employment and positions 126. Boycott of government depts., agencies, and other bodies 127. Withdrawal from government educational institutions 128. Boycott of government-supported organizations 129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents 130. Removal of own signs and placemarks 131. Refusal to accept appointed officials 132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions
Citizens' Alternatives to Obedience 133. Reluctant and slow compliance 134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision 135. Popular nonobedience 136. Disguised disobedience 137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse 138. Sitdown 139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation 140. Hiding, escape, and false identities 141. Civil disobedience of ''illegitimate'' laws
Action by Government Personnel 142. Selective refusal of assistance by government aides 143. Blocking of lines of command and information 144. Stalling and obstruction 145. General administrative noncooperation
146. Judicial noncooperation 147. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation by enforcement agents 148. Mutiny Domestic Governmental Action 149. Quasi-legal evasions and delays 150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units
International Governmental Action 151. Changes in diplomatic and other representations 152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events 153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition 154. Severance of diplomatic relations 155. Withdrawal from international organizations 156. Refusal of membership in international bodies 157. Expulsion from international organizations
Psychological Intervention 158. Self-exposure to the elements 159. The fast a) Fast of moral pressure b) Hunger strike c) Satyagrahic fast 160. Reverse trial 161. Nonviolent harassment
Physical Intervention 162. Sit-in 163. Stand-in 164. Ride-in 165. Wade-in 166. Mill-in 167. Pray-in 168. Nonviolent raids 169. Nonviolent air raids 170. Nonviolent invasion 171. Nonviolent interjection 172. Nonviolent obstruction 173. Nonviolent occupation
Social Intervention 174. Establishing new social patterns 175. Overloading of facilities 176. Stall-in 177. Speak-in 178. Guerrilla theater 179. Alternative social institutions 180. Alternative communication system
Economic Intervention 181. Reverse strike 182. Stay-in strike 183. Nonviolent land seizure 184. Defiance of blockades 185. Politically motivated counterfeiting 186. Preclusive purchasing 187. Seizure of assets 188. Dumping 189. Selective patronage 190. Alternative markets 191. Alternative transportation systems 192. Alternative economic institutions
Political Intervention 193. Overloading of administrative systems 194. Disclosing identities of secret agents 195. Seeking imprisonment 196. Civil disobedience of ''neutral'' laws 197. Work-on without collaboration 198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government
Without doubt, a large number of additional methods have already been used but have not been classified, and a multitude of additional methods will be invented in the future that have the characteristics of the three classes of methods: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation and nonviolent intervention.
It must be clearly understood that the greatest effectiveness is possible when individual methods to be used are selected to implement the previously adopted strategy. It is necessary to know what kind of pressures are to be used before one chooses the precise forms of action that will best apply those pressures.
[1] Boston: Porter Sargent, 1973 and later editions.
Maximum aan cash betaling: Nederland wil limiet tegen witwassen | Binnenland | Telegraaf.nl
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:01
Door Leon Brandsema
Updated Vandaag, 00:26Vandaag, 00:01 in BINNENLAND
Het paarse eurobiljet van 500 euro moet uit de omloop worden genomen.
''¸ EPA
Den Haag - In de strijd tegen criminaliteit en witwassen pleit Nederland in Europa voor een limiet aan cash betalingen en het laten verdwijnen van het biljet van 500 euro.
Het paarse eurobiljet van 500 euro moet uit de omloop worden genomen.
''¸ EPA
Nederland staat er niet alleen in, demissionair minister Hoekstra (Financin) doet het voorstel samen met Belgi, Frankrijk, Itali en Spanje. Gezamenlijk vragen ze de Europese Commissie om een maximum van 5000 euro voor betalen met cash, met ruimte voor landen om nog lager te gaan. Hoekstra werkt zelf aan een grens van 3000 euro, schrijft hij aan de Tweede Kamer.
De landen willen ook af van het biljet van 500 euro, dat vooral wordt gebruikt door criminelen. Het biljet wordt niet meer gedrukt, maar er circuleren nog altijd 400 miljoen stuks van. Hoekstra en zijn collega's willen het biljet geleidelijk uit roulatie nemen.
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15 sep.Binnenland
Kabinet stelt 'trucktol' vast op gemiddeld 15 cent per kilometerVrachtwagens die op onze snelwegen rijden, gaan per gereden kilometer gemiddeld 15 cent tol betalen. Het demissionaire kabinet heeft een wetsvoorstel ingediend voor deze vorm van kilometerheffing. De bedoeling is dat geld wordt teruggesluisd aan de branche om te verduurzamen, maar daaraan kleven gro...
Jubelton afschaffen voor eerlijkere huizenmarkt? 'Rijke ouders schenken toch wel'Een van de maatregelen die op tafel ligt om de problemen op de huizenmarkt te verminderen, is het afschaffen van de jubelton. De maatregel is ingevoerd om de hypotheekschuld van starters te verkleinen, maar blijkt in de praktijk vooral de kloof tussen jongeren met arme en rijke ouders te vergroten.
14 sep.Buitenland
Derde coronaprik voor Britse 50-plussersDe Britse regering heeft besloten om vanaf de herfst een derde inenting tegen het coronavirus aan te bieden aan 50-plussers. Gezondheidsminister Sajid Javid zegt dat de zogeheten boostershot een belangrijke manier is om de besmettingen in de winter onder controle te houden. Het kabinet neemt een adv...
13 sep.Geld
Starbucks kreeg vlot ruim '‚¬50 miljoen van Nederlandse fiscus teruggestortDe Amerikaanse koffie-gigant Starbucks heeft vorig jaar ruim '‚¬50 miljoen van de Nederlandse fiscus terugbetaald gekregen. De Belastingdienst begon met de miljoenenbetaling een maand nadat Starbucks en de Nederlandse Staat in 2019 een rechtszaak over belastingontwijking hadden gewonnen.
'Gokker' Boris Johnson breekt opnieuw belofteIn de aanloop naar de verkiezingen van 2019 deed Boris Johnson als leider van de Conservatieven twee beloftes. Hij zou de kwakkelende welzijnszorg met een straf plan herstellen en hij zou geen belastingen verhogen.
The Strange China Feud of Soros and BlackRock
Mon, 20 Sep 2021 04:59
Image Author: Harald Dettenborn License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license Some rights reserved. License & Image Link: LINK By F. William Engdahl 17 September 2021 A bizarre war of words has erupted in recent days in the pages of financial media between billionaire hedge fund and color revolution specialist, George Soros, and the gigantic BlackRock investment group. The issue is a decision by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to open the first foreign-owned mutual fund in China presumably to attract the savings of China's new (and fast disappearing) middle income population. In a recent newspaper interview Soros called the BlackRock decision a threat to BlackRock investors and to US national security.
This seemingly absurd clash of views between two financial predator giants of Wall Street hides a far larger story'--the looming systemic collapse inside China of a financial debt pyramid that is possibly the largest in the world. It could have a domino effect on the entire world economy far greater than the September 2008 Lehman Crisis.
''Global economic terrorist..:''
On September 6 Soros wrote a guest Editorial in the Wall Street Journal sharply criticizing BlackRock for investing in China: ''It is a sad mistake to pour billions of dollars into China now. This is likely to lose money for BlackRock customers and, more importantly, harm the national security interests of the US and other democracies.'' Not like Soros to cite US national security'... He went on to say, ''The BlackRock Initiative threatens the national security interests of the US and other democracies because money invested in China will help advance President Xi's regime, which is repressive at home and aggressive abroad.'' BlackRock issued a response stating, ''The US and China have a large and complex economic relationship'...Through our investment activity, US-based asset managers and other financial institutions contribute to the economic interconnection of the world's two largest economies.''
At a time when the bloated debt edifice of China banks and real estate conglomerates is collapsing almost daily, the defense of BlackRock and CEO Fink hardly ring true. It suggests there is far more behind the BlackRock-China relation as well as behind the Soros attack. Two days before Soros' OpEd in the journal, the official China Global Times wrote a scathing article calling Soros a ''global economic terrorist.'' One of their charges was that Soros money financed a ''color revolution'' in Hong Kong in 2019 against Beijing new laws de facto ending the island's independent status.
However the sharp attack on Soros was far more likely caused by an OpEd Soros wrote in the London Financial Times five days earlier in which he sharply attacked Xi Jinping and the current crackdown on private Chinese companies such as Jack Ma's Alibaba and Ant Financial. In an August 30 OpEd Soros called President Xi Jinping's crackdown on private enterprise, ''a significant drag on the Chinese economy'' that ''could lead to a crash.'' He further pointed out that major western stock indices such as MorganStanley's MSCI and BlackRock's ESG Aware, have ''effectively forced hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to US investors into Chinese companies whose corporate governance does not meet the required standard '-- power and accountability is now exercised by one man (Xi) who is not accountable to any international authority.'' He urged Congress to pass laws that would limit asset managers' investments to ''companies where actual governance structures are both transparent and aligned with stakeholders.''
The curious aspect about the Soros charges against Beijing financial transparency is that they are factually correct, based on public statements by Chinese regulators as well as Wall Street managers and regulators. China's financial markets are opaque, and rules change unpredictably as to who gets rescued and who not. The ongoing meltdown of China's huge Evergrande real estate and financial group is only one recent instance of the high risk of investing today in China.
Not so Evergrande
The world's ''most valuable'' real estate group is also the world's most indebted real estate group. Evergrande, based in Shenzhen, has been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy for months as it defaults on loan after loan and the major credit rating agencies lower its rating to junk status. The group owes a total of $305 billion and that debt is both offshore in dollar loans as well as domestic unregulated loans from what are termed WMPs or wealth management products. As its finances implode and unit apartment sales plunge, tens of thousands of prospective apartment owners are threatened with having paid for unfinished apartments. To date the central bank of China has not intervened but speculation grows that a state bailout of the group is days away in order to prevent a systemic financial contagion. The reason is apparently that Evergrande is only the tip of a very debt-bloated China corporate sector iceberg.
In August China Huarong Asset Management Co., a so-called ''bad bank'' created by the Finance Ministry to take on assets of troubled Chinese companies, itself had to be bailed out by the state to prevent what many feared would be China's ''Lehman crisis.'' Huarong is one of four such state-owned companies created in the wake of the 1998 Asia financial crisis to manage assets of bankrupt state companies. While majority owned by the Chinese Finance Ministry, since 2014 it has sold shares to others including Goldman Sachs and Warburg Pincus.
After 2014 Huarong grew into a non-bank financial giant and financed spectacular growth via debt. That began to unwind in 2020 during the covid crisis. In January 2021 a Chinese court tried the chairman, Lai Xiaomin, who was sentenced to death without reprieve for bribery, embezzlement, and bigamy, in a strange collection of charges. The court declared, ''He endangered [China's] financial stability.''
When the Huarong group failed to release its annual financial report by the deadline end of March, fears grew of a bankruptcy chain-reaction as billions of its offshore dollar bonds were at risk. Total debts were estimated at some $209 billion. Reportedly, instead of conservatively managing distressed assets, Lai used the state Finance Ministry status of the non-bank bank to deal in everything from private equity to real estate speculation to junk bond trading, borrowing billions wildly. The state forced its own CITIC group to bailout Huarong in August. Yet it's clear this is only the beginning of a snowballing financial crisis in China.
Crash landing?
For months the Xi Politburo has tried, with increasing desperation, to halt the growth of a colossal financial bubble in its real estate sector. Earlier this year Xi issued the slogan ''housing is for living, not for speculation.'' His moves to freeze and slowly deflate the huge real estate bubble are likely far too late. Real estate construction and sales are the largest single part of Chinese GDP, over 28% by official estimates. To demand that investment go now into ''productive'' projects and not speculation in real estate ever-rising prices is not so easy.
Xi has increasingly taken steps to control China's out-of-control real estate bubble, and its threat of a systemic crisis like that in the US in 2008, by instituting steps to restrain real estate lending. According to Chinese data the amount of real estate total financing is down 13% for the first half of 2021 compared with 2020. At the same time debt due by Chinese real estate companies on bonds and other debts are more than RMB 1.3 trillion or $200 billion in 2021, and almost RMB 1 trillion in 2022. The contracting real estate sector will make such a huge repayment increasingly impossible and lead no doubt to new defaults across China. Recently Ping An, China's largest insurance group, also heavily invested in real estate, was forced to set aside $5.5 billion in loan loss provisions related to its investment in defaulter, China Fortune Land Development Co.
If it were only Evergrande that is insolvent due to unpayable debts in a contracting economy, Chinese authorities could no doubt manage it in one or another way by demanding its state banks or large groups like CITIC simply swallow the bad debts to contain spread of the crisis. The problem is that Evergrande, Huarong, PingAn and other large Chinese property investors are clearly only symptoms of an economy which has taken on debt far beyond what was prudent. In April Beijing's CCP State Council told local governments that their so-called Local Government Financing Vehicles with estimated (no one knows) trillions of dollars they had in unregulated shadow bank loans used to finance local projects, had to get rid of excess bad loans or go under.
On July 1 Beijing announced that local government revenues from land sales to developers, some half of all local revenues, must be sent to the central Beijing Finance Ministry and no longer used locally. That insures a catastrophic collapse in the multi-trillion dollar local shadow banks and construction projects. No more Beijing bailouts. At the same time solvency of China's fragile multi-trillion ''small'' banking sector is in doubt, as bank closings increase. Now with national state-owned giants nearing bankruptcy, the verbal war between BlackRock and George Soros takes on a significant new light. China is in a serious debt collapse crisis.
China already has the world's largest extent of high-speed rail track and those are losing money. The Belt Road Initiative is bogged down in debts that countries are unable to repay and China banks have sharply cut loans to BRI Silk Road projects from $75 billion in 2016 to $4 billion in 2020. Its demographic crisis means the endless flow of cheap rural labor to build that infrastructure is sharply declining. The middle class is deeply indebted from buying new cars and homes when times were good. Total household debt including mortgage and consumer loans for cars and household appliances in 2020 was a whopping 62% of GDP. The Institute of International Finance (IIF) estimated that China's total domestic debt rose to 335 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020.
Beijing's Wall St Bailout?
It appears that Beijing is seeking a major de facto bailout from foreign investors into its troubled stocks and bonds led by Wall Street. Major Wall Street banks and investors have had close involvement in China for several years. With the US stock markets at dangerous historic highs and the EU in deep trouble, they perhaps hope China can save them, despite the clear evidence that Chinese corporate accounting rules are opaque, as Evergrande shows. Since 2019 Morgan Stanley's widely used MSCI All Country World Index, has been allowed to list major Chinese companies, which, as Soros accurately noted, forces western stock funds to buy billions of dollars of China stocks. BlackRock is permitted now to invest Chinese personal savings in its funds. It is not clear if there are other parts to the deal.
This is the pot of potential gold which has Wall Street and BlackRock lining up outside Beijing. The Soros condemnation of BlackRock, the largest private investment fund in the world, clearly is strategic. Could it be that Soros intends to replay his 1998 toppling of the Russian bond market bubble after taking his profits? If so, no wonder the official China media calls Soros an ''economic terrorist.'' Whatever the trigger, such a collapse of the China debt bubble would make the 2008 Lehman crisis pale.
F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine''New Eastern Outlook''
The days of full COVID coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and copays, leaving patients with big bills '' The Seattle Times
Sun, 19 Sep 2021 21:11
September 19, 2021 at 6:01 am
This image is currently not available
Jamie Azar leaves Kindred Hospital rehab Tuesday after being hospitalized for COVID-19 in late July in Chattanooga, Tenn. (Stacy Kranitz for The Washington Post)Jamie Azar left a rehab hospital in Tennessee last week with the help of a walker after spending the entire month of August in the ICU and on a ventilator. She had received a shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in mid-July but tested positive for the coronavirus within 11 days and nearly died.
Now Azar, who earns about $36,000 a year as the director of a preschool at a Baptist church in Georgia, is facing thousands of dollars in medical expenses that she can't afford.
''I'm very thankful to be home. I am still weak. And I'm just waiting for the bills to come in to know what to do with them,'' she said Wednesday, after returning home.
In 2020, as the pandemic took hold, U.S. health insurance companies declared they would cover 100% of the costs for COVID treatment, waiving copays and expensive deductibles for hospital stays that frequently range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
But this year, most insurers have reinstated copays and deductibles for COVID patients, in many cases even before vaccines became widely available. The companies imposed the costs as industry profits remained strong or grew in 2020, with insurers paying out less to cover elective procedures that hospitals suspended during the crisis.
Now the financial burden of COVID is falling unevenly on patients across the country, varying widely by health-care plan and geography, according to a survey of the two largest health plans in every state by the nonprofit and nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.
If you're fortunate enough to live in Vermont or New Mexico, for instance, state mandates require insurance companies to cover 100% of treatment. But most Americans with COVID are now exposed to the uncertainty, confusion and expense of business-as-usual medical billing and insurance practices '-- joining those with cancer, diabetes and other serious, costly illnesses.
(Insurers continue to waive costs associated with vaccinations and testing, a pandemic benefit the federal government requires.)
A widow with no children, Azar, 57, is part of the unlucky majority. Her experience is a sign of what to expect if COVID, as most scientists fear, becomes endemic: a permanent, regular health threat.
The carrier for her employee health insurance, UnitedHealthcare, reinstated patient cost-sharing Jan. 31. That means, because she got sick months later, she could be on the hook for $5,500 in deductibles, copays and out-of-network charges this year for her care in a Georgia hospital near her home, including her ICU stay, according to estimates by her family. They anticipate she could face another $5,500 in uncovered expenses next year as her recovery continues.
Bills related to her stay at the out-of-network rehab hospital in Tennessee could climb as high as $10,000 more, her relatives have estimated, but they acknowledged they were uncertain this month what exactly to expect, even after asking UnitedHealthcare and the providers.
''We still don't know where the numbers will land because the system makes the family wait for the bills,'' said Azar's sister, Rebecca Straub.
UnitedHealthcare declined to comment specifically about Azar's situation unless she signed a blanket waiver allowing release of all her health records '-- which she declined.
This image is currently not available
Jamie Azar with her dog, Buster. (Stacy Kranitz for The Washington Post)In general, a person with Azar's type of plan would have an in-network deductible of $1,500 and an in-network out-of-pocket maximum of $4,000, said UnitedHealthcare spokeswoman Tracey Lempner in an email. Lempner declined to say what a patient's out-of-network, out-of-state share would be at the Tennessee rehab hospital.
She did not respond directly to a question about why UnitedHealthcare chose Jan. 31 to stop waiving deductibles and copays for COVID treatment.
''The cost-share waivers were just one piece of our overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic,'' Lempner said. ''We have focused our efforts around helping our members get access to COVID-19-related tests, vaccines and treatment, while providing additional support to our clients, care providers and local communities.'' UnitedHealthGroup, UnitedHealthcare's parent company, reported $15.4 billion in profits in 2020, up from $13.8 billion in 2019.
The charges Azar anticipates would be budget-crushers, Straub said. Her relatives are seeking help from the public on a nonprofit patient-fundraising website called Help Hope Live, which says it verifies the circumstances of each patient's condition with medical providers.
In a recent Facebook video call from her hospital bed in Chattanooga, Azar cited prayer from family and friends for helping her maintain a positive attitude. Although she considers the change in insurance practices unjust for people who get sick this year, she said she harbors no personal animosity toward UnitedHealthcare.
''I got here a year late, huh?'' she quipped. ''Even though it may not seem fair or seem right, it's where we are.''
She said her doctors surmised she may have already been exposed to the coronavirus when she received her Johnson & Johnson shot in July.
The lack of uniformity in COVID insurance practices across the country this year is striking. In some places, because of differences in health plan policies, COVID patients in the same hospitals and in the same ICU units could be facing completely different financial burdens.
''There was no federal mandate for insurers to cover all the costs for COVID treatment. Insurers were doing it voluntarily,'' said Krutika Amin, a Kaiser Family Foundation associate director who researchers health insurance practices.
Last year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 88% of people covered by private insurance had their copays and deductibles for COVID treatment waived. By August 2021, only 28% of the two largest plans in each state and the District of Columbia still had the waivers in place, and an additional 10% planned to phase them out by the end of October, the Kaiser survey found. Its survey this year of employer-sponsored plans reflected similar patterns.
''For some people, deductibles can be over $8,000 for a hospital stay,'' Amin said. ''It will really depend on what plan they have.''
America's Health Insurance Plans, the industry's lobbying and trade group, said insurance companies began to reinstate cost-sharing for COVID treatment as vaccines became available and in recognition that the coronavirus will be an ongoing health challenge.
''After a year and a half, it's pretty clear that COVID is here to stay, that this is a continuing health condition,'' AHIP spokesman David Allen said. ''When it comes to treatment, we're looking at it like we would treat any other health condition.''
The industry says it is not using the return of deductibles as financial incentive for people to get vaccines. To encourage vaccinations, the industry is focused on ''carrots, not sticks,'' Allen said, with programs targeting education and making sure no one is billed for receiving vaccines.
In Painesville, Ohio, Becky Calderone, a hairdresser and graphic artist, has been contending with a steady stream of bills and collection notices for seven months, she said, after she and her husband were both stricken with COVID in February. Her husband was hospitalized; she was not. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which was provided through her spouse's employer, reimposed patient cost-sharing for COVID treatment Jan. 31.
Calderone and her husband did not fit the criteria for early vaccine supplies, which were targeted in January and February toward the elderly. The couple did not get vaccinated until May, well after they got sick.
''We were stuck in this gap,'' Calderone said. Thirty days after her husband's release from the hospital, she said, ''the bills started coming in like a flood.''
Calderone described navigating a bureaucratic odyssey of emails and appeals with Anthem as well as contact with state insurance regulators. Now she is receiving letters ''up the wazoo'' from collections agencies. Anthem agreed to waive her husband's deductibles, she said, but the bills from various providers are still inexplicably arriving. Her deductibles remain in place, she said, but she has not been told why.
Calderone said the financial hardships may mount even further. The couple has a new insurance company now, because her husband changed jobs, so they will have to meet another set of deductibles and copays this year as they battle long-hauler COVID symptoms, including irregular heartbeats and chronic fatigue, she said.
Anthem did not respond to requests for comment specifically about Calderone's claims. A spokesman said Calderone would need to sign a waiver to release medical information. Calderone declined.
In a general statement, the company said its waivers last year were one of a number of steps it took to help its members manage the impacts of the virus.
''These waivers ended in January as we all had gained a better understanding of the virus, and people and communities became more familiar with best practices and protocols for limiting COVID-19 exposure and spread,'' the company said in a statement. ''Also, at this time vaccines, which are proven to be the safest and most effective way to protect oneself from COVID-19, were starting to become readily available.''
Anthem took in $4.6 billion in profits in 2020, compared with $4.8 billion in 2019.
The reintroduction of cost-sharing mainly affects people with private or employer-based insurance. Patients with no insurance can have 100% of their expenses covered by the federal government, under a special program set up by the government for the pandemic, with hospitals reimbursed for care at Medicare rates.
COVID patients with Medicaid, the government plan for lower-income people that is paid for by states and the federal government, continue to be protected from cost-sharing, insurance specialists said. Patients on Medicare, the federal plan for the elderly, could face out-of-pocket costs if they do not have supplemental insurance.
For large commercial plans, the pandemic created an unusual dynamic in 2020. Hospitals stopped performing elective procedures, because of the risk of infection and because they were overwhelmed in many communities, so insurance companies had to pay out fewer claims.
''Insurers may have also wanted to be sympathetic toward patients, and some may have also feared the possibility of a federal mandate to provide care free-of-charge to COVID-19 patients, so they voluntarily waived these costs for at least some period of time during the pandemic,'' the Kaiser Family Foundation report said.
Nationally, COVID hospitalizations under insurance contracts on average cost $29,000, or $156,000 for a patient with oxygen levels so low that they require a ventilator and ICU treatment, according to data gathered by the national independent nonprofit FAIR Health.
''Insurers wanted to encourage people to get treatment. And this was something that, almost more than any illnesses and health conditions, was something that you have no control over,'' said Jack Hoadley, research professor emeritus at the Georgetown University Center on Health Insurance Reforms. ''The insurers probably had a sense that there was a moral obligation to not put patients on the spot for this kind of thing.''
Insurance companies participating in Affordable Care Act marketplaces also faced the prospect of having to pay rebates to the government if their profit ratios exceeded certain levels.
The calculus in place in 2020 changed with the advent of vaccines, which now makes most hospitalizations preventable, Hoadley said.
In some cases, the patchwork of policies and plans is creating stark differences in circumstances for individual patients in the same facility.
Hospitals along the Connecticut River, the border between Vermont and New Hampshire, draw patients from both states. Vermont health plans are waiving deductibles and copays into 2022. In New Hampshire, where Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has a dominant presence, insurance companies have reinstated cost-sharing.
Marvin Mallek, a doctor who treats COVID patients from both sides of the river at Springfield Hospital in Vermont, said New Hampshire COVID patients are now facing business as usual from insurers, suffering the same sort of financial stress that routinely affects patients with cancer, heart disease and other serious ailments.
''The inhumanity of our health-care system and the tragedies it creates will now resume and will now cover this one group that was exempted,'' he said. ''The U.S. health-care system is sort of like a game of musical chairs where there are not enough chairs, and some people are going to get hurt and devastated financially.''
Hospitals also are in the position of having to resume billings and collections for individuals who may have been laid off because of the pandemic or been too sick to work, experts said.
''If you ever wanted a study in differential treatment, this is it,'' said Ray Berry, chief executive officer of his own company, Health Business Solutions, in Cooper City, Florida, and a member of the North Broward Hospital board. ''You can have people in beds right next to each other, and one can pay $3,000 and one can pay nothing '... The folks who do pay it are going to get sticker shock.''
This story was originally published at washingtonpost.com.
Read it here.
VIDEO - "No Soul, No Free Will." - The End of Humanity? - YouTube
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:34
VIDEO - (21) Real America's Voice (RAV) on Twitter: "President @JoeBiden's BLUNDEROUS United Nations Speech in 90 Seconds. ðŸ-- #Biden '¬‡¸Just Real News & Honest Views https://t.co/Yvs2pSjssg 🇺🇸 https://t.co/HKvaT4uqy8" / Twitter
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:15
Real America's Voice (RAV) : President @JoeBiden's BLUNDEROUS United Nations Speech in 90 Seconds. ðŸ-- #Biden '¬‡¸Just Real News & Honest Views'... https://t.co/TOpwb5C7v2
Tue Sep 21 17:44:38 +0000 2021
Noa Tyrell : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden The senior home called for you Joe, time for your meds ðŸðŸ'
Thu Sep 23 12:06:25 +0000 2021
Geldprinterbrrrrr : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden https://t.co/cNMj8oy40g
Thu Sep 23 11:59:55 +0000 2021
Jay Posze : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden I'm embarrassed for our country.
Thu Sep 23 11:55:39 +0000 2021
Ismael Rivarola : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden Chorro,por su culpa los Afganos son sometidos a cr­menes contra los derechos humanos ðŸ‡...🇷
Thu Sep 23 11:53:18 +0000 2021
James Jaeger : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden https://t.co/J9hzKrp2Bw
Thu Sep 23 11:49:16 +0000 2021
Fabricio Madeira : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden Depois dessa ele vai renuncia! Que vergonha para a na§£o mas poderosa do mundo 🌎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thu Sep 23 11:49:00 +0000 2021
Jiren Han : @RealAmVoice @JoeBiden Biden was too older to be a president who seems forgot what he wanna present
Thu Sep 23 11:48:56 +0000 2021
VIDEO - PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t" - YouTube
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:14
VIDEO - (21) The First on Twitter: "Jen Psaki gets upset that Boris Johnson didn't make the WH aware he was going to take questions from his press corps: "He called on individuals from his press corps without alerting us to that intention in advance." htt
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:08
The First : Jen Psaki gets upset that Boris Johnson didn't make the WH aware he was going to take questions from his press corp'... https://t.co/AXqiVAtPkc
Wed Sep 22 18:36:58 +0000 2021
Sam.Br00me67 : @TheFirstonTV Slo-Joe can't work on the fly. Show him the teleprompter!
Thu Sep 23 12:01:20 +0000 2021
The conservative frisbee dude : @TheFirstonTV Worse administration EVER'...Let's all imagine all this shit happening during Trumps rein
Thu Sep 23 11:53:01 +0000 2021
gtk : @TheFirstonTV Why on earthbound would he sheet you to anything? Egads. You're in charge of nothing ðŸ¤
Thu Sep 23 11:50:10 +0000 2021
CallieRey : @TheFirstonTV https://t.co/JLjacGcmQ5
Thu Sep 23 11:48:28 +0000 2021
VIDEO - Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "BREAKING PART 2: @US_FDA Official: 'Blow Darting African Americans Is Where We're Going...Just Shoot Everyone' 'Nazi Germany Registry' of Unvaccinated Americans 'Go Door-To-Door & Stab Everyone' https:
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 11:49
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 : BREAKING PART 2: @US_FDA Official: 'Blow Darting African Americans Is Where We're Going...Just Shoot Everyone''Na'... https://t.co/8zm5slThFM
Thu Sep 23 00:40:19 +0000 2021
VIDEO - Rep. Maxine Waters: "I'm Pissed" At Biden About Haitian Refugees, "We Are Following The Trump Policy" | Video | RealClearPolitics
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 21:10
Rep. Maxine Waters told President Biden it is "time to stop this madness" during
a Wednesday press conference protesting the
recently photographed mistreatment of Haitian refugees by the Border Patrol in Texas.
"I'm pissed," Waters said. "And I'm not just unhappy with the Cowboys who were running down Haitians and using their reins to whip them. I'm unhappy with the administration. We are following the Trump policy. He is the one who does not follow the constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to be able to petition to get into the country."
"What the hell are we doing here? What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years."
"What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery," she said. "Cowboys... whipping black people -- Haitians -- into the water, where they're scrambling and falling down, while all they're trying to do is escape violence in their country."
"We're saying to the president and to everybody else, you gotta stop this madness. I wanna know in the first place, who's paying these Cowboys to do this work? They've got to be gotten rid of. They've got to be stopped."
"Let people know that they're trying to take us back to slavery days, and worse than that!"
VIDEO - Fauci Floats MANDATES For Travel, Zoo Animals VACCINATED For Covid - YouTube
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 18:21
VIDEO - Fast fashion causing environmental disaster - CBS News
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:33
Watch "Fast fashion causing environmental disaster in Ghana", a CBSN video on CBSNews.com. View more CBSN videos and watch CBSN, a live news stream featuring original CBS News reporting.
VIDEO - A Select Subcommittee of the Medical Affairs Committee - Public comment on therapeutic options - YouTube
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:54
VIDEO - NSW Police Arrest Maskless Demonstrator Who Says She Had Coronavirus And Now Has Natural Immunity. - YouTube
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:51
VIDEO - News Summary - 22/09/2021 - BBC Sounds
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:14
News Summary 22/09/2021 22/09/2021
Released On: 22 Sep 2021
Available for 29 days
National and international news from BBC Radio 4
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News Summary22/09/2021
National and international news from BBC Radio 4
4 mins Cymraeg Gaeilge G idhlig BBC Sounds Help Contacts, Privacy and Information Help with Signing In Newsletter
VIDEO - Australian Police will be fired in 2 weeks if they don't get injected
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:35
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New Formation: Circular firing squad
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VIDEO - A massive fight has broken out in T@lib@n - YouTube
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:27
VIDEO - Justin Trudeau Can't Say LGBTQ - YouTube
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:26
VIDEO - (20) Breaking911 on Twitter: "MOMENTS AGO: Staff orders news media to leave The White House as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks mid-sentence https://t.co/MXg2m0o1hq" / Twitter
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:23
Breaking911 : MOMENTS AGO: Staff orders news media to leave The White House as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks mid-sentence https://t.co/MXg2m0o1hq
Tue Sep 21 21:46:58 +0000 2021
VIDEO - (20) Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "BREAKING: Kamala Harris calls for investigation into Biden Admin handling of illegal Haitian migrants https://t.co/8KzE2mWfhC" / Twitter
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:11
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 : BREAKING: Kamala Harris calls for investigation into Biden Admin handling of illegal Haitian migrants https://t.co/8KzE2mWfhC
Tue Sep 21 19:38:53 +0000 2021
balh halb : @JackPosobiec Lol. wasn't SHE in charge?
Wed Sep 22 14:11:09 +0000 2021
Jim : @JackPosobiec we all know cops prefer to investigate themselves
Wed Sep 22 14:10:46 +0000 2021
Deniece Hand : @JackPosobiec She could care less
Wed Sep 22 14:10:41 +0000 2021
GrumpyGranny : @JackPosobiec Y'all come on. I realize she is ripe for clowning on but all she is really doing is criticizing Borde'... https://t.co/7dyObeMmfG
Wed Sep 22 14:10:04 +0000 2021
VIDEO - Woke MSNBC host Joy Reid blasts focus on Gabby Petito case as 'missing white woman syndrome' | Daily Mail Online
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:58
The disappearance and subsequent news coverage of Florida 'van-life' woman Gabby Petito was panned by MSNBC host Joy Reid Monday as a clear-cut case of 'missing white woman syndrome.'
'It goes without saying that no family should ever have to endure that kind of pain,' Reid began Monday on her program, The ReidOut, referring to the highly publicized case of the missing 22-year-old social media influencer whose fianc(C) returned from their viral cross-country excursion without her.
'But the way this story has captivated the nation has many wondering - why not the same media attention when people of color go missing?'
'Well, the answer actually has a name,' the newscaster continued, 'missing white woman syndrome.'
MSNBC host Joy Reid dismissed the widespread coverage of missing 22-year-old van-life girl Gabby Petito as a case of 'missing white woman syndrome'
Reid credited the term to the 'late and great' journalist Gwen Ifill, and said the phenomenon outlines ' the media and public fascination with missing white women.'
She cited other high-profile coverage of searches for white women who were later found dead like Laci Peterson or Natalie Holloway - 'while ignoring cases involving missing people of color.'
The host then brought on two panelists - Derrica Wilson of the Black and Missing Foundation, and Lynette Grey Bull of the Not Our Native Daughters Foundation - to discuss people of color who went missing but the media ignored because they were not white.
Gabby Petito, the missing 22-year-old social media influencer whose fianc(C) returned from their viral cross-country 'van-life' excursion without her, was reported missing September 11
Reid referenced the still-unsolved case of geologist Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old black man who went missing after he was last seen on June 23 driving home from a remote job site in the Arizona desert, as an example of the disparity of news coverage.
Reid said she had 'never heard of it until this friend of mine sent it to me. And I guess, that's the issue, isn't it?'
'It is definitely the issue,' Wilson responded, adding that cases where people of color go missing, regardless of age or gender, are not taken seriously.
'One of the main factors and one of the key factors that a lot of people don't want to talk about is that it's racism,' Bull added.
'It's systemic racism.'
The panel went on to discuss the case of Mary Johnson, a Native American woman who went missing from the a reservation in Washington state in November - whom the FBI is now offering $10,000 for information regarding her disappearance.
'I`d never heard of this case, either,' Reid said.
The nation's captivation surrounding the cases of Laci Peterson (left) and and Natalee Holloway (right) are prime examples of 'missing white woman syndrome,' according to Reid
Meanwhile, another black news anchor on rival network CNN also thrust race into the investigation of the Petito case on Monday.
Don Lemon suggested that the skin color of Petito's now-missing fiance Brian Laundrie - who is white - allowed him the 'privilege' of not talking to police during the early investigation into her disappearance.
Laundrie's family members were instructed by their attorney not to talk to the authorities, which Lemon attributed to 'privilege.'
'You ask any person of color, you ask a black man who - if they have that sort of privilege,' the newscaster said Monday night.
Reid referenced the still-unsolved case of geologist Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old Black man who went missing earlier this year on June 23 after leaving a remote job site in the Arizona desert, as an example of the disparity of news coverage between races
Reid also suggested the disproportionate media coverage between missing white women and non-white women can be attributed to several determining factors, such as: missing minorities being classified as runaways, minority adults being labeled as criminals, and minorities' situations being dismissed by the public due to assumed notions of crime and poverty eclipsing their actual lives.
Reid also suggested that missing women of color are not paid attention to as much by the public because of their appearance, and that they do not look like the daughters or granddaughters of newsroom executives.
Social media users were swift to comment on Reid's outburst.
'Wow - this young girl documented her entire trip and if she had lived her intention was to continue documenting her life of travel,' one Twitter user wrote. 'THAT's why the story of her disappearance has captivated the world - sad that it has to be reported by this woman in this way.'
'The woman was an influencer with a following, which is why it got more attention,' another user pointed out.
Social media users were swift to offer their thoughts on Reid's comments concerning race
But some backed the newscaster's view.
'The story isn't as salacious as the headline,' one user Tweeted. 'It was done in good taste and if the subject matter strikes a nerve, welcome to our struggle.
Another griped: 'Name one black woman who has gone missing & gotten media coverage. I'll wait.'
Some social media users seemed to stand behind the newscaster's controversial statements
VIDEO - FDA meeting Israeli Health Minister
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:46
VIDEO - PBS NewsHour on Twitter: "WATCH: @JudyWoodruff asks Bill Gates about his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago, after Epstein had already been convicted of sex crimes. "Those meetings were a mistake," Gates says. "They didn't result in what h
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 03:34
PBS NewsHour : WATCH: @JudyWoodruff asks Bill Gates about his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago, after Epstein had alread'... https://t.co/z4I8JhfJw4
Tue Sep 21 22:47:17 +0000 2021
Grant George : @NewsHour @edokeefe @JudyWoodruff And yet you still have him on your show? Why does a software salesman deserve to'... https://t.co/m2xwM9WUfl
Wed Sep 22 03:22:05 +0000 2021
VIDEO - Emmys 2021: Watch Cedric the Entertainer's STAR-STUDDED Opening Number - YouTube
Tue, 21 Sep 2021 00:48


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