1476: Woke Waiver

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 22m
August 11th, 2022
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  • 0:00
    Why do you listen to those guys?
  • 0:02
    Adam curry, John C. Devora August 11 2022 This is your
  • 0:07
    award winning keep on nation media assassination episode
  • 0:10
    1476. This
  • 0:12
    is no agenda, deconstructing dummies
  • 0:16
    and broadcasting live from the heart of the Texas hill country
  • 0:19
    here in FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm
  • 0:22
    Adam curry,
  • 0:23
    and from Northern Silicon Valley where inflation is now zero.
  • 0:28
    What? I'm Jhansi Dvorak.
  • 0:34
    Oh, yeah, poor old man. Yeah, he actually said that too, didn't
  • 0:41
    he? Yeah, but he is referring to month to month I know is if
  • 0:45
    there was no increase over the increase if there was no
  • 0:50
    increase over the increase. It's zero. Inflation is zero. I'm
  • 0:53
    doing a great job. Yeah, I got a I got a note from one of our
  • 0:58
    trusted medical professionals. About Joe Biden and the the
  • 1:02
    pills. You remember? Oh, the
  • 1:05
    right the clip by some time back saying? Yeah, it was in the
  • 1:09
    White House and witness Joe, Jill Jackson himself up on some
  • 1:13
    Yeah, on some pills.
  • 1:15
    So she has written to me over over many years, I've verified
  • 1:18
    her her identity as an actual physician, internist, actually
  • 1:22
    13 years of experience. She says, several shows back Yes, I
  • 1:27
    have a lot of catching up to do you and John touched on Biden's
  • 1:29
    dementia seemingly made better by a medication Joe gave him and
  • 1:33
    speculated about the medication the possibility of new
  • 1:35
    medications for dementia. So here are my professional
  • 1:38
    thoughts. Biden, as any child can recognize, at this point has
  • 1:42
    dementia. However, his overlying diagnosis is Parkinson's, which
  • 1:46
    I think you called that a long time ago, didn't you, John?
  • 1:50
    Yeah. He says, she says we call this Parkinson's, Parkinson's
  • 1:54
    with dementia. Anyone who has attended medical school can
  • 1:58
    recognize this as he is a textbook case. Funny, no doctors
  • 2:03
    have come out and said that that's interesting. His party
  • 2:06
    has attempted to mask this since meanwhile, when Trump was in
  • 2:09
    office, oh, yeah, no, he was insane. He was nuts. I had no
  • 2:13
    cognitive ability, of course. So it was party attempted to mask
  • 2:17
    this since the beginning, but he has now made enough camera
  • 2:19
    appearances that it is glaringly obvious. While there are no
  • 2:23
    medications in existence to reverse dementia, and for
  • 2:25
    reasons to loan to cover in this email, we are very far from
  • 2:28
    developing any, there are many Parkinson's medications that can
  • 2:31
    take effect in a relatively short period of time. quickly
  • 2:35
    turning an apparent dementia patient into a walking talking
  • 2:38
    member of society sounds like joke. There are pills,
  • 2:41
    sublingual preparations and injections that are widely
  • 2:44
    available. This would explain the observations you and John
  • 2:47
    discussed on the show. So there you go. It's Parkinson's with
  • 2:51
    dementia, not just dementia. And that's how they can jack them
  • 2:54
    up. It's pretty cool.
  • 2:58
    Yeah, I think that it probably explains his gait.
  • 3:01
    Oh, yeah. Oh, it's all of it. All of it. Absolutely. But let's
  • 3:06
    not say anything about that. Okay, the
  • 3:10
    Fifth Amendment. Oh, we got no, no mind not happening. No, no,
  • 3:15
    no. All right. Let's
  • 3:16
    get into this. I want to see if you had the same takeaway that I
  • 3:20
    did have the news of the week that shattered the world.
  • 3:25
    Everybody's talking about it. Banana Republic
  • 3:27
    this morning. New details after the FBI executed a search
  • 3:31
    warrant at former President Trump's home at his Mar a Lago
  • 3:34
    resort yesterday morning. In a statement Trump confirmed the
  • 3:38
    search saying quote, they even broke into my safe. But
  • 3:41
    overnight, ABC News could not confirm that allegation. Sources
  • 3:46
    say the search was related to 15 boxes of documents. Trump took
  • 3:49
    tomorrow logo from the White House. According to the National
  • 3:52
    Archives, some of the boxes were marked as classified. In his
  • 3:56
    statement Trump called the search, quote, prosecutorial
  • 3:59
    misconduct and a weaponization of the justice system. But while
  • 4:03
    on the campaign trail in 2016, Trump promised to enforce all
  • 4:07
    laws concerning the protection of classified information
  • 4:10
    in my administration. I'm going to enforce all laws concerning
  • 4:16
    law floors of classified information. No one will be
  • 4:24
    above the law.
  • 4:25
    Last night the former president was seen leaving Trump Tower in
  • 4:29
    New York, giving a thumbs up to reporters calling in to a rally
  • 4:33
    for Sarah Palin. Last night, Trump alluded to the events at
  • 4:36
    Mar a Lago. Another day in paradise. This was a strange day
  • 4:40
    Trump's allies overnight slamming the FBI, all of
  • 4:44
    a sudden I know notice they said, you know, 20 cars and it's
  • 4:47
    30 agents. Shawn, I mean, this this is just more political
  • 4:51
    persecution of Donald
  • 4:53
    J. Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, saying, quote,
  • 4:57
    The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state.
  • 5:00
    Have weaponized politicization Attorney General garland
  • 5:03
    preserve your documents and clear your calendar. While many
  • 5:06
    Republicans are criticizing the search FBI director Christopher
  • 5:10
    Rea, is himself a Republican nominated by Trump.
  • 5:15
    Alright, I'll just call this right off the bat. This was the
  • 5:20
    opening move for Trump 2024. And it was extremely successful.
  • 5:28
    Well, I'll take it one step further. Okay. I agree with
  • 5:31
    that. But I think the whole thing was set up yet. Well,
  • 5:34
    thank you. I Trump.
  • 5:36
    Yes. Notice the one thing that I mean, this is how brilliant this
  • 5:40
    was. So this has been an ongoing this. Well, let me just lay it
  • 5:44
    out real quick. This has been an ongoing investigation that you
  • 5:47
    know, the feds have been tomorrow Lago there's no safe.
  • 5:50
    It's a room where they put a lock on which the Feds were
  • 5:53
    there when the lock was put on. This has been an ongoing thing
  • 5:55
    about these
  • 5:56
    liquids put on for the feds? Yeah, defense asked
  • 5:59
    asked for that to be put on. Exactly, yeah. So when Trump
  • 6:04
    releases the statement, which you just heard, we didn't see
  • 6:08
    any of this. In our mind's eye. We saw Roger Stone, we saw a cop
  • 6:13
    storming we saw drawn AR fifteens. We saw, you know, a
  • 6:17
    raid. It's under siege. My beautiful home. It was set up.
  • 6:23
    They were ready for it. The campaign video was ready to go.
  • 6:26
    And everybody bought into it. It was beautiful. This, here's a
  • 6:33
    couple of my favorites, Gorka. We never played Gorka. But he
  • 6:38
    did a great good reason. Yeah. So imagined black screen black
  • 6:42
    backdrop, you know, just him lit just as dimly lit as if he's in
  • 6:48
    the underground.
  • 6:49
    Never before in the history of our republic. Has the Federal
  • 6:54
    Bureau of Investigations raided the private residence of a
  • 6:58
    former president. That is exactly what happened a few
  • 7:02
    minutes ago. What does it mean? Number one is final unequivocal
  • 7:08
    proof to all Americans, whoever you voted for. The FBI is now
  • 7:12
    the political police arm of the Democratic Party and this
  • 7:17
    administration view of the old man in the White House who is
  • 7:21
    not compass mentors, but are the radicals in the ideologues that
  • 7:24
    have taken over the Democratic Party. Secondly, important to
  • 7:29
    you. If they can do this to the President of the United States,
  • 7:33
    the man who won 74 million votes, they can do it to you to
  • 7:38
    anyone? Yes. And lastly, most important of all, it means that
  • 7:43
    they have failed. They have tried everything else to
  • 7:47
    impeachments. A January 6 committee spurious charges
  • 7:52
    allegations in New York, and they have failed to stop
  • 7:55
    President Trump. They are desperate because they have
  • 7:59
  • 8:00
    So he's on message he gets it. He's totally doing what he's
  • 8:03
    told to do. Surprisingly, even Alan Dershowitz who of course,
  • 8:08
    has no one else to turn to these days because he's been shunned
  • 8:11
    from all of his, his political and his social circles up same
  • 8:15
    thing all in this was a raid man.
  • 8:18
    This is a sad day
  • 8:19
    for the Constitution. Day for the neutrality of law
  • 8:23
    enforcement. There was such a simple way around this. They
  • 8:26
    could have subpoenaed the 15 boxes and the content to the
  • 8:29
    safe then a judge could have gone through every document and
  • 8:32
    say, This was never classified. This was classified but
  • 8:35
    declassified so he
  • 8:37
    just goes on and on and on about oh, the sad day for the
  • 8:39
    Constitution. This was not right. Banana Republic was the
  • 8:43
    talking point, Banana Republic,
  • 8:45
    Banana Republic and crossing the Rubicon
  • 8:47
    crossing the Rubicon. That was the early one Oh, cross the
  • 8:50
  • 8:51
    But it wasn't in the other side. It was at no one's above the
  • 8:53
    law. Now, a number of these people have to always consider
  • 8:57
    that in Trump's camp. He's got Roger Stone, a notorious dirty
  • 9:04
    trickster. And he's got Mike Flynn, who has to be steamed up
  • 9:10
    at the FBI for ruin his life. And he's from intelligence and
  • 9:15
    intelligence knows how to do setups. Yep. And you? It doesn't
  • 9:20
    and I betcha that just for security purposes, that during
  • 9:24
    this this whole idea, first of all, there was a person
  • 9:28
    supposedly who triggered this.
  • 9:30
    It was somebody who hates insider or someone who,
  • 9:34
    quote unquote, insider and he's on the affidavit, he will be
  • 9:38
    released. We'll get to see all this stuff. Trump was also aware
  • 9:42
    of the raid a day to two days before it happened. That's and
  • 9:47
    he wasn't there. And we have a lot of clips to that can Oh,
  • 9:51
  • 9:51
    we I'm sure I'm sure we have. We have all kinds of fun stuff on
  • 9:54
    this, but this is the stuff that we're making.
  • 9:56
    Trump wasn't there for you know, probably pretty good reasons.
  • 9:59
    You know, he doesn't you know, But you didn't need them so he
  • 10:01
    knew that was why No, he doesn't need to be shot dead like they
  • 10:04
    do with that chart chart and off because brothers who had a
  • 10:07
    friend, right yeah, FBI go visit him and kill him. Yeah. So he
  • 10:11
    doesn't need that aggravation. Today record. And meanwhile, if
  • 10:16
    you list I have one clip that talks about how Trump's the one
  • 10:20
    who actually had to get it to the news media. Yes,
  • 10:23
    he went, he did it because there was there was, John, just before
  • 10:26
    you play it. There was no drone footage. There was no tip off of
  • 10:30
    CNN, there was nothing and I think they the the people in
  • 10:34
    front of Mar a Lago with the Trump flags setup. That was also
  • 10:38
    set up. It was so beautifully once I saw it, I saw it all. i
  • 10:43
    Oh, my God, this is so obvious what he's done here. And, and it
  • 10:47
  • 10:48
    So the last point I wanted to make is, I am sure that knowing
  • 10:52
    what's going to happen, that those rooms were riddled with
  • 10:57
    hidden camera. Oh, yeah, of course. Because if one of those
  • 11:00
    guys took date, because the these these search warrants are
  • 11:05
    very specific. You can do this, you can do that. Or their
  • 11:08
    general but they're generally specific. And this one
  • 11:11
    supposedly was if they just started rifling through his
  • 11:15
    drawers, and he's got it on film. Beautiful
  • 11:19
    as beautiful.
  • 11:20
    It would be fabulous.
  • 11:22
    So here's an example though, Sir William, Sir William Lee in the
  • 11:25
    troll room. He says, I'm not buying this narrative from our
  • 11:27
    boys here. How can trump get the FBI to work for him? You're
  • 11:31
    missing the point. You're missing the point. He was
  • 11:34
    working with the FBI in these documents, then this? This was a
  • 11:38
    known search warrant. It was not a raid. That's the point. The
  • 11:42
    framing the narrative is what made it work. And of course, we
  • 11:47
    already hate the FBI. Of course, we know that they're corrupt. Of
  • 11:50
    course we do since inception. So this just fuels the fire. And
  • 11:54
    I'm surprised Scott Adams hasn't seen this yet. But no one saw
  • 11:58
    this, John, I knew you would get it.
  • 12:02
    Yeah, I unfortunately knew you would get it too. Because the
  • 12:04
    way these things are always deconstructed by us. Generally
  • 12:08
    speaking, we always come up with the kind of a I wouldn't say
  • 12:12
    matter, but sometimes it's just a little fish it is or fishy.
  • 12:16
    This doesn't make sense. Otherwise, let's go to the
  • 12:19
    array. This is a this is the deputy just for a little
  • 12:22
    background. It is a deputy ag Guys Named by Donald Iiar. And
  • 12:27
    he's talking about the raid on I believe, this is CNN and this is
  • 12:33
    just an open discussion about how these things work. So this
  • 12:36
    is Ray deputy ag Donald buyer. Now on the other
  • 12:40
    hand, Donald, some people, sorry.
  • 12:44
    Well, I've to hear on garland or
  • 12:49
    Okay, darlin. Okay,
  • 12:51
    there's a lot we don't know. But what you do know is how the
  • 12:54
    justice department works. And what is required to get to this
  • 12:57
    point, which is unprecedented, as far as I know, give us a
  • 13:00
    sense of what the standard is that prosecutors would have to
  • 13:03
    come up with, in order to go forward to seek a search warrant
  • 13:06
    against a former president United
  • 13:07
  • 13:09
    Well, of course, in general, for any search warrant, you need to
  • 13:12
    have probable cause of criminality and probable cause
  • 13:15
    to believe that you're likely to find evidence with regard to
  • 13:19
    that criminality at the place you're searching. But when
  • 13:22
    you're dealing with a case like this involving a former
  • 13:25
    president, the standard and the concern to get it right goes
  • 13:29
    really through the roof. And I think we can be very certain
  • 13:34
    that far from far different than a routine warrant where a couple
  • 13:39
    of agents may draft up an affidavit and go to a judge in
  • 13:44
    the night. This one was scrutinized every way from
  • 13:47
    Sunday by people up to the top of the FBI and up to the top of
  • 13:50
    the Department of Justice. So the care that went into this and
  • 13:54
    the level of concern that had to be felt in order to make this
  • 13:59
    happen is absolutely enormous. So I think it's almost
  • 14:03
    impossible to understate the significance of this as a
  • 14:07
    measure of where the minds of the department and the heads of
  • 14:12
    the head of the FBI are at with regard to this investigation.
  • 14:15
    So on the governor going to the very top Merrick Garland, quite
  • 14:18
    correctly, the Attorney General has not commented just was not
  • 14:21
    coming in this at all. But do you have any doubt in your mind
  • 14:24
    that Merrick Garland would have had to sign off on this? No.
  • 14:29
    No, I want to mention something else. That I should get out
  • 14:33
    there. I think Merrick Garland is an idiot. He looks stupid. If
  • 14:39
    you just look at him when he's looking when he's on TV and
  • 14:42
    people have watched enough TV they can see it. You see this
  • 14:46
    guy? He looks stupid. He looks like an idiot. And it makes me
  • 14:51
    wonder when they when, when they the Senate refused to even hear
  • 14:57
    him before the elections of A few years back, they
  • 15:00
    were worried. They were worried he couldn't even get a word out.
  • 15:05
    I don't think they were worried. I think they knew that he was an
  • 15:09
    idiot. And it was no. And Obama pushed him out to get get him
  • 15:14
    in. And it was like, Who knows why. But I think that everybody
  • 15:18
    in Washington knew this guy, and they knew he was an idiot. He's
  • 15:23
    just looks stupid, it would have been an embarrassment to do the
  • 15:26
    hearings, they would have made the Republicans look bad,
  • 15:29
    because they would have pointed out that he's a moron. And it's,
  • 15:33
    you know, doesn't look good. It's not a good look. And so I
  • 15:37
    keep seeing this guy, Chris is the kind of guy Biden would
  • 15:40
    pick. But I every time I see this guy, he's the guy who
  • 15:43
    should have cut this off at the knees. He should have seen it
  • 15:46
    for what it was.
  • 15:48
    And no, he's You're right. He's dumb. He didn't
  • 15:51
    get it dumb, is dumb.
  • 15:54
    And that's why so what tipped me off, you know, Nancy Pelosi made
  • 15:58
    a statement, which we'll get to later about, you know, China
  • 16:01
    being the freest people in the world, or some shit like that.
  • 16:04
    And I'm like, I gotta see this whole statement from her. And
  • 16:06
    she was on the Today Show. And they actually, so I went for the
  • 16:11
    longer segment, but then I, I got a clip of her, which really
  • 16:16
    tells you that she knows she knew exactly what's going on.
  • 16:19
    And she's gonna fumble her way through explaining what's weird
  • 16:22
    about this raid here. Savannah Guthrie,
  • 16:25
    what do you make of that search? How significant does this strike
  • 16:29
    you to be?
  • 16:30
    Well, I, I, as others learned on my phone that that had happened.
  • 16:35
    This is I love that I learned on my phone on my phone. I guess
  • 16:39
    she means that was one was public information I learned on
  • 16:41
    my phone.
  • 16:42
    I don't know very much about it. But again, I'm sure that that
  • 16:47
    information will be revealed. And when it does, we'll find out
  • 16:50
    what they were looking for. It seems to have something to do
  • 16:53
    with presidential documents. But I really am not in a position to
  • 16:57
    talk about it. Because all I know is what's in the public
  • 17:00
    domain doesn't strike
  • 17:01
    you as a pretty serious step for the Justice Department to take.
  • 17:06
    Yes, I take a job as I was questioning it, because all my
  • 17:10
    soul my phone was that Donald Trump said that the The visit
  • 17:17
    took place and described it in pretty harsh terms, it would be
  • 17:21
    interesting to find out exactly what the warrants was in order
  • 17:26
    to have what the order was to have a search warrant and for
  • 17:29
    what purpose. But again, we can only speculate.
  • 17:32
    Yes, she's bumbling through it because she knows she's like,
  • 17:35
    you know, it was Trump who described this in colorful
  • 17:38
    language. And then we have MSNBC where we got a you know, one of
  • 17:45
    these FBI, former FBI guys he's on. And the news model makes a
  • 17:49
    mistake. And she says no, she's asking questions about the raid
  • 17:52
    about the raid. And he says
  • 17:54
    agents, by the way, don't like the word raid, they don't like
  • 17:57
    it sounds like it's some kind of, you know, extra due to
  • 18:00
    judicial non legal thing. It's the execution of a search
  • 18:04
    warrant. It's a court authorized search warrant. I'm sure we're
  • 18:07
    now going to be in for days of ranting and raving even at CPAC.
  • 18:11
    Over the weekend, there was a Congressman from Arizona who
  • 18:15
    called for the defunding of the FBI before this even happened.
  • 18:17
    So we're in for more of that. I'm sure they're hunkering down
  • 18:21
    for that. But the word raid, they'll like it, they want to
  • 18:24
    say they executed a search warrant.
  • 18:26
    So this is really interesting what he's saying because if you
  • 18:29
    listen to him at face value, he's warning her. Don't say Ray,
  • 18:35
    they don't like it. They don't like it when you say raid. Don't
  • 18:39
    like it.
  • 18:41
    Dana Bash did the same thing. She said the same thing. Don't
  • 18:44
    say raid. And on that guy who is the FBI guy who is pictured in
  • 18:49
    the newsletter, and anyone who had gotten the newsletter, or go
  • 18:52
    go look at it. Or one thing just to preface it, he looks like a
  • 18:57
    vasectomy victim. I mean, like,
  • 19:02
    I like how you say victim of a sexual
  • 19:05
    easy discectomy. Patient patient. Yeah. And I have the
  • 19:11
    two clips because after they said that MSNBC changed the
  • 19:15
    Chiron from Ray I have I have to two examples. In the newsletter,
  • 19:21
    you can see the before and after it because he's just saying that
  • 19:24
    as he says that they cleared Laura third and change it
  • 19:29
    because it says raid in the first week just as he's bitching
  • 19:32
    about that, but that's kind of interesting, but I was getting
  • 19:35
    my material from CNN. And I have a threesome here if you don't
  • 19:39
    mind. And this is a bunch of speculation. And they're freaked
  • 19:45
    out because they don't know what to make of the whole thing. I
  • 19:48
    mean, I knew that you would the two of us right away right away.
  • 19:53
    Pretty much right away. It wasn't and I was aiming my clips
  • 19:58
    for this to just try to Pick up some tidbits but let's go to the
  • 20:02
    raid CNN panel speculating. We all
  • 20:06
    knew that if DOJ did anything that this was going to be the
  • 20:09
    response. But I do agree with Alyssa that it will look bad. If
  • 20:15
    this is a relative, if this is dotting the i's crossing the t's
  • 20:19
    type of thing on a classified document concealing type of
  • 20:24
    crime, but I suspect it's not. And I suspect it's not because
  • 20:28
    first of all, they got 15 boxes from there. They did discuss it
  • 20:31
    in June. You have to bring boxes in January, January. And then
  • 20:35
    they talked about what was you know, they had some discussions
  • 20:38
    in June. I would guess this is pure speculation, but from my
  • 20:42
    experience as a federal prosecutor, I would suspect that
  • 20:46
    the DOJ has very good information from a witness that
  • 20:51
    there is more there and that's why they did the search. But
  • 20:55
    remember, this is a guy who's flushing documents down the
  • 20:58
    toilet, you're not gonna go turn something over. So you have to
  • 21:02
    do it by the way, and I don't think
  • 21:04
    I have the clip on that. I have I have the clip on the
  • 21:06
    documents. Yes.
  • 21:08
    This flushing down the toilet thing is always struck me as
  • 21:12
    just rank bullshit. That goes back to the everything Donald
  • 21:19
    Trump did was bad kind of era will and is there any evidence
  • 21:25
    that he flushed anything down any toilet?
  • 21:27
    I have the clip because I think this is a
  • 21:31
    reality deal clip. No, no,
  • 21:33
    this is a new clip. This is a new clip. I think this is a
  • 21:35
    reflash of what you're talking about New
  • 21:37
    York Times reporting Maggie Haberman has claimed former
  • 21:40
    President Trump has flushed words in presidential documents
  • 21:43
    down the toilet. And now we're seeing images for the first time
  • 21:47
    Axios was first to publish the photo that reportedly shows
  • 21:50
    papers in a White House toilet, and a toilet from an overseas
  • 21:54
    trip. ABC News has not authenticated these images, and
  • 21:57
    it's unclear what they pertain to but they appear to be written
  • 22:00
    in Trump's handwriting. Haberman has reported that Trump would
  • 22:03
    routinely tear tear of documents that were supposed to be
  • 22:06
    preserved under the present under the Presidential Records
  • 22:09
    Act and flush them sometimes clogging a White House toilet.
  • 22:14
    Remember, though, but that's a new clip. But it's an old story.
  • 22:19
    Yes. And old story. But let's go back to this guy. He was at the
  • 22:22
    end of that clip. No, no,
  • 22:23
    no, no, halfway through here,
  • 22:24
    we got that guy who's flushing documents down the toilet,
  • 22:27
    you're not going to go ask him to turn something over. So you
  • 22:30
    have to do a search warrant. And I don't think they're doing a
  • 22:33
    search warrant. Just simply to sort of button up their
  • 22:36
    investigation. I think there's they would only do this if they
  • 22:40
    had real evidence of real indication of some evidence. And
  • 22:44
  • 22:44
    be clear that what I just described is the political
  • 22:48
    argument and what is going through his mind about his
  • 22:51
    political future, which he sees is very much tied to the legal
  • 22:55
    strategy. But you're right, that it's really hard to imagine,
  • 22:59
    especially given what we have seen within the DOJ over the
  • 23:03
    past, you know, several years that they did not do this
  • 23:07
    without it being buttoned up.
  • 23:09
    Yeah, you better believe it people. They they're dumb. It
  • 23:13
    was it was a dumb move. You know what I love about this? It
  • 23:16
    doesn't matter. What the Department of Justice says.
  • 23:19
    Doesn't matter. Everything will look like a poor defense because
  • 23:23
    of the framing. Raid. Never before in history, Banana
  • 23:27
    Republic crossing the Rubicon. Yeah,
  • 23:30
    I mean, Stasi. Really everything that oh, yeah,
  • 23:33
    it was like a big turd and it smelled and everything and they
  • 23:37
    put their foot right in the middle.
  • 23:40
    Part two of this series.
  • 23:41
    Do you think the specificity of the raid knowing to look in the
  • 23:44
    safe going into his personal office in Mar a Lago indicates
  • 23:48
    that somebody may be cooperating, who knows who's
  • 23:51
    close to the Trump circle and would know where they should be
  • 23:53
    looking. And we do know that a handful of folks have gone in in
  • 23:56
    recent weeks, but I think this this indicates someone senior is
  • 23:59
  • 24:00
    It's possible that the family knew all about this. I've seen
  • 24:04
    these signals with Ivanka Trump actually saying I've taken the
  • 24:08
    red pill, which is a call out to the paranoid online meme base
  • 24:14
    Trump extremists podcasters Donald Trump Jr. has this
  • 24:18
    essentially Iron Cross Crusader cross on the stock of his gun
  • 24:23
    and displays it prominently. This is really signaling to the
  • 24:29
    most rabid base that we agree with your paranoia.
  • 24:33
    I want to make one thing clear as we've been having this
  • 24:35
    discussion here is that we're getting really just one side of
  • 24:39
    this. It's from Trump world. Yeah, it is from Trump world.
  • 24:42
    Yes, there was this political journal in Florida that sort of
  • 24:46
    had a hint of this, but it was Donald Trump who made the
  • 24:48
    statement of Donald Trump who tried to control the narrative
  • 24:51
    early on last night. We haven't heard from DOJ.
  • 24:55
    We haven't heard right. We haven't heard from DOJ. We have