Cover for No Agenda Show 1488: Torture Telephone
September 22nd • 2h 57m

1488: Torture Telephone



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Sir Mad Philosopher, Knight of the Wooden Doors, Sir Mathew, Sir Casey, Knight of the Footballs, Viscountess Kim Keeper of the Nutty Fluffers, Anonymous, Edward Tatnall , Sir FOD Father, Sir-pent of the Finger Lakes, Jason Keefer, Raymond Garrison, Daniel Hollingsworth, Sir Layron, Timothy Alcott, Sir RoadieJoe of the Eastern Seaboard Trucking Lanes, DANIEL BULL, NIKLAVS BARISS

Associate Executive Producers

Emily Hardin, Cody the Black Metal Cowboy, Grey Knight33, Nathan Joseph Wolanyk, Kenneth Chapman, Dame Beth, Baroness of Baja Arizona, Anonymous 1488, Justin’s Ballard, Caitlin Valeska, Dave Boseman

Cover Artist

Nikko Syme


Episode "1488: Torture Telephone" was recorded on September 22nd.

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