Cover for No Agenda Show 1492: Upcycling Ruminants
October 6th • 2h 59m

1492: Upcycling Ruminants



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

David Crofford, Sir James Nittel The Spartenburg Dynamo, Sir Meister ChitChat of the Harmony Homestead, Sir Hey Citizen, Sir David Fugazzotto Duke of Of the Arabian Peninsula and America's Heartlnd, Baron Jimbabwe (of Shatziland) & Baroness Marianne Schneeberger, John Fuller, Jason Kretchman, Ashley Zaifma

Associate Executive Producers

James Agee, Sir JustABuzz, Paladin of West-Friesland and the Costal Dunes

Cover Artist

Capitalist Agenda


Episode "1492: Upcycling Ruminants" was recorded on October 6th.

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