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Smith Mundt Act - A reminder that you are living in a Smith-Mudt Act repealed media landscape
NDAA and Overturning of Smith-Mundt Act
The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (NDAA) allows for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be released within U.S. borders and strikes down a long-time ban on the dissemination of such material in the country.[14][15][16]
Propaganda in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sun, 21 Sep 2014 15:00
Propaganda in the United States is propaganda spread by government and media entities within the United States. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to influence opinions. Propaganda is not only in advertising; it is also in radio, newspaper, posters, books, and anything else that might be sent out to the widespread public.
Domestic[edit]World War I[edit]The first large-scale use of propaganda by the U.S. government came during World War I. The government enlisted the help of citizens and children to help promote war bonds and stamps to help stimulate the economy. To keep the prices of war supplies down, the U.S. government produced posters that encouraged people to reduce waste and grow their own vegetables in "victory gardens." The public skepticism that was generated by the heavy-handed tactics of the Committee on Public Information would lead the postwar government to officially abandon the use of propaganda.[1]
World War II[edit]During World War II the U.S. officially had no propaganda, but the Roosevelt government used means to circumvent this official line. One such propaganda tool was the publicly owned but government funded Writers' War Board (WWB). The activities of the WWB were so extensive that it has been called the "greatest propaganda machine in history".[1]Why We Fight is a famous series of US government propaganda films made to justify US involvement in World War II.
In 1944 (lasting until 1948) prominent US policy makers launched a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at convincing the U.S. public to agree to a harsh peace for the German people, for example by removing the common view of the German people and the Nazi party as separate entities.[2] The core in this campaign was the Writers' War Board which was closely associated with the Roosevelt administration.[2]
Another means was the United States Office of War Information that Roosevelt established in June 1942, whose mandate was to promote understanding of the war policies under the director Elmer Davies. It dealt with posters, press, movies, exhibitions, and produced often slanted material conforming to US wartime purposes. Other large and influential non-governmental organizations during the war and immediate post war period were the Society for the Prevention of World War III and the Council on Books in Wartime.
Cold War[edit]During the Cold War, the U.S. government produced vast amounts of propaganda against communism and the Soviet bloc. Much of this propaganda was directed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation under J. Edgar Hoover, who himself wrote the anti-communist tract Masters of Deceit. The FBI's COINTELPRO arm solicited journalists to produce fake news items discrediting communists and affiliated groups, such as H. Bruce Franklin and the Venceremos Organization.
War on Drugs[edit]The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, originally established by the National Narcotics Leadership Act of 1988,[3][4] but now conducted by the Office of National Drug Control Policy under the Drug-Free Media Campaign Act of 1998,[5] is a domestic propaganda campaign designed to "influence the attitudes of the public and the news media with respect to drug abuse" and for "reducing and preventing drug abuse among young people in the United States".[6][7] The Media Campaign cooperates with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and other government and non-government organizations.[8]
Iraq War[edit]In early 2002, the U.S. Department of Defense launched an information operation, colloquially referred to as the Pentagon military analyst program.[9] The goal of the operation is "to spread the administrations's talking points on Iraq by briefing ... retired commanders for network and cable television appearances," where they have been presented as independent analysts.[10] On 22 May 2008, after this program was revealed in the New York Times, the House passed an amendment that would make permanent a domestic propaganda ban that until now has been enacted annually in the military authorization bill.[11]
The Shared values initiative was a public relations campaign that was intended to sell a "new" America to Muslims around the world by showing that American Muslims were living happily and freely, without persecution, in post-9/11 America.[12] Funded by the United States Department of State, the campaign created a public relations front group known as Council of American Muslims for Understanding (CAMU). The campaign was divided in phases; the first of which consisted of five mini-documentaries for television, radio, and print with shared values messages for key Muslim countries.[13]
NDAA and Overturning of Smith-Mundt Act[edit]The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (NDAA) allows for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be released within U.S. borders and strikes down a long-time ban on the dissemination of such material in the country.[14][15][16]
Ad Council[edit]The Ad Council, an American non-profit organization that distributes public service announcements on behalf of various private and federal government agency sponsors, has been labeled as "little more than a domestic propaganda arm of the federal government" given the Ad Council's historically close collaboration with the President of the United States and the federal government.[17]
International[edit]Through several international broadcasting operations, the US disseminates American cultural information, official positions on international affairs, and daily summaries of international news. These operations fall under the International Broadcasting Bureau, the successor of the United States Information Agency, established in 1953. IBB's operations include Voice of America, Radio Liberty, Alhurra and other programs. They broadcast mainly to countries where the United States finds that information about international events is limited, either due to poor infrastructure or government censorship. The Smith-Mundt Act prohibits the Voice of America from disseminating information to US citizens that was produced specifically for a foreign audience.
During the Cold War the US ran covert propaganda campaigns in countries that appeared likely to become Soviet satellites, such as Italy, Afghanistan, and Chile.
Recently The Pentagon announced the creation of a new unit aimed at spreading propaganda about supposedly "inaccurate" stories being spread about the Iraq War. These "inaccuracies" have been blamed on the enemy trying to decrease support for the war. Donald Rumsfeld has been quoted as saying these stories are something that keeps him up at night.[18]
Psychological operations[edit]The US military defines psychological operations, or PSYOP, as:
planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.[19]
The Smith-Mundt Act, adopted in 1948, explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at the US public.[20][21][22] Nevertheless, the current easy access to news and information from around the globe, makes it difficult to guarantee PSYOP programs do not reach the US public. Or, in the words of Army Col. James A. Treadwell, who commanded the U.S. military psyops unit in Iraq in 2003, in the Washington Post:
There's always going to be a certain amount of bleed-over with the global information environment.[23]
Agence France Presse reported on U.S. propaganda campaigns that:
The Pentagon acknowledged in a newly declassified document that the US public is increasingly exposed to propaganda disseminated overseas in psychological operations.[24]
Former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved the document referred to, which is titled "Information Operations Roadmap." [22][24] The document acknowledges the Smith-Mundt Act, but fails to offer any way of limiting the effect PSYOP programs have on domestic audiences.[20][21][25]
Several incidents in 2003 were documented by Sam Gardiner, a retired Air Force colonel, which he saw as information-warfare campaigns that were intended for "foreign populations and the American public." Truth from These Podia,[26] as the treatise was called, reported that the way the Iraq war was fought resembled a political campaign, stressing the message instead of the truth.[22]
See also[edit]References[edit]^ abThomas Howell, The Writers' War Board: U.S. Domestic Propaganda in World War II, Historian, Volume 59 Issue 4, Pages 795 - 813^ abSteven Casey, (2005), The Campaign to sell a harsh peace for Germany to the American public, 1944 - 1948, [online]. London: LSE Research Online. [Available online at http://eprints.lse.ac.uk/archive/00000736] Originally published in History, 90 (297). pp. 62-92 (2005) Blackwell Publishing^National Narcotics Leadership Act of 1988 of the Anti''Drug Abuse Act of 1988, Pub.L. 100''690, 102 Stat. 4181, enacted November 18, 1988^Gamboa, Anthony H. (January 4, 2005), B-303495, Office of National Drug Control Policy '-- Video News Release, Government Accountability Office, footnote 6, page 3 ^Drug-Free Media Campaign Act of 1998 (Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1999), Pub.L. 105''277, 112 Stat. 268, enacted October 21, 1998^Gamboa, Anthony H. (January 4, 2005), B-303495, Office of National Drug Control Policy '-- Video News Release, Government Accountability Office, pp. 9''10 ^Drug-Free Media Campaign Act of 1998 of the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1999, Pub.L. 105''277, 112 Stat. 268, enacted October 21, 1998^Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act of 2006, Pub.L. 109''469, 120 Stat. 3501, enacted December 29, 2006, codified at 21 U.S.C. § 1708^Barstow, David (2008-04-20). "Message Machine: Behind Analysts, the Pentagon's Hidden Hand". New York Times. ^Sessions, David (2008-04-20). "Onward T.V. Soldiers: The New York Times exposes a multi-armed Pentagon message machine". Slate. ^Barstow, David (2008-05-24). "2 Inquiries Set on Pentagon Publicity Effort". New York Times. ^Rampton, Sheldon (October 17, 2007). "Shared Values Revisited". Center for Media and Democracy. ^"U.S. Reaches Out to Muslim World with Shared Values Initiative". America.gov. January 16, 2003.
Je Suis Charlie
The Merv Griffin Show of Terrorism
They're certainly working an All Star lineup of all your old favorites into this Paris story: Anwar al-Awlaki, the underwear bomber and I'm hearing Cat Stevens is going to sing to close out the show...
This is insane. And then add to the equation Netanyahu making it all about him and you just have to ask yourself:
French PM standing in the crowds of people: "Today we are all French Jews
NeoCons are on it
James Kirchick-FPI fellow who stage managed RT's Liz Wahl exit.
Drama Queen who got kicked off RT for yelling about Putin's anti gay laws
"To Celine and all French Jews, and to all European Jews, I would like
to say: The State of Israel is not just the place to which you turn in
prayer. The State of Israel is also your home," the statement said.
Telegraaf-they are in every Capitol city! Be afraid!
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 12:37
zondag 11 januari 2015, 7:53 '-- 353 reactiesDe Franse terreurbroers Ch(C)rif en Sa¯d Kouachi hadden contacten in Nederland. Dat meldt de Duitse krant Bild op gezag van de Amerikaanse generaal Michael Flynn, tot afgelopen augustus de hoogste baas van de Amerikaanse militaire inlichtingendienst.Flynn denkt dat er nog andere aanslagen in Europese hoofdsteden dreigen. ,,We moeten ons niet meer laten verrassen. We zullen meer van deze aanslagen zien.''
Volgens Bild gaan de Duitse veiligheidsdiensten ervan uit dat de Kouachi's contact met andere islamisten hebben gehad. Het zou nog niet duidelijk zijn of de broers zelfstandig hebben gehandeld, of dat ze opdracht hebben gekregen van een terreurgroep om de aanslag op Charlie Hebdo en de aanvullende acties uit te voeren. De terreurbroers hebben verklaard dat ze bij al-Qaida in Jemen horen. De derde terrorist, Amedy Coulibali, zei een IS-lid te zijn.
ComplexOok in De Telegraaf waarschuwen Europese inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten in koor dat de terreurdreiging verre van voorbij is. Opmerkelijk is dat meerdere chefs van Europese geheime diensten de laatste weken hebben gewaarschuwd dat hun diensten niet lle gevaren kunnen tegenhouden. De diensten lijken daarmee vooruit te lopen op toekomstige aanslagen.
Volgens de MI5-chef Andrew Parker zijn recentelijk drie terreurplots tegen het Verenigd Koninkrijk verijdeld door contraspionage. 'žWe worden geconfronteerd met een zeer ernstige mate van bedreiging die complex is te bestrijden.''
Lees ook: Terreurdreiging zwelt aan
Al Qaeda Source: AQAP Directed Paris Attack
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 22:03
UPDATED '-- A source within al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has provided The Intercept with a full statement claiming responsibility foopr the attack against the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris:
Some ask the relationship between Al-Qaeda Organization and the (brothers) who carried out the #CharlieHebdo operation. Was it direct? Was the operation supervised by the Al-Qaeda wing in the Arabian Peninsula?
The leadership of #AQAP directed the operation, and they have chosen their target carefully as a revenge for the honor of Prophet (pbuh)
The target was in France in particular because of its obvious role in the war on Islam and oppressed nations.
The operation was the result of the threat of Sheikh Usama (RA). He warned the West about the consequences of the persistence in the blasphemy against Muslims' sanctities.
Sheikh Usama (RA) said in his message to the West: If there is no check on the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.
The Organization delayed to claim responsibility due to the executors' security reasons. Nevertheless, the operation carries a number of important messages to all the Western countries.
One: Touching Muslims' sanctity and protecting those who make blasphemy have dear price and the punishment will be severe.
Two: The crimes of the Western countries, above them America, Britain and France will backfire deep in their home.
Three: The policy of hitting the snake's head followed by the Al-Qaeda organization under the leadership of Adhawahiri is still achieving its goals; until the West retreats.
Four: The inspiring media policies of the Mujahideen of Al-Qaeda especially of Inspire Magazine has greatly succeeded in identifying its targets and collecting powers.
One of the cartoonists' name and photo were put down in Inspire's wanted poster, dead or alive. The Western regimes should wait for harm and destruction by the Might of Allah.
I hope the brothers will distribute these tweets and translate them so that they reach the greatest audience. {And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not.}
Arabic-language excerpts from the statement are being circulated widely on Twitter. AQAP has not made any claims of responsibility through its official communication channels. A prominent AQAP cleric released an audio recording today praising the attack, but made no reference to AQAP playing an operational role. [Update: Shortly after The Intercept published this statement, an AQAP official, Bakhsaruf al-Danqaluh, tweeted, in Arabic, the exact paragraphs the AQAP source provided us. This is still not an official AQAP claim of responsibility, but it suggests such a statement may be forthcoming or is being internally debated within the group.]
Earlier in the afternoon, a source within al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gave The Intercept a separate message praising the attack on Charlie Hebdo. ''The lions of Jihad have stood. The followers of Muhammad '' peace be upon him '' have never forgotten,'' the message declared. ''Do not look for links or affiliation with Jihadi fronts. It is enough they are Muslims. They are Mujahideen. This is the Jihad of the Ummah. So France, are you ready for more attacks?''
From the Winter 2014 issue of AQAP's Inspire, a Muslim prays next to a pressure cooker, above an image of a French passport.
The source, who demanded anonymity because the group had not yet released an official statement, also told The Intercept that two images in the latest issue of its publication, Inspire, published in December, contained a clue foreshadowing the attack on Charlie Hebdo. One image (at right, click to enlarge) shows a Muslim kneeling in prayer with a cooking pot similar to the one used by the Boston marathon bombers. ''If you have the knowledge and inspiration all that's left is to take action.'' On the page immediately below it is a picture of a French passport. Throughout the day, several AQAP members have been praising the attack on social media and discussion sites. An AQAP source pointed The Intercept to a recording they claim is Cherif Kouachi, one of the suspects, acknowledging that his trips to Yemen in 2011 were ''financed'' by U.S.-born radical imam Anwar al Awlaki and that he was sent to Yemen by AQAP.
The full message provided by the AQAP source, which references Inspire's previous threats to attack media outlets that publish demeaning pictures of the Prophet Muhammad, is here:
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech! Journalist! Newspaper! It is a war on freedom of speech. It is a war on journalism. These words kept belching out of many mouths. All are well aware of what this magazine published. ''It was just satirical,'' some argued. I find it funny how this type of people think. ''It is a crime for a journalist to be killed,'' they claim '... I would like to pose some questions to them:
Was it a crime to kill Sheikh Anwar Al-'Awlaki for his da'wah?
Was it a crime to kill Samir Khan for being a member of Inspire Team?
Was it a crime to kill Fuad Al-Hadhrami, the brother who accompanied journalists in S.Yemen?
Charlie Hebdo's editor-in-chief Gerard Biard remarked he didn't ''understand how people can attack a newspaper with heavy weapons. A newspaper is not a weapon of war.'' Isn't Inspire a magazine? Are we to conclude that drones and missiles aren't heavy weapons?
Where are your values in that regard?
The Charlie magazine team deserved what they got. Many warnings have been given before, but they were persistent. They had the freedom to use cartoons in their magazine, and we have the freedom to use bullets from our magazines. As the 'Wanted List' stated: A bullet a day, keeps the kaffir away. Yes, Charb is no more. The lions of Jihad have stood. The followers of Muhammad '' peace be upon him '' have never forgotten. As Sheikh Anwar Rahimahullah put it: The Dust Will Never Settle Down.
Do not look for links or affiliation with Jihadi fronts. It is enough they are Muslims. They are Mujahideen. This is the Jihad of the Ummah. So France, are you ready for more attacks; Weren't you asked by Inspire Magazine immediately after the Wanted List:
So, why is France so thick in learning from its past mistakes? Is it leaving Paris undefended once again? Woe upon you from tens of Muhammad Merah!
You come third in the target list, after US and Britain. If I were the latter, I would rather pull my sleeves up.
Earlier in the day, the French government announced that the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been killed following a stand-off at a printing plant outside of Paris. U.S. and French intelligence agencies are aggressively investigating the travel history and associations of the two brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi. The brothers both claim to have spent time in Yemen. Agence France Press reports that Said traveled multiple times to Yemen from 2009-2013 and studied at Sana'a's Iman University, founded by radical preacher Abdel Majid al-Zindani.
A senior Yemeni intelligence official told Reuters that Said traveled to Yemen in 2011 and met with Awlaki, who was infamous for his sermons and writings calling for Muslims in Western countries to conduct terrorist attacks. Anonymous U.S. officials have alleged in various news reports that Said received training from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and a witness to the shooting told French media that one of the shooters claimed that they were from AQAP. ''We do not have confirmed information that he was trained by al Qaeda but what was confirmed was that he has met with Awlaki in Shabwah,'' the Yemeni official told Reuters. Awlaki, along with another U.S. citizen, was killed in a U.S. drone strike in northern Yemen ordered by President Obama in September 2011.
Said Kouachi
A senior Yemeni official told The Intercept that the French government has not yet formally requested the Yemeni government's assistance or cooperation in their investigation. ''France has not approached us in any official way yet,'' the official said. ''The [Yemeni] government is waiting for a French inquiry.''
The Intercept granted the Yemeni official anonymity because he is not authorized to speak about the matter absent an official French inquiry and because anonymous U.S. and Yemeni officials are making contradictory claims. The official said that many French nationals have traveled to Yemen, sometimes on passports from other nations.
Awlaki was very public in his calls for assassinating cartoonists and attacking media outlets that published demeaning images of Prophet Mohammed.
In June 2010, AQAP published its first issue of an English language publication, Inspire. ''Allah says: 'And inspire the believers to fight,''' read the opening line of the letter from Inspire's unnamed editor. ''It is from this verse that we derive the name of our new magazine.'' Inspire, the editor wrote, was ''the first magazine to be issued by the al-Qaeda Organization in the English language. In the West; in East, West and South Africa; in South and Southeast Asia and elsewhere are millions of Muslims whose first or second language is English. It is our intent for this magazine to be a platform to present the important issues facing the ummah [community] today to the wide and dispersed English speaking Muslim readership.''
The issue of Inspire featured an ''exclusive'' interview with the head of AQAP, Nasir al Wuhayshi, also known as Abu Basir, as well as translated works from bin Laden and Zawahiri. It also included an essay praising Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the failed underwear bomber. The magazine was well produced, with a layout that resembled a typical U.S. teen magazine, though without fashionably dressed women and celebrities. Instead, it featured photos of children alleged to have been killed in U.S. missile strikes and pictures of armed, masked jihadis. An article written under the byline ''AQ Chef'' and titled ''Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom'' provided instructions on how to manufacture explosive devices from basic household goods. Another article gave detailed directions on how to download military-grade encryption software for sending e-mails and text messages.
Perhaps most disturbing, the magazine contained a ''Hit List'' of people who it alleged had created ''blasphemous caricatures'' of the Prophet Muhammad. In late 2005, the Danish publication Jyllands-Posten commissioned a dozen cartoons of the Prophet, ostensibly to contribute to a debate about self-censorship within Islam. It had enraged Muslims across the world at the time, sparked massive protests and resulted in death threats and bomb threats against the newspaper. The hit list published by Inspire included magazine editors, anti-Muslim pundits who had defended the cartoons, as well as the novelist Salman Rushdie. But it also included Molly Norris, a Seattle-based cartoonist who initiated ''Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.'' Norris said she did it in response to the U.S. Comedy Central network's decision to edit out a scene in its popular animated program South Park that addressed the controversy, after receiving a threat.
Anwar Al-Awlaki
Inspire's hit list was accompanied by an essay penned by Awlaki encouraging Muslims to attack those who defame the image of Mohammed. ''I would like to express my thanks to my brothers at Inspire for inviting me to write the main article for the first issue of their new magazine. I would also like to commend them for having this subject, the defense of the Messenger of Allah, as the main focus of this issue,'' Awlaki wrote. He then laid out a defense for assassinating those who engaged in blasphemy of Mohammed. ''The large number of participants makes it easier for us because there are more targets to choose from in addition to the difficulty of the government offering all of them special protection.'' He continued:''But even then our campaign should not be limited to only those who are active participants. These perpetrators are not operating in a vacuum. Instead they are operating within a system that is offering them support and protection. The government, political parties, the police, the intelligence services, blogs, social networks, the media, and the list goes on, are part of a system within which the defamation of Islam is not only protected but promoted. The main elements in this system are the laws that make this blasphemy legal. Because they are practicing a ''right'' that is defended by the law, they have the backing of the entire Western political system. This would make the attacking of any Western target legal from an Islamic viewpoint'....Assassinations, bombings, and acts of arson are all legitimate forms of revenge against a system that relishes the sacrilege of Islam in the name of freedom.''
When Inspire was published, some within the U.S. intelligence community panicked. The first concern was protecting the people who had been identified as targets for assassination. The FBI took immediate precautions to guard the Seattle cartoonist, whom they feared could be murdered. She eventually changed her name and moved. Law enforcement agencies in other countries took similar measures.
If Awlaki met with Said Kouachi in Yemen, it would not be the first time he met with young Muslims who went on to attempt or conduct terrorist attacks. In the aftermath of the failed Christmas day attack on an airplane over Detroit, the young Nigerian man who attempted to detonate an explosive device sewn into his underwear was presented as an AQAP operative who had been sent on a suicide mission by Anwar Awlaki. Yemeni intelligence officials told the United States that Abdulmutallab had traveled to Awlaki's tribal area of Shabwah in October 2009. There, they say, he hooked up with members of AQAP. A U.S. government source said that the National Security Agency had intercepted ''voice-to-voice communication'' between Abdulmutallab and Awlaki in the fall of 2009 and had determined that Awlaki ''was in some way involved in facilitating this guy's transportation or trip through Yemen. It could be training, a host of things. I don't think we know for sure,'' the anonymous source told the Washington Post.
A local tribal leader from Shabwah, Mullah Zabara, later told me he had seen the young Nigerian at the farm of Fahd al Quso, the alleged USS Cole bombing conspirator. ''He was watering trees,'' Zabara told me. ''When I saw [Abdulmutallab], I asked Fahd, 'Who is he?''' Quso told Zabara the young man was from a different part of Yemen, which Zabara knew was a lie. ''When I saw him on TV, then Fahd told me the truth.''
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Awlaki's role in the ''underwear plot'' was unclear. Awlaki later claimed that Abdulmutallab was one of his ''students.'' U.S. officials insist Awlaki played an operational role in the plot. Tribal sources in Shabwah told me that al Qaeda operatives reached out to Awlaki to give religious counseling to Abdulmutallab, but that Awlaki was not involved in the plot. While praising the attack, Awlaki said he had not been involved with its conception or planning. ''Yes, there was some contact between me and him, but I did not issue a fatwa allowing him to carry out this operation,'' Awlaki told journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye in an interview for Al Jazeera a few weeks after the attempted attack: ''I support what Umar Farouk has done after I have been seeing my brothers being killed in Palestine for more than sixty years, and others being killed in Iraq and in Afghanistan. And in my tribe too, U.S. missiles have killed'' women and ''children, so do not ask me if al-Qaeda has killed or blown up a US civil[ian] jet after all this. The 300 Americans are nothing comparing to the thousands of Muslims who have been killed.''Part of this article was adapted from Jeremy Scahill's book,Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield.
Photo: Michel Euler/AP; Kouachi: Direction centrale de la Police judiciaire/Getty; Al-Awlaki: Tracy Woodward/The Washington Post/Getty; Abdulmutallab: U.S. Marshals/Getty
IS eist aanslag op Charlie Hebdo op en kondigt voor zaterdag nieuwe aanslagen aan - Gazet van Antwerpen Mobile
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 01:55
Terreurorganisatie IS claimt de verantwoordelijkheid van de aanslag op de redactie van Charlie Hebdo. Volgens IS is de aanslag van woensdag slechts het begin van een veel grotere terreurcampagne met aanslagen in Europa en VS.
'We zijn de operatie begonnen in Frankrijk, waarvoor wij de verantwoordelijken zijn', zei ISIS-prediker Abu Saad al-Ansari volgens getuigen tijdens het vrijdaggebed in het Noord-Iraakse Mosoel. 'Morgen zijn Groot-Brittanni, de Verenigde Staten en andere landen aan de beurt.'
IS heeft het op alle landen gemunt die deelnemen aan de internationale coalitie tegen de terreurorganisatie.
NEOCON-Do Jews Have a Future in France? - The Daily Beast
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 04:52
Modern Hate01.10.15
There is no future for Jews in France as long as Europeans refuse to confront the tacit acceptance of violence by many of the continent's Muslims.
That an assault on Jews would follow an assault on cartoonists came as no surprise. Indeed, there was a grim, if not explicitly expressed, foreboding in the aftermath of Thursday's attacks on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that the Jews would come next. For satirists and Jews are markers of modernity, and it is modernity that the Islamists who committed these heinous atrocities detest most. It was tragically fitting, then, that one of their first victims would have been Ahmed Merabet, a French Muslim police officer posted to guard the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Here, in one horrible act, was the beauty of Western coexistence and secularism over the 7th century hell these monsters want to drag us back: a Muslim police officer giving his life to protect cartoonists who had come under threat for mocking Islam.
The Paris neighborhood of the Marais has long been home to both the city's vibrant gay and Orthodox Jewish communities. A resident of the Marais once playfully told me that, looking out his door every morning, he unfailingly sees ''a heavily bearded man dressed in black'' on one side and ''a heavily bearded man dressed in tighter black'' on another - the leather crowd at times indistinguishable from the ultra-religious one. Whatever their many differences, the two groups have co-existed peacefully for decades, lending the Marais a distinct charm and color.
Upon hearing about yesterday's events in Paris'--the murder of four hostages at a kosher grocery and the subsequent shuttering of Jewish institutions across the city, the gory sequel to Thursday's slaughter of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo offices'--my thoughts turned immediately to an evening last September when I was strolling through the Marais' windy and narrow streets. I came across the Notre Dame de Nazareth synagogue, a grand, 19th century building constructed in the Moorish revival style that serves the city's Sephardic Jews, those who come from North Africa.
The rabbi happened to be walking out of the synagogue with his wife. After dispensing with the facts of my Jewish background and American citizenship, I promptly asked, ''What's the situation?'' Our shared patrimony obviated any need for further elaboration; as a European Jew addressing an American one, he knew exactly at what I was aiming. ''There is no future for Jews in France,'' he said.
If the Rabbi is right, and I fear he is, than it means that there is no future for Jews in Europe. For France is home to the continent's largest Jewish community, numbered at over half a million. But it is declining rapidly. Emigration to Israel from France doubled in 2014 from 3,400 to 7,000 people. According to Israel's Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, the number of Jews leaving Western Europe for the Jewish State increased 88 percent last year. These numbers do not fully account for the Jewish flight from Europe, as significant numbers are leaving for America and other lands. This week's events will surely lead to even higher rates of emigration.
''Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, 'You shouldn't insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.'''
It is hard to deal with a problem, however, when you studiously avoid naming it. This is a curious characteristic of Europe's anti-Semitism predicament, in which too many are hesitant to identify victims and perpetrators, that is, when they even concede that such categories exist. Writing live from the hostage scene for the Jewish website Tablet yesterday, French journalist Marc Weitzmann noted that, ''On TV and on the radio up to this moment, no one'--no one'--is mentioning or discussing that the hostages are Jews. No one. It's strange.''
Weitzmann then shared this chilling anecdote regarding the attack on Charlie Hebdo. ''I spoke to a person who teaches history in a high school in one of the suburban Cit(C)s,'' Weitzmann wrote. ''He told me that this is a complete disaster. Teachers are afraid to mention the events. He told me that in his school, students are asking to debate the massacre'--and they are justifying it. Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, 'You shouldn't insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.'''
Rather than focus on alarming views that appear to be prevalent among young French Muslims, many in the media would rather talk about the inevitable ''backlash'' that Muslims will endure. Concomitant with nearly every story about jihadism in Europe is a warning about the far right taking political advantage of the situation.
As if by rote, The New York Times could not help but insert early into its story about yesterday's terror that the events ''set off soul-searching about the integration of Muslims in France's impoverished immigrant suburbs.'' But it is not French assimilation policies (or the lack thereof) that are to blame for this week's deadly acts. There are plenty of ''impoverished immigrants'' all over the world who do not condone, never mind perpetrate, acts of violence over cartoons. And 72 peecent of French people, according to Pew Research, have a ''favorable'' impression of Muslims, putting the lie to the claim that France is ''Islamophobic.''
What's responsible for this week's murders in France is the same thing that's responsible for the murder of some 2,000 innocent people in Nigeria, and over 100 students in Peshawar: violent Islamism. It is an ideology that is to blame, an ideology that is embraced by millions of people, many of whom have no intention of committing violence against infidels, heretics and other enemies of the faith but nonetheless tacitly condone it. And it is this ideology'--not a phantom neo-Nazism'--that is driving today's Jews out of Europe.
''The Jewish community feels itself on the edge of a seething volcano,'' says Shimon Samuels, the Paris-based Director of International Relations for the Simon Wiesenthal Center. ''A culture of excuse exonerates the perpetrators as 'disaffected, alienated, frustrated, unemployed.' No other group of frustrated unemployed has resorted to such behavior. Until politicians and media define the problem as jidahism remote-controlled from mosques in France and not only the Middle-East the cancer will not be isolated and destroyed.''
The longer this unwillingness to name and confront the problem goes on, the more succor well meaning elites inadvertently lend to those who would paint the world's Muslims with one single, simple, bigoted, broad brush. Yes, extreme right parties like France's National Front will likely benefit from the events of this week. But their rise has been fostered as much by the unwillingness of many mainstream politicians, on both left and right, to speak clearly about the challenges facing France on this front. This failure on the part of responsible political leaders has allowed irresponsible voices'--like the National Front's Marinne Le Pen'--to fill the void.
Things will get worse, before, or even if, they get better. ''Unfortunately, it looks like the calm before the storm,'' the Wiesenthal Center's Samuels writes. As I read the grim headlines from Paris, I was reminded of another encounter in another European city, Berlin, specifically at the Opernplatz where the Nazis staged one of their most infamous book burnings in 1933. One of the authors whose works they incinerated was the great German poet, Heinrich Heine, whose epigraph now lines a memorial marking this historically ominous event: ''That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well.'' And where they drive out and kill Jews, they will ultimately drive out and kill you, too.
Charlie Hebdo Attack Investigator Commits Suicide: Reports / Sputnik International
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 13:17
Europe01:00 11.01.2015(updated 01:30 11.01.2015)
MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) '-- Police commissioner Helric Fredou, who had been investigating the attack on the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, committed suicide in his office. The incident occurred in Limoges, the administrative capital of the Limousin region in west-central France, on Thursday night, local media France 3 reports.Helric Fredou, 45, suffered from depression and experienced burn out. Shortly before committing suicide, he met with the family of a victim of the Charlie Hebdo attack and killed himself preparing the report.
Fredou began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office of the judicial police of Versailles. Later he returned to Limoges, his hometown. Since 2012 he had been the deputy director of the regional police service."We are all shocked. Nobody was ready for such developments", a representative of the local police union told reporters.
On January 7, 2015, two gunmen burst into the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo magazine, known for issuing cartoons, ridiculing Islam. The attackers, later identified as brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, killed 12 people and injured 11, and escaped from the scene. Following two days of nationwide manhunt, the suspects were killed on Friday by French police some 20 miles northeast of Paris.
helric fredou - Google Search
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 20:19
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BREAKING - Police Chief Helric Fredou Investigating ...beforeitsnews.com/.../breaking-police-chief-helric-fredou-investigating-c...22 hours ago - BREAKING '' Police Chief Helric Fredou Investigating Charlie Hebdo ... The mysterious death of Chief Inspector Eldric Fredou is not reported ...Another Mossad victim? Police Chief, Helric Fredou ...https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/.../another-mossad-victim-pol...1 day ago - The Commissioner Helric Fredou aged 45 years was from Limoges began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office the judicial ...BREAKING '' Police Chief Helric Fredou Investigating ...socioecohistory.wordpress.com/.../breaking-police-chief-helric-fredou-in...9 hours ago - The Commissioner Helric Fredou aged 45 years was from Limoges began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office the judicial ...
Were Charlie Hebdo Killers in a Wolf Pack'? The New Way of Terrorism - Businessweek
Fri, 09 Jan 2015 15:23
The attack on Paris newspaper Charlie Hebdo may have offered the world a glimpse of a scary new frontier in terrorism. It's called ''wolf pack'' terrorism, in which a small group of people, often connected by family ties, stage an attack in their home country without getting direct orders or training from a larger organization.
''Wolf packs function without communication and in groups of often less than five, meaning they operate under the radar that counterterrorist agencies have set up,'' the Soufan Group, a New York City-based security consultancy, wrote in a report last month. ''They don't travel to war zones for training or guidance but rather remain off the radar by staying local and conducting low-tech but terrorizing attacks.''
The two brothers being sought as suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack, Ch(C)rif and Sa¯d Kouachi, appear to fit that profile. Both were born and raised in France, and no evidence has so far emerged that either man traveled outside the country. Ch(C)rif, 32, had planned to go to Syria in 2005, according to a report that year in French newspaper Le Figaro citing his lawyer at the time. But before he could depart he was arrested for his role in a jihadi cell that was recruiting young French people to fight in Iraq. He was convicted in 2008 and released from prison in 2011.
Even if the Charlie Hebdo attackers never trained at a terrorist camp, they were clearly skilled users of Kalashnikov rifles. Video clips of the attack suggest the gunmen were disciplined and ruthless. One of the day's most appalling images showed a hooded gunman strolling over to a policeman who lay wounded on the ground and calmly shooting him in the head before hopping into a waiting getaway car.
Still, the attackers weren't as meticulously prepared as, say, the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. The Charlie Hebdo gunmen initially went to the wrong address, a few doors down from the office of the satirical newspaper. And when they located the right address, the attackers first confronted a locked door'--only to catch a break when an employee arrived after picking up her child from day care. The employee punched in the entry code after the gunmen threatened her.
Haphazard preparation is a hallmark of wolf pack attacks, according to the Soufan Group report. ''These attacks are intentionally crude,'' the report explains, ''since it is in the planning and testing phase that terrorist groups are most vulnerable.'' What's more, ''the attacks might fail as often as they succeed,'' the report says. ''These wolf packs are not aiming for the next spectacular attack; they are trying to inflict death by a thousand small cuts.''
The risk of wolf pack attacks has risen in recent months, the Soufan Group warns, since Islamic State has called on its supporters to kill Westerners whenever possible. ''If you can kill a disbelieving American or European'--especially the spiteful and filthy French'--or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever '... then rely upon Allah and kill him in any matter or way, however it may be,'' Islamic State spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said in September.
Since then, the Soufan Group says, there have been several other wolf pack attacks, including the murder of a French hiker in Algeria, the shootings of two Americans and a Danish citizen in Saudi Arabia, and the stabbing death of an American teacher in Abu Dhabi. Identifying people who might carry out such attacks is ''as difficult as detecting exactly who will buy a car after watching a car advertisement,'' the report says.
On the other hand, Ch(C)rif Kouachi was already known to French authorities as a jihadi sympathizer, so why weren't they watching him more closely? The simple reason may be that so many other French people are suspected of involvement with terrorism. Since 2010, France has arrested more than 400 people on suspicion of plotting religious-related terrorist attacks, by far the highest number of any European country. The government estimated last fall that 1,000 French nationals had left the country to wage jihad and placed many under surveillance as they returned.
The Kouachi brothers may simply have been lost in the crowd. And, in any case, they don't appear to have run afoul of the law since Ch(C)rif's arrest in 2005, when he was 22.
According to the 2005 Le Figaro report, the brothers grew up in foster homes after the deaths of their Algerian-immigrant parents. At the time of Ch(C)rif's arrest, both men were living in an apartment in a tough neighborhood in northeastern Paris. Ch(C)rif's lawyer, Vincent Ollivier, told the newspaper that his client had been a pizza deliveryman and an ''occasional Muslim'' who drank alcohol and smoked pot. That stopped after Ch(C)rif fell under the influence of Farid Benyettou, a 23-year-old self-styled imam who was recruiting young people to wage jihad in Iraq.
Others recruited by Benyettou told Le Figaro they had received rudimentary instruction in the use of Kalashnikov rifles and undertook workouts, such as ''jogging in a stadium,'' to get in shape. Ch(C)rif was planning to go to Iraq, his lawyer said, although as the planned departure approached, his client ''was scared to death.''
How could a scared young pizza deliveryman have become a perpetrator of one of the deadliest terror attacks in modern French history? That's one of many questions lingering on a day when France remains gripped with anguish and fear as the manhunt for the gunmen continues.
French, German, Ukrainian Leaders Briefly Meet Prior to Paris Unity Rally / Sputnik International
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:49
Europe17:00 11.01.2015(updated 17:24 11.01.2015)
(C) REUTERS/ Youssef Boudlal
MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) '' The leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine held a brief meeting Sunday before joining a rally to honor those killed during three days of brutal attacks in France earlier this week, French media reported.The meeting lasted about 15 minutes, Agence France-Presse said.
About a million of participants, including some 40 world leaders, are expected to take to the streets in Paris in the wake of the violence that began Wednesday with an attack on a satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo.
Schengen Agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:55
The Schengen Agreement led to the creation of Europe's borderless Schengen Area in 1995. The treaty was signed on 14 June 1985 between five of the then ten member states of the European Economic Community near the town of Schengen in Luxembourg. It proposed the gradual abolition of border checks at the signatories' common borders. Measures proposed included reduced speed vehicle checks which allowed vehicles to cross borders without stopping, allowing of residents in border areas freedom to cross borders away from fixed checkpoints and the harmonisation of visa policies.[1]
In 1990 the Agreement was supplemented by the Schengen Convention which proposed the abolition of internal border controls and a common visa policy. The Schengen Area operates very much like a single state for international travel purposes with external border controls for travellers entering and exiting the area, and common visas, but with no internal border controls. It currently consists of 26 European countries covering a population of over 400 million people and an area of 4,312,099 square kilometres (1,664,911 sq mi).[2]
Prior to 1999, the Schengen treaties and the rules adopted under them operated independently from the European Union; however, the Amsterdam Treaty incorporated them into European Union law, while providing opt-outs for the only two EU member states which had remained outside the Area: Ireland and the United Kingdom. Schengen is now a core part of EU law and all EU member states without an opt-out who have not already joined the Schengen Area are legally obliged to do so when technical requirements have been met. Several non-EU countries are also included in the area.
History[edit]The free movement of persons was a core part of the original Treaty of Rome and, from the early days of the European Economic Community, nationals of EEC member states could travel freely from one member state to another on production of their passports or national identity cards.[3] However systematic identity controls were still in place at the border between most member states.
Disagreement between member states led to an impasse on the abolition of border controls within the Community, but in 1985 five of the then ten member states, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany, signed an agreement on the gradual abolition of common border controls. The agreement was signed on the river-boat Princess Marie-Astrid on the river Moselle near the town of Schengen, Luxembourg,[4] where the territories of France, Germany and Luxembourg meet. Three of the signatories Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands had already abolished common border controls as part of the Benelux Economic Union.
EU member states participating
EU member states not participating but obliged to join
EU member states with an opt-out
non-EU member states participating
non-EU member states de facto participating
non-EU member states with an open border
The Schengen Agreement was signed independently of the European Union, in part owing to the lack of consensus amongst EU member states over whether or not the EU had the jurisdiction to abolish border controls,[5] and in part because those ready to implement the idea did not wish to wait for others (at this time there was no enhanced co-operation mechanism).
The agreement provided for harmonisation of visa policies, allowing of residents in border areas freedom to cross borders away from fixed checkpoints and the replacement of passport checks with visual surveillance of vehicles at reduced speed vehicle checks that allowed vehicles to cross borders without stopping.[1]
In 1990 the Agreement was supplemented by the Schengen Convention which proposed the abolition of internal border controls and a common visa policy. It was this Convention that created the Schengen Area through the complete abolition of border controls between Schengen states, common rules on visas, and police and judicial cooperation.
The Schengen Agreement along with its implementing Convention was implemented in 1995 only for some signatories, but just over two years later during the Amsterdam Intergovernmental Conference, all European Union member states except the United Kingdom and Ireland had signed the Schengen Agreement. It was during those negotiations, which led to the Amsterdam Treaty, that the incorporation of the Schengen acquis[6] into the main body of European Union law was agreed along with opt-outs for Ireland and the United Kingdom, which were to remain outside of the Schengen Area.
In December 1996 two non-member states Norway and Iceland signed an association agreement with the signatories of the Schengen Agreement to become part of the Schengen Area. While this agreement never came into force both countries did become part of the Schengen Area after concluding similar agreements with the EU. The Schengen Convention was not open for signature by non-EU member states.[7] In 2009, Switzerland finalised its official entry to the Schengen area through the acceptance of an association agreement by popular referendum in 2005.[8]
Now that the Schengen Agreement is part of the acquis communautaire, the Agreement has, for its EU members, lost the status of a treaty, which could only be amended according to its terms; instead, its amendments are made according to that legislative procedure of the EU that covers the rules to be amended as defined in the EU treaties.[9] Ratification by the former agreement signatory states is not required for altering or repealing some or all of the former Schengen-Acquis.[10] Legal acts setting out the conditions for entry into the Schengen Area are now enacted by majority vote in the legislative bodies of the European Union. New EU member states do not sign the Schengen Agreement as such; instead, they are bound to implement the Schengen rules as part of the pre-existing body of EU law, which every new entrant is required to accept.[citation needed]
This led to the result that the Schengen States that are not EU members have few formally binding options to influence the shaping and evolution of the Schengen rules; their options are effectively reduced to agreeing, or withdrawing from the agreement. Consultations with the affected countries are conducted prior to the adoption of particular new legislation.[11]
See also[edit]References[edit]^ abRespectively Articles 2, 6 and 7 of the Schengen Agreement.^European Commission. "Schengen area". Europa web portal. Retrieved 13 January 2011. ^Council Directive on administrative practices and procedures concerning settlement, employment and residence in a Member State of the Community of workers and their families from another Member State (OJ 80, 13 December 1961, p. 1513.)^Lungescu, Oana. "Fortress Europe". British Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved 13 April 2013. ^Craig, Paul; de Burca, Grainne (2003). EU Law: Text, Cases and Materials (3rd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. p. 751. ISBN 0-19-924943-1. ^The complete acquis, including the fundamental Agreement and Convention and some subsequent acts and instruments brought about meanwhile in its legal framework, had been published here: "Official Journal of the European Communities '' The Schengen Acquis". 2000-09-22. Retrieved 2007-11-25. .^Article 140 of the Schengen Convention.^Allen M. (March 2009). Switzerland's Schengen entry finally complete. swissinfo.ch. Retrieved 2013-06-14.^At first the Council of the European Union, later the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in the codecision procedure, took the place of the Executive Committee that had been created under the agreement; Council Decision of 22 December 2004 providing for certain areas covered by Title IV of Part Three of the Treaty establishing the European Community to be governed by the procedure laid down in Article 251 of that Treaty^Example: By article 39 subsection 1 of the Schengen Borders Code, Articles 2 to 8 of the Schengen Agreement had been repealed '' "Regulation (EC) No 562/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2006 establishing a Community Code on the rules governing the movement of persons across borders (Schengen Borders Code)". 2006-04-13. Retrieved 2007-11-25. .^"The Schengen area and cooperation". Summaries of EU legislation. European Commission. Retrieved 4 April 2013. In practice, this involvement takes the form of mixed committees that meet alongside the working parties of the EU Council. They comprise representatives of the Member States' governments, the Commission and the governments of third countries. Associated countries therefore participate in discussions on the development of the Schengen acquis,but do not take part in voting. Procedures for notifying and accepting future measures or acts have been laid down. External links[edit]
Spain Proposes to Introduce Border Control Between Schengen Countries / Sputnik International
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:49
Europe16:37 11.01.2015(updated 16:49 11.01.2015)
(C) REUTERS/ Youssef Boudlal
MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) '-- Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz has proposed on Sunday to introduce border control between the Schengen countries, thus revising the Schengen agreement, El Pais newspaper reports.''We will insist on establishing control at the borders, although this means that we will possible have to modify the Schengen agreement,'' Diaz told El Pais.
Diaz said that such measure is needed in order to limit movement of Islamic militants returning to Europe from the Middle East.
(C) East News/ Lorenzo Meloni
The decision followed a series of terrorist attacks involving alleged Islamic radicals, who killed a total of 17 people in Paris over the week.On Wednesday, brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 people in an attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine, known for its anti-Islam cartoons. The brothers reportedly claimed allegiance to al-Qaeda in Yemen after the shooting.
The following day, a female police officer was killed during a shootout in Montrouge, a suburb of Paris. The French Prosecutor's Office classified the incident as a terrorist attack.
On Friday, the suspected Montrouge shooter, identified as Amedy Coulibaly, took some 15 hostages and opened fire in a kosher food supermarket located in eastern Paris. The gunman shot four hostages dead before he was killed by police. A video uploaded on social media on Sunday showed Coulibany pledging allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group.IS, which has proclaimed a caliphate over the controlled swathes of land in Iraq and Syria, draws fighters from across the globe. According to UN estimates, some 15,000 foreign fighters, including many Europeans, have travelled to Syria to join extremist groups since 2011.
German paper hit by Hebdo arson attack
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:31
Fire Engines outside the offices of Hamburger Morgenpost. Photo: Bodo Marks/DPA
A German tabloid that reprinted cartoons from the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo lampooning the Prophet Mohammed was targeted in a firebombing on Sunday, police said.
With security services on high alert after a killing spree in Paris by Islamic extremists, police in the northern German port city of Hamburg said no one was injured in the blaze at the headquarters of the regional daily Hamburger Morgenpost, which caused only slight damage.
"Rocks and then a burning object were thrown through the window," a police spokesman told AFP. "Two rooms on lower floors were damaged but the fire was put out quickly."
The regional tabloid daily, the Hamburger Morgenpost, had splashed three Charlie Hebdo cartoons on its front page after the massacre at the Paris publication, running the headline "This much freedom must be possible!"
No one was hurt in the attack, which police said occurred at about 0120 GMT. Two people were detained, while state security has opened an investigation, police said.
Whether there was a connection between the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the attack was the "key question", the police spokesman said, adding that it was "too soon" to know for certain. Police declined to provide further information about the suspects.
No one at the Hamburger Morgenpost, known locally as the Mopo and which has a circulation of around 91,000, could immediately be reached for comment.
"Thick smoke is still hanging in the air, the police are looking for clues," the newspaper said in its online edition.
Media reports said the newspaper's publishers had ordered private security protection for the building in the western district of Othmarschen.
German news agency DPA reported that the attack had occurred from a courtyard of the building and hit the newspaper's archive room where some records were destroyed.
It quoted a police spokeswoman as saying that the editorial team should be able to continue work in the building as the damage was relatively minor.
Two Islamic extremists stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, killing a total of 12 people including some of France's best-loved satirists. Both men were killed Friday in a standoff with police.
Several German newspapers had published the Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons on their front pages Thursday in a gesture of solidarity with the French cartoonists and in defence of free speech.
Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported earlier Sunday that the bloodshed in France could signal the start of a wave of attacks in Europe, citing communications by Islamic State leaders intercepted by US intelligence.
Shortly after the bloodbath in Paris, the US National Security Agency had intercepted communications in which leaders of the jihadist group announced the next wave of attacks, the tabloid said, citing unnamed sources in the US intelligence services.
To limit the overwhelming burden on our moderators, it will not be possible to comment on this article. Feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook page.
In case you missed it, a Muslim man was the hero of the Paris grocery store siege
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 13:50
Lassan Bathily, unsung hero
In case you missed it, a Muslim man was the hero of the Paris grocery store siege
Jan 10, 2015 10:16am PST by Barbara MorrillPlease log in or sign up to continue.The next time someone blames all Muslims for the actions of terrorists, please point them to this:Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee at Paris Kosher grocery store Hyper Cacher, saved several people by hiding them in a walk-in freezer when a gunman laid siege to his workplace on Friday.
Amedy Coulibaly burst into the market and opened fire, killing 4 people. He took several shoppers hostage and threatened to kill them if police stormed the printing shop where Cherif and Said Kouachi, who killed 12 people in an attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier in the week, were holed up in a village to the north.
Bathily, identified by French media as a "Malian Muslim," helped several customers to safety as the chaos unfolded. "I went down to the freezer, I opened the door, there were several people who went in with me. I turned off the light and the freezer," Bathily, 24, told French network BFMTV. "I brought them inside and I told them to stay calm here, I'm going to go out. When they got out, they thanked me."
Fifth column - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:52
A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group'--such as a nation or a besieged city'--from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.
Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General during the Spanish Civil War, told a journalist in 1936 that as his four columns of troops approached Madrid, a "fifth column" of supporters inside the city would support him and undermine the Republican government from within. The term was then widely used in Spain. Ernest Hemingway used it as the title of his only play, which he wrote in Madrid while the city was being bombarded, and published in 1938 in his book The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories.[1]
Some writers, mindful of the origin of the phrase, use it only in reference to military operations rather than the broader and less well defined range of activities that sympathizers might engage in to support an anticipated attack. Madeleine Albright, for example, in a lengthy account of German sympathizers in Czechoslovakia in the first years of World War II, reserves it for their possible response to a German invasion: "Many, perhaps most, of the Sudetens would have provided the enemy with a fifth column".[2]
Contemporaneous usage[edit]In the United States at the end of the 1930s, as involvement in the European war seemed ever more likely, those who feared the possibility of betrayal from within used the newly coined term "fifth column" as a shorthand for sedition and disloyalty. The rapid fall of France in 1940 led many to blame a "fifth column" rather than German military superiority. Political factions in France blamed one another for the nation's defeat and military officials blamed the civilian leadership, all helping feed American anxieties. In June 1940, Life magazine ran a series of photos under the heading "Signs of Nazi Fifth Column Everywhere". In July 1940, Time magazine called fifth column talk a "national phenomenon".[3] In August 1940 the New York Times mentioned "the first spasm of fear engendered by the success of fifth columns in less fortunate countries".[4] One report identified participants in Nazi "fifth columns" as "partisans of authoritarian government everywhere", citing Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, and the Netherlands.[5]
John Langdon-Davies, a British journalist who covered the Spanish Civil War, popularized the term "fifth column" by publishing an account called The Fifth Column in 1940. The New York Times published three editorial cartoons that used the term on August 11, 1940.[6]
British reviewers of Agatha Christie's novel N or M? in 1941 used the term to describe the struggle of two British partisans of the Nazi regime working on its behalf in England during World War II.[7]
In Frank Capra's 1941 film Meet John Doe, newspaper editor Henry Connell warns political ingenue John Doe about a businessman's plans to promote his own political ambitions using the apolitical John Doe Clubs. Connell says to John: "Listen, pal, this fifth-column stuff is pretty rotten, isn't it?", identifying the businessman with anti-democratic interests in the United States. When Doe agrees, he adds: "And you'd feel like an awful sucker if you found yourself marching right in the middle of it, wouldn't you?"[8]
Immediately following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox issued a statement that "the most effective Fifth Column work of the entire war was done in Hawaii with the exception of Norway."[9] The widely-read columnist Walter Lippmann publicized similar accusations of sabotage on the part of Japanese Americans in his syndicated column on February 12, 1942, titled "The Fifth Column on the Coast."[10]
During the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in December 1941 said the indigenous Moro Muslims were "capable of dealing with Japanese fifth columnists and invaders alike".[11] Another in the Vancouver Sun the next month described how the large population of Japanese immigrants in Davao in the Philippines welcomed the invasion: "the first assault on Davao was aided by numbers of Fifth Columnists''residents of the town".[12]
The term was soon so widely known that it very quickly appeared in popular U.S. entertainment. Introducing a 1941 newsreel, Meet John Doughboy, the animated character Porky Pig asked any "fifth columnists" in the audience leave the theater immediately.[13] The next year in Looney Tunes' Foney Fables, the narrator of a comic fairy tale described a wolf in sheep's clothing as a "fifth columnist".[14] In 1943, an animated cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series was called The Fifth-Column Mouse.[15]
Later usage[edit]German minority organizations in Czechoslovakia formed the Sudeten German Free Corps, which aided the Third Reich. Some claimed they were "self-defense formations" created in the aftermath of World War I and unrelated to the German invasion two decades later.[16] More often their origins were discounted and they were defined by the role they played in 1938''39: "The same pattern was repeated in Czechoslovakia. Henlein's Free Corps played in that country the part of fifth column".[17] Albright uses the term in this context only to describe what did not happen, in that the German invasion met no Czech resistance, obviating the possibility of anyone playing the role of fifth column in the military sense.[2]In 1945, a document produced by the U.S. Department of State compared the earlier efforts of Nazi Germany to mobilize the support of sympathizers in foreign nations to the superior efforts of the international communist movement at the end of World War II: "a communist party was in fact a fifth column as much as any [German] Bund group, except that the latter were crude and ineffective in comparison with the Communists".[18]Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., wrote in 1949: "the special Soviet advantage'--the warhead'--lies in the fifth column; and the fifth column is based on the local Communist parties".[19]Following the 2015 attack by French-born Muslims on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the UK right-wing politician Nigel Farage said that Europe had "a fifth column living with in our own countries."[23]In popular culture[edit]Robert A. Heinlein's science fiction novel Sixth Column (1949) describes the work of a "sixth column", a hidden resistance movement fighting an oppressive occupying force of Asians on American soil. The novel includes many references to the Spanish events in which the term originated to contrast what the author considers the traitorous fifth column with the novel's patriotic sixth.[24]See also[edit]References[edit]^The Fifth Column and Forty-Nine Stories. The Literary Encyclopedia. Retrieved 24 June 2010.^ abAlbright, Madeleine (2012). 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Korea Backlash in Japan", Associated Press dispatch, October 24, 2006 [1])^"... they hurl accusations against us, like that we are a 'fifth column'." (Roee Nahmias, "Arab MK: Israel committing 'genocide' of Shiites", Ynetnews August 2, 2006)^"... a fifth column, a league of traitors" (Evelyn Gordon, "No longer the political fringe", Jerusalem Post September 14, 2006)^Bordelon, Brendan (January 7, 2015). "UKIP's Farage: Multiculturalism Creating 'Fifth Column' in West". National Review. Retrieved January 8, 2015. ^Robert A. Heinlein, Sixth Column (Gnome Press, 1949), 36: "this would not be a fifth column of traitors, bent on paralysing a free country; but the antithesis of that, a sixth column of patriots whose privilege it would be to destroy the morale of invaders, make them afraid, unsure of themselves." See sffworld.com: Mark Yon, Review of Heinlein, Sixth Column, accessed July 23, 2012Further reading[edit]"The German Fifth Column in Poland" London: Polish Ministry of Info, 1941"Fifth Column at Work" by Bohumil Bilek, description of German minority in Czechoslovakia, London, Trinity, 1945
New Russian law includes transsexuals in long list of people with 'disorders' banned from driving
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 12:44
New Russian law includes transsexuals in long list of people with 'disorders' banned from driving
The TelegraphFriday, Jan. 9, 2015
Russian lawyers have criticized draconian new road safety laws that ban transsexuals from receiving driving licences.
In a bizarre amendment to a law published this week, transsexualism and transvestism were named as health conditions that could be dangerous to drivers.
The rules were listed in a decree signed by Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, which is aimed at reducing road deaths by banning people with certain disabilities from driving. They include amputees, those with hereditary eye diseases and people shorter than 4ft 9in. Also barred are those with what the law calls ''personality and behaviour disorders'', including ''disorders of sexual preference.''
Fetishism, exhibitionism and voyeurism are also on the list of proclivities deemed unsafe on the roads, as are ''disorders'' associated with sexual development and orientation. The new law not only targets sexuality. Gambling addicts and kleptomaniacs may also be denied licences.
The law does not explain how an individual's sexual preference might impede their ability to drive safely. Nor is it clear how the law would be enforced.
The Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights warned that it could allow the authorities to intrude into private lives and open the way for ''denunciations'' of individuals to the police.
US-based Human Rights First called it an ''alarming violation of the rights of the transgender community'' and ''just another example of the Russian regime's methodical rollback of basic human rights for its citizens.''
The Daily Telegraph, with a file from The Associated Press
RFE/RL Instigated
Transexuals and Driver Licenses
BBC: Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'
You can not be issued a DL if you have mental ‘issues’.
This issues are determined by the WHO
So Russia refers in the law to the WHO ICD-10 Mental and behavioural disorders definition of these issues and guess what…they say forms of sexuality can be considered an issue under certain circumstances.
Sexual disorders listed as contradictions to driving in Russia '-- RT News
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 05:30
Published time: January 09, 2015 16:49RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresenskiy
Russia's new road safety rules have expanded the list of medical conditions preventing people from get a driving license to include sexual disorders, which covers all transgender people, bi-gender, asexuals, transvestites, cross dressers and others.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on December 29 last year, which came into effect on January 6, 2015.
The document has been adopted in the framework of the state's road traffic safety program, which is aimed at reducing the number of deaths on Russian roads.
The decree mentions a number of ''disorders of adult personality and behavior'' from the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health (ICD-10) to be among the contradictions to driving.
They include such sexual behavior disorders as transsexualism, transvestism, fetishism, voyeurism, sadomasochism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, necrophilia and others.
However, ICD-10 especially stresses that sexual orientation by itself isn't considered a personality disorder.
''Sexual disorders'' may be an obstacle to driving a car if they take "chronic and prolonged'' form with ''severe or persistent painful symptoms,'' the decree said.
Schizophrenia, mood disorders, mental retardation, epilepsy, substance use disorder and visual impairment are also included in the document as contradictions to getting behind the wheel.
People shorter than 150 centimeters were also included on the list as well those who suffer from "pathological" gambling and kleptomania.
The member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, Elena Mayuk, criticized the decree, saying there was ''a possible injustice in restricting the right to operate a vehicle to persons suffering from disorders of gender identity and sexual preference.''
Masyuk believes that ''international legal practice of such restrictions should be examined to determine if the ban is justified,'' the Council's website said.
Russian Federation 16440 - Pastebin.com
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 05:18
ROUGH Translation of: http://government.ru/media/files/A5X9GSAYrpA.pdf
on December 29, 2014 '– 1604
On the list of medical contraindications, medical indications and medical restrictions to driving in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 231 of the Federal Law "On the Road Safety" The Government of the Russian Federation:
To approve the attached list of medical contraindications to management vehicle; list of medical indications for Motor Vehicle
means; list of medical restrictions to driving agent.
Prime Minister
Russian Federation
Government Resolution
Russian Federation
on December 29, 2014 '– 1604
medical contraindications to driving name of the disease code disease ICD-10 *
I. Mental and behavioral disorders
(in the presence of chronic and prolonged mental disorders with severe persistent or painful symptoms are often exacerbated)
1. Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders F00 - F09
2. Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders F20 - F29
3. Mood disorders (affective disorders) F30 - F39
4. Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders F40 - F48
5. Personality disorders and behavior in adulthood F60 - F69
6. Mental retardation F70 - F79
II. Mental and behavioral disorders due substance use
(up to the termination of the dispensary observation in connection with the stable remission (recovery)
7. Mental and behavioral disorders related to substance use F10 - F16, F18, F192 name of the disease code disease ICD-10 *
III. Diseases of the nervous system
8. Epilepsy G40
IV. Diseases of the eye and adnexa
9. Achromatopsia N53.51
10. Blindness in both eyes H54.0
* ICD 10 = International statistical classification of diseases and related problems health (10th revision).
Government Resolution
Russian Federation
on December 29, 2014 '– 1604
I. Medical indications to driving manual
1. Deformation of the foot, significantly impedes its movement.
2. Shortening of the lower limb more than 6 cm
(except for the cases when the limb has no bone defects, soft tissue and joint range of motion is stored, the length of the limbs
the heel bone to the middle of the greater trochanter of the hip more 75 cm).
3. amputation stump of both thighs.
4. amputation stump of both shins.
5. thigh or lower leg stump one limb at a significant violation of motor and static functions other lower limb (amputation stump foot deformity, vascular disease, damage to major peripheral nerve trunks and others.).
6. Persistent deformity or disease of the lower limbs, pelvis or spine, greatly complicates the standing and walking
(ankylosing arthritis of the lower limbs, severe kyphoscoliosis and spondylitis with symptoms of compression, pseudarthrosis, endarteritis II and III degree, elephantiasis et al.).
7. Paralysis and paresis of the lower extremities with the possibility of sitting.
8. Damage to the neurovascular bundle one lower limb with significant trophic disorders (extensive non-healing ulcers).
II. Medical indications for operation of the vehicle Auto transmissiey2
9. The absence of upper limb or hand.
10. The absence of lower limb or foot.
11. Deformation of the hand or foot, greatly complicates movement of the hand or foot.
12. Stump thigh or lower leg, while the absence of a of the upper extremities.
13. The absence of fingers or phalanges, and immobility in interphalangeal joints:
a) the absence of two phalanges of the thumb on the hand;
b) lack of immobility or 2 or more fingers on the right hand or complete reduction of at least one finger;
c) absence of immobility or 3 or more fingers on his left hand or complete reduction of at least one finger.
14. Residual effects of central nervous system as hemiplegia.
III. Medical indications for operation of the vehicle, equipped with an acoustic parking system
15. Blindness in one eye.
IV. Medical indications for operation of the vehicle using a driver of the vehicle health products for vision correction
16. Refractive errors, reducing visual acuity below permitted, subject to increase in visual acuity with glasses or
contact lenses up to the permitted level.
V. Medical indications to driving using a driver of the vehicle of medical devices to compensate for the hearing loss
17. Diseases of the ear and mastoid process, reduced hearing below the permitted level, provided improved hearing with
technical means of rehabilitation (hearing aids, speech processor) to the permitted level.
I. Medical restrictions to driving Category "A" or "M" category "A1" or "B1" and the motorcycle planting or handlebars
1. Visual acuity below 0.6 on the best eye and below 0.2 for the worst eye with correction tolerated, with 2 eyes open independently the type of correction (glasses, contact, surgical), the degree and type refractive error, or the length of the eye.
2. Blindness in one eye with visual acuity less than 0.8 portability corrected for seeing eye regardless of the type of correction (glasses, contact, surgical), the degree and type of refractive error, or the length of the eye.
3. State after refractive surgery on the cornea eyes or other refractive surgery after one month absence of complications independent of the degree and type of source refractive error, or the length of the eye.
4. Chronic disease of eyes, accompanied by significant impairment of visual function, persistent changes in age, including
including their mucous membranes, muscle paresis century, preventing vision or restricting the movement of the eyeball.
5. Persistent diplopia due to any cause of strabismus.
6. Spontaneous nystagmus rejecting pupils at 70 degrees from the middle position.
7. Limiting the field of view greater than 20 degrees in either from meridianov.2
8. No one upper or lower limbs, brush or foot and hand or foot deformity, greatly complicates
movement of the hand or foot.
9. Lack of the phalanges or finger and immobility in the interphalangeal joints:
a) the absence of two phalanges of the thumb on the hand;
b) lack of immobility or 2 or more fingers on the right hand or complete reduction of at least one finger;
c) absence of immobility or 3 or more fingers on his left hand or complete reduction of at least one finger.
10. Shortening of the lower limb more than 6 cm (osvidetelstvuemogo be assessed as unfit to driving means, unless of course has no defects of bones, joints, or soft tissues, range of motion is saved, limb length from the heel bone to the middle of the greater trochanter femur is more than 75 cm).
11. The disease of any etiology causing dysfunction vestibular analyzer syndrome vertigo or nystagmus
(Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, vestibular crisis of any etiology et al.).
II. Medical restrictions to driving "B" category
* or "BE", the category "B1" (except for transport means a motorcycle planting or handlebars)
12. Visual acuity below 0.6 on the best eye and below 0.2 for the worst eye with correction tolerated, with 2 eyes open independently the type of correction (glasses, contact, surgical), the degree and type refractive error, or the length of the eye.
13. Condition after refractive surgery on the cornea eyes or other refractive surgery after one month absence of complications independent of the degree and type of source refractive error, or the length of the eye.
14. Chronic disease of eyes, accompanied by significant impairment of visual function, persistent changes in age, including
including their mucous membranes, muscle paresis century, preventing vision or restricting the movement of the eyeball.
15. Persistent diplopia due to any cause of strabismus.
16. Spontaneous nystagmus rejecting pupils at 70 degrees of the average polozheniya.3
17. Limiting the field of view greater than 20 degrees in either of the meridians.
18. The absence of both upper limbs or hands or their deformation, significantly impedes the movement of the hands.
19. Residual effects of central nervous system a top paraplegia.
20. The disease of any etiology causing dysfunction vestibular analyzer syndrome vertigo or nystagmus
(Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, vestibular crisis of any etiology et al.).
III. Medical restrictions to driving category "C"
*"CE", "D", "DE", "Tm" or "Tb", subcategory "C1"
*, "D1", "C1E" or "D1E"
21. Visual acuity below 0.8 on the best eye and below 0.4 for the worst eye with correction tolerated, with 2 eyes open no more than 8 diopters on sverhekvivalentu for better seeing eye regardless of the type of refractive error or type of correction (glasses, contact).
22. Blindness in one eye, regardless of visual acuity sighted eyes.
23. Condition after refractive surgery on the cornea eyes or other refractive surgery after one month absence of complications independent of the degree and type of source refractive error, or the length of the eye.
24. Chronic disease of eyes, accompanied by significant impairment of visual function, persistent changes in age, including
including their mucous membranes, muscle paresis century, preventing vision or restricting the movement of the eyeball.
25. Persistent diplopia due to any cause of strabismus.
26. Spontaneous nystagmus rejecting pupils at 70 degrees from the middle position.
27. Limiting the field of view greater than 20 degrees in either of the meridians.
28. The absence of upper limb or hand.
29. The absence of lower limb or stopy.4
30. Deformation of the hand or foot, greatly complicates movement of the hand or foot.
31. The absence of fingers or phalanges, and immobility in the interphalangeal joints:
a) the absence of two phalanges of the thumb on the hand;
b) lack of immobility or 2 or more fingers on the right hand or complete reduction of at least one finger;
c) absence of immobility or 3 or more fingers on his left hand or complete reduction of at least one finger.
32. Residual effects of central nervous system as hemiplegia or paraplegia.
33. Shortening of the lower limb more than 6 cm
(osvidetelstvuemogo be assessed as unfit to driving means, unless of course has no defects of bones, joints, or soft tissues, range of motion is saved, limb length from the heel bone to the middle of the greater trochanter femur is more than 75 cm).
34. traumatic deformities and defects of the skull bones with the presence of severe neurological symptoms.
35. Perception colloquially to one or both ears at a distance less than 3 m, whisper speech - at a distance of 1 m or less independently of ways to compensate for the loss of hearing.
36. The disease of any etiology causing dysfunction vestibular analyzer syndrome vertigo or nystagmus
(Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, vestibular crisis of any etiology et al.).
37. Height below 150 cm.
*To vehicles of category "B", "C" and the subcategory "C1" equal
self-propelled chassis of vehicles used for the carriage of goods and
related to these categories and subcategories.
Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'. This includes transgenders
Fri, 09 Jan 2015 06:50
8 January 2015Last updated at 14:01 ET Russia has listed transsexual and transgender people among those who will no longer qualify for driving licences.
Fetishism, exhibitionism and voyeurism are also included as "mental disorders" now barring people from driving.
The government says it is tightening medical controls for drivers because Russia has too many road accidents.
"Pathological" gambling and compulsive stealing are also on the list. Russian psychiatrists and human rights lawyers have condemned the move.
The announcement follows international complaints about Russian harassment of gay-rights activists.
In 2013 Russia made "promoting non-traditional lifestyles" illegal.
Valery Evtushenko at the Russian Psychiatric Association voiced concern about the driving restrictions, speaking to the BBC Russian Service. He said some people would avoid seeking psychiatric help, fearing a driving ban.
The Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights called the new law "discriminatory". It said it would demand clarifications from the Russian Constitutional Court and seek support from international human rights organisations.
But the Professional Drivers Union supported the move. "We have too many deaths on the road, and I believe toughening medical requirements for applicants is fully justified," said the union's head Alexander Kotov.
However, he said the requirements should not be so strict for non-professional drivers.
Mikhail Strakhov, a Russian psychiatric expert, told BBC Russian that the definition of "personality disorders" was too vague and some disorders would not affect a person's ability to drive a car safely.
_parse comments on Russia has listed transsexual and transgender people among those who will no longer qualify for driving licences.
Fri, 09 Jan 2015 21:53
the rough translation: http://pastebin.com/geqwZaQQ
"medical contraindications to driving name of the disease code disease ICD-10 * I. Mental and behavioral disorders (in the presence of chronic and prolonged mental disorders with severe persistent or painful symptoms are often exacerbated)
Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders F00 - F09
Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders F20 - F29
Mood disorders (affective disorders) F30 - F39
Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders F40 - F48
Personality disorders and behavior in adulthood F60 - F69
Mental retardation F70 - F79"
ICD-10 guidelines Certainly trans people won't be able to hold a drivers liscence covered under ICD-10 F64. http://apps.who.int/classifications/apps/icd/icd10online2003/fr-icd.htm?gf60.htm+ And questionably open to LGB people, under the rather vague F65.9, Psychological and behavioural disorders associated with sexual development and orientation when guardian published results (citation needed) http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/01/russia-rise-homophobic-violence that a large proportion of russians belive homosexuality to be a mental disorder. edit As to the LGB part, while not within the letter of the law, it will be obnoxiously easy to use the other parts, i.e Note: Sexual orientation by itself is not to be regarded as a disorder.
F66.0 Sexual maturation disorder The patient suffers from uncertainty about his or her gender identity or sexual orientation, which causes anxiety or depression. Most commonly this occurs in adolescents who are not certain whether they are homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual in orientation, or in individuals who, after a period of apparently stable sexual orientation (often within a longstanding relationship), find that their sexual orientation is changing
So that if your sexuality changes, you could feasibly be contrainterdicted to having a driver's licence
F66.1 Egodystonic sexual orientation The gender identity or sexual preference (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or prepubertal) is not in doubt, but the individual wishes it were different because of associated psychological and behavioural disorders, and may seek treatment in order to change it.
so if you are in the closet or don't believe you are gay and have tried so called gay conversion.
F66.2 Sexual relationship disorder The gender identity or sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual) is responsible for difficulties in forming or maintaining a relationship with a sexual partner. I can imagine within a homophobic environment could easily be argued....
the whole of F65 could be used for people who are into kink. Or drag queens and kings.... this is so open ended.
edit 2 My concern is, I suppose, that the thoroughly upright and law-abiding Russian police may use this as a good excuse to stop drivers (or indeed anyone in the street they don't like the look of) and take further action. Also I would assume that anyone presenting as outside of standard gender norms (whether the person behind the desk interprets that as someone who's androgynous/agender/'visibly' (ugh) trans* etc, or whether they merely interpret it as a masculine-looking woman or a feminine-looking man) is going to fall at the first hurdle.
Edit 3 to those people who are saying well it's the danm WHO's fault, no no it isn't. do you know how easy it is to sit down and think, what parts of this guideline on mental health conditions are applicable to driving a car. Other countries do. you then sit down and specify the exact parts, and not others that are applicable to driving a car within your legislation. It's as simple as that. Keeping them in does actually send a message, like what the hell are they thinking about saying being trans is something to do with the ability to drive?
Swedish Forces Admit Second Submarine Hunt Near Stockholm: Reports
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:30
Europe15:55 11.01.2015(updated 16:23 11.01.2015)
MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) '-- A second, this time secret submarine hunt was launched in the Stockholm archipelago when a "very credible" informant reported seeing a possible conning tower a week after Sweden called off the initial search operation, the Swedish Armed Forces said Sunday.''We consider the informant to be very credible. We had ships and ground units nearby, so we were able to quickly respond to that observation. Unfortunately, it did not yield any results,'' Swedish Armed Forces spokesman Philip Simon was quoted as saying by the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.
The second search mission reportedly took place after a civilian with extensive military experience reported seeing what he believed to be a submarine tower on October 31. According to him, the alleged submarine, spotted near the island of Stora Hoggarn northeast of Stockholm, was heading toward the capital.
This possible new submarine was photographed, Dagens Nyheter said. ''It looks like a black submarine tower. You can also see several other ships that operate normally in the waters, such as the Finland ferries,'' said one of the newspaper's military sources who claims to have seen the picture.
According to another source, the new image is of much higher quality than the one released by the Swedish forces during the first submarine hunt. ''Compared with the image from Orno, this picture is taken at a greater distance. Yet this is a much better picture,'' the source said.The Swedish Armed Forces launched a major search operation off the coast of Stockholm on October 17 after receiving reports on the presence of a suspicious underwater object in the region.
On October 24, the operation was called off, failing to yield any results. Swedish officials confirmed, however, that a small submarine had violated the country's territorial waters.
MoD asks for American help in searching for Russian submarine near Scotland - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 05:36
Two US Navy aircraft have been conducting anti-submarine patrols in the north Atlantic this week on the trail of a Russian vessel in the area. A Royal Navy frigate has also been dispatched. It is believed the Russian presence could be linked to the reported departure of one of the Royal Navy's Vanguard-class nuclear submarines from Faslane naval base at Gare Loch on the River Clyde. Vanguards carry Trident ballistic missiles.
Two American P3 Orion maritime patrol aeroplanes were called in to fill what defence experts described as a ''gaping chasm'' in Britain's anti-submarine capability following the scrapping of the RAF's £4bn fleet of Nimrod surveillance aircraft in 2010.
Angus Robertson, the Scottish National Party's defence spokesman and MP for Moray, said the US deployment showed that Britain had resorted to going to its allies with a ''begging bowl''.
Defence analysts said it raised questions about the UK's ability adequately to protect its nuclear submarines. Sources said ''visits'' from Russian subs were ''happening quite often'' off the north and west coasts of Scotland.
This week's operation follows a deployment last month by maritime patrol aircraft from Canada, France and the US, first revealed in Aviation Week magazine. On that occasion, it was suggested that a suspected Russian submarine may have been trying to track one of Britain's four Vanguard-class boats after a fishing trawler spotted an ''unknown submarine periscope'' close to Faslane.
In this week's search, the US crews co-ordinated with the anti-submarine frigate HMS Somerset, which has been operating off Scotland for a month. According to an aviation photographer at RAF Lossiemouth, the US aircraft, known as Skinny Dragons and usually based in Hawaii, have been flying up to two missions a day since New Year's Eve.
Peter Roberts, a senior fellow of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, said: ''HMS Somerset is a capable platform and I have no doubt that her deployment alongside these US Navy aircraft is related to the reported departure of a Royal Navy Vanguard ballistic missile submarine from Faslane, and the countering of any Russian deployment from over the horizon.''
The Ministry of Defence has enlisted the help of the US military to search for a Russian submarine near Scotland (Getty Images)Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear policy expert with the Monterey Institute of International Studies, said: ''I would put my money on it being a Russian attack submarine with cruise missiles on a patrol taking it past Britain and into the north Atlantic and on the US eastern seaboard. The Russians are trying to threaten Nato and Nato is threatening them right back by showing that we can shadow them, and that if they tried this for real we would be able to kill them.''
However, the US intervention has raised questions about Britain's ability to protect its nuclear fleet. Mr Roberts said: ''Ministry of Defence chiefs have been scratching their heads ever since Nimrod was scrapped in a highly political decision. It has left a gaping chasm in the UK's capabilities and left us highly dependent on co-operation from our allies.''
Plans to equip the RAF with the BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 aircraft were cancelled in 2010 as a result of the Strategic Defence and Security Review, at which point the project was £789m over-budget and more than nine years late.
The MRA4 was intended to replace the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR2, which had been in service since 1969. Its main job would have been to ensure that no foreign submarines could track Royal Navy vessels coming in and out of Faslane. All of the ageing Nimrods, and their planned replacements, were withdrawn despite a National Audit Office ruling that the loss of the aircraft would have ''an adverse effect on the protection of the strategic nuclear deterrent''.
A spokesman for the MoD said: ''Tough decisions had to be taken in order to rebalance the Defence budget, which included removing the Nimrod MR2 from service. However, maritime surveillance is provided through a combination of layered capabilities including surface ships, submarines, and air assets such as the RAF Hercules which searched for the missing yacht Cheeki Rafiki in May. The UK continues to work closely with its NATO allies in the operation of Maritime Patrol Aircraft.''
Book Club: Recycled Reads trip -> The Arabs: A Short History
Isis fighters 'high on cocaine': Drugs found at home of Islamic State leader | Daily Mail Online
Tue, 06 Jan 2015 18:42
Bag of cocaine discovered at the home of IS leader, Emir Abu ZahraKurdish fighters killed him during a military operation in Kobane, SyriaThey claim Zahra distributed drug to his fighters to give them 'courage'Previous IS videos show the extremists burning marijuana and cigarettesDiscovery suggests widespread drug-use within Islamic State ranks By Joakim Medin For Mailonline
Published: 10:24 EST, 6 January 2015 | Updated: 10:28 EST, 6 January 2015
Islamic State fighters may be taking cocaine to boost morale as Coalition planes bomb them from above, and Kurds advance on their territory.
Kurdish fighters uncovered a bag of cocaine at the home of IS leader, Emir Abu Zahra, after killing him in a military operation deep inside the war-torn city of Kobane in Syria.
The discovery in the Botan neighbourhood suggests widespread drug use within ISIS which is very much against the doctrines and principles of Islam.
They believe Zahra distributed the drug among his fighters to boost morale - as ground assaults by Iraqi Peshmerga and bombing raids by the US Air Force begin to take their toll.
Discovery: Kurdish fighters found a bag of cocaine (pictured) from the home of an IS leader, Abu Zahra
Drugged: The Kurdish soldiers believe Zahra was distributing the drug to up to 40 of his fighters
Forbidden: The use of narcotics goes against the doctrines and principles of Islam
Raid: Abu Zahra was killed in the military operation which uncovered the bag of cocaine and an armoured laptop (pictured)
Islamic State's propaganda videos have previously shown the extremist group whipping three drug addicts near the Syrian city of Damascus.
The captions on the video being circulated suggested the men were being punished for taking illegal substances, in accordance with Sharia Law.
Islamic State's religious police, known as the Hesbah, have previously been pictured burning a large supply of cigarettes near the IS-controlled city of Raqqa.
While amateur footage online shows its soldiers burning fields of what appears to be a marijuana farm.
Despite the image they portray, there have been constant rumours of drug use within Islamic State ranks.
The group's leaders are believed to drug their fighters so they fight more bravely, although their enemies suggest this inspires reckless and ineffective attacks.
Kurdish fighters have reportedly found mysterious pills, capsules and syringes on both dead and alive IS fighters.
High-tech: An armoured laptop worth over £2,000 was also recovered from Abu Zahra's house
Operation: A dozen Kurdish fighters from the People's Protection Units (YPG) carried out the raid on Zahra's home
Destruction: The city of Kobane (pictured) has been reduced to rubble after continuous fighting between Kurdish, regime, and ISIS forces
The dozen soldiers from the People's Protection Units (YPG), who carried out the raid on Zahra's home, also found an armoured Dell Latitude XFR laptop, which costs over £2,000.
Kobane, on the northern border between Syria and Turkey, has been the scene of intense fighting between Kurdish and IS forces.
Kurdish fighters have made great advances into IS territory in Kobane sine the new year, thanks to aerial support from the US Air Force and artillery fire from Iraqi Pehmerga soldiers.
ISIS were pushed back in the south and south-east, and retreated from both the Cultural Centre and the governmental square.
The Kurds now control around 80 per cent of the city, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
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Al Qaeda turncoat who helped US nail Al-Awlaki warns of more sleeper cells | Fox News
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 06:52
Former PET informant Morten Storm warns that sleeper cells are spread throughout the west, waiting to strike. (AP)
A former Danish motorcycle gangster who joined Al Qaeda, only to become a double agent who claims to have helped the U.S. hunt down one of the terrorist organization's top leaders, said this week's attacks in Paris prove that sleeper cells are positioned around the west, ready to carry out fresh attacks.
Morten Storm, who, as an informant for Denmark's national intelligence agency Security and Intelligence Service (PET), had first-hand dealings with Anwar Al-Awlaki while the U.S.-born cleric was head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, said western countries must protect themselves by canceling the citizenships of homegrown radicals who travel to the Middle East to fight or train. Once radicalized, homegrown jihadists can easily blend into society until given the signal to strike, he said.
''Deception is their warfare,'' Storm said on a conference call facilitated by the New York-based terrorism research group Clarion Project. ''One of the things that these groups believe in is that you are allowed to trick someone into believing that you stand for something else when you really have other agendas. They will act as normal members of western society.''
''They will act as normal members of western society.''
- Morten Storm
Storm, 38, who co-wrote "Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA," speculated that the suspects who launched the bloody, commando-style attack on French satire magazine newspaper Charlie Hebdo are likely among many such Islamist terrorists in position and ready to carry out attacks in Europe. The brothers who killed 12 in an attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Abdo had ties to Al Qaeda, and at least one had traveled to Yemen and been in contact with terror camp operators, Fox News has reported. Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34, were killed Friday when police raided a printing plant where they had holed up two days after carrying out the savage attack, mounted in retaliation for the magazine's publishing of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammed.
Storm was involved with drugs and violence as a member of the motorcycle gang Banditios, before going to prison in 1997. Following his release, he moved to England with a Danish Muslim convert he met in prison. There, he embraced the religion, praying five times a day and growing out his beard.
Storm claims that it was during that time that he came into contact with Al Qaeda members and had travelled to Yemen three times before he met leader Al-Awlaki in 2006. Al-Awlaki was a U.S.-born jihadist who rose through the ranks of Al Qaeda and was one of the world's most wanted terrorists before a CIA drone killed him in 2011.
"Al-Awlaki had an extra hatred toward everything not Islamic,'' Storm recalled during the interview. ''He believed it was his calling to bring the banners of Islam back to victory. He believed he was part of the Prophet Muhammad's belief that armies would rise. He was angry towards America for preventing this.''
Storm claims he left Islam after militants rebuffed his offer to joining their fighting ranks in Somalia. He began working with PET shortly afterward, all the while maintaining contact with Al Qaeda operatives. Through the Danish intelligence organization, he passed information to the CIA which he says led to the Sept. 30 drone strike that killed Al-Awlaki, as well as American-born terrorist Samir Khan, who published Al Qaeda's online magazine, "Inspire."
Although Storm claimed credit for Al-Awlaki's death in Danish newspaper interviews, the CIA has never confirmed or denied getting information from him. But Hans Jorgen Bonnichesen, former head of PET, has said Storm was a "very valuable agent" who had information that proved vital to international counter-terrorism efforts.
A European security official said in a 2013 AP interview that Storm may very well have been an informer, but questioned the way Storm described his own significance.
"I have a strong feeling that he's overestimating his own role," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly at the time.
But Storm said during Friday's interview that he learned the lay of the land in his travels to Yemen, and described complex training facilities where many people who came from the west engaged in combat training.
''They were extremely organized,'' he said. ''Many of those trained were given the chance to join fighters in battle and kill government officers and Shia Muslims.''
He said they also had religious scholars at the facilities to enforce Sharia law as well as informants at airports that could help pass operatives through from Yemen to Europe and other areas, as well as people in charge of foreign operations for the extremist group. Many of those terrorists are now fighting in Syria and Iraq, while others have died in battle. But many, Storm warned, are living among westerners.
''What they are really doing is waiting for the right moment," he said. "Then these sleeping cells eventually wake up and attack their targets.
"Al Qaeda wants to create a massive division between Muslims and non-Muslims living in Europe," he added.
The Associated Press contributed reporting to this story.
Boko Haram May Have Killed Thousands in Attack, Say Experts - NBC News.com
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 15:28
Terror experts and U.S. officials say a Boko Haram assault this week on a small city on the northern border of Nigeria may have killed as many as 2,000 civilians.
Many survivors fled into the nearby waters of Lake Chad, where some drowned and where others remain marooned on small islands, menaced by hippos, said a local government official.
District leader Musa Alhaji Bukar told the BBC 2,000 residents from Baga and 16 other towns had been killed by the radical Islamist terror group, and that Baga was now "virtually nonexistent," which would make the massacre among the most deadly terror attacks in history.
In an interview with NBC News on Thursday, Ahmed Zanna, a local senator, said the militants razed Baga and the other communities. "These towns are just gone, burned down," he told NBC News via telephone. "The whole area is covered in bodies."
Zanna said that more than 2,000 people were unaccounted for, and residents who fled the towns reported the killing had been going on since Boko Haram overran a nearby military base Saturday.
American experts say such reports are credible and that officials from Nigeria's central government, who have put the body count in the hundreds, are prone to underestimating death tolls.
A U.S. counterterrorism official said the tally of 2,000 deaths "may not be that far off."
John Campbell, a former ambassador to Nigeria who is now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Affairs, also agreed that the estimate of 2,000 was "not unreasonable," given the "magnitude" of the attack.
"We have to go by previous pattern and experience," said Campbell. J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council Africa Center, also told NBC News he believed the number was "credible."
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All three, however, cautioned that getting an accurate death total was nearly impossible.
The attacks, a coordinated assault on the city and nearby towns, were brutal even for a terror group with a history of mass killings. According to the U.S. counterterrorism official, Boko Haram militants went door-to-door killing families, then strategically placed improvised explosive devices in the streets to funnel survivors into areas where firing squads were pre-positioned. "They were mowed down" by automatic weapons fire, the official said.
The villages were then set on fire, and militants moved on to other areas to repeat the process, officials told the BBC.
Those who survived the deadly gauntlet tried to take refuge in Lake Chad, huddling on islands near the shallow lake's marshy shore.
"These are not stable islands, more like sand bars," explained Pham. "The topography, with the marshes and hippos, gives you a flavor of the misery those who've escaped are facing."
Wednesday's attack on Baga came four days after Boko attacked a Nigerian military base near Baga. Ironically, Baga was supposed to be the main base for joint operations against the terrorist group, the centerpiece of a French-sponsored alliance of Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. It was overrun in a day. Nigeria troops, the only ones on hand, once again abandoned their post -- leaving the city and villages open to attack.
Experts said Boko Haram, like ISIS in Syria and Iraq, is trying to amass territory. Boko Haram has already declared a caliphate 100 miles south of Baga in Gwoza, and may be trying to expand its geographic reach beyond Nigeria's borders.
"They're clearing out people, getting them flexibility and a broader space to operate in," said the U.S. counterterrorism official.
Pham said that Boko Haram has treated civilians in the far north more cruelly than those near Gwoza. The violence in the north, said Pham, is meant "to create havoc to meet their military goals."
Campbell said that Boko Haram now controls all the border crossings in the area between Nigeria and its neighbors, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Only last week, Campbell noted, Boko Haram leader Abubakr Shekhau released a video in which he called for attacks in Cameroon, which like Nigeria is run by a Christian government but has a substantial Muslim population.
In addition, the officials and experts agreed the attacks give Boko Haram a strategic advantage should they want to gain control of Maiduguri, a city of one million in the northeast corner of Nigeria, and the city where Boko Haram was born. Campbell said that he doesn't believe that Boko Haram could overrun Maiduguri, but suggests they could control it -- with sleeper cells already inside the city, some disguised as refugees from nearby fighting.
"When you suggest that Maiduguri is the target, understand this: Boko Haram is already in Maiduguri, with reports of black flags flying over abandoned government buildings," said Campbell, referring to the black and white radical Islamist banner.
London-based human rights group Amnesty International said the massacre could be the "deadliest act" ever perpetrated by Boko Haram.
"If reports that the town was largely razed to the ground '... are true, this marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram's ongoing onslaught against the civilian population," said Amnesty's Nigeria researcher Daniel Eyre in an emailed statement. "The attack on Baga and surrounding towns looks as if it could be Boko Haram's deadliest act in a catalogue of increasingly heinous attacks carried out by the group."
First published January 9 2015, 9:15 AM
Robert WindremRobert Windrem is an investigative reporter/producer with NBC News. His specialty is international security, on-camera commentary on international security for MSNBC and writer on international security for NBCNews.com
Winner of 45 national journalism awards, including an Emmy as well as Dupont-Columbia, National Press Club, Sigma Delta Chi, three Edward R. Murrow and eight National Headliners Club awards. He has also been nominated for an Emmy 19 times.
Windrem produced the first report on U.S. television on Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda in January 1997; produced the first inside look of CIA Headquarters on U.S. television in February 1994; arranged and produced exclusive interviews with Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad in New York in September 2006, and in Tehran in July 2008. He also produced extensive reports on "Nightly News" regarding nuclear proliferation in Israel, South Africa, Iraq and Iran as well as reports on the Mexican drug wars; al Qaeda; US drone attacks in Pakistan, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Washington, D.C., snipers; campaign finance scandals, defense procurement abuse, and intelligence technology, among many others.
He contributed to NBC News documentaries on the war on terrorism, Hurricane Katrina and nuclear strategy.
Windrem co-wrote with William E. Burrows, "Critical Mass: the Dangerous Race for Superweapons in a Fragmenting World", Simon & Schuster, New York, 1994.
He has appeared more than 300 times as an expert on national security issues on MSNBC, NBC News and CNBC as well as CBC in Canada, BBC in the UK, Channel 2 in Israel and ABC in Australia. Most recently he served as a consultant on an Israeli TV documentary on Arnon Milchan, the Hollywood producer and arms dealer.
He is a graduate of Seton Hall University with a degree in communications arts. He also pursued a graduate degree in American Studies at Seton Hall.
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Iran joins European gas race
Tue, 06 Jan 2015 16:54
Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan.5
By Emil Ismayilov - Trend:
Thaw in relations between the West and Iran gradually begins to bear fruit, and Azerbaijan can also obtain considerable dividends from it.
The recent sworn enemies are in talks now as well. The negotiations led by several European countries (France, UK, Germany, Italy) with the National Iranian Gas Company on the issue of cooperation in the construction of gas processing plants and gas pipelines both in the country and from Iran to Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries, are the striking example of that.
Considering the issue of cooperation in the construction of gas pipelines, the issue of supplies of Iranian gas to Europe also becomes relevant. The issue of gas supplies, which became a matter of urgency in the relations between Europe and Russia, is still open and needs to be addressed.
Rapprochement between Europe and Iran in the gas sector can become a reality in terms of implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor project, which will deliver Azerbaijani gas.
All gas transportation infrastructure, which is the part of the Southern Gas Corridor, was calculated with the possibility of adoption of additional gas volumes from other sources. In these circumstances, it is namely Azerbaijan that may become a reliable and important link, through which the Iranian gas can enter the European market.
As is known, Azerbaijan and Iran are connected by the Gazi-Muhammad-Astara-Bind-Biand gas pipeline, which delivers Azerbaijani gas to Iran via the swap operations in order to meet the needs of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR), which is in blockade due to the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia.
The idea of construction of a gas pipeline from Turkey for strengthening NAR's energy security has already been considered. With the construction of 180-kilometer-long Igdir (Turkey)-Sederek (NAR) gas pipeline, the operation of Azerbaijani-Iranian gas pipeline in the opposite direction can become quite real.
With that, various scenarios can be considered on condition of full warming of relations between the West and Iran.
Aside from that, Iran is linked with Turkmenistan via a gas pipeline and Europe also shows interest in obtaining Turkmen gas. This opens great opportunities for ensuring the supply of Turkmen gas to the Southern Gas Corridor. Under the current conditions, there is a need to construct a gas pipeline running under the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan in order to deliver Turkmen gas to Europe.
The triumph of peace in the relations of the West and Iran will be beneficial to all, and in all respects, particularly in gas supply issue. Europe will get additional gas sources, while Iran and Turkmenistan will ensure the delivery of gas to the European market.
Azerbaijan, for its part, will play a role of a 'crystal bridge' in gas relations between EU and Iran and get considerable dividends from the transit and transport of Iranian and Turkmen gas.
Edited by SI
Emil Ismayilov is Trend Agency's staff journalist, follow him on Twitter: @Emilsmail
Follow us on Twitter @TRENDNewsAgency
Persian Pipeline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tue, 06 Jan 2015 17:35
Persian PipelineLocationCountryIran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, SpainGeneral directionsouth-west-northFromAssaluyehPasses throughBazarganToEuropeGeneral informationTypenatural gasPartnersNational Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC)Operatorcurrently based on Build-Own-OperateExpected2014Technical informationLength3,300 km (2,100 mi)Maximum discharge37''40 billion cubic meters per yearPersian Pipeline, also known as the Pars Pipeline and Iran''Europe pipeline, (Persian: خط ÙÙÙهÙ-- پارØ"'Ž) is a proposed natural gas pipeline to transfer Iranian gas from the Persian Gulf to European markets.[1]
This planned pipeline will connect Iran's South Pars gas field with Turkey and then with European markets. It would consist of two principal sections:
Iranian section, also is called Iran Gas Trunkline 9 or IGAT-9, starting in Assaluyeh will transport gas from South Pars gas field to the city of Bazargan at the border with Turkey.[2][3]The European section, which will cross Turkey, passing on to Greece and Italy.[2][3] In Italy the pipeline would be split:the northern branch will run to Switzerland, Austria and Germany, while southern branch will supply France and Spain.[4][5][6] It is not clear if the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, foreseen for Iran gas export to Europe, would be part of this project or not.Technical descriptionEditThe overall length of the pipeline would be 3,300 kilometres (2,100 mi) and the capacity would be 37''40 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.[4][7][8] The cost of Iranian section is estimated to be around $7 billion. This section will be 1,800 kilometres (1,100 mi) long and it would consist of 17 compressor stations. Each compressor station would have 4 turbo compressors. The cost of each station is expected to be around $100 million.[2]
The Turkish section will be 660 kilometres (410 mi) long and cost about one billion euro.[8] The pipeline would cross the difficult geographic environments, notably mountainous areas. It is expected to be operational by 2014.[2][8][9]
OwnershipEditThe pipeline is proposed as a Build-Own-Operate project. According to the National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) two Iranian and two foreign companies were bidding for the contract awarded to one Iranian company or consortium and one foreign company.[2] It is possible that Iran and Turkey will set up a joint company for the building of a pipeline in Iran to the Turkish border, and another joint company on the construction of a gas pipeline in Turkey from Iran's border to the Greek border.[10] It is also alleged that Iran is relying on financial involvement from China. China is reportedly to consider $42.8 billion for investment in Iranian refineries and pipelines.[11]
Iranian Oil MinisterMasoud Mir Kazemi confirmed in July 2010 that NIGEC and Turkey's Som Petrol signed a contract to build a pipeline that will cross Turkey.[8]
Alternative projectsEditThe Persian pipeline is seen as an alternative to the Nabucco pipeline.[7] Although Iran was willing to be a part of the Nabucco project, the Iranian government reconsidered its options and decided to focus on Persian pipeline. According to Hossein Zoulanvar, a member of Majlis Energy Commission of Iran, the reasoning to construct and use Persian pipeline for exports to Europe instead comes from US pressures on European countries to impose sanctions on Iranian gas sector. It is noteworthy that Russia which had been trying to block Nabucco project from realization has been trying to re-route Azerbaijani gas exports planned for initial phase of the project through other possible pipelines such as Mozdok '' Makhachkala '' Kazi Magomed pipeline. Although many argue that Persian pipeline may seem as an alternative to Nabucco, hence rival to South Stream project, Russia denounces the allegations and backs the Iranian initiative of building Persian pipeline.[12]
Southern Gas Corridor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tue, 06 Jan 2015 16:59
The Southern Gas Corridor is an initiative of the European Commission for the gas supply from Caspian and Middle Eastern regions to Europe. The initiative was proposed in the European Commission's Communication "Second Strategic Energy Review '' An EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan" (COM/2008/781).[1][2] The European Union has identified a number of partner countries for this initiative, such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt and Mashreq countries. Uzbekistan and Iran should represent, when political conditions permit, a further significant supply source for the EU.[2]
In the Trans-European Networks '' Energy (TEN '' E) programme, "the European Union has designated (...) three of the pipelines as of strategic importance (ITGI, Nabucco and White Stream)."[3] Also the Trans Adriatic Pipeline is identified as a Southern Corridor project.[1] Together, the Southern Corridor projects could provide the necessary transportation capacity to deliver the 60 to 120 billion cubic metres per year of Caspian and Central Asian gas that the European Commission aims to bring directly to Europe.[4]
ON 8 May 2009, the summit "Southern Corridor '' New Silk Road" was held in Prague.[5]
Huge Development In Leviathan Gas Field Story
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:40
In a U-turn, the antitrust commissioner in Israel says he'll recommend the breakup of a partnership between Noble Energy of the United States and the local company Delek Group, which he says control too much of the gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea off Israel's coast.
The Israel Antitrust Authority at first had approved the two companies' control of the Leviathan field, as long as they sold their holdings in two smaller gas wells. But Professor David Gilo, Israel's influential antitrust commissioner, said he'd told officials from both Noble and Delek that he now opposed the arrangement.
As a result, Delek and Noble are left with two options: either they must sell their stakes in Leviathan separately or sell them jointly to a company that's new to the offshore gas market and thus increase competition in Israel's offshore gas industry.
Related: New Gas Field In Levantine Basin Could Hold 5 trillion Cubic Feet
Delek's owner, Yitzhak Tshuva, met with Gilo the morning of Dec. 23 in an effort to persuade him not to oppose the deal. But in a statement later in the day, Gilo issued a statement saying, ''The entry of Delek and Noble into Leviathan created a situation in which these groups control all of the gas reserves on the State of Israel's coast.''
The Antitrust Authority still must hold a hearing on the matter and decided whether to accept Gilo's recommendation. In the meantime, though, Israel's energy stocks plunged by as much as 20 percent after Gilo's statement became known.
Noble reacted angrily to Gilo's decision with a statement by its CEO, Benjamin Zomer. ''The likely decision of the commissioner to backtrack on the agreement casts a dark shadow on the future of the gas and oil industry in Israel and will affect Noble Energy's investments in the country,'' it said.
Zomer complained that for the past 16 years his company has invested nearly $6 billion to explore and develop Israel's energy resources. ''[T]hese investments boosted the economy and the environmental quality in Israel,'' he said. '''...while at the same time providing Israel with energy independence, with the opportunity for regional cooperation and a chance to add to the stability of the region.''
Allowing private companies to hold exclusive control over developing energy fields has become an important political issue in Israel ahead of parliamentary elections set for March 2015. Many opposition candidates accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party of being too cozy with private companies that hold monopolies over the country's important resources.
Related: Israel and Jordan Sign Gas Deal
Leviathan '' the ancient Hebrew name for sea monster '' is just that: an offshore field holding an estimated 22 trillion cubic feet of gas, one of the largest offshore gas fields found anywhere in the world in the past decade. Initial investment in Leviathan could reach as much as $6.5 billion, with production set to begin in 2018.
Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration, which make up Delek Group of Netanya, Israel, holds 22.6 percent each of Leviathan. Noble Energy of Houston owns 39.66 percent. A third company, Ratio Oil Exploration of Tel Aviv, holds a 15 percent stake.
Delek and Noble also own just over 50 percent of the nearby Tamar field, which has estimated gas reserves of 10 trillion cubic feet. Production development at Tamar began in April 2013.
By Andy Tully of Oilprice.com
More Top Reads From Oilprice.com:
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Pipes for South Stream keep arriving in Bulgaria | EurActiv
Mon, 05 Jan 2015 15:22
A ship flying the Bahamas flag, loaded with pipes for the South Stream gas pipeline, was stuck on Saturday (3 January) in shallow water, maneuvering in the Bulgarian port of Burgas, reports Dnevnik, the EurActiv partner in Bulgaria.
The director of Burgas' port administration was quoted as saying that there had been no injuries in the incident, and that there was no threats to the safety of the crew, or the ship, which would be towed out to sea.
It is unclear why pipes keep arriving in Bulgaria, although the South Stream project has been halted, says Dnevnik.
On a visit to Turkey on 1 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin said South Stream was over, and that the 63 billion cubic metres per year (bcm/y) of gas would be shipped to Turkey instead of Bulgaria, which according to the Russian leader, had blocked the project.
>> Read: Russia says South Stream project is over
On 9 December, Gazprom confirmed that the decision to abandon the project is final.
>> Read: Russia confirms decision to abandon South Stream
According to Dnevnik, this is the third arrival of the same ship in Bulgaria carrying pipes for the South Stream pipeline. Forty days ago, the same ship transported a second consignment of pipes.
Dnevnik quotes the Russian agency TASS as saying that the pipes destined for the offshore section of the future pipeline are being temporarily stocked in Burgas and Varna.
House Dem revives major cyber bill | TheHill
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 06:15
A senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee on Friday will reintroduce a controversial bill that would help the public and private sectors share information about cybersecurity threats.
''The reason I'm putting bill in now is I want to keep the momentum going on what's happening out there in the world,'' Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.), told The Hill in an interview, referring to the recent Sony hack, which the FBI blamed on North Korea.
The measure '-- known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) '-- has been a top legislative priority for industry groups and intelligence officials, who argue the country cannot properly defend critical infrastructure without it. The House passed Ruppersberger's bill last year, but it stalled in the Senate amid concerns from privacy advocates that it would enable more collection of Americans' private information.
Ruppersberger lost his 2014 co-sponsor of the bill, former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), who retired from Congress.
''I'm putting the bill in by myself,'' Ruppersberger said, acknowledging it would require work to find new bipartisan support. But by reintroducing the bill, ''hopefully that will create momentum,'' he added.
Ruppersberger wants to ride the wave of attention on Capitol Hill driven by the cyberattack on Sony, which caused the studio to almost cancel the release of a multimillion-dollar comedy, ''The Interview,'' which depicts an American plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Sony ultimately released the film to a limited number of theaters and streamed it online.
The studio's initial decision to pull the film drew a wave of criticism from lawmakers. The government's subsequent announcement that North Korea sponsored the attack caused more lawmakers than ever before to call for action on cybersecurity.
''We have to move forward,'' Ruppersberger said.
NSA Played Key Role Linking North Korea to Sony Hack
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 22:03
National Security Agency data and technical analysis assisted in the U.S. government's attribution of the Sony cyber attack to North Korea, Admiral Michael Rogers said on Thursday.
''We partner with the Department of Homeland Security and FBI in various areas and this is one such area,'' Rogers, the NSA director, said in response to a question from a reporter with The Daily Beast about the agency's role, if any, in the attribution of the Sony attack to North Korea.
''We specifically did'--we were asked to provide our technical expertise. We were asked to take a look at the malware, we were asked to take a look at not just the data that was being generated from Sony but also what data could we bring to the table'--here's other activity and patterns leading up to it, what is this act really about?'' Rogers said at the FBI's International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University.
''We were part of a broad interagency effort, not in the lead role''the Federal Bureau of Investigation was the overall lead. Yes, we were part of a broad government attempt to understand exactly what happened.''
This is the first time the agency has made any public statements about its involvement in the Sony hack investigation.
Earlier in the day, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) hinted that NSA could have been involved by referencing the ''shocking amount of swagger'' among industry professionals questioning the government's attribution to North Korea. But those outside experts lack knowledge of the ''huge capability of the NSA, FBI and CIA to some degree,'' he said.
Rogers, the NSA director, discussed the Sony hack at numerous points throughout his talk, prior to the question and answer period.
''I have very high confidence'--I remain very confident'--that this was North Korea,'' he said, echoing FBI Director James Comey the day before. He said this was the first time a nation-state has carried out an act to ''stop the release of a film with a particular viewpoint and characterization of a leader.''
Comey sought to end growing skepticism by informational security professionals that have said they question North Korea's involvement in the Sony hack. Many in the industry had called on the FBI to offer proof of ties to North Korea. Comey Wednesday provided new details about the FBI's investigation.
He told the standing-room-only packed room that the hackers got sloppy and sometimes failed to mask their identity when sending email threats to Sony employees, pointing to networks used ''exclusively by North Koreans.'' And he said he was trying to get the emails declassified to disclose to the public.
The NSA chief'--like Justice Department and FBI officials'--applauded Sony for notifying the government within hours of learning they'd been hit with a cyber attack. Naming North Korea and announcing economic sanctions was critical for deterrence of future nation-state or other types of cyber attack, Rogers argued.
''The entire world is watching how we as a nation are going to respond to this,'' he said.
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images
CISPA Is Being Revived
Fri, 09 Jan 2015 20:43
Remember the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, otherwise known as "the worst privacy disaster our country has ever faced"? Well a senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee is reviving it!
The Hill reports that Representative Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) will reintroduce the controversial bill later today. In an interview with the site, he explained that "the reason I'm putting bill in now is I want to keep the momentum going on what's happening out there in the world." He is, of course, referring to the recent Sony hacks.
The bill received huge criticism when first proposed, though it still managed to pass House. It later stalled in the Senate over concerns from privacy advocates, because it's feared that the bill would make it easier for the private information of U.S. citizens to be collected
Clearly,Ruppersberger wants to capitalize on the current buzz surrounding cuber security. Hopefully, he won't succeed. [The Hill]
The 'sharing' economy
Über report from Dame Bang Bang
Executive summary:
I thought you would find this Uber information interesting from my very good friend Raquel (fellow roller derby skater) who drives for Uber in the Santa Barbara, CA area.
Uber was a great boon to this single mother for good income and flexible working hours
Lyft and swelling Uber driver ranks have introduced difficulties relative to the “good ol days”
Uber has adjusted their rules to the detriment of the drivers
Surge pricing is scorned by customers and drivers don’t like it as a result
“out of area” drivers can affect local drivers income to the detriment of customers but Uber doesn’t seem to care
System down time affects driver statistics negatively
Surge pricing instead of reasonable rates turns away drivers and customers
Unreasonable minimums to make “guaranteed” wages
See below for the raw details on the above bullet points:
As Always TYFYC,
Dame Bang Bang
Oh so lightly edited emails (for readability and context) in chronological reading order:
Raquel the Uber Driver:
We were a part of this video back in the good ol’ days when the per mile rate was $2.40.
http://vimeo.com/96658873 [ED: Raquel starts the video and is the still screen capture. She was not compensated at all for this work. Sir DH Slammer helped her move a large sofa to her second story apartment at the very complex where this was filmed]
I used to bank at least $200 on a Saturday night, now I am lucky if u make over $100. Shortly after Lyft arrived in SB [ED: SB = Santa Barbara] Uber lowered their rates boasting our demand would increase and we would make up for it in volume....never happened. I started making $200 again once I decided to drive for both Lyft and Uber.
Uber stated operating in Ventura [ED: 30 miles south of Santa Barbara] and Santa Ynez [ED: 30 miles north of Santa Barbara over a windy mountain road HWY 154] in September 2014, in October I started to struggle to make $100 on a Saturday night....Santa Barbara's busiest night.
Ubers reason for recent decrease in demand? People are out of town and doing holiday things. I started my partnership with Uber December 2013, during the holiday season at $2.20 a mile and I was "rolling in the dough" forward to December 2014 and I have basically left Uber for an actual job....what I had been trying to avoid for so long.
We live in a college town and a tourist town, there should be a demand for drivers all year round, there has been in the past. What's different? The opening of Ventura and Santa Ynez. Ventura drivers were excited to drive and signed up quickly. Problem? The passenger demand in Ventura is low...obviously, it's new! [ED: and not a tourist destination] It needs time to build momentum. So, Ventura is stagnant because their drivers come to SB to drive because this is where all the money is, so Ventura can't grow since the passengers can't depend on having uber drivers there. But Uber won't stop drivers from driving out of their county regardless of customer complaints. “My driver didn't know where they were going, they got lost, how do they not know where the shitty kitty is??” [ED: Shitty Kitty or Gritty Kitty is local Santa Barbarian slang for the Wildcat Saloon, A significantly local bar off the beaten tourist path which out of town drivers would never know but every local knows too well]
Basically....too many drivers not enough demand for us all to maintain what we were making before.
Uber blames Lyft for the decrease in demand yet for those of us that drive on both platforms will tell you demand for uber is always higher than Lyft. Why do people get pissed at Uber? Surge prices. I suggested to Uber raising the rates back to 2.20 and just eliminate surge prices, creates consistency and dependability for both drivers and riders, but they claim surge prices get more drivers on the road...no they don't because we aren't notified of surge pricing when it happens so how do we know to log on? And the chances of getting a surge trip are small because people wait for surge to end before they get a ride.
New Years has proven how much our riders hate surge prices. On a night that we have made over $500 in one night, this year I barely made $60 before I called it quits and decided my time was better spent partying with friends. An outcome I expected, but had to try just in case I was wrong. Not only did passengers boycott surge prices, drivers from all over came to drive expecting the payoff of last year's profitable new year’s. And this was not just something that happened in SB, it happened all across the US.
Now I've given up. Uber doesn't care how it affects its individual drivers only their bottom line. And with new unsuspecting drivers signing up every week they will always have drivers that don't know any better.
They will help you get a car loan to buy a new car, but they won't help ensure you are making the money [to make the payments]. They won't even let riders tip us and in fact discourage them from doing so by lying and telling them tips are included in their ride, yet by definition of a tip, this is impossible....we are paid a rate per mile, and per minute, that is all, end of story.
They offer guarantees of a certain per hour dollar amount but will find any reason to disqualify you for it, or there are so many drivers fighting to get the minimum that you aren't able to meet the minimum qualifications.
Cabs have been successful for years charging 3.50-6/mile I'm sure uber can get away with charging anything they want under that amount or even the same because people love the convenience of the app and the cleanliness of our cars. They have told me many times they would rather pay me more than take a cab.
Lastly....Uber advertises us as private drivers and asks us to provide water bottles and gum....sorry, I don't know any private driver who takes home under $1 per mile and has to deal with drunks and self entitled ass holes. I will not put any extra money into providing a better service....they get accuracy, a clean car, and an awesome personality along the way.
Email reply by Dame Bang Bang requesting more info:
What are some of the qualifications you have to meet to get paid?
Follow up reply:
Raquel the Uber Driver:
We get paid for all of our trips no matter what, but in order to attempt to keep us happy with the new price drop they are guaranteeing we will make a certain dollar amount during set times. But in order to get this guarantee we have to do three things:
1) we have to accept 90% of the calls we receive.
On average I have a 70% acceptance rate. We don't really like having to take calls all the way to Carpinteria [ED: 20 miles south plus usually significant traffic] and sometimes we don't want to take calls all the way out in IV [ED: 15 miles north of Santa Barbara - the same IV where Roger Dodger went shooting] because it's not always worth the drive out there....if we are forced to drive to Carp from downtown only to take them a mile or two....That's a lot of time and money wasted just getting to them only to make a min of $5. And the system sometimes shuts down so I lose calls that I would have actually accepted....
I was robbed of my guarantee on Halloween. I still made ok money since Ventura had just started, and I only would have made $20 more had they given me the guarantee, but for me I was angry over principle, not the money. They made a promise, it wasn't my fault the phone lost my calls that then lowered my acceptance rate, they should have honored their rate regardless of the amount. They said that I had made the guaranteed amount but that was BEFORE they took their cut, we were told they would guarantee our take home amount. I was pissed and that's when I started to grow my anger towards Uber and it has gone down hill since then.
2) we have to get one ride an hour
Sounds reasonable, but during guarantees there are so many drivers out trying to get it that it's a slow night for individual drivers and I have often gone over an hour sometimes two just waiting for a ride
3) we must be logged on for at least 50 minutes out of every hour.
Again, doesn't sound bad, but a lot of us drive for both uber and lyft. We log onto both platforms at the same time and whoever we get a call from first we take it and log out of the other. So basically this will force us to drive just for Uber if we want the guarantee leaving Lyft without a lot of their drivers, and ultimately that is their bottom line...crush the little guy.
Lyft would do so much better in SB if it weren't for their pink logo and mustache. The majority of people here hate it and refuse to use them because of the pink.
War on Weed
Report: Marijuana Legalization in Colorado After One Year of Retail Sales and Two Years of Decriminalization
Since the first retail marijuana stores opened
on January 1st, 2014, the state of Colorado
has benefitted from a decrease in crime rates,
a decrease in traffic fatalities, an increase in
tax revenue and economic output from retail
marijuana sales, and an increase in jobs.
Gay and Sexual Diversity
ITM Gents,
I'm going through training for ethical research on human subjects for my postdoc. I clipped this paragraph from an article on obtaining consent from "vulnerable" individuals. Are you a member of the Gay and Sexual Diversity (GSD) community? If so, you may be vulnerable! Leave it to the ethics review board to propagate stereotypes, but that's a separate issue. I'll keep an ear out for someone using GSD in a clip you can play. To be fair, GSD is a huge improvement over the LGBBTQQIAAP sequence of letters which I think we agree propagates differentiation within that group and undermines the goal of equality with heterosexuals.
Members of the Gay and Sexuality Diversity (GSD) community may be vulnerable to discrimination, bullying, violence, and prejudice. Gender differences in societal structures, usually directed towards women, may render one gender vulnerable to these forces as well. GSD individuals face social and cultural vulnerabilities because many have experienced some forms of prejudice and discrimination at home, school, work and/or other social contexts or institutions due to their sexual orientation. Gender differences may also make some individuals vulnerable, especially in areas of the world where women do not have the basic rights of citizenship (access to an education, the right to divorce, franchise). These vulnerabilities can lead to increased risks of harm to the individuals in their participation in research, and the prospect of undue influence or manipulation.
The reference is:
Populations in Research Requiring Additional Considerations and/or Protections
Authors Jeremy N. Block, PhD, MPP, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai & Bruce Gordon, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
August 2014
retrieved 2015/01/06 from https://www.citiprogram.org/members/index.cfm?pageID=125
No Russian Driver License for Transexuals
Spy agency planning false-flag terror acts in crowded areas, whistleblower claims
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 06:12
A Turkish whistleblower, who has a credible record of predicting police operations and government policies, has made a shocking claim, arguing that the Turkish spy agency is planning false-flag operations to blow up crowded areas to frame the G¼len movement as a terrorist organization.
Fuat Avni said early on Saturday that the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan initially planned to use Dec. 14 raids against the media to announce the G¼len movement as a terrorist organization, but he had to resort to other ways as the previous plan failed. The whistleblower said Erdoğan approved of the false-flag operations.
"After the fiasco," Avni tweeted, "Erdoğan tasked the spy agency [National Intelligence Organization] MÄ°T with labeling the G¼len movement as a terrorist organization." He claimed that Erdoğan has difficult time after France shootings for his support for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and al-Qaeda. "To get out of this difficult period and turn the tide in his favor, Erdoğan is making new evil plans," Avni tweeted.
Avni claims to be in the inner circle of Erdoğan. A recent article at Foreign Policy said Fuat Avni "has proved to have startlingly accurate knowledge of events before they happen" and he has "captivated the country with his mostly reliable predictions of events."
Noting that Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah G¼len has displayed a staunch opposition to radical groups committing terrorism, Avni said ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) spokesman and the party ideologue Beşir Atalay and MÄ°T chief Hakan Fidan "planned terror acts similar to those in France" and will frame the G¼len movement after they blow up crowded areas.
"A terror act that will kill dozens of innocent people in a large city was planned by [MİT head] Hakan Fidan and presented to Erdoğan," the whistleblower wrote, sending shockwaves through social media and hitting morning headlines of Turkish media.
He claimed that spies from the MÄ°T will commit the terror acts and present themselves as from the G¼len movement. He added that the president didn't hesitate in approving a "terror act that would kill dozens so that the G¼len movement is remembered as a terrorist group."
"I'm warning all citizens against possible terror acts orchestrated by Hakan Fidan's unit in the very near future," the whistleblower said, urging the people to stay away from big shopping malls and crowded areas. "You could be a victim of Erdoğan's evil plans," he said.
He stated that terror acts "are planned to take place in malls and AKP buildings so it could increase rancor and violence against the G¼len movement."
Next Big Future: Israel Iron Beam will become the world's first active duty combat laser in 2015
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:48
Iron Beam is an air defense system currently in development by Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It is expected to enter service with the Israel Defense Forces in 2015, the system is designed to destroy short-range rockets, artillery, and mortars too small for the Iron Dome system to intercept effectively.This will be the first combat laser fielded for active service. Israel has the pressing need for short range defense that are too close for the Iron Dome. The US has the luxury of taking time to test lasers on navy ships, trucks and fighter planes and then fielding in a few years. Israel has testing in live combat since if the Iron beam fails the mortar would have got through anyway. Patriot anti-missile systems were also rushed into active service in early days of the Iraq conflict.
Iron Beam will use a "directed high energy laser beam" to destroy hostile targets with ranges of up to 7 kilometres (4.3 miles)
Iron Beam uses a fiber optic laser to destroy an airborne target within 4-5 seconds of firing. Whether acting as a stand-alone system or with external cueing as part of an air-defense system, a threat is detected by a surveillance system and tracked by vehicle platforms in order to engage. The main benefits of using a directed energy weapon over conventional missile interceptors are lower costs per shot, an unlimited magazine, lower operational costs, and less manpower.
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has a page on their high energy laser.Iron Beam will constitute the fifth element of Israel's integrated air defense system:
* Arrow 2* Arrow 3* David's Sling* Iron Dome.
* Iron Beam
However, Iron Beam is also a stand-alone system
SOURCES - wikipedia, Rafael, Youtube, Mirror UK
Ashton Carter Takes Revolving Door to Higher Level
Thu, 08 Jan 2015 15:37
January 6, 2015
Ashton Carter, President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense.
Countless officials in Washington have traveled a familiar path through the revolving door, moving from the private sector to the government and back again. Ashton Carter, President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense, is part of an elite crowd that has managed to keep a foot in both worlds at the same time.
Several reports have mentioned Carter's work as a consultant to the defense industry between stints as a full-time official at the Department of Defense (DoD). But the Project On Government Oversight has found that Carter's role, like that of many other members of Washington's defense policy establishment, went deeper. While working in the private sector, he has held plum positions on government advisory boards that called for reforms with potential ramifications for his defense industry clients and other companies that receive DoD dollars.
Carter is hardly alone. Federal ethics laws allow scores of advisers at the Pentagon and other agencies to serve in these influential positions while keeping close ties to big businesses overseen by the government. Carter's nomination serves to illustrate how the government allows members of the policy establishment to straddle both sides, and how it's become a fixture of the military-industrial-congressional complex.
Carter's dual roles as government and private adviser have overlapped the most in missile defense and U.S. space policy. These are programs with significant taxpayer dollars at stake: the federal government spends about $8 billion a year on missile defense alone. By virtue of his service on advisory panels, Carter has been in a position to influence government policies and gain an inside perspective on future programs while carrying on his outside roles related to missile defense.
As a member of the State Department's International Security Advisory Board, he served on a task force that produced a 2007 report arguing that numerous U.S. allies measure the ''strength of U.S. security assurances'' in part by dollars spent on missile defense and theater missile defense programs. Another 2007 board report on U.S. space policy warned that ''U.S. policy makers should resist efforts to prohibit space-based missile defenses as 'weaponization of space,''' and said the State Department ''should support the right of the United States to explore the potential of space-based defenses without international restrictions.''
As he was one of several board members, it's unclear how much Carter himself shaped the contents of these advisory reports. He did not respond to POGO's request for comment.
Like other advisers who serve as Special Government Employees, Carter was generally prohibited from taking action on particular matters affecting his financial interests (although it's often unclear how well the government enforces this prohibition, which largely relies on employees to disclose and manage their own conflicts). Nonetheless, government actions and private interests occasionally intersected with Carter's advisory work.
In 2008, while still serving on the board that advised the State Department on missile defense, Carter received $10,000 for providing technical advice to Raytheon, a giant defense contractor that has received substantial taxpayer funding to work on missile defense systems. He disclosed his work for Raytheon in 2009 when he became the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. In a 2009 ethics letter, Carter agreed to wait one year before participating in DoD matters involving the company.
Over the past ten years, Raytheon has received more than $11 billion in contract obligations from the MDA alone. The Obama Administration has canceled some missile defense systems in recent years, but the program is still big business for Raytheon. In a 2010 Wall Street Journal op-ed, then-Under Secretary Carter wrote that an ''essential element'' of the program is the Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) interceptor, which is manufactured by Raytheon. The company also makes the Patriot missile defense system and the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, a key component of intercontinental ballistic missile defense. In 2013, the MDA presented Carter with the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Award. ''Dr. Carter has been instrumental in defining the relationship between the Missile Defense Agency, the developer, and the Services,'' according to a DoD press release.
Earlier in his career, Carter served on powerful panels that advised the Pentagon while he also consulted with clients investing in the defense industry.
From 1991 to 1993, and then again from 1997 to 2001, Carter was a member of the Defense Science Board, which advises the Pentagon on the acquisition process and other ''matters of special interest,'' according to its charter. POGO has reviewed a board report, issued in December 1999, which proposed watering down certain procurement rules that were put in place to protect taxpayers from wasteful contract spending. Carter served on a task force that drafted the advisory board report, alongside ex-government officials and representatives of defense contractors such as United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Raytheon, and General Dynamics. The report said that the ''sheer volume, complexity and fluidity'' of government contracting rules ''serve to discourage commercial firms, U.S. and foreign alike, from doing business with DoD.'' It also expressed concern about ''insufficient clarity in DoD policy on cross-border defense industrial mergers and acquisitions.'' The board's recommendations comported with a series of so-called ''acquisition reforms'' that had been spearheaded by the Clinton Administration under the banner of ''Reinventing Government,'' as detailed by POGO at the time.
Starting in 1998, while still advising the Pentagon, Carter also began working as a senior partner at Global Technology Partners. In a 1999 press release, the firm is described as a ''specialized group of investment professionals'' working to ''acquire and invest in technology, defense, aerospace and related businesses worldwide.'' At the time, Carter and his investment partners were acquiring a stake in Condor Systems, Inc., a ''privately held defense electronics firm'' that specialized in ''signals intelligence, electronic support measures, and specialized electronic countermeasures systems for the electronic warfare industry.''
''[W]e believe that our association with Global Technology Partners'...will assist us in identifying attractive acquisition candidates,'' Condor wrote in a 2000 disclosure to investors. Condor's business at the time included sole-source contracts on the Air Force's B-52H bomber and the Navy's Aegis class ships. The company also supplied prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing. Condor received nearly $50 million in obligated DoD contract dollars in fiscal years 2000 and 2001, during Carter's tenure on the Defense Science Board.
In 2000, Global Technology Partners formed a ''strategic alliance'' with Rothschild, the global investment bank. ''We believe the combination of Rothschild's global relationships and Global Technology Partner's access to and knowledge of the international defense and aerospace industry will create high level strategic advisory and investment opportunities,'' a Rothschild executive stated in a press release.
''These opportunities will arise from the continued consolidation of second and third tier defense companies, the anticipated relationships that are forming among aerospace and defense companies on a cross border basis and GTP's insight into defense markets and technologies,'' the Rothschild executive said. These are some of the same issues that Carter and other members of the Defense Science Board tackled in their 1999 report on procurement.
Carter's investment colleagues at Global Technology Partners included other former senior officials'--such as former Secretary of Defense William Perry and former CIA Director John Deutch'-- who were serving simultaneously as advisers to DoD. Perry and Deutch also had close ties to giant defense contractors: Perry served on the boards of UTC and Boeing, while Deutch served on the board of Raytheon.
From 1997 to 2001, Carter also served as a member of the Defense Policy Board, another influential Pentagon committee that advises on ''issues central to strategic Department of Defense (DoD) planning,'' according to its charter. Unlike the Defense Science Board, the Defense Policy Board ''does not publish separate reports,'' according to a database of federal advisory committees, and it's unclear what role Carter played in the panel's work. Nonetheless, Carter's industry clients stood to benefit from his role as a Pentagon advisor on both panels. (Another former member of the Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle, ended up resigning after a controversy erupted over his ties to companies that had business pending before the government.)
When President Obama nominated Carter last month, he praised Carter's record as a ''reformer who's never been afraid to cancel old or inefficient weapons programs.'' When Carter was the Pentagon's top procurement official, he introduced a sweeping initiative, known as ''Better Buying Power,'' aimed at ''delivering better value to the taxpayer and improving the way the Department does business.'' He proposed several measures'--such as leveraging competition, using proper contract types, strengthening the acquisition workforce, and mandating affordability'--to help the Pentagon ''do more without more.''
When it comes to holding contractors accountable, however, Carter's views as a public official have aligned at times with the views espoused by the contracting industry. As POGO reported during Carter's stint as the Pentagon's chief weapons buyer, he warned the Commission on Wartime Contracting in 2011 that mandatory suspension of indicted contractors could have a ''chilling effect on contractor cooperation in identifying and fixing real problems.''
Will Ashton Carter be able to stand up to defense contractors as Secretary of Defense? Or will he be more concerned with ensuring their cooperation? Given his tangled history as a public and private advisor, taxpayers may have good reason to be concerned.
Image from the Department of Defense.
Michael Smallberg is an investigator for the Project On Government Oversight. Michael's investigations center on oversight of the financial sector.
Topics:National Security
Related Content:Ethics, Revolving Door, Defense
Authors:Michael Smallberg
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CIA inspector general David Buckley to step down | US news | The Guardian
Mon, 05 Jan 2015 17:31
David Buckley: standing down. Photograph: UPI
The CIA announced on Monday that its inspector general, who investigated a dispute between the agency and Congress regarding the handling of records of the CIA's detention and interrogation activities, is resigning effective January 31.
The agency said in a statement that David Buckley, who had served as the agency's internal watchdog for more than four years, was leaving the agency to ''pursue an opportunity in the private sector.''
Officials said his departure was unrelated to politics or anything he had investigated.
Buckley's office last July issued a report on a dispute between the agency and the Senate Intelligence Committee. The report found that some agency employees had ''acted in a manner inconsistent'' with an understanding between the CIA and the committee regarding access to a special computer network set up to share documents about the agency's involvement in harsh treatment of detained militants.
Buckley's office sent a report on its investigation to the Justice Department, which declined to open a full criminal investigation into the matter.
Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl at vile orgy' claims new witness
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:31
A victim of a VIP paedophile ring believes a girl of 15 was killed at a vile orgy.
The new witness has told police he watched the teenager being taken into a ­terrifying ''medical room'' by a senior Tory MP '' and never saw her again.
The sickening events are said to have taken place at London's notorious Dolphin Square flats in the 1990s, the Sunday People can reveal.
He fears the teenager may have been killed by a brutal sadist acting out his horrific fantasies.
It would make her the fourth reported murder victim of a Westminster-based pervert ring, some of them household names.
The witness told the investigative website Exaro that he was himself abused while in his teens by prominent politicians and a famous comedian at the now notorious Dolphin Square complex in central London.
We are calling the man Darren, ­although that is not his real name ­because he lives in hiding, fearing for his own life. He is the third alleged victim of the gang to come forward.
Darren told us: ''I would never have gone to those parties willingly. It was fear that led me to Dolphin Square.''
Horrors: Dolphin Square in LondonRecalling the night in 1993 he ­believes a girl died, he said: ''I ­witnessed a senior Tory politician go into the medical room with a girl who I know was 15.
''This was a bedroom containing a hospital-type bed with shackles, gimp masks and a tiled, washable floor.
''She was 15 and in care. I didn't know her name but had been bumping into her for years at paedophile parties. I had been trafficked for sex since I was a young boy, initially by my father.
''She had a smashing smile and wore braces on her teeth.
''I never saw her leave that room, in fact I never saw her again. I fear she may have been killed.''
Darren has identified the exact apartment in the luxury Dolphin Square complex where he claims abuse parties were held while he was a teenager.
He says he was taken to up to 20 orgies, which were ­attended by around 30 VIPs, and ­has described ordeals '' ­including beatings with a cane '' to Scotland Yard detectives investigating a string of historic sex abuse claims.
Victim: Darren was used by VIPs
A former Tory cabinet minister ­already named to police by another alleged abuse victim, a Labour minister, and the famous TV comedy actor are among well-known faces he says were at Dolphin Square in the 1990s.
Darren claims he was driven to sex parties by the notorious paedophile Peter Righton, a former government adviser who had been recently fined for having indecent images of boys.
Righton would collect Darren and other boys from children's homes in Suffolk and drive them to London in a luxury car, complete with leather seats and electric windows.
At Dolphin Square they would go to a four-bedroom serviced flat that had been rented out.
He recalled: ''Guests would be standing around, chatting and drinking. There would be women there but they would leave before any sex took place.
"The attitude seemed to be that they would leave early so the boys could have their fun.''
Darren said that there were ''very powerful'' people at the gatherings. He went on: ''They stood out a mile. I saw a former Labour minister at one party.
''They were very protective of their jackets. I think they were worried the boys would steal their wallets.''
Leading the way: The Sunday People has broken the story of the police inquiry
Darren claimed violation and ­humiliation inflicted on youngsters at Dolphin Square ­became a familiar routine to him.
He said: ''This Tory ­cabinet minister always insisted I should be presented to him with ladies' underwear on beneath my clothes.
''The game he liked to play was that he would pretend he had spotted that I was wearing the lingerie.
''He would tell me I was a naughty boy for turning him on and take me into a bedroom and punish me.
"I was spanked with a bamboo cane that he brought with him, which was painful. I was then sexually abused.
''He liked boys to dress up in lacy women's underwear. He would make a game of it.
"The minister would be accompanied by a minder who stayed outside while I was abused.''
The Dolphin Square apartment had three rooms ­specially fitted out and decorated to cater for the tastes of party guests, Darren said.
He claimed the spanking ex-minister preferred a ­bedroom known as the ''leopard room'' because it had a leopard skin rug.
Another was known as the ''gay room'' because it was ''flowery and ­effeminate''.
Darren claimed that in this room he was forced to give oral sex to the famous comedian. He said: ''At first he was an interested spectator at the parties but then decided to take part.
"He was much kinder and more considerate than the others but it was still unpleasant.''
The worst of the three rooms was the so-called ''medical room''.
Delivery: Peter Righton trafficked Darren to abuse 'parties'Darren said: ''This was the bedroom you did not want to be taken into. Fortunately, I was never taken in there but I remember one boy who did.
"He had been dressed up in tight leather shorts and went in with a senior Tory politician and some other men.
''I met him afterwards and he told me he had suffered humiliation too vile to describe and was then beaten up.''
Darren said the brutalised boy was under 16 at the time.
He recalled that traumatised children would gather in the kitchen at Dolphin Square to ­comfort each other after their ordeals. He admitted he was given £50 each time he attended a child abuse party.
But he insisted he only went because evil Righton forced him to. He said: ''I would never have gone to those parties willingly '' it was fear of Righton.
''One occasion when he attacked me stands out. It happened after I was taken into a bedroom with the famous TV personality and Peter was driving us back to Suffolk.
''I kept saying the name of the comic character played by the actor and saying that he was at the party. Peter kept saying, 'No he wasn't.'
''Then he suddenly swung a tremendous punch, while still keeping control of the car. It hit me flush on the chin and I may have passed out. It was a warning to keep my mouth shut.''
Darren was interviewed over three days by Met Police detectives and named his abusers.
Exclusive: Another witness, Nick, described the Dolphin Square depravity
His account bears chilling similarities to allegations by a victim known as Nick, who claims three abused boys were killed in the 1980s.
His evidence is being investigated by Scotland Yard's Operation Midland.
Officers have spoken to the families of two lads, Martin Allen and Vishal Mehrotra, who vanished in London.
Among those named by Darren is the recently convicted paedophile Charles Napier.
Darren says Napier abused him when he was 15 at Righton's home. Righton ­ordered Darren to give Napier oral sex and when the horrified lad refused he was beaten until he complied.
He added: ''I was kicked and punched in front of Napier, who stood there smirking. I had no choice and so I did as I was told. I was ordered to have sex with Napier on two other occasions.''
Napier, 67, is the half-brother of Conservative MP John Whittingdale.
The former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Napier was jailed last month after pleading guilty to 31 counts of indecent assault against boys as young as eight at a school where he worked.
Trafficker: Establishment paedophile Charles NapierDarren continued: ''Peter abused me repeatedly when I was 15, as well as forcing me to have sex with other men.
"By the age of 16, I was no longer to his taste, he liked younger boys. But he still trafficked me around.
''I was 17 when Peter began taking me with other teenagers to Dolphin Square. I am sure he was making a mint organising paedophile sex parties.
"We were all aged ­between 14 and 17.''
Righton, who died in 2007, was one of Britain's leading specialists in child care '' but was also a founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange.
Darren's testimony directly supports a claim made in Parliament by Labour MP Tom Watson, which linked Righton to a VIP paedophile ring.
And it adds to a picture of abuse at Dolphin Square first revealed by Exaro last July.
Read more on this story with our investigative partner Exaro HERE
Scandal: Tom Watson (top left), Dolphin square (bottom left) and whistleblower Nick (right)
People leads the way in VIP paedophile investigationThe Sunday People has led the way on smashing the high-powered network of VIP paedophiles since the story broke more than two years ago.
In October 2012, campaigning Labour MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons and called on Prime Minister David Cameron to investigate a paedophile network with ''links to the heart of the UK establishment '' including 10 Downing Street''.
Since then, this newspaper has worked tirelessly to get to the truth.
Last year, we revealed the explosive testimony of the witness known as 'Nick'. He went to police with claims about three possible murders linked to the VIP paedophile ring.
A survivor of abuse at the now notorious Dolphin Square apartments in central London, he alleges he saw three deaths between 1979 and 1982.
One of his accounts details a murder he claims to have witnessed at a London townhouse in 1980.
Two other men have since bravely told their tales, including Darren today.
There are many similarities between their memories and since we published our story, Scotland Yard has stepped up its investigation. It called a high-profile Press conference to encourage more witnesses to come forward.
Officers are re-examining 200 case files relating to children who went missing during the period.
Trains good, planes bad
Divers Find Black Box From AirAsia Plane: Indonesian Transport Ministry
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:30
(C) Fotobank.ru/Getty Images/ Ed Wray
MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) '' Divers have found one of the black boxes of the AirAsia plane that crashed in the Java Sea about two weeks ago, Agence France-Presse reported Sunday citing an Indonesian ministry."The navy divers in Jadayat state boat have succeeded in finding a very important instrument, the black box of AirAsia QZ8501," Tonny Budiono, a senior ministry official, was quoted as saying by Agence France-Presse.
However, the divers reportedly failed to retrieve the flight data recorder as it was stuck under the plane's main body.
(C) REUTERS/ Adek Berry/Pool
AirAsia flight QZ8501 with 162 people on board crashed in the Java Sea on December 28 flying from Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore. A total of 48 bodied have been found with 29 crash victims already identified.Currently, Indonesian search and rescue teams with the support of international partners continue to investigate into the cause of the airliner's crash. Preliminary reports suggest bad weather conditions to be the reason behind the crash.
Hillary 2016
Spread Near And Far: Bracken On Petraeus | Western Rifle Shooters Association
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 06:16
NYT: F.B.I. and Justice Dept. Said To Seek Charges for Petraeus
Bracken jumps in at comment 26 in this Freeper thread; assembled, his remarks are as follows:
Petraeus has been raking it in on several do-nothing Warbucks Inc corporate boards. If he had any honor, he would have already done a Colonel Hackworth on the Sunday morning news circuit.
Yes, he's being punished, but the take-away is the unhappy tippy-canoe of the status quo ''understanding'' is being tipped over and there will be more to come.
He should have written his book about his betrayal by Team Obama, Deputy DCIA Mike Morrel (now at CBS as a ''consultant'') and all of the rest. He knows what happened at Benghazi, and it saddens me that he's just been satisfied to rake in millions in do-nothing board directorships.
His honor is 100% at stake, if he has any left.
A 4-star is the same exact rank as Obama's ''good friend Chris'' Stevens.
And now Petraeus's back-stabbing ex-deputy is a CBS new consultant, Mike Morrel. Who a year ago lied one way to congress, and a year later lied 180* the other way, and said, ''What you going to do about it, punk?'' and they did nothing. He was the CIA collaborator on changing the talking points, behind G.DP's back. And probably was involved in the timing of the Paula Broadwell blow-up, which until then had been kept in the drawer and used for blackmail.
But blackmail also has a ''timed detonation'' use, keep in mind.
If he had any honor, since he knows the entire truth of Benghazi, he would have done a Hackworth already, never mind selling the book deal first.
Instead, he's been raking in millions on Warbucks Inc boards, which is the establishment's way of paying him off to keep his trap shut.
That was the unsteady arrangement, me thinks. Now, Holder/Obama is launching a frontal assault. In South America, this is usually a pre-emptive strike, where the dissident politician is accused of embezzling funds and sending them to a Swiss account. This usually happens in Buenos Aires or Caracas about one week before the dissident announces his candidacy.
So I'm guessing they found out Petraeus was writing a tell-all, and are trying to burn him down first.
NB as well this section from Bracken's ''Stonewalled in Obama's Garden of Beasts'':
***'...We know that the leaders of the mainstream media have largely been co-opted and corrupted by the Obama administration. They will not even attempt to break the high and soundproof stone walls that they have helped to build around Obama's many scandals. These include Operation Fast and Furious, IRS political targeting, the intelligence agencies illegally spying on Obama's perceived political enemies, and so on. Breaking the American Pravda embargo against truthful reporting is a lost cause.
But are there no actively serving (or even recently retired) military generals or members of the federal Senior Executive Service who retain a shred of honor? Who will place Duty, Honor and Country ahead of paycheck, pension, and self-promotion? Is there not one real hero left with stars on his shoulders?
Not even one?
General Petraeus, where is your book? Is your agent planning to release it in a few years to maximize its profits? Aren't you already making a ton of money sitting on all of those boards? Only a coward and scoundrel (like a certain recent Secretary of Defense) would wait to release a book only after its information was too late to prevent disaster. And knowing what I now know, I would not be surprised to learn that threats had been made against your family in order to ensure your silence. After all, gangsters rule our government today. It's the Chicago Way.
But General Petraeus, before your book finally comes out, possibly after many years, can you please answer two very simple questions? Put your answers on the public record now, instead of waiting for your book, when it's too late to matter. As a man of honor, please answer these two questions sooner, rather than later.
1. Where was President Barack Obama on the night of the Benghazi attacks, hour by hour, dusk 'til dawn?
2. Does President Obama's mysterious MIA status on the night when his ''good friend'' Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other Americans were being killed relate to his failure to grant ''cross-border authority'' for an external rescue mission? Necessary permission that only the president, in person, can give? Did President Obama literally hide, so that no external rescue could be mounted? A rescue that might have turned into a ''Blackhawk Down'' disaster just weeks before the election? General Petraeus, an honorable man would not hesitate to put these facts on the record.
The American people deserve to know exactly what kind of man their Commander-in-Chief is. The fact that years after Benghazi we still don't know the answers to those questions indicates that we are far along in the process of losing our freedom, with the mainstream media and the intelligence services colluding in the establishment of tyranny.
History will judge us very harshly if we don't find a way to stop Obama's Garden of Beasts from fundamentally transforming the United States into a one-party socialist dictatorship, while we watch it happen, helpless to resist. We watch and we wait, like insects already injected with paralyzing poison and wrapped in silk, awaiting the spider.
How can we escape from Team Obama's web of deceit?
Obama Nation
President Obama Announces Free Community College Plan
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 22:03
January 08, 2015 | 1:46 | Public Domain
Today the President proposed making two years of community college free for anyone who's willing to work for it. His proposal could save a full-time community college student an average of $3,800 in tuition per year and benefit about 9 million students per year if they earn good grades and stay on track to graduate.
Agenda 21
House Passes Bill that Prohibits Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Fri, 09 Jan 2015 12:47
While everyone's attention was focused on the Senate and the Keystone XL decision on Tuesday, some pretty shocking stuff was quietly going on in the House of Representatives. The GOP-dominated House passed a bill that effectively prevents scientists who are peer-reviewed experts in their field from providing advice '-- directly or indirectly '-- to the EPA, while at the same time allowing industry representatives with financial interests in fossil fuels to have their say. Perversely, all this is being done in the name of ''transparency.''
Bill H.R. 1422, also known as the Science Advisory Board Reform Act, passed 229-191. It was sponsored by Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT), pictured. The bill changes the rules for appointing members to the Science Advisory Board (SAB), which provides scientific advice to the EPA Administrator. Among many other things, it states: ''Board members may not participate in advisory activities that directly or indirectly involve review or evaluation of their own work.'' This means that a scientist who had published a peer-reviewed paper on a particular topic would not be able to advise the EPA on the findings contained within that paper. That is, the very scientists who know the subject matter best would not be able to discuss it.
Related: Petition: Don't Put a Climate Change Denier in Charge of U.S. Environmental Policy!
On Monday, the White House issued a statement indicating it would veto the bill if it passed, noting: ''H.R. 1422 would negatively affect the appointment of experts and would weaken the scientific independence and integrity of the SAB.'' Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) was more blunt, telling House Republicans on Tuesday: ''I get it, you don't like science. And you don't like science that interferes with the interests of your corporate clients. But we need science to protect public health and the environment.''
Director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Andrew A. Rosenberg wrote a letter to House Representatives stating: ''This [bill] effectively turns the idea of conflict of interest on its head, with the bizarre presumption that corporate experts with direct financial interests are not conflicted while academics who work on these issues are. Of course, a scientist with expertise on topics the Science Advisory Board addresses likely will have done peer-reviewed studies on that topic. That makes the scientist's evaluation more valuable, not less.''
Two more bills relating to the EPA are set to go to the vote this week, bills that opponents argue are part of an ''unrelenting partisan attack'' on the EPA and that demonstrate more support for industrial polluters than the public health concerns of the American people.
Via Salon and Think Progress
Photos by The White House and The U.S. Congress via Wikimedia Commons
Real News
Sharpton admits Viagra prescription found is his - NY Daily News
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 13:19
Michael Schwartz /for New York Daily NewsRev. Al Sharpton made a lighthearted admission on Saturday to taking the little blue pill.No Viagra! No peace!
The Rev. Al Sharpton made a lighthearted admission on Saturday to taking the little blue pill.
''They called asking about some pill,'' Sharpton said to supporters at the National Action Network in Harlem. ''I said 'Yep, I took Excedrin, too! You got any other dumb questions?'''
The Daily News reported exclusively last week that a prescription for Viagra in the reverend's name was found in civil rights lawyer Sanford Rubenstein's apartment.The Daily News reported exclusively last week that a prescription for Viagra in the reverend's name was found in civil rights lawyer Sanford Rubenstein's apartment. The prescription was found as cops were investigating a woman's claim that Rubenstein raped her after Sharpton's 60th birthday bash. Prosecutors announced Monday that Rubenstein would not be charged after a three-month investigation.
Sharpton blasted the Viagra disclosure as a distraction from his police brutality message .
Prosecutors announced Monday that Rubenstein would not be charged after a three-month investigation.''Whatever they say, I did it '-- and more,'' he said. ''Now let's get back to chokehold!''
Sharpton told The News last week he was ''unembarrassable.''
Social Song email from Tristan
12 year old son was in the car with me listening to latest episode. "stop stop, back it up. WHAT was that song thing?". explain about song. move on. think nothing of it. get home. next thing I hear the whole bloody thing blaring out of his room. go in. he's on his bed almost in tears, cracking up. can't stop laughing. youtubed it.
Foie Gras Ban ends in California
Study Concludes That Women Who Squirt During Sex Are Actually Peeing | IFLScience
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 01:35
When aroused, some women may experience squirting, or a rather noticeable discharge of fluid. What it is exactly and where it comes from has been hotly debated: female ejaculation or adult bedwetting? Researchers are now saying that squirting is essentially involuntary urination.
Female ejaculate is technically the small amount of milky white fluid that's expressed when climaxing, New Scientist explains. Squirting, on the other hand, results in a much larger gush of a clear fluid, which comes from the urethra, the duct where urine is conveyed from the bladder. The findings, which combine biochemical analyses with pelvic ultrasounds, were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on Christmas Eve.
A French team led by Samuel Salama from Hopital Priv(C) de Parly II recruited seven healthy women'--who've reported recurrent and massive fluid emission (enough to fill a cup) during sexual stimulation'--to undergo ''provoked sexual arousal.'' The team conducted pelvic ultrasound scans after urination and during sexual excitation just before and after the squirting event.
All of the women had empty bladders before sexual excitation, however, urine collected just before squirting showed that the bladder was filling up. Urine sampled after squirting revealed that the bladder had been emptied again, revealing the origin of the squirted liquid.
The researchers also analyzed chemical concentrations in the urine samples (before arousal and after squirting) as well as the squirting sample itself. These included urea, uric acid, creatinine (a byproduct of muscle metabolism), and prostatic-specific antigen (PSA). The latter is a protein that's produced in men's prostate glands and in the ''female prostate'' called the Skene glands; PSA is found in ''true'' female ejaculate. Urea, uric acid, and creatinine concentrations were comparable in all of the urine and squirt samples. However, PSA, which was not detected before sexual simulation in six of the women's urine samples, were present in urine collected after squirting and in the squirt sample in five of the women.
Squirting, they found, is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity'--though there's also a small contribution of prostatic secretions as well. Salama's team is now working on a protocol to test whether the kidneys work faster to produce urine during sexual stimulation than at other times, New Scientist explains. And if so, why.
Read this next: Fun Experiments To Do In Cold Weather
VIDEO- UKip's Nigel Farage: "Paris attack a result of a 'fifth column' holding our passports that hate us" - YouTube
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:52
VIDEO-Cherif Kouachi Charlie Hebdo Shooting Suspect Rap VIDEO | Mediaite
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:14
Before he was a suspect in the brutal Wednesday massacre of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo's Paris office, Ch(C)rif Kouachi was apparently an aspiring rapper.
Video from 2005 has emerged of the alleged terrorist showing off his rap skills during an FR3 documentary on the recruitment of young Islamic extremists. Kouachi spoke about his budding hip-hop career and shared a video of himself spitting rhymes.
The program, entitled Pieces Conviction (English: ''Incriminating Evidence''), is a weekly investigative journalism show hosted by Elise Lucet.
The 32-year-old mass murder suspect was 23 at the time. His brother, Sa¯d Kouachi, a fellow suspect in the killings, was featured in the documentary but did not possess such hip-hop aspirations.
Watch the clip below:
Please enable Javascript to watch.
[Image via FR3/screengrab]
'' ''>> Follow Andrew Kirell (@AndrewKirell) on Twitter
VIDEO-russian drivers license transexual - Google Search
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 12:48
russian drivers license transexual - Google SearchGoogle Instant is unavailable. Press Enter to search.
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Search ResultsPutin Bans Transsexuals From Driving - YouTubewww.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ji38-pfpGw
1 day ago - Uploaded by The Young Turks
Putin Bans Transsexuals From Driving ... Russian psychiatrists and human rights lawyers have condemned the ...This ad is based on your current search terms.Renew Drivers License'ŽRenew, replace, revise amend your drivers license or La. I.d.
VIDEO-Connecticut teen's chemotherapy battle sparks national debate - WFSB 3 Connecticut
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 06:44
HAMDEN, CT (WFSB) -A young girl's fight against chemotherapy has caught the country's attention.
The Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously decided Cassandra Fortin, the 17-year-old girl from Windsor Locks, must undergo chemotherapy against her will.
The state sees it as a do-or-die scenario because Cassandra Fortin needs to undergo chemo or she will die from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
But for a young girl and her mother, they said it's about a personal decision.
"She has lost her hair. She is sick,'' Cassandra's mother Jackie Fortin said. ''She has been in a hospital for four weeks."
Many people are now still trying to sort out how they fell about the unique case.
"I feel like you reach a point, maybe after adolescence - 14 or 15 - at which I don't think you need to control everything in your life but bodily autonomy is really important,'' said Abigail Clayton, of New Haven.
"I think especially if the parent is on the side of the child, it should be a personal decision that she has to make herself,'' Eleanor Woodward said.
Cassandra spoke out after writing an op-ed piece in the Hartford Courant where she explains why they were getting a second opinion about the chemo treatment. She stated "apparently, going for the second opinion and questioning doctors was considered 'wasting time' and 'not necessary."
''My mom was reported to the Department of Children and Families for medical neglect because we weren't meeting the doctors' time standard,'' she stated in the op-ed piece.
Health law professor John Thomas at Quinnipiac School of Law said this medical question really directed the legal question.
"Hodgkin's Lymphoma is almost for certain a death sentence and the treatment is almost a certain cure,'' Thomas said. ''It's not experimental, not developmental.'
Thomas said the case could have gone a different direction if there were more facts supporting what's called the mature minor doctrine, which is the court's way of saying based on the circumstances, the juvenile is mature enough to make a decision like this.
"What really hurt the back part of her case, she went to court told the court and said she would take the treatment, went home and then ran away,'' Thomas said.
Legal experts don't think that's realistic or practical for the case to make it to U.S. Supreme Court because it would take more than a year to get there. By then Cassandra will be 18 years old and make her own decision about her treatment.
Copyright 2015 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.
VIDEO-BBC News - France attacks: World leaders gather for mass Paris rally
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 06:08
10 January 2015Last updated at 23:48 ET World leaders are gathering in Paris ahead of a march in the French capital to show unity after three days of terror that left 17 people dead.
Some 40 leaders are to go to the rally, expected to dwarf Saturday marches that saw 700,000 take to the streets.
About 2,000 police officers and 1,350 soldiers are being deployed across the French capital to protect marchers.
Police are seeking accomplices of the gunmen who attacked a satirical magazine and a kosher supermarket.
The interior minister says France will stay on high alert in the coming weeks.
Bernard Cazeneuve will host a meeting on Sunday morning of fellow interior ministers from across Europe, including the UK's Theresa May, to discuss the threat posed by militants.
Extra securityMr Cazeneuve promised "exceptional measures" for the massive unity march in Paris on Sunday, including positioning snipers on roofs.
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.
Damien Grammaticas reports on huge rallies across France on Saturday
The foreign leaders expected to attend the rally include UK Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The march, which will be led by relatives of the victims of last week's attacks, will leave Place de la Republique at 15:00 local time (14:00 GMT).
More than a million people are expected to take part, the BBC's Chris Morris in Paris reports.
Before the march, President Francois Hollande will meet leaders from the Jewish community, which is still in shock after a gunman killed four people at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris on Friday.
The gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, is believed to have shot dead a policewoman the day before.
In a separate attack on Wednesday, two brothers raided the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 people - including eight journalists and two police officers - in the attack. Eleven people were also injured.
Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers were shot dead on Friday after police ended two separate sieges.
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.
Lucy Williamson on how a supermarket employee hid shoppers in a freezer
Police are still hunting for accomplices of the three gunmen, including Hayat Boumeddiene, Coulibaly's partner. However, officials in Turkey believe she may have travelled through the country en route to Syria earlier last week.
'Act of barbarity'Families of the victims spoke out about the attacks on Saturday.
The family of Ahmed Merabet, one of the police officers killed during Wednesday's attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, said they were "devastated by this act of barbarity".
Mr Merabet was "Muslim, and very proud of being a police officer and defending the values of the Republic", his brother Malek Merabet said at a news conference.
Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.
Brother of policeman says he was killed by men pretending to be Muslims
Nearly a quarter of a million people held marches in France on Saturday to condemn the attacks, with large crowds gathering in Paris, Orleans, Nice, Pau, Toulouse and Nantes.
During the marches, people held banners that read "I am against racism", "unity", or "I am Charlie" - the latter a reference to the magazine.
Addressing a large gathering outside the kosher supermarket that was targeted, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said: "Today, we are all Charlie, we are all police officers, we are all Jews of France."
He said he had "no doubt that millions of citizens will come to express their love of liberty, their love of fraternity" in Paris on Sunday.
How the attacks unfolded (all times GMT) Wednesday 7 January 10:30 - Two masked gunmen enter Charlie Hebdo offices, killing 12 people, including the magazine's editor. Shortly after the attack, the gunmen kill a police officer nearby. 11:00 - Police lose track of the men after they abandon their getaway car and hijack another vehicle. They are later identified as brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi. Thursday 8 January 08:45 -A lone gunman shoots dead a policewoman and injures a man in the south of Paris. Gunman later identified as Amedy Coulibaly. 10:30 - The Kouachi brothers rob a a service station near Villers-Cotterets, in the Aisne region, but disappear again. Friday 9 January 08:30 - Police exchange gunfire with the Kouachi brothers during a car chase on the National 2 highway northeast of Paris. 10:00 - Police surround the brothers at an industrial building in at Dammartin-en-Goele, 35km (22 miles) from Paris. 12:15 - Coulibaly reappears and takes several people hostage at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris. Heavily-armed police arrive and surround the store. 16:00 - Kouachi brothers come out of the warehouse, firing at police. They are both shot dead. 16:15 - Police storm the kosher supermarket in Paris, killing Coulibaly and rescuing 15 hostages. The bodies of four hostages are recovered. Three days of terror
Are you in the area? If you are happy to speak to the BBC, please email us at haveyoursay@bbc.co please remember to include a contact number.
Send your pictures and videos to yourpics@bbc.co.uk or text them to 61124 (UK) or +44 7624 800 100 (international). Or you can upload here.
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VIDEO-Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Keystone XL Pipeline - YouTube
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 05:24
VIDEO- CNN Video's-Terror In Paris: A Warning In The U.S.? - YouTube
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 04:23
VIDEO-Weekly Address: America's Resurgence Is Real | The White House
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 22:14
January 10, 2015 | 3:16 | Public Domain
In this week's address, President Obama discussed the economic gains we made in 2014, which was the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s.
Download mp4 (121MB) | mp3 (3MB)
VIDEO_LiveLeak.com - Alleged BOKO HARAM members being executed.
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 20:45
Alleged BOKO HARAM members being executed.
From the website:2nd June, 2014
We received shocking video of soldiers in Nigeria's northeast, along with Civilian-JTF slaughtering arrested Boko Haram suspects in a summarily execution. We believe these terrorists were caught in the act of terror. The tall individual who comes to slaughter a terrorist goes by the name, 'Dogo,' and is a Civilian-JTF member our sources are very familiar with.
We refuse to make a judgment on this video because it is not our calling. We however do understand the perplexities of the asymmetrical war and the complications of the Nigerian security department in terms of transporting, accommodating and processing justice for terrorists; who almost always end up escaping.
We do hope and believe that the Nigerian soldiers have been instructed on and authorized to carry out expedient on field trials as this is certainly necessary in this perplexing war with Boko Haram barbarians.
The video which takes a lot of stomach to watch, prompts some serious questions: What has happened? What is happening? What should be happening (to us people) and what will happen tomorrow, after and if it still happens to be with Boko Haram? Things will never be the same again, most especially in Nigeria's affected north.
May the Almighty have mercy on us and guide and deliver us.'‹
[url=mailto:drbrimah@ends.ng]drbrimah@ends.ng[/url] Twitter: @EveryNigerianDr. Peregrino Brimah for http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Loading the player ...
VIDEO-GeenStijl: Terrorist uitschakelen. De Ongecensureerde Video
Sat, 10 Jan 2015 15:18
@Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 10:11En daarom pleit ik er voor om per direct de hele familie van meneer de terrorist het land uit te flikkeren, opdat iedereen die in zijn voetsporen wil treden zich wel realiseert dat ie daarmee behalve ons vooral ook zijn geliefde pappa, mamma, broertjes en zusjes treft.Represailles noemen we dat in vakjargon.
Hahaha.En maar denken dat ze direct 72 maagden (ziek eigenlijk) krijgen...dhr Ellian legt het hilarisch uit met als voorbeeld bin laden:.Osama: Ik was weg. Plotseling werd ik wakker in een woestijn.
- Dat is pas een avontuur, h¨?
Osama: Dat mag je wel zeggen! Voordat ik kon bewegen, kwamen vier lelijke engelen om mij te repareren. Ik vroeg ze waar die 72 houries bleven. Ongeduldig riepen ze: bek dicht!
- Wat een mirakel
Osama: Ja, het wordt nog erger! Nadat ik een paar dagen kilometers te voet had afgelegd, kwam ik in een andere woestijn. Daar wemelde het van de wanhopige moslims. Opeens was ik (C)(C)n van miljoenen. Aan deze werkelijkheid kon ik niet wennen. Van kinds af aan was ik niet (C)(C)n van duizenden, maar een bijzonder mens. Altijd stonden mensen om me heen. Ik was het centrum van mijn eigen werkelijkheid. Maar nu was ik een onderdeel van een mierachtige massa. .
hele artikel: www.elsevier.nl...
Dutch Peanut | 10-01-15 | 10:32God wat had hier de boel ontploft bij zoveel "onnodige" agressie van de politie. Ze hebben niet voor niks speelgoedpistooltjes hier.Wat een daadkracht van die Fransen, nog een beetje een genoegdoening!
lanexx | 10-01-15 | 10:32@Speertjespunt | 10-01-15 | 10:06Misschien dat we er toch maar op moeten vertrouwen dat de agenten getraind zijn en weten wat ze doen. Waarbij ik als eerste toe zal geven dat collatoral damage nu eenmaal niet uit te sluiten valt.
Verder wat @rara @10:04 zegt
Chiant | 10-01-15 | 10:32Als martelaar willen sterven maar dan zelfmoord plegen.Zelfmoord is haram dus geen Paradijs voor deze, en de andere 2, knuppels.
Super Grover | 10-01-15 | 10:33Lijkt mij inderdaad die agent die eerder in zijn eentje naae binnen ging...
ablacadabla | 10-01-15 | 10:33@Ik was in Haren | 10-01-15 | 10:27Geiten hebben toch geen wol?
necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:33Maar wat als hij nou achter in de winkel was gebleven? Dan had hij toch veel meer slachtoffers kunnen maken? Daar was deze tactiek niet op berekend of mis ik iets? Wel respect voor persoon die als eerste (alleen) naar binnen gaat.
Vula | 10-01-15 | 10:33Petrus Poortwachter of ze het nu doen met 20 of 100zolang die idioten maar gestopt zijn.gelukkig is dat gelukt ,en lag hij voor de laatste keer te bidden naar mekka...
ShoveASockinit | 10-01-15 | 10:34Schande! De mensenrechten zijn hier geschonden, hij heeft geen eerlijk proces gehad. Ik vind dat de daders vervolgd moeten worden voor moord.
HoogToontje | 10-01-15 | 10:34oh ga je hier liggen?eet dit!
-Wil- | 10-01-15 | 10:35Matige planning en uitvoering van de bestorming. Daar zal het laatste woord nog niet over gezegd zijn..Dit moet beter. Het zal nog vaak nodig zijn.
Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 10:35Afgeknald als de laffe hond die je bent. Shoot to kill. Snelrecht, heet dat geloof ik. Geen medelijden hier. Tot ziens, opdat uw ouders trots op u mogen zijn. Nu alledrie die mafkezen vanuit een vliegtuig ergens in de IS woestijn flikkeren, en wegrotten maar. Lat0rz!
engheltje | 10-01-15 | 10:36@Vula | 10-01-15 | 10:33"Maar wat als'-redeneringen zijn altijd onwaar omdat de premisse onjuist is.
rara | 10-01-15 | 10:36Hij had gemakkelijk gearresteerd kunnen worden. Franse politie heeft overal achter de feiten aan gelopen.Vraag is wanneer de 4 doden vielen. Als dat na de inval is dan zal dit een casus worden op alle arresteatieteam-opleidingen.
Einde van de Domheid | 10-01-15 | 10:36Lijkt alsof deze actie niet is uitgevoerd door GIGN..ben geen expert maar vond het er een beetje amateuristisch uitzien.
wyatt earp | 10-01-15 | 10:37Die 4 gijzelaars waren al dood toen de politie binnenviel, daar kon de politie helaas niet veel aan doen. Waarschijnlijk zijn die meteen doodgeschoten toen Coulibaly binnenviel.
malang | 10-01-15 | 10:37Ook slim om aan 2 kanten van de deur te gaan staan en dan op elkaar schieten.
lulleficatie | 10-01-15 | 10:37loverlover1 | 10-01-15 | 10:19Speertjespunt | 10-01-15 | 10:06Wat weten jullie het allemaal goed!! Vast allemaal kennis die jullie hebben opgedaan vanachter de Playstation!! Knap hoor, jongens!Ga anders zelf eens bij de politie of het leger. Volg een gedegen opleiding. Plaats je zelfs een paar keer in de voorste vuurlinie.Dan hoor ik daarna graag nog een keer hoe ze het beter hadden kunnen doen.
Jimmydepimmy | 10-01-15 | 10:37Zelfmoord is toch niet toegestaan bij de vrome moslim?
Dit IS toch zelfmoord!?
HalloIkBenGod | 10-01-15 | 10:37Overigens leek mij dit juist het moment om hem levend te pakken. Dat was veel waardevoller geweest.
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:37@psychonaut | 10-01-15 | 10:29
Vriend, ik ben geen alu hoedje en geen deskundige.... het enige wat ik zeg is dat ik mij niet kan voorstellen dat die meid in die supermarkt is geweest.... puur mijn mening, meer niet
Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 10:38Cremeren die hap en als varkensvoer verwerken. Zal de volgende malloot afschrikken.
roze_bril | 10-01-15 | 10:38@malang | 10-01-15 | 10:37
Klopt, zo heb ik het ook begrepen. Dus alle geroeptoeter hier dat het door de slordige actie kwam is weer eens onzin.
Supermatthijs | 10-01-15 | 10:39Jammer dat hij doorzeefd is met kogels en sterft als martelaar dat is wat hij wouZe hadden helemaal niet moeten schieten dat was pas een straf
super-woman | 10-01-15 | 10:40Ze moeten zo'n anti terrorisme team met alleen maar vrouwen maken, dan gaan ze niet naar de 72 maagden en was alles voor niets.
Sanderhg | 10-01-15 | 10:40@ genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:21In de Schilderswijk gebeurt het inderdaad al, tijdens Oud en Nieuw liepen er 150 ordebewakers rond van de As-Soennah moskee. Jozias van Aartsen was er blij mee, want het was nog nooit zo rustig in de Schilderswijk.Volgens Arnoud van Doorn kan de Schilderswijk het zo wel af zonder Politie.
Duifmans | 10-01-15 | 10:40genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:21Dit moet een week op de voorpagina van Geenstijl komen te staan!.
vmk | 10-01-15 | 10:40@necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:33En jouw shoarma bevat toch geen geit?
Ik was in Haren | 10-01-15 | 10:41Einde van de Domheid | 10-01-15 | 10:36Als je goed kijkt, dan zie je in ieder geval 1 slachtoffer al achter het rolluik liggen, op het moment dat die opengaat. En de dader had de dag daarvoor ook al iemand gedood. De uitleg dat de 4 overleden gijzelaars dus al dood waren voor de inval, lijkt mij behoorlijk plausibel.
Jimmydepimmy | 10-01-15 | 10:41Toch liggen de verhoudingen een beetje off-scale: 3 of 4 personen die het moeten opnemen tegen ruim 88.000 professionals.Whatever gets the job done zeggen we dan maar.
hakbarry | 10-01-15 | 10:41Dat franse arrestatieteam heeft onderling wel wat te bespreken. Die instapprocedure loopt helemaal mis omdat nummer 2 bang wordt. Daardoor rent er maar 1 dappere diender naar binnen. Wat een amateurisme voor zulke getrainde politiemensen. Maar goed, we kennen niet voor niets de uitdrukking Franse slag.
rexmundi666 | 10-01-15 | 10:41Hij had ook met een bomgordel naar buiten kunnen springen, dan was de faaltactiek duidelijker zichtbaar geworden.
BrutusBosch | 10-01-15 | 10:42@ Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 10:38Ik neem aan dat de gijzelaars daar wel een verklaring over hebben gegeven. Maar ik zou denken dat je gelijk hebt, het lijkt natuurlijk schier onmogelijk door zo'n cordon weg te komen.
Lewis | 10-01-15 | 10:42geen enkele vorm van medelijden met dit tuig
coolgen | 10-01-15 | 10:43Nu is het wachten op de eerste advocaat die namens de familie van de gijzelnemer een schadeclaim indient en een diepgaand parlementair onderzoek eist of dit ook niet zonder bloedvergieten opgelost had kunnen worden.....
Lomo | 10-01-15 | 10:43Geen expert maar voor mijn lekenoog ziet het er supermaf uit, die ene agent die naar binnengaat en als kogelvanger dienst doet? De agenten achter elkaar? Herinner me een gijzeling in Nederland waar ze met een tank/pantserwagen door een muur heen ramden lijkt me effektiever, glassplinters zijn gevaarlijk maar die kogels overal lijken me ook niet gezond.
bijna_raak | 10-01-15 | 10:44genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:21Dit moet een week op de voorpagina van Geenstijl komen te staan!.
vmk | 10-01-15 | 10:40
Vind ik ook! Ff voor de duidelijkheid. Ik ben niet de reaguurder die de oorspronkelijke tekst heeft gepost. Ik had m enkel opgeslagen.
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:44Mooi filmpje om mee wakker te worden.
myrna1965 | 10-01-15 | 10:44@Lewis | 10-01-15 | 10:42
exact.... is er overigens meer bekend over de achtergronden van de 4 slachtoffers, ik heb daar nog niets over gehoord of gelezen en ook nog geen bordjes gezien: "Je suis Juif"
Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 10:46Ik heb eens gelezen dat als een moslim door een vrouw wordt gedood hij niet in het paradijs komt.Simpel dus: Vrouwelijke eenheden inzetten.En inderdaad als extra maatregel, ben je van plan een terroristische aanslag te plegen, dan word je gehele familie zonder pardon en geld uitgezet.
willem1 | 10-01-15 | 10:46@Supermatthijs | 10-01-15 | 10:39Je had liever gehad dat de gijzelnemer de rest van zijn miserabele leven op kosten van de belastingbetaler opgeborgen wordt in een EBI?
necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:46genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:21 & anderenDe aangehaalde tekst komt uit Dr. Peter Hammond's boek: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.(CNN link: ireport.cnn.com...
(...) "The Netherlands -- Muslim 5.5%"
met zonder oordeel | 10-01-15 | 10:47@Vula | 10-01-15 | 10:33Er was ingeplugd in het CCTV netwerk van de winkel. Dan weet je redelijk wie waar uithangt.
dugo | 10-01-15 | 10:47@Jimmydepimmy | 10-01-15 | 10:37
Wel eens van boeken, documentaires, en rapportages gehoord? Er is best veel te vinden over het metier van antiterrorisme operaties. Dit is geen voorbeeld van hoe het moet. Opening forceren duurt te lang. Schietpartij is ongecontroleerd..Eventuele dapperheid staat niet ter discussie. Echter wanneer men verkeerde tactieken, methoden, en technieken inzet maakt dapperheid niets uit. In WO1 waren soldaten ook heel dapper. Ze werden echter zo het spervuur van machinegeweren ingestuurd. De uitkomst daarvan kunt u ook in Frankrijk bezichtigen.
Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 10:47100% dat die trut niet (meer) aanwezig was in tijdens,voor,of na de aanval in dat keppeltjes buurthuis.
wyatt earp | 10-01-15 | 10:48@necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:46
Nee, lees anders even het comment waarop ik reaguur. ...Roeptoeter
Supermatthijs | 10-01-15 | 10:48Iedereen die Swat 1,2,3 en 4 heeft gespeeld weet hoe je de 'taart moet verdelen'!!1
Canis Spurcus | 10-01-15 | 10:50@ mezelf | 10-01-15 | 10:47Ik ga het boek kopen.www.amazon.com...Quote van een customer review:"Among the interesting items in the book:- one of Muhammad's wives was 6 when he married her and 9 when he consummated the marriage.- most of the historical Biblical stories related in the Koran are factually incorrect.- Muslims are forbidden from having Jewish or Christian friends.- Jihad is the second most important duty of every Muslim.- only 5% of all slaves involved in the slave trade were sold in the United States.- half of all children born today in Belgium are Muslim.- there may be as many as 25,000 Al-Qaeda supporters in the UK.- Muslims comprise 4% of the population in Denmark, but consume 40% of the welfare spending.- 75% of the convicted rapists in Denmark are Muslim.- Muslims comprise 95% of the convicted rapists and 85% of the convicted murderers in France and Italy.- the average European woman has 1.5 children, the average Muslim woman living in Europe has 7 children.- non-Muslims have virtually no rights in Muslim countries.- since 1948, the 21 Arab countries have been involved in 30 wars, 63 successful revolutions, at least 75 failed revolutions, and the assassination of 36 heads of state."
met zonder oordeel | 10-01-15 | 10:51@met zonder oordeel | 10-01-15 | 10:47in Nederland is het % al een stuk hoger. Hier worden namelijk geen moslims geteld uit religieus oogpunt, maar gedestilleerd uit het allochtonen aantal. Men is opgehouden statistieken naar religie bij te houden. Dat zou de Nederlanders veel ongeruster maken.
3e en ook 4e generatie moslims, en daar zijn er al heel veel van, zijn autochtonen en belanden automatisch buiten de moslim statistieken.
La Bailaora | 10-01-15 | 10:52@gentalix en vmkDe tekst staat in deze link nog wat uitgebreider:ireport.cnn.com...
Asylum | 10-01-15 | 10:53@Ik was in Haren | 10-01-15 | 10:41Ik eet al jaren geen shoarma meer, ik eet uitsluitend uit blik.Kattenvoer schijnt trouwens heel gezond te zijn....
necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:54genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:44
Ben er niet zo van onder de indruk. Het was hier al duidelijk dat het een totalitaire ideologie is. Beter stuur je hem wekelijks naar linkse fracties of post je hem op joop. Daar hebben ze wel enig belang bij deze cijfers.
NiceGuysFinishLast | 10-01-15 | 10:54Hier was ik gister ook nog tegenaan gelopen. Is niet recent en was afgelopen zomer... zegt genoeg als je m nog niet had gezien.
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:55@necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:54Maggie houdt het er aardig op vol...twitter.com...
Ik was in Haren | 10-01-15 | 10:55Alle respect voor deze agenten, mij krijgen ze er niet voor.Wat duurt het tergend lang voor er een (!) agent naar binnen gaat, wanneer het rolluik omhoog is. Schieten lijkt ook weinig effect te hebben door het die hufter lukt naar buiten te stormen.
pseudo leuk | 10-01-15 | 10:56@genitalix | 10-01-15 | 10:27Dan zal het ook nodig zijn te weten wie de schrijver van de tekst is,en of het hier een gedegen onderzoek betreft.Waarna de schrijver toestemming moet verlenen voor publicatie,en moet er vervolgens nog een dappere Nederlandse krant zijn die deze publicatie aandurft natuurlijk.Misschien gaan er dan ook wat oogjes open van de zogenaamd gematigde moslims die wellicht wel van goede wil zijn,en openlijk afstand nemen van deze verderfelijke ideologie door deze niet meer te praktiseren en een soort van verlichting aanbrengen binnen wat zei de religie islam noemen.Ik zou het wel weten als ik moslim zou zijn en deze cijfers onder ogen kreeg, gekoppeld aan de feiten van vandaag.
deraderendraaien | 10-01-15 | 10:57Wat heeft dit soort gedoe toch eigenlijk best heel veel met de islam te maken. Vinden jullie ook niet, beste lieve Gutmenschen?Of zit de ontkenningskramp zo diep dat je nu even moet schelden dat het niet waar is?Nou toe dan, maar even.
Klaar?Hoe meer moslims in de potdicht gesloten moslimgemeenschap, hoe minder kansen de gematigde moslims hebben zich aan het keurslijf te onttrekken.Goed, moslim-bokjes mogen ongehinderd op blonde meisjes jagen, maar dat alleen maar omdat zij krijgers zijn - en de blonde meisjes de vrouwen van de overwonnen vijand.Een moslima die een blanke niet-moslim wel aardig vind, die kan maar beter ver uit zijn buurt blijven. Als ze weet wat goed voor haar is. En voor hem.
Jan Passant mk2 | 10-01-15 | 10:57@Jimmydepimmy | 10-01-15 | 10:37Je hoeft helemaal niet een opleiding te volgen om te zien dat er gewoonweg veel tactische fouten gemaakt worden bij de bestorming van het pand. Moet je tegenwoordig overal expert zijn om gewoon je mening erover te mogen geven?Het ziet er redelijk amateuristisch over, dat kan omdat er levens op het spel staan, maar juist daarom zou er wat meer aandacht mogen gaan naar de planning en uitvoering. Als reaguurder en dus als leek zie ik al talloze fouten bij de bestorming... ben daarom benieuwd wat een 'expert' in deze zou zeggen.
loverlover1 | 10-01-15 | 10:58deraderendraaien | 10-01-15 | 10:57Ja had ik verwacht. Wellicht een quote op de fp van geenstijl met een link naar de bron?
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:00Mooi land dat Frankrijk maar de voertaal is binnen niet al te lange tijd geen Frans meer,en dat terwijl op vele vakanties ze weigerden een andere taal te spreken dan Frans..als ze nou een paar filialen laten stationeren van SAS ELITE dan komt het nog goed.
wyatt earp | 10-01-15 | 11:00-weggejorist-
wyatt earp | 10-01-15 | 11:00deraderendraaien | 10-01-15 | 10:57
Ja had ik verwacht. Wellicht een quote op de fp van geenstijl met een link naar de bron?
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:00-weggejorist-
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:00-weggejorist-
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:00deraderendraaien | 10-01-15 | 10:57
Ja had ik verwacht. Wellicht een quote op de fp van geenstijl met een link naar de bron?
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:00Plons.
Plukkiehaar | 10-01-15 | 11:00islamthreat.com...
EvT | 10-01-15 | 11:00Sorry voor dubbelposts ging wat mis..
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:01Ik heb dat gifje nu al tientallen keren gezien en iedere keer loopt het goed af.Net als in een sprookjesboek.
leo de pejo | 10-01-15 | 11:03Net fotografen die een celebrity uit de winkel zien komen.
Dark_Austrian | 10-01-15 | 11:04Prima operatie trouwens.0 slachtoffers onder gijzelaars tijdens bevrijdingsactie.Gewoon via de voordeur.Ze moesten onverwachts de operatie inzetten.Via het dak had je een half uur moet zagen, of explosieven moeten gebruiken wat vast slachtoffers had opgeleverd onder de gijzelaars.Slechts 1 man naar binnen is het beste met als doel de gijzelnemer af te leiden en de situatie binnen in kaart te brengen. Als je met 10 man naar binnen gaat wordt de verwarring te groot en kans op veel crossfire zeker omdat tegenwoordig politie en terrorist in het zwart gekleed zijn.
geengeld | 10-01-15 | 11:04Ik vraag me altijd af hoe het zit met die 72 maagden. Tovert Allah deze uit zijn hoed, zijn dat mongolo¯de dochters van de profeet of 72 overleden maagden.
Drs. D. | 10-01-15 | 11:05Oplossing is heel simpel. Elke jihadist die bij een aanslag betrokken is en wordt gedood, besprenkelen met varkensbloed. Hij gaat dan niet naar het paradijs maar naar de hel.
Ik weet zeker dan vele jihadisten zich dan niet meer opofferen voor hun ideologie.
Peppa9 | 10-01-15 | 11:05dit is nog maar de prelude... na het middaggebed gaat het weer verder.
ganzo | 10-01-15 | 11:06Z" vreselijk jammer dat deze klootzak het zelf wilde.
Thea | 10-01-15 | 11:07@peppa9,
Had ik ook al gedacht, lijkt me sterk plan.
willem1 | 10-01-15 | 11:07Een vertaling is er overigens al: ejbron.wordpress.com...
EvT | 10-01-15 | 11:07Wat ik niet begrijp dat wanneer je weet dat er (C)(C)n (1) gijzelnemer binnen is, je daar met 30 man elkaar in de weg moet lopen.
daytripper | 10-01-15 | 11:08Wat zo jammer is. Ik vind het een laffe loser, maar op grond van deze beelden gaan anderen hem als een martelaar eren.. Zoals Hitler geen graf kreeg, zo zou deze gast geen suicide by cop mogen verdienen..
Wolk | 10-01-15 | 11:09Ziet er amateuristisch uit...
heidos | 10-01-15 | 11:09Ik versta onder het begrip "bestorming" toch echt iets anders . Dit lijkt meer dringen voor een uitverkoop of voor de introductie van een nieuwe iphone met bijpassende hysterie.
daytripper | 10-01-15 | 11:11Mijn god wat een amateuristisch gestuntel.Je vraagt je zelfs af waarom die terroristmeneer niet gewoon de achterdeur naar buiten nam.Volgens mij zie je z'n handlanger griet ook vrij duidelijk gewoon naar buiten rennen.
Piet_Snot | 10-01-15 | 11:12Dat varken laat zich afschieten als een hond. Hoop dat Allah hem 72 maagdelijke leernichten geeft als straf.
BozeHenk | 10-01-15 | 11:12Ze schieten maar in het wilde weg, terwijl die tent nog vol klanten zit. Was het niet 1 Shot= 1 Kill?
heidos | 10-01-15 | 11:14Oplossing is simpel. Elke jihadist die bij een aanslag gedood wordt vervolgens overgieten met varkensbloed. Geen paradijs, geen maagden, enkeltje hel.Zeer effectief, geen enkele jihadist zal dan nog in zijn hoofd halen om zich op te offeren voor zijn ideologie. ( 100 % proof)
Peppa9 | 10-01-15 | 11:14@daytripper | 10-01-15 | 11:11lol!
heidos | 10-01-15 | 11:15Ik kreeg even een "bunny hop" counter strike deja vu.
impy | 10-01-15 | 11:15Gaat Ollande nu ook kopjes thee drinken met diverse imams en met familie van die moslimpjes???Zo doen we het tenminste hier in Nederland.
meneer Q | 10-01-15 | 11:17Na elke aanslag wordt er willekeurig (C)(C)n vergunning voor een Moskee ingetrokken. Na elke aanslag worden familieleden en vrienden van de dader gedeporteerd.."Nou, nou, dat is wel heel hardvochtig, Parel" zult u zeggen. Zo klinkt dat nu inderdaad. Over een jaar zullen deze stellingen genuanceerd en afgemeten klinken bij de voorstellen die steeds luider geroepen zullen worden..Waarbij ik vooral politiekcorrecte mensen wil wijzen op hun onmisbare bijdrage om het zover te laten komen. Het was tien jaar geleden allemaal zo veel makkelijker en minder draconisch op te lossen. Tikje minder instroom uit moslimlanden, wat meer afdwingen integratie en secularisatie. Maar goed, u wilde anders. U wist het allemaal zo goed..Nou, we zijn er hoor. Politiek correct Europa, bedankt. U heeft de Arabische Beast Wars naar onze stoep gebracht.
Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 11:17Die agent die naar binnen rent heeft een behoorlijk stel ballen.
noerg | 10-01-15 | 11:18Men is opgehouden statistieken naar religie bij te houden.@La Bailaora | 10-01-15 | 10:52Ik neem aan dat je met 'men' het CBS bedoelt. Laatste cijfers m.b.t. islam dateren uit 2009. Als je wilt weten hoeveel gereformeerden er in Gelderland wonen en hoe vaak ze naar de kerk gaan beschikt 'men' w(C)l over recente cijfers. Maar over het werkelijke aantal moslims per heden tasten wij volledig in het duister.Zorgelijk.
Ars Vivendi | 10-01-15 | 11:19@Normpje | 10-01-15 | 10:18
Niet zo heel raar als er maar 1 terrorist binnen is en 30 collega's met schietende pistolen achter je :)
Machoclown | 10-01-15 | 11:20Op 0.39 maakt hij een mooie zweefduik.
meneer Q | 10-01-15 | 11:20@Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 11:17
Je weet dat je een racist bent?.Dat zeg ik niet maar heel wegkijkend Nederland.....
Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 11:20Beelde zijn van behoorlijke afstand genomen en vertekenen dus stevig qua diepte. Lastig om de poisitie van de agenten dus te beoordelen. Wel duidelijk dat het shoot to kill was, en niet op de benen om hem aan te houden. Goed werk dus.
Hoeki Oekema | 10-01-15 | 11:23Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 11:20Moslims zijn geen ras.
vmk | 10-01-15 | 11:23[/policorbullshitmodus]
necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:13=Schitterend Woord!!! Die moet in de van Dale.
meneer Q | 10-01-15 | 11:23Allah Gehaktbar
Schuinsmarcheerder55 | 10-01-15 | 11:24@Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 11:20
Naturellement. Maar dat is tijdelijk. Het kromzwaard op de keel van onze samenleving zal dingen veranderen. Helaas willen veel wegkijkers nog even wachten tot er veel dode Nederlanders te betreuren zijn. Tientallen Fransen zijn nog niet genoeg op het politiek correcte altaar. Maar zoals gezegd, dingen gaan veranderen.
Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 11:24Lijken in een vat reusel begraven, dan komen ze niet in het paradijs volgens eigen leer
Zatkniss | 10-01-15 | 11:24Zo die weet dat er niets meer is als je bent afgeknald. Ooooh nee dat kan niet!
Neuswiel | 10-01-15 | 11:25Zeau, dat addergebroed kan zich niet meer voortplanten. Er wachten hem ook geen maagden.
Cosmic Traveller | 10-01-15 | 11:25Even de Nostradamus uithangend - het weekend is nog niet afgelopen. En het nieuwe jaar ook niet. *borst nat maken*
chicago river | 10-01-15 | 11:26Om als schietschijf een winkel binnen te lopen, waar een zwaar bewapende menskillende randdebiel met zelfmoordneigingen rond loopt, daar moet je wel heel moedig voor zijn. Mooie actie!Zowel ongeperforeerd, als geperforeerd heeft ie trouwens een rotkop, dus die 72 maagden kan die wel vergeten.
Schietmijmaarlek | 10-01-15 | 11:27@vmk | 10-01-15 | 11:23
Dat hoef je mij niet uit te leggen vriend..... schakel maar over op Joop.nl en ga het daar even uitleggen, ik wens je er veel succes bij... ;-0
Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 11:27Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 11:17Al hoewel ik uw ideen sympathiek vindt twijfel ik aan de doelmatigheid. De Isralirs blazen altijd de huizen van terroristen op. Tot nu toe heeft het niet veel geholpen. Daarbij is de vraag of een moderne vorm van sippenhaft het antwoord is. De godwin spaar ik u
Zatkniss | 10-01-15 | 11:28Gisteren op Sky News kwam Tariq Ramadan aan het woord.Volgens hem komt het allemaal door de "rechtse" politiek.En tot op heden weten deze lui niet de hand in eigen boezem te steken en geven een ander de schuld.Naar mijn mening is de rechtsere politiek het gevolg van en niet de veroorzaker.Maar och, wie ben ik.
willem1 | 10-01-15 | 11:28One hundred and eightyyyyyyyy
major hangover | 10-01-15 | 11:28lijkt wel net of ie zelf, vanaf de grond, nog 2-3x kan schieten..?
noerg | 10-01-15 | 11:30Mijn hemel - wat zijn dat voor een onwerkbaar grote teams?-Hoeveel en wat voor tegenstand verwachtten die mannen wel niet?-Wt een mel(C)e...ze hebben ruim z e s uur de tijd gehad om het scenario door te exerceren...
bisbisbis | 10-01-15 | 11:31Heerlijk
Franco 1975 | 10-01-15 | 11:31noerg | 10-01-15 | 11:18Die was al dat wachten zat en wou voor 7uur thuis aan de warme hap zitten.
Risingson | 10-01-15 | 11:31Maar mochten de Fransen zich nou vergissen en per abuis een bommenwerper naar Syri in plaats van Irak sturen en die abusievelijk ook nog eens laden met nucleaire ipv conventionele bommen, en die dan op Raqqa laten vallen... Ik zou ze die Franse slag wel vergeven....Represailles. Een prachtig Frans woord en het gaat nog eens heel groot worden de komende jaren. Ik heb er hoge verwachtingen van. Het is namelijk ook de taal van Islam. Het zal begrepen worden. Maken we er een eenvoudige doctrine van. "Aanslag op onze bodem? Hoppa, en weer verdampt er een IS stronghold of Islamitisch heiligdom in een paddenstoel".Ergens moeten we er natuurlijk eens een keer een eind aan gaan breien. Allah wil het kennelijk zo...
Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 11:34Zou deze tekst niet in het Nederlands vertaald op de voorpagina van de krant kunnen als we er geld voor inzamelen denk je?@deraderendraaien | 10-01-15 | 10:24Nederlandse vertaling (uit het Duits!)ejbron.wordpress.com...
Ars Vivendi | 10-01-15 | 11:34@necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:2472 onbesneden kloppende klabanii. Je moer ze maar kunnen wegstoppen...
Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 11:35Ars Vivendi | 10-01-15 | 11:34
Laten we hopen op de fp van geenstijl
genitalix | 10-01-15 | 11:37"Oplossing is heel simpel. Elke jihadist die bij een aanslag betrokken is en wordt gedood, besprenkelen met varkensbloed. Hij gaat dan niet naar het paradijs maar naar de hel.
Ik weet zeker dan vele jihadisten zich dan niet meer opofferen voor hun ideologie".Peppa9 | 10-01-15 | 11:05=====Ja, daar zou je wel eens gelijk in kunnen hebben, alhoewel ik moet zeggen dat het idee me -voorlopig- tegen de borst stuit.
malang | 10-01-15 | 11:38En vraagt niemand zich eens af waarom ze alle 72 nog maagd zijn? Denk aan het credo 'Liever een ingereden Ferrari dan een splinternieuwe Dacia' !!
Wamoje | 10-01-15 | 11:38@VanBukkem | 10-01-15 | 10:32Eigenlijk zou de overheid een speciale dienst moeten hebben, die personen als deze dader gewoon laat verdwijnen. Liefst voortijdig. Voortijdig de mensen wegmoffelen die een groot gevaar voor de staat vormen. Dat we nergens meer over lullen. Dat familie dan naar de pliesie stapt en de pliesie zegt: "u moet in de war zijn, u heeft helemaal geen zoon volgens ons systeem. Doei!" Of moeten we zoiets eng vinden?
Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 11:40Zoals meer mensen hier roepen de beelden bij mij ook vragen op over het optreden. Ik heb geen enkele ervaring met dit soort zaken of wapens (gelukkig!) maar een kogel wordt niet geremd door een stukje vlees op zijn weg. Zeker niet met de wapens waarmee deze mannen zijn uitgerust. Agenten/soldaten aan beide kanten van de ingang. Wanneer de gijzelnemer naar buiten stormt schieten beide kanten. Ook naar elkaar. Hoek is moeilijk te bepalen van deze opname maar het ziet er vreemd uit.
kenny harder | 10-01-15 | 11:40Die ene agent is zeker heel dapper. Hij heeft een grotere kans door zijn collega's geraakt te worden, die schieten zonder te kijken, dan door de terrorist?
heidos | 10-01-15 | 11:42Eerste schoten is gewoon dekkingsvuur.Al die schoten op de verdachte heeft 2 redenen:
1. Iedereen die dergelijk werk heeft wil ook een keer iemand neerschieten. (terroristen zijn verantwoorde doelwitten)
2. Dan hoeft niemand zich schuldig te voelen over het fatale schot!
Btw dat soort lui trainen wekelijks op hoe en wanneer ze schieten, ze weten echt wel wat ze doen!
En sta op tegen al het geloof!
13-666 | 10-01-15 | 11:43Mijn mening:
1) Politie is bij voorbaat al te licht bewapend; ervan uitgaande dat de dader(s) kogelwerendevesten dragen is een handvuurwapen nutteloos en een 9mm mp5 praktisch ook. Het is sowieso bekend fenomeen dat een 9mm kogel niet direct dodelijk is (geen hoofd schot) en de dader dus gewoon door kan lopen.2) Te veel mensen, geen goede coordinatie/procedure3) Geen explosieven om de winkelpui (zijn meestal niet kapot te schieten) op te blazen; na het rolluik alsnog een dichte deur4) De enkele agent die naar binnen gaat loopt dwars door de vuurlinie van zijn schietende collega`s; dat hij het overleeft heeft is een wonder5) Een enkele man naar binnen is zelfmoord; als hij moet herladen of iets is er geen rugdekking; zeker bij meerdere daders6) Ondanks dat de actie overhaast is is er niet genoeg getraint op actie-intelligentie en op `instincten/gevoel` aanleren bij het arrestatieteam. Zodra het niet volgens procedure gaat is het team `kansloos`7) De schilden zijn lekker veilig; ook onhandig en zwaar. Hierdoor wordt het automatisch een statische actie ipv een dynamische snelle overompeling;8) Geen scherpschutter met zwaardere vuurdekking recht voor de winkel als overwatch.
kio | 10-01-15 | 11:43@VanBukkem | 10-01-15 | 10:32Kunnen we dan niet gelijk ook het hele woonblok doen?
Pantservuist | 10-01-15 | 11:43@Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 11:40
U bent van de dictatuur, wellicht is Noord Korea een mooi land voor u.....
Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 11:44@Zatkniss | 10-01-15 | 11:28
Oh dat zijn niet pers(C) mijn ideen. Gewoon even een tekstje over "things to come". Islam in grote getalen in Europa is het openen van Pandora's doos geweest dus ik ben het met u eens dat zulke slappe maatregelen nooit het probleem zullen oplossen. 'T was mijn flauwe manier om duidelijk te maken dat waar we nu Israel veroordelen om dit soort acties, we straks zelf om Israel beleidsinstrumentarium zullen smeken..Regeren is vooruitzien. Het had voorkomen moeten worden, genezen is bijna niet mogelijk...
Parel van het Zuiden | 10-01-15 | 11:449) De gijzelaars rennen alle kanten op; dit is het laatste wat je wilt als AT zijnde; hierdoor kunnen ze in kruisvuur terecht komen en alsnog onbewust het loodje leggen. Zelfs nadat ze buiten zijn worden ze niet tegen gehouden. Voor hetzelfde zitten er gijzelnemers tussen die ook vrolijk naar buiten lopen.
kio | 10-01-15 | 11:45@necrosis | 10-01-15 | 10:54Ik had toch een bourgondischer idee bij de reaguurder van jaar. Sterkte.
Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 11:48Zelden zo'n onprofessionele "bestorming" gezien. Dit is werkelijk met de Franse slag. En niet toevallig raakte een agent gewond door een kogel van zijn eigen makkers.Door Coulibaly levend te vangen hadden ze vele would-be-terroristen op andere gedachten kunnen brengen, die kans laten ze grandioos voorbijgaan.+1 voor de agent die als eerste binnen ging- zeer veel voor de aktie in het algemeen
Nonkel Frituur | 10-01-15 | 11:51@Fatwabuster | 10-01-15 | 11:44Ja ik ging te ver, u hebt gelijk. We moeten zoiets eng vinden. @Svennusmax, ik kom NIET naar u toe deze winter!
Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 11:52Goed zo! De hackers van Anonymous verklaren moslimextremisten de oorlog!! Vooral die klootzakken op youtube/twitter/facebook blokkeren. Hoe minder ze de wereld kunnen bereiken hoe beter.www.nu.nl...Lang leve Anonymous! Hulde! Bedankt alvast!!!
Frikandel_met_mayo | 10-01-15 | 11:53Wamoje | 10-01-15 | 11:38Ik moet altijd gniffelen om die 72 maagden. Het feit dat deze religie als zijn allerhoogste paradijselijke beloning in weze een eeuwigdurende hoerenkast in het vooruitzicht stelt, dan weet je vrijwel precies wat voor type mannetjes zich tot die religie aangetrokken voelen.
Adversary | 10-01-15 | 11:54Geen slecht woord over deze politieactie. Niet lang lullen en onderhandelen maar ingrijpen. Laten zien dat je baas in eigen land bent en dat niks getolereerd wordt. Volgende keer wel in varkensvet gedrenkte kogels gebruiken, dat ontneemt hun de eer als martelaar te sterven. De reacties van de bed-weters hier over hoe de politie het beter had kunnen doen doen mijn maag draaien.
Kattootje | 10-01-15 | 11:54Eerst schieten en dan vragen , zo doen ze dat daar inFrankrijk, petje af voor de politie.
Eurotokkie | 10-01-15 | 11:57Je ziet als dat rolluik open gaat al direct een lichaam liggen. Links tegen de muur lijkt ook iemand te liggen die tijdens de schietpartij beweegt, maar kan ook iets anders zijn. Verder lijkt het alsof de terrorist nog vuurt terwijl hij op de stoep ligt. Dat kan verklaren waarom de agenten buiten (C)(C)n voor (C)(C)n nog een keer schieten, wat het geheel nog iets grappigs geeft.
Al met al een geslaagde actie waarbij geen gijzelaars zijn omgekomen.
Frits de Vriez | 10-01-15 | 12:00Dat SWAT team was een grote faal. Op een ander filmpje kon je ook zien dat ze een flashbang tegen de glazen deur aangooide die dus vervolgens terug stuiterde tussen de benen van het SWAT team. Maar goed, ik zou niet in hun schoenen willen staan.
XaleX_2 | 10-01-15 | 12:04-weggejorist-
fingers | 10-01-15 | 12:04Wat zou er met de kadavers van deze onnozelen gebeuren. Als ze teruggegeven worden aan de familie dan krijgen ze volgens mij een heldengraf. Ik zeg oplossen in een vat met zuur.
De langste thuis | 10-01-15 | 12:05@Asylum | 10-01-15 | 10:09www.examiner.com...
namensmijnhond | 10-01-15 | 12:07Dit zou weleens dagelijks kost gaan worden.
Bad Ass Justice | 10-01-15 | 12:09Die vijf procent homo-jihadi's, krijgen die 72 geile jongetjes daarboven? Pech als je op voorhuidjes valt
worst_kees | 10-01-15 | 12:16Ik had sterk het idee dat die terrorist nog probeerde te ontsnappen. Dat liep dus even verkeerd af.Klein technisch vraagje" Waarom kan die camera niet stil gehouden worden op dat soort belangrijke momenten? Zenuwen? Slecht statief? Moest nodig naar toilet?
De wandelaar | 10-01-15 | 12:23Nonkel Frituur | 10-01-15 | 11:51Eens, maar jij stond daar niet in uniform ´iemand´uit te schakelen. Daarbij, de ´kennisenkring´ van deze Mr. en Mw. Hayat worden echt wel goed uitgepluisd. Het is plus en min. Min vooral voor slachtoffers en nabestaanden. Hoop dat dit in Europa niet ´de waan van de dag´ wordt.
chicago river | 10-01-15 | 12:24De wandelaar | 10-01-15 | 12:23Hij werd uit de winkel gejaagd door een vrouwelijke politieagente en buiten stonden er nog 71 .
Eurotokkie | 10-01-15 | 12:27Schwalbe
Damrakker | 10-01-15 | 12:27@DeLangsteThuis
Aan de verkens voeren op een Franse kinderboerderij
Darkwater | 10-01-15 | 12:30Nu nog even zn kop vastprikken op de Eiffeltoren en klaar. Oh nee, zo ging dat eeuwen geleden..
Tsjernodebiel | 10-01-15 | 12:33Het is dat ik niet creatief ben anders monteerde ik er even een Blanka in. Die trip slip bij het naar buiten treden is te whoopsie om links te laten liggen
Handsomeboy | 10-01-15 | 12:36De Koerden ruimen ISIS op. Zie hier hoe NSFWwww.liveleak.com...
DiekoThaKurd | 10-01-15 | 12:39De supermarkt-terrorist had donderdagochtend ook deze 27 jarige beginnende politie-agente doodgeschoten:
De politie valt bij die bestorming letterlijk over elkaar heen om deze cop killer zo snel mogelijk in een gatenkaas te veranderen. Iedereen wil blijkbaar met de eer kunnen strijken. Misschien toch handiger om dit de volgende keer aan wat meer klinische opererende gespecialiseerde leger-eenheden over te laten. Maar die zaten waarschijnlijk allemaal al bij die broertjes in dat dorp buiten Parijs, ze moesten nu snel handelen en improviseren.
Outsider-Inside | 10-01-15 | 12:48@fingers | 10-01-15 | 12:04Ik ben niet verder gekomen dat wat extra blikken snert tot nu toe. Lijkt me wel een eng buitenland als je jezelf al moet gaan bewapenen.
Driewerf Hoezee | 10-01-15 | 12:54@Outsider-Inside | 10-01-15 | 12:48
Helemaal met u eens. Eindelijk iemand die begrijpt hoe het in hij-of ik-situtaties eraan toegaat. Waarschijnljk, net als ik, nog in de jaren '60 of '70 in militaire dienst gezeten...? Dat kan de huidige generatie zich maar moeilijk voorstellen.
De wandelaar | 10-01-15 | 12:55Wat mij vooral opvalt is dat met de huidige techniek, de camera's nog steeds geen HD zijn ?Of zou het bewust allemaal korrelig gemaakt zijn voor 'publiek' gebruik, omdat de terroristen ook meekijken.
StijlloosInkoppertje | 10-01-15 | 12:56Dat Swat team, waren toch wel allemaal vrouwen met in varkensbloed gedrenkte kogels mag ik hopen?
LostSandWich | 10-01-15 | 13:04LostSandWich | 10-01-15 | 13:04
Ja, tuurlijk, anders keert ie terug als zombie...
Rachar | 10-01-15 | 13:08Enige conclusie die ik kan trekken is: stel je bent een moslim-meid, dan is het van de hoogste urgentie om je zo snel mogelijk te laten neuken in iedere gat, enige manier om niet in zo'n 72 maagden-harem te belanden.
Onze man in Mockba | 10-01-15 | 13:16Er zijn dus drie fouten gemaakt, ze besloten niet gelijktijdig aan te vallen met hun collega's in Dammartin (l) ze lieten de 26-jarige Hayat Boumeddiene ontsnappen (ll) en hebben een agent alleen naar binnen laten gaan (lll)
WillieWow | 10-01-15 | 13:20kio | 10-01-15 | 11:43
jezus man wacht nou maar wat rapporten af, met al je overhaaste mening. Dit waren RAID echt niet de eerste de beste
gelachewoar | 10-01-15 | 13:23En dat allemaal omdat er een paar mensen een stripverhaaltje niet leuk vonden..
Eeeek-A-Mouse | 10-01-15 | 13:25En dat allemaal omdat er een paar mensen een stripverhaaltje niet leuk vonden..
Eeeek-A-Mouse | 10-01-15 | 13:26En hebben vooraanstaande Moslims en linkse rakkers al lopen zeiken met hun 20/20 hindsight dat ze niet op hem hadden mogen schieten terwijl hij op de grond lag? Of is dit net een iets te heet vuurtje voor ze?
Maarja, een Moslim die nog even vier Joden de dood in jaagt vanwege iets dat niks met Isral of het Jodendom te maken heeft. Dit is dus waarom ik zo hard schijt van al die politici die brullen dat het niks met de Islam te maken heeft. Jodenhaat is net zo Islamitisch als Halal vreten en genitalin verminken. En het is een klap in het gezicht van de Joodse gemeenschap om (C)(C)rst de Moslims te appeasen met die onzin. We hebben gewoon de Nazi's helemaal opnieuw binnengehaald, en ook nu mogen we geen bevriende staatshoofden beledigen.
Piet van het Padje | 10-01-15 | 13:34Hier een iets andere versie van de bevrijdingsactie: www.youtube.com... . De operatie lijkt wel met de Franse slag te gaan.Ze lopen met veel lawaai naar de roldeur die tergend langzaam open gaat. Vervolgens gaat er maar 1 agent naar binnen en trekken de andere zich al schietend terug? De terrorist wordt pas geraakt als hij op 1,5 meter afstand is. Hij moet bijna smeken om een kogel. De gijzelaars hebben in het gedrang moeite om naar buiten te komen, lopen alle kanten op en worden niet bepaald goed opgevangen. De gewonde agent duwt zichzelf in veiligheid, slechts half geholpen door 2 collega's, waarvan er (C)(C)n zelfs weer wegloopt richting de actie die al voorbij is. Geen draagbaar of hospik te bekennen. En als klapstuk lijkt er iemand op zijn dooie gemak het zebrapad over te steken, alsof hij net boodschappen heeft gedaan. Kan dit niet beter? Gelukkig lijkt het betrekkelijk goed afgelopen.
weps | 10-01-15 | 13:39mooie om te zien . en wat is er met ze jihad liefje gebeurt?
rob1987 | 10-01-15 | 13:43Doet je bloed koud worden...
Glas Koning | 10-01-15 | 13:53Zon filmpje is dus een prachtig voorbeeld voor toekomstige martelaars. De broers wilden dit precies zo hebben, dus ook maar gekregen...
potverdrie | 10-01-15 | 13:55Nou wie hier zegt dat de agenten maar wat schoten. Nee hoor die wisten precies wat ze deden.Voor de terrorist werd enkel de mogelijkheid geschapen de weg naar buiten.Dit werd op proffesionele manier met een granaat gedaan.Die druk veroorzaakte zodat hij naar voren werd gedwongen.Daar was nu de eerste agent voor om de weg naar rechts af te sluiten.Het blijkt ook wel uit het feit dat ze wisten wat ze deden omdat er geen enkele gijzelaar is omgekomen bij de aktie.Nee ditwas werkelijk een aktie uit het boekje.Al leek het soms chaotisch.Geloof me in nederland hadden ze het echt niet beter kunnen doen.De terrorist kon nergens meer heen door het spervuur en werd deskundig 1 richting op gedwongen. Namelijk richting dood.Mooi afgescheiden van zijn gijzelaars.Nee de franse politie heeft laten zien dat ze echt wel wat kunnen.Sterker nog hier had zoiets dagen langer geduurt want hier gaan ze eerst nog praten met de terroristen en thee drinken.Franse politie is niet zo.Die durven orde op zaken te stellen en zien snel in. Praten heeft geen zin met zulke beesten.Ik eet er vanavond een stokbroodje met boursin op.Goed werk van die gasten .Zo reken je af met die wrede beesten.No Mercy.
tweetybird | 10-01-15 | 13:56ze hadden die gozer ook pootje kunnen haken.
3Xniks | 10-01-15 | 13:56Wooooohooooo kutvent! Sterf!sterf!sterf!Vies kutvolk!
Gaan we nou eindelijk onze politie zwaarder uitrusten, of haatvolk eruitschoppen of levenslang guantanamoen
toerbaas | 10-01-15 | 13:593Xniks | 10-01-15 | 13:56
Nee dit was gewoon opdracht shoot to kill.Fransen hebben geen zin in lange rechtzaken en belasting verspilling aan zo'n stuk vuil.Het werkt daar net toch effe iets anders als hier.Daar praten ze minder en drinken geen thee.Hadden we hier maar iets ook van die mentaliteit.Met terroristen van de islam valt nooit te onderhandelen.Dat hebben ze daar nu wel begrepen.Geloof mij maar.
tweetybird | 10-01-15 | 14:05Inderdaad een rare actie.Dat autootje ook wat ervoor staat, had dat even weggesleept en iets kogelwerends ervoor in de plaats. Dan hadden de gegijzelden vrijwel direkt veilig geweest, ipv nog eerst honderden meters te moeten lopen.En dan die ene politieman die naar binnen vliegt en de rest die allemaal met de franse slag staan te schieten, terwijl je de gegijzelden achterin de winkel de kogels om de oren ziet vliegen.En als dan de gegijzelden naar buiten willen sprinten knalt er ook nog eens een flashbom voor hun voeten, zodat je niemand meer kan zien daardoor.Dat alles met een sisser afloopt, is dan ook een klein wonder in mijn optiek.
Eeeek-A-Mouse | 10-01-15 | 14:07@Chiant | 10-01-15 | 10:32Mja mogelijk, maar dit zag eruit als een typische COD/CS match waarbij ze zich achter dezelfde muur/deur verschuilen en maar op goed geluk wat schoten plaatsen. En ze zitten daar met 20 man voor de deur.
Vooral ook als ie naar buiten komt stormen lijkt het me dat er wel 1 of meerdere door friendly-fire zijn geraakt. Nou is dat met dergelijke bepakking niet direct dodelijk, maar het valt wel op. Plus dat ze vooral handpistolen gebruiken en een (half/semi)automatisch pistool misschien veel beter was. Nee, SWAT e.d. zie je dit echt wel anders aanpakken.
Ik snap ook niet dat ze er niet ergens een wand uit geblazen hebben of via het plafond zijn gekomen, dat verrast meer en je zit niet met een clusterfuck waar iedereen op een hoopje staat.
Een explosief had echt veel schade kunnen doen daar.
Martinspire | 10-01-15 | 14:09Grote klasse zoals ze met hem afrekenen. Heb er wel 10* naar gekeken. Ben benieuwd hoe die stomme nikker het nu vindt in het hele grote niets.Had hier nooit gekund, de politie kijkt wel linker uit, dan krijg je weer te maken met een een of andere advocatendebiel of D66 rechter.
KarelMarks | 10-01-15 | 14:09@Cochisejicarilla | 10-01-15 | 10:08
Heerlijk om te zien? Dit is precies wat hij wilde. Sterven als een martelaar.
Heerlijk zou zijn om hem in een ruimte op te sluiten waar hij het oosten van het westen niet kan onderscheiden en hem voor de rest van zijn leven varken te voeren.
Sumato | 10-01-15 | 14:17Ze zijn i.d.d. blijer met de dood dan met dat kudtleven dat ze nu hebben.
Berthe | 10-01-15 | 14:20Bij ons is de zwarte Piet discussie toch minder gewelddadig..
priwax | 10-01-15 | 14:23@rara | 10-01-15 | 10:04@Cabauter Cleautzak | 10-01-15 | 10:12engheltje | 10-01-15 | 10:36@roze_bril | 10-01-15 | 10:38@Peppa9 | 10-01-15 | 11:05@BozeHenk | 10-01-15 | 11:12@Kattootje | 10-01-15 | 11:54LostSandWich | 10-01-15 | 13:04Sumato | 10-01-15 | 14:17
Doe eens lief tegen varkens en honden.
Watching the Wheels | 10-01-15 | 14:25Wordt z'n lijk nou nog even aan de kant getrapt wanneer die gijzelaars naar buiten komen? Zoja, +1
Jappuh | 10-01-15 | 14:29Welkom in 2015.Wt een ellende allemaal ...
Remi 1 | 10-01-15 | 14:32Het lijkt erop dat ze geen rekening houden met een granaat. Zo'n idioot komt de winkel uit rennen en zo'n compleet team staat op 1 meter afstand met uitgestrekte hand te schieten.
Watching the Wheels | 10-01-15 | 14:45Wat een Franse faalhazen.Hier zie ik reaguurders die duidelijk experts zijn in dit soort situaties en waarschijnlijk meer ervaring hebben dan die Franse mietjes.Volgende keer moeten die Fransen gewoon de comments volgen om alles tot een goed einde te brengen.Heil de expert-reaguurders!!
Halve Duitser | 10-01-15 | 14:46Ze hebben ook weinig keus natuurlijk. Geluk gehad dat het niet nog erger is afgelopen. Wat een ellende inderdaad.
Watching the Wheels | 10-01-15 | 14:47Paar observaties:1. Het ziet er misschien lullig uit maar de aanpak was ongelooflijk effectief. Geen nieuwe slachtoffers als direct gevolg vd bestorming2. Leunstoel generaals die wat boeken hebben gelezen over anti-terreur en special ops en hier een oordeel overvallen hebben we hier in ovefvloed.3. Vergeet niet dat de start werd gedicteerd door de gebroeders in de drukkerij. Niet door de gign. Er zal dus noodgedwongen wel wat ge¯mproviseerd zijn.4. Ik geloof er werkelijk geen ene reet van dat die dame er tien nog was. Werd ook bevestigd door voormalige delta forces officier.bij CNN die dit baseerde op het gedrag van de gijzelaars. Bovendien wisten de frambozen precies wie er in het pandje waren. Dit is eigen invulling van media toen bleek dat ook mevrouw werd gezocht.
Gen. Maximus | 10-01-15 | 15:00De herintroductie van de guillotine, dit keer met een bot mes, lijkt me h¨t middel waarmee de onschuldige burger tevreden kan worden gesteld als hij ziet dat vergelding voor bloedvergietend terrorisme ook werkelijk vergelding betekent.
Willibald von Klºººk | 10-01-15 | 15:08@Gen. Maximus | 10-01-15 | 15:00ad 1 Kunnen we onmogelijk nu al (zonder pathologisch onderzoek) 100% zeker weten. Eerst maar eens de feiten op een rij. Grote held die kerel die als eerste naar binnen ging. Weinig twijfel bij die man.
Watching the Wheels | 10-01-15 | 15:10Hmm, m'n post is weggejorist, alleen snap ik niet helemaal waarom? Wat was er mis met concluderen dat de politie niet helemaal tactisch was? Anderen concluderen dit hierboven ook. Die lui schieten elkaar bijna de kop eraf in crossfire.
Speertjespunt | 10-01-15 | 15:17Heerlijk om te zien hoe deze vieze schoft vernietigd wordt, bedankt!
The Major | 10-01-15 | 15:17Nee niet 100% idd. Maar er zijn al meerdere getuigenissen die dit claimen. En je ziet sowieso al 1 roerloos lichaam liggen wanneer rolluik op gaat. Dus ik neem het maar even als werkhypothese
Gen. Maximus | 10-01-15 | 15:22Speertjespunt | 10-01-15 | 15:17Joris is net een soort Leo Blokhuis en over de uitslag kan niet worden gecorrespondeerd.
Jimmydepimmy | 10-01-15 | 15:28Wat een loser ben je als je je zo als een laffe hond laat afknallen, Mooi ook die stuiptrekking na het genadeschot
J.Klepzeiker | 10-01-15 | 15:36Wie zegt er dat dan vrouw mens op de loop is missschien willen ze ons dat wel doen geloven terwijl ze op dit moment op de "pijnbank" ligt.Misschien hebben ze na haar getagd te hebben laten gaan en gaan ze nu aan de hand van haar bewegingen na hoe de heel cel is opgebouwd.
Umberto die trotzoni | 10-01-15 | 15:36Ik hoor en lees veel commentaar over hoe het allemaal verliep daar. Voor de duidelijkheid, het gaat niet zoals in een speelfilm of op de playstation. CQB (close quarters battle) is wel iets anders hoor, het lijkt chaotisch maar iedereen weet wat ze aan het doen zijn. Hier wordt dag in dag uit op getraind in het echt, niet op de playstation!
The Major | 10-01-15 | 15:37Reageer ookJe bent ingelogd als: (Uitloggen)
Probeer trouwens eens de totaal officieuze niet-ondersteunde third-party GeenStijl extension die compleet niet door ons ondersteund wordt en volledig op eigen risico is.
Je bent niet ingelogd, klik hier om dat wel te doen: login of doe een CookieSync.Allochtoon-o-meterBabyboometer10-0112-jarige crimineel naar rechter om wapenbezitEXCLUSIEF - Waarheid achter problematiek ParijsHans Jansen - De nieuwe heldhaftigheidHELE DAG HARDE WINDSTOTEN OP JE MUIL!Terrorist uitschakelen. De Ongecensureerde VideoProf Pinto - IS en Iran, een giftige cocktail09-01Wargasm II: de mooiste dames van de IDFVVS Video: Hans Teeuwen over de Ware IslamENDGAME. CHARLIE HEBDODERS DOODGESCHOTENGoedklinkende Engelse quotes in de VrijMiBoRedactie, 25-06-13
Busted. MEP's Signing in & Sodding offJohnny Quid, 24-06-13
Geenstijl goes BrusselJohnny Quid, 19-06-13
Geenstijl goes StraatsburgPritt Stift, 20-09-12
Hero Brinkman Wachtgeld-O-MeterRedactie, 13-11-12
de 50 meest heersende TwitterMeisjesBritt, 20-07-12
Rechtbankverslag Playboy vs GeenstijlBrusselmans, 28-07-2011
FAIL! Joop.nl spoort verkeerde Breivik opPritt Stift, 14-05-2010
Geheim Landgoed ontdekt met Bing MapsRedactie, 20-10-2010
Het Hufter ManifestMutsaerts, 22-12-2010
Top 15 mails uit de GeenStijl mailboxPritt Stift, 13-11-2009
Rutger komt een FlitsAgentje tegenSollicitant, 16-06-2010
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Obama - Its Real-f.mp3


Warren on KeystoneXL bill passing- Whats in her wallet?.mp3

War on Weed

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