Cover for No Agenda Show 888: Dutch Trump
December 22nd, 2016 • 3h 27m

888: Dutch Trump



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Sir Richard Anonymous, Sir Hawnonymous Knight of the Haw River, Anthony Jenking, Zon Jr., Sir Isaac of Altadena, Sir Rodger Boots, Sir Francis of Roberts Bay, Dame Karen of Cimarron Hills, Sir Rob - Knight of the Filantropic Shareholders Federation, Sir Chris of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Michael Jonson, Jacob Sonnenberg, Sir Truman, Sir Nussbaum Arch Duke of the Southern US, Sir Kristoff Hering Knight of the Blockchain, Sir Dwayne Mellancon Arch Duke of the Pacific Northwest

Associate Executive Producers

Baronet Donald of the Fire Bottles, DJPowerBoy John Darius Soltes, Sir Otaku, K5VS Baron of North East Texas and the Red River Valley, Chad Nelson, John Tompkins, Jon Helmer, Katlyn Williams

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Episode "888: Dutch Trump" was recorded on December 22nd, 2016.

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