1335: Easter Special

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 20m
April 4th, 2021
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  • 0:00
    Adam: You are being tokenized as we speak, Adam Curry Jhansi devora Sunday April 4 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1335. This is no agenda crisper than ever and broadcasting live from opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier of Austin, Texas capital of the drone Star State in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
  • 0:24
    John: from Northern Silicon Valley where we're doing a shout out to Eastern Jalen Suggs and Jesse devorah.
  • 0:32
    Unknown: buzzkill.
  • 0:35
    Adam: Okay, who's Jalen Suggs?
  • 0:39
    John: You heard it here. You heard it here. Jalen says he said who is Jalen Sykes?
  • 0:43
    Adam: Ah, that's a funny joke just by itself. Okay, Jalen Suggs. Okay. He's
  • 0:52
    John: the guy who won the Final Four. game between Gonzaga and UCLA, UCLA. Uh huh. And he did it with a good shot with zero seconds left from about 40 feet away. There's some long bomb that is definitely a
  • 1:13
    Adam: three pointer. It was
  • 1:16
    John: a three pointer. And you got that part. So it's a definite three pointer. But the thing was that I'm just gonna put this because I know that we have at least 20 or 30% basketball fans because you just American thing to do. That Gonzaga team is Zephyr this Jalen Suggs guy which could take them all the way to the finals. And when they I mean, they're going to the finals, but they could win the finals because they hit me so good. They were choking the game. I just commentators would say it. They were undefeated all year, they were choking the game. They were missing their threes. They were missing layups. They were disheveled. They were choking the game. They should have lost the game they should UCLA should never scored 90 points. And what
  • 1:59
    Adam: was the what was the final score?
  • 2:01
    John: 93 to 90.
  • 2:03
    Adam: Oh, wow.
  • 2:04
    John: So the three point high scoring college game because they only play like five minutes like
  • 2:08
    Adam: COVID It's a COVID game. What's the deal to COVID game over game? You have shorten that up? You know, because it likes to roam around men at night,
  • 2:18
    John: will see the game usually over before it so that's good.
  • 2:20
    Adam: Well, congratulations, UCLA. Where
  • 2:23
    John: does this get them now? No, no, UCLA lost its
  • 2:26
    Adam: I'm just trying to show my sports prowess by so who won?
  • 2:36
    Unknown: Pasta Canadian? Hmm.
  • 2:39
    John: It's funny. We lost the connection. No, UCLA lost. Okay, who won? Gonzaga?
  • 2:45
    Adam: Where are they from?
  • 2:47
    John: law school in Spokane, small. Spokane. I
  • 2:51
    Adam: don't know any. Look, I do have some basketball news. And I'm moving it right now to the front. Since you've opened up the sports ball portion of the no agenda show. This is an important report. Because while we're gone, this is our last show for an entire week
  • 3:06
    Unknown: or a whole week, a whole week who holds shows we're gonna take off first time ever. First time
  • 3:11
    Adam: ever we've done that. But after 15 months? sure that is true. I don't think we've ever taken two shows in a row off. I do not believe that's true.
  • 3:22
    John: Well, I can check by any whatever. It's a big deal. Anyway,
  • 3:26
    Adam: let me just tell everybody what's going to happen in the week that we're gone. And that's what this first basketball related clip is about. The United States will be shoveled under a skyscraper pile of horse manure, which will be racist. We've got the Derrick Chauvin trial. And of course we have the incredible racist state of Georgia
  • 3:50
    Unknown: this morning the MLB playing hardball with Georgia pulling the all star game out of the state in protest. The decision taken a week after governor Brian campus signed a controversial voting bill MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred Jr, saying in a statement that the league quote supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box for access to voting continues to have our games unwavering support what's your Georgia's governor blasting the decision labeling it a knee jerk
  • 4:22
    reactions and as Major League Baseball has caved to the canceled culture now that they're coming after your baseball game. They're gonna come after your business. They're gonna come after your life way of life. But I will tell you I'm not backing down this moment has actually called for business leaders to take an unequivocal stance on any legislation that could be discriminatory.
  • 4:44
    Critics call it a means to suppress historically disenfranchised voters in urban and suburban counties. While proponents argue that it makes the state's elections more secure by for example, adding new ID requirements to ballots. Prior to the league's announcement, the President said he'd support the move.
  • 5:04
    I think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They're leaders,
  • 5:17
    the boycott at kneecapping businesses and people trying to climb their way out of the pandemic. The Atlanta Braves is saying they're, quote, deeply disappointed. In Stacey Abrams, who is credited where she is Georgians to vote says quote, I don't want to see Georgia families hurt by last events in jobs, but says she commends the leak for speaking out.
  • 5:40
    John: Yes, you know, it just can't wait. I got to PBS version of those.
  • 5:45
    Adam: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,
  • 5:47
    John: and that is COVID lips. I'm sorry. It's not a COVID thing it is. I just had it my Georgia voting Georgia voting well, PBS. Yeah.
  • 5:57
    Adam: Oops. Okay, here we go.
  • 5:59
    Unknown: Georgia's reporter Brian Kemp defended his state's new voting law today, after Major League Baseball's announcement yesterday that this year's All Star game would be moved out of the state. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement yesterday that quote, the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year's All Star game and MLB draft and that the league fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box camp said the bill is being mischaracterized and today he claimed a quote, expanded voting with more in person voting days added on weekends, Major League Baseball,
  • 6:40
    Coca Cola
  • 6:42
    and delta may be scary to Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden and the left. But I am not. And we
  • 6:49
    Adam: are not.
  • 6:52
    Unknown: Georgia's Republican majority state legislature voted to overhaul the state's election law last week. Critics argue the new law is an attempt to suppress democratic votes by imposing restrictions on mailing ballots, adding identification requirements and adding more state control over how elections are run. major corporations based in Georgia, including Coca Cola, and Delta Airlines, called the new law quote on acceptable but took no actions.
  • 7:19
    Adam: How many times do you It seems indefinite? Can they spin up this machine? It's just a complete horse crap. It's really about having to prove who you are when you go to vote or when you do it by by abstention or by mailing.
  • 7:34
    John: The big deal here is you have to sign that ballot, the the absentee ballot and prove everyone in the first place to sign it
  • 7:42
    Adam: the way it should be. But this is what again, and this is Stacey Abrams, she's evil. And she ratchets this all up. And then without really going in any detail because every report is just Oh, well. You know, they're trying to make a tougher for minorities or just raw crazy they're asking for ID for bout up. It's just racist, racist, racist, racist,
  • 8:06
    John: racist. The thing I noticed about the first of all is going to cost the city of Atlanta 10s lot of money, a lot of money. All the sports shows all of them with no exceptions. I live watch all these guys, you know, watch these characters. And they're all in on it's all this is great. It's about tough course.
  • 8:26
    Adam: They're not gonna piss off Coca Cola and delta, there's the there's the wedge, what are they going to do? Coca Cola and delta, I'm sure they advertise on MLB. And in whatever
  • 8:39
    John: the best argument actually was of all peoples, David Brooks, who very sheepishly I don't have a clip very sheepishly on on the PBS NewsHour said that the problem we have here is that he doesn't like this. Because it's if you're going to go that way with especially with the corporations coming out and saying, we're gonna we're gonna, we want you to do this. And we want the legislator to do this. And we want the legislators to do that. You're in China. Yeah. You're in China, Coca Cola. What do you do about the wiggers being massacred?
  • 9:11
    Adam: He said,
  • 9:13
    John: on that Coca Cola when you get to take a stand on China,
  • 9:16
    Adam: did Brooke say that? Pretty much in his column or something? He didn't say it out
  • 9:21
    John: loud. It was on the air now, but it was he was it wasn't with the loud tones I'm delivering. Okay, it's a little more of an issue that they're gonna speak up if they're going to speak up at all. So China hasn't spoken up about the Uyghurs have been pulled out of China, but yet, they make a fuss about Major League Baseball, or I'm sorry, they make a fuss about, about Georgia tightening up their voter laws because they were all screwed up and they needed fixing.
  • 9:49
    Adam: I don't think any corporation should ever be involved in an issue surrounding voting. Not like that this this is collusion between the commercial sector and the government. The GIMP and the Democrats. Oh, yeah. And I'm from what I understand this past was the past quite well in. In the in the Georgia House, it was not like
  • 10:12
    John: they're all surprised by Major League Baseball pulling this. Yes.
  • 10:15
    Adam: I think it was 25 years.
  • 10:17
    John: Like Major League Baseball, they had a meeting. Yeah. Hey, you know, these NBA guys are getting a lot of attention by putting all these you know, vote on their back and, and Black Lives Matter and doing all this stuff they get. I think they're just helping them there are no black communities really liking it. Well, what can we do? I have an idea. That's this move the day which was going to Georgia just passed a new law. Well, let's just butt into to the lawmakers purview and and make a fuss, maybe that'll get us some attention.
  • 10:50
    Adam: So I really don't understand why they feel they need to do well.
  • 10:55
    John: Why can't we just take a knee man?
  • 10:57
    Adam: Is it but it's all connected? It really is because they're doing the Shogun trial that's nonstop. And man, is that?
  • 11:07
    John: even watching it a little bit? It's just I have been watching I got a report if you want one. I don't have any clips.
  • 11:14
    Adam: Yeah, no, no, give us for sure.
  • 11:17
    John: This thing could go this thing could go for a long go south fast, because the prosecution put on all these kind of heartbreaking, heartbreaking witnesses who had the witness who's standing around watching this. And they all felt that they they saw a murder. Right? And they're very adamant about it. But they do have they have a number of little gotchas, this is one of those cases, that's going to turn on a gotcha these little this guy said that, you know, with the like the coroner had made some comments about something. They have all these little memos and notes about this guy before and they have the clips of him was in the store trying to pass the 100 the fake 100. And there could be this could this could turn on a technicality. That's all I'm saying. I'm not saying that I think this this cop should have was a jerk off and he should probably go to jail. But this could turn on a technicality. And it's going to result in burning down Minnesota.
  • 12:20
    Adam: That is the plan john, this is the whole thing it was it was bogus from the start. And I'm not gonna I'm not gonna hedge it. I don't think I don't know if that cop was a douchebag. That's pretty standard procedures they were taught. And you know, the it depends on now. Let me finish just depends on which corner report you believe. But for sure. Two days after that happened. We identified crap now What now? What's it called? Again? The delirium. Excited delirium? that's what that's what was going on with immediately has to be fentanyl. The guy's probably already dying. All of that was taking this was that it doesn't matter. Because what people saw was what was put in their head. I mean, this is this is always going to be the history of it. Always. But you're right. It'll be a technicality. It's set up to be that way. We've already got the tension. We're, we're ratcheting up the tension of racist Georgia just throw all of that it's all about black, black, black, black racist, white men who are here. Listen to this. Listen to this. These are your news. Well, the first one isn't. But these these are your news hosts. Pay attention. JOHN, this is a message to you and me.
  • 13:34
    Unknown: The only thing etched in my mind are two things. Why were they arresting me? Why were they doing that? And the photo of six all white men. Under a photo of a plantation.
  • 13:53
    There's the republican governor Brian Kemp, and six other white men.
  • 13:58
    I want to put up that picture of Governor Brian Kemp signing this law and a roomful of white men. Governor Kemp signed the bill in private, surrounded by six white
  • 14:11
    Adam: men. The irony of a gaggle of white women to be sitting there saying that it's unbelievable. Do you have no shame? It's a good one. And I'm not so sure Rachel is a woman just now that we're just just being assholes to each other.
  • 14:29
    John: What the hell huh? She had an Adam's apple.
  • 14:36
    Adam: Hmm. suspicious. Like Come on people. That is not the problem with this media. Well,
  • 14:43
    John: let me back up the truck crash courses, the media, the media, what are they up to?
  • 14:50
    Adam: They want they want burning buildings. They need some ratings they needs this is what they do. They have nothing else. We sure as heck don't want to be talking about vaccines and vaccine passports not too much because that's a problem people are like getting mad now baseball is back with racist course court now How are there no games for other leagues being played in Georgia such as the NBA? NBA as a team? Yeah. Can I just also refuse
  • 15:22
    John: to play? Because but then I going to it this is just the showboating thing by the MLB. You know, I think this whole thing is it's just ridiculous and it but the way it was played if you listen to these commentators all this is so great. All Yes. Oh, it's great that Coca Cola, which coast Coca Cola get dissolved, again, they won't look at China, if you can pull this stuff, this political crap MLB also has action in China. I mean, why don't you do something about your footprint in China?
  • 15:55
    Adam: I'm not so convinced that they may not even be taking orders from China.
  • 16:00
    John: Well, I'm not gonna make that argument. I'm going to be your art. But you you could be right. I'm
  • 16:05
    Adam: going to give you some of my backing to that when it comes to the vaccine. And I'll just say, Thanks, China. The whole idea is we get this vaccine and then whatever else comes after that. So how powerful is the are the forces? Let's check out LeBron James. And I'm the face of the NBA. LeBron
  • 16:24
    Unknown: James is usually an open book on most subjects, but he has made it clear he plans to keep his decision private over whether he will get the COVID-19 vaccine during all star weekend. He told reporters quote, that's a conversation that my family and I will have pretty much keep that to a private thing.
  • 16:38
    Adam: Since he's not coming out and telling his black brothers and sisters they should go get vaccinated. Oh, yeah, he could be out three to five games for a sprained ankle, okay. They control him. They control all these guys. And this, of course, they control the sports casters. That's why they're all in and you don't have to believe all of them. But they have to do it. Because
  • 17:04
    John: it's the machine. It's a terrible machine. But it is a machine and as we have to realize it's machine to machine to machine to machine. Well, we're on you brought up passports.
  • 17:14
    Adam: Yeah, I got a lot on the passport. So let's launch to go. Go for it.
  • 17:20
    Unknown: First we'll go with passport COVID passport, this is the PBS report. In Florida an order banning the use of so called COVID-19 vaccination passport is in effect today. Governor Ron desantis issued an executive order late yesterday that prohibits businesses from requiring customers to show proof of vaccination and barring state agencies for issuing vaccination documents. The order cites privacy concerns and states that requiring proof of vaccination will quote reduce individual freedom. The issue of requiring vaccine documents is an emerging controversy as private companies work on creating digital verification and some countries roll out the so called COVID passports. Provide administration has said the federal government will not require proof of vaccination. Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported close to 102 million people, nearly 1/3 of the total US population have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 18:19
    John: Yeah, that's just kind of that was a fairly neutral report on their part but
  • 18:25
    Adam: to neutral but
  • 18:26
    John: yeah, well, it wasn't it wasn't a great report but it but it wasn't as frightening to listen to. Going back to David Brooks was on last Friday. They had him and his buddy capehart on and they were doing their back and forth which is useless as they both agree with each other on everything. And this report this was this is supposedly from I don't care where this guy's a liberal like an old fashioned liberal they might want to argue the old classic liberal bullcrap or conservative supposed to be representing Republicans. And he comes out and says this
  • 19:04
    Unknown: chaotic we need to make life a lot better for people have had the vaccine passport so they can go to gyms and restaurants. And I say that is one is it was too young to have the vaccine, which the last time I've been too young for anything.
  • 19:17
  • 19:19
    but you know, we've got to induce the people who are vaccine hesitant to say, Wow, it's really great on the other side of the vaccine. And one way to do that is to have these vaccine passports so people can go and enjoy life. The research has now it's as far as I understand it become pretty clear you do not get the disease, at least your chances are fantastic. And you do not spread the disease. So if that's the case, then I say to all of you with the shots party
  • 19:47
    Adam: Yeah, well you think that's scary. That's nothing that's nothing compared to what's going on here. Because and I like that build up report one kind of neutral you know passport, although you They could have at least acted a little surprised about passport. Okay, well, our news team is looking into that now, none of that. Now, what you're surprised by here is him saying, Oh, we need to reward people with more more access to more stuff. And it's always interesting to me how we can play a clip on the show four weeks ago, and and people respond to an email me about it, they don't hear about it, and then it comes back, it's somehow it goes viral from some other place, and then everyone sending it to me as if they've never seen it before. So I'm going to play Dr. Leanna win again, as she took us through a very important transitory phase. And what I think is going on,
  • 20:41
    Unknown: my main concern is that we're not going to reach herd immunity because of vaccine hesitancy. And I know that's hard for a lot of people to believe, who desperately want the vaccine right now. And they're thinking, well, it's just a small percentage of people who are actually anti vaxxers. And that's true, there is the anti science anti vaxxer contingent, but I think that there are many more people, millions of people who, for whatever reason, have concerns about the vaccine who just don't know what's in it for them. And we need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre pandemic life. And the window to do that is really narrowing. I mean, you were mentioning first about how all these states are reopening. They're reopening at 100%. And we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status, because otherwise, everything is reopened. And what's the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine. So that's why I think the CDC and the bond administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say, if you're vaccinated, you can do all of these things here, all these freedoms that you have, because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. And I fear situation of coming into the form. We never return immunity. And then we get hit by the next surge of COVID-19 in the phone, something that we could have prevented if we just got people vaccinated now,
  • 22:00
    Adam: so this happened four weeks ago when she said this when we played it was this again, Dr. Li n when she's a CNN, SAS Takashi,
  • 22:09
    she's a CNN medical correspondent. Yeah, fine. Okay. This is about compliance. And I'm kind of feeling I'm retracting a little bit about the vaccine itself. I and I have a lot of I have new information on on how it works and what it does, which will be probably interesting to listen to, especially for Sunday show. But, you know, they're not trying, I don't think there's any trying to kill us necessarily. It's very reckless what's being done. But the final point is compliance. And that's what you're starting to hear here that she's, I don't know, she may be former. She may be a former CDC or something in some administration, but now she works for CNN. And she's kind of taking us through this idea of, it's just a bunch of, you know, a couple of stupid anti vaxxers you know, probably some trumpers and magga people, but really, you know, this this hasn't, hesitancy has to go away. We need a carrot to get people to take the vaccine. But that's really not it. The vaccine is the carrot for the end goal. Here's the compliance we've lived through in the last year, two weeks to flatten the curve. We extended the two weeks to flatten the curve, we restricted closed, shuttered businesses, we told people who were essential and who weren't and whose actual livelihood was essential and whose wasn't strangely livelihood of podcasters under the media clause deemed essential. Then we had contact tracing and taking your temperature everywhere. And then the mass no mass,
  • 23:40
    mass, mass, double mass, triple mass, comply, obey, social distancing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, we're gonna get your jabs now. Whoo. And then we have the passport. And, and I am now convinced more than ever, this is really what this is what the end goal is, is a paper or digital but the whole idea is an app. And it's integrated. And there's a fight going on right now. There's a fight for who is going to control you because once you have your health information, we already have your banking information, all of that on your phone. All that's in the apps. It's going to be Microsoft is going to be Apple, it's going to be Amazon is Google. They're all fighting to own you. Once they have that, Paul, man, they track everything about you and legal location tracking, proximity tracking, all of this has been set up for it. And now we have Dr. Kavita Patel, she is she was with the Obama administration. And she's now out talking to everybody. And it's very clear how they're positioning this you in the United States. Do you feel in your own country, we're free men and women. We have freedoms. We have complied and been obedient and now listen to These jackasses are talking to us. CDC today said vaccinated Americans can travel but at the same time said we don't recommend it. That can be rather confusing. Is there a medical reason why vaccinated people should not travel?
  • 25:12
    Unknown: Yeah, Shep, good to be with you. And I think it has to do with the fact that we still have people traveling from and to places where we're seeing double digit increases in cases. And even if you're vaccinated, you don't know who around you might be or might not be high risk. And therefore that is a scenario setup, especially with these variants, where people can get sick and unfortunately end up in a hospital and we're seeing younger people show up in the hospitals, which is disturbing, but makes sense when you think about older people being vaccinated and younger people still waiting to get their turn. So that's essentially why but I do think the CDC overall, it's great news as you point out it reinserted.
  • 25:54
    John: There's, this is called illogic.
  • 25:57
    Adam: Of course, it was the first illogical part is you need to know if someone hasn't been vaccinated and you have because they can infect you.
  • 26:06
    John: That's what the logic is. The whole thing's the logical. It's just this mumbo jumbo. They should.
  • 26:14
    Adam: No, no, no,
  • 26:15
    John: no, no, I don't want to go into what they should do to people like
  • 26:18
    Adam: this. No, because we'll be de platformed from Apple.
  • 26:21
    Unknown: That makes sense when you think about older people being vaccinated and younger people still waiting to get their turn. So that's essentially why but I do think the CDC overall, it's great news, as you point out, it reinforces that once America is fully vaccinated, we are going to be able to safely resume more normal activities. And I think that'll happen by the summer.
  • 26:43
    Adam: Okay, that's the setup. And how are we going to ensure all this is going to happen? But TSA number so we're traveling already, that there's there's no method to check whether someone has been vaccinated? Do you believe vaccine passports are necessary?
  • 26:58
    Unknown: I think we're gonna. So in short, yes, I think that how we get passports. And hopefully we can have some agreement that makes them easy, comprehensible in different languages, and is a very zero barrier, Shep, and I believe in our private sector, combined with public partners, we can do that. We need to have ways that people can demonstrate proof of vaccination. And we also need to remember at the same time, we need to make it very easy for people to get vaccinated, that's going to be easy with supply. And at the same time ship, I just want to reinforce that the tricky part around a requirement is that these are emergency authorizations. Pfizer with their pivotal data will probably get to a full approval soon. But an emergency authorization is not necessarily full approval so we'll definitely need proof of vaccination but this time period is going to be a transition where vaccinations are the ticket to freedom but that ticket is not the easiest one to get right now.
  • 27:55
    Adam: Ticket freedom
  • 27:57
    John: hold on is I do have that I just came up with it is a very simple solution to all this you need a passport. You don't need any of these things you have when two people go get the vaccination you take you take their forearm and you tattoo a number right there on your right on the fleshy part of the forearm is tattooing number which would be their vaccination number and then they good they're good to go
  • 28:20
    Unknown: yeah
  • 28:22
    John: sure the tattoo
  • 28:23
    Adam: you're not so original, but you're not see original But otherwise, yes. Yeah, that's very triggering for a lot of the older folk who may be listening now let's just quickly listen is triggering anybody let's listen quickly to how the the more mainstream that was a CNBC with Shep the show. Here's ABC and
  • 28:43
    John: I'm gonna stop right here.
  • 28:44
    Adam: I got stuff to do.
  • 28:45
    John: You didn't get that clip yourself. Somebody sent good. Nobody on this podcast listens to Shep. Now, I
  • 28:52
    Adam: do know that I actually got that clip myself. Yes. She can I can ask you a question. Why do you always say that to me? That's a great clip. You didn't get it yourself? What is wrong with you? happy
  • 29:05
    John: that this is second time I've done that. Oh, okay. But in this case, it was very obvious to me because who cares? You listen to Shep.
  • 29:13
    Adam: Yes, I listened. I watched chef I watch msnbc all day.
  • 29:19
    John: Right. Looking you on? Can you forward, my friends rude.
  • 29:24
    Unknown: And a nursing home company in Ohio is one of the first in the country to make the vaccine mandatory for its employees.
  • 29:30
    Adam: 1000s of employees now have until June 1 to get the shot. And this is not unique. I have at least three emails from producers whose jobs are now not not even giving them an option. Just saying yes, to be fully vaccinated. Not even Hey, if you want to talk about it now, in order to come back and it'll probably be by August 1 is what most of them have. Everyone will have to be fully vaccinated to operate in that in that business. Now with word that
  • 29:57
    Unknown: more than 100 million Americans have received At least one dose of the vaccine. The CDC issuing new guidance saying fully vaccinated Americans can travel at low risk to themselves while wearing masks and social distancing. If flying domestically, the CDC says You do not need to get tested before or after travel or self quarantine, but if flying internationally, your destination may require a test and you still need to show a negative test before boarding a flight back to America. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle will Lenski still advocating against non essential travel
  • 30:35
    while we believe that fully vaccinated people can travel at low risk to themselves? CDC is not recommending travel at this time due to the rising number of cases
  • 30:45
    Adam: again, makes no sense. You can be vaccinated or you can travel but really shouldn't because there's more cases. So let's dive into the endgame. The and the anti constitutionalist cnn douche Fareed Zakaria brought on a medical ethicist to talk about the ethics of forcing people to have a passport to prove they have been vaccinated. I'm not even sure they're talking about having antibodies, which should be the same thing. It should be an antibody passport if you're going to do anything, but no.
  • 31:25
    Unknown: I don't think I had them on me. In that case,
  • 31:27
    you'd have to ask you to come along
  • 31:29
    from Casablanca to today, a demand to produce personal documents can be uncomfortable, but both pandemic it's something we'll all likely have to get more and more comfortable with. We could be asked to show proof we've had the shots in order to get on an airplane, go to a concert or go back to work.
  • 31:47
    Joining me now is medical ethicist Arthur Caplan, a professor at NYU. So explain why you think, basically that this is the future, and we should be comfortable with it.
  • 31:59
    Well, I'm sure that the future holds vaccine passports for us partly to protect against the spread of COVID. And it rebounds for many countries, as you were discussing earlier that have a low rate of COVID, Australia, India and Nigeria, some countries improving fast, Great Britain, the US other countries lagging and trying to do lock downs as vaccines become available. The best way to control the spread, the best way to control new outbreaks and perhaps even new variants is to demand proof of vaccination before entry. And you know, it's not a new idea and we have it for yellow fever. There are about more than a dozen countries that say you can't come in. If you haven't been vaccinated against yellow fever and many others require you to show proof of vaccination. If you transit through those countries.
  • 32:54
    Adam: Red Book November 12 2020. You will need a passport to prove you've been vaccinated to enter venues such as Ticketmaster. Pretty sure I call that one it's going to happen. Unless Well, it hasn't happened so you can't bring out the red but it's already happened in New York What are you talking about New York already had it for has it for for Madison Square Garden City then
  • 33:15
    John: you you contradicted yourself with your own prediction the other day when you said once they shut down the computers that check on this stuff, though. Okay, good all come in, which is really what's going to happen? Well, hold on. I'm not gonna we've argued this before. I don't want to start now. But I did. listening to this. These guys these douchebags is just the yellow fever thing, which is a card. It's not a passport, by any means, is a minor. It's just an inconvenience. And it's only an inconvenience in some parts of South America, and maybe elsewhere, but
  • 33:47
    Adam: it's also a vaccine that's been proven and it's been around for a long time
  • 33:51
    John: and it's not under emergency use, and they're not forcing it on you
  • 33:55
    Adam: right
  • 33:56
    John: now. Can I read this report this is from rain who sent it one of our producers and a boots on the ground report from the trip from SFO to Jakarta to give us an idea of the real downside to all this which is kind of on your side of the argument. My trip was from SFO to Jakarta then a five night force quarantine in an approved home by government before going to Bali. Ready to go to Bali. And and by the way, we shouldn't reiterate to everyone. The idea that if you get a vaccine you still shouldn't travel is ludicrous. Fourth quarantine before going to Bali For starters, there's no social distancing on the plane and the flight attendant was wearing full on protective gear like he was ready for surgery. Photo included Indonesia's recording the beginnings of a freedom passport,
  • 34:49
    Adam: die favorite time freedom passport is better than COVID passport freedom passport really tells you what that what they mean.
  • 34:57
    John: to freedom passport moniker is dynamite. They're recording an app called an E hack, where you put health information in such as if you're having COVID symptoms or being exposed, etc. Then this app generates a QR code which is to be scanned on arrival to enter enter the country. I had to have a negative PCR test on arrival as well. The military stops you as you exit the airport to make sure someone from your quarantine hotel picks you up. I was shuttled to my room and during my five nights stay had to take two PCR tests. In order to leave the hotel that Friday fly to Bali I was issued a certificate by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Without this I couldn't fly to find to my final destination. Upon arriving in Bali, things were relaxed until I discovered the worst thing ever. The Indonesian government has elected the island of Bali to be part of their country's reopening to tourism plan. They call it green zones.
  • 35:55
    Adam: Green passport in Israel green passport in Europe Green Zone
  • 36:00
    John: Mm hmm. They call it green zones. These green zones are towns in Bali where the locals will be vaccinated. You bud where I am. This little town has been chosen to be a green zone, which means all the local Balinese have to be vaccinated all caps. There were mass vaccinations all weeks in each of the villages, of course, not social distancing, because they're all standing in a line. The government is jabbing with the Chinese vaccine cinovec. And I mentioned the name sin all vac.
  • 36:34
    Adam: That's the one that is not the one that has the they claim has the attenuated virus. Yeah, supposedly,
  • 36:42
    John: they actually did. There's two Chinese vaccines with it. I talked with many of the local people here and they say they don't have a choice because if they don't get the vaccine, they can't have a job. And tourism won't start up again. And they'll have struggled so much this last year. Balis main economic support is tourism. My Local friend had to close her business for a week because her whole staff got vaccinated and got fevers, convulsions, and swollen arms. Another local set, her friends got the vaccine or son got the vaccine and had three days of temporary paralysis on the right side of his body. Let's keep her eye on you. But as it is now added to the list of global petri dishes over and over across the ocean were forced vaccinations is commonplace and freedom passes our requirement. Heading back to the states in two days. Wish me luck.
  • 37:30
    Adam: Yeah. And then that's just one country. Just look at Israel's all you need to see Pfizer did the deal. No one can go anywhere without a green passport or the freedom bracelet. Which means you still have to stay home next to the sticker on the wall, then. So talking about those apps, and I did not contradict myself, I said that would be a way to stop it. I want to stop this from happening. I want people to reject this notion, reject these freedom passports. And I'm going to go back to the interview with our medical ethicist. And what are the privacy implications of this because that's what it comes down to this is what they want.
  • 38:12
    Unknown: Traditionally, we want to protect health information. Because if someone finds out you have an illness or disease, they may discriminate against you. They may penalize you, they may say you can't get a job, you can't get insurance, you can't get Disability Insurance can't get life insurance. With a COVID certification, you're going to gain freedom, you're going to gain mobility. And I'm going to suggest that you're probably going to be able to get certain jobs. If you want to work on a cruise ship. I can't imagine that they're not going to be advertising that everybody who's on the staff always cruise vaccinated. So come on back. So the difference if you will is it often is the case that health information when released threatens to harm you. In this case, being vaccinated threatens to benefit you. It goes in the other direction.
  • 38:59
    Adam: These people are insane. If you hear that things is cut this is medical ethicist, you'll probably be able to get certain jobs you couldn't get and you know, you really you really want to, you know, have the freedom to move about. I mean, you really I mean, there's just no other way. And so we have to know who you are, where you are. And prediction. Here's one for you. Yes, it's a mess right now. And maybe they won't do it. Maybe they won't get it implemented. This time. They're going to try it again. And I would say the whole notion of NF T's is going to help everybody understand how your vaccination proof is on a blockchain and it's going to be shared by all these holes.
  • 39:37
    Unknown: So you are you are being tokenized as we speak. That and is it going to be fair, equitable, and will there be equality for all Mr. Health ethicist will remember vaccine passports or even vaccine requirements do depend on access. It's hard to impose anything unless you are pretty sure that somebody can get a vaccine. So I think it'll be a little while before we see this. Let's say within the us, but there are going to be communities and areas of the country where it starts to make sense due to high availability of vaccine to say, you want to come back to work in person, gotta show me a vaccine certificate, you want to go in a bar, a restaurant, kind of show me a vaccine certificate, I think there will be some inequality in the US. But hopefully, it will wash out quickly as the supplies increase very rapidly. And I think they're going to right, it also gives you an incentive to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Some people are not sure still whether they want to do the vaccine. But if you promise them more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to get travel, that's a very powerful incentive to actually achieve fuller vaccination. Internationally, those problems are there, there's no denying it, they're going to be countries that are way behind in terms of having access to anything. But I'm going to predict that the world won't wait for vaccine passports until everybody is on board, I still think you're going to see some in place, despite the fact that this
  • 41:00
    will isolate some countries and perhaps even cause them economic damage. It's just the better off in the lucky in a certain sense not wanting to wait for everybody to come on board.
  • 41:11
    Adam: These guys are all in there's there's no there's no braking for them. And unfortunately, we have human resources around the world who are just not compliant. We need to teach them that they are to stay home until we tell them it's okay. And until you have your vaccination your jab. By the way, one of our producers said the reason why they call it a jab is because it's not a vaccine. Notice the much more jabs, needles in arms in the arms jab, but they never say vaccine really when it comes to that.
  • 41:47
    John: So very funny. Now I want to mention one thing I keep forgetting to bitch about this enough. I am wrong. They had this report that I played earlier from PBS. While they played it they showed at least 14 and a 14 they show these four or five people getting shots. I do not have watching needles going pink, one after another needles going in arms and then pushing that thing, needle are pushed knee and they sticking it in people left and right. I'm showing this on TV. It's grossing me out.
  • 42:19
    Adam: That's to desensitize you.
  • 42:21
    John: That's that's making it worse. No, no,
  • 42:23
    Adam: it's dissensus. desensitizes. That's
  • 42:26
    John: I know it's not desensitizing me. Okay, well, here's
  • 42:29
    Adam: how they're desensitizing people in Brussels, you know, Belgium, with beer, french fries.
  • 42:36
    Unknown: fun things back now with police unleashing water cannons on people gathered in this park in Brussels, Belgium littering violated COVID restrictions people threw bottles and other items at the officers
  • 42:47
    several of them
  • 42:48
    Adam: were injured. Shut up slaves go inside we're gonna spray you like bugs you no good you have no freedom. Now
  • 42:56
    John: here it is spraying it with the vaccine here
  • 42:59
    Adam: in the United States. We love information terror in the guy I've had my eye on since Rome for over a year now met him in March a Joe Rogan Professor Ulster home his entire job is to keep telling you that it's coming It's coming it's going to be a tsunami it's going to be a hurricane we have no idea what's gonna it's going to be so incredibly bad and he's got a new metaphor for this be 117 his surgery is going to happen is not an issue of if it's going to happen. And if you follow what we've seen in the past year, the upper Midwest and the Northeast flights up first they have the first set of cases and then the southern South sunbelt states slide up next even though we're seeing few cases not area mark my word in the next six to eight weeks we're going to see that area light up to it he's only been saying this for six to eight weeks every six to eight weeks Mark my words Mark my words six to eight weeks has come with the tsunami the hurricane we have no idea mark my word in the next six to eight weeks we're going to see that area light up to we need to get more vaccine out and that's the key message right now. You know Allison I take no comfort at all but I'm telling you right now as you just said we are just beginning to surge and are denying it is not going to help us we are walking into the mouth of this virus monster somehow we don't know it's here and it is here. Now's the time to do all the things that we must do to slow down transmission not open
  • 44:22
    up and we got to get more vaccine out to more people this guy Wow Yeah, yeah, we're walking into
  • 44:28
    John: the tip of the day for that guy thank
  • 44:30
    Adam: you it is the it is truly the flying Here we
  • 44:33
    John: go. And I and by the way, I guess Tip of the day and also that man should be and I'm not kidding locked up.
  • 44:42
    Adam: Oh yeah. Oh, yeah.
  • 44:44
    John: He should be locked up he's This is like it should be illegal. What he's This is calling, yelling fire in the theater. This is this guy should be locked up.
  • 44:53
    Adam: His head has gotten fat too. There's something up with him. I don't remember his head or maybe steroids. Now Easter Sunday Easter services, coincidentally, to polish two churches with Polish congregate congregation worshipping. And this is a big part of what is going on now. We have to crush religion. We have to crush church. We cannot have you getting together and talking to your neighbors and your family you can't have you conspiring and we're gonna do it all under the guise of COVID. And by the way, just You have no right You have no right to pray, none of that. Stupid slaves, United Kingdom.
  • 45:39
    Unknown: Ladies and gentlemen, this gathering is unfortunately lawful or unlawful. Under the Coronavirus regulations we have currently You are not allowed to meet inside with this many people under law. At this moment in time he needs to go home. failing to comply with this direction to leave and go to your home address ultimately could lead you to be fined 200 pounds, or if you fail to give your details to being arrested. I suggest ladies and gentlemen though it is quite as it is Good Friday, and I appreciate you I would like to worship this gathering is unlawful fake news may leave the building now.
  • 46:20
    Adam: So that's how the UK treats religion, they don't care you're illegal, you're completely not in compliance, you should comply. Thank goodness. This now is the example of how you treat the system. And I feel bad for the officers involved here. Because they're just doing their job. just taken orders. Where have we heard it before? This is Pastor Archer palacky. Again, Eastern Church services. He is the pastor he has been they've come into the church and they're telling him he has to shut it down. And this is how this is how you address this system.
  • 46:57
    Unknown: This property you know he's out
  • 47:04
    here immediately this stopper is not
  • 47:09
    Alberta Canada
  • 47:13
    please leave Do you understand?
  • 47:16
    Get out of this property
  • 47:20
    Adam: a cops out Nazi
  • 47:29
    Unknown: Nazis are not welcome here.
  • 47:33
    And don't come back without the words. Do not come back without the words your dissent that
  • 47:38
    you're not welcome here. Nazis are not welcome here.
  • 47:41
    Get stopped. welcome here.
  • 47:44
    Do not come back your Nazi psychopaths.
  • 47:49
    believable sick, evil people.
  • 47:54
    intimidating people in the church during the Passover.
  • 47:58
    Your guest stop on Nazi communist fascists.
  • 48:02
    Don't you dare Tommy Bochy.
  • 48:05
    Can you imagine those psychopaths? Passover, the holiest Christian festival in a year, and they're coming to intimidate
  • 48:16
    Christians during the holiest festival. Unbelievable. What is wrong with those sick psychopaths.
  • 48:25
    Adam: That's how you deal with a man they walked backwards all the way back to their car he was in their face. That's how you deal with it. And that's Canada, you can get away with it. and Canada should be able to get away with another places. This is just insane. They want to track us and control us. And it's not this vaccine. They they big tech, this is exactly what I said last time. This is big text move. It's not even the government. And this is the government Sure. Big tech. They're the ones that want to be doing it. They need more access. The next bit, the next business for them. They've got your social media so they have your brain. We've we influenced some of your shopping habits. Bank is one they pretty much do the face bag. Libra is coming back. It just in a different jacket. That's that's going to be launched pretty soon. Everybody wants to be your bank and now they want to be your doctor. That's what this is about. And you're going to be forced into it. A lot of people buy vocations the last clip I have read with the medical ethicist.
  • 49:35
    Unknown: Well, there could be and I think we'll see that happen. That's more mandating a vaccine for the right to work, if you will. Some jobs do that. Now the militaries around the world will quickly be saying as soon as the vaccines are licensed, which they're not yet they're still out on emergency approval, but once licensure cures, I think you'll see everybody are required in the military to have to vaccinate to be in the military. But in the private sector, someone jobs have high contact, you're dealing with Salesforce that goes out and sees a lot of people, you have a lot of people coming into the office for one reason or another depending on the line of work
  • 50:11
    there, I
  • 50:11
    think you can say, for safety in the integrity of the business and being able to work the business, we've got to assure our clients that everybody is vaccinated. So as long as you note discriminate, and say, we're only going to vaccinate older people that are, but we don't require this of younger people, or you know, we don't require people who live in rural areas to prove it, but we do urban discrimination is what the employer will have to watch out for. They can't do that. But if they put on blanket protections and say it's to protect us, and to keep the business going, because otherwise our customers won't trust us. I think they'll be able to do it.
  • 50:50
    Adam: ethicist. These are freedom papers, freedom papers, that's what slaves had. If you were a free man, you were freed as a slave, you could walk around, but you had to have your papers. is Jim Crow on american people all over?
  • 51:09
    John: Kim Eagle.
  • 51:11
    Adam: It's bigger than Jim Crow. Now, do you remember the report we had on the last show from the producer from Brazil? Yes. And it was great there and everything's okay. And what was the main reason they had to Chinese vaccine? Is that is does that summarize it?
  • 51:27
    John: It was kind of I would say it was part of the summary. Sure.
  • 51:30
    Adam: Yeah. But it wasn't like people were it was it didn't seem to be too bad in Brazil. And then as a side note, he said, now we've got the Chinese vaccine. Well, I know Maybe someone's listening to our show, but for sure they don't want anything tied to the Chinese vaccines being good
  • 51:49
    Unknown: this morning. The worsening COVID crisis in Brazil that's highly contagious. All one variant wreaking havoc on the country pushing an already strained healthcare system to the brink of collapse. Since January hospitalizations are up 500% nationwide, for people between the ages of 30 and 59.
  • 52:08
    The population that our patients that are in with the disease is they are younger, they are younger
  • 52:15
    with a severe disease. Most ice use are near or capacity, life saving medication and oxygen supplies. Running dangerously low, too much of the blame falling on embattled president Jair bolsonaro, a COVID survivor himself, who is criticized lockdowns, science, and lashed out at leaders to deny
  • 52:34
  • 52:38
    Adam: This is now a thing you can do, hey, I'm gonna go Google that after I deny some science problem. We have a social problem. We have an economic problem with the way that he's dealing
  • 52:49
    Unknown: with an election approaching bolson ro is scrambling to acquire as much vaccine as possible. Just over 2% of Brazilians are fully vaccinated. The playground here at the school in South Paulo has been converted into a vaccination site. This is where people register behind me and then down on that end. That's where shots go into arms. Here's our offering two vaccines, one from China, and one from Great Britain.
  • 53:12
    Adam: Okay, offering, which one do you want? Which one do you want?
  • 53:17
    John: So I want to play this clip, which is just to put us back on a baseline on the PBS NewsHour, this big, these two guys, Brooks and capehart. It's the other guy, this bike guy. And they have these back and forth. And they represent the liberal thinking in this country. capehart in particular, he is a black columnist, black and gay columnist for The Washington Post, and represents a form of thinking, the way I see it, and what he does, and one of the things I like to do is look at you know, you listen to CBS to see what the CIA is up to. You listen to certain people, to get back to a baseline I want you to hear and reflect upon what this guy is about to say. And insofar as how he feels about what's going on. And he's reflecting the newsroom of The Washington Post and all the liberal thought in the East Coast.
  • 54:21
    Unknown: I feel
  • 54:22
    like Groundhog Day because I believe I said this a few weeks ago, we are so close. We're always so close to getting to the other side of this pandemic in terms of cases going down hospitalizations, deaths, businesses being able to reopen and then states end up doing something to kind of mess it all up. And you know, for states to undo their mass mandates.
  • 54:49
    Open things wide open again as cases are going up as variants are running rampant across the land when you have the CDC director going off script and saying that she is extremely worried about what's going to happen. I don't think we're out of the woods yet. And I think people are being a little too optimistic about how much they can do because of the vaccines. I, like anyone would like to get the vaccine and get back to normal. But I would love for things to get back to normal when ever when the country can actually do it in a uniform way. And I'm not I'm not seeing right now, how we're going to be able to do that in by the time of the President's goal of july fourth.
  • 55:34
    Adam: Oh, I have several thoughts about this. First, go ahead.
  • 55:41
    John: Well, my first thought is, is that this is again, a liberal America's promotion of one, not one world government, even though it leads to that, but a national government, the way this country operates is on state by state governments,
  • 55:58
    Adam: they can't have any of that this is wrong and the
  • 56:00
    John: way he wants to what he wants is a national government. And you can hear it in all the why this isn't working. Now. It's because you got one state, Florida is an outlier. They don't really have any more per capita cases, they have actually less than New York, which is incredibly like down or jersey. But we can't have this kind of thing. This is not good. We want a national government telling everybody what to do. This is probably course anyone who understands American politics knows this is the worst possible scenario. But
  • 56:32
    Adam: what was your thoughts? One is that the liberal media are, are as dumb as Charlie Brown and the football, because that's what it started off with. Every time we get close, that we we can't quite get there to the other side of this. And they don't understand that they're being played like little puppets. Because it's not that people are doing things wrong. Is that the lies just ratchet up all cases are going crazy. Oh, no. Oh, well, we have we're in weird. We're walking into the monsters mouth
  • 57:05
    John: that way. And this is by By the way, before you continue, I want to mention that this what you're saying is something that our listeners really need to understand about the liberal media. They're sincere. They're totally, totally not trying
  • 57:18
    Adam: to trick us. And as with that, they want every single person to be vaccinated, the fuck screw herd immunity. And it's not big, it's, it's a requirement for you to be a human being near them. The shaming is off the hook. The shaming is starting, and you're going to be called a Vax free loader or free rider. If whatever virtue signal there is, if you don't have it, people will look at you as skew. And it doesn't it? No, it's this is what the liberal media is pushing. You heard him. It won't wait not good until everybody's done it. Everybody has to do it, everybody. And then it comes with a bunch of bullcrap lies like saying the CDC director went off script, I think we pretty much debunked that. Watch her read it when she even says those words. And then all the all the way through the variance. I thought about the variance. When this when the word was used, we were still thinking strains. Mute mutant strains. That's what every every single horror movie with, with outbreaks and with whatever, we're all going to die from some virus, it's always the strain the strain the strain the strain. Why now variance? We never answered the question, did we
  • 58:50
    John: know you're going to answer it,
  • 58:51
    Adam: I'm going to try. Here's Bill Gates. Talking about CRISPR. About two years ago, we
  • 59:00
    Unknown: also have recent breakthroughs, like the gene editing technologies, including CRISPR. And so, you know, we should be able to use that for very low cost point of care, precision diagnostics, we should be able to use that for therapeutics, and we should gain understandings of how to do vaccines, even vaccines, that the turnaround time, instead of being the typical three or four years, literally, at some point we'd be able to create in months. And we want to use these tools not just for orphan diseases or not just for diseases in rich countries, but also for the diseases that predominantly afflict
  • 59:45
    people in countries where most of humanity lives in the middle income and low income country.
  • 59:52
    I was eight years ago that CRISPR came along and continues to evolve in some pretty fantastic ways. And including the accuracy of the editing. Today, over 89% of genetic variants that we know are associated with human disease can be corrected. That is, if you
  • 1:00:13
    get in to the cells of interest, you can make those corrections.
  • 1:00:19
    Adam: So the way I see it, this technology is why people are using this term. And is it to get us used to it or they already know it. And because it's mRNA, that they're using the term variants instead of strain. Maybe it's just an overall shift in the medical community. I'm not sure. But I found that to be coincidental to run across that.
  • 1:00:44
    John: Well, I'm sticking with what I'm because of the PCR test, which is just picking up little bits and pieces, the way it operates. I'm sticking with the original thesis I picked up from the French Nobel Prize winning doctor who identified this as a lab designed virus that will, when in the wild, start to deteriorate and become very slowly which were the million little mutations and variants very slowly resolve itself to become the common cold right? coat. And if you're going to just do PCR tests on everybody, you're going to be starting you're starting to pick up I believe because we oh it says virulent but nobody's dying of it. You're picking up people I believe with the common cold, calling it COVID and keeping the numbers up it's all bullshit at this point.
  • 1:01:38
    Adam: About this vaccine I found that No, I didn't find someone sent me an interview with Dr. Sherry tenpenny who is total anti vaxxer she's a great great name total anti vaxxer she she definitely connects autism to to vaccinations that's why she's
  • 1:01:56
    John: that's why she's been relegated to bitch shoot.
  • 1:02:00
    Adam: Yes, bitch shoot and what is the other one? Video cram video. It's Friday on brighty on there you go.
  • 1:02:13
    John: I think that's Friday bridey on.
  • 1:02:16
    Adam: But she was able to explain in in three, two short clips One, two minute clip exactly what the mRNA is doing. And I just wanted to share that because it's even a little different than I understood it. And she has she does a pretty good job of it. And we start which although we have discussed many times, and part of the reason why people are getting sick after their second jab, or after they've had COVID and get the job the first job and that is something that they were very aware of with all Coronavirus vaccines, which have been in manufacturing and in trial since 2002. Here's a short history.
  • 1:02:57
    Unknown: They've been trying to develop a Coronavirus vaccine as far back as 2002. And they were never able to bring it to market because they could not prove safety. When they would inject the Coronavirus Vax experimental vaccines into animals, they would get re exposed with the Coronavirus and they would come either definitely sick or die. So the FDA said you can't move this forward. And the articles talk about the fact the researcher said that we must must proceed with great caution to move forward to develop a Coronavirus vaccine in humans, because of a process called antibody dependent enhancement.
  • 1:03:37
    Adam: That's what we got to look out for. So when you get those antibodies, and then you get the antibodies again, and this is what that other crazy doc was saying we played on the last show, he's like this is reckless, you should not be giving people who have had to have antibodies. Guaranteed. If you have antibodies, you introduce this process which is supposed to it's a completely
  • 1:03:59
    John: alien process. I
  • 1:03:59
    Adam: mean, it activates the antibodies you just built up and yeah, and you get feverish and you and you get sick, and some people can die from that. So here's how it works.
  • 1:04:08
    Unknown: Take a little piece of genetic material, that's called messenger RNA, and it's encoded, meaning it's got a recipe written on it for a specific type of protein. So if you can keep that in mind that with messenger RNA, it's a it's a mess. It's literally a messenger. It takes a message from your cellular DNA out into your cells with a recipe that it takes the recipe to the manufacturing process. And that manufacturing process is called the ribosomes that think of the ribosomes as an assembly line. So they take the recipe they do with from the your DNA, the messenger RNA goes out into the cell delivers the recipe to the ribosomes, the rhizomes, then process the recipe and make a protein that happens all day long. 24 seven in our bodies, it's a normal process that happens inside of as it helps with repair. Like if you've had surgery or an injury, or any of those things, it's all of those repair things. Well, what this these two injections have done is they've taken a piece of metal, a messenger RNA that has a recipe written on it designed in a lab. And that desert, that recipe is to go and make through the manufacturing process, a protein called the spike protein, those messenger RNA, little particles are extremely unstable. And in order to take them from the laboratory, and get them into your body, they have to be wrapped around in a bubble of lipid coating, they wrapped around that messenger RNA with the recipe to keep it stable. So when they inject that
  • 1:05:46
    messenger RNA with the recipe coated in the lipids with the shellack, around the outside of it into your body, that lipid protein binds with yourselves and opens up think about it like cracking open like an egg and depositing that messenger RNA with the recipe inside of yourselves. That recipe then is run through run through the ribosomes. So think of that as the is the factory to make the protein. That protein is called the spike protein. That protein is supposed to be similar to the spike protein on the surface of the Coronavirus that's causing infection. The idea behind this process is that if we create this protein, and then we create an antibody to that protein, we can take that antibody and the next time the Coronavirus is floating around will glom on to its spike protein and neutralize it.
  • 1:06:43
    Adam: I kind of like the whole idea the whole technology sounds. That sounds
  • 1:06:49
    John: exact same thing. And my comment early on was if this is true, and it actually works, which I have not seen any evidence of it.
  • 1:07:00
    Adam: Well, I haven't. I clearly have a follow up clip.
  • 1:07:07
    John: If it's true, and it works, it should end the common cold. Absolutely, which is why they started researching him in the first place. Now if they get it of course, it's only half they there's a rhinovirus, cold, too. There's two kinds button, you know, and the common cold which is the usually the bad colds are caused by Coronavirus. And so it should end the to anyone who gets this vaccine. If it works, it should end the common cold in them forever. Yeah, but why don't they won't let it be tested on animals because apparently doesn't work?
  • 1:07:42
    Adam: Well, we heard how it's supposed to work. This is what's actually happening.
  • 1:07:46
    Unknown: In theory, that's what's supposed to happen. But instead what happens is, once we've gone through that manufacturing, we've created that spike protein, there's a lot of different things that can happen with it. For one thing, it can irrevocably bind to the surface of your cells. The other thing that process that protein can do is both through a process called transfection can go backwards the protein then and bind to your DNA, and irreversibly change it. The third thing that spike protein can do once we've manufactured it as Yes, we can make antibodies to that spike protein. The problem is there's a real issue with the antibodies that are created through this process. Under normal vaccination like for say flu shots, or the measles or shingles or the chickenpox. We make a particular type of antibody that's called a neutralizing antibody. When that binds to those recurrent viruses, it gobbles them up brings in your white blood cells and disposes of it we don't even know that happens. It happens all day long in our immune system, but the anti spike antibodies, I've mapped out about 10 different mechanisms of injury that that anti spike antibody can cause inside of your body. What's its been created by that process, that manufacturing process I just described, that anti spike antibody that's supposed to be there to keep you from getting sick, actually, if you produce it in very high quantities can have direct adverse effects on your tissues, primarily your lungs,
  • 1:09:20
    but also to the liver, to the kidney and to your heart.
  • 1:09:25
  • 1:09:28
    Adam: Tasty.
  • 1:09:29
    John: So another way of looking at this I think, is that you've got these guys trying to do Coronavirus vaccinations in 2002 and probably long before that. And just they keep running into a brick wall which is the you know they give it to a bunch of animals and all the mink die or whatever.
  • 1:09:52
    Adam: Once they get in the wild once they get the in the wild.
  • 1:09:56
    John: You can't get to sing past the animal trials. And they keep looking at the numbers and they keep looking at the math and they keep looking at the charts and stuff they draw on the, on the whiteboard, and they say, you know, it's quite possible because it is possible that we're different enough, that is not going to have the same effect on humans as it will on the animals. But we can't get past these animal trials, because that's what's killing us moving ahead with these ideas with the mRNA vaccine style of vaccination. What do we have to do to bypass the animal trials?
  • 1:10:34
    Adam: Well,
  • 1:10:34
    John: opportunity one
  • 1:10:35
    Adam: kill all the mink just just to make sure just in case anyone gets any ideas? And yeah, yeah, well, that's pretty weird.
  • 1:10:46
    John: Because I don't want the vaccine because I don't want to be a guinea pig. Yeah, that's exactly what you are guinea pig to take this thing. And, you know,
  • 1:10:53
    Adam: we had ivermectin was starting to kind of creep back up again. to wage I mean, you can't post about ivermectin on or infer bakhtin. on social media, you'll get. I think you'll be that you'll have to take that down.
  • 1:11:08
    John: Is it ever met? Remember, Max?
  • 1:11:10
    Adam: I think it's informaton. But I'll look it up. It's readily available anywhere in a pinball. Yeah, you can get it for your dog and you can eat it, you'll be okay. And you won't get worms and your coat will be nice and shiny. But you also probably won't die. So this is a problem and the pharmaceutical industry does
  • 1:11:29
    John: what is ivermectin cyber MC
  • 1:11:30
    Adam: there's no end in ivermectin
  • 1:11:33
    John: I ve r m e ti n.
  • 1:11:35
    Adam: I'm glad you looked it up ivermectin then perfect. So we, you know, what we have seen is a when it's going against the vaccine. It's probably Pfizer's marketing team who are discrediting their competitors. And that's what we saw with AstraZeneca. That's what we saw with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. So now we have to have just, you know, get Kimmel on the phone. This ivermectin thing is irritating the crap out of us. We already got Twitter and Facebook and everyone taking that stuff down. We've got warning links over at YouTube. We've demonetised people talking about it. We've gotten rid of the frontline doctors and anyone else who said that they had they are now on bridey on. That's where they are. They're on bridey on Good job, everybody. But this ivermectin thing, it's a problem. Kimmo what can we do with Kimble by No boss? What's your skit? It'll be great this week in COVID history. As we head into April 2020. President Trump is a ratings. Mr. Trump and his Coronavirus updates
  • 1:12:40
    Unknown: have attracted an audience of 8.5 million roughly the viewership of the season finale of The Bachelor. That's not me talking. That's literally what the President tweeted. Word for word was weird.
  • 1:12:55
    Noise number one, a
  • 1:12:56
    Facebook number one on Facebook is the number one how do we beat this pandemic? Maybe by wearing masks? The CDC says it's a good idea with masks. It's going to be
  • 1:13:09
    really a voluntary thing. You can do it you don't have to do it. I'm choosing not to do it.
  • 1:13:14
    Thinking Mr. T. Who needs masks when you have tonight's sponsor?
  • 1:13:20
    Adam: hydroxychloroquine hydroxy Flora Quinn
  • 1:13:27
    John: hydrochloric one hydroxy
  • 1:13:29
    Unknown: quinolone It's unbelievable.
  • 1:13:31
    And totally untested. I
  • 1:13:33
    Adam: was sure it was ivermectin Maybe it comes up later. But hydroxy is the same story. We have purchased
  • 1:13:39
    Unknown: 29 million pills. We're sending them to the hospitals. We're sending them all over. There are signs that it works on this some very strong signs.
  • 1:13:47
    But don't just take his word for it.
  • 1:13:50
    John: Everything shows that it works. I think it's the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I'm very serious. I think history will judge who's right on this debate. I bet on President Trump's intuition on this one.
  • 1:14:05
    Unknown: What do you have to lose?
  • 1:14:08
    Adam: Oh shit I'm sorry. I thought it was ivermectin
  • 1:14:13
    John: Well, all still haven't done a sketch on ivermectin yet. They have taken it off the market though. That was kind of a bus.
  • 1:14:24
    Adam: Well, of course they have done that. I had the Gosh, there was a there was a great PSA. Let me see what Oh, yes. This is the CDC public service announcement. Because we still need you to comply with the masking even though Texas it is unnecessary.
  • 1:14:42
    John: They're still messed up.
  • 1:14:43
    Adam: Oh, it well. It's about 85% now but yeah, that totally matched up and I went to the spin studio. big joke. You go in is packed. Shoulder to shoulder no mass but Oh, walking in the door but have a mask on. This is the Centers for Disease disease control their propaganda Dude, you're and and this is going to carry over to the vaccine right now it's about the mask, you will take these exact same people with the exact same words and replace mask for vaccine in about the next three weeks.
  • 1:15:20
    Unknown: I wear a mask,
  • 1:15:22
  • 1:15:24
    I wear a mask because it's a tiny sacrifice to protect your freedoms,
  • 1:15:28
    your mask because I can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in my community.
  • 1:15:35
    I wear a mask because I care about you. Even if I don't know you.
  • 1:15:40
    I want to keep doctors, nurses and other essential workers safe.
  • 1:15:45
    I wear a mask because I can't put my baby can
  • 1:15:51
    Adam: I wear a mask
  • 1:15:52
    Unknown: because I want to feel safe sending my kids back to school. My kids wear masks to keep their friends safe.
  • 1:15:59
    I wear a mask
  • 1:16:00
    because I want you to stay healthy.
  • 1:16:03
    I wear a mask because I really want to get a haircut soon.
  • 1:16:07
    I wear a mask because I care about the
  • 1:16:09
    health and well being of those around me.
  • 1:16:13
    I wear a mask because I might not know that I'm sick.
  • 1:16:16
    Joseph mascara. But me familia
  • 1:16:20
    de la comunidad.
  • 1:16:22
    I wear a mask because I want to keep
  • 1:16:25
    others safe.
  • 1:16:26
    I wear a mask because I want to protect everybody.
  • 1:16:30
    I wear a mask. because too many people who look like me are getting sick and dying from COVID-19
  • 1:16:38
    I'm fond of seeing people smile with their eyes. It's a beautiful experience in these times.
  • 1:16:46
    Do it for their futures.
  • 1:16:50
    Even if you don't have to,
  • 1:16:51
    I hope you choose to.
  • 1:16:55
    Adam: I'm doing it to protect your freedom.
  • 1:16:58
    John: But know that every braces every connotation It was fantastic Hollywood production, but I just cannot imagine a mom wearing a mask to protect her baby.
  • 1:17:12
    Adam: Oh john, Polly crap. Absolutely. Why would a
  • 1:17:16
    John: mom who should be hugging and kissing the baby now and suckling the baby be wearing a mask it This is stupid. Okay,
  • 1:17:25
    Adam: what you what we just heard and what we hear is stupid has been incredibly effective. The people who have only been exposed to a certain type of messaging and who in general are under for under informed over socialized headline readers headline routers, ooh, look at this headline. They are all in and even people who have been to our home during this drop nurse pandemic and who have been here with us although at one point socially distance but they're not really all that much. They get the vaccine and they are ecstatic john Oh I'm so oh my god, I can't wait Oh, oh, and they're celebrating and whenever I hear people whenever I feel that ecstatic about their vaccine I tried to remember them as they were at that moment. Yes that because I just want to make sure I have that memory of them before they either finger out they've been they've been hosed or duped or worse.
  • 1:18:30
    John: You know they have this reaction to the vaccine I'm wondering where they put a little amphetamine in that shot you know,
  • 1:18:35
    Adam: but this is this is before they get it this is just getting the meeting is getting the oppose Where did you get it? Is there a website Can I get an appointment?
  • 1:18:50
    John: which one I got the appointment oh boy blah blah blah. You mean Day in the Life? Yeah Dana life.
  • 1:18:58
    Adam: I got the appointment today. Oh boy. Boom, my Vax was all set up at CVX It was a dry right? I know. You interrupted my flow man. I was there another thing here Oh yes. Another clip that we played weeks and weeks ago started to go viral but I think it is appropriate now. It's the it's the other side to the freedom passport. And that is the well health building. I end the certification I will replay the star studded celebrity advertisement for the well health certification Corporation Inc. LLC.
  • 1:19:46
    Unknown: If you want to get back to your favorite places and feel confident they have put your health and safety first look for the well health
  • 1:19:52
    Adam: safety seal
  • 1:19:53
    Unknown: look for the well health safety seal
  • 1:19:55
    look for the well health safety seal.
  • 1:19:57
    John: I'm Dr. Richard Carmona, the 70 Surgeon General of the United States of America. This is the well health safety seal from the International well building Institute, the global authority on healthy buildings. The well house safety rating was informed by years of research and input from hundreds of leading neurologists, public health experts, epidemiologists, and building professionals around the world.
  • 1:20:21
    Unknown: You'll see it at schools, offices, banks, childcare centers, all the places we go.
  • 1:20:27
    The well health safety seal means that we'll feel better going into restaurants, theaters, stores, hotels, stadiums, to all the places that we love.
  • 1:20:37
    Everything may look the same. But the well health safety shield means that your health and safety are top of mind when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing procedures,
  • 1:20:47
    air and water quality management, emergency preparedness programs and health services.
  • 1:20:53
    So look for the well health safety seal outside and feel more confident going inside. Learn more about the well health safety rating at well. Health safety.com
  • 1:21:04
    Adam: Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, all highly overpaid, irrelevant people after the pandemic, and it's so this goes viral again, we've already deconstructed it. I just do it again quickly.
  • 1:21:17
    John: So, yes, I'm just saying it's going to finish up because I have a thought or two stupidity threat. Well,
  • 1:21:25
    Adam: the first thing is the stupidity of the stupidity of the M five m, Fox, Fox and Friends brought Charles Payne on to explain what's going on. And he's, I mean, he's partially right. But God, man, Wikipedia, Google, this is the green New Deal. This is the green New Deal. Notice he does say deal. I kind of like that.
  • 1:21:46
    Unknown: And it's the ultimate Shakedown small businesses are going to suffer. You know, a couple years ago when AOC suggested that all buildings may have to be retrofitted. You know, the bottom line that they have to become green, green compliant, this
  • 1:21:59
    is a step toward
  • 1:22:00
    that direction, with a focus on going after businesses. And listen, it's extraordinarily expensive. It's anywhere from 2500 to $12,000,
  • 1:22:09
    depending on the size of the building. And some of the things they say they cover that there's 22 criteria, you got to hit 15
  • 1:22:17
    Adam: of them here in water quality
  • 1:22:20
    Unknown: health service resources. What about hell, that means emergency preparedness programs? I mean, you know, imagine you open up a bagel shop, and this is what you've got to deal with.
  • 1:22:30
    It's absolutely phenomenal. And let me tell you guys, this is this is dangerous stuff. Apparently, they already have this program in place in 67 countries, over 8.5
  • 1:22:41
    Adam: million businesses. So Charles Payne is like, my hair's on fire. This is nothing new. These are literally is a rebrand of the US, g bc the US Green Building Council. It's the same people the same founder. These are the people that brought us lead to remember lead. Lead is what makes your toilet
  • 1:23:09
    John: count or something they can gouge for businesses, we have nothing to do with the New World Order. I
  • 1:23:14
    Adam: can. No this is this is total money grab this is the leadership and Energy and Environmental Design is the reason why your toilets don't flush the way they used to. It's the reason why you have no shower pressure. That's who these guys are. And I'm sad because one of our producers here in Austin, his family had a whole background in commercial cleaning products. And he put together a dynamite pitch deck. They had the you know, they had like a military guy and a doctor guy and they had all the right people on the board. They wanted to do this exact thing. They wanted to do a certification for buildings. I actually helped them with that deck and sent it on to Kleiner Perkins. like, Yeah, why not give it a shot. They're no match for this group. This group. This is a multi billion dollar operation. And they're just out to screw that part out. He's right. You'll have to have a certification, you'll have a QR code. And it's just another part of the whole equation
  • 1:24:13
    John: and it's okay. When I go into a restaurant I'm more concerned about what the local health department thinks that some bogus blue sticker stickers going nowhere but
  • 1:24:22
    Adam: you're going to see restaurant it's going to be very interesting businesses are going to be stuck between their regulars who demand demand that their staff is vaccinated that their build the building has a well health certification. Well, that would be and then anyone comes in has to have a vaccine, freedom passport. And then they'll have the other customers were saying
  • 1:24:44
    John: I get a lot of business where I see it. I'm
  • 1:24:46
    Adam: like, well, that will I understand but that
  • 1:24:49
    John: remember that was in Florida or someplace was that we were the one store that doesn't require or they had a some do gooders went on TV say well here this store doesn't require me And the next thing you know the place was packed
  • 1:25:02
    Adam: gonna kill you just think for business owner for a second, which choice do you make? If you're an Austin group? If you're an A Yes, if you're in Austin, what are you going to do? And not that people are afraid they're all full of crap. They're liars. Now, this separates you.
  • 1:25:17
    John: They're very attacking your small businesses, they were big business.
  • 1:25:21
    Adam: Great, reset baby, put them out of business. Just make it too expensive for anybody to operate. It's the socialist way. This is what I grew up with in the Netherlands, is how it works. And send everybody blue envelopes with warnings. Whoa. So you know that government envelope is blue?
  • 1:25:43
    John: Well, that's what part of their marketing scheme would be the next thing to do. It seems to me, same guys who put this little certificate session send out a flyer to Eric because you can get the mailing list for every local citizen through various sources and sent adheres to places that would not comply.
  • 1:26:01
    Adam: Yes. Oh, why
  • 1:26:02
    John: not? Yeah.
  • 1:26:04
    Unknown: Huh.
  • 1:26:07
    John: Put it in a blue envelopes. Yeah.
  • 1:26:10
    Adam: With with all of those windows, and you know, the little address window whenever you get one of those? Yeah, you're always out crap. Another one from the government. The government? Yeah. Well, of course, we need to reject this. I hope I hope America can do it. I think Europe will they won't even get a choice because you have no freedom. No freedom over the king. Well, you're
  • 1:26:33
    John: marching over there, though. We're not doing any of this. No hose down by the Brussels government.
  • 1:26:40
    Adam: No, but we don't have a curfew either. Now, it's a little different. We're not as locked down as
  • 1:26:46
    John: your he had a curfew in California.
  • 1:26:49
    Adam: Hello, California. You deserve you deserve to die out there. Come on. Crazy people. You. You are too obedient.
  • 1:26:59
    John: No, actually, they know there's all these stats. Were you missing the point? Oh, there's all these rules. But nobody, you know, people follow him in a catches catch can manner I mean, some people, the curfew tonight look out and see if I can see the freeway from my my windows. And there was a curfew did nothing. And nobody had enforced it. There was no unless there's an enforcement mechanism, which there rarely is, especially in California. They assume everyone's going to do what they're going to do, and probably followed the rules. They don't there's nothing to it.
  • 1:27:38
    Adam: Hey, I get a lot of email from people about this movie. King Kong Vs. Godzilla. Ah,
  • 1:27:47
    John: yes. Streaming? it?
  • 1:27:50
    Adam: Did you get any emails about this? No, I
  • 1:27:53
    John: got no emails about it. I see some reviews though. And people are good, you get a kick out of it?
  • 1:27:58
    Adam: Well, so from what I understand messages, well, from what I understand the storyline is a podcaster. Hello, has has discovered something I really don't know the full plot. And then one of the podcast listeners this girl, you know, she's figuring out what's going on. And she tries to explain it to her dad. So that's the extent of what I know about the plot. But when I hear these lines from the movie, I mean, often people say, Wow, man, someone said in the morning and they must be a listener. Now they were just talking about something in the morning.
  • 1:28:32
    John: I think you're right, I did get mail about this. Alright, so
  • 1:28:35
    Adam: here's a shorty this. And this does have a number of have no agenda. So type talking here.
  • 1:28:41
    Unknown: That I'm telling you there's something provoking him that we're not seeing here.
  • 1:28:45
    Why else would Godzilla fashion intimidation just like if there wasn't another Titan around that podcast is filling your head with garbage? You should be in school.
  • 1:28:53
    I am just trying to
  • 1:28:54
    help. I don't want you to help. I
  • 1:28:55
    Adam: want you to stay safe. Come on. I mean, the first part about podcasts and everything with that. I just want you to stay safe. That was obvious. That was an obvious wink towards you. Yeah, we just want Jcd when he sees his movie to yell, Go fuck yourself. That's all they want. They're just trying to trigger you. So So we do have these cool ISOs I guess
  • 1:29:18
    Unknown: a podcast is filling your head with garbage. You should be in school.
  • 1:29:21
    Adam: And then so they go down to some place where the magic is or the secret and they take in an elevator down into the earth. Sub level 33 I mean, come on.
  • 1:29:35
    John: Can you what sub level 33 Yes. Give me that one.
  • 1:29:40
    Adam: So I think we have to watch this movie now. It might be something.
  • 1:29:45
    John: I'll record it. Pull some clips from it.
  • 1:29:48
    Adam: Oh, good. Well, I'm just gonna watch. You go pull those clips.
  • 1:29:53
    John: I'm gonna go pull clips man once they're gone. Once you pull the tab and wait while you're in Abilene living it up. Did motel six
  • 1:30:01
    Adam: Galveston? pull the tab baby?
  • 1:30:07
    John: All right. Anything else less than the COVID beat?
  • 1:30:12
    Adam: Let me say, I'm waiting for you to pull the tab.
  • 1:30:15
    John: Oh, pull Oh, I set up. Here's what I thought you meant. You're in Galveston at the bar. And you're doing a bit you said pull the tab I want to, you know, you're going to open up a tab at the bar in Galveston. So you guys you and and the keeper can live it up.
  • 1:30:31
    Adam: I gotta figure I thought you meant I know. We have not been successful yet. In queueing our PBR. No, I will never I will never get it together. I guess.
  • 1:30:41
    John: Shirt drives me to drink.
  • 1:30:42
    Adam: Oh, okay, there it is everybody. Hello, my
  • 1:30:47
    John: toes and clay not on we're in a world of PBR on the way laughs Good.
  • 1:30:56
    Unknown: Good. That's right, everybody.
  • 1:31:00
    Adam: Blue Ribbon. And I'd like to say in the morning thank you for your courage. The man who put the C twice in celebrity COVID endorsement Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. JOHN C. Dvorak soon to be the birthday boy and I
  • 1:31:15
    John: in the morning to Mr. Adam Curry elsayed Mori ship see books and graphic near subs, no water the dames and knights out there
  • 1:31:20
    Adam: in the morning to our trolls in the illustrious troll room. How you doing trolls? Good to everybody here. Let me see. Can I get the troll counter? clickety clickety clickety clack. What do we have hands up, troll. 1703 low low for a Sunday. Oh, very low. That's very
  • 1:31:41
    John: holiday.
  • 1:31:41
    Adam: It's Easter. What are you people doing here at all?
  • 1:31:46
    John: Really, really? Looking for eggs or going to church?
  • 1:31:49
    Adam: that's actually quite insane to have that many people on Easter tevens I tell you heathens. Now that's the troll room. Also available on Easter for trolling. That's right We don't close 24 seven no agenda stream.com is where you can get all the action and this is the live stream while you troll along it's great fun It truly is. And a lot of those trolls can be found on mastodon the Federated network we we have our own server no agenda social calm. You can follow people there. You know you can't join right now. We're going to wait until I think we're back from from our break and then we're going to purge whatever accounts have been inactive for over two years. We'll open it up again. I just tried to keep it small decentralized, so please consider
  • 1:32:34
    John: also we also have to rouse certain troublemakers.
  • 1:32:39
    Adam: Oh, well. We're totally rousteing troublemakers. And now that I've seen the latest animated no agenda video, I am totally for the Nuremberg trials. I want you and your writing crop and your leather hat. I want you leading them and we will eliminate people
  • 1:32:54
    Unknown: from the platform. You will be eliminated.
  • 1:32:57
    Adam: We will do it just like jack does it. This will be insanely cool.
  • 1:33:03
    John: I didn't get a nose ring. So I can do that. Right.
  • 1:33:07
    Adam: So you can follow at Adam at no agenda social calm. What we need is we need to a website that shows different instances people can sign up to because you can still join in the party. And
  • 1:33:20
    John: what do you think that look is that jack Dorsey is trying to convey these guys disheveled hair a huge like Taliban beard and a nose ring. Yeah,
  • 1:33:30
    Adam: what he looks like exists that looks like one thing and one thing only that as Oh goat Yeah, exactly. The fat ESCO that said no agenda, social calm. And you can also follow at Jhansi Dvorak had no agenda social calm. And we had a major meltdown on our on our art generator for Episode 1334. Everyone noticed it now it's it's it was interesting going to no agenda social afterwards and seeing all the people yelling and trying to get our attention. It may come as a surprise. But there's really it's really even hard to keep track of the troll room while we're doing a show. So I'm not on no email. I'm not emailing, you know, looking at posts. I'm not going down my TL and we're doing a show so great efforts. Does no one have my smile my phone number does no one have a signal account. Who can reach out to me but anyway wouldn't have mattered because there wasn't much we can do about it. However, it just got worse from there. As we wound up choosing a piece of art, which to my knowledge was also completely stolen.
  • 1:34:51
    John: It was stolen. batsuit was Yes,
  • 1:34:53
    Adam: yes, it was stolen. All they did is they changed the background and the colors. Oh yeah, I know. And we didn't change it because we were, you know, disappointed with the whole process couldn't bitch and moan about anything? and bad? Yeah, no, it's very bad. And you know what happens is you've got artists who are ready to revolt.
  • 1:35:14
    John: You got mutiny there. Yeah. Well, most artists are revolting.
  • 1:35:18
    Adam: mutiny, because a no one had a choice, a chance to be picked and be. We picked some piece of bogus stolen stuff.
  • 1:35:28
    John: I didn't notice that first time around. Oh, well, Oh, well. happens now. But we were it'd be we'd be doing a rock and a hard place. We didn't have time for this. Yeah.
  • 1:35:36
    Adam: And in fact, I got one one load on the on the art generator and, and all these things did coincidentally happen together, we had a glitch. And I'm said that because it was a true glitch in the matrix. We lost the stream, we had a net split on the on the troll room, and the art generator.
  • 1:35:53
    John: We were being attacked or being
  • 1:35:54
    Adam: under attack totally being attacked with some DDoS. And, haha, we live on.
  • 1:36:04
    John: Yes, of course, because we're independent of pod bean.
  • 1:36:09
    Adam: It's stupid. There was a lot of really nicely done art. Now today. Obviously, you've already got I'm not going to look at it because I don't want to be influenced. But you will be able to see some of the things rolling by I'm sure Dred Scott will put them into our snazzy chapters, which you can see on any compatible podcasting 2.0 app, we suggest breeze Sphinx, pod station and pod friend, all great apps to enjoy the future with as the prediction came out that and I didn't make this prediction. But a journalist in the industry said they expect Apple to close down the apple podcast database pretty soon.
  • 1:36:52
    John: Wow.
  • 1:36:53
    Adam: And the reason is they they're going to go exclusive. They're going to allow people to charge money for it. So 299 for a season, I guess who would ever do 9090? I don't know what, what what it'll be. And so they want to keep that within their walls. They want people listening to that stuff free somewhere else. So they go I think people will have to make a decision. You're exclusive in there with Apple, you're exclusive in there with Spotify, or you're screwed. It's a mistake. And I don't know it for sure. But you know, when a journalist says good,
  • 1:37:26
    John: because no doubt about the fact that something like that would have been discussed. Yeah. There's no I mean, you've been in enough meetings?
  • 1:37:35
    Adam: Yeah. What would I have