1365: Vaccine Poverty

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 57m
July 18th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Travis Muellner, Sir Greybeard of the Moon Valley, Adam Ziegler, Eric Guth, Sir Vegas Ray, Knight of Naked City, Sir Lather of Indecision, Eric Badley, The DiLoreto Sisters' Mom, Chrissy P, wyatt wermes, Murr, Dame Meowdison, Amanda Wiant, Swarthy, from the Desert., SIr Puhfunk of the Trolls, Jeff Eberenz, Dude named Jay of the Portage Lakes, Scott Battaglioli, Dame Swannee, Mike Bruer

Associate Executive Producers: Brian Dennison, David Matheu, Sir Charles of the Coin Operated Laundromat and Dame Courtney of the Impor-Unt Moun-Un, Sir Bates Knight of the 19th hole, Dick Dick

Cover Artist: Darren O'Neill


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Pandemic of the Unvaccinated
Pfizer Marketing
Supply Chains
Supply Chain by the numbers
Yantian port has created 765,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) backlog and 100% of capacity is booked. This means if you need to ship something, you have to pay to displace another shipper. Even if you have a firm shipping contract, continued disruptions make actual shipment schedule difficult to predict.
Vessel rates have reached a level that smaller vessels (formerly $5,000 per day and now $60,000 per day) used in the Australia/India/China/ME routes are being transferred to China/Europe and China/US routes and vessel owners are demanding and getting 3-5 year charters. Cost per container up from $11-12,000 to $20-25,000 making low value bulk items (his example was cheap refrigerators) prohibitively expensive while low bulk, high value products such as fashion clothing can absorb higher rates.
Lars noted some large retailers indicated they would absorb the higher costs, even at a loss, for competitive reasons and that shippers had serious credit concerns over smaller retailers due to the cost of inventory tie-up and higher shipping costs.
Exports from US, especially low-value foodstuffs, have a more difficult time getting containers because the value of shipping from China is not worth tying it up to unload so containers are returning empty. US to China container rates are normally 25% of the rate from China to US but now only 5-7%.
Container “shortage” is driven by slow supply chain issues. Normal Shanghai to Chicago container use is 35 days and now is 73 days causing a doubling of tied up containers and inventory for their customer. New manufactured containers (normally 200,000 per month but now 500,000 per month) compares to 40 million containers so it is not having a material impact and he expects a surplus of containers as things return to normal in 2022.
Page 16 – expects earliest normalization is Q4 2021 but lists caveats including this is peak season that could complicate already stressed ports, more slowdowns for whatever reason, the normal Chinese New Year slowdown in January and 2022 US West Coast labor contract.
Six Week Cycle
South Africa
South Africa and WWF
To understand what's going on in South Africa –and why it's different from the CRT nonsense in America– you need to look at the history of intelligence networks and covert operations in Africa. A good point of entry to this clandestine world is this exposé on the the World Wildlife Fund. It explores the founding of the WWF, the people involved and how they use this NGO to support paramilitary operations that run destabilization campaigns all over Africa —to fight against groups who are trying to end the exploitation of their people and their nation's natural resources by powerful interest groups:
"In 2019, BuzzFeed News broke several stories detailing human rights violations by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). The publication found that, since 2009, as part of its 'anti-poaching' efforts, the WWF has armed, trained, and funded paramilitary units, located in six different countries, that committed various abuses — torture, sexual assaults, and murder of local villagers. The non-government organization (NGO) was also found to have evicted tens of thousands of indigenous residents to make room for Chitwan National Park in Nepal.
BuzzFeed portrayed these abuses as a dangerous — but fairly recent — side effect of the conservation movement’s increasingly militant war against well-armed poachers.
The truth — barely touched upon by mainstream media — is much more insidious than that. The WWF serves a larger purpose: for powerful interests to cordon off land for the exploitation of natural resources. It may even serve as a cover for covert military operations.
To unpack these loaded claims, the story of WWF’s militancy will be broken into two parts: the history of the organization’s founder and his involvement in clandestine activities, followed by its more recent alliance with corporate and military partners." ...
Boots on the Ground- South Africa Riots
My brother-in-law is from the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, the same province of former SA president, Jacob Zuma. His brother, mom, and grandmother still live in this province, along with extended family. I'm reporting this because it has not seemed to be widely covered by the M5M. And if they have covered it, they've covered the injustices of apartheid and inequality rather than focusing on the reason why Zuma got arrested.
His family has been stuck in their house for 6 days. They live in a gated community, but don't have security surrounding the residential area. Neighbors have volunteered to watch the gate with guns to keep rioters out.
People are not going to work because of the riots and killings, and they're afraid the water will soon turn off/run out. They have been keeping buckets of water in their house just in case. The grocery stores have either been looted or closed, and his family is running low food, as they go shopping for groceries frequently and do not stash food for long. Today, they waited in line at the one grocery store for 9 hours. This store was open for limited hours but only selling bread and milk because of limited supply and emergency shipments. His brother and mom didn't even get to the front of the line in time before the store closed. They will try again tomorrow and get there even earlier in hopes they can get food.
My sister called me crying after talking with her brother-in-law. Their Uncle's auto shop was looted and destroyed. He said that he's scared for their safety and he feels like he's in the movie The Purge. I've attached a video below from CBS which does a decent job of what's going on, but lacks testimony from people that are terrified the gangs and rioters will enter their neighborhoods.
Please send South Africa good karma/prayers at this time if you can, it would be much appreciated! ❤️
Thailand starving
Spoke to a friend who want to remain anonymous
Thailand. You won’t see this anywhere, but there are mile long lines of people hitting up the temples for food and charity. Apparently massive food shortages in regions of Thailand. A lot of poverty since the tourism has turned to shit.
Moreover, the delta, or as they call it, the “Indian virus” is reeking havoc with a 100 people a day dying with this version of the Chinese Bat AIDS. Last year, they were relatively unscathed, but this year it’s not been good.
It’s really put a dent in things over there but it’s not being reported and my buddy could be jailed for passing the information on.
Climate Change
The Purge
Defense Attorney on 500 arrested and held
Please keep my name anonymous but feel free to share the rest of this “boots on the ground” report on the show if you wish.
I’m a criminal defense attorney in Northern Virginia and I’m representing a couple of the Capitol protestors, and also in communication with other defense attorneys who have Capitol protest clients. You mentioned the atrocity of these delayed trials, and I wanted to give you some context for how awful it really is.
By statute (18 USC 3161), federal trials must commence within 100 days of arrest (30 days after arrest to indict, and 70 days after indictment to trial). We are WELL past this deadline. Some attorneys with clients who are not detained have agreed to short delays in their clients’ best interest, hoping for a better plea offer. Attorneys with detained clients objected, but the court still gave the government extensions of 30-60 days for them to produce discovery and make plea offers, before even thinking of setting a trial date. And now, trials are set for the end of this year and beginning of 2022.
The government has consistently justified their delay by relying on 1) the massive amount of discovery they have to comb through and produce, which includes people’s Facebook accounts and surveillance video of everybody in the Capitol, 2) trying to figure out internally how they’re going to handle the cases, and 3) the sheer number of the cases. Over 500 people have been arrested so far just for these protest cases. In an average year, the DC Federal Court handles less than 300 cases, so they’ll have nearly triple that amount this year (500 protestors + 300 regular cases).
Here’s an idea, why don’t they choose to NOT prosecute some of these cases?? The government continues to act like their hands are tied by the number of cases, as if they have no power to do anything about it. Which, of course, is false. They could decline to prosecute the lower-level trespassers (I’ve heard them called MAGA tourists), or offer them deferred prosecution agreements (dismissing the case after a period of probation). Yet, we’ve been told that NOBODY is getting offered a DPA, even though DPA’s were offered to rioters in Portland who actually tried to burn down a federal courthouse.
This, of course, stinks to high heaven of political retaliation by the new administration against supporters of the old. Unfortunately, that is not a sufficient basis in the law for getting a case dismissed.
Sorry for the long note, but I’m really passionate about my job, fighting against government overreach and fighting for individual liberty, so this situation really touches a nerve for me!
Also, the clip from 1363 about the lego Capitol, where the reporter says “prosecutors rarely include unimportant info in charging documents” — thats bullshit. They do it all the time.
Thank you for your courage,
Noodle Gun


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nutball in Land Mgmt bureau DOX.mp3
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NBC Nightly News - anchor Lester Holt - Fauci two americas -vaccinated and unvaccinated (31sec).mp3
NBC Nightly News - anchor Miguel Almaguer - L.A. county reinstates mask mandate even for vaccinated (18sec).mp3
Peter Doucey pushes back on Psaki on vaccine misinformation Disinfo Dozen LONG.mp3
Psaki - Whitehouse flagging Facebook posts-OG clip.mp3
AstraZeneca vaccine cancellations soar in Australia Pfizer Marketing.mp3
Concerns after severe allergic reactions from vaccine in Australia.mp3
The Countdown is on to the PFIZER vaccines.mp3
2 charged with plotting to blow up Democratic headquarters in California.mp3
Lara Logan - South Africa's unrest eerily similar to racial tensions in US.mp3
NBC Nightly News - anchor Kelly Cobiella - South Africa in lockdown -Cyril Ramaphosa south african president in clip (1min29sec).mp3
Serpentz (youtube) South Africa Durban-ZULU-BOTG of armed militia with AK's.mp3
Boris Johnson PINGED by NHS app.mp3
  • 0:00
    John: They are lower IQ and that's why they're not taking the vaccine. Adam Curry Jhansi devora
  • 0:07
    Adam: 2021 This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1365. This is no agenda 45 cycles and counting. broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country fever. Reason number six in the morning, everybody.
  • 0:24
    John: And from Northern Silicon Valley where I seem to be all the time. I'm John Dvorak.
  • 0:34
    Adam: I think I've moved. Since you've been in northern Silicon Valley, I think I've moved about 14 times.
  • 0:44
    John: Yeah, you got ants in your pants?
  • 0:47
    Adam: Yeah, but this is it, man. This is it. I'm done. Blast blast house feet first out, and that's what this is. Loving it, loving it here in the Texas Hill Country. Although everybody I talked to says the same thing. Hey, man, I'm really worried about a country. I think I kidding. Every single person does surprise me. Every single person and I say Hey, man, I got I got faith in the American public. Yeah, the same thing in Berkeley. By the way, I should mention that. Yeah. Well, this is of course, the tale of, of two countries. In fact, we are right now in the middle of a pandemic.
  • 1:33
    Holy crap. We
  • 1:34
    John: saw that coming. I didn't hear where you said that one was not as explicit as it's usually when you do the bullhorn
  • 1:42
    Adam: pandemic of pandemic of the unvaccinated?
  • 1:45
    John: Oh, yes, yes. This is the pandemic of the end of vaccinated that's what everyone said. Biden says it that walling The woman said it now the CDC lady will insky whatever and she started
  • 1:56
    Adam: it she started Yeah, she said it. She started now it's everywhere now have in this map is stunning and sad. A pandemic of the unvaccinated everywhere pandemic of the unvaccinated? Why not just repeat it? I can't believe we don't have a supercut yet.
  • 2:10
    John: I'm very disappointed to be one. But you know, the funny thing is, if you if you deconstruct that phrase properly. That means it means just like a panic of means there's lots of unvaccinated running around like a pandemic.
  • 2:25
    Unknown: And otherwise,
  • 2:27
    Adam: it's just kind of like zombies I guess, in that regard. That good point. Good point.
  • 2:35
    John: Yes, a poorly constructed. It's not a good phrase.
  • 2:38
    Adam: Now it's fantastic. I mean, it is it is so close to the zombie apocalypse. And to me
  • 2:46
    John: I love the talking about apocalypse is just as you began this little bit, I hate to tell you this, but so that one of those boxcars, trains goes by this with all the containers, hundreds and hundreds, if not 1000. And it's just going they had the three in this time, it had the three trains in the front to pull it. Two trains in the middle of be coming up pretty soon to keep it going, huh? It's just like, China is just, this is an invasion.
  • 3:16
    Adam: Yeah, I got some supply chain information for later. But I'm afraid and I think I said it on the last show or the show before they're not done with us. They're not done with us. They need to put the boot on our face and grind it in the dirt. They're doing it in every other country. The UK, this was hilarious. The UK so we had Freedom Day. Free Freedom Day, freedom. Freedom would be tomorrow, July 19. Everybody out it's gonna be great. It's gonna be fantastic. And as you and I discussed, this is against all the rules. This is not how it's supposed to go. You need to keep your people locked down. And then this happened.
  • 3:56
    John: Good morning, Andrew. As you say the chancellor and the Prime Minister have been contacted overnight by NHS track and trace which shows that the system is doing its job, they will be isolating but using the pilot scheme, cooking for daily testing, which is available to a range of public sector organisations which enables you to do your essential business and get tested on a daily basis in specialist asymptomatic testing centers like the one that there now is in Downing Street, but then outside of that work environment, to not socialize, not mix with other people. So it really is a less restrictive form of isolation than many other members of the public. Yeah,
  • 4:40
    Adam: so that less restrictive than many of us have the public that was used to set Johnson straight he had a talk into two and a half hours later don't have a clip. Two and a half hours later. In U turn. UK is Johnson to quarantine after COVID-19 contact
  • 5:00
    John: Wait, wait, what? What? Yeah, so we mean Johnson had the corn and Johnson's had the disease he has to quarantine. Why does he have to quarantine has had the disease? What What part
  • 5:11
    Adam: of that stick what part of putting the boot on your face and grinding it into the dirt Did you miss? Of course it's bullshit. Now he's going to spend 10 days of elite isolating after contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case. Pa Lee's who was funny enough the health secretary who tested positive for covid despite being fully vaccinated. So here's a positive case from a fully vaccinated health minister who had a meeting with the Prime Minister who had COVID says he's had the job. And now he's going to stay isolated for 10 days. Is this the 10 days of darkness the Q anon promised us is this coming now? This is theater. This is bull crap
  • 5:58
    John: with a I guess they didn't want to do Freedom Day.
  • 6:00
    Adam: No, they couldn't. That's that's they UK was not on board. And then they he had a talking to know you're gonna you're gonna show everybody how it's done. So I think this is what they're obviously they're trying to carry this over to the United States. They've already got the masks back in Los Angeles indoors, especially if you're vaccinated. But
  • 6:29
    John: let's say no did the latest by the way the latest pitch, which I think is great, is that the vaccinated will be carrying around COVID more than anyone. Do you ever clip of that? Just kind of that day?
  • 6:43
    Unknown: I'd love that.
  • 6:44
    John: Have you heard this one? No. That's a good one. No, I have there but they got they're gonna have it and carry it around. So the unvaccinated if they grown into any vaccinated people are going to get it nice now that so is that what's called the exosomes? So that's about it. But no, yeah.
  • 7:02
    Adam: Nobody wants to talk about that. Oh, here's that like county tonight, Los Angeles, the nation's largest county taking a step back requiring masks indoors, even for the vaccinated effective Sunday, impacting 10 million people here and breaking with CDC guidance. It's a clear signal concern is growing over the highly contagious Delta varying. Oh, my goodness, do you think that maybe they'll catch on now? Like, wait a minute. There's something strange about this?
  • 7:30
    John: No, they're doing it? No, I there's not. No. And I'll tell you why. I think their promotion of the Delta viruses is phenomenal Delta variant is whatever.
  • 7:43
    Adam: We'll see cnn really did a good job. Jose Gupta, our buddy, our buddy Jose, he, he wrote a an What did he call it? an op ed or a opinion piece about the two Americas and and so he's all over CNN, of course talking about this and about the the pandemic of the unvaccinated I've told a couple clips, we know that rural residents actually, you know, a higher percentage 39% say that they've received at least one dose compared to urban and suburban, both at 31%. But the next graphic sort of tells the story of what likely is to come. And that is this issue of vaccine hesitancy where you actually seeing more hesitancy and people saying they definitely will not get a COVID-19 vaccine. If those numbers don't budge, it's going to be very hard to get to herd immunity. Okay, let's just stop it right. There
  • 8:36
    John: are some illogic
  • 8:38
    Adam: a medical doctor who saying that if those people don't get vaccinated, it will be harder to achieve her to move immunity, which as far as I understand is scientifically false. If you have had COVID, that's part of the herd immunity, if you know. So if you're going to get COVID, you're going to contribute towards herd immunity or the morgue. I mean, either way, it could be anything or it now but now he's saying no, no, no, no, a medical doctor saying that there'll be two can't get to herd immunity. No can't do it definitely will not get a COVID-19 vaccine. If those numbers don't budge, it's gonna be very hard to get to herd immunity within, you know, just the adult population. That's why everyone's talking about pediatric trials. Finally, who are these people? Who are these people? Can you get a public good? Oh, it's better than that. Not just Republicans. No, we got to purge everybody. Finally, who are these people who are more likely to be hesitant or refuse the vaccine altogether? At least among the rural population? 73% identify as Republicans 41% identify as white evangelical Christian. Yeah, burn the
  • 9:45
    John: Christian show that guys can throw in a Christian hate.
  • 9:49
    Adam: Burn the Christian send them to
  • 9:53
    John: Christian hate not just Republican. No
  • 9:56
    Adam: Christian republicans evangelical doesn't hate them. Hey, them burn them at the stage gonna kill us all Who are these people? Here we go morsani Sanjay, I'm sorry, Jose. Hello Jose, the Delta variant. Everyone knows this term now, but it is a remarkably transmissible contagious variant, that you are very well protected by if you get the vaccine, but if you don't get the vaccine, you are increasingly almost assuredly likely to get infected. One of the things that really prompted me to write this, again was something that Bernie Graham told me. He's Deputy Director at the NIH. And what he said is people keep thinking that the country is going to be split into vaccinated and unvaccinated Whoa, roadblock now, country gets split into vaccinated and infected. I love this one.
  • 10:49
    John: Yeah, that was a headline in one of the newspapers vaccinated or infected you see the infected human resource.
  • 10:57
    Adam: I love it. Fauci somehow back in good graces or they're just throwing everything they can against this problem that they that they have. Dr. Fauci are we looking at a split screen America right now? Or split screen America? That's even better? That's Scott Adams talk right there. One screen two movies. Dr. Fauci, are we looking at a split screen America right now a vaccinated part of the country doing quite well and an unvaccinated part of the country? And
  • 11:27
    John: well, you know, on fancy again, are they doing quite well, they have to wear masks, still in Los Angeles.
  • 11:36
    Adam: cases, getting ready for the booster and an unvaccinated part of the country in crisis.
  • 11:43
    Unknown: You know, unfortunately, I think we are looking to some sort of version of that, essentially, two Americas and unvaccinated at risk America. And a vaccinated America that, relatively speaking is quite protected against infection, including by the Delta variant, which has a great capability of spreading from person to person.
  • 12:04
    Adam: Yes. Okay. Well, there you go. So we're, we're divided. We're separated. And we clearly have to do something about this, by the way, now. Yeah. Well, I was just gonna read a little list. Go ahead.
  • 12:18
    John: I want to throw this in before we go to the list, which is a little bit on the Delta variant. This is a got a lot closer man.
  • 12:27
    Adam: You are over clipped today.
  • 12:29
    John: I'm over clipped over clips, but I can take a penalty. But I want to play this as part of their ongoing COVID promotion of the Delta variant, which if we listen to them, real experts say, you know, there's nothing going on. It's a maybe exaggerated to say the least. But I want to play first I got these two clips at the same clip, but one of them is the original clip, and then the clip the way I heard it. So this is COVID. I think, oh, gee.
  • 13:04
    Unknown: You mentioned the Delta variant here. How dangerous Do you believe Do you believe that is? I think, I think
  • 13:12
    i think i think that the Delta variant is very dangerous. It is highly contagious. It's very quick to put people in the hospital and at younger ages.
  • 13:27
    John: Okay, you played the note length? No, that
  • 13:29
    Adam: was the O g clip, you must have mislabeled it.
  • 13:32
    John: So what was the time on it?
  • 13:34
    Adam: The o g clip is 21 seconds. The COVID, I think is 12. I believe you do turn them around.
  • 13:42
    John: We'll play the I think clip. You mentioned the Delta
  • 13:45
    Unknown: variant here. How dangerous Do you believe Do you believe that is? I think, I think i think i think that the Delta variant is very dangerous. I think
  • 13:58
    Adam: I think I think something went wrong.
  • 14:03
    John: Like I did the I think that first time I did the Oh gee, I forgot to take those X's out. The point. Okay, let's get back to the point. The point of it was, what do you believe? Is the question asked by the host? And she says, I think and then it was his I think what kind of code book and she's an expert, supposedly, who
  • 14:23
    Adam: was this? Do you remember? Oh,
  • 14:25
    John: it was just a couple of dipshits as usual. I mean, the usual suspects I could give you their names, but it's beside the point. Is this is what do you believe in? What do you think? And I think i think i think this is not information is of any value. I think it's terrible. It's deadly. But you just think it I mean, what is this like an expert that just thinks this and thinks that and doesn't go to the researcher doesn't have any thing to back this up? She just thinks it's deadly.
  • 14:52
    Adam: Yes. I believe you're right.
  • 14:56
    John: I think you're right. Yeah. No, I
  • 14:57
    Adam: believe it.
  • 14:58
    John: I don't think It's just like it's so annoying to listen to these reports and it's it's filled with this sort of, I think, I think we're all gonna die. Oh, for sure.
  • 15:11
    Adam: headline CNBC top sorry. Yes, CNBC. These 10 states are America's worst places to live in 2021
  • 15:22
    John: Can you guess? Your all red states that are not fully vaccinated?
  • 15:27
    Adam: Let's give it a shot. 10 Indiana, nine Louisiana, eight Arkansas seven, Alabama, six, Georgia. Five Tennessee. worse for Oh, they don't have what is this? They want they went from five to three. That's interesting.
  • 15:49
    John: Okay, must be no, I'm
  • 15:50
    Adam: sorry. Missouri isn't a tie with Nevada, Nevada. And number two, Texas. number two and number one is Arizona.
  • 16:03
    John: What about Florida?
  • 16:05
    Adam: No, Florida doesn't know they get they can't
  • 16:07
    John: put about South Dakota. No, no, no, no. They you know what they've done. By the way. They have done everything they can to not talk about South Dakota.
  • 16:16
    Adam: Yeah, because they had 00 measures, right.
  • 16:20
    John: They had right they just didn't do anything. And and it's and it fares well against all the breathing more rigid states if you put a side by side comparison, so they decided to take South Dakota out of the comparisons. No. South Dakota is the best example of doing nothing.
  • 16:40
    Adam: They do accentuate here. Key points from the article. Even as the pandemic subsides, many companies are allowing their employees to continue working from home. states are increasingly emphasizing their quality of life as they seek to attract businesses and jobs. But not every state delivers on its promises. So in other words, lots of cool states like California let you stay home and read states this list force you to come to work and find it the pandemic and the push for social justice are changing the definition of quality of life. Oh, really?
  • 17:13
    John: So let's let's take let's back up two steps. Everybody is leaving California to move to Texas.
  • 17:21
    Adam: Why? Because it's shit here. It's number two. So you couldn't do worse. You could do Arizona.
  • 17:27
    John: Arizona.
  • 17:30
    Unknown: Arizona
  • 17:30
    John: move in there too. If you haven't noticed
  • 17:32
    Adam: Arizona is home. Yes. Well, there you go. Perhaps they are saying don't move to those states. I don't know CNBC takes these changes into account in the latest America's top states. So Thursday, right after the show, something beautiful happened. And this is this is a fantastic example, in communication problems, poor communication. There's some crisis communication that has now had to be deployed. And it really started with Jen Psaki, who, by the way, will be leaving her post next year.
  • 18:14
    John: Who is the bet?
  • 18:15
    Adam: Oh, no, the bet was four months. So you know the end this will be one year from now so
  • 18:21
    John: Oh, she's built she's leaving.
  • 18:22
    Adam: Because she wants to doesn't want to miss some of those great family life moments. In other words, fucking burn out. And what we're gonna get is we're gonna get that jump here, lady. I despise that one.
  • 18:34
    John: I don't think so. I think we're a Kirby.
  • 18:37
    Adam: Now he's working at Amazon. He's got a great job at Amazon. Kirby's wait is Colonel Kirby's back in defense, isn't he? Yeah.
  • 18:45
    John: You think we're gonna get Kirby? That's where saqi came from.
  • 18:49
    Adam: Right. But, boy, did she come from defense. I thought she came from state. And I think she came from stuff. Oh, yeah, right. She was Newlands protege.
  • 18:59
    John: Anyway, so she came from state, well, Kirby's the guy.
  • 19:02
    Adam: So Jen Psaki communicated very poorly, what is going on between the administration and Silicon Valley, and it created a crap storm for them. And the President actually made
  • 19:16
    Unknown: it worse in terms of actions, Alex that we have taken or we're working to take, I should say from the federal government, we've increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General's office. We're flagging problematic posts for Facebook, that spread disinformation. We're working with doctors and medical professionals to connect to connected medical experts with popular with popular who are popular with their audiences with with accurate information and boost trusted content. So we're helping get trusted content out there. We also created the COVID-19, the COVID. Community courts get factual information into the hands of local messengers. And we're also investing as you will have seen in the President's the Vice President Dr. Fauci his time.
  • 20:00
    Adam: So she says there that day, you know, we're flagging stuff for Facebook. We're letting them know what's going on. I mean, to be honest about it, any company, if you get a call from the White House that hey, you know, you really gotta do something about this. I think you do it, wouldn't you? Is that? Yeah, right. It seems like that's what you need to do.
  • 20:20
    John: Now, the question is, which I think Yeah, the other clip coming? I do, which is the Biden clip. Yep. The question is that Facebook, push back a little bit. And by and this is the I think people should listen to this differently.
  • 20:33
    Adam: Yes. You're absolutely right. You're what you're about to say is spot on. I heard it the way you're about to explain it. But something someone picked it up and, and, and turned it in their face?
  • 20:49
    John: Well, I'm just gonna say what I don't know. You might have another clip in there. But I believe that fake Facebook said, Hey, we can't You know what, okay, great. Thanks. But maybe we can do this ourselves. We're very good. And they did have a statement, which I may have a clip of. I'll never find it. Let me define it for you. You have a statement that Facebook made, which is now Now we know, even more good information on anybody. And I'm already cracking down. I'm
  • 21:16
    Adam: looking for you have it in today's clips.
  • 21:19
    John: I think it might be
  • 21:20
    Adam: but he may be part of a bigger report. Okay. Well, we are referring to something a little different because there were two steps that happened. The steps
  • 21:28
    John: let me finish my story. Sorry. Okay. So Facebook says, No, we're good. We're good. So then Biden comes up out there, you know, go into his chopper and he goes up and he says that Facebook's killing people and that's the clip that you got,
  • 21:42
    Adam: right? And this and this was the mistake because he didn't say Facebook's killing people. That's not what happened. What happened is this. This information is killing people. That are misinformation. That is the line pandemic of the unvaccinated. It's the misinformation that is killing people. And that is what giemsa and I have the much longer clip from the follow up, you can play a little bit of Biden's out there getting ready to go to the chopper, someone the reporter Cosmo versus what do you think of Facebook and all this? And he's into what he and you can see his brain freeze, but you have to see the video to fully appreciate what happened here is brain froze. And instead of saying misinformation, these they're killing people referring to the disinformation dozen, instead of saying that he says the killing people, and that immediately is taped, because the question was about Facebook. It was taken in the context of Facebook is killing people which caught fire immediately. And then they had to come out and and then Facebook had to retaliate. And it's going back and forth now but listen to the question. And then the president. What's your message to platforms like Facebook? Free.
  • 23:03
    John: I mean, it really the only pandemic we have as unvaccinated
  • 23:10
    Adam: are killing people. The unvaccinated are killing people, not Facebook. But this qualifier and this was fantastic.
  • 23:17
    John: I heard it. I heard it. I saw it. I would say the same thing you did. And he said to guys asked about Facebook. Biden said they're killing people. I
  • 23:28
    Adam: know. I know. That's what he said. Why
  • 23:30
    John: weren't you dreaming up this different scenario? Because the
  • 23:33
    Adam: talking point is he says the talking point at the end the unvaccinated are killing people not
  • 23:39
    John: Facebook never said the vaccine demick a pandemic of the unvaccinated people. And then he said they're killing people. Okay, but he did the references was vague, the references vague.
  • 23:51
    Adam: Are you willing? Are you willing to concur with me that this President has cognitive issues? I want to go but yes, God, while I go back
  • 24:01
    John: to the way this is structured, this structure is simple. If the premises is Facebook, with facebook, facebook, facebook, answer, they're killing people. And then he then as an aside, the way I would structure if you're going to break this down, if you're going to parse it, the aside was the is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And then back to the main topic there killing people a reference back to face I understand what you're saying. But I saw the press conference before this took place. The messaging is the disinfo. The misinformation is killing people. Now, it was a press conference.
  • 24:39
    Adam: I know but that the messaging is launched at the press conference, and he wasn't at the press conference. Thank you for making my point. So he walks out and goes, they're killing people. Yeah, so he he did not mean Facebook. I'm telling you that makes zero sense. Why would they do that?
  • 24:57
    John: It's why I'm all I'm saying is what he's That's what he said yes. in context you're here. You're doing like, like they do used to do and Trump trying to dream up something else.
  • 25:08
    Adam: I saw the video the man's brain froze it. Okay.
  • 25:14
    John: But you're you're interpreting i'm not i'm just quoting.
  • 25:18
    Adam: Yeah. Okay. Well, if we're just quoting then listen carefully. What's your message to platforms like Facebook? What's your message to platforms like Facebook, you could say that you are killing people, Facebook, or you can say they're killing people. Somebody else was that his message? And if you really want to pull it apart, you can do it any way you want.
  • 25:41
    John: Oh, stop it. No,
  • 25:42
    Adam: no, no, no, no, don't just listen. Jesus.
  • 25:46
    Unknown: I mean, it really? Look. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.
  • 25:52
    Adam: And that's killing people. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated and they're killing people. He's talking about the unvaccinated? Not Facebook.
  • 26:03
    John: Okay, you can I okay. Okay, Jen, you can continue. Wow. You know, I guess sorry. I heard what I heard.
  • 26:15
    Adam: Yes, I know. But that's not the point. Since when do you believe Biden has his thought faculties about him? I'm just Is it possible? Is it possible
  • 26:27
    John: it may have been a moment of lucidity for all we know you can't tell.
  • 26:33
    Adam: Okay, so the messaging is it's the misinformation it's the dis information doesn't and there is an actual list of the dis information doesn't and it's it's quite interesting that you know this we've talked about this list before
  • 26:51
    John: yes that this is by the way this list is not new this list goes back
  • 26:55
    Adam: and let me read to you who's on the list because I have to click on read the report you shits Alright, this is the actual report. The disinformation does and here we go. Number one Joseph mercola. And you recall that Joseph mercola took all his his blog posts down so they got here
  • 27:13
    John: he got he got pretty much shut down.
  • 27:15
    Adam: Number two, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pretty much been d platformed. from many different places and shameful
  • 27:24
    John: that he's on that list.
  • 27:25
    Adam: And now you tell me if you've heard of any of these names that round out the the disinformation doesn't tie in Charlene Ballinger Sherry tenpenny. Yes, one Riza Islam. Rush. Yes. You've heard of Reza Islam. Yep. Yep. Rashid boo bataar.
  • 27:45
    John: No, Aaron Elizabeth, of course, that she's married to mercola.
  • 27:52
    Adam: She's one of the they get a twofer on the dirty.
  • 27:56
    John: he brags about it on her twitter feed constantly got this list. I
  • 27:59
    Adam: got two entries in top 12 this week. Say are g No. Kelly Brogan? No, Christiane Northrup.
  • 28:11
    John: Yes,
  • 28:11
    Adam: I think I've heard of her.
  • 28:13
    John: Yes, Northrop. She's been on a number of things. Ben tapper
  • 28:17
    Adam: is a Jake's brother.
  • 28:19
    John: I don't know. Ben tapper rings the
  • 28:21
    Adam: bell, but only because Jake, and Kevin Jenkins?
  • 28:25
    John: Don't know. Sorry.
  • 28:29
    Adam: I'm a little disappointed. And they could have at least put the no agenda show in there. No,
  • 28:34
    John: we don't qualify. We're not delivering this information. We're deconstructing their misinformation.
  • 28:42
    Adam: Yes. In fact, there's so much misinformation they make so many gaps themselves when Zaki makes a gaffe about vaccines, killing people over under 27, which he played on the last show. Isn't that the definition of misinformation? Shouldn't that be flagged and taken down immediately? Yeah, why is it not?
  • 29:02
    John: Because she's a democrat who can do what she wants?
  • 29:07
    Adam: But even if even so if you're Jen Psaki, would you rather have the misinformation and the stupidity out there then saying, Oh, it's misinformation, take it down so you can cover up how dumb you are?
  • 29:18
    John: I would think so.
  • 29:21
    Adam: So the next day, Peter doocy. from Fox News goes after her. He goes after her. And this was a fun exchange that I think was just listened to. For how long has the administration been spying on people's Facebook profiles looking for vaccine misinformation?
  • 29:39
    Unknown: That was quite a loaded inaccurate question, which I would refute. Well, Peter, first of all, as you know, we're in we're in a regular touch with with a range of media outlets we've had as as let me finish but as we are, as we are
  • 29:54
    Adam: noticed, they are now a media outlet under Section 230 they are an agnostic platform that is held liable, cannot be held liable for what people post on their system. So now it's a media outlet, that would mean that they edit and produce things are in regular touch with social media.
  • 30:18
    John: I'm giving you extra credit for pointing that out. Thank you
  • 30:21
    Unknown: farms. This is publicly open information, people sharing information online, just as you are all reporting information on your news station.
  • 30:33
    Adam: Okay, so these 12 people who you have on a list 12 I can't believe that the news media doesn't know about the disinformation doesn't. Do you think he really doesn't know? Because it sounds like it.
  • 30:47
    John: After this, we've been doing this show for over this last year? Yes. I believe they don't know anything. Yeah, that's crazy.
  • 30:58
    Unknown: Do they know that somebody had the Surgeon General's office all day? No. Going through their profile,
  • 31:03
    I'm happy to get you the citation of where that comes from. There's no secret list. I will tell you that these are people who are sharing information on public platforms on Facebook information that is traveling is inaccurate. Our biggest concern here and I frankly think it should be your biggest concern is the number of people who are dying around the country because they're getting misinformation that is leading them to not take a vaccine, young people, old people, kids, children, this is all being a lot of them are being impacted by misinformation. And concern, though,
  • 31:34
    Adam: I think for a lot of people on Facebook is that now this is Big Brother watching you.
  • 31:39
    Unknown: They're more concerned about that, then people dying across the country because of a pandemic, where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms. That feels unlikely to me, if you have the data to back that up. I'm happy to discuss it not things that are on paper.
  • 31:53
    Adam: So you now you have to have data otherwise you won't discuss it. Is that Is that how it works? That questions invalid unless you have data, show me some data pull
  • 32:01
    John: that clip too because I thought it was a snootiness thing she's ever done. Yeah.
  • 32:06
    Adam: Do you pull that clip?
  • 32:08
    John: I had the same clip. I'm about to have the part work. Because the rest of it I figured you'd have. But I have the part where she says, Oh, you think they're more? You think they're more concerned about Big Brother than then killing people left and right. That's coming. I don't believe that's true. I think people are more concerned about the death. Let's say if you have any information to contradict this, show me some data and then they'll discuss it. It was so snotty, it's coming up through
  • 32:35
    Adam: No, I think for a lot of people on Facebook is that now this is Big Brother watching you.
  • 32:41
    Unknown: They're more concerned about that, then people dying across the country because of a pandemic, where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms. That feels unlikely to me, if you have the data to back that up. I'm happy to discuss
  • 32:53
    it. Well, things that are on Facebook, I was this morning. There are videos of Dr. Fauci from 2020 before anybody had a vaccine out there saying there's no reason to be walking around with a mask. And so is the administration going to contact Facebook and ask them to take that down?
  • 33:08
    Well, first, I think what Dr. Fauci has said himself, who's been quite public out there is that science evolves, information evolves. And we make that available in a public way to the American people.
  • 33:19
    Adam: His point is, is valid, exactly what I'm saying, if you got something else that is wrong, why don't you flag that as well? That makes no sense.
  • 33:28
    Unknown: I have never seen any data scientists suggest that, that the vaccines cause infertility. That is information, by
  • 33:36
    John: the way stop. She brought this up, like numerous time without anyone asking about it. Yes. Good. Yes. protest, he brought it up. She is freaked out about something. And I think what it is, she had a shot and then she had this weird thing we have to realize is that to be flagging stuff, you have to be listening to it. Mm hmm. So she's been listening to all the counter arguments about one thing or another. And the one of the things that crops up in the conversation with all the people moaning and groaning about the mRNA vaccine, including the guy who invented it, who's likes vaccines, and he likes this vaccine, but he's sketchy. Do you can understand why people don't want to take it? Yeah. He has all the reports about all it goes right to the rep reproduction system. It goes right to the women's ovaries and stuff goes right there. Then you have these periods, which almost a lot of women get from both all the vaccines, where you have is a big heavy period with like a black goo that comes up. This is what happened to her. And she's now in denial about the possibility.
  • 34:46
    Adam: Yes, you know, it's interesting you say that because the reason her leaving, let me just see she has kids, right? No, hold on a second. Where is shocky Here we go. Leaving posts next year. That's a very, that's a good catch. What has Secretary Jim Saki revealed she intends to leave the post, quote in a year from now or about a year from now, in a podcast interview blushes, I don't want to miss the moments with her young children indicated she agreed with Jo by association team, she would serve in the role, okay,
  • 35:23
    John: we're about what she might, you know, she might be wanting to get pregnant, this book. But she might be pregnant, which is an issue. She's also or she might want to get pregnant, which is an issue. And she might you don't know this, because nobody knows what these people are thinking they're paid, she's paid spokes hold, she may be actually a somewhat skeptical. At the end, maybe he only took the vaccine because she had to because he's part of the White House staff. And she might have had these experiences with the bad periods and all these other nonsense, which is God is frightening crap out of a lot of people who are especially if you dubious about the whole thing, especially
  • 36:01
    Adam: if you're a birthing person.
  • 36:03
    John: And yes, the birth she's a birthing person. And so she's got this at the top of her head. That's why she threw this on, she's done it more than once. Interesting catch,
  • 36:14
    Unknown: I have never seen any data. So to suggest that, that the vaccines cause infertility, that is information that is irresponsible traveling, okay.
  • 36:26
    Adam: about the science of science evolving Facebook used to post I used to block people from posting a good follow up, it may have originated for less. Oh, that's interesting. So she followed up the Fauci mask thing with a complete distraction about do not relevant to the conversation about the about fertility. And then deucey comes back and continues his questioning. So both
  • 36:53
    Unknown: I used to block people from posting that COVID may have originated for a lab that is something this president now admit is a possibility. So is there any concern that things you're trying to block or have taken down might someday turn out to be
  • 37:09
    we don't take anything down? We don't block anything. Facebook, and any private sector company makes decisions about what information should be on the platform. Our point is that there's information that is leading to people not taking the vaccine, and people are dying as a result, and we have responsibility as a public health matter to raise that issue. The responsibility. We all have the government, media platforms, public messengers to give accurate information,
  • 37:36
    Adam: not to beat a dead horse. But the President's statement came after this. I think their message was very clear. Now Facebook, took it the way you took it in the way everyone else took it except me is obvious now. And they push back. Facebook on Saturday push back and President Joe Biden for the second time and as many days suggesting the company has been more effective than the government in promoting and promoting COVID-19 vaccination after Biden said the social media behemoth is killing people with misinformation. And they're saying, Oh, this is just the administration trying to pin the failure of the July 4 70% goal on Facebook. That is their crisis management response
  • 38:23
    John: call that's professional,
  • 38:25
    Adam: very professional. The data I like it. The data shows that 85% of Facebook users in the US have been or want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 said guy Rosen, the company's vice president of integrity.
  • 38:43
    I'm the VP of Tegrity. I want I love my job. I want that job. I'm a VP of integrity.
  • 38:58
    He continued president the VP of integrity continued. President Biden's goal was for 70% of Americans to be vaccinated by July 4. Facebook is not the reason this goal was missed. Facebook has encouraged Americans to get inoculated through tools that includes vaccination finder, and optional profile frames that show when friends have been vaccinated. Rosen said vaccine hesitancy on the platform has declined 50% ostensibly since the rollout of vaccines in January, how do they know that? Are they asking people or you can just Garner that from the data? I
  • 39:35
    John: guess. I maybe they're asking people. I don't know. I don't use Facebook. Well, if
  • 39:43
    Adam: hesitancy started anywhere. We've discussed this It started with the very same people shaming everybody else. This was before Biden became president, a smallish supercut.
  • 39:56
    Unknown: So let's just say there's a vaccine that is approved, and even distributed before the election? Would you get it? Well,
  • 40:04
    I think that's going to be an issue for all of us.
  • 40:07
    If and when the vaccine comes in, it's not likely to go through all the tests that needs to be ended trials that are needed to be done. When we finally do God willing, get a vaccine, who's gonna take the shot? Who's gonna take the shot, you're gonna be the first one to say put a sign me up. They now say it's okay. And the question of whether it's real when it's there, that requires enormous transparency. You got to make all of it available to other experts across the nation, so they can look and see. So there's consensus, this is a safe vaccine. If the President announced tomorrow we have a vaccine, would you take it? Only if it was completely transparent, that other experts in the country could look at it? Only if we knew all of what went into it? If Donald Trump can't give answers and administration can't give answers to these questions, the American people should not have confidence. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I'm not taking it.
  • 41:00
    Adam: There you go. Good job. Good job.
  • 41:04
    John: I have to I have to do a point of information. How'd you where'd you get that? I'm not I'm not asking you to bet in a negative way. I tried to find that because I heard it the right wing talk show guys playing the exact same thing. Mark Levin was one of them. And I said, Well, I'm gonna go get this as be good for the show. Because it's pretty funny. I agree. Because he just shows you that Biden and Harris are full of crap. But he said, you know,
  • 41:31
    Adam: got it from the video was on Twitter. Oh, so I recorded off a Twitter. I could go in the show notes and go back and see exactly
  • 41:39
    John: that's okay. I just wonder because i didn't i because as you can tell, I'm over clipped. It goes, I'm not playing any clips. No, he's
  • 41:47
    Unknown: over doing good.
  • 41:50
    John: jacked up. And next up is a gem, a gem of a clips. Great clip. Now there's just you know, why is everyone hesitant? Well, because we listened to you.
  • 41:59
    Adam: Yeah. And what the President is saying, Well, if they're not transparent Well, clearly, there's a transparency issue, because people have questions and all you don't get, you know, there's no study on as Jim Psaki said about infertility there is no study one way or the other. So the transparency is of course an issue and there's sneaky shady people. And and I think Americans know it. But now we
  • 42:26
    John: got Dell, people are very suspicious. And this is I think that people listen to us. But let's play another piece from that same. That same press conference sucky, because I have a clip that I can play before after this and this is Saki. On ivermectin and this annuities, she just they bring up ivermectin, ivermectin is, is gone into the hydroxychloroquine bin for being not discussable.
  • 42:57
    Adam: Whereas I'm looking for Saki. I see. I see. Yeah,
  • 43:02
    Unknown: there's a reason for this. misinformation. Do you consider claims by some of the conservative circles that I've met in my pronouncing that right as a promising treatment for COVID as Miss information? I know that the FDA has weighed in on this, I believe in March, but I just wanted to be administration's latest position on the
  • 43:19
    information that's inaccurate, we consider misinformation. So I don't think it's more complicated than that.
  • 43:29
    Adam: So the Hri
  • 43:31
    John: won't even say it by the way that she won't say the word ivermectin.
  • 43:34
    Adam: No, why would you? Why would you
  • 43:37
    John: now, but the reason I want to hold on, hold on.
  • 43:39
    Adam: There's a reason why Why is she saying this? The Guardian came out with a huge article about a discredited study, huge, discredited study. That was in preprint. And I got a lot of hate. The only place I can still get haters on Twitter. people tweeting this to me and saying, I mean with words, but that's what I hear. And, you know, just like the huge data problems in this study, like three people were over 18. Yeah. So yeah, so they pulled it apart under the review by the publication, not a peer to peer because apparently was already peer to peer reviewed but they just they just unilaterally pulled it in the conclusion is very dangerous to do this. They don't quite take ivermectin
  • 44:38
    John: there's tons of reports. There's lots of studies.
  • 44:41
    Adam: JOHN, why are you arguing with me? So
  • 44:43
    John: they find one study that
  • 44:45
    Adam: no, no, no, a study.
  • 44:49
    John: A huge study.
  • 44:50
    Adam: You have to understand. I'm surprised I'm going to try to look it up here. I'm surprised you hadn't seen this.
  • 44:57
    John: Well, I you know, I was reading something else in the garden. And it's almost hard to read that publication now because it's so it's not even close to being borderline bias is just let me read out there are two
  • 45:10
    Adam: huge studies supporting ivermectin is COVID treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns.
  • 45:19
    John: Okay, well that now, just taking listening to that, yes,
  • 45:24
    Adam: you're right. So
  • 45:25
    John: if you look at the logic this study was withdrawn over ethical concerns. What's that got
  • 45:30
    Adam: to do with ivermectin, the preprint, endorsing ivermectin, as the Coronavirus therapy has been widely cited, but independent researchers find glaring discrepancies in the data. You see independent researchers. Fine. It's claimed to be a randomized trial a study a type of study crucially medicine because it is considered to provide the most reliable evidence on the effectiveness of interventions. And this Dr. Eleazar is listed as the chief editor of the Banda medical journal and editorial board member. But the study found that patients with COVID-19 tree and hospitals who received ivermectin early reported substantial recovery. And then they go into a medical student in London jack Lawrence was the first to identify serious concerns about the paper leading to the retraction to a medical student led to the retraction and then it literally the author's claim.
  • 46:25
    John: Wait, wait. So a medical retraction was political. obvious. Yes. Yes. Yes. And the medical student triggered it man that and somebody else came along so you got to get this out of here because we got we got business here and we don't need you in the way with this ivermectin crap, correct.
  • 46:42
    Adam: And the top the top reason in this article, the author's claimed to have done the study only on 18 to 80 year olds, but at least three patients in the data set were under 18. Oh, yeah. Fucking Polo. No, pull it. Pull it I say. Okay, so this is this is exactly what we're dealing with misinformation much.
  • 47:05
    John: And then now I want to say that I want to bring since you just heard the Saki thing she won't even say the word. This led me the reason I wanted to pull that was because it led me to this, which is an NPR report. They brought this scientist guy from Johns Hopkins. Oh, horse. Yeah. This is the expert on NPR. And they brought this guy on because NPR was on our care. But with the COVID stuff.
  • 47:31
    Adam: Clip pandemic of the unvaccinated?
  • 47:34
    John: Yeah, the pandemic of the unvaccinated the rest. So they brought this guy in to talk about treatments. And I wanted to see how he manages to skirt never again, be the host nor this guy. Discuss ivermectin are mentioned it in passing, not even mentioned in passing where you can say, well, it's no good. They didn't even they won't even do that. Because they know they can't get away with saying it's no good because it's good. We've had plenty of we get plenty of backup on that. So they instead of saying it's no good, you just say just don't mention it. Now listen to this. This is expert nprs skirts ivermectin
  • 48:12
    Adam: on sale. Yep. There we go. Dr. Arturo Akasha. devall is a professor of microbiology and immunology at Johns Hopkins University, and joins us from Baltimore now. Thanks so much for being with us. Thank you, Scott, for having me. What are some of the current options for treatment for COVID patients and how effective have they been? The past year has seen tremendous advances in the sense that mortality has been greatly reduced for hospitalized patients for the situation and where we were back in March in April, when as many as 25% of the hospitalized patients were dying, the situation is much better today. The advances includes medicines. Before you get to the hospital, we have monoclonal antibodies. Once you're in the hospital, we have two antiviral agents. One of them is remdesivir. And the other one is convalescent plasma that remains when there are emergency use authorization by the FDA. And then if the patient's progress, and they get further short of breath, that's an indication of progressive inflammation. We have anti inflammatory agents. I expected him to say well, we have a ventilator.
  • 49:26
    John: Treat anti inflammatory, which they kind of denied it began but they'll go along with that because it's expensive. steroids aren't cheap. They're talking about that. And the rent disappear, which everyone knows doesn't work. And then the and the convalescent blood plasma, they've stopped doing that we have letters from people that you got a letter, I got a letter, we all got letters from people that are in that business, and they said, we're not even bothering with that anymore. So this is just bulk. They're really going out of their way to keep people from,
  • 49:56
    Adam: in fact healing. In fact, we could say that this report is in fact killing people? Yeah. Because they're not even mentioning ivermectin. Right. Fine. You know what they're not doing. They're not even keeping track anymore. This this report is slipped in here real quick in NBC. The Nightly News slipped in real quick. But listen, but you know, a lot of folks have been talking about these breakthrough infections, which are rare but happen. What do we know? Well, last year, the CDC no tracking you don't talk to it, otherwise you'll miss it happen. What do we know? Well, after the CDC stopped tracking breakthrough infections unless they resulted in hospitalization, which is rare, but NBC News has heard back from 27 states so far, and we've tallied 66,000 breakthrough cases, that's just a small fraction of the vaccinated. So the CDC doesn't know who cares if the vaccine didn't work? We don't need to know only if you land and wind up in the hospital. Why? Why? How does that make any sense?
  • 50:59
    John: You know, the thing is, with this being the giant pandemic that it is, you think they'd be documenting every single you know, adversity and writing change. adverse reaction,
  • 51:12
    Adam: perhaps you
  • 51:13
    John: everything. But now,
  • 51:15
    Adam: let's take a look at the latest numbers from the Oh, my goodness. Service unavailable the various database I'm available at the moment. Okay.
  • 51:23
    John: Oh, yeah. Gotta get rid of that thing.
  • 51:26
    Adam: Wow, does that work? So Pfizer's out their marketing, and their marketing very, very hard. And I would have to say I'm, I'm so proud of team Pfizer. The first thing well, there's a couple things. Did you see that Chantix, the smoking cessation drug that we have followed for the past 10 years, I believe, Chantix that made people hallucinate, go crazy, run around naked wake up in neighborhoods, they never knew about to shoot their neighbors? Yeah. All of this. So it was a it was they announced, we have to we have to pull some, we have to pull it off the market temporarily because it exceeds the number of carcinogens that is allowed, as according as per the FDA. Because of course, you know, why wouldn't a drug to help you stop dying from cancer? Why wouldn't it have some cancer in it? And so the number is like 48 parts per mil of brickey. And that's the lead the limit, and I think they're at 340, or some crazy, I don't know what that means. It's just it's too much. So there was an announcement, which you didn't hear anywhere. I don't think you saw an announcement of this, because oh, my God, it's Pfizer. at it. Are you
  • 52:44
    John: ready? Have two stories. By the way, these phases right, half the stories I've got today never heard any heard anyplace else go on.
  • 52:52
    Adam: So then one day later, FDA says it will temporarily allow manufacturers to continue distributed version versions of Pfizer inks, anti smoking, drugs, Chantix with elevated levels of an impurity that may cause cancer in order to maintain supplies. So the FDA just turned around dead sweet. So I'm sorry, here it is the the FDA will temporarily allow for some manufacturers to distribute very nicklin, which is the technical name containing impurities above its acceptable intake limit of 37 nanograms per day, but below an interim acceptable intake limit of 185 nanograms per day. So what is that six times as much? I don't know. Yeah, as much. So that's how good Pfizer really is. If you didn't hear about the pause, and you probably won't hear about the reinstatement overnight, but they're powerful. And Pfizer is now going after Australia. The first thing they do is make sure that the National Health Service and this is from the NSW Government have it from their website. And let's see, generally the number of cycles run by the PCR systems is 4545 45.
  • 54:18
    Yeah, I mean, you can you have Ebola at a 45 count.
  • 54:23
    John: But okay, everyone's got Ebola,
  • 54:25
    Adam: you've got Ebola, so it doesn't matter because that we need to have positive cases very difficult because they're so locked down, like dogs in cages, getting beaten back, shut up, go back to your home, Sydney. So bad people I know are freaking out. So we have to make sure we get them all primed for the visor, visor, and the visor, the Pfizer. But let's look at some marketing three quick clips in succession.
  • 54:51
    Unknown: Your safety protocols are being rushed into effect of a series of allergic reactions to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for Queenslanders in 48. towers have suffered anaphylaxis justice the rollout moves into a new public phase and GPS are swamped with bookings.
  • 55:07
    Adam: Okay, so that's scared everybody it scared him a lot. Okay, well
  • 55:11
    Unknown: there are fears this morning the AstraZeneca vaccines reputation could be tarnished beyond repair
  • 55:18
    of appointment cancellations. At the same time our two biggest cities work to contain COVID outbreaks.
  • 55:24
    Adam: Let's bring it home team Pfizer Go go go go go.
  • 55:27
    Unknown: The countdown is on until the first batch of Pfizer vaccines arrived in Australia. And while people have been desperate for life to return to normal to get the job because of the possible side effects, there are concerns
  • 55:39
    John: that may affect pregnancy fertility and cause allergic. But how much of that is true?
  • 55:46
    Adam: So AstraZeneca bad afraid cancellation the countdowns on to the arrival of Pfizer. Hello. Yeah. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had stepped away from the program.
  • 56:07
    John: Go get some piece of paper.
  • 56:09
    Adam: Well, hold on. Let Now let's look at this. So
  • 56:11
    John: if you were on a roll, I didn't think that was a good time to walk away.
  • 56:15
    Adam: Well, normally, you would have said Holy crap, good for them. But I think you missed most of it.
  • 56:20
    John: No, I heard the whole thing Believe me. Okay.
  • 56:22
    Adam: Now let's go back to that very same FDA. And let's see, where are the FDA in the United States? Let's see what's going on. Let's get some information because we still have to do a full FDA approval. So we're working on that. And I think we still need to do stuff with with kids need to experiment on kids for some of the 48 million children under 12. And their parents who were hoping to get them vaccinated this fall a longer wait, the FDA will now review several additional months of safety data, meaning a vaccine for kids won't likely be available until early next year. Oh, no. That's so horrible. Let's talk to Scott Gottlieb, former head of the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, now board member with Pfizer, and let's talk to him about the approval process. Listen carefully, truth kind of wants to come out.