1364: Freedom Phoney

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 37m
July 15th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Brian Travis, Jim Parker, James Hellems, Comic Strip Blogger, Anonymous, Rick B

Associate Executive Producers: Brian Dennison, Sir Man of the Center, Christopher Howell, Sir Aighead, Sir Scatman Seeding Person Extraordinaire of SWFL, Emmy Caldwell, Dave Ocker, Sir Fakeologist of Candanavia

Cover Artist: Korrekt D Rekard


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Pfizer Israel Data
New Variants Seen as Too Contagious for Hotel Quarantines
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data 'open the floodgates' for mRNA in infectious disease
The entire scientific community is cheering on Pfizer and BioNTech’s early COVID-19 vaccine data. Beyond the obvious boon for fighting the pandemic, the 90% efficacy result showed mRNA shots really can work.
For an entirely new technology that hasn’t seen a single approved product, that's a big deal; the coronavirus showing proved it can be quickly pivoted for a pandemic pathogen. But its usefulness in other diseases? That could be a different story, two industry watchers figure.
The early success of a COVID vaccine is going to “open the floodgates” of mRNA application especially in infectious disease, SVB Leerink analyst Daina Graybosch, who covers BioNTech, said in an interview.
Climate Change
EU climate plan unveiled: ‘All of us will have to adapt’
The so-called “Fit for 55” package, named for the EU’s legal commitment to cut emissions by 55 per cent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, is a crucial piece of the bloc’s ambitions to overhaul its economy in the coming decades.
“Our current fossil fuel economy has reached its limits,” said European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen. “We have to move on to a new model, one that is powered by innovation, that has clean energy, that is moving towards a circular economy.”
“When it comes to climate change, doing less, or doing nothing, literally means changing everything. And the hurricanes we’ve seen over the last few weeks are only a very small window into what our future could look like.”
The EU’s climate chief Frans Timmermans said that renewable energy had become the cheapest option in many places, and that shifting to a green economy would create jobs, growth, and trade.
“There is no time to waste. People are dying in northwest Canada because it’s 50 degrees Celsius,” Mr Timmermans said.
The Purge
Credit Karma
Congress considers credit-reporting overhaul, including putting government in charge of scores
Credit Karma | Launched a Card
CNN Vaccinate or get Infected!
Supply Chains
Union Pacific suspends inbound international container shipments to Chicago for a week
OMAHA, Neb. – In the latest pandemic-related disruption, Union Pacific has told customers it will halt all shipments of international containers from West Coast ports to its Global IV terminal in Chicago for up to a week.
The embargo, scheduled to begin on Sunday night, will help the railroad clear a container backlog at Global IV. The terminal is clogged largely due to reasons beyond the railroad’s control. Labor shortages and pandemic-related restrictions have slowed unloading and loading of containers at customer facilities. That has led to a shortage of chassis and drayage capacity during a period of high demand.
Other railroads, including BNSF Railway and Norfolk Southern, also have taken steps at various times this year to limit inbound volume at congested terminals in Memphis, Chicago, and elsewhere on their systems.
Rubber car parts unavailable
Getting my car worked on and the mechanics are saying that oil filters and gaskets are in short supply. There are some oil filters that haven't been in supply for the past three months. The gaskets use rubber so this confirms the rubber shortage mentioned on the previous show.
Hearing Aids
Warren, Bose and OTC HA's
Keep me anonymous, please.
My brother is an engineer at Bose, been there for many years.
The govt tightly regulates the hearing aid market. Bose is struggling to enter the quasi-medical device field.
So Bose made massive donations to Elizabeth Warren, and squid-pro-cow - she introduced legislation to allow Bose to enter the market. If you use this information, please disguise it as your own research - I'd worry that my brother would get fired if they pieced together the story.
Trains Good
High-Speed Rail Gets Boost From New Coalition
As Congress considers making the greatest single investment in passenger rail in U.S. history, a coalition of high-speed rail boosters is readying a response: Go faster, and spend more.
Led by a bipartisan group of three former transportation secretaries, the U.S. High Speed Rail Coalition is trying to mobilize support for a $205 billion infusion of funding for new high-speed rail projects around the country.
The group, with backing from labor unions, construction and passenger rail companies and progressive activists, is launching a campaign Thursday aimed at getting Congress to include the funding in the roughly $3.5 trillion budget-reconciliation bill that Democrats hope to bring to a vote this fall.
“We can either fill the last generation’s potholes, or we can build the next generation’s high speed rail,” said Rep. Seth Moulton (D., Mass.).
Mr. Moulton is a member of the coalition, which wants Congress to create a major new high-speed rail fund, over and above the tens of billions that the Biden administration has proposed for Amtrak and the states to upgrade regular passenger-rail service.
The U.S. lags behind Europe and Asia in high-speed rail. Amtrak’s Acela express service hits 150 miles an hour in just a few sections of its Washington to Boston route. A long-delayed high-speed system is under construction in California’s Central Valley, and other proposals are in earlier stages of development, including a proposed link between Dallas and Houston.
Supporters say that providing more true high-speed lines would allow meaningful competition with highways and airlines for traveling between cities up to several hundred miles apart.
LGBTQ Bank hiring practice
Freedom Passports
Macron — The un-Vaccinated officially become second class citizens
Dr patients tells of no coal
one of my patients is an employee at one of only two remaining coal burning
power stations in pennsylvania. i was sharing about the repeated power outages we’ve had here this
week with storms coming through and how our infrastructure is falling apart. he commented that i
should be grateful we have power at all, because at his plant they now have one day’s worth of coal
left at any given time. he’s worked there 15 years and they have typically had months to years’
worth of coal on hand for generating electricity, but that for the last year or so they’ve had
about a day’s worth with small shipments arriving daily to replenish the next day’s needs. i asked
him if this was a result of mines being closed due to covid, or liberal politicians trying to
eradicate all coal-burning ventures, and he said no, they are mining as much as they always have,
but that it is all being shipped to china.
maybe you’ve heard / covered this already and i just missed it. sorry if it’s a repeat. seems we’re
a vassal state…
No Agenda mentioned in Mirror article about Weezer
Co-founding Weezer member Patrick Wilson, 52, also fronts his own band, The Special Goodness.
But his talents do not just lie in music - he is also known for performing funny stunts on skateboards, scooters and bikes, which he posts online.
Patrick has also recorded drums for The Rentals first record, but he did not tour with them.
Alongside his Weezer bandmate Brian, Patrick created a cover of the Velvet Underground song Heroin for the 2006 film Factory Girl, in which he also played John Cale.
Patrick has also been an Executive Producer for the No Agenda podcast, a political show fronted by former VJ Adam Curry and columnist John C. Dvorak.
"Roberto Mancini’s team are on a 33-game unbeaten streak"
Pilots Vaxxed
SWA Pilot on Drinking Attendants
ITM Adam,
I’m catching up on Sunday’s show and as a Southwest pilot, I feel compelled to comment on the statement by the “drinking flight attendants” claiming that last month’s rash of cancellations was do to “all the pilots being vaccinated”. Despite CEO Gary Kelly hinting at a vaccine requirement early on, no such mandate was attempted and SWAPA (the pilots union) has stated numerous times that they will defend every pilot’s individual right to choose. Our pilot group as a majority is very conservative/libertarian minded and I would find it hard to believe that even 50% of us have taken the jab. While most of those cascading cancellations were indeed related to 1) problem with our one and only FAA approved weather vendor (foolish not to have an approved backup) followed by 2) an internal data communication breakdown (seems to be an annual event for us as Dudes named Ben come here to get a little experience and then move on to better paying gigs), there was also another contributing factor. Every June Southwest deals with an abnormally high amount a flight attendant sick calls as they ditch work to attend PRIDE celebrations. This year got so bad that they issued Emergency Sick Call procedures, requiring any flight attendant that called out sick to visit a company approved doctor and obtain a form stating that they were truly ill. Over the course of the month we repositioned many empty airplanes after flight cancellations due to no flight attendants being available. The morale of the story....... NEVER TRUST WHAT A DRINKING FLIGHT ATTENDANT SAYS!!!!!🤣
BA Pilot on Drinking Attendants
Just a few comments based on your recent mentioning of BA pilots. I’m a Captain on the 787 and as of today there are 3899 pilots.
The very shocking loss of 4 of our number was a big blow - only one was a COVID death , one suicide , one killed in a bike accident and the fourth remains unknown.
I have not had the vaccine but am definitely in a minority , there have been no reports to my knowledge of blood clot issues.
Best regards
SWA FA also thinks its bunk
ITM Adam,
Re-listening to the podcast on my early morning drive into work this morning, I find there are a
couple of holes in the SWA pilot hypothesis. As an actual SWA FA, I know the vaccine isn’t mandated
for our employees. I can also tell you that 50%, if not greater of our pilots are of the NA mindset
and most likely aren’t getting the shots. And they certainly wouldn’t all get them at the same
time. In fact the only person beside my husband I've successfully hit in the mouth is a SWA pilot
(who as far as I can tell, is still a douchebag).
Lastly, anyone who is good friends with a SWA FA would never call one of us a stewardess (it just
isn’t done). Even my mother who is of a certain age corrects people when they call me a stewardess.
Although I don’t care what you call me.
I’m not saying my fellow producer is making up the story. It just doesn’t make much sense. I would
say the cancelations were due to a general ineptitude by our company leaders in dealing with the
frenzied return of the flying public after the pandemic. Adding too many flights, not enough
employees available, and yes - bad software.
So as to save my job, please leave me anonymous in relating this story if you choose to do so.
Covid vaxxed lists in UK
I have some information that may be of interest for you from England.
My wife works for the NHS in the Major Incident Team for the County we live in. As you can you imagine she has been very busy these past 18 months.
She recently told me our local council had made a formal request from all the local GP's in the area to provide them with the names of all people who have not had the jab yet so they could go to and discuss getting the jab with the person and help them to get it.
The request was denied but I am sure other councils have made these requests and it only be a matter of time before they are granted.
Feel free to use this information in the show but can you leave out where my wife works and my name. This is not supposed to be public knowledge and I would hate for it to get her in trouble.
Thank you to the both of you for everything. You really have and are helping me get through this.
More on Millennial Jealousy
Hello Adam,
I agree with a lot of what has already been suggested about the millennial jealously issue, but I think there might be another piece.
Since schools have placed such an emphasis on following the rules and handed out participation trophies, I think many in my generation have developed an expectation that just showing up and going through the motions should result in disproportionate results. Fast forward to the real world, when a peer accomplishes something positive, it's seen as unfair. I've followed the rules- gone to college, worked a job- why should they get the better job/ house/etc if I can't? I think that in addition to the jealously is an anger at what feels like a broken promise to people who feel like they've held up their end of the "deal".
I think this could contribute to the nihilism, as well as the idea that we should pursue our dreams and that we can change the world. Pursuing our dreams has been encouraged, without a corresponding encouragement to assess the realities of each path. You can change the world was pushed so hard that it almost became an expectation for many, instead of a possibility. Once again, my peers find themselves living a very different life than expected and are baffled and disappointed by it.
I myself struggled with some of this until I decided to be happy that some of my peers had found a way to elude the same struggles I faced. It also pushed me to learn and find ways to take responsibility and action to fix my life myself.
I appreciate all you do!
Another vax wet dream
I almost dropped my phone while I was listening to Sunday’s show and heard the story of that man’s
nighttime emission after hanging out with his vaxed friend.
I recently started a job where I work in a very small office and kiosk. All my coworkers have taken
a COVID vaccine but I have not (I got COVID back in February). Since arriving at my job I have had
very vivid dreams every night and sometimes they are sex dreams. Three times in the last month and
a half I have woken up with my boxers wet from nighttime emission. I’m 34 years old and this hasn’t
happened to me since I was a teenager. I had been searching the internet for why this was happening
but couldn’t find any real reason for this other than possible stress from my new job. After
hearing that story from the show I believe this is being caused by working with my vaccinated
coworkers all day in close quarters. Just thought I’d share this with you and the show - strange
Johan de Witt Eaten by protestors


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  • 0:00
    Adam: Organize your next insurrection with this phone no one will know. Adam Curry Jhansi Dvorak 15 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1364 This is no agenda honeypot in broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country. region number six in the morning everybody I'm Adam Curry
  • 0:23
    John: from Northern Silicon Valley where I know that natural rubber is more important than I thought I'm Jhansi
  • 0:34
    Adam: you got that note too huh? Well, I looked into it about the rubber supply chain turns out it's about 5050 rubber from trees versus synthetic
  • 0:45
    John: Well, in some situations was 5050 for tires and I did not know that I thought tires were 100% artificial but then dimensioned was that the reason for the natural rubber is because when radial tires were invented, which I think before that you were using more petroleum based rubber because of the nature of a radial tire which is what all the tires are now you need a little more flexibility than you didn't we've been able to create artificially so me well I aircraft tires are 100% natural rubber I did not know that. I have a
  • 1:23
    Adam: rubber update a rubber rubber date. And Thomas says get my car worked on mechanics are saying that oil filters and gaskets are in short supply. Some oil filters haven't been in supply for the past three months the gaskets use rubber, which they say is because because of the rubber shortage they don't have enough gaskets. My advice
  • 1:45
    John: I ran into this, you can still get oil filters, but you have to spend money for the high end ones. Yeah. And in today's world you should be using you should be using synthetic oil and high and oil filters anyway as opposed to the cheap ones they give you when you do an oil change At Jiffy at the mobile world one oil filter for example, they're still around I'm sure you can buy one the Jiffy Lube.
  • 2:13
    Adam: never a good idea well let me know they do it they do the job but they do they cheap up on the on the oil filter. Before we get to the three by three which I know you're you're raring and ready to go just want to stick with two short ones on supply chain since we're here. The first one, you will take note, the Union Pacific has suspended inbound international container shipments to Chicago for a week. Yeah. Did you know that?
  • 2:41
    John: I didn't know that as a matter of fact, and one thing I was as I read through these articles, I never got the why.
  • 2:48
    Adam: Oh, I have it. So the embargo scheduled to begin Sunday night will help the railroad clear a container backlog at global for the terminal was clogged largely due to reasons beyond the railroads control. labor shortages and pandemic related restrictions have slowed unloading and loading of containers at customers facilities. And it says This has led to a shortage of chassis and dry edge capacity during a period of high demand.
  • 3:18
    John: And I guess the reporter looked into this to make sure that was on the up and up because they were doing this before in during the pandemic they were unloading and loading but now listen, there's an employee shortage.
  • 3:29
    Adam: You are a troublemaker. Shut up. Shut up and read the copy.
  • 3:37
    John: These are the questions you're supposed to ask.
  • 3:40
    Adam: I don't know if this is a supply chain issue per se. But I once learned in when I was flying with a captain Dan in the UK. When there's a problem with a fuel supply in an airport. It usually means the airport's about to go out of business means a Burlington
  • 3:58
    Unknown: National Airport are now fueled up and taking off a fuel shortage this week and grounded planes and frustrated travelers. Kayla Martin takes a closer look at what caused the shortage and what's being done to prevent it from happening again.
  • 4:12
    John: There's a lot of pieces to this situation. One
  • 4:14
    Unknown: piece of the puzzle was that a barge didn't arrive with an expected delivery of fuel in Albany, that fuel should have been trucked to Burlington. Another issue is a lack of fuel drivers
  • 4:26
    as well as some unexpected cancellations of that delivery of fuel that happened on Saturday.
  • 4:34
    Adam: doesn't sound good at all. And one of our producers I don't know if he's a dentist or a doctor. Maybe neither, I don't know. Anonymous for sure. In in Philadelphia. One of his patients works within the coal industry and said that now I guess they were talking about the grid. And you know, I'm sure it was laying some no agenda smack on him. I saw the guys talking back. He's in the coal industry. He says it's unbelievable. We have electricity in Philadelphia at all. They only have one day's worth of coal on any given day. As opposed to months or sometimes years of supply if they're just not getting it in time. One day.
  • 5:26
    John: They're getting it in time.
  • 5:30
    Adam: Okay, point made city manager. You're good to go. Holy crier with time bowling free. It's gonna be good everybody. No worries day Roman by JC de Ferran story from ABC. The Neverending Story, the world is going to be fine, because we have the three by three, which means the most important news of the day on every single Thursday, the second one of the week is brought to you by Jhansi. Dvorak who watch this morning before his workday started,
  • 6:02
    John: you know, that jingle. I think about what I'm doing the three by three, that jingle comes into my mind. I can't get rid of it. It's a real ear worm. I know. Whoever did that jingle. It sounds like Do you know
  • 6:16
    Adam: the band for giving you an ear worm,
  • 6:18
    John: ear worm that the duck got at that. Okay, so I went to did the three by three. And it was just it was interesting because of this geopolitics of what CBS a CIA Broadcasting System did what they did compared to the other two networks, which were dreck was it was brought back memories of the Obama administration. And when I tell you that about what the
  • 6:47
    Adam: Obama admin three as we are, as
  • 6:50
    John: sure looks like it by this, but let's start with what they did on the other two networks. Okay, he's the third one. All right. Today's show had just two people interviewing this these two chip and Joanna grace graves or Grimes or graves I don't know their names. And their covering. I think it's Grimes Grimes that have two fixer uppers. Mm hmm. They do a couple of fixer upper shows on an ancient Yeah. Wait, wait, they're they're
  • 7:17
    Adam: from from waco.
  • 7:20
    John: Oh, okay. Yeah. Everybody would know that. And they wouldn't gushing all over by to the guy's got long hair and now and oh my god, he's gonna cut the hair. And they go on and on and on. And they just go on and on. And I bet that guy turned to one to the other day and they're still on these two people. They got a new show. I guess NBC is doing something.
  • 7:40
    Adam: Well, who owns HGTV?
  • 7:43
    John: I don't know. Well, that's how I didn't care because I don't care about these two people. I never heard of them. It was it then they just kept them on and yak yak yak. So I was gotta be better over there to GMA Good Morning America.
  • 7:55
    Adam: And then well, CBS was promoting their product at home and garden is owned by Disney.
  • 8:02
    John: Well, that was an irony. That was that was NBC. That's why I'm saying NBC is promoting the Disney Channel. Yeah, but you
  • 8:12
    Adam: idiots someone's gonna get fired. That is idiots.
  • 8:16
    John: Unless maybe there's going to be a merger and acquisition. I don't know. Okay, so let's go to to, uh, to ABC. And this I've noticed this in a number of these three by threes. Take on they have the one girl the giggly one who's the who does the the celebrity news tees off in Massachusetts that's talking about that brimfield Massachusetts flea market. And then they go on to a just a terrible promotion for tourism in Massachusetts nuts. Oh, we've
  • 8:48
    Unknown: got all 107 colleges, I got that out of there's 107 colleges in Massachusetts, with 400,000 students who they mentioned it's a lower vaccination rate than any of the Southern red states.
  • 9:00
    John: I didn't notice. I'm sorry,
  • 9:02
    Adam: I'm able to go there higher, I'm sorry. Higher, lower death rate better. They're
  • 9:07
    John: doing better is what I'm saying. Now that you know what I didn't watch the whole thing so that I'm sure it was in there because they had a black president of Holy Cross had to bring him in. Because he's the first black president is the first non priest president of Holy Cross and they're talking to him very, you know, he's talking about he's just broadening the tourism is there also all they did? It was a promotion, they paid, they got paid for it. Boom. So I switch over to CBS. And they got the a team is back with Anthony Mason and Gail and whoever else. And so the blonde who I did find out who she was from LA I want to play this clip. Oh, which is what they're talking about. This is FBI and NASA does an NPR report.
  • 9:53
    Adam: Hold on a second. I wasn't prepared. This typically no clip in the three by three. Here we are.
  • 9:57
    Unknown: The Justice Department's watchdog says The FBI mishandled sex abuse allegations against jailed former USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nasser. The inspector general's report finds that senior officials in the Indianapolis Field Office were slow to respond to the accusations first recorded in 2015. Three years later, Nasser began serving a 16 year sentence for abusing hundreds of women and girls. What does that mean? technicality he's getting off. No, he's just a
  • 10:29
    John: little 12345678 weird. A car Zephyr with no dome with no observation car
  • 10:40
    Adam: no dome Ladies and gentlemen, but it is an eight car Zephyr steady as she goes expect no bumps despite what Powell said this morning with him over at the Squawk Box on CNBC Bitcoin 31,872. Oh my god.
  • 10:56
    John: like to know the point of not having a car there that you can see out the windows. Okay. So they did the this, this report came out, they played it down. I know, CBS and I watched this and it was devastating. They brought this pretty blonde who's in tears the whole time. Jessica Howard and ex gymnast. And fat gal says I was worried about you in the green room because she had carriers she was just a wreck. And she went on about this about this report. And they and they went by how What a shitty job the FBI didn't know again. Now this is what reminded me I'm Wait a minute, we're looking at the CIA Broadcasting System. And now we're remember the olden days back in the Obama administration. You and I talked about the CIA versus the FBI.
  • 11:43
    Adam: Yeah, of course, it's still that way.
  • 11:46
    John: It's really that way. When you see this report, holy Mack rah, it was
  • 11:50
    Adam: Oh, yes. Again, too much heat time to refocus a little bit.
  • 11:56
    John: Jessica went on and on and on about that miserable situation. How come only one guy's in jail. There's a bunch of people that were doing this, it was terrible. And, and, and Anthony Mason throws a one out what do you think the agent should be indicted? That passed on this and she goes on about how they pass on it. They had a solid evidence and the FBI man who cares dumb chicks, and it was pretty much the way they seem to be handled. Wow. And and Jessica says yes, these some FBI agents date to be indicted and probably go to jail.
  • 12:33
    Adam: Well, this comes amidst You know, there's now I think proof that 12 of the people who were apparently going to kidnap governor Whitmer were informants. Six people when were arrested, but 1212 were FBI informant.
  • 12:51
    John: Yeah, the whole thing was an FBI scheme.
  • 12:53
    Adam: Yeah. Or maybe a dry run for something else. I don't know. You know,
  • 12:58
    John: well, this thing on CBS and it went on for quite a while with just with this was Jessica Howard woman. She was and she who was half in tears, and she's really pretty, but she was just a wreck. And she couldn't understand how this happened. And she also made the she made the comment that I do not trust government institutions anymore. Hmm. mean this was Yeah, this was devastating. This segment on CBS It was a shocker to me to watch.
  • 13:26
    Adam: Well, you know, the CIA has been so busy disrupting Cuba, Haiti and South Africa. Like hey, go look at those guys for a bit.
  • 13:37
    John: Well, some is up with this with this. I'm telling you know, catch
  • 13:41
    Adam: Good catch FBI. What the FBI, their roots are, sex fiend spy dude's cuts their roots. That's where they come from. It's time to come, I think completely, get rid of that and start something new.
  • 13:59
    John: That's just me, well, then that's not going to happen. Let's start with that. I know that they could get their act together. It wouldn't hurt if they were Do they? I mean, they do good work here and there. But then something like this where they completely dropped the ball and cover it up. is not a good look.
  • 14:18
    Adam: Wow. So those that was the three by three. I mean, that was really a one by two. One by two.
  • 14:27
    John: One was a paid for it. Tourism and the other one was dumb.
  • 14:32
    Adam: Well, I tip
  • 14:33
    John: and by the way that today's show is falling behind. The Today Show really is the low hanging fruit. It stinks. Do they still Carson Daly on? Maybe I don't know. I can get Carson Davis on water. I mean, maybe they showed it that it's not a good product.
  • 14:50
    Adam: No, no, you just get rid of him. And what's the Savannah? She's done. She's old now. old news now. I mean, I'm just talking like a TV executive.
  • 15:00
    John: The whole the whole team needs to go into the den Roker to by the way he's got to go.
  • 15:07
    Adam: I don't even know if that's actually him. I think it's a body double. they've replaced the fat rocker with him a long time ago. So his legacy could continue. I don't typically do an OTG in the first hour of the show, but I think it's necessary because something happened yesterday that I was just Whoa, what the hell is this honeytrap? And I I've always liked Candace Owens. I think she's a straight shooter.
  • 15:35
    John: This is funny you brought this up, because that one kindness that I watched I saw this I saw everything you've got. And it didn't strike me as a honey trap or any sort of a scam or anything. I just thought it was just somebody trying to take advantage of and I even know how he's doing what is she got to do with it? That doesn't really get she's promoting it.
  • 15:53
    Adam: She's promoting ICS coupon code parler is in bed with this with this outfit. Proceed back. JACK proceed Vic tweeting with a code. So there's some huge money that's come in to buy all of these influence by influence. Yeah, and but we just we need to listen to some of this. Candace Owens. She went all out just set up the premise. A a Bitcoin, the youngest Bitcoin millionaire ever we'll get to him in a minute, has done something for love of God and country and created the freedom phone, which is the first non Google non Apple controlled smartphone. And this is your freedom phone, no tracking. I mean, it's beautiful. Nothing will ever happen. I so they said, Make your own phone. I went out and I did it and I brought you this phone. And then I went out and I bought all of this influence. And Candace Owens. I will say right now she needs to distance herself from this publicly right away, because it's going to hurt her credibility. enormously. Listen,
  • 16:59
    Unknown: okay, Instagram. I'm sorry, I kind of like a dirt bag today. But I'm super excited. It's a very, very big day. What do I miss? I guess I'll start from the beginning, which is that when parlar are taken out of the App Store, if you're like me or just hotelier complaining about these hideous things, by the way, is the whole pitch the whole pitch happened part of this in the App Store. Trump is taken off social media everyone's like oh my god Big thanks a problem big tech so bad. Am I gonna heat big time we're gonna play big tech censorship and set the big tech big 10 and nobody actually does anything and Congress has nothing and you know me, I'm suing the face with fat checkers, I take on every single fight my husband after January 6, not before after we contacted the people that were running parlors had How can we help and notice
  • 17:39
    Adam: after after we want any part of part of the insurrection before after after
  • 17:43
    Unknown: so my husband's a CEO of parlour like where do people not complain people? So I put out basically a call to everyone and I said we need to have a phone that is made that is now controlled by Apple or Google. And, you know, I notoriously tweeted we need Ilan musk to make the E phone. bunch of people contacted me my husband and said we're making a phone, we're making a phone and it's not going to be controlled by Apple or Google and I would say can you talk a big game send us the phones. So some of them were absolutely terrible. Some of them were even worse than terrible. Finally, we got a phone and
  • 18:13
    Adam: I've never seen her do an OTG segment but I believe it I cannot be more excited about it. And I'm telling you
  • 18:20
    John: she's a chatterbox. A couple of things first of all right at the beginning she lost me with the term super excited it because it's a musician I find that to influence her scripts. Totally. This set this super excited. So the second thing that gets me is that let's stop for ones that you don't you have a phone that is like off the grid and
  • 18:42
    Adam: well yes. This is why this is why I'm so interested because this is something I happen to know we
  • 18:49
    John: have a guy that does these phones and I'm not a
  • 18:51
    Adam: doctor but dammit I'm an OTG or Jim.
  • 18:56
    John: Yeah, don't we have an OTG definitely been doing this for like over a year now.
  • 19:00
    Adam: I have been living OTG life for six years maybe a little longer. Okay, but we're doing the segment or at least a year Yes. Yes. Maybe two Yeah, longer longer.
  • 19:11
    John: So we're, we're we have as you like to say is pointed out Don't we have standing in the Yes, we are standing in the field. And there's weeds under my feet. So this none of this So did you know about this before this all started? No no, no of course okay. Just to make sure that catchy so thorough. Yes. checking everything that okay okay, let's
  • 19:40
    Unknown: continue with that premise that you know, this is nonsense go on telling you today. You need to get this phone. I'm so on board with this. I said I want to be the biggest spokesperson for this phone. Just by the way, give me some credit. I have been on social media for four years. You have been following me for four years. I have never ever want to go up because this pitch your product that you
  • 20:02
    Adam: know she's pitching us a product she is not selling us freedom or selling a safety she's pitching us a product out of her own mouth.
  • 20:10
    Unknown: Not once I've never I have sponsors coming to me all the time. I don't pitch any products I don't I'm not here to be an Instagram celebrity and be like, Oh my god, you can tell me if it does not help save the nation.
  • 20:21
    Adam: She did she does. I
  • 20:22
    John: have to give her credit. That little voice she does is good. It reminds me of what Eliza Schlesinger's dead reptile voice, which is literally
  • 20:35
    Adam: saying no, no sponsors asked me to pitch products all the time. No, I don't pitch products. But for this sponsor, she did. I have sponsors coming to me all the time.
  • 20:44
    Unknown: I don't pitch any products. I don't I'm not here to be an Instagram celebrity and be like, Oh my god, you can tell me t if it does not help save the nation. I don't pitch it. Okay, so I'm serious. I'm telling you to stop everything that you are doing. And I'm also holding in my hand, literally a smartphone that is not controlled by Apple or Google. Okay, so think about this. This is like I'm trying let me just open it not put my passcode on internet so that you know, I'm not one of those idiots. So this is called the freedom phone
  • 21:12
    John: cut down on the coffee.
  • 21:15
    Adam: Alright, so the freedom phone is brought to you by this guy, Erik finman. And I had to go back and look up his story. He is he has a great story is he said Paris I want to drop out of school. His parents said well, only if you make a million dollars by age, whatever. 12 then then you can drop out of school and he took you know $1,000 his grandma gave him and he turned that into several million dollars. We don't know exactly, but he eventually took off to LA rented a Lambo. He was gonna launch a shit coin in 2017. And honestly, it looks like a young Adam Curry and Jhansi Dvorak put in one. He's got that old goofy glasses used to wear remember on on the, on the on the old stuff, the big the big glasses? Yeah, they're kind of goofy. That kind of 80s kind of goofy now.
  • 22:11
    John: Yeah, hipsters were,
  • 22:12
    Adam: they were fine back then. Any has kind of like an Adam Curry, you know, hair. And it will just play as much as we can stomach because I immediately went, alright, freedom OS, because it says freedom OS built in freedom awareness is a dead project that died four years ago. And then he has a trust logo, which as far as I know, is something that belongs to lineage OS. And he's showing a screen of all these deep platformed apps, and it has parler what's app, install Instagram, Facebook, nothing, no deep platformed apps on what I'm seeing on the screen, but just listen to the pitch of this piece of crap, too, I believe is he he's probably too dumb. But you know, they just, they just rolled up a huge network of criminals with cell phones that were sold to criminals. And this guy's pitching it, pitching it to magga. He's pitching it to Trump supporters to insurrectionists. And this has got to be the biggest honey pot ever name
  • 23:17
    Unknown: one time in history, where the people who banned books, media and opinions were the good guys. Hi, I'm Eric. I'm the world's youngest Bitcoin millionaire. I made it in Silicon Valley. And I've accomplished a lot in my life already.
  • 23:30
    Adam: Did you ever interview him when he made it in Silicon Valley? Did you What did
  • 23:33
    John: he make in Silicon Valley being? This is like, despite I'm going to give you this another pet peeve of mine. Google, Facebook, Twitter. Oh, high tech, high tech millionaires high tech billion. This is not high tech. Intel's high tech, Apple's high tech. Microsoft's high tech. This social network social media and search engines are not high tech. This is all internet related. It's got nothing to do with high tech. It's not just a tech. I mean, there is what did you say high tech? Did
  • 24:07
    Adam: he I don't think he said no,
  • 24:08
    John: no, I'm good. This is a pet peeve of mine. You're starting to see it all these high tech as all the high tech is dominant, high tech, high tech. They're dirty censoring as High Tech High Tech. This guy saying is Silicon Valley. Being in big owning bitcoins got nothing to do with Silicon Valley
  • 24:23
    Adam: because the quite the
  • 24:24
    John: social networks got nothing to do with Silicon Valley's got nothing to do with tech is good. Tech is chips.
  • 24:31
    Adam: Oh my god, that that is a bumper sticker. khakis, chips. I like it.
  • 24:39
    John: Okay, networking. I'll give it a little credit. So I'll give Google Some ask because they have a network system of how to do the search engine. This was tech a little techie. The rest of it. No, there's no tech at twitter.
  • 24:50
    Adam: I don't know man. You servers you haven't been watching twit enough because tech is phones, bro. new phones. Back to this guy.
  • 25:00
    John: Your point is Ma'am, sorry. But I'm sorry, went off just a little bit. I just want to get that out of the way. And this guy is not Silicon Valley.
  • 25:09
    Unknown: But now, I'm leaving big tech to fight for free speech. Because the big tech overlords are violating your privacy censoring him
  • 25:18
    Adam: if he made it, why is it not an overlord speech? And I think that's so wrong.
  • 25:22
    Unknown: That's why I created the freedom phone, and sensible App Store complaining about big tech censorship, but no one is doing anything about it. They say build your own phone. So my did. Freedom phone truly is the best phone in the world. It does everything your current phone does, except censor you and spy on love the music freedom phone, your freedom of speech is our number one priority. That's why we built our own app store that is completely uncensored. If an app you love has been banned from the mainstream app stores, you can still download it on ours. Again, he's
  • 25:59
    Adam: showing nothing. That's been
  • 26:00
    Unknown: because we don't ban apps period, Amit developed the first operating system based on your free speech. There's no app tracking.
  • 26:09
    Adam: It's an operating system based on my free speech.
  • 26:13
    John: Really, they don't ban any action. What about the let's see storm Frances juice spotter app that gonna get banned? I wonder,
  • 26:23
    Adam: john, you may want to remove that from your phone just just
  • 26:26
    Unknown: as a precaution. And we've developed the first operating system based on your free speech. There's no app tracking, no keyboard tracking, and no location tracking. Because I believe in your security. How do we ensure you're being protected? and say hello, the trust? Trust
  • 26:45
    Adam: is a trust is totally thing something from lineage OS. But the thing is nothing on their website. Nowhere is there a GitHub or any repository anything about the code? This is the thing that I've learned, you know, I use graphene Oh s. But besides that, besides the Oh s. These look very similar to a piece of crap Chinese smartphone you can get off of AliExpress and the whole outside the camera placement, everything looks exactly the same. There is some little note that says hardware not made in the USA. So if it's not a honeypot for the CIA, well, you know what else is going to be in there
  • 27:24
    Unknown: are Privacy Guard is designed to warn you whenever an app or website is tracked, and gives you the option to stop your data, your rules. That's our modern
  • 27:37
    freedom phone is comparable to the best smartphones on the market. It has an edge to edge screen, a super fast processor and my love
  • 27:44
    Adam: this a super fast processor. Every single person in every company will tell you how many gigahertz it runs. Not sure
  • 27:51
    John: how many cores
  • 27:52
    Adam: Yeah, exactly super fast. Man. The
  • 27:54
    Unknown: freedom phone is comparable to the best smartphones on the market. It has an edge to edge screen, a super fast processor and multiple cameras and your SIM card transfers into the freedom phones seamlessly. Big tech companies hold a monopoly on public communication and the dissemination of information and they are abusing that power. Nobody elected mark or jack to be the arbiters of truth in America
  • 28:17
    Adam: and how was your a fall freedom phone going to stop Zach and jack from from stopping your free speech on their platforms?
  • 28:26
    Unknown: Do they still thought it was okay to ban a sitting president from their platforms? If they censor president, they will censor anyone. Imagine that Mark Zuckerberg has censored MLK course of history would have been altered forever. Out of all the constitutional amendments. There's a reason why the founding fathers made the right to free speech. The very first, I believe you have a voice that deserves to be heard without being censored. Protect yourself from big tech censorship. Let your voice be heard. Live Free with the freedom phone. Live Free
  • 29:01
    Adam: with a freedom phone. Okay, title things I want to say. Okay, yes, I just need to get something out. I challenged this jumoke to a dual do all of the OTG death. I will debate this aihole anytime, anywhere about
  • 29:18
    John: a couple of things. One, you're too harsh on this guy. too harsh. You're harsh on him. Why call him in a DDoS. If the guy is selling something, it's just a pitch man. And he's doing I think, really credible job of it. I think he's got the right things. He's got a couple of codes in there, which kind of dysart kind of made me step back a bit. For one thing who refers to Martin Luther King as MLK. This FBI maybe script writers? Yes.
  • 29:49
    Adam: Yes. Okay. You're saying he's so dumb. He doesn't know what he's doing. Is that what you're saying?
  • 29:53
    John: I don't I know. I didn't say I think he's so smart. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's part of some scheme and I think he's Doing a really credible job and he suckered all these other people in to get involved. I mean, I don't think it is, but I'm looking at him as a masterful sales guy.
  • 30:08
    Adam: Not saying he's not doing a good job and that the campaign isn't dynamite. I'm saying this guy is doing some evil stuff.
  • 30:16
    John: As opposed to what other sales guys you're talking about.
  • 30:19
    Adam: Well, the problem is you see who is targeting this to you see who was targeted by the FBI
  • 30:25
    John: who was targeted by the FBI. not liking it and that like I don't like the I don't like the term FML Okay, which is
  • 30:33
    Adam: that's a catch that's a very good catch. I completely missed that one. You're so right on that's actually the tail of the video.
  • 30:41
    John: Yeah. Yeah, especially a kid like that. In this room, youngest, you know, I've seen these other pitch guys come on. I'm the youngest millionaire blab that bullcrap we have no proof of this. This guy's a stooge for someone, but he's good. I think is he's got talent. I haven't seen him. I might get offended you you were offended? Well, I
  • 31:04
    Adam: think. I think you have to see him to apprec. Appreciate, and
  • 31:09
    John: probably true, but I'm just listening. This is a bullshit operation. And it's there's no way this phone is as good as the one you have with you.
  • 31:18
    Adam: Yes, no one has no agenda. For information on how to do it yourself, or you can even have our guy do it. If you don't trust it, you can do it yourself. It's not that hard.
  • 31:30
    John: What was the URL again?
  • 31:32
    Adam: No agenda phone calm?
  • 31:35
    John: Yeah, yeah. Much better. Yeah.
  • 31:37
    Adam: I just I just wanted to get it. I
  • 31:39
    John: think you're right. And Candace Owens, really, this
  • 31:41
    Adam: was dumb. She needs to distance herself right away.
  • 31:45
    John: This is the problem with people that aren't in tech. High Tech. I'm always I don't know what the sales pitches are like and how phony they are and how 90% of it's a giant scam.
  • 32:00
    Adam: But I just wanted to get it out because this thing caught fire. Candace Owens has a lot of influence. And so does jack per sobic. And these guys, I mean, I just can't believe that they got snookered into it. Unless it was a gob of money with a great story and it and it feels to me because one of the launch partners who are also promoting it is this is a parlor job. Somehow parler funded it and oh crap who's funding parler again? Boo.
  • 32:32
    John: Soros.
  • 32:33
    Adam: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
  • 32:37
    John: No, my chat
  • 32:38
    Adam: room family it's a fits a family who are rich family or rich or their rich family guy. Yeah.
  • 32:45
    John: That's the name of a new TV sitcom rich family guy. It's
  • 32:48
    Adam: that rich family guy. Oh, is Dan bond Gino pushing this too. Please tell me he's not doing that. Oh, Rebecca Mercer. The Mercer's Oh, the
  • 32:58
    John: Mercer's Yeah,
  • 33:00
    Adam: this has to come rich person written all over it.
  • 33:05
    John: Yeah, but it's also You're right. I think it's also got some agency aspects to it.
  • 33:09
    Adam: If it's not one of the US agencies then for sure it's going to be it's something China's sending the Yeah, there's
  • 33:17
    John: no doubt about that.
  • 33:18
    Adam: Yeah, I mean, they might as well just put big megaphone on it. You know. Organize your next insurrection with this phone. No one will know. Oh, man, it just really got me I was so taken aback not by I mean this. This would have been a D block segment if it weren't for Candace Owens. Geez, Louise.
  • 33:46
    John: What are you gonna do this? We're the last of the of the of the honest people last honest men. Yeah.
  • 33:53
    Adam: Yep. Are we the last one of the last few honest men?
  • 34:00
    John: Yeah, I'm getting in media.
  • 34:02
    Adam: I think you're right. You know, someone
  • 34:05
    John: can point someone else out. I mean, yeah, there's one or two guys here in there. But no,
  • 34:10
    Adam: well, we are, without a doubt lucky to be in broadcasting to you from the United States where, you know, you can still be seen as maybe having some facts or some truth. New Zealand this was just an This came in early this week. I'm sure you've seen it just has to be played to understand the level of derangement that some leaders also known as elected officials are are going to in their brain. And this is your cinda the Prime Minister of New Zealand Did you see this where she's talking about? Truth? No, oh my goodness. So she she tried to take the signal given to it by deceive me Why? I
  • 34:58
    John: really hate this woman. Call Me too.
  • 35:01
    Adam: Me too and you will despise her even more after this.
  • 35:04
    Unknown: We will share with you the most up to date information daily. You can trust us as a source of that information. You can also trust the director general of health and the Ministry of Health. For that information through Feel free to visit at any time to clarify any rumor you may hear COVID-19 dot govt dot insert, otherwise dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth we will provide the information frequently, we will see everything we can everything around LCC, a grain of salt. So I really ask people to focus on the greatest example of that appears to be this ticks which originated in the laser and has kind of become a viral home from Australia and New Zealand. How irresponsible is that the people that are sharing that news of a knockdown imminent in New Zealand. And look, that's the kind of thing that adds to the anxiety that people feel. So I continue to share the message New Zealanders must prepare. But do not pinning prepare. And when you see those messages, remember that unless you hear from us, it is not the truth. I really just visit COVID-19 dot govt.nz that has all of the up to date information. And we will continue to provide everything you need to know the truth.
  • 36:26
    Only we have nothing. We have to go back in your homes there will be no more lockdown us we have the
  • 36:35
    John: man with a single source by the way. singlish he said,
  • 36:41
    Adam: truth I'm sorry. A reminder, we are the single source of good day. This? Well we have we've got a good one here too.
  • 36:52
    John: That's pretty good. Now though, this
  • 36:54
    Adam: one's This one's good because it's one of ours here in the US. And I and you know you, we talked about her and she's now an msnbc contributor. But we we I think we keep overlooking that this is the former president of Planned Parenthood bleen a win. And if you recall, when Cecile left Planned Parenthood go, I still like despite that, you know, I'm surprised she never ran for president. She left Lena when came in and she's a doctor. And that didn't jive very well. Because she was saying stuff like, Hey, you know, we should be doing like real medical stuff here and not just be aborting babies. And remember, she was in for like six months. And then she was out because she said real fast. But then she's redeeming herself by making sure that the message goes out. Do you shall get vaccinated or life's about to get real tough on you.
  • 37:48
    Unknown: This really depends on what it is that we do at this point. So now we have this delta variant that is much more contagious. Because it's more contagious, it's going to be even harder for us to reach herd immunity, we're going to have to vaccinate an even higher proportion of people to get them what happens then if we end up having another variant developing that's even more contagious, that could cause more disease that could evade the perception of our immune system. And so how quickly we get this under control and which way we go depends on what we do now when it comes to vaccination, to overcoming disinformation. And what we really need to do at this point is to make vaccination, the easy choice. It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated right now it's kind of the opposite. It's fine. I mean, it's easy. If you're unvaccinated you can do everything you want to do. But it's some point these mandates by workplaces by schools, I think it will be important to say hey, you can opt out. But if you want to opt out, you have to sign these forms, you have to get twice weekly testing. Basically, we need to make getting vaccinated the easy choice. That is what it's going to take for us to actually end the epidemic.
  • 38:51
    Adam: Exactly what we said. They're going to do the passport and they're going to make testing a real pain. They're going to try and make it expensive. So that the obvious way is
  • 39:01
    John: what you say you've been saying this from day one, and I've been denying it I have been I
  • 39:07
    Adam: gave you I hate I let you ride on my coattails and you jumped Yeah,
  • 39:10
    John: you still bought and not buy and I think this is just all bluster. All the big game, I don't see any evidence to anything happening.
  • 39:18
    Adam: Okay, well, let me show you what's going on around the world
  • 39:22
    Unknown: for Americans finally taking off for foreign skies, confusing and inconsistent rules. Some countries do want to see those CDC vaccination cards or a European equivalent, others don't. Regardless of vaccine status, dozens of countries require a negative COVID test from a US pharmacy clinic or airport test site before passengers ever leave the US. Have you ever been hospitalized
  • 39:48
    at Dulles Airport in Washington temperature checks and nasal swabs for passengers of all ages. The price varies depending on how quickly you want the results. $75 for two to three Results up to $250 for results the same day for a family of four that can run $1,000 us airlines constantly updating their mobile apps as countries constantly change the requirements, allowing passengers to upload their test results, United partnering with Abbott Labs, and selling a $25 instant Self Test Kit, so passengers can test themselves overseas on a video call with technicians then board that return
  • 40:28
    Adam: flight, making it hard for people and re boondoggle at the same time Abbott Labs, we knew they were doing this.
  • 40:36
    John: Well, a couple of things. First of all, as we witnessed by the three by three earlier, these poor bastards like in Massachusetts, Oregon had one of these Washington State has I've seen to California and now I haven't seen any of those. But I'm in California, that they're starving to death. They can't get anyone to travel the tourist money in the world is huge. It's billions and probably approaches a trillion dollars in in cash flow. And they can't and if they're going to just make a tougher one to travel back. I don't care. I you know, I've seen Paris and a lot. I don't need to go to Paris.
  • 41:14
    Adam: Well, I'm glad you bring up Paris because you're not going to go anymore. As people were were protesting in the streets. Hundreds of 1000s all across France. Pete you didn't see that. But there's some video here show us now. Macron said starting August, you will be required to show your vaccination pass for coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, trains and buses.
  • 41:41
    John: Yeah, this is just perfect. And he would do this around best deal day. They should bring the guillotine out and put him in it. Where are the French people going to rise up against this aihole
  • 41:52
    Adam: I think they should do more like the Dutch days with Johann Devitt didn't know 1672. They were so pissed off about him that they they got him they beat him and some people ate parts of him.
  • 42:08
    John: Yes, Dutch cuisine is not as good as
  • 42:16
    Adam: such a good story. I hate you so much, eu. Now Ireland, this was a big surprise to the opposition party in Parliament. Just did the same thing evoked the emergency powers, which they said, well, we'll probably never have to use those. Don't worry about that. Just give us the power. We'll never have to use it. Give us the power never have 10s lo and behold vaccine passports for anything you do. Do you have a
  • 42:45
    Unknown: bottom line as to what you're willing to implement? Because it appears to me that you don't and your government doesn't. You told us a couple of weeks ago when you were renewing the the emergency provisions that you didn't expect that you'd use the mute and hope you hope that you wouldn't use them and you didn't envisage using them. And here we are today because they didn't go far enough to provide for what you plan to do, which is to discriminate on the basis of vaccine status.
  • 43:11
    Adam: That's right, not just a passport, but actual vaccine status for indoor dining to T shook in response to deputy kindly assured everybody this it would be non coercive, and it'd be about informed consent.
  • 43:24
    Unknown: But this is about coercion. This time last year when we had nobody vaccinators indoor dining was open. So that didn't lead to any great increase in infections last year. But this year, we need more measures. We need to discriminate against those who are not vaccinated. Now what will it be next year?
  • 43:48
    Adam: Well, what will it be next year? Oh, we know it's not it'll never let up but he did throw this in for us because
  • 43:55
    Unknown: you see if you had listened to people on the internet or on social media last year predicting this there was a conspiracy theorist but it's come to pass so now I just wonder pot Will you introduce next The one thing I know is that human rights will not be a consideration.
  • 44:14
    Democracy even you because you will get your your minions they'll they'll do whatever they have to do to to stay to keep the party whip.
  • 44:24
    So there will be no let up until the next election
  • 44:27
    that much is clear.
  • 44:28
    Adam: Yeah, shut up. Sit down, go away. You Boris Johnson, same message. Freedom Day, July 19. You'll need a passport for restaurants and clubs and indoor dining and prep for the football stadium. And we read that as as a possible hoax on the last show. Turns out to be completely true. And I think that this is one final push. We're not done with this. We are they are not done stomping on our head. They are not done. And they may not work in America. It may not work in Texas, which is different from America. But it's definitely going to work overseas. They're shutting it down. Australia and now Melbourne went into full three week lockdown. Three weeks, boom, close, done Over and out. Shut up. Because of one. I think 190 year old died. I'm not kidding. I predict new lockdowns and I think they're going to try it. Why
  • 45:33
    John: are they liking now did this is the point where the numbers are so low. We had a situation in Port Angeles, where they made a big fuss about all 25% of all the cases we've ever had are done within the last couple of weeks a delta of area and oh, and the 25% of all cases is the total load was 16 total people. So they have four cases. And they were they're making a big fuss about what
  • 45:59
    Adam: they do.
  • 46:01
    John: And this is the same thing ever. This is the moment where someone says should swip if they're honest, and we realize this is a scam, they should switch the I'm sorry, flip the switch and say now's the time you quarantine the sick, not the healthy
  • 46:22
    Adam: way beyond that. There is now no you don't watch the cable news networks I watch all day long, mainly MSNBC, CNN, which is now just everyone who's ever worked in the Democratic National Committee, the party. They're on on CNN. That place is a sinking ship.
  • 46:42
    John: Now it's a Democrat, the Democrats, just the Democrats,
  • 46:47
    Adam: but there's people like from Hillary Clinton staff from 2016 leaving and then a bunch of CIA x Stooges, CIA, Stooges spooks so if you want to get the actual clean scripts, then you watch CNN, if you want to get the complete outrage, by the way, Nicole Wallace she has a towel that is crazy. She has this tick when she's saying stuff that she knows is bullcrap. She shakes her head left and enter the top and up to the top. Like She's shaking her hair out of her face. But it's like a little up and back. And of course, I'm very sensitive to ticks. So I see that I see you Nicole Wallace. You know you're full of crap. So now with now what's happening? They are going on a rampage It started with. It's the southern states. Now we know it's the red states in the race. They don't vaccinate lowest vaccination rates ever there. Oh my god. Delta Varian found this morning. Boston, Texas. I'm sorry, Austin, not Texas. Went to stage three, stage three, we have delta verions in Austin. And the problem is that everybody is watching two people watching Tucker Carlson. And Laura Ingraham. And because of them, because of them. Republicans in red states in the south have the lowest vaccination rates and they are dying and they are going to die. You were all going to die. This is Dictor urban. Senator Dick Durbin.
  • 48:28
    Unknown: Talking about this very issue in the Senate. There are two a host of programs on Fox primetime that can only be characterized as anti Vax quacks.
  • 48:40
    I'm referring, of course to Tucker Carlson. And Laura Ingraham
  • 48:45
    Adam: and I appreciate him using the official no agenda pronunciation of Laura Ingraham does great
  • 48:50
    John: that does one thing, a quack, a quack technically refers to a doctor. It's always a doctor. You're not a quack. When we knew you could be a crackpot, or a nut ball or a number of things, but you're not a quack. Well, the reason lack is a doctor that, you know, is a bad doctor.
  • 49:11
    Adam: Well, the reason that that is used is, as we've discussed a couple months ago, back when the Allo pass came in and medicine was taken over by the Rockefellers and they were trying to cure cancer on laughter that they were looking to cure cancer. They were cancer cures, certainly the one that is still operating in Mexico. And those were branded by Big Pharma. I'll just put it that way as quacks. So they're just rolling out the same script when you're against big pharma, not against medicine or against certain policy. Then you're a quack You see, so it's the pharma industry who wrote this for him. That's the way I deconstruct it.
  • 49:52
    John: That's an interpretation. I just think. It's just pointing it out that Durbin's foolish shit, but it's interesting thing that they would do this, that this is the Congress of the United States bitching about a talk show host. That is really low and wait for it.
  • 50:10
    Unknown: I'm referring, of course to Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. They have been spreading what I consider to be irresponsible information about vaccines across America, and about the effort of this nation to deal with.
  • 50:25
    Here's the reality.
  • 50:28
    We have millions who have died across the world, by this vaccine, we may never have an accurate count. This is just nothing like it. This is the best one I've ever gotten. Did you hear it?
  • 50:40
    John: No, say it again. Oh, the switcheroo. It is a switcheroo. Here's the reality.
  • 50:47
    Unknown: We have millions who have died across the world by this vaccine, we may never have an accurate count.
  • 50:53
    John: That is the desktop the top of the list.
  • 50:55
    Unknown: That is that is number uno, you can't get any better truth wants to come out. This is no longer a coincidence that this happens. He's reading a piece of paper. We have hundreds of 1000s who have died in the United States. And now it is said repeatedly that those who are headed to the hospital with the most serious strains of COVID-19 99.5% of them were not vaccinated.
  • 51:22
    So the facts are obvious here.
  • 51:25
    John: We don't know this.
  • 51:26
    Adam: Where's that number? Come now? That's the that's the talking point number and as witness.
  • 51:31
    John: Can I stop you for a second and bring up the talking point. Now? Let's talk.
  • 51:35
    Adam: Oh, no, no, you can't bring up the talking point. Because then they shut you down. Immediately. No talking points for you. Oh, my god, that was crazy.
  • 51:48
    John: So yeah, wait, wait, stop, stop, stop, stop.
  • 51:51
    Adam: Complete. The minute you said, I'm bringing up the talking point. Right away, you cut off. And I'm leaving that in the show this time because I'm sick of those guys doing it to us. Could you pick it up from the talking point?
  • 52:04
    John: The talking points come stems from Fauci who when asked about the death he did around about he did some screwy thing where he says 99.5% of all people who died of COVID were unvaccinated. And he said this recently, but he's referring to the total number of people to 500,000 because recently not too many people have died. vaccinated or unvaccinated. It's just a fact.
  • 52:31
    Adam: Oh, you mean since the beginning of the pandemic that many people have have died unvaccinated because there was no vaccine. Yeah, he's counting that is part
  • 52:41
    John: of it. That's what he was. That was the whole scam. It was a scam comment. And now Dick Durbin is bringing that number in his though today.
  • 52:50
    Adam: Let's listen to the talking points. We can stop this whenever we want. But this, this shows you what is going on. Now CNN has to jump in because that's the script we have to go after Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. And let's do it with a real
  • 53:05
    John: Hold on a second. wait one more thing. Since we can jump in. I'm going to keep jumping in Yeah, sure. How did Laura get the first first grade status? Tucker's the guy that's leading the way in all this. She's just a follower. Wow. But
  • 53:18
    Adam: she's a woman who is a republican and has a very kind of area limiter
  • 53:24
    John: more kudos than she deserves every
  • 53:26
    Adam: I agree with that. She has a whole area and look to her, you know. So she Yeah, she
  • 53:30
    John: does have to look Frau Ingraham has that look.
  • 53:34
    Adam: So clearly a Nazi. Hello. By the way, before I continue, did you notice as someone pointed out to me, the definition of the term big it has changed.
  • 53:50
    John: What changed it? It means a person is unaccepting of somebody else's think thinking is really what it is. It means you're you're biased in a very rigid ways what
  • 53:59
    Adam: it means it was always mine was always my understanding. Maybe I'm wrong. That it was someone who was intolerant. of members of a group. No, no. A group or idea.
  • 54:15
    John: Or perspective. Okay, well, they view it the intolerance of Republicans. You're a bigot.
  • 54:22
    Adam: Oh, I always thought it had to be well, there it is. There it is. of ideas. But you say it can be something else besides a group? I thought it had to be about a group of people. No. Okay. Oh, then I'm mistaken.
  • 54:37
    John: No, it's always and I've ever once I pull that definition out when it because I call people bigots all the time, because they're bigots.
  • 54:42
    Adam: Most Hold on, hold on. Hold on, let me check. Yeah, bigot. It's good to pull it out. I'd listened to the
  • 54:50
    John: sorry. You're sorry. I'm just saying it's a it's a term that could be better. It's not understood. Well, it's always it means racist. The most PPS Yes, it's not it's got nothing to do with racism.
  • 55:02
    Adam: No, just I thought it was groups but it can be ideas too. Yeah. Okay listen to see in it
  • 55:08
    Unknown: began with a deadly escalation of anti vaccine propaganda in politics.
  • 55:14
    Adam: Right there. We begin with a deadly escalation of anti vaccine propaganda in politics. While she is actually doing propaganda about vaccine in politics is fantastic
  • 55:25
    Unknown: begin with a deadly escalation of anti vaccine propaganda in politics and on TV that is risking and costing American law
  • 55:35
    45 states are seeing a sharp rise in new infections due largely to the Delta variant 10% higher than the previous week. And in 34 states new cases are up 50% 50% higher
  • 55:47
    Adam: no four instead of two
  • 55:49
    Unknown: than last week. Officials attributed that to the unvaccinated population and the rise of the highly transmissible Delta variant. 99% of the people dying from COVID right now are unvaccinated. More than 99% In fact,
  • 56:04
    Adam: so he emphasizes five G's number with the Oh no, it's nine. It's more
  • 56:09
    Unknown: it's more an emergency room doctor told us this week that all of the sick COVID patients he is seeing are unvaccinated all of them. And yet to some this is just to show a deadly show.
  • 56:22
    John: Oh, this is this is like this is okay. Well now this is really all we have a x he hosts Catt, Sadler if anyone has,
  • 56:37
    Adam: thanks, you're so right. x e.
  • 56:41
    John: x, e he hosts e entertainment, e entertainment. Catt, Sadler is sick as a dog and there's a big story about her in the daily may mirror and he's in the mirror. And she's going on and on and poor thing. She's sick as a dog in the hospital though.
  • 56:59
    Adam: Is she in the hospital?
  • 57:01
    John: Not? Well, she might as well be well no,
  • 57:03
    Adam: if she's not, then it doesn't
  • 57:04
    John: count. That's what they just saw. She's sick as a dog. And she says she's these are not mild symptoms that she's been totally vaccine and blah, blah, blah. And we had a letter from one of our producers, which is a very entertaining one. I'm going to find it somewhere in this pile is anonymous. Here we go is from a an anonymous or use Ryan Desmond, if you want to use Ryan Desmond, getting kicked out of these people. And there were two names. I'm writing a report about a firsthand story regarding the Vax up here in New England, in New Hampshire specifically. My live in girlfriend got her second dose about a month ago and now Pfizer in direct and is recovering and getting bronchitis with the potential to spread to pneumonia, but she took antibiotics after going to the hospital which is there's a kind of what it was the antibiotics gonna do right after it's all viral. But you have to go into the hospital a few weeks ago probably wasn't reported the interesting part of the story that she was coerced into getting the job from her former boss, who said that if she didn't get it, she would no longer be able to spend time with her he or she would there was a feeling such there's a woman boss feelings and they used to hang out feeling stuck. She chose to get it the boss, female and husband have also been double jabbed. Guess what? The husband had a heart attack that almost killed him. I doubt this will be reported in the various database because the lady is an extreme
  • 58:30
    commie conformist. She probably doesn't even make make. Right doesn't even make the and then I got a blank here. I also got sick. And I have not gotten the vaccine and don't plan to but she got sick from her wife's bronchitis. I hope that the more information I will share anyway, this is the kind of thing. Yeah, no vaccine gives the guy a heart attack, none of this stuff gets reported. So you can make these crazy assertions because if somebody dies, we've had to get vaccine.
  • 59:04
    Adam: This is bull crap. This is nonsense has nothing but poisoned incorrect. assumptions and data throughout the entire process from beginning of 2020. But what is egregious? I mean, you have to step back for a moment. Not a lot of people watch CNN. But this is the general message. I think that's why they're going so crazy because they didn't do anything they want. Now, no one cares. But it is getting out there. Then it just shows you know people who don't have the no agenda, Mengele they might actually believe this, you know, they may believe this stuff. And it's all about death and deadly and horrible. And it's all republicans fault. That's what they're saying. It's not cool, man. No, he makes you think once you think about it, that maybe none of this is really about COVID. Maybe it's about social control. So this is them playing a clip of Tucker and they're going to comment on it.
  • 1:00:00
    Unknown: This has never shown been about following the science. It's never been about following the facts and the truth. It's been about control from day one. I mean, I don't.
  • 1:00:10
    This is the GRE. I think I honestly because the greatest scandal of my lifetime, I thought the Iraq War was it seems much bigger than that.
  • 1:00:18
    607,771 Americans have died of the Coronavirus. More than 99% of the people dying from COVID right now are unvaccinated.
  • 1:00:29
    Adam: This is what a great I have to give her kudos for that. She just she just gave you the actual percentage over the phone number, but presented it in a way that you just go wah? Because that's it? Yes.
  • 1:00:42
    John: It's that this truth is most of them were before the vaccines.
  • 1:00:48
    Unknown: I've always thought about vaccines and I always think about just nature and the way everything works. And and I feel like a vaccination in a weird way is just generally kind of going against nature.
  • 1:00:59
    Like I mean, if there's some disease out there, maybe there's just an ebb and flow to life where something's supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people and that's just kind of the way evolution goes. Vaccines kind of stand in the way of that.
  • 1:01:14
    John: Oh my god. Okay, okay. I'm gonna give you a clip today for that. Point. I want to point something out here in terms of the way this is covered. This could eat you know, if it was on the shoe was on the other foot. You were there was the democrats republicans were swapped swapped on who is getting the vaccine and who wasn't? Now you're still going up to the republicans and say the republicans are all accepting the democrats who are reporting could go eat just as easily go like this. Adam II know there's 600,000 dead 600,000 dead. And over 1% of them, which is what is that? 6000 6000 people, they died and they were fully vaccinated. We've got a minimum of 6000 dead fully vaccinated, and who knows how many people were killed by the vaccine itself? This is outrageous. This is outrageous and outrageous number of people just died. Yeah. vaccine. The vaccine doesn't seem to be effective.
  • 1:02:24
    Adam: Yeah, that's that's kind of what the what the various database reports, by the way. That's interesting. Hold on a second. A current tally as of let me get the date as of July 7, so that's a full week ago. 9048 deaths according to the CDC, own government data, bass.
  • 1:02:47
    John: Yeah. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just the tip.
  • 1:02:51
    Adam: We only deal with tips here. Want to hear some more you done with that? You kind of you know,
  • 1:02:54
    Unknown: I want to hear more. All right, Dave, I'm a glutton for punishment. 607,771 Americans have died of Coronavirus. 99% of it. Just keep repeating right now are unvaccinated.
  • 1:03:09
    Adam: So maybe it doesn't work and they just keep going back and forth. it believe me? It's bad. It's bad.
  • 1:03:18
    John: Tucker's kicking ass we know this. He has got he's the number one guy now and he's you know, replaced row Riley and he's just be just killing everybody at that time slot. And he's and everyone's watching this thing. It's he's a subject of conversation. And I think we have to cover this one thing. It's an old clip. I'm going to want to play it to get it out of the way. Get it off the off the schedule. Okay. He has been playing up the fact that the NSA has been spy what you want to do that now? Was we're talking about? I think so because it's Tucker these gets it out of the way unless you think why? You don't really have anything on this?
  • 1:03:55
    Adam: No, but I have COVID stuff that I want to come back to.
  • 1:03:57
    John: Oh, no, I want to go back to COVID. Okay, all right. I just wanted to get the Tucker thing out of the way because we're talking excessively about Tucker. And so he got on there. And he he brought his new buddy his new pal.
  • 1:04:10
    Adam: Let me guess curry Ron Raff.